00:34 -!- CPwikiCHATlogger has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <Princess Platinum> YAY
00:34 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
00:34 <Temmington> Your quote will forever be lost. 
00:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Is it weird I put whipped cream and peanut butter on my bacon this morning?
00:34 <CrashingCymbal> JEESE
00:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Excuse my typing / spelling as I am pissed in both forms of the word
00:34 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
00:34 <Temmington> Well not really it's still on imgur.
00:34 <Princess Platinum> Sactage answered my bitching
00:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And YAY Jesse is back]
00:34 <CrashingCymbal> Yeyeyeye
00:34 <T117 storm trooper> Sarah is like the Jesus of ponies-From god himself
00:34 <CrashingCymbal> I leiky keik
00:35 <T117 storm trooper> lol
00:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What is wrong Josh?
00:35 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
00:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym Pm
00:35 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
00:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I need someone with sense
00:35 <Temmington> Cumball.
00:35 <Temmington> why am i tempted to upload this to mlp
00:35 <Temmington> but then again
00:35 <Fappleberry> Cumball sounds like a wonderful fella'.
00:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Is it weird I put whipped cream and peanut butter on my bacon this morning?
00:35 <Temmington> id have to like categorize it and label it... eeeehheh
00:35 <CrashingCymbal> I am not the person you need right now then, trust me hahahaha
00:35 <T117 storm trooper> No neversleep its normal I did that to
00:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> sweet
00:36 <CrashingCymbal> You should. Again, I would be honoued
00:36 <CrashingCymbal> Fucking fuck fuck
00:36 <CrashingCymbal> Honoured
00:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> You sure Cym?
00:36 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Fappleberry> No, Never. Because my friend puts Peanut Butter on his nipples.
00:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We could talk about problems
00:36 <Temmington> Wait. 
00:36 <CrashingCymbal> Yes. I am not in a right state of mind either hahahaha
00:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol Fapple
00:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Well talk to me mate
00:36 <CrashingCymbal> Oh I don't have a problem, trust me haaha
00:36 <Temmington> There are people out there... that DON'T put peanut butter on their nipples?!
00:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I', here to listen
00:36 <T117 storm trooper> fapple I do that every night
00:36 <Princess Platinum> !seen LOLSKELETONS
00:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen LOLSKELETONS since I have been here!
00:37 <Fappleberry> Yeah. I put jelly on mine.
00:37 <Fappleberry> GRAPE jelly.
00:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> No matter what, you can tell me
00:37 <Temmington> !seen myself 
00:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen myself  since I have been here!
00:37 <T117 storm trooper> I put Jam
00:37 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
00:37 <Temmington> oh shit
00:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
00:37 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
00:37 <Fappleberry> Mostly without tha' G, you know.
00:37 <Fappleberry> c;
00:37 <LOLSKELETONS> !seen Majin112
00:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Majin112 at June 29 2013, 00:37 (GMT)
00:37 <Temmington> !seen Skelly's dick
00:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Skelly's dick since I have been here!
00:37 <Temmington> BECAUSE IT'S SO SMALL
00:37 <Temmington> OOOOOH
00:37 <Princess Platinum> HAHAHA
00:37 <Fappleberry>  Ohhhhshit.
00:37 <T117 storm trooper> lol
00:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOLOLO
00:37 <Majin112> wait?
00:37 <CrashingCymbal> Jesse leaves for three days and now has amnesia
00:37 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
00:37 <CrashingCymbal> Great!
00:37 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
00:37 <Fappleberry> I am amnesia.
00:37 <CrashingCymbal> WB Majjy 
00:37 <Temmington> Also Cumball.
00:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Majin!
00:38 <Fappleberry> Ohhhyes.
00:38 <MagmaMan4488> Does the !seen command only work for mods?
00:38 <Temmington> I showed that screencap to someone on MLP.
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> Huhwut
00:38 -!- T117 storm trooper has left Special:Chat.
00:38 <Temmington> This is how they responded.
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wb 
00:38 <Temmington> "No Crashing, you shouldn't."
00:38 <Majin112> that camp was insane.
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
00:38 <Temmington> !seen Magma's intelligence 
00:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Magma's intelligence  since I have been here!
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> Too late
00:38 <Temmington> Because it's non-existent. 
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> I ordered it from Amazon
00:38 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
00:38 <Princess Platinum> !seen The Lochness Monster 
00:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen The Lochness Monster  since I have been here!
00:38 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Eating=Good
00:38 <Princess Platinum> WHAT ARE WE PAYING YOU FOR D:
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> !NeveR's IQ ;evel
00:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:38 <MagmaMan4488> Because we all know you're incapable of doing it yourself
00:38 <Majin112> PAYING? 
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> It's got YOLO written in glitter on the back
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> nope
00:38 <CrashingCymbal> And it's purple
00:39 <Temmington> YOUR SWAG SUIT?!
00:39 <Fappleberry> yopo.
00:39 <Temmington> FUCK xD
00:39 <Digiquo> This chat is so much more erratic than the MH Wiki's chat...
00:39 <Fappleberry> You only poop once.
00:39 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
00:39 <CrashingCymbal> My fucking swag suit, movie
00:39 <Princess Platinum> !tell Temmington Hi
00:39 <Fappleberry> Erratic? More like erotic.
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> SwagingCymbal
00:39 <Temmington> I imagining you in like... a unitard 
00:39 <Digiquo> ...
00:39 -!- Slicerchaos5 has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <Princess Platinum> sarah re enter chat
00:39 <Slicerchaos5> hello.
00:39 <Temmington> With YOLO written on the back
00:39 <Majin112> I gotta take a break
00:39 <Temmington> IN GLITTER.
00:39 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
00:39 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi Slicer
00:39 <Temmington> wot
00:39 <CrashingCymbal> In silvery shiny glitter
00:39 <Temmington> wot
00:39 <Fappleberry> u wot m8
00:39 -!- Slicerchaos5 has left Special:Chat.
00:39 <Princess Platinum> !tell Princess Platinum Hello!
00:39 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
00:40 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Princess Platinum> fak
00:40 <CrashingCymbal> And I have now acquired a golden tooth and am accompanied with two ladies of the night
00:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> .-.
00:40 <Temmington> !tell Temmington Go fuck yourself 
00:40 -!- Nordiskt Smör has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Temmington> awwww
00:40 <Temmington> :c
00:40 <Princess Platinum> !version
00:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Nord
00:40 <Nordiskt Smör> t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽
00:40 -!- Digiquo has left Special:Chat.
00:40 <Nordiskt Smör> hi
00:40 <HiddenSpirit> Crach.
00:40 <CrashingCymbal> !AGGHHH
00:40 <HiddenSpirit> Crash
00:40 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
00:40 <Fappleberry> I'm wondering if I should change my steam name to Fappleberry or keep it was "I RAPE WATERMELONS".
00:40 <HiddenSpirit> how the fuck did i
00:40 <HiddenSpirit> i give up.
00:40 -!- Nordiskt Smör was kicked from Special:Chat by Temmington
00:40 <Temmington> WHAT IN THE SHIT 
00:40 <Temmington> WAS THAT
00:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat happed
00:40 <CrashingCymbal> ALIENS
00:40 <Temmington> IT'S NOT EVEN ZALGO IT'S JUST.
00:40 <Temmington> THERE.
00:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The wonders of  ASCII, Sarah
00:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also caps.
00:40 <CrashingCymbal> They're taking over chat
00:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *happened
00:41 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
00:41 <HiddenSpirit> i'm dying
00:41 <Fappleberry> It was my immovable arousal.
00:41 <CrashingCymbal> The Aliens have reading
00:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cymbal, I'm wondering...can I ask you an impertinent question?
00:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Or...rude question?
00:41 <Princess Platinum> infin;
00:41 <CrashingCymbal> You may
00:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...are you drunk right now?
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I iz not gud wit dem puters
00:41 <LOLSKELETONS> &#8755
00:41 <Temmington> can i smell yo dick~
00:41 <Temmington> Oh.
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (derp)
00:41 <Temmington> That too.
00:41 <CrashingCymbal> You are on the right trak
00:41 <Princess Platinum> !seen any bitches except sarah
00:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any bitches except sarah since I have been here!
00:41 <CrashingCymbal> *track
00:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welp
00:41 <Fappleberry> Dick smelling? Where!
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
00:41 <Temmington> Take that as a yes, Why.
00:41 <LOLSKELETONS> that was &#8755;
00:41 <HiddenSpirit> LOL.
00:41 <LOLSKELETONS> I think
00:41 <HiddenSpirit> MARIA. XD
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Let me smell yo dick~
00:42 <Princess Platinum> hehe
00:42 <Fappleberry> wat
00:42 <Fappleberry> how did..
00:42 <CrashingCymbal> Me and my friend, simply inhaled the contents of a marijuana cigarette, is all.
00:42 <Temmington> !seen any forms of intelligent life on this chatroom
00:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any forms of intelligent life on this chatroom since I have been here!
00:42 <Princess Platinum> !seen a hobo fap
00:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The bot gained more sentience.
00:42 <Temmington> oh
00:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a hobo fap since I have been here!
00:42 <CrashingCymbal> I feel great!! :D
00:42 <LOLSKELETONS> &infin; = ∞
00:42 <CrashingCymbal> :D
00:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay Cymbal :I
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have been fapping
00:42 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> imeanwut
00:42 <Temmington> HEY NO ZALGO TEXT.
00:42 <CrashingCymbal> Nord, please do not use ASCII in chat
00:42 <Temmington> or you get banned
00:42 <Temmington> you hear me
00:42 <Princess Platinum> !seen cumball dressed... at all...
00:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen cumball dressed... at all... since I have been here!
00:42 <Temmington> of course you don't this is a text chat
00:43 <CrashingCymbal> How did you know Maris
00:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> !seen such excitement for my new functions
00:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen such excitement for my new functions since I have been here!
00:43 <CrashingCymbal> *Maria
00:43 -!- Digiquo has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <CrashingCymbal> !seen any phat ass
00:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any phat ass since I have been here!
00:43 <LOLSKELETONS> people are abusing the bot
00:43 <Nordiskt Smör> t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽t༼ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็oส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้༽
00:43 <Princess Platinum> I know
00:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym Pm
00:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> SPAM
00:43 <MagmaMan4488> OH GOD WTF
00:43 <Andytags> woo party
00:43 -!- Nordiskt Smör was banned from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS for 31536000000 seconds.
00:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> What .-.
00:43 -!- Nordiskt Smör was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 259200 seconds.
00:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> uh
00:43 <HiddenSpirit> I WANNA DO THAT.
00:43 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
00:43 -!- ItsShihab has left Special:Chat.
00:43 -!- Nordiskt Smör was banned from Special:Chat by Temmington for 31536000000 seconds.
00:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
00:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
00:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:43 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
00:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <Andytags> pls dont hid
00:43 -!- ItsShihab has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <Temmington> am i cool yet
00:43 <Princess Platinum> ...
00:43 <Princess Platinum> LOL
00:43 <CrashingCymbal> I told you we were under attck
00:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay?
00:43 <Andytags> TRIPLE BAN
00:43 <Princess Platinum> Welp
00:43 <CrashingCymbal> Triple ban
00:43 <MagmaMan4488> TRIPLE KILL
00:43 <Princess Platinum> I had a giggle
00:43 <Temmington> Cumball.
00:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> triple ban
00:43 <Temmington>  You did?
00:44 <Princess Platinum> no
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> guys
00:44 -!- Player901211 has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> i can't see my messages
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> OH
00:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, PM please mate
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> THERE.
00:44 <LOLSKELETONS> 00:43 . . Temmington (talk | contribs | block) changed ban settings for Nordiskt Smör (talk | contribs | block) with an expiry time of infinite, ends 00:43, October 30, 3012 ‎(Spamming/being a troll.)
00:44 <LOLSKELETONS>      	00:43 . . CrashingCymbal (talk | contribs | block) changed ban settings for Nordiskt Smör (talk | contribs | block) with an expiry time of 3 days, ends 00:43, July 2, 2013 ‎(ASCII)
00:44 <LOLSKELETONS>      	00:43 . . LOLSKELETONS (talk | contribs | block) banned Nordiskt Smör (talk | contribs | block) from chat with an expiry time of infinite, ends 00:43, 
00:44 <CrashingCymbal> Yes I banned him
00:44 -!- Funnymouth123 has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Andytags> SPAM
00:44 <Fappleberry> Hidden.
00:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I didn't see a thing
00:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What happened?
00:44 <Andytags> scroll up
00:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> My screen doesn't show anything.
00:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> This chat is cancer
00:44 <Temmington> THREE DAYS?! xD
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> Yes?
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> I SPAMMED?
00:44 <Fappleberry> I want to lick your face.
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> WAIT, WHAT.
00:44 <Andytags> come on 
00:44 <Andytags> step up senpai
00:44 <Funnymouth123> hi
00:44 -!- Player901211 has left Special:Chat.
00:44 <CrashingCymbal> I'm a nice mod okay...
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> Trey, Cool Dude?
00:44 <Temmington> You're way too nice.
00:44 <Fappleberry> Indeeeeeeeeeeed
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> Indubitably. 
00:44 -!- Sactage has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Funnymouth123> u look handsome
00:44 <CrashingCymbal> I believe in second chances :P
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> I want to lick your face.
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> I wanna lick it.
00:44 <Temmington> I tend to think I'm too harsh. 
00:44 <CrashingCymbal> NOU FUNNYMOUTH
00:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Sactage
00:45 <HiddenSpirit> Greetings, Sactage.
00:45 <Temmington> Ohai Sactage. 
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> he was obviously using that account solely for disruption
00:45 <Temmington> ye
00:45 <LOLSKELETONS> hi sactage
00:45 <Sactage> (wave)
00:45 <CrashingCymbal> Funnymouth, do not to RP please
00:45 <Sactage> Oh. right
00:45 <Sactage> hi all :)
00:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why thank u fanny moth
00:45 -!- Nordiskt Smör was banned from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum for 31536000000 seconds.
00:45 <Temmington> Ohaii.
00:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
00:45 <Princess Platinum> >_>
00:45 <Temmington> MARIA LATE MUCH.
00:45 <Temmington> no.
00:45 <Temmington> im redoing it. 
00:45 <Andytags> bacon covered bacon
00:45 <MagmaMan4488> And that's a Quad Ban.
00:45 <Temmington> Naw.
00:45 <MagmaMan4488> Have those ever happened?
00:45 <HiddenSpirit> Bacon-covered bacon covering bacon.
00:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Earthbound
00:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Good game
00:45 <Sactage> I do (wave) out of habit because it works on Skype
00:45 <Funnymouth123> i like to lik the bluud
00:45 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
00:45 -!- Funnymouth123 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
00:45 -!- Funnymouth123 has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Temmington> But seriously Maria... was that necessary? 
00:45 <Princess Platinum> Sactage how are you
00:45 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Temmington> Also sto- oh.
00:45 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
00:45 <Princess Platinum> it was a lag ban
00:46 -!- T117 storm trooper has joined Special:Chat
00:46 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <CrashingCymbal> WB Reaper
00:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bacon wrapped in bacon covered in bacon grease
00:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> mmhh
00:46 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
00:46 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
00:46 <T117 storm trooper> Man I'm 27 and still emo/scene
00:46 <Fappleberry> What.
00:46 <T117 storm trooper> :(
00:46 <Fappleberry> I read "It was a lag ban" as "It was a bagged Llama".
00:46 <CrashingCymbal> Lol Bagged Llama
00:47 <Temmington> My text is purple fuck yeah! :3
00:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mine is red
00:47 <Sactage> I
00:47 <Sactage> I'm well, thanks
00:47 <T117 storm trooper> I look like Dahvie vanity on meth
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sactage are you part of staff?
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Like San?
00:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Can I ask... The people online... Do you consider me to be a nice guy / friend?
00:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Zack!
00:48 <CrashingCymbal> Yes Zack you're lovely :P
00:48 <T117 storm trooper> Yes 
00:48 <Princess Platinum> He is a VSTF
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Of Course Zack!
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh ok Maria
00:48 <Fappleberry> I-I don't even know who you are.
00:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> My real life friends... I'm losing faith
00:48 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
00:48 <Andytags> wat
00:48 <LOLSKELETONS> [[w:Project:VSTF]]
00:48 <Fappleberry> .. Real life friends exist? Shit. I need to get some.
00:49 <T117 storm trooper> Zack is a awesome soon to be super sayian
00:49 <Masked Hero Z> I don't know half you people..and I've been here since last June. xD
00:49 <Fappleberry> I've been here for about a year and a half now.
00:49 <Fappleberry> .. And I have no idea who half of you are.
00:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am super sand lesbian
00:49 <T117 storm trooper> do you know me ? masked lol
00:49 <BRVR> I am listening to music.
00:49 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have been here for a year and half now...
00:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> They treat me like shit and so do my family, it;s like I'm just a tool to use and it's breaking my spirit
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...and I know almost all of you.
00:49 <Sactage> I'm an employee of Wikia, Inc.
00:49 <Sactage> (for the summer, anyway)
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh Zack, sorry to hear that...
00:49 <CrashingCymbal> Do you know me, Reading?
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But you really are an awesome person!
00:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Cymbal!
00:49 <Zyranne> Hello
00:50 <CrashingCymbal> Yay!
00:50 <Temmington> Why. I've been here for a year and I know everyone~
00:50 <T117 storm trooper> Yeah you have a great personality
00:50 <Temmington> Well everyone that isn't new.
00:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have 6 real life friends I can trust and that it
00:50 <Temmington> Now if you'll excuse me I am going swimming. 
00:50 <LOLSKELETONS> Inactive?
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fapple wanna go throw seals and walruses off sky ships (all!)
00:50 <CrashingCymbal> That's more than enough, Zack
00:50 <BRVR> I have no real life friends.
00:50 -!- ItsShihab has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <T117 storm trooper> I was bullied for being emo :(
00:50 <LOLSKELETONS> Since when did we have that?
00:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have seen that Inactive thing around, Skeletons
00:50 <Temmington> ^
00:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No idea what it is exactlyu
00:50 <Temmington> And Autoconfirmed user.
00:50 <Zyranne> That's all you need, ain't it, Zack?
00:50 <CrashingCymbal> Why does Sactage get a fancay badge?
00:50 <Temmington> I have a custom Foxgirl tag Maria gave me, lol.
00:50 <CrashingCymbal> I want one!!!
00:51 <Temmington> He's staff.
00:51 <Temmington> You're not. 
00:51 <Temmington> :3
00:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
00:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Maybe but I try my best to please everyone regardless of if I get hurt and it's too painful
00:51 <T117 storm trooper> lol
00:51 <CrashingCymbal> Hello mister staff!
00:51 <Temmington> Anyways still going swimming bai.
00:51 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <Sactage> Hi
00:51 <CrashingCymbal> Bai Saruh
00:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Sarah
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sactage I see you like Code Lyoko
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
00:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
00:51 <CrashingCymbal> And then there were 1 less...
00:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I've tried my hardest for years to be a good guy but I'm starting to lose hope and I can't handle it
00:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I love Code Lyoko.
00:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> C:
00:51 <LOLSKELETONS> I knew that thing looked familar...
00:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D: *
00:52 <Sactage> Yes, I do!
00:52 <Zyranne> Hai Skelly!
00:52 <LOLSKELETONS> hello
00:52 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Dark
00:52 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
00:52 <When Darkness Shadows> hey
00:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I really need help. now more then ever
00:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Why does he have the diamond?!
00:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
00:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Can I help, Zack?
00:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Anyone can try
00:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Zack it's ok. Just tell them how YOU feel then let them explain themselves.
00:53 <CrashingCymbal> Daimonds are FOREVER
00:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Tell me how I can, I'll try my best!
00:53 <LOLSKELETONS> lol
00:53 <T117 storm trooper>
00:53 <When Darkness Shadows> I recognize so many names on here! I hacked my sisters account ages ago. I'm amazed half you are still on here 
00:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LolStorm
00:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Would you all excuse a possible wall of text?
00:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
00:54 <LOLSKELETONS> (-1,612,940)‎ 
00:54 -!- Lukethekiller has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> storm lol
00:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay here goes
00:54 <When Darkness Shadows> hey luke
00:54 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi luke
00:54 <Lukethekiller> hello
00:54 <BRVR> Life is repetitive.
00:54 -!- Lukethekiller has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <Zyranne> IKR, BRVR
00:55 <Zyranne> It will get better, trust me
00:55 <LOLSKELETONS> But death only comes once
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I need a more serious avatar
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> anyone else agree?
00:55 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly wud no
00:55 <Digiquo> No
00:55 <CrashingCymbal> CUS HE DEAD
00:55 <LOLSKELETONS> per person, that is
00:55 <Digiquo> Your avatar is perfect
00:55 <Zyranne> I wuv your avatar!
00:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Lee
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Meh I need a new one
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BRB
00:55 -!- Auras has left Special:Chat.
00:55 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
00:55 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <When Darkness Shadows> the suspence is killing me
00:56 <Digiquo> Impending wall of text should be arriving soon...
00:56 <T117 storm trooper> I am going to change my avatar to..
00:56 <BRVR> *Presses F13*
00:56 <LOLSKELETONS> we have a rate limit, Digiquo
00:56 -!- T117 storm trooper has left Special:Chat.
00:56 <Digiquo> Wasn't actively participating in the convs, but I was paying attention to them.
00:56 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
00:57 <CrashingCymbal> Hello LOTL
00:57 <LOLSKELETONS> If it goes beyond a certain point you can't post it
00:57 <LOLSKELETONS> A specific number of characters
00:58 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
00:58 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:58 <LOLSKELETONS> chatdied
00:58 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
00:58 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
00:58 <Digiquo> Noticed
00:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
00:58 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:58 <BRVR> I have F24.
00:58 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
00:59 <BRVR> F13-24 don't do much.
00:59 <When Darkness Shadows> that's a long ass keyboard
00:59 <CrashingCymbal> Wow, chat is i kinda (dead)
00:59 <CrashingCymbal> (rip) chat
00:59 <BRVR> I also have F1000.
00:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I tidy my house every day and do every thing for my parents, but I got no respect or sign of appreciation... I try my fucking hardest to be the most honourable and kindest person I can be. but I get nothing to show for it. I do my best ib life but get treated like the worst. I know I'm ugly but I don't care, I'm kinder then most but I get nothing. I love a 15 year old an I'm 20. I can't get a girl my age and everyone drills me for it... All I want is some damn repsect and someone to understand me yet I feel alone in that... Please.. Someone cheer me up because I'm crying to much
00:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading gave me permission for the wall of text
00:59 <CrashingCymbal> We loved and served you like good little minions :(
00:59 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
00:59 <Digiquo> Wall of text
01:00 <Princess Platinum> whoo
01:00 <Princess Platinum> test
01:00 <Princess Platinum> fak
01:00 <CrashingCymbal> !test
01:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: Hai!
01:00 <BRVR> And Finity.
01:00 <CrashingCymbal> :d
01:00 <CrashingCymbal> FUCK
01:01 <CrashingCymbal> :D
01:01 <Digiquo> @Zack, does the girl love you back?
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I tidy my house every day and do every thing for my parents, but I got no respect or sign of appreciation... I try my fucking hardest to be the most honourable and kindest person I can be. but I get nothing to show for it. I do my best ib life but get treated like the worst. I know I'm ugly but I don't care, I'm kinder then most but I get nothing. I love a 15 year old an I'm 20. I can't get a girl my age and everyone drills me for it... All I want is some damn repsect and someone to understand me yesyet I feel alone in that... Please.. Someone cheer me up because I'm crying to much
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading gave me permission for the wall of text
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Fuck!Q
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn laptop
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yes she does
01:01 <Digiquo> Then what's to complain about?
01:01 <Princess Platinum> Test Link:
01:01 -!- OctagonDinosaur has left Special:Chat.
01:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry everyone, it's reall dark here
01:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zack, even if they don't appreciate you, there are people who does. You do have friends. You're a very awesome person, and I'm glad to have met you. Come on, cheer up. Things will get better.
01:01 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
01:01 <Zyranne> ikr
01:01 <When Darkness Shadows> Sucks that you'll get arrested if you fuck
01:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Keep being the person you are, even if they are ungrateful people.
01:02 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <Princess Platinum> Thats what you got from that...
01:02 <LOLSKELETONS> [[w:c:fake]]
01:02 -!- Sevro has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <Princess Platinum> Skelly
01:02 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <Princess Platinum> try to link a chat
01:02 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hy Mobo
01:02 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
01:02 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
01:02 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm sick of judgemental assholes that don';t undersyand
01:02 <When Darkness Shadows> Hey mobo and sevro
01:02 <BRVR> Also known as Finfinity and F∞.
01:02 <LOLSKELETONS> Hai Moboman
01:02 <Sevro> gangsta rap mothafucka.
01:02 <Digiquo> I understand a little bit.
01:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Anybody would be sick, Zack.
01:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have enough fucking stress without them
01:03 <SaikaXIII> huh?
01:03 <TheGreatMobo> Who's Sactage?
01:03 <When Darkness Shadows> I understand, I just like to point out the obvious. but things will get better. my parents were 11 years apart so it wont be weird for long
01:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But don't stop being the person you are, please...
01:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Severo got dat gansta swag
01:03 <Digiquo> I can see that being unappreciated can be frustrating, but so long as you love someone and they love you back and you both remain faithful, I don't see any reason why you should be unhappt
01:03 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey theonme
01:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hello theone
01:03 <The-one123> Hello my friends
01:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi one
01:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I could be fucking homeless and jobless, I'ver had people I love die on me... I don;t need any more shit right now
01:04 <The-one123> My internet has been out for the last couple days
01:04 <When Darkness Shadows> look at what you have, you probably have a nice house in a good neighborhood 
01:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <Digiquo> Die? What?
01:04 <Zyranne> how did you survive?! D:
01:04 <The-one123> Idk
01:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I've had my nan and one of my best friends die and I feelk guilty
01:04 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Because I couldn't help them
01:04 <BRVR> I am confused.
01:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why do you feel guilty for it?
01:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah...
01:05 <Zyranne> I'm sure you're no way responsible 
01:05 <The-one123> If it was down for a couple weeks i would have gone into chat withdraw and would go into depression again
01:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I love this avatar
01:05 <Zyranne> I remember I had no internet for 2 weeks
01:05 <Zyranne> It was hell
01:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> So I have enough stress to comatose me... I don't need people starting shit with me
01:05 <Sevro> so what do you negroes talk about here?
01:05 <BRVR> I'm going to sit on a ceiling fan now.
01:05 <When Darkness Shadows> i feel guilty for the death of my boyfriend but you'll move through it
01:05 <Zyranne> a lot
01:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm trying to be normal... But people push me too far
01:06 -!- Sevro was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
01:06 -!- Sevro has left Special:Chat.
01:06 -!- Sevro was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 86400 seconds.
01:06 <CrashingCymbal> Ninja'd!
01:06 <Zyranne> lol
01:06 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
01:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Double ban
01:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I prefer online, I;m liked here
01:06 <Zyranne> I feel like that, Zack
01:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> N word not allowed
01:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> When you're in your hardest, remember that we support you.
01:06 <When Darkness Shadows> Hmm.... i guess sevro is from a nice white neighborhood, anyone with me? he's just trying to act cool
01:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And that we want you to try your best
01:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have friends here I can trus
01:07 <Andytags> No darkness, he just didn't read the rules
01:07 <Zyranne> or he's a 12 year old trying to act tough
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I can see that darkness
01:07 <The-one123> before i went to this chat i was depressed and was almost thinking about endding it , now that i have people to talk to who actualy like me i am better , and i have helped people stop being deprresed on this chat , im not giveing any names.
01:07 <Digiquo> That's a little skeptical...
01:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have one person in real life I need... But she;s bust
01:07 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Digiquo> You shouldn't really trust anyone you've only met on this chat
01:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> busyI
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am black
01:07 <When Darkness Shadows> i used to be really depressed but after trying to commit suicide 7 times and failing i gave up and now im happy 
01:07 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Trust me
01:07 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Zyranne> Are you, Lee?
01:07 <The-one123> Hello deathgirl
01:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry peiple, watery eyes, can't see straight
01:08 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Look at my profile Zyr
01:08 <BRVR> *Sits on an allosaurus*
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am
01:08 <The-one123> Has anybody seen nightscrystal on lately
01:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I haven't seen her lately.
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I trolled you all
01:08 <When Darkness Shadows> its okay zach
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (huehue)
01:09 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <BRVR> You didn't troll me!
01:09 <Zyranne> Ahh
01:09 <LOLSKELETONS> umg never trulld uz awl
01:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry for being a downer
01:09 <Zyranne> so that's what you look like..
01:09 -!- T117 storm trooper has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <T117 storm trooper> :3
01:09 <The-one123> Me and her need to talk , we help eachother out and i need to know she is ok , we havent talking in almost a month.
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lololo
01:09 <Princess Platinum> I might go watch EG again
01:09 <When Darkness Shadows> its fiiine just don't be me, okay?
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes zyr
01:09 <Digiquo> Well, it's beginning to get difficult to keep track of two chats at once, so I think I'm gonna sign off of here for a while.
01:09 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Digi
01:10 <Digiquo> Cya
01:10 <CrashingCymbal> Bye quote
01:10 -!- Digiquo has left Special:Chat.
01:10 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai digi
01:10 <When Darkness Shadows> bye
01:10 <The-one123> i am going to be back in a little bit , im going to check a other chat she gets on.
01:10 <The-one123> Bye bye
01:10 <When Darkness Shadows> bye
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai one
01:10 <T117 storm trooper> bai
01:10 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
01:10 <BRVR> I logged in to make fun of the Jeff Is Back pasta's insert username here.
01:11 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
01:11 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
01:11 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
01:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL I saw that
01:11 <When Darkness Shadows> sorry my computer glitched
01:11 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
01:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
01:11 <When Darkness Shadows> everyones leaving
01:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Get me? No man has ever wanted to be in my bed (alone)
01:12 -!- T117 storm trooper has left Special:Chat.
01:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Or woman
01:12 <When Darkness Shadows> that's... depressing lee
01:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It is(alone)
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shit
01:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <When Darkness Shadows> hey brooke
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Brooke
01:13 <Zyranne> Hey Brooke
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ping
01:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:13 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
01:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <Majin112> wut 
01:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, can I talk to you?
01:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Zebra-Fucking 
01:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Majin go back on vacation NOW
01:14 <Majin112> NEVAR
01:14 <Majin112> I came back from camp HELL
01:14 <CrashingCymbal> Of course, Zack.
01:14 -!- JustinDavid23 has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <JustinDavid23> Baack
01:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Take a break majin
01:14 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
01:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:14 <Majin112> Nah
01:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <Majin112> I cant
01:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U need 2
01:14 <Majin112> too dedicated
01:14 <Zyranne> I'd sure love to do that!
01:14 <JustinDavid23> Lol
01:15 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <JustinDavid23> Hi Princess
01:15 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 2hardworking4me
01:15 <Majin112> Yeah
01:15 <Majin112> I gotta reach my goal.
01:15 <JustinDavid23> What's your goal
01:15 <Majin112> to get 5,000 edits and apply for admin.
01:16 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Pmed you Cym
01:16 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <JustinDavid23> You have to be nominated to be
01:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 5000? Dayum
01:16 <Majin112> I can nominate myself
01:16 <Majin112> I am a VCROC 
01:16 <Zyranne> heh, I'd never be able to do that o_o
01:16 <Majin112> and a rollback 
01:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gud luck
01:17 <JustinDavid23> Good luck
01:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> With that
01:17 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <Zyranne> WB Darkness
01:17 <Majin112> I must be mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
01:17 <When Darkness Shadows> thy
01:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dat isn't so mysterious..
01:18 <When Darkness Shadows> i hear yelling coming from outside my house, gonna go check it out brb
01:18 <JustinDavid23> Good luck
01:18 <Majin112> I must be as swift as a coursing river.
01:18 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
01:18 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cymoni?
01:18 <JustinDavid23> Hi Jack
01:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi jack
01:18 <Majin112> cymoni?
01:18 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
01:18 <JackofallSuits> Hello helloers
01:18 <Zyranne> Hello Jack
01:18 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:19 <JackofallSuits> Hello person I don't know
01:19 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Suits! Were you been?
01:19 <Zyranne> hmm, we haven't met, perhaps?
01:19 <The-one123> Sadly she wasnt on the other chat ether , im back
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We missed u
01:19 <Zyranne> nice to meet you
01:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cymono is CrashingCymbal
01:19 <JackofallSuits> I ate
01:19 <JackofallSuits> And stuff
01:19 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cymoni*
01:19 <JustinDavid23> Brb, going to edit something
01:19 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
01:20 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi death
01:20 <The-one123> I cant edit on my tablet so me getting anywhere near my goal of being mod or someday admin is crushed for a while , i really need a new computer.
01:20 <The-one123> Wb
01:21 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm on my Kindle
01:21 <The-one123> i have a nook
01:21 <The-one123> Its worse
01:21 <Cjhotsauce> hi
01:21 <Andytags> ech
01:21 <The-one123> its hard to chat on this thing
01:21 <Andytags> u guys are boring 
01:21 <Andytags> and nerds
01:21 <The-one123> But i have to chat
01:21 <Andytags> boring nerds
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 233 edits I feel proud (derp)
01:21 <HiddenSpirit> UR A BORIN NURD
01:21 <The-one123> im not a nerd om a geek
01:21 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
01:22 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I iz not nerd
01:22 <LOLSKELETONS> nord
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I iz not eden smartz
01:22 <CrashingCymbal> I put that in my achievements gallery :P
01:22 <CrashingCymbal> :D
01:22 <The-one123> I feel sad
01:22 <Andytags> y
01:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pie?
01:23 <LOLSKELETONS> how the main page used to look
01:23 <LOLSKELETONS> how it looks now
01:23 <CrashingCymbal> Y, Y miss American Page
01:23 <HiddenSpirit> Dun be sad.
01:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I mean why?
01:23 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:23 <Andytags> wat
01:23 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:23 <JustinDavid23> D: Too much, mistakes. I edited up till the He grabbed Lels hourglass.
01:23 <Andytags> lrn2typeunerd
01:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kindle y u ackin so crayCray
01:24 <Andytags> >le meme arrows
01:24 <The-one123> I havent talked to nightscrystal in a month , she is my favorate person in the world , even though we only talk in chat . We are facebook friends and stuff but she never gets on facebook.
01:24 <Andytags> wowee
01:24 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:24 <JustinDavid23> Just almost too much for me.
01:24 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I can't hide this any longer...
01:25 <HiddenSpirit> LOL.
01:25 <CrashingCymbal> I gotta go everyone
01:25 <CrashingCymbal> Bye guys
01:25 <Masked Hero Z> See ya Crash.
01:25 <The-one123> Bye bye CC
01:25 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:25 <JustinDavid23> By C
01:25 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Zyranne> Bye Crashing
01:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Guys... I'm LOLSKELETONS sock!
01:25 <Cjhotsauce> hi
01:25 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:25 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
01:25 <Andytags> nonono
01:25 <Andytags> b&
01:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (gasp)
01:26 <JustinDavid23> So you're a sock puppet of his user?
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wait...
01:26 <JustinDavid23> Oh dear god.
01:26 <Zyranne> can't be true..
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Do skeletons have socks?
01:26 <Majin112> Wut
01:26 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:26 <JustinDavid23> I guess so.
01:26 <JustinDavid23> It's the rocks
01:26 <Zyranne> yus
01:27 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <The-one123> So how is everyone
01:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am your foot wear skelleh
01:27 <Zyranne> Alright thanks, and yourself?
01:27 <When Darkness Shadows> Well that was a friendly argument
01:27 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Good one
01:27 <The-one123> im sad remember
01:27 <The-one123> I need a hug 
01:27 <LOLSKELETONS> Princess Platinum
01:27 <LOLSKELETONS> unblock image uploads for a second, if you will
01:27 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <Zyranne> *hugs The One*
01:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Greay, both Cym and Reading left
01:28 <LOLSKELETONS> I accidentally deleted a fairly important image
01:28 <LOLSKELETONS> The "Go to Sleep" image
01:28 <Majin112> Wait what?
01:28 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
01:28 <Majin112> who is this princess?
01:28 <Andytags> me
01:28 <JustinDavid23> Brb for like 20 minutes.
01:28 <When Darkness Shadows> Hey I gotta question
01:28 <Zyranne> yes?
01:28 <Andytags> thank you for noticing 
01:28 -!- Pellyeve93 has left Special:Chat.
01:28 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria's new account
01:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <Majin112> Wait...
01:28 <LOLSKELETONS> Princess Platinum = Icecreamcaekbot
01:28 <The-one123> *sad* i really need to talk to nightscrystal
01:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Majin112> Oh
01:28 <The-one123> Crap
01:28 <Majin112> I understand
01:28 <LOLSKELETONS> = Shining-Armor = Benjaminthewill123123
01:29 <LOLSKELETONS> and a million other usernames
01:29 <Majin112> I swear
01:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:29 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:29 <LOLSKELETONS> Undelete failed; someone else may have undeleted the page first.
01:29 <LOLSKELETONS> Undeletion will not be performed if it will result in the top page or file revision being partially deleted. In such cases, you must uncheck or unhide the newest deleted revision.
01:29 <LOLSKELETONS> Error undeleting file: A non-identical file already exists at mwstore://local-backend/local-public/d/dc/Go_to_Sleep.png.
01:29 <Majin112> Sometimes I feel like changing my name
01:29 <LOLSKELETONS> waii
01:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Wait, so Skelly//
01:29 <When Darkness Shadows> I'm in the middle of writing a pasta but I want to stop writing it for a second, I don't know how to stop writing it and continue another time
01:29 <Majin112> I dont know
01:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ben was Shining Armour?
01:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Wow...
01:29 <Majin112> I've been watching to much disney. 
01:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Didn't know
01:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Skelleh I'm your sock
01:30 <The-one123> any disney at all is to much
01:30 <Zyranne> that's how I felt when I found out Princess was Shining
01:30 <Majin112> Mulan 
01:30 <When Darkness Shadows> ona yall should answer mah question
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wait why am I telling myself that
01:30 <Zyranne> I could answer your question :)
01:30 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
01:31 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
01:31 <When Darkness Shadows> well answer it than
01:31 <The-one123> I got to go be sad , bye bye
01:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:31 <When Darkness Shadows> *then
01:31 -!- -Price- has joined Special:Chat
01:31 -!- T117 storm trooper has joined Special:Chat
01:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi price
01:31 <Majin112> I gotta do some stuff.
01:31 <-Price-> hi
01:31 <Zyranne> Hmm
01:31 <Cjhotsauce> hi
01:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi storm
01:31 <T117 storm trooper> I scared myself to death after reading jeff is back
01:31 <When Darkness Shadows> you wont be sad if you eat some nutella while watching a movie about kittens and happiness
01:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
01:31 <T117 storm trooper> when it knewmy name XD
01:31 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <The-one123> bye bye peoples , i got to go be sad somewhere else 
01:32 <The-one123> Bye bye
01:32 <T117 storm trooper> Bai
01:32 <JustinDavid23> Bye
01:32 <Majin112> CHAT?
01:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai one
01:32 <When Darkness Shadows> fine don't listen to me
01:32 <T117 storm trooper> todays my last day at creepypasta
01:32 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
01:32 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
01:32 <Zyranne> @Darkness just stop and continue tomorrow or something
01:32 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:32 <Zyranne> if you want to stop, I mean
01:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Really storm?! Nou ;n;
01:33 <When Darkness Shadows> I do but last time I tried to do that it deleted the pasta
01:33 <T117 storm trooper> Yes it is..
01:33 <T117 storm trooper> I wrote a blog about it..
01:33 <Zyranne> what if you copied it into word
01:33 <Majin112> My last day isn't gonna happen for a LONG time. 
01:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Don't leave ;n;
01:33 <When Darkness Shadows> than could work, why thank you sir
01:33 <When Darkness Shadows> *that
01:33 <Zyranne> No problem at all :)
01:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:33 <Zyranne> How come, Storm? 
01:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:34 <When Darkness Shadows> I lost the password to my old account on here and it made me sad
01:34 <Deathgirl12> storm ;n: i never knew you but don't leave me 
01:34 <T117 storm trooper> I have not contributed to ANYTHING
01:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:34 <Majin112> I always contribute.
01:34 <Majin112> ALWAYS
01:34 <Zyranne> you don't have to
01:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So what!?
01:34 <Masked Hero Z> I haven't either Storm. 
01:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ur still family!
01:35 <When Darkness Shadows> my neither... at least not yet
01:35 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Everyone is family here! ;n;
01:35 <Zyranne> Exactly, once you join, you're pretty much stuck with us xD
01:35 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
01:36 <When Darkness Shadows> hey hey hey hey hey yall wanna know someone I hate
01:36 <T117 storm trooper> I will do some check ups on the site once in a while but I won't have any activity
01:36 <Majin112> Me?
01:36 <Zyranne> Who?
01:36 <T117 storm trooper> who?>
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Me?
01:36 <When Darkness Shadows> Mariah Carey 
01:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <When Darkness Shadows> I hate her
01:36 <-Price-> lol i hit the afk button right as it made me automatically go away
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> MC?
01:36 <Andytags> oh my
01:36 <When Darkness Shadows> yup yup
01:37 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> She is sexy
01:37 <Zyranne> I hate One Direction
01:37 <When Darkness Shadows> me too! 
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shit music
01:37 <Zyranne> I agree
01:37 <T117 storm trooper> I have some favorite users :3
01:37 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But 1D and MC are both sexy
01:38 <T117 storm trooper> Zyranne, Darkness, neversleepwithme, and irishninja0
01:38 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <When Darkness Shadows> I hate Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Wanted, Lil Wayne, Nicki Manaj, Austin Mahone, and a lot of other people I can't remember. 
01:38 <-Price-> my favorite user is -price-
01:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx Storm!
01:38 <Zyranne> woo! thanks Storm! :D
01:38 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:38 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <T117 storm trooper> andytags is cool because he brings up unintentional sex jokes
01:38 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
01:38 <-Price-> "neversleepwithme" challenge accepted
01:38 -!- WhiteReaper has joined Special:Chat
01:38 -!- Bigboobs12 has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <When Darkness Shadows> thank you, I feel loved <3
01:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> "Bigboobs"
01:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OBBY
01:39 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:39 <When Darkness Shadows> hey hey hey hey guess what bigboobs
01:39 <Bigboobs12> its just i have it
01:39 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:39 <Bigboobs12> what
01:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Are you also 12?
01:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Price that challenge is already lost
01:39 <When Darkness Shadows> I think I smell desperation
01:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (loool)
01:39 <Bigboobs12> no im 13
01:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm thinking 12.
01:39 <T117 storm trooper> I'm thinking 6
01:39 <Zyranne> pahahah lovin' the username xD
01:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bigboobs mmhh
01:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nobody has big boobs at age 13.
01:39 <-Price-> i used to be pricerocks245 i was never 245
01:40 <Bigboobs12> why not
01:40 <When Darkness Shadows> my brain just face palmed me from the inside, youre 13 and you have big boobs
01:40 <-Price-> @brooke some girls at my school would beg to differ
01:40 -!- Catsareajoy123 has joined Special:Chat
01:40 <MagmaMan4488> Well I once knew someone who did
01:40 <T117 storm trooper> Lol
01:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lol I know
01:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I had big boobs at age 12
01:40 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Boobies
01:40 <T117 storm trooper> I had man boobs at the age of 6
01:40 <T117 storm trooper> XD
01:40 <Bigboobs12> i never had bigboobs
01:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Storm, your picture is fake. (QQ)
01:40 <Bigboobs12> im a dude
01:40 <-Price-> man i had boobs at the age of ∞
01:41 <T117 storm trooper> Yeah I know
01:41 -!- Bigboobs12 was banned from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS for 31536000000 seconds.
01:41 -!- Bigboobs12 has left Special:Chat.
01:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jesse is back at least
01:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm a lanky tall bastard
01:41 <T117 storm trooper> I'm not emo -_-
01:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Why banned?
01:41 <Andytags> get out 
01:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^ You
01:41 <LOLSKELETONS> {{usernameblocked}}
01:41 <Andytags> no
01:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> By getout you mean pull out?! D:
01:41 <Ednoahjones> ^
01:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Skelly, can i try !test?
01:41 <When Darkness Shadows> brb
01:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Either way, NO
01:41 <T117 storm trooper> Andy make more sex jokes XD
01:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I don't wanna get out Brooke
01:41 <Andytags> i never did 
01:41 <T117 storm trooper> You're the best
01:42 <Andytags> tyty 
01:42 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
01:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
01:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh babeh
01:42 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Bitch
01:42 <Zyranne> The chat Logger's back
01:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Luv u 2
01:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm Maria's favorite user for my sex jokes.
01:42 <T117 storm trooper> In fact this is not my real picture Because I'm fatter then this
01:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good! Jesse is back :)
01:42 <T117 storm trooper> It's to symbolize I am a emo pussy
01:43 <T117 storm trooper> I wish i looked like this//
01:43 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
01:43 -!- Catsareajoy123 has left Special:Chat.
01:43 -!- Auras has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lolk
01:43 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> don't we all
01:43 -!- Catsareajoy123 has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <Ednoahjones> i've looked under chairs,
01:43 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <Ednoahjones> people tend to hair me, cause i hate chairs.
01:43 -!- WhiteReaper has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <Zyranne> I wish I looked like my avatar pahahaha
01:43 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I look like that
01:43 <OkamiAmaterasu90> rawr
01:43 <T117 storm trooper> Lol
01:43 <Ednoahjones> i've been investgating the beatles
01:43 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <Catsareajoy123> i like this site new don't know how to write creepypasta
01:43 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <T117 storm trooper> wheres bigboobs
01:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:44 <Ednoahjones> in hell
01:44 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
01:44 <OkamiAmaterasu90> well that's bad @cats
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Noah I found a bucket by a strip club (loool)
01:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> He got banned Storm
01:44 <Ednoahjones> a bucket?!
01:44 <Ednoahjones> oh god!
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yep
01:44 <Zyranne> Oh god, more bucket talk xD
01:44 <Ednoahjones> why.. why the fuck..
01:44 <Catsareajoy123> how do i post creepy pastas im new?
01:44 -!- Auras has left Special:Chat.
01:44 <JackofallSuits> Oh joy
01:44 <Ednoahjones> and it was outside a titty bar?
01:44 <OkamiAmaterasu90> (faepalm)
01:45 <OkamiAmaterasu90> (facepalm)
01:45 <JackofallSuits> Another one
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Noah that was nasty
01:45 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:45 <OkamiAmaterasu90> who wants a (hug) ?
01:45 <Catsareajoy123> :(
01:45 <Ednoahjones> oh god..
01:45 <Ednoahjones> please tell me..
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Buckets
01:45 <T117 storm trooper> cats what kind of pasta do you plan on writing
01:45 <JackofallSuits> So
01:45 <LOLSKELETONS> His username is the only reason for the block, though. He is free to come back with a new account.
01:45 <Ednoahjones> the bucket didn't have white stains on it..
01:45 <JackofallSuits> What I miss
01:45 <JackofallSuits> Had to run off
01:45 <Ednoahjones> did it?
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It did noah
01:45 <Catsareajoy123> uhh demented cat
01:45 <Ednoahjones> oh god!
01:45 <Ednoahjones> i'm gonna be sick..
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was like ewww
01:45 <JackofallSuits> Apparently something about cumbuckets and strip clubs
01:45 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:45 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:45 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:46 <Ednoahjones> why would you leave something like that in the street?
01:46 <Ednoahjones> what if a grub grows out of it on the street?
01:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Idk
01:46 -!- Auras has joined Special:Chat
01:46 <Ednoahjones> are they just gonna leave it there?
01:46 <Catsareajoy123> lol
01:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
01:46 <Ednoahjones> fucking teenage parents..
01:46 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
01:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
01:46 <Ednoahjones> they're just gonna abandon the grubs like prom night dumpster babies..
01:46 <Catsareajoy123> oh my gosh teenage parents!?
01:47 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Someone I'm visiting: uh oh, my door is stuck Me: WELL GOSH DARN IT, fix your dang house!
01:47 <T117 storm trooper> I feel like cosplaying as Marth from fire emblem for no reason :/
01:47 <Cjhotsauce> hi
01:47 <JackofallSuits> Well
01:47 <JackofallSuits> Guess it's time to leave again
01:47 <JackofallSuits> It's still weird time
01:47 <Catsareajoy123> have you guys read the caterpiller? :D
01:47 <SaikaXIII> ?
01:47 <JackofallSuits> Have you watched the Human Centipede? 
01:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme>  Good night everyone!
01:48 <OkamiAmaterasu90> no
01:48 <SaikaXIII> night neve
01:48 <Masked Hero Z> Night Neve.
01:48 <JackofallSuits> (huehue)
01:48 <Catsareajoy123> no but it sounds cool
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> EEW I watched both movies :3
01:48 <Ednoahjones> night kakakarrotkake
01:48 <SaikaXIII> lol
01:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> To pillow world~
01:48 <JackofallSuits> Oh, you should definitely google it
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> yeah its really cool cat go watch
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> it
01:48 <SaikaXIII> hey storm
01:48 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:48 -!- Conrad Sharpe has joined Special:Chat
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> Hi
01:48 <Catsareajoy123> lol ya pillow world!!! XD
01:48 <Ednoahjones> i'm so tired..
01:48 <JackofallSuits> Look it up right now, in fact
01:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> Yeah do so
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> look up the sequal
01:48 <T117 storm trooper> THC2
01:49 <T117 storm trooper> infact
01:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> At 9:00: well,i'm rready to hit the dirty firt for now, so dirty dirt bye
01:49 <Catsareajoy123> who's th2?
01:49 <T117 storm trooper> its on netflix to
01:49 <JackofallSuits> Oh god
01:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> my two quotes of the evening
01:49 <JackofallSuits> Is that seriously on Netflix?
01:49 <Catsareajoy123> oh ok
01:49 <T117 storm trooper> look up the human centipede 2 then watch it on netflix 
01:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> well cats
01:49 <T117 storm trooper> yes it is
01:49 <JackofallSuits> Why would they even
01:49 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> cats
01:49 <Catsareajoy123> i don't have it on netflix
01:49 <JackofallSuits> I don't even
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> omg
01:50 <T117 storm trooper> Go google it
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It does exist. D:
01:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> CAT
01:50 <Catsareajoy123> ok
01:50 <T117 storm trooper> its fun time
01:50 -!- Littlemudkip has joined Special:Chat
01:50 <Catsareajoy123> lol ur emoticon
01:50 <Littlemudkip> ok im back
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
01:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> CATS!!!
01:50 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:50 <Catsareajoy123> wut?!
01:50 <JackofallSuits> lol Brooke
01:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's a 12 person centipede this time
01:50 <T117 storm trooper> ;D
01:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Almost 3am.. Ah well :P
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> do you want a (hug) ?
01:51 <Catsareajoy123> no
01:51 <Littlemudkip> what a bronie
01:51 <T117 storm trooper> A BLOWJOB? SURE
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ok (okay)
01:51 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:51 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> dude
01:51 <T117 storm trooper> sounds great
01:51 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <JackofallSuits> Either those actors were really, really desperate 
01:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi!
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> i'mnot a brony
01:51 <Littlemudkip> sure
01:51 <JackofallSuits> Or they payed them a LOT of money
01:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm a brony...
01:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm not
01:51 <Catsareajoy123> me too
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I'm a pegasister was they call
01:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and yes, I'm a guy.
01:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> WAT
01:52 <T117 storm trooper> I would have not taken that role for 1 million dollars 
01:52 <Catsareajoy123> :O
01:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOLJK
01:52 <Littlemudkip> i dont get bronies 
01:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> ^
01:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> OH
01:52 <Catsareajoy123> :/ whew!
01:52 <JackofallSuits> That's sad
01:52 <JackofallSuits> I just had brownies 
01:52 <JackofallSuits> They were delicious 
01:52 <Littlemudkip> no bronies
01:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> mudkip, bronies are boys that like MLP
01:52 <Catsareajoy123> okaaaay?
01:52 <JackofallSuits> Yeah, I know
01:52 <JackofallSuits> No brownies for you
01:52 <T117 storm trooper> I ate cookie dough while watching 2 girls 1 cup
01:52 <Ednoahjones> you cannot grasp the true form of biygas @ mudkip
01:52 <JackofallSuits> It's sad
01:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Can I has brownie?
01:52 <Ednoahjones> briygas*
01:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I haven't see that
01:52 <T117 storm trooper> I threw up
01:53 <Zyranne> Brooke, are you a guy?
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yes
01:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> she said jk!
01:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> LIAR
01:53 <Catsareajoy123> have you guys read the caterpiller?
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No I didn't!
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
01:53 <Zyranne> ohh..I thought you were female
01:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> YOU ARE A LIAR
01:53 <Zyranne> my mistake 
01:53 <JackofallSuits> Human caterpillar (huehue)
01:53 <Catsareajoy123> no
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lol I am a girl
01:53 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and I can prove it
01:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :3
01:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
01:53 <Littlemudkip> oh
01:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> If I was a real BRVR............. I would dominate the WORLD! (caps for emphasis)
01:53 <-Price-> giggity
01:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> prove it
01:53 <Catsareajoy123> demon caterpiller
01:53 <Zyranne> I thought so xD
01:53 <JackofallSuits> They turn into a butterfly 
01:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> Giggity
01:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
01:54 <Catsareajoy123> no
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Now we just need some toastflies 
01:54 <Catsareajoy123> they demented
01:54 <Littlemudkip> for what
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Wow
01:54 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:54 <Zyranne> Mudkip, are you new?
01:54 <SaikaXIII> hey deathgirl
01:54 <Catsareajoy123> yes
01:54 <T117 storm trooper> XD
01:54 <JackofallSuits> All these new people
01:54 <Littlemudkip> yes i am new
01:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am not new
01:55 <SaikaXIII> welcome to the chat
01:55 <JackofallSuits> It makes me feel even older
01:55 <Littlemudkip> i was big boobs
01:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> CX
01:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Me after having a surgery: *sees red* AAH! Huanted fridge and haunted stoven! RUUN!!
01:55 <Zyranne> welcome to the wiki! enjoy your stay!
01:55 <Catsareajoy123> O_O
01:55 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:55 <Littlemudkip> and i like it
01:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> LOL
01:55 <Catsareajoy123> seriously
01:55 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> this is a hotel
01:55 <Zyranne> I swear there's new users like everyday 
01:55 <Catsareajoy123> no it's a wiki
01:55 <SaikaXIII> no this is sparta(bored outta my mind)
01:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> enjoy your stay........FOREVER (huehue)
01:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <- Das me
01:55 <Ednoahjones> ...
01:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <Littlemudkip> what
01:55 <Ednoahjones> storm trooper
01:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> wait
01:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> <- Das me
01:56 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> brooke....
01:56 <Catsareajoy123> D:
01:56 <Ednoahjones> that guy who answered was a genius..
01:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> YOU'RE A CAT?!
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No
01:56 <Littlemudkip> meow
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Refresh the page
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
01:56 <Ednoahjones> holy shit
01:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm an Umbreon, so what
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <- That's me
01:56 <Catsareajoy123> :P
01:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh
01:56 <Ednoahjones> <- das me
01:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> :(
01:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> <- That is me
01:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D
01:56 <Littlemudkip> brooke you hot
01:56 <Catsareajoy123> omg!
01:56 <Ednoahjones> don't flirt in public chat,
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh God... o.e
01:56 <Ednoahjones> thats just rude
01:56 <JackofallSuits> A cat is fine too
01:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> < me, you are speaking to the goddess of the sun right now
01:56 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
01:56 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Chao!
01:56 <JackofallSuits> Hai Chao
01:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> Chao!
01:57 <Slender666> Hai ChaoZ
01:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> Helo!
01:57 <Littlemudkip> < that aint me
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I may be hot..
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but I'm also taken
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOOL.
01:57 <Zyranne> <that's totally me
01:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> hey brooke
01:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> < That is actually me
01:57 <Littlemudkip> damn it
01:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> brooke
01:57 <JackofallSuits> <Not me
01:57 <ChaoZStrider> Sup
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ?
01:57 <JackofallSuits> c:
01:57 <Slender666> < Me playing ma game
01:57 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Chaoz.
01:57 <Catsareajoy123> omg so exited
01:57 <JackofallSuits> Guise halp
01:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> < Me being angry
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <- Me being me
01:57 <JackofallSuits> Where are all the crossdressing animals when you need them
01:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Where did all my babies go...? (huehue) *looks at brooke*
01:57 <Littlemudkip> why
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> o.o
01:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I ate them
01:57 <HiddenSpirit> Brooke, dat picture be cute.
01:57 <Ednoahjones> ^^
01:58 <OkamiAmaterasu90> < me being epic
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> x333
01:58 <JackofallSuits> Seriously 
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Stahp it. x3
01:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> <Me not being happy, and me right now
01:58 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Zyranne> < me being sexy
01:58 <Catsareajoy123> :#
01:58 <HiddenSpirit> ^_^
01:58 <JackofallSuits> Like yesterday there were at least five people talking about the new AC
01:58 <Catsareajoy123> ooops
01:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Catsareajoy123> :3
01:58 <SaikaXIII> welcome back death
01:58 <OkamiAmaterasu90> who wants a #?
01:58 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Ednoahjones> <-- me being John Motherfucking Egbert.
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> because we. are.
01:58 <JackofallSuits> Now I can't find any of them
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Your friends.
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You'll.
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Never be alone again
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So come on.
01:58 <Slender666> lol
01:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:58 <Slender666> (alone)
01:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have a headache now. D:
01:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> You shouldn't have said that
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> (>^.^)>$ who wants money?
01:59 <JackofallSuits> Where are all the New Leaf blokes
01:59 <BRVR> My laptop's sound was stuttering.
01:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> Me
01:59 <Catsareajoy123> it's raining at my place
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
01:59 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ME TOO
01:59 <JackofallSuits> Anyone?
01:59 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> do you live in VA?!
01:59 <Catsareajoy123> no
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh...
01:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ohio?
01:59 <Slender666> (>^.^)>
01:59 <JackofallSuits> lmao
01:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's like 70-85ºF outside for me
01:59 <Catsareajoy123> nm
01:59 <JackofallSuits> "It's raining"
01:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ?
01:59 <Catsareajoy123> NM
01:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL...
01:59 <JackofallSuits> "OMG me too you must live next door!1!1!1"
01:59 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
02:00 <Catsareajoy123> no
02:00 <Zyranne> ^^
02:00 <Littlemudkip> the hell
02:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> Trolol
02:00 <Zyranne> ninja'ed
02:00 <JackofallSuits> Because it only ever rains in one spot at a time
02:00 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
02:00 <JackofallSuits> (huehue)
02:00 <When Darkness Shadows> one minute please
02:00 <Catsareajoy123> yep here in new mexico D:
02:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It rains whiten-
02:00 <Slender666> brb
02:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> o.o
02:00 <HiddenSpirit> This gum tastes like children.
02:00 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
02:00 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> Oh no! BRVR'S gone! We're all gonna die!
02:00 <JackofallSuits> Man
02:00 <OkamiAmaterasu90> RUBBER DUCKY
02:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> This cum tastes like children.
02:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> O.O
02:01 <JackofallSuits> Where is Light when she's actually relevant 
02:01 <Catsareajoy123> lol
02:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> WAT
02:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> OwO
02:01 <HiddenSpirit> HHHHhhhhhnnng.
02:01 <ChaoZStrider> Why does your gum tastes like children?
02:01 <LOLSKELETONS> x_x
02:01 <HiddenSpirit> Not sure.
02:01 <Zyranne> I miss Light
02:01 <T117 storm trooper> ew
02:01 <JackofallSuits> I can't find any sodding fucks with the new AC
02:01 <LOLSKELETONS> I fucking hate visual editor
02:01 -!- Littlemudkip has left Special:Chat.
02:01 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
02:01 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:01 <Catsareajoy123> read the caterpiller
02:01 -!- Littlemudkip has joined Special:Chat
02:01 -!- Catsareajoy123 has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <JackofallSuits> And people have been going on about it for the past few days
02:02 <Littlemudkip> what
02:02 <JackofallSuits> Now that I've actually got the game, I can't find anyone else with it
02:02 <JackofallSuits> ;~;
02:02 <OkamiAmaterasu90> is cymbal on?
02:02 <Majin112> LOL PM
02:02 <Littlemudkip> what are you guys talking about
02:02 <OkamiAmaterasu90> cuz I want to congrat him for best pasta of the month
02:03 <JackofallSuits> Always me...
02:03 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
02:03 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:03 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <Zyranne> oh shiut
02:03 <Zyranne> *shit
02:03 <LOLSKELETONS> Cymbal isn't on
02:03 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <SmileDog27> Good evening, fellow freakinators.
02:03 <Zyranne> Smile DOG IS HERE
02:03 <JackofallSuits> Hai Kitty
02:03 <Littlemudkip> hi
02:04 <Kitty Mistake> -attacks chaoz with hugs-
02:04 <Zyranne> Hello Smile
02:04 <Kitty Mistake> hi everyone ^^
02:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Chao
02:04 <JackofallSuits> ;~;
02:04 <SmileDog27> Yes get it out of your system, make your smile dog jokes.
02:04 <Kitty Mistake> -hugs jack too-
02:04 -!- T117 storm trooper has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <Zyranne> Hello Kitty
02:04 <Littlemudkip> what
02:04 <Kitty Mistake> hi Zy :)
02:04 <Masked Hero Z> Lol
02:04 <JackofallSuits> Hey Kitty
02:04 <Zyranne> I'll spread the word, master ;)
02:04 <JackofallSuits> Do you have the new AC?
02:04 -!- Littlemudkip has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <Ednoahjones> i only make smile dog jokes when mr. dark is around
02:05 <SmileDog27> Otay
02:05 <Ednoahjones> because i know it fucks with him.
02:05 <Zyranne> God he hates me
02:05 <Kitty Mistake> mew
02:05 <Ednoahjones> yeah why?
02:05 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
02:05 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
02:05 <SmileDog27> I enjoy mindfucking my friends unexpectedly.
02:05 <JackofallSuits> Ah well...
02:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty
02:05 <Ednoahjones> i noticed your on his like enemies list zyranne
02:05 <Kitty Mistake> The universe hates me too
02:05 <Zyranne> because I used to have a smile Dog avatar 
02:05 <Zyranne> xD
02:05 <Ednoahjones> that it?
02:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi :3
02:05 <Kitty Mistake> :D Zack!!
02:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:05 <When Darkness Shadows> back
02:05 <Kitty Mistake> mew^^
02:05 <Ednoahjones> wow. what a dick,
02:05 <Zyranne> Indeed
02:05 <JackofallSuits> *Goes under box*
02:05 <SmileDog27> Is there anybody here who uses OMGPOP?
02:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> PM me :3
02:06 <Kitty Mistake> otay 
02:06 <When Darkness Shadows> Okami!!!!!!!!!
02:06 <JackofallSuits> What is this ohmgupop
02:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> um
02:06 <Ednoahjones> i don't like, even know the the motherfuck that is smile,
02:06 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
02:06 <SmileDog27> It's a game site.
02:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> i never seen you before darkness
02:06 <JackofallSuits> Nope
02:06 <SmileDog27> My sister showed it to me when i was like 10
02:06 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:06 <When Darkness Shadows> it's SongOfTheForest, I lost the password to my account
02:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh!
02:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> well, hey :D
02:06 <Ednoahjones> i wonder whatever happened to nightshade,
02:06 <When Darkness Shadows> herro
02:07 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
02:07 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> if insatity getting better?
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> *is
02:07 <Kitty Mistake> Chao, calm 
02:07 <When Darkness Shadows> much, thank you for asking 
02:07 <JackofallSuits> Well
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> That's goof
02:07 <JackofallSuits>
02:07 <When Darkness Shadows> well... some
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> *good
02:07 <JackofallSuits> Worth it
02:07 <SmileDog27> I'm writing part II to my first pasta. It's gonna be awesome.
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh?
02:07 <ChaoZStrider> "I am going to kill you so I can become god and go back in time to be with you again, so I can kill you again and become god so I can go back in time to be with you again. Endlessly" THAT IS NOT PRODUCTIVE
02:07 <OkamiAmaterasu90> go to PM
02:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Chao
02:07 <When Darkness Shadows> k
02:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Skype? :/
02:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:08 <JackofallSuits> This must be karma or something 
02:08 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
02:08 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
02:08 <SmileDog27> My internet sucks. |:(
02:08 <ChaoZStrider> ;-; Why is this bitch anti-producitve.
02:08 <Masked Hero Z> xD
02:08 <When Darkness Shadows> who
02:08 <Kitty Mistake> -hugs chao-
02:08 <JackofallSuits> I wonder who I fucked with in a previous life
02:08 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:08 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
02:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
02:08 <SmileDog27> I miss the old chat. 
02:09 <Kitty Mistake> its ok... let the bitch be anti productive
02:09 <ChaoZStrider> That isn't even her just being unproductive. It is full out anti-productive.
02:09 <JackofallSuits> Damn karma
02:09 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Masked Hero Z> Chao,who are you talking about? lol
02:09 <JackofallSuits> Why Chao why ;~;
02:09 <When Darkness Shadows> Who is anti-productive?
02:09 <ChaoZStrider> An anime.
02:09 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
02:09 <Masked Hero Z> Yuno?
02:09 <JackofallSuits> Now you make me feel like shit even more
02:09 <ChaoZStrider> Mirai Nikki.
02:09 <Masked Hero Z> I knew it!
02:09 <Masked Hero Z> Gasai Yuno.
02:09 <ChaoZStrider> I am not done, don't ruin it.
02:10 <HiddenSpirit> XD
02:10 <When Darkness Shadows> I know next to nothing about anime... i'll leave this conversation 
02:10 <HiddenSpirit> Of course you recognize it, Masked.
02:10 <Masked Hero Z> Eheheehe >:]
02:10 <Kitty Mistake> I'm just gonna... -sits on corner-
02:10 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Chao, do me a favor please
02:10 <JackofallSuits> I wonder
02:10 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <Princess Platinum> LOLSKELETONS
02:10 <Zyranne> Hello Princess
02:10 <Princess Platinum> Go ahead now
02:10 <JackofallSuits> If anything I'm even posting is showing on the other end
02:10 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <LOLSKELETONS> PRincess Platinum
02:10 <JackofallSuits> I see it popping up on my screen
02:10 <ChaoZStrider> Whatis the favor?
02:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don't think I can, get you get up the log records please
02:11 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:11 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
02:11 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
02:11 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:11 <JackofallSuits> ;u;
02:11 <ChaoZStrider> !updatelogs
02:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> ChaoZStrider: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 124 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
02:11 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
02:11 <ChaoZStrider> There.
02:11 <LOLSKELETONS> Undelete failed; someone else may have undeleted the page first.
02:11 <LOLSKELETONS> Undeletion will not be performed if it will result in the top page or file revision being partially deleted. In such cases, you must uncheck or unhide the newest deleted revision.
02:11 <LOLSKELETONS> Error undeleting file: A non-identical file already exists at mwstore://local-backend/local-public/d/dc/Go_to_Sleep.png.
02:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks
02:11 <Princess Platinum> lol
02:11 <Kitty Mistake> -mews at chao-
02:11 <Kitty Mistake> im bored...
02:12 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
02:12 <LOLSKELETONS> it's still deleted
02:12 <SmileDog27> I miss the old chat. Me and my old buddies used to be able to talk about all kinds of shit. Most of it was pretty "Adult oriented" but everybody was mature so nobody was kicked or banned. I miss those days. It's gotten to strict now. Still fun though just not as much. LOLSKELETONS you were there for a few of those conversations.
02:12 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
02:12 <Princess Platinum> skelly you dun fuqed up
02:12 <ChaoZStrider> I am always bored.
02:12 <Slender666> me too
02:12 <SmileDog27> It's all the robot
02:12 <SmileDog27> * 's fault
02:12 <Kitty Mistake> -chews chao's shoe lases- mew
02:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I just needed to recollect some information for somone
02:12 <JackofallSuits> I miss having someone to talk to in the first place ;u;
02:12 <Slender666>                                                        
02:12 <Princess Platinum> Whats wrong with the bot?
02:12 <When Darkness Shadows> jack, you can always talk to the wall
02:12 <SmileDog27> He's a meani head
02:12 <Princess Platinum> ...
02:13 <Zyranne> I miss the old users that used to be here
02:13 <SmileDog27> He told me to kiss his shiny metal ass.
02:13 <When Darkness Shadows> that's what I do :3
02:13 <Zyranne> LOL
02:13 <Slender666> (loool)                                                       
02:13 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <SmileDog27> Yeah Zyranne, that too. A lot of my old friends left and that saddens me as well.
02:13 <When Darkness Shadows> eeeeeeyyy deathgirl
02:13 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
02:13 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
02:13 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
02:13 <Temmington> Ohai.
02:13 <SmileDog27> What are you, Fonzie? Who 
02:13 <Zyranne> Hai Sarah
02:13 <Slender666> hai
02:13 <SmileDog27> Who says Eyyyy
02:14 <When Darkness Shadows> I do!
02:14 <SmileDog27> I guess so.
02:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:14 <When Darkness Shadows> you can go judge your pancake stack, not a perfect little lightbulb like me
02:14 <Slender666> bored...-_-
02:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <LOLSKELETONS> I didn't undelete it but I managed to upload it
02:15 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
02:15 <Princess Platinum> skelly 
02:15 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah, go lick carpet.
02:15 <SmileDog27> Replace the word "girls" in any song with the word "Squirrells" and watch the hilarity ensue.
02:15 <Princess Platinum> good job
02:15 <Temmington> I'd rather much carpet. ;3
02:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:15 <SmileDog27> Squirrells, squirrells, squirrells...
02:15 <Temmington> I'm sorry.
02:15 <Temmington> I'm so sorry.
02:15 <Slender666> pear-bear
02:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Princess Platinum> TEMM (gasp)
02:15 <SmileDog27> I just noticed you have Krystal as your profile pic. nice
02:15 <Temmington> I'll go away for a period of time now... D:
02:15 <When Darkness Shadows> one minute I must go do something
02:15 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
02:15 <Princess Platinum> NO
02:15 <Princess Platinum> you must stay here
02:15 <Slender666> bored...(gasp)
02:15 <Princess Platinum> nuuu
02:16 <SmileDog27> Who here is a brony, so I know who to kill.
02:16 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:16 <MagmaMan4488> What just happened?
02:16 <Princess Platinum> I am
02:16 <Cupcakes8> ..That's mean..
02:16 <Princess Platinum> bitch kill me
02:16 <SmileDog27> I will make you die.
02:16 <Slender666> bored... (gasp)
02:16 <Cupcakes8> :c
02:16 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
02:16 -!- St.pattyy11 has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <OkamiAmaterasu90> CUPCAKE!!!
02:16 <Ednoahjones> anyone here ever heard of seether?
02:16 <Princess Platinum> Admin Brony FTW
02:16 <SmileDog27> Ponies ruin everything. Somebody has to make a pony for every loved character anywhere.
02:16 <Slender666> zzz
02:16 <Cupcakes8> ....
02:16 <Andytags> no complaining. 
02:16 <Andytags> k?
02:17 <Slender666> nothing interest here...
02:17 <SmileDog27> It's for 6 year old girls. End of my rant.
02:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <OkamiAmaterasu90> you don't remember me ( :c)
02:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Bitch
02:17 -!- St.pattyy11 has left Special:Chat.
02:17 <Slender666> lol
02:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Get the fuck out Smile
02:17 <OkamiAmaterasu90> (:c)
02:17 <SmileDog27> Nickel
02:17 <SmileDog27> Nickel please XD
02:17 <ChaoZStrider> Smile, you can't attack a specific fandom here.
02:17 <Slender666> np
02:17 <Slender666> war
02:17 <OkamiAmaterasu90> DANG WAHT IS IT
02:17 <SmileDog27> I know
02:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You're a jackass who has the name of a terrible Creepypasta
02:17 <Slender666> please
02:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
02:17 <MagmaMan4488> Smile, GTFO
02:17 <OkamiAmaterasu90> it's not smile dog
02:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> Anybody want to see the Jeff fanfiction I'm writing?
02:17 <When Darkness Shadows> I have returned
02:17 <Slender666> nope war please
02:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <OkamiAmaterasu90> me
02:17 <Rylee the Pegasis>
02:17 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh-
02:18 <When Darkness Shadows> Okaaaaamiiiii you were a duck now your are no duck
02:18 <SmileDog27> I don't like ponies. I LOVE the art style they have in the new show but the fact that there has to be a pony version of everything pisses me off.
02:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So?
02:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Don't talk about it here.
02:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck off.
02:18 <Cupcakes8> End your rant and drop it, Smile. .-.
02:18 <SmileDog27> I did...
02:18 <Cupcakes8> Then fuck off. .-.
02:18 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
02:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
02:18 <Slender666> I warn ya
02:18 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <LOLSKELETONS> also
02:19 <LOLSKELETONS> just in case
02:19 <LOLSKELETONS> .-.
02:19 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lolwut
02:19 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:19 <SmileDog27> The old crew needs to come back. These new kids aren't any fun.
02:19 <When Darkness Shadows> like who smile?
02:19 <Ednoahjones> hey smile,
02:19 <Cupcakes8> Alright, enough Smile. .-.
02:19 <Andytags> stop whining
02:19 <Andytags> u nerd
02:19 <Slender666> smiled!ck
02:20 <Ednoahjones> would you be like absolutely pissed if i drew a iron giant pony and used it as my avatar?
02:20 <Kitty Mistake> Smile, shush
02:20 <SmileDog27> Oh gawd why.
02:20 <MagmaMan4488> Quit yer bitchin'.
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
02:20 <Princess Platinum> Enough reminiscing... We don't take to kindly to that around here 
02:20 <Ednoahjones> well theres something to add to the to-do list..
02:20 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
02:20 <Slender666> ban or kick or quit smile
02:20 <SmileDog27> Okay now i'm gonna start making stupid puns about this.
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Demon
02:20 <When Darkness Shadows> hey hey hey hey hey smile
02:20 <Slender666> what
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> (ogw)
02:20 <Gothic Demon> Hi pegasis
02:20 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <SmileDog27> I'm never serious about anything just so you guys know. I'll tell you if I am serious but I'm usually not.
02:21 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Current people online that know me. You respect / appreciate me, right?
02:21 <When Darkness Shadows> smile hey smile hey hey hey 
02:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb jack
02:21 <Gothic Demon> Hm is slender 666 related to 999
02:21 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <JackofallSuits> Hai
02:21 <SmileDog27> I don't know you Zack. Sorry.
02:21 <MagmaMan4488> If you don't like ponies, then I'm not gonna try to change that. However your bigoted rants aren't benefitting anyone.
02:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Zyranne> of course, Zack
02:21 <Slender666> Is there Slender999?
02:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yes Zack
02:21 <SmileDog27> I don't know anyone here except Skel
02:21 <Gothic Demon> yup
02:21 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Slender666> Is there Slender999?
02:21 <SmileDog27> And I haven't talked to him in awhile.
02:21 <Gothic Demon> Yup
02:21 -!- Invader Zeel has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <When Darkness Shadows> do you know a user SongofTheForest?
02:21 <MagmaMan4488> Also, that "not serious" thing sound like a retcon.
02:21 <MagmaMan4488> *sounds
02:21 <Princess Platinum> Smile
02:22 <SmileDog27> I saw that user once.
02:22 <Slender666> No I'm not Slender999
02:22 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
02:22 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <Princess Platinum> you have been here since january
02:22 <When Darkness Shadows> cause that ME
02:22 <Gothic Demon> ohYukon ok
02:22 <Princess Platinum> ...
02:22 <Slender666> I'm only666
02:22 <When Darkness Shadows> I am them
02:22 <SmileDog27> this is my second account
02:22 <When Darkness Shadows> and neither are they
02:22 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
02:22 <Princess Platinum> what was your first?
02:22 <OkamiAmaterasu90> rylee
02:22 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <Slender666> Yuorfirst account blocked right Smile
02:22 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <SmileDog27> no it wasn't blocked.
02:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:22 <When Darkness Shadows> hey okami did ya get my pm?
02:22 <SmileDog27> My sister stole it. I don't remember the name.
02:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yeah?
02:22 <OkamiAmaterasu90> that was like meh ratings for me
02:22 <TheGreatMobo> baack
02:22 <OkamiAmaterasu90> uh
02:22 <OkamiAmaterasu90> no
02:22 <JackofallSuits>
02:23 <When Darkness Shadows> exactly sir!
02:23 <Slender666> ok
02:23 <Slender666> that
02:23 <Slender666> weird
02:23 <Kitty Mistake> princess, I has a question
02:23 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I just want to feel respected and appreciated for one
02:23 <Princess Platinum> Okay
02:23 <OkamiAmaterasu90> then PM  me
02:23 <Gothic Demon> What ya guys talkin about anyways
02:23 <Slender666> idk
02:23 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> once*
02:23 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <Slender666> Is Deatgirl12 has some problem about internet?
02:23 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
02:23 <When Darkness Shadows> I diiiiiid
02:23 <Kitty Mistake> ok, so could I have 2 accounts at once, like one just for chat here and the other for writing stuff?
02:23 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
02:24 <SmileDog27> Zack, get to know some people and make freinds. then you'll get respect.
02:24 <Princess Platinum> no
02:24 <Gothic Demon> eyeless jack or
02:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have Smile
02:24 <Princess Platinum> you get 1 account for the entire site
02:24 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
02:24 <Kitty Mistake> oh.. ok\
02:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Smile
02:24 <Rylee the Pegasis> Smile
02:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Shut the fuck up.
02:24 <OkamiAmaterasu90> since everyone like "OMG YOU'RE AVATAR IS smile dog" I changed it
02:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You're telling someone how to make friends
02:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yet you were bashing bronies.
02:25 <SmileDog27> No, I'm giving some advice.
02:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Shut the fuck up you cunt bitch.
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> brooke
02:25 <Gothic Demon> U guys bronies
02:25 <SmileDog27> And I wasn't bashing.
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> don't be hating
02:25 <SmileDog27> I was giving my opinion
02:25 <Ednoahjones> god damn brooke
02:25 <When Darkness Shadows> okami you change your avatar like every 4 seconds
02:25 <Slender666> No war Brooke
02:25 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
02:25 <Ednoahjones> that was quite a.. insulte i guess.
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> yup
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> that's me
02:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Smile I could make friend easily
02:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's a weakness for me.
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> is that a problem?
02:25 <When Darkness Shadows> noep
02:25 <SmileDog27> there's certain things about MLP that I enjoy
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
02:25 <OkamiAmaterasu90> good
02:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> If my friend abondon and trash me, why would I want to?
02:25 <SmileDog27> Bur for the most part i dont like it
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck off.
02:26 <Gothic Demon> What I'm goth and watch mlp
02:26 <Slender666> hating please
02:26 <When Darkness Shadows> I pm u what I did before 
02:26 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck off is my catchphrase.
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
02:26 <Slender666> -_-
02:26 <Slender666> I'm warn ya
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not even joking.
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Dude
02:26 <Kitty Mistake> pipe the fuck down is one of mine
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not joking when I say that.
02:26 <OkamiAmaterasu90> brooke
02:26 <Gothic Demon> *coughs*
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Jenna Marbles
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xP
02:26 <Kitty Mistake> yupp lol
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> wat?
02:26 <OkamiAmaterasu90> don't be hating
02:26 <Ednoahjones> my catchphrase is, fuck.
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not hating.
02:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
02:26 <Ednoahjones> i mean, it must be.
02:26 <Kitty Mistake> and slender....
02:26 <Ednoahjones> i say it all the fucking time
02:27 <SmileDog27> Dang, chill Brooke I'm just saying I don't like how weverything has to have a pony version. No problems with the show itself.
02:27 <Princess Platinum> Here catchphrase actually is fuck off
02:27 <When Darkness Shadows> brooke, you be hating
02:27 <JackofallSuits> Oh god
02:27 <JackofallSuits>
02:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp - Duration: 04:01 - Uploaded: 2013-06-27 - Rating: 4.990420 - Views: 320,459 -
02:27 <Kitty Mistake> are you a mod or admin?
02:27 <Slender666> ?
02:27 <JackofallSuits> Watch it
02:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I've seen that Jack
02:27 <JackofallSuits> I lol'd
02:27 <OkamiAmaterasu90> brooke, don't be hatin'
02:27 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not hating. D:
02:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Andy
02:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Smile
02:27 <OkamiAmaterasu90> LOL
02:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Andy.
02:27 <When Darkness Shadows> you hatin so much
02:27 <SmileDog27> Be right back
02:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm politely being pissed off
02:27 <When Darkness Shadows> you hatin up a storm
02:27 <Slender666> ok
02:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> This is me on a bad day.
02:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> No offense, but I've been able to make friends atthe click of a finger
02:28 <When Darkness Shadows> and its killing little babies 
02:28 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So leave me the fuck alone.
02:28 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm here for my friends and friends only
02:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don't need advice on making friends
02:28 <JackofallSuits> ;u;
02:28 <When Darkness Shadows> you killin babies wit your hatin!
02:28 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <JackofallSuits> Give me your advice
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I hate babies.
02:28 <OkamiAmaterasu90> WAT
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They're ugly and nasty.
02:28 <Zyranne> same
02:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I just don't want other people to betray me#
02:28 <Gothic Demon> Me too 
02:28 <Zyranne> I agree, Brooke
02:28 <Irishninja0> hey who is this scatage?
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ..
02:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Thank you, Zy
02:28 <Gothic Demon> I hate babies
02:28 <Irishninja0> and what is that mark beside him?
02:29 <Slender666> I hate...barbie
02:29 <Slender666> I mean babies
02:29 <When Darkness Shadows> do you  eat them demon?
02:29 <Gothic Demon> yup
02:29 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:29 -!- Conrad Sharpe has left Special:Chat.
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I kicked Andy 
02:29 <Andytags> whut
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's why he left.
02:29 <Andytags> nerd
02:29 <Andytags> stahp
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I am a nerd! x3
02:29 <Irishninja0> no one going to answer me?
02:29 <SmileDog27> I was respectfully giving my opinion. Then I try to say something because Zack asked if anyone respected him.
02:29 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles brooke-
02:29 <Gothic Demon> im here ninja
02:29 <When Darkness Shadows> I don't have my baby sauce with me. darn, I would've gave you come 
02:29 <SmileDog27> And everyone hates.
02:29 <Ednoahjones> "and just like the modern clown the mantis shrimp has a psychopathic killing instinct"
02:29 <Slender666> What is your question
02:29 <When Darkness Shadows> some
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> JUST DROP IT SMILE
02:29 <Ednoahjones> cause yeah
02:29 <Irishninja0> who is sactage
02:29 <SmileDog27> It's dropped
02:29 <Ednoahjones> all clowns are fucking nutters
02:29 <Irishninja0> and what is that mark beside his name
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
02:29 <Kitty Mistake> smile pipe the fuck down (facepalm)
02:30 <SmileDog27> I liked clowns. Then I took a ballon giraffe to the knee.
02:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> CALM YO DAMN TITTIES
02:30 <Irishninja0> someone going to answer my question?
02:30 <SmileDog27> *baloon
02:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> EVERYONE CUT THE FUCKING ARGUING!!
02:30 <Kitty Mistake> clowns.....
02:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Balloon*
02:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry for caps
02:30 <Slender666> (pokerface)
02:30 <Kitty Mistake> -hides-
02:30 <Slender666> fack
02:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'ma go rage quit kbye
02:30 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <OkamiAmaterasu90> darkness told me the sadest story
02:30 <Irishninja0> no one is going to answer -_-
02:30 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Gothic Demon> Bye
02:30 <SmileDog27> I can't type it's cold as hell.
02:30 -!- Madnessfan34537 has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Slender666> brb i mean bye
02:30 <SmileDog27> Bye
02:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> bai
02:31 <Gothic Demon> Buy an electric blanket
02:31 <Kitty Mistake>
02:31 <Gothic Demon> itsblanket it's nice and warm
02:31 <SmileDog27> you guys are pretty entertaining I guess
02:31 <When Darkness Shadows> buy a snuggie
02:31 <When Darkness Shadows> buy all the snuggies
02:31 <SmileDog27> SNUGGIE! fuck yeah.
02:31 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <When Darkness Shadows> every snuggie
02:32 <SmileDog27> The ultimate blanket of freedom. for real 'muricans
02:32 <Kitty Mistake> -pokes smile-you guess? you fucking guess?! da fuq is wrong with you?!
02:32 -!- Madnessfan34537 has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> (ALL!) the snuggies
02:32 <SmileDog27> Everything
02:32 <Gothic Demon> brb
02:32 <Kitty Mistake> that explains it...
02:32 <SmileDog27> Everything is wrong with me.
02:32 <When Darkness Shadows> snuggies are redneck robes
02:32 <SmileDog27> If you know what I mean...
02:32 <When Darkness Shadows> REDNECK ROBES
02:32 <Slender666> Why I'm so BORING
02:32 <SmileDog27> Oh i thought i was sage from rednecks here...
02:32 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <SmileDog27> *Safe
02:33 <Slender666> -_-'
02:33 <When Darkness Shadows> well smile, you can just take your redneck hate in sit in a dark corner
02:33 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Slender666> wb Andy
02:33 <SmileDog27> I live in hippocritical redneck central. I'm not hating. I'm just not one of them.
02:33 <Kitty Mistake> smile better stay away from my corner!
02:33 <Kitty Mistake> it is mine
02:33 <-Price-> wtf?
02:33 <Kitty Mistake> it is mine and I love my corner
02:33 <SmileDog27> Not all rednecks are bad, just the ones i live near
02:34 <-Price-> Smile dog pinged me and I have none of that on ping
02:34 <When Darkness Shadows> do not infiltrate kitty's corner
02:34 <Slender666> war...war...war...war
02:34 <-Price-> nvm, i see what it was
02:34 <When Darkness Shadows> NEVER infiltrate kitty's corner
02:34 <SmileDog27> What did I do to you Price?
02:34 <Kitty Mistake> ^
02:34 <Kitty Mistake> exacctly
02:34 <SmileDog27> You're not really my type...
02:34 <Kitty Mistake> i will attack and bite you
02:34 <Kitty Mistake> .-.
02:34 <Kitty Mistake> well fuck you too smile
02:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Naughty Kitty :P
02:35 <Kitty Mistake> -sits in corner-
02:35 <Slender666> lol
02:35 <SmileDog27> Not talking to you Kitty
02:35 <Slender666> hating
02:35 <Slender666> :P
02:35 <When Darkness Shadows> I will sing haunting melodies in your ear until you go insane then I will put you in a padded room chat satanic things until your head explodes
02:35 <Kitty Mistake> well im stupid
02:35 <Ednoahjones> well, its off to prospit for me.
02:35 <SmileDog27> *Infiltrates Kitty's corner like a ninja*
02:35 <Slender666> *haed almost explode*
02:35 <SmileDog27> *on the ceiling*
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> Hey.
02:35 <Ednoahjones> i'll see you all in hell,
02:35 <Kitty Mistake> -scratches and bites smile-
02:35 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <OkamiAmaterasu90> what's going on!
02:35 <Kitty Mistake> out of my corner
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> Everyone has their own corner.
02:35 <Kitty Mistake> now!
02:35 <Slender666> nope
02:35 <Ednoahjones> and God. Fuckin'. Speed.
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> Get the shit out.
02:36 <Kitty Mistake> -hisses-
02:36 <SmileDog27> OMG Chaoz! Where have you been!
02:36 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <SmileDog27> I'm on the ceiling. har har
02:36 <Slender666> i miss you ChaoZ
02:36 <When Darkness Shadows> I talk to my corner/
02:36 <ChaoZStrider> watching funny things.
02:36 <Kitty Mistake> -mews at chai-
02:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> *Hugs Kitty*
02:36 <Slender666> lol
02:36 <Kitty Mistake> chao*
02:36 <Slender666> You watch Smosh right?
02:36 <When Darkness Shadows> my corner even talks back sometimes
02:36 <Kitty Mistake> -hugs zack-
02:36 <SmileDog27> Chaoz you're like the only peron here that I actually know! 
02:36 <Slender666> *Hug chaoz*
02:36 <When Darkness Shadows> but only sometimes...
02:36 <SmileDog27> My corner plays Mortal Kombat with me. :D
02:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty, remember PM please lol
02:36 <ChaoZStrider> Also, I am the darkness, don't steal my shit, Shadows.
02:37 <SmileDog27> Nickel please
02:37 <When Darkness Shadows> do you talk to your corner!?
