It all started ten years ago, when I was thirteen years old. I stood outside, beside my school's parking lot, on a sunny, autumn afternoon, waiting for my friend Alex's dad to pick me up. I was looking forward to seeing Alex again, it would be the first time we hung out in a while, so naturally I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his dad's dark red Camry, with the unmistakable dent on the front; it was quite a sight, it looked as if someone had pressed their hand into the hood at full force; one would expect the hood to bend a little under this circumstance, but there was literally a perfect hand print engraved into it, as if it were memory foam. Alex's dad never told us how he got such an odd dent on his car, in fact, he froze up every time we brought it up. I was excited to ride in the absurd car, normally Alex's mom picked me up when we planned on hanging out, but she was away on a business trip, so I was gonna ride in his dad's car for the first time. After a few minutes of swaying back and forth, and staring at the nearly empty lot, I finally spotted the car, and with it, the hand-shaped dent. Alex's dad pulled up next to me, and I hopped in the back.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said, in his familiar, cheery voice.

“Hi Mr. Kelly.”

“You looking forward to seeing Alex?”

“Yep, sure am.”

“Glad to hear it. Well, buckle up and we'll get going.”

I buckled myself in, and Alex's dad started driving. As he approached the exit, a computerized voice spoke.

Turn, left, in, approximately, 20, feet.

It was a GPS, mounted on the windshield, by a built in suction cup. I always thought they were pretty neat devices, especially the more sophisticated ones with built in voices. However, I couldn't help but notice that it was leading Alex's dad in the wrong direction, his mom had always turned right when she left the school. I didn't want him to end up lost, so I told him.

“Hey, Mr. Kelly.”

“What's up, kiddo?”

“The GPS is leading you the wrong way, you're supposed to turn right at this street.”

“Wrong... way?” He responded, suddenly sounding very disoriented. “Why, that's impossible.”

“Well, Alex's mom always goes the other way.”

He fell silent for a moment, and as he came up to the turn, he suddenly slammed on the breaks. I shot forward, surprised, it was the last thing I expected him to do. After a few seconds, he spoke in a very serious tone.

“Drew has given me directions. And I must follow them. They are the right way. The only way.”

I was speechless, and surprised at his sudden change of mood. He promptly resumed driving, turning left, as the GPS-or Drew as he called it-had said. After that, “Drew” began leading him in all sorts of strange directions; at one point, he drove down a small dirt road, covered in fallen red leaves, only to leave it the same way. After about an hour of this wild goose chase, we finally ended up at Alex's house. I was furious with his dad, but didn't say anything, I didn't want to fight him. I was just happy to finally be at Alex's house.

About nine years passed, without any more weird encounters with Alex's dad; I made sure that I never got picked up by him again. This proved difficult for a while, since his mother got progressively more and more busy with work; we didn't hang out nearly as often, but it was worth it. Anyways, by this point in my life I had my own car, and was able to see Alex more often; despite this, I still didn't see him all that much, especially with the huge work load that apparently came with being a college senior. We chatted on Skype pretty often, but seldom met in person. We had planned to take a road trip together over winter break, which was coming up shortly, and I couldn't wait. Then, on the day before winter break, something devastating happened: Alex's dad committed suicide. It was completely out of nowhere, his job was going well, and from what I understood his marriage was stable. I couldn't imagine why he would do himself in out of the blue. But of course, the trip was canceled. Alex was devastated, and I did my best to comfort him for the next several weeks, but nothing seemed to help.

One day in March, Alex told me that he and his mother were giving away his father's possessions, in an effort to move on with their lives and stop living in anguish; he asked me if I wanted anything of his, I couldn't think of anything at the moment, but figured it wouldn't do any harm to see what he had. I showed up at his house the following day, and he led me up to the attic where his father's stuff was being stored. I squatted so as not to touch the fiberglass with my head, and looked around; there was still a lot of stuff they hadn't gotten rid of, and none of it seemed too interesting to me. But then, I saw something that looked oddly familiar in a small pile of junk. It was the old GPS his father had used. I picked it up, and examined it. It was outdated, and covered in dust, but was still in relatively good condition. I figured it might be nice to have a GPS for my car, even though it was old, and didn't always work, as I recall from the irritating drive with the old man. So I asked Alex if I could keep it, and he said sure. After that, we hung out for a while, it was nice to see him again.

