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23:46 <Shining-Armor> noyou pm me
23:46 <Irishninja0> wait where is spook?
23:46 <Irishninja0> he hasn't said a word
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> *Glances in panic at Irish.
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> O_O
23:47 <Shining-Armor> i only go out of my way to pm sarah
23:47 <The Raven Kid> Irish, you chased him away
23:47 <TeenagedChip469> pepper, love the intro to Alone and Forgotten
23:47 <Javer80> Well, yes, but like I said, it needs proofreading for spelling and grammar; in very short stories like this, it's important to measure the impact of each line and maximize it.
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> Damn it, bro.
23:47 <Irishninja0> Crap Noone you scared him away!
23:47 <Irishninja0> You called him a newb!
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> No, it was you dude!
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> Newb is an affectionate term!
23:47 <Peppers246> Thank you very much javer
23:47 <Irishninja0> No it isn't!
23:47 <Peppers246> and chip
23:47 <Javer80> Long, meandering sentences are okay, but only with proper use. Same for short, clipped ones. They reflect how people speak.
23:47 <Javer80> You're welcome :3
23:47 <Irishninja0> you scared him off!
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> I was cvalled a newb here, and I respected that.
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> So fuck off.
23:48 <DasFactionnaire> Hello Creepypasta Wiki 
23:48 <Irishninja0> I wasn't XD
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> When I was new
23:48 <Javer80> Hiya.
23:48 <Irishninja0> hi das
23:48 <Peppers246> hello
23:48 <Irishninja0> are you new?
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> (ayfkm) Yes, you were Irish.
23:48 <DasFactionnaire> How is everyone doing?
23:48 <MissKitty99> PASTAA~
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> I am good, thanks.
23:48 <Zyranne> Hello
23:48 <The Raven Kid> Everybody stop fighting *does unspeakable things to No
23:48 <Javer80> I am feeling fat and sassy.
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> *eats Raven alive
23:48 <Irishninja0> I'm doing fine
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> Javer, lalwz
23:48 <DasFactionnaire> MissKitty do you refer to Hetalia?
23:48 <Zyranne> Good thanks, and you?
23:48 <Javer80> You know, that Hetalia shit leads to poor consequences.
23:48 <Irishninja0> Faction
23:49 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
23:49 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
23:49 <The Raven Kid> I don't care NoOne, I will feast on your insides >:)
23:49 <Javer80> Like people cosplaying members of the Nazi regime at anime conventions.
23:49 <MissKitty99> okay
23:49 <DasFactionnaire> Yes Irish?
23:49 <Irishninja0> are you new?
23:49 <Javer80> that ain't kosher
23:49 <Ifarted666> Seriously? I did not know that, Javer.
23:49 <Javer80> so to speak
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> No you wont. "Raven eats Noone's insides"?
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> )derp)
23:49 <DasFactionnaire> No I've been on here for several months now, I just go on chat infrequently
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> *
23:49 <TeenagedChip469> Now it's finished
23:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (T_T)
23:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fix You - Coldplay - Acoustic Cover by Tyler Ward & Boyce Avenue - Duration: 05:47 - Uploaded: 2011-10-03 - Rating: 4.958101 - Views: 4,471,155 -
23:49 <Irishninja0> okay
23:49 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
23:49 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
23:49 <DasFactionnaire> Siiii
23:49 <Tentacle Therapist> I wanna see this.
23:49 <Irishninja0> :P
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> :O
23:49 <TeenagedChip469> My Zombie Story Now it's finished
23:50 <Shining-Armor> sarah how about now
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> Shit, my modem!
23:50 <The Raven Kid> *turns into black smoke and suffocates NoOne*
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> Crap gtg guys
23:50 <Tentacle Therapist> Tentacle x Skelly
23:50 <Tentacle Therapist> If anyone supports this I will be beyond pissed.
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> Also.
23:50 <Lord Cadaver> I' am going to read the zombie story
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> Tent x NoOne
23:50 <TeenagedChip469> now it's finished
23:50 <Javer80> sorry to say, Chip, but you'd probably want to put your signature at the end instead of the beginning, so it doesn't interrupt your story
23:50 <Irishninja0> bye nonewillsee
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> How about thios one?
23:50 <Javer80> yeah, you said that three times.
23:50 <Dr. spook> If you guys wanna check out my new pasta Look up The Lost Dr. Seuss Book. I know it sounds non related to horror but it is a lost episode kind of story hope you like it :)
23:50 <Irishninja0> Spook!
23:50 <Dr. spook> ?
23:50 <NoOneWillSee> Dr suess is already kinda scary.
23:50 <Irishninja0> scroll down your users list
23:50 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
23:50 <The Raven Kid> Ok Spook, I shall read it
23:50 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
23:51 <Irishninja0> you'll see something special
23:51 <Dr. spook> Thanks
23:51 <Shining-Armor> sarah
23:51 <NoOneWillSee> *blows Raven into AC before dissaperaing
23:51 <NoOneWillSee> :3
23:51 <Dr. spook> XD
23:51 -!- Lord Cadaver has left Special:Chat.
23:51 <(´・ω・`)> shiny
23:51 <Dr. spook> Its about the book the butter battle by dr seuess
23:51 <Irishninja0> Its your first private message
23:51 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
23:51 <Irishninja0> or pm
23:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Sarah
23:52 <Irishninja0> now answer it please XD
23:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck off.
23:52 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
23:52 <DasFactionnaire> Dr. Spook I checked it out
23:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> bby pls
23:52 <(´・ω・`)> nou
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> Brooke!
23:52 <Shining-Armor> sarah
23:52 <(´・ω・`)> bby
23:52 <Zyranne> Hi Brooke
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> D:
23:52 <Irishninja0> thank you brooke
23:52 <(´・ω・`)> shiny <3
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> Language.
23:52 -!- Lord Cadaver has joined Special:Chat
23:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hahaha. <3
23:52 <Shining-Armor> <3 sarah
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> <3
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> Eh?
23:52 <Irishninja0> *hugs* thank you
23:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I was talking to Sarah, Irish. >:c
23:52 <Tentacle Therapist> Alright since everyone's doing this...
23:52 <Irishninja0> I know
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> What is this magical thing called <3
23:52 <Lord Cadaver> Zombie infestation you say? *lock and load its time*
23:52 <NoOneWillSee> ?
23:52 <Irishninja0> thats why I say *hugs* thank you
23:52 -!- TheToaMaster was banned from Special:Chat by Shining-Armor for 7200 seconds.
23:52 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> What?
23:53 <Ifarted666> ...Dafuq?
23:53 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
23:53 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
23:53 <Irishninja0> what did toa do?
23:53 <(´・ω・`)> Threatened to spam in PM.
23:53 <(´・ω・`)> Basically.
23:53 <Shining-Armor> it is to stop him from doing something really bad
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> What did Toa do?
23:53 <Irishninja0> oh
23:53 <Peppers246> that escalated quickly
23:53 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> Ah.
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> Well then, that esca;ated.
23:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Why did he threaten that?! o.O
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> Toa is a terrorist.
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> CPW terrorist.
23:53 <Peppers246> ^obviously
23:53 <NoOneWillSee> D:
23:53 <Lord Cadaver> I am neutral
23:54 <Irishninja0> was stopped by CPW PMport security
23:54 <Javer80> I'm acidic.
23:54 <Irishninja0> XD
23:54 <NoOneWillSee> XD
23:54 <Javer80> and the rest of y'all are basic ;D
23:54 <Spartantemp> ....hi
23:54 <Shining-Armor> he was pming with two moderators
23:54 <Shining-Armor> wtf
23:54 <NoOneWillSee> Hello (sparta)
23:54 <Javer80> Oh, look. It's the little shouty one.
23:54 <Javer80> What do you want?
23:54 -!- Dr. spook has left Special:Chat.
23:54 -!- Son of jeff has joined Special:Chat
23:54 <Ty Rezac> I'm American.
23:54 <NoOneWillSee> Son of (jeff)
23:54 <NoOneWillSee> Ono.
23:54 <Son of jeff> ji
23:54 <Javer80> JESUS CHRIST, SPOOK
23:54 <Spartantemp> I'm little shouty one?
23:55 <Javer80> kind of a wall of text there, huh?
23:55 <NoOneWillSee> Yes, you are.
23:55 <Tentacle Therapist> Everybody was doing it.
23:55 <Shining-Armor> temt fuck you
23:55 <(´・ω・`)> damn it billy
23:55 <Spartantemp> (T_T)
23:55 <Tentacle Therapist> no fuck you
23:55 <NoOneWillSee> (sparta) is beats, though.
23:55 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
23:55 <Son of jeff> have you saw my dad
23:55 <Javer80> Damn. He left.
23:55 <Shining-Armor> no i fuck sarah
23:55 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <TeenagedChip469> im probably changing my picture from sunglass squirtle to sablye
23:55 -!- MissKitty99 has left Special:Chat.
23:55 <The Raven Kid> No!
23:55 <DasFactionnaire> I see you already did
23:55 <Shining-Armor> you fuck yourself
23:55 <NoOneWillSee> Awright, (cracks knuckles) We got an RPer.
23:56 <Javer80> how so?
23:56 <Javer80> OH
23:56 <Javer80> nm i see
23:56 <NoOneWillSee> >_> (jeff)s son.
23:56 <The Raven Kid> Not me,
23:56 <Son of jeff> is there a jeff
23:56 <NoOneWillSee> Son, you got drugs, weapons in that bag of yours?
23:56 <The Raven Kid> Oh, I see now
23:56 <Tentacle Therapist> I don't want to fuck myself now.
23:56 <Tentacle Therapist> I want to do it later probably.
23:56 <Peppers246> reading the chat rules "n den i wen 2 da stre" oh god my sides
23:56 <Javer80> There's children on the street, using guns and knives - taking drugs, and each others' lives.
23:56 <Son of jeff> yes
23:57 <DasFactionnaire> Sorry if this is shameless self-promotion but since we've been suggesting some of our OCs, would anyone like to read some of mine?
23:57 <NoOneWillSee> Alright, lemme see your registration.
23:57 <Javer80> There's children on the street with knives and forks, callin' each other names like "dork"
23:57 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <The Raven Kid> I think (jeff) would make a terrible dad
23:57 <Ifarted666> lol dorks
23:57 <NoOneWillSee> *pussy
23:57 <Javer80> wing it over, Das 8D
23:57 <Peppers246> Killing each other with knives and forks And calling each other names like dork 
23:57 <NoOneWillSee> Nope.
23:57 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Peppers246> dang you beat me to it
23:57 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Thekingcameron> hey guys
23:57 <Javer80> you do the next line ;D
23:57 <NoOneWillSee> Hai.
23:57 <Irishninja0> Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting my own wiki
23:57 <Javer80> there's people on the street gettin' diseases from monkeys!
23:57 <The Raven Kid> About what?
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> *the irish is lame wiki
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> imeanwut
23:58 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
23:58 <Spartantemp> its called AIDS jarver
23:58 <Irishninja0> Its not about irish people (ayfkm)
23:58 <Javer80> yeah, that's what I said, they're gettin' diseases from monkeys, now there's-
23:58 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <Javer80> junkies with monkey disease
23:58 <Tentacle Therapist> So don't start no goddamn thing with me bitch.
23:58 <Irishninja0> I don't want to say it in main chat
23:58 <Son of jeff> i he hate i kill
23:58 <Javer80> who's touching these monkeys? Please
23:58 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
23:58 <Irishninja0> I'll only tell certain people in pm
23:58 <The Raven Kid> *slaps NoOne in the back of the head*
23:58 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> What, Jeffs son?
23:58 <Javer80> leave these poor sick monkeys alone, they got problems enough as it is!
23:58 <Peppers246> There's people on the street Getting diseases from monkeys
23:58 <Peppers246> Yeah, that's what I said They're getting diseases from monkeys
23:58 <Peppers246> dangit youre going to fast javer!!
23:58 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> *slaps Ravens colon
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> :3
23:58 <Tentacle Therapist> Because I'll send you to the hell that is within my pants for your crimes against the almighty Tentacle Therapist.
23:58 <(´・ω・`)> tenty
23:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <Irishninja0> *kicks NoOne* No rping!
23:58 <The Raven Kid> Get. Away. From. My. Colon
23:58 <Javer80> THE ISSUES DO NOT WAIT
23:58 <(´・ω・`)> change your avatar to it upside down 
23:58 <Javer80> but we're bros now Pepper
23:58 <NoOneWillSee> Your colon is habitbale!
23:58 <TeenagedChip469> for you raven ill change it to torterra
23:59 <Tentacle Therapist> Ok
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Also, Irish, everyones RPing.
23:59 <Peppers246> lol ok XD
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> So no.
23:59 <(´・ω・`)> everyone change your avatar to something like this
23:59 <(´・ω・`)> okay
23:59 <The Raven Kid> Yay! Thank you ^^
23:59 <Irishninja0> true
23:59 <Irishninja0> no
23:59 -!- Lord Cadaver has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <Irishninja0> I won't
23:59 <Javer80> Flight of the Conchords is amazing
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> :E
23:59 <Shining-Armor> oh god it is startingagain bidness
23:59 <Irishninja0> I like my avatar
23:59 <(´・ω・`)> ;D
23:59 <The Raven Kid> no, I like my sableye pic
23:59 <Son of jeff> did you die cupcake ep
23:59 <Irishninja0> and I'm keeping it
23:59 <Peppers246> yeah i listen to them a bit lol
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Im thinking of changing my avatar.
23:59 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
23:59 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
23:59 <Pramirez351> k i gtg now bye xD
23:59 <The Raven Kid> Sableye is awesome :3
23:59 <Shining-Armor> no the thing i told you about in pm >_>
23:59 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <Irishninja0> what is your avatar of NoOne?
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Bye, Pra,
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Cant you see it?
23:59 <Irishninja0> I always thought it was squidward
23:59 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Nope XD
23:59 <NoOneWillSee> Look up my profile
23:59 <Irishninja0> Big nose
00:00 <Irishninja0> bulbous head
00:00 <Irishninja0> it looks like him
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> Noe.
00:00 <Irishninja0> So if its not him, what is it?
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> Its a half face.
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> From scp-087-b
00:00 <DasFactionnaire> OK Javer, here's my most recent:
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> Imagery
00:00 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
00:00 <The Raven Kid> Its an eye and mouth. Both are Hyper Realistic! O_O
00:00 <Son of jeff> my dad is so rich
00:00 <Irishninja0> oh
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> (jeff) is not rich
00:00 <Son of jeff> not
00:00 <The Raven Kid> Jeff is poor af
00:00 <Peppers246> ok is javer like the lead proof reader? or.... lol
00:00 <Tentacle Therapist> In other news.
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> Theyre actually not hyper realsitic.
00:00 <NoOneWillSee> O wait
00:01 <Tentacle Therapist> I finally made some damn progress in God of War.
00:01 <NoOneWillSee> They are, actually.
00:01 <Peppers246> >God of war lol
00:01 <Son of jeff> jenn is not mom
00:01 <Tentacle Therapist> I had it on the easiest setting and yet I still fucking die D:
00:01 <Peppers246> square, square, square!
00:01 <Javer80> *reads*
00:01 <NoOneWillSee> (jeff) =/= (derp)
00:01 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <HiddenSpirit> FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD.
00:01 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <NoOneWillSee> Hidden Hai.
00:01 <Tentacle Therapist> They should've made the settings
00:01 <NoOneWillSee> (boom)
00:01 <The Raven Kid> I should probably start my homework now
00:01 <Tentacle Therapist> Hard, very hard, extremely hard and you're fucked.
00:01 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:02 <NoOneWillSee> Raven^
00:02 <Peppers246> dark souls is harder
00:02 <NoOneWillSee> I ahev so much shit
00:02 <NoOneWillSee> Also, yes.
00:02 <Son of jeff> my dad is 25
00:02 <NoOneWillSee> I ave Demons souls too.
00:02 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, NoONe.
00:02 <Peppers246> oh god, the memories
00:02 <The Raven Kid> Son, stop RPing
00:02 <Peppers246> demon souls! glorious demon souls
00:02 <NoOneWillSee> *licks Hiddens face :B
00:02 <Son of jeff> sorry
00:02 <Javer80> Cool if I edit this a bit, Das? Getting rid of the gray text background and indentation.
00:03 <The Raven Kid> Its fine
00:03 <Tentacle Therapist> Holy fuck.
00:03 <NoOneWillSee> ;~; Im sorry. I just...want to make you happy...
00:03 <Peppers246> fuck holy
00:03 <Tentacle Therapist> Just $5000 for a coin that was mentioned in the bible.
00:03 <NoOneWillSee> Oh.
00:03 <Tentacle Therapist> That's cheap.
00:03 <NoOneWillSee> Ok/
00:03 <Peppers246> *face palme*
00:03 <LOLSKELETONS> indentation is not necessary for Wikia articles
00:03 <NoOneWillSee> (facepalm)
00:03 <Son of jeff> make a story of me 
00:04 <NoOneWillSee> Itll be called (jeff) goes to hollywood
00:04 <Javer80> lol no
00:04 <NoOneWillSee> :3
00:04 <Peppers246> ^
00:04 <The Raven Kid> ydobyreve ereht ih
00:04 <LOLSKELETONS> [[w:c:trollpasta:JOFF TEH KILAR|Jeff the Killer]]
00:04 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
00:04 <NoOneWillSee> Raven with the nonsnese.
00:04 <Nightshade of Darkness> hi
00:04 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm so fucking sick of all the danm times ive had to relog
00:04 <Son of jeff> i like that name 
00:04 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
00:04 <NoOneWillSee> LOL XD
00:04 <NoOneWillSee> \
00:04 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
00:04 <TwinArmogeddons> Well i you need me say my name
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> OW.
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> EAR RAPE.
00:05 <Son of jeff> lol am 13
00:05 <Peppers246> brb guys
00:05 <TwinArmogeddons> or twin or sol or oz or sollux
00:05 <NoOneWillSee> Joff teh killer
00:05 <NoOneWillSee> LMFAO
00:05 <TwinArmogeddons> any of them will ping me
00:05 <The Raven Kid> Jeff the Potato :3
00:05 <NoOneWillSee> Jeff is a corn husk.
00:05 <NoOneWillSee> (bacon) I am bacon, however.
00:05 <The Raven Kid> Jeff is a pie
00:05 <Son of jeff> i like that name loff
00:05 <NoOneWillSee> *joff
00:05 <The Raven Kid> a yummy pie :3
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> <<<Insert all your money.
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> Please.
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> Thanks.
00:06 <Ifarted666> LOL
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> Fuck off shining.
00:06 <(´・ω・`)> SCREW YOU
00:06 <(´・ω・`)> D:
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> 666, you made me fate.
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> *fart
00:06 <Tentacle Therapist> D:
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> LITERALLY!'
00:06 <(´・ω・`)> skelly
00:06 <DasFactionnaire> Oh yeah that's fine Javer, thank you for doing that
00:06 <Ifarted666> lolollol
00:06 <(´・ω・`)> why cant i pm you
00:06 <(´・ω・`)> D:
00:06 <NoOneWillSee> XD
00:06 <Son of jeff> it a fun name to say say
00:07 <LOLSKELETONS> y u pm mii
00:07 <Tentacle Therapist> Note to self, never click a link again.
00:07 <LOLSKELETONS> owait
00:07 <Son of jeff> joff
00:07 <LOLSKELETONS> I think I blocked your pm
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> HA! Srtill logged in, even though clicked.
00:07 <(´・ω・`)> WAII
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> :3
00:07 <LOLSKELETONS> during that gpm thing
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> Like a boss.
00:07 <Peppers246> back
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> I am NoOne.
00:07 <Son of jeff> in deed
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> You cant log me out, MAAAAN!
00:07 <NoOneWillSee> Im not part of this system!
00:07 <LOLSKELETONS> unbolcked
00:08 <Tentacle Therapist> If you link me to a log out page again, I will shove a TV up your ass.
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> Man, this aint a GIF, SO I THREW IT ON THE GROUND!
00:08 <Peppers246> hes broken out of the matrix!
00:08 <Javer80> ok done
00:08 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> GIF doesnt stand for LOGG OFF!
00:08 <Son of jeff> do you like me guys
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> IM AN ADULT!
00:08 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
00:08 <Javer80> formatting is so easy to fix in Notepad! :D
00:08 <Javer80> i love it
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> I love you Jeffs son.
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> With all my heart
00:08 <NoOneWillSee> \
00:09 -!- Peppers246 has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> Bear my child.
00:09 -!- Peppers246 has joined Special:Chat
00:09 -!- Helix225 has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Javer80> Let us watch.
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> O_O
00:09 <Tentacle Therapist> O)_(O
00:09 <Javer80> *munches popcorn*
00:09 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
00:09 -!- Helix225 has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Javer80> grok my pop corn for sports.
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> Tent, fucking
00:09 <Tentacle Therapist> God...
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> OFF!
00:09 <Tentacle Therapist> I used to love that face.
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> STAHp
00:09 <NoOneWillSee> I used to do that shit when it first came out.
00:09 <DasFactionnaire> Thank you very much, Javer, it's much better now, as you might have picked up from the gray being there in the first place I'm awful at formatting
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> Das auto/
00:10 <Tentacle Therapist> Now because of the Funnymouth impersonamanators, I hate it.
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:10 <LOLSKELETONS> it suxe noa
00:10 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
00:10 <Irishninja0> (slender) awesomeist person ever
00:10 <Javer80> aw, no biggie. It's hard to predict how it'll come out in the editor.
00:10 <Tentacle Therapist> What the hell is that noise?
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> (slenderman)
00:10 <Irishninja0> I never liked funny mought
00:10 <Son of jeff> go to  sleep but noone wwillsee
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> Its me fapping.
00:10 <Irishninja0> *mouth
00:10 <DasFactionnaire> NoOne do you speak to me?
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> XD funny mought'
00:10 <Irishninja0> XD
00:10 <NoOneWillSee> No Auto
00:10 <Son of jeff> not soorry
00:11 <DasFactionnaire> And Javer have you written anything?
00:11 <Tentacle Therapist> Oh it's my TV.
00:11 <Ifarted666>
00:11 <NoOneWillSee> <_<  Watches Son of Jeff loog off.
00:11 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
00:11 <Javer80> yeah, one
00:11 <Javer80> or two actually
00:11 <Son of jeff> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
00:11 <Javer80> a while ago
00:11 <NoOneWillSee> Wow.
00:11 <Tentacle Therapist> Go...
00:11 <NoOneWillSee> No.
00:11 <Shining-Armor> WTF JUST HAPPENED SKELLY
00:11 -!- Lyceum514 has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <Tentacle Therapist> Just...
00:11 <Tentacle Therapist> GO FUCK YOURSELF
00:12 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:12 <Javer80> You're mean.
00:12 -!- Lyceum514 has joined Special:Chat
00:12 <Javer80> Don't be so mean.
00:12 <NoOneWillSee> Damnit, stop wiht the rainbow dash icons.
00:12 <Shining-Armor> i didnt
00:12 <LOLSKELETONS> yes
00:12 <LOLSKELETONS> u did
00:12 <NoOneWillSee> You are a cum nugget that gets stuck on clothes after it dries
00:12 <Shining-Armor> it just started posting everything over and over
00:12 <DasFactionnaire>
00:12 <Son of jeff> my dad will kill you lol kiding
00:12 <Shining-Armor> i wasnt doing it
00:12 <NoOneWillSee> You are a skidmark on the underpantds of society.
00:12 <DasFactionnaire> That's the one?
00:12 <Shining-Armor> it was the server fucking up
00:13 -!- IWillGertrudYourSoul has joined Special:Chat
00:13 <Shining-Armor> just
00:13 <LOLSKELETONS> Hmm...
00:13 <Shining-Armor> o,g
00:13 <Tentacle Therapist> EXCUSSEZ I SAE
00:13 <NoOneWillSee> Excruciatingly large spamming.
00:13 <LOLSKELETONS> haii gertrud
00:13 <Son of jeff> good one man you  ok
00:13 -!- IWillGertrudYourSoul has left Special:Chat.
00:13 <NoOneWillSee> What.
00:13 -!- IWillGertrudYourSoul has joined Special:Chat
00:13 <Javer80> why is it an insult to call someone a boob but a compliment to describe something as "tits"
00:13 <NoOneWillSee> IDK.
00:14 <IWillGertrudYourSoul> hi everyone
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> Because I like tits?
00:14 <Spartantemp> we got usmc lance? don't say oorah to him if he's being salty
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> Hi gerty.
00:14 <Javer80> You insufferable boob.
00:14 <Son of jeff> ii like that joke
00:14 <IWillGertrudYourSoul> hi noone
00:14 -!- YinYangOx has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> Bye guys!
00:14 <Shining-Armor> sarah i got water, it is safe to unblock my p,s
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> Ima go off to fail my trig test noa.
00:14 <Shining-Armor> pm
00:14 <Son of jeff> bno
00:14 <Ty Rezac> Can I show a YouTube video I made?
00:14 <Tentacle Therapist> Oh Lord Jesus holy son of God...
00:14 <Irishninja0> hi gertrud
00:14 <Tentacle Therapist> WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PONIES
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> D:
00:14 <Irishninja0> I don't know >_>
00:14 <Son of jeff> hi
00:14 <NoOneWillSee> *NoOne magiaccly become spny.
00:14 <Ty Rezac> It's 10 best countries to live.
00:15 <Javer80>
00:15 <NoOneWillSee> Hey, this aint so bad, actually.
00:15 -!- YinYangOx has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Javer80> hee hee hee
00:15 <Ty Rezac> @Irishninja: Ireland is in it! :)
00:15 <NoOneWillSee> *explodes into pieces
00:15 <Irishninja0> YEs!!!
00:15 <IWillGertrudYourSoul> i irish
00:15 <Son of jeff> kill jene
00:15 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
00:15 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Irishninja0> Hell yeah!
00:15 <Irishninja0> your irish gertrud?
00:16 <Ty Rezac> Please? I'm not having a good day, and this took me forever to make, looks simple but YouTube videos are harder to make then they look.
00:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
00:16 <Irishninja0> ^
00:16 <Javer80> Hm?
00:16 <Irishninja0> he is righy
00:16 <Irishninja0> *right
00:16 <Son of jeff> your irish too 
00:16 <Javer80> what video, Ty
00:16 -!- Ifarted666 has left Special:Chat.
00:16 <Irishninja0> Finally
00:16 <Ty Rezac> A video I made.
00:16 <Tentacle Therapist> I'm writing something, haven't gotten shit done.
00:16 <Ty Rezac> Someone said I was spamming when I showed my first one.
00:16 <Tentacle Therapist> Just the title.
00:16 <Irishninja0> I made a simple scripted educational vid
00:16 <Javer80> Bah.
00:17 <Irishninja0> it was difficult
00:17 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
00:17 -!- Helix225 has joined Special:Chat
00:17 <Son of jeff> i have a gun 
00:17 <IWillGertrudYourSoul> i need help with cutie marks. 
00:17 <Irishninja0> so do I jeff -_-
00:17 <IWillGertrudYourSoul> idk who half of these belong to. 
00:18 <Ty Rezac>
00:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 10 best countries to live in - Duration: 01:26 - Uploaded: 2013-05-30 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 8 -
00:18 <Son of jeff> rishninja0 yes 
00:18 <Javer80>  INCREDIBLE
00:18 <Javer80> i love it
00:18 -!- Helix225 has left Special:Chat.
00:18 <Shining-Armor> Game: MariaIsAwesome Password: marrymesara  inb4 pimg
00:18 <Irishninja0> Ireland only 10!?
00:19 <Son of jeff> ggcsdv efbggthghybyhtfwgrbfdrgcvfrwddvfgfdsewsfretrterererer
00:19 <Son of jeff> tgertb5rgfh
00:19 <Tentacle Therapist> It's because of the g-
00:19 <Javer80> watchin', but my connection ain't really up to videos right now.
00:19 -!- Son of jeff was banned from Special:Chat by Shining-Armor for 7200 seconds.
00:19 <Javer80> Try harder, son.
00:19 -!- Son of jeff has left Special:Chat.
00:19 <Tentacle Therapist> GODDAMMIT YOU CUNTBISCUIT
00:19 <Tentacle Therapist> Anyway
00:20 <Peppers246> not a bad vid ig, but its just so typycal youtube vid lol
00:20 -!- IWillGertrudYourSoul has left Special:Chat.
00:20 <Javer80> the music is pretty all right
00:20 <Shining-Armor> Join 
00:20 <Javer80> oh! Are we playing?
00:20 <Shining-Armor> password is marrymesarah
00:20 <The Raven Kid> Ma woods!
00:20 <Tentacle Therapist> It's because of the goddamn ponies, I want to get something colorfully-stabbed into my ass.
00:20 <Javer80> . . . subtle.
00:20 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
00:20 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <Shining-Armor> eeyup
00:21 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
00:21 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
00:21 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
00:22 <Javer80> wait, what's it under
00:22 <Shining-Armor> MariaIsAwesome
00:22 <Javer80> OH
00:22 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <Shining-Armor> or mariatheawesome
00:22 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
00:23 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
00:23 <Tentacle Therapist> And in all truthfulness here...
00:23 <Peppers246> ive never played this game before
00:24 <Tentacle Therapist> Is a little tattoo on the ass worth struggling to find what you're good at D:
00:24 <Tentacle Therapist> It is to me...
00:24 <Tentacle Therapist> I'd have to walk around naked to justify it, but still.
00:25 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
00:25 <Tentacle Therapist> And I killed teh chat.
00:25 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
00:25 <DasFactionnaire> Javer I'll read Long Way Home soon, I read the first few paragraphs and it looks good.
00:25 <DasFactionnaire> However I must go for now
00:25 <Tentacle Therapist> Maybe I'm good at killing the chat.
00:25 <DasFactionnaire> Goodbye all
00:25 <Tentacle Therapist> *looks down*
00:25 <Tentacle Therapist> Goddammit.
00:25 -!- DasFactionnaire has left Special:Chat.
00:26 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
00:26 <MagmaMan4488> I see the various rotations of Rainbow Dash are invading.
00:26 <Javer80> okeydokey
00:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
00:27 <MagmaMan4488> Rylee, did you murder Rita?
00:27 <Tentacle Therapist>
00:27 <The Raven Kid> Hey Rylee
00:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> No
00:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Holy shit, Tent
00:28 <Irishninja0> hi rylee
00:28 <LOLSKELETONS> haii rylee
00:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hiya Irish! *glomps*
00:29 <Irishninja0> Dah (urgh)
00:29 <LOLSKELETONS> is chat dead, or am I lagging out again? .-.
00:29 <Irishninja0> both
00:29 <MagmaMan4488> Dead.
00:29 <MagmaMan4488> Like you.
00:29 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
00:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> Dead D:
00:29 <The Raven Kid> When is Chat alive?
00:30 <Irishninja0> when we aren't here
00:30 <Sadofreedomist> Just leave and it
00:30 <Sadofreedomist> *it'll be better.
00:30 <Aigou> *comes in cautiously*
00:30 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <The Raven Kid> ok
00:30 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <Irishninja0> Hi AI
00:30 <The Raven Kid> stupid lag
00:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:31 -!- Level VII has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> Lag D:
00:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Level
00:31 <LOLSKELETONS> leg
00:31 <Irishninja0> Hi leve;
00:31 <Irishninja0> *level
00:31 <Level VII> Hey guys, I have a question about the no spinoffs of creepypasta rule. Does that include adding the creature in your own story?
00:32 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <Level VII> Hi Irish
00:32 <MagmaMan4488> I read the anarchist cookbook, and now I know how to blow people up. Wait, no. Scratch that. I know how to burn myself up because their chemical recipes are all wrong.
00:32 <The Raven Kid> I think so
00:32 <LOLSKELETONS> yes, level
00:32 <Level VII> Thanks.
00:32 <The Raven Kid> Yay! I was right for once!
00:32 <Aigou> I'm a masochist or something cause I spent hours hiding under my blanket the other night after reading we'll actually just seeing the Jeff the killer thing
00:33 <Aigou> And now I'm back ._.
00:33 <LOLSKELETONS> though you can use [[Spinoff Appeal]] if you think a spinoff or blacklisted subject pasta is worthy of being posted here
00:33 <MagmaMan4488> Did you drop your sentence and put it back together randomly?
00:33 <Level VII> Okay then. Thanks Skeleton.
00:33 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
00:33 <Sadofreedomist> "idiot". The word you were looking for was "idiot".
00:34 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <Level VII> IS there a way to save a creepypasta I like on here?
00:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Coffee
00:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider>
00:35 <Level VII> oh nvm
00:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> hi
00:35 <LOLSKELETONS> save how?
00:35 <Level VII> I see the follow button
00:35 <MagmaMan4488> Most people just put a list of links on their profile.
00:35 <Level VII> Oh
00:35 <Level VII> okay then
00:35 <MagmaMan4488> With a title like "Favorite Pastas" or something.
00:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> D:
00:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> Who made this?
00:36 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Tentacle Therapist> Athens must have been a horrible place to libe.
00:36 <Level VII> Yeah, it has a space there already for me
00:36 <Tentacle Therapist> live*
00:36 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> y
00:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Aigou
00:36 <Tentacle Therapist> All that's inside the houses are boxes D:
00:36 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Aigou> Ty
00:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Cameron
00:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Moose
00:37 <MagmaMan4488> You got a problem with boxes?
00:37 <Thekingcameron> hi
00:37 <Tentacle Therapist> They expect me to fuck my wife on a box D:
00:37 <MagmaMan4488> So?
00:37 <MooseJuice> That's hot.
00:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wow
00:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Someone should post the entire bible on trollpasta wiki
00:38 <Thekingcameron> im curious. what exactly does "talk" mean on a wiki page
00:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> to see how much space it would take
00:38 <Tentacle Therapist> It would be impossibl.e
00:38 <MooseJuice> Oh god, Shining and Tentacle's avatars are the same.
00:38 <Tentacle Therapist> impossible*
00:38 <MagmaMan4488> Add Sarah to that list.
00:38 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
00:38 <Thekingcameron> im curious. what exactly does "talk" mean on a wiki page
00:39 <MooseJuice> What the fuf
00:39 <Level VII> Hello BBA.
00:39 <Tentacle Therapist> I'll do it.
00:39 <LOLSKELETONS> and (´・ω・`)
00:39 <LOLSKELETONS> @moose
00:39 <Sadofreedomist> They're all closet zoophiles, so I guess it's an identification mark.
00:39 <Level VII> I like how we are ignoring cameron.
00:39 <Level VII> :3
00:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> smoke weed, hail satan.
00:39 <Level VII> Smoke Catnip, Hail Lucipur.
00:39 <Aigou> Closet? Pfft
00:39 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
00:39 <MooseJuice> ranibow dass, u cant eat cards
00:39 <MagmaMan4488> Moose! Run! It's the invasion of the various rotations of that image of Rainbow Dash!
00:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Omigod!
00:39 <LOLSKELETONS> >dass
00:39 -!- JustinDavid23 has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <The Raven Kid> Eat pie, hail Markiplier, Daft 
00:39 <Tentacle Therapist> Nope, not possible.
00:40 <MagmaMan4488> And the overly long invasion title!
00:40 <JustinDavid23> Yo
00:40 -!- Abbgy has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Level VII> Hello JustinDavid
00:40 <JustinDavid23> Hi Ab
00:40 <Abbgy> hello
00:40 <The Raven Kid> Punk, and MrCreepyPasta
00:40 <Level VII> Hello Abbgy
00:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Abbgy
00:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> gtg
00:40 <JustinDavid23> Well, I'm going on my feild trip tomorrow.
00:40 <Level VII> HAIL ABBGY
00:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> BEN
00:40 <JustinDavid23> To Splashdown water park.
00:40 <Abbgy> Wow'
00:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FU-
00:40 <Abbgy> Your really nine
00:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Skelly
00:40 <Abbgy> nice
00:40 <LOLSKELETONS> boorkes
00:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Abbgy, who are you talking to?
00:41 <MooseJuice> YouTube's trying to get me drunk on Smirnoff.
00:41 <Level VII> herself
00:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and Skelly, how does one add a picture to their sig?
00:41 <Abbgy> Everyone who said hi
00:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Splashdown?!?!
00:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> holy fuck
00:41 <Level VII> Hi abbgy. ^iloveyou
00:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ive been there
00:41 <JustinDavid23> It's awesone.
00:41 <JustinDavid23> Awesome.
00:41 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
00:41 -!- Abbgy has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <JustinDavid23> It's in Twassen or something, I don't know.
00:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <JustinDavid23> Hi Twin
00:42 <Level VII> Hello twin
00:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Fishkill, NY?
00:42 <Level VII> I'm back
00:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I live less than 50 minutes from there
00:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> And I'm moving there in June o.O
00:42 <JustinDavid23> I'm from Canada, Surrey.
00:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Ohhhh
00:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Is that how you do it, Skelly?
00:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I thought it was only 1 park
00:42 <LOLSKELETONS> I think
00:43 <JustinDavid23> No, it's a whole chain.
00:43 <Aigou> Ah cupcakes
00:43 <LOLSKELETONS> I neva really did et
00:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hm
00:43 -!- Abbgy has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <Abbgy> Some other wikia are getting attacked
00:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'll try.
00:43 <Level VII> by who?
00:43 <Tentacle Therapist> OMG I'm moving somewhere in June also.
00:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Abbgy, go sit in the corner. 
00:43 <Abbgy> people on roblox
00:43 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm back bitchs
00:43 <JustinDavid23> Lol
00:43 <Level VII> Roblox?
00:43 <Tentacle Therapist> What a fuckin coincidence D:
00:43 <Level VII> haha
00:43 <TwinArmogeddons> did you miss me?
00:43 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, did you murder Rita?
00:43 <Abbgy> nvm
00:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yes.
00:43 <LOLSKELETONS> brooke
00:43 <LOLSKELETONS> look at dis
00:44 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <TwinArmogeddons> I said bitchs did you miss me?
00:44 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> HIDDAN
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> Saaap.
00:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Damnit.
00:44 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm going with yes
00:44 <MagmaMan4488> Very good. Here's some play-doh for helping solve our overpopulation problem. *tosses Brooke a can of play-doh*
00:44 <TwinArmogeddons> Cuz bitchs love me
00:44 <LOLSKELETONS> {{R||h=75px|link=User_talk:Sloshedtrain|My talk page}}
00:44 <Tentacle Therapist> God of War FUCKED UP the entire Greek Mythology.
00:44 <Tentacle Therapist> That's a fact
00:45 <Level VII> I have the weirdest feeling like I'm in love with Twin.
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> hmm... wait
00:45 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <TwinArmogeddons> What?
00:45 -!- Mr.JawaCofee has joined Special:Chat
00:45 <Level VII> Whay?
00:45 -!- Abbgy has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <JustinDavid23> Level, I have the feeling I'm in love with Brooke.
00:45 <Level VII> Hello 
00:45 <Level VII> Jawa/
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> doesn't that {{R}} template use {{urlencode:}}?
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
00:45 <JustinDavid23> Imeanqut
00:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :c
00:45 <Level VII> I love you too honey
00:45 <The Raven Kid> It is non canon to mythology, it is loosely based off of it
00:45 <TwinArmogeddons> No whats all this about love?
00:45 <JustinDavid23> Brooke, why so sad.
00:45 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey guys can you read this and tell me what you think:
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Template:R]]
00:46 <TwinArmogeddons> So your a chick right? level VII
00:46 <Level VII> No.
00:46 -!- Abbgy has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <Level VII> :(
00:46 <TwinArmogeddons> well then
00:46 <The Raven Kid> I'm a girl
00:46 <TwinArmogeddons> I dont know how i feel
00:46 <Level VII> I hope you can still le love meh
00:46 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <Abbgy> this was one of the victims
00:46 <JustinDavid23> Brooke! Marry meh!
00:46 <TwinArmogeddons> I mean i'm questioning my sexuality pretty much daily but
00:46 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
00:46 <The Raven Kid> lol, jk, imam guy
00:47 <Level VII> COME ON! DON'T TURN ON ME LIKE DIS :(:(:(
00:47 <Nightshade of Darkness> btw I'm only in PM
00:47 <Irishninja0> now your not
00:47 <The Raven Kid> Nightshade, u still pming me?
00:47 -!- Abbgy has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <Level VII> You led me along for to long now. It's time to make up ur mindz.
00:47 <Nightshade of Darkness> yes I know Irish....
00:47 <Irishninja0> what is this wiki!?
00:47 <Nightshade of Darkness> and yeah I am
00:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
00:48 <Level VII> CreepyPasta
00:48 <Irishninja0> no the linked one
00:48 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
00:48 <Level VII> it's about pasta that's creepy
00:48 <Level VII> oh
00:48 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
00:48 -!- Mr.JawaCofee has left Special:Chat.
00:48 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
00:48 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <Irishninja0> please tell me its a joke wiki
00:49 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
00:49 <Level VII> It's a joke wiki,.
00:49 <Irishninja0> oh thank god
00:50 -!- VexedSpartan17 has joined Special:Chat
00:50 <Level VII> Oh I don't actually know. You told em to say that.
00:50 <Zyranne> So how's everyone's day been? 
00:50 <Level VII> me
00:50 <JustinDavid23> Good
00:50 <Level VII> Fine
00:50 <Level VII> Yours?
00:50 <VexedSpartan17> Um... Hi?
00:50 <Level VII> Why the um?
00:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (ayfkm) Signature.
00:50 <Zyranne> that's good to hear. Mine's been quite alright, thanks :)
00:50 <Level VII> You're welcome.
00:51 <Level VII> I missed you.
00:51 <Level VII> 0)_(0
00:51 <VexedSpartan17> So how is everyone doing?
00:51 <Zyranne> Me?
00:51 <Zyranne> xD
00:51 <VexedSpartan17> I see your pretty face
00:51 <Zyranne> O)_(O
00:51 <Level VII> Love you too
00:51 <LOLSKELETONS> ~ You are now away. ~
00:51 <VexedSpartan17> don't feel so sad about it
00:51 <Level VII> O)_(O
00:51 <Zyranne> Funnymouth, eh? xD
00:51 <LOLSKELETONS> orly
00:51 <Level VII> You've got a funny mouth
00:51 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <LOLSKELETONS> fonymeouth
00:52 <VexedSpartan17> sorry I couldn't resist.
00:52 -!- Abbgy has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <Zyranne> Funnymouth's a good pasta 
00:52 <VexedSpartan17> Indeed it is
00:52 <Level VII> IKR?!?!?! LE LE LE
00:52 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It's overrated.
00:52 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That's not to say it's bad, though.
00:52 <Zyranne> One of my favourites 
00:52 <Level VII> I lvoe it. Along with The Rake.
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00:52 <LOLSKELETONS> It's good, but overrated
00:52 <Bug2buga> eat ass u munchers
00:52 <Tentacle Therapist> I wonder...
00:52 <LOLSKELETONS> Slimebeast has better pastas
00:52 <Zyranne> My all-time favourite is Smile Dog!
00:52 <VexedSpartan17> So... Alice In Chains released a new album. Thats something to talk about right?
00:52 <Level VII> Have you guys watched the little horror film with the rake?
00:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> kinda like Korn.
00:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> YES vexed
00:53 <Aigou> [img][/img]
00:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> nospoilerzpls
00:53 <Tentacle Therapist> Would it count as homosexuality if a guy fucked a guy that had a sex change?
00:53 <Aigou> Oops
00:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider>  I haven't listened to it yet
00:53 <Irishninja0> who is this vexed person?
00:53 <VexedSpartan17> Me
00:53 <Aigou> That was supposed to be just a link
00:53 <Aigou> Anyway, like my approved stamp? XD
00:53 <Tentacle Therapist> Chat hacks aren't loading.
00:53 <Tentacle Therapist> Fak
00:53 <Irishninja0> are you new?
00:53 <Level VII> I'm ne
00:53 <Aigou> Yes
00:53 <Level VII> I'm new
00:54 <Irishninja0> Crap my intro!
00:54 <VexedSpartan17> Well, I haven't been on here since about a month ago
00:54 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
00:54 <Irishninja0> oh
00:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "The holy spirit ain't got a pen!" - Russell Brand
00:54 <Tentacle Therapist> And I am Tentacle Therapist, the sexiest person who ever lived.
00:54 <LOLSKELETONS> did chathax borke
00:54 <Tentacle Therapist> Yeah
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00:55 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> works fine for me
00:55 <Tentacle Therapist> Try refreshing if it doesn't.
00:55 <VexedSpartan17> Sometimes when I'm looking out a window at a big city I wonder how many people are fucking. -George Carlin
00:55 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> LOL
00:55 <LOLSKELETONS> fak u coffee ;_;
00:55 <Zyranne> We have a new person?
00:55 <Level VII> Me.
00:56 <Level VII> I'm new. and ready
00:56 <Tentacle Therapist> Bad Skelly
00:56 <LOLSKELETONS> y ur chethex werk (QQ)
00:56 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm not sure that's physically possible, unless my dick was 30 inches long, Skelly.
00:56 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <Zyranne> Oh. Well, welcome to Creepypasta wiki!
00:56 <Tentacle Therapist> *sends Skelly to corner of shame*
00:56 <NoOneWillSee> My comp just went through hell.
00:56 <Level VII> Thanks.
00:56 <Zyranne> I'm pretty new myself
00:56 <LOLSKELETONS> *bans tent*
00:56 <Bug2buga> the longest dick ever was 14 inches
00:56 <Level VII> ORLY?
00:56 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> i thought it was 13
00:56 <NoOneWillSee> Mine just broke that record.
00:57 <Zyranne> Yes. I only started using chat like 2 weeks
00:57 <Zyranne> ago
00:57 <Tentacle Therapist> Mine is only 6...
00:57 <NoOneWillSee> *knocks over vase on other side of room
00:57 <VexedSpartan17> I remember when about a year ago when I first discovered Creepypasta and I thought Jeff the Killer was real.
00:57 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry.
00:57 <Tentacle Therapist> I don't even want a dick ;~;
00:57 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
00:57 <Level VII> HEY AIGOU
00:57 <VexedSpartan17> I was an ignorant bitch back then.
00:57 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
00:57 <Level VII> Whatcha wanna talk about?
00:57 <LOLSKELETONS> lag
00:57 <NoOneWillSee> Meh.
00:57 <LOLSKELETONS> ;~;
00:57 <Tentacle Therapist> Then again, if I were a woman, it would take the fun out of crossdressing...
00:57 <Zyranne> I also discovered Creepypasta about a year ago
00:57 <Tentacle Therapist> Hmmm...
00:57 <NoOneWillSee> This is madness!
00:57 <VexedSpartan17> What kind of music do you guys listen to?
00:57 <Tentacle Therapist> THIS IS SPARTA
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> Tool, Slipknot, etc
00:58 <Zyranne> Electronic music 
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> Deftones,
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> Killers, NIN
00:58 <Aigou> I need to shower
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:58 <Aigou> I'm all Brody
00:58 <LOLSKELETONS> I keep seeing your avatar as a non-upside down face tent
00:58 <Level VII> I discovered pasta like 12 years ago. I only found out it was creepy like 8 months ago
00:58 <Aigou> *grody
00:58 <Zyranne> Drum and Bass, Trance, Dubstep, Electro
00:58 <LOLSKELETONS> a really weird one
00:58 <LOLSKELETONS> o_o
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> e_e
00:58 <Level VII> O)_(O
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> LOL, go to (potato)
00:58 <NoOneWillSee> Hey.
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> you with the funny mouth
00:59 <LOLSKELETONS> staph wit teh fonymoth
00:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Phony Moth
00:59 <Level VII> YUO TLKIN 2 MEH!?
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> Pony mouth.
00:59 <Level VII> FITE MEH IRL
00:59 <VexedSpartan17> Alice in Chains, Metallica, Led Zeppelin (which is my favorite band ever.) System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. just to name a few
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> ^
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> Vexed(sparta), you are my new frined
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> (sparta) *
00:59 <VexedSpartan17> Thanks man/
00:59 <Tentacle Therapist> >Metallica
00:59 <JustinDavid23> Hi
00:59 <Tentacle Therapist> Fuck yes
00:59 <NoOneWillSee> *frined, wtf
00:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Phony Moth
01:00 <VexedSpartan17> icwatudidthar
01:00 <LOLSKELETONS> no slayer
01:00 <Level VII> So.
01:00 <Level VII> Is it justin or david?
01:00 <LOLSKELETONS> slayer > metallica
01:00 <Irishninja0> where is panic at the disco?
01:00 <Tentacle Therapist> Skelly
01:00 <Tentacle Therapist> noy
01:00 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <Tentacle Therapist> nou*
01:00 <NoOneWillSee> Metallica < Slayer
01:00 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Vexed: Add Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana to that list and I'll 100% agree
01:00 <LOLSKELETONS> noyu
01:00 <Irishninja0> dragonforce/
01:00 <NoOneWillSee> Imbecile!
01:00 <NoOneWillSee> D:
01:00 <VexedSpartan17> Crap, I forgot Slayer, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry 
01:00 <Tentacle Therapist> Skelly, go to your room.
01:00 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
01:00 <JustinDavid23> I'm so bored..
01:00 <Aigou> ......
01:00 <JustinDavid23> 6:00 pm
01:00 <Irishninja0> Panic at the disco <metallica XD
01:00 <Tentacle Therapist> You're grounded for two whole minutes.
01:00 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has joined Special:Chat
01:00 <Aigou> I've just been mind fucked
01:00 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <NoOneWillSee> 8:oo pm
01:01 <Kill1mes> I'm back from what I consider a date even though it was under the pretence of a friendly thing
01:01 <JustinDavid23> I'm from the West Coast
01:01 <Kill1mes> c:
01:01 <NoOneWillSee> A shipper with a name of a shipper?!
01:01 <VexedSpartan17> I like Nirvana and NIN too.
01:01 <Kill1mes> (4ever)
01:01 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hi
01:01 <Level VII> It's 9 pm where I'm at. If I had a working  laptop I'd go outside and just read le creepy pastas
01:01 <LOLSKELETONS> kill
01:01 <King Krule> Good job kill
01:01 <LOLSKELETONS> haiiii
01:01 <NoOneWillSee> Kill, you old scally wag.
01:01 <Irishninja0> Panic at the disco > metallica
01:01 <The Raven Kid> I love cake
01:01 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> NIN is godly 
01:01 <Kill1mes> Othnx
01:01 <King Krule> Also
01:01 <Kill1mes> Hai Skelly
01:01 <MooseJuice> This thing is smaller than an inch, but it's so pretty omigu~
01:01 <JustinDavid23> Well, I'm going outside. Bye
01:01 <King Krule> NINvana
01:01 <VexedSpartan17> I have a bias for grunge seeing how I'm from Seattle.
01:01 <Irishninja0> which ever one says Panic is better
01:01 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "The Downward Spiral" is one of the best albums ever in my opinion
01:01 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> HI! e.e
01:01 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
01:01 <Kill1mes> Four hours with the girl of my dreams
01:01 <NoOneWillSee> Hweloo.
01:01 <Kill1mes> dinner too
01:01 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> SMASH MEEEE! ERASE MEEEE!
01:01 <Level VII> holy shit, dont all talk at once
01:01 <Irishninja0> sweet kill
01:01 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:01 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
01:01 <NoOneWillSee> Can we change the subject.
01:01 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> The subject is music...
01:02 <Kill1mes> Also I told her I was teh brony, and she reacted well, since she is one as well
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> What's wrong with that
01:02 <King Krule> I dislike Panic at the disco
01:02 <Irishninja0> Krule
01:02 <Irishninja0> stfu
01:02 <King Krule> no
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Also congrats Kill
01:02 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry to kill it Kill, but lets switch topics please.
01:02 <Kill1mes> c:
01:02 <NoOneWillSee> Congrats, though
01:02 <Kill1mes> Okay
01:02 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Forget you people
01:02 <King Krule> You can say they're better i can voice my opinions
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> NoOne: why?
01:02 <Level VII> O agree with NoOne
01:02 <NoOneWillSee> I said Hi, Harley.
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I think what you said was a bit rude 
01:02 <Irishninja0> I know (ok)
01:02 <VexedSpartan17> Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Electric Light Orchestra, I;m going on a tangent someone stop me
01:02 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne oh sorry cx
01:02 <King Krule> *pats* it's ok mang
01:02 <NoOneWillSee> Me?
01:02 <VexedSpartan17> *I'm
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes
01:02 <Irishninja0> Vexed!
01:02 <NoOneWillSee> I said sorry.
01:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Kill was expressing how happy he was
01:02 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <Irishninja0> I'll stop you!
01:03 <NoOneWillSee> I am very pleased for him.
01:03 <Irishninja0> with the power of....
01:03 <Kill1mes> Nah, it's okay.
01:03 <Level VII> Let's all wait until we have the talking stick to talk. Everyone is talking at once.
01:03 <NoOneWillSee> Im just
01:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> the "let's change topics" thing
01:03 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Anyone likes MarilynManson?
01:03 <NoOneWillSee> regretting
01:03 <Kill1mes> If somebody wants me to stop, they have their reasons
01:03 <Irishninja0> the power of.....
01:03 <VexedSpartan17> I kind of do.
01:03 <King Krule> pants
01:03 <NoOneWillSee> Nevermind.
01:03 <King Krule> i do
01:03 <VexedSpartan17> For I am...
01:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It would kind of be like a person grieving over someone they loved that they lost, and then someone says "Can we switch topics"
01:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That would be disrespectful, if you ask me
01:03 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Vexed, I'm a fan..He's my idol
01:03 <Irishninja0> dragon force!
01:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm - Duration: 06:46 - Uploaded: 2007-12-31 - Rating: 4.880483 - Views: 5,875,434 -
01:03 -!- Oswin Oswald has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <Level VII> Coffe Shop, it's not. It's just getting off of a depressing topic.
01:04 <Kill1mes> Cheese, it could also be the subject disturbed him
01:04 <Level VII> Don't get your panties in a knot.
01:04 <The Raven Kid> gtg, see ya guys later
01:04 <NoOneWillSee> No, just some bad ....
01:04 <NoOneWillSee> choices
01:04 <Irishninja0> vexed what the heck did you just say?
01:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I think someone should be allowed to grieve over another
01:04 <Kill1mes> Watch the caps please.
01:04 <NoOneWillSee> i guess, i made
01:04 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> So...NoOne...You write articles?
01:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> And then to have someone say "switch topics"?
01:04 <Kill1mes> That feel NOWS
01:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'd be offended
01:04 <NoOneWillSee> Yes, Harley.
01:04 <VexedSpartan17> It was a TOME reference
01:04 <Level VII> They are. No one is forcing them not to.
01:04 <Irishninja0> i see'
01:04 <Irishninja0> but listen to the dragon!
01:04 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne which ones?
01:05 <Irishninja0> of the force *holds lightsaber*
01:05 <Level VII> If you're that easily offended Coffe Shop, then the internet isn't for you.
01:05 <MooseJuice> OMG loch ness!
01:05 <NoOneWillSee> Awright, everyones talking at once, PM iff you have questions.
01:05 -!- The Raven Kid has left Special:Chat.
01:05 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne let's talk XD
01:05 <NoOneWillSee> Okay.
01:05 <Level VII> NoOne is talking
01:05 <Level VII> lelelelele
01:05 <VexedSpartan17> I aint givin you no goddamn tree-fiddy ya goddamn loch-ness monster!
01:05 <NoOneWillSee> <_<
01:05 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What?
01:05 <NoOneWillSee> Hm?
01:06 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Nothing
01:06 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne I wrote 3 articles but they're at Spinpasta xD
01:06 <Tentacle Therapist> I should get my band back together and play an English version of Mein Teil in a public place.
01:06 <Tentacle Therapist> *trollface*
01:06 <NoOneWillSee> Cewl
01:06 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Kill1mes> Hi Sep
01:07 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Yeah
01:07 -!- X Dark Armor x has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Septogram7> Hey Kill
01:07 <NoOneWillSee> Actualy, I havnt read a whole lot, sorry :3
01:07 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
01:07 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
01:07 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Irishninja0> hi sept
01:07 <Kill1mes> Do not stretch
01:07 <Irishninja0> hi king
01:07 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm bored right now
01:07 <Kill1mes> bad
01:07 <Irishninja0> hi lee
01:07 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry Kill, didnt mean to kill the mood.
01:07 <Irishninja0> hi armor
01:07 <Septogram7> Hey Irish
01:07 <Kill1mes> Huh
01:07 <NeveRsLeePme12> *Herbert the pervert voice* Guess who.
01:07 <NoOneWillSee> seewhatididther
01:07 <Kill1mes> Ah man, it's fine
01:07 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller was kicked from Special:Chat by MooseJuice
01:07 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has left Special:Chat.
01:07 <Irishninja0> lets talk politics
01:08 <Level VII> no
01:08 <NeveRsLeePme12> sure
01:08 <NoOneWillSee> Whatd Harley sdo?
01:08 <Level VII> plz
01:08 <MooseJuice> Ho ho ho
01:08 <LOLSKELETONS> he spammed "MMMMM"
01:08 <Septogram7> You'll never get me to stop Irish!
01:08 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has joined Special:Chat
01:08 <X Dark Armor x> Christmas is done a month ago
01:08 <NoOneWillSee> Moose, you always know the right thing to say.
01:08 <Kill1mes>
01:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: YTP - Jurassic Dick Blood Park - Duration: 14:00 - Uploaded: 2012-02-16 - Rating: 4.911532 - Views: 44,099 -
01:08 <Kill1mes> brb
01:08 <Tentacle Therapist> Every episode of Pawn Stars is the same
01:08 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> dick blood
01:08 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> wat
01:09 <Kill1mes> YTP.
01:09 <Tentacle Therapist> Either the Old Man has a problem or Chumlee wants something.
01:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> also tl;dw
01:09 <Kill1mes> What do you expect?
01:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> but I like YTPs
01:09 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What did I do?
01:09 <X Dark Armor x> Pawn stars? 
01:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> so I'll bookmark it
01:09 <Tentacle Therapist> For example.
01:09 <LOLSKELETONS> >dick blood
01:09 <LOLSKELETONS> lolwut
01:09 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What did I do? I don't understand
01:09 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <Irishninja0> I know what you did harley
01:09 <Tentacle Therapist> The Old Man drinks 20 cups of coffee and Chumlee wants a desk.
01:09 <Irishninja0> you caps
01:09 <Irishninja0> and spammed
01:09 <LOLSKELETONS> you spammed "MMMM"
01:09 <NoOneWillSee> Dickblid?
01:09 <VexedSpartan17> Browsing 4chan for a while does strange things to you.
01:09 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:09 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I didn't know! This computer is stupid
01:09 <Irishninja0> I went to that place
01:09 -!- Oswin Oswald has left Special:Chat.
01:09 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:09 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <Septogram7> I just found out I have a first addition copy of Stephen King's "The Dark Half!"
01:10 <NoOneWillSee> So.
01:10 <Irishninja0> It is known as the 3rd circle of internet hell
01:10 <NoOneWillSee> :T
01:10 -!- The rake is real has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <NoOneWillSee> The rake is real huh?
01:10 <X Dark Armor x> The ms were spammed 
01:10 <Tentacle Therapist> The Old Man's been storing a billion dollars worth of pennies and God knows wat's wrong with Chumlee
01:10 <Irishninja0> It was a barren wasteland of porn and stupidity
01:10 <MagmaMan4488> Went there, left in a semi-catatonic state seeing nothing but dicks. It took several hours to recover.
01:10 <NoOneWillSee> I can actually testify that.
01:10 <Tentacle Therapist> Huh, how funny.
01:10 <VexedSpartan17> What is the 9th circle of internet hell?
01:10 <Tentacle Therapist> I have a copy of the exact same book.
01:10 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> LOLSKELETONS sorry this computer is weird
01:10 <Tentacle Therapist> Haven't even gotten past chapter 2.
01:10 <Irishninja0> you don't want to know vexe
01:10 <Irishninja0> d
01:10 <MagmaMan4488> The ninth circle is ED's Offended page.
01:10 <Level VII> 4chan isn't so bad. Once you get past all the gore and porn
01:10 <Irishninja0> you don't want to know
01:10 <Irishninja0> level
01:10 <Irishninja0> you have not gone where I have gone
01:11 <LOLSKELETONS> well, I'm not the one who kicked you =/
01:11 <MagmaMan4488> Which you should NOT look up, under any circumstances.
01:11 <Level VII> I'mSoSrry
01:11 <Septogram7> @Irish Where the sun beats and the dead tree gives no shelter
01:11 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> LOL ok I'm just saying
01:11 <MagmaMan4488> ANY circumstances.
01:11 <X Dark Armor x> Ahh blood dosent disturb me
01:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Does 4chan have a SINGLE user on it who's not an anon?
01:11 <VexedSpartan17> I already did
01:11 <NoOneWillSee> What do you do when you cant tell if someones either too shy to say no to a second date, or just quiet?
01:11 <Irishninja0> XD
01:11 <NoOneWillSee> Do they not like you?
01:11 <Peppers246> yes coffe
01:11 <Level VII> Heaven
01:11 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne so....How old are you
01:11 <Level VII> Coffe
01:11 <The rake is real> So
01:11 <VexedSpartan17> It was horrific
01:11 <NoOneWillSee> I am 17, Harley. >_>
01:11 <Kill1mes> Time to join the party
01:11 <Irishninja0> come here vexed *hugs* (TT)
01:11 <NoOneWillSee> Damnit, Kill.
01:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> oh GOD
01:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> offended
01:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I remember that
01:12 <Septogram7> Willsee just be yourself and forthright
01:12 <X Dark Armor x> Don't tell your info!
01:12 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
01:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I did laugh at the end though
01:12 <VexedSpartan17> If you like something NEVER look it up on Encyclopedia Dramatica
01:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> admittedly
01:12 <Kill1mes> Hi Nat
01:12 <NeveRsLeePme12> Irishninja0 I just got back from my first date
01:12 <MagmaMan4488> Do you remember the shitting dick nipples?
01:12 <TwinArmogeddons> I got pizza
01:12 <Kill1mes> I mean
01:12 <Kill1mes> Cheasl
01:12 <TwinArmogeddons> you jelly
01:12 <X Dark Armor x> Wb 
01:12 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne you're a year older than me >.>
01:12 <Irishninja0> what is that vexed?
01:12 <NoOneWillSee> I do, Never.
01:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> yep magma
01:12 <NoOneWillSee> Uh huh,
01:12 <NoOneWillSee> And?
01:12 <MagmaMan4488> (TT)
01:12 <Peppers246> your first date huh? i remember my first date
01:12 <VexedSpartan17> Look it up.
01:12 <Level VII> I'm 25.
01:12 <Level VII> no im nnot
01:12 <Level VII> im a liar
01:12 <MagmaMan4488> NO! DON'T LOOK IT UP!
01:12 <Level VII> :(
01:12 <Irishninja0> too late
01:12 <VexedSpartan17> *evil laughter*
01:12 <NoOneWillSee> 17 and crazy.
01:13 <TwinArmogeddons> I'v enver had a proper date
01:13 -!- The rake is real has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <Level VII> look what up?
01:13 <Level VII> I wanna look it up
01:13 <X Dark Armor x> I need a mod appointment 
01:13 <TwinArmogeddons> I've never taken a girl out
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> Aww, Cmere Twin.
01:13 <MagmaMan4488> DON'T.
01:13 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne don't be a smartass with me -_-
01:13 <TwinArmogeddons> and a girls never taken me out
01:13 <VexedSpartan17> Encyclopedia Dramatica
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> What?
01:13 <Level VII> What is ut>
01:13 <TwinArmogeddons> And yet i've goten laid
01:13 <Peppers246> i took one out last week 
01:13 <MagmaMan4488> You will regret it for the rest of your life.
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> I didnt do anything ;~;
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> I, sorry.
01:13 <Level VII> Magma, tell us what it is
01:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> it was the most terrifying yet enjoyable expirences of my life 
01:13 <TwinArmogeddons> mom was right women do love a man who can cook
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:13 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne oh sorry cx
01:13 <MagmaMan4488> You don't wanna know.
01:13 <Peppers246> did you make out? lol
01:13 <NoOneWillSee> Thats okay :3
01:13 <Level VII> fine
01:13 <Kill1mes> I remember my first date
01:14 <Peppers246> that tells you if it was a good date lol\
01:14 <Septogram7> On one of my first dates, my date honked for me, and my dad went outside told him to go around the block, come back and retrieve me from the front door like a gentlemen
01:14 <Tentacle Therapist> OH LORD JESUS KILL WTF
01:14 <X Dark Armor x> Im single and will stay single until I find who's best
01:14 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne you're a girl?
01:14 <Kill1mes> it was the mark of a beatiful, horrifying relationship
01:14 <Kill1mes> ^_^
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> KILL
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> dat avatar
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> :3
01:14 <NoOneWillSee> I am a guy.
01:14 <Kill1mes> Damn right
01:14 <NoOneWillSee> Why?
01:14 <Tentacle Therapist> We shall start an army!
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> someone change it with the colors inverted
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> DO IT
01:14 <Irishninja0> this doesn't sound too bad
01:14 <TwinArmogeddons> AND KILL THE WORLD
01:14 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne oh sorry for mistake xD I'm a guy tpp
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> I COMMAND THEE.
01:14 <Irishninja0> just need to find it
01:14 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Too*
01:14 <Kill1mes> I Shall
01:14 <NoOneWillSee> >_>
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> not you
01:14 <(´・ω・`)> you already are doing it
01:14 <Kill1mes> k
01:14 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Sorry! Dang
01:14 <Kill1mes> too bad
01:14 <Kill1mes> I'll post a link
01:14 <NoOneWillSee> Harley, one thing you dont wanna do on here is take relationships seriously.
01:14 <Kill1mes> they can save it
01:15 <Irishninja0> okay
01:15 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry dude.
01:15 <Kill1mes> and stuff
01:15 <MagmaMan4488> I WAS RIGHT about the invasion of the various manipulations of that picture of Rainbow Dash and the overly long invasion title!
01:15 <X Dark Armor x> I must become a mod!
01:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> Yes actually we did make out. Peppers stahp spying on my life D:
01:15 <MagmaMan4488> It's like that time everyone changed their avatars to Ceeb!
01:15 <Peppers246> good job buddy :3
01:15 <NoOneWillSee> D:
01:15 <Peppers246> lol
01:15 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <X Dark Armor x> indefinetly a mod
01:15 <NoOneWillSee> Magma, speaketh blashemes!
01:15 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Ok NoOne? I'm not in a relationship xD
01:15 <Kill1mes> That was fun Mag
01:15 <Septogram7> On your first date! good for you kiddo!
01:15 <Hävitetty> Greetings
01:15 <Peppers246> kiddo? lol
01:15 <Hävitetty> Skele
01:15 <Hävitetty> Have you read [[Huuto]] yet?
01:15 <NoOneWillSee> Wonderful.
01:15 <X Dark Armor x> wb 
01:15 <Septogram7> @Never just remember to be safe!
01:15 <Peppers246> what are you 40? llol
01:15 <TwinArmogeddons> man
01:16 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <NeveRsLeePme12> (fy) i feelz manly
01:16 <Hävitetty> Hëy
01:16 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne ok then :3
01:16 <LOLSKELETONS> no I haven't
01:16 <NoOneWillSee> Okay then.
01:16 <Irishninja0> brb
01:16 <Irishninja0> got to get a snack
01:16 <LOLSKELETONS> I think I will now/
01:16 <Hävitetty> Read and rate as soon as possible
01:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm watching anime and barfing rainbows.
01:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> >..
01:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> >.>
01:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:16 <Hävitetty> I used to be a loser.
01:16 <MagmaMan4488> Too much Play-Doh?
01:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <Hävitetty> But then I stopped watching anime.
01:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck off.
01:16 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Anyone cares to read my articles? e.e
01:16 <Kill1mes> How does one invert pics anyways?
01:16 <VexedSpartan17> Hey kids! lets play a little game of "Spot the Lies!"
01:16 <NoOneWillSee> I just kinda sit and watch people do their thing from afar. (foreveralone)
01:16 <X Dark Armor x> this is war!!
01:16 <Kill1mes> The only way I can think is Skype
01:16 <Kill1mes> and that you can't savw
01:16 <Kill1mes> e
01:17 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <MagmaMan4488> I can do that with Paint.NET, but I won't.
01:17 <TwinArmogeddons> you know what
01:17 <MooseJuice> Look at this whale:
01:17 <HiddenSpirit> IT WOULD BE MY HONOR.
01:17 <HiddenSpirit> TO BE YOUR NEW STEPFATHER.
01:17 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Anyone? Anyone cares to read my articles? ewe
01:17 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <TwinArmogeddons> I hate being single
01:17 <HiddenSpirit> It's such a whale-y whale.
01:17 <Peppers246> cause im a MOTHER LOVER
01:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> I used to be ugly but then i watch anime...
01:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> and nothing happened (all!)
01:17 <Kill1mes> And while your in my mother, make me another brother
01:17 <TwinArmogeddons> mind you i've only been in 2 relationships
01:17 <NoOneWillSee> I finally did something bout my sever loneliness and depression, for once >.>
01:17 <TwinArmogeddons> in my WHOLE life
01:17 <X Dark Armor x> Keep talkin life!!
01:17 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> H,,,
01:17 <MagmaMan4488> *dunks Kill in a barrel of nacho cheese*
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons> soi i'mMY KEYBOARD ITS ALL GREASY
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons> NOOO
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:18 <Hävitetty> I wish I could eat nachos.
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> XD
01:18 -!- X Dark Armor x has left Special:Chat.
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons> }
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons>  ]
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> How come you cant?
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons> '
01:18 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm deppressed
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons>  mtgy[;'pouyredc
01:18 <Hävitetty> I had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday.
01:18 <Hävitetty> :L
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> :E
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> Nope
01:18 <TwinArmogeddons> sorry i was whiping my keyboard
01:18 <MagmaMan4488> I'm just about to get mine extracted.
01:18 <NoOneWillSee> I can wipe mine without problems, so can you.
01:19 <NoOneWillSee> brb
01:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> *herbert the pervert voice* where you think you going now?
01:19 <MagmaMan4488> They hurt like hell.
01:19 <Hävitetty> Make sure it's good surgeon
01:19 <(´・ω・`)> guys
01:19 <Hävitetty> a good*
01:19 <(´・ω・`)> a tornado could be coming D:
01:19 <VexedSpartan17> I feel horrible for laughing at this.
01:19 <Kill1mes> D:
01:19 <Hävitetty> Don't link ED
01:19 <Tentacle Therapist> Get your fatassh back here.
01:19 <Hävitetty> Never link ED
01:19 <Zyranne> Hello Hav
01:19 <Hävitetty> Hi
01:19 <TwinArmogeddons> OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD WHERE ARE THEY!?!?!?!
01:19 <Tentacle Therapist> Well, good luck with that.
01:19 <VexedSpartan17> Well I did it anyway. 
01:20 <Hävitetty>
01:20 <Hävitetty> best article by far
01:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> Vexed (loool) i'm sorry just too funny
01:20 <TwinArmogeddons> *is starinig to have an actual anxity attack*
01:20 <VexedSpartan17> I kow right?
01:20 <Tentacle Therapist> I encourage you to get laid, publish a book and pray to Cthulhu before you get fucked.
01:20 <Zyranne> Harley, are you ok? :(
01:20 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone wanna talk serious shit?
01:20 <VexedSpartan17> *Know
01:20 -!- Lyceum514 has left Special:Chat.
01:20 <Kill1mes> get laid before you get fucked?
01:20 <(´・ω・`)> damn it
01:20 <Kill1mes> mmk
01:20 <(´・ω・`)> it's hailing 
01:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> sure NoOne
01:20 <NoOneWillSee> So.
01:20 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne ME
01:20 <TwinArmogeddons> Guys ima go tell my mom
01:20 <NoOneWillSee> How about them time traveleres?
01:20 <TwinArmogeddons> I might not be back for a while
01:20 <NoOneWillSee> Bye Twin.
01:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> Goobacks
01:21 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm having an axety atck
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> What?
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> Really?
01:21 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Can you cuss on here
01:21 <Hävitetty> brawniez
01:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Yeah
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> D: LOL start making snese.
01:21 <Hävitetty> dey b brawniez
01:21 <Zyranne> Yep
01:21 <TwinArmogeddons> I have anxity isues
01:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> South park references
01:21 <Hävitetty> So, Skele, how did you like it?
01:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Well i'llll beee back
01:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
01:21 <VexedSpartan17> Why yes you Fuckin can you motherfucker
01:21 <Tentacle Therapist> IT'S A NEW THING BITCH
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> Too bad, Twin.
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> Just relax.
01:21 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
01:21 <(´・ω・`)> DAMN IT
01:21 <NoOneWillSee> And take deerp breathes
01:22 <(´・ω・`)> HOLY SHIT.
01:22 <NoOneWillSee> (deep
01:22 <NoOneWillSee> XD
01:22 <Hävitetty> breathes* 
01:22 <(´・ω・`)> D:
01:22 <(´・ω・`)> it's big hail too
01:22 <Hävitetty> Breathes = He breathes
01:22 <Kill1mes> Oh damn
01:22 <(´・ω・`)> shiiiiiiit
01:22 <Hävitetty> Breaths = Take deep breaths
01:22 <NoOneWillSee> Thank you, Hav.
01:22 <(´・ω・`)> shit shit shit SHIT
01:22 <NeveRsLeePme12> > derp breathes
01:22 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Arma-Goddamn-Motherf**kin-Geddon
01:22 <NoOneWillSee> Ill call you if I need a spell check again.
01:22 <VexedSpartan17> So does anyone watch MST3K?
01:22 <Hävitetty> Any time
01:22 -!- Lyceum514 has joined Special:Chat
01:22 <Kill1mes> Hello Lyceum514
01:23 <Hävitetty> Skeleton, did you read it?
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> (sparta)
01:23 <VexedSpartan17> Yes?
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> BEST FACE EVAR!
01:23 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> eue
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> XD
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> ..
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> So...
01:23 <(´・ω・`)> hey kill
01:23 <NoOneWillSee> :T
01:23 <(´・ω・`)> how did you come up with your username
01:24 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm looking for ideas...
01:24 <Kill1mes> yeah/?
01:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> Heil Havitetty ! Major of the SS Grammer Nazi party!
01:24 <NoOneWillSee> Heil.
01:24 <Hävitetty> No.
01:24 <NoOneWillSee> Nein
01:24 <NoOneWillSee> Mein got!
01:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> Heil
01:24 <(´・ω・`)> I like usernames with numbers in the middle of them.
01:24 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller>  No one is talking to me...Bye Bye
01:24 <NoOneWillSee> (ayfkm)
01:24 <(´・ω・`)> Idk why that just seems kinda cool. .-.
01:24 <VexedSpartan17> >Haley Quinn x Jeff the Killer  Im not sure if that the most disturbing pairing ever or the most brilliant pairing ever.
01:24 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah>?
01:24 <(´・ω・`)> Better than numbers at the end anyways.
01:24 -!- Starwarsfan775 has joined Special:Chat
01:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> Heil thy fearless leader
01:25 <Hävitetty> Heil Hävitetty! Großen von dem SS Grammatik Nazi Geburterstag
01:25 <Kill1mes> Really? Thanks then.
01:25 <NoOneWillSee> Okay, what.
01:25 <Hävitetty> That's what you should have said
01:25 <Starwarsfan775> Hii
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> kill
01:25 <NoOneWillSee> Hello, Starwars
01:25 <Kill1mes> Yesh?
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> how did you come up with it though
01:25 <NoOneWillSee> You new here?
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> is my question
01:25 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Vexed it iS! My name is HarleyQuinn btw...
01:25 <Kill1mes> Uhm, Kill 1 mes
01:25 <Kill1mes> Kill one me(s)
01:25 <Starwarsfan775> sorryHistory about the name I use it for everything
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> someone change their avatar to rainbow dash inverted 
01:25 <Kill1mes> >_>
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> oh
01:25 <(´・ω・`)> oke
01:25 <TwinArmogeddons> Ok
01:25 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Vexed.........So ya
01:25 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm doing beter
01:25 <NoOneWillSee> Stahpwith the facking rainboww dash icons
01:26 <TwinArmogeddons> still panicing abit
01:26 <TwinArmogeddons> but i'm not in an anxity attack
01:26 <Tentacle Therapist> We will not stop until everyone has one
01:26 <Starwarsfan775> I just made an account and I'm confused xD
01:26 <(´・ω・`)> Tang3rine 
01:26 <Tentacle Therapist> WE'RE TAKING OVER THE CHAT
01:26 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah, that;ll happen
01:26 <Irishninja0> no!
01:26 <Level VII> Do you like star wars?
01:26 <(´・ω・`)> dat should be my next username 
01:26 <(´・ω・`)> just 
01:26 <(´・ω・`)> Tang3rine 
01:26 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> No offense but StartWars suck
01:26 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
01:26 <Irishninja0> wait starwarsfan
01:26 <Starwarsfan775> yes
01:26 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ich sehe, Sie wissen deutschen Hav
01:26 <Irishninja0> Harley
01:26 <NoOneWillSee> Harely, no.
01:26 <TwinArmogeddons> i'll go find a sollux pony
01:26 <Irishninja0> your dead to me
01:26 <Irishninja0> shut up
01:26 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:26 <Irishninja0> and get out
01:26 <Level VII> The best star wars film is the next generation
01:26 <Starwarsfan775> ikr
01:26 <TwinArmogeddons> haha
01:26 <TwinArmogeddons> Totaly
01:26 <Irishninja0> It better be
01:27 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish stfu...It's my opinion
01:27 <NoOneWillSee> Pig Beis.
01:27 <Irishninja0> Harley your a lamb among wolves
01:27 <NoOneWillSee> *benis
01:27 <Irishninja0> watch what you say XD
01:27 <Level VII> good, im hungry
01:27 <Level VII> Bark
01:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> brb
01:27 <Starwarsfan775> xD
01:27 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish nah I'm good
01:27 <NoOneWillSee> Well, just because its an opnion doesnt make it NOT true, but not less stupid.
01:27 <Irishninja0> you should have seen the last guy who dissed starwars in front of me
01:27 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
01:27 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm bisexual eue
01:27 <Hävitetty> No one cares
01:27 <Irishninja0> good for you harley
01:28 <Irishninja0> I don't care
01:28 <Starwarsfan775> i realized my stalker has the same laugh as laughing jack O.o
01:28 <Irishninja0> O_o
01:28 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish you need to stfu
01:28 <Starwarsfan775> i am scared shitless
01:28 <Hävitetty> The stalker of which you speak is a figment of your imagination; no one would ever want to stalk someone like you.
01:28 <Irishninja0> Nah I'm good
01:28 <Irishninja0> XD
01:28 <NoOneWillSee> Who?
01:28 <Level VII> StarTrek is better than star wars. Star Trek the emipre strikes back is the best one
01:28 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Starwarsfan775> hurtful
01:28 <Irishninja0> ....
01:28 <Irishninja0> level....
01:28 <Peppers246> welp im gone, talk to you guys later!
01:28 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish it's either stfu or stop being an ass to me
01:28 <Irishninja0> while I'm glad your a starwars fan
01:28 <Irishninja0> Sorry harley
01:28 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, chill.
01:28 <Starwarsfan775> i have a stalker I swear
01:28 -!- Peppers246 has left Special:Chat.
01:29 <NoOneWillSee> Now hug eachother
01:29 <Irishninja0> I'm just a huge starwars fan
01:29 <Hävitetty> It's kind of hard not to make fun of you when you have a username like "HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller"
01:29 <Level VII> Jeff, calm down killer. AHAHAHHAHA LELELELE
01:29 <NoOneWillSee> Hav, dont be an ass.
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> ok ok
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm better
01:29 <Ednoahjones> well i'm mostly better now
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> like full on now
01:29 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish everyone has opinipns
01:29 <VexedSpartan17> Nah man, ya got it all wrong. Y'see Star Wars Episode III: The Wrath of Khan was the best one
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> I found my troll teeth
01:29 <Starwarsfan775> Does anyone wanna rp,
01:29 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
01:29 <Kill1mes> Sarah
01:29 <Ednoahjones> my sore throat is gone and my stuffy nose is better
01:29 <NoOneWillSee> No Rping, bro.
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> i also smoked a bowl
01:29 <Ednoahjones> but not gone
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> soo
01:29 <Irishninja0> I do starwars
01:29 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm pretty calm now
01:29 <Kill1mes> Sarahhara
01:29 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> My name is Harley Quinn ene So shuttup Hav
01:30 -!- I AM DARK LINK has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <Starwarsfan775> irishninja0
01:30 <TwinArmogeddons> Just kidding its been way long sence i've been stoend
01:30 <I AM DARK LINK> Hey, guys!
01:30 <Irishninja0> hi majin
01:30 <Level VII> Have you guys seen the Lord of the rings trilogy? Lord of the rings revenge of the sith is the best one imp
01:30 <NoOneWillSee> Helloo.
01:30 <Hävitetty> Harley and Jeff sittin' in a tree
01:30 <Level VII> imo
01:30 <Hävitetty> K-I-S-S-I-N-G
01:30 <(´・ω・`)> kill
01:30 <Irishninja0> ? @level
01:30 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav thank you
01:30 -!- JustinDavid23 has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <Kill1mes> yesh?
01:30 <NoOneWillSee> (facepalm)
01:30 <Hävitetty> No one has ever heard that before?
01:30 <JustinDavid23> Ahhh man.
01:30 <Hävitetty> Damn
01:30 <Majin112> Hi Irish 
01:30 <TwinArmogeddons> fuck
01:30 <Irishninja0> what was that level?
01:30 <Zyranne> Oh jeez, what's going on now? o_o
01:30 <JustinDavid23> Man, you guy's need to help :(
01:30 <NoOneWillSee> Levels of stupidity hard to take.
01:30 <Level VII> Lord of The Rings Revenge of The Sith is the best LoTR movie
01:30 <TwinArmogeddons> when i panic shit escalates like stairs that move
01:30 <VexedSpartan17> Nah, I thought Lord of the Rings The Search for Spock was better
01:30 -!- Lyceum514 has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Irishninja0> ....
01:31 <TwinArmogeddons> yeha
01:31 <Ednoahjones> buncha nerds are bitching @ zyranne
01:31 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> If anyone asks! Halrey Quinn is a unisex name and I'm not a girl -.-
01:31 <JustinDavid23> Guys, I need your help.
01:31 <Irishninja0> That would be awesome level
01:31 <I AM DARK LINK> Hey, any of you guys ever heard the song Soldiers by Otherwise?
01:31 -!- Starwarsfan775 has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Irishninja0> to bad it doesnt exist
01:31 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah, Justin?
01:31 <Zyranne> Ahh
01:31 <Irishninja0> *too
01:31 <JustinDavid23> Noone
01:31 <Level VII> What do you need justin?
01:31 <Tentacle Therapist> Pawn Stars has a new fucking intro D:
01:31 <TwinArmogeddons> FUCKITY FUCK FUCK DICK BALLS to you to tent
01:31 <NoOneWillSee> Yesh?
01:31 <Level VII> Pawn Stars sucks dawg
01:31 <Ednoahjones> yeeesh
01:31 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Excuse me mr
01:31 <Irishninja0> tent thats irony
01:31 <Tentacle Therapist> AW HELL NAW
01:31 <Ednoahjones> i like pawn stars
01:31 <TwinArmogeddons> well i gotta look for someshti
01:31 <Irishninja0> I'm watching pawnstars now
01:31 <NoOneWillSee> Behave, you guys.
01:32 <VexedSpartan17> The best PH game ever is Pheonix Wright and The Unwound Future
01:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish why are you so mean to me?
01:32 <Zyranne> Your name is Harley Quinn?
01:32 <JustinDavid23> So I was watching a video, and there was a man driving a car. A couple seconds later it shifted to a new scene. So after like 30 seconds, I started ot get an erection
01:32 <JustinDavid23> FAQ!
01:32 <NoOneWillSee> Harley, this Is CPW, if you cant take the heat, get out the kitchen.
01:32 <JustinDavid23> I don't know why.
01:32 <NoOneWillSee> jk
01:32 <Majin112> what
01:32 <Irishninja0> I haven't even said anything in a while harley
01:32 <JustinDavid23> Am I gay :(
01:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Zy yes ir is
01:32 <NoOneWillSee> Justin.
01:32 <TwinArmogeddons> Inorder tohelp the pony invasion
01:32 <NoOneWillSee> PM.
01:32 <TwinArmogeddons>
01:32 <Zyranne> cool
01:32 <TwinArmogeddons> that will be my profile
01:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish just saying
01:32 <Level VII> Have you guys wever played Halo? I think the best one is Halo Modern Warfare 2.
01:32 <TwinArmogeddons> ic
01:32 <TwinArmogeddons> ima be right back
01:32 <Irishninja0> I know
01:32 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
01:33 -!- USMC Lance has left Special:Chat.
01:33 <NeveRsLeePme12> back
01:33 <JustinDavid23> Ya No?
01:33 <Zyranne> I play Halo
01:33 <Hävitetty> I have wever played Halo.
01:33 -!- Lyceum514 has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Irishninja0> but just don't talk bad about starwars around me, get a little nerdy about it
01:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Zy yeah my name is Harley and I'm not a girl.....
01:33 <Irishninja0> ed learned that the hard way
01:33 <Irishninja0> XD
01:33 <NoOneWillSee> *never
01:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I always wanted to play Halo
01:33 <Majin112> Yes he did irish 
01:33 <I AM DARK LINK> Alright, the hell have I walked into?
01:33 <Ednoahjones> no i didn't
01:33 <Majin112> I dont know
01:33 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:33 <Irishninja0> a nerd fest link XD
01:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Rp's are fun
01:33 <Ednoahjones> you threatened me a bunch of times
01:33 <VexedSpartan17> Nah, My favorite video game is Theif II: Snake Eater
01:33 <Zyranne> It's a great game 
01:33 <NeveRsLeePme12> star wars? *nerd mode activated*
01:33 <Ednoahjones> but nothing else
01:33 <Irishninja0> I tried to get you ed
01:33 <Irishninja0> but mods held me back >_>
01:33 <Level VII> I just don't undersqtand why spock has weird ears in star wars. I mean star trek is weird with that jar jar binks thing but yeah.
