My dearest pet, do you recall who I am? I watched you grow from a bright eyed little girl to a full fledged lady. I was with you when you came into this world. I saw you when you wrote your name for the first time. Oh how proud you were. I saw how you stood up to that bully, how you realized what you could do. But as you grew, so too did my brothers and sisters. With each second, our voice only gained influence.

How could we ever leave now, after we had been through so much? As such, we were there when you picked a fight with that chubby kid, we witnessed how you shoved his face into the dirt.

When you decided to take a life, we watched. We watched every gut wrenching second, as you bathed your hands in her blood. When you grew bolder, and drove the blade into the bald man's throat. When you poisoned the poor old lady.

We were there, smiling a complacent grin. We listened to you, as every night became increasingly sleepless and every day, more melancholic, we heard you when you desperately pleaded to remember what, why, and for whom you have done.

Of course, we could allow but only a fraction of your memories, and so we lightly chuckled. If only you knew what you were. You could never know what it is that we-what YOU, truly wanted.

A shame really, but the universe is funny that way. When it became too much for you to handle, I watched as you begged forgiveness that would never come. Every tear filled wail and pain weighted cry. Unfortunately my friend, it would appear the twisted symphony that was your life has turned to a bitter, unending cacophony of ruthless indulgence, all for seemingly nothing.

But fret not, for you see, this whole time you have been feeding us, and boy do we love the way your sick memories and twisted fantasies taste. There is one last meal for us to gorge on. To our great displeasure however, we are afraid our voice has grown too hoarse to continue with its whispering guidance any further, therefore we leave the fate of our legacy to the hands of you, our apprentice of the dark.

It's funny really, you always did value your independence. Let this last act be by your choice alone, the only real one you ever had. Have you figured it out yet? We are your shadow. You may now end our dark feast should you choose to. Of course, we would never force your hand, now would we?

Besides, you may find that there are some perks to immortality.