I said my goodbyes to Alex and his widowed mother, and got in my car, with the GPS in my pocket. I took it out and examined it, it had a generic looking logo at the bottom, reading Destination DRU. I couldn't help but wonder what D-R-U stood for, and then I realized something. Drew. Alex's dad had called the GPS by the name of Drew. I thought he had named it or something, because he was weird like that, but it was actually called “DRU.” I pressed the on button, and surprisingly, it still had some battery life remaining. A little jingle played, as the logo appeared on the screen, followed by a menu screen. It read “Welcome back Mr. Kelly!” And then in the bottom corner, “Not you?” It seemed weird to me that it operated like a social network or something, what does it matter who's using it? But I made a new account all the same. When I did, it started speaking to me in its computerized voice.

Why hello there, mister, misses, or miss, Collins, I am the Directive Route Unit, or DRU for short, I am the latest and greatest in GPS technology, I will be helping you every step of the way, so buckle up, enjoy the ride, and most importantly, be safe.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little, it sounded like an ad for an 80's computer, it was the corniest thing I had ever heard. After that little number, courtesy of “DRU,” I fixed it to my windshield, and punched in my home address to see if it would plot the quickest route, or if it would malfunction like before. To my surprise, it picked the correct destination, and I drove home, chuckling at its corny 80's computer voice at every turn. I pulled into my driveway.

You have arrived.

The next morning was Sunday, and I was famished. I had finished all my homework last night, and I had no plans, so I figured I'd go get breakfast at a diner or something. I got in my car, and punched in “breakfast” on DRU. I got a number of results, most of which were restaurants, but one result in particular intrigued me; it read “How to make a breakfast burrito.” Curious, I selected this option to see what it entailed. It mapped out a route to my local grocery store.

Go, 5, miles, down, Resin Rock, Avenue.

I wasn't entirely sure where it was going with this, but I followed its directions all the same. When I arrived at the grocery store, DRU said something that made me do a double take.

Remove, me, from, the, car, and, take, me, into, the, store, with, you.

I couldn't believe my ears, just how many phrases was this thing programmed with? I took it in the store with me, and to my further amazement, it started directing me to various aisles.

Go, to, aisle, 4, and, pick out, some, organic, eggs.

Pretty soon, I had all of the ingredients required to make a breakfast burrito. I checked out, and drove home, following the same route that DRU had suggested. When I got home, it had me take it into the house, and then, it started giving me instructions on how to prepare the burrito. After a while, I had a very delicious looking breakfast burrito.

You have arrived.

It was the most delicious breakfast I had eaten in a while, and it was all thanks to DRU.

It was April now, and for the past few weeks, I continued fiddling with DRU, he showed me all sorts of neat things. How to build a kite, how to fix my cable, how to bake a cake, and so much more. I didn't even care what I did, doing it was just so much fun; I knew that as long as I followed DRU's directions, I could achieve anything. It felt as if he were not a machine, but a conscious being, with a very high intellect. The final exam was coming up pretty soon, and I knew DRU would help me pass it with flying colors. I punched in “college final,” and DRU started searching. He came up with a number of results, one of them being “How to pass your final exam.” Naturally, I selected it, eager to hear his electronic words of wisdom.

Write, down, the, following, notes, on, a, note card, and, bring, it, in, for, the, test.

He shortly displayed a message:


It went on for a while. At first, I was confused, they didn't look like helpful notes at all, but then I realized it: DRU wanted me to cheat. I was extremely apprehensive of taking his advice this time. But then I remembered what he had said when I first inherited him.

“I will be helping you every step of the way.”

DRU was more than a mere machine, he was my mentor, and my friend; he had never steered me wrong before, so I decided to listen to his advice and bring the cheat sheet. Finals week came shortly, and I drove up to my college, anxious about getting found out. As I pulled up in the college parking lot, DRU gave me further instruction.

When, entering, the, testing, room, make, sure, to, sit, in, the, back, left, corner.

I entered the testing room, with nothing but a pencil, and my cheat sheet. I promptly claimed the seat in the back-left corner. I could see that DRU had once again given me good directions, the desk was partially hidden behind a pillar with a piece of gum stuck to it at eye level. I stuck the cheat sheet on the gum, and began the test. As I marked up all the test, I made sure to put the wrong answers for some questions, to avoid getting a suspiciously perfect grade. After I finished marking it up, I waited around until I saw other students start to leave. It was pretty boring, but Julie, a girl I had a crush on was, sitting just a few seats away; I spent the remaining time watching her take the test, and daydreaming about us together. I finally handed in my test, confident in a good score. Still, I couldn't help but feel a little ashamed about cheating. I left the school, and entered my car to the familiar sound of DRU's voice.

