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Did I do good? He’s not moving anymore. I bit him. Hard. Do I get a treat? A Pokeblock? A berry? A candy? Oh, good! You’re reaching into your pocket! Wait. Master? Why are you bringing out that ball again? Oh, please don’t put me back in! I’m injured! It will hurt! Ow! MASTER, PLEASE!!

Hiding fanart by cloudtheespeon-d3ceehi

Ow! Ow… please! It’s cold. And dark. I’m so hungry. You haven’t fed me in days. Do you not love me anymore? You loved me when I was smaller. That’s it. Master hates me. He hates Mightyenas. I’ll change back, master.

Poochyenas don’t have this awful black tail. Or this flowing mane. OW! It hurts! Of course… best to bear it. I can gnaw my muzzle off. My legs were shorter. But first I need to claw off these big ears.

Oh. It hurts so bad. I smell lots of blood...but I’m small again. Cuter. Master will love me now. Huh? A light? Oh, master will be so pleased!

Master? Why are you screaming? Does red scare you?

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