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Well if someone is reading this, that's one step further in this than I was when I started this. Anyway, hello my name is Ivy Age, and this is a record of thoughts and well, a journey, from my real first person journal entries. It all started when I found something in a free box...

Day 1

I live in a small neighborhood and something I became quite fond of doing is wandering the streets looking for free boxes, you know boxes full of unwanted stuff. Today I found a fairly large box in a trash can, it looked somewhat promising so I dug trough it. I found a children's book it was basically falling apart it was old so I kept it, thinking I could make a quick buck.

I arrived home and took a better look at it. The cover was tinted a muddy brown and faded almost out of sight, the title read: I Never Stopped Laughing At You. The illustration was of a boy with a wide toothy grin, sitting in a puddle of water, maybe mud, I am not sure.

I found this quite odd for a kid's book, I decided to read it out of pure curiosity. Inside the front cover it said the usual copyright information, apparently it was published in 1988 or maybe it was 1989 again it was very faded. the first page said: "This is Danny." It was the same as the cover but he was standing. Now that I think about it the drawings in this book are very creepy. The next page read: "Danny doesn't like to play with toys."

The picture on this page was Danny sitting around a bunch of children's toys frowning. "Danny likes to carve," Again he has that eery grin as he carves a piece of wood. "The other kids laughed at Danny and called him names." Man, Danny looks worse when he is crying.

"This made Danny angry." Uh-oh, I was a bit worried to look at the last page but I made it this far I have to. "Who needs friends when you have your trusty knife!" It's the same illustration that's on the cover the colour is a lot more clear on this page I am able to make out that the liquid that Danny is sitting in is red, and that must mean that it is, oh dear, blood. I am scared of the book now I put it away as fast as I could, not even bothering to look at the back cover.

I simply can't get a wink of sleep tonight, I just couldn't get that bloody snaggle-toothed grin out of my head...

Day 2

This is the first day of my research I thought I might as well record it. I woke up this morning and had a craving to learn more about this demon book. I went and read it again, taking a closer look this time. I was coming up completely dry, then I turned the last page and ended up at the back cover. There was a blue piece of paper that had: Beth written on it, and a phone number. I was over-joyed for the new start. I phoned the number immediately, at first i got a busy signal, then someone answered.

" H-Hello," A raspy woman's voice answered, she had a tinge of pure fear in her voice.

"Um, Hi, are you Beth?" I mutter a little worried on what she will say.

"W-Who wants to know?" She said with the same tone of voice as before.

"Oh, yes my name is Ivy, Ivy age. and I would like to ask why I found your name and phone number in the back of this book,"

"B-Book?" She kept stuttering like this, I don't know why.

"Yes, It's called I Never Stopped Laughing At You, perhaps you've heard of it?"

"O-Oh dear, where did you find it?"

"I found it in a free box in my neighborhood" At this point in the conversation I was tired of answering questions and desperately wanted answers of my own.

"O-Oh, well, I was a friend of the author,"

"I see, and what is his or her name may I ask,"

"R-Roy Gage, his name was Roy Gage,"

"Hmm, I see, were you a close friend?"

"Y-Yes, I was,"

"How close?"

"I-I was his wife,"

"Interesting, now tell me about this book,"

"I-I'm afraid I cannot,"

"How come?"

"I-I, I'm sorry"



"Beth? Hello?"

She hung up one me, well at lest I have his name. I searched him up on the Internet later that day, all I found was a blog. It was his, or at least I think it was, his latest post read: "My book isn't doing that well and I don't know why...Maybe I shouldn't have listened to-" That's all, as if he was cut off in the middle of typing. I scrolled down to read previous entries.

The next post was the book alright but brand new, and the caption said "There, it's finished" I wanted to know more I continued, but before I could even catch a glimpse of the next post. My computer broke into a blue screen say on how they could not proses the information it was receiving. I turned it off, I am a little worried on what I am getting into, but on the other side very, I mean very curious.