You have arrived.

I aced the final, and graduated with a promising degree. I applied for a high paying job-with the help of DRU of course-and got hired. I had stopped feeling guilty about cheating by now, for I had a promising future, and couldn't have been much happier. The one thing missing from my life was a girlfriend, it had been a couple of years since I was in a relationship, and I was starting to feel lonely. I decided to ask DRU if he could help me; I punched in “girl of my dreams,” and he came up with one result, reading “How to win Julie's heart.” I got excited, I had wanted to date Julie for months. I selected the option, and perked my ears up for DRU's flawless directions.

Go, 5, miles, down, Resin Rock, Avenue.

I started driving, wondering where DRU would lead me. To my surprise, I-we ended up at Alex's house.

Invite, Alex, to, go, drinking, at, the, Oakvalley, bar.

I had never heard of this bar, and couldn't imagine how taking Alex there would help me win Julie's heart, but I didn't question it, DRU knew what he was doing; he always knew. I knocked on Alex's door, and there he was, surprised to see me. I invited him to go drinking, like DRU said; conveniently enough, he had no plans that night, so he obliged. Alex asked me to turn off DRU, because he thought he was annoying; I told him no way, he didn't know DRU like I did, without his guidance, I would be lost. Alex cupped his hands over his ears, so as not to hear DRU. After a twenty minute drive, we arrived at the bar. It was a cheap bar, with little to no atmosphere, and all of the customers looked sketchy. A static radio played smooth jazz throughout the interior. Alex and I sat at the bar, and ordered a few beers. After we had a couple of drinks, I noticed Alex getting distracted by something. I looked where he was looking, and saw a very attractive woman sitting at the end of the bar. Alex decided to go ask her out, and they really hit it off. After Alex briefly introduced me to the woman, the two of them left the bar, and started looking for a cab. I couldn't believe it, DRU was supposed to help me find a girlfriend, not Alex. I left the bar, furious at him.

“What the fuck, DRU? You were supposed to help ME!”

Stand by for further instruction.

“What do you mean stand by? How is any of this helping me?”

Stand by for further instruction.

For days, that was the only response I got out of him. I tried to have faith in him, but he was being so difficult. Then, when I was just about ready to throw him away, he gave me a new objective.

Go, 5, miles, down, Resin Rock, Avenue.

I left my house, eager to finally have a clear destination again. DRU lead me to the grocery store.

Go, in, and, pretend, to, shop.

I entered the store, grabbed a cart, and started walking down random aisles. I felt a little stupid, and my mind told me I should stop doing it, but DRU told me to, and I trust him more. Down one of the aisles, I saw a familiar looking woman; when she turned around, I realized it was Julie. She looked at me, and my heart skipped a beat. She walked over and greeted me in a somewhat sad voice, I asked her what was the matter. She told me that a guy she liked was dating someone else, and that she felt unloved. This was it, my chance to win her over. I hugged her, and she hugged back; I was so happy to be holding her in my arms, even for a few seconds, and when it was over, I was reluctant to let go.

After that, I wasted no time, and finally asked her out. She said sure, and my heart skipped another beat. We hugged again. I couldn't help but wonder who it was that she liked, so I asked her, and the response I got sent shivers down my spine: Alex. Now it all made sense, DRU had led me to hook up the man who Julie liked with another woman, so that she would date me. I felt sick to my stomach with guilt, I finally had the girl of my dreams, but it was only because I had unknowingly tricked her. After planning a date the following weekend, we said our goodbyes. When I got to my car, I was about ready to pass out. DRU's voice was normally so soothing, but I cringed with guilt as he spoke the familiar phrase.

You have arrived.

A few weeks went by, and I didn't feel any less guilty about what I had done. Julie liked me, but still had feelings for Alex, and it pained me to see her so unhappy. I decided that enough was enough, and I had to set things right. I told Julie I was going on a business trip, and didn't know when I'd be back; I passionately kissed her goodbye, knowing very well that it would be our last. I went into my car, and punched in “getting Julie and Alex together,” DRU found one result, and I promptly selected it. He started giving me directions.

Go, 5, miles, down, Resin Rock, Avenue.

DRU had me driving for a long time, it must've been hours; before I knew it, I was out of the state. I didn't know where he was going with this, I never did, but I knew that whatever it was, it would work. It always worked. By nightfall, I was deep in the woods, driving down a long dirt road. Finally, after what must have been an hour, DRU had me stop the car in front of an old rotting cabin beside the road.