01:33 <Ednoahjones> republic commando DOES suck
01:34 <Tentacle Therapist> If I ever see Kratos smile, I will have a heart attack.
01:34 <Ednoahjones> i played it since
01:34 <Irishninja0> Ed you will die!
01:34 <I AM DARK LINK> Then I call dibs on any leftover XP. :)
01:34 <Majin112> ED
01:34 <Majin112> the mods held him back...
01:34 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Lap dances are fun
01:34 <I AM DARK LINK> ...
01:34 <Hävitetty> Seriously
01:34 <Hävitetty> Shut up
01:34 <Hävitetty> no one cares
01:34 <Level VII> Jeff, no.
01:34 <Irishninja0> dang it majin, I'm holding back for you
01:34 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hm
01:34 <Irishninja0> and answer your pm's
01:34 <Ednoahjones> oh and whats your favorite episode irish?
01:34 <TwinArmogeddons> and ponifed
01:34 <Irishninja0> of pawnstars?
01:34 <TwinArmogeddons> HAHA
01:34 <TwinArmogeddons> SUCK IT
01:34 <Ednoahjones> ...
01:34 <Ednoahjones> of star wars
01:34 <Hävitetty> Oh god
01:34 <Irishninja0> oh
01:34 <Level VII> I know you may have just gotten your first one but it's nothing to brag about. Esspecially when it's your cousin.
01:35 <Ednoahjones> (facepalm)
01:35 <Irishninja0> XD
01:35 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
01:35 <Hävitetty> Twin, you have combined the worst two fandoms on the internet into one profile picture
01:35 <I AM DARK LINK> Anyone hear me about that Soldiers song?
01:35 <Irishninja0> either 5 or 6
01:35 <Ednoahjones> 6?!
01:35 <TwinArmogeddons> I wanted to help with the pony invasions
01:35 <VexedSpartan17> Man, GTA IV was weird with all those Locust things. Gears of War 3 had a big map and a wanted system and all but still...
01:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller dat shipping
01:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
01:35 <Irishninja0> you know what
01:35 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I feel like slaughtering Hav
01:35 <Irishninja0> its 5
01:35 <Ednoahjones> oh
01:35 <Irishninja0> definitely 5
01:35 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
01:35 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve my name is Harley btw eue
01:35 <Ednoahjones> i can work with that too
01:35 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm not even a full on brony
01:35 <Irishninja0> I was just trying to decide between the 2
01:35 <TwinArmogeddons> I just wanted to help people piss people off
01:35 <Irishninja0> the reason I choose it over 6
01:35 <I AM DARK LINK> Well, that answers my question...
01:36 <Irishninja0> is cause of the ewoks
01:36 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <NoOneWillSee> Poor Justin.
01:36 <Ednoahjones> ok. hoth is the worst planet in star wars
01:36 <Irishninja0> and how they treated storm troopers
01:36 <Level VII> You know, I would have expected more fights in Fight Night Champion but all it was was just a bunch of racing. I might as well go back to Forza 4 for some real boxing.
01:36 <NeveRsLeePme12> Harley dat ship
01:36 <Irishninja0> ...
01:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:36 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
01:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:36 <Ednoahjones> its fucking boring its just a big snowy tundra
01:36 <TwinArmogeddons> Cuz thats my life perpous
01:36 <TwinArmogeddons> is pissing people off
01:36 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve so...eue Harley Quinn is a unisex name....
01:36 <I AM DARK LINK> I fucking LOVE Ewoks.
01:36 <Ednoahjones> if you live in canada or some shit thats not adventure its your average day at the office
01:36 <Irishninja0> ed....
01:36 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I love my name
01:36 <Ednoahjones> what else..
01:36 <Irishninja0> have you ever seen the arctic?
01:36 <NeveRsLeePme12> it's so expected actually
01:37 <Irishninja0> or alaska
01:37 <NeveRsLeePme12> the ship i mean
01:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:37 <VexedSpartan17> .Liking Ewoks Next thing you're going to tell me is that you liked Episode I because of Jar-Jar Binks. Or that you liked Episode I
01:37 <Irishninja0> those are considered beautiful for a reason
01:37 <Ednoahjones> oh yeah dagobah? i take it back. Thats the REAL worst. i mean swamps? who the fuck wants to go to a swamp?
01:37 <Level VII> Has anyone here played Metal Gear Rising Revengance?
01:37 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve yeah...People are like ''Hey Harley whydya have a girl name'' 
01:37 <Ednoahjones> and i HATED yoda in the originals
01:37 <Irishninja0> *raises hand*
01:37 <Irishninja0> ...
01:37 <Ednoahjones> he acted so hyper
01:37 -!- The person in your closet has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <Level VII> I played the shit outta the deno
01:37 <Irishninja0> ed....your lucky majin is holding me back
01:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <Irishninja0> It took cleric to stop me last time
01:38 <NeveRsLeePme12> and i know guys the are named harley
01:38 <Ednoahjones> it was annoying, and his appearence? i'm not a graphics whore, but he looks like shit
01:38 -!- The person in your closet has left Special:Chat.
01:38 <VexedSpartan17> In all seriousness Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is my favorite game ever.
01:38 <Irishninja0> ed.....its a puppet
01:38 <Level VII> it was a puppet after all
01:38 <Hävitetty> Master of Puppets
01:38 <Ednoahjones> a shitty puppet, i liked most of the others
01:38 <Hävitetty> I'm pulling yer strangs
01:38 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve yeah they are just stupid calling me a girl...My first name is actuall Harley Quinn
01:38 <Ednoahjones> but i hated the yoda one
01:38 <Irishninja0> yoda was a puppet in the original!
01:38 <Ednoahjones> it looked so obvious
01:38 <Level VII> No it's not.
01:38 <VexedSpartan17> Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
01:38 <Irishninja0> oh my god.... (facepalm)
01:38 <Hävitetty> yes
01:38 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <Irishninja0> They couldn't help it
01:39 <Hävitetty> Hello Cymbal
01:39 <Ednoahjones> i understand that
01:39 <CrashingCymbal> HIIII!
01:39 <Irishninja0> It was the technology of the day
01:39 -!- Just another creepypasta.- has joined Special:Chat
01:39 <VexedSpartan17> Ohai thar Cymabal
01:39 -!- Just another creepypasta.- has left Special:Chat.
01:39 <CrashingCymbal> Wassup bitches!
01:39 <I AM DARK LINK> Guys, turn off geek mode (don't worry , I'm a geek too) for a minute and check this out!
01:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Otherwise - "Soldiers" Military Tribute - Duration: 04:36 - Uploaded: 2011-08-17 - Rating: 4.923848 - Views: 126,685 -
01:39 <Ednoahjones> but still looked like shit to me, and i liked alot of the others
01:39 <Hävitetty> Cymbal, I have finished writing my story if you would like to read it 
01:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> The person in your closet has left the chat. 
01:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
01:39 <Hävitetty> [[Huuto]]
01:39 <CrashingCymbal> How are we all! :D
01:39 <Irishninja0> hi cymbal
01:39 <Level VII> I hate life.
01:39 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Fakku!
01:39 <Hävitetty> On an unrelated note, I liked your old profile picture more.
01:39 <Ednoahjones> hmmm what else?
01:39 <CrashingCymbal> Yes yes and yes ahVA]
01:39 <Level VII> I love my profile pic
01:39 <Irishninja0> ed your asking to die
01:39 <Zyranne> Hey Cymbal
01:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> thats not good
01:39 <CrashingCymbal> I would fucking love to
01:40 <Ednoahjones> ah yes! the... oh wait that was good
01:40 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What isn't?
01:40 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Zy#
01:40 <Ednoahjones> hmm but oh yeah the!
01:40 <I AM DARK LINK> ...Fakku? Do I wanna know?
01:40 <Ednoahjones> shit
01:40 <Ednoahjones> episode 5 was really goood
01:40 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav gimme a kiss ene
01:40 <Irishninja0> I know
01:40 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Jkjkjk
01:40 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <Level VII> efukt is a cool site
01:40 <Ednoahjones> and yoda wasn't so bad..
01:40 <Hävitetty> Harley, seriously, shut the fuck up.
01:40 <Hävitetty> You're annoying.
01:40 <Zyranne> ^
01:40 <Irishninja0> ^
01:40 <I AM DARK LINK> agreed
01:40 <Level VII> Someone kick him/her or something
01:40 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back from a night out
01:40 <Ednoahjones> and i really didn't play republic commando...
01:40 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav yeah...I really like annoying people that doesn't like me..Like yot
01:40 <CrashingCymbal> I am very very drunk
01:40 <Ednoahjones> shit. you win this one irish
01:40 <Irishninja0> Then why say it sucks ed!?
01:41 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> You*
01:41 <Irishninja0> Exactly
01:41 <Ednoahjones> to piss you off
01:41 <Level VII> That's something a child would do Harley
01:41 <Hävitetty> Has it occurred to you that no one likes you BECAUSE you're annoying?
01:41 -!- OfficialDJPON3 has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <Ednoahjones> cause its funny when your mad at me
01:41 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav that isn't true xD
01:41 <Irishninja0> I tend to have that effect
01:41 <CrashingCymbal> so I'm sorr fri any spelling misktakes but I'll keep my best to make them good agi :P
01:41 <Irishninja0> I should be a professional internet rager
01:41 <Irishninja0> XD
01:41 <Ednoahjones> twin,
01:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> Hav don't be such an ass
01:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> don't start shit won't be shit
01:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> and Harley cool your tits ok?
01:41 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <Ednoahjones> was that shit not funny?
01:41 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I should be a psychiatrist
01:41 <OfficialDJPON3> lik u
01:41 <I AM DARK LINK> Has anyone even been listening to me?
01:41 <Aigou> O_O
01:41 <OfficialDJPON3> no
01:41 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
01:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve I'm not a girl! 
01:42 -!- Dark Hoodie has joined Special:Chat
01:42 <I AM DARK LINK> <:(
01:42 <OfficialDJPON3> ur not a hero
01:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I gave no tits
01:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Have
01:42 <CrashingCymbal> You're not a girl
01:42 <NeveRsLeePme12> we all haz titz
01:42 <OfficialDJPON3> ur not a man
01:42 <Ednoahjones> maybe mantits...
01:42 <CrashingCymbal> YOU'RE AN ABOMINATION!
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> Hello.
01:42 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Hood.
01:42 <Aigou> I'm a bit creeped out now. *just read the candle cove thing*
01:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Neve not true! ene
01:42 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> Hi, Hid.
01:42 <Ednoahjones> they may not be large but everyone has nipples
01:42 <Masked Hero Z> S'up Oldman.
01:42 <Hävitetty> Interesting fact: Candle Cove was never a television show
01:42 <CrashingCymbal> Thw]at was harsf
01:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Ya you're right
01:42 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
01:42 <Irishninja0> brb
01:42 <Ednoahjones> what? @ hav
01:42 <Irishninja0> need a drink
01:42 <Tentacle Therapist> Hi I'm not going to say shit.
01:42 <CrashingCymbal> Awesome Hae, aAWESOME
01:42 <Ednoahjones> i thought it was
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
01:43 <Tentacle Therapist> Because I is eating ice cream.
01:43 <Hävitetty> It's a rumor that was spread
01:43 <Hävitetty> Nope. It never existed
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> Yes
01:43 <Level VII> who was phone?
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> I amphoje
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
01:43 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What the fuck is Candle Cove?
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> I am phone
01:43 <I AM DARK LINK> Helooooo, anyone? I will turn on caps lock, people (and Harley x Jeff)!
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> Your mlother, taht shoe
01:43 <Zyranne> An excellent pasta 
01:43 <JustinDavid23> Well, NoOne has helped me with my problem :D
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> that whoe
01:43 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> What I AM DARK LINK?
01:43 <CrashingCymbal> who
01:43 <Kill1mes> If you turn on caps, your own stupitify will ge you banned
01:43 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <NeveRsLeePme12> Hav nick at one time did have an idea that never went through called candle beach
01:43 <NoOneWillSee> Justin.
01:43 <JustinDavid23> Ya
01:44 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry, mom came down stairs XD
01:44 <JustinDavid23> Lol
01:44 <NoOneWillSee> How do you justify explaining THAt to someone through chat?
01:44 <OfficialDJPON3> wut the hell
01:44 <NoOneWillSee> "Ummm, mom, this isnt what it looks like"
01:44 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
01:44 <OfficialDJPON3> O.O
01:44 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:44 <NoOneWillSee> What.
01:45 <Ednoahjones> "its not what it looks like" just gives it away
01:45 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> The weak ones are there to justify the strong, the beautiful people the beautiful people. Already atomic to the size of your steeple
01:45 <I AM DARK LINK> A) *stupidity@Kill1mes B) Has anyone at all been even reading my stuff or even visiting my links?@Harley Quinn x Jeff the Killer
01:45 <CrashingCymbal> Okay
01:45 <NoOneWillSee> Its a long story.
01:45 <NoOneWillSee> No pun intbneded
01:45 <Irishninja0> back
01:45 <Hävitetty> Marilyn Manson is awful
01:45 <CrashingCymbal> it's my friends birthday today
01:45 <I AM DARK LINK> ^
01:45 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I AM DARK LINK do I even know you
01:45 <Masked Hero Z> Wb.
01:45 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav stfu! Marilyn Manson is my idol!
01:45 <Irishninja0> there is only one marilyn manson song I like
01:45 <CrashingCymbal> you guys seruiuously
01:46 <NoOneWillSee> Marylin is ....starnge
01:46 <Irishninja0> the this is halloween remix
01:46 <CrashingCymbal> i need you guys today lleikt
01:46 <Hävitetty> Ah, so Marilyn Manson is your idol.
01:46 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Which one Irish
01:46 <I AM DARK LINK> Not really, HJ
01:46 <Hävitetty> I see why you're such a fucked up little whelp, now.
01:46 <NoOneWillSee> Irish, agreed.
01:46 <Ednoahjones> *mid pelvic thrust into a whore you picked up on hookerspit ave and wife walks in* "OH HONEY!" *you pull out of the hooker* "this isn't what it looks like!
01:46 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Marilyn Manson is my idol
01:46 <NoOneWillSee> Okay, Hav is crossing the line.
01:46 <Irishninja0> no, I just like the song
01:46 <Zyranne> I'v never listened to Marilyn Manson
01:46 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hav leave me alone
01:46 <Irishninja0> I enjoy it
01:46 <Zyranne> *I've
01:46 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:46 <I AM DARK LINK> I only like Sweet Dreams are Made of these because It's Jeff's theme!
01:46 <I AM DARK LINK> :)
01:46 <Dark Hoodie> Let's not tease others for their tastes, okay?
01:46 <Ednoahjones> Hav.. i think you should ease up with the insults
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> That's against the rules.
01:47 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish you should look up "Marilyn Manson-Arma-Goddamn-Motherf**kin-Geddon''
01:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
01:47 <JustinDavid23> So I'm basically alone in this house till 11:30 pm.
01:47 <Ednoahjones> and i like marilyn manson..
01:47 <Irishninja0> Harley I said I liked the one song
01:47 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I AM DARK LINK IKR!
01:47 <Irishninja0> I'm not a fan of manson
01:47 <Hävitetty> I went through the Marilyn Manson phase when I was 12.
01:47 <Hävitetty> lol
01:47 <I AM DARK LINK> I'll send Ben.@JustinDavid23
01:47 <NoOneWillSee> Alright, thats just...
01:47 <I AM DARK LINK> Drowned
01:47 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish I know buT i'M GIving you recomendations
01:47 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I like Marilyn Manson
01:47 <JustinDavid23> Yay!
01:47 <Irishninja0> okay okay
01:47 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> NIN is still superior though, in terms of alternative industrial.
01:47 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> IMO
01:47 <NoOneWillSee> NIN
01:47 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> Alright, let's not chastise people for liking others.
01:48 <NoOneWillSee> YES!
01:48 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
01:48 <NeveRsLeePme12>
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> Other stuff.
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> And yes, NIN is awesome.
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> IMO.
01:48 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
01:48 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I dressed like Marilyn Manson for Halloween
01:48 <MagmaMan4488> What's the general opinion of KMFDM?
01:48 <NoOneWillSee> WHA.
01:48 <Irishninja0> KMFDM?
01:48 <NoOneWillSee> ?
01:48 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I love you Marilyn
01:48 <Hävitetty> What is KMFDM
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> Weird Al Yankovic looks like Marilyn Manson, lol.
01:48 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
01:48 <NoOneWillSee> LOL
01:48 <NoOneWillSee> Nope.
01:49 <Dark Hoodie> Yis.
01:49 <NoOneWillSee> Maybe.
01:49 <I AM DARK LINK> Justin either intends to have intercourse with a demonic game character guy or he's really eager to die. WTF?
01:49 <NoOneWillSee> ^
01:49 <Irishninja0> ^
01:49 <CrashingCymbal> hIYA HIYA HOYA
01:49 -!- JustinDavid23 has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <CrashingCymbal> Oh seeet jesus
01:49 <Irishninja0> well speak of the devil
01:49 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Loser! Loser! Loser! Ha!
01:49 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:49 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <MagmaMan4488> Don't know what KMFDM is? Look them up on YT, I can't be arsed to explain.
01:49 <CrashingCymbal> Imagine if there was like, a nightclub, where all the characters from Breaking Bad were having a massive rave in the one club all together. The thoughts of Walt swaying his arms back and forth to Dubstep are actually killing me
01:49 <NoOneWillSee> I looooove Smashing Pumpkins though, too.
01:49 <I AM DARK LINK> F you, Harley!
01:49 <JustinDavid23> Dakr Link.
01:49 <Zyranne> ^
01:49 <JustinDavid23> Why are you talking about me?
01:49 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne I love Smashing Pumpkins!
01:49 <Irishninja0> whats going on
01:49 <NoOneWillSee> YUS!
01:49 <I AM DARK LINK> WHAT!? Come at me bro!
01:49 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I AM wtf did I do?
01:50 <Hävitetty> After a quick Google search...
01:50 -!- Dark Hoodie has left Special:Chat.
01:50 <Hävitetty> KMFDM = Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid,
01:50 <CrashingCymbal> I like thh smahsinhgf pumpkind too
01:50 <Hävitetty> "No care for the majority"
01:50 <NoOneWillSee> Meh.
01:50 <Irishninja0> why is harley saying loser?
01:50 <Irishninja0> oh
01:50 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjegus)
01:50 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Irish I'm bored
01:50 <Irishninja0> I know those guys hav
01:50 <Zyranne> why's everyone bitchin' at each other?
01:50 <NoOneWillSee> I will get the admins in a bit if this shit dont calm down.
01:50 <JustinDavid23> Dark Link? Why would you say that.
01:50 <NoOneWillSee> NOW.
01:50 <I AM DARK LINK> Now ignoring Harley's asshole-ish comments.
01:50 <CrashingCymbal> bye erbypne
01:50 <I AM DARK LINK> IDK, Justin. IDK.
01:50 <CrashingCymbal> bye everyone
01:50 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne you like STP? Stone Temple Pilots
01:50 <CrashingCymbal> Is what I meant
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> Seeya/
01:51 <Aigou> did these people...I...nvm o.o							
01:51 -!- Dark Hoodie has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <CrashingCymbal> BYEEEE
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah, STp is okay.
01:51 <JustinDavid23> Hi Dark
01:51 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Hoodie
01:51 -!- OfficialDJPON3 has left Special:Chat.
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> Soundgarden?
01:51 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
01:51 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I AM I wasn't talking to anyone about the loser thing 0.0
01:51 <CrashingCymbal> Anbye Hoodie]
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> YUS
01:51 <CrashingCymbal> AT THE SAME TIME
01:51 <Hävitetty> Hmm
01:51 <Irishninja0> Andrew W.K.
01:51 <JustinDavid23> Hav, can you link me some of your pastas.
01:51 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjegus) don't start shit won't be shit Harley srsly
01:51 <Zyranne> Hey Hood
01:51 <Irishninja0> amazing
01:51 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <CrashingCymbal> BYYYEEEE
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> Naw, AWK is meh.
01:51 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne STP rocks.....How about BVB
01:51 <Irishninja0> bye crash
01:51 <Dark Hoodie> Hey Justin, Zye, and Crashi.
01:51 <NoOneWillSee> BVB?
01:51 <Hävitetty> I've only written one under this account, which is [[Huuto]]
01:51 <JustinDavid23> Bye Cym
01:51 <JustinDavid23> Oh..
01:51 <I AM DARK LINK> *Flips up hood and throws on some shades* Yo, waddup!@JustinDavis23
01:51 <Aigou> Referring to tre candle cove thing
01:52 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
01:52 <Aigou> I had to run and do a chore
01:52 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne BlackVeIlBrides
01:52 <JustinDavid23> Dark, you aren't gangster
01:52 <NoOneWillSee> Hmmmno.
01:52 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Veil
01:52 <I AM DARK LINK> I know.
01:52 <Irishninja0> Black veil brides
01:52 <Hävitetty> Black Veil Brides...Marilyn Manson...
01:52 <MagmaMan4488> Gentlemen, I present you with a piece of music we can all agree on the quality of:
01:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Franchi$e dBaby - Bottles Poppin' - Duration: 03:02 - Uploaded: 2013-03-31 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 24 -
01:52 <Hävitetty> Seriously uh
01:52 <Aigou> And didn't have time to hit enter before I did XD  
01:52 <Irishninja0> awesome
01:52 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne how about...SWS....
01:52 <I AM DARK LINK>
01:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Otherwise - "Soldiers" Military Tribute - Duration: 04:36 - Uploaded: 2011-08-17 - Rating: 4.923848 - Views: 126,685 -
01:52 <MagmaMan4488> We can all agree that it's shit.
01:52 <Irishninja0> No!
01:52 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Marilyn is better than BVB
01:52 <JustinDavid23> The thing I hate about where I was raised is that I live around pot users and weed users.
01:52 <Irishninja0> I do not agree!
01:52 <NoOneWillSee> Crashings here
01:52 <Irishninja0> xD
01:52 <NoOneWillSee> oh wait
01:52 <NoOneWillSee> nvm
01:53 <I AM DARK LINK> I'm being ignored, NO?
01:53 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Otherwise - "Soldiers" Military Tribute - Duration: 04:36 - Uploaded: 2011-08-17 - Rating: 4.923848 - Views: 126,685 -
01:53 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne how about....KoRn
01:53 <Hävitetty> Anything that is a military tribute, I refuse to watch
01:53 <NoOneWillSee> KORN!
01:53 <NoOneWillSee> Why Hav?
01:53 <I AM DARK LINK> ^
01:53 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> NoOne I love KORN
01:53 <Level VII> You're so edgy Hav
01:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> why Hävitetty
01:53 <JustinDavid23> Korn is amazing.
01:53 <NoOneWillSee> People used to call me edgy
01:53 <Zyranne> I only like one song of KORN'S
01:53 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> IKR! They rock
01:53 <Irishninja0> hav, what do you think of dragon force?
01:53 <Level VII> I love corn
01:53 <Hävitetty> 1) Dragon Force is fucking horrible.
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> Imagine dragons?
01:54 <Irishninja0> .....
01:54 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:54 <Zyranne> lol Hav
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> Irish, chhill
01:54 <Irishninja0> hav....
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> Calmate
01:54 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> 1) SoulFly is fucking horrible
01:54 <Hävitetty> 2) The U.S. Military does not belong in the middle east.
01:54 <Irishninja0> You will die!!!!
01:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> LOL DRAGONFORCE
01:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
01:54 <Hävitetty> Guys
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> (die)
01:54 <Hävitetty> Listen to Wintersun, then listen to Dragon Force
01:54 <Hävitetty> You will vomit and your ears will bleed afterwards
01:54 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Imma go
01:54 <Level VII> You so edgy Hav. I think I cut myself .
01:54 <Irishninja0> *strangles hav* you son of a bi**h!!!
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> Irish nuu!
01:54 <NoOneWillSee> D:
01:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> neither does the EU Hävitetty
01:54 <Irishninja0> Dragon force is amazing!
01:55 <Dark Hoodie> Let's cool it with insulting other people's music, oke?
01:55 <NoOneWillSee> Must watch DF now...
01:55 <JustinDavid23> Irish, don't start beef.
01:55 <Hävitetty> If you can listen to this
01:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Wintersun - Starchild - Duration: 07:58 - Uploaded: 2007-05-11 - Rating: 4.897653 - Views: 1,075,823 -
01:55 <Irishninja0> dorry *sits and pouts*
01:55 <Hävitetty> and say Dragon Force is even remotely good in comparison
01:55 <Irishninja0> *sorry
01:55 <Hävitetty> I will revoke my comment
01:55 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, I will leave in a few without warning.
01:55 <NoOneWillSee> Dont make me get an Mod
01:55 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <Irishninja0> They are
01:55 <I AM DARK LINK> Fine, Hav, I've gotta Star Wars one! HERE:
01:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Clone Wars - Clone Tribute - WE ARE SOLDIERS - Duration: 04:34 - Uploaded: 2012-07-17 - Rating: 4.764706 - Views: 6,029 -
01:55 <I AM DARK LINK> Yes?
01:55 <Irishninja0> I can say that hav
01:56 <Hävitetty> You didn't listen to the entire song
01:56 <Hävitetty> you probably didn't even listen to thirty seconds of it
01:56 <NoOneWillSee> You dont have to.
01:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> they wanna fuck up let them do it to themselves sorry but they literally DO NOT want help
01:56 <Irishninja0> sorry, don't have time
01:56 <Irishninja0> I've heard them before
01:56 <I AM DARK LINK> Yea, believe me I heard the whole thing.
01:56 <Level VII> give me a dragon force song. I will decide if they are awesome or nut
01:56 <Tentacle Therapist> My reaction to God of War: Ascension.
01:56 <Tentacle Therapist> There's furries in it :D
01:56 <Tentacle Therapist> *realizes only one r*
01:56 <Tentacle Therapist> Goddammit...
01:56 <I AM DARK LINK> It is awesome
01:56 <Necrai> Link, mfw
01:56 <Necrai> [[Special:UserLogout|
01:56 <Irishninja0> listen to fury of the storm level
01:56 <Necrai> ugh
01:56 <Necrai> i fail
01:56 <Irishninja0> bye them
01:56 <(´・ω・`)> teny
01:56 <Irishninja0> *by
01:56 <Necrai> at trying to troll
01:56 <(´・ω・`)> tenty shit
01:57 <(´・ω・`)> male or female
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> I like STone sour too.
01:57 <Tentacle Therapist> Wat?
01:57 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
01:57 <(´・ω・`)> is the furry male or female
01:57 <(´・ω・`)> D:
01:57 <Tentacle Therapist> I DON'T KNOW D:
01:57 <Irishninja0> I like Panic at the disco too
01:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> Hävitetty this whole war on terror thing struck my last chord in those drone strikes
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> Shit gtg
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> nvm'
01:57 <Level VII> im listening
01:57 <I AM DARK LINK> Alright, I gotta go to bed guys. 'Night!
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> Bye.
01:57 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
01:57 -!- I AM DARK LINK has left Special:Chat.
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> ok gtg
01:57 <Necrai> REAPER
01:57 <NoOneWillSee> for real
01:57 <Hävitetty> Yep
01:57 <Level VII> love you
01:57 <Bug2buga> dark link pm u dingus
01:57 <Zyranne> Hello Reap
01:57 <Level VII> go to sleep
01:57 <WhiteReaper> hi .-.
01:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> or the last hundred of them
01:57 <Irishninja0> Bye NoOne'
01:57 <Bug2buga> FUCKK
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> BUG
01:58 <WhiteReaper> !logs
01:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:58 <Necrai> [[Special:UserLogout|]]
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> WHAT IT IS
01:58 <Bug2buga> SARAH
01:58 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> WHAT IS IT I MEAN SHIT
01:58 <Bug2buga> WHAT
01:58 <Hävitetty> The Muslim terrorists, they're all over the place! Here, let's brutalize innocent Palestinians and rape their daughters, then spam a bunch of "support our murderous troops in the middle east" ads!
01:58 <Icarus88> I live!
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> what are you all fucking about
01:58 <Irishninja0> so level what do you think?
01:58 <Icarus88> Im fucking about fucking
01:58 <JustinDavid23> I can't keep up their level of productivity
01:58 <Irishninja0> I almost strangled hav sarah
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> oh
01:58 <Dark Hoodie> Okay...
01:58 <Zyranne> Hey Sarah 
01:58 <(´・ω・`)> that makes sense 
01:58 <Dark Hoodie> I don't like this talk.
01:58 <Dark Hoodie> Enough, Hav.
01:58 <Irishninja0> hoodie
01:58 <Dark Hoodie> We're asking nicely.
01:58 <Hävitetty> Well, I mean
01:58 <Irishninja0> where were you earlier!
01:58 <Dark Hoodie> Yes?
01:59 <Tentacle Therapist> "The Old Man took away my phone because I was trying to record him being mean to me."
01:59 <Tentacle Therapist> Goddammit Chumlee.
01:59 <Dark Hoodie> I saw it.
01:59 <Icarus88> yea where oh where did polotics come into play?
01:59 <Irishninja0> All of it?
01:59 <Bug2buga> um
01:59 <Dark Hoodie> I was just watching if he's calm down.
01:59 <Dark Hoodie> Yes.
01:59 <Hävitetty> People ask why I don't like "support our troops" vids
01:59 <Level VII> I don't like dragon force
01:59 <Hävitetty> I give an answer in great detail
01:59 <Dark Hoodie> One more outburts, and it's banning time.
01:59 <Bug2buga> hav is a fucking dingus
01:59 <Dark Hoodie> *outburst
01:59 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
01:59 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <Masked Hero Z> Buga, shh.
01:59 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
01:59 <Icarus88> also, hello Tenty :p hey Hoodie, hey Sarah, hey Hidden, hey Irish
01:59 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <NoOneWillSee> Still wiht the shit, eh?
01:59 <JustinDavid23> Hi Necro and No
01:59 <Kill1mes> Hey NOWS and Necro
01:59 <Masked Hero Z> S'up Necro. 
01:59 <Bug2buga> MASKED UR A DINGUS TOO
01:59 <NoOneWillSee> Hey guys.
01:59 <Irishninja0> level, try spirit will go on
01:59 <Icarus88> :O is Moose actually here!?
01:59 <Irishninja0> my spirit will go on
01:59 <Necrosanity> Hoi. .-.
01:59 <Masked Hero Z> Your face is a DINGUS!
01:59 <MooseJuice> No.
01:59 <Hävitetty> Yes, Moose is here
01:59 <NeveRsLeePme12>  It's sickening for those horrid extremist giving good muslims bad reputations Hävitetty
01:59 <Irishninja0> or operation underground
01:59 <Icarus88> I love you Moose <3
01:59 <(´・ω・`)> unsane you cuntfaced cock-licking dildotitting monkey mangling FUCK 
01:59 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> Hav sure likes to start shit, huh?
02:00 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
02:00 <Icarus88> I missed you so much
02:00 <Necrosanity> Sarah you.
02:00 <Necrosanity> You.
02:00 <Icarus88> lol
02:00 <Irishninja0> or through the fire and flames
02:00 <Necrosanity> GO FUCK YOUR OWN CHILD
02:00 <MooseJuice> I need my space, Icarus.
02:00 <Level VII> im listening
02:00 <Necrosanity> <3
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> WhOA.
02:00 <(´・ω・`)> <3
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> Necro.
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> Thats...
02:00 <Icarus88> Moose, hat we have is special
02:00 <Necrosanity> Noone. .-.
02:00 <Necrosanity> That is?
02:00 <Tentacle Therapist> That's hot.
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> .___.
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> No.
02:00 <Necrosanity> Yes, Tent.
02:00 <Icarus88> so what if I need a phone call every 2 and a half minutes on the 2 and a half minute
02:00 <JustinDavid23> How does Hav know a lot of history
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> D:
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> Becuas hes
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> Justin
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> PM
02:00 <NoOneWillSee> ?
02:01 <Tentacle Therapist> Weell.
02:01 <Tentacle Therapist> TIME TO FAP
02:01 <NoOneWillSee> ...
02:01 <Icarus88> to the fabmobile!
02:01 <NoOneWillSee> e_e
02:01 <JustinDavid23> Ya
02:01 <Level VII> can i help?
02:01 <Level VII> jk
02:01 <Level VII> >>
02:01 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
02:01 <Level VII> <<
02:01 <Hävitetty> I don't know a lot about history, actually. I just decided to compile a list of all the atrocities committed by the people who were allegedly in the good at the time
02:01 <Tentacle Therapist> WAIT A SEC
02:01 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <Icarus88> fap*
02:01 <Tentacle Therapist> TIM LAMBESIS WAS FREED
02:01 <Tentacle Therapist> FUCK YES!
02:01 <Irishninja0> fun fact
02:01 <JustinDavid23> And how is his english so damn advanced
02:01 <Hävitetty> This list includes the expansion of Christianity, U.S. military presence in the middle east, etc.
02:01 <Level VII> yeah, I still dont like dragon force
02:01 <Irishninja0> the US army while in Vietnam I believe
02:01 <Hävitetty> that too
02:01 <Irishninja0> Raped all these women 
02:02 <NoOneWillSee> Christians didnt claim to do good things.
02:02 <Level VII> MERICA
02:02 <Hävitetty> Wherever the United States is
02:02 <Irishninja0> and no charges were pressed against them
02:02 <Hävitetty> there is alwasy trouble
02:02 <Hävitetty> always8
02:02 <Icarus88> I like eggs, let's change the topic, I LOVE eggs
02:02 <(´・ω・`)> alright please stop
02:02 <Irishninja0> No icarus
02:02 <Icarus88> hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up
02:02 <Irishninja0> why sarah?
02:02 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <Dark Hoodie> Who has to stop, Sarah?
02:02 <Ednoahjones> yeah please
02:02 <Irishninja0> not like its against the rules
02:02 <Hävitetty> I like ommlettes 
02:02 -!- Dark Hoodie has left Special:Chat.
02:02 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
02:02 <Hävitetty> omelets*
02:02 <(´・ω・`)> the whole political talk thing
02:02 <Irishninja0> why?
02:02 <(´・ω・`)> hoodie asked you to stop earlier 
02:02 <Icarus88> ommlettes are another great addition to my topic
02:02 <Irishninja0> no 
02:02 <(´・ω・`)> Yes.
02:03 <Necrosanity> Omelets. Mother 3.
02:03 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <Necrosanity> ._.
02:03 <Irishninja0> they didn't, did you hoodie?
02:03 <Hävitetty> Jalapenos, cheese, ham
02:03 <Irishninja0> I don't remember now
02:03 <Icarus88> mmm
02:03 <Level VII> no
02:03 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone watch Dan vs?
02:03 <Irishninja0> ^
02:03 <Irishninja0> I do
02:03 <Icarus88> I prefer hard boiled to soft boiled eggs however
02:03 <Irishninja0> and sarah I don't recall hoodie saying that
02:03 <NoOneWillSee> I love the little jerk.
02:03 <Irishninja0> same here NoOne
02:03 <(´・ω・`)> He asked Hav to stop the political talk. 
02:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NEC
02:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> sarah
02:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> SARAH
02:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> PM
02:03 <Hävitetty> I am discussing omeletes
02:03 <Irishninja0> But we are talking about the army
02:03 <Irishninja0> not politics
02:04 <(´・ω・`)> Which is still political. 
02:04 <Bug2buga> zyranne
02:04 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
02:04 <Bug2buga> pm
02:04 <Irishninja0> We are talking about military
02:04 <Hävitetty> now, if you want politics to be brought into it, we will talk about Barrack Obama enjoying his morning omelet
02:04 <Icarus88> yea well Irish..... so is your face!
02:04 <NoOneWillSee> Obama.
02:04 <Icarus88> *is the winner of this argument*
02:04 <Irishninja0> My face is the military?
02:04 <Irishninja0> My face is the military?
02:04 <Hävitetty> We will discuss Barrack Obama enjoying his morning omelet while acting like a dictator in Libya
02:04 <Irishninja0> dang it!
02:04 <NoOneWillSee> Wow.
02:04 -!- Dark Hoodie has joined Special:Chat
02:04 <Irishninja0> My keyboard put that up twice
02:04 <Irishninja0> Hoodie
02:04 <Hävitetty> while drinking juice
02:04 <Irishninja0> can I ask you something
02:04 <MagmaMan4488> But first we must discuss your incorrect spelling of the president's name
02:04 <Ednoahjones> your still talking about political stuff. war crimes are political
02:05 <Level VII> What's the best game on the xbox 360 right now you guys?
02:05 <NeveRsLeePme12>  chat mods y u so non political
02:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> MAG
02:05 <NoOneWillSee> Obama is trying to stabalize a chaotic country
02:05 <Irishninja0> sarah turn around please
02:05 <Icarus88> lolz Magma
02:05 -!- Dark Hoodie has left Special:Chat.
02:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Join the game again, Mag. :c
02:05 -!- Dark Hoodie has joined Special:Chat
02:05 <Hävitetty> dude
02:05 <Dark Hoodie> *sigh*
02:05 <Hävitetty> I'm intentionally spelling it as Barrack
02:05 <MagmaMan4488> I have no time, Brooke.
02:05 <Dark Hoodie> This is weird.
02:05 <Hävitetty> hence the dictator reference
02:05 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah, I saw that.
02:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :c
02:05 <Icarus88> guuuuuys stop the political talk
02:05 <Hävitetty> it's a joke
02:05 <(´・ω・`)> irish 
02:05 <(´・ω・`)> what
02:05 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
02:05 <NoOneWillSee> I get it.
02:05 <NoOneWillSee> And its not funny
02:05 <MagmaMan4488> Sounds more like a retcon than a joke.
02:05 <Level VII> I like u irish. wnna merry me?
02:05 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:05 <Icarus88> this is a mo fuckin creepypasta chat site, not a .gov site
02:05 <Irishninja0> Turn around sarah! XD
02:05 <Necrosanity> ._.
02:05 <(´・ω・`)> WHY.
02:05 <Irishninja0> are you a girl level?
02:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> NoOneWillSee by arming extremist? that worked SO well last time around
02:05 <(´・ω・`)> ARE YOU GOING TO MOLEST ME.
02:06 <Level VII> no
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> :D
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> SHIT.
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> OMFG.
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> I MEANT D:
02:06 <Level VII> but you can change for me
02:06 <Level VII> cant you?
02:06 <Necrosanity> Molest.
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> jesus christ
02:06 <Necrosanity> You meant molest.
02:06 <Ednoahjones> hes going to do things he did to me..
02:06 <Icarus88> Sarah wants it
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> i hate you hands
02:06 <Hävitetty> :D is more fitting
02:06 <Irishninja0> nope
02:06 <Necrosanity> Every word of it.
02:06 <JustinDavid23> Sarah, Marry me :(
02:06 <Irishninja0>  XD
02:06 <Icarus88> look whats shes typing
02:06 <MagmaMan4488> Stop trying to mask your desires, Sarah.
02:06 <NoOneWillSee> Holy shat.
02:06 <JustinDavid23> (D
02:06 <Icarus88> shes asking for it
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> justin i am a lesbian deal with it kthnx 
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> irish
02:06 <Irishninja0> I have one level XD
02:06 <Level VII> MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT about oy
02:06 <(´・ω・`)> what are you going to do
02:06 <Level VII> you
02:06 <JustinDavid23> Nvm then.
02:06 <Bug2buga> i got my braces off
02:06 <Level VII> you're a docuhe
02:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> omai 2hot4me
02:06 <Bug2buga> today
02:06 <NoOneWillSee> O_O
02:06 <Bug2buga> level VII
02:06 <Bug2buga> pm
02:06 <Icarus88> lol sarah, a quick verbal bitchslap 
02:06 <JustinDavid23> Guys, shutup
02:06 <Bug2buga> hav p
02:06 <Bug2buga> m
02:06 <Icarus88> 9/10
02:06 <Necrosanity> VII. Final Fantasy VII.
02:06 <Necrosanity> .-.
02:06 <Hävitetty> Why?
02:07 <Level VII> David, calm down man.
02:07 <(´・ω・`)> *turns around* Now what? ._.
02:07 <NoOneWillSee> Because ADHD.
02:07 <Irishninja0> You stay like that
02:07 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah specializes in verbal bitchslaps.
02:07 <Irishninja0> for one hour
02:07 <Icarus88> *places a hand on Sarah's.... keuboard
02:07 <(´・ω・`)> fuck that
02:07 <Icarus88> mwahahaha
02:07 <Hävitetty> I think we all need to sit down and have a nice, tall glass of shut up.
02:07 <Icarus88> keyboard*
02:07 <Irishninja0> Now lets talk about politics while she is turned around XD
02:07 <Necrosanity> Stroke that keyboard.
02:07 <Necrosanity> Oyus.
02:07 <NoOneWillSee> Not before you have a nice bowl of BITCHSLAP.
02:07 <Icarus88> mmmm oh yea 
02:07 <Icarus88> keyboards
02:07 <Necrosanity> Press dat caps lock.
02:07 <NoOneWillSee> OAO
02:07 <JustinDavid23> I sense beef...
02:07 <Level VII> No sex talk plz.
02:07 <Necrosanity> Make 'em scream.
02:07 <(´・ω・`)> now lets talk about how me looking at the logs will get you banned!
02:07 <(´・ω・`)> :D
02:07 <(´・ω・`)> dont try me bitch .-.
02:07 <Level VII> My mommy is in the room. I'll get in trouble.
02:07 <NeveRsLeePme12> Sarah my balls hurt hit then with a stick for me pwease (kawaii)
02:07 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:08 <Necrosanity> ._.
02:08 <Icarus88> I'll slam that space bar, I'll slam it SO hard
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> Wait what
02:08 <MagmaMan4488> Life! Like a granola bar?
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> IS going on...
02:08 <JustinDavid23> Neve, ge to a doctor
02:08 <Hävitetty> Everything
02:08 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
02:08 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> (allthethings)
02:08 <Icarus88> NoOne, Im molesting Sarahs keyboard
02:08 <Icarus88> thats all I know
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> Can I join?
02:08 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:08 <Icarus88> yes
02:08 <(´・ω・`)> You'll look like you've been molested if you don't stop. .-.
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> *sddffdno* Hehehe.
02:08 <Level VII> LEt's gangbang her keyboard
02:08 <Icarus88> more the merrier
02:08 <NoOneWillSee> AWW YEAH!
02:08 <Necrosanity> LOL SARAH
02:08 <MagmaMan4488> You're going to molest him?
02:09 <Level VII> I'll play with the arrow jkeys
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> *engage orgy files
02:09 <NeveRsLeePme12> NoOne I lost my shit
02:09 <Icarus88> youre molesting me sarah?
02:09 <Ednoahjones> You Are All.. WEIRDOS..
02:09 <Icarus88> Im.....
02:09 <Icarus88> Im uh
02:09 <JustinDavid23> No molest.
02:09 <Necrosanity> SLAM ON THAT BIG O
02:09 <Icarus88> not sure how to take that
02:09 -!- DASHDOT™ has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Irishninja0> So guys, does anyone remember the last election?
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> Oh God, guys.
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> WTF.
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> dotty 
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> sup
02:09 <Irishninja0> so much crud going on
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> Whos that user?
02:09 <Ednoahjones> oh my
02:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm scared.. (QQ)
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:09 <JustinDavid23> Dafaq.
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> a user 
02:09 <Dark Hoodie> *gets banhammer*
02:09 <NeveRsLeePme12> uh
02:09 <Ednoahjones> the block capitals
02:09 <JustinDavid23> Brooke, what's wrong
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> he's a user
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> Who are you stranger?
02:09 <Dark Hoodie> I'm here to save the day.
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> i know him
02:09 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
02:09 <(´・ω・`)> HE'S OKAY DAMN IT
02:09 <DASHDOT™> :33
02:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm talking about Dot.
02:09 <Kill1mes> Hi Dash
02:09 <NoOneWillSee> Im scared.
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> Kill?!
02:10 <Necrai> oh my go- that name i don't even
02:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> oh my 
02:10 <Icarus88> *hides*
02:10 <Ednoahjones> I don't like change
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> U know him?
02:10 <DASHDOT™> Is it wrong that my name's different?
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> Yes.
02:10 <Kill1mes> No.
02:10 <Icarus88> yes
02:10 <Ednoahjones> kill that who is different from us!
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> *shuns Dot
02:10 <DASHDOT™> :c
02:10 <Necrosanity> Maybe so. ._.
02:10 <Kill1mes> I don't/
02:10 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <Icarus88> Hi Kill!
02:10 <JustinDavid23> I'll protect you Brooke.
02:10 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <(´・ω・`)> You all are incredibly racist. 
02:10 <JustinDavid23> Because I'm a shield
02:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> JUSTIN
02:10 <Kill1mes> Heya
02:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> PM
02:10 <JustinDavid23> Okay
02:10 <Icarus88> Im a fontist Sarah
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> Hmmm. Upon closer inspection, you are all right smelling, Dot.
02:10 <Dark Hoodie> It's because I'm GREEN, isn't it!?
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> Hes cool >_>
02:10 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <(´・ω・`)> it aint easy bein cheesy
02:10 <Icarus88> *sniffs Dot*
02:10 <Ednoahjones> i'm blue dub a dee dub a die
02:10 <NoOneWillSee> I can sense auras and scents.
02:11 <Icarus88> he smells cool....... I'll let it pass for now
02:11 <Necrosanity> ._.
02:11 <Kill1mes> Moose
02:11 <(´・ω・`)> I know Dotty from another wiki.
02:11 <(´・ω・`)> And he's fine. 
02:11 <MooseJuice> Whut.
02:11 <(´・ω・`)> He's not a troll or some shit.
02:11 <NoOneWillSee> Yesh.
02:11 <(´・ω・`)> So everyone please calm your tits immediately or else I'LL RIP OUT YOUR FUCKING TESTICLES/OVARIES.
02:11 <Level VII> lolwut?!?! le
02:11 <NoOneWillSee> *punches ovaries
02:11 <Icarus88> Moose, you didnt call me for our 3 month 20 day anniversary 
02:11 <(´・ω・`)> Okay now that that was politely settled. 
02:12 <Kill1mes> Moose
02:12 <MagmaMan4488> But you already ripped out my testicles last week!
02:12 <NoOneWillSee> I ahbve not tits ( ._.)
02:12 <MooseJuice> Something came up.
02:12 <Icarus88> I dont want my testicle ovaries ripped out
02:12 <MooseJuice> What, Kill.
02:12 <Kill1mes> Second title error thing
02:12 <Kill1mes> y
02:12 <Kill1mes>
02:12 <Icarus88> Moose, how could you!?
02:12 <MagmaMan4488> Ha! You have no leverage against me!
02:12 <DASHDOT™> I am just so happy I could kick your nipples off your chest
02:12 <(´・ω・`)> Magma I will forcefeed them to you then. 
02:12 <DASHDOT™> hue
02:12 <MooseJuice> On it.
02:12 <Necrosanity> I wonder what it feels like to wrap your tits in barbed wire and control them like a marionette. ( ._.)
02:12 <MooseJuice> Also, easily.
02:12 <(´・ω・`)> someone's been reading my quoteboard
02:12 <Necrosanity> Real convo starter right there.
02:12 <NoOneWillSee> Go easy on Spook, hes new
02:12 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:12 <MagmaMan4488> But you did that last week too!
02:12 <Icarus88> who's spook?
02:12 <NoOneWillSee> Dr Spook
02:12 <(´・ω・`)> ill forcefeed you someone else's testicles then
02:13 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone like Christina hevay metal?
02:13 <MagmaMan4488> You did that last month.
02:13 <Icarus88> I'll forcefeed you forcefed testicles Magma!
02:13 <NoOneWillSee> *christian
02:13 <VexedSpartan17> Nope
02:13 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <NoOneWillSee> White Chapel?
02:13 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
02:13 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <MooseJuice> Banned for one day -> spook guy
02:13 <Icarus88> all I wanted was my two front teeth
02:13 <NoOneWillSee> Awww.
02:13 <Kill1mes> mmk
02:13 <NoOneWillSee> He was nice, though.
02:13 <(´・ω・`)> ryan that was the best time to join
02:13 <(´・ω・`)> in the history of forever 
02:13 <Dark Hoodie> Eh.
02:14 <MagmaMan4488> I hope you step on a lego.
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> >_>
02:14 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:14 -!- VexedSpartan17 has left Special:Chat.
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> *kicks lego at nearest asshole
02:14 <WalkingDitto> ;-;
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> :0
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry Ditto.
02:14 <Icarus88> *hides*
02:14 <WalkingDitto> lol
02:14 <Icarus88> I dont like change
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> Dammit, Dot, quit being differnet!
02:14 <DASHDOT™> I can't help it
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> D:
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> Okay.
02:14 <DASHDOT™> It just...happens
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> I accept you.
02:14 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
02:14 <NoOneWillSee> *strokes hand
02:14 <DASHDOT™> yayz
02:15 <Necrai> I'm off.
02:15 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:15 <NoOneWillSee> Bye.
02:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> Bye
02:15 <DASHDOT™> bye
02:15 <NoOneWillSee> Wheres Hav?
02:15 <Icarus88> Sloshed hit me with a 2 day ban the othe night :p
02:15 <MagmaMan4488> *gives sarah a bag of dicks*
02:15 <NoOneWillSee> :/
02:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> Brb
02:15 <NoOneWillSee> Sloshed is an ass
02:15 <Dark Hoodie> ...
02:15 <Dark Hoodie> He's not.
02:15 <Dark Hoodie> .-.
02:15 <Necrosanity> Insulting admins. Lol.
02:15 -!- VexedSpartan17 has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Dark Hoodie> IMO, he's the hardest working admin.
02:15 <Irishninja0> ^
02:16 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
02:16 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
02:16 <Icarus88> I didnt do the Article Listing update, I did user submissions. Someone told me AL was auto updated now so I would have
02:16 <Icarus88> ah well :D
02:16 <MagmaMan4488> I remember back when Evra was around.
02:16 <Dark Hoodie> Ah, Evra.
02:16 <Dark Hoodie> Good fella, good fella.
02:16 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <Necrosanity> What happened to that bastard. .-.
02:16 <NoOneWillSee> Back guys]
02:16 <Icarus88> real life Necro
02:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <Dark Hoodie> He's departed from us, Unny.
02:16 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <NoOneWillSee> \Aww, Evra. I miss her :/
02:17 <Necrosanity> >her
02:17 <MagmaMan4488> He left for "religious reasons"
02:17 <JustinDavid23> Who's Evra
02:17 <Necrosanity> >her<
02:17 <Dark Hoodie> He was a dude, NoOne. XD
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> Necro, get ioff my ass
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> Im tired
02:17 <Necrosanity> k.
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> ;)
02:17 <Necrosanity> Horny fucker. ._.
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> What.
02:17 <(´・ω・`)> I remember seeing Evra's picture for the first time and under the impression Evra was female.
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> Youre the perv.
02:17 <(´・ω・`)> I thought he was a butch lesbian. xD
02:17 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:17 <TwinArmogeddons> Shara I dicided to help with the pony invasion
02:17 <Necrosanity> Hornet fucker. Good album name. c:
02:17 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
02:17 <Kill1mes> So many bad titles D:
02:17 <Icarus88> I wonder what religious reasons
02:18 <(´・ω・`)> I should tell him that on Tumblr.
02:18 <(´・ω・`)> And see how pissed off he gets.
02:18 <(´・ω・`)> lol
02:18 <NoOneWillSee> Can I teel someone something thats been on my =xchest for a while?
02:18 <NoOneWillSee> *tell
02:18 <Dark Hoodie> I've got him on my Skype.
02:18 <Icarus88> sure NoOne
02:18 <Dark Hoodie> Sure, NoONe.
02:18 <Icarus88> always gotta 1 up me Hoodie
02:18 <NoOneWillSee> Can i do it here? Its kinda awkward, but i need ppl to understand me.
02:18 <Icarus88> I say it first, then you say it with proper punctuation 
02:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (1-up)
02:18 <NoOneWillSee> Is rape against policy in main chat?
02:18 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> *use of 
02:19 <Dark Hoodie> What?
02:19 <MagmaMan4488> Yes.
02:19 <Kill1mes> yep
02:19 <Necrosanity> Theoretically so, yeah. ._.
02:19 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> Ok.
02:19 <Icarus88> Indeed
02:19 <Icarus88> this is a happy place
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> I mean, Its not to use it as an insult or anything.
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> I just
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> idk
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> Nevermind
02:19 <Icarus88> a happy place of brutal murders and monsters and blood and gore :D
02:19 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:20 <NoOneWillSee> .-.
02:20 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:20 <Icarus88> havin trouble Coffee?
02:20 <NoOneWillSee> PINGAS.
02:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> yes
02:21 <NoOneWillSee> How come nobodies talking abou the fact that Hav = Bitter?
02:21 <NoOneWillSee> Just curious?
02:21 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <Icarus88> I read have butter
02:21 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Necrosanity> The Bitter Cold. Memories. ._.
02:21 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah.
02:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> Good night everyone!
02:21 <NoOneWillSee> Hes even dickier as Hav.
02:21 <Masked Hero Z> Night.
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> Gnight Never.
02:22 <Necrosanity> Icarus.
02:22 <Dark Hoodie> Alright, let's not talk about that.
02:22 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
02:22 <Necrosanity> Why am I laughing so much/
02:22 <Necrosanity> *.
02:22 <Necrosanity> .-.
02:22 <Dark Hoodie> Not on main, anyway.
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> See.
02:22 <JustinDavid23> Bye
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> Its like fucking 1984 in here.
02:22 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> Without Oblit
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> ..
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> cwatididthere?
02:22 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
02:22 <NoOneWillSee> :3
02:22 <Aigou> God you people are twisted
02:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <Necrosanity> "God you people are twisted"
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> What gave you that impression? *swallows kill
02:23 <Level VII> im not
02:23 <Necrosanity> Look in the mirror. ;D
02:23 <Kill1mes> What
02:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
02:23 -!- BigBug64 has joined Special:Chat
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> *is squashed by bigbug
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> D:
02:23 <Necrosanity> Can't you see your psyche twisting and bending to the tune of your shattered morale and sexual deprivation?
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> ^
02:23 <Bug2buga> BIGBUG
02:23 <Necrosanity> v
02:23 <Bug2buga> yoyoy
02:23 <Icarus88> Bug!
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> Thats should be a poem
02:23 <NoOneWillSee> Bug, please get off me.
02:23 <Bug2buga> x a billion
02:24 <NoOneWillSee> Ack.
02:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Icarus88> It's Big and bug!
02:24 <Aigou> Hey. I am twisted by what I am turned on by. I don't post stuff that'll make grown men shit their pants xD
02:24 <Icarus88> 2 of my favorites!
02:24 <DASHDOT™> (koala)
02:24 <Bug2buga> i got  pms all up in dis place
02:24 <NoOneWillSee> Im dying...
02:24 <NoOneWillSee> Please
02:24 <Necrosanity> Ah. Looks like we'll get along just fine, then.
02:24 <NoOneWillSee> D:
02:24 <NoOneWillSee> D:....
02:24 <Dark Hoodie> Dun spam emotes.
02:24 <Dark Hoodie> Thank ya.
02:25 <NoOneWillSee> *respawns outside Bugs foot.
02:25 <NoOneWillSee> Jesus
02:25 <NoOneWillSee> Chruist
02:25 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
02:25 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
02:25 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:25 <Necrosanity> I would link to necrophilia.
02:25 <Necrosanity> But. Somehow I can't find it within me.
02:26 <Bug2buga> im making myself lauight
02:26 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
02:26 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
02:26 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
02:26 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:26 <Necrosanity> >lauight
02:26 <Bug2buga> woa ascii
02:26 <Bug2buga> yes laguthy
02:26 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <NoOneWillSee> Big is like a big, catlike dog.
02:26 <(´・ω・`)> >not ascii
02:26 <NoOneWillSee> Who is purple.
02:26 <Kill1mes> Dash, please do not space words ot like that.
02:26 <(´・ω・`)> >name is ascii
02:26 <Kill1mes> out*
02:26 <(´・ω・`)> I don't see what's wrong with it.
02:26 <Necrosanity> *light guillotine twilight
02:26 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:26 <Necrosanity> .-.
02:26 <NoOneWillSee> I am sooo wakce dout
02:26 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <DASHDOT™> wait
02:26 <DASHDOT™> what did i do?
02:26 <(´・ω・`)> nuffin
02:27 <Kill1mes> >H E L L O
02:27 <Kill1mes> Please do not do that
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> Why is that bad?
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
02:27 <Bug2buga> i am arouesed
02:27 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:27 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <DASHDOT™> 'tis a different font
02:27 <Bug2buga> what does that word even mean
02:27 <Bug2buga> arpouesed
02:27 <Kill1mes> I just think it could be considered spam
02:27 <Necrosanity> Technically, it was "HELLO." .-.
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> oh i thought you meant arouseds
02:27 <NoOneWillSee> Sado is an admn, correct?
02:27 <Necrosanity> ... Whops~
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> aroused* 
02:27 <Necrosanity> >Whops
02:27 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> Was an admin. 
02:27 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <NoOneWillSee> *admin
02:27 <(´・ω・`)> He quit.
02:27 <Necrosanity> Damn. French. Keyboard.
02:27 <NoOneWillSee> What happened?
02:27 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
02:27 <NoOneWillSee> Oh.
02:27 <Necrosanity> *Whoops .-.
02:27 <NoOneWillSee> Why>?
02:28 <(´・ω・`)> cuz he didn't wanna be an admin anymore
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Necrosanity> Threw away the title. ._.
02:28 <NoOneWillSee> ...>_>
02:28 -!- Level VII has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <Irishninja0> who was an admin
02:28 <NoOneWillSee> Hes like an old bounty hunter who lost an arm trying to save a little girl
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Sadofreedomist> being admans is sucky
02:28 <NoOneWillSee> I should make this into a story
02:28 <Kill1mes> Hello Omlet
02:28 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Irishninja0> well who was it?
02:28 <NoOneWillSee> Sado, you PM'd?
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:28 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Sadofreedomist> hello three stooges of posting
02:28 <Irishninja0> dang now I fell left out
02:28 <Sadofreedomist> yes
02:29 <NoOneWillSee> Ok.
02:29 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:29 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:29 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
02:29 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <Acidpop> bonjour
02:29 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:29 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <Hävitetty> >Leaves in hopes of the people I was talking to earlier would eventually disappear
02:29 <Hävitetty> >Was horribly wrong
02:29 <Zyranne> New user?
02:29 <Fatal Disease> nope
02:30 <Fatal Disease> old user
02:30 <Dark Hoodie> Please, drop that.
02:30 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:30 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Fatal Disease> It has been such a long time since I've been on here, but I would like to say one thing to everyone here
02:30 <Fatal Disease> hi
02:30 <Hävitetty> hi
02:30 <NoOneWillSee> Hi.
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> HOLY SHIT
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> FATAL
02:30 <DASHDOT™> hi
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> BEEN FOREVER.
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> D:
02:30 <NoOneWillSee> Fatal?!
02:30 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <Kill1mes> FATAL
02:30 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <NoOneWillSee> No shit!
02:30 <Fatal Disease> wait, I think I know who that is
02:30 -!- Puma7372 has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Fatal Disease> Ty?
02:30 <Kill1mes> Where the fuck have you been
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> FUCK NO
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> xD
02:30 <Fatal Disease> been busy
02:30 <NoOneWillSee> Fucking all the things.
02:30 <Irishninja0> hi fatal
02:30 <(´・ω・`)> guess again
02:30 <Necrosanity> Fatal Disease.
02:30 <Icarus88> Im back
02:30 <Irishninja0> are you new?
02:30 <NoOneWillSee> (allthethings)
02:31 <Puma7372> Hello
02:31 <Dark Hoodie> Hey Fatal.
02:31 <Acidpop> i've only been absent for around two months i don't even know
02:31 <(´・ω・`)> fatal ain't new 
02:31 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:31 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <Dark Hoodie> Long time no talk.
02:31 <Fatal Disease> hiya everyone :D
02:31 <Dark Hoodie> And Acid?
02:31 <Irishninja0> oh (ok)
02:31 <Dark Hoodie> O_O
02:31 <Necrosanity> Where -- fucking your own child, I guess. ._.
02:31 <(´・ω・`)> acid holy shit 
02:31 <(´・ω・`)> been forever 
02:31 <Irishninja0> hi fatal
02:31 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <Kill1mes> Acid
02:31 <Kill1mes> damn
02:31 <Irishninja0> allow me to introduce myself
02:31 <Icarus88> chats too crowded
02:31 <Puma7372> Excuse me, how do I upload a pasta?
02:31 <Fatal Disease> hi everyone, missed most of everyone on here :)
02:31 <Kill1mes> three old inactive members come back in the last two days
02:31 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
02:31 <Puma7372> Hello?
02:31 <(´・ω・`)> fatal
02:31 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <(´・ω・`)> guess who i am damn it
02:31 <Jabeznewman4000>
02:31 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <NoOneWillSee> It is the Rapture happening.
02:31 <Acidpop> there should be an "add a page" button on the home page puma
02:31 <Puma7372> How do I upload a pasta?
02:31 <Zyranne> Nice to meet you, Fatal
02:31 <Puma7372> Oh
02:32 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:32 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <Kill1mes> Can't guess who I am
02:32 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Fatal Disease> Nice to meet you too, Zyranne
02:32 <Kill1mes> Puma
02:32 <Kill1mes> here you go
02:32 <Kill1mes>
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> fatal
02:32 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:32 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Fatal Disease> yes
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> guess i say D:
02:32 <Kill1mes> That shoulf help
02:32 <Irishninja0> what I don't get a hello fatal XD
02:32 <NoOneWillSee> Gtg guys.
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> guess who i am >:c
02:32 <Fatal Disease> Acid
02:32 -!- BigBug64 has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <NoOneWillSee> Say bye to Sado for me.
02:32 -!- BigBug64 has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <DASHDOT™> bye NoOne
02:32 <Fatal Disease> you're acid
02:32 <Kill1mes> It's Cleric.
02:32 <Acidpop> sarah
02:32 <Irishninja0> I do my intro and you don't bat an eye
02:32 <Kill1mes> durr
02:32 <Acidpop> hello 
02:32 <NoOneWillSee> Seeya.
02:32 <Irishninja0> thats just mean XD
02:32 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
02:32 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> heyya acid
02:32 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Tentacle Therapist> The guy who thinks AC3 didn't suck and that God of War: Ascension was set after the events of God of War 3 I guess.
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> You failed at guessing Fatal. 
02:32 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Puma7372> Thank you
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> I'm Sarah. 
02:32 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
02:32 <Puma7372> Hello
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Irishninja0> and I'm being ignored (ok) fantastic
02:33 <Kill1mes> And I am haraS
02:33 <Fatal Disease> I thought you were a new user, and Sawah said "hi, leave a message at my wall"
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Icarus88> chats moving too fast lolz
02:33 <Puma7372> And can I jus pasta the story there?
02:33 <Puma7372> No watermarks or anything?
02:33 <Kill1mes> POst it where?
02:33 <Kill1mes> Oh
02:33 <Kill1mes> No watermarks needed
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:34 -!- Raichikarp has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <Icarus88> I should become a really cocky author and refer to myself in third person
02:34 <Raichikarp> vagina
02:34 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:34 <Raichikarp> s
02:34 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
02:34 <Raichikarp> are
02:34 <Kill1mes> I fell like swtiching and inverting every avatar  Sarah has now.
02:34 <Raichikarp> cool
02:34 <Jabeznewman4000> -___________-
02:34 <Tentacle Therapist> Goddammit Kill
02:34 <Raichikarp> who else likes vaginas
02:34 <Kill1mes> And calling myself haraS
02:34 <Fatal Disease> I'll be back on tomorrow, I promise cross my heart, I will not take another absence over a long period of time.
02:34 <Tentacle Therapist> Ascension was set BEFORE THE FIRST GOD OF WAR
02:34 <Fatal Disease> see ya all tomorrow :D
02:34 <Icarus88> "Icarus88 doesn't do what Icarus88 does for Icarus88, Icarus88 does what Icarus88 does because he IS Icarus88"
02:34 <Kill1mes> That's great Fatel
02:34 <Irishninja0> fatal u never said hi to me!
02:34 <Kill1mes> What 
02:35 <DASHDOT™> bye Fatal
02:35 <Fatal Disease> no
02:35 <Raichikarp> VAAGGIINNAA
02:35 <Irishninja0> come on (TT)
02:35 <Kill1mes> Tent what
02:35 <Fatal Disease> you don't get a hi
02:35 <Irishninja0> (ok)
02:35 <Fatal Disease> you get a hug
02:35 <Kill1mes> Raich, can you shut up about vaginas?
02:35 <Fatal Disease> *hugz*
02:35 <Irishninja0> yay :3
02:35 <Irishninja0> better
02:35 <Tentacle Therapist> HAWT POKEETZ
02:35 <Raichikarp> no i can't
02:35 <Irishninja0> *hugs* XD
02:35 <Puma7372> Could you guys read my new pasta?
02:35 <Fatal Disease> oh by the way Tentacle
02:35 <Kill1mes> link it
02:35 <Raichikarp> i like them too much lulz
02:35 <Icarus88> sure Puma
02:35 <Fatal Disease> me and my friend created a character named Bobby Jay
02:35 <Kill1mes> Well don't keep talking about them on chat pls
02:35 <Raichikarp> who here has a vagina?
02:35 <Raichikarp> i know i do!
02:35 <Kill1mes> Dude, seriously.
02:35 <Icarus88> I have a 50% chance of having one
02:35 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <Fatal Disease> and we turn in a sheet of paper that says "Just eat a hot pocket"
02:36 <Raichikarp> ok sawwy
02:36 <Icarus88> well technically a 66.6% chance....
02:36 <Kill1mes> I have a 43% chance
02:36 <Kill1mes> 42*
02:36 <DASHDOT™> Idk if ihave one or not
02:36 <HOTPOCKETMANIAC> Is it wrong for edits to just be stories?
02:36 <Puma7372> I shall link it. Once I think up a name that hasn't been used.
02:36 <DASHDOT™> depends on the time of day
02:36 <Kill1mes> What do you mean maniac?
02:36 <Icarus88> I know Puma!
02:36 <Icarus88> use this name
02:36 -!- Aigou has joined Special:Chat
02:36 <WhiteReaper> is it weird to have two vaginas
02:36 <Bug2buga> I GOT MY BRACES OFF TODAY
02:36 <Bug2buga>
02:36 <Icarus88> "A Name That Has Never Been Used"
02:36 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <Acidpop> this acoustic cover of Smell Yo Dick is the most heartfelt piece of art i've ever had the advantage of hearing
02:36 <Raichikarp> no whitereaper
02:36 <Kill1mes> Congratz!
02:37 <Raichikarp> that's normal
02:37 <Bug2buga> ACID
02:37 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:37 <Bug2buga> yoo
02:37 <Kill1mes> Man, it
02:37 <WhiteReaper> Ah, alright
02:37 <Puma7372>
02:37 <Icarus88> yay Bug!
02:37 <WhiteReaper> cause I have one on my back
02:37 <Kill1mes> 's been forever since I've seen you two
02:37 <Puma7372> Read it and tell me what you think!
02:37 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:37 <Raichikarp> dude everybody has that reaper
02:37 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:37 <Acidpop> hello to anyone i haven't said hi to yet
02:37 <Kill1mes> That's completely normal Reap
02:37 <Fatal Disease> See ya all tomorrow, bye everyone
02:37 <Icarus88> lookin good hombre
02:37 -!- Aigou has left Special:Chat.
02:37 <Puma7372> What?
02:37 <WhiteReaper> Thanks u guise really make me feel better
02:37 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:37 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <Kill1mes> Later Text
02:38 <Kill1mes> I mean Fatal
02:38 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
02:38 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <Raichikarp> yeah so i got out of the friendzone today with this guy at school on the last day of school.
02:38 <Irishninja0> wait reap whats wrong?
02:38 <HOTPOCKETMANIAC> time of day?
02:38 <Kill1mes> Hey face
02:38 <Icarus88> ciao Faaaaatal <.<
02:38 <Puma7372> Um...irrelevant?
02:38 <WhiteReaper> Scrol up, Irish
02:38 <Irishninja0> I just got out of pm with hoodie
02:38 <WhiteReaper> I think I'm gonna change the lyrics on my user page.
02:38 <Kill1mes> Should I change my pic back to Scoots? @Sarah
02:38 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hello guys
02:38 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:38 -!- Dark Hoodie has left Special:Chat.
02:38 <(´・ω・`)> no 
02:38 <(´・ω・`)> change your pic to...
02:38 <Irishninja0> you have two vaginas!?
02:38 <(´・ω・`)> hm.
02:39 <Kill1mes> Okay.
02:39 <Kill1mes> To?
02:39 <Acidpop> I log back in for the first time in 6 weeks and the first thing I do is change my icon
02:39 <Bug2buga> i need water it's so hot in my room
02:39 <Raichikarp> Ginger, i love your username
02:39 <Icarus88> to me
02:39 <WhiteReaper> yeo
02:39 <Irishninja0> how does that even work?  Its awesome
02:39 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
02:39 <Bug2buga> bcuz im in here all te time
02:39 <Bug2buga> im so hot
02:39 <(´・ω・`)> change it 
02:39 <Icarus88> make me your user pic
02:39 <(´・ω・`)> to 
02:39 <DASHDOT™> Spitfire
02:39 <Kill1mes> to?
02:39 <DASHDOT™> pls
02:39 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <Acidpop> i feel like i'm too attached to this one 
02:39 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has joined Special:Chat
02:39 <Irishninja0> but how does it work!?
02:39 <WhiteReaper> I'm transgender, irish
02:39 <(´・ω・`)> SPITFIRE YES.
02:39 <Irishninja0> I see
02:39 <Kill1mes> Spitfire.
02:39 <Kill1mes> mmk
02:39 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <(´・ω・`)> wait you're trans white 
02:39 <DASHDOT™> *YISS
02:39 <WhiteReaper> I'm a girl but i dress as a guy
02:39 <WhiteReaper> and I have a vagina on my back
02:39 <Puma7372> Transvastite?
02:39 <Irishninja0> Wait reap your a girl?
02:39 <Puma7372> O...kay
02:39 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:39 -!- HOTPOCKETMANIAC has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <WhiteReaper> but of course, sarah. Can't you tell by my pics
02:39 <Irishninja0> dang it I suck at guessing genders on here
02:39 <Puma7372> Is anybody reading my story?
02:40 <Puma7372>
02:40 <Irishninja0> I always get it wrong (urgh)
02:40 <Raichikarp> Straight Pride JK
02:40 <Raichikarp> LOL
02:40 <Puma7372> (ok)
02:40 <Zyranne> Reap, you're really a girl?! :o
02:40 <Irishninja0> raichi your your gay?
02:40 <(´・ω・`)> okay you're not serious then
02:40 <(´・ω・`)> mmmmmmkay
02:40 <WhiteReaper> But of course
02:40 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Raichikarp> no im a girl beyatch
02:40 <Tentacle Therapist> What the fuck are the annoying fruits doing with Moses?
02:40 <Irishninja0> but still reap I'm guessing your a tomboy?
02:40 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Puma7372> CCan you guys read my pasta?
02:40 <Puma7372>
02:40 <WhiteReaper> Nah actually I"m a straight guy and I'm trolling you people
02:40 <Raichikarp> im a bisexual girl irish
02:41 <Puma7372> (trollface)
02:41 <Puma7372> Damn
02:41 <Irishninja0> awesome raichi
02:41 <Puma7372> I thought that'd be there.
02:41 <Puma7372> (troll)
02:41 <Puma7372> Darn again!
02:41 <Irishninja0> *gets boner* 
02:41 <WhiteReaper> Wait irish
02:41 <Irishninja0> imeanwut
02:41 <Raichikarp> why isn't the trollface here?
02:41 <WhiteReaper> Do I look like a tomboy?
02:41 <Irishninja0> yes
02:41 <DASHDOT™> lawl
02:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cousin lets go bowling! - Duration: 01:12 - Uploaded: 2010-10-25 - Rating: 4.757339 - Views: 43,148 -
02:41 <WhiteReaper> Ah.
02:41 <Irishninja0> your not a tomboy?
02:41 <Kill1mes> Spitfire avatar.
02:41 <Puma7372>
02:41 <Puma7372>
02:41 <Puma7372>
02:41 <Kill1mes> stop]
02:41 <Irishninja0> a girl that does the same stuff as a guy
02:41 <Raichikarp> irish. why would you get a boner.
02:41 <Kill1mes> Stop spamming links
02:41 <Tentacle Therapist> SPAM IN CHAT
02:41 <Irishninja0> kill!!!
02:42 <DASHDOT™> Kill
02:42 <WhiteReaper> no one ever said I looked like one, irish
02:42 <Hävitetty> How do you support a thread
02:42 <Hävitetty> ?
02:42 <Bug2buga> man now im sad
02:42 <Irishninja0> I was kidding raichi
02:42 <Kill1mes> Irish!!
02:42 <DASHDOT™> Your avatar <33
02:42 <Tentacle Therapist> [[Spam in Chat]]
02:42 <Kill1mes> Dash
02:42 <WhiteReaper> You have seen me, right?
02:42 <Kill1mes> What
02:42 <Puma7372>
02:42 <Irishninja0> no
02:42 <Bug2buga> the water here tastes like metal
02:42 <Kill1mes> Puma last warning
02:42 <Kill1mes> Fucking stop
02:42 <Irishninja0> No I havenent reap
02:42 <Tentacle Therapist> [[Fuck You]]
02:42 <Bug2buga> they add too much fluoride
02:42 <Puma7372> Can you please read it then?
02:42 <Bug2buga> and lie
02:42 <Irishninja0> *havenent
02:42 <Bug2buga> like
02:42 <Irishninja0> dang it!
02:42 <Bug2buga> iron shit
02:42 <Tentacle Therapist> [[Goddamn Spammer]]
02:42 <Hävitetty> If no one has clicked on your pasta by now
02:42 <Kill1mes> Can you not spam it then?
02:42 <Hävitetty> No one wants to read it
02:42 <Bug2buga> the water even smells like aluminum
02:42 <WhiteReaper>
02:42 <Bug2buga> like wtf north carolina
02:42 <Bug2buga> get ur shit straight
02:42 <Kill1mes> So Dashdot
02:42 <Hävitetty> Now, can someone please tell me how to support a thread?
02:42 <(´・ω・`)> white pm
02:42 <(´・ω・`)> whore
02:42 <Acidpop> the one day I get a day off this week and I waste it by doing pointless shit
02:42 <Puma7372> I...I don't know whether anybody has. How do I find out?
02:42 <Icarus88> So I started a new series :)
02:42 <DASHDOT™> Yes?
02:42 -!- Raichikarp has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <Kill1mes> Do you and Sarah know each other from mlp wiki?
02:42 <DASHDOT™> Yess
02:43 <Kill1mes> {{Support}} @HAve
02:43 <Puma7372> How do you know if people read your post?
02:43 <(´・ω・`)> shit
02:43 <Kill1mes> mmk
02:43 <(´・ω・`)> our cover has been blown! 
02:43 <(´・ω・`)> D:
02:43 <Kill1mes> Your post in chat?
02:43 <DASHDOT™> sarah
02:43 <Puma7372> How do you know if people read your post?
02:43 <Kill1mes> Or your article?
02:43 <Icarus88> WOAH! Woah wait wait
02:43 <Puma7372> Yes
02:43 <Kill1mes> Yes to what
02:43 <Icarus88> theres MLP fans here?
02:43 <Acidpop> i've been doing nothing all day but watching origami videos and listening to the same nat king cole song on repeat
02:43 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
02:43 <Icarus88> lolk
02:43 <Acidpop> it's been really productive
02:43 <Puma7372> To your question
02:43 <LightFlower> ...
02:43 <Kill1mes> k.
02:43 <Puma7372> How do you know if people read your post?
02:43 <Kill1mes> You don't
02:43 <Icarus88> you dont
02:43 <Zyranne> There's plenty, Icurus
02:44 <Irishninja0> lightbulb!
02:44 <Icarus88> I know Zy
02:44 <Irishninja0> hi
02:44 <Kill1mes> Actually, I like this avatar.
02:44 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:44 <LightFlower> ...
02:44 <Icarus88> I was being slowpoke 
02:44 <(´・ω・`)> light
02:44 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <Zyranne> *Icarus
02:44 <Kill1mes> Heya Light
02:44 <Puma7372> That's stupid. There should at least be a notification or something.
02:44 <(´・ω・`)> what's with the default avatar 
02:44 -!- Puma7372 has left Special:Chat.
02:44 <LightFlower> hi...
02:44 <LightFlower> idk
02:44 <Irishninja0> something wrong light?
02:44 <LightFlower> :/
02:44 <Zyranne> Hey Light! :D
02:44 <LightFlower> no. my family just hates me.  nothing is fucking wrong
02:44 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so tired
02:44 <LightFlower> Hi.
02:44 <Bug2buga> well i have to go to bed motherfuckers
02:45 -!- Oswin Oswald has joined Special:Chat
02:45 <Bug2buga> light
02:45 <Irishninja0> hi oswin
02:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> godnight bug
02:45 <Bug2buga> noo
02:45 <Zyranne> I'm sorry Light. I know that feeling
02:45 <Oswin Oswald> hello
02:45 <Bug2buga> i dont hate you :
02:45 <Bug2buga> c
02:45 <LightFlower> my mom called me a fucking bitch today
02:45 <LightFlower> I didn't even do anything.
02:45 <WhiteReaper> Don't worry, light, my family hates me too.
02:45 <Bug2buga> my mom calls me things sometimes
02:45 <Tentacle Therapist> My mother interrupted the goddamn cutscene
02:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hi Oswin
02:45 <Bug2buga> lag
02:45 <(´・ω・`)> It's okay Light. 
02:45 <LightFlower> this is normal though
02:45 <Bug2buga> imma go soo
02:45 <Bug2buga> n
02:46 <LightFlower> she calls me shit like this every day
02:46 <(´・ω・`)> One day you can send her off to a shitty retirement home.
02:46 <Tentacle Therapist> Now I'll never know what that old dude said to Kratos.
02:46 <LightFlower> and she says that I treat HER like shit.
02:46 <WhiteReaper> LOL sarah
02:46 <Zyranne> My step mum's nalways saying horrible things to me
02:46 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <LightFlower> She always brings up shit from the past
02:46 <LightFlower> and belittles me
02:46 <LightFlower> and SHE is the one who made me suicidal in the first place
02:47 <Bug2buga> :c
02:47 <Bug2buga> im sorry man
02:47 <LightFlower> and she thinks my "diet" is making me depressed because I'm a real picky eater
02:47 <(´・ω・`)> really i dont think one day parents realize that their kids can screw them over later in life
02:47 <Bug2buga> im picky too omfg
02:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> im not treated bad, just misunderstood 95% of the time
02:47 <Kill1mes> One reason I want to be the best goddamned father ever. To make up for the shitty ones
02:47 <LightFlower> She doesn't know half the shit that goes on in my life, and she won't get it if I tell her.
02:47 <Kill1mes> I'd bleed for my family
02:47 <Kill1mes> and for all you bitches
02:47 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <Kill1mes> Hey Cheese
02:47 <Icarus88> Kill loves me!
02:47 <Icarus88> yay!
02:48 <(´・ω・`)> I don't want kids.
02:48 <LightFlower> The few times I tell her about bullying problems I have she doesn't give two shits and tells me to get over it
02:48 <(´・ω・`)> I don't want to be an ass.
02:48 <Tentacle Therapist> Person who raids my place of business.
02:48 <Tentacle Therapist> Hai
02:48 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Kill1mes> Sarah, you're not an ass.
02:48 <Icarus88> tell a school counselor or something
02:48 <Bug2buga> anal raiders these days
02:48 <Bug2buga> sarah pm
02:48 -!- Level VII has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Kill1mes> You have a strong opinon at times, and you stick with it, and some see that an an ass thinf
02:48 <Bug2buga> i gotta go soon too
02:48 <LightFlower> The school counselor is a bitch.
02:48 <DASHDOT™> My sister hates kids
02:48 <Bug2buga> so urrry
02:48 <Bug2buga> hurry
02:48 <Kill1mes> But you are in no way an ass
02:48 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <LightFlower> she sticks up for the richer kids who have teachers for parents
02:49 <Level VII> my pc froze because of hardware problems. I'm aout to throw this shitty alienware out the fucking window
02:49 <Kill1mes> Go to another trusted adult
02:49 <Icarus88> theres plenty around!
02:49 <Kill1mes> Or send me to your school, I'll beat those fuckers to a bloody pulp
02:49 <LightFlower> I like the latter option
02:49 <Kill1mes> I've been wanting a fight
02:49 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <DASHDOT™> Kill
02:49 <DASHDOT™> fite meIRL
02:49 <LightFlower> Except that's like over 110 people you're gonna half to beat
02:49 <Kill1mes> I seem to be a very passive agressive person
02:49 <DASHDOT™> u dnt evn lift
02:50 <Kill1mes> Brother, doth thou even hoise?
02:50 <Kill1mes> hoist*
02:50 <DASHDOT™> I hoist 
02:50 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
02:50 <DASHDOT™> but i also LIFT
02:50 <Tentacle Therapist> I fuck bitches
02:50 <Kill1mes> odam
02:50 <Icarus88> Why are boobs so awesome
02:50 <Tentacle Therapist> imeanwut
02:50 <DASHDOT™> I lift more than u
02:50 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <Kill1mes> I life
02:50 <Icarus88> like..... no matter your sexual orientation... boobs are awesome
02:50 <LightFlower> My mom has psychologically tormented me by yelling at me every day since before I can remember.
02:50 <DASHDOT™> Dammit i don't life
02:50 <Kill1mes> I lift my fat ass outta bed every day
02:50 <Kill1mes> imeanwut
02:50 <DASHDOT™> lawl ur fat lawl
02:51 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
02:51 <LightFlower> I used to crawl under my covers everyday and try to suffocate myself from the time I was 5 to the time I was 11
02:51 <DASHDOT™> just kidding you're beautiful
02:51 <Kill1mes> :D
02:51 <Kill1mes> What
02:51 <Kill1mes> Light nou
02:51 <Acidpop>
02:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Regina Spektor - Consequence of Sound - Duration: 05:20 - Uploaded: 2009-09-11 - Rating: 4.929266 - Views: 395,830 -
02:51 <Kill1mes> C;mon, look to the ligther things
02:51 <LightFlower> Then once last year I had a knife close to my heart.  I chickened out.  I almost cut myself with a razor blade last week.
02:51 <WhiteReaper> I'm horrible at giving advice, light, but...
02:52 <Tentacle Therapist> I wish I were a Jew.
02:52 <WhiteReaper> I'd flip her off, tell her to fuck herself and leave home. .-.
02:52 <DASHDOT™> You should never try to kill yourself
02:52 <Kill1mes> For example, pretty much every past of my life except the times on chat suck
02:52 <Tentacle Therapist> That way I could sacrifice shit to my god.
02:52 <DASHDOT™> There's no point
02:52 <Hävitetty> This is where I step in and say "Guys, stop seeking professional help in an online chatroom."
02:52 <LightFlower> i'm too young to leave home
02:52 <Icarus88> Light may I recommend a site to you? 
02:52 <Hävitetty> Then someone says, "Don't be so insensitive you ass"
02:52 <LightFlower> and I'll my family is out of state
02:52 <WhiteReaper> And then come back at night
02:52 <Hävitetty> And then I'm like "Hey, I'm just trying to assist"
02:52 <Tentacle Therapist> Christians can't just go out and cut a lamb up D:
02:52 <Hävitetty> Then the vicious cycle continues
02:52 <WhiteReaper> I'm too young too
02:52 <Kill1mes> Logic, huh Have?
02:52 <Irishninja0> light, check your pm's
02:52 <(´・ω・`)> I'd still threaten to put them in a shitty retirement home.
02:52 <Acidpop> what you have to do is not let it really get to you which I know is fucking terrible advice but I've had the same problems for years and I got over them
02:52 <Tentacle Therapist> Fuck it, I'm doing it.
02:52 <Icarus88> I was suicidal at one point in my life, heres a site that REALLY helped me:
02:52 <Icarus88> go to support, suicide chat
02:52 <Tentacle Therapist> I'm stealing a knife from the kitchen and I'm sacrificing the nearest animal I see.
02:53 <Kill1mes> 4-lane? I'll remember that
02:53 <Icarus88> tent, stay the fuck away from my cats
02:53 <(´・ω・`)> what no
02:53 <Kill1mes> ( I have a lot of sucidal friends)
02:53 <DASHDOT™> Tentacle
02:53 <(´・ω・`)> yeah no cats
02:53 <DASHDOT™> what if u see your sister
02:53 <Zyranne> God, these rainbow Dash avatars are confusing
02:53 <Icarus88> Yea Kill, the site is very good. I log on to help people sometimes
02:53 <(´・ω・`)> i will fucking murder you if you kill a cat .-.
02:53 <LightFlower> ok.  I might try it
02:53 <Acidpop> if self harm is your problem though there are some lists of alternatives 
02:53 <Hävitetty> Why is everyone so damn suicidal? 
02:53 <(´・ω・`)> Sloshy~
02:53 <Acidpop> hi sloshed
02:53 <Tentacle Therapist> Yeeah I'll probably just sacrifice a goat or some shit.
02:53 <Sloshedtrain> Hello.
02:53 <Kill1mes> I wish I was more of a help to them
02:53 <Kill1mes> HEy Slosh
02:53 <LightFlower> Seriously Sarah change it to Fluttershy so u rnt confused with tent
02:53 <Acidpop> because the world is fucking awful
02:53 <Zyranne> ^
02:54 <LightFlower> Fluttershy is all kindz of adorbz.