Day 3

I went back online today to see if I could go back on that blog, I found the link, and was shocked to e greeted to a blank page that read: "This blog was deleted from our databases on the date last night at midnight by it's creator." Great, just what I wanted to see, but then again my curiosity is flaring even more now that this has happened.

I went to see if there was anymore names or anything on the book, that I could search up. I scanned the cover yet again to this time find a pretty faded name under the completely faded authors name. Julie Grey, hmm I wonder who this was. I went and searched her up and found out that she was the illustrator. Egad now I know the person that brought the image of Danny to life, well at lest she is pretty.I read more about her, she had illustrated a lot more children's books that I thought, none of then in a style close to the one in the book. I found her fan-mail address, so i sent her a letter.
Dear Julie,

I found a book, called "I Never Stopped Laughing At You" and well it was illustrated by you. I already contacted Beth Gage, (Perhaps you know her) and she told me nothing except that she was the wife of the author of the book Roy Gage. I found his blog but didn't get a lot of information from that ether, my next logical step was to contact you. So if you could tell me anything about this book, and it's background, and maybe even about the author himself, I would be very grateful.

Sincerely, Ivy Age. Short, isn't it? I tried to make it as nonchalant as I could, now to wait for the response..

Day 4

Hmm, I didn't think I would get a response from Julie so soon, she sent me a telegram.

Hello Ivy Age STOP.

I personally think you're insane for wasting your time and well sanity to learn about this STOP.

To think that my work is induced in that book from hell is revolting STOP. I will meet you for an interview

STOP. The details of all of the things I am willing to tell you would never fit in a letter STOP. Let alone a telegram

STOP. Meet me here : _____ ____ _______ 'tomorrow afternoon about 3:00pm 'STOP.

I left out the address that she stated just in case I ever publish this or anything. I am actually excited for tomorrow.

Day 5

Today I met Julia at her apartment for an interview, it was a fair sized one bedroom apartment. I walked by what must have been her art studio, colourful drawings of lovable animals, and kooky characters filled the room. Due to the level of adorableness of all the drawings I could see, I was starting to doubt that she would ever have the guts to draw Danny of all people. We sit in her dining room and hands me some tea. I have a couple sips as she lights a cigarette.

"Well, I um would you mind telling me about the author Roy?" I say quite cautiously.

She sighs before speaking. "He was a close friend of mine when he said he was making a kiddie book I was ecstatic, well before I read it of course," She paused to take a puff of her cigarette, and look me over again.

"G-Go on," I said not meaning to stutter.

"Once I did, read the book, I was very uneasy about it all. But he kept telling me that it would be fun to draw something a little darker then I usually do. I stupidly believed him, and drew the first picture of Danny which ended up to be the cover."

Again she had to have a few more puffs of her cigarette. "He finished the final copy, then a few days later it was published, and that was when he went insane. He started to talk to him self, and not in first person, he had odd arguments with someone or something inside him, saying things like how he did as he was told and pleaded for it not to hurt him,"

"What happened then? If you don't mind telling me,"

'No, I don't mind, well it depends, are you willing to keep a secret?"

"Mm-hmm, I am,"

"I, alright, I you said in your letter that you talked to Roy's wife Beth correct?"


"Would you like to know the reason why she didn't tell you anything?"


"When he found out that his book was selling horribly, he completely lost it. When Beth returned from work one day he had destroyed their once upon a time beautiful home, she found him slamming his head against the wall, blood simply pouring from his forehead."

"Oh god," I couldn't help but whimper this under my breath.

"When she pleaded for him to stop, he said: 'Oh no I possibly couldn't! Danny wouldn't like that at all!' He took one final blow to the head and clasped on the ground,"

"Is he still alive!?" I blurted this out from pure fear.

"Yes, she took him to the hospital and then they locked him in an institution,"

"I-I see, I should go, thank you for all the information,"

"no problem, goodbye Mr. Age, and good luck,"

Good luck? What on earth did she mean by that? I know I shouldn't be worrying since it was such an innocent comment, But she just said it in a very sarcastic tone of voice I just, god dammit I need some sleep.