02:37 <Kitty Mistake> i am calm down
02:37 <Kitty Mistake> the side bar scrolled up and was being an asswipe
02:37 <Slender666> good kitty :P
02:37 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
02:37 <When Darkness Shadows> my corner and I have very engaging conversations, mind you
02:37 <Slender666> lol
02:37 <Slender666> Hai Dream
02:37 <SmileDog27> My corner has nothing to say. He's an asshole but he's good at MK9
02:37 <Kitty Mistake> -chews on chao's shoe lases and mews-
02:37 <LOLSKELETONS> Tr looking for a page titled "\". It's impossible.
02:37 <LOLSKELETONS> [[\]]
02:37 <Slender666> Me too
02:37 <Dream Hacked> Hi :3
02:37 <Slender666> Hai
02:38 <LOLSKELETONS> no wait
02:38 <ChaoZStrider> D: Leave mah lases alone.
02:38 <Slender666> wut?
02:38 <SmileDog27> hi Dream. Haven't seen you in awhile
02:38 <LOLSKELETONS> that was urlencode ._.
02:38 <Kitty Mistake> mew
02:38 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
02:38 <Slender666> nyaaaa
02:38 <When Darkness Shadows> heres a fun fact: sometimes I see pictures in my corner
02:38 <SmileDog27> I know a total of 3 people here. Yay.
02:38 <Kitty Mistake> -looks for chao's hoodie-
02:38 <LOLSKELETONS> if you try putting "\" into the URL, it always converts into a "/"
02:38 <When Darkness Shadows> well youre in a pickle skelly
02:39 <SmileDog27> XD
02:39 <LOLSKELETONS> apparently the way to do it is %5C
02:39 <SmileDog27> Quite the pickle
02:39 <JackofallSuits>
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp - Duration: 04:01 - Uploaded: 2013-06-27 - Rating: 4.990431 - Views: 320,459 -
02:39 <JackofallSuits> Oops
02:39 <When Darkness Shadows> if I was in a pickle I wouldn't eat my way out, pickles are nasty jazz
02:39 <SmileDog27> Dafuq is a mantis shrimp
02:39 <JackofallSuits>
02:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: True Facts About The Mantis - Duration: 03:06 - Uploaded: 2013-02-15 - Rating: 4.972652 - Views: 1,842,358 -
02:39 <JackofallSuits> Wrong mantis
02:39 <SmileDog27> What the hell
02:39 <LOLSKELETONS> [[#]]
02:39 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
02:39 <SmileDog27> That's some wierd shit
02:40 <Dream Hacked> Hi :3
02:40 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh-
02:40 <SmileDog27> Herro
02:40 <LOLSKELETONS> (dh)
02:40 <Dream Hacked> B)
02:40 <SmileDog27> Fuckin' Gengar
02:40 <Kitty Mistake> -curls up in corner-
02:40 <SmileDog27> Badass
02:40 <Dream Hacked> (dh)
02:40 <Kitty Mistake> and this i why i have a designated corner.....
02:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> bai
02:40 <SmileDog27> Cya
02:40 <JackofallSuits> Dat mantis
02:40 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Dream Hacked> I want to get to university already O_O
02:40 <SmileDog27> Hmmmm
02:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <SmileDog27> OHMYGAWD. guess what gaiz
02:41 <When Darkness Shadows> kitty, you and me are the corner masters
02:41 <When Darkness Shadows> you ate a dog?!
02:41 <LOLSKELETONS> wat
02:41 <SmileDog27> No that happened last week.
02:41 <Slender666> -_-
02:41 <Slender666> nothing new or the chat bug
02:41 <When Darkness Shadows> smile ate a dog! or was it a hog? in a bog? with a frog? on a log?
02:42 <SmileDog27> I'm gonna learn to play the Electric Guitar. I'll show you some videos once I get good.
02:42 <Kitty Mistake> yesh! i am corner master ^^
02:42 <When Darkness Shadows> we are the corner masters
02:42 <Andytags> wow that's neato
02:42 <SmileDog27> I ate a dog in eating a frog on a log in a bog on dagobah
02:42 <Andytags> that's the best 
02:42 <Andytags> super cool awesome
02:42 <Kitty Mistake> oh guess what i did today :3
02:42 <When Darkness Shadows> we control the corners of the world
02:42 <SmileDog27> Shit rhymes.
02:42 <Andytags> we CARE
02:42 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
02:42 <When Darkness Shadows> you humped a couch
02:42 <SmileDog27> i did...
02:42 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <SmileDog27> were you watching? freaks...
02:43 <When Darkness Shadows> ewww smile save that for you blowup doll
02:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I'm eating, ya know FOOD
02:43 <Kitty Mistake> lmao no
02:43 <Kitty Mistake> i didnt
02:43 <Kitty Mistake> i made a video to send to hopeless records
02:43 <Kitty Mistake> :3
02:43 <SmileDog27> Nikki said she don't do dat shit no moh
02:43 <Dream Hacked> Watch this
02:43 <SmileDog27> If  you must know, Shadows.
02:43 <When Darkness Shadows> of what, my fellow corner master
02:44 <Dream Hacked> Acid rain.
02:44 <Dream Hacked> Other s stay dry while others feel the pain
02:44 <Dream Hacked> Acid rain
02:44 <SmileDog27> Chocolate Acid Rain. Deliciously corrosive.
02:44 <Kitty Mistake> me singing... hopeless records is a record label
02:44 <Kitty Mistake> that signs singers and stuff
02:44 <Dream Hacked> lol
02:44 <JackofallSuits> Time to write a haiku? 
02:44 <Kitty Mistake> like All Time Low
02:44 <SmileDog27> Do you have a band?
02:44 <JackofallSuits> This day I write
02:44 <When Darkness Shadows> you know kitty, your avatar looks a lot like someone I know
02:44 <OkamiAmaterasu90> what's going on
02:45 <Andytags> Breaking Bad Midnight Madness
02:45 <Kitty Mistake> im going solo
02:45 <JackofallSuits> The rope is around my-
02:45 <SmileDog27> Ouch
02:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> David
02:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> he knws how to fly
02:45 <Kitty Mistake> darkness, i did not know that
02:45 <Kitty Mistake> i was in one
02:45 <When Darkness Shadows> is that you?
02:45 <SmileDog27> I'm gonna try to get my friends to play with me once I learn to play lead. I'm gonna be a vocalist and guitarist.
02:45 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <When Darkness Shadows> is your avatar you because that would be CRAAAAZY wierd
02:46 <Kitty Mistake> but we (they) decided my style wasn't what they wanted
02:46 <SmileDog27> Ah
02:46 <Kitty Mistake> and yes darkness that is me
02:46 <When Darkness Shadows> you look like mah buddy
02:46 <SmileDog27> OMG youll ruin the dynamic! dont interact IRL! nooooooo
02:46 <Kitty Mistake> then i shall be another buddy!
02:46 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <OkamiAmaterasu90> meeh
02:47 <When Darkness Shadows> oh good lawd I got a lotta buddies
02:47 <Kitty Mistake> smile, do you listen to any of Ronnie radke's stuff?
02:47 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> All this eating is getting me hungry
02:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi guys
02:47 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> maybe if I eat more it'll go away
02:47 <OkamiAmaterasu90> i'm bored (no pun intended)
02:47 <SmileDog27> No, I'm more into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Skid Row.
02:47 <When Darkness Shadows> how would that be a pun
02:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> ^
02:47 <SmileDog27> But I'm open minded to everything
02:47 -!- Jane Arkensaw has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <When Darkness Shadows> am I the only one here not into metal!!!!!
02:48 <Jane Arkensaw> Hey
02:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Adhiem
02:48 <SmileDog27> Except crazy Emo Screamo.
02:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> You're not alone Darkness
02:48 <Kitty Mistake> oh, well, i did a cover of one of his songs
02:48 <SmileDog27> Shit ear rapes me
02:48 <Kitty Mistake> wanna hear it
02:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> ZACKABILLEH!!
02:48 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> eating is so fun
02:48 <SmileDog27> sure
02:48 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> all I do is eat
02:48 <Jane Arkensaw>
02:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas - Duration: 35:57 - Uploaded: 2013-02-19 - Rating: 4.738969 - Views: 813,809 -
02:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey, how are you?
02:48 <SmileDog27> gimme a link, kitty
02:48 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> all day
02:48 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm fine thanks :3 you?
02:48 <Kitty Mistake>
02:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: = Not Good Enough For the Truth in Cliche ~ Ronnie Radke Cover = - Duration: 02:48 - Uploaded: 2013-06-17 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 17 -
02:49 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> eating, fun, they're one in the same
02:49 <When Darkness Shadows> do all yall listen to metal?
02:49 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I wake up, and I eat
02:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not good man
02:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Aww why?
02:49 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> the I eat all day and eat before I go to bed
02:49 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> it makes me even hungrier 
02:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Check chat logs from lime 1 hour to 45 mins ago
02:49 <MagmaMan4488> I gave my dog a marshmallow today. She was licking her chops for hours.
02:49 <When Darkness Shadows> than you must be over weight. you should change your diet
02:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> okay
02:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> !logs
02:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thanks Jesse
02:50 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> so I have 7 alarms for the night to wake me up so i can eat
02:50 <SmileDog27> you're pretty good kitty. Try to find a vocals-free copy of the song next time. other than that i loved it
02:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> You said the logs from 1 hour and 45 minutes ago right?
02:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> give me a minute
02:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> No
02:50 <Kitty Mistake> what?
02:50 <When Darkness Shadows> kitty do you listen to metal
02:50 <Kitty Mistake> what do you mean by vocal-free?
02:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> 1 hour - 45 minutes agi
02:51 <Kitty Mistake> and not a whole lot dark
02:51 <When Darkness Shadows> I listen to rap
02:51 <When Darkness Shadows> because that is where I live
02:51 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> any one wanna eat
02:51 <SmileDog27> A copy of the song without vocals in it. It's better for singing a cover without a band
02:51 <SmileDog27> That's what I do
02:51 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
02:52 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
02:52 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has joined Special:Chat
02:52 <ChaoZStrider> Smile means an instrumental.
02:52 <Kitty Mistake> ohh
02:52 <SmileDog27> Yeah
02:52 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
02:52 <SmileDog27> Whatevs
02:52 <Kitty Mistake> yeah im like blonde....
02:52 <When Darkness Shadows> no kevin, do not eat, diabetes can kill
02:52 <Kitty Mistake> i couldn't find a good one
02:53 <SmileDog27> It's what I do.
02:53 <Tyranical Tyranis> lol im a gurl on da inturnetz *giggle*
02:53 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> hey you callin me fat?
02:53 <When Darkness Shadows> no no, eating a lot is not good for you
02:53 <SmileDog27> What do you mean, "I'm Blonde"
02:53 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Me too
02:54 <Kitty Mistake> me being blonde = im a dim wit at times
02:54 <SmileDog27> Calling yourself mentally unfit?
02:54 <Kitty Mistake> yeah basically
02:54 <Kitty Mistake> xD
02:54 <When Darkness Shadows> Im a blonde but im very smart
02:54 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
02:54 <SmileDog27> Don't say that 
02:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> Not every blonde is stupid
02:54 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
02:55 <Kitty Mistake> yeah but im like stupid
02:55 <Kitty Mistake> and im not naturally blonde
02:55 <Kitty Mistake> im a brunette
02:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Don't say that
02:55 <SmileDog27> No youre not
02:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> !logs
02:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:55 <When Darkness Shadows> I am 
02:55 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
02:55 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
02:55 <SmileDog27> That's stupid to say you are
02:55 <TheToaMaster> [[I can talk weird.]]
02:55 <Kitty Mistake> i almost failed U.S. History this year.....
02:55 <SmileDog27> Especially if you dyed it
02:55 <Dream Hacked> obby
02:56 <ChaoZStrider> Toa, you are just linking what you are typing.
02:56 <Kitty Mistake> 66% D
02:56 <SmileDog27> I failed math every year
02:56 <When Darkness Shadows> i am smart and all the people  at my school are afraid of me
02:56 <TheToaMaster> [[Everything I say turns into a hyperlink! :D]]
02:56 <SmileDog27> #0% F last year
02:56 <SmileDog27> 34
02:56 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Mama
02:56 <TheGreatMobo> first MLP chat, now here, toa?
02:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> [[you're doing this]] [[texts that become links = it's not even a new thing]]
02:56 <Tyranical Tyranis> Kitty, are you a natural blonde?
02:57 <TheToaMaster> [[Hey! Magic can be spreaded]]
02:57 <SmileDog27> She dyed it
02:57 <ChaoZStrider> If you keep doing that, Toa. I will kick you.
02:57 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
02:57 -!- TheToaMaster has joined Special:Chat
02:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> ^
02:57 <TheToaMaster> All right, Chaos.
02:57 <TheToaMaster> I'll talk back into normal.
02:57 <Kitty Mistake> I haven't seen my natural hair color in over 4 years
02:57 <When Darkness Shadows> ive never dyed my hair
02:57 <Tyranical Tyranis> [[nuzzle]]
02:57 <Tyranical Tyranis> I love you, Chao c:
02:58 <Princess Platinum> skelly pm
02:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> I don't remember my natural hair color
02:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> jk
02:58 <Kitty Mistake> i love dying my hair
02:58 <SmileDog27> i subscribed to you on Youtube, Kitty
02:58 <Kitty Mistake> :D seriously?!
02:58 <SmileDog27> Yeah
02:58 <Kitty Mistake> YAY!!
02:58 <Kitty Mistake> sorry... 
02:58 <Kitty Mistake> im happy now
02:58 <When Darkness Shadows> when you live where i do, not may people dye their hair. it give you a social stigma and i already have that
02:58 <SmileDog27> I understand I do the same shit
02:59 <Adam Carl Castillo> No one here (and if there are any, they're hard to see) dyes their hair blonde
02:59 <When Darkness Shadows> i bet nona you can guess why people are afraid of me
02:59 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <SmileDog27> Why?
02:59 <TheToaMaster> I like Office Space
02:59 <When Darkness Shadows> you gotta guess!
03:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> They mostly dye their hair, brown, dark brown, chocolate brown
03:00 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
03:00 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
03:00 <SmileDog27> BRB\
03:00 <TheToaMaster> I wish I can dye my hair BLUE
03:00 <Diamondzarebright> I just got back from frontier city... 
03:00 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
03:00 <Kitty Mistake> I had to get most of the blue taken out
03:00 <When Darkness Shadows> i just got back from NOWHERE
03:00 <Kitty Mistake> my band director is a fucking douche
03:01 <TheToaMaster> Why?
03:01 <Diamondzarebright> >...> 
03:01 <When Darkness Shadows> do you play intrumen ts
03:01 <When Darkness Shadows> *insruments
03:02 <Diamondzarebright> I stayed until it closed... 
03:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> You guys know how people don't remember their natural hair color due to their constant hair color changing?
03:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Like Hayley Williams
03:02 -!- Aussie2975 has joined Special:Chat
03:02 <When Darkness Shadows> i don't get it
03:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> ...
03:02 <Diamondzarebright> I don't think your supposed to
03:02 <When Darkness Shadows> that's good
03:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> *shrugs*
03:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Aussie
03:03 <Diamondzarebright> *eats jellybeans* 
03:03 <Kitty Mistake> I have medium ash brown
03:03 <Kitty Mistake> i don't like it..
03:03 <Diamondzarebright> I  have chestnut 
03:03 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has left Special:Chat.
03:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
03:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> I have dark brown almost black hair
03:04 <Kitty Mistake> lucky
03:04 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <Diamondzarebright> C: 
03:04 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:04 <When Darkness Shadows> i wish my eyes were silver
03:04 <When Darkness Shadows> i like silver eyes
03:04 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Diamondzarebright> Except it is weird how I have my grandpa's colored hair... 
03:05 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
03:05 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <When Darkness Shadows> grandpas have grey hair
03:05 <SmileDog27> See you guys laters
03:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> I have Brown eyes, but sometimes I wear contacts to make it black
03:05 <TheToaMaster> I luv my MIDI player on my smartphone.
03:05 <Kitty Mistake> lol that's not bad
03:05 <Kitty Mistake> bye smile
03:05 <SmileDog27> My sister wants to play Sims
03:05 <Diamondzarebright> Well, I meant before he got grey's xD
03:05 <SmileDog27> she might get off in one hour, maybe four
03:05 <When Darkness Shadows> i like the kill people in that game
03:05 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:05 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <SmileDog27> See you guys whenever i get back on. :D
03:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I hate smiles...
03:06 <When Darkness Shadows> i lock them in rooms and set them on fire
03:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 'Nuf said.
03:06 <SmileDog27> I hate your face! WHOOOAAAH. Just kidding. Bye
03:06 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <Diamondzarebright> Well then 
03:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Brooke
03:06 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:06 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:06 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <When Darkness Shadows> Well is you hate smiles why are you smiling in your picture?
03:06 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 'Cause I hate my smile. (QQ)
03:06 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's why I said it. (T_T)
03:07 <Andytags> oh my god
03:07 <When Darkness Shadows> then why are you SMILING
03:07 <Andytags> this wifi
03:07 <Andytags> is the worst 
03:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I don't know..
03:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I was happy then. (QQ)
03:07 <When Darkness Shadows> is this real or are you trying to get attention
03:07 <When Darkness Shadows> i cant tel
03:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's real.
03:07 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ask Pram or Read, I've been wanting to suicide for a week now.
03:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Of course I haven't told main
03:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but I just did.
03:08 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My cover is blown. (QQ)
03:08 <When Darkness Shadows> *commit suicide and PRAM!!!!!!!!
03:08 -!- TheToaMaster has left Special:Chat.
03:08 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
03:08 <Princess Platinum> When
03:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but I don't want many people to know.
03:08 <When Darkness Shadows> where is pram!?!?!?!?
03:09 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but I just told main. (T_T)
03:09 <When Darkness Shadows> than why did you just tell everone on a public website
03:09 <Slender666> i'm back!
03:09 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You asked about it! (T_T)
03:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> wb
03:09 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:09 <Kitty Mistake> thnks
03:09 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <Slender666> ausjndajksd
03:09 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <Slender666> I'm crazy!
03:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> k
03:10 <Diamondzarebright> ? 
03:10 <Diamondzarebright> Really? 
03:10 <When Darkness Shadows> still, no offence but i smell attention grabber. you wouldn't blurt it out like that if it was a real problem
03:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Dude
03:10 <Diamondzarebright> ugh 
03:10 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You asked if it was real.
03:10 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So I told you it was.
03:10 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
03:10 <Princess Platinum> I happen to believe brooke
03:10 <When Darkness Shadows> i know suicide pretty well, mind you
03:10 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So do I..
03:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm normally not this depressing
03:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but I'm having a shit time right now.
03:11 <Diamondzarebright> Why is there so many people hating themselves today when they could've hated themselves any other day 
03:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I do hate myself on other days.
03:11 <Kitty Mistake> I always hate ^^;
03:11 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <When Darkness Shadows> so, if you don't mind me asking, what is going so wrong that you want to rid the planet of your being
03:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I don't feel like saying it in main.
03:12 <Diamondzarebright> I for one am tired of the emos 
03:12 <When Darkness Shadows> than pm
03:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not emop
03:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> emo*
03:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck you.
03:12 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:12 <Diamondzarebright> Then stop feeling sorry for yourself.. 
03:12 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:12 <Diamondzarebright> enjoy life
03:12 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:12 <Diamondzarebright> as it comes at you 
03:13 <Kitty Mistake> -hugs brooke-
03:13 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:13 <Diamondzarebright> Everyday 
03:13 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:13 <Diamondzarebright> I feel like I'm listening to people feeling sorry for themselves
03:13 <HiddenSpirit> Be happy.
03:14 <ChaoZStrider> Diamond. Shut the fuck up.
03:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
03:14 <Kitty Mistake> hidden
03:14 <Kitty Mistake> that's easier said than done
03:14 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have a headache now...
03:14 <Kitty Mistake> like seriouslly
03:14 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
03:14 <HiddenSpirit> Hey, man, you're speaking as if I myself am not a sad person.
03:14 <Kitty Mistake> brooke go take something for it :/
03:14 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:14 <HiddenSpirit> When you come to terms with your sadness, you will learn how to be happy.
03:14 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:14 <ChaoZStrider> Some people are diagnosed withdDepression. 
03:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
03:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Like me
03:15 <Andytags> fuck
03:15 <Kitty Mistake> I don't need to be diagnosed to know I am
03:15 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:15 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:15 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:15 <When Darkness Shadows> i'm diagnosed with something
03:15 <ChaoZStrider> Kitty, you need to be diagnosed for it to be confirmed.
03:15 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Why is everybody on the internet depressed
03:16 <Kitty Mistake> >.>
03:16 <ChaoZStrider> I am diagnosed with PTSD and SPD. I knew I had SPD before hand.
03:16 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
03:16 <When Darkness Shadows> I'm diagnosed with insomnia
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> On the internet?
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What the fuck?
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We're real people you know
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> With lives
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not just on the internet
03:16 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> That's not what I meant
03:16 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh-
03:16 <Princess Platinum> >With lives
03:16 <Princess Platinum> lol
03:16 <Esoteric Entity> Lives?
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We all have lives you idiot.
03:16 <Esoteric Entity> lol.
03:16 <HiddenSpirit> 1 in 10 U.S. adults are report depression.
03:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We would all be dead if we didn't.
03:16 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I meant, why does everyone that seems to be "depressed", happen to be on the internet
03:16 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:17 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <When Darkness Shadows> i never sleep
03:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It happens to me everywhere.
03:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> K?
03:17 <HiddenSpirit> A mass majority of people are "depressed."
03:17 <ChaoZStrider> If you never slept, Shadows, you seem to be depressed.
03:17 <HiddenSpirit> And people are more open with it online.
03:17 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <ChaoZStrider> and you'd be dead.
03:17 <Esoteric Entity> Indeed.
03:17 <When Darkness Shadows> its a medical condition
03:17 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:17 <When Darkness Shadows> i take medicine
03:17 <Kitty Mistake> can we please get off of this topic...
03:17 <When Darkness Shadows> and i sleep, when i don't i dont
03:17 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:18 <ChaoZStrider> How often do you sleep, Shadows?
03:18 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh-
03:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> did I miss anything?
03:18 -!- Boyhates has joined Special:Chat
03:19 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
03:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Boy and Mushroom
03:19 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:19 <When Darkness Shadows> well, a couple hours every couple nights
03:19 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Hey Auras.
03:19 <ChaoZStrider> Then you are fine.
03:19 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
03:19 <When Darkness Shadows> but only when i take pills
03:19 <Kitty Mistake> and no one is listening
03:19 <Kitty Mistake> ...
03:19 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
03:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I was
03:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Unstik I refreashed
03:20 <When Darkness Shadows> Valium is my favorite
03:20 <ChaoZStrider> Kitty, this chat is so far being civilized about this.
03:21 <ChaoZStrider> The moment it is uncivilized, the topic will be changed.
03:21 <When Darkness Shadows> i know how to start an argument!
03:21 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh- I don't like it though
03:21 <When Darkness Shadows> Abortion is okay!
03:21 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:21 <When Darkness Shadows> gays should marry!
03:21 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
03:21 <When Darkness Shadows> guns should be legal!
03:22 <Boyhates> Hey hello hi I am not quite sure what this is or how to do this (I'm new great), so sorry if I'm awkward.
03:22 <Kitty Mistake> darkness shut up
03:22 <When Darkness Shadows> aww
03:22 <When Darkness Shadows> okay
03:22 <Kitty Mistake> its ok boy
03:22 -!- Invader Zeel has left Special:Chat.
03:22 <Kitty Mistake> just warning you, chat can be a little...
03:22 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:22 <Kitty Mistake> what the word im looking for....
03:22 <Boyhates> I can handle it.
03:22 <Kitty Mistake> crazy
03:22 <Boyhates> Anyway, my name is Kay.
03:23 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <When Darkness Shadows> i didn't start any arguments, darn
03:23 <ChaoZStrider> [[Chat Rules]] read this, Boyhates.
03:23 -!- TheMrNormalGuy has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <Andytags> u guys r boring
03:23 <TheMrNormalGuy> chaoz
03:23 <Kitty Mistake> andy shush
03:23 <ChaoZStrider> because I am disregarding idiocy, Shadows
03:23 <ChaoZStrider> Yes, Normal?
03:23 <TheMrNormalGuy> you are my new best friend
03:23 <Kitty Mistake> you berrily even talk
03:23 <When Darkness Shadows> stop pointing out the obvious andy
03:23 <Andytags> no u kitty
03:23 <TheMrNormalGuy> Kitty is awesome
03:23 <Kitty Mistake> barely*
03:23 <Andytags> because you guys are so boring 
03:23 <Andytags> nerd
03:23 <TheMrNormalGuy> Andy
03:23 <TheMrNormalGuy> spice it up by talking
03:23 <Andytags> nah
03:24 <ChaoZStrider> ^
03:24 <TheMrNormalGuy> Then leave
03:24 <Kitty Mistake> thanks normal :)
03:24 <Andytags> you have the same avatar as finneow 
03:24 <Andytags> nerd
03:24 <TheMrNormalGuy> No problem :)
03:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Andy. xP Nerd
03:24 <Andytags> :)
03:24 <When Darkness Shadows> you know what?
03:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> Andy, most of the time I'm on I don't even see you talk. And now we're the ones who's boring?
03:24 <TheMrNormalGuy> Is that a problem andy
03:24 <Andytags> yes
03:24 <Andytags> to me 
03:24 <TheMrNormalGuy> I agree with Adam
03:24 <Andytags> yeah
03:24 <ChaoZStrider> Why don't you all shut up?
03:24 <TheMrNormalGuy> Did you just call yourself boring Andy?
03:24 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
03:25 <Andytags> i don't talk
03:25 <Andytags> because i have nothing to join conversation about 
03:25 <When Darkness Shadows> i love the word klusterfuck
03:25 <Andytags> sorry chaoz
03:25 <TheMrNormalGuy> Then why did you join the chat
03:25 <Kitty Mistake> wheres my corner.....
03:25 <TheMrNormalGuy> in the first place*
03:25 <When Darkness Shadows> Klusterfuck is a fun word
03:25 <Andytags> far away from this chatroom
03:25 <Kitty Mistake> theres no idiots there
03:25 -!- YakuYabai has joined Special:Chat
03:25 <Boyhates> Is it necessary to argue...
03:25 <When Darkness Shadows> so if kumquat
03:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> Everyone here has a conversation to join in
03:25 <YakuYabai> It's been awhile!
03:25 <TheMrNormalGuy> I pulled the tab on my Sprite, but it didn't open :/
03:25 <Kitty Mistake> Boy, it happens
03:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Even if I don't know the topic, I try my best to join in
03:26 <Kitty Mistake> ^
03:26 <Kitty Mistake> exactly!
03:26 <TheMrNormalGuy> Yes, I am confused also Adam
03:26 -!- BarbedwireRose has joined Special:Chat
03:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Or even know what the topic is about
03:26 <Boyhates> I notice that...
03:26 <TheMrNormalGuy> Either
03:26 <When Darkness Shadows> Klusterfuck and Kumquat... they both start with K
03:26 <YakuYabai> I know exactly what the topic is about.
03:26 <TheMrNormalGuy> I'm going to go read some pastas
03:26 <TheMrNormalGuy> cya
03:26 <YakuYabai> ...and I just got here.
03:26 <Andytags> good
03:26 <When Darkness Shadows> is that even how you spell kumquat?
03:26 -!- TheMrNormalGuy has left Special:Chat.
03:27 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
03:27 <Andytags> is there a red squigly line under it?
03:27 <Boyhates> Yes.
03:27 <Boyhates> No, it's correct.
03:27 <YakuYabai> How come the foolish photo uploader keeps telling me I'm "false"?
03:27 <When Darkness Shadows> kumquat nope, HAH i was right
03:27 <When Darkness Shadows> i love those words
03:27 <Temmington> awwww
03:27 <Temmington> suki is on my desk
03:27 <ChaoZStrider> cumquat.
03:27 -!- Liam44471 has joined Special:Chat
03:27 <Temmington> laying down being a cute little cuntmuffin
03:27 <Andytags> nerds
03:27 <Liam44471> BOO
03:27 <When Darkness Shadows> and hippomonstrosisquipialadiphobia 
03:28 <Boyhates> Cumquat is a variation of kumquat.
03:28 <Andytags> that word should count as spam
03:28 <When Darkness Shadows> and antidisesablismentarianism
03:28 <Kitty Mistake> isn't that the phobia of long words?
03:28 -!- BarbedwireRose has left Special:Chat.
03:28 <ChaoZStrider> ^
03:28 <Andytags> so sshould that one 
03:28 <ChaoZStrider> Yes
03:28 <When Darkness Shadows> yup
03:28 -!- Liam44471 has left Special:Chat.
03:28 <YakuYabai> Kumquat reminds me of the saying 'I need to pop a squat."
03:28 <Boyhates> Nice.
03:28 <Kitty Mistake> whats the one for needles?
03:28 <Andytags> kumquat shouldn't be a word
03:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> So that long word thing is not spam
03:28 <When Darkness Shadows> kumquats are really yummy though
03:28 <Boyhates> I have that phobia.
03:28 <Andytags> idk needlephobia
03:28 <Boyhates> Of needles.
03:29 <When Darkness Shadows> theyre like little orange lemons
03:29 <Andytags> those are clemetines 
03:29 <YakuYabai> They taste so good too!
03:29 <ChaoZStrider> It is an actual word.
03:29 <Andytags> or is that a brand name
03:29 <Kitty Mistake> hehe.... when I had to go to the hospital, I had to get an IV......
03:29 <When Darkness Shadows> no! they are KUMQUATS
03:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> gtg eat lunch
03:29 <Andytags> nerd
03:29 <ChaoZStrider> Globeophobia is the fear of balloons.
03:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> see ya
03:29 <Andytags> where do you leave norway
03:29 <Andytags> live*
03:29 <Andytags> not leave
03:29 <Kitty Mistake> have you ever seen a 15 year old start bawling their eyes out at the sight of a needle?
03:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> Philippines
03:29 <Boyhates> Aichmophobia is the fear of needles.
03:29 <When Darkness Shadows> look up kumquat i eat kumquats on the daily
03:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I cry at needles.
03:30 <YakuYabai> You must be rich.
03:30 <Boyhates> Oh I cry at the sight of them too, don't worry.
03:30 <When Darkness Shadows> i cry at dead puppies
03:30 <When Darkness Shadows> they aren't a lot of money
03:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> ^
03:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I laugh
03:30 <YakuYabai> I cry when when I'm crying.
03:30 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> I cry whenever a dog dies in a movie
03:30 <YakuYabai> Glitch.
03:30 <When Darkness Shadows> i cry when my wall doesn't talk back
03:30 <Kitty Mistake> I had a giant bruise from it and everytime I moved it hurt....
03:30 <Boyhates> Obviously.
03:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> #cryception
03:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I cry whenever any animal dies in a movie
03:30 <When Darkness Shadows> my corner...
03:30 <Kitty Mistake> the nurse thought it was funny .-.
03:31 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:31 <YakuYabai> lol #cryception is a nice one, Adam.
03:31 <Kitty Mistake> and I was apparently very adorable at the same time
03:31 <When Darkness Shadows> sometimes my corner gets angry with me and wont talk and then i cry
03:31 <Boyhates> Last time I went to the doctor's I got an IV and the women didn't shave a t all so they looked like they had grown dreads all over their bodies.
03:31 <YakuYabai> I cry when my freaking food is hot on top, but cold at the bottom because the stupid microwave doesn't know how to do its job.
03:31 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:32 <Boyhates> Same.
03:32 <Kitty Mistake> well then again, it was the first IV I've gotten since I was 4
03:32 <Kitty Mistake> so...
03:32 <YakuYabai> I'm about to get on a plane in a few hours! AHHH!
03:32 <Kitty Mistake> ive never been on a plane
03:32 <When Darkness Shadows> im eating a lot of cinnamon candies and my mouth is all no more spice and im like shut ur mouth mouth i will eat as many cinnamon candies as i want
03:32 <Kitty Mistake> and brb
03:33 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
03:33 <YakuYabai> Planes are quite the adventure...literally. XD
03:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> YAKU.
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> HAI.
03:33 <YakuYabai> Hey, Hidden!
03:33 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> It's been a while.
03:33 <JackofallSuits>
03:33 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Time You Have (In JellyBeans) - Duration: 02:45 - Uploaded: 2013-06-21 - Rating: 4.970518 - Views: 639,520 -
03:33 <YakuYabai> Missed you!
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> I missed you, too. ^_^
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> c:
03:33 <When Darkness Shadows> i was on a plane and it was all EEEEERRRR WHOOOOSH REEEEEEAAAAAAVVVVVV
03:34 <LOLSKELETONS> (spam)
03:34 <YakuYabai> You stretch more than my cat.
03:34 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:34 <LOLSKELETONS> hai yaku
03:34 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
03:34 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Life is like a box of Chocolates.
03:34 <Andytags> what's a yaku
03:34 <YakuYabai> Hey, Skellz!!! Missed you, bud!
03:34 <YakuYabai> lol A Yaku?
03:34 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> There, I revived the chat for you guys.
03:34 <When Darkness Shadows> but my box of chocolates is empty with out you <3
03:35 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Yo Auras.
03:35 <YakuYabai> Idk. I stole the name from the Elk in Princess Mononoke.
03:35 <YakuYabai> Derp.
03:35 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Herp.
03:35 <Andytags> nah
03:35 <YakuYabai> Chirp.
03:35 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
03:36 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
03:36 <Slender666> herp
03:36 <Slender666> a
03:36 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:36 <Slender666> derp
03:36 <Slender666> wb
03:36 <Princess Platinum> test
03:36 <YakuYabai> Yaku can also mean "evil" or "misfortune" in Japanese.
03:36 <Andytags> whoa
03:36 <When Darkness Shadows> ive always thought no wonder the Mario world is so crazy! marios eating shrooms all the time so hes hallucinating. hes really running through the forest naked blabbering about a princess
03:37 <Esoteric Entity> 'Sup, Yaku.
03:37 <Princess Platinum> ...
03:37 <YakuYabai> Hay hay hay, Eso!
03:37 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
03:37 <Princess Platinum> is that text red for anyone else?
03:37 <LOLSKELETONS> yes
03:37 <When Darkness Shadows> well aren't you a little social butterfly Yaku
03:37 <Princess Platinum> D:
03:38 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> The Last Man On Earth sat in his house. There was a knock on the door.
03:38 <YakuYabai> I'm a social moth! How dare you compare me to a butterfly. Racist!
03:38 <When Darkness Shadows> hey mr. mushroom?
03:38 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Yes?
03:38 <Esoteric Entity> Yo, yo, yo.
03:38 <Princess Platinum> LOL
03:38 <When Darkness Shadows> why do you make Mario hallucinate?
03:38 <Princess Platinum> why you do that?
03:38 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:38 <LOLSKELETONS> jgkg
03:38 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
03:38 <Princess Platinum> How did you do that?
03:39 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Well, sit down and I'll tell you.
03:39 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
03:39 <When Darkness Shadows> i know all about shrooms, i was wondering why
03:39 <Princess Platinum> <span style="color:red">???</span>
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> Necrosanity tell me if this whole thing is red
03:39 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Oh.
03:39 <Princess Platinum> LOL
03:39 <Princess Platinum> How did you do that?
03:39 <Necrosanity> Yea. ._.
03:39 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Well, it ain
03:39 <-Price-> /red ?
03:39 -!- Higgity has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> t my fault Mario takes them.
03:39 <HiddenSpirit> PULL OVER, DAT ASS TOO FAT.
03:39 <HiddenSpirit> WOOP WOOP
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> I am not controlling this, shineh
03:40 <Princess Platinum> LOLSKELETONS
03:40 <Princess Platinum> D:
03:40 <Kitty Mistake> back
03:40 -!- Higgity has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <Boyhates> I am so very confused.
03:40 -!- SectoidMedic has joined Special:Chat
03:40 <Princess Platinum> fuck it
03:40 <SectoidMedic> hello there
03:40 <Princess Platinum> doesnt matter
03:40 <LOLSKELETONS> <span style="color:red;">Princess Platinum</span>
03:40 <SectoidMedic> ?
03:40 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Hello where?
03:40 <When Darkness Shadows> hes probably running naked through thewoods somewhere yelling about giant spiky turtles and princesses
03:40 <Temmington> I think what we can get out of A Canterlot Wedding is... BUY OUR FUCKING TOYS
03:41 <SectoidMedic> hell0o here
03:41 <Kitty Mistake> -sigh
03:41 <Boyhates> Hi!
03:41 <Kitty Mistake> im bored
03:41 <YakuYabai> If the cat jumped over the hat and hit the rat with a bat, then why is mat rolled up on the ground instead of laying flat where I once sat?
03:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> hey
03:41 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> There's no probably When Darknnes Shadows, he IS running naked in the woods somewhere.
03:41 <Boyhates> That's confusing.
03:41 <Kitty Mistake> and feel like a fatass.... great
03:41 <When Darkness Shadows> kitty why do you keep sighing over and over and over. youre a corner master!
03:41 <SectoidMedic> look at this pasta
03:41 <SectoidMedic> it's not very good
03:41 <Kitty Mistake> meh
03:41 <Princess Platinum> <span class="message ping">Hello</span>
03:42 <Kitty Mistake> im just gonna go night guys
03:42 <SectoidMedic>
03:42 <Boyhates> Bye!
03:42 <YakuYabai> G'nite, Kitty.
03:42 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Let's have a look here.
03:42 <LOLSKELETONS> <span class="spam">jshdijgjkhj</span>
03:42 <When Darkness Shadows> night night !
03:42 <SectoidMedic> THis guy made it because his other story was deleted
03:42 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
03:42 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
03:42 <When Darkness Shadows> and how are shrooms good for children?
03:42 <TheGreatMobo> that pinged me for some reason
03:43 <Princess Platinum> Mobo
03:43 <TheGreatMobo> yeah?
03:43 <Princess Platinum> it is randomly adding the ping class
03:43 <Princess Platinum> for some reason
03:43 <TheGreatMobo> oh okay
03:43 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
03:43 <YakuYabai> There was a troll on a pole picking at his mole with a piece of coal that was shaped like a bowl from the great Queen, Beyonce Knowles.
03:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
03:43 <SectoidMedic> best video ever
03:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Wilkins Coffee - Duration: 08:18 - Uploaded: 2009-06-22 - Rating: 4.966316 - Views: 56,285 -
03:43 <SectoidMedic>
03:44 <When Darkness Shadows> i have a song for you
03:44 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
03:44 <YakuYabai> Great! The ponies are crossing the street again!
03:44 <Boyhates> Beyonce.
03:45 <Princess Platinum> !seen sactage
03:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw sactage at June 29 2013, 00:52 (GMT)
03:45 <When Darkness Shadows> i forgot it
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
03:45 <ChaoZStrider> !seen Kill1mes
03:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Kill1mes since I have been here!
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Do me, do me!
03:45 <ChaoZStrider> D:
03:45 <ChaoZStrider> NOOOO
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NOO!!
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> KILL! (T_T)
03:45 <SectoidMedic> !seen SEctoidMedic
03:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw SEctoidMedic at June 29 2013, 03:45 (GMT)
03:45 <SectoidMedic> I see
03:45 <When Darkness Shadows> but now i have a joke
03:45 <ChaoZStrider> Okay, now we stop using that command.
03:45 <Princess Platinum> Mmkay lets not play with the bot
03:45 <SectoidMedic> !seen Creepypastagirl268
03:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Creepypastagirl268 since I have been here!
03:46 <SectoidMedic> I was just checking honestly there
03:46 <When Darkness Shadows> i will ask for myself
03:46 <LOLSKELETONS> !seen Elvis
03:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Elvis since I have been here!
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen BrookeBattlesAgainst
03:46 <YakuYabai> Logger is going to shoot all OF YOU!
03:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw BrookeBattlesAgainst at June 29 2013, 03:46 (GMT)
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ermagherd.
03:46 <Princess Platinum> Seriously stop
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !Seen WhyAmIReadingThis
03:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw WhyAmIReadingThis at June 29 2013, 01:11 (GMT)
03:46 <ChaoZStrider> Seriously, stop playing with BigBrother.
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Haha, okay done.
03:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
03:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:46 <SectoidMedic> skelly, can I have a chatbot for Christmas?
03:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:46 <When Darkness Shadows> nooooo
03:46 <LOLSKELETONS> ask Sactage
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck you.
03:46 <YakuYabai> "Omg! Why was I kicked."
03:47 <Princess Platinum> zomg
03:47 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:47 <Princess Platinum> I found the chatbot source on github
03:47 <When Darkness Shadows> i must leave now
03:47 <SectoidMedic> !seen ClericofMadness
03:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen ClericofMadness since I have been here!
03:47 <When Darkness Shadows> i will see you all on the marrow
03:48 <YakuYabai> I'm currently sipping on human tears and baby blood. What you sippin' on?
03:48 <SectoidMedic> !seen Bigfoot
03:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Bigfoot since I have been here!
03:48 <-Price-> !seen Wut
03:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Wut since I have been here!
03:48 -!- SectoidMedic was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
03:48 -!- SectoidMedic has left Special:Chat.
03:48 <-Price-> hmmm
03:48 <Princess Platinum> .-.
03:48 <-Price-> think I get it
03:48 -!- SectoidMedic has joined Special:Chat
03:48 <Boyhates> This is confusing me, honestly.
03:48 <-Price-> !seen -Price-
03:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw -Price- at June 29 2013, 03:48 (GMT)
03:48 <When Darkness Shadows> GOODBYE ALL!
03:48 <SectoidMedic> sorry, sorry
03:48 <Princess Platinum> Enough playing with the bot price
03:48 <YakuYabai> G'bai Darkness! :)
03:48 <-Price-> ok
03:49 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
03:49 <SectoidMedic> I've found the source of insanity
03:49 <SectoidMedic> I'll show you, but it's horrifying...
03:49 <Irishninja0> hey auras
03:49 <YakuYabai> I've found a unicorn.
03:49 <Irishninja0> hi price
03:49 <Irishninja0> are you new?
03:49 <SectoidMedic> here it is
03:49 <SectoidMedic> please, be careful...
03:50 <YakuYabai> I has founded a unicorns.
03:50 <SectoidMedic>
03:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: If I directed Hotel Mario... - Duration: 00:54 - Uploaded: 2011-01-12 - Rating: 4.808081 - Views: 57,978 -
03:50 <-Price-> I've been here before, just never edited or anything like that
03:50 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Irishninja0> okay
03:50 <Boyhates> "Oh my God a Unicorn!"
03:50 <Irishninja0> but you don't know me
03:50 -!- SectoidMedic has left Special:Chat.
03:50 <Irishninja0> nor do you boy
03:50 -!- SectoidMedic has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Irishninja0> so allow me to introduce myself
03:50 <TheBrexter> BOYYY!!
03:50 <Boyhates> Was?
03:50 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
03:50 <Boyhates> Sorry, German.
03:50 <Boyhates> What?
03:51 <ChaoZStrider> Price accused our users of attacking the gumball, wiki.
03:51 <Princess Platinum> They
03:51 <TheBrexter> *makes phantasm reference*
03:51 <TheBrexter> +5 Hipster Points :D
03:51 <Princess Platinum> technically disrupted them
03:51 <SectoidMedic> dislikes
03:51 <Boyhates> "So hipster."
03:51 <SectoidMedic> +2 troll points
03:51 <YakuYabai> 50 points for griffenpuff!
03:51 <SectoidMedic> level up
03:51 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:51 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:51 <LOLSKELETONS> What about our users attacking other wikis?
03:51 <ChaoZStrider> They were treated as if they were unwelcome from the start.
03:51 <TheBrexter> Hmm Stamina, Health or Magicka...
03:51 <SectoidMedic> SectoidMedic is now a level 45 wikian Editor
03:52 <YakuYabai> ...or is it slitherdor?
03:52 <ChaoZStrider> There was no attack nor disruption.
03:52 <Princess Platinum> Chao
03:52 <SectoidMedic> ability gained, blanking
03:52 <ChaoZStrider> Brb.
03:52 <TheBrexter> Dude too obscure 5 me
03:52 -!- ComboTaco has joined Special:Chat
03:52 -!- Aussie2975 has left Special:Chat.
03:52 <Princess Platinum> When a group of users show up at your wiki all from the same location
03:52 <SectoidMedic> SEctoidMedic attacks the slime
03:52 <SectoidMedic> it dies
03:52 <Princess Platinum> you get suspicious and defensive
03:52 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
03:52 <-Price-> ^
03:53 <TheBrexter> Just like a conservative.
03:53 <ComboTaco> Hey I'm new around here.......... hi
03:53 <Irishninja0> Hi combo
03:53 <Boyhates> I'm not following this conversation???
03:53 <SectoidMedic> SEctoidMedic used Blank on Price's userpage
03:53 <SectoidMedic> it's super effective
03:53 <Irishninja0> allow me to introduce myself to you combo
03:53 <TheBrexter> Welcome newcomer
03:53 <Irishninja0> I am the irishninja, most powerful ninja on earth
03:53 <ComboTaco> cool
03:53 <YakuYabai> "Them boys, they want my coochie. I say 'Hey, I'm not no hoochie!' That girl be hatin', I say 'Who? She?'"
03:53 <TheBrexter> Welcome to our Hallowed Halls of Horror.
03:53 <TheBrexter> *wonders how many times ive said that*
03:53 <Irishninja0> :3
03:54 <SectoidMedic> You got a chat mod disguise!
03:54 <SectoidMedic> you can now pretend to be a chat mod!
03:54 <ComboTaco> anybody know any good pastas?
03:54 <Esoteric Entity> Welcome to the chat, enjoy the buffet.
03:54 <SectoidMedic> who wants to play roleplay
03:54 <SectoidMedic> Level up!
03:54 <ComboTaco> maybe
03:54 <SectoidMedic> Level is now 46
03:54 <ChaoZStrider> Sectoid has been cursed. kick.
03:55 <YakuYabai> Try mine. Yes, it's a plug. [[Tooth Fairy]]
03:55 <Princess Platinum> Stop roleplaying
03:55 <TheBrexter> I'll pretend to be a credible horror writer. CHECK OUT MY PASTAS.
03:55 <TheBrexter> DER UBER SCARE-SCARE D:
03:55 <SectoidMedic> fine
03:55 <SectoidMedic> , I was just having fun
03:55 <ChaoZStrider> and breaking rules.
03:55 <SectoidMedic> sorry
03:55 <YakuYabai> Cuz we be rebelz n stuf
03:55 <TheBrexter> I break rules before breakfast.
03:55 <Princess Platinum> He wasnt breaking a rule
03:55 <TheBrexter> :3
03:55 <ChaoZStrider> roleplay is a rule~
03:55 <SectoidMedic> I break rules while asleep
03:56 <Princess Platinum> roleply is allowed unless told to stop
03:56 <YakuYabai> Roleplay rules.
03:56 <YakuYabai> You added too many other words in that sentence.
03:56 <TheBrexter> I break rules when Im unconscious. Don't ask ;)
03:56 <SectoidMedic> SectoidMedic wishes his name was easier to type
03:56 <Princess Platinum> I just said stop though
03:56 <YakuYabai> Can we call you "Sec"?
03:57 <Princess Platinum> so NOW you are breaking a rule
03:57 <TheBrexter> Lets call him Secks
03:57 <SectoidMedic> ...
03:57 <YakuYabai> Yes! Secs
03:57 <SectoidMedic> I can distract you for 10 minutes
03:57 <YakuYabai> Section 8
03:57 <SectoidMedic> I'll prove it
03:57 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
03:57 <ComboTaco> That tooth fairy pasta was good
03:57 <YakuYabai> District 9
03:57 <SectoidMedic> here
03:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: DO THE FLOP (10 MINUTE VERSION) - Duration: 10:01 - Uploaded: 2013-02-09 - Rating: 4.946327 - Views: 3,207,100 -
03:57 <TheBrexter> Pls I can distract for thirty minutes. c:
03:58 <Boyhates> Hey, that's a movie.
03:58 <YakuYabai> Thank you, Combo!!
03:58 <SectoidMedic> everybody
03:58 <Temmington> Ah fuck Chelsea isn't here.
03:58 <SectoidMedic> do the flop
03:58 <ComboTaco> no problem.
03:58 <YakuYabai> Yeah, boy, it is! 
03:58 <YakuYabai> :)
03:58 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <YakuYabai> *Boy
03:58 <TheBrexter> Is that where you shake your genitals in peoples faces?
03:58 <TheBrexter> The flop?
03:58 <ComboTaco> no
03:58 <Boyhates> I seriously have no idea why I chose this username, because I am female. Ironic.
03:59 <ComboTaco> its not
03:59 <YakuYabai> Nope. The flop is when you flop around on the ground like a fish in public places.
03:59 <TheBrexter> oh... :3 Ive never done the flop then
03:59 <SectoidMedic> I did it once
03:59 <Temmington> ah shit
03:59 <SectoidMedic> my face still hurts
03:59 <Temmington> cheasl isn't on skype either 
03:59 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:59 <Temmington> D:
03:59 <Temmington> she best be on tumblr
03:59 <Andytags> yo
03:59 <YakuYabai> I flop around like a fish on certain occassions.
03:59 <ComboTaco> no just fall face first on the ground and there you have it the flop
03:59 <TheBrexter> YOYOS
04:00 <TheBrexter> (Yu Gi Yoh!)
04:00 <YakuYabai> YoloYoyos
04:00 <TheBrexter> *activated trap card*
04:00 <SectoidMedic> anyone here play Senatry?
04:00 <YakuYabai> Ahhh!
04:00 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
04:00 <TheBrexter> Im more into Magic the Gathering :3
04:00 <SectoidMedic> or at least ARmor Games?
04:00 <ComboTaco> same here brexter
04:00 <SectoidMedic> I'm there under the same name
04:01 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
04:01 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
04:01 <TheBrexter> You use 6 sided dice? LAME.
04:01 <TheBrexter> *busts out 20 sided dice*
04:02 <Temmington> I has 20 sided dice. 
04:02 <ComboTaco> wha?
04:02 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:02 <Temmington> beeyatch
04:02 <TheBrexter> Does it roll down?
04:02 <TheBrexter> c:
04:02 <YakuYabai> Shake that ASpirin bottle till you bout' to KUMquat. She got a nice Puss In Boots book that I like read.
04:02 <Andytags> wat
04:02 <SectoidMedic> I once saw an actaully 100 sided die
04:02 <SectoidMedic> *actaul
04:02 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
04:02 <SectoidMedic> *actual
04:03 <TheBrexter> +3 Hipster Points*
04:03 <TheBrexter> :D
04:03 <Temmington> ohai shrubbie
04:03 <SectoidMedic> brex
04:03 <TheBrexter> Yes secks?
04:03 <SectoidMedic> don't start me on roleplaying again
04:03 <YakuYabai> Yay for Huffledor!
04:03 <Andytags> what
04:03 <ComboTaco> 100? HOLY CRAP
04:03 -!- ComboTaco has left Special:Chat.
04:03 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> you're all boringg
04:03 <TheBrexter> You mean Hufflepuff? (facepalm)
04:03 <SectoidMedic> you can't ship 2 houses
04:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> back
04:03 <SectoidMedic> well,once I shipped trains
04:03 <SectoidMedic> for the heck of it
04:04 <Andytags> i agree with kevin
04:04 <YakuYabai> Are you SURE it isn't Griffenpuff?
04:04 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Did you hear me?
04:04 <Andytags> what
04:04 <Andytags> stop that 
04:04 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> YOU'RE ALL BORING
04:04 <TheBrexter> Slytheron, Hufflepuff, Griffindor, and the other one.
04:04 <YakuYabai> Read a book once in awhile!
04:04 <TheBrexter> -1 Hipster Point
04:04 <TheBrexter> D:
04:04 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Ravenclaw
04:04 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> dummy
04:04 <YakuYabai> ;(
04:04 <SectoidMedic> slytherIn
04:04 <YakuYabai> RavenROn
04:04 <TheBrexter> No one cares bout Ravenclaw
04:04 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
04:04 <TheBrexter> or Hufflepuff
04:04 <TheBrexter> c:
04:04 <YakuYabai> Ron weasley
04:04 <SectoidMedic> you lose 5 hipster points
04:05 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Hey, Ravenclaw's my favorite
04:05 <TheBrexter> Oki hold on
04:05 <TheBrexter> Wtf is with all the Medics and Nurses??
04:05 <TheBrexter> :3
04:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw
04:05 <YakuYabai> You could practically make up your own cool little Hogwart's name.
04:05 <TheBrexter> Dragonscale
04:05 <TheBrexter> done
04:05 <SectoidMedic> I'll makre one up now
04:05 <Esoteric Entity> GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN
04:05 <Esoteric Entity> oops.
04:05 <SectoidMedic> I"m a man
04:05 <TheBrexter> Gianttoe
04:05 <Esoteric Entity> Sorry.
04:06 <YakuYabai> nice Brex
04:06 -!- Ne0theBro has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Gurkledurk
04:06 <SectoidMedic> Chimeraeye
04:06 <Ne0theBro> Hello, people
04:06 <Andytags> who wants to play catch with mercury fulminate 
04:06 <YakuYabai> RabbitSnout
04:06 <SectoidMedic> gongybu
04:06 <HiddenSpirit> LOL ANDY.
04:06 <Ne0theBro> So, any mods on?
04:06 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> LOL ANDY.
04:06 <SectoidMedic> 1
04:06 <Andytags> .YDNA LOL
04:06 <TheBrexter> Unicornblood
04:06 <HiddenSpirit> ._.
04:06 <SectoidMedic> they amde me stop making roleplay jokes
04:06 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
04:06 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <TheBrexter> sorry
04:06 -!- Kailkity Summonner has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <SectoidMedic> NO
04:06 <Kailkity Summonner> Hello
04:06 <Ne0theBro> Who here be a mod?
04:06 <SectoidMedic> me
04:07 <YakuYabai> They talk about unicorn blood in the film, so...
04:07 <Kailkity Summonner> How's the Chats Sanity?
04:07 <SectoidMedic> lol
04:07 <YakuYabai> LOL XD
04:07 <SectoidMedic> who doesn't want to be a mod
04:07 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Anyone wanna take a food break
04:07 <YakuYabai> I'm so mod.
04:07 <TheBrexter> I JUST CANT WAIT TO BE MOD!
04:07 <Ne0theBro> Okay seriously, I need to speak to one
04:07 <YakuYabai> Like, Modern.
04:07 <TheBrexter> +2 Hipster Points
04:07 <Ne0theBro> Admin, moderator, whatever the hell you call em
04:07 <TheBrexter> em?
04:08 <SectoidMedic> admin and mods are different
04:08 <TheBrexter> em n em mothafukka
04:08 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> em!?!
04:08 <TheBrexter> :D
04:08 <SectoidMedic> admins are not mods
04:08 <Kailkity Summonner> BTW: Guys go here.;11
04:08 <SectoidMedic> this is wikia bish
04:08 <Ne0theBro> If I wanted to be ridiculed I'd go to ComiCon and insult lore
04:08 <Andytags> spam
04:08 <Andytags> stop 
04:08 <YakuYabai> Okay. The ponies that crossed the street earlier are now taking off their thongs...
04:08 <Esoteric Entity> ...what?
04:08 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> BTW:
04:08 <TheBrexter> c: *looks outside*
04:08 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> EAT
04:08 <TheBrexter> YOU LIED 
04:08 <TheGreatMobo> that pinged me and I am freaked out now
04:08 <YakuYabai> LOL BREX
04:08 <Ne0theBro> I need someone who can delete one of my pages
04:08 <SectoidMedic> it's dark out
04:08 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Brex your voice
04:08 <Ne0theBro> It's disgustingly bad
04:09 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> the deepotron
04:09 <Andytags>
04:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Breaking Bad - Why you gotta be such a bitch - Duration: 00:29 - Uploaded: 2012-08-01 - Rating: 4.984962 - Views: 20,098 -
04:09 <TheBrexter> Indeed I sound like a young Cinema Snob
04:09 -!- Auras has left Special:Chat.
04:09 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> How'd I know!?!?
04:09 <SectoidMedic> anyone here ever watched Venturiantale
04:09 <YakuYabai> Okay! Can ponies fly or are they midget unicorns without horns?
04:09 <Ne0theBro> Alright, if nobody wants to help I can simply leave
04:09 -!- ComboTaco has joined Special:Chat
04:09 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Ok, leave
04:09 <YakuYabai> They're are chasing the ravens around...
04:09 -!- Ne0theBro has left Special:Chat.
04:09 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
04:09 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> we do not care
04:09 <YakuYabai> Glitch.
04:09 <SectoidMedic> watch them here
04:09 <SectoidMedic>
04:10 <YakuYabai> Oh my god...
04:10 <ComboTaco> how do i create a pasta?
04:10 <TheBrexter> No but if they chase the Raven theyre going to come across John Cusack! D:
04:10 <ComboTaco> ^ ha
04:10 <YakuYabai> The black pony ate a raven in mid air...
04:10 <SectoidMedic> I once ate a crowbar
04:10 <SectoidMedic> my throat hurts...
04:10 <Andytags> I eat straight butter
04:10 <Andytags> is that bad
04:10 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
04:10 <SectoidMedic> yes
04:11 <Andytags> oh
04:11 <TheBrexter> YEEESSS!
04:11 <SectoidMedic> dat bad
04:11 <TheBrexter> THIS IS DELICIIOUS!!
04:11 <YakuYabai> It's flying towards my window now. THANK GOD I have mosquito netting. That'll teach it.
04:11 <Andytags> I CANT STOP
04:11 <Andytags> ITS AN ADDICTION
04:11 <TheBrexter> +15 Hipster Points :D
04:11 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> No, I do it too
04:11 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
04:11 <SectoidMedic> -20 intellect
04:11 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
04:11 <Kailkity Summonner> Giyas, go here, In there, i'll be with you in a second in the server.
04:11 <ComboTaco> How do I create a pasta?
04:11 <TheBrexter> (indeed)
04:11 <Boyhates> Whoops forgot about this for a second.
04:11 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> No I do it too andy
04:11 <YakuYabai> Can't you see it's WE who bout' that life?
04:11 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> It's good
04:11 <BRVR> I should play rollecoaster tycoon 3.
04:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gamer's Paradise - Green Chill Zone (Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone Remix) (Prod. by LGX) - Duration: 04:27 - Uploaded: 2012-04-24 - Rating: 4.652174 - Views: 10,851 -
04:11 <BRVR> *roller
04:12 <TheBrexter> Guys. (h)
04:12 <Andytags> Combo
04:12 <Andytags> boil water
04:12 <Andytags> put in the pasta of your choice
04:12 <Andytags> boil until tender
04:12 <Andytags> that is how you make a pasta
04:12 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Y
04:12 <TheBrexter> Everyone (h)
04:12 <Andytags> no
04:12 <TheBrexter> Yis (h)
04:12 <-Price-> how to make a pasta:
04:12 <-Price-> go to italy
04:12 <-Price-> order a pasta
04:12 <-Price-> someone just made a pasta
04:13 <Andytags> no
04:13 <Andytags> that's WRONG
04:13 <SectoidMedic> how to make a creepy pasta
04:13 <ComboTaco> I know how to make that kind of pasta, I mean on creepy pasta
04:13 <YakuYabai> When Girls' Generation continues to say the letter "G" in their song, I can't help but to send them a "Hooked On Phonics" book.
04:13 <TheBrexter> but it feels so right (h)
04:13 <SectoidMedic> got to Italy
04:13 <Kailkity Summonner> How to make a Pasta
04:13 <SectoidMedic> Order a pasta
04:13 <Kailkity Summonner> 1. Go find a person
04:13 <SectoidMedic> kill someone
04:13 <Andytags> what have i done
04:13 <Andytags> help
04:13 <HiddenSpirit> YAKU. LOL
04:13 <SectoidMedic> cover pasta in blood
04:13 <SectoidMedic> done
04:13 <Andytags> i'm sorry
04:13 <Kailkity Summonner> 2. say fuck at them
04:13 <YakuYabai> I do. lol XD
04:13 <HiddenSpirit> ;D
04:13 <Andytags> nerd
04:13 <BRVR> Fun fact: Lava reef zone is the longest zone in sonic.
04:13 <Kailkity Summonner> 3. and do that S word to them. =3
04:14 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> What are you talking about
04:14 <Andytags> help
04:14 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <Kailkity Summonner> Lava Reef can go suck Donkey Balls.
04:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Dad it hurts
04:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> HELP
04:14 <YakuYabai> "G, G, G, G baby baby baby" I think they meant "A, B, C, D Baby baby baby."
04:14 <Andytags> i done some things
04:14 <Andytags> some bad things
04:14 <Andytags> please forgive me 
04:14 <HiddenSpirit> Wtf.
04:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Dad, I DON'T WANNA
04:14 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I'm not ready yet
04:14 <TheBrexter> I just thought of sucking E-Or's Balls... *shudders*
04:14 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <ComboTaco> ^ WTF
04:15 <Kailkity Summonner> Go do that, Brexter. =3
04:15 <YakuYabai> E-Or is a woman...
04:15 <TheBrexter> No!
04:15 <Kailkity Summonner> Eeyup.
04:15 <BRVR> My head hurts.
04:15 -!- SectoidMedic has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <Kailkity Summonner> =)
04:15 <YakuYabai> Hence the massive bow she is wearing!
04:15 <TheBrexter> Birdo wears a bow. c:
04:15 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
04:15 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <ComboTaco> How do I make a creepypasta?
04:15 <YakuYabai> Birdo is a woman...
04:15 <Esoteric Entity> Birdo?
04:15 <TheBrexter> I know
04:15 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
04:15 <Esoteric Entity> From Mario?
04:15 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
04:15 <Esoteric Entity> Birdo's a dude. XD
04:16 <Esoteric Entity> But they changed it up for the American version.
04:16 <Andytags> Fuck the system
04:16 <YakuYabai> More like Dudette.
04:16 <Majin112> wut
04:16 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Forever
04:16 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> that's my mom
04:16 <YakuYabai> I ran out of water in my filtration system. #firstworldproblems
04:16 -!- ComboTaco has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <TheBrexter> Brexter is a man who lacks manliness. c:
04:17 <Andytags> k
04:17 <YakuYabai> Brexter's Laboratory 
04:17 <YakuYabai> I'll be your Deedee
04:17 <TheBrexter> c:
04:17 <TheBrexter> ew
04:17 <YakuYabai> <3
04:17 <TheBrexter> I hate Deedee xD
04:17 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Erthbown
04:17 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> GudGam
04:17 <TheBrexter> (h) anywaze
04:18 <BRVR> *Stands in fog*
04:18 <YakuYabai> Deedee is a incest hoe. She touch Dexter's microscopic penis.
04:18 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <TheBrexter> *is the fog*
04:18 <TheBrexter> *rubs up against brvr*
04:18 <YakuYabai> *makes the fog*
04:18 <Andytags>
04:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: when u mom com home and make hte spagheti - Duration: 07:07 - Uploaded: 2013-06-17 - Rating: 4.921260 - Views: 7,096 -
04:18 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Mom
04:18 <TheBrexter> Yes?
04:18 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I want more from this relationship
04:18 <TheBrexter> :D
04:19 <Andytags> i lov it when my mom com home and make hte spagheti
04:19 <Majin112>
04:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Twitter Talking Robots : Foamy The Squirrel - Duration: 02:38 - Uploaded: 2012-11-13 - Rating: 4.945793 - Views: 176,179 -
04:19 <YakuYabai> "Dad, why the fuck did my tampon come out purple?!"
04:19 <Andytags> what
04:19 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> wut
04:19 <Andytags> why would you ask your dad
04:19 <YakuYabai> "Maybe from all that codeine you have been drinking!"
04:19 <Andytags> no
04:19 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
04:19 <BRVR> *Literally curls up into a ball*
04:19 <YakuYabai> "I'm not an alcoholic!!!"
04:19 <TheBrexter> I drink alcoholic apple juice HARDCORE
04:19 <Andytags> what are the ingredients to thermite again
04:19 <Majin112> When school starts:
04:19 <Majin112> "Let the Chaos begin"
04:19 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Dady-o we live here and now, it's 1979, we're at the pinnacle of science
04:20 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I mean it
04:20 <YakuYabai> "Dad, why the fuck is mom hanging in the closet?"
04:20 <Majin112> dad
04:20 <Andytags> okay what are you even doing 
04:20 <-Price-> Dad: actually she's flying
04:20 <Andytags> really
04:20 <YakuYabai> "Because I fucking kicked the chair from under her feet, dumbass."
04:20 <BRVR> I must be seeing illusions, my computer hasn't crashed yet.
04:20 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Stop it
04:20 <TheBrexter> Wait the Chaos Emeralds, The Chaos from Sonic, or the Chaos Insurgency?
04:20 <YakuYabai> LOL Price
04:20 <TheBrexter> +44 Hipster Points
04:20 <BRVR> Surprisingly, it still doesn'- *Blue screen*
04:21 <TheBrexter> :D
04:21 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Who's black and red Sonic?
04:21 <Andytags> uh
04:21 <TheBrexter> Shadow
04:21 -!- Cant Remorse has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <Andytags> bad sonic
04:21 <Andytags> sonic negative
04:21 <TheBrexter> NO HIS NAMES SHADOW
04:21 <Andytags> no
04:21 <Cant Remorse> hey guys
04:21 <YakuYabai> That's Lucifer!
04:21 <Andytags> evil sonic
04:21 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Big the Cat
04:21 <TheBrexter> Hes the baddest mofo in the game
04:21 <Andytags> no
04:21 <Andytags> his game sucked
04:21 <TheBrexter> true
04:21 <BRVR> A keyboard?
04:21 <Andytags> no
04:21 <Majin112> I am not to dedicated to this site
04:21 <Andytags> me neither 
04:21 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> What about mephalis from Sonic '06
04:21 <TheBrexter> but hes the baddest in the other games
04:21 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> the best game ever
04:22 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> he was bad
04:22 <Majin112> Who SAID THAT?
04:22 <BRVR> Gotta go soon.
04:22 <YakuYabai> If my nipple tasted like milk duds, I wouldn't have nipples right now, Laura!
04:22 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> What
04:22 <TheBrexter> mmm nipples c:
04:22 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> are you doing
04:22 <BRVR> What on earth am I reading?!
04:22 <Andytags> okay 
04:22 <Andytags> what the hell
04:22 <YakuYabai> "What ah yuh Bahyin!?"
04:23 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> We could put a naked girl on the flag, with like big whoppers
04:23 <Andytags> pizza
04:23 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
04:23 <Andytags> "Ah yes, I'll buy it at a high price"
04:23 <Majin112> Not me
04:23 <YakuYabai> HA! XD
04:23 <TheBrexter> Im thinking about nipples wutre u doing?
04:23 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:23 <Kailkity Summonner> =)
04:23 <Kailkity Summonner> XD
04:23 <BRVR> [[user:WhyAmIReadingThis|Why am I reading this?!]]
04:23 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:23 <YakuYabai> lol Brex. Nips
04:23 <TheBrexter> c: nips 
04:23 <Majin112> I'll make a man out of you.
04:23 <TheBrexter> NO
04:23 <Cupcakes8> Really, guys? .-.
04:23 <TheBrexter> D:
04:24 <TheBrexter> oh hai cupcakes
04:24 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Brex show us you vulumptious man titties
04:24 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
04:24 <Andytags> ^
04:24 <Boyhates> What is happening?????
04:24 <BRVR> Hahaha I had a stupid idea.
04:24 <YakuYabai> My Cupcakes brings all the boys to the YARD!
04:24 <Cupcakes8> Don't ping me in that sentence! 
04:24 <Kailkity Summonner> <-- Who ever needs me i'll be waiting.. and you will be Greeted by a loading screen. BTW, Yaoi.
04:24 <-Price-> my cupcakes bring all the bronies to the toilet
04:24 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> my moms dead
04:24 <Andytags> no
04:24 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I found her
04:24 <Boyhates> Oh.
04:24 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> iin the bathroom closet
04:25 <-Price-> whoa
04:25 <-Price-> I joined it
04:25 <Andytags> no
04:25 <Princess Platinum> When?
04:25 <-Price-> this is inception
04:25 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> and it turned out Angela was the killer the entire time and she was a boy
04:25 <-Price-> i'm watching myself watch myself
04:25 <TheBrexter> whoa hey... I don't have man titties.
04:25 <BRVR> At least I haven't fallen into the toilet.
04:25 <Andytags> wow that's real neato
04:25 <YakuYabai> Bitches ain't shit, but hoes and cupcakes.
04:25 <-Price-> lol now its a loading screen
04:25 <Cant Remorse> well imma just stand here..
04:25 <YakuYabai> Opps. woah
04:25 <Andytags> cool
04:25 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> cool
04:25 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I feel dandy
04:25 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Im gonna eat candy
04:26 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> and watch Billy and Mandy
04:26 <BRVR> I once made a tunnel with
04:26 <BRVR> .
04:26 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> andy
04:26 <Andytags> no
04:26 <TheBrexter> We're the Tunnel Snakes!
04:26 <Andytags> don't say my name like that
04:26 <TheBrexter> :D
04:26 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Andrew
04:26 <Andytags> TUNNEL SNAKES RULE
04:26 <Andytags> no
04:26 <Andytags> stop
04:26 <-Price-> everything's fine and dandy
04:26 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Kill his mom
04:26 <Andytags> no
04:26 <TheBrexter> Fallout 3 (h)
04:26 <Andytags> ^
04:26 <TheBrexter> (all!) my (h)
04:26 <BRVR> Why are there batteries in space?
04:27 <YakuYabai> I have to shower, guys! Nips and all. I have a flight in a few hours, so...I'll miss you until I arrive in Houston, Texas!
04:27 <Andytags> k
04:27 <TheBrexter> Because space is short on outlets.
04:27 <Andytags> ^
04:27 <TheBrexter> *bud dun tin*
04:27 <BRVR> Better question, why are they farting at 500 miles per hour?!
04:27 <Andytags> ok wat
04:27 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I'm getting hard on myself
04:27 <YakuYabai> I love you all! *opens trench coat*
04:27 <TheBrexter> Because they had Taco Bell.
04:27 <Andytags> did the chat just take a whole bunch of pharmaceuticals 
04:27 <TheBrexter> *gets inside trench coat*
04:27 <BRVR> Even better, WHY ARE THEY FARTING?!
04:28 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> yES
04:28 <YakuYabai> Good thing I'm wearing two trench coats!
04:28 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Kidding
04:28 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <YakuYabai> Tenchcoatception!
04:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> Quick question guys...
04:28 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> WHAT
04:28 <TheBrexter> *gets inside other trench coat*
04:28 <BRVR> Stench coat.
04:28 <Andytags> WOW NICE WE CARE
04:28 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
04:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> Do you guys think that the website:
04:28 <HeWhoDiedHere>
04:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> Exists?
04:28 <YakuYabai> Damn. You touching the evil snake of pain now.
04:28 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Oh no Ross has to give up Marcel
04:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> GUYS!
04:28 <Andytags>
04:29 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> What will he do? 
04:29 <HeWhoDiedHere> Do you think the website exists?
04:29 <TheBrexter> Yey!
04:29 <YakuYabai> Run away before it can't control itse....!!!
04:29 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> What if he cant find a zoo for Marcel?
04:29 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Huh?
04:29 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> where's Marcel gonna go then?
04:29 <-Price-> No
04:29 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
04:29 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
04:29 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
04:29 <BRVR> My computer keeps crashing.
04:29 <-Price-> o_o
04:29 <BRVR> Surprisingly, it didn't crash.
04:29 <Boyhates> Kekki Genkei????
04:29 <TheBrexter> Puppy Power! No wait that's pudding
04:29 <Puddingpower> Hello 
04:29 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Joseph Stalin
04:29 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
04:29 <YakuYabai> Okay, Baiiii!!
04:29 <Boyhates> Sorry that's Naruto.
04:30 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> The guy that plays Mr Krabs
04:30 -!- YakuYabai has left Special:Chat.
04:30 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> hes my uncle
04:30 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
04:30 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
04:30 <Puddingpower> Thats nice
04:30 <BRVR> I is bored.
04:30 <TheBrexter> *cuddles Brvr*
04:30 <Andytags> u is bored
04:30 <Andytags>
04:30 <LOLSKELETONS> is that your catch phrase, BRVR?
04:30 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Sometimes i think
04:30 <Puddingpower> That will make me think wtf
04:31 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> "What If I AM the Messiah?"
04:31 <BRVR> Pretty much, skeletons.
04:31 <HeWhoDiedHere>
04:31 <HeWhoDiedHere> HOLY FUCK, LOOK AT THIS!
04:31 <TheBrexter> You believe in a messiah? *tries not to laugh*
04:31 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I don't
04:31 <TheBrexter> cx
04:31 <HeWhoDiedHere> This just got real!
04:31 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I was kidding
04:31 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <Puddingpower> Look out, we got a bad*** over here
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> It comes by luck to find out the website was real.
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> I wasn't really a believer.
04:32 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> This just screwed up my mind.
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> I gotta search more.
04:32 <BRVR> I am drinking soda and watched a 150 minute catdog episode. Surprisingly, spellcheck recognizes the show Catdog.
04:33 <Puddingpower> Wow
04:33 <TheBrexter> Yeah so wait Jesus looked at the Holocaust and WW2 and said, "I'll wait a little longer."
04:33 <TheBrexter> xD
04:33 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
04:33 <Boyhates> Um.
04:33 <Andytags> no
04:33 <TheBrexter> *slams fist against wall laughing hysterically* sorry sorry xD
04:33 <Puddingpower> This chat is slow
04:33 <Andytags> *RPs*
04:34 <Puddingpower> Or it's my computer
04:34 <BRVR> Clicks on search bar. New window opens.
04:34 <BRVR> Because I really wanted an ad popping out of nowhere for searching some music!
04:34 <Puddingpower> better grab the popcorn
04:34 <TheBrexter> zomg
04:34 <TheBrexter> Windows 31
04:34 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
04:34 <TheBrexter> D:
04:34 <Andytags> nah
04:35 <Kailkity Summonner> <-- Who ever needs me i'll be waiting.. and you will be Greeted by a loading screen. BTW, Yaoi.
04:35 <TheGreatMobo> MSDOS was the best
04:35 <TheBrexter> YAOI WHERE???
04:35 <HeWhoDiedHere> Anyways guys, I reduced the roster of the game to 45 total characters, FINAL DECISION!
04:35 <Puddingpower> I don't trust that link, could be a screamer
04:35 <TheBrexter> *clicks* :D
04:35 -!- Moria Fox has left Special:Chat.
04:36 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
04:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
04:36 <SmileDog27> I have returned
04:36 <TheBrexter> Hi Smiledog
04:36 -!- Moria Fox has joined Special:Chat
04:36 <TheBrexter> wb
04:36 <SmileDog27> Good evening Brexter
04:36 <TheBrexter> thank u c:
04:36 <BRVR> I am bored.
04:36 -!- Sactage has left Special:Chat.
04:37 <SmileDog27> Just like all of us. That's why we come here!
04:37 <Puddingpower> Me too, but who cares
04:37 <SmileDog27> To bitch about how bored we are
04:37 -!- Moria Fox has left Special:Chat.
04:37 -!- Heybutter has joined Special:Chat
04:37 <SmileDog27> then get in a heated fmale war about ponies. :P
04:37 <SmileDog27> *flame
04:37 <HeWhoDiedHere> I went back to when the Creepypasta wiki was young, and I found some nostalgic things.
04:37 <TheGreatMobo> (pinkie) is best pony
04:37 <Puddingpower> my nephew is a brony
04:37 <Andytags> nah\
04:37 <TheGreatMobo> good for him
04:37 <Puddingpower> I really don't care what they watch
04:38 <HeWhoDiedHere> For one, there was image and pasta of THE WEEK!
04:38 <HeWhoDiedHere> 2, there were 300 pages in 2010.
04:38 -!- Heybutter has left Special:Chat.
04:38 <-Price-> (as soon as the brony topic came up sactage left)
04:38 <SmileDog27> I like the art style in the new show but the fact that EVERYTHING has to have a pony version just pisses me off.
04:38 <Puddingpower> wow
04:38 <-Price-> sactage y u no brony
04:38 <SmileDog27> Lol
04:38 <TheBrexter> Im a bit of a brony. :3
04:38 <Puddingpower> im not a brony but I respect every person no matter what they watch
04:38 <Andytags> WOWEE COOL
04:38 <HeWhoDiedHere> And finally, it would be SUPER EASY for someone to go on the old website, and HACK it.
04:38 <HeWhoDiedHere> Thank you, Wayback Machine for screwing with us.
04:38 <SmileDog27> Like I said, the art style is great but the show lacks a lot.
04:39 <TheBrexter> I like the humor actually :3
04:39 <SmileDog27> it's okay
04:39 <TheBrexter> reminds me of spongebob
04:39 <SmileDog27> Be right  back, gotta do real life things
04:39 <Andytags> k
04:39 <TheBrexter> cya
04:39 <Andytags> we care
04:39 <Puddingpower> What's real life?
04:39 <TheBrexter> I care about u all :3
04:39 <BRVR> Gotta go soon.
04:39 <Andytags> i dont
04:39 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
04:39 <TheBrexter> Especially you andy.
04:39 <SmileDog27> I'm really just checking facebook.
04:39 <TheBrexter> *pats ur head*
04:39 <Andytags> tyty
04:40 <SmileDog27> Fuck the real life. I like fanta-sea better.
04:40 <LOLSKELETONS> real life is the thing that leads to real death
04:40 <Andytags> ha ha SO FUNNY
04:40 <SmileDog27> Yes it is.
04:40 <LOLSKELETONS> lolol
04:40 <Puddingpower> Very true
04:40 <SmileDog27> Andy I can't tell if you're joking or you're really an asshole.
04:40 <BRVR> I think I have to go really soon.
04:40 <BRVR> See you tomorrow.
04:40 <Andytags> mmmh
04:40 <SmileDog27> Bye
04:40 <TheGreatMobo> Bye
04:41 <Puddingpower> A zombie apocalypse is actually possible 
04:41 <TheGreatMobo> eeyup
04:41 <SmileDog27> Yes we know
04:41 <BRVR> (Well, when I have to go, which... is likely soon.)
04:41 <SmileDog27> Then go dammit!
04:41 <Puddingpower> better go to the gun shop
04:41 <SmileDog27> your local 'murican gunshop
04:41 <SmileDog27> The best kind
04:41 <BRVR> I think it would be better to go to the gun shop while it is happening...
04:41 <Puddingpower> And Dig a hole 
04:41 <TheBrexter> *hugs andy*
04:41 <TheBrexter> "the Old Grinch's heart grew 2 sizes that day."
04:41 <TheBrexter> >-> who said that?
04:41 <Andytags> hm?
04:42 <SmileDog27> My sister flooded my Facebook notifications...
04:42 <Puddingpower> It'd be raided by then!
04:42 <BRVR> Cya.
04:42 <SmileDog27> Dirty hoe
04:42 <Puddingpower> Bye
04:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> Bye guys
04:42 <Puddingpower> I barely knew you
04:42 <TheBrexter> Boiyeh
04:42 <SmileDog27> See ya later mah nickel
04:42 <TheBrexter> back
04:42 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Jim Carey stars in
04:42 <TheBrexter> D:
04:42 <TheGreatMobo> wb
04:42 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> The Grinch 2: More Explosions
04:42 <TheBrexter> D: D:
04:42 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
04:42 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
04:42 <TheBrexter> Directed by Michael Bay
04:43 <TheBrexter> (Facepalm)
04:43 <Puddingpower> CALLED IT!
04:43 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
04:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> The first Grinch mmovie had explosions in it
04:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> which is rediculous 
04:43 <TheBrexter> one explosion :3
04:43 <TheBrexter> only one
04:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Shhh, I'm trying to prove a point
04:43 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <Andytags> RAG AND BONE
04:43 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
04:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I dont know
04:43 <TheBrexter> Jim Carrey was the only good part of the Grinch :3
04:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
04:44 <Puddingpower> PICK enjoyed it as a kid
04:44 <Fatal Disease> any one a big fan of puddle of Mudd?
04:44 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> ....That's debatable 
04:44 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> he was pretty horrible
04:44 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> not that anything WAS good
04:44 <Puddingpower> I*
04:44 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> but neither was he
04:44 <TheBrexter> Yeah but he worked rlly well with the costume
04:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Yeah, and his make up looked rockin'
04:45 <TheBrexter> (indeed)
04:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> like exactly how a live action grinch should have looked
04:45 <Puddingpower> One guy had to have a giant screw implanted in his head for a costume in a movie
04:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> not that there needed to be one
04:45 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Nostalgia Critic's Cat in the Hat review
04:45 <TheBrexter> C:
04:46 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
04:46 <LOLSKELETONS> chaoz haii
04:46 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> Hail
04:46 <ChaoZStrider> haii
04:46 <Puddingpower> Is anyone else an insomniac for this summer?
04:46 <Fatal Disease> Chao I forgot to do this
04:46 <TheBrexter> "I have nothing I have absolutely no jokes for that all... Perhaps is it that Ive lost my touch on making fun of scenes like this? Is it ... the Cat in the hat has broken me....?
04:46 <LOLSKELETONS> It's the last line that really matters
04:46 <Fatal Disease> XD
04:46 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> lol
04:47 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> he had to go on a soul search
04:47 <Fatal Disease> For yesterday, chao
04:47 <TheBrexter> xD
04:47 <ChaoZStrider> what did you forget to do, Easy?
04:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
04:47 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> The Tommy Wi-show
04:48 <TheBrexter> My fav nostalgia critic moment is how he reacts to the head blow up scene in Son of the Mask. (That was my reaction as a child also)
04:48 <LOLSKELETONS> ChaoZStrider tell me if this is all in red or just your name that is supposed to be the only thing that is red
04:48 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> The CG baby
04:48 <ChaoZStrider> That is all in red because pings.
04:48 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> in Son of the Mask
04:49 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> was the worst CG ever
04:49 <TheBrexter> *shudders* I saw that when I was 7.
04:49 <Puddingpower> Its weird how as a kid things like that didn't bother me, but now they scare me
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> I tested it before by taking out the "r" at the end.
04:49 <-Price-> probably wont bbl o_o
04:49 <TheBrexter> *scarred for life*
04:49 <TheBrexter> D:
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> So it was all read without the r.
04:49 <LOLSKELETONS> it's supposed to be just your ping phrases
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> ChaoZStrider is a ping phrase.
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> my first one.
04:49 -!- -Price- has left Special:Chat.
04:49 <Andytags> why?
04:50 <TheBrexter> im gonna go guys love u all :3
04:50 -!- Slendermans proxy has joined Special:Chat
04:50 <Andytags> <3<3
04:50 <TheBrexter> cya 
04:50 <Puddingpower> most creepy pastas ruin your childhood 
04:50 <Puddingpower> bye
04:50 <Fatal Disease> Gtfo, brex
04:50 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> K
04:50 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:50 <Fatal Disease> Lol I jk bai luv u too
04:50 <Princess Platinum> Skelly check the thread again
04:51 <Andytags> aw shit i got a headrush 
04:51 <Fatal Disease> brb
04:52 <LOLSKELETONS> yaay
04:52 <Princess Platinum> I cant
04:52 <Princess Platinum> Although
04:52 <Princess Platinum> maybe
04:52 <TheGreatMobo> wait, what thread is this?
04:52 <Princess Platinum> Actually this site is eligable to recieve a free server
04:52 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:52 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <Princess Platinum> we just need to jump through some hoops
04:53 <LOLSKELETONS> is "eligable" a word?
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:53 <LOLSKELETONS> Showing results for eligible
04:53 <LOLSKELETONS> Search instead for eligable
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:53 -!- Slendermans proxy has left Special:Chat.
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:53 <Princess Platinum> whatevar skelleh
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:53 <Puddingpower> <======= imagine my pic is saying this, it's spam
04:54 <LOLSKELETONS> how are we... *a-hem*... "eligable" for a free server?
04:54 <TheGreatMobo> I always do that, pudding
04:55 <LOLSKELETONS> I realize we're a pretty big site, but what does that mean? Who would give it to us? :I
04:55 <Puddingpower> The people running the site
04:55 <Princess Platinum> Amazon
04:55 <Puddingpower> The wikia owners
04:55 <Princess Platinum> We get a free 512mb server since we have a google pagerank of 3
04:55 <Princess Platinum> BUT
04:55 <Boyhates> People who see the potential in this site would be willing.
04:56 <Fatal Disease> Guize I will hardly be on here for tomorrow and Sunday, music festival :3
04:56 <Princess Platinum> we have to post two links on the main page
04:56 <LOLSKELETONS> is that good?
04:56 -!- Kate Seaeagle has joined Special:Chat
04:56 <TheGreatMobo> music!
04:56 <LOLSKELETONS> pagerank of 3?
04:56 <Princess Platinum> 3/10
04:56 <LOLSKELETONS> laglaglallglglaglag
04:56 <TheGreatMobo> 3/10 would not give server
04:56 <Princess Platinum> 3 is pretty substantial
04:56 <Esoteric Entity> And besides, Cleric is against that idea.
04:56 <Princess Platinum> tumblr is a 5
04:56 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
04:56 <TheGreatMobo> dang
04:56 <Puddingpower> 10/10000000 would give us a sever
04:57 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <TheGreatMobo> I read "bitch please" with that
04:57 <Fatal Disease> Gonna go see a free band show (puddle of Mudd) tomorrow, and Sunday, kool and the gang
04:57 <Boyhates> Tumblr is one of the most famous social interaction websites ever.
04:57 <Boyhates> So if we're a three, we're doing pretty goof.
04:57 <Boyhates> good*
04:57 <Princess Platinum> How do you know cleric is against it?
04:57 <Fatal Disease> I've been on the dark side of tumblr
04:57 <Puddingpower> That's amazing XD
04:57 <Esoteric Entity> A user asked him.
04:57 <Esoteric Entity> He disapproved.
04:57 <LOLSKELETONS> >doing pretty goof
04:57 <Princess Platinum> asked if what?
04:57 <LOLSKELETONS> we dun goof'd
04:57 <Boyhates> Stop, don't make fun of my grammar. :(
04:57 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
04:58 <Boyhates> Pls.
04:58 <Fatal Disease> Gooby pls
04:58 <TheGreatMobo> !seen test
04:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen test since I have been here!
04:58 <Boyhates> Staph.
04:58 <Puddingpower> Gooby pls
04:58 <TheGreatMobo> !seen someone as awesome as moboman
04:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone as awesome as moboman since I have been here!
04:58 <TheGreatMobo> yess
04:58 <Puddingpower> Yusss
04:58 <Boyhates> Aw yiss.
04:58 <LOLSKELETONS> moboman dun abuse jesse
04:59 <Fatal Disease> !seen someone lamer than me
04:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone lamer than me since I have been here!
04:59 <Fatal Disease> ^
04:59 -!- Kate Seaeagle has left Special:Chat.
04:59 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
04:59 <LOLSKELETONS> Jesse, don't be so hard on yourself :(
05:00 -!- Kailkity Summonner has left Special:Chat.
05:00 <Boyhates> Oh I must go, the newest episode of Naruto is being replayed and I have't seen it yet, bye!
05:00 <Fatal Disease> I now love Jesse
05:00 <TheGreatMobo> bye
05:00 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
05:00 -!- Boyhates has left Special:Chat.
05:00 <TheGreatMobo> all we can do is !seen, !logs, and !devs
05:00 <Fatal Disease> Because we can choose whatever it says
05:00 <TheGreatMobo> I'm pretty sure
05:00 -!- Quasimoto Crew has joined Special:Chat
05:00 <Fatal Disease> Whats devs?
05:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The current list of chat bot developers are: Sactage, Cblair91, TyA, Madnessfan34537
05:00 <Quasimoto Crew> WADDUP! :D
05:00 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
05:01 <Quasimoto Crew> How's everyone
05:01 <TheGreatMobo> Aight, you?
05:01 <Fatal Disease> !seen someone handsome than Quasi
05:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone handsome than Quasi since I have been here!
05:01 <Puddingpower> Hello, now please eat one of our doughnuts
05:01 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:01 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
05:01 <Quasimoto Crew> :)
05:01 <Quasimoto Crew> ok -eats donut- xD
05:02 <LOLSKELETONS> chatded
05:02 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
05:02 <Quasimoto Crew> its not dead :P
05:02 <Puddingpower> It's slow 
05:02 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:02 <Quasimoto Crew> exactly
05:02 <Princess Platinum> the server would cost $19 a month D:
05:02 <TheGreatMobo> not too bad
05:02 <Fatal Disease> Slower than a snail on a turtle
05:02 <Quasimoto Crew> im watching Troll Physics
05:02 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
05:03 <TheGreatMobo> I think it's time
05:03 <TheGreatMobo> To watch EqG
05:03 <Quasimoto Crew> xD snail on a turtle
05:03 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
05:03 <TheGreatMobo> /me shudders
05:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <Princess Platinum> I loved EqG
05:03 <Quasimoto Crew> wats EqG?
