23:49 <Deathgirl12> D: 
23:49 <Kill1mes> Since when did you have acne
23:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Virny don't call me WAIRT please.
23:49 <Cyline luvly> me?
23:49 <Kill1mes> Vit, don't call him that
23:49 <Dr. Virny> Hehehehe.
23:49 <Kill1mes> Call him Read or Reading, or even Why
23:49 <Dr. Virny> Sorry,
23:49 <King Krule> virny vinesauce
23:49 <NeveRsLeePme12> (burger)
23:49 <JackofallSuits> Can I call him This?
23:49 <Dr. Virny> Why not though?
23:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Forgiven. Just...don't do it again. It bothers me.
23:49 <Kill1mes> He doesn't like it.
23:49 -!- Autumn Swaggie has left Special:Chat.
23:50 <Dr. Virny> (And yes... That has nothing to do with Vines... Or sauce.... Heh.)
23:50 -!- TaigRocks has left Special:Chat.
23:50 -!- TaigRocks has joined Special:Chat
23:50 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
23:50 -!- Autumn Swaggie has joined Special:Chat
23:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> Why do I have black, soulless eyes?
23:50 <LOLSKELETONS> Haii coffe
23:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
23:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> hii
23:50 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus) english class Homework y u soo hard
23:50 <Dr. Virny> I'm reading everyones text in Comic Sans :D
23:50 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
23:50 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
23:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> OMG
23:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> guys 
23:50 <Wolfman123> "The secret side of me I never let you see I keep it caged but I can't control it."
23:50 <JackofallSuits> Coff'E Shop
23:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I might be going to a concert next month
23:50 <Wolfman123>
23:50 <Cyline luvly> my eyes hurt
23:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ooooh I love that song!
23:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and you wanna know the best part about it?
23:51 <JackofallSuits> Buy your coffee online, digitally 
23:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes!
23:51 <Dr. Virny> I want some sunflower seeds.
23:51 -!- TaigRocks has left Special:Chat.
23:51 <NeveRsLeePme12> whats the band coffee
23:51 <JackofallSuits> Coffee download
23:51 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Motley Crue
23:51 <MissKitty99> bai guys
23:51 -!- MissKitty99 has left Special:Chat.
23:51 <Kill1mes> brb
23:51 <Cyline luvly> bai
23:51 <JackofallSuits> Bye
23:51 <Cyline luvly> DJlp in the mix
23:51 <Cyline luvly> i meanwut
23:51 <Dr. Virny> :"Call me if you die"
23:52 <Dr. Virny> I just said that.
23:52 <Dr. Virny> On a phone.
23:52 <Cyline luvly> ya sure
23:52 <Dr. Virny> I just did.
23:52 <Dr. Virny> No kidding.
23:52 <Dr. Virny> (Doesn't make sense though.)
23:52 <Cyline luvly> my lifeless body wil just totally get up find a phone and call u
23:52 <Irishninja0> Deathgirl, to the pm's!
23:52 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus) cool coffee... I hate english classes y iz your language so confusing
23:52 <Dr. Virny> Do Cyline.
23:52 <Dr. Virny> Do it.
23:52 <Dr. Virny> I dare you.
23:52 <Cyline luvly> ...
23:52 <Dr. Virny> -.-
23:52 <Harachiko> did mrmustache come
23:53 <Cyline luvly> im not dead though'
23:53 <Dr. Virny> Oh shit.
23:53 <Dr. Virny> Back fire.
23:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> X3 8| I am dead :3
23:53 <Dr. Virny> Good for you.
23:53 <Dr. Virny> I didn't know dead people could type.
23:53 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
23:53 <Kill1mes> No roleplaying please.
23:53 <Kill1mes> and shit
23:53 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
23:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> I didn't mean to.
23:53 <Kill1mes> k
23:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> XP
23:53 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus) y iz english so damn confusing!?
23:53 <Dr. Virny> 0)-(0
23:54 <Kill1mes> You think English is bad? try foreign language
23:54 <Kill1mes> unless.. English is a foreign language to you
23:54 <Dr. Virny> LATION.
23:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'm German...
23:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> Why is German so hard?!
23:54 <Dr. Virny> German is like a bear.
23:54 <JackofallSuits> Statistically, English is the hardest language to learn
23:54 <Dr. Virny> That wants to eat me.
23:54 <JackofallSuits> I want to learn German
23:54 <Dr. Virny> ;-;
23:54 <JackofallSuits> But I need to finish learning Japanese first
23:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ugh, I know 3 words and have been trying for 3 years +
23:55 <Kill1mes> I never likes German. That may be from my experiences while learning it yhough
23:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'll teach you if you teach me 
23:55 <Dr. Virny> I want to learn Traditional Virnation.
23:55 <JackofallSuits> Halt, hammerzeit!
23:55 <Dr. Virny> It's too confusing though.
23:55 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <Cyline luvly> i no french
23:55 <JackofallSuits> That sounded dirty, Lee
23:55 <Dr. Virny> o.o
23:55 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
23:55 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <Dr. Virny> Thanks for ruining my brain.
23:55 <Dr. Virny> *brains
23:55 <Dr. Virny> Childhood.
23:56 <Dr. Virny> Eh.
23:56 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
23:56 -!- Cyline luvly has left Special:Chat.
23:56 <JackofallSuits> My childhood never got ruined...
23:56 <Dr. Virny> (I'm loving the super long line I'm making)
23:56 -!- Wolfman123 has left Special:Chat.
23:56 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
23:56 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:56 <Dr. Virny> Yea.
23:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Somebody in the comments said this is an amazing Creepypasta song, and it REALLY is.
23:56 <JackofallSuits> It just disappeared slowly
23:56 -!- Charlenelovesjeff has joined Special:Chat
23:56 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
23:56 <JackofallSuits> And it died with Rareware
23:56 -!- Cyline luvly has joined Special:Chat
23:56 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
23:56 -!- Charlenelovesjeff has left Special:Chat.
23:56 <Dr. Virny> BROOKE!
23:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yus?
23:56 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
23:56 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Dr. Virny> ...
23:57 <Dr. Virny> ;-;
23:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> SORRY! :c
23:57 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <Dr. Virny> *Phones.
23:57 <Dr. Virny> This will destroy my reputation.
23:57 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <NeveRsLeePme12> @ Jack here is one while I'm doing HW: Auf Wiedersehen
23:57 <Dr. Virny> Now I'll never get my medical liscense back :(
23:57 <Dr. Virny> So.
23:58 <JackofallSuits> Um, that last word means sausage right?
23:58 <Dr. Virny> Scariest Creepypasta?
23:58 <Cyline luvly> ur face
23:58 <Cyline luvly> jk
23:58 <Dr. Virny> Awww.
23:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> No it acually means till i see you again
23:58 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <Kill1mes> hi chao
23:58 <JackofallSuits> Oh, it kind of sounds like it
23:58 <ChaoticPeace> Hi.
23:59 <Kill1mes> and "scariest" is subjective
23:59 -!- Wildboyintraining has joined Special:Chat
23:59 <Dr. Virny> I don't know.
23:59 <Jorge Esquivel>
23:59 <JackofallSuits> Till I see you again, tehl i seeyoo hagen
23:59 <Jorge Esquivel> You guys watch that.
23:59 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
23:59 -!- Wildboyintraining has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <Cyline luvly> jorge u mad at me?
23:59 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
23:59 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
23:59 <Dr. Virny> They have a Dipper goes to Taco Bell video...
23:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi 414.
23:59 <JackofallSuits> Auf weedoohagen
23:59 <Dr. Virny> o.o
23:59 <41488p> can you say "shit " in Spanish?
23:59 <41488p> hi Jorge
23:59 <Cyline luvly> yep u r
23:59 <JackofallSuits> Etc
23:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> Congratz Jack you learnz german
23:59 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
23:59 <ChaoticPeace> Cyline, you new?
23:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Cy.
23:59 <Cyline luvly> no
00:00 -!- Agito12 has left Special:Chat.
00:00 <JackofallSuits> NEIN NEIN NEIN
00:00 -!- Static12 has left Special:Chat.
00:00 -!- Agito12 has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Dr. Virny> "-_-"
00:00 <41488p> NAAIINN
00:00 <ChaoticPeace> Never seen you before.
00:00 <Cyline luvly> been here for like a month
00:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> NIEN
00:00 <Jorge Esquivel> I just needed you to be quiet for a while...
00:00 <Cyline luvly> and wat jorge
00:00 <41488p> (-_-)
00:00 <NeveRsLeePme12> lol
00:00 <Cyline luvly> fine
00:00 <Dr. Virny> Hmmm....
00:00 <41488p> NINE!
00:00 -!- Static12 has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Cyline luvly> but dont fight anymore kk
00:00 <JackofallSuits> I can count to ten in Spanish
00:00 <NeveRsLeePme12> LOL
00:00 <JackofallSuits> I don't know why
00:00 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
00:00 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
00:00 <Dr. Virny> I can count to ten in German.
00:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> NIEN, I won't wat the der einekatze.
00:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> *eat
00:00 <Dr. Virny> And Spanish.
00:00 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Dr. Virny> That's it.
00:01 <JackofallSuits> I can almost count to ten in Japanese
00:01 <JackofallSuits> But then I forget what I'm doing halfway through
00:01 <Kill1mes> My headphones are broken ;~;
00:01 <41488p> un!
00:01 <41488p> dweiz!
00:01 <Cyline luvly> i am fluent in french
00:01 <41488p> aw poor Kill
00:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> :P
00:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> I wanna learn japanese
00:01 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <41488p> fuck your headphones, Kill
00:01 <JackofallSuits> Ichi nii san go
00:01 <41488p> you have bitches to chase.
00:01 <JackofallSuits> Um
00:01 <41488p> :D
00:01 <Kill1mes> Too small
00:01 <41488p> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
00:01 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Light.
00:01 <ChaoticPeace> too fragile
00:01 <JackofallSuits> Go may or may not be 4 or 5
00:01 <Cyline luvly> ...
00:01 <LightFlower> hello
00:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> Yay~
00:01 <41488p> hi
00:01 <JackofallSuits> I think...
00:01 <Dr. Virny> Why won't anyone pay attention  to me...
00:02 <41488p> wat
00:02 <Dr. Virny> Nyeh.
00:02 <ChaoticPeace> Is it just me or is there a wave of people I don't recognize recently?
00:02 <41488p> why does everyone want attention payed to them?
00:02 <JackofallSuits> Ichi nii san hachi go 
00:02 <41488p> hi, Chaotic, I don't think i know you.
00:02 <41488p> jk
00:02 <NeveRsLeePme12> Virney (fy) GTFO
00:02 <41488p> FU
00:02 <41488p> FUUU!!!
00:02 <Dr. Virny> (Just kidding, I'm probrably the most annoying one here.)
00:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
00:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> I learned a TINY bit of Japanese in the 3rd grade. SUCKED. I couldn't remember ANYTHING. Flunked. 58%.
00:02 <41488p> oh lol
00:02 <LightFlower> hai chaotic u better know me
00:02 <ChaoticPeace> 414, i thought what we had was special 
00:02 <41488p> Japanese?
00:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
00:02 <41488p> lololol
00:02 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
00:02 <41488p> it WAS special.
00:02 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
00:02 <ChaoticPeace> Sorry, I don't Light!
00:02 <41488p> except that time...
00:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Necro.
00:02 <ChaoticPeace> NO ANYMORE.
00:02 <LightFlower> 58% in 3rd grade? 0.0
00:02 <41488p> that time with the condom...
00:02 <Necrosanity> Hey Why. ._.
00:02 <JackofallSuits> My school only offered Spanish 
00:02 <Cyline luvly> ...
00:02 <41488p> you came with one. And I saw you had...
00:02 <Dr. Virny> Why, guess what.
00:02 <41488p> a dick...
00:03 <41488p> ;(
00:03 <JackofallSuits> And I aint had no use for that shit
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> we don't speak of that!
00:03 <Afterlife and Redshade> It was a forced class.
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> Shhh.
00:03 <LightFlower> same here jack
00:03 <41488p> SHEESH!
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> We still have pablo, though. 
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> He binds us.
00:03 <Dr. Virny> Why....... Guess........ what......
00:03 <King Krule> Pablo is my homeboy
00:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes?
00:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also don't use so many periods
00:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you.
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> My son will not associate with you!
00:03 <Dr. Virny> I drew a picture of you....
00:03 <Afterlife and Redshade> I had to learn CHINESE too!
00:03 <Dr. Virny> :)
00:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eh? What?
00:03 <ChaoticPeace> lag
00:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Show it please.
00:03 <41488p> Chinese?!
00:04 <LightFlower> I will not associate with people who do not know who the Beatles are.
00:04 <Cyline luvly> ....
00:04 <41488p> bro, you think THAT'S hard??
00:04 <Dr. Virny> But it;s a secret D:
00:04 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:04 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
00:04 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
00:04 <41488p> tell me your secrets
00:04 <LightFlower> Srsly there are people in my grade who have no clue who the Beatles are
00:04 <41488p> all of your secrets
00:04 <LightFlower> it makes me sad
00:04 <41488p> secrete me your secrets
00:04 <41488p> all of them
00:04 <NeveRsLeePme12> my school offered me french since I'm from europe... RACIST
00:04 <NeveRsLeePme12> jk I just took english classes
00:04 <41488p> every single slimy drop
00:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well...okay, it is a secret.
00:04 <ChaoticPeace> my son will not associate with your kind, damnit!
00:04 <Dr. Virny> Okay, I'm gonna go now.
00:04 <JackofallSuits> Keep it a secret from everyone
00:04 <NeveRsLeePme12> NEIN!
00:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> I had to juggle 3 languages. Nearly flunked.
00:04 <Dr. Virny> -Virny's computer has exploded!-
00:04 <LightFlower> yikes
00:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> N i e n.
00:04 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
00:04 <41488p> lol took Chinese since like 1st grade
00:05 <41488p> (trollface)
00:05 <Cyline luvly> irish u r such a player
00:05 <LightFlower> ^
00:05 <ChaoticPeace> What country are you in, 414?
00:05 -!- Dr. Virny has left Special:Chat.
00:05 <41488p> ^.^
00:05 <Kill1mes> I took English since first frade.
00:05 <41488p> Mars
00:05 <LightFlower> sorry irish it's true
00:05 <41488p> New Mars
00:05 <41488p> colonized in 2056
00:05 <Kill1mes> I love that place!
00:05 <41488p> WHAT
00:05 <Kill1mes> ;(
00:05 <LightFlower> 414 is in 2nd grade loljk
00:05 <41488p> I'm IN THE WRONG TIME PERIOD?!
00:05 <41488p> SHIIIT!
00:05 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
00:05 <Afterlife and Redshade> I took english in preschool.
00:05 <ChaoticPeace> whoa gd one
00:05 <Kill1mes> I just can't spell in chat
00:05 <LightFlower> I knew my alphabet at 10 months
00:06 <Kill1mes> Because I type fast, with a small keyboard.
00:06 <ChaoticPeace> I've been taking Arabic, English and French since first
00:06 <Kill1mes> That's all, honest (QQ)
00:06 <Cyline luvly> i moved from france wen i wus ya
00:06 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
00:06 <Afterlife and Redshade> I knew the alphabet in under 9 months.
00:06 <LightFlower> @Kill FUCK small KEYBOARDS
00:06 <Kill1mes> I lost my iPod (T_T)
00:06 <LightFlower> I read chapter books by age 2
00:06 <JackofallSuits> I knew advanced math at five
00:06 <Afterlife and Redshade> (cry2)
00:06 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
00:06 <Ponyfan10> how wil he fuck small keyboards? @Light
00:06 <LightFlower> (TT)
00:07 -!- USMC Lance has left Special:Chat.
00:07 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
00:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> Chapters at 1 1/2
00:07 <JackofallSuits> And every state, capital, flower, bird, stone, motto
00:07 <Kill1mes> Chapters at three days
00:07 <Kill1mes> fuck yea
00:07 <Cyline luvly> wel i am a dum fuck
00:07 <LightFlower> Ponyfan, as in "FUCK I HATE SMALL KEYBOARDS
00:07 <NeveRsLeePme12> I've lived in Germany in all my life and I'm just now learning a third language which is sad cause most of my friends know about 4 by now D:
00:07 <JackofallSuits> And how to write in script
00:07 <Ponyfan10> I was joking
00:07 <Kill1mes> I know one (derp)
00:07 -!- USMC Lance has joined Special:Chat
00:07 <JackofallSuits> Come many years later, I don't know any of that shit anymore
00:07 <Kill1mes> Well, my dream career doesn't require me to be bilingual
00:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> How to program a video game based on BRVR at 13....
00:07 <Cyline luvly> wut u wanna be?
00:07 <LightFlower> But thank fucking god I know the Pythagorean Theorem.
00:08 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
00:08 <JackofallSuits> My dream career seems like such a long shot away
00:08 -!- Eyerly446 has joined Special:Chat
00:08 <Kill1mes> Editor/Author.
00:08 <Cyline luvly> ahhh
00:08 <Kill1mes> Hi Brit and Eyer.
00:08 <LightFlower> I wanna be a musician
00:08 <Ponyfan10> What if I told younot all asians are chinese
00:08 <LightFlower> and be all chill and just live off ramen
00:08 <Ponyfan10> I derped there
00:08 <Kill1mes> Wut D:
00:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> That's easy, the Pythagorean Theorem. Pre-Algebra learned it.
00:08 <JackofallSuits> I'm almost worried I'll never make it
00:08 <Eyerly446> No more sleep for another 2 days :)
00:08 <JackofallSuits> I already live off ramen
00:08 <LightFlower> I know Afterlife
00:08 <Kill1mes> I also don't need math
00:08 <Kill1mes> only English classes.
00:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> I need all classes :(
00:09 <Cyline luvly> u need alittle of everything
00:09 <LightFlower> I wont need math to travel around and play piano and saxophone
00:09 -!- Eyerly446 has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Ponyfan10> "What if I told you
00:09 <Ponyfan10> Not all asians are chinese"
00:09 <Ponyfan10> -Morpheus
00:09 <JackofallSuits> You need a little bit of lovin'
00:09 -!- Our favorite dumbass2 has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Our favorite dumbass2> hiii
00:09 <Our favorite dumbass2> i am dumb
00:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'll be learning PRIG in 2 years.
00:09 <NeveRsLeePme12> I want to be a doctor yet I don't know ANY bodily function BUT THANK GOD I know fucking algebra (sweetjesus)
00:09 <Kill1mes> Hello.
00:09 <LightFlower> My troll senses are tingling
00:09 <USMC Lance> Gooks
00:09 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Kill1mes> Out favorite dumbass? But 414 is already here D:
00:09 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <USMC Lance> Dinks
00:09 <USMC Lance> Zipperheads
00:09 <LightFlower> @Kill so true
00:09 <41488p> lol hi
00:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
00:09 <41488p> hi
00:09 <41488p> bye
00:09 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
00:10 <USMC Lance> All the same shit
00:10 <WalkingDitto> Hoy
00:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> You're in 2013.
00:10 <Cyline luvly> hm
00:10 <JackofallSuits> I smell it too Light
00:10 <USMC Lance> Don't fucking care
00:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> D: FUCKING ALGEBRA!
00:10 <LightFlower> TEH PINGS
00:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D ALGEBRA
00:10 -!- Devonm08 has joined Special:Chat
00:10 <Kill1mes> Our second favorite dumbass is here too
00:10 <LightFlower> Neve fucks algebra?
00:10 <Kill1mes> everybody say hello to Ryan!
00:10 -!- Our favorite dumbass2 has left Special:Chat.
00:10 <WalkingDitto> FUCK YOUUUU
00:10 <Kill1mes> k
00:10 <Cyline luvly> xD
00:10 <WalkingDitto> <3
00:10 <LightFlower> goin AFK
00:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> Fuck Algebra, Prigonomotry.
00:10 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
00:10 <Kill1mes> <4
00:10 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
00:10 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> <5
00:11 <NeveRsLeePme12> I want to be a doctor yet I don't know ANY bodily functions BUT THANK GOD I know fucking algebra 
00:11 -!- GhostlyTrickster has joined Special:Chat
00:11 <Kill1mes> <69
00:11 -!- Devonm08 has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> EEW
00:11 <Kill1mes> Ryan, I <69 you.
00:11 <Cyline luvly> hot
00:11 <JackofallSuits> Damn
00:11 <WalkingDitto> omg me2
00:11 -!- YakuYabai has joined Special:Chat
00:11 <Kill1mes> obby
00:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> <6969
00:11 <Kill1mes> Ello Yaku
00:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Yabai
00:11 <YakuYabai> Back from work!
00:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
00:11 <Kill1mes> <9001
00:11 <YakuYabai> Hey, This!
00:11 -!- GhostlyTrickster has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <JackofallSuits> Hai worker person
00:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> <9999999
00:11 <JackofallSuits> <666
00:11 <Kill1mes> Eww work
00:12 <Cyline luvly> irish god damn it answer pm
00:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> <666
00:12 <YakuYabai> Hi, Kill! :)
00:12 <JackofallSuits> You got ninja'd
00:12 <Kill1mes> What's up man?
00:12 <Cyline luvly> it smells like wine in my house
00:12 <NeveRsLeePme12> (okay)
00:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> I did that.
00:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (nofun)
00:12 <WalkingDitto> It smells like house in my house
00:12 <Kill1mes> I read that as smells like whore.
00:12 <JackofallSuits> It smells like air
00:12 <Cyline luvly> ...
00:13 <JackofallSuits> *Sniff*
00:13 <Kill1mes> It smells like whore in my house too
00:13 <JackofallSuits> With a hint of nostril 
00:13 <YakuYabai> Nothing much, bud. Went to the shotgun range to shoot the M500 and that thing had a kick. I was not expecting it.
00:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Smells like whore.
00:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Stupid house.
00:13 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> teen spirit
00:13 <Kill1mes> Smells like teen sprirt
00:13 <Kill1mes> da,mmit
00:13 <Cyline luvly> for some reason wut u said bothered me @jack
00:13 <YakuYabai> The pistol grip version is horrible compared to the one with a buttstock.
00:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Smells like Pikachi
00:13 <Kill1mes> NINJA'D
00:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> *Pikachu
00:13 <JackofallSuits> You people so dirty
00:13 <JackofallSuits> What did I say?
00:13 <Kill1mes> You suk Cheese (
00:13 <Cyline luvly> i dont no  jknjgfbewjkghbe
00:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> then it smells like... america (trollface)
00:13 <Cyline luvly> srry
00:13 <Kill1mes> ;( *
00:14 -!- Devonm08 has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> lolol
00:14 <Kill1mes> Cy, please don't spam
00:14 <Devonm08> hello all
00:14 <Cyline luvly> i no srry
00:14 <Kill1mes> Hi m08
00:14 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
00:14 <YakuYabai> Hello, Devon.
00:14 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Ironically, I think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is one of the worst Nirvana songs.
00:14 <Kill1mes> We gotz a rebel over here
00:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> Smells like something going funny with two Pikachus.
00:14 <Cyline luvly> irish i wil punch u
00:14 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It's good, but I much prefer "All Apologies".
00:14 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <JackofallSuits> We have no idea where this egg came from!
00:14 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <WalkingDitto> Kurt hated Smells Like Teen Spirit 
00:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> I prefer Skillet
00:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ditto is right.
00:14 <WhiteReaper> I like Smells Like Teen Spirit, but certainly not one of their best
00:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Zipped.
00:15 <Devonm08> anyone ever post a creepy pasta
00:15 <Kill1mes> It's not bad.
00:15 <Devonm08> me
00:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> Me
00:15 <Zippedkiki> hi hi
00:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Most of us, Devon.
00:15 <Cyline luvly> i did
00:15 <WalkingDitto> But you can't deny that that riff is catchy as fuck 
00:15 <Kill1mes> I don't know too much nirvana
00:15 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
00:15 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <WhiteReaper> >>It's one of their worst
00:15 <WhiteReaper> >>It's good
00:15 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> "The man who sold the world" is the best
00:15 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <Kill1mes> it, along with some other bands, I want to know more of
00:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> I don't like Nirvana
00:15 <Cyline luvly> i wanna go to sleep :(
00:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> White: proving how awesome Nirvana is, of course.
00:15 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Zippedkiki> anyone know where ChaoZStrider is?
00:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That even their worst songs are good to some extent.
00:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> Nope
00:15 <Kill1mes> Nah.
00:15 <YakuYabai> How come we pronounce "Skillet" --> Skill-et and "Fillet"--->Fih-lay?
00:15 <WhiteReaper> lol
00:15 <Devonm08> any suggestions???
00:15 <Zippedkiki> k thanks 
00:15 <Kill1mes> Sleeping? With his daughter?
00:16 -!- Zippedkiki has left Special:Chat.
00:16 <JackofallSuits> Wait
00:16 <Kill1mes> Cooking bacon?
00:16 <Kill1mes> Most likely one of the three
00:16 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus) where is Ben? he tricked me into that test
00:16 <JackofallSuits> You don't pronounce it Skihlay?!
00:16 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
00:16 <Kill1mes> ^
00:16 <Kill1mes> wut
00:16 <JackofallSuits> Oh my glob I've been doing it wrong
00:16 <Kill1mes> Why would you not?
00:16 <YakuYabai> No. I tried and people just look at me funny.
00:16 <Kill1mes> Skihlay is right.
00:16 <Cyline luvly> so confused
00:16 <Devonm08> u know wats crazy
00:16 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> skittles
00:16 <JackofallSuits> I am too
00:16 <SolarDrills> Haiyo~
00:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> Something smells funny in this house.
00:16 <Devonm08> hi
00:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
00:16 <JackofallSuits> I pronounce it Skilay and Filet
00:17 <YakuYabai> lol Skihlay
00:17 <Devonm08> srry i farted
00:17 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
00:17 <Kill1mes> What's crazy is broken grammar.
00:17 <Cyline luvly> devon, u new
00:17 <JackofallSuits> You must have it the wrong way
00:17 <Kill1mes> as in, it drivs me crazy
00:17 <YakuYabai> Grammer
00:17 <Devonm08> yeah im new
00:17 <Kill1mes> drives*
00:17 <JackofallSuits> It's definately Fill et
00:17 <Cyline luvly> hm
00:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki Devon!
00:17 <Kill1mes> Welcome to the chat
00:17 <JackofallSuits> And Skill aye
00:17 <Devonm08> thx
00:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> Welcome!
00:17 <Irishninja0> I swear I'm about to put a bullet in my head
00:17 <Kill1mes> Please read the rules
00:17 <Cyline luvly> fuckin irish ur intro
00:17 <Kill1mes>
00:17 <Irishninja0> OH Crap!
00:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why Irish?
00:17 <Irishninja0> Thanks cyline
00:17 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
00:17 <Cyline luvly> ...
00:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Ben.
00:17 <Benjaminthewill123123> fuck
00:18 <Kill1mes> Hey whore <3
00:18 <Cyline luvly> hi to u to
00:18 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja0, most powerful ninja on earth
00:18 <JackofallSuits> Whore hey
00:18 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ben you tricked me... (sweetjesus)
00:18 <Cyline luvly> some guy called me that
00:18 -!- LunaMoon0301 has joined Special:Chat
00:18 <Benjaminthewill123123> just fuck everything right now
00:18 <LunaMoon0301> hai guys
00:18 <Irishninja0> Now, like I said, bullet in my head
00:18 <Devonm08> irish it dosent work i tryed the medics revived
00:18 <Devonm08> me
00:18 <Cyline luvly> thast for answering irish
00:18 <LunaMoon0301> holy crap its a full chat today
00:18 <Lyceum514> Oh, good ol' Princess Luna<3
00:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:18 <LunaMoon0301> hai
00:18 <NeveRsLeePme12> BEN I was so (alone)
00:18 <YakuYabai> I love full chats
00:18 <LunaMoon0301> heyyy Deathgirl
00:18 <YakuYabai> I get to see NEW people!
00:19 <Devonm08> hi death
00:19 <Deathgirl12> insanty is back !
00:19 <JackofallSuits> Well, I came when I heard you had beaten the Elite Four
00:19 <LunaMoon0301> i likeit in the early morning when its nice and quieter
00:19 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Ben:
00:19 <Cyline luvly> lol
00:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> LOL
00:19 <LunaMoon0301> o god coffee i needed this today
00:19 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
00:19 <Benjaminthewill123123> thats what I just did
00:19 <YakuYabai> I like the morning to. The only time I can really do that is on the weekends, though.
00:19 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:19 <Cyline luvly> i feel rlly pissed for no reason
00:19 <LunaMoon0301> just burnt my arm kinda bad making mac and cheese
00:19 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
00:19 <JackofallSuits> I just stay late at night
00:19 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ping
00:19 <LunaMoon0301> so thx ^^
00:20 <Benjaminthewill123123> coffee you mother fuck I did your signature
00:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> no prob lol
00:20 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I know ben 
00:20 <JackofallSuits> Gets to less than ten people
00:20 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, I hope it heals soon, Luna.
00:20 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> how do i put it in my preferences lol
00:20 <Benjaminthewill123123> is that what you wanted?
00:20 <Benjaminthewill123123> oh use
00:20 <Irishninja0> Hey death baby
00:20 <NeveRsLeePme12> Ben I am no longer want to participate in your "test" (fy)
00:20 <ChaoticPeace> was that mac and cheese worth it? WAS IT?
00:20 <YakuYabai> When you get upset for no reason, that is an issue that has to be checked on by a professional. Being bipolar ain't cute. lollll
00:20 <JackofallSuits> I now pronounce you man and lady
00:20 <Irishninja0> Awww dang it!!!
00:20 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <LightFlower> bCK
00:20 <Cyline luvly> ....
00:20 <Irishninja0> she's gone jack
00:20 <Devonm08> if yall wanna hear some dark stuff add me on facebook my name is devon gausman on there
00:20 <LightFlower> *Back
00:20 <Irishninja0> Hi light
00:21 <JackofallSuits> You may kiss or some shit
00:21 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
00:21 <ChaoticPeace> Who are these people.
00:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Light
00:21 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <LightFlower> hai irish :3
00:21 <LightFlower> Hai AmI
00:21 <Benjaminthewill123123> {{MediaWiki:Benjamin/CoffeeSig}}
00:21 <Cyline luvly> i am rlly pissed
00:21 <Irishninja0> Jack death is gone
00:21 <Irishninja0> Why cyline?
00:21 <Devonm08> irish
00:21 <JackofallSuits> Ok?
00:21 <Cyline luvly> none of ur biss
00:21 <NeveRsLeePme12> So faq you Ben (fy)
00:21 <Irishninja0> Yes devon?
00:21 <LightFlower> irish u are nvr gon' believe this
00:21 <Devonm08> GO TO SLEP
00:21 <Irishninja0> What light?
00:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> slep
00:21 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <LightFlower> lol devon is gonna get kicked
00:21 <ChaoticPeace> But...why say your pissed if you're not willing to share the reason?
00:21 <Irishninja0> Gee devon, I never gone to slep
00:21 <Cyline luvly> i would
00:21 <Irishninja0> What is this slep?
00:21 <Cyline luvly> but i cant
00:21 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
00:22 <WalkingDitto> I'm so pissed 
00:22 <LightFlower> Anyway irish, I am worried
00:22 <Cyline luvly> a game u dum fuck
00:22 <LightFlower> WHAT IF HE DOESNT LIKE ME *headdesk*
00:22 <WalkingDitto> I CAN'T TELL YOU GEEZ
00:22 <Cyline luvly> ok im done
00:22 <Devonm08> u know wat slep is?
00:22 <YakuYabai> Is Slep that new club I've been hearing about?
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> bleg
00:22 <JackofallSuits> And then he said, let there be shit
00:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Necrai.
00:22 <Kill1mes> caps
00:22 <Necrai> Hey, Read.~
00:22 <JackofallSuits> And so there was
00:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Chao.
00:22 <LightFlower> I don't know what slep is
00:22 <JackofallSuits> A whole storm of it
00:22 <Kill1mes> Hey nec and Strider
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> NECRAI
00:22 <LightFlower> Thanks 4 askin tho
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> sorry caps
00:22 <Necrai> Hai, Luna.
00:22 <ChaoZStrider> Hey, Reading and Kill
00:22 <Afterlife and Redshade> 5 and 19 are the same thing. :| I can't edit it.
00:22 <Necrai> God, I can't even see the people talking ;-;
00:22 <YakuYabai> Hey, Strider! :)
00:22 <Cyline luvly> good job
00:22 <Necrai> chat is moving 2fast4me
00:22 <Afterlife and Redshade> I was looking at the update.
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> necrai, its too full, pm me
00:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> please
00:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Fixing it, Afterlife.
00:22 <Irishninja0> Don't be worried light *slap*
00:22 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> ugh1
00:22 <JackofallSuits> 2L84ME
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> ugh!*
00:22 <Afterlife and Redshade> Thanks!
00:22 <ChaoZStrider> Aloha, Yaku
00:22 <ChaoticPeace> "dum fuck"
00:22 <LunaMoon0301> ogodwhy
00:23 <LightFlower> dammit irish
00:23 <LunaMoon0301> (unsee)
00:23 <LightFlower> I told u not to slap me
00:23 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
00:23 <Irishninja0> Just trying to help
00:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> wat
00:23 <ChaoticPeace> You shouldn't call anyone dumb when you don't know how to spell it, bro.
00:23 <Andytags>
00:23 <Irishninja0> and you never told me that
00:23 <Irishninja0> *slap
00:23 <LightFlower> Yes I did
00:23 <Devonm08> irish slep is a coma like sleep that is life threating...
00:23 <LightFlower> u weren't paying attention
00:23 <Necrai> i can't pm. wat
00:23 <LightFlower> Lol slep.  
00:23 <LunaMoon0301> everyone please, just stahp tralking for 1 sec plz
00:23 <Irishninja0> I'm sorry but this is too much fun *slap slap slap*
00:23 <LightFlower> I bet that's not legit
00:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Done, rules fixed.
00:23 <LightFlower> he is just justifying a typo
00:23 <LunaMoon0301> hold on guys
00:23 <LightFlower> Wut luna
00:23 <JackofallSuits> Fapfapfap
00:23 <LunaMoon0301> 1 sec
00:23 <NeveRsLeePme12> lolNOPE
00:24 <Irishninja0> ok luna
00:24 <Cyline luvly> 1 sec
00:24 <ChaoticPeace> Do you hear chat going down the drain?!
00:24 <LightFlower> Nope Chuck Testa
00:24 <LightFlower> wait r they getting rid of chat?
00:24 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
00:24 <Necrai> Hey, Brit.
00:24 <LightFlower> *dies
00:24 <LunaMoon0301> what do a burnt pizza, a frozen beer and a pregnant woman have in common? nobody pulled it out in time
00:24 <Devonm08> any1 one other than me millitary personell
00:24 <YakuYabai> I am.
00:24 <Cyline luvly> ...
00:24 <NeveRsLeePme12> No
00:24 <LightFlower> wtf u talkin bout devon
00:24 <JackofallSuits> Ok, NOW I pronounce you man and lady
00:24 <Kill1mes> Dude, watch the broken English. It's annoying.
00:24 <Irishninja0> Luna thats dark
00:24 <Devonm08> me?
00:24 <JackofallSuits> You may now go fuck eachother
00:25 <Irishninja0> Jack, stop marrying random people
00:25 <ChaoZStrider> Both of you.
00:25 <LightFlower> Enjoy this gif of Ringo Starr :3 <3
00:25 <Kill1mes> Yes, you
00:25 <ChaoticPeace> You whore!
00:25 <JackofallSuits> I'm not
00:25 <JackofallSuits> Man and lady
00:25 <Devonm08> sorry crappy keybord
00:25 <Necrai> Brother ladies.
00:25 <JackofallSuits> Sister misters
00:25 <LightFlower> I bet you were born with no clothes on Devonm08.  Gawd ur such a SLUT
00:25 <Cyline luvly> i am bored and lonley
00:25 <Cyline luvly> lonely*
00:26 <Irishninja0> I can fix that cyline
00:26 <Cyline luvly> ...u slut
00:26 <Necrai> I was born with a suit.
00:26 <Irishninja0> *casts nonlonely spell*
00:26 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'm too much of a bitch to join the military (fy)
00:26 <LightFlower> I bet you're naked under those clothes too
00:26 <JackofallSuits> Nudity is evil, babies must be evil when they are born
00:26 <LightFlower> Same Neve
00:26 <LunaMoon0301> GOD! the burning sensation! IT BURNS!!!!
00:26 <Cyline luvly> wow irish u are a ninja not a mage
00:26 <Irishninja0> True
00:26 <Necrai> Luna, you think your burning? I got a gahd damn Fuego Taki in my eye.
00:26 <Benjaminthewill123123> IM SO D:
00:26 <ChaoticPeace> I...I just..
00:26 <ChaoticPeace> D:
00:26 <YakuYabai> Devon, why did you ask who if anyone else was "military personnel"? 
00:26 <JackofallSuits> I don't understand the nudity taboo shit
00:26 <LunaMoon0301> (unsee) please
00:26 <Necrai> and i'm still eating them
00:26 <JackofallSuits> What is this, the middle ages?
00:26 <Britmonster> I just think I overdosedd
00:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> Why ben >_>
00:27 <Cyline luvly> .
00:27 <Irishninja0> Tiny chat anyone?
00:27 <ChaoticPeace> No. 
00:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> NO
00:27 <JackofallSuits> Tiny chat?
00:27 <LunaMoon0301> uhh
00:27 <LunaMoon0301> herp derp
00:27 <NeveRsLeePme12> Jack just dont
00:27 <Necrai> tiny chat is ew.
00:27 <YakuYabai> Humongous chat.
00:27 <JackofallSuits> Sure I guess
00:27 <Necrai> ^
00:27 <LightFlower> I was having a debate about religion with my friend and I'm like, "If God exists, then why would he let a man kill over 20 first graders?" and she is like, "Those kids sinned and deserved to die." I'm like, "THAT'S FUCKED UP."  
00:27 <Devonm08> hey light kiss my shrapnel filled butty
00:27 <JackofallSuits> Chatango anyone?
00:27 <LightFlower> Ew what the fuck
00:27 <LunaMoon0301> first person to get 8 chats in a row of at least 3 words a chat wins a special suprise
00:27 <Irishninja0> Lets got to tiny chat!
00:27 <LightFlower> inb4 devon gets kicked
00:27 <LightFlower> no thnx irish
00:28 <LunaMoon0301> ready? set? go!
00:28 <Necrai> Luna, that'd be spam. xD
00:28 <LunaMoon0301> fine 4
00:28 <NeveRsLeePme12> @ Light ._.
00:28 <Necrai> nah
00:28 <ChaoticPeace> Can I collectively punch you all?
00:28 <LunaMoon0301> ready set go!
00:28 <Necrai> I'd rather not, Luna.
00:28 <Necrai> I'd rather you not, peace.
00:28 <WalkingDitto> bring it chao
00:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> is...well, kinda unsettling to see a potential Moderator candidate doing this.
00:28 <ChaoZStrider> Luna, that is tricking people to break rules.
00:28 <Kill1mes> No, bad Luna
00:28 <LunaMoon0301> im jk
00:28 <ChaoticPeace> not you, dildo.
00:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So I can't say you got my approvation now...sorry, opposing.
00:28 <Irishninja0>
00:28 <WalkingDitto> <3
00:28 <Irishninja0> to tiny chat!
00:28 <LunaMoon0301> id never purposly do that to anyone
00:28 <LightFlower> DUN DUN DUN
00:29 <ChaoticPeace> She applied for mod?
00:29 <Cyline luvly> irish we said no
00:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
00:29 <LunaMoon0301> purposely* 
00:29 <ChaoticPeace> ARE YOU SERIOUS. 
00:29 <LunaMoon0301> ya
00:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> Le gasp mod drama
00:29 <LunaMoon0301> chaotic, why so suprised?
00:29 <LightFlower> I'm applying once I get more edits and experience in
00:29 <ChaoZStrider> She won't make it.
00:29 <NeveRsLeePme12> Teh dramaz
00:29 <LunaMoon0301> -_- thanks
00:29 <Cyline luvly> who is it?
00:29 <YakuYabai> Harsh. lol
00:29 <ChaoZStrider> She hasn't been here for long enough.
00:29 <ChaoticPeace> Anytime. 
00:29 <ChaoZStrider> 3 months minimum.
00:29 <LunaMoon0301> you guys are so supportive (sarcasm)
00:30 <ChaoticPeace> And her behavior isn't exactly top notch. 
00:30 <WalkingDitto> These kids will not go to bed 
00:30 <JackofallSuits> "rorororo they made me admin so I changed whole site to Japanese and banned all the mods"
00:30 <LightFlower> I just met this person today and I have stalked this chat for a year.
00:30 <Cyline luvly> who wants to be admin?
00:30 <ChaoticPeace> That's because I am not supporting it. 
00:30 <Devonm08> me
00:30 <LunaMoon0301> and on this RUDE note, i leave
00:30 <LightFlower> LOL
00:30 <LightFlower> LAWL
00:30 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <Bug2buga> u guys suck dICK
00:30 <LunaMoon0301> bai nice people
00:30 <Necrai> Rip Luna.
00:30 <LightFlower> UR SRS DEVON?
00:30 <Cyline luvly> luna u wanna be admin?
00:30 <ChaoticPeace> bai
00:30 <LightFlower> LMAO
00:30 <Bug2buga> lol nice people
00:30 <LunaMoon0301> ya
00:30 <Bug2buga> when u suck dick
00:30 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
00:30 <ChaoticPeace> we are nicest
00:30 <Irishninja0> No one coming to tiny chat?
00:30 <NeveRsLeePme12> come back next week. Will Luna make it ? Find out.~
00:30 <Necrai> Hai, Skele.
00:30 <YakuYabai> Devon, if you are in the military, you have no time to be an admon on wiki. Smh.
00:30 <ChaoZStrider> Not going to happen, Luna.
00:30 <Cyline luvly> ohhhh ya just wait 3 months
00:30 <JackofallSuits> Fuck video chat
00:30 <YakuYabai> *admin
00:30 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
00:30 <Cyline luvly> then u can  prob make it
00:31 <Necrai> Weba, Brit.
00:31 <Irishninja0> come on guys
00:31 <ChaoticPeace> No, she can't even then.
00:31 <LightFlower> If I got a bit more experience in, do ya'll think I'd be a good mod?
00:31 <LunaMoon0301> i seriously do not need this
00:31 <Cyline luvly> be americans and lie
00:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I...I am sorry for sparking this.
00:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sorry Luna.
00:31 <LOLSKELETONS> be a little nicer in your criticism guys....
00:31 -!- Agentmothman10 has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <YakuYabai> Chauvinism.
00:31 <Necrai> Hey, Agent.
00:31 <Cyline luvly> thank u lol
00:31 <NeveRsLeePme12> On..DUN DUN DUN! Creepies and the young newbs
00:31 <Irishninja0>
00:31 <Cyline luvly> irish stop
00:31 <LightFlower> No one?  No one thinks I'd be a good mod?
00:31 <JackofallSuits> Sorry Irish
00:32 <LightFlower> IRISH STAHP
00:32 <Cyline luvly> i guess u could
00:32 <JackofallSuits> I can't
00:32 <LunaMoon0301> goodbai you jerks
00:32 <JackofallSuits> My Wii isn't hooked up
00:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Irish, stop posting that.
00:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> I do
00:32 <ChaoticPeace> <3
00:32 <Necrai> Luuna
00:32 <LightFlower> Bai beach.
00:32 <Cyline luvly> by luna
00:32 <Necrai> I love youu <3
00:32 <LightFlower> jk
00:32 <LightFlower> srsly bai
00:32 <LunaMoon0301> if any of you applied for something, id support you
00:32 <LightFlower> #LOLBS
00:32 <Irishninja0> I applied for president
00:32 <LunaMoon0301> Necrai are you emailing me?
00:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> So many Dramaz
00:32 <ChaoticPeace> Right, but it's not about friendship.
00:32 <LightFlower> IRISH FOR PREZ
00:32 <Benjaminthewill123123> OPPOSE ALL THE MOD APPS (ALL!)
00:32 <LightFlower> Can I be ur VP Irish?
00:32 <Cyline luvly> i gtg and NO
00:32 <Necrai> i forgot my email password don't judge me
00:32 <JackofallSuits> I applied for fuhrer
00:32 <LunaMoon0301> its okie
00:32 <JackofallSuits> it didn't happen...
00:32 -!- Cyline luvly has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <Irishninja0> Sure light
00:32 <Agentmothman10> o3o um..hey.
00:32 <NeveRsLeePme12> lol
00:32 <Irishninja0> Bye cyline
00:32 <YakuYabai> Applied for WIC
00:33 <Irishninja0> Hi mothman
00:33 <Agentmothman10> Hi :D
00:33 <LightFlower> All these ppl are like, "I APPLIED 4 MOD" and I'm like, I haven't seen you here. EVER.
00:33 <Benjaminthewill123123> I probably wont be on tomorrow
00:33 <LightFlower> ;(
00:33 <Necrai> I'm here daily, usually in the mornings, though.
00:33 <JackofallSuits> Instead of voting for presidents, they should take all of the prime candidates and have them fight to the death
00:33 <Necrai> ^
00:33 <ChaoticPeace> No...
00:33 <Necrai> I would love that. I would love that. I would love that.
00:33 <NeveRsLeePme12> Guys I have a confestion... I'm not 15 im 15 1/2 ! Teh dramaz
00:34 <ChaoticPeace> Calm down satan.
00:34 <JackofallSuits> Last man standing is tehz rulorz
00:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im going to go have crazy sex in the back of a car
00:34 <ChaoZStrider> I agree with Light.
00:34 <YakuYabai> What if the awesome candidate dies? :(
00:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> well actually...
00:34 <LunaMoon0301> TMI
00:34 <LightFlower> OMG so one of my teachers said, "Because I was born and raised in America...." and I'm like..."'MURICA"
00:34 <Britmonster> My teacher got to meet the President 
00:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> I am going to a sports game thing
00:34 <ChaoticPeace> I am the president. 
00:34 <LightFlower> If I met Obama I'd be like, Thnx for screwing up stuff
00:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> -bans chao-
00:34 <JackofallSuits> The president should be capable of fighting as well
00:34 <NeveRsLeePme12> GL Ben (sweetjesus)
00:34 <JackofallSuits> The commander must stand with his army
00:34 <LightFlower> Also I would slap every member of Congress
00:35 <Necrai> ben, I got laid in a movie theater, I win.
00:35 <Necrai> okay, i lied, i got a hug in a movie theater
00:35 <Necrai> by my mom
00:35 <Necrai> from far away
00:35 <ChaoticPeace> ben u slut
00:35 -!- Static12 has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <LightFlower> Necrai u slut
00:35 <Necrai> rite
00:35 -!- Agentmothman10 has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> ben iz teh pimpz
00:35 <JackofallSuits> Milf action?
00:35 <ChaoticPeace> the fact you used laid and mom in the same paragraph...
00:35 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <Necrai> ^
00:35 <WalkingDitto> It seems like half of the new guys are horny as fuck
00:35 <NeveRsLeePme12> (unsee)
00:35 <ChaoticPeace> IKR.
00:35 <YakuYabai> Necrai, do you have a crying neck?
00:36 <NeveRsLeePme12> I'm not ._.
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Everybody is bound to be horny at some point of the year, but let's not delve into this subject.
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, let's change it!
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> To, eh, (burger)?
00:36 <ChaoticPeace> Nope.
00:36 <WalkingDitto> More like some part of the day 
00:36 <Necrai> Yes, yes I do, Yaku. It cries because--- holy crap (burger) works now
00:36 <WalkingDitto> ;3333
00:36 <Devonm08> bye all gotta do altillry training
00:36 -!- Devonm08 has left Special:Chat.
00:36 <JackofallSuits> Oh, so you want a burger then?
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> chaotic loves this talk
00:36 <JackofallSuits> You want a taco to go with that?
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Devon.
00:36 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <NeveRsLeePme12> No smexy talkz gaiz
00:36 <ChaoticPeace> More like some part of the body ;333
00:36 <YakuYabai> LOL @Necrai
00:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Solar.
00:37 <Necrai> i'd love a (bacon) (burger), but (why) would I get up and leave you guis to make one.
00:37 <WalkingDitto> That made no sense
00:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahahaha awesome
00:37 <YakuYabai> Hey can one of you guys help me with something?
00:37 <WalkingDitto> oh 
00:37 <WalkingDitto> wait
00:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It does if you check the word he used to make my emote.
00:37 <WalkingDitto> i get it
00:37 <ChaoticPeace> Yeah, I've read it like three time.
00:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Say it, Yabai.
00:37 <ChaoticPeace> times*
00:37 <NeveRsLeePme12> I think you're all smey D:
00:37 <LightFlower> do u have an emote ami?
00:38 <NeveRsLeePme12> *SMEXY
00:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have an emote
00:38 <JackofallSuits> Why chose between a taco and a hamburger? Just stick the taco in the hamburger and eat them both
00:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (reading)
00:38 <ChaoticPeace> OH.
00:38 <YakuYabai> On creepypasta(not the wiki), when I try to upload my pasta, the anti-spam question will not show..
00:38 <Necrai> My emote would be like.. (sexy)
00:38 <Necrai> (y)
00:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And it is aaaaaawesome.
00:38 <YakuYabai> So I don't know what to type in that blank at the bottom...
00:38 <ChaoticPeace> Slow internet?
00:38 <Benjaminthewill123123> i just stole that emote trigger
00:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> idea what is wrong, Yabai.
00:38 <ChaoticPeace> ben u lil shit
00:39 <LightFlower> My emote would be (light) IF I HAD ONE
00:39 <YakuYabai> Nope. My internet is pretty fast.
00:39 <JackofallSuits> So, I'm gonna go scavenge for food now
00:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> (derp) 
00:39 <Necrai> Alrighty, Jack.
00:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So you got one, Light?
00:39 <Kill1mes> What happens if Pinnochio says his nose will grow?
00:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because I see one.
00:39 <Kill1mes> will it?
00:39 <JackofallSuits> All this tacos getting stuck into hamburgers has made me hungry
00:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It explodes.
00:39 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
00:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> i want emote D:
00:39 <Irishninja0>
00:39 <Irishninja0> come on guys
00:39 <Necrai> Who doesn't want an emote?
00:39 <Necrai> lul
00:39 <JackofallSuits> Irish, my Wii isn't hooked up
00:39 <NeveRsLeePme12> NO irish
00:39 <JackofallSuits> I can't
00:40 <Irishninja0> To tiny chat jack
00:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Irish last warning.
00:40 <Irishninja0> What warning read?
00:40 <JackofallSuits> Yeah I can't
00:40 <ChaoticPeace> Yeah, it probably explodes.
00:40 <JackofallSuits> *Makes some excuse*
00:40 <Necrai> Irish, stop sending that link, please.
00:40 <Irishninja0> I never got a warning before, I just want people to join me
00:40 <JackofallSuits> So brb
00:40 <Irishninja0> Ok I'll stop
00:40 <ChaoticPeace> My pet rock died.
00:40 <Irishninja0> just had to ask
00:40 <Necrai> You were told to stop sending it earlier.
00:40 <Necrai> !logs
00:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
00:40 <ChaoZStrider> Irish, you were warned x.x
00:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At least once, coming from me.
00:40 <NeveRsLeePme12> teh pinging D:
00:40 <ChaoZStrider> By reading x.x
00:41 <Irishninja0> When?  Let me check
00:41 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <ChaoticPeace> Laaag.
00:41 <Irishninja0> can't even fine the link again
00:42 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
00:42 -!- Oswin Oswald has left Special:Chat.
00:42 <NeveRsLeePme12> wood is for houses silly tree (derp)
00:43 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
00:43 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <NeveRsLeePme12> Tree: (okay)
00:43 <Necrai> Irish, wait for the logs to update then check.
00:43 <Irishninja0> I meant I scrolled up and looked
00:43 <Irishninja0> couldnt find it
00:44 <NeveRsLeePme12> (alone)
00:44 <Kill1mes> !updatelogs
00:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Kill1mes: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 473 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
00:44 <Kill1mes> There
00:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I was about to do that!
00:44 <Necrai> kill wins.
00:44 <Kill1mes> Well ya didn't
00:44 <Kill1mes> so fak ya red
00:44 <Irishninja0> Ha!
00:44 <NeveRsLeePme12> kill iz best noa
00:45 <Kill1mes> noa?
00:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> kill is mean with me
00:45 <Kill1mes> k
00:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> and makes me cry cry (TT)
00:45 <NeveRsLeePme12> (Read is a hasbeen)
00:45 <ChaoticPeace> kill u bully
00:45 <Kill1mes> Kill is (nofun
00:45 <Necrai> does he make you.. necrai..? lul
00:45 <Kill1mes> (nofun)
00:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha I didn't expect that, Necrai.
00:46 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
00:46 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <Irishninja0> lolz
00:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> hi
00:46 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi
00:46 <Necrai> hi
00:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm bored
00:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello
00:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> SO I shall stay on this chat.
00:47 <Irishninja0> Hi after
00:47 <Irishninja0> Read, do you have a human face?
00:47 <SolarDrills> hi
00:47 <Irishninja0> Hi drills
00:47 <Necrai> his human face is an anthro gliscor, silly.
00:47 <NeveRsLeePme12> i ate a whale's balls before (long story) and it was awesome sauce (fy)
00:48 <SolarDrills> >.>
00:48 <WalkingDitto> Did it taste like chicken?
00:48 <NeveRsLeePme12> more like beef actually
00:48 <Necrai> oh my.
00:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have a humn face and no, it isn't an anthro Gliscor.-
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is on my user page.
00:49 <LunaMoon0301> wait
00:49 <Necrai> Welcome back, Luna.
00:49 <Necrai> It seemed you had died for a bit there.
00:49 <LunaMoon0301> was watching this really funny vid
00:49 <NeveRsLeePme12> Luna! *dramatic choir*
00:49 <LunaMoon0301>
00:50 <Irishninja0> Luna I'm showing you this
00:50 <JackofallSuits> There is no food in this house ;_;
00:50 <LunaMoon0301> i know
00:50 <LunaMoon0301> its really funny
00:50 <LunaMoon0301> g2g gais bai
00:50 <Irishninja0> It is
00:51 -!- LunaMoon0301 has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <Irishninja0> bye luna
00:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Luna.
00:51 <YakuYabai> Someone link me to a good pasts other than NoEnd House and The House That Death Forgot., please.
00:51 <Kill1mes> [[Arizona]]
00:51 <YakuYabai> OOh..thanks.
00:51 <Kill1mes> No Problem
00:52 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <Necrai> My interwebs died yet again.
00:52 <Necrai> </3
00:54 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
00:54 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <NeveRsLeePme12> Mine's did too Necrai :/
00:54 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
00:55 <Irishninja0> ....
00:55 <LOLSKELETONS> Chat's dead already?
00:55 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <NeveRsLeePme12> (ded) yep
00:56 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
00:56 -!- Lyceum514 has left Special:Chat.
00:56 <Necrai> Sigh. and now we see why I'm not active around this time. xD
00:56 <Necrai> I've been d/ced about five times already.
00:56 <Irishninja0> brb
00:56 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <Necrai> Alright, Irish.
00:56 <Necrai> Hi, Toa.
00:56 <NeveRsLeePme12> it's (ded) cause Kill is (nofun)
00:56 <TheToaMaster> Hi.
00:56 <Kill1mes> :(
00:56 <Necrai> Yeah, Skele, Chat died a good bit ago.
00:56 <TheToaMaster> I found this old lego video:
00:56 <TheToaMaster> It isn't your everyday video.
00:57 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
00:57 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
00:57 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:57 <Bug2buga> hey losers im bak
00:57 <NeveRsLeePme12>,_for_It_Knows_Where_You_Are: (fy) second creepypasta I wrote so far
00:57 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
00:57 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:57 <Bug2buga> k
00:57 <Necrai> Hey, Pram.
00:57 <Necrai> He, Krule.
00:58 <Pramirez351> hello
00:58 <TheToaMaster> That rustled my jimmies.
00:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> hi
00:58 <Necrai> Toa, I think he wants you to select the green brick.
00:58 <Pramirez351> also NeveR your pasta is i guess re named or something
00:58 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:58 <TheToaMaster> I selected it.
00:58 <NeveRsLeePme12> really since when
00:58 <Pramirez351> yeah try clicking your own link
00:59 <TheToaMaster> I clicked it, and that happened. :P
00:59 <NeveRsLeePme12> never mind
00:59 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:59 <Pramirez351> wb irish
00:59 <Pramirez351> xD
00:59 <Necrai> Welcome back, Irish,
00:59 <NeveRsLeePme12>,_for_It_Knows_Where_You_Are try it now
00:59 <Necrai> Dammit, Pram, stealing my thunder.
00:59 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <Pramirez351> there we go NeveR and necrai...your too slow! xD
01:00 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:00 <Pramirez351> "we are human" NUH! i could have never have figured that out NeveR!  great way to start a pasta xD
01:00 <TheToaMaster> Welcome, Irish, back.
01:01 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> D: see I iz smartz (dep)
01:01 <Pramirez351> im jking xD
01:01 <NeveRsLeePme12> *(derp)
01:02 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <NeveRsLeePme12> brb
01:02 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
01:02 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
01:02 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has joined Special:Chat
01:02 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <ClericofMadness> A glacier. In the middle of the desert.
01:03 <Bug2buga> man u guys fukin suck
01:03 <Bug2buga> not you cleric
01:03 <Bug2buga> mostly everyone else tho
01:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> wow that didn't take long XD
01:03 <Irishninja0> How did you guys know i was back before I even said it?
01:03 <JackofallSuits> :c
01:03 <Bug2buga> :>
01:03 <Bug2buga> jack ur ok
01:03 <TheToaMaster> I selected the green brick. thats why
01:03 <Bug2buga> not a complete loser
01:03 <NeveRsLeePme12> (QQ) what is it Jack
01:03 <Necrai> sorry, was correcting a pasta, what'd I miss?
01:03 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:04 -!- Mai sentry has joined Special:Chat
01:04 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <Necrai> Oh shit, did I just recreate a pasta.
01:04 <Necrai> Woops..
01:04 <Irishninja0> I'm the only one in m y tiny chat
01:04 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus) was it my pasta Necarai
01:04 <Mai sentry> hi
01:04 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> hI.
01:04 <Irishninja0> what did you do necrai?
01:04 <USMC Lance> Yo Mai Sentry
01:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey UwU
01:04 <UwU> Hey the readi
01:04 <Irishninja0> Hi mai
01:04 <UwU> *there
01:04 <USMC Lance> My nigga do you remember me?
01:04 <Irishninja0> jlbp
01:04 <ClericofMadness> Season One of Cleric's Tales of Horror: The Gateway to Forever.
01:05 <Kill1mes> Nec, I can fix it, link it
01:05 <Mai sentry> hey lance!
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Let me delete it, Necrai.
01:05 <Necrai>
01:05 <Mai sentry> been a while
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh.
01:05 <Pramirez351> a glacier... in the middle of the DESERT! (motherofgod)
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill is doing it.
01:05 <NeveRsLeePme12> cause if it was Y u remane
01:05 -!- USMC Lance was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 86400 seconds.
01:05 <USMC Lance> Ay, I know right
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill PM
01:05 -!- USMC Lance has left Special:Chat.
01:05 <Necrai> USMC, Careful
01:05 <Necrai> Or not.
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh, nevermind
01:05 <UwU> Sarah is still away =(
01:05 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
01:05 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:05 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That was just the thing I wanted to PM you
01:05 <Kill1mes> Yes, that was ban worthy, if you were gonna ask
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, that.
01:05 <Kill1mes> Anyways, Nec, link me and I'll delete it
01:05 <Kill1mes> and transfer the edits
01:05 <Pramirez351> haha i was going to PM you guys as well xD
01:06 <ClericofMadness> Mmmmmmm bacon mcdoubles
01:06 <ClericofMadness> mmmmm
01:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (bacon)(burger)
01:06 <Necrai> I think that word, in any context, should be ban worthy. Friendly or not, it still probably offends some people in chat.
01:06 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
01:06 <Kill1mes> Exactly.
01:06 <NeveRsLeePme12> If it's my pasta I swear,_for_It_Knows_Where_You_Are 
01:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It does...but I'll admit I wasn't too sure.
01:06 <Necrai> It wasn't, Nevers.
01:06 <UwU> that's a mouthful
01:06 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <NeveRsLeePme12> (derp) silly me
01:07 -!- Dark Hoodie has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Irishninja0> My interweb went down
01:07 <Necrai> Hey, Hoodie.
01:07 <UwU> Hoodiee
01:07 <Kill1mes> OH CRAP, THE TEMPLATE
01:07 <Pramirez351> hoodie!
01:07 <Necrai> Weba, Ninja.
01:07 <Irishninja0> went down
01:07 <UwU> eee
01:07 <Dark Hoodie> Hey.
01:07 <Mai sentry> hi
01:07 <Irishninja0> Testing testing 123
01:07 <Irishninja0> Hi mai
01:08 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
01:08 <Mai sentry> hi irish
01:08 <Arigarmy> Hello.
01:08 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <Mai sentry> hi
01:08 <Dark Hoodie> 'Sup.
01:08 <Arigarmy> Hey hood
01:08 <NeveRsLeePme12> actually @ read that word refers to what i think is his friend so i oppose ._.
01:08 <Dark Hoodie> Hey Ari.
01:08 <Arigarmy> How's the hood?
01:08 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
01:08 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
01:08 <Arigarmy> All up straight?
01:08 <Dark Hoodie> It's all good in the hood.
01:08 <UwU> Ariiii
01:09 <Pramirez351> well never you just gave me the next quote ill put on my profile page xD
01:09 <Arigarmy> what?
01:09 <Pramirez351> NeveR*
01:09 <UwU> hi
01:09 <Arigarmy> hi?all I get is hi?
01:09 <NeveRsLeePme12> Well ok Pram D:
01:09 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <Irishninja0> Hi ari
01:09 <Arigarmy> (QQ) I thought you were my friend
01:09 <Necrai> Hey, Jorge.
01:09 <Dark Hoodie> You should've been able to HALP ME!
01:09 <Irishninja0> I just said hi
01:10 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
01:10 <Dark Hoodie> Heh, nevermind. XD
01:10 <Pramirez351> hahaha im sorry xD i still love you NeveR
01:10 <JackofallSuits> Well, time for some more Brawl
01:10 <Irishninja0> to you ari
01:10 <Arigarmy> Not you (ayfkm)
01:10 <UwU> *strokes your cheek* i am more than a friend, my dear ari.
01:10 <NeveRsLeePme12> (okay)
01:10 <Irishninja0> well that was mean ari (TT)
01:10 <Arigarmy> Oh dear god (huh)
01:10 <Kill1mes> No headphones, don't do this to me ;~;
01:10 <Irishninja0> Why you be so mean!
01:10 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Tent.
01:11 <NeveRsLeePme12> trololololol
01:11 <TentakleTherapist> Haiii
01:11 <UwU> [[ari loves me more]]
01:11 <Kill1mes> Hi Tent
01:11 <Dark Hoodie> Hey Tent.
01:11 <Jorge Esquivel> I need to talk to someone...
01:11 <JackofallSuits> Hi tent in pants
01:11 <JackofallSuits> Wat
01:11 <Kill1mes> I lost my iPod, and my earphones broke
01:11 <Kill1mes> Goddammit
01:11 <Irishninja0> who would that be jorge?
01:11 <Jorge Esquivel> Someone I can trust...
01:11 <NeveRsLeePme12> Talk to me jorge (alone)
01:11 <Necrai> Dx, RIP Kill.
01:11 <Dark Hoodie> I'm pretty trustworthy, I think.
01:11 <UwU> Aw Jorge I hope you're okay
01:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> there any way I can help you?
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> >Using God's name
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> >Atheist
01:12 <Dark Hoodie> But, I dunno, I'm just a random dude.
01:12 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
01:12 <Jorge Esquivel> Someone I can trust.
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> *laughs*
01:12 <UwU> Also, Hoodie's a good listener.
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> *shot*
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> Oh look.
01:12 <Kill1mes> What's wrong with that?
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> Next to me.
01:12 <Irishninja0> You don't trust me so I'm out of the question
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> I have...
01:12 <TentakleTherapist> ICE CREAM
01:12 <NeveRsLeePme12> @Tent ._.
01:12 <Jorge Esquivel> There is no one.
01:12 <Dark Hoodie> Very well.
01:12 <UwU> I think he's good at advice too
01:12 <Dark Hoodie> Oh staph it u. >//<
01:12 <Arigarmy> I think I just read a chat pasta.
01:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm sorry to feel that, Esquivel.
01:13 <Dark Hoodie> Thanks, UwU.
01:13 <TentakleTherapist> I'd like to treat you to an ice cream and apple pie and diabetus.
01:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But if you ever need to talk, or to vent or anything, you can contact me...
01:13 <SolarDrills> Huehue
01:13 <TentakleTherapist> D-d-diabetus. I'd like to treat you to a diabetus.
01:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...I'll reply as soon as possible.
01:13 <Arigarmy> Oh,hello Why,my favorite admin (c:)
01:13 <UwU> c:
01:13 <NeveRsLeePme12> (sweetjesus)
01:13 <Arigarmy> or moderator...
01:13 <TentakleTherapist> Actually, I'm surrounded by people with diabetus.
01:13 <Necrai> Well, actually Ari, why is simply a chat mod.
01:13 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <Necrai> :3
01:13 <Necrai> lul.
01:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Ari.
01:13 <Kill1mes> >Read
01:13 <Kill1mes> >admin
01:13 <Jorge Esquivel> Chat Mod...
01:13 <UwU> Read is so cool
01:13 <TentakleTherapist> (yes)
01:13 <Arigarmy> Yes,but is the the best moderator
01:13 <WalkingDitto> >greentext
01:13 <WalkingDitto> >not on 4chan
01:14 <UwU> all of a sudden
01:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> guys make me almost blush.
01:14 <UwU> ryan
01:14 <Necrai> we all know kill is best mod.
01:14 <Kill1mes> >ne
01:14 <Kill1mes> >no headphones
01:14 <Kill1mes> >going crazy
01:14 <Mai sentry> use speakers
01:14 <UwU> read that's so cute
01:14 <Kill1mes> >necrai
01:14 <Kill1mes> >is delusional
01:14 <Kill1mes> :
01:14 <Necrai> yeah, i really am.
01:14 <UwU> read's a super cool cutie pie
01:14 <Kill1mes> :3*
01:14 <Necrai> who am i kidding, why is best <3
01:14 <Kill1mes> ^
01:14 <WalkingDitto> but is he 
01:14 <Jorge Esquivel> Kill is jealous...
01:14 <WalkingDitto> The super tough PINK PUFF? 
01:14 <WalkingDitto> fuck no that's kirby 
01:14 <Kill1mes> Not at all Jorge
01:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm doing the derp face right now. I swear
01:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (derp)
01:14 <TentakleTherapist> >me
01:14 <TentakleTherapist> >only listening to Rammstein for the past three days
01:14 <TentakleTherapist> >insanity achieved
01:14 <NeveRsLeePme12> for the love of saint michail pick me jorge
01:14 <Pramirez351> hey jorge PM
01:14 <Necrai> >kill is jealous
01:14 <Necrai> >kill is denying he is the best mod
01:14 <Necrai> okay, seems legit.
01:14 <UwU> let me squish your cheeks readi
01:15 <Arigarmy> It's true man,your never hard on us. Best admin (kawaii)
01:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha
01:15 <UwU> owo
01:15 <Jorge Esquivel> I know who I will talk to...
01:15 <Arigarmy> *you're
01:15 <Kill1mes> >Why are we
01:15 <Kill1mes> >still doing this
01:15 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
01:15 <UwU> dildo's good to talk too also
01:15 <Necrai> >Why am I still reading this
01:15 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
01:15 <Necrai> heh, see what i did there.
01:15 <UwU> dildo or hoodie they're cool
01:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> NeveR right Jorge
01:15 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
01:15 <Dark Hoodie> I just want to help out, really.
01:15 <NeveRsLeePme12> (QQ)
01:15 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <UwU> sorry, just making recommendations. 
01:15 <Irishninja0> back
01:16 <Jorge Esquivel> Not Hoodie or Pram either...
01:16 <WalkingDitto> I'm alright at listening
01:16 <Necrai> Welcome back, Irish.
01:16 <Irishninja0> stupid internet
01:16 <Arigarmy> recommendations (note:this is a doctor's note) : you stanky
01:16 <Pramirez351> i see how it is jorge xD
01:16 <Jorge Esquivel> No, you don't...
01:16 <Arigarmy> He does,he has eyes,right?
01:16 <MooseJuice> I don't know how I would use this image, so I'll just send it here:
01:16 <Dark Hoodie> Alright then, Jorge.
01:17 <UwU> we're sorry jorge, we really hope you find someone to talk to.
01:17 <Kill1mes> I found my iPod!
01:17 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <UwU> i hope you're okay!
01:17 <UwU> that's cool, kill.
01:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> (fy) dont need you guys anyway
01:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> *2 secs later* (alone)
01:17 <Irishninja0> Good for you kill
01:17 <Necrai> is,, that,, extra punctuation,, really,, necessary.
01:17 <Arigarmy> Well that's bad news (ayfkm)
01:17 <Necrai> Also, noice, Kill~<3
01:17 <Jorge Esquivel> I totally feel like shit, though...
01:17 <WhiteReaper> Jorge.
01:17 <Irishninja0> Come here lee *comforts lee*
01:17 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
01:17 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <Necrai> Hey, Mobo.
01:17 <WhiteReaper> I know exactly how you feel. .-.
01:17 <TheGreatMobo> Herro
01:17 <Arigarmy> It's horrible,you could've just gotten a refund
01:17 <Dark Hoodie> I know that feel, Jorge.
01:17 <Kill1mes> HOLY FUCK
01:17 <NeveRsLeePme12> :D
01:17 <UwU> you'll be alright!
01:18 <Kill1mes> 90 things on my deviant art
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> Calm down there kill
01:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I know that too. Everything will be alright, Esquivel.
01:18 <WalkingDitto> I'm not feeling too great tonight either 
01:18 <WalkingDitto> C'MERE BR
01:18 <Necrai> I know that feel, Jorge.
01:18 <WalkingDitto> FEEL MY FEELS
01:18 <Jorge Esquivel> Some people just fuck everything up...
01:18 <WalkingDitto> *bro
01:18 <WhiteReaper> Mhm.
01:18 <Dark Hoodie> Someone hasn't logged into their DA in a while, huh Kill? XD
01:18 <Necrai> Hah, I know that feel too.
01:18 <Kill1mes> Heh, yeah
01:18 <Irishninja0> Don't even bring it up
01:18 <Necrai> I forgot my DA back in 2011.
01:18 <Dark Hoodie> And yes, I think we've all been there.
01:18 <UwU> im just feeding my sadness with food
01:18 <Dark Hoodie> Anyone who's ever felt like shit, say I.
01:18 <UwU> it works sometimes
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> I never even made one (QQ)
01:18 <Necrai> I feed my sadness with Ice cream.
01:18 <Irishninja0> I
01:18 <TentakleTherapist> I
01:18 <UwU> fuck yeah
01:18 <NeveRsLeePme12> I
01:18 <Necrai> I.
01:18 <WalkingDitto> III
01:18 <Kill1mes> (obviously)I 
01:18 <Dark Hoodie> See?
01:19 <TentakleTherapist> >III
01:19 <Dark Hoodie> Yeah.
01:19 <Necrai> jeez, that was a lot of Is.
01:19 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
01:19 <Arigarmy> UwU
01:19 <Necrai> I's.*
01:19 <WalkingDitto> I to the third power 
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> I feed myself with ice cream even if Im not sad
01:19 <Irishninja0> Hey light
01:19 <TentakleTherapist> I didn't see a vidya gaem title in front of that...
01:19 <LightFlower> *fangirls* Ringo stahp being so adorable!!!
01:19 <UwU> *squishes you all* i hope you guys are okay
01:19 <NeveRsLeePme12> night guys
01:19 <LightFlower> I love playing vidya gaems.
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> goodnight
01:19 <LightFlower> I also love Ringo Starr and Michael Jackson
01:19 <Irishninja0> Light stop being a fangirl
01:19 <LightFlower> Bai Mobo
01:19 <LightFlower> I can't
01:19 <LightFlower> I've been diagnosed with Beatlemania
01:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Mobo.
01:19 <TentakleTherapist> To me, if you use the Roman numeral for 3, if God of War isn't in front of it, I will kill you (yougonnadie)
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> I was saying bye to someone else btw
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> :P
01:20 <WalkingDitto> But Ringo is the worst :c
01:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A...Ah.
01:20 <TentakleTherapist> ESPECIALLY if you put Assassin's Creed in front of III
01:20 -!- NeveRsLeePme12 has left Special:Chat.
01:20 <LightFlower> Particularly an crush on ringo
01:20 <Irishninja0> Ditto, run
01:20 <LightFlower> NO RINGO IS THE BEST
01:20 <Kill1mes> I have no idae who this person in my watced list is (derp)
01:20 <WalkingDitto> I actually saw Ringo in concert a fw summers ago
01:20 <WalkingDitto> *few
01:20 <Arigarmy> >A....Ah
01:20 <LightFlower> He is the most adorable and funny and epic
01:20 <Arigarmy> I wonder what your doing
01:20 <Jorge Esquivel> This is the worst day of my life...
01:20 <UwU> dont you talk shit about ringo
01:20 <Necrai> "A...Ah."
01:20 <Necrai> Oh my..
01:20 <UwU> i will come to your house and hit your face with a fish
01:20 <LOLSKELETONS> Is chat less dead?
01:20 <WalkingDitto> This is the first day of my life 
01:20 <Arigarmy> No
01:20 <Necrai> Chat is a lot less dead, Skelly.
01:20 <Arigarmy> the chat is undead
01:20 <Mai sentry> hi seketinz
01:20 <WalkingDitto> Glad I didn't die before I met youuu~
01:20 <LightFlower> Ringo is fucking epic
01:21 <Jorge Esquivel> I might do something bad...
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is so strange about "A...Ah."?
01:21 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also please, take a deep breath Esquivel.-
01:21 <Bug2buga> like what
01:21 <Bug2buga> have sex
01:21 <Bug2buga> lose your virginity
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bug!
01:21 <Bug2buga> ?
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No.
01:21 <Bug2buga> k
01:21 <LightFlower> Ringo is the hottest beatle.
01:21 <LightFlower> srsly.
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This is serious.
01:21 <UwU> for everyone who sad I
01:21 <LightFlower> his eyes *swoon*
01:21 <Bug2buga> what is serious
01:21 <Necrai> bug, seriousness, please.
01:21 <WalkingDitto> Paul is teh cute one tho
01:21 <Bug2buga> :?
01:21 <Bug2buga> what happened
01:21 <Bug2buga> i just walked in
01:21 <Jorge Esquivel> She tried to make me laugh...
01:21 <UwU> i second that, ditto
01:21 <LightFlower> Paul has a baby face
01:21 <Jorge Esquivel> I respect that, but tone it down Bug...
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well...Well, it is true...augh!
01:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sorry.
01:22 <Kill1mes> Whether or not I deserve more, I won't get it.
01:22 <Bug2buga> what happened jorge
01:22 <Jorge Esquivel> It wasn't necessary.
01:22 <UwU> cmere let me hug you, kill
01:22 <TentakleTherapist> Say I if you never had sex.
01:22 <TentakleTherapist> *everyone says I*
01:22 <TentakleTherapist> XD
01:22 <LightFlower> Wuts the drama the bug?
01:22 <LightFlower> I
01:22 <Bug2buga> idk
01:22 <TheGreatMobo>
01:22 <Irishninja0> ...
01:22 <Bug2buga> jorge has a thing going on
01:22 <WalkingDitto> I
01:22 <UwU> I
01:22 <WalkingDitto> :c
01:22 <UwU> virgin club
01:22 <WalkingDitto> woo
01:22 <LightFlower> Bonsai Kittens
01:22 <LightFlower> Greatest idea ever
01:22 <Necrai> >probably going to be one of the only few not saying i
01:22 <Necrai> woops, i look like a whore now.
01:22 <Arigarmy> I can't be a memver
01:22 <UwU> The Kinky Virgins club
01:22 <Arigarmy> neither can you UwU
01:23 <Irishninja0> Light, here is the hottest beatle XD
01:23 <Arigarmy> (c:)
01:23 <UwU> now accepting applications
01:23 <LightFlower> No Irish.  Beatle.
01:23 <Dark Hoodie> HAHA, UWU! XD
01:23 <LightFlower> xD
01:23 <Necrai> Can we join if we aren't a virgin? c:
01:23 <Necrai> lul
01:23 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll tell you right now, it has nothing to do with anyone here...
01:23 <WalkingDitto> SLUT 
01:23 <UwU> no get out
01:23 <UwU> WHORE
01:23 <Irishninja0> What ever XD
01:23 <UwU> HARLOT
01:23 <Necrai> rude.
01:23 <Arigarmy> (T_T(
01:23 <WalkingDitto> jk bby ily<3
01:23 <LightFlower> xD
01:23 <Bug2buga> omai
01:23 <LightFlower> (TT)
01:23 <Mai sentry> what is happening
01:23 <UwU> ryan is an aggressive virgin
01:24 <Jorge Esquivel> Everyone here is fine...
01:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Nobody dies a virgin.
01:24 <Necrai> Could you tone down caps a bit?~<3
01:24 <Necrai> Also, I don't find those offensive, but careful, some users might, even if you are joking.
01:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Life fucks us all.
01:24 <Irishninja0> Even me?
01:24 <Necrai> ^
01:24 <Necrai> So true, Coffee, so true.
01:24 <UwU> Aw, I'm sorry, Nec.
01:24 <LightFlower> I have separate tabs with pictures of ringo in them and I look at them when I'm sad and it makes me smile :)
01:24 <Arigarmy> Guys,I found a new emote!
01:24 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:24 <WalkingDitto> Have a sense 'o humor 
01:24 <Arigarmy> (spam)
01:24 <Dark Hoodie> Life's one big shit sandwich, and we all gotta take a bite.
01:24 <Dark Hoodie> ._.
01:24 <Arigarmy> Why?
01:24 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Death.
01:24 <UwU> some people get the crust
01:24 <LightFlower> hai death
01:25 <LightFlower> :D
01:25 <Mai sentry> life is lulzy
01:25 <Dark Hoodie> I guess.
01:25 <Necrai> Agh, I was eating a sandwich then, Hoodie. Why would you do that.
01:25 <Jorge Esquivel> And no, I'm not going to trust her...
01:25 <Arigarmy> I call dibs on crust not covered in shit
01:25 <Irishninja0> Death girl *kiss*
01:25 <Dark Hoodie> Sorry, Jorge.
01:25 <Arigarmy> (HUEHUE)
01:25 <Dark Hoodie> I mean, Necrai.
01:25 <Deathgirl12> hai guys (gerp) 
01:25 <LightFlower> Oooo Irish
01:25 <LightFlower> getin it on
01:25 <Deathgirl12> (herp) *
01:25 <LightFlower> lawl
01:25 -!- Supreme Bolt has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Irishninja0> I left her speechless
01:25 <Arigarmy> (Unsee)
01:25 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Supreme...
01:25 <LightFlower> or she is grossed out
01:25 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Jorge Esquivel> And not Supreme...
01:25 <Jorge Esquivel> OR SARAH.
01:26 <LightFlower> That is the most likely possibility
01:26 <Deathgirl12> jorge guess what i did !
01:26 -!- Supreme Bolt has left Special:Chat.
01:26 <LightFlower> SARAH *glomps*
01:26 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Heyyo.
01:26 <Irishninja0> I guess it was the first one for her
01:26 <Necrai> Hai, Sarah.
01:26 <Jorge Esquivel> Guys...
01:26 <Arigarmy> Hey guys,who is the best of the best...and who is their best?
01:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Sarah.
01:26 <Deathgirl12> 0_0
01:26 <Deathgirl12> ....
01:26 <Jorge Esquivel> I know you care about me...
01:26 <TentakleTherapist> I don't give a fuck if I have to get a hooker. I refuse to die a virgin.
01:26 <Necrai> ^
01:26 <Necrai> best of the best. as in..?
01:26 <TentakleTherapist> Because no one will sleep with me without me giving them money...
01:26 <Deathgirl12> (okay)  
01:26 <TentakleTherapist> :(
01:26 <LightFlower> If the world was ending I'd be like, NO REGRETS and just grab my crush and kis shim.
01:26 <LightFlower> *kiss him
01:26 <Jorge Esquivel> But, seriously, I don't trust you guys enough...
01:27 <LightFlower> And then i'd fangirl the fuck out
01:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is okay, Esquivel.
01:27 <Irishninja0> Deathgirl is my best
01:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You have to find the person you're most comfortable.
01:27 <Jorge Esquivel> I love you all, but...
01:27 <Deathgirl12> ....what about me ... -_-
01:27 <Jorge Esquivel> Anyways.
01:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And we aren't those people. We respect that opinion.
01:27 <Mai sentry> Well, this has been weird
01:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And won't take offense.
01:27 <Irishninja0> Light, I tried to get you to do that but you chickned otu
01:27 <Arigarmy> You sir,or madam,you are a TRUE american hero (spiderman)
01:27 <Jorge Esquivel> What did you do Death?
01:27 <LightFlower> Well EXCUSE ME princess irish not everyone has guts of fucking steel XD
01:27 <TheGreatMobo> (cuntmuffin)
01:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...What is wrong, Deathgirl?
01:27 <Arigarmy> If we did
01:27 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
01:27 <Irishninja0> I have a stomach of steel!
01:27 <Arigarmy> we would die
01:28 <WalkingDitto> the truth
01:28 <Irishninja0> and I'm a pretty princess XD
01:28 <UwU> im a motherfucking fairy
01:28 <Deathgirl12> i went to the mall and i bumped into a jeff the killer cosplayer and i hit him and ran away he scared me D:
01:28 <LightFlower> Irish is the fugliest princess of all
01:28 <Ponyfan10> oops,false alarm,I heard someone ping me
01:28 <Jorge Esquivel> Ogh...
01:28 <Irishninja0> Not according to death
01:28 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh*
01:28 <TheGreatMobo> /ping you
01:28 <Arigarmy> Time to bust
01:28 <Arigarmy> my moves!
01:28 <Irishninja0> Death that is hilarious XS
01:28 <Irishninja0> XD
01:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, sorry for laughing, Deathgirl, but that is kinda hilarious.
01:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It must have been a great costume!
01:29 <LightFlower> ^
01:29 <LightFlower> I would have reacted the same tho
01:29 <Irishninja0> Me too
01:29 <Arigarmy> Hey why
01:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't know how I would have reacted.
01:29 <Arigarmy> I know your secret...
01:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Ari?
01:29 <Arigarmy> (why)
01:29 <TheGreatMobo> I probably would have just fainted
01:29 <Necrai> Oh man, Death, I would've hugged him.
01:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What secret? I have a loooooot.
01:29 <Irishninja0> Deathgirl to the pm's!
01:29 <Arigarmy> (why) <----
01:29 <Mai sentry> I would have pushed him over the railing
01:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
01:30 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
01:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That!
01:30 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <LightFlower> Irish u gonna get it on with death in pms? ;)
01:30 <LightFlower> LOL
01:30 <UwU> tell us your secrets readi
01:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome, isn't it?
01:30 <Necrai> If I may bring up an old pasta of mine, his secret is he plans to take over the world with Kill1mes one day. Just wait, I called it.
01:30 <Necrai> You call me crazy now, but I called it.
01:30 <Deathgirl12> O_O
01:30 <Deathgirl12> ....
01:30 <Arigarmy> Yes
01:30 <Arigarmy> and I take partial credit
01:30 <LightFlower> Just kidding u two lovebirds xD
01:30 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm getting worse and worse by the minute...
01:30 <Arigarmy> I told you to get an emote
01:30 <Dark Hoodie> Heh, yes.
01:30 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid my secrets are locked behind five psychological locks, only to be unblocked by somebody who can be capable of it.
01:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Ari!
01:30 <Jorge Esquivel> I also have a headache...
01:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I think I got it shortly after that.
01:30 <Necrai> Why..
01:30 <Kill1mes> I have no secrets. Beat that.
01:30 <Deathgirl12> people are scareing me ....back in to my ...closet 
01:31 <Arigarmy> Well
01:31 <Mai sentry> nope
01:31 <Irishninja0> I got secrets the world can't handle
01:31 <Mai sentry> you stay here
01:31 <Bug2buga> i can be a holder of secrets
01:31 <Deathgirl12> D:
01:31 <Dark Hoodie> My secret is that I have a secret collection of other people's secrets.
01:31 <Necrai> What if I were to use five psychological skeleton keys on said five psychological locks? 
01:31 <Bug2buga> i know some secrets of people on chat
01:31 <Bug2buga> ehehe
01:31 <Irishninja0> Deathgirl, can i join you in that closet ;)
01:31 <Jorge Esquivel> I have a secret...
01:31 <Necrai> Kill, we know about your world domination scheme..
01:31 <UwU> Hoodie has the worst weapon
01:31 <TentakleTherapist> NO FAK YOU
01:31 <Arigarmy> you keep a banhammer in your closet to kill the innocent chat membe-I mean your so nice...
01:31 <LightFlower> 7 mins in heaven
01:31 <TentakleTherapist> I WILL
01:31 <Jorge Esquivel> I won't tell anyone...
01:31 <UwU> no one fuck around with hoodie
01:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then you would fail! I'm a rather...secretive person.
01:31 <Dark Hoodie> You know, UwU. :3
01:31 <Dark Hoodie> XDD
01:31 <Kill1mes> DAMMIT!
01:31 <Jorge Esquivel> It's this thing...
01:31 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Kill1mes> My only secret (QQ_
01:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You would need more.
01:31 <Kill1mes> (QQ)*
01:31 <Mai sentry> I'll break down the door
01:31 <UwU> Hoodie have I told you any of mine
01:31 <Necrai> well actually if we know about it it's not a secret.
01:31 <Deathgirl12> no  i have a secret but i will only tell the person i pm !
01:31 <Arigarmy> I'm unafraid to be myself
01:31 <UwU> oh wait brb
01:31 -!- YakuYabai has left Special:Chat.
01:32 <Irishninja0> Death, pm it to me
01:32 <Arigarmy> And didn't get bullied by it (fy)
01:32 <Kill1mes> I think we all have secrets.
01:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahaha, no, it is nothing you people know...
01:32 <Deathgirl12> did i day you fuglt princess D:
01:32 <Kill1mes> Read is secretly a female.
01:32 <Jorge Esquivel> I think Death means...
01:32 <Necrai> I believe we all have those secrets that make us squee, and some that make us butthurt.
01:32 <Deathgirl12> fugly * 
01:32 <Arigarmy> Wanna know my secret :3
01:32 <Jorge Esquivel> OMIGEWD...
01:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, Kill!
01:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If you want to tell, Ari...
01:32 <UwU> alright, back
01:32 <UwU> Hoodie
01:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back UwU.
01:32 <Necrai> is a female..?
01:32 <Necrai> Read, watch out for 414.
01:32 <Arigarmy> wb U
01:32 <Necrai> Lul.
01:32 <Irishninja0> :(  well you didn't have to be so mean about it death (TT)  *cries in corner
01:32 <Kill1mes> Read secretly grows peyote on his back.
01:32 <UwU> thank you babes
01:32 <Dark Hoodie> Hm?
01:32 <LightFlower> why? @necrai
01:33 <TheGreatMobo>
01:33 <UwU> have i told you any of my secrets
01:33 <Arigarmy> My secret is,I'm short c:
01:33 <LightFlower> i'm a chick and 414 hasn't done anything weird towards me. 0.o
01:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> On my back, eh?
01:33 <Kill1mes> :o
01:33 <Kill1mes> Yes.
01:33 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Lieutenant Lesbian> What is this madness. 
01:33 <Kill1mes> Strider hai
01:33 -!- HP Bloodshed has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Necrai> Ari, I'm extremely tall.
01:33 <Necrai> I was like six foot three last time I checked.
01:33 <UwU> holy
01:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is bizarre, to say the least!
01:33 <Kill1mes> We're telling... secrets
01:33 <LightFlower> THIS IS SPARTA SARAH
01:33 <Necrai> Hi, Bloodshed, Strider.
01:33 <Mai sentry> nobody pays any attention to me
01:33 <ChaoZStrider> Hey
01:33 <HP Bloodshed> Hi
01:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not your height Necrai.
01:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Me growing peyotes on my back
01:33 <Jorge Esquivel> Not HP...
01:33 <Ponyfan10> THIS IS SPARTA! (nigeria)
01:33 <HP Bloodshed> I decided to take a break from poems
01:33 <UwU> Hooooodie answer me I am terrified I told you anything
01:33 <Kill1mes> Strider's secret is that he likes bacon. Because nobody knows that.
01:33 <Dark Hoodie> Yes, UwU
01:34 <Necrai> Ah, alright, Read.
01:34 <Ponyfan10> THIS IS a stupid overused meme
01:34 <Dark Hoodie> Oh, yes.
01:34 <TheGreatMobo> youre a stupid overused meme
01:34 <Necrai> My deepest darkest secret is I've secretly been planning to propose to Kill.
01:34 <Necrai> Imeanwat
01:34 <UwU> you remember exactly what i told you?
01:34 <Dark Hoodie> Yup.
01:34 <Kill1mes> Wut
01:34 <WalkingDitto> I'm Johnny Knoxville 
01:34 <TheGreatMobo> (nigeria)
01:34 <WalkingDitto> and this
01:34 <LightFlower> Do any of you know a cure for Beatlemania
01:34 <Dark Hoodie> Don't worry, I haven't told anyone.
01:34 <WalkingDitto> IS 
01:34 <Irishninja0> This chat just revived quickly
01:34 <LightFlower> I need one
01:34 <WalkingDitto> stupid
01:34 <Irishninja0> I do light
01:34 <Kill1mes> *takes Read's peyote*
01:34 <UwU> pm me omg i forgot what i told you
01:34 <LightFlower> What would that be irish
01:34 <Irishninja0> Its dragon force, thats the cure
01:34 <TheGreatMobo> I love how the n country used to get you kicked and now its dj pon3
01:34 <LightFlower> Why do my pings not make a sound
01:34 <TheGreatMobo> or ben
01:34 <LightFlower> they are just red
01:34 <Arigarmy> My teacher was 5 foot by Kindergarden
01:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It doesn't get you kicked anymore, Mobo.
01:35 <TheGreatMobo> yeah it used to
01:35 <TheGreatMobo> good times
01:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Didn't you guys fix Nigeria?
01:35 <HP Bloodshed> I am writing a long ass story that is slightly inspired by courage the cowardly dog, Alice in Wonderland, and The inside of the Moon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
01:35 <Kill1mes> Yes.
01:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes,.
01:35 <LightFlower> They need to make medications to cure Beatlemania. xD
01:35 <Necrai> @ARi. Oh my.
01:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh.
01:35 <Kill1mes> Read likes to rave.
01:35 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
01:35 <LightFlower> LOL HP slightly pinged as light for me xD
01:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahaha, a lot of inspiration Bloodshed.
01:35 <LightFlower> TEH PINGs
01:35 <Necrai> @Kill, the church next door to a close friends house was raving.
01:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't forget to show it when you finish it.
01:35 <LightFlower> *drags irish to pm world*
01:35 <Arigarmy> You know there is another African country without the -ia
01:35 <Kill1mes> Read's secret is that he is secretly Cleric's...
01:35 -!- Tman4318 has joined Special:Chat
01:35 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
01:35 <Irishninja0> NO!! don't take me!
01:35 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <Arigarmy> brother?
01:36 <Kill1mes> father's cousin's, sisters, friends, roomate.
01:36 <Tman4318> hi people
01:36 <Kill1mes> So yeah.
01:36 <Necrai> Clerics..
01:36 <Necrai> CLERICS..
01:36 <Necrai> Don't leave us in suspens--- Find out next time on.. the drama of CPWikichat!
01:36 <TheGreatMobo> hello
01:36 <Necrai> oh.
01:36 <Arigarmy> :o
01:36 <HP Bloodshed> I may do artwork for it if I can get a good feel of how to draw the characters
01:36 <Necrai> well you ruined the suspense, kill.
01:36 <Arigarmy> I don't believe you (ayfkm)
01:36 <ClericofMadness> wat
01:36 <Kill1mes> Fak u 2
01:36 <Dark Hoodie> CLERIC
01:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Mr. T.
01:36 <LightFlower> CLERIC
01:36 <LightFlower> OUR GOD HAS AWAKENED
01:36 <Dark Hoodie> Jinks.
01:36 <ClericofMadness> go back 2 neopets
01:36 <Tman4318> I assume you know why I gathered you here
01:36 <King Krule> No
01:36 <UwU> HOODIE
01:36 <Arigarmy> (cleric)
01:36 <LightFlower> Hai T
01:36 <LightFlower> sup 
01:36 <Irishninja0> Hi Tman
01:36 <Dark Hoodie> Yo?
01:36 <King Krule> Do we get neopoints?
01:36 <Tman4318> Well then GET OUT
01:36 <Kill1mes> For teh orgy @Tman
01:36 <King Krule> oh ok
01:36 <LightFlower> im light/Lucille/whatevs
01:36 <UwU> You're killing me what did i tell you
01:37 <King Krule> /leaves
01:37 <ClericofMadness> You give me the neopoonts
01:37 <Dark Hoodie> Nothing. XD
01:37 <Necrai> Tman..
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> And so he said, go to neopets.
01:37 <King Krule> YOU WANT ME BE HOOKER?
01:37 <Arigarmy> Oh,and another secret
01:37 <TheGreatMobo>
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> Tman, caps.
01:37 <UwU> i am so done with you omg
01:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Tman, slow down with the caps.
01:37 <King Krule> 2 dolla sucky sucky?
01:37 <ClericofMadness> give me all ur war prizez
01:37 <Dark Hoodie> LOL XD
01:37 <Kill1mes> Go to Neopets
01:37 <Arigarmy> I hold permanent grudges
01:37 <Tman4318> NEVERRRRRRRRR
01:37 <Dark Hoodie> I'm kidding, U.
01:37 <HP Bloodshed> Laaa la laaa la la la laaa
01:37 <Dark Hoodie> XD
01:37 <Tman4318> NEVER
01:37 <Kill1mes> *paints victem*
01:37 <ClericofMadness> tman, chill out
01:37 <Tman4318> NEVER
01:37 -!- Tman4318 was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
01:37 <Kill1mes> victim*
01:37 <Dark Hoodie> Someone's gonna get banned.
01:37 -!- Tman4318 has left Special:Chat.
01:37 <Arigarmy> So I have a grudge agaisnt kill
01:37 <King Krule> Tman take da pill of chill
01:37 <Kill1mes> Owai
01:37 <Necrai> thank you, why. xD
01:37 <ClericofMadness> I remember neopets back in the day
01:37 <Arigarmy> And also,kill,your not like this
01:38 <Dark Hoodie> Same, Cleric.
01:38 <ClericofMadness> Does anyone here still play? XD
01:38 <Dark Hoodie> That shit was my crack.
01:38 <Dark Hoodie> Naw, jk.
01:38 <HP Bloodshed> I remember letting my pets die.
01:38 <LightFlower> Anyone used to play Club Penguin
01:38 <WhiteReaper> My pets must be dead.
01:38 <Kill1mes> like what?
01:38 <Necrai> I barely remember playing that.
01:38 <LightFlower> Dat shit used to be the bomb and then Disney happened
01:38 <WhiteReaper> Me, Light.
01:38 <ClericofMadness> Everyone who joined the Awakened for the war gets a headslap.
01:38 <Lieutenant Lesbian> DISNEY MANG. 
01:38 <Lieutenant Lesbian> teh evils
01:38 <Necrai> Games like that, and habbo are what introduced me to the interwebs.
01:38 <LightFlower> disney is evil
01:38 <Lieutenant Lesbian> prolly run by teh illuminati 
01:38 <TentakleTherapist> DISNEY IS EVIL
01:38 <Arigarmy> Disney Mang? You mean kingdom hearts
01:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I used to go to Habbo.
01:38 <Kill1mes> oh noes
01:38 <TheGreatMobo> EVERYONE used to play clubpenguen dude
01:38 <Dark Hoodie> Disney is Satan.
01:38 <LightFlower> illuminati doesn't exist
01:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I never did, Mobo.
01:38 <TentakleTherapist> LET'S DESTROY DISNEY!
01:38 <Dark Hoodie> All hail Disney.
01:39 <ClericofMadness> I have a zombie neopet because I am that cool
01:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I didn't. 
01:39 <Necrai> Disney Abandoned us.
01:39 <Necrai> :c
01:39 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
01:39 <HP Bloodshed>
01:39 <Arigarmy> Lol
01:39 <TheGreatMobo> do you even have a childhood WhyAmIReadingThis
01:39 <Dark Hoodie> That reminds me...
01:39 <Arigarmy> Abandoned Disney
01:39 <Arigarmy> Nice Ping
01:39 <TentakleTherapist> We will destroy Disney for mothah Russia!
01:39 <LightFlower> *drags sarah to pm*
01:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I had a great childhood, Mobo
01:39 <HP Bloodshed> I was raped as a child.
01:39 <Arigarmy> (bubbles)
01:39 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
01:39 <Mai sentry> my childhood was stupid
01:39 <WhiteReaper>
01:39 <Necrai> @Blood oh my.
01:39 <WhiteReaper> Eh.
01:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bloodshed...I'm sorry to hear that...
01:39 <Dark Hoodie> A poorly-drawn Donald Duck throwing hand-grenades, lol.
01:40 <Kill1mes> My childhood was mainly outside.
01:40 <Irishninja0> deathgirl pm's
01:40 <Dark Hoodie> My childhood was weird, tbh.
01:40 <ChaoZStrider> my childhood is non existent :3
01:40 <Necrai> My childhood was full of games like Neopets, habbo, retros, shows like Pokemon, Beyblades, and all that.
01:40 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
01:40 <Dark Hoodie> I was pretty anti-social, lol.
01:40 <Necrai> Welcome back, Sleepy.
01:40 <Dark Hoodie> >_>
01:40 <LightFlower> If I say "I'm in love with Ringo" I can summon Ringo... interesting.... >:)
01:40 <Dark Hoodie> Hey Sleepy.