02:54 <Hävitetty> I think it's actually sort of cute. African children can take care of their siblings at just 12 years old, but you can't handle a little bullying at school?
02:54 <(´・ω・`)> bitch i had it first 
02:54 <Acidpop> i should reword that
02:54 <Kill1mes> Tent copied Sarah
02:54 <LightFlower> I don't even watch the show anymore
02:54 <Kill1mes> not the ither way around
02:54 <Tentacle Therapist> Shiny copied it first.
02:54 <DASHDOT™> I copied Sarah then messed it up 
02:54 <DASHDOT™> hue
02:54 <Icarus88> Hav, shut up. Problems are relative, you cant compare one to another
02:54 <Tentacle Therapist> I was the last to copy.
02:54 <Tentacle Therapist> Wait...
02:54 <VexedSpartan17> I come back and somehow the conversation turned to ponies
02:54 <(´・ω・`)> well shiny isn't here right now now is she
02:54 <Kill1mes> Have, that is a extrememly different point
02:54 <Tentacle Therapist> No, Kill did it after me.
02:54 <Kill1mes> WE're reasied differently
02:54 <Kill1mes> More spoiled
02:54 <VexedSpartan17> Why do I miss these things
02:54 <Hävitetty> Yes, we're raised to be pussies
02:54 <(´・ω・`)> OH BY THE WAY.
02:54 <(´・ω・`)> Speaking of Hav.
02:54 <Tentacle Therapist> And mine is upside-down, so it's not that confusing.
02:54 <Icarus88> problems are relative, the impact changes person to person
02:54 <Kill1mes> African children have to do it
02:55 <Kill1mes> for years
02:55 <Sadofreedomist> Hi Margerald!
02:55 -!- Hävitetty was banned from Special:Chat by (´・ω・`) for 31536000000 seconds.
02:55 <(´・ω・`)> Sock.
02:55 <Sadofreedomist> Awww.
02:55 <Kill1mes> Why was he unbanned anyways?
02:55 <Tentacle Therapist> From now on, I'm stealing every one you get.
02:55 <Zyranne> but Sarah's here xD
02:55 <Icarus88> seriously
02:55 <Acidpop> if a group of people acts as if they hate you, you're going to begin to believe it and hate yourself
02:55 <LightFlower> I had a whole retort planned but he got banned
02:55 <Tentacle Therapist> And I'll just turn it upside-down.
02:55 <LightFlower> thnx sarah
02:55 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Nobody supplied any real evidence, Kill
02:55 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> but Oblit linked me 
02:55 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> In PM
02:55 <Kill1mes> mk
02:55 <Icarus88> Is that a perma Sarah?
02:56 <Icarus88> it should be, that dudes a dick
02:56 <Kill1mes> Speaking of bitter
02:56 <(´・ω・`)> It is.
02:56 <Icarus88> good
02:56 <Zyranne> Meh..I'll just look at the names, rather than the avatars
02:56 <Kill1mes> What was the name of the third sock Oblit? I forgot
02:56 <WhiteReaper> He was making fun of people who cut earlier. .-.
02:56 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <Kill1mes> seond sock I mean
02:56 <Acidpop> i'd say my avatar is pretty easy to recognize once you get used to it
02:56 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <LightFlower> I was on for that Reaper
02:56 <LightFlower> I kinda like this generic avatar
02:56 <Acidpop> i'm an asshole for many reasons though
02:57 <Icarus88> he's a miserable person Im sure that makes himself feel better by ripping on other people
02:57 <LightFlower> It fits the whole Generic Light thing.
02:57 <Icarus88> it's actually a pretty common occurence
02:57 -!- VexedSpartan17 has left Special:Chat.
02:57 <Tentacle Therapist> That'll be my new thing.
02:57 <Sadofreedomist> some person whose name can be found by searching Margerald into the site search (last time I checked)
02:57 <Kill1mes> Okay.
02:57 <Acidpop> if it benefits them they won't give a shit whose feelings get hurt
02:58 <Icarus88> Acid, they like it. Misery loves company
02:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:58 <Tentacle Therapist> Gears of War and God of War have the same abbreviashuns D:
02:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
02:58 <LightFlower> well.  Band trip tomorrow.  I'm either gonna chicken out or get my heart broken or be surprised and have my crush actually like me.
02:59 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <TwinArmogeddons> Should i change my profile pic back?
02:59 <LightFlower> Butterflies in my stomach can not even describe this
02:59 <Tentacle Therapist> CONSPIRACEH
02:59 <TwinArmogeddons> Tent
02:59 <TwinArmogeddons> I forgot
02:59 <TwinArmogeddons> FUCK
02:59 <Icarus88> well Light
02:59 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:59 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
02:59 <Icarus88> if things dont go as planned, please dont take it out on yourself. It's an experience that is good to have
03:00 <LightFlower> I'm just gonna tell him "It's been four fucking weeks.  If you don't like me then say it.  If you do then just say something.  You're killing me."
03:00 <Icarus88> and it's MUCH better to try
03:00 <Icarus88> it coudl work you know?
03:00 <LightFlower> If he doesn't say anything I swear to god I'll will fucking slap him.
03:00 <Irishninja0> Good
03:00 <LightFlower> RYAN WAS HERE
03:00 <LightFlower> WHAT THE FUCK.  
03:00 <TwinArmogeddons> I've been shot down way to many times
03:00 <LightFlower> HOW WAS I NOT INFORMED
03:00 <Irishninja0> Light check your pm's
03:00 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
03:00 <Irishninja0> and I kept the info from you XD
03:00 <Tentacle Therapist> New Nickelodeon: making me lose my faith in humanity since 2010.
03:00 <TwinArmogeddons> I also have a HUGE fear of regection
03:01 <Javer80> Good evening, slack-jawed junksluts.
03:01 <Irishninja0> same here tent
03:01 <TwinArmogeddons> good afternoon
03:01 <LightFlower> I fucking hate nickelodeon and Disney channel
03:01 <TwinArmogeddons> new pretty much everythign
03:01 <LightFlower> Girls in my grade still watch Disney channel
03:01 <TwinArmogeddons> makes m fel that way
03:01 <LightFlower> It's like, OK YOU'RE ALMOST FRESHMEN.
03:01 <MagmaMan4488> Forgot I had the chat open.
03:01 <Kill1mes> I think my vision is getting worse
03:01 <TwinArmogeddons> word
03:01 <HiddenSpirit> PM ME.
03:01 <Tentacle Therapist> OMG KILL
03:01 <Tentacle Therapist> The Catholics were right!
03:02 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
03:02 <Kill1mes> huh
03:02 <TwinArmogeddons> My visions been blury for 3 days
03:02 <Tentacle Therapist> You need to stop fapping...
03:02 <MagmaMan4488> Before I go, I have something to show you all.
03:02 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm actualy serously scared
03:02 <MagmaMan4488>
03:02 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bone Rattling Creepypasta Reading! - Duration: 03:30 - Uploaded: 2013-05-31 - Rating: 4.428571 - Views: 25 -
03:02 <Kill1mes> I've never fapped
03:02 <Tentacle Therapist> D:
03:02 <LightFlower> I don't get why people do it O_O
03:02 <TwinArmogeddons> AND YOU CALL YOURSELF MALE
03:02 <Masked Hero Z> ^
03:02 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:02 <TwinArmogeddons> it feels A FUCKING MAZING
03:02 <Kill1mes> I find the idea of rubbing your dick to two people fucking each other's brains out a bit disgusting
03:02 <Ednoahjones> ^^
03:02 <TwinArmogeddons> thats why people do it
03:02 <MagmaMan4488> *jaw drops*
03:03 <MagmaMan4488> Kill, how do you do it?
03:03 <TwinArmogeddons> No no you fuck youreslf to solo girls
03:03 <TwinArmogeddons> Thats how
03:03 <Kill1mes> Easily
03:03 <Kill1mes> @Magma
03:03 <LightFlower> ...O_O Why do guys do that though.
03:03 <Ednoahjones> man. now i'm depressed
03:03 <TwinArmogeddons> I've never watched straigh porn (or gay porn)
03:03 <LightFlower> Is it true though.  Does every guy (except kill) do it?
03:03 <WhiteReaper> Light, guys have different needs than girls
03:03 <(´・ω・`)> No.
03:03 <Irishninja0> same here kill
03:03 <WhiteReaper> So yeah, every guy does it
03:03 <(´・ω・`)> Some girls do it too. 
03:03 <Ednoahjones> just about everyones don't it once well almost
03:03 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
03:03 <WhiteReaper> Plus girls.
03:03 <Kill1mes> I'm not seeing a naked girl until I am fully ready to start a family.
03:03 <Javer80> uh no lo
03:03 <Javer80> *lol
03:03 <Irishninja0> I don't really find it appealing
03:03 <TwinArmogeddons> Most girls
03:03 <TwinArmogeddons> do
03:03 <Javer80> girls also enjoy sex and masturbation
03:04 <WhiteReaper> And kill is trolling
03:04 <Javer80> by and large
03:04 <WhiteReaper> Because every guy faps
03:04 <Javer80> let us not speak in absolutes
03:04 <LightFlower> I don't
03:04 <Javer80> that means you, White
03:04 <LightFlower> Nor do I want to.
03:04 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:04 <Kill1mes> Reap, you can't generalize like that
03:04 <Javer80> well, yeah, you're like 14
03:04 <Tentacle Therapist> Kill, you're life must really suck..
03:04 <WhiteReaper> But it has been proven, kill
03:04 <Tentacle Therapist> your*
03:04 <Kill1mes> Not every guy does one thing or does not do one thing,
03:04 <WhiteReaper> Scientific researches
03:04 <Ednoahjones> shes 13 i believe
03:04 <Javer80> Even more reason.
03:04 <Ednoahjones> same year i started
03:04 <Kill1mes> I don't fap, I'm male, your arguemnt is invalid
03:04 <Javer80> exactly
03:04 <Kill1mes> Bitch.
03:04 <Sadofreedomist> oooh masturbation, the true intellectual's topic of choice for discussion
03:05 <Kill1mes> Totally mang
03:05 <WhiteReaper> You're an isolated case.
03:05 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <(´・ω・`)> It has been shown that some babies fap in the womb. 
03:05 <(´・ω・`)> So Kill.
03:05 <Kill1mes> But I'm still male.
03:05 <(´・ω・`)> You might have fapped in the womb idk.
03:05 <Javer80> LOL
03:05 <Ednoahjones> ...
03:05 <Ednoahjones> i've read about that too..
03:05 <(´・ω・`)> WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO.
03:05 <Kill1mes> Uhh, I think my arms would be too tiny for that.
03:05 <Acidpop> sarah provides us with the hard hitting information
03:05 <Tentacle Therapist> If you're a guy, you aren't born a virgin.
03:05 <Javer80> hey how about we act like adults, and discuss this without shaming each other for personal choices
03:05 <TwinArmogeddons> I was
03:05 <WhiteReaper> I can imagine twins fucking each other in the womb
03:05 <Tentacle Therapist> Noep
03:05 <TwinArmogeddons> I had a c sectoin
03:06 <(´・ω・`)> OMFG WHITE 
03:06 <WhiteReaper> what.
03:06 <(´・ω・`)> I NEARLY SPAT OUT MY WATER.
03:06 <Tentacle Therapist> Because you're ENTIRE BODY comes out of some woman's vagina.
03:06 <Sadofreedomist> sarah have you considered that behaving like unsane is in no way a wise decision
03:06 <Tentacle Therapist> So there.
03:06 <WhiteReaper> xD
03:06 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <Ednoahjones> that...
03:06 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:06 <Ednoahjones> that would make sense white
03:06 <Kill1mes> You never die a virgin, for life fucks us all over
03:06 <LightFlower> lol sado
03:06 <Tentacle Therapist> You pretty much lose your virginity at birth.
03:06 <(´・ω・`)> Sorry Oblit. 
03:06 <Acidpop> the concept of virginity is blatantly pointless
03:06 <LightFlower> 0.o
03:06 <Tentacle Therapist> But if you're a girl, no.
03:06 <Kill1mes> you are entire body?
03:06 <Kill1mes> What
03:06 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:06 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:06 <Tentacle Therapist> FUCKING DAMMIT
03:07 <Tentacle Therapist> WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING
03:07 <Kill1mes> haha
03:07 <Javer80> well, not entirely pointless - it has some biological significance. But certainly not as much as it should these days.
03:07 <Tentacle Therapist> Kill
03:07 <WhiteReaper> Is there a way to determine if a guy is a virgin?
03:07 <Tentacle Therapist> Fucking shut up.
03:07 <Tentacle Therapist> Go to your room.
03:07 <Kill1mes> I don't think so Reap
03:07 <Kill1mes> hmm
03:07 <Level VII> So. What religions do we have in here? Just curious.
03:07 <Tentacle Therapist> You're grounded for two whole minutes.
03:07 <Acidpop> that may be but I'm saying no one should care who you fuck because it's not something that should be of their concern
03:07 <TwinArmogeddons> God i'm bored
03:07 <Kill1mes> We don't speak of religions in here
03:07 <Javer80> Good question! I don't know.
03:07 <WhiteReaper> I'm agnostic.
03:07 <Kill1mes> for now
03:07 <(´・ω・`)> I'm atheist. 
03:07 <(´・ω・`)> Kill, it's fine. 
03:07 <Sadofreedomist> oh dear
03:07 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Atheist
03:07 <(´・ω・`)> Calm your titties.
03:07 <Javer80> we've got a majority on the thread, Kill~
03:07 <TwinArmogeddons> And a bit depressed
03:07 <Zyranne> Same, Reap
03:07 <Kill1mes> I'm athist too, but is is really a religion?
03:07 <Javer80> Yes! Well, it is a religious stance.
03:07 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> >is is really a religion
03:08 <Javer80> So I'd say it qualifies.
03:08 <Kill1mes> It's not set beliefs, it's disbeliefs
03:08 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> >is is
03:08 <Sadofreedomist> so acid is okay with paedos and other rapists of all stripes then i guess
03:08 <Tentacle Therapist> I don't think atheism is a religion.
03:08 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
03:08 <WhiteReaper> It's the denial of god, Kill
03:08 <DASHDOT™>
03:08 <LightFlower> I don't think it is either
03:08 <(´・ω・`)> Well the faith in no higher power is still a faith. 
03:08 <WhiteReaper> I don't think it's a religion.
03:08 <Tentacle Therapist> It's just, no.
03:08 -!- Silver2954 has joined Special:Chat
03:08 <Kill1mes> Well
03:08 <Icarus88> it's a set of beliefs
03:08 <Silver2954> waddup
03:08 <Sadofreedomist> i never knew people in here could be such human faeces
03:08 <Kill1mes> It's disbelief in a higher power
03:08 <Javer80> Oh, beliefs, disbeliefs. Believing something means disbelieving another, and vice versa. So there isn't a meaningful distinction.
03:08 <Kill1mes> It's thinking humans are the highest power
03:08 <Tentacle Therapist> Well, atheists do believe in a higher power.
03:08 <Icarus88> the belief there isn't is a belief
03:08 <Javer80> They amount to the same.
03:08 <Level VII> Silver, we didn't invite you.
03:08 <Tentacle Therapist> Like, nature or some shit.
03:08 <WhiteReaper> But religion is centered around a higher being, not around faith
03:08 <TwinArmogeddons> no
03:08 <Kill1mes> Exactly.
03:08 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Evolution, usually
03:08 <Kill1mes> wait what
03:08 <Acidpop> i don't believe that "fuck" has the same meaning as "rape" or "child molestation"
03:08 <Level VII> No. Religion isn't set around a being.
03:08 <Silver2954> hey level im a person to
03:09 <Javer80> Let's not overgeneralize, now. Atheism literally implies nothing other than the absence of theistic belief.
03:09 <WhiteReaper> Satanism also believes that humans are the higher power.
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> atheasts (true atheasts) beleave in no form of higher power
03:09 <Tentacle Therapist> I don't understand how evolution could've happened.
03:09 <Javer80> You can't ascribe anything else to it.
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> Yes it does white
03:09 <LightFlower> I lost faith when my Nana killed herself
03:09 <Level VII> There's really good examples of religions out there that don't worship a higher being.
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> We evolved from apes.
03:09 <Kill1mes> Religion is, in my opinion, set beliefs on something.
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It's obvious
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> I've read my satanic bible
03:09 <Javer80> @Level VII: point.
03:09 -!- Silver2954 has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <Tentacle Therapist> Well in that case
03:09 <Ednoahjones> twin
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> and my normal bible
03:09 <Javer80> Of course. We all set beliefs on things.
03:09 <Ednoahjones> you have a PM
03:09 <Level VII> Twin, are you a Satanist?
03:09 <Kill1mes> Atheism is lack of set belief
03:09 <Kill1mes> So is it really a religion?
03:09 <Tentacle Therapist> How are humans not evolving from apes nowadays?
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> no i'm an agnostic
03:09 <Kill1mes> Some still are apes.
03:09 <Level VII> Ohhhhhhh.
03:09 <Kill1mes> .-.
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Because it's not an overnight thing 
03:09 <TwinArmogeddons> who dables in varous relegions
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> We've took BILLIONS OF YEARS
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> on this planet
03:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> to evolve 
03:10 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Every species does.
03:10 <Javer80> It's not a religion. It's a stance on religion. I don't really think it matters which you call it.
03:10 <LightFlower> I realized that no higher being could be there 
03:10 <LightFlower> and if there is a God
03:10 <WhiteReaper> I do believe that apes evolved into the black race, which then evolved into the other races.
03:10 <LightFlower> He is one sick motherfucker
03:10 <WhiteReaper> Because it was originated in africa.
03:10 <Acidpop> no one pays attention anyway
03:10 <Kill1mes> I go to this recreation group and I learn about christiantity for a little bit, most of it is sport though
03:10 <WhiteReaper> Evolved may sound racist, so "adapted"
03:10 <Zyranne> Light, I agree
03:10 <Acidpop> unless they're quick to point it out and argue that it's wrong
03:10 <Kill1mes> Christianity is really complicated
03:10 <Tentacle Therapist> Not really
03:10 <Level VII> You can still be christian and believe in evolution. Like my dad does, he just thinks most stories in the bible are just kind of like lessons.
03:10 <TwinArmogeddons> I'll never go to curch because of my lesbain freind's suicide
03:10 <Level VII> and they didnt really happen
03:10 <Javer80> whaddya mean, Acidpop
03:10 <LightFlower> Seriously.
03:10 <TwinArmogeddons> that was caused by constant presure from her curch
03:10 <Irishninja0> light, pm's
03:11 <LightFlower> If you are willing to kill your son for a FAKE DEITY
03:11 <TwinArmogeddons> so she shot herself
03:11 <LightFlower> YOU ARE FUCKED UP
03:11 <LightFlower> That is just FUCKED UP.
03:11 <Kill1mes> That's horrible @Twin
03:11 <Javer80> That's kind of circular, dear.
03:11 <Ednoahjones> holy shit
03:11 <Level VII> -_-
03:11 <Irishninja0> not all christians are like that
03:11 <Kill1mes> Sorry to hear it
03:11 <Level VII> Fuck off light.
03:11 <Javer80> Abraham didn't believe God was fake.
03:11 <TwinArmogeddons> And thats why i have no faith in the curch
03:11 <Javer80> So.
03:11 <Kill1mes> Shit
03:11 <Tentacle Therapist> It's just a belief in an all-knowing eternal force that created some sort of spirit realm and the entire universe and placed intelligent and dumbass life on earth.
03:11 <Kill1mes> I need to sleep
03:11 <Irishninja0> in fact god praised a guy who didn't kill his son
03:11 <Kill1mes> Night all
03:11 <Irishninja0> wait level
03:11 <TwinArmogeddons> as an organsation of "Love"
03:11 <WhiteReaper> Let's sto´p talking about this
03:11 <LightFlower> I asked my dad once, "If God told you to kill me or Tommy would you do it."
03:11 <Irishninja0> what did you just say
03:11 <Acidpop> no one gives a shit about what you call atheism (whether it's stance on religion or an actual religion) is what i meant
03:11 <Javer80> Oh, I see.
03:11 <Level VII> I told light to shut up
03:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> We didn't just appear overnight 
03:11 <LightFlower> He didn't say anything, buut I interpreted it as a yes.
03:11 <Javer80> Hey, now. Civility, please.
03:11 <LightFlower> That's f'd up though.
03:12 <Irishninja0> Level don't you tell her to shut up
03:12 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
03:12 <Level VII> I just did.
03:12 <Irishninja0> Don't ever, do that
03:12 <WhiteReaper> Yes, level, you're turning it into something personal
03:12 <Level VII> WANNA FITE
03:12 <Javer80> I understand that this is important, but we want to communicate without being a dick about it.
03:12 <LightFlower> YOU'RE STARTING A FIGHT
03:12 <Acidpop> and i'm sorry i'm a very slow typist so
03:12 <Irishninja0> Fine....
03:12 <WhiteReaper> What Javer said.
03:12 <Tentacle Therapist> Well, let's just end this with, any religion could be right.
03:12 <LightFlower> JEBUS We got the majority, lets not prove it wrong
03:12 <Tentacle Therapist> In fact, none of them could be.
03:12 <Tentacle Therapist> The end
03:12 <LightFlower> Let's just act civilized
03:12 <Level VII> How is telling someone to shut up "turning it into something personal" Bashing someone's belifs isn't personal but that is? Give me a break.
03:12 <Javer80> Sure, but that's the point: it's about faith.
03:12 <Tentacle Therapist> New topic
03:13 <Javer80> @Level: Because it's mean and uncalled for <:
03:13 <WhiteReaper> Hard to find a christian that accepts that, tentacle
03:13 <Level VII> So is bashing someone's faith
03:13 <Javer80> Two wrongs don't make a right, bruh.
03:13 <Tentacle Therapist> Well, I just normally say that to please people who think that and shit.
03:13 <Level VII> But I didn't se you call them out on it.
03:13 <Ednoahjones> one of my inspirations on youtube died in a car accident
03:13 <LightFlower> I was in the wrong too.
03:13 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I get tons of shit for being atheist.
03:13 <LightFlower> I'm sorry Level.
03:13 <Level VII> Wanna make out now light? since we cool
03:13 <WhiteReaper> What I mean is that most of them don't respect other religions.
03:14 <LightFlower> I'm like 13.
03:14 <Level VII> sorry light
03:14 <LightFlower> xD
03:14 <Javer80> Anyway, many theists find the notion of faith admirable, which is why belief is a part of their normative system. Because it's easy to believe something with proof, but difficult to believe it without.
03:14 <Level VII> Oh
03:14 <LightFlower> We cool now?
03:14 <Level VII> No thanks then, too old.
03:14 <Level VII> yes
03:14 <LightFlower> @2YOUNG4CLERIC
03:14 <LightFlower> *#2YOUNG4CLERIC
03:14 <LightFlower> wrote @ instead of #
03:14 <Zyranne> How old are you, Level?
03:14 <Level VII> 17
03:14 <Acidpop> the chat went from talking about one subject that shouldn't be discussed to another that shouldn't be discussed
03:14 <Acidpop> we're all rebels
03:14 <Zyranne> Cool. I'm 16
03:14 <Tentacle Therapist> To me, the belief that nothing created everything is illogical.
03:14 <Level VII> I dont like le police
03:15 <Javer80> Go on, Tent?
03:15 <WhiteReaper> I'm 16, as well.
03:15 <Tentacle Therapist> I believe that something or someone had to have created this.
03:15 <Level VII> im the eldest. YOU SHAL ALL FOLLOW ME
03:15 <DASHDOT™> Flying Spaghetti Monster 
03:15 <Javer80> that's fair. I have trouble with that problem too.
03:15 <HiddenSpirit> JAVER.
03:15 <HiddenSpirit> PM.
03:15 <Level VII> Doritos created us all.
03:15 <Irishninja0> actually level
03:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> The Universe is unarguably the most mysterious thing we know of 
03:15 <Irishninja0> cleric is
03:15 <Javer80> i mean, you can trace the Big Bang back to a cause
03:15 <Level VII> </3
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Who knows?
03:16 <Javer80> but that cause must have had a cause
03:16 <Tentacle Therapist> And there's a lot of shit in religion that people couldn't have just made up.
03:16 <Javer80> and so on, in an infinite series, which seems improbable
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> We could just be someone's imagination.
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> And don't even know it.
03:16 <LightFlower> Cleric is 26
03:16 <Level VII> oh man dude that's so chill
03:16 <HiddenSpirit> And now we move into philosophy.
03:16 <Zyranne> I guess there must be some grain of truth
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> No, Hidden
03:16 -!- Toolamon has joined Special:Chat
03:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:16 <LightFlower> If we are all someone's imagination, then why the fuck would that person make John Lennon get shot
03:16 <Toolamon> Hai
03:16 <LightFlower> imean srsly
03:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:16 <HiddenSpirit> Yes, Weirdo.
03:16 <Irishninja0> well, what if history never happened
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It was rhetorical
03:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Jeez
03:16 <Acidpop> hi hidden
03:16 <Level VII> IT's all a lie
03:17 <Javer80> that don't make no gatdam sense
03:17 <Zyranne> @Light because they're an asshole 
03:17 <Level VII> ALL OF IT
03:17 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Acid
03:17 <Toolamon> O_O
03:17 <Irishninja0> like if we are part of someones imagenation
03:17 <Level VII> I take acid
03:17 <LightFlower> And make George die of cancer ;_;
03:17 <Level VII> not
03:17 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <Tentacle Therapist> What if our life is an afterlife?
03:17 <Irishninja0> then he could have imagined all of past history
03:17 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I was simply saying a "what if" statement, not turning it into philosophy 
03:17 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> in subsequence with what tent said
03:17 <Javer80> :3c  But some of the most brilliant, inquisitive minds on the planet are still fervently debating it. There must be something worth serious consideration to it.
03:17 <LightFlower> That moment when you realize you don't know the Beatles personally and you start crying
03:17 <LightFlower> ~Tumblr
03:17 <Level VII> What if our life is just us living out our life all over again? That coudl possibly explain deja vu.
03:17 <LightFlower> Tent, then this is a shitty afterlife
03:17 <HiddenSpirit> I meant that it's a philosophical topic
03:18 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
03:18 <TwinArmogeddons> I 'm sooo bored
03:18 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
03:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Its sickinging
03:18 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I just brought it up as a possibility 
03:18 <Tentacle Therapist> I would just be scared as shit to be any other religion besides Christianity.
03:18 <Level VII> wanna make out tiwn?
03:18 <Javer80> @Level: well, we can't live out our lives again exactly. Conditions change massively from generation to generation.
03:18 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> now everyone's overthinking it
03:18 <TwinArmogeddons> I'd rather not
03:18 <Tentacle Therapist> Because if the atheists are right, we die and NOTHING happens.
03:18 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I didn't mean to start this
03:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Yeah
03:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Basicly tent
03:18 <Level VII> Anyone wanna make out?
03:18 <LightFlower> Imagine there's no heaven.
03:18 <Javer80> you're not responsible, Coffee. =p it's just interesting.
03:18 <LightFlower> It's easy if you try
03:18 <Javer80> Mhm? Go on.
03:18 <Tentacle Therapist> But if the Christians are right, if you don't believe in that belief, then you could risk an eternity being tortured in hell.
03:18 <LightFlower> No hell below us
03:19 <Zyranne> @Level NO
03:19 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I brought up the idea of "What if we're imaginations"
03:19 <LightFlower> Above us only sk
03:19 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and it backfired
03:19 <LightFlower> *sky
03:19 <Toolamon> imwatchingyou
03:19 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
03:19 <Acidpop> chatroulette is what you're looking for level
03:19 <LightFlower> IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE
03:19 <Level VII> Of course there's no hell below us. It's the earth
03:19 <LightFlower> LIVING FOR TODAY
03:19 <Toolamon> iseeyou
03:19 <Javer80> . . . are you just quoting lyrics
03:19 <DASHDOT™> BBL
03:19 <LightFlower> Yes.
03:19 <LightFlower> Because John Lennon is amazing.
03:19 <LightFlower> And I agree with him.
03:19 <LightFlower> The song is Imagine.
03:20 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:20 <Acidpop> how long have I had this icon?
03:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> To me, Christianity is an illogical fallacy.
03:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> God loves us....but if we do something bad he'll send us to a horrible place to burn and suffer and cry and scream for an eternity.
03:20 <Acidpop> i mean I just changed it back today but
03:20 <LightFlower>
03:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Imagine - The Beatles - John Lennon - Duration: 03:14 - Uploaded: 2007-10-31 - Rating: 4.914813 - Views: 5,321,787 -
03:20 <Javer80> Right.
03:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Some of these, such as masturbation, which is totally natural, is condemned as "sin".
03:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> What kind of sick faith would make a sin out of pleasure?
03:20 <Acidpop> God loves everybody except for the homeless
03:20 <LightFlower> yeah really coffee
03:20 <Acidpop> apparently
03:20 <Javer80> I do things that may not seem immediately good if you don't know the circumstances, but are done with good intent and out of love.
03:20 <LightFlower> about the god thing
03:20 <TwinArmogeddons> WELL IM ABOUT TO PISS MY PANTS
03:20 <LightFlower> "OBEY ME OR BURN IN HELL"
03:21 <LightFlower> "ALSO IM GOOD"
03:21 <Acidpop> that's not coming from me, it's coming from the concept itself
03:21 <Sadofreedomist> the road to hell etc etc
03:21 <TwinArmogeddons> 
03:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Hypno's Lullaby Reversed w/ Lyrics - Duration: 01:43 - Uploaded: 2012-05-03 - Rating: 4.771429 - Views: 23,264 -
03:21 <TwinArmogeddons> That
03:21 <Acidpop> now I really sound like an asshole 
03:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Not the lyrics but fuck does it sound fucked up
03:21 <WhiteReaper> "I'm a good fella. Love me above everything and don't masturbate or do other good stuff and I just might not send you to eternal suffering"
03:21 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <Acidpop> I apology
03:21 <Acidpop> apologize
03:21 <Acidpop> fuck 
03:21 <Irishninja0> You know most stereotypes about the bible and christians are wrong
03:21 <Irishninja0> for example
03:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "Everytime you masturbate, God feels a pain in his arm."
03:21 <Irishninja0> God encourages you to get laid
03:21 <Acidpop> see this is what lag does to me
03:21 <Javer80> @Acid: about the homeless, well, the meek shall inherit the Earth. =p  besides, according to theist doctrine, a lifetime of misery is literally next to nothing compared to an eternity of joy.
03:22 <LightFlower> You may saaay I'm a dreamer
03:22 <LightFlower> But I'm not the only one
03:22 <Icarus88> welp
03:22 <Icarus88> I think Im going to go write another pasta
03:22 <LightFlower> I hope someday you will join us
03:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> In some cases, Religion could be considered a form of child abuse.
03:22 <WhiteReaper> God killed 42 children because they made fun of a guy. According to the bible.
03:22 <Javer80> that's where you get Pascal's thinking from
03:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Bear with me, here.
03:22 <LightFlower> and the wooorld will live as one!
03:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Ill explain.
03:22 <LightFlower> And he is supposed to be good. lolwut @Reaper
03:22 <Javer80> 'tay~
03:22 <Tentacle Therapist> This is why I like God.
03:22 <Javer80> BUT
03:23 <Javer80> do remember you said "some cases"
03:23 <Level VII> lolololzzzzzz ima trlll
03:23 <WhiteReaper> Exactly, light
03:23 <Tentacle Therapist> He's a hardass.
03:23 <Javer80> so you don't necessarily get to generalize
03:23 <LightFlower> A few people sin: LETS DROWN THE WORLD U GUISE
03:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes, exactly
03:23 <Tentacle Therapist> He loves you, but do the wrong shit and expect to burn.
03:23 <(´・ω・`)> Apparently if your testicles have been crushed. 
03:23 <LightFlower> WHAT good has God done
03:23 <(´・ω・`)> You can't go to heaven. 
03:23 <Tentacle Therapist> It's like...
03:23 <LightFlower> 10 plagues anyone?
03:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Tent: so if I masturbate, which is *natural*, I go to hell?
03:23 <Tentacle Therapist> That "no nonsense" kind of father.
03:23 <Irishninja0> actually light it was more than half of the world
03:23 <Irishninja0> not just a few people
03:23 <(´・ω・`)> Also I don't like God's view on suicide. 
03:23 <Tentacle Therapist> Not if you repent and shit.
03:23 <Icarus88> God kinda reminda me of Joseph Stalin
03:23 <WhiteReaper> Well, "The world is too violent and there's people killing each other. I'LL DROWN THEM ALL SO THE KILLING STOPS"
03:23 <Icarus88> reminds*
03:23 <LightFlower> so irish
03:23 <Toolamon> iseeyourface
03:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm not repenting for something I do that's totally natural, sorry
03:23 <(´・ω・`)> God gives you a life that is so shitty you'd prefer death over it. 
03:23 <Irishninja0> but still
03:24 <Irishninja0> it is pretty messed up
03:24 <(´・ω・`)> And then you go to hell because you've wasted your EVER SO WONDERFUL LIFE.
03:24 <(´・ω・`)> Fuck that. 
03:24 <Javer80> ah, but nature is also a state of feral, immoral behavior. so claiming that something is natural doesn't absolve it of moral wrong.
03:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ^
03:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> This, Sarah.
03:24 <Irishninja0> Actually sarah thats incorrect
03:24 <LightFlower> God gave us a "gift of life" and makes it shitty?
03:24 <LightFlower> FUCK THAT
03:24 <(´・ω・`)> No you go to hell for suicide. 
03:24 <LightFlower> My Nana got cursed with all the wrong things happening to her.
03:24 <WhiteReaper> I was typing that, Sarah.
03:24 <Tentacle Therapist> Although the world is full of suffering, there are also the overcoming of it.
03:24 <Javer80> but you can trade that shitty life for an eternity of happiness, in theory
03:24 <Acidpop> television show intros that look and sounds like a badguy eighties movie are the best intros
03:24 <Irishninja0> that was made up by the catholic church to get people to stop killing them selves during the black plaugue
03:24 <Icarus88> God is all like "Hey you better worship me, and love me, and do everything I say..... or youll BURN MOTHERFUCKER" Stalin saidthe same thing
03:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Children are constantly getting slammed religion into their heads everyday
03:24 <Irishninja0> you don't go to hell if you kill yourself
03:25 <Javer80> You sure?
03:25 <LightFlower> Honestly, I'll take the word of John Lennon over a book.
03:25 <WhiteReaper> I go to hell for trying to get rid of all the pain.
03:25 <Irishninja0> Postive
03:25 <Irishninja0> *positive
03:25 <Javer80> i mean, if you're martyred - which is sort of like suicide by cop, lol
03:25 <LightFlower> "No hell below us.  Above us only sky."
03:25 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
03:25 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
03:25 <Sadofreedomist> some people get rich, others eat shit and die. it's a strange world!
03:25 <LightFlower>
03:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Egorapture - Duration: 01:16 - Uploaded: 2012-02-09 - Rating: 4.753226 - Views: 2,109,129 -
03:25 <Javer80> but it's the only one that's ever existed
03:25 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> God hates us all, if he is real.
03:25 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> He made me a miserable, depressed and horribly lonely person because he wanted it that way. He must also have wanted my grandpa to be murdered unjustly.
03:26 <Irishninja0> trust me javer, you don't go to hell if you commit suicide
03:26 <Javer80> okay, if you say so~
03:26 <WhiteReaper> Maybe God doesn't give a single fuck.
03:26 -!- Oswin Oswald has left Special:Chat.
03:26 <Irishninja0> I made sure
03:26 <LightFlower> He must have wanted my Nana to kill herself
03:26 <Javer80> That would be Deism, White.
03:26 <LightFlower> He must have wanted me depressed
03:26 <Tentacle Therapist> Maybe it's like Gateway of the Mind.
03:26 <WhiteReaper> Maybe we are all puppets to his sick play.
03:26 <HiddenSpirit> Well, that's  not very optimistic.
03:26 <Icarus88> yup Im off to writing land
03:26 <Tentacle Therapist> Maybe God could've abandoned us.
03:26 <Javer80> Havi is a strong pandeist; we could ask him about that.
03:26 <Icarus88> ciao ciao
03:26 <WhiteReaper> Maybe God is dead, you know?
03:26 <HiddenSpirit> If there is an afterlife, it doesn't mean that you'll suffer forever.
03:26 <Javer80> how so?
03:26 <WhiteReaper> He killed himself after seeing what we turned into.
03:26 <Javer80> literally dead? cuz that's not how Nietzsche meant it
03:26 <Javer80> oh lol
03:26 <Acidpop> human marionettes 
03:26 <HiddenSpirit> You're just taking a very closed-minded perspective on it.
03:26 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Why would I believe in a God who caused me so much suffering.
03:26 <Acidpop> a classic
03:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Why?
03:27 <LightFlower> I agree @Coffee
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> Well, I'm done trying to even voice my opinion. 
03:27 <Javer80> "believe" how, Coffee?
03:27 <LightFlower> I gtg
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> It always goes back to, "God made me miserable, so I should hate him."
03:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Follow the faith
03:27 <Javer80> Believing something exists doesn't necessarily mean approving of it.
03:27 <Irishninja0> wait light!
03:27 <Irishninja0> pm's
03:27 <Javer80> Ah.
03:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hidden
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> Yeah, Javer.
03:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That's what I firmly believe 
03:27 <Sadofreedomist> if you believe the other planets out there don't exist lol
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> You cannot force yourself to believe.
03:27 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
03:27 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
03:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm sorry for voicing *my* opinion, as well.
03:27 <Javer80> Very good!
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> You simply do.
03:27 <Javer80> oh, don't apologize xD  you contributed very well
03:27 <HiddenSpirit> I did not mean to come across as aggressive.
03:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Well, I feel like shit now 
03:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> but whatever, it's okay
03:28 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
03:28 <Javer80> aw. ):
03:28 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
03:28 <Javer80> we're yo friendz though~
03:28 <Irishninja0> Man I feel like shit
03:28 <WhiteReaper> Don't worry, I feel like shit too.
03:28 <Javer80> God can butt out for the moment
03:28 <WhiteReaper> for the past 3 fucking years.
03:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I just want to die.
03:29 <Irishninja0> guys, did I ever come on here and say things that didn't sound like something i would say?
03:29 <Tentacle Therapist> It's told in the book of Revelations that at the political uprise of the Antichrist (probably Obama XD) Jesus will return to earth, kill said Antichrist, revive all that died and for 1000 there will be a Christian rule over the earth. But after those 1000 years, there will come a second death, and the final judgement of God's followers. And those who are badly judged shall be thrown into the lake of fire and those who are judged well shall go with God and His people to a new earth where the wickedness of man will no longer exist.
03:29 <Javer80> ooh
03:29 <WhiteReaper> Wanna talk about it, cheese?
03:29 <Tentacle Therapist> Sorry for the wall of text
03:29 <Javer80> *reads*
03:29 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> No
03:29 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I just want to blow my brains out right now
03:29 <HiddenSpirit> I see, Tent.
03:29 <Irishninja0> no one going to answer me?
03:29 <HiddenSpirit> What would blowing your brains out do?
03:29 <WhiteReaper> Who doesn't, coffee?
03:29 <HiddenSpirit> There's so much to live for.
03:29 <Irishninja0> (ok)
03:29 <WhiteReaper> There's so much to die for.
03:29 <Javer80> @Irish: why do you always expect everyone to drop everything
03:30 <Tentacle Therapist> It's there where the curse that was placed on man at the beginning will be gone as well
03:30 <Irishninja0> I don't
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> Well, how optimistic.
03:30 <Irishninja0> just usually people get answered
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> You let yourself suffer.
03:30 <Toolamon> whatsyourname
03:30 <WhiteReaper> I've never been ptimistic, you knwo that.
03:30 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hiddeen, come on.
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> I'm sure that not all the pain is solely caused by yourself, but I'm sure that some of it is.
03:30 <Irishninja0> and I don't like being completely ignored, especially on something so serious
03:30 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <WhiteReaper> Are you talking to me or coffee. .-.
03:30 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> You're depressed too; you don't look good telling us to "Be optimistic" 
03:30 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> And to be honest I rarely see you being optimistic, so why bother
03:31 <Irishninja0> I think I might be hacked
03:31 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I can't change who I am
03:31 <Irishninja0> thats why I'm asking
03:31 <HiddenSpirit> I'm trying to be optimistic right now, aren't I.
03:31 <HiddenSpirit> I just told you that there's so much to live for.
03:31 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes.
03:31 <HiddenSpirit> I have occasional bouts of depression where I display pessimism, but this is not one of those cases.
03:31 <WhiteReaper> Being optimistic doesn't help a single bit.
03:32 <Irishninja0> (ok)
03:32 <Level VII> so, hows the party you guys? Did everyone get their goody bag?
03:32 <HiddenSpirit> Okay, then what do you want?
03:32 <WhiteReaper> What's the point in lying to yourself.
03:32 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Depression is clinical.
03:32 <WhiteReaper> I like to be realistic.
03:32 <HiddenSpirit> That's rather paradoxical thinking.
03:32 <Level VII> Did everyone get here fine?
03:32 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm not lying to myself by pretending to be happy.
03:32 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That makes it worse.
03:32 <Level VII> I have the fruit punch and cookies on the counter if anyone wants some.
03:32 <HiddenSpirit> If it's clinical, then I suggest therapy.
03:32 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I go to a therapist.
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> If you're sad, go find some activity to do.
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> It usually eases the pain.
03:33 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hidden, I'm being checked into a mental institution tomorrow.
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> Find something that you love to do.
03:33 <WhiteReaper> Not easy when you can't focus on anything, Hidden.
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> Why is that?
03:33 <Sloshedtrain> Well...
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> Then try.
03:33 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I tried to kill myself the other day.
03:33 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I thought I told you all ths.
03:33 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> *this
03:34 <HiddenSpirit> I thought you made another attempt, which is why I asked.
03:34 <WhiteReaper> I tried killing myself on Tuesday. .-.
03:34 <HiddenSpirit> Well, Reaper, why don't you try to use some more LOGIC for once.
03:34 <WhiteReaper> Oh, how so?
03:34 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
03:34 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
03:34 <HiddenSpirit> Does anyone know how to make fire in photoshop.
03:35 <WhiteReaper> Does it need to look like fire?
03:35 <HiddenSpirit> Yeah. 
03:35 <WhiteReaper> I can make lighting effects and auras. Never tried for actual fire.
03:35 <Sloshedtrain> Hmm....
03:35 <HiddenSpirit> Hold on.
03:36 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
03:36 <WhiteReaper> I took photo editing classes a few years back, in school. .-.
03:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:37 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
03:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:37 <WhiteReaper> Did chat just die?
03:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:37 <Sloshedtrain> I think so.
03:38 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:39 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:39 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:39 -!- Level VII has left Special:Chat.
03:40 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
03:40 <WhiteReaper> Let's talk about cows.
03:40 <Majin112> cow
03:40 <Majin112> cow
03:40 <Majin112> cow
03:40 <Majin112> that is all\
03:40 <Irishninja0> Majin!
03:40 <Majin112> yes
03:40 <WhiteReaper> It rhymed. .-.
03:40 <Irishninja0> you left without finishing our converstaion
03:40 <Irishninja0> *conversation
03:40 <Sloshedtrain> Cows are delicious. Nuff said.
03:40 <Irishninja0> from earlier
03:41 <Irishninja0> hi sloshed
03:41 <Majin112> I had PANCAKES 
03:41 <Irishninja0> we must finish then!
03:41 <Irishninja0> to the pm's!
03:41 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
03:41 <Majin112> what is pinging...
03:42 <Irishninja0> pong
03:43 <Majin112> someone ping me
03:43 <Irishninja0> I am :3
03:43 <Irishninja0> pong
03:43 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
03:44 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
03:44 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
03:44 <(´・ω・`)> So I'm watching this one show that's supposedly stealing Bob's Burgers style of animation (kid's cartoon).
03:44 <(´・ω・`)> It sucks so much. Dx
03:44 <Child Of Mantra> Hellou.
03:44 -!- Level VII has joined Special:Chat
03:44 <Level VII> Marco
03:44 <Irishninja0> polop
03:44 <Irishninja0> *polo
03:44 <Irishninja0> level is back
03:44 <Level VII> you fucked it up irish
03:44 <Irishninja0> yay -_-
03:44 <Majin112> what is it sarah ?
03:44 <Level VII> YOU FUCKED IT UP
03:45 <Irishninja0> XD
03:45 <(´・ω・`)> Sonjay and Craig. 
03:45 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
03:45 <(´・ω・`)> The first episode is literally one giant butt joke. 
03:45 <(´・ω・`)> I'm not even fucking kidding.
03:45 <Level VII> is it a giant butt joke, or a giant butt joke?
03:46 <Level VII> like a giant butt....joke or a giant....butt joke
03:46 <(´・ω・`)> Both. 
03:46 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
03:46 <Level VII> so it's a giant giant butt joke?
03:46 <Level VII> the more i look at the word giant the more weird it is
03:47 <Level VII> like who the fuck decided it would look like that?
03:47 <Level VII> I feel alone
03:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:47 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
03:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:47 <Irishninja0> Hey teddy
03:47 <Majin112> it reminds me of regular show...
03:47 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
03:47 <Irishninja0> I hate regular show
03:47 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
03:48 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
03:48 <Level VII> thank you irish
03:48 <Irishninja0> I swear to god if they say woah one more tinem
03:48 <Irishninja0> *time
03:48 <Level VII> i hate regular show and adventure time
03:48 <Irishninja0> and muscle man rips off his shirt....
03:48 <Irishninja0> I Will murder him!!
03:48 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
03:49 <Freddy krueger> *Eats a knife*
03:49 <Level VII> kool stori freddy
03:49 <HeWhoDiedHere> If I was Falco, I would kick Mordecai's ass.
03:49 <Irishninja0> *kicks freddy* shut it freddy I'm angty
03:49 <Level VII> ur nut tht edgy anymore
03:49 <Irishninja0> *angry
03:49 <Irishninja0> died!
03:49 <TwinArmogeddons> I fucking love adventure time
03:49 <Child Of Mantra> Good morning
03:49 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:49 <Level VII> :(
03:49 <Irishninja0> you bastard when did you get here, I've been looking for you
03:49 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:49 <Freddy krueger> Wut?i''m  hungry
03:49 <Irishninja0> How you been XD
03:49 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hey, what's up.
03:49 <Irishninja0> the sky
03:50 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Child Of Mantra> the ground
03:50 <HeWhoDiedHere> What do you want, Irish?
03:50 <Freddy krueger> Good you?
03:50 <Irishninja0> I just want to say hi to my friend
03:50 <Irishninja0> not you freddy!
03:50 <Irishninja0> go to the corner!
03:50 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Child Of Mantra> Hay
03:50 <Irishninja0> hi mantra
03:50 <HeWhoDiedHere> Did you join my ssbcrusaders78 server on Hamachi yet, Irish?
03:50 -!- Toolamon has left Special:Chat.
03:50 -!- Toolamon has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Irishninja0> you have subscribers?
03:50 <Irishninja0> whats hamachi?
03:51 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
03:51 <TwinArmogeddons> Its a 
03:51 <Freddy krueger> STFU Irish i'm talking 2 HeWhoDiedHere
03:51 <TwinArmogeddons> like online lane thing
03:51 <Irishninja0> Twin I agree, I do enjoy adventure time
03:51 <Irishninja0> except for the new season five
03:51 <TwinArmogeddons> It conects to computers togheter
03:51 <Irishninja0> it sucks 
03:51 <Freddy krueger> Oh
03:51 <TwinArmogeddons> I havent seen it sence it got a plot a while back
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well, Hamachi is the thing that allows you to play SSBC with me.
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> Wait...are you the one I talked to about Crusade?
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> @Irish
03:52 <Irishninja0> I see
03:52 <Irishninja0> yes
03:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Its like a lan cable but online
03:52 <Irishninja0> I forgot about hamachi....
03:52 <Irishninja0> oops
03:52 <Irishninja0> I'll go get it now
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well, join this:
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> ssbcrusaders78
03:52 <HeWhoDiedHere> password: ssbc
03:52 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
03:53 <Irishninja0> okay
03:53 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got another person to join.
03:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:53 <Irishninja0> sweet
03:54 -!- Danny-HU has joined Special:Chat
03:54 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:54 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
03:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well, I gotta go. This chat is lazy.
03:54 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:54 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:54 <Irishninja0> wait died
03:54 <Irishninja0> not yet
03:54 <Irishninja0> I almost got hamachi
03:54 <Danny-HU> Ok there is this girl on wiki 
03:54 -!- Danny-HU has left Special:Chat.
03:54 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
03:54 -!- Danny-HU has joined Special:Chat
03:55 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:55 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:55 <Irishninja0> there are a lot danny
03:55 <Danny-HU> Called Alibear i like but i fucked that chance with her
03:55 <Irishninja0> how so?
03:56 <Danny-HU> Now she won't come on the same chat as me 
03:56 <Irishninja0> what did you do?
03:56 <Danny-HU> I kissed a girl in front of her
03:56 <Danny-HU> So what do i do
03:56 <Danny-HU> Help me 
03:56 <Irishninja0> well your screwed
03:56 <Irishninja0> why did you kiss a girl in front of her!?
03:57 <Danny-HU> I don't know my mind was fucked
03:57 <Irishninja0> well now your fucked
03:57 <Danny-HU> Thats why i haven't been on Creepypasta wiki
03:57 <Danny-HU> I have been trying to sort it out between us 
03:57 <TwinArmogeddons> what?
03:58 <WhiteReaper> Danny aren't you the guy who called me a racist cracker.
03:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <Danny-HU> But she always leaves chat 
03:58 -!- TehOnlyUmbreon has joined Special:Chat
03:58 <TehOnlyUmbreon> hey guys
03:58 <Irishninja0> Danny I'll talk to her
03:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
03:59 <TehOnlyUmbreon> how ish everyone?
03:59 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
03:59 -!- TehOnlyUmbreon has left Special:Chat.
03:59 <Level VII> good
03:59 <Danny-HU> This is the wiki thats she normally goes on 
03:59 <Level VII> u
04:00 <Danny-HU>
04:01 -!- Sloshedtrain has left Special:Chat.
04:01 <Majin112>
04:01 <Majin112> this is her
04:02 <Danny-HU> I just cannot get her out of my head
04:03 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:03 -!- Danny-HU has left Special:Chat.
04:04 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
04:04 <Irishninja0> sorry computer decided to mess up
04:05 <Irishninja0> danny your name isn't showing up on my users list (urgh)
04:05 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ...because he just left.
04:05 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
04:05 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:05 <Irishninja0> damn it!
04:05 <Majin112> what coffee
04:06 <Majin112> when did you get here
04:06 <Irishninja0> right as I come back in to help him
04:06 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
04:06 <Irishninja0> majin, pm's
04:06 <Irishninja0> hi zack
04:06 -!- Ultrakirbyfan100 has joined Special:Chat
04:07 -!- Lyceum514 has left Special:Chat.
04:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
04:07 <Irishninja0> great
04:07 <Ultrakirbyfan100> (kirby)
04:07 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
04:07 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
04:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good :)
04:08 <Ultrakirbyfan100> (sonic)
04:09 <Majin112> it no work
04:09 <Ultrakirbyfan100> (sonicthehedgehog)
04:09 <Majin112> nope
04:09 <Ultrakirbyfan100> just have to experiment i guess
04:10 -!- Ultrakirbyfan100 has left Special:Chat.
04:11 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
04:12 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 -!- Grandpa Snake has joined Special:Chat
04:12 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
04:12 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
04:12 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
04:13 <Irishninja0> hi gramps
04:13 <Grandpa Snake> Hello
04:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:13 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:13 <Diamondzarebright> (john) 
04:14 <Irishninja0> majin, answer your damn pm's (urgh)
04:14 -!- FunnyMouth17 has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <FunnyMouth17> He doesn't want to D:
04:14 <Masked Hero Z> (dave) <This is cooler@Diamond 
04:14 <TwinArmogeddons> No its more ironic
04:14 <Irishninja0> she  funnymouth
04:14 <Irishninja0> thats why no one likes your pasta
04:14 <FunnyMouth17>
04:14 <Irishninja0> well I dont
04:15 <FunnyMouth17> (dave)
04:15 <Irishninja0> is that a new emote?
04:15 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
04:15 <Diamondzarebright> No...
04:15 <FunnyMouth17> idk its wat masked use
04:15 <Diamondzarebright> I dun think so 
04:15 <TwinArmogeddons> theres a diffrence
04:15 <TwinArmogeddons>
04:15 <TwinArmogeddons> Pony john
04:15 <TwinArmogeddons> alll of the homestuck kids now have emotes
04:15 <FunnyMouth17> ( dave )
04:15 <Diamondzarebright> (rose) 
04:15 <FunnyMouth17> (dave)
04:16 <TwinArmogeddons> (dirk)
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> DL
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> D:
04:16 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> (Mario)
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> (luigi)
04:16 <Diamondzarebright> (wario)
04:16 <Diamondzarebright> WUT
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> XD
04:16 <TwinArmogeddons> Blashmy
04:16 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <Irishninja0> oh come on!
04:16 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <FunnyMouth17> his buddery ass is not aloud in this emoj's
04:16 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <Irishninja0> *kills funnymouth* god I hate that pasta
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> Word
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> word
04:17 <Diamondzarebright> Egbert 
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> Mind you alot of people hate homestuck
04:17 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> but fuck them
04:17 <Diamondzarebright> Because it is CONFUSING
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> yeah
04:17 <Diamondzarebright> IT IS NOT... 
04:17 <TwinArmogeddons> That this bitch is
04:17 <Irishninja0> I don't get it
04:17 <Irishninja0> what is homestuck!?
04:17 <Diamondzarebright> the characters are awesone
04:17 <Diamondzarebright> m* 
04:18 <TwinArmogeddons> *Le gasp*
04:18 -!- Grandpa Snake has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> WUT
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> PLANET
04:18 <Irishninja0> Imeantwut
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> ARE YOU IN
04:18 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:18 <Irishninja0> not yours
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> ughh 
04:18 <Irishninja0> I live under a rock
04:18 -!- Danny-HU has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Irish
04:18 <Irishninja0> Don't judge me
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> that's nice
04:18 <TwinArmogeddons> I'll get you a link to the whole thing
04:18 <Irishninja0> Its comfy under here
04:18 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:18 <TwinArmogeddons>
04:18 <Irishninja0> hi mister worm!
04:19 <Irishninja0> Oh I know this!
04:19 <Diamondzarebright> xD tell mister ant I said hi 
04:19 <TwinArmogeddons> no mister worm stay out of his ass
04:19 <Irishninja0> XD
04:19 -!- Danny-HU has left Special:Chat.
04:19 <TwinArmogeddons> your not aloud in there
04:19 <Irishninja0> never seen it though
04:19 <Irishninja0> never watched it
04:19 <Irishninja0> never seen anything of it
04:19 <Irishninja0> just heard of it
04:19 <Diamondzarebright> You just too lazy to READ
04:19 <Irishninja0> no
04:19 <TwinArmogeddons> I mean like half of it is flash game/animation
04:19 <Diamondzarebright> Ya
04:19 <TwinArmogeddons> diamond check ur danm pms
04:19 <Diamondzarebright> RPG
04:20 <Irishninja0> I have  a life
04:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> i have to go
04:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> i can barely move
04:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> goodnight
04:20 <TwinArmogeddons> Whats that pokemon
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> sowwy I'm...not getting 
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> it 
04:20 <Irishninja0> what little there is
04:20 <TwinArmogeddons> I've never herd of a life
04:20 <Irishninja0> XD
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> WHOSE 
04:20 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> That pokemon 
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> IT'S JOHN EGBERT 
04:20 <Diamondzarebright> (john) 
04:20 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:21 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <Tentacle Therapist> Sus
04:22 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:22 -!- BigBug64 has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
04:22 <Irishninja0> dead chat is dead
04:22 <Irishninja0> Lets give it a proper burial
04:22 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
04:22 <Diamondzarebright> BAD dead chat BAD 
04:22 <TwinArmogeddons> diamond once again check your oms i sent you a link
04:23 -!- BigBug64 has joined Special:Chat
04:23 <Irishninja0> lets bury chat (allthethings)
04:23 <Diamondzarebright> I... 
04:23 -!- Sloshedtrain has joined Special:Chat
04:23 <Diamondzarebright> don't 
04:23 <Diamondzarebright> see it
04:23 <Irishninja0> Slosh!
04:23 <Irishninja0> help us bury chat cause its dead
04:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:23 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
04:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:23 <Sloshedtrain> okay, hand me a shovel. 
04:23 -!- BigBug64 has left Special:Chat.
04:23 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
04:23 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:23 <Irishninja0> I'll do you one better
04:24 <Irishninja0> *hands drill*
04:24 <Diamondzarebright> Bury it by Lincoln's monument
04:24 <Irishninja0> No!
04:24 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:24 <Irishninja0> we shall bury it in hell
04:24 <TwinArmogeddons> No no lets cremate it then protoype our sprite with it
04:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:24 <Diamondzarebright> SolRen
04:24 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:24 <Irishninja0> I mean, its the scariest place I can think of
04:24 <Tentacle Therapist> [[Special:UserLogout|Jeff the Killer the Lost Episode.EXE]] Someone delete this please.
04:24 <Diamondzarebright> Eh
04:24 <Irishninja0> besides being on 4chan
04:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:24 <Irishninja0> XD
04:25 <Irishninja0> wait!  Lets bury it in reddit
04:25 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
04:25 <Irishninja0> that way it will have a great place to be remembered
04:25 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:25 <Sloshedtrain> Damnit Tent. 
04:25 <(´・ω・`)> you fucking suck tenty
04:25 <Irishninja0> *runs off to reddit*
04:25 <(´・ω・`)> xD
04:25 <Irishninja0> what did tent do?
04:25 <Irishninja0> oh
04:25 <Irishninja0> that
04:25 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
04:26 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:26 <Irishninja0> slosh help me carry the body
04:26 <Diamondzarebright> send link again for de fouled Jeff The Killer 
04:26 <Irishninja0> to redit we go!
04:26 <Tentacle Therapist> [[Special:UserLogout|I'm surprised that worked]]
04:26 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
04:26 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:26 <Irishninja0> Nope not doing it again
04:26 <Irishninja0> *reddit
04:26 <Diamondzarebright> I didn't get to read it and laugh... 
04:27 <Irishninja0> ummm
04:27 <Diamondzarebright> if its trolled I read it.. 
04:27 <Irishninja0> sure diamond
04:27 <Irishninja0> go read it
04:27 <Diamondzarebright> but... 
04:27 <Irishninja0> its really good
04:27 <Diamondzarebright> the one you sent earlier
04:28 <Irishninja0> yes
04:28 <Tentacle Therapist> Alright here's something that isn't a troll
04:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: vidya.wmv - Duration: 00:12 - Uploaded: 2010-12-30 - Rating: 4.947581 - Views: 538,956 -
04:30 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
04:30 <Diamondzarebright> James... 
04:30 <Jamesthekiller> A lot of people here
04:30 <Diamondzarebright> YEAH 
04:30 <Jamesthekiller> Do I know anyone here
04:30 <Irishninja0> hi james
04:30 <Jamesthekiller> hi
04:30 <Irishninja0> are you new?
04:30 <Diamondzarebright> I'm Rene 
04:30 <Jamesthekiller> yup
04:30 <Tentacle Therapist> [[User:Tentacle Therapist|User:Ceeb God of Open-Mindedness]] OH HELL NAW
04:30 <Diamondzarebright> Nice to meet you C: 
04:30 <Irishninja0> Well allow me to introduce myself
04:30 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
04:31 <Irishninja0> to you james
04:31 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
04:31 <Diamondzarebright> And I am Rene C: 
04:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:31 <Tentacle Therapist> And I am Tentacle Therapist, sexiest bitch on earth.
04:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:31 <Ednoahjones> what about Ryu irish?
04:31 <Ednoahjones> ryu from ninja gaiden
04:31 <Irishninja0> He is a great ninja
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> GIVE HIM AIR
04:32 <Ednoahjones> or those assholes in that ninja ripoff of castle crashers
04:32 <Irishninja0> and a close friend of mine
04:32 <Jamesthekiller> James as you can see on the nameplate
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> Very nice
04:32 <Irishninja0> but in a showdown between us, I came out on top
04:32 <Irishninja0> He was a worthy adversary though
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> tA is Ox
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> Oz* 
04:32 <Diamondzarebright> xD
04:32 <Tentacle Therapist> [[User:ClericofMadness|User:God]] OMG
04:32 <Irishninja0> he probably could beat some of my clans higher ranking ninjas
04:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Yes i am
04:33 <Irishninja0> your not a member (ayfkm)
04:33 <Ednoahjones> what about.. well what about sub-zero irish?
04:33 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
04:33 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
04:33 <Diamondzarebright> AKA Sollux
04:33 <Ednoahjones> or the ninja turtles?
04:33 <Jamesthekiller> What does everybody think of a new eyeless jack story
04:34 <Diamondzarebright> Would be nice
04:34 <Irishninja0> Ninja turtles?  I used their shells for soup XD
04:34 <Diamondzarebright> not a very recognizable character.. 
04:34 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
04:34 <Irishninja0> Subzero?  Use him to cool my beer to a perfect frost XD
04:34 <TwinArmogeddons> yep sombody pinged me 
04:34 <Jamesthekiller> I'm thinking about rebooting him
04:34 <Jamesthekiller> jack
04:35 <Irishninja0> what new eyeless jack story?
04:35 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <Diamondzarebright> Hmm 
04:35 <Ednoahjones> orly irish?
04:35 <Irishninja0> yes
04:35 <Diamondzarebright> subzero
04:35 <Jamesthekiller> im thinking about rewriting the story since 1, the story is not all that well written and two, not long enough
04:35 <Diamondzarebright> *sings his theme song* He reminds me of John... 
04:35 <Ednoahjones> well what about... *runs to closet and rummages through clothes* where'd i put that goddamn costume?!
04:36 <Irishninja0> XD
04:36 <Jamesthekiller> hahaha
04:36 <Diamondzarebright> I have an eyeless jack mask that I wear/made... 
04:36 <Irishninja0> and if your about to say scorpion
04:36 <Irishninja0> I use him to warm my fireplace
04:36 <Ednoahjones> found it! *puts on a stupid bright blue red and yellow costume with a rip off subzero mask* HEY it is not a rip off... *where'd you buy it?* family dollar... *my point exactly*
04:37 <Irishninja0> and toast my bread
04:37 <Jamesthekiller> Does the mask look good
04:37 <Diamondzarebright> Yeah 
04:37 <Irishninja0> on my wall XD
04:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:37 <Diamondzarebright> pretty average... but good
04:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:37 <Ednoahjones> the avatarian ninja?!
04:37 <Ednoahjones> no match for me!
04:37 <Jamesthekiller> can you put a pic on these chat rooms
04:37 <Jamesthekiller> orrooms or a link
04:37 <Irishninja0> *stabs stomach* I pretty sure I am
04:37 <Ednoahjones> *does a bunch of stupid poses from karate movies made by racists in the '70's*
04:37 <Jamesthekiller> stupid keyboard
04:38 <Ednoahjones> OW....
04:38 <Diamondzarebright> Okay
04:38 <Irishninja0> *kicks avatarian ninja in the balls*
04:38 <Ednoahjones> my arby's sandwich..
04:38 <Jamesthekiller> I hate arbys
04:38 <Ednoahjones> if i have stupid kids i'm gonna sue your ass..
04:38 <Irishninja0> *kicks in balls again*
04:38 <Irishninja0> I love arbys
04:38 <Diamondzarebright> James...
04:38 <Jamesthekiller> yeeeeees
04:38 <Diamondzarebright> I want ur arby's
04:38 <Irishninja0> especially their curly fries
04:38 <Jamesthekiller> O.O...?
04:38 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
04:38 <Irishninja0> XD
04:38 <Ednoahjones> i love'm...
04:39 <SomePersonHere> Hello
04:39 <Diamondzarebright> I haven't... had fast food... 
04:39 -!- A BadAss has joined Special:Chat
04:39 <Ednoahjones> *holds crotch in pain*
04:39 <Diamondzarebright> in years
04:39 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
04:39 <Diamondzarebright> I just got dizzy
04:39 <Irishninja0> any other bright ideas ed -_-
04:39 <SomePersonHere> I am new here and i just created an account
04:39 <Irishninja0> I told  you
04:39 <Irishninja0> Crap
04:39 <Ednoahjones> i have a wizard costume in the closet too...
04:39 <Irishninja0> Some person allow me to introduce myself
04:39 <Jamesthekiller> Join the club some, I'm new too
04:39 <Diamondzarebright> xD JAMES... 
04:39 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
04:40 <SomePersonHere> Oh, okay
04:40 <Diamondzarebright> You're making VIRTUAL FRIENDS... 
04:40 <Irishninja0> and ed, I've killed wizards too
04:40 <Jamesthekiller> Yay!!
04:40 <A BadAss> i am old here and i created an account 2 years ago
04:40 <SomePersonHere> You cancall me Simon
04:40 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
04:40 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
04:40 <Diamondzarebright> So how's dat arby's? 
04:40 <Irishninja0> well badass
04:40 <Irishninja0> you don't know me
04:40 <Irishninja0> so allow me to introduce myself to you
04:40 <Irishninja0> wait did you already see my intro?
04:40 <Tentacle Therapist> Skelly PM
04:40 <Jamesthekiller> okay Simon, things are gonna get weird and awesome, and I don't have arbys
04:41 <A BadAss> i dont know anybody but hid sprt and sloshed train
04:41 <Irishninja0> well allow me to introduce myself to you badass
04:41 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
04:41 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
04:41 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:42 <Diamondzarebright> Merh
04:42 <Ednoahjones> hes also a irish star wars nerd who likes turdpublic commando much more then is healthy!
04:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:42 <A BadAss> i am a badass
04:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:42 <A BadAss> most powerful on earth
04:42 <Jamesthekiller> What happened ednoah?
04:42 <A BadAss> and defender of the universe
04:42 <Irishninja0> Ed *holds knife to neck* watch your tongue
04:42 <Ednoahjones> connection dropped
04:42 <HiddenSpirit> BADASS?!
04:42 <Jamesthekiller> happens
04:42 <Irishninja0> Really badass? welcome to the club
04:42 <Ednoahjones> AT&T is a fucking hack-ass whore
04:42 <HiddenSpirit> WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?!
04:42 <Diamondzarebright> *flails arms* 
04:42 <A BadAss> ye
04:42 <HiddenSpirit> IT'S BEEN SO LONG.
04:42 <HiddenSpirit> OH MY GOD.
04:42 <SomePersonHere> I might leave soon because i need to go to school in like an hour
04:42 <Irishninja0> Thats why I went with verizon ed
04:42 <A BadAss> its coo
04:42 <Diamondzarebright> I have summer... 
04:42 <Irishninja0> okay, bye someperson
04:43 <Ednoahjones> i don't have phone AT&T
04:43 <Diamondzarebright> why do peeps have school?
04:43 <Ednoahjones> its AT&T internet
04:43 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <A BadAss> call the police
04:43 <Irishninja0> I know
04:43 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:43 <Jamesthekiller> night school? What time zone are you from
04:43 <Irishninja0> Badass, want to help me fight the galactic timelord of evil?
04:43 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <Diamondzarebright> Pacfic... 
04:43 <Ednoahjones> we don't have verizon here and the only others are comcast and we owe a bill
04:43 <A BadAss> already did
04:43 <Irishninja0> It'll be fun
04:43 <Irishninja0> No the other one
04:43 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
04:44 <Ednoahjones> hey irish
04:44 <Tentacle Therapist> SKELLY PM GODDAMMIT
04:44 -!- OMGitsGhastly has joined Special:Chat
04:44 <Irishninja0> that new guy who decided to try and be one
04:44 <Irishninja0> want to kill him with me?
04:44 <Tentacle Therapist> You've done incurred my wrath, son.
04:44 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
04:44 <Ednoahjones> chewbacca was annoying as fuck
04:44 <Irishninja0> .....
04:44 <Irishninja0> badass....
04:44 <Ednoahjones> *spits on irish's shoe*
04:44 <Irishninja0> hold me back
04:44 <Irishninja0> *cuts off ed's balls*
04:45 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
04:45 <Ednoahjones> and luke was unoriginal and shitty
04:45 <Irishninja0> oh wait, there is nothing to cut
04:45 <Diamondzarebright> Arrrggghhh *Chewbacca* 
04:45 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:45 <OMGitsGhastly> hey funnymouth do you want to do the hangout
04:45 <Irishninja0> my bad
04:45 <Jamesthekiller> Derpyderpherpderp
04:45 <Diamondzarebright> (derpy) 
04:45 <SomePersonHere> Do you guys know robot unicorn attack?
04:45 <OMGitsGhastly> oops thought I was in PM
04:45 <Diamondzarebright> YEs
04:45 <Irishninja0> yes person
04:45 <Ednoahjones> I wonder where twins off too?
04:45 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
04:45 <SomePersonHere> Oh cool
04:45 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
04:46 -!- BloxPwner101 has joined Special:Chat
04:46 <Irishninja0> Why are there no balls to cut off on you ed!?
04:46 <Jamesthekiller> Hahaha
04:46 <BloxPwner101>
04:46 <Ednoahjones> probably chatting with some girl who offered to piss in his mouth, and meanwhile hes fapping like a monkey on speed and coke
04:46 <Diamondzarebright> Pewds
04:46 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:46 <Jamesthekiller> well you'll learn to deal with that blox
04:46 <OMGitsGhastly> D:
04:47 <Irishninja0> Hi dash
04:47 <Jamesthekiller> So many people, so little stalkers
04:47 <Ednoahjones> *stalks james*
04:47 <DASHDOT™> I stalk you aculy
04:47 <Tentacle Therapist> Dem supports.
04:47 <Irishninja0> james, I should warn you about one thing
04:47 <OMGitsGhastly> whoa cool name dashdot how did you get it like that?
04:47 <Ednoahjones> nice hair
04:47 <Jamesthekiller> damn
04:47 <DASHDOT™> Aculy
04:47 <DASHDOT™> I stalk everyone
04:47 <(´・ω・`)> Sup Dotty.
04:47 <Ednoahjones> so nice
04:47 -!- Level VII has left Special:Chat.
04:47 <Diamondzarebright>  I may have that desease
04:47 <DASHDOT™> Hey Sarah 
04:47 <Ednoahjones> and black
04:48 -!- BloxPwner101 has left Special:Chat.
04:48 <Ednoahjones> can't do this while bugs around
04:48 <Irishninja0> Some people have sex in the pm's
04:48 <Ednoahjones> he might get offended
04:48 <Irishninja0> so if someone offers it to you
04:48 <DASHDOT™> Well, today i watched the creepiest episode of Hannibal
04:48 <Irishninja0> say yes
04:48 <Ednoahjones> i know two people who did.
04:48 <Irishninja0> XD
04:48 <Tentacle Therapist> I hope you realize that I'm going to steal your user pics from now on (huehue)
04:48 <DASHDOT™> and it's midnight
04:48 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:48 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
04:48 <Jamesthekiller> one at a time
04:48 <Ednoahjones> yup appearently it got pretty intense
04:48 <Jamesthekiller> RUN TWIN RUUUN
04:49 <Diamondzarebright> He is known as Oz or Sollux* 
04:49 <Jamesthekiller> Twin?
04:49 <Ednoahjones> well i call him twin
04:49 <Diamondzarebright> Yes
04:49 <(´・ω・`)> Tenty I swear to god if you steal this. 
04:49 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
04:49 <OMGitsGhastly> Everyone, Y U NO STAY HERE
04:49 <Jamesthekiller> cuz they know!
04:49 <Ednoahjones> i call him twin the twink. and we have so much fun
04:49 -!- Toolamon has left Special:Chat.
04:49 <Ednoahjones> at the gay bar
04:49 <Ednoahjones> don
04:50 <Ednoahjones> don't we twin*
04:50 <Ednoahjones> the silence means yes
04:50 <SomePersonHere> How do you change your picture?
04:50 <Tentacle Therapist> I will...
04:50 <Tentacle Therapist> (huehue)
04:50 <OMGitsGhastly> (facepalm)
04:50 <(´・ω・`)> oh hell no you won't
04:50 <DASHDOT™> Sacrifice 100 virgins to Sarah
04:50 <(´・ω・`)> Yes.
04:51 -!- Normfrog has joined Special:Chat
04:51 <Normfrog> Hallo. o/ 
04:51 <Tentacle Therapist> So, sacrifice everyone in chat?
04:51 <Jamesthekiller> Crap*sacrifice*
04:51 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
04:51 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
04:51 <DASHDOT™> I guess
04:51 <Jamesthekiller> dont judge
04:51 <OMGitsGhastly> *gets executed at the guillotine*
04:51 <Jamesthekiller> me
04:51 <Ednoahjones> Hes got his mind set on headbutting things,
04:52 <Irishninja0> Good night boys and girls
04:52 <Jamesthekiller> "Head"
04:52 <Normfrog> Bye Irish. o\ 
04:52 <Irishninja0> oh and ed
04:52 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has left Special:Chat.
04:52 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <OMGitsGhastly> buhbye
04:52 <OMGitsGhastly> Irish
04:52 <Irishninja0> *breaks face in* don't make fun of starwars
04:52 <Ednoahjones> goodnight you antithesis of everything likeable you!
04:52 <DASHDOT™> Goodnight Irish
04:52 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:52 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:52 <Irishninja0> what OMG?
04:52 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:52 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <Diamondzarebright> John... 
04:52 <Diamondzarebright> is everywhere
04:53 <Ednoahjones> in other words, goodnight asshole
04:53 <Diamondzarebright> *faceplants into pillow* 
04:53 <Masked Hero Z> Well I should abscond as well.
04:53 <Masked Hero Z> Night folks.
04:53 <DASHDOT™> Goodnight Masked
04:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
04:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
04:53 <Ednoahjones> goodnight person i don't know
04:53 <Jamesthekiller> Wait, tentacle therapist, I saw that post about the religion rule, there shouldn't be any
04:53 <Masked Hero Z> Night Ednoah..I remembered YOUR name :P
04:53 <OMGitsGhastly> I took the pony personality test and got Rainbow Dash WOO
04:53 <Ednoahjones> no you didn't
04:54 <Ednoahjones> my name is noah
04:54 <Ednoahjones> you liar
04:54 <Masked Hero Z> Meh.
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> like TribeTwelve 
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> Noah 
04:54 <Ednoahjones> Wat
04:54 <Jamesthekiller> marble hornets more like it
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> Yeah  I like MH 
04:54 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
04:54 <OMGitsGhastly>  cnhbgvvf\
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> Tim.. Om nom
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> nom
04:54 <Ednoahjones> wat you want rene?
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> I (heart) Tim 
04:54 <Diamondzarebright> Sutton
04:55 <SomePersonHere> Oh come on!
04:55 <Diamondzarebright> Yes... Tshirt 
04:55 <Jamesthekiller> any ideer who's hoody?
04:55 <Diamondzarebright> right there
04:55 <SomePersonHere> I reached gorrila
04:55 <Diamondzarebright> I think it is Jessica James.. 
04:55 <OMGitsGhastly> fg\\\\\\
04:55 <Diamondzarebright> But Hoody could also be a proxy 
04:55 <Jamesthekiller> i haven't noticed the shape of the body
04:56 <Ednoahjones> twin better not be jacking off to Jade X jane again
04:56 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh fuck you
04:56 <OMGitsGhastly> (facepalm)
04:56 <Diamondzarebright> eh idiots like to do close ups on the pics of Hoody just to see if its Jessica need I remind you she is the only girl in MH @James
04:56 <OMGitsGhastly> no not really
04:56 <TwinArmogeddons> altho i might be
04:56 <Ednoahjones> that just means you are when you refuse so profoundly
04:56 <Normfrog> semi-brb
04:56 <OMGitsGhastly> kk
04:56 <OMGitsGhastly> kk
04:56 <OMGitsGhastly> lag ofte
04:56 <Jamesthekiller> but if hoody is a proxy then why would Alex be pissed at him in one of the entries
04:57 <Jamesthekiller> other than hoody being in the way
04:57 <Ednoahjones> hey twin
04:57 <Child Of Mantra> I'm back
04:57 <OMGitsGhastly> just passion time...
04:57 <Ednoahjones> "take off ya shoes and suck me sexy"
04:57 <Jamesthekiller> Silence
04:58 <Ednoahjones> "clockin' that ass from across the room"
04:58 <OMGitsGhastly> You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
04:58 <Jamesthekiller> BEN
04:58 <Diamondzarebright> Oh.. I think Alex was just mad that Hoody locked Tim up.... or something related to that because of the fact... that Alex was tied to a chair in one of the sixtieth entries.. @James
04:58 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
04:58 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
04:58 <Diamondzarebright> I'm a nerd... 
04:58 <OMGitsGhastly> references ftw D:
04:58 <Child Of Mantra>
04:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: CHUMBAWAMBA: Everything You Know is Wrong - Duration: 05:09 - Uploaded: 2008-10-16 - Rating: 4.955883 - Views: 89,810 -
04:59 <(´・ω・`)> Child.
04:59 <(´・ω・`)> You like Chumbawamba too? :3
04:59 <Child Of Mantra> I love Chumbawamba
04:59 <(´・ω・`)> You have good tastes. 
04:59 <Child Of Mantra> It's weird, i get that a lot.
04:59 <Jamesthekiller> Another question, how did Tim heal that fast from the stone to the leg, that'd take weeks not days
04:59 <Ednoahjones> that song was original a weird al song wasn't it?
05:00 <Ednoahjones> originally*
05:00 <OMGitsGhastly> its May 31st! .-.
05:00 <Diamondzarebright> It was possibly time skipped due to the fact that they upload videos like oh.. every two to three months... or it could've been just a prop... @James 
05:01 <Ednoahjones> well
05:01 <Ednoahjones> you know the real reason why
05:01 <OMGitsGhastly> have any of you heard "an Internet Story"
05:01 <Jamesthekiller> Haven't payed attention to the date of uploads
05:01 <Child Of Mantra> There is this spider in my room that sneaks up and uses his web to lower himself in front of my keyboard
05:01 <Ednoahjones> KEEL IT
05:01 <Child Of Mantra> No.
05:01 <Child Of Mantra> No.
05:01 <DASHDOT™> Burn your house down
05:01 <Diamondzarebright> xD me neither its just an instinct 
05:01 <Ednoahjones> yeah just get that fucking spider DEAD
05:01 <DASHDOT™> There will be more :/
05:01 <OMGitsGhastly> dude if that happened to me I would probably have broken my laptop by punching it
05:01 <Ednoahjones> all spiders should be dead
05:02 <Jamesthekiller> good luck with-why is creepypasta fan messaging me?
05:02 <Child Of Mantra> I love spiders
05:02 <Ednoahjones> oh
05:02 <DASHDOT™> Eat it then
05:02 <DASHDOT™> become Spiderman
05:02 <Diamondzarebright> I dunno 
05:02 <Ednoahjones> ok its offical
05:02 <OMGitsGhastly> lol
05:02 <Diamondzarebright> PM me then I dunno 
05:02 <Diamondzarebright> xD
05:02 <Child Of Mantra> Ednah do you know how the world would be if there were no spiders around?
05:02 <Ednoahjones> i'm making a new quiz
05:02 <Ednoahjones> it'd be a much better place
05:02 <DASHDOT™> Whatta about more flies
05:03 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:03 <Diamondzarebright> Oh my rehtina... 
05:03 <DASHDOT™> and Mosquitos
05:03 <Ednoahjones> necessary
05:03 <Child Of Mantra> Somehow i read that as urethra
05:03 <Diamondzarebright> my cornea... 
05:03 <Child Of Mantra> Do not ask me how.
05:03 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <Diamondzarebright> I need to sleep 
05:03 <Jamesthekiller> Shup ednoah
05:03 <Child Of Mantra> I did not sleep this night
05:03 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <OMGitsGhastly> #IDontKnowHowToRead
05:04 <Jamesthekiller> I can't spell good
05:04 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:04 <Ednoahjones> shup?
05:04 <Ednoahjones> fucks a shup?
05:04 <Diamondzarebright> I suck and get lazy sumtimes
05:04 <Ednoahjones> that like a shrub?
05:04 <Jamesthekiller> idk
05:04 <DASHDOT™> I forgot how to breath :/
05:04 <Ednoahjones> a genre of game like shmup?
05:04 <Javer80> good evening, raw-ribbed mole people
05:04 <Diamondzarebright> I want shrimp 
05:04 <Diamondzarebright> ..
05:04 <Diamondzarebright> I now realize how random that sounded
05:05 <OMGitsGhastly> I want ... well, I don't know what I want
05:05 <Jamesthekiller> hey javer, you're the guy who wrote on my discusion
05:05 <SomePersonHere> Brb
05:05 <Javer80> I am.
05:05 <Javer80> And do you?
05:05 <Child Of Mantra> Good morning.
05:05 <Diamondzarebright> I wish 
05:05 <Jamesthekiller> It's 1:05 here
05:05 <Diamondzarebright> 12:05 AM
05:05 <OMGitsGhastly> you too spiderman'
05:05 <Child Of Mantra> 07:05 here
05:05 <Diamondzarebright> Must... Sleep.. 
05:05 <OMGitsGhastly> 12:05 here
05:05 <Diamondzarebright> AM?
05:05 <DASHDOT™> it's 1:05AM here
05:06 <Child Of Mantra> In the morning
05:06 <OMGitsGhastly> what state you in diamondz
05:06 <OMGitsGhastly> *are you
05:06 <Diamondzarebright> Oklahoma
05:06 <OMGitsGhastly> Indiana
05:06 <OMGitsGhastly> not even cloe
05:06 <Diamondzarebright> oh 
05:06 <OMGitsGhastly> *close
05:06 <Diamondzarebright> kay 
05:06 <Jamesthekiller> West Virginia
05:06 <Diamondzarebright> Wowzers
05:06 <Javer80> inebriation
05:06 <Jamesthekiller> here
05:07 <DASHDOT™> I live in Uranus
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> LOL '
05:07 <Child Of Mantra> I live in hel
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> O.o 
05:07 <Jamesthekiller> hahahaa
05:07 <Child Of Mantra> hell*
05:07 <OMGitsGhastly> I had lice but my dad shaved my head and now I don't have any more
05:07 <Child Of Mantra> Because i'm original 
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> I live in shit
05:07 <DASHDOT™> I went to Hell once
05:07 <DASHDOT™> Satan gave me cookies
05:07 <Jamesthekiller> was it fun
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> COOKIES
05:07 <Javer80> These all sound like the beginnings of wonderful stories.
05:07 <DASHDOT™> There was a lack of AC though :/
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> Flame cookies
05:07 <Jamesthekiller> i made those cookies
05:07 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:07 <Child Of Mantra> What about DC?
05:07 <OMGitsGhastly> there's actually a town in Norway where a famous pianist is from called Hell
05:08 <DASHDOT™> no DC either :c
05:08 <Jamesthekiller> your welcome
05:08 <Diamondzarebright> Cherry trees in DC
05:08 <Diamondzarebright> ?
05:08 <Child Of Mantra> I live in norway
05:08 <Diamondzarebright> WOAH
05:08 <Diamondzarebright> NO WAY 
05:08 <Javer80> They have computers in Norway?
05:08 <OMGitsGhastly> Is anybody here from Ireland
05:08 <Jamesthekiller> my dads ancestors are from there
05:08 <Child Of Mantra> Nope.
05:08 <Diamondzarebright> James... plz tell me ur a fan of Jeff
05:08 <DASHDOT™> Isn't Norway a rich country
05:08 <Child Of Mantra> Somewhat.
05:09 <Jamesthekiller> yup I am
05:09 <Diamondzarebright> Okay C: 
05:09 <Jamesthekiller> why
05:09 <Diamondzarebright> I am too C: 
05:09 <Javer80> Jeff Goldblum? oh yeah, i'm down with that dude
05:09 <Diamondzarebright> James... 
05:09 <Diamondzarebright> sounds.. familiar
05:09 <Jamesthekiller> jeff the killer
05:09 <Javer80> oh.
05:09 <Javer80> no, i'm sorry, he's wretched.
05:09 <DASHDOT™> Sarah, y u do dis
05:09 <DASHDOT™> :C
05:09 <Javer80> just pitiful.
05:09 <Diamondzarebright> *cries
05:09 <Jamesthekiller> why
05:10 <DASHDOT™> (QQ)
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> Jane and Jeff's... 
05:10 <OMGitsGhastly> D:
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalm) 
05:10 <Jamesthekiller> hol up there
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> Jane and Jeff's Son.. 
05:10 <OMGitsGhastly> (crying)
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> Eh 
05:10 <Javer80> ?
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> Or was it Noah... 
05:10 <Jamesthekiller> Scaryhorrorfreak?
05:10 <Tentacle Therapist> Trolls:
05:10 <Tentacle Therapist> >Gets butthurt
05:10 <OMGitsGhastly> (troll)
05:10 <Diamondzarebright> Did... they name their son James or Noah? 
05:10 <Tentacle Therapist> >Gets banned
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Even more butthurt
05:11 -!- A BadAss has left Special:Chat.
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Creates sock
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Trolls everyone
05:11 <Normfrog> (derp) 
05:11 <OMGitsGhastly> Troll<WORLD
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Banned again
05:11 <Javer80> And nothing was accomplished.
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Creates millions of socks to get banned
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> >Gets trollpasta written about me
05:11 <Diamondzarebright> Why... 
05:11 <Jamesthekiller> James was from James the messenger,and Noah is on youtube
05:11 <Tentacle Therapist> THE END
05:11 <Diamondzarebright> are you... 
05:11 <Diamondzarebright> WUT
05:11 <Diamondzarebright> James... 
05:11 <Jamesthekiller> no but I wish
05:12 <Diamondzarebright> The story of Jeff Vs Jane... 
