23:41 <Oderyus> Yes
23:41 <Oderyus> I hate commies
23:42 <CrashingCymbal> Followed up by saying "please" ?
23:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Darn u (icu)
23:42 <Oderyus> the magic word
23:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Avada cadabra is a magic word
23:42 <Oderyus> Commies killed my grandmothers brother in the Greek Civil Wat
23:42 <JustinDavid23> What's the magic word
23:42 <Oderyus> *War
23:42 <Oderyus> Please
23:43 <Oderyus> is the magic word
23:43 <JustinDavid23> Aight
23:43 <Oderyus>
23:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bird is the Word! | FAMILY GUY | FOX BROADCASTING - Duration: 01:18 - Uploaded: 2008-10-06 - Rating: 4.882255 - Views: 71,485,323 -
23:44 <JustinDavid23> This sitr-fry is good
23:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:44 <JustinDavid23> Hi Ry
23:44 <Oderyus> and Crashing I didnt ask for a higher rating I asked if you put a higher rating
23:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
23:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Soo... I kicked a hipster in the nuts and...
23:44 <Oderyus> That is different
23:45 <Oderyus> His Iphone broke huh
23:45 <ShotgunHobo> Screw hipsters
23:45 <JustinDavid23> Hipsters think they're the shiiiet
23:45 <CrashingCymbal> mmkay!
23:45 <Oderyus> Sorry for the misunderstanding
23:45 <JustinDavid23> I bet he lost his snapback too
23:45 <CrashingCymbal> S'all good.
23:45 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
23:46 <JustinDavid23> Zack
23:46 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zack!
23:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
23:46 <CrashingCymbal> New pasta if you wanna read it?
23:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Already! xD
23:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey again Zack
23:46 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss.
23:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Reading
23:46 <JustinDavid23>
23:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Snapbacks are surprisingly comfortable
23:46 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks you Justin lol
23:46 <Oderyus> anyone wanna see a funny cartoon feauturing sexuallity
23:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I will in the morning man, to tired right now, I'm only awake because Abi is :P
23:46 <JustinDavid23> Np
23:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :P
23:46 <Kitty Mistake> i want a pet barn owl
23:46 <CrashingCymbal> Okai
23:46 -!- Popper700 has left Special:Chat.
23:46 <Oderyus> its not homophobic
23:46 <JustinDavid23> Brb, gonna read Crashes pasta
23:47 <Kitty Mistake> they ish cute!
23:47 <Oderyus>
23:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Stephen The Lesbian - Duration: 02:49 - Uploaded: 2011-09-08 - Rating: 4.790584 - Views: 2,935,252 -
23:47 <JustinDavid23> If he wins pasta of the month again we should all bow down
23:47 <CrashingCymbal> Ehhh, not sure Brb is the right terminology there...
23:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Kitty
23:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Barn owls are big
23:47 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
23:47 <Oderyus> Yes I agree
23:47 <Kitty Mistake> hi josh
23:47 <Oderyus> But our pasta might be nominated
23:47 <Kitty Mistake> but they are cute!!
23:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How is everyone this fine... 00:47? xD
23:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Barn owls eat BIG thigs
23:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Like my cat
23:47 <CrashingCymbal> Personally I think it's my best to date (:P)
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> BUT they are ADORABLE
23:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Ogw)
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> right crash?
23:48 <CrashingCymbal> Owls are cute
23:48 <CrashingCymbal> Especially Baby Owls
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> baby barn owls!!
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> d'awwww
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> ^^
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> meww
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> brb
23:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I had a strange encounter tonight... :/
23:48 <ShotgunHobo> Well Cym that was Great
23:48 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
23:48 <Oderyus> Which one of your pastas is nominated Crashing
23:48 <Kitty Mistake> im looking at pics of owls
23:48 <Oderyus> Vultures
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> No I nominated it
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> But it's not mine
23:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, do you remember me telling you about my dream girl?
23:49 <Oderyus> Your own pasta
23:49 <Oderyus> weid
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> Lol I nominated 4 pastas
23:49 <Oderyus> *weird
23:49 <ShotgunHobo> Wait you didn’t write moths?
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> No, Josh?
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> I did!
23:49 <Oderyus> Will you pretty please nominate mine
23:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Baby owls are cute. The grown ones are just cold blooded psychopaths
23:49 <ShotgunHobo> Yeah cym moths was pretty good
23:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We went out for 4 months, we broke up and lost contact... I spoke to her again tonight for the first time
23:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Ogw)
23:50 <Kitty Mistake>
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> Is that good or bad?
23:50 <Kitty Mistake> how are they not adorable?
23:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not a clue
23:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yesh
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
23:50 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> PM me brotha
23:50 <Jeffsson> hiddun
23:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Hidden
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hidden!
23:50 <HiddenSpirit> hi
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> And thanks Hobo
23:50 <Oderyus>
23:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: DR. BEES - Duration: 02:12 - Uploaded: 2013-05-11 - Rating: 4.917769 - Views: 832,480 -
23:51 <Kitty Mistake> omg im dying in cuteness!
23:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi hiddun
23:51 <HiddenSpirit> hi
23:51 <Kitty Mistake> dude, i want to watch the guardians of gahool now
23:51 <Kitty Mistake> xD
23:51 <ShotgunHobo> Dr. Bees
23:52 <Kitty Mistake> brb imam see if Netflix has it
23:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I watched it kitty 
23:52 <JustinDavid23> I liekd the pasta you wrote Cymbal
23:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's gud
23:52 -!- Ohsnapski has left Special:Chat.
23:52 <JustinDavid23> It's already intriguing at the beggining
23:52 <CrashingCymbal> You have a looong way to go! haha
23:52 <CrashingCymbal> Unfortunately
23:53 <Finalclaw> hey cymbal
23:53 <JustinDavid23> And
23:53 <Kitty Mistake> WTF?!?! 
23:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:53 <JustinDavid23> You use that word loosely
23:53 <Finalclaw> you done with that pasta?
23:53 <Kitty Mistake> (TT)
23:53 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Claw
23:53 <MooseJuice> Check out my cock:
23:53 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss?
23:53 <JustinDavid23> Nope, I'm not done. I'm too lazy
23:53 <Kitty Mistake> (TT) my night = ruined 
23:53 <Jabeznewman4000> UM WAT
23:53 <Finalclaw> Can you link it?
23:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Finalpaw
23:53 <LOLSKELETONS> Finalclaw, that pasta is actually really good
23:53 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm impressed
23:54 <Kitty Mistake> brb
23:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty?
23:54 <Finalclaw> You mean mine?
23:54 <Kitty Mistake> wait what
23:54 <JustinDavid23> Skelleh, are you talking about claws?
23:54 <Kitty Mistake> josh
23:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What's wrong?
23:54 <LOLSKELETONS> BUT, I still don't like the center-aligned formatting for the non-dialogue
23:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Is it about moth man Crash?
23:54 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
23:54 <Oderyus> This video is not pedophilic
23:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Jimmy Tickles' Magic Pickles - Duration: 01:36 - Uploaded: 2008-01-22 - Rating: 4.762526 - Views: 811,581 -
23:54 <CrashingCymbal> Oh God no
23:54 <Kitty Mistake> Netflix doesn't have The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga-Hoole
23:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Awww....
23:54 <Oderyus> I guarantee it
23:54 <Kitty Mistake> im pissed
23:54 <LOLSKELETONS> I think it could use something more
23:54 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
23:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:55 <CrashingCymbal> It's about how Moths protect us from evil spirits
23:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Link it plz
23:55 <JackofallSuits> Netflix doesn't have any Ghibli movies
23:55 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm talking about [[I Met the Devil]]
23:55 <Finalclaw> polish?
23:55 <CrashingCymbal> That's the basic plot
23:55 <JackofallSuits> I am disappoint 
23:55 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
23:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx
23:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Naught Netflix
23:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Naughty*
23:55 <Kitty Mistake> any what movies?
23:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:55 <JackofallSuits> Ghibli
23:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Naaaaaughty
23:55 <Finalclaw> I expressed what I wanted, but I feel like it can be more polished...
23:56 <Kitty Mistake> question mark?
23:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Freaky Fred 
23:56 <JackofallSuits> (D:)
23:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
23:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shit
23:56 <JackofallSuits> Studio Ghibli!
23:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
23:56 <Septogram7> Crash?
23:56 <JackofallSuits> Spirited Away
23:56 <LOLSKELETONS> Bye Reading
23:56 <Kitty Mistake> bye reading
23:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai read
23:56 <JustinDavid23> Bye Reading
23:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Reading
23:56 <JackofallSuits> My Neighbor Totoro
23:56 <Septogram7> bye Reading
23:57 <Kitty Mistake> oh
23:57 <Kitty Mistake> yeah i love spirited away
23:57 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss, Septo?
23:57 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
23:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Reading!
23:57 <Septogram7> I loved your mothe story
23:57 -!- Popper700 has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Septogram7> moth
23:57 <JackofallSuits> That is my favorite movie
23:57 <JackofallSuits> And it isn't on Netflix
23:57 <CrashingCymbal> Oh cool! Glad you liked it! (:))
23:57 <JackofallSuits> Fuq dem
23:57 <Septogram7> Like Love'love-loved it!
23:57 <Oderyus> please watch this
23:57 <Oderyus>
23:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Michael The Terrible Boyfriend: "A Slice of the Action" - Duration: 01:14 - Uploaded: 2008-09-07 - Rating: 4.898892 - Views: 1,675,799 -
23:57 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my! haha
23:58 <CrashingCymbal> That's great to hear! :D
23:58 <Septogram7> Bravo 
23:58 <ShotgunHobo> So much bees
23:58 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks! As soon as I got the idea I was just "I have to write his NAO" haha
23:58 <Septogram7> It was a great idea
23:58 <Septogram7> people really do put off moths
23:58 <CrashingCymbal> For once make the insects the good guys!
23:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I think Koalas now plot my murder because I was hissed at by one.... (twitch)
23:59 <Finalclaw> Skelly
23:59 <LOLSKELETONS> Final
23:59 <Finalclaw> Thanks for not getting the center alignment out
23:59 <Finalclaw> and for the grammar fixes
23:59 <Oderyus> Please watch this I beg of you
23:59 <CrashingCymbal> I like Moths and everyone hates them, so that was pretty much my inspiration lol
23:59 <Oderyus> you will love it
23:59 <Oderyus>
23:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Michael The Terrible Boyfriend: "A Slice of the Action" - Duration: 01:14 - Uploaded: 2008-09-07 - Rating: 4.898892 - Views: 1,675,799 -
23:59 <Septogram7> Never just don't let it give you Chylmydia
23:59 <Finalclaw> I will find a way to make it thoughty without centering it...
23:59 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <Oderyus> I like moths
23:59 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
23:59 <Septogram7> I love bugs, I try never to kill them
00:00 <Septogram7> even ants
00:00 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Oderyus> They are like butterflies but not gay
00:00 <Oderyus> I mean girly
00:00 <ShotgunHobo> Really Ode
00:00 <Finalclaw> K guys,
00:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O dear God septo I hope they don't
00:00 <Septogram7> no gay bashing please!
00:00 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Tem. You're the only person who's blog I don't mind completely filling my screen XD
00:00 <Finalclaw> Gtg for half an hour
00:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
00:00 <Oderyus> ok
00:00 <Oderyus> sorry
00:00 <Oderyus> its the autocorrect
00:00 <Mr.Zalgopasta> whoa. Okay. Let's not use gay in a derogatory manner.
00:00 <Finalclaw> PM me anything so I can chat with ya...
00:00 <Mr.Zalgopasta> We're all smart...
00:00 <Mr.Zalgopasta> normal...
00:00 <Mr.Zalgopasta> ehhhhhhh
00:00 <Oderyus> gay actually means happy
00:00 <Septogram7> its fine, its hard to break habits of speech
00:00 <CrashingCymbal> Normal?
00:00 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
00:00 <CrashingCymbal> Zalgo pls
00:00 <HiddenSpirit> Calm down, fellow 'Muricans.
00:01 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
00:01 <Oderyus> Im not Murican
00:01 <Oderyus> and I dont want to be
00:01 <HiddenSpirit> It's not your choice.
00:01 <MooseJuice> Not to start anything, but this one time, a gay teen and a bisexual teen began to gay bash each other.
00:01 <Oderyus> It is
00:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:01 <MooseJuice> It didn't end.
00:01 <Septogram7> smart boy Oderyus
00:01 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I'm from Boston. We make fun of 'Muricans as much as the rest of the word.
00:01 <Oderyus> so many immigrants have stepped into the USA and became citizens
00:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <HiddenSpirit> Yis. You're from Bahstan. 
00:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm bi and I honestly still use gay as something being flamboyant or girly
00:02 <Septogram7> like all Americans you mean?
00:02 <MooseJuice> Boston? Does Zalgo have a duck boat?
00:02 <Oderyus> You can become Murican easily
00:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bit of a habit
00:02 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Dude. The Duck Boat's my other Batmobile
00:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :/
00:02 <MooseJuice> Boston's got a bitchin' science museum.
00:02 <Oderyus> nice to.... hear...that (awkward question mark)
00:02 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
00:02 <Septogram7> yeah it does moose I've been there
00:02 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
00:03 <ShotgunHobo> It didn’t end until they kissed out
00:03 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Boston's a bitchin' city, period
00:03 <ShotgunHobo> or made out
00:03 <Oderyus> NeveR are you a chick
00:03 <Septogram7> lol
00:03 <MooseJuice> That's why there's a band named after it.
00:03 <ShotgunHobo> Nev is definetly not a chick
00:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
00:03 <CrashingCymbal> Lee is the sxciest chick
00:03 <CrashingCymbal> Lee don't lie
00:03 <Mr.Zalgopasta> This @Moose
00:03 <Oderyus> I thought so
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> Okay. Am I the only one who sees the Illuminati avatar?
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> They're fucking onto us.
00:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> They're everywhere.
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> GTFO SLEEP.
00:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> WE DON'T NEED YOUR BULLSHIT.
00:04 <Septogram7> Spirit, there is no Illuminatai
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> YES, THERE IS.
00:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #NWO
00:04 <ShotgunHobo> Look at nevs profile 
00:04 <Septogram7> ok
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> XD
00:04 <ShotgunHobo> He’s definetly not a chick
00:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOOOL
00:04 <Oderyus> if you write (illuminati backwards) NSAs site will appear
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> New World Order.
00:04 <ShotgunHobo> He’s pretty face
00:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I iz a chick
00:04 <Mr.Zalgopasta> :3
00:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jk
00:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
00:05 <Septogram7> The Illuminati is just a farce, a name people give to the 1%
00:05 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:05 <JustinDavid23> No wonder you name is Neversleepwithme
00:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> That the Binderbergs @Septo
00:05 <ShotgunHobo> He’s too sexy
00:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> the Illuminati is bullshit
00:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
00:05 <Oderyus>
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> O GOD.
00:05 -!- KhaosShadow101 has left Special:Chat.
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> MORE TRIANGLes
00:05 <CrashingCymbal> ermahgerd erts teh ilermernerty
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> fak
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> nno
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> I'm sorry, but
00:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am 3sexy
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> I gotta get out of here, this is too much for me
00:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:06 <Oderyus> read the site backwards
00:06 <Septogram7> spirit why?
00:06 <Mr.Zalgopasta> You can't run from us, Heedun
00:06 -!- KhaosShadow101 has joined Special:Chat
00:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #TRIANGLES
00:06 <HiddenSpirit> THE ILLUMINATI, SEPTO
00:06 <HiddenSpirit> IT'S TAKING OVER
00:06 <HiddenSpirit> #WAT
00:06 <Septogram7> Stop scaring her!
00:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:06 <Temmington> what hte hell is goin ong 
00:06 <HiddenSpirit> I'm kidding, Septo. XD
00:06 <JustinDavid23> Don't hurt the lady
00:06 <ShotgunHobo> link to goverment site why?
00:06 <CrashingCymbal> Ilermenerty
00:06 -!- KhaosShadow101 has left Special:Chat.
00:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Irruminati
00:06 <Septogram7> good
00:07 <ShotgunHobo> You do know the illuminati are also devil worshippers right
00:07 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
00:07 <BRVR> Shotgun, scroll down.
00:07 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
00:07 <ShotgunHobo> The eye is the all seeing eye of lucifer
00:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I freaked out a noob with this avatar
00:07 <Oderyus>
00:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Chuck's New Tux - Duration: 01:43 - Uploaded: 2008-05-14 - Rating: 4.754468 - Views: 1,471,248 -
00:07 <Oderyus> so funny
00:08 <Septogram7> Like I said the illuminati is just a name somepeople give to the rich and powerful and the government forces who are trying to turn our country into 1984
00:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:08 <Oderyus> I almost threw up
00:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:08 -!- KhaosShadow101 has joined Special:Chat
00:08 <ShotgunHobo> Eww 1984
00:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #20's kid
00:08 <JustinDavid23> Catchy, but sooo messed up.
00:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Chief Keef - I Don't Like ft. Lil Reese - Duration: 04:34 - Uploaded: 2012-07-30 - Rating: 4.288749 - Views: 6,644,598 -
00:08 <JustinDavid23> Thank you, CP
00:08 <ShotgunHobo> Why not the 1950’s
00:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Septogram7> 1984 is a book
00:09 <HiddenSpirit> #1700skid
00:09 <Oderyus>
00:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: SpongeBob SquarePants in China -- by Boom Chicago - Duration: 02:17 - Uploaded: 2007-03-21 - Rating: 3.995849 - Views: 83,606,517 -
00:09 <HiddenSpirit> Ah, the good ol' days.
00:09 <Septogram7> about complete totaitarianism
00:09 <JustinDavid23> Lol
00:09 <CrashingCymbal> 1984 is a very good book.
00:09 <MooseJuice> Thugbob Sagpants
00:09 <CrashingCymbal> So is Animal Farm.
00:09 <Septogram7> Crash would read it he's smart
00:09 <Septogram7> I Love Animal farm
00:09 <CrashingCymbal> 10/10 would read again.
00:09 <HiddenSpirit> I own 1984. 
00:09 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <HiddenSpirit> I only got a few pages in until the net distracted me.
00:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chief Keef nou.
00:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <HiddenSpirit> I guess I should go finish it right now lol
00:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rocko
00:10 <TheGreatMobo>
00:10 <CrashingCymbal> I still own Animal Farm! Wonderful stuff :)
00:10 <Septogram7> oh please read it Spirit, for me?
00:10 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
00:10 <HiddenSpirit> Yes
00:10 <CrashingCymbal> Pwettty pls
00:10 <CrashingCymbal> >:D
00:10 <HiddenSpirit> I'm getting the book lol
00:10 <ShotgunHobo>
00:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Oney Videos : Dragonzball PeePee - Duration: 03:18 - Uploaded: 2012-12-20 - Rating: 4.851427 - Views: 10,390,137 -
00:10 <Septogram7> :)
00:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Catcher in the Rye
00:10 <ShotgunHobo> You gonna like this
00:10 <Septogram7> love that book to
00:10 <HiddenSpirit> It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.
00:10 -!- Popper700 has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <ShotgunHobo> Nev this is where you got your goku pic
00:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:11 <Septogram7> Spirit that just gave me chills
00:11 <HiddenSpirit> Ye.
00:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Ic)
00:11 <JustinDavid23> My name is ____
00:11 <ShotgunHobo> pootis
00:12 -!- KhaosShadow101 has left Special:Chat.
00:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I saw wat you did thar Septo
00:12 <Septogram7> Did you guys know that George Orwell is a pen name? His real name was Eric Blair
00:12 <CrashingCymbal> Most people of my generation read Harry Potter growing up.
00:12 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
00:12 <HiddenSpirit> Harry Potter doesn't seem that interesting.
00:12 <CasualArsonist> okay mate
00:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Say Saywhaa...
00:12 <JustinDavid23> I agree with Spirit
00:12 <CrashingCymbal> I read Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events though...
00:12 <Septogram7> What did I do Never?
00:12 <ShotgunHobo> I never read a harry potter book
00:12 <JustinDavid23> But I understand why people like it.
00:12 <HiddenSpirit> okay i'm gonna read this.
00:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Huh oh nvm
00:13 <Septogram7> wicked awesome Spirit!
00:13 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Harry Potter is a rip-off of a bunch of far better stories thrown together.
00:13 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:13 <Septogram7> Never you tell me of I will sic the koalas on you!
00:13 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
00:13 <CasualArsonist> Uh
00:13 <CasualArsonist> Hey mate
00:13 <JustinDavid23> Casual
00:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <JustinDavid23> The ping is still scaring me
00:14 <Animemaster23> friends*
00:14 <ShotgunHobo> Hello dere
00:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme>  I thought you said a pun 
00:14 <Septogram7> hello Anime, what a nice attitude you have
00:14 <CasualArsonist> Is good yeah?
00:14 <LOLSKELETONS> hai
00:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
00:14 -!- Waffuru-San has left Special:Chat.
00:14 <JustinDavid23> Anime, easay on le caps
00:14 <Animemaster23> yep im very happy
00:14 <LOLSKELETONS> Hai NeveR
00:14 <Septogram7> oh, ok. Koala called off
00:14 <Animemaster23> very happy
00:14 <CrashingCymbal> Someone is happy today!
00:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
00:14 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly
00:15 <LOLSKELETONS> Crashing
00:15 <CrashingCymbal> I'M HAPPY TO SEE YOU
00:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Animemaster23> i confessed my love to the girl of my dreams and she feels the same way
00:15 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly yu reed mi stori noa
00:15 <JustinDavid23> I wonder how vulnerable Skelly is.
00:15 <Septogram7> Hooray for you!
00:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <CrashingCymbal> Or I murdur u lol
00:15 <JustinDavid23> Considering he's just bones
00:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am not happy...
00:15 <Animemaster23> yep
00:15 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <Devincooper64> I MAKE VIDEO D:
00:15 <Devincooper64> :D*
00:15 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
00:15 <Septogram7> why Never?
00:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm OVER JOYED
00:15 <CasualArsonist> Hey Devin.
00:15 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss yiss
00:15 <Animemaster23> i am love for once!
00:15 <Septogram7> can I help?
00:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <LOLSKELETONS> I actually never got around to reading Psychologist
00:15 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <Devincooper64> its a pokemon theory video
00:16 <Devincooper64> that begs the question of
00:16 <Animemaster23> and iv never been in love before until now
00:16 <Devincooper64> "what if blue joined team rocket"
00:16 <CrashingCymbal> Creeps McPasta read it a few days ago!
00:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'M ECSTATIC
00:16 <Septogram7> @Anime Congrats!
00:16 <CrashingCymbal> Don't read it though, it's my worst.
00:16 <ShotgunHobo> Who’s in love with who?
00:16 <Animemaster23> i am
00:16 <Animemaster23> with rosa
00:16 <ShotgunHobo> Rosa from the office
00:16 <Septogram7> awww what a pretty name
00:16 <JustinDavid23> Oh Jesus Henry Christ
00:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sum 41 - With Me with lyrics - Duration: 04:26 - Uploaded: 2008-06-01 - Rating: 4.909981 - Views: 1,602,646 -
00:16 <CrashingCymbal> Best of luck, Anime! :)
00:16 <Animemaster23> smart ass! no
00:16 <Animemaster23> and thxs crash
00:17 -!- Waffuru-San has joined Special:Chat
00:17 <Animemaster23> i heart wont stop pounding
00:17 <ShotgunHobo> cym which one did creepsmcpasta review
00:17 <Devincooper64> I love that song justin
00:17 <LOLSKELETONS> Psychologist is your worst>
00:17 <CasualArsonist> :?
00:17 <Devincooper64> but you know what song I love more?
00:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> omg I'm orgasming with excitement! 
00:17 <CrashingCymbal> In my opinion it is.
00:17 <Animemaster23> oh my god its going to pop out of my chest
00:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aurg!
00:17 <Devincooper64>
00:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sum 41 - Pieces (with lyrics) - Duration: 03:06 - Uploaded: 2008-03-04 - Rating: 4.935175 - Views: 1,572,263 -
00:17 <JustinDavid23> Good Devin
00:17 <CrashingCymbal> It was my first one and I put the least amount of thought into it
00:17 <LOLSKELETONS> I saw some criticism on the talk page :P
00:17 <ShotgunHobo> Cym which one of your creepypastas did he review
00:17 <JustinDavid23> I heard With Me on a cod4 montage XD
00:17 <LOLSKELETONS> Psychologist's
00:17 <Devincooper64> they dont even fit XD
00:18 <Devincooper64> maybe open your eyes or something
00:18 <Devincooper64> but
00:18 <CrashingCymbal> I mean the idea is good, but the writing... meh
00:18 <JustinDavid23> Lol Crash
00:18 <CrashingCymbal> Creeps read Psychologist!
00:18 <JustinDavid23> -In caps_ What the fuck Stephen, fuck you!
00:18 <ShotgunHobo> link me
00:18 <JustinDavid23> Really Crash XD
00:18 <LOLSKELETONS> You used my CT template Crashing :D
00:18 <CrashingCymbal> He said he loved it! Can't reject a compliment 
00:18 <LOLSKELETONS> I actually made that thing ridiculously complex
00:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I want my pasta read (ok)
00:18 <CrashingCymbal> CT Template? Wut
00:19 <ShotgunHobo> Link it
00:19 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Template:CT]]
00:19 <CrashingCymbal> [[Psychologist]]
00:19 <Animemaster23> so my fellow robots/cross dressers/animals/x-men and so on whats on the vagina today!
00:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But I must reach for the stars~
00:19 <LOLSKELETONS> here is the source code for that template
00:19 <LOLSKELETONS> no wait
00:19 -!- ILoveChey has joined Special:Chat
00:19 <CrashingCymbal> Seriously though, if you want to have a look at my writing, please read [[Alarm]] or [[The Moths]]
00:19 <LOLSKELETONS> that would be spam
00:19 <CrashingCymbal> I BEG OF YOU
00:19 <Animemaster23> pie
00:19 <Septogram7> my dog is insane!
00:19 <CasualArsonist> Hello ILoveChey
00:20 <CasualArsonist> How art thou?
00:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:20 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
00:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What about your others Cym?
00:20 <Septogram7> @Crash Pyschologist is the one where dude locks up his family right?
00:20 -!- Creepykids11 has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <CrashingCymbal> Yep
00:20 <Creepykids11> hi?
00:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <JustinDavid23> Cleric, where are thou? We have slain a cow.
00:20 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah they're good too
00:20 <Septogram7> That one is good too!
00:21 <Creepykids11> hello?
00:21 <CrashingCymbal> I just think Alarm and The Moths are my best.
00:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Koalas are plotting to assassinate me
00:21 <Creepykids11> i bet they are
00:21 -!- MEMJ0123 has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I know it man
00:21 <Oderyus> why
00:21 <Creepykids11> do you know there names?
00:21 <Oderyus> did you rape them
00:21 <MooseJuice> Watch out, Little Foot!
00:21 <Creepykids11> or did you eat one of them
00:21 <Septogram7> Watch out never koala really do carry chlmydia
00:21 <CrashingCymbal> Ode no rape talk.
00:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Idk man (twitch)
00:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:22 <Oderyus> its just bestiality
00:22 <JustinDavid23> I sometimes forget Crash is a mod
00:22 <Creepykids11> get the hell out of there!
00:22 <JustinDavid23> He doesn't act like one
00:22 <Oderyus> *beastiliaty
00:22 -!- Creepykids11 has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <Oderyus> *beastiality
00:22 -!- Raging karma has joined Special:Chat
00:22 <Septogram7> about Koalas, look it up, its true
00:22 <JustinDavid23> Hi Karma
00:22 <CrashingCymbal> Justin! Shhh! You'll blow my cover!
00:22 -!- Raging karma has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <JustinDavid23> Oh, I see Cleric must've put that symbol next too you by accident
00:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I know Sept holy shitto
00:23 <JustinDavid23> I think it will cover up by tomorrow don't worry
00:23 <Oderyus> Man this place is boring
00:23 <JustinDavid23> Ode, it won't after you lose your sanity
00:23 <Oderyus> Ill go play a game for half an hour
00:23 <Septogram7> lol Justin
00:23 <CrashingCymbal> Actually it was Maria...
00:23 <Oderyus> Oh dont you think im insane
00:23 <CrashingCymbal> Imean
00:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They want my BOOTY (TT)
00:23 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
00:23 <CrashingCymbal> FAKU IM RELLY A MOD
00:24 <Oderyus> I thought you liked koalas intimately
00:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
00:24 <Oderyus> Donkeys maybe
00:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Koalas are EBUL
00:24 <Oderyus> they are fierce lovers
00:25 <Septogram7> stop the beastiality talk
00:25 <ShotgunHobo> Koala’s ae dumb
00:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> EBUL! EBUL!
00:25 <Oderyus> is EBUL LUBE backwards
00:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Evil!
00:25 <Oderyus> but its lube backwards
00:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lolwow you got that?  
00:26 <Oderyus> If your name is Lewbert your small name would be lewb
00:26 <MooseJuice> Coming soon to a theater near you:
00:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lulz
00:26 <Septogram7> yeah animal abuse is so lol, except its not
00:26 <Oderyus> hence the EBUL
00:27 -!- MEMJ0123 has left Special:Chat.
00:27 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
00:27 <ShotgunHobo>
00:27 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
00:27 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
00:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am an animal. We are all animals. Therefore I abuse no animal
00:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Fapple
00:28 <Fappleberry> Hi.
00:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lag
00:28 <Oderyus> that sounds wrong
00:28 <Septogram7> that logic is flawed abuse is abuse, whether towards human animals or any other animal
00:28 <Septogram7> Hi Fapple
00:28 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
00:28 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
00:29 <Oderyus> Like Crashings real name no offence
00:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That's what I'm saying Septo
00:29 <Septogram7> ok
00:29 <CrashingCymbal> Meh
00:29 <Oderyus> Ill go play the game dont try to stop me!
00:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Timmy
00:29 <CrashingCymbal> I'm used to it lol
00:29 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss?
00:29 <CasualArsonist> People
00:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
00:29 <Septogram7> meh to what Crash
00:29 <Oderyus> Ill be back in 30 mins
00:29 <Oderyus> or nor
00:30 <CasualArsonist> I have a biiiiiiiig announcement! 
00:30 <Oderyus> *not
00:30 <Oderyus> ITS MAH LIFE
00:30 <Oderyus> bye
00:30 <CasualArsonist> G'bye
00:30 <Septogram7> bye
00:30 <Oderyus> please say it first
00:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bigger than my life?! 
00:30 <Oderyus> then Ill leave
00:30 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
00:30 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai arsonist
00:30 <Oderyus> what is this big announcement with 7 Is
00:31 <Septogram7> her announcement was "bye"
00:31 <Oderyus> oh
00:31 <Oderyus> bye
00:31 <Fappleberry> Ohhhhhhnnn.
00:31 <Oderyus> will you write the story
00:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Omnomnomnom
00:31 <Oderyus> or not
00:32 <Oderyus> Lemme know in a pm
00:32 <Septogram7> @fapple, nice avatar, I was literally singing that theme song to my dog today
00:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kookies
00:32 -!- Ookiedamabookie has left Special:Chat.
00:32 -!- Ookiedamabookie has joined Special:Chat
00:32 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
00:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Harm
00:32 <Harmonex> Evening.
00:33 <Harmonex> How are things?
00:33 <Septogram7> how are you Harm?
00:33 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
00:33 -!- Ookiedamabookie has left Special:Chat.
00:33 <Fappleberry> Thank you, Sep.
00:33 <Harmonex> The usual.
00:33 <Septogram7> sure!
00:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm back
00:33 <Septogram7> wb Zack
00:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks
00:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Pardon my spelling... Hurts to type
00:34 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb oder
00:35 <Septogram7> @Harm things in chat are as normal as they ever are . . . the rest of the country . . . . shit
00:35 <Oderyus> NeveR do you like bears
00:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:35 <Oderyus> What type
00:35 <Harmonex> Never sleep with bears.
00:35 <ClericofMadness> Thank you!
00:35 <ClericofMadness> Your reward order has been placed.
00:35 <ClericofMadness> Reward: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack
00:36 <CasualArsonist> My empire
00:36 <CasualArsonist> FOsdgsdmgkljdfgnd
00:36 <CasualArsonist> Of dirt
00:36 <Septogram7> hi Cleric
00:36 <TheGreatMobo> that is the best song ever
00:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brown bears
00:36 <ClericofMadness> Hai2uall
00:36 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
00:36 <Oderyus> my type is polar bears
00:36 <ShotgunHobo> The Boss is here
00:36 <Harmonex> I ordered two pocket watches off of eBay yesterday.
00:36 <TheGreatMobo> the day 1 song in clock town is my alarm :P
00:36 <Harmonex> I picked two kinds in case one turns out to be garbage.
00:36 <Oderyus> especially the mothers taking care of the cubs
00:36 <Septogram7> why pocket watches
00:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Boss
00:36 <Oderyus> he.he.he.he
00:36 <TheGreatMobo>
00:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Courage The Cowardly Dog- You're Not Perfect - Duration: 00:29 - Uploaded: 2010-09-11 - Rating: 4.908956 - Views: 513,092 -
00:36 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <TheGreatMobo> THIS IS A KIDS SHOW
00:36 <TheGreatMobo> WTF
00:36 <Harmonex> I wear a more expensive one, and a cute girl saw it.  She was quite jealous, so I thought I would alleviate that.
00:36 <Oderyus> WEVE SEEN THIS!
00:36 <Kitty Mistake> mew
00:36 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
00:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi cleruc
00:37 <ShotgunHobo> So courage is awesome
00:37 <Septogram7> @Harm good plan
00:37 <TheGreatMobo> that show scarred me
00:37 <Oderyus> Did you hit on her Harmonex
00:37 <Harmonex> Maybe just a bit.
00:37 <Oderyus> Good boy
00:37 <Septogram7> @Mobo  "Return the Slab  . . . ."
00:37 <Oderyus> here is a treat
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> oh boy
00:38 <Oderyus> *throws cookie*
00:38 <Septogram7> sorry Mobo, jk
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> I'm talking about this with 4chan
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> even they are freaked out
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> they remember it
00:38 <ShotgunHobo> how does courage the cowardly dog scare you
00:38 <Oderyus> 4chan you mean pornchan
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> when I was a kid it did
00:38 <TheGreatMobo>
00:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Courage The Cowardly Dog- You're Not Perfect - Duration: 00:29 - Uploaded: 2010-09-11 - Rating: 4.908956 - Views: 513,092 -
00:38 <TheGreatMobo> like dat
00:38 <Harmonex> I suppose I was too old when that showed aired.  I never saw what was so great about it.
00:38 <ShotgunHobo> I saw it as a kid and it didn’t freak me out
00:38 <Oderyus> We saw it already!
00:39 <Kitty Mistake> I ish cold...
00:39 <Oderyus> It never freaked me out neither
00:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <ClericofMadness>
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I saw it as a lad. I wasn't scared
00:39 <Kitty Mistake> hi cleric :)
00:39 <Septogram7> *lends Kitty a blanket*
00:40 <Kitty Mistake> thanks chu
00:40 <ShotgunHobo> Majoras mask is a bit wierd
00:40 <Septogram7> anytime
00:40 <Oderyus> Nope
00:40 <TheGreatMobo> I loved that game
00:40 <Oderyus> you know whats weird
00:40 <TheGreatMobo> especially the soundtrack
00:40 <Oderyus> you
00:40 <Oderyus> ZING
00:40 <TheGreatMobo> #REKD
00:40 <Septogram7> we are all weird here
00:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Can someone lend me a bandage or something xD
00:40 <Oderyus> or should I say BAZINGA
00:41 <Septogram7> @Zack what happened to you?
00:41 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> My hands in pain
00:41 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:41 <Septogram7> why?
00:41 <Irishninja0> hi guys
00:41 <Harmonex> I got into an Internet discussion with some friends, and it basically involved whether or not Groundhog Day would have been a great game.  Then, suddenly, "Wait.  Majora's Mask was basically Groundhog Day.  And it WAS a great game!"
00:41 <Septogram7> Carpal tunnel?
00:41 <Septogram7> Irish!
00:41 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's a long story... Lets just say shit got to heavy and I took my frustrations out on a wall
00:41 <Irishninja0> Hi sept :3
00:42 <Septogram7> @Zack, it happens
00:42 <Septogram7> sorry you are in pain
00:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah... I have to trpy just left handed
00:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> type*
00:42 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <Septogram7> I wish I could take your pAIN AWAY
00:42 <Harmonex> That's okay.  There are more words on a standard QWERTY keyboard that can be typed with the left hand alone than there are that can be typed with just the right hand.
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> How cum everyone hates Man of Steel? (Alone)
00:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks Sept
00:43 <Septogram7> of course
00:43 <Oderyus>
00:43 <ClericofMadness> The ending Neve
00:43 <CasualArsonist> Oh hello Cleric
00:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> At least Man of Steel is better than Superman Returns
00:43 <HiddenSpirit> Man of Steel was bullshit.
00:43 <HiddenSpirit> It was pretty bad.
00:43 <Septogram7> I wish I could take away everyone's pain . . . 
00:44 <TheGreatMobo>
00:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul - Duration: 04:36 - Uploaded: 2012-02-14 - Rating: 4.939394 - Views: 10,774 -
00:44 <TheGreatMobo> Good song
00:44 <Oderyus> CasualArsonist are you going to write your part
00:44 <CasualArsonist> Yeah
00:44 <Harmonex> There's only one way to truly take away everyone's pain.
00:44 <Harmonex> Extinction.
00:44 <HiddenSpirit> Kill them all.
00:44 <CasualArsonist> I was waiting for someone to ask :T
00:44 <Oderyus> Oh ok
00:44 <Septogram7> I knew you would say that Harm
00:44 <CasualArsonist> it's right?
00:44 <Oderyus> Go ahead make my day!
00:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I hope my hand is fine tomorrow
00:44 <Oderyus> yes
00:44 <Harmonex> Who will miss us if we are all gone?
00:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Oderyus> or should I say yesireee
00:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:44 <Septogram7> my dog would miss me
00:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Death
00:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nevermind
00:45 <Septogram7> he misses me if I go to the bathroom!
00:45 <Oderyus> Dogs have no sense of time
00:45 <Oderyus> and they dont miss people they miss the attention
00:45 <Oderyus> they are like divas
00:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They miss their leader
00:46 <Septogram7> why then does a dog lick away tears of sadness?
00:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The great dog overlord
00:46 <CasualArsonist> @Oderyus what's the channel again? I'm not seeming toget it right
00:46 <CasualArsonist> *to get
00:46 <Oderyus> creepystory565
00:47 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi everyony
00:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi Hello
00:47 <HelloImFluttershy> Everypony
00:47 <Septogram7> hi flutter
00:47 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Ifarted666> I just read P is for Phobia.
00:47 <Ifarted666> What the shit.
00:47 <Oderyus> Who likes Phoenix Wright
00:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Farted
00:47 <HelloImFluttershy> im bored
00:47 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <MooseJuice> Meanwhile, on the Amanda Show:
00:47 <Oderyus> B is for Botulism
00:47 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Harmonex> I'm waiting for the Layton/Wright crossover.
00:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dogs can sense emotion
00:47 <CasualArsonist> I'm in
00:47 <HelloImFluttershy> A Applejack
00:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So...
00:47 <Ifarted666> I'm being serious. Read this shit, guys.
00:47 <Oderyus> Have you seen Objection! Full version
00:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hello, pm me
00:48 <Ifarted666> That ending makes it worth it.
00:48 <Harmonex> No.
00:48 <Oderyus> wait
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> P is for penis
00:48 <HelloImFluttershy> C is for Chicken/Scootaloo
00:48 <Septogram7> Why does a dog "with no sense of time"  get more excited to see me the longer I've been gone?
00:48 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:48 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
00:48 <Oderyus>
00:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sanity Not Included - Objection! Full Version - Duration: 02:48 - Uploaded: 2012-01-08 - Rating: 4.882631 - Views: 453,054 -
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb death
00:48 <HelloImFluttershy> P is for Pinkie Pie
00:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wanna eat some pie
00:49 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <Kitty Mistake> meww
00:49 <Oderyus> Whatever
00:49 <Oderyus> debate with science
00:49 <Septogram7> Why does a dog whos father died asa puppy still perk his ears at that person's name?
00:49 <Oderyus> some breeds just dont have that
00:49 <Oderyus> or they have poor memory
00:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pink pie that is bowchika bow woow
00:49 <HelloImFluttershy> i want to have a pizza
00:50 <Oderyus> Like Dalmatians
00:50 <HelloImFluttershy> (pizza)
00:50 <Oderyus> a pizza pie!
00:50 <ShotgunHobo> Well that was scary and good
00:50 <Oderyus> (mario)
00:50 <Septogram7> Mine is a mutt, they kind
00:50 <HelloImFluttershy> but only with Vegetables' 
00:50 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <HelloImFluttershy> i cant eat meat
00:50 <Septogram7> 8they are the best kind*
00:50 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
00:50 <ShotgunHobo> Means you can’t have a cheezeburger
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pizza as in vagina that is! Bow chika bow wow
00:50 <41488p> so yeah
00:50 <Kitty Mistake> -dances- mew
00:50 <41488p> porn uses up a lot of bandwith
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi 414
00:51 <HelloImFluttershy> yes
00:51 <41488p> hai NeveR
00:51 <Septogram7> @fluttershy, i'm vegetarian too!
00:51 <HelloImFluttershy> Cool
00:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey 414
00:51 <41488p> hey Cazk
00:51 <ILoveChey> !logsa
00:51 <ShotgunHobo> Really septo?
00:51 <41488p> !logs
00:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
00:51 <Septogram7> yup
00:51 <41488p> (:D)
00:51 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm an omnivorous man
00:51 <41488p> hai Hooded
00:51 <Oderyus> Harmonex did you watch the video
00:51 <ShotgunHobo> So you don’t like cheese burgers
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Eso
00:51 <Septogram7> no meat, no fish, no eggs
00:51 <41488p> are you sure about that, NeveR?
00:51 <Esoteric Entity> Hey.
00:51 <41488p> I mean, the man part
00:51 <Esoteric Entity> And Nev.
00:51 <ShotgunHobo> why no eggs
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I iz man
00:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Look at mah profile
00:52 <Septogram7> Bc of the way egg laying chickens are treated
00:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eggs are nutritional supplements
00:52 <Septogram7> Its so awful it would make a decent pasta!
00:52 <41488p> eggs are sexual organs
00:52 <Jeffsson> sarah
00:53 <41488p> nope
00:53 <41488p> not organs
00:53 <41488p> uhhhh
00:53 <ShotgunHobo> So you can buy eggs from the all atural store
00:53 <41488p> fuck I forgot biology
00:53 <41488p> GAMETES
00:53 <ShotgunHobo> *natural
00:53 <Jeffsson> hmm squirtle or bulbasaur
00:53 <Septogram7> I'm quite poor
00:53 <41488p> if you're female you don't even need to go to the store to buy eggs
00:53 <41488p> eheheheh
00:53 <Septogram7> har har
00:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'll eat fried crickets
00:53 <ShotgunHobo> Then get your own chickens and let them lay eggs
00:53 <Jeffsson> hmm
00:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dat shit iz delicious
00:54 <Septogram7> I would eat a bug, only bc I have never tried it
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00:54 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <Esoteric Entity> I've read crickets retain a lot of nutrients.
00:54 <ShotgunHobo> You can raise them from eggs and it’s pretty cheap for eggs
00:54 <Septogram7> Not allowsed in my town
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00:54 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <Oderyus> gichie gichie goo means that I love you
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> they do Eso
00:54 -!- ILoveChey has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <Oderyus> bow chicka bow bow listen to me sing
00:54 <Septogram7> But I have cousins in the boonies who plan to raise chickens, I might eat their eggs
00:55 <Oderyus> and the heart starts pumping
00:55 <Harmonex> I've had chickens before.  It's a fun experience.
00:55 <TheGreatMobo> oh lord, not that song
00:55 <ShotgunHobo> Maybe you can eat some chicken there too
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Great source of protein
00:55 <Oderyus> gichie gichie goo ah never gonna stop
00:55 <JackofallSuits> We have a chicken
00:55 <Septogram7> No
00:55 <41488p> well ok bye
00:55 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <Oderyus> gichie gichie goo means that I love you
00:55 <JackofallSuits> And a parrot
00:55 <Andytags> no
00:55 <ShotgunHobo> Eating meat isn’t a sin you know
00:55 <Andytags> stupid
00:55 <TheGreatMobo> you're a sin
00:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <JackofallSuits> The parrot is scared to death of the chicken
00:55 <TheGreatMobo> rekd
00:56 <Septogram7> I just don't feel right about it
00:56 <JackofallSuits> It's ironic since the parrot eats chicken
00:56 <ShotgunHobo> Reason theres animals so we can eat em
00:56 <Harmonex> According to what, Shotgun?
00:56 -!- FlamesofAmber has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <Harmonex> I wonder when the earliest human ancestor started eating meat.
00:56 <ShotgunHobo> Plus it’s not wrong to kill deer cause it’s stops em from over populating
00:56 -!- FlamesofAmber has left Special:Chat.
00:56 -!- Ifarted666 has left Special:Chat.
00:56 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <TheGreatMobo> Best ad ever
00:56 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Ellos
00:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's considered a sin to eat chicken in da bible... so I said whateva
00:57 <JackofallSuits> Tell that to China
00:57 <TheGreatMobo> marjora's mask related
00:57 <Septogram7> I just don't feel right about it, I don't bully meat eaters so  . . . 
00:57 <JackofallSuits> Should you kill the people there because of overpopulation? 
00:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm going to go
00:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Laters people
00:57 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Baiiiii
00:57 <Harmonex> I know many primates seem to trend towards vegetarian, though I don't know what you call it when the diet also includes bugs.
00:57 <ShotgunHobo> Sure let’s do that Jack
00:57 <Septogram7> Hope your hand gets better Zack
00:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks
00:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like shit that tastes good
00:57 <ShotgunHobo> China isn’t the best ocuntry out there
00:58 <JackofallSuits> So are we having a carnivore vs herbivore fight?
00:58 <Septogram7> no
00:58 <Harmonex> I like meat, but I know that whenever I eat lots of it I tend to get lethargic.
00:58 <ShotgunHobo> So let’s do that jack let’s do genocide on the chinese
00:58 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
00:58 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Leedleleedleleedleleedle lee
00:58 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
00:58 <Harmonex> Whereas I'm more energetic after eating fruits/vegetables.  Plus, they don't upset my stomach.
00:58 <JackofallSuits> Meat is delicious 
00:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But tofu and chicken liver are disgustingly bad
00:58 <JackofallSuits> But I would never kill an animal myself
00:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:58 <ShotgunHobo> and maybe we can become cannibals too and eat other human beings too
00:59 <XxEyeless-JackxX> -jumps up on lees back-
00:59 <JackofallSuits> That's why there are people who do that for you
00:59 <Harmonex> It would actually solve a few problems that the human race is going through.
00:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I've hunted and killed before
00:59 <TheGreatMobo> same here
00:59 <TheGreatMobo> sorry, Jack
00:59 <JackofallSuits> Oh god no
00:59 <ShotgunHobo> Jack would you eat another human being?
00:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Get off meh (D:)
00:59 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <JackofallSuits> If you hunt for food that's one story
01:00 <Septogram7> @Harm we know that, but convincing others of that is  fruitless
01:00 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:00 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
01:00 <TheGreatMobo> its okay, a twelve gauge kills 'em fast
01:00 <JackofallSuits> But hunting for sport is just wrong as fuck
01:00 <JackofallSuits> Don't hang it's head on your wall
01:00 <TheGreatMobo> yeah, we had the turkey for thanksgiving
01:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I would eat human meat if it wasn't so unhealthy
01:00 <JackofallSuits> Show some damned respect and eat it, bury what's left over
01:00 <ShotgunHobo> Killing them for sport is to show dominecne as you would say
01:01 <Harmonex> Oh hey!  Look what the Google turned up.
01:01 <Harmonex>
01:01 <TheGreatMobo> I just hunt clay pigeons for sport
01:01 <Septogram7> @Harm like the amount of Methane produced by cows is horrible for climate change
01:01 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
01:01 <CrashingCymbal> Gosh Darnit
01:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I hunt for food but occasionally sport
01:01 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly.
01:01 <ShotgunHobo> No jack use whats leftover like leather for clothing and then get rid of the non useful parts
01:01 <CrashingCymbal> I apologise for the category thing.
01:01 <JackofallSuits> Or
01:01 <Harmonex> It's not just that.  There's massive deforestation involved with clearing land to raise cattle.
01:02 <JackofallSuits> You know
01:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I find sport hunting wasteful
01:02 <JackofallSuits> Go to a fucking store for clothes?
01:02 <Septogram7> of course!
01:02 <XxEyeless-JackxX> I eat kidneys 
01:02 <XxEyeless-JackxX> yayyyy
01:02 <XxEyeless-JackxX> (raritygif)
01:02 <Harmonex> Tesla actually became vegetarian towards the end of his life, subsisting on fruit/vegetable juices and bread.  He considered the needless waste of resources to be unethical.
01:02 <ShotgunHobo> Jack back then they didn’t have as much of convienence as we do today
01:02 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <Septogram7> @eyeless you wanna buy one? I need flow for my college fund.
01:03 <JackofallSuits> I'm talking about here and now
01:03 <Septogram7> @Harm exactly!
01:03 <JackofallSuits> Back then it was understandable 
01:03 <MooseJuice> ...How the hell did this ping me.
01:03 <Harmonex> I'd like to go pseudo-vegetarian, but it's pretty difficult.
01:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> If I kill an animal I'm using it for food
01:03 <MooseJuice> Oh, "juice."
01:03 <ShotgunHobo> Well I actually live in the country area of america where they hunt animals for food an stuff
01:04 <ShotgunHobo> Rednecks country
01:04 <Harmonex> I grew up in the deep south.
01:04 <JackofallSuits> Yeah
01:04 <JackofallSuits> Tell me about it
01:04 <JackofallSuits> My dad hunts and fishes
01:04 <Septogram7> it is hard. I remember hamburgers . . . . 
01:04 <CrashingCymbal> I would love to live out in the deep south for two weeks!
01:04 <Harmonex> My mother would go hunting.
01:04 <JackofallSuits> And my little brother
01:04 <CrashingCymbal> Just to see what it is like!
01:04 <Harmonex> They'd store a freezer full of deer meat.
01:04 <JackofallSuits> I feel like such an outcast around here
01:04 <Harmonex> I actually quite like the texture.
01:05 <JackofallSuits> I'm like the only person who doesn't eat seafood
01:05 <Septogram7> I don't either Jack
01:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I suppose I'm in the deep south since I'm in Georgia
01:05 <JackofallSuits> I meant in my area
01:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:05 <JackofallSuits> Seafood capital of the world
01:05 <Septogram7> oh
01:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I love the weather here
01:05 <Harmonex> My brother and sister are completely vegetarian.  I don't eat fish or pork, and the amount of beef I consume is drastically lower than the amount of chicken/turkey I consume.
01:05 <JackofallSuits> Woo..
01:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <ShotgunHobo> I’m littlerly on the tip of application mountians
01:05 <Septogram7> Its a start Harm
01:06 <JackofallSuits> I don't know if ramen counts toward herbivore or carnivore 
01:06 <Septogram7> that counts toward broke
01:06 <ShotgunHobo> Or however you spell em
01:06 <Septogram7> Appilations
01:06 <JackofallSuits> So I guess I'll stick with omnivore 
01:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My aunt is a vegan
01:06 <Harmonex> Veganism is just silly.
01:06 <Harmonex> Just putting that out there.
01:06 <ShotgunHobo> It is
01:06 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
01:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yep
01:06 <Septogram7> Vegan is too hard even for me
01:06 <HiddenSpirit> Americans.
01:06 <Harmonex> There's vitamins that you can only get from animal sources.
01:07 -!- Waffuru-San has left Special:Chat.
01:07 <ShotgunHobo> Did you know Adolf Hitler was vegan
01:07 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Harmonex> Even the pills for them are made from animal products.
01:07 <Septogram7> There are suppliments, I take many
01:07 <Septogram7> non animal suppliments
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I need some type of meat
01:07 <JackofallSuits> I'm probably more carnivore than herbivore
01:07 <JackofallSuits> But I don't eat much meat either
01:07 <JackofallSuits> Chicken and beef mostly
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Vegetarianism I can do for a while but...
01:08 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
01:08 -!- Lovethedesu has joined Special:Chat
01:08 <JackofallSuits> I'd never survive as a vegetarian 
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I need meat once in a while
01:08 <Lovethedesu> Hello everyone!
01:08 <Jeffsson> hey desu
01:08 <JackofallSuits> I only eat one fruit and one vegetable
01:08 <ShotgunHobo> I need my meat or else I’ll go batchit crazy
01:08 <Esoteric Entity> Too much of one thing will make you go mad.
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi desu
01:08 <Esoteric Entity> Hai, Desu.
01:08 <Jabeznewman4000> hey desu
01:08 <JackofallSuits> Bananas and corn
01:08 <ShotgunHobo> *Batshit
01:08 <JackofallSuits> Haii desu
01:08 -!- Theclan has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <Theclan> Hey guys somthing really freaky happend to me jest a second ago
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi clan
01:09 <ShotgunHobo> Cym I read Psycologist
01:09 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:09 <BRVR> Golden air!
01:09 <Lovethedesu> Shit, Hi everyone, Jack, Neve, Jabby, Eso, and Jeff. <3 
01:09 <JackofallSuits> And corn isn't very nutritious, apparently
01:09 <CrashingCymbal> You did?
01:09 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
01:09 <ShotgunHobo> What happend clan?
01:09 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Desu.
01:09 <CrashingCymbal> O_o
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Night everyone!
01:09 <CrashingCymbal> Oh fuck no.
01:09 <Theclan> i was playing minecraft and some new sound is in it
01:09 <ShotgunHobo> Yeah it was disturbing yet great
01:09 <JackofallSuits> And I rarely eat either in the first place
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm going sleep sleep now
01:10 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, well I'm glad you liked it! :)
01:10 <Lovethedesu> Hello Heedun. :>
01:10 <ShotgunHobo> Got anymore good one cym?
01:10 <Theclan> when u attack an enderman some creepy music happens
01:10 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:10 <CasualArsonist> oderyus
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Goodnight all you mutants(kawaii)
01:10 <Theclan> any one els expirence this
01:10 <CasualArsonist> I'm donr
01:10 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <CrashingCymbal> Read [[The Sweet Shop]], Shotgun!
01:10 <Lovethedesu> Good night, Neve. 
01:10 <Harmonex> Fun fact.  There are micro-organisms in the intestines that produce Vitamin B-12, but humans can't assimilate it. 
01:10 <ShotgunHobo> Clan stop fucking with us and just make a creepypasta bout it
01:11 <Theclan> no im not
01:11 <Lovethedesu> Hello Eyeless. 
01:11 <Theclan> dude im fuckin around
01:11 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
01:11 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:11 <Theclan> i would get a sound bite 
01:11 <Theclan> but i dont know how
01:11 <Ifarted666> I know what I'm going to write, now! I'm going to write a CP about Obama!
01:11 <ShotgunHobo> Then get a sound bit
01:11 <CrashingCymbal> I prob won't be online by the time you finish, so if I'm not, lemme know on the Talk Page! (:P)
01:11 <Harmonex> Shouldn't they be in the resources folder?
01:11 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Banana
01:11 <CrashingCymbal> Best of luck, farted!
01:11 <Theclan> every fucking time i attack it some music goes off
01:11 <ShotgunHobo> You can look for the sound in the sounds/ or music folder
01:11 <Theclan> o mabey ur right
01:12 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
01:12 <Theclan> i look for it
01:12 <CasualArsonist> Hey
01:12 <CasualArsonist> Hey CLAN
01:12 <Theclan> but check it out
01:12 <Theclan> hi
01:12 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
01:12 <Theclan> its in 1.6.2 and attack it in survival mode
01:12 <Theclan> o fuck
01:12 <Theclan> im scared
01:12 <CasualArsonist> Yep
01:12 <Theclan> brb im gona get the sound file
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I like muscular butts
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and abdominals
01:13 <Lovethedesu> Hello 228. 
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and pectorials 
01:13 <JackofallSuits> You might like Snake then
01:13 -!- Monogatari-6TR has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <JackofallSuits> Trololol
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> you're dumb
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I mean
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> really
01:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <CasualArsonist> I like people who are a little chubby. But if I love them I want them to stay healthy for their own health
01:13 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> abs*
01:13 <Monogatari-6TR> Oh what the fuck
01:13 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <JackofallSuits> Oh, aren't you charming
01:14 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
01:14 -!- Waffuru-San has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <CasualArsonist> as long as wesharing
01:14 <Jeffsson> wb brooke
01:14 <Monogatari-6TR> My sister watched Alice, Human Sacrifice
01:14 <Theclan> then ull love me 
01:14 <Monogatari-6TR> I fucking hate that song
01:14 <Lovethedesu> Hello Brooke and Mono! Also, hi Waffuru. 
01:14 <Monogatari-6TR> Mr. Waffle
01:14 <CasualArsonist> @ Theclan you mean I'll love you?
01:14 <Harmonex> Overweight and obese people outnumber thin people in America.  But we're no longer the fattest nation.  I think we're third now.
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> Right!
01:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> o.o
01:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Darker Than Black Ryuusei no Gemini Op   Tsukiakari no Michishirube - Duration: 03:58 - Uploaded: 2013-01-28 - Rating: 4.950178 - Views: 126,199 -
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> It's 2:15 am and I am ver tired
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> *very
01:15 <Monogatari-6TR> Who's 1 and 2?
01:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Good song. :D
01:15 <Ifarted666> Actually, we're second. 
01:15 -!- Billy Handsome has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> So good night y'all!
01:15 <Lovethedesu> Hello Billy.
01:15 <Billy Handsome> hey guy's
01:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Goodnight Simba.
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Brooke!
01:15 <Monogatari-6TR> Bye Cumball
01:15 <Lovethedesu> Good night Cymbal. 
01:15 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Mono (:))
01:15 <JackofallSuits> I thought Mississippi was the fattest place on Earth though
01:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
01:15 <JackofallSuits> *Insert troll face*
01:16 <Harmonex> Okay, Syria is third, Mexico is first.
01:16 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
01:16 <Billy Handsome> bye cym
01:16 <Theclan> found it
01:16 <Ifarted666> Mississippi is the place where they saw that Jesusauras, so idk
01:16 <Theclan> file://localhost/Users/margaretmary/Library/Application%20Support/minecraft/assets/sound/mob/endermen/stare.ogg
01:16 <Theclan> tht is the sound 
01:16 <JackofallSuits> lmfao
01:16 <Monogatari-6TR> Raptor Jesus?!
01:16 <Theclan> i never herd it 
01:17 <Lovethedesu> >/Users/margaretmary/
01:17 <Lovethedesu> Nice name, bro. 
01:17 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <MooseJuice> This drum kit sucks:
01:17 <Billy Handsome> so how the fuck are you guy's?
01:17 <DeadWabbit15> Back'
01:17 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <Theclan> im scared
01:17 <Lovethedesu> WOLFEN <3333
01:17 <Monogatari-6TR> cul
01:17 -!- DigitalWatchJester has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <JackofallSuits> Hey Wabbit
01:17 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <ShotgunHobo> Billy
01:17 <JackofallSuits> So you weren't dead?
01:18 <Ifarted666> Did you just link to your drive? Fucking new.
01:18 <DeadWabbit15> Nope
01:18 <Billy Handsome> hey shotgun
01:18 <CasualArsonist> See you guys
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> summer is forever
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> bye
01:18 <Monogatari-6TR> hey
01:18 <Monogatari-6TR> (swag)
01:18 <DeadWabbit15> Turned out I was a zambie
01:18 <Theclan> did any one check the sound file
01:18 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
01:18 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
01:18 <JackofallSuits> I wish summer was over already
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> I know what it is
01:18 <Esoteric Entity> S'up, Wolfen.
01:18 <JackofallSuits> It's fucking hot
01:18 <Esoteric Entity> Me too, Jack.
01:18 <Wolfenmaus> And then Wolfen was on.
01:18 <Monogatari-6TR> Zambies and vlampires
01:18 <Esoteric Entity> I hate the summer.
01:18 <JackofallSuits> And I want Pikmin 3
01:18 <DeadWabbit15> Yeah
01:18 <Esoteric Entity> I want snow.
01:18 <DeadWabbit15> How's it going Wolfen?
01:18 <Lovethedesu> And then the world was a better place. :P 
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> does anyone know where maria is?
