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So I am a total lover of reading Creepypastas.

Most of them have I called bullshit on and I know these are just stories

but after this, do I think twice about them.

I remember reading one that said the following things

The normal reason when people are waking in the middle of the night,

is it normally because someone is watching them

So I was pretty freaked out that day. but let's go to the topic here.

So I tried to sleep, normally I don't have any trouble when I try to sleep,

but this time was kinda odd.

It took me some time falling asleep, but I finally did it.

So I don't remember quite much of the dream, or should I say nightmare, but the things I do remember is that I was running.

I wasn't completely sure what I was running from, but there was something.

It look like a man with a huge smile on his face. I was only able to see his mouth.

It didn't seem that he had anything else on his face.

So after some time I woke up, the clock was 3am, and I was pretty scared.

But I fell asleep again. I had the same nightmare but this time he was closer.

It felt like no matter how fast I would run he would get closer all the time.

He was right behind me, almost touching me, when suddenly.

Everything started to turn white, really shining.

And all of a sudden I stopped moving, and then I heard a voice whispering.

Don't worry, you're safe now.

Then I woke up. The clock was around 5am and it was still dark outside.

I looked out my window. And then I saw him, but this time was he running away.

I haven't had any nightmares like these since, but every night I fear going to sleep.

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