05:12 <Jamesthekiller> what about it
05:12 <Diamondzarebright> what was their son's name
05:12 -!- A BadAss has joined Special:Chat
05:12 <Jamesthekiller> i don't remember them having a son in that story
05:13 <Diamondzarebright> In part 2 that's how Jane died
05:13 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:13 -!- OMGitsGhastly has left Special:Chat.
05:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:13 <Ednoahjones> Okay dokey
05:13 <Ednoahjones>
05:13 <Ednoahjones> my quiz is done
05:13 <DASHDOT™> wb Sarah :D
05:13 <Ednoahjones> i suggest to to rene sarah mantra and twin
05:13 <Ednoahjones> and anyone
05:14 -!- OMGitsGhastly has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <TwinArmogeddons> I'll be right back
05:14 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <Jamesthekiller> Did they?
05:14 <Diamondzarebright> Yes
05:14 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:14 <(´・ω・`)> >not your favorite admin
05:14 <(´・ω・`)> WHAT.
05:15 <FunnyMouth17> Galalieo
05:15 -!- OMGitsGhastly has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Diamondzarebright> They *ucked at a hotel... Jane and Jeff... 
05:15 <Ednoahjones> that belongs to read
05:15 <(´・ω・`)> ed
05:15 <Normfrog> Ednoah, I took the quiz. 
05:15 <(´・ω・`)> i got a fucking 20
05:15 <(´・ω・`)> 10*
05:15 <Ednoahjones> LAWL
05:15 <SomePersonHere> I got a dang 40
05:15 <FunnyMouth17> :3
05:15 <Ednoahjones> sarah
05:15 <Normfrog> 50% 
05:15 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <Ednoahjones> check the comment
05:15 <Child Of Mantra> sarah is best admin of the cocktail wiki
05:15 <SomePersonHere> Your Friend says:
05:15 <SomePersonHere> "RAPE!! RAPE!!!"
05:15 <SomePersonHere> Ugh what
05:15 <Child Of Mantra> sharoh*
05:15 <Jamesthekiller> *skips to end* O__O shit
05:15 <Diamondzarebright> Yeah 
05:15 <(´・ω・`)> how am i not your favorite mod
05:15 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
05:15 <Diamondzarebright> so
05:16 <Diamondzarebright> the name?
05:16 <Jamesthekiller> idk
05:16 <Diamondzarebright> I think it was noah 
05:16 <Ednoahjones> for middle its "lets take it slow" and if you ace it you get "Meet me out back, Bring lube"
05:16 <Child Of Mantra> Also Oblivion IS the best
05:16 <Child Of Mantra> what's with the gay jokes?
05:16 <FunnyMouth17> NOOOO OMG GHASTLY LEFT
05:16 <Jamesthekiller> i say jeff is also a rapist
05:16 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:16 <Diamondzarebright> he is a sexcist 
05:17 <SomePersonHere> What
05:17 <SomePersonHere> 100%
05:17 <Jamesthekiller> wait, who was the hooker?
05:17 <Ednoahjones> whose fapfapfap?
05:17 <Diamondzarebright> Jane
05:17 <Icarus88> And part three of my new series is done :D
05:17 <FunnyMouth17> jeff is
05:17 <Jamesthekiller> i knew it
05:17 <Diamondzarebright> did Jeff describe her snooty? 
05:17 <Ednoahjones> someperson
05:17 <Ednoahjones> did you take it again?
05:17 <Jamesthekiller> Yeah
05:17 <Diamondzarebright> Yeah... 
05:17 <Ednoahjones> whose shitsack?
05:18 <Diamondzarebright> I haven't read it in a long time
05:18 <Ednoahjones> oh man sarah
05:18 <Ednoahjones> you got a 10?
05:18 <Diamondzarebright> I read it when Jeff was popular
05:18 <FunnyMouth17> :3
05:18 <Ednoahjones> shit
05:18 <(´・ω・`)> yeah
05:18 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
05:18 <Ednoahjones> you do not know me at all
05:18 <Icarus88> I dont like Jeff the Killer
05:18 <FunnyMouth17> scratch killer
05:18 <Diamondzarebright> that's nice
05:18 <FunnyMouth17> its rapist
05:18 <SomePersonHere> I got a 100 ._.
05:18 <Icarus88> at least canon Jeff
05:18 <FunnyMouth17> Jeff the Rapist 
05:18 <Ednoahjones> oh really simon?
05:18 <Ednoahjones> ok then
05:18 <SomePersonHere> Yes
05:18 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hi
05:18 <Ednoahjones> *bends over infront of simon*
05:18 <Jamesthekiller> wait, have you read Jane the killer the untold story
05:18 <Normfrog> gtg
05:18 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Jeff is mine shuttup
05:19 -!- Normfrog has left Special:Chat.
05:19 <Ednoahjones> welp
05:19 <Javer80> What is this. What are you doing.
05:19 <Ednoahjones> lube up and do it
05:19 <Diamondzarebright> Is that a new one ?
05:19 <Child Of Mantra> If you're going to make jokes like that at least try to be funny.
05:19 <SomePersonHere> Hell no
05:19 <Jamesthekiller> No, it been around for a while
05:19 <FunnyMouth17> D: D: D:
05:19 <Ednoahjones> oh
05:19 <Icarus88> I dont like Jane the killer even more hahaha
05:19 <Ednoahjones> well ok then
05:19 <Diamondzarebright> no 
05:19 <FunnyMouth17> chat is moving to fast D:
05:19 <Diamondzarebright> I will read it I guess
05:19 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Jeff is better than Jane
05:19 <Diamondzarebright> I KNOW RITE
05:19 <Ednoahjones> time to make like twin looking at R34 of jade X jane.
05:19 <Ednoahjones> and "totally" not fap
05:19 <FunnyMouth17> Jane almost died or did die didn't see?
05:19 <Javer80> that ain't saying a whole lot
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> She died
05:20 <Jamesthekiller> She did
05:20 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Jane did..
05:20 <FunnyMouth17> RIP to nothing
05:20 <TwinArmogeddons> Dang it 
05:20 <FunnyMouth17> 0)_(0
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> of child birth and several stabbing 
05:20 <Child Of Mantra> 1 like 1 prayer
05:20 <Ednoahjones> twin
05:20 <TwinArmogeddons> That ping took me off focus
05:20 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
05:20 <Jamesthekiller> because jeff is also a rapist
05:20 <Ednoahjones> did you take my quiz?
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> NO 
05:20 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I forgot! I made an article and Jane was in there
05:20 <Ednoahjones> the first questions answer i think you'll like
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> only that hooker
05:20 <Ednoahjones>
05:20 <TwinArmogeddons> no i've been totaly not fapping
05:20 <Jamesthekiller> doing dead, stabbed bodies
05:20 <Diamondzarebright> who will forever have a kismaces
05:20 <TwinArmogeddons> i have the danm quiz open
05:20 <Ednoahjones> atleast answer the first question in that
05:21 <TwinArmogeddons> kissmeissship
05:21 <Diamondzarebright> James... Why do you think these things?! xD
05:21 <Diamondzarebright> IMAGES
05:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Awwe im' honered
05:21 <FunnyMouth17> I was trolled
05:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Now back to totaly not fapping
05:21 <Jamesthekiller> because I am a demented child
05:21 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I made only 3 articles at Spinoasta e.e Anyone wants to read it?
05:21 <FunnyMouth17> then I spammed his ass
05:21 <Diamondzarebright> Its okay I am too James... 
05:22 <Jamesthekiller> *looking for controller*
05:22 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I am an insane kid e.e
05:22 <Diamondzarebright> remote? 
05:22 <Diamondzarebright> C: 
05:22 <(´・ω・`)> (414)
05:22 <Child Of Mantra> switcher*
05:22 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Wait I'm not a kid
05:22 <SomePersonHere> Oh come on
05:22 <(´・ω・`)> (pancakes)
05:22 <SomePersonHere> So close
05:22 <Jamesthekiller> nope ps3
05:22 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:23 <(´・ω・`)> shiny didn't add the emotes
05:23 <(´・ω・`)> lol
05:23 <DASHDOT™> (koala)
05:23 <Diamondzarebright> I want some cola.. .
05:23 <(´・ω・`)> (sarah)
05:23 <(´・ω・`)> :3
05:23 -!- Electric Leaf has joined Special:Chat
05:23 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Marilyn Manson rocks
05:23 <Child Of Mantra> Colafication
05:23 <Electric Leaf> Hey all. :3
05:23 <FunnyMouth17> I wanna drop a half a page of these D:
05:23 <SomePersonHere> I got dragon forme then blew up D:
05:23 <Jamesthekiller> Sweet dreams are made of these
05:23 <FunnyMouth17> D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: 
05:23 <Child Of Mantra> Marilyn Manson is a beautiful indivudual
05:23 <FunnyMouth17> y dragon form
05:23 <Child Of Mantra> individual*
05:23 <Diamondzarebright> WTF
05:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:24 <Electric Leaf> I got to episode 38... and I cried for the first time watching anything... D:
05:24 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Marilyn Manson is my idol
05:24 -!- FunnyMouth17 was banned from Special:Chat by (´・ω・`) for 604800 seconds.
05:24 -!- FunnyMouth17 has left Special:Chat.
05:24 <(´・ω・`)> try me fucker
05:24 <Electric Leaf> WTF Brain?!
05:24 <Diamondzarebright> YES
05:24 <Diamondzarebright> I love MM 
05:24 <Jamesthekiller> Who banned funny?
05:24 <Electric Leaf> Yeah. Good job Sarah. :3
05:24 <Diamondzarebright> Sarah 
05:24 <Diamondzarebright> C: 
05:24 <Jamesthekiller> why
05:24 <Child Of Mantra> I hate when people don't know who Brian Warner is
05:24 <Diamondzarebright> The smileys
05:24 <Child Of Mantra> but know who Marilyn Manson is
05:24 <(´・ω・`)> And the summer spammers are already coming. 
05:24 <Jamesthekiller> oh
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> Joy. 
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> >.<
05:25 <Diamondzarebright> yes I know who MM is
05:25 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
05:25 <DASHDOT™> prepare your (hammer)
05:25 <Diamondzarebright> Diary of a dope fiend
05:25 <Electric Leaf> Now to keep watching it. I respect shows that make me cry... Somewhat. :3
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> Actually I have no banhammer. 
05:25 -!- Thekingcameron has joined Special:Chat
05:25 <Child Of Mantra> smells like summer
05:25 <DASHDOT™> D:
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> I use a banplunger. 
05:25 -!- Thekingcameron has left Special:Chat.
05:25 <Child Of Mantra> Intercourse and alcohol
05:25 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm back
05:25 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> 3dsplaza
05:25 <Electric Leaf> WB
05:25 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
05:25 <Diamondzarebright> eh 
05:25 <TwinArmogeddons> from totaly not fapping
05:25 <DASHDOT™> I approve
05:25 <Diamondzarebright> xD
05:25 <Electric Leaf> Oh okay...
05:25 <Diamondzarebright> SOLLUX 
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> I shove the stick part up their vagina/urethra and ban them to the underworld.  
05:25 <(´・ω・`)> :3
05:25 <TwinArmogeddons> i was getting a glass of water for 20 minutes
05:26 <DASHDOT™> :3
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> xD
05:26 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Can someone guess my gender?
05:26 <(´・ω・`)> Simple process really. 
05:26 <TwinArmogeddons> male
05:26 <Child Of Mantra> Why does gender matter here?
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> Female
05:26 <DASHDOT™> She-male
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> IT
05:26 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm male
05:26 <Electric Leaf> Oh no. :(
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> DAMN YOU SOL
05:26 <TwinArmogeddons> what?
05:26 <TwinArmogeddons> milady
05:26 <Electric Leaf> Me?
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> *sticks finger in your face* 
05:26 <(´・ω・`)> well obviously gender matters in the world 
05:26 <Jamesthekiller> Why oh no leaf?
05:26 <TwinArmogeddons> What?
05:26 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm confuesed
05:26 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> My name is HarleyQuinn and I'm male
05:26 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:26 <Electric Leaf> I watched a show that made me cry... D:
05:27 <(´・ω・`)> otherwise countries wouldn't be so far up their asses on issues like gay marriage 
05:27 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
05:27 <Diamondzarebright> C: 
05:27 <Electric Leaf> How the hell did that happen? :/
05:27 <SomePersonHere> Again...
05:27 <Diamondzarebright> Oh my god
05:27 <(´・ω・`)> By the way my state better legalize dat shit. 
05:27 <Electric Leaf> It's supposed to be a kids show.
05:27 <Diamondzarebright> I'm going to make you cross eyed Sol... 
05:27 <TwinArmogeddons> OK
05:27 <DASHDOT™> Why do people care so much about sexuality?
05:27 <Child Of Mantra> Sarah, move to norway
05:27 <TwinArmogeddons> i approve
05:27 <Diamondzarebright> *pokes finger between eyes* 
05:27 <Electric Leaf> But then again... They do have references...
05:27 <(´・ω・`)> Believe me I wanna move to Europe badly. 
05:27 <Child Of Mantra> Actually i do not care for marriage.
05:27 <TwinArmogeddons> Your such a tese rene
05:27 <(´・ω・`)> Maybe Iceland. 
05:27 <TwinArmogeddons> *tease
05:28 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
05:28 <(´・ω・`)> Or Netherlands. 
05:28 <Child Of Mantra> Iceland have pop
05:28 <Child Of Mantra> has*
05:28 <Jamesthekiller> gay marriage and straight marriage are like bras and bikini tops, they're the same thing but only one is allowed in public
05:28 <Diamondzarebright> Tese is a word
05:28 <Diamondzarebright> xD BRA'S 
05:28 <Electric Leaf> Oh god this is gonna make me cry again.. D:
05:28 <(´・ω・`)> dem bras
05:28 <Child Of Mantra> Some places in norway women can go topless man
05:28 <Electric Leaf> Oh no wait.
05:28 <(´・ω・`)> Moving to Norway. c:
05:28 <Electric Leaf> Nope
05:28 <TwinArmogeddons> Noah relink your quiz i acidentaly closed it
05:28 <Jamesthekiller> *packing for norway*
05:28 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalm) 
05:28 <Tentacle Therapist> waitwut
05:28 <TwinArmogeddons> while closing my totaly not porn tab
05:29 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalm) 
05:29 <Diamondzarebright> *dies* 
05:29 <Electric Leaf> *Cries* :3
05:29 <Jamesthekiller> *buries*
05:29 <Child Of Mantra> combo breaks
05:29 <Diamondzarebright> *thanks James* 
05:29 <Electric Leaf> No wait... *Laughs*
05:29 <Jamesthekiller> welcome
05:30 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> And now it's you-know-who I got the you-know-what I stick it you-know-where you know why you don't care
05:30 <TwinArmogeddons> I need music
05:30 <Diamondzarebright> Make sure to put a pic of Jeff by my grave everyday kay James?
05:30 <DASHDOT™>
05:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Three Days Grace - Never Too Late - Duration: 03:32 - Uploaded: 2009-10-03 - Rating: 4.961559 - Views: 44,032,228 -
05:30 <Child Of Mantra> I sort of grew out of Marilyn Manson
05:30 <Jamesthekiller> Every day?
05:30 <Child Of Mantra> And Slipknot and such
05:30 <Diamondzarebright> Well 
05:30 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Slipknot O,O I hate them
05:30 <Electric Leaf> ...
05:30 <Jamesthekiller> once a week
05:30 <Diamondzarebright> Friday's and Saturday's 
05:31 <Jamesthekiller> fine
05:31 <Child Of Mantra> Still Brian is awesome
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> Brian Warner 
05:31 <Electric Leaf> Well this is disturbing...
05:31 <Jamesthekiller> dont know, don't care
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> Twiggy Ramierez
05:31 <Child Of Mantra> murlin munson
05:31 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Yaoi
05:31 <Jamesthekiller> hellcare he'll no
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> Murlin The Manson 
05:31 <TwinArmogeddons> Kylee Henke is awesome
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> Wait
05:31 <Diamondzarebright> Murlin The Man (son) 
05:31 <Jamesthekiller> hell no on yaoi
05:31 <TwinArmogeddons> She's a goddess 
05:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Yaoi sexy xD
05:32 <Child Of Mantra> I met Brian once.
05:32 <Ednoahjones> back
05:32 <TwinArmogeddons> Of fan music
05:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Ok shuttup
05:32 <Diamondzarebright> YOU DID
05:32 <Jamesthekiller> yuri better
05:32 <Diamondzarebright> FU 
05:32 <Electric Leaf> ...Oh geez.
05:32 <Child Of Mantra> He got all weird when i called him Brian
05:32 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
05:32 <Diamondzarebright> He all Plz fucker \
05:32 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Yaoi is better
05:32 <Diamondzarebright> call me Manson 
05:32 <Electric Leaf> A recap? Good fucking god.
05:32 <Diamondzarebright> Hi I'm Bopo
05:32 <Jamesthekiller> I beg to differ
05:32 <Child Of Mantra> I like regular porn better.
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Noah i acedently closed your quiz while closeing my totaly not homestuck rule 34 tab
05:33 <Child Of Mantra> fite me
05:33 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
05:33 <Ednoahjones> a yaoi vs yuri arguement?
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
05:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> YAOI
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> YAOI 
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Yuri all the way
05:33 <Ednoahjones>
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Yall are chicks its all good
05:33 <Ednoahjones> there it is twin
05:33 <Electric Leaf> Oh god Porn is the topic? :/
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> I am a female XD
05:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Twin shuttup
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Ok harly isnt
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> OZ
05:33 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm a guy xD I'm bi....
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> i forgot
05:33 <Ednoahjones> i don't think twin doubted that
05:33 <Jamesthekiller> slender tentacle, agreed?
05:33 <Child Of Mantra> Every day
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> Danm all the pings
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> ITZ OZ
05:33 <Child Of Mantra> Porn is always a topid
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> YES JAMES
05:33 <SomePersonHere> Okay bye guis
05:33 <Child Of Mantra> topic*
05:33 <Ednoahjones> i call him twin
05:33 <Electric Leaf> ....Wait a damn second... He can DO that?
05:33 <Diamondzarebright> I'd take that anyday 
05:33 <TwinArmogeddons> oz works
05:33 <Electric Leaf> Oh hell.
05:33 <Child Of Mantra> there can not be one day where porn is not the topic
05:34 <TwinArmogeddons> ozwald is my real name after all
05:34 <Jamesthekiller> i warned you simon
05:34 <Ednoahjones> i then
05:34 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
05:34 <Ednoahjones> ozwald
05:34 <Electric Leaf> We're fucked...
05:34 <TwinArmogeddons> Alternians are the altermet hipsters
05:34 <TwinArmogeddons> Alternitive is basicly in there name
05:34 <Diamondzarebright> james... your jeff pic is amazing
05:34 <TwinArmogeddons> forgot sake
05:34 <Electric Leaf> ...Sake?
05:34 <Jamesthekiller> Where
05:35 <Ednoahjones> who the fuck is noah?
05:35 <Electric Leaf> The japanese version of beer...?
05:35 -!- A BadAss has left Special:Chat.
05:35 <Diamondzarebright> I need sleep 
05:35 <Diamondzarebright> nite guys
05:35 <DASHDOT™> Goodnight Diamond
05:35 <Ednoahjones> night rene
05:35 <Electric Leaf> Bai Bai
05:35 <Jamesthekiller> Gnight
05:35 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
05:36 <Electric Leaf> I win. :e
05:36 <Electric Leaf> * :3
05:36 <Jamesthekiller> go to sleep
05:36 <TwinArmogeddons> Got 4th on your quiz
05:36 <TwinArmogeddons> noah
05:36 <Electric Leaf> Righto then.
05:36 <Jamesthekiller> what quiz
05:36 <Electric Leaf> Off to the...What?
05:36 <TwinArmogeddons> OH GOD A SOLLUX X KARKAT FANSONG
05:36 <Ednoahjones> oh you got 60?
05:36 <TwinArmogeddons> (sweetjesus)
05:36 <Electric Leaf> ...Wat?
05:36 <Ednoahjones> well lets take it slow then
05:36 <TwinArmogeddons> WRong
05:37 <TwinArmogeddons> (Ohgodwhy)
05:37 <TwinArmogeddons> I'ma listen to it any way
05:37 <Electric Leaf> (:
05:37 <Jamesthekiller> what freaking quiz, send link
05:37 <Child Of Mantra> sarah
05:37 <(´・ω・`)> wut
05:37 <Ednoahjones>
05:37 <Ednoahjones> there james
05:37 -!- A BadAss has joined Special:Chat
05:37 <Jamesthekiller> thanks
05:37 <Child Of Mantra>
05:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: El Fusilado - Duration: 02:33 - Uploaded: 2008-07-16 - Rating: 4.957983 - Views: 49,614 -
05:37 <Child Of Mantra> can't get enough of this tune
05:38 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:38 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm fucking bored
05:38 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has left Special:Chat.
05:38 <Ednoahjones> bored?
05:38 <Child Of Mantra> listen to chumbawamba then
05:38 <TwinArmogeddons> Who wants to get newd?
05:38 <Ednoahjones> lets go to the gay bar ozzy
05:38 <Child Of Mantra> I am already newd
05:38 <CreepyPastaFriend> lol
05:38 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm always newd
05:38 <TwinArmogeddons> Its america god danm it
05:38 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
05:39 <Child Of Mantra> I am newd under my clothes
05:39 <Ednoahjones> lets have a new rave at the gay bar
05:39 <Child Of Mantra> which are non existant
05:39 <Electric Leaf> I got 30... Wait
05:39 <Ednoahjones> newd*
05:39 <Ednoahjones> oh only a 30 electric?
05:39 <Electric Leaf> When they said name did they mean your real name? 
05:39 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <Electric Leaf> Cuz...
05:39 <Ednoahjones> what?
05:39 <Electric Leaf> That's what I put in.
05:40 <Ednoahjones> your rylee?
05:40 <Electric Leaf> Yes. :3
05:40 <Jamesthekiller> Half, I got 50
05:40 <Ednoahjones> you can use your real name
05:40 <Electric Leaf> that's my name. :3
05:40 <Ednoahjones> aww lets take it slow james
05:40 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <Ednoahjones> but electric
05:40 <Ednoahjones> RAPE! RAPE!
05:40 <Electric Leaf> Oh god...
05:40 <Ednoahjones> no means no electric!
05:40 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <Electric Leaf> Imma make a quiz
05:41 <Ednoahjones> hey twin
05:42 <(´・ω・`)> leaf
05:42 <(´・ω・`)> im gonna ace this shit
05:42 <Ednoahjones> twin
05:42 <Ednoahjones> er ozwald
05:42 <Child Of Mantra> i made a quizz"
05:42 <Child Of Mantra> !*
05:42 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:43 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
05:43 <Ednoahjones> i'm yes.. yes it is
05:43 <TwinArmogeddons> no no call me twin
05:43 <Ednoahjones> ok then twin
05:43 <Jamesthekiller> Twin
05:43 <Ednoahjones> you quit doing heroin you pussy
05:43 <Ednoahjones>
05:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Anal Cunt- You Quit Doing Heroin, You Pussy - Duration: 01:15 - Uploaded: 2010-05-12 - Rating: 4.079812 - Views: 198,795 -
05:43 <TwinArmogeddons> You put that up already
05:43 <Jamesthekiller> wtf
05:43 <Child Of Mantra> Anal Cunt's lyrics are enjoyable
05:44 <Ednoahjones> yeah
05:44 <Child Of Mantra> And that song is the only grindcore song i like
05:44 <TwinArmogeddons> its that song that sounds like a latino boy having a stick soved up his ass
05:44 <CreepyPastaFriend> and here are some tears, just great
05:44 <Tentacle Therapist> AND THEN THE BITCH SPAMMED
05:44 <Child Of Mantra> comment of the year @ twin
05:44 <TwinArmogeddons> IKR
05:44 -!- TobuKatsu has joined Special:Chat
05:44 -!- Ednoahjones was kicked from Special:Chat by (´・ω・`)
05:44 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <Jamesthekiller> *walks away slowly eating popcorn*
05:44 <(´・ω・`)> try me fucker
05:44 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <(´・ω・`)> I'm going to say that everytime I kick/ban someone.
05:45 <TobuKatsu> I read the videogame pasta guidelines.
05:45 <Ednoahjones> sottu
05:45 <Child Of Mantra> *tries you*
05:45 <Ednoahjones> sorry*
05:45 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh
05:45 <Jamesthekiller> i like trains
05:45 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
05:45 <TwinArmogeddons> god noah have you ever seen the film Starballz
05:45 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <Ednoahjones> you mean spaceballs?
05:45 <CreepyPastaFriend> does anyone have anything that could cure depression
05:45 <TobuKatsu> New videogame pastas = nuetral/boring
05:46 <TwinArmogeddons> No no the well hang on
05:46 <Jamesthekiller> Anti depression, a therapist, a noose
05:46 <Child Of Mantra> StarTesticles?
05:46 <CreepyPastaFriend> NOT HELPING, JAMES!!
05:46 <Jamesthekiller> sorry
05:47 <TwinArmogeddons> Noah 
05:47 <TwinArmogeddons> watch this
05:47 <TwinArmogeddons>
05:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Porn Critic reviews STARBALLZ Preview - Duration: 02:38 - Uploaded: 2011-07-08 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 3,639 -
05:47 <Child Of Mantra> When i dealt with depression i just buckled up and stopped whining
05:47 <CreepyPastaFriend> it's... okay
05:47 <(´・ω・`)> I know someone named Adult swim here.
05:47 <Child Of Mantra> And it worked
05:47 <(´・ω・`)> But Adult Swim isn't taken.
05:47 <TobuKatsu> Watching anime = no deppression           anime is the deppression cure
05:47 <(´・ω・`)> I might change my name to that. 
05:47 <(´・ω・`)> ...Hm.
05:47 <Jamesthekiller> thats anime
05:47 <TwinArmogeddons> Noah
05:47 <TwinArmogeddons> You watching it
05:47 <Child Of Mantra> Porn reviews
05:47 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
05:47 <DASHDOT™> do eet
05:47 <Jamesthekiller> Hentai
05:47 <Child Of Mantra> AWESOME
05:47 <Ednoahjones> ...
05:48 <Ednoahjones> dude aron
05:48 <Ednoahjones> thats not new
05:48 <TwinArmogeddons> wait noah
05:48 <Child Of Mantra> It's new to me.
05:48 <Ednoahjones> cinema snobs been doing it for a few years
05:48 <TwinArmogeddons> No watch it
05:48 <TobuKatsu> I got Zelda:Oracle of ages/seasons today
05:48 <Jamesthekiller> I'm walking on sunshine
05:48 <TwinArmogeddons> Noah did you watch it?
05:48 <Ednoahjones> oh my
05:49 <Jamesthekiller> It fucking burns
05:49 <Ednoahjones> that
05:49 <TwinArmogeddons> Its the worst porno i've ever seen
05:49 <Ednoahjones> lightsabers a dick
05:49 <TwinArmogeddons> I watched the whole thing
05:49 -!- TobuKatsu has left Special:Chat.
05:49 <TwinArmogeddons> No but theres a sene in the film
05:49 <Ednoahjones> why is goku in a star wars porn ripoff?
05:49 <TwinArmogeddons> Where Hansolo (goku) and chewy (some wack ass hairy guy) are runnning
05:50 <TwinArmogeddons> He's hansolo
05:50 <Jamesthekiller> why am I reading this
05:50 <Ednoahjones> no
05:50 <Ednoahjones> hes goku in a luke on hother outfit
05:50 <TwinArmogeddons> Yeah but he plays han in the film
05:50 <Ednoahjones> hes goku in a luke piloting an X wing costume
05:50 <Ednoahjones> wait
05:50 <Ednoahjones> they're called spermtroopers?
05:51 <TwinArmogeddons> Yep
05:51 <Electric Leaf>
05:51 <Electric Leaf> Squee
05:51 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:51 <TwinArmogeddons> you want me to get you the full reveiw
05:51 <Electric Leaf> Wait what are we talking about...?
05:51 <TwinArmogeddons> It basicly is the whole film
05:51 <Ednoahjones> (facepalm)
05:51 <Ednoahjones> sure
05:51 <TwinArmogeddons> But in reveiw
05:51 <Ednoahjones> LEAF
05:51 <Ednoahjones> caps
05:52 <Ednoahjones> sorry
05:52 <Electric Leaf> Yes? :3
05:52 <TwinArmogeddons> NSFW
05:52 <Ednoahjones> leaf. sega is not a franchise
05:52 <Electric Leaf> IDC
05:52 <TwinArmogeddons> there you gonoah
05:52 <Ednoahjones> its a company
05:52 <(´・ω・`)> Did you link porn?
05:52 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
05:52 <Electric Leaf> I am tired as fuck, just deal with it.
05:52 <Child Of Mantra> did you link porn?
05:52 <Electric Leaf> *Company*
05:52 <Electric Leaf> Probably.
05:52 <Electric Leaf> God.
05:52 <Electric Leaf> D:
05:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Mp
05:52 <(´・ω・`)> ooooh
05:52 <(´・ω・`)> critic 
05:52 <(´・ω・`)> okay
05:52 <TwinArmogeddons> No its a review
05:53 <TwinArmogeddons> of a porno thats not even what i would call porn
05:53 <Electric Leaf> ...
05:53 <TwinArmogeddons> i wouldn't link actualy porn
05:53 <Child Of Mantra> Where can i find the porno? pm preferably
05:53 <Electric Leaf> Anyone finished yet? :3
05:53 <TwinArmogeddons> Let me find you a link
05:53 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <Ednoahjones> man
05:53 <Ednoahjones> fuck blip.TV
05:53 <Electric Leaf> (Yawn) Tired. I need to stop watching Sonic X
05:54 <TwinArmogeddons> Still just watch it
05:54 <Electric Leaf> At least it's helping me learn Japanese...
05:54 <Ednoahjones> they're shitty-ass anti-adblocker measures
05:54 <Ednoahjones> no i'm downloading it
05:54 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Electric Leaf> Thank god for subs...
05:54 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
05:54 <Electric Leaf> Rea! Hai.
05:54 <Electric Leaf> I made a quiz. :3
05:54 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:54 <WhiteReaper> About what?
05:55 <Electric Leaf> Me. :3
05:55 <TwinArmogeddons> Your downloading the video
05:55 <TwinArmogeddons> I mean the review
05:55 <Ednoahjones> yes
05:55 <Ednoahjones> i am
05:55 <Jamesthekiller> What are you two talkin about
05:55 <Ednoahjones> cause fuck blip
05:55 <WhiteReaper> Lol I never seen you in chat before but k.
05:55 <Electric Leaf> The quiz I made
05:55 <Electric Leaf>
05:55 <Jamesthekiller> im...NEW! Reaper
05:56 <WhiteReaper> I'm not talking to you.
05:56 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:56 <Electric Leaf> BTW. If you do take it I meant company not franchise. :3
05:56 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
05:56 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
05:56 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
05:56 <Electric Leaf> Whose Arin?
05:56 <Jamesthekiller> mmsksksok
05:56 <Ednoahjones> in the mean time
05:56 <Ednoahjones> Twin
05:56 <Jamesthekiller> damn keyboard
05:56 <Ednoahjones>
05:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I'm Obama ~ Rucka Rucka Ali Lyrics - Duration: 03:52 - Uploaded: 2013-03-21 - Rating: 4.760563 - Views: 65,140 -
05:57 <Ednoahjones> watch dat
05:57 <Electric Leaf> They got 3 out of 10
05:57 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
05:57 <Jamesthekiller> ruka ruka Ali hell yeah
05:57 <WhiteReaper> Leaf
05:57 <WhiteReaper> i got 10
05:57 <Ednoahjones> rucka like a mo-fucka *high fives james*
05:57 <WhiteReaper> is that good
05:57 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
05:57 <Electric Leaf> 10 out of 10?
05:57 <WhiteReaper> 10%
05:57 <TwinArmogeddons> Who braought up rucka
05:57 <TwinArmogeddons> I FUCKING LOVE RUCKA
05:57 <Electric Leaf> That's a fail
05:57 <Ednoahjones> me
05:57 <Ednoahjones>
05:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I'm Obama ~ Rucka Rucka Ali Lyrics - Duration: 03:52 - Uploaded: 2013-03-21 - Rating: 4.760563 - Views: 65,140 -
05:57 <Ednoahjones> watch dat
05:57 <Electric Leaf> What did you get right
05:57 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm a proud member of the curch of rucka
05:58 <Electric Leaf> Like which question
05:58 <Ednoahjones> i like brony style
05:58 <Ednoahjones> and i'm a brony
05:58 <Electric Leaf> Hello?
05:58 <WhiteReaper> The favorite sonic character one.
05:58 <TwinArmogeddons> same here noah
05:58 <Electric Leaf> Good job.
05:58 <Electric Leaf> :3
05:58 <WhiteReaper> I'll make one for myself.
05:58 <Ednoahjones> if you can't take a joke
05:58 <Ednoahjones> jump in a pool with dickfish
05:59 <Ednoahjones> and skinny dip in it
05:59 <Electric Leaf> Someone actually thought my favorite character was the Tails Doll. LOL
05:59 <Ednoahjones> i was just guessing
05:59 <Electric Leaf> Of course Reaper said I was 10...
06:00 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <Electric Leaf> (Sigh)
06:00 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:00 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:00 <WhiteReaper> xD
06:00 <Jamesthekiller> If pro is the opposite os con then what's the opposite of progress
06:00 <Ednoahjones> watch dat people
06:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rucka Rucka Ali - Brony Style - Duration: 03:51 - Uploaded: 2012-11-28 - Rating: 4.641791 - Views: 6,577 -
06:00 <Ednoahjones> twin you too
06:00 <Ednoahjones> and james
06:00 <Electric Leaf> I mean.... Really?
06:00 <Jamesthekiller> fine
06:00 <Electric Leaf> That's immature
06:00 <Ednoahjones> "lets take out pants off! play with some horses!"
06:00 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:00 -!- Sloshedtrain has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <Moria Fox>
06:01 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:01 <Moria Fox> e-e Join
06:01 <WhiteReaper> I was just joking around, man.
06:01 <WhiteReaper> Mine will be done in a bit.
06:01 <Electric Leaf> Oh god...
06:01 <(´・ω・`)> >only active mod
06:01 <(´・ω・`)> ohshit
06:02 <Electric Leaf> I can't even get past the first 30 seconds. :3
06:02 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has joined Special:Chat
06:03 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:03 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:03 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has left Special:Chat.
06:03 <Jamesthekiller> XD that's helarious beyond belief
06:03 <TwinArmogeddons> What?
06:03 <Ednoahjones> the vid i just linked twin
06:03 <Ednoahjones> did you watch it?
06:03 <TwinArmogeddons> I know
06:03 <Ednoahjones> the brony one
06:04 <Electric Leaf> Brony pedophile...
06:04 <TwinArmogeddons> I've heard like every song rucks released
06:04 <Electric Leaf> God.
06:04 <Jamesthekiller> Heeeeeey sexy babies!
06:04 <Electric Leaf> I can't stop laughing
06:04 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm a closseted brony (well to my family)
06:04 <Ednoahjones> michelle can we go bomb dropping?
06:04 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has joined Special:Chat
06:04 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Hi
06:04 <Electric Leaf> Stewie...
06:04 <Electric Leaf> What are you doing...
06:05 <Jamesthekiller> being stewie
06:05 <TwinArmogeddons> ALso due to the shit my dad gives me i dont really watch it i used to before my dad walked in on me watching it and he's all "Please tell me your sisters recording this" i'm all "Errr ummm....:
06:05 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has joined Special:Chat
06:05 <WhiteReaper> k
06:05 <WhiteReaper>
06:05 <Electric Leaf> RD! :D
06:05 <Jamesthekiller> hol up fo one second!
06:05 <TwinArmogeddons> She isnt
06:05 -!- A BadAss has left Special:Chat.
06:06 <TwinArmogeddons> recording it dad He's all Son what the fuck
06:06 <Ednoahjones> you want some fucking  health care? well give yourself michelle care!
06:06 <TwinArmogeddons> Vegitables and excersize
06:06 <TwinArmogeddons> And all kinds of wellfare
06:06 <Jamesthekiller> Ok never mind wrong person
06:06 <Electric Leaf> What the fuck is Stewie doing in a brony music video...?
06:06 <Xdarkangelx223> hello ppls 
06:06 -!- DemonFist has joined Special:Chat
06:07 <DemonFist> hello people.
06:07 <TwinArmogeddons> Being stewie
06:07 <TwinArmogeddons>
06:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rucka Rucka Ali - Go Cops - Duration: 03:31 - Uploaded: 2010-11-10 - Rating: 4.829959 - Views: 190,821 -
06:07 <Jamesthekiller> I love go cops
06:07 <TwinArmogeddons> Word
06:07 <Electric Leaf> Watching I'm Obama
06:07 <DemonFist> i am wondering if Listen to The Clock actually work's?
06:07 <TwinArmogeddons> *Brohoof*
06:07 <Ednoahjones> hey leaf
06:07 <Ednoahjones> i took your quiz
06:07 <Ednoahjones> i got 69
06:07 <Ednoahjones> 60*
06:08 <Jamesthekiller> hahahaha
06:08 <Ednoahjones> i'm "fuck you too asshole"
06:08 <Electric Leaf> Nice job. :3
06:08 <(´・ω・`)> gotta go bye don't fuck up and do stupid shit while i'm gone
06:08 <WhiteReaper>
06:08 <Ednoahjones> we'll be good.. no we wont..
06:08 <WhiteReaper> who is the guy on the top?
06:08 <WhiteReaper> x3
06:08 <DASHDOT™> bye Sarah
06:08 <CreepyPastaFriend> bye
06:08 <Electric Leaf> Better than most people. :3
06:08 <TwinArmogeddons> So who likes my new profile pic
06:08 <CreepyPastaFriend> how is everybody here
06:08 <DemonFist> suicidal.
06:08 <Ednoahjones> it still reeks of homestuckfuck
06:08 <Jamesthekiller> Hasn't chaned twin
06:09 <Ednoahjones> @ twin
06:09 <Xdarkangelx223> im ok i wish i had bacon tho
06:09 <WhiteReaper> Electric, did you do mine?
06:09 <CreepyPastaFriend> really sad, even crying
06:09 <Electric Leaf> LINK IT
06:09 <WhiteReaper>
06:09 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Anyone interested to read m arrticles? 
06:09 <WhiteReaper> Also someone beat me at my own quiz
06:09 <TwinArmogeddons> No james it used to be normal sollux in the exact same postioin
06:09 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> My* Aarticles*
06:09 <Jamesthekiller> Oh
06:10 <TwinArmogeddons> but like non hoofbeast sollux
06:10 -!- DemonFist has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <Jamesthekiller> maybe harley!
06:10 <Jamesthekiller> maybe
06:10 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> James they're at Spinpasta
06:10 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <Electric Leaf> Dude this shit's easy.
06:10 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:10 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:11 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
06:11 <WhiteReaper> it's hard af
06:11 <WhiteReaper> How are you supposed to know I never played barbie
06:11 <WhiteReaper> how
06:11 <WhiteReaper> oh fuck now you know
06:11 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:11 <Electric Leaf> 9 out of 10 bitch
06:11 <WhiteReaper> which one did you miss.
06:11 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:11 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
06:11 <Electric Leaf> The one where you said to pick B
06:12 <Electric Leaf> My mouse fucked up
06:12 <Ednoahjones> oh no twiny left
06:12 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
06:12 <Ednoahjones> i'm all outta love
06:12 <Ednoahjones> i'm so lost without you
06:12 <WhiteReaper> james
06:12 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> James?
06:12 <WhiteReaper> Which one did you miss?
06:12 <Jamesthekiller> I got 90 on the quiz and ok harley
06:12 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> James what quiz?
06:12 <WhiteReaper> the quiz about me, harley.
06:12 <Jamesthekiller> Ask reaper
06:12 <Electric Leaf> Still at the top
06:12 <Electric Leaf> :D
06:12 <WhiteReaper> Also which one did you miss, james?
06:13 <WhiteReaper>
06:13 <WhiteReaper> harley.
06:13 <Jamesthekiller> Relationship, I thought raped
06:13 <WhiteReaper> Ah.
06:13 <Jamesthekiller> as a joke
06:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:13 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Lemme do it
06:13 <Ednoahjones> oh wiat
06:13 <WhiteReaper> Raped isn't a relationship ffs
06:13 <Ednoahjones> it was whites i took
06:13 <Jamesthekiller> It is in my book
06:13 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm bored
06:14 <Jamesthekiller> c
06:14 <WhiteReaper> Alright
06:14 <Ednoahjones> OH twiny!
06:14 <Ednoahjones> your back
06:14 <Ednoahjones> *tackle hugs twin to the ground*
06:14 <Jamesthekiller> click the link harley
06:14 <WhiteReaper> I bet you can't get more than I got at my own kiss, harley.
06:14 <WhiteReaper> *quiz
06:14 <WhiteReaper> how did i misspell that
06:14 <Jamesthekiller> idk
06:14 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I did
06:14 <WhiteReaper> do eet now
06:14 <TwinArmogeddons> I dont like up the ass
06:15 <Xdarkangelx223> o.o ^
06:15 <Ednoahjones> its time for the out of context line
06:15 <TwinArmogeddons> Well i might be bisexual (i'm questioning) 
06:15 <Jamesthekiller> straight
06:15 <Ednoahjones> "i prefer it stay in my crotch!"
06:15 <Xdarkangelx223> XD
06:16 <Ednoahjones> you know what thats describing?
06:16 <Jamesthekiller> jizz?
06:16 <Ednoahjones> a jock strap
06:16 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I got 80
06:16 <Ednoahjones> you pervs
06:16 <Jamesthekiller> oh
06:16 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I'm a gu btw
06:16 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Guy*
06:16 <WhiteReaper> which ones did you miss?
06:16 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
06:17 <Xdarkangelx223> BACON
06:17 <Jamesthekiller> ill call you dark
06:17 <Ednoahjones> twin
06:17 <CreepyPastaFriend> hello dark
06:17 <Xdarkangelx223> ello
06:17 <Ednoahjones> 
06:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Electric Six- Gay Bar (Uncensored Version) (w/ lyrics) - Duration: 02:29 - Uploaded: 2009-11-24 - Rating: 4.720654 - Views: 178,311 -
06:17 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> The rape one and I forgot the other xD
06:17 <Darkstride> hi Creepy.
06:17 <Ednoahjones> my message to you twin (again)
06:17 <Jamesthekiller> not dark angel darkstride
06:18 <Darkstride> (wat)
06:18 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has left Special:Chat.
06:18 <Ednoahjones> hey james
06:18 <Ednoahjones> tell me, do ya
06:18 <Ednoahjones> do ya have any money?
06:18 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
06:18 <Ednoahjones> i wanna spend all your money
06:18 <Ednoahjones> at the gay bar!
06:18 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has joined Special:Chat
06:19 <TwinArmogeddons> Fuck it noah you've asked enought
06:19 <TwinArmogeddons> lets go to the gay bar
06:19 <Jamesthekiller> 50 bucks In my wallet
06:19 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
06:19 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
06:19 <Jamesthekiller> no gay bar
06:19 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:19 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has left Special:Chat.
06:19 <Ednoahjones> off we go to the gay bar
06:20 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:20 <TwinArmogeddons> come with us james
06:20 <Jamesthekiller> Fuck, fine but I'm gonna stay straight
06:20 <Ednoahjones> lets start a war
06:20 <Ednoahjones> start a nuclear war
06:20 <Ednoahjones> at the gay bar
06:21 <Jamesthekiller> ever heard of ww 2?
06:21 <Dream Hacked> SKELETONS
06:21 <Dream Hacked> !updatelogs
06:21 <Jamesthekiller> pokemon! Yay!
06:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Dream Hacked: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 26 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
06:21 <Ednoahjones> *dances erotically with twin*
06:21 <Jamesthekiller> *throws pokeball at dream*
06:21 <TwinArmogeddons> *Is high on acid*
06:22 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has joined Special:Chat
06:22 <Electric Leaf>
06:22 <Jamesthekiller> *high too but still straight*
06:22 <Electric Leaf> Click on it if you want. :3
06:23 <Electric Leaf> (Yawns) Well Imma go watch Sonic X bullshit it's way into hell.
06:23 <Ednoahjones> *we both black out and wake up the next morning in bed together. with 2 other dudes beside us* @ twin
06:23 <Jamesthekiller> * walks out slowly with teddy bear*
06:24 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
06:24 <Xdarkangelx223> nooo not the abomination @ electric 
06:24 <Electric Leaf> Oh hell. They're blowing up the moon again...
06:24 <Ednoahjones> yo what the fucked we do?!
06:24 <TwinArmogeddons> man
06:24 <Jamesthekiller> *bacwards*
06:24 <TwinArmogeddons> Fucking starballz is a bad movie
06:24 <Jamesthekiller> the hangover 4 happened
06:25 <Ednoahjones> why am i naked in bed with twin and two black dudes?
06:25 <TwinArmogeddons> I dont know
06:25 <Jamesthekiller> Ruphies
06:25 <TwinArmogeddons> i wander why as well
06:25 <Electric Leaf> Sonic X = Is okay as long as it's not dubbed in english.
06:25 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed electric indeed
06:25 <Jamesthekiller> Hahahahaha *evil laugh*
06:25 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
06:25 <TwinArmogeddons>
06:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rucka Rucka Ali - My Korea's Over - Duration: 04:01 - Uploaded: 2012-01-29 - Rating: 4.878363 - Views: 141,757 -
06:26 <TwinArmogeddons> DJ not nice
06:26 <Ednoahjones> and.. *rubs back* why does my ass hurt?
06:26 <TwinArmogeddons> Kicks ass
06:26 <Electric Leaf> I only know half of this because I played Sonic Heroes... (Sigh)
06:26 <Jamesthekiller> paddle...don't ask
06:26 <Darkstride> >rubs back
06:26 <Darkstride> >complains about ass hurting 
06:26 <Darkstride> No but seriously, I don't get it .-.
06:26 <Xdarkangelx223> sonic heroes = gateway to hell
06:27 <Jamesthekiller> too fucking weird for child
06:27 <Electric Leaf> LOL... :/
06:27 <TwinArmogeddons> I fucking love sonic heros
06:27 <Jamesthekiller> i like sonic heroes too
06:27 <Electric Leaf> Yeah.
06:28 <Xdarkangelx223> dude they kept changing the voice actors it pissed me off
06:28 <TwinArmogeddons> I can see that
06:28 <Electric Leaf> It's the one game that was somewhat decent in my game book.
06:28 <Jamesthekiller> I only remember two though
06:28 <TwinArmogeddons> i never played 2
06:28 <Jamesthekiller> one for sonic 06 and sonic vs metal sonic
06:28 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Back
06:28 <TwinArmogeddons> What do you guys think of no more heros
06:29 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
06:29 <Electric Leaf> Oh god... I would never want to get Amy angry.... D:
06:29 <Electric Leaf> Oh dear god
06:29 <WhiteReaper> I'm gonna make a coolness test.
06:29 <TwinArmogeddons> No more heros is one of my favorite wii games
06:29 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:29 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:30 <Electric Leaf> Twillight Princess is one of my favorites.
06:30 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> They're finny and funny and oh so delish!
06:30 <Darkstride> My favorite game of all time: Super Smash Bros. Melee.
06:30 <Xdarkangelx223> amy really is scary af she keeps up with sonic and yet has no super speed when needed
06:30 <WhiteReaper> done
06:30 <Jamesthekiller> Have any of you heard of möbius unleashed?
06:30 <WhiteReaper>
06:30 <Electric Leaf> ...?
06:30 <Ednoahjones> never played no more heroes
06:30 <Ednoahjones> but from what i've seen of it, its awesome
06:31 -!- Boundgar has joined Special:Chat
06:31 <WhiteReaper> try winning at this one leaf
06:31 <Electric Leaf> Holy shit. Vanilla
06:31 <Jamesthekiller> if you seen MU then you'll never look at sonic the same ways again
06:31 -!- Nonexistingperson has joined Special:Chat
06:31 <Boundgar> hey anyone want to cyber with me?
06:31 <Ednoahjones> the fuck
06:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:32 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:32 <Boundgar> yes or no, man
06:32 <Xdarkangelx223> ? not shady at all
06:32 <Ednoahjones> well what gender are you
06:32 <Electric Leaf> I said maybe... :/
06:32 <WhiteReaper> hey I do man
06:32 <Boundgar> Male
06:32 <Ednoahjones> twin wants you
06:32 <WhiteReaper> no forget it
06:32 <WhiteReaper> i don't
06:32 <WhiteReaper> wait
06:32 <Boundgar> no gay shit
06:32 <WhiteReaper> can you moan like a girl
06:32 <Darkstride> waut
06:32 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:32 -!- Nonexistingperson has left Special:Chat.
06:33 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
06:33 <Boundgar> i can moan like a man getting his **** sucked
06:33 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
06:33 <Jamesthekiller> dafuq is wrong with you
06:33 <WhiteReaper> nah i'm not into that shit
06:33 <Ednoahjones> how do you do that away thing?
06:33 <Ednoahjones> under your name?
06:33 <WhiteReaper> fuck you moan while getting your dick sucked?
06:33 <Xdarkangelx223> wth im gone for like 2 sec and that pops up
06:33 <Boundgar> damn right
06:33 <WhiteReaper> what a pussy
06:33 <Jamesthekiller> weird as shiiiit
06:34 <Xdarkangelx223> ikr
06:34 <Boundgar> you have a pussy? let's cyber then!
06:34 <Boundgar> ...oh, I misread
06:34 <WhiteReaper> no i don't man. Can't your read?
06:34 <Jamesthekiller> fuck no
06:34 <WhiteReaper> are you fucking blind?
06:34 <Boundgar> a little
06:34 <Xdarkangelx223> gawd saves me
06:34 <Ednoahjones> !away
06:34 <Darkstride> (facepalm) What the fuck is going on.
06:34 <WhiteReaper> ah i see.
06:34 <Boundgar> but i can still get the job done
06:35 -!- BloodySpghetti has joined Special:Chat
06:35 <WhiteReaper> Good for you man
06:35 <BloodySpghetti> wow this chat is active all the time
06:35 <Jamesthekiller> mothet of fuck LEAVE BLOODY NOW!!!
06:35 <BloodySpghetti> Nice.
06:35 <WhiteReaper> how big is your dick man
06:35 <Jamesthekiller> its not safe
06:35 <Jamesthekiller> here
06:35 <Boundgar> 2 inch
06:35 <BloodySpghetti> FAGGOTS
06:35 <BloodySpghetti> !!!
06:35 <WhiteReaper> that's big ,am
06:35 <WhiteReaper> DREA,
06:35 <WhiteReaper> DREAM
06:36 <Jamesthekiller> i warned you bloody
06:36 <WhiteReaper> HOMOPHOBIA
06:36 <Darkstride> Bloody.
06:36 <Boundgar> any females here with a pussy?
06:36 <BloodySpghetti> I just said Faggots
06:36 <BloodySpghetti> haha
06:36 <WhiteReaper> you're gettin your ass banned
06:36 <WhiteReaper> LOLSKELETONS
06:36 <BloodySpghetti> shit
06:36 <BloodySpghetti> :(
06:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:36 <Darkstride> Skelly. Is an easier way to PIIIING.
06:36 <Darkstride> TWIN! Hi.
06:36 <BloodySpghetti> For how long though?
06:36 <Boundgar> wanna cyber darkstride?
06:36 <Darkstride> Cyber?
06:36 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm backkk
06:36 <Darkstride> What?
06:37 <Boundgar> my nickname is bigdadylongstroke
06:37 <TwinArmogeddons> WHy did that have 3 ks
06:37 <Darkstride> Nice pony Sollux, Twin.
06:37 <BloodySpghetti> Typing sex lines
06:37 <BloodySpghetti> lol
06:37 <TwinArmogeddons> Thank you
06:37 <Jamesthekiller> Twin, some awkward shit happened while you were gone
06:37 <Darkstride> ^
06:37 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed
06:37 <TwinArmogeddons> What happend
06:37 <BloodySpghetti> Yep,
06:37 <Boundgar> i can make you wet
06:37 -!- BloodySpghetti was banned from Special:Chat by Dream Hacked for 604800 seconds.
06:37 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm a guy
06:37 <BloodySpghetti> that happened ^
06:37 -!- BloodySpghetti has left Special:Chat.
06:37 <Dream Hacked> Sorry
06:37 <Jamesthekiller> scroll up cuz I'm not saying
06:37 <Dream Hacked>  Soryr
06:37 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
06:37 <Dream Hacked> I thought I scrolled all of the way down
06:38 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
06:38 <TwinArmogeddons> No just say cuz i had to resart
06:38 <TwinArmogeddons> my chat
06:38 <Jamesthekiller> *throws pokeball again*
06:38 <Boundgar> anyone want to suck 'my tentacle'?
06:38 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> I love me
06:38 <Dream Hacked> Mai phalt
06:38 <Xdarkangelx223> bacon
06:38 <Jamesthekiller> why isn't the pokeball working
06:38 <Boundgar> can someone just suck my god damn dick!
06:38 <WhiteReaper> THROUGH A WEBCAM
06:39 <WhiteReaper> WHAT ARE YOU
06:39 <Jamesthekiller> HELL NOOO
06:39 <WhiteReaper> MENTALLY DISABLED
06:39 <Xdarkangelx223> NOOOOOOO
06:39 <Darkstride> >oh
06:39 <Boundgar> mentally horny
06:39 <TwinArmogeddons> Ruckka rucka ali
06:39 <TwinArmogeddons> yeah
06:39 <WhiteReaper> GO TO SLUTROULETTE.COM
06:39 <TwinArmogeddons> I can message you basicly anyhting
06:39 <WhiteReaper> DONE
06:39 <Xdarkangelx223> agreed ^
06:39 <TwinArmogeddons> Is slutroulette actualy that good?
06:40 <WhiteReaper> never been there
06:40 <Darkstride> Boundgar, Wikia is definitely not the place to hook up with some online person.
06:40 <WhiteReaper> seems like chatroulette
06:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Lol
06:40 <Jamesthekiller> i wouldn't know
06:40 <WhiteReaper> but with sluts
06:40 <Boundgar> someone suck my fucking dick!
06:40 <TwinArmogeddons> So less dicks
06:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Boundgar
06:40 <WhiteReaper> dream
06:40 <WhiteReaper> sigh
06:40 <WhiteReaper> .-.
06:40 <Jamesthekiller> someone ban the bastard
06:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Hang on i'll message you a POV video
06:40 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Anyone up for pancakes
06:40 <Xdarkangelx223> i am!
06:40 <Jamesthekiller> ...
06:41 <Boundgar> yeah, if they're in bed with a hot bitch
06:41 <Jamesthekiller> SOMEONE BAN HIM!!!
06:41 <Xdarkangelx223> jesus man gtfo
06:41 <WhiteReaper> don't request bans james.
06:41 <Boundgar> jesus man, suck my dick!
06:41 <WhiteReaper> It's against the rules
06:41 <WhiteReaper> just warning
06:41 <Darkstride> Dream Hacked.
06:41 <Jamesthekiller> fine, but I would like it
06:41 <Jamesthekiller> if he was
06:42 <Jamesthekiller> and so would all of you
06:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Lalalala
06:42 <Boundgar> can someone suck my dick before i go limp!
06:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:42 <Xdarkangelx223> unicorns :D
06:42 <Dream Hacked> WAT
06:42 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> -Skips uout of the asylm joyfully
06:42 <Dream Hacked> Fuch
06:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:42 -!- Boundgar was banned from Special:Chat by Dream Hacked for 31536000000 seconds.
06:42 -!- Boundgar has left Special:Chat.
06:42 <WhiteReaper> k
06:42 <WhiteReaper> thanks
06:42 <Jamesthekiller> THANK YOU POKEMON!!
06:42 <Dream Hacked> Ping my fill username
06:42 <Dream Hacked> full*
06:42 <Xdarkangelx223> thank you
06:43 <WhiteReaper> alright
06:43 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:43 <Jamesthekiller> ok so no dicks am I correct?
06:43 <WhiteReaper> I got a dick
06:43 <Jamesthekiller> not like that
06:43 <Darkstride> (loool)
06:43 <Electric Leaf> Done. :3
06:43 <Xdarkangelx223> ...
06:43 <Electric Leaf>
06:44 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:44 <Electric Leaf> Well
06:44 <Electric Leaf> BRB Need to refresh
06:44 -!- Electric Leaf has left Special:Chat.
06:44 <Xdarkangelx223> bacon anyone?
06:44 -!- Electric Leaf has joined Special:Chat
06:44 <Darkstride> Pokemon Rescue Team Fire Red was for the DS I thought .-.
06:44 <Electric Leaf> No
06:44 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:45 <WhiteReaper> i got 10 leaf
06:45 <Electric Leaf> It was released for the Gameboy Advanced.
06:45 <Darkstride> Ah
06:45 <Jamesthekiller> *steals pancake*
06:45 <Xdarkangelx223> thats my pancake :O
06:46 <Jamesthekiller> *slowly eats in front of angel*
06:46 <Electric Leaf> XD YOU FAILED
06:46 <Electric Leaf> Good try though. :3
06:46 <Xdarkangelx223> NUUUU PANCAKE :<
06:46 <Electric Leaf> :/
06:47 <Jamesthekiller> *smokes weed with huge bong* anyone want some?
06:47 <Jamesthekiller> *gets bloodshot instantly*
06:47 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
06:47 <Xdarkangelx223> Meee *takes hit*
06:48 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:48 <TwinArmogeddons> good danm
06:48 <TwinArmogeddons> God danm
06:48 <TwinArmogeddons> My freaking computer freaked out for a minute
06:48 <Jamesthekiller> *sees leprechaun named Samuel* O.e dafuq?
06:49 <Electric Leaf>
06:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I'm Obama ~ Rucka Rucka Ali "Thrift Shop" PARODY - Duration: 04:38 - Uploaded: 2013-04-08 - Rating: 4.798561 - Views: 81,759 -
06:49 <Jamesthekiller> anyone else? *coughs*
06:49 <Xdarkangelx223> *sees unicorn* I      MUST     RIDE :D
06:49 <Jamesthekiller> *rides with angel*
06:49 <TwinArmogeddons>
06:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rucka Rucka Ali - Canada - Duration: 04:02 - Uploaded: 2012-01-30 - Rating: 4.465181 - Views: 60,040 -
06:50 <Electric Leaf> *Sees a Derpy Pegasus* I must give it a MUFFIN!
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> (derpy)
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> (muffin)
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> (cupcake)
06:50 <Electric Leaf> That's MY emote
06:50 <Xdarkangelx223> ^ :3
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> SHIT
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> fine then
06:50 <TwinArmogeddons> (Gemini)
06:51 <Jamesthekiller> *shoots laser out of hand* HOLY SHIITE YEAH!!
06:51 <Electric Leaf> (Derpy) :P
06:51 <TwinArmogeddons> (john) (rose) (dave) (Jade) (jane) (roxy) (dirk) (jake) These are mine then
06:51 <Xdarkangelx223> ok everyone the ultimate question who would win super man or goku
06:51 <Jamesthekiller> Goku
06:51 <TwinArmogeddons> They would both die
06:52 <Dream Hacked> Please don't spam those ^_^
06:52 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Sorry
06:52 <Jamesthekiller> chuck Norris or Bruce lee
06:52 <GreenYoshi2013> Hey Guys. Can Someone Help Me?
06:52 <Electric Leaf> (Yoshi) ?
06:52 <Electric Leaf> Damn
06:52 <Electric Leaf> Yeah Yoshi?
06:52 <Xdarkangelx223> BRUCE LEE
06:52 <Jamesthekiller> *rides yoshi*
06:52 <Jamesthekiller> go dino
06:52 <Xdarkangelx223> *mario music*
06:52 <GreenYoshi2013> I Need To Know How To Upload A Creepypasta. Im New Here
06:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:53 <TwinArmogeddons> Until you fall off and that fucker runs away with from you off a cliff
06:53 <Electric Leaf> *Gets a huge hammer* Get. The. FUCK. Off. Of. The. DINOSAUR.
06:53 <Jamesthekiller> *pokes yoshi in eye* y u no eat turtles?
06:53 <Xdarkangelx223> XD
06:53 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
06:53 <GreenYoshi2013> That Doesnt Help You Guys
06:53 <Jamesthekiller> it helps when you're this high
06:53 <GreenYoshi2013> I Asked A Question. Please Answer It. Ill Have Fun With Joked Later
06:53 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Back
06:53 <Electric Leaf> *Readies Hammer* Sorry, Yoshi. These people are idiots sometjimes
06:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:54 <Jamesthekiller> and proud
06:54 <Electric Leaf> Yoshi: Click the Contribute Button
06:54 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed
06:54 <GreenYoshi2013> Ok
06:54 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:54 <GreenYoshi2013> Now What?
06:54 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:54 <GreenYoshi2013> Do I Click Add A Page?
06:54 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Jamesthekiller> Hmmm...
06:55 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:55 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:55 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
06:55 <Xdarkangelx223> james i suggest we take a trip to whitecastle u in?
06:56 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
06:56 <GreenYoshi2013> My Pasta Is Called "Jovi15486" I Know The Name Makes No Sense. Its My First Creepypasta Ever So If Anyone Wants To Read It And Review It, Please Go Easy On Me.
06:56 <Jamesthekiller> Yes*takes cheeta*
06:57 <Jamesthekiller> does this site now say daycare center?
06:57 <Xdarkangelx223> yep
06:57 <GreenYoshi2013> Ugg... Seriously. Can Anyone Help Me???
06:57 <TwinArmogeddons> I hate Emos with a fucking pasion
06:57 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
06:57 <Jamesthekiller> would someone like to answer why it does
06:57 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
06:58 <GreenYoshi2013> -_- Please? Anyone?
06:58 <Jamesthekiller> Ok fine, I'll read
06:58 -!- Electric Leaf has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <Dream Hacked> Will you guys please help the user ^_^ They are asking kindly.
06:58 <GreenYoshi2013> I Need Help! How Do I Upload A New Creepy Pasta. :(
06:58 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
06:59 <Dream Hacked> Upload the page?>
06:59 <Jamesthekiller> Idk, I'm new too
06:59 <Jamesthekiller> White Castle?
06:59 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green go to Contribute
06:59 <Jamesthekiller> his name is yoshi
07:00 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <GreenYoshi2013> Okay Now What?
07:00 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm fucking bored
07:00 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green click on add page
07:00 <GreenYoshi2013> Okay
07:00 <Xdarkangelx223> to white castle :D shit neil stole my car
07:00 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green what kind of article is it?
07:00 <GreenYoshi2013> Creepypasta Story
07:00 <Jamesthekiller> *shows cheetah* cars are for pussies
07:01 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green...I know but what is about
07:01 <TwinArmogeddons> As always
07:01 <TwinArmogeddons> As usal
07:01 <TwinArmogeddons> shit lag kills
07:01 <Jamesthekiller> *gives cheetah weed*
07:01 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm hungry
07:01 <TwinArmogeddons> As shit
07:01 <Jamesthekiller> white, fucking castle twin
07:02 <Jamesthekiller> thinktwin think it over
07:02 <Jamesthekiller> fucking keyboard 
07:02 <TwinArmogeddons> We dont have them in the land of dust and tacos (newmexico in homestuckfucker talk)
07:02 <GreenYoshi2013> The Title Is "Jovi15486" Its About A Gamer Who Recently Find Out About ROMS And Emulation. He Downloaded ROMS For Games He Used Too Own. He Then Finds Out About Homebrew And Stumbles Apon A ROM Called "Jovi15486" I Wont Give Away More Details
07:02 <Jamesthekiller> Taco Bell?
07:03 <TwinArmogeddons> We have those
07:03 <Dream Hacked> Why do you type in capital letters?
07:03 <Jamesthekiller> go then
07:03 <Xdarkangelx223> i want to see the taco bell puupy ^^
07:03 <GreenYoshi2013> Sorry Its A Habit
07:03 <GreenYoshi2013> Ill try to stop
07:03 <TwinArmogeddons> but none are in walking distance and my vespa's out of gas
07:03 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green just tell me
07:03 <GreenYoshi2013> The Whole Story?
07:03 <Jamesthekiller> sucks to be you then
07:03 <Xdarkangelx223> take a cheetah
07:03 <Jamesthekiller> yeah
07:04 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green  no just what t
07:04 <Jamesthekiller> Stoned cheetahs are the future
07:04 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green no just the theme
07:04 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed and they run on flesh lol
07:04 <TwinArmogeddons> I love my 50 
07:04 <GreenYoshi2013> ??? Im Sorry I Dont Understand... Can You Just Tell Me How To Upload It?
07:04 <Jamesthekiller> or weed
07:05 <TwinArmogeddons> Danm things stil out of gas tho
07:05 <Jamesthekiller> have a bike?
07:05 <HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller> Green omg...Just click on contribute...And click on add page...That's it
07:05 <GreenYoshi2013> Okay
07:05 <Xdarkangelx223> wait guys i just had the most awsome idea what if we had jetpacks :D
07:06 <Dream Hacked> Be sure to read up on the article listing rules
07:06 <TwinArmogeddons> James wanna know a rucka rucka ali video
07:06 <TwinArmogeddons> *fact
07:06 <Jamesthekiller> It'd be as awesome as a cheetah
07:06 <Xdarkangelx223> ikr
07:06 <Jamesthekiller> and yes twin
07:06 <TwinArmogeddons>
07:06 <Jamesthekiller> shit
07:06 <TwinArmogeddons> is a real site
07:07 <Dream Hacked> GreenYoshi
07:07 <Dream Hacked>
07:07 <Dream Hacked> Click that
07:07 <Jamesthekiller> yoshi alone dammit
07:07 <Dream Hacked> Sorry, I'm super busy to be doing this
07:07 <Jamesthekiller> his name is freaking yoshi
07:08 <Xdarkangelx223> lol
07:08 <Jamesthekiller> *takes jet pack to white castle* 
07:08 <TwinArmogeddons> white caslte is the shit
07:08 <Jamesthekiller> dammit I'm mad is dammit I'm mad backwards
07:08 <TwinArmogeddons> Woah
07:09 <Xdarkangelx223> o.o
07:09 <Jamesthekiller> so true it even has the same meaning reversed
07:09 <Ednoahjones> back
07:09 <Jamesthekiller> huh
07:09 <Ednoahjones> i watched the review of star ballz
07:09 <TwinArmogeddons> noah
07:09 <Jamesthekiller> jesus
07:09 -!- HarleyQuinn x JeffTheKiller has left Special:Chat.
07:09 <Ednoahjones> and then watched some a star ballz
07:09 <TwinArmogeddons> wanna know a fact about rucka rucka ali
07:10 <Ednoahjones> while i totally didn't fap
07:10 <Ednoahjones> sure
07:10 <Jamesthekiller> jewtube is real
07:10 <TwinArmogeddons> is a real
07:10 <TwinArmogeddons> FUCKER
07:10 <Jamesthekiller> hahahaha
07:10 <Xdarkangelx223> lol
07:10 <Jamesthekiller> XD
07:10 <TwinArmogeddons> TWICE YOU CUNT
07:10 <Ednoahjones> the fucks jewtube?
07:10 -!- Tentacle Therapist has joined Special:Chat
07:10 <TwinArmogeddons> to qoute that one guy rages on maxmofo
07:10 <TwinArmogeddons> hang on i'll get a link
07:11 <Jamesthekiller> im just that awesome
07:11 <Ednoahjones> nevermind
07:11 <GreenYoshi2013> Who Needs Fucking Cheetahs. Yoshi Will Take You To Taco Bell
07:11 <Ednoahjones> i saw it
07:11 <Tentacle Therapist> Oh God.
07:11 <Jamesthekiller> yay!!!
07:11 <Tentacle Therapist> Someone Who Capitalizes Every Word
07:11 <Xdarkangelx223> omj i want to go with the yoshi :D
07:11 <DASHDOT™> Don't You Hate It When People Type Like This?
07:11 <TwinArmogeddons> Holy shit it looks like
07:11 <Dream Hacked>
07:11 <Jamesthekiller> stfu
07:11 <Dream Hacked> Yoshi
07:12 <Dream Hacked> read that
07:12 <TwinArmogeddons> Jewtube may have be DDoSed
07:12 <GreenYoshi2013> Im sorry, but its a habit I grew up with. Ill try my best to stop though
07:12 <DASHDOT™> mmk
07:12 <Dream Hacked> Leave yoshi alone ;/
07:12 <Jamesthekiller> *hops on yoshi* let's a gooo!
07:12 <Ednoahjones> i just never capitalize
07:12 <Xdarkangelx223> wait for leh angel
07:13 <Ednoahjones> so i can't fuck it up
07:13 <Jamesthekiller> ready angel?
07:13 <GreenYoshi2013> *exclaims outloud my name is yoshi* *dashes to taco bell*
07:13 <Xdarkangelx223> yesh ^-^
07:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:13 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:13 <TwinArmogeddons> I DoNt MiNd WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs ;o) 
07:13 <Jamesthekiller> WWHHOOOOOOOOO!
07:13 <Dream Hacked> The hell did you call me, Twin?
07:13 <Xdarkangelx223> YYYYYAAAAAAAAAA
07:13 <GreenYoshi2013> TwinArmogeddons: O_O Oh Hell No
07:14 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:14 <Jamesthekiller> me: O.O
07:14 -!- AbarraTheMaster has joined Special:Chat
07:14 <Jamesthekiller> abarra, join us riding yoshi
07:14 -!- AbarraTheMaster has left Special:Chat.
07:15 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:15 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:15 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed to taco bell with us :3
07:16 <TwinArmogeddons> What about taco bell
07:16 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:16 <TwinArmogeddons> I really need fucking gas money for my vespa
07:16 <Xdarkangelx223> were riding yoshi to taco bell
07:16 <Ednoahjones> you know what i'm gonna do?
07:16 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:16 <Xdarkangelx223> what?
07:17 <TwinArmogeddons> totaly not fa
07:17 <Ednoahjones> download ALL the rageaholic episodes
07:17 <TwinArmogeddons> p
07:17 <Xdarkangelx223> twin lol and noah indeed 
07:17 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:18 <Ednoahjones> you watch razorfist?!
07:18 <Jamesthekiller> Damn, I've scared the new one off
07:18 <Xdarkangelx223> yep
07:18 <Jamesthekiller> Lost another one *sigh*
07:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Again
07:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Good
07:18 <TwinArmogeddons> good
07:18 <Ednoahjones> i never thought i'd find another rageaholic here
07:18 <TwinArmogeddons> we are getting the strongest people for the army
07:19 <TwinArmogeddons> *hoard
07:19 <Jamesthekiller> the bro army?
07:19 <Xdarkangelx223> ik me 2
07:19 <Ednoahjones> no james, the rageaholic army
07:19 <Jamesthekiller> fuck
07:20 <Ednoahjones> here
07:20 <Ednoahjones>
07:20 <Ednoahjones> go watch him
07:20 <Ednoahjones> forever
07:20 <Ednoahjones> twin
07:20 <Jamesthekiller> oh alright
07:20 <Ednoahjones> you too
07:20 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed
07:20 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:20 <TwinArmogeddons> I have a song for you noah
07:20 <Ednoahjones> fuck songs
07:21 <Ednoahjones> watch the rageaholic
07:21 <TwinArmogeddons>
07:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - Duration: 00:00 - Uploaded: 2009-04-01 - Rating: 4.908046 - Views: 445,583 -
07:21 <Ednoahjones> yes
07:21 <Ednoahjones> yes i do
07:21 <Ednoahjones> but go watch razorfist anyway
07:21 <Xdarkangelx223> lol
07:21 <TwinArmogeddons> I taught so
07:22 <Ednoahjones> reviews with BALLS watch'm and you might grow some yourself,
07:22 <TwinArmogeddons> the top comment is by some bitch and its "Everytime i hear this song i feel like i need to wash my butthole 5 times"
07:23 <GreenYoshi2013> Anyone Wanna Read My Published Story?
07:23 <GreenYoshi2013>
07:23 <Xdarkangelx223> ill read it
07:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:23 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:24 <GreenYoshi2013> Please Go Easy On Me Though. Its The First One Ive Ever Written
07:24 <TwinArmogeddons>
07:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut - Duration: 06:39 - Uploaded: 2009-12-30 - Rating: 4.920266 - Views: 132,617 -
07:24 <Ednoahjones> WALL
07:24 <Ednoahjones> YOSHI
07:24 <GreenYoshi2013> Hmm?
07:24 <Ednoahjones> YOUR STORIES A WALL!!!!
07:24 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:24 <GreenYoshi2013> Whats that mean?
07:24 <Ednoahjones> WALL OF TEXT!!
07:25 <GreenYoshi2013> >:D
07:25 <Ednoahjones> and its badly capitalized
07:25 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has left Special:Chat.
07:25 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:25 <Ednoahjones> mind if i try to fix it?
07:25 <GreenYoshi2013> Yeah Im really sorry
07:25 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:25 <Jamesthekiller> Ok funny as hell
07:25 <GreenYoshi2013> Yes you can repair the text
07:25 <Ednoahjones> damn straight james
07:25 <Ednoahjones> as i told twin
07:25 <Ednoahjones> reviews with BALLS watch'm and you might grow some yourself,
07:26 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:27 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:27 <GreenYoshi2013> Like I said, I grew up with the habit of capitalizing every word and I had already typed this up in Notepad so thats why its like this
07:27 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:28 <GreenYoshi2013> Nah dont waste your time ill fix it
07:28 <Jamesthekiller> The guy sounds like Sheldon from the Big Bang theory
07:28 <Ednoahjones> no
07:28 <Ednoahjones> i'm in the middle of it
07:28 <GreenYoshi2013> Oh K
07:28 <Ednoahjones> maybe james but he sure is awesome
07:28 <GreenYoshi2013> Then when your done ill fix some grammatical errors
07:28 <Jamesthekiller> yupaduupdup
07:29 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has joined Special:Chat
07:29 <Xdarkangelx223> good pasta for your first time yoshi
07:30 <Tentacle Therapist> Alright, I should probably get ready for bed by deciding whether or not to play God of War or Driver and then cry myself to sleep at 1 in the morning over the sad realization that I can never be a girl without going against my religion.
07:30 <Xdarkangelx223> and ello james
07:30 <GreenYoshi2013> :D
07:30 <Tentacle Therapist> Bye everyone.
07:30 -!- Tentacle Therapist has left Special:Chat.
07:30 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:30 <GreenYoshi2013> Uhh... Nice plan Tentacle...
07:30 <Jamesthekiller> Wtf was that about tentacle?
07:30 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:30 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed no sexist at all
07:31 <Jamesthekiller> whats wrong
07:31 <Xdarkangelx223> wha
07:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:32 <GreenYoshi2013> I got my inspiration from SomeOrdinaryGamers and tips about not going way fucking overboard with Hyper Realistic Blood!!! like alot of pasta's like to do.
07:32 <Xdarkangelx223> oh gawd knock n the door o.o
07:32 <Xdarkangelx223> indeed yoshi indeed
07:32 <Jamesthekiller> i watch sog all the time
07:32 <Ednoahjones> ok
07:32 <GreenYoshi2013> Or not having really crappy ending like Killer Plushies!!!
07:32 <Xdarkangelx223> XD
07:33 <Ednoahjones> spell wouldn't fix capitialization
07:33 <GreenYoshi2013> :(
07:33 <Ednoahjones> but
07:33 <GreenYoshi2013> ?
07:33 <Ednoahjones> i got all the typos fixed
07:33 <GreenYoshi2013> :D
07:33 <GreenYoshi2013> Thanks
07:33 <Xdarkangelx223> im hungry .-.
07:34 <GreenYoshi2013> *throws taquitos in your face*
07:34 <Ednoahjones>
07:34 <Ednoahjones> hows that?
07:34 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:34 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:34 <Xdarkangelx223> omj *catches in mouth*
07:34 <GreenYoshi2013> Hmm good
07:34 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:34 <TwinArmogeddons> *combonation piza hut and taco bell
07:34 <GreenYoshi2013> Whats with the huge gap?
07:34 <Xdarkangelx223> best idea ever twins
07:34 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:34 <Ednoahjones> to seperate paragraphs
07:34 <TwinArmogeddons> Hang on
07:35 <GreenYoshi2013> Ahh
07:35 <GreenYoshi2013> Let me fix capitalization since it was my mistake
07:35 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:35 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
07:35 <GreenYoshi2013> *my HUGE mistake
07:36 <Xdarkangelx223> oh crap i barley noticed that ^ not joking
07:36 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
07:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:36 <Ednoahjones> i think its fine
07:36 <Ednoahjones> i mean
07:36 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
07:36 <Ednoahjones> i don't care about capitalization though,
07:37 <Xdarkangelx223> me either
07:37 <GreenYoshi2013> Okay
07:37 <GreenYoshi2013> :D
07:37 <TwinArmogeddons>
07:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell - Duration: 02:59 - Uploaded: 2009-05-12 - Rating: 4.560239 - Views: 2,046,573 -
07:37 <Ednoahjones> but the admins will mind
07:37 <TwinArmogeddons> There you go
07:37 <Xdarkangelx223> ill be back im hungering for food
07:37 <GreenYoshi2013> :(
07:37 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
07:38 <GreenYoshi2013> K Ill correct it later i'm gonna play some minecraft
07:38 <GreenYoshi2013> See ya guys later
07:38 <Xdarkangelx223> peace
07:38 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has left Special:Chat.
07:39 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
07:39 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Ednoahjones> god fucking speed
07:39 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Xdarkangelx223> well im proud to say i has a cupcake
07:40 <Ednoahjones> i'm not proud to say i'm sick
07:40 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm broud to say i have a hommade bong
07:40 <TwinArmogeddons> made out of a fake skull
07:40 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
07:40 <Ednoahjones> fucking stoners
07:40 <Diamondzarebright> Oh my god
07:40 <Xdarkangelx223> damn that sux and just amazing
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> I'm outside
07:41 <TwinArmogeddons> Good morning rene
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> in my backyard
07:41 <Ednoahjones> some rene
07:41 <Ednoahjones> sup*
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> I slept for... an hour? 
07:41 <TwinArmogeddons> Still good morning and like 2
07:41 <Ednoahjones> about 2
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> Nice
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> I think I have gone deaf in one ear
07:41 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh noes
07:41 <Diamondzarebright> Its my right
07:41 <DASHDOT™> D:
07:42 <TwinArmogeddons> I've blown both my ear drums
07:42 <TwinArmogeddons> b4
07:42 <Diamondzarebright> I do not know why but I felt the urge to go outside at oh... THREE in the morning... 
07:42 <TwinArmogeddons> You should get naked
07:42 <Xdarkangelx223> holy shizzzz
07:42 <TwinArmogeddons> Its always fun being naked outdoors
07:42 <Diamondzarebright> WUT
07:43 <Xdarkangelx223> 0.0
07:43 <TwinArmogeddons> you heard me
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> I have a blanket on 
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> PERV
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> ERT
07:43 <Ednoahjones> get bare foot butt naked and run in the woods
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> SLENDY POWER Imeanwut
07:43 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <Xdarkangelx223> slender rape o.o
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> James
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> I need help 
07:43 <TwinArmogeddons> You know danm well i'm a pervert rene
07:43 <Ednoahjones> i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going (sunglasses)
07:43 <Xdarkangelx223> lol
07:43 <Jamesthekiller> Sorry, I was asleep
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> I have these urges...
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> I was too 
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> but then.. 
07:44 <TwinArmogeddons> UM WHAT?!??!!??!!?
07:44 <Jamesthekiller> what
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> I went outside
07:44 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm down to help a girl with urges
07:44 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh well
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> AndI'm staying out here all night
07:44 <Jamesthekiller> Why
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> IT'S AMAZING FUCKERS...
07:44 <Xdarkangelx223> lawl
07:44 <TwinArmogeddons> I could climb out of my window
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> I don't know
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> I just... the night... was CALLING ME
07:44 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:44 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> Rene... Rene... come play with us... COMEPLAY
07:45 <Jamesthekiller> ok, I was gone for some minutes or so and now you're sleepwalkinh
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> No 
07:45 <Jamesthekiller> walking
07:45 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> I felt it... THE WIND
07:45 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:45 <Ednoahjones> you now that can get you raped by darth vader with mouse ears right?
07:45 <Ednoahjones> and his spermtroopers
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> Er
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> OKAY
07:45 <TwinArmogeddons> hahaha
07:45 <Diamondzarebright> *skips through the woods
07:46 <Xdarkangelx223> lawl i gtg i bid u all a gooday and night
07:46 <TwinArmogeddons> *is totally not gonna rape her*
07:46 <Diamondzarebright> It feels SOOOOOOOOO Good outside
07:46 <Jamesthekiller> *finds note?*
07:46 <Ednoahjones> course. vader with mouse ears'd probably prematuraly ejactulate
07:46 <Diamondzarebright> LOL Slendy 
07:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Becuase its not rape if she likes it
07:46 <Diamondzarebright> xD
07:46 <Ednoahjones> God. Fucking. Speed. dark angel
07:46 -!- Xdarkangelx223 has left Special:Chat.
07:46 <Diamondzarebright> SPEAK TO ME MY CHILD
07:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Hi
07:46 <Jamesthekiller> wait, slender...rape...oh hell
07:46 <Diamondzarebright> *shoosh paps* 
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> JOHN
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> I SAID NOTHING
07:47 <DASHDOT™> I got raped by Slenderman once
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> OH my god... 
07:47 <Jamesthekiller> john?
07:47 <TwinArmogeddons> (john)
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> Hi I'm Carl
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> xD
07:47 <Jamesthekiller> fuck
07:47 <TwinArmogeddons> Is that a refrence to jimmy nutron?
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> Hi James C: 
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> YES
07:47 <Jamesthekiller> its like FB all over again
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> JIMMY NUETRON... (BOY GENIOUS) 
07:48 <TwinArmogeddons> God how i love you outside at 3 am and making jimmy nutron refrecsing
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> Anyway... guise
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> what if... 
07:48 <Ednoahjones> love jimmy neutron
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> a tornado were to happen
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> and I was NAKED
07:48 <TwinArmogeddons> I would be watching?
07:48 <DASHDOT™> Tornado Rape
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> DEBRIS RAPE
07:48 <Jamesthekiller> I'd either laugh or be shocked or both
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> xD
07:48 <TwinArmogeddons> So i'm debris now?
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> James.. . James.. *whispers* KILL ME... 
07:49 <TwinArmogeddons> My eye is twitching
07:49 <TwinArmogeddons> (ohgodwhy)
07:49 <Jamesthekiller> Ok, i was gonna kill someone anyway
07:49 <TwinArmogeddons> i feels really really wierd
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> I'm so... like flying right now dawg 
07:49 <DASHDOT™> (koala)
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> I was all doin dat supa man shit
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> like DAMN NIGGA 
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> Whatchu got in dat pocket?!
07:50 <Jamesthekiller> *hits diamond with pan unconscious*
07:50 <TwinArmogeddons> Um a book of watchs
07:50 <Ednoahjones> twin you got a pm
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES... 
07:50 <TwinArmogeddons> *matchs
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES D ROCKEFELLA HOW COULD YOU
07:50 <TwinArmogeddons> And some troll teeth
07:50 <Jamesthekiller> what. you said do it
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> YOU RAPED ME
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> IN my SLEEP 
07:50 <TwinArmogeddons> I know right
07:51 <TwinArmogeddons> I know you enjoyed it
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> I knew it was you crawling through my window
07:51 <Diamondzarebright>  I KNOW YOUR DAD JAMES 
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> HIS name is... 
07:51 <TwinArmogeddons> I just wanted cuttles
07:51 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff
07:51 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
07:51 <DASHDOT™>
07:51 <Jamesthekiller> Damn
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> Ermuhgad 
07:51 <TwinArmogeddons> Cuddles but then well you know
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> guise
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> guise
07:51 <TwinArmogeddons> Yes milady
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> I see red
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> I see red and blue
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> I could live outside brah
07:52 <Jamesthekiller> stay off crack kids
07:52 <Ednoahjones> fuck gary oak
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Because thats the colors i set my chat too
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> I aint high you... little... KILLER
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> to mach the solluxness
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> I am
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> High as a kite man
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> You know something 
07:52 <Jamesthekiller> i only kill who deserve it
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> *coughs* Me... Imeanwut
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> I dont bite
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> YES you do 
07:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Unless you want me too
07:53 <Jamesthekiller> hahahaha
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> *yanks troll off leg* 
07:53 <TwinArmogeddons> :3
07:53 <Jamesthekiller> dafuq
07:53 <TwinArmogeddons> You want to yank me off
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> You've been a BAD SOLLUX
07:53 <TwinArmogeddons> What?
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> =John
07:53 <Jamesthekiller> yeah, you high as kite
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> Hey Oz... 
07:53 <TwinArmogeddons> Yes milady
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> COME AT ME BRO 
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> I AM not
07:53 <Ednoahjones> i like where this is going
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> high sir
07:54 <Jamesthekiller> calm de fuck down
07:54 <Ednoahjones> *records with iphone*
07:54 <TwinArmogeddons> *Comes running at you wearing a feather boa and otherwise naked*
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> I am one hundred percent MAMALE
07:54 <Jamesthekiller> *covers eyes and ears*
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> SpongeBob I assure you that is not how you spell Mammel
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> Mammal
07:54 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm tired but not
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> Go fuck yourself Sol 
07:55 <Jamesthekiller> why are you recording Noah?
07:55 <TwinArmogeddons> And more inportantly Rene you know you love me...