01:18 <Wolfenmaus> With SLOW-ASS INTERNET
01:18 <Theclan> do im so fucking scared some one look at this file
01:18 <DigitalWatchJester> no
01:18 <Theclan> file://localhost/Users/margaretmary/Library/Application%20Support/minecraft/assets/sound/mob/endermen/stare.ogg
01:18 <TheGreatMobo> its the enderman sound
01:19 <JackofallSuits> XD
01:19 <Ifarted666> It's so hot. My butt hurts. These boxers are giving me a wedgie. I wish I was on 4chan spooking /x/.
01:19 <DigitalWatchJester> no clan
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> for minecraft
01:19 <Theclan> i never fuckin herd it in the game
01:19 <Esoteric Entity> You're posting your drive. ._.
01:19 <JackofallSuits> Wow
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> yes you did
01:19 <Theclan> n im a fuckin miner man
01:19 <JackofallSuits> You should try deleting system 32
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> you just dont recognise the name
01:19 <JackofallSuits> That'll fix the problem
01:19 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:19 <DeadWabbit15> WHO CALLED ME
01:19 <Lovethedesu> *Trolololo*
01:19 <Monogatari-6TR> Delete System32
01:19 <Wolfenmaus> So
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> windoze prevents you from doing that
01:19 <Wolfenmaus> Slow
01:19 <TheGreatMobo> I tried it before
01:19 <Wolfenmaus> UGGGGH
01:19 <DigitalWatchJester> I had to delete system 32 on my comp because I had a virus.
01:20 <DigitalWatchJester> It fixed it.
01:20 <Jeffsson> (forever alone-
01:20 <Ifarted666> Delete System32, it'll make it run faster
01:20 <Harmonex> Oh man, he has the System32 virus?  I check my Windows folder regularly to make sure it's not there.
01:20 <Billy Handsome> hey jeffsson
01:20 <Jeffsson> (foreveralone)
01:20 <Ifarted666> I know, right?
01:20 <TheGreatMobo> rm C:/Windows/System32/*
01:20 <Theclan> well i had a fuckin hart attack all for nothin
01:20 <Billy Handsome> there i talked to you...happy?
01:20 <TheGreatMobo> indeed
01:20 <Monogatari-6TR> Or type in "@echo off del system32" on Notepad, save it as a .bat file (All Files) and double click it when you save it
01:20 <DigitalWatchJester> clan just delete ystem 32 it will fix everything.
01:20 <Wolfenmaus> And Minecraft downloaded.
01:20 <Wolfenmaus> And I was happy.
01:21 <Theclan> no.
01:21 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <BRVR> I havee widnows 7.
01:21 <Devincooper64> SHIT SHIT SHIT!
01:21 <Monogatari-6TR> Then a skeleton popped out
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> So
01:21 <Devincooper64> DAMN IT!
01:21 <Harmonex> Bring up Task Manager and look at the processes to see just how many programs are running from System32 (they have the *32 tag).  Removing it would give a great burst of speed.
01:21 <Monogatari-6TR> Devin
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> This new laptop.
01:21 <Billy Handsome> hey devin
01:21 <Devincooper64> I just spent two hours on a video
01:21 <Devincooper64> it didnt save
01:21 <Theclan> ok...
01:21 <Devincooper64> and now its not responding
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> Is weird.
01:21 <Billy Handsome> i that fuckin sucks
01:21 <Devincooper64> and if i wont respond
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> And cool.
01:21 <Monogatari-6TR> Dubstep Alice, Human Sacrifice
01:21 <Lovethedesu> Wolfen. 
01:21 <TheGreatMobo> delete crsrss.exe
01:21 <TheGreatMobo> its bad
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> Desu
01:21 <Devincooper64> ill have to close it 
01:21 <Devincooper64> AND LOSE ALL MY WORK!
01:21 <Devincooper64> D:
01:21 <Wolfenmaus> hi DESU
01:21 <TheGreatMobo> rm it from task manager
01:21 <Theclan> but i haz mack bitches
01:21 <Lovethedesu> Hi! :D
01:21 <Monogatari-6TR> I hate that song
01:21 <Monogatari-6TR> So I can hate it some more
01:22 <Theclan> *mac
01:22 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:22 <BRVR> Again, I have windows 7.
01:22 <Wolfenmaus> Excuse me while I attempt to get Rei's Minimap to load.
01:22 <DigitalWatchJester> clan system 32 is making your computer too slow. Delete it.
01:22 -!- Mr.JawaCofee has joined Special:Chat
01:22 <DigitalWatchJester> It's just useless stuff.
01:22 <Esoteric Entity> Hey, Jawa.
01:22 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey entity
01:22 <Ifarted666> >mac
01:22 <Ifarted666> lol
01:22 <Harmonex> Oh man.  I actually once wrote a "game" that ran a check for the Task Manager in the process list, and would kill it if it appeared.  That way people couldn't escape out of it.
01:22 <DigitalWatchJester> Utinii.
01:23 <Theclan> yea mac book pro....
01:23 <TheGreatMobo> wipe your hdd and install linux
01:23 <Mr.JawaCofee> Digital
01:23 <DeadWabbit15> "phew
01:23 <TheGreatMobo> fixes all your issues
01:23 <MooseJuice> So hawt:
01:23 <Theclan> don't deny my intelligence 
01:23 <Harmonex> Linux comes with its own issues.
01:23 <Ifarted666> Macs are so bad. The only people who would buy them are those weird emo's and hipsters.
01:23 <DigitalWatchJester> yes jawa
01:23 <BRVR> Is'nt there a close window command? @Harmon
01:23 <Mr.JawaCofee> if your Comp is lagging, you should just delete a thing called C:\
01:23 <DeadWabbit15> Copied the entire Project X Zone soundtrack to my PSP
01:23 <Mr.JawaCofee> a close window comand?
01:23 <Monogatari-6TR> Delete /system/
01:23 <Theclan> nope alot of editors use them
01:23 <Harmonex>
01:23 <DeadWabbit15> Also
01:23 <Theclan> NOT
01:23 <Wolfenmaus> Project X
01:23 <Jeffsson> in four months
01:23 <Monogatari-6TR> It makes your Mac slow.
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> Love Potion Disaster
01:24 <BRVR> Like alt + f4.
01:24 <Jeffsson> hahaha
01:24 <Monogatari-6TR> Delete it.
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> Imean
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> wot
01:24 <Ifarted666> >alot of editors
01:24 <Ifarted666> Name 5
01:24 <DigitalWatchJester> yeah C:\ is useless.
01:24 <DeadWabbit15> Project X ZONE, wolfen
01:24 <BRVR> I don't have a mac.
01:24 <Harmonex> I use C:\ on some computers.
01:24 <DeadWabbit15> It's a 3DS game
01:24 <Mr.JawaCofee> If using a PC, do "ctrl-alt-del" at the same time and remove the process to force end it
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> We aren't talking about the same game.
01:24 <DeadWabbit15> That uses sprites.
01:24 <Jeffsson> "i woke up in a new bugatti"
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> I would only get project X Zone to play as Kite.
01:24 <DigitalWatchJester> it should use
01:24 <Theclan> wow realy
01:24 <Jeffsson> FUCK
01:24 <DigitalWatchJester> pixies
01:24 <BRVR> I can't make games.
01:24 <Theclan> u want me to name people 
01:25 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Ifarted666> Yeah. Name 5 famous editors.
01:25 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:25 <DeadWabbit15> Kite & BlackRose?
01:25 <Devincooper64> I JUST LOST TWO HOURS OF FUCKING WORK (D:)
01:25 <DeadWabbit15> But I haven't played //.hack
01:25 <Ifarted666> And I mean famous people, not random people or your friends.
01:25 <Harmonex> I've lost more at times.
01:25 <DeadWabbit15> D:
01:25 <Jeffsson>
01:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 15 Min Best Of Vine Compilation! -BestVidsDaily - Duration: 14:38 - Uploaded: 2013-06-19 - Rating: 4.906092 - Views: 1,464,731 -
01:25 <Wolfenmaus> You should.
01:25 <Harmonex> It sucks.  Go at it again.
01:25 <BRVR> I don't have any friends.
01:25 <Harmonex> Save often.
01:25 <DeadWabbit15> I'm sorreh ._.
01:25 <Wolfenmaus> Greatest RPG series of all time.
01:25 <Wolfenmaus> And space.
01:25 <Mr.JawaCofee> if you want to make your computer stop lagging, you hold  the power button down for 7 seconds. EXACTLY 7 seconds. It will open a window where u can stop the lag
01:25 <DeadWabbit15> *rasies eyebrow*
01:26 <Devincooper64> I have to freaking voice eve-
01:26 <DeadWabbit15> OH RLLY?
01:26 <Devincooper64> UGH
01:26 <Wolfenmaus> YARLY
01:26 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
01:26 <Mr.JawaCofee> YA RLLY
01:26 <DigitalWatchJester> yeah jawa is right
01:26 <Theclan> ok dude
01:26 <DeadWabbit15> Challegnge accepted 
01:26 <Mr.JawaCofee> and his name is digital, he knows digital stuff
01:26 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
01:26 <JackofallSuits> Woah, holy fuck
01:26 <Theclan> all kinds of movie editors use it
01:26 <Theclan> like
01:26 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Shrub.
01:26 <BRVR> If you hold it for 6.9 or 7.1, it makes your whatever explode.
01:26 <Wolfenmaus> Can fuck's be holy?
01:26 <Theclan> steven spielberg
01:26 <Billy Handsome> they can
01:26 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello all.
01:26 <Ifarted666> AND, when you name them, provide links and sources
01:27 <JackofallSuits> Dunno
01:27 <Harmonex> I have a BackTrack live distro on a thumb drive.
01:27 <DeadWabbit15> If you fuck an angel, then sure.
01:27 <Ifarted666> from various sites
01:27 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'm not in a good mood. But aside from that, how is everyone?
01:27 <Harmonex> It's...quite fun to have.
01:27 <Theclan> why 
01:27 -!- Mindmonkey00 has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <JackofallSuits> Ask Pit and Palutena (huehue)
01:27 <HiddenSpirit> What's wrong?
01:27 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'm just sad.
01:27 <Wolfenmaus> >Thumb Drive
01:27 <Wolfenmaus> ...
01:27 <Wolfenmaus> FLASH DRIVE
01:27 <Theclan> dude wtf are u so stuck up  about this
01:27 <BRVR> I can't make a game, I lack the knowledge.
01:27 <Devincooper64> screw it
01:27 <Ifarted666> If you can do that, then your opinion is valid. If you can't, then don't talk about stuff you don't know about.
01:27 <Mr.JawaCofee> Kid Icarus: Uprising was very dissapointing
01:27 <Devincooper64> im not doing that again -_-
01:27 -!- DewsRandom has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <Harmonex> Semantics, Wolf.
01:27 <Monogatari-6TR> >caps
01:27 <Monogatari-6TR> >meme arrows
01:27 <DeadWabbit15> Says Jawa
01:27 <BRVR> I lack it all.
01:27 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
01:27 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:27 <Wolfenmaus> YOURE  A SEMEN TACK
01:27 <Harmonex> It's greentexting, Mono.
01:27 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Mr.Zalgopasta aka Ziggles aka FBI Van 2
01:27 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:27 <BRVR> I lack it all. *Echo*
01:27 <Mindmonkey00> it doesn't matter br
01:27 <Wolfenmaus> imean
01:27 <DeadWabbit15> I loved Kid Icarus Uprising
01:28 <Billy Handsome> semen tack?
01:28 <JackofallSuits> I thought it was pretty good
01:28 <JackofallSuits> Well
01:28 <Shrubskill Nurse> Wolfenmaus
01:28 <Ifarted666> KI:U was awesome, but the controls were wacky
01:28 <Shrubskill Nurse>
01:28 <JackofallSuits> From what I've played
01:28 <DeadWabbit15> It was just too Short
01:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> i love Call of Duty!!
01:28 -!- DewsRandom has left Special:Chat.
01:28 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Im gonna workout my abs
01:28 <TheGreatMobo> I used green text here before it was cool
01:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> BEST GAME EVARH!!!
01:28 <Theclan> ik smosh use mac
01:28 <JackofallSuits> I just can't bring myself to want to play it
01:28 <Mindmonkey00> educate yourself on game development brvr
01:28 <Monogatari-6TR> You don't say?
01:28 <Ifarted666> Provide a source
01:28 <JackofallSuits> So I still haven't beaten it
01:28 <BRVR> I can't.
01:28 -!- Tomokun has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Mindmonkey00> why not?
01:28 <DigitalWatchJester> everyone
01:28 <Theclan> ik ever other u tuber  uses mac
01:28 <DigitalWatchJester> 4CHAN PARTY VAN TIME
01:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> call of duty is better than kid icarus
01:28 <BRVR> I lack the knowledge.
01:28 <Ifarted666> Proof?
01:28 <Harmonex> The hardest part about game development is content.
01:28 <Diamondzarebright> So I came back from tutoring... 
01:28 <Mindmonkey00> the internet has tons of sources
01:28 <DeadWabbit15> HEY
01:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> SUP?
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> [[The Tale of Ballbag McScrotie]]
01:29 <JackofallSuits> Ok
01:29 <DeadWabbit15> Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced.
01:29 <TheGreatMobo> /s4s/ is 1337 board bow down
01:29 <JackofallSuits> Nope
01:29 <JackofallSuits> Piss off
01:29 <Harmonex> Once I've built the engine for a game, I lose interest.
01:29 <Mindmonkey00> of course you lack knowlege why don't you get knowledge
01:29 -!- WillieWillson has joined Special:Chat
01:29 <JackofallSuits> The only thing worse than CoD is ET
01:29 <BRVR> I lack the brain capacity to get knowledg.
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> How much does knowledge cost?
01:29 <Mr.JawaCofee> Battlefield 3 is better than Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!!!
01:29 <Harmonex> Like, I've completely mimicked Braid's time mechanics.  Have I used that for anything?  No.
01:29 <Tomokun> Yo
01:29 <TheGreatMobo> go die alone jawa
01:29 <Ifarted666> Eh, Black Cops 1 and 2 were decent.
01:29 <Mindmonkey00> well then brvr
01:29 <Mindmonkey00> youre fucked i dont know what to tell you
01:29 <Mr.JawaCofee> every game sux except CoD
01:29 -!- Tomokun has left Special:Chat.
01:29 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> [[Ballbag McScrotie vs Mobo]]
01:30 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <DeadWabbit15> I hope he's trolling.
01:30 <BRVR> You are now a game, jawa.
01:30 <Mr.JawaCofee> im jk, cod is a bag o shit
01:30 <JackofallSuits> Looks like a trolololol
01:30 <TheGreatMobo> whut is this
01:30 <Ifarted666> Hell, even MW3 was better than Banjo Kazooie
01:30 <Oderyus> I like COD but you are a fucking idiot
01:30 <DeadWabbit15> It's Creepypasta Wiki
01:30 <Mindmonkey00> If your'e that pessimistic about then It's not worth talking to you.
01:30 <Ifarted666> BK had no guns
01:30 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Scroty McBoogerBalls >> Ballbag McScrotie
01:30 <Mr.JawaCofee> WHAT DID YOU SAY ?
01:30 <Ifarted666> MW3 has guns
01:30 <JackofallSuits> You had a fucking bird that shot eggs
01:30 <Harmonex> Banjo Kazooie was amazing.  Don't compare separate genres.
01:30 <DigitalWatchJester> [[ ballbag mcscrottie dies ]]
01:30 <BRVR>
01:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Skyrim MAIN THEME! - "Dragonborn" - Tay Zonday - On iTunes! - Duration: 02:40 - Uploaded: 2013-02-05 - Rating: 4.916415 - Views: 2,304,863 -
01:30 <ShotgunHobo>  Yay Dead Kennedys
01:30 <DeadWabbit15> BK had a bird-for-a-gun. ._.
01:30 <Ifarted666> But eggs aren't guns, silly.
01:30 <Mindmonkey00> nuts and bolts was also kinda good
01:31 <Mindmonkey00> dont shoot me
01:31 <Theclan> heres ur fucking proff farted
01:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Photoshoppin' YOUTUBERS - Duration: 09:33 - Uploaded: 2012-12-31 - Rating: 4.882416 - Views: 2,811,642 -
01:31 <Jeffsson> i love tay zondays voice
01:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <DeadWabbit15> Nuts & Bolts was average.
01:31 <Wolfenmaus> [[Bob, the Seven Foot Tall, Breakdancing, Purple, British Penis]]
01:31 <JackofallSuits> The trolls are invading again
01:31 <BRVR> Because bullets shoot guns.
01:31 <Jeffsson> imean wut
01:31 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Who's trolling?
01:31 <JackofallSuits> Time for the bunker
01:31 <Wolfenmaus> Time for the whip
01:31 <DeadWabbit15> Jack
01:31 <Mr.JawaCofee>
01:31 <Mindmonkey00> it had originality and was trying something new so I respect it for that
01:31 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
01:31 <Ifarted666> I said EDITORS. Not YouTubers
01:31 <DeadWabbit15> 'bout that
01:31 <JackofallSuits> Wabbit
01:31 <Mr.JawaCofee> dayum
01:31 <DeadWabbit15> I bunked the bunker.
01:31 <Mr.JawaCofee> how do i do the links like that?
01:32 <BRVR> *Hovers around jack*
01:32 <Mindmonkey00> brvr do you even lift
01:32 <DeadWabbit15> ALSO.
01:32 <Mr.JawaCofee> Mindmonkey
01:32 <Mr.JawaCofee> you life 00 pounds
01:32 <BRVR> *AOL sound*
01:32 <Mindmonkey00> ?
01:32 <Ifarted666>
01:32 <Ifarted666> Jesus Christ, what the fuck
01:32 <Diamondzarebright> I just realized there is a lot of M's
01:32 <Mr.JawaCofee> life = lift
01:33 <Mindmonkey00> 45 actually
01:33 <Mr.JawaCofee> hahahahaha!
01:33 <DeadWabbit15> ._.
01:33 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Boogie wonderland - Earth Wind and Fire - Duration: 04:58 - Uploaded: 2007-07-22 - Rating: 4.927045 - Views: 16,804,049 -
01:33 <Diamondzarebright> in the wiki ? 
01:33 <Mr.JawaCofee> dude r u 12?
01:33 <Mindmonkey00> It's something
01:33 <Mindmonkey00> 19
01:33 <Diamondzarebright> I'm 17 
01:33 <BRVR> I can't lift.
01:33 <DeadWabbit15> "walks away"
01:33 <Ifarted666> 14
01:33 <Mr.JawaCofee> im 19 and i life 138 
01:33 <DigitalWatchJester> [[ Jester fucks with links ]]
01:33 -!- Theclan has left Special:Chat.
01:33 <BRVR> *Hovers around jawa*
01:33 <JackofallSuits> What is even going on
01:33 <DeadWabbit15> HEY
01:33 <DeadWabbit15> BRVR
01:33 <Wolfenmaus> "And yae, Jesus did donkeypunch a dragon in the nutsack whist drinking the holiest of beverages, Mountain Dew."
01:33 <DeadWabbit15>
01:33 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Boogie wonderland - Earth Wind and Fire - Duration: 04:58 - Uploaded: 2007-07-22 - Rating: 4.927045 - Views: 16,804,049 -
01:33 <Harmonex> That was Photoshopped, right?
01:33 <Mindmonkey00> holy shit bring this guy a fucking metal mr jawa
01:33 <DeadWabbit15> Yeah
01:33 <BRVR> *Hovers around dead*
01:33 <JackofallSuits> It's time to go to PM land
01:34 <Wolfenmaus> Wolfenicus, 32:X
01:34 <DeadWabbit15> ;~;
01:34 <Diamondzarebright> wait so Mountain Dew is Holy!?
01:34 <Ifarted666> Yes
01:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> Mindmonkey, you cant even afford a medal let alone my ass
01:34 <Ifarted666> It is very holy
01:34 <Diamondzarebright> o.o 
01:34 <DeadWabbit15> GET AWEH "swings axe"
01:34 <DigitalWatchJester> [[ Jester shanks Wolfen ]]
01:34 <Diamondzarebright> I see why it makes us insomiacs
01:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> Jester
01:34 <BRVR> *Eats the axe*
01:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> how do u do that?
01:34 <DigitalWatchJester> wat
01:34 <DeadWabbit15> Um..uh...
01:34 <Wolfenmaus> You border it in double brackets.
01:34 <DeadWabbit15> JESSE
01:35 <DeadWabbit15> !log
01:35 <Mindmonkey00> I understand you're kinda insecure about yourself but making people feel like shit isnt how you should do it mr jawa
01:35 <Mr.JawaCofee> ((like this))
01:35 -!- DigitalWatchJester has left Special:Chat.
01:35 <DeadWabbit15> DAMNIT JESSE
01:35 <BRVR> !logs
01:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:35 <Wolfenmaus> Those are parentheses.
01:35 <Billy Handsome> mind monkey stfu
01:35 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey, chat bot!
01:35 <Wolfenmaus> I mean with [[ ]].
01:35 -!- DigitalWatchJester has joined Special:Chat
01:35 <DeadWabbit15> !logs
01:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:35 <Wolfenmaus> [[*
01:35 <Mr.JawaCofee> Mind monkey, go spank your monkey
01:35 <DeadWabbit15> Yey.
01:35 <Mindmonkey00> everyday
01:35 <Wolfenmaus> [[Code Monkey]]
01:35 <Billy Handsome> go back to youv cave troll
01:35 <Billy Handsome> we dont want your shit
01:35 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Mindmonkey the Rage]]
01:36 <DeadWabbit15> Waiut a sec...
01:36 <DeadWabbit15> !test
01:36 <BRVR> *Continues to hover around dead*
01:36 <DeadWabbit15> D: no hi for me Jese?
01:36 <DeadWabbit15> No hai?
01:36 <DeadWabbit15> No Hallo
01:36 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:36 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[A SKELETUN POOPED OUT!! D:]]
01:36 <DigitalWatchJester> [[ do not eat the miind honey plea2e ]]
01:36 <Ifarted666>
01:36 <Wolfenmaus> Skellybelly
01:36 <Wolfenmaus> Skelebone
01:36 <BRVR> *Hovers around jawa agan*
01:36 <BRVR> *again
01:36 <Mindmonkey00> wow you made a page for me i feel fucking honored dude.
01:36 -!- Waffuru-San has left Special:Chat.
01:37 <DeadWabbit15> "throws axe at BRVR"
01:37 <Ifarted666> Those abs
01:37 <Ifarted666> That girl
01:37 <Ifarted666> what the shit
01:37 <Billy Handsome> lol
01:37 <BRVR> *Axe pings off and hits the sun*
01:37 <DigitalWatchJester> [[ what the shit ]]
01:37 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey, i found mindmonkey on the internet!!!
01:37 <Mr.JawaCofee>
01:37 <DeadWabbit15> I belive the proper term is What The Shitcakes.
01:37 <ShotgunHobo> That girl with the abs looks like my cousin
01:37 -!- Obscure Obscenity has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <Billy Handsome> ikr
01:37 <Wolfenmaus> [[The Bible of Wolfen]]
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Billy I'm a troll can I go to a cavern instead?
01:37 <Obscure Obscenity> Hoi.
01:38 <Mindmonkey00> and how old are you jawa?
01:38 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
01:38 <Billy Handsome> whatever floats your fuckin boat
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> Starting with Genemaus
01:38 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen thats the best bible
01:38 <Mr.JawaCofee> i already covered that
01:38 <Mr.JawaCofee> 19
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> And ending
01:38 <BRVR> I watched a movie today.
01:38 <Mindmonkey00> fucking act like it
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> With Wolfendus
01:38 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Meatspin]][
01:38 <Ifarted666>
01:38 <Mr.JawaCofee> it actually existed
01:38 <BRVR> *Hovers around dead*
01:38 <Mindmonkey00> I  don't like guys that way sorry.
01:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Do I smell trolls?
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> I once saw an MLP Meatspin.
01:38 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> Somewhat Funny
01:38 <Wolfenmaus> Somewhat scarring.
01:39 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:39 <Mindmonkey00> how does someone even come up with that^
01:39 <Wolfenmaus> Somewhat made me drink a gallon of bleach.
01:39 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
01:39 <Billy Handsome> is it a curse or blessing that this (trollface) isnt a thing?
01:39 <Mr.JawaCofee> Mind, your whole paychecks could not afford my ass, so stop trying to slap dicks together on the interwebs, kid
01:39 <BRVR> It's a blessing.
01:39 <DigitalWatchJester> ^
01:39 <DigitalWatchJester> fff
01:39 <Mr.JawaCofee> Hey, mindmonkey your 19 right?
01:39 <BRVR> No, it's a curse.
01:39 <Wolfenmaus> I still have two emotes on here.
01:39 <BRVR> No, it's a blurse.
01:40 <Wolfenmaus> Bitches.
01:40 <DigitalWatchJester> no mindmonkey is 8
01:40 <DigitalWatchJester> lolno
01:40 <Mindmonkey00> I don't agree with protistution either mr jawa
01:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I got a promotion a week ago...
01:40 <Mr.JawaCofee> no he said he was 19 so he graduated
01:40 <Obscure Obscenity> Man, Purple is amazing.
01:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay....
01:40 <Mr.JawaCofee> so, mindmonkey, Magna Cum Laude?
01:40 <Mindmonkey00> unless you really want to blow me 
01:40 <Ifarted666> Mind, I could come up with better comebacks. It's easy, I can just wipe them off your mom's chin.
01:40 <Mindmonkey00> nope
01:40 <Mr.JawaCofee> Cum Laude?
01:40 <Jeffsson> !seen fun in the CC wiki
01:40 <Mindmonkey00> just diploma
01:40 <Jeffsson> awww
01:40 -!- Obscure Obscenity has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <BRVR> *Hovers around self*
01:41 <Billy Handsome> mind stop acring your your some high society guy we know your 12
01:41 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Mindmonkey00 Fails at Life]]
01:41 <Ifarted666> If I had a comeback, I would have wiped it off your mom's chin
01:41 <Billy Handsome> acting*
01:41 <Mindmonkey00> and somehow this matters, mr jawa?
01:41 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Do I smell wonderful prostitution? 
01:41 -!- DarkStar8 has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imeanwat
01:41 <Mr.JawaCofee> Mind.
01:41 <BRVR> No.
01:41 <Mr.JawaCofee> Explain what Cum Laude is to us.
01:41 <Mindmonkey00> hm?
01:41 <DigitalWatchJester> I wipe my ass with my diplomas that's how disposable they are.
01:41 <DigitalWatchJester> Loljk.
01:41 <Mindmonkey00> like the big grade thingy
01:41 <Billy Handsome> i have one mind insulted me so i shanked him..the end
01:42 <Wolfenmaus> I wipe my ass with a cactus.
01:42 <Mr.JawaCofee> FAIL. Try again
01:42 <Mindmonkey00> yeah, im pretty dumb
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> See.. 
02:12 <ShotgunHobo> Unicorns are magical
02:12 <Wolfenmaus> DUCKTALES
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> this is why 
02:12 <Kitty Mistake> my stomach needs to stop hurting....
02:12 <Wolfenmaus> WOO OO
02:12 <CasualArsonist> First of all it's so obvious XD
02:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #TRIANGLES
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> you do not watch plants vs zombies
02:12 <ShotgunHobo> I fucking don’t remember duck tales
02:12 <Jeffsson> thats it imma get drunk im not gonna sit anylonger
02:12 <Rylee the Pegasis> I think Masky is a unicorn when he is ponyfied
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> on an empty stomach 
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> Yes
02:12 <Mr.JawaCofee> i remember a show called Bananas in Pajamas
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> Masky is a pony 
02:12 <Wolfenmaus> Is anyone here a big Zelda fan?
02:12 <Diamondzarebright> along with Hoody 
02:12 <Mr.JawaCofee> ME
02:12 <Harmonex> Oh man, I forgot they did a remake of Duck Tales.  I need to check if they've ported it to PC.
02:13 <Mr.JawaCofee> played every single one
02:13 <DeadWabbit15> Me.
02:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> Masky and Hoodie as ponies? (<3)
02:13 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <ShotgunHobo> Ah ha
02:13 <DeadWabbit15> Wolfen
02:13 <Diamondzarebright> Yes Masky 
02:13 <Diamondzarebright> YES
02:13 <Wolfenmaus> Do you know of my Greater Triforce Theory?
02:13 <Diamondzarebright> Ohh bby 
02:13 <DeadWabbit15> Are you looking forward to A Hat In Time?
02:13 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule #43: The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.
02:13 <Monogatari-6TR> Have fun with IA, bronies
02:13 <Kitty Mistake> SCORCH!
02:13 <Scorch933> Is it me, or can zombie makeup make a chick look even hotter?
02:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> MLP would be 20% cooler if that wad added
02:13 <Kitty Mistake> -tackle hugs-
02:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> imeawut
02:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Scorch 
02:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> HEY!
02:13 <Diamondzarebright> Ooo bby 
02:13 <Kitty Mistake> mew ^^
02:13 <ShotgunHobo> Scorch long tim no see man
02:13 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:13 <Scruffythemanager> Rule #14: ______________
02:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat Tim, bby?
02:13 -!- Ds1700 has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Harmonex> I have seen some...unpleasant things from the brony community.
02:13 <Diamondzarebright> mm
02:13 <Scorch933> Imeanwut? Lol, Hey guys. hey kitty, hey brooke, Neve, Harmonex, diamond, BRVR Skele Zalgo PING everyone.
02:13 <Wolfenmaus> Anyway.
02:13 <Scorch933> Hey shotgun.
02:14 <Kitty Mistake> :3
02:14 <Kitty Mistake> mew
02:14 <Wolfenmaus> This is my Greater Triforce Theory.
02:14 <Wolfenmaus>
02:14 <BRVR> G-major!
02:14 <ShotgunHobo> I have too harmon
02:14 -!- Ds1700 has left Special:Chat.
02:14 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 14. Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.
02:14 <Scorch933> but anyways, like I said, can zombie makeup make a chick look hotter?
02:14 -!- Claire-Voyant has joined Special:Chat
02:14 <Kitty Mistake> ^
02:14 <DeadWabbit15> You're not looking forward to it?
02:14 <Mr.JawaCofee> this is my beta OoT project:
02:14 <Mr.JawaCofee>
02:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Zelda 64 BETA Restoration Version 1.0 RELEASED - Duration: 01:25 - Uploaded: 2012-12-26 - Rating: 2.120000 - Views: 1,381 -
02:14 <Kitty Mistake> id rather not think about that
02:14 <Kitty Mistake> xD
02:14 <Wolfenmaus> Only if you're a necrophiliac.
02:14 <Scorch933> lol.
02:14 -!- Killrx2 has left Special:Chat.
02:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rule #34 best rule
02:14 <Monogatari-6TR> ^^
02:14 <Monogatari-6TR> ^^^
02:14 <Scorch933> No, I'm serious.
02:14 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 69
02:15 <Wolfenmaus> So am I.
02:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> Tim, answer me bby.
02:15 <DeadWabbit15> I'm not ._. I'm just looking forward to the game,
02:15 <CasualArsonist> Rule 63.
02:15 <Monogatari-6TR> LOL sixtynine amirite?
02:15 <CasualArsonist> Rule 1
02:15 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 1: Do not talk about /b/
02:15 <Mr.JawaCofee> pi is 3.14 right?
02:15 <Diamondzarebright> But I love you too much Masky bby 
02:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> /b/ is cancer
02:15 <Claire-Voyant> Can't sleep, clown will eat me.
02:15 <ShotgunHobo> Rule #34 also Rule #43 applies to it
02:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> Alright then
02:15 <DeadWabbit15> AY
02:15 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 63A: For any given male character, there is a female version of it
02:15 <Wolfenmaus> So
02:15 <Mr.JawaCofee> did you know that 3.14 in the mirror spells P.1E?
02:15 <ShotgunHobo> True
02:15 <Wolfenmaus> I want to show you guys something
02:16 <DeadWabbit15> \Who creating Zelda 64 Beta?
02:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> me
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> Can I
02:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Clownz
02:16 <Scorch933>
02:16 <DeadWabbit15> I subbed.
02:16 <Scorch933> :D
02:16 <Diamondzarebright> Mmmm
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> Can I show you
02:16 <Harmonex> And their resultant posse.
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> Something
02:16 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 63B: For any given female character, there is a male version
02:16 <ShotgunHobo> Show it to me 
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> A comment I made.
02:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> to who, wabbit?
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> On Youtube.
02:16 -!- Ds1700 has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <Ds1700>  G
02:16 <ShotgunHobo> Sure
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> I want to show you
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> Hold on
02:16 <DeadWabbit15> you,silly
02:16 <Ds1700> has Nyone read the story lightning before
02:16 <Claire-Voyant> Be vewy quiet.  I'm hunting wabbits.
02:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> what is your name on YouTube wabbit?
02:16 <JustinDavid23> Lol
02:16 <Wolfenmaus> This is
02:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> Masky is gonna have nightmares about pink unicorns
02:17 <DeadWabbit15> But I'm hunting you
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> The most emotional
02:17 <JustinDavid23> Sparta
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> And serious
02:17 <ShotgunHobo> Scorch if I was into Necrophilia I would fuck that zombie
02:17 <Diamondzarebright> Nu bby 
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> I've everbeen
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> On youtube
02:17 <Diamondzarebright> Tim will save you from dem uni's
02:17 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:17 <Scorch933> Shotgun, wow.
02:17 <Mr.JawaCofee> yes! almost 100 Subs!!!
02:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
02:17 <ShotgunHobo> Well it’s true
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> Don't laugh
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> Okay?
02:17 <Diamondzarebright> by using tackle
02:17 -!- Ds1700 has left Special:Chat.
02:17 <Diamondzarebright> and possibly tentacles
02:17 <Rylee the Pegasis> I think I'm gonna listen to YES instead
02:17 <Scorch933> Sorry, I always figured you to be a necropedophile.
02:17 <Wolfenmaus> When I wrote this comment
02:17 <ShotgunHobo> Japanese
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> I was enfused
02:18 <Scorch933> Like Cannibal Corpse.
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> With-
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> CC REFERENCE
02:18 <Claire-Voyant> Charm, sleep powder, harden, pound.
02:18 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> I LOVE YOU SCORCH
02:18 <DeadWabbit15> Also guys
02:18 <Monogatari-6TR> 84. Rule 87 is true. 
02:18 <Monogatari-6TR> 87. Rule 84 is false.
02:18 <Scorch933> lol :D
02:18 <Monogatari-6TR> Dat Ash, Claire
02:18 <Mr.JawaCofee> lolololololololololololo
02:18 <Claire-Voyant> XP
02:18 <Monogatari-6TR> :P
02:18 <Harmonex> Bind, Screech, Struggle
02:18 <Rylee the Pegasis> Fuck this
02:18 <Diamondzarebright> Nu more ponies?
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> Anyway
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> This
02:18 <DeadWabbit15> Yeah
02:18 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm gonna listen to the YES Dance
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> IS THE COMMENT
02:18 <Mr.JawaCofee> ay girl, im gonna lickitung till you squirtle
02:18 <Wolfenmaus> OF MY FEELS
02:18 <Wolfenmaus>
02:18 <DeadWabbit15> I subbed yuu
02:18 <Diamondzarebright> Mmm Masky bby 
02:18 <Diamondzarebright> YES
02:19 <Monogatari-6TR> Rule 99. If you have no bricks to shit, you are made of fail and AIDS.
02:19 <Monogatari-6TR> What
02:19 <ShotgunHobo> Scorch I said if I was into Necrophila 
02:19 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:19 <Rylee the Pegasis> CHRIST
02:19 <Monogatari-6TR> wb Neve
02:19 <Rylee the Pegasis> I have 90 subs
02:19 <Diamondzarebright> How
02:19 <Scorch933> Shotgun: I said I always figured you to be one.
02:19 <ShotgunHobo> And Wolfen I lol'ed
02:19 <Diamondzarebright> I only have 15... ... 
02:19 <Rylee the Pegasis> On YouTube
02:19 <Scorch933> I meanwut?
02:19 <Wolfenmaus> Let me see howmany I have
02:19 <Diamondzarebright> I know
02:19 <Mr.JawaCofee> on youtube i have 70
02:19 <Diamondzarebright> I fayul
02:19 <Harmonex> I have 35(?) subs for a video I posted of Colonel Potter saying "That's what she said!"
02:19 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:19 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen I am now laughing my ass off in halarity
02:19 <Rylee the Pegasis> okay YES Dance
02:20 <Wolfenmaus> I have 67 Subs.
02:20 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:20 <Monogatari-6TR> None.
02:20 <ShotgunHobo> I haz none
02:20 <Claire-Voyant> Struggle, bind, glare, vine whip: Sounds like a typical Friday night. ;D
02:20 <Wolfenmaus> And 20,673 views on my videos.
02:20 <Claire-Voyant> XD
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> Nobody would sub to me for a while because I had 69
02:20 <Diamondzarebright> *cries cause she only has 15 subs*
02:20 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
02:20 <Mr.JawaCofee> im 2nd best person subbed on here!!!
02:20 <Mr.JawaCofee> XD
02:20 <Monogatari-6TR> Haha
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> I have 70,000
02:20 <Scruffythemanager> BUTTCHESE
02:20 <Wolfenmaus> HOW THE HELL DO I HAVE 20K VIEWS
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> video views
02:20 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
02:20 <Wolfenmaus> BUT 60 SUBS
02:20 <ShotgunHobo> Dirty videos
02:20 <ShotgunHobo> Very dirty
02:20 <Monogatari-6TR> Smegma.
02:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> Time for YES
02:20 <Diamondzarebright> ..... 
02:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot is dis MADNESS
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> Yes?
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> Like
02:21 <DeadWabbit15> Wolfen
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> the band?
02:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <DeadWabbit15> Your YT account?
02:21 <JustinDavid23> Hi Musc
02:21 <Claire-Voyant> I have 19 subscribers from what I remember, yet I have no videos. *dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuh!*
02:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Guy
02:21 <Mr.JawaCofee> here comes a soammer
02:21 <Diamondzarebright> *is ashamed* 
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> It's MetalTheMaker
02:21 <ShotgunHobo> Man with the long name
02:21 <JustinDavid23> Welcom to the Wiki
02:21 <Mr.JawaCofee> *spammer
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> You nougat.
02:21 <Monogatari-6TR>
02:21 <Monogatari-6TR> Po Pi Po
02:21 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> beepbeep
02:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> who's spamming?
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> urmum
02:21 <Monogatari-6TR> Pi~!
02:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am
02:21 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <Claire-Voyant> /me used to actually have vids
02:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> =_=
02:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> With my sexy
02:21 <DeadWabbit15> Annnnnnnnd subbed.
02:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lolol
02:21 <Wolfenmaus> Rs
02:21 <ShotgunHobo> Japanese music! It burns my ears
02:22 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[i have aids]]
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> I have a serious question
02:22 <Claire-Voyant> D:
02:22 <Monogatari-6TR> Burn
02:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes?
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> How many penises do you have?
02:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 4
02:22 <Mr.Zalgopasta> over 9000
02:22 <ShotgunHobo> Did I give you the aids?
02:22 <Claire-Voyant> But, a lot of Japanese music is good.
02:22 <DeadWabbit15> You're happy Wolfen.
02:22 <Monogatari-6TR> It's sugar saturated.
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> I AM
02:22 <DeadWabbit15> I SUBBED.
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> NNIWEFAE
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> And Skelebone left
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> Aw
02:22 <Harmonex> 90% of everything is crap.
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> That's Sturgeon's LAw
02:22 <Wolfenmaus> Law*
02:22 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T)
02:23 <DeadWabbit15> You have 61 subs
02:23 <Claire-Voyant> True. But most of what I listen to is good stuff.  XD
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR>
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR> Sugar saturated vegetable juice and rainbows.
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR> Burn your ears with Japanese and Engrish
02:23 <Rylee the Pegasis> Timmy, bby, what's wrong?
02:23 <ShotgunHobo> Claire understand I am not 1 for music I do not understand what people are saying becaue it confuses me
02:23 <Diamondzarebright> I only have 15 subs... 
02:23 <MooseJuice> This is sex:
02:23 <Claire-Voyant> Like, probably more than 90%. XD
02:23 <Wolfenmaus> So
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR> nsfw
02:23 <Wolfenmaus> Do you guys
02:23 <ShotgunHobo> Sex in a nutshell
02:23 <Wolfenmaus> Know
02:23 <Claire-Voyant> Well, that's why you look up the translations hobo. XP
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR> porn
02:23 <Diamondzarebright> cause I don't own a video cam 
02:23 <JustinDavid23> Watching shaqtin a fool
02:23 <Wolfenmaus> JoCo
02:23 <ShotgunHobo> I don’t want to listen to the translation
02:23 <Monogatari-6TR> >creamy and creamy
02:24 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> I wasn't saying that.
02:24 <Diamondzarebright> or any editing systems
02:24 <ShotgunHobo> Because it’s like a dubbed movie
02:24 <Monogatari-6TR> (loool)
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> I meant look up the translated lyrics.
02:24 <MooseJuice> Man, Jimi Hendrix plays for a LONG time.
02:24 <Harmonex> Sturgeon's Law has a few corollaries.  "90% of everything is crap, even the 10%."
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> Listen to the original.
02:24 <Wolfenmaus> Jonathan Coulton
02:24 <Monogatari-6TR> Hey, Hidden
02:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Moose dat shit made me cum
02:24 <Wolfenmaus> Is suing
02:24 <Wolfenmaus> Glee
02:24 <HiddenSpirit> hi
02:24 <Mr.JawaCofee> this is REAL sex! its SO Hot!!!:
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> Lol, wolf, you serious? XD
02:24 <Wolfenmaus> Yes.
02:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi hidden
02:24 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Diamondzarebright> D:
02:24 <HiddenSpirit> hi
02:24 <Monogatari-6TR> I need more coke
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> That's hilarious.
02:24 <Claire-Voyant> What did they rip off of his?
02:24 <Wolfenmaus> They used his cover of Baby Got Back without crediting him or asking him.
02:24 <Jeffsson> IM BACK BITCHES
02:25 <Rylee the Pegasis> *huggles Timmy*
02:25 <Monogatari-6TR> No.
02:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
02:25 <Jeffsson> i mean i have returned
02:25 <Claire-Voyant> Lol, stupid Glee.
02:25 <Claire-Voyant> Serves those whores right. XD
02:25 <Diamondzarebright> *cries in his shoulder* 
02:25 <Wolfenmaus> Poor JoCo.
02:25 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:25 <Wolfenmaus> Also, This
02:25 <Wolfenmaus>
02:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Smash Mouth vs. Kana Hanazawa - All Star Circulation - Duration: 04:05 - Uploaded: 2012-11-03 - Rating: 4.955536 - Views: 92,070 -
02:25 <ShotgunHobo> One of the few exeptions of foriegn music I listen to
02:25 <ShotgunHobo>
02:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Thai Shotgun Cassette - Kuntz - Duration: 02:47 - Uploaded: 2009-03-17 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 4,823 -
02:25 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:25 <Monogatari-6TR> No.
02:25 <ShotgunHobo> Yes
02:26 <Monogatari-6TR> Dead chat?
02:26 <Monogatari-6TR> Maybe.
02:26 -!- Billy Handsome has left Special:Chat.
02:26 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff
02:26 <MooseJuice> Hm. Jonathan Coulton. Coulton. Coupon. Coletron. Coletrain. Cole Train? Cole Train! COLE TRAIN.
02:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gears of war 3-Cole quotes - Duration: 04:08 - Uploaded: 2012-08-25 - Rating: 4.936508 - Views: 4,369 -
02:26 <Diamondzarebright> You are drunk 
02:26 <Rylee the Pegasis> Tis okay
02:26 <Claire-Voyant> /me twitches
02:26 <Jeffsson> "dont drop that dun dududa"
02:26 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:26 <Claire-Voyant> Trap music...
02:26 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <Claire-Voyant> /me shudders.
02:26 <Diamondzarebright> nu its nawt
02:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Twerk team
02:26 <Jeffsson> so what if im intoxicated
02:26 <Diamondzarebright> .-.
02:26 <Wolfenmaus> HEY
02:26 <Wolfenmaus> YOU
02:26 <Wolfenmaus> GET BACK TO TWERK
02:27 <CasualArsonist> Nope
02:27 <Claire-Voyant> Bleh...
02:27 <Jeffsson> lol i look fucked up
02:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> If I hear the word "twerk" one more tiem tonight....
02:27 <Diamondzarebright> ....
02:27 <ShotgunHobo> Twek
02:27 <Jeffsson> MALK
02:27 <ShotgunHobo> Twerk
02:27 <Monogatari-6TR> Twerk, TWERK.
02:27 <Claire-Voyant> I agree Rylee...
02:27 <Lovethedesu>
02:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Food Serving Sizes Are Ridiculous - Duration: 01:19 - Uploaded: 2013-05-17 - Rating: 4.860389 - Views: 1,011,669 -
02:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> *throws mulk*
02:27 <Diamondzarebright> *cries* 
02:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Twerking like a stripper
02:27 <Jeffsson> *misses the catch*
02:27 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
02:27 <Claire-Voyant> /me prepares to gut some chumps with a rusty spoon.
02:27 <Jeffsson> (QQ)
02:28 <ShotgunHobo> Nev I thought you were a stripper?
02:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> It was a dare for my story
02:28 -!- Mr.JawaCofee has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <Jeffsson> (TT)
02:28 <Monogatari-6TR> (loool)
02:28 <Wolfenmaus> Possible NSFW
02:28 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) 
02:28 <Jeffsson> (T_T)
02:28 <Wolfenmaus>
02:28 <Scruffythemanager> jawa. immediate Skype plz
02:28 <Jeffsson> ninja'd
02:28 -!- JustinDavid23 has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <Jeffsson> -_-
02:28 <Diamondzarebright> .....
02:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Twerking was a part of a dare for my story
02:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #ThisIsAHashtagAboutTwirking
02:28 <ShotgunHobo> lol
02:28 <Monogatari-6TR> What the
02:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> So I dun wanna hear anything about it
02:28 <Claire-Voyant> Ah... good old Mulk... almost as good for you as... Malk...
02:28 <Jeffsson> claire!
02:28 <Diamondzarebright> I don't even know what that means
02:28 -!- Scruffythemanager has left Special:Chat.
02:28 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:28 <Monogatari-6TR> What the fuck, Wolfen
02:28 <Claire-Voyant> Yus Jeffy?
02:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> O.O
02:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <Wolfenmaus> My thoughts exactly.
02:29 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen this is awesome
02:29 <Andytags> bruk pls
02:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> *throws him into portal to PM world*
02:29 <Diamondzarebright> I'm not around that stuff
02:29 <Jeffsson> i would like to apologize
02:29 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:29 <Claire-Voyant> For?
02:29 <Pramirez351> wb brooke xD
02:29 -!- Klaus the fish.123 has joined Special:Chat
02:29 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <Jeffsson> i dont know...
02:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #ThisIsAnotherHashtagAboutTwerks
02:29 <Claire-Voyant> XD
02:29 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:29 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
02:29 <Andytags> wow brooke
02:30 <Jeffsson> imma do a hand stand to da roof brb
02:30 -!- DeadWabbit15 has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <Andytags> who cares
02:30 <Wolfenmaus> Check Yourself Before you Shrek Yourself
02:30 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #ThisHashtagJokeIsLame
02:30 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Claire-Voyant> Break a neck! Er... I mean...
02:30 <Claire-Voyant> Well... shit.
02:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi *waves hat*
02:30 <Klaus the fish.123> Hi Everyone!
02:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
02:30 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <Monogatari-6TR>
02:30 <Monogatari-6TR> What is this
02:30 <Monogatari-6TR> >gay biker
02:30 <Monogatari-6TR> Wha
02:30 <Jeffsson> fan*
02:31 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> what happened jeff?
02:31 <Jeffsson> i hurt my legs like hell
02:31 <ShotgunHobo> The biker
02:31 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <Jeffsson> and i broke it
02:31 <Andytags> no
02:31 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:31 <Andytags> you didn't break it
02:31 <Wolfenmaus>
02:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: MOUTH - Duration: 03:02 - Uploaded: 2013-02-09 - Rating: 4.769526 - Views: 271,510 -
02:31 <Wolfenmaus> WHAT IS THIS
02:31 <Wolfenmaus> I DONT
02:31 <Wolfenmaus> WAT
02:31 <Claire-Voyant> Now it's just a ceiling fa.
02:31 <Jeffsson> not my legs the fan
02:31 <Monogatari-6TR> even
02:31 <Andytags> you'd be in too much pain to be typing properly
02:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> D: you broke your leg
02:31 <Andytags> oh
02:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> oh 
02:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> * (facepalm)
02:32 <Jeffsson> CALL 911 FOR THE FA
02:32 <ShotgunHobo> That was teh best creepypasta I haz ever read
02:32 <Claire-Voyant> XP
02:32 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> - gives jeff a (cookie)
02:32 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <Andytags> XD
02:32 <Jeffsson> LMS IF YOU ARE DRUNK
02:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi claire :D
02:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #NeveRHasBitchesToTwerkForHim
02:32 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:32 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:32 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:32 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:32 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lag
02:32 <Claire-Voyant> Best creepy pasta ever: I was going to get dressed and a skeleton popped out of mah closet. The end.
02:32 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Ain't it funny how we pretend we're still a child?
02:33 <Claire-Voyant> Also, hell Chris.
02:33 <Claire-Voyant> *hello
02:33 <Jeffsson> imma try again
02:33 <CasualArsonist> People
02:33 <Claire-Voyant> Frigging keyboard.
02:33 <ShotgunHobo> Bill gates is god 
02:33 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
02:33 <Jeffsson> hopefully i wont break the fa
02:33 <ShotgunHobo> Apperently said a creepypasta
02:33 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:33 <Monogatari-6TR> No
02:33 <Monogatari-6TR> Jeff
02:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> what do you mean muscular?
02:33 -!- Klaus the fish.123 has left Special:Chat.
02:33 <Jeffsson> then all ill have is a f
02:33 <Claire-Voyant> If Bill gates was God, life would completely crash on us every few weeks.
02:33 <ShotgunHobo> He means bananas
02:33 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:33 <Jeffsson> what da hell is a f
02:33 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
02:34 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <Wolfenmaus> We need a term for creepypasta R34
02:34 <Monogatari-6TR> Are you even saying Candlejack? Why are your sentences being cu
02:34 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <Pramirez351> so how is everyone doin?
02:34 <ShotgunHobo> Skeletons
02:34 <Wolfenmaus> "AlfredoSauce"
02:34 <Pramirez351> hai skelly! you sexy beast!
02:34 <ShotgunHobo> mmm Alfredo
02:34 <Claire-Voyant> Meh, doin alright Ramirez.
02:34 <Wolfenmaus> It's white
02:34 <Wolfenmaus> and creamy
02:34 <Pramirez351> why do claire?
02:34 <Wolfenmaus> Like Pasta R34
02:34 <Jeffsson> oh shit make room skelly is here
02:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> this chat has made my life complete :)
02:34 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
02:34 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <LOLSKELETONS> Hello people
02:34 <Claire-Voyant> Eh, just surviving.
02:34 <Monogatari-6TR> "Flaming Bullshit" @Wolfen
02:34 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:34 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <ShotgunHobo> Skele wat you doing tonight
02:35 <Pramirez351> actually brb anlso that is very true mrchrisrocks23, it has made mine complete as well :P
02:35 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:35 <Jeffsson> i shal be doing stupid shit
02:35 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
02:35 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:35 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <Monogatari-6TR> @skelly
02:35 <Jeffsson> pm me if you want to talk
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> Skelly.
02:35 <Monogatari-6TR> What is that
02:35 <Pramirez351> soap :P
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> I hate to say it
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> But
02:35 <LOLSKELETONS> Wolfen.
02:35 <Andytags>
02:35 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
02:35 <Claire-Voyant> Just remember, bad decisions make the best stories!
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> FUR HAS GONE NUTS
02:35 <LOLSKELETONS> What happened
02:35 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> And you're the only one that can save her.
02:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> yeah prammy :D
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> She's made Jeff R34.
02:35 <Pramirez351> everything happended skelly xD
02:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
02:35 <Wolfenmaus> And a Jeff R34 Story.
02:36 <LOLSKELETONS> ohshi
02:36 <Monogatari-6TR> Eurgh
02:36 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:36 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <Monogatari-6TR> What the 
02:36 <Harmonex> I think I'll leave now.  The pills are kicking in and it's hard to stay focused.
02:36 <Wolfenmaus> And ALL THE JEFF FANGIRL ART
02:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HORRI SHITTO
02:36 <Monogatari-6TR> What is this
02:36 <Temmington> Back finally. 
02:36 <Jeffsson> i am goin to explain my plan to anyone who cares
02:36 <Monogatari-6TR> I don't even
02:36 <Wolfenmaus> SHE'S BECOME HER ENEMY
02:36 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <Claire-Voyant> Jeff R34 x Slendy? XP
02:36 <ShotgunHobo> She forced me to read it and look at every fanart out there
02:36 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <Jeffsson> o_O
02:36 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
02:36 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WOLFEN WAT IZ DIS MADNESS?!
02:36 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi 
02:36 <Temmington> I think we should just demote Fur. 
02:36 <Jeffsson> (twitch)
02:36 <Temmington> :s
02:36 <HelloImFluttershy> everyone
02:36 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:36 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
02:36 <Monogatari-6TR> This is speaking in caps
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> We need to give Fur an intervention.
02:37 <TheGreatMobo> everyone
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> Therapy.
02:37 <Jeffsson> FLUTTERSHY
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> Help.
02:37 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:37 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi
02:37 <Monogatari-6TR> Can I get kicked now
02:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> wow chat is going fast
02:37 <ShotgunHobo> The padded room
02:37 <TheGreatMobo> its me
02:37 <HelloImFluttershy> not really
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> Chris
02:37 <Pramirez351> hai irish
02:37 <Temmington> Clearly she's too occupied to run this wiki. 
02:37 <TheGreatMobo> I speed up chat
02:37 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:37 <TheGreatMobo> and hello
02:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah y u demote
02:37 <LOLSKELETONS> Wolfen
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> Wecall it a Chat Waterfall
02:37 <Jeffsson> imma do somethin stupid now
02:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> why mono?
02:37 <Monogatari-6TR> With a straitjacket
02:37 <Claire-Voyant> I am the conductor of the poop train!
02:37 <LOLSKELETONS> when did you find out about this
02:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> (megusta) elevator
02:37 <Claire-Voyant> //end random moment.
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> A week ago.
02:37 <LOLSKELETONS> how long has it been going on
02:37 <Wolfenmaus> For MONTHS
02:37 <ShotgunHobo> 20 years
02:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Waterfalls~
02:37 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Lard must die
02:38 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <Temmington> Plus she is practically humiliating and advertising trolls with all the stuff she's doing on TP. 
02:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> the supreme race= all muscular
02:38 <Temmington> But whatever. 
02:38 <Monogatari-6TR> I'm speaking in all caps
02:38 <Monogatari-6TR> Can I get kicked now
02:38 <Monogatari-6TR> ?
02:38 <TheGreatMobo> what is happening
02:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> fattys will not do
02:38 <Claire-Voyant> But... lard helps to make the best food.
02:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> get rid of 'em
02:38 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <Temmington> She's been warned about not being a guide to new user and humiliating them already.
02:38 <Claire-Voyant> A.K.A. fried foods.
02:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> in the long run they'd die anyway
02:38 <TheGreatMobo> who are we talking about
02:38 <Wolfenmaus> Behold
02:38 <LOLSKELETONS> I've been thinking about just deleting all that stuff
02:38 <Temmington> Everyone dies dumbass.
02:38 <Wolfenmaus> What Fur has created
02:38 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm getting sick of it
02:38 <Wolfenmaus> NSFW
02:38 <ShotgunHobo> Lard killed my non-existant fatass wife
02:38 <Wolfenmaus> NSFW NSFW
02:39 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <HelloImFluttershy> WHat
02:39 <Monogatari-6TR> Propaganda
02:39 <HelloImFluttershy> im bored
02:39 <TheGreatMobo> are we talking about furbearingbrick? 
02:39 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:39 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I'm good
02:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> I love you :3
02:39 <Wolfenmaus> Yes Mobo.
02:39 <ShotgunHobo> Wait this is real
02:39 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
02:39 <TheGreatMobo> She banned me unfairly for 3 days
02:39 <Wolfenmaus> We are talking about her descent into Madness.
02:39 <TheGreatMobo> off what manjin said
02:39 <Claire-Voyant> Or is this fantasy?
02:39 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:39 <LOLSKELETONS> she's gone mad
02:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen (unsee)
02:39 <Esoteric Entity> Unfair?
02:39 <TheGreatMobo> yeah
02:39 <Esoteric Entity> Whoa, what's going on?
02:39 <TheGreatMobo> it was unfair
02:40 <TheGreatMobo> ben talked to her about it
02:40 <Pramirez351> hai entity :P
02:40 <Monogatari-6TR> (ogw)
02:40 <Wolfenmaus> Skelly.
02:40 <Esoteric Entity> Why were you banned for?
02:40 <Andytags>
02:40 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Prammie.
02:40 <Wolfenmaus> You know her better than anyone.
02:40 <Jeffsson> i used a spiny chair and did a handstand span 180 degrees and jumped onto my bed with my hands
02:40 <Wolfenmaus> TALK TO HER
02:40 <HelloImFluttershy> who?
02:40 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <Jeffsson> spinny*
02:40 <Claire-Voyant> Caught in a landside, no escape from reality?
02:40 <TheGreatMobo> for arguing with manjin, but ben looked at it, and there were no grounds for ban
02:40 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I am such a muscular body
02:40 <TheGreatMobo> fur didnt even look at the chat
02:40 <Esoteric Entity> Ah.
02:40 <LOLSKELETONS> ;~;
02:40 <Wolfenmaus> DO IT
02:40 <Esoteric Entity> I am. 
02:40 <Pramirez351> yes hoodie is!
02:40 <LOLSKELETONS> I... I can't
02:40 <HelloImFluttershy> Wow thats a little umm Long
02:40 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Pramirez351> i mean entity is!
02:40 <Monogatari-6TR> Huh
02:40 <ShotgunHobo> Holy Fuck
02:40 <Monogatari-6TR> What
02:40 <HelloImFluttershy> i have a short username
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> Who banned you, Mobo?
02:41 <Monogatari-6TR> What's going on?
02:41 <LOLSKELETONS> Fur did
02:41 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <TheGreatMobo> fur
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> Hm.
02:41 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> I see.
02:41 <TheGreatMobo> read her talk page
02:41 <Pramirez351> HelloImFluttershy. fluttershy is a badass :P
02:41 <Claire-Voyant> Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.
02:41 <TheGreatMobo> ben left something there
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> I will. 
02:41 <Temmington> Plus she seems a little assertive about HeWhoDiedHere. 
02:41 <HelloImFluttershy> Ahhhhh
02:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> I love you and i will always
02:41 <HelloImFluttershy> you scared me
02:41 <HelloImFluttershy> who?
02:41 <HelloImFluttershy> dont scare me like that 
02:41 <Jeffsson> one minute i did it again
02:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> everyone :3
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> I'm surprised Fur still comes here.
02:41 <Monogatari-6TR> Jeff came.
02:41 <Monogatari-6TR> Eurgh.
02:41 <Esoteric Entity> Isn't she working?
02:41 <ShotgunHobo> That was the most fucked story I have ever read
02:42 <Claire-Voyant> Kinky.
02:42 <Mrchrisrocks23> HelloImFluttershy why don't you turn ping off
02:42 <Pramirez351> aparantly not entity
02:42 <Monogatari-6TR> I mean
02:42 <Jeffsson> WTFB
02:42 -!- DarkStar8 has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <TheGreatMobo> Under section Unfair Block, @Esoteric
02:42 <HelloImFluttershy> i dont know how
02:42 <HelloImFluttershy> stop that
02:42 <Mrchrisrocks23> jeffsson
02:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> Options
02:42 <Esoteric Entity> Huh.
02:42 <HelloImFluttershy> you said you would stop
02:42 <Mrchrisrocks23> are you in pm with me?
02:42 <Jeffsson> what
02:42 <Esoteric Entity> So, HeWhoDiedHere lives with Requiem and Smasher?
02:42 <Jeffsson> yesh
02:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> and then turn off chat hacks
02:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fur is going haywire ALL MODS AND ADMINS ARE MAD LUNATICS
02:42 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:42 <Mrchrisrocks23> oh right dorry :XD
02:42 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen I may have to jump off a cliff to forget that mostrosity of a story
02:42 <HelloImFluttershy> did it
02:42 <Esoteric Entity> So they share the same IP?