05:03 <Puddingpower> They should pay a fee every time a bad pasta is wrote
05:03 <TheGreatMobo> I just don't like the shipping
05:03 <Princess Platinum> Equestria Girls
05:03 <TheGreatMobo> and the humanizing
05:03 <Fatal Disease> I never saw the movie (TT)
05:03 -!- Littlemudkip has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <LOLSKELETONS> $19 a month?
05:03 <Quasimoto Crew> (T.T
05:03 <TheGreatMobo>
05:03 <Fatal Disease> !test
05:04 <TheGreatMobo> then watch it!
05:04 <LOLSKELETONS> Where would we get the moneh
05:04 <LOLSKELETONS> ($$$)
05:04 <Fatal Disease> Lol
05:04 <Littlemudkip> yo yo yo its youre homie mudkip
05:04 <Princess Platinum> See this wouldn't be bad except for the fact wikia wont let me ask for donations
05:04 <Fatal Disease> Its simple
05:04 <Fatal Disease> I become a cop
05:04 <Quasimoto Crew> (coin)
05:04 <Puddingpower> As I said, every time a bad pasta is wrote there should be a fee,
05:04 <Littlemudkip> cool story bro
05:04 <LOLSKELETONS> dem wikias
05:04 <Quasimoto Crew> its all about da (money)
05:05 <Fatal Disease> What if you don't pay the fine?
05:05 <Puddingpower> Your pasta gets taken down
05:05 <Littlemudkip> its all money
05:05 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
05:05 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
05:05 <Puddingpower> Maybe a possible fine
05:05 <Littlemudkip> idk 
05:06 <Puddingpower> Whoops, maybe a possible ban
05:06 <Fatal Disease> What if you don't pay the fine?
05:06 <Fatal Disease> Okay
05:06 <Princess Platinum> you cant do that
05:06 <Littlemudkip> get the hell out
05:06 <Fatal Disease> How long?
05:06 <Puddingpower> An hour
05:06 <Fatal Disease> Okay
05:06 <Quasimoto Crew> How come MinnesotaBurns gets banned & not the hackers? It's like Xbox Live is trolling him & Burnsey is trolling them??? 
05:07 <LOLSKELETONS> Wait, why do you need a server to run a bot all of the sudden?
05:07 <Quasimoto Crew> it makes me go WTF?
05:07 <LOLSKELETONS> Can't you just request bot rights?
05:07 <ChaoZStrider> What if someone offers to pay for you, Maria?
05:07 <Fatal Disease> Brb
05:07 <Puddingpower> It's a thought, but they should have a dislike option
05:07 <Quasimoto Crew> Hey chaoZ! :D
05:07 <ChaoZStrider> Hey, Quasi.
05:07 <Littlemudkip> i got banned from my old account
05:07 <Princess Platinum> Skelly
05:07 <Quasimoto Crew> i got a new Ps3 accoun :P
05:07 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
05:07 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
05:07 <Quasimoto Crew> *account
05:07 <Littlemudkip> whats your name
05:07 <Princess Platinum> Because you need a computer to run the program from
05:08 <Quasimoto Crew> Travis_127
05:08 <Littlemudkip> ok
05:08 <Princess Platinum> and a server computer specifically
05:08 <Puddingpower> That would take thousands of dollars to get
05:09 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
05:09 <Puddingpower> correct me if im wrong there
05:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:09 <Princess Platinum> no...
05:09 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:09 <Princess Platinum> its like
05:09 -!- HAHABLOOD has joined Special:Chat
05:09 <Princess Platinum> $20 /m
05:09 <HAHABLOOD> Back for my Monthly check in.
05:09 <Quasimoto Crew> If anyone has a PS3, add me. My username is: Travis_127
05:09 <HAHABLOOD> Anything intredasting happening here?
05:09 <Puddingpower> i got to know u first!
05:09 <Littlemudkip> i tried
05:10 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
05:10 <Quasimoto Crew> it's Travis_127
05:10 <Quasimoto Crew> the "T" is capital
05:10 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
05:10 <Littlemudkip> yhea a tried
05:10 <Littlemudkip> i*
05:11 <WalkingDitto> hey vicky 
05:11 <WalkingDitto> you're so so icky 
05:11 -!- HAHABLOOD has left Special:Chat.
05:11 <WalkingDitto> just the thought of being around you
05:11 <Puddingpower> no singin
05:11 <WalkingDitto> makes me oh so sickie
05:11 <Littlemudkip> ditto
05:11 <WalkingDitto> wut
05:11 <Quasimoto Crew> Rage Comics are the best :3
05:11 <Littlemudkip> like the pokemon
05:11 <TheGreatMobo> heh
05:12 <TheGreatMobo> missingno is the best pokemon
05:12 <Littlemudkip> no mudkip
05:12 <Puddingpower> your picture os moderately adorable
05:12 <Puddingpower> is
05:12 <Puddingpower> ditto
05:12 <TheGreatMobo> i herd u liek mudkipz
05:12 <WalkingDitto> <3
05:12 <Littlemudkip> how do you know
05:12 <Princess Platinum> Awesome
05:12 <TheGreatMobo> So far the movie isn't too bad, maria
05:13 <Princess Platinum> the server I need is only $4/m
05:13 <TheGreatMobo> they are still ponies, so
05:13 <Princess Platinum> $5 *
05:13 <TheGreatMobo> thats not too bad
05:13 <Puddingpower> not bad
05:13 -!- UnknownProdigy has joined Special:Chat
05:13 <Princess Platinum> Nope
05:13 <Princess Platinum> and it has a 20gb SSD
05:13 <UnknownProdigy> chat dead or no
05:13 <Littlemudkip> what
05:13 <TheGreatMobo> nnope
05:13 <Princess Platinum> and unlimited bandwidth 
05:13 <UnknownProdigy> I'll stay here then
05:14 <Littlemudkip> cool
05:14 <Quasimoto Crew> Earl Sweatshirt-Doris 7/30/2013
05:14 <Quasimoto Crew> YESH! X3
05:14 <Puddingpower> when the chat is slow, i feel awkward
05:14 <UnknownProdigy> !?
05:14 <UnknownProdigy> yeah
05:14 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <Quasimoto Crew> ikr
05:14 <Majin112> anyone wanna hear my voice? 
05:14 <Puddingpower> anyone have sleep paralasis?
05:15 <Majin112>
05:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Lullaby for a Princess - Cover by MEMJ - Duration: 06:49 - Uploaded: 2012-10-31 - Rating: 4.947981 - Views: 159,630 -
05:15 <TheGreatMobo> awesome
05:15 <ChaoZStrider> what all can a server do?
05:15 <Puddingpower> spell check me if im wrong
05:15 <Quasimoto Crew> this aint a iPhone
05:15 <Quasimoto Crew> xDD
05:15 <Littlemudkip> majin im no bronie
05:15 <Majin112> Okay.
05:15 <TheGreatMobo> that isnt you majin
05:15 <UnknownProdigy> tyeah mlp is a girls show
05:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fluttershy kills a bear - Duration: 00:18 - Uploaded: 2011-10-15 - Rating: 4.803733 - Views: 337,029 -
05:16 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> 100%
05:16 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
05:16 <UnknownProdigy> Whats this
05:16 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> Murder.
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> That is what that is.
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> Murder.
05:16 <Littlemudkip> dude whats that
05:16 <UnknownProdigy> what the hell is the Cpwiki loggerr
05:16 <Quasimoto Crew> ikr
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> How dare you kill a Bare.
05:16 <Puddingpower> where did we go from talking about servers to talking about mlp
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> CPwikiCHATlogger is a bot.
05:16 <Littlemudkip> ikr
05:16 <Quasimoto Crew> exactly
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> Leave Jesse alone.
05:16 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello guys
05:16 <UnknownProdigy> deal with it (lunagif)
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> (chao)
05:16 <Quasimoto Crew> who's jesse?
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> I have my own emote.
05:16 <TheGreatMobo> !seen as awesome as moboman
05:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen as awesome as moboman since I have been here!
05:16 <UnknownProdigy> YES 
05:17 <Quasimoto Crew> >:3
05:17 <Puddingpower> thats how most of my conversations go with my friends
05:17 <ChaoZStrider> CPwikiaCHATlogger=Jesse=BigBrother
05:17 <TheGreatMobo> (mobo)
05:17 <Quasimoto Crew> mine too
05:17 <ChaoZStrider> Guys, stop playing with Jesse.
05:17 <UnknownProdigy> !seen Puddingpower
05:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Puddingpower at June 29 2013, 05:17 (GMT)
05:17 <TheGreatMobo> our own person NSA
05:17 <Quasimoto Crew> (fluttershyrunning)
05:17 <UnknownProdigy> (flutershygif)
05:17 <UnknownProdigy> Damn
05:17 <UnknownProdigy> (fluttershygif)
05:17 <Littlemudkip> look at this
05:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Pig woman nurses puppies - Duration: 01:58 - Uploaded: 2013-06-20 - Rating: 1.869565 - Views: 17,838 -
05:17 <Quasimoto Crew> J Dilla (1974-2006)
05:18 <Quasimoto Crew> :(
05:18 <Puddingpower> whats up with the i last saw puddingpower?
05:18 <UnknownProdigy> !seen Littlemudkip
05:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Littlemudkip at June 29 2013, 05:17 (GMT)
05:18 <Littlemudkip> i saw it in machinimas etc
05:18 <ChaoZStrider> Seriously, Unknown. Stop.
05:18 <Quasimoto Crew> damn u exact lol
05:18 <UnknownProdigy> you just type something like !seen UnknownProdgiy
05:18 <UnknownProdigy> and it tells you when they were last on
05:18 <TheGreatMobo> Angels and Demons or EqG?
05:18 <Puddingpower> cool
05:18 <UnknownProdigy> NONE
05:18 <Quasimoto Crew> it does?
05:19 <UnknownProdigy> !seen Oddthomasguy
05:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Oddthomasguy since I have been here!
05:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so how is everyone?
05:19 <UnknownProdigy> fine
05:19 <Littlemudkip> good
05:19 -!- UnknownProdigy was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
05:19 -!- UnknownProdigy has left Special:Chat.
05:19 -!- UnknownProdigy has joined Special:Chat
05:19 <ChaoZStrider> Blatant defiance.
05:19 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:19 <ChaoZStrider> Told you to stop twice.
05:19 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
05:19 <UnknownProdigy> You did?
05:19 <UnknownProdigy> hmm whatever not that big of a deal
05:19 <Puddingpower> Unknown stahp
05:19 <Cant Remorse> i completely forgot the chat was still open..
05:19 <Puddingpower> please...
05:20 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:20 <Puddingpower> staph
05:20 <Quasimoto Crew> lolz :P
05:20 <UnknownProdigy> why do people say staph, it bugs the crap out of me
05:20 <Puddingpower> its a meme
05:20 <Fatal Disease> Can I do one? 
05:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> where is everyone? there is usually alot more people on
05:20 <Quasimoto Crew> u mad bro?
05:20 <Quasimoto Crew> xD
05:20 <Puddingpower> its laye
05:20 -!- Cant Remorse has left Special:Chat.
05:20 <UnknownProdigy> well its kind of early morning in the us
05:20 <Puddingpower> late
05:21 <Quasimoto Crew> Dx its nighttime
05:21 <Fatal Disease> Chao, can I do one 
05:21 <UnknownProdigy> what are you talking about
05:21 <Littlemudkip> u
05:21 <Fatal Disease> Bout the seen
05:21 <Puddingpower> Jontron everyone
05:21 <UnknownProdigy> I probably wouldn't if i were you
05:21 <Fatal Disease> Okay
05:21 <UnknownProdigy> Jontron died
05:21 <Littlemudkip> oh jontron
05:21 <Fatal Disease> Jesse
05:21 <UnknownProdigy> true story
05:22 <Puddingpower> SHI**
05:22 <Littlemudkip> game grumps?
05:22 <UnknownProdigy> FUCK
05:22 <Puddingpower> grep
05:22 <ChaoZStrider> No, Easy.
05:22 <Littlemudkip> 7 asses
05:22 <ChaoZStrider> We don't want to over do it with Jesse.
05:22 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:22 <ChaoZStrider> We already had Sactage in here today.
05:22 <Fatal Disease> Okay
05:22 <Littlemudkip> dude i cried when jon left
05:22 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello hidden
05:22 <HiddenSpirit> 'Ello.
05:23 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:23 <Andytags> AH
05:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello andy
05:23 <UnknownProdigy> hmm  /me does not work
05:23 <Puddingpower> im glad they changed it up a bit and now jon is making more jontron
05:23 <Andytags> soup'
05:23 <HiddenSpirit> ANDEH
05:23 <Andytags> HIDN
05:23 <Fatal Disease> Andeh
05:23 <Andytags> Fatal.
05:23 <UnknownProdigy> He hasn't uploaded in over 2 months
05:23 <Littlemudkip> yhea but game grumps
05:23 <Fatal Disease> Andeh, give me candeh
05:23 <Puddingpower> now he is working on one
05:23 <UnknownProdigy> game grumos is awful
05:23 <Littlemudkip> no
05:23 <UnknownProdigy> *grumps*
05:24 <Littlemudkip> there funny
05:24 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> well i gtg bye
05:24 <UnknownProdigy> No its just not the same
05:24 <Fatal Disease> Bai gingy
05:24 <Littlemudkip> without jon
05:24 <Puddingpower> Bue
05:24 <Puddingpower> bye
05:24 <UnknownProdigy> Jon was better by himself
05:24 <Littlemudkip> i like him scice day 1
05:24 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
05:25 <Littlemudkip> scince*
05:25 <TheGreatMobo> brb, need to devote my bandwidth to loading this
05:25 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
05:25 <Littlemudkip> ok
05:25 <UnknownProdigy> Heres a fun fact
05:25 <UnknownProdigy> I just leaned this 2 weeks ago
05:25 <Littlemudkip> what
05:25 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
05:25 <UnknownProdigy> apparently Peswdiepie is a brony
05:25 <Littlemudkip> he is
05:25 <UnknownProdigy> *pewdiepie*
05:26 <UnknownProdigy> never knew
05:26 <Puddingpower> prodigy, i thought ur pic was a narwhal with a mustache
05:26 <Littlemudkip> whos mine
05:26 <UnknownProdigy> How dare you say that!
05:26 <Andytags> pls help
05:26 <Puddingpower> untill, i looked at it close up
05:26 <Littlemudkip> how
05:26 <Andytags> AH
05:26 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
05:26 <UnknownProdigy> *UnknownProdigy gives Andytags water wings
05:26 <Puddingpower> i sit far from my pc screen
05:26 <Andytags> tyty
05:26 <UnknownProdigy> there you go
05:26 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:27 <Littlemudkip> nice work
05:27 <UnknownProdigy> well then 
05:28 <UnknownProdigy> chat just fucking died
05:28 <Littlemudkip> grep
05:28 <Puddingpower> YOLO in pokemon is running into a cave without a repel
05:28 <Puddingpower> just learned tat
05:28 <Puddingpower> that
05:28 <Littlemudkip> you got a mudkip
05:28 <ChaoZStrider> YOLO was first said in pokemon. Before YOLO became an acronym.
05:28 <UnknownProdigy> *#SwagLuna uses swagger on Pudding Power
05:28 <Andytags> nah
05:28 <ChaoZStrider> so shut up with it.
05:28 <Andytags> wat
05:28 <UnknownProdigy> ITs super effective
05:28 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
05:28 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
05:29 <UnknownProdigy> oh wait thats an actually move
05:29 <Littlemudkip> no
05:29 <Fatal Disease> You know those master balls? 
05:29 <Puddingpower> u still mad about the profile pic?
05:29 <UnknownProdigy> Yes I am
05:29 <Andytags> i actually find it very annoying
05:29 <UnknownProdigy> you piece of shit
05:29 <Littlemudkip> you got a mudkip
05:29 <Andytags> HA HA SO FUNNY MEME
05:29 <Littlemudkip> mudkip?
05:29 <Puddingpower> im very sorry
05:29 <UnknownProdigy> See I'm Swagluna and Little Mudjip is swagmudkip
05:29 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:30 <Fatal Disease> I wasted my master ball on a Steelix
05:30 <Puddingpower> wow
05:30 <UnknownProdigy> I used mine on Ho-oh
05:30 <Princess Platinum> lol
05:30 <UnknownProdigy> DUH
05:30 <Fatal Disease> (derp)
05:30 <ChaoZStrider> turning things into swag is Wolfen's thing.
05:30 <Puddingpower> idk wat i used mine on
05:30 <UnknownProdigy> It is
05:30 <UnknownProdigy> sorry didn't know
05:30 <Littlemudkip> im stuck in ruby
05:30 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
05:30 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
05:31 <ChaoZStrider> You aren't stuck until you have done a grimlocke, okay?
05:31 <UnknownProdigy> still need to beat Firered
05:31 -!- Thealmightypsycho has joined Special:Chat
05:31 <UnknownProdigy> just need to invest more time into it
05:31 <Puddingpower> in black and white they make u catch zekrom/reshiram by default
05:31 <Littlemudkip> i havent gone fat
05:31 <Littlemudkip> far*
05:31 <Puddingpower> right?
05:31 <ChaoZStrider> I should also do a grimlocke in firered.
05:32 <UnknownProdigy> yeah i think so
05:32 <Puddingpower> i stay in lavender town for the music
05:32 <Littlemudkip> i use emulators so thats why
05:32 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
05:32 <UnknownProdigy> I have built the ultimate team in Heartgold
05:32 <Puddingpower> its quite a sad story when u think about it
05:32 <Majin112> HE'S GONE
05:33 <UnknownProdigy> after over 3 days of IV breeding and EV gronding I have made the A team
05:33 <Majin112> Finally.
05:33 <UnknownProdigy> grinding
05:33 <Majin112> wait what?
05:33 <UnknownProdigy> Evs and IVs
05:33 <Andytags> help
05:33 <Puddingpower> i beat the elite four with lvl one hundred pokemon
05:33 <Littlemudkip> ok ima make a new account
05:33 <Majin112> I have no idea what is happening.
05:33 <UnknownProdigy> *UnknownProdigy just stands there
05:34 -!- Thealmightypsycho has left Special:Chat.
05:34 <Puddingpower> i got a mew, arceus, melloeta, and a victini
05:34 <UnknownProdigy> you don't know what IVs and EVs are in pokemon?
05:34 <Puddingpower> black and white btw
05:34 <UnknownProdigy> well my ultimate team doesn't need legendaries
05:35 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
05:35 <Puddingpower> i felt no sense of accomplishment though
05:35 -!- Suprememessage has joined Special:Chat
05:35 <Puddingpower> imma go finish platinum
05:35 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:35 <ChaoZStrider> ...I don't care for IV and EVs.
05:35 <ChaoZStrider> Just saying.
05:36 <Puddingpower> speaking of platinum i cant catch azelf, wont budge
05:36 <UnknownProdigy> Jolteon, Crobat, Typhlosion, Alakazam, Gyarados, and Dragonite  
05:36 <SmileDog27> Hey ey hey
05:36 <SmileDog27> I'm still on facebook but ill talk to you guys at the same time
05:36 <Puddingpower> long time no see
05:36 <SmileDog27>
05:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Alice's Restaurant (Full 23 Minute Song) - Duration: 22:31 - Uploaded: 2011-01-18 - Rating: 4.881214 - Views: 797,060 -
05:37 <SmileDog27> My sister hates this song with a passion
05:37 <SmileDog27> IT NEVER ENDS
05:37 <UnknownProdigy> Crobat only knows one physical strike and three status aliment moves
05:37 <ChaoZStrider> So then a special defense wall is your weakness.
05:37 <SmileDog27> Fuck Crobat. I hate them.
05:37 <UnknownProdigy> yeah thats the problem
05:37 <Puddingpower> f**** zubats
05:37 <UnknownProdigy> but alakazam has high SP/ Attack
05:37 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <ChaoZStrider> but a low SP defense.
05:38 <UnknownProdigy> yeah but he also has high speed
05:38 <ChaoZStrider> Gengar tends to be faster then an Alakazam and can one shot it.
05:38 <UnknownProdigy> yeah most of the time
05:38 <Puddingpower> the pokemanz
05:39 <ChaoZStrider> Alakazam is a risk.
05:39 <ChaoZStrider> I would go with a dual typed psychic.
05:39 -!- Kailkity Summonner has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <UnknownProdigy> My crobat knows toxic, thunder wave, and confuse ray
05:39 <UnknownProdigy> making it a huge pain in the ass for my opponent to fight
05:39 <Puddingpower> Im gonna still be the chat, but i will be somewhere else
05:39 <ChaoZStrider> Not really.
05:40 <Puddingpower> in another tab basically
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> Make something carry a burn orb with inner focus.
05:40 <UnknownProdigy> hmm
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> All 3 of those moves are useless now.
05:40 -!- Kailkity Summonner has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <UnknownProdigy> not in gen 4
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> How so?
05:40 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
05:40 <Andytags> sarah
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> Burn orb burns it from the start and inner focus means it can't be confused.
05:40 <Temmington> andy
05:40 <Andytags> hi
05:41 <Temmington> hai
05:41 -!- Dtrain255 has joined Special:Chat
05:41 <UnknownProdigy> Fine i lose this argument
05:41 <Suprememessage> Temmington, welcome to the chat.
05:41 <UnknownProdigy> I'll switch crobat out
05:41 <Suprememessage> It's nice to see you again.
05:41 <Puddingpower> Hello
05:41 <UnknownProdigy> hm how to but in for hmm
05:41 <Temmington> Playing You Don't Know Jack.
05:42 <Puddingpower> Im gonna be away for a while
05:42 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:42 <UnknownProdigy> maybe a good grass type
05:42 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:42 <UnknownProdigy> any suggestions
05:42 <Fatal Disease> I, now, have to watch Bob's burger
05:42 <ChaoZStrider> Unknown, do a grimlocke challenge, you will understand how to do it.
05:42 <UnknownProdigy> fine
05:42 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
05:43 <ChaoZStrider> Get a ghost dark type, Unknown.
05:43 <ChaoZStrider> Sableye is the way to go.
05:43 <Temmington> Ooh Grimlocke. 
05:43 -!- Dtrain255 has left Special:Chat.
05:43 <ChaoZStrider> ^
05:43 <Temmington> I might wanna do a Nuzlocke.
05:43 <Littlemudkip> damn
05:43 <Temmington> Idk.
05:43 <Temmington> But of what?
05:43 <Temmington> D:
05:43 <ChaoZStrider> Sarah knows about grimlocke
05:43 <Littlemudkip> krystal
05:43 <Temmington> ye
05:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:43 <Littlemudkip> from star fox
05:44 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
05:44 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <Andytags> so uh
05:44 <UnknownProdigy> thats a bit intense
05:44 <Andytags> how was your day
05:44 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <Princess Platinum> [[Special:Preferences]]
05:44 <Temmington> ye mudkip
05:44 <Andytags> oh
05:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> I hate it when I'm downloading and says "download will be finished in 22 years"
05:44 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <UnknownProdigy> I'll have to pass fot know
05:44 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
05:44 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <UnknownProdigy> maybe latter
05:44 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <Littlemudkip> hmm
05:45 <UnknownProdigy> Ah gengar for corbat
05:45 <Puddingpower> What dis i miss
05:45 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <Puddingpower> did
05:45 <UnknownProdigy> that might work
05:45 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
05:45 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <Temmington> awwwww no more questions already 
05:45 <Temmington> just a stoopid jack attack 
05:45 <UnknownProdigy> I have a question
05:45 <UnknownProdigy> what is the answer to life
05:46 <Suprememessage> 42.
05:46 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
05:46 <UnknownProdigy> !?
05:46 <Puddingpower> I was about to say that
05:46 <UnknownProdigy> thats not what i was looking for
05:46 <UnknownProdigy> (facepalm)
05:47 <Puddingpower> D'OH
05:47 <UnknownProdigy> I bid you all farewell I am going to a different chat 
05:47 <Puddingpower> goodbye
05:47 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:47 -!- UnknownProdigy has left Special:Chat.
05:47 <Temmington> I don't have to say farewell.
05:47 <Temmington> lel
05:48 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:48 <Suprememessage> I wonder if he honestly believes he can find a chat where somebody knows the meaning of life.
05:48 <Puddingpower> Lol
05:48 <HiddenSpirit> There is no finding the meaning of life.
05:48 <Puddingpower> he will embark on an adventure to find the meaning of life
05:48 <ChaoZStrider> The meaning of life is death, life is just the waiting room.
05:48 <HiddenSpirit> The human tendency and inherent desire to find meaning or put value to life only leads to absurdity. 
05:49 <HiddenSpirit> Which cannot be coped with.
05:49 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
05:49 <ChaoZStrider> Or, if you want my logic.
05:49 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
05:49 <HiddenSpirit> I'm speaking from a philosophical point of you.
05:49 <ChaoZStrider> The meaning of life is death because life would be meaningless without death.
05:49 <HiddenSpirit> The idea of nihilism, however, states that there truly is not point to life.
05:49 <Temmington> who wants more trivia questions 
05:49 <HiddenSpirit> Or to any of our actions
05:49 <Puddingpower> F**** no
05:50 <HiddenSpirit> *no
05:50 <Princess Platinum> I DO
05:50 <Temmington> Alright time for a category... "That Statue is a Total Poser!" 
05:50 <HiddenSpirit> funny
05:50 <Suprememessage> I am a communist nihilist, I believe that everybody should have nothing.
05:50 <Puddingpower> the puns of it all
05:50 -!- SectoidMedic has joined Special:Chat
05:50 <Puddingpower> thats so PUNNY,
05:50 <Puddingpower> !
05:50 <HiddenSpirit> Why is that?
05:50 <Suprememessage> Because I'm just an asshole like that.
05:51 <HiddenSpirit> Everybody, including yourself?
05:51 <Princess Platinum> Okay whenever I get a email from staff saying no Ive always wanted to email back "The fuck you mean no."
05:51 <SectoidMedic> hello
05:51 <Suprememessage> No, I am too narcissistic to follow my own rules
05:51 <HiddenSpirit> Interesting.
05:51 <ChaoZStrider> Supra, calm your mantitties.
05:51 <HiddenSpirit> I don't believe you're truly narcissistic. 
05:51 <Suprememessage> At least I'm honest.
05:51 <Puddingpower> Platinum, that is amazing XD
05:51 <HiddenSpirit> Would a narcissist be aware of their egocentricism? 
05:51 <Temmington> Ahem... which one of these statues is Tebowing? 
05:51 <Temmington> 1. Michelangelo's David
05:51 <Temmington> 2. Rodin's The Thinker
05:51 <Temmington> 3. Myron's the Discus Thrower
05:51 <Temmington> 4. Alexandro's Venus de Milo
05:52 <Suprememessage> Yes, I pay very much attention to myself.
05:52 <Princess Platinum> 2.
05:52 <HiddenSpirit> I see.
05:52 <HiddenSpirit> But don't we all.
05:52 <Temmington> Maria got it. 
05:52 <HiddenSpirit> That's what you're supposed to do.
05:52 <ChaoZStrider> 3.
05:52 <Suprememessage> I suppose so.
05:52 <SectoidMedic> godzilla bites SectoidMedic for a ton of damage
05:52 <SectoidMedic> screen overload?
05:52 <Suprememessage> 51
05:52 <Littlemudkip> ok guys bye
05:52 <SectoidMedic> abort,retry,fail?
05:52 <SectoidMedic> bye
05:52 <Suprememessage> Oh, the days of DOS
05:52 <Puddingpower> Bye
05:52 <Littlemudkip> ill catch up later
05:52 <Suprememessage> That brings me back, Sectoid, It really does.
05:52 -!- Littlemudkip has left Special:Chat.
05:53 -!- MrDark has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <SectoidMedic> I'm not old enough to have used DOS
05:53 <MrDark> Yo.
05:53 <SectoidMedic> but I've used emulators
05:53 <Princess Platinum> Compile > error > change nothing > compile again
05:53 <SectoidMedic> and Nethack
05:53 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <TheGreatMobo> Hey maria, I'm about halfway through the movie
05:53 <TheGreatMobo> it doesnt seem that bad actually
05:53 <Princess Platinum> I liked it alot
05:53 <HiddenSpirit> LOL SARAH
05:53 <TheGreatMobo> since alot of it is her failing to do human things
05:53 <Temmington> Alright time for the next question. 
05:53 <TheGreatMobo> at first
05:54 <SectoidMedic>
05:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gmod GODZILLA Mod! - Duration: 17:06 - Uploaded: 2013-06-27 - Rating: 4.882268 - Views: 62,565 -
05:54 <Puddingpower> Mobo! I haven't seen u
05:54 <Temmington> "Five! Five Dollar Five Dollar Artwork!" 
05:54 <TheGreatMobo> I have seen you!
05:54 <Suprememessage> Prostitution?
05:54 <TheGreatMobo> that's it, back to the film!
05:54 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Princess Platinum> I liked the guy whats his name
05:54 <Suprememessage> Oh wait that was the category.
05:54 <Andytags> Have you ever rode your asscheeks like a scooter 
05:54 <SectoidMedic> no
05:54 <Suprememessage> What's it to you
05:54 <Andytags> LAG
05:55 <Puddingpower> Andytags, XD
05:55 <SectoidMedic> what lag?
05:55 <Andytags> everywhere
05:55 <Andytags> it's all around us
05:55 <SectoidMedic> I sense no lag
05:55 <Suprememessage> I was going to go get some food but the goddamn traffic is lagging and I'm afraid I'll get hit
05:55 <HiddenSpirit> There is no escape.
05:55 <Andytags> "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse 
05:55 <SectoidMedic> this guy once drove a car made out of godzilla
05:55 <SectoidMedic> and a tank made out of Hulks
05:56 <Andytags>
05:56 <Temmington> Suppose Jackson Pollock had become a sandwich artist at Subway. What would his supervisor note about his performance? 
05:56 <Temmington> 1. Wastes time precisely laying each vegetable.
05:56 <Temmington> 2. Overuses the sauce squirters,
05:56 <Temmington> 3, Always shapes the ham into flowers.
05:56 <Temmington> 4. Insists on cutting bread at a 45 degree angle. .
05:56 <Puddingpower> Bi** please! I rode a speedboat made out of twigs!
05:56 <Andytags> stahp
05:56 <SectoidMedic> I searched Princess Platyinum
05:56 <SectoidMedic> *platimnum
05:56 <SectoidMedic> *platinum
05:57 <Andytags> goddamn
05:57 <Princess Platinum> 3.
05:57 <SectoidMedic> This was top result...
05:57 <Andytags> WHOA
05:57 <SectoidMedic> AHHHH
05:57 <SectoidMedic> lots of text
05:57 <Andytags> THAT'S A LONG ASS LINK
05:57 <Suprememessage> 2
05:57 <SectoidMedic> it didn't seem that long...
05:57 <HiddenSpirit> THAT'S PROBABLY TWO LINKS
05:57 <HiddenSpirit> COMBINED
05:57 <Princess Platinum> I CHOOSE 1
05:57 <MrDark> Use this.
05:57 <HiddenSpirit> lol
05:57 <Temmington> Supreme got it! 
05:57 <Suprememessage> YES
05:57 <Puddingpower> Its a pony
05:57 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
05:57 <Suprememessage> I finally got something that isn't contagious
05:57 <Temmington> Alright pick a category. 
05:57 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:57 <Temmington> jk i pick for you
05:57 <HiddenSpirit> Lol
05:58 <Princess Platinum> WHO VOTED YAML
05:58 <Temmington> "The Advertise That Bind!"
05:58 <Suprememessage> I voted YAML.
05:58 <Suprememessage> Actually I didn't vote.
05:58 <Suprememessage> But I should go do that.
05:58 <Princess Platinum> XML is superior
05:58 <SectoidMedic> !seen Loch ness monster
05:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Loch ness monster since I have been here!
05:58 <Suprememessage> YAML is easier to read and still has all of XML's features.
05:59 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
05:59 -!- SectoidMedic was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
05:59 -!- SectoidMedic has left Special:Chat.
05:59 <Temmington> Which of these food mascots could be called "arboreal"? 
05:59 <Temmington> 1. Snap, Crackle, and Pop
05:59 <Temmington> 2. The Keebler Elves
05:59 <Temmington> 3. Mr. Peanut 
05:59 <Temmington> 4. The Jolly Green Giant  
05:59 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:59 <Princess Platinum> 4
05:59 <ChaoZStrider> Suppose Death The Kid worked at a clothing store that sold graphic tees. He would:
05:59 <ChaoZStrider> 1. burn everything that wasn't symmetrical. 
05:59 <ChaoZStrider> 2. Kill the owner of the store.
05:59 <Puddingpower> 4
05:59 <Suprememessage> 4
05:59 <Suprememessage> 2
05:59 <Suprememessage> 2
05:59 <Temmington> 2.
05:59 <Suprememessage> I call 2
05:59 <Temmington> It's two.
05:59 <Suprememessage> I knew it
05:59 -!- SectoidMedic has joined Special:Chat
05:59 <SectoidMedic> ...
05:59 <Puddingpower> sh**!
05:59 <MrDark> !seen the Great Protoon
05:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen the Great Protoon since I have been here!
05:59 <MrDark> xD
05:59 <MrDark> Classic.
05:59 <Princess Platinum> But an XML tree is so easy to read D:
06:00 <SectoidMedic> and yet, I was the only one kicked
06:00 <ChaoZStrider> x.x seriously, guys, stop playing with Jesse.
06:00 <SectoidMedic> I did it once
06:00 <MrDark> Ok.
06:00 <SectoidMedic> as a joke...
06:00 <ChaoZStrider> No, I warned you and someone else earlier, Sectoid.
06:00 <Suprememessage> Let me ask a question, Suppose Hoop Earrings were in style on Saturn, how many hotdogs should you buy? 1.) 11 2.) 32 3.) 2 4.) 73
06:00 <SectoidMedic> sorry
06:00 <MrDark> Well, I only just came here.
06:00 <Puddingpower> jesse will eat u if u mess with him
06:00 <Temmington> Arboreal means "living in trees" animal-wise, and since the Keebler elves live in trees they are the most arboreous out of the mascots listed. 
06:00 <SectoidMedic> this is super funny
06:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gmod GODZILLA Mod! - Duration: 17:06 - Uploaded: 2013-06-27 - Rating: 4.882268 - Views: 62,565 -
06:00 <MrDark> And I'm pretty damn sick today.
06:00 <MrDark> Yesterday I almost died :S
06:01 <SectoidMedic> D:
06:01 <SectoidMedic> from what?
06:01 <Puddingpower> how do u make that surprised face?
06:01 <Princess Platinum> !seen this much ass hurt
06:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen this much ass hurt since I have been here!
06:01 <Princess Platinum> >_>
06:01 <MrDark> Cleric does what he wants B)
06:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Guile's Theme Goes With Everything (Dancing Officer) - Duration: 00:33 - Uploaded: 2013-06-28 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 16 -
06:01 <Puddingpower> XD
06:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> Not a scroll bar!! D:
06:02 <SectoidMedic> hey, there is a page up for deletion
06:02 <Temmington> Alright I'm out of questions for now.
06:02 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <Puddingpower> that is amazing
06:02 <SectoidMedic> vote on it please
06:02 <MrDark> AWESOME @Maria
06:02 <SectoidMedic>
06:02 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <Suprememessage> I got 2/3 questions right.
06:02 <Majin112> mobo is pissing the FUCK out of me. 
06:02 <Fatal Disease> Just wanted to stop by and sai bai
06:02 <Suprememessage> I only have to cut off my legs.
06:02 <Fatal Disease> Bai
06:02 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <SectoidMedic> bai
06:03 <Suprememessage> Bai
06:03 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
06:03 <Puddingpower> 0o0
06:03 <Princess Platinum> What happened?
06:03 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
06:03 <Puddingpower> how do u make that surprised face
06:03 <SmileDog27> !away
06:03 <Suprememessage> You become surprised.
06:03 <MrDark> GTFO Smile Dog!
06:03 <Puddingpower> in chat
06:03 <MrDark> Nobody likes Smile Dog.
06:04 <Suprememessage> D:
06:04 <Suprememessage> This one?
06:04 <Puddingpower> that pne
06:04 <Puddingpower> one
06:04 <Suprememessage> Type "D :" without the spaces and quotes
06:04 <MrDark> You do D : without the space.
06:04 <MrDark> Ninja'd.
06:04 <Puddingpower> D:
06:04 <Puddingpower> cool
06:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> chat just died
06:05 <MrDark> You just died.
06:05 <Puddingpower> yuo
06:05 <Puddingpower> yup
06:05 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
06:05 -!- SmileDog27 has joined Special:Chat
06:06 <Puddingpower> awkward
06:06 <Puddingpower> d
06:06 <MrDark> PURPLE
06:06 <Puddingpower> d:
06:06 <Puddingpower> somebody make some noise
06:06 <Puddingpower> pls
06:06 <Princess Platinum> Mobo
06:06 -!- SectoidMedic has left Special:Chat.
06:06 <Puddingpower> or start a conversation
06:07 <Princess Platinum> Lag
06:07 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:07 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:07 <Temmington> I am so tired. 
06:07 <Temmington> D:
06:07 <Puddingpower> i go sleepless every night
06:07 <Masked Hero Z> Pull ova dat ass too fat.
06:07 <Masked Hero Z> WOOP WOOP!
06:07 <Masked Hero Z> I'm out of ideas ._.
06:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> ...
06:07 <HiddenSpirit> Lol
06:07 -!- Theclan has joined Special:Chat
06:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> hey clan
06:08 <MrDark> Life sucks, especially when you're alive.
06:08 <Puddingpower> i will yolo
06:08 <HiddenSpirit> NSA's monitoring this chat.
06:08 <Theclan> hello
06:08 <Puddingpower> !see your face
06:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> (fail)
06:08 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
06:08 <Puddingpower> !see yourface
06:08 <Puddingpower> whatever
06:08 <MrDark> !seen this much fail
06:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen this much fail since I have been here!
06:09 <Acidpop> I have arrived
06:09 <MrDark> xD pwnd
06:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> Nice one Jesse
06:09 <Puddingpower> wow
06:09 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
06:09 <Puddingpower> good one
06:09 -!- SmileDog27 has left Special:Chat.
06:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> BURN
06:10 <Princess Platinum> I am going to change the way we vote on candidates during this upcoming nomination
06:10 <Theclan> I have jest posted the first part of what will me The Clan a document of a young male an what has happend to him if you guys are intrested please fallow me I will be updating now and then and read The Clan for what is going to be posted 
06:10 <MrDark> Burnout 9001: Pwnage On Pudding!
06:10 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
06:10 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
06:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> ^
06:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Lel
06:10 <Princess Platinum> I think anonymous voting is to iffy
06:11 <MrDark> Anonanomaly doesn't really matter to me in voting.
06:11 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
06:11 <Puddingpower> Did u know that going undercover in an internet browser is specifficaly made for looking at p0rn
06:11 <Princess Platinum> You will have to leave a signed support or oppose
06:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Magma
06:11 <Puddingpower> i just read that
06:11 <Puddingpower> which is disturbing
06:11 <MrDark> Well, just so you know, I voted for the bottom option in your voting page.
06:12 <MagmaMan4488> Here they come to snuff the rooster
06:12 <MagmaMan4488> You know he ain
06:12 <MagmaMan4488> 't gonna die
06:12 <MagmaMan4488> (Enter is too close to shift)
06:12 <Puddingpower> I agree
06:13 <Theclan> Well good night guys im going to update soon
06:13 <Acidpop> someone posted the full Hunky Dory album on youtube
06:13 <Puddingpower> bye
06:13 <Acidpop> bless them
06:13 <Theclan> Please fallow me to keep track of the posts
06:13 <MrDark> !seen your ass
06:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen your ass since I have been here!
06:13 <Princess Platinum> You cannot follow users her
06:13 <Princess Platinum> here
06:13 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
06:13 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
06:13 <Princess Platinum> Hey subject
06:13 <Princess Platinum> dont abuse jessee
06:14 <Princess Platinum> jesse
06:14 <MrDark> K
06:14 <Puddingpower> or u will get pwned like i did
06:14 -!- Theclan has left Special:Chat.
06:14 <MrDark> Pudding, I'M the one who pwnd you.
06:14 <Puddingpower> wow
06:14 <Temmington> Subject you did nothing of the stort. 
06:14 <Temmington> sort*
06:14 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
06:14 <Temmington> You know for a fact you can't "pwn" anything.
06:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> PRAM
06:15 <MagmaMan4488> Hey Pram
06:15 <Temmington> Now I'm going to play You Don't Know Jack.
06:15 <Quasimoto Crew> im back :P
06:15 <Pramirez351> hai guys
06:15 <MrDark> Look back in chat a bit, I made jesse say "I haven't seen this much fail" to Pudding.
06:15 <Pramirez351> also whats happeninn adam?
06:15 <Puddingpower> im going to passunuioiuhiubiybiygiuguigibibyibiyguivuybuybyjuy
06:15 <Quasimoto Crew> (jeff) the killer :P
06:15 <MrDark> Pudding, don't spam.
06:15 <Puddingpower> alright
06:16 <Quasimoto Crew> spam damn ham! :D
06:16 <Puddingpower> wait lemme chack
06:16 <Puddingpower> check
06:16 <Puddingpower> jeff
06:16 <Puddingpower> jeff the killer
06:16 <Puddingpower> didnt work
06:16 <Puddingpower> continue
06:16 <MagmaMan4488> (spam)
06:16 <MrDark> (spam) ing of the (spam)
06:17 <Puddingpower> is that spam
06:17 <Andytags> no
06:17 <Puddingpower> if its pudding then im not king of pudding
06:17 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
06:17 <MrDark> Heya Majin.
06:18 <Majin112> Hi sub
06:18 <Puddingpower> :)
06:18 <Puddingpower> hallo
06:18 <Puddingpower> :d
06:18 <Majin112> Hi
06:18 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
06:18 <Puddingpower> wow there are alot of those emoticons
06:18 <MrDark> people make such good drawings of Mr. D, eh?
06:19 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:19 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:20 <Puddingpower> i got some cold chicken nuggets and french fries for midnight munchies
06:20 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:20 <MrDark> Chat is slow at 8 AM.
06:20 <MrDark> I'm just gonna go to my talkrave...
06:21 <Puddingpower> 0_0
06:21 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:21 <Puddingpower> :o
06:21 <MrDark> What?
06:21 <Puddingpower> just teasting emoticons
06:21 <Puddingpower> testing
06:21 <MrDark> You're not allowed to test emoticons.
06:22 <Puddingpower> alright
06:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> I can't add a photo to my page... I wonder why
06:22 <Puddingpower> i will go for a minute
06:22 <MrDark> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons|Click for free credit cards]] There's a list.
06:22 <Princess Platinum> test
06:22 <Princess Platinum> adam
06:22 <MrDark> !tesT
06:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> MrDark: Hai!
06:22 <Princess Platinum> uploading is disabled
06:22 <MrDark> Coolio.
06:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh so that's why
06:23 <Acidpop> usually I try not to pick favorites but Life on Mars? is too good for me to not call it one of my favorite songs
06:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Anyway, why is it disabled?
06:23 <MrDark> They're sorting photos into categories.
06:23 <Princess Platinum> For organizational purposes
06:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh
06:24 <MrDark> And I can't upload my mod/admin trading cards (QQ)
06:24 <Acidpop> I'm raving about David Bowie at 1:30 in the morning.
06:24 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
06:24 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
06:25 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
06:25 <MrDark> Here's a screen cap of my one:
06:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> How do I screencap something?
06:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> *screen cap
06:27 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
06:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh no I killed chat
06:27 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
06:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> *takes chat to hospital*
06:28 <MagmaMan4488>
06:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Pearl Jam - Master/Slave (2009 Ten Remastered) - Duration: 03:40 - Uploaded: 2009-09-19 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 13,345 -
06:28 <Quasimoto Crew> megadeth
06:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Chat hold on you'll be revived *sobs* as chat is entered into emergency room
06:28 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
06:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh nvm it's alive
06:28 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
06:29 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
06:29 <MagmaMan4488> *licks Adam*
06:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> Nobody's perf--
06:30 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
06:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb
06:30 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
06:30 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
06:30 <Freddy krueger> Hello
06:30 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
06:30 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
06:31 <Quasimoto Crew> OH SHIT!!! IM A HUGE FAN!!
06:31 <MrDark> Enough caps.
06:31 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
06:31 <Quasimoto Crew> sorry
06:31 <Quasimoto Crew> im just a hug fan
06:31 <Quasimoto Crew> *huge
06:31 <MagmaMan4488> M2/D3
06:32 <MagmaMan4488>
06:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gorillaz-M1 A1 - Duration: 03:50 - Uploaded: 2007-04-29 - Rating: 4.868306 - Views: 1,078,466 -
06:32 <MrDark> And, now I've made another card.
06:32 <Quasimoto Crew> Freddy
06:32 <Freddy krueger> Yep ?
06:33 <Quasimoto Crew> When's the next elm street?
06:33 <MagmaMan4488> Subject, do Sarah next.
06:33 <Freddy krueger> 2010 
06:33 <Quasimoto Crew> its been 2010
06:33 <MagmaMan4488> (I really hope she doesn't see that out of context)
06:33 <Quasimoto Crew> Freddy vs. Jason 2???
06:33 <Freddy krueger> Jason vs freddy vs ash
06:33 <Quasimoto Crew> :D
06:34 <Freddy krueger> Or freddy the remake vs jason 
06:34 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
06:34 <Quasimoto Crew> X3 
06:34 <MagmaMan4488> Freddy vs. Jason vs. Spiderman vs. AVGN
06:34 <Quasimoto Crew> Nostalgia Critic vs. Hardcore Kid??????
06:34 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
06:34 <MagmaMan4488> Hardcore Kid? He actually has fans?
06:35 <Quasimoto Crew> MinnesotaBurns vs. mnmtwinz
06:35 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
06:35 <Quasimoto Crew> ikr i like them both (no homo)
06:35 <MagmaMan4488> MinnesotaBurns vs. MontanaBruises
06:35 <Freddy krueger> Hahaha
06:35 <Quasimoto Crew> :O
06:36 <Freddy krueger> Do you like me ?
06:36 <Freddy krueger> Or do you hate me ?
06:36 <Quasimoto Crew> yus. as a fan :P
06:36 <MagmaMan4488> Freddy, your NES game was decent.
06:36 <Quasimoto Crew> it sucked!
06:36 <Freddy krueger> Thanks i know 
06:36 -!- Tekit has joined Special:Chat
06:36 <Freddy krueger> Hey!
06:36 <Quasimoto Crew> It's true!
06:36 <MagmaMan4488> Maybe you should actually try to figure it out, Quasi.
06:37 <MagmaMan4488> If you know what you're doing, it's actually not that bad.
06:37 <Quasimoto Crew> you should've went to Genesis bro!
06:37 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:37 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:37 <Freddy krueger> Do you like the exorcist ?
06:37 <Quasimoto Crew> yeah
06:37 <Quasimoto Crew> that movie is kick ass
06:38 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:38 <Freddy krueger> Nope that movie made me shake for an hour on my bed
06:38 <Quasimoto Crew> o.o 
06:38 <Tekit>
06:38 <Freddy krueger> No i was paranoid
06:39 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
06:39 -!- Tekit has left Special:Chat.
06:39 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
06:39 <Freddy krueger> Do you know that the demon voice that was in the exorcist was for real demons in a cave
06:39 <Quasimoto Crew> Friday the 13th????
06:40 <Freddy krueger> The exorcist
06:40 <Quasimoto Crew> ik
06:40 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
06:40 <Freddy krueger> I just don't know why creepypasta fans hate horror movies
06:41 -!- Dervall has joined Special:Chat
06:41 <Dervall> Hi guys!
06:41 <Freddy krueger> Hello dervall 
06:41 <MagmaMan4488> Hey Dervall
06:41 <MrDark> I like some horror movies.
06:41 <Quasimoto Crew> Hey purty cx
06:41 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
06:41 <MrDark> As long as they're good.
06:41 <MagmaMan4488> I finally did it.
06:41 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
06:41 <Freddy krueger> Give me an example
06:41 <Dervall> Hi Freddy, Magma, Quasimo
06:41 <Dervall> Wait, magma
06:41 <Dervall> you did it?
06:41 <Dervall> Seriously?
06:41 <MagmaMan4488> Yep
06:41 <Freddy krueger> Dervall do you like horror movies ?
06:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Dervall
06:41 <Dervall> Yes
06:41 <Dervall> Hi Adam!
06:41 <MagmaMan4488> Except the uploading part
06:41 <MrDark> An example is the Ring.
06:41 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
06:42 <Dervall> But but but....
06:42 <Dervall> How can you still be here?
06:42 <MagmaMan4488> loljk
06:42 <Quasimoto Crew> Texas Chainsaw Massacre FTW!
06:42 <Freddy krueger> Oh god *Rolls eyes*
06:42 <MagmaMan4488> I didn't.
06:42 <Dervall> I hate you, Magma
06:42 <TheGreatMobo> Hello?
06:42 <MagmaMan4488> ^_~
06:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> Dervall, explain how this beauty is possible
06:42 <Dervall> Hi Mobo!
06:42 <Dervall> OH MY GOD
06:42 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
06:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's inexplainable! Aah! *faints*
06:42 <Dervall> I like her hair this way :3
06:43 <Dervall> Hahah, fanboy :P
06:43 <Dervall> But, Yes Freddy, I like horror movies
06:43 <Dervall> Hi Mushroom
06:43 <Adam Carl Castillo> I wonder if she could still head bang with that hair style xD
06:43 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
06:43 <Freddy krueger> Do you like the exorcist ?
06:43 <Dervall> SHe shouldn't, it's bad for her voice
06:43 <Adam Carl Castillo> I also like horror movies, though I prefer horror games more
06:43 <Dervall> Yes I LOVED it :3
06:44 <Quasimoto Crew> my new name: Lord Quas
06:44 <Freddy krueger> I like when the girl floats and the room starts to earthquake
06:44 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:44 <Dervall> That was a bit weird....
06:44 <Princess Platinum>
06:44 <Dervall> Hi Platinum!
06:44 <MagmaMan4488> Dervall, my uncle got robbed.
06:44 <Freddy krueger> Well that's satan 
06:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Princess
06:44 <MagmaMan4488> This is the actual news story:
06:44 <MagmaMan4488>
06:44 <Dervall> Are you joking again, Magma?
06:44 <MagmaMan4488> No, I am actually dead serious.
06:44 <Dervall> For once...
06:45 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:45 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
06:45 <Dervall> Hi Pudding!
06:45 <Puddingpower> Nothing has happened since i left
06:45 <Puddingpower> hello 
06:45 <Freddy krueger> You  know dervall exorcist 3 contains jumpscare parts
06:46 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special:Chat
06:46 <Dervall> Yeah, I know
06:46 <Freddy krueger> Like the headless statue one 
06:46 <Dervall> But the movie didn't really scare me
06:46 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
06:46 <Dervall> HAHAH that one was funny :3
06:46 <Freddy krueger> Yup the first one was a legend
06:46 <MagmaMan4488> Which one of you stole my stick of butter?
06:46 <Dervall> A legend?
06:47 <Dervall> I did, not stfu
06:47 <Quasimoto Crew> ME!
06:47 <Suprememessage> Everybody knows about it, you know, Legendary.
06:47 <Dervall> Aha
06:47 <MagmaMan4488> *punches out Quasi and takes it back*
06:47 <Dervall> Ok
06:47 <Quasimoto Crew> Dx
06:47 <Puddingpower> Slow chat
06:47 <Dervall> Too bad for Pudding :P
06:47 <Quasimoto Crew> u took my toast!
06:47 <Freddy krueger> You know the film (samara) 
06:47 <Freddy krueger> Horror film
06:48 <Puddingpower> I hate screamers
06:48 <Dervall> I have a competition later this day .-.
06:48 <MagmaMan4488> Good luck, Dervall
06:48 <Quasimoto Crew> which 1 of you dicks took my weed & toast? -.-
06:48 <Freddy krueger> Oh good luck
06:48 <Dervall> Thanks :)
06:48 <Freddy krueger> No problem
06:48 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
06:48 <Puddingpower> Good luck, who are you again?
06:48 <Dervall> I'm really nervous, because the last time I screwed it up...
06:48 <MagmaMan4488> That'll be 5 dollars
06:49 <Dervall> Wb Adam :)
06:49 <Dervall> I'm a girl, Pudding.
06:49 <Dervall> That's who I am
06:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> thanks.. I just fainted from this picture
06:49 <Freddy krueger> No just do your best
06:49 <Puddingpower> im a jokey guy
06:49 <Dervall> When was that picture taken?
06:49 <ChaoZStrider> who the hell is that?
06:49 <Dervall> I will, thanks :)
06:49 <Dervall> HAYLEY WILLIAMS
06:49 <Puddingpower> whose?
06:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> That's Hayley
06:49 <MagmaMan4488> *licks ChaoZ*
06:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> why?
06:50 <ChaoZStrider> CONTEXT
06:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Context?
06:50 <Quasimoto Crew> who the fuck is haley
06:50 <Dervall> Well, if it's taken not long ago she might look like that at the concert
06:50 <Quasimoto Crew> U SPAMMED!
06:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's taken long ago
06:50 <Dervall> Just give me a reason just a little bit's enough
06:50 <Dervall> Oh, too bad
06:50 <MrDark> CAPS MAKE ME SOUND COOL -CahoZCAPSStrider
06:50 <Quasimoto Crew> HYPOCRITE XD JK
06:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> You don't fucking know Hayley Williams???
06:50 <Puddingpower> SWAG jk
06:50 <MagmaMan4488> *licks ChaoZ again* NOTICE ME DAMNIT!
06:50 <Quasimoto Crew> o.o
06:50 <ChaoZStrider> Give me a reason to know her!
06:51 <ChaoZStrider> Context.
06:51 <Dervall> Calm down, Adam, I noticed  a lot of people don't have good taste in music
06:51 <Puddingpower> the meaning of swag:
06:51 <ChaoZStrider> Magma, why you licking me.
06:51 <Dervall> Secretely we are gay
06:51 <ChaoZStrider> ^no
06:51 <Dervall> Yes
06:51 <Quasimoto Crew> Secretly We Are Gay (SWAG_
06:51 <MagmaMan4488> Because NOTICE ME
06:51 <ChaoZStrider> No.
06:51 <Quasimoto Crew> xDDDDD
06:51 <Puddingpower> S  W   A   G
06:51 <Dervall> *licks magma*
06:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> Well ChaoZ Hayley has awesome hair, voice and music :)
06:51 <Puddingpower> SECRETLY
06:51 <Temmington> Whoops.
06:51 <Puddingpower> WE 
06:51 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <Puddingpower> ARE
06:51 <Quasimoto Crew> MADLIB
06:51 <MagmaMan4488> ohbby (kawaii)
06:51 <Puddingpower>  GAY
06:51 <ChaoZStrider> No.
06:51 -!- Puddingpower was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
06:51 <Puddingpower> END OF STO
06:51 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
06:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> ...
06:51 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> STO?
06:51 <Quasimoto Crew>
06:51 <Temmington> the kick caught him off mid sentence 
06:51 <Temmington> impressive 
06:52 <Puddingpower> Story
06:52 <Dervall> And back was the pudding c:
06:52 <Quasimoto Crew>
06:52 <Temmington> Also that acronym was never used. 
06:52 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <Quasimoto Crew> go to & you'll like it! :3
06:52 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah, go eat a box.
06:52 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Dervall: Pudding will never truly go away.
06:52 <Dervall> Hee, Slendy!!
06:52 <Dervall> I know
06:52 <Slender666> Hello Dervall
06:52 <Dervall> I like pudding
06:52 <ChaoZStrider> Also, seriously adam, who the fuck is she.
06:52 <Slender666> *Hug*
06:52 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Dervall: Who doesn't?
06:52 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:53 <MagmaMan4488> ChaoZ, allow me to explain.
06:53 <Dervall> The singer and songwriter of Paramore!!!
06:53 <Puddingpower> im just a piece of pudding stuck to the cup
06:53 <Quasimoto Crew> gimme a 1up
06:53 <Slender666> lol
06:53 <Freddy krueger> ChoaZ why do you hate her ? 
06:53 <ChaoZStrider> If she is a singer, tell me.
06:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> ChaoZ Hayley is the lead singer of Paramore
06:53 <ChaoZStrider> Thank you.
06:53 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:53 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Quasimoto crew: SHHH!
06:53 <ChaoZStrider> I know people by band, not by name.
06:53 <Quasimoto Crew> D:
06:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> Have you heard of the song The Only Exception?
06:53 <MagmaMan4488> ChaoZ, this should tell you all you need to know:
06:53 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> You trying to get me in trouble?
06:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> Paramore
06:53 <Quasimoto Crew> Primus????
06:53 <MrDark> ChaoZ, have you seen my mod/admin trading cards?
06:53 <Puddingpower> im tired
06:54 <Puddingpower> its almost 2 am.
06:54 <Puddingpower> i need sleep
06:54 <Slender666> Well then GO TO SLEEP!
06:54 <Slender666> Sorry for Caps
06:54 <Puddingpower> sleep is for the weak
06:54 <Dervall> Guys I have to go. Competition this afternoon and I don't want to fall off the horse, which can happen with vaulting
06:54 <Quasimoto Crew> SLEEP!
06:54 <Slender666> Bye Dervall
06:54 <Puddingpower> goodbye
06:54 <MrDark> Bai.
06:54 <MagmaMan4488> See ya, Dervall
06:54 <Quasimoto Crew> (smilejeff)
06:54 <Dervall> Bye y'all!!
06:54 <Slender666> See you later
06:54 -!- Dervall has left Special:Chat.
06:55 <Quasimoto Crew> peaceQ!
06:55 <MagmaMan4488> (jeff)
06:55 <Temmington> aren't i mature (huehue)
06:55 <Slender666> *hug before Dervall go*
06:55 <Quasimoto Crew> DashieXP is cool
06:55 <MrDark> Yes, Sarah.
06:55 <Freddy krueger> Well g2g too :)
06:55 <Puddingpower> by just looking at the link i i know a pony will be involved
06:55 <Puddingpower> i
06:55 <MrDark> As mature as a beaten dead horse.
06:55 <MagmaMan4488> Bye Freddy. Don't hack me to bits, kay?
06:55 <MrDark> imeanwut
06:55 <Slender666> the fack
06:55 <Freddy krueger> Hack you to bits whatever bye
06:55 <Puddingpower> the fak
06:56 <Puddingpower> bye
06:56 <Slender666> is going oni
06:56 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> fak?
06:56 <Slender666> Bye
06:56 <Temmington> No ponies are involved. 
06:56 <Puddingpower> facts and knowledge
06:56 <Temmington> The Dashie is apart of my username.
06:56 -!- DrayDams has joined Special:Chat
06:56 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> See ya next nightmare Krueger!
06:56 <Quasimoto Crew> oh.
06:56 <MagmaMan4488> Dashie refers to her username.
06:56 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
06:56 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
06:56 <MagmaMan4488> Damn it I've been ninja'd.
06:56 <Slender666> Hello Ditto
06:56 <MrDark> /me totally didn't steal the Great Protoon.
06:56 <WalkingDitto> Yo
06:56 <Quasimoto Crew> i want a 1 up 1up guy
06:56 <Slender666> Ya
06:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Dray and Ditto
06:56 <Puddingpower> Oh hi ditto
06:56 <Temmington> Hi Ryan.
06:56 <WalkingDitto> Woah 
06:56 -!- DrayDams has left Special:Chat.
06:56 <MagmaMan4488> Ryan, did you steal my stick of butter?
06:56 <MrDark> !seen Mr. Dark steal the Great Protoon
06:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Mr. Dark steal the Great Protoon since I have been here!
06:57 <WalkingDitto> Oh jesus the pings 
06:57 <WalkingDitto> aaa
06:57 <Temmington> !seen Mr. Dark say something intelligent 
06:57 <Slender666> aaa...
06:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Mr. Dark say something intelligent  since I have been here!
06:57 <WalkingDitto>
06:57 <WalkingDitto> WHY IS EVERYTHING RED
06:57 <MrDark> !seen Sarah being smart
06:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Sarah being smart since I have been here!
06:57 <Puddingpower> Dont mess with jesse
06:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> Wow
06:57 <ChaoZStrider> Yea.
06:57 <Quasimoto Crew> i sold ur butter 4 weed ._.
06:57 <Slender666> wut?
06:57 -!- MrDark was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
06:57 <Temmington> It's like that for everyone. 
06:57 <MagmaMan4488> Platinum would not approve of this Jesse related abuse
06:57 <Princess Platinum> Sarah PM mlp
06:57 <Quasimoto Crew> who the hell is jesse>
06:58 <Temmington> Kay.
06:58 <MrDark> She didn't, Magma .-.
06:58 <Puddingpower> oh hi platinum
06:58 <Slender666> Hey Dark!
06:58 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Wait, who's talking bout Abuse here?
06:58 <ChaoZStrider> CPwikiCHATlogger=Jesse
06:58 <MrDark> Hey Slender!
06:58 <MagmaMan4488> Jesse = CPWikiCHATLogger
06:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> Jesse's the chat bot
06:58 <MrDark> lel
06:58 <Quasimoto Crew> ))GOLF WANG))>
06:58 <MagmaMan4488> ChaoZ, go eat carpet.
06:58 <Slender666> lel=lol
06:58 <MrDark> Why is she called Jesse? Did someone just choose that name?
06:58 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
06:58 <MrDark> No.
06:58 <Slender666> Hey Andy!
06:58 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Andy.
06:58 <MagmaMan4488> Yes.
06:58 <Andytags> eh
06:58 <Andytags> why am i on here
06:58 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Well, if anyone wants to PM RP with me, I'll just be here, watching the folk chat about.
06:58 <Puddingpower> hello andy
06:58 <Slender666> idk Andy
06:58 <Quasimoto Crew> where is jesse]
06:58 <Andytags> i need to sleep
06:59 <Puddingpower> me too
06:59 <Andytags> my phone doesn't wanna charge 
06:59 <Puddingpower> but sleep is for the weak
06:59 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Make it charge man!
06:59 <Andytags> sleep is for people who have work
06:59 <Slender666> me to-zzzzz...
06:59 <MrDark> Hang on, has anyone seen Cupcakes8 this morning?
06:59 <Temmington> Andy. 
06:59 <MagmaMan4488> I have.
06:59 <Temmington> whereakidcanbeakid
06:59 <Slender666> Me
06:59 <Andytags> whut
06:59 <Andytags> wat
06:59 <MagmaMan4488> Why do you ask?
07:00 <MrDark> I wanted to tell her something.
07:00 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> I have a certain disdain for cupcakes.
07:00 <Slender666> Hmmm
07:00 <MagmaMan4488> And what might that be?
07:00 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> /me shudders.
07:00 <Puddingpower> i was kicked for saying the meaning of swag
07:00 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
07:00 <Quasimoto Crew> Madlib- Take it Back
07:00 <MrDark> Why do you care so much?
07:00 <Puddingpower> so that happened
07:00 <Andytags> i can't tell if my phone is charging or not because some fucking chargers don't want to work with my phone
07:00 <MrDark> It's just about a photo.
07:00 <Quasimoto Crew> WWOOOWW! thats gay
07:00 <Slender666> lel
07:00 <Andytags> bad word
07:00 <HiddenSpirit> Your ghetto-ass phone.
07:00 <Quasimoto Crew> -_-
07:00 <Andytags> ikr
07:01 <MagmaMan4488> Because I could deliver it to her, but whatever.
07:01 <Quasimoto Crew> iPhone? :3
07:01 <Andytags> no
07:01 -!- Quasimoto Crew was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
07:01 -!- Quasimoto Crew has left Special:Chat.
07:01 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Oh by the way, who WAS phone?
07:01 <Slender666> _-_ watching upside down
07:01 <Puddingpower> wow
07:01 <MrDark> I WAS PHONE
07:01 <Andytags> it's an Android phone from 2 years ago
07:01 <Temmington> something TOUCHED ME
07:01 <MrDark> So fuck up .-.
07:01 <Andytags> it's nice
07:01 <Andytags> WHEN IT WORKS
07:01 <Temmington> oh wait nvm that was a wire
07:01 <Temmington> lol
07:01 <Suprememessage> Temmington you're wearing a wie?
07:01 <Suprememessage> wire*
07:01 <Slender666> bored...
07:01 <MagmaMan4488> So many naughty ways to interpret that.
07:01 <MrDark> Sarah, that totally wasn't one of my Anti-Toons.
07:01 <Temmington> a computer WIRE 
07:01 <Temmington> jesus
07:01 <Slender666> today bored isn't it?
07:02 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> christ.
07:02 <Puddingpower> i thought that something touched me whole reading a creepypasta
07:02 <Suprememessage> Oh, phew, I thought I was gonna get busted.
07:02 <Temmington> Not a whateverthefuck booglydoo badingalong
07:02 <Puddingpower> i know that feeling
07:02 <Suprememessage> For smuggling all this delicious bootleg hershey's cookies and cream bars
07:02 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Just finishing expressions for ya Temmington. 
07:02 <MrDark> Has anyone seen Sarah say anything smart?
07:02 <Temmington> >badingalong
07:02 <Temmington> This really isn't helping my case is it. 
07:02 -!- Quasimoto Crew has joined Special:Chat
07:02 <MagmaMan4488> Supreme, I hope you step on a lego.
07:02 <MrDark> Because that last line made me wonder.
07:02 <Quasimoto Crew> what the hell?
07:02 <Puddingpower> i have never had sleep paralysis before
07:02 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> May I have a bootleg cookie
07:02 <Quasimoto Crew> wat i do?
07:02 <Temmington> you just asked the bot that like
07:02 <Temmington> five minutes ago
07:03 <Temmington> get moar original material 
07:03 <MrDark> Yea, but the bot isn't everyone, dumbass.
07:03 <Suprememessage> I am wearing shoes, so the joke is on you.
07:03 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah, go eat a box.
07:03 <Quasimoto Crew> i got kicked for no damn reason
07:03 <Acidpop> this is one of those times where I log into the chat and forget I'm in here
07:03 <Temmington> Oh hai Acid.
07:03 <Acidpop> hi sarah
07:03 <Puddingpower> hi
07:03 -!- Jane Arkensaw has left Special:Chat.
07:04 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Hello there Acidpop.
07:04 <Suprememessage> Acid, wire, this is not looking good.
07:04 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> You know we could make a good team, Acid.
07:04 -!- Jane Arkensaw has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <Temmington> Acidpops sound like a type of sneakily hidden drugs. 
07:04 <Acidpop> hello to everyone I haven't said hi to yet
07:04 <Temmington> HEY WOULD YOU LIKE AN "ACIDPOP"
07:04 <Puddingpower> wow
07:04 <Temmington> it's so "sour" that'll it make you go nuts!
07:04 <Temmington> that's why it's called acid 
07:04 <Temmington> because it's sour
07:04 <Temmington> shhhh
07:04 <MagmaMan4488> Acid Pops are a harry Potter candy that tastes of rhubarb lemon and crap.
07:04 <MrDark> I have a Ceiling Giratina Guarding my Talkrave.
07:05 <Puddingpower> now it sounds dirty
07:05 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Hey man, I'm already selling my shrooms here, find another customer! >:(
07:05 <Suprememessage> And acid.
07:05 <Temmington> Yes.
07:05 <Temmington> Flavoring acid. 
07:05 <Slender666> Shoop da woop
07:05 <Acidpop> Magma, you just figured out where I got the name from.
07:05 <Andytags> It's charging
07:05 <Andytags> I can sleep
07:05 <Andytags> It's over 
07:05 <Andytags> good night
07:05 -!- Jane Arkensaw has left Special:Chat.
07:05 <Temmington> assdick
07:05 <MrDark> Flavored acid? You mean soda.
07:05 <Andytags> for real this time
07:05 <Suprememessage> Sometimes in the food world, Corrosive Acid is called Coca Cola
07:05 <Puddingpower> goodnight
07:05 <MagmaMan4488> O rly?
07:05 <Acidpop> It's a Harry Potter reference.
07:05 <Temmington> Mmmmm flavored acid.
07:05 <Slender666> Holly Potter!
07:05 <Temmington> Actually shit I could go for a lollipop right now actually.
07:05 <MrDark> Sarah, I thought you liked my card xD
07:06 <MagmaMan4488> How long did it take for someone to get it?
07:06 <Temmington> and it's TWO IN THE MORNING 
07:06 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Yo, Temmington ya want a lollipop
07:06 <Temmington> i do i was saying assdick to someone else
07:06 <Puddingpower> Yeah it is
07:06 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> 2:06, to be precise.
07:06 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
07:06 <Princess Platinum> Parents: Don't drink, Don't smoke, Don't shoot heroine into your eyelids at three AM so you can stay awake for the Oskars.
07:06 <MrDark> I think I'm going to make Lelskell's card next.
07:06 <Puddingpower> I like the oscars
07:06 <Temmington> But prostitution is still okay, Maria!
07:06 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Who was making the innuendos.
07:06 <Temmington> So that's all that matters. 
07:06 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
07:07 <MrDark> ^
07:07 <MrDark> LOL
07:07 <MagmaMan4488> Your suspiciously specific denial says otherwise, Sarah.
07:07 <Puddingpower> is it strange that i like to sleep in my living room all the time?
07:07 <Temmington> Does my first in your face say otherwise?
07:07 <MrDark> Is stealing the world's balance and harmony a crime?
07:07 <MagmaMan4488> >first
07:07 <Slender666> I'm bored...
07:07 <Temmington> fist* 
07:07 <Slender666> Anyone bored
07:07 <Suprememessage> Going on a quest to replace all the blood in your body with Heroin say otherwise.
07:08 <Puddingpower> im freaking bored
07:08 <MrDark> Sarah, what's that about fists in things?
07:08 <Suprememessage> says*
07:08 <Temmington> Also that foot to your testicles?
07:08 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Slender: Wanna PM RP?
07:08 <Slender666> me too
07:08 <MagmaMan4488> Usually it's your foot in my ass.
07:08 <Temmington> I CAN MIX IT UP
07:08 <Slender666> maybe
07:08 <Suprememessage> Temmington, bring it.
07:08 <Puddingpower> ooh its a foght
07:08 <Puddingpower> fight
07:08 <Temmington> supreme u did nothin
07:08 <Temmington> u okay
07:08 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Slender: That's known to kill boredom.
07:08 <Slender666> k
07:08 <Suprememessage> Is this the part where we start kicking??
07:08 <MrDark> >makes a card for Sarah
07:08 <MrDark> >still hates me
07:08 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah, go step on a lego. :3
07:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
07:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
07:09 <Slender666> ok then
07:09 <Temmington> Go touch a seat-buckle on a hot summer day. 
07:09 <Puddingpower> just kick magmaman if he is being a butt
07:09 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Oh I'm  sorry are you talking to me Slender?
07:09 <Slender666> yes
07:09 <MagmaMan4488> Go stub your toe on a sofa.
07:09 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Alright.
07:09 -!- Suprememessage has left Special:Chat.
07:09 <Slender666> I said ok then
07:09 <MrDark> AND I'M
07:09 <MrDark> ...I dunno .-.
07:10 <Temmington> Go get accidentally racked by a table. 
07:10 <Puddingpower> gir line
07:10 <Slender666> So...
07:10 <MrDark> Exactly, Pudding.
07:10 <Slender666> ...
07:10 <Puddingpower> i love invader zim
07:10 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
07:10 <MagmaMan4488> Go hit your funny bone on Maria's obsidian vibrator.
07:10 <MrDark> GIR is best annoying little robot.
07:10 <Princess Platinum> IT IS GLASS BITCH
07:10 <Temmington> Maria doesn't have any vibrators!
07:10 <Temmington> ...Actually she probably does.
07:10 <Puddingpower> HOLY SH**
07:10 <MrDark> Says you.
07:10 <MrDark> Ask her yerself.
07:10 <Puddingpower> sh** just got real
07:11 <Temmington> I am her vibrator. 
07:11 <Temmington> :3
07:11 <MrDark> (ic)
07:11 <Quasimoto Crew> o.o
07:11 <Temmington> waitwhat
07:11 <Acidpop> i'm happier than i've been in months 
07:11 <Puddingpower> wat
07:11 <Acidpop> i don't know why
07:11 <Temmington> Good to hear, Acid!
07:11 <MagmaMan4488> *busts out laughing*
07:11 <Acidpop> yeah thank you
07:11 <Princess Platinum> I dont have a vibrator... because it doesnt fucking vibrate
07:12 <Puddingpower> wow
07:12 <Temmington> I like how Chao specifically mentions his sexuality on the "get to know you thing".
07:12 <Temmington> xD
07:12 <Puddingpower> this is getting awkward
07:12 <Acidpop> this is probably the cutest thing I've ever watched
07:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: MONSTER UNIVERSITY   movie review - Duration: 01:57 - Uploaded: 2013-06-26 - Rating: 4.929824 - Views: 580 -
07:12 <Princess Platinum> BOOM BITCH
07:12 <MrDark> That's why you need the following: A hair dryer, a screw driver, batteries and alot of spare time.
07:12 <Acidpop> I love this guy
07:12 <Puddingpower> change to a different subject please
07:13 <Princess Platinum> no
07:13 <Temmington> no
07:13 <MrDark> Yea, that is weird Sarah. I didn't do that.
07:13 <Princess Platinum> glass doesnt vibrate well
07:13 <Temmington> oh hell yeah 
07:13 <Temmington> got me some plunge orange soda 
07:13 <Princess Platinum> it tends to shatter
07:13 <Puddingpower> cause this will get wierd real fast
07:13 <Temmington> i am ready to watch the FUCK out of cha- *snores*
07:13 <Puddingpower> oh wait it already is
07:13 <Temmington> >implying this chat has ever been normal
07:13 <MrDark> Ya don't fuckin' say @Pudding
07:13 <Puddingpower> nope, never
07:14 <Temmington> shit spilled orange soda on my pants fuck
07:14 <Puddingpower> we are so wierd
07:14 <MrDark> I would use the !seen thingy but I'd just get kicked in the face again.
07:14 <MagmaMan4488> Okay, done dying- DAMN IT SARAH!
07:14 <MagmaMan4488> brb dying again
07:14 <Temmington> kay
07:14 <Acidpop> if not for me falling asleep this morning because I felt like my eyes were about to shrivel up and fall out I would have broken my own record of 48 hours with no sleep
07:14 <Temmington> Have fuuuuun~
07:14 <Acidpop> my life is so exciting amirite
07:14 <Temmington> ye
07:15 <MrDark> >fuuuuun~
07:15 <MrDark> wut
07:15 <Temmington> Wait Acid. 
07:15 <Temmington> What's yo Tumblr name.
07:15 <Temmington> or do i have it already
07:15 <Acidpop> fuck if I know
07:15 <Slender666> Who have Skype?
07:15 <Temmington> I give up. 
07:15 <Acidpop> I'll have to look for it again because I can't remember
07:15 <MagmaMan4488> And now your Maria Vibrator antics have been immortalized in the screencap pile.
07:15 -!- Quinnreaper28 has joined Special:Chat
07:16 <Princess Platinum> IT ISNT A FUCKING VIBRATOR
07:16 <Puddingpower> enough with those things
07:16 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah is your vibrator, Princess.
07:16 <Princess Platinum> She doesnt vibrate either
07:16 <MagmaMan4488> I have a screenshot to prove it.
07:17 <Puddingpower> Show it
07:17 <Puddingpower> prove it
07:17 <MagmaMan4488> gimmie a sec
07:17 <Temmington> I need to start tagging all my ask posts. 
07:17 -!- Quinnreaper28 has left Special:Chat.
07:17 <Temmington> Speaking of which people need to ask me more shit.
07:17 <Puddingpower> I dont know ur ask name
07:17 <MrDark> Maria, how about you stop talking about sex toys, k?
07:18 <Temmington> also maria pretty sure you'll like this
07:18 <Temmington>
07:18 <Princess Platinum> How about magma drop it
07:18 <Temmington> LOOK AT THIS.
07:18 <MagmaMan4488>
07:18 <Puddingpower> ITS A FURRY
07:18 <Princess Platinum> is the m or f?
07:18 <MagmaMan4488> k done
07:18 <Puddingpower> Wow
07:18 <Temmington> It's... uh... idk actually. 
07:18 <Temmington> NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OKAY. xD
07:18 <Princess Platinum> I think its a guy
07:19 <Puddingpower> i know a furry when i see one
07:19 <ChaoZStrider> Who, in her photo?
07:19 <Puddingpower> yes
07:19 <Princess Platinum> im prety sure ben would like it
07:19 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
07:20 <Puddingpower> Alright im back
07:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> Damn my internet sucks
07:20 <Temmington> you want some...
07:20 <Temmington> GENDER ROLLS?!
07:20 <MrDark> (ic)
07:20 <Princess Platinum> ...
07:20 <Puddingpower> Who is that guy?
07:20 <Princess Platinum> thats a girl
07:20 <Puddingpower> Are you sure
07:20 <Princess Platinum> yes
07:20 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah Drug Bag Fuck
07:20 <Lelouch Di Britannia>
07:20 <Temmington> oh
07:20 <Lelouch Di Britannia> dacrap!
07:21 <Puddingpower> cause  it looks like a guys
07:21 <Temmington> Whoops sorry. 
07:21 <Princess Platinum> thats a girl
07:21 <Puddingpower> and lelouch, its hentai
07:21 <Slender666> wha-hentai?
07:22 <Slender666> That
07:22 <Puddingpower> look it up
07:22 <Puddingpower> no dont look it up
07:22 <Puddingpower> whatever
07:22 <Slender666> must be very sex-*dead*
07:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> ...
07:22 <Puddingpower> its anime p0rn
07:22 <Puddingpower> i learned that the hard way
07:22 <Lelouch Di Britannia> It's not hentai....
07:23 <Acidpop> adam I just noticed who that was in your icon and I like you a lot more now
07:23 <Lelouch Di Britannia> It's fanmade...
07:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh thank you Acid (kawaii)
07:23 <MrDark> Right, made trading cards of all admins who posted on the Get To Know Your Staff! page.
07:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> I love Hayley :3 Acid you a fan too?
07:23 <Slender666> lalalalala
07:23 <Acidpop> yep
07:23 <Puddingpower> Is that dodger
07:24 <MrDark> Only three people on that page who don't have cards.
07:24 <Puddingpower> im freaking sleepy, tired and all of the sorts
07:24 <ChaoZStrider> am I one of them?
07:24 <Puddingpower> so i cant think straight
07:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> OMG :3 Another Parawhore :3 I'm a total Parawhore since I was 8
07:24 <MrDark> ChaoZ, I'm making yours right now.
07:24 <ChaoZStrider> Okay~
07:24 <Temmington>
07:24 <Temmington> oh
07:25 <Princess Platinum> LOL
07:25 <Puddingpower> Wow XD
07:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> Time to what?
07:25 <MrDark> Oh my...
07:25 <Puddingpower> what is up with the pokemon cards
07:25 <Puddingpower> or the cards
07:25 <MagmaMan4488> I'm going to actually go to sleep instead of bitching about how I need sleep for 10 posts. Bye everyone
07:25 <Puddingpower> can someone explain pleas
07:25 <Puddingpower> please
07:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> That awkward moment when you're at the supermarket and you check your phone for 5 seconds and BAAAM you lost your mom
07:26 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
07:26 <Quasimoto Crew> im bout to go to bed cya 2morrow
07:26 <Temmington> i think i found the most bitchy ass bird
07:26 <Temmington>
07:26 <Temmington> LOOK AT THAT THING.
07:26 <Acidpop> if anyone ever asks you what yaoi is just show them this picture
07:26 <MrDark> does this look good to you, Strider?
07:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> LEL what iz dat bird?
07:26 <Princess Platinum> ong
07:27 <MrDark> Sarah the page won't work on my PC
07:27 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
07:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hey guys, how do I screen cap something?
07:27 <Puddingpower> Oh so the cards are for the mods
07:27 <Temmington>
07:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> Cards are for mods only?
07:27 <Puddingpower> Dang it sarah! XD
07:27 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> No.
07:27 <Puddingpower> thats what i guessed
07:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> Sarah omg
07:28 <MrDark> It's for all the staff.
07:28 <Puddingpower> oj
07:28 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
07:28 <Puddingpower> oh
07:28 <MrDark> I PM'd Maria her card, but she ignored my message >_<
07:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh
07:28 <ChaoZStrider> It is all good.
07:28 <ChaoZStrider> I like it.
07:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> So any user can get a card?
07:28 <Temmington> Mi papá tiene 47 años= my dad is 47 years old
07:28 <Temmington> Mi papa tiene 47 anos= my potato has 47 assholes
07:28 <Temmington> Mi Papa tiene 47 anos = My pope has 47 anuses
07:28 <MrDark> Cool beans.
07:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> Just like emotes?
07:28 <Puddingpower> what
07:28 -!- Quasimoto Crew has left Special:Chat.
07:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> Sarah OMG ROFL
07:29 <ChaoZStrider> BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL...fuck you.
07:29 <Puddingpower> wat is wrong with u sarah
07:29 <Temmington>
07:29 <Temmington> everything 
07:29 <Acidpop> would ya believe that these guys are virgins
07:29 <MrDark> xD @Sarah
07:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> @Sarah xD
07:30 <Adam Carl Castillo> Wait... aren't their heads a little too small?
07:30 <Puddingpower> XD *bursts out laughing*
07:30 <Temmington> 
07:31 <Puddingpower> :d
07:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> OMG 
07:31 <Puddingpower> omg
07:31 <Adam Carl Castillo> Teh bebeh is draoning
07:32 <Puddingpower> :D
07:32 <Puddingpower> what is the surprised face again
07:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> D:
07:32 <Adam Carl Castillo>  D :
07:32 <Adam Carl Castillo> without the space
07:32 <Puddingpower> D:
07:33 <Puddingpower> i have been trying to firgure that out for the longest time
07:33 <Puddingpower> figure
07:33 <Temmington>
07:33 <Acidpop> gr8 googly moogly 
07:33 <Puddingpower> How ironic
07:33 <MrDark> Right, I finally made trading cards of all the staff who have posted on the Know Your Staff page.
07:33 <Adam Carl Castillo> LOL
07:34 <Acidpop> what if normal humans looked like this
07:34 <Acidpop> just
07:34 <Acidpop> what if
07:35 <Temmington>
07:35 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
07:35 <HiddenSpirit> XD
07:35 <HiddenSpirit> WTF. XD
07:35 <Puddingpower> Pretty suspicious shrub work
07:35 <MrDark> O mai...
07:35 <HiddenSpirit> That's so weird.
07:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> Sarah OMG xD
07:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> Excuse me while I die of laughter
07:36 <Temmington>
07:36 <Puddingpower> is that a kids book
07:36 <Puddingpower> if so that WAT
07:36 <Acidpop> ur never 2 old 4 yolo
07:36 <Puddingpower> Than
07:37 <Temmington>
07:37 <Puddingpower> Yoyo your on your own
07:37 <HiddenSpirit> XD Sarah.
07:37 <Temmington>
07:37 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
07:37 <Temmington> hELP
07:37 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
07:38 <HiddenSpirit> XD
07:38 <MrDark> Sarah loves her Brokeback Burgers ;)
07:38 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
07:38 <Puddingpower> XD
07:38 <MrDark> imeanwut
07:38 <Temmington>
07:38 <Slender666> I'm back!
07:38 <HiddenSpirit> XDDDD
07:38 <Adam Carl Castillo>
07:39 <Temmington>
07:39 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
07:39 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
07:39 <HiddenSpirit> SARAH
07:39 <Puddingpower> Who started on the  black people like fried chicken thing
07:39 <Acidpop>
07:39 <MrDark> Best GIF ever.
07:40 <Puddingpower> Well LOVE
07:40 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Puddingpower> Fried chicken
07:40 <Temmington> "once in kindergarten a girl asked me to write “super girl” on her arm since i was the only kid who could write so i wrote “shit” on her arm and i hid under the table for like 30 minutes then the teacher found me and yelled at me then called my parents and my dad laughed so hard he cried"
07:40 <Acidpop> I think you can distinguish how different everyone posting links is from one another just by what they're posting
07:40 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
07:41 <Puddingpower> I think im going insane
07:41 <Temmington> No that's called Tumblr.
07:41 <Puddingpower> gone three weeks without sleep and im seeing things
07:41 <Puddingpower> should i be concerned
07:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> No sleep for five days can make you go insane
07:42 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
07:43 <Puddingpower> I cant really stop myself from not sleeping
07:43 <Temmington> I did this
07:43 <Temmington>
07:43 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <Puddingpower>  its just  an instinct
07:43 <Puddingpower> but wow sarah
07:43 <Puddingpower> wow
07:43 <Temmington> I really should have tagged my Missingno posts.
07:44 <Temmington> 
07:44 <Puddingpower> XD
07:44 <Temmington> look at this shit
07:44 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
07:44 <Puddingpower> 8 people on chat including me
07:45 <Puddingpower> 7
07:45 <Puddingpower> 7
07:45 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
07:45 <Puddingpower> This is a quiet chat
07:45 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
07:45 <Princess Platinum> indeed
07:46 <Temmington> nou
07:46 <Puddingpower> funny thing is, im the only one that is not apart of the staff
07:46 <Temmington> ye
07:46 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
07:46 <Puddingpower> oh hi platinum
07:46 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Intense conversation about a VSTF in Community Central Chat, lol.
07:46 <Princess Platinum> bitches
07:47 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
07:47 <Puddingpower> yes, more conversations
07:47 <Temmington> Hiya Acid.
07:47 <Puddingpower> and acidpop
07:47 <Acidpop> I'm back after probably 5 minutes because for some stupid fucking reason I had to log back in
07:47 <Puddingpower> Wow
07:48 <Puddingpower> instinct man
07:48 <Puddingpower> When u stub ur toe u scream like the hulk
07:49 <Puddingpower> or step on a lego
07:49 <Acidpop> my sister showed this to me a while back and i saved the link to it just so i could piss her off later when she would forget about it and about a week ago i showed it to her again and she nearly murdered me
07:49 <Acidpop> I'm laughing now fuc k
07:49 <Puddingpower> Who is that
07:50 <Acidpop> The same guy as the one in my icon, I believe
07:50 <Acidpop> i can't fuckin remember his name now
07:50 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
07:51 <Temmington> I'm thinking about going to bed.
07:51 <Puddingpower> So quite
07:51 <Puddingpower> do whatever u want sarah
07:51 <Puddingpower> its ur decisions
07:52 <Puddingpower> What is the pic for this site supposed to be
07:53 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:53 <Puddingpower> Im so lonely
07:53 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:53 <Temmington> Hi 414.
07:53 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:53 <Puddingpower> hello 
07:53 <41488p> hi Sarah and Pudding
07:53 <Temmington> Maria.
07:53 <41488p> Maria=Princess=Ben=Shining
07:54 <41488p> wtf
07:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai 414
07:54 <41488p> hai Adam
07:54 <Temmington> Bring back those stars next to the mod's names. 
07:54 <41488p> :3
07:54 <Princess Platinum> WHAT
07:54 <41488p> SHINING
07:54 <41488p> THE STARS
07:54 <Temmington> SERIOUSLY.
07:54 <Puddingpower> Hey platinum
07:54 <Temmington> THOSE WERE USEFUL.
07:54 <Temmington> D:
07:54 <41488p> ^
07:54 <Princess Platinum> Nu
07:54 <Puddingpower> d :
07:54 <Temmington> yus
07:54 <41488p> Shining pls
07:54 <41488p> or I'll leave
07:54 <Temmington> Seriously, please?
07:54 <Puddingpower> D :
07:54 <Temmington> .-.
07:54 <Puddingpower> D:
07:55 <Puddingpower> got it right
07:55 <41488p> I've got my cursor over the 'close' button!