Enter, the, cabin.

I hesitated, the cabin didn't look safe, like it could collapse at any moment. But I knew there was no other way, if there were, DRU would have said so. I grabbed a small flashlight from the glove compartment, got out of my car, and walked up to the cabin. I held my flashlight to it. it had once been painted, but now, only a few spots of white remained on the old, decomposing logs. The ground was covered in what appeared to be snow; upon aiming my light at my feet, I saw that they were little chips of paint that had peeled away from the cabin. I had to stop examining the cabin, it was time to enter it; I was scared, but I knew DRU would protect me. I grabbed the rusty door handle and turned it a little, it wasn't locked, I pulled it open, and was instantly met with a festering pool of darkness. I instantly-almost instinctively-shined my light through the dense black, afraid of what I might see. To my relief, there was nothing particularly morbid about the cabin; it was just some old wallpaper pealing from the walls, a dusty hardwood floor, and a cracked ceiling. There was some old furniture-a dark green couch and a dresser with a lamp-but nothing else, not even any doors. This was the only room. I found it strange, and a little unnerving; who in their right mind would live in such a minimal cabin? I guess that's why it was abandoned.

“So DRU, what now?”

I got no response, and then realized that I had forgotten to bring him in the cabin with me. Feeling foolish, I turned to the front door. Just as I had grabbed the rusted handle, I heard in the back of my head, clear as day:

Open, the, top, drawer, of, the, dresser.

I dropped my flashlight, startled. Had DRU just spoken to me? But how? I left him in my car. I thought for a moment, that I might be imagining it, but considering what DRU had been capable of thus far, it didn't seem far off to think he could speak to me through my mind. He repeated himself.

Open, the, top, drawer, of, the, dresser.

Yes, it had to be him, I'd recognize that tacky 80's computer voice anywhere; and yet, his voice seemed, different. It no longer sounded quite like a computer, rather, it sounded disturbingly human. He repeated himself once more, this time, louder.


I picked up my flashlight, and trekked over to the dresser, with each step, the hardwood floor creaked beneath me. I grabbed the handle on the top drawer of the dresser, only to find it was stuck. I tried shaking it, but it still wouldn't budge. I put the flashlight in my mouth, so I could use both hands. Finally, I pulled on it with all my might, and the drawer shot out from the dresser, and I fell back, clasping it in my hands. I heard something clanking around in the drawer, probably what DRU wanted me to get. The flashlight had fallen out of my mouth, and when it hit the ground, it had turned off. Stupid cheap flashlight. I felt around for it, and as soon as I found it, I turned it on and aimed it at the contents of the drawer. What I saw confused me. It was a gun. A nine millimeter pistol.

“DRU... how... how will this help me get Julie with Alex?”

Head, back, to, the, car, and, await, further, instruction.

I left the cabin, and entered my car, pistol in hand. Even though I was back with DRU, I still heard his instructions through my mind.

Make, a, U-turn, and, go, 30, miles, down, [road name unavailable].

“But, but DRU... What am I supposed to do with this gun?”

Murder, Alex's, Girlfriend.

I froze up.

“D-DRU... I... can't. That's, not-”

Make, a, U-turn, and, go, 30, miles, down, [road name unavailable].

He continued barking orders at me.

Make, a, U-turn, and, go, 30, miles, down, [road name unavailable].

“No, DRU. I'm not going through with that. I could never live with that kind of guilt.”

Make, a, U-turn, and, go, 30, miles, down, [road name unavailable].



I opened the door, and dropped the gun to the ground. Then, I pulled DRU from my windshield, stepped out of my car, and threw him deep into the woods. I got back in my car, and turned it on, the headlights illuminated the barren road. I floored it. DRU had told me to make a U-turn and go back, so I drove in the direction my car had been facing. I didn't care how long it would take me to get back, I just needed to break free from his orders. I had to slow down, as much as I wanted to go faster, I had to slow down, lest I risk a fatal car crash on a dirt road, miles from civilization. As the road curved from side to side, so did I with it. The swaying was almost relaxing, and I was able to calm myself down a little. But then, I saw something that made my heart sink: the cabin. The same cabin. I stopped my car in disbelief, and looked at the cabin. How was it possible? I didn't take any turns, heck, there were no turns to take, it was just one long dirt road. Turning back, I saw something gleaming out of the corner of my eye, it came from the passenger seat. I turned to look, and was horrified to see the same gun from before.