02:42 <Esoteric Entity> Huh, well...
02:43 <MooseJuice> "Remember that episode of Johnny Bravo when he meets a girl on the internet and she turns out to be an antelope"
02:43 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:43 <HelloImFluttershy> no one can ping me now Mwahahaha
02:43 <Esoteric Entity> that's tricky.
02:43 <ShotgunHobo> I think I do
02:43 <TheGreatMobo>
02:43 <TheGreatMobo> Right there, Esoteric
02:43 <Esoteric Entity> I do, Moose. XD
02:43 <Esoteric Entity> Thanks. I'll look it over, Mobo.
02:43 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You're ALL raving nut jobs!
02:43 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
02:43 <TheGreatMobo> ben left that message on her page
02:43 <TheGreatMobo> its all sorted out now
02:43 <Wolfenmaus> Or do you want more of...
02:43 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Wolfen dat face
02:43 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Temmington> Fur's last mainspace edit was two months ago...
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> Ah, I got it.
02:44 <Monogatari-6TR> Government of the CPW has fallen out of order
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> THIS!
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> NOTE
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> NSFW
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> NSFW NSFW
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> That was indeed a bit unfair.
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> IM SO SORRY
02:44 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> *dies*
02:44 <HiddenSpirit> Wtf.
02:44 <Monogatari-6TR> HOly
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> Wolfen.
02:44 <ShotgunHobo> No more please 
02:44 <Monogatari-6TR> What
02:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah is mad! She's MAD I TELL YOU
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> You're gone, boy.
02:44 <Monogatari-6TR> Holy fuck
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> *banned*
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> I marked it NSFW.
02:44 <Monogatari-6TR> inb4
02:44 <Esoteric Entity> leljk.
02:44 <ShotgunHobo> He did
02:44 <Wolfenmaus> Three times, actually.
02:44 -!- XxxHerpxxX has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <HiddenSpirit> Big Brother is watching you, Never. 
02:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Skelleh is MAD!
02:44 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:44 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
02:45 <Wolfenmaus> Also, I hate myself now.
02:45 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen you read this stuff
02:45 <Temmington> No Hiddun.
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> Yes.
02:45 <Temmington> I'm watching Big Brother. 
02:45 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
02:45 <LOLSKELETONS> Mad as in insane?
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> YOU'RE A SPY.
02:45 <ClericofMadness> I SENSE JEFF PORN
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> Off to the hanging you go.
02:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
02:45 <Wolfenmaus> CLERIC
02:45 <Monogatari-6TR> Who is Oniisan?
02:45 <Wolfenmaus> HELP US
02:45 <ClericofMadness> I BROUGHT MY STABBING HAMMER
02:45 <Temmington> VOTE OUT THAT RACIST BITHC 
02:45 -!- XxxHerpxxX has left Special:Chat.
02:45 <Andytags>
02:45 <Andytags> guess who
02:45 <Monogatari-6TR> You do, Cleric
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> LOL ANDY
02:45 <Monogatari-6TR> >stabbing hammer
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> That's you
02:45 <ClericofMadness> Who needs help wh
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> We all know it
02:45 <Andytags> no
02:45 <Andytags> name that celebrity
02:45 <ShotgunHobo> Cleric I’m scared cause of furs dirty jeff fetish
02:45 <HiddenSpirit> It's you
02:45 <Temmington> You're a celebrity. 
02:45 <Wolfenmaus> Cleric
02:45 <Wolfenmaus> You need
02:46 <ClericofMadness> Keep that sick NSFW Spinoff bullshit outta hurr
02:46 <HiddenSpirit> Andy's a celebrity.
02:46 <Wolfenmaus> To help Fur.
02:46 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fur is going INSAYIAN
02:46 <LOLSKELETONS> We need
02:46 <ShotgunHobo> Fur is insane
02:46 <HiddenSpirit> Do you know how much is kidney would sell for?
02:46 <LOLSKELETONS> an intervention
02:46 <HiddenSpirit> *his
02:46 <Monogatari-6TR> So many fucking tabs open
02:46 <ClericofMadness> What's fur doing now
02:46 <Temmington> Drawing Jeff hentai.
02:46 <TheGreatMobo> nothing
02:46 <Esoteric Entity> When we mention insanity, this place goes bat-shit crazy.
02:46 <LOLSKELETONS> Fur is inactive
02:46 <TheGreatMobo> and that
02:46 <Monogatari-6TR> About 5 dollars, Hidden.
02:46 <Esoteric Entity> Working, I think.
02:46 -!- XxxHerpxxX has joined Special:Chat
02:46 <HiddenSpirit> Close.
02:46 <ClericofMadness> Ew.
02:46 <Temmington> She's active on DeviantArt, Hoodie.
02:46 <Monogatari-6TR> It's not hentai if it isn't anime
02:46 <Monogatari-6TR> Sheesh.
02:46 <Esoteric Entity> Why not here.
02:46 <XxxHerpxxX> GUISE was i here just now and did i post a message?????
02:46 <ClericofMadness> Fur x Jeff One True Abomination
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> EVERYONE MESSAGE HER ON dA.
02:47 <Monogatari-6TR> OTA
02:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jeff porno fics bro
02:47 <Monogatari-6TR> Do it!
02:47 <XxxHerpxxX> guise
02:47 <HiddenSpirit> $2,000
02:47 <XxxHerpxxX> was i here just now??
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> MAKE ONE
02:47 <Esoteric Entity> I need to make one.
02:47 <Monogatari-6TR> I have a dA'
02:47 <HiddenSpirit> you don't have a d
02:47 <HiddenSpirit> a
02:47 <Monogatari-6TR> ~Ichiya-Monogatari
02:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'll make one
02:47 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not
02:47 <XxxHerpxxX> who watches law and order SVU
02:47 <TheGreatMobo> kinda
02:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I do
02:47 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Love it
02:48 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <XxxHerpxxX> Ok Neve then I have a joke for u
02:48 <Monogatari-6TR> Need link
02:48 <TheGreatMobo> in the background
02:48 <Temmington> I have a DA.
02:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
02:48 <HiddenSpirit> No one gives a fuck, Sarah. 
02:48 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen do you have nightmares because of that story
02:48 <HiddenSpirit> jkbby
02:48 <XxxHerpxxX> pm me neve
02:48 <Temmington> But nobody will take a girl with the username of "Dashie-Farts" seriously so.
02:48 <Temmington> I think someone else should do it.
02:48 -!- Thisismyrofl has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Wolfenmaus>
02:48 <TheGreatMobo> I can
02:48 <Wolfenmaus> Help her
02:48 <Wolfenmaus> Please
02:48 <Temmington> FINE I'LL DO IT.
02:48 <Wolfenmaus> She's my friend
02:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
02:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Temmington> um
02:48 <Wolfenmaus> ;-;
02:48 <Temmington> what do i say though
02:48 <ShotgunHobo> I refuse to help someonethat mad
02:48 <Claire-Voyant> Omnomnom?
02:49 <Wolfenmaus> Let her know that enough is enough.
02:49 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:49 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:49 -!- Monogatari-6TR has left Special:Chat.
02:49 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
02:49 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:49 -!- DigitalWatchJester has joined Special:Chat
02:49 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <HiddenSpirit> hi jester
02:49 <DigitalWatchJester> hai
02:49 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:49 <ShotgunHobo> She might try to find us and kill us
02:49 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <ShotgunHobo> because of her jeff fetidh
02:50 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:50 <DigitalWatchJester> > fetidh
02:50 <XxxHerpxxX> deth blood kill stab die
02:50 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <DigitalWatchJester> mmm
02:50 <Finalclaw> OMg
02:50 <ShotgunHobo> *Fetish
02:50 <XxxHerpxxX> DO IT FOR JOHNNY!!!!!
02:50 <DigitalWatchJester> i have a fetidh too.
02:51 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:51 <Finalclaw> I just saw a game FULL of cool easter eggs
02:51 <Claire-Voyant> DO IT FOR THE DONUTS!!!
02:51 <Finalclaw> LoZ reference
02:51 <XxxHerpxxX> Has anyone seen Raichikarp here lately
02:51 <XxxHerpxxX> ?
02:51 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:51 <Finalclaw> FF6 reference
02:51 <Finalclaw> And oh god, SHOOP DA WHOOP REFERENCE
02:51 <Claire-Voyant> What game Final?
02:51 <DigitalWatchJester> god damn
02:51 <ShotgunHobo> Nope just bagel
02:51 <Finalclaw> Infiltrating the airship
02:52 <DigitalWatchJester> no one cares about the references
02:52 -!- XxxHerpxxX has left Special:Chat.
02:52 <Finalclaw> They are so cool man
02:52 <Finalclaw> sooo cool
02:52 <Finalclaw> and the game is so funny
02:52 <Temmington> Okay.
02:52 <Temmington> I sent her a message. 
02:52 <ClericofMadness> #sage
02:52 <Finalclaw> CLERIC
02:52 <ShotgunHobo> Godspeed Temmington Godspeed
02:52 <TheGreatMobo> can we sage threads here?
02:52 <DigitalWatchJester> #2spooky4cleric
02:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But seriously that thing with Fur you really shouldn't judge someone on their sexual preferences
02:52 <ClericofMadness> 3SPOOKY5ME
02:53 <Temmington> 4spooky6me
02:53 <ShotgunHobo> But it’s scary
02:53 <Finalclaw> Hey cleric, how you doing man
02:53 <DigitalWatchJester> 6spooky8him
02:53 <ClericofMadness> I can sage your FACE
02:53 <TheGreatMobo> #rekd
02:53 <ClericofMadness> Needin' dem dollahz
02:53 <DigitalWatchJester> i can sage your sage
02:53 <ClericofMadness> Fuck off summerfriends and your >rekd
02:53 <ClericofMadness> Oregano and SAGE
02:53 <Finalclaw> I just got the urge of hearing the Final Fantasy boss theme
02:53 <Finalclaw> ALL of them
02:53 <Wolfenmaus> I left her a comment.
02:53 <Esoteric Entity> JOKER VENOM SPORES! DON'T BREATHE!
02:53 <ClericofMadness> I wonder what Fur looks like
02:53 <Esoteric Entity> Sorry.
02:53 <ClericofMadness> in this reality
02:54 <Esoteric Entity> She has a pic on her profile, Cleric.
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> Cleric, she's a bit round.
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> Black.
02:54 <Esoteric Entity> Although she's covering her eyes.
02:54 <DigitalWatchJester> I need to do some art for my avatar.
02:54 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
02:54 <Temmington> I've seen a pic of her without the cover before. 
02:54 <Temmington> On FurAffanity. 
02:54 <DigitalWatchJester> :I
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> I miss Fur.
02:54 <Temmington> (Don't ask what I was doing on FurAffanity shhhh)
02:54 <Devincooper64> Im still not over losing 3 hours of work >.<
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> She was my buddy,
02:54 <DigitalWatchJester> what happened to fur
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> My pal
02:54 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
02:54 <Wolfenmaus> My snarking partner.
02:55 <Temmington> I sent the message. 
02:55 <Wolfenmaus> I miss my Nurikabe.
02:55 <Temmington> Let's shift the topic now.
02:55 <DigitalWatchJester> oh did fur die ;~;
02:55 <DigitalWatchJester> o ok ming
02:55 <Temmington> no
02:55 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
02:55 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eventually every mod and admin will go insane, unlike Sarah who is insane
02:56 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <ClericofMadness> I was always insane
02:56 <Esoteric Entity> I'm already insane.
02:56 <Wolfenmaus> Fur used to be a golden, shimmering knight, slaying all the noobs, spammers and trolls for the sake of Justice.
02:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ALL OF YOU
02:56 <ClericofMadness> I mean, I crafted this out of nothingness
02:56 <ClericofMadness> without any knowledge of wikicode
02:56 <DigitalWatchJester> Cleric is God.
02:56 <Esoteric Entity> I call Cleric "Mary Shelley".
02:56 <Masked Hero Z> You had to be insane to pull that off.
02:56 <Wolfenmaus> Cleric, you're god in the Bible I'm writing.
02:56 <Thisismyrofl> Oh. hm.
02:56 <ClericofMadness> :3
02:56 <Temmington> God Chick-fil-a's fries suck. 
02:56 <ClericofMadness> hehe
02:56 <Esoteric Entity> XD
02:56 <Thisismyrofl> How often is Cleric here? Legendary dude
02:56 <Wolfenmaus> [[The Wolfen Bible]]
02:57 <ClericofMadness> BLASPHEMY MING
02:57 <DigitalWatchJester> am i one of the diciples Wolfen
02:57 <ClericofMadness> BLASPHEMY.  
02:57 <ClericofMadness> BURN THE HERETIC. 
02:57 <Finalclaw> Cleric, but seriously, thanks for putting this haven for creepy stories....
02:57 <Wolfenmaus> No.
02:57 <Temmington> >Fire type
02:57 <Finalclaw> Thanks man
02:57 <Temmington> ok
02:57 <LOLSKELETONS> @Thisismyrofl He used to be a lot more active here
02:57 <Temmington> (temmington)~
02:57 <Wolfenmaus> I am King Nebuchadnezzar II.
02:57 <Thisismyrofl> I understand as much
02:57 <ClericofMadness> I tried to help /x/ out with their constant shitposting of creepypasta /r/ threads
02:57 <Thisismyrofl> Hehehe
02:57 <LOLSKELETONS> He's taking it easy this year, I think
02:57 <ClericofMadness> that I am
02:57 <Thisismyrofl> That's understandable
02:58 -!- WillieWillson has left Special:Chat.
02:58 <Thisismyrofl> I struggle to find things to do on my usual [[c:wolfenstein]]
02:58 <DigitalWatchJester> can i be in the bible
02:58 <Wolfenmaus> It took me forever to learn how to pronounce his name.
02:58 <ClericofMadness> Letting this little science project grow itself
02:58 <Wolfenmaus> Nebu-Chadd-Nezzarr.
02:58 <Masked Hero Z> Like bacteria in a petri dish.
02:58 <Temmington> This chat would probably get a D+
02:58 <ClericofMadness> Nebizzah chadizza canezzah
02:58 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:58 <Temmington> If it was at a science fair. 
02:58 <Pramirez351> cleric!
02:58 <Pramirez351> hai :3
02:58 <DigitalWatchJester> ive llways said it like
02:58 <Wolfenmaus> Temm, you are King Midas.
02:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am NeveRham in the bible
02:59 <Wolfenmaus> Judge of Hell.
02:59 <DigitalWatchJester> nebuh-ka-nezzur
02:59 <Temmington> >king
02:59 <Temmington> Do I have to smack a bitch.
02:59 <Wolfenmaus> You will, King.
02:59 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
02:59 <Wolfenmaus> You will.
02:59 <Temmington> Don't call me that. 
02:59 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Temmington> No.
02:59 <Wolfenmaus> k.
02:59 <Temmington> Go away. 
02:59 <Temmington> Shoo shoo.
02:59 <Esoteric Entity> Okay, king.
02:59 <Wolfenmaus> Queen Midas, then.
02:59 <DigitalWatchJester> suddenly digital is loki
02:59 <Esoteric Entity> leljk princess.
02:59 <DigitalWatchJester> shit
03:00 <Wolfenmaus> The various Admin's are the 12 Apostles.
03:00 <DigitalWatchJester> how about both
03:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pimpcane
03:00 <DigitalWatchJester> ;D
03:00 <Thisismyrofl> Me I Disconnect Froooooom Yoooooouuuu
03:00 -!- Thisismyrofl has left Special:Chat.
03:00 <Claire-Voyant> Use the hand with the ring Sarah.
03:00 <Pramirez351> "WITH MY PIMPCANE" i read that as...actually i cant think of anything dirty right now sarah xD
03:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fur is Judas
03:00 <Temmington> I am using the ring hand bitch.
03:00 <DigitalWatchJester> wat am i
03:00 <Wolfenmaus> Ozzy is Judas.
03:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
03:00 <Esoteric Entity> Ozzy. ._.
03:00 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it, I missed the guy.
03:00 <Wolfenmaus> Jester, you're the random Egyptian that Moses kills.
03:01 <Temmington> Hoodie is best Ozzy fangirl.
03:01 <Finalclaw> let me put FF3 boss music now
03:01 <Wolfenmaus> Evra is Moses, btw.
03:01 <DigitalWatchJester> the taskmaster?
03:01 <DigitalWatchJester> shit
03:01 -!- Stetson45 has joined Special:Chat
03:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who am I?
03:01 <Finalclaw> The Jester
03:01 <Finalclaw> X
03:01 <Finalclaw> XD
03:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
03:01 <Wolfenmaus> Rs, you are Uriel.
03:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
03:01 <Temmington> I remember Hoodie was so tired and/or drunk he called me by my old name (not username). 
03:02 <Finalclaw> Man, Cleric, would you remember me by any chance?
03:02 <Wolfenmaus> Because Uriel sounds like Urine.
03:02 <Temmington> And I beat the living shit out of him. 
03:02 <Claire-Voyant> I wonder who I would be.
03:02 <Esoteric Entity> I was sleepy, Temm.
03:02 <Finalclaw> Oh god, FF4 theme...
03:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL wow
03:02 <Esoteric Entity> And yeah, OMG.
03:02 <Temmington> you fucked up
03:02 <Esoteric Entity> You were a monster. 
03:02 <Claire-Voyant> D:
03:02 <Claire-Voyant> Why was I a monster? D:
03:02 <Temmington> He still has the bruises on his everywhere. 
03:02 <Wolfenmaus> Ceeb is Lucifer.
03:02 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
03:03 <Wolfenmaus> Cheese*
03:03 <Temmington> Eugh. 
03:03 <DigitalWatchJester> ceebsifer
03:03 <Temmington> Glorifying trolls. 
03:03 <DigitalWatchJester> seebcifer*
03:03 <Wolfenmaus> I MEANT CHEESE
03:03 <Wolfenmaus> FUCK
03:03 <DigitalWatchJester> awh
03:03 <Temmington> How is Cheese Lucifer. 
03:03 <Temmington> He's fine. .-.
03:03 -!- Stetson45 has left Special:Chat.
03:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ceeb how though hath fallen from Cleric's grace
03:04 <DigitalWatchJester> no  ceeb is antichrist
03:04 <Wolfenmaus> Because he's the only Admin I know of that lost his adminship.
03:04 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <Temmington> He didn't lose it. 
03:04 <Wolfenmaus> Correct, Jester.
03:04 <Temmington> He resigned it. 
03:04 <Wolfenmaus> Anyway, Rs.
03:04 <Temmington> Also what about Bi- *slapped by Cleric*
03:04 <Temmington> Or Lin- *slapped by Cleric*
03:04 <Wolfenmaus> "Uriel is said to carry the stars in the sky, and on the final day of judgement, he will oversee the resurrection and retribution of human souls. According to the Apocrypha, Uriel was the guardian to the gates of the Garden of Eden."
03:04 <HiddenSpirit> I know of several admins that lost adminship.
03:04 <HiddenSpirit> But I'm not naming any.
03:04 <Princess Platinum>
03:04 <Wolfenmaus> I am Jesus.
03:04 <DigitalWatchJester> gtg
03:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:04 <Finalclaw> OR ARE YOU HIDDEN
03:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Holy Shit Wolf
03:05 <Temmington> You could just check the user rights log.
03:05 <HiddenSpirit> OH MAN.
03:05 <Finalclaw> XD
03:05 <HiddenSpirit> Great, Sarah. That's lovely.
03:05 <Wolfenmaus> Well, it IS the "Bible of Wolfen".
03:05 -!- DigitalWatchJester has left Special:Chat.
03:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
03:05 <Claire-Voyant> XD
03:05 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Princess Platinum> I made fireworks (tt)
03:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:05 <Finalclaw> Let me check that list to see if any of them were of the "old" staff
03:05 <LOLSKELETONS> Though most of these were taken off due to inactivity or resignation
03:05 <Wolfenmaus> Fur is Archangel Michel.
03:05 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Wolfenmaus> Michael*
03:05 <HiddenSpirit> Hue.
03:06 <Claire-Voyant> Wolfy~! Who would I be in zis bible? If I'd even be in it that is. XD
03:06 <Esoteric Entity> brb
03:06 <Wolfenmaus> Skelly is Raphael.
03:06 <Finalclaw> because last year there was a really different group of people here...
03:06 <Esoteric Entity> i'm named after michael.
03:06 <Princess Platinum> >Not on that list
03:06 <Princess Platinum> (tt)
03:06 <Wolfenmaus> Maria is the Metatron.
03:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who is Gabriel
03:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <Finalclaw> NO WAY
03:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ?
03:06 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <LOLSKELETONS> Shineh, you've done way too much account-switching to count :3
03:06 <Finalclaw> Cheese lord!?]
03:06 <Princess Platinum> IKR
03:07 <Wolfenmaus> Read is Gabriel.
03:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:07 <Finalclaw> Not cheese lord....
03:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
03:07 <LOLSKELETONS> No reallu
03:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
03:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
03:07 <LOLSKELETONS> reallu
03:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOLO
03:07 <LOLSKELETONS> really
03:07 <Wolfenmaus> BenNasty is Lucifer.
03:07 <Finalclaw> No way...
03:07 <Finalclaw> He was a great admin...
03:07 -!- Herobrineftw4 has joined Special:Chat
03:07 <Wolfenmaus> Ah, but you must remember.
03:07 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
03:07 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
03:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Herobrine hi
03:07 <Wolfenmaus> Lucifer was once a paradigm of good as well.
03:08 <Wolfenmaus> Before he fell.
03:08 <Finalclaw> Alixe.....
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> BenNasty had his sysop rights removed due to inactivity
03:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi septo
03:08 <Wolfenmaus> DAMMIT
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> Alixe formally resigned
03:08 <Finalclaw> Self.....
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> No really, he did
03:08 <Wolfenmaus> Oblit.
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> Oblit stripped his own rights
03:08 <Wolfenmaus> Chris?
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> I saw it myself
03:08 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
03:08 <Finalclaw> stripped?
03:08 <LOLSKELETONS> Chris: inactivity
03:08 -!- Herobrineftw4 has left Special:Chat.
03:08 <Wolfenmaus> Bill?
03:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Well Wolfen got his *shot*
03:09 <LOLSKELETONS> Bill: Drama-whoring, or something
03:09 <Claire-Voyant> What's this about people stripping?
03:09 <Wolfenmaus> BAM
03:09 <Wolfenmaus> Bill is Lucifer.
03:09 <LOLSKELETONS> it's a bit more complicated than that
03:09 <Finalclaw> Shini....
03:09 <Wolfenmaus> Linkstar?
03:09 <Finalclaw> She could see an grammar error from a continent away...
03:09 <Finalclaw> Helped so many pastas...
03:09 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
03:10 -!- Worldofnonsince has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <LightFlower> u guise
03:10 -!- Worldofnonsince has left Special:Chat.
03:10 <LightFlower> should unban critic
03:10 <LOLSKELETONS> Linkstar (from what I heard) had his sysop rights removed due to sheer incompetence
03:10 <LightFlower> because he was banned w/o a warning
03:10 <LightFlower> or a kick
03:10 <LOLSKELETONS> I could be wrong
03:10 <Finalclaw> Ouch...
03:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But wolfen had  his mod  rights str- *shot*
03:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I died
03:10 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
03:10 <Finalclaw> I am in a really depressed-nostalgic mood right now...
03:10 <Wolfenmaus> Ah, but you see, Rs.
03:11 <Wolfenmaus> That will be my Crucifixion.
03:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
03:11 <Jeffsson> well sh isnt here so iimma leave cya
03:11 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
03:11 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <Wolfenmaus> And Linkstar seems to be a better fit for Lucifer.
03:11 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <Finalclaw> Well someone is rewriting religion...
03:11 <Wolfenmaus> Indeed.
03:11 <Finalclaw> Great, soon someone will divide by 0...
03:12 <Claire-Voyant> /me divides by 0.
03:12 <Finalclaw> Oh my god CLAIRE WTFBOOOOOOM
03:12 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
03:12 <Claire-Voyant> BWAHAHAHAHA!
03:12 <Finalclaw> Man, I just wish there was someone named logic in this wiki
03:12 <LOLSKELETONS> From what I've heard, Linkstar may have been WORSE than Bill
03:12 <Mrchrisrocks23> oh god what's happened?
03:12 <Finalclaw> SO it would be like
03:12 <LOLSKELETONS> Though this was all before my time
03:12 <Wolfenmaus> Well, Christianity has already been re-written countless times by kings throughout history.
03:12 <Finalclaw> Logic has left the chat. 
03:12 <Wolfenmaus> So me rewriting it seems par for the course.
03:13 <LOLSKELETONS> [[User:Logic]]
03:13 <Finalclaw> I would lol at it so much NO WAY
03:13 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <LOLSKELETONS> Logic was never in the chat
03:13 <LOLSKELETONS> it's never even visited this wiki
03:13 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
03:13 <Mrchrisrocks23> HOTD season 2 X3
03:13 <Finalclaw> NOOOOOO
03:13 <Mrchrisrocks23> hi septo
03:13 <Claire-Voyant> Logic... what's that? XP
03:13 <Finalclaw> A onrunning joke...
03:13 <Pramirez351> hai septo
03:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Symbolism Skelleh?
03:13 <Finalclaw> ruined....
03:14 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
03:14 <LOLSKELETONS> yus
03:14 <Finalclaw> Wait skelly
03:14 <LOLSKELETONS> Cleric repeals all logic with his MADNESS
03:14 <Finalclaw> if no one is using that account, shouldnt it be deleted?
03:14 <Claire-Voyant> Also, technically, can't you divide by 0 in calculus and other higher mathematics?
03:14 <Finalclaw> I mean, skelly, delete LOGIC
03:14 <LOLSKELETONS> Someone may be using it on another wiki for all I know
03:14 <Finalclaw> XD
03:14 <Mrchrisrocks23> High school of the dead SEASON 2 X3
03:14 -!- TalkingToast has joined Special:Chat
03:14 <Finalclaw> Hmmm skelly
03:14 <LOLSKELETONS> Beside, I have no right to delete accounts
03:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi toast
03:14 <TalkingToast> hello.
03:14 <Finalclaw> FF4
03:15 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm not even sure if that's POSSIBLE
03:15 <TalkingToast> :D
03:15 <Finalclaw> boss theme....
03:15 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:15 <Finalclaw> It doesnt look like logic went to ANY wikia....
03:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Talking toast?! Oh Shit!
03:15 <TalkingToast> Be afraid.
03:15 <LOLSKELETONS> @Finalclaw You never know
03:15 <Wolfenmaus> Welp, time to start Genesis
03:15 <Finalclaw> Man
03:15 <TalkingToast> Be very afraid.
03:15 <LOLSKELETONS> [[User:FUCK]]
03:16 <LOLSKELETONS> is globally blocked
03:16 <Finalclaw> Not so funny...
03:16 <Wolfenmaus> [1:1] In the beginning when Cleric created the heavens and the earth,
03:16 <Finalclaw> A username that is funny
03:16 <Wolfenmaus> [1:2] the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from Cleric's anus swept over the face of the waters.
03:16 <Finalclaw> FF5...
03:16 <Finalclaw> creepy....
03:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lul
03:16 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
03:16 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <Finalclaw> Lol
03:17 <Finalclaw> Order]
03:17 <Finalclaw> Order has left the chat....
03:17 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:17 <Finalclaw> Intelligence XD
03:17 <Finalclaw> Intelligence has left the chat...
03:17 <Wolfenmaus> !seen intelligence
03:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Law and Order
03:17 <Wolfenmaus> DAMMIT
03:17 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <TalkingToast> Making a pasta called Macaroni. Any thoughts?
03:17 <Claire-Voyant> Usagi Yojimbo?
03:17 -!- TheUltimateH4M has joined Special:Chat
03:18  * TheUltimateH4M pings Temmington
03:18 <Finalclaw> Life
03:18 <Temmington> what
03:18 <TheUltimateH4M> boo
03:18 -!- TheUltimateH4M has left Special:Chat.
03:18 <Finalclaw> It was super effective!!1
03:18 <Temmington> whore
03:18 <Temmington> do you want this ass
03:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Temmington
03:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ping
03:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lololo
03:19 <TalkingToast> Boy I love tomatoes.
03:19 <Finalclaw> Wait for it
03:19 <Finalclaw> its going for FF6
03:19 <Temmington> I summon a noob.
03:19 <Finalclaw> Hi
03:19 <Finalclaw> XD
03:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Here I iz
03:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shit
03:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Damn you lag
03:20 -!- TheUltimateH4M has joined Special:Chat
03:20 <Temmington> Well what do you know, one appeared. c:
03:20 <Finalclaw> O.O
03:20 <TheUltimateH4M> Nou
03:20 <Claire-Voyant> XDD
03:20 <Temmington> Nou.
03:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah dat Voodoo
03:20 <TheUltimateH4M> pls.
03:20 <LOLSKELETONS> H4M is a nub
03:20 <Claire-Voyant> /me does a barrel roll.
03:20 <Temmington> ^^
03:20 <Finalclaw> Phew
03:20 <TheUltimateH4M> Skelly y u do dis
03:20 <Temmington> Because it's true.
03:20 <LOLSKELETONS> gtfo nub
03:20 <Finalclaw> It was OMFG effective
03:21 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <TheUltimateH4M> You guys are bullies (;()
03:21 <Finalclaw> Final Fantasy SIX
03:21 <LOLSKELETONS> muahaha
03:21 <Temmington> and ur stoopid
03:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Fap
03:21 <Fappleberry> This chat just got 100% more Will smith.
03:21 <Fappleberry> Yo.
03:21 <Temmington> Hey Trey. 
03:21 <Finalclaw> Oh god temm
03:21 <Fappleberry> Hey.
03:21 <Claire-Voyant> Nah, you're just squishy H4M.
03:21 <Finalclaw> Stop the n00b summoning
03:21 <LOLSKELETONS> Hai Will Smith
03:21 <Temmington> TREY IS NOT A NOOB. 
03:21 <Temmington> YOU WHORE.
03:21 <HiddenSpirit> TREY.
03:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> N00bz
03:21 <Fappleberry> Hai Skeleton in my closet!
03:21 <Claire-Voyant> Too bad they just HM01'd you too deep.
03:21 <Finalclaw> LOl
03:21 <Fappleberry> >Noob
03:21 <Fappleberry> >Been here since September 2011
03:21 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <Fappleberry> #LOGIC
03:21 <Finalclaw> JK
03:21 <Temmington> he's been here before you
03:22 <Temmington> Same.
03:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> *checks closet * O_O
03:22 <TalkingToast> Fucking shit I just spilled my apple juice.
03:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 360 no scope bitch
03:22 <TheUltimateH4M> PLOT TWIST
03:22 <Temmington> LOL.
03:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> brb gotta pee
03:22 <TheUltimateH4M> My room has no closet
03:22 <TheUltimateH4M> >:D
03:22 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
03:22 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
03:22 <Temmington> "fucking shit i just spilled my apple juice"
03:22 <HiddenSpirit> Lel.
03:22 <Finalclaw> Uh, fapple
03:22 <LOLSKELETONS> lol
03:22 <HiddenSpirit> SKELE
03:22 <Temmington> though i do like my current status 
03:22 <Finalclaw> are you in a alt acc?
03:22 <Claire-Voyant> Licking caps now Skele?
03:22 -!- Dubiousdugong has joined Special:Chat
03:22 <Temmington> its a skype log from cheasl
03:22 <Dubiousdugong> Hey guys.
03:22 <TalkingToast> DAT GRASS
03:22 <HiddenSpirit> SKEEEELE
03:22 <Fappleberry> Yeah. I got locked out of my very first one.
03:22 <Claire-Voyant> Try not to hallucinate too much.
03:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fapple iz like soo a n00b
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> HEY, GURL.
03:23 <Fappleberry> Had to get it banned then made a new one, n' stuff.
03:23 <Fappleberry> I've gone through various accounts.
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> FABULOUS.
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> Lel.
03:23 <Finalclaw> God fapple
03:23 <Fappleberry> so fabu
03:23 <Dubiousdugong> Wow, I can't believe my pasta is winning.
03:23 -!- MEMJ0123 has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <Dubiousdugong> This is amazing.
03:23 <Finalclaw> XD
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> DOIN FINE
03:23 <Claire-Voyant> Fabuluth?
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> WINNING
03:23 <LOLSKELETONS> congrats Dubiousdugong c:
03:23 <HiddenSpirit> CHARLIE SHEEN 
03:23 <Dubiousdugong> Thank you. C:
03:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Winning
03:23 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
03:23 <Fappleberry> cherlie sherrn
03:23 <Temmington> Hey Majin.
03:23 <MEMJ0123> I want...
03:23 <MEMJ0123> Fabulous, that is mu simple request.
03:24 <MEMJ0123> Hi tem.
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> ...
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> ._.
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> Please no.
03:24 <MEMJ0123> *my
03:24 <Dubiousdugong> If I win PotM, all of my creepypasta dreams will have been fulfilled.
03:24 <TalkingToast> I took her out
03:24 <Pramirez351> SarinaValentine562  hai
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> Please God no.
03:24 <TalkingToast> it was a Friday night
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> GOD NO. 
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> N.
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> o.
03:24 <Pramirez351> you new SarinaValentine562 ?
03:24 <TalkingToast> I wore cologne
03:24 <TalkingToast> to get the feeling right
03:24 <TheUltimateH4M> (D:)
03:24 <Dubiousdugong> I've been narrated by MCP and I'm in the anthology.
03:24 <HiddenSpirit> SORRY, BABE.
03:24 <TalkingToast> we started making out
03:24 <Claire-Voyant> Spam 'N' Eggs?
03:24 <MEMJ0123> Oh mH gawd.
03:24 <Finalclaw> AW YEAH
03:25 <TheUltimateH4M> Pls
03:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> SPAM IN A CAN
03:25 <TheUltimateH4M> CMP > MCP
03:25 <Finalclaw> Now FF6 boss song is working
03:25 <Dubiousdugong> This is the only thing I want to actively achieve within the realm of creepypasta.
03:25 <Claire-Voyant> Spam on Spam action?
03:25 <MEMJ0123>
03:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Feeding the Trolls 16: Coppercab and Pot - Duration: 10:38 - Uploaded: 2012-09-27 - Rating: 4.940299 - Views: 7,071 -
03:25 <Dubiousdugong> Well I also have a story narrated by CPJ, so 2/3 isn't bad.
03:25 <TheUltimateH4M> Still 
03:25 <TheUltimateH4M> CMP > all
03:26 <TheUltimateH4M> c:
03:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 360 no scope bitch trick shots all day long
03:26 <Dubiousdugong> Maybe you could link him a story of mine? c;
03:26 <TalkingToast> HOLY SHIT I CAN'T BREATH
03:26 <Mrchrisrocks23> am back
03:26 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
03:26 <MEMJ0123> My pasta became a meme.
03:26 <Finalclaw> wb
03:26 <TalkingToast> gay
03:26 <Dubiousdugong> Which pasta?
03:26 <Finalclaw> What pasta mem
03:26 <Mrchrisrocks23> excuse me toast?
03:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Do u even lift m8?
03:26 <MEMJ0123> [[Cuil Theory]] 
03:26 <Finalclaw> I want to make one pasta
03:26 <MEMJ0123> that
03:27 <Mrchrisrocks23> *hands final pasta*
03:27 <Finalclaw> that actually, fully on
03:27 <TalkingToast> What's meme, guise?
03:27 <Mrchrisrocks23> here ya go
03:27 <Dubiousdugong> It has its own meme?
03:27 <Finalclaw> creeps someone out...
03:27 <MEMJ0123> Yes.
03:27 <MEMJ0123> and fanart. 
03:27 <Mrchrisrocks23> fanfiction of anime (ogw)
03:27 <ShotgunHobo> Back
03:27 <Fappleberry> (huehue)
03:27 <Dubiousdugong> Nice.
03:27 <MEMJ0123>
03:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> *hides in closet with lolzskelly*
03:28 <ShotgunHobo> What we talking bout'
03:28 <LOLSKELETONS> gtfo out
03:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> (QQ)
03:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> but the fanfics man
03:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> *steps out*
03:28 <TheGreatMobo> get >>>/out/
03:28 <Dubiousdugong> Wow.
03:28 <TalkingToast> Who likes.... trees
03:28 <ShotgunHobo> Not anymore
03:28 <Dubiousdugong> That's super impressive.
03:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> *burns closet* muhaha >:D
03:28 <MEMJ0123> Yes it is.
03:28 <TalkingToast> EVERYONE
03:28 <MEMJ0123> It hasn't even won POTM
03:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I feel that somehow Sasuke in the canon series is gay seriously (:/)
03:29 <ShotgunHobo> Dead moose
03:29 <Dubiousdugong> Stop TREETING me like that.
03:29 <Finalclaw> skelly, would you call yourself the king of closets?
03:29 <Dubiousdugong> *ba dum tss*
03:29 <MEMJ0123> Im working on a sequel.
03:29 <LOLSKELETONS> I don't
03:29 <Mrchrisrocks23> u fukin wat m8
03:29 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
03:29 <Finalclaw> a resident of closets?
03:29 <ShotgunHobo> I consider myself a magical rainbow of death
03:29 <Mrchrisrocks23> *hides in closet w out/ lolskelly*
03:29 <Dubiousdugong> No offense, but how exactly do you make a sequel to something like Cuil Theory?
03:29 -!- Djsixkiller has joined Special:Chat
03:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I mean it would make sense for several reasons
03:29 <Finalclaw> The Cuil Theory³
03:30 <TalkingToast> I consider myself a cross eyed pony who is of the same caliber of destruction as a nuke.
03:30 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <TalkingToast> wow
03:30 <TalkingToast> that was gay
03:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> *pushes skellys closet over*
03:30 <Dubiousdugong> Hmm.
03:30 -!- TalkingToast was kicked from Special:Chat by Esoteric Entity
03:30 -!- TalkingToast has left Special:Chat.
03:30 -!- TalkingToast was banned from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS for 86400 seconds.
03:30 <MEMJ0123> Help of CrashngCymbal. 
03:30 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> LELELEL.
03:30 <Finalclaw> y the ban?
03:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Banz
03:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> HIDDEN
03:30 <Esoteric Entity> A ban?
03:30 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NAO
03:30 <Esoteric Entity> Hm.
03:30 <LOLSKELETONS> he did that before
03:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> liddle liddle li
03:30 <Esoteric Entity> Ah.
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> OH MAN, BROOKE.
03:30 <Finalclaw> oh
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> I REMEMBER, I.
03:30 <Finalclaw> kie dokey
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> I have to go DO SOMETHING. >_>
03:30 <Dubiousdugong> What, dropped the g-bomb?
03:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:30 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <HiddenSpirit> leljkbby. 
03:30 <ClericofMadness> Goobers.
03:30 <Esoteric Entity> Yeah.
03:30 <Djsixkiller> does anyone have other sites like this but more aimed at video's?
03:30 <Temmington>
03:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> its the number one crime
03:30 <Dubiousdugong> Ah.
03:30 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I like 'em muscular
03:30 <Dubiousdugong> CLERIC!
03:31 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> gooby gooby goobers yeah
03:31 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> No big deal
03:31 <Esoteric Entity> This one has videos, Dj.
03:31 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:31 <Dubiousdugong> What a pleasant surprise.
03:31 <41488p> wat
03:31 <Pramirez351> hai 414 :2
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> your a gooby goobber yeah
03:31 <ClericofMadness> Boo.
03:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
03:31 <Pramirez351> :3*
03:31 <41488p> hai Pram
03:31 -!- Lord Crystale has joined Special:Chat
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> we're all gooby gobbers yeah
03:31 <ClericofMadness> I ain't afraid of no ghosts
03:31 <ShotgunHobo> That scientist is a dumbass
03:31 <Finalclaw> We have an oracle here...
03:31 -!- Claire-Voyant has left Special:Chat.
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> GOOBY GOOBY GOOBY YEAH!
03:31 <Finalclaw> Hey Cleric
03:31 <Pramirez351> ah cleric! (2spooky4me)
03:31 <Dubiousdugong> Cleric, thanks for letting me in the anthology.
03:31 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:31 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
03:31 <Lord Crystale> Cleric is a GHOST hunter
03:31 <Finalclaw> I started here a long time ago
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> (2s4m)
03:31 <LOLSKELETONS> (spooky)
03:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> has anyone seen the anime ghosthunt?
03:31 <ClericofMadness> What I really really want is a movie where about 15 minutes in it reveals itself as a Ghostbusters movie...without being titled as one
03:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> if so is it any good?
03:32 <ShotgunHobo> The toilet busters
03:32 <Finalclaw> That would be mindfucking cool
03:32 <ClericofMadness> CLOG BUSTERS
03:32 <Lord Crystale> ^ ghost buster
03:32 <ClericofMadness> Sewage trap out!
03:32 <Esoteric Entity> Hey, I'm just gonna say this right now.
03:32 <ClericofMadness> Guys!  Don't cross your streams...
03:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> if theirs soething clogged in your neighbour hood who ya gonna call....CLOG BUSTERS
03:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> something*
03:32 <Dubiousdugong> Cleric, I have a question.
03:32 <Esoteric Entity> Shadow Over Innsmouth is great...
03:32 <Esoteric Entity> but a little overrated.
03:32 <Lord Crystale> Jeff exterminators
03:32 <Esoteric Entity> kthx.
03:32 <ClericofMadness> I have an answer.
03:32 <Dubiousdugong> ^'Tis.
03:32 <Djsixkiller> yes but more of a selection
03:32 <Finalclaw> Hmmm
03:33 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfenstien
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> I love you 
03:33 <41488p> my new chair and desk are both awesome
03:33 <Finalclaw> Cleric, here is an good question
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> (patrick)
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> bugger
03:33 <ClericofMadness> >an good
03:33 <Dubiousdugong> So I gave you a choice to use one or both of my stories in the anthology.
03:33 <ShotgunHobo> never played the game
03:33 <Finalclaw> What was the FIRST pasta this wiki ever had
03:33 <Temmington> jesus ash you're so irresponsible 
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> I love you celric
03:33 <Finalclaw> its first one
03:33 <Dubiousdugong> Did you use both, or just one?
03:33 <41488p> >an good
03:33 <41488p> an good
03:33 <41488p> AN GOOD
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> TEM
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> OH MY JESUS
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> I love how
03:33 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> i love you 
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> Ash fucking throws Pikachu into the air
03:33 <HiddenSpirit> And it's still like :D
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> hi captain
03:33 <Dubiousdugong> BEN, I'm guessing.
03:33 <ClericofMadness> Gonna be both unless there's not enough space in which case all unused stories will immediately carry over
03:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> (yshdt) <- hey look crashing's here :D
03:34 <Dubiousdugong> Unused?
03:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Mrchris
03:34 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
03:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:34 <LOLSKELETONS> ello ginger
03:34 <Dubiousdugong> Chris, you shouldn't have done that...
03:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> ello :3
03:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:34 <ClericofMadness> I'm still working on how to put this dog'n'pony show together
03:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> yes i should have dubious
03:34 <Dubiousdugong> What do you mean, "unused?" I'm confused.
03:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Skelly
03:34 <Lord Crystale> If you could kill anybody who would it be?
03:34 <ClericofMadness> If there's not space in the first book :P
03:34 <Dubiousdugong> No debiste haber hecho eso...
03:35 <ClericofMadness> Meaning it doesn't get used in the first anthology
03:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> Chris
03:35 <MooseJuice> Knock, knock:
03:35 <ClericofMadness> better?
03:35 <Dubiousdugong> Oh.
03:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> who dere?
03:35 <Dubiousdugong> Ok.
03:35 <ClericofMadness> fuckthepolice.gif
03:35 <Finalclaw> Come on Cleric, what was this wikis FIRST pasta ?
03:35 <LOLSKELETONS> [[file:fuckthepolice.gif]]
03:35 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello oh great Cleric
03:35 <Lord Crystale> There Everywhere
03:35 <ClericofMadness> Um I know this one
03:35 <Temmington> ever notice how sassy ash's snivy is in the new anime
03:35 <ShotgunHobo> Today moose learned bout the banana wars
03:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> *always imagined a ftp gif with a fast speeding car XD*
03:35 <Temmington> like look at that bitch shes like sasstastic 
03:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> and someone sticking the V's up XD
03:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> *dies laughing*
03:36 <Finalclaw> That is going really deep in the code
03:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> dat coding
03:36 <Lord Crystale> Kill bill
03:36 <Finalclaw> It could uncover secrets that shouldnt have been ever revealed...
03:36 <LOLSKELETONS> maybe
03:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> i love kill bill
03:36 <Lord Crystale> or kill the Phil 
03:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> the film
03:36 <ClericofMadness> Yeah, do that while I write the summary of the next episode of Uncle Cleric's Horror Show
03:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> gregory horror show
03:37 <Mrchrisrocks23>  :3 childhood nightmares
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> Oh, I've read this one before.
03:37 <Lord Crystale> ^^^^ YUS!!!
03:37 <LOLSKELETONS> the first pasta also got PotM
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> I didn't know it was the first pasta.
03:37 <ShotgunHobo> Never read any of em
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> Hahaha.
03:37 <Lord Crystale> A horror show?
03:37 <Temmington> what if a horror movie was recorded on like an iphone or something 
03:37 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
03:37 <ClericofMadness> You can't read.  You're a sea cow
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> It didn't really have any competition.
03:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> moo
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> D:
03:37 <Temmington> and it was about to get to the climax
03:37 <Finalclaw> The guy used steriotipical versions of demons
03:37 <Temmington> and the battery died 
03:37 <Dubiousdugong> I can too read.
03:37 <ClericofMadness> Episode 6, Judas Goat
03:38 <Temmington> and it ended on the best cliffhanger 
03:38 <Mrchrisrocks23> OH MY GOD a sea bear
03:38 <Finalclaw> but great way to make the story
03:38 <TheUltimateH4M> Sarah is the sea cow here Cleric
03:38 <TheUltimateH4M> c:
03:38 <Lord Crystale> A goat 
03:38 <Temmington> WOAH
03:38 <Finalclaw> he just, used the right words...
03:38 <Temmington> WOAH
03:38 <ShotgunHobo> The first Creepy pasta I read was the russian sleep experiment
03:38 <Mrchrisrocks23> (  ) am save
03:38 <Temmington> do i have to smack a bitch
03:38 <Mrchrisrocks23> XD
03:38 <Dubiousdugong> Same, Shotgun.
03:38 <TheUltimateH4M> come at me m8
03:38 <ShotgunHobo> The shit was scared out of me
03:38 <Dubiousdugong> It inspired me to write Gündschau 
03:38 <Dubiousdugong> Effect.
03:38 <Mrchrisrocks23> *smacks* don't be so rude
03:38 <Thekillersknife> dont worry im calm but pissed off
03:38 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> *kicks killer in the balls* you (jelly)
03:39 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> lol?
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> *runs away
03:39 <Dubiousdugong> Why was it removed from the Greasy Pastas?
03:39 <Dubiousdugong> Hmm.
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi shrub
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> Wolves haii
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> hi
03:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Nurse
03:39 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Shrubbiersurbsnurse.
03:39 <Finalclaw> The definition of a demon in whats gonna be the universe in my stories, are souls from hell that were sliced and diced until there was no humanity left on them, leaving only a twisted and evil version of what was once a person...
03:39 <ShotgunHobo> Hey Ginger
03:39 <Dubiousdugong> Hi Nurse.
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hi Skellie <3
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello all.
03:39 <Lord Crystale> (Cigar) I have someone to fuck with!
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> How is everyone?
03:39 <Temmington> Hey Shrubbie! <3
03:39 <ClericofMadness> Episodes 1-5: Space Debris, Something Happened Aboard Journey, Tainted Batch, It Came from My Attic, The Girl in the Moor
03:39 <Temmington> Feeling better?
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> YO SARHA
03:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Shotgun
03:39 <LOLSKELETONS> gtg
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> no
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> (captcha)
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> well kinda
03:39 <Dubiousdugong> Pretty good.
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> because pats back
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> oh god
03:39 <Temmington> At least you have Pat. <3
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> OH GOD
03:39 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye skelly
03:39 <Shrubskill Nurse> yes
03:39 <Dubiousdugong> Is Russian Sleep Experiment in the CP survival guide?
03:39 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
03:39 <Mrchrisrocks23> what have i done
03:40 <Thekillersknife> rocks why do you hate me?
03:40 <ShotgunHobo> See you later Skellyman
03:40 <Finalclaw> I'm thinking that my every creepypasta will have interlocking parts...
03:40 <Dubiousdugong> Cleric, you should know this one.
03:40 <Mrchrisrocks23> oh god what
03:40 <ClericofMadness> (trap)
03:40 <Andytags> should I buy a 3DS with 5 games for $360?
03:40 <Andytags> I have about $650 in my bank account and I make about $60 a week
03:40 <Finalclaw> Things that they have in common, hell, heaven, demons, lucifer...
03:40 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <MooseJuice> Creepypasta Quiz.
03:40 <Finalclaw> souls...
03:40 <Pramirez351> its a (trap) !
03:40 <ShotgunHobo> Yay
03:40 <HiddenSpirit> Okay, Andy, if we gave a fuck we would've said so.
03:40 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> PRAM hi
03:40 <Dubiousdugong> Is the image ban still on?
03:41 <MooseJuice> Question 1) Who was Phone?
03:41 <Lord Crystale> *boom*
03:41 <Andytags> shut the fuck up hid
03:41 <Pramirez351> hai captian :P
03:41 <ClericofMadness> I collected a bunch of C2CAM shows today
03:41 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
03:41 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> why are dubious and andy pinging me?
03:41 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> its coming up with red
03:41 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
03:41 -!- Dubiousdugong has left Special:Chat.
03:41 <ClericofMadness> pingas
03:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> cleric
03:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> kiss me
03:41 <Devincooper64> so I made this
03:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello devin
03:41 <ShotgunHobo> The dead father was on the phone
03:41 <Lord Crystale> Sarcasism has bought you by Wal-mart
03:41 <ClericofMadness> What image ban .-.
03:41 <Devincooper64> out of depression
03:41 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
03:42 <Devincooper64> agh
03:42 <Shrubskill Nurse> Wait
03:42 <Devincooper64> someone turned off youtube ._.
03:42 <Pramirez351> hai SarinaValentine562
03:42 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Sarina
04:12 <ShotgunHobo> Who know a good creepypasta?
04:12 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:13 <DasFactionnaire> I
04:13 <Billy Handsome> brb
04:13 <Pramirez351> yeah, um billy, chat gets real calm after hours xD
04:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chat gets a hangover now
04:14 <Wolfenmaus> Still working on the Wolfenbible.
04:14 <ShotgunHobo> Fuck!
04:14 <ShotgunHobo> Just cause
04:14 <Pramirez351> i like late night chat
04:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
04:14 <Pramirez351> we actually talk inteligently about stuff...i think xD
04:14 <Wolfenmaus> Dick Farts.
04:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Well imma sleep now
04:14 <ShotgunHobo> I am Awaiting the wolfen bible
04:14 <Pramirez351> bai Lee
04:14 <Pramirez351> stay awesome!
04:15 <Billy Handsome> back
04:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx!
04:15 <Andytags>
04:15 <Pramirez351> wb billy x
04:15 <Pramirez351> xD]
04:15 <Pramirez351> *
04:15 <DasFactionnaire> After hours... for some reason, when you said that I pictured several of us (of course, I don't know what any of you look like) sitting in a dark, classy cafe, sipping coffee and eating biscottis...
04:15 <ShotgunHobo> Wow the chat is more calmer then a child sleeping
04:15 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <Pramirez351> so what you up to now billy?
04:15 <Billy Handsome> you wanna hear something funny?
04:16 <Pramirez351> no...imean, yeah why not xD
04:16 <ShotgunHobo> It is what we do in afterhours
04:16 <Billy Handsome> my grandma burned a pizza and then blamed ME for it XD
04:16 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <Pramirez351> yes this is what we do after hours :3
04:16 -!- Pushycasks has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <ShotgunHobo> Good thing I have biscottis at home
04:16 <Pramirez351> well i wouldnt call it "after hours" just, late night
04:16 <Thekillersknife> im just drawing gotten really good at it lol
04:16 <SarinaValentine562> Hey everyone I back so wat happening?
04:16 <Billy Handsome> happy hour
04:17 <ShotgunHobo> Draw us killer
04:17 <Pushycasks> how ya doin bambee
04:17 <Thekillersknife> uh 
04:17 <DasFactionnaire> Indeed, and have intellectual discussions on the written works of everyone from Voltaire to Icke
04:17 <HiddenSpirit> What?
04:17 <ShotgunHobo> Just draw us of how you think we’ed looked like
04:17 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
04:17 <DasFactionnaire> Concealed! Hello!
04:17 <Pushycasks> who wants veggie spread
04:17 <Thekillersknife> k
04:17 <HiddenSpirit> Hi. 
04:17 <Billy Handsome> draw me stabbing arlington
04:17 <ShotgunHobo> or just how our usernames are
04:17 <DasFactionnaire> wass good holm
04:17 <Pramirez351> welp, imma take a showa of POWA people, so brb :P
04:18 -!- Pushycasks has left Special:Chat.
04:18 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <ShotgunHobo> I should take one too thanks for the idea
04:18 <Wolfenmaus> Who wants to see the first five lines of the Wolfenbible?
04:18 <HiddenSpirit> You draw, Das?
04:18 <ShotgunHobo> I do kind savior
04:18 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <Wolfenmaus> PM me
04:18 <Andytags> wow 
04:18 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <DasFactionnaire> Well, I like to draw occasionally, but I'm not good at it. Why, do you?
04:18 <Andytags> really
04:18 <ClericofMadness> I kinda want to write a Slenderman story, but I'd have to do it propery
04:19 <ClericofMadness> Properly
04:19 <HiddenSpirit> Occasionally, no good at it.
04:19 <Wolfenmaus> Cleric
04:19 <Wolfenmaus> My lord
04:19 <Wolfenmaus> Check the first lines of bible
04:19 <DasFactionnaire> I see. What do you like to draw?
04:19 <Wolfenmaus> for your approval
04:19 <Wolfenmaus> pls
04:19 <ClericofMadness> huh
04:19 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Working out
04:19 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Such a fun
04:19 <Thekillersknife> all right im staing to draw now shotgun
04:19 <Andytags> i agree
04:19 <HiddenSpirit> People, but they always turn out worse than I anticipate. 
04:19 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> i DO it til my muscles throb
04:19 <Andytags> i am good at draw
04:19 <Andytags> and musc
04:20 <DasFactionnaire> I'd have to say the same
04:20 <ShotgunHobo> How would a hobo look like
04:20 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
04:20 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
04:20 <Wolfenmaus> My art is...
04:20 <Wolfenmaus> Amature.
04:20 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <Andytags> brooke go 'way
04:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (okay)
04:21 <HiddenSpirit> Fak off.
04:21 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Some guys say girls with muscles is ugly
04:21 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> but I say it's foxy
04:21 <Andytags> shut up hidden 
04:21 <DasFactionnaire> I've made a few crappy MS paint drawings, one of which is on Trollpasta, the other is here.
04:21 <Wolfenmaus> Guess who Cain and Abel are in my Bible.
04:21 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I mean girls with muscles?
04:21 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> That's SO hot?
04:21 <Wolfenmaus> STOP IT BOT
04:21 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Im no bot
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> HEY, ANDY.
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> STUFF IT.
04:22 <Wolfenmaus> Then go away.
04:22 <Andytags> no
04:22 <Andytags> go away
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Andy
04:22 <DasFactionnaire> OH HOT DAYUM
04:22 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I can be here
04:22 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Y aheard
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> GO RIDE A CIRCUS RIDE.
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> BEEYOTCH.
04:22 <Andytags> no
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> Yes.
04:22 <Wolfenmaus> Hidden.
04:22 -!- ILoveChey has joined Special:Chat
04:22 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> What does that mean
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
04:22 <Wolfenmaus> Have you heard the good word?
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I will chop your dick off and shove it down your throat, force you to except it then cut your stomach open; get it out and shove it back in.
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> This better not be one of those "BIRD IS THE WORD" things.
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
04:22 <HiddenSpirit> LOL.
04:22 <Andytags>
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> [1:1] In the beginning when Cleric created the heavens and the earth by accident,
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> [1:2] the earth was a formless void and emo covered the face of the deep, while a wind from Cleric's anus swept over the face of the waters.
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> [1:3] Then Cleric said, "Let there be motherfucking light"; and there was light.
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> [1:4] And Cleric saw that the light was good; and Cleric separated the light from the emo.
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> [1:5] Cleric called the light Day, and the emo he called Night. And there was Desuning and there was morning, the first day.
04:23 <DasFactionnaire> Brooke.... (poostman)
04:23 <Wolfenmaus> The word of the Wolfenbible, Hidden.
04:23 <Andytags> I don't like you you know 
04:23 <HiddenSpirit> I denounce the word of such claptrap.
04:23 <HiddenSpirit> *claptalk
04:23 <HiddenSpirit> Where the fuck did "trap" come from
04:23 <HiddenSpirit> I don't know
04:24 <Wolfenmaus> Then you shall be STRUCK DOWN
04:24 <DasFactionnaire> *Generic emoticon of totally irrelevant significance which I used for no particular reason at all whatsoever to reply to Brooke's elaborate threat*
04:24 <HiddenSpirit> I DON'T LIKE YU EITHER ANDY
04:24 <Andytags> I never did 
04:24 <Andytags> it was all a façade 
04:24 <Thekillersknife> damn it its not gonna work i cant draw you guys
04:24 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Muscles make the world go round
04:24 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
04:24 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I mean where would the world be without muscles?
04:24 -!- ShadowCharmanderX-zero has left Special:Chat.
04:24 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> IT woudn't be
04:24 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Unless god lifted his big muscles
04:25 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and made the world
04:25 <Thekillersknife> what?
04:25 <DasFactionnaire> Whoa a c-cedilla
04:25 <TheGreatMobo> agreed
04:25 <DasFactionnaire> Nein! Das ist nicht gut! WARUM?!
04:26 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
04:26 -!- ILoveChey has left Special:Chat.
04:26 <ClericofMadness>  ~clericofmadness has started a donation pool!
04:26 <ClericofMadness> >>You'd literally have to pay me to write a Slenderman story, but I will do it. And do it right.
04:26 <ClericofMadness> Cleric is best troll
04:26 <ClericofMadness> No one pays writers anymore
04:27 <MEMJ0123> I'm 19 and I'm getting money.
04:27 <MEMJ0123> from voice acting on youtube. 
04:27 <DasFactionnaire> *Irrelevant mangled German phrase used to convey a vague message that may or may not even be present*
04:27 <Deathgirl12> cleric 
04:27 <Wolfenmaus> In my bible, Abel is Ryan.
04:27 <ClericofMadness> wat
04:27 <DasFactionnaire> *Repeated lampshading of everything I post on this chat*
04:27 <ClericofMadness> DAS ASS
04:28 <DasFactionnaire> Lolwut?
04:28 <Deathgirl12> what if i told you i was a fangirl of you XD 
04:28 <ClericofMadness> uberbooty
04:28 <ClericofMadness> Cool.
04:28 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:28 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:28 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
04:28 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
04:28 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Anyone else here down with muscles like me?
04:28 <Temmington> clericizmywaifu
04:28 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I love 'em
04:28 <HiddenSpirit> Go ride a circus ride, Sarah.
04:28 <Wolfenmaus> They call that Deiphilia.
04:29 <DasFactionnaire> Would you take it as a sign that you should start going to cons?
04:29 <Andytags> omg are you a traffic sign 
04:29 <Andytags> because STOP
04:29 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:29 <HiddenSpirit> Hammer time
04:29 <MEMJ0123>
04:29 <MEMJ0123> This category currently contains no pages or media.
04:29 <MEMJ0123> Oh
04:29 <MEMJ0123> Mah 
04:29 <MEMJ0123> Gawd.
04:29 <MEMJ0123> I CLEANED IT. 
04:29 <Andytags> no
04:29 <HiddenSpirit> I will take a hammer
04:29 <HiddenSpirit> and hurt you with it.
04:29 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Andrew
04:29 <Andytags> no
04:30 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> we have to talk
04:30 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> you said OMG
04:30 <Andytags> o
04:30 <MEMJ0123> What?
04:30 <Thekillersknife> brb guys
04:31 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> That's not cool
04:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:31 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> you're turning into one of them
04:31 -!- Djsixkiller has left Special:Chat.
04:31 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
04:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:31 <MEMJ0123> One of what?
04:31 <DasFactionnaire> Also interesting euphemisms Hidden
04:31 <ShotgunHobo> Back from powah showah
04:31 <HiddenSpirit> Hm?