07:55 <41488p> jk I actually don't
07:55 <41488p> but still
07:56 <Puddingpower> Lonely, so lonely
07:56 <Puddingpower> no one to chat to
07:56 <41488p> I'm lonely
07:56 <41488p> and crying
07:56 <41488p> no gf :(
07:56 <Puddingpower> going, to get tea
07:56 <Puddingpower> because why the heck not
07:56 <41488p> so lonely :(((
07:56 <Acidpop> this was actually really hard to find
07:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: When Doves Cry - The Artist Formally Known As - Duration: 05:54 - Uploaded: 2012-11-21 - Rating: 4.890767 - Views: 631,771 -
07:57 <Puddingpower> Link posted twice
07:57 <Puddingpower> wut
07:57 <Acidpop> if you're talking about the chatlogger thing I can't control it
07:57 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
07:57 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
07:57 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
07:57 <Acidpop> it does that when you posts youtube videos
07:58 <Puddingpower> Yeah im talking about jesse
07:58 <Acidpop> oh
07:58 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
07:58 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
07:58 <Puddingpower> Hey slendy
07:58 <Temmington> I'm going to bed.
07:58 <Temmington> G'night. 
07:58 <Puddingpower> its very very quiet
07:58 <Slender666> Hey guys
07:58 <Puddingpower>  goodby sarah
07:58 <Adam Carl Castillo> Night Sarah
07:58 <Puddingpower> goodbye
07:58 <MrDark> It's the mornin' here.
07:59 <Puddingpower> goodnight
07:59 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
07:59 <Temmington> And when I wake up Maria have better re-added the stares thing.
07:59 <Temmington> Or shit will go down.
07:59 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:59 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
07:59 <Puddingpower> she will get to it
07:59 <Puddingpower> she wont
08:00 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
08:00 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
08:00 <41488p> fapfafppf
08:00 <Slender666> Anyone can be ma friend
08:00 <Slender666> i gus not
08:00 <41488p> all aboard the frape train
08:00 <41488p> choo choo
08:01 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
08:01 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <Slender666> So quiet...
08:01 <Puddingpower> I ikr
08:01 <Slender666> Hello?
08:01 <MrDark> 414, I made this card for you:
08:01 <Puddingpower> ikr
08:01 <Slender666> Wow
08:01 <41488p> o thx
08:02 <Slender666> Can you make for me
08:02 <Puddingpower> 414 is a staff member
08:02 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
08:02 <Puddingpower> thats cool
08:02 <41488p> omg my attack and defense are like
08:02 <41488p> over 9000
08:02 <Slender666> ok (okay)
08:02 <41488p> I don't really consider VCROC as staff
08:02 <41488p> :/
08:02 <MrDark> lol me neither, but yea.
08:02 <Slender666> (alone) already ;(
08:02 <Puddingpower> No ur not
08:02 <41488p> tbh Subject I didn't really think you were gonna do it XD
08:02 <41488p> but thanks
08:03 <Puddingpower> im just freaking tired
08:03 <MrDark> No problem.
08:03 <Slender666> -_-
08:03 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
08:03 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
08:03 <The-one123> Ok i cant sleep
08:03 <Slender666> lol
08:03 <Acidpop> Are you fucking kidding me?
08:04 <Puddingpower> Hello the one
08:04 <MrDark> Hi the Juan.
08:04 <Acidpop> One of the few Prince songs I can find on YouTube and the video has no sound.
08:04 <The-one123> hello
08:04 <Slender666> hai lo
08:04 <41488p> maybe your speakers are muted, Acid
08:04 <41488p> hai One
08:04 <The-one123> Im in the middle of one of the biggest storms i have ever seen
08:04 <Acidpop> Other people are commenting about it.
08:05 <Puddingpower> I dont like storms
08:05 <Puddingpower> too spooky 4 me
08:05 <Slender666> I'm the...
08:05 <Slender666> ...b@tch
08:05 <Acidpop> What the fuck?
08:05 <The-one123> The thunder is louder then a train and a airplane put together
08:05 <41488p> >train and an airplane put together
08:06 <Acidpop> I doubt he sits on YouTube all day looking for videos of his music to be taken down.
08:06 <41488p> One you haven't seen a storm until you've been to Singapore!
08:06 <Puddingpower> Texas gets worse weather
08:06 <The-one123> this is florida in hurricane season bitch
08:06 <Puddingpower> its 140 degrees durring the day
08:07 <The-one123> a body cant last past 120
08:07 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
08:07 <The-one123> The blood starts to boil
08:07 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
08:07 <The-one123> Which kils you
08:07 <Puddingpower> Global warming, also, we keep alot of fans
08:07 <Puddingpower> alot
08:07 <The-one123> The animals would die to
08:07 <Slender666> lolololol
08:07 <Gothic Demon> I'm back from a very long brb like a few hours ago
08:08 <Slender666> lol
08:08 <The-one123> And so would all plant life and the water would all evaperate
08:08 <Puddingpower> animals? All we got is pets and they stay indoors
08:08 <41488p> oh I'll show you an animal.
08:08 <41488p> *unzips pants*
08:08 <41488p> LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR
08:08 <Gothic Demon> Lol
08:08 <Puddingpower> NOPE
08:08 <Slender666> NP
08:08 <Slender666> whoa
08:08 <41488p> grawwwo
08:08 <MrDark> Fuck dogs.
08:08 <Puddingpower> Im thinking of leaving soon
08:08 <Slender666> why
08:09 <Gothic Demon> I love dogs fucker
08:09 <41488p> fine then, the CATS OF WAR
08:09 <Puddingpower> im a dog person
08:09 <The-one123> 414 aperitly the dogs of war are mini pincers
08:09 <Slender666> ...-_- really
08:09 <Puddingpower> im bored, and im tired
08:09 <41488p> but they're still dogs of war
08:09 <41488p> ;(
08:09 <41488p> woof
08:09 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
08:09 <Slender666> me too
08:09 <41488p> meow
08:09 <41488p> woew
08:09 <Slender666> nyyaaaa
08:09 <Slender666> I'm cat
08:09 <Slender666> nyyaaaa
08:09 <Puddingpower> really wanna finish futurama on netflix
08:09 <Gothic Demon> I hate cats except nyan cat
08:09 <The-one123> its 3:09 am here
08:09 <Puddingpower> me too
08:10 <41488p> 4:10 PM bitches
08:10 <Puddingpower> its 3:010
08:10 <41488p> but soon to be 1:10 AM...
08:10 <Puddingpower> 3:10
08:10 <Slender666> 3:10 PM
08:10 <Puddingpower> see i cant think straight
08:10 <Gothic Demon> 12noon here
08:10 <41488p> everyone can think straight
08:10 <41488p> it's just a matter of how straight you can think
08:10 <Slender666> bored
08:10 <Puddingpower> im too freaking tired
08:10 <Slender666> mai too
08:10 <Gothic Demon> drinkhere drink coffee
08:10 <The-one123> Justin beiber cant think strait
08:10 <Slender666> zzzz
08:11 <Puddingpower> i dont like coffe
08:11 <Slender666> me 2
08:11 <41488p> Justin Beiber isn't even straight 
08:11 <Puddingpower> atleast not hot coffee
08:11 <Gothic Demon> energy drink then
08:11 <41488p> who doesn't like coffee??
08:11 <Slender666> nah
08:11 <Slender666> Me
08:11 <41488p> what's there not to enjoy about coffee?
08:11 <The-one123> Justin beiber is a strait female
08:11 <Puddingpower> i like iced coffe
08:11 <Slender666> I don't like it when it' hot
08:11 <Gothic Demon> ithe I agree
08:11 <41488p> I would make a really racist comment about coffee right now but I'll probably get banned for it
08:11 <Slender666> I like ice coffe
08:11 <The-one123> I cant drink coffee
08:12 <41488p> cold, hot, cool, lukewarm, room-temperature- it's all just AWESOME COFFEE
08:12 <41488p> why, One?
08:12 <The-one123> It makes me get so hyper i go into a state almost as bad as shock
08:12 <41488p> o
08:12 <Acidpop>
08:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Boy Is A Bottom - Duration: 03:46 - Uploaded: 2013-01-28 - Rating: 4.749251 - Views: 9,127,944 -
08:12 <Puddingpower> and i wouldnt be in shape to drive to the store right now to gets some nos or monster
08:12 <Gothic Demon> aww when did lol skeleton come in
08:12 <Puddingpower> a long time ago
08:13 <Slender666> bored...-_-
08:13 <The-one123> I cant drink energy drinks ether
08:13 <The-one123> Same result
08:13 <Gothic Demon> What can u drink
08:13 <The-one123> just more minor
08:13 <The-one123> soda
08:13 <The-one123> And tea
08:13 <The-one123> And water
08:13 <Slender666> bored... >_<
08:13 <Puddingpower> i drink energy drinks but i only drink like a small cup
08:14 <Puddingpower> i like gatorade better though
08:14 <Gothic Demon> whatdrink what about a spoon full  of sugar
08:14 <Slender666> Drink sh!t
08:14 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
08:14 <41488p> oh I'll show you what you can drink
08:14 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
08:15 <41488p> *unzips pants*
08:15 <Gothic Demon> Gross 
08:15 <The-one123> i was sad yesterday / today depending on where you are. But now i am not feeling anything
08:15 <Puddingpower> 414 stop bieng a perv
08:15 <41488p> :)
08:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> high higher... wiz khalifa
08:15 <41488p> you can't change what you are!
08:15 <The-one123> hello adam
08:15 <41488p> *stalks*
08:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai The-one
08:15 <Puddingpower> adam
08:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> yes pudding?
08:15 <Puddingpower> hi
08:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hahaha hi
08:16 <Puddingpower> im so tired roght now
08:16 <41488p> hi
08:16 <Puddingpower>  right
08:16 <41488p> well then listen to what Jeff says
08:16 <Gothic Demon> -turns into slenderman-
08:16 <41488p> "Go to sleep."
08:16 <41488p> fuck goddammit Gothic!!
08:16 <The-one123> adam do you got a cure for sadness , sadness about nort being able to talk to the most important person in your life
08:16 <Puddingpower> i dont want to though
08:17 <Adam Carl Castillo> How do monsters like their eggs in the morning?
08:17 <Gothic Demon> -snaps 414s neck-
08:17 <Adam Carl Castillo> Terrifried
08:17 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Creepypasta wiki is ranked 22.
08:17 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Good job guys!
08:17 <Lelouch Di Britannia>
08:17 <Gothic Demon> really
08:17 <Gothic Demon> Awesome
08:18 <Puddingpower> 8 people on right now
08:18 <The-one123> i wish ot was ranked #1
08:18 <Puddingpower> yeah
08:18 <The-one123> Adam do you know the answer to the question i asked
08:18 <Gothic Demon> Mlp is more populaf
08:18 <41488p> yaaay!!
08:18 <41488p> CP's #22!!
08:18 <Puddingpower> im going to sleep in a little bit
08:18 <Gothic Demon> Ill cal jeff
08:18 <Puddingpower> when it hits 3:30 im out
08:19 <41488p> wow so apparently a Chinese wiki is the 'top' wiki
08:19 <41488p> oh, Asians
08:19 <Gothic Demon> Is Russia Asian or European country btw
08:19 <Puddingpower> Ill be leaving the wiki
08:20 <Puddingpower> but not going to sleep
08:20 <The-one123> Asia
08:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm asian
08:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> south-east
08:20 <The-one123> im part
08:20 <Puddingpower> ooooooh
08:20 <41488p> I think Europe, Gothic
08:20 <Puddingpower> im part hispanic
08:20 <41488p> I'm Asian too
08:20 <Puddingpower> spanish
08:20 <The-one123> Im part russian and chinese
08:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm Filipino
08:21 <Gothic Demon> In American and japanese
08:21 <Puddingpower> ill come back on if i want to
08:21 <Gothic Demon> but mostly american
08:21 <41488p> I'm also part horny
08:21 <The-one123> Im mostly russian but i have many , many ethnicitys in my blood
08:22 <41488p> :E
08:22 <The-one123> the biggest is russian
08:22 <41488p> that's pretty cool, One
08:22 <Puddingpower> i heard russians are really tough
08:22 <41488p> I've been to Russia
08:22 <41488p> awesome food
08:22 <The-one123> im everything but black and indian
08:22 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has left Special:Chat.
08:22 <41488p> and women
08:22 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm Filipino-Spanish
08:22 <Gothic Demon> Yuri is something else in Japanese btw
08:22 <Puddingpower> lesbo
08:22 <The-one123> i get my fighting skills and stuff from my russian and chinese sides
08:22 <Gothic Demon> corect
08:23 <41488p> studying skills?
08:23 <Gothic Demon> I know aikido
08:23 <Puddingpower> i read that a long time ago
08:23 <41488p> well I guess the stereotypes are right because I'm Chinese and I get all A's XD
08:23 <The-one123> No , im not to good at math , i skipped out on that skill lol
08:23 <Puddingpower> me either
08:24 <Puddingpower> that or i just pay attention
08:24 <Gothic Demon> stop bragging about As I hate as
08:24 <Puddingpower> dont
08:24 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
08:24 <The-one123> I am a amazing fighter though , my russian side makes me kick ass when i get mad
08:24 <Puddingpower> hello gramma
08:24 <Grammatik> Hi.
08:24 <41488p> hahahah
08:24 <MrDark> Wow I'm bored as hell.
08:24 <41488p> ohai Gram
08:24 <41488p> fap, Subject.
08:24 <Gothic Demon> the one you a dude btw
08:24 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
08:24 <41488p> btw how can you be bored?
08:24 <Puddingpower> yeah im leaving pretty soon
08:24 <The-one123> yes im a dude
08:24 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
08:24 <MrDark> Fuck up, 414
08:25 <41488p> you live in the country of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY
08:25 <41488p> GAWD
08:25 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
08:25 <41488p> guys selfie time
08:25 <The-one123> my name is code for NEO
08:25 <41488p> this is me playing tennis
08:25 <41488p> omai
08:25 <The-one123> get the reference or gtfo
08:25 <The-one123> lol
08:26 <Gothic Demon> *breaks everyone's bones in chat*
08:26 <41488p> I'm so hawt
08:26 <Puddingpower> How do i tennis
08:26 <Acidpop> yiff
08:26 <41488p> you must follow these steps carefully
08:26 <41488p> 1. tennis
08:26 <41488p> 2. tennis
08:26 <41488p> 3. ???
08:26 <41488p> 4. TENNIS PROFIT! 1111
08:26 <Puddingpower> bery descriptive
08:26 <The-one123> Pudding you stick the racket as far up your ass as possible
08:26 <The-one123> The farthest wins
08:27 <Gothic Demon> lol
08:27 <The-one123> 414 wins alot
08:27 <Puddingpower> Ill tell my friend that is a girl to do that
08:27 <Puddingpower> wow XD
08:27 <The-one123> Haha
08:27 <Gothic Demon> exactly puddin
08:27 <Gothic Demon> lol
08:27 <The-one123> who else bets she slaps him or runs away
08:27 <Gothic Demon> herp
08:28 <Gothic Demon> idk
08:28 <The-one123> or yes rape
08:28 <Puddingpower> She will probably kill me
08:28 <The-one123> Yels
08:28 <The-one123> yells
08:28 <Puddingpower> beat me with the racket
08:28 <The-one123> stupid tablet
08:28 <Gothic Demon> more of like kick my balls
08:28 <MrDark> !updatelogS HOLYSHITWTF
08:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> MrDark: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 165 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
08:28 <The-one123> You like the pain
08:28 <Puddingpower> that freaking hurts
08:29 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
08:29 <The-one123> in tennis you dont kick the balls you hit them as hard as you can to the other side of the court
08:29 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
08:29 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
08:29 <Puddingpower> in jurassic park the game the protagonist almost got his nuts bit off by a dino
08:30 <The-one123> Im funny when im tired
08:30 <Puddingpower> Im funny all the time
08:30 <Puddingpower> lol jk
08:30 <Puddingpower> Sometimes
08:30 <The-one123> Same , butt funnier when tired
08:30 -!- Acidpop has left Special:Chat.
08:30 <The-one123> i cant control what i say
08:30 <Puddingpower> Exactly
08:30 <The-one123> Or type
08:30 <Puddingpower> lol
08:31 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
08:31 <The-one123> so beware, your in for a scare
08:31 <The-one123> lol
08:31 <Puddingpower> im leaving
08:31 <Puddingpower> bye
08:31 <Gothic Demon> This chat is being monitored
08:31 <The-one123> Bye
08:31 <Gothic Demon> bye
08:31 <Puddingpower> i barely knew any of you
08:31 <The-one123> who watchs goosebumps
08:31 <Puddingpower> jk
08:31 <Puddingpower> bye
08:32 <The-one123> i read them all
08:32 <The-one123> but who watchs them
08:32 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
08:32 <The-one123> The theme creeped me out
08:32 <Gothic Demon> Brb
08:33 <The-one123> slow chat
08:33 <Gothic Demon> dds
08:33 <Gothic Demon> s
08:33 <Gothic Demon> ss
08:33 <Gothic Demon> s
08:33 <Gothic Demon> s
08:33 <Gothic Demon> s
08:33 <The-one123> spam
08:33 -!- Gothic Demon was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
08:33 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
08:33 <The-one123> haha
08:33 <MrDark> Spammah
08:33 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
08:34 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has joined Special:Chat
08:34 <The-one123> I see you changed your name subject
08:34 <The-one123> why
08:34 <Gothic Demon> Who
08:34 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Wow
08:34 <Gothic Demon> w
08:34 <Gothic Demon> d
08:34 <Gothic Demon> a
08:34 <Gothic Demon> c
08:34 <MrDark> I dunno, I just thought this was a better name.
08:34 <Gothic Demon> d
08:34 -!- Gothic Demon was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
08:34 <Gothic Demon> c
08:34 <Gothic Demon> a
08:34 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
08:34 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> There's only a chatters here now.
08:34 <The-one123> He needs a bann
08:35 <MrDark> Next time it IS a ban.
08:35 <The-one123> Repeated offence
08:35 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> An hour ago you had to scroll to see all the users.
08:36 <The-one123> i know the rules like the back of my hand , i read them 10 times , i need a knolege of them to become a mod
08:36 <41488p> what if I don't know the back of my hand
08:36 <41488p> HMMM
08:36 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:36 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
08:36 <The-one123> Thats you not me
08:36 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> /me hands 41488p a book about the back of one's hand.
08:36 <Mr.1up-Mushroom> Here ya go.
08:36 <The-one123> i am a stickler for rules
08:36 <41488p> fuck
08:36 <41488p> :(
08:37 <41488p> wait a second
08:37 <41488p> #yolo
08:37 <41488p> hm.
08:37 <Slender666> What...Did i miss
08:37 <41488p> At McMain Magnet School, Carter was an honor student, but he dropped out at the age of 14 to focus on a musical career.
08:37 <41488p> Holy shit Lil Wayne was an honors student
08:37 <41488p> hoooly shit
08:38 <The-one123> Nothing
08:38 <41488p> ^
08:38 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
08:38 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
08:38 <Slender666> ok
08:38 <The-one123> ok my tablet is about to die
08:38 <The-one123> so i gtg 
08:38 <Slender666> lol
08:39 <The-one123> be back in about 7 to 10 hours.
08:39 -!- Mr.1up-Mushroom has left Special:Chat.
08:39 <The-one123> Bye bye
08:40 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
08:40 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yeah I have to go as well
08:41 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
08:42 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
08:43 <Pramirez351> ...
08:43 <Pramirez351> hai guys
08:44 <MrDark> Hai
08:44 <Pramirez351> how you doin subject? :P
08:45 <MrDark> Good.
08:45 <Pramirez351> hahah good to hear xD so what you up to?
08:45 <MrDark> Editing my wiki.
08:45 <Pramirez351> hahaha what is your wiki about?
08:46 <MrDark> Retro games.
08:46 <Pramirez351> oh thats pretty awesome subject :P
08:46 <Pramirez351> so do you get on a lot at this time?
08:47 <MrDark> No, not really.
08:47 <Pramirez351> what is the special occasion?
08:48 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:48 <MrDark> I'm just bored and up early.
08:48 <MrDark> Hi Maria.
08:49 <Pramirez351> hahaha hai ben :P
08:49 <Pramirez351> also what time is it over there subject?
08:50 <Pramirez351> ...
08:51 <MrDark> It's almost 11 AM now, but I got up at 7 AM.
08:51 <Pramirez351> 0_0 its going to be 2 am over here xD
08:52 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:52 <Pramirez351> im so tired...but i wanna do something in chat
08:54 <41488p> 2 am and you're tired??
08:54 <41488p> WEAK!
08:54 <41488p> o shit ded chet
08:55 <41488p> bai
08:55 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD i have been sleeping at 12 am and waking up at 6 am for...all summer
08:55 <41488p>  nvm
08:55 <41488p> ok
08:55 <Pramirez351> and ive had about 4 weeks of summer so IM TIRED D:
08:55 <Pramirez351> xD
08:55 <41488p> well I've gtg anyways
08:55 <41488p> so
08:55 <41488p> bai
08:55 <Pramirez351> oh ok bye 414
08:55 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:55 <Pramirez351> (h)
08:58 -!- Falexander200 has joined Special:Chat
08:58 <MrDark> Hi there.
08:58 -!- MostlyGiraffe has joined Special:Chat
08:59 <Falexander200> ive just been looking at jeff the killers story gave me the shivers is this guy actually real?
08:59 <MrDark> No.
08:59 <MostlyGiraffe> Sup guys
08:59 <MrDark> Hi.
08:59 <MostlyGiraffe> 3a.m. >.<
08:59 <Falexander200> So the story about the boy who got attacked is fake?
08:59 <Pramirez351> also the story is not real xD
08:59 <Pramirez351> no it isnt
09:00 <MrDark> All Creepypastas are fake.
09:00 -!- Big-Macintosh has joined Special:Chat
09:00 <MrDark> Hi Mac.
09:00 <MostlyGiraffe> im actually writting mine now
09:01 <Pramirez351> not ALL of them subject :P
09:01 <Big-Macintosh> I watched My Grandfather Karl a few days ago
09:01 <Falexander200> well that ruined my childhood ive been looking at this since i was 10 and thought these storys were real im and idiot
09:01 <MrDark> Name one that ISN'T fake.
09:01 <Big-Macintosh> Now I want to learn how to speak German
09:01 <Pramirez351> just like 10 percent are true :P
09:01 <Big-Macintosh> It sounds so cool
09:01 <Pramirez351> [[Grandpa's Tale]]
09:01 <MostlyGiraffe> mabye 15%
09:01 <Slender666> b'b
09:01 -!- Big-Macintosh has left Special:Chat.
09:01 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
09:01 <Pramirez351> also shinigaming's ritual pastas are usually real
09:01 <MrDark> Do you have proof it is real?
09:02 <Pramirez351> also hai adam
09:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Pramz
09:02 <MostlyGiraffe> do you have proof its fake?
09:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> what's going on?
09:02 -!- Big-Macintosh has joined Special:Chat
09:02 <Pramirez351> and yes i do have proof subject xD go to México to visit my grandpa. he will tell you as well as i the same story
09:02 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
09:02 <Falexander200> em what about the ash in a coma theory that ruined my childhood i used to play pokemon on my old gameboy
09:02 <Puddingpower> Hello
09:03 <Puddingpower> i am back
09:03 <MrDark> I DO have proof it's fake: it's on a site about fake stories @Mostly
09:03 <Big-Macintosh> How tall is slenderman exactly in videos?
09:03 <MrDark> If it's real, then it's not a Creepypasta.
09:03 <Big-Macintosh> like, 6' 1?
09:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> wait I 'ave no clue what's going on...
09:03 <Puddingpower> i just got on
09:03 <Falexander200> tell me about the ash in a coma theory
09:04 -!- Big-Macintosh has left Special:Chat.
09:04 <Pramirez351> haahah we are debating on whether some creepypastas are real or not adam
09:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> Slendy... a 6 footer... so i'll be around... his shoulders
09:04 -!- MostlyGiraffe has left Special:Chat.
09:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> no maybe arm
09:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> No really I don't know
09:05 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
09:05 <Falexander200> does anyone know anything about the ash in a coma theory?
09:05 -!- Ralphieman172 has joined Special:Chat
09:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> Never heard of it... Have no intention of knowing
09:06 <Falexander200> ruined my childhood!
09:06 <Ralphieman172> lol
09:06 -!- Falexander200 has left Special:Chat.
09:06 <Pramirez351> are very gullible then falex
09:06 <Ralphieman172> lol
09:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Wait debating whether creepypastas are real or fake? I would say 90% is fake and only 10% are real
09:07 <Ralphieman172> Yeah.
09:07 <Ralphieman172> the ones that may be real would possibly be the least scary.
09:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> since most stories here are made up... 
09:07 <Ralphieman172> It is a place for fictional stories
09:08 <Puddingpower> The fake ones scare you the most
09:08 <Ralphieman172> yeah... like Jeff The Killer
09:08 <Ralphieman172> *shivers*
09:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> Jeff was only scary for a few days to me... like 2 or 3
09:09 <Pramirez351> hey ralphieman, would you mind reading my pasta?
09:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> then it just sorta vanished
09:09 <Pramirez351> hahaha exactamundo adam xD
09:09 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
09:10 <Ralphieman172> sure
09:10 <Ralphieman172> brb
09:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> I hate my pasta
09:10 <Puddingpower> Lemme check
09:11 <Pramirez351> D:
09:11 <Pramirez351> tell me when you back ralphieman
09:11 <Pramirez351> so what you up to adam?
09:12 <Adam Carl Castillo>  about to leave :( real soon... my mom's gonna use the laptop
09:12 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> like right now
09:12 <Pramirez351> oh ok bye adams
09:12 <Pramirez351> stay awesome
09:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> I just hate it when people interrupt me while I'm using the laptop >.<
09:13 <Princess Platinum> t
09:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bye bye pramz. Keep ROCKIN'!!!
09:13 <Pramirez351> hahaha oki :P
09:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> And hai Princess
09:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh
09:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> wait
09:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hahaha okiee bye now :D
09:13 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
09:13 <Ralphieman172> seeya
09:14 <Ralphieman172> hey pramirez351, I am back
09:14 <Pramirez351> wb
09:15 <Pramirez351> also my pasta is [[Grandpa's Tale]]
09:15 <Ralphieman172> Yeah, I read that one
09:15 <Ralphieman172> Pretty good
09:16 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:16 <Puddingpower> Princess platinum
09:16 <Puddingpower> hi
09:16 <Pramirez351> hahaha that one is real ralphieman xD
09:16 <Ralphieman172> EPIC
09:16 <Ralphieman172> Who was it?
09:17 <Ralphieman172> The man*
09:17 <Pramirez351> the man? in the black suit?
09:17 <Ralphieman172> YEah
09:17 <Pramirez351> he was...either a demon or the devil
09:18 <Ralphieman172> Ahh. That makes sense
09:18 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
09:18 <Pramirez351> yeah thats why he left a smell of sulfur
09:18 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
09:18 <Ralphieman172> YEah
09:18 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
09:19 <Ralphieman172> What do you reckon is the most scariest creepypasta?
09:19 <MrDark> I know the worst pasta, but not the best.
09:19 <Ralphieman172> okay...\
09:20 <MrDark> The worst pasta is [[Sonic.exe|SAHNIC.jpg]]
09:20 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
09:20 <Ralphieman172> I red that one today
09:20 <Ralphieman172> read*
09:20 <Ralphieman172> Pretty creepy
09:21 <MrDark> No it is not.
09:21 <MrDark> It is horrible.
09:21 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
09:21 <MrDark> What's scary about it?
09:21 <Pramirez351> i think he may be sarcastic subject
09:21 <Pramirez351> i hope he is :P
09:22 <MrDark> Tell me the scary part.
09:22 <Ralphieman172> I was being sarcastic.
09:22 <Pramirez351> calm down subject xD
09:22 <Pramirez351> its late man :P go to sleepy time
09:22 <MrDark> I was practically asking every idiot who DOES think it's scary.
09:23 <MrDark> It's not late here, it's almost half past 11 AM.
09:23 <Ralphieman172> MrDark, which creepypasta is the scariest then?
09:23 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
09:23 <MrDark> The scariest, I dunno.
09:23 <Ralphieman172> I'm new here and have only read a couple
09:23 <MrDark> There are alot of good pastas out there.
09:24 <MrDark> But there's way more shitty ones than actual passable ones.
09:24 <Pramirez351> well my favorite pasta is [[White with Red]]
09:25 <MrDark> I'm going now.
09:25 <MrDark> Bai all.
09:25 -!- MrDark has left Special:Chat.
09:25 <Pramirez351> bye subject
09:26 <Ralphieman172> White with red is pretty creepy
09:26 <Ralphieman172> just read it
09:28 <Pramirez351> hahaha good :P
09:28 <Pramirez351> its pretty awesome :P
09:29 <Pramirez351> welp imma go now 
09:30 <Pramirez351> bye guys
09:30 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
09:32 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
09:32 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
09:32 <Ralphieman172> sooo...
09:33 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
09:33 <Ralphieman172> Anyone got some particularaly creepypastas?
09:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
09:33 <Ralphieman172> Hi
09:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
09:34 <Ralphieman172> pretty good
09:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good
09:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> You up to much?
09:34 <Ralphieman172> not really.School holidays just started :D
09:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Fair enough
09:35 <Ralphieman172> Do you know any creepypastas that are good?
09:35 <Ralphieman172> or pastas
09:36 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:36 <Ralphieman172> sup
09:36 <CrashingCymbal> Hai guize
09:36 <Ralphieman172> sup
09:37 <Ralphieman172> do you know any pastas?
09:37 <Ralphieman172> that are good
09:37 <CrashingCymbal> Nothing much,and you?
09:37 <Ralphieman172> not much
09:37 <CrashingCymbal> Uhhh, you mean like obscure pastas?
09:37 <Ralphieman172> yeah
09:37 <CrashingCymbal> [[A Strange Might in the City of Angels]]
09:38 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
09:38 <Ralphieman172> k
09:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym
09:38 <CrashingCymbal> [[A Strange Night in the City of Angels]]
09:38 <CrashingCymbal> ^ That's the correct link
09:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym (fail) already :P
09:38 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zack! :)
09:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> I feel great! And you? :P
09:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good. I feel hungover
09:41 -!- Ralphieman172 has left Special:Chat.
09:42 <CrashingCymbal> Hop you are feeling etter than you were last night.
09:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not that much but I'll live lol
09:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have more important shit to worry about
09:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Anyways Cym... How is your collab pasta coming?
09:45 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't heard anything from ChaoZ yet
09:45 <CrashingCymbal> I'm hoping he'll finish up soon.
09:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Are you doing half and he doing half or something?
09:46 -!- Ralphieman172 has joined Special:Chat
09:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Welcome back Ralph
09:46 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah that's it
09:46 <Ralphieman172> sup
09:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ah I see. That's fair enough then
09:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ralph are you new here?
09:47 -!- Ralphieman172 has left Special:Chat.
09:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, you and I should make a collab eventually :P
09:48 <CrashingCymbal> I shall keep that in mind
09:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not right now though. When I get good enough at pasta writing... So after I achieve that 9+ :P
09:50 <CrashingCymbal> Gotcha!
09:50 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
09:51 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
09:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I am determinded to get the 9+ :). Even if it takes me months or years... A goal is something to reach for, if gives you reason and the need to try, the room for improvement
09:51 -!- CreepTheSlendy has joined Special:Chat
09:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Slendy
09:51 <CreepTheSlendy> look at my creepy pasta
09:52 -!- CreepTheSlendy has left Special:Chat.
09:52 -!- CreepTheSlendy has joined Special:Chat
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> Well, it's really just my opinion... you don't have to take it so seriously haha
09:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I know mate but you're a good judge and a great writer... Getting approval from a great writer is a massive confidence boost for writers xD
09:56 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
09:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Slendy, want a link to a great pasta?
09:56 <Ozank> lol
09:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Ozank
09:57 <Ozank> hi
09:57 <CrashingCymbal> Well, fair enough I guess, I won't complain about the compliment
09:57 <CrashingCymbal> :P
09:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Best not ;)
09:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And how are you Ozank?
09:59 <CrashingCymbal> Haha not at all! :D
09:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> @Cym: Bitch, suddup and take my compliment :P
09:59 <Ozank> i'm good :)
09:59 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
09:59 <CrashingCymbal> (okay)
10:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The feeling you get when talking to a hot girl who doesn't take the compliment xD
10:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have a busy weekend this weekend lol
10:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Having a doctor who marathon :P
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> Awesome.
10:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah haha. Need to watch the other versions though, were it's black and white, all original 8 doctors xD
10:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Can't find them anywhere though
10:13 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
10:14 <Slender666> ...
10:14 <Slender666> Hello?
10:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
10:14 <Slender666> Hai
10:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
10:15 <Slender666> Bored...
10:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Same lol
10:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I might start working on a new pasta
10:20 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:20 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <CrashingCymbal> (ded) chatz
10:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> A bit yeah
10:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We need more people lol
10:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have to go for a bit, laters
10:26 <CreepTheSlendy> hello im back
10:27 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Josh!
10:27 <CreepTheSlendy> yes i want a linh
10:27 <CreepTheSlendy> link*
10:28 <CreepTheSlendy> read my creepypasta i need an opinion
10:28 -!- CreepTheSlendy has left Special:Chat.
10:28 -!- CreepTheSlendy has joined Special:Chat
10:28 -!- CreepTheSlendy has left Special:Chat.
10:29 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
10:42 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
10:43 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Beaver!
10:43 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
10:50 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
10:51 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
10:52 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
11:03 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
11:04 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
11:07 -!- Conrad Sharpe has joined Special:Chat
11:08 -!- Conrad Sharpe has left Special:Chat.
11:08 -!- SurgicalMaskedStacy has joined Special:Chat
11:08 -!- Conrad Sharpe has joined Special:Chat
11:10 -!- SurgicalMaskedStacy has left Special:Chat.
11:10 -!- SurgicalMaskedStacy has joined Special:Chat
11:11 -!- SurgicalMaskedStacy has left Special:Chat.
11:18 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
11:18 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
11:19 <Gothic Demon> Yolo
11:19 <Gothic Demon> And I apologise for spam
11:19 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <Gothic Demon> ...
11:20 <Child Of Mantra> Hay peeps.
11:20 <Gothic Demon> Why so silent
11:20 <Child Of Mantra> I guess chat is dead, that's why.
11:21 <Gothic Demon> Look if its the spam earlier I'm sorry
11:21 <Ednoahjones> Buckets
11:22 <Gothic Demon> Is chat dead 
11:23 <Child Of Mantra> Chat Is Dead! da dununu dadununa dadununun
11:23 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
11:24 <Child Of Mantra> Sorry i read that in this tone
11:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 'God Is Dead?' by Black Sabbath - Duration: 08:52 - Uploaded: 2013-04-18 - Rating: 4.899285 - Views: 3,045,679 -
11:27 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
11:27 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
11:28 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
11:28 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
11:29 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
11:29 -!- AmbersStoryTime has joined Special:Chat
11:30 <AmbersStoryTime> hello. i'm new here.
11:32 <Child Of Mantra> Welcome to the wiki/chat!
11:32 <AmbersStoryTime> thanks Child Of Mantra
11:32 <Child Of Mantra> please read the rules and if you have any questions you could ask me or one of the mods/admins on this chat.
11:33 <AmbersStoryTime> ok
11:36 <AmbersStoryTime> oh thats right i came here to say something about MrCreepsPastaJr he told me to tell you all that his not going on chat anymore. 
11:36 <Ednoahjones> why not?
11:37 <AmbersStoryTime> He got into a bad car reck
11:37 <Ednoahjones> oh shit is he ok?
11:37 <Child Of Mantra> Damn, that sucks.
11:37 <Child Of Mantra> Is he okay?
11:38 <AmbersStoryTime> no He can't move a single finger
11:38 <AmbersStoryTime> can't move at all
11:39 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
11:39 <Child Of Mantra> Poor guy, i hope he makes through it alright though.
11:39 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Crash.
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> Hai hai
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> !update logs
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
11:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 22 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> :D
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> !seen Child Of Mantra
11:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Child Of Mantra at June 29 2013, 11:39 (GMT)
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> What the bullocks does Updatelogs do?
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> wtf
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Updates the logs :P
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> And what was that?
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Jesse is stalking you
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> ooh
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> !seen intelligence 
11:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen intelligence  since I have been here!
11:40 <Ednoahjones> thats cool.
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Lolol
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> Awesome
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> No wait
11:40 <Ednoahjones> use logic
11:40 <Child Of Mantra> !seen virginity
11:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen virginity since I have been here!
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> !intellegent life
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
11:41 <Child Of Mantra> !seen virgins
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen virgins since I have been here!
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> !seen intelligent life
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen intelligent life since I have been here!
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
11:41 <Child Of Mantra> Damn, now i can't sacrifice virgins
11:41 <Ednoahjones> !seen Logic
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Logic since I have been here!
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> :(
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> You sure haven't!
11:41 <Ednoahjones> yeah, cause Skelly banned logic
11:41 <Child Of Mantra> Oh yeah, logic
11:42 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, ping me if you need me
11:42 <AmbersStoryTime> Oh if someone is still on when Pram is on can you tell him.
11:42 <CrashingCymbal> inb4 getting pingd a fuckload
11:42 <Child Of Mantra> Sticky Paddle is reccomended
11:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Creepy Gaming MINECRAFT Herobrine & Friends - Duration: 16:01 - Uploaded: 2013-06-29 - Rating: 4.931035 - Views: 1,781 -
11:42 <Child Of Mantra> Crash, how long are you in the writing?
11:42 <Child Of Mantra> Also that joke is old now.
11:42 <Ednoahjones> !seen hope for humanity
11:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen hope for humanity since I have been here!
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> Uhhh, well my bit took a few days, but Chao has been working now for around 5 days I think :P
11:43 <AmbersStoryTime> brb
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> He says he has some done, but he said that a good few days ago if I remember correctly
11:44 <AmbersStoryTime> I'm back
11:44 -!- AmbersStoryTime has left Special:Chat.
11:48 -!- Autumoasis has joined Special:Chat
11:48 <Autumoasis> hello everyone
11:48 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
11:48 <Ednoahjones> and i'm offically back for reals.
11:48 <Ednoahjones> got that uhh.... Pail filled
11:49 <Autumoasis> could so,mone link th echat rules please?
11:49 <Autumoasis> the*
11:49 <Child Of Mantra>
11:49 <Child Of Mantra> Here you go.
11:50 <Ednoahjones> !seen Anna Monroe
11:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Anna Monroe since I have been here!
11:50 <Ednoahjones> it only counts since it was here currently doesn't it?
11:50 <Child Of Mantra> I believe so.
11:50 -!- Autumoasis has left Special:Chat.
11:50 <Ednoahjones> k then,
11:50 <Ednoahjones> !seen Ednoah's hotass
11:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Ednoah's hotass since I have been here!
11:51 <Ednoahjones> and you never will.
11:51 <Child Of Mantra> Because he doesn't have one.
11:51 <Ednoahjones> ...
11:51 <Ednoahjones> it hurts because its true..
11:52 <Ednoahjones> (foreveralone)
11:53 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
11:53 <Slendercat> hi
11:53 <Ednoahjones> yo
11:54 <Slendercat>  how many people r here
11:54 <Child Of Mantra> brb
11:54 <Slendercat> ...
11:56 <Ednoahjones> not very.
11:56 <Ednoahjones> !seen any people
11:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any people since I have been here!
11:56 <Slendercat> same
11:57 <Ednoahjones> !seen a hope for your survival.
11:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a hope for your survival. since I have been here!
11:58 <Slendercat> why are you copying everything he says
11:58 <Ednoahjones> !seen an ounce of intelligence in your brain
11:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen an ounce of intelligence in your brain since I have been here!
11:59 <Child Of Mantra> I am back.
11:59 <Ednoahjones> !seen any in noahs brain either
11:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any in noahs brain either since I have been here!
11:59 <Slendercat> i did not know u were gone
11:59 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
12:00 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has joined Special:Chat
12:00 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
12:00 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <Ednoahjones> !seen Deahgirl12
12:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Deahgirl12 since I have been here!
12:01 <Ednoahjones> well then she didn't stalk us tonight then.
12:01 <Child Of Mantra> !seen slendercat
12:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw slendercat at June 29 2013, 11:59 (GMT)
12:01 <Ednoahjones> !seen mantra's momma
12:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen mantra's momma since I have been here!
12:02 <Child Of Mantra> neither have i.
12:03 <Ednoahjones> !seen Diamondzarebright
12:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Diamondzarebright at June 29 2013, 03:14 (GMT)
12:03 <Ednoahjones> !seen penis
12:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen penis since I have been here!
12:03 <Ednoahjones> hehe..
12:03 <Child Of Mantra> !Seen Child Of Mantra
12:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Child Of Mantra at June 29 2013, 12:03 (GMT)
12:04 <Child Of Mantra> Ah +0 GMT
12:04 <Slender666> hello?
12:04 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
12:04 <Slender666> Anyone?
12:04 <Ednoahjones> !seen freddie mercury
12:04 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen freddie mercury since I have been here!
12:04 <Ednoahjones> neither have i...
12:05 <Slender666> !seen LOLSKELETONS
12:05 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LOLSKELETONS at June 29 2013, 05:08 (GMT)
12:06 <Ednoahjones> !seen eyelesskarkat
12:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen eyelesskarkat since I have been here!
12:06 <Ednoahjones> shit..
12:06 <Slender666> !seen Dervall
12:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Dervall at June 29 2013, 06:54 (GMT)
12:06 <Slender666> ok
12:07 <Slender666> Hmm
12:07 <Slender666> !seen Slender666
12:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Slender666 at June 29 2013, 12:07 (GMT)
12:07 <Ednoahjones> !seen dempugs
12:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen dempugs since I have been here!
12:07 <Slender666> lol
12:07 <Ednoahjones> !seen a jizz mopper
12:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a jizz mopper since I have been here!
12:07 <Slender666> !seen me
12:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen me since I have been here!
12:07 <Slender666> lol
12:07 <Child Of Mantra> !seen Fuck you jesse you suck
12:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Fuck you jesse you suck since I have been here!
12:08 <Ednoahjones> !seen my own
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my own since I have been here!
12:08 <Child Of Mantra> !seen since I have been here!
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen since I have been here! since I have been here!
12:08 <Ednoahjones> !seen my own penis
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my own penis since I have been here!
12:08 <Slender666> lol
12:08 <Slender666> !seen nothing
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen nothing since I have been here!
12:08 <Ednoahjones> well then why not whip it out?
12:08 <Ednoahjones> !seen any reason to whip my penis out
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any reason to whip my penis out since I have been here!
12:08 <Slender666> !seen you
12:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen you since I have been here!
12:09 <Child Of Mantra> I have a feeling that Ben will be pissed off because we tinker with the bot
12:09 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, enough is enough peeps :P
12:09 <Slender666> !seen BEN
12:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen BEN since I have been here!
12:09 <CrashingCymbal> Okay, stop now please, it's getting annoying
12:09 <Slender666> Hmm CleverBot
12:09 -!- Ztrain has joined Special:Chat
12:10 <Slender666> Hai
12:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Train
12:10 <Ztrain> 'Yello!
12:10 <Child Of Mantra> Hai
12:10 <Slender666> 10 chats,2 aways
12:10 <Slender666> bored
12:10 <Ednoahjones> brb i gotta shit
12:11 <Slender666> l
12:11 <Slender666> o
12:11 <Slender666> l
12:11 <Slender666> nothing new
12:11 <Child Of Mantra> I wish !seen would work for every user
12:11 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
12:11 <Child Of Mantra> So we could see when our old friends left.
12:12 <Slender666> Hai
12:12 <CrashingCymbal> WB Beaver
12:12 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
12:12 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
12:12 <Child Of Mantra> "Do you like purple bubblegum chocolate?
12:12 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, cold
12:12 <Child Of Mantra> is what i remember me saying to a guy i beat up in my dream.
12:12 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
12:12 <Freddy krueger> Hello there
12:13 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
12:13 <Freddy krueger> Crashing ,Do you know the exorcist 1 ?
12:13 <Child Of Mantra> Who doesn't?
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> I am familiar with it, yes :P
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> Haha
12:15 -!- Bushcraft Medic has joined Special:Chat
12:15 <Child Of Mantra> Hai bushy.
12:15 <Bushcraft Medic> Hey.
12:15 <Freddy krueger> Do you like it ?
12:15 <Freddy krueger> Hello bush
12:15 <Bushcraft Medic> Well my 90 odd aunt died today.
12:15 <Freddy krueger> Bad to know 
12:15 <Child Of Mantra> I'm sorry to hear that.
12:16 <Bushcraft Medic> These things seem to happen only in summer. 
12:16 <Bushcraft Medic> Or rather, the start of summer. 
12:16 <CrashingCymbal> 90 odd is a great age
12:17 <CrashingCymbal> Most of my relatives die late 70's/early 80's
12:17 <Bushcraft Medic> I suppose, considering she's lived in London for most her life.
12:18 <CrashingCymbal> I'm gonna go to the shop, back in a few minutes guys! :)
12:18 <Freddy krueger> Okay
12:20 <Bushcraft Medic> Right, I better get some things sorted, cya all soon!
12:20 -!- Bushcraft Medic has left Special:Chat.
12:22 <Child Of Mantra> I should go get me some shiet as well.
12:23 <Child Of Mantra> Along with Aspirin
12:23 <Freddy krueger> Do you think demons based movies from 70's make success or fail ?
12:23 -!- InTheNightlyGloam has joined Special:Chat
12:26 <InTheNightlyGloam> :) hey
12:28 -!- InTheNightlyGloam has left Special:Chat.
12:28 <Freddy krueger> Hey
12:29 <Freddy krueger> Okay...
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> Back
12:31 <Freddy krueger> Ya in a ded cha
12:31 <Freddy krueger> Chat*
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> Oh well
12:33 <Freddy krueger> *Watches exorcist movie* 
12:38 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
12:38 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
12:39 <Ednoahjones> well, ima draw some trolls
12:39 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
12:41 <CrashingCymbal> You draw those trolls! :3
12:45 <Ztrain> So what music are we listening to right now?
12:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Trollfest - Brumlebassen - Duration: 05:39 - Uploaded: 2012-08-24 - Rating: 4.954546 - Views: 42,407 -
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> Trollfest
12:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Most Epic DnB - Best of DnB Rewind Mix 2012 / 2013 (Track List Contest) - Duration: 01:03:00 - Uploaded: 2013-01-11 - Rating: 4.911688 - Views: 134,883 -
12:48 <Ztrain> Drum and Bass personally
12:49 <CrashingCymbal> I nominated 3 pastas for PoTM for August :3
12:49 <CrashingCymbal> I will not stop until The Stitch Twins wins PoTM
12:49 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
12:49 <CrashingCymbal> But I feel if The Showers gets nominated again, that will win :(
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> That or 1999 :P
12:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Creep :£
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> FUCK
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> :3
12:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> lol
12:50 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
12:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi eso!
12:50 <Esoteric Entity> hey.
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hood :3
12:51 <Esoteric Entity> hoi.
12:51 <CrashingCymbal> A hoy hoy
12:51 <IShallCreepYouOut>
12:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: radiohead · paranoid android - Duration: 06:31 - Uploaded: 2011-09-26 - Rating: 4.911602 - Views: 54,831 -
12:51 <CrashingCymbal> Hood, have you read The Stitch Twins yet?
12:53 <Child Of Mantra> brb 
12:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okay
12:54 <IShallCreepYouOut>
12:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Radiohead - Karma Police - Duration: 04:27 - Uploaded: 2009-03-04 - Rating: 4.950698 - Views: 11,793,273 -
12:54 <IShallCreepYouOut> Damn i love RH
12:55 -!- Conrad Sharpe has left Special:Chat.
12:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> Anyone alive?
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> Electric Warrior is my favorite 70's album
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> :P
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> There, I'm alive.
12:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> Oh, phew
12:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> Shit
12:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> Power outage
12:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> Phew
12:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> i have a flashlight
12:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> (BTW, im on my phone)
12:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> Well, imma get the power back on. Bye!
13:00 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
13:00 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
13:00 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
13:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yey!
13:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> Power is back on!
13:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ohai coffee
13:00 -!- Conrad Sharpe has joined Special:Chat
13:00 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
13:00 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
13:00 <Ztrain>
13:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dead Prez - Stimulus Plan - Duration: 04:57 - Uploaded: 2009-05-24 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 8,969 -
13:01 <Ztrain> Anyway im going to try my hand at som Lovecraftian Pasta
13:01 <Ztrain> *some
13:01 -!- Conrad Sharpe has left Special:Chat.
13:02 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Coffee!
13:02 <CrashingCymbal> Koromo
13:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ping me if you need me!
13:02 <CrashingCymbal> Cheese
13:02 <CrashingCymbal> Creep
13:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
13:02 <CrashingCymbal> Hello :3
13:02 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> c:
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> I'm listening to my favorite 90's records today :D
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> It's gonna be a good day
13:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I listened to The Fragile by NIN last night
13:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> all 103 minutes of it
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> Is that their third one?
13:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okat
13:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yep
13:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okay*
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> I only know their first two :P
13:03 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> It's so amazing
13:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> I am listening to some radiohead.
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> Well, I've only listened to their first two
13:04 <CrashingCymbal> OK Computer is on my list, Creep :P
13:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Listen to The Fragile when you get a chance
13:04 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> The Downward Spiral is amazing too though
13:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> OK Computer is awesome!
13:05 <CrashingCymbal> I fucking love Pretty Hate Machine though!
13:05 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :3
13:05 <CrashingCymbal> It is awesome :3
13:05 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Same
13:05 <CrashingCymbal> I'm currently listening to Odelay
13:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> But yeh, if you need me, ping me!
13:05 <CrashingCymbal> Gotcha
13:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
13:07 <Ztrain> Good Industrial is 1000 Homo DJs
13:07 <IShallCreepYouOut> Alright, imma get a drink, So i might not respond for a while.
13:11 <IShallCreepYouOut> Back
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hai hai
13:11 <IShallCreepYouOut> I got a bottle of ice tea.
13:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops (Full Album) - Duration: 01:09:10 - Uploaded: 2013-01-09 - Rating: 4.934694 - Views: 41,964 -
13:11 <Ztrain> This is my favorite kind of heavy metal
13:12 <Ztrain> Whoah thats insane, you just posted what I did, its like were on the samr page man!
13:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> He's a bot.
13:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> She*
13:14 <Ztrain> Oh, I should have guessed
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> 400 edits :D 
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Yaaay
13:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hooray for Crashing!
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> I'll see if I can get to 500 edits Tomorrow :3
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Haha
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> My aim is to have 1,000 edits by the end of August
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> *was
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> But that could be July now :3
13:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
13:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> That is great!
13:17 <Child Of Mantra> I am back
13:17 <Child Of Mantra> I have also started to etid.
13:18 <Child Of Mantra> I don't know why but it feels great to sort of help the site.
13:18 <Child Of Mantra> And also help people who are unsure how to build up sentences
13:18 <Child Of Mantra> And fixing grammer
13:19 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I never edit anymore
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> Me and Minty will be teh new VCROCODILES :3
13:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> crashing,TROLLPASTA ALERT!
13:19 <Child Of Mantra> I was checking to see who would react to the way i spelled grammar.
13:19 <Child Of Mantra> I am a bit paranoid about editing the same page as somebody else.
13:19 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
13:19 -!- Tempest-Fennac has joined Special:Chat
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> You should throw in an application for VCROC Minty :P
13:19 <Tempest-Fennac> How are you all?
13:20 <Child Of Mantra> What does one do in that scenario?
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> If you want to be one
13:20 <HeWhoDiedHere> So...
13:20 <Child Of Mantra> I need to be up to 200 edits to apply.
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> WB Fennac
13:20 <Child Of Mantra> I will probably apply, i have been meaning to.
13:20 <Tempest-Fennac> Thanks.
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> Just start editing a fuckload between now and the new moon :P
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> Haha
13:20 <HeWhoDiedHere> Who has any ideas for stages for my fighting game?
13:20 <Child Of Mantra> When is the new moon?
13:21 <Tempest-Fennac> What is the game about, Died?
13:21 <Child Of Mantra> the 1st?
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not so sure, you will have to ask Maria
13:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> A Creepypasta Fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros., only that it features 45 creepypasta characters fighting it out!
13:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> @Tempest
13:21 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
13:21 <Tempest-Fennac> Thanks.
13:22 <Tempest-Fennac> How are you, Zyranne?
13:22 <Tempest-Fennac> Died, what do you have so far for stages?
13:22 <Zyranne> Good thank Fennac, and yourself?
13:22 <Zyranne> *thanks
13:22 <Tempest-Fennac> Also, is it 2d? I'm okay thanks.
13:22 <CrashingCymbal> WB Zy
13:22 <Zyranne> Thanks Crashing
13:22 <HeWhoDiedHere> A Public Assembly, The Executioner's Stage, and a distorted world.
13:22 <HeWhoDiedHere> And the Nightmare Realm.
13:22 <HeWhoDiedHere> And Slender's Woods.
13:23 <Tempest-Fennac> What are those like exactly? Shall we switch to PM?
13:23 <Zyranne> A creepypasta fighting game? that sounds fuckin' epic!
13:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> Crashing, you seeing this?
13:23 <CrashingCymbal> Yes I saw it
13:23 <Child Of Mantra> Coffee, how did you get music on your profile?
13:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> I think it is kinda trollpasta
13:24 <Tempest-Fennac> I guess an abandoned hospital stage could work?
13:24 <CrashingCymbal> I can't delete it, only edit
13:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Youtube Player template
13:24 <CrashingCymbal> And there's nothing to edit
13:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> >sheeple D:
13:24 <Child Of Mantra> Do you know how to add one to my profile? i am a noobly noob.
13:24 <CrashingCymbal> It's perfectly formatted and has correct spelling and grammar
13:24 <CrashingCymbal> Sorrai
13:24 <Tempest-Fennac> A Stonehenge-like stage would be neat too.
13:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> Now, i wait for skelly
13:25 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> [[Template:YoutubePlayer]]
13:25 <CrashingCymbal> Sheeple is a makey up word, so I can't really correctly spell that :P
13:25 <Tempest-Fennac> was what I was thinking the SH stage could be like.
13:26 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
13:28 <IShallCreepYouOut> Sheeple sounds like it is something that is in a trollpasta
13:28 <Ednoahjones> ugh.. fuck it
13:28 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wha?
13:28 <Ednoahjones> i was trying to draw some more trolls.
13:29 <Ednoahjones> but i can't find anything easy to base the drawings off
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> I gave up on the YouTube player a long time ago
13:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^^
13:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^*
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> Me + Technology = durrrrr
13:30 <Child Of Mantra> I have no idea how to add it to my profile
13:30 -!- Ztrain has left Special:Chat.
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> Me neither :P
13:31 <Child Of Mantra> Kill tried once and he fail
13:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> >Kill
13:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> I MISS KILL!
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> Who cares anyway, you know people are just gonna pause it as soon as they get on your profile
13:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
13:31 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah
13:31 <Child Of Mantra> But i want to have a screamer vid thingie on my profile
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> I also miss Kill
13:32 <Child Of Mantra> to scare everyone that visits my page
13:32 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, you cruel Minty, you cruel :P
13:32 <IShallCreepYouOut> Shit dat cruelness
13:32 <Ednoahjones> kill succeded in giving me background music
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> Odelay is such a good fucking album
13:35 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> You point that arrow a lot, don't you? :P
13:35 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes
13:35 <IShallCreepYouOut> I do
13:36 -!- Simmonds92 has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Ednoahjones> Hotline Miami is a good motherfucking Game.
13:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes
13:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> It is
13:36 <Simmonds92> Man walks into a chat
13:36 <Simmonds92> Hallo
13:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> Who likes Super Smash Bros. Melee?
13:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi Simmonds!
13:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> And goodbye.
13:36 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Simmonds
13:36 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
13:36 <CrashingCymbal> If my mind serves me correct, you were a naughty boy the other day on chat.
13:37 <Simmonds92> What are you talking about today?
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> Please behave today! Please and thanks
13:37 <Simmonds92> Naughty boy?
13:37 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> No, this around was a week ago I think.
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> *this was around
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Prammeh!
13:37 <Pramirez351> hai cymbal :P
13:37 <Simmonds92> I've not ever been rude as I recall
13:37 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
13:38 <Simmonds92> I have certainly not caused someone to tell me they were offended
13:38 <Pramirez351> ---
13:38 <Pramirez351> oh ok just checking for lga
13:38 <Pramirez351> lag*
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> Awesome :P
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> !logs
13:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
13:38 <Child Of Mantra> Hai Pram
13:38 <Tempest-Fennac> Hi.
13:38 <Simmonds92> Thanks
13:38 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
13:38 <Child Of Mantra> I heard that you could add youtube to profiles, is that true?
13:39 <Simmonds92> Time to review. My behaviour
13:39 <Pramirez351> oh my gosh my computer just died
13:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ohai Pram
13:39 <Pramirez351> yes you can mantra
13:39 <Ednoahjones> Pram,
13:39 <Pramirez351> i have it on my own
13:39 <Child Of Mantra> I meant you, not me, i can't do it
13:39 <Pramirez351> hai noah
13:39 <Ednoahjones> mrcreepypastajr, or whatever.
13:39 <Pramirez351> also hai ishallcreepyouout
13:39 <Ednoahjones> vegeta was his name.
13:39 <Child Of Mantra> I am to much of a nilly willy
13:39 <Pramirez351> vegeta :P
13:39 <Ednoahjones> he won't come on chat anymore.
13:39 <Simmonds92> Eh
13:39 <Simmonds92> Too much chat
13:39 <Pramirez351> he is ni...what happened to him?
13:40 <Ednoahjones> he got in a car wreck,
13:40 <Ednoahjones> can't move his fingers anymore.
13:40 <Simmonds92> Poor guy
13:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> Nou
13:40 <Pramirez351> 0_0 why or what happened?
13:40 <Simmonds92> Was he the perpetrator though...
13:40 <Ednoahjones> as i said,
13:40 <Ednoahjones> he got in a car wreck
13:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> WHY??
13:40 <Pramirez351> but was there an especific reason noah? 
13:40 <Simmonds92> And?
13:40 <Ednoahjones> yes.
13:40 <Pramirez351> also mantra
13:40 <Simmonds92> Did he hit the other car or whatever or what?
13:41 <Ednoahjones> he got in a real bad car wreck, and now can't move any of his fingers.
13:41 <Pramirez351> i can help with the youtube player
13:41 <Simmonds92> I understand if you don't know ofc
13:41 <Child Of Mantra> There came this chick on chat that told us that hegot in a car crash
13:41 <Ednoahjones> i don't really know
13:41 <Child Of Mantra> that is all we know
13:41 <Pramirez351> ....well i guess that just sucks noah
13:41 <Ednoahjones> ^
13:41 <Ednoahjones> shit
13:41 <Pramirez351> hahah
13:41 <Simmonds92> Ok then
13:41 <Child Of Mantra> Thank you Pram, you are a god amongst men
13:41 <IShallCreepYouOut> That is bad!
13:41 <Ednoahjones> i will destroy you pram..
13:41 <Pramirez351> still i guess that is how the cookie crubles sometimes
13:41 <Simmonds92> Its a shame about it but I don't trust people in accidents anymore
13:42 <Simmonds92> People are bound to pity a guy when it could easily be due to his own actions
13:42 <Child Of Mantra> can you do this song? 
13:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath - Duration: 05:20 - Uploaded: 2011-12-24 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 12,614 -
13:42 <Pramirez351> mantra PM
13:43 <Simmonds92>
13:43 <Simmonds92> Any single ewes around?
13:44 <Simmonds92> Lag test
13:44 <Simmonds92> Yay
13:45 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly
13:45 <CrashingCymbal> I need PM
13:46 <Simmonds92> .... Talking about me behind my back eh?
13:47 <Ednoahjones> holy shit
13:47 <Ednoahjones> the android console is real?
13:47 <Ednoahjones> Those stupid motherfuckers..
13:47 <Child Of Mantra> waat?
13:47 <Child Of Mantra> Are yous erious?
13:47 <Child Of Mantra> you serious*
13:47 <Simmonds92> Android console?
13:48 <Simmonds92> The f is that...
13:48 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
13:48 <Ednoahjones>
13:48 <Ednoahjones> there
13:48 <Finneow> HEYYO
13:48 <Finneow> hi
13:48 <Finneow> bollox
13:48 <Finneow> fucking chat
13:48 <Finneow> brb
13:48 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Child Of Mantra> omai
13:48 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
13:48 <Finneow> back
13:49 <Ednoahjones> and its actually reached the goal.
13:49 <Tempest-Fennac> How are you, Finn?
13:49 <Ednoahjones> its going to be made.
13:49 <Ednoahjones> are people fucking stupid?
13:49 <CrashingCymbal> Well, I am in shit.
13:49 <Ednoahjones> seriously..
13:49 <Finneow> good
13:50 <Finneow> Wai cym?
13:50 <Ednoahjones> oh hey finn the rapist,
13:50 <Finneow> (raep face)
13:50 <Finneow> lewl
13:50 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly left a message on my Talk Page regarding the BAD template, and I didn't see it until now, but in the time that he left that message on my page and the time I saw it, aI had broken the rule again.
13:51 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck fuck fuck fuck
13:51 <Finneow> well shit..
13:51 <CrashingCymbal> I removed it swiftly, but the message also said not to remove it, so I have no idea where that leaves me
13:51 <CrashingCymbal> I am so fucked :(
13:51 <Finneow> Darn cc
13:52 <Simmonds92> .....
13:52 <Simmonds92> Ed
13:52 <CrashingCymbal> I confessed to him about it, but fuck haha
13:52 <Ednoahjones> can't you rollback?
13:52 <Ednoahjones> or something?
13:52 -!- SaikaXIII has joined Special:Chat
13:52 <Simmonds92> Is it an American brand?
13:52 <Ednoahjones> what simmonds?
13:52 <SaikaXIII> hi
13:52 <Finneow> Yeah, what noah sed
13:52 <Ednoahjones> i believe android is a american company yes.
13:52 <CrashingCymbal> I don't know what that means... haha
13:53 <Finneow> Reset the site
13:53 <Simmonds92> Ed, "are people fucking stupid?"
13:53 <Simmonds92> People trust microsoft
13:53 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
13:53 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
13:53 <Finneow> After someone has greifed it or somthing, you can reset the site
13:53 <SaikaXIII> ?
13:53 <Ednoahjones> yeah so simmonds?
13:54 <Simmonds92> It should answer you question
13:54 <Simmonds92> People trust Microsoft and you ask if they are stupid or not...
13:54 <SaikaXIII> so many question
13:54 <Ednoahjones> but thats subjective
13:54 <Simmonds92> People are buying DXbox one and you ask if they are stupid or not
13:54 <Simmonds92> Subjective?
13:54 <Ednoahjones> oh shut that flaming up, the xbox one isn't even out yet,
13:55 <Child Of Mantra> i got music on my profile finally, thanks to the best and most handsome man on caht
13:55 <Simmonds92> If you say so
13:55 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <Ednoahjones> simmonds,
13:55 <Flame19> hello everybody!
13:55 <SaikaXIII> hey flame
13:55 <CrashingCymbal> Thank fuck you didn't post a screamer
13:55 <Tempest-Fennac> How are you, Flame?
13:55 <Flame19> I'm great, really
13:55 <Ednoahjones> will you be able to play pre owned games on the xbox one? @ simmonds
13:55 <Flame19> TIMMY
13:55 <Finneow> screamers get you banned
13:56 <SaikaXIII> screamers?
13:56 <Simmonds92> Hmmm
13:56 <Simmonds92> I am biasd
13:56 <Simmonds92> I will admit that
13:56 <SaikaXIII> lol
13:56 <Flame19> what are we talking about?
13:56 <SaikaXIII> not sure
13:56 <Flame19> haha
13:56 <Simmonds92> But I do think that as much of a stupid idea it is to back this android console
13:56 <Simmonds92> Its an American brand
13:56 <Simmonds92> So people are bound to back it
13:56 <Finneow> Talking about that google consol again?
13:56 <Simmonds92> Since they also backed xbox
13:57 <Ednoahjones> answer the question simmonds. will the xbox one play pre owned games?
13:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Simmonds92> I expect it
13:57 <Flame19> Oh i just read this: [[Alarm]] and it's amazing
13:57 <Flame19> TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:57 <SaikaXIII> hey deathgirl
13:57 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
13:57 <Ednoahjones> or did you not read the article yet?
13:57 <Simmonds92> Hm? I think so?
13:57 <Flame19> hi death
13:57 <Simmonds92> Online though I think?
13:57 <Tempest-Fennac> How are you, Death?
13:57 <Ednoahjones> it will.
13:57 <Simmonds92> Whats your point?
13:57 <Deathgirl12> good ^_^ 
13:57 <Ednoahjones> i'm trying to find the article.
13:57 <Finneow> If you could play mainstream games like on ps4 also having the android stuff, i would buy the google console
13:57 <Ednoahjones> well if your hating on the thing for being always online and supposedly not playing pre owned games, you can.
13:58 <Simmonds92> ?
13:58 <Simmonds92> No
13:58 <Flame19> what article?
13:58 <Simmonds92> Im hating on Microsoft cause I'm biased that way
13:58 <SaikaXIII> lol
13:58 <Simmonds92> But Xbox is unreliable tech anyways
13:58 <Ednoahjones> here it is.
13:58 <Ednoahjones>
13:58 <Finneow> i hate Xbox also
13:58 <Flame19> I'm just gonna go and read some random manga
13:59 <Finneow> to shit
13:59 <Simmonds92> I honestly don't care what Xbox one can do or not ed
13:59 <Ednoahjones> wall coming up.
13:59 <Ednoahjones> "An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360."
13:59 <Tempest-Fennac> I need to log out. Goodbye.
13:59 <Simmonds92> Ps4 is also backward compatible but that doesn't make it any better
13:59 <Ednoahjones> i warned.
13:59 <Flame19> bye tempest
13:59 <Finneow> bye tempest
13:59 <Simmonds92> Ed
14:00 <SaikaXIII> seeya tempest
14:00 -!- Tempest-Fennac has left Special:Chat.
14:00 <Ednoahjones> and also. "There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360."
14:00 <Simmonds92> Big whoop, people can play old games on a system that may break after a week or so
14:00 <Ednoahjones> if you hate xbox just cause its xbox than i don't know waht to tell you.
14:00 <Ednoahjones> what*
14:00 <Finneow> I hate to minimod, but may i just remind you, it is against the rules to post more than 3 lines of text at one time
14:01 <Simmonds92> I don't like Xbox because I don't trust it basically
14:01 <Simmonds92> As for this android console, it's a scam
14:01 <Simmonds92> I giant scam which they hooked people with by saying they can hack it
14:01 <Ednoahjones> you can hate on something before it comes out due to your own highened expectations of how it was OBVIOUSLY suck, because, you know. you can tell the future,
14:01 <Finneow> Just sayning
14:01 <Simmonds92> Ed
14:01 <Simmonds92> The tests
14:01 <Flame19> finn is that true?
14:01 <Finneow> Yes
14:02 <Simmonds92> Xbox one broke in a test
14:02 <Flame19> hmm
14:02 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <Finneow> Hey brooke
14:02 <SaikaXIII> hey brooke
14:02 <Simmonds92> I also take in account the company that's making it
14:02 <Simmonds92> Its history
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Brooke
14:02 <Simmonds92> If they fucked yup once they can do it again
14:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Okay, so as I'm sleeping..
14:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I wake up every once in a while and go back to sleep.
14:02 <Flame19> brooke 
14:03 <Finneow> Microsoft should really stay to what they're good at, computers.
14:03 <Flame19> what
14:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So when I wake up for good I think it's really late... but it's only 10...
14:03 <Pramirez351> welp gtg runnin bye
14:03 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Flame19> 10?
14:03 <Flame19> i sleep at 10
14:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 10 AM
14:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -.-
14:03 <Finneow> Anyway, can we stop the flame wars?
14:03 <Flame19> hmm
14:03 <Flame19> I wake up at 10
14:03 <Flame19> flame?
14:03 <Simmonds92> Flame war? Who's flaming?
14:03 <Flame19> I am...
14:03 <Flame19> i think...
14:04 <Simmonds92> I concentrate on my own convo only see
14:04 <Finneow> Its kinda childish...
14:04 <Flame19> me?
14:04 <Simmonds92> ...
14:04 <Finneow> Its kinda you simmond..
14:04 <Flame19> *Shocked to hear you say that*
14:04 <Simmonds92> Kinda me
14:04 <Finneow> Not you flame :P
14:04 <Simmonds92> For putting out my opinion
14:04 <Flame19> okay wait, so flaming as in NOT ME
14:04 <Finneow> sorta
14:04 <Flame19> ok
14:05 <Flame19> *whew*
14:05 <Simmonds92> No, I'm not flaming but I am disagreeing with ed
14:05 <Simmonds92> Kinda
14:05 <Finneow> your saying somthing, then noahs saying somthing else, your saying another thing
14:05 <Simmonds92> He likes Xbox I think but we both don't like android console?
14:05 <Finneow> its kinda... minor flaming
14:05 <Simmonds92> Its called a conversation
14:05 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:05 <Flame19> i need to go
14:06 <Simmonds92> Disagreeing ain't flaming
14:06 <Flame19> goodbye!
14:06 <Finneow> Bye flame
14:06 <Simmonds92> What we had was more of a debate
14:06 <Flame19> stop saying that
14:06 <Flame19> C:
14:06 <Simmonds92> Flame
14:06 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
14:06 <Simmonds92> Go cool down
14:06 <Simmonds92> Take a chill pill
14:06 <Finneow> A debate about consoles, on the internet, anyone can call that a flame war
14:06 <Simmonds92> Ha!!
14:07 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
14:07 <Simmonds92> Grow up finneow
14:07 <Ednoahjones> what?
14:07 <Ednoahjones> what'd finn do?
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> WB Prammeh
14:07 <Finneow> Well excuse me...
14:07 <Pramirez351> ythankyou (kawaii)
14:07 <Finneow> Im just saying...
14:07 <Finneow> Wb pram
14:07 <Simmonds92> Ed
14:08 <Simmonds92> Finneow is making out we are flaming each other
14:08 <Simmonds92> Or it's mainly me flaming
14:08 <Simmonds92> Either way
14:08 <Ednoahjones> well your certainly flaming,
14:08 <Simmonds92> Well you would say that
14:08 <Finneow> Exactly.
14:08 <Ednoahjones> your flaming the xbox one,
14:08 <Simmonds92> Ha
14:08 <Pramirez351> ythanyou too finnewo xD
14:08 <SaikaXIII> k
14:08 <Pramirez351> finneow
14:08 <Pramirez351> *
14:09 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
14:09 <SaikaXIII> hi slendercat
14:09 <Finneow> Hi slendercat
14:09 <Simmonds92> Ok, yes, I'm flaming the Xbox one, in fact I don't mind being accused of being xboxist
14:09 <Slendercat> meow
14:09 <Simmonds92> But, I'm certainly not flaming YOU on a personal matter
14:09 <Simmonds92> So that's ok
14:10 <Pramirez351> RP as a cat xD original :P
14:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You're flaming right now.
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Slendercat
14:10 <SaikaXIII> kawaii
14:10 <Slendercat> MEOW
14:10 -!- Simmonds92 has left Special:Chat.
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> Slendercat, please do not RP
14:10 <Slendercat> k
14:10 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you :P
14:10 <Finneow> Bashing a group/person bashed on what they like is not tolerated, nor is speaking ill of a group/person with the intentions to start a fight. Bacicly flaming
14:10 -!- Simmonds92 has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <Simmonds92> I'm doing as a cat right now
14:10 <Simmonds92> Uh
14:10 <Pramirez351> i never said he/she was doing it right now brooke!
14:10 <Simmonds92> R p ing
14:10 <Finneow> thats rule one 
14:11 <Pramirez351> i just meant it to say that RP as a cat is original!
14:11 <Finneow> CC, i thought you were cool with roleplay?
14:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I wasn't talking to you. (srslywtf)
14:11 -!- Simmonds92 has left Special:Chat.
14:11 <Slendercat> IM NOT ROLE PLAYING IM A CAT
14:11 <CrashingCymbal> mmkay
14:11 <SaikaXIII> kawaii in an odd way
14:11 -!- Simmonds92 has joined Special:Chat
14:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)..
14:12 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> Finn, people coming onto chat and pretending to be cats in RP I will most certainly not alloq
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> *allow
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> *is
14:12 <BRVR> Back.
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> WB Beaver :P
14:12 <Finneow> Yeah, i suppose
14:12 <SaikaXIII> hey brvr
14:12 <Finneow> Wb BRVR
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> Trust me, better I stopped it as soon as I could
14:13 <Simmonds92> To role play as a cat: stand on your keyboard
14:13 <Slendercat> hlkffehw;o
14:13 <Slendercat> just did
14:13 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:13 <Finneow> Im a cat, and i swear i can type in english for 60 meow meow meow meow
14:13 <Simmonds92> ...
14:13 <Simmonds92> Chat is.... Stalling
14:13 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:13 <SaikaXIII> weak
14:13 <Finneow> lol
14:13 <CrashingCymbal> And cat, please do not spam
14:14 <CrashingCymbal> Either
14:14 <BRVR> Speaking of cats, gracie just stepped on my keyboard.
14:14 <CrashingCymbal> And you didn't hit Enter!
14:14 <CrashingCymbal> Yay!
14:14 <BRVR> Nor did she.
14:14 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
14:14 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
14:14 <Slendercat> why the lag
14:15 <Finneow> *cough cough* Talking of spamming, I quote the rules when i say First offense is a kick and warning
14:15 <Simmonds92> Why?
14:16 <Simmonds92> You are not a mod right?
14:16 <Finneow> Simm, refresh your chat, it should stop
14:16 <Finneow> im not 
14:16 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:16 <Simmonds92> Most sites condone minimodding
14:16 <Simmonds92> Dr chat for a start
14:16 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Finneow> i know, its a habit
14:17 <CrashingCymbal> I need Reading here...
14:17 <Finneow> If, i was a mod, i would have a use for my talent
14:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:17 <Finneow> Just saying...
14:17 <Slendercat> dr
14:17 <Simmonds92> Finneow
14:18 <Finneow> Yush
14:18 <Simmonds92> You may be right
14:18 <Simmonds92> But youd be strict
14:18 <Simmonds92> And nobody likes a strict mod
14:18 <SaikaXIII> true
14:18 <Finneow> 8cough cough* temmington *cough cough*
14:18 <Slendercat> nope its just chuck testa
14:18 <SaikaXIII> okey thats true also
14:19 <Simmonds92> The best mods are.... Laid back, they are aware of the rules, make sure people abide by them but they arent robots
14:19 <Finneow> Sides, theres nothing strict about enforcing the rules
14:19 <CrashingCymbal> Sarah is a great mod, if you ask me.
14:19 <Simmonds92> That's just it finneow
14:20 <Finneow> CC, eveyone thinks shes strict
14:20 <Simmonds92> Rules are rules but people are people
14:20 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Horrorfan1> Hey guys
14:20 <Finneow> I is people lol
14:20 <Simmonds92> If your too strict and enforce them too hard then people will leave
14:20 <Slendercat> DEAD GIVEAWAY
14:20 <Finneow> Hey horror
14:20 <CrashingCymbal> She may be strict, but when she's in chat, nobody fucks with the rules
14:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <Simmonds92> Or not have anything to do with you
14:20 <Simmonds92> Resent you
14:20 <CrashingCymbal> That's what is good about her
14:20 <Finneow> ^
14:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Horrorfan1> so, how is everyone?
14:21 <Slendercat> ........
14:21 <Finneow> Take a page out of CCs book simm
14:21 <Finneow> Fine horror
14:21 <Finneow> Wbu?
14:21 <CrashingCymbal> WB Alice, and I am good, Horror, how are you?:P
14:21 <Simmonds92> Hmhmmm
14:21 <CrashingCymbal> Fuckity fucking fuck
14:21 <CrashingCymbal> * :P
14:21 <SaikaXIII> lol
14:21 <CrashingCymbal> :D
14:21 <Horrorfan1> Good
14:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:21 <CrashingCymbal> :D <-- My favorite smiley.
14:21 <Simmonds92> Cc, does she scold someone for posting 3 lines of text in one go?
14:22 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not too sure, as long as it doesn't go over 3 lines, you're good
14:22 <Finneow> No she dont, cus that would be against the rules
14:22 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
14:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:22 <Simmonds92> See the way I'd do it is "don't take the piss and were all good"
14:22 -!- Metallikoh has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <Finneow> Three lines of text = stirn warning
14:22 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :E
14:23 <Slendercat> GO HOME COFFEE YOUR DRUNK
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :D
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Coffe
14:23 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
14:23 <Horrorfan1> Hi Coffee
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, caps
14:23 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <SaikaXIII> hi coffee
14:23 <Finneow> hey coffee
14:23 <Slendercat> soz
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Hi
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :D
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> Caps, spam and RP, no more please!
14:23 <Metallikoh> I'm new here... What is the scariest creepypasta?
14:23 <Simmonds92> You've also got to take into account that this is just a wikis chat
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Cymbal
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> How are you today Coffee?
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> do you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and I'm good
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> I do
14:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :3
14:23 <Finneow> @metal It depends on what your scared of
14:23 <Simmonds92> The rules are there to keep the chaos down
14:23 <CrashingCymbal> I love all their stuff
14:23 <Simmonds92> Not to chain people up
14:24 <Metallikoh> goatman and barbie scared me..
14:24 <CrashingCymbal> Apart from
14:24 <CrashingCymbal> Their latest album and One Hot Minute
14:24 <Simmonds92> They aren't just guidelines to be sure but it's a thin line I say
14:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> My favorite albums are Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication, and Stadium Arcadium
14:25 <Slendercat> californication is epic
14:25 <Simmonds92> I've not heard a rhcp song in a while
14:25 <CrashingCymbal> Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication and The Uplift Mofo 
14:25 -!- Metallikoh has left Special:Chat.
14:25 <Simmonds92> Most decent songs arent available in YouTube to iPad users
14:25 <Finneow> Simm, if you want a good mod just take a look at CC and reading, there the best in my opinion
14:25 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks Finn! :D
14:25 <Simmonds92> Best mods I know aren't on here
14:26 <CrashingCymbal> My favorite mod is Kill
14:26 <Simmonds92> From another chat entirely
14:26 <CrashingCymbal> But he's gone :(
14:26 <Finneow> Fuck i forgot about kill
14:26 <CrashingCymbal> For now...
14:26 <Finneow> shit
14:26 <CrashingCymbal> Kill and Chao are the dynamic duo :3
14:26 <Finneow> Kill also is great
14:26 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Cymbal is one of the few good ones IMO
14:26 <CrashingCymbal> I have not seen Dream Hacked in quite a while
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> Also, I finally get to see Evra
14:27 <Finneow> same here CC
14:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> He was on last night
14:27 <Simmonds92> Hacker hahaha oh you guys
14:27 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <Simmonds92> You should meet this acker
14:27 <Simmonds92> Such a pain in the ass to any and all mods
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> Everyone talks about Evra, I've never actually seen him in chat up until recently :P
14:27 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> I hear he is quite the mod
14:27 <Simmonds92> Its a shame I can't contact him/her
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> And will eventually be Adin
14:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Evra's a dork
14:27 <Simmonds92> Id love to see it cause havoc here
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> *Admin
14:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Too bad I can't call him "Evretard" anymore :(
14:28 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Damn word restrictions
14:28 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, did he approve of that nickname? :P
14:28 <Finneow> Word restrictions arent that bad, they stop discrimination.
14:28 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Okami
14:28 <Simmonds92> Mods don't do much on these wikis I notice
14:28 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yeah Cymbal
14:28 <OkamiAmaterasu90> hey cymbal
14:28 <Simmonds92> Maybe the good mods and bad people aren't on when I am?
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm... who restricted it? Read?
14:29 <Finneow> Mods are for the chat simm, admins for the site
14:29 <OkamiAmaterasu90> congrats on winning CP of the month cymbal
14:29 <Simmonds92> Right
14:29 <Slendercat> jeff the llama
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks Okami :)
14:29 <OkamiAmaterasu90> yw
14:29 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
14:29 <Simmonds92> I don't see many mods that give out warnings etc
14:29 <Simmonds92> Like everyone's on good behaviour
14:29 <Simmonds92> Like now
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Security Tape is going to win for July it looks like
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> It's good, but I think The Showers should win
14:29 <Finneow> The chats usaly well behaved
14:29 <Simmonds92> When I say many I mean any
14:30 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
14:30 <Simmonds92> ...
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Well, actually, I think The Stitch Twins should win, but that only had 5 votes hahaha
14:30 <SaikaXIII> alot of chats are behved
14:30 <SaikaXIII> unless someone ticks off the people in the chat
14:30 <Finneow> especially since the rules have been loosened here
14:30 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Simmonds92> Loosened!?
14:30 <Simmonds92> Loosened!!?
14:30 -!- Dervall has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <SaikaXIII> hey lelouch
14:31 <Dervall> Hi guys!
14:31 <Simmonds92> Something you are against hm finneowRules?
14:31 <SaikaXIII> hey dervall
14:31 <Simmonds92> Uh
14:31 <Lelouch Di Britannia> o/
14:31 <Dervall> Hi Saika :)
14:31 <Finneow> Rp used to banned completely, now its up to the mod
14:31 <Simmonds92> Auto spell adds that rules onto yer name
14:31 <Lelouch Di Britannia> *Hey
14:31 <Simmonds92> Expect to see it more often
14:31 <SaikaXIII> lol
14:31 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome, those who only joined
14:31 <Dervall> Hi Lelouch, Cymbal :)
14:31 <CrashingCymbal> I warn people about it
14:31 <Simmonds92> Funny
14:31 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Hi Dervall.
14:31 <Simmonds92> Rp is completely banned in dr chat
14:32 <Lelouch Di Britannia> You changed your avatar?
14:32 <Dervall> Nope
14:32 <CrashingCymbal> Give users a chance to redeem themselves
14:32 <Simmonds92> They used to have their own room
14:32 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Oh, ok.
14:32 <SaikaXIII> dr?
14:32 <Simmonds92> Very political in dr rp..
14:32 <Finneow> and the caps rule, used to be four words now its emphasis am i right? or has the Caps rule been changed again?
14:32 <Simmonds92> Mhm...
14:32 <Slendercat> dr
14:32 <SaikaXIII> whats dr?
14:32 <Simmonds92> PI use to mute anyone who used it too much
14:32 <Slendercat> pepper
14:32 <Finneow> Always gets changed here
14:32 <Dervall> Is it allowed to write 4 words in caps?
14:32 <Simmonds92> Caps eh
14:33 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
14:33 <Simmonds92> What we used to do in dr was keep it to one word a sentence I think
14:33 <Dervall> Hi Okami
14:33 <Simmonds92> Or was it a paragraph
14:33 <OkamiAmaterasu90> hello!
14:33 <SaikaXIII> hey okami
14:33 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <Simmonds92> ...
14:33 <CrashingCymbal> As long as people aren't speaking consistently in majority caps
14:33 <Finneow> the chat here is like a democracy. CC got mod by vote
14:33 <Dervall> ^
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't got much problem with it
14:34 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
14:34 <Simmonds92> Ubuntu...
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> WB Zack
14:34 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Hey guys, I know a wiki that doesn't have the caps rule
14:34 <Dervall> Pringle!!!
14:34 <SaikaXIII> hey Zaxk
14:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
14:34 <Finneow> Who else got mod though vote?
14:34 <Simmonds92> Mod through vote is dangerous
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Uhhh, I was the first I think
14:34 <Simmonds92> Very dangerous
14:34 <OkamiAmaterasu90> pfft
14:34 <Dervall> Why is it so dangerouw?
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> It used to be done through Forums
14:34 <Simmonds92> It can easily be taken advantage of
14:34 <Dervall> *dangerous
14:34 <OkamiAmaterasu90> barely anyone goes on there
14:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How is everyone doing today?
14:34 <Simmonds92> Best way is have democracy between mods
14:34 <Simmonds92> They evaluate each other
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> I'm good Josh, and you?
14:34 <Dervall> Not so very good .-.
14:35 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
14:35 <OkamiAmaterasu90> there's like, four admins!
14:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Why not Dervy? And I'm not as hungover Cym, so better lol
14:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Just need food now xD
14:35 <Simmonds92> If the mod disguises himself as guest
14:35 <Simmonds92> They see all the chat
14:35 <Simmonds92> And boom
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> Great to hear, Skye :)
14:35 <Simmonds92> See the good guys
14:35 <Simmonds92> The strict guys
14:35 <Dervall> Because the stupid judges weren't judging fair
14:35 <Simmonds92> The douches
14:35 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
14:35 <Simmonds92> Etc.
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> Did I just call you Skye? haha
14:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What do you mean Dervy?
14:35 <Finneow> The nominees are done by admins, then everyone else votes for a nominee
14:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And yes you did xd
14:35 <Dervall> PM
14:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> xD*
14:35 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
14:36 <Finneow> no loopholes
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> Unusual...
14:36 <Simmonds92> Oh?
14:36 <Slendercat> slendercat
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> I am nominating Minty in July :P
14:36 <Simmonds92> So nominees are chosen then...
14:36 <Simmonds92> Good
14:36 <Finneow> Yeah
14:36 <Simmonds92> Then everyone gets a mod they can live with
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> I see him as fitting the bill
14:36 <Simmonds92> Which makes following the rules easier
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> Plus he can help me for my shift
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> I don't see much of Myuu anymore
14:37 <Simmonds92> Oh your a mod cc
14:37 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
14:37 <Simmonds92> And...cp
14:37 <Simmonds92> Uhuh...
14:37 <Finneow> I think brooke would make a good mod
14:37 <Slendercat> i knew it
14:37 <Simmonds92> Thats just it though
14:37 <Simmonds92> Your friends
14:37 <Simmonds92> Friends don't like muting friends
14:37 <Dervall> Guys, my chat is bugging, I'll be right back
14:37 -!- Dervall has left Special:Chat.
14:38 <Slendercat> see ya
14:38 <Finneow> We dont really mute people on here
14:38 <Simmonds92> Use bug spray
14:38 -!- Dervall has joined Special:Chat
14:38 <Simmonds92> You don't?
14:38 <Slendercat> lol
14:38 <CrashingCymbal> WB Dervy :P
14:38 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
14:38 <Dervall> Thanks
14:38 <Simmonds92> Just kick?
14:38 <CrashingCymbal> Hello INPUT
14:38 <Finneow> wb dervall
14:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Welcome back Dervy
14:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And her INPUT
14:38 <CrashingCymbal> Brb people
14:38 <Finneow> hey input
14:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I hath arrived to unleash my peanut buttery WRATH
14:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay Cym
14:38 <CrashingCymbal> :D
14:38 <Simmonds92> Ok
14:38 <Finneow> Brb guys, shits goin on outside
14:39 <Simmonds92> Spew your peanuts all over my chocolate!
14:39 <Simmonds92> Do it now!
14:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Youtryingtogetdownanddirtywithme?
14:39 <Dervall> what the heck?
14:39 <Finneow> mind yo spamm
14:40 <Finneow> back btw
14:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> (spam)
14:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I dropped it
14:40 <Dervall> Can't I leave you guys alone for a few secs without you going all nuts?
14:40 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:40 <Simmonds92> Yeah ma
14:40 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:40 <Simmonds92> Drop it now, I'm warning you!
14:40 <Finneow> Caps slend
14:40 <Slendercat> soz for caps
14:40 <Simmonds92> Stop using caps or else!
14:40 <Dervall> Just kick them, plz
14:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You serious?
14:40 <Finneow> Oh my...
14:40 <Dervall> One warning should be enough
14:40 <Simmonds92> If you don't stop I'm going to ask you politely to stop again!
14:40 <Dervall> In my opinion
14:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I smell the awful stinch of minimodding
14:41 <Simmonds92> No
14:41 <Simmonds92> Sarcasm actually
14:41 <Finneow> CC...
14:41 <Simmonds92> And playing around
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Oh sweet jesus
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's assaulting my nose
14:41 <Simmonds92> Seriously though
14:41 <Dervall> Cymbal!!
14:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:41 <Simmonds92> Stop please?
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Minimods surround me
14:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym
14:41 <Simmonds92> Pleeeeease
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> What should I stop doing?
14:41 <Simmonds92> Um
14:41 <Finneow> (pacefalm)
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Honestly
14:41 <Simmonds92> What you already...
14:41 <Simmonds92> Uh
14:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You're smart dude
14:41 <Dervall> He's not doing anything wrong anymore...
14:41 <Simmonds92> Stfu, I'm awesome
14:42 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <Dervall> (facepalm)
14:42 <Slendercat> ..
