Death, is a destination;
Of the grave, I have no fear.
Life was a journey
And this is my final year.

Life is a race.
I trip. I fall.
Twenty-two laps,
I gave it my all.

Vital signs stumble;,
The staggered pace of my heart.
Flesh grows cold;
My nerves fall apart.

Savoring the crisp air,
As the end draws near.
Cherishing the bittersweet memories
Of she whom I hold dear,

Preparing to let go
Before you walk through the door.
One final moment.
Soon, I will be no more.

Innocence and solace;
All held in the palm of your hand.
Consolation and prosperity;
Our shattered future could have been grand.

Life was a challenge.
We shared each other's fears.
Now that it's over,
There is no need to hide your tears.

Imagining what could have been,
You break down and cry.
It was not meant to be.
Time will wipe the salt from your eye.

Will you celebrate our past
As you bury me on the morrow?
Or dwell upon your loss
With a heart filled with sorrow?

Envisioning heaven as I lay;
Free of pain and strife.
Your world will continue to cycle,
As I wait for you in the next life.

Wavering light fades to black,
As you sit at my deathbed's side.
For the most glorious day I have ever lived
Was, surely, the day that I died.

Written by Allan Lochmere
Content is available under CC BY-SA