Day 6

I needed a day off, I just need some simple thinking time. I am questioning if I should even continue this!

Day 7

Okay, I spent yesterday thinking what to do next. I ended up deciding to phone the publishing company it was called "People Need Us Publishing"

Another odd name, hmm, I called them, here's the conversation:

"People need us publishing, can I help you?"

"Oh yes, I have I book that was published by your company that i would like to learn more about,"

'Please hold,"

Oh joy, I got put on hold, here comes the annoying pop music...

"Hello, may I ask what book you would like to learn about?"

"Yeah, It's called "I Never Stopped Laughing At You" By a mister Roy Gage,"

"Alright, let me search that up for you," She seems to be typing quite fast. "Well, sir I'm sorry you must be mistaken, there is no record on our database of the book you stated or the author,"


"I'm sorry sir"

"But there has to! It says your company!"

"Sir, you're getting hysterical,"

"I don't care, it has to exist!"

"Sir if you don't calm down I will have to hang up,"

"No, don't, I just, never mind,"

"Goodbye sir, I am very sorry we couldn't comply to your request,"

I knew It! I knew if ever since I read that godforsaken book that it wouldn't take long before I lost it and fell off the deep end. Maybe I should give up now.

Day 8

I've been studying this book for hours, I found no new information whatsoever, and that children means I am at a dead end.

Day 9

Okay, after two days of nothing, I was considering very seriously to just give up the investigation of this crazy book. But god must love to watch me suffer because he made this happen. I was watching the news, well kind of I was lost in my own thoughts. I only started to pay attention when I heard this:

"Breaking news! An inmate has from mental institution early this morning his whereabouts are unknown, if you see anyone that resembles the following picture please call 911 immediately!"

This made me extremely curious, sure enough a picture of a man in his late or early fifty's I am not exactly sure, apparently he had brown eyes was 6'4 and weighed 210 pounds. His mug shot, or at lest what I think is his mug shot was almost creepier than Danny, that bloody grin dear god. His name was stated at the plaque he was holding, I had to squint to see it, his name was, oh good lord, Roy Gage...

Day 10

I could have quit! I could have bloody quit! But no, of course not. I went to learn more about his escape today, it said that he chewed through his strait jacket and busted the door in, seriously injuring three guards. The last thing I read was he carved this sentence into the wall, "Danny doesn't want somebody to learn anymore about him," What!? Do you think that somebody is me? No it can't be, he would never be able to know. Wait, maybe, it's the book.

Day 11

I stayed up all bloody night and day, just staring at the dresser drawer that I keep that book in. I kept thinking he was going to get me, every single time I went under the great spell which is sleep I got a horrible nightmare about Roy stabbing me to death and watching me coke on my own blood, I woke up in tears. I have never been so scared in my life.

Day 12

I'm done, It's over. Want to know what I did to that book? I burned it! That's right, I threw it in my trash can, drenched it gasoline, and tossed a match in, and watched it burn away. The ashes, I can't stand to have the ashes in my trash can. So I poured them in a bag and tossed into a nearby river. I swear, I felt the evil in that thing flow through my body and steal a piece of my goddamn soul. That's something I can never get back, nor can I get back all the sweat, blood, and tears that I wasted on it. I can return to my life as if it never happened, I hope.

Day 13

I beat you didn't think I would write another one of these. Well I had to, I was watching the news as I always do, just trying to forget when they started to talk about Roy again. I was just about to turn it off thinking they were going to talk about locations he might be, and that's the last thing I needed to hear. But then, of course I heard this:

"The body of the escaped inmate from mental institution has been found in a ditch, the location is classified, both of his wrists have been slit in an apparent suicide. We do have the what the suicide note nearly unreadable from blood stains. But police were able to make out:

"Danny's has his soul back, meaning mine is now forever free,"

Danny can't have my soul. Wait, what if he does? What will become of me? Oh, I don't care anymore...

He can have it.

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