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A family sat at a table. The family was living in North America and they kept in touch with their European relatives. Letters and parcels went from shore to shore. After a long period of silence, a small box arrived at their door that contained a jar of powder. There was no note but since most of the packages contained ready to make mixes, the family thought that this powder was a mix that would be prepared by adding water. The sauce was made and served but it wasn't the best that they had eaten.

Several days later, a letter was sent to the family which explained that one of the relatives had died and wished that his ashes would be sent to the family stored in a jar and that the letter would be delivered before the ashes.

They had eaten the ashes of the father's uncle.

Written by XxMinerLeviXx
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Dinner Is Served01:12

Dinner Is Served

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