01:40 <Kill1mes> Strider was born a teen
01:40 <Mai sentry> hi sleepy
01:40 <HP Bloodshed> I was the stupid kid.
01:40 <King Krule> My childhood was trying to be good at stuff then giving up half way through
01:40 <Kill1mes> Hoodie, I think most of us are
01:40 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey.
01:40 <ChaoZStrider> XD What kill said.
01:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mine was full of a lot of things I wouldn't remember unless one ran a checklist.
01:40 <Irishninja0> =please
01:40 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <Dark Hoodie> Perhaps, Kill.
01:40 <HP Bloodshed> I did anything for attention and praise.
01:40 <ClericofMadness> Everyone go to their neopootis accounts and send me all your 20 year old items so i can rule that planet
01:41 <WhiteReaper> Like your poems, Bloodshed?
01:41 <WhiteReaper> ;P
01:41 <HP Bloodshed> Exactly,
01:41 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <HP Bloodshed> Clerico, I forgot my password...
01:41 <Kill1mes> I don't remember anything about neopets.
01:41 <LightFlower> IRISH.  SARAH.  PM
01:41 <Dark Hoodie> I do.
01:41 <WhiteReaper> wait
01:41 <LightFlower> NOW
01:41 <Kill1mes> I forgot my user and password
01:41 <41488p> NO
01:41 <Dark Hoodie> Old shit.
01:41 <41488p> FUCK YOU
01:41 <41488p> D:
01:41 <WhiteReaper> I'll try to log into mine
01:41 <Mai sentry> i dint play neopets or club penguins
01:41 <41488p> my Neopet is mine
01:41 <TheGreatMobo> this is good for you guys
01:41 <41488p> MEIN
01:41 <Mai sentry> *didn't
01:41 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
01:41 <LightFlower> 414, I'm fangirling out right now
01:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A lot of people didn't, Sentry.
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> I used to go on CN and Nickelodeon a lot as a kid. XD
01:42 <41488p> good for you, Light.
01:42 <Irishninja0> I'm already here light, at the pm's
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> The websites, I mean.
01:42 <41488p> but now
01:42 <41488p> I must go
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> My threads were never accepted. >:c
01:42 <HP Bloodshed> I went to
01:42 <LightFlower> well respond
01:42 <TheGreatMobo> bah
01:42 <LightFlower> Bai 414.
01:42 <41488p> and prepare for the Labor Day holiday that is tomorrow
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> Oh shit, Bloodshed! XD
01:42 <Mai sentry> bye
01:42 <TentakleTherapist> Back in the old day...
01:42 <41488p> HAHAHAHA
01:42 <41488p> MUAHAHAH
01:42 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> I remember that. XD
01:42 <Kill1mes> I mainly went to gaming sites like
01:42 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
01:42 <TentakleTherapist> Nickelodeon was good.
01:42 <Kill1mes> 414, bad.
01:42 <LightFlower> Tomorrow isn't labor day 0.o
01:42 <Kill1mes> u spanner.
01:42 <Necrai> Oh, hai 414.
01:42 <Jorge Esquivel> My birthday is tommorrow...
01:42 <HP Bloodshed> Nick is the asshole of teenagers now.
01:42 <Dark Hoodie> Nick sucks, now.
01:42 <Necrai> oh come on, kill, lets be honest, since when does 414 not spam <3
01:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Really? Oh, that is true!
01:42 <LightFlower> I'm such a dumb blonde that I must not have gotten that
01:42 -!- Agito12 has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <UwU> Haaaaappy Birthday!
01:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You and I share the same birthday date.
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> Ever since Jamie Lyn Spears got pregnant...
01:43 <Mai sentry> nick only cares about money now
01:43 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> it got crappy.
01:43 <Kill1mes> Can't argue with that.
01:43 <King Krule> Everything from your childhood sucks when you get older
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> Wait, it's been crappy even before that.
01:43 <LightFlower> I'm a girl with an extreme case of Beatlemania.  Help.
01:43 <WhiteReaper> Oh god.
01:43 <Necrai> my birthday is August 29th owo
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> It depends, Krule.
01:43 <Jorge Esquivel> Not everything.
01:43 <LightFlower> LOL HELP.  Like the album.
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> Not everything.
01:43 <LightFlower> Oh god.
01:43 <WhiteReaper> I managed to et into my neopets
01:43 <King Krule> There is no cure light
01:43 <WhiteReaper>
01:43 <King Krule> The only cure is death
01:43 <Dark Hoodie> If it still EXISTS, it gets crappy, though.
01:43 <TentakleTherapist> Now it's just Stupidlodeon or something.
01:43 <HP Bloodshed> I tried watching the new Teen Nick shows the other day . I swear I was cutting my wrists 5 minutes in.
01:43 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <LightFlower> August 29th is MJ's Birthday.  also the day that my Nana killed herself.
01:43 <Jorge Esquivel> Reap
01:44 <Dark Hoodie> Sorry to hear that, Light.
01:44 <Necrai> White.. rip..
01:44 <Necrai> Light, i'm sorry ;-;
01:44 <King Krule> I like how he's cheerful while dyinh
01:44 <Jorge Esquivel> feed you damn neopet.
01:44 <King Krule> *dying
01:44 <LightFlower> Its alright.
01:44 <Jorge Esquivel> your*
01:44 <Kill1mes> HP
01:44 <Necrai> @Krule, Luls.
01:44 <ClericofMadness>
01:44 <Kill1mes> Can you not joke about cutting please? >_>
01:44 <LightFlower> I never got into neopets
01:44 <Dark Hoodie> CUtting?
01:44 <Dark Hoodie> *Cutting?
01:44 <WhiteReaper> He's
01:44 <Arigarmy> Is there a reason why your Nana killed herself?
01:44 <LightFlower> lawl cleric
01:44 <WhiteReaper> he's crying
01:44 <Necrai> Okay, Clerics link may or may not have made me jump a bit.
01:44 <WhiteReaper> I can't
01:44 <HP Bloodshed> I'm not though.
01:44 <WhiteReaper> I'll have to play it again ;~;
01:44 <King Krule> he's 1,396 days old but still level one
01:44 <Arigarmy> lol
01:45 <LightFlower> I've thought about cutting b4 but I've never done it because I realized I never wanted to destroy my body.
01:45 <ClericofMadness> Good, nec
01:45 <Dark Hoodie> Uh, I think this topic's forbidden.
01:45 <HP Bloodshed> I have cut myself before.
01:45 <UwU> No can we not talk about cutting
01:45 <LightFlower> I've attempted suicide b4.
01:45 <PsychoMonkey387> Hello im new here i Shall be making Very Scary Creepypastas
01:45 <WhiteReaper> I never battled, Krule
01:45 <Necrai> I've never actually contemplated it.
01:45 <Necrai> I really don't like the chat being on this topic, so lets change it.
01:45 <UwU> gets me nervous
01:45 <TentakleTherapist> CUT CUT CUT
01:45 <Arigarmy> Not even about cutting budgets?
01:45 <Arigarmy> brb
01:45 <Necrai> ^
01:45 <WhiteReaper> And only played for like 2 months
01:45 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
01:45 <King Krule> Tent that was a really shitty thing to do
01:45 <Jorge Esquivel> No CP is scary.
01:45 <LightFlower> Every newbie aspires to make the greatest pasta eva
01:45 <Mai sentry> can we please stop talking about depressing stuff?
01:45 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
01:45 <HP Bloodshed> I guess cutting in general is suicide attempt.
01:45 <Dark Hoodie> I liek to cute mahself.
01:45 -!- Sparkarez has joined Special:Chat
01:45 <UwU> alright i think i'll go now
01:45 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
01:46 <Dark Hoodie> Aw. Bye, UwU
01:46 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
01:46 <Jorge Esquivel> CP is never scary.
01:46 <Necrai> Bye, UwU.
01:46 <LightFlower> My attempts haven't ever been truly serious
01:46 <Necrai> Could we not discuss this?
01:46 <Necrai> We should put the topic onto something a bit more bright.
01:46 <Sparkarez> Not gonna be on here for long. What you guys doin?
01:46 <Deathgirl12> ~_~ ugh irish is getting annoying
01:46 <Arigarmy> Ok
01:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Why Death?
01:46 <WhiteReaper> I had a friennd who tried to slash her wrists. .-.
01:46 <Necrai> Nothing, Spark, you?
01:46 <Arigarmy> My dog is now 4 years old
01:46 <Dark Hoodie> Sure, Necrai.
01:46 <Dark Hoodie> And hey Spark.
01:46 <King Krule> godamnit Ryan got me into Radiohead
01:46 <LightFlower> When I'm depressed I look at this and suddenly the world is more epic.
01:46 <Necrai> Death, you can block private messages.
01:47 <LightFlower> Death, That moment when Irish gets annoying
01:47 <LightFlower> xD
01:47 <Kill1mes> I have a frend who's girlfriend died in his hands because she cut.
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> My brother loves Radiohead.
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> I should listen to them more.
01:47 <Irishninja0> Nice to know
01:47 <WhiteReaper> I used to cut my arms.
01:47 <King Krule> Karma Police is their best song
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> Yes it is.
01:47 <LightFlower> Irish stahp being a baby
01:47 <Mai sentry> this chat dosen't even follow the laws of physics anymore
01:47 <PsychoMonkey387> Ouch Kill1mes Feel Kinda Bad
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> Followed by Fake Plastic Trees.
01:47 <Dark Hoodie> And Paranoid Android, oyus.
01:48 <Necrai> Ouch.. Kill, you just made me a bit butthurt.
01:48 <LightFlower> My friend's cuts are so bad that her whole entire arm is covered in scars/scabs
01:48 <Irishninja0> You know what I'm done with chat, good bye
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> From what I've heard, OK Computer is awesome.
01:48 <Arigarmy> And not a single fuck was given
01:48 <Necrai> Bye, Irish.
01:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Irish will come back.
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> In two seconds.
01:48 <Deathgirl12> ._. i'm going to go hide in a closet
01:48 <King Krule> Ryan forced me to listen to it
01:48 <Kill1mes> My friend, who does have a hitty life, cuts, and I don't know how to help
01:48 <Kill1mes> .-.
01:48 <Irishninja0> Sorry if I was annoying
01:48 <Mai sentry> ok death girl
01:48 <Necrai> Kill.
01:48 <Deathgirl12> it's okay
01:48 <Mai sentry> I'll break the door down
01:48 <Sparkarez> There's a Zelda reference in Shrek?
01:48 <PsychoMonkey387> ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Bye
01:48 <Jorge Esquivel> ^
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> banneed.
01:48 -!- PsychoMonkey387 was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
01:48 <LightFlower> Its hard because I feel like I need to save people because of what happened to my nana
01:48 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
01:48 <WhiteReaper> My friend cuts her arms, but her parents found out, so now she cuts her thighs and belly
01:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye.
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> *banned.
01:48 <Necrai> Psycho, a bit less.
01:48 <WhiteReaper> .-.
01:48 <Irishninja0> good bye for who knows I don't care
01:48 <Dark Hoodie> Oh kick, whatever.
01:48 <Necrai> of, dayum kill so fast
01:48 <Necrai> oh*
01:49 <Irishninja0> Just want to stop annoying you
01:49 <Kill1mes> I could have been faster
01:49 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:49 <Kill1mes> I am dissapoint
01:49 <Kill1mes> (son)
01:49 <Necrai> (son)
01:49 <LightFlower> Irish stahp being a whiny little mofo biatch.
01:49 <LightFlower> *slaps*
01:49 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
01:49 <Necrai> dammit kill stop stealing my thunder
01:49 <LightFlower> That's what you get
01:49 <Arigarmy> Dissapoint?
01:49 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
01:49 <Arigarmy> I have no dissapointment (fy)
01:49 <LightFlower> Irish you're being a mopey person
01:49 <LightFlower> Stahp
01:49 <Kill1mes> nou
01:49 <Necrai> Kill, about your friend, just. Try talking to them kindly, show them they can rely on you.~
01:49 <Necrai> That usually helps most people.
01:49 <Dark Hoodie> Well, I gotta go.
01:49 <Dark Hoodie> Sleep well, folks.
01:49 <TheGreatMobo> bye
01:49 <Mai sentry> bye
01:49 <TheGreatMobo> and I will try
01:49 <Deathgirl12> bye
01:49 <LightFlower> Bai hoodie
01:49 <Necrai> Bye, hoodie.
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (SRSLYWTF) 
01:50 <WhiteReaper> See you, Hood.
01:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Hoodie.
01:50 <LightFlower> Bug!  HE DIDNT SAY GOODBYE
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (sweetjegus)
01:50 <Necrai> (RIP) bug.
01:50 <LightFlower> *sobs* jk
01:50 <Necrai> (RIP) Pony.
01:50 <Jorge Esquivel> (SRSLYWTF)
01:50 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
01:50 -!- Dark Hoodie has left Special:Chat.
01:50 <LightFlower> Sup spammer
01:50 <Necrai> welcome back, Pyscho.
01:50 <Arigarmy> You have a bloody nose,then you sneeze,what do? (captcha)
01:50 <Jorge Esquivel> More spam.
01:50 <Kill1mes> Do not do that again Psycho
01:50 <Necrai> The question marks were a bit over used, if you could watch that next time.
01:50 <Necrai> that'd be nice.
01:50 <Kill1mes> Guys, he may not spam again, no need to call him that,
01:50 <PsychoMonkey387> Thanx Neckrai
01:51 <LightFlower> OMG this picture <3 *fangirls all over the place*
01:51 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:51 <LightFlower> psycho who is your favorite beatle
01:51 <PsychoMonkey387> John.
01:51 <LightFlower> The correct answer was Ringo 
01:51 <Arigarmy> Ringo : Draw me like one of your french girls
01:51 <PsychoMonkey387> Or Paul.
01:51 <Sparkarez> look at this screenshot from Shrek 2, look at the painting on the that...
01:51 <LightFlower> Ringo is the greatest
01:52 <Kill1mes> Cadugen.
01:52 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
01:52 <PsychoMonkey387> Ok
01:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Spirit.
01:52 <LightFlower> Spark: ERMEHGERD EPONA
01:52 <HiddenSpirit> Hi.
01:52 <Jorge Esquivel> Here he is...
01:52 <Kill1mes> Hello hid.
01:52 <Sparkarez> Zelda reference?
01:52 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
01:52 <LightFlower> Ringo is the smexiest of all the Beatles
01:52 <Necrai> Hwy, Hidden.
01:52 <Jorge Esquivel> Hidden.
01:52 <Arigarmy> what about the portrait?
01:52 <LightFlower> I believe so Spark
01:52 <Necrai> Hey*
01:52 <Jorge Esquivel> Pm...
01:52 <Kill1mes> I thought it was a Harry Ptter refernce
01:52 <Kill1mes> because Cadugen
01:52 <LightFlower> Its a pic of epona
01:52 <PsychoMonkey387> Funny THats wrong
01:52 <Sparkarez> Link riding Epona
01:53 <Kill1mes> I might be seeing it wrong
01:53 <LightFlower> Lol then who IS the hottest beatle Psycho
01:53 <PsychoMonkey387> THe ringo ting
01:53 <LightFlower> Its Ringo
01:53 <TentakleTherapist> Zero zero one ze-*shot*
01:53 <LightFlower> Don't try to DENY it
01:53 <PsychoMonkey387> No its pawl
01:53 <LightFlower> BS paul has a baby face
01:53 <Arigarmy> Denying Denial?
01:53 <PsychoMonkey387> Ok
01:53 <Arigarmy> Challenge Accepted
01:53 <LightFlower> And a huge as gap b/w his teeth
01:53 <LightFlower> *ass
01:53 <PsychoMonkey387> ?\
01:54 <LightFlower> Paul is a good musician
01:54 <LightFlower> And singer and songwriter
01:54 <LightFlower> But ringo is the hottest
01:54 <Sparkarez> My real name is Smitty Werbenjagermanjansen 
01:54 <JackofallSuits> lololol
01:54 <PsychoMonkey387> New subject: favorite band
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Sudden death
01:54 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Toon Link throws a bomb up to kill himself
01:54 <Necrai> My favorite band is hands down Three Days Grace.
01:54 <LightFlower> Beatles or Jackson 5 is my fav band
01:54 <Necrai> Actually.. Adam left, so Falling In Reverse.
01:54 <LightFlower> Lol Toon link fails
01:54 <JackofallSuits> I ran to him and took the hit
01:54 <PsychoMonkey387> Tool
01:54 <King Krule> I used to like Three Days Grace
01:54 -!- Sparkarez has left Special:Chat.
01:55 <LightFlower> Adult link is hawt especially in Twilight Princess
01:55 <Arigarmy> Toon Link is twelve years old
01:55 <King Krule> Tool or Slipknot are probably my favorite bands
01:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Is mine
01:55 <Arigarmy> So it makes sense why he is so small
01:55 <JackofallSuits> I'd be a 2 for Link
01:55 <Kill1mes> I have quite a few favorite bands.
01:55 <Arigarmy> Boy Band Fan?
01:55 <Arigarmy> I'm not even going to say it?
01:55 <PsychoMonkey387> No.
01:55 <Arigarmy> lol,fail to put period.
01:55 <LightFlower> Michael Jackson in the BAD era just OMG <3
01:55 <Necrai> my favorite band is one direction #yolo #swag
01:56 <Mai sentry> no
01:56 <TentakleTherapist> KILL 'EM
01:56 <PsychoMonkey387> he did too much drugs
01:56 <Arigarmy> (son) I am dissapoint Necrai
01:56 <Kill1mes> My favorite swag is yolo direction.
01:56 <Kill1mes> (derp)
01:56 <LightFlower> Michael Jackson stahp being so hot
01:56 <Necrai> ...kill.. i c wat u did there
01:56 <Arigarmy> you know yolo is a song with racism in it
01:56 <PsychoMonkey387> HAHAHAHA
01:56 <Necrai> i love how kill and i are live having a bitch fight in pms
01:56 <Arigarmy> so your breaking the rules.
01:57 <Necrai> like
01:57 <Kill1mes> nou
01:57 <LightFlower> lol necrai
01:57 <LightFlower> Caps psycho
01:57 <LightFlower> We don't like them here
01:57 <Necrai> Psycho, tone the caps down please.
01:57 <Arigarmy> Kill is drunk,because he is always like Why,but more strict
01:57 <PsychoMonkey387> New 'Ject: Fave Creepyoasta
01:57 <Jorge Esquivel> AWAY?
01:57 <Jorge Esquivel> Fak u.
01:57 <LightFlower> Use too many and Cleric will awaken and we'll have to sacrifice yo ass
01:57 <King Krule> Light X Ringo Jackson
01:57 <PsychoMonkey387> Hmmm
01:58 <LightFlower> Lol Krule that is so accurate
01:58 <Kill1mes> Psycho, watch the caps.
01:58 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
01:58 <Arigarmy> Kill x Banhammer with a wig
01:58 <PsychoMonkey387> Sqidwards suicide
01:58 <Necrai> oh god
01:58 <LightFlower> No its LightxRingoxMichael Jackson
01:58 <Kill1mes> ;(
01:58 <Arigarmy> Payback for banning me overtime...
01:58 <JackofallSuits> Solid Snake
01:58 <Necrai> i read "yousleepyyet? has left chat"
01:58 <Necrai> as "you have been banned from chat"
01:58 <Necrai> i was like: "oh."
01:58 <LightFlower> My fav pasta is Gateway to the Mind
01:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Squidward's Suicide x nothing
01:59 <Kill1mes> Oh ffs
01:59 <Kill1mes> I didn't ban you overtime
01:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Everything x nothing
01:59 <Necrai> oh yeah
01:59 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <Kill1mes> another admin banned you for another reason
01:59 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <LightFlower> Ringo x Me (OTP!!!!)
01:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Brooke and Solar.
01:59 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <Kill1mes> How many time do I have to explain this?
01:59 <LightFlower> lol
01:59 <Kill1mes> Hello Sol and Brooke
01:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Guys...
01:59 <Arigarmy>
01:59 <LightFlower> srsly my real OTP is me x my crush
01:59 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm feeling a little better.
01:59 <Necrai> kill, my ban for the screamer was removed thirty four seconds after it should've been, you wanna fight?
01:59 <Necrai> /doesntreallycarejustyeah/
01:59 <LightFlower> Hai brooke
01:59 <PsychoMonkey387> Y u kick me earlier kill1mes
01:59 <Arigarmy> wrong link...
01:59 <LightFlower> Cause you were spammming
02:00 <Necrai> Pyscho, you overused the question mark.
02:00 <Kill1mes> Oh, I'ma kick you gurl
02:00 <Kill1mes> Because spam, that's why
02:00 <Mai sentry> bye
02:00 <PsychoMonkey387> ?
02:00 <Kill1mes> And I have a posse to answer my questions (fy)
02:00 <LightFlower> psycho I bet ur naked under those clothes.  U fuckin slut.
02:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A lot of ???, Psycho.
02:00 <LightFlower> xD
02:00 <Necrai> so uh, farting on kill1mes eyebrows, anyone?
02:00 <Arigarmy> Kill,you're drunk,go home (ayfkm)
02:00 <Kill1mes> Except not really ._.
02:00 <LightFlower> wtf necrai
02:00 <LightFlower> ur drunk
02:00 <LightFlower> go home
02:00 -!- Mai sentry has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <HiddenSpirit> Oh god.
02:00 <HiddenSpirit> What'd I just read.
02:00 <Jorge Esquivel> I AM.
02:00 <Arigarmy> You copied me (captcha)
02:00 <PsychoMonkey387> Uh...........................
02:00 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <Jorge Esquivel> Wait...
02:00 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:00 -!- PsychoMonkey387 was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
02:00 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <Jorge Esquivel> No I'm not.
02:01 <Necrai> Jeez, Kill, you are fast at that.
02:01 <Necrai> xD
02:01 <Kill1mes> Meh.
02:01 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
02:01 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hnnnnnng. Psycho, advice: ANYTHING excessive is bad. Please try to avoid it.
02:01 <Arigarmy> >You are fast at that
02:01 <Arigarmy> (unsee)
02:01 <LightFlower> Kill makes out with his banhammer
02:01 -!- PsychoMonkey387 was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 7200 seconds.
02:01 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <LightFlower> :3
02:01 <LightFlower> OTP!
02:01 <Necrai> right after light said that, too
02:01 <Kill1mes> I gave him a warning earlier, that should have been a ban
02:01 <Necrai> i ship it.
02:01 <JackofallSuits> Best sudden death self kill
02:01 <Kill1mes> Yea
02:01 <JackofallSuits> Snake's down B
02:02 <King Krule> Kill X Krule is best OTP
02:02 <Necrai> He had a kick, then a warning. it's his own fault.
02:02 <LightFlower> I ship it hard xD
02:02 <King Krule> Kill is best gimp panda
02:02 <ChaoZStrider> Krule X Strider's hair.
02:02 <LightFlower> Nuu Me x My crush
02:02 <LightFlower> or Death x Irish :3
02:02 <Necrai> guys we all know kill x necrai is shipped by everyone besides kill
02:02 <LightFlower> ^
02:02 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <SolarDrills> I wanna be shipped
02:02 <Necrai> Welcome back, Jorge.
02:02 <Arigarmy> wanna be shipped to China?
02:02 <King Krule> Solar X Necrai
02:02 <Necrai> oh
02:02 <King Krule> It's hard to ship new people
02:02 <SolarDrills> Naaah
02:03 <LightFlower> Solar x Jack
02:03 <Kill1mes> *ships Solar to africa*
02:03 <Kill1mes> there you go.
02:03 <JackofallSuits> D:
02:03 <SolarDrills> Solar X FUCK KILL
02:03 <Necrai> lul, kill.
02:03 <ClericofMadness> Just added a new album to the facebooks page
02:03 <LightFlower> >:3
02:03 <King Krule> Strider that ship is beautiful
02:03 <Arigarmy> How come I'm never shipped...
02:03 <SolarDrills> Why nigga
02:03 <Necrai> Solar..
02:03 <SolarDrills> oh
02:03 <King Krule> Our hair could make a sexy godamn baby
02:03 <SolarDrills> wait
02:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have been shipped with the whole population of the chat.
02:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Once.
02:03 <SolarDrills> I know
02:03 <JackofallSuits> I dun wanna be shipped D:
02:03 <Arigarmy> ban him...
02:03 <SolarDrills> banned
02:03 <Necrai> RIP.
02:03 -!- SolarDrills was banned from Special:Chat by ClericofMadness for 86400 seconds.
02:03 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
02:03 <LightFlower> I need ships.  Someone make some ships for me
02:03 <ClericofMadness> Dead astronauts 
02:03 -!- SolarDrills was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 86400 seconds.
02:03 <JackofallSuits> I must only have one waifu
02:03 <Necrai> ^
02:03 <TentakleTherapist> BANNED BY GOD
02:03 <Necrai> double banned.
02:03 <ChaoZStrider> ike?
02:03 <Necrai> like a bauss.
02:03 <Kill1mes> Ninja'd by god.
02:03 <LightFlower> I wanna be shipped with some ppl
02:03 <TentakleTherapist> AND AN ASSHOLE
02:03 <ChaoZStrider> ikr*
02:03 <LightFlower> Lol kill
02:03 <Necrai> kill got ninja'd
02:03 <Deathgirl12> i like um !
02:03 <King Krule> Light x ringo
02:04 <LightFlower> ^
02:04 <LightFlower> YES
02:04 <Kill1mes> I got the template.
02:04 <ClericofMadness>
02:04 <Deathgirl12> rin x lin
02:04 <ClericofMadness> Enjoy being terrified Necrai
02:04 <King Krule> Krule X Rasputin X Crowley
02:04 -!- HP Bloodshed has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <LightFlower> omg cleric u made a facebook for that? xD
02:04 <JackofallSuits> Samus X Zelda X Peach
02:04 <Necrai> Cleric.. I'm going to have nightmares.
02:04 <JackofallSuits> Ship that shit
02:04 <ClericofMadness> We have HAD a facebook for at least a year
02:04 <LightFlower> Nuu Zelda x Link
02:04 <LightFlower> OTP
02:04 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <Necrai> "dead space for reals"
02:04 <Necrai> ... (ic)
02:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And what happened to it, Cleric?
02:05 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
02:05 <LightFlower> Skelly x Cleric X Sloshed <3
02:05 <LightFlower> xD
02:05 <LightFlower> lawl
02:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> you forgot fur
02:06 <Arigarmy> Hey Necrai,say you have a bloody nose,and you sneeze,blood is all over your face,and a guy is right next to you,what do?
02:06 <HiddenSpirit> How the hell did I come across this
02:06 <LightFlower> Nu Fur x Ben
02:06 <Necrai> ...i tell him my nose is on its period..
02:06 <Necrai> imeanwat
02:06 <Necrai> Why was I the one asked this question ;~;
02:06 <JackofallSuits> What about
02:06 <LightFlower> When I get a cut and I'm on my period at the same time I'm like, FUCK IM BLEEDING TO DEATH
02:07 -!- Generic Nobody has joined Special:Chat
02:07 <Arigarmy> because your special
02:07 <JackofallSuits> Zelda X Zelda X Zelda
02:07 <Necrai> Light, caps~<3
02:07 <LightFlower> Hai nobody
02:07 <Arigarmy> be proud of it
02:07 <Generic Nobody> hi
02:07 <LightFlower> Sowee necrai
02:07 <Necrai> Hai, Nobody.
02:07 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Generic.
02:07 <Kill1mes> Light caps, neck, minimodding
02:07 <LightFlower> Sorry kill
02:07 <LightFlower> *hugs*
02:07 <TentakleTherapist> Likely using caps properly.
02:07 -!- Twilc has joined Special:Chat
02:07 <Jorge Esquivel> Where's my hug?
02:07 <TentakleTherapist> *requests permissions-removal*
02:07 <Necrai> sowwy kill ;-;
02:07 <Twilc> Hai.
02:07 <LightFlower> *hugs Jorge*
02:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey.
02:08 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Twilc.
02:08 <Twilc> Herro.
02:08 <Jorge Esquivel> Aww...
02:08  * WhyAmIReadingThis grouphuggles  and Esquivel.
02:08 <Necrai> >just noticed kill said "neck"
02:08 <Necrai> oh no u juss didn't
02:08 <Jorge Esquivel> *hugsback*
02:08 <Kill1mes> I did.
02:08 <Kill1mes> I will call you neck from now on.
02:08 <LightFlower> :3
02:08 <Twilc> How is everyone?
02:08 <LightFlower> FRIENDSHIP
02:08 <LightFlower> good @twil
02:08 <Necrai> Well, I'm going to go slit my neck..rai.. heh.
02:08 <Generic Nobody> good, and you?@Twil
02:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm great!
02:08 <Twilc> That's good. :'3
02:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And you?
02:08 <Twilc> I'm tired. xD Thanks for asking.
02:09 <Generic Nobody> no problem, and same lol
02:09 <Twilc> @Nobody then sleep. o:
02:09 <LightFlower> generic, who is ur fav beatle
02:09 <LightFlower> The correct answer is Ringo 
02:09 <LightFlower> :3
02:09 <Twilc> This guy. ^
02:09 <Arigarmy> I have donuts.
02:09 <Twilc> ;w;
02:09 <Twilc> yay
02:09 <LightFlower> Ringo is the hottest beatle :3
02:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Imagine you're sharing them with me, Ari.
02:10 <LightFlower> *fangirls
02:10 <Necrai> Ari.. donate to a poor neck?
02:10 <Arigarmy> No Necrai,and Why,which flavor?
02:10 -!- Generic Nobody has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What do you have?
02:10 <Kill1mes> Discrimination against dismembered necks!
02:10 <Kill1mes> Abuse, abuse!
02:10 -!- Generic Nobody has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <Necrai> ^
02:10 <Arigarmy> I got blueberry,wheat,glazed
02:10 <Necrai> Neckism.
02:10 <Arigarmy> and cinnamon
02:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Blueberry.
02:10 <Necrai> Why, snatch two then donate one to the neck foundation.
02:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, neckism. 
02:11 <Arigarmy> ok,*throws donut*
02:11 -!- Twilc has left Special:Chat.
02:11 <Arigarmy> Because if you have a problem with your neck,how do you swallow donuts?
02:11 -!- Generic Nobody has left Special:Chat.
02:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure, Necrai, but make it sure you yell it louder. Because I'm sure Ari didn't hear a thing of what you just said /sarcasm
02:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also hey, thanks Ari.
02:11 <LightFlower> My girly brain can only fangirl over 5 things at a time,  Currently it is my crush irl, Ringo Starr, Michael Jackson, Link, and Tobuscus
02:11 <King Krule> I dislike Tobuscus
02:11 <LightFlower> NUU
02:11 <JackofallSuits> Oh yeah dat Link
02:11 <LightFlower> KRULE HWY
02:11 <Arigarmy> Tobuscus is OK
02:12 <Necrai> Toby is okay.
02:12 <King Krule> I'M SORRY LIGHT
02:12 <LightFlower> TP Link is hawt.
02:12 <King Krule> DU U LIKE CROWLEY?
02:12 <LightFlower> TEH PING
02:12 <Necrai> (RIP)
02:12 <LightFlower> Awww we scared Nobody off
02:12 <Necrai> don't we do that to most newcomers?
02:12 <Kill1mes> I don't like Tobuscus either
02:12 <Kill1mes> I don't get how I ever did
02:13 <LightFlower> Shut your mouth Kill xD  He is ADORABLe
02:13 -!- Generic Nobody has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Arigarmy> I wonder if somebody can try to steal a free sample
02:13 <LightFlower> intro of DARKNESS then REDNESS then WHITENESS
02:13 <Generic Nobody> damn wifi >.<
02:13 <Necrai> I'm not going to say I don't like him, but he's not the best.
02:13 <LightFlower> Better than Pewdiepie
02:13 <Kill1mes> He can make some good music, albiet. But only some of his literal trailer IMO
02:13 <King Krule>
02:13 <Kill1mes> I don't really like anything else
02:13 <Necrai> Nobody, think of that, then imagine getting disconnected ten times that worse daily.
02:13 <Generic Nobody> true
02:14 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:14 <LightFlower> gtg
02:14 <Generic Nobody> see ya
02:14 <Necrai> Bye, Light.
02:14 <LightFlower> I leave you with this picture of ringo
02:14 <Arigarmy> gonna leave soon.
02:14 <Necrai> light
02:14 <LightFlower> *hugs every1 in chat*
02:14 <Necrai> Light wait ;-;
02:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye in advance, Ari.
02:14 <Jorge Esquivel> Now I can't sleep.
02:14 <LightFlower> wut necrai
02:14 <Kill1mes> eww cooties.
02:14 <LightFlower> make it quick
02:14 <Kill1mes> jk, bye
02:15 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:15 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:15 <LightFlower> necrai wut
02:15 <Jorge Esquivel> TEST
02:15 <Jorge Esquivel> OH.
02:15 <LightFlower> IM WAITING FOR U
02:15 <Jorge Esquivel> IT WURKS
02:15 <Necrai> internet dies right as trying to show light something
02:15 <Arigarmy> caps.
02:15 <Necrai> okay internet okay
02:15 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Kill1mes> Caps.
02:15 <Necrai> Weba, sleepy, hold on light.
02:15 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Sleepy.
02:16 <LightFlower> hurry up ;(
02:16 <YouSleepyYet?> #NewComputer
02:16 <King Krule> I made a thing
02:16 <Jorge Esquivel> HE LIKES YOU.
02:16 <YouSleepyYet?> God I hate #'s
02:16 <Kill1mes> A THING
02:16 <LightFlower> referring to wut jorge
02:16 <Jorge Esquivel> To you Light.
02:16 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:16 <King Krule> A THING
02:17 <LightFlower> Necrai likes me?
02:17 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:17 <LightFlower> wut is this sorcery
02:17 <Arigarmy> gtg bros
02:17 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <Generic Nobody> bye Ari
02:17 <Necrai> internet stahp
02:17 <Arigarmy> To the bat-mobile (fy)
02:17 <Necrai> light
02:17 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
02:17 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:17 <Necrai> have some ring-os, heh,
02:17 <Necrai> xD
02:17 <LightFlower> what
02:17 -!- Autumn Swaggie has left Special:Chat.
02:17 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
02:18 <Necrai> Hai, Laurin.
02:18 <LightFlower> I WAITED ALL THAT TIME for....THAT?
02:18 <LightFlower> WTF NECRAI
02:18 <Necrai> yeah
02:18 <LightFlower> xD
02:18 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Laur.
02:18 <Necrai> your welcome
02:18 <Necrai> ilu
02:18 <LightFlower> Da faq
02:18 <Necrai> <3
02:18 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
02:18 <YouSleepyYet?> <-- Thug
02:19 <LightFlower> lol u wish sleepy
02:19 <YouSleepyYet?> (ban)
02:19 <YouSleepyYet?> Say somethin?
02:19 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:19 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
02:19 <Laurindatheninja> hello
02:19 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey there
02:19 <Necrai> Welcome back, Laurin.
02:19 <LightFlower> I was gonna go to bed then I was like nah
02:19 <Necrai> guys, lets all agree.
02:19 <Necrai> necrai lives the pug life.
02:19 <LightFlower> now my eyes burnnn
02:20 <LightFlower> pug lyfe
02:20 <LightFlower> laurin
02:20 <LightFlower> welcome
02:20 <Laurindatheninja> pug life
02:20 <LightFlower> The rules of everything do not apply
02:20 <King Krule> I did a thing for Ryan with my face
02:20 <Jorge Esquivel> It's OK.
02:20 <Necrai> Laurin, are you new?
02:20 <LightFlower> Except the chat rules
02:20 <LightFlower> follow dat shit
02:20 <Jorge Esquivel> Krule...
02:20 <Jorge Esquivel> xD
02:20 <Laurindatheninja> yeah kind
02:20 <Necrai> I'd recommend reading the
02:21 <LightFlower> Dats u krule?
02:21 <King Krule> yee
02:21 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm going to take your hair Krule.
02:21 <LightFlower> damn. 8/10
02:21 <King Krule> This is a better picture
02:21 <King Krule> I'm gonna take your skin
02:21 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <King Krule> And jerk off with it
02:21 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll let you borrow my skin later.
02:21 <YouSleepyYet?> Wat..
02:21 <LightFlower> 0.o
02:21 <Generic Nobody> lol, wb hidden spirit
02:21 <Jorge Esquivel> For that.
02:21 <Necrai> Welcome back, spirit.
02:21 <LightFlower> whalecum back hidden
02:21 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks.
02:21 <Necrai> Anyway, I'm off guys.
02:22 <YouSleepyYet?> You arent wlecome.
02:22 <LightFlower> bai
02:22 <LightFlower> *hugs*
02:22 <Necrai> See you in the morning, and if my interwebs does as well as it did today, afternoon~<3
02:22 <Jorge Esquivel> *hugs Light*
02:22 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye.
02:22 <Laurindatheninja> i skimmed the ruels
02:22 <Kill1mes> no
02:22 <Kill1mes> read them thouroughly
02:22 <Necrai> Laurin, I'd recommend memorizing them
02:22 <LightFlower> I was sayin bai to necrai xD
02:22 <Jorge Esquivel> I know.
02:22 <Laurindatheninja> okay >.<
02:22 <Necrai> but before i go!
02:22 <Kill1mes> I can't even spell
02:22 <LightFlower> Thnx 4 the hug tho
02:22 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye.
02:22 <Necrai> Kill.
02:22 <LightFlower> aww
02:22 <Kill1mes> Neck
02:22 <LightFlower> Bai
02:22 <Jorge Esquivel> You're welcome.
02:22 <Necrai> -gets on knee-
02:22 <Necrai> -pulls out onion ring-
02:22 <Necrai> will u marry me?
02:22 <Necrai> xD
02:23 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
02:23 <Necrai> i don't even know.
02:23 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:23 <King Krule> brb
02:23 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <Kill1mes> *eats onion ring* no.
02:23 <Kill1mes> (jetpack)
02:23 <Necrai> oh
02:24 <Necrai> i'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.
02:24 <Necrai> bye 4ever
02:24 <Generic Nobody> have fun~
02:24 <LightFlower> I keep having dreams where I go on a date with 3 ppl and I have to choose.  Its always ringo, link, and my crush irl   I always choose my crush
02:24 <Jorge Esquivel> KTHXBYE
02:24 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> By Necrai.
02:24 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye*
02:24 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <LightFlower> Bai neck
02:24 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
02:24 <LightFlower> *hugs*
02:25 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:25 <LightFlower> K im fucking tired.
02:25 <Jorge Esquivel> Light...
02:25 <LightFlower> *hugs chat*
02:25 <LightFlower> wut jorge
02:25 <Jorge Esquivel> *hugs Light again*
02:25 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
02:25 -!- Generic Nobody has left Special:Chat.
02:25 -!- Generic Nobody has joined Special:Chat
02:25 <LightFlower> I see Jorge digs my extreme hotness.
02:26 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:26 <YouSleepyYet?> More like mine
02:26 <LightFlower> bai u guise.
02:26 <Generic Nobody> see ya
02:26 <YouSleepyYet?> Cya
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:26 <Deathgirl12> bye ...
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> Um...
02:26 <LightFlower> Am I the only girl on this chat currently?
02:26 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol Jorge
02:26 <LightFlower> 0o
02:26 <Deathgirl12> i'm a girl
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> Deathgirl...
02:26 -!- TehKarui has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <YouSleepyYet?> No, I am
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
02:26 <Kill1mes> eww females.
02:26 <LightFlower> Oh eath is here
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> xD
02:26 <LightFlower> *death
02:26 <YouSleepyYet?> Im a female
02:26 <Deathgirl12> yeah
02:26 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Karui.
02:27 <JackofallSuits> Yay females
02:27 <JackofallSuits> Imeanwut
02:27 <TehKarui> Hello
02:27 <LightFlower> I thought u were gone ;(
02:27 <Jorge Esquivel> Sleepy...
02:27 <YouSleepyYet?> Lets talk about bra sizes
02:27 <YouSleepyYet?> Since were girls :D
02:27 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <Jorge Esquivel> No...
02:27 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:27 <King Krule> Back
02:27 <TehKarui> Only if
02:27 <Jorge Esquivel> You are not a girl.
02:27 <YouSleepyYet?> and breasts since we're all comfertable with our sexuality
02:27 <King Krule> yes sleepy
02:27 <TehKarui> You plan on showing said bras
02:27 <King Krule> Kill said I was a 32 D
02:27 <YouSleepyYet?> Comfortable*
02:27 <JackofallSuits> Pantsu or bust
02:27 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <Jorge Esquivel> Krule.
02:27 <Generic Nobody> wb again
02:27 <YouSleepyYet?> Im a 34 C :D
02:27 <Deathgirl12> sleepy no ..
02:27 <TentakleTherapist> DAT HYPER-REALISM
02:27 <TehKarui> Holla Spirit
02:27 <TehKarui> Hola*
02:27 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
02:28 <Jorge Esquivel> You're a -32 D.
02:28 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <YouSleepyYet?> Light, Lets talk about our breasts since we're both girls :D
02:28 <YouSleepyYet?> xD!!
02:28 <Irishninja0> ....
02:28 <TehKarui> Only if you plan on showing them
02:28 <LightFlower> lol
02:28 <Deathgirl12> .....
02:28 <HiddenSpirit> Tits or GTFO. 
02:28 <YouSleepyYet?> You can go first of couirse
02:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
02:28 <HiddenSpirit> ;3
02:28 <YouSleepyYet?> Course*\
02:28 <Jorge Esquivel> Guys.
02:28 <Generic Nobody> (swag)
02:28 <TehKarui> lol
02:28 <LightFlower> Mine aren't impressive. 
02:28 <Jorge Esquivel> Don't harrass Death.
02:28 <Irishninja0> ...
02:28 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <YouSleepyYet?> Tell me about them o: Dont worry, Im a girl
02:28 <Jorge Esquivel> I bet they are Light.
02:28 <Deathgirl12> thanks jorge
02:28 <Kill1mes> Harass all the people (all!)
02:28 <LightFlower> Lol wolfen should get his emote taken away
02:28 <King Krule> Mine are huge
02:28 <LightFlower> Woah Jorge 0.o
02:29 <Jorge Esquivel> *harrasses Kill*
02:29 <Kill1mes> Krule has big tits.
02:29 -!- 77topaz has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <JackofallSuits> Mmm, DFC
02:29 <Kill1mes> (QQ)
02:29 <Kill1mes> meanie
02:29 <King Krule> Ikr
02:29 <HiddenSpirit> ...I hate this.
02:29 <HiddenSpirit> brb.
02:29 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:29 <TehKarui> Oh lord
02:29 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol
02:29 <YouSleepyYet?> Being a guy is lame sometimes guys.
02:29 <King Krule> Kill you make me feel like such a woman :3
02:29 <Irishninja0> You know its not often I get angry
02:29 <TehKarui> Yeah
02:29 <Jorge Esquivel> *Harasses Kill more*
02:29 <TehKarui> Only cause we can't see them
02:29 <King Krule> *Sexually harasses kill*
02:29 <King Krule> *more*
02:29 <Kill1mes> obby
02:29 <Jorge Esquivel> O.O
02:29 <Irishninja0> or often get into self deppression
02:29 <LightFlower> Krule, I expected u to be like 40 yrs old but then I was like, dang he Is not that ugly xD
02:29 <TehKarui> lol
02:29 <YouSleepyYet?> Sigh, Sometimes I wish I could talk to a random girl about breasts and get away wit it
02:29 <YouSleepyYet?> With*
02:29 <Irishninja0> But honestly....
02:29 <King Krule> Thanks light (y)
02:29 <TehKarui> Why though>
02:29 <Irishninja0> I only have one thing to say
02:30 <LightFlower> :D
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> <--- Is not ugly.
02:30 <TehKarui> That would be like us talking about our penises
02:30 <Laurindatheninja> okay done 
02:30 <YouSleepyYet?> <-- Hotter than all of you.
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> My penis.
02:30 <TehKarui> Kinda nasty
02:30 <King Krule> Jorge is handsome
02:30 <Irishninja0> Fuck you all
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
02:30 <Deathgirl12> o_o
02:30 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> JK
02:30 <YouSleepyYet?> R00d Irish
02:30 <TehKarui> Sleepy
02:30 <King Krule> Irish isn't bad either
02:30 <TehKarui> You should prove it
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> You to Krule.
02:30 <Laurindatheninja> .......what did i just walk into XD
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> too*
02:30 <LightFlower> I haven't seen irish
02:30 <King Krule> Thanks mang
02:30 <YouSleepyYet?> Kay, I'll pm you my FB
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> You ain't that bad.
02:30 <Deathgirl12> he's pissed off at me
02:30 <TehKarui> lol
02:30 <King Krule> >THAT BAD
02:30 <Jorge Esquivel> JK
02:30 <King Krule> j_j
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> You can hang with me bro.
02:31 <King Krule> ew no
02:31 <King Krule> you smell
02:31 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> YESIDO
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> Imeanwut
02:31 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <King Krule> ILOVEIT
02:31 <Generic Nobody> xD
02:31 <Irishninja0> oh and a special fuck you to jorge
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> What?
02:31 <Irishninja0> forgot about that
02:31 <LightFlower> irish pm
02:31 <TehKarui> Sounds kinky
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> I didn't do anything?
02:31 <LightFlower> god irish xD
02:31 <Irishninja0> no I'm gone good bye
02:31 <LightFlower> No
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> What the fuck Irish.
02:31 <LightFlower> PM
02:31 <LightFlower> First
02:31 <LightFlower> plz
02:31 <Jorge Esquivel> You piece of shit.
02:31 <ClericofMadness> Somebody is whining on the facebook page
02:31 <Irishninja0> No I'm done
02:31 <TehKarui> The facebook page?
02:32 <Irishninja0> It needed to be said
02:32 <LightFlower> All my friends are fighting and I'm so sad
02:32 <Jorge Esquivel> GTFO Irish.
02:32 <Irishninja0> I regret nothing
02:32 <TehKarui> I regret that donut
02:32 <Irishninja0> I honestly don't
02:32 <TehKarui> This morning
02:32 <King Krule> Aww
02:32 <King Krule> Light tell them to stop
02:32 <Irishninja0> So good bye
02:32 <LightFlower> *hugs irish and Jorge* plz stop fighting (TT)
02:32 <LightFlower> NO IRISH
02:32 <TehKarui> lol
02:32 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:32 <LightFlower> UR MEH BEST FRIEND
02:32 <Deathgirl12> wow irish i'm more low than you ^_^
02:32 <TehKarui> You can't resist those puppy eyes
02:32 <LightFlower> don't LEAVE ME
02:32 <YouSleepyYet?> brb
02:32 <Jorge Esquivel> *hugs back*
02:32 <King Krule> aka Kill
02:32 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm sowwy.
02:32 <TehKarui> lmao
02:32 <Jorge Esquivel> (QQ)
02:32 <Generic Nobody> lol
02:32 <King Krule> Because kill is finest piece of ass
02:33 <Jorge Esquivel> Krule.
02:33 <TehKarui> Proof?
02:33 <King Krule> jorge
02:33 <Irishninja0> So good bye, so long
02:33 <Jorge Esquivel> :o
02:33 <King Krule> We need to cook
02:33 <LightFlower> No irish
02:33 <TehKarui> Good riddance
02:33 <King Krule> Irish
02:33 <Irishninja0> I don't want to talk to any one of you right now
02:33 <LightFlower> ur leaving for good?
02:33 <TehKarui> We don't need no damn drama in here
02:33 <YouSleepyYet?> bakck
02:33 <Jorge Esquivel> Hopefully you die Irish. :D
02:33 <King Krule> Calm down and listen to me
02:33 <TehKarui> wb sleepy
02:33 <LightFlower> I'll DIE WITHOUT U
02:33 <Irishninja0> so good night
02:33 <YouSleepyYet?> Whatd I walk into?
02:33 <TehKarui> Drama
02:33 <LightFlower> JORGE STOP BEING AN ASS
02:33 <Deathgirl12> night 
02:33 <King Krule> People don't think straight when they're angry
02:33 <YouSleepyYet?> I love drama
02:33 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
02:33 <King Krule> take a moment to calm down and collect yourself
02:33 <LightFlower> Irish will you be back tomorrow?
02:33 <TehKarui> Fight fight fight fight
02:33 <King Krule> Please
02:33 <Jorge Esquivel> He gave me a fuck!
02:33 <LightFlower> (TT)
02:34 <Irishninja0> Or should I say fuck all of you a million times over
02:34 <Generic Nobody> XD
02:34 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <King Krule> Ryan
02:34 <Irishninja0> I don't care
02:34 <LightFlower> Irish
02:34 <King Krule> I made a thing for you bby
02:34 <TehKarui> lol
02:34 <LightFlower> ;( 
02:34 <LightFlower> Why
02:34 <Irishninja0> To death girl
02:34 <Irishninja0> to light
02:34 <WalkingDitto> Jesus christ this week is like revenge of the ex girlfriends 
02:34 <MooseJuice> Whoa whoa whoa.
02:34 <Irishninja0> to jorge
02:34 <Irishninja0> to anyone
02:34 <MooseJuice> What's going in?
02:34 <WalkingDitto> Krule don't hurt me 
02:34 <WalkingDitto> pls
02:34 <Jorge Esquivel> Moose.
02:34 <TehKarui> I am 
02:34 <Irishninja0> I don't care anymore
02:34 <LightFlower> WTF irish
02:34 <TehKarui> I'm going in 
02:34 <Jorge Esquivel> Ban Irish.
02:34 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <TehKarui> Dry.
02:34 <Irishninja0> Sorry light
02:34 <King Krule> Ryan
02:34 <YouSleepyYet?> Okay back
02:34 <Irishninja0> I really am
02:34 <LightFlower> stop being like this!
02:34 <TehKarui> wb again
02:34 <LightFlower> (TT)
02:34 <Jorge Esquivel> He's giving everyone a fuck! D:
02:34 <King Krule> I must fight your 7 evil ex's
02:34 <YouSleepyYet?> Why didnt you apologize to ME irish?
02:34 <Irishninja0> I'm just acting the way you wanted me to act
02:34 <YouSleepyYet?> So, Whats goin on?
02:34 <Kill1mes> Okay, that's it. Irish, pm me, you need to calm down.
02:35 <LightFlower> ? 0.o
02:35 <TehKarui> Amusement
02:35 <TehKarui> at the drama
02:35 <YouSleepyYet?> Is that right?
02:35 <Deathgirl12> be nice to jorge he has been the only kind one to me and he's been there for me !
02:35 <LightFlower> Calm down! Please!
02:35 <TehKarui> Wow
02:35 <LightFlower> ;(
02:35 <Laurindatheninja> im just siting here like 0.0
02:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Guys.
02:35 <YouSleepyYet?> Whats Irish pissed about?
02:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Protect me.
02:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Irish is a bad man.
02:35 <TehKarui> Yea
02:35 <MooseJuice> Everyone, just...drop it.
02:35 <Deathgirl12> i with you jorge
02:35 <YouSleepyYet?> Jorge, What is he gonna beat you over your computer?
02:35 <TehKarui> He'll cut you
02:35 <YouSleepyYet?> >_<
02:35 <Kill1mes> I'm with moose.
02:35 <TehKarui> Cut you realllll good
02:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Sleepy.
02:35 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol..
02:35 <MooseJuice> Everything, just drop the conversation.
02:35 <TehKarui> No
02:35 <MooseJuice> Let's recollect.
02:35 <Jorge Esquivel> *uses Sleepy as a human shield*
02:36 <TehKarui> Noooo don't use her
02:36 <YouSleepyYet?> *Is Ditto*
02:36 <Irishninja0> You know what deathgirl
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> >:D
02:36 <LightFlower> death pm
02:36 <MooseJuice> While I scroll on...
02:36 <Irishninja0> your right
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
02:36 <TehKarui> Use Moose as a shield
02:36 <Irishninja0> Jorge has been the only one nice to you
02:36 <Generic Nobody> I'm..gonna go.
02:36 <TehKarui> Not her.
02:36 <Kill1mes> OKay, stop. This is a bad idea to continue.
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Irish.
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Stop.
02:36 <Generic Nobody> See ya.
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Now.
02:36 <TehKarui> Oh hey kill
02:36 <YouSleepyYet?> So, Karui, Still wanted that proof?
02:36 <TehKarui> Yes 
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Seriously.
02:36 <YouSleepyYet?> Mmk.
02:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Anyone agree with me?
02:36 <YouSleepyYet?> There.
02:37 <YouSleepyYet?> Agree with that
02:37 -!- Generic Nobody has left Special:Chat.
02:37 <Kill1mes> Jorge, you're not heling
02:37 <YouSleepyYet?> What*\
02:37 <Kill1mes> helping*
02:37 <Kill1mes> you stop.
02:37 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm trying to tell Irish to stop.
02:37 <Kill1mes> And I'm telling you too.
02:37 <LightFlower> ^
02:37 <Jorge Esquivel> For what?
02:37 <TehKarui> AW GAWD
02:37 <YouSleepyYet?> Kill, Bring in the kick hammer o:
02:37 <LightFlower> Please both of u stop
02:37 <Kill1mes> You're prolonging this thing
02:37 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:37 <Jorge Esquivel> Didn't try.
02:37 <Kill1mes> Now, if either you or Irish continue, you get the kick.
02:37 <TehKarui> Somebody gouge out my eyes'
02:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Thats better
02:38 -!- Plants1 has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <TehKarui> With a spoon
02:38 <Kill1mes> get kicked*
02:38 <Plants1> hai :D
02:38 <Jorge Esquivel> (facepalm)
02:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Im proud Kill (<3)
02:38 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <Kill1mes> Fak u sleepy
02:38 <TehKarui> Hai plants
02:38 <Plants1> :3
02:38 <Laurindatheninja> hi plants  
02:38 <MooseJuice> Boy, who loves that creepypastas.
02:38 <YouSleepyYet?> *Bans kill*
02:38 <Jorge Esquivel> I seriously don't see how I prolonged this...
02:38 <LightFlower> *hugs kill* Peace at last
02:38 <Laurindatheninja> i know i do
02:38 <Jorge Esquivel> Kill.
02:38 <Plants1> i love pvz ones
02:38 <TehKarui> Just 
02:38 <TehKarui> shut it
02:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Cant hug him if hes banned
02:38 -!- Plants1 has left Special:Chat.
02:38 <Jorge Esquivel> If you could just PM me...
02:39 <TehKarui> Ty
02:39 <MooseJuice> !logs
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:39 <YouSleepyYet?> !logs
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:39 <YouSleepyYet?> :D
02:39 <TehKarui> Why do you need logs?
02:39 <YouSleepyYet?> Why not
02:39 <Jorge Esquivel> !logs
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:39 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
02:39 <TehKarui> I'm just asking
02:39 <TehKarui> Im curious
02:39 <Jorge Esquivel> Strobe logs.
02:39 <LightFlower> !logs
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:39 <YouSleepyYet?> To see what happened in the chat
02:39 <LightFlower> kewl
02:40 <TehKarui> But why would you need to?
02:40 <YouSleepyYet?> Arguments, appeal requests, blah blah
02:40 <LOLSKELETONS> !updatelogs
02:40 <MooseJuice> Because things like THIS happen.
02:40 <LightFlower> lag and stuff
02:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 543 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
02:40 <TehKarui> Ooooh
02:40 <TehKarui> I see.
02:40 <Jorge Esquivel> ..
02:40 <YouSleepyYet?> *TAKEZOUTRIBCAGE*
02:40 <YouSleepyYet?> *EATz*
02:40 <TehKarui> As long as I die. lol
02:41 <LOLSKELETONS> guise
02:41 <YouSleepyYet?> I must...consume..Skelly.
02:41 <LOLSKELETONS> try going to sleepy's talk page
02:41 <TehKarui> Hola Skeleton
02:41 <YouSleepyYet?> >:D
02:41 <LightFlower> Skelly is already dead tho
02:41 <Jorge Esquivel> Holy...
02:41 <YouSleepyYet?> Go to my talk page
02:41 <LightFlower> I must consume...Consume EVERYTHING
02:41 <TehKarui> What happened to your page?
02:41 <Laurindatheninja> D: i think i found my favorite  face on here
02:41 <YouSleepyYet?> I dont exist of course..
02:42 <YouSleepyYet?> Im a singular piece of data that exists only on chat.
02:42 <LOLSKELETONS> (spooky)
02:42 <TehKarui> lol
02:42 <TehKarui> Like funnymouth!?
02:42 <Jorge Esquivel> ALL THE WAY!
02:42 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:42 <TehKarui> O)_(O
02:42 <Jorge Esquivel> wait wut
02:42 <YouSleepyYet?> LOL
02:42 <TehKarui> Slender man, slenderman, does whatever a slenderman does
02:43 <YouSleepyYet?> best hint NA
02:43 <Laurindatheninja> D:
02:43 <Irishninja0> ....
02:43 <YouSleepyYet?> *EATSSKELLYZFINGER*
02:43 <YouSleepyYet?> *EATZTOE*
02:43 <YouSleepyYet?> I will...consume..
02:43 <JackofallSuits> Can he steal little kids, yeah he can, he's Slenderman
02:43 <Laurindatheninja> ahh foot fetish 
02:44 -!- TehKarui has left Special:Chat.
02:44 <YouSleepyYet?> The memories
02:44 <LightFlower> 0.o laurin
02:44 <Laurindatheninja> XD
02:44 <Masked Hero Z> Wow lol
02:44 <YouSleepyYet?> Skelly, PM
02:44 <Laurindatheninja> he ate his toe
02:44 <YouSleepyYet?> Naow
02:45 <LOLSKELETONS> kaykay
02:45 <YouSleepyYet?> <-- Commands all the admins
02:45 <LightFlower> u wish
02:45 <Masked Hero Z> Hot 
02:45 <Jorge Esquivel> *kills Sleepy*
02:45 <Masked Hero Z> Imeanwhat
02:45 <Laurindatheninja> LIES
02:45 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh crap.
02:45 <Jorge Esquivel> He died.
02:45 <YouSleepyYet?> *is aliv3e*
02:45 <Jorge Esquivel> OH
02:45 <King Krule> Ryan made this for me
02:45 <King Krule> I feel so loved
02:45 <Jorge Esquivel> *can't die*
02:45 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <LightFlower> Lol
02:46 <LightFlower> Is that ryan?
02:46 <King Krule> yurp
02:46 <King Krule> he's sexy as fuck
02:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Yup.
02:46 <Jorge Esquivel> imeanwut
02:46 <LightFlower> No offense Krule, but he is cuter than u xD
02:47 <Laurindatheninja> ohhhh
02:47 <King Krule> I know this
02:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Who is
02:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Me?
02:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Not cuter than me.
02:47 <King Krule> Ryan
02:47 <Jorge Esquivel> I'm 13, only going to get cuter...
02:47 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Jorge, Link me
02:47 <WalkingDitto> wooot
02:47 <Jorge Esquivel> To?
02:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Let me see you
02:47 <YouSleepyYet?> you
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Bro.
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> My avatar.
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> That's me.
02:48 <LightFlower> Krule x Ryan
02:48 <LightFlower> 5eva
02:48 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:48 <Irishninja0> .....
02:48 <WalkingDitto> omg 6eva
02:48 <Laurindatheninja> .....
02:48 <YouSleepyYet?> uaintevencyoot
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> 8sidewayseva
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> OHH.
02:48 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Sleepy.
02:48 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Deathgirl12> so irish down being agry ?
02:48 <Deathgirl12> angry *
02:49 <YouSleepyYet?> Yes Jorge?
02:49 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
02:49 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
02:49 <Jorge Esquivel> I am cute bro.
02:49 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <YouSleepyYet?> <-- Better looking.
02:49 <Jorge Esquivel> You smoking crack...
02:49 <Laurindatheninja> XD
02:49 -!- CrypticCuddler has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <Deathgirl12> lol
02:49 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
02:49 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Cryptic.
02:49 <CrypticCuddler> hiya~
02:49 <JackofallSuits> Hai Cryptic
02:49 <YouSleepyYet?> Sigh, bro. You dont even know
02:49 <Laurindatheninja> hola
02:49 <Jorge Esquivel> JONTRON
02:50 <CrypticCuddler> how's everyone doing?
02:50 <Jorge Esquivel> HOLY CRAP.
02:50 <LightFlower> WUT
02:50 <LightFlower> JONTRON WHERe
02:50 <YouSleepyYet?> youdontevencompare
02:50 <JackofallSuits> There is some dirty talk going on
02:50 <YouSleepyYet?> dont*
02:50 <Jorge Esquivel>
02:50 <JackofallSuits> You just walked in on the length comparison
02:50 <CrypticCuddler> hiya Jack~
02:50 <Masked Hero Z> Good, you? @CC
02:50 <CrypticCuddler> oh nice -w- 
02:50 <CrypticCuddler> I bet mine is bigger LOL
02:51 <Laurindatheninja> ........wut
02:51 <YouSleepyYet?> o.o
02:51 <CrypticCuddler> @Masked I'm super~
02:51 <Jorge Esquivel> Cryp...
02:51 <Jorge Esquivel> What the fuck?
02:51 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:51 <CrypticCuddler> >w> am I thinking of length in the correct context?
02:51 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
02:51 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
02:51 <Arigarmy> I am back...
02:51 <Jorge Esquivel> You are not...
02:52 <Deathgirl12> lol
02:52 <Jorge Esquivel> :/
02:52 <CrypticCuddler> >x> you said there was naughty talk going down
02:52 <CrypticCuddler> I was misled
02:52 <Jorge Esquivel> CRYP.
02:52 <Jorge Esquivel> SEX.
02:52 <Jorge Esquivel> There.
02:52 <CrypticCuddler> ._. I'm sorry
02:52 <JackofallSuits> Sorry
02:52 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
02:52 <JackofallSuits> We were really talking about breast size
02:52 <CrypticCuddler> and ahh okay
02:52 <CrypticCuddler> HUR
02:53 <King Krule> Yes
02:53 <CrypticCuddler> wow..still very sorry though 
02:53 <LightFlower> We're talking about breasts again? -_-
02:53 <King Krule> But most of them were men
02:53 <LightFlower> (facepalm)
02:53 <CrypticCuddler> >w> I feel like a real...dick..
02:53 <CrypticCuddler> hur hur hur
02:53 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:53 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
02:53 <JackofallSuits> I don't even know
02:53 <Jorge Esquivel> BREASTS?
02:53 <CrypticCuddler> and my milkshake brings all the boys in the yard
02:53 <Jorge Esquivel> WHERE?
02:53 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh.
02:53 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
02:53 -!- TehKarui has joined Special:Chat
02:54 <Jorge Esquivel> I've been lied to.
02:54 <JackofallSuits> My salsa makes all the girls take off their underpants
02:54 <Jorge Esquivel> There is no breast.
02:54 <CrypticCuddler> meaning, I have an awesome blender
02:54 <CrypticCuddler> lol Jack
02:54 <CrypticCuddler> look more closely Jorge
02:54 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
02:54 <CrypticCuddler> we all have breasts
02:55 <CrypticCuddler> (.)(.)
02:55 <CrypticCuddler> HUR
02:55 <Arigarmy> I don't
02:55 <Jorge Esquivel> Men have nipples.
02:55 <TentakleTherapist>
02:55 <Arigarmy> But they don't give milk
02:55 <Jorge Esquivel> I know...
02:55 <Arigarmy> unless you have Male Chest Disorder
02:55 <CrypticCuddler> pfft 
02:55 <YouSleepyYet?> i want wings
02:55 <Laurindatheninja>
02:55 <King Krule> Mad Snail Disease?
02:55 <Arigarmy> No
02:56 <Arigarmy> A disorder when you are a male capable of making milk
02:56 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:56 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <TehKarui> wtf
02:56 <CrypticCuddler> ja
02:56 <CrypticCuddler> lol 
02:56 <TehKarui> Why are you talking about this?
02:56 <Kill1mes> That's real? o.O
02:56 <Jorge Esquivel> Laurin...
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> cause I said men have boobs too
02:57 <Laurindatheninja> .....wut
02:57 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
02:57 <JackofallSuits> Moobs
02:57 <Jorge Esquivel> Wtf?
02:57 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
02:57 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> and no one believed me
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> hur
02:57 <Laurindatheninja> i thought we were talking about breast 
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> breasts then
02:57 <Jorge Esquivel> brb guys.
02:57 <Arigarmy> we were
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> so men have breasts too
02:57 <Laurindatheninja> .......are we not?
02:57 <CrypticCuddler> they are just called moobs
02:57 <King Krule> ^
02:57 <Arigarmy> you know,laur,that video is wrong
02:57 <Jorge Esquivel> BREASTS.
02:57 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
02:57 <Kill1mes> Please do not spam periods.
02:57 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
02:58 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
02:58 <JackofallSuits> If there's one thing I've learned from  spectator mode on Brawl
02:58 <CrypticCuddler> m- for man, so therefore, moobs
02:58 <Deathgirl12> o__O what happened
02:58 <TehKarui> Who spammed periods?
02:58 <Arigarmy> the world's biggest natural breasts are twice the size
02:58 <JackofallSuits> Always vote for the fucking Ikes
02:58 <Laurindatheninja> i don't know what guys think how should i know
02:58 <YouSleepyYet?> >_>
02:58 <Deathgirl12> um okay aww ...he left
02:58 <YouSleepyYet?> You guys are so lame..
02:58 <Arigarmy> Every try the world record book...
02:58 <JackofallSuits> Meany :c
02:58 <CrypticCuddler> lol everyone is confused
02:58 <Arigarmy> oh,I see the spamming period..
02:58 <Deathgirl12> me ?
02:59 <Arigarmy> no,me
02:59 <CrypticCuddler> @sleepy normally we have better convos going on
02:59 -!- Codologic has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Arigarmy> I can't control it
02:59 <YouSleepyYet?> I hate coming on at this time of evening x__-x
02:59 <JackofallSuits> But now two Ikes are getting fucked by Captain Falcon while DK is wanking off
02:59 <JackofallSuits> Insanity
02:59 <Masked Hero Z> XD
02:59 -!- Codologic has left Special:Chat.
02:59 <CrypticCuddler> that's okay Ari, I have quirks too I cant control at times lol
02:59 <JackofallSuits> The Captain took on two Ikes
03:00 <Arigarmy> I'm just used to typing like this
03:00 <CrypticCuddler> @Sleepy :/ is is sorwy you feel that way
03:00 <LightFlower> lol wut jack
03:00 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:00 <CrypticCuddler> * I is sorwy
03:00 <Arigarmy> Once you learn how to type,you don't even need to look at the keys
03:00 <JackofallSuits> Falcon was all badd ass
03:00 <CrypticCuddler> @Ari ja, I am used to typing very casually lol
03:00 <CrypticCuddler> brb
03:00 <Masked Hero Z> Kk.
03:00 <Arigarmy> who cared about captain bird?
03:01 <JackofallSuits> He kneed one Ike off the side then came back and spiked the other who was hanging on the ledge
03:01 <Kill1mes> Irish, pm.
03:01 <Arigarmy> He is only known for his falcon pawnch
03:01 <JackofallSuits> And DK was just off to the side wanking
03:01 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:01 <Arigarmy> link pls (HUEHUE)
03:01 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
03:02 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
03:02 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
03:02 <Masked Hero Z> Wb.
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> Back.
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> Thank you Masked.
03:02 <TehKarui> You guys are so boring
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> I AM ONT.
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> NOT*
03:02 <TehKarui> lol
03:02 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
03:02 <TehKarui> Do you always type in caps?
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> Sometimes I don't.
03:02 <Jorge Esquivel> Welcome back Light.
03:03 <JackofallSuits> Kirby man
03:03 <CrypticCuddler> back
03:03 <JackofallSuits> Fawwcon PAWNCH
03:03 <Masked Hero Z> Wb.
03:03 <JackofallSuits> Wb
03:03 <CrypticCuddler> new topic, who has seen the trailer for Man of Steel and who is gonna go see?
03:04 <TehKarui> No and no
03:04 <Masked Hero Z> Me!
03:04 <CrypticCuddler> cause I think they have finally done superman right
03:04 <JackofallSuits> No and no x2
03:04 <Arigarmy> I just looked up Terri Schiavo
03:04 <Laurindatheninja> (HUEHUE) yes
03:04 <CrypticCuddler> those who haven't seen, I suggest it D8
03:04 <Jorge Esquivel> I haven't and I won't,
03:04 <Jorge Esquivel> .*
03:04 <JackofallSuits> I saw the trailer for the AVGN movie
03:04 <CrypticCuddler> it is being directed by the same man who did the Dark Knight series though
03:04 <JackofallSuits> And the R&C movie
03:05 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:05 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <JackofallSuits> Fucking yes
03:05 <JackofallSuits> I never saw those movies
03:05 <CrypticCuddler> -,-
03:05 <JackofallSuits> Don't care to
03:05 <TehKarui> I saw Batman Begins
03:05 <JackofallSuits> Not a DC guy
03:05 <TehKarui> It was awesome
03:05 <Masked Hero Z> Yeah, though I don't really see Superman being all dark and edgy like Bats.@CC
03:05 <Jorge Esquivel> I haven't seen any Batman film and neither will I. (Jacksfilms reference)
03:05 <Arigarmy> Batman Begins - Best 90's show
03:05 <CrypticCuddler> @Masked ;_; you is the only one who cares
03:05 <Arigarmy> Wait,wrong one
03:05 <TehKarui> No
03:05 <JackofallSuits> b-but
03:05 <Masked Hero Z> Lol superheroes are my forte.
03:05 <Arigarmy> I was talking about Batman Beyond
03:05 <TehKarui> Yoú're thinking 
03:05 <JackofallSuits> I just don't like DC
03:05 <TehKarui> Yes
03:06 <Jorge Esquivel> Goodbye everyone.
03:06 <Jorge Esquivel> I have to go.
03:06 <TehKarui> bye
03:06 <JackofallSuits> Should we change the subject again?
03:06 <Masked Hero Z> See ya Jorge.
03:06 <JackofallSuits> Um
03:06 <TehKarui> Yes
03:06 <JackofallSuits> Bai
03:06 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
03:06 <JackofallSuits> Ok um
03:06 <Arigarmy> I'll start it
03:06 <TehKarui> Change it to something more interesting
03:06 <Arigarmy> I farted
03:06 <TehKarui> no
03:06 <Masked Hero Z> Hello Javer.
03:06 <TehKarui> Just no
03:06 <TehKarui> Horrible subject
03:06 <JackofallSuits> What's your favorite kind of pantsu?
03:06 <CrypticCuddler> heh, and yeah, people normally dont, but you gotta think of his childhood and how he had to get the world to understand him and not just shoot him down
03:06 <Javer80> Good evening, snarkmidgets.
03:06 <LOLSKELETONS> H'lo, Javer.
03:06 <CrypticCuddler> okay fine I'm done T_T
03:07 <TehKarui> lol
03:07 <CrypticCuddler> Javer, they are being mean
03:07 <Javer80> Oh, what's the topic of discussion?
03:07 <JackofallSuits> :c
03:07 <Masked Hero Z> Well true, he is a alien among men.
03:07 <Masked Hero Z> But he's like..the ultimate boy scout@CC
03:07 <Masked Hero Z> And I'm done too.
03:07 <LOLSKELETONS> Who are?
03:07 <LOLSKELETONS> (ban)
03:07 <TehKarui> lol
03:07 <Javer80> *rolls up sleeves* i feel like gettin' debate-dirty
03:07 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
03:07 <Javer80> aw man
03:07 <Javer80> i missed the fun?
03:07 <TehKarui> So seriose skeleton
03:07 <Javer80> balls.
03:07 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:07 <JackofallSuits> Well I guess my topic didn't take off either
03:07 <TehKarui> Nope
03:07 <CrypticCuddler> lol 
03:07 <TehKarui> I told you
03:07 <TehKarui> Horrible subject
03:08 <CrypticCuddler> my topic was just shit Javer so the guys were just giving me their rotten tomatoes
03:08 <TehKarui> lol
03:08 <JackofallSuits> I wasn't the one who said that >_>
03:08 <Arigarmy> sucks...
03:08 <CrypticCuddler> on a movie trailer they havent even watched yet >_>
03:08 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
03:08 <Masked Hero Z> I liked it.
03:08 <Javer80> Ah. As you do.
03:08 <MooseJuice> This guy made 3D models of creepypasta monsters!
03:08 <Javer80> ^ neat
03:08 <JackofallSuits> I wasn't trying to be mean Cryptic :c
03:08 <CrypticCuddler> @Masked ;_; thanks
03:08 <JackofallSuits> I just said I don't like DC
03:09 <Laurindatheninja> that is awesome
03:09 <CrypticCuddler> and I know Jack, lol just teasing 
03:09 <JackofallSuits> So it just doesn't interest me
03:09 <TehKarui> Is it bad that I only recognize two 
03:09 <TehKarui> out of all those?
03:09 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
03:09 <TehKarui> Where's the rake!?
03:09 <Masked Hero Z> Hey BRVR
03:09 <BRVR>
03:09 <JackofallSuits> It's not bad
03:09 <Javer80> Well, not all of them have established appearances. The modeler probably exercised some creative license.
03:09 <MooseJuice> Most of them are Zalgo-related, but the art looks promising.
03:09 <JackofallSuits> I don't know any of them
03:09 <JackofallSuits> Now that's bad
03:09 <Javer80> shit, i love these. I remember the top-left from something . . . guy had a baseball bat. can't remember the title.
03:09 <BRVR> I feel like I lost lots of my energy.
03:10 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <JackofallSuits> They almost look like Smash trophies...
03:10 <Masked Hero Z> Ikr lol
03:10 -!- Umbrage has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <YouSleepyYet?> Hm, Hidden isnt here, I wonder what she wanted..?
03:10 <JackofallSuits> Supah Smash Pasta
03:10 <Javer80> fuck you Jeff you are the worst
03:10 <LightFlower> sigh
03:10 <LightFlower> im getting real tired
03:10 <TehKarui> lol
03:10 <TehKarui> I hate Jeff
03:10 <YouSleepyYet?> So guise. Go to my talk page
03:10 <YouSleepyYet?> :D
03:10 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:10 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:11 <Javer80> or WHAT
03:11 <Javer80> yeah okay
03:11 <MooseJuice> Look, they even made Splendorman:
03:11 <BRVR> I am bad at video games.
03:11 <Laurindatheninja> XD
03:11 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <YouSleepyYet?> agreed
03:11 <Umbrage> Hey guys, whats up?
03:11 <YouSleepyYet?> Im great at them
03:11 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey Umbrage.
03:11 <Laurindatheninja> hello
03:11 <TehKarui> Oh wait
03:11 <Javer80> I do miss Mr. Welldone.
03:11 <TehKarui> Is the rake the one left of Slenderman>
03:11 <Javer80> He reminds me of a friend I had long ago.
03:12 <CrypticCuddler> everyone is tired tonight lol
03:12 <BRVR> If I tried playing a video game right now, I would probably fail to do it so hard.
03:12 <YouSleepyYet?> I miss Waffles :(
03:12 <TehKarui> Yeah monday sucks
03:12 <JackofallSuits> I'm fine c:
03:12 <Javer80> They're all named in the description, Karui.
03:12 <CrypticCuddler> indeed, mondays suck hard
03:12 <JackofallSuits> Monday is just another day now for me...
03:12 <CrypticCuddler> harder than your moms
03:12 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:12 <CrypticCuddler> HUR HUR HUR
03:12 <YouSleepyYet?> o.o
03:12 <YouSleepyYet?> (annihilate)
03:12 <Laurindatheninja> D:
03:12 <LightFlower> -_-
03:12 <BRVR> No offense but that was a terrible joke.
03:12 <CrypticCuddler> ;_; I'm sorry
03:12 <LightFlower> (pacefalm)
03:12 <Umbrage> I honestly forgot it was monday
03:12 <YouSleepyYet?> THey nerfed my (ban) but my (annihilate) is worse.
03:13 <BRVR> Mondays are no difference for me. I am just tired.
03:13 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <Devincooper64> hello all
03:13 <Umbrage> Sup
03:13 <Javer80> Cooper. What's shaking.
03:13 <YouSleepyYet?> no,
03:13 <TehKarui> Hey
03:13 <Laurindatheninja> hello
03:13 <CrypticCuddler> Hiya
03:13 <Devincooper64> nothing much javer
03:13 <Devincooper64> just writing a new story
03:13 <JackofallSuits> I thought it was still last week
03:13 <Devincooper64> and hey everyone else
03:13 <JackofallSuits> Holy shit man
03:13 <TehKarui> Yeah
03:13 <Javer80> that is some sweet beans!
03:13 <JackofallSuits> I need to keep better track of the days
03:13 <BRVR> 29th for me.
03:13 <CrypticCuddler> pfft poor Jack
03:13 <YouSleepyYet?> drugs
03:13 <Devincooper64> Another mother truckin fan fic
03:14 <BRVR> I can't keep track of seconds.
03:14 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:14 <Devincooper64> because thats all I am worth
03:14 <Javer80> man, there's a story i've always wanted to put to paper about a man's first and second marriages
03:14 <Javer80> but it would only really work in comic form
03:14 <Devincooper64> my story is a fan fic of the RPG horror Ib
03:14 <YouSleepyYet?> Ib was such a good game
03:14 <BRVR> My teeth hurt.
03:14 <Laurindatheninja> ib you say?
03:14 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
03:14 <JackofallSuits> I just put max bet on Marth and Pikachu
03:14 <Devincooper64> its a fan fic about Mary and Guertena 
03:15 <Devincooper64> she is his daughter
03:15 <JackofallSuits> They kicked major ass
03:15 <Umbrage> So, are many of you experienced pasta writers?
03:15 <Devincooper64> but she begins to die
03:15 <Devincooper64> so he turns her into a painting
03:15 <Devincooper64> so she can live forever
03:15 <ClericofMadness> Mmm creepypasta monster collectable figures
03:15 <Devincooper64> and then he commits suicide 
03:15 <Laurindatheninja> :o i must read when it's done
03:15 <BRVR> Today is certainly a bad day for me.
03:15 <Devincooper64> little idea I had, needed to take a break from MLP fics
03:15 <Devincooper64> so I started writing down
03:16 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
03:16 <YouSleepyYet?> drugs
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> GUYSGUYSGUYS
03:16 <Javer80> Writing skills tend to transfer well between media. So a writer may have many stories under his or her belt without strictly venturing into creepypasta territory.
03:16 <Devincooper64> WHAT!?
03:16 <YouSleepyYet?> ?
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> SHINY SIGILYPH
03:16 <King Krule> I wish Billy Corgan stayed bald
03:16 <Devincooper64> HOLY SHIT
03:16 <CrypticCuddler> omg IB
03:16 <Devincooper64> NO WAY
03:16 <JackofallSuits> ?
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> What if I got one? :3
03:16 <Javer80> The line's fuzzied up as it is.
03:16 <Devincooper64> oh
03:16 <ClericofMadness> I'm hella versed in writing horror
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You fell for it lel.
03:16 <JackofallSuits> I'm confused
03:16 -!- Umbrage has left Special:Chat.
03:16 <Devincooper64> I hate you
03:16 <JackofallSuits> What now?
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Anyways I gotta go I just wanted to do that. 
03:16 <YouSleepyYet?> !kick sarah
03:16 <Devincooper64> imma cry now lesbian
03:16 <JackofallSuits> Shiny what?
03:16 <YouSleepyYet?> The betrayal
03:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Good.
03:16 <Laurindatheninja> XD
03:17 <CrypticCuddler> Ib is so amazing
03:17 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Your tears can be used as a refreshing beverage. 
03:17 <Devincooper64> lol
03:17 <Devincooper64> no tears then
03:17 <Devincooper64> fak u
03:17 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:17 <Javer80> Is it? I've never heard of this . . . Where do you play it?
03:17 <Devincooper64> and your beverages
03:17 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:17 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:17 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <Devincooper64> @javer
03:17 <Devincooper64> its an rg
03:17 <Devincooper64> rpg
03:17 <Devincooper64> I can send you a website link
03:17 <CrypticCuddler> @Javer it's online 8D free
03:17 <Javer80> That doesn't answer my question, but thanks.
03:17 <Devincooper64> for the ddownload
03:17 <Javer80> Ah.
03:17 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:17 <ClericofMadness> What's a javer
03:17 <JackofallSuits> So it isn't a Pokemans?
03:17 <Kill1mes> I'm off to bed,
03:17 <Masked Hero Z> Hello Hidden.
03:17 <ClericofMadness> Havier?
03:17 <CrypticCuddler> hey Hidden~
03:17 <Kill1mes> Night all.
03:17 <Javer80> Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt. Lay it on me.
03:17 <Devincooper64>
03:17 <CrypticCuddler> night Kill
03:17 <King Krule> oh hi hidden
03:17 <Devincooper64> just go to the link
03:17 <JackofallSuits> That was the first thing I thought of when I haerd shiny
03:17 <Javer80> and you know the "it" i mean ;D
03:17 <Devincooper64> install the RTP
03:17 <Devincooper64> and then the game
03:17 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.  
03:18 <Devincooper64> and you will be good
03:18 <ClericofMadness> Stop running away link!!
03:18 <Masked Hero Z> Lol ikr
03:18 <Devincooper64> well back to my fic
03:18 <YouSleepyYet?> Welcome back
03:18 <CrypticCuddler> Ib is so unique
03:18 <Devincooper64> if anyone wants a link
03:18 <Devincooper64> lemme know
03:18 <TehKarui> I already have Ib
03:18 <Javer80> Speaking of Link, I wonder where Linkthepresident ever scuttled off to after his untimely departure.
03:18 <BRVR> I am thirsty.
03:18 <Devincooper64> downhill javer
03:18 <ClericofMadness> Jail I hope
03:18 <Devincooper64> he did drugs
03:18 <CrypticCuddler> I tried to download and play it, didnt work ;_; my laptop is shit
03:18 <Devincooper64> and then became a politic
03:18 <Devincooper64> and then died
03:18 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:18 <TehKarui> lol
03:18 <CrypticCuddler> hur
03:18 <Javer80> Har har.
03:18 <Devincooper64> he and mad dog did crack every other night
03:19 <Javer80> Fall in a well.
03:19 <ClericofMadness> Not an politic
03:19 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
03:19 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
03:19 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:19 <ClericofMadness> Him and his imaginary girlfriend
03:19 <Javer80> is becoming an politic better or worse than becoming an hero?
03:19 <ClericofMadness> I mean spoilers
03:19 <Irishninja0> .....
03:19 <Devincooper64> worse
03:19 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:19 <Devincooper64> an politic is like being an baby eater
03:19 <BRVR> If I had 12 hours to solve a rubiks cube and if I didn't solve it within 12 hours and a nanosecond, then I would probably die.
03:19 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:20 <ClericofMadness> I think 'sarah' was really a dolphin
03:20 <HiddenSpirit> An hero story is sad. 
03:20 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
03:20 <Devincooper64> an hero was a inspiration
03:20 <Devincooper64> see wut I did there
03:20 <ClericofMadness> Becaome an heros
03:20 <HiddenSpirit> Hurr. You're so funny. 
03:20 <Devincooper64> and hero and A inspiration
03:20 <Masked Hero Z> Stop saying hero XD
03:20 <Devincooper64> like
03:20 <Devincooper64> broken language
03:20 <Devincooper64> LOL
03:20 <Masked Hero Z> I keep getting pinged
03:20 <BRVR> Oh, now I get it.
03:20 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
03:20 -!- Mavisvermilion1125 has joined Special:Chat
03:20 <JackofallSuits> One arm grossly out of proportion
03:20 <ClericofMadness> LULZ - A corruption of L O L
03:20 -!- Mavisvermilion1125 has left Special:Chat.
03:21 <Devincooper64> does anyone want a link to da ib fic?
03:21 <Masked Hero Z> Sure.
03:21 <JackofallSuits> Keeps getting pinged
03:21 <JackofallSuits> *Puts on sunglasses*
03:21 <Laurindatheninja> yes please
03:21 <JackofallSuits> That's what she said
03:21 <ClericofMadness>
03:21 <LOLSKELETONS> a corruption of EL OH EL
03:21 <Devincooper64>
03:21 <Devincooper64> there ya go
03:21 <Devincooper64> just started though
03:21 <Masked Hero Z> Wow Jack XD
03:21 <BRVR> Evil backwards is live.
03:21 <Laurindatheninja> wow! :D
03:21 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
03:21 <JackofallSuits> I know
03:21 <JackofallSuits> *Puts on sunglasses*
03:22 <JackofallSuits> I'm on fire
03:22 <JackofallSuits> *Stop drop roll*
03:22 <Masked Hero Z> (facepalm) 
03:22 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:22 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Category:Video Games]] Flagging more of these for deletion. .-.
03:22 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:22 <Irishninja0> You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
03:22 <LOLSKELETONS> wish me luck
03:22 <BRVR> *Splashes a bucket of water on jack*
03:22 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <JackofallSuits> Damnit, you made me wet
03:23 <JackofallSuits> Wait
03:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:23 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
03:23 <JackofallSuits> *Puts on sunglasses*
03:23 <JackofallSuits> That's what I just said
03:23 <Devincooper64> an hero* 
03:23 <Devincooper64> dammit irish
03:23 <Devincooper64> you mess everything up
03:23 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
03:23 <Irishninja0> What did I do?
03:23 <BRVR> 4 + 10 = Five hundred thirty seven.
03:24 <TehKarui> no
03:24 <JackofallSuits> Mind = Blown
03:24 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:24 <TehKarui> It equals zero
03:24 <Javer80> @Irish: the phrase "an hero", popularized by 4chan, is taken from the obituary and memorial of a young boy who accidentally shot himself in the head
03:24 <Devincooper64> wait
03:24 <Devincooper64> thats the meme
03:24 <Devincooper64> wow, I feel like a dick now
03:24 <TehKarui> lol
03:24 <Javer80> to become an hero is to commit suicide
03:24 <JackofallSuits> Dafuq
03:24 <Devincooper64> ...
03:24 <Javer80> Hidden was right, it's pretty depressing
03:24 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:24 <BRVR> It's an hero!
03:24 <Irishninja0> So being a hero means killing yourself
03:25 <King Krule> ya
03:25 <BRVR> So superman isn't a hero.
03:25 <Javer80> no. An hero. It's spelled that way because of a typo.
03:25 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:25 <Irishninja0> well, I guess i'm going down a hero
03:25 <Laurindatheninja> now you know GIjoe
03:25 <Masked Hero Z> All these pings, really should have named myself Masked Villian Z 
03:25 <Masked Hero Z> XD
03:25 <King Krule> Javer I just got the rape scene in Ichi The Killer
03:25 <King Krule> this is depressing as fuck
03:25 <Javer80> *cringe*
03:25 <King Krule> The one from his childhood
03:25 <BRVR> Masked, did you once kill yourself?
03:25 <Javer80> bleh.
03:26 <King Krule> It's still a very well written and good manga
03:26 <JackofallSuits> Why doesn't Mario use the internet?
03:26 <King Krule> just jesus christ
03:26 <King Krule> the shit they do is awful
03:26 <BRVR> I don't know.
03:26 <Javer80> absolutely. don't let your guard up.
03:26 <Javer80> . . . down.
03:26 <JackofallSuits> He doesn't like any Browsers
03:26 <BRVR> XD
03:26 <Masked Hero Z> Ba dum tiss@ Jack
03:26 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:26 <Laurindatheninja> XD
03:26 <King Krule> indeed
03:26 <King Krule> this is much worse than the movie
03:26 <JackofallSuits> (indeed)
03:27 <King Krule> Disturbing material wise
03:27 <Laurindatheninja> indubitable 
03:27 <BRVR> Someone who could not pronounce the letter R would probably pronounce Browser as Bowse.
03:27 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:27 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
03:27 <King Krule> I like the manga more but I think kakihara has a better design in the movie
03:28 <Javer80> it's certainly different
03:28 <JackofallSuits> Can't let you do that
03:28 <JackofallSuits> *Puts on sunglasses*
03:28 <TehKarui> Which manga?
03:28 <JackofallSuits> Star Fox
03:28 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:28 <TehKarui> Star Fox has a manga?
03:28 <Javer80> Ichi the Killer, Karui. Very graphic.
03:28 <JackofallSuits> XD
03:28 <TehKarui> lol
03:28 <King Krule> Ichi The Killer
03:28 <TehKarui> I'll have to look that up
03:28 <BRVR> Itchy the killer.
03:28 <Javer80> Please don't.
03:29 <TehKarui> Sounds like my kind of manga
03:29 <King Krule> No don't
03:29 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:29 <King Krule> NO
03:29 <TehKarui> Why not?
03:29 <BRVR> I knew my pet sword fish was a killer!
03:29 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:29 <King Krule> It's just
03:29 <King Krule> too disturbing
03:29 <JackofallSuits> My mother is an alcoholic 
03:29 <TehKarui> Can't be worse than what I've seen
03:29 <TehKarui> already
03:29 <BRVR> ...Actually, it kills aliens every time one comes into the tank it is in.
03:29 <JackofallSuits> We have a chicken, a parrot, a cat, and a dog
03:29 <King Krule> The only reason I go on is to see it top itself 
03:29 <King Krule> Teh pm
03:29 <Javer80> Yeah, that's what I thought too.
03:29 <BRVR> I have 2 cats and a turtle.
03:29 <JackofallSuits> The dog is named Tequilla
03:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <TehKarui> Why would I do that?
03:30 <Javer80> "I've seen violence before, what's the big deal"
03:30 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <JackofallSuits> The cat is Whisky 
03:30 <Javer80> i was wrong
03:30 <JackofallSuits> The parrot is Corona
03:30 -!- TacoExpress has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <JackofallSuits> And my mom named them all
03:30 <TacoExpress> Man im so pissed off
03:30 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <BRVR> Assuming those are all alcoholic drinks.
03:30 <TentakleTherapist> I am a sus teacher.
03:30 <LOLSKELETONS> Why Taco
03:30 <TacoExpress> Does anyone have experience with updating Graphic Drivers
03:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <King Krule> It really is a masterpiece of disturbance.
03:30 <TentakleTherapist> I would be happy to sus your mom while she's in prison.
03:31 <TacoExpress> Well I can't play Amnesia because my Graphic Cards wont update
03:31 <YouSleepyYet?> Im sorry to hear that
03:31 <YouSleepyYet?> Amnesia is such a great game
03:31 <TacoExpress> Shh
03:31 <TacoExpress> Dont make me jealous
03:31 <Javer80> ooh, pineapple is a dollar off
03:32 <YouSleepyYet?> GO play Alice: The madness returns
03:32 <YouSleepyYet?> The artwork and graphics are so much better to me
03:32 <TentakleTherapist> I have coffee.
03:32 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:32 <BRVR> Note to self: Turn off lights before taking out lightbulb.
03:32 <Javer80> Alice is a lovely game :3c
03:32 <YouSleepyYet?> Its my favorite
03:32 <YouSleepyYet?> Besides Bioshock 2
03:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:32 <Javer80> yaaaay
03:32 <JackofallSuits> My parrot is a cannibal 
03:32 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:32 <TacoExpress> Anyone skilled with computers and graphic drivers
03:32 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:32 <JackofallSuits> It eats chicken
03:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:33 <BRVR> I am not skilled with computers. I am an idiot anyway.
03:33 <Javer80> @Jack: tell that to fish that eat smaller fish
03:33 <Devincooper64> hey people, so I was thinking that fabricated world and mary will be guertena's last portraits, he paints fabricated world from his emotions as mary is dying, and then mary to make her live forever, which he then puts through the fabricated world painting so she can live
03:33 <Devincooper64> whaddya think?
03:33 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
03:33 <JackofallSuits> Fish are all cannibals
03:33 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
03:33 <JackofallSuits> Have you ever seen a bird eat a bird?
03:34 <Javer80> yes
03:34 <Devincooper64> si
03:34 <King Krule> Damn kakihara is a badass
03:34 <Javer80> and a monkey eat a monkey
03:34 <TacoExpress> Did Creepydude change his username
03:34 <King Krule> Yup
03:34 <King Krule> WalkingDitto
03:34 <Javer80> different kinds, though
03:34 <TacoExpress> Oh yeah I forgot
03:34 <King Krule> He changed it for a while
03:34 <TacoExpress> Does he come on anymore
03:34 <BRVR> If I ever play spore, I will be an omnivore.
03:34 <Devincooper64> guyz?
03:34 <King Krule> Erryday
03:34 <Devincooper64> no answers?
03:34 <King Krule> We've forged a bromance of steel and semen
03:34 <Devincooper64> k
03:34 <Devincooper64> :(
03:34 <TacoExpress> dafuq
03:34 <TacoExpress> I always miss heem
03:35 <BRVR> I have no idea what I am doing.
03:35 <TacoExpress> I need to fix this fucking amnesia graphic card problem
03:35 -!- TehKarui has left Special:Chat.
03:35 -!- TehKarui has joined Special:Chat
03:35 <JackofallSuits> Damnit double Lucas, stop PK Firing each other in perfect sync 
03:35 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
03:35 <BRVR> XD
03:35 <TacoExpress> I think i might give myself amnesia if i keep at it
03:35 <Devincooper64> fine, be that way :(
03:35 <Devincooper64> back to work
03:35 <TentakleTherapist> The Holy Sus
03:35 <TacoExpress> Anyone wanna get TeamViewer and help me
03:35 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
03:36 <TacoExpress> Oh there he is
03:36 <BRVR> I am glad that I did not put a pencil in my nose.
03:36 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Ryan. 
03:36 <Javer80> ask a tech forum
03:36 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
03:36 <King Krule> Speaking of the devil
03:36 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
03:36 <BRVR> It would stab the candy that is in my head.
03:36 <TacoExpress> Javer, I'm using Frictional Games
03:36 <TentakleTherapist> I'm Rick, and this is my sus shop.
03:36 <TentakleTherapist> I work here with my old man and my old man.
03:36 <TacoExpress> But all the mods are sleeping because I used the wrong timezone and I posted at 4 a.m. in the morning for the mods
03:37 <BRVR> I forgot what I was doing.
03:37 <Javer80> and it can't wait a day?
03:37 <TacoExpress> It cant wait a day
03:37 <TacoExpress> I have to play this game
03:37 <TacoExpress> now
03:37 <Javer80> of course, what was i thinking.
03:37 <Laurindatheninja> would anybody like to help me in a survey very quick?
03:38 <Javer80> shoot.
03:38 <JackofallSuits> No I don't want spam
03:38 <TacoExpress> You mean the ones that pop up before you use a Microsoft Point generator?
03:38 -!- TehKarui has left Special:Chat.
03:38 <BRVR> Why am I storing candy in my head?
03:38 <TacoExpress> "Please complete one of the following surveys!
03:38 <TacoExpress> -Pizza coupons
03:38 <Laurindatheninja> what is your music prefrence?
03:38 <Devincooper64> I like cats
03:38 <JackofallSuits> Video game soundtracks
03:39 <TacoExpress> 8-bit
03:39 <Devincooper64> a lot
03:39 <Javer80> that- what? in terms of genre, or artist, or hardware, or-
03:39 <Devincooper64> most forms of rock
03:39 <Devincooper64> jpop
03:39 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:39 <Javer80> that's so nonspecific
03:39 <Devincooper64> most forms of electronic
03:39 <WalkingDitto> Do any of the MS points generators actually work anyway?
03:39 <Laurindatheninja> genre
03:39 <Devincooper64> @ditto
03:39 <Devincooper64> no.
03:39 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Category:Flagged for Deletion]]
03:39 <TacoExpress> No, I dont think so
03:39 <JackofallSuits> Video game soundtracks
03:39 <TentakleTherapist> I am the God of Sus
03:39 <TacoExpress> Lol
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> What is with all the shitty CoD pastas x_x
03:39 <TacoExpress> ^
03:40 <King Krule> JAVER
03:40 <TacoExpress> There's no such thing as a good CoD pasta
03:40 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <Javer80> yeah?
03:40 <Devincooper64> rock, metal, hard rock, speed metal, nu metal, video game, 8bit, chiptune, jpop, pop, alt, EDM, electronic, Dubstep
03:40 <JackofallSuits> "I shotted a guy"
03:40 <King Krule> Kakihara just stuck his gun up that man's asshole
03:40 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <Masked Hero Z> I'll brb.
03:40 <Laurindatheninja> thanks ^u^
03:40 <JackofallSuits> "Hyper realistic blood"
03:40 <Devincooper64> I have much more
03:40 <Javer80> yyyep. D;
03:40 <Devincooper64> but those genres dominate my itunes playlist
03:40 <TacoExpress> "Death screams sounded realistic"
03:40 <Javer80> shit's pretty brutal.
03:40 <Laurindatheninja> okay keep going if you want
03:40 <King Krule> THE BLOOD
03:40 <LOLSKELETONS> I might have to start just deleting bad VG pastas on sight. The category is so full of them. I'm never gonna flag these all.
03:40 <Devincooper64> lemme think
03:40 <BRVR> I forgot what I was doing.
03:41 <Devincooper64> punk, punk rocl
03:41 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:41 <JackofallSuits> Vocaloid
03:41 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <Javer80> Are there no other questions on this survey?
03:41 <Devincooper64> vocoloid
03:41 <Irishninja0> Good bye all
03:41 <LOLSKELETONS> wait
03:41 <TacoExpress> bye
03:41 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
03:41 <Devincooper64> vocal*
03:41 <BRVR> I am not saying my favorite genre. (I don't even have one)
03:41 <Irishninja0> I don't want anymore
03:41 <Devincooper64> so thats all of em
03:41 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
03:41 <Devincooper64> I also have band suggestions
03:41 <LOLSKELETONS> there were over 1,000 pastas in Video Games before
03:41 <JackofallSuits> That's what she said
03:41 <Devincooper64> if you want em
03:41 <TentakleTherapist> The Irish people are supposed to work together but ok.
03:41 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
03:42 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Category:Video Games]]
03:42 <Laurindatheninja> artist? 
03:42 <LOLSKELETONS> 199
03:42 <Devincooper64> si
03:42 <Devincooper64> a long list
03:42 <Devincooper64> might pm you that one
03:42 <Javer80> again: musical artist?
03:42 <Laurindatheninja> yes
03:42 <Javer80> ah.
03:42 <TentakleTherapist> Ain't shit going on in Irishland
03:42 <TentakleTherapist> I wanna live there.
03:42 <BRVR> What is that, a music survey?