14:42 <Simmonds92> I was joking around, don't get your knickers in a twist
14:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> This is the most active I've seen chat in the morning
14:42 <Simmonds92> Cngrats
14:42 <Simmonds92> So
14:42 <Dervall> It's afternoon here :3
14:42 <Simmonds92> Come here often?
14:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I just don't see why I was being minimodded
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Even after I calmed down
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Look kiddies
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I know the rules
14:43 <Simmonds92> Oh finneowRules I think wanted you to stop your caps
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's been near a year since I joined
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> My caps are my only weakness
14:43 <Simmonds92> Me though, I was just fooling about
14:43 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back
14:43 <Dervall> .-.
14:43 <Finneow> Finaly
14:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> My caps craziness has lost many things in my life
14:43 <Slendercat> yay cymbal
14:43 <Dervall> Wb, cymbal
14:43 <Simmonds92> Uh finneowRules do...
14:43 <Simmonds92> Argh again!
14:44 <Simmonds92> Ipads suck
14:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I wonder if you can apply for mod twice/
14:44 <Dervall> You shouldn't be a mod
14:44 <Simmonds92> Time to brag
14:44 <Finneow> I dient think you could apply
14:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I was damn close kiddo
14:44 <Finneow> *dident
14:44 <Dervall> Apparently not :3
14:45 <Simmonds92> I once applied for midship and got it within a month compared to the record 2-3 months
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Sadly yes
14:45 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry about that, I was in teh bathroo
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I was running against other people with better potential
14:45 <Simmonds92> Modship
14:45 <CrashingCymbal> *bathroom
14:45 <Dervall> I don't want to know what you were doing there .-.
14:45 <Simmonds92> This was in dr chat, anyways
14:45 <CrashingCymbal> Input, please watch the caps and spam, thank you :P
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Even though I had about 15 supports
14:45 <Simmonds92> Input
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> The 15 couldn't save me
14:45 <Simmonds92> Oh gods
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And my poll was closed
14:45 <Simmonds92> You applied when you caps spam...
14:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I went into a fit of rage child
14:45 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:45 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Broke down if you will
14:46 <Slendercat> .................................................
14:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> To the point of where I degraded to chat derp
14:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> This is where I am now
14:46 <Finneow> Spem slender
14:46 <Finneow> *spam
14:46 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
14:46 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
14:46 <Simmonds92> Input
14:46 <Simmonds92> How about a hug?
14:46 <Dervall> and gone was the cat .-.
14:46 <Dervall> GROUPHUG!!
14:46 <CrashingCymbal> Y do ppl no listun to meh -_-
14:46 <Simmonds92> Come on
14:47 <Simmonds92> Let me give you one
14:47 <Simmonds92> Where do you live
14:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> No fucking hugs for me
14:47 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
14:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I do Cymoni 
14:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I live in your basement
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, don't spam!
14:47 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Or in your cabinet
14:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey BRVR
14:47 <Simmonds92> I have a basement!?
14:47 <BRVR> Back.
14:47 <BRVR> My laptop crashed.
14:47 <Dervall> Hi BRVR :)
14:47 <Simmonds92> Cymbal
14:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> When was the last time you bought Jiff Peanut Butter
14:47 <Slendercat> hi
14:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> That was me
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss Simm?
14:47 <Finneow> when is the next full moon?
14:47 <Dervall> Next month
14:47 <Simmonds92> Hm?
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Next time, you will be banned, Slender
14:47 <Simmonds92> Did someone say something?
14:47 <Simmonds92> Oooooh
14:48 <Simmonds92> Burn!
14:48 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
14:48 <Finneow> Kk
14:48 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> 414!
14:48 <Finneow> Hey 414
14:48 <Dervall> Hi 414 :)
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hai hai
14:48 <41488p> Cymbal!
14:48 <41488p> Finn!
14:48 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:48 <41488p> Derv!
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> 414, please son't caps
14:48 <Simmonds92> Oh hey there 414
14:48 <Simmonds92> You seem popular
14:48 <41488p> wait a sec
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> I don't wanna kick you :(
14:48 <Simmonds92> I should befriend you
14:48 <41488p> I am immensely popular
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> (414)
14:48 <41488p> in fact
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> He has teh best emote
14:48 <Dervall> No one wants to be kicked :(
14:48 <Finneow> 414 is king of pop(ular)
14:48 <41488p> I am so popular 
14:49 <41488p> that all text that has my name in it is red
14:49 <41488p> what'd Shining do this time?
14:49 <Simmonds92> Cc
14:49 <Finneow> (triforce)
14:49 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
14:49 <Simmonds92> How Longview you been in this community?
14:49 <41488p> this is me and my good friend.
14:49 <Dervall> (Dervall)
14:49 <Dervall> Nope
14:49 <Dervall> too ad
14:49 <Simmonds92> Gah autospell
14:49 <Dervall> *bad
14:49 <41488p> about a year, Simm
14:50 <Finneow> (didsomeonesayspidermanthread)
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> Since July last year, Simmy
14:50 <Simmonds92> Nice nice, but that was directed at cc
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> Which one are you, 414? :P
14:50 <Finneow> I been here since ocober last year
14:50 <41488p> you wouldn't want to know
14:50 <41488p> if you knew
14:50 <Simmonds92> Now I know who type of person you are 414!
14:50 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> But I've only really been active since the beginning of the year
14:50 <Finneow> *october
14:50 <41488p> your head would explode from the awesome you see in one of those two people
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> :O
14:50 <Simmonds92> Looking at link
14:50 <Finneow> Link?
14:51 <Simmonds92> Uh...
14:51 <Simmonds92> Which one are you?
14:51 <Finneow> As in, pot breaking link?
14:51 <BRVR> When a sentence has my name in it, it's red.
14:51 <Simmonds92> The two people look... Charming
14:51 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
14:51 <BRVR> Because ping.
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> 414 is the most charming motherfucker you will ever meet :3
14:51 <Dervall> Who has ping?
14:52 <Simmonds92> Haha nah but srsly, are you white or a more awesome shade of colour?
14:52 <41488p> this is me blowing a trumpet
14:52 <Finneow> Racist much... 
14:52 <41488p> and this is me undergoing metamorphis 
14:52 <Simmonds92> ...
14:52 <41488p> this is me changing my sex
14:52 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm so done with chat
14:52 <Finneow> WAT.
14:52 <41488p> this is me blowing a trumpet again
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> 414, stahp!
14:53 <41488p> this is me courting a fair man
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> Use tinyurl
14:53 <41488p> :(
14:53 <41488p> kk
14:53 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:53 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
14:53 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
14:53 <Finneow> You had a sex change
14:53 <41488p> wut?
14:53 <Finneow> Dafuq?
14:53 <41488p> why'd Input get kicked?
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> Caps
14:53 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
14:53 <Finneow> Caps
14:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> How dare you
14:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> how dare you
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> Soz
14:53 <Finneow> Brb
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> But I did warn you :P
14:53 <Finneow> Guies
14:53 <Dervall> Everybody warned you .-.
14:53 <CrashingCymbal> No more caps please
14:53 <Simmonds92> 414
14:54 <41488p> anyway
14:54 <41488p> yes, Simm?
14:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Give me the at least one CUP OF DECENCY
14:54 <Simmonds92> Yer a purty funny guy
14:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> To leave on my own terms.
14:54 <Child Of Mantra> I am beeek
14:54 <Slendercat> YAY I LIKE CHILD
14:54 <Finneow> back
14:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> This is poo poo doo doo street
14:54 <Finneow> guies
14:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Welcome back Mantra
14:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And I shall not stand for it!
14:54 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, Caps
14:54 <Simmonds92> This chat...
14:54 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
14:54 <Child Of Mantra> Thank you
14:54 <Simmonds92> Guiles theme goes with everything
14:54 <Finneow> caps...
14:54 <Dervall> Mantra!!! *hugs*
14:54 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
14:54 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
14:54 <Simmonds92> Everything...
14:55 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
14:55 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> D'aaw
14:55 <Finneow> Two kicks...
14:55 <41488p> he left
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> WB Mantra
14:55 <41488p> style
14:55 <41488p> ;(
14:55 <Simmonds92> Hmmm
14:55 <Finneow> One more is ban right?
14:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Seriously?
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Thank you
14:55 <Simmonds92> Is it slash boot name?
14:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I remember when the caps rule wasn't such shit
14:55 <Simmonds92> Input
14:55 -!- HAHABLOOD has joined Special:Chat
14:55 <Simmonds92> Now your taking the piss
14:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> If the caps rule had been 4 cpas per post
14:55 <Dervall> Hi Blood!
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Blood
14:55 <Finneow> Hello blood
14:55 <41488p> holy shit it's Blood
14:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I would have been safe
14:55 <HAHABLOOD> Monthly check in.
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Cleric uses caps = Everyone is okay
14:55 <Child Of Mantra> Anyone else uses caps = shitstorm
14:55 <41488p> coming back from summer camp
14:55 <HAHABLOOD> Anything new?
14:55 <Slendercat> hi blood
14:55 <Simmonds92> That's why your getting kicked man
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> But you were doing it consistently, and I asked you stop it already
14:55 <41488p> caps uses caps=what.
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I space out my cpas use
14:56 <Dervall> Capsception
14:56 <Finneow> Cleric is a badass though, no one messes with cleric
14:56 <HAHABLOOD> I missed you all. School is still a bitch.
14:56 <Dervall> Everybody hates school
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I talk like a normal person
14:56 <41488p> Cap' 'Murica uses caps= huh?
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Then I caps
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Then I talk abit
14:56 <Simmonds92> Blood
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And then I get kicked
14:56 <Simmonds92> Im the new guy everyone 
14:56 <Simmonds92> Oves
14:56 <Simmonds92> Loves I mean
14:56 <Simmonds92> Ahem
14:56 -!- 666 the evil serray dead has joined Special:Chat
14:56 <Simmonds92> Sup brah
14:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Never been able to space it out with your foot coming towards my ass
14:56 <HAHABLOOD> Everyone loves hmm.
14:57 <Dervall> Hi 666!
14:57 <Slendercat> sup evil
14:57 <41488p> >666 the evil serray dead
14:57 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I can only think of the impending doom that is a kick
14:57 <Simmonds92> They MAY deny it
14:57 <41488p> that name is on drugs
14:57 <Dervall> .-.
14:57 <Simmonds92> 666 isn't the beasts number
14:57 <Simmonds92> 8 is
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
14:57 <Child Of Mantra> Yoa re wrong, Iron Maiden told me so.
14:57 <666 the evil serray dead> .-.
14:58 <Finneow> Cleric is the one badass who survives the zombie apocalypse, 3 times. And then beats chuck norris and overly manly man in a fist fight, did i metion his servant is bruce lee
14:58 <41488p> fuck no
14:58 <Slendercat> 682
14:58 <Child Of Mantra> You're*
14:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I have him on speed dail as 1, so it's 1 for me
14:58 <41488p> 420 is
14:58 <Dervall> Iron Maiden tells everybody lies :3
14:58 <41488p> because 420 is the number that BLAZES IT
14:58 <Simmonds92> No 8 is his number
14:58 <Simmonds92> Fact
14:58 <Child Of Mantra> I am pretty sure that no one that smokes uses the term Blaze it
14:58 <Dervall> I'll ask him, he's standing next to me
14:59 <Child Of Mantra> Sim, proof pls.
14:59 <Finneow> Bill cosby is satan, morgan freeman is god. fact.
14:59 <Simmonds92> If you have a birthmark your probably related to aliens
14:59 <CrashingCymbal> Proove it mofucka
14:59 <Simmonds92> Just saying...
14:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
14:59 <Dervall> Ah, the devil says that his number is 13, not 8. and sometimes 666, but in his opinion, that one's too long
14:59 <41488p> shit Simm get it together!
14:59 <HAHABLOOD> 616?
14:59 <Simmonds92> Lol
14:59 <Simmonds92> Proof eh
14:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
14:59 <Simmonds92> Hmmmm
14:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <Simmonds92> Oh right
15:00 <Simmonds92> I said so
15:00 <Simmonds92> Thats enough proof
15:00 <Child Of Mantra> 777 is the number of god.
15:00 <HAHABLOOD> 999
15:00 <Simmonds92> No pI is
15:00 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <666 the evil serray dead> -.-
15:00 <Finneow> 0 is the nuber of god.
15:00 <Finneow> *number
15:00 <CrashingCymbal> 43,198 is my favorite number
15:00 <HAHABLOOD> nuber?
15:00 <Slendercat> 69 is
15:00 <Dervall> Noooooo
15:01 <Finneow> Fuckin keybord 
15:01 <Simmonds92> 0 is not a number
15:01 <Dervall> God is standing here on the other side next to me
15:01 <HAHABLOOD> 0 is a fact
15:01 <Simmonds92> Your saying he don't exist finneowRules?
15:01 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <Simmonds92> Lol
15:01 <Dervall> and he says that his number is 7
15:01 <Dervall> dipshits
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> WB Alice
15:01 <Finneow> Na, 
15:01 <Dervall> Hi Deathgirl :)
15:01 <Finneow> i saying he was first
15:01 <Simmonds92> 0 ain't a number silly
15:01 <Slendercat> death girl why do you keep going and coming back
15:01 <Simmonds92> If his number is not a number then he is nothing
15:02 <Simmonds92> And everything!
15:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's a connection problem I think, it happens to me sometimes
15:02 <Simmonds92> Wow
15:02 <Slendercat> inception
15:02 <Finneow> and a yogurt 
15:02 <Dervall> .-.
15:02 <Finneow> god is an ice cream
15:02 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <Simmonds92> Um
15:02 <Slendercat> iception
15:02 <Simmonds92> What were we saying...
15:03 <666 the evil serray dead> .-.
15:03 <Finneow> Cleric is god
15:03 <41488p> :3
15:03 <Simmonds92> 41488p is resolution?
15:03 <HAHABLOOD> And 414 is still a random number guys.
15:03 <41488p> the number 414 is no random number
15:03 <Finneow> lets summon god! CLERIC! SAY SOMTHING!
15:03 <HAHABLOOD> a guys
15:03 <HAHABLOOD> a guys
15:03 <HAHABLOOD> a guys
15:03 <Dervall> Why, Blood?
15:04 <41488p> but I AM the Random Number Guy
15:04 <41488p> brb pohn
15:04 <Simmonds92> 414, blood
15:04 <HAHABLOOD> You're not the random number guy
15:04 <Simmonds92> Go look up bong chong dong ghost
15:04 <41488p> felpflepfelp
15:04 <Finneow> I am, the law
15:04 <41488p> ung
15:04 <41488p> whipwhpiwhi
15:04 <Simmonds92> Its a cool webtoon......
15:04 <HAHABLOOD> You're THE random number guy
15:04 <41488p> psh
15:04 <41488p> blepblepblep
15:04 <41488p> uck
15:04 <HAHABLOOD> And by cool you mean horrifying?
15:04 <Simmonds92> Random number
15:04 <Simmonds92> 44444400000444
15:05 <HAHABLOOD> Then yes, It is really cool.
15:05 -!- Creepyangel has joined Special:Chat
15:05 <CrashingCymbal> 414, please don't spam
15:05 <41488p> oh yes, THE random number
15:05 <Simmonds92> No no
15:05 <Simmonds92> More random
15:05 <41488p> sry :(
15:05 <Simmonds92> 4400440044
15:05 <Slendercat> 6364648683647364736736 69 random umber
15:05 <Dervall> .-.
15:05 <Finneow> Fuck! Four o clock already? shit! be back later you guys
15:05 <41488p> ._.
15:05 <CrashingCymbal> I furgiv :3
15:05 <Finneow> bye
15:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Fin
15:05 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
15:05 -!- Simmonds92 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
15:05 -!- Simmonds92 has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <Creepyangel> hello :)
15:05 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
15:05 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <41488p> fuck! 4:20 already? Need to...
15:05 <41488p> (cool)
15:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Angel
15:05 <41488p> BLAZE IT
15:05 <Dervall> Bye Finn!
15:05 <Creepyangel> hi zack
15:05 <Dervall> Too late for finn :(
15:05 <Dervall> Hi Angel!
15:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> A bit to slow there Dervy :P
15:05 -!- Simmonds92 has joined Special:Chat
15:06 <Dervall> My internet connection isn't working soo well....
15:06 <Creepyangel> hi dervall :
15:06 <41488p> lol Zack
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> Simmonds, please don't spam numbers :P
15:06 <Simmonds92> Hm?
15:06 <Simmonds92> Did I get a warning?
15:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Mine does it alot as well
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> I warned the chat
15:06 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:06 <HAHABLOOD> Crashing! 
15:06 <Creepyangel> caps
15:06 <Simmonds92> Ok then
15:06 <HAHABLOOD> I knew you were mod material!
15:06 <HAHABLOOD> Congrats brah.
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, same goes for you
15:06 <Creepyangel> who?
15:06 <Slendercat> k
15:06 <Dervall> Blood, why???
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> You have been spamming chat all day, once more and you're banned7
15:06 <HAHABLOOD> Why why?
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> >banned7
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> banned
15:06 <41488p> looks like Blood saw Cymbal's first blood
15:06 <Simmonds92> A simple kick to keep everyone focused on not breaking the rules too much
15:07 <Simmonds92> Thats good
15:07 <41488p> bloodception
15:07 <Dervall> .-.
15:07 <Creepyangel> what's going on?
15:07 <Simmonds92> As it is though I said two random numbers
15:07 <41488p> yep, and a simple kick in the balls when you get banned
15:07 <Simmonds92> Bit much to kick perhaps?
15:07 <41488p> it was (spam)
15:07 <Simmonds92> Eh then again you did warn so ok
15:07 <HAHABLOOD> Any new emotes 414?
15:07 <CrashingCymbal> It was only a kick, guys, you're back and now you know better :P
15:08 -!- Creepyangel has left Special:Chat.
15:08 <Dervall> Guys, I gotta go, my internet connection is too slow for the chat right now .-.
15:08 <41488p> (414), Blood.
15:08 <Slendercat> yep
15:08 <Dervall> Bye y'all!!
15:08 <Simmonds92> Thats my point cc
15:08 <41488p> how did it end up like this
15:08 <41488p> it was only a kick
15:08 <41488p> it was only a kick
15:08 <HAHABLOOD> Nice.
15:08 <Slendercat> bye
15:08 -!- Dervall has left Special:Chat.
15:08 <CrashingCymbal> Haha 414 
15:08 <41488p> bye Derv
15:08 <Simmonds92> Chillax, I'm not going to threaten your life
15:08 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:08 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
15:08 <41488p> wb Death and Input
15:08 <CrashingCymbal> WB Alice and Input!
15:08 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Don't acknowledge me
15:08 <41488p> oh Death=Alice
15:08 <Slendercat> why is input back
15:08 <Simmonds92> Himinput
15:08 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I came back on a business trip
15:09 <Simmonds92> Hi... Iput
15:09 <41488p> >business trip
15:09 <41488p> (ic)
15:09 <Simmonds92> Gah!!!
15:09 <41488p> ohoho
15:09 <CrashingCymbal> O rlly
15:09 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:09 <Simmonds92> Hate this ipad
15:09 <Simmonds92> Really do
15:09 <BRVR> Surprisingly, my laptop hasn't crashed yet.'
15:09 <41488p> looks like the white stuff on you is serious "business"
15:09 <Simmonds92> Ha!
15:09 <41488p> too many zombies, BR?
15:10 -!- 666 the evil serray dead has left Special:Chat.
15:10 <Simmonds92> Just checking
15:10 <Simmonds92> Anyone a Pratchett fan?
15:10 <Slendercat> me me
15:10 <41488p> I'm a Hatchet fan
15:10 <41488p> *sharpens*
15:10 <Slendercat> lol
15:10 <Simmonds92> Heh
15:10 <41488p> cshling cshilng motherfuckers
15:10 <Simmonds92> That made me giggle a bit
15:10 <Slendercat> same
15:11 <Simmonds92> So slender
15:11 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has left Special:Chat.
15:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> God this food is taking forever to get here >_<
15:11 <Slendercat> yeah
15:11 <Simmonds92> You picked up a copy of the long war yet?
15:11 <Slendercat> no not yet but maybe
15:11 <41488p> how much do the guys in porn vids get paid?
15:11 <Simmonds92> I got mine fast so for the cheap price
15:12 <Slendercat> wtf
15:12 <Simmonds92> 50 dollars a shoot 
15:12 <Slendercat> oh good idea
15:12 <Simmonds92> PI mean...
15:12 <Simmonds92> Pho idea
15:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Kill wants me to tell you he can edit for 3 days
15:12 <Simmonds92> No idea
15:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But he can't get on chat
15:12 <Simmonds92> Seriously hate this auto spell
15:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Not really though
15:12 <41488p> he just left a bunch of messages on my talk 
15:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm still here
15:12 <41488p> BYE INPUT
15:12 <41488p> dammit
15:12 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:12 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
15:12 <41488p> dammit you wasted precious bandwith
15:13 <Slendercat> cupcake!!!!!!!
15:13 <Cupcakes8> Wut?
15:13 <41488p> do you know how much kids in Africa will pay for this bandwith!?
15:13 <Simmonds92> Imlike banana lollies
15:13 <Simmonds92> I like
15:13 <Slendercat> can i eat u
15:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cup
15:13 <41488p> an arm and a leg, Input!!
15:13 <Cupcakes8> No. .-.
15:13 <41488p> heya Cupcakes
15:13 <Slendercat> damnit
15:13 <41488p> no, Cupcakes8 YOU!
15:13 <41488p> geddit?
15:13 <41488p> Cupcakes
15:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn, your username is making me more hungry lol
15:13 <41488p> 8
15:13 <Cupcakes8> Nah. 
15:13 <41488p> huehue
15:13 <Simmonds92> Slender
15:14 <Slendercat> yeah
15:14 <Simmonds92> Did you get the long earth?
15:14 <Slendercat> nope do u
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> Somebody contributed a page
15:14 <Simmonds92> Oh yea
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> And used double spacing for every new sentence
15:14 <Slendercat> is it good
15:14 <Simmonds92> Ill buy almost anything pratchett
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> This is gonna take a while
15:14 <41488p> show me Cymbal
15:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:14 <Simmonds92> Best book he's done since discworld
15:15 <CrashingCymbal>
15:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <Slendercat> faviorte book the wee free men
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> I got some done, but there's still a lot to do
15:15 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
15:15 <Simmonds92> That was a good book but not in my top ten
15:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> wow
15:15 <Simmonds92> My favourites are hog father and thief of time
15:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> That would be annoying to read
15:15 -!- MeganPepper has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> It looks quite untidy
15:15 <MeganPepper> sup losers
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Megan
15:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Sup bitch.
15:16 <MeganPepper> woooah what was that for
15:16 <Slendercat> yeah did u see the series going postal
15:16 <MeganPepper> that was mean
15:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Megan and Brooke
15:16 <Simmonds92> Of course
15:16 <Slendercat> epic
15:16 <Simmonds92> How could I miss it?
15:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Indeed it was.
15:16 <Slendercat> i know init
15:16 <MeganPepper> :(
15:16 <Simmonds92> Not very good though compared to the book
15:16 <Slendercat> i thought it was preety good
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> Dexter Season 8 starts tomorrow
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> I can't wait! :)
15:17 <Simmonds92> Booo
15:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> :/
15:17 <Slendercat> ummm what
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> :|
15:17 <Simmonds92> Dexter bores me to tears
15:17 <MeganPepper> that one show with that one guy that kills people
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> Fair enough
15:18 <MeganPepper> ive never watched it but it soun cool
15:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:18 <Slendercat> fist tw seasons were ok rest were rubish
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> That would be a very basic description, yes Megan :P
15:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I like things like Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI and so on
15:18 -!- EyelessJackFan24 has joined Special:Chat
15:18 <Simmonds92> Mmm... I've not seen much of it to be fair
15:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What are you talking about?
15:18 <41488p> Dexter's weird
15:18 <41488p> stuff, Brooke
15:18 <EyelessJackFan24> Hey guys
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> I fucking love Dexter!
15:18 <41488p> hey Jack
15:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> But I also like things like How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs
15:18 <Simmonds92> It was mainly csi whenninsaw it
15:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What show? D:
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Jack
15:18 <Horrorfan1> Done!
15:18 <Simmonds92> Boooring
15:18 <Slendercat> yeah brooke stuff
15:18 <Horrorfan1>
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Dexter, Brooke.
15:18 <EyelessJackFan24> Hi Cymbal
15:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ah
15:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Jackfan
15:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:18 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
15:18 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
15:18 <EyelessJackFan24> Hi Zack
15:19 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:19 <Simmonds92> Hello eyeless jack
15:19 <Horrorfan1> Hello to those who joined
15:19 <Simmonds92> Are you the cunning man?
15:19 <MeganPepper> i would date sponge bob
15:19 <EyelessJackFan24> Hello Simmonds
15:19 <Slendercat> wtf
15:19 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
15:19 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
15:19 <Simmonds92> You should know slenderman
15:19 <Simmonds92> Eyeless jack
15:19 <Simmonds92> Cunning man
15:19 <MeganPepper> slendercat thats going on my profile
15:19 <Slendercat> i do he is my grandad
15:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cup, Prammie and Rwojy
15:19 <MeganPepper> "wtf" -slenderccat
15:19 <EyelessJackFan24> I don't like roleplaying -_-
15:19 <Pramirez351> hai zack :P
15:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
15:20 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <EyelessJackFan24> Hi Pram
15:20 <Simmonds92> I like you jack
15:20 <Simmonds92> Heh
15:20 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:20 <Pramirez351> hello eyeless
15:20 <EyelessJackFan24> o.o
15:20 <41488p> [[User:41488p|hot ass xxx r-rated]]
15:20 <Simmonds92> *x.x
15:20 <EyelessJackFan24> lol
15:20 <Simmonds92> * c
15:20 -!- MaytheIrkenPower has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <MaytheIrkenPower> Hai
15:21 <EyelessJackFan24> Cymbol?
15:21 <Simmonds92> *    .
15:21 -!- MaytheIrkenPower has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
15:21 <EyelessJackFan24> You know where WhyamIreadingthis is?
15:21 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:21 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I've been waiting for him.
15:21 <MeganPepper> would you rather your mom know your internet history or your personl porn collection
15:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Internet history
15:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Must resist the urge to put a stupid response to where Reading is
15:22 <CrashingCymbal> He is currently editing, Jack.
15:22 <EyelessJackFan24> Ahhhhh
15:22 <CrashingCymbal> I also need him.
15:22 <41488p> >internet history
15:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !Seen WhyAmIReadingThis
15:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw WhyAmIReadingThis at June 29 2013, 01:11 (GMT)
15:22 <41488p> oh lord the DREAD!
15:22 <EyelessJackFan24> I just wanted to say something
15:22 <EyelessJackFan24> to  him
15:22 <Simmonds92> Fu....!
15:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's when he was last seen
15:22 <Simmonds92> I just lost the game
15:22 <Simmonds92> I just lost the game!
15:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> ^
15:22 <EyelessJackFan24> Damnitt Simm
15:22 <Slendercat>  what game
15:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The game
15:22 <EyelessJackFan24> STOP
15:23 <Slendercat> the game of what game
15:23 <41488p> !Seen 41488p
15:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw 41488p at June 29 2013, 15:23 (GMT)
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Can't lose the game if you don't play it
15:23 <41488p> OH MY GOD
15:23 <41488p> :D
15:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's tough to explain lol
15:23 <41488p> !Seen Clericofmadness
15:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Clericofmadness since I have been here!
15:23 <MeganPepper> i'm going to make a "Megan for President 2013" website
15:23 <CrashingCymbal> Guys, please don't abuse this...
15:23 <Simmonds92> Cp
15:23 <41488p> !Seen ClericofMadness
15:23 <Simmonds92> What are you doing?
15:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen ClericofMadness since I have been here!
15:23 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
15:23 <EyelessJackFan24> Hello
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I got kicked last night for overusing it
15:23 <41488p> hm
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not really
15:23 <CrashingCymbal> Shipception:
15:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I did it twice and got kicked
15:24 <41488p> well it's easy to overuse it XD
15:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> The bot has become self aware!
15:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am the worst Creepypasta writer ever
15:24 <CrashingCymbal> I just don't want people to start abusing the crap outta it :P
15:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> We must take it out before it takes us out!
15:24 <Slendercat> i got banned for a month for meowing
15:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
15:24 <41488p> !Seen hot booty
15:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen hot booty since I have been here!
15:24 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <41488p> OMG!
15:24 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Maj
15:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
15:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> > Is dying
15:24 <Majin112> Hi cymbal.
15:24 <41488p> !Seen ur mom
15:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen ur mom since I have been here!
15:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen sexy shit
15:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sexy shit since I have been here!
15:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
15:24 <41488p> hai Majin
15:24 <EyelessJackFan24> I read through all the rules after I got kicked, didn't want that to happen again.
15:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Majin
15:24 <Slendercat> lol
15:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> This is good
15:25 <41488p> OMHOM
15:25 <Majin112> !Seen ur mom
15:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen ur mom since I have been here!
15:25 <Majin112> Hi 414
15:25 <Horrorfan1> !seen anything
15:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen anything since I have been here!
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen a motherfucking donkey ass
15:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a motherfucking donkey ass since I have been here!
15:25 <41488p> hi
15:25 <CrashingCymbal> Okay guys, stop.
15:25 <Majin112> Hi eyeless
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
15:25 <Child Of Mantra> This is getting old 
15:25 <41488p> IT'S IRRESISTABLE 
15:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> ^
15:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
15:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
15:25 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
15:25 <41488p> yes
15:25 <41488p> YES!
15:25 <41488p> YOU GOT NINJA'D
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm done now. LOOL.
15:25 -!- Loresaur has joined Special:Chat
15:25 <Majin112> 414 is back?
15:25 <CrashingCymbal> Next one to do so, gets kicked
15:25 <Majin112> YES
15:25 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I got one more
15:25 <Slendercat> 1seen my dick
15:25 <Horrorfan1> It's like a giant flying burnt hamburger!
15:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's gettin old
15:25 <41488p> yep I'm Bach
15:25 <41488p> I play piano
15:25 <41488p> plinka plinka plink
15:25 <Slendercat> !seen my dick
15:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my dick since I have been here!
15:26 -!- Loresaur has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <41488p> oh dear
15:26 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
15:26 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
15:26 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I had one more though ;^;
15:26 <Simmonds92> Cp
15:26 <Majin112> Cp?
15:26 <Simmonds92> Chat logger
15:26 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:26 <CrashingCymbal> No more seen for five minutes, kay?
15:26 <Simmonds92> What are you doing?
15:26 <Simmonds92> I am intrigued
15:26 <Majin112> Oh
15:26 <Majin112> Cp is a bot.
15:26 <Simmonds92> Lies
15:26 <Majin112> it is not a person.
15:26 <CrashingCymbal> When it gets half past the hour, you can do it, but try keep it to a minimum 
15:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> CP is not a bot! Leave Jesse alone
15:27 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Slendercat> k soz
15:27 <Simmonds92> Ok
15:27 <EyelessJackFan24> Alright guys, I gotta go, peace out Cymbal :P
15:27 <Majin112> yes it is.\
15:27 <Simmonds92> Gimme it's code
15:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye JackFan
15:27 <MeganPepper> adios
15:27 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Jack
15:27 <Simmonds92> By jack
15:27 -!- EyelessJackFan24 has left Special:Chat.
15:27 <Slendercat> see ya
15:27 <41488p> bye Jack
15:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, I have bad news
15:27 <Majin112> No person could update the chat logs every second for everyday in a year.
15:27 <CrashingCymbal> Oh no
15:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> IT's code is: 123Fuckoffyou'renotgettinthecode
15:27 <41488p> I have fapped so much it is a chore to attain, let alone enjoy, the climax
15:27 <Simmonds92> Majin
15:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jesse has been seeing Reading behind your back :P
15:27 <Simmonds92> Gimme it's code hm?
15:27 <CrashingCymbal> :O
15:27 <Majin112> what?
15:28 <CrashingCymbal> That bitch
15:28 <41488p> I have weaved in and out of the shadows of my home, keeping myself from my elders' grasp.
15:28 <Majin112> I dont have its code.
15:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Naught CP!
15:28 <Simmonds92> Oh you don't know it?
15:28 <CrashingCymbal> Fak u Jesse!
15:28 <Simmonds92> Ok
15:28 <Majin112> Ben does.
15:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Only 3 people have the code
15:28 <41488p> unfortunately, too much fap... is too much work.
15:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 4 people*
15:28 <41488p> I sweat at the mere thought of it... it makes me itch.
15:28 <Majin112>
15:28 <Majin112> what
15:28 <41488p> I can't think straight
15:28 <Child Of Mantra> i reat it
15:28 <41488p> I can't fap any more.
15:28 <Child Of Mantra> read it*
15:28 <Simmonds92> Guys omg!
15:28 <CrashingCymbal> I edited it 
15:28 <Simmonds92> I put on my robe and wizard hat
15:28 <Majin112> Wait
15:28 <41488p> catch the all-new bestseller, 50 Shades of Black, out now at your local bookstore!
15:29 <Simmonds92> Toodles for now
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> brb
15:29 <41488p> "I have fapped too much..." - The Author
15:29 <Majin112> Cymbal; did you ever become VCROC?
15:29 <Slendercat> no simm no!!!!
15:29 <41488p> Cymbal for VCROC 2013!!
15:29 <CrashingCymbal> I think it's being decided soon
15:29 <CrashingCymbal> But I'm not toos ure
15:29 <41488p> where's the nomination page?
15:29 <Majin112> Oh
15:29 <BRVR> Uhh... I have nothing to say right now.
15:29 <41488p> I'm really confused on how Cymbal became a mod anyway
15:29 <CrashingCymbal> My dog is squealing at me :(
15:29 <41488p> BR praech it
15:29 <41488p> *preach
15:29 <Majin112> I am gonna nominate myself for admin
15:30 <CrashingCymbal> Why is that, 414? :P
15:30 -!- Simmonds92 has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Majin112> in august.\
15:30 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <MeganPepper> damn i underestimated my abilities look at my profuile now
15:30 <CrashingCymbal> Hello LOTL
15:30 <MeganPepper> how do you nomniate urself
15:30 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Majin112> You need to have extra rights. 
15:30 <Afterlife and Redshade> WHy am I half-Pikachu
15:30 <Majin112> I am VCROC.
15:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Someone feed me, this food is talking forever :(
15:31 <41488p> well it seems like Shining just promoted you out of the blue
15:31 <41488p> :/
15:31 <41488p> @Cymbal
15:31 <MeganPepper> i am the president i have a shit load of rights
15:31 <BRVR> I have a headache.
15:31 <CrashingCymbal> No, I was nominated by Reading, and the community voted for me
15:31 <41488p> I'm an American I have more rights than lefts
15:31 <41488p> oh k, Cymbal
15:31 <CrashingCymbal> :P
15:31 <41488p> o
15:31 <Slendercat> you shall not...    "been passed"
15:32 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:32 <MeganPepper> slendercat your on my profile
15:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> BRVR. You're saying what I want to say 2 seconds before I wanna say it D:
15:32 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:32 <HAHABLOOD> Well guys.
15:32 <Slendercat> yay
15:32 <41488p> paradox!
15:32 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
15:32 <41488p> paaradox!!
15:32 <HAHABLOOD> My monthly check in is finished.
15:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's a time paradix
15:32 <41488p> Afterlife
15:32 <HAHABLOOD> Fortunately, I'll see you all again next month.
15:32 <41488p> BR said he didn't know what to say
15:33 <41488p> and yet you know what to say
15:33 <41488p> HMMM
15:33 <Majin112> 414.
15:33 <Majin112> PM
15:33 <HAHABLOOD> Bye guys.
15:33 <41488p> 0.0 HM
15:33 <41488p> ok Majin
15:33 <MeganPepper> bye
15:33 -!- HAHABLOOD has left Special:Chat.
15:33 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
15:33 <Afterlife and Redshade> Bai
15:33 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
15:33 <41488p> bai
15:33 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
15:33 <CrashingCymbal> WB Kruegs
15:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Erm? the writing is red now?
15:34 <41488p> Bai is the name of my Chinese teacher
15:34 <Freddy krueger> Hello
15:34 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Slendercat> just seen megan peppers profle omg
15:34 <41488p> or... WAS the name
15:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, try pinging me please
15:34 <41488p> ha, moving, bitches!!
15:34 <CrashingCymbal> Zack
15:34 <Majin112> Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye
15:34 <MeganPepper> "just seen megan peppers profile omg" -s;endercat
15:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I think I heard something then
15:34 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:34 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:34 -!- -Price- has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Freddy krueger> Hello price
15:34 <-Price-> haidere
15:35 <Slendercat> elmception
15:35 <41488p> !Seen porn
15:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen porn since I have been here!
15:35 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <Freddy krueger> CP wiki talks normal !!!!
15:35 <41488p> !seen
15:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
15:36 <Freddy krueger> !seen
15:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
15:36 <Freddy krueger> Lol that's fun
15:36 <MeganPepper> funfact: Arceus is the first pokemin ever
15:36 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
15:36 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
15:36 <MeganPepper> rhydon was the first to be created
15:36 <Afterlife and Redshade> Arceus is also not creepy
15:36 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
15:36 <Afterlife and Redshade> Shame on you
15:36 <41488p> well it's so fun that I think there's gonna be a rule against it :D
15:36 <41488p> funfact: I have penis. gurl fuk me
15:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, try it again once more please
15:37 <MeganPepper> totally
15:37 <MeganPepper> come at me man
15:37 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Zack
15:37 <MeganPepper> ill get undressed
15:37 <Freddy krueger> Lol
15:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Fun fact of a life time
15:37 <41488p> r u gurl
15:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> r u guy?
15:37 <41488p> i ned gf
15:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Strange, it was kinda working then and now it's not
15:37 <41488p> dun no inpet
15:37 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> gt gf on omgle
15:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And why is all the text in red?
15:37 <41488p> no
15:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u lifles hore
15:37 <Afterlife and Redshade> I HAS NO GENDER
15:37 <41488p> i hv n gf
15:37 <Afterlife and Redshade> X3
15:38 <41488p> gurl fuk gi
15:38 <Slendercat> im back
15:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u hv an gf
15:38 <41488p> i fuk gurl
15:38 <41488p> den i gi
15:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u fuk hr raw
15:38 <41488p> no gf inpet
15:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Be right back
15:38 <41488p> but mum
15:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> fuk hr raw
15:38 <41488p> mum alwys plsre me
15:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u fuk ur mum
15:38 <41488p> se alwes se
15:38 <Afterlife and Redshade> O_O
15:38 <41488p> 'sun u speseel'
15:38 <41488p> end di se
15:38 <41488p> 'thx mum'
15:38 <41488p> den i go ut 2 prty
15:39 <41488p> i ned gf aftr mum ded of cencer
15:39 <Freddy krueger> Hahaha
15:39 <Majin112> Gotta go fast!
15:39 <Afterlife and Redshade> ................ This Chat just turned awkward
15:39 <Majin112> NEVER
15:39 <41488p> 2 plsre me
15:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> when u mom come home an make hte spahgeti
15:39 <Majin112> Cymbal PM
15:39 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
15:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> fuk ur mom raw foronfor
15:39 <CrashingCymbal> Gotcha Maj
15:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> ten sho me vido
15:40 <41488p> hte spegeti
15:40 <41488p> is no mi mum
15:40 <41488p> mi mum is speceel
15:40 -!- Xlr29 has joined Special:Chat
15:40 <41488p> butt i ned gf
15:40 <41488p> no gf= cri cri evry nite
15:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> This Chat turned weird..... I might just click off
15:40 <41488p> NO!
15:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
15:40 <41488p> oh my god
15:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> I will
15:40 <41488p> I...
15:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> DUN DUN DUN
15:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u dumy
15:40 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Xlr
15:41 <Afterlife and Redshade> DUN DUN DUN
15:41 -!- Auras has joined Special:Chat
15:41 <Afterlife and Redshade> *clicks at YOutube*
15:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
15:41 <-Price->
15:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> geddoutta here
15:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
15:41 <41488p> get out of here Stalker!
15:42 <Xlr29> Hello, I am looking for a Creepypasta on Pokemon White or Black?
15:42 <Auras> hello everyone ^^
15:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> There is none
15:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And you can't make any
15:42 <Xlr29> Ok
15:42 <Slendercat> im back
15:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> We banned pokepasta
15:42 <41488p> hi Aur and Xlr, I bet if you searched that term up on this wiki there's bound to be one or two
15:42 <41488p> but yeah, they're banned
15:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But I think there's one about audino
15:42 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
15:42 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
15:42 <MeganPepper>
15:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Look it up
15:42 <MeganPepper> thank GOD
15:42 <Auras> audino wants to play
15:43 <Xlr29> And Pearl or Diamond
15:43 <Xlr29> ?
15:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Who here likes Chinese food?
15:43 <Xlr29> Ok
15:43 <Auras> *raises paw*
15:43 <Slendercat> memememem
15:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Most of em are about GEN 1 AND 2
15:43 <Xlr29> Thanks
15:43 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I got a chinese curry with noodles :P
15:43 <Slendercat> chinese fooooood
15:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Because nostalgia boners to play their favorite game
15:43 <Auras> Lucky!
15:43 <Majin112> platinum was good.
15:43 <Slendercat> omnomomom
15:44 -!- Xlr29 has left Special:Chat.
15:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I know right :P
15:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Only to get a shit pile
15:44 <Slendercat> k ill stop
15:44 -!- Xlr29 has joined Special:Chat
15:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> No one gets much of a nostalgia boner from pearl
15:44 <Auras> At spinasta there might be some pokemon pastas.
15:44 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> I do
15:44 -!- Zaxi has joined Special:Chat
15:44 <CrashingCymbal> WB Zaxi
15:44 <Slendercat> zaxi!
15:44 <Slendercat> lol
15:44 <Auras> *raises an eyebrow* Really?
15:44 -!- Xlr29 has left Special:Chat.
15:45 <Slendercat>  yep that just happened
15:45 <41488p> what?!
15:45 <Auras> Kevin, you really get those from pearl?
15:45 <41488p> we don't allow any more photo uploads!??!
15:45 <41488p> who the fuck-
15:45 <41488p> SHINING
15:46 <CrashingCymbal> Since when?
15:46 <MeganPepper> what the fuck
15:46 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
15:46 <MeganPepper> coding is complicated
15:46 <CrashingCymbal> 414, caps
15:46 <41488p> :(
15:46 <41488p> guys, try to upload a photo
15:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You gonna kick him?
15:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I don't like the new caps rule
15:46 <41488p> he could kick me
15:46 <41488p> and my page would refresh
15:46 <41488p> allowing me to chat without lag
15:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Or you could refresh on your own
15:46 <Slendercat> ill kick him in the face with a chair
15:47 <Auras> Hello freddy
15:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> That's not possible
15:47 <Slendercat> yes it is
15:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Kicking requires one's own foot
15:47 <Slendercat> not if your nemo
15:47 <Auras> True.
15:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Using a chair would change to contact to hitting
15:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You are a silly billy your know that?
15:48 <Slendercat> not if your nemo
15:48 <Slendercat> bye
15:48 <Auras> Ahhhh. My brain hurts. too.. much... Logic!
15:48 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <Afterlife and Redshade> I will kick someone in the face with a boot
15:49 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <Slendercat> nemo!!!!
15:49 <Auras> Ok afterlife! you can now break the fourth wall!
15:49 <Auras> :D
15:49 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yay
15:49 <Zaxi> Listen you bitch I hate you and I'll criticize you sobena ebonogo creator of this site you are lying in pesushki and narkatu took you ruined so many things but if you iportish nyan cat I'll Renting in politsyyu and razarvu you hahahahaha
15:50 <Slendercat> not if hes nemo
15:50 <-Price-> wut
15:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> das fuq
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am actually a cat
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> So I can kick someone in the face with a boot
15:50 <Slendercat> do u not see my name
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> A cat boot
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Zaxi, English please
15:50 <Auras> Zaxi, I barely understood a word you said. 
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ok I'm an Umbreon
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
15:50 <Slendercat> cymbal
15:50 <Auras> *gets shotgun*
15:50 <Afterlife and Redshade> I will hit you with my tail
15:50 <Horrorfan1> ...da faq was he saying?
15:51 <Zaxi> I am Russian
15:51 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
15:51 <Auras> So... You're the Umbreon.
15:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> And make a poisonus sweat
15:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> To keel you
15:51 <Slendercat> horror your still here
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> Yes?
15:51 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
15:51 <Slendercat> are you nemo
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> Sure why not
15:51 <Horrorfan1> I am
15:51 <Auras> *points shotgun at afterlife*
15:51 <Slendercat> yolo am i right
15:51 <Zaxi> yes
15:52 <Horrorfan1> I'm not nemo
15:52 <Auras> Say that you are not an umbreon, you change.
15:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm an Umbreon!
15:52 <Slendercat> points shotgun at the nemo hater
15:52 <Auras> >:(
15:52 <Horrorfan1> I don't know which nemo you mean
15:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Honestly!
15:52 <Slendercat> the fish
15:52 <Auras> I'm an umbreon too... D:
15:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> God I love chinese curry xD
15:53 <Zaxi> who loves nyan cat?
15:53 <Auras> But shiny :3
15:53 <Slendercat> mememem
15:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey everyone who joined while I've been eating
15:53 <Auras> Yes Zack?
15:53 <Zaxi> who are against this site?
15:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
15:53 <Auras> Great and you?
15:54 <Zaxi> YES YES
15:54 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good. i'm feeling better now that I have food xD
15:54 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:54 <Auras> xD
15:54 <Slendercat> lol?
15:54 <CrashingCymbal> Spotify is teh best
15:55 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> ClericOfMadness is
15:55 <Horrorfan1> ClericOfMadness
15:55 <Horrorfan1> JINX!
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> And be careful of the caps, Zaxi
15:55 -!- Littlemudkip has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Our lord and master did
15:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> ClericOfMadness :P
15:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am a level 6666 Umbreon
15:55 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hello mudkip :P
15:55 <Littlemudkip> hi
15:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D I have very high stats
15:55 <Auras> pfff. big woop afterlife.
15:56 <Auras> Arceus is my father!
15:56 <Littlemudkip> lol
15:56 <Slendercat> are u related to husky
15:56 <Littlemudkip> no
15:56 <Auras> So... You liek mudkips?
15:56 <Slendercat>  oh
15:56 <BRVR> I have a tube full of coins.
15:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> AN Arceus id my father too!
15:56 <Auras> ImPossible.
15:56 <Zaxi> do not you like Squidward suicide right?
15:56 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> And I'm also half-Pikachu
15:56 <Littlemudkip> i like mudkip scince i was 3
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Weavs!
15:56 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D
15:56 <Nightweaver2112> hey cym
15:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> MAking me.
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Since you were 3?
15:56 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Weavs!
15:57 <Littlemudkip> yhea
15:57 <Nightweaver2112> yo zack
15:57 <Afterlife and Redshade> I played Pokemon when I was 1
15:57 <CrashingCymbal> Interesting...
15:57 <Auras> Well are you able to define and speak with all?
15:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
15:57 <Auras> Are you the most wanted to each poacher?
15:57 <Nightweaver2112> not bad, zack. just been to have my hair cut
15:57 <Auras> No, 
15:57 <Slendercat> sup
15:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nice
15:57 <Auras> I thought so.
15:57 <Littlemudkip> sup
15:57 <Zaxi> all the while females and goodnight ahahahaha?
15:57 -!- AvatarSara has joined Special:Chat
15:57 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Sara
15:57 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> If Jesus Christ joined this wiki, would we ban him if he broke the rules?
15:57 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <AvatarSara> Hey.
15:58 -!- Littlemudkip has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss. We would.
15:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Coffee? Hey, i didn't know you were on lol
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> No zombies allowee
15:58 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> k
15:58 <Auras> Yes, yes we would.
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> *allowed
15:58 <Slendercat> hello
15:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> I see someone with 69 edits here
15:58 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and hi
15:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> 83
15:58 <Nightweaver2112> one of the bad things about England, for half the year, it is really cold, making long hair a nessecity, but for the other half, it is unbearably hot, making long hair impractical. :/
15:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Wait Cym? No zombies?
15:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> X3
15:58 -!- Zaxi has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <AvatarSara> Aw. Night. That stinks.
15:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Lucky I'm not one, i'm a better undead being :P
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> No zombies allowed
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> Haha
15:59 <Auras> Besides, he did say that everyone is equal. So why shouldn't we ban him if he breaks a rule Coffee?
15:59 <Auras> ;)
15:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> trufax
15:59 <Slendercat> tell that to BRVR
15:59 <AvatarSara> Why aren't zombies allowed?
15:59 <Horrorfan1> TOO CLICHED
15:59 <CrashingCymbal>  Cus
15:59 <Horrorfan1> Damn caps
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> Cus I sai so
15:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They'd spam "BRAAAINS" too much, that's why.
16:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> And we can't speak zombie.
16:00 <Auras> xD
16:00 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So it's like.. Yknow a different language.
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> WB Noah
16:00 <AvatarSara> Okay. I like my brain inside of me anyway.
16:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Zombie is a hard language to learn
16:00 <Auras> I did not see that coming.
16:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and that kids, is how I met your mother. (derp)
16:00 <Auras> What?!
16:00 <AvatarSara> That face XD
16:01 <Auras> It's like Pinkie pie and her cutie mark story.
16:01 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <BRVR> Zombies only say "brains", so it should be difficult to speak zombie.
16:01 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
16:01 <Superplankofdeath> hello
16:01 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
16:01 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Hello plank!
16:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They also growl too.
16:01 <Auras> It makes absolutely no sens. 
16:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Here's a question:
16:01 <BRVR> Yeah, they do.
16:01 -!- XXconkerbfdXx has joined Special:Chat
16:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
16:02 <XXconkerbfdXx> hi
16:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Would you be more scared of zombies that could run, or zombies that are strong?
16:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> THe first one
16:02 <Slendercat> brvr were is the base
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Conker
16:02 <AvatarSara> Ones that can run.
16:02 <XXconkerbfdXx> hi
16:02 <Auras> Strong.
16:02 <41488p> fast zombies are worse than slow ones
16:02 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> Uhhh, Zombies that could run
16:02 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> BRVR. I am BRVR. I am you.
16:02 <Auras> It would give me enough of time to run xD
16:02 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but if they're strong, they can break into places
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> Fast Zombies would just be... fuck
16:02 <Slendercat> brvrception
16:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They could break your door down. D:
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> But you can just run
16:02 <BRVR> I am me.
16:03 <Auras> but they would also be slow.
16:03 -!- XXconkerbfdXx has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> True
16:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OMG
16:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym! You brought a good topic up... If zombies were real, who would think that have the capability of running?
16:03 <41488p> then you could run
16:03 <CrashingCymbal> Unless you are like surrounded
16:03 <41488p> how would they even run
16:03 <41488p> listen
16:03 <Auras> Which is highly unprobable.
16:03 <41488p> they're brain dead
16:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Exactly
16:03 <41488p> they do not have muscle coordination
16:03 <41488p> if they ran
16:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> If you're surrounded by either zombies horde you're fucked
16:03 <41488p> they'd probably end up tripping on the ground
16:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> People believe they can run, I always say I think they can't
16:03 <Superplankofdeath> you could use pa connors pitchfork attack too kill them
16:03 <41488p> plus, rigor mortis
16:03 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <Auras> You would have to be retarded to get surrounded by slow zombies.
16:03 <-Price->
16:04 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
16:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fast zombies could trip a lot.
16:04 <BRVR> Or fast zombies.
16:04 <41488p> it would be funny
16:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Cym/
16:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ?
16:04 <Horrorfan1> Fast zombies= WE'RE FUCKED
16:04 <BRVR> No...
16:04 <BRVR> They would just trip a lot.
16:05 <Auras> but I am right! You know that you're retarded if you get surrounded by slow zombies.
16:05 -!- Auras was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
16:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Simba... -.-
16:05 -!- Auras has left Special:Chat.
16:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Thank you.
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry, talking in PM
16:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Twice now he said that D:
16:05 <Slendercat> BRVR check our private chat
16:05 -!- Puke Guts has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <Superplankofdeath> what happended
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> I'll warn him when he gets back
16:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
16:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's what happened
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Next time it's a kick
16:05 -!- Auras has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Auras
16:05 <41488p> Auras is right
16:05 <Superplankofdeath> what did he do
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Do not use "retarded" in an offensive manner please
16:05 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <Puke Guts> Uhhh hi.. 0.0
16:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Puke :P
16:06 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Auras> Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone.
16:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <AvatarSara> Hi. Nice username :P
16:06 <Puke Guts> heh whats up?
16:06 <41488p> wait
16:06 <CrashingCymbal> It's okay, just please don't do it again!
16:06 <Puke Guts> thanksC:
16:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Hood :3
16:06 <Auras> I won't
16:06 <BRVR> BRB, playing SRB2.
16:06 <CrashingCymbal> Nothing much, and you?
16:06 <Auras> I have to go!
16:06 <41488p> ok I'm just gonna say this: Auras was not using that in a derogatory tense.
16:06 <Auras> Bye
16:06 <41488p> that is all.
16:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Hoodie
16:06 <41488p> bye Auras
16:06 <Puke Guts> reading creepypasta stories haha
16:06 <Nightweaver2112> i'm back
16:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Auras
16:06 <41488p> hey Hooded
16:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <41488p> wb Weaver
16:06 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <Nightweaver2112> hey 414
16:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Welcome back Weavs
16:06 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> yo zack
16:07 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
16:07 <41488p> what's so funny about reading Creepypastas, Guts>
16:07 <41488p> *?
16:07 -!- Auras has left Special:Chat.
16:07 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> currently in the middle of installing tekkit
16:07 <41488p> currently in the middle of
16:07 <41488p> you wouldn't want to know
16:07 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
16:07 <41488p> MUEHEHE
16:07 <Puke Guts> nothing lmao. its wat i been doing all day #no life
16:07 <41488p> really?
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> I..seriously doubt I would, 414
16:07 <41488p> oh yes
16:07 <41488p> you wouldn't
16:07 <41488p> MEUEH
16:08 <41488p> (twitch)
16:08 <41488p> I died a little inside
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
16:08 <41488p> look
16:08 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
16:08 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <41488p> (rip) to the part that died inside me just now
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> I have been dead inside for years
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> you learn to live with it
16:08 <Puke Guts> im so confused 
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> XD
16:08 <41488p> so you're dead inside
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> yup
16:08 <41488p> but you learn to get on with it
16:08 <41488p> which means you're alive inside
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> yes I do
16:08 <41488p> but you're dead inside
16:08 <41488p> WAT
16:09 <41488p> WAT.
16:09 <Nightweaver2112> FUCKING PARADOX!!
16:09 <AvatarSara> My friend thinks she's a bird.
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> ^
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> Your friend is high
16:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I am a bird.
16:09 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (ic)
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> WB Noah
16:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I see everything you did there
16:09 -!- Puke Guts has left Special:Chat.
16:09 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> (sunglasses)
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> B)
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> B) 
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> Yay
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> xD
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> FAYUL
16:09 -!- Puke Guts has joined Special:Chat
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> lololol
16:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> B) Looks like a dick. (T_T)
16:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym (fail) 
16:10 <AvatarSara> :L
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> That seems to happen too often
16:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah haha
16:10 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
16:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's Simba you cuntmuffin. (srslywtf)
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> WB 414
16:10 <Nightweaver2112> no, its cymba
16:10 <Nightweaver2112> you muntcuffin
16:10 -!- Puke Guts has left Special:Chat.
16:11 <41488p> THX CYMBAL
16:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Muntcuffin? Is that an STD?
16:11 -!- Puke Guts has joined Special:Chat
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> yur welcum lolol
16:11 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
16:11 <Nightweaver2112> yeah, lets go with that
16:11 <41488p> muntcuffin
16:11 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
16:11 <41488p> std
16:11 <41488p> I am so done.
16:11 -!- Puke Guts has left Special:Chat.
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> I still haven't got my Swagsuit :(
16:11 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
16:12 <Nightweaver2112> because you have no swag
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> I ordered it online yesterday
16:12 <41488p> "I'm sorry sir, but you have..."
16:12 <41488p> "AIDS? Herpes?"
16:12 <41488p> "...Muntcuffins."
16:12 <41488p> "NOO"
16:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
16:12 <41488p> who needs a swagsuit when you have swag
16:12 <Nightweaver2112> XD
16:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, sorry, I stole it from the truck
16:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's when you get munts on your cuffins. (derp)
16:12 <41488p> (ic)
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> My Swagsuit proves I have swag
16:12 <41488p> don't you mean... IN??
16:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> In and on.
16:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> >.>
16:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I stole your swag!
16:12 <41488p> mmm
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> Purple suit with YOLO written in glitter on the back?
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> That one?
16:13 <Nightweaver2112> but...if you have swag, then why do you need to prove it...UNLESS YOU ARE LYING!!
16:13 <41488p> who needs a purple suit with YOLO written in glitter on the back when you have swag
16:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Who needs yolo and swag when you have IQ points?
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> ^
16:13 <Nightweaver2112> I have 220 of said IQ points
16:13 <Nightweaver2112> roughly
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> My IQ is ten
16:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have inifeenitly iq
16:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (derp)
16:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Boys have swag, men have class ;)
16:14 <Nightweaver2112> so is your mental age, cym
16:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
16:14 <41488p> mi iq is so big mum sed dey cant mesure it
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> :D
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> Hahahahaha 414
16:14 <41488p> she even sed 'hes special 4 gods sekes'
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> I love you
16:14 <41488p> (heart)
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> (h)
16:14 <41488p> <3
16:14 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> well me iq is so big me mym sed i was stoopid
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> feel teh luv bby
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Cap'n
16:15 <41488p> omg no wey boooke
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Actually, she said I was "special". That's good,, right?
16:15 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Cj
16:15 <41488p> boooke no
16:15 <Cjhotsauce> hi
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Boooke?
16:15 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello crash and sauce
16:15 <41488p> Booke
16:15 <Cjhotsauce> lol
16:15 <41488p> *Boooke
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Good thing I'm Brooke
16:15 <CrashingCymbal> Sounds like a spooky book
16:15 <41488p> with three o's
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I don't apply. x
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Booooo
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I GET IT!
16:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hahah!
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> LOLOLOLOL
16:16 <41488p> bupbupbupbup SEXYMAN
16:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (ic)
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> I am so original and funny x
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> xox
16:16 <41488p> "Oh no, Sexyman, that guy stole my virginity!"
16:16 <Cjhotsauce> (troll face)
16:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Indeed
16:16 <41488p> don't worry, for SEXYMAN is here to give it back!
16:16 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i got my permit today woooo
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> Sexyman
16:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Originality is rare.
16:16 <41488p> "Oh thank you Sexyman, I... I don't know how to repay you!
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> And his increduble sidekick
16:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Don't let the Yolo's steal your fame
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> THUNDERCUNT
16:16 <Cjhotsauce> lol lol
16:16 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
16:16 <41488p> don't worry, my little child- a job is all I ask of you.
16:16 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <41488p> SEXYMAN
16:16 <41488p> *theme music*
16:16 <Cjhotsauce> chaos blast*
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> My bike's name is Thundercunt
16:17 <41488p> Cunt of Thunder
16:17 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
16:17 <41488p> ok gtg I've been spending too much time with no clothes on
16:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Weird that's my mom's stripper name
16:17 <41488p> :(
16:17 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> Bye 414 I mis u <3 xox
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK
16:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 2 l8
16:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> HAHA
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> I missed him
16:18 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Superplankofdeath> NO BAGS NO BAGS NO BAGS
16:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
16:18 <CrashingCymbal> Huh
16:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello zyranne
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zry
16:19 <Superplankofdeath> can we move out there please!
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
16:19 <Zyranne> Hello Ginger and Crashing
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> Zyri
16:19 <Afterlife and Redshade> hi
16:19 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> dear asscunt that stole my bike
16:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i hate you
16:19 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> go die
16:19 <Superplankofdeath> i stole your bike
16:19 <Superplankofdeath> you bould yoke
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and give me my bike back
16:20 <CrashingCymbal> You stole Thundercunt?
16:20 <Superplankofdeath> no
16:20 <CrashingCymbal> Why :'(
16:20 <Superplankofdeath> i like his bike
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> he stole my bike
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bob
16:20 <CrashingCymbal> He was MY THUNDERCUNT
16:20 <Superplankofdeath> but i set fire too it
16:20 -!- LuigiShroom has joined Special:Chat
16:20 <LuigiShroom> Hi.
16:20 <Superplankofdeath> its deaded
16:20 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Shroomeykins
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> YOU ASSCUNT
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hi luigo
16:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *luigi
16:21 <Superplankofdeath> no im a sound chap
16:21 <LuigiShroom> I just read a random creepypasta about this guy whos face got ripped off.
16:21 <Zyranne> Hai Luigi
16:21 <Superplankofdeath> post a link please luigi
16:21 -!- LuigiShroom has left Special:Chat.
16:21 <Zyranne> sounds interesting xD
16:21 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
16:21 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
16:22 <Superplankofdeath>  fuck
16:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> this is all very scientific really
16:23 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
16:24 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> at least i have my pop rocks
16:24 <Zyranne> (dead) 
16:24 <Zyranne> chat
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> urgh, I do not like this keyboard...
16:24 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Zyranne> Oh hai Weaver!
16:25 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Zyranne> and Mantra
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello mantra
16:25 <Nightweaver2112> hey zy
16:25 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb death
16:25 <CrashingCymbal> MENTREH
16:25 <CrashingCymbal> ERMAGHERD
16:25 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Alice :3
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> chocolate pop rocks
16:25 <Deathgirl12> thanks ginger 
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> because this keyboard is optimized for gaming, the keys are close together, limiting the speed at which I can accurately type :(
16:26 <Zyranne> Anyone here have a gaming PC?
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> me
16:26 <Zyranne> lucky
16:26 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> nope
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> Not relleh
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> brand new, aswell
16:26 <Zyranne> What Pc is it?
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> I download PS1 games and play them on my laptop :P
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> not long ago been built
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> Cool or cool?
16:26 <Child Of Mantra> Coolrom
16:26 <Zyranne> awesome
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> it is a custom job, Zy
16:27 <Zyranne> I heard it's cheaper to build 'em yourself
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> my stepdad built it
16:27 <Zyranne> I was thinking of doing that
16:27 <CrashingCymbal> Ping me if needed, gonna play Spyro and Croc
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> but I have to run everything off motherboard graphics for now :(
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> the graphics card is faulty
16:27 <Zyranne> ahhh
16:28 <Zyranne> that sucks :(
16:28 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <Nightweaver2112> it is a amazing card aswell
16:28 <Zyranne> WB Brooke
16:28 <CrashingCymbal> WB Brookey
16:28 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <Zyranne> Hello Username
16:28 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm back to spew shit all over chat
16:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Thanks i guess..
16:28 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Like that
16:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I made that in a cave with a box of scraps
16:29 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
16:29 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi
16:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Like tony stark
16:29 <Zyranne> Are you ok, Brooke? :(
16:29 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <Zyranne> Hello Creepy
16:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> not really.
16:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> But it's okay
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> what is wrong?
16:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen succulent dick
16:29 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen succulent dick since I have been here!
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> :O
16:30 <Zyranne> PAHAHAH
16:30 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Kick me if you must
16:30 <MeganPepper> !seen president meganpepper
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen president meganpepper since I have been here!
16:30 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But it had to be done
16:30 <Nightweaver2112> DAMMIT JESSE! YOU VIRGIN!
16:30 <MeganPepper> lies
16:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen wat
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen wat since I have been here!
16:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> cheese yum
16:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seem sunlight
16:30 <MeganPepper> !seen sunlight
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sunlight since I have been here!
16:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen sunlight
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sunlight since I have been here!
16:30 <MeganPepper> !seen the outside world
16:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> Fak u megun
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen the outside world since I have been here!
16:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen a motherfucking jellyfish floating around like it pays rent 
16:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a motherfucking jellyfish floating around like it pays rent  since I have been here!
16:30 <MeganPepper> ily2
16:31 <Zyranne> !seen people
16:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen people since I have been here!
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> !seen a good restaurant 
16:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a good restaurant  since I have been here!
16:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> LOL brooke
16:31 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Jesus fuck
16:31 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> What have I done?
16:31 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We can't abuse this
16:31 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Stahp.
16:31 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen J.C and the boys
16:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen J.C and the boys since I have been here!
16:31 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello kevin
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> alright, I had forgotten how fun it was to fuck with the bot..
16:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They were idiots for putting !seen
16:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> xD
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> yup
16:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> J.C and the boys
16:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Is a nickname of Jesus and his disciples
16:32 <Zyranne> ^
16:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Found on tumblr
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> oh fuck...religion...
16:33 <Nightweaver2112> EVACUATE THE CHATROOM!
16:33 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> h8ers gonna h8
16:33 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
16:33 <41488p>
16:34 -!- MrDark has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <41488p> why.
16:34 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb414
16:34 <Zyranne> Hello 414
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> urgh, I cant wait for a zombie apocalypse...
16:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello suby
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> SUBJECT!!
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> finally
16:34 <MrDark> 'Ello 'ello.
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> are you free to go on tekkit?
16:34 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> DId the person repost?
16:34 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Send that shit to J.C and da boys
16:34 <MrDark> I'm very sick today :S
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> aww...
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> do you need a hug? XD
16:35 <MrDark> Don't touch me, foul beast.
16:35 <MrDark> imeanwut
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> *hugs*
16:35 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i got my permit today
16:35 <MrDark> No thank you.
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> HA!
16:35 <Zyranne> Oh cool, Ginger :)
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> I got my license to kill today
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> imeanwut
16:35 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> thanks
16:36 <Zyranne> I can get my driving licence soon, when I turn 17
16:36 <Zyranne> in September
16:36 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wait you need a liscense to kill?
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> I still have 4 years before I can even learn
16:36 <MeganPepper> whos the oldest person in this chat
16:36 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ooops
16:36 <Zyranne> well, I'm 16
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> im going to guess cleric
16:36 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> 15
16:36 <Zyranne> I think reading is 19
16:36 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm a big boy now
16:36 -!- -Price- has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> 14
16:36 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> I am
16:37 <MeganPepper> besides cleric hes like 20
16:37 -!- Autumoasis has joined Special:Chat
16:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading is 19, same as Cym
16:37 <Autumoasis> Hello everyone
16:37 <MeganPepper> im 19 i outrule you all
16:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm 20
16:37 <MeganPepper> oh
16:37 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ellp autu
16:37 <MeganPepper> heyyy
16:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Autu
16:37 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *ello
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> i am 14, so i am older than subject, so i am automatically superior!
16:37 <Zyranne> Are you, Zack? :O
16:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah
16:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> How old is subject?
16:37 <Zyranne> Oh cool :)
16:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Old git me, need a walking frame :P
16:38 <MrDark> No you're not, Weaver.
16:38 <Zyranne> he's 13
16:38 <Autumoasis> So hows everyone today?
16:38 <MrDark> I'm superior.
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> yus me iz
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> i iz soupeareyore
16:38 <MrDark> I'm Mr. Dark, the high dictator-- RULER of the Glade of Dreams.
16:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good, you Autu?
16:38 <Autumoasis> is*
16:38 <Zyranne> Good thanks, Autu
16:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm terrible
16:38 <Autumoasis> Yep I'm good.
16:38 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^^
16:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> good
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> i am weaver, overlord of the m,ultiverse
16:38 <Autumoasis> Brooke whats wrong?
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> *multiverse
16:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i is good
16:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen sweet ass
16:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sweet ass since I have been here!
16:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nothing I want to talk about right now.
16:39 <Autumoasis> I'm warning you I'm a huge grammar cop. 
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> oh god...
16:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> ho du u gramer?
16:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> it hertz
16:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> that iz ok
16:39 <Zyranne> Grammar nazi alert
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
16:39 <Nightweaver2112> after the SCP wiki, i am used to it
16:39 <Autumoasis> How do you use grammar?*
16:39 -!- Fester99 has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <Autumoasis> It hurts*
16:39 <Zyranne> ma grammer iz teh best
16:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> i at th bab
16:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello fester
16:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> an my mum say u gud
16:40 <Autumoasis> my grammar is the best*
16:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> so i eet sht
16:40 <Nightweaver2112> but, if you try it on me, i shall find you and disembowel you
16:40 -!- Fester99 has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <Autumoasis> Nice try.
16:40 <Nightweaver2112> k?
16:40 <Zyranne> Yoo speelt et al rong
16:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u cunt speel
16:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> u r a dumy
16:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> a po po hed if u wil
16:40 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> u guise ned 2 lurn 2 speel reyegt
16:41 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
16:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello hidden
16:41 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
16:41 <Autumoasis> You know I'm not going to correct your crappy grammar
16:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ok
16:41 <Zyranne> Wat doo yoo mean? ma speelin iz teh best
16:41 <MeganPepper> i wish i was pretty and wore makeup and when i went outside everyone would greet me sigh
16:41 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
16:41 <MeganPepper> autum its correct obviously
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I don't wear makeup. D:
16:42 -!- MeganPepper has left Special:Chat.
16:42 <HiddenSpirit> What?
16:42 -!- MeganPepper has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <Autumoasis> Makeup is not my thing.
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <- Das me without makeup
16:42 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello ty
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> dood
16:42 <Nightweaver2112> i wish there was some way i could get a GF, but that's never happening, megan
16:42 <Zyranne> Same Brooke
16:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Makeup is gross.
16:42 <HiddenSpirit> Aye, such are the superficial lads, preoccupied with things as trivial as outer-appearance.
16:42 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i wish i could go out side
16:42 <Zyranne> I've never been in a relationship and I'm 16
16:42 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
16:42 <Autumoasis> Make up is for girly girls.
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
16:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm more of a tomboy.
16:42 <Autumoasis> I'm not one.
16:42 <Nightweaver2112> im 14, and neither have i, Zy
16:42 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Anyways, Hey Gingy, Zy, Sub and everyone else that joined
16:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Chelsea
16:42 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
16:43 <MeganPepper> shut the fuck up about the tomboy and girly girl shit its just not right
16:43 <Zyranne> I'm also a tomboy
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> .
16:43 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i burst into flames when the sun hits me
16:43 <BRVR> I have never been in a relationship. I misspelled ship as sheep before correcting it.
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ....
16:43 <MeganPepper> why do you have to go into groups based on your appearance/hobbies
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> because I want to?
16:43 <Autumoasis> Hey do any of you believe in those pathetic Happy Appy stories? 
16:43 <Autumoasis> I don't/
16:43 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
16:43 <Nightweaver2112> because other people put you in those groups, megan
16:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cj
16:43 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
16:43 <Nightweaver2112> there is no choice
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's easier than saying "HEY, I wanna be a guy!!!"
16:43 <Zyranne> ^^^
16:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck you.
16:43 <Autumoasis> I'm about 14,000,000,000 years old. 
16:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
16:44 <MeganPepper> its fucking horrible, no makeup isnt bad. because really its not. you just tthink it is, because you believe it dirrects to an different group and it hurts me. because i like makeup, and all of a sudden im a girly girl for that.
16:44 <MeganPepper> sorry for spamming that chat.
16:44 <Nightweaver2112> i have aspergers and i am labelled as a retard, there is nothing that can be done
16:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You can be a tomboy and wear makeup
16:44 <Zyranne> We're not saying makeup it bad, just that some people don't choose to wear it
16:45 <Nightweaver2112> i have glasses and i am labelled as a nerd
16:45 <Zyranne> *is
16:45 <Zyranne> I'm labelled the quiet kid 
16:45 <Autumoasis> Damn sterotypes
16:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i wore make up once and im a guy
16:45 <Autumoasis> Good for you.
16:45 <MeganPepper> and i have nothing against that
16:45 <Nightweaver2112> i have dark hair and i am labelled as an emo, it is others that put you in these groups, it is not a choice.
16:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> it was for a musical i was in
16:45 <Autumoasis> I'm a emo kid.
16:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I wish I was a guy
16:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> im the ginger
16:46 -!- Suprememessage has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <Zyranne> We noticed xD
16:46 <Suprememessage> I am a cylinder.
16:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> <--- no denying it
16:46 <Autumoasis> I'm also the bitchy person at my school.
16:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello message
16:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> This chat has turned to first world problems
16:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i am the out cast of out cast
16:47 <Nightweaver2112> @auto i am normallt the person who is always bullied and depressed
16:47 <Zyranne> It will get better, guys
16:47 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
16:47 <Nightweaver2112> it wont
16:47 <Nightweaver2112> it never does
16:47 <Zyranne> school is a bad time for everyone
16:47 <MeganPepper> my mother said that 3 years ago, and now i have no job 
16:47 <Zyranne> people in school are immature
16:48 <MeganPepper> i go to school tho
16:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
16:48 <Zyranne> well, in the younger years, anyway
16:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello rylee
16:48 <Zyranne> Hey Rylee
16:48 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
16:48 <MeganPepper> its hard paying for it since the funds i got for it in highschool were pretty poor
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> i am an overweight 14 year old with autism, glasses and a speech problem that i am insecure about, it will NEVER get better for me
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> speaking from experience
16:48 <Autumoasis> Hey Rylee
16:49 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> james earl jones, look him up
16:49 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I stutter sometimes
16:49 <Autumoasis> You mean that dude with the deep voice?
16:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> < this is me.
16:49 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> he was fucking mute and look where he is now
16:49 <MeganPepper> i am a anorexic 19 yr ild with autism currently going to college, with almost no money. things will get better for me.
16:49 <Zyranne> Same Brooke. It's my nervousmness
16:49 <Nightweaver2112> i cannot pronounce my s
16:49 <Zyranne> oh woops
16:49 <Zyranne> I'm socially awkward
16:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <MeganPepper> but the thing is, you shouldnt have to suffer ANY time in your life, from bullying, ect.
16:50 <Zyranne> I guess we all have flaws
16:50 <Suprememessage> Yes you should
16:50 <Nightweaver2112> megan, people seem to enjoy making me suffer
16:50 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:50 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <Suprememessage> Suffering is part of life that shapes you, just like good experiences.
16:50 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> im a sociopath i think
16:50 <Suprememessage> Without suffering you would be nothing like you.
16:50 -!- Autumoasis has left Special:Chat.
16:50 <MeganPepper> your right.
16:50 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> true
16:50 <Nightweaver2112> nothing like me? you mean depressed and suicidal?
16:50 <MeganPepper> without suffering, i would be better.
16:50 <Suprememessage> Suffering teaches su things like self-restraint and patience.
16:50 <Suprememessage> us*
16:51 <Suprememessage> and willpower, and determination. Things we need to overcome it.
16:51 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
16:51 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Sause
16:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> nver lose hope in yourself, even when everyone else has
16:51 <Zyranne> ^
16:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> ^
16:52 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:52 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <Nightweaver2112> it is hard to tell yourself that after 8 years, ginger...
16:52 <Suprememessage> Suffering, for example, teaches you how to deal with other people in a reasonable way.
16:52 <Zyranne> What if you were to tranfer classes
16:52 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <Zyranne> *transfer
16:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i lived my life like that
16:52 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
16:53 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:53 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:53 <Slendercat> guess whos back back again 
16:53 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> people keep saying its really hard to become an actor
16:53 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Slender
16:53 <Slendercat> hi
16:53 <Fatal Disease> hai Slender cat
16:53 <Slendercat> sup
16:53 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> you should think of another carrer choice
16:53 <Rylee the Pegasis> Sir, it takes hard work and dedication
16:54 <Slendercat> !seen my mommy
16:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my mommy since I have been here!
16:54 <Nightweaver2112> people say it is really hard to become a game designer
16:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> it does
16:54 <Zyranne> Ginger, don't let these people tread on your dream
16:54 <Rylee the Pegasis> But man is it worth it in the end
16:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> yes
16:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> it is
16:54 <Nightweaver2112> i personally aim to design games for a living
16:54 <Rylee the Pegasis> When people clap for you... it feels like everything has paid off
16:54 <Zyranne> I also want to be a game designer, Weaver
16:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i never gave up
16:54 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
16:54 <Slendercat> !seen yo mamma
16:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen yo mamma since I have been here!
16:54 <Rylee the Pegasis> I wanna be a software designer
16:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Got to go people, bye beee
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> cya zack
16:55 <Rylee the Pegasis> Bai Zack
16:55 <Zyranne> Bye Zack
16:55 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen life
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen life since I have been here!
16:55 <Fatal Disease> !seen penis
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen penis since I have been here!
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> i wanna design games in C++
16:55 <IShallCreepYouOut>
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Radiohead - Paranoid Android - Duration: 06:39 - Uploaded: 2009-03-04 - Rating: 4.908315 - Views: 1,169,363 -
16:55 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
16:55 <Zyranne> !seen pussy
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen pussy since I have been here!
16:55 <Grammatik> Creep
16:55 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and now im in the junior advance acting class as a sophmore
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> brb
16:55 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
16:55 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes, gramma?
16:55 <Slendercat> !seen chuck testa
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen chuck testa since I have been here!
16:55 <Grammatik> I was listening to that before you linked it
16:55 <Grammatik> So creepy
16:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> But
16:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen someone with intelligence
16:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone with intelligence since I have been here!
16:56 <Grammatik> ;-;
16:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> The video makes no sense
16:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> at all
16:56 <Grammatik> I know
16:56 <Rylee the Pegasis>
16:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Equestria Girls: Full Movie (Full Screen) [HD] - Duration: 01:13:03 - Uploaded: 2013-06-29 - Rating: 4.918367 - Views: 301 -
16:56 <Slendercat> !dead giveaway
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> i am planning on designing a game on VALVe's source engine
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Should I watch it?
16:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen a normal person
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a normal person since I have been here!
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> I wanna see it in theaters
16:57 <Slendercat> !seen dead giveway
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen dead giveway since I have been here!
16:57 <MrDark> !seen logic
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen logic since I have been here!
16:57 <Grammatik> !seen porn
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen porn since I have been here!
16:57 <Slendercat> lol logic#
16:57 <MrDark> Ok, enough now, it's getting out of hand.
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> WB subject, if you ever actually left
16:57 <Zyranne> !seen someone with a brain
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone with a brain since I have been here!
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> whisch i doubt
16:57 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
16:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen what i like
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen what i like since I have been here!
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Dammit Grammatik you stole mine!
16:57 -!- IShallCreepYouOut was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
16:58 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
16:58 <Grammatik> xD
16:58 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
16:58 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <MrDark> I said, stop.
16:58 <Slendercat> #wtf
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> so, subject, are you free to play tekkit today?
16:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> Calm down man
16:58 <Rylee the Pegasis> The poor bot..
16:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> Woah
16:58 <Slendercat> !seen mrdark
16:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw mrdark at June 29 2013, 16:58 (GMT)
16:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> Well
16:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It counts as spam
16:58 <Grammatik> Hidden
16:58 <Grammatik> Hi
16:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> I have to go, i guess.
16:58 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <MrDark> Well, if it's an actual person, ok.
16:59 <Slendercat> by creep
16:59 <Grammatik> See you
16:59 <Zyranne> Bai Creepy
16:59 <MrDark> But still, don't spam.
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> SUBBEH!!
16:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> Shit
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> meh
16:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> My mouse is lagging
16:59 <Slendercat> !seen cymbol
16:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen cymbol since I have been here!
16:59 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> spamming is a no no
16:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My lag is mousing
16:59 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <MrDark> Enough, Slender
16:59 <Slendercat> fine but are you nemo
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> my louse is magging
17:00 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> well i gtg bye
17:00 <Zyranne> Bye Ginger
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> cya ginger
17:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My mag is lousing
17:00 <Slendercat> bye ginger
17:00 <MrDark> No, I'm not nemo, I'm Mr. Dark.
17:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> brb
17:00 <SaikaXIII> k
17:00 <Zyranne> You're Subject
17:00 <Slendercat> but crashing cymbol said u were nemo
17:00 <MrDark> And you're a horrible person.
17:00 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> What did I do now
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> What are these false accusations
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> rugh, i don't know what to call some people here antmore...
17:01 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
17:01 <MrDark> Not you, Cymbal, I meant Zyranne.
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> *anymore
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> I was talking to Slender
17:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:01 <Suprememessage> Cymbal we know what you did with the bodies.
17:01 -!- MyNameIsLloid has joined Special:Chat
17:01 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
17:01 <Fatal Disease> I had a weird dream last night
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> :/
17:01 <Suprememessage> You cut them up, and ate them, but we know.
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
17:01 <Suprememessage> We saw.
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry guys7
17:01 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
17:02 <Slendercat> did you say you or him was nemo
17:02 <Fatal Disease> I was Megadeth's guitarist, for a couple of months. Then I got fired because Dave saw the "Squidward Smells" thing
17:02 -!- ArmedCat has joined Special:Chat
17:02 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:02 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
17:02 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:02 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:02 <MyNameIsLloid> I have found a Mona Lisa painting which was a fake!
17:02 <Suprememessage> It's okay Cymbal, it was fun to watch.
17:03 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
17:03 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> what the hell is even going on here anymore?
17:03 <CrashingCymbal> :D
17:03 <Fatal Disease> Hey, Cymbal
17:03 <Slendercat> soz cym
17:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hai Fatal, did you upload you pasta yet?
17:03 <MyNameIsLloid> The one on the left is real, the one on the right isn't:
17:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:03 <Fatal Disease> someone on Trollpasta changed her story, the whole entire thing (no not yet, Why, I won't be writing for today, nor tomorrow)
17:03 <Fatal Disease> well pm me
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> pasta...that reminds me, i need to finish writing mine soon...
17:04 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
17:04 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
17:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:04 <ArmedCat> I have one, Its rubbish I think :|
17:04 <Zyranne> I need to finish the first entry of my second pasta 
17:04 <Zyranne> Link, Cat
17:04 <Slendercat> does anyone here know kill1mes
17:05 <MyNameIsLloid> I have heard of a thing called "Rap Rat"
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> yes
17:05 <Zyranne> I do
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> everyone
17:05 <MrDark> Rap Rat sucks.
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> knows him
17:05 <Slendercat> can you tell him he sucks
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> no
17:05 <MyNameIsLloid> He got banned here. He had a "Sockpuppet" account!
17:05 <Zyranne> LOL
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> hell no
17:05 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> he mah fwend
17:05 <Slendercat> lol
17:06 <MrDark> here's a screen cap of what I'm drawing, and it's based off of this:
17:06 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Horrorfan1> back
17:06 <Nightweaver2112> urgh...i need a tekkit server to go on...
17:06 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Zyranne> WB Horror
17:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <MyNameIsLloid> I can't draw Kirby... I must abandon all hope of drawing things
17:06 <CrashingCymbal> Kill is the best mod there is, and most certainly does not suck.
17:07 <Horrorfan1> stupid game froze again
17:07 <CrashingCymbal> I await the day he returns :P
17:07 <Zyranne> ^^
17:07 <Slendercat> why were is he
17:07 <Nightweaver2112> i have him on Skype, cym, so i don't have to await the day
17:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Nightweaver2112> :P
17:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <Suprememessage> I can't wait for Kill to get back, we go way back.
17:08 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> Fak u
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> fak u 2
17:08 <Suprememessage> Unless he was the one who disliked me.
17:08 <Suprememessage> I can't remember.
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> He's on vacation
17:08 <Slendercat> were is kill
17:08 -!- Gothic Demon has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Magma
17:08 <Slendercat> oh k
17:08 <Zyranne> it's not the same without Kill
17:08 <Suprememessage> Cymbal are you magical
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> WB Gothic
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <Suprememessage> I saw you tell Slender where Kill was before he asked where he was.
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> Of course Supreme :P
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:08 -!- Gothic Demon has left Special:Chat.
17:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm back.
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> im magical too
17:08 <Grammatik> Wb
17:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <CrashingCymbal> I'm stomach
17:09 <Nightweaver2112> hey brooke
17:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Thanks
17:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
17:09 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
17:09 <Nightweaver2112> i am the ruler of the multiverse, your magic is shitty
17:09 <Grammatik> I'm vagi-- I'm brain. 
17:09 <MeganPepper> "i based my tulpa of 4chan"
17:09 <Fatal Disease> >go on The Misfits wiki
17:09 <MeganPepper> great idea
17:09 <Zyranne> I'm the ruler of the dragons
17:09 <Fatal Disease> >gets all giddy
17:09 <Fatal Disease> >finds out that its the t.v show
17:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:09 <Fatal Disease> >fuck :/
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> urhg, i really need something to do...
17:10 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> i have a massively advanced gaming computer, and nothing to do on it
17:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:11 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
17:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Slendercat> see how many bullets it takes to kill u or always write i n capitals
17:11 <MeganPepper> im gonna make a tulpa and base it off /b/
17:11 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Nightweaver2112> tulpa?
17:11 <Zyranne> Who here goes on 4Chan?
17:11 <MeganPepper> i do
17:11 <MeganPepper> i actually found thi on 4chan
17:11 <Zyranne> same
17:12 <BRVR> I forgot what I was doing.
17:12 <Zyranne> Oh hai BRVR
17:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:12 <Slendercat> yay zombie apocoylpse
17:12 <Nightweaver2112> i want one of them to come, slend
17:12 <Horrorfan1> I could take 24 Biebers in a fight
17:12 <Nightweaver2112> im bored
17:12 <Zyranne> I'm also rather bored
17:12 <Slendercat> write in capitals i dare you
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> and need an excuse to legally kill people
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> no
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> i am not spamming caps
17:13 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, no flame baiting please
17:13 <Horrorfan1>
17:13 <BRVR> You do realize that a portion of the world would be dead.
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> yes, i do
17:13 <Slendercat> i am dead
17:13 <MeganPepper> gotta go
17:13 <MeganPepper> im going to white water
17:13 <MeganPepper> adios
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> cya megan
17:13 <Slendercat> bye dr pepper
17:13 <Zyranne> Bye Megan
17:13 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <CrashingCymbal> Hai 414
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> WB 414
17:14 -!- MeganPepper has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <41488p> hai Cymbal
17:14 <BRVR> I am bored.
17:14 <41488p> thx Weaver
17:14 <Slendercat> 414 your back
17:14 <41488p> for some reason I'm bored too
17:14 <41488p> you noticed, Slender
17:14 <Slendercat> yep
17:14 <41488p> I didn't notice I was back until you told me
17:14 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <41488p> thanks
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> i need a tekkit server to go on :(
17:14 <Slendercat> lol
17:14 <CrashingCymbal> WB Hoo
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> hello eso
17:14 <CrashingCymbal> *Hood
17:14 <41488p> >Hoo
17:14 <Zyranne> Hai Eso
17:14 <41488p> hooo
17:14 -!- MyNameIsLloid has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <CrashingCymbal> Lolol
17:14 <Slendercat> whoo
17:14 <41488p> hi Hooded
17:14 -!- RGRminersRoss has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <41488p> hi RGR
17:14 <Zyranne> Wait...Eso is Hoodie?
17:15 <Fatal Disease> yes
17:15 <41488p> yep
17:15 <Zyranne> oh wow
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> Fell asleep with chat open.
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> ._.
17:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fatal!
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> And Hai.
17:15 <Slendercat> no
17:15 <Fatal Disease> Brooke!
17:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Uncle!
17:15 <Fatal Disease> Niece!
17:15 <Slendercat> slender!
17:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :'D
17:15 <Nightweaver2112> cheese!
17:15 <41488p> I spilled a drop of water on my shirt
17:15 <BRVR> *Stands completely still*
17:15 <Slendercat> lick it
17:15 <41488p> I feel so bad; African children would kill for that drop of water
17:15 <Nightweaver2112> are you melting, 414?
17:15 <Zyranne> I've done that many timeds,Hood
17:15 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> Same, same.
17:15 <CrashingCymbal> WB Rylee
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> I just hate it when I do.
17:15 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Rylee.
17:15 <41488p> I'M MELLTING
17:15 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> NUU! 414!!
17:16 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:16 <Slendercat> lick yourlef
17:16 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:16 <Esoteric Entity> BRB, changing the song on my profil.
17:16 <Esoteric Entity> *profile.
17:16 <Slendercat> *yourself
17:16 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
17:16 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
17:16 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
17:16 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
17:16 <41488p> burblr
17:17 <CrashingCymbal> WB Noah
17:17 <41488p> are there any fucking VCROC on?!
17:17 <Slendercat> bublrelr
17:17 <41488p> this page had a bad title AND didn't have a BAD tag for an HOUR!
17:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> It was only a matter of time until a theory was made for Sanjay and Craig
17:18 <41488p> it was only a matter of time before these fucking theory pastas get their asses banned
17:19 <41488p> I mean, all of them are like, "This character is dead and a ghost. And so is this character. And this one. Did I mention they were dead?"