I rolled down my window, and threw out the gun once more. I started driving again, this time, much faster. I didn't care about safety any more, I just wanted to get away from that forest, and DRU. The road was somehow different this time, I came to a fork. I slammed on the breaks, both startled and relieved. I turned right, hoping it wouldn't lead me deeper into the woods. As I anxiously zoomed down the dirt road, just barely illuminated by my headlights, I thought I saw a silhouette of a person, walking beside the road. I slammed on the breaks again, and got out of the car.

“Help! Is anyone there!?”

No response. I got back in my car and drove on. After a few minutes, I saw something terrible, it made me sick to my stomach: the cabin. This dreadful sight was once again followed by DRU's demands.



There it was once again, the shiny pistol, in the passenger seat. I screamed madly. I didn't even bother to open the door this time, I threw the gun straight through the window. The shattering glass masked the sound of DRU, barking orders.



I was on the verge of tears. Once again, I headed straight down the road, hoping that somehow, I could escape this nightmare. It was such a stupid decision, it had failed me twice now, but I didn't care, I just wanted it all to stop. As I drove down the altering, somehow redundant road, I saw the same silhouette from before; it was no longer walking beside the road, it was adamantly standing right in the middle of it. I slammed on the breaks, startled. As I stared at the thing, now illuminated by my headlights, I shuttered, terrified. My headlights did nothing to disturb the silhouette, it was literally a jet black humanoid. I'm not exaggerating in the least, its coloration was unnaturally solid. It had no texture, it was just a smooth, jet black, without a hint of gray. Although it looked human, it had a strange, somewhat polygonal shape to it, as if it were not entirely human, or not at all. I heard a low, buzzing sound, that gradually started getting louder. The noise was coming from the thing's face. I looked in horror as two sinister, red, glassy eyes began shining dimly. As the noise grew louder, its eyes grew brighter. I wanted to turn the hell around, and flee from the thing, but I couldn't move. No outside force was stopping me, I was just so thoroughly frightened that I couldn't fucking move.

The thing took a step closer, its eyes beaming right at me. It took another step, and then another. By the time it was standing right in front of my car, I was squinting, from the intensity of its glowing eyes. It raised its left hand, and slammed it down on the hood of my car. The whole car suddenly got unbearably hot, it was as if the seats were on fire or something. Screaming, I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge, so I tried to climb out through the broken window, but I couldn't fit through no matter how hard I tried. By now I had several shards of glass lodged into my face and arms, but it was nothing compared to the horrible burning sensation. I couldn't escape, All I could do was sit there, crying in agony. This went on for hours. Just me, cowering in pain, and that thing, with its palm firmly stuck to my car as its red eyes beamed down at me. Then, it suddenly just stopped. The pain-albeit the glass shards-had ceased. The thing still had its hand on my car. It made a sound like it was going to say something, and then:


I gasped with surprise, was this thing DRU? I couldn't be sure, but I knew it was associated with him somehow, it just had to be. They were the words of DRU nonetheless, ringing in my mind. His voice was different now, it sounded as if he were speaking in three variations of his voice simultaneously; one of his normal voice, one low, and one high. It gave me a splitting headache. The thing in front of my car disappeared abruptly, it literally just wasn't there all of a sudden. I took several deep breaths, from both pain and exhaustion. The sun was coming up now, and I could see outside without the headlights. I noticed on the hood of my car, a hand print, left right where the thing touched it.

I trembled with fear, suddenly remembering the strange hand print engraved in Alex's dad's car. I understood everything now; Alex's dad was under the command of DRU, that was why he had taken such a circuitries route that one day. He had been DRU's prisoner, and now, I was. I made a U-turn, passed the cabin once more, and drove slowly out of the woods, sobbing. When I came home, Julie was hysterical. She had me taken to the emergency room, where I told them was mugged during a business trip. Thankfully, they bought it.

I had left the GPS itself in the woods, but DRU didn't seem to care; he never made me go back to get it, he could just as well give me orders through my mind anyways. He had been barking orders at me for the past week now, arranging for the murderous event to take place. His voice no longer had that cheesy 80's computer charm, he was always speaking in that triple pitched voice now, it was maddening. I won't go into details how he arranged the murder, just trust me in that it was a very elaborate set-up. Eventually, it was time to put the plan into action. I met with Alex's girlfriend in a dark alley.

“So, you're Alex's friend, right? The one I was supposed to meet?”