03:42 <JackofallSuits> Hey Cryptic
03:42 <JackofallSuits> PM
03:42 <Laurindatheninja> yes a study 
03:42 <TacoExpress> Does anyone remember this GTA pasta about San Andreas
03:42 <TacoExpress> I think it got deleted
03:42 <TentakleTherapist> Brb, empty cup of coffee I'm either going to refill or put away.
03:43 <TacoExpress> But it was funny as shit
03:43 <BRVR> I am still a slowpoke.
03:43 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
03:43 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
03:43 <Javer80> boop
03:43 <LOLSKELETONS> waitaminute...
03:43 <Jorge Esquivel> *waits 2 minutes*
03:43 <JackofallSuits> It's always a good time for ecchi!
03:43 <Devincooper64> muse, rise against, disturbed, foo fighters, hatsune miku, blur, gorillaz, the offspring, metallica, cage the elephant, imagine dragons, monstercat media, GLT, deadmau5, coldplay, eminem, deltron, my chemical romance, queen, radiohead, REM
03:44 <King Krule> the amount of blood
03:44 <Laurindatheninja> ahh those are all good
03:44 <LOLSKELETONS> The first page of [[Category:Video Games]] says "The following 199 pages are in this category, out of 199 total." But then...
03:44 <Devincooper64> red hot chili peppers, three days grace
03:44 <Javer80> devin's been preparing his entire life for questions like these
03:44 <Laurindatheninja> XD
03:44 <Devincooper64> breaking benjamin
03:44 <LOLSKELETONS> Pages in category "Video Games"
03:44 <LOLSKELETONS> The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 1,249 total.
03:44 <LOLSKELETONS> (previous 200) (next 200)
03:44 <Devincooper64> avicii
03:44 <Javer80> "THIS IS YOUR MOMENT"
03:44 <Devincooper64> bad religion
03:44 <Devincooper64> no, I had itunes open
03:44 <Devincooper64> so lucky me
03:44 <JackofallSuits> He might as well just list what he doesn't like
03:44 <Javer80> smaller, right?
03:45 <Javer80> yeah
03:45 <Laurindatheninja> hold on anyone like Hollywood undead?
03:45 <TacoExpress> Dafuq?
03:45 <Devincooper64> theyre ok
03:45 <Devincooper64> but they sound like theyre full of shit
03:45 <TentakleTherapist> nou
03:45 <YouSleepyYet?> drugs
03:45 <Devincooper64> like theyre full of themselves
03:45 <LOLSKELETONS> too many
03:45 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:45 <LOLSKELETONS> video game pastas
03:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Agreed
03:45 <JackofallSuits> My body is Reggie
03:45 <LOLSKELETONS> x.x
03:45 <TentakleTherapist> I'm strictly Metallica and Creed and Rammstein and such.
03:45 <JackofallSuits> Come on June
03:45 <TentakleTherapist> I'm closed-minded.
03:45 <King Krule> I strongly dislike Creed
03:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Delete sys 32 to get rid of the video game pastas
03:45 <TacoExpress> ill help u skeletons
03:45 <King Krule> And i'm not a big fan of Metallica
03:45 <Devincooper64> I WOULD LOVE TO HELP
03:46 <Devincooper64> shit caps
03:46 <King Krule> I prefer Slayer
03:46 <Devincooper64> -_-
03:46 <TacoExpress> tell me which ones that you dont like
03:46 <TentakleTherapist> In other news.
03:46 <Devincooper64> ME?
03:46 <YouSleepyYet?> taco
03:46 <Devincooper64> damn caps
03:46 <YouSleepyYet?> just delete sys 32
03:46 <Devincooper64> holy shit
03:46 <Jorge Esquivel>
03:46 <LOLSKELETONS> There are over 1,000
03:46 <JackofallSuits> lmao
03:46 <TentakleTherapist> Now, I am apparently dead to Irish.
03:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Dafuq.
03:46 <BRVR>
03:46 <JackofallSuits> I knew if I spectated long enough...
03:46 <Devincooper64> @taco me?
03:46 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
03:46 <TentakleTherapist> Because I had PM sex with his gf.
03:46 <Laurindatheninja> D:
03:46 <JackofallSuits> I'm watching a taunt match
03:46 <BRVR> I rated 3.
03:46 <Javer80> what
03:46 <LOLSKELETONS> and plus
03:46 <King Krule> Tent that's a cunt move
03:47 <Javer80> WHAT
03:47 <LOLSKELETONS> Pages in category "PokéMon"
03:47 <LOLSKELETONS> The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 397 total.
03:47 <LOLSKELETONS> (previous 200) (next 200)
03:47 <TentakleTherapist> He said he didn't care.
03:47 <Devincooper64> What I hate, beiber, 1D, blood on the dance floor, cannibal cropse, the vast majority of deathcore, black eyed peas, taylor swift
03:47 <TentakleTherapist> And then he was liek
03:47 <Devincooper64> just to name a few
03:47 <TentakleTherapist> "Yea you're dead to me now."
03:47 <Laurindatheninja> botdf SUCKS
03:47 <Devincooper64> davied guetta and calvin harris
03:47 <King Krule> Black Eyes Peas are the bane of my existence
03:47 <Devincooper64> thats a small hate list
03:47 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
03:47 <LOLSKELETONS> Pages in category "Zelda"
03:47 <LOLSKELETONS> The following 103 pages are in this category, out of 103 total.
03:47 <Devincooper64> black eyed peas was good for one year
03:48 <Devincooper64> then they sold out
03:48 <LOLSKELETONS> Pages in category "Minecraft"
03:48 <LOLSKELETONS> The following 116 pages are in this category, out of 116 total.
03:48 <Devincooper64> to electropop of all things
03:48 <Devincooper64> .-.
03:48 <BRVR> I am thirsty.
03:48 <Devincooper64> like where is the love was an amazing song
03:48 <JackofallSuits> I am hungry
03:48 <LOLSKELETONS> If we got rid of all the shitty VG pastas, we might not even need these subcategories.
03:48 <JackofallSuits> There is no food ;_;
03:48 <Devincooper64> but then we got, my hump?
03:48 <Devincooper64> dafuq happened there you peas
03:48 <TacoExpress> This looks bad
03:48 <JackofallSuits> Or drinks for that matter ;_;
03:48 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:48 <TacoExpress>
03:48 <King Krule> I also like System of a Down
03:49 <LOLSKELETONS> Damn period
03:49 <Devincooper64> havent gotten around to them yet
03:49 <YouSleepyYet?> That gta pasta
03:49 <YouSleepyYet?> x___x
03:49 <BRVR> [[Evil Mario Bros.]]
03:49 <Laurindatheninja> im a very close minded person im its not electronic or rock i don't like it and i don't know why  
03:49 <TentakleTherapist> The next image that pops up is disturbing as shit.
03:49 <Laurindatheninja> *if
03:49 <Devincooper64> electronic is a great genre
03:49 <Devincooper64> dubstep being the best
03:49 <Devincooper64> shit
03:49 <Devincooper64> no
03:49 <King Krule> Some of their slower stuff is the best place to start
03:49 <Devincooper64> i meant EDM
03:49 <Devincooper64> gosh
03:49 <Laurindatheninja> drumandbase
03:49 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm deleting that one right now.
03:49 <LOLSKELETONS> The SMB one'
03:49 <Devincooper64> EDM, DnB, House, and Dance
03:49 <YouSleepyYet?> delete sys 32
03:49 <Devincooper64> best genres
03:49 <Laurindatheninja> yes
03:49 <LOLSKELETONS> you don't mind, right?
03:49 <TentakleTherapist> Dis
03:50 <Javer80> shut up, Sleepy.
03:50 <King Krule> >100% NSFW
03:50 <TacoExpress> I'm not keen of this one either
03:50 <TacoExpress>
03:50 <Devincooper64> wut
03:50 <Devincooper64> fifa pasta
03:50 <Devincooper64> lemme see that shit
03:50 <Laurindatheninja> XD D:
03:50 <Devincooper64> DeathRape666
03:50 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol tent
03:50 <LOLSKELETONS> 03:50, April 30, 2013 LOLSKELETONS (Talk | contribs | block) deleted page Evil Mario Bros. (Housekeeping) (view/restore)
03:50 <Devincooper64> well
03:50 <Laurindatheninja> i still love that face
03:50 <Devincooper64> thats enough of that pasta
03:50 <JackofallSuits> Mai waifu D:
03:50 <Laurindatheninja> D:
03:50 <Devincooper64> brb
03:50 <Laurindatheninja> (spooky)
03:51 <LOLSKELETONS> spooky
03:51 <King Krule> OH GOD JAVER
03:51 <LOLSKELETONS> 2spooky4me
03:51 <King Krule> HOLD ME
03:51 <TentakleTherapist> "Reise, reise, semen rise. Something else. Then we loot some fishes."
03:51 -!- TehKarui has joined Special:Chat
03:51 <King Krule> I just kakihara's monster cock.
03:51 <Javer80> ):  *clings*
03:51 <Laurindatheninja> 2spooky4u 2spookyforme
03:51 <Javer80> yeah don't look directly at it
03:51 <King Krule> SO MANY PIERCING
03:51 <Laurindatheninja> *4
03:51 <Javer80> it'll jab through your corneas
03:51 <CrypticCuddler> lol corneas
03:51 <TacoExpress> I know where to look
03:52 -!- TehKarui has left Special:Chat.
03:52 <JackofallSuits> Cryptic, PM
03:52 <King Krule> fucking 13 of them
03:52 <TacoExpress> The Minecraft section is filled with poopypastas
03:52 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
03:52 <LOLSKELETONS> [[FIFA 12]]
03:52 <King Krule> poopypastas is best term
03:52 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Talk:FIFA 12]]
03:52 <Devincooper64> when I was
03:52 <YouSleepyYet?> Taco. Pm.. now!.. -__-
03:52 <Devincooper64> a young boy
03:52 <Devincooper64> my father
03:53 <Devincooper64> took me to the city
03:53 <Devincooper64> to see a marching band
03:53 <King Krule> so much cum
03:53 <LOLSKELETONS> omg such a touching story
03:53 <King Krule> Please someone hold me
03:53 <HiddenSpirit> I've recently been abducted by aliens. 
03:53 <King Krule> I'm scarred fot life
03:53 <TentakleTherapist> When I was, not even born yet.
03:53 <King Krule> Good job hidden
03:53 <TentakleTherapist> My father
03:53 <BRVR> Oh, now I get the level names.
03:53 <TentakleTherapist> LEFT
03:53 <BRVR> D, I, and E.
03:53 <YouSleepyYet?> Tent.. pm.. NOW!! -__-
03:53 <HiddenSpirit> I can still feel their hands...
03:53 <HiddenSpirit> why are you scarred? 
03:54 <Masked Hero Z> Hot
03:54 <Masked Hero Z> imeanwhat
03:54 <Laurindatheninja> i am the great cornholio i need teepee for my bumhole !
03:54 <King Krule> I'm reading the best and most fucked up manga in the world
03:54 <Devincooper64> which is it?
03:54 <BRVR> I am cold.
03:54 <Laurindatheninja> D:
03:54 <HiddenSpirit> Yes, it is rather hot in here. 
03:54 <King Krule> Ichi The Killer
03:54 <TacoExpress> I have pm'ed thou
03:54 <Devincooper64> hmmm
03:54 <HiddenSpirit> I believe I should disrobe. 
03:54 <Devincooper64> they made an ao oni manga
03:54 <Devincooper64> hoping for an english translation soon
03:54 <YouSleepyYet?> Not the reaction I expected you two x___x
03:54 <YouSleepyYet?> I expected fear :l
03:54 <TacoExpress> Found a new pasta
03:54 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
03:55 <Laurindatheninja>
03:55 <TacoExpress>
03:55 <TacoExpress> Cool
03:55 <Laurindatheninja> D:
03:55 <Devincooper64> taco
03:55 <YouSleepyYet?> Someone go delete System 32.
03:55 <Devincooper64> dafuq is that
03:55 <Devincooper64> sleepy
03:55 <Devincooper64> stfugtfo
03:55 <LOLSKELETONS> uhm
03:55 <TacoExpress> Looks more like a profile page of a murderer than a pasa
03:55 <YouSleepyYet?> Jusdoet
03:55 <LOLSKELETONS> deleting
03:55 <LOLSKELETONS> lol
03:55 <BRVR> [[category:video games]] This will likely fail.
03:55 <YouSleepyYet?> Kk, tell me wat happens
03:55 <JackofallSuits> I deleted it already
03:55 <LOLSKELETONS> #doesn'texist
03:55 <JackofallSuits> My computer runs much faster now
03:56 <BRVR> ...Congratulations me, I created a stupid category.
03:56 <TentakleTherapist> [[Category:Vidya Games]]
03:56 <YouSleepyYet?> #nooneknows me
03:56 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Category:Video Games]]
03:56 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey guise, Go to my talk page
03:56 <HiddenSpirit> Krule, where you be reading dis. 
03:56 <LOLSKELETONS> [[w:c:trollpasta:Category:Vidya games]]
03:56 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:56 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
03:56 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:56 <King Krule> Mangafox
03:57 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
03:57 <King Krule> I'll give you a screen of one of the most fucked up parts
03:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <BRVR> "I hate you" - The point of advice box that hates you for some reason.
03:58 <BRVR> Probably because you hit it with your head all the time,
03:59 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:59 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
03:59 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
04:00 <YouSleepyYet?> >_> Chats dieng
04:00 <LOLSKELETONS> (rip)
04:00 <BRVR> This hack includes 6 levels of very long.
04:00 <JackofallSuits> Don't worry
04:00 <Laurindatheninja> ~(^u^~) (~^u^)~
04:00 -!- Laurindatheninja was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
04:00 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
04:00 <JackofallSuits> I'll whip out my Dieng
04:00 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
04:00 <BRVR> R.I.P Creepypasta wikic aht.
04:00 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:00 <41488p> wikic aht?
04:00 <LOLSKELETONS> lol
04:00 <BRVR> It lived a lot of lies.
04:00 <41488p> lol rip your spaceba
04:00 <TentakleTherapist> THE FUCK IS THIS?
04:00 <YouSleepyYet?> (annihilate)
04:00 <41488p> *spacebar
04:00 <41488p> (propane)
04:00 <41488p> was that meant as a screamer?
04:00 <BRVR> The wikic hat.
04:01 <TentakleTherapist> No
04:01 <41488p> nope
04:01 <TacoExpress> That scared me.
04:01 <TentakleTherapist> It's just disturbing.
04:01 <41488p> wikic hat.
04:01 <41488p> o.
04:01 <41488p> TACOH
04:01 <TacoExpress> OHAI
04:01 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
04:01 <TentakleTherapist> I need to delete it from my computer.
04:01 <BRVR> Bowser kidnapped the evil king. Wait, he kidnapped himself?
04:01 <TentakleTherapist> Before I have nightmares.
04:01 <BRVR> How do you kidnap yourself?
04:01 <TentakleTherapist> The damn photo makes me paranoid.
04:01 <BRVR> Not looking.
04:02 <TentakleTherapist> Can't stop looking behind me.
04:02 <LOLSKELETONS> (spooky)
04:02 <TentakleTherapist> Demon Hank might be there.
04:02 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
04:02 <TacoExpress>
04:02 <TacoExpress> Whoa, don't get too creative with that title
04:02 <BRVR> Zai.
04:02 <BRVR> [[Z AI] Very, very creative.
04:02 <YouSleepyYet?>  A hot HR girl interviews a farmer for a management postion. And the farmer does not take 'no' for an answer.
04:02 <YouSleepyYet?> >_>
04:02 <BRVR> [[Z AI]]
04:02 <TacoExpress> Lol Brvr
04:02 <TentakleTherapist> THAT FUCKING IMAGE
04:02 <TentakleTherapist> IT'S GODDAMN CREEPY
04:03 <TacoExpress> I cant get that thing out of my head
04:03 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
04:03 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
04:03 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:lol}}
04:03 <TacoExpress> I imagined it saying "Dammit bobby"
04:03 <BRVR> I wish I could plant bacon and grow bacon bushed.
04:03 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:Vandalism|dsjfsoeojf
04:03 <BRVR> [[What just happened?]
04:04 <TentakleTherapist> [[THAT FUCKING IMAGE]]
04:04 <TentakleTherapist> [[IT HAUNTS ME]]
04:04 <BRVR> [[Not looking]]
04:04 <TacoExpress> im gonna post it on the wiki
04:04 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:ohshit}}
04:04 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
04:04 <BRVR> [[ab.png]]
04:04 <Arigarmy> Back.
04:05 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:wb}}
04:05 <Arigarmy> ...
04:05 <Arigarmy> Kill it,kill it with fire
04:05 <TentakleTherapist> IT HAUNTS YOU
04:05 <Masked Hero Z> Not gonna look *Pokerface*
04:05 <TentakleTherapist> I don't want to look at that image ever again...
04:05 <Arigarmy> Kill it with fire...
04:05 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:spooky}}
04:05 <BRVR> A, b, c, d, e, g, z, x, u, o, a, p, z, a, p, n, o, t...
04:06 <TacoExpress> Whoa would ya look at that, I posted it on the wiki
04:06 <CrypticCuddler> *sees image* what in the ever loving fuck
04:06 <Arigarmy> What's so bad about a carebear?
04:06 <CrypticCuddler> ._____.
04:06 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <TacoExpress> It shall haunt you from the most recent pics
04:06 <Arigarmy> Carebears?
04:06 <41488p> no
04:06 <41488p> I will haunt you
04:06 <41488p>  from a bush
04:06 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
04:06 <HiddenSpirit> *falls out chair*
04:06 <41488p> I will now proceed to type random words that have no relation to each other whatsoever.
04:06 <BRVR> I am not looking.
04:06 <41488p> peanut.
04:06 <41488p> pig.
04:06 <HiddenSpirit> Tent.. What is this beauty...
04:06 <41488p> bitch.
04:07 <41488p> cat.
04:07 <BRVR> Peanut pig.
04:07 <TacoExpress> I should make that my profile pic just for tent
04:07 <41488p> ok they ARE sort of related
04:07 <41488p> bnut
04:07 <41488p> taco
04:07 <LOLSKELETONS> {{subst:[[File:AHHH.png|AHHH]] | frpkgdlff}}
04:07 <41488p> Salil
04:07 <41488p> match
04:07 <41488p> question
04:07 <41488p> school
04:07 -!- 41488p was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
04:07 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
04:07 <BRVR> Match question school?
04:07 <TacoExpress> idk
04:07 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm bored
04:07 <TacoExpress>
04:08 <TacoExpress> Unsuspecting .png file
04:08 <TacoExpress> Nothing out of the ordinary
04:08 <YouSleepyYet?> o.o
04:08 <TentakleTherapist> OH GOD FUCK YOU
04:08 <BRVR> Not looking.
04:08 <LOLSKELETONS> (cur | prev)  04:08, April 30, 2013‎ LOLSKELETONS  (Talk | contribs | block)‎ m . . (71 bytes) (0)‎ . .  (Protected "File:AHHH.png" (‎[edit=sysop] (indefinite) ‎[move=sysop] (indefinite) ‎[upload=sysop] (indefinite)))
04:08 <LOLSKELETONS> muahaha
04:08 <TentakleTherapist> I will now proceed to pee myself...
04:08 <TacoExpress> lol
04:08 <YouSleepyYet?> Same brvr
04:08 <BRVR> I am a scaredy... slowpoke.
04:09 <TacoExpress> "Protected File:AHHH.png"
04:09 <TacoExpress> no no no, not today
04:09 <TentakleTherapist> If I see that image again, I will piss myself.
04:09 <TentakleTherapist> And if I see it again after that.
04:09 <TentakleTherapist> I'll go insane.
04:09 <TacoExpress>
04:09 <TentakleTherapist> NOT COMPARED TO THIS
04:10 <TentakleTherapist> Opened it in another tab.
04:10 <TentakleTherapist> Didn't have to see it..
04:10 <TentakleTherapist> HAHA!
04:10 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
04:10 <TacoExpress> curses
04:10 <TentakleTherapist> That image is just creepy as shit.
04:10 <TacoExpress> I have an evil scheme in mind...
04:10 <TacoExpress> But it involves going into the dreaded Internet Explorewr
04:10 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:10 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Template:FFD]]
04:10 <TentakleTherapist> I'm going to have nightmares about it tonight.
04:11 <Masked Hero Z> Do it@Taco
04:11 <TacoExpress> MWHAHA
04:11 <TacoExpress> My plan is complete
04:11 -!- TacoExpress has left Special:Chat.
04:11 -!- SilentChop has joined Special:Chat
04:11 -!- TacoExpress has joined Special:Chat
04:11 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
04:11 <TacoExpress> Just for you Tent
04:11 <41488p> Taco
04:11 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:11 <Laurindatheninja> okay i know lol doesn't want me here but what is a good pasta i should read?
04:11 <TacoExpress> Yeah
04:11 <LOLSKELETONS> should I flag THIS >>> [[Z AI]] <<< for deletion?
04:12 <41488p> yes
04:12 <Masked Hero Z> Candle Cove@Ninja
04:12 <41488p> Taco
04:12 <41488p> your avatar
04:12 <41488p> D :
04:12 <TentakleTherapist> THAT FUCKING IMAGE
04:12 <41488p> D:
04:12 <TacoExpress> I know, lol
04:12 <TentakleTherapist> GOD HELP ME
04:12 <41488p> ^
04:12 <Laurindatheninja> thanks
04:12 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <TacoExpress> Skeletons, I think it's decent
04:12 <41488p> Laurin
04:12 <LOLSKELETONS> it's beyooteful taco ;-;
04:12 <41488p> is that JB on your avatar?
04:12 <LOLSKELETONS> your avatar
04:12 <TacoExpress> lol
04:12 <TacoExpress> i know
04:12 <TentakleTherapist> OH FUCK YOU
04:12 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
04:12 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm still flagging it.
04:13 <TentakleTherapist> I'LL KILL YOUR MOM
04:13 <Masked Hero Z> Wb Jorge.
04:13 <TacoExpress> Still more beautiful than Ryan
04:13 <Jorge Esquivel> Just played Slender: The 9 Pages.
04:13 <Jorge Esquivel> Thank you.
04:13 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
04:13 <TentakleTherapist> Fuck, Justin Bieber is more beautiful than that face!
04:14 <41488p> The number of "days" are kept track of. As the player progresses, the pattern on walls and the form of the player may transmute. Occasionally the player may come across a man in a gray trench coat and hat, commonly referred to as the "Gray Man" or the "Shadow Man"
04:14 <41488p> oh my god
04:14 <41488p> that's so scary
04:14 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <41488p>
04:14 <TacoExpress> Lets see if I can find something uglier
04:14 <41488p> this game is FUBAR
04:14 <LOLSKELETONS> let me try something
04:14 <Masked Hero Z> Ah fuck, I looked at the picture >.<
04:15 <LOLSKELETONS> [[wikipedia: LSD (video game)]]
04:15 <Jorge Esquivel> It's just a picture.
04:15 <Masked Hero Z> Yeah, but I'm like in the dark atm.
04:15 <Masked Hero Z> And am very easily startled XD
04:15 <Jorge Esquivel> I*
04:16 <LOLSKELETONS> [[wikipedia:Wikipedia]]
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> Or something.
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
04:16 -!- 77topaz has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <TentakleTherapist> I can never look at Hank Hill the same way again.
04:16 -!- 77topaz has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <Masked Hero Z> Nope.
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> I forgot about the picture.
04:16 <TacoExpress>
04:16 <TacoExpress> Bitch please, I'm fabulous
04:16 <TentakleTherapist> And I'm watching a fucking King of the Hill episode right now!
04:16 <Jorge Esquivel> xD
04:16 <Masked Hero Z> XD
04:17 <TentakleTherapist> IT'S WORSE THAN SMILE DOG
04:17 <TentakleTherapist> Demon Hank is new Smile Dog.
04:17 <TacoExpress> Lets just make an HTP
04:17 <LOLSKELETONS> smilehank.png
04:17 <Jorge Esquivel> NO
04:17 <TacoExpress> "The Hank Hill Happening"
04:17 <TacoExpress> or
04:17 <LOLSKELETONS> png = 100x scarier than jpg
04:18 <TacoExpress> "The Hank Hill Incident"
04:18 <Jorge Esquivel> PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF.
04:18 <Jorge Esquivel> WTF.
04:18 <TacoExpress> "The Hank Hill Project"
04:18 <Jorge Esquivel> Hank Hill Hell.
04:18 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <TacoExpress> "dammit bobbeh"
04:18 <CrypticCuddler> hur
04:19 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Zipped.
04:19 <Zippedkiki> hi hi
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> (Dammitbobby)
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> (dammitbooby)
04:19 <TentakleTherapist> FUCK MY LIFE
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
04:19 <Masked Hero Z> Nope, not clicking.
04:19 <Jorge Esquivel> Not going to click.
04:20 <Jorge Esquivel> High five Masked
04:20 <Jorge Esquivel> *goes up for a high-five*
04:20 <TacoExpress>
04:20 <TacoExpress> The fuck did I just watch
04:20 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
04:20 <Masked Hero Z> *High fives Jorge*
04:20 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Laurin.
04:20 <Laurindatheninja> hi
04:20 <Laurindatheninja> anyone have another good pasta?
04:21 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
04:21 <Jorge Esquivel> Yeah.
04:21 <Jorge Esquivel> Actually.
04:21 <Jorge Esquivel>
04:21 <LOLSKELETONS> (smilehank)
04:21 <Masked Hero Z> Onee Chan?
04:21 <Masked Hero Z> I haven't really finished it but it's ok.
04:21 <Masked Hero Z> Waiting for Kyle is graphic but good as well.
04:21 <TentakleTherapist> FUCKING IMAGE
04:21 <TentakleTherapist> I can't get it out of my head.
04:21 <Masked Hero Z> @Ninja
04:22 <Jorge Esquivel> (ahhh)
04:22 <Jorge Esquivel> (AHHH)
04:22 <LOLSKELETONS> erryone refresh chat
04:22 <Masked Hero Z> Kk.
04:22 <LOLSKELETONS> ^^^^^^^
04:22 <TentakleTherapist> FUCK YOU FUCK YOU
04:22 <Jorge Esquivel> Still smaller than my...
04:22 <LOLSKELETONS> lel
04:22 <41488p> (AHHH)
04:22 <41488p> XD
04:22 <Jorge Esquivel> avatar.
04:22 <TentakleTherapist> I'm going to FUCK YOUR MOTHERS!
04:22 <TentakleTherapist> WHY?!
04:22 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:22 <Masked Hero Z> (AHHH)
04:23 <LOLSKELETONS> trolololo
04:23 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:23 <Jorge Esquivel> (stopnow)
04:23 <TentakleTherapist> Have you no consideration?!
04:23 <TentakleTherapist> Oh God...
04:23 <TentakleTherapist> I hate you all so much...
04:23 <41488p> you're gonna be my daddy?
04:23 <41488p> (QQ)
04:23 <Masked Hero Z> XD
04:23 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
04:23 <Jorge Esquivel> He won't son.
04:24 <41488p> (AHHH) NOOO!!!
04:24 <TentakleTherapist> I'm serious, that fucking thing scares me!
04:24 <Laurindatheninja> i did not expect that 
04:24 <Jorge Esquivel> (AHHH) LET ME FUCK YOU MOMMEH BOBBEH.
04:24 <41488p> NOOO
04:24 <41488p> THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!
04:24 <41488p> SHE'S A MAN!!
04:24 <41488p> you CAN'T fuck her!
04:24 <Masked Hero Z> LOL
04:24 <Jorge Esquivel> (AHHH) True...
04:25 <YouSleepyYet?> ...
04:25 <YouSleepyYet?> calm down
04:25 <LOLSKELETONS> aight
04:25 <Jorge Esquivel> Sweepy.
04:25 <LOLSKELETONS> more smilehank
04:25 <Jorge Esquivel> Wefwesh.
04:25 <41488p> (stopnow)
04:25 <Jorge Esquivel> NO
04:25 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:25 <LOLSKELETONS> (cur | prev)  04:24, April 30, 2013‎ LOLSKELETONS  (Talk | contribs | block)‎ . . (22,880 bytes) (-104)‎ . .  (Undo revision 395719 by LOLSKELETONS (talk)) (rollback | undo | AJAX Undo) 
04:25 <41488p> oh, Skelly.
04:26 <TentakleTherapist> THE IMAGE
04:26 <TentakleTherapist> IT'S ON GOOGLE
04:26 <Jorge Esquivel> Tent can't unsee. (unsee)
04:26 <LOLSKELETONS> 04:26, April 30, 2013 LOLSKELETONS (Talk | contribs | block) deleted page File:AHHH.png (view/restore)
04:26 <41488p> what has been unseen
04:26 <41488p> is screwed up
04:26 <41488p> because reasons
04:27 <41488p> and sex
04:27 <41488p> love and sex and magic
04:27 <Jorge Esquivel> I keep clicking restore.
04:27 <Laurindatheninja> what needs to be unseen ?
04:27 <41488p> (AHHH)
04:27 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:27 <LOLSKELETONS> 04:27, April 30, 2013 LOLSKELETONS (Talk | contribs | block) protected "File:AHHH.png"‎ ‎[create=sysop] (indefinite) ‎[upload=sysop] (indefinite) (hist | change)
04:27 <41488p> DAMMIT!
04:27 <TacoExpress> lol
04:27 <Jorge Esquivel> (AHHH)
04:27 <Jorge Esquivel> ^
04:27 <TacoExpress> (ahhh)
04:27 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
04:27 <LOLSKELETONS> it's gone. .-.
04:27 <Jorge Esquivel> (ayfkm) 
04:27 <TacoExpress> (ok)
04:28 <LOLSKELETONS> If you all don't refresh chat
04:28 <LOLSKELETONS> !kick
04:28 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <LOLSKELETONS> all of you
04:28 -!- TacoExpress has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <LOLSKELETONS> kay
04:28 -!- TacoExpress has joined Special:Chat
04:28 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <CrypticCuddler> XD
04:28 <TacoExpress> I should probably change my profile pic
04:28 <Jorge Esquivel> (sparta) !kick?
04:28 <TacoExpress> To vat
04:28 <41488p> THIS IS (sparta)!!!
04:29 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
04:29 <41488p> yus
04:29 <41488p> luk at teh fukin map
04:29 <41488p> u duch
04:29 <TentakleTherapist> JESUS CHRIST
04:29 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:29 <TacoExpress> HOLY FUCK
04:29 <Jorge Esquivel> Not there.
04:29 <TacoExpress> I found something worse than Hank...
04:29 <LOLSKELETONS> told you
04:29 <TacoExpress> Oh god...
04:29 <Jorge Esquivel> YOUR MOM.
04:29 <41488p> Taco...
04:29 <41488p> don't.
04:29 <Jorge Esquivel> JK
04:29 <TacoExpress> What was see cannot be unseen...
04:29 <LOLSKELETONS> Deletion log
04:29 <LOLSKELETONS> 04:26, April 30, 2013 LOLSKELETONS (Talk | contribs | block) deleted page File:AHHH.png (view/restore)
04:29 -!- Zippedkiki has left Special:Chat.
04:29 <Masked Hero Z> Oh god.
04:29 <41488p> OHMYGOD UR MUM
04:29 <41488p> m8
04:29 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:30 <41488p> mum
04:30 <41488p> it's mum not mo
04:30 <Jorge Esquivel> Vroom Vroom.
04:30 <TacoExpress> Prepare yourselves
04:30 <41488p> *mom
04:30 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
04:30 <TacoExpress>
04:30 <Jorge Esquivel> DREAM
04:30 <TacoExpress> Oh god...
04:30 <Dream Hacked> Ahoy!
04:30 <41488p> I'm not clicking that!
04:30 <Masked Hero Z> Not clicking, nope.
04:30 <Masked Hero Z> And hey Dream
04:30 <41488p> Dream ho!
04:30 <TacoExpress> Its not as bad
04:30 <Jorge Esquivel> Who was that Taco.
04:30 <Laurindatheninja> right in my childhood 
04:30 <TacoExpress> Calliou
04:30 <41488p> (spam)!
04:30 <Dream Hacked> SO WHO WAS PHONE?!
04:31 <Dream Hacked> ./perman8
04:31 <TacoExpress> zoidburg
04:31 <Jorge Esquivel> Can I click to reset?
04:31 <41488p> Taco
04:31 <TacoExpress> yes
04:31 <41488p> Taco oh my god
04:31 <TacoExpress> I know
04:31 <Dream Hacked> Lmao
04:31 <41488p> oh my god
04:31 -!- Umbrage has joined Special:Chat
04:31 <41488p> it was my favorite show
04:31 <41488p> ;(
04:31 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Um.
04:31 <41488p> ummm
04:31 <41488p> hi Umbrage
04:31 <Umbrage> Hello
04:31 <Jorge Esquivel> Um, seriously bro?
04:31 <TacoExpress> what the fuck is this
04:31 <TacoExpress> what the fuckkk
04:31 <Umbrage> What is what
04:31 <Dream Hacked> What is it?
04:31 <Jorge Esquivel> kkk...
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> You fecker.
04:32 <TentakleTherapist> DEMON HANK SURROUNDS ME!
04:32 <TacoExpress>
04:32 <Dream Hacked> What is it?! o.o
04:32 <LOLSKELETONS> (spam) x2
04:32 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x4
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x8
04:32 <Laurindatheninja> 0.0
04:32 <41488p> x8
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x16
04:32 <41488p> x16
04:32 <41488p> DAMMIT!
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x32
04:32 <Umbrage> Oh lordy
04:32 <41488p> x64
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x128
04:32 <41488p> x264
04:32 <LOLSKELETONS> my editor starts to crash after 8x
04:32 <Jorge Esquivel> x256
04:32 <41488p> NJBd
04:32 <41488p> MATH!
04:33 <41488p> x512
04:33 <Laurindatheninja> x9000
04:33 <41488p> x90001
04:33 <Umbrage> MATH IS HARD
04:33 <41488p> 9001
04:33 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll try Skelly.
04:33 <Dream Hacked> STAHPP
04:33 <LOLSKELETONS> (ban)
04:33 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:33 <41488p> oh wait
04:33 <41488p> I am...
04:33 <Jorge Esquivel> You want me to try Skelly?
04:33 <41488p> (ok)
04:33 <41488p> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID @Jorge
04:33 <Dream Hacked> Who is this she? I wish to meet her.
04:33 <TacoExpress> Okay this shit isnt even edited
04:33 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll spam it real good.
04:34 <TacoExpress> What is this
04:34 <41488p> oh, she.
04:34 <41488p> I don't know.
04:34 <TacoExpress>
04:34 <Dream Hacked> Good night everybady :D
04:34 <CrypticCuddler> bye guys~
04:34 <41488p> nighty night Dream
04:34 <Masked Hero Z> See ya!
04:34 <LOLSKELETONS> oh shit
04:34 <CrypticCuddler> goodnight~
04:34 <Jorge Esquivel> Night Dream.
04:34 <41488p> have a nice dream, Dream
04:34 <Dream Hacked> (DH)
04:34 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye Cryppy.
04:34 <TacoExpress> Alright g2g
04:34 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
04:34 <TacoExpress> cya
04:34 <Umbrage> SHIT
04:34 -!- TacoExpress has left Special:Chat.
04:34 <LOLSKELETONS> too much spam x_x
04:34 <Laurindatheninja> tomas and friends
04:34 <Jorge Esquivel> Bye Taco.
04:34 <41488p> bye taco
04:34 <41488p> *Taco
04:34 <41488p> NU
04:34 -!- CrypticCuddler has left Special:Chat.
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> (ban glitter)
04:35 <Umbrage> Rainbow!
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Banglitter.
04:35 <Umbrage> D:
04:35 -!- THE BOOGEYMANS SON has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <LOLSKELETONS> Publishing your edit...
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Son.
04:35 <LOLSKELETONS> processing
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> What?
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> Not mine.
04:35 <Jorge Esquivel> NO.
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> STOP.
04:36 <Umbrage> Yes.
04:36 <Laurindatheninja> (smilehank)
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Laurin.
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> Stop.
04:36 <TentakleTherapist> (demonhank)
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> It never happened.
04:36 <Laurindatheninja> (ok)
04:36 <41488p> drr!
04:36 <LOLSKELETONS> reset
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> (didsomeonesayspidermanthread)
04:36 -!- THE BOOGEYMANS SON has left Special:Chat.
04:36 -!- Umbrage has left Special:Chat.
04:36 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
04:36 <Jorge Esquivel> x4 spam?
04:37 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
04:37 <Jorge Esquivel> NUU.
04:37 <Jorge Esquivel> WHY YOU
04:37 <LOLSKELETONS> I tried, mang.
04:37 <41488p> hi
04:37 <LOLSKELETONS> I tried ;~;
04:37 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll try.
04:37 <Jorge Esquivel> If you want.
04:37 <Laurindatheninja> (sj)
04:37 <Jorge Esquivel> Yes Skelly?
04:38 <LOLSKELETONS> do it here instead
04:38 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
04:38 <Jorge Esquivel> Under testin areeya>
04:38 <Jorge Esquivel> ?*
04:38 <41488p> Skelly
04:38 <LOLSKELETONS> yus
04:38 <41488p> can I just randomly edit on the sandbox?
04:38 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:39 <LOLSKELETONS> lol yes
04:39 <Jorge Esquivel> This page has been protected to prevent editing.
04:39 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:39 <Jorge Esquivel> You trick me Skelly. (qq)
04:39 <LOLSKELETONS> no it hasn't
04:39 <41488p> ok thx
04:39 <41488p> refresh da pege
04:40 <Laurindatheninja> dose anyone remember the show bobobo 
04:40 <Laurindatheninja> ?
04:40 <LOLSKELETONS> reset
04:41 <Jorge Esquivel> Well.
04:41 <41488p> Skelly
04:41 <41488p> can I add a random page?
04:41 <LOLSKELETONS> Maybe.
04:41 <41488p> o
04:41 <TentakleTherapist> ULTIMATE SPAM
04:41 <Laurindatheninja> .......(ok)
04:41 <TentakleTherapist> SPAMDALISM
04:42 <TentakleTherapist> (ok)
04:42 <Laurindatheninja> ....... (ok)
04:42 <LOLSKELETONS> fucking beautiful masterpiece ;-;
04:42 -!- Chazy-Zur has joined Special:Chat
04:43 <Jorge Esquivel> I think I crashed it.
04:43 <TentakleTherapist> I SPAMMED THAT PAGE UP
04:44 <Jorge Esquivel> It's publishing.
04:44 -!- Chazy-Zur has left Special:Chat.
04:44 <LOLSKELETONS> lel
04:44 <Jorge Esquivel> COME ON.
04:44 <Jorge Esquivel> It's still publishing.
04:45 <Laurindatheninja> night (notimpressed)
04:45 <LOLSKELETONS> reset
04:45 <Jorge Esquivel> Error 503 Service Unavailable WTF!?
04:45 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
04:45 <Jorge Esquivel> Night Laurin.
04:45 <TentakleTherapist> I spammed it the fuck up.
04:45 <TentakleTherapist> SUPER VANDALISM
04:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Fucking love it, Tent.
04:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Fucking love you, Tent.
04:46 <Jorge Esquivel> imeanwut
04:46 <Jorge Esquivel> PM
04:46 <Jorge Esquivel> MULTIPM
04:46 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
04:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Who wants my Skype?
04:47 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
04:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly does.
04:47 <Jorge Esquivel> I know Skelly does.
04:47 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
04:47 <41488p> ahahaha
04:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh Skelly...
04:47 <Jorge Esquivel> OOH.
04:48 <TentakleTherapist>
04:48 <Jorge Esquivel> I ATE THE BONE!
04:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Skerry.
04:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:49 <LOLSKELETONS> yes
04:49 <Jorge Esquivel> You want my Skype.
04:49 <Jorge Esquivel> I KNOW YOU DO.
04:49 <TentakleTherapist> NOU FAK YOU
04:49 <LOLSKELETONS> I dun use skyeep
04:49 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
04:49 <Jorge Esquivel> Get it.
04:49 <Jorge Esquivel> I want to do a video with you.
04:50 <LOLSKELETONS> {{delete}}
04:50 <TentakleTherapist>
04:51 <Jorge Esquivel> SPAMLL.
04:51 <TentakleTherapist> Can I haz adminship??
04:51 <Jorge Esquivel> Can I spam chat Skelly?
04:51 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:51 <LOLSKELETONS> on what?
04:52 <Jorge Esquivel> FAK U.
04:52 <LOLSKELETONS> I disabled chat on mai wikey
04:52 <TentakleTherapist> the wiki that is hoem of dis page
04:56 <TentakleTherapist> DIABETUS
04:56 <LOLSKELETONS> File:AHHH.png
04:56 <41488p> DIEBEATEES
04:56 <Jorge Esquivel> FAP
04:56 <41488p> PAF
04:56 -!- 41488p was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
04:56 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
04:56 -!- Jorge Esquivel was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
04:56 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
04:57 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
04:57 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm bored. ._.
04:57 <Jorge Esquivel> When did Pram get here.
04:57 -!- TehKarui has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <Jorge Esquivel> And you kicked us?
04:57 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Karui.
04:57 <TehKarui> hola again
04:57 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:57 <LOLSKELETONS> Well, you WERE sort of spamming
04:58 <Jorge Esquivel> OK.
04:58 <LOLSKELETONS> but mostly 414
04:58 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
04:58 <Jorge Esquivel> Skelly.
04:58 <Jorge Esquivel> You can kick me as much as you want until you're not bored.
04:58 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
04:58 <41488p> uh
04:58 <41488p> hi
04:58 <Jorge Esquivel> Why not?
04:58 <41488p> I just said one word...
04:58 <LOLSKELETONS> u spamed mai wikey ;-;
04:58 <41488p> oh u
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> You should see what I did on TT's wiki chat.
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> xD
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> I won't post a link.
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> Only in PM OM.
04:59 <Jorge Esquivel> I KICK YOU.
05:00 <41488p> NO
05:00 <Jorge Esquivel> lol
05:00 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:01 <Jorge Esquivel> I hurt Skelly.
05:01 <Jorge Esquivel> (QQ) SORRY.
05:01 <Jorge Esquivel> Oh, wait.
05:01 <Jorge Esquivel> He's not here.
05:01 <Jorge Esquivel> >:D
05:02 <41488p> you hurt hium
05:02 <41488p> *him
05:02 <41488p> if he was Rihanna 
05:02 <41488p> you would be Chris Brown
05:03 <Jorge Esquivel> TENT
05:03 <Jorge Esquivel> Come back.
05:03 <TentakleTherapist> YESH?
05:03 <41488p> hi
05:03 <Jorge Esquivel> Other chat.
05:03 <41488p> well fuck this
05:04 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
05:04 <Jorge Esquivel> Why you ban me?
05:04 <TentakleTherapist> You DIABETUS
05:04 <TentakleTherapist> I unbanned you.
05:04 <TentakleTherapist> It turns out the non-existent guy DIABETUS'd
05:05 <Jorge Esquivel> Go to the other chat.
05:05 <Jorge Esquivel> I linked.
05:05 <Jorge Esquivel> I'll be a mod here!
05:05 <Jorge Esquivel> NOT.
05:06 <Jorge Esquivel> Who wants Harlem Shake?
05:08 -!- 77topaz has left Special:Chat.
05:08 -!- 77topaz has joined Special:Chat
05:09 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
05:09 <FriendlyJim> Hi y'all
05:09 <Jorge Esquivel> Hello.
05:10 <Jorge Esquivel> Chat is dead brah.
05:10 <FriendlyJim> I can tell
05:10 <Jorge Esquivel> Yup.
05:10 <TentakleTherapist> I am kicking your ass XD
05:11 <Jorge Esquivel> Come to my HELPBEN chat.
05:11 <Jorge Esquivel> Well, anyways, gtg.
05:11 <Jorge Esquivel> Laters guys.
05:11 <Masked Hero Z> See ya
05:11 <FriendlyJim> Bye
05:11 <Jorge Esquivel> This is me, Jorge Esquivel, and I'm out.
05:11 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
05:11 <FriendlyJim> Yup
05:12 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
05:12 -!- TehKarui has left Special:Chat.
05:12 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
05:12 -!- Mr. Tummytums has joined Special:Chat
05:13 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <LOLSKELETONS> dedchatz
05:14 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <TentakleTherapist> I went on my chat and kept kicking him.
05:15 <TentakleTherapist> XD
05:15 <TentakleTherapist> You should've been there.
05:15 <TentakleTherapist> Also...
05:15 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <LOLSKELETONS> sup javer
05:15 <TentakleTherapist>
05:15 <Javer80>
05:15 <Javer80> sweet Jesus, little Thor and Deathstroke
05:15 <Javer80> gnnnnnhhnn
05:17 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
05:17 <Mr. Tummytums> Greetings everyone, I am a dear friend of Pramirez, we're real close.
05:18 <Mr. Tummytums> I can still find you Peter, and I will!
05:18 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
05:18 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
05:18 <AlexHawks> Hello
05:18 <Mr. Tummytums> Welcome
05:19 -!- SilentChop has left Special:Chat.
05:19 <Javer80> hoy
05:20 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
05:20 <Mr. Tummytums> Hello Peter.
05:20 <Pramirez351> hello guys{
05:20 <Mr. Tummytums> I have missed you.
05:21 <Pramirez351> who are you? (i typed that very slowly)
05:21 <LOLSKELETONS> hi pram
05:21 <Pramirez351> hello skelly :)
05:21 <Mr. Tummytums> Shhh no talking, dear Peter.
05:22 <Mr. Tummytums> You belong to me.
05:22 <Javer80> Well. That got creepy quick.
05:22 <Javer80> Which is the point, I suppose.
05:22 <Pramirez351> yeah stick around a bit. things could get interesting skelly (cigar)
05:22 <Mr. Tummytums> If you say one more word Iwill gut you like a fish!
05:22 <TentakleTherapist>
05:22 <Pramirez351> ok fine
05:23 <Mr. Tummytums> Turn around. . .
05:23 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
05:23 <Pramirez351> just did
05:23 <Pramirez351> 2scary4me xD
05:23 <Mr. Tummytums> I'm all in your head, Pete.
05:24 <TentakleTherapist> D:
05:24 <LOLSKELETONS> o.o
05:24 <Pramirez351> Hey Tummytums PM
05:24 <TentakleTherapist> WAT?
05:24 <LOLSKELETONS> ~ You have connected from another browser. This connection will be closed. ~
05:24 <LOLSKELETONS> ;~;
05:24 <Javer80> Who are you talking to, Pram?
05:24 <Pramirez351> freken javer
05:24 <Pramirez351> xD
05:24 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:25 <Javer80> ?
05:25 <Javer80> :\
05:25 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
05:25 <Javer80> You're acting weird.
05:25 <Masked Hero Z> I don't get it.
05:25 <Masked Hero Z> Ikr
05:26 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
05:26 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
05:26 <Pramirez351> i love you guys just sayin. if im loosing my sanity, you guys should still know that
05:26 <TentakleTherapist> Sorry
05:27 <TentakleTherapist> I keep getting logged out.
05:27 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:27 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:27 <Javer80> D:  you're scaring me, bud
05:27 <TentakleTherapist>
05:27 <Pramirez351> in sorry javer. so whats up man?
05:27 <Mr. Tummytums> Bye Pramirez, sweet dreams.
05:27 <Masked Hero Z> Brb.
05:27 -!- Mr. Tummytums has left Special:Chat.
05:28 <Javer80> fuckin SMOOTHIE SEASON is what's up!
05:28 <Javer80> pineapples, strawbs, bananas
05:28 <Pramirez351> uh sorry to dissapoint, i dont go to sleep
05:28 <Javer80> all on sale
05:28 <TentakleTherapist> I spammed his PMs
05:28 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:28 <Pramirez351> thanks TT
05:28 <TentakleTherapist> (cool)
05:28 <Javer80> Whose?
05:28 <Javer80> never mind.
05:28 <Javer80> and pineapples are surprisingly easy to cube, turns out
05:28 <Pramirez351> click this javer
05:29 <Javer80> ?  ok . . .
05:29 <Pramirez351> well did you?
05:29 <Javer80> yeah, all i got was a blank 404 :\
05:29 <Pramirez351> hey skelly you here?
05:30 <Pramirez351> just keep chat going guys no need to worry ;)
05:30 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
05:30 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
05:31 <Javer80> finishing dinner, excuse me
05:31 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
05:31 <LOLSKELETONS> ._.
05:31 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
05:31 <Pramirez351> you here skelly?
05:31 <TentakleTherapist> 414, I will sacrifice you to darkness.
05:31 <41488p> fucking-
05:32 <TentakleTherapist> WITH THIS
05:32 <Pramirez351> hot...imeanwut?
05:32 <Pramirez351> at 414
05:32 <41488p> oh yea
05:32 <41488p> hawt
05:32 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
05:33 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:34 <Pramirez351> lag?
05:34 <Pramirez351> on nuh jk
05:35 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
05:35 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
05:36 <Pramirez351> where is an admin when you need one
05:36 <TentakleTherapist>
05:36 <Pramirez351> admin/mod
05:36 <TentakleTherapist> HAUNTS MEH
05:36 <Pramirez351> ive already seen it tent xD
05:36 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
05:37 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <TentakleTherapist> DEMON HANK HAUNTS ME
05:39 <TentakleTherapist> I want some ramen...
05:39 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
05:39 -!- Zippedkiki has left Special:Chat.
05:40 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
05:40 <Pramirez351> !logs
05:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:41 <ClericofMadness> !bricks
05:41 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
05:42 <FriendlyJim> Hi y'all
05:42 <Pramirez351> hello jim
05:42 <Pramirez351> HAI cleric (kawaii)
05:42 <FriendlyJim> Hello Pram :)
05:43 <AlexHawks> Hi Jim.
05:43 <ClericofMadness> Tentacle won't be reposting that link constantly for the next two hours
05:43 <FriendlyJim> Well hello
05:43 <Pramirez351> thank you cleric
05:43 <ClericofMadness> :3
05:43 <ClericofMadness> Now I must rest
05:44 <FriendlyJim> Does anybody here even lift?
05:44 <ClericofMadness> I life galaxies
05:44 <ClericofMadness> lift, even
05:44 <Pramirez351> dude, even my shoes lift (jelly)
05:44 <FriendlyJim> :) Har, har
05:45 <FriendlyJim> (jelly)
05:45 <Pramirez351> actually make that: even my shoes distance, but do YOU even distance bro?
05:45 <AlexHawks> ._.
05:45 <FriendlyJim> I don't even distance, brah
05:46 <FriendlyJim> (kawaii)
05:46 <Pramirez351> (everyone in the USA) "OOHHH!"
05:46 <FriendlyJim> What time is it there? It's 7:46 here
05:46 <FriendlyJim> am
05:47 <Pramirez351> 10:47
05:47 <Pramirez351> p
05:47 <Pramirez351> pm*
05:47 <FriendlyJim> Turn around, Peter.
05:48 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
05:48 <LOLSKELETONS> !logs
05:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:48 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
05:48 <LOLSKELETONS> hey mantra
05:48 <Child Of Mantra> Wow, i expected chat to be dead.
05:48 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:48 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
05:48 <Child Of Mantra> Skeletons is already dead.
05:48 <LOLSKELETONS> I just got here
05:48 <LOLSKELETONS> lol
05:49 <Child Of Mantra> American?
05:49 <Pramirez351> i already did jim
05:49 <FriendlyJim> I'm in your head! Lolz
05:49 <Child Of Mantra> Zombie Zombie 
05:49 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
05:50 <Child Of Mantra> one of the best songs that actaully touched me.
05:51 <FriendlyJim> Anyone up for a battle royale?
05:51 <Pramirez351> you sure jim?
05:51 <FriendlyJim> Nah
05:51 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
05:51 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
05:52 <FriendlyJim> I have to go to school in nine minutes :(
05:52 <Child Of Mantra> I have to go to the dentist and remove my stitches in about 2 hours
05:52 <Pramirez351> no i mean about being in my head thing
05:52 <FriendlyJim> I know
05:52 <Pramirez351> hahah xD genius 
05:52 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:52 <FriendlyJim> I am not in your head, but guess who is.
05:53 <Child Of Mantra> The media.
05:53 <FriendlyJim> Good one
05:53 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:54 <Pramirez351> Mr. Tummytums?
05:54 <FriendlyJim> Bingo
05:54 <Child Of Mantra> Bingo?
05:54 <FriendlyJim> And Bingo, was his name, oh
05:54 <Child Of Mantra> Was his nameo?
05:55 <AlexHawks> Bingo
05:55 <Masked Hero Z> I don't even know.
05:55 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
05:55 <Child Of Mantra> Marco
05:55 <FriendlyJim> Polo
05:55 <AlexHawks> Bingo, Marco, and now Polo?
05:55 <AlexHawks> Wow.
05:56 <FriendlyJim> D&D
05:56 <FriendlyJim> Not WoW
05:56 <AlexHawks>
05:56 <Child Of Mantra> No, Tetris.
05:56 <AlexHawks> D&D?
05:56 <AlexHawks> That's some yaoi.
05:57 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
05:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
05:57 <Child Of Mantra> Go to your room Jesse.
05:58 <LOLSKELETONS> !kick Child Of Mantra
05:58 -!- Child Of Mantra was kicked from Special:Chat by CPwikiCHATlogger
05:58 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
05:58 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
05:58 <LOLSKELETONS> Jesse says
05:58 <Child Of Mantra> wow rood.
05:58 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
05:58 <FriendlyJim> Goodbye everyone
05:58 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
05:58 <Masked Hero Z> See ya.
05:58 <Child Of Mantra> Bye.
05:58 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
05:58 <LOLSKELETONS> Bye Jim
05:58 <AlexHawks> Who's Jesse?
05:59 <AlexHawks> That's a funny name.
05:59 <LOLSKELETONS> CPwikiCHATlogger
05:59 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
05:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
05:59 <LOLSKELETONS> ^ Jesse
05:59 <Child Of Mantra> I remember when Jesse was racist.
05:59 <AlexHawks> Sweet.
05:59 <Pramirez351> yup the bot, she makes me feel special (kawaii)
05:59 <Child Of Mantra> Back off, she's mine.
05:59 <AlexHawks> Again, my playlist starts doing bullshit. Playing 'Creep
05:59 <AlexHawks> just after uprising. Oh well.
06:00 <Child Of Mantra> Radiohead is da sheet
06:00 <AlexHawks> I was about to play lol, but servers are down for patch <_<
06:00 <AlexHawks> Nothing to do >_>
06:00 <Child Of Mantra> I used to play LOL all the time.
06:00 <AlexHawks> Sweet.
06:00 <LOLSKELETONS> me :o
06:00 <AlexHawks> Hue.
06:01 <Child Of Mantra> Skelly you are a silly willy.
06:01 <LOLSKELETONS> how would you play me
06:01 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
06:01 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
06:01 <LOLSKELETONS> oh wait I know
06:01 <Child Of Mantra> Play you like GLOCKENSPIEL
06:01 <LOLSKELETONS> you play my ribs like a xylophone
06:01 <LOLSKELETONS> amirite
06:01 <Child Of Mantra> ye
06:02 <Child Of Mantra> no.
06:02 <Child Of Mantra> NO, YOU'RE MINE!
06:02 <AlexHawks> Now they play Echelon, oh god, what's with the randomness.
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> that's how we are
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> at this time of night
06:03 <Child Of Mantra> ^
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> in chat
06:03 <Child Of Mantra> It's morning here.
06:03 <AlexHawks> Same.
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> It's always night here
06:03 <Masked Hero Z> It's around 11 for me.
06:03 <Child Of Mantra> Thomas Yorke is hot
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> in the land of skulitens
06:03 <AlexHawks> 9here.
06:03 <AlexHawks> am.
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> and ghoooosts
06:03 <LOLSKELETONS> (spooky)
06:04 <Child Of Mantra> Ghost B.C.?
06:04 <AlexHawks> He is, and a very good dancer also.
06:04 <Child Of Mantra> He is.
06:04 <AlexHawks>
06:04 <Child Of Mantra> I know that dance.
06:05 <Child Of Mantra> I did that one at a dance thingie.
06:05 <Child Of Mantra> People gave me weird looks but that's just normal.
06:05 <AlexHawks> Socialising, huh?
06:05 <AlexHawks> Cute.
06:05 <Child Of Mantra> Pssht, no.
06:05 <Child Of Mantra> Mods get all teh laddees.
06:05 <AlexHawks> Hue.
06:06 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
06:06 <AlexHawks> Wait, so Mr. Nobody was Jared Leto's last movie before concentrating on singing?
06:06 <AlexHawks> Strong move.
06:06 <Child Of Mantra> I don't watch movies.
06:07 <AlexHawks>
06:07 <AlexHawks> I'd highly recommend this one, but your choice ;l
06:07 <Child Of Mantra> I'll check it out.
06:07 <Child Of Mantra> I mostly read books.
06:08 <AlexHawks> Books are nice.
06:08 <AlexHawks> Though I don't find many interesting books in the new ones.
06:08 <Child Of Mantra> Nice for throwing at people too.
06:08 <AlexHawks> Perhaps "The fourth realm trilogy" were only good books at this century so far.
06:09 <AlexHawks> And I havent used books for the second purpose, sadly.
06:09 <Child Of Mantra> There is one book that Les Claypool wrote.
06:09 <Child Of Mantra> South of the Pumphouse
06:09 <Child Of Mantra> It's pretty fucked up.
06:09 <Child Of Mantra> It is Claypool afterall.
06:09 <Child Of Mantra> after all?
06:10 <Child Of Mantra> Yeh, it is after all.
06:11 <AlexHawks> Looks interesting.
06:12 <Child Of Mantra> He is the bassist/Vocalist/Lyricist in the band Primus.
06:12 <Child Of Mantra> Which is pretty quirky.
06:14 <Child Of Mantra> this is pretty interesting.
06:16 <AlexHawks> Riot wont turn their LoL servers on <_<
06:16 <AlexHawks> At least my playlist started playing 'Riot'
06:16 <Child Of Mantra> It it just your region?
06:17 <AlexHawks> Euw.
06:17 <Child Of Mantra> Check the Riot webiste.
06:17 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
06:17 <AlexHawks> Eh I am.
06:17 <AlexHawks> Wb Jim.
06:17 <FriendlyJim> Hola
06:17 <Child Of Mantra> Heelo.
06:17 <Child Of Mantra> Sahtun.
06:18 <Pramirez351> hey well imma go i actally want to get my homework done today
06:18 <FriendlyJim> Bye Pram
06:18 <Pramirez351> bye :D
06:18 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
06:18 <Child Of Mantra> Good luck.
06:18 <AlexHawks> Bye. Weakling.
06:18 <FriendlyJim> Run along, little one
06:19 <AlexHawks> Meh, scumbag Riot.
06:20 <Child Of Mantra> Levay or Regular?
06:20 <AlexHawks> Now I'll have to skip my visit to psychologist to play LoL.
06:20 <AlexHawks> Oh well.
06:20 <FriendlyJim> Who here likes gory films?
06:20 <Child Of Mantra> I like some Snuff.
06:20 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, Levay or Regular?
06:21 <FriendlyJim> Anton, of course
06:21 <FriendlyJim> Though without the rituals
06:21 <Child Of Mantra> LaVey is awesome.
06:21 <AlexHawks> Wait, the guy who died two days before my birth?
06:21 <AlexHawks> Sweet.
06:22 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
06:22 <FriendlyJim> Anyone of you likes metal?
06:22 <Child Of Mantra> I adore Metal.
06:22 <AlexHawks> I like it. I wouldn't say adore.
06:23 <FriendlyJim> What kind? (And don't say alloy)
06:23 <Child Of Mantra> Doom Metal, Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal.
06:23 <FriendlyJim> Nice
06:24 <AlexHawks> Trash metal, Metal and Industrial metal for me.
06:24 <AlexHawks> I'd still prefer Alternative Rock after all.
06:24 <Child Of Mantra> I like Nine Inch Nails.
06:24 <FriendlyJim> My favorites are black, death, viking, pagan, folk, thrash, doom, power.
06:25 <Child Of Mantra> Heard of Solstice?
06:25 <AlexHawks> Nine inch. Hmm.
06:25 <Child Of Mantra>
06:26 <FriendlyJim> Was that the group from Florida?
06:26 <AlexHawks> I.. Can't... Hear the lyrics...
06:26 <AlexHawks> I mean, either my english is awfull, or..
06:26 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah
06:26 <FriendlyJim> You aren't supposed to hear it. . .
06:26 <Child Of Mantra> Nine Inch Nail's lyrics?
06:26 <FriendlyJim> Thats why there are booklets
06:27 <Child Of Mantra> You buy CD's Too?
06:27 <FriendlyJim> Maybe. . .
06:27 <FriendlyJim> I'm kinda against piracy
06:27 <FriendlyJim> Though I don't hate people for doing it
06:27 <Child Of Mantra> I don't care for piracy, i buy CD's.
06:28 <Child Of Mantra> Some musicians Like piracy
06:28 <AlexHawks> I do both ._.
06:28 <Child Of Mantra> They say things like "If you don't have money to buy our music just download it"
06:28 <AlexHawks> Buy CD's, and piracy.
06:28 <AlexHawks> Maybe it's bad.
06:28 <Child Of Mantra> I work at a record store so i can't cheat.
06:28 <FriendlyJim> I pirate some really hard to get music
06:29 <FriendlyJim> I'm not gonna 200 bucks for an album
06:29 <FriendlyJim> Pay
06:29 <Child Of Mantra> That's a bit too much.
06:29 <Child Of Mantra> A BIT
06:29 <FriendlyJim> First press is kinda expensive
06:30 <Child Of Mantra> My friend who i work with has a really rare Queens Of The stone Age CD
06:30 <Child Of Mantra> Also this is his band.
06:31 <FriendlyJim> Sounds pretty good (:
06:31 <FriendlyJim> :)
06:31 <FriendlyJim> Failed smiley
06:31 <AlexHawks> Eh to be honest, although I do lissten to metal, I dislike this kind of singing ;l
06:32 <Child Of Mantra> Grindcore is worse.
06:32 <FriendlyJim> All core is bad
06:32 <Child Of Mantra> That EP is free.
06:32 <Child Of Mantra> Agreed.
06:32 <AlexHawks> True.
06:33 <FriendlyJim> Metal is like an apple, most of it's edible, except the core.
06:33 <Child Of Mantra> Good one.
06:33 <FriendlyJim> I try
06:33 <AlexHawks>
06:33 <AlexHawks> Oh russians.
06:34 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
06:34 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
06:34 <Child Of Mantra> I don't fancy Slipknot.
06:34 <Child Of Mantra> I listened to Slipknot a lot in middle school.
06:34 <FriendlyJim> I don't like sellouts in general
06:34 <Child Of Mantra> And KoRn
06:35 <Child Of Mantra> KoRn have always been sellouts
06:35 <Child Of Mantra> Not always but mostly
06:35 <Child Of Mantra> Like Follow the Leader.
06:35 <FriendlyJim> I know people who listen to Justin the Biebs who listen to KoRn and Slipknot
06:35 <Child Of Mantra> What the fuck is a justin bieber?
06:35 <AlexHawks> Bieber means penis in lithuanian.
06:35 <FriendlyJim> Good one
06:36 <Child Of Mantra> I love JB
06:36 <AlexHawks> Slipknot isnt that bad in my opinion.
06:36 <Child Of Mantra> how can you not?
06:36 <Child Of Mantra> Vol 3 is my favorite.
06:36 <Child Of Mantra> I dislike their first one though.
06:36 <AlexHawks> Exactly what I expected ;l
06:36 <FriendlyJim> They have got talent, though they changed their sound to appease a mass audience
06:37 <AlexHawks>
06:37 <Child Of Mantra> I hate Slipknot Corey Taylor live.
06:37 <AlexHawks> GG ALLIN
06:37 <Child Of Mantra> He gets exhausted very easily.
06:38 -!- TheTyk1337 has joined Special:Chat
06:38 <Child Of Mantra> Stone Sour is good though.
06:38 <FriendlyJim> Welcome to the chatt, Mantra has the doughnuts
06:38 <FriendlyJim> *Chat
06:38 <Child Of Mantra> No way in hell i'm sharing dude.
06:39 <TheTyk1337> Just dropping in to see who's on
06:39 <FriendlyJim> Dude, you promised you would be nicer next time, now share!
06:39 <Child Of Mantra> Make Me.
06:39 <FriendlyJim> Pretty please (kawaii)
06:39 <Child Of Mantra> Fine.
06:39 <TheTyk1337> First it's do it's 
06:39 <TheTyk1337> donuts..
06:40 <FriendlyJim> Doughnuts
06:40 <AlexHawks> Who's this guy.
06:40 <TheTyk1337> I am aware I was being dumb
06:40 <Child Of Mantra> I once gave a doughnut to a cop.
06:40 <FriendlyJim> Herpa Derp
06:41 <TheTyk1337> I saw a cop once.
06:41 <FriendlyJim> Did he like it?
06:41 <Child Of Mantra> no he got pissy, like they always do.
06:41 <FriendlyJim> I once saw Nessie
06:41 <Child Of Mantra> I once got my friend out of a ticket.
06:41 <AlexHawks> I also gave a d to a cop once, anywho.
06:41 <AlexHawks> Looks like euw patch is up
06:41 <AlexHawks> But servers still offline.
06:41 -!- 77topaz has left Special:Chat.
06:41 <Child Of Mantra> When he rolled down i said "These are not the droids you're looking for".
06:41 <FriendlyJim> I like giving the D to lots of people
06:41 <Child Of Mantra> He laughed his ass off.
06:41 -!- 77topaz has joined Special:Chat
06:41 <Child Of Mantra> THE TENACIOUS D
06:42 <TheTyk1337> Hes probably seen that like tons of times before
06:42 -!- 77topaz has left Special:Chat.
06:42 <TheTyk1337> Have you guys seen nigahiga's video on how to get out of a ticket?
06:42 <Child Of Mantra> I don't really like youtube.
06:43 <Child Of Mantra> I only use it for music.
06:43 <FriendlyJim> I don't really like big youtube channels
06:43 <AlexHawks> Nigahiga is a sycophant.
06:43 <TheTyk1337> There are a few good channels, but I get what you mean.
06:43 <Child Of Mantra> Pluss youtube has gone to hell.
06:43 <FriendlyJim> I only use it for religion/ philosophy/ politics/ metal
06:43 <Child Of Mantra> ^
06:43 <Child Of Mantra> Kongress.
06:44 <AlexHawks> I only like to read comments in youtube
06:44 <AlexHawks> They're so bad it's hilarious
06:44 <Child Of Mantra> I hate to do that.
06:44 <TheTyk1337> But anyway, the video is just like "to get out of tickets show cops your rack" and the guy just like gives the cop a huge dish rack and he just carries it off
06:44 <Child Of Mantra> I never really enjoyed his videos.
06:44 <Child Of Mantra> But i get how people like them.
06:44 <FriendlyJim> At least he's not fucking Smoosh
06:44 <Child Of Mantra> Oh fuck i fucking hate smosh
06:45 <TheTyk1337> Oh god I hate them
06:45 <AlexHawks> Smosh sucks the D which was mentioned before.
06:45 <Child Of Mantra> They are good at their thing but not funny.
06:45 <FriendlyJim> I want to scratch my eyes out when I see 'em
06:45 <AlexHawks> I admit, I am subscribed to epic rap battles of history ._.
06:45 <TheTyk1337> They're obnoxious, but like in a way that some people would find it funny, not me.
06:45 <AlexHawks> That's the only popular channel I'm subbed to.
06:45 <TheTyk1337> There are hilarious lines in those rap battles though
06:46 <Child Of Mantra> They are good at making stuff but not funny ImO
06:46 <FriendlyJim> The bad thing is that they make a decent living.
06:46 <TheTyk1337> RoosterTeeth is the shit supremo.
06:46 <FriendlyJim> Of off youtube
06:46 <Child Of Mantra> I hate watching people play games.
06:46 <TheTyk1337> Its not just games you know.
06:46 <AlexHawks> Rosalina Starship 8 hours ago
06:46 <AlexHawks> this is song reminds me of shit insted of chocloate and wtf man just why
06:46 <AlexHawks> Oh youtube.
06:46 <Child Of Mantra> Why not just play the fucking game yourself
06:46 <Child Of Mantra> LRN 2 ENG
06:47 <AlexHawks> stacey gentry commented 5 months ago
06:47 <AlexHawks> dis band is stupd, Jonas brothers are way beter than these idiots, this sound like shit!!!
06:47 <AlexHawks>  3:08  
06:47 <AlexHawks> Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline (Official Lyric Video)
06:47 <AlexHawks> stacey gentry commented 5 months ago
06:47 <AlexHawks> dis band suxs so bad, id rathger listen to jonas brothers than this crap, evry1 listen to jonas brothers cause guns n roses suxz!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:47 <AlexHawks>  5:42  
06:47 <AlexHawks> Gun's N' Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door
06:47 <Child Of Mantra> This is why i don't read comments.
06:47 <AlexHawks> If only it would be a troll.
06:47 <AlexHawks> Her video
06:47 <AlexHawks>
06:47 <AlexHawks> 16 and pregnant
06:47 <TheTyk1337> They have a podcast, they have webserieses, they have shorts, RoosterTeeth isn't just gaming.
06:48 <FriendlyJim> ^
06:48 <Child Of Mantra> I don't play games anymore.
06:48 <AlexHawks> Why so, Mantra?
06:48 <TheTyk1337> Y nauhuwr
06:48 <Child Of Mantra> Video Game Paranoia
06:48 <Child Of Mantra> I'm afraid that NPC's might become self aware
06:49 <TheTyk1337> Seriously
06:49 <AlexHawks> Play multiplayer games.
06:49 <FriendlyJim> I hate Machinima, they practically steal the money of the channels involved with them
06:49 <Child Of Mantra> ^
06:49 <Child Of Mantra> In fucking deed
06:49 <Child Of Mantra> I love OneyNG's response to machinima
06:49 <TheTyk1337> True shit
06:49 <Child Of Mantra>
06:49 <Child Of Mantra> NSFW
06:50 <Child Of Mantra> Arby 'N The Chief was awesome.
06:50 <FriendlyJim> Mashitima, lol
06:50 <Child Of Mantra> The maker actually quit because they wouldn't piss off.
06:50 <TheTyk1337> I never liked Arby 'N The Chief
06:51 <AlexHawks> Ew, a homophobic joke
06:51 <FriendlyJim> Anyone seen Life Of Brian?
06:51 <Child Of Mantra> I have heard of it.
06:51 <FriendlyJim> It's good shit
06:51 <Child Of Mantra> Monty Python is good
06:51 <Child Of Mantra> I bought the DVD but never got around watching it.
06:52 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <Child Of Mantra> Been too busy with music and such.
06:52 <FriendlyJim> And the oblivious followers of Brian closely resembles Ron Paul supporters
06:52 <AlexHawks>'
06:52 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
06:52 <AlexHawks> *
06:53 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
06:53 <TheTyk1337> LOLSKELETONS goes as he pleases
06:53 <Child Of Mantra> Elections in a nutshell
06:53 <TheTyk1337> LOLSKELETONS is love
06:53 <TheTyk1337> LOLSKELETONS is life
06:54 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has joined Special:Chat
06:54 <Tyranical Tyranis>
06:54 <Child Of Mantra> Hello tyranus
06:54 <AlexHawks> Hi.
06:54 <FriendlyJim> Welcome, Mantra still has some doughnuts left
06:54 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has left Special:Chat.
06:55 <AlexHawks> Wow.
06:55 <Child Of Mantra> God damn Alex that video cracked me up.
06:56 <AlexHawks> Yay._.
06:56 <FriendlyJim> I can't watch it 'cause I'm in class D:
06:56 <AlexHawks> I love NTNOCN
06:57 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
06:57 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
06:57 <Child Of Mantra> 2 coo 4 scoo
06:58 <AlexHawks> IM LOGGED IN EUW
06:58 <FriendlyJim> 2 free for servitude
06:58 <AlexHawks> Sorry for caps.
06:58 <AlexHawks> thereisnourflevel is awesome
06:58 <AlexHawks> Aram q is up, yaay
06:59 <FriendlyJim> School has little to do with education, and a lot to do with indoctrination.
06:59 <AlexHawks> True
06:59 <Child Of Mantra> I had this english teacher that didn't study english at all.
07:00 <Child Of Mantra> Therefore i corrected her a lot and then i got yelled at.
07:00 <Child Of Mantra> The norwegian system is piss.
07:00 <FriendlyJim> The Finnish is awesome though
07:00 <AlexHawks> Nice to know. I'll be working at Norway in summer ;l
07:00 <AlexHawks> Also, Lithuanian system sucks too.
07:00 <FriendlyJim> Norway is way to capitalist
07:00 <Child Of Mantra> I kinda like Socialism.
07:01 <AlexHawks> Democracy is an utopy, anyways.
07:01 <FriendlyJim> *Too
07:01 <FriendlyJim> I am kind of anarcho-communist
07:01 <Child Of Mantra> Norway is pretty rich.
07:01 <Child Of Mantra> Pluss the king of norway shouldn't even be there.
07:01 <FriendlyJim> And pretty conservative
07:02 <FriendlyJim> By the way are you Norwegian?
07:02 -!- TheTyk1337 has left Special:Chat.
07:02 -!- TheTyk1337 has joined Special:Chat
07:02 <Child Of Mantra> Icelandic
07:02 <Child Of Mantra> But live in Norway.
07:02 <FriendlyJim> I am Swedish
07:02 <Child Of Mantra> Icelandic economy and all.
07:02 -!- Mjinbuu has joined Special:Chat
07:02 <AlexHawks> Iceland had a nice eurovision performance last year.
07:02 <AlexHawks> I guess that's not the topic.
07:02 <Child Of Mantra> I hate eurovision.
07:02 <FriendlyJim> Gaaaay
07:02 <Mjinbuu> Wazzup...
07:02 <FriendlyJim> JK
07:02 <Child Of Mantra> Can't stand it.
07:02 <AlexHawks> Hey Mjinbuu
07:02 <FriendlyJim> Hello
07:03 <Mjinbuu> Heyo
07:03 <AlexHawks> Look at this.
07:03 <AlexHawks>
07:03 <FriendlyJim> I actually am not against gay marriage
07:03 <AlexHawks> Coolest performance in eurovision
07:03 <FriendlyJim> I'm not a homophobe
07:03 <Child Of Mantra> I hate marriage in general.
07:03 <FriendlyJim> ^
07:03 <FriendlyJim> Amen
07:03 <Child Of Mantra> I look at marriage as pointless.
07:03 <FriendlyJim> Marriage is a scam
07:03 <AlexHawks> I kinda disagree with that.\
07:03 <Mjinbuu> i have no idea what you guys are talking here
07:04 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
07:04 <AlexHawks> If you trust person strong enough, why not?
07:04 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <AlexHawks> We are talking about boring stuff.
07:04 <Child Of Mantra> why marry? Why not jsut be together?
07:04 <41488p> because condoms
07:04 <41488p> yes
07:04 <41488p> be together
07:04 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <Child Of Mantra> just*
07:04 <41488p> ;)
07:04 <Mjinbuu> oh jesus
07:04 <Mjinbuu> i joined the wrong wiki
07:04 <41488p> haha
07:04 <Child Of Mantra> I am so pissed right now.
07:05 <Child Of Mantra> Primus released a new song on youtube and it is not available in my country.
07:05 <Child Of Mantra> Bloody racism.
07:05 <AlexHawks> It's bad to be pissed.
07:05 <FriendlyJim> HAHAHAHAHA
07:05 <AlexHawks> Off or on, anyways, bad.
07:05 <FriendlyJim> ^
07:05 <Child Of Mantra> found it
07:05 <FriendlyJim> True
07:05 <Child Of Mantra>
07:05 <Child Of Mantra> Primus is a way of life man.
07:05 <41488p> no
07:06 -!- Mjinbuu has left Special:Chat.
07:06 <Child Of Mantra> Yuh.
07:06 <41488p> Primus is a crude sexual reference
07:06 <41488p> like rocket
07:06 <Child Of Mantra> exactly.
07:06 <FriendlyJim> What is Primus?
07:06 <FriendlyJim> Are they metal?
07:06 <Child Of Mantra> ti's a band.
07:06 <Child Of Mantra> They don't stick to genres
07:06 <FriendlyJim> Imma google that shit
07:06 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
07:06 <Child Of Mantra> here is one
07:07 <Child Of Mantra> Very popular that one.
07:07 <AlexHawks>
07:07 <AlexHawks> "Bye EU" - Greece 2013
07:07 <FriendlyJim> They seem pretty experimental
07:07 <41488p> ohoho
07:07 <Child Of Mantra> VERY EXPERIMENTAL
07:07 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
07:07 <41488p> (ic)
07:07 <Child Of Mantra> Also Les Claypool is my favorite Bass Palyer
07:07 <Child Of Mantra> Player*
07:07 <FriendlyJim> I am more into the raw black and brutal death stuff
07:07 -!- TheTyk1337 has left Special:Chat.
07:07 <41488p> palyer
07:07 <Child Of Mantra> 441
07:08 <41488p> D:
07:08 <FriendlyJim> Sailing The Seas Of Cheese???
07:08 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah.
07:08 <AlexHawks> Brb, off to a lol game.
07:09 <Child Of Mantra> Have fun and good luck
07:09 <Child Of Mantra> GLHF
07:09 <41488p> lol LOL's funny
07:09 <FriendlyJim> Smite is amazing
07:09 <FriendlyJim> Go play Smite
07:09 <FriendlyJim> Now
07:09 <41488p> no
07:10 <41488p> o 
07:10 <41488p> it's a DOTA rip-off
07:10 <41488p> I'm expecting some hate.
07:10 <41488p> from you.
07:10 <Child Of Mantra> DOTA is filled with russians
07:10 <FriendlyJim> Live and let live
07:10 <Child Of Mantra> I don't have a problem with it but i hate that they always have to talk.
07:10 <Child Of Mantra> Even though they are the only russian on the server
07:10 <41488p> lol
07:10 <Child Of Mantra> Or Game
07:11 <FriendlyJim> I think that Smite is what DOTA never could be, fun
07:13 <FriendlyJim> Everyone died at once
07:13 <Child Of Mantra> i deaded
07:13 <41488p> Russians
07:13 <41488p> oh, Rusians.
07:13 <41488p> *Russians
07:14 <FriendlyJim> Anyone herd of. . . the Creepist?
07:14 <41488p> nope
07:15 <Child Of Mantra> Nope.
07:15 <41488p> I've heard of the octopus 
07:15 <FriendlyJim> Apparently he sneaks up on you on night
07:15 <FriendlyJim> He hizzes
07:15 <FriendlyJim> And then he explodes
07:15 <Child Of Mantra> Ahh.
07:15 <FriendlyJim> *At night
07:15 <FriendlyJim> lol
07:16 <FriendlyJim> I almost typed jizzes
07:16 <FriendlyJim> That would have been something completely different
07:16 <Child Of Mantra> That would have changed everything
07:16 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:17 <FriendlyJim> He sneaks up, jizzes and explodes on you
07:17 <Child Of Mantra> One of the best bass work ever,
07:18 <FriendlyJim> I wich I wasn't in class so I could watch it :(
07:18 <Child Of Mantra> It's Silly Putty covered by Primus
07:19 <FriendlyJim> No gods, no kings, no countries, freedom for one and all!
07:19 <Child Of Mantra> Anrachy.
07:19 <FriendlyJim> By the way do you know who Tribal is?
07:19 <Child Of Mantra> Like Tribes?
07:20 <FriendlyJim> No, the user
07:20 <Child Of Mantra> I think i have seen him before.
07:20 <FriendlyJim> Me and him had a theological/ political debate yesterday
07:20 <FriendlyJim> Over Skype
07:21 <Child Of Mantra> Can i add you on skype?
07:21 <FriendlyJim> Maybe. . .
07:21 <FriendlyJim> If you'd like
07:21 <Child Of Mantra> Only if you feel like it.
07:21 <FriendlyJim> I feel like it, though I have no cam
07:21 <Child Of Mantra> Neither do i.
07:21 <Child Of Mantra> I don't like camming
07:21 <FriendlyJim> ^
07:22 <FriendlyJim> My username is. . . I'll PM you
07:23 <FriendlyJim> For all you know I could be a fifty year old pedo. . .
07:23 <FriendlyJim> *Peado
07:23 <FriendlyJim> I hate facebook
07:24 <Child Of Mantra> So could i
07:24 <Child Of Mantra> I don't have facebook.
07:24 <Child Of Mantra> It's not pedohilia if you're old enough.
07:25 <FriendlyJim> I'm fifteen btw
07:25 <Child Of Mantra> I am seventeen years of age.
07:25 <FriendlyJim> I miss alex
07:26 <FriendlyJim> Lol stole him :(
07:26 <Child Of Mantra> He is in a Lol match
07:26 <Child Of Mantra> yeah
07:26 <FriendlyJim> Or maybe he's just watching us chatt?
07:26 <FriendlyJim> That would be creepy
07:26 <Child Of Mantra> Not really that interesting.
07:27 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
07:27 <Child Of Mantra> Do you like George Carlin?
07:29 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
07:29 <FriendlyJim> Hello?
07:29 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
07:29 <FriendlyJim> Sorry for leaving, the internet in my school is terrible.
07:30 <FriendlyJim> I love Georgie.
07:30 <Child Of Mantra> Don't worry about it.
07:30 <FriendlyJim> Most atheists do
07:30 <FriendlyJim> Are you an atheist by the way?
07:30 <Child Of Mantra> Yes i am.
07:31 <FriendlyJim> Awesome we could start atheism ++ lol
07:31 <FriendlyJim> I hate atheism+
07:31 <FriendlyJim> More like atheism+wankery
07:32 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
07:33 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
07:33 <FriendlyJim> Sorry for dying on you
07:33 <Child Of Mantra> It's alright
07:33 <FriendlyJim> What time is it there?
07:34 <Child Of Mantra> 09:34
07:34 <FriendlyJim> ^
07:34 <FriendlyJim> Same
07:34 <Child Of Mantra> Most of the users here are american
07:34 <Child Of Mantra> Therefore the chat is so quit
07:34 <Child Of Mantra> quiet*
07:35 <FriendlyJim> What pastas do you like?
07:35 <Child Of Mantra> I don't read that much but The Russian Sleep Experiment is my favorite.
07:35 <FriendlyJim> I really like NoEnd House
07:36 <FriendlyJim> I listen to a lot of channels, like scarecrow, CreepsMcPasta, CreepyPastaJR and MrCreepyPasta
07:36 <Child Of Mantra> I like reading more than listening to people read.
07:37 <FriendlyJim> I like 'em both the same
07:37 <FriendlyJim> When with friends I prefer listening, we read at very different paces.
07:37 <Child Of Mantra> I can't read when someone is in the same room.
07:38 <FriendlyJim> ^
07:38 <Child Of Mantra> Especially when someone is reading the same fucking book that youa re reading
07:38 <Child Of Mantra> Like reading together.
07:38 <Child Of Mantra> My classmate always forgot his books and he always had to read with me.
07:39 <Child Of Mantra> I told the teacher the problem and she said she couldn't do anything about it.
07:39 <FriendlyJim> I read at twice the speed of my brother and my best friend, it's a pain in theass
07:39 <FriendlyJim> I hate all of my teachers
07:40 <Child Of Mantra> And it's kinda awkward when you don't know if he is done reading or not.
07:40 <Child Of Mantra> Same here
07:40 <Child Of Mantra> I hat this one awesome teacher that loved Blue Rock and such.
07:40 <FriendlyJim> Great
07:41 <FriendlyJim> I sometimes think of bringing my bow to school and start shooting 'em
07:41 <Child Of Mantra> I once had a mental breakdown at school and everybody laughed.
07:41 <FriendlyJim> But I don't think I could live with myself afterwards
07:41 <FriendlyJim> Thats not good :(
07:41 <FriendlyJim> That's
07:42 <Child Of Mantra> Even if someone is labeled a teacher doesn't mean he is a good teacher.
07:42 <FriendlyJim> Exactly
07:42 <FriendlyJim> Teachers only teach us not to question authority.
07:42 <Child Of Mantra> And the worst thing is when the teacher is wrong.
07:42 <Child Of Mantra> You can't do anything about it.
07:43 <FriendlyJim> Thats true
07:43 <Child Of Mantra> Once in the 4th grade i had a Black Sabbath T-Shirt on
07:43 <Child Of Mantra> The teacher told me to take it off and i denied.
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> So she took the T-shirt off me and i had to be topless the whole day
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> She later got fired for being a fucking Cunt
07:44 <FriendlyJim> By the way a fifteen year was arrested for wearing an NRA shirt to school
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> NRA?
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> I think i read the article
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> The Gun thing?
07:44 <FriendlyJim> Yes
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> yeah
07:44 <Child Of Mantra> Fuck the system.
07:45 <Child Of Mantra> I have to go to the dentist and get my stitches pulled out
07:45 <FriendlyJim> Have fun
07:45 <FriendlyJim> Dental care should be free
07:45 <Child Of Mantra> Thanks, you yoo
07:46 <FriendlyJim> Bye
07:46 <Child Of Mantra> agreed 
07:46 <Child Of Mantra> bye
07:46 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
07:46 <FriendlyJim> *Blows kisses*
07:46 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
07:46 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
07:47 <FriendlyJim> Hello Pram
07:47 <FriendlyJim> Bye Pram
07:47 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <AlexHawks> Hmm
07:48 <FriendlyJim> Hmmmmm
07:48 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
07:48 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <TentakleTherapist> I fucking hate this computer.
07:48 <AlexHawks> Won a lol game, yay ._.
07:48 <FriendlyJim> ._________.
07:49 <FriendlyJim> Mantra went to the dentist ):
07:49 <FriendlyJim> :(
07:49 <AlexHawks> :(
07:49 <FriendlyJim> Drawing class starts in 20 minutes
07:50 <FriendlyJim> It's a pain
07:51 <TentakleTherapist> It's official.
07:51 <TentakleTherapist> I have Mein Teil stuck in my head.
07:52 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
07:53 <TentakleTherapist> SKELLEH
07:53 <TentakleTherapist> Haii...
07:53 <LOLSKELETONS> also, gonna be deleted in 3... 2...
07:54 <LOLSKELETONS> Hai tent
07:54 <LOLSKELETONS> Why do people still post Cleverbot shit -_-
07:55 <TentakleTherapist> Becuz they eeevil
07:55 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Template:DSFARGEG]]
07:56 <TentakleTherapist>
07:56 <TentakleTherapist> I have an idea for a creepypasta.
07:56 <LOLSKELETONS> wut
07:56 <TentakleTherapist> Sushi Cat's Luck Finally Fucking Runs Out
07:57 <TentakleTherapist> You know how in the game he gets all squished between things?
07:57 <TentakleTherapist> Well, this time...
07:57 <TentakleTherapist> IT ACTUALLY KILLS HIM
07:57 -!- IamKenasXros has joined Special:Chat
07:57 <TentakleTherapist> With a whole bunch of hyper-realistic blood and organs flying everywhere.
07:57 <LOLSKELETONS> I would read it, but it would probably be deleted before I read it. .-.
07:58 <LOLSKELETONS> And you would be banned for 9001 years for spame
07:58 <TentakleTherapist> I know, so I'll post it offsite.
07:58 <TentakleTherapist> MWAHAHA
07:59 <TentakleTherapist> *smoke bombs*
07:59 <IamKenasXros> Hello
07:59 <LOLSKELETONS> haii
07:59 <IamKenasXros> Haii
08:01 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
08:02 <IamKenasXros> IS chat dead ?
08:03 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
08:03 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
08:07 <AlexHawks> Hi Kenas.
08:08 <IamKenasXros> Hello alexperson
08:08 <IamKenasXros> *alex person
08:08 <AlexHawks> Why are you home?
08:08 <IamKenasXros> What ?
08:08 <AlexHawks> Nvm.
08:09 <IamKenasXros> School hasn't started for me yet
08:09 <IamKenasXros> It starts in a number of days
08:09 <AlexHawks> Are you supposed to be home?
08:10 <AlexHawks> Kenas.
08:10 <IamKenasXros> Yes
08:10 <AlexHawks> Interesting.
08:10 <IamKenasXros> I'am supposed to be home
08:11 <AlexHawks> Why are you here?
08:11 <IamKenasXros> To talk with people
08:11 <IamKenasXros> I can leave if someone wants me to
08:11 <AlexHawks> Sweet.
08:11 <AlexHawks> I've confused you with someone.
08:12 <IamKenasXros> Oh
08:13 <AlexHawks> Where are you from?
08:14 <IamKenasXros> Sri lanka
08:14 <AlexHawks> Hmm,interesintg.
08:14 <AlexHawks> I only accept buddhism from popular religions, so I do find that fact interesting.
08:15 <AlexHawks> I hope you aren't from Amparai?
08:15 <IamKenasXros> No
08:15 <IamKenasXros> I'am from colombo
08:15 <AlexHawks> Oh.
08:17 <IamKenasXros> Where are you from ? >.>
08:18 <AlexHawks> Lithuania.
08:18 <IamKenasXros> Oh 
08:18 <AlexHawks> A little country in the Europe.
08:18 <IamKenasXros> Oh
08:18 <AlexHawks> Its awfull here <_<
08:19 <IamKenasXros> Here too
08:19 <AlexHawks> I feel awfull in general..
08:19 <AlexHawks> What about you?
08:19 <IamKenasXros> I feel pretty normal
08:20 <AlexHawks> I envy.
08:20 <IamKenasXros> brb
08:20 <AlexHawks> K.
08:20 <IamKenasXros> gotta go eat
08:21 <AlexHawks> Have fun ._.
08:28 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
08:28 <FriendlyJim> ._.
08:30 <AlexHawks> Wb Jim
08:30 <FriendlyJim> LEDLIIYL
08:30 <FriendlyJim> The new YOLO
08:30 <AlexHawks> What?
08:31 <FriendlyJim> Live every day like it is your last
08:31 <AlexHawks> Okkay...
08:31 <AlexHawks> You mean carpe diem?
08:31 <FriendlyJim> ^
08:31 <FriendlyJim> Exactly
08:31 <AlexHawks> Lol.
08:33 <FriendlyJim> Did you know that there exists almost no man who are aloof to penis.
08:34 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
08:34 <FriendlyJim> :)
08:34 <AlexHawks> Are you offering yourself to bottom me?
08:34 <Pramirez351> hello xD so im guessing you two have been pretty lonely xD
08:34 <FriendlyJim> Perhaps it is so
08:34 <AlexHawks> Hey Pram
08:35 <Pramirez351> hello alex
08:35 <AlexHawks> Jim, I might find an answer later, brb in game.
08:35 <Pramirez351> so jim what you up to?
08:35 <FriendlyJim> I am just in art class, not doing art
08:36 <Pramirez351> you mean talking to people xD
08:36 <FriendlyJim> I had quite the interesting conversation with Mantra earlier
08:36 <FriendlyJim> And yes
08:36 <Pramirez351> hahah xD nice nice
08:37 <Pramirez351> but yeah chat is just ADDICTING
08:37 <FriendlyJim> I know bro
08:37 -!- Zippedkiki has left Special:Chat.
08:37 <FriendlyJim> 1000 better than facebook
08:37 <FriendlyJim> times
08:37 <FriendlyJim> ^
08:38 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD yup xD
08:38 <Pramirez351> im so tired do!
08:38 <FriendlyJim> CreepyPasta chat: Want to have an intelligent conversation about music, society, religion, politics? 
08:38 <FriendlyJim> Facebook: I just farted!!!!11!!one!!
08:40 <AlexHawks> You havent met Bug2buga yet
08:40 <AlexHawks> apparantly
08:40 <FriendlyJim> I have, he's lotsa fun
08:40 <Pramirez351> hahah xD exactamundo
08:40 <Pramirez351> and its a she xD
08:40 <FriendlyJim> O_O
08:40 <Pramirez351> also, when did we say we talked intelligently? xD
08:41 <Pramirez351> yeah she acts like a guy but she is just a bit immature xD
08:41 <AlexHawks> A BIT
08:42 <FriendlyJim> You guys should read The Island of Dr. Moreau
08:42 <FriendlyJim> It's my favorite science fiction novel
08:43 <FriendlyJim> It's anvaliable online for free
08:43 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
08:43 <Pramirez351> nuh i got to read 8 books in 3 weeks...aint gonna happen
08:43 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
08:44 <FriendlyJim> Could I summarize it?
08:45 <Pramirez351> yeah but on PM
08:48 <Pramirez351> are you going to do it? im about to go back to doing my homework again
08:49 <FriendlyJim> Yes
08:51 <Pramirez351> hurry then xD
08:51 <IamKenasXros> Back
08:53 -!- Shiniquabonquiqui has joined Special:Chat
08:53 <Pramirez351> wb
08:53 <Shiniquabonquiqui> hey wazzup
08:53 <Pramirez351> hello quiqui
08:53 <Shiniquabonquiqui> whats your favorite scary movie
08:54 -!- Shiniquabonquiqui has left Special:Chat.
08:54 <Pramirez351> dont watch enough to say i have one
08:54 <Pramirez351> but jeepers creepers 2
08:54 <IamKenasXros> I'am scared of the darkness
08:54 <FriendlyJim> I like snuff movies
08:55 <IamKenasXros> But my curiosity keeps dragging me into all kinds of scary stuff ;w;
08:55 <Pramirez351> the story of my life xD
08:56 -!- Normal Cookies has joined Special:Chat
08:56 <FriendlyJim> So Pram, how old are you?
08:56 <Normal Cookies> Hi ! :D
08:56 -!- Shiniquabonquiqui has joined Special:Chat
08:56 <FriendlyJim> W
08:56 <Pramirez351> hello normal (cookie) s
08:56 <IamKenasXros> Hi
08:56 <Shiniquabonquiqui> good good
08:56 <Pramirez351> you new?
08:56 <AlexHawks> Your age has been asked, Pram
08:56 <Shiniquabonquiqui> yes
08:57 <Pramirez351> 16 gosh alex i know
08:57 <Normal Cookies> No I have had serveal accounts :D i forgot meh passcode
08:57 <Shiniquabonquiqui> seviral?
08:57 <Pramirez351> smooth move dipbag xD
08:57 <Normal Cookies> Sozz bout meh pelling HAhahaha :D
08:57 <Shiniquabonquiqui> :) 
08:57 <Normal Cookies> And Thanks he said sarcasticly
08:58 <Shiniquabonquiqui> normal cookies is my friend 
08:58 <Pramirez351> also have you read the rules qui qui?
08:58 <Shiniquabonquiqui> nope
08:58 <Shiniquabonquiqui> i play by my own rules
08:58 <Normal Cookies> Ill tellhim hes sitting next to meh
08:58 <Normal Cookies> We are in school HAAHAHAHA! :D
08:58 <Pramirez351> read them. read them now! ALL of them (ALL!)
08:58 <Pramirez351> please
08:58 <Normal Cookies> (ALL!)
08:58 <Pramirez351> :)
08:58 <AlexHawks> Jim, still here?
08:59 <FriendlyJim> Yep
08:59 -!- Shiniquabonquiqui has left Special:Chat.
08:59 <Pramirez351> but yeah jim im 16
08:59 <AlexHawks> What about your age, Jim?
08:59 <Normal Cookies> We need to go everyone be on later :D x
08:59 <FriendlyJim> Im 15
08:59 <AlexHawks> Sweet.
08:59 <AlexHawks> Bye cookies.
08:59 <FriendlyJim> By coke
08:59 -!- Normal Cookies has left Special:Chat.
09:00 <FriendlyJim> GTG EAT
09:00 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
09:01 <AlexHawks> Jim left ;l
09:01 <IamKenasXros> ...
09:01 <Pramirez351> yeah xD he had to eat
09:02 <Pramirez351> imma stick with you guys because of cookies and quiqui but after they spam the shit out of chat, im gone xD
09:03 <IamKenasXros> I'am a person...
09:03 <Pramirez351> hahah i guess you are xD
09:04 <IamKenasXros> Yes...
09:04 <IamKenasXros> ....
09:04 <IamKenasXros> Watching you...
09:04 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
09:05 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD hai peace
09:05 <AlexHawks> Hey Peace.
09:05 <IamKenasXros> Hello...Peace...
09:08 -!- Natchas 15 has joined Special:Chat
09:09 -!- KhajiitDragonborn has joined Special:Chat
09:09 <AlexHawks> Wait, is Jim comming back?
09:09 <Natchas 15> Hi
09:09 -!- KhajiitDragonborn has left Special:Chat.
09:10 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
09:10 <AlexHawks> Hi natchas.
09:12 <Pramirez351> welp imma go
09:12 <Pramirez351> bye now :)
09:12 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
09:13 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
09:14 -!- Natchas 15 has left Special:Chat.
09:14 <FriendlyJim> Back
09:14 <AlexHawks> I was away, couldnt even say bye.. ;l
09:14 <AlexHawks> Wb Jim.
09:14 <FriendlyJim> Thank ya
09:14 -!- Natchas 15 has joined Special:Chat
09:14 <Natchas 15> hi
09:15 <FriendlyJim> I ate some shredded carrots, isn't it wonderful what taxes are spent on?
09:15 <FriendlyJim> Wonderful lunch
09:15 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
09:15 <AlexHawks> Carrots hmm.
09:15 <FriendlyJim> Taxing the lower middle class is theft
09:16 <AlexHawks> You're from sweden, right?
09:16 <Natchas 15> :-l
09:16 <FriendlyJim> Yes
09:16 <AlexHawks> Hmm.
09:16 -!- Natchas 15 has left Special:Chat.
09:16 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:16 <AlexHawks> Hi Cymbal.
09:16 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Alex :)
09:17 <CrashingCymbal> How are you?
09:17 <AlexHawks> Still horrible
09:17 <AlexHawks> ._.
09:17 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sorry to hear that
09:17 <FriendlyJim> My parent's pay 3 bucks a day in taxes for school food, and we get fucking shredded carrots
09:17 <AlexHawks> It's okay.
09:18 <FriendlyJim> It's inhumane
09:18 <AlexHawks> Poor Jim. ;_;
09:18 <FriendlyJim> But to lighter topics, what is your favorite pasta?
09:19 <CrashingCymbal> I like tomato sauce and cheese on mine
09:19 <FriendlyJim> ha
09:19 <AlexHawks> 3 Ladies at sea.
09:19 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, ah no, my favorite would definitely be NoEnd House
09:19 <FriendlyJim> I have a weak spot NoEnd house
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> What do you mean?