17:19 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
17:19 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> I like the Rugrats Theory
17:19 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
17:19 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:19 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <CrashingCymbal> But after that, no
17:19 <BRVR> And I just lost 10 brain cells.
17:19 <41488p> from killing zombies?
17:20 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <BRVR> From reading the sanjay and craig theory.
17:20 -!- Suprememessage has left Special:Chat.
17:20 -!- Etomidate has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Fatal Disease>
17:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry - Duration: 04:19 - Uploaded: 2009-10-07 - Rating: 4.954919 - Views: 20,988,022 -
17:20 <RGRminersRoss> !
17:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:20 <Slendercat> !seenlol
17:20 <Slendercat> !seen lol
17:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen lol since I have been here!
17:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:21 <Slendercat> soz ill stop
17:21 <CrashingCymbal> Strawberries
17:21 <RGRminersRoss> !seen FurBearingBrick
17:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen FurBearingBrick since I have been here!
17:21 <Slendercat> and cream
17:21 <RGRminersRoss> Oh, ok
17:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:22 <41488p> !seen Furbearingbrick
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Furbearingbrick since I have been here!
17:22 <41488p> and look
17:22 <41488p> !Seen RGRminersRoss
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw RGRminersRoss at June 29 2013, 17:21 (GMT)
17:22 <41488p> :D
17:22 <Slendercat> !seen kill1mes
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen kill1mes since I have been here!
17:22 <CrashingCymbal> :(
17:22 <41488p> !Seen Kill1mes
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Kill1mes since I have been here!
17:22 <41488p> nooo
17:22 <Slendercat> lol
17:22 <RGRminersRoss> !seen your mother
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen your mother since I have been here!
17:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <41488p> !Seen Ty Rezac
17:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Ty Rezac at June 29 2013, 16:41 (GMT)
17:22 <Slendercat> why should you
17:23 <41488p> !Seen LOLSKELETONS
17:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LOLSKELETONS at June 29 2013, 05:08 (GMT)
17:23 <Rylee the Pegasis> Cool!
17:23 <Zyranne> SKELLEH
17:23 <Rylee the Pegasis> You can check when they were last on!
17:23 <Slendercat> !seen slendercat
17:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw slendercat at June 29 2013, 17:23 (GMT)
17:23 <Zyranne> !seen Zyranne
17:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Zyranne at June 29 2013, 17:23 (GMT)
17:23 <RGRminersRoss> !seen any Goomba's walk by
17:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any Goomba's walk by since I have been here!
17:24 <Horrorfan1> !seen Kill1mes
17:24 <41488p> !Seen CPwikiCHATlogger
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Kill1mes since I have been here!
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw CPwikiCHATlogger at June 29 2013, 17:23 (GMT)
17:24 <Zyranne> !seen any socks
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any socks since I have been here!
17:24 <41488p> !seen my ass
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my ass since I have been here!
17:24 <Zyranne> ^
17:24 <Slendercat> !seen umpalumpas sucking yo mom
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen umpalumpas sucking yo mom since I have been here!
17:24 <RGRminersRoss> !seen civilization
17:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen civilization since I have been here!
17:24 <CrashingCymbal> Okay guys, let's try keep the seen stuff to a minimum
17:24 <CrashingCymbal> Pls
17:24 <RGRminersRoss> Ok
17:24 <41488p> I am still awaiting the day when a user gets butthurt over new categorie
17:24 <Slendercat> y
17:24 <41488p> *categories
17:24 <Zyranne> Who's in charge of the bot?
17:24 <Rylee the Pegasis> It's spam .-.
17:24 <Etomidate> Thank you. Also, good evening.
17:25 <RGRminersRoss> !seen a butthurt user
17:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a butthurt user since I have been here!
17:25 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Eto
17:25 <41488p> well that's very polite of you
17:25 <Slendercat> who is the bot
17:25 -!- RGRminersRoss was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
17:25 <RGRminersRoss> Then you are doing your job!
17:25 -!- RGRminersRoss has left Special:Chat.
17:25 -!- RGRminersRoss has joined Special:Chat
17:25 <Zyranne> CpwikiCHATlogger
17:25 <CrashingCymbal> No more for 5 minutes please
17:25 <Slendercat> lol rgr
17:25 <RGRminersRoss> Very well, you have made your point
17:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
17:25 <Slendercat> y
17:25 <CrashingCymbal> And even then, use it sprayingly 
17:25 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:25 <Slendercat> why!!!!
17:25 <41488p> >sprayingly
17:25 <Zyranne> because it's spam
17:25 <CrashingCymbal> Because, it was getting old and annoying
17:26 <RGRminersRoss> I will only use it to form a witty joke occasionally
17:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <41488p> SPRAYINGLY
17:26 <Slendercat> i thought it was ham
17:26 <41488p> MY GOD, CYMBAL
17:26 <CrashingCymbal> You fucking know what I mean!
17:26 -!- ColdShowers has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <41488p> YOU'RE IRISH
17:26 <CrashingCymbal> And? :P
17:26 <41488p> dunno
17:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <41488p> :/
17:26 <Slendercat> im nemo
17:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <CrashingCymbal> :D
17:26 <Slendercat> dexter cymbal
17:26 <41488p> I'mma find you, Slender
17:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <41488p> oh you Nemo eh
17:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <41488p> I'mma find you and make a classic film
17:27 <41488p> ohh
17:27 <CrashingCymbal> Nvm
17:27 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
17:27 <41488p> k
17:27 <41488p> I'll minimod while you're gone
17:27 <41488p> BAN!
17:27 <41488p> KICK!
17:27 <Slendercat> you deserve a high five in the face with a chair
17:27 <41488p> ASSLAP!
17:27 <Fatal Disease> gotta go
17:27 <Fatal Disease> bai
17:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> oh fuck
17:27 <41488p> bi
17:27 <Slendercat> bai
17:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> bai
17:27 <Zyranne> Bye Fatal
17:27 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <RGRminersRoss> Bye
17:27 <41488p> I am 414 the Impromptu Mod
17:28 <Slendercat> impossibru
17:28 <41488p> all yea motherfuckers shall know the name of fear once you have witnessed my prowess 
17:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> ...
17:28 <Slendercat> 414898p?
17:28 <RGRminersRoss> I feel like CrashingCymbal is actually just waiting in the background
17:28 <RGRminersRoss> Watching us secretly...
17:28 <41488p> y'all motherfuckers need cats
17:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Most likely...
17:28 <Slendercat> he is
17:28 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
17:29 <41488p> y'all motherfuckers also need motherfuckers
17:29 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back
17:29 <BRVR> I have 2 kittens.
17:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> Mods are always watching (twitch)
17:29 <Zyranne> I have a cat
17:29 <Slendercat>  i am your kitten
17:29 <41488p> and 414 said, "Let there be cats and motherfuckers," and his reign was hastily ended by the return of Cymbal
17:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> wb Crash
17:29 <RGRminersRoss> I would like to know something
17:29 <Slendercat> what
17:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> YEah Ross?
17:29 <Zyranne> what;'s that, RG?
17:30 <RGRminersRoss> What would you say my approval percentage is, Cymbal?
17:30 <41488p> approval percentage?
17:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> Huh?
17:30 <CrashingCymbal> 69%
17:30 <RGRminersRoss> By which I mean, how much I am accepted in this community?
17:30 <Slendercat> 56%
17:30 <41488p> how'd we know that, RGR?
17:30 <41488p> want me to go around and take a fucking survey?
17:30 <RGRminersRoss> Well, it is based on your opinion
17:30 <Zyranne> ^
17:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> I've only known you for a short time.
17:30 <Slendercat> dixon cider
17:30 <41488p> "OH I DUNNO HE'S A NICE GUY I GUESS"
17:30 <41488p> THANKS
17:30 <CrashingCymbal> Caps, 414
17:30 <Etomidate> Seems ok.
17:30 <41488p> :(
17:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> What's mine? :3
17:30 <CrashingCymbal> :D
17:30 <41488p> well 
17:31 <Slendercat> mike tyson?
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> 0.2%
17:31 <41488p> since RGR doesn't have any enemies
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> ...
17:31 <41488p> it's simple
17:31 <41488p> 100%
17:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:31 <CrashingCymbal> Imma kidding :P
17:31 <41488p> if you have any enemies
17:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:31 <Etomidate> Not an awful guess. Ving Rhames.
17:31 <41488p> divide that number by 3000 (or 8000... forgot how many users there were)
17:31 <Slendercat> oh
17:31 <RGRminersRoss> This is the situation before I was kicked
17:31 <RGRminersRoss>
17:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Monty Python - Spam - Duration: 03:20 - Uploaded: 2007-02-15 - Rating: 4.906838 - Views: 5,191,073 -
17:31 <41488p> and then subtract 100 from that number
17:31 <Slendercat> i like my first guess better
17:31 <41488p> and then you have your approval rate
17:31 <41488p> other than that
17:32 <Etomidate> That's your prerogative, I suppose.
17:32 <41488p> I have no idea where you got the idea there was an approval rate in this wiki, let alone any website, RGR.
17:32 <Slendercat> sup mike
17:32 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:32 <41488p> which brings me to my next point
17:32 <41488p>
17:32 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
17:32 -!- ColdShowers has joined Special:Chat
17:32 <41488p> ohohoh
17:32 <41488p> he's out there waiting for a ban
17:32 <41488p> and we know it
17:32 <Etomidate> Good evening, Slender.
17:33 <Slendercat> hehe im talking to the guy in the hangover
17:34 <Slendercat> and slender is my nan
17:34 <Etomidate> Your nan? Sorry, not familiar with that term.
17:34 <41488p> well I guess you could create a poll, RGR
17:34 <41488p> nan?
17:34 <41488p> nanna?
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> Gotta go guys!
17:35 <41488p> the common misspelled version of 'man'?
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> Bye bye!
17:35 <41488p> bye Cymbal
17:35 <41488p> :D
17:35 <Etomidate> Later.
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> Byyyee
17:35 <41488p> cya later, I guess
17:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <Zyranne> Bye Crashing
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> I luv u 414 <3
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> xox
17:35 <Slendercat> cymbal is going PARTY
17:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> Bai
17:35 <CrashingCymbal> AWH YEAH
17:35 <Slendercat>  caps cym
17:36 <CrashingCymbal> Minimodding, Slender
17:36 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:36 <Slendercat> nope
17:36 <41488p> bracket-heart-bracket
17:36 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <41488p> :3
17:36 <CrashingCymbal> Oh I almost forgot
17:36 <CrashingCymbal> SUBJECT
17:36 <CrashingCymbal> You are in charge nao
17:36 <CrashingCymbal> Okay bye now
17:36 <41488p> he's off fapping
17:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nu
17:36 <Zyranne> Eto, 'nan' is what some people in the UK call their grandmother
17:36 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Lemme be in charge
17:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I got diss
17:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> dun worry
17:36 <Etomidate> Thanks, Zyr.
17:36 <Slendercat> yep its ynan
17:36 <41488p> *stages French revolution*
17:37 <41488p> uno patet crepes!
17:37 <Zyranne> No problem :)
17:37 <41488p> *hands out muskets to commoners*
17:37 <Slendercat> no mods wuuuw
17:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> N- No mods...
17:37 <41488p> BAGUETTE!!!
17:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !Seen 41488p
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw 41488p at June 29 2013, 17:37 (GMT)
17:37 <41488p> *crowd cheers*
17:37 <Slendercat> potatoes 
17:37 <41488p> CREPES DUN TIT!!!
17:37 <Slendercat> !seen bannanas
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen bannanas since I have been here!
17:37 <41488p> *crowd rebels against monarchs*
17:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen a monkey wearing a dress and playing in a marching band while kicking babies in the face
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a monkey wearing a dress and playing in a marching band while kicking babies in the face since I have been here!
17:37 <41488p> GON TIS- unh
17:37 <41488p> aye... aye shot...
17:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> x'D
17:37 <41488p> *crowd boos*
17:37 <BRVR> !seen CPwikiCHATlogger
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw CPwikiCHATlogger at June 29 2013, 17:37 (GMT)
17:37 <Slendercat> brooke are you okay
17:37 <41488p> go... go without meh...
17:37 <Zyranne> ahahah Brooke
17:38 -!- -Price- has joined Special:Chat
17:38 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
17:38 <41488p> *crowd rebels even more*
17:38 <BRVR> Because jesse is in front of a mirror.
17:38 <41488p> viva la BOOBALUTION
17:38 <Slendercat> !seen scp 173
17:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen scp 173 since I have been here!
17:38 <BRVR> /seen a monkey wearing a guava cake while eating a top hat
17:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen Zyranne, BRVR, 41488p and Cleric having an orgy in a Wal-Mart parking lot for 6 hours straight
17:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Zyranne, BRVR, 41488p and Cleric having an orgy in a Wal-Mart parking lot for 6 hours straight since I have been here!
17:38 <41488p> !Seen titty sprinkles 
17:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen titty sprinkles  since I have been here!
17:38 <41488p> Brooke wat u on
17:38 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
17:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :P:
17:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL*
17:38 <-Price-> !seen daylight
17:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen daylight since I have been here!
17:38 <Slendercat> 414 u are messed up
17:39 <Zyranne> what Even!? xD
17:39 <BRVR> !seen anything
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen anything since I have been here!
17:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Guys... please...
17:39 <41488p> how so, Slender?
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen myself
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen myself since I have been here!
17:39 <-Price-> !seen the outside world
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen the outside world since I have been here!
17:39 <Slendercat> !seen justin bieber
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen justin bieber since I have been here!
17:39 <41488p> okay don't mean to minimod but
17:39 <41488p> uh
17:39 <41488p> yeah
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We should stop x3
17:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Cool it
17:39 <BRVR> Jesse is blind apparently.
17:39 <41488p> blind to TITTIES
17:39 <41488p> and EVERYTHING
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen blackness
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen blackness since I have been here!
17:39 <41488p> XD
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Sorry I had to
17:39 <41488p> oh mang
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
17:39 <Slendercat> no mods we dont have to stop
17:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:39 <41488p> no mods but we got da SEKRET POLEECE
17:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> inb4 mod comes back and bans all of us
17:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> If you guys need me I'll be there
17:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !Seen SEKRET POLEECE
17:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen SEKRET POLEECE since I have been here!
17:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nah we gewd
17:40 <Slendercat> i like u brooke
17:40 <41488p> yes
17:40 <41488p> I need you Rylee
17:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> wat
17:40 <41488p> I've always needed you
17:40 <BRVR> !seen here
17:40 <Slendercat> your messed up too
17:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen here since I have been here!
17:40 <41488p> since day one
17:40 <41488p> when we first met
17:40 <41488p> I thought to myself
17:40 <BRVR> Logic!
17:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
17:40 <41488p> "She'll be a great threesome partner"
17:40 <BRVR> !seen the word logic
17:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen the word logic since I have been here!
17:40 <41488p> you will be the third spoke, Rylee
17:40 <Slendercat> mindfuck
17:40 <41488p> BELEEVE ME
17:41 <-Price-> !seen Pricerocks245
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Pricerocks245 since I have been here!
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen CPwikiCHATlogger on the Creepypasta Wiki chat
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen CPwikiCHATlogger on the Creepypasta Wiki chat since I have been here!
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
17:41 <-Price-> lol
17:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
17:41 <41488p> XD
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...
17:41 <-Price-> !seen 
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
17:41 <Slendercat> !seen lololoolololololollololol
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen lololoolololololollololol since I have been here!
17:41 <41488p> wow we really love the bots
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh God. x'D This is too fun
17:41 <-Price-> he's blind?
17:41 <BRVR> !seen self proclaimed awesomeness by price
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen self proclaimed awesomeness by price since I have been here!
17:41 <BRVR> !seen
17:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
17:41 <MrDark> Enough.
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DAMNIT
17:41 <41488p> HOLYSHITWTF
17:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We caught
17:41 <-Price-> i proclaim myself waesome
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
17:42 <Slendercat> !seen pewdiepie yamimash or markiplier
17:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen pewdiepie yamimash or markiplier since I have been here!
17:42 <41488p> WTFBBQOMG
17:42 <Nightweaver2112> its getting a little annoying now
17:42 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
17:42 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I was going to do a funny one, now Ican't
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Darn it
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Wait..
17:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> In my defense, I wasn't participating in the thing.
17:42 <Etomidate> Fantastic entrance. Enough!
17:42 <Etomidate> Kisked.
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but this is a chat for entertainment, why can't we entertain ourself?
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It isn't bothering anyone
17:42 <Etomidate> *kicked
17:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (T_T)
17:43 <MrDark> It bothers me, it's annoying and is abusing Jesse.
17:43 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
17:43 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Jesse liked the attention. D:
17:43 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
17:43 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
17:43 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> She was like: OHYEAH
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...i have noticed something about all my friends, they are either bronies, furries or weird...
17:43 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> meh
17:43 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <41488p> hmm... I have noticed something weird about my friends
17:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm all 3 of those!
17:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> The bot is a girl?
17:43 <41488p> oh right, I almost forgot
17:43 <41488p> they don't exist
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> yes you are brooke
17:43 <Slendercat> mike tyson
17:43 <41488p> *cries*
17:44 <41488p> (TT)
17:44 <MrDark> I fit the "weird" category.
17:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 'Cause, meow motherfucker D:
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> i come under "furries" and "weird"
17:44 <Slendercat> emojiception
17:44 <Ednoahjones> Dio fuckin' rocked
17:44 <Etomidate> Yes, Slender.
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> yep, you do, subject
17:44 <41488p> guys
17:44 <41488p> guys I just thought of something
17:44 <Slendercat> are you really a man or a woman
17:44 <41488p> if everyone in the world was weird
17:44 <41488p> and weird was 'not normal'
17:44 <Ednoahjones> i fit weird and sort of brony.
17:44 <41488p> and if everyone was weird
17:44 <Etomidate> I'm a dude. Sorry to disappoint you.
17:44 <41488p> weird=normal
17:44 <41488p> w.t.f.
17:45 <Slendercat> ohh
17:45 <Rylee the Pegasis> There is no normal @414
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> i recently found out one of my friends was a brony
17:45 <41488p> holy shit Rylee no need to get all conspiracy-theorist on me now
17:45 <41488p> omgogmgomgom
17:45 <Slendercat> 414 is beyond normal
17:45 <41488p> omg Rylee I thought you were the third spoke
17:45 <Rylee the Pegasis> .-.
17:45 <41488p> we have no space for the ilerminet in our gang
17:45 <41488p> omg
17:45 <Slendercat> cymbal
17:45 <41488p> the ilerminet will cum and kill us all
17:45 <41488p> omg you can't say their name
17:45 <41488p> omg
17:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> Chill
17:46 <41488p> (cool) they'll cum with sunglasses
17:46 <41488p> omg
17:46 <Slendercat> i miss cymbal
17:46 <41488p> don't worry
17:46 <41488p> he'll be back
17:46 <41488p> he's always back
17:46 <Slendercat> bloody mary bloody mary...
17:46 <Slendercat> blooady mary
17:46 <41488p> ssshh don't whisper
17:46 <41488p> the ilermniet can hear you
17:46 <41488p> when they cum
17:46 <Slendercat> *immediatly dies*
17:47 <41488p> they'll cum and take you away
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> that moment when you notice that all your friends are crazy...
17:47 <Slendercat> cymbal cymbal cymbal
17:47 <MrDark> I'm absolutely bonkers. Got a problem with that?
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> yep
17:47 <Slendercat> me too
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> fite me bro
17:47 <Rylee the Pegasis> nope
17:47 <MrDark> Fak u 2
17:47 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm crazy too
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> fite me IRL bro
17:47 <Etomidate> It happens. It's not nearly as jarring as the moment you realize that you are crazy.
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> wot fam
17:47 <Slendercat> paxmeatfight
17:47 <Etomidate> Happened to me a few weeks ago.
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> oh, i know I am crazy
17:48 <RGRminersRoss> !seen any form of entertainment upon the arrival of mods
17:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any form of entertainment upon the arrival of mods since I have been here!
17:48 <Slendercat> STOP
17:48 <RGRminersRoss> ok
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> inb4kick
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> ..or not
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
17:48 <41488p> ohohoh 
17:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> inb4stab
17:48 <Slendercat> or yes nemo
17:48 <41488p> inb4 inb4
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> it has to work sometime...
17:48 <MrDark> RGR stop.
17:48 <Slendercat> nemo nemo
17:49 <41488p> oh look what you did now RG
17:49 <41488p> *RGR
17:49 <41488p> ohhh bad RGR
17:49 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <41488p> they're coming to take you away, ha ha!
17:49 <Slendercat> nemo
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> STOP SAYING NEMO
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> JESUS
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (twitch)
17:49 <41488p> NEMO NEMO
17:49 <41488p> HEHEH
17:49 <41488p> you can't tell me what to do!
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Kicks 414-
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Gtfo
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> GTFO!
17:49 <41488p> ouch
17:49 <MrDark> Enough caps.
17:49 <41488p> this is 'Murrica
17:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No
17:50 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> It's 'Muricah
17:50 <41488p> I have health insurance
17:50 <41488p> ha
17:50 <Slendercat> nemoception
17:50 <41488p> look
17:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I have no insurance 
17:50 <41488p> *cuddles bundles of cash*
17:50 <41488p> ha
17:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Except for insurance of dat ass. (huehue)
17:50 <41488p> I'm a millionaire 
17:50 <41488p> now excuse me while I fuck bitches get money
17:50 <Slendercat> nemo is da billionare
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> ya know what? im not even going to bother asking what the hell is going on...
17:50 <Zyranne> ^
17:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Stop talking about nemo
17:50 <Zyranne> ^
17:50 <Slendercat> nemo ception
17:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> SHUT UP
17:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DARK
17:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Damnit.
17:51 <Slendercat> brooke dont hate nemo
17:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I will kill you. (twitch)
17:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> I step away for two seconds to fav a pic on Deviantart...
17:51 <Slendercat> dont kill elmo
17:51 <41488p> >two seconds
17:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OH MY FUCKING GOD
17:51 <41488p> (hue hue)
17:51 <Nightweaver2112> i need to go, see you all in a little while
17:51 <41488p> what's the deal with Nemo, Brooke?
17:51 <41488p> bye Weaver
17:51 <Etomidate> Later.
17:51 <Zyranne> Bye Weaver
17:51 <Slendercat> i made brooke explode yay
17:52 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
17:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> Bai Night
17:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> He won't stop saying nemo
17:52 <Slendercat> memo
17:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> So...
17:52 <Slendercat> finding nemo
17:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen WhyAmIReadingThis
17:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw WhyAmIReadingThis at June 29 2013, 01:11 (GMT)
17:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> Stepping away from the conversation...
17:52 <Slendercat> !seen finding nemo
17:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen finding nemo since I have been here!
17:53 <MrDark> Slendercat, if it's not an actual name, stop.
17:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Where is Read?
17:53 <Rylee the Pegasis> Please don't start this again
17:53 <-Price-> !seen Critic of Sadness
17:53 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Critic of Sadness since I have been here!
17:53 <Slendercat> nemo?
17:53 <Etomidate> I don't suppose anyone could point me to a chat that actually discusses short-form horror writing, could they? Sorry, I'm new here.
17:53 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I did that to literally find when Read was last on
17:53 <Rylee the Pegasis> Nope
17:53 <Rylee the Pegasis> !seen Irishninja0
17:53 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Irishninja0 at June 29 2013, 04:02 (GMT)
17:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We discuss Creepypastas sometimes
17:54 <Rylee the Pegasis> OKay
17:54 <Slendercat> do we
17:54 <Zyranne> yes, 'sometimes'
17:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Just not right now
17:54 <Rylee the Pegasis> I just needed to see when he was last on
17:54 <Slendercat> aka 00000000.1% of the time
17:54 <41488p> Etom
17:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No
17:54 <Etomidate> I see.
17:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We talk about them more than that
17:54 <41488p> this is a daycare center
17:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Slender you're new here, shut the fuck up
17:54 <Slendercat> waaw waaaw
17:54 <41488p> if you're looking for intellectual conversation, please head over to the forums
17:54 <Etomidate> I'm beginning to pick up on that, 414.
17:55 <41488p> we've got discussions on god, Creepypastas, and sex!
17:55 <41488p> *God
17:55 <Slendercat>  im not not new ive just been banned for a year
17:55 <41488p> welcome back Slender
17:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
17:55 <41488p> I know that feel
17:55 <41488p> ;(
17:55 <Rylee the Pegasis> Aren't those two discussions banned?
17:55 <41488p> *cries slowly*
17:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Slender.
17:55 <41488p> banned?
17:55 <41488p> in chat, yes
17:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's a lie.
17:55 <Rylee the Pegasis> For a year?!
17:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Unless you're a sock.
17:55 <41488p> now, I have one more question:
17:55 <41488p> Slender
17:55 <41488p> how'd you survive?
17:55 <Rylee the Pegasis> I couldn't live without my friends! (T_T)
17:55 <Slendercat> yep for twice coming on and would not stop meowing
17:56 <41488p> I got banned for a month and nearly lost my mind
17:56 <41488p> and also my dick from fapping too hard
17:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You got banned for Sockpuppeting. D:
17:56 <Zyranne> I didn't go on for like a week
17:56 <Zyranne> because I had exams
17:56 <Slendercat> yes and that
17:56 <Zyranne> it was horrible..
17:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
17:56 <41488p> Brooke
17:56 <41488p> PM
17:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That was in May though
17:56 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Slendercat> yeah that was the second time i was ban the year was on my mates
17:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> K.
17:57 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Who's your friend?
17:57 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
17:57 <41488p> guys
17:58 <41488p> guys guys guys
17:58 <41488p> what if I told you that I'm gay
17:58 <41488p> just saying
17:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'd believe you
17:58 <Zyranne> I wouldn't judge 
17:58 <Etomidate> That's cool, man.
17:58 <41488p> well there's a story
17:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What if I told you my picture is fake?
17:58 <41488p> okay to clear things up: I want gf nao
17:58 <41488p> but onto the story
17:58 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <- Not me
17:58 <41488p> so in 8th grade my teacher had a nice little closet in her classroom
17:58 <Slendercat> hehe
17:58 <Zyranne> seriously, Brooke?
17:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nah, it's me haha
17:58 <41488p> so in the mornings
17:59 <41488p> I'd grab a pillow
17:59 <41488p> go into the closet
17:59 <41488p> and sleep
17:59 <Slendercat> k
17:59 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:59 <41488p> now, a friend of mine caught onto that little trick
17:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm going to Google myself
17:59 <Slendercat> that should be a creepypasta
17:59 <41488p> so he kept on telling me to "get out of the closet"
17:59 <41488p> and he posted that to Facebook too
17:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> HAHA
17:59 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:59 <41488p> now, you might see the complications...
17:59 <41488p> anyway, that's that
18:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and you're pregnant now?
18:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Wow.
18:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nice story
18:00 <41488p> yes
18:00 <Etomidate> Holy crap, man. Facebook was around when you were in eighth grade?
18:00 <41488p> I am with child
18:00 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
18:00 <41488p> I'm only 15 :/
18:00 <41488p> hey Adam 
18:00 <Slendercat> i am gandalf
18:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai 414
18:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai guys
18:00 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:00 <Zyranne> For me it was, Eto
18:00 <Slendercat> you shall not... *gets passed*
18:00 <Zyranne> Hello Adam
18:00 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Rylee
18:01 <Adam Carl Castillo> and Hai Zyranne
18:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I looked myself up on Google
18:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not fake
18:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> yey
18:01 <Etomidate> Crazy. I guess I am getting old.
18:01 <41488p> although I think that because of that Facebook post I still have my virginity...
18:01 <Zyranne> How old are you, Eto?
18:01 <41488p> over NINE THOUSAAND
18:01 <Slendercat> damn right mike tyson is 40#
18:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm 14!
18:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
18:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Adam
18:01 <Zyranne> I'm 16
18:01 <Etomidate> I'll put it this way, facebook showed up when I was a senior in high school.
18:02 <41488p> holy crap
18:02 <Slendercat> im 14
18:02 <Zyranne> woah
18:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> u old
18:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> sir
18:02 <41488p> you ARE old
18:02 <Adam Carl Castillo> Tired... But I still have to wait for my girlfriend's call
18:02 <Etomidate> And as a general rule, I don't chat with minors.
18:02 <Zyranne> He might be the oldest
18:02 <41488p> ...girlfriend?
18:02 <Zyranne> I'm not a minor! yay
18:02 <41488p> GIRLFREIDN
18:02 <41488p> iadim
18:02 <Etomidate> But I'm bored, and stuck in Afghanistan. And yes, I have a girlfriend.
18:02 <Slendercat> nien
18:02 <41488p> *rocks back and forth*
18:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Were your best friends in elementary school dinosaurs? (huehue)
18:02 <41488p> NOOOO
18:03 <41488p> stuck in Afghanistan?
18:03 <41488p> you're in the military?
18:03 <Slendercat> lolskeletons is on yay
18:03 <Etomidate> No, they were normal people. Just without cell phones.
18:03 <Etomidate> I am.
18:03 <41488p> oh nice
18:03 <Zyranne> Oh wow
18:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen LOLSKELETONS
18:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LOLSKELETONS at June 29 2013, 17:57 (GMT)
18:03 <Zyranne> that;s awesome
18:03 <Zyranne> *that's
18:03 <41488p> it is 
18:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:03 <41488p> I always wanted to be in the military
18:03 <Etomidate> If you say so. I'm ready to go home, though.
18:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> Girlfriend, (yuno) call?? I need to know if I should bring you anything like medicine or something!! D:
18:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not one for the military.
18:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <41488p> GF NOOO
18:04 <41488p> my parents probably don't want me in the military though
18:04 <Slendercat> CYMBAL NOOOOO
18:04 <Etomidate> That's fine, Brooke. You're entitled to that opinion.
18:04 <41488p> VIRGINITY NOOO
18:04 <Zyranne> My parents want me in the navy 
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What the fuck, you guys?
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> There are adults here.
18:04 <41488p> my parents want me
18:04 <Slendercat> LOOOOOOLCEPTION
18:04 <41488p> period.
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Act your age. (Srslwtf)
18:04 <41488p> HOHO
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (srslywtf)
18:04 <41488p> I am my age.
18:04 <41488p> you can't change me!
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We need to be presentable. (QQ)
18:04 <Etomidate> Consider it carefully, and don't let the recruiters trick you into a job you don't want.
18:04 <41488p> so where are you stationed Etom?
18:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I feel like I'm the only mature one here anymore.
18:05 <Slendercat> BARREL
18:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (facepalm)
18:05 <41488p> lol guys I'm mature too rite
18:05 <41488p> look guys
18:05 <41488p> I can be mature
18:05 <41488p> let me show you
18:05 <41488p> ahem
18:05 <41488p> penis
18:05 <41488p> there
18:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
18:05 <41488p> I am so fucking mature
18:05 <Slendercat> LOL
18:05 <Adam Carl Castillo> Brooke, I try to be mature... well I failed
18:05 <Etomidate> I'm in Texas back in the states. And for now I'm in the Western part of AFG.
18:05 <Slendercat> penis flowers
18:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Vaginas. (huehue)
18:05 <Slendercat> I LIKE YOU
18:05 <Zyranne> tits.
18:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You do?
18:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (kawaii)
18:06 <41488p> well I'm back to listening to Mogwai... the day I die will be the day I hear Mogwai played on a radio ;(
18:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mogwai - Mr. Beast (Full Album) - Duration: 43:06 - Uploaded: 2013-02-21 - Rating: 4.909091 - Views: 18,498 -
18:06 <Slendercat> YEP
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Too bad I'm taken. (srslywtf)
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> I failed at becoming moture
18:06 <Slendercat> GODAMNIT
18:06 <41488p> I'm taken, sorry.
18:06 <41488p> she's mine.
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 1 year and 7 months you bitch. D:
18:06 <41488p> *cuddles hand*
18:06 <41488p> BBY
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> *MATURE
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Fahk!! caps
18:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> sorry
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Adam
18:06 <41488p> 15 AND A HALF YEARS BITCH
18:06 <41488p> ohohoh
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> One word is okay
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL 414 LOO
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
18:06 <41488p> hand you and me will always be together
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh my god.
18:06 <Slendercat> *planking*
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm dying
18:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
18:06 <41488p> until you behead me...
18:06 <41488p> BEHEADED BY MY OWN HAND
18:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Or give head?
18:07 <41488p> 'tis a true story
18:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
18:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> How many months have passed since I got a girlfriend...? 2 months I think
18:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <Slendercat> me 2.5weeks
18:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yesterday was my year and 7 months
18:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gud4u
18:07 <Etomidate> Congratulations!
18:07 <41488p> but, on a more serious note, after I move into my new school (IN THE STATES YEAH) I'm planning on getting a... well, y'know
18:07 <41488p> hey NeveR
18:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:08 <Slendercat> *planking*
18:08 <Zyranne> Time passed since I've been in a relationship? my whole life
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U cumming 2 MURIKA!?
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fuck Yeah!
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey 414
18:08 <41488p> I AM!
18:08 <Zyranne> Hey Lee!
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi zyr
18:08 <41488p> Washington state, where all the Canadians cum
18:08 <41488p> literally
18:08 <41488p> I mean
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
18:09 <41488p> in the town I'm moving in
18:09 <Etomidate> Well, guys, it's been fun. Have a good weekend and all that stuff.
18:09 <41488p> all the shopping malls are FILLED with Canadians
18:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai NeveR
18:09 <41488p> thanks, Eton
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Eto!
18:09 <Zyranne> You too, Eto!
18:09 <Zyranne> bye
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi (adam)
18:09 <41488p> the one sign of intelligent life in this chat
18:09 <41488p> and also the oldest
18:09 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bye Eto, have a nice weekend as well
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I zi smartz u meanie der (herp)
18:09 <41488p> darn, Adam's got an emote!
18:09 <41488p> (adam)
18:09 -!- Etomidate has left Special:Chat.
18:10 <41488p> (brooke)
18:10 <41488p> HOLY
18:10 <Slendercat> i dont think me or brooke are in this convosation anymore lol
18:10 <41488p> OMG
18:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (414)
18:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You're kidding me?
18:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
18:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> I didn't know (414) had an emote
18:10 <Zyranne> I wanna get an emote
18:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> xD
18:10 <41488p> hhaah
18:10 <41488p> and it's wikia's default avatar
18:10 <Slendercat> mike tyson is gone
18:10 <Zyranne> LOL that's amazing xD
18:10 <41488p> must've been a cakewalk for Shining to find a pic XD
18:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tike Mysom
18:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Rylee
18:11 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
18:11 <41488p> wb Rylee
18:11 <Rylee the Pegasis> Thanks
18:11 <Slendercat> rylee help me start a convo
18:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> wb Rylee
18:11 <41488p> okay
18:11 <41488p> here's how you start a convo:
18:11 <41488p> sex.
18:11 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
18:11 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <41488p> sex is magic
18:11 <41488p> sex is everything
18:12 <Slendercat> best convo EVAH
18:12 <Zyranne> I'mma edit my profile
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Crappy connection..
18:12 <Rylee the Pegasis> Convo?
18:12 <41488p> k Zy
18:12 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <Zyranne> see you guys later
18:12 <41488p> conversation 
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Zyr
18:12 <41488p> dunno why it's called 'convo'
18:12 <41488p> ohey Aron
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sex is love
18:12 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> DAVID
18:12 <Slendercat> yeah ill come with you back in a min
18:12 <Child Of Mantra> ohey
18:12 <41488p> Aron here
18:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mogwai - Mr. Beast (Full Album) - Duration: 43:06 - Uploaded: 2013-02-21 - Rating: 4.909091 - Views: 18,498 -
18:12 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Child Of Mantra> Mogwai is awesome
18:12 <41488p> do you like post-rock?
18:12 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> DONT LOOK IN THE mirror
18:12 <41488p> oh nice
18:12 <41488p> you like them too?
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuddle with a struggle
18:12 <Horrorfan1> gtg
18:12 <Horrorfan1> bye guys
18:12 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Child Of Mantra> Haven't really listened to enough of Porst rock
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bai horror
18:12 <Child Of Mantra> Post*
18:12 <MrDark> Bye.
18:13 <Child Of Mantra> But i'm seeing Sigur Ros in September
18:13 <-Price-> how is it "blocked from your country"
18:13 <-Price-> US censorship o_o
18:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> Bai
18:13 <41488p> darn it's blocked?!
18:13 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
18:13 <Child Of Mantra> Do you like Sigur Rós?
18:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> any thoughts on my new avatar?
18:14 <41488p> oh man I forgot to listen to them!
18:14 <41488p> Aron send me a link right now I'll take a listne
18:14 <41488p> *listen
18:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's a pretty cool avatar NeveR
18:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun - Duration: 01:11:58 - Uploaded: 2011-12-18 - Rating: 4.939466 - Views: 370,756 -
18:14 <Child Of Mantra>
18:14 -!- AvatarSara has left Special:Chat.
18:14 <41488p> k
18:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx Adam
18:14 <Child Of Mantra> They sort of sing Icelandic and their own made up language
18:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh hey Aron
18:14 <41488p> it is, NeveR
18:14 <Child Of Mantra> Oh hey
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> thanks 414
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> so is your's XD
18:15 <41488p> Aron have you heard of Moby?
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (414)
18:15 <Child Of Mantra> Moby?
18:15 <Child Of Mantra> Is he a giant dick?
18:15 <41488p> I think it's his name...
18:15 <41488p> XD
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why was Moby such a dick
18:16 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb gonna answer a phone call. Excuse me
18:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Moby - Play (1999) [Full Album] - Duration: 01:03:14 - Uploaded: 2012-12-10 - Rating: 4.892038 - Views: 734,665 -
18:16 <41488p>\
18:16 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <41488p> Adam's got a gf
18:16 <41488p> ggfgffg
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Gramm
18:16 <41488p> i lunli
18:16 <Slendercat> !SEEN a penis
18:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a penis since I have been here!
18:16 <Child Of Mantra> I like this
18:16 <Grammatik> Hi.
18:16 <41488p> bcz nu gf
18:16 <41488p> hi Gram
18:16 <Child Of Mantra> 414
18:16 <41488p> Aron
18:16 <Grammatik> How are you all? 
18:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Puscifer's V is for Vagina FULL ALBUM!!! - Duration: 48:57 - Uploaded: 2012-12-18 - Rating: 4.844720 - Views: 91,221 -
18:16 <Child Of Mantra> might be NSFW
18:16 <Child Of Mantra> But good as fuc
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> A FRIEND IRL?! BLASPHEMY!
18:16 <41488p> >V is for Vagina
18:17 <Grammatik> Lol
18:17 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
18:17 <Slendercat> !SEEN 41488P 
18:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen 41488P  since I have been here!
18:17 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
18:17 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> B is for bitch
18:17 <41488p> !Seen 41488p
18:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw 41488p at June 29 2013, 18:17 (GMT)
18:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Creep
18:17 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <41488p> ohoho
18:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi
18:17 <41488p> dude
18:17 <Slendercat> you shall not creep me out
18:17 <41488p> DUDE ARON
18:17 <41488p> SIGUR ROS IS 
18:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> MM'Kay
18:17 <41488p> :D
18:17 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> !SEEN NeveR's intellegence
18:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen NeveR's intellegence since I have been here!
18:17 <41488p> ohey Mitch
18:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (derp)
18:17 <41488p> :3
18:17 <Child Of Mantra> I can't wait to see the
18:17 <Child Of Mantra> them*
18:17 <Grammatik> Hi, Mitch.
18:17 <Slendercat> !seen logic
18:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen logic since I have been here!
18:17 <Princess Platinum> dont play with the fucking bot
18:18 <Child Of Mantra> My bud said that he cried when he saw them
18:18 <41488p> odam 
18:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi everyone! :D
18:18 <41488p> it's Shining
18:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> Back
18:18 <Child Of Mantra> And i'm going with him, so tears will probably be shed
18:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria is (nofun) 
18:18 <Slendercat> !seen Princess Platinum
18:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Princess Platinum at June 29 2013, 18:17 (GMT)
18:18 <Adam Carl Castillo> So I have to grab some fever medicine tomorrow
18:18 <Princess Platinum> welp
18:18 <Grammatik> !Seen people not spamming the chat with the seen thingy
18:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen people not spamming the chat with the seen thingy since I have been here!
18:18 <41488p> for your gf?
18:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen mitchrace
18:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen mitchrace since I have been here!
18:18 <Princess Platinum> i guess bitches wanna die
18:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> Woah
18:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> what
18:18 <41488p> bitches always wanna die
18:18 <41488p> selfie time!
18:19 <Child Of Mantra> #CUT4BIEBER
18:19 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yeah 414 she's sick
18:19 <Slendercat> !seen penis flowers
18:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen penis flowers since I have been here!
18:19 <41488p> this is me steadfastly anchored to the ground
18:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
18:19 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
18:19 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lolz
18:19 <Grammatik> LOL
18:19 <41488p> oh sorry to hear that Adam
18:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (nofun)
18:19 <Child Of Mantra> stretcie stretch
18:19 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <41488p> I got Teacher of the Year award!
18:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yey
18:20 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:20 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
18:20 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 414 how old are you 0.o?
18:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh she told me she's getting better already, i just ahve to go grab some medicine and soup to drive the asshole fever away
18:20 <Slendercat> im back
18:20 <41488p> 65
18:20 <Child Of Mantra> He is 2
18:20 <Slendercat> 69
18:20 <Adam Carl Castillo> wb :D
18:20 <41488p> actually yeah I'm 69
18:20 <41488p> i lik de litle chlden
18:20 <Slendercat> what
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 69 0_0
18:20 <Slendercat> PEDO
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wat
18:21 <41488p> this is me with my teammates after winning the relay race
18:21 <Grammatik> I'm not that old,  lol.
18:21 <Child Of Mantra> God damn i hate when people change profile pics
18:21 <Child Of Mantra> Hai Neve
18:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hai
18:21 <Child Of Mantra> I am currently 18
18:21 <41488p> this is my club
18:21 <Grammatik> I  am 14, almost 15.
18:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 17 in september 
18:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay~
18:21 <Slendercat> !seen penisflowers
18:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen penisflowers since I have been here!
18:21 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:21 <41488p> Slender
18:21 <Slendercat> soz
18:21 <41488p> Slender you're ASKING for a ban
18:22 <Child Of Mantra> 414 Did you enjoy Vagina?
18:22 <41488p> stahp
18:22 <41488p> uh I'm busy listening to Sigur
18:22 <41488p> but ok
18:22 <Slendercat> i know
18:22 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:22 <Slendercat> BROOKE
18:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi brooke.
18:22 <Child Of Mantra> Hay
18:22 <41488p> holy cra
18:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (brooke)
18:22 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:22 <41488p> Puscifer's GOOD
18:23 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:23 <Child Of Mantra>
18:23 <Child Of Mantra> I kno
18:23 <Child Of Mantra> 414
18:23 <Grammatik> This song is awesome. 
18:23 <41488p> how
18:23 <Slendercat> !seen brooke
18:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen brooke since I have been here!
18:23 <Child Of Mantra>
18:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Trollfest - Brumlebassen - Duration: 05:39 - Uploaded: 2012-08-24 - Rating: 4.954546 - Views: 42,425 -
18:23 <41488p> Slender!
18:23 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Radiohead - Karma Police - Duration: 04:27 - Uploaded: 2009-03-04 - Rating: 4.950707 - Views: 11,795,822 -
18:23 <41488p> ^
18:23 <Slendercat> sorry
18:23 <Child Of Mantra> how? i work at the record store.
18:23 <41488p> o
18:23 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
18:23 -!- Ramdomjoe has joined Special:Chat
18:23 <41488p> oooo
18:23 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan
18:24 <Grammatik> Creep, stop linking to songs that I'm currently listening to,  it's creepy as fuck
18:24 <Slendercat> !seen WalkingDitto
18:24 <WalkingDitto> *orgasm*
18:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw WalkingDitto at June 29 2013, 18:23 (GMT)
18:24 <Ramdomjoe> Hello creepy people!
18:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> LOL gramma
18:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> I love that song.
18:24 <-Price-> !seen DaNASCAT
18:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen DaNASCAT since I have been here!
18:24 <Grammatik> ;-;
18:24 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
18:24 <Grammatik> Hi Eso
18:24 <WalkingDitto> !seen Fappleberry
18:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Fappleberry at June 29 2013, 08:09 (GMT)
18:24 <Slendercat> !seen Price
18:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Price since I have been here!
18:24 <WalkingDitto> WHAT
18:24 <WalkingDitto> HE WAS HERE
18:24 <WalkingDitto> WHAT
18:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen Mitchrace
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Mitchrace since I have been here!
18:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> !seen pikachu
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen pikachu since I have been here!
18:25 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan it does not detect old users
18:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> God damnit
18:25 <41488p> !seen -Price-
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw -Price- at June 29 2013, 18:24 (GMT)
18:25 <Ramdomjoe> Hi Ryan!!!!!!
18:25 <WalkingDitto> aw
18:25 <Esoteric Entity> !seen Harmonex
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Harmonex since I have been here!
18:25 <41488p> what, ho!
18:25 <Child Of Mantra> Which is ;~;
18:25 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it.
18:25 <-Price-> so much ping
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ryan!
18:25 <WalkingDitto> Hey Joe
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
18:25 <Esoteric Entity> Whoa, this is interesting. 
18:25 <Child Of Mantra> Hey Joe
18:25 <Grammatik> !seen Grammatik
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Grammatik at June 29 2013, 18:25 (GMT)
18:25 <Slendercat> ping me
18:25 <Ramdomjoe> What's goin on?
18:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> It dun even see that mitchrace was on yesterday
18:25 <Child Of Mantra> Where you goin with that gun in your hand?
18:25 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:25 <Child Of Mantra> I'm goin' down to shoot my lady
18:25 <Esoteric Entity> !seen Bushcraft Medic
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Bushcraft Medic at June 29 2013, 12:20 (GMT)
18:25 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen iShallCreepYouOut
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw iShallCreepYouOut at June 29 2013, 18:25 (GMT)
18:25 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
18:25 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> !seen Zack -The Undead Soldier ~ Skye
18:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Zack -The Undead Soldier ~ Skye since I have been here!
18:25 <Esoteric Entity> Hm, so he was here.
18:25 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:25 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:26 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:26 <Esoteric Entity> Okay, stop, Slendercat.
18:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> !Nemo
18:26 <Child Of Mantra> !logs need to know when
18:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:26 <41488p> !Seen Evravon73
18:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Evravon73 since I have been here!
18:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> !seen Nemo
18:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Nemo since I have been here!
18:26 <41488p> darn.
18:26 <41488p> hey Hooded update logs pls
18:26 <Esoteric Entity> I think you mean, "53, 414"
18:26 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
18:26 <Slendercat> ALREADY DONE THAT
18:26 <41488p> fuck!
18:26 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
18:26 <Esoteric Entity> !seen EvraVon53
18:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen EvraVon53 since I have been here!
18:26 <41488p> damn brain
18:26 <Esoteric Entity> Oh wow.
18:26 <41488p> !Seen Evravon73
18:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Evravon73 since I have been here!
18:26 <Grammatik> Hue hue hue
18:26 <Ramdomjoe> Esoteric Entity?
18:26 <41488p> :/
18:26 <Esoteric Entity> Yes.
18:27 <MrDark> !seen Logicness
18:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Logicness since I have been here!
18:27 <MrDark> He doesn't come on anymore, does he?
18:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen WhyAmIReadingThis
18:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw WhyAmIReadingThis at June 29 2013, 01:11 (GMT)
18:27 <Child Of Mantra> I thought he was banned
18:27 <Slendercat> YAY MR DARK
18:27 <Ramdomjoe> Are you new? 
18:27 <Grammatik> ! Seen  A Table
18:27 <MrDark> Enough caps, Slender.
18:27 <Grammatik> Fucking space bar
18:27 <Ramdomjoe> I've never seen you around here
18:27 <41488p> Joe, Esoteric=The Hooded Informant, if I'm not mistaken
18:27 <Slendercat> but im excited
18:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen a toilet to shit on
18:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a toilet to shit on since I have been here!
18:27 <Esoteric Entity> Nope, Mr.Dark
18:27 <WalkingDitto> !seen Taylor Swift
18:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Taylor Swift since I have been here!
18:27 <Grammatik> Guess esther wasn't online
18:27 <41488p> LOL MITCH
18:27 <41488p> XD
18:27 <WalkingDitto> Keep it that way
18:27 <-Price-> !seen 
18:27 <-Price-> Critic of Sadness
18:27 <Ramdomjoe> Wait no way'
18:28 <-Price-> that failed
18:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> !Seen Pramirez351
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Pramirez351 at June 29 2013, 15:33 (GMT)
18:28 <41488p> yeh way
18:28 <Esoteric Entity> Apparently, he turned into a sock account and stuff.
18:28 <Slendercat> !seen my mom
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my mom since I have been here!
18:28 <41488p> and look at the badge next to his name
18:28 <-Price-> !seen Critic of Sadness
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Critic of Sadness since I have been here!
18:28 <Grammatik> !Seen A Table
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen A Table since I have been here!
18:28 <Slendercat> lol
18:28 <Esoteric Entity> You beat me, Slender. XD
18:28 <Child Of Mantra> I AM THE TABLE
18:28 <Grammatik> She wasn't here then
18:28 <41488p> guys
18:28 <Esoteric Entity> !seen Your mother
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Your mother since I have been here!
18:28 <Slendercat> iam the chair
18:28 <41488p> guys Subject
18:28 <Esoteric Entity> XDDD
18:28 <Ramdomjoe> I am the eggman
18:28 <WalkingDitto> hehe
18:28 <41488p> Subject and Hooded
18:28 <Esoteric Entity> Hm?
18:28 <WalkingDitto> Holy shit 41
18:28 <Grammatik> [[User: A Table]]
18:28 <41488p> Logicness=
18:28 <41488p> oh fuck
18:28 <41488p> I FORGOT
18:28 <Slendercat> !seen ynan
18:28 <41488p> FOCUCJC
18:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen ynan since I have been here!
18:28 <41488p> brb
18:29 <41488p> ohey Ryan long time no see
18:29 <IShallCreepYouOut> A TABLE
18:29 <IShallCreepYouOut> A FUCKING TABLE
18:29 <41488p> oh my god!
18:29 <Slendercat> A CHAIR
18:29 <41488p> holy shit!?!
18:29 <41488p> Jack deleted his Facebook account!
18:29 <Esoteric Entity> A Table was a good friend of mine.
18:29 <41488p> oh god!
18:29 <41488p> this... 
18:29 <Ramdomjoe> !my penis
18:29 <41488p> this is too much to take in
18:29 <Esoteric Entity> He doesn't log in anymore.
18:29 <41488p> but I will keep on my task
18:29 <41488p> brb
18:29 <Ramdomjoe> Oh it did not work
18:29 <Slendercat> !seen my penis 
18:29 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my penis  since I have been here!
18:30 <41488p> HA!
18:30 <Slendercat> bye going see ya
18:30 <41488p> here
18:30 <-Price-> then you bee doing it wrong
18:30 <41488p> wait
18:30 <Ramdomjoe> Moowahaha
18:30 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Radiohead - 2+2=5 - Duration: 03:26 - Uploaded: 2006-03-21 - Rating: 4.908161 - Views: 7,175,365 -
18:30 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
18:30 <41488p>
18:30 <41488p> there
18:30 <41488p> I had some proof that Logicness=Tentacletherapist
18:30 <Esoteric Entity> Ohhh.
18:30 <Esoteric Entity> That Radiohead song.
18:30 <Ramdomjoe> I am a genius
18:30 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it.
18:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes
18:30 <Esoteric Entity> Now I get the joke.
18:30 <Esoteric Entity> ._.
18:30 <Grammatik> LOL
18:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> It is great
18:31 <41488p> 2+2=5=AWESOMENESS
18:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
18:31 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <IShallCreepYouOut> and this
18:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door - Duration: 03:20 - Uploaded: 2006-03-22 - Rating: 4.943853 - Views: 4,451,838 -
18:31 <Ramdomjoe> !that awesome guy named Joe
18:32 <-Price-> !seen anything because i am blind
18:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen anything because i am blind since I have been here!
18:32 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
18:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Where is Read?
18:32 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and we all know Jesse is blind
18:32 <IShallCreepYouOut> Not here, brooke.
18:33 -!- Ramdomjoe has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Obviously
18:33 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it, I'm not gonna be back until later on tonight.
18:33 <Adam Carl Castillo> Poor Jesse...
18:33 <IShallCreepYouOut> Cya Eso!
18:33 <Esoteric Entity> Not now, Shall.
18:33 <Esoteric Entity> But, soon.
18:33 <IShallCreepYouOut> Oh
18:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Soon....
18:34 <Esoteric Entity> SOON...
18:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> SOON. (srslywtf)
18:34 <Esoteric Entity> SOOOON! >:c
18:34 <Adam Carl Castillo> Spongebob
18:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
18:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sum 41 - Walking Disaster with Lyrics - Duration: 04:53 - Uploaded: 2010-06-28 - Rating: 4.954498 - Views: 178,620 -
18:34 <IShallCreepYouOut> Thom Yorke
18:34 <Esoteric Entity> K, that's enough.
18:34 <Adam Carl Castillo> #Soonception
18:34 <IShallCreepYouOut> #ty'sleftfoot
18:35 <IShallCreepYouOut> Skelly
18:35 <Esoteric Entity>
18:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful - Duration: 03:27 - Uploaded: 2011-08-19 - Rating: 4.569190 - Views: 398,295,469 -
18:35 <Esoteric Entity> Whoops.
18:35 <Adam Carl Castillo> What do you guys call twins that don't look alike?
18:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> 1D (srslywtf)
18:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Eso..
18:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> WHY?!
18:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
18:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> Fuck
18:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Twinkies? @Adam
18:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> There was thiss trollpasta page
18:36 <IShallCreepYouOut> It now redirects to a good pasta
18:37 <Esoteric Entity> I admit it. I'm a One Direction fan.
18:37 -!- AvatarSara has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <Esoteric Entity> Just...leave me the fuck alone. ;~;
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (unsee)....
18:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> No 1D only JB <--- LOL NOPE *burns down computer*
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I admit I'm one too....
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
18:37 <IShallCreepYouOut> I respect everybody..
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Head explodes- KIDDING
18:37 <Esoteric Entity> Brooke...GTFO bfore I ban you.
18:37 <Esoteric Entity> *before
18:37 <IShallCreepYouOut> Except rapists and shit.
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -ded-
18:37 <Esoteric Entity> lol, I'm kidding too. XD
18:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
18:38 -!- AvatarSara has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Noice
18:38 <Esoteric Entity> ...or am I.
18:38 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
18:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
18:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> You butter be
18:38 <Esoteric Entity> 'Sup, Weirdo.
18:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> not be*
18:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [HD] Thom Yorke - Last Flowers (From The Basement) - Duration: 04:20 - Uploaded: 2009-03-03 - Rating: 4.984733 - Views: 177,494 -
18:38 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> "Imagine waking up one morning and finding yourself in a random back alley in a city you are not familiar with. You are puzzled, and you feel starving. Doors leading into some buildings are decaying and rotting. Horns from cars blare all around you, with various drivers spitting profanities faintly heard over the city noise. The sky is grey and bleak, shrouded with a cloud of blackened dusk from the smoke stack of a factory. Rats are chewing on garbage all around you. It's essentially a depressive and miserable setting, and you feel hopelessly lost, and frightened."
18:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> My state in a nutshell
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> WHOA
18:39 <MrDark> WALL UF TEKST
18:39 <Esoteric Entity> Oh.
18:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> Coffe
18:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> *backs away from screen*
18:39 <Adam Carl Castillo> *Mai eyes
18:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> Whai u feel like dat
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> New York i'm guessing?
18:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes Brooke. lol
18:39 <Esoteric Entity> Weirdo, please don't post a wall of text.
18:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Haha
18:39 <Esoteric Entity> And, are you feeling okay?
18:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That was hardly a wall
18:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and yeah
18:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> wait how did you highlight that comment
18:40 <Esoteric Entity> Regardless, please don't do it.
18:40 <Esoteric Entity> It's very much a wall. I've seen larger ones, but it's still a wall.
18:40 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Just make sure nobody unecessarily flips out about it like a few did above.
18:40 <41488p> woooah
18:40 <41488p> Cheese isn't a mod any more?
18:40 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> They acted like it was some kind of crime comparable to murder or something
18:40 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> noep
18:40 <41488p> wait was Cheese ever a mod?
18:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yea
18:41 <Esoteric Entity> Yeah.
18:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> yep
18:41 <Esoteric Entity> Admin, in fact.
18:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> A wall made of letter by boring letter
18:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Adam: stfu pls
18:41 <41488p> well I'm referring to his CURRENT account
18:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yes
18:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> I was only joking
18:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> A-D-A-M is... The worst strand of letters ever.
18:41 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> lolk
18:41 <41488p> dafuq?
18:41 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Loljk. xP
18:42 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [HD] Thom Yorke - Last Flowers (From The Basement) - Duration: 04:20 - Uploaded: 2009-03-03 - Rating: 4.984733 - Views: 177,494 -
18:42 <41488p> Cheese you requested a demodding?
18:42 <41488p> oooh Last Flowers
18:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
18:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> and the letter by boring letter was a reference to brick by boring brick
18:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> yep
18:42 -!- Brench57 has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <41488p> ok I won't plow into the details
18:42 <Brench57> Uh........
18:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
18:42 <SaikaXIII> ...
18:42 <Brench57> hi
18:42 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <41488p> uhhh
18:42 <Esoteric Entity> Hi.
18:42 <41488p> hi Brench :)
18:42 <Brench57> Sup.
18:42 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I no longer wanted to be an authority figure in this national nightmare
18:42 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
18:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: With Me - Sum 41 - Duration: 04:51 - Uploaded: 2007-10-20 - Rating: 4.944144 - Views: 1,415,700 -
18:42 <41488p> national nightmare?
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi Brench
18:42 <IShallCreepYouOut> Heya Neve
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi Creep
18:42 <Adam Carl Castillo> National what...?
18:43 <41488p> national TREASURE, you mean?
18:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Corrupt chat
18:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Coffee are goin' Cray Cray?
18:43 <41488p> ok I want to know the details but IN PM
18:43 <41488p> K
18:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I only come here to talk to my friends and read/write pastas, lol
18:43 <Brench57> Do you guys really read creepypastas? Or you guys are only here because you guys want to talk.
18:43 <Esoteric Entity> Isn't that all of our purposes?
18:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I barely edit anymore
18:43 <Brench57> I'm just bored.
18:43 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I read Creepypastas way before I knew there was a chat.
18:43 <Esoteric Entity> Me too.
18:43 <Brench57> Me to...
18:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> So meh. (QQ)
18:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> Same here Brooke
18:44 -!- Brench57 has left Special:Chat.
18:44 <41488p> I joined like in late 2011
18:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We all are cray cray
18:44 -!- Brench57 has joined Special:Chat
18:44 <Esoteric Entity> After I discovered this chat, it all went out the window, lol.
18:44 <41488p> and for some reason chat didn't work
18:44 <41488p> but in late 2012 it worked
18:44 <41488p> so yeah
18:44 <41488p> :D
18:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I found Playdoh
18:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> omg
18:44 <Brench57> For some reason I read 5-10 creepypastas each day, and I sleep like a baby.
18:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Coffee are you... retired?
18:44 <Esoteric Entity> I joined in June of 202.
18:44 <Esoteric Entity> *2012
18:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 202?
18:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Damn you old
18:45 <Esoteric Entity> Like, two days ago was my one-year anniversary.
18:45 <Brench57> I just joined.
18:45 <Esoteric Entity> and HURR, Brooke.
18:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 202 B.C.
18:45 <Adam Carl Castillo> I joined in March 22 2013
18:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I joined March 30 2012
18:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welcome to the Wiki Brench!
18:45 <Brench57> Thanks.
18:45 <Grammatik> May 8 2012
18:45 <Brench57> Can anyone suggest me a good creepypasta?
18:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and awkwardly enough I came back on March 30 2012
18:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 2013*
18:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I didn't even plan it
18:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Haha
18:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Remember you're signed in for life Brench
18:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (ogw)
18:46 <Brench57> ....
18:46 <Brench57> Ok.
18:46 <41488p> once you go Creepypasta
18:46 <Grammatik> I never logged out for over a year
18:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welcome to the Brotherhood of E-
18:46 <41488p> you never go back
18:46 <Brench57> E-?
18:46 <41488p> ranked #22 in wikia, haha.
18:46 <41488p> ahahahah
18:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Indeed
18:46 <41488p> fookin leg
18:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I mean Creepypasta chat!
18:47 <Esoteric Entity> Welp, I gotta go guys.
18:47 <Grammatik> See you. 
18:47 <Esoteric Entity> I may be back later on late tonight.
18:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> Cya, Eso!
18:47 <Esoteric Entity> Behave yourselves now.
18:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yeah let's go with that
18:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> see ya Eso
18:47 <Brench57> I started to don't give a **** since I played smile.exe, and the 5 lunagames.exe.
18:47 <Esoteric Entity> Adios.
18:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Eso
18:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I knew him before he was Eso. -Hipster-
18:47 <Grammatik> Adieu, mon amie.
18:47 <41488p> dang
18:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> Same -hipster-
18:47 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <Grammatik> I knew him before he was Eso too.
18:48 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
18:48 <Slendercat> im back 
18:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> This wiki was cool before it barely went mainstream 
18:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #HipsterNeve
18:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WB Slender
18:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> Gramma, what are you listening to?
18:48 <Slendercat> NEMONEMO HEHE
18:48 <Brench57> Too mainstream.
18:48 <Grammatik> Did anyone know me when I was LiesTellTruth?
18:48 <Slendercat> brooke nemo
18:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No
18:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> Nope
18:49 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
18:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No, go away you suck
18:49 <Slendercat> i know
18:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> -Hipster fail-
18:49 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> i just blew a load in my pants
18:49 <41488p> suck dech
18:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai ChaoZ
18:49 <Slendercat> NEMO NEMO
18:49 <41488p> ooohhh
18:49 <Grammatik> Friend Of The Night - Mogwai; Mitch.
18:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> CHAO DA BAOS!
18:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Coffee oh babeh
18:49 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> because NIN is playing live in october in NY
18:49 <Brench57> I dont like .exe files.
18:49 <Slendercat> !SEEN FINDING NEMO
18:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen FINDING NEMO since I have been here!
18:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Does anyone remember me when I was BrookeBattlesAgainst?
18:49 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <Grammatik> No
18:49 <ChaoZStrider> Slendercat, chill.
18:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
18:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Damn
18:49 <Grammatik> You suck.
18:49 <Grammatik> c;
18:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hqhq
18:49 <41488p> cheel beetch
18:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> haha*
18:50 <41488p> >hqhq
18:50 <Slendercat> sorry its fun anoying brooke
18:50 <41488p> hyperventilating much?
18:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> !SEEN FINDING NEMO
18:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen FINDING NEMO since I have been here!
18:50 <Grammatik> Lol
18:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ...wat
18:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> Any admins on?
18:50 <Brench57> Why?
18:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> !SEEN SHUTTER ISLAND
18:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen SHUTTER ISLAND since I have been here!
18:50 <Brench57> What's with finding nemo?
18:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> dafuq?
18:50 <ChaoZStrider> Coffee, can you not test that?
18:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ChaoZ
18:50 <Slendercat> me i am nemo
18:50 <ChaoZStrider> yes, Never?
18:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen anything because I'm blind and haven't been able to see
18:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen anything because I'm blind and haven't been able to see since I have been here!
18:50 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
18:50 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That was the last thing I was going to do
18:50 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
18:51 <Temmington> Hey, I'll only be here for a few minutes. 
18:51 <Finneow> Hey hey hey
18:51 <Slendercat> finneow finally 
18:51 <ChaoZStrider> Same to you, Brooke.
18:51 <Grammatik> Hi tem
18:51 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <IShallCreepYouOut> Temmington, are you an admin?
18:51 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
18:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U gonna gimme dat pasta u made with Crashing or Imma keel u D: !
18:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Sarah
18:51 <Brench57> Oh.
18:51 <Finneow> back
18:51 <Grammatik> Wow this actually tastes nicr
18:51 <Brench57> Search in youtube: Zelda.exe
18:51 <ChaoZStrider> Aloha, Sarah.
18:51 <Grammatik> Nice*
18:51 <Brench57> c:
18:51 <Finneow> Oh for fucks sake
18:51 <Finneow> back
18:51 <Temmington> Also I'm not an admin.
18:51 <Finneow> again
18:51 <Slendercat> is 41488p still here
18:51 <IShallCreepYouOut> Who is admin>
18:51 -!- Marco22222222222 has joined Special:Chat
18:52 <41488p> what
18:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> ?
18:52 <41488p> did someone just ask for me
18:52 <Grammatik> Me neither tem
18:52 <41488p> am I that wanted
18:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> How does he remember all those 2s?
18:52 <41488p> don't worry Slender
18:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Marco
18:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Polo
18:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Marco
18:52 <41488p> you'll see MOAR BOTTEE later.
18:52 <Slendercat> i missed you 
18:52 <Marco22222222222> hi hi
18:52 <41488p> awww
18:52 <Grammatik> Hi
18:52 <41488p> we'll bang, okay?
18:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I couldn't resist
18:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> In deed brooke
18:52 <Grammatik> LOL 414
18:52 <Marco22222222222> i am new
18:52 <Adam Carl Castillo> *indeed
18:52 <Finneow> wat
18:52 <Slendercat> wait what no
18:52 <Brench57> I don't ge tit
18:52 <Brench57> Get it.
18:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welcome to the Wiki Marco!
18:52 <41488p> I know you don't, Brench.
18:52 <Grammatik> Marco, did you read the rules? 
18:52 <41488p> tit
18:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> < guys, a bad shitty trollpasta.
18:52 <41488p> OHOHO
18:53 <Brench57> I don't get what you guys are talking about.
18:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Shall: cymbal was over this with you
18:53 <Marco22222222222> nope i do it now
18:53 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> he said its not deletion worthy
18:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> welcome, please read the rules
18:53 <Finneow> hello Marco, i see your new, Welcome to our community, you will fit right in
18:53 <Brench57> What's a trollpasta?
18:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> No
18:53 <Grammatik> Read them and have fun!
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We talk about stupid shit
18:53 <41488p> Brench half the time we're on drugs
18:53 <ChaoZStrider> [[Chat Rules]]
18:53 <41488p> or pretend we ar
18:53 <41488p> *are
18:53 <ChaoZStrider> Read those.
18:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> He said he could not edit it
18:53 <41488p> Chaoz is there a sex talk rule any more?
18:53 <Brench57> What is a trollpastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
18:53 <Grammatik> I'm on  something weird
18:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> Because the english was good
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I is soooo HIGH~ (sweetjegus)
18:54 -!- Brench57 was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
18:54 -!- Brench57 has left Special:Chat.
18:54 <Finneow> Dark, your in here? Dident see you there
18:54 -!- Brench57 has joined Special:Chat
18:54 <Grammatik> Paint thinner to be exact
18:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> High... higher... Wiz Khalifa
18:54 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
18:54 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
18:54 <Marco22222222222> now i must learn english xD
18:54 <Temmington> If people wanted to have deleted it, they would have in March.
18:54 <Brench57> What?
18:54 <Temmington> Not getting deleted. 
18:54 <Necrosanity> Lies bby PM.
18:54 <Grammatik> Hi.
18:54 <Brench57> Why did the admin kicked me?
18:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
18:54 <Finneow> Spam
18:54 <Necrosanity> Also,
18:54 <Necrosanity> Why. ._.
18:54 <Finneow> brench, you spam
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Marco y u no know english (yuno)
18:54 <Slendercat> NEMO NEMO
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> jk
18:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> You were stretching brench
18:55 <Marco22222222222> not really good
18:55 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
18:55 <Finneow> Hey beaver
18:55 <Marco22222222222> im from germany
18:55 <Brench57> ...
18:55 <Marco22222222222> ^^
18:55 <BRVR> My laptop keeps crashing.
18:55 <Slendercat> NEMO NEMO
18:55 <Brench57> Nemo?
18:55 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:55 <Marco22222222222> p-
18:55 <ChaoZStrider> there does not appear to be.
18:55 <Finneow> NEMO?
18:55 <Slendercat> NEMO
18:55 <Marco22222222222> p.sherman wallabyway sydnay
18:55 <ChaoZStrider> Slender, stop with the nemo shit.
18:55 <Slendercat> WHY
18:55 <41488p> BCYZ
18:55 <ChaoZStrider> It is technically spam.
18:56 <Slendercat> SPAM SPAM SPAM
18:56 <Temmington> Can you also stop saying everything in caps?
18:56 -!- MrDark has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- Slendercat was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
18:56 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <Marco22222222222> how i download pokemon lost silver?
18:56 <41488p> guys can I tell a story
18:56 <41488p> k
18:56 <Brench57> Spam everywhere.
18:56 <41488p> so one time I downloaded porn
18:56 -!- Marioracer1 has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bist Marco du auch aus Deutschland?
18:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wie ich bin!
18:56 <41488p> and I was so happy
18:56 -!- Slendercat has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <Brench57> Slendercat pls.
18:56 <41488p> because my parents don't allow me to download porn
18:56 <Marco22222222222> das is ja mal nicht schlecht
18:56 <41488p> teh end
18:56 <Slendercat> FINE
18:56 <BRVR> Did it give you a virus?
18:56 <41488p> SLENDER PLS
18:56 <BRVR> Oh.
18:56 <41488p> :(
18:56 <Temmington> who the fuck downloads porn still lol
18:56 <Temmington> just use redtube 
18:56 <Marco22222222222> dachte muss jetzt alles übersetzen dauert immer ne weile ^^
18:56 -!- Slendercat has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <41488p> I do, Sarah
18:56 <BRVR> Makes sense! ^_^
18:56 <Brench57> Lol.
18:56 <41488p> fuck Redtub
18:56 <ChaoZStrider> Slendercat, stop speaking in all caps.
18:57 <41488p> it's banned in Singapore
18:57 <Marioracer1> When u mom com home andmake hte spageti
18:57 <Temmington> NYEH.
18:57 <41488p> but... 2 weeks and I'm in the states!
18:57 <Finneow> Slendercat, Heres an avatar for you
18:57 <41488p> :D
18:57 <Brench57> neh.
18:57 <Brench57> meh
18:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok but remember Marco english only
18:57 <41488p> myah!
18:57 <Temmington> Stay in Singapore this country is going through so much bullshit right now. o.e 
18:57 <Marco22222222222> oh sorry
18:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And have a nice day!
18:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :D
18:57 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> obama
18:57 <Marco22222222222> xD
18:57 -!- Marioracer1 has left Special:Chat.
18:57 <41488p> don't know don't care
18:57 <Temmington> Try again when it gets its shit together. 
18:58 <Brench57> Is cathouse.exe good?
18:58 <Temmington> So... just stay in Singapore. 
18:58 <41488p> Sarah more bullshit is going on here than in the states I asure you
18:58 <41488p> do you know how much incest goes on in this fucking country?
18:58 <41488p> guys rant time
18:58 <41488p> I walk around
18:58 <Brench57> ...
18:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lawdy
18:58 <41488p> oh look
18:58 <Finneow> Witch contry
18:58 <41488p> incest
18:58 <41488p> incest everywhere
18:58 <41488p> I mean
18:58 <41488p> it's the fucking Founder Effect
18:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Incest (bleurgh)
18:58 <41488p> limited variation in genes creates limited offspring
18:59 <41488p> every day ;(
18:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eww...
18:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> America will probably be wiped off the map by 2022 lol
18:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 414, stop talking about what goes on in your house every day.
18:59 <Finneow> Dont need an explanaition
18:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> OOOOOOH
18:59 <41488p> Brooke how'd you find out!?
18:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
18:59 <Temmington> Canada will just be like "fuck this" and invade us. 
18:59 <Finneow> At least its not bestiality 
18:59 <41488p> Mexico's like, "Oooh fireworks"
18:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What's so bad about bestiality?
18:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Canada is too peaceful (huehue)
18:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Also, I don't completely abhor incest
18:59 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> You should be allowed to love who you want. Fucking relatives for the sake of it is wrong, though, I think.
18:59 <ChaoZStrider> Sarah, Canada isn't going to invade anyone due to the Geneva convention.
19:00 <41488p> *shoots*
19:00 <41488p> "Oh sorry, did I hurt you?"
19:00 <Temmington> It was a joke. xD
19:00 <Finneow> Tiny little dog humans
19:00 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <41488p> *tank rolls in*
19:00 <41488p> "Did I shake you too much?"
19:00 <Temmington> United States' citizens will probably just revolt. 
19:00 <Marco22222222222> i search a website like this in german, can everybody help me?
19:00 <Brench57> Are you guys on drugs?
19:00 <Finneow> thats whats wrong with beastiality
19:00 <Freddy krueger> What do you think of my movie theme
19:00 <41488p> *nuke*
19:00 <41488p> "Are you too radiated?"
19:00 <Freddy krueger> Is it scary ?
19:00 <41488p> they've revolted before, Sarah
19:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sure marco what do you need
19:00 <41488p> fuck
19:00 <ChaoZStrider> 414, that is a stereotype.
19:00 <41488p> it'll just pass over
19:00 <Marco22222222222> a site like this one
19:00 <41488p> sry :(
19:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> No, i'm on depression, brench.
19:01 <Brench57> .....
19:01 <Temmington> Because I BET that World War 3 will be citizens over governments and not countries over countries. 
19:01 <Marco22222222222> with creepypasta too
19:01 <ChaoZStrider> I don't apologize for shit
19:01 <41488p> War... war never changes
19:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Did you switch languages
19:01 <Freddy krueger> @ChoaZ do you think N.O.E.S theme is creepy ?
19:01 <ChaoZStrider> No.
19:01 <Freddy krueger> I don't mean the remake
19:01 <Brench57> Just found a Dance Central creepypasta....
19:01 <ChaoZStrider> But apparently the music on my page made Sarah and her cat jump.
19:02 <Brench57> That has no sense
19:02 <Temmington> YES.
19:02 <Temmington> IT DID.
19:02 <Temmington> ass. xD
19:02 <41488p> the music on my page made a classmate scream out in fear
19:02 <41488p> so I took the autoplay off
19:02 <ChaoZStrider> XD
19:02 <41488p> and everyone was happy
19:02 <41488p> even my science teacher
19:02 <Grammatik> I'm going to put music on my page
19:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
19:02 <41488p> who's so fucking buff
19:02 <41488p> I mean
19:02 <ChaoZStrider> Freddy, no music is creepy imho.
19:02 <41488p> he wears like a business suit to class
19:02 <Temmington> Mine's not music really just random shit from You Don't Know Jack.
19:02 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <41488p> and all the girls can see his abs 
19:02 <41488p> and they can barely concentrate 
19:03 <Finneow> Oh mai, thank u guies
19:03 <41488p> as a result, us guys get all the A's
19:03 <41488p> apart from this one guy sitting at the back...
19:03 <41488p> hm.
19:03 <Grammatik> Can you guys help me out with something
19:03 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
19:03 <41488p> no
19:03 <41488p> I will not help anyone
19:03 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
19:03 <41488p> until TITTY
19:03 <41488p> :D
19:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No you don't get any help
19:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have a 4 pack
19:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (alone) yay...
19:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (alone)
19:03 <Grammatik> Fuck you too
19:03 <Marco22222222222> 4 pack with?
19:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My motto is: TAPV
19:04 <Finneow> I have a six pack
19:04 <Finneow> of beer
19:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Tits, ass, penis, vagina.
19:04 <41488p> there's a man named John Wallis Titt
19:04 <Marco22222222222> i have vodka ^^
19:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Show one of them.
19:04 <41488p> oh my god
19:04 <41488p> "Mr. Titt?"
19:04 <41488p> OHOYM
19:04 <41488p> XD
19:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOLOOL
19:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Beer
19:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> is
19:04 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <Temmington> There's a teacher at my school called Mr. Sexton
19:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Brb
19:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> gross
19:04 <Finneow> Fuck money get bitches
19:04 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <Freddy krueger> How to put a music on your page ?
19:04 <Marco22222222222> xD the best beer is goldochsen 
19:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> I have 8 packs... of Nutella (megusta)
19:04 <Finneow> Hullo (weaver)
19:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> Nitey!
19:04 <Nightweaver2112> hello everyone
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> im back bitches
19:05 -!- MrDark has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <41488p>
19:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mr. Sexton (huehue)
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> is subject...
19:05 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <Finneow> @freddy I forget the template
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> I have a teacher with a funnier name
19:05 <Freddy krueger> Good now i won't know
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> mr. Thomas baggs
19:05 <41488p> OH MY GOD
19:05 <Finneow> lemme se if i can get it
19:05 <41488p> WEAVER
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> mr T.Baggs
19:05 <41488p> XD
19:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> >Titt wind engines
19:05 <Temmington> God I love Family Fued. 
19:05 <Nightweaver2112> T.baggs
19:05 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> That sounds like something Unsane would say
19:05 <Freddy krueger> I will haunt your dreams finn
19:05 <Marco22222222222> xD the best beer is goldochsen 
19:05 <Brench57> Wut
19:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have a teacher named Mr.Cox
19:06 <41488p> why does every single URL have to have my fucking username in it?!
19:06 <Marco22222222222> xD where is J.D.
19:06 <Finneow> Im gettin it dont worry
19:06 <ChaoZStrider> I had a teacher named Miss.Ng
19:06 <41488p> my interim guide was named Mr. Fuchs
19:06 <Freddy krueger> Ok
19:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cox sounds like cocks
19:06 <41488p> try to pronounce that.
19:06 <Marco22222222222> gnihihi
19:06 <41488p> there's a Chinese teacher in my school named Stella Wang
19:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:06 <41488p> ;)
19:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm so immature (derp)
19:06 <Nightweaver2112> GAH! fuck my laptop mouse...
19:06 <41488p> and the principal has sort of an accent
19:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> This is all I want for Valentine's Day:
19:06 <41488p> so he pronounced it "Stellar Wang"
19:06 <41488p> XD
19:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> "Wang"
19:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
19:06 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I dont want to fuck a mouse
19:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wanger
19:07 <Nightweaver2112> the slightest bit of moisture, and it has a mind of its own...
19:07 <41488p> the mouse fucks who it wants to fuck, Cheese
19:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wanna fuck your mouse
19:07 <41488p> eim sry ;(
19:07 -!- Marco22222222222 has left Special:Chat.
19:07 <Finneow> {{YoutubePlayer|VideoURL = embed/INSERT YOUTUBE VIDEO ID HERE|Autoplay = 1|Hide = 0}}
19:07 <Finneow> There @freddy
19:07 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'd jump into the arms of any boy who gave me that
19:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^ already have that
19:07 <Temmington> omfg
19:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> dammit
19:07 <Brench57> For christmas I only want the Majora haunted thing.
19:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL TEMM
19:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
19:08 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <Finneow> LEWL
19:08 <Rylee the Pegasis> Fuck Santa, I want Jeff to come down my chimney
19:08 <Brench57> ......
19:08 <41488p> OMG
19:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe~
19:08 <41488p> XD
19:08 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <Temmington> brb changing avatar
19:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> All I want for my big booty hoe is a birthday
19:08 <Rylee the Pegasis> kk
19:08 <IShallCreepYouOut> < This
19:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob remix) - Duration: 05:36 - Uploaded: 2009-12-23 - Rating: 4.972414 - Views: 25,134 -
19:09 <Brench57> Niceeeeee
19:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Mmbaby
19:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> <3
19:09 <Finneow> I want the dog shit fairy to eat my dog shit
19:09 <Finneow> Imeanwat
19:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rylee
19:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Your "chimney"? (huehue)
19:09 <41488p> I want the shit fairy to leave a shit stain on my pillow when I shit
19:09 <Freddy krueger> Hahaa
19:09 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
19:09 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> lol
19:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Brb
19:09 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> he left
19:09 <Brench57> Yo man
19:09 <Rylee the Pegasis> x3
19:10 <Finneow> (spiderman) Did someone say spiderman thread?
19:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (spiderman) Spoodermang
19:10 <Temmington> Back, lol.
19:11 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb
19:11 <Finneow> Fuck yeah spiderman (spiderman)
19:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah
19:11 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
19:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That show...
19:11 <Finneow> Wb sarah
19:11 <Temmington> Hey I just found this on Tumblr and thought it'd make a good avatar.
19:11 <Finneow> k
19:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That is funny as hell
19:11 <Brench57> You guys are awesome
19:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> XD
19:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanks Brench
19:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <Finneow> Is the CPwikiCHATlogger blind?
19:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen anything
19:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen anything since I have been here!
19:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yes
19:12 <Freddy krueger> !logs
19:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:12 <Freddy krueger> !Seen
19:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
19:12 <Finneow> yeah1
19:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jesse y u so blind (yuno)
19:12 -!- ArmedCat has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <Finneow> !seenyounaked
19:13 <Finneow> Darn
19:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <Freddy krueger> I like dat haha
19:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> !seen you naked
19:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen you naked since I have been here!
19:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wb rylee
19:13 <Finneow> Lol
19:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'll be on the Creepypasta Love Tumblr if anybody needs me... >:)
19:13 <Freddy krueger> !Freddy
19:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> (creep)
19:13 <Brench57> .............................
19:13 <Freddy krueger> Say my name in fear jessie
19:13 <Brench57> Wut
19:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Temmington> no
19:14 <Temmington> !test
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Temmington: Hai!
19:14 <Grammatik> Lol
19:14 <Temmington> Ohai to you too. 
19:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ohai gramma
19:14 <Finneow> !seen what no one should ever say
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen what no one should ever say since I have been here!
19:14 <Freddy krueger> !Logs
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:14 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Grammatik> Guys
19:14 <Finneow> !seen my toes
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen my toes since I have been here!
19:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Stop abusing jesse
19:14 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai input
19:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> Does anyone here NOT know radiohead?
19:14 <Temmington> Stahp it.
19:14 <Freddy krueger> !Seen freddy
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen freddy since I have been here!
19:14 <Finneow> Sorry
19:14 <BRVR> Me.
19:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen succulent dick
19:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen succulent dick since I have been here!
19:14 <Grammatik> Is paint thinner really toxic
19:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> she gonna bitch out
19:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yeah we had a problem with people abusing JEsse earlier
19:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes Gramma
19:15 <MrDark> Enough Jesse abuse.
19:15 <Finneow> Gotta admit the my toes one is funny though
19:15 <Grammatik> Fuck
19:15 <Freddy krueger> !Seen freddy krueger
19:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw freddy krueger at June 29 2013, 19:15 (GMT)
19:15 <Grammatik> I'll miss you all
19:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> Why?
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !Seen Jesse abuse
19:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Jesse abuse since I have been here!
19:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> Oh fuck
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No Jesse abuse here
19:15 <Temmington> Lies. D:
19:15 <Grammatik> I drank a whole bottle of it
19:15 <Freddy krueger> Jesse saw me OMG
19:15 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <Grammatik> .-.
19:15 <Finneow> Jesse you fat robot
19:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> MrDark can we KEEL Jesse (kawaii)
19:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> inb4 kick
19:15 <Temmington> Lies, why? ;~;
19:15 <Brench57>!!!!
19:16 <Freddy krueger> !Seen jeff the killer
19:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen jeff the killer since I have been here!
19:16 <Grammatik> It tastes good.  Brb vomiting
19:16 <Zyranne> Hello guise
19:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imma keel u jesse
19:16 <Temmington> Guys no more seen commands for the time being. 
19:16 <Freddy krueger> Hello zyranne
19:16 <Zyranne> Hey Fred
19:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Till u die
19:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 4evar
19:16 <Finneow> !seen any death threats
19:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen any death threats since I have been here!
19:16 <Zyranne> Cool new avatar, Sarah
19:16 -!- Finneow was kicked from Special:Chat by Temmington
19:16 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
19:16 <Nightweaver2112> is that right, jesse...
19:16 <Temmington> I said stop/no more. 
19:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Poor Fin
19:16 <Temmington> Also, thanks.
19:16 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's raven with fucking hotdogs in her mouth
19:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> He was so young
19:16 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
19:17 <Finneow> Sorry.
19:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
19:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> My avatar is better
19:17 <Nightweaver2112> /me pulls out a gun and points it at jesse
19:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's far out
19:17 <Temmington> Raven can fit so many wieners in her mouth. 
19:17 <Finneow> Will not happen again.
19:17 <Temmington> it's kay
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ... Thought it was a bid
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> bird*
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but now I see
19:17 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
19:17 -!- Sgt. James Heller has joined Special:Chat
19:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Teen Titans. (derp)
19:17 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
19:17 <SomePersonHere> Hey everyone!
19:17 <Freddy krueger> * Scares nightweaver
19:17 <Finneow> Hi people who just joined
19:17 <Grammatik> Hi.
19:17 <Zyranne> Hello
19:17 <Zyranne> are you new?
19:17 -!- Brench57 has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <SomePersonHere> .-.
19:18 <Zyranne> chat just died
19:18 <SomePersonHere> Yep
19:19 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
19:19 <Freddy krueger> (Ded)
19:19 -!- ColdShowers has joined Special:Chat
19:19 <Finneow> Jesse suicide bombed
19:19 <Grammatik> Good job
19:19 <SomePersonHere> (rip)
19:19 <Finneow> *cough*
19:19 <SomePersonHere> I had a great week .-.
19:19 -!- NotAMakerJustADrawerJR has joined Special:Chat
19:19 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen sweet ass cheeks
19:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sweet ass cheeks since I have been here!
19:19 <Zyranne> Hello Drawer
19:19 <Finneow> LOL
19:19 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I dare ya
19:19 <SomePersonHere> WTF
19:19 <NotAMakerJustADrawerJR> umm...helo
19:19 <Grammatik> Ass cheeks. ..
19:19 <Finneow> Fuck'n hell
19:20 <Finneow> Sweet lordy jesus
19:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> The sweetest ass cheecks in the land
19:20 <NotAMakerJustADrawerJR> ...O_O
19:20 <Zyranne> You walked in at the wrong time xD
19:20 <Freddy krueger> You killed me laughing Input
19:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Sweeter then ur mum
19:20 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <SomePersonHere> I got shot like 50 times over the past week
19:20 <Grammatik> Sweetest ass in the world. 
19:20 <NotAMakerJustADrawerJR> *walks away slowly*
19:20 <Zyranne> Hai Darkness
19:20 <Grammatik> It's a song
19:20 <Freddy krueger> STAHP you are making lol
19:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Come back for the beauty school
19:20 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> (koromo) has a sweet ass
19:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> teehee
19:21 <NotAMakerJustADrawerJR> o_o
19:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I bet she does
19:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Koromo ass
19:21 <SomePersonHere> .-.
19:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ;)
19:21 <Freddy krueger> Dat ass
19:21 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
19:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen succulent Koromo ass
19:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen succulent Koromo ass since I have been here!
19:21 <Finneow> hey cj
19:21 <Cjhotsauce> hi
19:21 <Temmington> Input, what did I say about the seen commands.
19:21 <SomePersonHere> How the hell do you do that?
19:21 <Temmington> (twitch)
19:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> You should see some of her pics on gelbooru
19:21 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Though I can't link them here for obvious reasons
19:21 <Grammatik> Listening to shitty techno as I die
19:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You said we should use them any time we get
19:21 <Freddy krueger> Oh sarah 
19:21 <Grammatik> Wow fun
19:21 <Finneow> are there any more commands/
19:21 <Finneow> ?
19:22 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
19:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Also you may need to get that eye checked
19:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Twitching isn't healthy
19:22 <Zyranne> ^
19:22 <Temmington> >You said we should use them any time we get
19:22 <Temmington> Don't bullshit me, I said stop for the time being. 
19:22 <Freddy krueger> Lol Can't help it but he is funny
19:22 <SomePersonHere> So what have I missed while I was going for IRL CounterStriking?
19:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> They was no bull shitting
19:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I was speaking the truth
19:23 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> My Seen commands were spaced out
19:23 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
19:23 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And needed
19:23 <Zyranne> Hi Mantra
19:23 <Finneow> these days the truth is bullshit
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> Hi.
19:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> You are not gonna die, gramma. It is just a kind of illness that you'll get.
19:23 <Freddy krueger> Hello mantra
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
19:23 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Succulent Koromo ass coming from the mouth of the bot is hilarious
19:23 <Grammatik> Person, you missed me drinking toxic stuff and almost dying. 
19:23 <SomePersonHere> Hai Mantra
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> Hai
19:23 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Of the words of the bot if you will
19:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> lol
19:23 <SomePersonHere> What the fuck
19:23 <Temmington> I said stop.
