Cyrix The Deform

There has been tale's of a creature known as Fortuna. The research had been done well, so I know this creature do well exist. It was all done in Poland by scientist conducting genetic research using HeLa cells. They had tried using animals with combinations of human cells. In the night of April 24th, 1962, in the middle of the Cold War, they had discovered a break through. A creature they have called the creature Fortuna, the name of the Roman god of luck. The animal appeared to be healthy and surprisingly immune to common diseases that would kill a human. It also seemed to have amazingly higher IQ. In a house fire in Washington, police recovered log files that linked to the recorded behaviors of the animal. It had some cryptic writing so it was hard to translate.

Log 26

It has been accustomed to the environment. When the creature had acknowledged our presence, it made some sort of unexplainable gestures.

There was more logs but they were either burnt or ruined. Moving on, the creature later was to have some sign of human-like gestures. It knew to respond to some words that the scientists said as of a greeting or a goodbye. When academic testings were done, the scientists thought it was a perfect time to start physical testing. It took two years to debate over due to its rare genetic code, but they lost the argument. At least..they did not think they would do anything. Some scientists were desperate to find out what would happen if the creature was put in other situations. However, as that processed, it began to become more defensive.

It growled at upcoming scientists. It took a while, but that is when things started getting a little odd. When the scientists wanted to give the thirteenth injection, the animal went mad. The creature started hurting the scientist attempting to inject it. It bit the scientist deep into its arm. It was like nothing compared to what they saw other animals could do. The scientist unfortunately died of blood loss slowly. The scientists decided to let the creature calm down for a while as they discuss of what to do with the creature. During the months, the creature began forming human limbs around its body. It was completely out of symmetry. The scientists then all agreed that they cannot risk the authorities finding out about the research and should put it to rest. They wanted to execute it by injection.

An unarmed scientist first attempted to inject the animal. Of course, it got angry again. It threw the scientist all over the room until every bone was broken of him. After sixteen more snaps, the creature began feeding on the scientists. Armed forces were called in to try to contain it. However, whatever happened that night to try to contain it further, has not been covered. The government may have documents, but according to online profile, it will not be released till 2027. It is said in theory that it had escaped that night and the scientists were never heard of again. The government did a good job in keeping it low profile.

In 2002, there was a freak accident where two hikers were bitten. There was a reported sighting of a creature with five legs and four arms all over it during the attack. A couple at Yellowstone park also reported seeing the same year the same sight. However, the first reported death was in February 15th, 2012. There was remains of human limbs as if it was eaten. Again, the government had done a good job. Now, why am I writing this? I have seen it. In fact, I believe it is lurking in my neighborhood, waiting for the next drunk with regret to pass by. I will find this and reveal it to show the truth. If I do not come back to write about it, find it for me and avenge my death.