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Darkness Is Your Death Sentence

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When you close your eyes, what do you see?




Some say it's paradise, some say it's their greatest fear.

It should be.

You should be scared.

The color black holds many hidden things. It could hold hell; it is hell.

It surrounds you once the sun goes down: once the candles blow out; slowly draining your sanity; making your imagination run wild.

But remember it's not always your imagination.

It will condemn you to the farthest point of your subconscious, beating you mercilessly, using every single one of your fears against you until you can no longer move, nor breathe.

Some can withstand the dark, and for those who do it may come alive in a demonic form. This demon will ask you a question: "Why are you afraid?" You must answer or he will stare at you until you do. Also you must answer correctly or, well... you don't want to know.

And for others to whom the demon does not appear, it will come alive as a loved one. Someone like a sibling, or a girlfriend/boyfriend. This conversation will start normally, just like any other between the two. But then it takes a sinister turn. They'll try to convince you that no one loves you, that no cares about you, leaving you to process these thoughts and if you do listen, which I advise you don't, and believe them, I guess someone will find your rotting corpse dangling from the ceiling in a few months.

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