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> its three in the god damn mornin 
07:55 <TwinArmogeddons> Everybody loves me
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> I aint got time for dis horse radish I'M BEAUTIFUL 
07:55 <Jamesthekiller> my dad is
07:55 <TwinArmogeddons> I know you are but what am i
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> I am awesome at this shit
07:55 <Jamesthekiller> what shit
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> You are a pile of my dog's shit 
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> Sol'
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> Sol-luX
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> SolluXXX
07:56 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh come on you know you love me
07:56 <Jamesthekiller> whatshut what the hell am I reading right now
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> You dumb fuck
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> Sol
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> I will come at you SO HARD
07:56 <TwinArmogeddons> Ok
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> You will not wake up in the... EVENING
07:56 <Ednoahjones> ooooh fiesty
07:56 <Jamesthekiller> if you know what I mean
07:57 <Diamondzarebright> I realized... there is no such thing as mornings
07:57 <Jamesthekiller> asmeans my mom said : dont go to sleep
07:57 <Diamondzarebright> Hahaha That's funny I'm funny 
07:57 <Jamesthekiller> as
07:57 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
07:57 <Jamesthekiller> pokemon!!
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> Don't lie to me James
07:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> I took an arrow to the knee
07:58 <Ednoahjones> baby who wants to love me sexy?
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> Just to get your father's number
07:58 <Ednoahjones> baby who wants to lick me sexy?
07:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
07:58 <Jamesthekiller> I took an arrow to the dick
07:58 <Ednoahjones> take off your shoes and suck me sexy
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> Awe how nice
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> James
07:58 <Ednoahjones> baby we're naked and we're humpin' sexy
07:58 <Jamesthekiller> i don't have his number
07:58 <Ednoahjones> thats from love me sexy by jackie moon
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> That's fine
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> I can take another arrow
07:59 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm motherfucking wikipedia brown
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> Oh Shiet
07:59 <Jamesthekiller> are you saying
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> Oh no bro
07:59 <TwinArmogeddons> What
07:59 <Ednoahjones> you know what i'm sayin' james...
07:59 <Jamesthekiller> Goddammit
07:59 <Ednoahjones> *dances erotically infront of james*
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> He's flirting with me cause I'm a supah bitch I can save the world and IT WON'T last FOREVAH 
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> Hey now
08:00 <TwinArmogeddons> Man i'm bored
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> Noah  
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> Ohh noah 
08:00 <Ednoahjones> wat
08:00 <Jamesthekiller> *calls mom (Jane)* kill this rapist
08:00 <Ednoahjones> uh
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> LOL
08:00 <Ednoahjones> well this works too
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> James that makes SENSE
08:00 <Jamesthekiller> wtf I'd I type
08:00 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm bored and loney 
08:00 <Ednoahjones> i wanna do a little think whit-cu i wanna do a little think whit-cu!
08:00 <TwinArmogeddons> I might go totaly not fap
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> Oh god NOAH 
08:00 <Ednoahjones> i say love me you say sexy
08:00 <Ednoahjones> love me
08:00 <Jamesthekiller> hell no
08:01 <Ednoahjones> someone say sexy
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> James...  RUN AWAY 
08:01 <DASHDOT™> yxes
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> RUN 
08:01 <Ednoahjones> works for me
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> James run to me my baby
08:01 <Ednoahjones> love me!
08:01 <Jamesthekiller> *ran before anything was said*
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH
08:01 <Ednoahjones> say it again
08:01 <TwinArmogeddons> I need 
08:01 <Ednoahjones> wat
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH 
08:01 <TwinArmogeddons> I dont know what i need
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> Oh 
08:01 <TwinArmogeddons> Food 
08:01 <TwinArmogeddons> thats what
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> Shh guise
08:02 <Ednoahjones> i know how to make the ladies scream my name james
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> I heard something in the distance
08:02 <Ednoahjones> you should take notes
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> It was... MY MOM 
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> screaming 
08:02 <Jamesthekiller> my dad probably
08:02 <TwinArmogeddons> arent they on vactaoin?
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> Hi Jeff 
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> Yeah 
08:02 <Diamondzarebright> Lol WUT
08:02 <TwinArmogeddons> I feel drunk
08:02 <TwinArmogeddons> Wait am i
08:02 <Jamesthekiller> jeff: what?
08:03 <Jamesthekiller> stfu dad
08:03 <Jamesthekiller> jeff:go to sleep
08:03 <TwinArmogeddons> *Pukes* 
08:03 <TwinArmogeddons> Nope
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> EW
08:03 <Jamesthekiller> nosleeping today
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> OH god
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> A spider!!!
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> JEFF KILL IT
08:03 <Jamesthekiller> KILL IT!!!
08:04 <Ednoahjones> *shoots spider*
08:04 <Diamondzarebright> Ignore the po po just KILL it!
08:04 <Jamesthekiller> FUCKING HATE SPIDERS!!!!!
08:04 <Ednoahjones> *stomps on the spider corpse*
08:04 <Diamondzarebright> eight legged jackasses I feel like no one says that anymore
08:05 <Ednoahjones> eight legged satans!
08:05 <TwinArmogeddons> I want to dress up like one of the highbloods and go to a taco bell
08:05 <Ednoahjones> *beats the ground with the butt of my gun*
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> *coughs* Grand Highblood 
08:05 <Jamesthekiller> is yoshi still here?
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> Yoshi who baby?>
08:05 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:05 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:05 <DASHDOT™>
08:05 <Ednoahjones> *dances erotically with twin*
08:05 <Ednoahjones> oh yeah
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> Oh shiet mah night 
08:06 <Diamondzarebright> IS GONE
08:06 <Jamesthekiller> *facepalm* don't fucking call me that diamond
08:06 <Ednoahjones> you know you want it twin
08:06 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:06 <Ednoahjones> *"presents" at twin*
08:06 <Diamondzarebright> Bitch... 
08:06 <Jamesthekiller> really?
08:07 <Ednoahjones> *present means shove ass in face*
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> hey James... 
08:07 <Jamesthekiller> Wut
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> *starts singing Justin Beiber's Baby* 
08:07 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:07 <Ednoahjones> fuck it hes jacking off to jade pissing in janes mouth
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> How you know he likesw dat 
08:07 <Ednoahjones> oh james...
08:07 <Jamesthekiller> O.e *gets gun*
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> James
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> Its just a radio 
08:07 <Ednoahjones> how do i know?
08:07 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> PLZ
08:07 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:07 <Ednoahjones> he told me he like jade and jane
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> Shoot the radio James... 
08:08 <Ednoahjones> he also likes piss
08:08 <Ednoahjones> for some reason
08:08 <TwinArmogeddons> What
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> HOe
08:08 <TwinArmogeddons> Who what?!?!
08:08 <Jamesthekiller> i don't care, no fucking jb eva
08:08 <Ednoahjones> oh your back
08:08 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> Okay 
08:08 <Ednoahjones> *shoves ass in twins face*
08:08 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:08 <Jamesthekiller> *shoots jb*
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> James... I want you to listn to me
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> pull the blue wire 
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> NO... 
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> the yellow one
08:09 <Jamesthekiller> *pulls a random wire without looking*
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> *explosion* 
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> James... 
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> I am SO proud of you 
08:09 <TwinArmogeddons> I would pay to see  jade pissing in janes mouth
08:09 <Ednoahjones> fuck it hes pissing in his own mout hagain
08:09 <TwinArmogeddons> Imeanwhut
08:09 <Jamesthekiller> *sits in ashes confused*
08:09 <Ednoahjones> hey rene
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> No no i'd never drink my own piss
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> You are so precious James... My.. 
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> SO BORED
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> You blew up the power plangt 
08:10 <Ednoahjones> *dances erotically with james*
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> I am so... 
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> Proud... *sniff* 
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> bored
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> Outside
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> what
08:10 <TwinArmogeddons> Nevermind
08:10 <Jamesthekiller> *gets gun and points at noah*
08:10 <Ednoahjones> *humps james' leg*
08:10 <Jamesthekiller> *shoots*
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> My baby has grown up 
08:11 <Ednoahjones> ow!
08:11 <Ednoahjones> my foot
08:11 <TwinArmogeddons> I had a dude hump my leg once
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> Ugh
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> GROSS
08:11 <Jamesthekiller> what you fucking get
08:11 <TwinArmogeddons> I feel down on him and hit in him the nuts
08:11 <Ednoahjones> wheres my next target?
08:11 <Jamesthekiller> twin
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> *glares at James* 
08:11 <Ednoahjones> *uses scouter*
08:11 <Ednoahjones> hmmm
08:11 <Jamesthekiller> what
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> Hi 
08:11 <Ednoahjones> rene has the lowest power level
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> NO 
08:11 <Ednoahjones> and no scanable weapons
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> I'm ... Over
08:11 <TwinArmogeddons> It smells like taco's in my room
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> wait for it
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> 9000!!!
08:12 <TwinArmogeddons> Dafuq
08:12 <Ednoahjones> hmmm
08:12 <Jamesthekiller> Under 9
08:12 <Ednoahjones> her powerlevel did rise
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> SH JAMES
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> Noone knows that 
08:12 <Ednoahjones> by 0.9001
08:12 <Jamesthekiller> hahahaha
08:12 <Jamesthekiller> close enough
08:12 <Ednoahjones> hmmm
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> *smothers James face* 
08:12 <Ednoahjones> *charges at rene*
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> with frosting 
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> Da fuq you doin get da fuck off me
08:12 <Jamesthekiller> *muffle*'cough*
08:13 <TwinArmogeddons> *plays with shit well rene your hte only female here soo plays with renes boobs*
08:13 <Ednoahjones> *but runs past rene*
08:13 <TwinArmogeddons> Unless we've got any one with man boobs here
08:13 <Ednoahjones> *and jumps on twin and humps his head*
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> licks a layer of frosting off of James' face
08:13 <Jamesthekiller> XD
08:13 <TwinArmogeddons> NO bad noah 
08:13 <TwinArmogeddons> Bad
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> throws noah outside
08:13 <Jamesthekiller> *blushes while looking shocked as fuck*
08:14 <Jamesthekiller> wtf
08:14 <Ednoahjones> but i'm a person
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> Nom 
08:14 <TwinArmogeddons> I need a matesprite
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> nom 
08:14 <Ednoahjones> *opens window and crawls through it*
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> I am the only chick here
08:14 <Ednoahjones> what the..
08:14 <Ednoahjones> OH MY GOD
08:14 <TwinArmogeddons> I still need a matesprite
08:14 <Jamesthekiller> *calls 911*
08:14 <Ednoahjones> RENE! hes only like 3!
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> you know what sol
08:14 <Jamesthekiller> 13
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> Aw
08:14 <Ednoahjones> shut up
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> how CUTE
08:14 <TwinArmogeddons> And someone did say she'd be my matesprite last night
08:14 <Ednoahjones> your licking icing off his face!
08:15 <TwinArmogeddons> *night b4 last
08:15 <Ednoahjones> ...
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> I KNOW 
08:15 <Ednoahjones> *records it with iphone*
08:15 <Ednoahjones> just..
08:15 <Jamesthekiller> idk anyone else's ages
08:15 <Ednoahjones> keep it up
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> Shaddup who says a 13 year old can't get a BONER
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> Imeanwut 
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> hey guise
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> my ear is better
08:15 <Jamesthekiller> *blushes more* w...t...f...
08:15 <TwinArmogeddons> Congrats
08:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> Go sit in your corner James.. 
08:16 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:16 <Jamesthekiller> *happily walks to corner*
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> I will get my bitch of a dog 
08:16 <Ednoahjones> *walks up to rene*
08:16 <Jamesthekiller> shit
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> I can't... get out of hur
08:16 <Ednoahjones> *and takes a shit on her shoe*
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> EW
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> DA FUQ
08:16 <Jamesthekiller> Hahahahahahahahaha
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> James!! Shoot it!
08:16 <Ednoahjones> *
08:17 <Ednoahjones> *wipes on her legs*
08:17 <Jamesthekiller> *shoots in head*
08:17 <Ednoahjones> i got a metal helmet on!
08:17 <Ednoahjones> *runs away* who else but noah?
08:17 <Diamondzarebright>  walks/limps to the nearest water fountain
08:17 <TwinArmogeddons> man i'm boored
08:17 <Jamesthekiller> *sees dog pissing In fountain*
08:17 <Ednoahjones> bored?
08:17 <TwinArmogeddons> Ima watch some porn critic
08:18 <Jamesthekiller> uuh
08:18 <Ednoahjones> wanna go to the gay bar again?
08:18 <Jamesthekiller> hell to the naw
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> Noah 
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> You... 
08:18 <Ednoahjones> yes?
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> are high 
08:18 <TwinArmogeddons> are a manhore
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> not me
08:18 <Ednoahjones> no i'm not
08:18 <Jamesthekiller> i am very high
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> James... I got a question 
08:18 <Ednoahjones> i'm just hyper
08:18 <Jamesthekiller> what
08:18 <Diamondzarebright> do you like tits?
08:19 <Ednoahjones> bow chicka wowwow
08:19 <Diamondzarebright> WTF
08:19 <Jamesthekiller> *blushes extremely * defaq, of course
08:19 <Diamondzarebright> thinks... 
08:19 <Diamondzarebright> ughm 
08:19 <Diamondzarebright> what size? 
08:20 <Jamesthekiller> Not picky
08:20 <Diamondzarebright> I am ruling this chat Imeanwut
08:20 <TwinArmogeddons> You know what size of tits i like
08:20 <Jamesthekiller> XD
08:20 <Diamondzarebright> SH SOL 
08:20 <Ednoahjones> *jaw drops*
08:20 <Ednoahjones> heathens
08:20 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH go to your porn corner
08:20 <TwinArmogeddons> DD's
08:20 <Ednoahjones> why
08:20 <Jamesthekiller> XD again
08:20 <Diamondzarebright> cause
08:21 <Diamondzarebright> Momma said so 
08:21 <Jamesthekiller> justagain just fucking do it
08:21 <Ednoahjones> you over here giving james a show
08:21 <Ednoahjones> i should watch
08:21 <Diamondzarebright> MOMMA's BUSY 
08:21 <TwinArmogeddons> Man
08:21 <Diamondzarebright> If you wanna show PM me
08:21 <TwinArmogeddons> OK
08:21 <Ednoahjones> this is turning out like a bad porno
08:21 <Jamesthekiller> yep
08:22 <Ednoahjones> "it gets longer when i pull on it"
08:22 <Jamesthekiller> ...? Pm?
08:22 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH, JAMES... YES
08:22 <Diamondzarebright> PM 
08:22 <Ednoahjones> "our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks
08:22 <Jamesthekiller> ...don't fucking know
08:22 <Ednoahjones> "sometimes i tug on it so hard, i rip the skin"
08:22 <Jamesthekiller> goddamn dude
08:22 <Diamondzarebright> James run to mommy 
08:23 <Ednoahjones> "well my daddy taught me how to do it without ripping the skin. by using our mouths"
08:23 <Ednoahjones> "would you show me?"
08:23 <Jamesthekiller> what the hell am I reading
08:23 <TwinArmogeddons> I need
08:23 <Ednoahjones> "i'd be right happy too"
08:23 <TwinArmogeddons> SHit i dont know what i need
08:23 <Diamondzarebright> This is what mommy gets when she's the only girl here
08:24 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES
08:24 <Jamesthekiller> God, please don't say mommy, it's fucking weird
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs* 
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> what do you want to call me
08:25 <Jamesthekiller> idk, your actual name
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> Rene
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> C: 
08:25 <Jamesthekiller> ok then
08:25 <Ednoahjones> you all have PMs
08:25 <Ednoahjones> from me read them
08:26 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:26 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:26 <Jamesthekiller> Dammit noah
08:26 -!- EscapingReality has joined Special:Chat
08:26 <Diamondzarebright> wut James?
08:26 <Jamesthekiller> *flips off noah*
08:27 <Jamesthekiller> balls was the message
08:27 <Diamondzarebright> Now James... 
08:27 <EscapingReality> hello...
08:27 <Ednoahjones> you got another
08:27 <Diamondzarebright> I told you to pm me
08:27 <Ednoahjones> this time for real
08:27 <Diamondzarebright> I'm Rene person 
08:27 <Jamesthekiller> If its ball I swear to god
08:28 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
08:28 <Ednoahjones> theres another
08:28 <Diamondzarebright> James... I said
08:28 <Jamesthekiller> Ok what do you want me to say
08:29 <Diamondzarebright> I'm hearing voices I shouldn't 
08:29 <Ednoahjones> hes neglecting you girl
08:29 <Diamondzarebright> I'm scared guise
08:30 <Ednoahjones> don't be *comforts rene*
08:30 <Diamondzarebright> my dog is barking at nothing
08:30 <Diamondzarebright> I think its a ghost 
08:30 <Diamondzarebright> its 3 am
08:30 <Ednoahjones> oh shit
08:30 <Ednoahjones> get in the church or something
08:30 <Ednoahjones> or the basement
08:30 <Ednoahjones> just GET THE FUCK AWAY!!!
08:31 <Diamondzarebright> I'm cold
08:31 <Diamondzarebright> Okay 
08:31 <TwinArmogeddons> I could warm you up
08:31 <Diamondzarebright> my dog stopped barking.. .
08:31 <Jamesthekiller> You keep fucking pm ing me noah
08:31 <Diamondzarebright> Why aren't you PMing me 
08:31 <TwinArmogeddons> With a blanket god where did you think i was going with that
08:32 <Ednoahjones> *throws jacket over rene*
08:32 <Ednoahjones> james is neglectful
08:32 <Diamondzarebright> Its almost four so.. 
08:33 <Ednoahjones> so get on your knees
08:33 <Diamondzarebright> I think I'm safe
08:33 <Ednoahjones> just kidding
08:33 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
08:33 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
08:34 <Diamondzarebright> Why does it have to be windy outside
08:34 <Diamondzarebright> I could hear THEM better
08:34 <Jamesthekiller> I hear voices all the time
08:34 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
08:35 <Diamondzarebright> Eh.. ghosts?
08:35 <TwinArmogeddons> I wa legaly insane for a year as a child
08:35 <Jamesthekiller> More like demons
08:35 <Diamondzarebright> Meh.. 
08:35 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
08:35 <Diamondzarebright> *shivers* I didn't know they could be outside
08:36 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm fucking cold
08:36 <Ednoahjones> *gives rene a neck massage*
08:36 <Jamesthekiller> *deros around*
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> P 
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> xD
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> Well guise I'm going to watch youtube
08:36 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> To make me feel better 
08:37 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:37 <Ednoahjones> *reaches hand around infront of rene*
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> Yes? 
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> My friend has told me about 3 am
08:37 <Ednoahjones> *fingers her mouth*
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> EH?! 
08:38 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:38 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:38 <Diamondzarebright> has a mouthful of finger
08:38 <Ednoahjones> lawl
08:38 <Jamesthekiller> Eh?
08:38 <Ednoahjones> *pulls out*
08:38 <Ednoahjones> just kidding
08:38 <Ednoahjones> *conteniues neck massage*
08:39 <TwinArmogeddons> Oh god mouthful of finger *boner*
08:39 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
08:39 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
08:39 <Jamesthekiller> *facepalm*
08:40 <Ednoahjones> oh
08:40 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:40 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <Ednoahjones> massaging girls in windy nights is so hot *takes shirt off*
08:40 <TwinArmogeddons> i'm a werid guy
08:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Ok
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> lol NO 
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> Hey James... (facepalm) 
08:41 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:41 <Jamesthekiller> Wut
08:41 <Ednoahjones> *massages renes back now*
08:41 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:41 <Diamondzarebright> ehhh.. moans
08:41 <Ednoahjones> *oink!*
08:41 <Jamesthekiller> Oink?
08:41 <TwinArmogeddons> Im gonna go totaly not fap
08:42 <Ednoahjones> *its the sound that plays when something rises*
08:42 <Jamesthekiller> sure you aren't twin
08:42 <Diamondzarebright> xD
08:43 <Ednoahjones> *goes lower*
08:43 <Diamondzarebright> Kay ya'll Imma refresh 
08:43 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
08:43 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
08:43 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs*
08:43 <Ednoahjones> *massages her lower back*
08:44 <Jamesthekiller> I have stayed up the entire freaking night
08:44 <Ednoahjones> <,< >.>
08:44 <Diamondzarebright> I hate three AM
08:44 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
08:44 <SomePersonHere> Hello
08:44 <Ednoahjones> <:)
08:44 <SomePersonHere> I am back
08:44 <Ednoahjones> *massages her ass*
08:45 <Diamondzarebright> EH
08:45 <Jamesthekiller> *covers eyes* I'm just a little boy!
08:45 <TwinArmogeddons> I love you all
08:45 <TwinArmogeddons> ish
08:45 <Jamesthekiller> you drunk?
08:45 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES PM ME...  I CAN'T TAKE THE RAPE
08:45 <Ednoahjones> ok ok! *goes back to her back*
08:45 <TwinArmogeddons> I am drunk
08:46 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
08:46 <Diamondzarebright> Noah... if you gonna do that stuff PM me
08:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Mildly
08:46 <Ednoahjones> oh
08:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Mildly drunk
08:46 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
08:47 <Diamondzarebright> Stahp drinking wine at three in the morning Sol 
08:47 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
08:47 <Diamondzarebright> Hey guise 
08:47 <Diamondzarebright> James invented something
08:47 <TwinArmogeddons> Its 4 2 in morning here
08:48 <Diamondzarebright> I;m  stillll  waiten 
08:48 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
08:48 <Diamondzarebright> Charlene!! GO away! 
08:49 <TwinArmogeddons> rene check your danm who the fuck is charlene
08:49 <Jamesthekiller> A ghost
08:49 <Diamondzarebright> Yes
08:49 <TwinArmogeddons> oh
08:49 <TwinArmogeddons> No but rene check your danm PMs
08:49 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:49 <Diamondzarebright> I CAN'T  SEE EM 
08:49 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:50 <Diamondzarebright> fuck my eyeballs
08:50 <TwinArmogeddons> Check your PM's rene
08:50 <SomePersonHere> ;-;
08:50 <Diamondzarebright> oh why do bars have to close at four
08:50 <Jamesthekiller> Sorry simon
08:50 <Diamondzarebright> That would be weird if I found a ghost named Rene... 
08:50 <SomePersonHere> Its nothing, I've seen more awkward moments
08:51 <TwinArmogeddons> Ima go not fap 
08:51 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:52 <SomePersonHere> A more awkward moment is seeing the back sprite of a Quilava in Emerald
08:52 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:52 <Diamondzarebright> O.e the rapist... 
08:52 <Diamondzarebright> IS GONE
08:52 <TwinArmogeddons> Man i need more silly juice
08:52 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm still here what are you talking about
08:53 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
08:53 <SomePersonHere> Quilavas back sprite looks like it has a rape face
08:53 <Jamesthekiller> ioa?
08:53 <Diamondzarebright> faygo.... 
08:53 <Diamondzarebright> ?
08:54 <Jamesthekiller> From pewds
08:54 <SomePersonHere> I still have no idea what is going on
08:55 <Diamondzarebright> PEWDIEPIE
08:55 <Diamondzarebright> I will not remember ANY of this tomorrow morning
08:55 <Diamondzarebright> Or will I
08:55 <SomePersonHere> Well I wont
08:55 <Diamondzarebright> *evily laughs* 
08:55 <Jamesthekiller> I will cuz I remember everything
08:55 <SomePersonHere> I just nearly got durnk and vomited an hour ago
08:56 <Diamondzarebright> Aw dude
08:56 <Diamondzarebright> Don't listen to Jeff.. 
08:56 <SomePersonHere> We celebrated the end of the schoolyear
08:56 <Diamondzarebright> listen to Slendy drugs are bad
08:57 <Jamesthekiller> He can't take drugs cuz he ain't got no mouth 
08:57 <Diamondzarebright> I know but still he's a good mentor
08:58 <Jamesthekiller> Yea, and a goods pedo
08:58 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
08:58 <Diamondzarebright> PEDO BEAR
08:59 <Jamesthekiller> Pedo bear vs slendy
08:59 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:00 <Diamondzarebright> TIE... 
09:00 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:00 <Diamondzarebright> unless Zalgo comes in 
09:00 <Jamesthekiller> Ooooohh god
09:00 <SomePersonHere> If it was a pokemon battle
09:00 <SomePersonHere> Slenderman would win
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> Yup 
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> SlenderMan Used... TENTACLE
09:01 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:01 <Jamesthekiller> pedo fight, then what
09:01 <SomePersonHere> Pedobear would just keep molesting the trainer
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> Rape
09:01 <SomePersonHere> Durp
09:02 <Jamesthekiller> Animeme did a vid on that
09:03 <SomePersonHere> On slenderman vs. pedobear?
09:03 <Jamesthekiller> Yup
09:03 <Jamesthekiller> look it up on youtube
09:03 <SomePersonHere> I saw one video
09:03 <SomePersonHere> I dont remember if it was exactly from animeme
09:03 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
09:04 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:04 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
09:04 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH
09:04 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
09:04 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
09:04 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
09:04 <Jamesthekiller> Look up slender man vs pedobear animeme
09:04 <Diamondzarebright> On youtube?
09:05 <Jamesthekiller> Yeah
09:05 <Ednoahjones> was i missed?
09:05 <Diamondzarebright> Okay 
09:05 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm back too
09:05 <Diamondzarebright> I moaned ur name
09:05 <TwinArmogeddons> From not fapping
09:05 <TwinArmogeddons> She did man
09:05 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH 
09:05 <Jamesthekiller> nope you were not missed by me
09:05 <Ednoahjones> see james?
09:05 <SomePersonHere> Yup thats the oen
09:05 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES
09:06 <Ednoahjones> this is how you get the ladies you massage them, then grab their ass, then leave for 10 minutes
09:06 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
09:06 <Diamondzarebright> LOL 
09:06 <Ednoahjones> and come back
09:06 <Diamondzarebright> (looool)
09:06 <Diamondzarebright> (loool) 
09:06 <TwinArmogeddons> I love the porn crittic
09:06 <Diamondzarebright> I see THE P WORD
09:06 <Diamondzarebright> Please? 
09:07 <Ednoahjones> so, we have unfinished business
09:07 <Diamondzarebright> Yus?
09:07 <TwinArmogeddons> I love you all 
09:07 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
09:07 <Diamondzarebright> SOL 
09:07 <SomePersonHere> You guys know what?
09:07 <Ednoahjones> especially me and you twin..
09:07 <TwinArmogeddons> yess
09:07 <Diamondzarebright> THIS IS JOHN SPEAKING
09:07 <TwinArmogeddons> yes
09:07 <SomePersonHere> I have a level 12 Quilava
09:08 <Jamesthekiller> What rene
09:08 <Ednoahjones> *humps in the direction of twin*
09:08 <TwinArmogeddons> Some person here
09:08 <Ednoahjones> jk
09:08 <Diamondzarebright> The birds will tweet but will you? @ Sol 
09:08 <Jamesthekiller>
09:08 <Jamesthekiller> Oct 13, 2012 - Uploaded by NEW ANIMEMES EVERY MON & FRI @ 6PM EST
09:08 <Jamesthekiller>
09:08 <Jamesthekiller> Oct 13, 2012 - Uploaded by NEW ANIMEMES EVERY MON & FRI @ 6PM EST
09:08 <Ednoahjones> spam!
09:08 <Diamondzarebright> Oh James
09:08 <Diamondzarebright> .. 
09:08 <Jamesthekiller> fucking keyboa
09:08 <Ednoahjones> loljk
09:09 <Ednoahjones> oh hey
09:09 <Ednoahjones> NO MODS1
09:09 <Jamesthekiller> what
09:09 <SomePersonHere> Dont go mad
09:09 <Diamondzarebright> OH JAMES... *moans louder* 
09:09 <TwinArmogeddons> I have your aweser
09:09 <SomePersonHere> I got banned once on another chat for spamming when admins werent on, but they traced it
09:09 <Jamesthekiller> *half way smile and weird face*
09:10 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:10 <Ednoahjones> *pushes james out of the way and he falls down* i'm still here!
09:10 <Ednoahjones> *massages rene again*
09:10 <Diamondzarebright> EH 
09:10 <Diamondzarebright> NO PUSHY 
09:10 <TwinArmogeddons> Rene i have your aweser to weather or not i will tweet
09:10 <Diamondzarebright> OJ 
09:10 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:10 <Jamesthekiller> *punches noah* payback bitch
09:10 <Diamondzarebright> OJ SIMPSON 
09:11 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:11 <Diamondzarebright> *smiles at James* (derpy) 
09:11 <Ednoahjones> *knees james in the crotch* ooh ooh ahh!
09:11 <Ednoahjones> *monkey noises*
09:11 <Diamondzarebright> *massages James' crotch afterwards* 
09:11 <Ednoahjones> well
09:11 <Ednoahjones> ...
09:11 <Ednoahjones> i'm uh
09:11 <Diamondzarebright> LMAO 
09:11 <Ednoahjones> i'm..
09:11 <Diamondzarebright> You did it
09:12 <SomePersonHere> What the hell
09:12 <Diamondzarebright>  this is your FAULT'
09:12 <Ednoahjones> confused, highly disturbed and slightly aroused
09:12 <SomePersonHere> Level 5 wild rayquaza
09:12 <Diamondzarebright> Eh 
09:12 <Diamondzarebright> *calms herself* So James... 
09:12 <Jamesthekiller> Silence can't describe the weirdness going on, thanks/fuckyou noah
09:12 <Ednoahjones> *massages rene while she talks to james*
09:12 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalms) 
09:13 <SomePersonHere> And i caught it in one ball
09:13 <SomePersonHere> (facepalm)
09:13 <Diamondzarebright> (face palms) 
09:13 <Diamondzarebright> WTF
09:13 <Diamondzarebright> ... 
09:13 <Ednoahjones> its facepalm
09:13 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalm) 
09:13 <Diamondzarebright> THERE
09:13 <TwinArmogeddons> I love you everyone
09:13 <Ednoahjones> oooooh your too tense
09:13 <Jamesthekiller> why the hell is everyone getting massages exept twin? Noah, massage twin
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> And you 
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> *massages James* 
09:14 <Ednoahjones> too tense for your sexay face *massages renes face*
09:14 <TwinArmogeddons> Yeah i havent gotten anymessages
09:14 <Ednoahjones> james
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> LOL 
09:14 <Ednoahjones> you can massage twin
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> NO Noah
09:14 <SomePersonHere> This is the most awkward thing ever
09:14 <Ednoahjones> ok ok
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> you massage twin, then James massages me
09:14 <Diamondzarebright> Okay noah
09:14 <Ednoahjones> *gouges twins eyes* there i massaged twin
09:15 <Jamesthekiller> *massages rene* anywhere you want
09:15 <Diamondzarebright> *blushes* 
09:15 -!- Dteonyx has joined Special:Chat
09:15 <Jamesthekiller> *smiles*
09:15 <Ednoahjones> *vulcan nerve pinches james* OH NO JAMES JUST PASSED OUT!
09:15 <TwinArmogeddons> hahaha
09:15 <TwinArmogeddons> GOD THIS IS FUCKING FUNY
09:15 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES
09:16 <Ednoahjones> *kicks him away*
09:16 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:16 <Ednoahjones> let me just conteniue where he left off
09:16 <Diamondzarebright> *runs after him* 
09:16 <Ednoahjones> *massages rene*
09:16 <Jamesthekiller> jeff:the fuck you do to my son?
09:16 <Ednoahjones> nothing
09:16 <Diamondzarebright> Oooh snawp
09:16 -!- Dteonyx has left Special:Chat.
09:16 <Ednoahjones> he just passed out
09:16 <Diamondzarebright> *hides behind Jeff
09:16 <Jamesthekiller> Jane: the hell he did!
09:16 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
09:17 <Ednoahjones> yup he sure did
09:17 <Jamesthekiller> both:pulls out knives
09:17 <Ednoahjones> uh...
09:17 <Diamondzarebright> Aww... guise.. the sunrise is so beautiful 
09:17 <Ednoahjones> HEY IS THAT LIU?! *points behind jeff*
09:17 <Diamondzarebright> *sniffs* 
09:17 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
09:17 <Ednoahjones> *runs off*
09:17 <Jamesthekiller> Jeff:dammit
09:18 <Diamondzarebright> *massages Jeff* 
09:18 <SomePersonHere> Okay, I guess I'm leaving for the time being because this is real awkward
09:18 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm loney
09:18 <Jamesthekiller> Yep, really awkward
09:18 <Diamondzarebright> GET PMING MISTER 
09:18 <TwinArmogeddons> Better piss in my own mouth
09:18 <Ednoahjones> *walks up to twin*
09:18 <Ednoahjones> *pulls my pants down*
09:18 <TwinArmogeddons> *the meme is better drink my own piss
09:18 <Ednoahjones> hope you have lube
09:19 <Diamondzarebright> GUISE 
09:19 <Diamondzarebright> there are 13 year olds
09:19 <Diamondzarebright> here
09:19 <Jamesthekiller> *wakes up and stabs noah* fucker
09:19 <Ednoahjones> yeah
09:19 <Ednoahjones> the one your asking if he likes tits, and is letting massage you
09:19 <Diamondzarebright> I need breakfast
09:19 <Ednoahjones> OW... my right hand...
09:19 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:19 <SomePersonHere> What the fuck
09:19 <SomePersonHere> I got a ????? Item
09:19 <Ednoahjones> good thing i'm ambidexteridus you freak!
09:19 <Ednoahjones> haha!
09:19 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:20 <Jamesthekiller> That's twin's saying noah
09:20 <SomePersonHere> And it does nothing and it is a question mark image
09:20 <Ednoahjones> *slap fights james*
09:20 <TwinArmogeddons> no what
09:20 <Diamondzarebright> motha fuck you boys... 
09:20 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm so confused 
09:20 <Diamondzarebright> and one girl 
09:20 <Jamesthekiller> *slenderwalks behind Rene * fucking do something
09:21 <Diamondzarebright> *slaps Noah* 
09:21 <Ednoahjones> i'll never wash this cheek again..
09:21 <Ednoahjones> *conteniues to slap fight james*\
09:21 <Diamondzarebright> *slaps noah harder* 
09:21 <Jamesthekiller> jesus man what the fucks wrong with you
09:22 <Ednoahjones> oh
09:22 <Ednoahjones> it hurts so good
09:22 <Diamondzarebright> Stay away from my grandson xD 
09:22 <Ednoahjones> but i'm in the middle of something honey
09:22 <Ednoahjones> *slap fights james*
09:22 <Jamesthekiller> *kicks in nuts*
09:22 <Ednoahjones> good thing i'm wearing a steel cup!
09:23 <Ednoahjones> you just hurt your foot
09:23 <Diamondzarebright> *punches Noah in the face, kicks him across his face* 
09:23 <Jamesthekiller> Daaaaaaaamn
09:23 <Ednoahjones> oooooh... it hurts so.. *spits tooth* good..
09:23 <Jamesthekiller> o.e *sedated noah*
09:24 <Diamondzarebright> *kicks Noah in the ribs seven times*
09:24 <Ednoahjones> oh...
09:24 <Ednoahjones> that..
09:24 <Ednoahjones> *coughs up blood*
09:24 <Ednoahjones> still hurts good
09:24 <Jamesthekiller> *gets shovel and pounds to Noah's face*
09:24 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:24 <TwinArmogeddons> that made me happy ^]
09:24 <Jamesthekiller> 8 times
09:24 <Ednoahjones> *casts cure severe wounds*
09:25 <Ednoahjones> man
09:25 <Ednoahjones> this is stupid.
09:25 <Ednoahjones> i'm gonna talk with twin now
09:25 <Diamondzarebright> *shoves her high heeled boot in Noah's face* 
09:25 <Jamesthekiller> *takes pic*
09:25 <TwinArmogeddons> See up rene's skirt when she kicks noah
09:25 <Ednoahjones> *cure light wounds* damn you can't hit
09:25 <TwinArmogeddons> Score!
09:25 <Ednoahjones> oh man!
09:25 <Jamesthekiller> score 1 for twin
09:26 <Ednoahjones> *huddles beside twin and looks at his picture*
09:26 <Ednoahjones> nice..
09:26 <Diamondzarebright> Ooohh *flashes them* 
09:26 <Ednoahjones> ...
09:26 <Jamesthekiller> ...
09:26 <Jamesthekiller> twin stop fapping
09:26 <Diamondzarebright> LMAI 
09:26 <TwinArmogeddons> YOU CAN PROVE NOTHIGN!
09:26 <Ednoahjones> *nose bleeds from high blood pressure and i blush redder then a cherry*
09:27 <Diamondzarebright> *kicks Noah in the face again with the same foot* 
09:27 <Ednoahjones> i will never unsee that
09:27 <Ednoahjones> and thats a good thing
09:27 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm actualy on tumblr
09:27 <Jamesthekiller> *erases Noah's memory*
09:28 <Ednoahjones> good thing i have spellblock plus
09:28 <Jamesthekiller> *facepalm*
09:28 <Ednoahjones> spell blocker plus, never deal with enemy spells again!
09:28 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs* 
09:28 <TwinArmogeddons> OH MY GOG YES
09:28 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:28 <Jamesthekiller> hold on
09:29 <Jamesthekiller> Seriously twin?
09:29 <TwinArmogeddons> what?
09:29 <Ednoahjones> i don't get it..
09:29 <TwinArmogeddons> A man cant like an epic Doc scratch cosplay
09:29 <Jamesthekiller> he likes bald people
09:29 <Diamondzarebright> Doc Scratch 
09:29 <Ednoahjones> he has his mind set on headbutting things,
09:29 <Jamesthekiller> "Head"
09:30 <Ednoahjones> *pops fingers*
09:30 <TwinArmogeddons> I like cospayers
09:30 <Ednoahjones> now,
09:30 <Ednoahjones> time for it
09:30 <TwinArmogeddons> Ima go get a link
09:30 <Ednoahjones> *massages....*
09:30 <Jamesthekiller> Oh shit
09:30 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs, sits down* 
09:30 <Ednoahjones> *rene.*
09:30 <Diamondzarebright> *sleeps* 
09:30 <Jamesthekiller> what a surprise
09:30 <Ednoahjones> sweet the roofie worked..
09:31 <TwinArmogeddons> You have sweet dreams rene
09:31 -!- EscapingReality has left Special:Chat.
09:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:31 <Jamesthekiller> Give me one I'm tired
09:31 <Ednoahjones> just kidding i didn't slip her apill
09:31 <Ednoahjones> i don't have any
09:31 <Diamondzarebright> *drowsy* 
09:31 <Jamesthekiller> damn
09:31 <Diamondzarebright> HA
09:31 <Diamondzarebright> MOTHAFUCKA
09:31 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:31 <Ednoahjones> awww.. shes like a violent pedophilic princess
09:32 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
09:32 <Diamondzarebright> *slaps Noah in the face* 
09:32 <Diamondzarebright> Pedophillic?!
09:32 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
09:32 <Ednoahjones> it hurts so good...
09:32 <Finneow> Yo wassup
09:32 <Ednoahjones> you didn't hear that
09:32 <Diamondzarebright> YOUR THE PEDOPHILLIC YOU CREEP 
09:32 <Ednoahjones> *massages renes neck again*
09:32 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
09:32 <Finneow> Ok...
09:32 <Diamondzarebright> NO I WANT JAMES
09:32 <TwinArmogeddons> Who wants a naked homestuck cosplayer
09:32 <TwinArmogeddons> I'll PM it too you
09:32 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:32 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:33 <Jamesthekiller> i fucking need roofie
09:33 <Ednoahjones> totally not me..
09:33 <Ednoahjones> *gives james a roofie*
09:33 <Diamondzarebright> Hum?... Roofie? 
09:33 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:33 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
09:33 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:33 <Finneow> Wat
09:33 <Finneow> I wanna roofie
09:33 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
09:33 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:33 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:33 <Diamondzarebright> No I don't want four guise on me
09:34 <TwinArmogeddons> That was really really fucking wierd my computer just locked itself
09:34 <Finneow>  Roofie pls
09:34 <TwinArmogeddons> Its overheating
09:34 <Ednoahjones> i only had one
09:34 <Finneow> I had fucking zero
09:34 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:34 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:34 <Jamesthekiller> Thanks*eats roofie* goodnight everybody
09:34 <Diamondzarebright> NO
09:34 <TwinArmogeddons> I'm fucking scared
09:34 <Finneow> FUCKING....ZERO
09:34 <Ednoahjones> night
09:34 <TwinArmogeddons> man
09:35 <Diamondzarebright> JAAAAAMES
09:35 <Ednoahjones> God. Fucking. Speed
09:35 <TwinArmogeddons> I think my computer migh be over heading
09:35 <Ednoahjones> Twin
09:35 <Finneow> *punches someone in the balls*
09:35 <Jamesthekiller> *passes out on couch* 
09:35 <TwinArmogeddons> *heating
09:35 <Ednoahjones> check your PM
09:35 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
09:35 <TwinArmogeddons> who what i have a pm
09:35 <Finneow> Weaver
09:35 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses 
09:35 <Nightweaver2112> morning everyone
09:35 <Finneow> !
09:35 <Finneow> Gimmi a fuckin roofie
09:35 <Nightweaver2112> ...
09:35 <Diamondzarebright> James' cheek
09:35 <Nightweaver2112> nu
09:36 <Finneow> *Pulls a gun out*
09:36 <Jamesthekiller> 2 days later...
09:36 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses James' cheek when he's asleep* 
09:36 <Ednoahjones> ok then!
09:36 <Ednoahjones> *pulls one out of my ass*
09:36 <Ednoahjones> *gives it to finn*
09:36 <Ednoahjones> there!
09:36 <Diamondzarebright> *is sprawled out asleep ontop of James* 
09:36 <Nightweaver2112> i dont even know what a roofie is dude
09:36 <Finneow> *eats*
09:36 <Finneow> *fucks the couch*
09:36 <Finneow> *sleeps*
09:36 <Jamesthekiller> *wakes up*
09:36 <TwinArmogeddons> Date rape drug niight
09:36 <TwinArmogeddons> Date rape drug
09:37 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
09:37 <Diamondzarebright> *holds James tighter* 
09:37 <Jamesthekiller> whatd I mi-
09:37 <Finneow> You missed the drugs
09:38 <Finneow> All the crack
09:38 <Diamondzarebright> sleeps on James' chest
09:38 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
09:38 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
09:38 <Finneow> And LSD n shit
09:38 <Jamesthekiller> ooook then.*looks at rene and blushes for a while*
09:38 <Diamondzarebright> nuzzles him 
09:39 <Ednoahjones> Hes got the only woman!
09:39 <Finneow> My god
09:39 <Ednoahjones> kill him!
09:39 <Finneow> We may be wittnessing the opening to a porn film here
09:39 <Jamesthekiller> ...
09:39 <Diamondzarebright> grips James' tighter hissing at others
09:39 <Ednoahjones> let's kill'm!
09:39 <Jamesthekiller> fuck
09:39 <Finneow> Bloody hell
09:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Well i'm gonna go to derse and prospit now everybody
09:40 <Jamesthekiller> *slenderwalks to zalgos house*
09:40 <Finneow> *rips his liver out through his ass8
09:40 <TwinArmogeddons> Fuck it ima just sleep at my desk
09:40 <Ednoahjones> God. Fuckin'. Speed. Twin
09:40 <Diamondzarebright> *goes with him*
09:40 <Ednoahjones> *beats james with a club*
09:40 <Jamesthekiller> *unconsious*
09:41 <TwinArmogeddons> No but good night everybody
09:41 <Jamesthekiller> *bloody*
09:41 <Finneow> *rips james' liver out though his arsehole*
09:41 <Ednoahjones> *tosses james into the fires of mordor*
09:41 <Diamondzarebright> YAY ... My PLUSHIE!! 
09:41 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
09:41 <TwinArmogeddons> TOO DERSE AND PROSPIT
09:41 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
09:41 <Finneow> One does not simply throw james into mordor
09:41 <Ednoahjones> God Fuckin' Speed twin
09:41 <Jamesthekiller> soul: O.O well shit then...
09:41 <Diamondzarebright> *cries* 
09:41 <Ednoahjones> well i just did fin!
09:41 <TwinArmogeddons> TWO DER2E AND PRO2PIIT
09:42 <Diamondzarebright> (cries) 
09:42 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:42 <Ednoahjones> *comforts rene* aww.... its ok..
09:42 <Finneow> *shoves my foot down james' thoath
09:42 <Ednoahjones> he's in a better place
09:42 <Jamesthekiller> zalgo:no he isnt
09:42 <Diamondzarebright> (keeps crying) 
09:42 <Ednoahjones> go the fuck away you overused puss-monster
09:43 <Ednoahjones> oh.. it'll be ok we'll go to my cabin, and fuck while jason vorhees watches us and then kills us one by one..
09:43 -!- TwinArmogeddons has joined Special:Chat
09:43 <Ednoahjones> that sound good?
09:43 <TwinArmogeddons> OH GOG WHY
09:43 <Finneow> Now noah has The only girl, Kill him!
09:43 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:43 <Jamesthekiller> Jeff and Jane: *stabs noah 65325 times*
09:43 <Ednoahjones> uhhh
09:43 <Finneow> *snipes noah*
09:43 <Diamondzarebright> *runs away* 
09:43 <Ednoahjones> WAIT!
09:43 <Finneow> *teabags his corpse*
09:43 <Ednoahjones> *casts bullet time around me*
09:43 <Finneow> wat, your not ded
09:43 <TwinArmogeddons> no but TWO DER2E AND PRO2PIIT
09:44 <Ednoahjones> *walks out of the way of the bullets and knives*
09:44 <Ednoahjones> i don't have her!
09:44 <Ednoahjones> see!
09:44 <Ednoahjones> wait
09:44 <Ednoahjones> she has herself
09:44 <Ednoahjones> Let's kill him!
09:44 <Finneow> *Sets his genitals on fire*
09:44 <Ednoahjones> her*
09:44 <Diamondzarebright> My word 
09:44 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:44 <Jamesthekiller> wtf have you done noah
09:45 <Ednoahjones> your mum last night
09:45 <Diamondzarebright> *flails to Jeff* 
09:45 -!- Death is behind the door has joined Special:Chat
09:45 <Jamesthekiller> all this cuz some roofies
09:45 <Finneow> *sets everyones genitals on fire*
09:45 <Death is behind the door> Hello ^^
09:45 <Diamondzarebright> you were here all night noah da fuck
09:45 <Ednoahjones> *sticks tounge out*
09:45 <TwinArmogeddons> MEIN SNITZLE
09:45 <Finneow> *sets fire o tong*
09:45 <TwinArmogeddons> IT BURNS
09:45 <Death is behind the door> ._.
09:45 <Death is behind the door> Ok Bye XD
09:45 <Diamondzarebright> *yawns* 
09:45 <Jamesthekiller> Burn baby burn
09:45 <Finneow> *sets fire to the orphanage*
09:45 -!- Death is behind the door has left Special:Chat.
09:45 <TwinArmogeddons> Disco inferno
09:45 <Ednoahjones> *casts mass douse on everyone*
09:46 <Ednoahjones> ok stop this pointless shit,
09:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Well GOOD NIGHT EVERBODY
09:46 <Ednoahjones> and DIE JAMES!
09:46 <TwinArmogeddons>
09:46 <TwinArmogeddons> Listen to lord english
09:46 <Finneow> *burns the pointless shit*
09:46 <Ednoahjones> *beats james with a club*
09:46 <Diamondzarebright> HEY NOW
09:46 <Diamondzarebright> HOLD ON
09:46 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
09:46 <Finneow> *sets fire to the club*
09:46 <Ednoahjones> wat
09:46 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
09:46 <Ednoahjones> *stops for a moment*
09:46 <Diamondzarebright> STHAP
09:46 <Finneow> *sets fire to my lighter*
09:46 <Ednoahjones> wat ya want?
09:46 <Finneow> dafuq did i do/
09:46 <TwinArmogeddons> To qoute Codemonkeys I LOVE YOU WHORES
09:46 <Diamondzarebright> You guise are bein jerks
09:47 <Jamesthekiller> *walks in casualy*
09:47 <Finneow> *sets fire to the jerks8
09:47 <Ednoahjones> wait
09:47 <Ednoahjones> if thats james over there
09:47 <TwinArmogeddons> WEll i love you whores
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> No
09:47 <Ednoahjones> then..
09:47 <Jamesthekiller>  *really fucking high*
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> More
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH
09:47 <Ednoahjones> hobo: i'm dying!
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> *slaps Noah* 
09:47 <Ednoahjones> oh shit
09:47 <Finneow> *sets fire to the crack*
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> James... is mine
09:47 <Finneow> *sets fire to the hobo*
09:47 <Finneow> *sets fire to james*
09:47 <Jamesthekiller> *everyone high now*
09:47 <Diamondzarebright> I have the right tp choose
09:47 -!- TwinArmogeddons has left Special:Chat.
09:47 <Finneow> Dude
09:48 <Ednoahjones> hmmm
09:48 <Ednoahjones> i suppose your right
09:48 <Finneow> there is so many pandas on my D
09:48 <Ednoahjones> well, enjoy her james
09:48 <Finneow> This is unreal
09:48 <Finneow> The acid man
09:48 <Ednoahjones> trust me this chick does some freaky shit *walks out*
09:48 <Diamondzarebright> ?!
09:48 <Finneow> im totaly tripping BALLS
09:48 <Ednoahjones> oh thats right
09:48 <Ednoahjones> i forgot one thing
09:48 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH 
09:48 <Finneow> Dude
09:49 <Ednoahjones> what?
09:49 <Diamondzarebright> No...AH
09:49 <Jamesthekiller> *seriously high too high to care*
09:49 <Finneow> you guys dont have jigglypuffs
09:49 <Jamesthekiller> *about anything*
09:49 <Ednoahjones> what rene?
09:49 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses James' cheek* 
09:49 <SomePersonHere> "Dihead"
09:49 <SomePersonHere> Great japanese name
09:49 <Diamondzarebright> fuck me another time
09:49 <Finneow> *eats james face off while high*
09:49 <Ednoahjones> *blushes*
09:49 <Ednoahjones> Wha-what
09:50 <Jamesthekiller> *falls on floor high as shit*
09:50 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
09:50 <DemPugs> D: HULLO
09:50 <Diamondzarebright> Aww... *picks up James* 
09:50 <Diamondzarebright> HULLO 
09:50 <Finneow> This meatloaf tastes like puggeh
09:50 <Jamesthekiller> *doesnt know what's happening anymore*
09:50 <Ednoahjones> were you talking to me?
09:50 <DemPugs> Puggeh ;3
09:50 <Diamondzarebright> MAYBE
09:50 <SomePersonHere> Hello Pugs
09:50 <Finneow> Why is mars shaped like a dildo
09:50 <DemPugs> Hey Person.
09:50 <Diamondzarebright> WUT
09:50 <DemPugs> ;(
09:51 <DemPugs> Pugz be sad...
09:51 <Diamondzarebright> James... get up
09:51 <DemPugs> (QQ)
09:51 <Finneow> And why doesent james have a face
09:51 <SomePersonHere> Whats wrong?
09:51 <Ednoahjones> by another time did you mean wait for another time or like fuck you now?
09:51 <Jamesthekiller> i have a face
09:51 <Finneow> and why is puggeh not a dog
09:51 <DemPugs> Pugz..WANT A PUGA (T_T)
09:51 <Diamondzarebright> I dunno just whenever you want!
09:51 <Diamondzarebright> (T-T) 
09:51 <SomePersonHere> *gives Pugs puga*
09:51 <Finneow> *eats james face off again*
09:51 <DemPugs> :D YAY
09:51 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) JAMES
09:51 <DemPugs> ;3 Puga
09:51 <Jamesthekiller> neverface ever mind, no face
09:51 <Finneow> Face tastes like dog food
09:52 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) JAMES
09:52 <Ednoahjones> work it harder make it better  do it faster makes us stronger
09:52 <Finneow> *dies on the floor*
09:52 <Jamesthekiller> *noface palms*
09:52 <DemPugs> WHO TEH PUG BE JAMES??!!
09:52 <Diamondzarebright> I need ya right now
09:52 <Ednoahjones> *walks up and holds rene* its ok..
09:52 <Finneow> Seya l8r life
09:52 <Finneow> *ded
09:52 <Ednoahjones> his face wasn't that good anyway..
09:52 <Diamondzarebright> I WANNA A POPTART
09:52 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES
09:52 <Finneow> *not ded anymore*
09:52 <Jamesthekiller> again noah? I'm still alive. I just don't have a face
09:52 <Diamondzarebright> poptart now!
09:52 <Ednoahjones> *summons a poptart and gives it to rene*
09:53 <Ednoahjones> no pug
09:53 <Ednoahjones> bitch was your bitch
09:53 <Diamondzarebright> *blushes* 
09:53 <Ednoahjones> but bitch is dead
09:53 <DemPugs> (QQ) Huh?!
09:53 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) 
09:53 <Finneow> Wudda fuq happend hile i was high And HOLYSHIT WHERE IS JAMES' FACE?
09:53 <Jamesthekiller> In your stomach
09:53 <Diamondzarebright> My life is so miserable... 
09:53 <DemPugs> (comeon) Anyway. Whatevs.
09:53 <Ednoahjones> *holds rene tighter* it'll be ok.. his face is in a better place...
09:53 <Finneow> *picks bits of james face from my teath*
09:53 <Finneow> Shit.
09:53 <DemPugs> (srslywtf) WUT?!!?
09:54 <Ednoahjones> in finn's digestive track
09:54 <Jamesthekiller> is your face up your ass noah?
09:54 <Diamondzarebright> (srslywtf) 
09:54 <DemPugs> (unsee)
09:54 <Diamondzarebright> (unsee)
09:54 <Finneow> *pukes up face*
09:54 <Ednoahjones> you have no face james
09:54 <DemPugs> (ayfkm)
09:54 <Diamondzarebright> (bubbles) 
09:54 <Ednoahjones> well now you do
09:54 <Finneow> *gets super glue* 
09:54 <Ednoahjones> but its a pukey face
09:54 <Diamondzarebright> *blows bubbles in James' "face"* 
09:54 <DemPugs> (wat)
09:54 <Finneow> *glues it on upside own*
09:54 <Finneow> *down
09:54 <Finneow> erm...
09:55 <Jamesthekiller> *cleans face and puts it back on*
09:55 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
09:55 <Finneow> der u go... buddy
09:55 <Ednoahjones> hey james,
09:55 <Jamesthekiller> whhhaaat
09:55 <Diamondzarebright> Blows (bubbles) in James'face* 
09:55 <Ednoahjones> i'm sorry for killing you and beating you and humping your leg
09:55 <Ednoahjones> *sticks hand out for a handshake*
09:55 <Jamesthekiller> and?
09:55 <Ednoahjones> we cool?
09:55 <Finneow> *also pukes up james' foot*
09:56 <Diamondzarebright> (srslywtf) 
09:56 <Finneow> How the fuq did that get there
09:56 <Diamondzarebright> *clings to James* 
09:56 <Finneow> oh well
09:56 <Jamesthekiller> sure *sighs and handshakes*
09:56 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
09:56 <Diamondzarebright> eh man
09:56 <Ednoahjones> *is wearing a joy buzzer*
09:56 <Jamesthekiller> whered you get that foot
09:56 <DemPugs> (ic)
09:56 <Finneow> i suppose its time to go back to burning everythig
09:56 <Ednoahjones> *so you get super shocked*
09:56 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses James' cheek* 
09:56 <Finneow> *burns james to death*
09:56 <DemPugs> I WANT A KISS
09:56 <DemPugs> :(
09:57 <Finneow> *purns puggeh to death*
09:57 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses dem pugs* 
09:57 <Jamesthekiller> *blushes AGAIN*
09:57 <DemPugs> :D
09:57 <DemPugs> Yayz 
09:57 <Ednoahjones> james
09:57 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses Slendy* 
09:57 <Ednoahjones> you just got shocked
09:57 <Finneow> *purns the hospital to the ground*
09:57 <DemPugs> (ayfkm) 
09:57 <DemPugs> Purns?
09:57 <Finneow> yes
09:57 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
09:57 <Jamesthekiller> i lik getting shocked sometimes
09:57 <Finneow> I like to purn stuff
09:57 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses James on the lips* 
09:57 <Ednoahjones> ...
09:57 <Jamesthekiller> *blushes as red as hell*
09:57 <Ednoahjones> ok this motherfuckers dead
09:57 <Ednoahjones> *cocks glock*
09:58 <Finneow> *shocks james with 10000000000 volt charge*
09:58 <SomePersonHere> You guys are crazy idiots
09:58 <Ednoahjones> *shoots james multiple times*
09:58 <SomePersonHere> No offense
09:58 <Jamesthekiller> *glares at floor* fuck my life
09:58 <Diamondzarebright> *shoves her boots in both of yall's faces while kissing James* 
09:58 <Finneow> *eats james' face again*
09:58 <Ednoahjones> it hurts so good!
09:58 <Ednoahjones> *shoots james moore
09:58 <Finneow> *eats james legs*
09:59 <Jamesthekiller> sonuvabitch I know damn well you didn't eat my fucking face and leg!!!
09:59 <Finneow> *eats james arms*
09:59 <Jamesthekiller> and arms[!!!!
09:59 <Diamondzarebright> STOP EATING MY BOYFRIEND!
09:59 <Finneow> *eats the rest of james*
09:59 <Jamesthekiller> *inside of finn* shit
09:59 <Jamesthekiller> echoes
09:59 <Diamondzarebright> *kisses finns tummy* You okay?...
09:59 <Ednoahjones> *tosses finn in space to make sure james is gone*
10:00 <Finneow> theres only one way your gettin him back
10:00 <Diamondzarebright> ehhh no
10:00 <Jamesthekiller> Dammit
10:00 <Finneow> *looks sexualy*
10:00 <Jamesthekiller> huh
10:00 <Diamondzarebright> *goes to vomit* 
10:00 <Finneow> Hows about it
10:01 <Ednoahjones> well
10:01 <Jamesthekiller> ill be glad being shit or vomit
10:01 <Ednoahjones> i'm gonna go ruin other peoples lives
10:01 <Ednoahjones> i'll be back in an hour or so
10:01 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:01 <Jamesthekiller> too fucking late bro
10:01 <Finneow> Sex for james?
10:01 <Diamondzarebright> Me?
10:01 <CrashingCymbal> Hello :P
10:01 <Jamesthekiller> dontbro don't fucking do it
10:01 <Ednoahjones> I'm noah, God. Fucking. Speed.
10:01 <Finneow> :)
10:01 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
10:02 <Diamondzarebright> Me...fucking James... *smiles*
10:02 <Finneow> D:
10:02 <Finneow> You gonna be all like D: (=====8
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> No mods on. 
10:03 <Jamesthekiller> *doesnt know what the fuck just happened*
10:03 <Diamondzarebright> Maybe... (twitches) 
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> Let's have a party :P
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> WOOOO
10:03 <Diamondzarebright> James... closet... 
10:03 -!- Tenzinkendrick has joined Special:Chat
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> Okay I'm done
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Tenz!
10:03 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
10:03 <Jamesthekiller> *slenderwalks to closet*
10:03 <Tenzinkendrick> Can someone give me a review, please? First pasta, just wondering if I should keep this style.
10:03 -!- Tenzinkendrick has left Special:Chat.
10:03 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
10:04 <Diamondzarebright> *pulls him inside, locking the door*
10:04 <Finneow> *drrills a hole in the closet and peeks though*
10:04 <Jamesthekiller> *pokes eyes out*
10:04 <Finneow> Damnit
10:04 <Finneow> walks away*
10:04 -!- HendriK has joined Special:Chat
10:04 <Diamondzarebright> *blushes, wearing a slenderman shirt*
10:05 <SomePersonHere> &#1523
10:05 <Jamesthekiller> *smiles*
10:05 <Finneow> *sticks penis though the hole i made8
10:05 <Diamondzarebright> EW
10:05 <Jamesthekiller> *cuts off*
10:05 <Finneow> You sonava 
10:05 <Diamondzarebright> *giggles, wrapping her arms around James* 
10:05 <SomePersonHere> Stop the sexual talk please or I will message a mod
10:05 -!- HendriK has left Special:Chat.
10:06 <Jamesthekiller> *throws it through tiny hole*
10:06 <Finneow> *breaks the door open and eats james' face again*
10:06 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:06 <Diamondzarebright> JAMES... PM 
10:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Herro!
10:07 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:07 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:08 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:10 <SomePersonHere> wat
10:11 <HERROZAEL> Hello
10:12 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
10:13 <Finneow> it died along with everyone else
10:13 <Ednoahjones> I'm Back
10:14 <Finneow> No, you never left
10:14 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
10:14 <Ednoahjones> yesh i did
10:14 <Finneow> no.
10:14 <Diamondzarebright> hai noah 
10:14 <Ednoahjones> what? did ya think i was gone forever?
10:14 <Ednoahjones> sorry, had to crack a duke nukem joke
10:14 <Ednoahjones> just had too
10:14 <Finneow> No, you never left
10:14 <Ednoahjones> sup rene
10:15 <Finneow> *creepy smile*
10:15 <Diamondzarebright> heylo 
10:15 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
10:15 <Diamondzarebright> (srslywtf) 
10:15 <Ednoahjones> so,
10:15 -!- CommanderBox has joined Special:Chat
10:15 <Ednoahjones> you still with the spawn of two freaks and a hand basket?
10:15 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
10:15 <Finneow> :d
10:15 <Finneow> d;
10:15 <Finneow> :d
10:15 <Spartantemp> I got to go to the doctors today D:
10:15 <Finneow> d:
10:15 <Diamondzarebright> ??
10:15 <Ednoahjones> I'm referring to james
10:15 <CommanderBox> Hello there, I'm Commander Box, C;
10:16 <Finneow> thats the one
10:16 <CommanderBox> lol
10:16 <CommanderBox> I have no idea why I just joined this chat xD
10:16 <Kill1mes> Why not?
10:16 <Finneow> Cosmic waffels
10:16 <Finneow> ZOMG KILL
10:16 <Diamondzarebright> waffels
10:16 <Spartantemp> see you all in therapy :D
10:16 <Diamondzarebright> I wanna a waffle
10:16 <Kill1mes> wat
10:16 <Finneow> dafuq did you come from
10:16 <Ednoahjones> cause you want to see a mage and the son of jeff the killer slap fight over a girl obviously!
10:16 <Kill1mes> That country o
10:17 <Kill1mes> 'er yonder
10:17 <Diamondzarebright> ...
10:17 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
10:17 <Kill1mes> I rekon
10:17 <CommanderBox> I wanna write a creepy pasta, but (I might sound like a noob) I can't find the button to write one. .-.
10:17 <Ednoahjones> shit i'd pay for a front row seat for that if i weren't in it
10:17 <Finneow> And dont forget an arsonist
10:17 <Kill1mes> Hold on box, I have something that can elp
10:17 <CommanderBox> Ok
10:17 <Finneow> who eats faces
10:17 <Diamondzarebright> ...?! 
10:17 <Kill1mes>
10:17 <Diamondzarebright> Que?
10:17 <CommanderBox> Thanks! :3
10:17 <Ednoahjones> Skip TO 5:35
10:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Witcher 2 Review - The Rageaholic - Duration: 07:59 - Uploaded: 2012-05-26 - Rating: 4.415525 - Views: 21,944 -
10:17 <Kill1mes> Here ya go
10:17 <Nightweaver2112> ok, has chat gone crazy again?
10:17 <CommanderBox> I'll join the chat again later, bye. C:
10:17 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
10:18 <Finneow> i think
10:18 <Diamondzarebright> Sinor
10:18 <Kill1mes> bye
10:18 -!- CommanderBox has left Special:Chat.
10:18 <Ednoahjones> "it gets bigger when i pull on it.." "mmmmm!"
10:18 <Kill1mes> And hi Face
10:18 <Finneow> Bie
10:18 <Finneow> WAT
10:18 <Nightweaver2112> ...
10:18 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello
10:18 <Nightweaver2112> yep, chat just got wierd
10:18 <Finneow> Dat mental image
10:18 <Nightweaver2112> holy fuck.
10:19 <Diamondzarebright> (unsee) 
10:19 <Kill1mes> Chat is always weird.
10:19 <Nightweaver2112> yep
10:19 <Ednoahjones> "Sometimes, i pull on it so hard, i rip the skin!"
10:19 <Finneow> Y think?
10:19 <Nightweaver2112> and, hi kill
10:19 <Kill1mes> Yo
10:19 <Finneow> Ohmai
10:19 <Nightweaver2112> when did you get here?
10:19 <Finneow> noah
10:19 <Diamondzarebright> (srslywtf) Noah
10:19 <Finneow> My brain
10:19 <Finneow> you just melted it
10:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> weird? i thought this was normal?
10:19 <Kill1mes> I think the religion rule is getting changed.
10:19 <Kill1mes> Many more supports than oppositionsn
10:19 <Nightweaver2112> I don't even fucking know anymore.
10:20 <Nightweaver2112> what?
10:20 <Kill1mes> Normal is subjective
10:20 <Ednoahjones> "hmm my daddy taught me a few thing too, like' a how not to rip the skin by using someone elses mouth, instead of your own hands."
10:20 <Kill1mes> and normal... really doesn't exist.
10:20 <Diamondzarebright> oh poptart
10:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> true
10:20 <Finneow> normal is CPwikiCHATlogger
10:20 <Diamondzarebright> OH BEN
10:20 <Kill1mes> No, normal is non-existant.
10:20 <Ednoahjones> "will you show me?" "i'd be right happy too"
10:20 <Finneow> FUCKING HELL NOAH
10:20 <Diamondzarebright> NOAH PM
10:20 <Kill1mes> Because everyone is different
10:20 <Nightweaver2112> nobody is normal
10:20 <Ednoahjones> ok
10:20 <Finneow> your making me die
10:21 <Finneow> *dies*
10:21 <Nightweaver2112> and im least normal of all
10:21 <Finneow> CPwikiCHATlogger is normal
10:21 <Kill1mes> Really, you can't say that
10:21 <Nightweaver2112> if any of you met me in real life, you would probably hate me :P
10:21 <Finneow> CPwikiCHATlogger is perfect
10:21 <Kill1mes> Everybody is different, so we can't say anybody is a deree of normality
10:21 <Finneow> CPwikiCHATlogger is god
10:21 <Kill1mes> What are we gonna base it on?
10:21 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:22 <Kill1mes> Nomal is brown eyes? No, that's genetics
10:22 <Kill1mes> HEy CC
10:22 <Diamondzarebright> I can just smell the allergies... 
10:22 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Kill
10:22 <Finneow> We base it on CPwikiCHATlogger
10:22 <CrashingCymbal> Who can't say what? :P
10:22 <Nightweaver2112> i haz blu eyez!
10:22 <Kill1mes> Normal is brown hair? No, that's recessive and dominant genes in play.
10:22 <Finneow> Can you log the chat? no? your abnormal
10:22 <Kill1mes> As everyone is different, there is no normal
10:22 <Nightweaver2112> no, you're banned
10:22 <Nightweaver2112> @fin
10:22 <Kill1mes> and yes, we are all abnormal
10:22 <Nightweaver2112> especially you, kill
10:22 <Kill1mes> as normal doesn't work for people
10:23 <Finneow> Can you say the name o youtube links in under a second? no? your abnormal
10:23 <Kill1mes> I'm banned? D:
10:23 <Nightweaver2112> no
10:23 <Nightweaver2112> or are you?
10:23 <Kill1mes> I am
10:23 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
10:23 <Kill1mes> (I wish I could ban myself)
10:23 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
10:23 <Nightweaver2112> DAMMIT KILL!
10:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> brb
10:23 <Finneow> Im starting a new religion based around CPwikiCHATlogger as god
10:23 <Finneow> Lol
10:23 <Nightweaver2112> new pic, kill. cool
10:23 <Finneow> All hail the bot!
10:23 <Kill1mes> It was Sarah's idea.
10:24 <Finneow> all hail the bot!
10:24 <Nightweaver2112> i don't like MLP, and even i have to admit that that looks pretty cool
10:24 <Kill1mes> Here I am preaching about how subjective "normal" is and nobody even gives a fuck
10:24 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
10:24 <Nightweaver2112> noop
10:24 <Kill1mes> See, I lke the music more than the show. The show is meh.
10:24 <Finneow> MLP is the antichrist 
10:25 <Kill1mes> The art style and a lot of the music I like though.
10:25 <Kill1mes> Just not the actual show
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> yeah, im the same with furries
10:25 <Finneow> i like porn, not for the story, just for the porn.
10:25 <Kill1mes> furry music?
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> ^
10:25 <Kill1mes> lol Finn
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> no
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> art and the concept
10:25 <Kill1mes> I know man, I'm pulling your leg
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> i know
10:25 <Nightweaver2112> *leg comes off*
10:26 <Nightweaver2112> O GOD!!
10:26 <Kill1mes> D:
10:26 <Nightweaver2112> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?
10:26 <Finneow> Fuck its happening again
10:26 <Kill1mes> Weav, you're a zombie, rememeber?
10:26 <Nightweaver2112> oh, right!
10:26 <Finneow> Get the fucking glue someone
10:26 <Finneow> and some raw meat
10:26 <Nightweaver2112> *noms on finn's brains*
10:26 <Kill1mes> what brains?
10:26 <Kill1mes> imeanwut
10:26 <Nightweaver2112> wait, it's empty in here!
10:26 <Finneow> Ermh, i dont think im your type
10:27 <Nightweaver2112> FUCK
10:27 <Finneow> Please leave me alone now
10:27 <Nightweaver2112> y?
10:27 <Finneow> *dies*
10:27 <Nightweaver2112> oh...
10:27 <Kill1mes> mmk
10:27 <Nightweaver2112> ah well, free food!
10:27 <Nightweaver2112> *nom*
10:28 <Finneow> *corpse spontainisly combusts*
10:28 <Nightweaver2112> free cooked food!
10:28 <Nightweaver2112> *nom*
10:28 <Finneow> *setting wever on fire*
10:28 <Nightweaver2112> im a zombie, remember?
10:28 <Nightweaver2112> fire does not affect me
10:28 <Kill1mes> Finally made it
10:28 <Kill1mes>
10:28 <Nightweaver2112> *nom*
10:28 <Finneow> *earth blows up*
10:29 <Nightweaver2112> ...
10:29 <Kill1mes> d
10:29 <Finneow> not falling for that
10:29 <Kill1mes> d;
10:29 <Nightweaver2112> :(
10:29 <Finneow> kill
10:29 <Kill1mes> dammit
10:29 <Kill1mes> D:
10:29 <Nightweaver2112> (TT)
10:29 <Kill1mes> Yes?
10:29 <Finneow> just syin im not fallin fo it
10:29 <Nightweaver2112> look at my profile kill, where does it say i already live?
10:29 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
10:29 <Finneow> botsonwana
10:29 <Kill1mes> My page would be so confusing for somebody with no knowledgeof template
10:29 <Kill1mes> lol Weav
10:30 <Nightweaver2112> ...
10:30 <Kill1mes> fair enough
10:30 <Nightweaver2112> i will now devour your soul
10:30 <Kill1mes> k
10:30 <Finneow> Shit
10:30 <Nightweaver2112> because it's my job
10:30 <Finneow> *turns into a super sayian*
10:30 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
10:30 <Finneow> Yu wat m8?
10:30 <Kill1mes> *turns into an ameoba*
10:31 <Kill1mes> U mad?
10:31 <Finneow> turns into god
10:31 <Nightweaver2112> i am now going to click the link to leave an angry-FUCK NOT AGAIN!!
10:31 <Kill1mes> Single celled organism HAVE NO SOUL
10:31 <Kill1mes> lol
10:31 <Nightweaver2112> how do we know that complex orgasms have souls?
10:31 <Nightweaver2112> *organisms
10:31 <Nightweaver2112> ...
10:31 <Nightweaver2112> lol
10:31 <Kill1mes> They still don't
10:32 <Kill1mes> orgasms have no souls
10:32 <Nightweaver2112> umm...typo.
10:32 <Nightweaver2112> lol
10:32 <Kill1mes> mmhmm
10:32 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:32 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:32 <Nightweaver2112> neither do gingers apparently
10:32 <Nightweaver2112> according to my ginger friend
10:32 <Kill1mes> Wrong
10:32 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:32 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:32 <Kill1mes> They have a freckle for every stole they stole
10:32 <Finneow> [[ this link is totally real and you shold click it and im not gonna put any pings in this cus it fucked i up last time and this
10:32 <Finneow> pasta needs work pls click it u guys]] 
10:32 <Finneow> wow
10:32 <Nightweaver2112> every stole they stole?
10:33 <Finneow> srs
10:33 <Kill1mes> soul they stole*
10:33 <Kill1mes> lol
10:33 <Finneow> dunna it work any more
10:33 <Nightweaver2112> damn typos
10:33 -!- TheFakerChild has joined Special:Chat
10:33 <Kill1mes> [[You suck Finn]]
10:33 <Kill1mes> Hi Faker
10:33 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:33 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:33 <Finneow> [[ i hate you kill ]]
10:33 <Finneow> real pasta
10:33 <Kill1mes> [[Hate me bby]]
10:33 <TheFakerChild> Suprise mufucker
10:33 <Kill1mes> Boo.
10:33 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:34 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:34 <Finneow> [[ surprise buttsex]] 
10:34 <Kill1mes> [[hawt]]
10:34 <Kill1mes> Finn, your link worked o-o
10:34 <TheFakerChild> Rearrange buttsex subtext
10:34 <Finneow> [[ lick my popsicle]]
10:35 -!- TheFakerChild has left Special:Chat.
10:35 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:35 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:35 <Kill1mes> Nou.
10:35 <Finneow> wait..
10:35 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:35 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:35 <Finneow> every time we make these links are we making a new pasta?
10:36 <Kill1mes> No, just overused links
10:36 <Kill1mes> not iverused
10:36 <Finneow> k
10:36 <Kill1mes> uhm
10:36 <Kill1mes> unused
10:36 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:36 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:36 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:36 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:36 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:36 <Finneow> [[ my brudda be in prison cus him and a few freinds went dogging]]
10:37 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
10:37 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
10:37 <Finneow> [[ jeff the killer]]
10:38 <Kill1mes> g2g
10:38 <Nightweaver2112> that was a page, finn
10:38 <Nightweaver2112> cya kill
10:38 <Finneow> so iff we put an existing pasta name in here it will come up with that pasta?
10:38 <Nightweaver2112> yep
10:38 <Finneow> Thats gonna save time
10:38 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
10:38 <Finneow> [[ clevebot ]]
10:39 <Finneow> it does work
10:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye kill
10:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> back
10:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> dead chat
10:39 <Diamondzarebright> HM 
10:40 <Finneow> [[ User:Jamesthekiller ]]
10:40 <Finneow> :D
10:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> is it just me or do you have a loz symbol finn?
10:41 <Finneow> [[User:Kill1mes ]] legend of zelda? yes
10:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> cool
10:43 <Diamondzarebright>
10:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Hey ben! (creepypasta) - Duration: 00:51 - Uploaded: 2012-12-06 - Rating: 4.957447 - Views: 6,297 -
10:43 <Diamondzarebright> LOL 
10:43 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> D: a motherflubbing dead chat
10:43 <Finneow> [[ User:Finneow]]
10:44 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so...
10:44 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
10:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> dead chat galore
10:45 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
10:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello teenaged
10:46 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
10:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> D:
10:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bord
10:47 <Diamondzarebright> FAIL
10:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> yes i fal at spilling
10:47 <Diamondzarebright> *yawns* so sleepy 
10:47 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
10:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bad spellers of the chat untie!
10:48 <Diamondzarebright> xD
10:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i mean..
10:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> fork
10:49 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> screwed that up
10:49 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:49 <Diamondzarebright> sabub
10:49 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> confusion?
10:50 <Diamondzarebright> Saburbia
10:50 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Suburban Doxology
10:50 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> by IFD
10:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> good song
10:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> the Geeks will Inherit the Earth is a good one too...
10:52 <Ednoahjones> Its time for..
10:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> IFD?
10:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> plz
10:52 <Finneow> k back naow
10:53 <Ednoahjones> today..
10:53 <Finneow> WAT, DAFUq
10:53 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Woo!
10:53 <Ednoahjones> some gay porno i can't name, cause i don't know what its called
10:53 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> imeanwut
10:53 <Finneow> you of all people should know the name to gay porn
10:54 <Finneow> D:
10:54 <Ednoahjones> *a dude with brown hair and a totally-not-pornstache walks in on a bald dude with a goatee in the middle of the woods with his dick out*
10:54 <Ednoahjones> "pornstach: shit! sorry"
10:54 <Finneow> wat
10:54 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so intising
10:54 <Ednoahjones> "baldy: sorry for what?.. our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks, speccially since they're such good size and all."
10:55 <Finneow> Sounds more like some badly written episode of the twilight zone 
10:55 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:55 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:56 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> seems legit
10:56 <Ednoahjones> "pornstache: yeah i see that, your daddy gave you some good advice"
10:56 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
10:56 <Finneow> does anyone know how to add music to my userpage?
10:56 <Ednoahjones> "baldy: it gets bigger when i pull on it..."
10:56 <Ednoahjones> *pornstache guy "mmmmm"'s like a fat guy looking at a three course meal*
10:57 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:57 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> (jeff) continue
10:57 <Finneow> captain is intreaged
10:57 <Ednoahjones> "baldy: Sometines... I pull on it so hard"
10:57 <Ednoahjones> "Baldy: i rip the skin!"
10:57 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> imeanwut
10:57 <Finneow> im srry wut
10:58 <Finneow> you scared herro
10:58 -!- DHC96 has joined Special:Chat
10:58 <DHC96> :P
10:58 <Ednoahjones> "pornstache: well my daddy taught me a few things too, like how NOT to rip the skin.. by using someone elses mouth, instead of your own hands."
10:58 <Finneow> Dolan pls
10:59 <Ednoahjones> *baldy looks intrigued and aroused, and slightly inticed*
10:59 <DHC96> Ebnohjuns pls
10:59 <Ednoahjones> "baldy: Will ya show me?"
10:59 <Finneow> *cringes*
10:59 <Ednoahjones> "pornstache: I'd be Riiight happy too.. :)"
10:59 <DHC96> [[Jeff the Killer]]
11:00 -!- DHC96 has left Special:Chat.
11:00 <Ednoahjones> *then he walks up to baldy, and then i guess they fuck. i dunno it doesn't show anything after that*
11:00 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
11:01 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
11:01 <Ednoahjones> the end of that
11:01 <Ednoahjones> whattya think fella's?
11:01 <Diamondzarebright> BYE GUISE SLEEP be on later/.;.. 
11:01 <Ednoahjones> it seems ginger was aroused by the show
11:01 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> interesting
11:02 <Finneow> Gay, very gay
11:02 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
11:02 <Ednoahjones> night rene
11:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wat i no gay
11:02 <Ednoahjones> ok is rene like the town bike?
11:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> my mom is
11:02 <Finneow> Yes
11:03 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> yes i just called my mom gay
11:03 <Ednoahjones> well now i understand @ finn
11:03 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> in case you guys wew woundering
11:03 <Finneow> can i get videos to play automaticly when someone comes to my userpage
11:03 <Ednoahjones> nevertheless she can cyber... damn can she cyber
11:03 -!- DarkLink™ has joined Special:Chat
11:04 <Ednoahjones> i dunno about that you'll have to ask someone who has it like SMT
11:04 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hi dark
11:04 <DarkLink™> Sup Ginger
11:04 <Finneow> i need kill fo dis 
11:04 <DarkLink™> IDK anybody
11:04 <Ednoahjones> sup dark link, ginger was heavily aroused by cheesy lines from a gay porno
11:05 <Finneow> imeanwut
11:05 <DarkLink™> :T Okay...
11:05 <Ednoahjones> finn you know what i mean by town bike right?
11:05 <Finneow> yes
11:05 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
11:05 <Ednoahjones> from austin powers "shes the town bike! everyones has a ride!"
11:06 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> LIES
11:06 <Finneow> i know
11:06 <Ednoahjones> cause so far twin has, i think james did
11:06 <Ednoahjones> and me
11:06 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i wasnt
11:06 <DarkLink™> Ginger, Whats your fav. Creepypasta
11:06 <Finneow> lool
11:07 <Ednoahjones> you must not know how to ride.
11:07 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Ben drowned
11:07 <Ednoahjones> DAMN i'm good..
11:07 <Finneow> im more one for unicycles
11:07 <DarkLink™> BEN'
11:07 <Ednoahjones> so you like one legged girls?
11:07 <Finneow> SHIT
11:07 <Ednoahjones>  lawl
11:08 <DarkLink™> I am investigating LTS
11:08 <Finneow> i just put a fake website on my userpage and i clicked it and it came up with a porn website
11:08 <Ednoahjones> WHAT
11:08 <Ednoahjones> must see
11:08 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Lol
11:09 <Finneow> [[ User:Finneow]]
11:09 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> you cant fool me finn
11:09 <Finneow> look for your self
11:09 <Finneow> srs
11:09 <Ednoahjones> just a white page
11:09 <Finneow> real link
11:09 <Finneow> is it
11:09 <Ednoahjones> yeah its blank
11:09 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> testing
11:09 <Finneow> k
11:10 <Finneow>
11:10 <DarkLink™> Yes.
11:10 <Finneow> Try again
11:10 <Finneow> imah get riddof it now
11:10 <Ednoahjones> nope
11:11 <Ednoahjones> nothing
11:11 <Finneow> wow srs
11:11 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> oh shit it is
11:11 <Ednoahjones> it is what?
11:11 <Finneow> it has to load
11:11 <Ednoahjones> a blank page or porn?
11:11 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> a porn site
11:12 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
11:12 <Ednoahjones> well its best i not see it
11:12 <DarkLink™> Hello
11:12 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hi shining
11:12 <Ednoahjones> my parents are up and right behind me
11:12 <Finneow> ive changed to this best not be porn . com
11:12 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> yes best not
11:12 <DarkLink™> Lavender's Tune
11:12 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
11:12 <Finneow> And hurrah its not
11:12 <DarkLink™> AHHHH A KILLER!
11:13 <Finneow> Calm down dear
11:13 <Finneow> its only a stupid person
11:13 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
11:13 <DarkLink™> xD
11:13 <Finneow> brb
11:13 <Ednoahjones> oh hey james
11:14 <Ednoahjones> Tell me
11:14 <Shining-Armor> sarah
11:14 <Ednoahjones> shit
11:14 <Ednoahjones> hes gone
11:14 <Shining-Armor> is not here
11:14 <Shining-Armor> (t_t)
11:14 <Ednoahjones> sarah left at like 2 or 3
11:14 <Ednoahjones> its 6 now by the way, here
11:14 <DarkLink™> :)
11:15 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
11:15 <Nightweaver2112> is chat frozen or dead?
11:15 <Nightweaver2112> dead
11:15 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
11:15 <DarkLink™> Idk
11:15 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
11:15 <Ednoahjones> the fuck
11:15 <Ednoahjones> night. its been like a minute
11:15 <DarkLink™> BANANA FIGHT!
11:15 <Nightweaver2112> what?
11:16 <Ednoahjones> i love it when a minute goes by and people declare "CHAT DEAD"
11:16 <DarkLink™> ASDF movie
11:16 <Nightweaver2112> yep
11:16 <Nightweaver2112> CHAT DEAD
11:16 <Nightweaver2112> meh
11:16 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <DarkLink™> Murderers
11:17 <Ednoahjones> i wonder why faint by linkin park is called faint
11:17 <DarkLink™> Killed the chat
11:17 -!- Kristenbell311 has joined Special:Chat
11:17 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <Finneow> I like trains
11:18 <DarkLink™> I Like Singing!
11:18 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
11:18 <DarkLink™> I like dancing!
11:18 <Finneow> i like dancing
11:18 -!- Kristenbell311 has left Special:Chat.
11:18 <DarkLink™> I like trains
11:18 <SomePersonHere> NO
11:18 <DarkLink™> d///////////////////////////
11:18 <Ednoahjones> i like razorfist
11:19 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
11:19 <Ednoahjones> you fuckin' twits. (i love you all)
11:19 <Finneow> you like to fist?
11:19 <Ednoahjones> ...
11:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i like my new pagr
11:19 <Ednoahjones> no
11:19 <Finneow> we are going to be very good freinds
11:19 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:19 <DemPugs> D: D: D:
11:19 <Finneow> PUGGEH
11:19 <Ednoahjones> and before you ask NO i didn't imploy it with rene earlier
11:19 <DarkLink™> LAvender town stories.....
11:19 <DemPugs> FINNEH
11:20 <Ednoahjones> Guys!
11:20 <DarkLink™> Too much
11:20 <DemPugs> FINNEH
11:20 <DemPugs> D:
11:20 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> DEM FUCKING PUGS!!
11:20 <Finneow> Pls link, no spam
11:20 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <DemPugs> D:
11:20 <Ednoahjones> watch razorfist! Reviews with balls! watch'm and you might actually grow some!
11:20 <DarkLink™> Goodbye
11:20 <DemPugs> With balls.... Tee hee
11:20 <Ednoahjones> for a change
11:20 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <Finneow> d:
11:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hia
11:20 <Ednoahjones> hey pug
11:20 <DemPugs> Hey babe.
11:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> pugsies
11:20 <DemPugs> xD
11:21 <Ednoahjones> we've agreed renes the town bike, have you had a ride yet?
11:21 <DemPugs> Hey gingerbreadman.
11:21 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> :3
11:21 <Finneow> Noah cheated on puggeh
11:21 <Ednoahjones> i was never with pug
11:21 <Ednoahjones> bitch was
11:21 <Finneow> O RLY?
11:21 <Ednoahjones> but bitch killed herself when pug came out to being gay
11:21 <Finneow> I will hnge that
11:21 <Ednoahjones> with read
11:21 <Finneow> NOW KILL
11:22 <Finneow> *KISS
11:22 <Ednoahjones> NU!
11:22 <Ednoahjones> hes a dog!
11:22 <Finneow> so
11:22 <Finneow> my best freinds a dog
11:22 <Ednoahjones> well rene might be the town bike but atleast shes a human woman
11:22 <Finneow> who, ironicly, is a pug
11:22 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Woo my page works
11:22 <Ednoahjones> i don't fuck dogs
11:23 <Finneow> no, you fuck bitches
11:23 <Ednoahjones> i fuck women and SOME men
11:23 <Finneow> orrly?
11:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> I dont
11:23 <Finneow> We are going to get along very nicely
11:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> fuck anyone
11:23 <Ednoahjones> ironically i've never actually seen a dick that as soon as i saw it i was like "OH FUCK. IT. i am Suckin' that shit RIGHT FUCKIN' NOW!"
11:23 <DemPugs> Ok. I was away. WHAT THE FUCK DID I MISS
11:23 <Finneow> dickss
11:24 <Finneow> YEs
11:24 <Ednoahjones> i asked you a question pug
11:24 <Finneow> NOaH dID
11:24 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hia pugsies
11:24 <Ednoahjones> finn took.. *twitches*
11:24 <Finneow> Pills
11:24 <Ednoahjones> shut da fuck up
11:24 <DemPugs> Pills?!?
11:24 <Finneow> I took pills
11:24 <DemPugs> (srslywtf) FOR WHAT?!
11:24 <Ednoahjones> Pug, we've agreed renes the town bike,
11:24 <Ednoahjones> have you had a ride yet?
11:24 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> I took a shot in the face
11:24 <Ednoahjones> has she tried with you?
11:25 <DemPugs> WHO THE FUCK IS RENE>!
11:25 <Ednoahjones> diamond
11:25 <Finneow> My name is louis from L4D and... PILLS
11:25 <Ednoahjones> rene is diamond
11:25 <DemPugs> (unsee) Oh.
11:25 <Ednoahjones> my names ellis.
11:25 <Ednoahjones> i love horses
11:25 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
11:25 <DemPugs> My name's Isaac.
11:25 <Finneow> lol
11:25 <Ednoahjones> holy SHIT guys! kiddyland!
11:25 <Finneow> buggeh
11:25 <DemPugs> I love pugs.
11:25 <Bug2buga> yo
11:25 <DemPugs> PUG2PUGA HAI
11:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> BUGA!
11:25 <DemPugs> xD
11:25 <Ednoahjones> so pug
11:25 <DemPugs> (ic)
11:25 <Ednoahjones> did she?
11:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> HI
11:25 <DemPugs> Did she wut?
11:26 <Finneow> Bumper cars
11:26 <DemPugs> Fuck me?
11:26 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> lol caps
11:26 <Bug2buga> yo again you worhtless shits
11:26 <Ednoahjones> did she over offer to give you a ride?
11:26 <DemPugs> (QQ)
11:26 <DemPugs>
11:26 <Finneow> you to buggeh
11:26 <Ednoahjones> a "ride"
11:26 <Nightweaver2112> whose a worthless shit?!
11:26 <Ednoahjones> as in a fuck
11:26 <Bug2buga> everyone
11:26 <Bug2buga> is a worthless shi
11:26 <Bug2buga> t
11:26 <Finneow> me
11:26 <Nightweaver2112> i'm not
11:26 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Im not eorthles, just pathetic
11:26 <Ednoahjones> really
11:26 <Bug2buga> but it's a metaphor
11:26 <DemPugs> No.
11:26 <Ednoahjones> she hasn't?
11:26 <Finneow> i rode dat bike
11:26 <DemPugs> SHE HASNT
11:26 <Bug2buga> because shit mean poop
11:26 <Bug2buga> and we're not poop
11:26 <Ednoahjones> hmmm
11:26 <Ednoahjones> well i did
11:26 <Bug2buga> so we're not worthless
11:26 <DemPugs> REAL HARD
11:26 <Bug2buga> all i say is a lie
11:26 <Bug2buga> except the truth
11:27 <DemPugs> Uh.....
11:27 <Nightweaver2112> OMG the philosophy
11:27 <Finneow> YEAH
11:27 <Ednoahjones> you do realize we're talking about having cyberfucked rene right pug? and not riding a real bike?
11:27 <DemPugs> D: BLEURGH
11:27 <DemPugs> Of course.
11:27 <Finneow> LETS GIVE SOME1 A BACKEE
11:27 <Ednoahjones> well i did, at about 5 today
11:27 <Finneow> lol
11:27 <Bug2buga> shh guysses
11:27 <DemPugs> (srslywtf) But I never got a go.
11:28 -!- Furbearingbrick has joined Special:Chat
11:28 <Bug2buga> all those caps are like
11:28 <Bug2buga> scay
11:28 <Bug2buga> scary
11:28 <Finneow> Furreh
11:28 <Bug2buga> FUR
11:28 <Furbearingbrick> Hello.
11:28 <Ednoahjones> yo
11:28 <Bug2buga> welcom
11:28 <DemPugs> Hello ;3
11:28 <Bug2buga>
11:28 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ellos
11:28 <Finneow> We are now adding eh to everynes names
11:28 <Finneow> Puggeh
11:28 <Furbearingbrick> Doin' some more drawings...
11:28 <Finneow> Buggeh
11:28 <Ednoahjones> Noeh
11:28 <Finneow> Finneh
11:28 <Ednoahjones> fureh
11:28 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
11:28 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <Bug2buga> eugh
11:29 <Finneow> Nighteh
11:29 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <Ednoahjones> reneh
11:29 <Bug2buga> my chat has been fucking up lately
11:29 <Furbearingbrick> Mostly of Jeff being badass. I'm considering making a pic where he's stabbing a shark.
11:29 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> PARTY
11:29 <Finneow> Chippeh
11:29 <Ednoahjones> teeneh
11:29 <TeenagedChip469> haiii
11:29 <Bug2buga> wtfgs
11:29 <Finneow> Killeh
11:29 <CrashingCymbal> Hiiiiiii Bug!
11:29 <Ednoahjones> twineh
11:29 <TeenagedChip469> Is shining still on?
11:29 <TeenagedChip469> or UwU
11:29 <Bug2buga> shutthefuckuppeh
11:29 <Finneow> Reneh
11:29 <Bug2buga> :>
11:29 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Crash hi
11:29 <CrashingCymbal> Yo Ginger :P
11:29 <Finneow> Townbikeh
11:29 <Ednoahjones> jameseh
11:30 <Finneow> Sirreh
11:30 <Ednoahjones> hey finn
11:30 <Finneow> Hay buddy
11:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> <('-')> KIRBY
11:30 <Ednoahjones> those last two (before sirreh) are the same thing
11:30 <Ednoahjones> ZING!
11:30 <DemPugs> D: CYMBAL
11:30 <DemPugs> Hai ;3
11:30 <Finneow> I know brah
11:30 <Finneow> PILLS HERE
11:30 <Ednoahjones> Cymbeh
11:30 <Finneow> Grabin pills
11:30 <Finneow> PILLS
11:30 <DemPugs> For FUKS SKAE
11:30 <Ednoahjones> Holy shit GUYs!
11:31 <DemPugs> I AM NUT A BUD SPELERS
11:31 <Finneow> I love horses
11:31 <Ednoahjones> kiddy-kid-d-kiddy-Kidddddylaaaand Holy shit guys kiddyland!
11:31 <DemPugs> GOD SPELERS UNTIE!!!
11:31 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has joined Special:Chat
11:31 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> to douchy
11:31 <GreenYoshi2013> Hello Again
11:31 <DemPugs> Hai ;3
11:31 <Finneow> I have never played left 4 ded 1 or 2 (confession bear)
11:32 <Furbearingbrick> (jeff) I wrestled a bear...and threw it into the sun! (ben) No, you didn't. It was a squirrel and you threw it like 5 feet. (jeff) Shut up.
11:32 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> imeanwut
11:32 <Ednoahjones> wut?!
11:32 <DemPugs> xD
11:32 <DemPugs> (srslywtf)
11:32 <Ednoahjones> wut?! finn>?!
11:32 <Ednoahjones> you never played L4D2?!
11:32 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has left Special:Chat.
11:32 <Finneow> You wouldent want my soul 
11:32 <DemPugs> I played L4d2.
11:32 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
11:32 <DemPugs> IT WUZ GOOd
11:32 <Finneow> No i aint
11:32 <DemPugs> I still wanna fuck rene.
11:32 <Ednoahjones> fuck the first one you can practically play it all in the second one with the.. .FREE dlc
11:32 <DemPugs> If thats ok. (QQ)
11:32 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
11:32 <Finneow> Dunna we all
11:32 <Ednoahjones> no its not
11:33 <Ednoahjones> maybe
11:33 <Ednoahjones> i dunno
11:33 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> douchology!
11:33 <DemPugs> Mudehfuckeh!!
11:33 <Finneow> *snipes eddeh*
11:33 <DemPugs> Fenn!
11:33 <Ednoahjones> its up to her really
11:33 <DemPugs> Fenn! My breh!
11:33 <DemPugs> I mest tull yeh summin!
11:33 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> I get rickrolld by IFD
11:33 <Finneow> yeh peggeh?
11:33 <Ednoahjones> left it up to her, cause i'm a good guy like that
11:33 <DemPugs> I.... I... lerve yuh!
11:34 <Finneow> Erghmergerd i lerve yer terr
11:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> HES IN LESBIANS EITH O
11:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> caps
11:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> damn
11:34 <DemPugs> Yer!!!
11:34 <Finneow> Yer!
11:34 <DemPugs> I levrve Fenn!
11:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hes in lesbians with you finn
11:34 <DemPugs> But Noah..
11:34 <Finneow> Did you just call me a girl?
11:34 <Ednoahjones> what?
11:34 <DemPugs> (QQ) noah.... heh chated onn meh!
11:35 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> no scott pilgrim refrence
11:35 <Ednoahjones> who did?
11:35 <Finneow> oh
11:35 <Finneow> mer
11:35 <DemPugs> I liek scert perlgrem
11:35 <Finneow> gerrd
11:35 <Finneow> i liek deek
11:35 <DemPugs> I leik micher CEHRA
11:35 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
11:36 <DemPugs> (srslywtf) WUT?! But...!
11:36 <Finneow> Darkeh
11:36 <DemPugs> Hai Nertsherd
11:36 <Nightshade of Darkness> ?
11:36 <DemPugs> NERTSHERD
11:36 <Ednoahjones> who cheted on you pug?
11:36 <DemPugs> Hai ;3
11:36 <DemPugs> YOU DID
11:36 <DemPugs> (TT)
11:36 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
11:36 <DemPugs> SHINIG
11:36 <DemPugs> Hair shihin
11:36 <Ednoahjones> no man
11:36 <Finneow> *Burns noahs genitles*
11:36 <Ednoahjones> it was bitch who you were with
11:36 <Nightshade of Darkness> hey Pug
11:36 <DemPugs> Whor be teh betch?!
11:36 <Ednoahjones> again. still wearing the steel cup
11:36 <Shining-Armor> i have  been looking at pictures of joen
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> How are we all today?
11:36 <Finneow> WAT DAFUQ
11:37 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> balogna
11:37 <DemPugs> SHINHIG!!!
11:37 <TeenagedChip469> SHINING!!!!!!!!!
11:37 <DemPugs> Shinih!!
11:37 <Nightweaver2112> I have a feeling...that chat went crazy while i was gone.
11:37 <DemPugs> What fanfic were you reading?
11:37 <DemPugs> The mlp thang!!
11:37 <Finneow> gay one
11:37 <DemPugs> WUT WAZ IT
11:37 <Finneow> spock and kierk
11:37 <DemPugs> (srslywtf) GAAY?!
11:37 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
11:37 <DemPugs> D:
11:37 <DarkLink™> Lavender Town Disaster< 1996
11:37 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> Wut about it?
11:37 <Finneow> Jk
11:37 <Ednoahjones> i was never with you pugs
11:38 <DarkLink™> READ IT.
11:38 <DemPugs> (QQ) huh?!
11:38 <Finneow> *kicks noah in the balls*
11:38 <DemPugs> but...!
11:38 <DemPugs> The Roon!
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> I did
11:38 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
11:38 <DemPugs> And....errythang else!!
11:38 <Finneow> *rips his liver from out his arsehole*
11:38 <Ednoahjones> again it was bitch you were with, who slit her wrist after you came out to being gay wit hread
11:38 <Ednoahjones> with read*
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> I have, why is it being mentioned now though?
11:38 <DarkLink™> I should stop reading that stuff
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> :P
11:38 <Finneow> PUGGEH IS GAY?
11:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i love you guys... as friends no homo or anything
11:39 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
11:39 <DarkLink™> Any good creepy pastas?
11:39 <Shining-Armor> joen is the one pinned up against the wall  y the hot bar tender
11:39 <Finneow> WAT
11:39 <Finneow> NO
11:39 <Ednoahjones> and even then you weren't nice to bitch, you kept running away from her
11:39 <DemPugs> PUGGEH NO GAY
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Dark, would you like to read my new one? :P
11:40 <DemPugs> ... (QQ) puggeh no gay...!
11:40 <DarkLink™> Sure
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Awesome
11:40 <Finneow> NOT MLP FANFIC
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Sweetshop]]
11:40 <Finneow> *shoots self in face*
11:40 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> amberlances everywhere
11:40 <DemPugs> Teh Swertsherp
11:40 <Shining-Armor> it is part of a fanfic
11:40 <DemPugs> xD
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss pugs.
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
11:40 <Finneow> *dies in pain*
11:41 <Shining-Armor> a very hotfanfic
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Finne pls
11:41 <DemPugs> Wert teh pug...
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Pls don die
11:41 <DemPugs> (QQ) Wut did i see?!
11:41 <Finneow> [[ user:finneow]]
11:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *drinks bottle of arsinick*
11:41 <DemPugs> It was...a... PONY
11:41 <DemPugs> And a ......MERN
11:41 <DemPugs> (shoop)
11:41 <Finneow> i pimped out mah usrpage
11:41 <DarkLink™> Any Imgurians here?
11:41 <Shining-Armor> at least i didnt show you what they did later
11:42 <Finneow> Show pls
11:42 <DemPugs> (QQ) ouh no
11:42 <DemPugs> Can i see?
11:42 <Finneow> clouser
11:42 <DemPugs> Wut they did?
11:42 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *dies*
11:42 <Finneow> i need closer
11:42 <DemPugs> *licks lips*
11:42 <Shining-Armor> you can say he rode his pony ;)
11:42 <DemPugs> ...
11:42 <DemPugs> (srslywtf)
11:42 <DemPugs> SHOW ME
11:42 <DemPugs> SHOW MEH
11:42 <Finneow> Pics or it dident happen
11:42 <Shining-Armor> nope
11:42 <DemPugs> xD
11:42 <DemPugs> ...PLZ
11:42 <DemPugs> PLz
11:42 <DemPugs> PLz
11:42 <Shining-Armor> its clop
11:42 <DemPugs> PLz
11:42 <DemPugs> PLZ
11:42 <Shining-Armor> and i cant post it here
11:43 <DemPugs> (QQ) PLZ
11:43 <Finneow> Show teh clop
11:43 <DemPugs> PM ME IT
11:43 <Finneow> show teh pms
11:43 <DemPugs> PM I BEG OF YOU SHINIG
11:43 <DemPugs> SHINIH
11:43 <Finneow> PM
11:43 <DarkLink™> Goodbye
11:43 <DemPugs> SHINIGH
11:43 <DemPugs> (shoop) Shinig!!!
11:43 <Finneow> Shining, Y U NO PM
11:43 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye guys
11:43 <DemPugs> bye.
11:43 <DemPugs> ;3
11:43 <DemPugs> SHING
11:43 <Shining-Armor> it is a hot guy pony fucking another hot guy pony
11:44 <DemPugs> I WANT SEE
11:44 <DemPugs> D: I WAN
11:44 <DemPugs> wiat...
11:44 <DemPugs> I WANT
11:44 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
11:44 <Finneow> I OBEH WON KEBEH
11:44 <Ednoahjones> well
11:44 <Ednoahjones> i'm gonna go for a minute
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Where is Obijuan :(
11:44 <Ednoahjones> about to have to take a shower
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> I miss him
11:44 <DemPugs> HIM?!
11:44 <DemPugs> Oh fuck.
11:44 <Ednoahjones> i WILL be back though
11:44 <DemPugs> Well....
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah it's a he
11:45 <DemPugs> Uh....
11:45 <DemPugs> (QQ)
11:45 <Shining-Armor> I am not showing you guys a clopfic
11:45 <Finneow> :C
11:45 <Finneow> c:
11:45 <Ednoahjones> and remeber. stay off rene or i'll kill ya!... totally not attached lawl
11:45 <Finneow> Link te fic
11:45 <DemPugs> Shing! Are you a girl?
11:45 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
11:45 <DemPugs> Or....a guy?
11:45 <Shining-Armor> girl
11:45 <DemPugs> Cuz if you are...this is weird.
11:45 <DemPugs> Ok.
11:46 <Shining-Armor> but i like gay clop
11:46 <DemPugs> Becuz IF you are a guy...
11:46 <DemPugs> *shudder*
11:46 <Finneow> then.
11:46 <DemPugs> You be twisted/
11:46 <DemPugs> Who wrote the gay fic anyway?
11:46 <Finneow> Is worse than the cheesey gay porn noah was on about
11:46 <DemPugs> I hope it was a girl.
11:46 <DemPugs> Or else.
11:46 <Shining-Armor> no that shit is hot, i would love to be pinned by the bar tender even if i were a guy
11:46 <DemPugs> D: YUC
11:46 <Shining-Armor> it was a guy
11:47 <DemPugs> (QQ) Yuck.
11:47 -!- Furbearingbrick has left Special:Chat.
11:47 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:47 <Finneow> *dies *
11:47 <Finneow> You scared puggeh away
11:47 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
11:47 <CrashingCymbal>
11:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Kodaline - High Hopes - Duration: 04:10 - Uploaded: 2013-01-23 - Rating: 4.952808 - Views: 2,184,881 -
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> Great, great song.
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> I do recommend listening :P
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> Also, the guy from Game of Thrones is in it 
11:48 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
11:48 -!- Mhskull has joined Special:Chat
11:48 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
11:49 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
11:49 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:49 <DemPugs> D: PUGZ BACK
11:49 <DemPugs> (QQ) Finn?
11:49 <DemPugs> (sparta) NOO
11:49 <Mhskull> does anyone know how to shut up CPwikiCHATlogger so he doesn't spoil youtube video titles when I want to scare someone?
11:49 <DemPugs> xD
11:50 <Shining-Armor> we do not allow that
11:50 <DemPugs> You would get kicked.
11:50 <DemPugs> SO BOOHOO
11:50 <DemPugs> (shoop)
11:51 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
11:51 <DemPugs> (QQ) PPLZ
11:51 <TeenagedChip469> Shining! Your JBACK
11:51 <Mhskull> Stupid motherfucking rules. Other chat room admins are better, because in this chat room there are only dumbass admins.
11:51 <Mhskull> Moderators*
11:51 <DemPugs> FECK U SKULL
11:51 <DemPugs> Admins are nice here.
11:51 <DemPugs> Except for Ben.
11:52 <DemPugs> I DISLIKE BEN
11:52 <Mhskull> Oh really?
11:52 <DemPugs> I liek Reading...
11:52 <Mhskull> Shining-Armor is a dumbass, and learn proper grammar.
11:52 <Nightweaver2112> ...
11:52 <DemPugs> (QQ)
11:52 <Nightweaver2112> you're not happy, are you?
11:52 <DemPugs> Y u say dat about Shinig?
11:52 <DemPugs> I liek Shing...
11:53 <Mhskull> Yes. Yes I do.
11:53 <TeenagedChip469> Skull your a fucking dumbass. She is marrying UwU.
11:53 <DemPugs> DO WHAT
11:53 <DemPugs> (T^T) U SO MEAN
11:53 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:54 <Nightweaver2112> you scared pugz away
11:54 <Mhskull> I am half stone-hearted, of course I did.
11:54 <Nightweaver2112> yeah, i can tell...
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> I'm talking, I'm talking...
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Jesus
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> You scare me Pugsy
11:55 <Nightweaver2112> hi cymbal
11:55 <Nightweaver2112> he's gone
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hey weaver!
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> SHIT
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> I didn't see that
11:55 <Nightweaver2112> skull scared him away
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Noa
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Nou
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Weaver, want to listen to an Awesome rock song? :P
11:56 <Nightweaver2112> nah, im listening to nightcore right now
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> It's got an emotional as fuck video to accompany!
11:56 <Nightweaver2112> oh fine
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> What is "Nightcore" anyway?
11:57 <CrashingCymbal>
11:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Kodaline - High Hopes - Duration: 04:10 - Uploaded: 2013-01-23 - Rating: 4.952808 - Views: 2,184,881 -
11:57 <Nightweaver2112> i'll show you
11:57 <Mhskull> If Shining-Armor bans me, I can go to another chatrooms, but not hate. Most of the time I complain to moderators because everyone is roleplaying, (that is not allowed because of these stupid rules) but they don't do shit
11:57 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
11:57 <Mhskull> So go ahead and ban me. 
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> She's away atm
11:57 <Nightweaver2112>
11:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: YK Nightcore - The end - Duration: 02:58 - Uploaded: 2012-12-21 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 210 -
11:58 <Mrgold123> can someone pm me and cheer me up :'(
11:58 <Nightweaver2112> there you go
11:58 <TeenagedChip469> CP has just been spamming all night
11:58 <CrashingCymbal> CP nevur spems
11:58 <CrashingCymbal> DON LIE TO US
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> :
11:59 <Shining-Armor> I do not need the approval of some stupid 10 year old prick who has nothing better to do than come to a chatroom and bitch until he gets banned.
11:59 <Nightweaver2112> ^
12:00 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> Shining is mad guize
12:00 <Mhskull> Correction: I do not need the approval of some smart 22 year old who has nothing better to do than come to a chatroom and bitch until he get banned. Signed the biggest dumbass of all time Shining-Armor.
12:01 <Mrgold123> just the 10 year old you have no common sense
12:01 <Shining-Armor> Ha! And you make fun of my grammar. Someponies just want to watch the world fall apart.
12:02 <Mhskull> Only 9 year old girls like MLP.
12:02 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
12:02 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <Mrgold123> Like you.
12:02 <Shining-Armor> Awesome, then I would rather be nine.
12:02 <Mhskull> And what's with that stupid name "Shining-Armor"?
12:02 <Nightweaver2112> dude, making fun of someone because of what they like is just sad
12:02 <Shining-Armor> I like My Little Pony, so what.
12:03 <Nightweaver2112> and pointless
12:03 <Shining-Armor> You don't see me making fun of your username, although it is probably have standards.
12:03 <Shining-Armor> ha, iPad deleted because
12:03 <Shining-Armor> silly thing
12:04 <Mrgold123> just stop fighting
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> ^ Please
12:04 <Shining-Armor> Now if I could kindly ask you to leave.
12:05 <Mhskull> Either way, I already know little bitches like you when I see one.
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> > Calls someone a bitch
12:05 -!- LunaMoon0301 has joined Special:Chat
12:05 <LunaMoon0301> hey
12:05 <Nightweaver2112> it seems to me that you are the one being a little bitch...
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> >Starting a fight on the internet
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> The irony is killing me
12:05 <Nightweaver2112> not vice versa
12:05 <LunaMoon0301> im lagging soo much!
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Luna!
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> hey car crash
12:06 <Shining-Armor> Petty insults I see, I have no time to waste acknowledging your existence.
12:06 <Mrgold123> stop being ignorant assholes
12:06 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> ......maybe i should leave?
12:06 <Nightweaver2112> nha, li=una
12:06 <Nightweaver2112> *luna
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> No no do stay
12:06 <Shining-Armor> NoLuna,it is fine.
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> fail
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> ..........
12:06 <Nightweaver2112> just a guy being a general dick
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> We need to lighten the mood :)
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> maybe'
12:06 <Mhskull> So Shitting-Armor, if you're not 9 years old why don't you ban me? Oh right you're too much of a pussy.
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> So how are you today?
12:06 <LunaMoon0301> ..........
12:06 <Mrgold123> A girl is getting pissed off
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> Ignore him
12:07 <CrashingCymbal> Or her
12:07 <Nightweaver2112> why are you starting on him anyway?
12:07 <Shining-Armor> I do not feel like you are worthy of a ban.
12:07 <LunaMoon0301> (burn)
12:07 <Nightweaver2112> he did nothing to you in the first plce
12:07 <LunaMoon0301> damn
12:07 <CrashingCymbal> I think it was cause of the RP rule
12:07 <LunaMoon0301> wait, why are you pissed at armour, mhskull?
12:07 <CrashingCymbal> But I'm not too sure
12:07 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Cupcakes!
12:08 <Nightweaver2112> oh well, then he should get over it
12:08 <LunaMoon0301> cupcakes! *glomps*
12:08 <Cupcakes8> Somebody's pissed at someone, what happened?
12:08 <LunaMoon0301>  why are you pissed at armour, mhskull
12:08 <LunaMoon0301> we wanna know please
12:08 <Shining-Armor> I am not quite sure.
12:08 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
12:08 <CrashingCymbal> RP rule I'm pretty sure, hang on.
12:09 <Nightweaver2112> i hate people who act like dicks to other people for no reason
12:09 <LunaMoon0301> i frogot how to clap yesterday XDD
12:09 <Shining-Armor> I believe I only said one thing to him.
12:09 <Mhskull> If you're admiting that you're a pussy then it's good with me, as long as you don't jump out of the window. Oh Luna, moderators in this chatroom are just not banning anyone for disobeying the rules, but people here are better than in other chatrooms.
12:09 <CrashingCymbal> "Stupid motherfucking rules. Other chat room admins are better, because in this chat room there are only dumbass admins."
12:09 <CrashingCymbal> Found it :P
12:09 <LunaMoon0301> Mhskull, you acn speak to me when you can be nice
12:09 <LunaMoon0301> until then
12:09 <LunaMoon0301> please dont
12:10 <Shining-Armor> Yeah sure, I am a pussy. But I am the only pussy you will encounter in your lifetime.
12:10 <Cupcakes8> Ohh!
12:10 <Cupcakes8> Sorry, I'll shaddup.
12:10 <Nightweaver2112> look, unless shining has done anything wrong and has intentionally offended you, just stop and leave
12:10 <Mhskull> Too bad, I have seen more than your poor dad.
12:11 <Cupcakes8> Mhskull, stop violating and just leave. .-.
12:11 <Nightweaver2112> go
12:11 <LunaMoon0301> Mhskull, why are you doing this? the chat used to be great! YOURE TEARING THIS FAMILY APART!
12:11 <Nightweaver2112> and dont bring parents into this, that's just sad
12:11 <Shining-Armor> My dad was very kind and possessed a warm heart, he tragically died 4 years ago.
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> you dontknow his parents, you have no right to say that
12:12 <Nightweaver2112> happy now skull?
12:12 <Nightweaver2112> hmm?
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> youre a jerk
12:12 <Nightweaver2112> just leave
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> mhskull, you prob made shining fell depressed\
12:13 <Shining-Armor> I... I have some other things to do, good day.
12:13 <Cupcakes8> What the hell, Mhskull? You don't even know Shining's parents. .-.
12:13 <Cupcakes8> Shining, don't leave.
12:13 <Nightweaver2112> you do not say anything about someones parents, ever, do you understand?
12:13 <Shining-Armor> I will just be AFK, you may ping me if needed.
12:13 <Nightweaver2112> because you dont know them
12:13 <LunaMoon0301> please stay shining, Mhskull can feel his guilt
12:13 <LunaMoon0301> and be a douche
12:15 <Nightweaver2112> just leave. you are not wanted here anymore.
12:15 <Mhskull> To anyone who says I should leave and say shining-armor is a good admin: as long as I'm not disobeying this chatroom rules I can be here as long as I want, as for shitting-armor being stupid and just chats and forgets he should be doing the moderator job... Also I should not feel guilt, I'm half stone-hearted and I can do anything, this is the goddamn internet.
12:15 <Nightweaver2112> you are disobeying the rules
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> im sorry for what im about to say
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> but im gonnna say it
12:15 <Nightweaver2112> you are launching a personal attack on another user
12:15 <Mhskull> I know. But shitting is not doing anything is he?
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> and its prob the only time youll see me mad
12:16 <Nightweaver2112> i just cannot stand people like you
12:16 <Nightweaver2112> people that be dicks to people they do not even know
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> Mhskull, youre right, this is the interwebs, so go and find one of the 100's of other wikis you can go and molest players on
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> you can be  a jerk on omegle
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> or chatbot
12:16 <Mhskull> Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll.
12:16 <Nightweaver2112> you are pathetic and should just leave
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> please
12:16 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has joined Special:Chat
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> just go
12:17 <Mhskull> Make me.
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> you have no right staying here anymore
12:17 -!- Mhskull was kicked from Special:Chat by Shining-Armor
12:17 -!- Mhskull has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> XD
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> you made him
12:17 <Shining-Armor> It is time for you to leave.
12:17 <Nightweaver2112> thank fuck
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> me?
12:17 <Shining-Armor> No luna.
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> alrighty
12:17 <Nightweaver2112> i was getting genuinely angry with that guy
12:18 <Nightweaver2112> fucking bullies
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> same here
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> i feel bad noew
12:18 <Nightweaver2112> are you alright ben?
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> i was mean
12:18 <Shining-Armor> No I am not, the last thing he said hit me pretty hard.
12:19 <Cupcakes8> It's okay, Shining. That guy is such a bitch. 
12:19 <Nightweaver2112> it got me pissed too
12:19 <Cupcakes8> ^
12:19 <LunaMoon0301> well, mods are humans too, right?
12:19 <Nightweaver2112> you sould never insult somebodys parents
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> Currently listening to Achtung Baby
12:19 <LunaMoon0301> they can chat and have fun
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> Awh Yiss.
12:20 <Nightweaver2112> if it's any consolation, i kinda know how you feel
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> here, have a hug *hugs*
12:22 <Nightweaver2112> wow, im literally shaking wiht anger...
12:22 <Nightweaver2112> *with
12:22 <LunaMoon0301> *hugs*
12:22 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
12:23 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
12:25 -!- LunaMoon0301 has left Special:Chat.
12:27 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
12:27 -!- 911lin has joined Special:Chat
12:27 <911lin> Hi, how do you submit a pasta?
12:27 <Nightweaver2112> the contribute button at the top of the page
12:28 <911lin> Oh
12:28 <911lin> Thanks
12:28 <Nightweaver2112> you're welcome
12:29 <Shining-Armor> back
12:29 <Nightweaver2112> hey ben
12:30 -!- DHC96 has joined Special:Chat
12:31 <DHC96> can't read [[Sonic.exe]] because it has the file extention (.exe) in the title
12:31 <911lin> Lol
12:31 <DHC96> thank the gods
12:31 <911lin> It wasn't that good
12:32 <DHC96> because sonic.exe is poop
12:32 <DHC96> it sucks
12:32 <911lin> Lol
12:32 <DHC96> i mean, I would (hammer) it into the ground given the chance
12:32 <911lin> :D
12:32 <911lin> Made my first pasta :)
12:32 <DHC96> how does one simply get the chatlogs?
12:33 <Nightweaver2112> !logs
12:33 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
12:33 <DHC96> cheers!
12:33 <DHC96> : )
12:33 -!- DHC96 has left Special:Chat.
12:33 -!- DHC96 has joined Special:Chat
12:33 -!- 911lin has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <DHC96> why is this a daycare centre?
12:34 <Nightweaver2112> idk
12:35 <DHC96> why does novody ever chat these days]
12:35 <DHC96> ?
12:35 <Nightweaver2112> because everyone got annoyed with a troll and left
12:35 <DHC96> who?
12:35 <Nightweaver2112> look at the logs, i i go over it again i'll only get pissed off again
12:36 -!- Mitchrace has joined Special:Chat
12:36 <DHC96> oh
12:36 <DHC96> ok
12:36 <DHC96>
12:36 <DHC96> read
12:36 <Nightweaver2112> why?
12:36 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
12:36 <DHC96> idk
12:36 <DHC96> bored
12:36 <Mitchrace> Hai
12:36 <DHC96> Ebnuh pls
12:36 <Mitchrace> Fak u dolan
12:36 <Ednoahjones> sub brahs?
12:37 <Mitchrace> Nuttin' much
12:37 <Ednoahjones> awww finn ginger and pugs gone
12:37 <Mitchrace> Whai??
12:37 <DHC96> can access logs. using school computer. this thing does not like tyhe word LOGS in a webpage
12:37 <DHC96> *cant
12:37 <Mitchrace> Giggity
12:37 <DHC96> sorry
12:37 <DHC96> caps abuse
12:38 <DHC96> accidently left it on
12:38 <Mitchrace> Logs, you know.... in your pants....
12:38 <DHC96> Logs... poop?
12:38 <Shining-Armor> mitch knock it off
12:38 <DHC96> hello shining
12:38 <Mitchrace> ok, shining. sowwy :3
12:39 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
12:39 <DHC96> no reply. douche
12:39 <The-one123> hello
12:39 <Mitchrace> Heyy one!
12:39 <DHC96> teh-wun321 pls
12:39 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
12:39 <The-one123> DH dont mess up my name like that
12:39 <Mitchrace> Fak u dolan. is accually gooby.
12:40 <Mitchrace> accualy*
12:40 <Ednoahjones> oh hey its the one
12:40 <DHC96> *actually
12:40 <Mitchrace> yup.
12:40 <The-one123> hello
12:40 <The-one123> I am on every morning
12:40 <DHC96> actually am Moria
12:40 <The-one123> and through most of the day
12:40 <DHC96> teh-wun321? You working in a library?
12:41 <Mitchrace> I am on at morning-noon-or afternoon.
12:41 <The-one123> Oh god no mod or admin , Mini Mod powers activate
12:41 <DHC96> tend to be on @ 4:30
12:41 <Mitchrace> it's 14:41 here now. (Holland! Yea!)
12:41 <The-one123> DH call me the one , not teh-wun321
12:42 <DHC96> its 13:37 in Scotland
12:42 <Ednoahjones> hey the-one you know rene?
12:42 <The-one123> 7:42 am here
12:42 <DHC96> surry teh wun
12:42 <The-one123> no
12:42 <Mitchrace> Ow, ok DHC
12:42 <Ednoahjones> oh ok then
12:42 <DHC96> Eb
12:42 <DHC96> Ebnuh pls
12:42 <DHC96> sorry, stuttered 
12:42 <Ednoahjones> the fuck is dolan on about?
12:43 <The-one123> nobody try any funny stuff , im a active mini mod when no mods or admins are here
12:43 <The-one123> I has a badge
12:43 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
12:43 <DHC96> eye um trelling joo dat joo nede to pls
12:43 <DHC96> hello shining
12:43 <The-one123> there ben has returned
12:43 <The-one123> good
12:43 <Mitchrace> hai shining, wb.
12:43 <DHC96> the-wun, you just lost your mod powers
12:43 <Mitchrace> ben?
12:43 <Mitchrace> ok.
12:43 <The-one123> I deactivated
12:44 <DHC96> :D
12:44 <Mitchrace> Nice name, Ben!
12:44 <The-one123> I will reactivate when there isnt any mods or admins
12:44 <Shining-Armor> I must be off
12:44 <The-one123> ok
12:44 <Mitchrace> Well, if you have to..
12:44 <DHC96> but why?
12:44 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
12:44 <The-one123> I get to reactivate again
12:44 <The-one123> yayas
12:44 <The-one123> *yays
12:44 <DHC96> you are the nice admin!
12:45 <DHC96> well, you and read
12:45 <The-one123> ben is a mod
12:45 <The-one123> not admin
12:45 <Mitchrace> And kill?
12:45 <Ednoahjones> oh theones deactivating? heh, just like the good writing switch when the guy who wrote the gristers wrote... the fucking gristers
12:45 <DHC96> eh, no difference
12:45 <DHC96> now ey can be a duck to joo again the-wun321
12:45 <Ednoahjones> cause it suckedd
12:45 <The-one123> hey i reactivated
12:45 <Mitchrace> Fak u dolan
12:45 <Ednoahjones> actually ben IS a admin
12:45 <The-one123> and dont mock my dead friend you peice of shit
12:45 <Mitchrace> Ben is Shining, rite?
12:45 <Ednoahjones> admins get a special emblem
12:45 <The-one123> yes
12:46 <Ednoahjones> i'm not mocking your friend
12:46 <DHC96> aaaaaaaand the last horse crosses the finishing line
12:46 <Ednoahjones> i'm mocking your friends creation
12:46 <The-one123> that was a good story , my favorate pasta
12:46 <The-one123> it took months to put it together
12:46 <Ednoahjones> oh of course YOU like it
12:46 <Ednoahjones> you were the guys friend and he killed himself
12:46 <The-one123> reading liked it to , and lei
12:46 <DHC96> [[jeff]] [[jeff]][[jeff]] [[jeff]][[jeff]] [[jeff]]
12:46 <Mitchrace> i actually have a dead friend, irl.
12:47 <DHC96> psycho
12:47 <Ednoahjones> my best friend died last november
12:47 <Mitchrace> Aww, thats so sad :(
12:47 <DHC96> [[The Gristers]] ... erm. wut did I just read?
12:47 <Ednoahjones> but this has nothing to do with the guy who wrote the gristers, i'm sure he was a nice- ^
12:47 <Ednoahjones> ^^ so much
12:48 <The-one123> he killed himself , it was his choice and he took it , he obviusly didnt like the way he was living , I dont know why he killed himself , he was a good person
12:48 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
12:48 <DHC96> selfish bastard
12:48 <Anna Monroe> I'M back....
12:48 <Mitchrace> Fuck, man....
12:48 <DHC96> ehllo monroe
12:48 <Mitchrace> hi monroe.
12:48 <The-one123> read this
12:48 <Ednoahjones> look i don't give a fuck if he killed himself or not i don't like his fuckin' pasta
12:48 <Anna Monroe> merp
12:48 <Anna Monroe> Hey Mitch
12:49 <The-one123> its a blog I made to explain the gristers pasta
12:49 <Mitchrace> I miss dylan.....
12:49 <Anna Monroe> I miss life...
12:49 <Anna Monroe> that is all
12:49 <Mitchrace> no but really.... he died a month or two ago......
12:49 <Anna Monroe> what people die?
12:49 <Anna Monroe> I never knew that
12:50 <Anna Monroe> actually I did I just ignore it
12:50 <DHC96> [[The Gristers]] did make sense, it just sucked (with all due respect to him)
12:50 <Anna Monroe> what's happened?
12:50 <Ednoahjones> what the fuck mitch? my best friend was named dylan
12:50 <Ednoahjones> he died more then a month ago
12:50 <The-one123> it was great , Mr.CreepyPasta even did it
12:50 <Ednoahjones> but he was named dylan
12:51 <Anna Monroe> oh dear
12:51 <DHC96> WHY IS ALL THE CHAT SO GRIM????????????????? 
12:51 <Anna Monroe> peoples may be togetheres
12:51 <DHC96> [[jeff]]
12:51 <Mitchrace> But my friend Dylan was only twelve F***ING years old!!!
12:51 <Anna Monroe> BECAUSE I SAID SO!
12:51 <DHC96> FUCK
12:51 <Anna Monroe> WHAT HAPPENED?!
12:51 <DHC96> (jeff)
12:51 <DHC96> there
12:51 <Ednoahjones> because the one can't let me express my opinion without taking it as mocking his dead friend @ dolan
12:51 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has joined Special:Chat
12:51 <Ednoahjones> oh my dylan was like 14-15
12:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T) this will be my last day on for a while
12:51 <The-one123> did you read the blog
12:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> A long while
12:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hi all. 
12:52 <Ednoahjones> yes i did
12:52 <DHC96> >< exams ops?
12:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> No. 
12:52 <Mitchrace> I don't really wanna tak too much 'bout dylan.... and hi ops.
12:52 <DHC96> oh
12:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> I don't have a home computer.
12:52 <DHC96> why?
12:52 <Anna Monroe> *hugs Mitch* I understand
12:52 <Ednoahjones> what'd yours die?
12:52 <Anna Monroe> I empathize
12:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> So I am at school on the last day, and am going to chat my heart out.
12:52 <DHC96> whi joo no has cumpjootr?
12:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> No, it didn't die, I just never had one
12:52 <DHC96> o
12:52 <Ednoahjones> shit its been a bad year overall
12:52 <DHC96> sucks
12:52 <Ednoahjones> well not a bad year
12:53 <Ednoahjones> just a death filled one. for me atleast
12:53 <DHC96> I had a good year @ebnuh
12:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> We just got internet for the first time this year. I have a PS3, but it can't chat.
12:53 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
12:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T)
12:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Shiny
12:53 <DHC96> hjello shining
12:53 <The-one123> *powers deactivated*
12:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nice (dashie) avatar
12:53 <DHC96> or should I say, hello (ben)
12:53 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
12:53 <DHC96> please don't talk about ponies
12:54 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sorry
12:54 <DHC96> this chat dies when you guys talk about ponies
12:54 <Mr. Black Ops13> If you all would spread the word about why I can't chat, or help, that would be amazing.
12:54 <Anna Monroe> I don't like them
12:54 <Mitchrace> I just wanna say one thing about Dylan... Last thing.... I WAS THE PERSON TO FIND HIM!!!! I FOUND HIS DEAD F***ING BODY!!!!
12:54 <Mr. Black Ops13> ???
12:54 <Anna Monroe> *pokes Ops* hush
12:54 <Mr. Black Ops13> *quites up
12:55 <The-one123> *Powers reactivated*
12:55 <Mr. Black Ops13> Quiet's up
12:55 <Mitchrace> Sorry guys, i raged... my emotions are uncontrollable right now...
12:55 <DHC96> Lul, teh-wun321 cunt bawss me rund NE mure!
12:55 <Ednoahjones> first my parents get in a car wreck in october, (they survived though. the car didn't) then my best friend dies in november, My one cousin breaks his back, the other gets a staph infection last month or two, mid this month a family member, not a close one but still she had two kids, died. and the just last night, i find out one of my main inspirations. not just on youtube but a lot of thing, died in a car wreck 3 weeks ago
12:55 <The-one123> DHC stop
12:55 <DHC96> Lul, teh-wun321 cunt bawss me rund NE mure!
12:55 <DHC96> stop what?
12:55 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sorry to hear that Jones
12:55 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
12:55 <DHC96> I havent posted for 2 minutes
12:55 <The-one123> that , nobody understands what you are saying
12:56 <DHC96> oh
12:56 <DHC96> sorry
12:56 <Ednoahjones> its fine ops
12:56 <DHC96> sorry teh-wun789
12:56 <Ednoahjones> oh yeah and to add on top of that
12:56 <Ednoahjones> i'm in the friend zone with the girl i love
12:56 <The-one123> dude dont call me that
12:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> (urgh) I can't believe I can't chat anymore...
12:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> (angry)
12:56 <DHC96> ED! Thats the worsst ppart!
12:56 <DHC96> I feel for you man
12:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> That is the worst part. same here
12:57 <The-one123> same
12:57 <DHC96> *brohugs Ed*
12:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Looks at him encouragingly
12:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> "You can do it
12:57 <DHC96> *whispers* I feel your pain man
12:57 <Ednoahjones> and surprisingly
12:57 <Ednoahjones> i'm not a emotwat
12:58 <Anna Monroe> damn sob stories, time to share mine? Welp, I found 3 dead friends together in a pool tied to the bottom and one friend's parents told me over the phone that she was dead and so they wouldn't even let me be  at her funeral.
12:58 <The-one123> I am (the-one123)
12:58 <Mitchrace> I got out of the friendzone.... don't ask me how, but i did it...
12:58 <DHC96> *releases Ed* maximum bro levels reached, this is getting homoerotic now.
12:58 <Nightweaver2112> how did you get an emote, one?
12:58 <Ednoahjones> i stay pretty upbeat through this, cause i know. it'll get better eventually
12:58 <DHC96> (teh-wun789)
12:58 <Anna Monroe> *hugs Ed because I'm a woman and i can hug*
12:58 <DHC96> doesn't work
12:59 <The-one123> I has had a emote for a while
12:59 <Ednoahjones> oh yeah and i'm bipolar. don't ask me how i stay so happy
12:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> I was run over this year, if that counts. Well, October, 2012. A honda concord hit me at 30 MPH
12:59 <The-one123> for about a month
12:59 <Ednoahjones> i really don't fucking know
12:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> It hurt like a mother.
12:59 <Nightweaver2112> (the-one123)
12:59 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
12:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Darkness
12:59 <DHC96> I lost sigt in my right eye this yeah
12:59 <Nightshade of Darkness> hey
12:59 <Anna Monroe> I'm bipolar... and I manage to stay one person through most of the day
12:59 <DHC96> *year
12:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> How'd you do that DHC?
12:59 <Mitchrace> hi darkness.
12:59 <DHC96> And I'm a diagnosed schizaphrenic
12:59 <DHC96> I got shot in the eye
13:00 <Nightshade of Darkness> Hey Mitch
13:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have multiple personality disorder, so I can be happy and peaceful to Evil and Sadistic at any  moment. That had to hurt DHC
13:00 <DHC96> with a pellet gun
13:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Ouch
13:00 <Mitchrace> and i'm autistic, now that we're talking. it's only Slight aspergers, but still.
13:00 <DHC96> so sight is returnihng
13:00 <DHC96> but slowly
13:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nightweaver.
13:00 <Nightweaver2112> me too mitch
13:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't chat any more.
13:00 <Nightweaver2112> why not?
13:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> No home computer. I can edit talk pages with my PS3, but that is it.
13:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Expect me to drop off the face of the earth until I get a desktop or laptop
13:01 <Nightweaver2112> aww, hope your situation imprives soon, then
13:01 <DHC96> I say schizophenia, I mean disociative personality disorder.
13:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Me too.
13:01 <Nightweaver2112> what about a phone?
13:01 <DHC96> but when wsomeone says schizophrenia, people assume DPD
13:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yeah, I have one. Why?
13:01 <Ednoahjones> plus i guess something that helps me get by is that, i know i'm not the only one hurting, and i could have it much worse
13:01 <Nightweaver2112> what kind? on some you can use this
13:01 <Anna Monroe> Creepypasta doesn't work on phones
13:01 <DHC96> weaver, phones dont work
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> No. I don't have Phone internet anyway
13:02 <Nightweaver2112> aww, thought they did
13:02 <Anna Monroe> nope
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nope
13:02 <Ednoahjones> and i'm currently sick
13:02 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
13:02 <Shining-Armor> yes it does
13:02 <Ednoahjones> stuffy nose and sore throat
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Lets enjoy my last day on the Chat, eh? Hope you feel better Ed.
13:02 <The-one123> hello jeff's long lost brother
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Jamss
13:02 <DHC96> so ed, any plans to escape from friend zone?
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
13:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> *James
13:02 <Anna Monroe> *hugs Ed* I've been sick for 2 years, brain tumor
13:03 <Ednoahjones> no hes supposed to be his son the-one
13:03 <Shining-Armor> you need to add ?useskin=oasis after the Url
13:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Then a phone will work?
13:03 <Ednoahjones> oh man i'm sorra
13:03 <Ednoahjones> sorry*
13:03 <Shining-Armor> yes
13:03 <Ednoahjones> mines just a sinus cold
13:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> (Happy) YESS!
13:03 <Jamesthekiller> Yeah, son, not brother. He's dead
13:03 <Jamesthekiller> hold on, 
13:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sorry to see that Anna.
13:03 <Nightshade of Darkness> hey James
13:03 <The-one123> jeff has a daughter not a son
13:03 <DHC96> SORRY! caps lock was on
13:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't eat normally any more, I have something wrong with my stomach, but no one knows what it is.
13:04 <Ednoahjones> and i dunno, i'll just try to get closer until i feel its the right time, @ dolan
13:04 <Ednoahjones> i also give her gifts
13:04 <The-one123> same
13:04 <Jamesthekiller> questioning my heritage?
13:04 <DHC96> Ed, it is possible to escape
13:04 <The-one123> yes
13:04 <Nightweaver2112> i have no control over my emotions whatsoever
13:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> I guess this is everyone tell what is wrong with them time, huh?
13:04 <Ednoahjones> i suppose
13:04 <DHC96> Dolan therapy hour
13:04 <Jamesthekiller> its 9:04 here
13:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
13:04 <Nightweaver2112> i am probably the most short tempered person here
13:04 <The-one123> 8:04 am here
13:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> I'm an hour behind James
13:05 <Mr. Black Ops13> 8:04
13:05 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes I am.
13:05 <DHC96> *that was to weaver
13:05 <Jamesthekiller> *stares at duck pic* O__O
13:05 <Ednoahjones> yo james check yo PM's G dawg homie
13:05 <Mr. Black Ops13> I'm in Texas. OH, never mind
13:05 <Nightshade of Darkness> I love this song
13:05 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Let it Shine - Moment of Truth (Lyrics) - Duration: 03:17 - Uploaded: 2012-06-21 - Rating: 4.854507 - Views: 1,877,298 -
13:05 <Nightweaver2112> kinda, i have no control over my anger at all
13:05 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
13:05 <Mr. Black Ops13> Pramirez!
13:05 <Ednoahjones> oh your in texas?! thats probably the worst "thing wrong with us" i've seen yet!
13:06 <Nightshade of Darkness> me either Night
13:06 <Nightweaver2112> the only thing that helps me calm down is a form of Buddhist meditation
13:06 <Nightshade of Darkness> I'm in Texas as well
13:06 <The-one123> hello Pram
13:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hahahah. So funny. It's just Boiling hot, with a side of Heat stroke.
13:06 <Nightweaver2112> i learned that in year 4
13:06 <Pramirez351> hello black ops xD and the one
13:06 <DHC96> who wants therapy? PM me your problems
13:06 <Nightweaver2112> yo pram
13:06 <Anna Monroe> no thanks DHC
13:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nah. Don't need it
13:06 <Nightweaver2112> been there, done that
13:06 <Pramirez351> hello night weaver xD
13:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Pramirez, this is my last day to chat.
13:06 <Pramirez351> why!?
13:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> No home computer. So I'm gonna drop off the face of the earth for a while
13:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> Spread the word.
13:07 <Nightshade of Darkness> I have a tablet at home. so yeah
13:07 <DHC96> (funny because nobody accepts that I'm an actual therapist)
13:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can use talk pages with my PS3, but it doesn't work on chat
13:07 <Nightweaver2112> dont worry, i'll spam your talk page for a while
13:07 <Pramirez351> (QQ) but but... (T_T) we gonna miss you black ops!
13:07 <Nightweaver2112> because im just that considerate
13:07 -!- Letsplay941 has joined Special:Chat
13:07 <Nightshade of Darkness> I'll miss you Black ops 
13:07 <DHC96> (derp)
13:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> PS3's can only use Wiki talk pages. I know, I'ma miss you all too! (T_T)
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> I'll miss youall.
13:08 <Letsplay941> yay im happy
13:08 <Nightshade of Darkness> *hugs Black ops*
13:08 <Nightweaver2112> EVERYONE GLOMP BLACK OPS!!!
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> You'll see me on talk pages from time to time, but Not chat...
13:08 <Nightweaver2112> *glomp*
13:08 <DHC96> GFLOP
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yay!
13:08 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
13:08 <Letsplay941> i dont eaven know black ops so sorry but no
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> So many people wishing me bye. 
13:08 <Nightweaver2112> *pile on blops*
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have to leave.
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> bye
13:08 <Letsplay941> bye
13:08 <Nightweaver2112> cya
13:08 <Pramirez351> bye
13:08 <Mrgold123> Hi 
13:08 <Mrgold123> :)
13:08 <DHC96> *accidentally FLOPS instead of GLOMP
13:08 <Nightshade of Darkness> bye 
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Ooof. Thank you for your patrionage, people*
13:08 <Letsplay941> i am verry happy
13:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye
13:09 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has left Special:Chat.
13:09 <DHC96> enjoy internetles life!
13:09 <The-one123> *Glomps all exept DHC*
13:09 <DHC96> fak yuo teh-wun
13:09 <The-one123> you dont say my name right , so you dont get glomp
13:09 <DHC96> teh-one123
13:09 <The-one123> THE-one123
13:10 <DHC96> that was a genuine typo
13:10 <DHC96> the-one123
13:10 <Mitchrace> the
13:10 <Letsplay941> THE BANANAS ARE PURPLE
13:10 <Mrgold123> :(
13:10 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
13:10 <DHC96> qui a p[arle bon francaise?
13:10 <The-one123> if your banana is purple you need to go see a docter
13:10 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
13:11 <Letsplay941> no i am looking at a painting and i see purple bananas
13:11 <The-one123> your color blind
13:11 <Mitchrace> bai!
13:11 <The-one123> you cant see yellow
13:11 <Letsplay941> no it is a little kids painting
13:11 -!- Mitchrace has left Special:Chat.
13:11 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
13:11 <Letsplay941> i am not color blind
13:11 <The-one123> you got a problem with little kids
13:11 <The-one123> haha
13:11 <The-one123> lol
13:11 <The-one123> jk
13:11 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
13:12 <Letsplay941> and if i was color blind how would i know what color purple was?
13:12 <Mrgold123> Bonjour
13:12 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
13:12 <Pramirez351> hello mrgold
13:12 <Nightshade of Darkness> dang lag
13:12 <Letsplay941> hello
13:12 <The-one123> color blind doesnt meen you cant see all colors
13:12 <Mrgold123> Im noticed
13:12 <Nightweaver2112> why am i playing wiht an unloaded nerf gun?
13:12 <DHC96> if you are brave, click this link
13:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - Duration: 03:33 - Uploaded: 2009-10-25 - Rating: 4.747117 - Views: 63,792,480 -
13:12 <Mrgold123> yay
13:12 <DHC96> DAMN
13:12 <The-one123> it means you cant see a color
13:12 <Pramirez351> how you doin mrgold?
13:12 <Pramirez351> you new to this site?
13:12 <The-one123> he isnt new
13:13 <Letsplay941> got you there didnt i the one
13:13 <Mrgold123> im fine does everyone remember im a girl right
13:13 <Letsplay941> damn lag
13:13 <The-one123> then dont put MR in your name
13:13 <Nightweaver2112> nope
13:13 <SomePersonHere> i AM KIND OF NEW
13:13 <SomePersonHere> Caps
13:13 <Nightweaver2112> nobody even remembers my name
13:13 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
13:13 <Pramirez351> no but ill sure make a note of that mrgold
13:13 <Mrgold123> its from a shwo and dont be mean
13:13 <DHC96> fak yuo nooby
13:13 <DHC96> nooby pls
13:13 <Pramirez351> also mrgold, you just pulled a samus on us xD
13:14 <Letsplay941> lol
13:14 <Letsplay941> lol
13:14 <Letsplay941> wtf i put lol in once?
13:14 <Pramirez351> ah! do you (ic) what i did there?
13:14 <Letsplay941> !*
13:14 <Letsplay941> yes i do
13:14 <Mrgold123> minbe is better
13:14 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
13:14 <The-one123> hello kill\
13:14 <Pramirez351> hello kill!
13:14 <Kill1mes> HEy yo
13:14 <Nightshade of Darkness> hey Kill
13:14 <Letsplay941> killo hill
13:15 <SomePersonHere> Hello kill
13:15 <Kill1mes> Yo
13:15 <Anna Monroe> KILL! *hugs*
13:15 <SomePersonHere> Can anyone link me the rules?
13:15 <Kill1mes> *hugs*
13:15 <Kill1mes>
13:15 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:15 <The-one123> *Glomps kill hard*
13:15 <SomePersonHere> Thanks
13:15 <Kill1mes>
13:15 <Anna Monroe> LEI!
13:15 <DHC96> who here reads Aquaman?
13:15 <Nightweaver2112> i have found the most impossible pasta ever
13:15 <The-one123> *glomps wifey*
13:15 <Anna Monroe> *steals Lei*
13:15 <Letsplay941> what is is
13:15 <Letsplay941> is it*
13:15 <Nightweaver2112> check this one out
13:15 <Nightweaver2112>
13:15 <Lei Omaki> i'm not an object guys xD
13:15 <Letsplay941> reading it right now
13:15 <Nightweaver2112> im just thinking "what the fuck?"
13:15 <DHC96> listen to this
13:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - Duration: 03:33 - Uploaded: 2009-10-25 - Rating: 4.747117 - Views: 63,792,480 -
13:15 <Ednoahjones> lei?! give it!
13:16 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:16 <The-one123> *pokes anna till she lets go of lei
13:16 <Ednoahjones> *tries to take lei*
13:16 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:16 <Anna Monroe> *won't let go*
13:16 <Lei Omaki> i'm not an object xD
13:16 <Lei Omaki> oh and hi :3
13:16 <Kill1mes> *chokes to death*
13:16 <Kill1mes> damn you one
13:16 <Pramirez351> yey! lei is here!
13:16 <DHC96> hate you logger
13:16 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
13:16 <The-one123> I know thats why im trying to get them to stop
13:16 <Ednoahjones> hey look! its... something anna likes!
13:16 <Letsplay941> i cant read it what does it say?
13:16 <DemPugs> Hai (^_^*)
13:16 <Kill1mes> Love you Hesse
13:16 <Pramirez351> hello pugs
13:16 <Kill1mes> Hey people who joined when I was talkonig to my teacher
13:16 <Nightweaver2112> i dont even know
13:16 <Lei Omaki> hi Pugsy Doggy
13:16 <Kill1mes> Jesse*
13:16 <DemPugs> LEI
13:16 <Pramirez351> no bad kill! i love jesse more!
13:16 <Mrgold123> you all know im the dark one so ahahah
13:17 <DemPugs> HAI LEI
13:17 <Kill1mes> Pugs
13:17 <Kill1mes> caps
13:17 <DHC96> that pasta
13:17 <Letsplay941> i found out you need to read it backwards
13:17 <Kill1mes> Seriously mang.
13:17 <Nightweaver2112> does nigeria still work?
13:17 <DHC96> it reads
13:17 <Kill1mes> No.
13:17 <DemPugs> (T^T)
13:17 <Kill1mes> Nigeria.
13:17 <Kill1mes> See?
13:17 <Nightweaver2112> aww...
13:17 -!- C0balt Crusade has joined Special:Chat
13:17 <Kill1mes> Oh wait, that wouldn't work for me anyways
13:17 <Kill1mes> V0bby
13:17 <The-one123> He said the N word
13:17 <DemPugs> Lei!!!
13:17 <Kill1mes> C0bby*
13:17 <DemPugs> D: Lei
13:17 <Nightweaver2112> nigeria
13:17 <C0balt Crusade> THATS NIGERIA PICCOLO
13:17 <Kill1mes> Weav, that got fxed ages ago
13:17 <Shining-Armor> (nigeria)
13:17 <Shining-Armor> nuu
13:17 <Kill1mes> Hey Shiny
13:17 <Nightweaver2112> ima getting food
13:17 <Lei Omaki> yes Pugsy? xD
13:17 <Nightweaver2112> brb
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> Why es kill pony?
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> :/
13:18 <DemPugs> Have you written pastas lei?
13:18 <Kill1mes> Sarah told me to be one
13:18 <DHC96>  I can feel the pain.
13:18 <DHC96>  It is horrible.
13:18 <DHC96>  I have not felt anything like this before.
13:18 <DHC96>  It is worse than being stabbed by a knife.
13:18 <DHC96>  But i am not hurt.
13:18 <DHC96>  I am lonely.
13:18 <DHC96>  In this ,the world of vacuum.
13:18 <DHC96>  There is absolutely nothing here.
13:18 <DHC96>  Not even i am here.
13:18 <DHC96>  But i am still here.
13:18 <DHC96>  But i am something.
13:18 <DHC96>  I am nothing
13:18 <DHC96>  I am lonely.
13:18 <DHC96>  But i am nothing.
13:18 <DHC96>  I am nothing.
13:18 <DHC96>  I am the nothingness taht depresses you.
13:18 <DHC96>  Every day i seek my victims.
13:18 <DHC96>  I find people ,and depress them.
13:18 <DHC96> I am nothing
13:18 <Kill1mes> STOP
13:18 <Kill1mes> AHH
13:18 <Pramirez351> dat spam xD
13:18 -!- DHC96 was banned from Special:Chat by Shining-Armor for 7200 seconds.
13:18 <Kill1mes> Wall of fuck
13:18 -!- DHC96 has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> AHHH
13:18 <The-one123> *BOOM*
13:18 <The-one123> Thank god
13:18 <Nightweaver2112> thats what it says!
13:18 <SomePersonHere> WHAT THE FUCK
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> Just so you know killy
13:18 <Shining-Armor> auto ban works
13:18 <Nightweaver2112> ok.
13:18 <DemPugs> Why u ban him?
13:18 <Kill1mes> Just so I know what?
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> that avvy is probably a bad idea.
13:18 <Kill1mes> Owai?
13:18 <DemPugs> D:
13:18 <Letsplay941> i just found out what it says
13:18 <Nightweaver2112> he was helping us read a pasta
13:18 <Shining-Armor> if you break the rate limit i ban you
13:18 <C0balt Crusade> All day you will get WELCOME TO DA HERD messages....
13:18 <Shining-Armor> for 2 hiurs
13:19 <Kill1mes> I don't give a fuck
13:19 <DemPugs> xD
13:19 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
13:19 <Lei Omaki> whar?
13:19 <DemPugs> I dont give a pug
13:19 <Lei Omaki> what?
13:19 <DemPugs> SEE
13:19 <DemPugs> D:
13:19 <C0balt Crusade> Kill DOUBLED the amount of fucks he gave, it is still zero
13:19 <Letsplay941> is it ok if i type it in the chat?
13:19 <Nightweaver2112> probably should have just pm'md us
13:19 <Kill1mes> Yup
13:19 <Letsplay941> i am still new here
13:19 <Nightweaver2112> brb
13:19 <DemPugs> xD
13:19 <DemPugs> AH
13:19 <Kill1mes> I also decided to flip and turn every avtar sarah has negatve
13:19 <Kill1mes> As soon as she cahgged is
13:19 <Nightshade of Darkness> this is me in the profile picture
13:19 <Kill1mes> changes*
13:20 <C0balt Crusade> And suddenly Cabadath
13:20 <Kill1mes> And call myself haraS
13:20 <Mrgold123> :P
13:20 <Letsplay941> lol brb
13:20 <DemPugs> I cahgged.
13:20 <DemPugs> D: HAH
13:20 <Kill1mes> Fuq
13:20 <C0balt Crusade> I CAHGGED
13:20 <The-one123> haras really did you say that word out loud to your self
13:20 <Kill1mes> I will cahag you.
13:20 <DemPugs> Cahgged
13:20 <DemPugs> D:
13:20 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
13:20 <Kill1mes> I didn't say it out lou,d no
13:20 -!- Letsplay941 has left Special:Chat.
13:20 <Kill1mes> harass.
13:20 <Kill1mes> haraS
13:20 <DemPugs> Cahag my life.
13:20 <The-one123> say the word to your self
13:20 <C0balt Crusade> And I CAHGGED IN MY PANTS
13:21 <Lei Omaki> ya know what? since a certain someone still won't let me go, might as well act like a stuff toy
13:21 <DemPugs> (srslywtf)
13:21 <Kill1mes> I CHAGGED IN MY PANTS
13:21 <Kill1mes> damn you caps lock
13:21 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
13:21 <Kill1mes> damn you
13:21 <DemPugs> Kill!!
13:21 <The-one123> No , let my wifey go , now
13:21 <Kill1mes> Me!!
13:21 <DemPugs> Kill D:
13:21 <Kill1mes> What
13:21 <The-one123> or i kill you till you dead
13:21 <C0balt Crusade> SPANGEHBOBBLE
13:21 <Kill1mes> Spengbab
13:21 <DemPugs> I love....
13:21 <C0balt Crusade> Let me explain to you.
13:21 <DemPugs> I love...
13:22 <Kill1mes> Pie.
13:22 <DemPugs> SQUIRWDAW
13:22 <Kill1mes> mk
13:22 <C0balt Crusade> Bees are bros. They just want to see what you are doing.
13:22 <DemPugs> Sperngberb
13:22 <Kill1mes> Yeah man
13:22 <C0balt Crusade> They give you honey.
13:22 <DemPugs> Merster  kerbs
13:22 <DemPugs> Sernder
13:22 <Lei Omaki> ermahgerd, gersebermps
13:22 <DemPugs> Ermahgerd Ler
13:22 <Kill1mes> Pertrrerk
13:22 <C0balt Crusade> WASPS are NOT bros. They troll you by looking like a bee and being an ASSHOLE afterwards.
13:22 <Anna Monroe> stupid idiots pulled  the school fire alwarm!
13:22 <DemPugs> Gersh Kerl
13:22 <Kill1mes> Bees are best.
13:22 <DemPugs> KERL D:
13:23 <C0balt Crusade> KERLLWERNNMERSS
13:23 <Kill1mes> Carlll, that kills people
13:23 <DemPugs> Lai!!!
13:23 <DemPugs> Erna!!
13:23 <Kill1mes> What is going in (derp)
13:23 <Kill1mes> on*
13:23 <Kill1mes> bad typo
13:23 <Kill1mes> bad
13:23 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
13:23 <DemPugs> Amr cerlin perples nermes
13:23 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
13:23 <Shining-Armor>
13:23 <C0balt Crusade> Hot Glue Guns are also not bros.
13:23 <Shining-Armor> lol
13:23 <C0balt Crusade> They burn you.
13:23 <Nightshade of Darkness> wb James
13:24 <C0balt Crusade> SHINI
13:24 <Kill1mes> Blocked @Shiny
13:24 <C0balt Crusade> FUCK YOU.
13:24 -!- Letsplay941 has joined Special:Chat
13:24 <DemPugs> Shernerg
13:24 <C0balt Crusade> GAHHHH
13:24 <DemPugs> Kerberlt
13:24 <Kill1mes> Shini?
13:24 <Kill1mes> WHAT
13:24 <Kill1mes> WHERE
13:24 <DemPugs> jerms
13:24 <Jamesthekiller> Okay no one was at slender wiki so I decided to come back here
13:24 <Letsplay941> im back
13:24 <C0balt Crusade> I MEANT SHINING
13:24 <DemPugs> LertsPlrey
13:24 <Kill1mes> Shini isn't here
13:24 <DemPugs> LEI
13:24 <Kill1mes> ;~;
13:24 <DemPugs> D: LEI
13:24 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
13:24 <Kill1mes> You got my hopes up for nothing
13:24 <DemPugs> Kill!
13:24 <DemPugs> D: KILL
13:24 <Kill1mes> Pugs, stop the caps.
13:24 <DemPugs> (QQ)
13:24 <Kill1mes> What.
13:24 <Lei Omaki> what is it Pugs?
13:25 <Letsplay941> what why dem why kill?
13:25 <Jamesthekiller> but I know one thing:I have the obsession
13:25 <DemPugs> Huh!
13:25 <Kill1mes> What
13:25 <DemPugs> I never called you!
13:25 <DemPugs> So...
13:25 <Letsplay941> it was a joke
13:25 <DemPugs> Who was phne?!!
13:25 <Jamesthekiller> look it up
13:25 <Kill1mes> Pugs, you need to stop the caps.
13:25 <Kill1mes> Okay?
13:25 <Shining-Armor> It is technically masturbation
13:25 <DemPugs> (QQ) Ok
13:25 <Shining-Armor> if there is twoof you
13:25 <Letsplay941> what!?!?!?!?!
13:25 <Lei Omaki> it war your mom pugs
13:25 <Shining-Armor> and you fuck
13:25 <DemPugs> I'll wear hats from now
13:25 <DemPugs> (QQ) MY moms dead lei
13:25 <Kill1mes> No.
13:25 <Kill1mes> That's homosexual intercourse.
13:26 <Letsplay941> ok what are you on Dem?
13:26 <DemPugs> moms dead!!
13:26 <DemPugs> (TT)
13:26 <Shining-Armor> no because you are fucking yourself
13:26 <DemPugs> Who's Dem?
13:26 <Letsplay941> you
13:26 <Kill1mes> you
13:26 <DemPugs> I'm pugs.
13:26 <DemPugs> D:
13:26 <Jamesthekiller> yoshi, les go to White Castle
13:26 <Letsplay941> your name is DemPugs i just use Dem
13:26 <Kill1mes> You are also Dem
13:26 -!- C0balt Crusade has left Special:Chat.
13:26 <DemPugs> I am Pugs!!
13:26 <DemPugs> D:
13:26 <Letsplay941> Yoshi
13:26 <DemPugs> I wont respond to Dem.
13:26 <Nightweaver2112> just like im called night AND weaver
13:27 <DemPugs> Cuz arm pugs
13:27 <The-one123> I gtg I will be back in a couple minuites
13:27 <Nightweaver2112> and nightweaver
13:27 <Kill1mes> Then change your username
13:27 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:27 <Letsplay941> kk
13:27 <Kill1mes> Later One
13:27 <DemPugs> kkk
13:27 <Nightweaver2112> and "that fucking bastard"
13:27 <Kill1mes> ...
13:27 <Kill1mes> gtfo
13:27 <DemPugs> Whoops one too many
13:27 <DemPugs> (srslywtf)
13:27 <Kill1mes> I just poked myself in the eye
13:27 <Kill1mes> x_>
13:27 <Nightweaver2112> well, that was dumb
13:27 <DemPugs> Poor kill
13:27 <Nightweaver2112> DAMMIT KILL!
13:27 <Letsplay941> Hey Dem i am called play lets letsplay and even 941 i just dont care
13:27 <Nightweaver2112> do you need a hug, kill?
13:27 <DemPugs> FINE
13:27 <Shining-Armor> oh joen
13:28 <Kill1mes> I need a new eye.
13:28 <Shining-Armor> You silleh stallion
13:28 <DemPugs> Gersh.
13:28 <Nightweaver2112> *hugs kill*
13:28 <Jamesthekiller> *facepalm*
13:28 <Lei Omaki> *gives an eye to Kill*
13:28 <DemPugs> (facepalm)
13:28 <Kill1mes> *dies*
13:28 <Letsplay941> does anyone know any good pastas?
13:28 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
13:28 <Nightweaver2112> you're too late lei...
13:28 -!- C0balt Crusade has joined Special:Chat
13:28 <DemPugs> I know a good pasta
13:28 <Kill1mes> c0bby
13:29 <DemPugs> Carbonara with Lettuce D:
13:29 <C0balt Crusade> Hai
13:29 <Letsplay941> what is it Dem?
13:29 <Kill1mes> Oh how we laughed and laughed.
13:29 <DemPugs> Also Candle Cove.
13:29 <Kill1mes> Except I wasn't laughing
13:29 <DemPugs> I like candle cove.
13:29 <Letsplay941> i ment on the site sorry for the delaied msgs im laging
13:29 <Nightweaver2112> why am i playing wiht an unloaded nerf gun?
13:29 <Kill1mes> *murders erryone*
13:29 <Kill1mes> Why not/
13:29 -!- C0balt Crusade has left Special:Chat.
13:29 <DemPugs> Fark you kill
13:29 <Letsplay941> becaust its fun
13:29 <Nightweaver2112> you cant kill me!
13:29 <DemPugs> My Jorks are fennuh
13:29 <Kill1mes> Weav, you're already dead
13:29 <Letsplay941> i am not dead i have a sword next to me
13:29 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
13:30 <Kill1mes> Remember?
13:30 <Nightweaver2112> because i am the very definition of epicness
13:30 <Nightweaver2112> oh, yeah
13:30 <Kill1mes> Sure you are.
13:30 <Nightweaver2112> im a zombie
13:30 <Kill1mes> And I'm the queen of England
13:30 <Letsplay941> a sword and shield
13:30 <Kill1mes> mmk
13:30 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
13:30 <Kill1mes> Hey gold
13:30 <Letsplay941> and i know how to use them
13:30 <Nightweaver2112> hello, your majesy=ty *bows*
13:30 <Kill1mes> faq
13:30 <Mrgold123> *waves*
13:30 -!- C0balt Crusade has joined Special:Chat
13:31 <Kill1mes> c0bby
13:31 <Shining-Armor> SFW
13:31 <Shining-Armor> wrong image
13:31 <Letsplay941> hello your magasty (burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp)
13:31 <Lei Omaki> hi C0balt Blue
13:31 <Kill1mes> Oh Shiny
13:31 <Kill1mes> Oh you
13:31 <Nightweaver2112> i want to go into a big shopping center dressed as my avatar
13:31 <Letsplay941> i cant see it wont load
13:31 <Nightweaver2112> you dont want to see
13:31 <Kill1mes> ^
13:31 <Letsplay941> ill take your word
13:31 <Kill1mes> It's pronz
13:31 <Kill1mes> ttly
13:32 <Letsplay941> bai
13:32 <Nightweaver2112> that image will now haunt my nightmares
13:32 <Kill1mes> Bye,
13:32 <Letsplay941> lol is it that bad?
13:32 <Kill1mes> That image will now haunt my wet dreams
13:32 <Shining-Armor> no
13:32 <Nightweaver2112> ...
13:32 <Kill1mes> imeanwut
13:32 <Shining-Armor> what they do after that is bad
13:32 <Kill1mes> ^
13:32 <Nightweaver2112> umm...
13:32 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
13:32 <Shining-Armor> like
13:32 <Shining-Armor> zomg
13:32 <Letsplay941> i cant see it i feel left out
13:32 <Kill1mes> Hi Freddeh
13:32 <Nightweaver2112> you're not going to link that one too, right?
13:32 <Kill1mes> You don't want to see it
13:32 <Freddy krueger>
13:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: House of the dead 2 Emperor music - Duration: 02:25 - Uploaded: 2008-04-23 - Rating: 4.876923 - Views: 66,673 -
13:32 <Kill1mes> HE will link it.
13:33 <Kill1mes> Cause that's how he rolls
13:33 <Shining-Armor> nope
13:33 <Kill1mes> she*
13:33 <Kill1mes> dammit
13:33 <Shining-Armor> it is too pornographic
13:33 <Kill1mes> s key is dumb
13:33 <Nightweaver2112> good
13:33 <Letsplay941> i cant watch youtube right now i am at work
13:33 <Anna Monroe>
13:33 <Shining-Armor> with him and two otherguys on a bar table
13:33 <Kill1mes> D:
13:33 <Kill1mes> Stretching
13:33 <Nightweaver2112> oh god...
13:33 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:33 <The-one123> im back
13:33 <Kill1mes> wb one
13:33 <Letsplay941> welcome back
13:33 <Freddy krueger> Wb
13:34 <Nightweaver2112> why the fuck do people draw stuff like that?
13:34 <Kill1mes> Because they find it sexay
13:34 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has left Special:Chat.
13:34 <Shining-Armor> because peoplelike me pay for it
13:34 <The-one123> where has scarlet been , I havent seen her here in a whie
13:34 <Kill1mes> lolk
13:34 <Letsplay941> my guess is because they cant do it them selvs
13:34 <Kill1mes> She was here yesterday
13:34 <Kill1mes> for a little bit
13:34 <The-one123> oh
13:34 <The-one123> yah
13:34 <The-one123> now I remember
13:34 <Kill1mes> mk
13:35 <The-one123> I wonder if she got the part
13:35 <Kill1mes> hopefully
13:35 <The-one123> same
13:35 <The-one123> I really hope she did
13:35 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
13:35 <Letsplay941> odd comp lag
13:35 <Kill1mes> *neuters One again* 
13:35 <Nightweaver2112> ^
13:35 <The-one123> why
13:35 <Kill1mes> Why not?
13:35 <The-one123> My balls grow back
13:35 <Nightweaver2112> its for the good of the world, one
13:36 <Kill1mes> Too many bitches hopping on that
13:36 <Lei Omaki> i wanna be a pirate
13:36 <Kill1mes> Wait, that's me, not you
13:36 <Kill1mes> ACtually, it's 
13:36 <Kill1mes> Cleric
13:36 <Nightweaver2112> we cannot ever let you reproduce, the outcome would be too horriffic
13:36 <Kill1mes> ^
13:36 <The-one123> shut up
13:36 <Nightweaver2112> you too kill
13:36 <The-one123> im better then most
13:36 <Kill1mes> I already have a million babbys
13:36 <The-one123> ask half the girls on this wiki
13:37 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <Nightweaver2112> OH GOD NO!
13:37 <Kill1mes> I furiously pump out babbys every nine months
13:37 <Kill1mes> Hi Nights
13:37 <NightsCrystal> hi
13:37 <Nightweaver2112> right, were doomed, abandon the universe
13:37 <Kill1mes> I sold most of them into slavery
13:37 <Lei Omaki> what the actual fuck is going on?
13:37 <Kill1mes> The only one left is Pelly
13:37 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:38 <Kill1mes> And chat is dead.
13:38 <Nightweaver2112> pelly?
13:38 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
13:38 <Kill1mes> Pelleh.
13:38 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
13:38 <Kill1mes> Hey Read.
13:38 <Letsplay941> hang on i know cpr i might be able to save it
13:38 <Nightweaver2112> hey reading
13:38 <Kill1mes> Oh, and Read's lovechild too.
13:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Kill, Weaver
13:38 <Kill1mes> Pelly and Read's lovechild
13:38 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:38 <Kill1mes> Seperate people o.o
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha
13:39 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
13:39 <Kill1mes> Pelly X Read? No.
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You made it sound like we were a couple or something.
13:39 <Kill1mes> I know
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Plague would be jealous-.
13:39 <Kill1mes> That did come out wrong
13:39 <Shining-Armor> i ship why X kill
13:39 <Kill1mes> Stay away from my daughter Read.
13:39 <Shining-Armor> best gay ship
13:39 <Kill1mes> What.
13:39 <Kill1mes> Best ship.
13:39 <Kill1mes> Clippership
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Love for Kill <3
13:39 <Shining-Armor> have some lube you too ;)
13:39 <Nightweaver2112> reading, we have decided to never let kill or one reproduce, the outcome would be too horrific for the world to handel
13:39 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
13:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll keep that in mind.
13:40 <Nightweaver2112> ok
13:40 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:40 <Lei Omaki> use a defibrillator 
13:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You hear the guy, Kill, no breeding for you.
13:40 <Kill1mes> D:
13:40 <Shining-Armor> OMG THIS IS YOU TWO
13:40 <Lei Omaki> Thizzy ^w^
13:40 <Lei Omaki> hi
13:40 <Lei Omaki> :3
13:40 <Kill1mes> I call the one with the jacker
13:40 <Kill1mes> imeanwut
13:40 <Kill1mes> jacket*
13:40 <C0balt Crusade> MOTHERFUCKER SHINING
13:41 <Shining-Armor> man kill you get fucked hard then
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Leiton
13:41 <C0balt Crusade> WILL YOU STOP?
13:41 <Shining-Armor> never
13:41 <Kill1mes> hnng.
13:41 <Kill1mes> Wut.
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also damn it Maria
13:41 <Kill1mes> Nou.
13:41 <Kill1mes> I dun want to be fucked (QQ)
13:41 <Shining-Armor> by the bar tender and another pony
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Let it be the bar tender and another pony, as long as none of them is me.
13:41 <C0balt Crusade> apparently, when Shining is horny, everyone pays the price
13:41 <Shining-Armor> you are the cute bar tender pony why
13:42 <Nightweaver2112> how do you know, reading?
13:42 <Kill1mes> You would never guess by how I act in chat, but I really am heterosexual.
13:42 <Shining-Armor> i know kill
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I am? My, this explains many things!
13:42 <Shining-Armor> but it is fun to mess with you
13:42 <Kill1mes> So very.
13:42 <Nightweaver2112> i am listening to complete insanity right now
13:42 <Kill1mes> So apparently
13:42 <Letsplay941> i g2g bye all
13:42 <Kill1mes> Kill X almost all males in chat
13:42 <Kill1mes> Bye
13:42 -!- Letsplay941 has left Special:Chat.
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye
13:42  * Kill1mes grouphuggles maria, and why.
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have been paired with a lot of people here, too, from both genders.
13:42 <Kill1mes> cuz
13:42 <Shining-Armor> no
13:43 <Nightweaver2112> i am listening to two versions of the same song layered over each other
13:43 <Kill1mes> I've been paired with like
13:43 <Nightweaver2112> wiht a slight delay
13:43 <Kill1mes> one girl
13:43  * WhyAmIReadingThis grouphuggles Maria, and, Kill, and and ?.
13:43 <Nightweaver2112> ME!
13:43 <Nightweaver2112> *glomp*
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And Weaver.
13:43  * Kill1mes grouphuggles Weav, flies and away.
13:43 <C0balt Crusade> *sniff sniff*
13:43 <Kill1mes> dammit
13:43  * Shining-Armor grouphuggles sarah, sarah and sarah.
13:43 <C0balt Crusade> was that...
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> there goes kill
13:43 <C0balt Crusade> SHIPPING I smelt?
13:43 <Kill1mes> Yes
13:43 <C0balt Crusade> oh dear
13:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hardcore shipping
13:44 <C0balt Crusade> ohdearohdearohdear
13:44  * Kill1mes grouphuggles c0bby and flees.
13:44  * Kill1mes grouphuggles c0bby and flees.
13:44 <Kill1mes> Not again D:
13:44 <Kill1mes> Not again D:
13:44 <C0balt Crusade> The cannon is still in the shop.....
13:44 <SomePersonHere> Lolwut?
13:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Your hugs break your chat window, Kill.
13:44 <Kill1mes> Damn glitch
13:44 <Nightweaver2112> arrgghh, this music is driving me insane!
13:44 <Kill1mes> You weren't insane in the first place?
13:45 <Kill1mes> SHUN
13:45 <Nightweaver2112> ...
13:45 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:45 <C0balt Crusade> Im gonna have to fire the cannon without the Heinemans' Sphincter Hydrogenator working...
13:45 <Kill1mes> You're being told by a flying pony to become insane, on second thought, you might be.
13:45 <Nightweaver2112> i am listening to 2 versions of the same song layer themed over each other with a slight delay between
13:45 <C0balt Crusade> Oh well.
13:45 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
13:46 <C0balt Crusade> *cannon charge at 23%*
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Wall of text incoming
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "in high school creative writing we had to recreate a fairy tale and modernize it so i took rumplestiltskin and named it rumplepimpskin and it was about a pimp who bought the miller’s daughter because her dad said she could turn dirt into cocaine.
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> i got an A."
13:46 <Kill1mes> Canon Cannon X Read
13:46 <Kill1mes> lol
13:46 <C0balt Crusade> *noise level at .002%*
13:46 <Kill1mes> destroy that shio c0
13:46 <Nightweaver2112> kill, i see flying ponies everye=where, i shoot them down with a nerf gun modified to shoot nails
13:46 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
13:46 <Kill1mes> *flies away*
13:46 <C0balt Crusade> Cannon at 100%.
13:46 <C0balt Crusade> Firing.
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No killing while I'm around, Weaver.
13:46 <Kill1mes> Can't catch me.
13:46 <Nightweaver2112> i actually have one
13:46 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
13:46 <C0balt Crusade> *KABOOM MOTHERFUCKER*
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It fills the chat with blood.
13:47 <Kill1mes> bitch
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And then who will clean it?
13:47 <Kill1mes> Hi Lee
13:47 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <Lei Omaki> (huehue)
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Lee.
13:47 <Nightweaver2112> kill will
13:47 <Kill1mes> you will Read
13:47 <NeveRsLeePme12> morning
13:47 <Kill1mes> You are the janitor
13:47 <Kill1mes> wb 
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is always meeeee
13:47 <Kill1mes> Lei
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
13:47 <Kill1mes> Suc it up
13:47 <Kill1mes> scul*
13:47 <Kill1mes> suck**
13:47 <Nightweaver2112> my mental image of this chat is just a white, featureless room filled with people
13:47 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
13:47 <Kill1mes> Same.
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm supposed to be your superior on the hierarchy of the chat why am I the janitor
13:47 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <Kill1mes> Because I can fly.
13:47 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At this rate I'll have to change my username.
13:47 <Kill1mes> And I am awesome.
13:47 <Nightweaver2112> because you are going mad wiht power
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> WhyAmITheJanitor
13:48 <Kill1mes> lol
13:48 <Kill1mes> do eet
13:48 <C0balt Crusade> That Ironclad Ship (The S.S. OTP) has sank.
13:48 <Lei Omaki> i'm sorry Kill, i didn't quite catch what you just said
13:48 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
13:48 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
13:48 <Kill1mes> Me either.
13:48 <Kill1mes> I posted it, not caught it.
13:48 <Kill1mes> :(
13:48 <Nightweaver2112> i actually have a nerf gun that fires nails
13:48 <Kill1mes> Nail me bby
13:48 <Kill1mes> ;)
13:48 <Nightweaver2112> it just has a much tighter spring mechanism
13:48 <Lei Omaki> i'm just gonna play some games on an emulator
13:48 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
13:49 <Kill1mes> Weav, you nail ponies?
13:49 <Nightweaver2112> an i mean MUCH tighter
13:49 <Kill1mes> Bestiality.
13:49 <Nightweaver2112> ...
13:49 <Kill1mes> wb gold
13:49 <Kill1mes> ;)
13:49 <Mrgold123> *sigh* 
13:49 <Mrgold123> dont bother
13:49 <Kill1mes> *bother bother*
13:49 <Mrgold123> Im serious theirs no point in coming back so dont say welcome 
13:50 <Nightweaver2112> why?
13:50 <Kill1mes> Well fuck you, I'm gonna be welcoming.
13:50 <Mrgold123> when im just going to leave becasue no one will talk to me
13:50 <C0balt Crusade> Sweet Jesus
13:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Talk to people here in th main chat, Mrgold
13:50 <Nightweaver2112> dude, what are we doing RIGHT NOW?
13:50 <Kill1mes> making porn
13:50 <Nightweaver2112> ...
13:50 <Nightweaver2112> shut it kill!
13:50 <Nightweaver2112> bad dog!
13:50 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
13:50 <Kill1mes> Why?
13:50 <Mrgold123> *giggles and flips you all off*
13:50 <NeveRsLeePme12>
13:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dance of the Manwhore WITH SUBTITLES - Duration: 01:13 - Uploaded: 2011-08-28 - Rating: 4.897530 - Views: 499,671 -
13:50 <Lei Omaki> (bleurgh)
13:50 <Kill1mes> Wb chip
13:50 <C0balt Crusade> If Shining posts ONE more FUCKING cloppic I will Lose my FUCKING SHIT.