09:20 <FriendlyJim> For*
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> Ahh
09:20 <FriendlyJim> I should type more slowly. . .
09:21 <AlexHawks> Sad thing this has no voicechat.
09:21 <AlexHawks> I cant chat while in game.
09:21 <FriendlyJim>
09:21 <FriendlyJim> Fucking nightmare fuel
09:24 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
09:24 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
09:24 <FriendlyJim> You know that really sexy girl who is kind of socially awkward, but still really hot and dresses nice? 
09:24 <FriendlyJim> She's sitting in front of me. . .
09:25 <FriendlyJim> *Ghasp*
09:25 <FriendlyJim> I'm thinking about writing a pasta under a different name
09:26 <FriendlyJim> It could be about gory gore
09:26 <FriendlyJim> Chat is dead again
09:27 <FriendlyJim> I guess I scared everyone off. . .
09:27 -!- Mjinbuu has joined Special:Chat
09:27 <FriendlyJim> A human being!
09:27 <FriendlyJim> Finally!
09:29 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
09:29 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
09:30 <FriendlyJim> ihop
09:31 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
09:31 <IamKenasXros> I'am inhuman
09:31 <IamKenasXros> I'am watching you
09:32 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
09:32 <FriendlyJim>
09:33 <Mjinbuu> (sad)
09:35 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
09:35 <FriendlyJim> The chat is always either too empty, of too full. . .
09:35 <FriendlyJim> HI!
09:35 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
09:36 <FriendlyJim> I think Pram leaves whenever he sees me.
09:36 <FriendlyJim> :(
09:36 <IamKenasXros> XD
09:37 <FriendlyJim> I think he doesn't like me after what I did. . .
09:37 <IamKenasXros> what did you do ?
09:38 <FriendlyJim> I told him that I would gut him like a pig, all in good fun, of course.
09:39 <CrashingCymbal> Half way through Whats Left 
09:39 -!- YakuYabai has joined Special:Chat
09:39 <CrashingCymbal> Pretty good so far
09:39 <FriendlyJim> :)
09:39 <CrashingCymbal> Did you write this Jim?
09:39 -!- YakuYabai has left Special:Chat.
09:40 <FriendlyJim> No
09:40 <FriendlyJim> I wish
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> Do you know who did?
09:40 <FriendlyJim> No, unfortunately
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> Ah ok
09:40 <FriendlyJim> I can check
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> Well so far it's an 8 or a 9 outta 10, but we'll see how it goes :D
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> No need to
09:42 <FriendlyJim> (O p O)
09:43 <Mjinbuu> (happy) someones replied
09:44 <FriendlyJim> Guys! Whats you poison?
09:44 <FriendlyJim> What's*
09:46 <AlexHawks> What's you poison?
09:46 <AlexHawks> Still don't get it
09:46 <FriendlyJim> Mine is cider and spanish whiskey
09:47 <FriendlyJim> I guess that there aren't a whole lot of drinkers here?
09:48 <FriendlyJim> Too bad.
09:48 <AlexHawks> You mean your, right.
09:48 <AlexHawks> Also, I'm not that weak.
09:48 <FriendlyJim> I didn't see the typo :(
09:48 <FriendlyJim> Oh lord I am weak!
09:48 <FriendlyJim> Really weak
09:49 <AlexHawks> You drink alchohol.
09:49 <FriendlyJim> A little, I don't get drunk though
09:49 <FriendlyJim> People who get drunk are disgusting
09:50 <AlexHawks> And people who drink at this age are disgusting. Sycophants.
09:50 <FriendlyJim> How did the match go by the way?
09:51 <AlexHawks> Won it.
09:51 <FriendlyJim> :)
09:51 <FriendlyJim> What's you favorite character?
09:51 <AlexHawks> Eh.
09:51 <AlexHawks> What?
09:51 <FriendlyJim> In LoL
09:52 <FriendlyJim> Whos*
09:52 <AlexHawks> So I asume you play it?
09:52 <FriendlyJim> Who's
09:52 <FriendlyJim> A bit
09:52 <AlexHawks> Answer is Zed
09:52 <FriendlyJim> I should really pay more attention to what I write
09:52 <FriendlyJim> So many typos
09:53 <FriendlyJim> Zed is cool
09:53 -!- TimelessPeople has joined Special:Chat
09:53 <TimelessPeople> Hello
09:54 <FriendlyJim> Welcome to the party :)
09:54 <FriendlyJim> :D
09:54 <FriendlyJim> (rapeface)
09:54 <CrashingCymbal> Published my review
09:54 <CrashingCymbal> 8/10, positive review]
09:54 <FriendlyJim> For some reason i thought (rapeface) would work. . .
09:54 <CrashingCymbal> (okay)
09:54 <FriendlyJim> Good
09:55 <FriendlyJim> Did it scare you?
09:55 <FriendlyJim> At all?
09:55 -!- IamKenasXros has left Special:Chat.
09:55 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah there shaky moments alright!
09:55 <TimelessPeople> Nope
09:55 <CrashingCymbal> Especially the smiling and the crying sounds
09:56 <CrashingCymbal> But I more focused my review on how well it was written
09:56 <FriendlyJim> I read your review
09:56 <FriendlyJim> It was good
09:56 <FriendlyJim> My reviews usually sound like "Ermagherd, good shait ma brah".
09:57 <CrashingCymbal> 
09:57 <CrashingCymbal> I just accidentally found this? O_O
09:57 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, it's a sign
09:57 <FriendlyJim> Have you read it? 
09:57 <FriendlyJim> Was it good?
09:57 <FriendlyJim> Wiki I mean.
09:58 <CrashingCymbal> No I'll start now
09:58 <CrashingCymbal> I was meaning to go back to the home page and it just sent me here? haha
09:58 <CrashingCymbal> Thats really weird
09:58 <FriendlyJim> Lol
09:58 -!- AlexHawks has left Special:Chat.
10:01 <FriendlyJim> I can hardly read it, it's just so full of bad grammar
10:02 <CrashingCymbal> It's shit haha
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> It's not even scary
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> I think he had a good concept, but he just executed it horribly
10:04 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
10:04 <Pramirez351> hello?
10:04 <FriendlyJim> "Average rating: 1"
10:04 <Pramirez351> what are you talkin about?
10:04 <FriendlyJim> Hello!
10:04 <FriendlyJim> A crap pasta
10:05 <Pramirez351> i wanna read!
10:05 <FriendlyJim>
10:05 <FriendlyJim> He even named it Wiki to get more views.
10:05 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, I give it 2 stars :P
10:06 <FriendlyJim> I gave it 1.
10:06 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah that's pretty pathetic actually
10:06 <Pramirez351> what do you mean do?
10:06 <CrashingCymbal> Jim, would you like to read my pasta?
10:07 <Pramirez351> why would he name it wiki?
10:07 <FriendlyJim> I would love too!
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> Naming it Wiki just to get more reads
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> Cheers thanks. 
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> I'll link you now, one second
10:07 <CrashingCymbal>
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> Enjoy!
10:07 <FriendlyJim> people go creepypasta(dot)com/wiki/wiki by accident
10:08 <FriendlyJim> Pram, read this, I found it really creepy
10:08 <FriendlyJim> Not talk. . .
10:08 <FriendlyJim> I linked wrong
10:08 <FriendlyJim>
10:08 <FriendlyJim> There
10:08 <FriendlyJim> Better
10:09 <Pramirez351> ok
10:10 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
10:11 <41488p> OHH HYEA
10:11 <41488p> LABOR DAY HOLIDAY!
10:11 <Pramirez351> hello 414 xD nice
10:11 <41488p> FUCK YOU BITCHES!!!
10:11 <41488p> :D
10:11 <41488p> hi Pram
10:11 <41488p> and I didn't mean that to you
10:11 <41488p> or to me
10:11 <41488p> or to anyone
10:11 <41488p> ;(
10:11 <Pramirez351> i get to go to a concert xD
10:11 <Pramirez351> AND its the last day of track! season is finally over! xD
10:12 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
10:12 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
10:13 <Pramirez351> guys i got a vid for you xD
10:13 <Pramirez351>
10:14 <41488p> oh nice!
10:14 <41488p> what the frack
10:15 <Pramirez351> exactamundo xD
10:16 -!- TimelessPeople has left Special:Chat.
10:16 <FriendlyJim> Got to go to class, bye
10:17 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
10:17 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:20 <41488p> uh
10:20 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:20 <Pramirez351> wb cymbal
10:20 -!- JackFrost5738 has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <JackFrost5738> Hi guys!
10:21 <Pramirez351> hai kill :) hai frost
10:21 <Kill1mes> Hello.
10:21 <JackFrost5738> WB Kill.
10:21 <Kill1mes> Thanls.
10:21 <JackFrost5738> Guys.
10:21 <JackFrost5738> Who is Giovanna Plowman?
10:21 <Kill1mes> Erm
10:21 <JackFrost5738> I keep seeing her all over Facebook.
10:22 <Pramirez351> dont know either
10:22 <Kill1mes> A girl who ate a bloody tampon and put a video of it on facebook
10:22 <JackFrost5738> :O
10:22 <Pramirez351> why did she do that again?
10:22 <JackFrost5738> Wait a fucking second.
10:22 <JackFrost5738> She ate a BLOODY one?!
10:22 <Kill1mes> "I was hungry"
10:22 <Kill1mes> YEs
10:22 <Kill1mes> She used it, then ate it.
10:23 <Pramirez351> thats hot...imeanwut?
10:23 <Pramirez351> gosh that just made me feel dirty (in a bad way xD)
10:23 <JackFrost5738> That is just... eww.
10:23 <Kill1mes> ^
10:23 <Kill1mes> It is pretty disgusting.
10:24 <JackFrost5738> Yea.
10:24 <JackFrost5738> I might watch it.
10:24 <JackFrost5738> imeanwat
10:24 <Pramirez351> ok that was even worse frost
10:24 <Pramirez351> xD
10:24 <Pramirez351> (cheeseburger)
10:24 <JackFrost5738> (burger)
10:24 <Kill1mes> It's (burger)
10:25 <Pramirez351> (burger?)
10:25 <JackFrost5738> Yea.
10:25 <Pramirez351> dam it! im stupid
10:25 <Kill1mes> I thought you were Pram
10:25 <Pramirez351> im just gonna go cry in a corner now
10:25 <Kill1mes> MY LIFE IS A LIE
10:25 <Pramirez351> hahah i am Pram xD
10:25 <Kill1mes> Oh.
10:26 <41488p> oh my god
10:26 <41488p> Kill
10:27 <41488p> why did you mention Giovanna
10:27 <41488p> I just searched her up
10:27 <41488p> oh god
10:27 <41488p> D:
10:27 <Pramirez351> hahaha nice 414 xD
10:27 <41488p> I don't want to live on this planet any more.
10:27 <JackFrost5738> I'm watching reaction videos of her.
10:27 <Pramirez351> just look up cute puppy pics. it will all be over soon
10:27 <Kill1mes> I didn't mention her
10:27 <Kill1mes> Jack did.
10:27 <Kill1mes> Blame him
10:28 <JackFrost5738> I love watching reaction videos.
10:28 <JackFrost5738> 414.
10:28 <JackFrost5738> You can blame me.
10:28 <JackFrost5738> I didn't know who she was.
10:28 <41488p> DAMMIT, PRAM!
10:28 <41488p> I accidentally searched up "cute pussy"
10:28 <41488p> D:
10:28 <41488p> why does this happen to me
10:28 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
10:28 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD that sucks! xD
10:28 <Kill1mes> Hey Jav
10:28 <Kill1mes> Jab*
10:28 <Jabeznewman4000> hey
10:29 <Kill1mes> 414
10:29 <Kill1mes> the "p" and "s" key are nowhere near
10:29 <JackFrost5738> LOL 414.
10:29 <Kill1mes> how did you mess that up?
10:29 <JackFrost5738> Hi Jab.
10:29 <Jabeznewman4000> hey
10:30 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
10:30 <Kill1mes> You killed chat Jab, you should feel ashamed
10:30 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
10:30 <41488p> you got me, Kill
10:30 <41488p> :(
10:30 <41488p> it wes mei jeke
10:30 <Kill1mes> Good.
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> 414
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Kyle
10:31 <Jabeznewman4000> damn my connettion
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Kill
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Hello all
10:31 <JackFrost5738> Cymbal!
10:31 <Kill1mes> CC, hai
10:31 <Jabeznewman4000> hello cymbal
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Kyle, have you ever read my story?
10:31 <JackFrost5738> Naw.
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jabez
10:31 <CrashingCymbal> Would you like to?
10:32 <Jabeznewman4000> maybe :?
10:33 <CrashingCymbal> 
10:33 <CrashingCymbal> It's here if anyone wants to read it :P
10:34 <41488p> keil
10:34 <CrashingCymbal>
10:34 <CrashingCymbal> The most accurate thing to ever be accurate in the history of accuracy
10:35 <Kill1mes> Heh, yeah.
10:36 <Kill1mes> Well, I'm off. If anybody breaks a rule, I'll pop a cap up in yo ass when I return. Peace bitches.
10:37 <CrashingCymbal> Goodbye
10:37 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:37 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
10:37 <Pramirez351> bye
10:37 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
10:37 <AlexHawks> Hello again, people..
10:37 <Pramirez351> actually i gtg as well. bye everyone :)
10:37 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
10:37 <AlexHawks> Bye.
10:38 <41488p>
10:38 <41488p> dis kewl
10:38 <41488p> WHAT
10:38 <41488p> NO
10:38 <41488p> FUUK
10:38 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
10:40 <JackFrost5738> Holy mother of FUCK.
10:40 <JackFrost5738> That was... uck!
10:41 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
10:41 <AlexHawks> Hi there Jack.
10:44 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
10:44 <Bug2buga> hi
10:49 <Bug2buga> .
10:49 <Bug2buga> well
10:52 -!- CreepyPastaIII has joined Special:Chat
10:53 -!- CreepyPastaIII has left Special:Chat.
10:54 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
10:57 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
10:57 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
10:57 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
10:57 <Nightshade of Darkness> hello
10:57 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
10:59 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
11:00 <Child Of Mantra> what was that?
11:00 <Nightshade of Darkness> What?
11:00 <Child Of Mantra> Look up
11:00 <Nightshade of Darkness> ?
11:01 <Child Of Mantra> I'll go check
11:01 <Child Of Mantra> !logs
11:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
11:01 <Bug2buga> im sad
11:01 <Nightshade of Darkness> aww why Bug
11:01 <Bug2buga> left handed people dont live as long as right handed people
11:01 <Bug2buga> i dont wanna die early ;~;
11:01 <Nightshade of Darkness> aww *hugs bug* don't worry you won't
11:01 <Bug2buga> yes i will
11:01 <Child Of Mantra> That sounds like a shitty myth
11:02 <Nightshade of Darkness> I'm here for ya Bug ^^
11:02 <Bug2buga> no
11:02 <Bug2buga> it is real
11:04 <Child Of Mantra> 414
11:04 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
11:04 <Pramirez351> yey! nightshade and bug! :)
11:04 <Child Of Mantra> have you seen Radiohead From The Basement?
11:04 <Pramirez351> buddy reunion! :D
11:05 <Child Of Mantra> i must be blind because 414 is not on
11:05 <Bug2buga> hey pram
11:05 <Bug2buga> im gonna die before you guys
11:05 <Pramirez351> nop he isnt child xD
11:05 <Bug2buga> because im left handed
11:05 <AlexHawks> Hi.'
11:05 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
11:05 <Pramirez351> still your going to die awesomer then us bug! xD
11:05 <Bug2buga> wow ok
11:05 <Bug2buga> that was nice
11:05 <Pramirez351> :) i hope it was xD
11:06 <Bug2buga> but yea im p sure all you dickholes got nothing on me
11:06 <Nightshade of Darkness> ....hmm
11:06 <Child Of Mantra> Bug is the nicest
11:06 <Bug2buga> yes
11:06 <Child Of Mantra> i am archabar
11:06 <Pramirez351> its a TRAP!
11:07 <Pramirez351> xD
11:07 <Child Of Mantra> no not achbar
11:07 <Bug2buga> actually irl im pretty nice
11:07 <Child Of Mantra> on the web too
11:07 <Bug2buga> im probably one of the nicest people at my school
11:07 <Child Of Mantra> I remember in a tinychat once where you were on
11:07 <Child Of Mantra> You were pretty nice
11:07 <Bug2buga> ye
11:07 <Child Of Mantra> oye
11:07 <Pramirez351> you ARE nice bug (kawaii)
11:07 <Bug2buga> i just like messing with you guys
11:08 <Child Of Mantra> like right now
11:08 <Bug2buga> im seriously not mean
11:08 <Pramirez351> just not nice to noobs xD
11:08 <Bug2buga> nah it's like everyone
11:08 <Bug2buga> im nice to noobs when they pm me
11:08 <Bug2buga> i just act like a jerk so they get all mad
11:08 <Bug2buga> it's funny
11:08 <Pramirez351> hahaha well thats good :)
11:09 <Pramirez351> im so tired! i wanna go sleepy time!
11:09 <Nightshade of Darkness> ...join the club....
11:09 <Child Of Mantra> Buggy i am thinking about getting Keys
11:09 <Bug2buga> what is that
11:09 <Child Of Mantra> Keyboard
11:10 <Bug2buga> oh
11:10 <Bug2buga> and i think im gonna die pretty early compared to other people
11:10 <Bug2buga> when i get older
11:11 <Child Of Mantra> When you look at it at my point of view 
11:11 <Child Of Mantra> You don't have to stress over society anymore
11:11 <Bug2buga> because apparently being left handed, having a lot of stress, not flossing, and being married are all things that can affect how long you live
11:11 <Bug2buga> and why'
11:11 <Bug2buga> *why's that
11:11 <Child Of Mantra> Sometimes life get's you down a lot
11:12 <Bug2buga> yhes
11:12 <Child Of Mantra> werds werds werds
11:13 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
11:13 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Jim.
11:14 <FriendlyJim> hello Mantra :)
11:14 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
11:14 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
11:14 <AlexHawks> Hi again, Jim.
11:14 <FriendlyJim> Hello Mantra
11:14 <AlexHawks> How nice.
11:14 <FriendlyJim> Hello Alex
11:15 <AlexHawks> Mind playing a game of lol with me?
11:15 <AlexHawks> Or still school?
11:15 <FriendlyJim> I'm in class :(
11:15 <Child Of Mantra> Which class?
11:15 <FriendlyJim> English
11:15 <Child Of Mantra> My fave
11:16 <FriendlyJim> I will have drawing again soon :(
11:16 <Child Of Mantra> Drawing?
11:16 <Child Of Mantra> That is awesome
11:16 <FriendlyJim> I have drawing twice each tuesday
11:16 <FriendlyJim> Art
11:17 <Child Of Mantra> Art is boring but drawing is fun
11:17 <Bug2buga> hey look it's not-so-friendly friendly jim
11:17 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <Bug2buga> and i take art, it's my favorite class
11:17 <Bug2buga> also i have to go to school
11:17 <Bug2buga> bye
11:17 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <Child Of Mantra> I go to music school.
11:17 <Child Of Mantra> Bai
11:18 <Pramirez351> welp bye i need A LOT of sleep (too bad im only getting hopefully an hour's worth xD)
11:18 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
11:18 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
11:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hello people :)
11:19 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
11:19 <Child Of Mantra> "Officer, I'm not interfering. I'm asserting my First Amendment rights. You're being documented and recorded offsite."
11:19 <Child Of Mantra> I'm remembering that sentence.
11:20 <FriendlyJim> What languages do you speak Mantra?
11:20 <Child Of Mantra> Icelandic, English and Norwegian
11:20 <Child Of Mantra> Not that good in swedish.
11:21 <Child Of Mantra> at?
11:21 <Child Of Mantra> in*
11:21 <FriendlyJim> I speak Swedish, (and rather poor English).
11:22 <Child Of Mantra> You're not that bad.
11:22 <FriendlyJim> Thank you my dear Mantra, you are certainly most kind.
11:22 <FriendlyJim> ;)
11:23 <FriendlyJim> I mean :)
11:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> From what I can tell you too both type more English then actual English people, who think " typin lyk dis iz prper nglish becuz they nt educated " That type of typing really annoys me
11:23 <Child Of Mantra> Brb gotta get me a fresh pot.
11:24 <FriendlyJim> Not sure if you mean flowers, or cannabis. . .
11:25 <FriendlyJim> I agree Zack
11:25 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
11:25 <FriendlyJim> And thank you for the compliment.
11:27 <Mjinbuu> till
11:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> As an author I've trained myself in writing standard English and even though I have Dyspraxia and possible Dyslexia at times, even I type better then most , that
11:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> style os typing is redundant
11:28 -!- LunaMoon0301 has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <LunaMoon0301> hai gais
11:30 <Mjinbuu> haylo lunaimoanziretriizrewun
11:30 -!- HAHABLOOD has joined Special:Chat
11:30 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
11:30 <FriendlyJim> I feel bad for people with reading and writing difficulties, I have a lot of dyslexic relatives who get the exact same tasks in school as people with perfectly fine reading.
11:30 <Mjinbuu> that sounds like gays
11:30 -!- JackFrost5738 has left Special:Chat.
11:30 <Mjinbuu> hai gays lol
11:30 <LunaMoon0301> woah
11:30 <HAHABLOOD> Watch out for that word.
11:31 <HAHABLOOD> xD
11:31 <LunaMoon0301> hey lesbian
11:31 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Hey.
11:31 <LunaMoon0301> hai blood
11:31 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I feel sick. ._.
11:31 <FriendlyJim> Hello homosexual people.
11:31 <Mjinbuu> hai luna
11:31 <HAHABLOOD> Sup Joker.
11:31 <HAHABLOOD> Why lesby?
11:31 <AlexHawks> ты банкурт, ты же маслионак,и друся тфажи маслёнки и маслята, тупащатие и русский непаймаыть. ани кот руские? я недумаю сафсем
11:31 <AlexHawks> ну и сто? а у меня друзйев полным пално, што мой зад лопнут
11:31 <AlexHawks> Anyone whois russian, please translate
11:31 <HAHABLOOD> Uhmm.
11:31 <AlexHawks> Some russian girl said it to me
11:31 <FriendlyJim> Alex!
11:31 <AlexHawks> ._.
11:31 <LunaMoon0301> i can do it
11:31 <Mjinbuu> i understand thats russian
11:31 <LunaMoon0301> hold on
11:31 <HAHABLOOD> There's Google translate for that.
11:31 <AlexHawks> Thanks.
11:31 <AlexHawks> Hi Jim
11:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah but some people can learn to live around it, I have a friend who had bad Dyslexia who is a better writer then me and everyone I know says I'm amazing at writing, but she is well better then me, after a while I got used the way she writes, it's rare I have to ask her what a word says
11:32 <Mjinbuu> umm that russians so wrong
11:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> @ Jim
11:32 <FriendlyJim> That is true Zack
11:32 <Mjinbuu> like in english hai gays
11:32 <AlexHawks> I mean I thought I can speak russian, but I cant understand this russian, at all.
11:32 <HAHABLOOD> I Think it means : Putin gorbachev russia stalingrad fuck you stalin adolf hitler sucks cold war 2 world war 3 we will win and dominate
11:32 <Mjinbuu> nope
11:32 <LunaMoon0301> oh god why??
11:32 <Mjinbuu> oh god why
11:32 <AlexHawks> Please translate it.
11:32 <LunaMoon0301> its so bad though
11:32 <AlexHawks> Try to get the meaning? ._.
11:32 <Mjinbuu> lol fuck stalin?
11:32 <LunaMoon0301> bankurt you, you maslionak and drusya tfazhi nipples and butter mushrooms, tupaschatie and Russian nepaymayt. Ani cat Rusko? I nedumayu safsem well and one hundred? and I have a full druzyev palno INTO my ass burst
11:33 <Child Of Mantra> im back
11:33 <LunaMoon0301> thats what i got
11:33 <Mjinbuu> Butter mushroom...
11:33 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
11:33 <AlexHawks> wtf
11:33 <FriendlyJim> WB Mantra
11:33 <AlexHawks> @luna
11:33 <LunaMoon0301> INTO my ass burst
11:33 <LunaMoon0301> thats what i got
11:33 <FriendlyJim> INTO MY ASS
11:33 <LunaMoon0301> haha
11:33 <HAHABLOOD> bankurt you, you maslionak and drusya tfazhi nipples and butter mushrooms, tupaschatie and Russian nepaymayt. Ani cat Rusko? I nedumayu safsem well and one hundred? and I have a full druzyev palno INTO my ass burst
11:33 <Child Of Mantra> Why would i announce that i was gonna smoke cannabis on chat?
11:33 <Child Of Mantra> I meant pot as in a pot of coffee.
11:33 <FriendlyJim> Ah
11:33 <Mjinbuu> *PUNCHS POT O GOLD*
11:33 <LunaMoon0301> thanks to google translate
11:34 <HAHABLOOD> That's what it translated.
11:34 <Mjinbuu> Thanks google translate
11:34 <AlexHawks> Lol..
11:34 <FriendlyJim> Socially awkward Jim strikes again 
11:34 <LunaMoon0301> im all like "wtf man. wtf"
11:34 <Mjinbuu> for saying fucking stalin and butter mushroom!
11:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Be right back
11:34 <LunaMoon0301> kay
11:34 <Child Of Mantra> good morning lesbian.
11:34 <HAHABLOOD> Can you guys give me a good wallpaper?
11:34 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
11:34 <HAHABLOOD> Nvm, I'll go to 4chan for that.
11:34 <Mjinbuu> magic bacon
11:35 <AlexHawks> Jim, play lol with me now, how can you still be in school
11:35 <Child Of Mantra> psychedelic wallpapers?
11:35 <Mjinbuu> Magic bacon wallpaper
11:35 <LunaMoon0301> im in school actually
11:35 <LunaMoon0301> (bacon)
11:35 <FriendlyJim> School ends in 1 hour and 20 minutes
11:35 <Child Of Mantra> i just got home from scooel
11:35 <LunaMoon0301> school just started
11:35 <LunaMoon0301> im in 1st hour
11:35 <Mjinbuu> School ended 5 hours ao..
11:36 <HAHABLOOD> Damn it, Always perverted posts even in the Wallpaper page.
11:36 <HAHABLOOD> -_-
11:36 <Mjinbuu> just use magic bacon
11:36 <Mjinbuu> goggle magic bacon wallpaper
11:37 <HAHABLOOD> Wtf is this shit?
11:37 <Child Of Mantra> i hate bacon
11:37 <HAHABLOOD> Get out...
11:37 <Child Of Mantra> no fuck you
11:37 <AlexHawks> So youll play lol with me in 2hours. Yay.
11:37 <Mjinbuu> lol
11:37 <HAHABLOOD> You're in the wrong neighborhood motherfucker.
11:37 <Mjinbuu> MAGIC BACON
11:37 <Mjinbuu> nO
11:37 <Mjinbuu> OH HELL NO
11:37 <LunaMoon0301> bacjk
11:38 <AlexHawks> паслукай суха. котиш пашулас народную мудраст? а? твой папаша и мая маша расзие пасуди для гуляша 
11:38 <HAHABLOOD> Wb
11:38 <AlexHawks> She said this to me
11:38 <LunaMoon0301> anynoe know where icons are?
11:38 <LunaMoon0301> paslukay dry. kotish pashulas folk mudrast? and? May your father and mung raszie pasudi-kettle
11:38 <LunaMoon0301> translated
11:38 <AlexHawks> wut
11:38 <LunaMoon0301> paslukay dry. kotish pashulas folk mudrast? and? May your father and mung raszie pasudi-kettle
11:38 <AlexHawks> doesnt make sense.
11:38 <LunaMoon0301> i know
11:38 <HAHABLOOD> May your father and mung raszie pasudi kettle...
11:39 <HAHABLOOD> Really motherfucker?
11:39 <Mjinbuu> May your father and mother rot in hell....
11:39 <Mjinbuu> xD
11:39 <LunaMoon0301> hahablood, im sorry but could you please watch your language
11:40 <Mjinbuu> i saw the rules....cussing/swearing is allowed here.
11:40 <FriendlyJim> Be right back
11:40 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
11:42 <Child Of Mantra> It is.
11:42 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
11:42 <AlexHawks> But you still shouldn't fucking do it.
11:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm back
11:43 <AlexHawks> Wb.
11:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks :)
11:43 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
11:43 <Mjinbuu> il go duct tape someones mouth brb
11:43 <AlexHawks> Yay, Jim's back ._.
11:43 -!- HAHABLOOD has left Special:Chat.
11:43 <AlexHawks> Have fun, Mjin.
11:43 <AlexHawks> я незнаю если шесна сто эта знашит, но моя бабуля ягуля так каварила какда жизая была, и меня наушила руский язык 
11:43 <FriendlyJim> I sense sarcasm. . .
11:44 <AlexHawks> Your senses are lieing.
11:44 <Mjinbuu> taht means i dont understand russian,even though my grandma taught me
11:44 -!- That Vengeful Spirit has joined Special:Chat
11:45 <That Vengeful Spirit> Lolwhat.
11:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I only speak English and Al Bhed xD
11:45 <That Vengeful Spirit> (wat)
11:45 <Mjinbuu> i only speak mfmfm mmffm
11:45 <Mjinbuu> mmmf fmfffm
11:45 <That Vengeful Spirit> I only speak english, and trollpasta.
11:46 -!- Ukon Renjishi has joined Special:Chat
11:46 <AlexHawks> Hi spirit.
11:46 <AlexHawks> Hi Ukon.
11:46 <Mjinbuu> m mfmf ffmmm MFMMFMFMMFFF!
11:46 <That Vengeful Spirit> Though, speaking trollpasta's banned because it has excessive caps.
11:46 <Ukon Renjishi> Hello Alex!
11:46 <That Vengeful Spirit> Anyways, what are you guys talkin bout today?
11:47 <FriendlyJim> Bacon
11:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hello Ukon
11:47 <FriendlyJim> Magic Bacon
11:47 <Ukon Renjishi>
11:47 <AlexHawks> About Jim playing lol with me when he gets back.
11:47 <That Vengeful Spirit> (bacon)
11:47 <LunaMoon0301> back
11:47 <AlexHawks> Wb.
11:47 <LunaMoon0301> hai veng
11:47 <Ukon Renjishi> Hold brb
11:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Welcome back Luna
11:47 <FriendlyJim> Who has read the expressionless?
11:47 <FriendlyJim> I AM GOD
11:48 <LunaMoon0301> may i ask a question?
11:48 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
11:48 <AlexHawks> You may.
11:48 <AlexHawks> You have my permission.
11:48 <FriendlyJim> And mine!
11:48 <Mjinbuu> about magic bacon AND MINE!
11:48 <AlexHawks> You didnt get permission to give your permission, Jim ;l
11:48 <LunaMoon0301> how do you change the default icon for jpg files?
11:48 <That Vengeful Spirit> Friendly, I know that's from sonic.exe
11:48 <Mjinbuu> (BACON)
11:48 -!- Ukon Renjishi has left Special:Chat.
11:49 <That Vengeful Spirit> No offense, but I think sonic.exe is ridiculous compared to other pastas.
11:49 <That Vengeful Spirit> Sonic.exe used to be good.
11:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sonic.exe is an awesome one I think, just my opinion though :)
11:49 <That Vengeful Spirit> But it unleashed hordes of new cliches.
11:50 <That Vengeful Spirit> And now every other VG pasta is the same.
11:50 <LunaMoon0301> anyone know?
11:50 <FriendlyJim> Please, do call me Jim
11:50 <AlexHawks> Okay, Jim.
11:50 -!- Raducu22 has joined Special:Chat
11:50 <Raducu22> Hey guys
11:50 <Raducu22> I just made my first Pasta
11:50 <AlexHawks> Hi Rad.
11:51 <Raducu22> Would you please care to read it?
11:51 <AlexHawks> What was it?
11:51 <AlexHawks> Spaghetti?
11:51 <LunaMoon0301> if anyone can tell me, ill love you forever
11:51 <AlexHawks> Raviolli?
11:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> True, well if they're all similar to Sonic.exe then the originality has been lost in the others if you ask me
11:51 <LunaMoon0301> haha
11:51 <Raducu22> Creepy type of pasta
11:51 <That Vengeful Spirit> Sally.EXE was not original AT ALL, first it used so many cliches, and second pretty much everything from the gameplay was copied off a video.
11:51 <AlexHawks> Uhm.. Gniochi is creepy
11:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Also Luna, you mean the picture next to our names here?
11:51 <AlexHawks> I guess
11:51 <Raducu22>
11:51 <FriendlyJim> Sonic.exe?
11:51 <Raducu22> if you wish to read it
11:51 <Raducu22> :)
11:51 <AlexHawks> If you make Jim play with my
11:51 <AlexHawks> me*
11:51 <FriendlyJim> I love fallout, so I'll give a read
11:51 <That Vengeful Spirit> I would link it, but youtube is banned on these school computers.
11:51 <FriendlyJim> I will play with myself
11:52 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
11:52 <FriendlyJim> *Ba-dum tss*
11:52 <Raducu22> The Vengeful Spirit
11:52 <AlexHawks> Play with my instead.
11:52 <Raducu22> add .jpg
11:52 <Raducu22> to thelink
11:52 <AlexHawks> Me*ю
11:52 <Raducu22> so you can get to it
11:52 <That Vengeful Spirit> Wow, that's alot of mayonaise..
11:52 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
11:52 -!- That Vengeful Spirit has left Special:Chat.
11:52 <Raducu22> Btw it is my first pasta
11:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> @ Luna: Do you mean the little display picture next to the names here? <--------
11:53 <LunaMoon0301> no
11:53 <LunaMoon0301> its the icon on the desktop
11:53 <AlexHawks> wut
11:53 <Pramirez351> let me see the pasta raducu (if you want i could give you some feedback xD)
11:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh right, erm, I'll try to figure out for you if I can :)
11:53 <AlexHawks> I know how to change it :P
11:53 <LunaMoon0301> you do?
11:53 <AlexHawks> Mhm
11:54 <LunaMoon0301> @Alex tell me how pleae
11:54 <AlexHawks> I can send you a screenshot of my desktop, youll see that I can
11:54 <FriendlyJim> Hello Pramirez
11:54 <AlexHawks> ;l
11:54 <LunaMoon0301> want my email?
11:54 <AlexHawks> Nu
11:54 <AlexHawks> I can pm it
11:54 <LunaMoon0301> oh, okie
11:54 <LunaMoon0301> but still. my email is there
11:54 <Pramirez351> hello
11:54 <LunaMoon0301> hai pram
11:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
11:54 <Pramirez351> jim xD
11:55 <Raducu22>
11:55 <Raducu22> Here's Me Pasta
11:55 <Raducu22> I know it's not too good but it's mah first
11:55 <Raducu22> :D
11:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'll read it now
11:56 -!- DehLeetGuy has joined Special:Chat
11:56 <DehLeetGuy> Loool
11:56 <LunaMoon0301> hai
11:56 <LunaMoon0301> (loool)
11:56 <DehLeetGuy> Hellew gaiz.
11:56 <AlexHawks> Hi gai.
11:56 <AlexHawks> Luna, pm.
11:56 -!- Danilawliet has joined Special:Chat
11:56 <DehLeetGuy> Catching a level 4 HO-OH with pokeballs ;-;
11:57 <Danilawliet> Hello
11:57 <DehLeetGuy> Just started playing emerald randomizer
11:57 <DehLeetGuy> Hai.
11:58 <Danilawliet> Im sad
11:58 <LunaMoon0301> wai?
11:58 <LunaMoon0301> dont be sad
11:58 <LunaMoon0301> get glad!
11:58 <Danilawliet> Im all alone at dinner because my friends are on study leave
11:58 <LunaMoon0301> that sucks
11:59 <LunaMoon0301> well, we're here for you
11:59 <Danilawliet> I suppose ^_^
11:59 <LunaMoon0301> ^^
11:59 <Mjinbuu> hey i just made my first pasta too called nothing
11:59 <Mjinbuu> its link is
11:59 <DehLeetGuy> God damn it, if I catch the hoe oh then its only gonna have a useless move ;-;
11:59 <Mjinbuu> nothing.jpg
11:59 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT THE
12:00 <Pramirez351> ok when i update my profile page and put there that i review pastas, im going to clearly state that i dont give a crap whether its your first pasta or your 1000th if its good, ill say it is good. if its bad, then its bad. ill critizise it anyway
12:00 <DehLeetGuy> That son of a dang man just sent me out of battle ;-;
12:00 <Danilawliet> Hoh-oh is not as cool as lugia.
12:00 <Raducu22> so
12:00 <Mjinbuu> lol
12:00 <Raducu22> did anyone read it?:D
12:00 <DehLeetGuy> Pram, I'm gonna write a story based off of real events, when its done, if its good would you review it?
12:01 <Pramirez351> yeah i would do so leet :)
12:01 <Pramirez351> also im reading it rad
12:01 <FriendlyJim> I'm reading it right now. .
12:01 <DehLeetGuy> Agh, my mouth hurts so bad
12:01 <DehLeetGuy> Two teeth are about to fall out
12:01 <AlexHawks> Jim, stop ignoring me
12:02 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <Necrai> Hey guys.
12:02 <FriendlyJim> I am not ignoring you
12:02 <DehLeetGuy> should I catch the ho oh?
12:02 <FriendlyJim> Hey
12:02 <FriendlyJim> Yes, you should
12:02 <Necrai> do eet.
12:03 <AlexHawks> You are <_<
12:03 <DehLeetGuy> I doubt a great ball will catch one thats level 4 without going for half an hour
12:03 <AlexHawks> You need to play with my
12:03 <DehLeetGuy> FOG
12:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> @ Rad: I read it
12:04 <Raducu22> sooooo
12:04 <FriendlyJim> I am in class, and I'm on my school MacBook
12:04 <DehLeetGuy> I cant wait to take pictures of the thing that im gonna write about.
12:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It was good :)
12:04 <Raducu22> yay
12:04 <Raducu22> what did you not like at it?
12:04 <FriendlyJim> I simply cannot play at this moment
12:04 <Raducu22> so i can improve it
12:04 <AlexHawks> ;_;#
12:04 <Danilawliet> I love apples.
12:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Maybe a bit more detail would of made it more creepy but I'm not the best at detail either xD
12:05 <DehLeetGuy> My emerald cartridge is kinda hacked
12:05 <DehLeetGuy> when the starting screen shows up theres just blood everywhere
12:05 <DehLeetGuy> Other than that the game is 100% normal
12:05 <Danilawliet> I need to hack a pokemon cardridge
12:05 <Danilawliet> it'd be good for lols
12:05 <LunaMoon0301> hai necrai
12:06 <DehLeetGuy> Wild HO-OH used Whirlwind!
12:06 <DehLeetGuy> NOOOO
12:06 <FriendlyJim> I played a hacked one once, it was weird though, and it was call "Pokémon Black"
12:06 <FriendlyJim> *Called
12:06 <FriendlyJim> Even when I try to be scary I make typos.
12:07 <Danilawliet> Omg Leet NOE
12:07 <DehLeetGuy> i screwed up my Emerald game that I was playing on VisualBoyAdvance
12:07 <LunaMoon0301> i think i made alex upset
12:07 <DehLeetGuy> The freaking save god damned deleted itself after i beat the elite four for the second time
12:08 <DehLeetGuy> And I had 4 legendaries ;-;
12:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> :O Not good :(
12:08 <Danilawliet> I have a gripe. why was there no PoTM this month?
12:08 <Mjinbuu> (apples)
12:08 <Mjinbuu> fuuu
12:08 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <DehLeetGuy> I have the three main legendaries and I randomly found a Latios
12:08 <Danilawliet> (ryuk)
12:08 <Necrai> Hey, TheOne.
12:08 <The-one123> hello peoples
12:08 <DehLeetGuy> When I was in the middle of the sea
12:08 <Mjinbuu> (knife)
12:08 <Mjinbuu> fuuuu
12:08 <Raducu22> Hey Jim
12:08 -!- Ukon Renjishi has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <Mjinbuu> (bacon)
12:08 <Raducu22> Friendly Jim
12:08 <Ukon Renjishi> I'm back!
12:08 <Mjinbuu> yay!
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> AASSSSS used PokeBall!
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> Dafuq I caught it
12:09 <Raducu22> WAT
12:09 <Raducu22> HOW
12:09 <Danilawliet> Yaaay
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> WAIT
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> YOU PIECE OF
12:09 -!- Ukon Renjishi has left Special:Chat.
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> Thats it screw catching hoe oh
12:09 <DehLeetGuy> ho oh*
12:09 <LunaMoon0301> ......
12:10 <LunaMoon0301> ponies are better than pokemon
12:10 <The-one123> no they arnt
12:10 <Necrai> I threw a normal pokeball at Rayquaza once.
12:10 <Necrai> It ticked three times, then I celebrated..
12:10 <Necrai> and it escaped.
12:10 <DehLeetGuy> Lolno
12:10 <Mjinbuu> creepy used pasta!
12:10 <DehLeetGuy> Luna you mad
12:10 <Danilawliet> Luna, IM a pegasister and I disagree
12:10 <Necrai> Luna, sorry but I have to say, I favor Pokemon than Ponies.
12:10 <Danilawliet> Pokemon is so many levels above pony
12:10 <LunaMoon0301> i truthfully hate pokemon
12:10 <Mjinbuu> bronies
12:10 <DehLeetGuy> 3 People against 1 >:D
12:11 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
12:11 <Mjinbuu> bronies
12:11 <Necrai> Also, Danil, you know that brony doesn't originate from the word, "bro", right?
12:11 <LunaMoon0301> theyre not as good as people say they are
12:11 <DehLeetGuy> Im playing pokemon for about 2 months or less and I already caught half of the legendaries
12:11 <Danilawliet> Orly?
12:11 <Danilawliet> Do tell, Necrai
12:11 <FriendlyJim> Raducu, I'm back, what is it?
12:11 <Necrai> I really don't see why Pegasister was created, because "bronie" originated from 4chans /b/.
12:11 <LunaMoon0301> yeah, its all the same
12:11 <DehLeetGuy> Luna, try playing some pokemon on an emulator
12:11 <Mjinbuu> iv caught all 99999999 pokemons
12:11 <LunaMoon0301> i have
12:11 <LunaMoon0301> i have a gameboy emulater
12:11 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
12:11 <FriendlyJim> Raducu
12:12 <Necrai> Pokemon: Light Platinum is fun.
12:12 <Necrai> Fun, fun.
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> im having the time of my life playing this game
12:12 <Danilawliet> There's gonna be a pokemon #616 in the next gen
12:12 <Necrai> Hello, Sess.
12:12 <Danilawliet> HUHUAHHAH
12:12 <FriendlyJim> Rad
12:12 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hello
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> Oh no
12:12 <FriendlyJim> Rad
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> ive tried a lot of the pokemon games but its basically the same
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> 616 NO
12:12 <Mjinbuu> im having the time of my life playing growtopia
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> PLEASE JUST NO
12:12 <Danilawliet> I bet it'll be a zubat clone
12:12 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Luna remember the joke you told about the burnt pizza and stuff?
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> No
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> yeah
12:12 <Danilawliet> A ZUBAT LEGENDARY
12:12 <Necrai> I'll be honest, I haven't even played Black 2 or White 2
12:12 <DehLeetGuy> Its gonna be MewThree >.>
12:12 <Danilawliet> I completed W2
12:12 <LunaMoon0301> id rather not play either
12:12 <Danilawliet> oh god
12:12 <Danilawliet> Leet you're right
12:12 <Necrai> MewThree is going to be boring.
12:13 <Necrai> ;-;
12:13 <Mjinbuu> i done black 2
12:13 <LunaMoon0301> did it hurt?
12:13 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I told it to my friends and they laughed so hard they started to cry
12:13 <LunaMoon0301> well np
12:13 <DehLeetGuy> I cant play gen 4 and gen 5 because I dont have a Nintendo 3DS and my PC cant handle emulating those games
12:13 <LunaMoon0301> i have more jokes like that
12:13 <Necrai> It's going to funny when someone comes in, sees us saying things like black 2 and white 2 and accuse us of racism.
12:13 <DehLeetGuy> Luna, whats the burnt pizza joke?
12:13 <Necrai> Even though that won't happen.
12:13 <Necrai> Leet, pms/
12:13 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:13 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:13 <DehLeetGuy> ?
12:14 <FriendlyJim> Alex, are you playing LoL or what?
12:14 -!- Ukon Renjishi has joined Special:Chat
12:14 <LunaMoon0301> what do a burnt pizza, a frozen beer, and a pregnant woman have in common?
12:14 <Danilawliet> Nothing?
12:14 <Mjinbuu> their all
12:14 <LunaMoon0301> nobody pulled it out in time
12:14 <Necrai> oh, i already told him, but i did it wrong xD
12:14 <Mjinbuu> fat
12:14 <Danilawliet> OH GOD XD
12:14 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:14 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hahahahaha
12:14 <Mjinbuu> OH GOD WHY
12:14 <Danilawliet> (ogw)
12:14 <LunaMoon0301> (ogodwhy)
12:14 <Necrai> (ic)
12:14 <DehLeetGuy> (huehue)
12:14 -!- Ukon Renjishi has left Special:Chat.
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> sorry, i typed it wrong
12:15 <Pramirez351> finished reading radu
12:15 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:15 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
12:15 <Mjinbuu> (oGW)
12:15 <Necrai> luna, i am dissapoint. just.. (son)
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> its (ogw)
12:15 <Necrai> Hi, Aron <3
12:15 <LunaMoon0301> but you liked it, right?
12:15 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Necrai.
12:15 <DehLeetGuy> Almost screwed everything up with my Kadabra
12:15 <DehLeetGuy> Almost teleported out of battle ;-;
12:15 <FriendlyJim> Goddamnit, now don't get to know what they have in common :,:
12:16 <Necrai> wut
12:16 <FriendlyJim> Mantra, Pram!
12:16 <Child Of Mantra> Heylow.
12:16 <Pramirez351> gosh man i was thinking "alright i think this one is a solid 2, 3 maybe even 4 out of 10"....then i saw how much HP you had after the floor exploded.... because of all the cliches, i just say 1 out of 10
12:16 <Necrai> What, Pram?
12:16 <LunaMoon0301> anyone want another joke?
12:16 <DehLeetGuy> Pram, I can tell you, when I'm finished with mine your gonna vomit from the bad quality
12:17 <Necrai> I'd love one, Luna.
12:17 <DehLeetGuy> FUCK YEA LUNA
12:17 <FriendlyJim> I want the first joke
12:17 <Child Of Mantra> Baby's got the bends
12:17 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Yeah
12:17 <FriendlyJim> Now that's just silly
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> okay
12:17 <LunaMoon0301> why are lesbians skinny?
12:17 <FriendlyJim> Why?
12:17 <Necrai> I don't know, why?
12:17 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <Pramirez351> wait are you reading my pastas leet? tell me what you think of them please :3
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> because the only time they eat, they eat out
12:18 <Necrai> ^
12:18 <Child Of Mantra> HAH
12:18 <FriendlyJim> Ahhhhh
12:18 <DehLeetGuy> Havent read them Pram, I'll do that soon
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> ^^
12:18 <Child Of Mantra> You are what you eat.
12:18 <The-one123> brb
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> another?
12:18 <Child Of Mantra> Then i must be a pussy
12:18 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
12:18 <Child Of Mantra> That's an old one
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> i have a good 2 left
12:18 <DehLeetGuy> I have a lame one
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> for today anyways
12:18 <FriendlyJim> I like it, ANOTHER
12:18 <LunaMoon0301> okay
12:19 <Necrai> If you are what you eat.. I'm a damned Cheeseburger.
12:19 <Pramirez351> i was talking to radu, but yeah man, read them, be my guest
12:19 <Pramirez351> here is the other one
12:19 <Necrai> Tell us your lame joke, leet xD
12:19 <DehLeetGuy> One sec
12:19 <DehLeetGuy> Did you guys hear about the goblin that got his left arm and left leg cut off?
12:19 <Necrai> No.
12:19 <FriendlyJim> No
12:19 <DehLeetGuy> Its okay, hes all RIGHT!
12:19 <Necrai> heh.
12:19 <FriendlyJim> Ahhh
12:20 <Necrai> (ic)
12:20 <FriendlyJim> Hahaha
12:20 <Raducu22> HAHAHA
12:20 <DehLeetGuy> Told you its lame
12:20 <FriendlyJim> I have one
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> a man walks in from work to see his wife spreading her legs in front of their fireplace. he said "Honey, what are you doing?" and she said "warming up your dinner"
12:20 <Raducu22> You crack me up
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> haha
12:20 <FriendlyJim> hahahah
12:20 <Raducu22> not funny luna
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> i have one moar
12:20 <FriendlyJim> Can I tell one?
12:20 <DehLeetGuy> (huehue) I have no idea what that means
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> if you guys want it
12:20 <DehLeetGuy> YES
12:20 <FriendlyJim> We want it
12:20 <LunaMoon0301> okay
12:20 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
12:20 <Raducu22> So Jim...Like it eh?
12:20 <FriendlyJim> I liked it
12:21 <Raducu22> I wanted to give it a different ending
12:21 <Raducu22> this one seemed pretty Cliche
12:21 <Necrai> A blind man walks into a bar with a seeing eye dog, the bartender invites him in and asks him to take a look around, the man picks his dog up by the collar and starts spinning him around the room, the bartender asks, "What the hell are you doing!?", and the blind man replies, "Taking a look around."
12:21 <Raducu22> :))
12:21 <Danilawliet> XD
12:21 <FriendlyJim> Ha
12:21 <DehLeetGuy> Lol
12:21 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <Danilawliet> I also have one
12:21 <Raducu22> My sides
12:21 <Raducu22> are...
12:21 <Raducu22> gone...
12:21 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
12:21 <Danilawliet> Why did Sally fall off the swing?
12:22 <FriendlyJim> I can't laugh 'cause I'm in school
12:22 <FriendlyJim> Hi Zack
12:22 <Danilawliet> She had no arm.
12:22 <Danilawliet> *arms.
12:22 <Child Of Mantra> Can't laugh in school?
12:22 <Danilawliet> Also
12:22 <Child Of Mantra> What bullshit is that?
12:22 <FriendlyJim> Ah
12:22 <Danilawliet> Knock knock?
12:22 <FriendlyJim> In class
12:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi Jim
12:22 <FriendlyJim> People will look
12:22 <Necrai> I was tired one night and I went to the bar to have a few drinks. The bartender asked me, “What’ll you have?” I said, “Surprise me.” He showed me a naked picture of my wife.
12:22 <Danilawliet> *cough*
12:22 <Danilawliet> KNOCK KNOCO
12:22 <FriendlyJim> hahahaha
12:22 <Necrai> Who is there, Danila?
12:22 <Danilawliet> Not Sally
12:22 <Necrai> Not Sally who?
12:23 <Danilawliet> you didnt see the other joke did you?
12:23 <Child Of Mantra> I used to laugh my ass of all the time in middle school.
12:23 <Child Of Mantra> People always gave me weird looks.
12:23 <Necrai> oh
12:23 <Necrai> shit woops
12:23 <Necrai> xD
12:23 <Child Of Mantra> But i don't have to prove anything.
12:23 <Danilawliet> xD
12:23 <Necrai> Lol, I get it <3
12:23 <DehLeetGuy> Im kindo f the odd ball in my class.
12:23 <LunaMoon0301> a girl is at the beach, building a sandcastle when she gets up and goes to a different part of the beach, the nude part. she sees a man laying down with a newspaper covering his genitals. she says "whats under there mister?" and he said "a bird". she says "may i see it?" he said no, had her leave, then fell asleep soon after. he woke up a few hours later inthe hospital. the doctor walks in and says "good youre awake"
12:23 <LunaMoon0301> the guy says "what happened"
12:23 <DehLeetGuy> did she take the bird?
12:24 <LunaMoon0301> the doctor says "we got a call from a little gril from the beach"
12:24 <Danilawliet> I think she tried to feed the bird
12:24 <LunaMoon0301> "we came and took you here"
12:24 <LunaMoon0301> the guy says "i dont remember anything happening"
12:24 <FriendlyJim> AHAHaha
12:24 <FriendlyJim> He fucked the bird
12:24 <Necrai> she fed the bird.
12:24 <LunaMoon0301> the doctor says "lets go ask that girl if she knows"
12:25 <LunaMoon0301> so the guy and the doctor go back to the beach and see the girl  playing
12:25 <Raducu22> Is the girl playing with a bird?
12:25 <Raducu22> :D
12:26 <DehLeetGuy> Wait for it...
12:26 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
12:26 <DehLeetGuy> GET OUT OF HERE HO OH
12:26 <Necrai> shh.. we are suspensefully waiting for lunas punchline..
12:26 <LunaMoon0301> the doctor asks her what happened, and she said "well, the man fell asleep so i touched the bird a little and it spit in my face. i got mad, broke its neck, busted up its eggs and set fire to its nest"
12:26 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Are you ok with blonde jokes?
12:26 <Necrai> LOL
12:26 <LunaMoon0301> gotta go guys bai
12:26 <Child Of Mantra> guys
12:26 -!- LunaMoon0301 has left Special:Chat.
12:26 <Child Of Mantra> Neutral Milk Hotel is back.
12:26 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT THE HELL
12:26 <DehLeetGuy> Luna, you mad bro?
12:26 <Sesshomaru-sama12> A blind guy on a bar stool shouts to the bartender, "Wanna hear a blonde joke?" In a hushed voice, the guy next to him says, “Before you tell that joke, you should know something. Our bartender is blonde, the bouncer is blonde. I’m a six foot tall, 200 lb black belt. The guy sitting next to me is six foot two, weighs 225, and he’s a rugby player. The fella to your right is six foot five, pushing 300, and he’s a wrestler. Each one of us is blonde. Think about it, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?" The blind guy says, “Nah, not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times.
12:26 <Necrai> i can't breath i can't breath.
12:27 <Pramirez351> Wall O Text
12:27 <Child Of Mantra> I only know fucked up, gross and offencive jokes.
12:27 <Raducu22> Well
12:27 <FriendlyJim> Let's hear 'em
12:27 <Raducu22> Go ahead
12:27 <Child Of Mantra> Can't tell them here.
12:27 <Child Of Mantra> Only in PM
12:27 <Necrai> Gotta go, guys.
12:27 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
12:27 <Danilawliet> Like my "not sally" joke? 8D
12:27 <Child Of Mantra> bye
12:27 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Bye
12:27 <Danilawliet> bye
12:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> If at first, you don't succeed... Skydivings not for you
12:28 <Danilawliet> HEh
12:28 <FriendlyJim> Bye
12:28 <FriendlyJim> I have a nasty one
12:28 <FriendlyJim> Wanna hear it?
12:28 <DehLeetGuy> I know a really gross joke but I wont tell it
12:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sure
12:28 <DehLeetGuy> DAFUQ
12:28 <Pramirez351> bye danila
12:28 <Sesshomaru-sama12> What about funnt qoutes?
12:28 <Sesshomaru-sama12> *funny
12:28 <DehLeetGuy> WILD MUDKIP
12:28 <FriendlyJim> What's the worst part about licking bald cunt?
12:28 <Danilawliet> Dis gon b gud
12:29 <FriendlyJim> Putting the diaper back on.
12:29 <Danilawliet> (ogw)
12:29 -!- WWEfan445 has joined Special:Chat
12:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Lol 
12:29 <FriendlyJim> Wanna hear another?
12:29 <WWEfan445> hey whats up
12:29 <Sesshomaru-sama12> "If I had a good side this is not the way to get on it." Damon Salvatore
12:30 <FriendlyJim> I know a better one
12:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Suicidal girl kills twin sister by accident...
12:30 <WWEfan445> WOW SUS
12:30 <FriendlyJim> Ha
12:30 <Danilawliet> Blondes, lol
12:30 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hey be nice I'm blonde!
12:30 <FriendlyJim> How do you know when a girl is too young for you?
12:30 <WWEfan445> so....?
12:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How
12:30 <Danilawliet> How
12:31 <DehLeetGuy> I used to be a blonde guy... But then my hair turned dark brown.
12:31 <WWEfan445> well how old are you ?
12:31 <FriendlyJim> When you have to sound like an aeroplane to get your coock in her mouth.
12:31 <Pramirez351> so leet you finished with at least just one of my pastas? they are pretty short xD
12:31 <Danilawliet> xD
12:31 <Danilawliet> (ogw)
12:31 <DehLeetGuy> Im trying to catch a wild lvl 4 mudkip
12:31 <Sesshomaru-sama12> My hair is blonde but the jokes dont bother me
12:31 <DehLeetGuy> What the duck is his problem
12:31 <WWEfan445> hey what kind of pasta would anyone reccomend
12:32 <FriendlyJim> Gore
12:32 <FriendlyJim> Lotsa gore
12:32 <Child Of Mantra> Gore doesn't make a pasta good.
12:32 <Danilawliet> It adds to it if you do it well
12:32 <WWEfan445> what would u rate that
12:32 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
12:32 <DehLeetGuy> HOLY FINALLY
12:32 <FriendlyJim> Gore is spice
12:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The suspense and well-done detail makes a good thing creepy
12:32 <Danilawliet> Havn't seen Wolfen in a while...
12:32 <WWEfan445> 1 to 10
12:33 <FriendlyJim> Rate what?
12:33 <Child Of Mantra> He is banned.
12:33 <WWEfan445> the gore story
12:33 -!- Raducu22 has left Special:Chat.
12:33 <FriendlyJim> I love gore if it's pulled of well, so 7-8
12:34 <Child Of Mantra> Gore proves that we are human.
12:34 <WWEfan445> hmm ill check it out sounds good
12:34 <DehLeetGuy> Gore proves that your perv.... NVM
12:34 <FriendlyJim> Holy shit Mantra, is that you?
12:34 <DehLeetGuy> please dont read that
12:34 <Child Of Mantra> Yeh.
12:34 <WWEfan445> why
12:34 <FriendlyJim> I thought it was someone else
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> Didn't recognize meh eh?
12:35 <FriendlyJim> You changed your picture
12:35 <DehLeetGuy> because I just went dumb
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> I changed my pic thats why
12:35 <FriendlyJim> No, I didn't
12:35 <FriendlyJim> Weird
12:35 <Pramirez351> so leet you finished with at least just one of my pastas? they are pretty short
12:35 <DehLeetGuy> Nope
12:35 <DehLeetGuy> I'm going to go read one of them now
12:35 <FriendlyJim> Pram, the Granpa one was awesome
12:35 <Danilawliet> Gotta go
12:35 <Pramirez351> do it now xD imma leave in a lil while
12:35 <Danilawliet> bye guys <3
12:35 <DehLeetGuy> Boobes
12:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye beeee
12:35 <Pramirez351> bye danila
12:36 <Pramirez351> and ythankyou jim (kawaii)
12:36 -!- Danilawliet has left Special:Chat.
12:36 <FriendlyJim> You should write another
12:36 <WWEfan445> HOLY SHIT FUCKING GORE THREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:36 <Pramirez351> dat spam xD
12:36 <Pramirez351> also im about to publish my third jim. im just fixing it up a bit
12:37 <FriendlyJim> Good
12:37 <FriendlyJim> What's it about?
12:37 <DehLeetGuy> THEFUQ IS THIS
12:38 <WWEfan445> WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?
12:38 <FriendlyJim> Ponies!
12:38 <DehLeetGuy> (ls) is going madbro in that thread
12:38 <WWEfan445> I hate bronys
12:38 <Mjinbuu> (ogw)
12:38 <FriendlyJim> Wanna hear another joke?
12:38 <WWEfan445> sure
12:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sure
12:39 <DehLeetGuy> HOLY MUDDER
12:39 <DehLeetGuy> Wild freaking NIDOQUEEN appeared!
12:39 <DehLeetGuy> And im using a starter Charmeleon
12:40 <DehLeetGuy> And this is all in Pokemon Emerald!
12:40 -!- Hailey2000 has joined Special:Chat
12:41 <Pramirez351> hey guys dont mention that thread
12:41 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
12:41 <DehLeetGuy> Why not?
12:41 <The-one123> im back
12:41 <FriendlyJim> A woman asks her husband to fix the stairs to wich he replies "Do I look like a damn carpenter?", she asks him to pick up the kids and he says "Do I look like a fucking driver?" She then asks if he could at least change the lightbulb to which he replies "Do I look like an electrician?" before slamming the door and leaving for the pub.
12:41 <WWEfan445> what tread
12:41 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hey Hailey WB The One
12:42 <Pramirez351> if you do, someone will remove it, then we will never see ita again xD
12:42 <Pramirez351> it *
12:42 <DehLeetGuy> And I had to reaload the page cause of spamming my chatbox
12:42 <WWEfan445> but what is it
12:42 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
12:42 <The-one123> hello lei
12:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> @ Jim: And?
12:42 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hey Lei
12:42 <Lei Omaki> hellur
12:42 <FriendlyJim> After a few beers he feels bad so he decides to go home and apologize, when home he sees that the kids are home, the stair is fixed and the lightbulb changed.
12:43 <Pramirez351> hai lei :)
12:43 <Lei Omaki> hi everybody
12:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Lei
12:43 <Lei Omaki> @Jim i think i know where this is going
12:43 <Lei Omaki> hi :3
12:44 -!- Raducu22 has joined Special:Chat
12:44 <FriendlyJim> He asks his wife who fixed it and she tells him about a nice young who fixed it all for her if she would either fuck him or bake him a cake.
12:44 <Lei Omaki> yup xD
12:44 <Lei Omaki> that's it xD
12:44 <FriendlyJim> The man asks nervously "What did you reply?"
12:44 <FriendlyJim> She answers him. . .
12:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And?
12:44 <Sesshomaru-sama12> AND?
12:44 <Raducu22> END?
12:45 <FriendlyJim> "Do I look like a motherfucking baker!?"
12:45 <Raducu22> Huehuehue
12:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> xD
12:45 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hahaha
12:45 <Raducu22> Here's some story close to that:
12:45 <Lei Omaki> (huehue)
12:45 <Raducu22> A man comes home one night DEAD DRUNK
12:45 <WWEfan445> and?
12:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I prefer riddles other jokes lol
12:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> over*
12:46 <Raducu22> His wife would usually scold him and stuff
12:46 <Raducu22> but this night was different
12:46 <Raducu22> The man fell into bed.
12:46 <Raducu22> Woke up in the morning
12:46 <Raducu22> His clothes were changed...He had breakfast in bad
12:46 <Raducu22> Bed*
12:46 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME
12:46 <Sesshomaru-sama12> And?
12:46 <Raducu22> His daughter went to him
12:47 <Raducu22> He asked her: How come your mother didn't say anything?
12:47 <Sesshomaru-sama12> And?
12:47 <Raducu22> She responded: Well, last night, while she was trying to change your clothes, you told her "Get of off me woman, I'm married and I love my wife"
12:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And?
12:48 <FriendlyJim> Great one
12:48 <Raducu22> Well...That's it
12:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh lol
12:48 <Raducu22> i told you it wasn't a joke
12:48 <FriendlyJim> That's it, he was a god husband
12:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, I meant to press End earlier xD
12:48 <Child Of Mantra> A dyslexic man walks into a bra
12:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> and*
12:48 <FriendlyJim> I liked it
12:48 <FriendlyJim> And?
12:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Lol Nice one Mantra
12:49 <FriendlyJim> Where there boobs?
12:49 <Raducu22> two or three people gave my creepypasta a rating of 1 and 2
12:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> A man lives on the 15th floor in an apartment. Every day he goes to work, then comes back at night and hops in the elevator to get to his room.
12:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> However if he is on his own he presses the button for the 15th floor then takes the stairs the rest of the way. 
12:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Although if someone else is with him he goes to the 25th floor.
12:50 <Raducu22> Wait what
12:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> 25th*
12:50 <Raducu22> Oh
12:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Why does he do this? 
12:50 <Sesshomaru-sama12> That made no sense
12:50 <FriendlyJim> Why?
12:50 <Raducu22> Give me a second
12:50 <Raducu22> He wants to look like he's in a hurry?
12:50 <DehLeetGuy> Because he gets a blowjob from the other person?
12:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He is a Midget and can't reach the 25th button, so he takes the stairs. If someone is with him he asks them to push the 25th button.
12:51 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hahahahahahaha
12:51 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:51 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
12:51 <Raducu22> All of my lolz
12:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Joe is13 yesterday . He will be 16 next year. How is that possible?
12:51 <Raducu22> Wait
12:52 <Raducu22> here's how it is possible
12:52 <Raducu22> First Joe is 14 at the time of talking
12:52 <Raducu22> Okay?
12:52 <Raducu22> Let's say he is in a plane
12:52 <Raducu22> Traveling over the ocean
12:52 <Raducu22> He is 14 and 15 at the same time
12:52 <Raducu22> This way, Next year, talking from the current point of view
12:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nope
12:52 <Raducu22> he will be 16
12:52 <Necrai>
12:52 <Necrai> I'll just leave this here.
12:52 <Necrai> xD
12:52 <Raducu22> LOGIC'D
12:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not right
12:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He is his friends name.
12:53 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
12:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Be right back
12:53 <Lei Omaki> er, Necrai?
12:54 <Necrai> Yes, Lei?
12:54 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
12:54 <Raducu22> Oh
12:54 <Raducu22> I get it now
12:54 <Raducu22> Joe was 13 yesterday
12:54 <Raducu22> He will be 16 next year
12:54 <Lei Omaki> i think the application for chat mod is suspended at the moment
12:54 <Raducu22> That means He is probably a chinese guy
12:54 <Raducu22> Who is 15 this year
12:54 <Sesshomaru-sama12> That's Racist
12:54 <Necrai> oh woopsie.
12:54 <Raducu22> maybe...
12:55 <The-one123> what is broken every time its spoken . 
12:55 <Necrai> I'd been waiting because Kill had said that earlier, but Luna went for it so I just suppposed.
12:55 <Lei Omaki> i got a riddle for you guys, wanna hear it?
12:55 <Necrai> Sure.~
12:55 <DehLeetGuy> The-one, A wish maybe?
12:56 <The-one123> no , silence 
12:56 <Lei Omaki> it starts and ends with a letter e, it can contain one letter but it's not the letter e. what is it?
12:57 <DehLeetGuy> eye
12:57 <Sesshomaru-sama12> What?
12:57 <DehLeetGuy> or engine
12:57 <Lei Omaki> no leeht
12:57 <Lei Omaki> its not
12:57 <DehLeetGuy> EYE I TELL YOU
12:57 <Lei Omaki> nope it's not
12:57 <DehLeetGuy> FAK JU
12:57 <Lei Omaki> read it carefully
12:58 <Lei Omaki> and mulled it over
12:58 <Necrai> ...Could you be.. an envelope?
12:58 <Lei Omaki> correct Necrai
12:58 <Raducu22> haha
12:58 <Necrai> oh god, really?
12:58 <Raducu22> Lei, you didn't say it quite right
12:58 <DehLeetGuy> Yeah
12:59 <Raducu22> it should have been "It starts with the letter e, ends with the letter e, and contains a letter within"
12:59 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
12:59 <Lei Omaki> i read it a long time ago so i'm a bit hazy on it :p
13:00 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:00 <Lei Omaki> aaaand i killed the chat again
13:00 <Necrai> RIP, chat.
13:01 <The-one123> Best Riddle Ever (honestly) Logic
13:01 <The-one123> A man was to be sentenced and the judge told him you may make a statement. If you tell the truth I'll sentence you to 4 years, however, if you lie then I'll sentence you to 6 years. 
13:01 <The-one123> After the man's statement the judge decides to let him go. What did the man say?
13:01 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
13:01 -!- Hailey2000 has left Special:Chat.
13:01 <Pramirez351> welp guys i gtg now ill see you all later :)
13:01 <The-one123> its not the best , but preety good
13:01 <DehLeetGuy> Im innocent.
13:01 <The-one123> nope
13:01 <Lei Omaki> bye pram
13:01 <Lei Omaki> hmm,
13:01 <Pramirez351> did you read any of my pastas leet?
13:02 <Necrai> hmm..
13:02 <DehLeetGuy> yes
13:02 <DehLeetGuy> I read one
13:02 <DehLeetGuy> After I beat the gym leader im gonna go start off my pasta
13:02 <Lei Omaki> he got let go because he didn't say anything?
13:02 <Sesshomaru-sama12> What did he say?
13:03 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hurry up and say it please!
13:03 <Necrai> Did he say that he would be sentenced to six years?
13:03 <Necrai> If that was a lie, he would get six years, making the statement true, which would get him four years, making the statement false.
13:03 <Necrai> The judge would eventually give up and walk away, no?
13:03 <The-one123> here is the answer
13:03 <Sesshomaru-sama12> It;s blocked tell me!
13:03 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Please Tell me Now
13:03 <The-one123> you were right nec  , he said that 
13:03 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Ahh
13:03 <Lei Omaki> oh :o
13:04 <Necrai> It's a paradox.
13:04 <Necrai> xD
13:04 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
13:04 <Pramirez351> which one did you read leet and what did you think about it?
13:05 <DehLeetGuy> I forgot it
13:05 <DehLeetGuy> ;-;
13:05 -!- WWEfan445 has left Special:Chat.
13:05 <Lei Omaki> brb
13:05 <Pramirez351> yeah thats no excuse bye now
13:05 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
13:06 <DehLeetGuy> Bai bai.
13:06 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
13:06 <Necrai> hey, Aron.
13:06 <Child Of Mantra> hello again
13:06 <Child Of Mantra> Raducu22
13:06 <Lei Omaki> back
13:06 <Lei Omaki> hello mantra
13:06 <DehLeetGuy> BRB
13:07 <Lei Omaki> i got another one, wanna hear it?
13:07 <The-one123> a panda bear walks into a restaurant . He sat down at a table and orders some food . when he was finished eating , he toom out a gun and shot his waiter . He then left the resterant . after the police caught up to him , they asked him  why he did it . He replied "Look me up in the dictonary " What did the dictonary say ?
13:07 <Lei Omaki> hmm
13:07 <DehLeetGuy> killer
13:08 <The-one123> no
13:08 <DehLeetGuy> one sec im gonna go to my dictoniary
13:08 <DehLeetGuy> And not the internet
13:08 <DehLeetGuy> an extincting species maybe?
13:08 <The-one123> no
13:08 <Necrai> i'm like 70% done learning dvorak keyboard. this hurts my hands ;-;
13:09 <Lei Omaki> er, robbery?
13:09 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
13:09 <Lei Omaki> wait
13:09 -!- Nightwhisper190 has joined Special:Chat
13:09 <Necrai> ...heh.
13:09 <Lei Omaki> hi whisper
13:09 <Nightwhisper190> ..hi everyone. 
13:09 <The-one123> The diconary says "Eats shoots and leaves ".
13:09 <Necrai> Eats shoots and leaves.
13:09 <Necrai> dammit, one.
13:09 <Necrai> xD
13:09 <Lei Omaki> oh xD
13:10 <Necrai> I've heard htat one.
13:10 <Necrai> That*
13:10 <Nightwhisper190> ..hi everyone
13:10 <The-one123> did you look it up nec
13:10 <DehLeetGuy> a large blac kand white-bear like animal of the raccoon family, which loives in th emountains of China.
13:10 <DehLeetGuy> Thats the answer
13:10 <Necrai> I've heard that one.
13:10 <Necrai> I have a friend absolutely obsessed with riddles.
13:10 <Lei Omaki> nec got the answer leet xD
13:10 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
13:10 <Lei Omaki> i got another one, wanna hear it?
13:10 <Necrai> hey, sess.
13:11 <Necrai> Sure.
13:11 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hey
13:11 <The-one123> sure
13:11 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I have a joke
13:11 <Necrai> yes, sess?
13:11 <Lei Omaki> sandra's father has four children; three are named baba, bebe and bibi. whats the name of the fourth child?
13:12 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I asked my Grandma if she ever tried 69. And she said, “No, but I have done 53 -- that's all the sailors I could screw in one night.”
13:12 <Sesshomaru-sama12> What Lei?
13:12 <Necrai> hm..
13:12 <Necrai> thinking >:u
13:12 <The-one123> What has roots as nobody sees,
13:12 <The-one123> Is taller than trees
13:12 <The-one123> Up, up it goes,
13:12 <The-one123> And yet never grows?
13:12 -!- Aslgirl97 has joined Special:Chat
13:12 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
13:12 <Necrai> aah
13:12 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
13:12 <Necrai> Sandra.
13:12 <Aslgirl97> hey
13:12 <DehLeetGuy> SESS DAFUQ
13:12 <Lei Omaki> correct xD
13:12 <Necrai> I see what you did there, Lei.
13:12 <Lei Omaki> and wtf mae? xD
13:12 <Necrai> Hey, Asl.
13:12 <DehLeetGuy> I know what
13:13 <DehLeetGuy> the answer is a rock
13:13 <Necrai> lei, I read it as "Sandra has four children" atfirst.
13:13 <The-one123> no
13:13 <Lei Omaki> clouds one?
13:13 <DehLeetGuy> Fuck you i never guess riddles
13:13 <The-one123> no
13:13 <Lei Omaki> hmm
13:13 <The-one123> a Mountain 
13:13 <Necrai> a mountain?
13:13 <Necrai> dammit
13:13 <Necrai> 2slow
13:14 <Necrai> ninja'd
13:14 <The-one123> This thing all things devours:
13:14 <The-one123> Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
13:14 <The-one123> Gnaws iron, bites steel;
13:14 <The-one123> Grinds hard stones to meal;
13:14 <The-one123> Slays king, ruins town,
13:14 <The-one123> And beats high mountain down. 
13:14 <Lei Omaki> earthquake?
13:14 -!- Aslgirl97 has left Special:Chat.
13:14 <Necrai> Time.
13:14 <The-one123> no
13:14 <The-one123> yes nec
13:14 <Necrai> Heard it <3
13:14 <Lei Omaki> lol xD
13:14 <Raducu22> Dammit Nec
13:14 <Raducu22> You're on a ROLL
13:14 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
13:14 <Lei Omaki> i got another one
13:14 <Necrai> Nec = master guesse-- Why~ (<3)
13:14 <Lei Omaki> care to hear it?
13:15 <Necrai> Sure, Lei.
13:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Necrai!
13:15 <Raducu22> yep
13:15 <Necrai> How're you, Why?
13:15 <Lei Omaki> hi Reading
13:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome!
13:15 <The-one123> Alive without breath,
13:15 <The-one123> As cold as death;
13:15 <The-one123> Never thirsty, ever drinking,
13:15 <The-one123> All in mail never clinking 
13:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Today I'm officially nineteen years old.
13:15 <Necrai> Happy birthday!
13:15 <Necrai> "3
13:15 <Necrai> :3*
13:15 <The-one123> happy birthday read
13:15 <DehLeetGuy> Hey reading.
13:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Leet!
13:15 <Necrai> It's a fish, one.
13:15 <DehLeetGuy> And happeh birthday
13:15 <Lei Omaki> which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of nails?
13:15 <The-one123> yes nec
13:15 <DehLeetGuy> feathers
13:15 <DehLeetGuy> Okay im off to start up my pasta
13:15 <Lei Omaki> no leet
13:15 <The-one123> they are the same weight
13:15 <Necrai> they weigh the same
13:16 <Lei Omaki> coorect one
13:16 <Lei Omaki> and nec
13:16 <Necrai> ninja'd by one again
13:16 <Lei Omaki> and happy birthday Read :3
13:16 <The-one123> It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
13:16 <The-one123> Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
13:16 <The-one123> It lies behind stars and under hills,
13:16 <The-one123> And empty holes it fills.
13:16 <The-one123> It comes first and follows after, 
13:16 <The-one123> Ends life, kills laughter. 
13:16 <Necrai> Darkness?
13:16 <The-one123> yes nec
13:16 <Necrai> <3
13:16 <Raducu22> Hey guys
13:16 <Raducu22> Can i give you one too?
13:16 <Necrai> Sure.
13:16 <The-one123> nec you can no longer answer , give other peopl a chance
13:17 <Necrai> Wooooow okay.
13:17 <DehLeetGuy> Stop with the riddles guys, its not fun and Necrai is guessing them all
13:17 -!- Unnamed sources has joined Special:Chat
13:17 <Necrai> just because i'm da riddle master eh?
13:17 <The-one123> Thirty white horses on a red hill,
13:17 <The-one123> First they champ,
13:17 <The-one123> Then they stamp, 
13:17 <The-one123> Then they stand still.
13:17 <Raducu22> What's denser - A pound of mercury or a pound of iron?
13:17 <DehLeetGuy> Okay now im going afk
13:17 <Necrai> Hey, unnamed.
13:17 <Unnamed sources> Howdy im new
13:17 <Lei Omaki> Reading i got a song for you xD
13:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki, Sources!
13:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A song?
13:17 <Unnamed sources> hey necrai
13:17 <Necrai> Have you read the rules, sources?
13:17 <Lei Omaki> here it is xD
13:17 <Lei Omaki>
13:17 <Unnamed sources> lol, brb
13:17 <Raducu22> Necrai
13:18 <Lei Omaki> click it Read xD
13:18 <Raducu22> you answer The One's riddle
13:18 <Necrai> teeth.
13:18 <Raducu22> oh COME ON
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, that was great Leiton!
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you.
13:18 <Lei Omaki> you're welcome :3
13:18 <Raducu22> Hey
13:18 <Unnamed sources> k got it
13:18 <Lei Omaki> ask one rad
13:19 <Necrai> i'm continuing my answer streak to ones riddles in pms xD
13:19 <Unnamed sources> ...
13:19 <Raducu22> You are a bus driver. At the first stop 4 people get on. At the second stop 8 people get on. At the third stop, 2 people get off, and at the last stop everyone gets off. The question is: What color are the bus drivers eyes?
13:19 <Lei Omaki> it depends of the person one xD
13:19 <Lei Omaki> if you have brown eyes
13:19 <Raducu22> Correct:D
13:19 <Necrai> The same as yours
13:20 <Necrai> You are the bus driver.
13:20 <Lei Omaki> then the bus driver's eyes is brown xD
13:20 <Necrai> Theone, have I riddled you out?
13:20 <Nightwhisper190> spaced
13:21 <Necrai> huh, whisper?
13:21 <DehLeetGuy> Okay guys, I've got a few lines already in notepad
13:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, that was clever, Raducu, I wouldn't have guessed.
13:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Lines about what, Leet?
13:21 <Necrai> Nice, Leet. can't wait to (read) it.
13:21 <Lei Omaki> you surely are the great puzzle solver Necrai and The-one 123 xD
13:21 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
13:21 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
13:21 <Raducu22> DehLeet
13:21 <DehLeetGuy> Yes?
13:21 <Raducu22> what you writing about?
13:21 <Necrai> c:
13:21 <DehLeetGuy> About a rumor, and what is happening in our town
13:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Raducu, be careful with the caps, please.
13:22 <DehLeetGuy> I really hope you guys like it, because me and my friends were investigating this for about 2 months
13:22 <Raducu22> Excuse me :D
13:22 <Unnamed sources> derp
13:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also yes, link it when it is done. It would be good.
13:22 <Unnamed sources> i just finished my bio if you guys wanna check it out
13:23 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
13:23 <Raducu22> Here's another riddle: A man lost all his fortune in the market crash, he walks to his bedroom and shoots himself between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets. He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere. How did he do this?
13:23 <Chotix> Hey I have question.
13:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ask it.
13:23 <Raducu22> Yes?
13:23 <Unnamed sources> hmmm...
13:23 <DehLeetGuy> He has no life
13:23 <Unnamed sources> hes a robot
13:23 <Lei Omaki> he shoot someone else
13:24 <Necrai> hrm..
13:24 <Chotix> uh, I just joined,when I submit OC do I create a new page and list it under OC? It do I do. Something g else?
13:24 <Raducu22> No No No
13:24 <Unnamed sources> he shot a plaster sculpture of his head
13:24 <Raducu22> Chotix, may WhyAmIreadingthis help you
13:24 <Raducu22> Nope...
13:24 <Chotix> Okay.
13:24 <Necrai> Chotix,
13:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If you create a pasta, completely made by yourself, then you create it AND you add the OC category.
13:24 <Mjinbuu> still...been here for 6 hours
13:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then after that you list it on User Submissions.
13:24 <Chotix> Okay, thanks.
13:24 <Unnamed sources> ...
13:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You're welcome.
13:25 <Necrai> Create the page and add it to the OC category, don't forget to update the article listing and user submissions.
13:25 <Chotix> Thanks guys!
13:25 <Necrai> Chotix, have you read the rules?
13:25 <Chotix> Yah, but I was confused.
13:25 <Chotix> *Yeah
13:25 <Lei Omaki> i give up xD
13:25 <Necrai> Alrighty. Glad to help~.
13:25 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
13:25 <Unnamed sources> i give up too
13:25 <Necrai> Rad, I'm going to regret saying this because it'll ruin my purrfect streak, and the answer will probably be something I overthought.
13:26 <Necrai> but I give up ;-;
13:26 <Chotix>  I'll have to wait until I get home from school, I'm ons
13:26 <Raducu22> He shot a mirror
13:26 <Chotix>  on an ipad and editing looks weird.
13:26 <Necrai> ... (facepalm)
13:26 <Lei Omaki> oh
13:26 <Unnamed sources> oh
13:26 <The-one123> what about the riddle I put in pm nec
13:26 <Unnamed sources> ok
13:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, that makes sense, shooting a mirror.
13:26 <Unnamed sources> listening to number of the beast, by iron maiden
13:26 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
13:27 <Unnamed sources> it makes too much sense
13:27 <The-one123> the song is wrong about the number
13:27 <Unnamed sources> i know
13:27 <The-one123> its 616 not 666
13:27 <DehLeetGuy> Already at about 10 lines, still going through the rumor about the town.
13:27 <Unnamed sources> i know.
13:27 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
13:27 <Lei Omaki> wb Pram
13:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Pramirez
13:28 <Unnamed sources> i saw slenderman the other day, no joke
13:28 <Pramirez351> thanks and hai :D
13:28 <Necrai> anyway guys
13:28 <Necrai> I'm off.
13:28 <Necrai> Weba, Pram.
13:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Necrai.
13:28 <Nightwhisper190>  i'll be...somewhere
13:28 <Necrai> I'll most likely be on tonight.
13:28 <Pramirez351> "The first room was was filled with Fans...Fans on every wall." ROFLed xD
13:28 <Lei Omaki> bye nec it was fun xD
13:28 <Unnamed sources> he was standing outside this dudes garage up the street from me
13:28 <Necrai> Bye, guise. Have a great day.~
13:28 <Pramirez351> bye necrai
13:29 <Unnamed sources> bye necrai
13:29 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
13:29 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
13:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Chaotic.
13:29 <Unnamed sources> hi chaotic
13:29 <Raducu22> Pramirez
13:29 <Lei Omaki> hello
13:29 <ChaoticPeace> Hi guys.
13:29 <Raducu22> what's so funny about fans
13:29 <Pramirez351> well whats so scary about them?
13:29 <Raducu22> they were Th3 fAnZ 0F zA d00mz0r
13:29 <Lei Omaki> fans they're double meaning xD
13:30 <Raducu22> Pramirez
13:30 <Raducu22> want me to explain my pasta to you?
13:30 <Pramirez351> dang it! thats the exact same joke i was going to use (the fans of doom xD)
13:30 <Pramirez351> yes explain it please
13:30 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
13:30 -!- Messian has joined Special:Chat
13:30 <Raducu22> As you see, the writing style changes
13:30 <Unnamed sources> i am bored
13:30 <Raducu22> from the beggining
13:30 <Raducu22> to the end
13:30 <Messian> Hey yall
13:30 <Unnamed sources> derp
13:31 <Lei Omaki> hello messi
13:31 <Pramirez351> uhu continue radu
13:31 <Raducu22> The writer becomes more and more affected
13:31 <Raducu22> by the events of the story
13:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Messian.
13:31 <Unnamed sources> ..
13:31 <Raducu22> Also
13:31 <Pramirez351> so in the middle of the story he becomes scared by fans?
13:31 <Pramirez351> xD
13:31 <Messian> He's gonna take you back to the past
13:31 <Raducu22> The story has a double sense
13:31 <Raducu22> To play some sh*tty games that suck ass
13:31 <Messian> To play the shitty games that suck ass
13:31 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has joined Special:Chat
13:31 <The-one123> thank god there isnt a creepypasta about justin beiber 
13:31 <Lei Omaki> hi tyran
13:32 <Raducu22> Give me 10 minutes
13:32 <Messian> He'd rather haaaave
13:32 <Raducu22> the one
13:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> Heya
13:32 <The-one123> whay
13:32 <Messian> A buffaloo
13:32 <Nightwhisper190>   anyone suggest a pasta i should read? 
13:32 <The-one123> *what
13:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> Did i just miss Chao?
13:32 <Raducu22> Anyway...
13:32 <Raducu22> Yep
13:32 <Raducu22> Night
13:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> ;-;
13:32 <Pramirez351> go to my page night
13:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Whisper, read this one:
13:32 <Messian> Take a diareahh dump in his ear
13:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
13:32 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
13:32 <Pramirez351> i got some good links xD
13:32 <Pramirez351> wb kill
13:32 <Messian> He'd rather eat
13:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Kill.
13:32 <The-one123> hello kill
13:32 <Messian> The rotten asshole
13:32 <Kill1mes> Thanks, hey.
13:32 <Lei Omaki> hi kill :3
13:32 <The-one123> its read's birthday , kill
13:32 <Messian> Of a road kill skunk 
13:32 <Pramirez351> who's pasta was that reading?
13:33 <Kill1mes> I know, Jorge's too
13:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> YakuYabai's pasta.
13:33 <Unnamed sources> making a pasta
13:33 <Messian> And down it with beer
13:33 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Jim.
13:33 <Raducu22> Pramirez
13:33 <Messian> Hes the angriest game you've ever heard
13:33 <Raducu22> May i continue 
13:33 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has left Special:Chat.
13:33 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:33 <Raducu22> what i was telling you about?
13:33 <Kill1mes> Hi Jim
13:33 <Messian> Hes the angry Nintendo nerd
13:33 <Pramirez351> yes radu
13:33 <Raducu22> At the end
13:33 <Raducu22> you take the pills
13:33 <Messian> Hes the angry Atari sega nerd
13:33 <Raducu22> that put you into a coma
13:33 -!- Sparkarez has joined Special:Chat
13:34 <Raducu22> You are the doctor that the note tells you about
13:34 <The-one123> Red pill or blue pill
13:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Spark.
13:34 <Messian> Hes the angry video game nerrrrrrd
13:34 <Lei Omaki> hi spark
13:34 <Raducu22> You were him..
13:34 <Raducu22> You were mad
13:34 <Sparkarez> hell
13:34 <Sparkarez> hello*
13:34 <Lei Omaki> can i take both pill?
13:34 <Raducu22> The Sulik thing was a coverup
13:34 <Messian> U mad bro
13:34 <Lei Omaki> *pills
13:34 <The-one123> no you cant if you take both it will kill you
13:34 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:35 <Messian> I wonder what happens if a guy takes birth control..
13:35 <The-one123> I would take the red pill
13:35 <Messian> BE RIGHT BACK
13:35 <Pramirez351> still what were the fans do?
13:35 <DehLeetGuy> Blue pill = sleeping pill Red pill = bone pill
13:35 <FriendlyJim> Hello Pram
13:35 <Lei Omaki> they blow air pram xD
13:35 <Raducu22> They circulated the air
13:35 <Raducu22> when they stoped
13:35 <Raducu22> they let things from outside get in
13:36 <Raducu22> Sulik died from the fall
13:36 <Raducu22> The vault was filled with halucinogenics
13:36 -!- VincentVonValentine has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Messian> I TOOK BIRF CONTROL
13:36 <Raducu22> They made you hear sounds, go crazy.
13:36 <FriendlyJim> Nobody talks to me :(
13:36 <Sparkarez> This is an interesting pasta
13:36 <VincentVonValentine> Hello. o-o
13:36 <Lei Omaki> i take the blue pill then
13:36 <Pramirez351> but still why did you take damage from the fans xD?
13:36 <Messian> LOL JAY KAAAHY
13:36 <Pramirez351> sorry jim
13:36 <Lei Omaki> hello vin and jim
13:36 <Raducu22> THERE WAS NO MORE AIR
13:36 <Raducu22> IN THE ROOM TO BREATHE
13:37 <Lei Omaki> because the red pill would be useless for me
13:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Vincent.
13:37 <Raducu22> the "air" here
13:37 <Raducu22> is actually a Drug
13:37 <VincentVonValentine> How's it going guise. :L
13:37 <Raducu22> the drug that kept you alive
13:37 <Lei Omaki> we're doing fine vin
13:37 <Raducu22> "Sulik" was actually the second person that came with you in theVault
13:37 <Messian> Just take some Tylenol and some Pinky Dinky and you'll be fine..
13:37 <Raducu22> his real mane was Doctor Lamarr
13:37 <Raducu22> name*
13:38 <Pramirez351> but you came from outside the vault do xD
13:38 <VincentVonValentine> That's good.
13:38 <The-one123> did you know that Hitler was nominated for the noble peace prize 
13:38 <Raducu22> No you didn't
13:39 <Kill1mes>
13:39 <Pramirez351> again if you have to explain the pasta this much to a person, then its either A really complex or B not very good xD
13:39 <Raducu22> you were in the vault the whole time
13:39 <Lei Omaki> yes one we know
13:39 <Raducu22> But you were drugged by the air system
13:39 <Messian> Whom shall take pills? (Who is taking pills)
13:39 <Raducu22> It's really complex
13:39 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahahaha, thank you Kill!
13:39 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:39 <The-one123> that is funny kill
13:40 <FriendlyJim> I hate it when two people argue and I don't know who is right
13:40 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:40 <Unnamed sources> editing my pasta
13:40 <Pramirez351> nuh a complex one gives you all the pieces to the puzzle and lets you put them together the way you think they go. this one was just weird xD
13:40 <Messian> HAppy birthday WAIRT
13:41 <Kill1mes>
13:41 <Kill1mes> Steak, you know not to call him that.
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Messian, but...don't call me WAIRT.
13:41 <DehLeetGuy> Kill, you humorous guy.
13:41 <Kill1mes> ninja'd
13:41 <Kill1mes> :3
13:41 <Messian> Happy Birthday.... Why.
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is better!
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (why)
13:42 <Lei Omaki> happy birthday xD
13:42 <DehLeetGuy> Im about a quarter into my pasta, only writing the first days experience, and its about 30 lines. ;-;
13:42 <Unnamed sources> this is boring im out
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Sources.
13:42 -!- Unnamed sources has left Special:Chat.
13:42 <Lei Omaki> bye sources
13:43 <Messian> Bye sources
13:43 <Lei Omaki> the chat will perk up later
13:43 <DehLeetGuy> Wow, 27 lines.
13:43 <Pramirez351> (reading) HAPPY mother FUNCKING BIRTHDAY
13:43 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:43 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
13:43 <The-one123> chat is so laggy
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Chotix.
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Pramirez!
13:43 <Chotix> I just submitted some OC, do I edit the user submissions page now?
13:43 <Pramirez351> yup
13:43 <Messian> Once I drink Mai 2 cups of tea I will be quite perked up.
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep!
13:43 -!- Vengeance43 has left Special:Chat.
13:43 <Chotix> Sweet!
13:44 <Pramirez351> welp i gtg ill see you guys later :)
13:44 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
13:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Pramirez
13:44 <Messian> Bye pramirez
13:44 <DehLeetGuy> Oh yeah, since im gonna make pictures of the place, how many should I make?
13:44 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
13:44 <FriendlyJim> bye
13:44 <FriendlyJim> About 666
13:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...try not to overload your story with images.
13:44 <The-one123> its not 666 its 616
13:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> depends of the length of your tale.
13:45 <DehLeetGuy> I'll add about 7 pics max in it, mostly of the haunted areas.
13:45 <Nightwhisper190>  space
13:45 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:45 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:45 <DehLeetGuy> And I added a bit about how the ghosts saved my life
13:45 <Lei Omaki> i'll be afk for a while guys brb and here reading, have a birthday (cookie)
13:45 <Kill1mes> I made a long pasta and added two images
13:45 <Kill1mes> well, collabed on one.
13:45 <Nightwhisper190> hmm i havent read smile jeff pasta in a long time.. brb
13:45 <FriendlyJim>
13:45 <FriendlyJim> Some good music
13:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Leiton.
13:46 <Messian> Some stories just overdue 666. They are like "I went to go play my game, and the lives were 666, instead of sega 1991 it was sega 666. The time limit was 666." It's fucking 666!
13:46 <DehLeetGuy> After I finish this pasta, I'm gonna start up a new story of a killer (sort of) which has a few elements of Jeff.
13:46 <Kill1mes> :o
13:46 <Lei Omaki> you're welcome read
13:46 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <VincentVonValentine> o_o /Super late. Happy birthday! o:
13:47 <Kill1mes> Deh, you're not posting that here, right?
13:47 <Chotix> :P
13:47 <The-one123> The devils number is 616 not 666
13:47 <DehLeetGuy> I dunno.
13:47 <Kill1mes>  You better not.
13:47 <DehLeetGuy> And its not gonna be a spin-off
13:47 <FriendlyJim> How is it 616?
13:47 <Nightwhisper190>  o_o considering its 8:00 where i am... i'm not reading any more pastas
13:47 <Messian> Its 666.
13:47 <Chotix> i just submitted. Feels good.
13:47 <Chotix> i
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It IS 616, Jim.
13:47 <Kill1mes> It'd be considered a Jef rip-off
13:47 <Kill1mes> we delete pastas like Jeff.
13:47 <DehLeetGuy> Its gonna be alot different from him
13:47 <FriendlyJim> Is this some inside joke?
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Error of translation. That is what happened.
13:47 <Chotix> I thought it was 666
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, not inside joke.
13:47 <Kill1mes> Nope.
13:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It IS 616.
13:47 <DehLeetGuy> Im still thinking of a story for the character.
13:48 <The-one123>
13:48 <FriendlyJim> But isn't 6 the imperfect number?
13:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have no idea what you mean.
13:48 <DehLeetGuy> I just ate a yellow thing and now I think im gonna vomit
13:48 <Chotix> Im in class right now. Our school gives us iPads and I spend most of my free time here.
13:48 <Messian> Is it ok if I base my pasta off of a scary storie from a book?
13:48 <Kill1mes> yea
13:48 -!- Nightwhisper190 has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Chotix> Dont eat yellow things anymore.
13:49 <Messian> I ate cheese
13:49 <FriendlyJim> You mean they stole your money and gave some of it back to you in form of an apple product.
13:49 <DehLeetGuy> what letter is the 24th one in the abc?
13:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> X
13:49 <The-one123> brb
13:49 <DehLeetGuy> Damn it
13:49 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:49 <DehLeetGuy> And the 12th?
13:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> L
13:49 <Messian> L
13:49 <Kill1mes> L
13:49 <Kill1mes> damamit
13:49 <DehLeetGuy> Okay thanks.
13:49 <Kill1mes> dammit*
13:50 <Chotix> why is 13 unlucky anyway?
13:50 <Messian> Lol, damamit.
13:50 <Kill1mes> I had to count on my fingers ;~;
13:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Har har har, Imma fast.
13:50 <Chotix> :P
13:50 <FriendlyJim>
13:50 <Messian> I counted on my fingers too.
13:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...You know, that is a good question Chotix. Never wondered that.
13:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And I counted with my fingers too.
13:50 <Kill1mes> I counted on my toes.
13:50 <Messian> I hade i
13:50 <Chotix> Yeah, it seems weird. Why 13? I think 5 looks funky.
13:50 <Kill1mes> You what'd?
13:51 <DehLeetGuy> ok thats it im gonna go vomit and never eat yellow stuff
13:51 <Kill1mes> Isn't seven unlucky too?
13:51 <DehLeetGuy> except cheese
13:51 <Chotix> No. Seven is lucky.
13:51 <Kill1mes> Why is that?
13:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Four is unlucky for the chinese, as far as I know.
13:51 <Messian> I hade a brother who was 13 once. I was 13 once. (derp)
13:51 <FriendlyJim> Pretty much every number is lucky/ unlucky in some culture.
13:51 <Chotix> I can't wait to friggin edit my profile picture.
13:51 <Kill1mes> 69 is lucky in 'MURICA
13:52 <Messian> Edit it now
13:52 <Chotix> I can't now. :/
13:52 <Kill1mes> Why not do it right now?
13:52 <VincentVonValentine> (tentacle)
13:52 <Kill1mes> Why?
13:52 <Messian> Are you in class?
13:52 <Chotix> Im on iOS and it acts funky.
13:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He is in class.
13:52 <Mjinbuu> cya dudes
13:52 <Chotix> Yeah, we're watching a movie.
13:52 <Mjinbuu> Mjinbuu out
13:52 <Chotix> See ya
13:52 <FriendlyJim> Death has beckoned you to hell
13:52 <FriendlyJim> You can't escape my evil spell
13:52 <FriendlyJim> Past the gates, evil fate
13:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Mjin.
13:52 <DehLeetGuy> In my country, a 6th person is onewho kind of obeys orders, like if someone told him to get the ball, hed do it, and everyone laughts at those people.
13:52 <Messian> Bye .. I don't now how to pronounce your name
13:52 -!- Mjinbuu has left Special:Chat.
13:53 <Chotix> Venus fly traps are weird as hell.
13:53 <FriendlyJim> Into the depths cast to burn
13:53 <FriendlyJim> Unseen terror life of doom
13:53 <FriendlyJim> Tragic, black magic
13:53 <Chotix> Gotta go, see ya guys.
13:54 <FriendlyJim> Bye
13:54 <Messian> Bye chotix
13:54 <DehLeetGuy> Holy crap my pasta will be quite a big one.
13:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Chotix.
13:54 <Messian> I want a link
13:54 <DehLeetGuy> Its over 50 lines and im only writing about the second day.
13:54 <FriendlyJim> Good like with it :)
13:54 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
13:54 <FriendlyJim> *Luck!
13:54 -!- Andryrig2001 has joined Special:Chat
13:54 <Andryrig2001> uh hi
13:54 <DehLeetGuy> Hai.
13:54 <Kill1mes> Ello.
13:54 <DehLeetGuy> I cant wait to take the pictures.
13:54 <FriendlyJim> Sorrow in your afterlife
13:54 <FriendlyJim> Victim of your sins tonight
13:54 <FriendlyJim> My grasp will last
13:55 <Andryrig2001> uh what pictures?