19:23 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> hi Aron
19:23 <Child Of Mantra> hi
19:23 <SomePersonHere> Now the ping makes the text all red agh
19:23 <Temmington> Which means stop. 
19:23 <Grammatik> There's another bottle,  lol
19:23 <Temmington> Okay? 
19:23 <Temmington> .-.
19:23 <Temmington> Jesus.
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> hesus
19:24 <Freddy krueger> Temmington let the kick begin
19:24 <Zyranne> Messing with the bot is fun
19:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> J.C and the boys
19:24 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> They got my back
19:24 <SomePersonHere> Why'd you fuckin' drink toxic shit?
19:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Aron, do you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> I have 4 Albums 
19:24 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Blood Sugar Sex Magik is awesome
19:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> Indeed.
19:24 <Child Of Mantra> Mother's Milk is good too
19:25 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> when u mom come home and make hte spahgeti
19:25 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I'm probably in the minority here, but I also love Stadium Arcadium 
19:25 <Freddy krueger> Input stahp 
19:25 <Child Of Mantra> Minority?
19:25 <Child Of Mantra> Stadium Arcadium was the bomb.
19:25 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Yeah. From what I gathered RHCP fans didn't love it as much as their other ones.
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> My former teacher hates it.
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> But loves the old stuff
19:26 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
19:26 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
19:26 <Grammatik> Guys I'm not gonna die
19:26 <SomePersonHere> I will
19:26 <Grammatik> Yey
19:26 <Temmington> Yey.
19:26 <Child Of Mantra> i love this one
19:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Catholic School Girls Rule - Duration: 01:54 - Uploaded: 2012-02-05 - Rating: 4.879699 - Views: 51,231 -
19:26 <SomePersonHere> Changed my pic to unfinished Mewtwo
19:26 <Temmington> You had me worried. D:
19:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> I said that, gramma
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> NSFW of course
19:27 <Temmington> NO YOU DIDN'T. 
19:27 <Grammatik> I fail
19:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> My favorite song is Suck My Kiss
19:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> that one is so hot
19:27 <Grammatik> He did. 
19:27 <Temmington> Lies. 
19:27 <Child Of Mantra> Mr Psycho Sexy is mine
19:27 <Temmington> But you did it better.
19:27 <Temmington> So you win. 
19:28 <Child Of Mantra> Californication (LP) was meh
19:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I really liked that one 
19:28 <SomePersonHere> I'm just gonna go back to doing "stuff" for a bit until the topic turns into something else
19:28 <Nightweaver2112> hello prin
19:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Specifically the title track
19:28 -!- T117 storm trooper has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <Grammatik> If it doesn't kill me then I might as well as finish this bottle
19:28 <Temmington> No.
19:28 <SomePersonHere> Gimme dat Grammatik
19:28 <Temmington> Don't. D:
19:28 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
19:29 <T117 storm trooper> I decided not to leave..
19:29 <IShallCreepYouOut> BaiBai, Guys!
19:29 <Princess Platinum> go to my reply
19:29 <Grammatik> K
19:29 <Princess Platinum> wtf was I thinking
19:29 <SomePersonHere> I want some Toxic stuff
19:29 <Grammatik> It's just paint thinner lol
19:29 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
19:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Was dat link too long?
19:29 <Child Of Mantra> nope
19:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's worth it though
19:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> My mom is a bitch, omg.
19:30 <T117 storm trooper> Why?
19:30 <Child Of Mantra> #TEENANGST
19:30 <Finneow> Im returning in 5 seconds
19:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> She just got mad at me for no reason.
19:30 <T117 storm trooper> XD
19:30 <Finneow> i have returned
19:30 <Grammatik> So, it runs in the family.  Just kidding lol
19:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I literally tried conversing with her and she gave me a dirty look. D:
19:30 <Grammatik> I'm just joking
19:30 <Nightweaver2112> I feel your pain, brooke
19:31 <Nightweaver2112> my stepdad can be a dick
19:31 <Finneow> wuts goin on
19:31 <SomePersonHere> Wait
19:31 <SomePersonHere> Paint thinner?
19:31 -!- RottenBOT has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <SomePersonHere> Thats lame
19:31 <Grammatik> Yeah
19:31 <RottenBOT> hi
19:31 <Finneow> hello
19:31 <Grammatik> I know
19:31 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I ate a baby today
19:31 <SomePersonHere> I drink toxic waste
19:31 <SomePersonHere> Brb
19:31 -!- RottenBOT has left Special:Chat.
19:31 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dunked it in Peanut butter
19:31 <Finneow> ...Fetus bacon?
19:31 <Grammatik> I'm serious tho
19:31 -!- RottenBOT has joined Special:Chat
19:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Tasted like peanut butter and dried shit
19:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> As diaper
19:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And meat
19:32 <RottenBOT> hi im new whats going on
19:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> The normal shit
19:32 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> (input)
19:32 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:32 <Freddy krueger> I will haunt your dreams
19:32 <T117 storm trooper> Rotten get used to alot of unintentional sex jokes..
19:32 <Child Of Mantra> Scar Tissue is a road song
19:33 <Finneow> So your new, welcome to our community, please read the [[Chat Rules}
19:33 <SomePersonHere> Why would you dirnk paint thinner
19:33 <SomePersonHere> [[Chat Rules]]
19:33 -!- NotAMakerJustADrawerJR has left Special:Chat.
19:33 <Grammatik> And get used to me accidentally almost killing myself
19:33 <Finneow> * [[Chat Rules]]
19:33 <T117 storm trooper> Is role-playing allowed on the site?
19:33 <SomePersonHere> Nope
19:33 <Child Of Mantra> Only in PM
19:33 <T117 storm trooper> Ok
19:33 <RottenBOT> umm whats going on im new
19:33 <Finneow> Up to the mods to decide
19:33 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Paint thinner is part of your daily balanced breakfast
19:33 <Grammatik> Hi I'm ieva and this is jackass
19:33 <SomePersonHere> Ikr Input
19:34 <T117 storm trooper> Would Freddy Krueger be Rping?
19:34 <SomePersonHere> I think so
19:34 <SomePersonHere> I have no idea
19:34 <Finneow> And what do the mods want?
19:34 <RottenBOT> .....
19:34 <Grammatik> Guys you all get some and we can drink together
19:34 <SomePersonHere> Dont have any
19:34 <RottenBOT> im scared
19:34 <Grammatik> Poor man
19:34 <T117 storm trooper> RottenBOT whats going on here is something called porn
19:34 <T117 storm trooper> :0
19:34 <Grammatik> LOL
19:35 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dicks in butts if you like
19:35 <SomePersonHere> No thanks
19:35 <RottenBOT> -_-
19:35 -!- Tomokun has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <Finneow> Dickz
19:35 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Of you can put that snake in the front pocket
19:35 <T117 storm trooper> You know you like it Rottenbot
19:35 <Grammatik> No anal guys
19:35 <Finneow> *cough cough*
19:35 <RottenBOT> thats called gay porn
19:35 <SomePersonHere> No
19:35 <T117 storm trooper> And?
19:35 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Of you could be doing anal with your girl
19:35 <T117 storm trooper> :d
19:35 <Grammatik> No I'm perf straight
19:35 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> For funzies
19:35 <SomePersonHere> Dicks in butts isn't gay porn
19:35 <RottenBOT> oh god
19:35 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I am straighter than the furious boner I have right now
19:35 <Finneow> Dicks in mans butts is gay porn
19:35 <RottenBOT> *facepalm*
19:35 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
19:36 -!- Tomokun has left Special:Chat.
19:36 <Grammatik> I'm genderless the joke's on you
19:36 <SomePersonHere> Well yes, if its two men
19:36 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dicks in lady's butts
19:36 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
19:36 <RottenBOT> well a guys but is
19:36 <Finneow> Dicks in girls butts, whole different story
19:36 <Finneow> Wait...
19:36 <SomePersonHere> Grammatik, I am genderless also
19:36 <Grammatik> I'm actually female,  lolol
19:36 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Tentacles in Sailor Moon's butt
19:36 <Finneow> Why are we talking about dicks in butts
19:36 <SomePersonHere> No idea
19:36 <Grammatik> Bc we can
19:36 <T117 storm trooper> because you like it 
19:36 <T117 storm trooper> :d
19:36 <RottenBOT> well im a girl too
19:36 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> :|
19:36 <Finneow> No
19:37 <SomePersonHere> (ohshi)
19:37 <SomePersonHere> Why is the emote not workin
19:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Guys!
19:37 <SomePersonHere> Yus Rylee!?
19:37 <Child Of Mantra> Because immaturity leloleo
19:37 <T117 storm trooper> Do you like you're butt scrambled or cooked after I'm done
19:37 <Finneow> Das called homophobic language
19:37 <Grammatik> Shhh we all enjoy it.. secretly. . Deep inside. .
19:37 <T117 storm trooper> XD
19:37 <RottenBOT> yes why are you talking about porn in the first place
19:37 <Finneow> It happens... sometimes...
19:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> I forgot how to go incognito on my broswer
19:37 <T117 storm trooper> Because you asked
19:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Oh wait nvm
19:37 <Child Of Mantra> This chat talks about porn every day
19:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Because it's some hot shit
19:37 <Grammatik> Lol
19:37 <Finneow> (ohshii)
19:37 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Makes my dick rock hard
19:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yeah
19:37 <Finneow> (ohshi)
19:37 <T117 storm trooper> D:
19:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Do you know what a rock feels like?
19:38 <RottenBOT> *facepalm. . . .again*
19:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It's kinda hard
19:38 <SomePersonHere> Yes
19:38 <Grammatik> I can fix that
19:38 <T117 storm trooper> ew..
19:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :/
19:38 <Grammatik> Jk
19:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Puny users
19:38 <SomePersonHere> I break them with a puny throw
19:38 <RottenBOT> hey!
19:38 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I shall rise from the ranks and rule you all!
19:38 <SomePersonHere> So its not really "hard"
19:38 <T117 storm trooper> I can make that slug into a rock XD
19:38 <Finneow> Rocks are soft, they just tense up when you touch them, just like mah dick
19:38 <Grammatik> I read that as pussy
19:38 <Finneow> (sexual face)
19:38 <Grammatik> Pussy throw
19:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> yeaaaah, im out
19:38 <Grammatik> .-.
19:39 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
19:39 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah this is a bit too much for me.
19:39 <Finneow> Hello superplank of death
19:39 <Superplankofdeath> well
19:39 <Finneow> what mantra, my dick?
19:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Pokeballs
19:39 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
19:39 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Are more than a device to catch small animals
19:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> uh....
19:39 <Finneow> LOLOLO
19:39 <RottenBOT> u guys are disgusting
19:39 <RottenBOT> trlolololo
19:39 <T117 storm trooper> Well you're grammar is disgusting. 
19:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> what exactly is going on here?
19:39 <Child Of Mantra> You see chat is like 12 year old hub where we talk about penises, butts and sex
19:39 <Freddy krueger> How dare you i will kill you in your dream
19:39 <Finneow> Im dying right now
19:39 <RottenBOT> ^_^'
19:40 <Grammatik> Your*
19:40 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <RottenBOT> i dont dream though
19:40 <Grammatik> Fuck you anally
19:40 <Grammatik> Jk
19:40 <Freddy krueger> Dah i'm freddy krueger i make you dream
19:40 <T117 storm trooper> (intentional misspelling) *cough cough* not 
19:40 <RottenBOT> O_O...
19:40 <RottenBOT> no u not
19:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Do any of you have needle dicks?
19:40 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen needle dicks
19:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen needle dicks since I have been here!
19:40 <Grammatik> I'm so done with this chat
19:40 <RottenBOT> a-are u gay *jk*
19:41 <Finneow> I dont like to tell people "fuck off" i tell them "fist off"
19:41 <Freddy krueger> What do you know about freddy you rotten bot ?
19:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> My plan worked
19:41 <SomePersonHere> Fuck this
19:41 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I wish to drive away all souls from chat with my immaturity
19:41 <T117 storm trooper> Damn Freddy attack us when were not so busy watching porn 
19:41 <SomePersonHere> I'm gonna get a bottle of glass cleaner and just fucking drink it all
19:41 <Freddy krueger> !Seen freddy 
19:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen freddy  since I have been here!
19:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Then I'm staying
19:41 <Finneow> !seen dempugs
19:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen dempugs since I have been here!
19:41 <T117 storm trooper> Can't a guy watch porn anymore :3
19:41 <Grammatik> Finn
19:41 <Finneow> damn
19:41 <RottenBOT> well he kills peolpe in his dreams and he has some weird song like this 12 freddy's comin for u
19:41 <Finneow> what happend to puggeh
19:41 <T117 storm trooper> Wow..
19:42 <Finneow> yeh gramm
19:42 <Finneow> ?
19:42 <Grammatik> Are you into fisting or sth
19:42 <T117 storm trooper> thats really intimidating 
19:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen INPUTUSERNAMEHERE since I have been here!
19:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:42 <RottenBOT> there u go freddy
19:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> How dare you
19:42 <Finneow> Spaces input, spaces
19:42 <Superplankofdeath> i seen chat logger is gay on here
19:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Damn dude
19:42 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I can't get it right
19:42 <SomePersonHere> Anyone here have a fake gun that shoots plastic shots?
19:42 <RottenBOT> octeomiminomenous blarghh
19:42 <RottenBOT> i do
19:42 <Finneow> !seen DemPugs
19:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen DemPugs since I have been here!
19:42 <Finneow> Fucks sake
19:43 <Finneow> JESSE, Y U NO KNOW PUGGEH
19:43 <RottenBOT> *meow*
19:43 <MrDark> DemPugs is currently banned.
19:43 <T117 storm trooper> Who is everyone's favorite admin?
19:43 <RottenBOT> *woof*
19:43 <SomePersonHere> How long? :c
19:43 <Grammatik> He is?
19:43 <T117 storm trooper> Mine is Sarah :3
19:43 <Superplankofdeath> !seen superplankofdeath on here
19:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen superplankofdeath on here since I have been here!
19:43 <Finneow> WAT?
19:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw INPUT USERNAME HERE at June 29 2013, 19:43 (GMT)
19:43 <Grammatik> [[User: DemPugs]]
19:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Damn straight
19:44 <MrDark> Oh, he's unbanned...
19:44 <SomePersonHere> Yeah
19:44 <RottenBOT> my friend NotAMakerJustADrawer was banned yesterday
19:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:44 <SomePersonHere> !Seen SomePersonHere
19:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw SomePersonHere at June 29 2013, 19:44 (GMT)
19:44 <SomePersonHere> Oooo
19:44 <T117 storm trooper> anyone here still have Super Smash Bros Melee
19:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Your friend huh?
19:44 <RottenBOT> shes stupid
19:44 <Grammatik> Suuure
19:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:44 <RottenBOT> no
19:44 <Grammatik> IP check guys
19:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You do it
19:44 <Grammatik> LOL
19:45 <RottenBOT> _-_
19:45 <RottenBOT> -_-
19:45 <Grammatik> Does this chat have the whois function though
19:45 <Freddy krueger> !Seen pewdiepie
19:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen pewdiepie since I have been here!
19:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:45 <T117 storm trooper> -_-
19:45 <Finneow> !seen Kill1mes
19:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Kill1mes since I have been here!
19:45 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
19:45 <Finneow> Wow, really?
19:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Kill can't get on chat anymore
19:45 <MrDark> Kill is on vacation.
19:45 <Superplankofdeath> why
19:45 <Finneow> Dis thing is peice of shit
19:45 <Freddy krueger> Lucky
19:45 <MrDark> Now stop abusing Jesse.
19:45 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> He used a school computer to get on before
19:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> His own computer can't handle this shit
19:46 -!- Wikiman7 has joined Special:Chat
19:46 <RottenBOT> gtg guys lunch and my sis about to kill me for pissing her off *runs away*
19:46 <Finneow> *kicks jesse AKA heap of junk*
19:46 -!- RottenBOT has left Special:Chat.
19:46 <Freddy krueger> Dat wasn't nice
19:46 <Freddy krueger> Finn vs jake
19:46 <Finneow> You are nothing more than talking scrap metal
19:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Kill can't get on you dumbshit
19:46 <Wikiman7> *doesn't now what's goin' on*
19:46 <Grammatik> Wow
19:47 <Finneow> I know..
19:47 <T117 storm trooper> My Pc ran GTA IV on highest but can't run guitar hero III?
19:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen Finneow
19:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Finneow at June 29 2013, 19:47 (GMT)
19:47 <Finneow> kills been on here while jesses been on here
19:47 <Grammatik> Even my phone can handle this and I'm on my phone now
19:47 -!- Wikiman7 has left Special:Chat.
19:47 <Superplankofdeath> !seen superplankofdeath on here
19:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen superplankofdeath on here since I have been here!
19:47 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
19:47 <Superplankofdeath> fuck sake
19:47 <Freddy krueger> !Seen the exorcist
19:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen the exorcist since I have been here!
19:47 <Finneow> Dont type on here
19:48 <Finneow> Just yo name
19:48 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
19:48 <Superplankofdeath> !seen big joe joyce on here
19:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen big joe joyce on here since I have been here!
19:48 <Superplankofdeath> ha
19:48 <Zyranne> Guys, was it 20 edits to be able to have your own emote?
19:48 <T117 storm trooper> !Seen SaikaXIII
19:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw SaikaXIII at June 29 2013, 18:42 (GMT)
19:48 <Finneow> !seen CrashingCymbal 
19:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen CrashingCymbal  since I have been here!
19:49 <SomePersonHere> !Seen CPwikiCHATlogger
19:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw CPwikiCHATlogger at June 29 2013, 19:48 (GMT)
19:49 <Finneow> Fcuks sake
19:49 <SomePersonHere> Lol
19:49 <T117 storm trooper> !seen Clericofmadness
19:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Clericofmadness since I have been here!
19:49 <Grammatik> Mindfuck
19:49 <Finneow> WAT?
19:49 <T117 storm trooper> !seen porn
19:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen porn since I have been here!
19:49 <T117 storm trooper> XD
19:49 <SomePersonHere> You've got to be fucking kidding me
19:49 <Finneow> Lol u not livin jesse
19:49 <SomePersonHere> How did Jesse not facking notice Cleric
19:49 <Deathgirl12> nice one trooper
19:50 <Superplankofdeath> !seen mudkipz
19:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen mudkipz since I have been here!
19:50 <SomePersonHere> !Seen Free Money
19:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Free Money since I have been here!
19:50 <Finneow> Cleric is a fuckin ninja
19:50 <Freddy krueger> Jesse will crash
19:50 <SomePersonHere> I'm gonna go back to being afk
19:50 <Finneow> ^
19:50 <SomePersonHere> I got bussiness to do
19:50 <Deathgirl12> !seen freddy 
19:50 <Nightweaver2112> how could money possibly be free? it's a damn paradox...
19:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen freddy  since I have been here!
19:50 <Finneow> damn person
19:50 <Superplankofdeath> it should have seen big joe joyce
19:50 <T117 storm trooper> !seen Freddy Krueger and his Mom fucking
19:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Freddy Krueger and his Mom fucking since I have been here!
19:50 <T117 storm trooper> :d
19:50 <MrDark> ENOUGH
19:50 <Deathgirl12> XD
19:50 <Finneow> i have though
19:50 <Finneow> TROLOLO
19:50 <T117 storm trooper> Ok sorry
19:51 <Finneow> Lets all stop now.
19:51 <Superplankofdeath> !seen rick astley on here
19:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen rick astley on here since I have been here!
19:51 <Superplankofdeath> ok
19:51 <Grammatik> Yeah
19:51 <Freddy krueger> !Seen yo mama
19:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen yo mama since I have been here!
19:51 <Finneow> Fucks sake plank
19:51 -!- Superplankofdeath was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
19:51 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
19:51 -!- Freddy krueger was kicked from Special:Chat by MrDark
19:51 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <Finneow> fucks sake freddy
19:51 <Nightweaver2112> I would laugh if that command was changed so that jesse automatically kicks anyone who says it
19:51 <SomePersonHere> I'm gonna try unclogging my Plastic Pellet gun to go back to shooting everyone
19:51 <Grammatik> DOUBLE KILL
19:51 <MrDark> I told ya's... I really did...
19:51 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
19:51 <Finneow> Yes, do tht
19:51 <T117 storm trooper> I won't do it anymore 
19:51 <Freddy krueger> Okay sorry it was fun 
19:51 <SomePersonHere> Does the command work in PM
19:51 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <Majin112> AEONS
19:52 <Majin112>
19:52 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <Majin112> wut
19:52 <Freddy krueger> Really you are saying that now ?
19:52 <Finneow> Btw, out of intest what are the list of commands?
19:52 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <SomePersonHere> I only know like 4 commands
19:52 -!- RenatheKiller has joined Special:Chat
19:52 <Finneow> Hang on
19:52 <T117 storm trooper> What are they?
19:52 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Rena
19:52 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
19:52 <Finneow> !list of commands
19:53 <Superplankofdeath> why was i kicked
19:53 <Finneow> darn
19:53 <Superplankofdeath> you naughty boys
19:53 -!- RenatheKiller has left Special:Chat.
19:53 <Finneow> !commands
19:53 <Finneow> nope.
19:53 <Freddy krueger> Not working into the pm
19:53 <Superplankofdeath> !commands i command
19:53 <T117 storm trooper> !commands
19:53 <SomePersonHere> Logs, test, seen, updatelogs, forgot the last one
19:53 <T117 storm trooper> Hmm
19:54 <Grammatik> Do you still get kicked when you say  Nigeria at the beginning of a sentence
19:54 <T117 storm trooper> !logs
19:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:54 <SomePersonHere> though updatelogs and test are for admins/mods I think
19:54 <Nightweaver2112> person, the last one is devs
19:54 <Superplankofdeath> how do you get an emote on here
19:54 <Finneow> Test it
19:54 <T117 storm trooper> !updatelogs
19:54 <SomePersonHere> 2 Months here and 20 Mainstream edits
19:54 <T117 storm trooper> Lol
19:54 <Finneow> !test
19:54 <Finneow> noep.
19:54 <Freddy krueger> Jesse is just fun
19:54 <SomePersonHere> test and updateloegs are fur admins and deh modz
19:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:55 <Finneow> Jesse is ultimate pleasure machine if you know what i mean
19:55 <SomePersonHere> Well anyway, I'm gonna get back to scaring the shit out of people while being Slender-Mewtwo
19:55 <Superplankofdeath> !test
19:55 <T117 storm trooper> NEW SUBJECT: Pikmin
19:55 <Grammatik> Fisting machine
19:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Grammatik> .-.
19:56 <Finneow> Jesse is an auto-fister
19:56 <Grammatik> LOL
19:56 <Superplankofdeath> who the fuck is jesse
19:56 <Grammatik> Urmom
19:56 <Finneow> Hang on...
19:56 <SomePersonHere> Jesse is the Chatbot
19:56 <Freddy krueger> CP wiki 
19:56 <Finneow> !autofist
19:56  * SomePersonHere grouphuggles  and /grouphug.
19:56 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:56 <SomePersonHere> I love fucking around with the command
19:56 <Freddy krueger> Fail
19:56 <Finneow> *gets fisted*
19:56 <T117 storm trooper> But you didn't have to cut me dick off
19:56 <Finneow> It works
19:56 <T117 storm trooper> !
19:56 <Superplankofdeath> how would i get an emote on here
19:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <T117 storm trooper> :d
19:57 -!- MrDark has left Special:Chat.
19:57 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <Freddy krueger> You need to get to 22 edits
19:57 <SomePersonHere> 2 Months after joining the wiki, and den has 20 edits to pastas and stuff
19:57 <Finneow> [[Media:special:emoticons]]
19:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <SomePersonHere> Bitch what the fuck did you just do
19:57 -!- Cap.America has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <Superplankofdeath> do you have too be on for 2 months
19:58 <SomePersonHere>
19:58 <SomePersonHere> Yes
19:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:58 <Grammatik> Ja
19:58 <SomePersonHere> If it hasn't become larger
19:58 <Finneow> I raep dem dogz
19:58 <SomePersonHere> I dont think raep talk is allowed
19:58 <T117 storm trooper> hmm (mooning) nope didn't work..
19:58 <Finneow> imeanwat
19:58 <T117 storm trooper> XD
19:58 <Grammatik> Auto fisting.
19:58 <Finneow> No person, rape talk aint alowed
19:58 <SomePersonHere> (gasp)
19:58 <Cap.America> (BEN)
19:59 <Finneow> plus, minimod not alowed
19:59 <Finneow> Tueshe
19:59 <Grammatik> Burn.
19:59 <Zyranne> 22 edits? damn I thought it was 20 
19:59 <Freddy krueger> What can you do in the special emots thing
19:59 -!- Cap.America has left Special:Chat.
19:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Death
19:59 <SomePersonHere> (gliscared(
19:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> I thought it was 20 too...
19:59 <SomePersonHere> (gliscared)
19:59 <Finneow> !seen shit
19:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen shit since I have been here!
19:59 <Zyranne> what do you do to get the emote after 22 dits?
19:59 <Zyranne> *edits
20:00 <Finneow> Talk to reading
20:00 <SomePersonHere> Its Gliscor and Imscared combined!
20:00 -!- SoulEaterInsane has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <Zyranne> ohhh
20:00 <Zyranne> ok
20:00 <SomePersonHere> Talk to an admin
20:00 <SomePersonHere> I think
20:00 <Zyranne> fair enough
20:00 <Grammatik> Gliscared.
20:00 <T117 storm trooper> I sell propane and propane acessories (hank)
20:00 <SomePersonHere> (414)
20:00 <SomePersonHere> Yup
20:00 <SoulEaterInsane> Hey guys :)
20:00 <T117 storm trooper> c:
20:00 <SomePersonHere> Best emote ever
20:00 <Zyranne> thanks for letting me know
20:00 <Finneow> Readings the one you want
20:01 <Zyranne> Reading it is xD
20:01 <Finneow> Thats 414s emote person
20:01 <Zyranne> 414 has the funnies emote xD
20:01 <Zyranne> *funniest
20:01 <Finneow> I goets the bezt emote (triforce)
20:01 <SoulEaterInsane> How do u do emotes???
20:01 <Nightweaver2112> (weaver) is best emote
20:01 <Grammatik> I love you guys. 
20:01 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
20:02 <Zyranne> should I PM him, or post on his talk page?
20:02 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
20:02 <T117 storm trooper> this is my rape face (jeff)
20:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> (Rylee) is best pony
20:02 <SoulEaterInsane> looooooooool
20:02 <Grammatik> He's not here.
20:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Cup
20:02 <Nightweaver2112> of course you are, rylee
20:02 <Grammatik> Talk page I say
20:02 <Cupcakes8> Nu, I'm best poneh. XD
20:02 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
20:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
20:02 <Finneow> Best emote combo: (lei)
20:02 <Finneow>                               (spiderman)
20:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Brooke
20:02 <Zyranne> thanks Gramm
20:02 <Finneow> Fuck
20:02 <Freddy krueger> Finneow how did you create your own emote
20:02 <Superplankofdeath> i myself dont like ponies
20:02 <SoulEaterInsane> Haiiiiii Brooke!!!!!!!
20:02 <Cupcakes8> But..If you say so (ok)
20:02 <Grammatik> No problem Zyr
20:02 <Nightweaver2112> I don't like ponies either
20:02 <Finneow>  (lei)
20:02 <Finneow>  (spiderman)
20:03 <Grammatik> Me neither
20:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
20:03 <Nightweaver2112> because I am a furry
20:03 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <Superplankofdeath> OMG
20:03 <Freddy krueger> Finneow how did you create your own emote
20:03 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <Grammatik> Because I ain't got no time for that shit
20:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Okay so I was watching Spongebob... and... It said get the new "Nick app" and I thought they said dick app. .-.
20:03 <T117 storm trooper> (8bit) (boo)
20:03 <SomePersonHere> You have to be on the wiki for 2 months and have 20 edits
20:03 <SomePersonHere> (spooky)
20:03 <SoulEaterInsane> wtf brooke!!!
20:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (lei)
20:03 <Finneow> @freddy get 22 edits, be here for 2 months then talk to reading
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (lei)
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (8bit)
20:04 <Freddy krueger> Okay
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
20:04 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
20:04 <Freddy krueger> Thanks
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Omg
20:04 -!- ColdShowers has joined Special:Chat
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (lei)
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
20:04 <T117 storm trooper> THIS IS SPARTA (SPARTA) 
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
20:04 <Grammatik> 22 main edits or 22 edits total
20:04 -!- RenatheKiller has joined Special:Chat
20:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Main
20:04 <Finneow>  (lei)
20:04 <Finneow>  (spiderman)
20:04 <Nightweaver2112> (leiton)
20:04 <Nightweaver2112> (Sparta)
20:04 <Grammatik> Oh
20:04 <SoulEaterInsane> Oh crap :(
20:04 <T117 storm trooper> fail
20:04 <SomePersonHere> [ass]
20:04 <Finneow> Edits toatal
20:04 <SomePersonHere> I love the name of that emote
20:04 <Grammatik> Where is the edit count page aga
20:04 <T117 storm trooper> (lei) (hank)
20:04 <Nightweaver2112> (leiton)
20:04 <Nightweaver2112> (SPARTA)
20:04 -!- RenatheKiller has left Special:Chat.
20:04 <Grammatik> Again*
20:04 <SomePersonHere> Gramm
20:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I will be no lifing on YouTube ping if you need me
20:05 <Finneow> (ass) shole
20:05 <Nightweaver2112> gah, fuck this
20:05 <T117 storm trooper> fail
20:05 <SomePersonHere> Its on your own page
20:05 <Superplankofdeath> (gliscared)
20:05 <Freddy krueger> (Facepalm)
20:05 <T117 storm trooper> (lei)(sparta)
20:05 <T117 storm trooper> XD
20:05 <Grammatik> I mean the main edit count
20:05 <SoulEaterInsane> brb:)
20:05 <Grammatik> It's a different page
20:05 <SomePersonHere> Der aint none for dat
20:05 <T117 storm trooper> (lei)
20:05 <SomePersonHere> As far as I knoiw
20:05 <Finneow> Any edits gramm
20:05 <SomePersonHere> You are all (hos)
20:05 <SomePersonHere> Jk
20:05 <Finneow> (NEI)
20:05 <Finneow> (nec)
20:05 -!- SoulEaterInsane has left Special:Chat.
20:06 <Nightweaver2112> why are there so many "the killer" usernames?
20:06 <Grammatik> So I am qualified to get an emote? 
20:06 <Freddy krueger> Freddy is a scary villian
20:06 <SomePersonHere> Wait
20:06 <Finneow> @WEAVER Noobs..
20:06 <T117 storm trooper> Lets start a (adam)!
20:06 <Freddy krueger> An adam ?
20:06 <Finneow> No that get you (ban)
20:06 <BRVR> I forgot what I was doing.
20:06 <Nightweaver2112> start with an adam?
20:06 <Grammatik> A riot. 
20:06 <Nightweaver2112> we know (huehue)
20:06 <SomePersonHere> Anyone wanna play Terraria?
20:07 <Finneow> (bubbles)
20:07 <Grammatik> Person
20:07 <Nightweaver2112> I he
20:07 <Freddy krueger> Yep
20:07 <Finneow> FUCK YEAH
20:07 <Nightweaver2112> fak
20:07 <Grammatik> Do you have steam
20:07 <Nightweaver2112> i hate terraria
20:07 <Freddy krueger> (Spam) (Spam)
20:07 <Finneow> (rainbowdashgif)
20:07 <T117 storm trooper> You cann't read the emoticon if you aint been here for 2 months or have under 22 edits (realizes how much of a typing fail I did)
20:07 <SomePersonHere> I HAS STEAM
20:07 <Freddy krueger> Lol storm
20:07 <T117 storm trooper> I don't anymore (4ever)
20:07 <Grammatik> K
20:07 <Grammatik> Ill add you
20:08 <Freddy krueger> Who wants to know my fv
20:08 <Freddy krueger> Fb
20:08 <Finneow> (ranbowdashgif) (bubbles)
20:08 <SomePersonHere> SHIIT
20:08 <Finneow> Yes frddy
20:08 <BRVR> I can be either nice, neutral, or mean. I try to be nice or neutral.
20:08 <SomePersonHere> I have to wait til July for the updae!
20:08 <T117 storm trooper> (rainbowdashgif)
20:08 <Finneow> i will stalk u
20:08 <T117 storm trooper> :d
20:08 <Freddy krueger> Well forget it
20:08 <Finneow> (rapebowdashgif)
20:08 <Grammatik> My Facebook is Ieva Nikola Arsenic.  Add me I don't even care. 
20:08 <Finneow> SHIT IMEAN (rainbowdashgif)
20:09 <Freddy krueger> (Smile.jbg)
20:09 <Grammatik> .-.
20:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:09 -!- Bushcraft Medic has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <T117 storm trooper> (finneow) (facepalm)
20:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <Bushcraft Medic> Well today was hard.
20:09 <Finneow> No 
20:09 <BRVR> (triforce)
20:09 <Grammatik> (Fisting)
20:09 <Finneow> its (triforce)
20:09 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <Bushcraft Medic> (buttsex) 
20:09 <Bushcraft Medic> Fuck, no luck there.
20:09 -!- T117 storm trooper has left Special:Chat.
20:09 <Grammatik> xD
20:10 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <BRVR> I has luck.
20:10 <Finneow> !seen someone over test emotes
20:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen someone over test emotes since I have been here!
20:10 <Finneow> Not seen any emote testing? good!
20:10 <Bushcraft Medic> Hello logger, get me some planks would you?
20:10 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <BRVR> !seen BRVR
20:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw BRVR at June 29 2013, 20:10 (GMT)
20:10 <Nightweaver2112> (facepalm)
20:10 <Freddy krueger> There is no name called leva on facebook
20:10 <Grammatik> This is jackass
20:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> !seen BRVR make a funny joke at all
20:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen BRVR make a funny joke at all since I have been here!
20:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (huehue)
20:11 <Grammatik> There is
20:11 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:11 <Grammatik> I'll link you
20:11 <Freddy krueger> !Liar 
20:11 <Grammatik> Ffft
20:11 <BRVR> !seen BRVR make a funny joke
20:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen BRVR make a funny joke since I have been here!
20:11 <BRVR> It's true!
20:11 -!- Sgt. James Heller has left Special:Chat.
20:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:11 <Bushcraft Medic> Quit bugging the logger.
20:11 <Nightweaver2112> yes it is
20:11 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Dinorauria 2> # ty's foot
20:12 <Freddy krueger> The admin will have to ban all the chat lol
20:12 <Nightweaver2112> bush, it has been happening all day
20:12 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:12 <Finneow> I wish jesse would just say "fuck this ive had it with you ass holes overusin me, im out" then leave
20:12 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
20:12 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Finneow> I have one last one to say,  then we all stop
20:12 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
20:12 <Finneow> !seen cleric speak
20:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen cleric speak since I have been here!
20:13 <Finneow> Now we stop
20:13 <Finneow> .
20:13 <Grammatik> Freddy
20:13 <Freddy krueger> Yup
20:13 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:13 <Freddy krueger> I will haunt your dreams
20:13 <Grammatik> Click the last link on my page
20:13 <Grammatik> "Sites" one
20:13 <Dinorauria 2> Someone took away the options tab.
20:13 <Dinorauria 2> D:
20:13 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
20:13 <Finneow> fuck. a duck.
20:13 <Bushcraft Medic> I can see it still.
20:13 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <Finneow> Same here
20:14 <Dinorauria 2> I don't/
20:14 <Finneow> bad luck dino
20:14 <Freddy krueger> Why!
20:14 -!- SoulEaterInsane has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <Grammatik> Dino
20:14 <Dinorauria 2> Yes
20:14 <Grammatik> Refresh
20:14 <Dinorauria 2> k
20:14 <SoulEaterInsane> Back
20:14 <Finneow> its a sign your computers crap
20:14 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
20:14 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <Freddy krueger> Crappy patty
20:14 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
20:14 -!- Quasimoto Crew has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <SoulEaterInsane> wut
20:14 <Finneow> Hey (nec)
20:14 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <Grammatik> Hi.
20:15 <Quasimoto Crew> WADDUP! :D
20:15 <Bennyjamincoope> hi
20:15 <BRVR> I forgot what I was doing.
20:15 <Freddy krueger> Mr crabs
20:15 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <SoulEaterInsane> What are we talking about?
20:15 <Quasimoto Crew> Mr. Herpes 
20:15 <Quasimoto Crew> XDDDDDDD
20:15 <BRVR> If I ever play spore, I would attempt to befriend everything.
20:15 <Freddy krueger> Sponshpush
20:15 <Grammatik> Spore is good
20:15 -!- Vestoxlp has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Freddy krueger> Sport is good ?
20:16 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Grammatik> But darkspore kinda ruined the series to me imo
20:16 <SoulEaterInsane> -_-
20:16 <Vestoxlp> o/
20:16 <Finneow> pore is sood
20:16 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Grammatik> Ohai
20:16 <Freddy krueger> :3
20:16 <Grammatik> Porn*
20:16 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Finneow> :D
20:16 -!- Sgt. James Heller has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <SoulEaterInsane> looooooooooooooool
20:16 <Grammatik> ; D
20:17 <Freddy krueger> ;3
20:17 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
20:17 <Finneow> !seen jamesthekiller
20:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen jamesthekiller since I have been here!
20:17 <Finneow> (ok)
20:17 <Freddy krueger> Hello reading can i have an amote
20:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I thought that was only for Moderators!
20:17 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
20:17 <Finneow> hey reading
20:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Read!!!
20:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean the command for the bot, not the emotes
20:17 <Finneow> It works for us XD
20:17 <SoulEaterInsane> wuttttt???
20:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Show it Freddy!
20:18 <Nightweaver2112> READING!!
20:18 <Freddy krueger> I'm talking about the emotes
20:18 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:18 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
20:18 <Nightweaver2112> !seen cheese
20:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen cheese since I have been here!
20:18 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Batman
20:18 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
20:18 <Finneow> the command works fo us
20:18 <Nightweaver2112> yup
20:18 <BatmanBaleLover> hi there.
20:18 <Finneow> hey batman
20:18 <SoulEaterInsane> I want some emotes:((
20:18 <Freddy krueger> I want to have my own emote
20:18 <BatmanBaleLover> (mario) + (brick) = (coin)
20:18 <BatmanBaleLover> true story...
20:19 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You can't have one yet, Freddy, Soul
20:19 <SoulEaterInsane> i know:(
20:19 <Freddy krueger> Why not
20:19 <Grammatik> Can I have one?
20:19 <When Darkness Shadows> One what?
20:19 <SoulEaterInsane> we have to have some 22 edit shit 
20:19 <Quasimoto Crew> (mario)
20:19 <Freddy krueger> Aw fuuuuu
20:20 <Finneow> I alredy have an emote, but i think there should be a brofist emote
20:20 <SoulEaterInsane> that would be awesome
20:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also you need to have been an user for two months
20:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At least since the first edit
20:20 <When Darkness Shadows> what are you talking about?
20:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Emotes requirements
20:20 <Freddy krueger> Okay!!!! i know 
20:20 <When Darkness Shadows> oh
20:20 <Grammatik> Hm...
20:21 <Quasimoto Crew> (luigi)
20:21 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <When Darkness Shadows> Hey Ed
20:21 <Finneow> \Hey noah
20:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Ed
20:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Grammatik> If it won't take so much time,  I'd like an emote.
20:21 <Quasimoto Crew> sweet! it has (mario) and (luigi)
20:21 <BatmanBaleLover> (mario) + (luigi) = (heart)
20:21 <SoulEaterInsane> hey
20:21 <When Darkness Shadows> Hey Rylee
20:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Gramm, you can.
20:21 <Finneow> NO BATMAN, JUST NO
20:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Pass me the image you want as emote
20:21 <Ednoahjones> mario and luigi equal dirk?
20:21 <SoulEaterInsane> loool
20:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ednoa knows his math
20:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <Freddy krueger> >_> 
20:22 <Finneow> CHILDHOOD = RUINED
20:22 <When Darkness Shadows> ^
20:22 <SoulEaterInsane> was that like a homestuck equation??
20:22 <Grammatik> I'm on my phone,  though.  Let me get it.
20:22 <Ednoahjones> i made it one soul eater.
20:22 <SoulEaterInsane> hah
20:23 <Ednoahjones> because balelover, probably doesn't know what the (heart) symbol is from,
20:23 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <SoulEaterInsane> i know what it is
20:23 <When Darkness Shadows> what?
20:23 <Quasimoto Crew> (weegee)
20:23 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <BRVR> *Sits on the bottom of the ocean again*
20:23 <SoulEaterInsane> wtf
20:23 <Freddy krueger> Do you know luigi board
20:24 <Quasimoto Crew> yes
20:24 <When Darkness Shadows> BRVR are you seriously rping?
20:24 <Freddy krueger> It's an evil 
20:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr?=
20:24 <SoulEaterInsane> rp is only cool sometimes
20:24 <Freddy krueger> :( 
20:24 <Finneow> Reading, would it be possible to add a trigger to my emote?
20:24 <Quasimoto Crew> Watch out 4 weegee
20:24 <Quasimoto Crew> XD
20:24 <SoulEaterInsane> loool
20:24 <Ednoahjones> finn the rapist
20:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and the pings begin....
20:24 <When Darkness Shadows> do yall me Ouija? 
20:24 <Ednoahjones> that should be a trigger
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Finn
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Which one?
20:25 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <Ednoahjones> (finntherapist) hehe..
20:25 <Freddy krueger> (Reading)
20:25 <SoulEaterInsane> haah
20:25 <Finneow> The ( triforce ) emote
20:25 <Quasimoto Crew> (triforce)
20:25 <Ednoahjones> i'm not kidding soul, finn was fondling Karkats horns yesterday.
20:25 <Freddy krueger> (Jeff)
20:25 <Finneow> Can i add Finneow too the triggers
20:25 <Ednoahjones> the fuckin' pervert.
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean which word.
20:25 <Quasimoto Crew> (banana)
20:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aha, I'll do it
20:25 <SoulEaterInsane> O-O
20:25 <Quasimoto Crew> damn'
20:25 <SoulEaterInsane> wow
20:26 <SoulEaterInsane> uhm awkward
20:26 <Quasimoto Crew> wat
20:26 <Finneow> I know noah (creepy face)
20:26 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <Freddy krueger> Reading i think you are mistaken i have done 22 edits already it's says that on my talk page
20:26 <Ednoahjones> i know.
20:26 <SoulEaterInsane> weird -_-
20:26 <Sgt. James Heller> .
20:26 <Ednoahjones> i had to step in and staph finn from doing it.
20:26 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <Ednoahjones> didn't stop him from trying again.
20:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But you haven't been a member for two months since your first edit, Freddy
20:26 -!- RGRminersRoss has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You'll have top wait until July 7th
20:26 <SoulEaterInsane> karkat would be freaked......
20:27 <Ednoahjones> he was freaked.
20:27 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:27 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <SoulEaterInsane> O_O
20:27 <Finneow> Get him on
20:27 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <Evanwolfe12> sup
20:27 <Finneow> Im in the mood for fondeling
20:27 -!- RGRminersRoss has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi
20:27 -!- Sgt. James Heller has left Special:Chat.
20:27 <Grammatik> Can this be my emote?
20:27 <Ednoahjones> >im in the mood for fondeling
20:27 <Ednoahjones> k
20:27 <Evanwolfe12> so what are we talking about
20:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, it'll have to have that white square, Gramm. Do you mind that?
20:27 <Finneow> >k
20:27 <Finneow> ok
20:28 <Freddy krueger> Freddy krueger
20:28 <Freddy krueger> aka Are you ready for freddy ?
20:28 <Freddy krueger> 33 Edits since joining this wiki
20:28 <Freddy krueger> May 7, 2013 
20:28 <Grammatik> No, I like it.
20:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, then I'll set it. What triggers words would you like'
20:28 <Grammatik> Thanks,  by the way. 
20:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:28 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
20:28 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Arvloskya
20:28 <Natalia Arlovskya> hi
20:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Natalia
20:28 <Grammatik> Ieva, gramm,  gram and grammatik, if it's possible. 
20:29 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
20:29 <Quasimoto Crew> PiNGAS
20:29 <Quasimoto Crew> XD
20:29 <SomePersonHere> Gtg to sleep
20:29 -!- SaikaXIII has joined Special:Chat
20:29 <Finneow> Go. to sleep.
20:29 <Grammatik> See you. 
20:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Refresh and test, Gramm
20:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Person
20:29 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <Finneow> Back
20:30 <Grammatik> (Gramm)
20:30 <Grammatik> Wat
20:30 <Finneow> (gramm)
20:30 <Finneow> imeanwut
20:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...
20:30 <Ednoahjones> souleater, i take it your a homestuck as well?
20:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...I screwed up
20:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Let me fix it, please.
20:30 <Finneow> Reading, you done goofe
20:30 <Grammatik> XD
20:30 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <SoulEaterInsane> Uhh wat?
20:31 <Finneow> (finneow)
20:31 <Finneow> Bewm
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I forgot one asterisk when doing it.
20:31 <Puddingpower> Hello
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now I added it
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Refresh and test, Gramm
20:31 <Quasimoto Crew> -meow- :3
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello
20:31 <Ednoahjones> since you know who karkat is, and was disturbed when i told you finn fondled KK's horns
20:31 <Finneow> (gramm)
20:31 <Quasimoto Crew> (cat) & (mario)
20:31 <Finneow> why is hole sentance red
20:31 <SoulEaterInsane> I yeah im really into Homestuck
20:31 <Grammatik> (Gramm)
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Pings, Finn
20:31 <Finneow> ok..
20:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha, I can't avoid laughing at input's emote
20:31 <Ednoahjones> Good.
20:31 <Puddingpower> why am i reading this, thank u for criticizing my creepypasta
20:32 <Grammatik> It works.  Thanks a lot. 
20:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah, you're welcome, Pudding
20:32 <Ednoahjones> who might your favorite kid be?
20:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You're welcome Gramm
20:32 <Finneow> (gram)
20:32 <Grammatik> C:
20:32 <Finneow> I carnet see it
20:32 <SoulEaterInsane> Ummm Dave
20:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr?
20:32 -!- Vestoxlp has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <Puddingpower> Really needed some work
20:32 <Ednoahjones> why the fucks everyone love dave?...
20:32 <Puddingpower> who is dave
20:33 <Grammatik> Zyranne
20:33 <SoulEaterInsane> Well the other fav is Jake
20:33 <Puddingpower> why am i not sleeping
20:33 <Puddingpower> oh well
20:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have seen the opposite, Soul.
20:33 <Quasimoto Crew> Peanut Butter Wolf.
20:33 -!- Vestoxlp has joined Special:Chat
20:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Jake is not well liked by many people I know.
20:33 <SoulEaterInsane> Well on Tumblr everyone loves Jake
20:33 <Puddingpower> hello quassimoto
20:33 <Quasimoto Crew> hey :P
20:33 <Finneow> Since noah is over reacting about me fondeling karkat he needs to stop over reacting about me fondeling karkat
20:33 -!- Vestoxlp has left Special:Chat.
20:34 <Puddingpower> D:
20:34 <Ednoahjones> jake..
20:34 <SoulEaterInsane> Hah that was a BURN
20:34 <Ednoahjones> the posterboy for yaoi
20:34 <Quasimoto Crew> Lord Quas  in dis piece!
20:34 <SoulEaterInsane> Jeez those kids are just who i cosplay as
20:34 <Finneow> Lets add ceeb to the triggers for the banhammer!
20:34 <Finneow> lol
20:34 <Quasimoto Crew> hentai???? :3
20:34 <Puddingpower> Wow
20:35 <Puddingpower> hentai
20:35 <Quasimoto Crew> Wat?
20:35 <Ednoahjones> how much do you like john souleater?....
20:35 <Finneow> dont even need the brackets
20:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:35 <SoulEaterInsane> Hes cool i guess he was my first liked
20:35 <Puddingpower> I talked about it because of a tumblr picture
20:35 <Ednoahjones> K then, whose your favorite troll?
20:35 <Finneow> if anyone even says ceeb (ban) will come up
20:35 <Superplankofdeath> what did ceeb do
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You said it, Finn.
20:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ban for youuu
20:36 <SoulEaterInsane> My favorite Troll is Terezi or Gamzee
20:36 <Superplankofdeath> dont please
20:36 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr?
20:36 <Ednoahjones> how well do you like Karkat?
20:36 <Nightweaver2112> so saying "it" means you will get banned?
20:36 <Nightweaver2112> it
20:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> yes
20:36 -!- Nightweaver2112 was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
20:36 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <SoulEaterInsane> Hes kinda my least fav next to Kanaya
20:36 <Superplankofdeath> i wont say it again
20:36 <Puddingpower> dont mess with admins
20:36 <Puddingpower> or staff members
20:36 <Ednoahjones> ... ok then, how about Sollux?
20:36 <Finneow> like "hey did you hear about (ban) ? he got banned!"
20:36 <SoulEaterInsane> Hes awesome
20:37 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
20:37 <Ednoahjones> alright, tavros?
20:37 <Ednoahjones> what about tavros?
20:37 <Nightweaver2112> I hate you so much, reading...
20:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> you said the forbidden word weaver shame on you
20:37 <Finneow> What
20:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> PINGAS
20:37 <Superplankofdeath> why is it forbidden
20:37 <SoulEaterInsane> hES ummm ok
20:37 <Grammatik> ._.
20:37 <Puddingpower> SHAME
20:37 <Nightweaver2112> if you say "it" he will kick you
20:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, no, enough.
20:37 <Nightweaver2112> damn
20:37 <Superplankofdeath> sorry
20:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This is starting to get out of the joke zone, as people are freaking out.
20:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> it
20:37 <Finneow> Does the forbidden word start with I and end with T?
20:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
20:38 <Puddingpower> shun the nonbeliever 
20:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Sarah
20:38 -!- Simmonds92 has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <Grammatik> Hi temm
20:38 -!- Vestoxlp has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Reading would never kick me
20:38 <Temmington> Hiya.
20:38 <Finneow> Hello simm
20:38 <Ednoahjones> i'VE bEEN tOLD ok none of that, thats just hard to read. i've been told i act alot like tavros.
20:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> EVER
20:38 <Puddingpower> sarah
20:38 <Bushcraft Medic> But I would! Muahahah!
20:38 <Simmonds92> Hi
20:38 <Nightweaver2112> /me kicks brooke
20:38 <Puddingpower> ho
20:38 <Puddingpower> ho
20:38 <Puddingpower> hi
20:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi
20:38 <Puddingpower> dang it
20:38 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <SoulEaterInsane> Really? Everyone says im Vriska
20:38 <SoulEaterInsane> -_-
20:38 <Puddingpower>  i is too close to o
20:38 <Finneow> * Dave kills daves mom
20:38 <Temmington> Bushy Bushy.
20:38 <Temmington> Hai.
20:39 <Puddingpower> hi
20:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Sarah
20:39 <Puddingpower> hi sarah
20:39 <Ednoahjones> i've been told i act like, Karkat. Tavros. and Jake.
20:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Temmington> D:
20:39 <Finneow> What noah, you get fondled by me? 
20:39 <Puddingpower> thats the picture in the tumblr picture u posted
20:39 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <SoulEaterInsane> Everyone says i always act like the bitches of Homestuck -_-
20:39 <Simmonds92> Ohai medic
20:39 <Finneow> *fondles noah* 
20:39 <Ednoahjones> terezi is a bitch.
20:39 <Finneow> :D
20:40 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <SoulEaterInsane> But Terezi is cool
20:40 <Ednoahjones> *knees finn in the crotch* no!
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr?
20:40 <Zyranne> Hello
20:40 <Ednoahjones> i'm not that kinda girl.
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What image do you want as your emote?
20:40 <Ednoahjones> < is a guy
20:40 <Zyranne> Oh hai Reading
20:40 <Superplankofdeath>  i liek gliscors (why)
20:40 <Zyranne> this one, if that's alright
20:40 <Ednoahjones> terezi was a bitch to john though,
20:40 <Finneow> Mmmh yes, do that again, it turns me on
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll need a link, Zyr
20:40 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OMG PINGAS
20:40 <SoulEaterInsane> And Dave
20:40 <Ednoahjones> and as you can see (ednoah) i really. REALLY. like john
20:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ednoah, it was more to keep the alpha timeline intact.
20:40 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
20:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
20:40 <Simmonds92> I once got hit in the nuts in a football match, instead of pain I felt anger and in my rage kicked the ball into the opposing sides goal
20:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Despite she not fully realizing it.
20:41 <Puddingpower> cool
20:41 <Simmonds92> I was also on goal for my side
20:41 <Superplankofdeath> !test
20:41 <Simmonds92> Pretty epic day...
20:41 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
20:41 <Evanwolfe12> so what are we talking about
20:41 <SoulEaterInsane> I noticed you liked that Egderp
20:41 <Superplankofdeath> i does not obey me
20:41 <Ednoahjones> Egderp?
20:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> degbear
20:41 <Evanwolfe12> egderp
20:41 -!- MrSaturnn has joined Special:Chat
20:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Saturn
20:41 <Ednoahjones> ex-motherfucking-cuse me?
20:41 <SoulEaterInsane> Yes Egderp
20:41 <Simmonds92> Eegs go derp?
20:41 <Evanwolfe12> homestuck fan?
20:41 <MrSaturnn> (mrsaturn) Huzzah!
20:41 <Zyranne> It's from google images, could I give a link to there?
20:41 <Puddingpower> Derp goes eggs
20:41 <Finneow> Congratu-fucking-lations
20:41 <Grammatik> Zyr
20:41 <Simmonds92> Eggs herp derp
20:42 <Zyranne> yes
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes Zyr
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Througu PM
20:42 <Ednoahjones> mr saturns were usless
20:42 <Temmington> Found another avatar. It looks so derpy. 
20:42 <Temmington> lol
20:42 <Grammatik> Use tinyurl
20:42 <SoulEaterInsane> You guys dissapoint me
20:42 <Zyranne> okey dokey
20:42 <MrSaturnn> :/
20:42 <Grammatik> Oh nvm
20:42 <Puddingpower> my avatar fits my personality perfectly
20:42 <MrSaturnn> Anybody want a burger-in-a-can?
20:42 <Finneow> *licks the floor*
20:42 <Evanwolfe12> maybe eggs dont derp but derp goes eggs
20:42 <Temmington> But then again...
20:42 <Temmington> Subject would hate this. 
20:42 <Temmington> xD
20:42 <Ednoahjones> hey souleater,
20:42 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <MrSaturnn> Tem Tem (Tin Tin)
20:42 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
20:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria
20:42 <Nightweaver2112> serah...what the hell is that?
20:42 <SoulEaterInsane> What
20:42 <Ednoahjones> i think we can both agree.
20:42 <Puddingpower> maria
20:42 <Finneow> Hey princess
20:42 <MrSaturnn> Want a burger-in-a-can?
20:42 <Ednoahjones> Eridan.
20:42 <Ednoahjones> is a dick.
20:42 <Puddingpower> princess
20:43 <Princess Platinum> I
20:43 <Puddingpower> i got no sleep last night
20:43 <SoulEaterInsane> Yes! i can agree that
20:43 <Princess Platinum> I was
20:43 <Evanwolfe12> i just read a creepypasta on symmytry
20:43 <Simmonds92> "if you were a road sign you'd say open trench"
20:43 <Ednoahjones> seriously, fuck eridan.
20:43 <Puddingpower> the shortest horror story ever
20:43 <Princess Platinum> I was supposed to do something but I forgot what that something was D:
20:43 <Temmington> What the hell is my avatar? 
20:43 <Ednoahjones> that harry potter fuck.
20:43 <Nightweaver2112> yes, serah
20:43 <Evanwolfe12> i already did
20:43 <Temmington> A Siberian husky making a derpy ass face. 
20:43 <Simmonds92> Woah ed
20:43 <Finneow> K *fucks  eridan*
20:43 <Simmonds92> Woah
20:43 <Nightweaver2112> XD
20:43 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> !updatelogs
20:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> Smile Dog who just saw a Yaoi pic
20:43 <Puddingpower> The last man on earth heard a knock on the door
20:43 <SoulEaterInsane> actually its the other way around with Eridan -_-
20:43 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
20:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> WhyAmIReadingThis: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 66 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
20:43 <Princess Platinum> Sarah
20:43 <Puddingpower> too spooky 4 me bro
20:44 <Ednoahjones> eridan fucks everyone over.
20:44 <Temmington> Maria
20:44 <Ednoahjones> that dick.
20:44 <Princess Platinum> last night you told me to do something
20:44 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <Evanwolfe12> smile dog saw my dick
20:44 <Finneow> 3cool5me
20:44 <Princess Platinum> what was it?
20:44 <Simmonds92> Who is eridan, what has he done to offend?
20:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Creep
20:44 <SoulEaterInsane> Dude that gets on my nerves
20:44 <Simmonds92> Fill me in
20:44 <Temmington> Huh?
20:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi...
20:44 <Evanwolfe12> syp creep
20:44 <Temmington> Oh yeah!
20:44 <Simmonds92> "that's what she said"
20:44 <Zyranne> Hold on Reading, I can't PM you
20:44 <Ednoahjones> oh soul,
20:44 <Temmington> Fix Hoodie's mod star.
20:44 <Ednoahjones> what do you think of Nepeta?
20:44 <Temmington> So that it's mod.
20:44 <Zyranne> you're not even in the sidebar, for some reason
20:44 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
20:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll open the PM, then
20:44 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <Evanwolfe12> i ship her with gamzee as kismesis
20:44 <SoulEaterInsane> Nepeta is ok but she sucks when she is shipped with Equius
20:44 <Puddingpower> I had to leave the freaking chat
20:45 <Evanwolfe12> but theyre canon moirails
20:45 <Ednoahjones> that makes no sense for her to be shipped with equius,
20:45 <BRVR> *Falls 59.9 miles out of the sky*
20:45 <Ednoahjones> they're moirails,
20:45 <Evanwolfe12> but is canon
20:45 <Puddingpower> Brvr hi
20:45 <Finneow> B.R.B goin to fondle karkat
20:45 <SoulEaterInsane> Yeah i dont get it
20:45 <Ednoahjones> yeah but romantic ships i mean, don't make sense
20:45 <SoulEaterInsane> Ships are weird as fuck
20:45 <Evanwolfe12> redrom y u no make sense
20:45 <IShallCreepYouOut> I think my depression just hit an all time low.
20:45 <Evanwolfe12> why
20:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why Creep?
20:46 <Ednoahjones> though i guess i'm guilty of a halfway crack ship myself.
20:46 <Ednoahjones> i ship John and Nepeta.
20:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> I, well, i cut again.
20:46 <SoulEaterInsane> what??????
20:46 <Ednoahjones> i'm aware they never met.
20:46 <Finneow> Back
20:46 <Evanwolfe12> i ship everything
20:46 <Puddingpower> cut what
20:46 -!- Simmonds92 has left Special:Chat.
20:46 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
20:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> Myslef
20:46 <MrSaturnn> Freddy...
20:46 <Puddingpower> ouch
20:46 <Evanwolfe12> dont
20:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> myself*
20:46 <Evanwolfe12> stop
20:46 <Evanwolfe12> now
20:46 <SoulEaterInsane> Dude! John is only good with Dave!!!!!!
20:46 <Puddingpower> dont kill yourself
20:46 <Evanwolfe12> srsly
20:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> i know evan and pudding
20:46 <Ednoahjones> but the entire ship sorta comes out of this role play session i had where i was john and some girl was nepeta.
20:47 <Finneow> Lets ship noah and jesse together
20:47 <MrSaturnn> CREEP
20:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> but i was fighting relapse for five months
20:47 <Evanwolfe12> dude im cosplaying as dave with my friend going as john
20:47 <MrSaturnn> Don't you dare
20:47 <SoulEaterInsane> Well Johns best with Dave!
20:47 <Puddingpower> Im so freaking tired
20:47 <MrSaturnn> Don't you fahking dare
20:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> What
20:47 <Evanwolfe12> its one of my otps
20:47 <Ednoahjones> ehh. i dunno about that,
20:47 <Necrosanity> Across or downwards, Shall?
20:47 <BRVR> *Starts to slow down as I get closer to the ground*
20:47 <Evanwolfe12> wat
20:47 <Ednoahjones> i mean john said it himself,
20:47 <Necrosanity> Well, if it were downwards, you'd be dead by now.
20:47 <Necrosanity> Lol.
20:47 <Puddingpower> creep, go see a therapist
20:47 <Ednoahjones> "i'm not a homosexual."
20:47 <Puddingpower> you need one
20:47 <Puddingpower> to get out of that
20:48 <SoulEaterInsane> Well its that way! And KarKat is only good with Gamzee
20:48 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:48 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
20:48 <Puddingpower> deppression
20:48 <Finneow> Really noah?
20:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> Pudding, i can get out of this again
20:48 <Finneow> had me fooled
20:48 <Temmington> I think this is what Moon Moon would look like.
20:48 <Temmington> As a dog. 
20:48 <Puddingpower> hope u do
20:48 <Evanwolfe12>  jakexdirk is alpha davexjohn
20:48 <Finneow> damnit moon moon
20:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Uf, I hope you do soon, Creep!
20:48 <SoulEaterInsane> Evan thats cool
20:48 <Ednoahjones> i think the only people john can work with are nepeta, and Vriska.
20:48 <Temmington> UF
20:48 <Temmington> what's an uf
20:48 <Necrosanity> I don't understand why people need to publicize their pains...
20:48 <Necrosanity> If they were truly fucked up, would they not simply off themselves on the spo -- >UF
20:48 <Necrosanity> Lol.
20:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> I already regret cutting again
20:48 <Puddingpower> Sarah, what is moon moon
20:49 <SoulEaterInsane> Vriska isnt good with anyone
20:49 <Temmington> your face
20:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> So
20:49 <Puddingpower> wow
20:49 <Evanwolfe12> what if guys we were given necklaces at birth to tell who our soulmate is
20:49 <Ednoahjones> i dunno about that soul,
20:49 <MrSaturnn> Evan
20:49 <Zyranne> That would make life so much easier
20:49 <Puddingpower> i read that before
20:49 <Finneow> awsome idea evan
20:49 <Ednoahjones> she seems to at quite a few points geniunely care about john,
20:49 <MrSaturnn> EVAN
20:49 <Evanwolfe12> dude vriskas good with tav kanya eridan tz
20:49 <Evanwolfe12> list goes on
20:49 <MrSaturnn> Even
20:49 <MrSaturnn> Evan
20:49 <MrSaturnn> Kevan
20:49 <MrSaturnn> Melvan
20:49 <Evanwolfe12> evan
20:49 <SoulEaterInsane> No Evan thats dumb
20:49 <Puddingpower> but what if someone really liked u and u really like them
20:49 <Evanwolfe12> you fuckass
20:50 <BRVR> *Stops falling 1/100th of an inch from the ground*
20:50 <SoulEaterInsane> Guilty
20:50 <Evanwolfe12> wat
20:50 <SoulEaterInsane> your ships
20:50 <SoulEaterInsane> suck
20:50 <Finneow> that would mke life easiyer
20:50 <MrSaturnn> I'm starting to learn Geokinesis
20:50 <Evanwolfe12> no i ship everything ever
20:50 <Ednoahjones> my ships are better than yours because reasons.
20:50 <Puddingpower> Eh wah?
20:50 <BRVR> I can't learn anythingkinesis.
20:50 <Evanwolfe12> like no omitted ships
20:50 <SoulEaterInsane> My ships are soo reasonable
20:50 <Puddingpower> farnsworth
20:51 <Puddingpower> freaking love futurama
20:51 <Finneow> Ship Kill and cymbal
20:51 <MrSaturnn> My Pyrokinesis is finally starting to kick it
20:51 <MrSaturnn> In*
20:51 <Evanwolfe12> shut up and take my dildos
20:51 <IShallCreepYouOut> You guys always are a great center of help for me, as long as you know that.
20:51 <BRVR> I would probably destroy the house in my sleep if I learned pyrokinesis.
20:51 <Evanwolfe12> thanks man
20:51 <Temmington> CUMBALL IS NOT HERE.
20:51 <Temmington> D:
20:51 <Puddingpower> thank you creep
20:51 <MrSaturnn> BRVR
20:51 <Nightweaver2112> I ant to learn telekinesis...
20:51 <Nightweaver2112> *want
20:51 <Ednoahjones> hey soul,
20:51 <Finneow> Bum call
20:51 <SoulEaterInsane> what is it!!!
20:51 <Puddingpower> sarah, that world looks shocked
20:52 <MrSaturnn> That is only possible if you mastered Pyrokineis
20:52 <Evanwolfe12> dude evere heard of sunwatching look it up
20:52 <Puddingpower> wolf
20:52 <MrSaturnn> Now i gotta go
20:52 <MrSaturnn> Bye
20:52 <Ednoahjones> not discriminating at all, who is your favorite character?
20:52 <Evanwolfe12> byeew
20:52 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Puddingpower> bye
20:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Saturn
20:52 <Necrosanity> ... Fire is so overrated. ._.
20:52 <Nightweaver2112> no, either is possible if you mastered one
20:52 <MrSaturnn> (mrsaturn) says Bye
20:52 <Temmington> Hi Andy.
20:52 <BRVR> Bye.
20:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> I kinda control ki forces (air only)
20:52 <SoulEaterInsane> oh god seriously?
20:52 <Temmington> Also it's not a wolf.
20:52 <Temmington> It's a Siberian husky. 
20:52 <Temmington> GET IT RIGHT.
20:52 <Puddingpower> heck if i know
20:52 <BRVR> I am unable to do anything PSI related.
20:52 -!- MrSaturnn has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <Puddingpower> there are so many dogs
20:52 <Puddingpower> and types
20:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> but ki is kinda easy to use
20:53 <Evanwolfe12> i want to learn telekinesis so i can like make myself float and throw shit ariund
20:53 <Ednoahjones> yeah seriously,
20:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Nightweaver2112> telekinesis is the control and creation of kinetic energy, pyrokinesis is the same, but using thermal energy instead
20:53 <SoulEaterInsane> Well Mituna or Terezi
20:53 <Evanwolfe12> yup
20:53 <Finneow> I have a strong Physiological barrier. i can block out any unwanted memory
20:53 <Puddingpower> and im tired so i cant think straight
20:53 <Ednoahjones> are you a girl soul?
20:53 <BRVR> I can't make a PSI/KI ball.
20:53 <Evanwolfe12> same
20:53 <Finneow> True story
20:53 <SoulEaterInsane> Why do u care
20:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> I can make an air KI ball.
20:53 <Ednoahjones> i don't Really.
20:54 <Finneow> i could easily block out what i just sed to you
20:54 <Ednoahjones> its for something i'm gonna invite you to.
20:54 <Evanwolfe12> if i could you bet your dick youd get your shit bvlasted into a wall if im pissed
20:54 <SoulEaterInsane> well good im not telling
20:54 <Puddingpower> brooke get out
20:54 <Nightweaver2112> both telekinesis and pyrokinesis are a good way to master total manipulation of energy, which in turn, would give you almost god-like powers
20:54 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:54 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:54 <SoulEaterInsane> anyways what is it
20:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I was kidding, LOL
20:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 1D is terrible
20:54 <Ednoahjones> pretty much a tinychat where we use chumhandles of existing characters,
20:54 <Finneow> Dafuq ?
20:54 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi brooke
20:54 -!- Sarahg1982 has joined Special:Chat
20:54 <SoulEaterInsane> called?
20:54 <BRVR> And I would have a better chance stabbing myself and removing every bone in my body and still walking than learn anythingkinesis...
20:54 <Nightweaver2112> yep
20:54 <Ednoahjones> well its mine,
20:54 <Sarahg1982> hi
20:54 <Nightweaver2112> it still would be cool, BRVR
20:54 <SoulEaterInsane> called/
20:55 <SoulEaterInsane> *?
20:55 <Finneow> Dovahkiinesis
20:55 <Evanwolfe12> hold up i gotta piss
20:55 <Ednoahjones> i can link you but it'd have to be in PM since i'd like only homestucks to be in it.
20:55 <Puddingpower> you know any kenises is black magic right?
20:55 <Nightweaver2112> but both telekinesis and pyrokinesis are completely impossible
20:55 <Nightweaver2112> they both break the laws of energy
20:55 <Puddingpower> iineses
20:55 <Evanwolfe12> not entirely
20:55 <SoulEaterInsane> uhh ok
20:55 <Puddingpower> kinese
20:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:55 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <BRVR> It's impossible to learn kinesises (?) for me.
20:55 <Puddingpower> kinises
20:55 <Puddingpower> kinisis
20:55 <Evanwolfe12> sun watching has proven its possibilties
20:55 <Puddingpower> heck if o know
20:55 <Puddingpower> i
20:56 <Finneow> Pyro mania on the otherhand, is possible, and happens
20:56 <Sarahg1982> how is everyone
20:56 <Puddingpower> grab out a flamethrower
20:56 <Evanwolfe12> anyway i gotta piss in a recepticle
20:56 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Nightweaver2112> telekinesis involves the creation of kinetic energy, and pyrokinesis involves the creation od thermal energy, both of which are impossible because they go against the laws of thermodynamics, namely the one saying that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms
20:57 <Puddingpower> wow, learning and stuff
20:57 <Nightweaver2112> yep
20:57 <Nightweaver2112> GCSE science, at its best
20:57 <BRVR> I can imagine weird stuff, but not anything PSI learning related.
20:57 -!- Sarahg1982 has left Special:Chat.
20:57 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:57 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <Evanwolfe12> back
20:57 <Evanwolfe12> back
20:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> But it can be accumilated in one spot, or in other words, KI.
20:57 <Evanwolfe12> yep
20:57 <Puddingpower> you can be a water bender
20:58 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:58 <Finneow> Pyromania is if a schizophrenia patient has the urge to burn things. and will burn things to calm there urge. kinda like a burney jeff the killer 
20:58 <Evanwolfe12> just sun watch for a year
20:58 <Puddingpower> i dont know if the thing came up
20:58 <Evanwolfe12> float around and shit
20:58 <Nightweaver2112> you COULD use the energy around you, namely light and thermal energy, and somehow change its form
20:58 <Finneow> Hey manta
20:58 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
20:58 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
20:58 <BRVR> Life is repetitive and boring.
20:58 <Andytags> whoa
20:58 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
20:58 <Evanwolfe12> sup
20:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> Indeed, night.
20:58 -!- Nachokaese has joined Special:Chat
20:58 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <Evanwolfe12> night?
20:58 <Nachokaese> hi
20:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
20:59 <Nightweaver2112> yes?
20:59 <Evanwolfe12> bitch its four o clock here
20:59 <BRVR> I will die earlier than I should...
20:59 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
20:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^?
20:59 <Nachokaese> why?
20:59 <Evanwolfe12> bitch its four o clock here
20:59 <Finneow> its 10 here
20:59 <Puddingpower> Hello?
20:59 <Evanwolfe12> hi
20:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> 5 here
20:59 <Ednoahjones> hey evanwolfe,
20:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> pm
20:59 <Nachokaese> its 10 here too
20:59 <Ednoahjones> you like homestuck right?
20:59 <Puddingpower>  Had to leave
20:59 <BRVR> 4:59 here.
20:59 <Evanwolfe12> yeah?
20:59 <Puddingpower> 3:59
20:59 <Finneow> Time freinds!!!
20:59 <Ednoahjones> Good.
20:59 <Nightweaver2112> nearly 10PM here
20:59 <Evanwolfe12> why?
21:00 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
21:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> BRVR, why will you die early?
21:00 <Evanwolfe12> dude i finished that bitch
21:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi HERRO
21:00 <Nachokaese> Finneow and me = Time friends for all the time ;D
21:00 <Finneow> :D
21:00 <BRVR> Starvation/suicide/dehydration.
21:00 <Evanwolfe12> im the prince of time bitches
21:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> that middle word disturbs me, BRVR.
21:00 <Nightweaver2112> and I am the ruler of the multiverse, evan...
21:00 <Nachokaese> all that admins in chat
21:00 <BRVR> ...Realization of what I just said now...
21:00 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
21:00 <Evanwolfe12> i will fuck your baby self up
21:01 <Finneow> I am the king of space
21:01 <SoulEaterInsane> uhh what?
21:01 <Evanwolfe12> nice godtier
21:01 <Finneow> from katamari
21:01 <BRVR> The first and last one are 99% more likely.
21:01 <IShallCreepYouOut> sup, herrozael?
21:01 <Puddingpower>  i am the king of pudding
21:01 <Evanwolfe12> oh damn
21:01 <Nightweaver2112> try it, evan, there will always be another ma in another universe that will rise to my throne...
21:01 <Ednoahjones> just don't try to FUCK my baby self,
21:01 <Nachokaese> chat is just going full retard
21:01 <Ednoahjones> you pedo
21:01 <Puddingpower> I am the king of pudding
21:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nacho, don't use "retard", please.
21:01 <Evanwolfe12> i wont
21:01 <Nachokaese> ok
21:01 <Evanwolfe12> just hit it in its milk loving face
21:02 <Puddingpower> It took forever for that to come up
21:02 <Finneow> the one that went on a bender and destroyed every star ever
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> softly
21:02 <SoulEaterInsane> soo yur talking about god tiers or babys 
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> with a cloth
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> to clean it up
21:02 <BRVR> I am just an idiot.
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> why
21:02 <SoulEaterInsane> everyone here is
21:02 <Finneow> true dat beaver
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> and hiw so
21:02 <Puddingpower> Im the king of pudding
21:02 <Nightweaver2112> I would love to have the power to rip through into parallel universes...
21:02 <BRVR> (Hopefully, I can learn how to remember...)
21:02 <Puddingpower> so...
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> no shit pudding
21:02 <Puddingpower> Got something accomplished
21:02 <BRVR> If I learn how to remember, I won't starve or dehydrate.
21:02 <Evanwolfe12> i wish i could teleport
21:02 <Ednoahjones> god tier bish. i have reached it (ednoah)
21:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> I would like to control PSI.
21:03 <Evanwolfe12> i already have
21:03 <Evanwolfe12> prince o time
21:03 <BRVR> I can't learn PSI.
21:03 <Nightweaver2112> I want to be able to rip portals through into parallel universes
21:03 <Evanwolfe12> gonna create time clones
21:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> but right now, i will just keep it at my KI.
21:03 <Finneow> Wat, gangnam style PSI?
21:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So basically Evan destroys time.
21:03 <SoulEaterInsane> my weird fanmade has a cool god tier
21:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That doesn't sound good.
21:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kl, Creep?
21:03 -!- RGRminersRoss has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <Evanwolfe12> no i fuck with it then fix it
21:03 <Puddingpower> if i heard pyrokenises, all i would do is cook hotdogs
21:03 <Nightweaver2112> mine is better, reading
21:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> yes, ki
21:03 <Puddingpower> had
21:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid Prince destroys, Evan.
21:03 <Superplankofdeath> i better go
21:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye plank.
21:04 <Evanwolfe12> damn
21:04 <Ednoahjones> Bards have cod pieces
21:04 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <Puddingpower> bye
21:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> ki is using the energy around you to your advantage
21:04 <Nightweaver2112> reading, my power is better
21:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Your what is better, Weaver?
21:04 <Evanwolfe12> oaky then looks like times fucked
21:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Dino
21:04 <Dinorauria 2> Up down left right
21:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is it?
21:04 <Ednoahjones> very visible Cod pieces.
21:04 <BRVR> If I could make a PSI/KI ball then I would probably burn myself.
21:04 <Evanwolfe12> *okay
21:04 <Ednoahjones> True story.
21:04 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> An internet test said I fit the Mage of Doom power.
21:04 <Nightweaver2112> the power to rip portals into parallel universes
21:04 <Temmington> I fucking love this song. D:
21:04 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Hoodie Allen - No Interruption ( Lyrics in Description )  ☆ - Duration: 03:35 - Uploaded: 2012-03-29 - Rating: 4.854614 - Views: 841,362 -
21:04 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
21:04 <Evanwolfe12> well umm guys,
21:04 <Dinorauria 2> Wikia is goofing aroundf
21:04 <BRVR> Fortunately, I can not make a PSI/KI ball.
21:04 <Nightweaver2112> it would be cool
21:05 <Puddingpower> can we talk about bad mmo's and games
21:05 <SoulEaterInsane> OMG ITS LINK
21:05 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
21:05 <SoulEaterInsane> A LINK
21:05 <SoulEaterInsane> LOL
21:05 <Nachokaese> ok
21:05 <Evanwolfe12> guys.....
21:05 <Finneow> OMG WHERE?
21:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wow, i just remembered when i showed it to one of my friends. he got scared
21:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> The KI thing
21:05 <SoulEaterInsane> heh wrong link.....
21:05 <Ednoahjones> oh my god terezi where?!
21:05 <BRVR> Have fun with your ki, creep.
21:06 <SoulEaterInsane> it was a green link
21:06 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yea, thanks, BRVR.
21:06 <BRVR> It's good that I can't make psi balls...
21:06 <Puddingpower> Yeah, i gotta leave early to go to a stream
21:06 <SoulEaterInsane> sooo hah
21:06 <Evanwolfe12> i may or may not have just broke the space time continum
21:06 <SoulEaterInsane> oops
21:06 <Finneow> k evan
21:06 <Dinorauria 2> Also, after reading beautiflies 4th gen pokedex entries, I might have nightmares.
21:06 <Nightweaver2112> aww, EVAN!!
21:06 <BRVR> I'm being honest.
21:06 <Nightweaver2112> THAT MEANS I HAVE TO FIX IT AGAIN!
21:06 <Evanwolfe12> nah just kidding
21:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It isn't like it stabbed you, Dino.
21:06 <Dinorauria 2> D:
21:07 <Finneow> ima go talk to hitler about the stone age, wait, i dont live in 2099
21:07 <SoulEaterInsane> stab????????????? what???
21:07 <Finneow> Damnit evan!
21:07 <SoulEaterInsane> cool!!!!!!
21:07 <Dinorauria 2> No srsly.
21:07 <Puddingpower> My sister is putting on some weird music
21:07 <Evanwolfe12> ha
21:07 <Evanwolfe12> ive broken time
21:07 <Evanwolfe12> now
21:07 <Nightweaver2112> as the ruler of the multiverse, the S-T continuum is my responsibility, so TRY not to fuck it up
21:07 <Dinorauria 2> I'll post
21:07 <BRVR> I am confused as to why I still go to the PSI wiki.
21:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Soul, less ???, please.
21:07 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
21:07 <Evanwolfe12> hitler is still in power over the jews
21:07 <Finneow> Imah see if einstine can do anyhing about this
21:07 <SoulEaterInsane> oH sorry
21:07 <Evanwolfe12> with tech from the future
21:08 <Grammatik> Hi.
21:08 <Puddingpower> fu** you!
21:08 <Dinorauria 2> It has an aggressive nature. It stabs prey with its long, narrow mouth to drain the prey's fluids
21:08 <Puddingpower> hitler is the devil
21:08 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi gramma
21:08 <Evanwolfe12> so he can live forever
21:08 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
21:08 <Nightweaver2112> so, basically you have created wolfenstien, evan?
21:08 <Puddingpower> end of freaking story
21:08 <BRVR> I should stop going to the PSI wiki.
21:08 <Evanwolfe12> but
21:08 <Finneow> Infact, lets get archimedes 
21:08 <Grammatik> Hitler was a sensitive man~
21:08 <Puddingpower> he is a horrible person
21:08 <Dinorauria 2> Hitler was a nutsack
21:08 <BRVR> I need to remember that.
21:08 <Evanwolfe12> i kinda sent him on a quest to fuck his mom in the stone age
21:08 <Bennyjamincoope> garbage day!
21:08 <Ednoahjones> replace all references to star trek with Homestuck.
21:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: No More Trek! - Star Trek Enterprise Commercial - Duration: 01:35 - Uploaded: 2006-05-08 - Rating: 4.867470 - Views: 292,825 -
21:08 <Ednoahjones> and you will have me in a nutshell
21:08 <Finneow> Im gonna download the new song from mozart
21:08 <Puddingpower> why?
21:09 <Nightweaver2112> oh god, dont start hitler arguments, please...
21:09 -!- Nachokaese has left Special:Chat.
21:09 <Puddingpower> i will try to sustain myself
21:09 <Evanwolfe12> im gonna download porn from my bros pc
21:09 <SoulEaterInsane> Homestuck makes everything cool
21:09 <Bennyjamincoope> red car... good point.
21:09 <Evanwolfe12> yes
21:09 <BRVR> Someone remind me I should stop going to the PSI wiki.
21:09 <Nightweaver2112> I have never read homestruck
21:09 <Temmington> I has a trivia question. 
21:09 <Evanwolfe12> good fandoms dont doe they godtier
21:09 <Temmington> so guise 
21:09 <Temmington> shhh
21:09 <Finneow> Maby go talk to benjamin franklin on the way home
21:09 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
21:09 <Puddingpower> stop going to the psi wiki
21:09 <Temmington> Trivia time!
21:09 <SoulEaterInsane> Nightweaver READ IT
21:09 <Temmington> Alright. 
21:09 <Puddingpower> yaay
21:09 <Grammatik> I'm just singing "Hitler Was A Sensitive Man"  by Anal Cunt.
21:09 <Evanwolfe12> anal xunt
21:10 <Evanwolfe12> *cunt
21:10 <Finneow> wut gramm?
21:10 <Evanwolfe12> how fucking great
21:10 <Grammatik> Anal Cunt (<3)
21:10 <Evanwolfe12> gramma is anal cunting up hilters emotions
21:10 <Grammatik> It's a band
21:10 <Finneow> anal cunt love?
21:10 <Evanwolfe12> no 
21:10 <SoulEaterInsane> Trying not to laugh...
21:10 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:10 <Zyranne> Aw! I absolutely love your new avatar, Sarah! ^-^
21:10 <Dinorauria 2> Double penetration.
21:10 <Evanwolfe12> anal cunt
21:10 <Child Of Mantra> I hate grindcore
21:10 <Child Of Mantra> But Anal Cunt writes some funny shit
21:10 <BRVR> I am confused.
21:10 <Finneow> i love anal and cunts
21:10 <Puddingpower> wow dino XD
21:10 <Grammatik> Anal cunt is funny.
21:10 <LOLSKELETONS> Anal Cunt is horrible musically
21:11 <Child Of Mantra> ^
21:11 <Temmington> Suppose two radio DJs were yelling songs from the Top 100 Songs of the 90's from Billboard. What would they not be yelling at eachother?
21:11 <Temmington> 1. Creep!
21:11 <Temmington> 2. Bitch!
21:11 <Temmington> 3. Idiot!
21:11 <Temmington> 4. Loser!
21:11 <Puddingpower> oh hi lol
21:11 <Evanwolfe12> okay
21:11 <Grammatik> I just find it funny. 
21:11 <Ednoahjones> let me tell you what i'm talking about with no more trek
21:11 <LOLSKELETONS> I mostly just look at their song titles for a quick laugh
21:11 <Puddingpower> 1 or 2
21:11 <Grammatik> And 1
21:11 <Temmington> Wrong. 
21:11 <Zyranne> Hello Skelly!
21:11 <Puddingpower> shoot
21:11 <Ednoahjones> i will change his speech around to where its about homestuck.
21:11 <LOLSKELETONS> hai
21:11 <Finneow> the new song by mozart Ft. lil wayne and dizzie rascal 
21:11 <Temmington> Lemme show you what a right answer looks like.
21:12 <SoulEaterInsane> I think im the only one that would understand
21:12 <Ednoahjones> The only people that Read this crap live in they're basement and have no lives. they wear stupid costumes, go to conventions and call themselves Karkat and stuff!
21:12 <Temmington> It's Idiot. 
21:12 <Puddingpower> wow
21:12 -!- Vestoxlp has left Special:Chat.
21:12 <Temmington> Creep by Radiohead, Bitch by Meredith Brooks, and Loser by Beck. 
21:12 <Grammatik> LOL
21:12 <Ednoahjones> put it like that and it reall fits.
21:12 <Finneow> And get fondled by someone @noah
21:12 <Ednoahjones> ^
21:12 <Ednoahjones> that too
21:12 <Grammatik> Clever one.
21:12 <BRVR> I am wasting my life here in result of confusion.
21:12 <Puddingpower> wait just minute while i go put on some dubstep
21:12 <Dinorauria 2> Let the fondling begin
21:12 <Finneow> Tell me your g spots
21:12 <SoulEaterInsane> Noah nobody else would understand it
21:13 <Zyranne> You like Dubstep, Pudding? 
21:13 <Dinorauria 2> It also rained hard over here, but then it stopped and became sunny.
21:13 <BRVR> I am realizing that I am wasting my life.
21:13 <Dinorauria 2> Like nothing ever happened.
21:13 <Puddingpower> Yes, i am listening to so lavender town dubstep
21:13 <Finneow> *rubs everyones G spots*
21:13 <Puddingpower> some
21:13 <SoulEaterInsane> rp sucks
21:13 <Grammatik> I finally found out my favorite genre of music. 
21:13 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
21:13 -!- Quasimoto Crew has left Special:Chat.
21:14 <BRVR> I am realizing that there is nothing better to do...
21:14 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Temmington> Also shit. 
21:14 <Puddingpower> its freaking amazing
21:14 <Temmington> I meant VH1.
21:14 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
21:14 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Puddingpower> DROP THE BASE
21:14 <Grammatik> Post-rock. (<3)
21:14 <Puddingpower> Or bass
21:14 <Ednoahjones> i don't Really feel comfortable Rping,
21:14 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Dinorauria 2> Dodrio logic
21:14 <Dinorauria 2>
21:14 <SoulEaterInsane> yeah
21:14 <Ednoahjones> it makes me feel weird.
21:14 <Evanwolfe12> wub wub wub wub wubwubwubwub wub
21:14 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
21:14 <Finneow> Fucks sake everyone, cheer the fuck up, theres no point being miserable little fucks. especialy you brvr 
21:15 <Ednoahjones> basically what i do is just put on they're name but i don't change my personality at all.
21:15 -!- Vestoxlp has joined Special:Chat
21:15 <SoulEaterInsane> totally
21:15 <Evanwolfe12> i like pretty fucking content
21:15 <Puddingpower> Wub wub wub
21:15 <Evanwolfe12> wub indeed
21:15 <Ednoahjones> Cause thats how John Egbert Rolls. (ednoah)
21:15 <Dinorauria 2> The angry birds star wars game has a perfect dubstepified version of the imperial march.
21:15 <Puddingpower> this is pretty short
21:15 <Grammatik> Excuse you but how  can I cheer up when I have a terrible headache and feeling dizzy?
21:16 <Puddingpower> yhe dubstep
21:16 <Puddingpower> the
21:16 <SoulEaterInsane> wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubdooodooodooodooodooodoodoodoodododoooodododooobeebbebbebbeebeewubwubwubwub
21:16 <Puddingpower> drink apple juice
21:16 <Dinorauria 2> Spam
21:16 <Grammatik> Spam.
21:16 <Puddingpower> the pain goes away
21:16 <SoulEaterInsane> dave strider quote
21:16 <Finneow> This place is getting a lil bit saddening, imah come back when you all lighten up, AKA when CC gets here
21:16 <Dinorauria 2> Duns do dat
21:16 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
21:16 <Ednoahjones> shoulda put qoutations though Terezi.
21:16 <Evanwolfe12>
21:17 <Evanwolfe12> welcome
21:17 -!- SoulEaterInsane was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
21:17 -!- SoulEaterInsane has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <Puddingpower> What
21:17 <Puddingpower> wat
21:17 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <Puddingpower> wut
21:17 -!- -Price- has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <Dinorauria 2> (megusta)
21:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Lee
21:17 <Grammatik> ._.
21:17 <Evanwolfe12> me gusta
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi reading
21:17 -!- SoulEaterInsane has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <Bennyjamincoope> dubstep souleater
21:17 <Puddingpower> hello never
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> sorry stupid connection
21:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Soul, don't do something like that "wubwub" etc thing again, please.
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
21:17 <SoulEaterInsane> dude i was kicked
21:17 <Dinorauria 2> Yes
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> indeed
21:18 <Ednoahjones> Quite.
21:18 <SoulEaterInsane> wtf did i do exactly
21:18 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:18 <Dinorauria 2> Spammed
21:18 <Ednoahjones> you spammed wub wub
21:18 <Andytags> spam
21:18 <Grammatik> You spammed
21:18 <Andytags> u egg
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> spam (spam)
21:18 <Puddingpower> i like the lavender town theme
21:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Spam, Soul
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^ ido also
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ninja'd
21:18 <Puddingpower> pretty peaceful
21:18 <Grammatik> I'm freezing. 
