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The midnight wind blows softly across the town you are living in. The street lights glow dimly as a young man walks on the cracked sidewalk. The man, wearing all black and carrying a knife in hand, walks quietly as the crickets of the night chirp away. The man stops walking. He turns to his side to see a house. Your house. He walks up to the door and turns the door knob.

You seem to have forgotten to lock the door. He walks into your home. You are wide awake on your computer in the other room. The man walks into your kitchen. He examines the cutting knives and compares them to his own. He shrugs and takes one of your sharpest blades.

He walks around your house until he hears you on your computer in the room in front of him. You are listening to music videos on YouTube.

The loudness of the noise hides the sound of the man’s footsteps as he walks quietly behind you. He raises his knife slowly as you watch the video. You feel something behind you and you look back. Nothing is there… except a note. You get out of your chair and pick up the note. You read it over and over slowly in your mind:

“Did you remember to lock your door?”

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