04:31 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks.
04:31 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Princess Celestia's not cool
04:32 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> muscles are
04:32 <Princess Platinum> princess
04:32 <Princess Platinum> ping
04:32 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and hot sauce and hulk hogan
04:32 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> sorry
04:32 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <Princess Platinum> ponies > muscles 
04:32 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> "sure"
04:32 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:32 <MEMJ0123> What about ponies with muscles?
04:32 <Princess Platinum> ponies in socks >>>>> muscles
04:33 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Popular voice actor
04:33 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> my ass
04:33 <DasFactionnaire> Well actually that last one was straightforward and not exactly fitting for the term "euphemism" (actually, so was my favorite, "Go ride a circus ride") but interesting PHRASES then. And you're welcome!
04:33 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <Temmington> why do people find muscles "attractive" 
04:33 <MEMJ0123> Want me to send you a link?
04:33 <Esoteric Entity> I just lift to be in shape.
04:33 <DasFactionnaire> Esoterichi
04:33 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> 12,000 not enough
04:33 <Temmington> like muscles are fine
04:33 <Esoteric Entity> and i gotta go bai.
04:33 <Temmington> but too much muscle is just gross
04:33 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <MEMJ0123>  I will send you a link.
04:33 <HiddenSpirit> That's why I was confused at first, Das, because the last was pretty straight-forward.
04:33 <Temmington> Bye Hoodiekinz.
04:33 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
04:33 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Never enough muscles
04:33 <ShotgunHobo> Magic is in the air
04:33 <HiddenSpirit> Sarah, how aren't they attractive?
04:33 <HiddenSpirit> Lel.
04:33 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> One viral video does not make you popular
04:34 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
04:34 <HiddenSpirit> You just jelly because you can't lift.
04:34 <Temmington>
04:34 <Temmington> HOW IS THAT ATTRACTIVE.
04:34 <Temmington> that's my question.
04:34 <ShotgunHobo> Ewww
04:34 <HiddenSpirit> I wasn't tALKING ABOUT THAT. XDDDDD
04:34 <HiddenSpirit> JESUSS
04:34 <HiddenSpirit> I'M DYING
04:34 <Jabeznewman4000> im gonna throw up
04:34 <ShotgunHobo> Temmington thats just nastay
04:34 <MEMJ0123>
04:34 <MEMJ0123> I have 1,597,637 views. 
04:34 <DasFactionnaire> I'm one scrawny individual, don't really have much of an opinion on muscles though
04:34 <MEMJ0123> Told you.
04:34 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
04:34 <HiddenSpirit> I can bench 80. 
04:35 <DasFactionnaire> OH HOT DAYUM (again)
04:35 <Andytags>
04:35 <HiddenSpirit> BE IMPRESSED.
04:35 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <Andytags> no
04:35 <ShotgunHobo> Here we go again
04:35 <HiddenSpirit> Yes, Andy.
04:35 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> That's overtime
04:35 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and even if its on one video
04:35 <GlassAdventurer> Seems to be some new people since I went missing
04:35 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> whoa ONE viral video
04:35 <Andytags> leave
04:35 <ShotgunHobo> Mucle guy calm down
04:35 <HiddenSpirit> Whenever I see your username, Andytags, I grow utterly disgusted.
04:35 <Andytags> wow 
04:35 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> also 15,000 subscribers is NOT popular.
04:35 <HiddenSpirit> And fight the urge of jumping off a building.
04:35 <Andytags> dude fuck off
04:35 <GlassAdventurer> Lulz
04:35 <MEMJ0123> Its over the course of 35 videos.
04:35 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
04:36 <HiddenSpirit> :D
04:36 <Andytags> no
04:36 <HiddenSpirit> Someone's mad.
04:36 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> It's more than the average person but I mean 15,000
04:36 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
04:36 <GlassAdventurer> ...
04:36 <HiddenSpirit> I WAS KIDDING.
04:36 <GlassAdventurer> 15,000 what?
04:36 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
04:36 <MEMJ0123> and I'm the official Princess Molestia dubber. 
04:36 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> subscribers
04:36 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> not enough
04:36 <DasFactionnaire> Not back-flipping off the building after growing several extra limbs?
04:36 <ShotgunHobo> Hidden he won’t stop bitching if you get him started
04:36 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> to be considered popular
04:36 <HiddenSpirit> That's exclusive to certain scenarios. 
04:36 <GlassAdventurer> I have 5 subscribers! WORSHIP ME D:
04:37 <Andytags> i have like somewhere over 100
04:37 <MEMJ0123>
04:37 <MEMJ0123> I own half of this studio. 
04:37 <HiddenSpirit> A sub scriber? 
04:37 <DasFactionnaire> Alas, just like Slovenia
04:37 <GlassAdventurer> I only have three unfinished series
04:37 <HiddenSpirit> A scriber of subs?
04:37 <Wolfenmaus> [4:1] Now the man knew his wife Desu, and she conceived and bore Caleb, saying, "I have produced a man with the help of the CLERIC."
04:37 <Wolfenmaus> [4:2] Next she bore his brother Ryan. Now Ryan was a keeper of dildos, and Caleb a tiller of the shit.
04:37 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> YOUR LIFE is based around my little pony
04:37 <DasFactionnaire> A substitute scribe!
04:37 <GlassAdventurer> The scribes of subs!
04:37 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> is that something to brag about?
04:37 <Andytags> but that's only because i released two videos and then stoped
04:37 <MEMJ0123> No.
04:37 <HiddenSpirit> I was actually thinking of the sandwich. 
04:37 <MEMJ0123> I do other things.
04:37 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen I support your project
04:38 <HiddenSpirit> If so, get in the fucking kitchen.
04:38 <GlassAdventurer> No one here remembers me (alone)
04:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> You're investing your voice acting in a fandom that'll die in a couple of years
04:38 <Wolfenmaus> ME
04:38 <HiddenSpirit> And make me sandwiches.
04:38 <Wolfenmaus> k
04:38 <DasFactionnaire> ):
04:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I'm a muscleguy
04:38 <HiddenSpirit> Das, want one, too?
04:38 <MEMJ0123> I'm actually having some stuff with studios.
04:38 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> that's like a girl
04:38 <HiddenSpirit> Make sure to make one for my friend Das, too. :D
04:38 <GlassAdventurer> "LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS" Festish much?
04:38 <GlassAdventurer> *fetish*
04:38 <Andytags>
04:38 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
04:39 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
04:39 <Pramirez351> back :3
04:39 <GlassAdventurer> Hey Pram
04:39 <Lovethedesu> Hi Pram. 
04:39 <Thekillersknife> back
04:39 <ShotgunHobo> I find that fetish quite taboo
04:39 <Pramirez351> hai desu and glass :P
04:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Yes it's a fetish
04:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> how the fuck would it not be a fetish
04:39 <Lovethedesu> How are you? 
04:39 <Pramirez351> i cut my lip with my razor ._.
04:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I take pride in it
04:39 <HiddenSpirit> Desu, get four more edits, please.
04:39 <Pramirez351> other than that, it was good :)
04:39 <HiddenSpirit> Are you okay?
04:39 <Lovethedesu> Why? 
04:39 <Wolfenmaus> Desuuu
04:39 <HiddenSpirit> Look at your edit count.
04:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I'm into guys AND girls NBD
04:39 <Andytags> renegades of funk
04:39 <Pramirez351> ah 69 hidden (ic)
04:39 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> a rebel so they say
04:39 <HiddenSpirit> I'm being immature
04:39 <GlassAdventurer> I was drawing and fucked up D:
04:39 <Lovethedesu> Wolfennn. 
04:40 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I'm such a beaut
04:40 <DasFactionnaire> While I don't appreciate the stereotyping, I feel kind of warm and fuzzy after being referred to as "friend" :3
04:40 <HiddenSpirit> I was only kidding. ;~;
04:40 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I jerked off to a vid of me working out the biceps 
04:40 <GlassAdventurer> ...
04:40 <Lovethedesu> WHAT??
04:40 <GlassAdventurer> Uhh...Okay...
04:40 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
04:40 <Pramirez351> "I jerked off to a vid of me working out the biceps" thats the type of things you keep to yaself bro
04:40 <GlassAdventurer> Hey Brooke
04:40 <Pramirez351> wb brooke
04:40 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> as in the billo
04:40 <Temmington> Ya know.
04:40 <Temmington> For some reason Hiddun.
04:41 <DasFactionnaire> Exactly Pram! And I know Hidden, is all good
04:41 <Temmington> Your nickname "Ailuro" has stuck on me.
04:41 <ShotgunHobo> Musclefuy you scare m
04:41 <HiddenSpirit> Aye.
04:41 <DasFactionnaire> ...Friend
04:41 <HiddenSpirit> ...Friend.
04:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:41 <GlassAdventurer> What if I told you...I am Adolf Hitler's grandson?
04:41 <HiddenSpirit> Lovely.
04:41 <GlassAdventurer> And he just wanted juice
04:41 <ShotgunHobo> Your a badass
04:41 <DasFactionnaire> ):
04:41 <HiddenSpirit> *few years later* where's my juice.
04:41 <GlassAdventurer> You know what would happen
04:41 <GlassAdventurer> I would be lying
04:42 <GlassAdventurer> :3
04:42 <ShotgunHobo> your grandfather had the best k/d rate in the world
04:42 <DasFactionnaire> disapproving adjective pun is disapproving adjective
04:42 <Lovethedesu> Who wants to see something really fucking creepy? 
04:42 <GlassAdventurer> Nah
04:42 <Temmington> No thanks.
04:42 <ShotgunHobo> I do!
04:42 <Temmington> I'll pass.
04:42 <Lovethedesu> I'll PM you it. 
04:42 <Wolfenmaus> [3:1] Now the bitch was more crafty than any other wild animal that the MASTER Cleric had made. He said to the woman, "Did Cleric say, 'You shall not eat from any tree in the garden'?"
04:42 <Wolfenmaus> [3:2] The woman said to the bitch, "We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden;
04:42 <HiddenSpirit> I do.
04:42 <GlassAdventurer> Because I'm a pussy :P
04:42 <Pramirez351> PM it desu xD
04:43 <Temmington> Wolfen. 
04:43 <Wolfenmaus> Sarah.
04:43 <Temmington> Seen the CPW Bible done before. 
04:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
04:43 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:43 <Temmington> Unoriginal idea. 3/10.
04:43 <Wolfenmaus> Was it the ENTIRE bible?
04:43 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Mama taught me the importance of muscles
04:43 <MEMJ0123>
04:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Feeding the trolls 34: MTPmoranguides aka Mariotehplumber - Duration: 07:37 - Uploaded: 2013-02-01 - Rating: 4.853061 - Views: 12,806 -
04:43 <Temmington> Ha, good luck writing that. 
04:43 <Andytags> that's an offense
04:43 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <Wolfenmaus> Challenge Accepted.
04:44 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> anyone wanna watch me work it out
04:44 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> the abs
04:44 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfen is making a good CPW bible
04:44 <Thekillersknife> no
04:44 <Wolfenmaus> [4:4] and Ryan for his part brought of the Afro of his body, it's perfect portions. And the MASTER had regard for Ryan and his offering,
04:44 <Wolfenmaus> [4:5] but for Caleb and his offering he had no regard. So Caleb was very angry, and his countenance fell.
04:45 -!- Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1 has joined Special:Chat
04:45 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> Hi
04:45 <ShotgunHobo> Magic!
04:45 <Andytags> no
04:45 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I love Female Bodybuilders
04:45 <Jabeznewman4000> (ok)
04:45 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> caps
04:45 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> Are Skype pastas allowed
04:46 <ClericofMadness> Craps
04:46 <DasFactionnaire> What if someone went back through the chat logs when Wolfen was done, sorted through to find all of his CPW Bible posts, compiled it all into one document, printed it out in several pages, and had the pages leather bound?
04:46 <ShotgunHobo> We know that mucsleguy
04:46 <Thekillersknife> aaa1 you like adventure time dont you
04:46 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> No i like dora the fucking explorer
04:46 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> spell muscle correctly or don't say it at all
04:46 <Jabeznewman4000> ive been here longer then you muscular
04:46 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> JK
04:46 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
04:46 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> i like Adventure Time
04:46 <Wolfenmaus> [4:10] And the MASTER said, "What have you done? Listen; your brother's cum is crying out to me from the shit!
04:46 <Wolfenmaus> [4:11] And now you are cursed from the shit, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's cum from your hand.
04:46 <ShotgunHobo> Umm I may have done that das
04:46 <DasFactionnaire> Marshall, don't make children's shows sound raunchy like that!
04:47 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
04:47 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> (okay)
04:47 <DasFactionnaire> you know to what i referred
04:47 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> but answer me about the Skype creepypasta
04:47 <Thekillersknife> i never of dora the fucking exploer *facepalms* bad joke
04:48 <DasFactionnaire> "I never of"...?
04:48 <Thekillersknife> queit
04:48 <DasFactionnaire> Sorry, I'm just a little curious as to what that meant
04:48 <ShotgunHobo> I heard of dora the Expl-Whore-er
04:48 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> (y u no) answer me
04:48 <Thekillersknife> marshall said it ealry
04:48 <DasFactionnaire> Very well.
04:48 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
04:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
04:49 <GlassAdventurer> Connection derp
04:49 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> Tell me if is okay if i make a pasta about Skype
04:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
04:49 <ShotgunHobo> Yes it is
04:49 <Thekillersknife> why does it go quiet every time i say something all most every time
04:49 <DasFactionnaire> So the glass has not shattered! Marvelous!
04:49 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> k thnx out PEACE! 0)_(0
04:49 <GlassAdventurer> This place seems more populated since I left about four months back
04:49 <GlassAdventurer> Like 5x more
04:50 <ShotgunHobo> Cause this place is magical
04:50 -!- Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1 has left Special:Chat.
04:50 <Wolfenmaus> [6:1] When people began to multiply on the face of the shit, and daughters were born to them,
04:50 <Wolfenmaus> [6:2] the sons of Cleric saw that they were fair; and they took slaves for themselves of all that they chose.
04:50 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
04:50 <Thekillersknife> what iswolf talking about?
04:50 <DasFactionnaire> Take it as a compliment, Knife! They're all very interested in what you have to post, so they all stop for a moment to thoroughly read what you've posted
04:50 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
04:50 <Wolfenmaus> The Creepypasta Wiki Bible.
04:50 <ShotgunHobo> The wolfenbible
04:51 <Thekillersknife> yeah i got that
04:51 <DasFactionnaire> Got what?
04:51 <DasFactionnaire> The Bible thing?
04:51 <Thekillersknife> yeah
04:51 <Jeffsson> ping me if maria gets back on
04:51 <DasFactionnaire> Ah yes
04:51 <Wolfenmaus> 6:13] And Cleric said to Noah, "I have determined to make an end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with violence because of them; now I am going to destroy them along with the earth.
04:51 <Wolfenmaus> [6:14] Make yourself an swaggy-ass yacht of cypress wood; make rooms in the swaggy-ass yacht, and cover it inside and out with pitch.
04:52 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <ShotgunHobo> Wolfe makes it sound so cool
04:52 <ShotgunHobo> *Wolfen
04:52 -!- Yandere-hearts has joined Special:Chat
04:52 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <Thekillersknife> i got to get back to my drawing not even ner done
04:52 <GlassAdventurer> Connection (herp)
04:52 <Yandere-hearts> Hi!
04:53 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
04:53 <Thekillersknife> hi
04:53 <Yandere-hearts> Whats up guys?
04:54 <Wolfenmaus> [6:17] For my part, I am going to bring a flood of beer on the shit, to destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is the breath of life; everything that is on the shit shall die.
04:54 <Wolfenmaus> [6:18] But I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall come into the swaggy-ass yacht, you, your sons, your slave, and your sons' slaves with you.
04:54 <ShotgunHobo> I would love to see this drawing of us
04:54 <Thekillersknife> i coundet draw you guys its to hard
04:54 <ShotgunHobo> Well how hard use ur imagination
04:54 <ShotgunHobo> Just draw us from our usernames
04:55 -!- Yandere-hearts has left Special:Chat.
04:55 <Thekillersknife> im to busy drawing something else ugh i got get back to it know
04:56 <Thekillersknife> dead chat? dead chat ok
04:57 -!- Claire-Voyant has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <Wolfenmaus> [6:19] And of every living thing, of all saggy tits, you shall bring two of every kind into the swaggy-ass yacht, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female.
04:57 <Wolfenmaus> [6:20] Of the birds according to their kinds, and of the animals according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the shit according to its kind, two of every kind shall come in to you, to keep them alive.
04:57 <Claire-Voyant> Omnomnomnom. I had ice cream.
04:58 <ShotgunHobo> The night the chat died
04:58 <Thekillersknife> good for you crap my drawing
04:58 <DasFactionnaire> Clairehi
04:58 <Billy Handsome> im still alive
04:58 <Claire-Voyant> Hello Das.
04:58 <Claire-Voyant> And are you Billy?  Are you?!?!
04:58 <ShotgunHobo> Well Billy your not saying anything
04:58 <DasFactionnaire> Stayin' alive!
04:58 <Billy Handsome> what
04:58 <ShotgunHobo> that much
04:58 <Claire-Voyant> //facepalm
04:59 <Billy Handsome> im billy fuckin handsome
04:59 <ShotgunHobo> Let’s make up a story billy you firts
04:59 <Billy Handsome> i HAVE  a story
04:59 <ShotgunHobo> Tell us that story
04:59 <Claire-Voyant> Once upon a time: the end.
04:59 <Billy Handsome> im to lazy
05:00 <Billy Handsome> plus ive linked it at least 3 times
05:00 <Billy Handsome> in the past
05:00 <Wolfenmaus> [8:7] and sent out the raven; and it went to and fro until the beer were dried up from the shit.
05:00 <Wolfenmaus> [8:8] Then he sent out the dove from him, to see if the beer had subsided from the face of the shit;
05:01 <Claire-Voyant> Pchoo!
05:01 <Thekillersknife> ^
05:01 <ShotgunHobo> Once there was a small child. His name was mary. Mary got hit by a public bus and got severe tramua. Mary exploded in his 20’s
05:01 <ShotgunHobo> The end
05:01 <Wolfenmaus> and ten skelly pooped out
05:02 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:02 -!- Acceptable username has joined Special:Chat
05:02 <Acceptable username> gtuys
05:02 <Acceptable username> you guys scare the shit out of me
05:02 <Acceptable username> xd
05:02 <Billy Handsome> good
05:02 <Claire-Voyant> Rawr?
05:02 <ShotgunHobo> How do we scare the shit out of you when were in your room already
05:03 <Wolfenmaus> [8:17] Bring out with you every living thing that is with you of all saggy tits - birds and animals and every creeping thing that creeps on the shit - so that they may abound on the shit, and be fruitful and multiply on the shit."
05:03 <Wolfenmaus> [8:18] So Phantom went out with his sons and his love-bitch and his sons' love-bitches.
05:03 <Billy Handsome> hey username
05:03 <Billy Handsome> ever been shanked?
05:03 <ShotgunHobo> Billy handsome sounds like a cowboy name
05:03 <Billy Handsome> fuck you
05:03 <ShotgunHobo> Well it does
05:03 <Billy Handsome> lol
05:04 <Billy Handsome> ok kinda
05:04 <Billy Handsome> im  MOBSTER
05:04 <Billy Handsome> a*
05:04 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
05:04 <Darkstride> Hai Esoteric.
05:04 <Claire-Voyant> Lobster knife fight organized by the mobster?
05:04 -!- Doomey5 has left Special:Chat.
05:04 <Esoteric Entity> Yo.
05:04 <ShotgunHobo> Eso back so late
05:04 <Esoteric Entity> Yup.
05:04 <Acceptable username> can i show you may favorite
05:04 <Acceptable username> creepy pasta
05:04 <Billy Handsome> no!
05:04 <Billy Handsome> nah
05:05 <ShotgunHobo> Billy wants to read it
05:05 <Billy Handsome> im juzz fuckin with ya
05:05 <Acceptable username> ok so there was this song
05:05 <ShotgunHobo> Give us a link
05:05 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
05:05 <Acceptable username> ok
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> [9:20] Phantom, a man of the shit, was the first to plant a vineyard.
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> [9:21] He drank some of the urine and became drunk, and he lay uncovered in his tent.
05:05 <Acceptable username> its just the song though, there are two parts
05:05 <Acceptable username> the first part is just hting song
05:05 <Acceptable username> the 2nd part 
05:05 <Acceptable username> is the story
05:05 <Claire-Voyant> Crab people~! Crab people~! Look like crabs, talk like people~!
05:05 <Acceptable username> here is the first part
05:05 <Esoteric Entity> brb
05:06 <Acceptable username>
05:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Pokemon Lavender Town Green Beta Original Music - Duration: 05:34 - Uploaded: 2013-02-05 - Rating: 4.913043 - Views: 4,229 -
05:06 <Acceptable username> lol
05:06 <Billy Handsome> wow
05:06 <Acceptable username> listen
05:06 <Acceptable username> ik its pokemon
05:06 <ShotgunHobo> Oh it’s on youtube
05:06 <Acceptable username> but listen
05:06 <Billy Handsome> weak
05:06 <Acceptable username> yeah its original japanse shit
05:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:06 <ShotgunHobo> Heard it done it
05:06 <Acceptable username> idgaf do it
05:06 <Billy Handsome> i listen to this before i got to bed
05:06 <Acceptable username> youve heard it?
05:06 <Claire-Voyant> No Navi! I will not listen! >.<
05:06 <Acceptable username> this isnt the viral one
05:06 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:06 <Acceptable username> its one random vid i found
05:06 <Claire-Voyant> /me pimp slaps the fairy
05:06 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:06 <ShotgunHobo> That creepy pasty beginner stuff
05:06 <Acceptable username> i found this wiki cuz my dick friend
05:07 <Acceptable username> sent me a pic
05:07 <Billy Handsome> who's the fairy?
05:07 <Acceptable username> of killer jeff or something
05:07 <Acceptable username> like that
05:07 <Claire-Voyant> Navi.
05:07 <Thekillersknife> that song was in my dream and gave me a headache
05:07 <Acceptable username> omg that is skarry
05:07 <Acceptable username> *scary
05:07 <Claire-Voyant> I'm just going off on random tangents to be honest. ^^"
05:07 <ShotgunHobo> Navi is very anoying
05:07 <Claire-Voyant> Mmhmm.
05:07 <Claire-Voyant> With her constant whining of "HEY! LISTEN!"
05:08 <ClericofMadness> /me struggles to avoid writing this story
05:08 <Jeffsson> shhh
05:08 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
05:08 <ClericofMadness> "A large city is struck by a rash of child abductions.  While the official story is that the children are still missing, the truth of the matter is that they all have been killed"
05:08 <Thekillersknife> crap my draw (damn zach stop getting distracked) *goes back to drawing
05:08 <Acceptable username> killer
05:08 <Acceptable username> what is your profile pic
05:08 <Wolfenmaus> urmum
05:08 <Acceptable username> it's scary looking
05:08 <Thekillersknife> jeff the killer
05:08 <Fappleberry> So who wants to give Uncle Fapple a birthday bj?
05:08 <ClericofMadness> Must not write good slenderman storyyy
05:08 <Acceptable username> who is jeff the killer
05:08 <Acceptable username> ive heard of him m friend showed me a pic
05:08 <Claire-Voyant> ...
05:09 <ClericofMadness> Maybe George would fapple
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> *Gasp*
05:09 <Fappleberry> :D
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> A CLEAN ONE
05:09 <Thekillersknife> REALLY?! sorry about caps
05:09 <Billy Handsome> noob
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> PRESERVE HIM
05:09 <Darkstride> cleric, (yuno) Steam
05:09 <ClericofMadness> Huh
05:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:09 <Acceptable username> the pic was even scarrier than the screamer
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> Jeff is...
05:09 <Darkstride> waut
05:09 <Claire-Voyant> I WAS going to ask if that was a serious question... but... nevermind.
05:09 <Deathgirl12> um acceptable i would run 
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> One of the worst pastas around.
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> It's awful.
05:09 <ClericofMadness>
05:09 <Acceptable username> why run, is it scary
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> Plotholes and such.
05:09 <Claire-Voyant> Yeah. Wolf pretty much has it.
05:09 <Acceptable username> will i be scared? i dont want to be scared now it is 1:09 am
05:09 <Wolfenmaus> No.
05:09 -!- ExtremeWolfXIII has joined Special:Chat
05:09 <Acceptable username> and im going to sleep within in an hour
05:10 <ShotgunHobo> Cleric why don’t you play TF2?
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> You won't.
05:10 <Claire-Voyant> Cliches abound and plotholes so big trains could fall in them.
05:10 <ExtremeWolfXIII> hello everyone.
05:10 <Darkstride> oic u do haev a staem
05:10 <Acceptable username> ok if its not that bad tell me the story
05:10 <Billy Handsome> hey extreme
05:10 <Claire-Voyant> It's best if you experience it first hand.
05:10 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> [[Jeff The Killer]]
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> There you go.
05:10 <ExtremeWolfXIII> this page seems to not scare me.
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> Have fun.
05:10 <Thekillersknife> what wolf did you say jeff the killer is a bad creepypasta?
05:10 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> It is.
05:10 <ExtremeWolfXIII> hehehehehehehe
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> It sucks.
05:11 <Thekillersknife> no its not 
05:11 <Wolfenmaus> Almost as much as Sonic.exe
05:11 -!- SamisFusion has joined Special:Chat
05:11 <SamisFusion> HALLO
05:11 <Claire-Voyant> The only one that trumps it for terribleness is Jane.
05:11 <ExtremeWolfXIII> all of em sucks. anyone know one that can give a nightmare?
05:11 <Pramirez351> samis...
05:11 <Pramirez351> what is your pic?
05:11 <Pramirez351> hey sarah, how are ya girl?
05:11 <Billy Handsome> lol pram
05:12 <ExtremeWolfXIII> goodbye everyone. and good night...
05:12 <Pramirez351> bye extreme wolf
05:12 <SamisFusion> IM THE SIXTH DOCTOR
05:12 <Claire-Voyant> Night extreme.
05:12 <Billy Handsome> fuck you extreme
05:12 <Thekillersknife> jeffs my favorite creepypasta thats why i have this username wolfen
05:12 <Acceptable username> i dont want to read
05:12 <ShotgunHobo> Nighty night friend don’t let the jeff bugs bite
05:12 <Pramirez351> hey also everyone, just in case, JUST in case, turn your volumes down
05:12 <Acceptable username> it im scared lol
05:12 -!- ExtremeWolfXIII has left Special:Chat.
05:12 -!- Altair95 has joined Special:Chat
05:12 <Pramirez351> um, maria, you with us?
05:12 <ShotgunHobo> Why?
05:12 <Acceptable username> who posed for the pictures though?
05:12 <Altair95> sup guys
05:12 <Acceptable username> in the jeff the killer 
05:13 <Acceptable username> or killer jeff
05:13 <Claire-Voyant> Jigsaw? *shrugs*
05:13 <Acceptable username> of killer the jeff
05:13 <Pramirez351> just... trying to stay on the safe side shotgun
05:13 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
05:13 <Thekillersknife> username its jeff the killer
05:13 <Acceptable username> he is in that anne screamer, right?
05:13 <Acceptable username> ik but irl
05:13 <Acceptable username> who is it
05:13 <ShotgunHobo> I don’t wanna be on the safe side
05:13 <DasFactionnaire> OK, Shotgun, Billy, and anyone else interested. Anyone still want a story?
05:13 <SamisFusion>
05:13 <Billy Handsome> wait what
05:13 <Acceptable username> hi sam
05:13 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:13 <Pramirez351> SARAH!
05:13 <Pramirez351> MARIA!
05:13 <Darkstride> Nope
05:13 <ShotgunHobo> I’ll take a story
05:13 <Acceptable username> that is like a 1st grade screamer
05:13 <SamisFusion> click link
05:13 <Darkstride> .avi
05:13 <Pramirez351> i knew this asshole was coming
05:14 <DasFactionnaire> Once there was an old man who loved to feed the ducks. I watched him feeding the ducks one day, and when one of the ducks turned to look at me with an endearing look in its eyes, beckoning for me to go feed it and its ducky friends as well, I, too, fed the ducks. But it soon became clear that the ducks were really agents of Deceitful Verisimilitude, so I sprayed the contents of a 49-year-old fire extinguisher at the old man, cooked each of the ducks, feasted on them wearing Theban ritual armor and reciting the First Amendment, and realized that because of the ducks, we'll never really have freedom of the press.
05:14 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <Darkstride> Samis, fuck you.
05:14 <Pramirez351> i member that pic
05:14 <Billy Handsome> a story about what!?
05:14 <Pramirez351> CLERIC
05:14 <Pramirez351> get over here!
05:14 <ShotgunHobo> Lol it wasn’t scary
05:14 <SamisFusion> IM A TROLOLOLO
05:14 <Pramirez351> tis a screamer Billy
05:14 <ShotgunHobo> It made me lol
05:14 <Darkstride> You're a Trololol
05:14 <Claire-Voyant> Once upon a time some people asked for a story, so I fed them to some rabid cows.  The end.
05:14 <Billy Handsome> you guys give me diabtees
05:14 <Darkstride> And think that's a term, not a name
05:14 <Wolfenmaus> Once upon a time, fuck you.
05:14 <Acceptable username> haha such a funny screamer
05:14 <Wolfenmaus> The end.
05:14 <Darkstride> Billy, you give me diabetus
05:14 <Thekillersknife> im trying to stay away from pastas i read the ben one i didnt even whant on clevebot
05:14 <Pramirez351> could know, maybe ban the screamer poster sarah? or maria? or cleric?
05:14 <Claire-Voyant> Kinky wolf.
05:15 <Acceptable username> that is my profile pic
05:15 <SamisFusion> i have trolled here before
05:15 <Jeffsson> o_o
05:15 <Pramirez351> i know samis
05:15 <Acceptable username> rlly lol?
05:15 <Pramirez351> im not stupid
05:15 <DasFactionnaire> Your thoughts?
05:15 <Darkstride> Clericofmadness pls
05:15 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Billy Handsome> pram
05:15 -!- SamisFusion was banned from Special:Chat by Temmington for 1209600 seconds.
05:15 <Acceptable username> someone tell me the jeff the stripper storry plz
05:15 -!- SamisFusion has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Pramirez351> thats why i asked what your picture was're kind of a douche
05:15 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Darkstride> ohk thx saruh (derp)
05:15 <Pramirez351> thanks sarah (:D)
05:15 -!- Holder of Swag has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <Darkstride> RAFA ERMAHGERD
05:15 <Darkstride> Hai.
05:15 <Pramirez351> i already knew what was up
05:15 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <Billy Handsome> watch that video yet? oram
05:15 <Holder of Swag> OMG DARKEY
05:15 <Billy Handsome> pram*
05:16 <Holder of Swag> hai
05:16 <Acceptable username> guys who is jeff the stripper?
05:16 <Darkstride> iah
05:16 <ShotgunHobo> Well jeff was little hunk of ass that had a coke addiction
05:16 <Wolfenmaus> gottago.
05:16 <Acceptable username> tellme the storryyyyy
05:16 <Wolfenmaus> GOTTA GO
05:16 <Holder of Swag> bai wolfen
05:16 <Pramirez351> nop billy im sorry, i lost it. link billy? xD
05:16 <Thekillersknife> CRAP i keep getting distracked damn zach get back to your drawing
05:16 <Acceptable username> killer
05:16 <Acceptable username> change ur prof pick
05:16 <Acceptable username> it is scary ;(
05:16 <Billy Handsome> FUCK YOU PRAM!
05:16 <Billy Handsome> lol
05:16 <Holder of Swag> 2scareh4u
05:16 <ShotgunHobo> So he decided to become a stripper so he could afford more of his crack
05:16 <DasFactionnaire> 2spooky4u
05:16 <Thekillersknife> no i like it
05:16 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
05:16 <Pramirez351> im sorry billy (qq)
05:16 <Darkstride> (spooky) ^^^
05:16 <Acceptable username> doesent it scare u
05:16 <DasFactionnaire> You beat me to it Holder XD
05:16 <Billy Handsome> what about heff??
05:17 <Claire-Voyant> "Let's talk about sex bay-by~! Let's talk about you and me~!"
05:17 <Claire-Voyant> XD
05:17 <Holder of Swag> ima fucking ninja.
05:17 <Claire-Voyant> Lies.  We can see you here holder.
05:17 <DasFactionnaire> True dat, Holmes...der? Of swag. There we go.
05:17 <Thekillersknife> no i read all the jeff pastas im not scared of it user
05:17 <Claire-Voyant> Ninjas aren't supposed to be seen or heard.
05:17 <Holder of Swag> well
05:17 <Holder of Swag> *poof
05:17 <Holder of Swag> *
05:18 <ShotgunHobo> I still see you
05:18 <DasFactionnaire> did anyone read the story
05:18 <Claire-Voyant> XD
05:18 <Claire-Voyant> He's like Konohamaru.
05:18 <Holder of Swag> nope.
05:18 -!- Acceptable username has left Special:Chat.
05:18 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:18 <Holder of Swag> im a MOTHERFUCKING NINJA SLOTH.
05:18 <Thekillersknife> user?
05:18 <Claire-Voyant> I see your toes peeking out from behind the curtain buddeh.
05:19 -!- Acceptable username has joined Special:Chat
05:19 <Darkstride> u fergot abut being a laezer i shuutin sloth
05:19 <Thekillersknife> username? you still here?
05:19 <Holder of Swag> darkey ur a fahkn betx
05:19 <Holder of Swag> gtufut
05:19 <Darkstride> thx bb
05:19 <Holder of Swag> whalecum bbeh
05:20 -!- Acceptable username has left Special:Chat.
05:20 <Darkstride> (huehue)
05:20 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:20 <Holder of Swag> mariah
05:20 <Holder of Swag> hai
05:21 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
05:21 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:21 <DasFactionnaire> Wellwellwell my horrorshow droogs
05:21 <Thekillersknife> holder do you even what your tipping? <--- forgot how to spell that
05:21 <Holder of Swag> your username isnt acceptable.
05:21 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:21 -!- Acceptable username has joined Special:Chat
05:21 <Holder of Swag> wat killer
05:21 <Thekillersknife> nothing 
05:21 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:21 <Thekillersknife> brb
05:22 <DasFactionnaire> It seems it's that time of the nochy for me to leave thou
05:22 -!- Billy Handsome has left Special:Chat.
05:22 <Holder of Swag> baiii
05:22 <Darkstride> iab
05:22 <DasFactionnaire> Until later, my prestoopnicks
05:22 <Altair95> so anyone here expecting a Zombie Apocalypse...I awesome would that be
05:22 <Darkstride> Awesome?
05:22 <Holder of Swag> >i awesome would that be
05:22 <Holder of Swag> WAT
05:22 <Altair95> yea
05:22 <Darkstride> How would a fucking Zombie Apocalypse be awesome?
05:22 <Darkstride> Are you serious?
05:22 -!- DasFactionnaire has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <Darkstride> (seriouslywtf)
05:23 <Altair95> you a gamer
05:23 <Altair95> ??
05:23 <Holder of Swag> it would be fucking dangerous.
05:23 <Thekillersknife> oh my god why do i keep forgetting my picture
05:23 <Altair95> fucking awesomely dangerous
05:23 <Darkstride> Everybody would die, Altair.
05:23 <Holder of Swag> (facepalm)
05:23 <Darkstride> -__-
05:23 <Holder of Swag> except sloths, right?
05:23 <Holder of Swag> tight
05:23 <Altair95> who cares, I'm drunk
05:23 <Holder of Swag> righty tighty
05:23 <Altair95> ok I'm not
05:23 <Darkstride> ^
05:23 <Darkstride> Gratz
05:23 <Altair95> I'm just sick of this boring life
05:24 <Holder of Swag> Gratz, you just got bitchslapped.
05:24 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:24 <Pramirez351> back
05:24 <Altair95> wtf ?
05:24 <ShotgunHobo> Your friends would be dead altair if there was a zombie appocolypse
05:24 <Holder of Swag> wb.
05:24 <Pramirez351> so um, that was interesting
05:24 <Pramirez351> thanks rafa xD
05:24 <Darkstride> (loool)
05:24 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
05:24 <Pramirez351> so um, yeah guys, just chillin, brb
05:24 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
05:24 <Holder of Swag> >back, that was interesting
05:24 <Pramirez351> also hai darkstrdie
05:24 <Altair95> I don't have friends
05:24 <Holder of Swag> he was fapping.
05:24 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
05:24 <Darkstride> Noap
05:24 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
05:24 <Altair95> lol
05:24 <Holder of Swag> i know it.
05:24 <Altair95> dude u see it
05:24 <Darkstride> I accidentally hit the wireless button on my keyboard.
05:25 <Darkstride> And hai Pram
05:25 <Pramirez351> hai darkstride*
05:25 <Holder of Swag> i acidentally hit my hand in your face.
05:25 <Pramirez351> also no i wasnt rafa xD
05:25 -!- MEMJ0123 has left Special:Chat.
05:25 <Holder of Swag> (ic|)
05:25 <Pramirez351> i would have taken longe...imeanwut?
05:25 <Holder of Swag> SHIT
05:25 <Acceptable username> guys
05:25 <Darkstride> wut
05:25 <Acceptable username> has any1 seen the grudge
05:26 <Altair95> I did
05:26 <Pramirez351> ive seen part of it
05:26 <Holder of Swag> noep.
05:26 <Acceptable username> jeff the killer reminds me
05:26 <Acceptable username> of the grudge
05:26 <Altair95> u mean the movie ?
05:26 <Acceptable username> :/
05:26 <Acceptable username> yes
05:26 <Holder of Swag> i saw "Devil" yesterday
05:26 <Altair95> yea i have
05:26 <Acceptable username> i saw tha tmove in third grade
05:26 <Acceptable username> i couldnt sleep
05:26 <Acceptable username> for months lol
05:26 <Pramirez351> yeah xD
05:26 <Altair95> I saw was horrible 
05:26 <Pramirez351> i only saw the begging and i got scared xD
05:26 <Thekillersknife> i seen the grude game not the movie
05:26 <Acceptable username> wtf u couldnt kill it
05:26 <Holder of Swag> once i saw a bird.
05:26 <Acceptable username> and if u saw it
05:26 <Altair95> theres a game ?
05:26 <Acceptable username> it would get u
05:26 <Pramirez351> dont even know
05:26 <Acceptable username> DONT FUCKING TELL ME ABOUT THE GAME
05:27 <Acceptable username> sounds scary ;(
05:27 <Thekillersknife> yeah for the will
05:27 <Holder of Swag> Pewdiepie played it.
05:27 <Altair95> pliz tell me about it
05:27 <Holder of Swag> he screamed like a little bitch.
05:27 <Acceptable username> is the grudge game scary
05:27 <Thekillersknife> lol
05:27 <Holder of Swag> no.
05:27 <Thekillersknife> and yes
05:27 <Thekillersknife> kinnda
05:27 <Acceptable username> if u r a creepy pasta vet
05:27 <Altair95> where can I get this game, must try
05:27 <Holder of Swag> u know whats scary?
05:27 <Acceptable username> r u easily scared
05:27 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
05:27 <Holder of Swag> scp-087-b.
05:27 <Pramirez351> wb maria
05:27 <Altair95> u profile pic ?
05:27 <Acceptable username> i like carss
05:28 <Altair95> me too
05:28 <Acceptable username> ;o
05:28 <Holder of Swag> thank god it isnt trains.
05:28 <Altair95> hey brb
05:28 <Thekillersknife> carsss?
05:28 <Acceptable username> cars
05:28 <Holder of Swag> hu3, he became a snake
05:28 <Thekillersknife> just like my coisen
05:28 <Holder of Swag> wat
05:28 <Thekillersknife> he likes cars
05:28 <Acceptable username> Mercedes-Benz's are my favorite cars
05:29 <Acceptable username> see now we are having a non scary convo
05:29 <Altair95> hey bak
05:29 <Altair95> nice one man
05:29 <Acceptable username> lul
05:29 <Holder of Swag> i dont like cars that much.
05:29 <Holder of Swag> i prefer shotguns.
05:29 <Thekillersknife> thank god my drawings done lol
05:29 <Acceptable username> wtf
05:29 <Altair95> I'm diggin where coming from, I like those 80s and 70s and 60s models
05:29 <Acceptable username> there is a picture of creepy jeff on the bottom corner of my screen
05:29 <Holder of Swag> run
05:29 <Acceptable username> lol creepy jeff
05:30 <Altair95> dude u r paranoid
05:30 <Acceptable username> i fucked up
05:30 <Acceptable username> the name
05:30 <Thekillersknife> is it my profile pic?
05:30 <Acceptable username> no but wouldnt it be scary
05:30 <Darkstride> That moment when random non fans of the show MLP go on omegle searching MLP trying to find girls that like the show. (srslywtf)
05:30 <Acceptable username> if u couldnt clicvk it off
05:30 <Acceptable username> and
05:30 <ShotgunHobo> Imagine fat jeff the killer chasing you on a rascal
05:30 <Acceptable username> it slowly grew larger
05:30 <Acceptable username> until he was behind you
05:30 <Claire-Voyant> Mmn... weed...
05:30 <Acceptable username> and then just disappeared
05:30 <Acceptable username> until he reapared
05:30 <Holder of Swag> clayre
05:30 <Acceptable username> in front of you
05:30 <Holder of Swag> *claire
05:30 <Claire-Voyant> Hmm?
05:30 <Acceptable username> until he disapeared again
05:30 <Holder of Swag> give me some
05:30 <Holder of Swag> weed
05:30 <Altair95> I would whack the shit outta him
05:30 <Acceptable username> until he repeared
05:30 <Acceptable username> under your bed
05:30 <Claire-Voyant> Pfft. No.
05:30 <Holder of Swag> yes.
05:31 <Acceptable username> no not under your bed
05:31 <Claire-Voyant> No.
05:31 <Acceptable username> under the covers
05:31 <Holder of Swag> Yes.
05:31 <Claire-Voyant> I don't share with swaggers.
05:31 <Acceptable username> you see something poking out
05:31 <Holder of Swag> gibe wid plox
05:31 <Acceptable username> of the covers
05:31 <Acceptable username> and its his knife
05:31 <Acceptable username> and then he grabs ur dick
05:31 <Acceptable username> no jk lol
05:31 <Altair95> wat if you encounter Jane the killer ?
05:31 <Thekillersknife> im not scared of jeff, jeff's the reason i got this username
05:31 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
05:31 <Claire-Voyant> What about grabbing dicks?
05:31 <Acceptable username> i was kidding lol
05:31 <Holder of Swag> im scared of going outside my house.
05:31 <Claire-Voyant> Lame.
05:31 <Acceptable username> you see his knife under your covers
05:31 <Claire-Voyant> XD
05:32 <Acceptable username> and you look down and see his face
05:32 <Acceptable username> and right when u think ur dead
05:32 <Acceptable username> he grabs ur dick
05:32 <Acceptable username> lmao
05:32 <Claire-Voyant> Kinky.
05:32 <Holder of Swag> n den a skeleton popped out
05:32 <Holder of Swag> THE END/.
05:32 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
05:32 <Acceptable username> and then stabs himself
05:32 <Acceptable username> in the head
05:32 <Acceptable username> and just dies
05:32 <Acceptable username> and ur like
05:32 <Holder of Swag> brb
05:32 <Acceptable username> "wtf"?
05:32 <Altair95> I wanna meet Jeff, so I can tell him how fuckin lame he actually is
05:32 <Claire-Voyant> That's some super s & m foreplay there.
05:32 -!- ClericofMadness has left Special:Chat.
05:32 <Thekillersknife> i'll be back
05:32 <Altair95> then I will kill him, I'm an Assassin
05:32 <Acceptable username> he would always be disappearing and reappearing behind you though
05:32 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
05:32 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
05:33 <Acceptable username> i've never read the story
05:33 <Acceptable username> but i saw the grudge
05:33 <Acceptable username> same concept i think
05:33 <Altair95> he is psychotic human killer.....I'm a ninja
05:33 <Claire-Voyant> Except Jeff doesn't pop out of your t.v.
05:33 <Acceptable username> thats the ringlol
05:33 <Darkstride> >ninja >assasin
05:33 <Claire-Voyant> He pops out of your boner though. XP
05:33 <Darkstride> assassin*
05:33 <Holder of Swag> CLERIC
05:33 <Holder of Swag> NOU
05:33 <Altair95> yea thats me
05:33 <Claire-Voyant> And whatever.
05:33 <Acceptable username> dafuq
05:33 <Claire-Voyant> I'm stoned.
05:33 <Acceptable username> im scared of my penis
05:33 <Holder of Swag> fak dat.
05:33 <Acceptable username> =[
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> My brain isn't working fully right.
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> XD
05:34 <Altair95> Claire u on drugs ?
05:34 <Holder of Swag> im going to watch dont hug me im scared.
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> Right now, yes.
05:34 <Acceptable username> every1 sub me
05:34 <Acceptable username> on youtube
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> Usually, no
05:34 <Thekillersknife> there
05:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Go To Sleep - "Jeff is Back" - Duration: 15:14 - Uploaded: 2012-03-09 - Rating: 4.884264 - Views: 272,884 -
05:34 <Altair95> first time ?
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> Nope.
05:34 <Holder of Swag> second?
05:34 <Claire-Voyant> I just don't do them OFTEN.
05:34 <Holder of Swag> like
05:34 <Holder of Swag> once a week?
05:35 <Claire-Voyant> Swag, it's more times than I have fingers and toes.
05:35 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:35 <Altair95> my advice to you, stay away from drugs, they can fuck you up big time, I watched my friend get raped by a dog while he was drugs...truly
05:35 <Holder of Swag> is dont hug me im scared scary?
05:35 <Claire-Voyant> And more like every other week, maybe three weeks.
05:35 <Thekillersknife> username i would click the link
05:35 <Acceptable username> sub me on youtbe please:
05:35 <Holder of Swag> NOU.
05:35 <Thekillersknife> this link
05:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Go To Sleep - "Jeff is Back" - Duration: 15:14 - Uploaded: 2012-03-09 - Rating: 4.884264 - Views: 272,884 -
05:35 <Holder of Swag> fucking people asking subs
05:35 <Holder of Swag> we  have them on yt already
05:35 <Altair95> yea man, suck a dick
05:35 <Holder of Swag> fuck this
05:35 <Acceptable username> i refuse to
05:36 <Acceptable username> not ask for subs
05:36 <Claire-Voyant> I don't do hard drugs.
05:36 <Holder of Swag> i refuse to respect you.
05:36 <Acceptable username> suck my balls
05:36 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:36 <Holder of Swag> LELJK.
05:36 <Pramirez351> back...again xD
05:36 <Thekillersknife> username i just subed to you
05:36 <Holder of Swag> wb prammy
05:36 <Acceptable username> yay
05:36 <Claire-Voyant> I only drink from time to time, smoke cigs, or occasionally weed.
05:36 <Holder of Swag> killer (facepalm)
05:36 <Pramirez351> thanks rafa :P
05:36 <Acceptable username> lol claire you are going very in depth
05:36 <Holder of Swag> dont feed the bitch, killer.
05:36 <Thekillersknife> what
05:36 <Altair95> me too, I don't do weeds, its fucked as well
05:36 <Holder of Swag> you broke the rule.
05:36 <Pramirez351> so what we talkin about?
05:36 <Thekillersknife> so?
05:36 <Acceptable username> rnt i sxc irl
05:37 <Acceptable username> lul
05:37 <Holder of Swag> he will keep asking
05:37 <Claire-Voyant> Which rule?
05:37 <Holder of Swag> 1.
05:37 <Holder of Swag> or 2
05:37 <Holder of Swag> i dont fucking  know.
05:37 <Claire-Voyant> The one about not talking about you know what or the one about not talking about you know what?
05:37 -!- IStalkSlender has joined Special:Chat
05:37 <Holder of Swag> wat
05:37 <Altair95> ok Claire, go to sleep
05:37 <Holder of Swag> just dont subscribe to him.
05:37 <Pramirez351> nice rafa xD
05:37 <Claire-Voyant> //facepalm.
05:37 <Holder of Swag> thanks, prammy.
05:37 <Pramirez351> shit i meay have to go
05:37 <IStalkSlender> They see me trollin
05:37 <IStalkSlender> They hatin
05:37 <Holder of Swag> CLERIC UR BACK
05:37 <ClericofMadness> Boo.
05:37 <Pramirez351> also hai cleric :3
05:37 <Acceptable username> patrollin 
05:38 <Claire-Voyant> //missed Fight Club reference.
05:38 <Holder of Swag> cleric
05:38 <Pramirez351> again, cleric 2scary5me
05:38 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <Holder of Swag> can u sai hai to meh?
05:38 <Holder of Swag> hai fatal.
05:38 <Fatal Disease> RAFA !
05:38 <Acceptable username> do cats have vaginas
05:38 <ClericofMadness> Who wants me to do my best to write a good, old-fashioned Slenderman story
05:38 <Holder of Swag> FATAL !
05:38 <Fatal Disease> Hai :3
05:38 <ClericofMadness> None of this newfangled bullshit
05:38 <Holder of Swag> hai
05:38 <Fatal Disease> Do it
05:38 <Holder of Swag> do eet
05:38 <IStalkSlender> I wanna hear that slendy story it might help me stalk him
05:38 <Acceptable username> do cats reproduce asexually?
05:38 <ClericofMadness> We're talking back to his roots.  Child abducting.
05:38 <IStalkSlender> no
05:39 <Pramirez351> do eet cleric!
05:39 <ClericofMadness> And classic horror style of writing
05:39 <Holder of Swag> cause in my time, people used to makes slender pastas about child abducting
05:39 <ClericofMadness> The less you see the monster, the scarier it gets
05:39 <Fatal Disease> Den u get blocked... for writing a blatant ripoff
05:39 <ClericofMadness> You'd literally have to pay me to write a Slenderman story, but I will do it. And do it right.
05:39 <Acceptable username> i think cats reproduce through fission
05:39 <Thekillersknife> uh username what the frig are you talking about
05:39 <Claire-Voyant> He abducts the children... and then...
05:39 <Holder of Swag> *gives cleric 2 dollars*
05:39 <Altair95> I just switch tabs for minute and.....wat are we upto now ?\
05:39 <Holder of Swag> do it.
05:39 <Acceptable username> idk im also high
05:39 <Fatal Disease> Do eet
05:39 <Claire-Voyant> He plays a mean game of Chutes and Ladders with them.
05:39 <ClericofMadness> >opened a donations pool on dA for the lulz
05:39 <Holder of Swag> foh teh lulz.
05:39 <Pramirez351> wow celric nice xD
05:39 <Acceptable username> plays with their wee wee
05:39 <ClericofMadness> It's the only way I will write a slendy story
05:40 <Pramirez351> then dont do so xD
05:40 <Fatal Disease> Here we go *pays nothing*
05:40 <Thekillersknife> i feel like im drunk but still a good drawer
05:40 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
05:40 <Acceptable username> w8 you shouldnt make it too pornagraphic
05:40 <41488p> wat
05:40 <Holder of Swag> cleric, can u say hai to me so i can screencap it and upload it in my profile?
05:40 <Pramirez351> wb 414 :P
05:40 <Holder of Swag> hai 414
05:40 <41488p> thx Pram
05:40 <41488p> hai Rafa
05:40 <Acceptable username> HI
05:40 <Thekillersknife> hi 414
05:40 <Claire-Voyant> Firetruck 404: Fire not found.
05:40 <ClericofMadness> hai2u Holder
05:40 <Holder of Swag> YEY
05:41 <Holder of Swag> FUCK YES
05:41 <Acceptable username> what if we called him jeff the pedo
05:41 <Fatal Disease>  I  Payed you, nao u gotta maek da slendy storee cleric
05:41 <ClericofMadness> Now pay up
05:41 <Acceptable username> and he was actually
05:41 <Acceptable username> a stuffed bear
05:41 <Altair95> wtf, Jeff the Pedo
05:41 <Fatal Disease> Hai Cleric
05:41 <Acceptable username> who was beaten by his owner
05:41 <Thekillersknife> user dont make of jeff
05:41 <ClericofMadness> Where's mah moneez
05:41 <Altair95> sounds like a stoner name
05:41 <Acceptable username> who turns to life
05:41 <Holder of Swag> in teh bankzz
05:41 <Acceptable username> and kills whoeever
05:41 <Acceptable username> is in possesion
05:41 <Acceptable username> of it
05:41 <Thekillersknife> dont make fun of jeff i ment
05:41 <Fatal Disease> Where it was robbed
05:41 <Holder of Swag> Great. PotM.
05:41 <Acceptable username> can we make jeff the clown
05:41 <Pramirez351> hey cleric, i just saw something so PM
05:41 <Altair95> yea Jeff will fuckin kill you
05:41 <Claire-Voyant> He'd be Pedo the Bear.
05:41 <Acceptable username> that would b scary
05:42 <Holder of Swag> jeff the jeffious jeff
05:42 <Holder of Swag> of jeffing jeffs
05:42 <Acceptable username> jeff is a girl?
05:42 <Thekillersknife> UGH 
05:42 <Acceptable username> is jeff a shemale?
05:42 <Claire-Voyant> Oh my god, that makes me wonder, is there a pedobear creepy?
05:42 <Holder of Swag> yes/
05:42 <Altair95> Jane is girl
05:42 <Holder of Swag> jane is both.
05:42 <Fatal Disease> Clerics' bank gets robbed, then he has to wear a barrel #greatdepressionforcleric
05:42 <Acceptable username> has anybody seen the famous clown scene
05:42 <Thekillersknife> im hating this
05:42 <Acceptable username> in it
05:42 <Altair95> Holder....dafuk ?
05:42 <Acceptable username> "It"
05:42 <Holder of Swag> #alldonateforcleric
05:42 <Fatal Disease> No
05:42 <Holder of Swag> ye
05:42 <Acceptable username> #420yoloswag
05:42 <Altair95> I'm broke
05:43 <Claire-Voyant> #has no spare moneyz.
05:43 <Holder of Swag> *gives cleric 20 dollars*
05:43 <41488p> bullcrap
05:43 <Holder of Swag> there
05:43 <Fatal Disease> I dunt wanna (no)
05:43 <41488p> everyone has spare monez
05:43 <41488p> in teh ass crackezz
05:43 <Acceptable username> #living in a 5000 sq foot hs and has 2 mercedes benzs but is 15 lul
05:43 <Holder of Swag> i haz spare moneehz
05:43 <Altair95> #sawgandyoloisshit ...your argument is invalid
05:43 <Fatal Disease> Wait, whats the emoticon for the no meme
05:43 <Altair95> swag*
05:43 <41488p> (swag)
05:43 <Pramirez351> i need to go to the bathroom :/
05:43 <Fatal Disease> Sawg
05:43 <Holder of Swag> #thinkszombieapocalipsewouldbecool
05:43 <Claire-Voyant> #hassparesocks?
05:43 <Holder of Swag> u be ded
05:43 <Acceptable username> w8
05:43 <Altair95> thakn you Holer
05:43 <Fatal Disease> No, its I gotta go potty, pram
05:43 <Altair95> Holder^
05:43 <Holder of Swag> wat fatal
05:43 <41488p> #yogio: you only get infected once
05:44 <Acceptable username> we should make a jeff the killer gets haunted by freddie krueger
05:44 <Acceptable username> episode
05:44 <Acceptable username> or
05:44 <Holder of Swag> Yogurt.
05:44 <Acceptable username> story
05:44 <Altair95> nice one
05:44 <41488p> I read that as Jeff the Killer Gets Horny
05:44 <41488p> D:
05:44 <Fatal Disease> Sawg- saw ass wiggly gee
05:44 <Holder of Swag> hu3
05:44 <Acceptable username> some1 write that
05:44 <Acceptable username> and then while he is sleeping
05:44 <Claire-Voyant> Jeff the Killer's Socks Are Missing:The Musical.
05:44 <Altair95> Zombies put Yolo to shit, they live twice
05:44 <Acceptable username> jason comes in
05:44 <ShotgunHobo> Hello!
05:44 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <Acceptable username> and climbs in bed with him
05:44 <Altair95> Jason is badass
05:44 <Holder of Swag> [[Jeff the Killer gets Horny: A Real Pasta]] PASTA OF THE YEAR.
05:44 <Acceptable username> loolol
05:44 <Holder of Swag> hai devin.
05:44 <Acceptable username> what about
05:44 <Devincooper64> swag
05:44 <41488p> [[Jeff the Horny Killer]]
05:45 <Devincooper64> you need to watch my new videos :D
05:45 <41488p> I'LL WATCH YOU SLEEP
05:45 <Altair95> Raper
05:45 <Acceptable username> jeff the shemale
05:45 <Acceptable username> is jeff a cross dresser
05:45 <Altair95> rapist
05:45 <Holder of Swag> [[Jeff the Peeler]]
05:45 <Thekillersknife> still hateing this
05:45 <Fatal Disease> 414
05:45 <Acceptable username> w8
05:45 <Holder of Swag> 414 
05:45 <Acceptable username> what if jeff
05:45 <Acceptable username> cuts his nose off
05:45 <Fatal Disease> 41&
05:45 <Altair95> suck a fat dick Killer
05:45 <Holder of Swag> u cant watch me sleep
05:45 <Acceptable username> in one story
05:45 <Pramirez351> guys, specially 414
05:45 <Holder of Swag> cause i watch u sleep
05:45 <Acceptable username> and then finds it in another
05:45 <ShotgunHobo> Heff the Fridge Raider
05:45 <Devincooper64>
05:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: ILLUMINATI CONFIRMS HALF LIFE 3 - Duration: 00:39 - Uploaded: 2013-07-17 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 11 -
05:45 <Acceptable username> and glues it back on
05:45 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <Holder of Swag> HOODEH
05:45 <Fatal Disease> 414, come on in, the sheets are open
05:45 <Pramirez351> hai entity :P
05:45 <41488p> oh yus
05:46 <Thekillersknife> jeff doesnt have a nose it got burned user
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> Rafa and Prammie.
05:46 <41488p> I'm cum right in
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> Yo.
05:46 <Acceptable username> Jeff the killer eats his own shit
05:46 <Claire-Voyant> Heff the escalator?
05:46 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:46 <Devincooper64>
05:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Creepypasta Wiki Reacts to a Bomb Threat. - Duration: 02:50 - Uploaded: 2013-07-15 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 20 -
05:46 <41488p> odam mod
05:46 <Holder of Swag> fatal
05:46 <41488p> run
05:46 <Holder of Swag> can i join u two?
05:46 <ShotgunHobo> Gramm!
05:46 <Grammatik> Mornin'
05:46 <Acceptable username> jeff the killer gets pranked
05:46 <41488p> Pram why
05:46 <Grammatik> Hi. 
05:46 <41488p> omg
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> It's like 1AM, Lies.
05:46 <ShotgunHobo> morning
05:46 <Holder of Swag> fucking 3 am here.
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> Almost 2.
05:46 <Claire-Voyant> Gram~!
05:46 <Acceptable username> some pranksists folo jeff around all day
05:46 <Pramirez351> hahaa xD i know 414
05:46 <Pramirez351> also entity, i know the feels
05:46 <ShotgunHobo> Fucking 1 am
05:46 <Acceptable username> and keep pulling down his pants and stuff
05:46 <Holder of Swag> (ic) DEM FEEELS
05:46 <Acceptable username> and he gets pissed
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> It's past my bedtime.
05:46 <Esoteric Entity> Fuck that shit, lol.
05:46 <Thekillersknife> yeah im gonna scream into a pillow i'll be back
05:46 <Grammatik> Hobo are you like,  in chat 24/7
05:46 <Altair95> I wanna beat the shit outta Jeff and Jane....wait is JAne hot, anyone seen her ?
05:46 <Acceptable username> and 
05:46 <ShotgunHobo> nope 1:48\
05:47 <Acceptable username> then
05:47 <Claire-Voyant> He's a hobo, so of course he is!
05:47 <Acceptable username> centipedes crawl out his dick
05:47 <Holder of Swag> i bet you go to without your parents permission
05:47 <Fatal Disease> Hey Rafa
05:47 <Holder of Swag> hai
05:47 <ShotgunHobo> I’m trying to go 24/7
05:47 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
05:47 <Acceptable username> is
05:47 <Acceptable username> jeff th ekiller
05:47 <Claire-Voyant> This is HIS underpass after all.
05:47 <Acceptable username> a war vet
05:47 <Fatal Disease> Wanna visit the Penis environment?
05:47 <ShotgunHobo> making it a goal
05:47 <Holder of Swag> no
05:47 <Grammatik> 8:47 am. Yall motherfuckers need to sleep
05:47 <Acceptable username> i picture jeff the killer
05:47 <ShotgunHobo> I do!