13:55 <Messian> Hi Andryrig..2001?!
13:55 <Messian> Why 2001?
13:55 <VincentVonValentine> Ellu Andy.
13:55 <DehLeetGuy> how do you type nausious
13:55 -!- DeadpoolHacker has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <DehLeetGuy> I dont know how
13:55 <Andryrig2001> uh messian that is my favourite year m'kay?
13:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Deadpool.
13:56 <Messian> Mkay
13:56 <DeadpoolHacker> Hey 
13:56 <Andryrig2001> hey dead
13:56 <Messian> Hi Deadpool
13:56 <DeadpoolHacker> Whats up?
13:56 <DeadpoolHacker> And hello to all creepypasta members!
13:56 <Andryrig2001> =I
13:56 <DehLeetGuy> I'm writing a long pasta which has real events.
13:57 <Andryrig2001> let me read it
13:57 <Messian> (fonz)
13:57 <Andryrig2001> if i can
13:57 <DeadpoolHacker> :S
13:57 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:57 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <VincentVonValentine> Hi.
13:57 <DeadpoolHacker> Xi
13:57 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
13:58 <Andryrig2001> :I
13:58 <DeadpoolHacker> Andryrig?
13:58 <DeadpoolHacker> What?
13:58 <Messian> Gotta go I'll be back in like 10 mins
13:58 <Andryrig2001> uh i am in a calm mood 
13:59 -!- Messian has left Special:Chat.
13:59 <Andryrig2001> some months later my shitty pastas (i admit i am a terrible writer) got deleted
13:59 <VincentVonValentine> o.o
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> *Slow-motion*
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> Nooooo
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> ooooo
13:59 <VincentVonValentine> ^
13:59 <Andryrig2001> uh i deserved it because they suck
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> *two hours later*
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> oooooooooooo...
13:59 <VincentVonValentine> Lol.
13:59 <DehLeetGuy> shaddap
13:59 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
13:59 <DeadpoolHacker> Wut?
13:59 <DehLeetGuy> I dont like your noooooo...'s going for an hour
14:00 <Chotix> Is 4 stars the default rating?
14:00 <DeadpoolHacker> You better like
14:00 <Chotix> for a pasta?
14:00 <DeadpoolHacker> Chotix!
14:00 <Kill1mes> Pool. don't stretch
14:00 <DehLeetGuy> Ok im going back to writing, writing about the third day.
14:00 <Kill1mes> Or I will keel yew
14:00 <Andryrig2001> dead for how many your no is going?
14:00 <DehLeetGuy> Just dont Dehleete me from chat :c
14:00 <Chotix> Yeah Deadpool?
14:00 <Kill1mes> I will kill you so hard you will die of death
14:00 <DeadpoolHacker> 2 hours
14:01 <Andryrig2001> oh
14:01 <Chotix> :P
14:01 <Andryrig2001> niice T_T
14:01 <DehLeetGuy> I can kill someone 6 times before they hit the ground
14:01 <DeadpoolHacker> Just stop saying you are horrible writer Chotix
14:01 <Kill1mes> Me too
14:01 <Kill1mes> I have a gun.
14:01 <Chotix> Huh?
14:01 <Kill1mes> Except not really.
14:01 <DehLeetGuy> I suck at writing but I'm writing for nearly half an hour ;-;
14:01 <DeadpoolHacker> Everybody is amazing writer!
14:01 <Chotix> i never said I sucked at writing.
14:01 <DehLeetGuy> God damn, my text is long
14:01 <Kill1mes> My shortest pasta took 45 minutes.
14:02 <Chotix> Im confused
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> AAAGH
14:02 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT THE HECK
14:02 <DehLeetGuy> Theres yellow stuff appearing in my mouth
14:02 <Chotix> GARGLE FARGLE
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> *2 hours WTF*
14:02 <Kill1mes> It's pus
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
14:02 <Kill1mes> Cho, caps
14:02 <Chotix> What is going on!!!!
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> nothing at all
14:02 <Andryrig2001> i dont know
14:02 <DeadpoolHacker> just write!
14:02 <Chotix> mkay.
14:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...It was two words, Kill...
14:03 <Andryrig2001> kill then?
14:03 <DeadpoolHacker> @Kill1mes
14:03 <DeadpoolHacker> Amazing anime!
14:03 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <DeadpoolHacker> :P
14:03 <Kill1mes> it was spam
14:03 <Andryrig2001> =I 
14:03 <DeadpoolHacker> :(
14:03 -!- Sparkarez has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Andryrig2001> :(
14:04 <DeadpoolHacker> :{)
14:04 <Andryrig2001> D:
14:04 <Andryrig2001> lol
14:04 <DeadpoolHacker> <WHY>
14:04 <Andryrig2001> :@i dont know why
14:04 <Andryrig2001> :@
14:04 <DeadpoolHacker> *ok now listen*
14:04 <DeadpoolHacker> Noooooooo......
14:04 <Andryrig2001> uh why the others are so silent?
14:04 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> lei is away
14:05 <DehLeetGuy> I think my pasta already has 100 lines
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> really?
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> Are you sick bro!
14:05 <DehLeetGuy> I've neve reven written like 20 lines of text
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> interesting?
14:05 <DehLeetGuy> Yes
14:05 <Andryrig2001> is over 90 lines?
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> exciting?
14:05 <DeadpoolHacker> amazing?
14:05 <DehLeetGuy> I dunno
14:05 <Andryrig2001> D:
14:05 <Andryrig2001> :D
14:06 <DeadpoolHacker> *Kills Dehlettguy*
14:06 <Kill1mes> Stop
14:06 <DeadpoolHacker> Why?
14:06 <Kill1mes> Stop posting all the faces.
14:06 <Andryrig2001> sry
14:06 <DeadpoolHacker> yes
14:06 <Kill1mes> Yes?
14:06 <DeadpoolHacker> yep
14:06 <Kill1mes> k
14:06 <DeadpoolHacker> I hate my life....
14:07 <Andryrig2001> my profile sucks
14:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why, Deadpool?
14:07 <DeadpoolHacker> it's nothing
14:07 <DeadpoolHacker> everyone is school ignores me...
14:07 <Kill1mes> What even...
14:08 <Kill1mes> That feel pool
14:08 <VincentVonValentine> @Dead Same. LOL. It's better that way though. o3o
14:08 <VincentVonValentine> For me atleast. o_o
14:08 <DeadpoolHacker> nobody understands me
14:09 <DehLeetGuy> My teeth are bleeding
14:09 <Andryrig2001> uh dead you are more lucky than me i am the most ignored and laughed at 
14:09 <DeadpoolHacker> @Andryrig2001
14:09 <DehLeetGuy> Im probably the sportiest in my class
14:09 <DeadpoolHacker> :P
14:10 <Kill1mes> I am the king of outcasts at my school
14:10 <Andryrig2001> uh dafuq
14:10 <Kill1mes> (fy)
14:10 <DeadpoolHacker> Horrible life
14:10 -!- Andryrig2001 has left Special:Chat.
14:10 <DehLeetGuy> While everyone in PE class is just fragging off around playing dumb games I'm just lifting 10 kilos. ;w;
14:10 <DeadpoolHacker> Did anybody get bullied?
14:10 <DehLeetGuy> I did
14:10 <DeadpoolHacker> :'
14:11 <DeadpoolHacker> I did from kindergarten
14:11 <DehLeetGuy> And half of the class is laughing their arses off because I got my hair nearly fully shaved ;w;
14:11 <Kill1mes> I did until I hit the bully is the gut and flipped him over.
14:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And why do you have it nearly fully shaved?
14:11 <DeadpoolHacker> somebody's at the door BRB
14:11 <Kill1mes> They avoided me after that
14:11 <DehLeetGuy> Because it kinda annoyed me
14:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
14:12 <DehLeetGuy> I can beat up everyone in class except for our champ
14:12 <DeadpoolHacker> never again
14:12 <DeadpoolHacker> Never..
14:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, I'm downloading Cave Story.
14:12 <DehLeetGuy> Who just screws up anyone who even shwos him a middle finger
14:13 <Kill1mes> I just found a song about suicide in a happy tone (derp)
14:13 <DehLeetGuy> teeth bleeding agian
14:13 <DeadpoolHacker> :X
14:13 <Kill1mes> teeth can't bleed
14:13 <DeadpoolHacker> Anybody has GF?
14:13 <DehLeetGuy> Im trying to get one
14:13 <DeadpoolHacker> Why?
14:13 <DeadpoolHacker> question is why?
14:14 <DeadpoolHacker> it's hardest question to answer right?
14:14 <DehLeetGuy> But I dont wanna tell her I like her, because then everyone in class would laugh at me, adn I would get rejected
14:14 <DehLeetGuy> Even though I know she likes me ;w;w
14:14 <DehLeetGuy> ;w;
14:14 <DeadpoolHacker> I had....
14:14 <Kill1mes> Then why would you get rejected?
14:15 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <DehLeetGuy> I doubt she would actually confess.
14:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Brooke
14:15 <DeadpoolHacker> because she broke up.....
14:15 <Kill1mes> Hello Brooke
14:15 <DeadpoolHacker> Brooke hello to drama
14:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hey.
14:15 <DeadpoolHacker> *dramatic song on*
14:15 <DehLeetGuy> And almost no one in class has a girlfriend except my good friend
14:16 <DehLeetGuy> Who found one like 3 years ago
14:16 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Kill1mes> all my friends are single.
14:16 -!- Messian has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Kill1mes> Hi guy and steak
14:16 <Messian> Hi kill
14:16 <Mr creepyguy12345> yur annoying
14:16 <DeadpoolHacker> first of all I like on girl....
14:16 <DehLeetGuy> Im trying to rip out my teeth that are moving like crazy
14:16 <DeadpoolHacker> but I can't tell her..
14:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mrcreepyguy, please write everything in the same page.-
14:17 <DehLeetGuy> I know that feelign Dead.
14:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There is no excuse to making every part in a separate part
14:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *page
14:17 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm suffering because I'm idiot!
14:17 <DeadpoolHacker> She liked me alot but 
14:17 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat do u mean why am i ring this?
14:17 <DeadpoolHacker> I messaged thing like jokes but...
14:17 <Messian> How do I tell a girl I like her?
14:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean that don't make a separate page for the Installer.
14:18 <DeadpoolHacker> she ignores me
14:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Keep it in the same page.
14:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> As if it were a normal story
14:18 <DeadpoolHacker> she hates me
14:18 <DeadpoolHacker> she wishes me to die.....
14:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Otherwise it may clutter the place.
14:19 <DehLeetGuy> I can tell the girl likes me because whenever I forget to take something for class she borrows it to me, and if I l see her looking at me she straight looks away as if nothign happened, and she doesnt even say a word to me the entire day.
14:19 <Mr creepyguy12345> no i waz gonna make a link to it so i looked like a computer link
14:19 <Messian> *wow wow wooooooouw*
14:19 <VincentVonValentine> O.
14:19 <Kill1mes> Don't stretch please
14:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Please avoid that, creepyguy. It is for the better.
14:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Trust me...please.
14:19 <DehLeetGuy> What do you mean stretch?
14:19 <Messian> I didn't mean to put so many o's the thingie got stuck
14:19 <Kill1mes> "wooooooouw*"
14:20 <DehLeetGuy> oh
14:20 <Mr creepyguy12345> i only did it to make it interesting 
14:20 <DeadpoolHacker> I had Concussions
14:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It IS interesting, I'll concede that.
14:20 <Mr creepyguy12345> really?
14:20 <DeadpoolHacker> yes
14:20 <DeadpoolHacker> Almost 
14:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, really.
14:21 <DeadpoolHacker> yep
14:21 <Mr creepyguy12345> why did u delete my red r of death?
14:21 <DehLeetGuy> I think I'm gonna put this much of my story on pastebin and link it
14:21 <DeadpoolHacker> She ignored me....
14:22 <Messian> Stop trying to make it dramatic.
14:22 <DeadpoolHacker> and sad to classmates,that I was lying 
14:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah that one...honestly, it was because it didn't meet the quality standards for the Wiki. In the sense that it barely had a beginning, a middle and an ending.
14:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Your other story, the one with the Installer, is better.
14:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So that one is much less likely to get deleted.
14:22 <DehLeetGuy> Dead, do you even know that she likes you? And anyway girls are a complicated pile of stuff
14:22 <Mr creepyguy12345> can u put my installer one back on plz
14:22 <DeadpoolHacker> She is horrible 
14:23 <Mr creepyguy12345> it waz good
14:23 <Messian> you perhaps have a gun?
14:23 <Messian> Lol Jk jk
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, I'll bring it back with one condition:
14:23 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Write the rest of your story first. You know, what comes after the Installer.
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll try to retrieve the rest and pass it back to you
14:23 <Kill1mes> I'll be back in some hours
14:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So you can put it together.
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Kill.
14:24 <Messian> Bye kill
14:24 <DeadpoolHacker> She is horrible
14:24 <DeadpoolHacker> but beautiful
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Is that okay with you, creepyguy?
14:24 <DehLeetGuy> Okay this is how much I managed to write in an hour
14:24 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
14:24 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat rest of my story
14:24 <DehLeetGuy> I hope oyu liek it (why)
14:24 <Messian> We GET IT Deadpool.
14:24 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You know...what comes after the Installer part
14:24 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It didn't end there...did it?
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You know, the program itself!
14:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
14:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
14:25 <DehLeetGuy> anyone even checked out my link?
14:25 <Mr creepyguy12345> oh wat explaining the program
14:25 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
14:25 <Messian> Im looking at it right now
14:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, that part.
14:25 <Chotix> I'm gonna use this temporary avatar for now,
14:25 <Chotix> the fishy one.
14:25 <Chotix> I like fishes.
14:26 <Chotix> Blub.
14:26 <Mr creepyguy12345> how whould i do that-need insperation
14:26 <DehLeetGuy> After I put in the pics its gonna be much better.
14:26 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
14:26 <DeadpoolHacker> @DehLeetGuy
14:26 <DehLeetGuy> Yas?
14:26 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm reading...
14:26 <Chotix> Anyone read the onwhitewhisker pastas?
14:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Take your time, creepyguy.
14:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There is no hurry
14:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The best stories aren't done instantly.
14:26 <DehLeetGuy> anyone like my thing?
14:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Meanwhile, I'll retrieve the rest and leave it in your talk page.
14:26 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
14:26 <Chotix> The OneWhiteWhisker pastas are weird.
14:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It may take some time, so please have patience. After all, I'll need help from an Admin.
14:27 <Messian> In the side notes, you said And like 6 times.
14:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So yes! Take your time, creepyguy.
14:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Can someone help me with a math question?!
14:27 <DehLeetGuy> YES
14:27 <Messian> Sure brooke
14:27 <DehLeetGuy> if its 2+2 I cant solve it
14:27 <Chotix> I have a creepypasta I'm working on that I've been doing off and on for months.
14:27 -!- Trojanpickelslap has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 3y-3.5=3y-3.5 What is the value of y? .-.
14:28 <Chotix> No algebra! Noooo!
14:28 <Trojanpickelslap> no one cares 
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's actually Geometry.
14:28 <DehLeetGuy> what the
14:28 <Mr creepyguy12345> i know but i cant just write my last story was good it was jeff is watching i had loads of insperation
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
14:28 <Chotix> I can't math.
14:28 <DehLeetGuy> I suck at geometry
14:28 <Messian> I don't fucking get it.
14:28 <Chotix> Yeah,
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> EH. 'D:
14:28 <Trojanpickelslap> i suck at life
14:28 <Chotix> Use google, Brooke.
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I tried.
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I TRIED
14:28 <Messian> Use the power of Christ.
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have teachers around me.
14:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Come on, have faith on yourself creepyguy. You can write a story, but you don't have to make it all in the same day.
14:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> >.>
14:28 <DehLeetGuy> and you posted an invalid thing
14:28 <Chotix> Do you have an iOS device?
14:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Try to work in pieces.
14:28 <Messian> Or a math book.
14:28 <DehLeetGuy> You posted the two same things and added an =
14:29 <Messian> Math books work.
14:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I has a math book.
14:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Make yourself write at least a paragraph everyday, on a notebook or something.
14:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also what is wrong, Trojan?
14:29 <Trojanpickelslap> it is no solution
14:29 <Chotix> Brb, gotta finish working on this study guide guys.
14:29 <DeadpoolHacker> @DehLeetGuy
14:29 <DehLeetGuy> I thought you guys said a meth book ;-;
14:29 <DeadpoolHacker> cool story bro..
14:29 <DehLeetGuy> Yes?
14:29 <Trojanpickelslap> you cant do it
14:29 <Mr creepyguy12345> i helped make jeff is back
14:29 <DeadpoolHacker> cool story bro..
14:29 <DehLeetGuy> Dead, the thing is real
14:29 <DeadpoolHacker> WTF?
14:29 <DehLeetGuy> I'll upload pictures of the letters, but they arent english
14:29 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:29 <Messian> Thats what she said.
14:30 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm scared
14:30 <Messian> I, I suck.
14:30 <Mr creepyguy12345> whyam i reading this i helped make jeff is back
14:30 <DehLeetGuy> And I'll add the pictures of the park
14:30 <VincentVonValentine> I have to go.
14:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You did? Nice!
14:30 <DeadpoolHacker> but no problem,it's nothing if I just die
14:30 <VincentVonValentine> Take care guys.
14:30 <Trojanpickelslap> brooke you there? and did you see the answer?
14:30 <Messian> Bye Vince.
14:30 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <DehLeetGuy> AGH
14:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Huh, thanks.
14:30 <The-one123> im back
14:30 <DehLeetGuy> Theres a tooth growing into my tooth D:
14:31 <Mr creepyguy12345> yeah i did i helped lonlymockingjay
14:31 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <Messian> There is a tooth growing up into my anus hole.
14:31 <DehLeetGuy> You mad
14:31 <The-one123> anybody need help writing a creepypasta
14:31 <Chotix> Jeff the killer keeps me from sleeping.
14:31 -!- VincentVonValentine has left Special:Chat.
14:31 <Mr creepyguy12345> i do
14:31 <The-one123> pm me
14:31 <Chotix> that smile is unsettling.
14:31 <Trojanpickelslap> im working on one right now
14:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, that is nice, creepyguy. 
14:32 <DehLeetGuy> Check out the new photos, one has a pedobear ;-;
14:32 <Trojanpickelslap> ty
14:32 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:32 <DehLeetGuy> Why, did you even take a look at my unfinished pasta?
14:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sorry, I think I missed it.
14:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Could you link it again, please'
14:32 <DehLeetGuy>
14:32 <Chotix> I hope people like my pasta. I'm really self conscious. 
14:32 <Mr creepyguy12345> link wat
14:32 <Messian> Heres what's going on in your neck of the woods.
14:32 <The-one123> what about the spin pasta i linked you yesterday read  did you read it
14:33 <Chotix> It's thundering here.
14:33 <DehLeetGuy> its raining pedo bears here
14:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid I lost the link to that one, theone. Link it again.
14:33 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do you really live in Lithuania, Leet?
14:33 <DehLeetGuy> Yes
14:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome!
14:33 <DehLeetGuy> In Panevezys
14:34 <DehLeetGuy> I cant really write the name of the city cause the english alphabet doesnt have dem letters
14:34 <DeadpoolHacker> I want electric guitar!
14:34 <DeadpoolHacker> random.
14:34 <The-one123> here it is reading
14:34 <Mr creepyguy12345> hi
14:34 <Messian> I just took a pill. I feel you should know that.
14:35 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat link w
14:35 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
14:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, I'll read it in a second, theone. I'm almost finished with Leet's story so far.
14:35 <The-one123> ok thanks , its a real mindfucker
14:35 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aha, done Leet.
14:35 <Chotix> Uuugh
14:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not bad! I like it. This totally deserves to be finished.
14:36 <DeadpoolHacker> Next letter is O
14:36 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm coming 
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm interested on what happened in the water, you know, what the narrator described.
14:36 <Trojanpickelslap> no it is not dead pool
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay theone, now I'll read your story.
14:36 <Mr creepyguy12345> why am i r can u help me with my cp
14:36 -!- DeadpoolHacker has left Special:Chat.
14:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Help in what sense, creepyguy?
14:36 <The-one123> its a theory
14:36 <Messian> Don't worry I needed the pill. THANKS FOR FUXING CARING.
14:36 <Chotix> friggin thunder.
14:36 <DehLeetGuy> back
14:36 <Mr creepyguy12345> the writing and ideas
14:36 <Chotix> Scared the crap out of me.
14:36 <DehLeetGuy> wiener dog on a minymoog
14:36 -!- Trojanpickelslap has left Special:Chat.
14:37 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:37 <The-one123> if anybody else wants there mind fucked
14:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmm...I'm afraid I can't do that, creepyguy. A pasta isn't something that a complete stranger can do for one. I'm afraid you'll have to work by yourself.
14:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Again, take your time.
14:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, done theone.
14:37 <The-one123> what did you think'
14:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have heard this theory before. 
14:38 <Messian> My cat is crazy
14:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And there was a possible explanation.
14:38 <The-one123> were
14:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> can i call u w why am i ring this 
14:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure, I guess, creepyguy.
14:38 <The-one123> I made this up , it took me 2 hours
14:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> can i be a moderator
14:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, it was mostly an unheard theory. But it is logical.
14:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid not, creepyguy.
14:38 <Messian> NO.
14:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> why
14:38 -!- DeadpoolHacker has joined Special:Chat
14:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because you haven't been here long enough.
14:38 <DeadpoolHacker> I killed o
14:38 <The-one123> you have to be active for 3 months
14:39 <DeadpoolHacker> Orlando
14:39 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Still, you worded it so it is easily understood, theone.
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Something most fail.
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So props to you.
14:39 -!- Raducu22 has left Special:Chat.
14:39 <Messian> Aww, he's a newbie.
14:39 <Mr creepyguy12345> i have been here 3 mounths
14:39 <The-one123> thanks
14:39 <Messian> Active on chat for 3 months.
14:39 <Mr creepyguy12345> i have
14:40 <Messian> Completely active?
14:40 <DehLeetGuy> Im active on chat for about 2 months
14:40 -!- Thedude11 has joined Special:Chat
14:40 <Thedude11> im back
14:40 <Mr creepyguy12345> yes
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid that it is an obvious lie, creepyguy.
14:40 <Mr creepyguy12345> its not
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> TAKE THAT!
14:40 <DehLeetGuy> You joined on April
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "7
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis>  Edits since joining this wiki
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> April 30, 2013"
14:40 <Thedude11> whats a lie
14:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You joined today.
14:40 <Mr creepyguy12345> i didn't actually
14:40 <Messian> It IS A LIE. (Jeff)
14:41 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:41 <DeadpoolHacker> Jeff?
14:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Jim.
14:41 <Messian> Random jeff.
14:41 <FriendlyJim> Hi WAIRT
14:41 <DehLeetGuy> I've been on the wiki for like 3 months but logged in/ started doing chatting and stuff 2 months ago
14:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Jim, again, don't call me WAIRT.
14:41 <FriendlyJim> Ok, what should I call you?
14:41 <Mr creepyguy12345> how did i make like 30 pastas then?
14:41 <Thedude11> a pintagram
14:41 <The-one123> call him reading
14:41 <Messian> Ive been on this wiki for almost a year.
14:41 -!- Thedude11 has left Special:Chat.
14:41 <DeadpoolHacker> I gotta go!
14:41 <Messian> Call him Why.
14:41 -!- Thedude11 has joined Special:Chat
14:41 <DehLeetGuy> Dude you said you were on for 3 months
14:42 <DeadpoolHacker> Gonna play some brain max
14:42 <DeadpoolHacker> TF2
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean with your actual account, creepyguy.
14:42 <DeadpoolHacker> Stay Spooky!
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Besides, you'll have to give evidence of what you say.
14:42 <DeadpoolHacker> Bye
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So show evidence about the pastas you have helped to make.
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Otherwise, it is empty words.
14:42 <Messian> Bye deadpool
14:42 <Thedude11> whyami 
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And the only thing one will say is "that is nice creepyguy"
14:42 -!- DeadpoolHacker has left Special:Chat.
14:42 <Mr creepyguy12345> how can i show evidence
14:42 <Thedude11> what is going on here
14:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, show one story you helped, and I'll tell you what to do.
14:42 <DehLeetGuy> Dumb stuff
14:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing important, dude.
14:43 <Thedude11> got it
14:43 <Messian> The today show has gone fucking crazy.
14:43 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
14:43 <The-one123> the yesterday show is even more crazy
14:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Sess.
14:43 <Thedude11> based on what happened i would say someone is liein about somthing
14:43 <The-one123> haha
14:43 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hello
14:43 <Messian> They are putting iPads and computers in water.
14:44 <Messian> What.The.Fuck.
14:44 <DehLeetGuy> Most dumb people do that with their iPads
14:44 <DehLeetGuy> .
14:44 <Mr creepyguy12345> i bet its more complicated you'll probably check use scan and crap like that 
14:44 <The-one123> anybody got a good riddle
14:44 <DehLeetGuy> Or they think the iPADS SUCK
14:44 <DehLeetGuy> caps
14:45 <Mr creepyguy12345> wont u w
14:45 <The-one123> thay do suck
14:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Just link a story you collaborate in, creepyguy.
14:45 <Messian> Im on my iPad right now because my windows8 laptop is lagging for days and days.
14:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis>'ll be like you lied. And nobody likes liars.
14:45 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
14:45 <Thedude11> true
14:45 <Messian> Dun dun dun
14:45 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has joined Special:Chat
14:45 <Chotix> Could someone read my pasta and tell me what categories it belongs in?
14:46 <FriendlyJim> Reading, what did creepyguy say?
14:46 <Messian> Yeah
14:46 <Mr creepyguy12345> thats why im not wasting my time lieing cos you'll scan the page i send u
14:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, I take that as you never collaborated in a story.
14:46 <Thedude11> no evidence creepyguy
14:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ergo, you joined today.
14:46 <Messian> You are lying.
14:46 <Chotix> I only have monsters, but I think it can apply to other categories, but I want to be sure.
14:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And so you'0re unfit to be a Moderator.
14:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Case closed.
14:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also nothing worth repeating, Jim.
14:47 <FriendlyJim> Okay
14:47 <MLP CreepyPasta> What does anyone think of the MARIO rom hack pasta?
14:47 <Messian> Link it chaotix.
14:47 <Chotix> Is there some drama going on?
14:47 <The-one123> that pasta is old
14:47 <Chotix> Okay, messian.
14:47 <Mr creepyguy12345> no i did collaborate but i am not lieing cos you'll find me out
14:47 <Chotix>
14:47 <The-one123> I played the actual fan made hack , it sucks
14:47 <MLP CreepyPasta> But I find it the most amusing of any other game pasta
14:47 <Chotix> This guy's grammar is atrocious.
14:47 <DehLeetGuy> Chotix, you can get a ban for spam pages
14:47 <Messian> Nothing is there.
14:47 <Chotix> Spa, pa
14:47 <FriendlyJim> creepyguy, it's spelled lying
14:48 <Chotix> spam pages?
14:48 <DehLeetGuy> Or did you find this
14:48 <DehLeetGuy> Its an empty page
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is a good hack, MLP
14:48 <Chotix> My bad
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I like it.
14:48 <Chotix> Let me fix it
14:48 <Thedude11> creepyguy saying " cos you'll find me out" means your lying 
14:48 <Messian> Lol
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, creepyguy, I'm afraid that nothing can be done, then.
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is all up to you.
14:48 <Chotix> Just search While You're Sleeping.
14:48 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat do u mean
14:48 <Chotix> Im afraid to link it again.
14:49 <Thedude11> me or whyami creepyguy
14:49 <Mr creepyguy12345> whyami
14:49 <FriendlyJim> By the way, if I get banned too many times, what happens then?
14:49 <Messian> It's. Kind of like a poem.
14:49 <Sesshomaru-sama12> What have I missed
14:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What happens is that surely you'll be gone forever, Jim.
14:49 <Thedude11> it means that take it up with some one else creepyguy
14:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not much Sess.
14:49 <DehLeetGuy> I dunno Jim
14:49 <Chotix> Messian
14:49 <DehLeetGuy> But I got banned about 5 times ;-;
14:49 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Why?
14:49 <DehLeetGuy> 2 Cause of my dumb Cousin
14:49 <Messian> What
14:50 <Mr creepyguy12345> whyami wats your fave cp
14:50 <Chotix> You wanted to read my story right?
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The House that Death Forgot, creepyguy.
14:50 <FriendlyJim> I got banned once typing spam over and over.
14:50 <Messian> I did
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kicked and Banned are two different things, Jim.
14:50 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't worry.
14:50 <Mr creepyguy12345> wats the
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Mantra.
14:50 <FriendlyJim> Ah
14:50 <Chotix> Oh, what categories should it go in?
14:50 <Messian> Its kinda like a poem
14:50 <FriendlyJim> Hello Mantra
14:50 <Chotix> What is?
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This, creepyguy
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
14:50 <Messian> Your story
14:51 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
14:51 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
14:51 <Chotix> Really?
14:51 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
14:51 <Messian> Yeah
14:51 <Chotix> Should I put it in poems?
14:51 <FriendlyJim> Yes
14:51 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Are there any creepy Pasta's about Haunting?
14:51 <Mr creepyguy12345> the only reason i wanted to b a mod was to help u whyami
14:51 <The-one123> yes
14:51 <MLP CreepyPasta> Has anyone heard of any Silent Hill creepy pasta's?
14:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is okay, creepyguy.
14:51 <The-one123> yes
14:51 <Child Of Mantra> The wiki has enough mods.
14:51 <Mr creepyguy12345> wats ok
14:51 <Chotix> Crap. Every "it" was supposed to be italicised. 
14:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A lot, Sess, but...
14:51 <The-one123> thats my job creepyguy
14:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...I don't know which ones
14:52 <Chotix> I just realized it isn't.
14:52 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Can Someone send me the link for a really good scary one?
14:52 <Messian> I added poetry to the categorys
14:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Your motives are okay, creepyguy.
14:52 <Chotix> Thanks, Mess.
14:52 <The-one123> he stoled my motives 
14:52 <Mr creepyguy12345> wat are motives soz im a dummy
14:52 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has left Special:Chat.
14:53 <The-one123> motives = what you want to do with something
14:53 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:53 <DehLeetGuy> I can bet you're a kid creepyguy.
14:53 <FriendlyJim>
14:53 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
14:53 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I am. I'm 13
14:53 <Mr creepyguy12345> how can i be 
14:53 <FriendlyJim> Your spelling?
14:53 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Could just be texter chat
14:54 <Thedude11> because your persistent, annoying
14:54 <Mr creepyguy12345> yeah it is sess
14:54 -!- Trojanpickelslap has joined Special:Chat
14:54 <Chotix> I hate improper spelling.
14:54 <Trojanpickelslap> i am HYPNO
14:54 <Thedude11> true 
14:54 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I do too
14:54 <Chotix> What does creepy even want?
14:54 <FriendlyJim> I don't care if someone spells a word wrong, as long as they try.
14:54 <Thedude11> well if i spell wrong it's because of my medical condition
14:54 <The-one123> I spell stuff like that on purpose cause its how I like to talk , texter talk in chat isnt allowed
14:54 <Chotix> Dyslexic
14:54 <Thedude11> ya
14:54 <Trojanpickelslap> i am HYPNO
14:54 <Chotix> Ah, then that's okay.
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Stop Rping 
14:55 <The-one123> who?
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Trojan
14:55 <Sesshomaru-sama12> GUys instead of calling me Sess call me Fluffy That's the nickname for Sesshomaru
14:55 <Mr creepyguy12345> i am 21 for fucks sake!
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Or Rp/Spam
14:55 <Chotix> Mispelling because of laziness I hate. Mispelling because of conditions or typos is fine.
14:55 <Thedude11> lie's
14:55 -!- Trojanpickelslap has left Special:Chat.
14:55 <Thedude11> creepyguy
14:55 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Acording to FB I'm 33
14:55 <FriendlyJim> I am with Chotix on this one.
14:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Are...Are you really, 21, creepyguy?
14:56 <DehLeetGuy> I doubt.
14:56 <Mr creepyguy12345> yes
14:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...
14:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (twitch)
14:56 <The-one123> what year were you born
14:56 <Thedude11> i dont belive him
14:56 <Chotix> What does creepyguy want anyway? And thanks, Jim.
14:56 <Child Of Mantra> I don't believe it.
14:56 <DehLeetGuy> A person that old would have gramamr better than you.
14:56 <Child Of Mantra> There is no way to prove it though.
14:56 <Child Of Mantra> I think.
14:56 <Mr creepyguy12345> i am speaking text talk you bitch!
14:56 <The-one123> I am only 16
14:56 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Show us a pic of yourself
14:56 <FriendlyJim> He wants to be a moderator, and so he lied about collaborating in over 30 stories.
14:56 <Chotix> That's not nice.
14:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sess, no.
14:57 <DehLeetGuy> And we already know hes a liar because he lied about helping pastas ant saying he was here for 3 months
14:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is not nice.
14:57 <Child Of Mantra> That's pretty immature if you ask me.
14:57 <Thedude11> oh wow curseing . It doesnt prove anything
14:57 <Thedude11> creepyguy
14:57 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Wrong place sorry. Meant to go a friend on Devinat art
14:57 <Chotix> He sounds 12.
14:57 <Thedude11> who creepyguy
14:57 <FriendlyJim> He sounds immature.
14:57 <Sesshomaru-sama12> He Does
14:57 <Chotix> I think he's a little kid.
14:58 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Well I am a kid and that's how I usually talk
14:58 <Mr creepyguy12345> for gods sake just leave me alone you arsehole
14:58 <AlexHawks> Jim
14:58 <AlexHawks> Jiiim
14:58 <Chotix> I acted like that when I was 11 or 12.
14:58 <FriendlyJim> Hello Alex!
14:58 <AlexHawks> Are you here?
14:58 <FriendlyJim> Alex!
14:58 <AlexHawks> Gonna play with mee? ._.
14:58 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Just Only to friends
14:58 <Chotix> Gotta go, be back in an hour.
14:59 <Sesshomaru-sama12> BYe
14:59 <Sesshomaru-sama12> *Bye
14:59 <The-one123> bye bye
14:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Chotix.
14:59 <Mr creepyguy12345> lets change the subject
14:59 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
14:59 <FriendlyJim> Not today brah, I can paly tomorrow.
14:59 <FriendlyJim> *Paly
14:59 <FriendlyJim> *Play
14:59 <DehLeetGuy> fagbiscuits
14:59 <FriendlyJim> God
14:59 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
14:59 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Why? Why Change subject?
14:59 <Child Of Mantra> Nick
14:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet what the hell.
14:59 <DehLeetGuy> I dunno
14:59 <AlexHawks> Jim <_<
14:59 <DehLeetGuy> My brain is malfunctioning
14:59 <AlexHawks> Why?
14:59 <FriendlyJim> Because tomorrow is my day off.
15:00 <DehLeetGuy> Same here Jim :D
15:00 <Messian> Ass.
15:00 <FriendlyJim> Labour and all
15:00 <Mr creepyguy12345> you guys are really annoying me
15:00 <FriendlyJim> Then leave
15:00 <DehLeetGuy> Then gtfo
15:00 <Child Of Mantra> ^
15:00 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Leave Then
15:00 <DehLeetGuy> 8008135
15:00 <The-one123> ^
15:00 -!- Messian has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <Mr creepyguy12345> but i haven't done anything
15:00 <AlexHawks> Jim
15:00 <Thedude11> lie
15:01 <FriendlyJim> Yes Alex?
15:01 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Well if were annpying you go
15:01 <AlexHawks> Will we voicechat while playing? ;_;
15:01 <Thedude11> gtg
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye dude-
15:01 <FriendlyJim> I dunno
15:01 -!- Thedude11 has left Special:Chat.
15:01 <The-one123> they arnt annoying anybody else , just you
15:01 <Sesshomaru-sama12> BYe
15:01 <DehLeetGuy>  dread deep in my breast. 
15:01 <DehLeetGuy> dafuq
15:01 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I have to go
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Sess.
15:01 <The-one123> bye bye
15:01 -!- Dan67 has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <DehLeetGuy> Bai bai.
15:01 <FriendlyJim> I suck at LoL by the way, but it's fun
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay Leet, what is going on with you? Why the random lines?
15:01 <Mr creepyguy12345> lets just stop this irrational behavior  
15:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Dan.
15:02 <Dan67> Hi why
15:02 <The-one123> hello dan
15:02 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <FriendlyJim> Okay let's start over, welcome to the chat creepyguy!
15:02 <AlexHawks> It's fun when you suck obviously .-.
15:02 <Dan67> So how are things been going today
15:02 <AlexHawks> So, voicechat, yeah?
15:02 <Mr creepyguy12345> hello 
15:02 <FriendlyJim> Maybe
15:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Excellent, Dan!
15:03 <Dan67> ?/
15:03 <DehLeetGuy> Im drinking blood fomr my teeth
15:03 <Pramirez351> so chat is lively today :)
15:03 <The-one123> have you ever been on chat before creepyguy
15:03 <FriendlyJim> Hi Pram
15:03 <Mr creepyguy12345> why how old are you
15:03 <DehLeetGuy> He joined today
15:03 <DehLeetGuy> Im 16
15:03 <The-one123> 16
15:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nineteen.
15:03 <Pramirez351> hello jim
15:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Today is my birthday.
15:03 <Dan67> Yep, then everybody gets ignored down the road
15:03 <AlexHawks> Happy birthday Reading.
15:03 <Pramirez351> again happy b day (reading)
15:03 <Mr creepyguy12345> happy birthday the
15:03 <AlexHawks> And I'm 15.
15:03 <Mr creepyguy12345> im 21
15:03 <Pramirez351> also im 16
15:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you people.
15:04 <Child Of Mantra> I share the same birthday as Kill.
15:04 <Dan67> Happy birthday reading :3
15:04 <FriendlyJim> Happy birthday Reading
15:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> When is it, Mantra?
15:04 <AlexHawks> I was born on helloween
15:04 <Child Of Mantra> 17th of May.
15:04 <AlexHawks> ;_;
15:04 <Dan67> Winter
15:04 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
15:04 <The-one123> march 20th
15:04 <Child Of Mantra> 17th of May is also Norway's birthday
15:04 <Child Of Mantra> So everyone is cheering for me.
15:04 -!- Dorothy9998 has joined Special:Chat
15:04 <Mr creepyguy12345> why why can't i be a mod i just wanted help ban rude people
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, I'll make sure to remember that your birthdays.
15:05 <Dorothy9998> hello
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The thing is, it isn't simple to be one, creepyguy.
15:05 <DehLeetGuy>  its sexless body skeletal and pale.
15:05 <DehLeetGuy> What the hell is up with sexual stuff in this pasta
15:05 <Mr creepyguy12345> how come
15:05 <Dan67> Dorothy: Nice avatar picture
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You need three months of activity, 100 edits, the approval of the community...
15:05 <Chotix> What pasta?
15:05 <Dorothy9998> thank you
15:05 <Child Of Mantra> It's hard as balls as far as i know.
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...and prove yourself of handling the responsabilities.
15:05 <The-one123> who would approve me as a mod
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> After all, you're in charge of the chat community.
15:05 <AlexHawks> 100edits?
15:05 <Dorothy9998> its a anime charecter a friend made me and i edited it to make it creepy for this 
15:05 <Dan67> The daily grind what a wonderful life
15:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And you don't just enforce the rules. You need to know how to talk, to help and to deal with people.
15:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, the edits part isn't set on stone...
15:06 <AlexHawks> Imma edit my profile 100times by adding one letter each time?
15:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...most times any number is fine, as long as it isn't 0
15:06 <Chotix> Which is why I shouldn't mod.
15:06 <Dorothy9998> what creepypasta are you guys talking about anyway??
15:06 <Dan67> None
15:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> None, Dorothy. Yet.
15:06 <Mr creepyguy12345> I CAN BE RESPONSIBLE  IM FRICKIN 21
15:06 <Dorothy9998> oh sorry
15:06 <Chotix> You act like a child.
15:06 <Mr creepyguy12345> ME?
15:06 <Child Of Mantra> Holy shit you suond like a kid that doesn't get his candy.
15:06 <The-one123> age doesnt mean responible
15:06 <Child Of Mantra> sound*
15:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> theone is right.
15:06 <Dorothy9998> who sounds like a kid?
15:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Age doesn't make you responsible. Behavior is what shows your true age.
15:07 <Child Of Mantra> ^
15:07 <Chotix> I'm 15, I'd Be a much better mod than you.
15:07 <Chotix> And I don't wanna be.
15:07 <Dan67> I made a creepypasta, it's still there if you want to check Dorothy
15:07 <FriendlyJim> ^agreed
15:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> jim wants dorothy to check pastas
15:07 <FriendlyJim> lol
15:07 <Chotix> F
15:07 <Mr creepyguy12345> YOU SOUND LIKE GANDALF WHY
15:07 <Chotix> Whoops
15:07 <Child Of Mantra> Nick
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I take that as a compliment!
15:08 <FriendlyJim> The shat is just so full
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Mantra?
15:08 <Child Of Mantra> Do you have any idea how big fo ac ompliment taht is?
15:08 <The-one123> i have been responsible since I was 8 , when I learned how to cook and stuff . I basicaly live by myself , with my mom working all day .
15:08 <FriendlyJim> *Chat
15:08 <Child Of Mantra> big of a *
15:08 <DehLeetGuy> Okay that message improved the chances of Creepyguy being a kid
15:08 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> More or so...but I suppose it is bigger than I think, Mantra.
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll save this moment...for eternity! (QQ)
15:08 <Dorothy9998> i am so confused im 12 and im responsible :P
15:08 <DehLeetGuy> Oh yeah, does creepypasta have a facebook page?
15:08 <AlexHawks> Facebook?
15:08 <Child Of Mantra> oh shit
15:08 <AlexHawks> What
15:08 <The-one123> yes
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Uuuuuuh...okay, give me one second.
15:09 <Dan67> I already made the link not going to make another, so what is the latest creepypasta?
15:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Dorothy, private message.
15:09 <FriendlyJim> Facebook is shit
15:09 <Child Of Mantra> indeed
15:09 <AlexHawks> ^
15:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll see it to the right of the chat users, Dorothy.
15:09 <The-one123> ^
15:09 <Dorothy9998> MrCreepypasta has a fb page
15:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :I
15:09 <Child Of Mantra> I kinda think that mr is a troll
15:09 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
15:09 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has left Special:Chat.
15:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Dorothy?
15:09 <The-one123> *bang* finaly
15:09 <FriendlyJim> God, finally
15:09 <Child Of Mantra> he just got kicked
15:09 <Child Of Mantra> not banned
15:09 <The-one123> still
15:10 <Child Of Mantra> yeh
15:10 <Dorothy9998> yes?
15:10 <The-one123> he is new , he might not join back
15:10 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has joined Special:Chat
15:10 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
15:10 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <AlexHawks> NO
15:10 <AlexHawks> Go away
15:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> creepyguy, don't do that again.
15:10 <AlexHawks> Bug2buga wannabe
15:10 <41488p> what
15:10 <The-one123> of course right after I said it
15:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi 414.
15:10 <Dan67> Mr.creeper is gone :/
15:10 <41488p> hi Reading
15:10 <Chotix> What did creepy just do?
15:10 <41488p> he creeped people out.
15:10 <Dorothy9998> hello 414 
15:10 <Child Of Mantra> stretch
15:10 <The-one123> he streched
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stretched the chat using a lot of the same letter.
15:11 <41488p> by staring at them
15:11 <Dan67> He spammed chat
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> On caps.
15:11 <Mr creepyguy12345> SORRY guys i was being irresponsible 
15:11 <Chotix> Why?
15:11 <41488p> and licking their bodies
15:11 <AlexHawks> He managed to ride me whitout my permission
15:11 <41488p> hi Dorothy
15:11 <41488p> ohai Creepy
15:11 <41488p> dammit, Fallout 3, y u no install faster!
15:11 <Chotix> And it's back.
15:11 <Child Of Mantra> Fallout is my favorite series
15:11 <Chotix> I love Fallout.
15:12 <FriendlyJim> ^
15:12 <The-one123> I love dead island riptide
15:12 <Mr creepyguy12345> sorry guys i have ADHD-makes me have mood swings
15:12 <The-one123> I preordered it
15:12 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
15:12 <41488p> oh Dead Island
15:12 <AlexHawks> Oh god, I thought youre simply retarded.
15:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...
15:12 <41488p> that's a pwetty series 
15:12 <Child Of Mantra> oh shit
15:12 <Dan67> Dororthy: Serious question what gender are you, so I won't mistake you from what your not.
15:12 -!- Teigatchi has joined Special:Chat
15:12 <The-one123> same here , but I keep them under control creepy
15:12 <41488p> uhm
15:12 -!- AlexHawks was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
15:12 <41488p> Alex
15:12 -!- AlexHawks has left Special:Chat.
15:12 <Mr creepyguy12345> really
15:12 <41488p> D:
15:12 <The-one123> *bang*
15:12 -!- AlexHawks has joined Special:Chat
15:13 <41488p> BOOM!
15:13 <41488p> HEADSHOT!
15:13 <AlexHawks> Sycophancy is a sin
15:13 <41488p> so is licking people
15:13 <Child Of Mantra> Blah Blah Blah is a sin
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hawks, do that again and you're banned...once again. Don't use retarded to describe people
15:13 <Dan67> Sycophancy?
15:13 <41488p> sin is a sin
15:13 <41488p> look it up, Dan
15:13 <41488p> sheesh, you're connected to the internet, aren't you?
15:13 <FriendlyJim> Can you say someone is stupid?
15:13 <41488p> kids these days... wait I'm a kid too
15:13 <41488p> (propane)
15:13 <Mr creepyguy12345> why i have ADHD 
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stupid, yes.
15:13 <41488p> oh, well.
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
15:13 <Dan67> I know what a sin is -_- I couldn't understand what sycophancy meant
15:14 <41488p> ADHD? I can explain it for you. Oh look, a turtle!
15:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You already said that, creepyguy. 
15:14 <41488p> I know, Dan.
15:14 <Child Of Mantra> Isn't that ADD?
15:14 <41488p> a dyslexic guy walks into a bra
15:14 <FriendlyJim> So, who here thinks that marijuana should be legalized?
15:14 <FriendlyJim> Other than me.
15:14 <41488p> sadly, he's dyslexic, so he doesn't really walk into a bra
15:14 <Dan67> I have ADHD so be careful on what your saying.
15:14 <41488p> instead, he walks into a bar
15:15 <Child Of Mantra> I personally believe but i don't really like to brag about it.
15:15 <41488p> he spends the rest of his life being an alcoholic 
15:15 <Child Of Mantra> Or make a big deal out of it.
15:15 <41488p> and dies an unhappy death
15:15 <Mr creepyguy12345> no ADD is ADHD without hyperactivity
15:15 <41488p> he leaves his wife with nothing
15:15 <41488p> his kids with just his car
15:15 <Dan67> :|
15:15 <FriendlyJim> 414, just why?
15:15 <41488p> and his wife is the first woman in history to divorce her dead husband
15:15 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
15:15 <41488p> the end.
15:15 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <41488p> :D
15:15 <The-one123> creepy , stop trying to redeem yourself , ADHD is not a excuse  
15:16 <41488p> nothing is an excuse!
15:16 <FriendlyJim> Nothing is true
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey, hey, let's change the subject.
15:16 <41488p> true is nothing.
15:16 <41488p> who likes pizza?
15:16 <Child Of Mantra> Is nothing true?
15:16 <The-one123> ok
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I doubt creepguy is really trying go find excuses.
15:16 <DehLeetGuy> Lolwut my emulator is stuck at 0%
15:16 <FriendlyJim> Nothing is pizza.
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So let's not say anything about that.
15:16 <Mr creepyguy12345> thank you why
15:16 <Child Of Mantra> yeh let's shut up and move on
15:16 <Dan67> Its not an excuse -_- you believed 4148 instead of me -_-
15:16 <Child Of Mantra> move on
15:16 <The-one123> does pm show up in chat logs
15:17 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
15:17 <DehLeetGuy> dunno i dont think
15:17 <Child Of Mantra> That would be stupid
15:17 <FriendlyJim> Nothing is pizza, everything is ravioli.
15:17 <Dan67> Gtg to class
15:17 <41488p> bye Dan
15:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Dab.
15:17 <FriendlyJim> Bye
15:17 <41488p> see you in class
15:17 <41488p> ;)
15:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *Dan
15:17 <Mr creepyguy12345> i actually do so if someone does say i don't there racist
15:17 <41488p> lol Dab
15:17 <DehLeetGuy> How do I get past rustboro
15:17 -!- Dan67 has left Special:Chat.
15:17 <41488p> how does racism have anything to do with mental disorders??
15:17 <Child Of Mantra> ^
15:18 <FriendlyJim> ^^
15:18 <The-one123> ^
15:18 <41488p> ^.^
15:18 <DehLeetGuy> Bobby or gtfo
15:18 <FriendlyJim> ^______^
15:18 <41488p> 0.)
15:18 <41488p> AFD
15:18 <Mr creepyguy12345> it does because if your mean about it
15:18 <41488p> 0.0
15:18 <DehLeetGuy> ^....^
15:18 <41488p> racists aren't mean
15:18 <41488p> they're just different
15:18 <DehLeetGuy> some are
15:18 <41488p> they're mean to us
15:18 <41488p> but to their own kind
15:18 <41488p> they're nota
15:18 <The-one123> Rasists make fun of a race not a disorder
15:19 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has joined Special:Chat
15:19 <Child Of Mantra> Actually
15:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back MLP.
15:19 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has left Special:Chat.
15:19 <41488p> anyway, I'm not in a philosophical mood, so let's switch the topic.
15:19 <Child Of Mantra> Hitler hated people with disorders.
15:19 <Mr creepyguy12345> i meant discrimination 
15:19 <The-one123> thats not racist
15:19 <DehLeetGuy> Hows about talking about the pokemon about stuff?
15:19 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has joined Special:Chat
15:19 <FriendlyJim> By the way, has anyone heard about the 15 year old boy who was arrested for wearing an NRA shirt to school?
15:19 <Child Of Mantra> Sorry i thought you meant nazism
15:19 -!- RockstarCop has joined Special:Chat
15:19 <41488p> Nazism?
15:19 <RockstarCop> Hello
15:19 <Mr creepyguy12345> no i hate pokemon
15:19 <41488p> ok now THAT was evil.
15:19 <DehLeetGuy> what is NRA? sorry for the question
15:20 <41488p> let's discuss World War 2.
15:20 <The-one123> no
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yeah, I'm wondering the same than Leet.
15:20 <DehLeetGuy> No
15:20 <FriendlyJim> National Rifle Association.
15:20 <41488p> since most of you know 12 year-old CoD players who blame everything on hax
15:20 <MLP CreepyPasta> creepyguy one does not simply hat Pokemon
15:20 <41488p> NPA
15:20 <41488p> National Penguin Association 
15:20 <DehLeetGuy> Since im not tooooo good at english I dont know what NRA means
15:20 <Child Of Mantra> I dislike pokemon.
15:20 <41488p> "Get Your Krill day"
15:20 <RockstarCop> I don't play CoD
15:20 <DehLeetGuy> NPA I know that
15:20 <Mr creepyguy12345> why can i ask a few qs
15:20 <Child Of Mantra> where is your god now?
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Questions?
15:20 <41488p> my god is above me
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eh...I suppose so.
15:20 <Mr creepyguy12345> yes
15:20 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <41488p> and below me
15:20 <DehLeetGuy> National Ragdoll Association?
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Go ahead.
15:20 <Horrorfan1> Hello
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Horror.
15:20 <41488p> ok just below me
15:20 <FriendlyJim> My god is below me
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah! 
15:20 <DehLeetGuy> Hai.
15:21 <41488p> *rubs crotch*
15:21 <41488p> oh, you.
15:21 <41488p> :)
15:21 <MLP CreepyPasta> Hello mister Horror
15:21 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
15:21 -!- RockstarCop has left Special:Chat.
15:21 -!- Teigatchi has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <Child Of Mantra> hello
15:21 <41488p> ok, now that Fallout 3's installed, time to load in the DLC!
15:21 <Mr creepyguy12345> q1why is it called creepypasta
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Reaper.
15:21 <41488p> because it's pasta
15:21 <41488p> dun
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is a modification of the term "copypasta"
15:21 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <FriendlyJim> What is copypasta?
15:21 <Child Of Mantra> Spooky Spaghetti
15:21 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <41488p> DAMMIT, READING!
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> the creepy is to indicate the type of story.
15:21 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <Mr creepyguy12345> copypasta what is
15:22 -!- Kinlie2000 has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A copypasta is a text that used to be copied and pasted in forums and other places
15:22 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Kinlie2000> hi is anybody there
15:22 <MLP CreepyPasta> because it's creepy, but I don't understand why "pasta"s in there
15:22 <41488p> don't question the answers
15:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A lot of people are here!
15:22 <41488p> jeez
15:22 <WhiteReaper> Hey people.
15:22 <Kinlie2000> sorry new at this
15:22 <DehLeetGuy> its a pile of pasta that has eyeballs in it
15:22 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <MLP CreepyPasta> hey Reaper
15:22 <WhiteReaper> Hi.
15:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Chatroom and possible the Wiki, Kinlie!
15:22 <Mr creepyguy12345> i thought the pasta was that the mods ate pasta 
15:22 <MLP CreepyPasta> Pastas can have eyes? :o
15:22 <Kinlie2000> me 2
15:22 <WhiteReaper> Fuck, gotta work on that sig before Ben comes in.
15:23 <WhiteReaper> shit shit shit
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I wish I had pasta right now, but that isn't the case, so no.
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also come on Reaper you can finish it in time!
15:23 <Kinlie2000> haha 
15:23 <WhiteReaper> Eh, I'll try.
15:23 -!- Rydaah has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <DehLeetGuy> I have a level 12 kadabra ;-;
15:23 <Mr creepyguy12345> q2 is jeff real
15:23 <Child Of Mantra> No Eh
15:23 <The-one123> You can do it 
15:23 <Rydaah> yoooooo
15:23 <The-one123> no
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, he isn't
15:23 <Kinlie2000> okay you sound kool white reaper
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Next question!
15:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Rydaah.
15:23 <Rydaah> Whats up
15:23 <WhiteReaper> Do I, Kinlie?
15:23 <WhiteReaper> Thanks
15:23 <41488p> uh Creepy
15:23 <Kinlie2000> yeah
15:23 <41488p> how old are you?
15:24 <Child Of Mantra> He looks cool too.
15:24 <MLP CreepyPasta> That awkward moment, when you notice that your at school. And not at home...
15:24 <Rydaah> very awkward
15:24 <Child Of Mantra> You're*
15:24 <41488p> and you start unzipping your pants
15:24 <WhiteReaper> I look liek a sack of shit, but yeah
15:24 <41488p> but you quickly zip them back
15:24 <Kinlie2000> what 
15:24 <Rydaah> o_o
15:24 <Mr creepyguy12345> q3 do you believe in slendy 
15:24 <Kinlie2000> the
15:24 <Kinlie2000> heck
15:24 <Rydaah> o)_(o 
15:24 <41488p> I believe in slendy...
15:24 <Child Of Mantra> >SLENDY!!1¨'
15:24 <Rydaah> heh
15:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, I don't. He isn't real either.
15:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Next.
15:24 <41488p> I believe in a slendy thing also known as my...
15:24 <41488p> boomstick.
15:24 <41488p> ;)
15:24 <Rydaah> :D
15:24 <Kinlie2000> yeah i love to know more about him though
15:24 <DehLeetGuy> That awkward moment when I realize that I have mudkip and charmeleon in my party
15:24 <MLP CreepyPasta> Slendy>Everyone
15:24 <Mr creepyguy12345> prove it :)
15:24 <Child Of Mantra> Slenderman*
15:24 <41488p> Everyone>Slendy>Everyone
15:24 <41488p> PARADOX!
15:24 <Kinlie2000> how?
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Prove what, creepyguy?
15:25 <Mr creepyguy12345> that slendy does not exist
15:25 <Child Of Mantra> Go to a mirror and say Slenderman 3 times
15:25 <The-one123> if slenderman was real you would see him in the news
15:25 <Dorothy9998> that won't work
15:25 <Child Of Mantra> and then you feel like an idiot and carry on
15:25 <MLP CreepyPasta> Get me a mirror
15:25 -!- MLP CreepyPasta has left Special:Chat.
15:25 <41488p> go to your mom and whisper dirty stuff in your ear
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, then I'll turn this around and tell you to present DECISIVE evidence that Slenderman exists.
15:25 <Kinlie2000> creepyguy slenderman does exist
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No photos don't work
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No videos don't work
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No the game don't work
15:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Go ahead.
15:25 <WhiteReaper> K, brb, doing the sig
15:25 <41488p> go into your local forest and hope you don't get sexually violated
15:25 <41488p> unzip your pants and watch the window
15:26 <41488p> cut down a tree
15:26 <Kinlie2000> omg
15:26 <41488p> hug a tree
15:26 <41488p> eat a tree
15:26 <Child Of Mantra> smoke a tree
15:26 <41488p> there are tons of ways to prove that Slendy doesn't exist.
15:26 <Mr creepyguy12345> why dont you prove it why?
15:26 <Kinlie2000> be a tree
15:26 -!- Dorothy9998 has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <Kinlie2000> how do you prove it creepy guy
15:26 <The-one123> now that is a reason we dont beleave you are 21
15:26 <Child Of Mantra> guys
15:26 -!- Unforgiven17 has joined Special:Chat
15:26 <Child Of Mantra> how do you prove that he is real
15:26 <Child Of Mantra> ?*
15:26 <Kinlie2000> idk
15:26 <Kinlie2000> ???
15:26 <Child Of Mantra> exactly
15:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because the only thing i have to show you is the very fact that there isn't any evidence of his existence, besides the general rumours that started after a freaking photoshop contest.
15:26 <41488p> so I made a George Bush joke today
15:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Unforgiven.
15:27 <Kinlie2000> what is it
15:27 <Unforgiven17> Hey Why
15:27 <41488p> "Girl, I'm going to invade you like I did Iraq. And like Iraq, there's no defense involved. ;) "
15:27 <DehLeetGuy> The best way to prove is slenderman exist is calling him names and telling him to appear if hes real
15:27 <41488p> hehehe
15:27 <Horrorfan1> Unless there were signs that the Slenderman existed, it proves that Slenderman is just two things
15:27 <Kinlie2000> i will but i am in school
15:27 <DehLeetGuy> Psychic beats rock
15:27 <41488p> the best way is to just sit there and rub your computer screen
15:27 <Child Of Mantra> That one was pretty good,
15:27 <41488p> while being on LSD
15:27 <Kinlie2000> omg
15:27 <41488p> and playing LSD: Dream Emulator
15:27 <Kinlie2000> ???
15:28 <41488p> while sitting on a pile of LSD
15:28 <41488p> and your mom smokes some LSD next to you
15:28 <Mr creepyguy12345> apparently he has existed before us so maybe he does exist and there's proof
15:28 <Horrorfan1> Slenderman is another form of Bogeyman and is just a story made to scare people
15:28 -!- Penguino~Waffles has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <41488p> only then, can you believe that Slendy does not exist.
15:28 <Child Of Mantra> Smokes?
15:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Show the proof, then.
15:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Penguino.
15:28 <DehLeetGuy> Im rubbing my ding dong bell
15:28 <Penguino~Waffles> Yo
15:28 <Horrorfan1> You cannot prove things without real proof
15:28 -!- Dorothy9998 has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <Kinlie2000> hooror fan i like you your into what i am into
15:28 <Dorothy9998> ok back
15:28 <41488p> proof must be proven before it is recognized as proof
15:28 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <Kinlie2000> hi dorthy
15:29 <Dorothy9998> hi kinlie
15:29 <41488p> and the proof used to prove something must be proved itself
15:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi BRVR
15:29 <Penguino~Waffles> Thats kind obvious
15:29 <Kinlie2000> slenderman 4 life
15:29 <Horrorfan1> Hi
15:29 <41488p> therefore, nothing can be really prooved. 
15:29 <41488p> *proved
15:29 <Mr creepyguy12345> cave paintings,ancient drawings,messages in blood
15:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, show these...cave paintings.
15:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Go ahead, show them.
15:29 <Kinlie2000> 41488p yes he can be proven real 
15:29 <Horrorfan1> Are they in France?
15:29 <DehLeetGuy> WILD MEWTWO
15:29 <41488p> fuc u
15:29 <41488p> :(
15:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> 414 slow down with the caps
15:29 <Kinlie2000> fuck you you dont belive in slenderman
15:29 <DehLeetGuy> Level 4 Mewtwo :3
15:29 <41488p> k
15:30 <Penguino~Waffles> How old are the cave painitngs i mean i could make some myself with a bit of berry juice and a stick
15:30 <The-one123> hacks
15:30 <Kinlie2000> ???
15:30 <DehLeetGuy> Emerald randomizer :3
15:30 <Mr creepyguy12345> i have seen a video on youtube with them in
15:30 <Child Of Mantra> you could.
15:30 <Penguino~Waffles> He says that there are cave paintings of slenderman
15:30 <Child Of Mantra> It's easy to fake caveman paintings
15:30 <BRVR> Lol.
15:30 <The-one123> Its youtube , most of it is fake
15:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then link it, creepyguy.
15:31 <Kinlie2000> there are but there probebly a 100000 years old
15:31 <DehLeetGuy> Anyone read about killer kid?
15:31 <Penguino~Waffles> Exactly
15:31 <Child Of Mantra> In this day and age it is easy to fake everything.
15:31 <Horrorfan1> It's just like life in outer space: unless it can be proven, it remains a fantasy
15:31 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
15:31 <Mr creepyguy12345> there 1'500000000000000mys old how can you fake that
15:31 <Kinlie2000> brb got to look up killer kid
15:31 <Penguino~Waffles> Well... that is sci-fi
15:31 <Horrorfan1> This applies to the existence of Slenderman
15:31 <BRVR> Ugh... My back... I just woke up. After waking up several times.
15:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Easily, creepyguy
15:31 -!- Kitty chelle15 has joined Special:Chat
15:31 <Mr creepyguy12345> howt
15:32 <DehLeetGuy> Creepyguy, you're stupid, the earth didint exist that long, even life didnt exit
15:32 <The-one123> just take a 2nd grade art class
15:32 <DehLeetGuy> exist*
15:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There is an art technique and special painting equipment used on murals and other similar things, mostly used in rocky natural parks.
15:32 <Horrorfan1> Unless it can be proven that his existence is real, he will remain a story
15:32 <Penguino~Waffles> Okay well that seems to be a bit much... and the fact that slenderman has just arised and became a well known story In the past couple of years
15:32 -!- Kitty chelle15 has left Special:Chat.
15:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Anybody with minimal knowledge can paint anything on a rock.
15:32 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
15:32 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
15:32 <The-one123> I did it when I was 3
15:32 <Penguino~Waffles> @Dehleetguy we are still working on figuring all of that out
15:32 <41488p> is this the real life?
15:32 <Javer80> jesus christ, i hop on chat earlier than normal all for this ridiculous flimflam?
15:32 <Mr creepyguy12345> the stone is now unpaintable on the vid it said
15:32 <41488p> or is this just fantasy?
15:32 <Javer80> look both thankful and apologetic, right now
15:33 <41488p> caught in a landslide
15:33 <41488p> no escape from reality
15:33 <DehLeetGuy> LVL 7 DRAGONAIR
15:33 <BRVR> Lol.
15:33 <Penguino~Waffles> Alrighty?
15:33 <DehLeetGuy> NO BALLS
15:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And did they show it, creepyguy?
15:33 <The-one123> I cant get the randomizer to work
15:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Did they show it was "unpaintable"?
15:33 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
15:33 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
15:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mere words aren't proof.
15:33 <Penguino~Waffles> How can something be "unpaintable"
15:33 -!- Jackjan has joined Special:Chat
15:33 <Penguino~Waffles> ?
15:33 <Jackjan> Do you know Mr. Mix?
15:34 <DehLeetGuy> YAS
15:34 <Jackjan> Ever wondered why nobody has the original game?
15:34 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <DehLeetGuy> Not really
15:34 <BRVR> My dream will stay a dream.
15:34 <DehLeetGuy> Maybe because they went mad or they burned them all
15:34 -!- Teigatchi has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <FriendlyJim> I just found a really creepy pasta 
15:34 <FriendlyJim>
15:34 <Jackjan> Yes, they burned it, because it was doomed.
15:34 <Mr creepyguy12345> yes they did they tried to paint it but it looked the same
15:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Repeat what you said, because...I didn't understand it.
15:35 <The-one123> its called clear paint moron
15:35 <DehLeetGuy> You know that you cant believe youtube, right?
15:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Reword please.
15:35 <Jackjan> You want a download link from the last hacker version for windows?
15:35 <Dorothy9998> im bored 
15:35 <Rydaah> me too
15:35 <WhiteReaper> Heh, I made it.
15:35 <Teigatchi> Hey guys
15:35 <Jackjan>
15:35 <Jackjan> Mr. Mix is waiting for you
15:35 -!- Jackjan has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <DehLeetGuy> Hell no your not tricking me
15:35 <Child Of Mantra> I'm not clicking that
15:35 <BRVR> I am not clicking it...
15:35 <Teigatchi> I've started writing again... It feels good
15:35 <BRVR> I am not downloading it.
15:35 <Mr creepyguy12345> they tried to paint it but it looked the same
15:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Show it Reaper!
15:35 <WhiteReaper> The pic doesn't fit with the sig very well, but that's his choice
15:35 <WhiteReaper>
15:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Good, Tei! What is your story about?
15:35 -!- Alois Trancy 93 has joined Special:Chat
15:35 <WhiteReaper> brb, food
15:35 <Child Of Mantra> It looks good.
15:35 <Teigatchi> Not story- Poetry
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey, nice signature Reaper.
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, what is your poetry about?
15:36 <Teigatchi> It's a dark mix on masochistic reality/view on life
15:36 <Child Of Mantra> Anyone a fan of George Carlin?
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sounds complicated.
15:36 <Teigatchi> a masochistic**
15:36 <DehLeetGuy> Reading, did you even read my pasta thing?
15:36 <The-one123> i has downloaded mr.mix
15:36 <Teigatchi> Kind of
15:36 <BRVR> My weird, weird dream will remain a lizard. I mean dream.
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I did, Leet. A long time ago.
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I even told you what I thought of it.
15:36 <DehLeetGuy> Do you like it?
15:36 <Teigatchi> I think it's pretty good
15:36 <Mr creepyguy12345> can someone read my pasta
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes!
15:36 <Javer80> 1. "It could be faked" and "it's not true till it's proven" aren't the same thing.
15:36 <Javer80> 2. the fact that you read about technique of faking a painting one bleary-eyed night on Reddit does not give you license to assume that that technique was used on all alleged cave paintings you hear of from that day on
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I liked it.
15:36 <FriendlyJim> I am a huge fan of George
15:36 <DehLeetGuy> Yay
15:36 <Teigatchi> Anyways I'm off to lunch
15:36 <Teigatchi> I'll be back
15:37 <Javer80> *about one technique
15:37 <DehLeetGuy> I'm gonna add about double the text with more stuff that we encountered in the park.
15:37 <41488p> Creepy
15:37 <Alois Trancy 93> Hello! I'm new about Creepypasta!
15:37 <41488p> what's it about?
15:37 -!- Teigatchi has left Special:Chat.
15:37 <FriendlyJim> Hi
15:37 <Javer80> hello, Alois
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki Trancy!
15:37 <Unforgiven17> Welcome Alois
15:37 <Mr creepyguy12345> can someone read my pasta
15:37 <DehLeetGuy> Yay I got a premier ball!!
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Link it creepyguy
15:37 <Unforgiven17> Link it
15:37 <Alois Trancy 93> Thank you,guys!
15:37 <Javer80> you got a cool name friendpal
15:37 <Javer80> stamp of approval
15:38 <41488p> Creepy I can't read it if you don't link it
15:38 <Penguino~Waffles> I will reat it  @Mr creepyguy
15:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> you know it why you deleted
15:38 <Alois Trancy 93> Thank,I love Kuroshitsuji,it's a manga!
15:38 -!- Jackjan has joined Special:Chat
15:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> it
15:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> mean the Red Ring of Death one?
15:38 <Javer80> oh. yeah. I think my buddy's sister is way into that.
15:38 <FriendlyJim> Alois, I like your picture
15:38 <Alois Trancy 93> Yeah.
15:38 <Javer80> Something about a butler, right?
15:38 <Alois Trancy 93> Yeah.
15:38 <Mr creepyguy12345> no the installer one
15:39 <Penguino~Waffles> Anyone here finish the holder series?
15:39 <Rydaah> i need a good pasta to read :I
15:39 <The-one123> I am lost to Mr.Mix
15:39 <FriendlyJim>
15:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah, that one.  As I said, I'll try to retrieve it and give it back to you. It'll take some time, though, creepyguy.
15:39 <Dorothy9998> back
15:39 <FriendlyJim> Good one
15:39 <Rydaah> i got like halfway thru the holders it was all right
15:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
15:39 <The-one123> brb
15:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There, a good one!
15:39 <Javer80> Any particular subgenre you enjoy, Rydaah?
15:39 <Unforgiven17> I'm looking at recipes...Any good ones suggested?
15:39 <Mr creepyguy12345> why can't you bloody do it now why
15:39 <Javer80> oh fuck it, let's check
15:39 <Javer80> YEAH WHY
15:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because I don't have the power.
15:40 <Javer80> answer the press, mister man
15:40 <Penguino~Waffles> An Egg is very interesting extreemly short but thought inducing
15:40 <Penguino~Waffles>
15:40 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
15:40 <DehLeetGuy> Penguino, I read it, its awesome
15:40 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
15:40 <Javer80> <3
15:40 <Rydaah> not particularly
15:40 <Rydaah> just something scary
15:40 <Javer80> oh. ;/
15:40 <Mr creepyguy12345> what do you me you ''don't have the power'' your a moderator 
15:40 <Javer80> very well.
15:40 <Penguino~Waffles> You're
15:40 <BRVR> Catbound hotel.
15:41 <Penguino~Waffles> And yes it is very good 
15:41 <Javer80>  ooh hee hee that's better
15:41 <BRVR> ...That makes me want to make a hack where all the humans are replaced with cats and call it catbound.
15:41 <Javer80> Not BETTER. But better for your purposes.
15:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Exactly, creepyguy, I'm a Moderator
15:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> An Administrator retrieves pasta.
15:41 <DehLeetGuy> Wow
15:42 <Javer80> seriously dudes Jorge Luis Borges is so good, unnghhh
15:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have read him.
15:42 <Unforgiven17> So shouldn't Creepyguy have to email an admin?
15:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He is actually a great writer.
15:42 <DehLeetGuy> What you said ,why, sounds like an admin would go into a deep cave or something to retrieve lost pasta
15:42 <Mr creepyguy12345> oh how can you be an administrer
15:42 <Rydaah> 
15:42 <BRVR> I am thirsty.
15:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahahaha, that isn't far from truth!
15:42 <Javer80> *rubs his sweet meandering worldbuilding all over chest*
15:42 <Rydaah> that kind of story is good like short and sweet and creepy
15:42 <WhiteReaper> Back.
15:42 <Rydaah> and having to do with real life
15:42 <BRVR> I would go deep into a cave to retrieve lost pasta!
15:42 <Penguino~Waffles> Here you go
15:43 <Javer80>
15:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Digging through a lot of deleted pastas, looking for the one that belongs, rising it from the Deletion Log while the cliché monsters and the bad aura from can drive people mad.
15:43 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:43 <WhiteReaper> God, Aj Lee's ban ends tomorrow, right?
15:43 <Javer80> Cleric's good at those.
15:43 <Penguino~Waffles> Said you were thirsty
15:43 <WhiteReaper> She's so coming after me. x3
15:43 <Javer80> The one who can't stop claiming they're a "stalker bitch", right?
15:43 <Mr creepyguy12345> can someone read my ring of death pasta
15:43 <Javer80> you ain't linked it yet, buddy
15:43 <Penguino~Waffles> ^
15:44 <Mr creepyguy12345> i don't know how you bloody
15:44 <Mr creepyguy12345> do it
15:44 <Penguino~Waffles> Its quite simple copy and paste the web address
15:44 <Javer80> Oh. Well, pardon me, sir.
15:44 <DehLeetGuy> I doubt you even wrote it then.
15:44 <41488p> ok well bye bye
15:44 <41488p> see you guys after Labor Day
15:44 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
15:44 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
15:44 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:44 <BRVR> What was I doing again?
15:45 <Javer80> . . . Wait. There is no article here.
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet, he wrote it.
15:45 <DehLeetGuy>
15:45 <DehLeetGuy> If thats the oen
15:45 <DehLeetGuy> Then LIES
15:45 <Javer80> nah ain't that one
15:45 <Mr creepyguy12345> i cant copy and paste cos someone deleted it why
15:45 <Javer80> doesn't match the image uploaded on Mr. Creepy's profile
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, that one isn't.
15:45 <Horrorfan1> I am like a coin
15:45 <Rydaah> this is like my favorite creepypasta
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep, it is deleted.
15:46 <Javer80> Oh. Then we can't really rate it yet then, can we?
15:46 <Javer80> ;p
15:46 <Mr creepyguy12345> exactly 
15:46 <Penguino~Waffles> Well, sorry bro.
15:46 <Javer80> How about you start asking people to read it after it's available.
15:46 <Javer80> Everybody wins. [:
15:46 <Horrorfan1> I have two sides, different and together
15:46 <Javer80> Only two, horrorfan?
15:46 <Mr creepyguy12345> why did you do it ehy
15:46 <WhiteReaper> Read, were you here when Aj got banned? .-.
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I already told you why.
15:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, I wasn't here Reaper.
15:47 <Horrorfan1> Yes, two
15:47 <WhiteReaper> Hm. Just wondering why.
15:47 <Mr creepyguy12345> can you read it why 
15:47 <Horrorfan1> My good side can already bee seen
15:47 <Horrorfan1>
15:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I already read it, before it was deleted.
15:47 <Javer80> oh, they're enforcing the quality standards now?
15:47 <BRVR> I don't remember getting a RRoD.
15:47 <Mr creepyguy12345> read it again
15:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> As I wasn't great. Hardly had a beginning, a middle part and an ending.
15:47 <Javer80> if that's your good side in terms of fashion sense, i'm kind of scared to see the bad one
15:47 <Rydaah> okay you know the kind of stories where they're like "in england, there is a building that was built in 1801 and if you go in there the third wednesday of may you will see the ghost of *name* and something will happen"? do any of you know some like that? 
15:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well...I thought people always did, Javer.
15:48 <Javer80> Yeah. Rituals. We got a whole category for 'em.
15:48 <Horrorfan1> Ha ha *sarcasm*
15:48 <Rydaah> okay 
15:48 -!- Demongrl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Rydaah> thanks
15:48 <Javer80> @Why: Haha, maybe. I've just never seen it before.
15:48 <Demongrl12> hello im new here :I
15:48 <Javer80> @Rydaah: sure - let me dig up one of my favorites :3
15:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki Demon!
15:48 <Lei Omaki> back :3
15:48 <Horrorfan1> Hi Lei
15:48 <Mr creepyguy12345> so what read it and let the others decide what they think why
15:48 <Javer80>
15:48 <Demongrl12> aw thanks for the warm welcome ♥
15:48 <Lei Omaki> got more cookies for everyone xD
15:48 <BRVR> I am tired...
15:48 <DehLeetGuy> I feel really dumb of how I named my guy in emerald randomizer
15:49 <Horrorfan1> yay!
15:49 <WhiteReaper> I want mah ccokies lei
15:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, if you want to...I'll tell an Admin to retrieve it too. For public opinion.
15:49 -!- Kinlie2000 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 -!- Dorothy9998 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Be warned:
15:49 <Demongrl12> i just got finished reading jeff the killer 
15:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> People have great standards.
15:49 <Javer80> Oh. Grand.
15:49 <Lei Omaki> here you go Demongrl a (cookie) for you
15:49 <Horrorfan1> and? how was it?
15:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So if it gets downvoted, it gets deleted again.
15:49 <Demongrl12> :O
15:49 <Demongrl12> thanks ^^
15:49 <The-one123> haha
15:49 <Demongrl12> it was awesome
15:49 <Lei Omaki> and a (cookie) for Reaper
15:49 <Javer80> ugh.
15:49 <Lei Omaki> you're welcome :3
15:49 <Mr creepyguy12345> thanks but no rude comments
15:49 <The-one123> chat is lagging me
15:49 <WhiteReaper> thanksss
15:49 <BRVR> Sometimes I fall asleep in exhaustion in the middle of the night and my face hits the keyboard.
15:50 <Demongrl12> okay i gotta set up my pro!
15:50 <Demongrl12> brb!
15:50 <Horrorfan1> Jaffasjaffasjaffas
15:50 <Lei Omaki> BRVR, take a rest man
15:50 <Penguino~Waffles> I love it when that happens
15:50 <Lei Omaki> sleep
15:50 <Javer80> well, you're the one asking for critique, man. I'll try, but you don't really get to decide what people say or how nice they are, sadly.
15:50 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
15:50 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
15:50 <Javer80> good life lesson.
15:50 <WhiteReaper> Oh, BRVR, there's someone I talk to that does that every night. xD
15:50 <WhiteReaper> Everynnight we stay up, I mean
15:50 <BRVR> "*Smack!* *Bunch of jumbled letters and then repeated last letter*"
15:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Come on, BRVR, sleep if you can.
15:50 <Javer80> that's adorable.
15:51 <Javer80> significant other, Reaper?
15:51 <BRVR> And then I just flail around.
15:51 <Mr creepyguy12345> why did you see my other pastas slendy's back and jeff is watching
15:51 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
15:51 <Horrorfan1> Count emotes if you have difficulty sleeping
15:51 <WhiteReaper> Not really, just a very good friend
15:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> hi guys
15:51 <Javer80> ok. that's still super cute though.
15:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Never heard of them. Link then, creepyguy
15:51 <WhiteReaper> Hey Acie
15:51 <Lei Omaki> who wants more cookies?
15:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Acie.
15:51 <WhiteReaper> heh
15:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb
15:51 <Demongrl12> has anyone read the sonic.exe creepypasta?
15:51 <Lei Omaki> hi Acie :3
15:51 <Javer80> I . . . skirted around it a couple times.
15:51 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
15:51 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
15:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I haven't read it.
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Didn't seem interesting enough.
15:52 <BRVR> I can imagine myself flailing around after faceplanting onto my keyboard. XD
15:52 <Demongrl12> it's kinda interesting
15:52 <Penguino~Waffles> No. I try to keep away from video game related pastas
15:52 <Rydaah>
15:52 <BRVR> Just flailing around like normal.
15:52 <Rydaah> wtf is the thing in the picture
15:52 <Demongrl12> i LOVE haunted games
15:52 <BRVR> I read it.
15:52 <Mr creepyguy12345> i can't link them i forgot to artical list them
15:52 <Javer80> dude in the woods with a robe and mask, bro
15:52 <Rydaah> looks creepy bro
15:52 -!- Jackjan has left Special:Chat.
15:52 <Javer80> then it's in the right place, bro and/or sis
15:52 <BRVR> Probably kicking the carpet a bunch of times...
15:52 <Demongrl12> awe, my avatar won't load :(
15:53 <Rydaah> aah okay bro
15:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eh, to be honest, a story about Slenderman's back doesn't seem interesting.
15:53 <Javer80> pardon my momentary forgetting of gender-neutral slang
15:53 <Mr creepyguy12345> really did you see it
15:53 <Demongrl12> be back guys i got to reload my page
15:53 <Mr creepyguy12345> why?
15:53 <Javer80> . . . i wonder if Slenderman has a sexy back.
15:53 <BRVR> I am tired.
15:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Probably
15:53 <Lei Omaki> (bleurgh)
15:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Furbearingbrick is the one who can answer that, Javer!
15:53 <BRVR> I am apparently repeating what I say because I am tired.
15:54 -!- Demongrl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <Javer80> fuck that then, she wouldn't give a crippled crab a crutch.
15:54 <Javer80> i ain't asking.
15:54 <Penguino~Waffles> Then sleep?
15:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I will!
15:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It'll be great.
15:54 <Unforgiven17> I gotta go, peace out guys
15:54 <BRVR> (Or just my low knowledge striking again) (Somehow I know how to spell knowledge)
15:54 <Javer80> Later.
15:54 <Mr creepyguy12345> go to this wiki:www.creepypastainformation wiki-not spam
15:54 <Javer80> >.>
15:55 -!- Unforgiven17 has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <Lei Omaki> bye unforgiven
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai guys I'm back
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> sis used it for a moment
15:55 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 259200 seconds.
15:55 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <Javer80>  man, the tense switches in this one are kind of schizophrenic
15:55 -!- Demongrl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Acie.
15:55 <BRVR> I was going to tired again, but I forgot.
15:55 <Javer80> aw, poor kid.
15:55 <Demongrl12> lol screw it
15:55 <Javer80> he just really wanted people to read his work
15:55 <Lei Omaki> wb Acie :3
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Thizzy!
15:55 <Demongrl12> my computer is being gay
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Grrrrrrr
15:55 <Javer80> Oh dear. Goodbye.
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Professor Lei Sama *bows*
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Uh-oh Thizzy
15:56 -!- Demongrl12 was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 86400 seconds.
15:56 -!- Demongrl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:56 <Lei Omaki> have a (cookie) Acie
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> anyway... what's up guys?
15:56 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Javer80> the banhammer, apparently
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, I guess I'll forgive My creepyguy this once.
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yay!! Thanks Prof Lei
15:56 <Javer80> poised to strike
15:56 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 0 seconds.
15:56 <BRVR> Gah, now I am words sentences in wrong.
15:56 <Javer80> aw, how sweet :3
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Kill-
15:56 <DehLeetGuy> Wait, why was he banned?
15:56 <Kill1mes> Hi
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Advertising,.
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hallu Kill!!
15:56 <Kill1mes> What's up guys?
15:57 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <Lei Omaki> hi Kill, want a (cookie)?
15:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't advertise, creepyguy.-
15:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> Nm Killz you?
15:57 -!- Alois Trancy 93 has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Mr creepyguy12345> it wasent spam pleeeeeeeese....
15:57 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
15:57 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Javer80> OH MY GOD
15:57 <The-one123> *bang*
15:57 <Javer80> the lad can't catch a break
15:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh god...
15:57 <Kill1mes> Seriously?
15:58 <Rydaah> i want to do this.
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, last chance for him...
15:58 <Kill1mes> He spammed, so he got kicked. It's his fault, we're not being overly mean.
15:58 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <Kill1mes> No spam
15:58 <BRVR> I say was going something to, but am tired I.
15:58 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <Kill1mes> or stretching, whichever you prefer
15:58 <Horrorfan1> Back
15:58 <Javer80> now he's going to be afraid to say anything at all.
15:58 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT THE
15:58 <DehLeetGuy> HOW
15:58 <Mr creepyguy12345> i wasn't spamming i don't no how 
15:58 <Chotix> :P
15:58 <DehLeetGuy> I freaking caught a Togepi by fishing with an old rod in dewford
15:58 <The-one123> you dont know how?
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Chotix.
15:59 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
15:59 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <Penguino~Waffles> Hax?
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, randomizer can do wacky stuff, Leet.
15:59 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
15:59 <BRVR> I woke myself up.
15:59 <The-one123> did you read the rules creepy
15:59 <Mr creepyguy12345> i made a wiki called that
15:59 <BRVR> What's randomizer.
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't link it again.
15:59 <Adam Carl Castillo> hey guys question out of the blue... camaro is a chevrolet right?
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I think so
15:59 <Mr creepyguy12345> why
15:59 <Penguino~Waffles> Search it?
15:59 <Adam Carl Castillo> okay thanks Thizzy
15:59 <BRVR> I scratched myself in the ckees.
15:59 <BRVR> *cheeks
15:59 <WhiteReaper> Yeah, Adam
15:59 <Mr creepyguy12345> search it 
15:59 <WhiteReaper> It is.
15:59 <Lei Omaki> :3 ?
15:59 <The-one123> did you read the chat rules creepy
16:00 <Kill1mes> He said stop advertising.
16:00 <Javer80> okay, Mr. Creepy. If you still have your stories on your computer, you should probably fix them according to the content standards - good spelling and grammar, and all of that - and try posting them again.
16:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thanks Reapz (kawaii)
16:00 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, its a tihng that randomizes the pokemon you encounter, and the starters you can choose, I actually got a charmeleon
16:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A Randomizer is a patch or something like that that one attaches to a Pokémon game, making it give you random Pokémon, attacks, abilities, type, and the species your starter is, along with the Pokémon any other trainer has.
16:00 <Kill1mes> Read, pm
16:00 <BRVR> Charmeleon. Starter?
16:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It depends of the options you choose.
16:00 <Javer80> so, Adam - you enjoyed Silent Hill 3, eh
16:00 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
16:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> By example, Sarah once found a Rock type Growlithe in Route 9
16:00 <DehLeetGuy> mine is random wild pokeymans
16:00 <DehLeetGuy> WAT
16:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes I do Javer... and I also enjoy 1 and 2 :3
16:00 <Mr creepyguy12345> im not its true stop being mean1
16:00 <Lei Omaki> a what?
16:00 <DehLeetGuy> I found a feebas in tall grass
16:00 <WhiteReaper> Hm, I only played one pokémon game.
16:00 <The-one123> Mr creepyguy12345 did you read the chat rules
16:00 <WhiteReaper> But that was like 10 years ago
16:01 <Chotix> Is creepy still trying to be a mod?
16:01 <DehLeetGuy> Im growling on togepi, hes growling on me ;-;
16:01 <BRVR> A rock type growlithe.
16:01 -!- Rydaah has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> I only played sapphire and ruby and black
16:01 <BRVR> Best. Growlithe. Ever.
16:01 <Javer80> hahah. 2 and 3 are boss. i mean, dark Alessa is a terrible pain to fight on the merry-go-round in 3, but
16:01 <Kill1mes> A water type growlithe.
16:01 <DehLeetGuy> A flying growlithe!
16:01 <BRVR> They are all great- Wow.
16:01 <Chotix> A psychic type growlithe.
16:02 <Kill1mes> A grass type grwlithe.
16:02 <Lei Omaki> just give me a sec on trying to get my bearings straight guys
16:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Dark Alessa is the one in the movies, Memory of Alessa is the one in the games and the one that's in 3
16:02 <Kill1mes> growlithe*
16:02 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <DehLeetGuy> A psychic type kickmonlee!!!
16:02 <Penguino~Waffles> Every pokemon game made besides the new ones and green
16:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Ponyfan
16:02 <Javer80> damn, sucker
16:02 <Lei Omaki> hi pony
16:02 <Kill1mes> hitmonle*
16:02 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <Kill1mes> hitmonlee**
16:02 <Javer80> you know your stuff i totally forgot about that
16:02 <Javer80> Oh dear.
16:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn it
16:02 <Ponyfan10> >kickmonlee
16:02 <Javer80> Don't kick him D:
16:02 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 7200 seconds.
16:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Shit
16:02 -!- Mr creepyguy12345 has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <Javer80> he's try
16:02 <Javer80> ing
16:02 -!- YakuYabai has joined Special:Chat
16:02 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <Kill1mes> Okay
16:02 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill defeated me once again
16:02 <Kill1mes> I won't kick him
16:02 <Javer80> wahhh ;_;
16:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Yabai
16:02 <The-one123> *bang* finaly he is gone
16:02 <DehLeetGuy> that was fucking awkward
16:02 <Kill1mes> point to kill
16:02 -!- Darian Salvatore has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <Kill1mes> :3
16:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> So javer, you also play SH?
16:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Darian
16:02 <Kill1mes> Hi Darian
16:02 <YakuYabai> Hey, This! 
16:03 <DehLeetGuy> Dafuq
16:03 <Ponyfan10> hey ya'll
16:03 <Kill1mes> Hey y
16:03 <Javer80> *wipes tears* yeah . . . my favorites are 2 and Homecoming, but no one likes Homecoming. It's lonely over here in the fan corner.
16:03 <DehLeetGuy> My charmeleon is water type ;-;
16:03 <Kill1mes> Yaku*
16:03 <YakuYabai> Ya'll, I finally submitted my pasta to creepypasta! Excited to see the results.
16:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzy I have another name for you :3 lol
16:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzydessity
16:03 <YakuYabai> Hey, Kill!
16:03 <Lei Omaki> hi Darian, Pony and Yaku :3
16:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thiz...hahahahahaha oh God.
16:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Really?
16:03 <Darian Salvatore> Yo
16:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lol yeah Thizzy
16:03 <Lei Omaki> i got one also read xD
16:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome, hahahahaha
16:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> but I prefer using "Thizzy"
16:04 <Lei Omaki> Thizzy fo Shizzy
16:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> since it's easier to type lol
16:04 <YakuYabai> Reminds me of Izzy from Digimon. lol
16:04 <DehLeetGuy> Ok, trolling to the max with randomizer...
16:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> that reminds me, I scrapped my pasta.... I'm trying to build another one..
16:04 <DehLeetGuy> I FISHED a freaking GROUDON with an old rod!
16:04 <Javer80> great. this is gonna bum me out all damn day.
16:04 <DehLeetGuy> YouTrollBro.
16:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I suppose you were very surprised when you did that, Leet.
16:05 <Lei Omaki> hey Acie it's Reading's birthday today xD
16:05 <WhiteReaper> Heh, I just realised that
16:05 <WhiteReaper> On his tumblr
16:05 <DehLeetGuy> Its a ground pokemon being fished with an old stick that has a rope attached to it
16:05 <WhiteReaper> 19 years, right?
16:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh it's your birthday Thizzy? Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
16:05 <BRVR> Wow.
16:05 -!- Kailkity Summonner has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, nineteen years old!
16:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you.
16:05 <WhiteReaper> Happy birthday, Nick
16:05 <BRVR> A giant legendary fished with an old stick attached to a rope.
16:05 <WhiteReaper> Do we have a caek emote or something?
16:05 <Lei Omaki> hi kail
16:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not yet
16:05 <WhiteReaper> Aww
16:05 <Kailkity Summonner> Haizer
16:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A burger emote should be good.
16:05 <YakuYabai> 'kay, guys. I have to go do some M320(Grenade Launcher) training today. It should be a short day, though, so I'll be back from work soon. :) Chat later.
16:06 -!- Rydaah has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahaha, see you later Yabai
16:06 <WhiteReaper> Meh, have some (cookies) then
16:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Happy Birthday Thizzidessity o' Mantem (lol another name) I wish everything best for your life
16:06 <WhiteReaper> Shit
16:06 <Javer80> attaboy
16:06 <WhiteReaper> (cookie)
16:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> (cookie_
16:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also good luck with your grenade laungher.
16:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> * (cookie)
16:06 <Javer80> hopefully not TOO short a day
16:06 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Javer80> if you get my drift
16:06 <Kailkity Summonner> I need a Request to do a Video Game Pasta.
16:06 <BRVR> Laungher.
16:06 <Javer80> (the drift is don't get blown up)
16:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thizzydessity o' Mantern....where did you get that name, hahahaha
16:06 <BRVR> It's a grenade launcher.
16:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lol just made it up xD
16:06 <YakuYabai> That's messed up, Javer. I have you listed in my "People I like" list. lol
16:06 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <BRVR> Not a launcher. Lawnchair.
16:07 <BRVR> It's a grenade lawnchair.
16:07 <Javer80> oh. thank you.
16:07 <Ponyfan10> did you know? the Morph Ball from Metroid only exists because the designers couldn't animate Samus crawling,so they changed it to something easier to animate, a hamster ball :3
16:07 <BRVR> Remote detonated lawn chair.
16:07 <Kill1mes> Javer, that is messed us.
16:07 <Javer80> how about that
16:07 <Kill1mes> up*
16:07 <Javer80> what!
16:07 <Kailkity Summonner> SA-X From Metroid.
16:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> Well for your 19th birthday, I wish you all the best in your life... more Birthdays to come Thizzy :D
16:07 <YakuYabai> guys think I'm lying. worry. I'll take a picture for you non-believers. Adios. :)
16:07 <Javer80> it was a friendly warning, ridiculous people
16:07 <Kill1mes> Damn Read, you old.
16:08 <BRVR> My birthday is in a few days.
16:08 <Rydaah> back brbb lag
16:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb again
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahah, my family is teasing me saying I'm old. 
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Everybody does!
16:08 <Kill1mes> I keed.
16:08 -!- YakuYabai has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <Rydaah> hai.
16:08 <WhiteReaper> But you ARE old.
16:08 <DehLeetGuy> My birthday is in exually half a year
16:08 <Kailkity Summonner> I'm go put something in the Spin-Off wikia.
16:08 <Horrorfan1> My birthday is only 6 days away
16:08 <WhiteReaper> I mean, it's your last year as a teenager
16:08 -!- Darian Salvatore has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <Rydaah> I joke I joke i kid i kid
16:08 <Javer80> You do that.
16:08 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <Lei Omaki> welcome to the Old Club Reading xD
16:08 <Penguino~Waffles> Yea 14 days away
16:08 <DehLeetGuy> I got thrown out of the window as a happy birthday present ;w;
16:08 <Rydaah> My birthday is in August :(
16:08 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
16:08 <BRVR> My birthday is june 11th, and I can't count the days.
16:08 <Kill1mes> My birthday is in... like 20 days
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, it is, Reaper...
16:09 <WhiteReaper> My birthday is in December,
16:09 <DehLeetGuy> Mine is in October 10th and its on 10/10
16:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> my birthday is until... 1..2..3.. 6 months away 
16:09 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
16:09 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
16:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> october 28
16:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm turning 16
16:09 <WhiteReaper> December 22.
16:09 <BRVR> I am bad at counting.
16:09 <WhiteReaper> Heh, I'm turning 17.
16:09 <Javer80> HEH
16:09 <DehLeetGuy> Why do I keep fishing up Cacturnes?!
16:09 <Javer80> how humorous
16:09 <Lei Omaki> my birthday is on november 9, turning 20... i feel old xD
16:09 <Penguino~Waffles> 19, too old need to slow down
16:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yay Reapz is turning 17
16:09 <BRVR> How do you keep fishing up cacturnes?!
16:10 <Kill1mes> Is this the last day of april?
16:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Prof Lei you're the same age as my sister? she's also 19 :D
16:10 <Kill1mes> My birthday is 18 days, including today.
16:10 <BRVR> I know.
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes apparently... it's 30 today :)
16:10 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
16:10 <DehLeetGuy> God damn it another cacturne
16:10 <Kill1mes> Hello anime
16:10 <Animemaster23> hey guys
16:10 <Horrorfan1> gtg
16:10 <Horrorfan1> bye
16:10 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
16:10 <Lei Omaki> hey anime :3
16:10 <Kill1mes> bye
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bye Horror and hi Anime
16:10 <Animemaster23> hey lei
16:10 <Lei Omaki> bye horror
16:11 <Animemaster23> sup adam
16:11 <BRVR> I might play emerald randomizer.
16:11 <DehLeetGuy> Lolwut AZUMARILL
16:11 <BRVR> Should I?
16:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> nm you?
16:11 <Animemaster23> at school
16:11 <Ponyfan10> MS Paint stupidne-I mean,coolness
16:11 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
16:12 <BRVR> It sure is a muffin and it is a scythe.
16:12 <Animemaster23> man computer class is boring as fuck
16:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> I feel 50% lonely today...
16:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes indeed Anime
16:12 <Penguino~Waffles> D'aww derpy<3
16:12 <DehLeetGuy> Anime, thats why I just sit in chat every computer class.
16:12 <Ponyfan10> that scythe is the ban tool I use over at my wiki,but i'm not there,so it doesn't do anything
16:12 <BRVR> Should I play with emerald randomizer?
16:12 <Animemaster23> yeah so y do u feel lonely adm
16:12 <Penguino~Waffles> Thats where ia ma right now lo0l
16:12 <Animemaster23> adam
16:13 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, YES!
16:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Anime I feel like my best friend is avoiding me...
16:13 <DehLeetGuy> Im having fun catching level 1 cacturne's
16:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> and I don't know why
16:13 <Animemaster23> oh have u tried talkin to him/her
16:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes
16:14 <Animemaster23> did he/she say anything
16:14 <Penguino~Waffles> Gots to go cyaa
16:14 <BRVR> I use a ban laser gun on my wiki.
16:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> he said he's just busy with a straight voice and then hung up before I can say anything
16:14 <Kill1mes> I use the squeaky banhammer of doom
16:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> I mean he said that in a straight tone
16:14 -!- Penguino~Waffles has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- Teletubbies are Kool has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have a bancannon, ready to smite.
16:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Teletubbies.
16:15 <Lei Omaki> maybe you should give him some time Acie sama
16:15 <Teletubbies are Kool> I am  so sexy, oh yeah mmmhhhmmm
16:15 <Animemaster23> oh ok  man lightin up you'll be fine he's just busy that's all
16:15 <BRVR> Could someone link me to the emoticons page? I am trying to go onto the emoticons page on my wiki to get the image of the ban laser gun.
16:15 <Lei Omaki> hi teletubbies
16:15 <DehLeetGuy> When I make my own wiki im gonna make a ban-cannon
16:15 <Teletubbies are Kool> hi
16:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> I guess.... and hi Teletubbies
16:15 <Kill1mes> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
16:15 <BRVR> Thanks.
16:15 <Kill1mes> Hey teli
16:15 <DehLeetGuy> What the....
16:16 <Adam Carl Castillo> I just can't believe after 9 years of a brotherly relationship he's doing this to me
16:16 <BRVR> Thanks to tentakle.
16:16 <The-one123> if anybody wants to see all my creepypastas , put your email in pm
16:16 <Animemaster23> say what
16:16 <Animemaster23> ?
16:17 -!- Teigatchi has joined Special:Chat
16:17 <BRVR>
16:17 <Teletubbies are Kool> hi
16:17 <Teigatchi> Back
16:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Tei.
16:17 <Teigatchi> Hey Read
16:17 <DehLeetGuy> Wow
16:17 <Lei Omaki> hi tei, want a (cookie)?
16:17 <DehLeetGuy> Cloyster has... the most disturbing pokdex escription
16:17 <Teigatchi> Uh. Sure
16:17 <The-one123> what is it
16:17 <BRVR> What is it?