13:50 <Kill1mes> D:
13:50 <Kill1mes> He never posted a clopfic
13:50 <C0balt Crusade> Clop Pic
13:50 <C0balt Crusade> (Picture)
13:51 <Kill1mes> Bcuz linking other wikis bad
13:51 <Nightweaver2112> *hits kill with a rolled up newspaper*
13:51 <Kill1mes> (There is a clop wiki, yes)
13:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> does maria has clopfics in his iphone???
13:51 <Kill1mes> (news)
13:51 <Shining-Armor> yes i do
13:51 <Shining-Armor> i have 29
13:51 <Kill1mes> Odam
13:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> oh my
13:51 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
13:51 <Shining-Armor> and i paid about $10 for each
13:51 <Shining-Armor>
13:51 <Nightweaver2112> right,ben, are you male or female?
13:51 <C0balt Crusade> (bleurgh)
13:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmm...ya
13:51 <Kill1mes> I'm starting to remind myself of 414 D:
13:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What do you mean, Kill?
13:52 <Kill1mes> Halp
13:52 <Nightweaver2112> because im confused
13:52 <Kill1mes> My posts remind me of 414's
13:52 <Lei Omaki> the 414's virus is on Kill D:
13:52 <Kill1mes> ;~;
13:52 <Kill1mes> *gives everyone Ceebitis*
13:52 <Nightweaver2112> ...
13:52 <Kill1mes> Kill1mes s evolving!
13:52 <C0balt Crusade> DIEABEETUS.
13:52 <Nightweaver2112> oh god no!
13:52 <Mrgold123> *pokes everyone and runs away*
13:52 <Lei Omaki> *is immune to Ceebitis*
13:52 <Kill1mes> Kill1mes has evolved into Kill1Ceeb!
13:52 <Nightweaver2112> somebody predd the b button!
13:52 <Shining-Armor> yeah i have alot
13:52 <Nightweaver2112> *press
13:52 <Kill1mes> Nightceeber2112
13:53 <Shining-Armor> i love them so much though
13:53 <Nightweaver2112> NOOOOOO!
13:53 <Lei Omaki> *throws mrgold Cookie*
13:53 <C0balt Crusade> (shutupshutupshutup)
13:53 <Kill1mes> Shining-Ceeber
13:53 <Nightweaver2112> i dont even know what the fuck ceeb is
13:53 <Shining-Armor> brb
13:53 <Kill1mes> Stupitidy incarnate
13:53 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
13:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> WHO IS CEEB
13:53 <Kill1mes> urmum
13:53 <Mrgold123> you probably posioned it *throws it to the side*
13:53 <Mrgold123> poisioned
13:53 <Nightweaver2112> (cookie)
13:53 <Mrgold123> *
13:53 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
13:53 <Lei Omaki> hahaha xD
13:53 <Kill1mes> Oh god I'm turning into 414
13:53 <Kill1mes> HELP Me
13:53 <Nightweaver2112> no
13:53 <Kill1mes> ME*
13:54 <Nightweaver2112> no
13:54 <Kill1mes> (TT)
13:54 <Nightweaver2112> oh, fine
13:54 <C0balt Crusade> Kill
13:54 <Kill1mes> c0bby
13:54 <Lei Omaki> there's no cure for that Kill, i'm sorry
13:54 <C0balt Crusade> I am your father.
13:54 <Kill1mes> Noooo!
13:54 <Nightweaver2112> *gives kill norton antivirus*
13:54 <Kill1mes> That's impossiblr!
13:54 <Nightweaver2112> there
13:54 <Kill1mes> I already got the 414 std though Weav
13:54 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
13:54 <C0balt Crusade> Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
13:54 <Kill1mes> Wait what
13:54 <Kill1mes> How
13:54 <Nightweaver2112> WHAT?!?
13:54 <Kill1mes> Noo
13:54 <Kill1mes> *craii craii*
13:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Weaver is responsible for the disasters in the chat.
13:55 <Kill1mes> all of them
13:55 <Nightweaver2112> oh, am i the janitor now?
13:55 <Lei Omaki> janitor?
13:55 <Mrgold123> *evil laughs*
13:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now that you say it, you should be the janitor!
13:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjegus)
13:55 <Nightweaver2112> WhyAmITheJanitor?
13:55 <Kill1mes> *gives Read back the mop and bucket*
13:55 <Kill1mes> no.
13:55 <TeenagedChip469> Back bitches
13:55 <Kill1mes> wb.
13:56 <Kill1mes> What am I turning into?
13:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill just can't bear seeing me happy 
13:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (QQ)
13:56 <Nightweaver2112> erm...
13:56 <Kill1mes> There's only one way to escape 414itis
13:56 <Pramirez351> hai reading :D
13:56 <Kill1mes> SEPPUKU
13:56 <Nightweaver2112> *daniel.exe has stopped working*
13:56 <Kill1mes> *ded*
13:56 <Mrgold123> * licks some ice cream off spoon*
13:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Prammi
13:56 <Lei Omaki> hi Pram Spam
13:56 <Nightweaver2112> *would you like to close the program?*
13:56 <Pramirez351> hai lei XD
13:56 <Kill1mes> Yes.
13:56 <Kill1mes> Hi Pram
13:56 <Pramirez351> said hai to you like half an hour ago xD
13:56 <Kill1mes> *still ded*
13:56 <Pramirez351> you too kill xD
13:56 <Nightweaver2112> *shutting down*
13:57 <Kill1mes> *dead with Weav*
13:57 <C0balt Crusade> You know you're fucked when task manager is not responding.
13:57 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
13:57 <Kill1mes> ded*
13:57 <Nightweaver2112> *your last spamming session closed unexpectedly. would you like to restore it?*
13:57 <Lei Omaki> no
13:57 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Mrgold123> *blowskisses* bye bye guys
13:58 <Kill1mes> I'm gonna be another pony to spite c0
13:58 <Lei Omaki> bye mr gold *throws you a cookie*
13:58 <Nightweaver2112> *daniel.exe has stopped working. now you're fucked.*
13:58 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
13:58 <Kill1mes> SPITE
13:58 <Kill1mes> spite?
13:58 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
13:58 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
13:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> bye gold (kawaii)
13:58 <Lei Omaki> spite or sprite?
13:58 <Nightweaver2112> *would you like to re-open the program "daniel.exe"?*
13:58 <Lei Omaki> no
13:59 <Kill1mes> no
13:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> yes
13:59 <Nightweaver2112> *why not?*
13:59 <Kill1mes> Bcuz fuck that program
13:59 <Nightweaver2112> *don't you love me?*
13:59 <Kill1mes> *deletes it*
13:59 <Lei Omaki> D:
13:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> no
13:59 <C0balt Crusade> Its not that being a pony spites me, its just that its weird because you are not a brony..;.
13:59 <Mrgold123> Im not actually leaving i just wont talk
13:59 <Kill1mes> What is love
13:59 <Kill1mes> Baby don't hurt me
13:59 <Nightweaver2112> *thanks, you just deleted my brain*
13:59 <Kill1mes> Don't kill me
13:59 <Kill1mes> no moar
13:59 -!- MasterJC1 has joined Special:Chat
14:00 <Kill1mes> I am teh suparbroni
14:00 <Lei Omaki> brb :3
14:00 <MasterJC1> Hey guys, how's it going?
14:00 <Mrgold123> *throes cookie back*
14:00 <Kill1mes> Well, and yourself?
14:00 <Nightweaver2112> *I even told you my name, and you still dont love me (t_t)
14:00 <Kill1mes> *hits co with the rays of love and tolerance and shit*
14:01 <C0balt Crusade> The love and tolerance rays are nice, but i dont like that it comes with a shit ray
14:01 <MasterJC1> Pretty fair. Just finished editing my new pasta. Not to bad of a job if you ask me.
14:01 <C0balt Crusade> now I smell bad...
14:01 <Kill1mes> lolol
14:01 <Kill1mes> I laughed way to hard at that
14:01 <Nightweaver2112> *daniel.exe is back bitches*
14:01 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
14:01 <Kill1mes> D:
14:01 <Kill1mes> Wb lil miss Shiny
14:01 <Nightweaver2112> ph shit, you all know my name now...
14:01 <Nightweaver2112> *oh
14:02 <Kill1mes> I already did.
14:02 <Nightweaver2112> oh, rihgt
14:02 <Nightweaver2112> *right
14:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <Kill1mes> I watch you when you sleep
14:02 <Kill1mes> O_O
14:02 <Nightweaver2112> :O
14:02 <Kill1mes> Hey Chese
14:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey again, Maria, Coffee
14:02 <Nightweaver2112> that, and you have my skype
14:02 <Kill1mes> true
14:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
14:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
14:02 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
14:03 <MasterJC1> RR! Hows it going?
14:03 <Kill1mes> Y'all bitches should read these and give me teh feedbac on teh talk page
14:03 <Nightweaver2112> well, anyway. to anyone that didn't know, my name is Daniel 
14:03 <Kill1mes>
14:03 <Kill1mes> And your last name is
14:03 <Kill1mes> Mcgilldicutty
14:03 <Nightweaver2112> no
14:03 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Kill1mes> Don't lie to yourself
14:03 <Nightweaver2112> im not, desmond herpies
14:04 <Kill1mes> Yeah, I am.
14:04 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
14:04 <Kill1mes> Desmond Herpies, signing out
14:04 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:04 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
14:04 <C0balt Crusade> KOFFEE
14:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> " Except Coffee Shop Corporate Raider, I hate that little fucker. I hope they burns in the final circle of hell choking on elderly semen while they are slowly cut into peices."
14:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Love you too, Kill.
14:04 <Kill1mes> :3
14:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :)
14:05 <Nightweaver2112> he tried that one on me, coffee
14:05 <Kill1mes> Go on ahead, leave an angry message.
14:05 <Lei Omaki> back
14:05 <Nightweaver2112> i just told him to look at my profile and see where i live
14:05 <Kill1mes> Seperate talk page :D
14:05 <Kill1mes> wb
14:05 <Nightweaver2112>
14:05 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
14:05 <Nightweaver2112> look at where i live already kill
14:05 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:05 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
14:06 <SomePersonHere> You are other gender ;-;
14:06 <Kill1mes> Living with elderly semen and being chooped to peices?
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Ozank
14:06 <Nightweaver2112> nope.
14:06 <Kill1mes> Hey Ozank and Lil Miss Shiny
14:06 <Kill1mes> chopped*
14:06 <Nightweaver2112> i am the ruler of the ninth circle
14:06 <Kill1mes> k
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Who rules the other eight circles?
14:06 <Kill1mes> Me.
14:06 <Kill1mes> And Strider.
14:06 <Nightweaver2112> well...
14:06 <Shining-Armor> i read chopped as clopped
14:06 <Kill1mes> lol
14:06 <Nightweaver2112> kill, you, i think ben has one...
14:06 <Ozank> hello
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Strider should take some time of his reign to be with us
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
14:07 <Kill1mes> clopped into peices
14:07 <C0balt Crusade> And I am the King of the Heavenly Spheres.
14:07 <Nightweaver2112> and jesse owns the rest
14:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do you know how long until he is finished moving, Kill?
14:07 <Kill1mes> He doesn't even know
14:07 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> clopped
14:07 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> into pieces
14:07 <Kill1mes> ;~;
14:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw
14:07 <C0balt Crusade> And I am also the one hiding under your bed...
14:07 <Kill1mes> Actually no
14:07 <Kill1mes> That's thing.
14:07 <Kill1mes> position already filled
14:07 <C0balt Crusade> Damn
14:07 <C0balt Crusade> Can I hide under your stairs?
14:07 <Kill1mes> TheObjectUnderYourRestingPost
14:07 <Kill1mes> sure
14:08 <C0balt Crusade> Aw Yiss
14:08 <C0balt Crusade> Id rather be under the bed, so I can hear you fap.
14:08 <C0balt Crusade> I mean wut
14:08 <Kill1mes> I fap in the basement
14:08 <Kill1mes> jimeanwut
14:08 <C0balt Crusade> Oh
14:09 <Nightweaver2112> message for you kill!
14:09 <Kill1mes> Oh noes
14:09 <Nightweaver2112>
14:09 <C0balt Crusade> Oh god
14:09 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <Nightweaver2112> the war is back on!
14:10 <C0balt Crusade> I think kill faps in the basement because that is where he keeps his diabolical machines.
14:10 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
14:10 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <The-one123> hello im back
14:10 <Kill1mes> I fap to torure
14:10 <Lei Omaki> wb
14:10 <Kill1mes> then stick my dick in open wounds
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hey everyone!
14:10 <Kill1mes> It's sqishy.
14:10 <Kill1mes> Hey CC and Lei
14:10 <C0balt Crusade> (bleurgh)
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> Whatever floats your boat Kill :P
14:10 <Kill1mes> mmk
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> And a good day to you too.
14:10 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <Shining-Armor> just bought another comic
14:11 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
14:11 <The-one123> hello Nick
14:11 <Nightweaver2112>
14:11 <C0balt Crusade> Oh God
14:11 <Mrgold123> *yesh* No welcomes back
14:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Mrgold
14:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello theone
14:11 <SomePersonHere> " all he was focusing on was tying the loop to tree and getting himself strangled."
14:11 <SomePersonHere> ughhh
14:11 <C0balt Crusade> Shining, please DO NOT show us its contents...
14:11 <Mrgold123> *Growls*
14:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading!
14:11 <CrashingCymbal> :D
14:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll point that earlier you had requested to not to welcome you back or something like that, Mrgold.
14:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> To be honest, you're contradicting yourself.
14:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal!
14:12 <Lei Omaki> yeah
14:12 <Lei Omaki> hi Car Crash
14:12 <Shining-Armor> im not gonna share a clopfic...
14:12 <Shining-Armor> on chat
14:12 <Kill1mes> Pram, I will slash you into nothingness
14:12 <Shining-Armor> that is stupid
14:12 <Nightweaver2112> another blow has been struck in the war between me and kill...
14:12 <Kill1mes> k
14:12 <Pramirez351> nuh
14:12 <Kill1mes> This war is pathetic
14:12 <Pramirez351> i am already nothingness
14:12 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
14:12 <Nightweaver2112> i will inevitably win then 
14:12 <Kill1mes> Pram, I SEE YOU
14:13 <Kill1mes> Boo.
14:13 <Nightweaver2112> unless i hold a gun backwards again...
14:13 <Pramirez351> nuh 0_0 i thought i was invisubruh
14:13 <Kill1mes> nou.
14:13 <The-one123> *Cuts out kill's eyes* there
14:13 <Kill1mes> D:
14:13 <Pramirez351> hey i gtg guys, i love you all... *whispers* specially you kill (spooky)
14:13 <Kill1mes> *re-nuters one*
14:13 <SomePersonHere> What is someone was to post a logout link disguised as a regular page?
14:14 <Kill1mes> (kawaii)
14:14 <SomePersonHere> Bai Pramirez
14:14 <Pramirez351> bye lei :D
14:14 <Kill1mes> What if?
14:14 <The-one123> you cant see , you cant neuter
14:14 <Pramirez351> bye someperson
14:14 <Pramirez351> bye the one
14:14 <Pramirez351> bye everyone else
14:14 <Lei Omaki> what?
14:14 <The-one123> bye bye
14:14 <Pramirez351> oh bye you too reading xD
14:14 <Kill1mes> I missed and got your face
14:14 <Lei Omaki> oh XD
14:14 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
14:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Prammi
14:14 <The-one123> how did you miss that bad
14:14 <Lei Omaki> ?
14:14 <Kill1mes> blind.
14:15 <Lei Omaki> brind?
14:15 <Lei Omaki> you brind?
14:15 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <The-one123> *takes all weapons from kill and handes him a gun with a single bullet , and traps him on a island with no boat*
14:16 <Ozank> hi Cod4
14:16 <C0balt Crusade> Sea Turtles, Mate!
14:16 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
14:16 <The-one123> *High fives C0balt*
14:16 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
14:16 <Kill1mes> *shoots a tree*
14:16 <Lei Omaki> brb :3
14:16 <The-one123> takes all sea turtles off of island*
14:17 <Kill1mes> *eats sand*
14:17 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
14:17 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
14:17 <Nightweaver2112> KILL! how dare you call our movie the worst movie in history?
14:17 <Kill1mes> How do I dare? Quite easily in fact.
14:17 <The-one123> puts a bunch of untameable and unkillable dinos on the island
14:17 <Callofduty4> Hi Ozank
14:17 <Callofduty4> Hello other pastas
14:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Callofduty
14:18 <Kill1mes> Hey call
14:18 <Nightweaver2112> yes, i ma a being composed of living pasta
14:18 -!- MasterJC1 has left Special:Chat.
14:18 <Kill1mes> Me seven.
14:18 <Kill1mes> too*
14:18 <Nightweaver2112> ...
14:18 <Ozank> Night that pasta sounds creepy o.o
14:18 <The-one123> im a fucking magic shiny ninetales
14:18 -!- C0balt Crusade has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Kill1mes> I am fucking pair of eyes.
14:19 <Ozank> im a good gurl
14:19 <Kill1mes> I am fucking bitches with my eyes
14:19 <The-one123> I cut out your eyes 
14:19 <Kill1mes> I cut out your non-existant dick
14:19 <Lei Omaki> i'm just gonna take my leave
14:19 <Lei Omaki> cheerio
14:19 <Ozank> ^
14:19 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Kill1mes> Obai
14:19 <The-one123> you cant see , you cut of your own
14:19 <Nightweaver2112> KILL!
14:19 <The-one123> bye bye wifey
14:20 <Kill1mes> hmm
14:20 -!- C0balt Crusade has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Kill1mes> That comment Weasv XD
14:20 <Nightweaver2112> i have struck a blow in the name of the wevean empire!
14:20 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <Kill1mes> Well I got to go
14:20 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <Kill1mes> Changing classes and shit
14:20 <C0balt Crusade> Hai
14:20 <Nightweaver2112> LONG LIVE WEVE!
14:20 <Kill1mes> Later.
14:20 <Nightweaver2112> cya
14:20 <Kill1mes> *nukes WEav
14:21 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has joined Special:Chat
14:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> Back again
14:21 <The-one123> *throws nukes back at kill*
14:21 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
14:21 <Nightweaver2112> i will eliminate your federation while you are gone
14:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> *saves Weaver
14:21 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
14:21 -!- C0balt Crusade has left Special:Chat.
14:21 <Nightweaver2112> ops, there is a war going on between me and kill
14:21 <The-one123> *uses fire blast*
14:21 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
14:21 <Nightweaver2112>
14:21 <Nightweaver2112> here
14:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> I don't know who to help then.
14:21 <Nightweaver2112>
14:21 <Nightweaver2112> and here
14:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> I think you won
14:22 <Nightweaver2112> ally yourself with the weveian empire!
14:22 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
14:22 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <The-one123> I am on team ninetales
14:22 <Nightweaver2112> damn you...
14:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> As long as you are also along with Reading Republic
14:22 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <The-one123> my name is prince , the shiny magicz ninetales
14:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have a republic?
14:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> * The Republic of Reading
14:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> You don't remember?
14:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Gramm
14:23 <Nightweaver2112> yeah, as long as reading is willing to surrender unconditioally
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Wow, I have amnesia Black Ops!
14:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Crymbal, are you here?
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll have to remind me.
14:23 <The-one123> Nick surrenders to noone
14:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes, you do.
14:23 <Grammatik> Hi.
14:23 <The-one123> *no one
14:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> CRYMBAL!!
14:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> COME BACK
14:23 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> damn you caps lock
14:23 <Nightweaver2112> reading, wanna check out the war between me and kill?
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Maybe later, Weaver..but I read a part already.
14:23 <Nightweaver2112> mine or kills?
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yours.
14:24 <Nightweaver2112> :)
14:24 <The-one123> I updated my friends list
14:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> THe worst movie in history? (loool)
14:24 <Nightweaver2112> kill ruptured the battlefield
14:24 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:24 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> FOR NARNIA
14:24 <The-one123> FOR POKEMON
14:24 <Nightweaver2112> i told him to keep it in his pants, but nooo...
14:24 <The-one123> haha
14:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> You held your gun backwards? (facepalm)
14:25 <Nightweaver2112> umm...
14:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> (news) Bad Weaver, bad.
14:25 <Nightweaver2112> im a zombie nao, tho!
14:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> Good point. Time to train the undead soldier
14:25 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:25 <The-one123> *uses fire blast on zombie*
14:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have to take a test, Give me a bit
14:25 <SomePersonHere> Okai bai
14:25 <Nightweaver2112> now im a burning zombie, even more powerful
14:26 <SomePersonHere> I'll be back in a few hours guys, going for an evening jog.
14:26 <Mr. Black Ops13> Congratulations, you fail
14:26 <The-one123> *uses crunch on zombies head*
14:26 <Nightweaver2112> my flesh regenerates faster than the fire can burn it
14:26 <The-one123> your brain is gone
14:26 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
14:26 <Nightweaver2112> i had one?!/
14:26 <Nightweaver2112> :D
14:26 <The-one123> zombies have brains
14:27 <Nightweaver2112> im smrt
14:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> (loool)
14:27 <The-one123> if they lose their brain they die for good
14:27 <The-one123> i took your brain and killed it
14:27 -!- Thelegendofasome has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Not in Warm Bodies
14:27 <Nightweaver2112> proe it!
14:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Legend!
14:27 <Thelegendofasome> Hi
14:27 <Nightweaver2112> *prove
14:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Get the armor!
14:27 <Nightweaver2112> hey legend
14:27 <Thelegendofasome> and ops, i'm gonna try and get today
14:27 <The-one123> I used crunch on your brain
14:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> I have to say
14:28 <Nightweaver2112> *weaver used avatar!*
14:28 <The-one123> and then burned it
14:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Crymbal!
14:28 <Nightweaver2112> i now have my avatars helmet
14:28 <Thelegendofasome> the weekend is my "i have no life weekend"
14:28 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Tell everyone how I had demolished you!
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Good Time is a guilty pleasure of mine
14:28 <The-one123> Ments helmate to your head
14:28 <Thelegendofasome> and also i learned something
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
14:28 <Nightweaver2112> now my head is super strong
14:28 <The-one123> then hits your head off
14:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Tell everyone how I had demolished you!
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> I got blown the fuck away
14:28 <Thelegendofasome> there is a Devil May Cry anime
14:28 <Thelegendofasome> that i shall watch
14:29 <The-one123> there is
14:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, Just let me be the end of the war weapon
14:29 <The-one123> ?
14:29 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
14:29 <Thelegendofasome> yep
14:29 <Thelegendofasome> hi magma
14:29 <Nightweaver2112> ok
14:29 <Nightweaver2112> brb
14:29 <MagmaMan4488> Aye, Davanita
14:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Magma
14:29 <MagmaMan4488> Hey (why)
14:30 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:30 <MagmaMan4488> I'm lead to believe that I entered at (ded) time?
14:30 <The-one123> yes
14:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep!
14:30 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Nightweaver2112> back
14:31 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
14:31 <The-one123> it is updated
14:31 <MagmaMan4488> Won't be here long anyways, only got 8 minutes before I have to get to the next class.
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> why am i not there, one? (TT)
14:31 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:31 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <Thelegendofasome> also apperently some people used that one bacon cake picture i uploaded here
14:31 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <Mr. Black Ops13> LEI!!
14:31 <The-one123> your not a friend or a enimy
14:31 <Thelegendofasome> bitches love bacon cake
14:31 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> flaming stealth banana
14:31 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw, I'm in there!
14:31 <Mr. Black Ops13> He's a frenimy
14:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm honored, theone
14:32 <The-one123> i dont talk to you much
14:32 <Thelegendofasome> hai lei
14:32 <Mr. Black Ops13> Am I in there?
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> nobody wuvz me
14:32 <Lei Omaki> hello Noir Ops
14:32 <Mr. Black Ops13> I didn't check
14:32 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Hugs weaver*
14:32 <The-one123> wb lei
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> im on nobodys friends list
14:32 <The-one123> make your own
14:32 <MagmaMan4488> I have no friends list.
14:32 <Mr. Black Ops13> Your on my future friends list *I have yet to make it*
14:32 <Lei Omaki> whythank you all who greeted mexD
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> cba making my own
14:32 <The-one123> I said wb
14:32 <Thelegendofasome> men don't need frend list
14:32 <Thelegendofasome> *Friend
14:33 <Thelegendofasome> *lists
14:33 <Lei Omaki> it's still greeting One
14:33 <The-one123> I gtg be back later
14:33 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <MagmaMan4488> Here's my list:
14:33 <MagmaMan4488> -Nobody. >:(
14:33 <Thelegendofasome> lol
14:33 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:33 <Thelegendofasome> my list: me and myself
14:33 <Lei Omaki> bye huubby
14:33 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> reading, how do you get music on your profile page?
14:33 <Lei Omaki> my list: 
14:33 <Lei Omaki> dust
14:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...Kill did it for me.
14:33 <Thelegendofasome> sorry gtg
14:33 -!- Thelegendofasome has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> oh
14:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll have to ask him.
14:33 <Lei Omaki> and empty shelves
14:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Legend
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> its pretty good music this
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hey I'm on it too!
14:34 <MagmaMan4488> I'm trying to fix a friend's iPod, and I can't for the life of me figure it out.
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
14:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> Reading's user page music is cool. What is it called?
14:34 <MagmaMan4488> iTunes won't download anything, and Cydia, Respring, and Safari just crash upon opening.
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> it sounds portal 2-eque
14:34 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> *-esque
14:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nice
14:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is part of a soundtrack of a game...I forgot.
14:34 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "for everyone who's completely naked in public come here"
14:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Something about a Clockwork Robot
14:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yo.
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> sounds more like its from portal 3
14:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Walks away slowly from Coffee* I'm not here...
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> *2
14:35 <MagmaMan4488> I think Banjo Kazooie had a stage with Clockwork Robots
14:35 <Callofduty4> Hi Cheese
14:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Call of duty 4
14:35 <MagmaMan4488> But Youtube is blocked here so I can't verify that.
14:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi Cod4 :3
14:36 <Nightweaver2112> found it reading
14:36 <Nightweaver2112>
14:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Gamerip Soundtrack: The Professor's Trunk ~ Clockwork Robot - Duration: 01:47 - Uploaded: 2011-06-02 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 508 -
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah°
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, taht is the one.
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> Youtube is blocked (T_T)
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey, does reading know about my situation?
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, did you tell him/
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> ?
14:36 <Nightweaver2112> right click on the player and press "copy video URL"
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is your situation?
14:36 <MagmaMan4488> Damn it, M86! I need my youtube!
14:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> M86 sucks
14:37 <Lei Omaki> brb, gonna let my dog out
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> no, i havent told him yet
14:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> I don't have a home computer, so today is the last time I can enter chat.
14:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T)
14:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> Untill I get a desktop computer/laptop'
14:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> My PS3 can't chat, but I can use a talk page
14:37 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
14:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Use a talk page with my PS3
14:38 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
14:38 <MagmaMan4488> Shit, I'm out of time.
14:38 <MagmaMan4488> Bye, see you guys later
14:39 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
14:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye
14:39 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
14:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Everyone should throw a party to wish me bye. Too bad most users already did this morning.
14:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Just kidding, ya'll don't need to
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh...
14:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yeah, I know, sucky, huh?
14:39 <Nightweaver2112> *throws a party at black ops*
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, when will you be able to come back, Black Ops?
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> *catches party and toss' back* nice one
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't untill I get a Desktop or laptop
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> *catches and tosses back*
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> *back and forth for eternity*
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> yep
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you for gridlocking me Weaver
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> (urgh)
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> now you can never leave
14:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yeah!!!
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Wait, damnit. How will I live?
14:41 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
14:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nights crystal. Can someone fill him in on my situation?
14:41 <NightsCrystal> hi
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> well, i think this party we are throwing has food and stuff in it
14:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Nights.
14:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Please
14:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nights, Black Ops won't be able to be here for a while.
14:41 <NightsCrystal> y
14:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you
14:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At least until he gets a laptop or a desktop or something.
14:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yep
14:41 <NightsCrystal> umm... ok, pls explain
14:41 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <The-one123> hello
14:42 <NightsCrystal> hi
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> hey
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back theone
14:42 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> dear god, i ma spending what could be the best years of my life here...
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> oh well
14:42 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> life well spent!
14:42 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nights, I don't have a home computer, thats why. Today is my last day at school
14:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you Reading
14:43 <NightsCrystal> oh, ok
14:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T)
14:43 <Nightweaver2112> what about libraries?
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> that's how i used to have to get on here
14:44 <Lei Omaki> back
14:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> I rarely go to Longview Public. 
14:44 <Lei Omaki> did i miss anything?
14:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> Some times though. And this is the first site I will come to
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> no[e
14:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> You missed my leaving party
14:44 <Lei Omaki> eh?
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> i threw a party for him
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> and he threw it back
14:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I hope you're able to come from time to time. We will miss you.
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> and i think we are still throwing it
14:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> No home computer, No more school, no more chat. We are, weaver
14:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> I will miss you all too
14:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> Some more than others...
14:45 <NightsCrystal> we will miss u
14:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> I will miss you all
14:45 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> i will most likely go inactive for a while at some time in the future
14:45 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Lei Omaki> oh, bye Noir Ops
14:46 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:46 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> Everyone, open a PM with me and link me your pages!
14:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> *User pages
14:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> I'm making a friends list
14:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you Lei
14:47 <TeenagedChip469> taking a grammar test
14:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank's you guys
14:47 <Nightweaver2112> there you go
14:47 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
14:47 <TeenagedChip469> skype anyone?
14:47 <Nightshade of Darkness> hi
14:47 <NightsCrystal> i hav eit
14:48 <Lei Omaki> i have no Skype
14:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you all!
14:48 <Lei Omaki> yer welcome matey
14:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> (pirate)
14:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yay!
14:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> I didn't think that would work
14:49 <TeenagedChip469> NIghts what's your name?
14:49 <Nightweaver2112>
14:49 <NightsCrystal> give my urs, mines a bit hard
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> whoops
14:49 <NightsCrystal> and ill add uwhen i get home
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> what?
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> thats meant to be your talk page, black ops XD
14:49 <Mr. Black Ops13> Can any one fix my user page?
14:49 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oh.
14:50 <NightsCrystal> possibly
14:50 <Nightweaver2112>
14:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> It is stuck in Source mode, and I'm bad with that
14:50 <Nightweaver2112> left u a message
14:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> I would prefer Visual editing mode.
14:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> I know
14:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> I will Weaver, I will
14:51 <Nightweaver2112> sheezus, there are a lot of ponies on this page...
14:51 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> I love ponies!
14:51 <Lei Omaki> i'm not a pony
14:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> Keep going down
14:51 <Nightweaver2112> all i have is my avatar
14:51 <NeveRsLeePme12> manly tears... (fy)
14:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Inspirational AMV - Our Best Hope HD - Duration: 05:29 - Uploaded: 2013-01-19 - Rating: 4.955522 - Views: 72,172 -
14:51 <Nightweaver2112> on my page
14:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> Keep scrolling on my page.
14:51 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <Lei Omaki> but i tolerate them
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> then theres fallout 3
14:52 <Lei Omaki> still learning how to love ponies
14:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> YES.
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> the best fallout game ever
14:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> Keep learning, LEi
14:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> It was, wasn't it?
14:52 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
14:52 -!- Crossfire2 has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> i dont really mind bronies
14:52 <NightsCrystal> teenaged wuts ur skype name
14:52 <Crossfire2> Hey.
14:53 <Moria Fox> e-e
14:53 <NightsCrystal> hi
14:53 <Moria Fox> D: WhyamI?
14:53 <Lei Omaki> hi
14:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> Foxy, you are finally on!
14:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Moria?
14:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Crossfir
14:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> I forgot what I wanted to ask you!
14:53 <Crossfire2> If anyone wants some shitty creepypasta to read, here, take my shitty spaghetti.
14:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> DAMNIT!
14:54 <Crossfire2> Oh, by the way, congratulations on becoming an admin, WhyAmIReadingThis. :)
14:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, thank you Crossfire!
14:54 <TeenagedChip469> NightsCrystal its anthony.hodshire1
14:54 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:54 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have to leave soon, then I will be back for one last time.
14:55 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:55 <Mr. Black Ops13> Is it something I said?
14:55 <Nightweaver2112> wait, is that a pony in power armor, black ops?
14:55 <Mr. Black Ops13> Where?
14:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
14:55 <NightsCrystal> ill add u later this evening tennaged
14:55 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
14:55 <Nightweaver2112> takeo pony?
14:55 <Moria Fox> D: What's the anthology thing?
14:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> No. I wish.
14:56 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> I might do that.
14:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> *rummages for paper/pen*
14:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll have to ask Cleric, Moria.
14:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't know anything about that.
14:56 <Nightweaver2112> i gotta admit, that would be cool
14:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes.
14:56 <Mr. Black Ops13> T-45d or T-51b armor?
14:56 <Nightweaver2112> 45d
14:56 <Nightweaver2112> its more classic
14:57 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
14:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> Alright. Should I use the unique medic one from Old Olney?
14:57 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
14:57 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...
14:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> It has US symbols on it instead of Brother hood
14:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> ones
14:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Creepy
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> that one dosent coem with a helmet 
14:57 <Lei Omaki> i'm going to watch my favorite show now xD
14:57 <Lei Omaki> brb 
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> meh, sure
14:57 <Mr. Black Ops13> I know, but if you can't see the pony head, then why do a pony? 
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yay
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> fine
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yus!
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> (success)
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> (damnitbobby)
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> nope
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> i like the voice of the medic PA
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes. It is a Mister Gutsy voice
14:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> (urgh) don't want to go...
14:59 <Darkstride> (dammit bobbeh)
14:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> (hankhill)
14:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> YES!
14:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> finally'
14:59 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
14:59 <Nightweaver2112> Listen up you God-damned puke! You are now wearing prototype medic power armor. You take care of me, and I'll take care of you
14:59 <Darkstride> Cocaine and Cocaine Accessories.
14:59 <Nightweaver2112> epicness
14:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> Indeed
14:59 -!- TheOtherZoe has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zoe
15:00 -!- TheOtherZoe has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> (indeed)
15:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hah.
15:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Fail
15:00 <Nightweaver2112> check this out black ops
15:00 <Nightweaver2112>
15:00 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <CrashingCymbal> Oops-a-daisy :P
15:00 <Nightweaver2112> sorry, probably should have tiny urled
15:00 <Moria Fox> D: WhyamI
15:00 <Moria Fox> D: Where'd you go?!
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> Moria
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm here.
15:01 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> He broke the forth wall
15:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Catastrophic system failure. Initiating core shutdown as per emergency iniative 286 2209 I die so that democracy may live...
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> IT'S TOO LATE
15:01 <Moria Fox> D: I need you here, WhyamI
15:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Huzzah!
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Ednoah
15:01 <Nightweaver2112> epicness
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> There's nothing we can do
15:01 <Ednoahjones> sup
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> That is not Reading
15:01 <Nightweaver2112> more like
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> That is a spirit
15:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, I listened to those all on the Fallout wiki
15:01 <Nightweaver2112> Catastrophic... system... failure... Initiating core shutdown as per emergency initiative 2682209... I die, so that democracy may... live..."
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> Pretending to be him
15:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Show off
15:01 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> DON'T LISTEN TO IT
15:02 <Moria Fox> D: Shiningbutt
15:02 <Shining-Armor> back
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Armor
15:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> I copied it while it played
15:02 <Nightweaver2112> i can copy and paste :D
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> :P
15:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Shiny
15:02 <Shining-Armor> andi bought 3 more fics
15:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> (huh) You don't say?
15:02 <Moria Fox> D: You forgot to read that email I sent you, didn't you?!
15:02 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> How are you feeling Armor?
15:02 <Nightweaver2112> when liberty prime died i just went "NOOOOOO!"
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> After the little incident earlier on
15:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Here is how I feel during any fallout adventure. (megusta)
15:02 <Shining-Armor> what incident
15:02 <Moria Fox> D: FunnyMouth impersonators
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> The asshole
15:03 <Moria Fox> D: Pedophiles invading the chat!
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> Mskulls
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> Or something
15:03 <Subject M Test 2> Hello pplz.
15:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> I was more like... "Holy.... Shit.... AVENGE THE FALLEN!!!!!!
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey subject!
15:03 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:03 <Moria Fox> D: Evil people scaring us all with their meanerness!
15:03 <Darkstride> Hi Subject. How are you?
15:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Then I killed every Enclave bastard single handidly
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> i pulled out a gatling gun and went DIE BITCHES!
15:03 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> and stormed the facility
15:03 <Moria Fox> :( I think Shining doesn't like me anymore
15:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> I used a Gatling Lazer
15:03 <Subject M Test 2> I'm having some stomach pains, but otherwise I'm ok.
15:03 <Nightweaver2112>
15:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> I survived easily
15:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, PM
15:04 <Nightweaver2112> but then i went and retreaved the dev tesla cannon
15:04 <Moria Fox> D: I'm sad
15:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Lie down, Test2
15:04 <Shining-Armor> i got the XMIRV
15:04 <Shining-Armor> infallout3
15:04 <Darkstride> I never found that^
15:04 <Subject M Test 2> I don't need a lie down, I've tried.
15:05 <Moria Fox> D: Shining
15:05 <Ednoahjones> man the MIRV...
15:05 <Subject M Test 2> I think it's from eating then running about too much.
15:05 <Moria Fox> D: Shiiiiiiiinnniiiiinnng
15:05 <Shining-Armor> so i just smoked for the first time ever
15:05 <Ednoahjones> fuck that, a snipe hunt for sometihing too dangerous to use?
15:05 <Moria Fox> o-o Smoked weed?
15:05 <Shining-Armor> no
15:05 <Ednoahjones> some things were never meant to be used
15:05 <Shining-Armor> a cigarette 
15:05 <Subject M Test 2> That was very long compared to Shiny's actual name Moria.
15:05 <Nightweaver2112> there is no XMIRV
15:05 <Ednoahjones> like tobacco
15:05 <Ednoahjones> drugs are bad mmmmkay?
15:05 <Shining-Armor> i just shorten it
15:05 <Nightweaver2112> unless you modded it
15:06 <Subject M Test 2> BTW I can smoke weed here legally when I'm 18.
15:06 <Shining-Armor> It is experemental Mirv
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> oh
15:06 <Darkstride> There's a glitch where the MIRV only uses one nuke, but it still launches the 8 mini-nukes.
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> i called mine marvin :P
15:06 <Shining-Armor> nope i dont mod
15:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Who Talking bout Expiremtal MIRV?
15:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> I love that gun!!!!
15:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nuke Shotgun!
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> i called mine marvin, black ops
15:06 <Shining-Armor> I did a glitch where it doesnt take anyammo
15:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sweet.
15:06 <Ednoahjones> ...
15:06 <Moria Fox> D: Tactical Nuke, INCOMING!
15:07 <Ednoahjones> some things were never meant to be found ops!
15:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> I just use it for entertainment. Esther from NV is better.
15:07 <Nightweaver2112> i got the dev tesla cannon from broken steel
15:07 <Shining-Armor> i killed off megatonwithit
15:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> Esther only uses one nuke, but makes multiple from it
15:07 <Ednoahjones> ^^
15:07 <Ednoahjones> shit
15:07 <Ednoahjones> i meant @ weaver
15:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> What kind of Tesla cannon?
15:07 <Moria Fox> D: Shining, I have a bad feeling... There's gonna be some trollololers coming soon...
15:07 <Nightweaver2112> lol, i love getting NPC weapons
15:07 <Ednoahjones> i fucking loved the tesla cannon
15:07 <Shining-Armor> also
15:07 <Shining-Armor> I love smoking
15:07 <Ednoahjones> for you know the 20 minutes i used it
15:08 <Nightweaver2112> i onec made the satcom nuclear strike into a weapon
15:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> Stop trolling me with your PC master race! the PS3 will rise!!!!!!
15:08 <Ednoahjones> cause the game was over before it started
15:08 <Moria Fox> D: Use the force, Shining Skywalker!
15:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> Shinwalker!
15:08 <Nightweaver2112> i know the fallout 3 developer console inside out
15:08 <Ednoahjones> you dog fuck da ps3... "ps3 will rise"'n shit...
15:08 <Moria Fox> D: The PS3 is DEAD!
15:08 <Ednoahjones> you almost made me laugh.
15:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> (yesican) Challenge accepted.
15:08 <Nightweaver2112> i got the satcom nuclear strike as a weapon
15:08 <Moria Fox> D: Sony and Microsoft consoles ARE DEAD!
15:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> I used the satcom strike
15:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> close enough
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> ant that weapon is only meant to be used by a script
15:09 <Moria Fox> D: They took away our free used games.. They ARE DEAD!
15:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> I know that
15:09 <Ednoahjones> yes! let us, the pc master race enslave the console gamers! because they are inferior because WE SAY SO!
15:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> You know you can make your character a giant or midget with Modding?
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> seriously, i was holding an invisible gun that fired nukes out of thin air! it looked amazing!
15:09 <Shining-Armor> so um...
15:09 <Moria Fox> D: Nintendo reigns supreme!
15:09 -!- 3rd1stPastas has joined Special:Chat
15:09 <3rd1stPastas> Hey dood
15:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> PS3's forever!!!!
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> you can do it without moddiing
15:10 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, join... damnit
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> player.setscale 1 oe -1
15:10 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <Moria Fox> D: Shining-Armor reigns supreme!
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> *or
15:10 <Mr. Black Ops13> Join the PS3 alliance!!!!!
15:10 <3rd1stPastas> Hey Zack
15:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
15:10 <Moria Fox> D: Damnit Ben!
15:10 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:10 <3rd1stPastas> I aint joinin no damn alliance
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> my fave code is:
15:10 <Mr. Black Ops13> PS3's are computers too, idgits.
15:10 <Moria Fox> D: I need to ask you something!
15:10 <3rd1stPastas> N64 FTW
15:10 <Ednoahjones> LIES
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> player.additem 0000000f 50000
15:10 <3rd1stPastas> N64! N64! N64!
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> it gets me 50000 caps
15:10 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sweet
15:10 <Ednoahjones> fuck cheats
15:11 <3rd1stPastas> lol
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> Caps are easier to come by in NV
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> i am such a cheat XD
15:11 <Moria Fox> D: WhyamI
15:11 -!- Mitchrace has joined Special:Chat
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Moria?
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Mitch
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have like, 42,00 total
15:11 <Moria Fox> D: I feel so depressed
15:11 <Ednoahjones> i hate it when people say that @ ops
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why?
15:11 <3rd1stPastas> Whoever posts below me gets HPV
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> and 20,000 in 3
15:11 <Mitchrace> hi..
15:11 <Moria Fox> D: Shining hates me
15:11 <3rd1stPastas> lol
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> i have 5362 cps in NV
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sorry ed, it's true
15:11 <Ednoahjones> i mean you might find more, but its in fewer quantities
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why does Shining hate you, Moria?
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13>
15:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Reading
15:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, I think you already had that page
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zack
15:11 <Ednoahjones> fuck gamebryo console commands
15:12 <Nightweaver2112> yep
15:12 <Moria Fox> D: I think it was because I was joking, and he didn't find it funny
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Knew it
15:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah, don't worry, he won't hate you for that.
15:12 <Nightweaver2112> most of them there are actually from oblivion
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Cool
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> I want a gaming PC now...
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Just for modding and shit
15:12 <Moria Fox> D: But he hasn't talked to me for forevers!
15:12 <Callofduty4> Gaming PCs are fun
15:12 <Mitchrace> I'm still not really emotionally balanced, after talking about Dylan to you guys....
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Ooops, curse word. sorry
15:12 <Callofduty4> It's also nice to just have a PC that's really good :P
15:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> you dont even really need a gaming pc to play 3
15:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> But I cant use a keyboard to play, I would need a controller of some sort
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> i can play it on a desktop running XP
15:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> I know, but I want to do all the things a PC user can, like modding
15:13 <Ednoahjones> if you don't know what this is from you HAD NO CHILDHOOD. why? i dunno some asshat said it in the comments
15:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Megaman X3 Zero's Theme Extended - Duration: 03:03 - Uploaded: 2008-12-01 - Rating: 4.947020 - Views: 57,524 -
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmm...try to PM him, Moria
15:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> @$$hat? I heard that from somewhere else before...
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ask him if he is mad to you.
15:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> Where is it from:?
15:14 -!- 3rd1stPastas has left Special:Chat.
15:14 <Mitchrace> Read, have the peeps here paged you in on my situation?
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> you only need to know thw basics of the fallout console to know thw whole thing, i find that funny
15:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> NIce
15:15 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> Shiny,hi...
15:15 -!- 3rd1stPastas has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't think they have, Mitch
15:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is your situation?
15:15 <Moria Fox> D: WhyamI, what's your native language?
15:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver. P FREAKING M
15:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Spanish
15:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> (captcha) OMG
15:15 <Mitchrace> Read, i'll PM it..
15:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> That is so cool
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
15:16 <Moria Fox> D: I see, your english is pretty good..
15:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> Reading,, do  you know any?
15:16 <Ednoahjones> speaking of PMs rene did things to me in pm. i can't describe it
15:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> (jetpack)
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Any of what?
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Moria!
15:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> Spanish
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It isn't perfect yet, though
15:16 <Ednoahjones> but touched by an angel sounds similar
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Of course I know some spanish! It is my native language
15:16 <Moria Fox> D: But you were looking for "at", not "to" when you said "ask if he's mad to you".. Not trying to sound mean, trying to be helpful!
15:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> Russian is my native, but I know 4 words
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> If a piano could exlode
15:17 -!- 3rd1stPastas has left Special:Chat.
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> This is what it would sound like:
15:17 <CrashingCymbal>
15:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Blur - Intermission - Duration: 02:30 - Uploaded: 2012-12-02 - Rating: 4.958763 - Views: 4,360 -
15:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Russian is your native? Awesome!
15:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes, it is.
15:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> I was born in Moscow
15:18 <Moria Fox> o-o WhyamI... You had me fooled this whole time
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zack!
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Didn't see yu dur
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> brb
15:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha
15:18 <Subject M Test 2> Blur are good.
15:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> Want me to list all my ethnic parts?
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Blur are very good
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> im part irish
15:18 <Moria Fox> .-. I seriously thought English was your first.. But then I noticed that little blip and I was compelled to ask
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> I'm fully Irish! :D
15:18 <Ednoahjones> i have..
15:18 <Moria Fox> D: Shining, are you mad at me?
15:18 <Ednoahjones> alot i think
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Well, 1/8th Canadian actually
15:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> German, Italian, Russian, Polish, French, Irish, Scottish, Czecslovachian, and more
15:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> Many, many more.
15:19 <CrashingCymbal> As far as I know
15:19 <Moria Fox> D: Did the tobacco put you up to it?!
15:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> I'm quite the melting pot, aren't I?
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> my mothers family are actually descended from the Duke Of Wellington
15:19 <Mitchrace> Wow...
15:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> I HAVE TO LEAVE (T_T)
15:19 <Subject M Test 2> Blur's song 2 is the best.
15:19 <Ednoahjones> but what i know iw, i'm part native american part African american, part irish, part german, and i dunno if they'res anything else
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> cya black ops
15:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye.
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> until we meet again
15:19 <Shining-Armor> nope, it calms me down. So just chill for a minute
15:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> Ve Vill Vin This Vor Mother Russia!
15:19 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has left Special:Chat.
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> so i am technically part royalty
15:20 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:20 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <Moria Fox> D: Then why are you mad at me?
15:20 <Shining-Armor> not mad at you, just annoyed
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> although, a couple thousnad peope would have to die for me to be on the english throne...
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...
15:20 <Moria Fox> Annoyed? :(
15:21 <Moria Fox> Is it because I'm using my favorite face a lot?
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> *planning mass murder*
15:21 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <Shining-Armor> no it is because you ping me 50 times a day
15:22 <Subject M Test 2> Sorry Moria, but you do ping him alot.
15:22 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Nightshade of Darkness> I officially hate school
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> join the club, nightshade
15:22 <Ednoahjones> why the fucks everybody still at school?
15:22 <Ednoahjones> its summer man
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> im not
15:22 <Nightshade of Darkness> my teacher he was being a complete jerk to me and now I'm pissed
15:22 <Nightshade of Darkness> I'll be in PM
15:22 <Moria Fox> .-. I'm sorry
15:22 <Ednoahjones> do you like the scenery?
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sorry to hear that, Darkness
15:23 <Nightshade of Darkness> *goes to emo corner and cries*
15:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sj)
15:23 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <CrashingCymbal> The education system is flawed in this country
15:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ghost in the Shell - The Movie was awesome....
15:23 <Nightshade of Darkness> PM me please if you need me
15:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> i just watched it and my God (sweetjegus)
15:24 <Moria Fox> Is there something I can do to make it up to you? D:
15:25 <Nightshade of Darkness> ......Idk
15:25 <Moria Fox> (sj) I had a dream I was in a hentai cartoon..
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Wow!
15:26 <Moria Fox> (megusta) There were tentacles everywhere.
15:26 <NeveRsLeePme12> (tentacle)
15:26 <Ednoahjones> thats hot.
15:26 <Nightshade of Darkness> gtg bye.....
15:26 <Subject M Test 2> Bye.
15:26 <Moria Fox> WhyamI
15:26 <Shining-Armor> i had a dream like that
15:26 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <Subject M Test 2> Want to know what kept me from having a nightmare?
15:26 <Subject M Test 2> ZALGO
15:26 <Shining-Armor> it is much too bad to share
15:26 <Subject M Test 2> I'm not kidding.
15:26 <Moria Fox> Remember when I mentioned my alien thing?
15:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I think I remember.
15:27 <Moria Fox> (megusta) I lived it in that dream.
15:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> your booty was it sodomized by (tentacle) 
15:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> i'm curious (twitch)
15:27 <Moria Fox> (megusta) More than that
15:27 <Shining-Armor> welp i love smoking now
15:28 <Shining-Armor> but i found a problem
15:28 <Subject M Test 2> No smoking.
15:28 <Subject M Test 2> Tis bad fo u
15:28 <Ednoahjones> smoking is harmful
15:28 <Shining-Armor> i only have a case and i cant get any more
15:28 <Mitchrace> if you guys have any positive words for me, just PM them. i need it.
15:28 <NeveRsLeePme12> *herbert the pervert voice* well don't spare any details now
15:28 <Shining-Armor> i honestly dont care
15:28 <Ednoahjones> and evil scott pilgram taught me that
15:28 <Moria Fox> o-o Every one of my alien related fetishes...
15:28 <Ednoahjones> and evil,*
15:28 <Lei Omaki> back :3
15:28 <Shining-Armor> if i smoke and die early
15:29 <Moria Fox> (megusta) EVERY. Single. One.
15:29 <Shining-Armor> well thats my problem
15:29 <Ednoahjones> i call your Shit
15:29 <Moria Fox> D: I don't want you to die!
15:29 <Shining-Armor> oh well
15:29 <Lei Omaki> who's gonna die?
15:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> smoking cigarettes or pot
15:29 <Moria Fox> D: I love you too much!
15:29 <Shining-Armor> cigarettes
15:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> or crack
15:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> oh
15:30 <NeveRsLeePme12> imeanwat
15:30 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <NeveRsLeePme12> (ded)
15:30 -!- Mitchrace has left Special:Chat.
15:31 <Ednoahjones> murderer! you killed chat with your crack
15:31 <NeveRsLeePme12> crack is wack
15:31 <Ednoahjones> remember, if a demon child tells you in your dreams to stop sellling drugs. do what he says
15:32 <Moria Fox> D: Peter, where'd you get crack?!
15:32 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:32 <Ednoahjones> cracks wack so stop with the smack yo!
15:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> two guys down the street that died
15:33 <Subject M Test 2> Ed got crack from me.
15:33 <Subject M Test 2> And I was probably the demon child too.
15:33 <NeveRsLeePme12> (ogw) my illegal substances has killed the chat room
15:33 <Ednoahjones> i don't do crack
15:34 <Ednoahjones> i eat shrooms
15:34 <Subject M Test 2> Shrooms are also legal here.
15:34 <Moria Fox> D: Did you ever see the other world?
15:34 <Moria Fox> D: There's supposedly another world you can only see if you're tripping on shrooms
15:35 <Subject M Test 2> Please note: don't ask for mushrooms on your pizza in the Netherlands.
15:35 <Subject M Test 2> I should know why.
15:35 <Nightweaver2112> why?
15:35 <Ednoahjones> ....
15:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why?
15:35 <Nightweaver2112> magic?
15:35 <Nightweaver2112> do you get mario shrooms?
15:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> I tried weed once and threw up D:
15:35 <Subject M Test 2> Well, a very special kind of magic...
15:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> never again
15:35 <Ednoahjones> well thats a lie, i haven't ever taken shrooms
15:35 <Subject M Test 2> Lucky @Ed
15:35 <Ednoahjones> but if i ever do take something it would be shrooms,
15:36 <CrashingCymbal> I'm feeling a little nervous right now... haha
15:36 <Nightweaver2112> i have never tried drugs or tobacco
15:36 <Ednoahjones> tobacco is a drug
15:36 <Ednoahjones> *gives ben a dirty look*
15:36 <Nightweaver2112> i only tried alcohol once
15:36 <Shining-Armor> fuck you then
15:36 <NeveRsLeePme12> Never Weaver?
15:36 <Nightweaver2112> and i...threw up
15:36 <Subject M Test 2> Tea and coffee and sugar are all drugs.
15:36 <Nightweaver2112> never
15:36 <Ednoahjones> no thanks i'd hate to get bad breath
15:36 <Nightweaver2112> loo, you know what i mean
15:37 <Moria Fox> .-. Yes they are
15:37 <Nightweaver2112> *look
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Ever since I told my mother about me very likely winning PoTM, she's been bugging me to print off a story and let her read it...
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why don't you do it?
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> I'm scared guiz haha
15:37 <Subject M Test 2> DO IT
15:37 <Moria Fox> o-o
15:37 <Moria Fox> Cymbal
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Incase she judges me :P
15:37 <Nightweaver2112> DO IT< DO IT
15:37 <Subject M Test 2> Because fuck you guys I'm a wizard.
15:37 <Moria Fox> There's an idea
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> HERE IT GOES!
15:37 <Ednoahjones> hardest thing i've ever taken is anestetic
15:38 <Nightweaver2112> subject, i have a video for you
15:38 <NeveRsLeePme12> Do it my boy/girl
15:38 <Ednoahjones> and that was when i got my teeth pulled, and my kidney stones removed
15:38 <Moria Fox> There are different levels of anesthetics
15:38 <Nightweaver2112>
15:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: You're a Wizard Harry!! - Duration: 02:31 - Uploaded: 2010-10-24 - Rating: 4.730049 - Views: 620,776 -
15:39 <Moria Fox> Do you know what kind it was?
15:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> laughing gas tripped me the fuck out
15:39 <CrashingCymbal> I'll let you all know if I survive... hahaha
15:39 <Moria Fox> Cymbal
15:39 <Moria Fox> Pm
15:39 <Moria Fox> Quick
15:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym
15:40 <NeveRsLeePme12> PM = Poop Mayo
15:40 <NeveRsLeePme12> (derp)
15:40 <Moria Fox>  Neversleep
15:40 <Subject M Test 2> PM = Post maridian.
15:40 <Moria Fox> Go change your picture
15:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> why
15:41 <Shining-Armor> PM = Fuck Yourself
15:41 <Moria Fox> That haunter picture is too good for that joke you made
15:41 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
15:41 <Subject M Test 2> PM = fuck you I'm a wizard.
15:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> Never
15:41 <Devincooper64> I thought the story of the kid suspension for the pop tart gun was a joke
15:41 <Moria Fox> :( Cheer up, Shine
15:41 <Devincooper64> it wasnt.
15:41 <Nightweaver2112> subject, fuck you im a wizard!
15:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: You're a wizard Harry - Duration: 03:23 - Uploaded: 2010-09-11 - Rating: 4.852376 - Views: 2,151,735 -
15:42 <NeveRsLeePme12> (kawaii)
15:42 <Ednoahjones> PM = "Sometimes i pull on it so hard. i rip the skin!"
15:42 <Subject M Test 2> Fucking hell Hagrid, you're not a wizard!
15:42 <Devincooper64> bloody hell*
15:42 <Subject M Test 2> D: @Ed
15:42 <Devincooper64> please get it right
15:42 <NeveRsLeePme12> devin
15:42 <Nightweaver2112> - No I'm not. You - are a wizard! You're going to go to Hogwarts, you're going to do spells, you'll get a wand, you'll get a fucking owl, it'll deliver your mail - DEAL WITH IT. YA TWAT.
15:42 <Subject M Test 2> You mean "bluddy 'ell" as everyone in the UK says.
15:42 <Devincooper64> bloody elf?
15:42 <Ednoahjones> ^
15:42 <Devincooper64> why would I want one of those?
15:42 <Moria Fox> o-o Anyone hear the proposed theory that Harry was abused, and the books were just his hallucinations as he slowly died?
15:42 <Ednoahjones> shit
15:43 <Nightweaver2112> ...
15:43 <Ednoahjones> thats depressing
15:43 <Devincooper64> no the theory is as goes
15:43 -!- 3rd1stPastas has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Ednoahjones> (ok)
15:43 <3rd1stPastas> Well Damn.
15:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cliché, Moria. 
15:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Most of theories are like that.
15:43 <3rd1stPastas> You...
15:43 <Devincooper64> harry lives under the stairs, he created the wizard world and all of that to cope with living in a closet
15:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Trauma, then death
15:43 <3rd1stPastas> God Damnit
15:43 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi 3rd (kawaii)
15:43 <Subject M Test 2> I made one theory pasta.
15:43 <3rd1stPastas> Hi neve
15:43 <Moria Fox> WhyamI- It made tons of sense
15:43 <Subject M Test 2> [[Dark Rayman Theory]]
15:43 <3rd1stPastas> Im a little pissed
15:43 <Moria Fox> And it was pretty well constructed
15:43 <Devincooper64> not every theory is about death
15:44 <Devincooper64> like the courage theory
15:44 <3rd1stPastas> someone started a damn poll to delete my pasta or something around the lines of that
15:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is why "most" was the word used.
15:44 <Devincooper64> where the world is just from a dogs point of view
15:44 <NeveRsLeePme12> WhyAmIUgly (sj)
15:44 <Moria Fox> It wasn't proposed as a creepypasta as far as I know.. But it really did seem like it could be real
15:44 <Subject M Test 2> I don't like dogs.
15:44 <3rd1stPastas> (HUEHUE) idk
15:44 -!- C0balt Crusade has joined Special:Chat
15:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> lee gets no dessert today
15:44 <Devincooper64> well imma play CS
15:44 <Ednoahjones> don't bring up dogs devin
15:44 <Moria Fox> Especially because it cited some remarks that Rowling herself made
15:44 <Devincooper64> so adios
15:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Cobalt
15:44 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
15:44 <Darkstride> Question: Is today Friday?
15:45 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep!
15:45 <Ednoahjones> SMT might be startled
15:45 <Darkstride> Yay.
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You mean this poll, 3rd?
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
15:45 -!- C0balt Crusade has left Special:Chat.
15:45 <3rd1stPastas> Yes.
15:45 <Ednoahjones> ITS FRIDAY! if you want the whole song fuck you
15:45 <Subject M Test 2> It's ok to talk about dogs.
15:45 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:45 <3rd1stPastas> If you dont like it, tell me and i'll edit it 
15:45 <Subject M Test 2> Just if there's a photo, warn me.
15:45 <NeveRsLeePme12> Its FRIDAY!!
15:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video - Duration: 03:48 - Uploaded: 2011-09-17 - Rating: 1.775960 - Views: 53,383,128 -
15:46 <Darkstride> Kill it with fire.
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I honestly don't have a problem, but what bothers me, is that it doesn't seem to belong to the Wiki, in terms that there doesn't seem to be creepy stuff in it.
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is mostly stuff that, well, are half-truth.
15:46 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
15:46 <3rd1stPastas> Well, I was trying to make it creepy, but It was a first thought.
15:46 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
15:46 <NeveRsLeePme12> c wat i did thar
15:46 <3rd1stPastas> I'll go ahead and delete it
15:46 <3rd1stPastas> brb
15:47 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do you want the page to be deleted? I can do it for you if you want, 3rd.
15:47 <Shining-Armor>
15:47 <3rd1stPastas> Please.
15:47 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
15:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Done.
15:47 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <Subject M Test 2> Shiny, that was very (bleurgh)
15:48 <3rd1stPastas> Thanks.
15:48 <3rd1stPastas> Imma keep working on southside before I do any other ones
15:48 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> I'm beck
15:49 <3rd1stPastas> wb
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> How are well today guizez
15:49 <Subject M Test 2> I'm very purple today (indeed)
15:49 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <3rd1stPastas> I was yellow-purple
15:49 <Darkstride> Hi JTK.
15:49 <Jamesthekiller> .............
15:49 <Darkstride> (derp)
15:50 <Ednoahjones> sup james
15:50 <Ednoahjones> finally sleep?
15:50 <Subject M Test 2> (herp) (derp)
15:50 <Jamesthekiller> no...can't...
15:50 <Ednoahjones> or did rene really shake you up THAT much?
15:50 <Ednoahjones> well why can't ya?
15:50 <Jamesthekiller> i...have been seeing things when I try
15:51 <Jamesthekiller> shadows
15:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...have you told anybody about it? If after some time you can't sleep and you keep seeing images, there must be an underlying reason behind it.
15:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I suggest that you consult an specialist in sleep problems or whatever the english word for that is.
15:51 <Jamesthekiller> i just haven't slept for one day!
15:51 <Subject M Test 2> I haven't slept in a while now. Too many nightmares.
15:51 <Ednoahjones> just close your eyes and don't open them
15:52 -!- CommanderBox has joined Special:Chat
15:52 <CommanderBox> Ok, now I can see the chat. C:
15:52 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I said "if after some time you can't sleep"
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Meaning that I mean if you can't sleep for many days.-
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It was just a suggestion.
15:52 <CommanderBox> I can always sleep. C:
15:52 <Jamesthekiller> i dream of...HIM...
15:53 <CommanderBox> Even when I'm livin' in a Box. C:
15:53 <CommanderBox> lol
15:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> From Power puff girls HIM
15:53 <Subject M Test 2> Who is him?
15:53 <CommanderBox> I use way too often "C: "
15:53 <Darkstride> Oh god I remember HIM from PPG
15:53 <Jamesthekiller> (X) 
15:53 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
15:53 <CommanderBox> Him?
15:53 <SolarDrills> Guys
15:53 <Subject M Test 2> ZALGO? Smiley Canine?
15:53 <Ednoahjones> HIM...
15:53 <Ednoahjones> oh god HIM...
15:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> from PPG
15:53 <CommanderBox> What is PPG?
15:53 <SolarDrills> Why, Pm
15:53 <Jamesthekiller> Operator
15:54 <Darkstride> Power Puff Girls.
15:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> Power puff girls
15:54 <CommanderBox> UMm
15:54 <CommanderBox> Ok
15:54 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <SolarDrills> Him?
15:54 <CommanderBox> I never heared of it
15:54 <SolarDrills> Like, the Red guy?
15:54 <CommanderBox> Brb
15:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> D: LE GASP
15:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
15:54 <SolarDrills> YOU NEVER WAHT
15:54 <Jamesthekiller> SLENDER MAN DAMMIT!!!
15:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The one that looked like flamboyant Satan.
15:54 <Jamesthekiller> slender
15:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also pincers
15:54 <Subject M Test 2> Slenderman is not real, ya know. He originated froma photoshop competition.
15:54 <Subject M Test 2> from a*
15:54 -!- 3rd1stPastas has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <Subject M Test 2> Does that help you out?
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That doesn't mean he can't have nightmares about him.
15:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> my goodness he gave me night mares as a kid
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But at least he doesn't have nightmares about HIM.
15:55 <Nightweaver2112> HIM?
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> HIM from The Powerpuff girls?
15:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> thats WAY worse
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep!
15:55 <Subject M Test 2> I keep having nightmares about dogs.
15:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> and yes
15:55 <Nightweaver2112> oh
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> OH SWEET JESUS
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> He is terrifying :P
15:55 <Subject M Test 2> I barely slept last night.
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He was my favorite villain from that show.
15:56 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Kill
15:56 <Jamesthekiller> i went over that idea for 2 hours but...I can FEEL him...HEAR him... I know if I sleep I'll be fine but I just can't
15:56 <Kill1mes> Yo
15:56 <Nightweaver2112> i knew you were coming, kill
15:56 <Subject M Test 2> Did you know? There's a anime-style PPG
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Kill!
15:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> was he satans gay brother or something
15:56 <Subject M Test 2> Called PPG X
15:56 <Kill1mes> Hia
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hahahaha Neve
15:56 <Kill1mes> Hiya*
15:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...this sounds grave, James. You should seek psychological help, if you feel or hear stuff that isn't there.
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> That is the PERFECT description of him
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Chances are, it isn't what you think.
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Or should I say HIM
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It worries me that you feel stuff.
15:57 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Kill1mes>
15:57 <Subject M Test 2> HIM was a guy? I couldn't tell.
15:57 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <Subject M Test 2> Transvestites can confuse me.
15:57 <Kill1mes> Hey Shiny
15:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> indeed cymbal he had that creepy feel though
15:57 <Subject M Test 2> wb Shiny.
15:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Maria
15:57 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> Hai 
15:58 <Subject M Test 2> Kill, nice photoshop.
15:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> reads Shining-Armor as Shiny Ass XD
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> My mother is going to read Alarm now :/
15:58 <Kill1mes> It's Necrai's work
15:58 <Subject M Test 2> I want to learn how to photoshop that well.
15:58 <Kill1mes> I can't even Photoshop
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Be proud of your work, Cymbal!
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> I am worried for both of us hahaha
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> I am proud!
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> It's just, it's kinda a fucked up story
15:58 <Kill1mes> I need to work on my new pasta
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> And she's a very frail woman :P
15:58 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill1mes is your avatar Voldermort
15:59 <Kill1mes> *cough*Readrememberthecollab?*cough*
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> Still though
15:59 <Kill1mes> Ohai Shny
15:59 <Kill1mes> No.
15:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> oh
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill, can we work on it now?
15:59 <Kill1mes> Yes
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> I look forward to her reaction somehow
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then let's do it!
15:59 <Kill1mes> mk
15:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> milk
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> MILK?!?
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> (milk)
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> fuck
16:00 <Kill1mes> Let's do this shit.
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> aww, reading, dont do a shit in the chatroom!
16:00 <Darkstride> nope.avi
16:00 <Kill1mes> DEAD YOU FUCK
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> !
16:00 <Kill1mes> Hai :3
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> dear god...
16:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> D:
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> I is confused guiz
16:00 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
16:00 <Nightweaver2112> you stole reading, kill!
16:00 <Horrorfan1> Hey guys
16:01 <Subject M Test 2> DANGIT KILL
16:01 <Kill1mes> Hello Horror.
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Wait
16:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> we broke Read
16:01 <Subject M Test 2> Heya Horror.
16:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Again?
16:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I keep breaking every once in a while!
16:01 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Acie
16:01 <Horrorfan1> Hello
16:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi
16:01 <Kill1mes> Hey Acie
16:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai
16:01 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> (alone)
16:02 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:02 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <NeveRsLeePme12> everyone left for breakfast without me...
16:02 <Kill1mes> My chat seems to have broke, I posted the same thing twice.
16:02 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <Kill1mes> How unfortunate.
16:03 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
16:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill y u steal read's avatar
16:03 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> bcuz he is mean
16:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> wait wat?!
16:03 <Kill1mes> I are a meaner
16:03 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> Read what the hell?!
16:04 <Kill1mes> What did I do?
16:04 <Nightweaver2112> meanie
16:04 <Nightweaver2112> i cant change my avatar :(
16:04 -!- Cameroncraft212 has joined Special:Chat
16:04 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <NeveRsLeePme12> idonteven (sweetjegus) *head explodes*
16:04 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
16:05 -!- Sadofreedomist has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> ;D
16:05 <Nightweaver2112> so, kill is now reading, and reading is a zubat?
16:05 <Kill1mes> Hello Oblit and Cameron
16:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> AHH!!
16:05 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <Kill1mes> Gliscor
16:05 <Horrorfan1> Not another clone army...
16:05 <Kill1mes> not Zubat
16:05 <Sadofreedomist> that's Sado to you buddy
16:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zubat? My
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Gliscor
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Motherfuckers
16:05 <Cameroncraft212> Hey Fuckers!
16:05 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
16:05 <Nightweaver2112> I SAY ITS A ZUBAT!
16:05 <Cameroncraft212> :)
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Cam!
16:05 <Subject M Test 2> Heya mother fucker!
16:05 <CommanderBox>
16:06 <Cameroncraft212> Ah i love you guys 
16:06 <Kill1mes> I'm not Read, what are you talking about?
16:06 <CommanderBox> C:
16:06 <CommanderBox> Btw, I am back 
16:06 <Nightweaver2112> fuck...
16:06 <Kill1mes> wb
16:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> Cymbal congratz you've all utterly fuck my mind
16:06 <Subject M Test 2> I love you guys too.
16:06 <Kill1mes> <4
16:06 <Cameroncraft212> Your Like Brothers and sisters To Me! :DD
16:06 <Nightweaver2112> why are you stealing my epicness?
16:06 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <LizardMaster178> Hi motherfuckers. XD Jk
16:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Lizard
16:06 <Subject M Test 2> Hi bitch.
16:06 <Subject M Test 2> loljk
16:06 <LizardMaster178> Hi asshole XD jk
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> i have a bullet stuck in my hair
16:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
16:07 <Cameroncraft212> Hey Dumbfuck Jk
16:07 <Sadofreedomist> no, stand by your position. don't be a coward and escape with jk
16:07 <Cameroncraft212> LOL
16:07 <Cameroncraft212> XD
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> oh, no, i got it out
16:07 <Kill1mes> Epicness?
16:07 <Kill1mes> XD
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> yep, my epicness
16:07 <Cameroncraft212> Penis. That is it for now
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> i have a bullet in my hair
16:07 <CommanderBox> Who wants to read my first creepy pasta?
16:07 <CommanderBox> I want feedback. C:
16:07 <Kill1mes> Fine, I'll change your awesome
16:08 <Sadofreedomist> i imagine that is the most intelligent we'll get 
16:08 <Cameroncraft212> I Do commander
16:08 <CommanderBox>
16:08 <Subject M Test 2>
16:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: VENGEANCE DAD - Duration: 01:02 - Uploaded: 2013-05-29 - Rating: 4.947936 - Views: 66,331 -
16:08 <NeveRsLeePme12> ugly wrinkled penis tit shits ._.
16:08 <CommanderBox> I know, it sucks. :L
16:08 <Crossfire2> OH HOLY SHIT. My creepypasta was read out.
16:08 <Crossfire2> blespovkdspofsdg
16:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: CreepyPasta Umineko Lost Episode ??-?? ???????? - Duration: 06:41 - Uploaded: 2012-05-10 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 457 -
16:08 <Kill1mes> You're all stupid infidels.
16:08 -!- SmileWolf28 has joined Special:Chat
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> kill, i will disembowel you wiht my titty blades
16:08 <Crossfire2> Yes. Yes, I am.
16:08 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill stahp
16:08 <Crossfire2> :)
16:08 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <Kill1mes> Nipple blades, you mean
16:09 <Sadofreedomist> that's a face only i could love
16:09 <Subject M Test 2> STFU Nazi Goku!
16:09 <Kill1mes> Hello Smilewolf
16:09 -!- SmileWolf28 has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <NeveRsLeePme12> my mind is fucked up as it is
16:09 <Subject M Test 2> brb
16:09 <Kill1mes> Oblit has a strange love for this character
16:10 <Subject M Test 2> Need to go cry in the corner for a while.
16:10 <Kill1mes> besides, my avatar is gone
16:10 -!- Subject M Test 2 has left Special:Chat.
16:10 <Sadofreedomist> lol not really 
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> Awh Herro
16:10 <CommanderBox> What does that silver and golden ring with red inside next to someone mean?
16:10 <CommanderBox> Moderator and Admin?
16:10 <Kill1mes> Sadomachosist.
16:10 <Kill1mes> Yes Box
16:10 <CommanderBox> Ok, thanks! :3
16:10 <Kill1mes> Gold is admin
16:11 <Cameroncraft212> CommanderBox, I Really Liked That! 5 Stars My Good Man!
16:11 <CommanderBox> Wow
16:11 <CommanderBox> Really? :O
16:11 <CommanderBox> Thanks! :D
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep, really.
16:11 <Cameroncraft212> Yeah!
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But not five stars from me, though
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Four for you.
16:11 <CommanderBox> C:
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> What gets five stars?
16:11 <Crossfire2> Can I haz feedback on my shitty creepypasta as well pls? :3
16:12 <Crossfire2>
16:12 <CommanderBox> I though that it was a bad one...
16:12 <Cameroncraft212> :P *whisper* Downer 
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> I wanna see :D
16:12 <CommanderBox> OK! C:
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> c:
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> (c:)
16:12 <CommanderBox> But cross
16:12 <Crossfire2> Yep?
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> Wat
16:12 <CommanderBox> Ya know that lost episode creepy pastas aren't allowed :L
16:12 <CommanderBox> However, I'm going to check it out.
16:12 <Crossfire2> That was before that rule was set. :>
16:12 <Kill1mes> It's not new.
16:13 <CommanderBox> Oh
16:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> Read I am your evil twin
16:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :O
16:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, I'm everywhere today.
16:13 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> dun dun dun
16:13 <Finneow> yo wassup
16:13 <Kill1mes> :O
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> YOU ARE POWERLESS
16:14 <Crossfire2> More like nud nud nud. :>
16:14 <Nightweaver2112> what...the fuck is even going on?
16:14 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> Muahawhawhawhawhaw
16:14 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <Crossfire2> Oh boy, doppelganger, oh.
16:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Finn
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> I tri not spem, i sory
16:14 <Kill1mes> Oblits... ATTACK THE READ'S!
16:14 <Kill1mes> *attacks alone*
16:14 <Finneow> hi
16:14 <NeveRsLeePme12> Weave i am your father
16:14 <Nightweaver2112> i dont even fucking know anymore
16:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It hurts me to see that with my avatar, Cymbal
16:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> :(
16:14 <Crossfire2> :(
16:14 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- Quickflip has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> Take my apology pls
16:14 <Kill1mes> *spames with Read's avatar*
16:14 <Quickflip> HELLO
16:14 <Nightweaver2112> you are not
16:14 <Quickflip> Im Cool
16:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Apology accepted.
16:15 <Crossfire2> Oh come on Quickflip, you ruined the emote chain. =/
16:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello.
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> I'm wearing my mime t shirt today
16:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> Yes feel the dark side Luke
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Feeling like a baws
16:15 <Nightweaver2112> is this avatar wars now?
16:15 -!- Quickflip has left Special:Chat.
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> ^
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
16:15 <Ednoahjones> i updated my page.
16:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> yes
16:15 <Finneow>
16:15 <Nightweaver2112> nobody had better steal my fucking avatar, ot i  weel keel u foo!
16:15 <Finneow> look at dis
16:15 <Ednoahjones> added a one off line and a list of allies
16:15 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
16:16 <Ednoahjones> your on it read,
16:16 <Crossfire2> Too late for me on that.
16:16 <Cameroncraft212> Crossfire2, That Was Also Excellent! I Enjoyed The Plot Of The Pasta. Well Written!
16:16 <Cameroncraft212> 5 *'s
16:16 <Crossfire2> Wait wat
16:16 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <Nightweaver2112> i might continue my war wiht kill, anyone want to join in?
16:16 <Crossfire2> Are you even serious?
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> Oh what's this
16:16 <Finneow> YES
16:16 <Cameroncraft212> Yes I Am Quite Serious!
16:17 <Ednoahjones> your on the list too cymbal
16:17 <Nightweaver2112> im at war with kill
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> Huh
16:17 <Crossfire2> .____________.
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> Wut list buddeh
16:17 <Crossfire2> O...kay?
16:17 <Finneow> Death to kill!
16:17 <Cameroncraft212> Well Written Brother! 5 Stars!
16:17 <Kill1mes> Please do not stretch underscores like that Scroos
16:17 <Nightweaver2112> finn, check out his talk page
16:17 <Crossfire2> I honestly don't think it's that good. ._.
16:17 <Ednoahjones> my list of allies
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> Ahh
16:17 <Finneow> k
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> I'm an ally
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
16:18 <Ednoahjones> of the five people. well it would be 7 but i can't find twins or diamonds page(s)
16:18 <Nightweaver2112> KEEL!
16:18 <Kill1mes> what
16:18 <Nightweaver2112> QUESTION!
16:18 <Kill1mes> ANSWER
16:18 <Nightweaver2112> how do you get music on your profile page?
16:18 <Ednoahjones> you, read, alex, anna, and jame, are my allies
16:18 <Finneow> :o
16:18 <Ednoahjones> allies in what? i don't know
16:18 <Nightweaver2112> read said you did his
16:18 <Kill1mes> Give me a minute to fetch the page
16:18 <Ednoahjones> allies sounds cooler then only friends... (alone)
16:18 <Cameroncraft212> Well, Personally I Really Thought I Had A Good Plot/Storyline With Changing The Background To the video. I Highly Enjoyed It!
16:19 <Cameroncraft212> Crossfire2
16:19 <Kill1mes> Please Do Not Type Like This.
16:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Comrades sounds cooler than allies, Ednoah.
16:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> I have devoured the great Darkstride
16:19 <Cameroncraft212> Sorry It's My Ocd
16:19 <Kill1mes>
16:19 <Ednoahjones> well yeah i guess if your from cuba or something @ read
16:19 <Kill1mes> haraS is back!
16:19 <Darkstride> Never.
16:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Almost, Ednoah.
16:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Colombia.
16:19 <Cameroncraft212> It Makes It Seem Wierd If I Don't
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> Luke, I am your pimp
16:19 <Ednoahjones> i know the british colombia..
16:19 <CrashingCymbal>
16:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> NO Dark I have devoured the
16:19 <Darkstride> (facepalm)
16:19 <Ednoahjones> nothing else
16:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Lee keeps absorbing people.
16:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sooner or later, world dominance will be his goal.
16:20 <Nightweaver2112> umm...
16:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> indeed
16:20 <Nightweaver2112> can you do it for me kill?
16:20 <Darkstride> What if you took everybody's picture in the chat
16:20 <Kill1mes> Yeah
16:20 <Darkstride> and put them all into one picture
16:20 <Kill1mes> Give me the song link
16:20 <CommanderBox> Ok
16:20 <Finneow> firstly, wat, secondly, is that that template or watever, thirdly, chicken nuggets
16:20 <Nightweaver2112>
16:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: YK Nightcore - The end - Duration: 02:58 - Uploaded: 2012-12-21 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 211 -
16:20 <Kill1mes> I think we can do that.
16:20 <CommanderBox> I think the Pasta was ok
16:20 <CommanderBox> 3 Stars for you
16:20 <Kill1mes> Okay, give me a minute Weav
16:20 <Nightweaver2112> k
16:21 <CommanderBox> I forgot the name of that person :L
16:21 <CommanderBox> Well 
16:21 -!- Sadofreedomist has left Special:Chat.
16:21 <Kill1mes> Y'all bitches ain't got shit on Haras
16:21 <CommanderBox> But there's one thing that I don't understand...
16:21 <Cameroncraft212> Nipple Fuck
16:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ed your my bitch noa boi
16:22 <Finneow> guys
16:22 <CommanderBox> Why is in the end in German writted something with a hunter and eat?
16:22 <Crossfire2> Uh, that's not a part of the creepypasta.
16:22 <CommanderBox> lol...
16:22 <Finneow> wut dafuq do any of these teplates do?
16:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Guys, you have forced me. i'll have to bring one of my most short-lived avatars.
16:22 <Kill1mes> brb
16:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And it won't be pretty.
16:22 <Cameroncraft212> Lol What?
16:22 <Crossfire2> Oh shit, short-lived avatar mode is a go.
16:22 <Darkstride> wat
16:22 <NeveRsLeePme12> yes it will
16:22 <Ednoahjones> what the
16:22 <Ednoahjones> holy shit
16:22 <CommanderBox> ?
16:22 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
16:22 <Ednoahjones> *kung fu stance*
16:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> ed i have devoured you
16:23 <Cameroncraft212> Let's think of all the ways to say penis!
16:23 <Ednoahjones> my clone!
16:23 <CommanderBox> lol
16:23 <Cameroncraft212> Cock!
16:23 <Crossfire2> You? ^_^
16:23 <CommanderBox> No!
16:23 <Cameroncraft212> Dick!
16:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ed my son
16:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cameron, stop.
16:23 <CommanderBox> I will create a Box where everybody can live inside with peace. C:
16:23 <Ednoahjones> eat my salty wong!!! *punches nev in the nose*
16:23 <CrashingCymbal> How about no Cam
16:23 <Nightweaver2112> reading...
16:23 <Nightweaver2112> what the fuck?
16:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Suffer, Weaver,
16:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> No my son!
16:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You all forced me to bring it
16:23 <Cameroncraft212> Bungee Cord? .-,
16:24 <Finneow> Um.. wat does BASEPAGENAME mean?
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cameron, stop.
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> i did not!!
16:24 <Crossfire2> Alright, added marks on which parts are not the actual creepypasta.
16:24 <CommanderBox> Ed, Nev, Calm down. Want a cup of tea? :3
16:24 <Cameroncraft212> Ok (._.)
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> i cant change my avatar for some reason
16:24 <Finneow> Guys?
16:24 <Crossfire2> Also, that was the first line of the Attack on Titan's opening.
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No idea Finn.
16:24 <Finneow> (ok)
16:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> CommanderBox you have forced my hand
16:24 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
16:24 <Ednoahjones> he took meh avatar
16:24 <Crossfire2> Can't even see what is that shit.
16:24 <CommanderBox> You want tea? C:
16:24 <Kill1mes> mmk
16:24 <Kill1mes> back
16:25 <Ednoahjones> *punches nev in the back of the head*
16:25 <Ednoahjones> oh yes and how about a crumpet?
16:25 <CommanderBox> Umm
16:25 <CommanderBox> What about a trumpet? 
16:25 <Ednoahjones> fuck trumpets
16:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <CommanderBox> OK! :3
16:25 <Crossfire2> Actually, screw this.
16:26 <CommanderBox> I'm going to order a Croussant. C:
16:26 <Crossfire2> Removed all the parts of the creepypasta that are... well, not parts of the creepypasta.
16:26 <Finneow> I think i know what i am not supposed to know
16:26 <CommanderBox> Ok Ed,
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> GUYS
16:26 <CommanderBox> Here's a Croussant. :3
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> GUYS
16:26 <Finneow> WAT
16:26 <CommanderBox> What? :O
16:26 <CrashingCymbal>
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> I'm freaking out here
16:26 <Kill1mes> Weav
16:27 <Ednoahjones> *smacks croussant out of boxes hand*
16:27 <Kill1mes> Added the template thingy
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> yes?
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> cool
16:27 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
16:27 <Ednoahjones> NO TIME FOR FATTY FOOD!
16:27 <Kill1mes> Hey Ozank
16:27 <Ozank> Hey again
16:27 <Ednoahjones> oh
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> thanks
16:27 <Kill1mes> How are things?
16:27 <Ednoahjones> nev changed his avatar
16:27 <Ozank> good :)
16:27 <Finneow> MY GOD
16:27 <Ozank> yourself?
16:27 <Ednoahjones> *eats croscent off the ground*
16:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> I have absorbed the great one! Kneel before me fools!
16:27 <CommanderBox> OMG
16:27 <CommanderBox> I NEED A BOX
16:27 <Kill1mes> I am the Anti-Sarah! I kneel before nobody!
16:27 <Cameroncraft212> Licks Croscent :3
16:28 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <Ednoahjones> *licks cameron*
16:28 <Kill1mes> Hi ops
16:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> This is my last time on today
16:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hi Kill
16:28 <Kill1mes> D:
16:28 <Cameroncraft212> KINKY!
16:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> And for a while more too
16:28 <NeveRsLeePme12> I have eaten grand one now i am grand one
16:28 <CommanderBox> However, bye.
16:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> I will be gone for some time
16:28 <Kill1mes> Why?
16:28 <CommanderBox> I'm leaving a cup of tea. C:
16:28 <Crossfire2> Uh, quick question. If I want to do a sequel on my lost episode creepypasta, is it against rules?
16:28 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Last day at school, and No home computer kill (T_T)
16:29 -!- CommanderBox has left Special:Chat.
16:29 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
16:29 <Kill1mes> no
16:29 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <Cameroncraft212> Your At School Still???
16:29 <Crossfire2> C'mon, I have vacation in a month. :/
16:29 <Kill1mes> You can make sequals to your own shit
16:29 <Kill1mes> I'm at school for three weeks
16:29 <Kill1mes> Ops, no way on
16:29 <Crossfire2> But that IS my own shit.
16:29 <Kill1mes> For all summer?
16:29 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
16:29 <Jamesthekiller> School?
16:29 <Cameroncraft212> School Ended May 23 For Me!
16:29 <Darkstride> May 24th for me.
16:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill you think Clery will notice? D:
16:29 <Cameroncraft212> Actually 22...
16:30 <Darkstride> ;___;
16:30 <Ednoahjones> school ended the day i was born
16:30 <Ednoahjones> cause i'm homeschooled
16:30 <Ednoahjones> lawl
16:30 <Kill1mes> hmm
16:30 <Kill1mes> NAh
16:30 <Jamesthekiller> for me school ended 2 days ago
16:30 <Kill1mes> Clery is too thick.
16:30 <NeveRsLeePme12> GOOD *evil laugh*
16:30 <Cameroncraft212> I'm Homeschooled For this next year
16:30 <Cameroncraft212> 7th Grade bitchews
16:30 <Kill1mes> Yes, rather good.
16:30 <Cameroncraft212> bitches
16:31 <NeveRsLeePme12> > bitchews
16:31 <Jamesthekiller> 8th grade next for me
16:31 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
16:31 <Cameroncraft212> A Bitchy Jew?