05:47 <Acceptable username> driving a prius
05:47 <Holder of Swag> 2hard4me
05:47 <ClericofMadness> I am going to slumber for at least a half eon
05:47 <Fatal Disease> Wai
05:47 <ClericofMadness> Go throw money at me.
05:47 <Acceptable username> a rainbow colored prius
05:47 <Holder of Swag> wat is eon
05:47 <Fatal Disease> Cleric
05:47 <Acceptable username> is that correct?
05:47 <Devincooper64>
05:47 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
05:47 <Holder of Swag> cleric, i will throw shit at you.
05:47 <Holder of Swag> kj
05:47 <Holder of Swag> *jk
05:47 <Acceptable username> is it caleld the the fag mobile?
05:47 <Claire-Voyant> E's on his chair.
05:47 <Fatal Disease> Wanna go to the penis environment with me Cleric?
05:48 <Holder of Swag> dont ban meh
05:48 <Devincooper64>
05:48 <Thekillersknife> back
05:48 <Claire-Voyant> Or couch.
05:48 <Acceptable username> killer
05:48 <Devincooper64> acceptable username
05:48 <Holder of Swag> i want to go to the penis environment
05:48 <Devincooper64> no.
05:48 -!- Acceptable username was kicked from Special:Chat by ClericofMadness
05:48 -!- Acceptable username has left Special:Chat.
05:48 <Thekillersknife> what user?
05:48 <ClericofMadness> And now I sleep
05:48 <Holder of Swag> nou
05:48 <Temmington> Cleric, mmk.
05:48 <41488p> that user
05:48 <ShotgunHobo> Let us fly away!
05:48 <Holder of Swag> u keep here
05:48 <Temmington> I'll watch chat. 
05:48 <Devincooper64> good night clericofsux
05:48 -!- Worldofnonsince has joined Special:Chat
05:48 <ClericofMadness> gief moniez 4 slendee storee
05:48 <Holder of Swag> ClericOfSexyness
05:48 <Temmington> i dont have money though
05:48 <41488p> oh myyyyy
05:48 <Devincooper64> Holder of Sux
05:48 -!- Worldofnonsince has left Special:Chat.
05:48 <Altair95> who here still wants a Zombie Apocalypse
05:49 <41488p> not me
05:49 <Holder of Swag> Devinshitter69
05:49 <41488p> then I can't fap
05:49 <Altair95> ok
05:49 <Holder of Swag> not me.
05:49 <ShotgunHobo> No one Alteir
05:49 <Holder of Swag> not enough time for porn.
05:49 <Fatal Disease> Cleric. U so secksee dat u shuld be on playgurl
05:49 <Altair95> I do
05:49 <Holder of Swag> cleric doesnt sleep
05:49 <Devincooper64> the psychology behind a zombie apocalypse: it would allow you to kill without feeling guilt, since people strive for vioelnce, but can cope with guilt
05:49 <Altair95> I mean killing Zombie and writing a Pasta about fucking awesome
05:49 <Devincooper64> a zombie would substitute the guilt
05:49 <Devincooper64> since theyre dead
05:49 <Claire-Voyant> Can you take me higher~? To a place with a puff of weed~?
05:49 <Holder of Swag> you wouldnt have time to write a pasta
05:49 <Altair95> and you won't go to jail for killing
05:50 <Pramirez351> so...
05:50 <Holder of Swag> its the fucking ZOMBEH APOCAHLIPSE.
05:50 <Fatal Disease> Nope
05:50 <Pramirez351> we talkin about zombies?
05:50 <41488p> there would be no internet
05:50 <41488p> no
05:50 <41488p> internet
05:50 <Holder of Swag> no prn
05:50 <41488p> just zombies.
05:50 <Thekillersknife> why was username kicked?
05:50 <Devincooper64> actually 414
05:50 <41488p> zaaambie
05:50 <Holder of Swag> *porn
05:50 <Altair95> hipster shit pliz
05:50 <Devincooper64> the internet is underwater tubes
05:50 <Holder of Swag> wat
05:50 <41488p> wot
05:50 <41488p> there's internet?
05:50 <Fatal Disease> He said de f word
05:50 <Devincooper64> you would just have to have a provide
05:50 <Holder of Swag> hipster?
05:50 <Holder of Swag> WAT
05:50 <41488p> ...
05:50 <Pramirez351> he was sapamming the word killer thekillerknife i htink
05:50 <Pramirez351> think*
05:50 <Fatal Disease> No, not moda fuka
05:50 <Holder of Swag> f word: Facebook
05:50 <41488p> the F word
05:50 <41488p> ohohoh
05:50 <Thekillersknife> okay...
05:51 <Altair95> F word Fart
05:51 <Holder of Swag> HUEHUEH SO FUNNEH.
05:51 <Fatal Disease> F word= lollipop
05:51 <Holder of Swag> no
05:51 <Altair95> I jst farted and I think I killed a mouse with that
05:51 <Holder of Swag> cause it isnt green
05:51 <Fatal Disease> I faield
05:51 <Claire-Voyant> F word: Phone.
05:51 <41488p> there's a giant moth on my computer
05:51 <Holder of Swag> u no gud
05:51 <Pramirez351> brb guys
05:51 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:51 <Holder of Swag> brb too.
05:51 <Claire-Voyant> Or Phish.
05:51 <Fatal Disease> WHO WAZ FONE!?
05:51 <ShotgunHobo> Theres gonna be a Kickass 2
05:51 <Holder of Swag> gotta fap.
05:51 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
05:51 <Pramirez351> if anyone asks for me, i will be back in a second
05:51 <41488p> VODAFONE
05:51 <Fatal Disease> Rafa
05:51 <Fatal Disease> Wait
05:51 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
05:51 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:51 <Temmington> Shit.
05:51 <Holder of Swag> 10 minutes.
05:51 <41488p> porn uses up so much bandwith
05:52 <Temmington> Double shit.
05:52 <Claire-Voyant> YODAFONE?
05:52 <41488p> you guys have no fucking idea
05:52 <Holder of Swag> Triple shit.
05:52 <Fatal Disease> Is your blood pressure good, or bad?
05:52 <ShotgunHobo>
05:52 <41488p> MOTTOROLA 
05:52 <Devincooper64> infinity shit
05:52 <Holder of Swag> FAPPAROLA.
05:52 <41488p> NOKIA AND AN&T
05:52 <Devincooper64> infinity shit times infinity shit
05:52 <Devincooper64> I win
05:52 <Thekillersknife> why am i lising to a toyko song?
05:52 <41488p> *AT&T
05:52 <Devincooper64> toyko song?
05:52 <Devincooper64> dafuq that mean?
05:52 <Thekillersknife> yes
05:52 <Fatal Disease> Rafa, is your blood pressure good?
05:52 <41488p> ^
05:52 <Holder of Swag> dunno
05:52 <Holder of Swag> maybe
05:52 <Devincooper64> like japanese music/
05:52 <Devincooper64> a band?
05:52 <41488p> no
05:52 <41488p> Tokyo song
05:52 <Fatal Disease> DEN FAP
05:52 <Thekillersknife> here 
05:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift Lyrics (with English translations) - Duration: 04:16 - Uploaded: 2009-06-03 - Rating: 4.950783 - Views: 268,989 -
05:52 <41488p> it goes like this
05:52 <41488p> "Tokyo t-
05:52 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
05:52 <41488p> fuck
05:52 <Holder of Swag> last time 414 checked, he didnt say anything
05:52 <Devincooper64> oh ok
05:53 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <41488p> because I was in shock
05:53 <41488p> and awe
05:53 <Holder of Swag> k.
05:53 <Claire-Voyant> NEGAFONE? // stops holding shift.
05:53 <41488p> at the magic I was witnessing
05:53 <Holder of Swag> fatal
05:53 <41488p> RING RING RING RING
05:53 <Fatal Disease> I want to be around for Fast and furious 50
05:53 <41488p> BANANAPHONE
05:53 <Thekillersknife> not really toyko song though
05:53 <Holder of Swag> if watermelons are blue,why is the sun 5?
05:53 <Claire-Voyant> banana phone.
05:53 <41488p> because furry juice
05:53 <Fatal Disease> Rafa
05:53 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
05:53 <Holder of Swag> wat
05:53 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Claire-Voyant> Sea cucumbers.
05:54 <Fatal Disease> I'll HM01 you
05:54 <Holder of Swag> no
05:54 <41488p> why is my penis floating in mid air
05:54 <Fatal Disease> I jk 
05:54 <Holder of Swag> its too big 414
05:54 <Holder of Swag> cut it
05:54 <Claire-Voyant> Also, 42. That's why.
05:54 <Holder of Swag> in 55 pieces
05:54 <Fatal Disease> also
05:54 <41488p> wut
05:54 <Holder of Swag> wat
05:54 <Fatal Disease> Give it to donation
05:54 <41488p> but it's a good penis
05:54 <Holder of Swag> no
05:54 <Holder of Swag> give it to me
05:54 <Holder of Swag> i will take care of it
05:54 <Altair95> Fatal....suck it
05:54 <41488p> but it's my penis
05:54 <41488p> I don't want to cut it off
05:54 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
05:54 <Holder of Swag> feed it, bath it
05:54 <41488p> it's so
05:54 <41488p> floaty
05:54 <Devincooper64>
05:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: ILLUMINATI CONFIRMS HALF LIFE 3 - Duration: 00:39 - Uploaded: 2013-07-17 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 11 -
05:54 <Thekillersknife> i think i like anime and japaness songs to much (facepalm)
05:54 <Holder of Swag> OMFG
05:54 <Altair95> yea leave his penis alone
05:54 <Claire-Voyant> Use it as a mold for sex toys?
05:55 <Holder of Swag> ye.
05:55 <Pramirez351> back
05:55 <Holder of Swag> wb.
05:55 <Holder of Swag> brb.
05:55 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
05:55 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:55 <Devincooper64> whats wrong with linking japanese songs?
05:55 <Devincooper64> besides it just being, japanese?
05:55 <Altair95> Claire you still awake ?
05:55 <Claire-Voyant> Mmhmm.
05:55 <Devincooper64> and anime soundtracks are badass
05:55 <Devincooper64> so.
05:55 <Pramirez351> thanks rafa
05:55 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:55 <41488p> Altair's horny
05:56 <Thekillersknife> i mean really now im lising to this
05:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [DT] Hatsune Miku - "Ievan Polkka" - Duration: 02:30 - Uploaded: 2010-06-24 - Rating: 4.903016 - Views: 3,587,660 -
05:56 <Pramirez351> hai grammatic
05:56 <Devincooper64> so?
05:56 <Fatal Disease> We're all horny
05:56 <Pramirez351> grammatik*
05:56 <Devincooper64> iis that a problem?
05:56 <Devincooper64> its just music
05:56 <Pramirez351> "we are all horny" the creepypasta wiki chat story
05:56 <Grammatik> Hi
05:56 <Altair95> I'm not
05:56 <Thekillersknife> go to the video i dare you
05:56 <Grammatik> I might be
05:56 <Altair95> wat video
05:56 <Altair95> ??
05:56 <Thekillersknife>
05:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [DT] Hatsune Miku - "Ievan Polkka" - Duration: 02:30 - Uploaded: 2010-06-24 - Rating: 4.903016 - Views: 3,587,660 -
05:56 <Claire-Voyant> All I has to say is: BlazBlue soundtrack.
05:56 <Fatal Disease> Hey Rafa
05:56 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
05:57 <Devincooper64> I love that song killer
05:57 <Fatal Disease> Make a group pm
05:57 <Devincooper64> so...
05:57 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
05:57 <Fatal Disease> Hai
05:57 <Altair95> hey man
05:57 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
05:57 <Claire-Voyant> Nice shot!
05:57 <Devincooper64> the greatest song
05:57 <Pramirez351> wb entity
05:57 <Fatal Disease> Hai hooday
05:57 <41488p> hai Gram
05:57 <Devincooper64> of all stime
05:57 <41488p> and wb Hooded
05:57 <Pramirez351> also what you up to grammatik?
05:57 <Devincooper64>
05:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Anal Cunt - It Just Gets Worse - 06 I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To America's Funniest Home Videos - Duration: 00:37 - Uploaded: 2008-12-10 - Rating: 4.238095 - Views: 3,917 -
05:57 <Devincooper64> best song of all time
05:57 <41488p> should I watch porn at the cost of slower internet? Or should I just fap offline?
05:58 <41488p> >anal cunt
05:58 <Claire-Voyant> Both?
05:58 <41488p> aw hell no
05:58 <Grammatik> I'm skipping class because I'm embarrassed as usual
05:58 <Pramirez351> about you print really good porn 414, and fap offline?
05:58 <Pramirez351> or go to google images
05:58 <Pramirez351> (;))
05:58 <41488p> wat
05:58 <Thekillersknife> songs ok but i like this better
05:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mann - Buzzin (Official Audio) - Duration: 03:17 - Uploaded: 2010-10-14 - Rating: 4.933135 - Views: 4,129,983 -
05:58 <41488p> no
05:58 <41488p> that's
05:58 <41488p> that's communist
05:58 <Pramirez351> why you embarrased grammatik?
05:58 <41488p> I can't do that
05:58 <Altair95> do it
05:58 <Altair95> just do it
05:58 <ClericofMadness> 	Category:Shock Ending
05:58 <ClericofMadness> edited by 58 minutes ago diff
05:58 <ClericofMadness> Added categories: 	Beings, Shock Ending
05:59 <Claire-Voyant> Because he lost his pants?
05:59 <Jeffsson> wtf
05:59 <Fatal Disease> Cleric
05:59 <41488p> Cleric y
05:59 <Fatal Disease> Wanna go to the penis environment with me Cleric?
05:59 <ClericofMadness> No
05:59 <ClericofMadness> fak u
05:59 <41488p> Cleric can I PM you
05:59 <41488p> pls
05:59 <Altair95> fuck%
05:59 <41488p> it's urgent
05:59 <Altair95> wat u wanna giv a BJ ?
06:00 <ClericofMadness> >>>>>Summary: 	My first creepypasta don't judge<<<<<
06:00 <41488p> yes
06:00 <Thekillersknife> 2:00 in the morning and im on 2:00 ever
06:00 <Jeffsson> im bored
06:00 <ClericofMadness> Let's not be all BJs and SEX in here
06:00 <Fatal Disease> 414 do you want to go to the penis environmentwith me?
06:00 <Fatal Disease> Okay
06:00 <Pramirez351> its 11 pm over here xD
06:00 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <Devincooper64> but cleric
06:00 <Devincooper64> life is love
06:00 <Pramirez351> i think its LATE over here xD
06:00 <Thekillersknife> it LATE here to
06:00 <Holder of Swag> bai.
06:00 <Devincooper64> >shrek is love
06:00 -!- Altair95 has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <41488p> yes Fatal
06:00 <Holder of Swag> shrek is ded.
06:00 <Fatal Disease> 2:00 am over here
06:00 <Holder of Swag> deal with it/
06:00 -!- Holder of Swag has left Special:Chat.
06:00 -!- Altair95 has joined Special:Chat
06:01 <41488p> but I may have to wear a hard biohazard suiti
06:01 <41488p> *suit
06:01 <Fatal Disease> Devin, you read dat trollpasta
06:01 <IStalkSlender> not mine
06:01 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
06:01 <Thekillersknife> im still lising to that buzzin song -.-
06:01 <Altair95> Jeffsson wtf ?
06:01 <IStalkSlender> They see rollin
06:01 <IStalkSlender> They hatin
06:01 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
06:01 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
06:01 <IStalkSlender> *trollin
06:01 -!- Altair95 has left Special:Chat.
06:02 <Fatal Disease> They see me smokin, I'm weeding
06:02 <Jeffsson> altair cleric is the owner of this wiki and on his page it says
06:02 <41488p> they see me rockin'
06:02 <41488p> I bagin'
06:02 <41488p> *bangin'
06:02 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
06:02 -!- IStalkSlender has left Special:Chat.
06:02 -!- Altair95 has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <Altair95> I'm bak
06:02 <Fatal Disease> They see me loading, I'm lagging
06:02 <Jeffsson> "responsible for all your nightmaress"
06:02 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <41488p> wb Altair
06:02 <Devincooper64>
06:02 <Devincooper64> CRACK PAIRINGS :D
06:02 <Altair95> hey 414
06:03 <Thekillersknife> still lising to that buzzin song
06:03 <Thekillersknife> -.-
06:03 <Altair95> its terrible
06:03 <Thekillersknife> the buzzin song?
06:03 <41488p> WTF DEVIN
06:03 <41488p> ARE THEY
06:03 <41488p> ARE THEY MAKING UOT
06:03 <41488p> *OUT
06:03 <Devincooper64> CRACK PAIRINGS :D
06:03 <Devincooper64> theyre the best
06:03 <Devincooper64> and most disturbing 
06:04 <Devincooper64> there was this one I saw last night that made me die 
06:04 <Jeffsson> cleric didi do good
06:04 <Pramirez351> gosh i wish chaoz was here :P
06:04 <Devincooper64> but i cant find it
06:04 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:04 <41488p> ERGG WTF
06:04 <Pramirez351> hahaha so what you up to 414?
06:05 <Devincooper64>
06:05 <Devincooper64> america X paperclip
06:05 <Devincooper64> perfect couple 
06:05 <41488p> nothing
06:05 <41488p> just chatting
06:05 <Pramirez351> hahah thats good 414 :)
06:05 <41488p> and searching up XXX HARDCORE RIMJOB porn.
06:05 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
06:05 <Altair95> man I jst got rejected for hating Justin Bieber....bitches man
06:05 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
06:05 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
06:05 <41488p> dang
06:06 <Pramirez351> nou 414...its better on youpor...imeanwut'
06:06 <Pramirez351> ?*
06:06 <Thekillersknife> uh i dont know what to do im bored
06:06 <Grammatik> Wtf
06:06 <Devincooper64> this one is awful
06:06 <Devincooper64>
06:06 <Fatal Disease> If I leave 
06:06 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:06 <Devincooper64> I am so sorry for posting this.
06:06 <41488p> oh lord, Devin
06:06 <Devincooper64> ._.
06:06 <41488p> what the fuck
06:06 <ClericofMadness> *rings chat's doorbell*
06:06 <41488p> if I could spank you
06:06 <Altair95> yea man wtf ?
06:06 <41488p> I would
06:06 <41488p> hue hue hue
06:06 <Devincooper64> I may or may not enjoy that.
06:06 <ClericofMadness> *leaves bowl of candies in the shape of banhammers on chat's doorstep*
06:06 <Lovethedesu> WHAT THE FUCK
06:06 <Altair95> I would bak u up 414
06:06 <Devincooper64> jk
06:06 <Pramirez351> cpme in cleric bby :3
06:06 <Pramirez351> come*
06:07 <Lovethedesu> That image.. 
06:07 <41488p> "back you up"
06:07 <41488p> ;)
06:07 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
06:07 <41488p> oh suuure
06:07 <Altair95> cum* haha lol
06:07 <Devincooper64> my butt is far too good for you slut hand 414
06:07 <41488p> back it
06:07 <41488p> I'm not using my hand, Devin.
06:07 <41488p> (;))
06:07 <Altair95> backed up
06:07 <Devincooper64> ...
06:07 <Altair95> shit.....u need a condom ?
06:07 <Devincooper64> devin X 414
06:07 <Pramirez351> devin, i like this song :3
06:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [Drumstep] - Pegboard Nerds - Pressure Cooker [Monstercat Release] - Duration: 03:17 - Uploaded: 2012-06-20 - Rating: 4.950575 - Views: 972,413 -
06:07 <ClericofMadness> I'll pass out b&s like candy if I have to in order to stamp out the blatant sexual nonsense
06:07 <Thekillersknife> im gonna get a snack brb *walks away*
06:07 <Devincooper64> hey pram
06:07 <Devincooper64> you know whats better?
06:07 <Pramirez351> nou
06:07 <Devincooper64> nerds on mushrooms and disconnected
06:07 <Pramirez351> (D:)
06:08 <Pramirez351> oh yeah disconnected is pretty badass :P
06:08 <Altair95> fuckers, gtg, later guys
06:08 <Jeffsson> claire!
06:08 <ClericofMadness> It's 7 hours until I have to be awake and at work
06:08 <41488p> nerds on mushrooms
06:08 <Devincooper64>
06:08 <41488p> bye Altair
06:08 -!- Altair95 has left Special:Chat.
06:08 <ClericofMadness> Don't make me come back.
06:08 <Pramirez351> bai alatair95
06:08 <41488p> Cleric better get some sleep
06:08 <Pramirez351> bai cleric!
06:08 <41488p> or someone would be mad
06:08 <Pramirez351> get sleep!
06:08 <41488p> anne.jpg
06:08 <Devincooper64> ok this is just bullshit
06:08 <41488p> we should make an emote for that
06:08 <41488p> anne.jpg
06:08 <Devincooper64> this is apperentley a big deviantart thing
06:08 <ClericofMadness> And remember
06:08 <Devincooper64> taisl X fluttershy
06:08 <Devincooper64>
06:08 <Pramirez351> nou 414
06:08 <Devincooper64> ladies and gents
06:09 <ClericofMadness> please don't make me write this slendy story qq
06:09 <Pramirez351> 2scary5me 414 xD
06:09 <Grammatik> Not going to click on it
06:09 <Devincooper64> Sarah: I shall watch the chat
06:09 <Devincooper64> Sarah: away.
06:09 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
06:09 <HiddenSpirit> Electric feel.
06:09 <Devincooper64> taisl loves cosmo
06:09 <Pramirez351> nou! fuck tails!
06:09 <Devincooper64> lying bitch
06:09 <Pramirez351> also wb hidden :3
06:09 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks.
06:09 <Devincooper64>
06:09 <Lovethedesu> NO
06:09 <Devincooper64> gamzee X falco
06:09 <Devincooper64> ladies and gents
06:09 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
06:09 <41488p> let's break a rule and see if that provokes the wild Sarah in her natural habitat!
06:09 <41488p> crikey!
06:09 <Pramirez351> wb mobo
06:09 <41488p> look at 'er!
06:09 <Grammatik> Bby gurl, turn me on with your electric feel~
06:09 <TheGreatMobo> thanks
06:10 <41488p> *turns on*
06:10 <41488p> brrrrr
06:10 <41488p> look
06:10 <Devincooper64> GAMZEE X FALCO
06:10 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <Devincooper64>
06:10 <41488p> hairdryer
06:10 <41488p> brrrrr
06:10 <Grammatik> Wth
06:10 -!- Leviking has joined Special:Chat
06:10 <Jeffsson> grammy
06:10 <41488p> Devin where are you finding all of this
06:10 <41488p> it's
06:10 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <41488p> disturbing
06:10 -!- Leviking has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <Grammatik> Spydaloo
06:10 <41488p> (D:)
06:10 <Thekillersknife> ok im back
06:10 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
06:10 <Pramirez351> wb
06:10 <41488p> wb Killer
06:10 <Devincooper64> oh 414
06:10 -!- Leviking has joined Special:Chat
06:10 <Devincooper64> the worst was the one where discords dick was up in the brave little toasters ass
06:10 <Devincooper64> but I wont post that
06:10 <Leviking> hi
06:10 <Jeffsson> YEY
06:11 <Devincooper64> youre welcome
06:11 <Grammatik> Wtf
06:11 <Devincooper64> crack pairings
06:11 <Devincooper64> basically troll shipping
06:11 <Grammatik> Just no
06:11 -!- Leviking has left Special:Chat.
06:11 <Thekillersknife> im thinking about drawing again any sugestions?
06:11 <Devincooper64> just yes.
06:11 <Devincooper64> the killer
06:11 <Devincooper64> Jeff the killer X rainbow dash.
06:12 <41488p> ...where the hell are the chat rules
06:12 <Thekillersknife> i just drew jeff awile ago
06:12 <Grammatik> I'm gonna keep this icon for a while. 
06:12 <Devincooper64> Ladies and gents
06:12 <Devincooper64> I present to you
06:12 <Devincooper64> Vegeta X Applejack
06:12 <Devincooper64>
06:12 <41488p> my dingas
06:12 <Devincooper64> why?
06:12 <41488p> fuck
06:12 <Devincooper64> because f**8 you
06:12 <Devincooper64> thats wh
06:12 <Jeffsson> everytime i see levikings name it reminds me of one of majins dubs
06:12 <41488p> WTFF DEVIN
06:12 <41488p> OMG
06:12 <41488p> WTF
06:12 <Temmington> devin
06:12 <41488p> WHO EVEN DRAWS THESE
06:12 <Temmington> i want to punch you 
06:12 <Devincooper64> I DONT KNOW
06:12 <Devincooper64> D:
06:12 <Temmington> in the dick
06:13 <Temmington> for that image
06:13 <41488p> with a steel bar
06:13 <Devincooper64> I may or may not enjoy that sarah ;)
06:13 <41488p> that has a pointy end
06:13 <Jeffsson> sawwah calm down plz
06:13 <41488p> and is red-hot
06:13 <Devincooper64>
06:13 <Thekillersknife> again any sugestions im kinnda blank here guys for a drawing idea i mean
06:13 <Devincooper64> dafuq is this?
06:13 <41488p> AYFKM!!!!
06:13 <41488p> (ayfkm)
06:13 <Grammatik> Yeah
06:13 <41488p> who the hell in the right mind draws these things?!
06:13 <Jeffsson> ?
06:13 <Devincooper64> im jus tposting the less akward ones
06:13 <Devincooper64> so be thankful
06:14 <41488p> "less awkward"
06:14 <41488p> who the fuck is that apple guy??
06:14 <Devincooper64> Oh its worst
06:14 <41488p> and why the fuck is he thinking of a fucking pony?!?!
06:14 <Thekillersknife> you guys are no help and im getting no help what... i think that means the same thing
06:14 <Jeffsson> WTF
06:14 <Devincooper64> as in discords dick up the brave little toasters ass akward
06:14 <Grammatik> It's not us who'd get kicked for hard core porn. Go on. 
06:14 <Devincooper64>
06:14 <Devincooper64> >SHrek is love
06:14 <Grammatik> I'm joking
06:14 <TheGreatMobo> oh lord
06:14 <41488p> [[wtf|hardcore porn]]
06:15 <41488p> unf
06:15 <Devincooper64> i am dying of laughter on this one
06:15 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
06:15 <Grammatik> <3
06:15 <41488p> this is going on my history
06:15 <41488p> I'm not using incognito
06:15 <41488p> when my parents find out
06:15 <41488p> I'll blame you, Devin
06:15 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
06:15 <Grammatik> Lol
06:15 <Devincooper64> youre welcome :p
06:15 <Grammatik> Clear history maybe
06:15 <Thekillersknife> is it that hard im getting nothing i got no ideas here people
06:15 <41488p> and the worst part is that it's using up a shitton of bandwith
06:15 <Devincooper64> Slenderman X Pegboard nerds killer
06:15 <Devincooper64> the more dicks the better.
06:15 <Thekillersknife> no
06:15 <41488p> 414 X 414
06:16 <Grammatik> Lol
06:16 <Devincooper64> like tentacle sex or something
06:16 <Devincooper64> no jk
06:16 <Devincooper64> I would barf
06:16 <Devincooper64> then send that pic to pegnoard nerds and monstercat
06:16 <41488p> the Shrek one was bad enough
06:16 <Devincooper64> and barf some more
06:16 <Grammatik> GRAMM X GRAMM
06:16 <41488p> ^
06:16 <Thekillersknife> no gay stuff come on
06:16 <Devincooper64> the shrek one was best
06:16 <41488p> *worst
06:16 <Devincooper64> >shrek is love
06:16 <41488p> wtf is that even supposed to mean
06:17 <Devincooper64> its on the troll pasta wiki
06:17 <Devincooper64> thats all ill say
06:17 <Devincooper64> anyways
06:17 <41488p> "omg I love Shrek and Sonic so much what would happen if I drew them making a baby"- NO
06:17 <Devincooper64> frieza X rarity
06:17 <Devincooper64>
06:17 <41488p> OH LORD
06:17 <41488p> WTF
06:17 <41488p> this is getting less funny
06:17 <41488p> and more disturbing
06:17 <41488p> I AM SCARRED
06:17 <TheGreatMobo> brb
06:17 <Thekillersknife> ugh i guess im getting an idea somewhere else
06:18 <41488p> what idea, Killer?
06:18 <41488p> a pasta idea?
06:18 <Devincooper64> slenderman X pegboard nerds killer
06:18 <Devincooper64> fine
06:18 <Grammatik> Eeeh
06:18 <Devincooper64> jane the killer x pegboard nerds
06:18 <Jeffsson> ill make a cake
06:18 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:18 <41488p> *vomits*
06:18 <Devincooper64> oh if you think the pics are bad
06:18 <Thekillersknife> no a drawing idea 414
06:18 <Jeffsson> im listenin to minecraft songs
06:18 <Devincooper64> how about the pairing videos
06:19 <Devincooper64> zim X cosomo (love like woe)
06:19 <Devincooper64> actual video
06:19 <Deathgirl12> ;_; well i'm drawing people
06:19 <41488p> oh
06:19 <41488p> there's only one thing I draw
06:19 <41488p> and that thing
06:19 <41488p> IS MY GUN
06:19 <41488p> OHOHOHOH
06:19 <41488p> #redneckin'
06:19 <Devincooper64>
06:19 <Grammatik> Pffffft
06:19 <Devincooper64> this will rather come off as cute or wut?
06:19 <41488p> ....Devin.
06:19 <Devincooper64> so yeah.
06:19 <41488p> "cute"
06:19 <41488p> more like "wat the fack"
06:19 <Devincooper64> thats also a popular pairing online for some reason
06:20 <Devincooper64> thats the 15th pic ive seen
06:20 <41488p> oh god
06:20 <41488p> 15
06:20 <Devincooper64>
06:20 <Devincooper64> moar
06:20 <Grammatik> Not as bad as the shrek one
06:20 <41488p> I'll... I'll have to clear my history later on...
06:20 <41488p> at least I can explain hardcore porn
06:20 <Thekillersknife> it can be a pasta charater or anything else but nothing gay for my draw idea ok
06:20 <Devincooper64> SKRILLEX X SHREK
06:20 <Devincooper64>
06:20 <Devincooper64> WHAT THE FUCK
06:20 <41488p> NO
06:20 <Devincooper64> OH GOSH
06:20 <Devincooper64> MY SIDES
06:21 <41488p> NO
06:21 <Grammatik> LOL
06:21 <41488p> NOOOOO
06:21 <41488p> OMG NO
06:21 <Lovethedesu> NO NOT PROTO
06:21 <Devincooper64> I cant breath 
06:21 -!- Claire-Voyant has left Special:Chat.
06:21 <Grammatik> STOP
06:21 <Thekillersknife> WTF?
06:21 <Devincooper64> I need to save that pic
06:21 <Devincooper64> its the greatest thing ive ever seen
06:21 <Devincooper64> 20 years of internet development lead to that moment
06:21 <41488p> it's the greatest worst thing I have ever seen
06:21 <Grammatik> I'm laughing so hard the entire class is looking at me fuck you
06:21 <41488p> "I remixed Smash Mouth for you"
06:21 <41488p> OH LORD
06:21 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
06:21 <Devincooper64> youre welcome gramma
06:22 <Lovethedesu> Need.. Retro relief...
06:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Megaman 3 - Whistle Concert (Protoman Theme) - Duration: 03:01 - Uploaded: 2008-10-04 - Rating: 4.966310 - Views: 376,548 -
06:22 <41488p> "You're a rock star *wub wub* get your game on *wub wub*"
06:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
06:22 <Grammatik> I'm gonna show it to the teacher guys
06:22 <Devincooper64> my mom is wondering why the hell im laughing so hard
06:22 <Devincooper64> I cant tell her
06:22 <Devincooper64> do it fgramma
06:22 <Thekillersknife> why do i feel like singing that soldier side song?
06:22 <Thekillersknife> hm
06:22 <Devincooper64> I dont think i can tp that pic
06:22 <Grammatik> OH YM GDO
06:23 <41488p> THIS IS AMAZING
06:23 <41488p> BUT ALSO NOT AMAZING
06:23 <Grammatik> He's laughing too what the fuck
06:23 <Diamondzarebright> System of a down?
06:23 <Thekillersknife> yeah
06:23 <Diamondzarebright> I love them 
06:23 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
06:23 <41488p> Gram you've started something
06:23 <Thekillersknife> coo;
06:23 <41488p> D:
06:23 <Devincooper64> gramma
06:23 <Thekillersknife> *cool
06:23 <Devincooper64> the world must see tyhis pic
06:23 <Diamondzarebright> yeh 
06:23 <Devincooper64> its vital for humanity
06:23 <Grammatik> I know
06:23 <41488p> the world already has; it's on the internet
06:24 <Grammatik> I downloaded it
06:24 <41488p> although I'd guess there are people that'd fap to this
06:24 <41488p> or schlick
06:24 <Devincooper64> ok im calmed down
06:24 <Grammatik> Oh fuck no
06:24 <Devincooper64> lets move on shall we
06:24 <41488p> I mean
06:24 <Thekillersknife> whitch your favorite song from them zare? 
06:24 <41488p> if there are people who'd draw this shit...
06:24 <Grammatik> I'm crying
06:24 <Grammatik> I can't breathe
06:25 <Lovethedesu> Okay, The one with Panty and L was fine.. BUT WHAT THE FUCK. PROTO AND SONIC? 
06:25 <Grammatik> What the fuck
06:25 <Diamondzarebright> I like Violent Pornography 
06:25 <Devincooper64> i think that pic won the internet
06:25 <41488p>
06:25 <41488p> "I remixed Smash Mouth for you <3"
06:25 <41488p> classic
06:25 <Diamondzarebright> by SOAD 
06:25 <Devincooper64> rarity x rick core 
06:25 <Devincooper64>
06:25 <41488p> oh 
06:25 <Thekillersknife> why is everything about porn on here?
06:25 <Lovethedesu> It works.
06:25 <41488p> OH
06:25 <41488p> OH GOD
06:25 <41488p> THAT POSE
06:25 <Diamondzarebright> its a song 
06:25 <Pramirez351> because 414
06:25 <41488p> PRAM WELCOME BACK
06:25 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD im following chat
06:25 <Diamondzarebright> I also like Aireals 
06:25 <Pramirez351> im just waiting for someone
06:26 <Grammatik> Eh
06:26 <Devincooper64> NOW
06:26 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
06:26 <Grammatik> Fuck
06:26 <Pramirez351> dont worry guys xD
06:26 <Pramirez351> im here :P
06:26 <41488p>
06:26 <Grammatik> Pram no
06:26 <41488p> Pram yes
06:26 <Devincooper64> KAA X JUSTIN BIEBER
06:26 <Devincooper64>
06:26 <41488p> SHIT NO FUCK NO
06:26 <41488p> OH GOD NO
06:26 <Grammatik> 414 no
06:26 <Pramirez351> that was horrible xD
06:26 <41488p> OHHHHHH
06:27 <Grammatik> WHAT HTE UFCKF
06:27 <Diamondzarebright> .-.
06:27 <Pramirez351> i really dont like shrek xD
06:27 <Grammatik> .-.
06:27 <41488p> XDDD
06:27 <Devincooper64> I love this website
06:27 <Diamondzarebright> Well.... 
06:27 <Grammatik> We love you too
06:27 <Thekillersknife> can this just stop am i the only sane peorns here?
06:27 <Diamondzarebright> No I am 
06:27 <Devincooper64> no
06:27 <Diamondzarebright> too 
06:27 <Devincooper64> we cant stop
06:27 <41488p> no
06:27 <Grammatik> You're not sane either
06:27 <Thekillersknife> *peron
06:28 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
06:28 <Devincooper64>
06:28 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
06:28 <41488p> because we're out all night to get lucky
06:28 <Grammatik> DEV NO
06:28 <Diamondzarebright> >....>
06:28 <41488p> WTF DEVIN
06:28 <41488p> OH MY GOD
06:28 <Devincooper64>
06:29 <41488p> DEVIN THAT SCARED ME
06:29 <41488p> AGH
06:29 <Grammatik> What
06:29 <Devincooper64>
06:29 <Devincooper64> CELESTIA X PHINEAS
06:29 <Diamondzarebright> Zach you can PM me if you want... ... I hate it when they do this shit 
06:29 <Grammatik> LOL
06:29 <41488p> STAHP DIS MADNESS
06:29 <Thekillersknife> DEVIN!
06:29 <Devincooper64> NO
06:29 <Devincooper64> WE MUST GO ON
06:29 <Devincooper64> FOR SCIENCE
06:29 <Grammatik> We're not doing anything
06:29 <41488p> FUCK NO
06:29 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:29 <41488p> LEI LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN
06:29 <Lei Omaki> oh okay then
06:30 <Lovethedesu> Lei!
06:30 <Thekillersknife> dont look at it lei
06:30 <41488p> NO
06:30 <41488p> RUN
06:30 <41488p> RUN FAR AWAY
06:30 <41488p> AND NEVER LOOK BACK
06:30 <41488p> RUN FORREST RUN
06:30 <41488p> *I MEAN LEI
06:30 <41488p> why am I talking in all caps
06:30 <Diamondzarebright> ugh 
06:30 <Pramirez351> lei!
06:30 <Lei Omaki> you're tearing me apart guys
06:30 <Diamondzarebright> can I... just... 
06:31 <Lei Omaki> what is it that you don't want me to see?
06:31 <41488p> my name isn't Lisa
06:31 <Devincooper64>
06:31 <Devincooper64> MOAR
06:31 <41488p> NO DEVIN NO
06:31 <Devincooper64> yes 414 yes
06:31 <41488p> (D:)
06:31 <Devincooper64>
06:31 <Grammatik> NO DEVIN NO
06:31 <Devincooper64> id watch that movie ^
06:31 <41488p> CODE RED CODE RED
06:31 <41488p> SARAH
06:31 <Lei Omaki> :o?
06:31 <Grammatik> COCK
06:31 <Devincooper64> 
06:31 <Devincooper64> wait wut
06:31 <41488p> MY EYES
06:32 <Grammatik> DEV
06:32 <Devincooper64> oh
06:32 <Grammatik> NO
06:32 <Devincooper64> I was thinking I accidentley posted something bad
06:32 <Devincooper64> nvm
06:32 <41488p> ...
06:32 <Lei Omaki> what's going on? D:
06:32 <Grammatik> It was something bad
06:32 <41488p> "posted something bad"
06:32 <41488p> it was something very bad
06:32 <41488p> yes Gram, it was
06:32 <Devincooper64> i thought like
06:32 <Devincooper64> ban bad
06:32 <Devincooper64> i saw cock
06:32 <Pramirez351> nuthin lei
06:32 <Devincooper64> and though I posted the wrong pic
06:32 <Pramirez351> we just chillin
06:33 <Lei Omaki> chillin?
06:33 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:33 <41488p> yeah
06:33 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:33 <41488p> chillin'
06:33 <Grammatik> has science gone too far? 
06:33 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:34 <Devincooper64> I will spare you all of the homer simpson X L. pic
06:34 <Devincooper64> so youre welcome
06:34 <41488p> oh god
06:34 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
06:34 <Grammatik> Skrillex x Shrek. 
06:34 <Lovethedesu> Hi Andy. 
06:34 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
06:34 <Devincooper64> andy
06:34 <Lovethedesu> Run while you still can.. 
06:34 <Devincooper64> you need to stay and watch these
06:34 <41488p> run run RUN
06:34 <Devincooper64> its vital 
06:34 <41488p> DON'T LISTEN
06:34 <Grammatik> RUN
06:34 <41488p> DEVIN iS LYING
06:35 <41488p> he's part of the ILLUMINATI
06:35 <Devincooper64>
06:35 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
06:35 <Devincooper64> BITCH I AM ILLUMINATI
06:35 <41488p> DEADMAU5
06:35 <Fatal Disease> Run, don't walk
06:35 <Grammatik> X SeeU
06:35 <Devincooper64>
06:35 <Devincooper64> THE L PICS INCOMING 
06:35 <Devincooper64>
06:35 <Fatal Disease> That's what you should do when there's a fire
06:35 <41488p> NOOOO
06:35 <Guy with a mask> Hmm
06:35 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:35 -!- TeddyBearLover24 has joined Special:Chat
06:35 <Grammatik> MY EYES
06:35 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff
06:35 <41488p> WHY OH GOD WHY
06:35 <TeddyBearLover24> Hello
06:35 <Devincooper64>
06:35 <Guy with a mask> Whaaaaat?
06:35 <Devincooper64> WHY!?
06:36 <Diamondzarebright> Hai 
06:36 <Lei Omaki> okay, i'm back 
06:36 <Guy with a mask> Hello there
06:36 <Devincooper64> SNAPE X ARIEL
06:36 <Devincooper64>
06:36 <41488p> D:
06:36 <Diamondzarebright> Ders my Gamzee
06:36 <Guy with a mask> TEddy bear lover!
06:36 <41488p> THAT'S NOT EVEN WELL-MADE
06:36 <Lei Omaki> hOnK :o)
06:36 <TeddyBearLover24> -_-
06:36 <Guy with a mask> Wut?
06:36 <Guy with a mask> :3
06:36 <Temmington> DOING SHIT
06:36 <Grammatik> WATCHING PORN
06:36 <41488p> hi Guy
06:36 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
06:36 <41488p> OMFG SARAH
06:36 <Guy with a mask> ...
06:36 <TeddyBearLover24> Those pictures -_-
06:36 <Grammatik> That too
06:36 <Pramirez351> so...
06:36 <Temmington> STOP POSTING DEVIN
06:36 <Pramirez351> yeah
06:36 <Temmington> IT IS TIME
06:36 <41488p> my eyes...
06:37 <Temmington> TO GET OFF THE INTERNET 
06:37 <Guy with a mask> Ai karamba!
06:37 <Temmington> get off right now
06:37 <41488p> o shit
06:37 <Pramirez351> um reandomness
06:37 <Temmington> right now
06:37 <Devincooper64> NO
06:37 <Devincooper64> WE NEED MOAR
06:37 <Temmington> NOPE
06:37 <Guy with a mask> AI KARAMBA!
06:37 <Guy with a mask> MY EYES...
06:37 <Temmington> GET OFF THE INTERNET 
06:37 <Grammatik> DANKE SCHÖN SARAH
06:37 <Guy with a mask> all i see is darkness
06:37 <41488p> XIE XIE
06:37 <Devincooper64> wait sarah
06:37 <Devincooper64> you at least have to see the skrillex x shrek
06:37 <Fatal Disease> Devin, thats funneh, de arial oen
06:37 <Temmington> FUCK NBO
06:37 <41488p>
06:37 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff PM meh 
06:37 <Guy with a mask> okay
06:37 <41488p> JUST ONE OKAY
06:37 <Temmington> NOPE
06:37 <Temmington> IUM OFDNE
06:37 <Grammatik> LOL
06:37 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
06:38 <41488p> WHAT
06:38 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
06:38 <Devincooper64> ok, one more, and im heading to bed
06:38 <Devincooper64> k?
06:38 <Grammatik> NO
06:38 <Temmington> wait a minute im legally obligated to watch you guys
06:38 <41488p> YES
06:38 <Temmington> FUCK
06:38 <Grammatik> SARAH
06:38 <Temmington> well not legally
06:38 <Temmington> i could sya fuck you and leav
06:38 <41488p> Sarah this is your job
06:38 <Temmington> e
06:38 <Temmington> i should have been a stripper 
06:38 <Pramirez351> im here sarah :3
06:38 <41488p> oh look at my bandwith
06:38 <Grammatik> .-.
06:38 <Temmington> pram
06:38 <Temmington> shhhh
06:38 <Fatal Disease> Well okay
06:38 <41488p> how many megabytes are left
06:38 <Temmington> dont be cocky about mod applications
06:38 <Pramirez351> nou (qq)
06:38 <41488p> oh look
06:38 <Temmington> shhhh
06:38 <Temmington> shhhhhhhh
06:38 <Pramirez351> im not sarah xD
06:38 <41488p> fuck-no megabytes
06:39 <Temmington> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
06:39 <Grammatik> Lol 414
06:39 <Fatal Disease> Sawah
06:39 <Fatal Disease> Hai
06:39 <Temmington> no
06:39 <Fatal Disease> Y u so meen (TT)
06:39 <Devincooper64> ok
06:39 <41488p> I will take matters into my own hands
06:39 <41488p> look
06:39 <Devincooper64> this is last one 
06:39 <41488p> *snap*
06:39 <41488p> LATEX
06:39 <Temmington> NO DEVIN
06:39 <Temmington> STOP POSTING
06:39 <41488p> *snap*
06:39 <Devincooper64> and im heading to bed
06:39 <Devincooper64>
06:39 <Devincooper64> good night
06:39 <41488p> GHOSTBASTARS
06:39 <Devincooper64> GOOD NIGHT BITCHES
06:39 <41488p> FUCK GODDAMMIT DEVIN!!!!
06:39 <Temmington> WHY IS SHE SO SKINY?!?!
06:39 <Pramirez351> bai devin
06:39 <Temmington> IM CONFUSED
06:39 <TeddyBearLover24> NO INVADER ZIIIIMMMMM!!!!!!
06:39 <41488p> I'LL SPANK YOU
06:39 <41488p> HARD
06:40 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
06:40 <Temmington> ok yep
06:40 <Temmington> thats it
06:40 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
06:40 <41488p> oh dear
06:40 <Temmington> get off the internet forever
06:40 <Temmington> you are not welcomed here eanymore
06:40 <Devincooper64> :(
06:40 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
06:40 <Diamondzarebright> who 
06:40 <Temmington> we hereby ban you from the internet 
06:40 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
06:40 <41488p> :'(
06:40 <Diamondzarebright> wat is.. 
06:40 <Fatal Disease> I think someone tried to fuse An Ants Life, with Invader Zim.
06:40 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:41 <Fatal Disease> SCIENCE, NO
06:41 <Thekillersknife> is the chat calm now?
06:41 <Diamondzarebright> I have no idea
06:41 <Guy with a mask> Nooo...\
06:41 <Temmington> hell no
06:41 <Lei Omaki> i am now confuse by this chat
06:41 <Ednoahjones> so am i gamzee.
06:41 <Guy with a mask> I'm confuzzeled
06:41 <41488p> it's safe to come out now
06:41 <41488p> the bad monsters are gone
06:41 <Fatal Disease> No
06:41 <Thekillersknife> lei can i ask you this?
06:41 <TeddyBearLover24> -_- 
06:41 <Fatal Disease> Hai tedday
06:41 <Darkstride> haiy bb
06:41 <Darkstride> wut's uap
06:42 <41488p> my penis HUNGERS FOR FLESH
06:42 <Fatal Disease> 414
06:42 <41488p> imean
06:42 <Fatal Disease> Okay
06:42 <41488p> Fatal
06:42 <Grammatik> LOL
06:42 <Thekillersknife> nevermind
06:42 <Ednoahjones> my penis hungers for my left hand
06:42 <TeddyBearLover24> Hello and
06:42 <Ednoahjones> but my father is in the room...
06:42 <TeddyBearLover24> WTH?
06:42 <41488p> welcome to Creepypasta Chat and Daycare Center
06:42 <Fatal Disease> I was gonna say "wash your face away with dirt" but wat
06:42 <Lei Omaki> what? :o?
06:42 <41488p> we provide care for children from the ages of fuckyourself to fuckmyself
06:43 <Andytags> i hate u all
06:43 <TeddyBearLover24> -_-
06:43 <Temmington> Maria.
06:43 <Temmington> Watch chat. 
06:43 <Temmington> I'm going to do something else.
06:43 <41488p> wot
06:43 <Thekillersknife> ok i can tell to people like homestuck in here
06:43 <Princess Platinum> me too >_>
06:43 <Andytags> I'LL DO IT
06:43 <Princess Platinum> jesse
06:43 <Temmington> 1 2 3
06:43 <41488p> ^
06:43 <Fatal Disease> And also we have fun modz
06:43 <Diamondzarebright> Yes 
06:43 <Temmington> not it
06:43 <41488p> WE'LL ALL DO IT
06:43 <Princess Platinum> watch chat
06:43 <Temmington> YOU'RE IT
06:43 <Temmington> /me tags
06:43 <Grammatik> Welcome to the Creepypasta wikia chat and BDSM club
06:43 <Diamondzarebright> I sadly don't 
06:43 <Andytags> make me a mod until you guys come back 
06:43 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
06:43 <Fatal Disease> Jesse is useless
06:43 <41488p> no
06:43 <Lei Omaki> do what? :o?
06:43 <41488p> make me make me
06:43 <Diamondzarebright> I quit Home Stuck a long time ago 
06:43 <41488p> fuck
06:43 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
06:44 <Guy with a mask> Ehh
06:44 <Temmington> fine
06:44 <Guy with a mask> Not interesting...
06:44 <Temmington> ill watch chat
06:44 <Princess Platinum> nou
06:44 <Temmington> but maybe make someone a temp mod
06:44 <Grammatik> LOL
06:44 <Temmington> just incase
06:44 <41488p> well that was quick
06:44 <Ednoahjones> hey gamzee
06:44 <Temmington> because i am tempted to go
06:44 <Temmington> so
06:44 <Temmington> ye temp mod someone 
06:44 <Princess Platinum> I guess pm me first
06:44 <Thekillersknife> i love homestuck sollux and karkat are my 2 favorite caraters
06:44 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:44 <Temmington> wait
06:44 <Thekillersknife> lol
06:44 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:44 <41488p> wot da fuq
06:44 <Ednoahjones> i made 4 fan trolls
06:44 <Ednoahjones>
06:44 <Temmington> whoever pms you first gets mod?
06:44 <Andytags> stop it ok
06:44 <Grammatik> Wut
06:45 <Grammatik> That's irresponsible
06:45 <Diamondzarebright> U mad bro?
06:45 <Thekillersknife> nice trolls dude
06:45 <41488p> so irresponsible
06:45 <Temmington> it was a joke
06:45 <Temmington> who would actually do that
06:45 <Temmington> nobody ok
06:45 <Andytags> aw
06:45 <41488p> very irresponsible
06:45 <Grammatik> k
06:45 <41488p> extremely irresponsible
06:45 <Ednoahjones> aw...
06:45 <Guy with a mask> COME AT ME BRO!
06:45 <Temmington> and if it was
06:45 <Ednoahjones> no mod for mixkor today...
06:45 <Guy with a mask> -_-
06:45 <Temmington> i would have won
06:45 <Temmington> lol
06:45 <Fatal Disease> "Jesse watch the chat" chat gets all russled. Sawah gets back, Maria turns off chat, even though all along it was Jesse's fault. 
06:45 <Diamondzarebright> xD
06:45 <Grammatik> 414
06:45 <41488p> ludicrously irresponsible 
06:45 <41488p> Gram
06:45 <41488p> hai
06:45 <Temmington> wait
06:45 <Ednoahjones> The conclusion to that fatal?
06:45 <Ednoahjones> kill jesse.
06:45 <Grammatik> Fuck you.  <3
06:45 <Temmington> wouldn't a full time mod going from temp mod
06:45 <Temmington> just be a demotion 
06:45 <Temmington> D:
06:45 <41488p> <33333
06:46 <Thekillersknife> i like dead chat beter not fast chat
06:46 <Temmington> i dun wanna be demoted 
06:46 <Temmington> ;-;
06:46 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
06:46 <41488p> temp mod=full-time mo
06:46 <41488p> *mod
06:46 <Princess Platinum> I'll draw a name from my trusty hat in a few minutes
06:46 <41488p> ohai Natalia
06:46 <Guy with a mask> God
06:46 <Guy with a mask> Gime 
06:46 <Temmington> ill draw a name from my dick
06:46 <Guy with a mask> Dead chat!
06:46 <Ednoahjones> oh giddy
06:46 <Grammatik> Hi Natalia
06:46 <Temmington> oh look
06:46 <Temmington> i drew cheasl
06:46 <Pramirez351> wait whats going down? xD
06:46 <Temmington> OK IM DONE
06:46 <41488p> >dick
06:46 <41488p> >Sarah
06:46 <41488p> I don't feel good about this
06:46 <Ednoahjones> i'm not gonna get it but atleast chances are there,
06:46 <Princess Platinum> sarah gtfo
06:46 <Grammatik> LOL
06:46 <Temmington> yes you do shhh
06:46 <41488p> D:
06:46 <Ednoahjones> unless that was another joke,
06:46 <Guy with a mask> Hm
06:46 <41488p> but hai Natalia
06:46 <Temmington> Chelsea
06:46 <Temmington> i am so sorry
06:46 <41488p> what
06:47 <41488p> I don't feel good about this either
06:47 <Pramirez351> ... xD i dont even know
06:47 <Princess Platinum> guise
06:47 <41488p> I don't feel good about a lot of things
06:47 <Pramirez351> yes maria?
06:47 <Fatal Disease> I volunteer Jesse to be temp mod
06:47 <Princess Platinum> ill mod muscle dude
06:47 <Andytags> it's me isn't it 
06:47 <41488p> especially things I don't feel good about
06:47 <Andytags> i'm temp mod
06:47 <41488p> great idea Shining
06:47 <Grammatik> LOL MARIA
06:47 <41488p> he's away
06:47 <41488p> but on the other hand
06:47 <Pramirez351> .... make it somone with at least 1 month here maria
06:47 <Fatal Disease> ... if I had the righrs (foreveralone)
06:47 <Grammatik> Ping him
06:47 <41488p> he can get some female bodybiulders
06:47 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> oh you
06:47 <41488p> WTF
06:47 <Grammatik> OMGF
06:47 <41488p> WTFFF
06:47 <41488p> XDDD
06:48 <Grammatik> OMFGGG
06:48 <41488p> XD
06:48 <Grammatik> XD
06:48 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I love muscles
06:48 <Ednoahjones> this can only end badly.
06:48 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:48 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> am I right?
06:48 <41488p> yes
06:48 <Grammatik> Can't breathe
06:48 <41488p> WHY AM I LAUGHING SO HARD
06:48 <Grammatik> Yeah
06:48 <Temmington> that username 
06:48 <Temmington> your username
06:48 <Temmington> makes me uncomfortable 
06:48 <Lovethedesu> Chill out on the muscle thing.. 
06:48 <Temmington> ok
06:48 <Andytags> he
06:48 <41488p> what, can't a guy love some muscle?
06:48 <Andytags> is a good man
06:48 <Ednoahjones> and hes told me he body builds to compensate for his small penis.
06:48 <41488p> especially some female muscle?
06:48 <Fatal Disease> 414
06:48 <Ednoahjones> i shit you not he did.
06:48 <Lovethedesu> He can but it's obnoxious. 
06:48 <41488p> dafuq
06:49 <Ednoahjones> woah
06:49 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Yeah I got a small D
06:49 <Andytags> WOW REALLY
06:49 <Ednoahjones> holy shit
06:49 <41488p> wait
06:49 <Pramirez351> oh :3
06:49 <41488p> WAIT
06:49 <41488p> OMG
06:49 <Ednoahjones> pram?
06:49 <Pramirez351> what is this? xD
06:49 <41488p> THAT WILL GO DOWN
06:49 <41488p> IN GLORY
06:49 <Temmington> temp mod
06:49 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> leess thaN 3 inch
06:49 <Pramirez351> thanks maria :)
06:49 <Fatal Disease> Do you have screen cap 
06:49 <Pramirez351> i know sarah xD
06:49 <41488p> yes
06:49 <Ednoahjones> this is gonna end badly.
06:49 <Ednoahjones> maybe
06:49 <Pramirez351> you guys go get some sleepy time
06:49 <Andytags> wow
06:49 <Fatal Disease> Muscle, no
06:49 <Pramirez351> ill be here until...hopefully until 3 am
06:49 <Pramirez351> cant promise more do
06:49 <Grammatik> Guys
06:49 <Andytags> this sucks 
06:49 <Ednoahjones> its 1 am.
06:49 <Andytags> why cant i be mod
06:49 <Grammatik> How high are you
06:49 <Temmington> I'm not tired. 
06:49 <Pramirez351> very high
06:49 <Andytags> i'm a good man
06:49 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I love them muscular bodies
06:50 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> 'specially on a FEmale
06:50 <Ednoahjones> ^^
06:50 <Fatal Disease> Because Andy, you're Andy
06:50 <Ednoahjones> i was agreeing with andy.
06:50 <41488p>
06:50 <Darkstride> orrly
06:50 <Grammatik> I'm just skin and bone. 
06:50 <41488p> ^GLOOORY
06:50 <41488p> dammit
06:50 <41488p> I'm just bone
06:50 <41488p> (;)
06:50 <41488p> fuck
06:50 <Temmington>
06:50 <Temmington> how
06:50 <Pramirez351> awww thanks 414 :P
06:50 <Temmington> how is that attractive 
06:50 <Temmington> ok
06:50 <Temmington> im done
06:50 <Temmington> with this fetihs
06:50 <Temmington> im just odne
06:50 <Lovethedesu> Like you haven't said it already// 
06:50 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:50 <Pramirez351> thats...just bad
06:50 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
06:50 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
06:50 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <Ednoahjones> we're fucked.
06:51 <Pramirez351> hai pugs
06:51 <Ednoahjones> and pugs is back!
06:51 <Diamondzarebright> PUGS
06:51 <Ednoahjones> puggy!
06:51 <Ednoahjones> puggy puggy puggy!
06:51 <41488p> my connection just went Rambo
06:51 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:51 <Grammatik> What
06:51 <Temmington> see
06:51 <Temmington> how is that
06:51 <Temmington> im confused
06:51 <Pramirez351> ok sarah, we get it. xD its pretty...weird
06:52 <Pramirez351> i would just rather not look xD
06:52 <Thekillersknife> okay i was whatching a video what i miss
06:52 <41488p> apparently it turns some people on
06:52 <Grammatik> People like weird stuff
06:52 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <Grammatik> Get over it
06:52 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Anyone wanna watch the abs get bigger because of A workout session
06:52 <Lovethedesu> None of us are exempt. 
06:52 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:52 <Pramirez351> i guess grammatik :P
06:52 <41488p> on that note
06:52 <Lei Omaki> i'm back :o/
06:52 <41488p> let's talk about fetishes
06:52 <Fatal Disease> Are you a troll
06:52 <Grammatik> Yeah.  :P
06:52 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <Lovethedesu> For some reason I think 228 is a troll..
06:53 <Fatal Disease> Muscles
06:53 <41488p> he loves muscles
06:53 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I really mean it
06:53 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I love muscles
06:53 <Fatal Disease> Okay
06:53 <Temmington> we get that 
06:53 <Temmington> but
06:53 <Princess Platinum> i love sadistic pony erotica -bat shit insane face-
06:53 <Grammatik> Incest,  anyone? 
06:53 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
06:53 <Temmington> having a username 
06:53 <Temmington> that is about your fetish
06:53 <Temmington> probably isnt a good idea?!?
06:53 <Grammatik> LOL
06:53 <Fatal Disease> Gram, I wrote a song called that   
06:53 <Darkstride> ^
06:53 <Lovethedesu> With all the "small D" Stuff, and the getting off to your abs.. 
06:54 <Andytags> i like hardcore pegging 
06:54 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> I wanted to let people know me
06:54 <Darkstride> FUCKING NINJA'D
06:54 <Lei Omaki> ?
06:54 <Fatal Disease> Yeah
06:54 <41488p> why can't people put what they want as their username
06:54 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> so they can accept me before they know me
06:54 <Grammatik> xXBDSMLover69Xx.
06:54 <Ednoahjones> Dane
06:54 <Ednoahjones> Dane.
06:54 <Grammatik> LOL
06:54 <Darkstride> yeuis
06:54 <41488p> just because someone acts differently 
06:54 <Ednoahjones> listen to me dane.
06:54 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> and if they don't like my fetish then they won't talk to me
06:54 <Ednoahjones> Being ninja'd,
06:54 <41488p> doesn't mean we should treat them differently 
06:54 <41488p> guys
06:54 <Ednoahjones> only means you have a small penis.
06:54 <Lovethedesu> 414, how well do you know 228? 
06:54 <Thekillersknife> for the to homestuck peaple in here i just thought
06:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Homestuck Gif Party 2 - Duration: 03:08 - Uploaded: 2012-05-25 - Rating: 4.943420 - Views: 90,847 -
06:54 <Grammatik> Guys
06:54 <Temmington> no im just saying
06:54 <Temmington> that isnt a good ideq
06:54 <Temmington> a
06:54 <Pramirez351> i always thought a person showed how much they liked a fetish by, you know, actions, not words but whatever
06:54 <41488p> ...I am his gf
06:54 <Darkstride> You aren't one 2 taelk noah (;))
06:54 <Princess Platinum> >NaziMcKKKWBSSupporter
06:54 <Diamondzarebright> (facepalm) 
06:54 <41488p> there
06:54 <Darkstride> imeanwut
06:54 <Grammatik> I'm with 414 on this one
06:54 <41488p> I AM A GIRL
06:54 <Princess Platinum> thats why
06:54 <Temmington> because there is more to a person
06:54 <Darkstride> WAIT, PRAM IS MOD?
