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Through the open door

And there I was sitting on my chair in the dark room alone, my parents gone to France leaving me alone to dwell in this empty home alone. My stomach would rumble from time to time from the hunger, my parents left me a credit card and a fast food restaurant number to order in, little did I know they close at 9:30. I get up from my chair and walk towards the light switch flipping it on unwillingly I walk all the way to the kitchen and open up the fridge finding nothing but one piece of ham inside.

After preparing myself a sandwich with the one piece of ham I found I find myself a bit more relieved yet still I felt this hunger "Damn parents could have left me some food" I thought to myself. After pacing back and fourth for a good timing I decide to simply sit back down and watch my favorite show Prison Break, Mid-turn into the show I find myself with this feeling... An unnatural and unusual feeling of being watched. I turn around but find nobody "I am going crazy!" sighting away from the thought of being watched I go back to my show.

All of a sudden the lights go out "Holy shit!" I said as I get up from my seat as fast as possible from the fear of the unknown checking my phone I see it's 12:12 P.M "How the hell is this possible?" I say noticing the time knowing my show ends at 8:30 P.M thinking to myself that they simply extended the show I use my phone light to guide me upstairs to get an actual Flash-Light to check why the power went out.

Carefully treading about I slowly climb up the stairs as the floor creaks with every step I take; I've always hated that creaky floor. Finally I make it to the Flash-Light quickly I turn it on anxious to get the power back on I was beginning to remember that feeling of being watched before. I tread carefully back downstairs with the Flash-Light looking down in order not to fall accidentally I pass the kitchen and go through the living room onto the door leading to the basement where the power switch is at.

I breath in deeply shaking a little ever since I was little I did not like the basement I found it sinister mostly since that one figure I saw once on the wall, Going back in there was not something I'd consider mostly not while home alone. I grin my teeth and went on downwards i found these stairs even more creaky then the upstairs stairs my heart pacing I flash my Flash-Light around a few times before continuing on. Finally I reach the Power-Box putting my Flash-Light on my mouth I open the Box quickly i notice that the buttons all say "On" yet somehow there is no power. I turn everything off and quickly back on afterwards instantly I hear a noise upstairs as if something has turned on.

"Finally some power" I say to myself as I close the Box and head back upstairs this time without fear and pride in myself. Once I made it back upstairs I noticed something strange... For some reason the power has not been returned yet although I kept on hearing that noise as if a TV or something was on this time a bit more distant then before. I was once again in shock and but felt the need to follow this noise in terms to learn the source of it I scratched my throat in anxiety from the matter at hand and carried on. Flashing my Flash-Light as I ventured on I got not closer but further and further from the noise the more I tried to go towards it.

I made it all the way to the second floor in the dark hallway I was starting to fret about but I had no choice but to continue on I kept going until I reached the door of my little brothers room and then the sound died. I couldn't believe this no this simply was impossible how could this be happening... After I was finished pacing back and fourth I dried the sweat off my face with a piece of my shirt I leaned my head forward towards the door in attempt to listen to whatever was inside with a fail attempt of hearing nothing but my own eardrums I swept my sweaty hand forward turning the door knob around and slowly opening the door.

"What the fuck..." I said to myself after revealing what I saw inside; Inside was a small wooden stick broken to small pieces all glued to the roof making a sort of triangular figure. I was now scared to my fullest extend this was never here before otherwise I'd of noticed it at some point me or my parents. Closing the door i heard someone or something faintly giggle then a gasp of wind short yet noticeable hit me in the face. "Holy SHIT!!!!!" I ran as fast as I could downstairs towards the only safe place I could think of the bathroom.

I don't know how long it's been but I've been in here for a long time now and the sun still hasn't came out it's been hours I know that yet the sun hasn't came. I was terrified I checked my phone and it was dead "No...This cannot be! It had full charge I never even used it!.." I said throwing my phone face first into the opposite side of the wall. I was in shock and wasn't thinking realizing I just broke my only chance to call my parents I fainted down on my knees and started to cry not to long afterwards most likely twenty to thirty minutes I hear that sound again faint yet there.

I taught to myself if it'd be worth risking my own life in attempt to follow the noise but after a small time of consideration I found myself bound to follow it. Slowly I opened the bathroom door shaking in fear I lean closely towards the wall in attempt to hold myself onto something to not feel light or vulnerable. I kept on following the noise and then I found myself back in the kitchen a few feet away from the basement yet facing the basement wall I felt bad... As if something simply wasn't right. Then the door to the basement opens in a heartbeat and a crackle starts to come out of it.. A sinister crackle that slowly turned into a scream... A simple scream of pain.

Before I could run away I found myself pushed into the ground.. I was being dragged into the basement!

"No! Let me go!! Why let me go please!!" I screamed as the voice would raise every second the screams would be louder and louder I closed my eyes still screaming at whatever fate would await me... Until the screams stopped... When I opened my eyes I was inside the basement I slowly turned around and got up.

I started to look around but saw nothing as I started to walk towards the stairs leading back up to the house I heard the crackle again this time it was extremely close... I slowly turned around and there it was this pitiful creature not unlike any demon or creature I've ever seen it had red glowing eyes, It's mouth with sharp teethes always smiling with blood gushing down carefree, It's body was disfigured as if it were twisted and turned by some sort of machine but the last thing I saw... Was it's screaming... Worst then a banshee itself. Do not venture deep into the basement at night nor when the lights go out who knows what lurks within the darkness....

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