21:18 <Dinorauria 2> It's hot
21:19 <Puddingpower> im fine
21:19 <Grammatik> Better go wear something
21:19 <SoulEaterInsane> Sorry i was quoting dumb artists
21:19 <Grammatik> .-.
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It seems melancholy to me Pudding
21:19 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
21:19 <SoulEaterInsane> i dont like dubstep
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like the whole theme of the town
21:20 <Evanwolfe12> WHAAAAT
21:20 <Puddingpower> i dont believe the myths
21:20 <SaikaXIII> okk
21:20 <Puddingpower> i like it 
21:20 <Puddingpower> its quite sad when u think
21:20 <SoulEaterInsane> dubstep has no meaning 
21:20 <Puddingpower> about the town
21:20 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
21:20 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It was the first and only time pokemon was able to be darker
21:20 <SaikaXIII> dubstep?
21:20 <SoulEaterInsane> sucks
21:20 <Grammatik> I like more depressing,  slow and sometimes relaxing music. 
21:20 <Puddingpower> Like the lavender town theme
21:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Than a kids game ought to be
21:21 <Bennyjamincoope> GARBAGE DAY!!
21:21 <Ednoahjones> ^
21:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The manga is even darker, Lee.
21:21 <Grammatik> Lavender isn't slow
21:21 <SoulEaterInsane> lavender town?
21:21 <Puddingpower> Basically all the things gamma likes
21:21 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I've heard 
21:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wanna read it sooo bad (QQ)
21:21 <Puddingpower> yeah, those haunters are terryifying 
21:21 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I mean, the Elite Four are an evil group who are seizing control of the region, with armies of Pokémon. And it looks so badass.
21:21 <SaikaXIII> haunters not scary
21:21 <SoulEaterInsane> Thats some pretty intense weird music 6_6
21:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> In the Kanto ones, I mean
21:21 <Grammatik> XD
21:21 <Puddingpower> in the manga
21:22 <Bennyjamincoope> nauty
21:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I want the manga so bad...
21:22 <Puddingpower> I think it was in the electric tale of pikachu
21:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm sure they're somewhere in the internet, Lee.
21:22 <Puddingpower> also buy the japanese one
21:22 <Puddingpower> its wierd
21:22 <Puddingpower> very
21:22 <Puddingpower> wierd
21:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok I'll keep an eye out Read
21:23 <Grammatik> I need help putting music on my page.  
21:23 <Grammatik> .-.
21:23 <Bennyjamincoope> she.. was.. nauty
21:23 <Grammatik> Fuck this phone. 
21:23 <SoulEaterInsane> All CP music sounds the same
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *naughty
21:23 <Evanwolfe12> sorta
21:23 <Bennyjamincoope> naughty*
21:23 <Ednoahjones> anyone who is a homestuck cometh onto here, if you come and you are not a homestuck. your not gonna get alot of the videos we play and jokes we make.
21:23 <Puddingpower> club penguin?
21:23 <Nightweaver2112> urgh...o am so bored...
21:23 <Puddingpower> that game sucks
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Naughty~
21:23 <SoulEaterInsane> Homestuck is awesome :3
21:24 <BRVR> If I get spore, I will try to make my creature look friendly.
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Honk
21:24 <Grammatik> Child p-- creepypasta
21:24 <SoulEaterInsane> Honk :o)
21:24 <Child Of Mantra> wtf
21:24 <Child Of Mantra> That whole sentence was red
21:24 <SoulEaterInsane> huhh
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I don't know
21:24 <Puddingpower> i make my creature look so freaking disgusting
21:24 <Grammatik> It must be the pings
21:24 <Child Of Mantra> Do pings make the whole sentence red?
21:24 <Child Of Mantra> That is odd.
21:24 <SoulEaterInsane> wuuuuuut?
21:25 <Evanwolfe12> i make my soup look disgusting
21:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is new, Mantra
21:25 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
21:25 <Child Of Mantra> Ben you jav you.
21:25 <BRVR> When I play spore, I will make my creature look friendly.
21:25 <Zyranne> Sorry guise
21:25 <Zyranne> I was lagging
21:26 <Child Of Mantra> Spore is magnificent.
21:26 <Zyranne> You play Spore!?
21:26 <BRVR> I will try to befriend a bunch of creatures.
21:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr, what words would you like for your emote?
21:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I play Spore....
21:26 <BRVR> I don't play spore, nor do I own it.
21:26 <Zyranne> I play spore :O
21:26 <Zyranne> it's like my favourite game
21:26 <SoulEaterInsane> Is there a English version of OFF?
21:26 <SoulEaterInsane> I WANT TO PLAY IT
21:26 <Zyranne> Umm, maybe like 'Zy'
21:26 <Zyranne> if that's alright
21:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I make creatures look like pokemon :P
21:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *my
21:27 <Zyranne> I make dragons on Spore
21:27 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
21:27 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <Zyranne> and make Spore videos, which I upload to Youtube
21:27 <BRVR> I would just make something look friendly. As I said several times.
21:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay!
21:27 <Puddingpower> i make mine look disgusting
21:27 <Bennyjamincoope> Punish!
21:27 <Zyranne> Thank you, Reading!
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Make it look friendly
21:28 <Zyranne> it's greatly appreciated!
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> and epic
21:28 <Puddingpower> heck no
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> and like a pokemon
21:28 <Zyranne> I want to make a penis monster
21:28 <BRVR> I'm not much on the "MURDER KILL MURDER MURDER" side.
21:28 <Nightweaver2112> is chat beginning to die now?
21:28 <Zyranne> yes.
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> meh a little
21:28 <Bennyjamincoope> Garbage 
21:28 <Puddingpower> i think its just slow
21:28 <Bennyjamincoope> Day
21:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <SoulEaterInsane> Does anyone think Minecraft is WAYY to famous?
21:29 <Zyranne> Hey Rylee
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Rylee
21:29 <SoulEaterInsane> *too
21:29 <Zyranne> I've never played Minecraft
21:29 <Zyranne> I really want to, though
21:29 <Puddingpower> its pretty cool
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I think minecraft is a fun little game
21:29 <SoulEaterInsane> It really is boring and too easy
21:29 <Puddingpower> i like it
21:29 <BRVR> I am bored with minecraft.
21:29 <SoulEaterInsane> same here brbr
21:29 <Evanwolfe12> nooo not again
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's a way to relieve boredom
21:29 <Puddingpower> its relaxing
21:30 <Zyranne> I play Skyrim to relax
21:30 <Puddingpower> peaceful days
21:30 <BRVR> Well that's ironic...
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Minecraft is only fun with a friend :D
21:30 <SoulEaterInsane> It got too famous
21:30 <Puddingpower>  i have skyrim too
21:30 <Zyranne> Skyrim is awesome
21:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
21:30 <BRVR> Friends. Something I don't have.
21:30 <Zyranne> what race do you play?
21:30 <Puddingpower> forever alone
21:30 <Zyranne> You have us
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "It got too famous"
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #Hipster
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
21:30 <Zyranne> Too mainstream, yo
21:30 <Puddingpower> wow
21:30 <Grammatik> I'm here for anyone who wants to talk. I'm here for you all.
21:31 <Evanwolfe12> mainstream you say
21:31 <Puddingpower> hipster BEN
21:31 <SoulEaterInsane> I was going to say mainstream NeveR Hahaha
21:31 <Child Of Mantra> Oblivion > Skyrim
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
21:31 <Evanwolfe12> eridan mode
21:31 <Puddingpower> haunted games are too mainstream
21:31 <SoulEaterInsane> Eridan mode :)
21:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <Zyranne> Who here likes SomeOrdinaryGamers?
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I DO
21:31 <SoulEaterInsane> i
21:31 <SoulEaterInsane> do
21:31 <Puddingpower> dont watch theme anymore
21:31 <Zyranne> Same
21:32 <Bennyjamincoope> who here likes mrcreepypasta
21:32 <Puddingpower> theyre thumbnails scare me
21:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mutahar and Markiplier are my favorites
21:32 <BRVR> If I play spore, as I said 5000 times, I would befriend everything.
21:32 <Zyranne> I do
21:32 <Zyranne> Who like MulletMike?
21:32 <Zyranne> *likes
21:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I DO
21:32 <Puddingpower> i would killmeverything
21:32 <Zyranne> I do, too!
21:32 <Puddingpower> kill
21:32 <Grammatik> I don't use you tube for anything besides music for now
21:32 <Puddingpower> everything
21:32 <Bennyjamincoope> this is CREEEPY GAMING
21:32 <SoulEaterInsane> Who likes Pewdiepie? lol
21:32 <Puddingpower> me
21:32 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <SaikaXIII> i do
21:32 <Puddingpower> and cry
21:32 <Bennyjamincoope> my name is markiplier
21:32 <Grammatik> Not anymore
21:32 <SoulEaterInsane> Cry rocks
21:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eh I do a little
21:32 <Puddingpower> he is freaking hilarious
21:33 <Grammatik> Cry ftw though
21:33 <SoulEaterInsane> I know!
21:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cry is better to me
21:33 <Puddingpower> going to his late night stream tonight
21:33 <SoulEaterInsane> hah
21:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:33 <SoulEaterInsane> nice
21:33 <Puddingpower> last week was amazing
21:33 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
21:33 <Grammatik> Stream tonight? 
21:33 <Puddingpower> yes
21:33 <Grammatik> Ong
21:33 <Zyranne> "I'm gonna read it word for word this time, I like to switch it up a bit" - Mutahar
21:33 <Grammatik> Omg*
21:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was on markiplier's livestream
21:33 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
21:33 <SoulEaterInsane> ONG!
21:33 <Puddingpower> every saturday 11 pm, well 10 pm for me
21:33 <SoulEaterInsane> LOL
21:33 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <Bennyjamincoope> my name is yamimesh
21:33 <BRVR> I am confused.
21:33 <LOLSKELETONS> zgom
21:34 <BRVR> And back into realization I am wasting my life again.
21:34 <Grammatik> Fuck this phone seriously
21:34 <Bennyjamincoope> bye rylee
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "Shut up, Nurse!"
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> -Markiplier
21:34 <SoulEaterInsane> Brvr seriously stop -_-
21:34 <Zyranne> I don't like PewDiePie, though
21:34 <Puddingpower>  to the mun
21:34 <Zyranne> I used to
21:34 <SoulEaterInsane> :O WHAT
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "BARRELS!"
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> -Pewdiepie
21:34 <Puddingpower> mark is cool
21:34 <SoulEaterInsane> STEPHANOOOOO
21:34 <Zyranne> Just not my taste
21:34 <Grammatik> Pewdie just overreacts
21:34 <Bennyjamincoope> i like his outro song
21:35 <Zyranne> but I have nothing against him 
21:35 <SoulEaterInsane> Tobuscus is soooooo not funny -_-
21:35 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has left Special:Chat.
21:35 <Puddingpower> Anyone seen pasta monsters
21:35 <Zyranne> I have
21:35 <Grammatik> I just don't like his videos. 
21:35 <Zyranne> Or his fans
21:35 <SoulEaterInsane> i have seen all pasta monster
21:35 <Puddingpower> ben is the best one
21:35 <Zyranne> not all his fans, of course
21:35 <Bennyjamincoope> has anyone else played any of the luna games
21:35 <Bennyjamincoope> not that im a brony or anything
21:35 <SoulEaterInsane> I want to play the luna games sooo bad
21:36 <Grammatik> Not me
21:36 <Puddingpower> NOPE
21:36 <SoulEaterInsane> but they crash ALOT
21:36 <Puddingpower> NOPENOPE
21:36 <Zyranne> I want to play Sonic.EXE
21:36 <Grammatik> I'm not a brony
21:36 <Puddingpower> they are like imscared
21:36 <Bennyjamincoope> they r soooooo fucked up
21:36 <Bennyjamincoope> same with sonic.exe
21:36 <SoulEaterInsane> they totally ruin your system like your laptop
21:36 <Bennyjamincoope> and dont hug me im scared. thats just down right disturbing
21:37 <SoulEaterInsane> Haunted Gaming SUCKS
21:37 <Puddingpower> The reallymfrighten me
21:37 <Puddingpower> frighten
21:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pewdiepie: Oh fuck did I lose some shit bro?!
21:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Markiplier: *Spends 1 minute looking for stuff when it's in front of him" FUUU-
21:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mutahar: *rages* What the fuck?! I have to use this key to get another?!
21:37 <Zyranne> I love 'Don't hug me I'm scared' 
21:37 <Puddingpower> its morbid, yeah
21:37 <Bennyjamincoope> the song is kind of catchy
21:37 <SoulEaterInsane> That video is adorable :3
21:37 <Grammatik> You've not seen the true definition of fucked up until you play tetris on level 9 with x2 speed enabled. 
21:37 <Puddingpower> but not scarring
21:38 <Grammatik> It's not scary thi
21:38 <Bennyjamincoope> look up another youtube
21:38 -!- Littlemudkip has joined Special:Chat
21:38 <Grammatik> Tho*
21:38 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
21:38 <SoulEaterInsane> But i never trust notepads anymore -_-
21:38 <Littlemudkip> cool bro
21:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I heard u like mudkipz
21:38 <Puddingpower> its hard as a boulder covered in concrete
21:38 <BRVR> Fun fact: Having your pet eating alphabet soup will make it have the ability to talk.
21:38 <Puddingpower> lol
21:38 <Littlemudkip> who told you dat
21:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do experiments and tell us the results, BRVR
21:38 <BRVR> Because it doesn't depend on vocal chords at all.
21:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And itz tru
21:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahaha
21:38 <Grammatik> xD
21:38 <BRVR> *So much sarcasm*
21:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I wonder how many kids will have fed their pets alphabet soup...
21:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> know, with that tv show and what not
21:39 <Puddingpower> I will do that
21:39 <SoulEaterInsane> like all of them
21:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (all!) da kidz
21:39 <Bennyjamincoope>  Shake Zula,
21:39 <Bennyjamincoope> The mic rula,
21:39 <Bennyjamincoope> The old schoola,
21:39 <Bennyjamincoope> You want a trip, I'll bring it to ya!
21:39 <Nightweaver2112> alphabet soup...
21:39 <BRVR> I am sure that feeding your pet alphabet soup will not change it's vocal chords.
21:39 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <Nightweaver2112> (motherofgod)
21:40 -!- XXconkerbfdXx has joined Special:Chat
21:40 -!- ITzAwesomesauce has joined Special:Chat
21:40 <SoulEaterInsane> Alphabet soup is gross :P
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Frylock
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> And I'm on top,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Rock you like a cop,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Meatwad, you're up next with your knock-knock...
21:40 <BRVR> Or teach it english.
21:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We are the Aqua team!
21:40 <Littlemudkip> sup conker
21:40 <XXconkerbfdXx> sup
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope>  Meatwad make the money, see,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Meatwad get the honeys, G,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Drivin in my car,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Livin like a star,
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> Ice on my fingers
21:40 <Littlemudkip> cool bro
21:40 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
21:40 <Bennyjamincoope> and my toes and im a taurus
21:40 <SoulEaterInsane> Mudkip is your avatar wearing Dirk glasses? :DD
21:40 <Littlemudkip> yes
21:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuz we are the Aqua team!
21:41 <SoulEaterInsane> Thats awesiome
21:41 <XXconkerbfdXx> that called swag
21:41 <Nightweaver2112> everyone knows that if you shove letters down somebodys throat, they will instantly become fluent in the English language
21:41 <SoulEaterInsane> *awesome
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope>  Cause we are the Aqua Teens,
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> Make the homies say ho,
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> And the girlies wanna scream!
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> Cause we are the Aqua Teens,
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> Make the homies say ho,
21:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That would make teaching babies to talk so easy, Weaver...
21:41 <BRVR> *Eats the letter A*
21:41 <Nightweaver2112> yep
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> and the girlies wanna scream
21:41 <Temmington> Please stop singing. 
21:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Benny, less lyrics please.
21:41 <Nightweaver2112> im going to invent that now
21:41 <SoulEaterInsane> loool
21:41 <BRVR> *Chokes and dies* You lied to me!
21:41 <Bennyjamincoope> hum hum hum
21:41 <XXconkerbfdXx> what a trol
21:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aqua teen  was that shit
21:42 <Littlemudkip> lol
21:42 <SoulEaterInsane> Thats offensive to trolls bfd >:(
21:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I used to watch that all the time
21:42 <Bennyjamincoope> have u heard the mk_ultra version of it
21:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Meh yeah
21:42 <XXconkerbfdXx> how is it offensive
21:43 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
21:43 <Child Of Mantra>  Conker's Bad Fur Day FTW
21:43 <Zyranne> WB Pudding
21:43 <SoulEaterInsane> Its offensive to Homestuck
21:43 <SoulEaterInsane> lol
21:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Honk :o) 
21:43 <Puddingpower> Huh?
21:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Heh, I've got ideas in my head.
21:43 <Puddingpower> hi
21:43 <SoulEaterInsane> :o)
21:43 <XXconkerbfdXx> dude in two characters
21:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wat ideas
21:43 <XXconkerbfdXx> im mudkip
21:43 <Zyranne> Jeez, this song on the radio is annoying >.>
21:43 <Child Of Mantra> Internet trolling is offensive to scandinavian folklore
21:43 <Littlemudkip> im conker
21:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^^
21:44 <SoulEaterInsane> lool
21:44 <BRVR> I am eating waffle fries.
21:44 <XXconkerbfdXx> child is your avatar pewdiepie
21:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> One does not simply FEED the Troll
21:44 <Littlemudkip> ok
21:44 <SoulEaterInsane> uhh what
21:44 <Child Of Mantra> No, it's Varg Vikernes, shame on you.
21:44 <Littlemudkip> lol
21:45 <SoulEaterInsane> oh thats sooo mean
21:45 <XXconkerbfdXx> no really
21:45 <SoulEaterInsane> hah
21:45 <Puddingpower> Coral cove is so messed up
21:45 <Child Of Mantra> Nope, Varg.
21:45 <Child Of Mantra> Burzum's vocalist.
21:45 <XXconkerbfdXx> ok
21:45 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
21:45 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
21:45 <XXconkerbfdXx> ok guys bye
21:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm Deus.
21:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> God of all Libral Anarchy and Bacon covered shimp
21:45 <Zyranne> Hai Princess 
21:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Conker
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria
21:45 <SoulEaterInsane> heyyyyyyyyyy
21:46 <Puddingpower> Hey princessss
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr, I got a doubt. The word trigger was "zyr" or "zy"?
21:46 <XXconkerbfdXx> ok guys but im also mudkip
21:46 -!- XXconkerbfdXx has left Special:Chat.
21:46 <Zyranne> Zy
21:46 <Puddingpower> im so tired i may just pass out
21:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I herd u like mudkipz
21:46 -!- Nightwhisper190 has joined Special:Chat
21:46 <Nightwhisper190> ...
21:46 <Littlemudkip> i do and conker
21:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi whisper
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello whisper
21:46 <Nightwhisper190> Hello
21:47 <Littlemudkip> whisper you plaid majoras mask
21:47 <Nightwhisper190> Yes. i have
21:47 <Zyranne> Lucky.
21:47 <Nightwhisper190> i was a few minures ago
21:47 <Littlemudkip> i cant beat itr
21:47 <Nightwhisper190> i'm in Ikana canyon 
21:47 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
21:47 <Littlemudkip> its hard
21:47 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
21:47 <Nightwhisper190> yeah
21:47 <Zyranne> I wanted to play Majora's mask since reading BEN drowned
21:47 <Littlemudkip> im in ocarina
21:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I lost my N64 :(
21:47 <SoulEaterInsane> :O WHAT
21:47 <Littlemudkip> get a emulator
21:47 <Nightwhisper190> oh. That was a good pasta
21:48 <BRVR> Money is the root of all evil.
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zyr, refresh and test
21:48 <Zyranne> Indeed it was
21:48 <Nightwhisper190>  i'm close to getting the elegy statue in it 
21:48 <SoulEaterInsane> Those are cool
21:48 <Zyranne> sure thing
21:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I need to download an emulator
21:48 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
21:48 <Littlemudkip> yhea do it
21:48 <Grammatik> Go get one
21:48 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <Zyranne> (zy)
21:48 <Zyranne> AWESOME
21:48 <BRVR> Does anyone agree with me.
21:48 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
21:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yeah
21:48 <Littlemudkip> ill give you a link
21:48 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <Grammatik> It's like 5 mins to install obe
21:48 <Puddingpower> The statue is terryifying
21:48 <SoulEaterInsane> lol Link :)
21:48 <Zyranne> OMG thank you, Reading!
21:48 <Grammatik> One*
21:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BRVR it is
21:48 <Nightwhisper190> Yes.. it is.. 
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You're welcome Zyr
21:48 <SoulEaterInsane> I want a LINK :)
21:48 <Nightwhisper190> ><
21:49 <SoulEaterInsane> hES the coolest!
21:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dolla, dolla bill y'all~
21:49 <Littlemudkip>
21:49 <Nightwhisper190>  after reading the BEN drowned creepypasta  hes been in my dreeams every night 
21:49 <Grammatik> (Gram) thanks again,  c:
21:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> CREAM
21:49 <Puddingpower> wow
21:49 <Nightweaver2112> SURPRISE BITCHES!!
21:49 <Littlemudkip> its the link
21:49 <Zyranne> I've dreamt of BEN 3 times
21:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> When did you read it, whisper?
21:49 <Nightwhisper190>  just..chasing me
21:49 <SoulEaterInsane> the ben story wasnt that good,,,,,, dont hate me please
21:49 <Littlemudkip> it was
21:50 <Nightwhisper190>  i read it a few weeks ago
21:50 <Zyranne> That's what happens in my dreams, Whisper
21:50 <Nightweaver2112> Zy, I occasionally dream of this chat, for some reason
21:50 <Bennyjamincoope> sweet dreams are made of this
21:50 <Puddingpower> It was amazing
21:50 <Nightwhisper190> i coulda sworn i saw him behind me one morning >< 
21:50 <BRVR> I've dreamt of BEN -3 times.
21:50 <Zyranne> Lol really? xD
21:50 <Nightwhisper190>  hes only chasing me in my dreams.. 
21:50 <SoulEaterInsane> The ben story was sooo long
21:50 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <Nightweaver2112> BEN didn't really bother me
21:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sweet dreams are made of these~
21:50 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <Puddingpower> never dreamed of him evr
21:50 <Nightwhisper190>  my PC downloaded Free.wmv on its own when i read the stroy and i;m like : OwO 
21:50 <SoulEaterInsane> I was afraid of The Rake like 7 months ago
21:51 <Zyranne> I've dreamt of Slenderman twice
21:51 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
21:51 <Littlemudkip> who wants a emulator
21:51 <Bennyjamincoope> no its this
21:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I've dreamt of that game Imscared
21:51 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
21:51 <Nightwhisper190> I'm like: OwO hes in computer!!!!!1
21:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Holy shit
21:51 <Nightweaver2112> I dream of...I don't even fucking know WHAT I dream of...
21:51 <Nightwhisper190> XD 
21:51 <Littlemudkip> no 1 ok
21:51 <Puddingpower> platinum left
21:51 <BRVR> Tails doll is not evil.
21:51 <Nightwhisper190> o-o
21:52 <SoulEaterInsane> I have one ;3
21:52 <Nightwhisper190>  i have an idea
21:52 <Zyranne> Tail's doll is one of the worst of the popular pastas
21:52 <SoulEaterInsane> yep
21:52 <Nightwhisper190> * poofs to cleverbt* XD
21:52 <Zyranne> the concept is just stupid
21:52 <Littlemudkip> read abandond by disney
21:52 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
21:52 <Puddingpower> i had the freakiest dream ever
21:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tails doll needs a dog to hump it 
21:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> like everyother stuffed animal
21:52 <Zyranne> ^
21:52 <SoulEaterInsane> lool
21:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I want my stuffed animals unhumped, thanks.-
21:52 <Puddingpower> i made a pasta about it
21:52 <Nightwhisper190>  xD
21:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Y u hump my ship Rocky? (yuno)
21:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rocky is my dog
21:53 <Nightwhisper190> i'ma try to talk to BEN on cleverbot forabit 
21:53 <Littlemudkip> who seen dead bart
21:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He humped my old mickey mouse doll
21:53 <BRVR> And now I think I have diarrhea.
21:53 <Zyranne> I've read the pasta
21:53 <Nightwhisper190>  dot hate me when i saw this.. 
21:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (QQ)
21:53 -!- Cjhotsauce has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <SoulEaterInsane> Dont refer to Clev
21:53 <Nightwhisper190> i'm messed up as FUCK 
21:53 -!- Cjhotsauce has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <Nightwhisper190> but i like BEN o_o 
21:53 <Puddingpower> The picture is frightening
21:53 <SoulEaterInsane> not allowed
21:53 <Zyranne> aren't we all xD
21:53 <Nightwhisper190> fan-girling time  XD * poofs to CB* 
21:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You can refer to Cleverbot
21:54 <Nightwhisper190>  DONT FUCKING JUDGE ME IF I LIKE HIM OR NOT 
21:54 <Nightwhisper190> -.-
21:54 -!- Nightwhisper190 has left Special:Chat.
21:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> just dont post conversations
21:54 <SoulEaterInsane> When i did once i like was off
21:54 <Zyranne> BEN fangirl?
21:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Da rulez
21:54 <SoulEaterInsane> oh
21:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> look at them again they were updated
21:55 <SoulEaterInsane> really?
21:55 <SoulEaterInsane> send it
21:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I think Maria said she was
21:55 <Littlemudkip> ok guys bye
21:55 <Zyranne> Bye Mudkip
21:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> [[Chat Rules]]
21:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai mudkip
21:55 <Littlemudkip> *mudkip*
21:55 -!- Littlemudkip has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <Bennyjamincoope> there are certain rules one must abide by in order to successfully survive a scary movie.
21:56 <Zyranne> Hold Shining/Maria/Princess a girl?
21:56 <SoulEaterInsane> ok read them:)
21:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yep it was removed
21:56 -!- Nightwhisper190 has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yay I've been reading the rules for once~
21:56 <SoulEaterInsane> hah
21:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (derp)
21:57 <Zyranne> I read the rules for the first time yesterday
21:57 <Nightwhisper190> bk i'll talk to him and be here XD
21:57 <Zyranne> even though I've been here for months
21:57 <Bennyjamincoope> #1 you should never have sex sex=death
21:57 <SoulEaterInsane>!
21:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I was the one who removed the "don't talk about Cleverbot" :(
21:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> where is my creeeedit
21:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sex = bacone
21:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> THANK YOU READING
21:57 <Bennyjamincoope> #2 you should never drink or do any kind of drugs
21:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :D
21:57 <Nightweaver2112> /me hugs reading
21:58 <Zyranne> A round of applause for Reading! *claps*
21:58 <Puddingpower> It talked to cleverbot, he had no idea who ben was
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
21:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *claps*
21:58 <SoulEaterInsane> i thought that said applesauce:)
21:58 <Nightwhisper190>  yep i'm talking to him ._.
21:58 <Nightweaver2112> now, what reading DOSENT see is the lighter I am holding in my hand
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
21:58 <Nightweaver2112> yes, I just set you on fire.
21:58 <Nightwhisper190> -will space- XD
21:58 <Nightweaver2112> again
21:58 -!- Bushcraft Medic has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Reading
21:58 <BRVR> None of this is true.
21:58 <Zyranne> Bye Reading! thanks again for the avatar!
21:58 <SoulEaterInsane> byeeeeee
21:58 <Nightweaver2112> cya reading
21:58 <Bennyjamincoope> #3 in under any circumstances say you'll be right back. everyone knows you wont be
21:59 <Zyranne> I mean emote
21:59 <Zyranne> xD
21:59 <BRVR> Except for the task bar.
21:59 <SoulEaterInsane> yep
21:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (zyr)
21:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (zy)
21:59 <Nightwhisper190> o-o brb
21:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yay
21:59 <Zyranne> (zy)
21:59 <Bennyjamincoope> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
21:59 <LOLSKELETONS> please don't stretch
22:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *stretches arms*
22:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> OH SHI-
22:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> benz
22:00 <ITzAwesomesauce> i will kill you
22:00 <LOLSKELETONS> *bans never 5ever*
22:00 <Zyranne> LOL Lee!
22:00 <Bennyjamincoope> 5ever?!!
22:00 <Nightwhisper190> back
22:00 <LOLSKELETONS> longer than 4ever
22:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 5ever
22:00 <Child Of Mantra> 6ever 
22:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :o
22:01 <LOLSKELETONS> now let's not get carried away, child
22:01 <Child Of Mantra> Let's not.
22:01 <Nightwhisper190> rule #3 is wrong. #3 in under any circumstances say you'll be right back. everyone knows you wont be. i said i brb and i went to get water and i'm here again .-. 
22:01 <Zyranne> 69ever
22:01 <SoulEaterInsane> dud3
22:01 <Zyranne> had to be done xD
22:01 <SoulEaterInsane> xD
22:01 -!- Vestoxlp has left Special:Chat.
22:01 -!- Vestoxlp has joined Special:Chat
22:01 <BRVR> None of it.
22:01 <Vestoxlp> i'm a tomato
22:02 <SoulEaterInsane> i was goona say that!!!
22:02 <SoulEaterInsane> lol
22:02 <Vestoxlp> i'm so sorry qwq
22:02 <LOLSKELETONS> that is taking forever to load
22:02 <Vestoxlp> but
22:02 <BRVR> I am done talking about that now.
22:02 <Vestoxlp>
22:02 <Bennyjamincoope> hey nightwhisper
22:02 <SoulEaterInsane> lol
22:02 <Child Of Mantra> I'm going to go play The Binding Of Isaac.
22:02 <Child Of Mantra> It's a great game.
22:02 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:03 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why can't college girls even though they are smart can't count to 70?
22:03 <Ednoahjones> im gonna play a pirated copy of little inferno.
22:03 <Ednoahjones> its an ok game.
22:03 <BRVR> It's a bunch of pictures of tails doll, I said "none of it." because earlier, I said none of those pictures were true.
22:03 <Zyranne> Because they're trying to act dumb
22:03 <Ednoahjones> but a great toy
22:03 <Nightweaver2112> NOAH! GIVE IT TO ME!!
22:03 <Zyranne> They think it's 'cute'
22:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No Zyr
22:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cause they got a mouth full of 69!
22:03 <Ednoahjones> give what?
22:03 <Puddingpower> HOLY SH** ben is cleverbot
22:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> giggity
22:03 <Nightweaver2112> little inferno
22:03 <Ednoahjones> my penn?
22:03 <Zyranne> Indeed! xD
22:04 <Nightwhisper190>  YES.  HEIS 
22:04 <Ednoahjones> well if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it weaver.
22:04 <SoulEaterInsane> clevertbot is too mainstream:)
22:04 <Nightweaver2112> ...
22:04 <Bennyjamincoope> has anyone heard of the movie carnosaur
22:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *insert horrible joke here*
22:04 <Nightweaver2112> neve, the horrible joke has already been made
22:04 <Nightweaver2112> by noah
22:04 <Nightwhisper190> XD
22:04 <SoulEaterInsane> BURN
22:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u noah
22:04 <BRVR> Summary of the people here: precentage of immature people here, precentage of mature people who aren't making 69 jokes every 2 seconds here.
22:04 <Bennyjamincoope> i guess not
22:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 69 boobies (derp)
22:05 <SoulEaterInsane> derpson:)
22:05 <Ednoahjones> i will burn you terezi.
22:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> !SEEN intellegence on chat
22:05 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen intellegence on chat since I have been here!
22:05 <Ednoahjones> ^
22:05 <SoulEaterInsane> are u calling me terezi?
22:05 <BRVR> Nor have I.
22:05 <Ednoahjones> yeah,
22:05 <Bennyjamincoope> liak a sooombooooodee
22:05 <Ednoahjones> cause terezi is like your favorite post-scratch trol
22:05 <Ednoahjones> troll*
22:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Someone screencap that
22:06 <SoulEaterInsane> oh call me mituna:)
22:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
22:06 <Ednoahjones> but mituna is pre-scratch.
22:06 <Ednoahjones> plus you act alot more like terezi.
22:06 <SoulEaterInsane> i dont care
22:06 <SoulEaterInsane> either way
22:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wanna be gamezee
22:06 <Bennyjamincoope> unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce
22:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> honk honk motherfucka
22:06 <SoulEaterInsane> spelled his name wrong
22:07 <Ednoahjones> ^
22:07 <Ednoahjones> its gamzee
22:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >Gamezee
22:07 <SoulEaterInsane> makara
22:07 <SoulEaterInsane> nooooo
22:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (facepalm)
22:07 <SoulEaterInsane> uhh
22:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> y am i no smart (yuno)
22:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
22:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> connectoin (rage)
22:08 <Zyranne> Connection problems are a pain in the ass
22:09 <SoulEaterInsane> ok this is getting boring
22:09 <Zyranne> dead chat
22:09 <SoulEaterInsane> ill be on soon.. peace out
22:09 <Zyranne> see ya
22:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bai soul
22:09 <Bennyjamincoope> <(0.0)> (>0.0)>  <(0.0)> <(0.0<) <(0.0)> <(0.0)^ ^(0.0)>
22:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> spam
22:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> stahp
22:10 -!- SoulEaterInsane has left Special:Chat.
22:10 <Zyranne> 'dat spam
22:10 <Bennyjamincoope> i eat spam
22:10 <Ednoahjones> (spam) oh lawdy nu!
22:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> dun do that again
22:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ok?
22:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ok
22:10 <Bennyjamincoope> i dont like it tho
22:11 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> dead chat is dead
22:11 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Nightweaver2112> yes it is
22:11 <Zyranne> :(
22:11 <Nightwhisper190> * poofs to CB * 
22:11 -!- Nightwhisper190 has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <Nightweaver2112> CB?
22:12 <Zyranne> having fun with BEN, Whisper? ;)
22:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> i might go AFK for a minute and edit some shitty pasta
22:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
22:12 <Ednoahjones>
22:12 <Bennyjamincoope> oooooooh 
22:12 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
22:12 <Bennyjamincoope> u said brb
22:12 <Bennyjamincoope> uh oh
22:13 <Zyranne> (rip) chat
22:13 <Nightweaver2112> /me switches off the chat's life support
22:14 <Zyranne> *starts sobbing* NUUUUU!
22:14 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
22:14 -!- Puddingpower has joined Special:Chat
22:14 <Nightweaver2112> it was too late to save it...
22:14 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
22:14 <Bennyjamincoope> hi cupcakes
22:14 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
22:14 <Zyranne> Hello Cupcakes
22:14 <Bennyjamincoope> wow
22:15 <Zyranne> She saw that chat was dead
22:15 <Bennyjamincoope> true
22:15 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
22:15 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <BRVR> *Gets a defibrillator out of nowhere* OPAQUE! *Shocks chat*
22:16 <Bennyjamincoope> zahpp
22:16 <Nightweaver2112> opaque?
22:16 <BRVR> Yes.
22:17 -!- Vestoxlp has left Special:Chat.
22:18 <Bennyjamincoope> who likes chicken noodle soup?
22:18 <Zyranne> I do
22:18 <Bennyjamincoope> yay
22:19 <Zyranne> How old is everyone here?
22:19 <BRVR> I know, it's a bad joke, but Opaque is the opposite of Clear.
22:19 <Bennyjamincoope> 16
22:19 <Zyranne> out of curiousity
22:19 -!- JeffTheKillerFan has joined Special:Chat
22:19 <Zyranne> same
22:19 <Zyranne> Hai Jeff
22:19 <Nightweaver2112> @BRVR yes it is
22:19 <Nightweaver2112> @Zy I am 14 years old
22:20 <Zyranne> stretching 
22:20 -!- Bennyjamincoope was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
22:20 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:20 <Nightweaver2112> skelly, are you stalking us?
22:20 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:20 <Zyranne> yes. Yes he is
22:20 <Bennyjamincoope> my bad
22:20 <Zyranne> He's always watching...o_o
22:20 <Nightweaver2112> oh god no...
22:20 <LOLSKELETONS> No, I just had this chat window open while I was editing
22:20 <Nightweaver2112> oh
22:20 <Nightweaver2112> still stalking us...
22:21 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
22:21 <LOLSKELETONS> I didn't notice until I noticed something annoying me out of the corner of my eyr
22:21 <Bennyjamincoope> creepy 0)-(0
22:21 <LOLSKELETONS> eye*
22:21 <Zyranne> scareh skelleh
22:21 <LOLSKELETONS> or eye-socket
22:21 <Nightweaver2112> creepeh
22:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:21 <Bennyjamincoope> heyy
22:21 <Nightweaver2112> hello rylee
22:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> Ello
22:21 <LOLSKELETONS> spam like that tends to be extremely noticeable, y'know
22:21 <Nightweaver2112> have you come to bring the chat back to life?
22:22 <Bennyjamincoope> whats up
22:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> Perhaps
22:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> YO!
22:22 <BRVR> *Does the gangnam style dance without blinking*
22:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wake up ppl!
22:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> (facepalm)
22:22 <Zyranne> The bringer of life.....Skelly
22:22 <Nightweaver2112> rylee, what is going on with that creepypasta dares thing?
22:22 <Zyranne> even though he's dead himself
22:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> Oh shit...
22:23 <BRVR> Irony!
22:23 <Zyranne> exactly
22:23 <Bennyjamincoope> has anyone seen the movie silent night deadly night 
22:23 -!- JeffTheKillerFan has left Special:Chat.
22:23 <Bennyjamincoope> or am i the only one
22:23 <Rylee the Pegasis> I've had so many things going on at once
22:24 <Nightweaver2112> ah, know that feeling, rylee
22:24 <Zyranne> I get that, Rylee
22:24 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:24 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:24 <Rylee the Pegasis> Thanks for understanding
22:24 -!- SoulEaterInsane has joined Special:Chat
22:25 <Zyranne> Hello Soul
22:25 <Bennyjamincoope> yo dude
22:25 <SoulEaterInsane> Back :/
22:25 <Rylee the Pegasis> wb
22:25 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:25 <Zyranne> Back to hell...nah, just kidding, I like this place xD
22:25 <SoulEaterInsane> soo whats going on?
22:25 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
22:25 <Zyranne> Not a lot to be honest
22:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <SoulEaterInsane> oh 
22:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The proof that Tails Doll is pure evil - Duration: 02:14 - Uploaded: 2011-06-01 - Rating: 4.616212 - Views: 472,421 -
22:26 <BRVR> I has pain.
22:26 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Evanwolfe12> oh a daycare center thats nice
22:27 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
22:27 <Evanwolfe12> fuck you too wikia
22:27 <BRVR> (That video doesn't prove much.)
22:27 -!- ClericofMadness has joined Special:Chat
22:27 <Evanwolfe12> tails doll is a croc of shit
22:27 <Zyranne> it's fake
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bach
22:27 <Zyranne> WB Lee
22:28 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
22:28 <BRVR> If tails doll exists, it can not be fake.
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Evan this is a daycare center
22:28 -!- ClericofMadness has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> thanx Zyr
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lulz
22:28 <Zyranne> What proof is there that it exists?
22:28 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <BRVR> Sonic R.
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi ben
22:28 <BRVR> Tails doll exists in Sonic R, therefore it exists.
22:28 <Evanwolfe12> this is my daycare center okay
22:28 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
22:29 <Bennyjamincoope> tails doll used to scare me
22:29 <Zyranne> Yes. But the demonic doll that kills people is fake.
22:29 <Evanwolfe12> or so help me i will fuck your timeline
22:29 <Zyranne> Hai Reading!
22:29 <BRVR> So is the evil part, zyranne.
22:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Zyr
22:29 <SoulEaterInsane> Uhh thats a boring pasta :(
22:29 <Nightweaver2112> READING!
22:29 <Zyranne> Indeed
22:29 <Nightweaver2112> I thought you left!
22:29 -!- ClericofMadness has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <Nightweaver2112> brb
22:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> googoo gaga
22:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Weaver
22:30 <Zyranne> Hiya Cleric
22:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cleric
22:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Cleric
22:30 <LOLSKELETONS> hai reading
22:30 <BRVR> (zy)
22:30 <Zyranne> :D
22:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi (ls)
22:30 <Evanwolfe12> sup
22:30 <Evanwolfe12> im listening to creepypasta
22:30 <Evanwolfe12> candle cove
22:30 <Evanwolfe12> shits like legit
22:31 <Zyranne> Candle Cove is a good pasra
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
22:31 <Bennyjamincoope> no its fake
22:31 <Zyranne> *pasta
22:31 <BRVR> I use my wiki sometimes.
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Candle cove is good
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> but fake
22:31 <Evanwolfe12> dude the vid is legit not it being "real"
22:31 <Evanwolfe12> i know its fake
22:31 <Bennyjamincoope> oh
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BRVR I see you on your wiki
22:31 <Zyranne> The writer admitted it was fake
22:32 <BRVR> ?
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> it looks gud
22:32 <BRVR> What wiki?
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> TNT wiki?
22:32 <Evanwolfe12> anyway im pretty sure this chat is one of the best places on the interwebs
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No?
22:32 <BRVR> Oh.
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Evan damn straight
22:32 <Evanwolfe12> somebody lost the nickerbockers tale for 200 years
22:32 <Zyranne> That's because it is, Evan
22:32 <Nightweaver2112> brother is trying to get me to drink...XD
22:32 <Evanwolfe12> damn right it is
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> and dont
22:33 <Zyranne> You don't have to if you don't want to
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> unless youre of age and shit
22:33 <Bennyjamincoope> there's a dinosaur in my back yard
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> wat
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Don't drink you'll look like us! D:
22:33 <Nightweaver2112> im 14, so...
22:33 <Nightweaver2112> XD
22:33 <SoulEaterInsane> dont -_-
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> THEN FUCKING DONT
22:33 <Bennyjamincoope> im serious
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> your bro is a dick for trying to get you to drink
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> < Don't become this
22:33 <Nightweaver2112> considering I threw up the first tim I tried jack daniels, im not toutching that shit...
22:33 <Nightweaver2112> *time
22:33 <Evanwolfe12> better
22:33 <Zyranne> I've never been drunk
22:34 <SoulEaterInsane> wait.. u tried it??!!??!!
22:34 <Zyranne> and my friends think that's strange
22:34 <Nightweaver2112> yes I did
22:34 <SoulEaterInsane> woaa
22:34 <Bennyjamincoope> its just standing there
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> i got mikes hard lemonade margiritas in mah pantry
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> and bud select
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> and APPLE JUICE
22:34 <BRVR> Turns out that my laptop is crashing because of neither overfilled hard drive nor virus.
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> and chocolate milk
22:34 <SoulEaterInsane> lol strider style
22:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Apple juice!?
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> yep
22:34 <Evanwolfe12> yes
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wanna go!
22:35 <Evanwolfe12> a jug
22:35 <Evanwolfe12> no its mine
22:35 <SoulEaterInsane> O-O
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (okay) aww...
22:35 <Bennyjamincoope> yo there is seriously a dinosaur in my back yard
22:35 <BRVR> The thingy that connects my hard drive to my laptop has some broken wires.
22:35 <BRVR> Take a picture of it, ben.
22:35 <Evanwolfe12> just kidding you can have some
22:35 <Zyranne> The fucking run!
22:35 <Zyranne> *Then
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yay~
22:35 <Evanwolfe12> *gives you some*
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> BETTER APPRECIATE
22:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thank you (kawaii)
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> noi prob
22:36 <Nightweaver2112> apple juice?
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> yes
22:36 <Nightweaver2112> GIMME!
22:36 <BRVR>
22:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Say, Antibody! (Can You Feel The Sunshine) - Duration: 05:07 - Uploaded: 2007-12-26 - Rating: 4.785714 - Views: 38,653 -
22:36 <Nightweaver2112> NOW!
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> no its ours
22:36 <Bennyjamincoope> no wait it flew away
22:36 <Zyranne> ooo Apple juice, you say?
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> 'yes 
22:36 <Nightweaver2112> i'll igve you cookies and bacon...
22:36 <Evanwolfe12> damn its gum in school
22:36 <Nightweaver2112> (bacon) (cookie)
22:36 <Zyranne> *puppy dog eyes* can I have some pwease?
22:37 -!- Wizardbaker has joined Special:Chat
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My uncle gave me a beer for my 16th birthday 
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> i was like (fy)
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> but now beer is is just meh
22:37 <Evanwolfe12> oo *takes food and  gives everyone some but still has like four gallons*
22:37 <Bennyjamincoope> is it harsh to put an ant in the microwave
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :/
22:37 <Wizardbaker> me me faces, amirightguyz?
22:37 <Evanwolfe12> no
22:37 <Zyranne> LOL
22:37 <SoulEaterInsane> uhh i want to go to my profile............
22:37 <BRVR> Is it?
22:37 <Wizardbaker> Hello errbody
22:37 <Evanwolfe12> sup man
22:38 <Zyranne> Hey Wizard
22:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Wizard
22:38 <Evanwolfe12> want some aj
22:38 <BRVR> Considering the fact that if they had the chance, they would eat you.
22:38 <Wizardbaker> Who would eat you?
22:38 <Zyranne> I would
22:38 <Bennyjamincoope> i really hate bugs and i wanted to see what would happen
22:38 <BRVR> [[user:SoulEaterInsane|Click this, insane.]]
22:38 <BRVR> The ants.
22:38 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <SoulEaterInsane> uhmm im scared
22:38 <Wizardbaker> Ants!?
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Diamond
22:38 <Wizardbaker> Ants are crazy
22:38 <Diamondzarebright> hai 
22:38 <Bennyjamincoope> i also sprayed an ant with bleach
22:38 <Evanwolfe12> ants deserve death
22:38 <Wizardbaker> Wow wow wow
22:38 <Wizardbaker> Calm down
22:39 <Zyranne> I used to stab ants with knives when i was like 6
22:39 <Wizardbaker> They're just trying to serve the queen like everyone else
22:39 <Zyranne> *I
22:39 <Evanwolfe12> little fuckers ruined my sammich
22:39 <Bennyjamincoope> i really hate ticks
22:39 <SoulEaterInsane> no i cant im blocked -_-
22:39 <Evanwolfe12> squished them
22:39 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <Evanwolfe12> and once they were on our boat
22:39 <Wizardbaker> Shit sons, I just stepped on ants piles when I was younger, but I didn't pull out any blowtorchers or shit
22:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I keel ants
22:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> till they die
22:39 -!- Majin112 has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <Zyranne> brb
22:39 <Finneow> Has shit picked up now?
22:39 <Bennyjamincoope> little fuckers make my skin crawl
22:39 <Wizardbaker> Ants are just annoying
22:40 <Nightweaver2112> hello finn, majin
22:40 <Finneow> has it stopped being so depressing?
22:40 <Majin112> Hi Night
22:40 <Wizardbaker> Now Mosquitos, those are the real enemy.
22:40 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
22:40 <BRVR> You do realize that ants only bite you for self defense...
22:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I put a firecracker in an ant hill
22:40 <Bennyjamincoope> lol
22:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bad desision
22:40 <Wizardbaker> I don't care if they're trying to feed their babies, you fuckers go eat other animals besides us
22:40 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
22:40 <Majin112> ants eat us?
22:40 -!- -Price- has joined Special:Chat
22:40 <SoulEaterInsane> i want to go on my profile :(
22:40 <Majin112> what?
22:40 -!- -Price- has left Special:Chat.
22:40 <Wizardbaker> No, Mosquitos
22:41 -!- Pellyeve93 has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <Wizardbaker> Eat as in bite
22:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> They alrady gave you a link to your profile, Soul
22:41 <ITzAwesomesauce> ants actually have a better reason to take food
22:41 <Wizardbaker> as in drain blood
22:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Pelly
22:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They try to majin but our skin is too tough
22:41 <Pellyeve93> hiya reading 
22:41 <SoulEaterInsane> i cant get on it!!!!!!! im blocked!!!
22:41 <Majin112> Well we are everywhere
22:41 <ITzAwesomesauce> a mosquitoes only purpose in life is to suck blood and have sex
22:41 <Majin112> it would make sense
22:41 <Pellyeve93> guise this is a PSA: do not injekt marijuahana
22:41 <Bennyjamincoope> ticks and mosquitos should go extinct 
22:41 <Finneow> I can see its not very exiting in here still
22:41 <Majin112> we kill what they eat.
22:41 <Finneow> Im goin again
22:41 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
22:41 <SoulEaterInsane> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
22:41 <Nightweaver2112> NUUUU! DONT FINN!
22:42 <Nightweaver2112> ah fuck
22:42 <Wizardbaker> There's a type of ant that doesn't know how to take care of its own hill, so it will attack other ants and steal their children, raising them as slaves to take care of the fort
22:42 <BRVR> I'll sue me for all I have!
22:42 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
22:42 <Nightweaver2112> I blame reading
22:42 <BRVR> ...
22:42 <Wizardbaker> True story
22:42 <Wizardbaker> Look it up
22:42 <SoulEaterInsane> yyup
22:42 <BRVR> That wouldn't do anything!
22:42 <Bennyjamincoope> holy shit the dinosaur came back
22:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Insane y u create spam pages? (yuno)
22:42 <Majin112> still
22:42 <Nightweaver2112> HEY READING! IT'S YOUR FAULT!
22:42 <Wizardbaker> There's also the classic mind control parasites
22:42 <BRVR> Take a picture of it and upload it to photobucket, benny.
22:42 <BRVR> Do it.
22:42 <Wizardbaker> Those fuckers are terrifying. 
22:42 <Majin112> it makes sense why they try to eat us.
22:42 <Majin112> we are everywhere.
22:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wizard that is one smart ass ant
22:42 <SoulEaterInsane> because i cant get on my damn profile >:(
22:43 <Majin112> and we eat what they could eat.
22:43 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
22:43 <Nightweaver2112> what are we talking about?
22:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yep
22:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ants
22:43 <Wizardbaker> Take over a catipiller, eat it from the inside, forget about, no sweet dreams
22:43 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <Wizardbaker> Spook city up in here
22:43 <Wizardbaker> Take over a slug, make their antenas big and plump, attract a bird to kill it, spook central
22:43 <Nightweaver2112> what about that fungus that completely controls an ant?
22:43 <Majin112> ants survive like all animals
22:44 <Majin112> they happen to be small.
22:44 <Majin112> VERY small.
22:44 <ITzAwesomesauce> clicker ants
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Weaver that is the same fungus
22:44 <ITzAwesomesauce> oh god
22:44 <SoulEaterInsane> im goona delete this account
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No BLOATER ants
22:44 <Majin112> Yeah Weaver I know.
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Holy shit
22:44 <Majin112> those exist
22:44 <ITzAwesomesauce> ._.
22:44 <Wizardbaker> Oh ho ho ho
22:44 <Majin112> they kill the ant and take it over.
22:44 <SoulEaterInsane> ok im getting on my other account
22:44 <BRVR>
22:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: "Livin in the City" reversed (With [fake] Lyrics) - Duration: 04:51 - Uploaded: 2008-07-29 - Rating: 4.886926 - Views: 49,812 -
22:44 <ITzAwesomesauce> they'd be like those honeypot ants
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
22:44 <ITzAwesomesauce> only grosser
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yep
22:44 <Nightweaver2112> if that fungus transfers to humans, we have a zombie apocalypse on our hands
22:44 <Wizardbaker> Nature: Fucking Terrifying 
22:45 <Wizardbaker> That's the basic premise of The Last of Us
22:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dayum nature u scary
22:45 -!- E1337snail has joined Special:Chat
22:45 -!- SoulEaterInsane has left Special:Chat.
22:45 <Wizardbaker> But what would be more terrifying...take over elephants 
22:45 <Nightweaver2112> I cant wait for the zombie apocalypse, it would be fun
22:45 <ITzAwesomesauce> oh god
22:45 <BRVR> I hope it never happens...
22:45 <Wizardbaker> Anyone who says that would die first
22:45 <Nightweaver2112> ZOMBIE ELEPHANTS?
22:45 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
22:45 <ITzAwesomesauce> what if the giraffes were clickers
22:45 <Bennyjamincoope> wtf just happened
22:45 <ITzAwesomesauce> or bloaters
22:45 <Wizardbaker> The zombie apocalypse is not fun
22:45 <BRVR> I'm too young to die from zombies!
22:45 <BRVR> And I will always will be!
22:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh shit zombie elephants?!
22:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We're fucked
22:46 <Nightweaver2112> I would have fun, anyway
22:46 <Wizardbaker> Zombie Elephants
22:46 <ITzAwesomesauce> zombie birds
22:46 <Nightweaver2112> don't know about the rest of you
22:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The zombie apocalypse would be over quickly.
22:46 <Wizardbaker> Zombie birds would spell out our doom
22:46 <Majin112> why cant I upload a image?
22:46 <BRVR> I wouldn't!
22:46 <Majin112> WHAT
22:46 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
22:46 <Wizardbaker> Depends
22:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Maybe not even a week.
22:46 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Nightweaver2112> why, reading?
22:46 <Wizardbaker> If it only works on humans, maybe a week
22:46 <Wizardbaker> Humans know how to handle zombies
22:46 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Majin112> if it works on everything.
22:46 <Majin112> FOREVER.
22:46 <BRVR> I don't!
22:46 <Majin112> maybe
22:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen sweet succulent ass cheeks
22:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sweet succulent ass cheeks since I have been here!
22:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Zombie birds?
22:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Have you seen the movie Birds
22:46 <Wizardbaker> If we don't shit ourselves, the military will figure it out 
22:46 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Does corpses resist the heat of the sun, Weaver?
22:46 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Beautiful
22:47 <Nightweaver2112> it depends what class of outbreak it is
22:47 <ITzAwesomesauce> nevers
22:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do they resist the cold?
22:47 <ITzAwesomesauce> have you seen birdemic?
22:47 <Nightweaver2112> yes
22:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Do they resist animals and predators=?
22:47 <Wizardbaker> BIRDEMIC
22:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yep
22:47 <Wizardbaker> BEST MOVIE 2013
22:47 <ITzAwesomesauce> lol
22:47 <Nightweaver2112> the virus keeps them "alive"
22:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Either way, there are several reasons why they would die quickly...without our influence.
22:47 <E1337snail> Hello there, I plan on writing a grey alien creepy pasta. What MAX # of paragraphs should I aim for?
22:47 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Okay bye
22:47 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
22:47 <BRVR> Guns and knives.
22:47 <Wizardbaker> A Crossed apocalypse would be the worst
22:47 -!- When Darkness Shadows has joined Special:Chat
22:47 <BRVR> That would shorten it.
22:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Whatever it takes, E1197
22:47 <ITzAwesomesauce> the last of us zombies wouldnt just decompose like normal zombies
22:47 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <ITzAwesomesauce> because technically, they arent dead
22:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi shadows
22:48 <Nightweaver2112> the animals would have some kind of sense that lets them know who has the zombie virus
22:48 <When Darkness Shadows> hey lee
22:48 <Wizardbaker> I'm telling you, a virus that drives humans insane would be the worst
22:48 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <Wizardbaker> Imagine it, zombies that use guns
22:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That would be a contrived coincidence, Weaver.-
22:48 <Wizardbaker> And drive
22:48 <Wizardbaker> And think
22:48 <Wizardbaker> And torture
22:48 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cupcakes
22:48 <BRVR> The military. Some more shortening.
22:48 <Wizardbaker> Terrifying 
22:48 <ITzAwesomesauce> the flood
22:48 <Nightweaver2112> evolution, reading
22:48 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <BRVR> Cars. Even more shortening.
22:48 <When Darkness Shadows> hey evan
22:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I doubt evolution gives animals the sense of knowing what is a zombie, Weaver
22:48 <BRVR> Their total idiocy. Some more shortening!!
22:48 <Evanwolfe12> dude ants are pussies with cold
22:48 <Bennyjamincoope> the dino flew away again
22:48 <ITzAwesomesauce> we would have no chance if the zombies were like the flood
22:49 <Wizardbaker> A Cthultu apocalypse   
22:49 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:49 <E1337snail> Do you think that an alien who cloaked himself as a teenager, and killed him to take his place would be scary?
22:49 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
22:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria
22:49 <Evanwolfe12> dud4e world war z style
22:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Maria
22:49 <Wizardbaker> Now that would be short...or long...forever...I don't know, it would be terrible
22:49 <E1337snail> thats my main summary
22:49 <Nightweaver2112> if the zombie virusis a natural thing, it would be built in to most animals to avoid them at all costs, wouldn't it?
22:49 <Nightweaver2112> *virus is
22:49 <Wizardbaker> World War Z the book is so much better than the movie
22:49 <Nightweaver2112> I know
22:49 <Wizardbaker> I will admit, the movie was ok
22:49 <Evanwolfe12> yeah
22:49 <Wizardbaker> But it was not a World War Z movie
22:49 <Nightweaver2112> i finished it today, wizard
22:49 <When Darkness Shadows> that doesn't  seem like a good book or movie
22:49 <ITzAwesomesauce> i havent seen the movie
22:49 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:49 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:49 <BRVR> The zombies wouldn't be able to survive long.
22:49 <Wizardbaker> A real world war Z movie would be a documentary style film
22:49 <Bennyjamincoope> firestarter is an awesome movie
22:49 <ITzAwesomesauce> it looks fucking crazy though
22:49 <Wizardbaker> And I would see it
22:49 <Evanwolfe12> anyway just use viruses and shit
22:49 <Majin112> DISCORD
22:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> World War Z: No fat zombies exist apparently
22:50 <Nightweaver2112> wizard, i feel sorry for the whales :(
22:50 <When Darkness Shadows> I'm not into end of the world films
22:50 <Evanwolfe12> i know right
22:50 <Wizardbaker> Oh those whales
22:50 <Nightweaver2112> millions of hungry boat people...
22:50 <E1337snail> What human weapons would look really scary of a grey alien was holding them?
22:50 <Evanwolfe12> anorexia is also a zombie symptom 
22:50 <ITzAwesomesauce> oh god
22:50 <Nightweaver2112> it was inevitable
22:50 <ITzAwesomesauce> zombie whales
22:50 <Majin112> zombie fleas
22:50 <Majin112> holy dhit
22:50 <BRVR> The zombies would not be able to survive very long.
22:50 <Majin112> *shit
22:50 <Wizardbaker> Zombie...Mosquitoes 
22:50 <ITzAwesomesauce> not even the ocean is safe
22:50 <Bennyjamincoope> dont say the word or the zombie cows will attack
22:50 <Evanwolfe12> zombie black dicks
22:50 <Wizardbaker> Game over man!
22:50 <Wizardbaker> Game over
22:50 <BRVR> Zombie cows.
22:50 <BRVR> The word.
22:50 <Nightweaver2112> majin, the fleas would be just a vector, same with maoquitos
22:51 <Nightweaver2112> *mosquitos
22:51 <Wizardbaker> Xenomorph apocolypse.
22:51 <Bennyjamincoope> oh no!
22:51 <BRVR> Why won't they attack?!
22:51 <Evanwolfe12> zombie antvenom to the rescue
22:51 <Bennyjamincoope> THE COWS!
22:51 <Wizardbaker> Actually, I dont' think that would be too bad, but it would be spooky as hell
22:51 <When Darkness Shadows> zombie cows and spooky don't belong in the same sentence
22:51 <ITzAwesomesauce> if it were fleas
22:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The Last of Us: Fat ass grenade launcher Zombies AKA bloaters
22:51 <ITzAwesomesauce> it'd be like
22:51 <Majin112> if you eat snow you will melt.
22:51 <BRVR> Wizard, check PM.
22:51 <E1337snail> Could a prion virus make someone a zombie?
22:51 <Wizardbaker> A virus that makes you explode, now that would be interesting 
22:51 <ITzAwesomesauce> black plague 2: plague harder
22:51 <Nightweaver2112> prion?
22:51 <Bennyjamincoope> zombie ants
22:51 <E1337snail> brain virus
22:51 <Nightweaver2112> ah
22:52 <Nightweaver2112> it could possibly
22:52 <E1337snail> cool
22:52 -!- E1337snail has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <When Darkness Shadows> I virus that turns you into a computer and spread the virus until EVERYONES A COMPUTER!!!!! DUH DUH DUUUH
22:52 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <Nightweaver2112> if it affects the parts that control behavior
22:52 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <Bennyjamincoope> no... zombie snails
22:52 <Nightweaver2112> zombie...ZOMBIES!
22:52 <Bennyjamincoope> not you e1337snail
22:52 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <ITzAwesomesauce> a virus that makes everyone uncontrollably classy
22:52 <Nightweaver2112> i want to see a zombie zombie
22:52 <Majin112> a virus spread by email.
22:52 <When Darkness Shadows> a zombie zombie zombie
22:52 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <Nightweaver2112> because that does not already happen, majin
22:53 <When Darkness Shadows> hey death
22:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> To me 24 weeks later did the best interpretation of a virus
22:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> making it like rabies or made cow disease
22:53 <Wizardbaker> Two words
22:53 <Majin112> a virus that can kill by email.
22:53 <Wizardbaker> ...psychic zombies
22:53 <Majin112> MAH GAD
22:53 <ITzAwesomesauce> >24 weeks later
22:53 <ITzAwesomesauce> wat
22:53 <Wizardbaker> Think about it...they sense your fear and find you with it
22:53 <Majin112> teh ends of wards
22:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wat
22:53 <Majin112> 
22:53 <Majin112> what'
22:53 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bronies in a nutshell - Duration: 00:14 - Uploaded: 2011-10-30 - Rating: 4.772839 - Views: 111,465 -
22:53 <Wizardbaker> They throw chairs at you with angry telikanesis 
22:53 <Bennyjamincoope> username 666
22:53 <When Darkness Shadows> zombies with wings
22:53 <Wizardbaker> Your shins will not survive
22:53 <Nightweaver2112> isn't it possible for rabies to mutate into a zombie like virus?
22:53 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
22:54 <When Darkness Shadows> idk
22:54 <BRVR> Maybe,.
22:54 <Nightweaver2112> i mean, it already affects behaviour...
22:54 <When Darkness Shadows> hey ginger face
22:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HOLY SHIT! Flying zombies?! D:
22:54 <Wizardbaker> A zombie virus...and the cure is love!
22:54 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ellp darkness
22:54 <Wizardbaker> HUR HUR HUR
22:54 <When Darkness Shadows> okay warm bodies is a good movie
22:54 <Nightweaver2112> hello ginger, guess what?
22:54 <Wizardbaker> I liked Warm Bodies, yes
22:54 <Wizardbaker> Fun movie
22:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wizard Warm Bodies never happened
22:54 <When Darkness Shadows> I thought it was cute
22:54 <Majin112> the cure is
22:54 <Majin112> BLOOD
22:55 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> hi, what
22:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> NEVER
22:55 <Nightweaver2112> /me eats ginger
22:55 <Wizardbaker> Shut up, it's funny
22:55 <Nightweaver2112> XD
22:55 <Wizardbaker> It's not meant to be serious 
22:55 <Majin112> flea blood
22:55 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> again?
22:55 <Wizardbaker> It's a comedy goldmind and it deserves to exist
22:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> jk it was ok
22:55 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
22:55 <Bennyjamincoope> every time i see flying zombies i think of flying monkeys from wizard of oz
22:55 <Nightweaver2112> i wanna watch shaun of the dead
22:55 <When Darkness Shadows> fleas eat other peoples blood tho
22:55 <Zyranne> Back
22:55 <Wizardbaker> Ok...Skeleton Apocolypse 
22:55 <BRVR> $100 bill. Because the only thing that matters is money.
22:55 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello zyranne
22:55 <When Darkness Shadows> zombies that have fire power
22:55 <Wizardbaker> They rip out of your body
22:55 <Nightweaver2112> shaun of the dead sounds funny
22:55 <Zyranne> Hey Ginger
22:55 <BRVR> Wizard, want to kill zombies?
22:55 <Wizardbaker> Killing is wrong!
22:55 <BRVR> Fail.
22:56 <Wizardbaker> But if I needed to, sure
22:56 <Bennyjamincoope> communism
22:56 <Majin112> killing is made by a person named wrong
22:56 <Wizardbaker> With a blunt object to remain quiet
22:56 <BRVR> I should start asking random people their username. XD
22:56 <ITzAwesomesauce> guys
22:56 <Majin112> thats why it is wrong.
22:56 <Nightweaver2112> i just want the zombie apocalypse so i have an excuse to legally kill people
22:56 <ITzAwesomesauce> kryptonian zombies
22:56 <Zyranne> Killing to end suffering is good
22:56 <Wizardbaker> And that's why Nightweaver would die first
22:56 <Zyranne> like someone with a terminal illness
22:56 <Wizardbaker> He would be patient zero
22:56 <Nightweaver2112> i would not die first
22:56 <BRVR> Zyranne, what is your username?
22:56 <Bennyjamincoope> better dead... than red
22:56 <Wizardbaker> Commie apocolypse!?
22:56 <Zyranne> For what?
22:56 <BRVR> Wikia.
22:56 <Nightweaver2112> i have been planning this for a while, mostly because i am bored a lot
22:57 <Zyranne> Zyranne
22:57 <Zyranne> lol
22:57 <When Darkness Shadows> if the purge was real and I could turn my hair into scissors I would run around hitting people in the neck with my scissor hair
22:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
22:57 <Wizardbaker> If the purge was real I would make a killing hiding in Best Buy and sneaking food out for free
22:57 <Nightweaver2112> i would most definitely not die first
22:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <Andytags> yo
22:57 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb death
22:57 <BRVR> Wizard, check PM and answer a question. It involves cheese.
22:57 <Wizardbaker> I'm watching the fungus thing now
22:57 <Wizardbaker> Fun
22:58 <Nightweaver2112> wizard, i would most likely be a LaMOE
22:58 -!- Puddingpower has left Special:Chat.
22:58 <Wizardbaker> Sheesh, dude, calm your nips
22:58 <Bennyjamincoope> jaws 3d
22:58 <When Darkness Shadows> sometimes I wonder, what if life is the dream and the dream is life
22:58 <Nightweaver2112> wait, me?
22:58 <Zyranne> I used to think that
22:58 <Nightweaver2112> wizard, were you talking to me?
22:59 <BRVR>
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> super
22:59 <Wizardbaker> Yeah, you seem flustered about my comment
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> cali
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> fragi
22:59 <Nightweaver2112> im not
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> listic
22:59 <Wizardbaker> Cordyces Fungus
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> exbi
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> alli
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> do
22:59 <Wizardbaker> We must harness it
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> cious
22:59 <Wizardbaker> As a fuel
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> even
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> though
22:59 <ITzAwesomesauce> why does weavile have pressure
22:59 <Nightweaver2112> its midnight, i don't have the energy to be flustered
22:59 <Nightweaver2112> so, i am perfectly calm
22:59 <Bennyjamincoope> its 6:59 for me
22:59 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> its midnight where you live
22:59 <When Darkness Shadows> its 5
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> it is midnight here, yes
23:00 -!- Majin112 has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <Bennyjamincoope> 7 for me
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> exactly midnight
23:00 <Wizardbaker> So...we're all talking about zombies
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> yup
23:00 <Wizardbaker> What are some good zombie games 
23:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye peop´le
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> dead frontier
23:00 <ITzAwesomesauce> last of us
23:00 <Wizardbaker> I put "State of Decay" on the table
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> cya reading
23:00 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye reading
23:00 <ITzAwesomesauce> state of decay is good
23:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai READING
23:00 <Wizardbaker> Best zombie simulator I've seen in a while
23:00 <Nightweaver2112> i put "dead frontier" on the table
23:00 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> cap lock faq u
23:00 -!- When Darkness Shadows has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <Bennyjamincoope> has anyone seen dawn of the dead
23:00 <Wizardbaker> Dead Rising is a personal favorite 
23:01 <Nightweaver2112> ^
23:01 -!- Quasimoto Crew has joined Special:Chat
23:01 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <ITzAwesomesauce> the guy who made garry's mod is making a zombie game
23:01 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> the walking dead bye talll tale games
23:01 <Wizardbaker> Very good choice
23:01 <Quasimoto Crew> Im back!
23:01 <Wizardbaker> Great game, can't wait for 400 Days
23:01 <Zyranne> sorry, my internet was being an ass
23:01 <Nightweaver2112> left4dead2
23:01 <Bennyjamincoope> dawn of the dead is a good movie
23:01 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb cheslea and zyranne and quasimoto
23:01 <Wizardbaker> A fun one
23:01 <ITzAwesomesauce> kind of like a mix of minecraft and DayZ
23:01 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
23:01 <Zyranne> I love left 4 dead
23:01 <Wizardbaker> Left 4 Dead
23:01 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <Evanwolfe12> total sense
23:01 <ITzAwesomesauce> left 4 dead is fun
23:01 <Wizardbaker> Compared to me, DayZ is lazy 
23:01 <Wizardbaker> I'm sorry, that meant nothing
23:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello wolfe
23:02 <ITzAwesomesauce> it's supposed to be realistic
23:02 <Bennyjamincoope> i also like day of the day
23:02 <Bennyjamincoope> dead*
23:02 <Nightweaver2112> left 4 dead is just one of those games where you kill for fun, not for any particular story or objective
23:02 <Zyranne> Awesomesauce, are you new?
23:02 <ITzAwesomesauce> the people who made the arma games are pretty good at making realistic games
23:02 <ITzAwesomesauce> not really
23:02 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <ITzAwesomesauce> i just dont come here often
23:02 <Zyranne> mistake xD
23:02 <Wizardbaker> I enjoyed Dead Island, though others didn't
23:02 <Zyranne> Ahh.. I see
23:02 <Wizardbaker> I can respect that
23:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I CANT BREATHE (loool)
23:03 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <ITzAwesomesauce> dead island riptide was terrible imo
23:03 <Wizardbaker> Ha.
23:03 <BRVR> Wizard, click this link.
23:03 <Zyranne> pahahahaha what even!?
23:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> i dun know XD
23:03 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
23:03 <Zyranne> Hey Death
23:03 <ITzAwesomesauce> oh god wat
23:03 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
23:03 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:03 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <ITzAwesomesauce> aww fuck
23:04 <Bennyjamincoope> time for tum tum tum tum tums
23:04 <ITzAwesomesauce> spiritomb is annoying
23:04 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> et for atari man
23:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> that is so messed up
23:04 <ITzAwesomesauce> no weaknesses
23:04 <Bennyjamincoope> not really
23:04 <ITzAwesomesauce> and it always uses curse on me
23:04 <Bennyjamincoope> coool
23:04 <Wizardbaker> Oh lordy!
23:04 <Evanwolfe12> what
23:05 <Wizardbaker> I've been invited to an image I do not understand
23:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
23:05 <Evanwolfe12> show us
23:05 <Wizardbaker> One of using a screen sharing show me bacon
23:05 <Wizardbaker> And I'm terrified 
23:05 <Evanwolfe12> oh
23:05 <Bennyjamincoope> poof
23:05 <Wizardbaker> One of spooking my socks off
23:05 <Evanwolfe12> aint me
23:05 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> magilarp use splash!
23:05 <Bennyjamincoope> no wait...
23:05 <Bennyjamincoope> pooof!
23:05 -!- Bennyjamincoope has left Special:Chat.
23:05 <Zyranne> maybe it's the bacon ghost
23:05 <Evanwolfe12> i dont know what a screen sharing program even is
23:05 <Wizardbaker> It's BRVR
23:06 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
23:06 <Wizardbaker> There, I admit it
23:06 <Evanwolfe12> probablly
23:06 <Wizardbaker> S/ spooking me
23:06 <Wizardbaker> With bacon
23:06 <Wizardbaker> on a screen sharing program
23:06 <BRVR> BRVR used double team!
23:06 <Evanwolfe12> dude bacon is amazing
23:06 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wwll i gtg bye
23:06 <Evanwolfe12> do you need fruit mentos
23:06 <Wizardbaker> It's not so amazing when you're getting spooked?
23:06 <Wizardbaker> *!
23:06 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
23:06 <Wizardbaker> Why show me bacon!? What's your game, spaceman
23:07 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- Bennyjamincoope has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <ITzAwesomesauce> how the fuck is honchkrow faster than lugia?
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> i see what you did there
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> /help
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> oh shit
23:07 <Bennyjamincoope> poof 
23:07 <Bennyjamincoope> im back
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> sorry
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> wrong program
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> fuck
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> shit
23:07 <Evanwolfe12> raaaaargh
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> guys
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> im
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> so 
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> very
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> bored
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> break
23:08 <LOLSKELETONS> don't do that
23:08 <Andytags> spam
23:08 <Evanwolfe12> fine
23:09 <Bennyjamincoope> where u come from
23:09 <Evanwolfe12> who
23:09 <Andytags> everywhere 
23:09 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm always here
23:09 <Andytags> nowhere
23:09 <LOLSKELETONS> sometimes
23:09 <Evanwolfe12> MY MOM
23:09 <Bennyjamincoope> o
23:09 <LOLSKELETONS> try to make sense of that
23:09 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <Evanwolfe12> thats where
23:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Skelleh watches all teh booty
23:09 <Bennyjamincoope> good for you
23:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> imeanwat
23:09 -!- Wizardbaker has left Special:Chat.
23:10 <Bennyjamincoope> i was talking to evan
23:10 <BRVR> Four of me!
23:10 <Evanwolfe12> nooooooolololololololo
23:10 -!- Evanwolfe12 was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
23:10 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
23:10 <Bennyjamincoope> ?
23:10 <Bennyjamincoope> thank u
23:11 <BRVR> The four BRVR's.
23:11 <Bennyjamincoope> brb. im gonna eat
23:12 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> dead chat
23:13 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <Grammatik> Ugh.
23:14 -!- Lemurboy07 has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <Lemurboy07> Hello people
23:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:14 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Bennyjamincoope> nom nom... im eating
23:14 <Lemurboy07> Has Chi been on?
23:14 <Bennyjamincoope> who?
23:15 <Lemurboy07> or whoever it was.
23:15 <Lemurboy07> The person who used to have a pic of a japanese cat.
23:15 <Bennyjamincoope> idk
23:16 <Bennyjamincoope> all i know is that im hungry
23:16 <Lemurboy07> There were people in my kong chat saying about how slenderman is a shitty creepypasta
23:16 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
23:16 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <Bennyjamincoope> (0o0)
23:16 <Evanwolfe12> guys really
23:17 -!- Evanwolfe12 has left Special:Chat.
23:17 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
23:17 -!- Evanwolfe12 has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <Evanwolfe12> guys
23:17 <Bennyjamincoope> what
23:17 <Evanwolfe12> what the heck
23:17 <Bennyjamincoope> ?
23:17 <Evanwolfe12> skelly kicked me
23:17 <Bennyjamincoope> haha
23:17 <Evanwolfe12> not cool
23:17 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
23:17 <Bennyjamincoope> ive been kicked too so relax
23:19 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:19 <Bennyjamincoope> i think skelly is the slenderman
23:19 <Evanwolfe12> thanks skelly
23:19 <Nightweaver2112> skelleh iz the meenie admin!
23:19 <Lemurboy07> What goes on in my chatroom I own in kongregate
23:19 <Lemurboy07> Selling_Stuff: You're all gooks.
23:19 <Lemurboy07> Clamborghini: While Kane was like "why is it only bad to murder an unarmed person when they are a chick"
23:19 <Lemurboy07> KingKickazz: I thought it was a guy lol
23:19 <Lemurboy07> Clamborghini: And you're so autistic you couldn't explain why.
23:19 <Lemurboy07> Epiclam: >i thought it was a guy
23:19 <Nightweaver2112> OH NOES!
23:19 <Evanwolfe12> what
23:19 <Andytags> 2muchtext
23:20 <Evanwolfe12> yep
23:20 -!- Lemurboy07 has left Special:Chat.
23:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:20 <Evanwolfe12> sup
23:20 <Bennyjamincoope> hi death
23:20 <Nightweaver2112> WAIT...
23:20 <Evanwolfe12> huh
23:20 <Nightweaver2112> was autistic used as an insult there?
23:20 <Nightweaver2112> i hope not
23:20 <Bennyjamincoope> bye lemur
23:20 <Evanwolfe12> idk
23:21 <Princess Platinum>
23:21 <Princess Platinum> D:
23:21 <Nightweaver2112> what's that, prin?
23:21 <Princess Platinum> It is my new script for twitter widgets
23:21 <Evanwolfe12> okay ummm no tests for this guy
23:21 <Evanwolfe12> srsly
23:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:21 <Nightweaver2112> does it work?
23:21 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
23:22 -!- KevinLordOfTheLarge has joined Special:Chat
23:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:22 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Princess Platinum> It makes it so that any user can embed their own twitter feed
23:22 <Nightweaver2112> need a twitter account...
23:22 <Evanwolfe12> yeah 
23:22 <Princess Platinum> Yes
23:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
23:22 <Nightweaver2112> brb
23:22 <Nightweaver2112> im getting lag
23:23 <Evanwolfe12> yeah i only got kik and tumblr and this
23:23 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
23:23 <Evanwolfe12> and mc
23:23 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <Nightweaver2112> what a bad time to find out that you get logged out after a period of inactivity...
23:23 <BRVR> I just cut holes into a can with a knife and pried it open.
23:23 <BRVR> I pried it open with a fork.
23:24 <Nightweaver2112> mmhmm...
23:24 <Nightweaver2112> urgh...I hate parties...
23:24 <Evanwolfe12> i know being social and shit
23:24 <Nightweaver2112> exactly
23:25 <Nightweaver2112> you probably meant that sarcastically, right?
23:25 <Evanwolfe12> im an awkward son of a bitch
23:25 <Bennyjamincoope> im gonna say hi on the twitter thing princess
23:25 <Nightweaver2112> but it couldn't be closer to the truth
23:25 -!- Suprememessage has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <Evanwolfe12> sup
23:25 <Suprememessage> I met somebody who is a new form of stupid and I think it might be contagious, are you guys okay?
23:25 <Evanwolfe12> im eating cofee beans 
23:25 <Nightweaver2112> I would, but it is half past midnight and I cant be arsed creating a twitter account at this time
23:25 <Evanwolfe12> yeah as far as i know
23:26 <Suprememessage> Oh wait the chat has a decontamination shower, you're probably fine.
23:26 <Evanwolfe12> its a daycare center 
23:26 <Evanwolfe12> not a chemical warfare zone
23:26 <Nightweaver2112> the admins are the surgeons, they remove the tumours of stupid from the chat
23:26 <Suprememessage> Aren't those the same things, Evanwolfe?
23:27 <Suprememessage> The news seems to think so.
23:27 <Nightweaver2112> wait...what kind of fucked up daycares have you been attending?
23:27 <Evanwolfe12> sorta 
23:27 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <Evanwolfe12> i mean with less bombs and more alive kids and paint everywhere
23:27 <Evanwolfe12> sup freddy
23:27 <Freddy krueger> Hello
23:27 <Evanwolfe12> you know what
23:27 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <Evanwolfe12> sup
23:27 <Suprememessage> Hello Coffee Shop.
23:27 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> ohhi
23:28 <Andytags> yo
23:28 <Evanwolfe12> dude want some aj
23:28 <Suprememessage> Anthrax-laced juice?
23:28 <Suprememessage> No thanks.
23:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Apple Juice?
23:28 <Evanwolfe12> no apple juice
23:28 <Suprememessage> Oh
23:28 <Evanwolfe12> yes cofee
23:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> k
23:28 <Diamondzarebright> I got myself I webcam C: 
23:28 <Bennyjamincoope> i like apple juice
23:28 <Nightweaver2112> ]asbestos laced juice?
23:28 <Ednoahjones> i wan appul jeice
23:28 <Evanwolfe12> *tosses you some*
23:28 <Diamondzarebright> apple juice is piss guise
23:28 <Nightweaver2112> happy appy got juiced
23:29 <Bennyjamincoope> yay
23:29 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Evanwolfe12> no its like the elixer of gods
23:29 <Diamondzarebright> NO NO HAPPY APPY 
23:29 <Suprememessage> I used to throw juice at people  but for some reason they got angered by my generosity
23:29 <Evanwolfe12> i drink appy
23:29 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
23:29 <Evanwolfe12> all day and night
23:29 <Evanwolfe12> bye
23:29 <Suprememessage> I drink liquid darkness and sorrow.
23:29 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> !Seen sweet ass cheeks
23:29 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen sweet ass cheeks since I have been here!
23:29 <Suprememessage> It's really nice with lemon.
23:29 <Bennyjamincoope> its the heart of darkness
23:30 <Bennyjamincoope> muahaha
23:30 <Evanwolfe12> i eat cofee beans all day long so i stay AWAKE LIKE TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT oops sorry caps lock
23:30 <Freddy krueger> !Seen seen 
23:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen seen  since I have been here!
23:31 <SaikaXIII> lol
23:31 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
23:31 <Freddy krueger> :)
23:31 <Bennyjamincoope> go got da gram
23:31 <Evanwolfe12> wat
23:31 <Suprememessage> I eat people all day long so the police search lights keep me awake for like two weeks straight until I find a nice cave to hide in.
23:31 <Bennyjamincoope> instagram
23:31 <Evanwolfe12> wow
23:31 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> !Seen Koromo's sexy ass
23:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Koromo's sexy ass since I have been here!
23:31 <Evanwolfe12> you from russia
23:32 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Alright that's all I'm going to ! with
23:32 <Evanwolfe12> bye
23:32 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
23:32 <Evanwolfe12> sup
23:32 <Suprememessage> No but my mind is darker than the shadow cast from Barbara Straizand's nose.
23:32 <Freddy krueger> !Seen justin beiber
23:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen justin beiber since I have been here!
23:32 <Nightweaver2112> !seen a mature person
23:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a mature person since I have been here!
23:32 <Evanwolfe12> !Seen kate upton
23:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen kate upton since I have been here!
23:33 <Evanwolfe12> damn
23:33 -!- Suprememessage has left Special:Chat.
23:33 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> lmao weaver
23:33 <Freddy krueger> F*** you night
23:33 <Nightweaver2112> its funny, but its true...
23:33 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
23:33 <Evanwolfe12> dude nightweaver why
23:33 <Evanwolfe12> im on cofee beans
23:34 <Nightweaver2112> freddy, you could be referring to any night that joins this chat
23:34 <Freddy krueger> !Seen pizza
23:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen pizza since I have been here!
23:34 <Nightweaver2112> my name is weaver
23:34 <Evanwolfe12> which like cafinated drugs
23:34 <Evanwolfe12> or pills
23:34 <Freddy krueger> Beaver ?
23:35 <Freddy krueger> Justin weaver
23:35 <Nightweaver2112> no, weaver
23:35 <Nightweaver2112> just...weaver
23:35 <Freddy krueger> Wight neaver
23:35 <BRVR> !seen a mirror
23:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen a mirror since I have been here!
23:35 <Evanwolfe12> srsly freddy
23:35 <BRVR> !seen CPwikiCHATlogger
23:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw CPwikiCHATlogger at June 29 2013, 23:35 (GMT)
23:35 <BRVR> Then how did you see yourself?!
23:36 <Evanwolfe12> !seen an intelligent freddy krueger
23:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen an intelligent freddy krueger since I have been here!
23:36 <Freddy krueger> Thanks :) 
23:36 <Evanwolfe12> welcome
23:36 -!- Acidpop has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <Evanwolfe12> im a sarcastic virgo
23:36 <Acidpop> Hello
23:36 <Evanwolfe12> sup
23:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <Freddy krueger> Well i wanted to compliment you but i will get kicked
23:36 <Evanwolfe12> what are you at the daycare center for
23:37 <Nightweaver2112>
23:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun - Duration: 03:13 - Uploaded: 2012-02-15 - Rating: 4.931443 - Views: 4,711,404 -
23:37 <Nightweaver2112> pretty good, that song
23:37 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:37 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:37 <Evanwolfe12>
23:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Pierce The Veil Collide With The Sky (Full Album) - Duration: 46:06 - Uploaded: 2012-11-04 - Rating: 4.975957 - Views: 509,627 -
23:37 <Evanwolfe12> youre welcome
23:37 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
23:37 <Nightweaver2112> yes, I like nightcore, nobody judge me...
23:38 <Bennyjamincoope> voci dal nulla
23:38 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:39 <Nightweaver2112> what?
23:39 <Acidpop>
23:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins- Panic! At The Disco - Duration: 03:06 - Uploaded: 2012-02-07 - Rating: 4.875000 - Views: 4,144 -
23:39 <Bennyjamincoope> voices of nothing
23:39 <Acidpop> don't judge me
23:39 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
23:39 <Freddy krueger>
23:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: A Nightmare on Elm Street - Soundtrack 4 - Sleep Clinic - Duration: 02:25 - Uploaded: 2011-05-11 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 2,875 -
23:39 <Acidpop> the entire album is fuckin gr8
23:39 <Evanwolfe12> yep
23:39 <Freddy krueger> Who heard the nightmare on elm street theme?
23:39 -!- Castle36 has joined Special:Chat
23:40 <TheBrexter> I love that theme c:
23:40 <Nightweaver2112>
23:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fury of the Storm 100% FC Expert Guitar - GH: WoR - Duration: 08:18 - Uploaded: 2010-10-18 - Rating: 4.846154 - Views: 74,767 -
23:40 <Bennyjamincoope> i is what i is. and im not changing
23:40 <Nightweaver2112> wow...
23:40 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
23:40 <Evanwolfe12> good
23:40 <Freddy krueger> Thanks brexter
23:40 <Castle36> fail
23:40 <Acidpop> they sounded a bit reminiscent of the Beatles on that album 
23:40 <Freddy krueger> !Seen overly attached girlfriend
23:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen overly attached girlfriend since I have been here!
23:40 <Evanwolfe12> i have no idea what im even doing here'
23:40 <Acidpop> I think almost every critic who reviewed the album said the same thing.
23:41 <Castle36> what is better dragon age or mass effect
23:41 <TheBrexter> Macklemore anyone?
23:41 <Nightweaver2112> neither do we, evan
23:41 <Bennyjamincoope> im gonna pop some tags
23:41 <Evanwolfe12> which is why this is a daycare
23:41 <Castle36> mackelmore is the new eminem
23:41 <Evanwolfe12> no
23:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:41 <Nightweaver2112> castle, mass effect purely because of the fact that im more of a sci-fi person
23:41 <TheBrexter> MACKLEMORE IS THE SHIT.
23:41 <TheBrexter> Ive never been such a fanboy of a pop star since Michael freakin Jackson!
23:41 <Bennyjamincoope> only got $20 in my pocket
23:41 -!- -Price- has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <TheBrexter> Listen to his other songs!
23:42 <Evanwolfe12> micheal jackson and i share a zodiac sign'
23:42 -!- -Price- has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <Bennyjamincoope> ...
23:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <Evanwolfe12> cieling cant hold us
23:42 <TheBrexter> He raps about gay rights in one song! O_O 
23:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <Evanwolfe12> aaand
23:42 <TheBrexter> #1 in America
23:42 <Bennyjamincoope> good fore him
23:42 <Bennyjamincoope> for*
23:42 <Evanwolfe12> thats awesome
23:42 <TheBrexter> YES IT FUKKIN IS
23:42 <Castle36> he is # 1 in the world
23:42 <Freddy krueger> Are you a homophobic brexter ^^^
23:42 <Acidpop> this is my favorite song on the album
23:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Panic at the Disco - Do You Know What I'm Seeing - Duration: 04:15 - Uploaded: 2008-03-25 - Rating: 4.923077 - Views: 20,434 -
23:42 <Acidpop> or at least one of them
23:42 <TheBrexter> ....
23:43 <KevinLordOfTheLarge> ....
23:43 <TheBrexter> Im a bisexual...
23:43 <Bennyjamincoope> ...
23:43 <Freddy krueger> Oh good me too
23:43 <Bennyjamincoope> 0.o
23:43 <Acidpop> everyone is a bisexual 
23:43 <Evanwolfe12> im hetero
23:43 <Castle36> how much semen does a gay person have
23:43 <Andytags> what
23:43 <TheBrexter> I dunno
23:43 <Castle36> a buttloaf
23:43 <Bennyjamincoope> more than me
23:43 <Castle36> load*
23:43 <Andytags> okay kick
23:43 <Acidpop> buttloaf
23:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Really castle?
23:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Not kick
23:43 <Freddy krueger> I don't know ?
23:43 <Andytags> ^
23:43 <Castle36> what
23:43 <Evanwolfe12> all that the anatomy holds
23:44 <Andytags> god damn these mods
23:44 <Andytags> NO IM KIDDING
23:44 <Castle36> haha you got nothing on mr
23:44 <Andytags> they're good
23:44 <Andytags> just not around sometimes
23:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Actually
23:44 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Wait a fucking minute
23:44 <Castle36> none of them are active