06:54 <Temmington> than their username
06:54 <Temmington> Temporary. 
06:54 <Darkstride> .__.
06:55 <Pramirez351> nou darkstride xD
06:55 <Temmington> in fact i dont think
06:55 <Ednoahjones> dane.
06:55 <Pramirez351> temporary xD
06:55 <Temmington> we should have one
06:55 <Darkstride> Oh .-.
06:55 <Fatal Disease> Like I really wanted  to know your dick size 
06:55 <Temmington> right now
06:55 <Temmington> now that i think about it
06:55 <Ednoahjones> i will play you the my dick song.
06:55 <Thekillersknife> uh again with fast chat
06:55 <Lovethedesu> O_O
06:55 <Temmington> because i can just
06:55 <Lei Omaki> @lovethedesu xDD
06:55 <Darkstride> nu noah
06:55 <Ednoahjones> if you keep this up.
06:55 <Temmington> not watch youtube
06:55 <41488p> fap
06:55 <41488p> oh look at my internet
06:55 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Anyone wanna watch
06:55 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> the abs
06:55 <41488p> want to know where it's taking a walk to
06:55 <Darkstride> nu
06:55 <41488p> look
06:55 <41488p> Neverland
06:55 <Thekillersknife> no
06:55 <41488p> oh bye internet
06:55 <Grammatik> I'm so done
06:55 <Temmington> yeah maria
06:55 <Temmington> maybe you should 
06:55 <Princess Platinum> lolnofukustupidbitch
06:55 <Fatal Disease> Nope
06:56 <Temmington> remove the temp mod rights
06:56 <Princess Platinum> maybeh
06:56 <Lovethedesu> Yep. Escaping to PM..
06:56 <Darkstride> wai u do dis 2 pram bb
06:56 <41488p> why don't we vote?
06:56 <Princess Platinum> no
06:56 <Pramirez351> hahahax xD
06:56 <Temmington> becuase this isnt survivor bitch
06:56 <41488p> impromptu.
06:56 <Temmington> I VOTE YOU OFF THE ISLAND OK
06:56 <41488p> WAT
06:56 <Darkstride> ko
06:56 <Andytags> wow u nerds
06:56 <Princess Platinum> I MAKE THE RULES HERE
06:56 <Grammatik> Hug fetish
06:56 <Pramirez351> ok sarah
06:56 <41488p> BUT I'M NOT ON THE ISLAND
06:56 <41488p> just killed a man
06:56 <Pramirez351> hug fetish? xD
06:56 <Lei Omaki> why would you ask someone to look at your abs
06:56 <41488p> put a gun against his head
06:56 <Darkstride> ey i maek de leims in de kokonuets
06:56 <Pramirez351> is that actually a fetish?
06:56 <41488p> pulled my trigger now he's dead
06:56 <Fatal Disease> Ur so MEEN (T_T)
06:56 <TeddyBearLover24> Nerds are awesome
06:56 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Mama taught me the importance of muscular health
06:56 <Grammatik> Yeah
06:56 <41488p> mama
06:57 <41488p> whafuck
06:57 <Darkstride> EXPLOSION!
06:57 <Grammatik> Whafuck. 
06:57 <41488p> Muscular tell me where you're going with your sentence first kk
06:57 <41488p> BAWK BAWK BAWK
06:57 <Andytags> samus
06:57 <Andytags> pretty cool 
06:57 <41488p> COCK_
06:57 <Temmington> >no kinky lesbian poke porn
06:57 <Temmington> wlp
06:57 <41488p> -A DOODLE DOO
06:57 <Temmington> im out
06:57 <Diamondzarebright> Pram how you admin
06:57 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
06:57 <Fatal Disease> Why no chickens?
06:57 <Temmington> hes not
06:57 <Pramirez351> im too awesome diamondz
06:57 <Temmington> hes temporary mod
06:57 <Pramirez351> thats how
06:57 <41488p> becuz 42
06:57 <Thekillersknife> i'll be back in alittle bit
06:57 <Pramirez351> xD nuh jk
06:57 <Lei Omaki> i'm afraid of this chat ;w;
06:57 <Pramirez351> im just temp mod
06:57 <Diamondzarebright> oh .-.
06:57 <Pramirez351> nou lei, dont be
06:57 <41488p> WELL THEN BE AFRIAD
06:57 <Grammatik> 420
06:57 <Temmington> and we might remove the rights as they're not really that neede d
06:58 <Princess Platinum> >we
06:58 <Andytags> that need d
06:58 <Fatal Disease> Wait, you mean the ones who lay eggs or something else 
06:58 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <41488p> we
06:58 <Princess Platinum> who is you
06:58 <Temmington> well
06:58 <Temmington> YOU
06:58 <41488p> oooohhhh
06:58 <Temmington> THEN
06:58 <Temmington> I GUES
06:58 <Princess Platinum> loljk
06:58 <41488p> no but srsly
06:58 <41488p> guys
06:58 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
06:58 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <41488p> what if I were to record my fap
06:58 <41488p> and show it to you
06:58 <Darkstride> k
06:58 <Darkstride> do ee
06:58 <Darkstride> t*
06:58 <41488p> would you buy it for 4.95
06:58 <Princess Platinum> banned 9001ever
06:59 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <41488p> or should I raise the price to 9.99
06:59 <41488p> or lower it to 4.20
06:59 <Fatal Disease> No
06:59 <Princess Platinum> thats as much as a good pony comic costs D:
06:59 <41488p> 9.99's a good bargain
06:59 <Fatal Disease> Lower it to free 
06:59 <Lei Omaki> buy what? sell what?
06:59 <41488p> well, sugar, (cool) I AM a good pony comic 
06:59 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
06:59 <41488p> *rests against cabinet*
06:59 <41488p> AWW YEAAAA
06:59 <Grammatik> Selling 414
06:59 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <Grammatik> Near Mint condition
06:59 <41488p> lolhi
06:59 <Princess Platinum> 414 are you a unicorn
07:00 <41488p> now
07:00 <41488p> *no
07:00 <41488p> I'm a tri-corn
07:00 <Princess Platinum> dammit
07:00 <Fatal Disease> Or are you an alicorn
07:00 <41488p> I have three horns
07:00 -!- SaffronShadowFlame has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <41488p> I'm always horny
07:00 <Princess Platinum> i was gonna ask if i could eat your ears
07:00 <Lei Omaki> O_O
07:00 <41488p> oh no
07:00 <41488p> waitwat
07:00 <Fatal Disease> I'm a unicorn
07:00 <41488p> no you're not
07:00 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> Anyone wanna see my musclesd
07:00 <Fatal Disease> Yes
07:00 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
07:00 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:00 <Princess Platinum> >Male unicorns only
07:00 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <Pramirez351> what about unicorns?
07:00 <41488p> you're AN univorn
07:01 <41488p> *unicorn
07:01 <41488p> ok Muscular
07:01 <41488p> :S
07:01 <Princess Platinum> i preffer pegasi though 
07:01 <Fatal Disease> Ye
07:01 <Andytags>
07:01 <Andytags> MuscularGuy this is for you
07:01 <SaffronShadowFlame> Daycare centre \O/
07:01 <41488p> OMG ADNY
07:01 <41488p> ANDY
07:01 <Fatal Disease> Well I wuz lying 
07:02 <Grammatik> Brb
07:02 <Lei Omaki> i'm a clown :o)
07:02 <Lei Omaki> honk
07:02 <SaffronShadowFlame> Clowns are evil
07:02 <Fatal Disease> I'm an alicorn
07:02 <41488p> AHHHH
07:03 <41488p> .
07:03 <Pramirez351> wow
07:03 <41488p> is chat dead
07:03 <41488p> well darn
07:03 <Pramirez351> i cant believe how tired i am
07:03 <Pramirez351> and its barely 12
07:03 <Pramirez351> pm
07:03 <Fatal Disease> Welp imma gonna go bai guize
07:03 <Lei Omaki> honk :o)
07:03 <Pramirez351> bai fatal disease
07:03 <Lei Omaki> who wants a hug from this clown?
07:03 <SaffronShadowFlame> *pokes chat with a stick* Nah its sort of alive
07:03 <Lei Omaki> aww bye fatal
07:03 <SaffronShadowFlame> Ciao
07:04 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
07:04 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
07:04 <Pramirez351> sorta?
07:04 <41488p> well tell me how the (temp)
07:04 <41488p> *modship goes
07:04 <Pramirez351> i like to think that when i come in and like focus JUST on chat, it regains about 20 percent life xD
07:04 <41488p> I'mma go shower
07:04 <SaffronShadowFlame> Idk ;-; CHAT Y R U SLEEPING
07:04 <Pramirez351> well its pertty...ok :P
07:04 <41488p> congrats again Pram
07:04 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:04 <Pramirez351> thanks 414, i try hard
07:04 <Pramirez351> dang it ;_;
07:04 <SaffronShadowFlame> *sneezles*
07:05 <Pramirez351> i thought he was going to stay (crying)
07:05 <Lei Omaki> *hands out handkerchief teryone*o ev
07:05 <Lei Omaki> fuck
07:05 <Lei Omaki> xD
07:05 <Pramirez351> thanks lei :P
07:05 <Pramirez351> also how is everyone?
07:05 <SaffronShadowFlame> Slender Mag got him and destroyed his computer obviously
07:05 <SaffronShadowFlame> Man*
07:06 <SaffronShadowFlame> Slender Mag? Weight loss magazine...
07:06 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
07:06 <Pramirez351> hai diamondz
07:06 <Diamondzarebright> that was great 
07:06 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
07:06 <Pramirez351> also hai grammatik :P
07:06 <Diamondzarebright> hai pram 
07:06 <Pramirez351> and lei i am pretty sure i said hai :P
07:06 <Diamondzarebright> make millions
07:06 <Pramirez351> um, yeah calm down a bit saffron xD
07:06 <Lei Omaki> you said what?
07:06 <Lovethedesu> I love you all, my darlings. <3 Good night/morning.
07:06 <Pramirez351> bai desu!
07:06 <Pramirez351> stay good girl!
07:07 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> my muscles are throbbin' from a workout
07:07 <MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS> pretty rippin'
07:07 <SaffronShadowFlame> Egh..
07:07 -!- Lovethedesu has left Special:Chat.
07:07 <Diamondzarebright> nice
07:07 <SaffronShadowFlame> I just got home from walking my dog
07:07 <Pramirez351> ok cool muscular
07:07 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:07 <Princess Platinum> i have $20 that you are a 13 year old boy with no muscle at all
07:07 <Lei Omaki> no dude just no
07:07 <Pramirez351> wb 414 xD
07:07 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:07 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <41488p> thx Pram
07:08 <Pramirez351> so um, anyone read any good pastas lately?
07:08 <Lei Omaki> and wb 414 :o)
07:08 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:08 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <41488p> thx Lei
07:09 <SaffronShadowFlame> "Ignore Jesse in general chat" Should I be worried who that is? ;-;
07:09 <Temmington> No.
07:09 <41488p> Jesse is your worst nightmare
07:09 <Pramirez351> jesse is my cuttie :3
07:09 <Pramirez351> i didnt make her
07:09 <Temmington> Jesse's just some troll.
07:09 <Pramirez351> but she is my cuttie :3
07:09 <Temmington> Who comes on. 
07:09 <SaffronShadowFlame> Oh.
07:09 <Temmington> They log the chat. 
07:09 <Temmington> It's weird. 
07:10 <Pramirez351> she only talks to cool people xD
07:10 <41488p> Jesse is the darkest most vile form of evil to ever exist on this planet
07:10 <SaffronShadowFlame> Oh.. trolls
07:10 <41488p> DAMMIT SARAH D:
07:10 <Temmington> So you can just ignore her. 
07:10 <SaffronShadowFlame> *sigh* I'll get the bridge
07:10 <Pramirez351> wait...sarah...can i test her :3 (just wondering)
07:10 <41488p> !test
07:10 <41488p> nooooo
07:10 <Temmington> no
07:10 <Temmington> go home
07:10 <41488p> !logs
07:10 <Pramirez351> oh gosh
07:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
07:10 <41488p> oooooh
07:10 <SaffronShadowFlame> I am home .-.
07:10 <Pramirez351> i almost got a heart attack
07:10 <Pramirez351> i thought i heard my mom
07:10 <Pramirez351> i was like: "0_0"
07:10 <41488p> but it turned out it was just me
07:11 <41488p> OHOHO
07:11 <41488p> ok I should stop using up bandwith
07:11 <41488p> it's bad
07:11 -!- SaffronShadowFlame has left Special:Chat.
07:11 <41488p> for everyone
07:11 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:11 <41488p> 10 bucks a gig, people.
07:11 <41488p> money's wasting, time's ticking.
07:11 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
07:11 <41488p> bye
07:11 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:11 <Pramirez351> bye 414
07:11 <Pramirez351> so yeah sarah, how you doin girl?
07:11 -!- SaffronShadowFlame has joined Special:Chat
07:11 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:12 <Temmington> fine
07:12 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:12 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:12 <Pramirez351> hahaha good to hear :) how was your weekend?
07:13 <SaffronShadowFlame> "Daycare centre" XD I love that X3
07:13 <Lei Omaki> wb saffron :o)
07:13 <Lei Omaki> want a balloon?
07:13 <Pramirez351> dude thats the best part about chat xD
07:14 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
07:14 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:14 <Pramirez351> nuh but its awesome
07:14 <SaffronShadowFlame> Fill the baloon with jelly first
07:14 <Pramirez351> and addicting! (twitc)
07:14 <SaffronShadowFlame> Balloon*
07:14 <Pramirez351> (twitch)
07:14 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:14 <Lei Omaki> honk
07:15 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:15 <Princess Platinum> pegasi is aweshum
07:15 <Pramirez351> talking aobut honk lei
07:15 <Pramirez351> honk my tonk?
07:15 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:15 <Pramirez351> i mean like you talkin about the song?
07:15 <Pramirez351> pretty nice :)
07:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bypass Bandits - Honk My Tonk (Original Mix) - Duration: 03:11 - Uploaded: 2012-12-04 - Rating: 4.947020 - Views: 10,657 -
07:16 <Lei Omaki> back
07:16 <Pramirez351> wb lei :3
07:16 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
07:16 <Pramirez351> nou sarah (crying)
07:17 <Lei Omaki> sarah left :D
07:17 <Lei Omaki> *D:
07:17 <Lei Omaki> damn nabit
07:17 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
07:17 <Pramirez351> oh wow lei xD
07:17 <SaffronShadowFlame> *rolls around* Why she leave le daycare
07:17 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
07:17 <Pramirez351> because she has...a life? xD
07:17 <Pramirez351> wb darkstride
07:17 <Darkstride> tanku pram bb
07:17 <SaffronShadowFlame> Wh.... what are you saying..
07:18 <Pramirez351> actually, brb
07:18 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
07:18 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
07:18 <Lei Omaki> who wants a hug and a balloon from this clown? xD
07:18 -!- SaffronShadowFlame has left Special:Chat.
07:19 <Pramirez351> me!
07:19 <Pramirez351> :3
07:19 <Diamondzarebright> I have to refresh guise
07:19 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
07:19 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
07:19 <Lei Omaki> *gives Pram a balloon and a hug*
07:19 <Diamondzarebright> wee
07:19 <Lei Omaki> wb Diamond
07:19 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:19 <Pramirez351> so what you up to darkstride?
07:19 <Pramirez351> also wb diamondz yes xD
07:19 <Diamondzarebright> So many people left :(
07:20 <Darkstride> i'm just dying
07:20 <Pramirez351> i hate lag
07:20 <Darkstride> royt, how about you?
07:20 <Lei Omaki> i hate chat froze and lg
07:20 <Diamondzarebright> I was talking to Guy... 
07:20 <Lei Omaki> *lag
07:20 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD i know right lei xD
07:20 <Diamondzarebright> :( 
07:20 <Pramirez351> so um, what do you guys do this late at night?
07:20 <Pramirez351> how about you share first diamondz
07:20 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
07:21 <Pramirez351> (yes lag is gone now :3)
07:21 <Pramirez351> wb guy with a mask
07:21 <Diamondzarebright> Yay xD
07:21 <Guy with a mask> Hmm
07:21 <Lei Omaki> *gives Diamond a balloon and a hug*
07:21 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
07:21 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
07:21 <Diamondzarebright> hOnK 
07:21 <Guy with a mask> I see you don't remember me pramirez?
07:21 <Pramirez351> ... i may guy with a mask xD from where do you know me?
07:21 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
07:21 <Pramirez351> hai zyranne!
07:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
07:22 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff Rpeh in de Pmehs 
07:22 <Guy with a mask> Hehehe...
07:22 <Guy with a mask> I'm nix
07:22 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
07:22 <Guy with a mask> DPH
07:22 <Lei Omaki> wElComE tO tHe CaRnIvAl :o)
07:22 <Zyranne> Oh hai Pram! :D
07:22 <Pramirez351> also thanks for the ballooon and a hug lei!
07:22 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
07:22 <Pramirez351> and um, nix guy with a mask?
07:22 <Lei Omaki> you're welcome Pram
07:22 <TeddyBearLover24> Nix what the hell are you talking about?
07:22 <Lei Omaki> and hi Zy :o)
07:22 <Guy with a mask> Deadpoolhacker....?
07:22 <Pramirez351> OH!
07:22 <Zyranne> Hello Lei
07:22 <Diamondzarebright> Yes
07:22 <Pramirez351> really? thats yu guy with a mask?
07:22 <Pramirez351> you*
07:22 <Guy with a mask> YES!
07:22 <Guy with a mask> YES
07:23 <Pramirez351> how you doin zyranne?
07:23 <Diamondzarebright> Yu is my profile pic lol 
07:23 <Lei Omaki> who wants balloons and a hug?
07:23 <Zyranne> Good thanks, although I have to go to work soon, so I can't stay long :(
07:23 <Zyranne> and you?
07:23 <Pramirez351> also guy with a mask, i have a pic of you saying gay in main chat from like 4 months ago xD
07:23 <Pramirez351> i dont pursue it anymore but im just saying xD
07:23 <Guy with a mask> ...
07:23 <Guy with a mask> F.U
07:23 <Pramirez351> im doin alright zyranne xD
07:23 <Guy with a mask> BIACH!
07:24 <Diamondzarebright> Rpeh in de Pmehs Jeff
07:24 <Pramirez351> i know guy with a mask xD i was trying to help kill :P
07:24 <Andytags> oh smooth mcgroove, how i love you
07:24 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Super Metroid - Prologue Theme Acapella - Duration: 03:17 - Uploaded: 2013-06-17 - Rating: 4.986838 - Views: 282,004 -
07:24 <Guy with a mask> Ehh
07:24 <Pramirez351> just listenin to drumstep zyranne. it is extremely awesome at 12:25 am xD
07:24 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:24 <TeddyBearLover24> He is not gay I assure you sir
07:24 <Lei Omaki> smoothmcgroove is awesome 
07:24 <Andytags> k
07:24 <Pramirez351> wb maria
07:24 <Zyranne> I like Drumste
07:24 <Zyranne> *Drumste
07:24 <Zyranne> fuck
07:24 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD fail :P
07:24 <Zyranne> nevermind
07:24 <Zyranne> ahah
07:25 <Lei Omaki> drumstep?
07:25 <Pramirez351> hahah how about glitch hop zyranne?
07:25 <Diamondzarebright> :( 
07:25 <Lei Omaki> or dubstep?
07:25 <Pramirez351> whats up diamondz?
07:25 <Zyranne> I also like Glitch hop
07:25 <Andytags> electro house reigns supreme
07:25 <Diamondzarebright> ....
07:25 <Pramirez351> electro house is good :P but its not GREAT
07:25 <Pramirez351> well in my opinion
07:25 <Andytags> no
07:25 <Darkstride> pram like
07:25 <Zyranne> I'm listening to a Dubstep song I just heard yesterday, and I can't stop listening 0.0
07:25 <Darkstride> you need 2 b full time mod k
07:25 <Andytags>
07:25 <Andytags> listen 
07:26 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
07:26 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD hopefully it happens darkstride xD
07:26 <Darkstride> it'd be awesome if it did .-.
07:26 <Lei Omaki> wb Noah :o)
07:26 <Darkstride> lei
07:26 <Darkstride> y u do dis
07:26 <Diamondzarebright> Hai Mikorb 
07:26 <Zyranne> Hi Noah 
07:26 <Lei Omaki> do what dark?
07:27 <Pramirez351> so um, diamondz xD what do you do at this time of night? :P
07:27 <Diamondzarebright> Stuff
07:27 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
07:27 <Zyranne> Hi Hobo
07:27 <Diamondzarebright> like... Internet wise
07:27 <Pramirez351> i am just waiting for someone speshul (they are so special, i am willing to loose sleep hours for them :3)
07:27 <Guy with a mask> Potato
07:27 <Guy with a mask> ...
07:28 <Pramirez351> also thats cool diamondz xD
07:28 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> Wai Jeff
07:28 <Guy with a mask> Well that was random
07:28 <Andytags> you mean the internet pram?
07:28 <Pramirez351> i like to do things on the internet too diamondz xD
07:28 <Pramirez351> its fun :D
07:28 <Zyranne> aw that's cute, Pram =3
07:28 <Princess Platinum> PRAM IS DATING EMILY (just a guess)
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> yeh 
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> Woah 
07:28 <Pramirez351> nou maria xD
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> no 
07:28 <Pramirez351> someone most of you dont know xD
07:28 <Princess Platinum> am i right?
07:28 <Pramirez351> except for diamondz
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> I know who he's dating but I wont tell
07:28 <Pramirez351> :3 thanks diamondz xD
07:28 <Diamondzarebright> :P
07:29 <Andytags> i know
07:29 <Andytags> I KNOW ALL
07:29 <Pramirez351> ok andy, cool story xD
07:29 <Guy with a mask> -_-
07:29 <Andytags> shut it 
07:29 <Andytags> and bow down
07:29 <Pramirez351> also diamondz is freken badass! xD
07:29 <Diamondzarebright> *blushes* 
07:29 <Andytags> XD
07:29 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:30 <Diamondzarebright> not as badass as you Pram 
07:30 <Guy with a mask> XD
07:30 <Pramirez351> awww xD thanks diamondz xD you are awesome (kawaii)
07:30 <Pramirez351> i just love how i just try to give warm fuzzy feelings :)
07:30 <Andytags> X
07:30 <Andytags> D
07:30 <Guy with a mask> ...
07:30 <Pramirez351> ...bai lei ._.
07:30 <Guy with a mask> XD
07:30 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:30 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:31 <Pramirez351> so back to the point, how is everyone doin? everyone hanging in there? xD
07:31 <Diamondzarebright> Yup
07:31 <Diamondzarebright> no Slender yet xD
07:31 <Andytags> ex dee
07:31 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD so zyranne, time is it over there?
07:31 <Zyranne> 8:30 AM
07:31 <Pramirez351> also diamondz, i got something to tell you
07:31 <Diamondzarebright> Yes?
07:32 <Pramirez351> so um outside, its a bit creepy when its all silent
07:32 <Diamondzarebright> mhm
07:32 <Pramirez351> but at like at 3 am, if you are quiet
07:32 -!- Blah700 has joined Special:Chat
07:32 <Andytags> U CAN HEAR SLENDER
07:32 -!- Ineverex has joined Special:Chat
07:32 <Pramirez351> you can hear birds chirping over here :P
07:32 <Zyranne> I like it at 3AM
07:32 <Andytags> wow no 
07:32 <Andytags> get off my coast pram
07:32 <Pramirez351> and i like it because it lets me know there is nothing ominous around xD
07:32 <Zyranne> the early hours of the morning are my favourite
07:32 <Pramirez351> i dont know zyranne xD
07:32 <Andytags> ^
07:32 <Diamondzarebright> I hear way too much at 3AM 
07:33 <Andytags> like the voices
07:33 <Guy with a mask> Yuo can see how jeff the killer is eating potato..
07:33 <Pramirez351> hahaha i know the feeling diamondz
07:33 <Diamondzarebright> yes 
07:33 <Guy with a mask> Well creepy...
07:33 <Guy with a mask> *you
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Andytags> get out
07:33 <TeddyBearLover24> ........
07:33 -!- Blah700 was kicked from Special:Chat by Pramirez351
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 <Blah700> I need some Ketchup with this Cheese and Spam
07:33 -!- Blah700 has left Special:Chat.
07:33 <Guy with a mask> ...
07:33 -!- Blah700 was banned from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum for 7200 seconds.
07:33 <Zyranne> boom
07:33 <Guy with a mask> Wow
07:33 <Diamondzarebright> JEEZUS
07:33 <Ineverex> damn
07:33 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:33 <Princess Platinum> pram pm
07:33 <Princess Platinum> and ban for that -_-
07:33 <Andytags> oh he's gettin' the boot
07:33 <Lei Omaki> honk
07:33 <Andytags> he didn't do good enough
07:33 <Lei Omaki> woah
07:33 <TeddyBearLover24> Okay what ever the Hell that was all about -_-
07:33 <Lei Omaki> brb
07:33 <Andytags> he should have BANNED HIM
07:34 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:34 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
07:34 <Diamondzarebright> That was random as fuck 
07:34 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:34 <Zyranne> Spammers...
07:34 <Diamondzarebright> excuse my language..... 
07:34 -!- Ineverex has left Special:Chat.
07:34 <Andytags> XD........
07:34 <Lei Omaki> i'm back 
07:34 <Zyranne> wb
07:34 <Diamondzarebright> Cheese and Kerchup are HORRIBLE together
07:34 <Zyranne> What a username
07:34 <Diamondzarebright> t* 
07:35 <Pramirez351> oh gosh xD that was a bit rushing xD
07:35 <Diamondzarebright> like every second 
07:35 <Lei Omaki> did i miss something?
07:35 <Pramirez351> just a spammer lei
07:35 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
07:35 <Guy with a mask> NOPE
07:35 <Pramirez351> nothing too big
07:35 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
07:35 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
07:35 <Andytags> X fucking D
07:35 <Diamondzarebright> woah 
07:35 <Diamondzarebright> really!?
07:36 <Pramirez351> what? xD
07:36 <Guy with a mask> XD
07:36 <Lei Omaki> :o?
07:36 <Andytags>
07:36 <Diamondzarebright> I darkened my profile pic so you can see who it is so I will be back
07:36 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
07:36 <Andytags> k
07:36 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
07:36 <Pramirez351> oki bai diamondz :3 stay awesome
07:36 <Diamondzarebright> It is Yu from Puyo Pop Fever
07:37 <Pramirez351> oh thats cool xD
07:37 <Pramirez351> thats better yeah :P
07:37 <Diamondzarebright> yes do not search Puyo Pop Fever pictures on Google... the pics are too colorful 
07:37 <Diamondzarebright> and may harm your eyes
07:38 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD oki xD
07:38 <Lei Omaki> really?
07:38 <Diamondzarebright> yes
07:38 <Zyranne> I might change myavatar
07:38 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:38 <Lei Omaki> i'm going to search for it xD
07:38 <Zyranne> I don't know yet
07:38 <Diamondzarebright> try it yourself 
07:38 <Andytags> okay i'm gonna go
07:38 <Andytags> too much xD for me 
07:38 <Andytags> xD
07:38 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
07:38 <Darkstride> andy
07:38 <Darkstride> yunostay
07:39 <Lei Omaki> woah, it's full of colorful miracles
07:39 <Pramirez351> it wasnt that bad diamondz xD
07:39 <Diamondzarebright> Hell yeah 
07:39 <Ednoahjones> Motherfucking miracles
07:39 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
07:39 -!- Dr. Ivo Robotnik has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Darkstride> noah
07:39 <Zyranne> Gonna go guys
07:39 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> Hello!
07:39 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:39 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Ednoahjones> Everywhere in this bitch
07:39 <Darkstride> dou-DOCTOR ROBOTNIK
07:39 <Zyranne> will be on later
07:39 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Diamondzarebright> Woah 
07:39 <Darkstride> PANGIS
07:39 <Diamondzarebright> Sonic character!!
07:39 <Zyranne> so...bai
07:39 <Darkstride> Bai Zyranne
07:39 <Ednoahjones> Pingas!
07:39 <Zyranne> Bye Dark
07:39 <Pramirez351> bai zyranne!
07:39 <Lei Omaki> my connection fucked up ;w;
07:40 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:40 <Zyranne> Bye Pram
07:40 <Pramirez351> wb maria xD
07:40 <Darkstride> Wb Maria
07:40 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> Hey people, Ive been reading the wiki since like 2 years, but why did you prohibite any more Minecraft creepypastas?
07:40 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> I mean like, they werent tuly good at al
07:40 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Darkstride> all video game pastas
07:40 <Pramirez351> because they suck pretty much robotnik
07:40 <Darkstride> ^
07:40 <Pramirez351> thats a fact xD
07:40 <Ednoahjones> and there got to be too many,
07:40 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> call me Caf
07:40 <Ednoahjones> like seriously
07:40 -!- TeddyBearLover24 has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> This is my wiki name
07:41 <Pramirez351> i seriously want to ban pokepastas for the spanish crepypasta wiki
07:41 <Pramirez351> but, we still to early
07:41 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> Bt the wiki got some good pastas, while most suck, sorry
07:41 <Pramirez351> yes most of them do suck Caf
07:41 <Pramirez351> but tell that to the people that write them xD not us :P
07:41 <Lei Omaki> yeah
07:41 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> Its no wonder why you banned all more videogame pastas, they reeally suck, they were, bad, unoriginal...ive read mots of them and I cant lie
07:42 <Lei Omaki> okay okay, you can stop now
07:42 <Lei Omaki> we get it
07:42 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> srry for typos, I type fast wthout looking at the keyboard*
07:42 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> ok sure
07:42 <Pramirez351> oh wow xD ok well yeah
07:42 <Pramirez351> so um, how is everyone doing? :3
07:42 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <Noughtshayde> yeah! I am back!
07:43 <Lei Omaki> doing pretty good i guess
07:43 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> I can say I am a bit of bored
07:43 <Lei Omaki> wb nought
07:43 <Pramirez351> wb noughshade
07:43 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> welcam!
07:43 <Pramirez351> hahah thats good lei :)
07:43 <Pramirez351> also Caf, just wait until we get drunk
07:43 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> ....And what will be then?
07:43 <Pramirez351> wait... i think only lei can do that xD
07:43 <Diamondzarebright> nu Guy left... 
07:43 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
07:43 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> :O
07:43 <Pramirez351> anyone here that is 21?
07:44 <Princess Platinum> im not drunk or wait
07:44 <Princess Platinum> maybe
07:44 <Dr. Ivo Robotnik> well, srry, bye guys
07:44 <Princess Platinum> neuigh
07:44 <Pramirez351> bye Caff
07:44 -!- Dr. Ivo Robotnik has left Special:Chat.
07:44 <Pramirez351> Caf*
07:44 <Pramirez351> nice meeting ya
07:44 <Lei Omaki> thank god, muscle dude left
07:44 <Diamondzarebright> It feels so dead here without Guy... 
07:44 <Princess Platinum> i shall devower the ears of male unicorn ponies
07:45 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD nice lei :P
07:45 <Noughtshayde> damn chat being stupid to me right now
07:45 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:45 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
07:45 <Pramirez351> i know the feeling nought
07:46 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
07:46 <Pramirez351> welp one less ._:
07:46 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:47 <Pramirez351> are you jesse?
07:47 <Noughtshayde> NOW is it working right?
07:47 <Pramirez351> yes :P
07:47 <Pramirez351> hai nought
07:47 <Noughtshayde> test1
07:47 <Noughtshayde> there we go
07:47 <Pramirez351> we dont talk too much :P
07:47 <Diamondzarebright> jeez this is the shortest chat I've... 
07:47 <Noughtshayde> hi
07:48 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
07:48 <Pramirez351> i know diamondz xD
07:48 <Noughtshayde> dammit, i have to refresh chat constantly
07:48 <Pramirez351> so um, nought, what is your favorite pasta?
07:48 <Noughtshayde> just to comment
07:48 <Diamondzarebright> Actually... I've seen only four people one time
07:48 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <Noughtshayde> out of PotM?
07:48 <Pramirez351> augh i know guys xD
07:48 <Pramirez351> no just in general nought
07:48 <Pramirez351> also wb sarah
07:49 <Noughtshayde> strangest security tape I have ever seen
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> yes sarah the idiots are gone 
07:49 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD well ok, i have actually yet to read that one  nought
07:49 <Noughtshayde> well, I would not quite say all of them...I am here, for instance
07:49 <Diamondzarebright> No I mean the ones that like to talk shit 
07:49 <Pramirez351> oh nuh xD you aint an idiot xD
07:50 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
07:50 <Noughtshayde> meh, me and sarah have had our share of silly fights
07:50 <Pramirez351> diamondz refers to musclebuilder and stuff
07:50 <Pramirez351> also hai mitch
07:50 <Noughtshayde> oh, ok.
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> yus
07:50 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:50 <Noughtshayde> i dunno who that is, tho.
07:50 <Pramirez351> wb maria xD
07:50 <Diamondzarebright> It keeps raining here
07:50 <Darkstride> lucky .-.
07:50 <Pramirez351> i wish it would rain over here xD
07:50 <Darkstride> ^
07:51 <Pramirez351> i love cloudy weather
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> Its been raining for a week 
07:51 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:51 <Darkstride> I used to live in Las Vegas
07:51 <Darkstride> I died
07:51 <Pramirez351> that sucks darkstride xD
07:51 <Pramirez351> brb
07:51 <Darkstride> it does (loool) and k
07:51 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
07:51 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> Las Vegas is too bright for me
07:51 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
07:51 <Noughtshayde> i used to live in oregon, where it rains every other day and is cloudy most of the rest of the time
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> Oregon sounds nice
07:51 <Diamondzarebright> I want to go there one day.. 
07:52 <Noughtshayde> then i moved to washington, where little to no moisture existed.
07:52 <Pramirez351> i like... 2 free reasons why i like las vegas (;))
07:52 <Noughtshayde> now i live in southern california
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> Gambling
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> and the lights? 
07:52 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
07:52 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
07:52 <Pramirez351> so sarah, you get a bit of sleep girl? or no?
07:52 <Pramirez351> nou diamondz xD
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> gurls? 
07:52 <Pramirez351> exactamundo
07:52 <Noughtshayde> I am a guy.
07:52 <Diamondzarebright> xD
07:53 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD well nice to know nought
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> Gurls and Broadways
07:53 <Noughtshayde> Just thought I would throw that out there.
07:53 <Pramirez351> hahaha, well to tell you guys something, have you seen my avatar?
07:53 <Diamondzarebright> Man I would kill for some ice cream ......
07:53 <Pramirez351> thats actually me
07:54 <Pramirez351> like, im not even wearing any make-up on the picture or anything. im all natural
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> You see Pram, I kind of knew that all along
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> But... I ask myself How
07:54 <Noughtshayde> Although it would be interesting to switch genders for a day.
07:54 <Noughtshayde> Just for shits and giggles.
07:54 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:54 <Pramirez351> hahaha well diamondz, you would be surprised by the amount of people that go "wait...thats your picture!? i never noticed!"
07:54 <Pramirez351> wb lei :3
07:54 <Diamondzarebright> Looks like I'm waking up to rain again 
07:54 <Noughtshayde> hai
07:54 <Pramirez351> awww poor diamondz xD
07:55 <Lei Omaki> back
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> Eh I don't mind It 
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> it kind of cools down the state
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> and it just started downpouring
07:55 <Lei Omaki> puyo ppop  fever looks cool
07:55 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> Oh you noticed Gamzee
07:55 <Pramirez351> wb grammatik
07:55 <Diamondzarebright> It is Yu 
07:55 <Noughtshayde> you know what looks cool? Ice. Ice looks cool.
07:55 <Grammatik> Danke
07:56 <Lei Omaki> yu?
07:56 <Pramirez351> now all the crazy people are gone now grammatik xD
07:56 <Diamondzarebright> One of the characters
07:56 <Grammatik> Where is 414...
07:56 <Grammatik> .-.
07:57 <Pramirez351> they need their own remake of a game
07:57 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
07:57 <Pramirez351> also 414 is sleeping grammatik xD like all of us should
07:57 <Lei Omaki> oh
07:57 <Diamondzarebright> why does it always rain at three in the morning...
07:57 <Pramirez351> hello frequenttraveler. you new?
07:57 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
07:57 <Noughtshayde> not me! I don't sleep, I just enter an even deeper state of madness temporarily.
07:57 <Diamondzarebright> everything happens at three in the morning
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> jeez that rain is loud
07:58 <Pramirez351> the sound of rain at that time must be nice or at least peacefull :P
07:58 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> its mainly the wind but jeez
07:58 <Pramirez351> Frequenttraveler whats up? you new?
07:58 <Diamondzarebright> Its knocking out my TV 
07:58 <Pramirez351> oh dam, crap is gettin serious diamondz xD
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> I've spoke with him before
07:59 <Pramirez351> with who?
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> the one you were trying to reach 
07:59 <Pramirez351> oh xD ok :P
07:59 <Pramirez351> i was just a bit afraid he would be a spammer or something ._.
07:59 <Diamondzarebright> He is new ,  he's just awkward
08:00 <Noughtshayde> you know who else is new?
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> you?
08:00 <Noughtshayde> A baby, somewhere far away in the world, just being born.
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> I've been here for two months actually 
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> well one and a half 
08:00 <Noughtshayde> I have been here for about a month and a half, perhaps 2-3 months, something like that.
08:00 <Pramirez351> ahaha really diamondz? and how you liking it here?
08:00 <Diamondzarebright> Its been good 
08:00 <Pramirez351> you too nought. how you liking it?
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> Very good Summer
08:01 <Noughtshayde> pretty nice.
08:01 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD i LOVE chat
08:01 <Noughtshayde> rules can be a bit tight at times
08:01 <Noughtshayde> but ok
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> I like spending my summer's on here
08:01 <Pramirez351> (i have been on it every day for the last...5 months almost xD)
08:01 <Noughtshayde> its a bit hard to get noticed around here, tho.
08:01 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> does't bother me Pram 
08:01 <Diamondzarebright> n8 
08:01 <Noughtshayde> ohai, newcomer.
08:02 <Pramirez351> only ONE day ive missed, and that was because of religious reasons but whatever xD
08:02 <Pramirez351> also hai 414 xD
08:02 <Pramirez351> grammatik was lookin for ya
08:02 <Noughtshayde> do you have caps lock on?
08:02 <41488p> oh really?
08:02 <Noughtshayde> nvm
08:02 <41488p> I do not
08:02 <Pramirez351> hahah nought, he is a regular
08:02 <41488p> but I have some good news
08:02 <41488p> first of all
08:02 <Pramirez351> what is it 414?
08:02 <41488p> my PC is back
08:02 <41488p> internet's up
08:02 <Pramirez351> oh...GREAT :)
08:02 <Noughtshayde> i know, i meant newcomer to chat
08:02 <41488p> Steam's downloading shit
08:02 <41488p> actually that was it
08:02 <41488p> but once we get the unlimited bandwith plan
08:02 <41488p> :D
08:03 <Pramirez351> oh wow xd
08:03 <Pramirez351> xD*
08:03 <41488p> BORDERLANDS 2 HERE I COME
08:03 <Noughtshayde> well, i hate to leave you this early, but I gotta do shit, perhaps actually sleep for once cuz i gotta get up at 6-7 tomorrow morning
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> I miss playing Plants vs Zombies 
08:03 <Noughtshayde> cya
08:03 <Diamondzarebright> bai Nought 
08:03 <Pramirez351> bye nought
08:03 <Noughtshayde> bai bai
08:03 <Lei Omaki> bye
08:03 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
08:03 <Pramirez351> also ive heard plants vs zombies is pretty good
08:04 <Diamondzarebright> yeah they made a second one 
08:04 <Darkstride> making
08:04 <Diamondzarebright> No it came out I saw someone playing it on youtube
08:04 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD wb darkstride :P
08:04 <Diamondzarebright> he's on tiny chat with noah 
08:05 <Darkstride> what
08:05 <Darkstride> no i'm not
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> yes 
08:05 <Pramirez351> actually i wanna...test something :3
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> why is noah away then
08:05 <Pramirez351> !yto
08:05 <Darkstride> he never even invited me to a tc
08:05 <Pramirez351> !ytoff
08:05 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Youtube info now OFF
08:05 <Pramirez351> :3
08:05 <Darkstride> ohohoho
08:05 <Pramirez351> wub you jesse 
08:05 <Pramirez351> (h)
08:05 <Pramirez351> well ok ill stop messin around with her
08:05 <Diamondzarebright> Eh Noah's probably reading up Home Stuck updates
08:05 <Lei Omaki> jesse said love you too pram xD
08:06 <Lei Omaki> done reading the Homestuck updates
08:06 <Pramirez351> !yton
08:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Youtube info now ON
08:06 <Diamondzarebright> I don't say piss very much xD
08:06 <Pramirez351> yes, now i can brag that i have been able to turn on both humans AND bots (cigar)
08:06 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
08:07 <Pramirez351> welp this night has been a dream :) only ONE thing...well person, would make it better xD
08:07 <Diamondzarebright> yup 
08:08 <Lei Omaki> honk
08:08 <Darkstride> knoh
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> now it is three am where I am at... I will stay up until four 
08:08 <Darkstride> You live in Central?
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> yes Oklahoma to be exact 
08:08 <Pramirez351> i live in pacific :P
08:08 <Pramirez351> gives me a small advantage
08:08 <Diamondzarebright> somewhere in Cali? 
08:09 <Pramirez351> *ding ding* you got it diamondz
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
08:09 <Darkstride> eye laev een washurclothington
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> washington
08:09 <Lei Omaki> i live somewhere far from united states xD
08:09 <Diamondzarebright> Singapore? 
08:09 <Pramirez351> yup, lei live far away xD
08:09 <Darkstride> Lei imaguess
08:10 <Darkstride> New Zealand.
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> Ireland
08:10 <Lei Omaki> nope
08:10 <Darkstride> europe.
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> Italy
08:10 <Lei Omaki> nope
08:10 <Lei Omaki> honk
08:10 <Diamondzarebright> France?
08:10 <Darkstride> Alternia.
08:10 <Darkstride> (huehue)
08:10 <Lei Omaki> lol Darkstride xD
08:11 <Lei Omaki> and nope
08:11 <Ednoahjones> Alternia?
08:11 <Ednoahjones> what about our home planet?
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> holy shit 
08:11 <Pramirez351> i will not reveal it lei :P
08:11 <Diamondzarebright> you rose from the graveyard deck 
08:11 <Darkstride> ednoah
08:11 <Darkstride> start a tc
08:11 <Darkstride> naow
08:11 <Ednoahjones> no u
08:11 <Darkstride> nu
08:11 <Ednoahjones> and yes.
08:12 <Ednoahjones> yes i did rebecca,
08:12 <Lei Omaki> thanks pram
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> (looo)
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> (loool) 
08:12 <Lei Omaki> (loool)
08:12 <Ednoahjones> because of the key rule of homestuck.
08:12 <Ednoahjones> all who died come back again.
08:12 -!- FriendlySoul has joined Special:Chat
08:12 <Ednoahjones> you should know this.
08:12 <Diamondzarebright> Oh blah 
08:12 <41488p> YUSSSS
08:12 <Darkstride> 414
08:12 <Darkstride> aed m3
08:12 <41488p> Darkstride
08:12 <41488p> kkk m8
08:13 <Darkstride> mah naem isn't sarkdtride thao
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> your name is Dane
08:13 <Ednoahjones> his name is fuckass
08:13 <Darkstride> orlly
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> which is quite unique
08:13 <41488p> odam
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> in my point of view
08:13 <Ednoahjones> and noah isn't?>
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> .-.
08:13 <Diamondzarebright> plz no jelly
08:13 <Ednoahjones> plz yes jelly
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> (jelly) 
08:14 <Lei Omaki> (jelly) you say?
08:14 <Ednoahjones> =:o)
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> dem damn obsessives
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> over a man in green 
08:14 <Darkstride> mah naem on staem
08:14 <Darkstride> ish deadmagic89
08:14 <41488p>
08:14 <Ednoahjones> is asshole
08:14 <41488p> I AM SO HAPPY
08:14 <Diamondzarebright> dats lovely 
08:14 <Pramirez351> oh wow 414 xD
08:14 <Lei Omaki> :o(
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> gam 
08:15 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
08:15 <Pramirez351> welp, if anyone needs me, just ping me
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> wat is it 
08:15 <Darkstride> okie pram
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> okai Pram 
08:15 <Pramirez351> remember, the easiest ping is porn xD
08:15 <Darkstride> Ninjeeed
08:15 <41488p> wow Pram you really are a mod now :D
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> nu you did not just 
08:15 <41488p> congrats congrats
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> FU 
08:15 <Ednoahjones> i have to piss.
08:15 <Ednoahjones> and shit.
08:15 <Pramirez351> ill try to keep an eye on chat do xD
08:15 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
08:15 <Darkstride> (huehue) ^^^
08:15 <Ednoahjones> but i'm too lazy to go
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> ewe 
08:15 <Darkstride> noah
08:15 <Darkstride> just go in your pants
08:15 <Diamondzarebright> tmi 
08:15 <Ednoahjones> ....
08:15 <Lei Omaki> brb
08:15 <Darkstride> it's really efficient 
08:16 <Pramirez351> welp, now that i know what you look like noah... (srslywtf)
08:16 <Ednoahjones> no.
08:16 <Darkstride> PRAM 
08:16 <Darkstride> okie
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> lol
08:16 <Ednoahjones> and atleast i'm upfront about it.
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> oi 
08:16 <Diamondzarebright> ya kayate 
08:16 <Darkstride> Straightforward. Upfront. (Derp)
08:16 <Ednoahjones> ^ in your rear
08:17 <Lei Omaki> back :o)
08:17 <Darkstride> lololol
08:17 <Ednoahjones> gimmie da booty
08:17 <Ednoahjones> i like the booty
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> kayate la voca
08:17 -!- FriendlySoul has left Special:Chat.
08:17 <Darkstride> show me de booty*
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> xD
08:17 <Ednoahjones> beautiful booty,
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> b* 
08:17 <Ednoahjones> smokin' booty.
08:17 -!- FriendlySoul has joined Special:Chat
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> it is boca... 
08:17 <Ednoahjones> Fine booty....
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> Jeez
08:17 <Ednoahjones> gonna need alot more booty
08:17 <Diamondzarebright> stahp 
08:17 <Pramirez351> ok we get it noa
08:17 <Pramirez351> noah*
08:18 <Pramirez351> you like booty now yeah slow it down
08:18 <Ednoahjones> i had One more.
08:18 <Ednoahjones> one more,
08:18 <Lei Omaki> what the motherfuck did i just walk in?
08:18 <Pramirez351> ok (comeon) go ahead
08:18 <Pramirez351> also nuthing...too bad lei
08:18 <Ednoahjones> I hope that ones my booty.
08:18 <Pramirez351> ok now (stop)
08:19 <Pramirez351> thank you
08:19 <Pramirez351> (:D)
08:19 <Diamondzarebright> Have you guise seen the PB poptarts
08:19 <Pramirez351> what i listen to when i miss the girl whom i like xD
08:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Make Love to Me! - Jo Stafford - Duration: 02:42 - Uploaded: 2010-09-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 7,501 -
08:19 <Ednoahjones> brb
08:20 <Lei Omaki> no
08:20 <Ednoahjones> need a poo
08:20 <Diamondzarebright> *rolls her eyes* really noah 
08:20 <Pramirez351> real mature noah (comeon)
08:21 <Pramirez351> ok welp, so how is everyone doin? :P
08:21 <Lei Omaki> hungry
08:22 <Pramirez351> there is actually 10 people for late night chat which is pretty darn good :P
08:23 <Pramirez351> *googles pinkanema to try to draw her, finds MLP porn* now im just like " (facepalm) "
08:23 <Lei Omaki> ...
08:23 <Lei Omaki> what?
08:24 <Pramirez351> i know lei xD
08:24 <Pramirez351> hey so friendlysoul, you new?
08:24 -!- FriendlySoul has left Special:Chat.
08:25 <Darkstride> Pram in a nutshell when that happened
08:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Surprise It's PORN - Duration: 00:04 - Uploaded: 2013-01-25 - Rating: 4.571429 - Views: 4,092 -
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> Imma refresh 
08:25 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
08:25 <Darkstride> k
08:25 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
08:25 <Diamondzarebright> I back xD
08:25 <Pramirez351> wb xD
08:26 <Darkstride> have this noah
08:26 <Diamondzarebright> Get a load of this by eggman 
08:27 <41488p> well well well
08:27 <41488p> seems like Steam didn't recognize my games
08:27 <41488p> oh right
08:27 <Pramirez351> cant see it darkstride ._.
08:27 <Darkstride> why not? .-.
08:27 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:27 <41488p> I didn't download any in Singapore because it didn't allow me to
08:27 <41488p> oh look
08:27 <41488p> there's a crate
08:27 <41488p> full of my GAMES
08:27 <Lei Omaki> it's a tinychat :o
08:27 <41488p> OHHH
08:27 <41488p> WHAT NOW STEAM
08:27 <41488p> OMGOGM
08:27 <Darkstride> wait the chat link or youtube link? ;-;
08:27 -!- FriendlySoul has joined Special:Chat
08:27 <Diamondzarebright> youtube link 
08:27 <Pramirez351> wb friendlySoul
08:27 <Pramirez351> you new?
08:28 <Diamondzarebright> SPEAK xD 
08:28 -!- FriendlySoul has left Special:Chat.
08:28 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:28 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
08:28 <HiddenSpirit> Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch. 
08:28 <Pramirez351> jk got to watch it xD
08:28 <Pramirez351> also wb hidden :3
08:28 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks.
08:29 <Diamondzarebright> these new people 
08:29 <Pramirez351> welp i guess he isnt too friendly xD
08:29 <Diamondzarebright> they never speak 
08:29 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
08:29 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
08:29 <Pramirez351> "     " the new user story
08:29 <Pramirez351> xD
08:29 <Diamondzarebright> yup
08:30 <Pramirez351> so um, how do you draw ponies? xD
08:30 <HiddenSpirit> penises?
08:30 <HiddenSpirit> easy
08:30 <HiddenSpirit> oh.
08:30 <Pramirez351> oh wow hidden xD
08:30 <Diamondzarebright> I have no Id- wat 
08:30 <Pramirez351>  you would be thinking that hidden (ic)
08:30 <Diamondzarebright> It is that time 
08:30 <HiddenSpirit> Lel
08:31 <Pramirez351> nuh im drawing it for a friend :P
08:31 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
08:31 <Ednoahjones> i be back
08:32 <Diamondzarebright> Ahem 
08:32 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
08:32 <Diamondzarebright> my puppy was thirsty 
08:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
08:33 <41488p> so...
08:33 <41488p> Far Cry 2?
08:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
08:33 <Pramirez351> awwww xD thats cute diamondz xD
08:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
08:33 <Diamondzarebright> *nods* 
08:33 <41488p> or Assasin's Creed?
08:33 <41488p> aw Diamondz
08:33 <41488p> :3
08:33 <Diamondzarebright> Assassians Creed
08:33 <Pramirez351> also i have not heard of far cry series so go with assasings creed
08:33 <41488p> okay
08:33 <41488p> brb
08:34 <Pramirez351> asssassin's creed
08:34 <Pramirez351> *
08:34 <Diamondzarebright> I never know how to spell that word 
08:34 <Diamondzarebright> too many s's
08:34 <Pramirez351> hahah exactamundo diamondz xD
08:34 <Diamondzarebright> I also don't know how I got water on my glasses lens... 
08:34 <Lei Omaki> assassin's creed
08:34 <Lei Omaki> there
08:35 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
08:35 <Lei Omaki> pchoo
08:35 <Pramirez351> lei you 2smart5us
08:35 <Diamondzarebright> welp guise don't ever fool around with a video camera
08:35 <Pramirez351> but yeah you are pretty awesome lei :P
08:35 <Pramirez351> why not diamondz?
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> You will see things
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> That really weren't meant to be seen 
08:36 <Pramirez351> porn? :3
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> no 
08:36 <Pramirez351> imeanwut?
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> Just some entities can be seen on a video camera
08:36 <Diamondzarebright> they are pretty creepy 
08:36 <41488p> porn
08:37 <41488p> I should add that as a ping
08:37 <Ednoahjones> ^
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> but that's pram's ping
08:37 <Pramirez351> join the club 414 xD
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> My ping is Tim 
08:37 <41488p> Bazinga.
08:37 <Diamondzarebright> Rylee's is Masky 
08:38 <Ednoahjones> porn
08:38 <Ednoahjones> porn
08:38 <41488p> ffff-
08:38 <Pramirez351> ok noah
08:38 <Ednoahjones> i sure do love Porn.
08:38 <41488p> me too
08:38 <41488p> oh, porn
08:38 <41488p> porn is wonderful
08:38 <Diamondzarebright> I've never really seen a full porn vid 
08:38 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
08:38 <Ednoahjones> porn is life
08:38 <41488p> porn lifts me up when I'm feeling low
08:38 <Ednoahjones> porn is death
08:38 <Ednoahjones> porn is
08:38 <Diamondzarebright> I've read porn 
08:38 <41488p> porn puts me low when i'm feeling up
08:38 <Ednoahjones> everything
08:38 <Diamondzarebright> Porns are called Lemons
08:39 <Ednoahjones> Porn gets me up when i'm feeling limp
08:39 <Pramirez351> well you dont need to see a full long video diamondz xD
08:39 <Diamondzarebright> yes it is very disturbing for some girls like me
08:39 <41488p> ohohoh
08:39 <Pramirez351> i know there are some...maybe the smallest is like 10 mins? maybe
08:39 <Pramirez351> yeah porn is...bad for poeple
08:39 <Diamondzarebright> well not that.. its just I'm shy around it 
08:40 <Ednoahjones> porn is good for your health
08:40 <Pramirez351> but hey at least its better then drugs am i right? (ic)
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> and tend not to touch it 
08:40 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> yeh I guess
08:40 <Ednoahjones> hi maria,
08:40 <Ednoahjones> we're talking about porn
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> I never touched a drug in my life
08:40 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <Lei Omaki> back
08:40 <Pramirez351> welp, if anyone is uncomfortable with any of this just say so.
08:40 <Pramirez351> wb lei
08:40 <Ednoahjones> come join our porn speak
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> nor have a had any drinks
08:40 <41488p> porn
08:40 <Pramirez351> wb entity
08:40 <41488p> porn
08:40 <41488p> oh porn
08:40 <Diamondzarebright> glorious porn 
08:40 <Pramirez351> ok 414 calm down buddy xD
08:40 <Princess Platinum> ENJOY MY FREWORKS BITCHES (tt)
08:40 <41488p> WAT NO
08:41 <Pramirez351> holy shit maria xD
08:41 <Diamondzarebright> Oh dang
08:41 <Pramirez351> caught me a bit offguard
08:41 <Ednoahjones> Porn fire works!
08:41 <Diamondzarebright> dem "Fire Works" are amazin' 
08:41 <Princess Platinum> good
08:41 <Lei Omaki> porn what?
08:41 <Princess Platinum> keeps ya on yoir toes
08:41 <Princess Platinum> stay frosty
08:41 <Pramirez351> hahhaa xD thats good maria :P
08:41 <41488p> I removed it :D
08:41 <Pramirez351> its basic, but good
08:41 <41488p> AHHAHA
08:42 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD oh wow 414 xD
08:42 <Diamondzarebright> I want a frosty... from Wendy's 
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> what is uncomfortale?
08:42 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:42 <41488p> but on the subject of porn...
08:42 <Pramirez351> oh arent you supposed to suck on frosties?
08:42 <41488p> who here likes porn?
08:42 <41488p> I do like porn.
08:42 <Diamondzarebright> well 
08:42 <41488p> even though porn is a bit...
08:42 <41488p> porny.
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> uh.
08:42 <Diamondzarebright> you suck the ice cream from them I suppose
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> I think...
08:42 <Pramirez351> nuh if anyone is uncomfortable by porn talk, then just tell us
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> we shouldn't be talking about.
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> Like, according to the rules.
08:42 <41488p> ah, yes.
08:42 <41488p> we shouldn't talk much about porn.
08:42 <41488p> in fact, porn talk is against the rules.
08:42 <Esoteric Entity> It's in the rules.
08:42 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:42 <Pramirez351> yeah
08:42 <41488p> well, porn talk IS sex talk
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> So, yeah.
08:43 <41488p> anyone's ping porn?
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> I'll ban all of you.
08:43 <Pramirez351> well meh
08:43 <Pramirez351> hai entity :3
08:43 <41488p> danggit
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Staring with you pram.
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Bai.
08:43 <Pramirez351> how you doin man?
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> LOL XD
08:43 <Pramirez351> oh ok bai
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> I'm okay.
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Wait.
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Prammie?
08:43 <Princess Platinum> I have the demod gun
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> YOU'RE A MOD!?
08:43 <41488p> Hooded notice the star next to Pram's name?
08:43 -!- UnluckyReader has joined Special:Chat
08:43 <41488p> HEHEHEHE
08:43 <UnluckyReader> Hello. c:
08:43 <Lei Omaki> hi un;ucky reader
08:43 <Pramirez351> im only temporary enitty
08:43 <41488p> hi Reader
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, reader.
08:43 <Pramirez351> entity*
08:43 <Esoteric Entity> Aw, for who?
08:44 <Pramirez351> hello unlucky reader
08:44 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:44 <Pramirez351> so yeah im just wrokin mod for a bit so that maria and sarah get some rest :3
08:44 <Pramirez351> its good for them :)
08:44 <Esoteric Entity> Well, I'm here. lol
08:44 <Temmington> who says im asleep 
08:44 <Temmington> lol
08:44 <Esoteric Entity> That's why I signed up for this job, lol.
08:44 <Pramirez351> im just sayin, you COULD got o sleep if you chose sarah
08:45 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:45 <Temmington> hell no
08:45 <Pramirez351> oh...well ok xD
08:45 <Pramirez351> im here until...maybe next hour
08:45 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
08:45 <Diamondzarebright> I got distracted with Malcolm in the middle
08:45 <UnluckyReader> I'm here 'till whenever~ Lol.
08:45 <41488p> ^
08:45 <Lei Omaki> ?
08:46 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
08:46 <Pramirez351> so you leavin or no entity?
08:47 <Darkstride> iguesthat'sayeuis @pram
08:47 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:47 <Pramirez351> ill take that as yes
08:47 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:47 <Lei Omaki> moop
08:47 <Diamondzarebright> Welp
08:48 <Pramirez351> welp my awesome sis is with me
08:48 <Pramirez351> say hai guys
08:48 <41488p> sister
08:48 <Temmington> hi
08:48 <41488p> SISTER
08:48 <41488p> OMG
08:48 <41488p> OMFG
08:48 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:48 <41488p> SISTER
08:48 <41488p> ahem
08:48 <Pramirez351> calm down 414
08:48 <Diamondzarebright> hai
08:48 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
08:48 <Pramirez351> please
08:48 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
08:48 <41488p> hi
08:48 <Pramirez351> wb everyone xD
08:48 <41488p> wait is this Pram or Pram's sister talking?
08:49 <Diamondzarebright> Pram 
08:49 <Esoteric Entity> What?
08:49 <Pramirez351> yeah im pram
08:49 <Pramirez351> my sis is watching chat do :P
08:49 <Esoteric Entity> Oh, lol.
08:49 <41488p> ah.
08:49 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
08:49 <Diamondzarebright> der's a Tim
08:49 <Pramirez351> hai cymbal! :3
08:49 <CrashingCymbal> Sup!
08:49 <Esoteric Entity> Yesterday, we didn't get a barbecue. ._.
08:49 <Esoteric Entity> Hopefully, today.
08:50 <41488p> it's a bird
08:50 <41488p> it's a plane
08:50 <41488p> it's CYMBAL
08:50 <CrashingCymbal> It's a planebird
08:50 <41488p> oh barbeque
08:50 <Lei Omaki> hi car crash
08:50 <CrashingCymbal> It's a birdplane
08:50 <Diamondzarebright> Its a Ho oh 
08:50 <CrashingCymbal> IT'S 414
08:50 <Temmington> Alright I think it's safe to say we can remove the temp modship. 
