We are the ones that stare into your eyes without consent. The ones that follow your every step but remain silent. To catch you if you fall, but then disappear into your flesh as you hit the ground. Our bodies are black, our minds blank, our eyes reflecting. To follow the motion of the souls of the world is our goal. We strive to darken the incomplete. To erase all light within souls and skies.

We are deprived of feeling. We cannot share love, exchange hope, nor feel the dwelling of the heart. The only tears that escape our eyes are ones reflected of your blood. We only watch, waiting, stilled, but then flashing in every direction when called.

When fate calls us and we no longer wish to mock another, we unsheathe the black blades of death. Souls fall and perish under our wrath, yet we linger on in doubt and darkness. We are the death that covers the sun, the blood that erupts from your flesh, the figures that stare into your souls.

We are the Dark Guardians.

We are your shadows.

And we are waiting for you.