16:31 <Cameroncraft212> Bitchews
16:31 <NeveRsLeePme12> 11th for me
16:31 <Jamesthekiller> Jew?
16:31 -!- Mrgold123 has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <Kill1mes> I'm gonna be in 11th too
16:31 <Cameroncraft212> Ya know.
16:31 <Finneow> Bitchy jews.
16:31 <Cameroncraft212> Jewish ppl
16:31 <Cameroncraft212> that r bitches
16:31 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hey Cleric wanna-be, go away.
16:32 <Cameroncraft212> bitchews
16:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> A Jewish bitch
16:32 <Cameroncraft212> Yup^^
16:32 <Kill1mes> Shoo CeleryofMadness
16:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> Nooo!
16:32 -!- Mrgold123 has left Special:Chat.
16:32 <Kill1mes> I will feed you to vegitarians
16:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NeveR, what does your name even mean?
16:32 <Cameroncraft212> I'm jewish so i take 0 offense to that:D
16:32 <Ednoahjones> he never sleeps
16:33 <Ednoahjones> @ brooke
16:33 <Darkstride> Neve Runescape Bruce Lee Pm Me. (derp)
16:33 <Mr. Black Ops13> Back for now
16:33 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yeah, but why does it say "me"
16:33 <Jamesthekiller> what'd ya mean?
16:33 <Mr. Black Ops13> (urgh) I don't want to leave the wiki...
16:34 <Jamesthekiller> then don't click that little x on the corner
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> hey black ops
16:34 <Kill1mes> I know that feel bro
16:34 <Kill1mes> Library computers?
16:34 <NeveRsLeePme12> Brooke you shall be a absored
16:34 <Kill1mes> Other computers?
16:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes. I will
16:34 <Kill1mes> a absorbed? D:
16:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> Use library computers
16:34 <Kill1mes> mk
16:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hi Weavey
16:34 <Finneow> :D
16:34 <NeveRsLeePme12> yes kill yes
16:34 <Kill1mes> That's a horrible way to go out
16:34 <Mr. Black Ops13> HeyFinneow
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> I HAVE MUSIC ON MY PROFILE NOW!
16:35 <Kill1mes> You're welcome .-.
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> thx kill
16:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> Congratufreakinglations. Kill, will you do that for me?
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I want music on mine.
16:35 <Cameroncraft212> Bitchews
16:35 <Kill1mes> Sure
16:35 <Nightweaver2112>
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Shiny never did it. :c
16:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> YES!
16:35 <Finneow> I have figured out a small amount of the templates! im so good at this!
16:35 <Kill1mes> link me the song you want
16:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill be amazing
16:35 <Cameroncraft212> wut
16:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> Btw my name was kind of random so idk
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> check it out black ops!
16:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> Uno momento porvavore
16:35 <Mr. Black Ops13> I will
16:35 <Nightweaver2112>
16:35 <Finneow> Btw, how do you get music on there?
16:36 <Cameroncraft212> apple is fuck :D
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> ask kill
16:36 <Kill1mes> A template.
16:36 <Jamesthekiller> Hey!
16:36 <Kill1mes> durr
16:36 <Finneow> kk
16:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kill, will you be a beast and put music on my profile?
16:36 <Finneow> watsitcalled
16:36 <Jamesthekiller> i use apple right now
16:36 <Kill1mes> Sure
16:36 <Kill1mes> link me the song
16:36 <Cameroncraft212> Hey! uu Does not look like w :/
16:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kk Pm
16:36 <Mr. Black Ops13> Why it no work Weavey?
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> WHY?!?
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> ?
16:37 <Cameroncraft212> So double u is a loie
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> It no work
16:37 <NeveRsLeePme12> Brooke is MINE
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> why what no work?
16:37 <Jamesthekiller> dont you eat my fucking face today finn
16:37 <Cameroncraft212> lie*
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T)
16:37 <Kill1mes> It doesn't work for me either
16:37 <Kill1mes> outdated browser.
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> (URGH)
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oh.
16:37 <Cameroncraft212> kay then
16:37 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
16:37 <Jamesthekiller> dont ask
16:37 <Jamesthekiller> shit went down last night
16:37 <Finneow> Dafuq is hidden cat?
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> ah well, i can just link you the song
16:37 <NeveRsLeePme12> Brooke you are now one of many of my faces
16:38 <Nightweaver2112>
16:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: YK Nightcore - The end - Duration: 02:58 - Uploaded: 2012-12-21 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 212 -
16:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FUUUUU-
16:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FUCK!
16:38 <NeveRsLeePme12> Nightweaver2112 you shall join too
16:38 <CrashingCymbal> I decided no more copying for me :P
16:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> no i will not
16:39 <Finneow> wat is the template for music?
16:39 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
16:39 <Ednoahjones> i'm about to change my avatar
16:39 <Ednoahjones> to a picture of me
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> better not change it to mine...
16:39 <Kill1mes> {{YoutubePlayer|VideoURL = embed/ code|Autoplay = 1|Hide = 0}}
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> ah fuck
16:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> Too late
16:39 <Kill1mes> That's the template
16:39 -!- Cap.America has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> Mwahahaha!!
16:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sousa - The Washington Post March - YouTube
16:39 <Kill1mes> Hey Cap
16:39 <Ednoahjones> no its a picture of my real self
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> just becuase my avatar is epic
16:39 <Mr. Black Ops13> Here is the song kill
16:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I didn't know how to use the template. >.>
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> Wait, wrong link. Oops
16:40 <Kill1mes> Added it Brooke
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13>‎
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> Try that
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> It should work
16:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Thanks. :3
16:40 <NeveRsLeePme12> ok no more face stealing
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> SHOULD
16:40 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <Cap.America> Grr.  Tell Irish I am mad at him.
16:40 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <Cap.America> :|
16:40 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OH HELL YES.
16:40 <LizardMaster178> hi
16:40 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, someone stole your Avatar! (urgh)
16:41 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
16:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey (sarah)
16:41 <Nightweaver2112> i know
16:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oh.
16:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ok no mre
16:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> *more
16:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> You didn't need to change it, I just thought that Weavey didn't know
16:41 <Cap.America> BEN!
16:41 <Cap.America> :D
16:41 <Mr. Black Ops13> If someone wants, they can use my avatar too.
16:41 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi (sarah)
16:42 <NeveRsLeePme12> brb food cause I'm a greedy fucker
16:42 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
16:42 <Cap.America> Who here wants to join BEN?  Muh huh ha ha ha!
16:42 <Cap.America> :P
16:42 -!- Jo who has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <LizardMaster178> Awh. Richard Griffiths who was in Harry Ootter died ;(
16:42 <LizardMaster178> *Potter
16:43 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kill, the song isn't playing. D:
16:43 <Nightweaver2112> harry otter?
16:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> HARRY PLOPPER
16:43 <LizardMaster178> POTTER
16:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> PLOPPER
16:43 <Jo who> Harry mopper
16:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> jk
16:43 <Jo who> Hairy shopper
16:43 -!- Kingtutt666 has joined Special:Chat
16:43 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has left Special:Chat.
16:43 -!- Thebabylonproject has joined Special:Chat
16:43 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has joined Special:Chat
16:43 <Finneow> so do i put the hole URL in or just the video id?
16:43 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oops
16:44 <Thebabylonproject> Guess who's back with a brand new track?
16:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> (facepalm) I tried to open the chat again like a stupid
16:44 <LizardMaster178> XD
16:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> >_<
16:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Does the song play for you guys?
16:44 <Kingtutt666> I just read ben
16:44 <Mr. Black Ops13> No. Nice page, though
16:44 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
16:44 -!- Cap.America has left Special:Chat.
16:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck.
16:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> KILL!
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill, check your talk page man!
16:45 <Kill1mes> Laptop died.
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> Check yo tqalk page
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
16:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> The song doesn't play.
16:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
16:45 <Kill1mes> got it.
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> It's because I am using an outdated browser Brooke
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill did it right
16:45 <Thebabylonproject> So how is everyone?
16:45 <Kill1mes> Find a different version then Brooke, not all work
16:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Okay. D:
16:45 <Kingtutt666> good
16:45 <Mr. Black Ops13> Horrid
16:45 <Kill1mes> Or ask somebody else if it works
16:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill, you said you got that song?
16:46 <Kill1mes> Hey Sarah
16:46 <Kill1mes> Yeah, I got this
16:46 <Kingtutt666> BEN
16:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> YES!
16:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Sarah.
16:46 <Finneow> I am so confused
16:46 <Ozank> hi sarah
16:46 -!- AlexHawks has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <Mr. Black Ops13> I am so tired
16:47 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> *sleeps on computer keyboard* (Insert random characters here)
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Nursy
16:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Nurse
16:47 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Kill1mes> Hey SSN
16:47 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
16:47 <Kill1mes> And Shiny
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> Reading, New avatar?
16:47 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> It is cool...
16:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Old one.
16:47 <Kingtutt666> this  is the only part of creepy pasta that's not creepy
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oh.
16:47 <Mr. Black Ops13> New to me
16:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello all. Does anyone here have a Twitter?
16:47 <Kill1mes> Brooke, you need another version of that song
16:47 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
16:48 <(´・ω・`)> Hey Shrubby.
16:48 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Finneow> i srsly dont get it
16:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> (bleurgh) Brooke, I think you want this emote
16:48 <(´・ω・`)> GOD DAMN IT KILL.
16:48 <Shrubskill Nurse> And hello. Sorry, the chat wasn't working so I had to refresh a few times.
16:48 <Shining-Armor> hi sarah...
16:48 <(´・ω・`)> change yo avatar 
16:48 <Kill1mes> XD
16:48 <(´・ω・`)> Shiny -hugs-
16:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> (loool)
16:48 <Shining-Armor> -hugs-
16:48 <Kill1mes> I am Haras, that anti Sarah!
16:48 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Kill1mes> Hi Alex
16:48 <(´・ω・`)> fak u
16:48 <Kingtutt666> ssssssssssssssssssssssssspppppppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
16:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Wants hug*
16:48 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello, Alex.
16:48 <Mr. Black Ops13> Stretch much?
16:48 -!- Kingtutt666 was banned from Special:Chat by (´・ω・`) for 7200 seconds.
16:49 -!- Kingtutt666 was banned from Special:Chat by Shining-Armor for 7200 seconds.
16:49 -!- Kingtutt666 has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <(´・ω・`)> Try me fucker.
16:49 <Mr. Black Ops13> Double ban!
16:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DAFUQ.
16:49 <Ednoahjones> double ban!
16:49 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hohoho, it's been a while since I've seen double bans.
16:49 <Kill1mes> I look away for two seconds...
16:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuckin' bar.
16:49 <Ednoahjones> multi ban!
16:49 <Finneow> kill where do i put the video URL?
16:49 <Mr. Black Ops13> Good job Kill
16:49 <Kill1mes> After enbed/
16:49 <Kill1mes> embed*
16:49 <Finneow> k
16:49 -!- AlexHawks has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <Kill1mes> Ops, added the song.
16:49 <(´・ω・`)> Hey Shiny ya know how some people have those images just kinda like off their profile.
16:49 <Darkstride> Double Kill.
16:49 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <(´・ω・`)> Can you do that here?
16:49 <Ednoahjones> super ban! mega ban! ultra ban! m-m-m-monster ban!
16:49 <Shining-Armor> yeah
16:49 <Ednoahjones> holy ban.. ban... ban..
16:49 <Mr. Black Ops13> Look to the skies, to see the end of all creation again... I love 115 by elena siegman
16:49 <Kill1mes> Off the profile?
16:49 <Shining-Armor> im sure you can
16:50 <Shrubskill Nurse> Ban Bandetto?
16:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
16:50 <Shining-Armor> like floating?
16:50 <Shrubskill Nurse>
16:50 <Shrubskill Nurse> hue
16:50 <(´・ω・`)> Yea.
16:50 <Kill1mes> I saw a triple ban one
16:50 <(´・ω・`)> Can you help me with it?
16:50 <Shining-Armor> yeah you can
16:50 <Kill1mes> and by once, I mean like 10 times
16:50 <Shining-Armor> surein a min
16:50 <(´・ω・`)> i want this one
16:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> Smooth one Kill
16:50 <Ednoahjones> domibanning!
16:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> Troll banning
16:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> that is what has happened here to day
16:50 <Finneow> [[ User:Finneow ]]
16:50 <Kill1mes> huh?
16:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Once Wolfen and I kicked two socks at the same time, each one selecting a different one. We hadn't agreed to do it.
16:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It was awesome
16:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Both kicked instantly.
16:50 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nice
16:50 <Jo who> Kill chill.
16:50 <Finneow> does the music play for yu guys
16:51 <Kill1mes> Nice Read
16:51 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <Kill1mes> Well I guess it's Spitfire time again
16:51 <Kill1mes> Hi Alex
16:51 <Ednoahjones> well..
16:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> Some people think this is spamnation, but it is not!
16:51 -!- Jo who has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Thebabylonproject> Well, I'm of to shower or something. Bye I guess.
16:51 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'll see you all later, bye and have a good day. c:
16:51 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye Nurs and Baby
16:51 <Kill1mes> Bye Wolfes
16:52 <Kill1mes> Oh noes D:
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> XD
16:52 -!- Thebabylonproject has left Special:Chat.
16:52 <Ednoahjones> look at dat mug
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nah...
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> jk
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have to leave soon...
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> permanatly
16:52 <Kill1mes> Speitfiah
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill got new avatar!
16:52 <LizardMaster178> gtg
16:52 <LizardMaster178> bye
16:52 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sweet
16:52 <Kill1mes> It's not new, I had it yesterday
16:53 <Kill1mes> buy relativilty new
16:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> (urgh) I JUST CAN'T WIN!
16:53 <Kill1mes> but*
16:53 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
16:53 <Kill1mes> This and that Scootaloo one 
16:53 <Ednoahjones> kill?... but i have one for real
16:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> Every avatar I go through is new
16:53 <Kill1mes> I had for the longest time
16:53 <Ednoahjones> and its beautiful
16:53 <Kill1mes> I like.
16:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> I never use old ones
16:53 <Kill1mes> mk
16:53 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Dash
16:53 <Ednoahjones> so god damn amazing my new avatar is
16:53 <Kill1mes> Hi Dash
16:53 <(´・ω・`)> Sup Dotty.
16:53 <DASHDOT™> Wussup
16:54 <Kill1mes> Why is your name at the bottom of the user list?
16:54 <Kill1mes> Nice pic btw
16:54 <Finneow> I put the video URL after embedded but its still not playing 
16:54 <(´・ω・`)> cuz the different font
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I suppose it is because the D isn't a normal D.
16:54 <DASHDOT™> per Sarah
16:54 <Kill1mes> That makes sense.
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah
16:54 <Kill1mes> Different is good.
16:54 <(´・ω・`)> your face is different 
16:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I FOUND A VERSION THAT WORKS, KILL.
16:54 <Ednoahjones> KILL THEY WHO IS DIFFERENT!
16:54 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has left Special:Chat.
16:54 <Kill1mes> As there is no normal, different does not exist.
16:54 <DASHDOT™> Different and proud
16:54 <Ednoahjones> why?
16:54 <Ednoahjones> cause they different
16:54 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
16:54 <DASHDOT™> Noah
16:54 <Kill1mes> OPS NO
16:54 <Kill1mes> D:
16:54 <DASHDOT™> y u do dis
16:54 <The-one123> im back
16:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Listen to dat eargasm.
16:55 <Kill1mes> Hi one
16:55 -!- 3alexbalex has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <Kill1mes> Hey Balex
16:55 <3alexbalex> hi
16:55 <DASHDOT™> For a second i thought it was 12AM (derp)
16:55 <Kill1mes> Ponies are overrunning this site.
16:55 <3alexbalex> lola
16:55 <Kill1mes> Actually, fandoms are.
16:55 <Kill1mes> All teh fandoms
16:56 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <Kill1mes> Hey Cup
16:56 <Cupcakes8> Kill, nice avvie. :3
16:56 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <Kill1mes> I'm gonna go see if I can find a better avatar.
16:56 <Cupcakes8> ...K. (okay) 
16:56 <Kill1mes> One probably involving Scoot.
16:56 <Kill1mes> Speaking of which
16:56 <The-one123> so whats going on
16:57 <Kill1mes> What the hell is your avatar Cup?
16:57 <Shining-Armor> kill is brony now?
16:57 <Cupcakes8> Pinkie Pie.
16:57 <Kill1mes> Yep >_>
16:57 <Shining-Armor> welp
16:57 <(´・ω・`)> >googles Spitfire
16:57 <(´・ω・`)> >safe search is off
16:57 <(´・ω・`)> Fuck.
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> were doomed
16:57 <Kill1mes> huehue
16:57 <DASHDOT™> rawr
16:57 <Cupcakes8> Ah fuck this, I'm out.
16:57 <The-one123> gtg bye bye
16:57 <Shining-Armor> have some "fanfiction" kill
16:57 <Kill1mes> Oh shit.
16:57 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> lol
16:57 <Kill1mes> What did I just get myself into?
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> DONT DO IT KILL!
16:57 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> im going to guess something really, really bad
16:58 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> back again
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> hey blops
16:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> What did kill get into?
16:58 <Kill1mes> Idk
16:58 <Finneow> FFS why is the music not working
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> pony fanfiction
16:58 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Mr. Black Ops13> A new brony? Whoo Hoo!
16:58 <Kill1mes> Hi Skye
16:58 <DASHDOT™> watch out for Clop fics
16:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
16:59 <Kill1mes> Ops, could you not tell by my avatar? :P
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> No. I thought it was a pokemon. I have perfect sight
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> i will never turn brony
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> I fail
16:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
16:59 <(´・ω・`)> eh fuck it
16:59 <Kill1mes> Well it is small
16:59 <(´・ω・`)> keeping this avatar 
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver, how could you say that (captcha)
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> ?!?
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> How man? How?
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> because MLP just isnt my thing
16:59 <(´・ω・`)> who gives a shit its a show
16:59 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Dies in corner*
16:59 <Ednoahjones> i like meh pic
16:59 <Ednoahjones> skeptical!noah
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> i perfer furries
16:59 <Finneow> Kill, can you please enlighten me onto why this music will not play?
17:00 <(´・ω・`)> So do I.
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> i just like the art and the concept in general
17:00 <(´・ω・`)> Though I'm a furry and a brony.
17:00 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <Kill1mes> Let me see what you posted
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> (motherofgod) Sarah How could you say that?
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> I am a furry too
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sweet
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Furries
17:00 <Finneow> [[ user:finneow]]
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> Weaver is a furry?
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> i would be crossed wiht a wolf
17:00 <Kill1mes> I like the art and music, not the show as much.
17:00 <Mr. Black Ops13> YAY!
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> yep
17:01 <Diamondzarebright> hey guise
17:01 <Kill1mes> Hi
17:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> I would like to be part tiger.
17:01 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
17:01 -!- Shining-Armor has joined Special:Chat
17:01 <Diamondzarebright> we're gonna get more rain 
17:01 <(´・ω・`)>
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> Look at this sexy profile of sexiness. 
17:01 <Diamondzarebright> C:
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> i perfer wolves
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> We are?
17:01 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> shit
17:01 <Kill1mes> Sexi.
17:01 -!- Shining-Armor has left Special:Chat.
17:01 <Horrorfan1> gtg bye guys
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> i wanna try out the pool but NOOOOO
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> what the fuck is that music sarah?!?
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> weather has to be a cockmuncher
17:01 <Kill1mes> 100 edits
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> wai u leik
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> no
17:01 <(´・ω・`)> yes you do
17:02 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
17:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> (fail)
17:02 <Finneow> damn how u get the music to play
17:02 <Ednoahjones> no one cares about my new handsome avatar..
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> i like mine
17:02 <Nightweaver2112>
17:02 <Ednoahjones> time to go an hero
17:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nope
17:02 <(´・ω・`)> i wanna play a south park song
17:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> (sparta) This is for Creepypasta!
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> check my moosick out
17:02 <(´・ω・`)> but i dont think thats allowed 
17:02 <Nightweaver2112>
17:02 <Kill1mes> New avatar noaw.
17:02 <(´・ω・`)> hey dotty you know that rainbow dash cloud image on your profile 
17:02 <Ednoahjones> why wouldn't it be @ sarah?
17:02 <(´・ω・`)> can you get that on me? :3
17:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
17:02 <Kill1mes> Chat, y u no autoscroll?
17:02 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill, isn't that a Sarah Ripoff?
17:02 <(´・ω・`)> Language and shit.
17:03 <Ednoahjones> does someone not like south park?
17:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye Reading
17:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Bye
17:03 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
17:03 <Kill1mes> Is what?
17:03 <DASHDOT™> i can
17:03 <Ednoahjones> we post stuff with language all the time
17:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> Your avatar
17:03 <(´・ω・`)> on this wiki
17:03 <DASHDOT™> let me try
17:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> I meant Shining ripoff
17:03 <Cameroncraft212> DICK FUCK
17:03 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
17:03 <Kill1mes> Uh, no?
17:03 <Cameroncraft212> My toessss
17:03 <Kill1mes> oh
17:03 <Kill1mes> No, he didn't make this thingy
17:03 <DASHDOT™> I think it should work
17:03 <Mr. Black Ops13> (shiny) NEW PONY
17:03 <Finneow> [[User:Finneow]] theres my page, the music wont play, plz tell me how to make it play
17:04 <Cameroncraft212> pehnish
17:04 <Kill1mes> I think I'll keep my avatar like this.
17:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> Ok
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> k
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> im keeping my avatar like this forever now
17:04 <Mr. Black Ops13> wow, there are a lot of new MLP emotes...
17:04 <Ednoahjones> (wat)
17:05 <(´・ω・`)> but dotty
17:05 <Ednoahjones> @ weaver*
17:05 <Kill1mes> Finn
17:05 -!- Cameroncraft212 has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <(´・ω・`)> i want it at the place of your spitfire thing
17:05 <Kill1mes> That should fix it
17:05 <(´・ω・`)> so it doesn't get in the way
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> im jelly?
17:05 <Ednoahjones> no
17:05 <DASHDOT™> :/
17:05 <Ednoahjones> it was wat
17:05 <(´・ω・`)> but im not using the spitfire thing
17:05 <Ednoahjones> i don't like yo avatar.. not as handsome as.... oh i dunno... somebody elses..
17:05 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
17:05 <(´・ω・`)> im just using your profile as an example D:
17:05 -!- Pellyeve93 has joined Special:Chat
17:05 <DASHDOT™> what do you want to use?
17:06 <(´・ω・`)>
17:06 <Pellyeve93> daisuki
17:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill, Link me your user page
17:06 <(´・ω・`)> in the south east corner 
17:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Now pleas
17:06 <DASHDOT™> oh, ok
17:06 <Pellyeve93> Hey everyone
17:06 <Kill1mes> [[User talk:Kill1mes]]
17:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thank you
17:06 <Finneow> OHMAI IT WORKS!
17:06 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Kill1mes> Yep.
17:06 <Kill1mes> Hey CC
17:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hello :)
17:06 <Pellyeve93> Hiya Crash
17:06 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Mr. Black Ops13> Crymbal is Fry?
17:06 <CrashingCymbal> I'm feeling electric tonight
17:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> FRYMBAL!
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Pelly and Blops :P
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> OH MY GOD
17:07 <Kill1mes> PELLEH~
17:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have a furry avatar!
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> FRYMBAL
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> YES
17:07 <Finneow> No sure if fry or Cymbal
17:07 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yes
17:07 <Kill1mes> *glomps*
17:07 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> Caps, sorreh
17:07 <DASHDOT™> i tested it in my page
17:07 <Finneow> wat.. pelleh?
17:07 <Finneow> PELLEH!
17:07 <Pellyeve93> hej hej 
17:07 <(´・ω・`)> did it work
17:07 <Nightweaver2112> kill, youre stealing my thing
17:07 <DASHDOT™> it's not working atm but i can try to tweak some stuff  to see if it'll work
17:07 <Kill1mes> Pelleh what's up?
17:07 <(´・ω・`)> oke
17:07 <Kill1mes> What thing?
17:07 <Pellyeve93> i got chipper :3 
17:07 <Nightweaver2112> glomps
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> Class Pelly
17:08 -!- Avenging Angel has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <Kill1mes> That's not your thing
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> MINE
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> NO, MINE!
17:08 <Kill1mes> That's a bunch of peoples things
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> I could do with some Fast Food
17:08 <Pellyeve93> night we've been glomping since last april 
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> I am hungovaa
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> ...
17:08 <Finneow> My userpage is pimped out now
17:08 <Kill1mes> *glomps a bunch of random users to spite Weav*
17:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have finished my friends list, and will add more soon! check it out!
17:08 <Finneow> ok
17:08 <Pellyeve93> i need to update my friends list omg
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> dammit kill!
17:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> Glomps everyone cause I don't know what it means!
17:08 <Mr. Black Ops13> (allthethings)
17:08 <Avenging Angel> (fluttershygif)
17:09 <Kill1mes> It's like a tackle hug
17:09 <Pellyeve93> Hiya Angel 
17:09 <Kill1mes> Hey Angel
17:09 <Pellyeve93> long time no see
17:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> Wait, I forgot to add Finneow!
17:09 <Avenging Angel> Hi
17:09 <Finneow> :D
17:09 <Kill1mes> What's up?
17:09 <Kill1mes>
17:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> Link me Finneow
17:09 <Avenging Angel> Got bored of minecraft
17:09 <Mr. Black Ops13> To your user page
17:09 <Avenging Angel> YAY FRIENDS
17:09 <Kill1mes> [[User:Finneow]]
17:09 <CrashingCymbal> Has anyone seen The Great Gatsby yet?
17:09 <CrashingCymbal> I really really really wanna see it badly
17:10 <Kill1mes> Angel.
17:10 <Avenging Angel> >everyone is my friend
17:10 <Kill1mes> I think you converted me.
17:10 <Avenging Angel> Yes!
17:10 <Kill1mes> .-.
17:10 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs*
17:10 <Avenging Angel> I have a 90% conversion rate. ;3
17:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym
17:10 <Mr. Black Ops13> There
17:11 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> Many people will not be on it though. Only those that are WORTHY!
17:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hey Ty
17:11 <Avenging Angel> I can't believe how much happier the show has made me.
17:11 <Kill1mes> Hey Ty
17:11 <Ednoahjones> none of my allies are on..
17:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> What show?
17:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> WHAT SHOW?
17:11 <Avenging Angel> MLP
17:11 <Kill1mes> I don't know about the show, but I like the music and art.
17:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> +
17:11 <Mr. Black Ops13> YESSSS!
17:11 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
17:11 <DASHDOT™> I got it to work on my profile
17:11 <Kill1mes> And the fandom.
17:11 <Avenging Angel> Try some fanfics kill
17:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> +
17:11 <Kill1mes> Well, some of it.
17:12 <Avenging Angel> Who here plays League?
17:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn my keyboard!
17:12 <Kill1mes> Angel, I think I should tell you.
17:12 <Kill1mes> That day on tc
17:12 <Avenging Angel> Go on
17:12 <Kill1mes> I was almost a brony anyways, But you pushed me to it. Then I admitted it. And now have an avatar
17:12 <Avenging Angel> Yessss.
17:12 <Mr. Black Ops13> Booyah!
17:12 <Kill1mes> I had read some fanfics.
17:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> Everypony gather round for something!
17:13 <Kill1mes> Some turned out to be a little...
17:13 <Kill1mes> NSFW.
17:13 <Kill1mes> jk
17:13 <Kill1mes> No, some did borderline that.
17:13 <Mr. Black Ops13> (bleurgh)
17:13 <Avenging Angel> Oh well if that's the case we can talk about that any time in private.
17:13 <Avenging Angel> ;3
17:13 <Kill1mes> Omai
17:13 <Kill1mes> I'm not into that >_>
17:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <Avenging Angel> It's nothing to be proud of, don't worry.
17:14 <(´・ω・`)>
17:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Lonely Island - SEMICOLON (feat. Solange) LYRICS VIDEO #WACKWEDNESDAYS - Duration: 02:41 - Uploaded: 2013-05-22 - Rating: 4.851167 - Views: 2,932,001 -
17:14 <(´・ω・`)> lol
17:14 <(´・ω・`)> Like this song.
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> Once I leave, I can only communicate by talk page. Unless I have computer access.
17:14 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> (T_T)
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> spread the word.
17:14 <Kill1mes> D:
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> Yep. I told you already, though
17:14 <Finneow> Omai, i am so good, i just changed the song on my userpafe
17:14 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> I don't think I told sarah though...
17:14 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <DASHDOT™> I got it to work
17:14 <Mr. Black Ops13> What is that avatar DashDot?
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> It looks sweet
17:15 <DASHDOT™> Derpy in a jacket
17:15 <(´・ω・`)> yay
17:15 <Pellyeve93> i'm not just any kind of eve 
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> (rainbowvomit) Nice
17:15 <Pellyeve93> im the pelly kind of eve
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> DAMNIT
17:15 <Diamondzarebright> I'm not paying attention to any of this I feel real awkward 
17:15 <Avenging Angel> Anyone here please league of legends? pls I have no frens
17:15 <Kill1mes> nou
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> (2cute4me)
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> there
17:15 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sorry angel. Never heard of it
17:15 <Nightweaver2112> sometimes, i dream about cheese.
17:15 <Pellyeve93> i used to play but not any more
17:15 <Kill1mes> FLOATING PONU
17:15 <Kill1mes> AHH
17:15 <Avenging Angel> It's like dota for neckbeards
17:16 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
17:16 <Kill1mes> Hi Spartan
17:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> (bleurgh) That is weird Weaver
17:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> Very weird
17:16 <CreepyPastaFriend> hey spartan
17:16 <DASHDOT™> Sarah, u now has sleeping RD on ur prof :33
17:16 <Spartantemp> back from the doctors...
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> :)
17:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> (dammitbobby)
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> HL2 reference
17:16 <Finneow> [[User:Finneow]] check out this awsome
17:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> HL2?
17:16 <Pellyeve93> i dreamed about touching my waifu's boobs once
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> half life 2
17:16 <(´・ω・`)> awwww yeah
17:16 <Pellyeve93> while she was pretending to be a lamp
17:16 <Mr. Black Ops13> CAT GOD!
17:16 <Avenging Angel> I wish I could lucid dream. ;_;
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> me too
17:16 <Pellyeve93> she had to pretend to be a lamp because my parents were trying to kill her
17:16 <Finneow> Yeah i know
17:17 <Avenging Angel> Like Burzum?
17:17 <Kill1mes> wut
17:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't dream unless I am half awake half asleep.
17:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> It is medical
17:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> So, if I dream, I sleep horribly
17:17 <Pellyeve93> have you ever tried to keep a dream journal 
17:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> Cause I get half the sleep
17:17 <Kill1mes> yes
17:17 <Pellyeve93> that shit's impossible
17:17 <Finneow> Its cat god
17:17 <Kill1mes> yes it is.
17:17 <Mr. Black Ops13> It is IMPOSSIBRU!
17:17 <Finneow> on mah page
17:17 <Nightweaver2112> ok diamond
17:17 <Kill1mes> I once had one.
17:17 <Kill1mes> Then I THREW IT ON THE GROUND
17:17 <Kill1mes> Sorry about that .-.
17:18 <Avenging Angel> Kill have you seen double rainboom?
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> I still have mine, and write everyonceinawhile.thespacebarstoppedworking
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> NOSPACES!
17:18 <Kill1mes> The fan made trailer? Yes.
17:18 <(´・ω・`)> Double Rainboom was... meh. 
17:18 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
17:18 <Kill1mes> Didn;t you show me that?
17:18 <(´・ω・`)> I mean the actual full version.
17:18 <Avenging Angel> I showed you Snowdrop
17:18 <Kill1mes> it could have been better.
17:18 <Kill1mes> oh
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thespacebarnowork.(T_T)
17:18 <Avenging Angel> Which in my opinion is better than Double Rainboom
17:18 <Spartantemp> Well if anyone wants to know I have to have therapy... 
17:18 <Kill1mes> There is a full version?
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
17:18 <Finneow> I was a grumpy cat once. it was horrible
17:18 <Pellyeve93> are the final destination movie any good?  
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> GRUMPYCAR!
17:18 <CrashingCymbal> I wish I could play the Saxophone
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> damnit
17:18 <Kill1mes> I had fun once
17:18 <Pellyeve93> movies*
17:18 <Kill1mes> It was horrible
17:18 <Mr. Black Ops13> Iplaysaxaphone
17:18 <Nightweaver2112> kill, why does your pony have no face?
17:18 <DASHDOT™> Sarah PM
17:18 <Nightweaver2112> slenderpony?
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> I can play
17:19 <Avenging Angel> Because inside is yellow :)
17:19 <Kill1mes> Becasue
17:19 <Kill1mes> Uh
17:19 <Spartantemp> I went outside once...never forget
17:19 <Kill1mes> Why not?
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> *wait for it*
17:19 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <Kill1mes> Hi Aron
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> the SEXAPHONE!
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> ;d
17:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> Space bar is working again. I wish it would stop buggin.
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
17:19 <Pellyeve93> i can play the penis-ano
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> ;D
17:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> (bleurgh)
17:19 <Finneow> brb
17:19 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
17:19 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
17:19 <Child Of Mantra> God damn i passed out.
17:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> (bleurgh) times ad infinitum
17:19 <Nightweaver2112> i can play the keyboard
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> I hope you're not lactose intolerant guys
17:19 <Kill1mes> Aron, I decided against the pasta idea I had.
17:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have no alergies!
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> Because I'm so legenDAIRY!
17:19 <Kill1mes> I do.
17:19 <Mr. Black Ops13> Never had.
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> wot
17:20 <Kill1mes> Amonium Lactate.
17:20 <Pellyeve93> *booing*
17:20 <Pellyeve93> BOO
17:20 <Mr. Black Ops13> No, not the horrible puns! NOOO!
17:20 <CrashingCymbal> Yes 
17:20 <Pellyeve93> a pun a day keeps the friends away
17:20 <Mr. Black Ops13> NO
17:20 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, all the punsies
17:20 <Mr. Black Ops13> Pelly got it right
17:20 <Kill1mes> What are friends?
17:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> friends?
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> is that some kind of salad?
17:20 <Pellyeve93> those things you eat 
17:20 <Pellyeve93> you know
17:20 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zck :P
17:20 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit
17:20 <Mr. Black Ops13> Crashing Cymbal with Fry avatar. That is your full name, and I will use it against you!
17:20 <CrashingCymbal> Zack
17:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
17:21 <CrashingCymbal> Wut
17:21 <Avenging Angel> Oh boy people in my class are arguing over religion.
17:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hide in fear!
17:21 <Kill1mes> fun
17:21 <CrashingCymbal> I'm good Zack!
17:21 <CrashingCymbal> You?
17:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good
17:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm not so good
17:21 <Ednoahjones> not a single one of my allies are on.. cept for cymbal
17:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> *Hides from religious tards*
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> I like a good religious debate
17:21 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
17:21 <Mr. Black Ops13> Brooke!
17:21 <Avenging Angel> Religion is all fine and dandy for the people it gives morals to.
17:21 <Kill1mes> Brooke
17:22 <Kill1mes> Hi
17:22 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
17:22 <Ednoahjones> i like a good game of mega man. (ok)
17:22 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> Brooke, do you know why I can't chat anymore?
17:22 <Avenging Angel> Changing classes
17:22 <TeenagedChip469> I'm back assholes!
17:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> wut?
17:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> @$$ hat.
17:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> jk
17:22 <Mr. Black Ops13> Brooke, do you know why I can't chat anymore?
17:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What do you mean...? (twitch)
17:22 -!- Avenging Angel has left Special:Chat.
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't chat for an undefined amount of time.
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> I don't have a home computer
17:23 -!- Amber Volturi has joined Special:Chat
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> todays the last day of school
17:23 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
17:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh, I knew that.
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> NO MORE CHAT!!
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Oh.
17:23 <Child Of Mantra> brb fewd
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Damnit
17:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and today was my last day too!
17:23 <Pellyeve93> from june 13-23 i will be gone
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Sweet
17:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but my day is over.
17:23 <Amber Volturi> hi,
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Mine is almost over
17:23 <Pellyeve93> hiya amber
17:23 <TeenagedChip469> One more hour
17:23 <Kill1mes> So Brooke and Ops are leaving?
17:23 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
17:23 <TeenagedChip469> then I'm outta here
17:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not leaving.
17:23 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill. I just realized you added the Washington Post to my page. THANK YOU!
17:23 -!- Amber Volturi has left Special:Chat.
17:23 <Kill1mes> Aww
17:24 <Kill1mes> I mean good
17:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck you. :/
17:24 <Kill1mes> Washington post?
17:24 <Kill1mes> Wut
17:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kill... (QQ)
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> The song I had you add to my page. Wasn't it an instrumental?
17:24 <Kill1mes> Oh
17:24 <Pellyeve93> brooke i daisuki u becase u are kawaiii desu
17:24 <Kill1mes> Idk, the template doesn't play for me
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> Really?
17:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have a home computer.
17:24 <CrashingCymbal> I WIN!
17:24 <Kill1mes> Never does
17:24 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> How do you know if it will work?
17:24 <Ednoahjones> hey how do you get music to play on your page?
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> Kill
17:24 <Kill1mes> outdated browser
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thats how
17:24 <Mr. Black Ops13> Same here Kill
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> kill, the war is still raging on...kinda
17:25 <Kill1mes> k
17:25 <Pellyeve93> *closes out of your user page before the music starts playing* 
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> your move...
17:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> FOR THE WEAVERS!
17:25 <Kill1mes> My school is giving up iPas next yea
17:25 <Kill1mes> r
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> :)
17:25 <Kill1mes> Ipads
17:25 <Pellyeve93> music on user pages pisses me off
17:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> Nice
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> i have an ally!
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> and you have none, kill!
17:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> I've been your ally, you dote! Jk
17:25 <Pellyeve93> my school is giving me jack shit next year
17:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> Hah.
17:25 <Kill1mes> I deleted it when it wouldn't work
17:25 <Mr. Black Ops13> The best thing I got was an interschool email address
17:26 <Mr. Black Ops13> Thats it
17:26 <Pellyeve93> we got given swipe cards
17:26 <Ednoahjones> ... okey dokey then no answer
17:26 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <Pellyeve93> *confetti*
17:26 <Mr. Black Ops13> Wait, you are against KILL?!?
17:26 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <Kill1mes> Yush
17:26 <Mr. Black Ops13> I can't fight for either side!
17:26 <Kill1mes> Wb Finn
17:26 <Finneow> Im back
17:26 <Pellyeve93> I HATE KILL 
17:26 <Kill1mes> I hate kill too
17:26 <Finneow> with a new avatar
17:26 <Kill1mes> I wish he would just die already
17:26 <Mr. Black Ops13> I STRONGLY DISLIKE PELLY! JK
17:27 <Pellyeve93> yeah pelly's an asshole
17:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Well, I wish that bitch Brooke would die.
17:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> I hate Everyone.
17:27 <Pellyeve93> someone should just assassinate her 
17:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> She's such a slut, my fucking god.
17:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Especially Mr. Black Ops13
17:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> He is such a But
17:27 <Pellyeve93> pelly thinks she's hilarious but no one likes her
17:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (T_T) TOO FAR FINN!
17:27 <Kill1mes> Ops? Don't even get me started
17:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> *starts Kill*
17:27 <Kill1mes> Ops sucks dik 10 dolla
17:27 <(´・ω・`)> Every 42 seconds one person is arrested for crimes relating to marijuana. 
17:27 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
17:27 <Mr. Black Ops13> Get your @$$ in gear soldier
17:28 <Kill1mes> damn
17:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> *starts pelly*
17:28 <Kill1mes> Sarah? Oh god no
17:28 <Finneow> Just look at my avatar
17:28 <Pellyeve93> sarah is a poop head 
17:28 <Kill1mes> I'll go into an tangent if so
17:28 <Mr. Black Ops13> Wait, did I just turn on two people? (bleurgh) (ogw)
17:28 <Pellyeve93> but kill is an even bigger poop head
17:28 <Kill1mes> He really is
17:29 <Kill1mes> Then there is the worst one
17:29 <(´・ω・`)> sarah's a fucking cuntass bitchwhore dildosucking cumdupster balloon dick SHITENHIEMER 
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> ME
17:29 <Kill1mes> CeleryofMadness
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> Shitenhiemer?
17:29 <Pellyeve93> OH GOD 
17:29 <Finneow> wat wat, in tha but
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> dafuq?
17:29 <Pellyeve93> NOT CELERY 
17:29 <DASHDOT™> Dotty sucks the nuts of Satan
17:29 <Finneow> CELERY, NOOOO
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> Up your @$$ and round the corner pizzahut takes yo order
17:29 <Pellyeve93> ass
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> I have to go. BYE
17:29 <Kill1mes> Dotty does worse
17:29 <Pellyeve93> you can say ass
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> NEVER CURSE
17:29 <DASHDOT™> He does?
17:29 <Mr. Black Ops13> NEVER
17:30 <Ednoahjones> celery tastes like shit
17:30 <Kill1mes> Yea
17:30 <Mr. Black Ops13> BYE
17:30 -!- Mr. Black Ops13 has left Special:Chat.
17:30 <Pellyeve93> shit fuck cunt bitch
17:30 <Finneow> Liquid ass
17:30 <DASHDOT™> What does he do? :o
17:30 <Kill1mes> He cheats on Satan with The Joker.
17:30 <DASHDOT™> (gasp)
17:30 <DASHDOT™> hmpf
17:30 <Kill1mes> heh
17:30 <Pellyeve93> D:
17:30 <Pellyeve93> what 
17:30 <Pellyeve93> no
17:30 <Pellyeve93> D;
17:30 <Pellyeve93> better
17:30 <Kill1mes> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]] This may help Dotty
17:30 <DASHDOT™> ping broke link :p
17:31 <Finneow> Wat
17:31 <Finneow> wat are your pings?
17:31 <Kill1mes> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
17:31 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:31 <DASHDOT™> danke
17:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:31 <Kill1mes> Hi Death
17:31 <Pellyeve93> it's all fun and games until pelly shows up 
17:31 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
17:32 <DASHDOT™> My pings are DASHDOT™ DashDot Dashie Dash Dottie Dotty Dot
17:32 <Finneow> (8-bit)
17:32 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:32 <Deathgirl12> who missed me !? :3
17:32 <Kill1mes> erryone
17:32 <Pellyeve93> *cricket noises* 
17:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kill, you take the breath right out of me, you left a hole where my heart should be. (QQ)
17:32 <Finneow> (1-up)
17:32 -!- Subject M Test 2 has joined Special:Chat
17:32 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <Subject M Test 2> Back.
17:33 <Kill1mes> You gotta fight just to make a groove
17:33 <Ednoahjones> hey SMT
17:33 <Subject M Test 2> Hello guys.
17:33 <Kill1mes> So It'll be the death of you
17:33 <Deathgirl12> lol XD brother ! *glops*
17:33 <DASHDOT™> did i hear that there will be fighting?
17:33 <Subject M Test 2> SIS! where have you been?
17:33 <Ednoahjones> how do you add music to play in the background of your user page?
17:33 <Finneow> WAT? A BURGER EMOTE (burger) OMG
17:33 <Kill1mes> link me the song
17:33 <Kill1mes> I'll so it
17:33 <Kill1mes> do*
17:34 <Ednoahjones>
17:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Megaman X3 Zero's Theme Extended - Duration: 03:03 - Uploaded: 2008-12-01 - Rating: 4.947195 - Views: 57,530 -
17:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kill.... I fucking love you now....
17:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Holy shit.....
17:34 <Kill1mes> :3
17:34 <Deathgirl12> i was a teen leader at my sisters camp
17:34 <SolarDrills> Death~
17:34 <Subject M Test 2> Ah.
17:34 <Ednoahjones> thanks dawg adding you to the list of allies later
17:34 <Deathgirl12> yo solar
17:34 <SolarDrills> Haiyo~
17:34 <Kill1mes> No prob
17:35 <Deathgirl12> bro pm me ^_^
17:35 <SolarDrills> PELLY
17:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> obby
17:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Lyrics on screen) - Duration: 03:34 - Uploaded: 2009-08-26 - Rating: 4.927857 - Views: 6,220,216 -
17:35 <SolarDrills> HAAAI
17:35 <Pellyeve93> reading hentai while listening to numa numa
17:36 <Pellyeve93> SOLAARRR BABY 
17:36 <SolarDrills> MMMM BBY
17:36 <SolarDrills> ooby
17:36 <SolarDrills> obby*
17:36 <Pellyeve93> today is good
17:37 <(´・ω・`)> ooby
17:37 <Kill1mes> Okay
17:37 <Kill1mes> That should work Ed
17:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm waiting for my boyfriend to log on, I'm so bored.
17:38 -!- CrazyFerret has joined Special:Chat
17:38 <(´・ω・`)> hey ferret 
17:38 <Kill1mes> Hey Crazy
17:38 <CrazyFerret> Yo yo yo
17:38 <Subject M Test 2> [[User:ClericofMadness|Cleric of OOOH dat feels good]]
17:39 <SolarDrills> Today is great
17:39 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Today IS great.
17:39 <SomePersonHere> Wat
17:39 <CrazyFerret> Boyfriend you say
17:39 <SomePersonHere> How do you do that?
17:39 <CrazyFerret>
17:40 <CrazyFerret> ;p
17:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (okay)
17:40 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <CrazyFerret> lol
17:40 <Horrorfan1> I'ma back!
17:40 <Kill1mes> Hi Horror
17:40 <Horrorfan1> Hi
17:40 <Subject M Test 2> Hiya Horror.
17:40 <Kill1mes>
17:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Backseatsman - Duration: 06:14 - Uploaded: 2005-12-28 - Rating: 4.585424 - Views: 4,714,432 -
17:41 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sick Puppies You're Goin Down Lyrics - Duration: 03:08 - Uploaded: 2009-06-26 - Rating: 4.925639 - Views: 565,786 -
17:41 <Kill1mes> !yton
17:41 <Kill1mes> oh
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fail..
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :/
17:41 <Kill1mes> chat, y u no autoscroll
17:41 <Ednoahjones> it works kill
17:41 <Ednoahjones> thanks
17:41 <Kill1mes> ;(
17:41 <Kill1mes> Oh, no prob
17:41 <Ednoahjones> your now ally number 6
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I don't care by Apocalyptica with lyrics - Duration: 03:44 - Uploaded: 2008-09-28 - Rating: 4.914477 - Views: 5,574,257 -
17:41 <Horrorfan1>
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: going to the store - Duration: 00:49 - Uploaded: 2011-09-02 - Rating: 4.889620 - Views: 13,435,030 -
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Apocalyptica is amazing.
17:41 <Kill1mes> Awesome.
17:42 <Kill1mes> Good song Brooke
17:42 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Indeed.
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (indeed)
17:42 <CrazyFerret> Im listening to Blue Stahli
17:42 <CrazyFerret> Just found his first music video lol
17:42 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <The-one123> im back
17:43 <Kill1mes> Hi one
17:43 <The-one123> hello kill
17:43 <The-one123> hello deathgirl
17:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I think the chatbot is a little racist.
17:43 <Kill1mes> How so?
17:43 <Ednoahjones> sup juan
17:43 -!- DeadWabbit15 has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <Kill1mes> Hey Wabbit
17:43 <Horrorfan1> Hi
17:43 <Ednoahjones> look at my handsome mug
17:44 <CrazyFerret> Most good things are ;p
17:44 <DeadWabbit15> Sup.
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It didn't work for CrazyFerret. xD
17:44 <Kill1mes> No, he put an apostrophe after the link
17:44 <Kill1mes> so it's invalid
17:44 <Subject M Test 2> Yo Biscut.
17:44 <CrazyFerret>
17:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb (Official Music Video) - Duration: 05:48 - Uploaded: 2013-02-07 - Rating: 4.950749 - Views: 137,083 -
17:44 <CrazyFerret> My bad
17:44 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (I know)
17:44 <DeadWabbit15> Wazzup Dante
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I was just laughing.
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (adam)
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> YES
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It works.
17:44 <The-one123> hello subject
17:45 <Subject M Test 2> Hi The Juan.
17:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Let's start a (adam), a (adam).
17:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
17:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Three Days Grace - Riot (w/ lyrics) - Duration: 03:32 - Uploaded: 2008-07-20 - Rating: 4.934089 - Views: 2,062,496 -
17:45 <Kill1mes> Roit?
17:45 <Kill1mes> Riot*
17:45 <DeadWabbit15> brb
17:45 <CrazyFerret> I listened to that
17:45 <Kill1mes>
17:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Awesometown - FOX Cut - Duration: 19:52 - Uploaded: 2006-01-23 - Rating: 4.761478 - Views: 4,295,135 -
17:45 <CrazyFerret> When i was a freshman in high school ;p
17:45 <Subject M Test 2> Best cure for headache...
17:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: INSANITY WOLF 2 - Duration: 01:10 - Uploaded: 2013-05-17 - Rating: 4.864536 - Views: 136,566 -
17:45 <Subject M Test 2> DECAPITATION.
17:45 <Pellyeve93> FERRET?? 
17:46 <CrazyFerret> Yo yo yo
17:46 <Pellyeve93> long time no see
17:46 <The-one123> hey subject , did you do another comic
17:46 -!- 3alexbalex has left Special:Chat.
17:46 <CrazyFerret> Yeah ive been busy. Killin hookers and all
17:46 <Kill1mes> Good.
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> IM BACK BITCHES!!!
17:46 <Subject M Test 2> No, I've been slacking DX
17:47 <Subject M Test 2> I'll get to work
17:47 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
17:47 <Kill1mes> g2g
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> cya biatch
17:47 <Horrorfan1>
17:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Trolling Saruman - Duration: 01:00 - Uploaded: 2011-07-10 - Rating: 4.963157 - Views: 18,071,668 -
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> oh, and i would like to know
17:47 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
17:47 <DASHDOT™> bye Kill
17:48 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:48 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> bye bitch
17:48 <Subject M Test 2> Bye bby Killsy
17:48 -!- Pellyeve93 has left Special:Chat.
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> so, when i get back, chat dies?
17:49 <The-one123> yes
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> aww...
17:49 <Diamondzarebright> ,...
17:49 <DeadWabbit15> ...
17:49 <DeadWabbit15> ._.
17:49 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> ...
17:49 <Diamondzarebright> ....
17:49 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:49 <Finneow> ...
17:49 <The-one123> wb deathgirl
17:49 <Diamondzarebright> I'm gone 
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> hey DG
17:49 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <DeadWabbit15> We're doing a play in school
17:49 <Subject M Test 2> wb Death
17:49 <DeadWabbit15> On our computers
17:49 <Deathgirl12> thanks ^_^
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
17:49 <DeadWabbit15> Teacher asked me to do the emty spot
17:50 <DeadWabbit15> I say yes
17:50 <DeadWabbit15> I get chosen as a girl ._.
17:50 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:50 <CrazyFerret> ITS A TRAP
17:50 <DeadWabbit15> The're gonna be talking about this for weeks......
17:50 <DeadWabbit15> LOL @ Crazy
17:50 <Subject M Test 2> I have to play a girl and a 50's rock and roll singer in my school's musical.
17:50 <DeadWabbit15> brb
17:51 <DeadWabbit15> Damn
17:51 <(´・ω・`)> mmmmkay
17:51 <DeadWabbit15> That sucks Dante
17:51 <DeadWabbit15> Welll
17:51 <DeadWabbit15> Maybe it won't so bad.
17:51 <DeadWabbit15> BRB
17:51 <Subject M Test 2> At least I get o do my Elvis impression.
17:51 <Subject M Test 2> to*
17:51 -!- TeenagedChip469 has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <Deathgirl12> k
17:52 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:52 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <The-one123> I gtg bye bye
17:53 <The-one123> be back on monday or when ever
17:53 <The-one123> bye bye
17:53 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <The-one123> nobody is going to say bye to me , fine
17:53 <Nightweaver2112> bye
17:53 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <CrazyFerret> Hello
17:55 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:55 <Child Of Mantra> I'm back
17:56 <Finneow> Child of hello
17:56 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
17:56 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Subject M Test 2> *glomp*
17:57 <Finneow> bie
17:57 <CrazyFerret> So dead
17:57 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
17:58 -!- Chambergambit has joined Special:Chat
17:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:58 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
17:59 <SolarDrills> (ded)
17:59 <Subject M Test 2> brb
18:00 -!- CrazyFerret has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...
18:00 -!- Chambergambit has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <Nightweaver2112> i think my sig might be a little too long...
18:01 -!- Autumn Swaggie has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <Autumn Swaggie> hey im back
18:01 <Autumn Swaggie> yo bitches
18:01 -!- Autumn Swaggie has left Special:Chat.
18:04 <Subject M Test 2> Back.
18:04 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <Subject M Test 2> *super-glomps Death*
18:05 <Ednoahjones> well i'm finally gonna go you... people i'm neutral too
18:05 <Ednoahjones> see you later, or tonight, or in hell
18:05 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:05 <Deathgirl12> bye
18:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
18:06 <Nightweaver2112> cya people
18:06 <Subject M Test 2> Bye.
18:06 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
18:07 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <King Krule> hello
18:08 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
18:08 <Subject M Test 2> Hello.
18:08 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <King Krule> I just watched Jon Dies At The End
18:08 <King Krule> I don't know what to feel
18:09 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:11 <SolarDrills> So (ded)
18:11 -!- DeadWabbit15 has left Special:Chat.
18:11 <King Krule> well then
18:13 <SolarDrills> Well
18:14 -!- Quickflip has joined Special:Chat
18:14 <Quickflip> Reload your pages Hillary Clinton is latest scary pic LOL
18:15 -!- Quickflip has left Special:Chat.
18:16 -!- Cameroncraft212 has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Cameroncraft212> I Like To lik the bluud out of in the person
18:16 -!- Yoshichannel has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Cameroncraft212> i see your handsome face
18:17 <Cameroncraft212> don't b so sad about it
18:17 <Subject M Test 2> Hiya Yoshi.
18:17 <(´・ω・`)> Stop pretending to be Funnymouth or I'll punch your face so hard you will fucking have a funny mouth. 
18:17 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
18:17 <Yoshichannel> sup! 
18:18 <Subject M Test 2> (sweetjegus)
18:18 <(´・ω・`)> Hey.
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> Gayyyyy
18:18 <Yoshichannel> lol so happy 
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> Fake and gayyyy
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> :P
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> mE hUNGRY
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> HUNGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRI
18:18 <Yoshichannel> ME TOOOO
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> Funny
18:18 -!- Cameroncraft212 was banned from Special:Chat by (´・ω・`) for 1209600 seconds.
18:18 <Cameroncraft212> i work at a resterhau
18:18 -!- Cameroncraft212 has left Special:Chat.
18:18 <(´・ω・`)> get out
18:18 <(´・ω・`)> :3
18:19 <Subject M Test 2> I almost did that.
18:19 <Subject M Test 2> High five Sarah Palin!
18:19 <Yoshichannel> .-.
18:19 <(´・ω・`)> Two weeks due to borderline spam, homophobic slurs, and roleplay. 
18:19 <(´・ω・`)> .-..
18:19 -!- OMGitsGhastly has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <Yoshichannel> wtf 
18:19 <OMGitsGhastly> hai guise
18:20 <Yoshichannel> HII
18:20 <Subject M Test 2> I thought that would be 1 week, but I guess that sounds right.
18:20 <(´・ω・`)> Hey.
18:20 <Subject M Test 2> Hiya Ghastly.
18:20 <(´・ω・`)> Well I might change it to one week, dunno.
18:20 <OMGitsGhastly> herro 
18:20 <(´・ω・`)> Depends on how merciful I feel. .-.
18:20 <OMGitsGhastly> whats going on here
18:20 <Subject M Test 2> I almost clicked on undo by accident D:
18:20 <Yoshichannel> meh im leaving superbusy 
18:20 <(´・ω・`)> D:
18:20 <Yoshichannel> lol 
18:21 -!- Yoshichannel has left Special:Chat.
18:21 <(´・ω・`)> oh god... friday on a summer day
18:21 <(´・ω・`)> watch out for summer noobs people 
18:21 <(´・ω・`)> believe me D:
18:21 <OMGitsGhastly> yeh i know right im so bored
18:21 <OMGitsGhastly> *yeah
18:21 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
18:21 <The-one123> hello
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> I joined May 24 so yeah..
18:22 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> I've already been banned for one day!
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> Oncwe
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> *once
18:22 <(´・ω・`)> Not something to be proud of. lol
18:22 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> well it was for knid of no reason
18:22 <OMGitsGhastly> *kind
18:23 <(´・ω・`)> No bans are for no reason. 
18:23 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I remember when bans used to be for weeks.
18:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
18:24 <(´・ω・`)> I banned that one douchenozzle for two weeks.
18:24 <(´・ω・`)> .-.
18:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Like, if you broke one little rule that was bannable BAM 1 week.
18:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Who? D:
18:24 <OMGitsGhastly> well i had only been on the wiki for two days and i uploaded a pasta and didnt categorize it so i got banned for a day
18:24 -!- ECWGaming has joined Special:Chat
18:24 <Spartantemp> same...
18:24 <ECWGaming> Hello?
18:24 <OMGitsGhastly> YELLO
18:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hi.
18:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xP
18:24 <ECWGaming> I could use some help right now
18:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> With?
18:24 <ECWGaming> I'm in school and I need help with an assignment
18:25 <ECWGaming> We choose one topic then write 10 things to go along with it
18:25 <OMGitsGhastly> what grade are you in
18:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I said faggot once and got in trouble. (QQ)
18:25 -!- Smiley1224 has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <ECWGaming> I chose YouTube. Anyone know anything to go along with that?
18:25 <Smiley1224> Hello guys
18:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Write something about music?
18:25 <ECWGaming> Why music?
18:25 -!- Electric Leaf has joined Special:Chat
18:26 <OMGitsGhastly> dude im thinking videos, trolls, 
18:26 <ECWGaming> I'll give u an example
18:26 <OMGitsGhastly> IDK
18:26 <Electric Leaf> Morning... :)
18:26 <Spartantemp> afternoon
18:26 <ECWGaming> Someone chose fishing and to go along with it they wrote "fish, fishing pole, bait"
18:26 <ECWGaming> So what can I write to go along with YouTube?
18:26 <Spartantemp> cats, anime, mlp
18:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Video
18:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Videos*
18:26 -!- OMGitsGhastly has left Special:Chat.
18:26 <ECWGaming> I wrote that
18:26 <Electric Leaf> ...IDK
18:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Playlists?
18:27 <ECWGaming> I wrote watching videos, creating videos, editing, public speaking, entertain people, express thoughts, releive stress
18:27 <Smiley1224> People?
18:27 <Smiley1224> Where is everybody?
18:27 <Electric Leaf> IDK
18:28 <ECWGaming> teacher here
18:28 <Smiley1224> :(
18:28 <Subject M Test 2> I'm in drugland, shouldn't smoke weed while on a computer D:
18:28 <Smiley1224> XD
18:28 <Smiley1224> :D
18:28 <Smiley1224> D:
18:28 <(´・ω・`)> stop
18:29 <Electric Leaf> Don't spam those emoticons... (Yawns)
18:29 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <Subject M Test 2> Sarah do you play PYZ?
18:29 <Smiley1224> Ok... I wasn't spamming
18:29 <Smiley1224> Bitchews
18:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NO MINI-MODDING!
18:29 <(´・ω・`)> PYZ?
18:29 <(´・ω・`)> Nope.
18:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ily Sarah.
18:29 <(´・ω・`)> ily too
18:30 <Smiley1224> Il no body :(
18:30 <Electric Leaf> Mini-Modding...? (Derpy)
18:30 <Smiley1224> BRONIE^^
18:30 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:30 <Smiley1224> Dx
18:30 <(´・ω・`)> who cares if someone is a brony
18:30 <Electric Leaf> You didn't notice that...?
18:30 <Smiley1224> No.... (._.)
18:30 <Electric Leaf> (Derpy)
18:30 -!- NickYeahYah! has joined Special:Chat
18:30 <Smiley1224> 241543903
18:31 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:31 <NickYeahYah!> for the love of god somethings following me
18:31 <(´・ω・`)> stop spamming plz 
18:31 <Smiley1224> I'm Not spamming....
18:31 <Electric Leaf> My profile picture is (Derpy)...
18:31 <(´・ω・`)> yes you are
18:31 <ECWGaming> Im back
18:31 <Smiley1224> I'm contributing to the convorsation
18:31 <NickYeahYah!> SSSsss
18:31 -!- NickYeahYah! has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <Electric Leaf> Really...?
18:31 <Smiley1224> ....
18:31 <ECWGaming> Just found out that I had to write physical objects for the things to go along with it
18:31 <(´・ω・`)> "241543903" Tell me how this is "contributing". ._.
18:31 <ECWGaming> So I changed the topic to video games. Any suggestions?
18:31 <Electric Leaf> A minecraft reference? So original.
18:32 <Electric Leaf> (Derpy) :3
18:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ZELDA! D:
18:32 -!- Ponymon trainer Red has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <ECWGaming> lol
18:32 <Electric Leaf> What game...?
18:32 <ECWGaming> Just video games in general
18:32 <Subject M Test 2> 2 (derpy) 4 (SMT2)
18:33 <(´・ω・`)> (sarah) and (as) are best emotes.
18:33 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 2 derpy 4 me
18:33 <ECWGaming> I wrote down controller, games, xbox, playstation, TV, DS, and computer
18:33 <Smiley1224> That group of numbers means taking a picture of sticking your head in the freezer
18:33 <Electric Leaf> Oh, look, another ripoff of Kitsune...
18:33 <Subject M Test 2> I said 2 Derpy Hooves for Myuutsu.
18:33 -!- Ponymon trainer Red has left Special:Chat.
18:33 -!- TeenagedChip469 has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <Electric Leaf> (Sarah) I like flareons. :3
18:34 <ECWGaming> Added minecraft to the list. I need 2 more
18:34 <(´・ω・`)> (´・ω・`) aka Adult Swim
18:34 <Smiley1224> Poke' Nerds! Unite! :)
18:34 <(´・ω・`)> :3
18:34 <Electric Leaf> And... He / She left.
18:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
18:34 -!- Sgt D Grif has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <Electric Leaf> Use freaking Sonic. :3
18:34 <(´・ω・`)> oh yeah that thing
18:34 <Smiley1224> Thanks brooke~
18:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You're welcome. (huehue)
18:34 <Electric Leaf> Or megaman. Or capcom in general.
18:35 <(´・ω・`)> anyways i might have to get a name change because signing in is extremely annoying on this
18:35 <ECWGaming> I would choose sonic but we are gonna have to draw these objects later on. This is for art class. And I suck at drawing
18:35 <Smiley1224> What face is that?
18:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ( huehue )
18:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> brb
18:35 <Subject M Test 2> Sarah ASCII McGee, the famous porn-maker.
18:35 <Smiley1224> huehue?
18:35 <Smiley1224> hmmm
18:35 <Smiley1224> (huehue)
18:35 <Electric Leaf> Just keep yourself signed in?
18:35 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Smiley1224> :DD
18:36 <ECWGaming> Pacman. That seems simple to draw
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> subject 
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> please
18:36 <Subject M Test 2> What?
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> im not the porn maker!
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> im the porn star
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> get it right
18:36 <ECWGaming> Well thanks.
18:36 <Subject M Test 2> Ok Sarah Palin.
18:36 <(´・ω・`)> And don't call me that.
18:37 <(´・ω・`)> I'll rip your testicles out. .-.
18:37 <Subject M Test 2> You make the porn and are the star.
18:37 <Smiley1224> Normal Porn For Normal People
18:37 <Subject M Test 2> And sorry, I had to.
18:37 <ECWGaming> I got banned from
18:37 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <Subject M Test 2> You can make fun of my name, which is Dant.
18:37 <Subject M Test 2> Dante*
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kback
18:37 <DASHDOT™>
18:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I dont even know - Duration: 00:12 - Uploaded: 2013-05-30 - Rating: 4.917221 - Views: 208,912 -
18:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I just watched that earlier.
18:38 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
18:38 -!- Smiley1224 has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <Deathgirl12> hai i'm back
18:38 -!- Smiley1224 has joined Special:Chat
18:38 -!- BandChaos13 has joined Special:Chat
18:38 <BandChaos13> hey everyone
18:38 <ECWGaming> Has anyone here read "The Cell Phone Game"?
18:38 <Smiley1224> That's an actual website... (huehue)
18:38 <Smiley1224> no?
18:38 <ECWGaming> gtg. dismissal
18:39 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <Subject M Test 2> DEATH! *glomp*
18:39 <(´・ω・`)> okay guys
18:39 -!- ECWGaming has left Special:Chat.
18:39 <(´・ω・`)> i know you'll be really pissed off at me BUT
18:39 <Deathgirl12> hi...
18:39 <(´・ω・`)> i might have to get another name change
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NOOO
18:39 <(´・ω・`)> because signing in with this name is a BITCH
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
18:39 <Smiley1224> Yay brooke (huehue)
18:39 <DASHDOT™> Sarah
18:39 <DASHDOT™> do eet
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but it's so cute...
18:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> Sarah, you should've expected that from the start.
18:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> At least nobody can hack your account easily.
18:40 <Shrubskill Nurse> ^
18:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
18:40 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
18:40 -!- Sgt D Grif has left Special:Chat.
18:40 <Icarus88> hello people
18:40 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello, Icarus.
18:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> How are you?
18:41 <Icarus88> Im great :D You?
18:41 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
18:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> Good. Does anyone here have a Twitter?
18:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> Not sure if I already asked on here.
18:41 <Icarus88> Sarah! I heard you brought down the mighty banhammer against funnymouth :o
18:42 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
18:42 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <BandChaos13> why would someone do that its a great creepypasta?
18:43 <Kill1mes> It's like a motherfucking sauna in here
18:43 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Acidpop> Hi
18:43 <BandChaos13> hey
18:43 <Kill1mes> I have a glass of ice cream, I'm in my basement, I have no shirt, and I'm still sweating to death.
18:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Kill1mes> Hey Acid
18:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> obby
18:43 <Kill1mes> and cup
18:43 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
18:43 <Subject M Test 2> Heya Cake-Chan!
18:44 <Cupcakes8> Hey gaiz.
18:44 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
18:44 <Icarus88> CUPCAKE!
18:44 <Icarus88> *Bearhugs*
18:44 <Cupcakes8> ...Hugs? Ugh. .-.
18:44 <Icarus88> fine! *bear....bears*
18:45 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
18:45 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
18:45 <Icarus88> let the pm begin :D
18:45 <Kill1mes> Hey Alex and Finn
18:45 <Finneow> hi guies
18:45 <Icarus88> I dont get a hi KIll?
18:45 <Icarus88> :(
18:45 <Finneow> no
18:45 <Kill1mes> I said hi to you
18:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My head hurts, I'm going to go for a bit; bye.
18:45 <Kill1mes> Didn't I?
18:45 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Kill1mes> Bye Brooke
18:45 <Icarus88> no :c
18:45 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Icarus88> night brooke
18:45 <Kill1mes> Oh, well Hi
18:46 <Icarus88> ^_^
18:46 <Finneow>
18:47 <Electric Leaf> Sorry back
18:47 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
18:47 <Kill1mes> wb
18:47 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <Electric Leaf> I'm clicking on the random page button. :3
18:47 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <NeveRsLeePme12> back (sj)
18:47 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi death
18:48 <Kill1mes> wb
18:48 <NeveRsLeePme12> thanx
18:48 <Icarus88> Kill, would you like to read my new series?
18:48 <Kill1mes> Why not?
18:48 <BandChaos13> what's it about?
18:49 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill I need to tell you something important
18:49 <Icarus88> Here's the intro: [[The Unknown Chronicles: A Welcome/The Lists]] and the two stories [[The Unknown Chronicles: The Sometimes Door]] and [[The Unknown Chronicles: The Bridge]]
18:49 <Kill1mes> Tell me
18:49 <NeveRsLeePme12> I went to the doctor... The baby is yours (sj)
18:50 <Kill1mes> Ah dammit >_>
18:50 <Kill1mes> *ditches Lee*
18:50 -!- Sissichu has joined Special:Chat
18:50 <Electric Leaf> (Yawns) Hey Kill what's your profile pic? It's not showing up on my screen...?
18:50 <NeveRsLeePme12> No take care of your daughter
18:50 <Kill1mes> I have too many children
18:50 <NeveRsLeePme12> NOW (ogw)
18:50 <Icarus88> m,ight want to read the intro first
18:50 <Icarus88> the stories can be read in any order
18:51 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
18:51 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi cymbal
18:51 <Kill1mes> Hi CC
18:51 <Finneow> hello cc
18:51 <Icarus88> CC I havent seen you in like.... 2 months!
18:51 -!- Go to a terrible fate has joined Special:Chat
18:51 <Kill1mes> Hi teriible
18:51 <Go to a terrible fate> hi
18:51 <Subject M Test 2> Hi.
18:52 <NeveRsLeePme12> Go to a terrible fate.... where have I heard that
18:52 <NeveRsLeePme12> ohai
18:52 <Icarus88> oh lol, Hi Subject, havent seen you in a while either
18:52 <Sissichu> Sorry for the random intteruption, but can you guys help me find one creepypasta?
18:52 <Subject M Test 2> It's good to see everyone again :D
18:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> sure
18:53 <Icarus88> sure siss
18:53 <Icarus88> likewise sub
18:53 <Kill1mes> Myuu bby
18:53 <Sissichu> It was about a guy who locked himself in a cellar aparment, and thought that every other person in the world was turned into some kind of monster
18:53 -!- Smiley1224 has left Special:Chat.
18:53 <Sissichu> Or their minds were taken over
18:53 <Sissichu> Something like that
18:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> Psychosis maybe?
18:54 <Kill1mes> Sounds like Psychosis
18:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> i think thats the name
18:54 <BandChaos13> sounds cool :D
18:54 <Kill1mes> [[Psychosis]]
18:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> yeah
18:54 <Icarus88> yup
18:54 <Electric Leaf> Oh shit...
18:54 <CrashingCymbal> Psychosis is gud
18:54 <Icarus88> one of the best pasta ever
18:54 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
18:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> very
18:54 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
18:54 <CrashingCymbal> IT IS the best pasta ever
18:54 <Icarus88> I dont choose a best!
18:54 <BandChaos13> XD
18:54 <Sissichu> Yes, it was Psychosis
18:54 <Sissichu> Thank you guys! :D
18:54 <Icarus88> np
18:54 <CrashingCymbal> Well, IMO it is
18:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> np
18:54 <Icarus88> ah
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Icarus
18:55 <Electric Leaf> Kitsune bought me the original Red version...? Oh god...
18:55 <Icarus88> I think different styles of pastas cant be compared
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Would you like to read my story?
18:55 <Icarus88> sure!
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Sweetshop]]
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> I think you'll be surprised :P
18:55 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
18:55 <Icarus88> I'll read it now ^_^
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
18:55 <Electric Leaf> (Slams head into desk) What the hell Kistune... You know how I feel about these games!
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hope you enjoy it
18:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> NEIN
18:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> and yes Cymbal half way through
18:56 <BandChaos13> A Kitsune is a fox in Japanese folklore
18:56 <Finneow> bilbo baggins' personal vibrator
18:56 <Electric Leaf> I know that, that's Red Kitsune's name now
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Half way through Psychosis?
18:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'M A SPEED READER
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Or my one?
18:56 <BandChaos13> oh
18:57 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
18:57 <BandChaos13> stupid lag
18:57 <Electric Leaf> (Sighs) I can't fucking believe this. She hacked into it.
18:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> YOURS sorry caps on
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> That was fast :P
18:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> yours cymbal
18:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> nazis really?
18:57 <BandChaos13> it fixes that easily
18:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> good though
18:58 -!- Smiley1224 has joined Special:Chat
18:58 -!- Go to a terrible fate has left Special:Chat.
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> Just keep reading... ;)
18:58 <Electric Leaf> Let's see here. So far I can't find Blue... Let's try walking into the grass...
18:59 <Smiley1224> Eggs?
18:59 <Electric Leaf> Wow. No Prof. Oak... Let's see where I can go in this.
18:59 <Smiley1224> Nada?
18:59 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
19:00 <Smiley1224> I Think he left to go to a terrible fate1
19:00 <Smiley1224> !*
19:01 <Smiley1224> guys?
19:01 <Electric Leaf> Oh god... No sprites? God damn it Kitsune. 
19:01 <CrashingCymbal> We're not guys
19:01 <CrashingCymbal> We're freaks
19:01 <Smiley1224> Fine. Freaks?
19:02 <Electric Leaf> *Gives game back* I am not interested in hacked games
19:02 <CrashingCymbal> Yes? :P
19:02 <Smiley1224> Well i'm not a guy or a freak!
19:02 <Electric Leaf> Well at least that's done and over with
19:02 <CrashingCymbal> If you're a regular here
19:02 <Smiley1224> i'm a girl!
19:02 <Electric Leaf> So am I
19:03 <CrashingCymbal> You're probably a freak! :D
19:03 <Electric Leaf> Your point?
19:03 <Smiley1224> Eh.
19:03 <Smiley1224> Sorta
19:03 <Electric Leaf> I'm  a regular only cuz this place is funny
19:03 <Smiley1224> (huehue)
19:03 <CrashingCymbal> We will try our best to change that ;)
19:03 <CrashingCymbal> We will freakify you :P
19:03 <Smiley1224> (huehue)
19:03 <CrashingCymbal> So to speak :P
19:03 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <Electric Leaf> Can't do that
19:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jim! :D
19:03 <Kill1mes> Smeiley don't spam that
19:04 <Kill1mes> Hey Jim
19:04 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <Electric Leaf> I've already gone insane...
19:04 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Andy!
19:04 <Kill1mes> Hi Andy
19:04 <Andytags> hi
19:04 <FriendlyJim> Hi Cymb
19:04 <Andytags> It's hot out today
19:04 <Electric Leaf> Hi Andy and Jim
19:04 <Smiley1224> Kill1 i'm not
19:04 <Electric Leaf> @Andy what state are you at?
19:04 <FriendlyJim> Who won POTM?
19:04 <Kill1mes> You used it twice in a row
19:04 <Kill1mes> That seems like spam to me
19:04 <CrashingCymbal> It's announced tomorrow
19:05 <Kill1mes> Just watch It I'm saying
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> I think
19:05 <Smiley1224> used what?
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> This - (huehue)
19:05 <Electric Leaf> ...?
19:05 <Kill1mes> The (huehue) emote
19:05 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
19:05 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> Bloody diarrhoea? D: 
19:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ireland was nuetral in WWII Cymbal?
19:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> You taught me something!
19:05 <Smiley1224> That was an accident...
19:05 -!- MrMorbidDark has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> Yes it was! Haha
19:05 <Smiley1224> so sorry!
19:05 <Kill1mes> hey morbid
19:05 <FriendlyJim> Oh, it isn't over yet. . .
19:05 <Electric Leaf> (Derpy)
19:05 <Subject M Test 2> Hiya Mr. Dark!
19:05 <MrMorbidDark> Hi
19:05 <Smiley1224> space unicorn^^^
19:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> bloody diarrhoea is a fate WORSE than death
19:06 <Subject M Test 2> I'm modern Mr. Dark.
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> One More Time - Daft Punk
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
19:06 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, you're gonna win
19:06 <Smiley1224> lol
19:06 <MrMorbidDark> Well Hello there
19:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> indeed
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Very Likely Jim! :)
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> My parents are very proud of me :D
19:06 <Smiley1224> I Withhold a gift
19:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> cym that was great
19:06 <MrMorbidDark> Hey guys, do me a favor?
19:06 <Subject M Test 2> Nope.
19:06 <Subject M Test 2> loljk
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks dude :)
19:06 <Electric Leaf> (Yawns) Yeah Dark?
19:06 <Subject M Test 2> Sure.
19:06 <Smiley1224> it starts wit an s'
19:06 <Smiley1224> what is it
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Glad you enjoyed it
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> What did you think of the end? ;)
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> Read this please:
19:07 <NeveRsLeePme12> 5/5
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> :D
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> Or skim it
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> Whatevez
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> :D
19:07 <FriendlyJim> I just realized that you've written more than one pasta. . .
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> Me?
19:07 <FriendlyJim> cym
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, [[Alarm]] and [[The Sweetshop]]
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> :)
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> oh
19:07 <MrMorbidDark> lol
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> I got another one planned too :P
19:08 <Sissichu> Cymbal, if you want to improve your pasta, there's some typos there
19:08 <Sissichu> Not trying to nitpick, just saying
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> I've been told
19:08 <Electric Leaf> ...? I don't get it.
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> But I checked it on MW before uploading
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> And it was clean
19:08 <FriendlyJim> I haven't felt like getting on for a few days
19:08 <Electric Leaf> Then again I skimmed it.
19:08 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <Icarus88> CC! Tasty pasta
19:08 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks Ic!
19:09 <Icarus88> I called it wrong btw
19:09 <Icarus88> pm
19:09 <FriendlyJim> I just feel so alone and depressed.
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> Okay
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> We missed you Jim :(
19:09 <Icarus88> well I gtg for now folks
19:09 <FriendlyJim> Bye
19:09 <Kill1mes> bye
19:10 <Electric Leaf> Bai
19:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> Cymbal the medical symtoms couldn't be more spot on
19:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> but bloody diarrhoea is just s horrid expirience
19:10 <Smiley1224> 6B Was an awesome pasta!
19:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> D:
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> ty
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> !!!
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> Smiley
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> :D
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> Goodbye
19:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> bye
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> To whoever is leaving
19:10 <Electric Leaf> I skimmed it. It was good. It deserves the rating it hoy.
19:10 <Electric Leaf> *got
19:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> wait wat
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> What
19:10 <MrMorbidDark> ???
19:11 <MrMorbidDark> 6B?
19:11 <Subject M Test 2> Wat wat, in da FACE
19:11 <MrMorbidDark> Electric
19:11 <Electric Leaf> I skim a lot of things, it's a habit.
19:11 <MrMorbidDark> What were you talking about? 6B?
19:11 <Electric Leaf> Yeah.
19:11 <MrMorbidDark> Omg thanks! :3
19:12 <MrMorbidDark> I'm so flattered!
19:12 <FriendlyJim> Reading it now
19:12 <NeveRsLeePme12> what what in the butt~
19:12 <Electric Leaf> I'm too tired to read it word for word though...
19:12 <MrMorbidDark> it's fine
19:12 <MrMorbidDark> derp
19:12 <Smiley1224> I Really Liked It Though!
19:12 <Electric Leaf> Off to finish Sonic X. :3
19:12 <Electric Leaf> Imeanwut
19:12 <Smiley1224> It had a good story line!
19:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks Smiley! Or are you talking about [[6B]]?
19:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi brooke
19:13 <MrMorbidDark> thank you sooooooo much it was my first!
19:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hey.
19:13 <MrMorbidDark> smiley
19:13 <Subject M Test 2> That's alot of o's
19:13 <Electric Leaf> Guess what? Someone DIED. Holy shit, when was the last time someone important died in a cartoon. :D
19:13 <Subject M Test 2> lol
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> which one?
19:14 <Electric Leaf> What do you mean?
19:14 <Kill1mes> morbid, please do not use so many o's
19:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's not stretching.
19:14 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> ?
19:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What the fuck?
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> Kill?
19:14 <Kill1mes> No, it's soam
19:14 <Kill1mes> spam*
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> wtf?
19:14 <Electric Leaf> O.o
19:14 <NeveRsLeePme12> When life gives you lemons, sue life. (kawaii)
19:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's not spam.
19:14 <Kill1mes> What?
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> It's really not
19:14 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <MrMorbidDark> o's
19:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Cleric said it's only spam if the scrollbar appears at the bottom.
19:15 <MrMorbidDark> r not spam
19:15 <MrMorbidDark> anywayyyyy
19:15 <MrMorbidDark> smiley
19:15 <Kill1mes> You're thinking of stretching brooke.
19:15 <Subject M Test 2> When life gives you lemons, fuck you I'm a wizard.
19:15 <Kill1mes> Not spam
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but that's not spam. (QQ)
19:15 <Kill1mes> Your not spam!
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> YES I AM! (T_T)
19:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'm allergic  to lemons. Asshole life.
19:15 <Electric Leaf> I now have my favorite episode bookmarked. #38 :D
19:15 <Kill1mes> I'm allergic to assholes
19:15 <CrashingCymbal> Buy a t shirt with LIFE written on it
19:15 <MrMorbidDark> Lol guys guess what?
19:15 <Subject M Test 2>
19:15 <Electric Leaf> lolwut
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm allergic to.... Your mom.
19:15 <CrashingCymbal> Hand out lemons to people on the street
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> Goal = life
19:16 <MrMorbidDark> I'm only 12!
19:16 <Subject M Test 2> Look at what I did instead of my gender.
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> Imeanwut
19:16 <Electric Leaf> I'm 14/
19:16 <MrMorbidDark> :D
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> I'm 19 :/
19:16 <MrMorbidDark> :D
19:16 <MrMorbidDark> D:D
19:16 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:16 <Kill1mes> Morbid, when do you turn 13?
19:16 <Electric Leaf> Oh shit.
19:16 <Subject M Test 2> I'm yo FACE
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> WB Mantra
19:16 <MrMorbidDark> Feb. 21
19:16 <Child Of Mantra> Thanks
19:16 <Kill1mes> hmm
19:16 <Kill1mes> I see.
19:16 <Child Of Mantra> hey kill
19:16 <FriendlyJim> I'm 15, I feel like a little baby
19:16 <NeveRsLeePme12> > No, it's soam
19:16 <FriendlyJim> Hi Mantra
19:16 <Child Of Mantra> Does Caps day work here?
19:16 -!- MrMorbidDark was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 31536000 seconds.
19:16 -!- MrMorbidDark has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <Kill1mes> nope
19:16 <Child Of Mantra> I know it's the stupidest thing ever
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
19:16 <NeveRsLeePme12> (loool)
19:17 <Electric Leaf> ...lolwut
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fail.
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> He was too young :P
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Dx
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I feel so bad but...
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (loool)
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> Rulz r rulz guize
19:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> Kill I'm 10 (loool)
19:17 <Child Of Mantra> I'm 2.
19:17 <Child Of Mantra> and a haph
19:17 <Kill1mes> banban
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I went to my profile and I wondered why music started playing... Then I remembered.
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> I'm dead
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> x3
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> Are dead people allowed on the wiki? :/
19:18 <Acidpop> yes
19:18 <NeveRsLeePme12> srsly kill he might have been joking
19:18 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
19:18 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm still a fetus... Does that count?
19:18 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Electric Leaf> More than likely...?
19:18 <CrashingCymbal> Nou
19:18 <CrashingCymbal> BAN
19:18 <Child Of Mantra> I'm just a sperm
19:18 <CrashingCymbal> Spermy wormy
19:18 <Kill1mes> He said he was twelve, I asked him when he turned 13, and he said in about a year
19:18 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Kill1mes> he wasn't joking
19:18 <Kill1mes> Hey Alex
19:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You see, since kids are attached to their computers and always fucking texting fetuses are now born with computers. :3
19:18 <NeveRsLeePme12> Omai yungins in da chatz
19:19 <Electric Leaf> Oh hush
19:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> (huehue)
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> My glasses are clean
19:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> THE RAIN IS GONE
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> : D
19:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> The rain IS gone!
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit
19:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No way!
19:19 <Electric Leaf> Please stop using the (HUEHUE) Emote
19:19 <Electric Leaf> It's weird. :3
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> I live in Ireland 
19:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Err, don't tell us what to do... o.o
19:20 <CrashingCymbal> And it hasn't rained for a week
19:20 <FriendlyJim> (HUEHUE) Ok
19:20 <CrashingCymbal> I'm worried
19:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> (huehue)
19:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> (huehue)
19:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Wut...
19:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> Spam
19:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
19:20 <Acidpop> it looks like some sort of a tennis ball with a face to me
19:20 <Kill1mes> Sperm
19:20 -!- Carrot Pony has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NeveR, where are you from/
19:21 <Kill1mes> Hey Carrot
19:21 <Carrot Pony> Hai
19:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> Germany
19:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh.
19:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> Though now I'm in Georgia
19:21 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Pony
19:21 <Subject M Test 2> Funniest is, if you were to say spam with ERMAHGERD speech it would sound like sperm.
19:22 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
19:22 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
19:22 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
19:22 <Electric Leaf> :/
19:22 <Subject M Test 2> Muahahahahaha, I have officially murdered chat!
19:22 <FriendlyJim> Why am I even here?
19:22 <Acidpop> this chat and its hilariously outdated memes
19:22 <NeveRsLeePme12> It's so hot here it's 82 degrees (sj)
19:22 <Subject M Test 2> Bite me, muva luva!
19:22 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
19:22 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
19:23 <Electric Leaf> It's 100 where I am. Your point?
19:23 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
19:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sj) my god
19:23 <FriendlyJim> Which god?
19:23 <Spartantemp> all of them
19:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> Mew
19:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Look at my "I AM"
19:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
19:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> The one true PokeGod Mew
19:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> Arceus is a harlot (ogw)
19:24 <Subject M Test 2> (huehue) @Brooke
19:24 <FriendlyJim>
19:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Carach Angren "The Sighting is a Portent of Doom" OFFICIAL VIDEO 2011 - Duration: 04:22 - Uploaded: 2011-06-21 - Rating: 4.927322 - Views: 169,070 -
19:24 <Spartantemp> can I have that candy and puppy you promised me brooke?
19:25 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
19:25 <Spartantemp> in your white, shady looking van?
19:26 <Electric Leaf> lolwut
19:26 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
19:26 <Kill1mes> Hi Toa
19:26 <TheToaMaster> Hi Kill1Me
19:26 <TheToaMaster> I haz question
19:26 <Acidpop> should I be ashamed of the fact that I recognize someone by their handwriting more than their physical appearance 
19:26 <Kill1mes> I haz answer

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