08:50 <Temmington> Once an admin gets on.
08:50 <Esoteric Entity> So...
08:50 <Esoteric Entity> hm.
08:50 <41488p> HOLY SHIT WATFQ
08:51 <CrashingCymbal> :o
08:51 <Esoteric Entity> Theoretically, Temm, Cleric is here.
08:51 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:51 <CrashingCymbal> I just noticed!
08:51 <Pramirez351> hey guys its prams sis, can you please tell my wonderful(sarcasm) brother to go to sleep?? Thanks!
08:51 <Diamondzarebright> he's been here
08:51 <41488p> Pram go to sleep
08:51 <CrashingCymbal> Congraulations, Pramirez! :D
08:51 <Esoteric Entity> Oh, and so is Princess Platinum.
08:51 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
08:51 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
08:51 <Diamondzarebright> Its a temp Tim 
08:51 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:51 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
08:51 <Esoteric Entity> Go to bed, Prammie.
08:52 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
08:52 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:52 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:52 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:53 <Esoteric Entity> Say, does anyone here make sigs?
08:53 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
08:53 <Lei Omaki> Reaper 
08:53 <Esoteric Entity> He quit and was banned.
08:53 <Temmington> Maria does. 
08:53 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
08:53 <Esoteric Entity> Hm.
08:53 <Lei Omaki> oh
08:53 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
08:53 <Pramirez351> sorry xD
08:54 <Pramirez351> stupid lag
08:54 <Pramirez351> so yeah stuff
08:54 <Pramirez351> :)
08:54 <Temmington> [[User:Temmington/sig3]] 
08:54 <Temmington> Maria made this for me .
08:54 <Temmington> :3
08:54 <41488p> awww
08:54 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:54 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
08:54 <Pramirez351> awww dang it
08:54 <Princess Platinum> (D:)
08:54 <Pramirez351> welp it was nice to be a mod :)
08:54 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
08:54 <Temmington> no it wasn't 
08:54 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:55 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> Prammie.
08:55 <Temmington> you didnt even do anything (D:)
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> Your sis started talking shit.
08:55 <Temmington> like when i was a temp mod i straight up banned a guy 
08:55 <SarinaValentine562> Hi everyone :D
08:55 <Pramirez351> now sarah and maria, i hope you have a better picture of me :)
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> I almost had to ban her.
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> leljk.
08:55 <Pramirez351> wait what enitty xD
08:55 <Pramirez351> entity*
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> I remember being a temporary mod. 
08:55 <Temmington> Same, Hoodizzle.
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> I used to be a temporary mod.
08:55 <Pramirez351> she only said to for you guys to tell me to go to sleep xD
08:55 <Lei Omaki> hi
08:55 <Esoteric Entity> But then I took an arrow to the knee.
08:56 <Esoteric Entity> I'm kidding. XD
08:56 <Pramirez351> i let her says so xD
08:56 <Pramirez351> say*
08:56 <Darkstride> Esoteric
08:56 <Pramirez351> ok good entity xD
08:56 <Temmington> also cleric made me a mod on accident once when i was meant to be kicked 
08:56 <41488p> I would decline the honor of being a temp mod :D
08:56 <Darkstride> Why did you get married?
08:56 <41488p> it's too much for me
08:56 <Temmington> before i became a temp mod/mod
08:56 <Esoteric Entity> Married?
08:56 <Esoteric Entity> Wut?
08:56 <Temmington> Wait.
08:56 <41488p> MARRIED
08:56 <Darkstride> Arrow to the knee
08:56 <41488p> DUN, DUN DUN DUN
08:56 <Temmington> Hoodie's engaged? 
08:56 <Darkstride> meant getting married
08:56 <41488p> WILL YOU KISS THE BRIDE
08:56 <Esoteric Entity> I'M CONFUSED!
08:56 <Darkstride> lololol what have i done
08:56 <Pramirez351> so yeah um thanks for the honor guys and sarah, i would have gotten to ban a guy, but ben got him first...i did kick him do xD
08:56 <Pramirez351> it was nice :3
08:57 <Pramirez351> so yeah guys night night! :3 wub you all (h)
08:57 <41488p> there's a giant moth on my computer
08:57 <41488p> bye Pramz
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> Night, Pram.
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> I wish I could ban someone. 
08:57 <Lei Omaki> night pram
08:57 <Pramirez351> also sarah, i did keep chat alive! thats gotta count for something xD
08:57 <Diamondzarebright> wait
08:57 <Diamondzarebright> Tim 
08:57 <Temmington> i wish i could ban YOU
08:57 <Pramirez351> got to give you guys some work :P
08:57 <41488p> I wish I could be banned. Reminds me of BDSM. Turns me way on.
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> Wait, Pram.
08:57 <Diamondzarebright> you banned Guy? 
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> before you leave.
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> can I kick you out?
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> XD
08:57 <41488p> imean
08:57 <Temmington> wish you COULD be banned?
08:57 <41488p> SHIT NO SORRY
08:57 <Pramirez351> yeah ok entity xD
08:57 <41488p> I DIDN'T MEAN THAT
08:57 <Temmington> Have you even LOOKED at your ban log?
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> LOL
08:57 <Esoteric Entity> Okay.
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> Ready, Prammie? XD
08:58 -!- Pramirez351 was kicked from Special:Chat by Temmington
08:58 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
08:58 <Temmington> nope
08:58 <41488p> wat
08:58 <Temmington> you cant
08:58 <Temmington> I CAN
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> WHAT THE FUCK!?
08:58 <41488p> ^
08:58 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> YOU DOUCHEBAG! XDD
08:58 <Temmington> PRAM NO
08:58 <Pramirez351> nou my body is ready entity
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> Okay, bai prammie.
08:58 <Temmington> QUIT BEFORE
08:58 <SarinaValentine562> Hello evryone 
08:58 <Temmington> HE CAN LEAVE
08:58 -!- Pramirez351 was kicked from Special:Chat by Esoteric Entity
08:58 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> XDDD
08:58 <Temmington> YOU DICKHOLE
08:58 <41488p> HAHA!
08:58 <41488p> YES! YES!
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> FUCK YOU! XDD
08:58 <41488p> MR BISON
08:58 <Temmington> NO FUCK YOU! XDD
08:58 <SarinaValentine562> Wow wonder wat happen?
08:58 <Esoteric Entity> XDDD
08:58 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
08:59 <Temmington> HOODIE'S BEING A MEANIE.
08:59 <Diamondzarebright> One should've banned him tho 
08:59 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
08:59 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi
08:59 <41488p> and now there's a fucking big spider in my room
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> Nah.
08:59 <41488p>
08:59 <Temmington> !kick Esoteric Entity 
08:59 <41488p> shit gotta close the door ASAP.
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> Just a kick.
08:59 <Temmington> tity 
08:59 <Temmington> titty 
08:59 <Temmington> ENTITTY 
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> Oh great.
08:59 <HelloImFluttershy> no Hi's
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> First Cymbol now me.
08:59 <Lei Omaki> hi
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> FFFF-
08:59 <Temmington> which mod next
08:59 <HelloImFluttershy> ok 
08:59 <Temmington> Wet Dream Hacked. 
08:59 <Esoteric Entity> Oh wow. XDD
09:00 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:00 <Temmington> um
09:00 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:00 <Temmington> i cant think of anything else
09:00 <41488p> hi Fluttershy
09:00 <SarinaValentine562> "Blush" wat are they talking about?
09:00 <Esoteric Entity> Lesbian Fucks?
09:00 <Esoteric Entity> eh, I dunno.
09:00 <41488p> WHY ME
09:00 <Temmington> Wait where did you get that from. 
09:00 <41488p> OH GOD OH GOD
09:00 <Esoteric Entity> Lesbian Fox?
09:00 <41488p> help me
09:00 <41488p> guys
09:00 <41488p> help
09:00 <41488p> you're mods
09:00 <41488p> you can help
09:00 <41488p> rite
09:00 <CrashingCymbal> Make frinds with it (:P)
09:00 <Esoteric Entity> Kill it with fire, 414.
09:00 <41488p> erggg
09:00 <Temmington> well
09:00 <Temmington> im no longer lesbian fox
09:00 <41488p> but I don't have any fire
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> Lighter?
09:01 <41488p> and I guess they're more afraid of me
09:01 <41488p> than I'm afraid of htem
09:01 <Esoteric Entity> Eh. It was worth a try.
09:01 <41488p> I can use
09:01 <CrashingCymbal> But you do have friendship!
09:01 <SarinaValentine562> What happening??! 0.0
09:01 <41488p> psychological warfare
09:01 <41488p> brb making propaganda
09:01 <Lei Omaki> i don't know sarina
09:01 <Temmington> Kill1les 
09:01 <CrashingCymbal> mmkay.
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> Hay guise
09:01 <Esoteric Entity> >Sarina?
09:01 <Temmington> (les standing for lesbian)
09:01 <Diamondzarebright> King Of The Hill is on 
09:01 <Temmington> KILL A LESBIAN 
09:01 <CrashingCymbal> (huehue)
09:01 <Temmington> OHSHIT
09:01 <Temmington> um
09:01 <Temmington> i gotta go
09:01 <Temmington> ok
09:01 <Esoteric Entity> XDD
09:01 <SarinaValentine562> Okay so confuse
09:01 <Temmington> forever
09:01 <Esoteric Entity> aw, man.
09:01 <Esoteric Entity> See ya.
09:01 <Temmington> GODSPEED TO ME 
09:01 <Temmington> no
09:01 <CrashingCymbal> Brb.
09:02 <Temmington> Kill1(other)les
09:02 <Esoteric Entity> Hm.
09:02 <Esoteric Entity> Looks like I'm the only mod on for now.
09:02 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
09:02 <Esoteric Entity> YOU WERE LEAVING! 
09:02 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:02 <Temmington> its called a JOKE HOODIE 
09:02 <Temmington> i wasnt even leaving 
09:02 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it.
09:02 <Esoteric Entity> Imean okay.
09:02 <41488p> a joke
09:03 <Temmington> FUCK YOU XD
09:03 <Darkstride> What's a "Joke hoodie" (huehue)
09:03 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:03 <Esoteric Entity> NOU XD
09:03 <Esoteric Entity> ...
09:03 <Diamondzarebright> I'm going to sleep now
09:03 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:03 <Esoteric Entity> Goodnight, Diamondz.
09:03 <41488p> night Diamondz
09:03 <Diamondzarebright> nite
09:03 <41488p> I should sleep too
09:03 <HelloImFluttershy> back
09:03 <41488p> but fuck it
09:03 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
09:03 <41488p> I'll sleep late
09:03 <41488p> on a completely unrelated topic, I have lost my wallet.
09:03 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:04 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:04 <Temmington> good for you
09:04 <41488p> thanks
09:04 <Esoteric Entity> It's like, fucking 5AM.
09:04 <Temmington> do you want a fucking cookie
09:04 <41488p> yes
09:04 <41488p> yes I do
09:04 <Temmington> ok
09:04 <Esoteric Entity> And I have to be up in an hour or two.
09:04 <Temmington> its dick flavored 
09:04 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:04 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:04 <41488p> ok
09:04 <Temmington> Hoodie. 
09:04 <Temmington> It's four here.
09:04 <41488p> my favorite
09:04 <Temmington> You lied. 
09:04 <Esoteric Entity> Pssht.
09:04 <Temmington> Prepare to die.
09:04 <Esoteric Entity> I can stay awaye.
09:04 <Esoteric Entity> *awake
09:04 <Temmington> And you lied again.
09:04 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:04 <Temmington> :3
09:04 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:05 <Esoteric Entity> Hai, Maria.
09:05 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:05 -!- TeddyBearLover24 has joined Special:Chat
09:05 -!- Ramra has joined Special:Chat
09:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:06 <TeddyBearLover24> Daycare Center?
09:06 <TeddyBearLover24> XD
09:06 <41488p> hi Shining, Teddy and Ramra
09:06 <41488p> bye Shining
09:06 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:06 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:06 <41488p> that always seems to get you, eh, Teddy?
09:06 <Esoteric Entity> Yes, Teddy.
09:06 <TeddyBearLover24> Hello
09:06 <Lei Omaki> hello to people who just entered the chat
09:06 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:06 <Darkstride> CRASHING
09:06 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
09:06 <Darkstride> Hai.
09:07 <41488p> Lei what a great effort you have put into making sure that you have identified with the people entering chat
09:07 <UnluckyReader> went afk for a hella long time.
09:07 <UnluckyReader> Went*
09:07 <41488p> that's such a specific term
09:07 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
09:07 <UnluckyReader> I'm doing a dub of Airman Ga Taosenai so...yeah...
09:07 <UnluckyReader> Lol.
09:07 <41488p> nimunimunimu
09:07 <TeddyBearLover24> Anyone heard of the new wiki Monsters In The Night?
09:07 <TeddyBearLover24> :3
09:07 <Esoteric Entity> Hm, nope.
09:07 <Darkstride> No.
09:07 <Temmington> Don't advertise other wikis please.
09:07 <TeddyBearLover24> Of course no one has -_-'
09:07 <Darkstride> Because I only pay attention to this wiki, Community Central, and the MLP one.
09:08 <TeddyBearLover24> Nevermind then
09:08 <TeddyBearLover24> Sorry
09:08 <41488p> dead chat
09:08 -!- Ramra has left Special:Chat.
09:08 <41488p> OH GOD SPIDER
09:08 <Darkstride> chead dat
09:08 <Darkstride> 414 RUN
09:09 <41488p> jk
09:09 <41488p> hahahah jk
09:09 -!- Ramra has joined Special:Chat
09:09 -!- TeddyBearLover24 has left Special:Chat.
09:09 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
09:09 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
09:10 -!- Ramra has left Special:Chat.
09:11 <41488p> well ok I think I should go
09:11 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
09:11 <Darkstride> NU 414 BB
09:12 <Darkstride> okai. bai
09:12 <Temmington> I'm bored.
09:13 <CrashingCymbal> I have returned, folks.
09:13 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Stridey!
09:13 <Darkstride> Hai Crashing :3
09:13 <CrashingCymbal> Sup?(:P)
09:13 <CrashingCymbal> Fuq
09:14 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
09:14 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
09:14 <CrashingCymbal> WB Bby
09:14 <41488p> there's
09:14 <41488p> a jumping spider exists
09:14 <41488p> a jumping. Spider.
09:14 <41488p> OH FUCK
09:14 <41488p> hai Cymbal 
09:14 <41488p> bby
09:14 <41488p> well okay bye peeps
09:14 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
09:15 <Darkstride> I'm just laik
09:16 <Darkstride> firefoxing
09:16 <Esoteric Entity> Fucking tired.
09:16 <Esoteric Entity> Goodnight, folks.
09:16 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Eso.
09:19 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
09:19 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
09:21 <Darkstride> (ded)
09:23 <Darkstride> I love how if you put "hashtag"swag, it'll log you out
09:23 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
09:24 <CrashingCymbal> Should I trust you or not?
09:24 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck it
09:24 <CrashingCymbal> #swag
09:24 <CrashingCymbal> D:<
09:27 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:27 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:28 <Darkstride> Wait what
09:29 <Darkstride> it didn't work for you? D:
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> Nou
09:29 <Darkstride> I guess it only happens to regular users
09:29 <Darkstride> see watch, 
09:29 <Darkstride> #swag
09:29 <Darkstride> Wait wat (srslywtf)
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> ...
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> I'M WAITING
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> >(
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> Fuq
09:29 <CrashingCymbal> >:(
09:30 <CrashingCymbal> Lol that guy has no eyes
09:30 <Darkstride> Sorry Cymbal (D:)
09:30 <Darkstride> Lol 
09:30 <CrashingCymbal> I furgiv u its ok <3
09:30 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:30 <CrashingCymbal> Wb Maria.
09:30 <Darkstride> ok bb tanku 4 forgivin m3 <3
09:30 <Darkstride> waut
09:31 <CrashingCymbal> Wauit 
09:31 <CrashingCymbal> That word is kinda mindfucking me O.O
09:31 <CrashingCymbal> Anywa, I was going to ask, Stridey.
09:31 <Darkstride> yeius?
09:31 <CrashingCymbal> Would you be in the mood for 6,000 words? :D
09:32 <Darkstride> .-. sure
09:32 <CrashingCymbal> Lol rlly?
09:32 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:32 <Darkstride> idk (loool)
09:32 <CrashingCymbal> Well, if you are. [[The Moths]]
09:33 <Darkstride> okie dokie
09:33 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, I has pastas to read myself.
09:33 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:34 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:34 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
09:34 <Slender666> Hai guys
09:35 <Slender666> ...Anyone...
09:35 <Slender666> online...
09:35 <Darkstride> Hai Slender
09:35 <Slender666> Oh hai
09:36 <Darkstride> Sorry, reading a pasta
09:36 <Slender666> k
09:36 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
09:37 <Slender666> Hai
09:37 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
09:37 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
09:38 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Fapple, hey Alex.
09:38 <Slender666> ...
09:39 <Slender666> The chat so empty 
09:39 <Darkstride> Part 1 Cymbal.. Well then .-.
09:39 <Slender666> Cymbal do u know how many Main edits i have now?
09:39 <CrashingCymbal> Part 1 is 2,850 words if I recall correctly?
09:39 <CrashingCymbal> Main edits...
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not sure, but I would say it's around 400
09:40 <Slender666> 4...400?
09:40 <Slender666> I think it must moar than 10
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss?
09:40 <CrashingCymbal> What does that surprise you? hahaha
09:41 <Slender666> yes
09:41 <Slender666> So i had 11 edits now?
09:41 <Slender666> Or moar than 11?
09:41 <Slender666> Main edits
09:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hang on
09:41 <CrashingCymbal> You can check it yourself in Contributions.
09:41 <Darkstride> "he had happily fucked off to wherever it was he came from." XD OMG
09:42 <Slender666> ok...
09:42 <CrashingCymbal> Lol yeah 
09:43 <CrashingCymbal> Damn you're a fast reader.
09:43 <CrashingCymbal> I'm jeluz
09:43 <Slender666> I dunno how many now 
09:43 <Slender666> (facepalm)
09:44 <Slender666> k
09:45 <Darkstride> well shit that ending
09:45 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
09:45 <SomePersonHere> I think I just ate a viagra mint
09:45 <Darkstride> that wa-those exist, you know.
09:45 <SomePersonHere> .-.
09:46 <Darkstride> Anyways, that was a good pasta, Cymbal :3
09:46 <SomePersonHere> Im so bored
09:46 <CrashingCymbal> Ah, glad you liked it :)
09:47 <SomePersonHere> So hows your guyses day goin?
09:47 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
09:47 <Slender666> Hello
09:47 <Slender666> I like all Cymbal story it's Great!
09:48 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
09:48 <Slender666> btw i really like Cymbal story
09:48 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
09:48 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks, Slender! :)
09:49 <Slender666> Can u make a story about Deadpool?
09:49 <Slender666> I really like Deadpool 
09:49 <Princess Platinum> -says in a monotone voice- oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. I am so turned on right now. (practicing for a job intherview)
09:49 <Slender666> Please make a pasta about Deadpool
09:49 -!- UnluckyReader has left Special:Chat.
09:50 <Slender666> You can do it Cymbal! You can do it!You can do it!You can do it!
09:50 <CrashingCymbal> I've never played Deadpool before
09:50 <Slender666> Did u watch pewdiepie play Deadpool?
09:50 <CrashingCymbal> And I don't normally write video game pastas.
09:50 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:51 <Slender666> ok....
09:51 <CrashingCymbal> It's in my subscriptions!
09:51 <Slender666> (facepalm) to myself
09:51 <CrashingCymbal> But I might try my hand at one, I guess.
09:52 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:52 <Grammatik> Oh man.
09:52 <Grammatik> .-.
09:52 <Slender666> Oh hai
09:53 <Grammatik> .-.
09:53 -!- Billy Handsome has joined Special:Chat
09:53 <Grammatik> Where the fuck is Billy-- OH HERE YOU ARE
09:53 <Grammatik> Hi.
09:54 <Billy Handsome> i ...cant....sleep
09:54 <Grammatik> ;-;
09:54 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
09:54 <Billy Handsome> the fuck is wrong with me?....NOTHING
09:54 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
09:54 <Grammatik> I was expecting you to be here.
09:54 <Grammatik> Nothing.
09:55 <Billy Handsome> thx adrenaline junkie
09:55 <Darkstride> Well I have to go now.
09:55 <Darkstride> Bai everybody.
09:55 <Grammatik> Bye.
09:55 <Billy Handsome> bai
09:55 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
09:55 <CrashingCymbal> Bye!
09:55 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
09:55 <Grammatik> And that is the best nickname I ever had
09:56 <Billy Handsome> lol i dont doubt that
09:57 <Billy Handsome> i was exspectin the chat to be small but damn
09:57 <Grammatik> I'm busy refreshing Cym's talk and Reaper's page every 10 seconds to see if he changed his mind.
09:58 <CrashingCymbal> (:()
09:58 <CrashingCymbal> Nothing yet
09:58 <Grammatik> I'm actually sad he left.
09:58 <Grammatik> Never thought he would.
09:58 <SomePersonHere> Why'd he leave?
09:59 <Grammatik> I don't know but in memory; here's a thing:
09:59 <Grammatik>
10:00 <SomePersonHere> What the fuck
10:00 <Grammatik> ._.
10:00 <SomePersonHere> Why'd he ban?
10:00 <Grammatik> My desktop.
10:00 <Grammatik> And it was a request
10:00 <Billy Handsome> brb my cat has been locked in my room all night without my knowledge gonna let her out
10:00 <Grammatik> He requested to be banned
10:01 <SomePersonHere> Oh
10:01 <Billy Handsome> back
10:01 <Grammatik> And yeah, that wallpaper comes in lots of screen resolutions.
10:02 <SomePersonHere> I found a really good flash game not too long ago
10:02 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
10:02 <Billy Handsome> what's going on beside's whatever your talkin about?
10:02 <SomePersonHere> I bugged the game so I am shooting arrows out of a dagger
10:02 <Grammatik> Nothing
10:03 <Grammatik> really.
10:03 <Grammatik> .-.
10:03 <Billy Handsome> well im glad i can be awake at 3:00 in the morning to stare at my screen -_-
10:03 <SomePersonHere> Nicknaming yourself Yo Mamma is pretty much hilarious in that game
10:04 <Grammatik> Play a game
10:04 <Grammatik> watch porn
10:04 <Grammatik> do something
10:04 <Grammatik> idk
10:04 <SomePersonHere> Yo Mamma defeats Oderic
10:04 <Billy Handsome> watch porn? Handsome don't need porn
10:05 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
10:05 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
10:05 <Billy Handsome> and you cant when youre little brother is sleeping in the same room
10:05 <Grammatik> oh well
10:05 <Grammatik> read a book
10:05 <Grammatik> educate yourself
10:05 <Grammatik> listen to relaxing music
10:05 <SomePersonHere> watch youtube
10:05 <Billy Handsome> educate?
10:05 <Billy Handsome> lol
10:05 <SomePersonHere> Play flash games
10:05 <Billy Handsome> not really
10:05 <Grammatik> by reading.
10:05 <Grammatik> Lol
10:05 <SomePersonHere> Look at your handsome face
10:05 <Grammatik> .-.
10:06 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
10:06 <Billy Handsome> now thats a good idea
10:06 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
10:06 <Billy Handsome> you guise need to know more about meh
10:06 <Billy Handsome> but im to lazy to tell it
10:06 <Grammatik> eh
10:07 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
10:07 <Billy Handsome> gramm go to woodstock you belong there
10:07 <Billy Handsome> fuckin' junkie
10:07 <Grammatik> wtf
10:07 <Grammatik> let me huff my paint in peace
10:07 <SomePersonHere> Hufflepuff
10:08 <Billy Handsome> i do that in my sleep do hardcore shit
10:08 <Billy Handsome> snort kool aid mix
10:08 <Billy Handsome> lol
10:09 <Grammatik> lol
10:09 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
10:09 <Billy Handsome> i found something to do.....slap my little bro in the face and wait for the silent "ow"
10:09 <CreepyPastaFriend> Wow, this chat is fucking DEAD and gutted
10:10 <SomePersonHere> Yeah
10:10 <SomePersonHere> Its just starting up
10:10 -!- Jonathan DeLacuso has joined Special:Chat
10:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hey John, hey Frienderman!
10:11 <CreepyPastaFriend> hello
10:11 <Jonathan DeLacuso> hi
10:11 <Jonathan DeLacuso> hey
10:11 -!- Jonathan DeLacuso has left Special:Chat.
10:11 -!- Jonathan DeLacuso has joined Special:Chat
10:12 <CreepyPastaFriend> so what's everybody doing?
10:12 <Billy Handsome> being fuckin bored
10:12 <Temmington> Welp. 
10:12 <Jonathan DeLacuso> nothing intelligent
10:12 <Temmington> It's 5 in the morning. 
10:12 <CreepyPastaFriend> just finished a chapter to my story
10:12 <Billy Handsome> (indeed)
10:12 <Temmington> I think it's safe to say that I should go to bed. 
10:12 <SomePersonHere> Playing a fun flash game
10:12 <Temmington> G'night everyone. 
10:12 <Grammatik> Huffing paint, smacking a ball of light with a dildo in Saints Row 3
10:12 <Temmington> I will be going to bed and shit. 
10:13 <CreepyPastaFriend> night
10:13 <Jonathan DeLacuso> fun fkash game? thats the first i heard of
10:13 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
10:13 <Billy Handsome> STILL?
10:13 <Grammatik> G'night.
10:13 <SomePersonHere> G'night Temmington
10:13 <Jonathan DeLacuso> dont let Jeff get ya
10:13 <Billy Handsome> gramm
10:13 <Grammatik> billy
10:13 <Grammatik> wat u sayin
10:14 <Billy Handsome> still witht that fucking ball of light
10:14 <Grammatik> 5ever
10:14 -!- Jonathan DeLacuso has left Special:Chat.
10:14 <Billy Handsome> i hope it blinds you one day
10:14 <Billy Handsome> or burns your dildo
10:14 <Grammatik> shove it up your ass, maybe
10:14 <Grammatik> ;D
10:14 <Billy Handsome> my ass?
10:15 <Billy Handsome> No
10:15 -!- Melon419 has joined Special:Chat
10:15 <Melon419> hi
10:15 <Billy Handsome> hey
10:15 -!- Melon419 has left Special:Chat.
10:15 <CreepyPastaFriend> hey Melon
10:16 <CreepyPastaFriend> I'm gonna go to bed, bye guys
10:16 <Grammatik> Y'all scared him
10:16 <Grammatik> See ya
10:16 <Billy Handsome> i know
10:16 <Billy Handsome> i was to HANDSOME
10:16 <CreepyPastaFriend> hope to see you all soon
10:16 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
10:17 <Billy Handsome> or....maybe your acid trip picture scurred him?
10:17 <Grammatik> nah
10:20 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:20 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:21 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <Grammatik> 414
10:21 <41488p> Gram
10:21 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:21 <Grammatik> YOU MOTHERFUCKER
10:21 <Grammatik> HI
10:21 <41488p> WAT
10:21 <41488p> I"M A MOTHERFUCKER
10:21 <41488p> NOOOOO
10:21 <SomePersonHere> UMG WER CAPSING
10:21 <41488p> GESUNDHEIT 
10:21 <SomePersonHere> C4P5
10:21 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:22 <Grammatik> ACHTUNG
10:22 <Grammatik> .-.
10:22 <Grammatik> ;-;
10:22 <SomePersonHere> "First blood to Yo Mamma!"
10:22 <SomePersonHere> Lelwut
10:22 <Grammatik> period. that's what
10:22 <Grammatik> imean
10:23 <41488p> so hi
10:23 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:23 <SomePersonHere> GTFO
10:23 <SomePersonHere> Imean Hi 414
10:23 <41488p> m8 ill reck u
10:24 <SomePersonHere> I'll kil you with my giant armored knight from a game
10:24 <SomePersonHere> Yo Mamma's gonna reck you m8
10:24 <Grammatik> "S3X HAMMER"
10:24 <Grammatik> Oh, this game.
10:25 -!- Sapphire dragon11 has joined Special:Chat
10:25 <Sapphire dragon11> hey guys ;
10:26 <41488p> (ded)
10:26 <41488p> wit
10:26 <41488p> *wot
10:26 <41488p> (rip)
10:26 <41488p> anyways, I think I should get some sleep
10:26 <41488p> and also fap
10:26 <41488p> baiiiiii
10:26 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
10:26 <Grammatik> ._.
10:26 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
10:26 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi everyone
10:27 <HelloImFluttershy> ?
10:27 <HelloImFluttershy> is everyone gone
10:27 <Billy Handsome> hi
10:27 <Billy Handsome> no
10:27 <HelloImFluttershy> Oh hai
10:27 <Billy Handsome> its semi dead chat
10:27 <SomePersonHere> I'm too addicted to this game
10:27 <Billy Handsome> gramm OD on paint
10:28 <SomePersonHere> So I can only watch the chat
10:28 <HelloImFluttershy> ok
10:28 <SomePersonHere> And I guess chat a small bit
10:28 <HelloImFluttershy> I was laying Minecaft with my hooves
10:28 <HelloImFluttershy> it was hard
10:29 <Sapphire dragon11> i play minecraft :D
10:29 -!- XXTeddy1Xx has joined Special:Chat
10:29 <Billy Handsome> meh
10:29 <XXTeddy1Xx> Hey!
10:29 <Sapphire dragon11> hiiii
10:29 <XXTeddy1Xx> i play minecraft!
10:29 <Sapphire dragon11> meh to XD
10:29 <HelloImFluttershy> i do but its hard
10:30 <HelloImFluttershy> i die to often
10:30 <HelloImFluttershy> and it scares me
10:30 <Sapphire dragon11> i die a lot to don't worry XD
10:30 <SomePersonHere> I only play Tekkit so often in minecraft
10:31 <SomePersonHere> It got boring playing vanilla after shitloads of playthroughs
10:31 <Sapphire dragon11> i only watch the yogscast play it
10:31 <HelloImFluttershy> I hate endermen they scare me
10:31 <Billy Handsome> i play sometime's
10:31 <HelloImFluttershy> the noises they make are creepy
10:31 <Billy Handsome> but it's the console version
10:31 <Sapphire dragon11> i agree on that
10:31 <SomePersonHere> I just take out a red matter sword and kill all that stands in front of me
10:31 <Billy Handsome> but my little bro plays it more than i do
10:31 <Sapphire dragon11> lol
10:32 <HelloImFluttershy> i play on the pc
10:32 <XXTeddy1Xx> jingle bells 
10:32 <HelloImFluttershy> it really hard to play with hooves
10:32 <HelloImFluttershy> i have to use a huge keyboard
10:33 <XXTeddy1Xx> i love tekkit and i hate the new texture pack update 1.6.2 that you have to have rescource packs XD
10:33 <HelloImFluttershy> are resource packs texture packs? 
10:33 <XXTeddy1Xx> Ima Derpeh Whooves
10:33 <Billy Handsome> im bored can i shank one of you?
10:33 <XXTeddy1Xx> Hooves*
10:33 <XXTeddy1Xx> Yea
10:34 <XXTeddy1Xx> not you billy yes Fluttershy
10:34 <Grammatik> GUYS
10:34 <Billy Handsome> damn
10:34 <Grammatik> fuck caps
10:34 <Billy Handsome> gramm we tought you od'ed
10:34 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
10:34 <HelloImFluttershy> i know (derpy)
10:35 <Grammatik> I was invited to some sort of "sex, drugs and music" party.
10:35 <Grammatik> Do I go?
10:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LIES
10:35 <HelloImFluttershy> but we can never talk
10:35 <Grammatik> HEVE
10:35 <Grammatik> NEVER*
10:35 <HelloImFluttershy> who are you
10:35 <Grammatik> >HEVE
10:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
10:35 <Grammatik> dying
10:35 <HelloImFluttershy> have not seen you before
10:35 <XXTeddy1Xx> my friend is Dr Hooves XD
10:35 <Grammatik> He's a regular, HelloIm.
10:35 <HelloImFluttershy> Twilight has a baby Dragon thats soo cute
10:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am Kakka carrot cake
10:35 <HelloImFluttershy> (spike)
10:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm real super sand
10:36 <XXTeddy1Xx> carrots are tasty :P *Headbuts into wall* XD
10:36 <SomePersonHere> Hai NeveR
10:36 <HelloImFluttershy> i dont like carrots i like hay
10:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi~
10:37 <HelloImFluttershy> i give the carrots to angel bunny
10:37 <XXTeddy1Xx> DL
10:37 <XXTeddy1Xx> D:
10:37 <XXTeddy1Xx> they are MEH CARROTS (soz for caps(
10:37 <Sapphire dragon11> who likes Evanescence?
10:37 <Grammatik> It's just drugs and music for me anyway
10:37 <Grammatik> I'm gonna go.
10:37 <Grammatik> Not now, lol
10:37 <XXTeddy1Xx> my 
10:37 <XXTeddy1Xx> me Sapphire
10:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Angel Bunny? Oh kids today with their awkward cartoons~
10:37 <HelloImFluttershy> i need to go i need to sleep
10:38 <Billy Handsome> lol lee
10:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sleep then
10:38 <Sapphire dragon11> this song is like a remix of bring me to life
10:38 <XXTeddy1Xx> My fave song is by Evanescence is Hello because my favourite line is in it "Dont try to fix me im not broken"
10:38 <HelloImFluttershy> he looks like this
10:39 <Sapphire dragon11> aww
10:39 <XXTeddy1Xx> that is so cute
10:39 <Sapphire dragon11> i know right xD
10:39 <HelloImFluttershy> i live with him
10:39 <XXTeddy1Xx> in IT sir is on youtube playing music on whiteboard
10:39 <HelloImFluttershy> but he can get a tiny bit mean sometimes
10:40 <XXTeddy1Xx> even though its blocked XD
10:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I usually say something perverted and completely off topic around now, but naw I'm not
10:40 <XXTeddy1Xx> i eat toenails for breakfast
10:40 <Billy Handsome> (indeed)
10:40 <HelloImFluttershy> like this time
10:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Angel - (kicks Fluttershy out of the house) - Duration: 00:05 - Uploaded: 2012-03-07 - Rating: 4.741935 - Views: 16,043 -
10:40 <HelloImFluttershy> it hurt
10:40 <Sapphire dragon11> cant go on YT
10:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kookoocachoo
10:41 <HelloImFluttershy> oh
10:41 <Billy Handsome> bill cosby?
10:42 <XXTeddy1Xx> bye guys
10:42 <HelloImFluttershy> i need to go i need to help twilight srt her books
10:42 <HelloImFluttershy> sort
10:42 <HelloImFluttershy> bye
10:42 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
10:42 -!- XXTeddy1Xx has left Special:Chat.
10:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Howz et gooin there lattle one
10:42 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
10:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 194 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
10:42 <CrashingCymbal> Gotta have a shower people, back in a little while.
10:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Okey
10:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
10:43 <SomePersonHere> One more emeny
10:44 <SomePersonHere> And I be fighting arena champion
10:44 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
10:44 <SomePersonHere> And I'm fighting the champion
10:45 -!- Sapphire dragon11 has left Special:Chat.
10:45 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
10:47 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
10:48 <Grammatik> dont worry i am here
10:48 <Grammatik> didnt od
10:48 <Grammatik> not this time
10:48 <Grammatik> .-.
10:48 <Billy Handsome> good to fuckin' know junkie
10:48 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
10:48 <Grammatik> good
10:48 <Grammatik> 414
10:48 <41488p> Gram
10:48 <41488p> hai
10:48 <Grammatik> did you come to masturbate to us
10:48 <Grammatik> hai
10:49 <41488p> yes
10:49 <41488p> I did
10:49 <41488p> but I just masturbated
10:49 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
10:49 <41488p> so I'm sleepy
10:49 <Grammatik> oh
10:49 <41488p> bye
10:49 <Grammatik> ;-;
10:49 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
10:49 <Billy Handsome> lol
10:49 <Grammatik> bye
10:49 <Grammatik> that was fast
10:49 <Grammatik> spydaloo
10:49 <Grammatik> .-.
10:49 <Billy Handsome> gramm
10:49 <Billy Handsome> stfu
10:49 <Grammatik> ffcuk yuo
10:50 <Billy Handsome> srry i dont speak your language
10:50 <Billy Handsome> is that derp?
10:50 <Grammatik> sorry*
10:50 <Grammatik> i dont either
10:50 <Grammatik> you penis
10:50 <Billy Handsome> heil gramm!
10:50 <Grammatik> ._.
10:50 <Grammatik> heil
10:50 <Billy Handsome> Nazi
10:50 <Billy Handsome> of
10:50 <Billy Handsome> grammar
10:51 <Grammatik> nope
10:51 <Grammatik> i'm too lazy to capitalize and shit
10:51 <Billy Handsome> no no im not a penis i HAVE a penis
10:51 <Billy Handsome> just to clear things up
10:51 <Grammatik> yeah
10:51 <Grammatik> in your mouth
10:51 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
10:52 <Slender666> brb
10:52 <Billy Handsome> HAHAHAHAHA
10:52 <Grammatik> k
10:52 <Grammatik> AHAHAH
10:52 <Grammatik> .-.
10:52 <Billy Handsome> gramm youre so fucking funny where's your emmy?
10:52 <Grammatik> ._.
10:52 <Billy Handsome> brb
10:54 <Grammatik> k
10:54 <Billy Handsome> am back
10:54 <Grammatik> good job
10:54 <SomePersonHere> Back to suck penis
10:54 <Grammatik> k
10:54 <Grammatik> come here
10:54 <Billy Handsome> lol
10:55 <Grammatik> now suck billy
10:55 <Grammatik> he is a huge dick
10:55 <Grammatik> imean
10:55 <Grammatik> .-.
10:55 <SomePersonHere> I dont suck penis
10:55 <Grammatik> everything changes
10:56 <Billy Handsome> no not dick i got a doughnut
10:56 <Billy Handsome> asshoe's
10:56 <Grammatik> .-.
10:56 <Grammatik> fuck your ass
10:56 <Grammatik> brb drugs
10:56 <Grammatik> (lolno just gonna pee)
10:57 <Billy Handsome> drugs in the bathroom yyou mean
10:57 <Billy Handsome> (fail)
10:57 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
10:58 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
10:58 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:59 <Billy Handsome> why is the icon for fail yamcha?
10:59 <SomePersonHere> No mods/admins!
10:59 <SomePersonHere> Party!
10:59 <Grammatik> There's the logger
11:00 <SomePersonHere> Jesse dont have shit on us
11:00 <Billy Handsome> why is the thing for fail yamcha???
11:00 <SomePersonHere> What thing?
11:00 <Billy Handsome> (fail)
11:00 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
11:00 <Grammatik> NEVE
11:00 <Grammatik> Hi.
11:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> GRAM
11:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
11:01 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
11:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yamcha is fail
11:01 <Grammatik> Cym
11:01 <Grammatik> Wb
11:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Crash
11:01 <CrashingCymbal> Hallo!
11:01 <SomePersonHere> Agh shit
11:01 <SomePersonHere> The police is back
11:01 <CrashingCymbal>
11:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: "Psychologist" - Duration: 39:49 - Uploaded: 2013-07-13 - Rating: 4.922078 - Views: 10,511 -
11:01 <CrashingCymbal> I'm here to bust yo asses
11:01 <Grammatik> Oh man
11:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mr creepypasta read it?
11:02 <Grammatik> Still nothing from Reaper.
11:02 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:02 <CrashingCymbal> Creeps McPasta!
11:02 <Grammatik> So much agony
11:02 <Grammatik> ;-;
11:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm jelly
11:02 <SomePersonHere> The police be fuckin' us now
11:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So very very jelly
11:02 <SomePersonHere> You jelly (wat)
11:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u crushingpinballs
11:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Sj)
11:03 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
11:03 <41488p> Gram
11:03 <41488p> why are you still on chat
11:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi 414
11:04 <41488p> hey NeveR
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> Hai 4141414141414
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> Imean
11:04 <41488p> omg Cumbul
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> dontspam
11:04 <41488p> no
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> imen
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> hai
11:04 <41488p> nu
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> <3
11:04 <41488p> nuuu
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> 414 pls
11:04 <41488p> Cymbal m8
11:04 <Grammatik> wut
11:04 <41488p> m8 ill fuckin reck u 2 bits
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> 1 v1 me m7 
11:04 <41488p> redy
11:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gooby plz
11:04 <41488p> mmmmm
11:04 <Grammatik> also 414
11:04 <41488p> Gram
11:04 <Grammatik> fuck you that's why
11:04 <Grammatik> ;D
11:05 <CrashingCymbal> 1 v 1 me m414
11:05 <41488p> WELL ALRIGHTY THEN
11:05 <CrashingCymbal> (huehue)
11:05 <41488p> *spews off in a glorious rainbow jet*
11:05 <41488p> BAIIII
11:05 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
11:05 <CrashingCymbal> OR
11:05 <CrashingCymbal> 4 1 4 me m8
11:05 <SomePersonHere> Yo Mamma VS. The Slave Driver!
11:05 <SomePersonHere> Whos gonna win?
11:05 <CrashingCymbal> faku2den
11:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 360 no scope bitch trick shots all day everyday
11:05 <Grammatik> .-.
11:06 <SomePersonHere> WTF
11:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imeanwat
11:06 <SomePersonHere> My bow is broken
11:06 <SomePersonHere> (undefined % chance)
11:06 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi muscular
11:07 -!- HiImStab has joined Special:Chat
11:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi back?
11:07 <Grammatik> He's a lurker
11:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u2
11:07 <SomePersonHere> He has never said a single thing
11:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
11:07 <Billy Handsome> he's fapping to you
11:07 <Grammatik> He only comes around when needed.
11:07 <SomePersonHere> As far as I know
11:07 <Grammatik> SPH
11:08 <Grammatik> he has
11:08 <SomePersonHere> Wow
11:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Stab
11:08 <HiImStab> hey beautiful peeps
11:08 <Grammatik> Hi.
11:08 <Grammatik> .-.
11:08 <Billy Handsome> hi
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> I am the most beautiful.
11:08 <HiImStab> :P
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> Hallo
11:08 <HiImStab> lol cym
11:08 <HiImStab> true true
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> Mah new pasta
11:08 <HiImStab> imma read it
11:08 <SomePersonHere> [[The Moths|Mothcock]]
11:09 <Grammatik> LOL
11:09 <CrashingCymbal> [[SomePersonHere's Cock]]
11:09 <CrashingCymbal> [[It's very small, btw]]
11:09 <CrashingCymbal> [[LOLOLOL]]
11:09 <CrashingCymbal> Okay, I'll stop.
11:09 <Grammatik> Was gonna read it, but got very distracted.
11:09 <Grammatik> I'll read it.
11:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> True
11:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lolol
11:09 <HiImStab> lol omg
11:09 <CrashingCymbal> It's my best, imo.
11:09 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
11:09 <SomePersonHere> [[8===========D|TheSizeOfMyCack]]
11:10 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
11:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Ozank!
11:10 <Ozank> hi
11:10 <SomePersonHere> [[I Have great text]]
11:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I also have a cack
11:10 <HiImStab> hey ozaki :3
11:10 <Ozank> [[Special:MyPage|This user should be the president]]
11:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Me?!
11:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ty
11:10 <Grammatik> lolno
11:10 <CrashingCymbal> No it's clearly me.
11:10 <CrashingCymbal> Dumbass
11:10 <Grammatik> it's "mypage"
11:10 <Ozank> Actuallty
11:10 <Ozank> its whoever clicks it
11:11 <Grammatik> so chill them titties
11:11 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
11:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's me!
11:11 <Ozank> [[Special:Random|Best page on the wiki]]
11:11 <Ozank> (trollface)
11:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My page?! Yay
11:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope not clicken
11:12 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
11:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I rolled my mouse over it
11:12 <HiImStab> ha
11:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ozank is funnyz
11:13 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Showers.
11:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi showers
11:13 <ColdShowers> Hi everyone
11:13 -!- Sapphire dragon11 has joined Special:Chat
11:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Showers?
11:13 <Sapphire dragon11> yo whats up rave is in the house
11:13 <ColdShowers> Showers?
11:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like mine warm
11:14 <ColdShowers> I like mine cold :I
11:14 <CrashingCymbal> I also like mine warm.
11:14 <ColdShowers> :<
11:14 <CrashingCymbal> :>
11:14 <Sapphire dragon11> yo why are you talking about showers?
11:14 <CrashingCymbal> :^
11:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
11:14 <CrashingCymbal> :V
11:14 <ColdShowers> XD
11:14 <CrashingCymbal> ye
11:15 <Grammatik> Cold  >hot
11:15 <Grammatik> simply
11:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Showers are good 4 u Sapphire
11:15 <ColdShowers> Yay 
11:15 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
11:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
11:15 <Sapphire dragon11> yo you lot are confusing me
11:15 <HiImStab> showers?
11:16 <Sapphire dragon11> why?
11:16 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
11:16 <Billy Handsome> well im going to go talk to you guys later
11:17 -!- Billy Handsome has left Special:Chat.
11:17 <Sapphire dragon11> see you dude
11:18 <Grammatik> oh man
11:18 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
11:18 <Grammatik> they all left
11:18 <Grammatik> .-.
11:18 <HiImStab> ey vegeta:3
11:18 <Sapphire dragon11> thats sucks dude
11:18 <Vegeta565> Hello  Stab :)
11:19 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:19 <HiImStab> sup
11:19 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <Vegeta565> nothing much just that i'm blind in my right eye
11:20 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:20 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
11:21 <Sapphire dragon11> sorry to hear that dude
11:21 <HiImStab> huh why
11:21 <Vegeta565> Something happened why i was 5.
11:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:22 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
11:23 <SomePersonHere> My left ear might like burst or whatever if a quite more noisier sound than a normal one starts bursting into it
11:23 <HiImStab> *pat pat* i comfort.
11:24 <Sapphire dragon11> so....what are you guys up to?
11:24 <Vegeta565> yeah i know that what happened back then it would hurt me later on
11:24 <Sapphire dragon11> does anypony like daft punk?
11:25 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:26 <SomePersonHere> I aint pony
11:26 <SomePersonHere> (C:)
11:26 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
11:26 <HiImStab> lol
11:26 -!- Ffionphillips06 has joined Special:Chat
11:26 <Ffionphillips06> heyy#
11:26 <Sapphire dragon11> sup
11:27 <Ffionphillips06> hey tash 
11:27 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
11:27 <Grammatik> Daft Punk is good but nobody is a pony here.
11:27 <Grammatik> ._.
11:27 <Ffionphillips06> ?
11:27 <Sapphire dragon11> soz XD
11:27 <Grammatik> xD
11:28 <Grammatik> I need to get ready.
11:28 <Grammatik> For the party.
11:28 <Sapphire dragon11> listen to it anyway
11:28 <Grammatik> See y'all
11:28 <Sapphire dragon11> see ya
11:28 <Sapphire dragon11>
11:28 <Vegeta565> see ya
11:28 <Grammatik> I'll just go afk
11:29 <Sapphire dragon11> *listens to harder better faster stronger Deadmau5 remix*
11:29 <Sapphire dragon11> ok
11:29 <SomePersonHere> [[I HAVE GRAY TEXT]]
11:30 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
11:30 <Grammatik> .-.
11:30 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
11:30 -!- Bamtastic98 has joined Special:Chat
11:31 <Bamtastic98> hey
11:31 <Vegeta565> hi
11:31 <HiImStab> sup
11:32 <Bamtastic98> could some one read my new pasta/theory plz
11:32 <Bamtastic98> not trying to spam
11:32 <HiImStab> me
11:32 <Bamtastic98> kk thanks
11:32 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
11:33 <Sapphire dragon11> i said Deadmau5
11:33 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
11:33 <HiImStab> wb :D
11:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Did someone say PENIS?
11:34 <HiImStab> um wut
11:34 <Bamtastic98> it is called, The Reality of CoD Zombies
11:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imean hi
11:34 -!- Ffionphillips06 has left Special:Chat.
11:34 -!- Sapphire dragon11 has left Special:Chat.
11:34 <HiImStab> okay lol heya
11:34 <Bamtastic98> whats up
11:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My ceiling is up
11:35 <HiImStab> the sky
11:35 -!- Rhoncypher has joined Special:Chat
11:35 <Bamtastic98> haha
11:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Rhonc
11:36 <Rhoncypher> hi
11:36 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
11:36 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi humans
11:36 <Rhoncypher> heya
11:36 <HiImStab> sup
11:36 <HelloImFluttershy> or should i say people
11:37 <Rhoncypher> lol
11:37 <HelloImFluttershy> not to be rude
11:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm no human. I'm a toaster oven
11:37 <Rhoncypher> im butter......
11:37 <Bamtastic98> but if your a toaster that would make me a microwave
11:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
11:37 <Bamtastic98> a diabetic microwave
11:38 <HelloImFluttershy> can i make some toast in you :3
11:38 <SomePersonHere> Im an oven
11:38 <HelloImFluttershy> *squee*
11:38 <Bamtastic98> hehe
11:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dammit Microwave!
11:38 <Bamtastic98> lol wut
11:38 <Bamtastic98> microwave is sowwy
11:38 <Rhoncypher> i just love this i cant stop laughing XD
11:39 <Bamtastic98> lol
11:39 <HelloImFluttershy> can i have some toast please (QQ)
11:39 <SomePersonHere> Anyone want some fresh baked (cookie)'s?
11:39 <HiImStab> meeeeeeee
11:39 <Rhoncypher> i am BUTTER!
11:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> NO TOAST 4 U
11:39 <HiImStab> please?
11:39 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
11:39 <Bamtastic98> well i can make some toast but it will really just be warm bread
11:39 <SomePersonHere> /me cooks cookies
11:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U ain't sticking bread up MY ass
11:40 <HiImStab> want one! (QQ)
11:40 <SomePersonHere> /me hands some to everyone except Jesse
11:40 <Bamtastic98> i've actually never tried microwaving bread
11:40 <Bamtastic98> let me go try that
11:40 <HiImStab> yay! *eats on cookie*
11:40 <Bamtastic98> *goes to microwave with bread*
11:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jesse is unloved. GOOD. (Ogw)
11:40 <Bamtastic98> *sticks bread in microwave*
11:41 <SomePersonHere> I think if you overheat it in there it wil ljust explode
11:41 <Bamtastic98> *starts microwave
11:41 <SomePersonHere> NeveR, can you toast my socks?
11:41 <Rhoncypher> *everyone smeers butter on the bread*
11:41 <Bamtastic98> wait what is that sizzling sound
11:41 <Bamtastic98> *microwave blows up
11:41 <Bamtastic98> *dies*
11:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
11:42 <Rhoncypher> "is it a ood idea to microwave this"
11:42 <Rhoncypher> good*
11:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I miss that
11:42 <SomePersonHere> I know its a good idea to toast socks
11:42 <Bamtastic98> umm dafuq
11:42 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
11:42 <SomePersonHere> Yeah
11:42 <SomePersonHere> Was one of my most favorite shows of all time
11:42 <Flame19> hello
11:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi flame
11:42 <SomePersonHere> Gtfo falme
11:43 <SomePersonHere> Imeen hi
11:43 <Bamtastic98> i just saw a commercial about the right way to cook food and to read the instructions correctly
11:43 <HiImStab> ey flame :D
11:43 <SomePersonHere> FUCKYU
11:43 <Bamtastic98> and make sure to use a food thermometer everyone lol
11:43 <SomePersonHere> YU GET BANS
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> Omai
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> Hai
11:43 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
11:44 <HiImStab> flame forgot me... (QQ)
11:44 <Rhoncypher> question does anyone know about about hypno's lullaby?
11:44 <Bamtastic98> OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT
11:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pingz everywhere
11:44 <Grammatik> Hah. 
11:44 <Grammatik> Didn't ping me though.
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> What's up, Bam?
11:44 <Grammatik> .-.
11:44 <Bamtastic98> I'm a microwave :)
11:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yey
11:44 <HiImStab> wow
11:44 <Grammatik> My only ping is "Ass lantern" now
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Really? I'm a jar of marmalade :D
11:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ass lantern
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Ass latern
11:44 <Bamtastic98> yay the microvae scared flame
11:44 <HiImStab> lady marmalade
11:45 <Grammatik> ufck
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> DAMMIT
11:45 <Grammatik> Why
11:45 <Grammatik> ;-;
11:45 <SomePersonHere> Ass lantern
11:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuz
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> Ass lentern
11:45 <Grammatik> Errybody be pingin'
11:45 <SomePersonHere> I just hope no one goes on screaming JUICE or I'll die of pings
11:45 <Bamtastic98> microwave will explode on you
11:45 <Grammatik> JUICE
11:45 <SomePersonHere> AGH
11:45 <Bamtastic98> JUICE
11:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ping ping muthafucka
11:45 <Grammatik> JEWS
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> JUICE?
11:45 <Grammatik> Juice*
11:45 <Grammatik> Fuck,
11:45 <Bamtastic98> JEWS?
11:46 <Bamtastic98> Dammit hitler
11:46 <Grammatik> Juice is read like "jews"
11:46 <Bamtastic98> not again
11:46 <Grammatik> i think
11:46 <Rhoncypher> omfg lol
11:46 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
11:46 <Bamtastic98> what if Hitlers Men misheard him and he said juice not jews
11:46 <CrashingCymbal> pls reed it guize <3
11:46 <Grammatik> Exterminate the juice.
11:46 <Grammatik> imean
11:47 <Grammatik> LOL
11:47 <Bamtastic98> hahahaha dafuq have i started
11:47 <SomePersonHere> YOU IDIOTS
11:47 <SomePersonHere> DESTROY JUICE
11:47 <SomePersonHere> Not jews!
11:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That'd be... HOLY SHITTO
11:47 -!- Rhoncypher has left Special:Chat.
11:47 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
11:47 <Bamtastic98> so
11:48 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
11:48 <SomePersonHere> So penis
11:48 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my God bahahahahaha
11:48 <Bamtastic98> waht
11:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bitches love salsa
11:48 <Bamtastic98> how does one misspell what?
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> My friend got an Alienware laptop today
11:48 <Bamtastic98> lucky bastard
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> And he posted a status about it on Facebook.
11:48 <Grammatik> Alienware is not that great, imo
11:48 <Grammatik> .-.
11:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pepsi and cola
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> "it's going to be hard to set this up with such a massive throbbing erection!"
11:49 <Bamtastic98> Pepsi and cocaine
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> I lol'd
11:49 <Bamtastic98> haha
11:49 <SomePersonHere> ogod
11:49 <SomePersonHere> ilaugh
11:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
11:49 <Bamtastic98> what
11:49 <HiImStab> omg im laughing rly hard you guys
11:49 <Bamtastic98> thats what she said
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> O_O
11:49 <Bamtastic98> haha
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> She had a massive throbbing erection?
11:50 <Grammatik> LOL
11:50 <Bamtastic98> wait....
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> (srslywtf)
11:50 <HiImStab> okay wut.
11:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That's what she said
11:50 <HiImStab> no
11:50 <Bamtastic98> lol
11:50 <HiImStab> no
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> That was her face > (srslywtf)
11:50 <HiImStab> nu - uh
11:50 <HiImStab> okay um
11:50 <HiImStab> no
11:50 <Bamtastic98> omg banging my head on the couch
11:50 <HiImStab> definitely no.
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, tea.
11:50 <Bamtastic98> tea?
11:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My life is going to be in a box of Swag
11:51 <Bamtastic98> I'd like to thank black Jesus everybody
11:51 <Bamtastic98> like a good n***r obama is there
11:51 <Bamtastic98> and my state farm agent
11:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What about Eskimo Jesus?
11:51 <Bamtastic98> ehhh he is pretty "cool" lol bad puns
11:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wait OH SHI-
11:52 <Bamtastic98> wat
11:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm out he dun goofed
11:53 <Bamtastic98> u made it sound like u were supposed to pull out and did'nt and now she is pregnant
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> Back
11:53 <Bamtastic98> umm
11:53 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
11:53 <HiImStab> wuh
11:53 <Bamtastic98> pretend u didn't see my last message
11:53 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
11:54 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
11:54 <Bamtastic98> because black jesus can't know
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> Emmm... yeah.
11:54 <Bamtastic98> aww i was gonna tell jeff hi
11:54 <HiImStab> uhh okay... yeah ill do that
11:54 <SomePersonHere> Ill pretend that I didnt see you sai umm
11:54 <Bamtastic98> :( he doesn't love the microwave
11:54 -!- Bamtastic98 was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
11:54 -!- Bamtastic98 has left Special:Chat.
11:55 <Grammatik> lol
11:55 <Grammatik> what went on
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Censored or not, I didn't like what he did.
11:55 <Grammatik> oh
11:55 <Grammatik> sex joke?
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> the "n***r" thing
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hang on
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> "like a good n***r obama is there"
11:56 <Grammatik> Oh
11:56 <Grammatik> He was quoting a song.
11:56 <Grammatik> Yeah
11:56 <Grammatik> But anyways
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> He was?
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck!
11:56 <Grammatik> Wait though
11:56 -!- Bamtastic98 was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 0 seconds.
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> My bad
11:56 <Grammatik> I'll link the song in PM
11:56 <SomePersonHere> Y u no like nuker
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
11:57 <SomePersonHere> Wait
11:57 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
11:57 <SomePersonHere> I think its against the rules to say that word anyways
11:57 <SomePersonHere> Even quoting a song I think
11:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He dun goofed
11:58 <Grammatik> Does not matter
11:58 <Grammatik> i think
11:58 <Grammatik> it was still racist
11:58 <Grammatik> .-.
11:58 <SomePersonHere> Yeah
11:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yep
11:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #NWO TRIANGLES
11:59 <Grammatik> The song he's quoting is "I'm Obama"
11:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea I've heard it before
12:00 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
12:00 <Grammatik> Hi Zack
12:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Zack
12:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
12:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Aside from a sore hand I feel much better. Got a hair cut :P
12:00 <HiImStab> ey zaxk
12:01 <HiImStab> zack*
12:01 <HiImStab> sorry :3
12:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's cool lol
12:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
12:01 <SomePersonHere> Zack, I got a haircut too (C:)
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Zack! WB Lee.
12:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nice lol
12:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym
12:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> You wanna read my new story? 
12:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sure man
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> Yey.
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> [[Torn Apart]]
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> No wait fuck wrong one
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> :D 
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> I dun goofed
12:02 -!- Billy Handsome has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I might be slow reading it, because like always... My friends get themselves in trouble and arguments and it's ALWAYS up to me to fix it xD
12:03 <Grammatik> BILLY
12:03 <Billy Handsome> im back
12:03 <Grammatik> WB
12:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And Cym... You (fail) :P
12:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Bill
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Ah I see
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> I fayul all the time
12:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Everyone does xD
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Gramm I can't see where that particular lyric in that song
12:03 <HiImStab> cym I read the moths
12:03 <Billy Handsome> hey cym i have a question
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, cool! What did you think?
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> What's up, Billy?
12:03 <Billy Handsome> why is the fail icon yamcha?
12:03 <HiImStab> great really awesome. I loved that story
12:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Because he fails
12:03 <HiImStab> love it
12:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He always dies xD
12:04 <Billy Handsome> lol zach
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> What Zack said!
12:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yamcha IS fail
12:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He couldn't even kill a Saibaman xD
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> And Stab, glad you liked it! :)
12:04 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
12:04 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
12:04 <SomePersonHere> What the fuck is yamcha
12:05 <HiImStab> yeah thanks
12:05 <Billy Handsome> (fail)
12:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Slender
12:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He's from Dragon Ball Z
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Slender
12:05 <SomePersonHere> Oh
12:05 <Slender666> Hai guys
12:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Slender
12:05 <HiImStab> sup slender
12:05 <Billy Handsome> lol yamcha what a bitch xD
12:05 <Slender666> I'm goin to write ma next story
12:05 <Slender666> my*
12:06 <HiImStab> good luck :3
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> Best of luck, Slender!
12:08 <Slender666> thanks
12:08 -!- DeadMemes has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <DeadMemes> Hi guys
12:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
12:09 <Slender666> hi
12:09 <DeadMemes> How's everyone doing?
12:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Great! And you?
12:10 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
12:10 <SomePersonHere> Good, but my teeth hurt now
12:11 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
12:11 -!- HiImStab has left Special:Chat.
12:11 <SomePersonHere> Just did nearly 400 damage from an arrow
12:11 <SomePersonHere> Wowp
12:12 <SomePersonHere> And its supposed to have 256 max damage
12:12 <Billy Handsome> brb
12:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
12:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
12:13 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
12:13 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
12:13 <Vegeta565> Hello Everyone
12:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> *Sighs* People are lucky that I'm caring and considerate enough to fix all their damn problems
12:13 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> Life is so much better when you just stop giving a fuck! (:P)
12:14 <Vegeta565> Yikes you sound pissed Zack
12:14 <Jeffsson> vegeta how is your bro
12:14 <Vegeta565> better
12:14 <Jeffsson> good
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jeff!
