Many summers ago I had been to Disneyland for one week, and it was one of the greatest weeks of my life. Though, there was one building that I always thought was—out of place. Disneyland's Fire Department building, I knew about it, I guess everyone who had been to the park knew about it. 

I had heard about it before on television, how Walt Disney had a secret apartment in the second story room of the building. It was somewhat interesting how the creator of the park stayed and secretly watched people come into his park. Most people didn't know about his oil lamp, though then again most people didn't care. He had an oil lamp on the windowsill of his apartment that was always on when he was watching the people come and go. Some people believe this and many don't. I believe this is true now, because of what happened the last day I was there.

The last day was somewhat sad, only because I knew that I was not coming back for a long time. The firework show was over and we were heading to the exit of the park, which is also the entrance of the park. I asked my dad if we could get one last picture before we left. I got someone to hold the camera for us. 

The next day as me and my family were getting ready to leave, I took a few minutes to look at the digital camera's photos. I skipped all the way through up until the last picture, it showed me and my family on the old firetruck smiling. Something was off, I studied the picture and saw what I was looking for. It wasn't my family or anything behind us, it was the window of the building—it was dimly lit.

I then remembered the oil lamp story and I wasn't scared or the slightest bit creeped out. It was just Walt Disney looking over his park even after death.