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It had been two weeks now since George had gone missing. Others think that he's gone for good, but knowing him, I know that he's still out there somewhere.

I've seen him with my own eyes...

Apart from the fact that George isn't the same good teenager who he used to be. He is now a beast, who is hungry for blood. But no one believes my horrifying story. You are the only one who can do anything about this tale, and let everyone know that it's true...

Two weeks and one day ago, me and George were down in the kitchen eating supper. It was an ordinary autumn's evening, and it was past 8:00. Me and George were brothers. I was eleven, and he was thirteen. We didn't argue much, but we did occasionally have fights.

Today had been one, and we were just sitting at the table, glaring at each other. Eventually, George stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Mum asked him.

"I'm going on a walk," he said.

"I'm getting tired of this hell."

"Hey, be sure to be back by 9:30, OK?" Dad asked him.

"Sure dad." George groaned, and with that, he was gone.

Up in my room, I started to get sleepy. I looked at my watch, and my eyeballs nearly popped out of my sockets. It showed 10:15, and George STILL wasn't back. I told Mum, but she didn't seem bothered.

"I'm sure he got just forgot his watch and lost the time. Time flies, you know. Now go to bed and when you wake up, George will be back. OK dear?" she said.

"Yes Mum!" I grumbled, going upstairs.

I woke up at 7:30, the sun shining on my face through the window. I almost forgot about the previous day, and as usual, I plodded downstairs to get breakfast. While I was there, I peeked into George's room. It was empty. My heart nearly stopped. There was no one in the kitchen, and I couldn't hear his usual snoring. I stormed into my parents' bedroom, instantly waking them up. "Geez, what's wrong son?" his Father asked in a sleepy voice.

"Dad! George is gone!"

The police had been searching for three days, but there was still no sign of George anywhere. Every day had been pain for me since then. I lost my only brother, and his body hadn't even been found. And it was my fault. I had started the argument.

A week later, I was going to go on a rowing-boat trip with two of my friends: Colin and Jonathan. Jonathan's uncle (Ben) was with us to keep us safe, and we were sitting on the boat at the side of the river, ready to set off. Ben pushed the boat and we were off, having lots of fun. We were rowing all the way down, and it was a really long way.

After fifteen minutes, I looked into the deep water to check for any fish. When I saw it, my heart sank. There was a blurry figure in the water, and one of the arms was floating above the surface. I prodded the body with my paddle, and as I fished it out, I couldn't believe my eyes: Two lifeless eyes stared at me blankly like a zombie. The face of the figure I instantly recognized: It was George's body. My friends screamed as they saw my discovery. Now it was clear that my brother was dead.

In a few days, everything was sorted. There had been a funeral and I got used to life without George. However, once I woke up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. I had an uncomfortable feeling when I sat up, and I realised how much I'd like to see George's face again.

I know that this sounds crazy, but I quietly opened the window, slid down the tree that was growing next to it, and I made my way to the graveyard with my dad's snow shovel. When I arrived at my brother's grave, without hesitation, I started to dig a tiny hole next to the grave. With my whole might, I pushed the grave away, revealing the open coffin. It was empty. I stopped moving.

There was an uncomfortable silence. That type of silence when you know that something's going to happen. Then I heard a menacing voice whisper to me. "Hello, brother!" I spun around. There was nothing there. I could feel every thump of my heart in my chest. It felt like it was about to explode. "I can see you!" a creepy voice croaked.

I looked all the way around me but I did not see anyone. I decided to run before I have a heart attack or a murderer or zombie jumps out at me with a knife. I carried on running, not daring to look behind me. I could finally see the cemetery gates in front of me. I thought that I was going to make it, until I saw a dark figure step out from behind a tree.

He did not speak or move. He just stood there in the shadows. Slowly, he lifted his head. I nearly died of fright. It was George! But he looked different. He had teeth as sharp as knives, with blood surrounding his mouth, his eyes were white and expressionless, he had black slime surrounding his eyeballs, and his body was covered in blue veins.

"George! It's you!" I tried to affect him, holding my arms out for a hug.

The creature stared at me angrily. Without preparing, it sprinted towards me at lightening speed, biting me in the arm. I screamed in terror as I saw my flesh and bones being crunched and eaten. Immediately, I started to feel weaker and weaker, and the world started to turn black. I felt like passing out, but if I did, then the creature would've finished me off.

Then I ran. My house wasn't far away, so I quickly got there. The house was locked, and I couldn't climb the tree, so I crashed into the garage where my dad kept all his tools. It was pitch black and silent. All I could hear was my own breathing. As I put my hand on the wall, I felt the light switch. My finger pressed it, and when the light came on, I was face-to-face with the creature.

To my horror, it had got hold of my dad's driller, and it was now on, drilling the air. I tried to get away, but the creature pinned me to the wall, and pressed the driller against my stomach. I had never been in so much pain in my life. I tried to shout, but no sound came out. The driller went deeper and deeper into my body, and I could already see my blood and intestines leaking out and sticking to it.

There was one last hope before I died, and that was the chainsaw next to me. I lifted it towards the ceiling, and I made a gap. The ceiling of our garage was the floor of my parents' bedroom, and my dad fell down. "Hey! What the heck is going on!" he shouted. That was the last thing I remembered. The world went black after that.

I woke up in a hospital bed, with a massive bandage covering my stomach. I could hardly move, and breathing was difficult.Then a doctor came to me.

"The... Creature... George..." I spluttered quietly.

The doctor looked at me, puzzled.

"There was no creature." he laughed.

"You were sleepwalking and you hurt yourself, or that... Thing that ran away had something to do with it." he added. Thing... then I knew that it will be back.