16:17 <DehLeetGuy> It swims in the sea by swallowing water, then jetting it out toward the rear. ;w;
16:18 <BRVR> ...That's disturbing.
16:18 <Lei Omaki> *gives (cookie) to Tei*
16:18 <DehLeetGuy> Fart power
16:18 <Teigatchi> Look up the one for Kabutops
16:18 <The-one123> thats not disturbing
16:18 <Teigatchi> Yey. Thanks Lei :D
16:18 <Teigatchi> Kabutops' is kinda disturbing
16:18 <Teigatchi> Slight update on my poem. It's now a page long, though I don't think I'm done yet
16:18 <Lei Omaki> you're welcome
16:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> That feeling when you step on a random lego -_-
16:19 <Teigatchi> Aaaawno
16:19 <DehLeetGuy> WAT
16:19 <BRVR> Kabutops once swam underwater to hunt for prey. It was apparently evolving from being a water dweller to living on land as evident from changes in its gills and legs. That wasn't disturbing.
16:19 <DehLeetGuy> Granite cave has wild charmanders ;-;
16:19 <Teigatchi> Oh-
16:19 <Teigatchi> Then it's an entry from a different version
16:20 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:20 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:20 <The-one123> Cofagrigus
16:20 <The-one123> Black: It is said to swallow those who get to close and turn them into mummies it likes to eat gold nuggets 
16:20 <The-one123> You thought that was bad Black and White 2 make it even worse 
16:20 <The-one123> Black and White 2: Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get to close end up trapped inside their bodies 
16:20 <The-one123> So Cofagrigus eats people turns them into mummies and traps said person inside its body!!
16:20 <The-one123> Does that mean when you capture this Pokemon there could be a mummified corpse inside it!?
16:20 <BRVR> Which one am I supposed to be looking up.
16:20 <Teigatchi> I don't know which one exactly but it was something about "using it's blade-like hands to suck it's prey of it's body fluids"
16:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Possibly, theone.
16:20 <DehLeetGuy> OMAIGOD
16:21 <The-one123> what
16:21 <Lei Omaki> oh shit that's scary
16:21 <DehLeetGuy> Zapdoes!!!
16:21 <BRVR> With sharp claws, this ferocious, ancient Pokémon rips apart prey and sucks their body fluids. Still not disturbing.
16:21 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb
16:21 <Teigatchi> Well to anyone whio isn't active on here/used to this shit
16:21 <DehLeetGuy> the hell
16:22 <DehLeetGuy> I caught the zapdos first try
16:22 <DehLeetGuy> Almost
16:22 <The-one123> Yamask
16:22 <The-one123> Black: Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human sometimes they look at it and cry
16:22 <The-one123> Not to mention that it retrains the memories of its human life!!
16:22 <The-one123> So your commanding a human soul to fight!!
16:22 <The-one123> Also unlike Cubone who cries because it misses its mother Yamask cries from the sheer existential horror of what it has become looking at the mask it carries it breaks down from the sheer terror of it all!!
16:22 -!- TrueBaller719 has joined Special:Chat
16:22 <TrueBaller719> hellow
16:22 <Teigatchi> Hello
16:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hello Baller
16:22 <Lei Omaki> hello true :3
16:22 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
16:22 <TrueBaller719> call me true
16:22 <Teletubbies are Kool> hi
16:22 <Nightshade of Darkness> hello
16:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Darkness, True.
16:23 <Teigatchi> Hey Darkness
16:23 <TrueBaller719> hia
16:23 <Nightshade of Darkness> Hey people
16:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> so what's the topic guys?
16:23 <TrueBaller719> hi (derp)
16:23 <DehLeetGuy> True, why do you have the same pic as another person had
16:23 -!- Awsome90 has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <The-one123> disturbing pokedex enterys
16:23 <Awsome90> hi
16:23 <TrueBaller719> what about my pic
16:24 <DehLeetGuy> Egh nothing
16:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> hello awsome
16:24 <DehLeetGuy> Just another person had the exactly same one
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet, it is a default avatar. One of the five defaults there are.
16:24 <Lei Omaki> hi awsome
16:24 <DehLeetGuy> Oh
16:24 <TrueBaller719> hia awsome 
16:24 <DehLeetGuy> Thats fishy >.>
16:24 <Awsome90> who is whyamireadingthis?
16:24 <TrueBaller719> hahahahahhaha
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I am that person.
16:24 <TrueBaller719> (whyamireadingthis)
16:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzydessity o' mantern
16:25 <DehLeetGuy> My trainers name is sooo inappropriate
16:25 <Awsome90> yes but who 
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The most lovable user around here! Hahahahahaha
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh how humble I am.
16:25 <DehLeetGuy> yep (<3)
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, going serious.
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What do you mean, Awsome?
16:25 <Awsome90> i heard there were some spammers here
16:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lol Thizzy
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sometimes there are, but those spammers are dealt with quickly.
16:25 <BRVR> He's lip syncing. He turned on a blender and he is lip syncing it!
16:26 <The-one123> drifloon 
16:26 <The-one123> V
16:26 <The-one123> It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing.
16:26 <Awsome90> who was spamming
16:26 <Nightshade of Darkness> I don't talk
16:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Some time ago? Another user. It isn't good to talk about banned users.
16:26 -!- TrueBaller719 has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <Awsome90> why
16:26 <BRVR> Wow.
16:26 <Kill1mes> It's the rules.
16:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because it is simple respect.
16:26 <The-one123> Spoink 
16:26 <The-one123> Spoink bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing - if it stops, its heart will stop.
16:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Heya BR :3
16:26 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <Nightshade of Darkness> I don't want to talk.
16:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Legit Kill :D
16:26 <Nightshade of Darkness> I mean I PM but that's it
16:27 <Ponyfan10> poor Spoink
16:27 <Lei Omaki> hi nightshade
16:27 <Nightshade of Darkness> hi Omaki
16:27 <Teigatchi> Gotta work on my writing. PM me if you need me, if someone actually needs me.
16:27 <WhiteReaper> Hm, I spend most of my time on PM as well.
16:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> be back in a moment guys
16:27 <The-one123> Does that mean when a spoink goes in a pokeball it dies
16:27 <BRVR> It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.
16:27 <Kill1mes> yes.
16:27 <BRVR> That is funny.
16:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> I spend most of my time in open chat
16:27 <Kill1mes> Spoinks are undead.
16:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Pokédex entries are exaggerations.
16:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing to be trusted.
16:27 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:28 <Teigatchi> ^
16:28 <BRVR> It just gets pulled around.
16:28 <Awsome90> i just want to know because i have a bro whose name is creepyguy12345 and he stomped into my room and said gimmie your account-he is 12
16:28 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <DehLeetGuy> I once caugth a pikachu in a masterball, when I realeased it in battle there was HYPER REALISTIC BLUUD
16:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, twelve. I knew it.
16:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He said he was 21
16:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Back!!
16:29 <Awsome90> WHAT
16:29 <Ponyfan10> Gorebyss' Pokedex entry  is similar to Kabutops'
16:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Tell him that he won't be back until he learns to behave, please.
16:29 <Awsome90> ok
16:29 <Lei Omaki> wb Acie
16:29 <Nightshade of Darkness> gtg bye
16:29 <BRVR> Pikachu. Masterball.
16:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> who's 12 and claimed that he's 21?
16:29 <BRVR> Wow! That's... uh....
16:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A banned user.
16:29 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <BRVR> A waste.
16:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thanks Prof Lei :3
16:29 <Lei Omaki> bye nightshade
16:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh 
16:29 <BRVR> A complete and total waste of a master ball.
16:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also, don't let him have your account.
16:29 <WhiteReaper> Back.
16:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If he will be held responsible of his actions.
16:30 <The-one123> Does anybody want to see all my creepypastas .
16:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> After all, it is YOUR account.
16:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> Reapz! you're back
16:30 <WhiteReaper> Hey, Acie
16:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> "Let him have my account"?
16:30 <Kill1mes> Apparently saying a song reminds you of minecraft bring upon a twenty something responce argument, mostly containing some pretty heavily NSFW shit.
16:30 <Kill1mes> NSFW*
16:31 <WhiteReaper> Heh, I'm gonna go cut my hair
16:31 <Awsome90> im new to here and i was wondering if i could have any ideas on a pasta i might write
16:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> why would I even let someone have my precious account?
16:31 <Kill1mes> We don't provide ideas here.
16:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> No Reapz!! Don't!! You look sexeh enough in your hair!!
16:31 <Kill1mes> Part of making art is coming up with the idea yourself
16:31 <Awsome90> ohhhhh
16:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmmm...I'm afraid you'll have to do it by yourself. A pasta isn't something to be made by a community.
16:31 <WhiteReaper> Nah, I'm just gonna cut a bit on the back and sides, so I can spike it better
16:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is something an author creates, to show the world his thoughts and ideas.
16:31 <DehLeetGuy> Can anyone check this for viruses?
16:32 <Teigatchi> Everyone tells me to cut my hair...
16:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh okay Reapz... make your hair looks sexehier lol xD
16:32 <Teigatchi> Apparently it's "inexcusably long"
16:32 <Kill1mes> Also, if we give you idas, it might not suit to your writing style.
16:32 <Awsome90> but cn you at lest give me an idea to start off with
16:32 <The-one123> it doesnt have viruses
16:32 <BRVR> Know what would be awesome in pokemon randomizer?
16:32 <Kill1mes> No, we can't/
16:32 <WhiteReaper> If I let it grow evenly, when it's longer it'll look horrible spiked
16:32 <WhiteReaper> But yeah
16:32 <WhiteReaper> see you
16:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> okay Reapz :)
16:32 <BRVR> A shiny female starter mew.
16:32 <Teigatchi> Seeya Reaper
16:32 <Kill1mes> Mew's can have gender?
16:32 <WhiteReaper> See y'all later.
16:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Reaper.
16:33 <Awsome90> how old are you 2 w and k
16:33 <Kill1mes> Later
16:33 <BRVR> No.
16:33 <Adam Carl Castillo> cya reapz
16:33 <Lei Omaki> bye reap
16:33 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
16:33 <The-one123> wait , if all pokemon came from mew's dna , then how come they have gender?
16:33 <Teletubbies are Kool> Imagine if anyone here's teacher was on here! Show me your history project!
16:33 <Kill1mes> Genetic mutation
16:33 <BRVR> If mew had a gender then your game would probably be really, really glitchy.
16:33 <Kill1mes> Genetic engeneering.
16:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm nineteen, Awsome.
16:34 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yep birthday boy!!
16:34 <DehLeetGuy> I remembered, next year, our school will be overfilled, and everyone from our class will just try to pound up the newcomers
16:34 -!- Awsome90 has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
16:34 <DehLeetGuy> Because the school next to ours will be turned into a police base
16:35 -!- Awsome90 has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <BRVR> I do homeschool. Lucky me.
16:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> I remembered that this school year my class will be filled by 60+ students
16:35 <Awsome90> OMG im only 11:(
16:35 <DehLeetGuy> you mad bro
16:35 <BRVR> I don't have to deal with bullies.
16:35 <Lei Omaki> :O
16:35 <The-one123> im 16
16:35 <Teletubbies are Kool> I'm 14
16:35 <BRVR> Underage.
16:35 -!- Awsome90 was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 31536000 seconds.
16:35 -!- Awsome90 has left Special:Chat.
16:35 <DehLeetGuy> Im one of my classes strongest guys
16:36 <The-one123> *bang* sortof
16:36 <Lei Omaki> i'm one of the weirdest in the class xD
16:36 <DehLeetGuy> Even tho before i would get beat by literally everyone
16:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, this guy was much better than his brother...
16:36 <The-one123> well now creepy cant use his account
16:36 <BRVR> I am weak and I would probably not survive regular school.
16:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I feel sorry for him.
16:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm my class' singer and artist <---- which I don't know what happenes
16:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> *happened
16:36 <Teletubbies are Kool> I am the biggest rapist in my country
16:36 <Lei Omaki> what?
16:36 <Kill1mes> Can we not joke of rape?
16:36 <Teigatchi> I'm the most antisocial, weird and friendless people in all of my classes
16:36 <Teigatchi> But I don't care
16:36 <DehLeetGuy> It takes like 2 months of 30 minutes of just carying around 5 kilos and youve got muscle
16:37 <Teigatchi> Insanity's a great partner~
16:37 <DehLeetGuy> And everyones just asking why I'm so muscular ;-;
16:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm the smarter side between me and my best friend
16:37 <Teigatchi> Wait... I can't English
16:37 <Teigatchi> person**
16:37 <BRVR> I am just weak and insane.
16:37 <Teigatchi> ^
16:38 <Teletubbies are Kool> I'm not, weak or strong just in the upper middle
16:38 <DehLeetGuy> Our school has approx 700 people now, and it'll probably have 300+ now
16:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> Wait wait... no one in the world is perfect
16:38 <The-one123> I am strong when I need to be
16:38 <BRVR> And I am useless.
16:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> My school has over 900 students
16:38 <Teigatchi> Writing this poem is actually fun... I'm actually enjoying myself in class
16:38 <DehLeetGuy> I sometimes go insane if I get aggroed really much and I beat the crap out of the guy that aggros me
16:38 <Lei Omaki> i feel out of place whenever you guys talk about school xD
16:38 <Teletubbies are Kool> me to
16:39 <BRVR> I am weak and I will remain so.
16:39 <Teletubbies are Kool> (swag)
16:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> Don't worry Lei, I also feel the same way when people are talking about good looks
16:39 <DehLeetGuy> I think I'm gonna move to Ireland next year
16:39 <Teletubbies are Kool> (porn)
16:39 <DehLeetGuy> Dont do porn man
16:39 <Teigatchi> Guys. Y'kbnow what's a great resistance to bullying?
16:39 <DehLeetGuy> your gonna get a ban
16:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> (facepalm)
16:39 <Teigatchi> y'know**
16:39 <DehLeetGuy> Yeah?
16:39 <Teletubbies are Kool> sorry
16:39 <Teigatchi> Masochism
16:39 <Lei Omaki> what tei?
16:39 <The-one123> I can beat the living crap out of anybody that messes with me , but I use restraint 
16:39 <Teigatchi> Just enjoy the pain. Try to train yourself to
16:39 <Lei Omaki> (bleurgh) really tei?
16:40 <DehLeetGuy> Tei, dont troll us (facepalm)
16:40 <Teigatchi> I'm not
16:40 <Adam Carl Castillo> (herp)
16:40 <BRVR> I am weak, will remain so, insane, stupid... The list is long.
16:40 <DehLeetGuy> Its better to go around lifting 5 - 7 kilos about 30 mins a day and you'll get stronger in half a month
16:40 <Teletubbies are Kool> (boomchacalaca)
16:40 <DehLeetGuy> Chalalalalaka in you
16:40 <Teletubbies are Kool> I weight one gram
16:40 <Adam Carl Castillo> I do situps twice a day
16:41 <DehLeetGuy> I lift about 10 kilos
16:41 <Lei Omaki> but then it feels weird Tei
16:41 <BRVR> I don't do anything.
16:41 <DehLeetGuy> Woops 30*
16:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> I don't do anything much aside from situps, and singing
16:41 <The-one123> I lift 80 pound weights in each arm
16:41 <BRVR> I just use my computer all day. (I have no strength for use, anyway.) (I mean use for strength)
16:41 <DehLeetGuy> I sit on the computer for 10 hours a day
16:42 <DehLeetGuy> Well acually about 8 max
16:42 <BRVR> I just have no use for strength. I just sit on my computer.
16:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> I sit on the computer at 1:00 pm - 2:00/ 3:00 am
16:42 <The-one123> I still have time to work out , even when Im on my computer all day
16:42 <Teletubbies are Kool> imagine a pet worm
16:42 <DehLeetGuy> And this is going for two years, and my eyesight hasnt even weakened
16:43 <BRVR> I never have time to work out. I never went to gym, never will need to, never will.
16:43 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
16:43 <DehLeetGuy> I havent even been in gym once in my life
16:43 <Lei Omaki> Acie, how long are you in the computer?
16:43 <Adam Carl Castillo> Well if I wanna have some fun in my room I do that music video of paramore and feel like I'm hayley williams
16:43 <Barry2345> hello um who is the moderater
16:43 <The-one123> You dont need a gym to work out
16:43 <BRVR> I am a weak insane idiot. So I will remain a weak insane idiot.
16:43 <DehLeetGuy> I know
16:44 <Teigatchi> Alright guys
16:44 <Teletubbies are Kool> Once I was in school and some weirdo guy started sticking his finger inside my pocket to see what was in it, perveret
16:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There are many here, Barry.
16:44 <DehLeetGuy> I have homemade weight made of milk jugs and the handle of a shovel
16:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm on the computer at 1:00 pm - 2:00/3:00 am Prof Lei
16:44 <Teigatchi> I'll be off, gotta go to my next class
16:44 <BRVR> And I will die alone.
16:44 <The-one123> BRVR is your name a reference to a pokemon creepypasta 
16:44 <Teletubbies are Kool> I am dying :(
16:44 <Barry2345> how do i make a pasta
16:44 <BRVR> Yes.
16:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Let me link you.
16:44 <Teigatchi> Enjoy yourselves and, as always.
16:44 <Teigatchi> SEEEYAHZ
16:45 <Lei Omaki> what?! really Acie?
16:45 -!- Teigatchi has left Special:Chat.
16:45 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:45 <Lei Omaki> bye Tei :3
16:45 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <BRVR> I will just die alone, no friends, no family... Still lacking the ability to go outside...
16:45 <Teletubbies are Kool> who's acie ? I see none here with acie in there name
16:45 <Rydaah> gimme a scary Ritual pasta.
16:45 <BRVR> And I will probably die of starvation or dehydration. Whatever comes first.
16:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm acie
16:45 <Teletubbies are Kool> oh yeah
16:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
16:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Here, Barry.
16:46 <Teletubbies are Kool> I am not dying :)
16:46 <DehLeetGuy> DANGIT
16:46 <Rydaah> scariest Ritual story anyone??? 
16:46 <BRVR> Speaking of starvation, I am hungry.
16:46 <Barry2345> where is my friend he said he'd be here
16:46 <DehLeetGuy> Almost caught the bird after about 50 ballsa
16:46 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:46 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <Teletubbies are Kool> hi
16:46 <Lei Omaki> brb, gonna find someplace comfortable 
16:46 <BRVR> BRB, getting some cereal or something.
16:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Who is your friend, Barry?
16:46 <Chotix> What's the best Computers/Internet story?
16:46 <The-one123> I gots noodles in my lunch box
16:47 <Teletubbies are Kool> Is it okay If I make a fake pasta ?
16:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Fake pasta?
16:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Explain, please.
16:47 <Chotix> Fake pasta?
16:47 <Teletubbies are Kool> One that isn't true
16:47 <Chotix> Arent all pastas fake?
16:47 <The-one123> most pastas arnt true
16:47 <DehLeetGuy> If they arent about something real, well its the main thing a pasta should have
16:47 <Barry2345> i met him on another wiki chat and he said he'd meet me here his name is awsome90
16:47 <Teletubbies are Kool> oh XD
16:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah...him.
16:47 <Chotix> What happened to creepy dude?
16:47 <The-one123> he is banned
16:47 <DehLeetGuy> Barry, seems a bit obvious that you might be the same guy
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid he got banned. 
16:48 <Chotix> Nice.
16:48 <Chotix> He was annoying as heck.
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet, stop the accusations.
16:48 <Lei Omaki> back, much better, now my shoulders won't hurt anymore :3
16:48 <DehLeetGuy> Its just weird
16:48 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <BRVR> I couldn't find food.
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It doesn't matter-
16:48 <Teletubbies are Kool> hi
16:48 -!- Dan67 has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Chotix> heya
16:48 <Lei Omaki> wb Acie
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Dan.
16:48 <Lei Omaki> and hi dan
16:48 <Barry2345> im not creepywhoeverhes
16:48 <Dan67> Hi everybody 
16:48 <Teletubbies are Kool> I'm making a pasta  that is not true
16:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> my internet sucks
16:49 <Chotix> Most aren't real.
16:49 <BRVR> I know I will probably die of starvation/dehydration.
16:49 <Barry2345> who is creepy anyway?
16:49 <Dan67> Or boredom
16:49 <Teletubbies are Kool> Well I make one that is a theory right now.
16:49 <BRVR> And there will be nothing to blame but my terrible memory.
16:49 <DehLeetGuy> Im creepy...
16:49 <BRVR> I won't die of boredom.
16:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> BRVR I'm Ghana be Czeching the fridge if I were you lol punpun
16:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Suppoedly, Awsome's brother, Barry.
16:49 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
16:50 <DehLeetGuy> Im a creepy guy...
16:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *supposedly
16:50 <Barry2345> ha ha
16:50 <BRVR> I did check the fridge. Wait, no... I think I did.
16:50 <BRVR> Gah.
16:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> who's the brother of awsome?
16:50 <BRVR> "Wild mewtwo appeared!" Awesome.
16:50 <The-one123> how old are you barry
16:50 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:50 <Barry2345> probobly not brothers the chance is well how old is awsome?
16:51 <Barry2345> im 17
16:51 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> I killed chat :(
16:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awsome said he is 11.
16:51 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <BRVR> Lol.
16:51 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <Dan67> I watch chat :/
16:52 <BRVR> I need to eat something.
16:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Thizzy oh
16:52 <Dan67> I need a Renamon 
16:52 <Barry2345> who here believes in herobrine 
16:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yeah. Awsome was a very nice guy...if only he hadn't said his age...
16:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> BRVR try eating some Turkey that's not covered with a layer of greece or there is norway you can eat that lol c-c-combo puns!
16:52 <BRVR> Level 7 mewtwo.
16:52 <Teletubbies are Kool> Who wants to see what I look like in real life ?
16:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also I kinda believe there is some reasoning behind Herobrine.
16:53 <Lei Omaki> herobrine? whos that?
16:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is up to you, Teletubbies.
16:53 <Teletubbies are Kool> (swag) there's me
16:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> Who's Herobrine?
16:53 <Dan67> Barry: the computer AI that went corrupt and killed players yep
16:53 <BRVR> I see what you did there.
16:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nope! That is Wolfen.
16:53 <Teletubbies are Kool> That is swag
16:53 <Barry2345> why if he did not say his age
16:53 <DehLeetGuy> Herobrines a ghost of MINECRAFT
16:53 <DehLeetGuy> caps
16:53 <Teletubbies are Kool> Wolfen is a user 
16:53 <The-one123> he was real , he was just a random npc that appered in random serves , now he is just a downloadable mod
16:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He did say his age, Barry.
16:53 <Teletubbies are Kool> who has that as his avatar
16:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> That's wolfen's emote
16:53 <DehLeetGuy> (wolfenmaus)
16:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> (wolfen)
16:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Wolfenmaus does, Teletubbies.
16:54 <DehLeetGuy> what, why did they remove that one?
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, it wasn't removed.
16:54 <Teletubbies are Kool> what was removed ?
16:54 <DehLeetGuy> z 
16:54 <Barry2345> what happend to him when he said his name
16:54 <DehLeetGuy> oops
16:54 <Dan67> Ghost, herobrine is considered as a Corruppted mob nothing else
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> When he said his name? Nothing. He was welcome, talked for a while, an all around nice guy.
16:54 <The-one123> he is a random npc 
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then he said his age...and well, he had to be banned.
16:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sadly.
16:54 <Barry2345> why
16:54 <Teletubbies are Kool> who ?
16:55 <DehLeetGuy> Underage.
16:55 <The-one123> he was underage
16:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because the Wiki terms state that people who are thirteen and over are allowed to use it.
16:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> he's only 11
16:55 -!- Kailkity Summonner has left Special:Chat.
16:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So twelve and under that...are banned.
16:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh so twelve year olds are allowed?
16:55 <Dan67> I'm 18
16:55 <Teletubbies are Kool> Ok that is me
16:56 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <The-one123> nightmares
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You should wash that zipper of yours, Teletubbies.
16:56 <Teletubbies are Kool> Hi
16:56 <The-one123> not really
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It looks unhealthy.
16:56 <Barry2345> oh soz im new so yeah-my dad told me to sign up
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Skeletons.
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki, then!
16:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> (skeletons)
16:56 <Barry2345> thx
16:56 <BRVR> I can't figure out how to use emerald randomizer.
16:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> aww wrong emote
16:56 <Teletubbies are Kool> No that's what i look like
16:56 <Lei Omaki> hi (skelly)
16:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hello Skelly :)
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (ls)
16:56 <BRVR> (lolskeletons)
16:56 <Dan67> *us in chat* *random vandal appears*
16:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is the emote.
16:56 <BRVR> (lol)
16:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> (loool)
16:57 <BRVR> (ls) My brain is stupid.
16:57 <Barry2345> um who is jeff -my mum told me about him
16:57 <BRVR> Not insulting lolskeletosn.
16:57 <BRVR> Insulting myself.
16:57 <Dan67> Jeff is a fictional psychopath
16:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> Jeff the killer
16:57 <Teletubbies are Kool> ok that's really me
16:57 -!- Rydaah has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> one of the classic creepypasta elements
16:57 <Dan67> The one who smiles
16:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What do you have on your head? Antennae?
16:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> though Jeff's not real
16:58 <Barry2345> oh and any other creepypastas
16:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> (jeff)
16:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There are a lot of creepypastas. What type do you like?
16:58 <BRVR> I can't even figure out how to use emerald randomizer.
16:58 <Barry2345> me?
16:58 <Dan67> Exactly he's not real
16:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
16:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> slenderman, rake, those are the classic CP characters
16:59 <Barry2345> i like shock ending
16:59 <Dan67> I like guns :D
16:59 <BRVR> -_- Guess I am not playing with the randomizer.
16:59 -!- ScarletDisaster has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Come on, it is fun
16:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Try to figure out!
16:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Scarlet.
16:59 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Reading ^u^
16:59 <Adam Carl Castillo> Try the "Sorry" creepypasta but be careful it has blood in the story
17:00 <BRVR> I did everything I can.
17:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Scarlet
17:00 <Teletubbies are Kool> mmmmphhmm
17:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Here Barry, in case you haven't found most:
17:00 <The-one123> hello scarlet *hugs*
17:00 <DehLeetGuy> You guys wanna see my muscles?
17:00 <Lei Omaki> hi scarlet
17:00 <Dan67> BRVR: Randomizer is that a pun or a game
17:00 <BRVR> Looked in the lib folder, read the readme, looked in emeraldrandomizer and that is all.
17:00 <The-one123> no leet
17:00 <BRVR> A patch for a game.
17:00 <Barry2345> i must warn you there is a spammer around my blog-he might come here don't ban me im only warning you
17:00 <Barry2345> saftey
17:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A...spammer around your blog?
17:01 <Dan67> (huh)
17:01 <Kill1mes> We would we ban you for somebody else's doing?
17:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> ^
17:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> ninja'd
17:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also remember that your account is YOUR responsibility. If anything happens with it, you take the hit.
17:01 <BRVR> Lol.
17:01 <Barry2345> you might think im threatening?
17:01 <DehLeetGuy> Anyone still wanna see me irl?
17:01 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
17:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> irl?
17:01 <BRVR> I looked in all of the folderss and read the readme.
17:01 <Barry2345> i don't know!
17:02 <Kill1mes> irl means in real life
17:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai ChaoZ
17:02 <BRVR> Nope, can't play with randomizer.
17:02 <Dan67> Barry: depends on how you say it
17:02 <ChaoZStrider> Hey
17:02 <Kill1mes> Hey Strider.
17:02 <Barry2345> oh
17:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh @Kill thanks
17:02 <BRVR> I am an idiot and can't figure anything out.
17:02 <DehLeetGuy> (okay) I guess no one wants to see mee :c
17:02 <Kill1mes> No prob.
17:02 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
17:02 <BRVR> (I can't even use a video!)
17:02 <Teletubbies are Kool> Is LOLSKELETONS dead ?
17:02 <Barry2345> have you written any pastas
17:02 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
17:03 <Kill1mes> Yes, he is.
17:03 <Teletubbies are Kool> Oh
17:03 <Teletubbies are Kool> :(
17:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> I have written a pasta
17:03 <Teletubbies are Kool> That's sad
17:03 <Teletubbies are Kool> ;(
17:03 <Kill1mes> Who Barry?
17:03 <Dan67> 1 I wrote and I can't tell if it's horrible
17:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Leet your pic in real life?
17:03 <BRVR> Ugh.
17:03 <BRVR> I am going to beat myself up.
17:04 <DehLeetGuy> If anyone wants to see me then click dish link
17:04 <Dan67> BRVR: Goodluck with that
17:04 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
17:04 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
17:04 <The-one123> brb
17:04 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
17:04 <BRVR> Back.
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey. A bit square-ish, eh, Leet?
17:04 <Lei Omaki> that's not you leet
17:05 <BRVR> I need help just to get emerald randomizer working.
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also nice name!
17:05 <DehLeetGuy> Okay okay.
17:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> my internet is so slow... 
17:05 <Teletubbies are Kool> Ok that is what I really look like, If you haven't seen mah avatar
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "Have you ever wondered how Ed in Ed, Edd and Eddy has yellow skin ? My guess is that he was born with a disease that changes skin colour.You might also know that some people think Ed smells horrible, possible that is a side affect of the disease.I have no idea how to end this."
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> that it?
17:05 -!- DehLeetGuy has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <BRVR> XD Squares!
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing more?
17:05 <Dan67> I just found that 
17:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hepatitis... the disease with yellow skin
17:06 <Teletubbies are Kool> Yes
17:06 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
17:06 -!- DehLeetGuy has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Teletubbies are Kool> That's what he heas ?
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eeeeeh...I'm afraid it is too vague.
17:06 <DehLeetGuy> god damn it
17:06 <Teletubbies are Kool> *has
17:06 <Dan67> I got it for marked for review instead of bad since that is restrictly reserved for admins only.
17:06 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Kill1mes> admins and VCROC
17:06 <DehLeetGuy> Un Borrador
17:06 <ChaoZStrider> ^
17:06 <Kill1mes> ninja'd :P
17:06 <ChaoZStrider> ;-; It is too earrlllyyy
17:07 <Kill1mes> It's one in the afternoon
17:07 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
17:07 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
17:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Chao when did you get in here?
17:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's 1 am here 0_0
17:07 <ChaoZStrider> not to long ago ^^
17:07 <BRVR> Oh.
17:07 <Dan67> Mission accomplished you just saved democracy
17:07 <BRVR> I had to right click it.
17:07 <ChaoZStrider> Same, Kill.
17:07 <BRVR> I hate myself.
17:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, don't you have to sleep, Acie?
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> nope I still don't want to
17:08 -!- RockstarCop has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <ChaoZStrider> It is just to early because of little
17:08 <Lei Omaki> lol same here Acie 
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> I still haven't phoned that "girl" 
17:08 <RockstarCop> Hello Again
17:08 <Ponyfan10> did you know? Pizza =  best vegetable (loool)
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> reminds me I have to do so
17:08 <ChaoZStrider> little sleep*
17:08 <RockstarCop> lol
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> I phone that girl almost every night
17:08 <ScarletDisaster> Okay.
17:08 <DehLeetGuy> Guys, whoever plays pokemon, how do you name your characters?
17:08 <Lei Omaki> hello rock :3
17:08 <Dan67> Pizza is a damn good food :D
17:08 <BRVR> Time to download a pokemon emerald ROM.
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> Pizza is the shit!! 
17:09 <BRVR> Pizza!
17:09 <Lei Omaki> name characters?
17:09 <RockstarCop> you catch them and name them when you catch them.
17:09 <RockstarCop> they will ask if you want to give them a nickname
17:09 -!- Avenging Angel has joined Special:Chat
17:09 <ScarletDisaster> What's the topic? ^u^
17:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Angel
17:09 <Lei Omaki> i love pizza :3
17:09 <ScarletDisaster> Hello, Angel.
17:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Pizza, Scarlet.
17:09 <DehLeetGuy> Rockster, one does not simply catch themselves in a pokeball and name themselves
17:09 <RockstarCop> Hi Angel
17:09 <Lei Omaki> pizza scarlet
17:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Scarlet pizza
17:09 <Lei Omaki> hi angel
17:09 <ScarletDisaster> Oh. Pizza.
17:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> hello angel
17:09 <Avenging Angel> All this attention.
17:09 <BRVR> You can't do one of the most basic things, leet?
17:09 <Avenging Angel> You're all making me blush.
17:09 <Teletubbies are Kool> I just hunted down DehLeet guy, now I might eat him.
17:10 <Dan67> Ponyfan10: Any ideas to improve your wiki?
17:10 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, you cant catch your own character in the game
17:10 <BRVR> I know.
17:10 <Kill1mes> You can't?
17:10 <RockstarCop> anyone working on a creepypasta?
17:10 <DehLeetGuy> No
17:10 <Kill1mes> Well there goes my dreams
17:10 <Kill1mes> :/
17:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At the beginning of the game you can name it, Leet.
17:10 <BRVR> Or can you?
17:10 <Ponyfan10> I think of writing a Derpy related fanfic @Dan
17:10 <Kill1mes> Several @rockstarcop
17:10 <Teletubbies are Kool> I actually didn't
17:10 <Avenging Angel> Rockstar, I have a fairly recent one, if you'd like to read it.
17:10 <ScarletDisaster> If anybody would like to take a look at my chat mod app, please do :3 Thanks.
17:10 <DehLeetGuy> I named my character really inappropriatelly this time becasue I didint think randomizer would work
17:10 <BRVR> "Gotcha! *Trainername* was caught!" Someone help?
17:11 <Lei Omaki> O_O
17:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Rock, I have one... though it sucks a bit
17:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> but some say it's good
17:11 <Dan67> Ponyfan10: Awesome let me know if you bump into any problems.
17:11 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Ponyfan10> 'k @Dan
17:11 <ScarletDisaster> Hello, Chotix.
17:11 <Kill1mes> Hello Cho
17:11 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <DehLeetGuy> "Gotcha! JAKE was caught!"
17:11 <DehLeetGuy> "Would you like to nickname your JAKE"
17:11 <DehLeetGuy> "YES NO"
17:11 <RockstarCop> hello cho
17:11 <Chotix> Hiya.
17:11 <Teletubbies are Kool> I just ate a user here
17:11 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Mantra.
17:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai cho
17:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey again Mantra
17:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> Mantra!
17:12 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:12 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:12 <Chotix> WhyAmI, have you been here all day?
17:12 <Kill1mes> caps
17:12 <Teletubbies are Kool> Sorry for capping
17:12 <Avenging Angel> Anyone else's allergies really bad?
17:12 <Dan67> Hey reading, nothing changed much here
17:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Telettubbies don't do that again.
17:12 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
17:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> Rock that's my pasta
17:12 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
17:12 <RockstarCop> Hello
17:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, for most day Chotix.
17:12 <Avenging Angel> Mantra
17:12 <Avenging Angel> OK Computer > Bends
17:12 <Child Of Mantra> Angel
17:12 <Chotix> Are you a mod? Or just an active user?
17:12 <Teletubbies are Kool> Sorry It looked bad when lowercased
17:12 <BRVR> I made my thing random.
17:12 <Child Of Mantra> Agreed.
17:13 <Lei Omaki> cleric left
17:13 <BRVR> And my starter holds a fishing rod.
17:13 <Avenging Angel> I don't like Kid A at all.
17:13 <ScarletDisaster> Someone PM me ;3
17:13 <Child Of Mantra> I like some songs of of it.
17:13 <Avenging Angel> Except maybe the opening track
17:13 <Child Of Mantra> Amnesiac is better imo
17:13 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A Moderator, Chotix.
17:13 <Chotix> Mkay.
17:13 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <RockstarCop> OMG just had lunch, now I'm craving Sandwichs
17:13 <BRVR> What's a GBA emulator?
17:13 <Avenging Angel> It's a GBA on your computer
17:13 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
17:13 <BRVR> What's a computer?
17:14 <RockstarCop> GBA emulator is a GameboyAdvanced Emulator
17:14 <Teletubbies are Kool> ...
17:14 <Avenging Angel> What is love?
17:14 <Child Of Mantra> When mommy and daddy love eachother soo much
17:14 <ScarletDisaster> baby don't hurt me.
17:14 <RockstarCop> Let's you play Gameboy Games
17:14 <Dan67> Cake + C4 + random player = fool
17:14 <RockstarCop> The Cake is a Lei
17:14 <RockstarCop> Lie**
17:14 <Child Of Mantra> The cake is omaki
17:14 <Dan67> Indeed
17:14 <Avenging Angel> Anyone here go on /mu/?
17:14 <BRVR> The cake is okami.
17:14 <Child Of Mantra> Sometimes.
17:14 <Child Of Mantra> But i get yelled at for being Pleb
17:14 <Lei Omaki> so i'm a cake now? XD
17:15 <Kill1mes> The omaki is cake.
17:15 <DehLeetGuy> THE CAKE IS A FLIE!
17:15 <BRVR> Yes.
17:15 -!- Chotix has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <Kill1mes> caps
17:15 <Kill1mes> wb
17:15 <DehLeetGuy> Oh sorry
17:15 <ScarletDisaster> if you were a cake, what flavour would you be?
17:15 <Avenging Angel> Have you heard that the mountaintops are being stained again Mantra?
17:15 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:15 -!- RockstarCop has left Special:Chat.
17:15 <Dan67> Chcoclate
17:15 <DehLeetGuy> I would be banana foster flavor
17:15 <Chotix> Oh, no more cake is a lie shit.
17:15 <Lei Omaki> hey everybody! i'm a cake that gives free cookies xD
17:15 <Kill1mes> cake flavor.
17:15 <BRVR> I don't know.
17:15 <Child Of Mantra> No.
17:15 <Ponyfan10> I'd be muffin flavor!
17:15 <Child Of Mantra> Neutral Milk Hotel is back.
17:15 <Avenging Angel> That's what I meant.
17:15 <ScarletDisaster> Cake flavour cake
17:15 <Chotix> I like muffins and ponies.
17:15 <Avenging Angel> ^
17:15 <BRVR> I like banana nut muffins.
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> I like nothing.
17:16 <BRVR> If I was a muffin, I would in fact be a banana nut muffin.
17:16 <DehLeetGuy> Im so pathetic, I cant catch a level 9 zapdos with 100 pokeballs
17:16 <Lei Omaki> i be a chocolate vanilla flavored xD
17:16 <ScarletDisaster> I like almond & cherry muffins.
17:16 <Dan67> -_0
17:16 <Avenging Angel> Bleh. Banana nut. Blueberry all the way.
17:16 <Ponyfan10> quit pinging me D:
17:16 <Lei Omaki> muffin
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> i am a fan
17:16 <Ponyfan10> muffin pings me
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> of ponies
17:16 <BRVR> Muffin.
17:16 <Chotix> Level doesn't determine catchablity, it's ca
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> not really
17:16 <Avenging Angel> Awwh.
17:16 <Teletubbies are Kool> I love muffins
17:16 <DehLeetGuy> Gimme dat muffin
17:16 <Chotix> Capture rate 
17:16 <BRVR> Muffins are delicious.
17:16 <Avenging Angel> You were getting my hopes up.
17:16 <Ponyfan10> D:
17:16 <Teletubbies are Kool> mmmhhhmmm
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> Muffins suck
17:16 <Avenging Angel> A /mu/tant who likes ponies
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> I don't like ponies
17:16 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
17:16 <DehLeetGuy> STAHP
17:16 <BRVR> Muffin!
17:16 <Chotix> I hate /my/
17:16 <Child Of Mantra> i just said that to ping pony
17:17 <Chotix> */mu/
17:17 <Teletubbies are Kool> I Love ponies
17:17 <Avenging Angel> Why do you hate /mu/?
17:17 <DehLeetGuy> It makes a stupeed sound when yo usay mufin
17:17 <Barry2345> hi
17:17 <BRVR> I made a muffin.
17:17 <Ponyfan10> quit saying muffin! D:
17:17 <DehLeetGuy> YEAH
17:17 <Teletubbies are Kool> Muffin
17:17 <Chotix> It's. really hipsters.
17:17 <Child Of Mantra> I don't hate /mu/, They hate me
17:17 <BRVR> Mufffin!
17:17 <Teletubbies are Kool> Cake
17:17 <Chotix> *hipstery
17:17 <Kill1mes> CAPS
17:17 <Avenging Angel> Well, I'm a hipster I guess.
17:17 <Lei Omaki> i'm a cake :D
17:17 <BRVR> Muffin. It pings me.
17:17 <Kill1mes> Watch it boi
17:17 <Chotix> frug
17:17 <Kill1mes> Or I'll slap your shit
17:17 <Child Of Mantra> AC/DC is soo hipster
17:17 <Chotix> AUTOCORRECT. God
17:17 <Dan67> (derpy) : don't make me fire my muffin cannon
17:17 <Avenging Angel> But they genuinely are very musically intelligent
17:17 <Ponyfan10> don't say muffin,the sound is annoying! D:
17:17 <Avenging Angel> AC/DC is actually pretty pleb
17:18 <Chotix> I dunno, I don't like it.
17:18 <Child Of Mantra> I know that that was a joke
17:18 <Barry2345> i got spammed again on my blog!
17:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> muffin muffin MUFFIN!!!
17:18 <Child Of Mantra> I don't like new AC/DC
17:18 <Chotix> Not fan of 4chan.
17:18 <Ponyfan10> D: D:
17:18 <Avenging Angel> Do you have a skype mantra?
17:18 <Child Of Mantra> Bon Scott > Everything
17:18 <Kill1mes> then delete the spam
17:18 <ScarletDisaster> Guys, please reply? :3 I don't mind if you don't support I just need your opinions^u^
17:18 <Teletubbies are Kool> Muffin Muffin
17:18 <Child Of Mantra> I do.
17:18 <DehLeetGuy> STOP
17:18 <Ponyfan10> stop saying muffin!
17:18 <Lei Omaki> okay guys stahp pinging ponyfan xD
17:18 <Dan67> Ponyfan10: sorry :(
17:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> (stop)
17:18 <Avenging Angel> I'll pm you mine
17:18 <Avenging Angel> It'd be cool if you could add me
17:18 <Teletubbies are Kool> MM MM MM Muffin Muffin
17:18 <Dan67> (stop)
17:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Teletubbies stop
17:18 <Teletubbies are Kool> just kidding
17:18 <DehLeetGuy> OH GOD
17:18 <BRVR> Muffin. Pings me.
17:18 <DehLeetGuy> I left s on my ping list and its horrible
17:18 <Ponyfan10> D:
17:18 <Chotix> Doodley diddly.
17:19 <Teletubbies are Kool> Ping
17:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> c-c-c-combo muffs
17:19 <Chotix> Prepare your diddly hole.
17:19 <Barry2345> got spammed by a guy called mrcreepyguy12345
17:19 <Teletubbies are Kool> Does ping annoy anyone ?
17:19 <Ponyfan10> it annoys me
17:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...
17:19 <Chotix> Shut up, Barry.
17:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> how do I ping?
17:19 <ScarletDisaster> I don't even have a ping box.
17:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is Awsome's brother
17:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Chotix that isn't polite.
17:19 <Barry2345> WHAT
17:19 <Chotix> Sorry.
17:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> and how do I put a ping box?
17:19 <Barry2345> THX WHYAMI
17:19 <Dan67> (stop) (derpy) (stop) is having a migraine
17:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You're welcome.
17:20 <Kill1mes> Stop spamming emotes please.
17:20 <BRVR> Anyone who is with me on not driving ponyfan insane say I! I!
17:20 <Lei Omaki> there's a ping list?
17:20 <Lei Omaki> where?
17:20 <Chotix> Whats ping?
17:20 <DehLeetGuy> shut up with the pings
17:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> I don't know Lei
17:20 <Teletubbies are Kool> a word that really annoys me is Wham
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> baby don't ping me
17:20 <Chotix> no mo.
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> no pings
17:20 <Lei Omaki> i wanna know where it is xD
17:20 -!- ScarletDisaster has left Special:Chat.
17:20 <DehLeetGuy> stop with the word
17:20 <Chotix> a
17:20 -!- ScarletDisaster has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> baby ping me one more time! Oops I did it again! lol jk
17:20 <Teletubbies are Kool> Ping Pong Piddly Pong
17:21 <Barry2345> i keep getting spam from mrcreepyguy12345
17:21 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:21 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:21 <Barry2345> help me
17:21 <Dan67> I kissed a barrel and it shot me
17:21 <Chotix> We heard you, Barry.
17:21 <Adam Carl Castillo> Barry, what is he saying?
17:21 <Teletubbies are Kool> what comments is he posting ?
17:21 <ScarletDisaster> Okay i set up my pings ;3
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No idea what to do, Barry.
17:21 <Teletubbies are Kool> Show me blog
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is...your blog.
17:21 <Barry2345> ok
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No idea how it works
17:21 <Chotix> What is he saying?
17:21 <Lei Omaki> where can i find it scarlet?
17:21 <Barry2345> yes it is my blog
17:21 <Chotix> Cant you block him from your blog?
17:21 <Adam Carl Castillo> where can I find ping list?
17:21 <Barry2345> no 
17:21 <Kill1mes> Not if it's here.
17:21 <Chotix> Why not?
17:22 <DehLeetGuy> its next to the top of the chat
17:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> I think the user can be blocked from posting?
17:22 <ScarletDisaster> Where your name is in the top right, where it says options.
17:22 <Dan67> Nobody reads blogs on this wiki unless it has a story in it.
17:22 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <ScarletDisaster> In there, enable chat hacks.
17:22 <BRVR> I entered my name as only the capital letter A.
17:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...I read all the blogs.
17:22 <Lei Omaki> thanks :3
17:22 <Chotix> Wait, this wiki has blogs?
17:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
17:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> I read blogs that are interesting
17:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> thanks Scarlet
17:22 <ScarletDisaster> No problem.
17:22 <BRVR> Whenever someone says my name they just scream at me.
17:22 <Dan67> I post blogs but no one replies to be honest
17:22 <Ponyfan10> A
17:23 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
17:23 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:23 <Chotix> I was unaware there were blogs 
17:23 <Kill1mes> stop.
17:23 <Lei Omaki> okay now what?
17:23 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Pram.
17:23 <Kill1mes> bad pony
17:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Pramz!!
17:23 <Lei Omaki> hi pram
17:23 <Ponyfan10> (TT)
17:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Pramirez.
17:23 <Kill1mes> Pony es stoopid
17:23 <Pramirez351> hello :)
17:23 <Kill1mes> hey pram
17:23 <Barry2345> everyone i am depressed
17:23 <Ponyfan10> (TT)
17:23 <Chotix> Everyone knows Derpy is best pony.
17:23 <Dan67> Apologize to pony fan
17:23 <Kill1mes> nou
17:23 <BRVR> "Mom: AAAAAAA, we're here, honey!"
17:24 <Chotix> Buck up, Pony.
17:24 <Chotix> Things we
17:24 <Pramirez351> hahaha hey i gtg now xD i just came to check up on you guys bye :)
17:24 <BRVR> My mom just screamed at me apparently.
17:24 <Chotix> friggin autocorecct
17:24 <Kill1mes> Later.
17:24 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:24 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
17:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ye Pramirez
17:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Chaotic
17:24 <Chotix> F
17:24 <ChaoticPeace> Hi
17:24 <Chotix> URGH
17:24 <Kill1mes> Cho, stop.
17:24 <BRVR> Imagine being named AAAAAAA!
17:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> Okay pramz bye
17:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, sorry to hear that, Barry.
17:24 <Chotix> I cant
17:24 <Kill1mes> u fum
17:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Chaotic
17:24 <Kill1mes> d\u dum*
17:24 <Kill1mes> DAMMIT
17:24 <Chotix> its my autocorrec
17:24 <Lei Omaki> how do you set up pings? xD
17:25 <Chotix> anyway gtg
17:25 <DehLeetGuy> DONT SAY PING
17:25 <Chotix> ping
17:25 <Ponyfan10> ping
17:25 <BRVR> Everyone using your name just screams at you.
17:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> ping
17:25 <BRVR> Ping.
17:25 <Barry2345> whyami i keep getting rude messeges from mrcreepy12345
17:25 <Lei Omaki> why?
17:25 <DehLeetGuy> SCREW YOU
17:25 <Dan67> What happens if a girl lays on top of you but doesn't stay there?
17:25 <DehLeetGuy> I pinged ping
17:25 <ScarletDisaster> If you enabled chat hacks it should say ping phrases at the top left near the Creepy pasta wiki logo.
17:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Barry, PM
17:25 -!- Chotix has left Special:Chat.
17:25 <Barry2345> pm?
17:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Over the chat users lkist, at the bottom.
17:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> can you guys say my name? just to make sure it works?
17:25 <ScarletDisaster> If you hover over it, then you should open the box in which you type your pings.
17:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll see my name
17:25 -!- Avenging Angel has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <Lei Omaki> Adam
17:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> With a red circle.
17:26 <DehLeetGuy> Adam Carl Castillo
17:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Press it.
17:26 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <Lei Omaki> did it work?
17:26 <Dan67> ?
17:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> oooh!!! it fucking works!!
17:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> :D
17:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> shoo happeh!
17:26 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:26 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> wait it's only that sound?
17:26 <Lei Omaki> type my name Acie if mein works
17:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lei Omaki
17:26 <Ponyfan10> Muffin party!
17:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> muf-muff-muffin!
17:27 <Lei Omaki> holy shit it works xD
17:27 <Ponyfan10> me and my big mouth...
17:27 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:27 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> I know right
17:27 <Dan67> (derpy): Muffins they are mine and so is your bakery
17:27 -!- ClericofMadness has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> wait the ping is only that noise? 
17:27 <Teletubbies are Kool> I own a bakery
17:27 <DehLeetGuy> yes
17:27 <Ponyfan10> even the emote triggers ping me,what the hay?
17:27 <DehLeetGuy> its not a nokia wake up call you know
17:28 <Lei Omaki> hey can someone type Leiton? xD
17:28 <ScarletDisaster> Leiton
17:28 <Lei Omaki> lol cool xD
17:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hey pony if I say muffin, what is the noise it makes?
17:28 <Dan67> (derpy) : Then surrender to my awesome muffin cannon
17:28 <ScarletDisaster> (y) Good job.
17:28 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
17:28 <DehLeetGuy> (okay)
17:28 <Ponyfan10> Cleric entered! *knees before our god*
17:28 <Lei Omaki> wb Cleric
17:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> all hail the (cleric)
17:29 <DehLeetGuy> Oh crap
17:29 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <DehLeetGuy> The boss is here
17:29 <ScarletDisaster> Welcome back BRVR.
17:29 <Dan67> I lost track now @_@
17:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> can someone say my name again
17:29 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <ScarletDisaster> Adam.
17:29 <DehLeetGuy> (ohshi)
17:29 <Lei Omaki> Adam
17:29 <BRVR> Should I take persian, persian or slowking as my starter?
17:29 <ScarletDisaster> Hello gorillaz.
17:29 <Ponyfan10> Leet,kneel before Cleric
17:30 <DehLeetGuy> PERSIAN
17:30 <Lei Omaki> slowking brvr
17:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> only my first name doesn't work
17:30 <DehLeetGuy> Slowking will screw you up
17:30 <Ponyfan10> Persian!
17:30 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> I just read the thing Lolskele posted about racist slurs and i have one question
17:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> try my full name
17:30 <DehLeetGuy> he slaks off half the time
17:30 <Lei Omaki> try editing it to Acie or just Adam 
17:30 <Lei Omaki> Acie sama
17:30 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Hello?
17:30 <Ponyfan10> you can add more pings
17:30 <ScarletDisaster> Oh dear, I just made chat font comic sans, this is the ugliest thing ever. 
17:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> how?
17:30 <Dan67> It looks the same here
17:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> how do I make it to only "Acie"?
17:30 <ScarletDisaster> Okay It's back. Phew -_-'
17:31 <Lei Omaki> you see the Creepypasta Wiki logo?
17:31 <DehLeetGuy> Comic sans loks cool
17:31 <BRVR> I took persian.
17:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes
17:31 <Kill1mes> erase your full name and type Acie
17:31 <Ponyfan10> press enter after the default one (your username) then keep writing your pings aND PRESSING ENTER TO KEEP ADDING
17:31 <DehLeetGuy> Oh wow Cursive is awesome
17:31 <BRVR> What should his name be?
17:31 <Lei Omaki> youshould be able to see Ping phrases
17:31 <Ponyfan10> fuickin' caps
17:31 <Lei Omaki> click that
17:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> okay
17:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> then
17:31 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
17:31 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, chosoe Simon
17:31 <Lei Omaki> and edit it
17:31 <ScarletDisaster> Name him something extra generic.
17:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Cymbal.
17:31 <ScarletDisaster> Like Dave.
17:31 <DehLeetGuy> ir choose Jake
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading :)
17:31 <ScarletDisaster> hello Cymbal.
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> How are you today?
17:31 <Ponyfan10> I accidentally pressed the caps lock button
17:31 <Lei Omaki> hi Cymbal :3 (cookie)?
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Scarlet!
17:32 <CrashingCymbal> LEI LEI :D
17:32 <ScarletDisaster> Pings keep making me jump.
17:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> wait wait prof lei can you pm it to me please? and hi cymbal
17:32 <Ponyfan10> fuck cookies,I have a scyhte and muffins (jetpack)
17:32 <ScarletDisaster> Need to turn my sound down.
17:32 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Guys
17:32 <DehLeetGuy> At what level does abra evolve into kadabra?
17:32 <Lei Omaki> stop with the pingign xD
17:32 <BRVR> Level 2 deoxys.
17:32 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> (sparta) hello?!
17:32 <DehLeetGuy> YOUMAD
17:32 <BRVR> In route 101.
17:32 <Dan67> (derpy) : don't forget the muffin cannon
17:32 <CrashingCymbal> Scarlet
17:32 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> YES!
17:32 <DehLeetGuy> you sir are freaking perfect
17:32 <CrashingCymbal> I can't remember
17:32 <ScarletDisaster> Cymbal?
17:32 <Ponyfan10> yeah,the muffin cannon
17:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> muffins!! and Lei Omaki
17:32 <BRVR> A level 2 deoxys.
17:32 <ScarletDisaster> Did you just want to scare me or did you need me?
17:32 <BRVR> In route 101.
17:33 <Kill1mes> caps.
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> Was it you and I that do the hur dur mur?
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> Du mur
17:33 <Teletubbies are Kool> Why am I away I minute after I start to type ?
17:33 <ScarletDisaster> Mmhm.
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> Hur
17:33 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, if you want, in the granite cave at dewford theres a ton of zapdoses
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> Aight, just checking haha
17:33 <Ponyfan10> A LEVEL 2 DEOXYS?!!
17:33 <BRVR> I am not passing that by.
17:33 <DehLeetGuy> And there are arcticunos in the forest
17:33 <BRVR> I am NOT passing deoxys be.
17:33 <BRVR> *by
17:33 <Lei Omaki> Cymbal wnat a cookie?
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> Mantra, I love you DP
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> *your
17:33 <CrashingCymbal> And yes, Lei
17:34 <Ponyfan10> but it is level 2,do you really want a pokemon that weak? @BRVR
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> I would love one
17:34 <Child Of Mantra> me too
17:34 <Dan67> A level 2 Deoxys then a level 3 paradox and a level 5 Trojan horse XD
17:34 -!- ScarletDisaster has left Special:Chat.
17:34 -!- ScarletDisaster has joined Special:Chat
17:34 <Lei Omaki> *gives you (cookie)* there you go Crash
17:34 <DehLeetGuy> I passed up a levle 4 ho oh about 20 tiems
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> Awesomesauce
17:34 <DehLeetGuy> HOLY FUCK
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> Has anyone ever seen the Italian man who went to Malta?
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> It's so so funny
17:34 <DehLeetGuy> Yes
17:34 <Lei Omaki> nope
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> Very stereotypical
17:34 <Dan67> No why you asked
17:34 <DehLeetGuy> Its the ongoing joke in my class
17:34 <CrashingCymbal> But hilarious!
17:35 <ScarletDisaster> yes, Cymbal.
17:35 <Dan67> Oh
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> I WANT 2 PIECE ON MY PLATE
17:35 <BRVR> I am not passing off a level 2 deoxys.
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> YOU BETTER NOT PISS ON THE PLATE!
17:35 <Kill1mes> caps.
17:35 <DehLeetGuy> You no understand, I want two piss on plate
17:35 <ScarletDisaster> 'I want a sheet on the bed'
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cymbal, caps.
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> Hahahaha I love it
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry Kill and Reading
17:35 <DehLeetGuy> Piss on you too!
17:35 <Dan67> Then he's passing off a level 2 Errror
17:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> okay ping me "Acie-sama" or "Acie" 
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> You better not shit on the bed you sonofa bitch!
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Acie
17:35 <DehLeetGuy> I found a motherfreaking level 11 dragonite!!!
17:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> Omg it worked!!
17:36 <ClericofMadness> Boo.
17:36 <Dan67> Huzzah
17:36 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Cleric.
17:36 <DehLeetGuy> Aaaagh
17:36 <Kill1mes> AHH
17:36 <ClericofMadness> Guess what
17:36 <DehLeetGuy> hes scary :(
17:36 <BRVR> I crashed the emulator.
17:36 <Kill1mes> Chicken butt?
17:36 <Lei Omaki> Acie xD
17:36 <ClericofMadness> The game! :D ~jazz hands~
17:36 <Dan67> You got arrested
17:36 <ScarletDisaster> Leet, Scary pings me XD
17:36 <Kill1mes> D:
17:36 <ScarletDisaster> SCARy :L
17:36 <DehLeetGuy> I get pinged by a ping
17:36 <Kill1mes> pingception
17:36 <BRVR> I crashed the emulator on a level 2 deoxys fight.
17:36 <Teletubbies are Kool> Ring ding dong
17:36 <ClericofMadness> pingas
17:37 <ScarletDisaster> Pingu?
17:37 <DehLeetGuy> Wow, dragonite paralyzes me, i paralyze himwith a kadabra ;-;
17:37 <Lei Omaki> can someone type Professor? i wanna see if it works xD
17:37 <DehLeetGuy> Proffesor
17:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> I watch pingu when I was young
17:37 <ScarletDisaster> Lei chill with the pings. 
17:37 <BRVR> Professor.
17:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> Professor
17:37 <Lei Omaki> lol xD
17:37 <ScarletDisaster> If it's there it probably works.
17:37 <DehLeetGuy> I caught the dragonite!!!
17:37 <Lei Omaki> i'm sorry if i got carried away xD
17:37 <Dan67> Gtg be back soon
17:37 <ScarletDisaster> Seeya, Dan.
17:38 <BRVR> Gracie keeps making "Mrow!" sounds.
17:38 <BRVR> It's cute.
17:38 -!- Dan67 has left Special:Chat.
17:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> that acie on gracie pinged me
17:38 <Lei Omaki> gracie
17:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> fahk!
17:38 <Lei Omaki> xD
17:38 <BRVR> Gracie is one of my kittens.
17:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> xD
17:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh c'mon is my ping technique backfiring at me?
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> I saw a fearow, I was almost like this: HOLY CRAP Levul 12 HO OH!!
17:39 <Child Of Mantra> no i am not away
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> And then I realized it was a fearow
17:39 <BRVR> Dehleetguy.
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> wat
17:39 <BRVR> I saw a level 2 deoxys.
17:39 <Lei Omaki> fahk i clicked the afk button DX
17:39 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> lol
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> I saw a level 1 mew.
17:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> what happens when I click the afk button
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> you go away
17:39 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> i saw a level one nicki minaj- i mean jinx
17:39 <ScarletDisaster> It says you're away.
17:39 <DehLeetGuy> it says you are now away
17:39 <Lei Omaki> and i finally told me mom about my glasses xD
17:40 <ScarletDisaster> next to your name in that side bar >
17:40 <CrashingCymbal> :O
17:40 <Lei Omaki> she said it's fine xD
17:40 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has left Special:Chat.
17:40 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yay congrats professor
17:40 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> you ok?
17:40 <CrashingCymbal> Why are we calling you professor Lei?
17:40 <CrashingCymbal> :P
17:40 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Im the DR
17:41 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Docor 
17:41 <DehLeetGuy> My name is AAASSSSSS and I have a mew!
17:41 <Lei Omaki> because of my pic crash xD
17:41 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Doctor XD
17:41 <CrashingCymbal> Why not Zoidberg?
17:41 <DehLeetGuy> I really named my guy like that
17:41 <CrashingCymbal> Your picture?
17:41 <DehLeetGuy> Since I thought I opened the wrong ROM
17:41 <DehLeetGuy> I fished up a Groudon with an old rod
17:41 -!- Dan67 has joined Special:Chat
17:41 <Lei Omaki> yyes crash xD
17:41 <CrashingCymbal> Why do people keep uploading pictures of themselves? haha
17:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Dan
17:41 <ClericofMadness> Because they are scary looking?
17:42 <Dan67> Hi, cymbal
17:42 <Teletubbies are Kool> When I am away does anyone see the lines that say m away ?
17:42 <Child Of Mantra> Says who?
17:42 <Kill1mes> no
17:42 <Teletubbies are Kool> Oh
17:42 <Kill1mes> Only you
17:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> no
17:42 <CrashingCymbal> Perhaps Cleric...
17:42 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:42 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <Dan67> Bored bye
17:42 <Teletubbies are Kool> I gotta go
17:42 -!- Teletubbies are Kool has left Special:Chat.
17:42 <CrashingCymbal> Well, that was quick
17:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> new ping "Business of Misery"
17:42 <Lei Omaki> business
17:42 <DehLeetGuy> I could chosen three starters: a Mew (dafuq?) a Charmeleon and a Metang
17:43 -!- Dan67 has left Special:Chat.
17:43 <DehLeetGuy> I chose Charmeleon
17:43 <DehLeetGuy> And obviously may chose a mudkip ;-;
17:43 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Guys, do any of you know Mrcreepypasta in person?
17:43 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> I'm business of Misery let's take it from the top
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> *I'm in
17:43 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> the
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> FUCK
17:43 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yay Cymbal!!
17:43 <Kill1mes> Strider, pm
17:43 <Lei Omaki> no murdoc
17:43 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Fuck
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> I loved Paramore when I was 15/16 haha
17:43 <CrashingCymbal> I was a Parawhore :P
17:44 <Child Of Mantra> Didn't paramore come out with a new album?
17:44 <Lei Omaki> a parawhat?
17:44 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> He needs to put out a new vid. Im a Gorillawhore
17:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> she's got the body of an hour glass it's ticking like a clock!
17:44 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah they did
17:44 <CrashingCymbal> I guess I just sorta grew outta them
17:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm a parawhore since I was 10
17:44 <Child Of Mantra> I never really liked them
17:44 <ScarletDisaster> Anyone read The Da Vinci Code?
17:44 <BRVR> Why do I crash the game every tiem?
17:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have, Scarlet.
17:44 <Lei Omaki> i got to go now guys, bye xD
17:44 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> IM a Gorillawhore. lol theyre awesome
17:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> I read the lost symbol
17:44 <Child Of Mantra> I read it a long time ago
17:44 <BRVR> Attempt 2.
17:44 <Child Of Mantra> I read it a long time ago
17:44 <BRVR> I mean 3.
17:44 <Lei Omaki> and have a (cookie) while im gone
17:45 <Lei Omaki> bye :p
17:45 <ScarletDisaster> I have the book here and I was wondering if anyone recommended it. 
17:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Leiton.
17:45 <Child Of Mantra> *burns kookii*
17:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> cookeh!
17:45 <CrashingCymbal> I loved Paramoe, Green Day and Jack Johnson.  
17:45 <ScarletDisaster> Seeya, Lei.
17:45 <CrashingCymbal> When I was a teen
17:45 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
17:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is good, Scarlet. I like it a lot.
17:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> *steals all cookehs*
17:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> bye professor
17:45 <Child Of Mantra> I loved KoRn when i was a kid
17:45 <CrashingCymbal> Also The Killers
17:45 <CrashingCymbal> and Muse
17:45 <Kill1mes> Strider?
17:45 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Korn is still awesome
17:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> I like Muse, The Script
17:45 <Child Of Mantra> I dislike korn now
17:45 <ScarletDisaster> I'll probably start reading it later tonight then, Reading. ^u^
17:45 <CrashingCymbal> OH and I loved Nirvana, still do
17:46 <BRVR> I think I broke the emulator.
17:46 <CrashingCymbal> Never grew outta them haha
17:46 <Adam Carl Castillo> The Donots, Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith
17:46 <Child Of Mantra> Sometimes i fancy nirvana
17:46 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Anyone like Cage the elephant?
17:46 <CrashingCymbal> Nowadays I pretty much like everything
17:46 <Adam Carl Castillo> Jason Mraz
17:46 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> AEROSMITH!
17:46 <Kill1mes> I like 
17:46 <Kill1mes> wait
17:46 <CrashingCymbal> Back then it was mostly pop punk and other
17:46 <Adam Carl Castillo> Aerosmith is sooo cool
17:46 <Kill1mes> I've heard one Cage the Elepahnt song, and it wasn't bad
17:46 <Child Of Mantra> Rise against kill
17:46 <Kill1mes> ^
17:46 <Adam Carl Castillo> and Jimmy Urine
17:47 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Steven Tyler looks like my grandmother now
17:47 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> xD
17:47 <BRVR> The tab button took over my computer.
17:47 <CrashingCymbal> Who here likes The XX?
17:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I only have listened to one song from them.
17:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> Akira Yamaoka, Walk off the Earth and lots and lots and lots
17:47 <CrashingCymbal> I LOVE the xx
17:47 -!- Rydaah has joined Special:Chat
17:47 <CrashingCymbal> They're incredible
17:47 <Rydaah> yo
17:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also Kill, I have too! One of the songs they made was one of my best 10 of 2011
17:47 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Rydaah!
17:47 <BRVR> How do I turn the tab button off?!
17:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You know, Cage the Elephant
17:47 <Kill1mes> Which one?
17:47 <Rydaah> Hey~!
17:47 <Rydaah> !*
17:48 <CrashingCymbal> How are you today?
17:48 <Rydaah> I'm guureat
17:48 <Rydaah> How are you
17:48 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Aint no rest for the wicked
17:48 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> money dont grow on trees
17:48 <CrashingCymbal>
17:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aberdeen, Kill.
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> guys
17:48 <CrashingCymbal> What's the last song on their album Gorillaz?
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> you know aberdeen
17:48 <Kill1mes> Oh, mine was Ain't no rest for the wicked.
17:48 <CrashingCymbal> The slow chilled out one
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> Have you seen the sign?
17:48 <Rydaah> omg it's fucking freezing in my classroom.
17:48 <Rydaah> i have no sweatshirt either :c
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> the best thing ever
17:48 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> On whos?
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> This yells respect
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Cage the Elephant's album
17:49 <Kill1mes> Well, I got to go
17:49 <Kill1mes> later all
17:49 <ScarletDisaster> When it was a snow day and only like 5 people were in class, they turned on the A/C even though it was like -5 degrees celsius.
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Kill!
17:49 <Rydaah> byeee
17:49 <Child Of Mantra> Later
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> :)
17:49 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Idk
17:49 <ScarletDisaster> Bye kill.
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Why Scarlet? haha
17:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bye Kill
17:49 <ScarletDisaster> Because they're evil. :L
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> That's torture :P
17:49 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Very 
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Evil
17:49 <CrashingCymbal> Indeedy
17:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Have to leave, people. See you later.
17:50 <Child Of Mantra> see ya
17:50 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, bye Reading!
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bye Thizzy
17:50 <ScarletDisaster> My teacher was wearing a coat so she told us to suck it up.
17:50 <ScarletDisaster> Aw, bye reading.
17:50 <Child Of Mantra> have a gereart bearhtuiday
17:50 <Child Of Mantra> sorry my hands colapsed
17:50 <BRVR> Now that the tab button isn't taking over my computer.
17:50 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Happy Birthday thizzy
17:50 -!- Darian Salvatore has joined Special:Chat
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> wish you te happiest!
17:50 <Rydaah> has anyone here ever tried one of the Holders?
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> *the
17:50 <CrashingCymbal> At least we still have Skelly
17:50 <LOLSKELETONS> What?
17:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> birthday wishes from a good friend thizzy
17:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> and for a good friend
17:51 <CrashingCymbal> Well, Kill and Reading left
17:51 <DehLeetGuy> We have a skeleton and we have a mad cleric.
17:51 <CrashingCymbal> And Cleric and Chaos are busy
17:51 <DehLeetGuy> Its all we need.
17:51 <CrashingCymbal> So you're our only Mod left :P
17:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> (ls) is the ony mod left :)
17:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> who likes Maroon 5?
17:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> and Click 5?
17:52 <CrashingCymbal> Hip hip horray
17:52 <CrashingCymbal> I like a few Maroon 5 Adam
17:52 <CrashingCymbal> I prefer their old stuff
17:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> I like payphone 
17:52 -!- Darian Salvatore has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <CrashingCymbal> But Payphone and One more night
17:53 <CrashingCymbal> Are good too
17:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> and won't go home without you
17:53 <CrashingCymbal> I hate Daylight though
17:53 <DehLeetGuy> Thats it, time to destroy some aqua goons with my level 11 dragonite (yarly)
17:53 <CrashingCymbal> Misery is a great song
17:53 <CrashingCymbal> Plus Adam Levine is really hot!
17:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> Misery Business is a great song
17:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lol Cymbal
17:54 <CrashingCymbal> Hahaha, I shouldn't say that though cause I'm kinda opposed to all that :P
17:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> favorite lyrics of your fave sing?
17:54 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <CrashingCymbal> No liking a celebrity just for their looks yaknow?
17:54 <BRVR> If there isn't a walk through walls cheat code for pokemon emerald...
17:55 <ScarletDisaster> I have died every say waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. And I'll love you for a thousand more.
17:55 <ScarletDisaster> My favourite lyrics to my favourite song.
17:55 <ScarletDisaster> every day*
17:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Ooh!! A thousand years!!
17:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> I like that song
17:55 <CrashingCymbal> I hate it haha
17:55 <ScarletDisaster> It's not normally a song I would listen to, it's just my favourite at the moment.
17:56 <ScarletDisaster> I'm not sure why.
17:56 <ScarletDisaster> Apparently it's on twilight. 
17:56 <CrashingCymbal> Anybody like Of Monsters and Men?
17:56 <CrashingCymbal> Ben Howard?
17:56 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Listen to Arrow By nick black. my fiancee sais thats  her song to me
17:56 <CrashingCymbal> Tallest Man on Earth?
17:56 -!- Darian Salvatore has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <CrashingCymbal> Bon Iver?
17:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> You've been saying I've been changing that I'm not just simply aging... how could that be logical - Paramore Playing Go
17:56 <ScarletDisaster> Welcome back Darian.
17:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> *God
17:57 <Darian Salvatore> ey, sorry abou thast
17:57 <DehLeetGuy> suck my duck
17:57 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- Happyc10 has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Happyc10> suck a duck
17:57 <BRVR> Now to re-randomize the boring pokemon.
17:57 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
17:57 -!- Kornlover has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Barry2345> ello
17:57 <Kornlover> oh my god
17:58 <ScarletDisaster> Hey kornlover.
17:58 <Kornlover> i just read google maps 3d
17:58 <Happyc10> poop
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> FREAK ON A LEASH
17:58 <CrashingCymbal> I gotta go, back in a while
17:58 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Happy.
17:58 <Darian Salvatore> (Sucks a duck) 
17:58 <Kornlover> it is real
17:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> hello kornlover
17:58 <Happyc10> butts
17:58 -!- Rydaah has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Kornlover> hi
17:58 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Kornlover> i am serieous
17:58 <Kornlover> it was a blur
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Faces.  So many faces.
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Of all places.
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Your the one i see
17:58 <Kornlover> so creeipy
17:58 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <ScarletDisaster> You're * ;3
17:58 <Kornlover> ok look
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> know you. i wanna know you
17:58 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> let me show you
17:59 <Happyc10> next person to talk licks butts 
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> the way that it could be
17:59 <Happyc10> lol
17:59 <ScarletDisaster> Happy, don't do that.
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> give me a chance
17:59 <Happyc10> why
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> and you will see
17:59 <ScarletDisaster> Sorry for minimod(?)
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> that by your side, ill always be
17:59 <ScarletDisaster> It's just impolite.
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> seein
17:59 <Happyc10> ok
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> is it not believen
17:59 <DehLeetGuy> Freaking aqua crunt gave me thief TM and told me that it fits me more than him ;-;
17:59 <BRVR> I saw birch (tree names for the win) being chased by a zigzagoon.
17:59 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> but i know, could it be a start?
17:59 <BRVR> Inside of a fence.
18:00 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls>  Arrow through my heart
18:00 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Next person to talk likes butts
18:00 <DehLeetGuy> WAT
18:00 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR STOP HACKING
18:00 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> licks butts*
18:00 <BRVR> But I am bored!
18:00 <Happyc10> GO TO SLEEP if you want to
18:00 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:00 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> BRVR, you lost the game
18:00 -!- ScarletDisaster has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <BRVR> I lost many.
18:01 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Now you have lost monopoly
18:01 <ChaoZStrider> and I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.
18:01 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Its a mad world
18:01 <Darian Salvatore> Well, thats why your righthand wants to play!
18:01 <DehLeetGuy> I had a terrible nightmare
18:01 -!- ScarletDisaster has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <DehLeetGuy> I was ontop of a random roof and some green crazy glob was trying to kill me
18:01 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> all around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces
18:01 <Happyc10> if you went to sleep. SLEEP WELL
18:01 <ScarletDisaster> Gary jules.
18:01 <DehLeetGuy> And later a short ant fat slendy pushed me off there and punched me to death
18:01 <BRVR> Okay, I changed The Boring Trio to Paras, Caterpie and Duskull.
18:01 <Happyc10> GARY OAK
18:01 <BRVR> Which should I choose?
18:02 <Darian Salvatore> Gorillaz... not the song, please no ;~;
18:02 <ChaoZStrider> Happy, caps.
18:02 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere going nowhere
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> Caterpie!
18:02 <Happyc10> SORRY
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> CATERPIE
18:02 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Ok Darian
18:02 <BRVR> You sure?
18:02 <Kornlover>
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> Trust me caterpie is best ever
18:02 <Darian Salvatore> (caterpie)
18:02 <ChaoZStrider> x.x Don't spam cap.
18:02 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Darian, do you know lacey
18:02 <Happyc10> sorry
18:02 <BRVR> I think you are trying to get me pwned.
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> Okay okay
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> Paras
18:02 <Darian Salvatore> Depends which Lacey youre talking about
18:02 <BRVR> There are level 2 legendaries in that grass.
18:02 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Lacey jane
18:02 <DehLeetGuy> Paras can paraslyze
18:03 <DehLeetGuy> in the first route in the grass there are tons of mewtwos
18:03 <Darian Salvatore> I dont think so
18:03 <BRVR> Route 101?
18:03 <ScarletDisaster> Eeh, any of you guys need help with anything?
18:03 <DehLeetGuy> i tihnk
18:03 <Happyc10> whats your favorite creepy pasta  
18:03 <ChaoZStrider> Last time I was high, I wrote cirque du solei, I am just saying.
18:03 <DehLeetGuy> Omaigod
18:03 <DehLeetGuy> I ofund a shuckle
18:03 <BRVR> Turtle.
18:04 <BRVR> I like turtles.
18:04 <DehLeetGuy> Nuuuuu
18:04 <BRVR> Stantler.
18:04 <DehLeetGuy> Run away Mudkip!!!
18:04 <Kornlover> duh. tie of (jeff) , (slender), and google maps 3d
18:04 <BRVR> Yeah. I am screwed.
18:04 <DehLeetGuy> Im screwed
18:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> soleil
18:04 <Happyc10> jeff the killer
18:04 <DehLeetGuy> Level 20 ninjask against alevel 14 mudkip
18:04 <DehLeetGuy> Jeff the kicker
18:04 <BRVR> I can't do anything.
18:04 <Kornlover> no I LIKE ALL OF EM!
18:04 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> (slender) 
18:05 <BRVR> I can't use the A button.
18:05 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> darian, where are you 
18:05 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <Happyc10> jeff the licker
18:05 <BRVR> How do I use the a button?
18:05 <ScarletDisaster> hello, lizard.
18:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> (jeff) + (slender) = Jeff the Slender?
18:05 <LizardMaster178> Hi]
18:05 <ScarletDisaster> BRVR, carefully
18:05 <BRVR> I can't.
18:05 <BRVR> The tab button takes over again.
18:05 <Kornlover> (BEN) + (jeff)= BEN the killer?
18:05 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <DehLeetGuy> Adam, its more like jeff the creeper
18:05 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Are you in texas
18:06 <BRVR> I want to rip my tab button off and eat it.
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> another ping
18:06 <Happyc10> overly attached girlfriend looks like jeff the killer  
18:06 <DehLeetGuy> Minun and plusle VS. mudkip and kadabra
18:06 <ScarletDisaster> Eeh. i wouldn't suggest eating it.
18:06 <ChaoticPeace> Not...really.
18:06 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> lol thats true
18:06 <Kornlover> (derp) + (jeff) = jeff the derper
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> (slender) + (jeff) = Slender the Killer
18:06 <ScarletDisaster> Lel.
18:06 <Happyc10> lelelelelelelelellelellele
18:06 <BRVR> That was just an over reaction.
18:06 <ChaoticPeace> Don't spam, Happy.
18:06 <Happyc10> ok
18:06 <ChaoZStrider> Happy, don't spam.
18:07 <BRVR> Grumble grumble getting a new keyboard.
18:07 <ScarletDisaster> Shouldn't that be a kick?
18:07 <ScarletDisaster> I don't think happy read the rules.
18:07 <Happyc10> bye
18:07 -!- Happyc10 has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <ChaoZStrider> Happy, did you read the {{Chat Rules}}
18:07 <Kornlover> (hank) + (jeff) + (slender) = hank the slenderkiller
18:07 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <ChaoticPeace> fail
18:07 <ChaoZStrider> x.x
18:07 <ScarletDisaster> I think thats a no.
18:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> I smell butthurt
18:07 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <LizardMaster178> Awh poor him xD
18:07 <ChaoZStrider> [[Chat Rules
18:07 <ChaoZStrider> x.x
18:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> people should really read the rules first
18:08 <ChaoticPeace> time to give up
18:08 <ChaoZStrider> [[Chat Rules]]
18:08 <BRVR> [[Chat Rules]]
18:08 <ChaoZStrider> There we go.
18:08 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> (spooky) + (rdash) = Spooky dash
18:08 <ChaoticPeace> Huzzah!
18:08 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> Dafuq?!
18:08 <ScarletDisaster> (spooky) is adorable.
18:08 <ChaoZStrider> It is hard to type without glasses in the dark.
18:08 <ChaoticPeace> I am eating THE BEST SALAD IN THE WORLD.
18:08 <ScarletDisaster> Simple
18:08 <BRVR> We're ninjas now?
18:08 <ScarletDisaster> Glow in the dark glasses.
18:08 <DehLeetGuy> Im going AFK, I need to rest my eyes for a few minutes, gonna read a book to make them pop out
18:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> (jeff) + (burger) = jeff the burger
18:08 <ChaoticPeace> You wear glasses, Chaoz? 
18:08 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has left Special:Chat.
18:08 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
18:08 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
18:09 <ChaoticPeace> How bad's your eyesight?
18:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> I wear glasses sometimes
18:09 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
18:09 -!- Theriwolf has joined Special:Chat
18:09 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has joined Special:Chat
18:09 <BRVR> It's taking forever.
18:09 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
18:09 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
18:09 <Theriwolf> Can someone please recommend a good creepypasta to me that's 'lesser known'?
18:09 <ScarletDisaster> Welcome back gorillaz.
18:09 <ChaoZStrider> pretty bad..
18:10 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:10 <ChaoticPeace> Hi, Brooke.
18:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Brooke
18:10 <Theriwolf> ?
18:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hi.
18:10 <ChaoZStrider> I can't see far distances or really close.
18:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> My pasta is not known but it sucks
18:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> so ChaoZ mid?
18:11 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <ChaoticPeace> Ear infections hurt very much. 
18:11 <ChaoticPeace> Hii, White.
18:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> Reapz you're back!
18:11 <WhiteReaper> CHAOTIC.
18:11 <ChaoZStrider> Indeed, mid.
18:11 <WhiteReaper> BABY.
18:11 <GorillazForever MurdocNicalls> darian. pm
18:11 <ChaoticPeace> <33
18:11 <WhiteReaper> Hey Acie.
18:11 <Ponyfan10> I found Derpy Hooves in Akinator
18:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> :D
18:11 <Theriwolf> I'm looking for something which ad potentially be real
18:11 <ChaoZStrider> Oh, also, I was born as blind as a bat.
18:11 <Theriwolf> Like squidward's suicide
18:12 -!- RockstarCop has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <ScarletDisaster> Raper^u^
18:12 -!- GorillazForever MurdocNicalls has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Ponyfan10> proof
18:12 <ChaoZStrider> [[Restrained]] Theriwolf, this one has potential realness if you can figure out the real meaning.
18:12 <Theriwolf> is it good?
18:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> riwolf try The_Expressionless
18:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> minute
18:12 <ChaoZStrider> I wrote it, so I think so XD
18:12 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
18:13 <RockstarCop> Hello
18:13 <RockstarCop> D:
18:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> try this riwolf
18:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> hi Rockstar
18:14 <Kornlover> ■(SMT2)
18:14 <Kornlover> (stm2)
18:14 <Darian Salvatore> God, I hate school work
18:14 <RockstarCop> Anyone working on a Creepypasta?
18:14 <BRVR> Darn it.
18:14 <Kornlover> what the
18:14 <BRVR> I didn't take my pokemon.
18:14 <Theriwolf> How the heck is that potentially real? Meh.
18:15 <Ponyfan10> (42)
18:15 <RockstarCop> I'm either lagging or nobody is chatting much
18:15 <Ponyfan10> doh
18:15 <BRVR> I have my vigoroth.
18:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> no topic at the moment @Rockstar
18:15 <DehLeetGuy> IM BAAAACK
18:15 -!- RockstarCop has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <BRVR> I thought I chose a caterpie!
18:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> and I'm watching a vid at the moment... paramore
18:16 <Kornlover> i hope some has lots of (bubbles) so i can watch them (fail)
18:16 -!- JmBelson246 has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Kornlover> i like (pie)
18:16 <JmBelson246> HEyyy guissssss
18:16 <Kornlover> i mean (burgser)
18:16 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Darian Salvatore> Paramore <3
18:16 <Kornlover> (burger)
18:16 <DehLeetGuy> (cheese)
18:16 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Darian, I love paramore
18:16 <DehLeetGuy> THEFUQ
18:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Darian, I love Paramore.
18:16 <DehLeetGuy> Thats not freaking cheese
18:17 <DehLeetGuy> Oh look Why is back :D
18:17 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <ChaoticPeace> I do too.
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, your amusing right now, Leet!
18:17 <ChaoZStrider> Cheese was an admin here.
18:17 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
18:17 -!- Theriwolf has left Special:Chat.
18:17 <DehLeetGuy> Oh crap
18:17 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzy!! you're back!! and you love paramore!!
18:17 <The-one123> im back
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Reminds me f that other time when somebody tried to use a Jane the Killer emote-
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And do you know what appeared, Leet?
18:17 <Ponyfan10> (cuntmuffin) 
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (jane)
18:17 <Darian Salvatore> I used to have Hayley as my profile pic on herer not too lon ago
18:17 <ChaoticPeace> omfg
18:17 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lol Thizzy
18:17 <DehLeetGuy> Im fighting a level 14 plusle with only a level 19 kadabra and a lvl 15 mudkip, I dont tihnk I have a chance
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Acie, Leet.
18:17 <DehLeetGuy> Ohai
18:17 <DehLeetGuy> I had to read a bit
18:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "What the hell is that!" asked that person.
18:17 <ScarletDisaster> OHei Reading.
18:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> I used hayley as a cover photo for my fb
18:18 <DehLeetGuy> Le red bull
18:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I laughed so much in that moment...
18:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Scarlet.
18:18 <DehLeetGuy> That son of a pecha berry paralyzed my kadabra
18:18 <ScarletDisaster> ^u^ How are you?
18:18 <ChaoticPeace> ughhhhh
18:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm excellent!
18:18 <FriendlyJim> Nick, is it okay to say dirty words as long as you don't insult anyone?
18:19 <ChaoticPeace> How are you always so happy, Read?
18:19 <DehLeetGuy> I tihnk it is
18:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzy, you're officially my best friend because you love paramore :D
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Profanity is okay as long as it isn't racist, or sexist, or homophobic, Jim.
18:19 <Kornlover> guize, post the creepiest thing u can find
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't know, Chaotic! I just am.
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Maybe I'm terribly optimistic.
18:19 <FriendlyJim> Good, wanna hear a joke guys?
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Or I'm satisfied with my life.
18:19 <Kornlover> this is pasta wiki
18:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> Because it's his birthday today Chaotic 
18:19 <ScarletDisaster> That's deep.
18:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> lol
18:19 <ChaoticPeace> Yeah, it's pretty admirable. 
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ahahaha, that is one reason, too.
18:19 <DehLeetGuy> EMERGERD
18:19 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <ChaoticPeace> IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY?
18:19 <ScarletDisaster> Oh, happy birthday read!
18:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> AWW, READ. 
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 
18:20 <DehLeetGuy> I founda wild crobat
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Here Korn
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> How old are you now? 
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Chaotic! I'm nineteen now.
18:20 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
18:20 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Sess.
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> That's so exciting!
18:20 <Sesshomaru-sama12> Hey
18:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzydessity o' Mantern happy birthday once again
18:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> lol
18:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai Sess
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> Enjoying it so far?
18:20 <Kornlover> happy b day whyamireadingthis
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes! It has been a very nice day.
18:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Korn
18:20 <DehLeetGuy> What the heck do I do with a level 5 feebas?
18:20 <ChaoticPeace> Any special plans?
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And Acie, hahaha, I still don't get used to that name.
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, for tonight yes...some kind of small reunion for my family
18:21 <Adam Carl Castillo> lol I'll call you Thizzy :D
18:21 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A cake, a few gifts, etc.
18:21 <Adam Carl Castillo> your simpler name
18:21 <Kornlover> do not eat ur cake 
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yeah, I'm more used to that one Acie.
18:21 <Kornlover> it is a lie
18:21 <DehLeetGuy> I hate celebrating my birthday
18:21 <ChaoticPeace> Same.
18:21 <FriendlyJim> Wanna know how to tell if a girl is too young for you?
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you for the portal reference, Korn.
18:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> How Jim?
18:21 <Sesshomaru-sama12> I'm in detention right now
18:21 <Kornlover> guize dont eat anymore cake it is a lie
18:22 <Darian Salvatore> If she cant count?
18:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> I love celebrating mt birthday
18:22 <ScarletDisaster> She uses wordart in her presentations.
18:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also why do you two hate celebrating your birthdays, Leet, Chaotic?
18:22 <FriendlyJim> When you have to make the aeroplane noise to get your cock in her mouth.
18:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> *my
18:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eeeeeeeeeeh...
18:22 <Darian Salvatore> Im in Tech right now
18:22 <ChaoticPeace> That's...very wrong. 
18:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...that was...ugh.
18:22 <ScarletDisaster> That's disturbing.
18:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm borderline about banning you.
18:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> (D:)
18:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> * D:
18:22 <FriendlyJim> Sorry :(
18:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> When you said something about "bad words" I didn't expect this
18:22 <Darian Salvatore> (Shudders) Thast disturbing
18:22 <DehLeetGuy> Gotcha!
18:22 <DehLeetGuy> GRLDNL$ was caught!
18:22 <DehLeetGuy> SAYWUT
18:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What was caught?
18:23 <DehLeetGuy> Thats the name
18:23 <ChaoticPeace> Anyways, it's because I haven't celebrated them with my family these past 3 years, Read.
18:23 <DehLeetGuy> It was a crobat
18:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah...I see, Chaotic. 
18:23 <FriendlyJim> I should leave now, I can sense that I'm causing bad vibes. 
18:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> (^.^ *) <--- my sister when she's happy
18:23 <DehLeetGuy> Every yaer on my birth day they throw me out of the second story onto a small pile of grass and I always land on the butt ;w;
18:23 <ScarletDisaster> Only half the people I invited to my birthday last year showed up.
18:23 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
18:23 <ChaoticPeace> Possibly..
18:23 <ScarletDisaster> Well I invited 4, only two came.
18:24 <Kornlover> jjrrjkjkje 
18:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm sorry to hear that, Scarlet.
18:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Korn, no.
18:24 <ChaoticPeace> I'm so sick of parties, man.
18:24 <ScarletDisaster> It's because all the olympic stuff was going on.
18:24 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
18:24 <ScarletDisaster> My birthday was the day the olympic torch came to my city.
18:24 <Kornlover> (spam) (spam) (spam)
18:24 <ChaoticPeace> They happen so often that they stopped being enjoyable. 
18:24 <ScarletDisaster> So everyone went to go see it instead of ocming to my birthday party.
18:24 <ScarletDisaster> coming*
18:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> I invited 17 of my classmates during my 13 birthday and only 2 came and my best friend was there to
18:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't like parties either...
18:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> *13th
18:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...most times I only eat cake, if any, and leave. 
18:25 <DehLeetGuy> I think in Summer when my friends from our clan do the party, were gonna go to the phantom tree grave
18:25 <ChaoticPeace> Yes, Why. YES.
18:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, I can't do that because I'm with my family, but eh, if I could I would do that.
18:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, sorry to hear that, Acie.
18:25 <ChaoticPeace> The gifts are a nice touch. 
18:25 <DehLeetGuy> Instead of catching a crobat I caught some sort of bug
18:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> I mostly eat during my birthday and hang around my best friend and play video games
18:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Can you take a screenshot, Leet?
18:25 <DehLeetGuy> Egh no thanks
18:25 -!- Avenging Angel has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <DehLeetGuy> Im realeasing that beast
18:26 <Kornlover> i like freindlyjims advice for figuring out if ur gf is too young 4 u
18:26 -!- AlexHawks has left Special:Chat.
18:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Thizzy, that was 2 years ago... so I'm expecting more people on my birthday
18:26 <DehLeetGuy> WHAT THE FLAG
18:26 <FriendlyJim> Me too
18:26 <DehLeetGuy> What the heck is a gorebyss
18:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Angel.
18:26 <ChaoticPeace> My 16th birthday was meh.
18:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> 6 months later: only my best friend came for my birthday
18:26 <DehLeetGuy> my last birthday was a failed coca cola rocket
18:26 <DehLeetGuy> And my cousin (the older one) just spilled it all over my head
18:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet, this is Gorebyss
18:27 <DehLeetGuy> ?
18:27 <DehLeetGuy> Its some pink weird thing
18:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
18:27 <ChaoticPeace> My friends have this thing for shoving a cake in your face when it's your birthday.
18:27 <ScarletDisaster> Oh.
18:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This thing sucks your innards if it catches you.
18:27 <DehLeetGuy> I know what it looks like
18:27 <WhiteReaper> That's aweseeom, Chao
18:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> my 14th birthday was... playing video games with my two best friends while my mom invited her friends and our family over
18:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, really Chaotic? That sounds fun.
18:28 <ScarletDisaster> Meeh, wish me luck for my audition tomorrow.
18:28 <DehLeetGuy> OH MY GOD
18:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, as long as you have fun, Acie, then it is all great.
18:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> so my cousins was like holed up inside my room, and we played video games
18:28 <DehLeetGuy> NINJAMASK Why do you piss me off so much?!
18:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Audition for what, Scarlet?
18:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Thizzy yeah :D
18:28 <Sesshomaru-sama12> In kindergarten my friend invtied over 70 people I was the only one who went. And I begged for an inintaion
18:28 <ChaoticPeace> Loool.
18:28 <ScarletDisaster> It's just a school talent competition, I'm singing. ^.^
18:28 <ChaoticPeace> That's exciting!
18:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Great. Good luck, Scarlet.
18:29 <ChaoticPeace> Let us know how it goes!
18:29 <ScarletDisaster> Thanks :3
18:29 <ScarletDisaster> I'm terrified o.o
18:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> good luck scarlet
18:29 <WhiteReaper> O,h you had mentionde it
18:29 <WhiteReaper> talent show, right?
18:29 -!- JmBelson246 has left Special:Chat.
18:29 <DehLeetGuy> ELL NO
18:29 <DehLeetGuy> Another crobat
18:29 <ScarletDisaster> If I get through then there should be a video up of me in June. Around my birthday.
18:29 <DehLeetGuy> Screw those things in the brain
18:29 -!- GentlemanWalrus has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <ScarletDisaster> When it comes out I'll link it on my profile.
18:29 <GentlemanWalrus> mentlegen.
18:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is so bad about Crobat?
18:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I love them.
18:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> I rarely join contests in my school
18:29 <FriendlyJim> You should do death growls
18:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Walrus.
18:30 <GentlemanWalrus> afternoon Whyami.
18:30 <DehLeetGuy> HOLY
18:30 <DehLeetGuy> I freaking caught a damn muk on the hook?!
18:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Walrus and Jm
18:30 <GentlemanWalrus> g'day carl.
18:30 <Darian Salvatore> What version?
18:30 <DehLeetGuy> how is it possible to catch soem toxic goop on a hook?
18:30 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> please call me Adam
18:31 -!- Gamerx1211 has joined Special:Chat
18:31 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <GentlemanWalrus> righto ^^
18:31 <GentlemanWalrus> and maybe it's got some chunks?
18:31 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <ScarletDisaster> If you want me, ping me/PM me. ;3
18:31 <GentlemanWalrus> maybe its like glue or somethin?
18:31 <Darian Salvatore> The only way I know is the Celadon City Pond in Red and Blue
18:32 <DehLeetGuy> Emerald randomizer makes the weirdest stuff
18:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I want to try Black and White 2 randomizer.
18:32 <DehLeetGuy> I actually caught a GROUDON in the water
18:32 <Darian Salvatore> Remeber. "Randomizer"
18:32 -!- Avenging Angel has left Special:Chat.
18:32 <DehLeetGuy> Level 8 paras, yeah sure
18:33 -!- JmBelson246 has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <GentlemanWalrus> evening ^^
18:34 <DehLeetGuy> What the hell
18:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Jm.
18:34 <DehLeetGuy> Since when does a freakign WYNAUT know splash?
18:35 <DehLeetGuy> Its not a fish
18:35 <ScarletDisaster> Jake! :3
18:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> (yuno)
18:35 <WhiteReaper> Read, you know a lot about Pokémon, right?
18:35 <GentlemanWalrus> Since you could catch groudons out of ponds.
18:35 <JmBelson246> wut kenzie ? xD
18:35 <GentlemanWalrus> THATS WHEN.
18:35 <ScarletDisaster> Jake are you at school tomorrow?
18:35 <JmBelson246> yh
18:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I would say I...kinda do, Reaper.
18:35 <JmBelson246> gotta be
18:35 <DehLeetGuy> Dont even try it Crowbat!
18:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not a lot, though.
18:35 <ScarletDisaster> Good.
18:35 <Gamerx1211> hello
18:35 <WhiteReaper> Hm. Raichus are alsways female, right?
18:35 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Gamer.
18:35 <JmBelson246> got a trip that i gotta go on for music
18:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> this is the 17th time I repeated "Playing God" by Paramore
18:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, it is a 50% gender ratio.
18:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Gamer.
18:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Gamer
18:36 <WhiteReaper> Hm. Because in Stadium there were only female ones.
18:36 -!- Gamerx1211 has left Special:Chat.
18:36 <JmBelson246>  my bro tried x factor
18:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have no idea why most Pokémon over there had a set gender...
18:36 <JmBelson246> he failed
18:36 <JmBelson246> :D
18:36 <JmBelson246> I'm so mean
18:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...How bad was it, Jm?
18:36 <ScarletDisaster> Jake, oh my gosh, dying.
18:36 <WhiteReaper> Mhm.
18:36 <JmBelson246> I didn't go see
18:37 <ScarletDisaster> I remember when Josh was singing to me on steam.
18:37 <JmBelson246> bad enough he got a laminated arrow saying no above it
18:37 <JmBelson246> I guess thats bad though
18:37 <JmBelson246> xD
18:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I see...
18:38 <JmBelson246> I'm a twat to him but he's a twat to me as well
18:38 <ScarletDisaster> I'd like to do something like that, but it'd be too scary.
18:38 <ScarletDisaster> And I'm too young right now XD
18:38 <JmBelson246> You're doing stars ¬_¬
18:38 <JmBelson246> Kenzie you got more balls than me!
18:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Come on, try to do it Scarlet.
18:38 <ScarletDisaster> I know, but stars is only a few hundred people.
18:38 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <ScarletDisaster> X Factor is like, millions.
18:38 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
18:38 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <JmBelson246> millions but me xD
18:38 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <DehLeetGuy> Kadabra is super effective against lombre, right?
18:39 <ScarletDisaster> I don't watch it either.
18:39 <JmBelson246> I don't watch these "get famous fast" shows
18:39 <JmBelson246> no
18:39 <JmBelson246> Kadabra would lose
18:39 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:39 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <JmBelson246> He would have no ability
18:39 <Darian Salvatore> (kadabra) > (lombre)
18:40 <JmBelson246> i thought he said zombie :/
18:40 <JmBelson246> derp
18:40 <JmBelson246> :3
18:40 <JmBelson246> but yeh lombre is rubbish
18:40 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
18:40 <DehLeetGuy> (loool)
18:40 <JmBelson246> ... saying that he/she was what i was trying to catch for weeks in saphire...
18:41 <DehLeetGuy> What?
18:41 <DehLeetGuy> MUDKIP is evolving!
18:41 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
18:41 <JmBelson246> LEAVE HIM TO EVOLVE!
18:41 <ScarletDisaster> Everyone is leaving. D;
18:41 <DehLeetGuy> Yay it evolved into an ugly marshtomp
18:41 <ScarletDisaster> So I heard you like mudkips?
18:42 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <DehLeetGuy> Yes
18:42 <JmBelson246> I do like mudkips
18:42 <DehLeetGuy> Lolwut
18:42 <DehLeetGuy> MAY: Hey AAASSSSSS, long itme no see!
18:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> so what'd I miss?
18:42 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
18:42 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <DehLeetGuy> you missed an evolution
18:42 <JmBelson246> the teacher
18:42 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <41488p> ass
18:42 <41488p> oh, ass
18:42 <41488p> you are simply perfect.
18:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai 414
18:43 <41488p> hai Adam 
18:43 <DehLeetGuy> Lol
18:43 <JmBelson246> NAME A POKEMON ASS
18:43 <JmBelson246> "Your ass is evolving"
18:43 <Adam Carl Castillo> so what'd I miss guys?
18:43 <DehLeetGuy> Im gonna go troll mode and battle my marshtomp against mays marshtomp
18:43 <41488p> ASS-SAN
18:43 -!- Barry2345 has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <DehLeetGuy> Oh crap
18:43 <DehLeetGuy> Bad Idea
18:43 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:43 <DehLeetGuy> level 20 enemy marshtomp vs my level 16 marshtomp
18:43 <Barry2345> why am i p chat with me
18:44 <DehLeetGuy> Wow
18:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> We can chat here if you want.
18:44 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Or in a private message...
18:44 <DehLeetGuy> I almost flawlessly kille the enemy marshtomp
18:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> is up to you.
18:44 <ScarletDisaster> Ooh.
18:44 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
18:44 <Barry2345> private
18:44 <DehLeetGuy> it took one more hit but it instaraped me
18:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> so what'd I miss guys?
18:44 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Pram! ;3
18:44 <DehLeetGuy> oops
18:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai pramz
18:44 <ScarletDisaster> Nothing really Adam.
18:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> oh
18:45 <Pramirez351> hello
18:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> sup?
18:45 <Pramirez351> im in school again xD im just chillin and stuff
18:45 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has joined Special:Chat
18:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> lol
18:45 <Pramirez351> also im falling asleep= no bueno
18:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Sess.
18:46 <Darian Salvatore> same here, also listening to Daft Punk <23
18:46 <Pramirez351> (reading) is batman
18:46 <DehLeetGuy> Oh yes, GangnamBeam learning time!
18:46 <ScarletDisaster> Ooh, DaftPunk.
18:46 <Darian Salvatore> *<3
18:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, batman?
18:46 <Pramirez351> i love daft punk's something about us! xD
18:46 <Barry2345> letschat in privete whyami
18:46 <DehLeetGuy> Anyone know a hilarious name for a pokemon?
18:46 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
18:46 <Pramirez351> such a nice song.... (2cute4me)
18:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm there, Barry.
18:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Already replied to your first line.
18:47 <Barry2345> where
18:47 <Darian Salvatore> Im listening ot Robot Rock
18:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You opened the private message.
18:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It should have what I said.
18:47 <ScarletDisaster> 'Your mom' uses splash.
18:47 <ScarletDisaster> Heh.
18:47 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
18:47 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <DehLeetGuy> Thanks for the name
18:47 <ScarletDisaster> Hank :3
18:47 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
18:47 -!- CelestiaOfEquestria has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Kill.
18:47 <DehLeetGuy> Im gonna make a Your mom and Yo Dadda
18:47 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Celest.
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Kill
18:48 <Kill1mes> Hi.
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> aww... 414 just left
18:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Kill, Krule, Celestia.
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> no laugh time with Kill and 414
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> anyways welcome back kill
18:48 -!- CelestiaOfEquestria has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <Kill1mes> Thanks
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> and Celes
18:48 <DehLeetGuy> Level five feebas and level 21 kadabra vs level 15 abra and magnemite ;-;
18:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> what's up Kill... How are you?
18:48 <DehLeetGuy> Im so screwed
18:49 -!- Sesshomaru-sama12 has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <Kill1mes> My back and feet hurt, but otherwise fine.
18:49 <DehLeetGuy> Looool
18:49 <JmBelson246> When did this turn into serebii???
18:49 <DehLeetGuy> FEEBAS used splash!
18:49 <DehLeetGuy> Its super effective!
18:49 <DehLeetGuy> Abra ran away!
18:49 <Kill1mes> Nothing much up, playing some Prototype
18:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> get well soon kill
18:49 <Kill1mes> I will.
18:50 <Kill1mes> I just have a fucking 100 pound backpack
18:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> you better :)
18:50 <DehLeetGuy> Get well soon? WHY NOT NOW?
18:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> I mean you better get well
18:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> dammit... I just killed chat
18:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> chat is (ded) because of me
18:51 <DehLeetGuy> Why did chat crash into the ground cause of you?
18:51 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:51 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:52 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
18:52 <Darian Salvatore> :) I will murder everything you love
18:52 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
18:52 <Ponyfan10> I'm completing a Derpy Hooves story Dan67 made in my wiki
18:52 <DehLeetGuy> Can ou use acro bikes stunts for anything?
18:52 <BRVR> All of the terraria gameranger servers are either in a language I don't know, have a password or are friends only.
18:52 <Darian Salvatore> ANDY <3
18:53 <Ponyfan10> ohai Andy
18:53 <Ponyfan10> TndyAags
18:53 <Ponyfan10> (loool)
18:53 <DehLeetGuy> I know an english server that has a great community
18:54 <BRVR> (And I can't join it. I know that I can't join it.)
18:54 -!- JmBelson246 has left Special:Chat.
18:54 <BRVR> If I want to play on terraria servers, I guess I will have to learn spanish.
18:54 <DehLeetGuy> Its not very effective...
18:54 <DehLeetGuy> *One hit kill*
18:54 <DehLeetGuy> WHY U LIE?!
18:55 <BRVR> I'm oo lazy.
18:55 <BRVR> *too
18:55 <Darian Salvatore> I must go. Ill be on ater
18:55 <BRVR> Maybe the attack was over 600.
18:55 <ScarletDisaster> Seeya Darian/
18:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Darian.
18:55 <Darian Salvatore> See you when I get home
18:56 <BRVR> I can't play pokemon emerald randomizer.
18:56 -!- Darian Salvatore has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <Kornlover> asswipes
18:56 <DehLeetGuy> Can two different type pokemon breed?
18:56 <BRVR> I dunno.
18:57 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Dinorauria 2> SEX
18:57 -!- Kornlover has left Special:Chat.
18:57 <ScarletDisaster> dino
18:57 <ScarletDisaster> thats my ping
18:57 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <BRVR> Creepypasta wikia: The home of unneeded outbursts.
18:57 <DehLeetGuy> brb
18:58 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
18:58 <BRVR> I need a new GBA emulaor.
18:58 <BRVR> *emulator
18:59 <DehLeetGuy> The best one is VisualBoyAdvance as far as I know
18:59 <BRVR> WhyamIreadingthis, I have something to tell you. I know you won't care, but I updated terraria.
18:59 -!- JmBelson246 has joined Special:Chat
18:59 <BRVR> That's the problem, leet.
18:59 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
19:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You updated Terraria? Does that mean you'll be able to make more complex stuff?
19:00 -!- JmBelson246 has left Special:Chat.
19:00 <BRVR> I am using it.
19:00 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, have you heard about the upcoming terraria update?
19:00 <BRVR> Yes.
19:00 <BRVR> Yes I have.
19:00 <BRVR> >More complex stuff
19:00 <BRVR> Not that I know of.
19:00 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
19:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do you have screenshots of anything you have done on Terraria?
19:00 <BRVR> No.
19:00 <BRVR> I am too lazy to build anyhing.
19:01 <BRVR> *anything
19:01 <DehLeetGuy> You guys wanna make a private Hamachi server maybe?
19:01 <BRVR> Other than a small hosue.
19:01 <DehLeetGuy> We can talk and hang out there
19:01 <BRVR> I guess.
19:01 <DehLeetGuy> I can build a giant floating house
19:01 <BRVR> But I can't join.
19:01 <Ponyfan10>  
19:01 <BRVR> A giant floating house is easy!
19:01 <DehLeetGuy> Lolno
19:01 <BRVR> I will not be able to join the server.
19:01 <BRVR> Uhh. Yes it is.
19:01 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:01 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
19:01 <DehLeetGuy> Its complicated getting my old best friend onto the server and building a masterpiece
19:02 <BRVR> I just need to build a giant tower then build a house.
19:02 <Child Of Mantra> usually at this hour chat is blown up.
19:02 <BRVR> A giant floating house.
19:02 <ChaoticPeace> True.
19:02 -!- Teribite has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <BRVR> But I will still not be able to join the server.
19:02 <Ponyfan10> hey Beritite
19:02 <DehLeetGuy> Hows about you reading?
19:02 <Teribite> OM MY GOD STOP PONY F4N
19:02 <Ponyfan10> caps
19:03 <BRVR> Beritite.
19:03 <DehLeetGuy> FonyPan.
19:03 <ChaoticPeace> Caps are allowed.
19:03 <Ponyfan10> shut up Leet
19:03 <Teribite> YOU W4NT L34T SP34T 4G41N
19:03 <BRVR> I won't be able to join the server, chaotic.
19:03 <Child Of Mantra> Nick
19:03 <Kill1mes> The first time it was
19:03 <Teribite> SP3LL MY N4M3 R1GHT
19:03 <Kill1mes> that time it wasn't
19:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Mantra?
19:03 <Kill1mes> last warning
19:03 <ChaoticPeace> What, BRVR?
19:03 <BRVR> No, I don't want leat speat again.
19:03 -!- BlackAndYolo has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <ChaoticPeace> YOLO.
19:03 <ScarletDisaster> Wat.
19:03 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:03 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <ChaoticPeace> I can tell you and I will make great friends.
19:04 -!- BlackAndYolo has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <DehLeetGuy> What are you talking about?
19:04 <BRVR> I can not join the hamachi server.
19:04 -!- Stuffmandude has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <Teribite> H1 STUFF
19:04 <Stuffmandude> hi
19:04 <DehLeetGuy> I can join hamachi c:
19:04 -!- Teribite was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
19:04 -!- Teribite has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <BRVR> Brian ont aworking.
19:04 <BRVR> I can't join hamachi.
19:04 <BRVR> It just crashed.
19:04 <BRVR> *crashed
19:04 <BRVR> *crashes
19:04 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:05 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:05 -!- Teribite has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <Stuffmandude> why u kick out teribite
19:05 <DehLeetGuy> Are you talking about terraria?
19:05 <BRVR> Hamachi just crashes.
19:05 <Stuffmandude> no
19:05 <DehLeetGuy> BRVR, how old is your computer?
19:05 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
19:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Using a lot of caps, Stuff.
19:05 <BRVR> How am I supposed to know.
19:05 <Stuffmandude> schools
19:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Even after warned.
19:05 <Teribite> i really hope all of your computers get viruses then simotaniosly crash destorying your computers
19:05 <Child Of Mantra> How could you say that?
19:06 <DehLeetGuy> Teribite, I can crash your computer.
19:06 <Stuffmandude> this is the schools
19:06 <Teribite> you'll have to pay the school >:3
19:06 <Kill1mes> No, this is the rules.
19:06 <BRVR> I can't play on a hamachi server.
19:06 <Stuffmandude> what
19:06 <BRVR> Says something abou not being to load somehing.
19:06 <DehLeetGuy> Waht the
19:07 <DehLeetGuy> Why did I just fish up a kobra
19:07 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <Teribite> hi chuck
19:07 <BRVR> It was an underwater kobra.
19:07 <Stuffmandude> you spelt what wrong
19:07 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Hi thar
19:07 <BRVR> It was a snakefish.
19:07 <Teribite> i can't speel right
19:07 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> i want to play a game
19:07 <Stuffmandude> no
19:07 <DehLeetGuy> Alright, a normal water pokeymen, STARYU
19:07 <Teribite> i do 
19:07 <Teribite> pokemon
19:07 <BRVR> I carn't spill either.
19:07 <Teribite> i can spell that right
19:07 <Stuffmandude> you spelt pokemon wrong
19:07 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <AloneInTime with the doctor> mhm
19:07 <Teribite> die just die 
19:08 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Bite
19:08 <ScarletDisaster> Hey alone.
19:08 <Stuffmandude> go away rabeca
19:08 <AloneInTime with the doctor> hello to the three ppl sitting next to me
19:08 <BRVR> ._.
19:08 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> you cannot beat me at pokemon
19:08 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ^w^ ik u do
19:08 <DehLeetGuy> Please ban Teri
19:08 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> itspoke obits game over
19:08 <BRVR> I can.
19:08 <DehLeetGuy> Chuck, I can
19:08 <AloneInTime with the doctor> but that won't stop her from killing me T.T
19:08 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> No
19:08 <DehLeetGuy> I fished up a Mew, game over.
19:08 -!- Teribite was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 259200 seconds.
19:08 <Ponyfan10> Teri,caps
19:08 -!- Teribite has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <BRVR> What if I had a starter mewtwo?
19:09 <AloneInTime with the doctor> chaos just choas
19:09 <DehLeetGuy> What the fag
19:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...
19:09 <DehLeetGuy> I accidently gave my kadabra a pokeball
19:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Leet, i forgave you once.
19:09 <Ponyfan10> you wouldn't need to play @BRVR
19:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And I won't do it again-.
19:09 -!- DehLeetGuy was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
19:09 -!- DehLeetGuy has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Uh, leet
19:09 <Kill1mes> I won't do it.
19:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kill, it is a ban.
19:09 <Child Of Mantra> Scores?
19:09 <Kill1mes> I got it.
19:09 <Kill1mes> I'll get the scores in a min
19:10 <BRVR> "Here you go, kadabra, a pokeball. *Kadabra throws pokeball at trainer and catches it* Someone help!"
19:10 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has left Special:Chat.
19:10 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has joined Special:Chat
19:10 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
19:10 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Hi ben
19:10 <Benjaminthewill123123> t
19:10 <Child Of Mantra> Bennyy Snookums
19:10 <ScarletDisaster> hEY BEN.
19:10 <AloneInTime with the doctor> .W.
19:10 <Child Of Mantra> come here you gootchie goo
19:10 <ScarletDisaster> Oops, caps.
19:10 <AloneInTime with the doctor> .o.
19:10 <BRVR> And that's why not to give a pokemon a pokeball.
19:10 <Benjaminthewill123123> child
19:10 <Kill1mes> Hey whore <3
19:11 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> my iPad sucks dick
19:11 <Stuffmandude> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]\
19:11 -!- Stuffmandude was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
19:11 -!- Stuffmandude has left Special:Chat.
19:11 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
19:11 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> watch the spam, man
19:11 -!- Stuffmandude has joined Special:Chat
19:11 <Stuffmandude> hi
19:11 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> dont spam, stuff
19:11 <Stuffmandude> im back
19:11 <AloneInTime with the doctor> mhm
19:11 <Stuffmandude> no
19:11 <Kill1mes> Chuck, poease don't minimod.
19:11 <Ponyfan10> Stuff enters, (cuntmuffin) leaves
19:11 <Kill1mes> Stuff, watch the stretching
19:12 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> sorry kill
19:12 <AloneInTime with the doctor> eh james how far r ya into claymore?
19:12 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
19:12 <Kill1mes> Hi Krule
19:12 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> hi krule
19:12 <King Krule> Hello
19:12 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
19:12 <Kill1mes> Wb whore
19:12 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Wb, ben
19:12 <Stuffmandude> do you know how much mylittleponey porn ther is out there poneyfan10?
19:12 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> stuff
19:12 <Stuffmandude> allot
19:12 <Ponyfan10> Cuntmuffin = Ben
19:12 <Child Of Mantra> A lot*
19:12 -!- Stuffmandude was kicked from Special:Chat by Benjaminthewill123123
19:12 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> dont bash my little pony
19:12 -!- Stuffmandude has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> thank you
19:13 <King Krule> Ben is the cuntiest of the muffins
19:13 -!- Stuffmandude has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Reaper.
19:13 <Kill1mes> Hey reap
19:13 <WhiteReaper> Hey Nick, Kill
19:13 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> hi white
19:13 <Stuffmandude> you cant stop me
19:13 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <WhiteReaper> Hey chuck
19:13 <Kill1mes> We can
19:13 <Ponyfan10> well,Cuntmuffin tecnically is Ben,that's his nickname
19:13 <Kill1mes> Wanna test us?
19:13 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> kill
19:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stuff, if you continue you get banned.
19:13 <WhiteReaper> Kill
19:13 <Kill1mes> what
19:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Meaning you don't enter again
19:13 <Ponyfan10> I'm gonna stay out of this
19:13 <WhiteReaper> You were on tc saturday, right?
19:13 <WhiteReaper> Remember?
19:14 <Kill1mes> Yea?
19:14 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <AloneInTime with the doctor> u know this guy is right next to me ---->>
19:14 <Stuffmandude> you cumguzzilingguttercunt                                           poneyfan10
19:14 <WhiteReaper> There was someone called slutmuffin asking for me to strip
19:14 <WhiteReaper> IT WAS BEN
19:14 -!- Stuffmandude was banned from Special:Chat by Benjaminthewill123123 for 86400 seconds.
19:14 -!- Stuffmandude has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <WhiteReaper> Just hit me
19:14 <Benjaminthewill123123> I was what?
19:14 <AloneInTime with the doctor> stuff is laughing is arss off
19:14 <WhiteReaper> It was you on tc XD
19:14 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Please shoot me
19:14 <Kill1mes> hey, I see an option to delete blogs
19:14 <Ponyfan10> ok,I guess that's that
19:14 <Kill1mes> that's new
19:14 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> anyone
19:14 <WhiteReaper> Asking for me to strip
19:14 <King Krule> Someone help me
19:14 <King Krule> Fuck the sickness from my bofy
19:14 <King Krule> *body
19:14 <Benjaminthewill123123> I was asking you to strip? When was this?
19:14 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> just grab a gun and shoot me
19:14 <Kill1mes> No, that wasn't me
19:14 <King Krule> bofy
19:14 <ScarletDisaster> Ok.
19:14 <Kill1mes> I was desmondharper
19:15 <WhiteReaper> On tc saturday - don't deny it.
19:15 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> *Shoots self*
19:15 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ^w^ who else is talken from a computer at school? and not u stuff your next to me so i can poke u T.T
19:15 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <Benjaminthewill123123> I don't remember this D:
19:15 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> hi knife
19:15 <Kill1mes> I jokes around and said it once, when everyone esle was, but I didn't say it othersie
19:15 <ScarletDisaster> :L Well then
19:15 <WhiteReaper> Idk then. It was someone named slutmuffin
19:15 <AloneInTime with the doctor> .-. rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr
19:15 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:15 <Kill1mes>
19:15 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A lot of users in the mornings goes that, Alone
19:15 <WhiteReaper> I can't think of anyone else
19:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also you better not do that again.
19:15 <Kill1mes> Alone, don't spam
19:16 <Kill1mes> Also, brb food
19:16 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ;w; feels bad now
19:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I can't add comment to the article, Kill.
19:16 <Benjaminthewill123123> I dont remember this white
19:16 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <WhiteReaper> If you say so
19:16 <WhiteReaper> xD
19:16 <Thekillersknife> yeah i just got here wtf is everyone talking about?
19:16 <Benjaminthewill123123> like... at all
19:16 <AloneInTime with the doctor> *runs off cookie in mouth* regection by a chat blog
19:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing specific, killer.
19:17 <WhiteReaper> Hm. Alright, ben
19:17 <Thekillersknife> whatever
19:17 <WhiteReaper> I just couldn't think of anyone else named slutmuffin wanting me to strip but oyu
19:17 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
19:17 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
19:17 <AloneInTime with the doctor> the chat has gone quite......
19:18 <Thekillersknife> :I
19:18 <Benjaminthewill123123> MY NAME ISNT SLUT MUFFIN (T_T)
19:18 <Child Of Mantra> too quiet
19:18 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
19:18 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <LightFlower> wazzup my people.
19:18 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Light.
19:18 <LightFlower> hai scar
19:18 <Thekillersknife> hey light
19:18 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> (Chat kill)
19:18 <ScarletDisaster> How are you? ^.^
19:18 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ring around the rosie a pocket full of posie ashes ashes we all fall...................down 
19:18 <WhiteReaper> Eh.
19:18 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> shit
19:18 <LightFlower> Good
19:18 <WhiteReaper> Still, who was it, then?
19:18 <Child Of Mantra> yay KoRn
19:18 <WhiteReaper> xD
19:18 <LightFlower> Alone, That song is about ppl dying of the plague
19:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Alone, don't overload the periods.
19:18 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ik
19:18 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Forever alone
19:19 <Benjaminthewill123123> How should I know
19:19 -!- Stuffsmandude has joined Special:Chat
19:19 <LightFlower> Lol ring around the posies
19:19 <LightFlower> Ring
19:19 <LightFlower> Ringo
19:19 <LightFlower> lol
19:19 <Stuffsmandude> im back
19:19 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Sockpuppet
19:19 <LightFlower> hai stuff
19:19 -!- Stuffsmandude was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 31536000000 seconds.
19:19 <AloneInTime with the doctor> black plague the pocket full of posies was to get the ent of death away ashes ashes is the bunring of bodies and we all fall down is death
19:19 -!- Stuffsmandude has left Special:Chat.
19:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben, IP ban.
19:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Please.
19:19 <Ponyfan10> SOOOCK
19:19 <Benjaminthewill123123> Done
19:19 <LightFlower> what happened w/ dat guy
19:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you.
19:19 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> Flower
19:19 <Kill1mes> I'm back
19:19 <Kill1mes> what did I miss?
19:19 <LightFlower> What chuck
19:19 <Benjaminthewill123123> I have chat block
19:19 <Ponyfan10> the sock account has been exterminated
19:19 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> heFlower he trolled and spammed
19:19 <ChuckNorrisDontDie> bye
19:20 <LightFlower> Oh
19:20 <Benjaminthewill123123> so he was blocked before you kicked
19:20 <Thekillersknife> doc is that the creepy version of that song?
19:20 <LightFlower> Just got here
19:20 <BRVR> I hate how long it takes to get to route 1.
19:20 <BRVR> *101
19:20 <AloneInTime with the doctor> 12 feddy coming for u 34 better lock the door 56 get a curasfix 78 stay awake 910 never sleep again
19:20 <LightFlower> That moment when you see a shiny pidgey and can't catch it.
19:20 -!- ChuckNorrisDontDie has left Special:Chat.
19:20 <LightFlower> I cannot read a single word alone posted
19:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...curasfix.
19:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, what is a curasfix.
19:20 <LightFlower> lol cursafix
19:20 <LightFlower> I think he meant crucifix
19:20 <AloneInTime with the doctor> TwT spelling is not my stong point in life
19:20 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:20 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:21 <LightFlower> brb
19:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, don't worry, it happens to everybody.
19:21 <AloneInTime with the doctor> strong oh dear messing up on 5 word spellings
19:21 <AloneInTime with the doctor> oh guy's stuff is asking y he was banned
19:21 <ScarletDisaster> Eh, I do that when I'm feeling lazy.
19:21 <Child Of Mantra> because he is a singus
19:21 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Making another account after being banned.
19:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also a dingus.
19:21 <Child Of Mantra> I forgot how to fingers
19:21 <ScarletDisaster> Reading, I started copying your 'Eh' and I can't stop. 
19:21 -!- Devonm08 has joined Special:Chat
19:21 <AloneInTime with the doctor> he says k
19:22 <Child Of Mantra> Eh.
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahahaha, you have? How is that?
19:22 <Devonm08> hey all
19:22 <Thekillersknife> hey dev
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Devon
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Best compliment.
19:22 <AloneInTime with the doctor> .-. we r right next to each other school don't we all love it
19:22 <ScarletDisaster> I'm not sure, It's just something I picked up, somehow.
19:22 <Devonm08> hey guys guess where i am
19:22 <Kill1mes> Read, was the original permabanned?
19:22 <Thekillersknife> where?
19:22 <Devonm08> school
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't know.
19:22 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ventus suxtus
19:22 <WhiteReaper> Eh, I picked it up as well, Scarlet. xD
19:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben banned him...
19:22 <Thekillersknife> lol
19:23 <Ponyfan10> I just finished a "fanfic" in my wiki,i'm not linking so I don't get banned for advertising,that would be bad,really bad
19:23 <Kill1mes> oh, okay
19:23 <BRVR> I can't play pokemon emerald.
19:23 <Devonm08> kill
19:23 <AloneInTime with the doctor> guy's stuff is making another account .-.
19:23 <Benjaminthewill123123>
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> wtf?
19:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He won't enter as he is IP banned.
19:23 <AloneInTime with the doctor> my saohire has no time based events so i can't get a dito or grow berries T.T
19:23 <Kill1mes> Read is Gandalf
19:23 <BRVR> I can' play pokemon emerald, it crashes.
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> Necrai took that screencap for me
19:23 <BRVR> *can't
19:23 <Benjaminthewill123123> I banned your schools IP and Proxy ranges
19:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Spread the word around Kill
19:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh, he did, Mantra?
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> Ben the Banner
19:24 <Benjaminthewill123123> you wont be able to come back once you leave
19:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have to say thank you to him.
19:24 <AloneInTime with the doctor> guy's he has asses to school computers
19:24 <Thekillersknife> oh sorry to hear that br
19:24 <AloneInTime with the doctor> acsesss
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> I don't remember it being named Lol gay.
19:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So Alone you better not be kicked.
19:24 <Benjaminthewill123123> I banned your ENTIRE school
19:24 <Devonm08> any1 know what apocalypse rising is
19:24 <AloneInTime with the doctor> ;w; i spelled the wrong word sooo srry
19:24 <Devonm08> mee
19:24 <BRVR> Well, I can't play with he randomizer.
19:24 <Kill1mes> I think it's a game @m08
19:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I would be more impressed if he had asses in the school computers.
19:24 <BRVR> XD
19:24 <ScarletDisaster> That's what happened to my school when my friend got IP banned and I couldn't get on chat for a few days.
19:24 <AloneInTime with the doctor> but any way there is over 50 computers here so he can just make one on another computer
19:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, he can't
19:25 <Kill1mes> no
19:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The whole school is banned.
19:25 <Kill1mes> It's the area
19:25 <ScarletDisaster> Same IP alone.
19:25 <Benjaminthewill123123> I BANNED YOUR SCHOOLS NETWORK
19:25 <Kill1mes> ^
19:25 <Child Of Mantra> YOO GAIS ARE EVULS
19:25 <Kill1mes> No compputer in the school would work
19:25 <Devonm08> not me
19:25 -!- Stuffsmansdude has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <Kill1mes> we r most evul
19:25 <Stuffsmansdude> sup bitches
19:25 <Child Of Mantra> mostestestes
19:25 -!- Stuffsmansdude was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 31536000000 seconds.
19:25 -!- Stuffsmansdude has left Special:Chat.
19:25 -!- Stuffsmansdude was banned from Special:Chat by Kill1mes for 7200 seconds.
19:25 <AloneInTime with the doctor> T.T g2g
19:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben what did you do wrong?
19:25 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor was kicked from Special:Chat by Benjaminthewill123123
19:25 <Child Of Mantra> Lol
19:25 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor has left Special:Chat.
19:25 <Kill1mes> Ben you failed up.
19:25 <Kill1mes> us*
19:25 <Benjaminthewill123123> No I know why
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> why?
19:26 <Benjaminthewill123123> someone still had an open connection
19:26 <Ponyfan10> -_- Ben,what did you do wrong? I thought you IP banned the guy
19:26 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor has joined Special:Chat
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> Ahh
19:26 <AloneInTime with the doctor> y was i kicked?!!!???
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> There he is now
19:26 <Kill1mes> yet he retunred
19:26 <Devonm08> im just a psycho 
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> yeh ok
19:26 <Kill1mes> because while you were still here, he could keep making socks
19:26 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im just gonna WHAM him KK
19:26 <Kill1mes> k
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> kk
19:26 <AloneInTime with the doctor> .-. i hafv e5 guys reading over my shoulde
19:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Must be one wide shoulder.
19:27 <ScarletDisaster> ^
19:27 <Thekillersknife> lol
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> sorry didn't quite catch that.
19:27 <Kill1mes> lol
19:27 <AloneInTime with the doctor> bye guy's my lunch break is over but i shall be back in 2 hours when i'm in study lab
19:27 <BRVR> XD
19:27 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor was kicked from Special:Chat by Benjaminthewill123123
19:27 -!- AloneInTime with the doctor has left Special:Chat.
19:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw. I didn't even say goodbye.
19:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Alone is actually nice...
19:27 <ScarletDisaster> He just doesn't get it.
19:27 <Devonm08> will  someone help me please i got a good idea
19:27 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
19:27 <Benjaminthewill123123> no... no you wont be back
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> Hello moose
19:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Moose.
19:27 <Kill1mes> Hello moose
19:27 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Moose.
19:27 <Kill1mes> EVER
19:27 <Kill1mes> *evil laugh*
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> ahoy hoy
19:27 <Thekillersknife> wut moose
19:27 -!- FutureKooki has joined Special:Chat
19:27 <MooseJuice> The hell are you people?
19:27 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
19:27 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> moose
19:28 <Thekillersknife> im men hey moose
19:28 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Kooki.
19:28 <Devonm08> im new
19:28 <Child Of Mantra> that's what we are
19:28 <Kill1mes> We are the knights of the square table
19:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The ones that lurk from the deepest corners of the shadows, Moose.
19:28 <ScarletDisaster> Meese.
19:28 <Child Of Mantra> ^
19:28 <FutureKooki> Kill what did you edit on my pasta?
19:28 <FutureKooki> Also I changed the ending
19:28 <Kill1mes> probably some grammatical errors
19:28 <Devonm08> im a random psycho
19:28 <Kill1mes> lack of commas
19:28 <FutureKooki> K
19:28 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <Kill1mes> stiuff like that
19:28 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
19:28 <Kill1mes> Hi chao
19:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Chaotic.
19:28 <King Krule> Oh hi chao
19:28 <FutureKooki> K
19:28 <Thekillersknife> hey chao
19:28 <ChaoticPeace> Hiya
19:29 <Child Of Mantra> what the fuck is a dimple dot?
19:29 <FutureKooki> I still have this cough and now a  headache >.<
19:29 <ChaoticPeace> I'm sick too, buddy.
19:29 <Child Of Mantra> Cough + Headache= worst fucking thing ever
19:29 <FutureKooki> Dots sound good....
19:29 <ScarletDisaster> Aw, I hope you guys all feel better.
19:29 <FutureKooki> Sorry to hear
19:29 <King Krule> Kooki my sick broher
19:29 <FutureKooki> Thanks
19:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, feel better, Kooki.
19:29 <King Krule> let's buy a boat
19:29 <Thekillersknife> sorry to here that guys
19:30 <ChaoticPeace> I'M ON A BOAT MOTHERFUCKER
19:30 <Benjaminthewill123123> Oh shit
19:30 <Benjaminthewill123123> we have a bit of aa problem
19:30 <ChaoticPeace> Hey ben's here
19:30 <Benjaminthewill123123> I cant block anyone
19:30 <King Krule> GOOD
19:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Caps, people.
19:30 <ScarletDisaster> Oh noes.
19:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh oh.
19:30 <ChaoticPeace> NO ONE CARES, KRULE.
19:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why is that, Ben?
19:30 <King Krule> j_j
19:30 <ChaoticPeace> Oops, sorry.
19:30 <FutureKooki> I have taken 50 cough drops no jk...,also have tried medicine which kinda helps
19:30 <Benjaminthewill123123> I have no idea
19:30 <ChaoticPeace> Jk, love you bby <3
19:30 <BRVR> Should I make a which way page on my wiki?
19:30 <King Krule> oh ok
19:31 <ScarletDisaster> I'm sat in the dark. I should really go turn on the light, brb.
19:31 -!- Stuffsmansdudes has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <Child Of Mantra> ban
19:31 <ScarletDisaster> Okay.
19:31 -!- Stuffsmansdudes was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 31536000000 seconds.
19:31 -!- Stuffsmansdudes has left Special:Chat.
19:31 <Thekillersknife> hey stuffs
19:31 <ScarletDisaster> Sock.
19:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At this rate this guy is going to be on par with a certain individual...
19:31 <Thekillersknife> ok nevermind
19:31 <ScarletDisaster> Gloves.
19:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...on the number of socks.
19:31 <Child Of Mantra> Does this count for the scores?
19:31 -!- DeadpoolHacker has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <Child Of Mantra> wait
19:31 <Benjaminthewill123123> Okay It FINALLY went through
19:31 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Good, Ben.
19:31 <King Krule> "Her and I have a history. The history is that she's a bitch"
19:31 <Child Of Mantra> He must have a lot of email accounts
19:31 <ScarletDisaster> Hey Light.
19:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Light.
19:31 <King Krule> I fucking love the AmazingAtheist
19:31 <FutureKooki> So yeah Kill I changed the ending to my pasta,I felt the previous ending was boring and just plain out random,and did not go with the story
19:31 <ChaoticPeace> Swag.
19:31 <LightFlower> hai
19:31 <Thekillersknife> hey again light
19:31 <LightFlower> hai killer
19:32 <FutureKooki> Hi Light
19:32 <LightFlower> Hello Krule
19:32 <LightFlower> Hi kooki
19:32 <DeadpoolHacker> :(
19:32 <King Krule> Hello light
19:32 <LightFlower> This is getting long and drawn out.
19:32 <LightFlower> xD
19:32 <Devonm08> hi light
19:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You changed your Ringo avatar.
19:32 <LightFlower> hai devon
19:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why?
19:32 <LightFlower> Because I am adorable.  Just like Ringo.
19:32 <Child Of Mantra> Ringo is hotter
19:32 <LightFlower> Well thanks.
19:32 <FutureKooki> ....?
19:32 <King Krule> Ringo X Light
19:32 <Devonm08> dissagreed
19:32 <Thekillersknife> ah dont be sad dead
19:32 <LightFlower> I ship it Krule
19:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, nice Light.
19:33 <ChaoticPeace> I will go down with this ship~
19:33 <LightFlower> xD
19:33 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
19:33 <DeadpoolHacker> ok Hi?
19:33 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
19:33 <King Krule> Chao X Ryan R.I.P
19:33 <ScarletDisaster> o.O
19:33 <LightFlower> I want my super smart friend to make a time machine and teleporter so I can go back in time and date young Ringo starr
19:33 <Thekillersknife> hi dead
19:33 <ChaoticPeace> RIP.
19:33 <LightFlower> It's not THAT much to ask for!
19:33 <King Krule> Rub Insecure Places
19:33 <Benjaminthewill123123> MOTHER FUCK WIKIA
19:33 <ScarletDisaster> Rave in parks?
19:34 <LightFlower> Gettin REAL tired of your shit Wikia!
19:34 <ChaoticPeace> and there Ben is again
19:34 <LightFlower> @Ben
19:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, try to do it by yourself, Light.
19:34 <FutureKooki> Hello?
19:34 <DeadpoolHacker> Kooki!
19:34 <Child Of Mantra> this is not florida but it is not the same as castrio ala cisato
19:34 <LightFlower> lol I don't know how the fuck to make a potato turn on a led light
19:34 <FutureKooki> ?
19:34 <LightFlower> That's like Kindergarten
19:34 <King Krule> Is The Lords Of Salem out yet?
19:34 <Devonm08> ok.....................................
19:34 <Child Of Mantra> ^stahp
19:34 <ChaoticPeace> I can't even boil water. I feel your pain.
19:34 <LightFlower> Watch the punctuation
19:34 -!- Spyro646 has joined Special:Chat
19:34 <LightFlower> Yo gonna get yo ass kicked
19:34 <Thekillersknife> hey spy
19:34 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:34 <Devonm08> sorry
19:34 <Spyro646> roar
19:35 <LightFlower> Anyone see irish around?
19:35 <Thekillersknife> lol
19:35 <ChaoticPeace> Nope, not today.
19:35 <FutureKooki> Nope
19:35 <LightFlower> or is he still butthurt or somethin
19:35 <DeadpoolHacker> Hi Spyro
19:35 <Spyro646> IM RUSSIAN (derp)
19:35 <Devonm08> i seen him
19:35 <DeadpoolHacker> Russian?
19:35 <Spyro646> problem?
19:35 <Devonm08> so what im germaN
19:35 <DeadpoolHacker> No... :D
19:35 <Spyro646> good
19:35 <LightFlower> I was trying to calm him down and he was being all irrational and I'm just like, I can't fucking do this anymore and logged off.
19:35 <DeadpoolHacker> Georgian?
19:35 <DeadpoolHacker> Problem?
19:35 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <Thekillersknife> (cookie) (ban) yeah im just bord
19:36 <LightFlower> Plus it was like 11:15 and I was about to rip out my eyes because they were BURNING
19:36 <WhiteReaper> Heedun.
19:36 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Hid
19:36 <Spyro646> I like derp (derp) (derp) (derp)
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> Help me
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> ?
19:36 <ChaoticPeace> HIDDUN OMG 
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> what?
19:36 <LightFlower> Whats wrong hidden?
19:36 <WhiteReaper> What?
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> I'm stuck. 
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> hidden whats wrong?
19:36 <Spyro646> where
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> where?
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> Fuck 
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> are you kidding?
19:36 <BRVR> [[User:BRVR|My userpage]]
19:36 <ChaoticPeace> HELL.
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> no
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> wtf?
19:36 <LightFlower> Are you HOMEstuck?  #Never read homestuck
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> what dude
19:36 <FutureKooki> Killer what are you gonna do with that cookie with that hammer ? 0.o
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> Fuck. 
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> what?
19:36 <ScarletDisaster> Uh. What.
19:36 <LightFlower> xD
19:36 <WhiteReaper> Are you okay, Hid?
19:36 <ChaoticPeace> Hiddun, what?!
19:36 <DeadpoolHacker> dude stop if that is joke
19:36 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
19:36 <Dinorauria 2>
19:36 <HiddenSpirit> Swriously. This is counterproductive. 
19:36 <WhiteReaper> Shut up, Deadpool
19:37 <DeadpoolHacker> omg
19:37 <HiddenSpirit> Im fine 
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Dino.
19:37 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:37 <LightFlower> I love my avatar b/c im just looking all shocked at the above comment
19:37 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:37 <DeadpoolHacker> wtf
19:37 <HiddenSpirit> i hate this
19:37 <WhiteReaper> Oh, okay
19:37 <Dinorauria 2> Hi reading
19:37 <ChaoticPeace> What. PM nao.
19:37 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
19:37 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
19:37 <King Krule> Get some butter
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, that is a self-portrait, isn't it, Light?
19:37 <Thekillersknife> if anyone eats my cookie i'll hit them with the hammer lol
19:37 <ChaoticPeace> YAY UNNI!
19:37 <King Krule> and unstuck yourself
19:37 <WhiteReaper> Necro
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Necro.
19:37 <WhiteReaper> Hi
19:37 <LightFlower> yep reading
19:37 <FutureKooki> *Eats cookie
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nice to meet the person behind the username.
19:37 <King Krule> I don't know how you would get butter if you're stuck
19:37 <Necrosanity> ZI -- imean CHAO BBY
19:37 <LightFlower> :) 
19:37 <Spyro646> future cookie?
19:37 -!- Letsplay941 has joined Special:Chat
19:37 <King Krule> But still
19:37 <ChaoticPeace> <3
19:37 <Necrosanity> Hey White, Why. ._.
19:37 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
19:37 <Devonm08> can any1 help me plz pm
19:37 <Letsplay941> hello
19:37 <Necrosanity> <3
19:37 <BRVR> [[User:Kill1mes|Kill's userpage]]
19:37 <Thekillersknife> *hits kooki with hammer
19:37 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll try, Devon
19:37 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:38 <DeadpoolHacker> @hidden?
19:38 <LightFlower> i'll try too
19:38 <DeadpoolHacker> are you ok...
19:38 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <Letsplay941> ill see if i can help
19:38 <FutureKooki> If I did FutureCookie it would look stupid,I like FutureKooki better
19:38 <BRVR> Who wans o read a creepypasta?
19:38 <FutureKooki> Its more unique :P
19:38 <Letsplay941> i will BRVR
19:38 <LightFlower> I wanna read it BRVR
19:38 <Thekillersknife> me BRVR
19:39 <FutureKooki> School does not help headaches....
19:39 <ScarletDisaster> Someone PM me.
19:39 <Spyro646> cookie
19:39 <FutureKooki> ?
19:39 <Spyro646> can I eat you
19:39 <Thekillersknife> (cookie)
19:39 <Letsplay941> is that the pasta?
19:39 <FutureKooki> .....
19:39 <FutureKooki> Yes
19:39 <BRVR> [[Better in the Dark|This is not mine. Click to read!]]
19:39 <FutureKooki> Yes u can
19:39 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:39 <Letsplay941> ok ill look it up now
19:39 <Spyro646> OM NOM NOM
19:39 <DeadpoolHacker> nooo
19:39 <DeadpoolHacker> no
19:39 <DeadpoolHacker> you monster!
19:39 <DeadpoolHacker> eating cookie like that!
19:39 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <DeadpoolHacker> it's from future.....
19:40 <FutureKooki> The cookie part of me died today
19:40 <Thekillersknife> gimme 20$ gimme 20$ again im bourd
19:40 <Spyro646> (huh)
19:40 <FutureKooki> Ok
19:40 <Letsplay941> BRB
19:40 <Spyro646> (derp)
19:40 <FutureKooki> whats your paypal?
19:40 <LightFlower> got bored w/it BRVR
19:40 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:40 <LightFlower> brb
19:40 <BRVR> [[Papa John's Killer|I can link pages without showing the page's name! Cool, huh?]]
19:40 <FutureKooki> Now im just Future:3
19:40 -!- Letsplay941 has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <DeadpoolHacker> nooo
19:40 <FutureKooki> Ignore the cookie part
19:40 <DeadpoolHacker> Can I use future teleport?
19:40 <FutureKooki> well Spyro ate the cookie part of me so..
19:41 <DeadpoolHacker> plz
19:41 <DeadpoolHacker> plz
19:41 <LightFlower> "A really really really really sexy guy who just happened to be the Beatle's drummer."
19:41 <LightFlower> ~Urban Dictionary
19:41 <FutureKooki> No
19:41 <LightFlower> Referring to Ringo
19:41 <DeadpoolHacker> why?
19:41 <Thekillersknife> (cookie) (cookie) (cookie)
19:41 <Thekillersknife> lol
19:41 <FutureKooki> Der Is kno Powa
19:41 <ScarletDisaster> Sex pinged me
19:41 <ScarletDisaster> Again.
19:41 <Spyro646> O.O
19:41 <FutureKooki> Oh thx Killer
19:41 <LightFlower> Why is your ping sex?
19:41 <FutureKooki> ?
19:41 <LightFlower> Nvm I can't be talking I have Ringo as one of my pings
19:41 <Thekillersknife> NO (ban)
19:41 <DeadpoolHacker> Random....
19:41 <ScarletDisaster> Because reasons.
19:41 <DeadpoolHacker> First of all....
19:41 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:42 <LightFlower> brb u guise gonna go eat good.
19:42 <LightFlower> *food
19:42 <BRVR> [[Category:Theory|The category that contains all of the theories.]]
19:42 <LightFlower> Junk food
19:42 <DeadpoolHacker> ?
19:42 <DeadpoolHacker> ?
19:42 <FutureKooki> (cookie)
19:42 <DeadpoolHacker> again
19:42 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
19:43 <DeadpoolHacker> *Eats all cookies*
19:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:43 <Ponyfan10> chat,how dare you freeze on my face?
19:43 <Ponyfan10> *eats all muffins*
19:43 <FutureKooki> Bless your face :3
19:43 <LightFlower> fuck tables im eating in bed
19:43 <DeadpoolHacker> Bad Chat!
19:43 -!- Givemepancakes has joined Special:Chat
19:43 <ScarletDisaster> Hey pancakes.
19:43 <Ponyfan10> *gives you pancakes*
19:43 <King Krule> Fuck tables get bitches
19:43 <DeadpoolHacker> Pancakes!
19:43 <FutureKooki> *eats EVERYTHING
19:43 <DeadpoolHacker> *Eats Pancakes*
19:43 <Ponyfan10> *gets eaten too*
19:43 <DeadpoolHacker> Nom--nom--nom
19:43 <Givemepancakes> "*PING* *PING* *PING* *PING*"
19:44 <DeadpoolHacker> *Eats users*
19:44 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:44 <Givemepancakes> Maybe I shouldn't have set it to ping my name
19:44 <FutureKooki> My tummy hurts...
19:44 <DeadpoolHacker> *I can't eat reading*
19:44 <Ponyfan10> do whatever you guys do,don't. say. muffin.
19:44 <DeadpoolHacker> m..
19:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I once set my pings to every letter of the alphabet...
19:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Of course you can't!
19:44 <FutureKooki> Muffi.....
19:44 <Thekillersknife> ?
19:44 <DeadpoolHacker> Muffiiiiiii.....
19:44 <LightFlower> There is an animal crossing villager named stitches.  Someone did some fanart that said, "Be stitches get bitches"
19:44 <Givemepancakes> Did that work, Brooke?
19:44 <FutureKooki> orly?
19:45 <Ponyfan10> bad Kooki and Deadpool *whacks both with (news) *
19:45 <FutureKooki> ;(
19:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> IT did work and anything anyone said pinged me. .-.
19:45 <DeadpoolHacker> :'(
19:45 <FutureKooki> U broke me in half
19:45 <DeadpoolHacker> You monster!
19:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It just didn't make all the letters red.
19:45 <FutureKooki> Im a brokin cookie </3
19:45 <ScarletDisaster> Only a for me.
19:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm a Brookie cookie.
19:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xD
19:45 <FutureKooki> broken
19:45 <ScarletDisaster> I did it earlier today lel.
19:45 <FutureKooki> ;(
19:45 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm not your friend anymore...
19:45 <LightFlower> lol set whole alphabet to ping since my computer doesn't make the ping noise
19:45 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:45 -!- Shadow knight 24 has joined Special:Chat
19:45 <Shadow knight 24> hi
19:46 <FutureKooki> Whats with the talk of Ping?
19:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Muffin.
19:46 <DeadpoolHacker> nooooo
19:46 <FutureKooki> Ping is fun to say...
19:46 -!- Spyro646 has left Special:Chat.
19:46 <FutureKooki> *eats Muffin
19:46 <Shadow knight 24> hi im new
19:46 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:46 <LightFlower> Hi shadow!
19:46 <DeadpoolHacker> hi your new!
19:46 <FutureKooki> Welcome
19:46 <LightFlower> I'm light/lucille
19:46 <Ponyfan10> *whacks Kooki witht he news paper*
19:46 <Shadow knight 24> hi light nice too meet yu
19:46 <FutureKooki> STOP IT!
19:46 <DeadpoolHacker> eat that kooki!
19:46 <Thekillersknife> quick question befor i go should i play portal 2 or mortal kombat? i dont know whict to play
19:47 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:47 <FutureKooki> it hurts D:
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm alive!
19:47 <LightFlower> Mortal Kombat!
19:47 <Shadow knight 24> mortal kombat
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> finish him!
19:47 <FutureKooki> Mortal Kombat
19:47 <FutureKooki> Or
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> Fatality!
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:47 <FutureKooki> Play counterstrike:3
19:47 <FutureKooki> source
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> Chocolatality!
19:47 <Thekillersknife> thanks bye guys mortal kombat it is 
19:47 <Shadow knight 24> play bo2
19:47 <DeadpoolHacker> I don't like that
19:48 <LightFlower> play pokemon yellow
19:48 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
19:48 <FutureKooki> Do you like waffles?
19:48 <Shadow knight 24> no thats lame
19:48 <ScarletDisaster> Yeah we like waffles.
19:48 <DeadpoolHacker> hidden is ok?
19:48 <LightFlower> *mind snaps*
19:48 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
19:48 <FutureKooki> Do you like Pancakes?
19:48 <LightFlower> Pokémon...LAME?
19:48 <LightFlower> WTF
19:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Rezac.
19:48 <Ty Rezac> It's my b day today!!!
19:48 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
19:48 <Ty Rezac> Hello!
19:48 <BRVR> Yeah we like pancakes!
19:48 <FutureKooki> Do you like French Toast?
19:48 <BRVR> Happy birthday.
19:48 <Ty Rezac> Playing a game though.
19:48 <BRVR> Yeah we like french toast!
19:48 -!- Spyro646 has joined Special:Chat
19:48 <DeadpoolHacker> Happy Creepy spooky B day to you!
19:48 <Shadow knight 24> yea is i dont know a little boring i guess
19:48 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:48 <LightFlower> gtg
19:48 <DeadpoolHacker> happy B day dear Rezac!
19:48 <FutureKooki> Dododod Cant wait to get a mouthfull!
19:49 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Happy birthday Rezac!
19:49 -!- Spyro646 has left Special:Chat.
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Have a nice year.
19:49 <FutureKooki> Waffles!
19:49 -!- Just Plain Fluttershy has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Arlovskya.
19:49 <ScarletDisaster> cHEASL.
19:49 <DeadpoolHacker> Heppy B day To Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
19:49 <Just Plain Fluttershy> hello
19:49 <Shadow knight 24> hi why im shadow im new here
19:49 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (ban glitter)
19:49 <ScarletDisaster> Oops. Caps.
19:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DUDE!
19:49 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
19:49 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
19:49 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:49 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome to the Wiki Shadow!
19:49 <FutureKooki> Happy birthday to you
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> Yo 
19:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I love that emoticon.
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey cymbal.
19:49 <GentlemanWalrus> Oh! happy birthday!
19:49 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
19:49 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:49 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <GentlemanWalrus> and hai symbol.
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading :)
19:49 <Shadow knight 24> thank why
19:49 <DeadpoolHacker> chat is full!
19:49 <Shadow knight 24> i have a question
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Gentleman
19:49 <Just Plain Fluttershy> hello
19:49 <DeadpoolHacker> what?
19:49 <Natalia Arlovskya> GUYS THIS IS CRUCIAL
19:49 -!- GentlemanWalrus has left Special:Chat.
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> Deadpool, we are reunited :)
19:49 <Givemepancakes> Worm Jeff VS Sarah Kerrigan
19:50 <CrashingCymbal>
19:50 <DeadpoolHacker> Still loving your profile pic!
19:50 <CrashingCymbal> If anyone wants something to read
19:50 <Shadow knight 24> if a username has a star wat does that mean
19:50 <FutureKooki> I am the best cookie ever !
19:50 <FutureKooki> Mod
19:50 <CrashingCymbal> They're a mod shadow
19:50 <Shadow knight 24> ok thanks
19:50 <DeadpoolHacker> @Shadow knight 24
19:50 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
19:50 <CrashingCymbal> Oh and thanks Deadpool if you were talking to me haha
19:50 <DeadpoolHacker> for that ask reading!
19:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Flower
19:50 <Just Plain Fluttershy> I can see that ponyfan is on
19:50 <LightFlower> Can't say no to Ringo!
19:50 <LightFlower> Oh god I have problems
19:51 <Ponyfan10> yes,I am
19:51 <FutureKooki> So many pony pics:3
19:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It means we're Moderators or Admins, Shadow-
19:51 <LightFlower> hai ben
19:51 <Just Plain Fluttershy> ponyfan
19:51 <Ponyfan10> hey (cuntmuffin)
19:51 <Shadow knight 24> everyone search for charlie the unicorn on youtube
19:51 <Shadow knight 24> thanks why
19:51 <Benjaminthewill123123> I am moving to montana sometime
19:51 <DeadpoolHacker> nope why?
19:51 <Ponyfan10> that emote =  Ben
19:51 <Necrosanity> So many fucking unfinished pages. Too much, regardless. .-.
19:51 <LightFlower> everyone on the interwebs has seen that shadow
19:51 <FutureKooki> In the future cookies eat all the ponys....
19:51 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <Just Plain Fluttershy> why can't I PM you?
19:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Montana?
19:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why is that, ben?
19:51 <Just Plain Fluttershy> @ponyfan
19:52 <LightFlower> Montana!  The home of the most proud Muricans!
19:52 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <Ponyfan10> try now Flutters
19:52 <Benjaminthewill123123> t
19:52 <Just Plain Fluttershy> nope
19:52 <FutureKooki> Big chat
19:52 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im moving to montana because I like the country
19:52 <LightFlower> we're one big ass family
19:52 <BRVR> I am going on my wiki cha.
19:52 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:52 <LightFlower> Ben is a proud 'Murican.
19:52 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <BRVR> Wrong wiki.
19:52 <CrashingCymbal> I wanna move to Canada
19:52 <LightFlower> Eh?
19:52 <CrashingCymbal> Or Australia
19:52 <FutureKooki> Why?
19:53 <Shadow knight 24> wat do i do here my friend told me about this place but i dont know wat do i fucking do
19:53 <BRVR> There we go.
19:53 <FutureKooki> Shadow
19:53 <LightFlower> Why Australia? Everything there tries to kill you!
19:53 <CrashingCymbal> People are friendly, economy is good
19:53 <FutureKooki> You talk
19:53 <BRVR> Got the wiki in another tab.
19:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, read stories, Shadow.
19:53 <LightFlower> we just talk bout random shit shadow
19:53 <CrashingCymbal> The sun!
19:53 <LightFlower> We run around in circles
19:53 <Shadow knight 24> im bored of storys
19:53 <LightFlower> and ban underaged 7 year olds
19:53 <FutureKooki> WE EAT COOKIES
19:53 <DeadpoolHacker> Random!
19:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then there is not much, Shadow.
19:53 <FutureKooki> Crap Im 7...
19:53 <LightFlower> lol Kooki
19:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Just let yourself go.
19:53 <FutureKooki> *sneaks away
19:53 <DeadpoolHacker> WTF?
19:53 <Shadow knight 24> ok
19:53 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
19:54 <LightFlower> RYAN!
19:54 <DeadpoolHacker> no problem bro!
19:54 <LightFlower> *glomps*
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> Shadow, watch Breaking Bad or Dexter
19:54 <WalkingDitto> Yo
19:54 <FutureKooki> Im kiding,Im 13 turning 14 in may
19:54 <DeadpoolHacker> ditto!
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> That's a great way of passing the tie
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> *time
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> I keep making spelling mistakes lately
19:54 <LightFlower> Krule!  Get yo ass over here! Ryan is back1
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> It's really annoying
19:54 <LightFlower> My OTP must SURVIVE!
19:54 <Shadow knight 24> im just furious with my school i wanna BLOW IT UP!!!!!
19:54 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:54 <FutureKooki> I skip the class Im n to talk in this chat
19:54 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, Reading, I have great news!
19:54 <LightFlower> Shadow, WTF
19:54 <Shadow knight 24> i dont like dexter
19:55 -!- Just Plain Fluttershy has left Special:Chat.
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> WTF?
19:55 <Givemepancakes> ^@Light
19:55 <LightFlower> That's messed up
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> Well, not just Reading, for anyone who gives a shit:
19:55 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:55 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:55 <LightFlower> I give a shit
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> I passed all of my college assignments :D
19:55 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan
19:55 <LightFlower> YUS!
19:55 <Shadow knight 24> oops sory
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> Horraaayy!!
19:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Excellent!
19:55 <FutureKooki> Nice
19:55 <Child Of Mantra> I have news
19:55 <LightFlower> *high fives cymbal*
19:55 <FutureKooki> ?
19:55 <Kill1mes> Awesome
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> what?
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> ?
19:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Congratulations Cymbal!
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> ?
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> *Accepts high five*
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> Cymbal congrats!
19:55 <Shadow knight 24> who is cymbal
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you :D
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> I am!
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> :(
19:55 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan guess who is back
19:55 <Shadow knight 24> oh ok
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> who?
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> All I need to do now is pass all my exams too haha
19:55 <DeadpoolHacker> tell me!
19:56 <WalkingDitto> NMHH
19:56 <Child Of Mantra> YEAH FUCKER
19:56 <LightFlower> *pushes ryan and krule together* NOW KISS jk
19:56 <Shadow knight 24> does someone has a ps3?
19:56 <FutureKooki> I have the Map test tommorow:3
19:56 <WalkingDitto> In that link, is that ALL of their tour dates?
19:56 <DeadpoolHacker> Me to!
19:56 <FutureKooki> Missouri Assesment program
19:56 <Child Of Mantra> I don't think so
19:56 <DeadpoolHacker> Geography test!
19:56 <HiddenSpirit> Whose tour dates. 
19:56 <LightFlower> Ours are called the PSSAs
19:56 <WalkingDitto> Thank jeebus
19:56 <LightFlower> we finished those last week
19:56 <WalkingDitto> I really need to see them 
19:56 <Shadow knight 24> mine is called ppaa
19:56 <BRVR> I filled my piggy bank with mechanical worms, mechanical skulls, mechanical eyes, suspicious looking eyes and slime crowns.
19:56 <FutureKooki> You live in MO?
19:57 <LightFlower> Pennsylvania Statewide School Assesments
19:57 <Child Of Mantra> Then get your sweet behind to NYC
19:57 <Givemepancakes> I'm drawing my OC as infected by Worm Jeff
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> I still haven't developed my story though
19:57 <LightFlower> What does ppaa stand for?
19:57 <HiddenSpirit> What, Aron? 
19:57 <FutureKooki> Idk
19:57 <Child Of Mantra> what?
19:57 <BRVR> 3996 of each item.
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> I'm re-reading classic pastas for some inspiration
19:57 <DeadpoolHacker> wut?
19:57 <WalkingDitto> Light, you live in PA?
19:57 <FutureKooki> Dead
19:57 <LightFlower> yeah 
19:57 <DeadpoolHacker> Wut?
19:57 <FutureKooki> where do you live?
19:57 <WalkingDitto> Same here
19:57 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan
19:57 <Shadow knight 24> puertorican test for academic advancment
19:57 <DeadpoolHacker> georgia!
19:57 <BRVR> And my safe filled with cursed bullets.
19:57 <WalkingDitto> What part?
19:57 <LightFlower> its where amish ppl and little league is :D
19:57 <FutureKooki> k
19:57 <WalkingDitto> If you don't mind me asking
19:57 <Child Of Mantra> Did you know that Tom Morello made a comic?
19:57 <LightFlower> Williamsport
19:57 <WalkingDitto> I'm in Hanover 
19:58 <WalkingDitto> HE WHAT
19:58 <LightFlower> kewl dats nearby
19:58 <Shadow knight 24> im in puerto rico
19:58 <Child Of Mantra>
19:58 <BRVR> 19980 cursed bullets in the safe.
19:58 <LightFlower> I'll have to drop by Ryans house sometime loljk
19:58 <Child Of Mantra> Not fucking kidding
19:58 <WalkingDitto> Omg do it
19:58 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:58 <Shadow knight 24> kiss him!!
19:58 <WalkingDitto> And holy shit that's awesome
19:58 <WalkingDitto> KISS ME
19:58 <Shadow knight 24> xd
19:58 <DeadpoolHacker> JK
19:58 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
19:58 <FutureKooki> KISS MY DOG
19:58 <BRVR> 23976 total cursed bullets.
19:58 <DeadpoolHacker> WTF
19:59 <LightFlower> 0.o this got out of hand
19:59 <FutureKooki> I dont have a dog:3
19:59 <Shadow knight 24> kiss the dirt
19:59 <BRVR> And a megashark.
19:59 <DeadpoolHacker> shut up guys!
19:59 <WalkingDitto> I'm just joking around 
19:59 <Child Of Mantra> Holy shit
19:59 <LightFlower> I know
19:59 <DeadpoolHacker> JK
19:59 <LightFlower> xD
19:59 <Child Of Mantra> Glenn Danzig also made a comic.
19:59 <Shadow knight 24> wooo summer!!!!
19:59 <LightFlower> summer?
19:59 <LightFlower> Dats 2 months away
19:59 <DeadpoolHacker> summer time wohohoo...
19:59 <LightFlower> or one month
19:59 <DeadpoolHacker> *random*
19:59 <Shadow knight 24> its almost coming
19:59 <LightFlower> I don't really give a shit anymore
19:59 <LightFlower> >Almost coming
19:59 <Devonm08> any1 know who patent 0 is???
19:59 <DeadpoolHacker> *wow*
19:59 <Shadow knight 24> me too
20:00 <LightFlower> Getting REAL tired of your shit Moon Moon
20:00 <Shadow knight 24> yea yu
20:00 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <CrashingCymbal> NINJA :D
20:00 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im going to wyoming this summer
20:00 <FutureKooki> Oh hey Irish
20:00 <LightFlower> Hi irish
20:00 <BRVR> "*Shoots cursed bullets* Hold on, got to reload. *Walks to safe and takes out 3996 cursed bullets and resumes shooting*"
20:00 <Irishninja0> ....
20:00 <DeadpoolHacker> .......?
20:00 <CrashingCymbal> What's up?
20:00 <FutureKooki> Congratz Ben have fun
20:00 <LightFlower> Holy fuckshit MJ in the picture just OMG
20:00 <Shadow knight 24> :(
20:00 <DeadpoolHacker> wut?
20:00 <Shadow knight 24> bored
20:00 <LightFlower> Dat belt
20:00 <LightFlower> xD
20:00 <Irishninja0> I think I've entered that state of anger where now I'm just depressed
20:00 <LightFlower> Dat hair
20:00 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
20:00 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
20:00 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <FutureKooki> Im leaving
20:00 <LightFlower> You're still angry? (TT)
20:00 <CrashingCymbal> I hate that so much Ninja
20:00 <LightFlower> Bai kooki
20:01 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm always depressed!
20:01 <FutureKooki> schools almost out
20:01 <LightFlower> Pram was here? 0.o
20:01 <Shadow knight 24> im a emo
20:01 <CrashingCymbal> Pram was here?
20:01 <LightFlower> *an
20:01 <Devonm08> hi irish
20:01 <Child Of Mantra> I'm Aron
20:01 <WalkingDitto> Ooooh Comely 
20:01 -!- CreepyPastaNation has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <FutureKooki> Bye be on tommorow if im not in bed 
20:01 <CrashingCymbal> I'm Tim
20:01 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
20:01 <Benjaminthewill123123> WTF is pintrest
20:01 <Irishninja0> I mean, now I'm even angrier than I was last night
20:01 <CrashingCymbal> lol
20:01 <Shadow knight 24> im depressed all the time im an emo
20:01 <DeadpoolHacker> Hi Nation!
20:01 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
20:01 <CreepyPastaNation> Anyone got a story I could narrate?
20:01 <LightFlower> Pintrest is a site with projects and stuff 
20:01 <Shadow knight 24> no
20:01 <CrashingCymbal>
20:01 <CreepyPastaNation> HAI
20:01 <LightFlower> its mostly links to etsy shops and stuff
20:01 <BRVR> I can summon 3996 of king slime, skeletron prime, eye of cthulu, the twins, and the destroyer.
20:01 <DeadpoolHacker> Who is emo?
20:01 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
20:01 <CrashingCymbal> CreepyPastaNation
20:01 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan, heard of Porcupine Tree?
20:01 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:01 <CreepyPastaNation> What?
20:02 -!- FutureKooki has left Special:Chat.
20:02 <Shadow knight 24> the stile of the sentimental rocker
20:02 <WalkingDitto> Yeah, Steven Wilson just came out with a new album
20:02 <CrashingCymbal> Narrate mine if you wish :)
20:02 <DeadpoolHacker> wow
20:02 <CreepyPastaNation> Okay
20:02 <CrashingCymbal> PM
20:02 <LightFlower> Hai pasta
20:02 <CreepyPastaNation> Gimme thw link
20:02 <LightFlower> Ur new name is pasta
20:02 <Shadow knight 24> see you tomm orow or later i guess
20:02 <LightFlower> bai shadow
20:02 <DeadpoolHacker> bye dude!
20:02 <CreepyPastaNation> I prefer CPN for short, anyone could be Pasta
20:02 <DeadpoolHacker> see you later bro...
20:02 <Shadow knight 24> bye guys 
20:03 <LightFlower> K
20:03 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:03 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:03 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <CrashingCymbal> Spirit
20:03 -!- Shadow knight 24 has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <CrashingCymbal> sup :D
20:03 <DeadpoolHacker> Hidden are you ok?
20:03 <Child Of Mantra> You can't spell manslaughter without laughter :)
20:03 <BRVR> Creepy.
20:03 <Devonm08>
20:03 <DeadpoolHacker> Hidden?
20:03 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <LightFlower> you can't spell happiness without penis! ;)
20:03 <LightFlower> oh god
20:03 <BRVR> Yes you can.
20:03 <Child Of Mantra> You can't spell Osama Bin Ladin without I'm solid banana
20:03 <BRVR> Happiness.
20:03 <LightFlower> look what the interwebs has done to me
20:04 <Irishninja0> There is an I in team
20:04 <Irishninja0> Its in the a-hole
20:04 <DeadpoolHacker> happiness.......*secret*
20:04 <LightFlower> lol irish
20:04 <CreepyPastaNation> Hapenis
20:04 <LightFlower> HaPpINESs
20:04 <MooseJuice> ...How long do you think it took someone to form "I'm solid banana" from "Osama Bin Ladin?"
20:04 <DeadpoolHacker> happenis
20:04 <LightFlower> Rearrange them
20:04 <LightFlower> A long time moose
20:05 <LightFlower> a long time
20:05 <Child Of Mantra> boredom
20:05 <BRVR> I'm solid banana? XD
20:05 <LightFlower> lol
20:05 <MooseJuice> "I'm not going to do work today; I'm just going to make Bin Ladin's name spell funny things."
20:05 <LightFlower> ^
20:05 <BRVR> It was easy.
20:05 <Irishninja0> I can tell you one thing, if you rearrange irishninja0 you get.....
20:05 -!- Thelegendofasome has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <LightFlower> If you rearrange LightFlower you get FlowerLight.  Holy fuckshit.
20:06 <CreepyPastaNation> T_T
20:06 <Thelegendofasome> irishninja?
20:06 <LightFlower> That's fucking amazing jk
20:06 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm Banana!
20:06 <CrashingCymbal> My god...
20:06 -!- Mrjuki has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Irishninja0> A jumble of words
20:06 <CreepyPastaNation> Well, that's it for my day
20:06 <Irishninja0> and letters
20:06 <Thelegendofasome> Hi btw
20:06 <Mrjuki> heluu :p
20:06 <LightFlower> you get 0ninjairish xD
20:06 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:06 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Givemepancakes> Hah! Penis!
20:06 <BRVR> Ninjiriash.
20:06 <LightFlower> Holy Fuckshit is my new favorite phrase
20:06 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Thelegendofasome> if you mixed up my name you get....
20:06 <Thelegendofasome> i dunno
20:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Legend, Spirit.
20:07 <MooseJuice> So Kirsten Dunst was born today...
20:07 <LightFlower> Asomeoflegendthe
20:07 <Irishninja0> Hi legend, hi juki
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> hi
20:07 <HiddenSpirit> Hi.  
20:07 <LightFlower> Hai hidden
20:07 <Child Of Mantra> brb home dogs
20:07 <HiddenSpirit> Hi. 
20:07 <BRVR> I went insane at a couch.
20:07 <CrashingCymbal> CrashingNinja
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> I'm watching they live
20:07 <CrashingCymbal> IrishCymbal
20:07 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <Mrjuki> sup ? :3
20:07 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> mever saw it
20:07 <BRVR> Let's mix our names!
20:07 <Irishninja0> Thats thing to say crash
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> *never
20:07 <BRVR> Thelegendofninja.
20:07 <CreepyPastaNation> "The only time I felt scared was when I went to sleep. . ." - Unknown
20:07 <CrashingCymbal> ThelegendofaBRVR
20:07 <BRVR> Irishawesome.
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> fusion, hA
20:07 <LightFlower> IrishFlower
20:07 <Thelegendofasome> *HA
20:07 <Irishninja0> Thats awesome br
20:08 <Thelegendofasome> Crashinglegend
20:08 <Irishninja0> Lightninja
20:08 <LightFlower> ^
20:08 <LightFlower> THIS
20:08 <CrashingCymbal> WhyAmILOLSKELETONSThis
20:08 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <Irishninja0> I like Irishflower
20:08 <Thelegendofasome> Hi Sarah
20:08 <CrashingCymbal> Lieutenant Cymbal
20:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (reading)(ls)
20:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Sarah.
20:08 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Heyyo. 
20:08 <BRVR> *Screeches*
20:08 <LightFlower> TheLegendofLieutenantIrishFlower
20:08 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:08 <LightFlower> xD
20:08 <Thelegendofasome> Clericoflegend
20:08 <MooseJuice> Have you guys seen that trailer for the Conjuring? 
20:08 <Irishninja0> XD
20:08 <CrashingCymbal> ChaoticMooseCymbal
20:08 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm back!
20:08 <BRVR> Clericjuice
20:08 <CrashingCymbal> Child of Moose
20:08 <Irishninja0> Wait...someone combine all the usernames in chat right now
20:08 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <LightFlower> KK im on it
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> oh god don't
20:09 <CrashingCymbal> Oh God Ninja haha
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> it will be a wall of text
20:09 <CrashingCymbal> That would take forever
20:09 <DeadpoolHacker> come on combine!
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> seriously don't
20:09 <BRVR> Deadjuice.
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> i mean it
20:09 <CreepyPastaNation> Bye everyponny!!!
20:09 <MooseJuice> Does anyone else think the end scare is silly?
20:09 <Devonm08>
20:09 <CrashingCymbal> Okay, I'll go for it
20:09 -!- CreepyPastaNation has left Special:Chat.
20:09 <LightFlower> Eh I'm not getting kicked
20:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Nation.
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> nothing good will come to it
20:09 <Mrjuki> bye creepy 
20:09 <BRVR> Lieutenant Flower.
20:09 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:09 <Thelegendofasome> and bye
20:09 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <LightFlower> Crashing Lesbian
20:09 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sorry that I started this haha
20:09 <CrashingCymbal> (ohgodwhy)
20:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <Thelegendofasome> don't say that too soon
20:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Har har, Sarah and I can't be combined, har har.
20:10 <Thelegendofasome> whyamilesbian
20:10 <Thelegendofasome> boom
20:10 <DeadpoolHacker> Andytags  Barry2345  Benjaminthewill123123 BrookeBattlesAgainst  BRVR  ChaoticPeace  Child Of Mantra  ClericofMadness Away  CPwikiCHATlogger  CrashingCymbal  CreepyPastaNation  Devonm08Givemepancakes  HERROZAEL Away  HiddenSpirit  Irishninja0  Kill1mes  King Krule  Lieutenant Lesbian  LightFlower  MooseJuice  Mrjuki  Necrosanity Ponyfan10ScarletDisaster  Thelegendofasome  WalkingDitto WhiteReaperWhyAmIRead
20:10 <CrashingCymbal> WALL OF TEXT
20:10 <Ponyfan10> (spam)
20:10 <Lieutenant Lesbian> DON'T DO THAT. 
20:10 <Thelegendofasome> told you so
20:10 <BRVR> Who is away?
20:10 <LightFlower> WhyamILieutenantLesbianThis?
20:10 <DeadpoolHacker> so lets combine!
20:10 <MooseJuice> Why yes, that is the name of everyone in chat.
20:10 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Also. 
20:10 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Stop guys. 
20:10 <Thelegendofasome> nobody listens to legend, he's a jackass
20:10 <DeadpoolHacker> *9 hours later*
20:10 <DeadpoolHacker> aaagh
20:10 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:10 <Necrosanity> Boo.
20:11 <Necrosanity> .-.
20:11 <DeadpoolHacker> aaagh
20:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Necro
20:11 <Thelegendofasome> hai necro
20:11 <Thelegendofasome> wb hiddun]
20:11 <Necrosanity> Ohai. ._.
20:11 -!- Mrjuki has left Special:Chat.
20:11 <BRVR> [[Tootsie Pop.|Click to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop!]]
20:11 <Thelegendofasome> two people who should be on my top 100 favourite people on this wiki
20:11 <LightFlower> Well...Is it me?
20:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Top 100? You have a lot of favorite,.
20:12 <Thelegendofasome> lolnope
20:12 <Irishninja0> Is it me legend?
20:12 <LightFlower> I AM pretty amazing
20:12 <Irishninja0> I am a ninja
20:12 <Thelegendofasome> number one is myself :3
20:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> legend is so humble
20:12 <WalkingDitto> I am second sexiest 
20:12 <WalkingDitto> bow to me
20:12 <DeadpoolHacker>
20:12 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Hidden's the first. 
20:12 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I MEAN.
20:12 <Lieutenant Lesbian> WHAT.
20:12 <Lieutenant Lesbian> UM UM UH.
20:12 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
20:12 <Thelegendofasome> umwut
20:13 <LightFlower> I am obviously the smexiest here ;)
20:13 <LightFlower> xD
20:13 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Who actually says smexy. 
20:13 <DeadpoolHacker> Smexy?
20:13 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Like. 
20:13 <Thelegendofasome> i wouldn't make a list of my fav users
20:13 <WalkingDitto> smooxxy
20:13 <Thelegendofasome> god knows there will be butthurt
20:13 <LightFlower> I do sarah
20:13 <DeadpoolHacker> who invented new Smexy style?
20:13 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Why the hell was that conceived of. 
20:13 <Lieutenant Lesbian> WELL YOU SHOULDN'T. 
20:13 <Thelegendofasome> to people who i don't even know
20:13 <LightFlower> <---I'm fucking adorable.
20:14 <DeadpoolHacker> I'm Smexy And I know it!
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> i won't
20:14 <DeadpoolHacker> XD
20:14 <Lieutenant Lesbian> My avatar is the best avatar. 
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> i really won't
20:14 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Period. 
20:14 <BRVR> I can't play terraria.
20:14 <WalkingDitto> Nope.jpg
20:14 <Kill1mes> My avatar is second best
20:14 <DeadpoolHacker> <---------WTF?
20:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> My avatar is 0.5 best
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> people woth pitchforks and torches would come to my door if i made a top 100 fav users
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> *would
20:14 <DeadpoolHacker> reading you  are boss!
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> *with
20:14 -!- DeadpoolHacker has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <Givemepancakes> My drawing is done
20:14 <Thelegendofasome> mine is just, i dunno
20:15 <WalkingDitto> I don't even think I could list more than twenty people on here that I like, lol
20:15 <Thelegendofasome> am i in it
20:15 <BRVR> Wow! That's a 94253 price!
20:15 <HiddenSpirit> Wow. 
20:15 <Thelegendofasome> wut?
20:15 <BRVR> I can't play on terraria servers.
20:15 <Thelegendofasome> i was joking
20:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A 94253 price?
20:15 <BRVR> Yes.
20:15 <LightFlower> My fav person on here is prolly either Sarah, Kill, or Krule 
20:15 <WalkingDitto> fuku2
20:15 <LightFlower> Or irish
20:15 <LightFlower> or scar
20:15 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:15 <LightFlower> DANGIT I like 2 many ppl
20:15 <Thelegendofasome> *AHEM*
20:15 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I was listed first so.
20:15 <LightFlower> AND Ryan
20:15 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Ya know. 
20:15 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <LightFlower> Sarah was my first friend on here
20:16 <Thelegendofasome> *AHEM*
20:16 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Irishninja0> I thought we were besties light (TT)
20:16 <WalkingDitto> oh sure say me last 
20:16 <WalkingDitto> SAY ME LAST
20:16 <WalkingDitto> ;w;
20:16 <LightFlower> We are besties
20:16 <BRVR> My favorite user is flyingrockface134.
20:16 <Irishninja0> Then i should be the best
20:16 <Thelegendofasome> oh yeah ryan, she didin't even say my name
20:16 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> It's okay Ryan I don't like you either. 
20:16 <Thelegendofasome> (alone)
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I mean.
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Nawjk.
20:16 <LightFlower> 1. Irish 2.Sarah 3. Kill 4. Krule 5. Scar 6. Ryan
20:16 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> TWO?!
20:16 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:16 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Thelegendofasome> *AHEM*
20:16 <WalkingDitto> HAH 
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> ARE YOU SAYING I'M NUMBER TWO?
20:16 <WalkingDitto> I'M ON THERE 
20:16 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'm shit! 
20:16 <BRVR> [[user:flyingrockface134|AKA Mr. Nonexistant.]]
20:16 <ScarletDisaster> Hey.
20:17 <LightFlower> Sarah stop ur butthurt
20:17 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:17 <Lieutenant Lesbian> THAT'S NOT VERY NICE. 
20:17 <Lieutenant Lesbian> nou
20:17 <Thelegendofasome> anybody?
20:17 <Thelegendofasome> k
20:17 <LightFlower> xD
20:17 <Thelegendofasome> i iz foreveralonez
20:17 <Devonm08>\aDgTQ
20:17 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:17 <ScarletDisaster> How am I 5th.
20:17 <Lieutenant Lesbian> stahp
20:17 <LightFlower> Honorable mentions are Reading, hidden, and Cleric
20:17 <Thelegendofasome> *ahem*
20:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
20:17 <Thelegendofasome> *nugh* *nugh*
20:17 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has joined Special:Chat
20:18 <Thelegendofasome> Hai ben
20:18 <Benjaminthewill123123> Why the fuck is tumblr so fucking slow
20:18 <Lieutenant Lesbian> This popcorn is so good. 
20:18 <LightFlower> Shit I forgot Ben
20:18 <LightFlower> xD
20:18 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:18 <ScarletDisaster> Yo ben.
20:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> More like what are you doing on Tumblr Ben?
20:18 <LightFlower> I'm just causing butthurt everywhere
20:18 <Thelegendofasome> *cough* and legend *cough*
20:18 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well.
20:18 <LightFlower> I don't have a tumblr.  I just stalk other's tumblr
20:18 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Let's say it involves Yaoi...
20:18 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I mean. 
20:18 <Benjaminthewill123123> yes?
20:18 <Lieutenant Lesbian> ...Yeah I mean Yaoi.
20:18 <LightFlower> If I started an ask blog, would you guise read it and submit asks?
20:18 <Thelegendofasome> not yuri, just yaoi
20:19 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I haven't gotten an ask submitted to me in a while. 
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ask blog of what?
20:19 <ScarletDisaster> I would Light.
20:19 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:19 <Benjaminthewill123123> I dont look up yaoi on tumblr, thats for the lower class
20:19 <LightFlower> K.
20:19 <Irishninja0> I would light
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben is classy.
20:19 <Thelegendofasome> depends on what it's about
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He wouldn't do that.
20:19 <LightFlower> Seth MacFarlane Tag is synonymous with Butthurt.
20:19 <Thelegendofasome> (indeed) <---- Ben
20:19 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:19 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:20 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:20 <LightFlower> Who should I do an ask blog for?
20:20 <LightFlower> I'll just do myself.
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> Me?
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> oh
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> ok
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> (alone)
20:20 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Yeah.
20:20 <Benjaminthewill123123> I use tumblr for other... much more shameful things
20:20 <LightFlower> kk
20:20 <Lieutenant Lesbian> He looks it up on.
20:20 <LightFlower> brb gonna make a tumblr now
20:20 <LightFlower> Should it be AskLightFloewr
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> i dun need tumblr
20:20 <LightFlower> *Flower
20:20 <Lieutenant Lesbian>
20:20 <LightFlower> or should I do Zelda or somthing
20:20 <Thelegendofasome> too anti-social
20:21 <Irishninja0> do lightflower one
20:21 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:21 <LightFlower> kk
20:21 <Thelegendofasome> asking legend imean lightflower
20:21 <Benjaminthewill123123> I wonder if exists
20:21 <LightFlower> gonna go make a tumblr for mahself
20:21 <Thelegendofasome> wait, wut
20:21 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Lieutenant Lesbian> That sounds like something you would make. 
20:21 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Thelegendofasome> what is that, i don't even
20:21 <Thelegendofasome> Hi Mantra
20:21 <Child Of Mantra> My internet is letting me down
20:21 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
20:21 <Child Of Mantra> SHARAH
20:21 <BRVR> Should I fight bosses?
20:22 <Benjaminthewill123123> If it doesnt exist im making it
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> yus
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> well, depends
20:22 <BRVR> Which ones?
20:22 <Lieutenant Lesbian> WHY CAN'T ANYONE SPELL MY NAME RIGHT.
20:22 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
20:22 <Lieutenant Lesbian> SARAH.
20:22 <Lieutenant Lesbian> IS IT THAT HARD.
20:22 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <Benjaminthewill123123> sara
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> yus
20:22 <Child Of Mantra> SARHA
20:22 <BRVR> Out of skeletron prime, king slime, Eye of Cthulu, destroyer...
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> rhara
20:22 <Child Of Mantra> RHASA
20:22 <Ifarted666> Lesbain
20:22 <BRVR> And the twins.
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> *sahara
20:22 <Ifarted666> The bane of les's.
20:22 <Child Of Mantra> haras
20:22 <Lieutenant Lesbian> fuck you neb, aorn, and lenged 
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> the eye
20:22 <Thelegendofasome> then skeletor
20:22 <Child Of Mantra> sary i no pedo
20:23 <Thelegendofasome> then eater of worlds
20:23 <BRVR> I got 8 cursed bullets.
20:23 <Thelegendofasome> but make sure you prepare yourself
20:23 <BRVR> *8 stacks of 999.
20:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <Thelegendofasome> epic armour, epic wepons
20:23 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:23 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Child Of Mantra> You can't spell ur mum without ur mum
20:23 <BRVR> Hallowed armor, megashark.
20:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Irishninja0> actually you can mantra
20:23 <Irishninja0> watch
20:23 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You can't spell subtext. 
20:23 <Thelegendofasome> you can't spell slaughter without laughter
20:24 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Without buttsex. 
20:24 <Irishninja0> Your Mom
20:24 <Irishninja0> You just have to spell it right
20:24 <Irishninja0> Which you unfortunately did not
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> british people say mum
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> just saying
20:24 <Child Of Mantra> You can't spell Osama Bin Ladin without I'm solid banana
20:24 <Child Of Mantra> I say mum
20:24 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:24 -!- Furbearingbrick has joined Special:Chat
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> Hai fur
20:24 <Irishninja0> ok, Your mum
20:24 <Child Of Mantra> And i ain't no brit
20:24 <Givemepancakes> Fur
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> i know
20:24 <Irishninja0> I still spelled it right
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> your norwegian for something right?
20:24 <Furbearingbrick> Looks like Skelly's rule about titles is attracting a bit of butthurt.
20:24 <Thelegendofasome> *you're
20:24 <Irishninja0> Light, pm's
20:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Fur.
20:24 <Child Of Mantra> ICELANDIC
20:24 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
20:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Some of it.
20:25 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:25 <Child Of Mantra> Icelandicks
20:25 <Thelegendofasome> well, that wasn't uexpcted
20:25 <Thelegendofasome> i was close
20:25 -!- Givemepancakes has left Special:Chat.
20:25 -!- Givemepancakes has joined Special:Chat
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also Fur, an user was wondering earlier if Slenderman's back is sexy. And he seems to think that you're the correct user to answer it through a drawing.
20:25 <Child Of Mantra> Norway has a royal penguin.
20:25 <Lieutenant Lesbian> "Don't you wish you're girlfriend was grammatically correct like me." 
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Seeing how that user was ashamed of asking it, I pass you the message.
20:25 <Child Of Mantra> Your argument is invalid.
20:25 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I saw this on a Facebook post. 
20:25 <Thelegendofasome> lol
20:25 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I wept for humanity. 
20:25 <Givemepancakes> Darn freezing
20:25 <Givemepancakes> Anyway, what I was gonna say was
20:25 <Child Of Mantra> Grammer*
20:25 <Benjaminthewill123123>
20:26 <Child Of Mantra> and now we wait
20:26 <Givemepancakes> I drew my OC as a Forager
20:26 <Thelegendofasome> humanity, y u so dumb
20:26 <Ifarted666> I spent all night and this morning watching Marble Hornets.
20:26 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <Ifarted666> That stuff is SCARY
20:26 <Givemepancakes> And I may have imagined Worm Jeff's swarm fighting the Zerg Swarm
20:26 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <CrashingCymbal> Marble Hornets is epic
20:26 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Why the hell would anyone ask for Comic Sans as their font signature... 
20:26 <Thelegendofasome> jeff rush, kekekekeke
20:26 <Child Of Mantra> EXACTLY
20:27 <CrashingCymbal> Comic Sans?
20:27 <Thelegendofasome> i'm subbed to marble hornets
20:27 <Child Of Mantra> We should have a comic sans day
20:27 <Thelegendofasome> just saiyan
20:27 <CrashingCymbal> Please explain :P haha
20:27 <Child Of Mantra> We should have a comic sans day
20:27 <Lieutenant Lesbian> NO WE FUCKING SHOULDN'T. 
20:27 <Benjaminthewill123123> [[MediaWiki:Benjamin/CoffeSig]] I do good?
20:27 <Child Of Mantra> that would be totally killer.
20:27 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well. 
20:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I can see in the future...
20:27 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> April Fools day...
20:27 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Comic Sans is this shitty font that nobody likes. 
20:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...the whole Wiki gets turned into comic Sand
20:27 <Benjaminthewill123123> *[[MediaWiki:Benjamin/CoffeeSig]] HERE
20:28 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Except for teachers and shit like that. 
20:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *Comic Sans
20:28 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Like when I see my teacher use either Comic Sans or Internet Explorer. 
20:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And in that same April Fools day...
20:28 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:28 <Lieutenant Lesbian> All professionalism is lost. 
20:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...Sarah gets an aneurysm, because of her rage.
20:28 <ClericofMadness> Oh look someone did all the hard work for me this year
20:28 <Child Of Mantra> Sharaphopox
20:28 <Givemepancakes> fur?
20:28 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Cleric.
20:28 <ClericofMadness> Happypasta Wiki, then Jeff the Killer Wiki
20:28 <Benjaminthewill123123> Ill get the CSS ready Cleric
20:28 <Givemepancakes> Happypasta?
20:28 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Happypasta was better. 
20:28 <ClericofMadness> Now the COMIC SANS HORROR wiki :3
20:29 <Child Of Mantra> ^
20:29 <Child Of Mantra> ^
20:29 <ClericofMadness> Happypasta was best prank
20:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A shame I missed it.
20:29 <Givemepancakes> What's Happypasta?
20:29 <Thelegendofasome> damn
20:29 <BRVR> What's so bad about the comic sans?
20:29 <Thelegendofasome> shame indeed
20:29 <Child Of Mantra> wait happypasta
20:29 <CrashingCymbal> 
20:29 <Benjaminthewill123123> #Body {font-family:cursive;} this is all you need to add
20:29 <Child Of Mantra> holy shit i remember that
20:29 <CrashingCymbal> Holy fuck...
20:29 <Ponyfan10> everything is bad about comic sans
20:29 <Irishninja0> Hi cleric
20:29 <CrashingCymbal> Boeing 747 crashed yesterday
20:30 <Thelegendofasome> what is comic sans
20:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <CrashingCymbal> Caught on camera
20:30 <Ponyfan10> *secretly likes comic sans*
20:30 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:30 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Pony. 
20:30 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I will slap you upside the head. 
20:30 <Child Of Mantra> Horse.
20:30 -!- Devonm08 has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <Thelegendofasome> i don't have a life, but that's with games
20:30 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Thelegendofasome> so, explain
20:30 <Ponyfan10> (jetpack) catch me if you can
20:30 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Sarah Jessica Parker. 
20:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> hi Jim.
20:30 <Thelegendofasome> Hi Friendly
20:30 <Child Of Mantra> Sharah 
20:30 <FriendlyJim> Hello
20:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Aorn.
20:30 <Child Of Mantra> Sarha Jssiaca porker
20:30 <Thelegendofasome> lol
20:31 <Benjaminthewill123123> coffees sig looks like a banana dildo...
20:31 <Child Of Mantra> my internet is fucking up
20:31 <FriendlyJim> Mantra, do you lift?
20:31 <ClericofMadness> >makes a song about gold diggers
20:31 <ClericofMadness> >knocks up Kim Kardashian
20:31 <Child Of Mantra> In fact i do.
20:31 <FriendlyJim> (jelly)
20:31 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:31 <FriendlyJim> Me too :)
20:32 <Child Of Mantra> Guitar is also a good arm exercise
20:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:32 <Child Of Mantra> So is masturbating
20:32 <Givemepancakes> Okay, I just uploaded my OC as infected by Worm Jeff
20:32 <WhiteReaper> I'm stealing all dat source, ben.
20:32 <FriendlyJim> Ha, good one Mantra
20:32 <Child Of Mantra> It is true.
20:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sneaky sneaky, Reaper.
20:32 <Child Of Mantra> It is true.
20:32 <Irishninja0> Hi jim
20:32 <Child Of Mantra>
20:32 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:32 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:32 <WhiteReaper> I can now do double and triple borders.
20:33 -!- Barry2345 has left Special:Chat.
20:33 <FriendlyJim> Hello
20:33 <Benjaminthewill123123> I can do CSS animations and transformaations bitch >:D
20:33 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
20:33 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
20:33 <Child Of Mantra> sorry internet problems
20:33 <BRVR> II forgot wjat I was doing.
20:33 <Child Of Mantra> Goodbye sharah
20:33 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
20:33 <WhiteReaper> Also, ben, how's my favorite stalker?
20:33 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
20:33 <WhiteReaper> *favourite
20:34 <WhiteReaper> You people make me lose my english spelling. .-.
20:34 <FriendlyJim> It feels kinda weird that everyone has got pictures of cartoons and ponies and stuff, and I'm sitting here with a pentagram made of blood
20:34 <Kill1mes> Aj?
20:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> I am gonna stalk you forever
20:34 <BRVR> 9990 gravitation potions.
20:34 <Kill1mes> Or Ben?
20:34 <Thelegendofasome> Keel
20:34 <Thelegendofasome> hai
20:34 <Kill1mes> Hai
20:34 <WhiteReaper> Wait, Kill. how did that get to you?
20:34 <WhiteReaper> xD
20:34 <WhiteReaper> The Aj thing.
20:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im going to admit
20:34 <Kill1mes> Did you hear the other news about her?
20:34 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> I was trying to get you to strip XD
20:34 <Benjaminthewill123123> I SAW IT
20:34 <Kill1mes> Maybe this should get to pm...
20:34 <WhiteReaper> I KNEW IT.
20:35 <WhiteReaper> Hm, yeah, Kill, let's pm
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn it Pancakes isn't here and I'm requesting an explanation of this:
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
20:35 -!- Thelegendofasome has left Special:Chat.
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I want to hear the story behind this :(
20:35 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
20:35 <Benjaminthewill123123> What it is blank
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh, he IS here
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn period, Ben.
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> How am I supposed to link something with a period?
20:35 <Benjaminthewill123123> jk i deleted it
20:35 <BRVR> 29970 minutes of gravitation?
20:36 -!- Dudemanstuff has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw, why did you do that :(
20:36 <Dudemanstuff> Wussup
20:36 -!- Dudemanstuff was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 31536000000 seconds.
20:36 -!- Dudemanstuff has left Special:Chat.
20:36 -!- Silvertimegaming has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben, is th IP ban working yet?
20:36 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well that escalated quickly. 
20:36 <FriendlyJim> What just happened?
20:36 <Benjaminthewill123123> Yes 
20:36 <Silvertimegaming> Hello?
20:36 <Benjaminthewill123123> he just used a proxy
20:36 <BRVR> [[Category:Troll Pasta|Category:???]]
20:36 <FriendlyJim> Hello
20:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That explains it.
20:37 <Benjaminthewill123123> Well reaper
20:37 <WhiteReaper> Yeah?
20:37 <Benjaminthewill123123> I was hoping you would do it
20:37 <Benjaminthewill123123> >:D
20:37 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:37 <FriendlyJim> So many mods.  . . You aren't safe anywhere.
20:38 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:38 -!- Silvertimegaming has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <WhiteReaper> Hey, I would.
20:38 <Lieutenant Lesbian> GOOD.
20:38 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 <WhiteReaper> If it was for a girl, that would do it too, and in private.
20:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> Then... why didnt you
20:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> BIDNESS
20:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> BECAUSE HE'S UNLOVED. 
20:39 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> sup hoe
20:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> bitch...
20:39 <BRVR> Lol.
20:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> OI.
20:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'M A VIXEN NOT A BITCH. 
20:39 <FriendlyJim> Random question of the day, does anyone like metal?
20:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> BITCH WHAT U OI 4
20:39 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Fucking whore. 
20:39 <BRVR> Lol.
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I like metal.
20:40 <Benjaminthewill123123> -must be nice-
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aluminium is my favorite.
20:40 <Lieutenant Lesbian> DAMN IT.
20:40 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I WAS GOING TO USE THAT JOKE.
20:40 <FriendlyJim> Ba-dum-tss
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> too bad sarah
20:40 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Apologize. 
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> NOU
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Go on, say you're sorry. 
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> DONT DO EET
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Hush Ben.
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> dun tell me wat 2 do
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> It's past your bedtime dearie. 
20:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm sooooooory D:
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP. 
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> no it isnt
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You should be.
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> no i dun wanna
20:41 <Lieutenant Lesbian> *pats Why on the head*
20:41 <Benjaminthewill123123> u ger ter sleerp
20:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, is Why a good boy?
20:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> no
20:42 <Lieutenant Lesbian> No.
20:42 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You're a good girl. 
20:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> go to your room and think about how much of a suck uo you are
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (huehue)
20:42 <FriendlyJim> Ouch
20:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> *up
20:42 <Lieutenant Lesbian> ben go to bed 
20:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> nou
20:42 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Do I have to get the tranquilizers out again. 
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben hurt my feelings so I go to my room. 
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Waaaaaaah
20:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> You wouldnt dare
20:42 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Why you can come out now. 
20:42 <BRVR> I don't have a room.
20:43 <Kill1mes> FITE FITE FITE
20:43 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I live in a box.
20:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, heh, I'm done with these shenanigans.
20:43 <Kill1mes> A box lives in me.
20:43 <CrashingCymbal> I live in a bathtub
20:43 <Benjaminthewill123123> Ill put soap on your fur so when you lick it off you... you eat soap I guess
20:43 <FriendlyJim> I live in a lake
20:43 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:43 <Givemepancakes> shit
20:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey again Irish.
20:43 <Givemepancakes> it pinged "Fur"
20:43 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You wouldn't dare. 
20:43 <Kill1mes> Hello Irish.
20:43 <Benjaminthewill123123> I would
20:43 <FriendlyJim> Listen to this, it's awesome
20:43 <Irishninja0> Hey
20:43 <Kill1mes> *pours soap on Sarah* beat you
20:44 -!- Givemepancakes has left Special:Chat.
20:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Hard to do that when you're unconscious though. 
20:44 -!- Ifarted666 has left Special:Chat.
20:44 <Kill1mes> D:
20:44 <Benjaminthewill123123> I will hire a male stripper for you, and he will show up in the middle of the night
20:44 -!- Ponyfan10 has left Special:Chat.
20:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> *chloroforms Ben and Kill*
20:44 -!- Ponyfan10 has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <Irishninja0> *knocks sarah over head with bat*  I want to fight too
20:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> In other news. 
20:44 <Kill1mes> x.x
20:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> We're stopping. 
20:44 <Irishninja0> ohhh
20:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Now onto Kill for the weather. 
20:44 <Benjaminthewill123123> sarah
20:45 <Benjaminthewill123123> I am sending you a male stripper
20:45 <Irishninja0> Can I get a female one?
20:45 <Benjaminthewill123123> no
20:45 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Good, I can send him off for twice the price. 
20:45 <FriendlyJim> *Rips of clothes* I have arrived
20:45 <Kill1mes> IT'S RAINY
20:45 <Benjaminthewill123123> ill give him more money if he stays
20:45 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Too bad. 
20:45 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Now go back to bed Ben. 
20:45 <Benjaminthewill123123> NO D:
20:45 <Irishninja0> oh
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Good job Kill.
20:46 <Irishninja0> I wanted a female
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Now onto Ben with sports. 
20:46 <Irishninja0> Sarah could you be my female?
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> HELL NO.
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> But Kill can.
20:46 <Irishninja0> What about to my sister?
20:46 <Irishninja0> Can you be to her?
20:46 <Kill1mes> Why is Sarah all of a sudden Ben and Read's mother?
20:46 <Kill1mes> Well, was
20:46 <Benjaminthewill123123> They suck the end, your life is pathetic and you should feel terrible and worthless, now onto bidness for the dailoy bitch
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I am?
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> The fuck?
20:46 <Kill1mes> Yes.
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> When.
20:46 <Benjaminthewill123123> Daily*
20:46 <Kill1mes> You are now Ben and Read's mother.
20:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Also.
20:46 <Irishninja0> I can be the weird uncle thats awesome at everything
20:46 <Kill1mes> And they are twins.
20:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is news to me! Now I picture us as a family.
20:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> THEY'RE BOTH OLDER THAN ME.
20:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha
20:47 <Kill1mes> Twins that look nothing alike.
20:47 <Irishninja0> That makes things awkward
20:47 <Benjaminthewill123123> THINGS HAPPEN BIDNESS
20:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'm thirteen I am not getting my own damn reality show. 
20:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also yes Irish, you can be one of the weird uncles.
20:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I am not anyone's mother. 
20:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'll be your sister all you fucking want but mother is a hell no.
20:47 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
20:48 <Kill1mes> (ok)
20:48 <Irishninja0> Well I think you would sarah
20:48 <Kill1mes> 13 ad a mother to twins, coming to MTV this summer
20:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> KILL.
20:48 <Kill1mes> SARAH.
20:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> YOU'RE ADOPTED. 
20:48 <Kill1mes> D:
20:48 <Animemaster23> ok.. I came at a weird time
20:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Anime.
20:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> brb
20:48 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
20:48 <Kill1mes> Wait, who are my parents then
20:48 <Animemaster23> and hey... reading
20:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Banned people
20:48 <Kill1mes> D:
20:48 <Benjaminthewill123123> -steals sarahs dice and sets them on fire-
20:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ben that is rude
20:48 -!- Furbearingbrick has left Special:Chat.
20:49 <Benjaminthewill123123> and?
20:49 <Kill1mes> How r00d
20:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What will Sarah say when she hears about this?
20:49 <Irishninja0> I really hate chat right now
20:49 <Irishninja0> not the people
20:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why, Irish?
20:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah.
20:49 <Benjaminthewill123123> I dun give a fuq
20:49 <Irishninja0> just the chat, it keeps getting messed up
20:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> She'll scold you and revoke your programming privileges, Ben.
20:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> D:
20:49 <Irishninja0> For some reason I have to keep refreshing
20:49 <Kill1mes> Ben is a rebel.
20:49 <Benjaminthewill123123> ill channge everythinng to comic sans
20:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, this is going to be one long fight
20:50 <Irishninja0> Can I join in?
20:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Can you?
20:50 <Kill1mes> I wanna fite!
20:50 <Irishninja0> May I?
20:50 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Benjaminthewill123123> bidness i burned your dice
20:50 <Kill1mes> Sarah, who are my real parents?
20:51 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Auntie Shini and Uncle Oblit. 
