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Sexy worm

I used to live just outside of Evergreen, Colorado. That is, until one night I decided to go camping with one of my friends in Rocky Mountain National Park. By the time we arrived, it was around 4:00 in the afternoon, so we set up our tent in the campground and waited until around 6:00 pm. Then we started to hear a sound that sounded much like the sound you get when you’re near a nether portal in Minecraft, which is weird, because nothing in nature makes that kind of sound. We went to investigate.

Then my friend told me to stop because he had heard something rustling in the bushes near us. It turned out to be a couple of blue jays, so we moved on in hopes of finding the source of noise. After walking into the forest for about 30 minutes we came across an old ruin that was about 40 feet long and had a couple of rooms that still looked intact. It obviously dated back to before the creation of the park.

This old ruin of a house was where the noise was coming from, and by this point it was somewhat overpowering. As we walked into the house, we noticed something on the wall in the back. It was covered in black with a red and white center where as the rest of the ruin was old brick. Then as we walked over to the wall we felt ourselves being sucked into it, but as we got within five feet of it the force that was pulling us in was reversed throwing us away from the wall and a primeval feeling of dread came over me because as I was watching something begin to come out of the wall.

The creature at first didn’t have any particular form; it was just a blob of amorphous substance that was wriggling and twitching on the floor. Then as one of its eyes spotted us, it began changing form, all the while giving off a horrible howl that permeated every inch of my body. Within a couple of minutes it was done changing form. It had become a giant worm-like creature, with giant eyes and teeth the size of my forearm. I told my friend to book it, but he was stiff with fear, so I got up and started to drag him, trying to get away before the creature noticed us again; but, my not having much arm strength didn’t help my cause.

The creature noticed me as I was leaving the room and started to thrash its way towards me, crashing into the walls leaving dents as it got closer. A primeval instinct to protect myself over my friend got the better of me, and I ran for it. I had to hear the writhing screams of pain and terror as the creature brutally tore apart my friend, leaving only a bloody smear on the ground where he had been. I ran as fast I could, away from that cursed hell hole only to hear that creature’s demented roar coming from with 30 feet of me. Then out of breath and energy I blacked out.

I then woke up in the hospital wondering how I got there. I noticed that several police men were stationed outside my room and when one of them saw that I was awake he came in and told to me that I was being charged with the homicide of my friend.

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