Don’t worry; I’m your friend
I’ll back you up, to the very end.
Our bond is like not quite like any other;
We’re so close, you could be my girl brother!

When we first meet that day
and I found you lying on the ground,
I told you it would be okay
At that moment, I knew we were bound.

And then you went home
But I just couldn’t stay away
You told me it was getting weird
But you couldn’t keep me at bay.

You still had to go to school
and I was wrapped tightly
to you like yarn on a spool.
Our friendship shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You finally snapped at me
telling me to leave
then you ran, leaving me be
leaving me alone to grieve.

Though you were away,
my mind couldn’t bear.
I thought about you all day
You don’t know how much I care.

I started thinking
of ways of keeping
you down here
alone with me, my dear.

I started to follow you.
Even studied your diet.
I think for a while you knew
Now about keeping you quiet…

You approached me one afternoon.
Threatened to call the cops
I told you to look to the moon
You turned, asked what, your neck in knots.

I admit, I hit you harder
than I originally thought.
Now to my basement you must charter
Look at this nice rope I bought!

You're finally awake
Upside down you hang
In a dark basement you bake.
You hear an accidental clang.

“Oops.” I said
I had dropped my knife
Almost cut off my foot
That would have ruined my life.

I only want to be your friend
You say you don’t roll that way
Friends to the end
I’m going to make you stay

You look scared, said you were sorry
We’ll start over, our friendship to mend.
I told whispered, “Don’t be scared, Molly.”
I grabbed your throat, “Friends till the end.”

Well, that was a year ago.
Looking back on it, I do regret
So fast your life did go
We could have married, I bet.

However, you’re still here
Sitting here, next to me;
just as beautiful, my dear.
A happy couple we’ll be.

Though the stitches are deterring
Sleeping with you isn’t bad
I find playing with them alluring
I hope, at me, you’re not mad.

More than friends we became
At the moment I heard your name
Regardless, don’t worry; I’m your friend.
And we’ll be together to the very end.