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(perhaps not really a Creepypasta... think of it as you will)

Ever heard of Digimon? You know that show that has always been compared Pokémon?

As an avid fan of Digimon, I kept up with the series from the beginning, From Adventure to 02, from Tamers to Frontier, as well as Savers and Xros Wars. The current incarnation of the franchise is called, "Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time" the seventh season, a direct sequel to the previous season "Xros Wars," in which this season will be more in famous for the inclusion of all the previous main characters in the show; from Adventure's Taichi Yagami all the way through to Savers' Masaru Daimon.

Knowing one of the children (I say child, but he is almost as old as me) of the animators of the show of "Xros Hunters" all thanks to the power of Facebook (Woohoo, go Facebook). Because of this, whenever his father brings home one of the rough draft story board images, I can personally buy them off of him, my image of Shoutmon X 7 Superior Mode, is still one of my most prized picture as a digi-nerd.

About a week ago I came home to find a box lying on my doorstep. As if I didn't already know, it was another package from my friend.

Bringing it inside, I did what any normal fanboy would do... I ripped open that thing up.

Taking a look inside of it, there were many storyboard images, as well as animated imaged, and because of Xros Hunters recent early cancellation, I figured that would be the case, and these animated stills would have been used for future episodes.

As normal, on the back of these clippings were pieces of the script, in order for the story board to flow together.

As I go through one sheet after another, I come across one animated scene, and when I looked down at it, it felt strange, I didn't know how to react to the image. Turning it over I found taped to the back what I could only guess was a copy of the original script... again, with the early cancellation of the show, no need for the script.

With my knowledge of Japanese, I read the script over... it seemed like the scene before that Tagiru had confronted the one that was behind everything in the Digi-Quartz... but it soon revealed the truth itself about Tagiru...

After reading those lines, I turned the page back over to look back over the scene... my imagination going off, trying to piece together the scene that would have been playing on TV... thinking on it, I could only think of one thing "This would have been so cool." The writer for the show was Sanjou Riku, the scene felt kind of reminiscing of Phillip from Kamen Rider W, another show written by him.

So out of curiosity, I emailed my friend and asked him about the scene. He told me that his father said, it was supposed to be a major part of the second arc of Xros Hunters, but as I guessed, it was dropped because of the early cancellation. My friend then told me, he didn't mean to send that scene to me... in which case I replied "I'm not sending it back."

  • Rough Translation*

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time: Episode: ?? act: ?? Scene: ??


Tagiru: I'm not...Human?

Entity: I created you! My gateway into the human world. I needed a way to learn about humans, so I placed you among them; my project. I gave you family and friends. To see how you would interact with them, so that I could do the same. You were wild and always smiling, weren't you Tagiru? This is how you smiled, right? this is how humans act?

Entity: But you're not smiling now. Why?

Tagiru: ...


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