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Ben.
20:51 <Kill1mes> O-o-oblit...
20:51 <Kill1mes> O_O
20:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Anime.
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Go back to being Maria. ._.
20:51 <Animemaster23> cya reading
20:51 <Kill1mes> brb, killing self
20:51 <Benjaminthewill123123> -gasp-
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> k
20:51 <Kill1mes> Anime, caps
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I mean.
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Don't. 
20:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also wow Kill...ignorange was bliss!
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I mean. 
20:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *Ignorance
20:51 <Benjaminthewill123123> go back to.... to playing pokemon
20:51 <Animemaster23> I know kill
20:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> k
20:51 -!- Raquaable has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Benjaminthewill123123> (T_T)
20:52 <Kill1mes> You know huh?
20:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Raw.
20:52 <Raquaable> :D
20:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *Raw
20:52 -!- Animemaster23 was kicked from Special:Chat by Kill1mes
20:52 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *Raq
20:52 <Raquaable> :3
20:52 <Kill1mes> Hey-0 Raq.
20:52 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Lieutenant Lesbian> There there Maria, Ben, whatever you are. 
20:52 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'm just kidding. 
20:52 <Animemaster23> hey what the hell man
20:52 <Raquaable> Oh lawdy lawdy, I'll never ad again DX
20:52 <Kill1mes> Dem's da rools.
20:52 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <Kill1mes> If you break a rule, and knew you did wrong, kick.
20:52 <Animemaster23> what's wrong with u dude what the fuck was that for
20:52 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Actually...
20:52 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:53 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Anime's right. ._.
20:53 <Animemaster23> dude I use caps onece
20:53 <Lieutenant Lesbian> What the hell was that for? You let other users get away with it. 
20:53 <Raquaable> and then you died.
20:53 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Fucking hypocrites... 
20:53 <Benjaminthewill123123> *communists
20:53 <Animemaster23> she's right kill
20:53 <Kill1mes> What? I don't let people get away with caps spam
20:53 <Animemaster23> yes u do
20:53 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Kill1mes> Since when?
20:53 <Lieutenant Lesbian> HE DID ONE FUCKING SENTENCE.
20:53 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You don't normally fucking care about that. 
20:54 -!- Kill1mes was kicked from Special:Chat by Benjaminthewill123123
20:54 <Raquaable> Commies aren't evil :C
20:54 <Benjaminthewill123123> is gud nao kk
20:54 <Raquaable> just the evil ones...
20:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> kk
20:54 <Kill1mes> That's what the rules say though
20:54 <Benjaminthewill123123> D:
20:54 <Kill1mes> hold on, let me find it
20:54 <Benjaminthewill123123> D: D:
20:54 <Kill1mes> Actulle
20:54 <Kill1mes> I''l talk in pm
20:54 <Raquaable> why/why kick kill?
20:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> The rules need more fucking updating then. 
20:54 <Benjaminthewill123123> bidness
20:54 <Benjaminthewill123123> y u so mean
20:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Because this is just fucking ridiculous. 
20:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Because I'm not in the damn mood Ben. ._.
20:55 <Animemaster23> one got damn sentence not a whole fucking paragraph kill!!!
20:55 <Benjaminthewill123123> -_-
20:55 <ScarletDisaster> :(
20:55 <Benjaminthewill123123> some one... or something killed your day
20:55 <Animemaster23> man fuck this man im outta here
20:55 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <Kill1mes> It was spamming of caps. And the rules say if you know you broke a rule, and did it delibertatly
20:55 <Kill1mes> to kick
20:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Look. I'm pretty sure I have a cold or some shit and I'm not happy about it. 
20:55 <Kill1mes> Hey Strider.
20:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Okay?
20:55 <ScarletDisaster> What's up guys? :[
20:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Chao.
20:56 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Kill, how is one sentence FUCKING SPAMMING?!
20:56 -!- Agito12 has joined Special:Chat
20:56 <Raquaable> You'll learn to deal with the (insert insult here) rules.
20:56 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
20:56 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Raquaable> They're actually not that bad.
20:56 <Kill1mes> It was singing a song in all caps. So it was spamming caps, at least in my opinion.
20:56 -!- Raquaable has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <ScarletDisaster> Have rules been updated?
20:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
20:57 <Agito12> oh now I see what's goin on
20:57 <ScarletDisaster> How recently?
20:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Like a week ago.
20:57 <Agito12> kill kick anime because of a cap sentence
20:57 <ScarletDisaster> Oh okay , i read them.
20:57 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well ya clearly need to update them again because it's not working. 
20:57 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <Agito12> that's fuckin stupid
20:57 <Kill1mes> You know what? I guess I was wrong. I'm gonna leave before I fuck more shit up. I'll see you guys later.
20:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Magma.
20:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Kill..,.
20:57 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Bye.
20:58 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
20:58 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
20:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Pramirez
20:58 <FriendlyJim> Pram
20:58 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:58 -!- Kill1mes has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <MagmaMan4488> What'd I walk in on?
20:58 <ScarletDisaster> Everyone is ill and sad and I don't know what to do.
20:58 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Nothing. 
20:58 <Lieutenant Lesbian> It's over now. 
20:58 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <ScarletDisaster> \Somebody PM me and make me feel better.
20:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing that needs to be talked further in public, Magma.
20:58 <Pramirez351> hai everyone :)
20:58 <Irishninja0> Hi pram
20:58 <FriendlyJim> Hai
20:58 <Irishninja0> Hi agito
20:58 <Agito12> hey ninja
20:59 <MagmaMan4488>
20:59 <Irishninja0> Hey guys I found out something interesting
20:59 <Irishninja0>
20:59 <FriendlyJim> What?
20:59 <Irishninja0> look at the link
20:59 <Irishninja0> You'll be shocked
20:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I read something like that on Cracked.
21:00 <Irishninja0> just read it
21:00 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
21:00 <MagmaMan4488> Smosh Pit does sort of read like diet Cracked.
21:01 <Irishninja0> Will you guys just check the link!
21:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I knew most of these, Irish.
21:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Already did.
21:01 <Irishninja0> not everyone does read (facepalm)
21:01 <Irishninja0> thats why I put  it up
21:01 <FriendlyJim> Well none of those makes/ made good music
21:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean that I already read the link.
21:01 <MagmaMan4488> I DID read it.
21:02 <Irishninja0> oh
21:02 <FriendlyJim> Maybe Led Zeppelin 
21:02 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
21:02 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'm gonna go for a while. 
21:02 <Irishninja0> oh
21:02 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Be back later. 
21:02 <MagmaMan4488> See ya.
21:02 <Irishninja0> Sorry
21:02 <ScarletDisaster> Nya~ lagging, need to refresh. 
21:02 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well. 
21:02 <LightFlower> u guise I made a tumblr
21:02 <Irishninja0> Hi light
21:02 -!- ScarletDisaster has left Special:Chat.
21:02 <Agito12> We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police
21:02 <Lieutenant Lesbian> 45 more minutes or so, I gotta watch my shows. (derp)
21:02 <Irishninja0> That is true agito
21:02 <Irishninja0> God bless pizza hut
21:02 <Agito12> yeah
21:02 <Agito12> damn fuckin right
21:02 <FriendlyJim> I don't want cops near my house anyhow
21:03 -!- ScarletDisaster has joined Special:Chat
21:03 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <LightFlower> send me asks
21:03 <LightFlower> im bored
21:03 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <FriendlyJim> Fucking pigs
21:03 <LightFlower> srsly u guise
21:03 <FriendlyJim> Cops that is
21:03 <Agito12> hey u guy's wanna know something Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
21:03 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <Agito12> weird stuff
21:03 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
21:04 <LightFlower> the pings
21:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> hey irish
21:04 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <LightFlower> I travel faster than the speed of sound
21:04 <LightFlower> I'm a boss like that
21:04 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
21:04 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You're a bith!
21:04 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Heyyo.
21:04 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Bith. 
21:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Bith!
21:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xD
21:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I like that better.
21:04 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <Lieutenant Lesbian> NO UR THE BITH
21:04 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <Lieutenant Lesbian> U BITH
21:05 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NO UR THE BITH DONT LIE BITH
21:05 <Lieutenant Lesbian> hidddddddun
21:05 <LightFlower> I put a lot of friggin effort into setting up this tumblr u guise better send me asks
21:05 <MagmaMan4488> WILL YOU BITHES SHUT THE HELL UP?!?
21:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Bith get out of here!
21:05 <LightFlower>
21:05 <HiddenSpirit> What?
21:05 <Agito12> u know how people say knowledge is power but  Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad
21:05 <LightFlower> i made an ask blog for myself on tumblr
21:05 <MagmaMan4488> Who you callin' bith, you bith?
21:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Brb bithes
21:05 <LightFlower> Sup biths
21:05 <LightFlower> *bithes
21:06 <Agito12> it's weird how some people say that
21:06 -!- Letsplay941 has joined Special:Chat
21:06 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
21:06 <Lieutenant Lesbian> >looks on TV to see an Adult Swim bumper
21:06 <Lieutenant Lesbian> >it says "Yeah Sarah you better get your shit together"
21:06 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Guys.
21:06 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I think my TV is trying to tell me something. 
21:06 <Letsplay941> im bacl
21:06 <Irishninja0> jfkd
21:06 <Letsplay941> back*
21:06 <LightFlower> hi
21:06 <Irishninja0> dang it
21:06 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:06 <LightFlower> irish
21:06 <MagmaMan4488> Do you have any shit you need to get together?
21:06 <LightFlower> send me asks
21:06 <Irishninja0> Hi light
21:06 <LightFlower>
21:06 <Irishninja0> no
21:06 <LightFlower> why
21:06 <LightFlower> u said u would
21:06 <Irishninja0> Nope
21:06 <LightFlower> (TT)
21:06 <LightFlower> *dies inside
21:06 <ScarletDisaster> I'm going to have to leave you soon, guys.
21:07 <LightFlower> I made a tumblr for nothing?
21:07 <Irishninja0> I didn't know it would be a tumbler
21:07 <Agito12>  If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?
21:07 <WhiteReaper> I sent you an ask, Light
21:07 <LightFlower> k
21:07 <Letsplay941> oh (TT) flower
21:07 <Agito12> well does it
21:07 <Irishninja0> But since it is I'm not going to
21:07 <MagmaMan4488> Crie sum moar!
21:07 <LightFlower> I'll convert it to an animal crossing blog then i guess.
21:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, how nice Light.
21:07 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
21:07 -!- Unforgiven17 has joined Special:Chat
21:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You have a nice drawing style.
21:07 <HiddenSpirit> Why did I go down three edits?
21:07 <Irishninja0> I don't play animal crossing
21:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Unforgiven.
21:07 <Child Of Mantra> you did
21:07 <Unforgiven17> Hey Why.
21:07 <Letsplay941> thats an ok idea light
21:07 <HiddenSpirit> Yeah. Why?
21:07 <Child Of Mantra> Maybe it was god.
21:08 <Child Of Mantra> atleast i took a screenchot
21:08 <Irishninja0> Fine it it means that much to you llight, I can't believe I'm doing this
21:08 <MagmaMan4488> Bow before the rouge angles of satin!
21:08 <Irishninja0> I'll go on tumbler
21:08 <MagmaMan4488> *Bow before the rogue angels of satan!
21:08 <Irishninja0> and see your damn thing
21:08 <Irishninja0> I'm going to die
21:08 <Letsplay941> i am typing with my eyes closed
21:08 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
21:08 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <LightFlower> thanks reading
21:09 <HiddenSpirit> I think I'm losing my voice.
21:09 <Irishninja0> X(
21:09 <Irishninja0> Now I won't
21:09 <Letsplay941> im on your sight light lol sorry about the ryme
21:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:09 -!- Agito12 has left Special:Chat.
21:09 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <HiddenSpirit> Chao.
21:10 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
21:10 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:10 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
21:10 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <Child Of Mantra> Aron.
21:10 <Letsplay941> I g2g bye all
21:10 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
21:10 -!- Letsplay941 has left Special:Chat.
21:10 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Chuss.
21:10 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
21:10 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Weirdo.
21:10 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
21:10 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <Harachiko> hi
21:11 <Animemaster23> hey
21:11 <Child Of Mantra> I like the picture on your profile
21:11 <Child Of Mantra> But there is one thing wrong with it.
21:11 <Animemaster23> me or that guy/girl
21:11 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> The one with all the users as Saki characters?
21:11 <Child Of Mantra> yeah
21:11 <Child Of Mantra> The sexxxiest man ever is not there.
21:11 <Animemaster23> hey can I ask u guy's a question
21:12 <MagmaMan4488> Who ate all the play-doh?
21:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Aron: I couldn't fit a character with you.
21:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> None of them are rockers
21:12 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Back, bithes.
21:12 <Child Of Mantra> FINE JEEZ
21:12 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
21:12 <Child Of Mantra> jk
21:12 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, was it you?
21:12 <TentakleTherapist> Weell
21:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Was it me what?
21:12 <TentakleTherapist> Fuck
21:12 <Child Of Mantra> I like anime about music
21:12 <MagmaMan4488> Someone ate all the play-doh
21:12 <TentakleTherapist> Weeell
21:13 <Child Of Mantra> Like K-ON and Detroit Metal City.
21:13 <Irishninja0> seriously light
21:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yeah, I ate it. 
21:13 <Animemaster23> ok... what the hell
21:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm so guilty. (QQ)
21:13 <Animemaster23> How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?
21:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Words of wisdom.
21:13 <Animemaster23> I don't get that
21:13 <MagmaMan4488> Because that play-doh was a trick to smuggle some weed through the border, and now you've eaten it.
21:13 <Animemaster23> ok...
21:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's why it tasted so strange....
21:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Stranger than normal..
21:14 <Pramirez351> what about me being the seXXXiest man?
21:14 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:14 <MagmaMan4488> Has anyone here seen Reefer Madness?
21:14 <TentakleTherapist> I just saw LPS R34. God is officially dead D:
21:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Get out, Pedro.
21:14 <TentakleTherapist> Irish is asking me about my sex life D:
21:14 <Child Of Mantra> I am now looking that up
21:15 -!- Thatguyfromthatthing has joined Special:Chat
21:15 <Thatguyfromthatthing> beware! I live!
21:15 <ScarletDisaster> See you all later, I'm going to sleep now. (y) Have a nice day, all.
21:15 <Pramirez351> (ij)
21:15 <Pramirez351> (ok) *
21:15 <Child Of Mantra> Hey loo
21:15 <Child Of Mantra> It's that guy from that thing
21:15 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
21:15 <TentakleTherapist> "Did you do anyone recently?" or some shit.
21:15 <TentakleTherapist> I was like, "No."
21:15 <Thatguyfromthatthing> yes
21:15 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, at least you only ate the GREEN play-doh. If you ate the white one, then we'd have a serious problem...
21:15 -!- ScarletDisaster has left Special:Chat.
21:16 <TentakleTherapist> I should've said, "Is that some of your business?"
21:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lol. x'D
21:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (ic)
21:16 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:16 <MagmaMan4488> Wait, now the white one's been eaten!
21:16 <MagmaMan4488> WHO DID THIS?!?
21:16 <Ponyfan10> eat green Play-D'oh=ok. eat white Play-D'oh=sweet diahrreas 
21:16 <Thatguyfromthatthing> "so, how's your sex life?"
21:16 <Thatguyfromthatthing> - tommy wiseau
21:16 <Animemaster23> *point's at ponyfan*
21:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)...
21:17 <Ponyfan10> what did I do?
21:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I couldn't help myself. (QQ)
21:17 <Ponyfan10> I surrender
21:17 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:17 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <Animemaster23> *mumble's ponyfan eat it*
21:17 <MagmaMan4488> The white one was a clever way to transport lizard eggs...
21:18 <Ponyfan10> I surrender,arrest me (TT)
21:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh fuck.... (QQ)
21:18 <MagmaMan4488> They should be growing in your stomach now
21:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> IS this like child birth?! Only with Lizards?!
21:18 <MagmaMan4488> No, they come out of a different orifice...
21:18 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:19 <Animemaster23> I knew u did ponyfan how dare u
21:19 <Ponyfan10> arrest me!
21:19 <MagmaMan4488> *arrests Ponyfan*
21:19 -!- Thatguyfromthatthing has left Special:Chat.
21:19 <Ponyfan10> Nope.avi (jetpack)
21:19 <Animemaster23> im callin the play doh cop's on u
21:19 <MagmaMan4488> Err.. what'd you do again?
21:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Brb
21:19 <Animemaster23> *call's the cops*
21:19 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
21:19 -!- Kill1mes has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <MagmaMan4488> *arrests Anime*
21:20 <Bug2buga> ew anime
21:20 <TentakleTherapist> Finally some sane people.
21:20 <Bug2buga> lol jk
21:20 <Animemaster23> *say's don't do it*
21:20 <TentakleTherapist> Or, at least one sane person.
21:20 <MagmaMan4488> You call BUG SANE?!?
21:20 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
21:20 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <Bug2buga> AHAHAHAH
21:20 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Animemaster23> *mumble's I shall fart if anybody arrest's me*
21:21 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <MagmaMan4488> Do you realize how many times she's escaped from the asylum?
21:21 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
21:21 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Bug2buga> yea bro i got shit on my record
21:21 -!- Fesleyguy has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Animemaster23> batman asylum
21:21 <Animemaster23> NAILED IT!!!
21:21 <Fesleyguy> Anyone like ANGN?
21:21 <MagmaMan4488> Good lord, this is straight up nightmare fuel:
21:21 <Fesleyguy> Avgn*
21:22 <ClericofMadness> ohaimark
21:22 <TentakleTherapist> yes
21:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I might need to take a short break from the internet for a few days. I have some stuff going on in real life.
21:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I dunno, though.
21:22 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> You're my favorite customer, Cleric.
21:22 <Fesleyguy> He's making a video game for 3ds and wii u
21:22 <Fesleyguy> Fuck.
21:22 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <MagmaMan4488> CLEEERIIIC!
21:22 <MagmaMan4488> Is this your creation?
21:23 <Animemaster23> so has anybody ever tried to hold their in their hand and throw it like a fireball
21:23 <ClericofMadness> I want to buy a keurig thingy
21:23 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:23 <MagmaMan4488> I have one of those, Cleric. It's pretty good.
21:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
21:24 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
21:24 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
21:25 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
21:26 <BRVR> YES.
21:26 <BRVR> With some help, I finally defeated bosses.
21:26 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
21:26 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
21:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:27 -!- Unforgiven17 has left Special:Chat.
21:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> sup
21:28 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <BRVR> I just went through hell defeating those bosses.
21:28 <BRVR> (Not the actual underworld, it was just very, very hard.)
21:28 -!- Fesleyguy has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <Harachiko> has anyone seen mrmustache
21:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> nu
21:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> has anybody seen kill?
21:29 <BRVR> I defeated the destroyer, twins, skeletron prime, and the eye of Cthulhu with some help.
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He may come back later.
21:29 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> okay
21:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
21:29 <Kill1mes> I'm right here, why?
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh?
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He is here...
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh.
21:29 <BRVR> I died like 20 times.
21:30 <BRVR> Because someone just had to summon the destroyer and skeletron prime.
21:30 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
21:30 <PsychoMonkey387> hello i am back sorry 4 being rude last time i have read the rules and will not spam anymore.
21:30 <Kill1mes> Good to hear.
21:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> good
21:31 <Kill1mes> Welcome back
21:31 <BRVR> I feel like a hero... I helped defeat 4 bosses.
21:31 <PsychoMonkey387> thanx
21:31 <BRVR> 3 hardmode, 1 pre-hardmode.
21:31 <PsychoMonkey387> hey kill1mes got question
21:31 <Kill1mes> sure
21:32 <PsychoMonkey387> do u know BenjaminTheWill? 
21:32 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Kill1mes> yes
21:32 <BRVR> And my reward for defeating that is apparently food.
21:33 <BRVR> I was hungry.
21:33 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
21:33 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <PsychoMonkey387> cool Isint  he the leader of Creepypasta wiki
21:33 <BRVR> Due to defeating a bunch of bosses.
21:33 <BRVR> No, cleric made the wiki.
21:33 -!- The Humaniod Typhoon has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> HOLY SHIT
21:34 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <The Humaniod Typhoon> Hey everyone~
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> HUMAN!!!KLJASF
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> HUMAN!
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> ALJDF
21:34 <The Humaniod Typhoon> SPIRIT! T^T
21:34 <BRVR> Are you excited?
21:34 <MagmaMan4488> (spam)
21:34 <The Humaniod Typhoon> Been too long XD
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> HUMAN! T^T
21:34 <BRVR> Oh.
21:34 <HiddenSpirit> It's... been far too long!
21:34 <BRVR> I assume so.
21:34 <PsychoMonkey387> Gotta go
21:34 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Holy shit....
21:34 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> THT!
21:34 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
21:34 <Andytags> omg
21:35 <BRVR> I don't remember humanoid.
21:35 <The Humaniod Typhoon> Dayumn
21:35 <The Humaniod Typhoon> WWV
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> He's not from here.
21:35 <Andytags> much*
21:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> wwv :D
21:35 <The Humaniod Typhoon> Y u no join OP chat anymore? è_é
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> I do!
21:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Because it's full of deadness and douchebags, THT
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> But you're never there
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> So I stopped.
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> Oh, Weirdo?
21:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes
21:35 <The Humaniod Typhoon> Weirdo With Woffee
21:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> e.e
21:35 <HiddenSpirit> Because, Weirdo's home is here nao.
21:35 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ^
21:35 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <PsychoMonkey387> Back
21:36 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
21:36 <BRVR> I am a hero and being a hero made me hungry.
21:36 <PsychoMonkey387> BRVR That was funny
21:37 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
21:37 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
21:37 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hello friends.
21:37 <BRVR> The character I was while being a hero was representing a ghost.
21:38 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey BenjaminTheWill You Are Awesome Cause u Created This Huge And Awesome Wiki 
21:38 <PsychoMonkey387> Kudos To u
21:38 <Afterlife and Redshade> I wish there was a real BRVR Pikachu.
21:38 <Afterlife and Redshade> Who looks like my pic.
21:38 <BRVR> White skin, white eyes, white hair, white clothes, white shoes...
21:38 <PsychoMonkey387> Me2
21:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> I... I didnt create it 
21:39 <PsychoMonkey387> Oh I Thought U did
21:39 <Benjaminthewill123123> no
21:39 <Afterlife and Redshade> I conveniently have a pic of BRVR
21:39 <Kill1mes> ClericofMadness created it.
21:39 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <BRVR> Exactly.
21:39 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
21:39 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
21:39 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <PsychoMonkey387> Didint Kno That
21:40 <MagmaMan4488> Kill, check PM
21:40 <Harachiko> no one seen mrmustache
21:40 <Kill1mes> I saw it.
21:40 <Kill1mes> I just didn't respomf
21:40 <Kill1mes> Cause idk how
21:40 <BRVR> Ghost. I'm a hero!
21:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> I wish BRVR Pikachus existed. :D Then I'd get one right away.
21:40 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:40 <PsychoMonkey387> Id get Typhilosion if they existyed
21:41 <Afterlife and Redshade> Level it up to 1,000,000... and be a beast.
21:41 <PsychoMonkey387> And Maybe a Emboar 
21:41 <PsychoMonkey387> Or Haxorus
21:41 <Afterlife and Redshade> *1,000,000,000
21:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:41 <BRVR> If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for infinite wishes.
21:41 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <BRVR> Then I would wish for pokemon to be real.
21:41 <PsychoMonkey387> So would i
21:42 <MagmaMan4488> I'd wish that the dutchman was a vegetarian
21:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "Fuck yourself to the dark side of Mars"
21:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> New best insult ever.
21:42 <PsychoMonkey387>  Its one of my Professions
21:42 <Javer80> that's pretty raunchy
21:42 <PsychoMonkey387> Pokemon
21:42 <Benjaminthewill123123> Coffee that wiki isnt that bad XD
21:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> One Piece wiki?
21:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Javer, Coffee.
21:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Oh yes, yes it is.
21:43 <HiddenSpirit> How are you, Javer?
21:43 <Benjaminthewill123123> no it isnt
21:43 <BRVR> I am eating food.
21:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> After nearly three years of being there, I know.
21:43 <Benjaminthewill123123> Im there right nao
21:43 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey whyireadingthis
21:43 <Afterlife and Redshade> BRVR. You are wishing what I am.
21:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Psycho.
21:43 <BRVR> I was hungry.
21:43 <Afterlife and Redshade> X3
21:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ben, PM
21:43 <Andytags>
21:43 <PsychoMonkey387> Like your pic
21:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you!
21:43 <Javer80> blank, Hidden; as if struck upside the head with a blackjack, or perhaps a sock with a marble in it
21:44 <PsychoMonkey387> Owned a gliscor at 1 time. 
21:44 <HiddenSpirit> Is something the matter?
21:44 <PsychoMonkey387> Traded it 4 Rhyperior
21:44 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
21:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
21:44 <Javer80> i can't even muster the strength to yell at you imbeciles for not realizing your potential and yadda yadda
21:44 <Javer80> no, not really, but i had a nutso dream again
21:44 <PsychoMonkey387> It Was An Awesome Deal
21:44 <HiddenSpirit> Would you like to discuss it?
21:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Want to say more, Javer? VEnt or something? Of course 
21:45 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
21:45 <Javer80> absolutely
21:45 <MagmaMan4488> Has anyone seen the tiki dolls?
21:45 <Afterlife and Redshade> What do you think of my pic?
21:45 <Javer80> you know those fairy tales where the king won't let his daughter marry until a suitor completes an elaborate series of magical trials designed to be impossible?
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, okay, it was your decision Psycho
21:45 <HiddenSpirit> Yes.
21:45 <Afterlife and Redshade> I need feedback for creepy pics (Kinda)
21:45 <Javer80> this was exactly that, but in a Louisiana bayou
21:45 <PsychoMonkey387> I Get 1 In Rememberance Ofu 
21:45 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> In the Louisiana bayou? Hahahahaha, awesome!
21:46 <Javer80> and the magical trials involved living in a rotting, half-flooded shack and playing caretaker to the dad's collection of horrible man-eating snake-eels and gators
21:46 <PsychoMonkey387> No, On Roue 20
21:46 <BRVR> I just was holding my laptop and something to drink at the same time.
21:46 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
21:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ooh.
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sounds incredibly cool, Javer. Not to be the one going through those trials!
21:46 <HiddenSpirit> Sounds lovely. 
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But hearing about it is cool.
21:46 <Javer80> ordinarily i'd jet for greener pastures quicker than immediately, but the daughter was really sweet (and hot).
21:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> I wanna turn into a BRVR Pikachu! Can someone help me with that?!
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Have to leave. See you all later!
21:47 <Javer80> i remember she had a couple of sisters who broke out of their dad's control, but she was the only one- oh, later dude
21:47 <MagmaMan4488> See ya
21:47 <PsychoMonkey387> Bye!
21:47 <HiddenSpirit> Bye, Reading.
21:47 <Javer80> the only one young and meek enough to stick around
21:47 <BRVR> Bye.
21:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> Bye Reading!
21:48 <Javer80> so i did my best, but on one morning feeding run, the fishes got vicious - rammed the supports under  my one narrow walk way, breaking a board under me and submerging my legs
21:48 <PsychoMonkey387> Ur Cool Reading. and so your gliscor
21:48 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <HiddenSpirit> Ohsizz.
21:48 <HiddenSpirit> It just got real.
21:48 <HiddenSpirit> *Oshizz.
21:48 <BRVR> I am no longer thirsty or hungry.
21:48 <Javer80> i bolted for the exit, but my pant legs were soaked and the snake-eels had already noticed delicious flesh. one reared up WAY bigger than i had thought, like an anaconda, and slammed into the pier, sinking it
21:48 <Andytags> so 
21:48 <Andytags> uh
21:48 <Andytags> how about this weather
21:48 <PsychoMonkey387> What Got Real, Hidden?
21:48 <Child Of Mantra> guys, does it say that i am leaving and entering chat?
21:49 <HiddenSpirit> His dream.
21:49 <BRVR> Going to look at clouds.
21:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:49 <BRVR> Puffy.
21:49 <Andytags> Please Stop Typing Like This
21:49 <Javer80> about ten feet from the exit i felt a hot grip on my ankles seize me up. looked back to find an eel had swallowed my feet
21:49 <Ponyfan10> I'm using a random strap of cloth I found as a bandana,needless to say I look like a loser
21:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I Hate When People Type Like That.
21:49 <HiddenSpirit> Javer, I assume this all happened rather quickly, though, right?
21:50 <Child Of Mantra> I hate when i testicle my sentences
21:50 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke What Happened To The Blue Play Doh?
21:50 <BRVR> When what?
21:50 <Javer80> yeah, it was a quick action sequence (and the whole dream couldn't have taken longer than an hour)
21:50 <Andytags> Oh No Please Stop
21:50 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
21:50 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <Javer80> knew it was my last chance - i kicked apart as hard as i could, ripping the snake's jaw open
21:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I ATE IT! :C
21:50 -!- Blkjak21 has joined Special:Chat
21:50 <Javer80> gasped for my life in the sweet sun
21:50 <BRVR> On the search for a GBA emulator that actually works!
21:50 <Ponyfan10> If Were Not Allowed To Type Like This,Then We'll Stop
21:50 <Arigarmy> Like,yo,step off my homies
21:50 -!- Fernflight has joined Special:Chat
21:50 <Andytags> Visual Boy Advance
21:50 <PsychoMonkey387> 1 Min 2 get Sandwitch 
21:50 <Ponyfan10> 'k I stopped
21:50 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <BRVR> ...
21:50 <Blkjak21> why did you guys ban me last week?
21:50 <Javer80> then i looked back at the dying snake's mouth yawning open
21:51 <BRVR> Visual boy advance doens't work.
21:51 <Andytags> ...Or a Game Boy Advance.
21:51 <Javer80> and noticed a set of fangs dripping with venom
21:51 <Javer80> then i died. ):
21:51 <BRVR> And I don't have a GBA.
21:51 <Arigarmy> ...Or DS Lite
21:51 <Andytags> Buy one
21:51 <MagmaMan4488> Damn. That one contained a powerful sedative.
21:51 <BRVR> I have a DS lite, but not a GBA.
21:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> I have a GBA SP
21:51 <Andytags> then use that
21:51 <Andytags> me too
21:51 <BRVR> I was trying to play emerald.
21:51 <HiddenSpirit> Aw. Ded.
21:51 <Javer80> it was fucking brutal for an hour's nap.
21:51 <BRVR> Emerald randomizer.
21:51 <Blkjak21> why did you guys ban me last week? I did nothing wrong
21:51 <Fernflight> dear god
21:51 <Fernflight> PMD: Explorers of Death 
21:51 <Fernflight> best pasta ever
21:51 <Arigarmy> Doesn't everyone (ayfkm)
21:51 <Andytags> I have every GBA besides the GB light and the GBA Micro
21:51 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
21:51 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
21:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> OK
21:51 <Javer80> do you remember who did it, Blackjack?
21:52 <Andytags> Game Boy*
21:52 <BRVR> I have no GBA.
21:52 <Arigarmy> Want my GBA Micro?
21:52 <Blkjak21> no
21:52 <Andytags> yes
21:52 <Kill1mes> There is always a reason for banning
21:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
21:52 <Arigarmy> Ok
21:52 <Andytags> I will gladly take it
21:52 <PsychoMonkey387> I Do Argig
21:52 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <Arigarmy> Let me get a box.
21:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Give it.
21:52 <Blkjak21> I didnt say anything though i was reading the chat and then replied to someone
21:52 <ChaoticPeace> I just killed an ant.
21:52 <BRVR> Well, I can't play pokemon emerald randomizer.
21:52 <ChaoticPeace> I FEEL BAD.
21:52 <PsychoMonkey387> Kill1s Right
21:52 <BRVR> I am tired.
21:52 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <HiddenSpirit> LOL CHAO.
21:52 <Andytags> I hate ants
21:52 <Andytags> they're abominations
21:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> I killed a fly.
21:52 <Arigarmy> Ok,do you want games with dem GBA?
21:52 <BRVR> Wait.
21:52 <Andytags> sure
21:53 <Arigarmy> I killed a germ
21:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
21:53 <Javer80> maybe better ask Kill or ChaoZ, they do most of the bannings in these parts (most but not all)
21:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> 83
21:53 <Javer80> sorry, can't help you, man
21:53 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <Andytags> Arigarmy
21:53 <Andytags> giv it
21:53 <Andytags> pls
21:53 <Arigarmy> Ok,I got Wario Land 4...still searching
21:53 <Blkjak21> okay
21:53 -!- King Krule has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <PsychoMonkey387> Giv 2 andy
21:53 -!- Blkjak21 has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> Please? I have $50/
21:53 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
21:53 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <King Krule> Hello.
21:53 -!- Staw-Hat Luffy has joined Special:Chat
21:54 <Andytags> know what i realized
21:54 <Andytags> We're on the internet
21:54 <Andytags> how to i do this 
21:54 <Arigarmy> I dun need money (fy)
21:54 <PsychoMonkey387> Hallo
21:54 <Andytags> oh
21:54 <Andytags> then pls
21:54 <Staw-Hat Luffy> yo
21:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> SHL?
21:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> fuck you doin here
21:54 <Andytags> I'll buy it on eBay 
21:54 <Andytags> for $0.01
21:54 <Staw-Hat Luffy> something
21:54 <Arigarmy> Lol
21:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> k
21:54 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
21:54 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:54 <Javer80> chat rules include such nebulously worded edicts as "no discrimination", which means you can't use slang like "gay" or "faggot" or racial slurs in any context, and no elongating of words by repeating letters
21:54 <PsychoMonkey387> Hahahaha
21:54 <Arigarmy> I'm giving it to you for free
21:54 <MagmaMan4488> Coffee, did you eat the red play-doh?
21:54 <Arigarmy> and I finished packing it
21:54 <Andytags> via...?
21:54 <PsychoMonkey387> Andy
21:54 <Javer80> watch me get kickbanned for explaining
21:54 <Staw-Hat Luffy> but if you don't want me here dear coffe
21:54 <Kill1mes> no
21:54 <BRVR> Not the smoker ads!
21:54 -!- Staw-Hat Luffy has left Special:Chat.
21:54 <Kill1mes> You didn't call anybody that.
21:55 <Bug2buga> i just saw a woman on tv throw her purse at a car
21:55 <HiddenSpirit> Javer, all of your sentences are so eloquently delivered.
21:55 <BRVR> Must. Override. With. Lavender town.
21:55 <Javer80> grand.
21:55 <Arigarmy> Why?
21:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes!
21:55 <Javer80> oh. Thank you.
21:55 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <HiddenSpirit> You
21:55 <HiddenSpirit> *You're welcome.
21:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Really, Bug2
21:55 <Bug2buga> yes
21:55 <Bug2buga> really
21:55 <Kill1mes> goddammit, the chat ban logs never wor
21:55 <Kill1mes> k
21:55 <Kill1mes> brb
21:55 <Bug2buga> dumbass why would i be lying
21:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Funny
21:55 <Bug2buga> k
21:55 <Andytags> Ari
21:55 <Andytags> put it on eBay for $0.01
21:55 <Arigarmy> Why would a woman throw a purse at her car? "Hey car,you like,forgot your purs-," then she passes about because of her drinking
21:55 <Bug2buga> no
21:56 <Javer80> crazy!
21:56 <PsychoMonkey387> That Funny 2 ari
21:56 <Javer80> that's pretty nuts
21:56 <MagmaMan4488> Bug, did you eat the red play-doh?
21:56 <Bug2buga> she got drunk and her husband cheated on her or something
21:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> $10 for the Game Boy Micro?
21:56 <Bug2buga> and no i ate the blue
21:56 <HiddenSpirit> I mean, your use of the word "nebulous" is so beautiful, in my opinion. 
21:56 <Arigarmy> Lol
21:56 <HiddenSpirit> I dunno, I just like the way you speak.
21:56 <Bug2buga> u fukin colorblind shit
21:56 <Arigarmy> People will be pricin'
21:56 <Andytags> hey dood 
21:56 <Andytags> he asked me first
21:56 <MagmaMan4488> Bug, the blue play-dog contained lizard eggs.
21:56 <MagmaMan4488> *doh
21:56 <Bug2buga> ah
21:56 <Andytags> put it on there for Buy it Now
21:56 -!- Benjaminthewill123123 has left Special:Chat.
21:56 <Bug2buga> sounds appetizing
21:56 <PsychoMonkey387> I ate black playdoh
21:56 <Bug2buga> actually they were
21:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> I only have 1 game boy!!
21:56 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
21:57 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
21:57 <Andytags> Well
21:57 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
21:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> I ate the red play-doh.
21:57 <MagmaMan4488> You will have lizards growing inside you soon.
21:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D
21:57 <Arigarmy> Wanna hear a good story? (captcha)
21:57 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
21:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
21:57 <Arigarmy> Ok,here it goes.
21:57 <Ponyfan10> I thought the white Play-D'oh had lizard eggs
21:57 <MagmaMan4488> Afterlife, you may want to make sure there's nobody around you with markers...
21:57 <BRVR> Play d'oh?
21:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> 8|
21:57 <PsychoMonkey387> Oh Magma, Thats Wrong. I Was 4 When i ate it
21:57 <BRVR> I don't have markers.
21:57 <Arigarmy> We were in a drug-free ceremony,where da police and their dog show how they search for drugs
21:58 -!- Fernflight has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <Andytags> Stop Typing Like This
21:58 <BRVR> Play dohnuts.
21:58 <Arigarmy> Then the dog attacked one of the teachers
21:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D
21:58 <Arigarmy> the teacher had drugs....
21:58 <Andytags> ha
21:58 <PsychoMonkey387> g2g
21:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> :)
21:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> :(
21:58 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D to da teacher
21:58 <Arigarmy> (TT) don't leave
21:58 -!- Theviolinist has joined Special:Chat
21:59 <Javer80> what!
21:59 <Theviolinist> Why hello everyone!
21:59 <BRVR> I can't find a good walk through walls code...
21:59 <Javer80> What happened then?
21:59 <Javer80> My God. Theviolinist.
21:59 <MagmaMan4488> *tapes Bug to the wall*
21:59 <Javer80> It's been a dog's age.
21:59 <Javer80> How you been?
21:59 <Arigarmy> The teacher got fired,and went to prison
21:59 <Arigarmy> he should be out in 2019
21:59 <Theviolinist> I have been fine. Thank you dear Javer.
21:59 <Javer80> (:
21:59 <Bug2buga> why magma
22:00 <Bug2buga> why
22:00 <BRVR> Anyone know a pokemon emerald walk through walls code that works on no$gba?
22:00 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <Arigarmy> Because bug
22:00 <MagmaMan4488> For eating the blue play-doh
22:00 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <PsychoMonkey387> I Did
22:00 <Bug2buga> but
22:00 <Bug2buga> maybe it was purple
22:00 <Bug2buga> youll never knoowwww
22:00 <ChaoticPeace> laaaagggg
22:00 <MagmaMan4488> Doesn't matter
22:00 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
22:00 <Andytags> >"gotta go"
22:00 <Andytags> >joins chat a minute later
22:00 <PsychoMonkey387> Idid BRVR
22:00 <Arigarmy> Not unless we X-Ray bug
22:01 <Theviolinist> By the way Javer80, have you ever had the time to read a Pasta called Carnation County?
22:01 <MagmaMan4488> *x-rays Bug*
22:01 <MagmaMan4488> Yep, it was blue.
22:01 <Bug2buga> what
22:01 <Bug2buga> no
22:01 <Bug2buga> my stomach acid has burned it down into nothing
22:01 <Javer80> It sounds familiar, but details aren't coming easily. Should I?
22:01 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
22:01 <Bug2buga> you cannot tell
22:01 <MagmaMan4488> It turned your stomach acid blue.
22:02 <Bug2buga> ajkfb
22:02 <Javer80> O:
22:02 <Javer80> incredible
22:02 <Bug2buga> ?
22:02 <Arigarmy> wait,Magma
22:02 <Theviolinist> I believe you should. It is a television Pasta.
22:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> I puke now.
22:02 <Arigarmy> it's now turning red
22:02 <Arigarmy> now green!
22:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> Mine's brown.
22:02 <Javer80> will do
22:02 <Arigarmy> He ate all the play-doh (motherofgod)
22:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> Like poop.
22:03 <Bug2buga> someone should be taking notes on this shit
22:03 <Bug2buga> this is scientific as fuck
22:03 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <Andytags> i repot you
22:03 <Andytags> ari 
22:03 <Andytags> wheres mah GBA Micro
22:03 <Arigarmy> Psycho
22:03 <Javer80> inverness coats are cool
22:03 <Afterlife and Redshade> Where's mine?
22:03 <Arigarmy> Make up your mind
22:03 <Theviolinist> Indeed. They are.
22:03 -!- Raquaable has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <PsychoMonkey387> What, Ari
22:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> I bought it for ten dollars!
22:04 <Arigarmy> make up your mind if you stay or leave
22:04 <Bug2buga> i done ate all the play doh yo
22:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> I did too
22:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:D
22:04 <Andytags> no afterlife 
22:04 <Arigarmy> Then Afterlife is Bug's stomach
22:04 <Andytags> it's mine
22:04 <PsychoMonkey387> Im Gonna Soon
22:04 <Javer80> the word "joyfully" sees a bit too much use
22:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's mine!
22:04 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
22:04 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
22:04 <Raquaable> it'samee!
22:04 <Andytags> he asked me first
22:04 <Theviolinist> I know...
22:04 <PsychoMonkey387> Got Other things @ Do
22:04 <Andytags> i kno it
22:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> I ate more.
22:04 <Andytags> i sware
22:04 <Bug2buga> looks like when you guys die youre all going to the hell in my stomach pit
22:05 <Bug2buga> to burn in stomach acid
22:05 <Bug2buga> forever
22:05 <Raquaable> yummy
22:05 <MagmaMan4488> *tapes Bug's mouth shut*
22:05 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yummy
22:05 <Bug2buga> ur goin to hell
22:05 <Arigarmy> You know the phrase my stomach is eating myself?
22:05 <PsychoMonkey387> Not Sure Of Time I Still Got
22:05 <Andytags> i get job soon
22:05 <King Krule> Andy
22:05 <Raquaable> BOOORRRINNNGGG...
22:05 -!- Raquaable has left Special:Chat.
22:05 <Arigarmy> then you will get fired
22:05 <Andytags> wat u want krool
22:05 <Kill1mes> Please don't stretch
22:05 <King Krule> once u get job gibe money pls
22:05 <Kill1mes> back
22:05 <Arigarmy> on the first hour
22:05 <Javer80> okay, what i like about that story is that the violence is only ever implied
22:06 <Andytags> maybe $1 via paypal
22:06 <King Krule> ya
22:06 <Javer80> really just has dark themes written all over it with nothing explicit
22:06 <King Krule> I fin wit dat
22:06 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey Whats U Guyses Fav Legendary
22:06 <Arigarmy> Andy,where to you wor?
22:06 <Javer80> which is a lovely change
22:06 <Andytags> It's probably for like
22:06 <Andytags> minmum wage
22:06 <PsychoMonkey387> IN Pokemon
22:06 <King Krule> u want 1 dolla sucky sucky?
22:06 <Theviolinist> Thank you.
22:06 <Andytags> a roadside restaraunt
22:06 <Andytags> like, taking out trash/cleaning and what not
22:06 <Arigarmy> What if you get paid lower than minimum wage?
22:06 <Andytags> i think minimum wage is the lowest they can legally pay you
22:06 <Javer80> Psycho I Do Not Feel As Though You Are Adhering To Proper Linguistic Form
22:06 <Arigarmy> I know...
22:07 <Arigarmy> Paying you lower than the least,is hardcore...
22:07 <PsychoMonkey387> Ok Javier What Should i do
22:07 <Javer80> But That May Just Be A Case Of The Pour Tin Calling The Beverage Immolator Black
22:07 <Andytags> Stop Typing Like This
22:07 <Javer80> That Was A Joke
22:07 <Harachiko> fuck this im leaving mrmustache does not log in ..... bye
22:07 <Andytags> it should be against the rules
22:07 <King Krule> Don't Stop
22:08 <Javer80> Thats What She Said
22:08 <Javer80> Another Joke I Hope I Am Doing This Right
22:08 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
22:08 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> You are.
22:08 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Arigarmy> Why Should We Stop With This Familiar Speak I Am Getting Quite Used To This Typing Style We Have Just Started
22:09 <Arigarmy> so many leaves
22:09 <Arigarmy> (alone)
22:09 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
22:09 -!- Arigarmy has joined Special:Chat
22:10 -!- Harachiko has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Javer80> mrmustache isn't here yet. Sorry.
22:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hello Guys
22:11 <Harachiko> oh
22:11 <Arigarmy> Finally,the chat had stopped dying
22:12 <Harachiko> tell her that fuck face is being an asshole
22:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> >Mr.
22:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> >her
22:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> wut
22:12 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
22:12 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
22:12 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
22:12 <Harachiko> and that ill not be back intill tomorrow
22:12 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> kay
22:13 <Harachiko> to mrmustache
22:13 <Arigarmy> Someone is grumpy. (ayfkm)
22:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Poot
22:13 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:13 <Arigarmy> (Unsee)
22:13 -!- Harachiko has left Special:Chat.
22:13 <Arigarmy> I'm gonna go now
22:13 <Ponyfan10> (unsee)
22:13 <Arigarmy> Yolo my king kongs.....
22:14 -!- Arigarmy has left Special:Chat.
22:14 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
22:14 <ClericofMadness> #yolo #swag #juggalo #poppedamolly #420
22:14 <UwU> hellllo
22:14 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
22:14 <HiddenSpirit> Greetings.
22:14 <Ponyfan10> hey Meemow
22:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hello. I will be your guide through hell.
22:14 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> Just kidding.
22:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> Poot
22:15 <Laurindatheninja> hey guys whats a good pasta that i should read?
22:15 <Ponyfan10> I added "Reaper" to my occupations in my userpage,should I take that off?
22:15 <Javer80> who cares?
22:15 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Y
22:15 <PsychoMonkey387> Uh Got Thins Done But Need 2 do things
22:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> *^
22:15 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
22:16 <Javer80> @Laurin: you after any particular type?
22:16 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
22:16 <Laurindatheninja> not really just a good read 
22:16 <Javer80> alrighty
22:16 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
22:16 <Javer80> oop, one more thing - you like long or short?
22:16 <Ponyfan10> "What if I told you
22:16 <Ponyfan10> Propane"
22:16 <Ponyfan10> -Some Youtube guy's avatar
22:17 <Laurindatheninja> long
22:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Read this.
22:17 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xD
22:17 <Javer80> ayuh
22:17 <Javer80>
22:17 <Javer80>
22:17 <Javer80> aaaand
22:18 <UwU>
22:18 <Laurindatheninja> thank you :D
22:18 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
22:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Read mine first!
22:18 <Javer80> *scowls*
22:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hey, mine was actually MY story that I wrote!
22:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Scowls back-
22:19 <UwU> Shameless self promoting *scowls*
22:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I thought it was a good story. -Scowls-
22:19 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
22:20 <UwU> i was kidding *scowls anyway*
22:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I know. -Scowls-
22:20 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
22:21 <Kill1mes> I wanna join the scowl party! *scowls
22:21 <Kill1mes> *
22:21 <ChaoticPeace> *smiles*
22:21 <UwU> *scowls at chaotic* 
22:21 <ChaoticPeace> fuk da system
22:21 <UwU> who do you think you are
22:21 <ChaoticPeace> NO MEEMOW
22:21 <ChaoticPeace> NOT THE SCOWL
22:21 <ChaoticPeace> Anything but the scowl 
22:21 <UwU> *scowls*
22:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Scowls at Kill-
22:22 <Kill1mes> k
22:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You wanted it.
22:22 -!- Rarityfan has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <Rarityfan> Yay! My ban expired!
22:22 <Rarityfan> Hi!
22:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hai
22:23 <UwU> why'd you get banned
22:23 <ChaoticPeace> drugs
22:23 <ChaoticPeace> it's always drugs
22:23 <UwU> it was cocaine wasn't it
22:23 <UwU> I raised you better than that! *runs away sobbing*
22:23 <ChaoticPeace> obviously, look at him
22:24 <UwU> *sobs harder*
22:24 <Rarityfan> @U actually it was because I called Phineas & Ferb "happy"
22:24 <Rarityfan> If you know what I mean
22:24 <UwU> omg wat
22:24 <UwU> Oh I see
22:24 <ChaoticPeace> I don't see
22:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Inb4 banned again.
22:24 <ChaoticPeace> OH
22:24 <UwU> YEAH
22:24 <ChaoticPeace> Now I see.
22:25 <UwU> How long was your ban?
22:25 <Rarityfan> 1 day
22:25 <Rarityfan> i really don't like Phineas & Ferb, though
22:25 <Rarityfan> Too surreal
22:25 <Rarityfan> But Animaniacs is worse
22:25 <UwU> That was a dumb insult I kinda see why you got banned
22:26 <Javer80> aw, you don't care for Animaniacs?
22:26 <Rarityfan> Nope
22:26 -!- Marikoxmia has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <ChaoticPeace> Lol
22:26 <UwU> Same here
22:26 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:26 -!- Marikoxmia has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <Rarityfan> Too many ignorant-sounding spoof-references
22:26 <Javer80>
22:27 <Rarityfan> They fail at Blue Humor, by the way
22:27 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:27 <UwU> Myeh
22:29 -!- Cyline luvly has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <Rarityfan> I honestly don't see why so many people think it's so hilarious
22:29 <Rarityfan> Cuz it's not
22:29 <Rarityfan> Hi Cyline
22:29 <ChaoticPeace> Oooh, controversy 
22:29 <UwU> *whispers quietly* opinions
22:29 <UwU> everyone run
22:29 <ChaoticPeace> SHUN
22:29 <ChaoticPeace> SHUN
22:29 <Javer80> haha
22:30 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
22:30 <Rarityfan> Hi White
22:30 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:30 <WhiteReaper> Hey.
22:30 <Javer80> Hm. Does calling someone a bitch count as discrimination?
22:30 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:30 <Rarityfan> Hi Brit
22:30 <Kill1mes> No.
22:30 <Javer80> i mean, in the context of chat rules
22:30 <Javer80> I see.
22:30 <Cyline luvly> oh hi brit
22:30 <Kill1mes> It's not sexist, racist, or homophobic, so nah.
22:30 <Rarityfan> How is calling someone a bitch discriminate?
22:30 <ChaoticPeace> WB WHITE
22:31 <WhiteReaper> Thanks, bby. <3
22:31 <ChaoticPeace> Yous a bitch.
22:31 <Rarityfan> Kill
22:31 <Kill1mes> What
22:31 <UwU> Rarity, I don't think women like being compared to dogs.
22:31 <Rarityfan> Shouldn't you warn Chaotic
22:31 <Rarityfan> He's using excessive caps
22:31 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:31 <ChaoticPeace> What.
22:31 <Rarityfan> @U :O
22:31 <Rarityfan> * ....
22:31 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:31 <Rarityfan> I'm a male
22:31 <ChaoticPeace> I'm a girl, you mini-modding idiot.
22:32 <UwU> ^
22:32 <Javer80> now, now
22:32 <Kill1mes> Erm, sure. caps u dumdum
22:32 <Rarityfan> *She
22:32 <UwU> lol kill
22:32 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
22:32 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
22:32 <ChaoticPeace> I didn't use excessive caps. 
22:32 <UwU> ryaaaaaaaaan
22:32 <Rarityfan> Hi x2
22:32 <ChaoticPeace> KILL.
22:32 <WalkingDitto> uwuwuwuw
22:32 <Kill1mes> Hi laur, Ryan get out.
22:32 <ChaoticPeace> DILDO!
22:32 -!- Cyline luvly has left Special:Chat.
22:32 <HiddenSpirit> WAT.
22:32 <Rarityfan> STOP YELLING
22:32 <WalkingDitto> CAHO
22:32 <WalkingDitto> CAHO
22:33 <WalkingDitto> FUCK
22:33 <UwU> CAHO!
22:33 <Laurindatheninja> i was reading Helen and this made me lol Oooh Ooooh baby! Yeah fuck me like that! Fuck that pussy! Oh shit! Oh shit!"
22:33 <Rarityfan> Beyotch
22:33 <Laurindatheninja> hello
22:33 <Kill1mes> What.
22:33 <Rarityfan> @U no
22:33 <Rarityfan> I no have sex
22:33 <Rarityfan> :P
22:33 <Laurindatheninja> D:
22:33 <Kill1mes> You guys are why we can't have nice things.
22:33 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
22:33 <ChaoticPeace> Since when do dildos fucking walk you abomination. 
22:33 <Javer80> haha. well, it's likely to terrify an old man whose English is bad.
22:34 <Rarityfan> Hi Necro
22:34 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <ChaoticPeace> YOU'RE BACK.
22:34 <UwU> he can crawl
22:34 <Rarityfan> Hi Sleepy
22:34 <UwU> or roll
22:34 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey
22:34 <Necrosanity> Hey Rarity. ._.
22:34 <WalkingDitto> ;-;
22:34 <UwU> like, roll to his room.
22:34 <Necrosanity> Ryan go.
22:34 <Necrosanity> ._.
22:34 <UwU> dildos can roll im pretty sure
22:34 <ChaoticPeace> But he walks.
22:34 <Rarityfan> (STOP) with the innuendos, plz
22:34 <ChaoticPeace> H'es a living breathing creepypasta 
22:34 <Laurindatheninja> XD
22:34 <UwU> that wasnt an innuendo i meant it literally 
22:35 <Rarityfan> Still
22:35 <ChaoticPeace> Same.
22:35 <Rarityfan> it sounds dirty
22:35 <UwU> you little filth stain 
22:35 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <ChaoticPeace> Rarity, gtfo. 
22:35 <MooseJuice> Scaring the little GIRL!? Lady!
22:35 <WalkingDitto> I'm a vibrating dildo 
22:35 <ChaoticPeace> Walking*
22:35 <WalkingDitto> If you turn me on I just sorta wobble
22:35 <Rarityfan> Creepypasta < Creepyravioli (looool)
22:35 <Rarityfan> (loool(
22:35 <Kill1mes> If I can't scar them, can I atleast scare them? @necro
22:35 <Laurindatheninja> im going back to reading Helen bye for now
22:35 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <Rarityfan> (loool)
22:36 <ChaoticPeace> no.
22:36 <ChaoticPeace> Just no.
22:36 <Necrosanity> Not saying you can't.
22:36 <Necrosanity> ._.
22:36 -!- Theviolinist has left Special:Chat.
22:36 -!- Theviolinist has joined Special:Chat
22:36 <Rarityfan> @Chaotic I'm choking
22:36 <WalkingDitto> I think I'm gonna get George Carlin's book
22:36 <Kill1mes> Good.
22:36 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:36 <ChaoticPeace> Good.
22:36 <Rarityfan> Hi Irish
22:36 <Irishninja0> Hi
22:36 <Theviolinist> Sorry. I am back.
22:37 <Rarityfan> Damn, you guys are fucking literal.
22:37 -!- Codologic has joined Special:Chat
22:37 <WhiteReaper> Kill.
22:37 <Ponyfan10> there are too many users
22:37 <UwU> What do you have against me
22:37 <Kill1mes> What
22:37 <WhiteReaper> Can you please update the logs?
22:37 <ChaoticPeace> I'm insulted. 
22:37 <BRVR> I am on my wiki chat.
22:37 <Kill1mes> !updatelogs
22:37 <ChaoticPeace> He called me literal damnit.
22:37 -!- Codologic has left Special:Chat.
22:37 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <Rarityfan> @Chaotic then don't act like it, dumbass
22:37 <Javer80> He was being figurative, Chaotic.
22:37 <Javer80> Gosh.
22:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Kill1mes: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 212 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
22:38 <WhiteReaper> Thanks.
22:38 <UwU> *starts chanting* FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
22:38 <Ponyfan10> Jesse,you were too slow,bad botm,bad
22:38 <Kill1mes> It's fine
22:38 <ChaoticPeace> I AM INSULTED ONCE AGAIN.
22:38 <Ponyfan10> bot*
22:38 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Rarityfan> Hi, Brit
22:38 <Britmonster> Hi
22:38 <Rarityfan> @Chaotic you're setting yourself up
22:38 <UwU> No but really we don't need another silly argument
22:38 <ChaoticPeace> Stop breaking my heart
22:38 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
22:38 <Ponyfan10> can anyone say muffin?
22:38 <UwU> muffin
22:39 <Javer80> shot through the heart~
22:39 <Britmonster> Muffin 
22:39 <HiddenSpirit> Who broke Chao's heart?
22:39 <Javer80> and you're to blame
22:39 <UwU> you give love
22:39 <HiddenSpirit> *loads shotgun*
22:39 <UwU> a bad name
22:39 -!- Jorge Esquivel has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <Javer80> darlin', you give love a bad name
22:39 <HiddenSpirit> XD
22:39 <ChaoticPeace> Rarity, Hiddun.
22:39 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <HiddenSpirit> FUUUUU-
22:39 <ChaoticPeace> And a dumbass D:
22:39 <Rarityfan> Hi x2
22:39 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:39 <Ponyfan10> Muffins,for everyone
22:39 <Rarityfan> Derpy reference?
22:39 <ChaoticPeace> No.
22:39 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <UwU> Nyeh
22:40 <ChaoticPeace> NEIN.
22:40 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
22:40 <UwU> NON
22:40 <Ponyfan10> Derpy and Oblivion reference at the same time
22:40 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
22:40 <Ponyfan10> @Rarity
22:40 <Jorge Esquivel> Hello, what's up everyone.
22:40 <Rarityfan> Hi x3
22:40 <Jorge Esquivel> ?*
22:40 <Laurindatheninja> D:
22:40 <UwU> Hey Jorge are you doing better
22:40 <Laurindatheninja> hello
22:40 <Jorge Esquivel> Today is my birthday.
22:40 <ChaoticPeace> لا 
22:40 <Laurindatheninja> happy birthday
22:40 <UwU> Happy Birthday kiddo
22:40 <ChaoticPeace> HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
22:40 <Jorge Esquivel> I am turning 14.
22:40 <Rarityfan> @Jorge Chaotic's being a dumbass that's what's up
22:40 <Rarityfan> and happy birthday
22:41 <ChaoticPeace> Why must you hurt me so?
22:41 <Ponyfan10> Happy Birthday Douchefu-I mean,Jorge
22:41 <Jorge Esquivel> ...
22:41 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <UwU> u wanna go rarity
22:41 <UwU> dont you diss chao
22:41 <ChaoticPeace> I am a sensitive soul, damnit.
22:41 <Rarityfan> You took my jokes literally chaotic
22:41 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <Javer80> poor CHaotic
22:41 <Irishninja0> Dang it internet!
22:41 <Rarityfan> hi psycho
22:41 <Jorge Esquivel> Hi Psycho.
22:41 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey
22:41 <ChaoticPeace> Stop it, IT'S ALL I KNOW D:
22:41 <Javer80> so put-upon by the unfairness of fortune ):
22:41 <Laurindatheninja> hello 
22:41 <PsychoMonkey387> Im Back
22:41 <Irishninja0> Hi psycho
22:41 <Irishninja0> Hi laur
22:41 <UwU> Also Congrats on turning 14 Jorge
22:42 <Rarityfan> @Psycho
22:42 <Jorge Esquivel> Kill...
22:42 <ClericofMadness> *adds new photos to his portfolio*
22:42 <Jorge Esquivel> WTF?
22:42 <Javer80> You're really 14?
22:42 <Jorge Esquivel> Yes.
22:42 <Javer80> kids these days
22:42 <Jorge Esquivel> Javer...
22:42 <Jorge Esquivel> (facepalm)
22:42 <ClericofMadness> I have like...33 days until I am olderer
22:42 <Irishninja0> Now your as old as someone somewhere
22:42 <Javer80> well said, Irish
22:42 <Laurindatheninja> whats wrong about being 14?
22:42 <PsychoMonkey387> I Was Gone 4 While Cause of Damn Itunes But Now Have Time Due To Downloads 
22:42 <Rarityfan> I'm 14
22:43 <ChaoticPeace> Obviously.
22:43 <PsychoMonkey387> So Am I
22:43 <Laurindatheninja> me also
22:43 <Rarityfan> Will turn 15 this June
22:43 <ClericofMadness> >add dem capital letters
22:43 <Javer80> Hey, no one said anything was wrong with it. =x All I said was "kids these days", which can be either positive or negative or neutral or whatever.
22:43 <ClericofMadness> all*
22:43 <PsychoMonkey387> Coolz
22:43 <Kill1mes> How many days are in may?
22:43 <Laurindatheninja> i will be 15 in October 
22:43 <Jorge Esquivel> I hope my day gets better. I hope your does too. @Everyone
22:43 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
22:43 <UwU> Same, Lauri
22:43 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey Kill
22:43 -!- Lieutenant Lesbian has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <Kill1mes> Hi.
22:43 <Kill1mes> Hello Sarah.
22:43 <Irishninja0> I don't think people take b-days seriously anymore, they just use it as an excuse to get presesnts
22:43 <Jorge Esquivel> Except for Kill.
22:43 <PsychoMonkey387> Itunes Is Torture
22:43 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Hey whores and whorettes.
22:43 <Kill1mes> Hello to you too.
22:43 <Lieutenant Lesbian> All of you are bithes. 
22:44 <Laurindatheninja> hello
22:44 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> whorettes
22:44 <UwU> Hey Harlot
22:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> YES.
22:44 <Irishninja0> before christmas
22:44 <ClericofMadness> Almost done with the first revived series of TTZ
22:44 <Jorge Esquivel> Sarah, today is my birthday.
22:44 <Irishninja0> Hey bitch
22:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Good for you.
22:44 <ClericofMadness> Then I'll get the second movie :D
22:44 <Jorge Esquivel> Thank you.
22:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Your present is this. *flips you off* 
22:44 <Kill1mes> How many days are in may?
22:44 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
22:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> loljk
22:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:44 <Lieutenant Lesbian> 31.
22:44 <Irishninja0> What mine doesn't get a response from sarah (TT)
22:44 <PsychoMonkey387> Happy Bday Jorge
22:44 <Ninjaswordplay> hello
22:44 <Kill1mes> Okay then
22:44 <Jorge Esquivel> Sarah, I wanted that finger.
22:44 <UwU> I can't imagine Sarah flipping someone off
22:44 <Laurindatheninja> XD
22:44 <Kill1mes> hmm so
22:44 <Laurindatheninja> hello
22:44 <Irishninja0> Thats just mean
22:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> its my birthday in may
22:44 <ChaoticPeace> I can omg
22:44 <Irishninja0> Why a fello ninja
22:44 <ChaoticPeace> She is sassy
22:44 <Kill1mes> Cleric, your birthday is june 2nd?
22:44 <Laurindatheninja> XD there are now three ninjas
22:45 <Irishninja0> Hello there
22:45 <Laurindatheninja> D:
22:45 <UwU> She just looks so cute and aww
22:45 <Irishninja0> Three ninja's in one chat room, this isn't going to end well
22:45 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Oh I do it often IRL.
22:45 <Lieutenant Lesbian> xD
22:45 <Ninjaswordplay> the funny thing is im part irish too
22:45 <Rylee the Pegasis> oh shit
22:45 <ClericofMadness> What time does Sean Connery arrive at Wimbledon?
22:45 <Jorge Esquivel> Who the fuck is xtian941?
22:45 <Laurindatheninja> XD
22:45 <PsychoMonkey387> Kill1mes, Do U like me?
22:45 <ClericofMadness> Tennish.
22:45 <Rarityfan> @U
22:46 <Kill1mes> I do not know you well enough to form a positive or neagitve opinion on you.
22:46 -!- Rarityfan has left Special:Chat.
22:46 -!- Rarityfan has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <PsychoMonkey387> True
22:46 <Javer80> very diplomatic (:
22:46 <UwU> *unamused face* @ rar
22:46 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
22:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> lol
22:46 <PsychoMonkey387> What Is A ChatMod 
22:46 <Irishninja0> ha!
22:46 <Jorge Esquivel> Rarity...
22:46 <UwU> Chat Moderator
22:46 <Kill1mes> A person who moderates chat
22:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Think of us as like.
22:46 -!- Theviolinist has left Special:Chat.
22:46 <Rarityfan> Jorge
22:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Babysitters.
22:46 -!- Theviolinist has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Jorge Esquivel> :o
22:46 <Rarityfan> Kill (yds)
22:46 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Except I'm not changing any fucking diapers. 
22:46 <UwU> Sarah I want a cookie
22:46 <Javer80> i could use a diaper cha-
22:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> Kill do u like meh? (QQ)
22:46 <Javer80> damn it.
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Sarah.
22:47 <Rarityfan> (cookie)
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Change my diaper.
22:47 <Kill1mes> I know, what a surprise isn't it?
22:47 <Rarityfan> (taco)
22:47 <PsychoMonkey387> NoNo, do they Work 4 Creepypasta wiki 
22:47 <Javer80> forget it, i already tried
22:47 <Kill1mes> Yes.
22:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Kill is on diaper duty. 
22:47 <Irishninja0> brb
22:47 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Forever. 
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> No.
22:47 <Kill1mes> Oh fuck
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Kill.
22:47 <Javer80> oh. .  . i'll pass.
22:47 <Rarityfan> Kill
22:47 <Kill1mes> At least I have training ;~;
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> Kill, is weird...
22:47 <Rarityfan> Do you murder people?
22:47 <Kill1mes> Yes, I am.
22:47 <Kill1mes> What of it?
22:47 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:47 <Jorge Esquivel> YES.
22:47 <Rarityfan> :P
22:47 <ClericofMadness> I am the wiki
22:47 <ClericofMadness> I aaam the laaaw
22:47 <ChaoticPeace> Kill is fabulous*
22:47 <Kill1mes> Tons of people.
22:47 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:47 <Ninjaswordplay> any suggestions on what to read
22:47 <Kill1mes> Mods work for the man
22:48 <Rarityfan> Kill
22:48 <Laurindatheninja> Helen
22:48 <Jorge Esquivel> I am the man.
22:48 <Kill1mes> yes, read [[HbMS[[
22:48 <Kill1mes> dammit
22:48 <UwU> Moon Face
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> The back of your cereal box.
22:48 <UwU> Read that
22:48 <Rarityfan> That's creepy yet awesome
22:48 <Kill1mes> [[HbMS]]
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Tbh.
22:48 <Rarityfan> And illegal
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Moon Face wasn't that good.
22:48 <Javer80> we are all ghosts of consciousnesses absorbed long ago into Cleric's grasping tendril
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I mean.
22:48 <UwU> NOOOOOOO
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Not as good as you all make it out to be. 
22:48 <Lieutenant Lesbian> It's good but. 
22:48 <PsychoMonkey387> Ok Ive Got 1: 
22:48 <Kill1mes> Uwu, please watch the stretching.
22:48 <Jorge Esquivel> Why did you guys take away (AHHH)?
22:48 <Kill1mes> brb
22:48 <UwU> Aw, sorry.
22:48 <Ninjaswordplay> thanks
22:48 <Pramirez351> hey cleric, do you still write pastas?
22:48 <PsychoMonkey387> Fav Legendary?
22:48 -!- Jorge Esquivel has left Special:Chat.
22:49 <PsychoMonkey387> in Pokemon
22:49 <ClericofMadness> I haven't in a hot minute, but yes.  I do
22:49 <Ponyfan10> Cleric = God
22:49 <Ponyfan10> SloshedTrain = Jesus
22:49 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
22:49 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
22:49 <Kill1mes> Alright, I'm back
22:49 <Pramirez351> yey :) keep it up cleric :)
22:49 <ChaoticPeace> :) yh
22:49 <Kill1mes> My mom's too old to open bottles.
22:49 <Laurindatheninja> XD
22:49 <ChaoticPeace> Rlly, cleric :) 
22:49 <PsychoMonkey387> Mines 50
22:49 <ClericofMadness> At present I have written 115 stories
22:49 <PsychoMonkey387> IM !5
22:50 <PsychoMonkey387> 15
22:50 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Miss Sasstastic is back. 
22:50 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Bithes. 
22:50 <Kill1mes> I've written about seven
22:50 <ChaoticPeace> Sarah, gtfo.
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I'm using bithes from mow on. 
22:50 <Kill1mes> Well, posted.
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> ;(
22:50 <Kill1mes> I've written more
22:50 <ClericofMadness> Plus two trollstories
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> wai u hate me chao
22:50 <King Krule>
22:50 <Pramirez351> also wb kill
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Cleric. 
22:50 <ChaoticPeace> no bby love hurts
22:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> dont worry lieutenant i like u
22:50 <King Krule> If anyone sees Ryan call him an ugly barnacle for me
22:50 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Have you read any of my trollpastas.
22:51 <Kill1mes> thanks.
22:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> yay im liked 
22:51 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
22:51 <Ninjaswordplay> i tried to write one and it was good but i accidentally deleted it
22:51 <ClericofMadness> I've worked on a few novellas/novels, too
22:51 <YouSleepyYet?> hes jking
22:51 -!- Britmonster has joined Special:Chat
22:51 <Lieutenant Lesbian> inb4 your life is a trollpasta
22:51 <Kill1mes> Best screenshot ever Krule.
22:51 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm working on a novella
22:51 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:51 <Rarityfan> *joking @Sleepy
22:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> krule lol
22:51 <PsychoMonkey387> My name must be cool, cause i always get noticed when i enter
22:52 <Kill1mes> bbl
22:52 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
22:52 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> u have monkey in ur name... what do u think
22:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
22:52 <TentakleTherapist> test
22:52 <TentakleTherapist> FUCK
22:52 <Ninjaswordplay> hey tentakl
22:52 <Laurindatheninja> hello 
22:52 <Ponyfan10> hello The rapist
22:52 <TentakleTherapist> test 2
22:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> well hello to u 2
22:52 <TentakleTherapist> Hai people...
22:52 <PsychoMonkey387> Ooh ur gettin kicked t.t
22:53 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:53 <Ponyfan10> Tent
22:53 <PsychoMonkey387> If U Keep it up
22:53 <ClericofMadness> Tent I hope you learned your lesson last night
22:53 <ClericofMadness> and your lesion 
22:53 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <PsychoMonkey387> Im Tryin not 2
22:53 <Devincooper64> Fun fact time, Harlem Shake is about the 9/11 attack
22:53 <Laurindatheninja> hello Devin
22:53 <PsychoMonkey387> Hola Devin
22:53 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <Kill1mes> Well, back
22:53 <Devincooper64> the yrics in the song translate to
22:53 <Laurindatheninja> ....well
22:54 <Devincooper64> with the terrorists 
22:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> With the terrorists.
22:54 <Devincooper64> and then DO THE HARLEM SHAKE
22:54 <Ponyfan10> that joke joke with Tent's name is already getting old,it got old the first time around
22:54 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> LOL
22:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> I pointed that out in my blog. 
22:54 <Devincooper64> how far was harlem from the towers?
22:54 <Devincooper64> 7 minutes
22:54 <Devincooper64> THE MORE YOU KNOW
22:54 <PsychoMonkey387> Hey Whats Ur Fave movie Kill1mes
22:54 <Kill1mes> Sweeny Todd.
22:54 <Devincooper64> *insert rainbow here*
22:54 <Laurindatheninja> XD\
22:54 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Anything but the Garbage Pail Kids movie. 
22:55 <Ponyfan10> (2cute4me)
22:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Mines Bouling 4 columbine
22:55 <Devincooper64> cat in the hat sarah?
22:55 <Laurindatheninja> reading rainbow XD
22:55 <ChaoticPeace> who r u ppl
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Even that is better. 
22:55 <TentakleTherapist>
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> EVEN THAT.
22:55 <Kill1mes> I'm not sure whether that was supposed to be comedy or horror.
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> That was at least laughable at its badness. 
22:55 <Devincooper64> it was?
22:55 <Kill1mes> Garbasge pail kids, I mean
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Yes. @Kill
22:55 <Devincooper64> I had the straightest face
22:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Bouling?
22:55 <Kill1mes> It was a horrible movie.
22:55 <Devincooper64> and i was 8 when I saw it
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> Well, looking back. 
22:55 <Kill1mes> Me and two others criququesd it
22:55 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <Lieutenant Lesbian> You laugh at its badness. 
22:55 <PsychoMonkey387> Or Sweedney?
22:55 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <Kill1mes> We lost our voices early on, to say the least.
22:55 <MooseJuice> Who wants to watch the adult classic, Whorton Woo-hoos a Who?
22:56 <Lieutenant Lesbian> OH GOD.
22:56 <Devincooper64> I dont like rammestein
22:56 <PsychoMonkey387> My Hot Cuz Died In The Coulumbine Shooting
22:56 <Devincooper64> :/
22:56 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <Devincooper64> sorry
22:56 <HiddenSpirit>
22:56 <HiddenSpirit> ERMAHGERD.
22:56 <Lieutenant Lesbian> YOU FUCKED UP MY CHILDHOOD. 
22:56 <HiddenSpirit> ALL MY YES.
22:56 <HiddenSpirit> LOL. XD
22:56 <Laurindatheninja> hello irish
22:56 <Irishninja0> I'm back
22:56 <Irishninja0> and not as good as before
22:57 <Ninjaswordplay> why
22:57 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
22:57 <Irishninja0> dang it
22:57 <Pramirez351> wb irish
22:57 <YouSleepyYet?> youre drunk
22:57 <PsychoMonkey387> Well, I Gotta Go Might b Back IN A week or 2 not sure i dont own imternet
22:57 <YouSleepyYet?> BAI 
22:58 <Laurindatheninja> bye
22:58 <Ninjaswordplay> bye
22:58 -!- PsychoMonkey387 has left Special:Chat.
22:58 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
22:58 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
22:58 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:59 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <BRVR> Lol.
22:59 <Laurindatheninja> ......
22:59 <Ninjaswordplay> did my chat freeze or is no one talking
22:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> idk
22:59 <Ninjaswordplay> the latyer
22:59 <Laurindatheninja> no one was talking
22:59 <Ninjaswordplay> *latter
22:59 <Irishninja0> Hi
22:59 <Ninjaswordplay> hey
22:59 <Laurindatheninja> hopla
22:59 <Britmonster> >.>
23:00 <Irishninja0> Hi brit
23:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> sounds like a lotta HOOPLA!
23:00 <Laurindatheninja> the ninjas are going to take over]
23:00 <Lieutenant Lesbian> ohshit
23:00 <Britmonster> Hi.
23:00 <Laurindatheninja> hola
23:00 <Irishninja0> take over the world!!!
23:00 <Ninjaswordplay> so far youre storys good kiil1mes
23:00 <Britmonster> To many ninjas cx
23:00 <Kill1mes> thanks
23:00 <Laurindatheninja> yes together we stand as one
23:01 <Irishninja0> We shall kill you all!!!
23:01 <BRVR>
23:01 <Britmonster> God
23:01 <Ninjaswordplay> we plan to take over the chat
23:01 <Britmonster> Good
23:01 <YouSleepyYet?> (annihilate)
23:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:01 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
23:01 <Laurindatheninja> yes.....
23:01 <Britmonster> O-O I am to young. 
23:01 <Britmonster> to die
23:01 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:01 <Ninjaswordplay> that sucks
23:01 <YouSleepyYet?> ...No overthrowing allowed
23:01 <Laurindatheninja> then you will be a servent
23:02 <Irishninja0> Please sleepy?
23:02 <BRVR> Lol.
23:02 <YouSleepyYet?> Or the (annihilate) gets used >;3
23:02 <ChaoticPeace> -.-
23:02 <Ninjaswordplay> *overthrows*
23:02 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:02 <Irishninja0> *overthrows USA*
23:02 <YouSleepyYet?> Brb banning for RP
23:02 <YouSleepyYet?> :P
23:02 <Irishninja0> Yea!
23:02 -!- Rarityfan has left Special:Chat.
23:02 -!- Theviolinist has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <Irishninja0> wait what
23:02 <Laurindatheninja> D:
23:02 <Ninjaswordplay> huh
23:02 <YouSleepyYet?> Nuffin
23:02 <Ninjaswordplay> i no undrstand
23:02 <BRVR> Lol.
23:03 -!- Blackblood223 has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <YouSleepyYet?> Too tired to use my (ban)
23:03 <Blackblood223> Hello all
23:03 <Irishninja0> Sleepy your not a mod
23:03 <Laurindatheninja> hola
23:03 <YouSleepyYet?> <-- Knows brothers info
23:03 <YouSleepyYet?> I am the ultimater mod.
23:03 <Ninjaswordplay> irish you dislike u.s.?
23:03 <Laurindatheninja> .......
23:03 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
23:03 <YouSleepyYet?> Ultimate
23:03 <YouSleepyYet?> *
23:03 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <Laurindatheninja> fuk u gooby
23:03 <Irishninja0> No ninja
23:03 <Blackblood223> ugh...7:04 pm and still light outside, where did the dark go :/
23:04 <Irishninja0> I'm a member of the US
23:04 <Irishninja0> I just hate most of the people
23:04 <Britmonster> I like the UK
23:04 <YouSleepyYet?> Fak*
23:04 <Laurindatheninja> me also
23:04 <Ninjaswordplay> same
23:04 <Britmonster> 100X better
23:04 <Blackblood223> i'm in canada :D
23:04 <Irishninja0> Thats not true brit
23:04 <Ninjaswordplay> it only sucks cause im not old enough to leave yet
23:04 -!- TentakleTherapist has joined Special:Chat
23:04 <Britmonster> Why isn't it true Irish? 
23:04 <Laurindatheninja> hey rapist
23:04 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
23:04 <TentakleTherapist> Haii
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> People, guess what.
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> ?
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> This morning, when I woke up.
23:05 <Ninjaswordplay> because its all about ireland
23:05 <Irishninja0> Well for one thing, a man who commited multiple cases of manslaughter only got 3.5 years in jail in the UK
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> There was a spider.
23:05 <BRVR> I wouldn't be scared at a mini minotaur considering that it is smaller than me.
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> morningwood
23:05 <Laurindatheninja> wait how old are all the ninjas
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> Oh.
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> And it was crawling on me.
23:05 <Blackblood223> O_O i love spiders
23:05 <Ninjaswordplay> 15
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> I think it was attempting raep...
23:05 <Britmonster> I hate spiders 
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> closeenuf
23:05 <Laurindatheninja> 14
23:05 <Irishninja0> I'm a ninja, I have no age
23:05 -!- Shadow knight 24 has joined Special:Chat
23:05 <TentakleTherapist> It was crawling on my right tit.
23:05 <Laurindatheninja> XD wow
23:05 <Irishninja0> So brit, you get my point?
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> Irish is 13
23:05 <ClericofMadness> Hey guize
23:05 <Blackblood223> spider was attempting to rape you?
23:05 <Shadow knight 24> hi guys
23:05 <ClericofMadness> The gaaame
23:05 <Irishninja0> Sleepy no I'm not
23:05 <YouSleepyYet?> 14*
23:05 <Britmonster> Yea I guess I do Irish >.<
23:05 <Laurindatheninja> hi shadow
23:06 <Irishninja0> Better @sleepy
23:06 <YouSleepyYet?> IRISH IS 14
23:06 <Ninjaswordplay> why so defensive irish
23:06 <Britmonster> XD
23:06 <Shadow knight 24> im 13
23:06 <Blackblood223> why so serious?
23:06 <Irishninja0> I want to feel young @sleepy
23:06 <Britmonster> Im 15
23:06 <Shadow knight 24> XD
23:06 <Laurindatheninja> 14
23:06 <TentakleTherapist> So, I pussied up and yelled at it and grabbed my shirt and put the spider on it then I ran out.
23:06 <Irishninja0> Im' not 14 though
23:06 <Shadow knight 24> irish
23:06 <Blackblood223> 16 :L
23:06 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
23:06 <YouSleepyYet?> im 37
23:06 <BRVR> I was sitting in an uncomfortable position.
23:06 <Laurindatheninja> hola
23:06 <Shadow knight 24> hi brookes
23:06 <Britmonster> I have a turtle now!
23:06 <Irishninja0> Thats just what I said to that one chick to get in her pants XD
23:06 <Ninjaswordplay> and im not 15
23:07 <Shadow knight 24> hola
23:07 <ChaoticPeace> WB Broooke.
23:07 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:07 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:07 <Shadow knight 24> brb
23:07 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:07 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <Ninjaswordplay> im actually a day away but same thing
23:07 <BRVR> One of my arms behind my head and I was grabbing the arm behind my head.
23:07 <YouSleepyYet?> <---- 37 years of age...
23:07 <Irishninja0>!
23:07 <Blackblood223> wellcome to castle of horror where spiders rap people and others lie about there age >:D muahahahah
23:07 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <Blackblood223> rape**
23:07 <Laurindatheninja> ..... you old fuck XD
23:07 <Laurindatheninja> jk
23:07 <YouSleepyYet?> Sorry
23:07 <YouSleepyYet?> :l
23:07 <Shadow knight 24> im back
23:07 <Laurindatheninja> my dad is 42
23:08 <Britmonster> My mom is 41 
23:08 <Irishninja0> I'm 14567890755765489
23:08 <Irishninja0> So I'm pretty young
23:08 <YouSleepyYet?> We should play poker sometime
23:08 <YouSleepyYet?> Im a world champion
23:08 <Ninjaswordplay> hes actualy an elf
23:08 <Britmonster> Are you a vampire Irish
23:08 <Ninjaswordplay> irish
23:08 <Irishninja0> No
23:08 -!- Blackblood223 has left Special:Chat.
23:08 <BRVR> I am too young to die.
23:08 <Irishninja0> I'm a ninja
23:08 <MooseJuice> I want to show you the world...
23:08 <Shadow knight 24> my dad is 50
23:08 <Shadow knight 24> me too
23:08 <Irishninja0> Good for you shadow
23:08 <Irishninja0> Your not a ninja
23:08 <Ponyfan10> I'm 999999
23:08 <Ninjaswordplay> im considered a baby by ninjas
23:08 <Irishninja0> Your a knight
23:09 <Ponyfan10> (loool) jk
23:09 <Shadow knight 24> shut up zarcastic irish
23:09 <Irishninja0> Thats still younger than me pony
23:09 <TentakleTherapist> I hear that Lori Beth DImberg or whatever the fuck her name was died...
23:09 <YouSleepyYet?> im 37
23:09 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <YouSleepyYet?> Older..
23:09 <Irishninja0> No knight I shall not
23:09 <Laurindatheninja> i made my teacher yell over 9000 today in class
23:09 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:09 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:09 <Irishninja0> For am a Ninja!
23:09 <Irishninja0> For I am a Ninja!
23:09 <Shadow knight 24> my teacher hates my guts
23:09 <Ninjaswordplay> why you so buthurt  shadow
23:09 -!- ChaoticPeace has left Special:Chat.
23:10 <TentakleTherapist> I am the oldest.
23:10 <BRVR> Is it just me or is tim tim singing part of the song along with toby?
23:10 <Shadow knight 24> randy
23:10 <TentakleTherapist> I've been around since before Christ.
23:10 <King Krule> He never answered
23:10 <TentakleTherapist> I went under several names during my life.
23:10 <Irishninja0> So have I tentakle
23:10 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:10 <Ponyfan10> I was born long before the universe existed
23:10 <Irishninja0> Actually I think we went to that orgy with cleopatra didn't we?
23:10 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:10 <Ninjaswordplay> thats nice mr cromagnum if i spelt that right
23:10 <Shadow knight 24> hey guys search for charlie the unicorn its  funny
23:11 <Irishninja0> I know about that shadow
23:11 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey guide go to my talk page
23:11 <Shadow knight 24> hey charlie brb
23:11 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:11 <Laurindatheninja> i loved that when i was about 10
23:11 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:11 <BRVR> I was born on june 11th.
23:11 <Irishninja0> 12
23:11 <TentakleTherapist> First, my name was Abraham, then Moses, then Samson, then David, then John, then Hitler, then Reagan, then Wilford Brimley, now TentakleTherapist.
23:11 <Laurindatheninja> charlie stick a banana in your ear
23:12 <Laurindatheninja> a banana in my ear?
23:12 <Irishninja0> You weren't any of those people tentakle
23:12 <Irishninja0> except for hitler, and brimley
23:12 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:12 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:12 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:12 <Irishninja0> I remember being julius ceaser at one point
23:12 <Shadow knight 24> im back ok
23:12 <TentakleTherapist> I founded Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
23:12 <BRVR> I am forgetting.
23:12 <Ponyfan10> what the fuck is a Hitler? (JonTron reference)
23:13 <TentakleTherapist> Then I parted the Red Sea and freed the Jews with my trusty stick.
23:13 <Irishninja0> (facepalm) now I know your lying tentakle
23:13 <BRVR> I remember me being me.
23:13 <Shadow knight 24> hitler is a dick dictator
23:13 <Irishninja0> Christianity was founded by someone else
23:13 <Britmonster> Trusty stick CX
23:13 -!- ChaoticPeace has joined Special:Chat
23:13 <TentakleTherapist> Then I got really strong.
23:13 <TentakleTherapist> Then I became the second king of Israel.
23:13 <Laurindatheninja> has anyone ever watched saladfingers?
23:13 <Irishninja0> I got my trusty sitck, Cleopatra liked it
23:13 <Shadow knight 24> has anyone seen liu in here
23:13 <HiddenSpirit> CHAAAOTTTICpeace.
23:14 <Britmonster> You don't have one cx
23:14 <BRVR> Why do people keep reading my mind?
23:14 <Ponyfan10> (C:<
23:14 <Ponyfan10> ^ mean big nosed douche
23:14 <ChaoticPeace> HIIIIIDDDD-spirit. 
23:14 <Irishninja0> Oh I got one brit, and you know it
23:14 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Irishninja0> jk
23:14 <TentakleTherapist> Then I wrote the final book of the bible.
23:14 <YouSleepyYet?> Back
23:14 <YouSleepyYet?> (Jetpack)
23:14 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Shadow knight 24> see yu guys tomorrow
23:14 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <Irishninja0> Tent.....That was the dog remember?
23:14 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <Ninjaswordplay> hey just ause he liked to kill jews doesnt make him a dick
23:14 <Ninjaswordplay> jkjk 
23:14 <YouSleepyYet?> Cya shadow
23:14 <TentakleTherapist> Then I wanted to invite the Jews to dinner but my Nazis took it the wrong way and attempted genocide.
23:15 <ChaoticPeace> Ugh. 
23:15 <Shadow knight 24> bye you
23:15 <TentakleTherapist> Then I became president.
23:15 <ChaoticPeace> You shouldn't joke about genocide, buddy. 
23:15 <Irishninja0> ok tent I'll believe that XD
23:15 <Ponyfan10> Tent,be quiet
23:15 <YouSleepyYet?> Tent (annihilate)
23:15 <Ponyfan10> you shouldn't make jokes involving genocide @Tent
23:15 <TentakleTherapist> Then I rose awareness for diabetus.
23:15 <TentakleTherapist> Now I'm here.
23:15 <Shadow knight 24> ok see yu guys tomorrow at 4:00 pm
23:15 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:15 <TentakleTherapist> Ok...
23:15 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :\
23:15 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:15 <Shadow knight 24> or later
23:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
23:15 <Ponyfan10> >Diabetus
23:15 <Laurindatheninja> hola
23:15 <YouSleepyYet?> >_>
23:15 <Irishninja0> Hi rylee
23:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> como esta?
23:16 <YouSleepyYet?> Im 37 years old
23:16 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <Laurindatheninja> bye shadow 
23:16 -!- Shadow knight 24 has left Special:Chat.
23:16 <Rylee the Pegasis> yo i have a question
23:16 <Britmonster> Yesh? 
23:16 <Ninjaswordplay> and it rascist to call black people the n word but people still do even they made a variation of it to call themselves
23:16 <YouSleepyYet?> What is it
23:16 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:16 -!- Ninjaswordplay has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <Rylee the Pegasis> do u think i could apply 4 chatmod now and get in? if not, wut do i need 2 do?
23:16 <Irishninja0> No
23:16 <YouSleepyYet?> No
23:16 <Irishninja0> You need to make 300 edits
23:16 <ChaoticPeace> Nope, sorry.
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> You need I think 100 edits?
23:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> 100
23:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> i checked
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> Called it
23:17 <Irishninja0> OK
23:17 <ChaoticPeace> What.
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> GO there, and edit.
23:17 <Irishninja0> Do you need 300 to be an admin?
23:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> okay
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> Then come kiss ass on the chat, Expecially to me
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> Especially*
23:17 -!- Ninjaswordplay has left Special:Chat.
23:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> 1000 
23:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> 4 admin i think
23:17 <YouSleepyYet?> and next thing you know, Modship
23:17 <Irishninja0> oh
23:17 <ChaoticPeace> That's not how it works, Sleepy.
23:18 <BRVR> [[user:brvr|I have a low amount of edits.]]
23:18 <YouSleepyYet?> Thats exactly how it works
23:18 <Britmonster> o3o
23:18 <Irishninja0> I have about 17 I think
23:18 -!- Bubbling has joined Special:Chat
23:18 <TentakleTherapist> I have about 40 edits.
23:18 <BRVR> [[user:BRVR|Oops. Non-broken link.]]
23:18 <YouSleepyYet?> GO to my talk page
23:18 <YouSleepyYet?> :D
23:18 <Laurindatheninja> hola
23:18 -!- Rabbitthefrank1 has joined Special:Chat
23:18 <TentakleTherapist> Mostly from fucking with my user page, adding pastas and fixing shit pastas.
23:18 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
23:19 <YouSleepyYet?> *EATZFEMUR*
23:19 <Rabbitthefrank1> Name an animal
23:19 <BRVR> [[user:YouSleepyYet?|Here's YouSleepyYet?'s talk page]]
23:19 <YouSleepyYet?> Wolf
23:19 <Bubbling> *Has found Creepy pasta Mr Mix* .... Level 5 was uploaded 3 hours ago and I was the 18th viewer. Um um um. 
23:19 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
23:19 <BRVR> I am not sleepy.
23:19 -!- Britmonster has left Special:Chat.
23:19 <Irishninja0> Good for you bubbling, no one cares
23:20 <Irishninja0> Let the hate rain down on me
23:20 <YouSleepyYet?> >_>
23:20 <Bubbling> Well wat if its reallll
23:20 <YouSleepyYet?> (annihilate)
23:20 <YouSleepyYet?> Ass
23:20 <Bubbling> Then I die lel
23:20 <Irishninja0> Hilarious
23:20 <TentakleTherapist> Oh I forgot.
23:20 <TentakleTherapist> I also run a pawn shop with my old man and my son.
23:21 <Bubbling> shaddap. I go qq bye
23:21 <Irishninja0> If you had one XD @tent
23:21 -!- Bubbling has left Special:Chat.
23:21 <TentakleTherapist> What do you mean by that? >_>
23:22 <Irishninja0> got no shop, no son, but you do have an old man
23:22 -!- Rabbitthefrank1 has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Irishninja0> In your bed XD
23:22 <YouSleepyYet?> o.o
23:22 <Irishninja0> I'm sorry tent
23:22 <YouSleepyYet?> Calm down.
23:22 <Laurindatheninja> D:
23:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> wut
23:22 <Irishninja0> I apologize
23:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> damn it
23:22 <Irishninja0> but I'm laughing so hard on my end
23:23 <Irishninja0> I do apologize
23:23 <Irishninja0> That was immature
23:23 <YouSleepyYet?> mhm
23:23 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
23:24 <TentakleTherapist> *spams*
23:24 <ChaoticPeace> CHEASL
23:24 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:24 <ChaoticPeace> HELP
23:24 <Irishninja0> Someone let me know when deathgirl12 gets on here, I need to have a word with her >:(
23:24 <Natalia Arlovskya> wot
23:24 <ChaoticPeace> Chat is being stupid D:
23:24 <YouSleepyYet?> no
23:24 <Natalia Arlovskya> oh
23:24 <Irishninja0> and of course I'm lying
23:24 <Rylee the Pegasis> chaotic
23:25 <ChaoticPeace> Oui?
23:25 <Rylee the Pegasis> nvm
23:25 <Irishninja0> I'm perfectly fine crying and slowly going insane
23:25 <ChaoticPeace> ...yeah. 
23:25 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <Irishninja0> Hey anime
23:25 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:25 <ChaoticPeace> I thought so, punk.
23:25 <Rylee the Pegasis> im perfectly fine being (foreveralone)
23:25 <ChaoticPeace> *manly grunt*
23:26 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
23:26 <Rylee the Pegasis> im a girl... u wouldnt hit a girl, would u? (QQ)
23:26 <TentakleTherapist> You're really going to be this way over a girl you MET ONLINE is possibly not with you anymore??
23:26 <TentakleTherapist> (facepalm)
23:26 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:26 <Irishninja0> Tent its not that
23:26 <ChaoticPeace> WB, Read. 
23:26 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
23:26 <Rylee the Pegasis> wb
23:26 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai light
23:26 <ChaoticPeace> HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN.
23:26 <Irishninja0> Its something else
23:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi again, Chaotic, Rylee, Light.
23:26 <Irishninja0> I need to talk to her about
23:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you!
23:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:26 <TentakleTherapist> Brb, I need to put this plate I had my tacos on before putting them in my stomach up.
23:26 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
23:26 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
23:27 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> happy bday
23:27 <ChaoticPeace> WUT
23:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Rylee.
23:27 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
23:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> welcome
23:27 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
23:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> i dont like these chat hacks
23:27 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
23:27 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
23:27 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> wb light
23:27 <LightFlower> Ringo stahp being so adorable 
23:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zack.
23:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey :)
23:28 <LightFlower> Changed pic
23:28 <LightFlower> :3
23:28 <LightFlower> sooo
23:28 <LightFlower> anyone?
23:28 <Laurindatheninja> im now a lone ninja
23:28 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <LightFlower> dats kewl
23:28 <Laurindatheninja> nvm
23:28 <LightFlower> lol as soon as I get on irish returns
23:28 <Irishninja0> Hey light
23:29 <LightFlower> hi 
23:29 <Laurindatheninja> he wants that ass
23:29 <Javer80> damn straight
23:29 <Irishninja0> Hey light I got something to show you
23:29 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:29 <LightFlower> wut is it irish
23:29 <Irishninja0> You'll love it ;)
23:29 <LightFlower> kk
23:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> im so excited
23:29 <Laurindatheninja> for?
23:29 <Javer80> i won't tell you, but i can say this
23:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> my birthday is on may 8th
23:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> ^_^
23:29 <Javer80> it's probably about the size of a chapstick tube
23:29 <LightFlower> My friend's birthday is may 8th xD
23:29 <Laurindatheninja> cool
23:30 <Irishninja0> Go check it out light
23:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> whoa...
23:30 <Javer80> or a tic-tac that got stung by a bee
23:30 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
23:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Majin.
23:30 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
23:30 <Majin112> Hi 
23:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> RD?
23:30 <Irishninja0> Hi majin
23:30 <LightFlower> omg irish that is the bestest thing EVER.
23:30 <TentakleTherapist> Alright I'm back
23:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> rainbow dash?
23:30 <Majin112> Wait what
23:31 <Irishninja0> Your welcome light
23:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> is it?
23:31 <Majin112> My Icon
23:31 <Irishninja0> I knew you would like it
23:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> ya
23:31 <Majin112> Or me
23:31 <Majin112> Yes
23:31 <Majin112> it is
23:31 <ChaoticPeace> I actually like Kesha.
23:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> blech
23:31 -!- TentakleTherapist has left Special:Chat.
23:31 <Irishninja0> chaotic....
23:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> Queen <3
23:31 <Irishninja0> Do you want to see the world burn?
23:31 <Laurindatheninja> XD
23:31 <Javer80> ooh. One moment, Chaotic.
23:31 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
23:32 <ChaoticPeace> Not particularly.. 
23:32 <Javer80>  hee hee
23:32 <Javer80> is charming
23:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> D: fak!
23:32 <Laurindatheninja> D:
23:32 <ChaoticPeace> I looove it.
23:32 <Javer80> it remains trashy but a completely opposite kind of trashy and the dissonance is cute
23:33 <Rylee the Pegasis> is better
23:33 <Laurindatheninja> yes!
23:33 <LightFlower> I want this game so bad
23:33 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
23:33 <Javer80> . . . huh.
23:34 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
23:34 <Javer80> wow. that background music.
23:34 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
23:34 <LightFlower> Michael!
23:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> light
23:35 <Javer80> impromptu dance routine
23:35 <Laurindatheninja> :D
23:35 <LightFlower> lol those ppl who are just like, MICHAEL!
23:35 -!- Laurindatheninja has left Special:Chat.
23:35 -!- Laurindatheninja has joined Special:Chat
23:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> chat is kinda slow, huh?
23:36 <LightFlower> yeah
23:36 <LightFlower> nuu irish is gone
23:36 <Laurindatheninja> yeah
23:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> shit its somebody's birthday in my animal crossing town
23:36 -!- Nykaylacreepypastalover has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
23:36 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> : /
23:36 <Javer80> How on Earth do you pronounce that?
23:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> wut?
23:37 -!- JackFrost5738 has joined Special:Chat
23:37 <LightFlower> That moment when you visit a villager in animal crossing and they ask for a present and you didn't get them one.
23:37 <JackFrost5738> Hi guys!
23:37 <Javer80> "Nykayla"
23:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai jack
23:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Jack!
23:37 <JackFrost5738> Hi Reading!
23:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> lol @light
23:37 <Javer80> you terrible villager.
23:37 <LightFlower> I usually give them shells
23:37 <JackFrost5738> What, Javer?
23:37 <LightFlower> or fruit
23:37 <Nykaylacreepypastalover> Hi I'm unusual
23:37 <LightFlower> lawl
23:37 <JackFrost5738> What villager?
23:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> lol this guy likes clothes
23:37 <LightFlower> hai unusual
23:37 <Javer80> Nice to meet you, Unusual.
23:37 -!- King Krule has left Special:Chat.
23:37 <Javer80> Can I be frank?
23:37 <Laurindatheninja> my dad walked in when i put Bohemian Rhapsody and started singing XD
23:37 -!- Stormo555 has joined Special:Chat
23:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> hey! i was frank!
23:37 <Javer80> wait i messed that joke up D:
23:37 <Laurindatheninja> hello
23:38 <Javer80> SHIT
23:38 <JackFrost5738> Hi Frank. I'm Jack.
23:38 <Rylee the Pegasis> no fucking fair!