Did you know that the world isn't always what you see it to be?

Have you ever considered, just for one second, that the last time you climbed the stairs, you didn't make it? Consider this the next time you climb up or down a flight of stairs; perhaps, as you're reaching the top or stepping down onto the bottom, that while you were ascending or descending, that you actually fell, and your mind is refusing to register it. Perhaps, instead of walking away from the stairs and going about your day the way you think you did, you are actually at the bottom. Injured. Perhaps you broke some bones, perhaps it was your neck.

Perhaps you are actually dying.

Consider this proposal, as at any moment, the illusion could break. You will wake up at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding and broken, or awaken in a hospital bed, potentially with brain damage. Perhaps, the illusion will be broken only by the coldness of death. Perhaps, at any moment during this illusion, you could slip away, and everything will just suddenly go black. One second, you are driving your car, or watching TV, and the next, nothing.

Perhaps this is your wake-up call.

Written by Cheesequake
Content is available under CC BY-SA