I nodded my head.

“Cool, so when is Alex getting here again?”

“Pretty soon.”

A few minutes went by. The woman turned to look down one side of the alley.


I lifted the gun from my pocket, terrified at what I was about to do, but much more terrified at what DRU might have done to me otherwise. I shut my eyes tightly, and pulled the trigger.


My hands trembled, and I felt sick to my stomach.


I did as I was told. After a few more days, I broke up with Julie. Naturally, she was pretty devastated, but once DRU had made arrangements for her and Alex to meet, she couldn't have been happier. Alex was still mourning the loss of his deceased girlfriend, and he was lonely and vulnerable enough to be seduced by a pretty woman like Julie. The two of them were officially a couple now. Hip hip hoo-fucking-ray. After all that suffering and agony, DRU's mission was finally accomplished.


I never did get over the guilt. The only bright side to it all was my freedom of DRU. The infernal GPS was now deep in the woods, and so long as I never searched for answers from it again, I was safe. Or so I thought. A few months passed, and I had all but forgotten about the dark deed. I was suffering from severe depression, and taking several medications in a desperate effort to heal myself, but nothing worked. I quit my job, and just sat around my house all day. I had some money saved up, so I knew I would be alright for a while, not that I cared. One morning, when I was making some instant coffee, I heard the last thing I wanted to hear.


I screamed. The horrible voice brought back with it my horrible memories, in more detail than I had imagined them in a while. Then, it spoke again.


I trembled with fear.


“Y-yes, DRU.”


“B-but, why? I thought I was done with all this. I don't want anymore.”


I got into my car, crying hysterically.

The drive was long and uneventful. DRU didn't speak, he knew that I knew the way. I arrived at the cabin by sunset, and stepped out of my car. It took a while for me to find the GPS, I remembered the general area I threw it in, but it was autumn now, and the ground was shrouded in leaves. After a while, I finally found it.


I was surprised that DRU was giving me a choice at all, surprised, but not excited. I knew that whatever task I entered would involve some sinister undertaking. Then, I suddenly thought of something I wanted. Something I wanted more than anything in the world. Something I would gladly do anything for. Freedom. Freedom from that god damn GPS. I punched in “freedom.”


I sat there, among the rotted leaves, devastated. I started crying more hysterically than ever. Teardrops literally poured from my face. One of them fell onto the surface of the GPS, and sneaked its way into a small seam around the border. I heard a buzzing noise from inside of it, followed by a quiet pop. It started smoking a little, and the screen faded in and out. Could it be? Was DRU really broken? I hoped so, I hoped to god he was. But alas, I heard his voice.

Oh, oh my.

I raised an eyebrow, it didn't sound like the sinister voice he had been using recently, it sounded like HIS VOICE. The way it used to be. No, it wasn't exactly like his voice, it sounded more sincere than ever.

Mister Collins, I am so sorry for everything I have done to you.

I was taken aback. Was this some sort of ruse? Or had that single tear actually changed DRU?

When your tear soaked into my circuits, it snapped me out of my madness.

DRU sounded completely serious, and for some reason, despite all he had done to me, I believed him. The omniscient little gizmo had malfunctioned, or maybe he was malfunctioning all along and my tear had fixed him; I wasn't sure, nor did I care. I was immensely happy.

Can you ever forgive me?

DRU literally sounded as if he was about to cry himself. I was silent for a long while, until I reached my decision.

“Yes. Yes DRU, I can.”

I held him in my arms, as if I were hugging him.

“Tell me DRU, will I ever find true happiness again?”

I'll conduct a search, one moment please...

...I'm sorry, but it seems that none of the results will lead you to happiness.

“...I see.”

Yes, you will never be truly happy in life again. It's all my fault, I'm so terribly sorry.

That's when I realized it: I would never be truly happy in LIFE. But maybe, just maybe...

“DRU, I want to put an end to my misery. What would be the quickest way?”

DRU was silent for a while.

...Go into the cabin, and open the bottom drawer of the dresser.

I did so. The bottom drawer was hard to open, much like the top, but eventually got it to budge. Inside, there was another pistol, fully loaded. I walked back outside with the pistol in my hand, smiling. I turned to face DRU on the ground.

“So long, DRU.”

So long, Mr. Collins.

I aimed the gun at my head, and pulled the trigger. I fell back, in a downward spiral. I could feel myself slipping away. The last thing I heard was the faint, soothing sound of DRU's voice.

You have arrived.