"My love."

"What have I done?"

In the beginning, there was a young beautiful girl. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon. I remember her beautiful golden hair, her blue-crystal eyes, and her wondrous smile. That was when I fell in love with such a creature. I had to be with her. I would defy the heavens just to do so... and I did.

When we first met, it was magical. Every night, we ran into the forest to be alone and share our passion for each other. But at what cost?

One faithful morning, I had shown her my true form and found glee in her eyes. She wanted me to take flight with her, and so I did. I picked her up, unfolded my wings, and took into the skies.

She was awed by the sight of the beautiful view, way up high above the treetops. Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was happy until something changed from the good to the worst.

I stopped and looked at my wings. I watched them change from white to black, then burst into flames, changing them into a demon's form. I could feel the darkness go through my veins, and then everything went black...

As I awoke, I found myself on the ground covered in blood. I quickly got up, and I found my love ripped to pieces.

Oh what have I done?!

My love! My love! My beautiful jewel... lost forever in the darkness of my heart!

I slowly grabbed what was left of my beloved and wept over her...

This was my punishment... If I had not loved her or defied the heavens, my love would've lived on. I was foolish for what I had done!

Now, I would never love, for this is my curse to hold... forever as an Angel of Darkness.