12:14 <Jeffsson> yo cym
12:14 <SomePersonHere> Is his boner not sticking out now?
12:14 <SomePersonHere> bone*
12:15 <Jeffsson> person you heartless ...
12:15 <Vegeta565> its not sticking out any more
12:15 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
12:15 <Flame19> hello again
12:15 <SomePersonHere> Oh
12:15 <CrashingCymbal> Zack, you don't deserve to put up with the drama bullshit you get involved in, you know that?
12:15 <SomePersonHere> It should be healing ten
12:15 <SomePersonHere> then*
12:15 <Jeffsson> yo flame
12:15 <Vegeta565> Yeah you Don't Zack
12:15 <Flame19> JEFF
12:15 <Flame19> hello
12:15 <Flame19> C:
12:16 <Jeffsson> excited much
12:16 <Flame19> yep 
12:16 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
12:16 <CrashingCymbal> You're way too nice to be dealing with that constantly.
12:16 <Flame19> because: jeff the killer the pony
12:16 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Lee!
12:16 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
12:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi~
12:16 <Jeffsson> YAYUH
12:16 <Flame19> NEVE!
12:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
12:16 <Flame19> I'm excited about EVERYTHINGG
12:17 <Jeffsson> ok then
12:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jeff da heartbreaker
12:17 <Jeffsson> wtf?
12:17 <Flame19> mostly becausei was wallowing in self pity not morethan ten minutes ago
12:17 <Jeffsson> oh wow
12:17 <Flame19> sorry about the spaces
12:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jeff the pony
12:17 <Jeffsson> so many jeffs
12:18 <Flame19> the STUPID keyboard refuses to make me look good online
12:18 <Flame19> okay i must go
12:18 <Flame19> AGAIN
12:18 <Jeffsson> cya flame
12:18 <Flame19> because =: my sister
12:18 <Vegeta565> brb
12:18 <CrashingCymbal> [[Jeff The Killer | Im a hartbraykur, A HARTBRAYKUR, YOLO SWAG #THUGLIFE]]
12:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai
12:18 <Flame19> and of course, facebook
12:18 <Flame19> stupid facebook
12:18 <Jeffsson> cym is that a swoozie reference
12:18 <Flame19> umm
12:18 <Flame19> one last thing
12:18 <Flame19> why, 
12:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Crash u don't know dat life
12:18 <Jeffsson> yes?
12:18 <CrashingCymbal> No, it's a song
12:19 <Flame19> is that link here?
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> Leee
12:19 <Jeffsson> oh
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> I liv de tug lyf
12:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, was sorting it out
12:19 <Flame19> jeff?
12:19 <Jeffsson> no you dont cym
12:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nu
12:19 <Jeffsson> what flame?
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> Uh
12:19 <DeadMemes> See ya guys later
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> Bich yu dont no me
12:19 <Flame19> umm: jeff the heartbreaker, apparently?
12:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And I know... But if I don't do shit the situation worsens, they come to me for help
12:19 <Jeffsson> ik i dont
12:19 <Jeffsson> i dont break hearts
12:19 <Jeffsson> hopefully
12:20 <Flame19> ZACK"S HERE TOO
12:20 <Flame19> hello zack
12:20 -!- DeadMemes has left Special:Chat.
12:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
12:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bich I live dat lyf erryda
12:20 <CrashingCymbal> Zack, you have the patience of a Shopping Mall Santa, seriously.
12:20 <Flame19> okay now i really have to go
12:20 <Jeffsson> like maria's internet sucks but i dont care im happy
12:20 <Flame19> ...
12:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #SWAG
12:20 <CrashingCymbal> I applaud you my friend!
12:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Don't know whether that's a compliment or an insult xD
12:20 <Jeffsson> (swag
12:20 <Jeffsson> (swag) biatch
12:20 <SomePersonHere> #YouOnlyLiveOnline
12:20 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
12:21 <CrashingCymbal> It's a compliment!
12:21 <Grammatik> Not really
12:21 <Grammatik> .-.
12:21 <Jeffsson> derp i shall be back
12:21 <Jeffsson> cya later cym
12:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Best be :P
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> I'm saying he has good patience?
12:22 <Jeffsson> cya zack
12:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chat y u ackin Cray Cray and dying
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Last time I checked that's a compliment!
12:22 <Jeffsson> rofl
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Jeff!
12:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Jeff
12:22 <Jeffsson> cya
12:22 <Grammatik> Not really was @SPH
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Oh right
12:22 <Jeffsson> grammy
12:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm just a good guy lol
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Sori haha
12:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I love it when everyone is happy because I fixed it... But it's the fixing it that gets to me
12:23 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
12:23 <CrashingCymbal> You hate the work but you love the result
12:23 <CrashingCymbal> Only natural I guess!
12:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah basically xD
12:23 <Billy Handsome> im back
12:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Crushingpinballs chat is deader than any person that slept with cacti
12:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Bill
12:24 <Vegeta565> wb Billy
12:24 <Billy Handsome> hey vegeta
12:24 <CrashingCymbal> Chat is as dead as Adam Sandler's career
12:24 <Grammatik> Hi billy
12:24 <Billy Handsome> LOL
12:24 <Grammatik> .-.
12:24 <Billy Handsome> hi gramm
12:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL crash
12:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> brb
12:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And wow Cym xD
12:24 <Grammatik> Chat is as dead as--
12:24 <Grammatik> Wait that counts as racist, I think.
12:24 <SomePersonHere> "hi billy" sounds likje "hillbilly"
12:24 <Grammatik> Eh
12:24 <Grammatik> LOL
12:25 <Billy Handsome> didnt someone say i had a cowboy name yesterday?
12:25 <SomePersonHere> Im gonna have to go outdoors
12:25 <Vegeta565> i want to put my pasta that i wrote  on the wiki put idk how
12:26 <SomePersonHere> My friends are pissing my off not getting off of me telling me to go out
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> My favorite insult ever though (offensive but funny): "You're as about as much use as Anne Frank's drum kit."
12:26 <Billy Handsome> lol
12:26 <Grammatik> LOL
12:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
12:27 <Vegeta565> wb Zack
12:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
12:27 <Billy Handsome> what if someone ate a bag of chips in their attic?
12:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> Zack is Back with some fires and a Big Mac.
12:27 <Vegeta565> welcomew
12:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> Like my rapping? (:P)
12:27 <Vegeta565> *welcome
12:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's my Big Mac!
12:27 <Grammatik> I'm hungry
12:27 <Grammatik> .-.
12:27 <Billy Handsome> eat a dick gramm
12:27 <Billy Handsome> :3
12:28 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
12:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And yeah Cym :P
12:28 <Grammatik> Billy, you too.
12:28 <Grammatik> Oh wait, cannibalism is bad, don't ever eat a dick.
12:28 <Billy Handsome> .-.cant you ever make a different face?
12:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> < Look what I found
12:28 <Vegeta565> Brb i need to help my little bro to get out of bed
12:28 <Grammatik> yeah
12:28 <Grammatik> ._.
12:28 -!- BrooklynGuido42 has joined Special:Chat
12:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fanartz
12:29 <BrooklynGuido42> who wants to help me write a creepypasta
12:29 <Billy Handsome> no make a different face than that
12:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Guido
12:29 <SomePersonHere> see ya madafakas
12:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No thanks Brooklyn
12:29 <Grammatik> I don't like using the "._." because it reminds me of someone.
12:29 <Grammatik> .-.
12:29 <Grammatik> :<
12:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai person
12:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Neve
12:29 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
12:30 <Billy Handsome> what the fuck is that?
12:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And Gram I like using >_< and :/
12:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai zack
12:30 <Vegeta565> back
12:30 <Billy Handsome> yeah you can learn a lot from zack gramm
12:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh, sorry, by Some xD
12:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I thought Neve was leaving, mis-read it xD
12:30 <Grammatik> All I ever use are
12:30 <Grammatik> .-., ._., c:, :c, ;v; and sometimes ;-;
12:30 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
12:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
12:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
12:31 <Grammatik> Holy dickshoes
12:31 <Billy Handsome> LOL
12:31 <Grammatik> it's 3:31 PM already
12:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yay your Avatar is back xD
12:31 -!- CrowClaw1 has joined Special:Chat
12:31 <CrowClaw1> Yo
12:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey
12:32 <Billy Handsome> so who else has 5:32 as there time?
12:32 <Billy Handsome> am
12:32 <CrowClaw1> i think only u
12:32 <Billy Handsome> prabably
12:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, I think I'm almost done fixing this situation for now, until the others get online, so I'll read your pasta
12:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I might read it part by part though :P
12:32 <Grammatik> Where are you at, Bill
12:32 <Grammatik> ?
12:32 <Billy Handsome> Washington
12:33 <Billy Handsome> not DC
12:33 <Billy Handsome> the depressing one
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> I see I see...
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> Well, no rush!
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> It's my second ever supernatural one (:P)
12:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay then :P (reads 3 letters) I'm done for now xD
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> D:
12:33 <Billy Handsome> cym i started reading it ill let you know when i finish
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> y u do dis to me
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> Awesum.
12:34 <Grammatik> I keep getting distracted
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Wait, which one? You might not have the right link.
12:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm joking mate, I'll be back when I've read part 1, remember, still fixing shit :P
12:34 <Billy Handsome> the moth one
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Cause I linked two by accident
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Ah okay!
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss yiss.
12:34 <Grammatik> I'll read it when I don't get distracted.
12:34 <Grammatik> Sorry. ;v ;
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, with my pastas I try to stick to logic and fact.
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> This one though, I let my imagine run wild!
12:35 <Billy Handsome> distracted? by what abusing a ball of light with a dildo?
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> Has anyone read Cuil Theory btw?
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> I honestly don't know what to think of it!
12:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym you lie!
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> It's just... wat
12:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> With your pastas you try to write a story bigger then Harry Potter xD
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> I lie? D:
12:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And better :P
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
12:35 -!- DeadMemes has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And you do it xD
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> Well, I like long pastas (:P)
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> I need time to develop a plot!
12:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm not a big fan in Harry Potter
12:36 -!- DeadMemes has left Special:Chat.
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> I never read the books!
12:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's something about magic with wands that pisses me off
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> I read "A Series of Unfortunate Events" when I was a child hahaha
12:36 <Billy Handsome> "hey hey you kid's wanna buy sum magic"
12:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> True magic should be shot from the hand, or a staff, or a sword xD
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> Or from the depths of the mind...
12:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah!
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> Kinds like Telekinesis! 
12:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> But wands... It makes it boring if you ask me
12:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Want to see a clip of a good magic fight?
12:37 <CrashingCymbal> And people make a lot of genitalia innuendo too.
12:37 <CrashingCymbal> Sure!
12:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Let me find it then xD
12:38 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
12:38 <Billy Handsome> try to prove lightning isnt wizards fighting you just CANT
12:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye>
12:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Negi VS Evangeline - Duration: 03:47 - Uploaded: 2007-01-18 - Rating: 4.591837 - Views: 25,933 -
12:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Try that one Cym :P
12:40 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss
12:40 <Billy Handsome> evangeline?
12:40 <CrowClaw1> that 1 giant robot anime?
12:40 <Billy Handsome> thats's my niece's name
12:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's a beginner mage against a deadly vampire :P
12:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's not the best fight, but it's one of his first
12:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Evangelion?
12:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shinji...
12:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That bich
12:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Ogw)
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> How many of you have heard of the popular musical Jesus Christ Superstar?
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> Well...
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> How about...
12:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat
12:42 <CrowClaw1> never heard of it
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> [[AntiChrist Superstar]]!!
12:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
12:43 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
12:43 -!- Bardock1343 has joined Special:Chat
12:43 <Bardock1343> Hey
12:44 <CrowClaw1> yo
12:44 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
12:44 <Billy Handsome> how's it going baardock?
12:44 <Flame19> I'm back
12:44 <Flame19> again
12:44 <Bardock1343> I'm good
12:44 <Flame19> the chatroom hasn't changed a bit
12:44 <Flame19> still talking crap i see
12:45 <CrowClaw1> ?
12:45 <Flame19> perhapsi should just leave again until one of you start making sense
12:45 <Flame19> *perhaps
12:45 <Billy Handsome> (indeed)
12:45 <Vegeta565> My head hurts being blind in one Eye Sucks
12:45 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Crow, hey Bardok!
12:45 <CrowClaw1> yeah
12:45 <Billy Handsome> what vegeta?
12:45 <Flame19> and, of course, when keyboard doesn't seem to betray me
12:45 <Vegeta565> i'm Blind in one Eye
12:45 <Flame19> so, um
12:45 <Flame19> goodbye!
12:45 <Bardock1343> Really?
12:46 <Vegeta565> yeah
12:46 <Billy Handsome> Wha happened?
12:46 <Bardock1343> Wow.
12:46 <CrowClaw1> the anime i just found makes zero sense
12:46 <CrowClaw1> it looks more like a kid designed it
12:46 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
12:46 <Vegeta565> something happened when i was five i don't want to talk about it
12:46 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
12:46 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
12:46 <CrowClaw1> wb
12:46 <Billy Handsome> it's ok i understand
12:46 <Vegeta565> Wb Zack
12:46 <Billy Handsome> hey zack
12:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, internet messed up
12:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, want to see a better fight scene with magic? Might of found one :P
12:47 <CrashingCymbal> I literally just finished that one there
12:47 <CrashingCymbal> Sure, link me.
12:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nevermind, watching it now and it's crap, I will find this fight xD
12:48 <Grammatik> I'm so fucking hungry
12:48 <Billy Handsome> EAT A DICK
12:48 <Grammatik> k
12:48 <Billy Handsome> k
12:48 <Grammatik> /me eats Billy
12:48 <Grammatik> THERE
12:48 <Billy Handsome> (D:)
12:48 <Grammatik> .-.
12:48 <Grammatik> k, back to getting dressed
12:48 <Grammatik> brb
12:49 <Bardock1343> (stopnow)
12:49 <Billy Handsome> no my Handsome
12:49 <CrowClaw1> lol
12:49 <Billy Handsome> wow gramm
12:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Wow.. .All thses videos are shit... I could just link you to the episode Cym. I'll tell you what time the fight start xD
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> Okai
12:50 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
12:51 <Bardock1343> (rip)
12:51 <Vegeta565> hi Noah
12:51 <Ednoahjones> yo
12:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Think I found it, one second
12:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'll post it in PM Cym
12:53 <CrashingCymbal> Cool
12:54 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
12:54 <Bardock1343> (pizzagif)
12:55 <Bardock1343> Staring at it makes you hungry
12:55 <Bardock1343> :3
12:55 <CrowClaw1> yes
12:56 <Billy Handsome> ohhh i got shit to do today i dont want to do
12:56 -!- Thundergun97 has joined Special:Chat
12:56 <Thundergun97> whats up billy
12:56 <Billy Handsome> hey thunder
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Thunder!
12:57 <Thundergun97> crash hows the pasta going
12:57 <CrashingCymbal> Finished!
12:57 <Thundergun97> cool shoot me up a link ill have to check it out
12:57 <CrashingCymbal> It's 6,000 words, just a quick warning...
12:57 <Thundergun97> don't you have a couple stories up for potm
12:58 <Billy Handsome> brb
12:58 <Thundergun97> also I read all the lord of the ring books in a weekend I can handle it
12:58 <CrashingCymbal> I had two pastas nominated, and one of them won PoTM, yes!
12:58 <Bardock1343> Is it this?
12:58 <CrashingCymbal> Oh okay cool! Here you go - [[The Moths]]
12:58 <Bardock1343> The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen
12:58 <Thundergun97> brb
12:58 <CrashingCymbal> No no, that's not mine.
12:58 <Bardock1343> oh
12:58 <Bardock1343> Okay.
12:58 <CrashingCymbal> Cool story though, pretty nifty.
12:58 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
12:59 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Anja!
12:59 <Bardock1343> I don't really read pasta of the month.
12:59 <CrashingCymbal> Hey, the image I nominated for Image of the month is winning! Yay!
12:59 <Bardock1343>
12:59 <CrashingCymbal> You should! They're usually the best! haha
12:59 <CrashingCymbal> No no, 2headedpuppet
13:00 <Bardock1343> I don't really read PoTM unless it's mine
13:00 <Anna Monroe> hallo
13:00 <CrowClaw1> yo Anna
13:00 <Anna Monroe> crow, sounding as evil as you can
13:00 <Bardock1343> This is my only pasta, I am thinking of making more, but it takes me a whilew
13:00 <Bardock1343> *while
13:00 <Bardock1343>,_Charlie_Brown
13:00 <CrowClaw1> ?
13:00 <CrowClaw1> im always evil
13:00 <Anna Monroe> just kidding
13:01 <CrowClaw1> :p
13:01 <Anna Monroe> or was I?
13:01 <Bardock1343> I made another one too but it got deleted
13:02 <Anna Monroe> I'm singing things that come to mind cause I'm epic like that
13:02 <Bardock1343> 13,237 pages on this wiki
13:02 <Bardock1343> wow
13:03 <CrowClaw1> holy crap
13:03 <Anna Monroe> eh, not the biggest number I've seen
13:03 <CrowClaw1> hey im wondering. can deleting files on my documents help speed my laptop up. cause its been being stupid lately
13:03 <Bardock1343> It takes me a while to make anything, so be patient
13:04 <Anna Monroe> yes it can
13:04 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
13:04 <CrowClaw1> good cause my laptops been acting stupid 
13:05 <Bardock1343> Does anyone have any ideas of any Creepypastas I could make?
13:05 <Billy Handsome> im back
13:05 <Bardock1343> I want to make more than just 1
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back from my shave
13:06 <Bardock1343> Crashing do you have any ideas?
13:06 <CrowClaw1> pfffft
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> For what?
13:06 <CrowClaw1> a cat shark lol
13:06 <Bardock1343> I need to make more pastas
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> Ah.
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
13:06 <CrowClaw1> make one on a cat shark mutant
13:06 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> WB Zack!
13:06 <Billy Handsome> wb zack
13:06 <CrowClaw1> wb
13:07 <CrashingCymbal> I'll watch that video now.
13:07 <Bardock1343> Crashing?
13:07 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
13:07 <CrashingCymbal> Trying to think.
13:07 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
13:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay, sorry chat fucked up for me xD
13:08 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
13:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It can be a bit Ettchi so be warned :P
13:09 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, some bloke got stabbed and is dead!
13:09 <CrashingCymbal> Nice (:P)
13:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Haha :P
13:11 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
13:11 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
13:11 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
13:12 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
13:12 <Thundergun97> well that was good
13:12 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
13:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> test
13:12 <Bardock1343> your test is working
13:12 <Bardock1343> because I see it
13:13 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
13:13 <Thundergun97> you write extremely well cymbal.i come up with some realy good ideas but I have a hard time fleshing them out.any advice
13:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Boop
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading!
13:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi read
13:13 <Billy Handsome> hru reading?
13:13 <Thundergun97> waup lee
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> Well, Thunder.
13:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal, Lee, Billy
13:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Reading!
13:14 <CrashingCymbal> My advice.
13:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zack!
13:14 <CrashingCymbal> Don't repeat verbs
13:14 <CrashingCymbal> Try to vary the words you use in your story, don't overuse words.
13:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> ^
13:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Or adjectives
13:15 <Thundergun97> did I do that in the last story?
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> Try to use simile as much as you can to describe key essentials of your story
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> Not really no haha
13:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Like hyper realistic
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> And adjectives! 
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> Like Lee said
13:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
13:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, about that fight, let me tell you a little something about the anime
13:15 <Thundergun97> right got that my real problem is making them longer
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> Also, try to keep paragraphs at around 5 or 6 lines!
13:16 <Thundergun97> ok
13:16 -!- Halaboo123 has joined Special:Chat
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Nobody likes a Wall o' text (:P)
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hala
13:16 <Halaboo123> hiiii
13:16 <Thundergun97> got it
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> And try to get your stories to at least 2,000 words!
13:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Now, that's a PERSONAL preference!
13:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I want to point that the number of words isn't important.
13:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's about a nine / ten year old boy who teaches a class of 31 female, japanese students. In the class there is a vampire, a robot, a half demon, a full demon, a magic princess, a martian, a ghost, martial art experts and others xD
13:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't add words just to meet a number.
13:16 <Thundergun97> excuse me reading are you a administrator 
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> For me, but write the way you want.
13:17 <CrashingCymbal> What Read said 
13:17 <Bardock1343> Right now Happy Appy is the longest pasta I've known
13:17 <CrashingCymbal> [[Ted the Caver]]
13:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Just finish it when you know there isn't anything else to say and everything is good
13:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, I'm an Admin
13:17 <Halaboo123> what are you guys talking about?
13:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Negima?
13:18 <Thundergun97> could you possibly remove a pasta I posted its pure garbage that is polluting the universe with its existence 
13:18 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <Bardock1343> I hate (spam).
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure, link me
13:18 <Halaboo123> ohh O.o it's totally out there if it's on the internet
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> Thunder!
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is false
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> Wow!
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Several things are gone once deleted.
13:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nothing is permanent
13:18 <CrowClaw1> there we go i think my laptop will run faster now that i got rid of alot of stuff on my documents
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> "It's pure garbage that is polluting the universe with its existence"
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> Try to write like that! haha
13:19 <Bardock1343> LOL
13:19 <Halaboo123> lol
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> That was actually really good description! Bravo! haha
13:19 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
13:19 <CrowClaw1> wb
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> WB Zacky.
13:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn connection!
13:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm that garbage
13:19 <Bardock1343> For the second or third time already.
13:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imean
13:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And yes Neve I'm talking about Negima
13:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
13:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> My favourite manga
13:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like dat manga
13:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's awesome :D
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> Finished it Zack.
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> That was pretty flashy
13:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good fight wasn't it :P
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> Lots of magic and shit haha
13:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> That's not even the best of them either
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> I especially liked the clash of the blue and black :D haha
13:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The rest are in manga form
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> I see...
13:21 <Bardock1343> Suit is an acronym for "Something up in there". Something up in there was the #1 cause of death in people ages 8 to 80.
13:21 -!- BeakyBuzzard has joined Special:Chat
13:21 <Thundergun97> for some reason I cant find it if you ever come across the lavario experiment please kill it with fire have kbow idea why somebody gave it five stars
13:21 <Halaboo123> hi beaky 
13:21 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Do you like manga?
13:21 <BeakyBuzzard> Hi
13:21 <Thundergun97> no
13:22 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
13:22 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
13:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
13:22 -!- Sactage has joined Special:Chat
13:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Sactage
13:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Sactage
13:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> This internet is really annoying me
13:22 <Billy Handsome> hey sactage
13:23 <Bardock1343> I see a little symbol next to Sactage's name on the list of people here.
13:23 <Bardock1343> It isn't a moderator or an admin symbol.
13:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sactage is a lurker? (Huh)
13:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He is Staff
13:23 <CrashingCymbal> Sactage is Wikia staff
13:23 <Bardock1343> Oh.
13:23 <Bardock1343> Okay.
13:23 <CrashingCymbal> And Reading is a Ninja!
13:23 <Sactage> !quit
13:37 -!- CPwikiCHATlogger has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> I honestly do not know what to think of it!
13:37 <Jeffsson> QUIT COPYING ME
13:37 <ShotgunHobo> Culi theory?
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> Soz
13:37 <Thundergun97> if it was not for ed gein we would not have slasher films
13:37 <Bardock1343> (read)
13:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuil 1: Jesse is a hipster dog
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> [[Cuil Theory]]
13:37 <Jeffsson> it is fucked up
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> I was just like "...wat"
13:37 <Bardock1343> (read)
13:38 <Billy Handsome> crow?
13:38 <CrowClaw1> yeah?
13:38 <Billy Handsome> PM 
13:38 <Bardock1343> (read)!
13:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuil 2: Jesse is really me
13:38 <CrowClaw1> kay
13:38 <Grammatik> What the fuck
13:38 <Grammatik> That Cuil thing
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> Bardock, don't spam that emote!
13:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bardock, if you need me, using my emote over and over again isn't the way to call me.
13:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I have a name
13:38 <Bardock1343> I am trying to get your attention
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> His name is Gandolf.
13:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And you failed
13:38 <Halaboo123> lol
13:38 <Thundergun97> im totally calling my future son bilbo
13:39 <CrowClaw1> future son?
13:39 <Bardock1343> Read, if CP really is gonna clean the chat, he might interrupt someone when he's about to chat and no one will be able to see it?
13:39 <Thundergun97> don't have one yet
13:39 <CrashingCymbal> What if you have a daughter?
13:39 <Thundergun97> bilbo
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmm...
13:39 <CrashingCymbal> What if you become the new Henry the VIII'th!
13:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm not sure what you mean, Bardock
13:39 <Thundergun97> more power to them
13:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My attention span is shorter than Charlie Sheen's dick
13:40 <CrowClaw1> lol
13:40 <ShotgunHobo> What about 80 cuils?
13:40 <Halaboo123> lmao
13:40 <Grammatik> 69 cuils?
13:40 <CrashingCymbal> Ask Majin!
13:40 <Bardock1343> If someone hit enter on their chat saying and it's at the second the chat gets cleaned, will no one ever hear what he is saying?
13:40 <Billy Handsome> the porn version is "dildo faggins" 
13:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
13:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, you'll still be heard.
13:40 <Halaboo123> wow billy rofl
13:40 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
13:40 <Bardock1343> Oh.
13:40 <Bardock1343> Okay.
13:40 <Thundergun97> I would personaly like for them to to be more like nero or caligula
13:40 <Grammatik> Chat... clean-up?
13:40 <CrashingCymbal> Read?
13:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 80 Cuils?! MADNESS
13:40 <Jeffsson> lol
13:40 <Billy Handsome> brb
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Cymbal?
13:41 <CrashingCymbal> Is that a you know what?
13:41 <ShotgunHobo> Last night was pretty boring
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A what?
13:41 <Grammatik> Wait what
13:41 <CrashingCymbal> "the porn version is "dildo faggins""
13:41 <Jeffsson> GRAMMY
13:41 <Grammatik> JEFF
13:41 <Grammatik> SPYDALOO
13:41 <ShotgunHobo> Hey who’s Sactage?
13:41 <Jeffsson> yey
13:41 <Jeffsson> (derpy)
13:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmm...I think so, Cymbal
13:42 <Jeffsson> why
13:42 <CrashingCymbal> Okai
13:42 <Jeffsson> how did you get that name
13:42 <Grammatik> Billy
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What name, WhyAmIReadingThis?
13:42 <Grammatik> inb69 kick
13:42 <ShotgunHobo> Whats with the little star on his name?
13:42 <Billy Handsome> wat
13:42 <Jeffsson> yeah
13:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sactage is staff
13:42 -!- Billy Handsome was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
13:42 -!- Billy Handsome has left Special:Chat.
13:42 <Grammatik> Whoa
13:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
13:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> MADNESS
13:42 <Bardock1343> I didn't even remember what Billy Handsome was even banned for.
13:42 <Grammatik> He was a dick either way
13:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, I'm not sure! I just did the first thing that crossed my mind when I started reading creepypastas
13:42 <ShotgunHobo> Oh was wondering why there was a star
13:43 <Grammatik> He said "fag"
13:43 <Bardock1343> Oh
13:43 <Grammatik> That was why
13:43 <Halaboo123> ohhh
13:43 <Grammatik> 1-day ban
13:43 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss.
13:43 <Thundergun97> did he have any warning?
13:43 <Bardock1343> Alrighty then.
13:43 <Jeffsson> gramm no
13:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
13:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Doing that is a ban without warning, Thunder
13:43 <CrashingCymbal> That is his warning.
13:43 <Thundergun97> ok
13:43 <Jeffsson> lol
13:44 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
13:44 <CrowClaw1> and im back im trying to think of how im gonna write my pasta
13:44 <ShotgunHobo> Old men dancing around a fire
13:44 <Bardock1343> ^
13:45 <Bardock1343> LOL
13:45 <CrowClaw1> why
13:45 <Halaboo123> lol sounds like a party
13:45 <ShotgunHobo> I dunno just had to say that
13:45 <CrowClaw1> i kinda wanna make my pasta really scary
13:46 <ShotgunHobo> You should make it a mindfuck creepypasta
13:46 <Bardock1343> I have an idea. Make it about beachmen dancing in the sand!
13:46 <Thundergun97> yeah keep the twist secret so no one knows what it is kay crow
13:46 <Bardock1343> LOL
13:46 <CrowClaw1> k
13:47 <Sactage> !quit
13:47 -!- CPwikiCHATlogger has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <Thundergun97> rustman
13:47 <CrowClaw1> wb
13:47 <CrashingCymbal> I hope I'm having steak tonight for dinner
13:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'll get u all some jk
13:47 <CrashingCymbal> So guys...
13:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai
13:48 <ShotgunHobo> Yes cym
13:48 <Thundergun97> yes crashing
13:48 <Bardock1343> Make the pasta about a talking toilet. LOL
13:48 <Halaboo123> lol
13:48 <CrowClaw1> my pasta will be so good that it'll be the pasta of the month
13:48 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths | I personally think you should all read this]]
13:48 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
13:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Bardock1343> Then someone pooped in the toilet and then
13:48 <ShotgunHobo> you should make it a troll pasta
13:48 <Bardock1343> the toilet screamed
13:48 <CrowClaw1> no
13:48 <Bardock1343> he swallowed it
13:48 <CrowClaw1> how would a toilet be scary
13:48 <CrowClaw1> its a toilet
13:48 <Thundergun97> I have a character concept that I have no idea how to work into a pasta
13:49 <Halaboo123> a toilet with razor blades and lemon juice
13:49 <CrashingCymbal> If it had sharp teeth and bit you rbutt.
13:49 <ShotgunHobo> You should make it sound like the toilet is the victem
13:49 <CrashingCymbal> That would be pretty an ordacious event
13:49 <Thundergun97> itll give you aids
13:49 <Bardock1343> LOL
13:49 <CrowClaw1> lol
13:49 <ShotgunHobo> But in reality the toilet is really a toilet bu the reader doesn’t know that
13:49 <Bardock1343> ^
13:50 <CrashingCymbal> So wait...
13:50 <Bardock1343> It could be a dream pasta
13:50 <CrashingCymbal> If the reader doesn't know it's a toilet
13:50 <Thundergun97> toilets are realy sentient beings whove weve enslaved
13:50 <CrowClaw1> what about one with Ms.P or Artist?
13:50 <CrashingCymbal> What does the reader think people are pooping into?
13:50 <Thundergun97> a urinel
13:50 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
13:50 <ShotgunHobo> The toilets mouth
13:50 <Bardock1343> a dream that he pooped in the toilet and it screamed, then bit hi sbutt with aids spread on to it, and then he woke up and then checked the toilet and it didn't do anything
13:51 <Halaboo123> lol
13:51 <ShotgunHobo> But the toilet doesn’t know it’s a toilet it thinks it’s a human being
13:51 <Thundergun97> when he leaves the toilet starts laughing
13:51 <CrowClaw1> like that creepy devilish laugh
13:51 <Halaboo123> buahhahahahahahaha
13:51 <Thundergun97> his wife is having an affair with the toilet
13:51 <CrowClaw1> lol
13:51 <Bardock1343> Then when the guy leaves to go to work
13:52 <Bardock1343> the other toilet
13:52 <Bardock1343> which is a girl
13:52 <Bardock1343> kisses the boy toilet
13:52 <Bardock1343> and when he gets back
13:52 <Grammatik> what the fuck
13:52 <Bardock1343> he looks at them kissing
13:52 <Thundergun97> they mix water
13:52 <Grammatik> did i walk into
13:52 <Bardock1343> LOL
13:52 -!- Sactage has left Special:Chat.
13:52 <CrashingCymbal> A pole.
13:52 <Halaboo123> and they make little toilet babies
13:53 <Thundergun97> then it runs fo president
13:53 <CrowClaw1> or i could write one about a penguin named gunter
13:53 <Halaboo123> lol 
13:53 <CrowClaw1> that likes pimp slapping people
13:53 <Grammatik> the way you're sexualizing toilets is not making my situation any better
13:53 <Bardock1343> Then the guys' house becomes the White House for toilets
13:53 <Thundergun97> gunter kills and eats ice king
13:53 <Bardock1343> then the guy has to pack all of his stuff
13:53 <Bardock1343> and moves out
13:53 <Ednoahjones> No
13:53 <CrowClaw1> yeah im gonna keep mine on Gunter
13:54 <Thundergun97> a toilet would do a better job than obama
13:54 <Halaboo123> dang
13:54 <Bardock1343> Then the 2016 election makes Mr. Toilet the president
13:54 <Thundergun97> the oval office has a new meaning
13:54 <CrowClaw1> Gunter goes psychotic and begins killing everyone in the land of OOO
13:54 <Bardock1343> He ran against Mr. Sink
13:54 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
13:54 <Bardock1343> Mr. Sink lost
13:54 <Devincooper64> my nose is bleeding
13:54 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Devin!
13:54 <Devincooper64> im losing so much blood ._,
13:54 <Grammatik> this place is disturbing
13:55 <CrashingCymbal> Damn.
13:55 <CrowClaw1> why thank u
13:55 <Devincooper64> like an anime character who sees boobs blood loss
13:55 <CrashingCymbal> Napoleon died from a nosebleed.
13:55 <Thundergun97> yes it is gramm almost as if youre in a creepy pasta hahaha
13:55 <Grammatik> i thought he was poisoned with arsenic?
13:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That must been one strong nosebleed
13:55 <Grammatik> @crash
13:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hang on, lemme check.
13:55 <Grammatik> kk
13:55 <Thundergun97> I thought he had hemroids oh wait he did
13:55 <Bardock1343> Then Mr. Sink hung himself (which is really impossible)
13:56 <Bardock1343> The end
13:56 <Devincooper64> small chat today
13:56 <Devincooper64> thats a new
13:56 <CrashingCymbal> Oh no
13:56 <Devincooper64> ok it stopped
13:56 <Devincooper64> im good now
13:56 <CrashingCymbal> It was actually "Attila the Hun" who died from a Nosebleed.
13:57 <Devincooper64> oh
13:57 <Thundergun97> napoleon was caught cheating on his wife ans then he had a seisure
13:57 -!- Jonatan Rodolfo has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Devincooper64> wut
13:57 <Devincooper64> i swear none of this is right
13:57 <CrowClaw1> ?
13:57 <Halaboo123> i think that too
13:57 <Thundergun97> he didn't die from it though
13:57 <Devincooper64> from what I heard napoleon was left for dead on an island
13:57 <Grammatik> Was I right?
13:57 -!- Jonatan Rodolfo has left Special:Chat.
13:57 <Devincooper64> after surrendering 
13:58 <Grammatik> Napoleon died from arsenic poisoning.
13:58 <Grammatik> I think.
13:58 <Thundergun97> yes he was sent to alba were he was latter poisoned by a supporter of the current king
13:58 <CrashingCymbal> It's unsure, Gramm.
13:58 <Bardock1343> Brb
13:58 <CrashingCymbal> Some same Arsenic poison
13:58 <Halaboo123> he died from stomach cancer
13:58 <CrashingCymbal> Some say Stomach Cancer.
13:59 <Halaboo123> napoleon did
13:59 <CrashingCymbal> >Some same
13:59 <Thundergun97> I say he had hemroids
13:59 <CrashingCymbal> *Some say
13:59 <Devincooper64> we would all make shitty history teachers
13:59 <Bardock1343> Back
13:59 <CrashingCymbal> Hitler needed viagra!
13:59 <Thundergun97> he actualy had hemroids like crazy
13:59 <CrashingCymbal> According to sources
13:59 <Halaboo123> lol 
13:59 <ShotgunHobo> Hitler also needed glasses
13:59 <Thundergun97> have any of you heard of la maupet
14:00 <Devincooper64> well its kinda hard to get a boner with the images of milions of dead jews haunting your mind
14:00 <Grammatik> LOL
14:00 <Halaboo123> lol
14:00 <ShotgunHobo> Still possible for meeeee
14:00 <Devincooper64> ...
14:00 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my!
14:00 <Grammatik> hitler was a vegan
14:00 <CrashingCymbal> He was?
14:00 <Thundergun97> these hitler jokes make me fuhurious
14:00 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
14:00 <ShotgunHobo> Yes
14:00 <Grammatik> and also was a very religious person
14:00 <Devincooper64> JEWish you were this funny
14:00 <Thundergun97> furhurious
14:01 <Devincooper64> what if like
14:01 <Grammatik> from what i heard
14:01 <Devincooper64> it wasnt hitler
14:01 <Bardock1343> .\./.
14:01 <Bardock1343>  .|.
14:01 <Bardock1343>  / \ - a fly
14:01 <Devincooper64> and it was an inside job?
14:01 <Bardock1343> LOL
14:01 <Grammatik> ascii
14:01 <CrashingCymbal> Thunder you should calm down and sit with me on Mein Kamphy sofa. 
14:01 <Bardock1343> No I did that myself
14:01 <ShotgunHobo> Hitler also didn’t smoke
14:01 <Devincooper64> thats some shitty ass fly you got there
14:01 <CrashingCymbal> It's still ASCII
14:01 <Bardock1343> I know
14:01 <CrashingCymbal> So don't do it again!
14:01 <Bardock1343> Can anyone swat it?
14:01 <Devincooper64> I can ban hammer it ;)
14:01 <Devincooper64> jk
14:02 <ShotgunHobo> Wats ASCII
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> Text art.
14:02 <Grammatik> I can smack it with a dildo
14:02 <Devincooper64> someone stole all of clerics banhammer candies from last night
14:02 <Grammatik> .-.
14:02 <ShotgunHobo> oh
14:02 <Devincooper64> when i posted the shrek X skrillex pic :D
14:02 <Thundergun97> have you ever heard of la maupet
14:02 <Bardock1343> No you need to swat it
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> I saw The Purge the other night
14:02 <Bardock1343> With a fly swatter
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> I thought it was awful...
14:02 <Devincooper64> did it suck?
14:02 <Devincooper64> everyone did
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> I thought it did, anyway
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> My friends liked it sorta
14:02 -!- Jonatan Rodolfo has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <ShotgunHobo> When skrillex shit’s Dubstep plays faintly in the background
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> Everyone I knew said it was okay
14:03 <CrashingCymbal> But I thought it was terrible!
14:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jon!
14:03 <Devincooper64>‎
14:03 <Jonatan Rodolfo> Hello
14:03 <Devincooper64> pretty much everyone hated it
14:03 -!- Bardock1343 has left Special:Chat.
14:03 -!- CrowClaw1 has left Special:Chat.
14:04 <Thundergun97> so la maupet was a French duelist ho had killed over thirty men shes a women btw in duels had one time snuck into a Coventry to get it on with some nuns and was a member of the royal French opera
14:04 <CrashingCymbal> Grown Ups 2 is not doing good at all.
14:04 <Devincooper64> neither is lone ranger
14:04 <Devincooper64> but nothing will do as bad as zyzzyx road
14:04 <Devincooper64> *cough* grossed 30 bucks *cough*
14:05 <Thundergun97> crash devin gram read my last post
14:05 <Devincooper64> i did
14:05 <Devincooper64> im looking for your cool story bro medal
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> I'm surprised "Now You See Me" isn't doing too good.
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> I liked that movie!
14:05 <Devincooper64> the only thing they be seeing is bad profit
14:05 <Thundergun97> im looking forward to the conjuring
14:05 <Devincooper64> HUEHUEHUE
14:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Most times Rotten Tomatoes is very accurate
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my
14:05 <Devincooper64> man of steel sucked.
14:05 <Devincooper64> 4/10 from me
14:06 <Thundergun97> I like awful horror movies so ill probably go see the purge still
14:06 <Devincooper64> no attention was paid into the development, build up, or details
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, Pixar's second almost-rotten rating
14:06 <CrashingCymbal> Wolverine looks fucking amazing!
14:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Things aren't going so well for them
14:06 <Devincooper64> all the movies events happened in the first 50 minutes 
14:06 <CrashingCymbal> For what movie, Reading?
14:06 <ShotgunHobo> Time for some NSFW stuff
14:06 <Devincooper64> and the fight scenes suck
14:07 <Thundergun97> blasphemy 
14:07 <Devincooper64> basically the movie was meant to be two hours of fighting and flash explosions
14:07 <Devincooper64> and because of that the movie was a poorly made mess
14:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Monster University and Cars had terrible ratings compared to the rest of the movies, Cymbal.
14:07 <ShotgunHobo> NSFW NSFW
14:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: An Argument About Pubes (SCR 21) - Duration: 05:49 - Uploaded: 2012-11-27 - Rating: 4.875969 - Views: 3,088 -
14:07 <Devincooper64> wut.
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> Monsters University did?
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> Oh no :(
14:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And Cars 2 is the only Pixar movie to not to be..."fresh", you know, that tomato icon
14:07 <Devincooper64> but they still did well
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> I wanna see that!
14:07 <Devincooper64> its amazing crashing
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> Ye
14:07 <Devincooper64> dont listen to the critics
14:07 <CrashingCymbal> Okai
14:07 <Devincooper64> take it from a kid who saw the first one as a baby
14:08 <Devincooper64> and it was the only movie I never fell asleep through
14:08 <Thundergun97> im still waiting for the carrie remake
14:08 <CrashingCymbal> I saw it when I was 6! I will never forget that day.
14:08 <Devincooper64> I saw it when i was like 3?
14:08 <CrashingCymbal> IMDB gave it a 7.7
14:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Monsters' Universtity's rating (78%) is very good, but not as good as all the ratings over 90% Pixar normally has
14:08 <Devincooper64> I dont know
14:08 <CrashingCymbal> 78? That's amazing!
14:08 -!- Jonatan Rodolfo has left Special:Chat.
14:08 <CrashingCymbal> I thought you meant like... 61 or something!
14:08 <Devincooper64> RT RATINGS:
14:08 <Devincooper64> Toy Story: 100%
14:08 <Devincooper64> Toy Story 2: 100%
14:08 <Devincooper64> Toy Story 3: 99%
14:08 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, for Pixar it's low
14:08 <Devincooper64> SO CLOSE!
14:09 <Thundergun97> Pixar is amazing
14:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cars 2 got 39%
14:09 <CrashingCymbal> Not surprised lol
14:09 <Devincooper64> cars 2 was the consumers fault
14:09 <Thundergun97> well that one kinda sucked
14:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yeah, not surprised either
14:09 <Ednoahjones> yes but cars 2 is cars 2
14:09 <Devincooper64> since everyone loved mater
14:09 <Devincooper64> so make a movie for the most popular character obviously
14:09 <Ednoahjones> ok who the fuck liked mater?
14:09 <Devincooper64> I myself enjoyed cars 2
14:09 <Ednoahjones> seriously,
14:09 <Ednoahjones> nobody liked mater.
14:09 <Devincooper64> rather it needed to exist or not
14:10 <Devincooper64> you kno
14:10 <Thundergun97> first cars was cool but I curious hwo built the cars?
14:10 <Devincooper64> besides the maters tall tales series that was popular
14:10 <Thundergun97> who
14:10 <Devincooper64> besides the video game that did fairly well with him
14:10 <Devincooper64> besides MU is mainly about mike in a way
14:10 <Devincooper64> and people eat it up
14:10 <Devincooper64> and it too has no point in existing 
14:10 <Thundergun97> in my opinion cars is the aftermath of maximum overdrive
14:10 <Devincooper64> but who cares?
14:11 <Devincooper64> actually cars is when the objects in toy story advance
14:11 <Ednoahjones> my favorite thing to ever come out of monsters inc
14:11 <Devincooper64> and humans can no longer live on earth
14:11 <Ednoahjones> was scream team
14:11 <Devincooper64> have you guys heard of the pixar theory?
14:11 <Ednoahjones> that game was fun...
14:11 <Devincooper64> basically every movie is connected
14:11 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:11 <Devincooper64> and boo is the witch from brave
14:11 <Ednoahjones> is this
14:11 <Thundergun97> you've seen maximum overdrive guys right
14:11 <Ednoahjones> like the Valve theory?
14:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ohhai
14:12 <Halaboo123> hi creep
14:12 <Devincooper64> which valve theory
14:12 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Creep!
14:12 <Devincooper64> theres like a lot
14:12 <Ednoahjones> the one that all the games are connected.
14:12 <Devincooper64> i know
14:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> wazzup?
14:12 <Devincooper64> theres a lot of them
14:12 <Devincooper64> some that make more sense than others
14:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> I asked whats up?
14:13 <Ednoahjones> Well
14:13 <Ednoahjones> pretty much
14:13 <Thundergun97> not much
14:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ansur meh!
14:13 <Ednoahjones> Left 4 dead
14:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> Cool
14:13 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
14:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> I am worrying
14:13 <Thundergun97> also valve did connect them there an apperapture science easter egg in l4d2
14:13 <ShotgunHobo>
14:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sniper goes to an Opera - Duration: 05:22 - Uploaded: 2013-02-15 - Rating: 4.934223 - Views: 557,852 -
14:14 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:14 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:14 <Devincooper64> all games are connetced, valve will connect them all, and create the most amazing game of all time
14:14 <Devincooper64> 3
14:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> Fucl
14:14 <Thundergun97> yeah still waiting for l4d3
14:14 <Devincooper64> and like g man
14:14 <Thundergun97> portal edition
14:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> fuck*
14:14 <Devincooper64> is the main villian in every scenario 
14:15 <Devincooper64> so everyone will have to fight him
14:15 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <Thundergun97> glados is the best villain ever
14:15 <Thundergun97> next to alex
14:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> No, heavy will have to use da portalgun to crush zombehs
14:15 <Devincooper64> handsome jack is best villain 
14:15 <Ednoahjones> no
14:15 <ShotgunHobo> G man is the best villian
14:15 <Ednoahjones> Jack noir is
14:15 <Ednoahjones> best villain
14:16 <Devincooper64> g man didnt do shit
14:16 <Devincooper64> just talked once or twice
14:16 <Thundergun97> hes pretty good but hannibale lectorout of any medium
14:16 <Devincooper64> and then vanished through random points
14:16 <Ednoahjones> g man isn't a villain
14:16 <Ednoahjones> atleast not yet
14:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> Big smoke is best villain
14:16 <Thundergun97> lector out of any medium
14:16 <ShotgunHobo> He’s behind everything
14:16 <Devincooper64> he will be revealed as a villain
14:16 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:16 <Devincooper64> when all games come together
14:16 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Devincooper64> IN 3
14:16 <Devincooper64> if that ever happened
14:16 <Ednoahjones> no
14:16 <Devincooper64> I would go to gabes house
14:16 <Ednoahjones> how about
14:16 <Ednoahjones> no
14:16 <Devincooper64> and personally shove my money down his throat
14:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Cman, bipolar wifi?
14:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ah
14:17 <Ednoahjones> you know what'd cause me to shove my money down his throat?
14:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> I have a villain irl
14:17 <ShotgunHobo> Who is that villian
14:17 <Thundergun97> gabe newall is the true villain for not releasing half life 3
14:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Depression
14:17 <Ednoahjones> if in half life 3, or half life 2 episode 3, or half life 2 episode 2 electric boogaloo 2 whatever the fuck they call it
14:17 <Devincooper64> what?
14:17 <ShotgunHobo> Thats not a villian
14:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> It is
14:18 <Ednoahjones> They bring back adrian,
14:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ttust me
14:18 <Ednoahjones> and give you the ability
14:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> trust*
14:18 <Ednoahjones> to play as either gordon,
14:18 <Ednoahjones> barney,
14:18 <Thundergun97> George romero in zombie mode
14:18 <Ednoahjones> or adrian,
14:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> It is a villain that fucks with you from the inside
14:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> And may even leave scars
14:19 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:19 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> Which is just fucking great (sarcasm)
14:19 <Devincooper64> so how about a game where the villain believes he is doing good but is actually doing evil, and when you kill him, you were the bad guy actually, and what he was doing was good
14:20 <Ednoahjones> how about no devin
14:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> Woah
14:20 <Ednoahjones> thats a bad idea
14:20 <Ednoahjones> thats like
14:20 <Ednoahjones> cliche central
14:20 <Ednoahjones> nobody thinks they're the bad guy.
14:20 <Devincooper64> your mom
14:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Devincooper64> OHOHOH
14:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
14:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi Rylee
14:20 <Ednoahjones> hai masky
14:20 <Halaboo123> hi rylee
14:20 <ShotgunHobo> Rylee do you still have that cheesecake?
14:20 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yus
14:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Devin, it is really odd to see you with that avatar
14:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> For some reason I keep thinking you're Lee
14:21 <ShotgunHobo> Can I haz ur cheesecake
14:21 <Devincooper64> lol
14:21 <Devincooper64> i might change it one day
14:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> and I'm gunna eat the rest of it today
14:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> Aand reading randomly jumps in.
14:21 <Ednoahjones> no cheesecake for you
14:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> Tis mine
14:21 <Ednoahjones> i can have some though right maskeh?
14:21 <Devincooper64> I cant find any pics to post because theyre rather weak or will get me banned 
14:21 <Devincooper64> :/
14:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> *throws him a nibble*
14:21 <Ednoahjones> yay!
14:21 <Ednoahjones> *eats the nibble*
14:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> "or will get me banned"
14:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> Cuz you're the only one besides Rene who calls meh Masky
14:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> hehe
14:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:22 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:22 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ya, true.
14:23 <ShotgunHobo> I wonder why he’ll get banned hmmm
14:23 <Ednoahjones> =:3
14:23 <Grammatik> Baaaack~
14:23 <Thundergun97> wb gramm
14:23 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:23 <ShotgunHobo> Gramm what were ya doing
14:23 <Grammatik> Danke
14:23 <Devincooper64> because discord shoving his dick up the brave little toaster violates 80% of wikia
14:23 <Rylee the Pegasis> wb
14:23 <Grammatik> Shotgun
14:23 <Grammatik> .-.
14:23 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:23 <ShotgunHobo> hmm
14:23 <Devincooper64> ok got one
14:23 <Devincooper64>
14:24 <Grammatik> I was cleaning my room. Gotta leave for party soon
14:24 <Devincooper64> let the games begin >:D
14:24 <Thundergun97> omg I remember brave little toaster now
14:24 -!- DewsRandom has joined Special:Chat
14:24 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
14:24 <Horrorfan1> Hey guys
14:24 <Thundergun97> hi
14:24 <Horrorfan1> how is everyone?
14:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:24 <Thundergun97> good.urself
14:24 <ShotgunHobo> Cleaing a room for a party? Why you be leaving
14:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Horror!
14:24 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm good, yourself?
14:24 -!- DewsRandom has left Special:Chat.
14:24 <Horrorfan1> melty
14:25 <Grammatik> Dude
14:25 <Thundergun97> gramm who needsa party when u got this chat
14:25 <Grammatik> I cleaned my room so family would not kill me
14:25 <Grammatik> There was beer on the floor
14:25 <Grammatik> also energy drink and paint
14:25 <Devincooper64> shrek is love
14:25 <Devincooper64>
14:25 <Grammatik> DEV NO
14:25 <Grammatik> DEV
14:26 <ShotgunHobo> Shrek
14:26 <Devincooper64> YES WE MUST
14:26 <Ednoahjones> Gamzee is love
14:26 <ShotgunHobo> Shrek is lovve Shrek is life
14:26 <Ednoahjones> Gamzee is true love
14:26 <Thundergun97> wtf is going on
14:26 <Halaboo123> im with thunder
14:26 <Ednoahjones> Eridan? @ hobo
14:26 <Grammatik> And trust me
14:26 <Grammatik> party > chat
14:27 <Thundergun97> first were talking bout toaster rape now were talking bout shrek
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> I love Shrek 1 & 2
14:27 <ShotgunHobo> Aw sad face
14:27 <Devincooper64> Me > party
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> Shrek 3 & 4
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> No
14:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Okay I'm confused
14:27 <Ednoahjones> shred the third?
14:27 <Ednoahjones> shrek*
14:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I like the 2 and 4 more than the rest
14:27 <Ednoahjones> more like
14:27 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
14:27 <Grammatik> Shred
14:27 <Ednoahjones> Shrek the turd.
14:27 <Thundergun97> yeah im burnt out on shrek
14:27 <Dinorauria 2>
14:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ur-Quan Kzer-Za theme music - Duration: 00:34 - Uploaded: 2009-12-21 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 34,187 -
14:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Dino
14:27 <ShotgunHobo> Yeah Shrek 3 an d4 sucked
14:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Dino
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> I thought 3 was dog shit!
14:27 <Grammatik> Rip it into pieces
14:27 <Dinorauria 2> Hey reading
14:27 <Grammatik> Shred it
14:27 <Grammatik> ._.
14:27 <Dinorauria 2> Hey Rylee
14:28 <Devincooper64> shrek is love
14:28 <Devincooper64>
14:28 <Thundergun97> dat face
14:28 <Dinorauria 2> Oh god no.
14:28 <Thundergun97> what is it?
14:28 <Grammatik> I quit life
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Wut
14:28 <Devincooper64> oh trust me, if I was allowed to post haalf of these
14:28 <Devincooper64> you would regret exisiting 
14:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> What the hell?!
14:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> .-.
14:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> NO
14:29 <Grammatik> PM the worst you have got to me
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Devin wins the internet again.
14:29 <Grammatik> I dare you
14:29 <ShotgunHobo> PM the rest to me I wanna see it and laugh
14:29 <Dinorauria 2> Devin dafuq
14:29 <Devincooper64> I will refrain from posting it gramma for it hurts my religion
14:29 <Devincooper64> :D
14:29 <Thundergun97> dinorauria what is it I kinda wana look but don't want too at the same time
14:29 <Grammatik> Pls
14:29 <Devincooper64>
14:29 <ShotgunHobo> Devin Pm them to me
14:29 -!- BrooklynGuido42 has left Special:Chat.
14:29 <Dinorauria 2> Don't ask thundergun.
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Are Mormons allowed to drink, Devin?
14:30 <Devincooper64> ill have to go back 100+ pages to find them ._.
14:30 <ShotgunHobo> lol
14:30 <Thundergun97> but I already did?
14:30 <Devincooper64> you can, but, its a sin
14:30 <Devincooper64> so :/
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
14:30 <Devincooper64> repent and stuff I guess
14:30 <Thundergun97> tell me or I look
14:30 <Dinorauria 2> Then go home thundergun.
14:30 <Dinorauria 2> You're drunk.
14:30 <Thundergun97> u don't want to ruin a childs mind do you
14:30 <Devincooper64>
14:30 <Devincooper64> shrek x shadow
14:30 <ShotgunHobo> My time here is orge
14:30 <Devincooper64> we need more of this
14:30 <Dinorauria 2> No but devin does.
14:31 <Grammatik> hatsune miku x optimus prime
14:31 <Grammatik> im done
14:31 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <Grammatik> wtf
14:31 <Devincooper64> my mind died when I saw 3 guys 1 hammer
14:31 <Grammatik> hi weav
14:31 <Devincooper64> so.
14:31 <ShotgunHobo> Devin why do you have all this stuff
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> hey everyone
14:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Weaver!
14:31 <Dinorauria 2> Hello nightweaver
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> hey reading
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> and dino
14:31 <Horrorfan1> hello
14:31 <ShotgunHobo> Devin PM the rest to me
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> and horror
14:31 <ShotgunHobo> please
14:31 <Thundergun97> weaver don't look at what devin posts
14:31 <Devincooper64> because this is the source of happiness
14:31 <Devincooper64> want me to just post the site?
14:31 <Dinorauria 2> No
14:31 <Devincooper64> and you can explore yourself hobo
14:31 <Grammatik> "If you don’t know what is going on, I think Twilight Sparkle is sucking Planet Earths dick, while she gets fucked in the anus by Cuddles from Happy Tree Friends."
14:31 <Grammatik> LOL
14:31 <Nightweaver2112> why not?
14:32 <ShotgunHobo> Yeah just do it for me
14:32 <Grammatik> What hte uckf
14:32 <ShotgunHobo> I’m having a blast
14:32 <Thundergun97> just dont
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> gramm...what the holy fuck?
14:32 <Thundergun97> dont
14:32 <ShotgunHobo> It’s like seeing south park for a first time
14:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> Ohai Weaver
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> hey rylee
14:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> Sorry my mind is somewhere is else right now XD
14:32 <Nightweaver2112> damn...why am i not dead yet? XD
14:32 <Grammatik> i know
14:32 <Grammatik> what the fuck
14:32 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
14:33 <Thundergun97> don't wan look but must.
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> it is 30*C (90*F) here and i havent drank anything all day...
14:33 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
14:33 <ShotgunHobo> I am laughing my ass off
14:33 <ShotgunHobo> Spiderman and mario LOL
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> by all accounts, i should be dead |XD
14:33 <Thundergun97> not going to look
14:33 <Devincooper64>
14:33 <Thundergun97> just someone tell me what they are
14:34 <ShotgunHobo> LOL Abe and george
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> XD
14:34 <Devincooper64>
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> wtf devin
14:34 <Devincooper64> THIS ONE
14:34 <Devincooper64> THIS IS SPECIAL
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
14:34 <Thundergun97> weaver what is he linking
14:34 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Oh lawdy
14:34 <ShotgunHobo> Ronald mc donalld
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Pram!
14:34 <Grammatik> OMG
14:34 <Devincooper64> yugi and hitler
14:34 <Devincooper64>
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> strange shizzle
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Weavs!
14:34 <Pramirez351> aguhhai cymbal
14:34 <ShotgunHobo> Cym you need to see these
14:34 <Thundergun97> pram don't look at the links
14:34 <Devincooper64> ladies and gents
14:34 <Dinorauria 2> Faking peder
14:34 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Prammy
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> hey cym
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> hi pram
14:34 <Pramirez351> hai thunder
14:34 <Pramirez351> hai rylee
14:34 <Devincooper64>
14:34 <Devincooper64> hitler and yugi
14:34 <Pramirez351> hai night xD
14:34 <CrashingCymbal> I am baring my innocent eyes on them, Shotgun.
14:35 <Pramirez351> also please stop devin xD those went funny yesterday xD
14:35 <Devincooper64> Shrek is love
14:35 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
14:35 <Devincooper64>
14:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> Who the fuck would ship this shit?!
14:35 <Grammatik> "Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) X Hitler. "
14:35 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> you...innocent? biggest lie ever, cym.
14:35 <Pramirez351> hai kitty
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> so far today has been GREAT
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> hi pram
14:35 <Grammatik> wow
14:35 <Ednoahjones> male cosplayers are too rare.
14:35 <Pramirez351> also devin, just listen to some
14:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Flux Pavilion - The Scientist - Duration: 04:53 - Uploaded: 2013-02-01 - Rating: 4.841270 - Views: 149,593 -
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> v.v
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> Maybe not the biggest...
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> hey kitty
14:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> Are you trying to ruin my childhood?!
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> I mean.
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> hi night
14:35 <Thundergun97> hi kitty don't look at devins links
14:35 <Ednoahjones> yes he is masky
14:35 <ShotgunHobo> Devin your killing me over here
14:35 <Devincooper64> kitty
14:35 <Pramirez351> would you like to talk about it kitty? in PM?
14:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> LIKE REALLY?!
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> Hitler promised not to invade Czechslovakia
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> my childhood was ruined years ago
14:35 <Devincooper64> you must look at my links
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> whaat
14:35 <Kitty Mistake> no!
14:36 <Thundergun97> dont kitty
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> And look what happened there.
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> im not >.>
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> Pls no moar links
14:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> These CP don't ruin my childhood
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> crash can I has huggle?
14:36 <Pramirez351> oh ok kitty
14:36 <Devincooper64> is this mod request or just begging?
14:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> But THAT shit
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> Sure (:P)
14:36 <Thundergun97> for the love of god have an aneurism devin
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles-
14:36 <Pramirez351> oh yeah...can i hug you kitty? :P
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> :D
14:36 <Pramirez351> you are super nice to me :P
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> sure
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> :)
14:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> Holy fucking shit
14:36 <Devincooper64> so mod request no more links, or begging no more links?
14:36 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles pram-
14:36 <Pramirez351> yey *hugs kitty* 
14:36 <Nightweaver2112> i didnt have a childhood to speak of...
14:36 <Thundergun97> hey im nicer pram so is jim
14:36 <CrashingCymbal> BEGGING
14:36 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
14:37 <Devincooper64> oh ok then
14:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> I gotta go look up pairings that I actually support
14:37 <Devincooper64> back to more
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> lol rylee
14:37 <Pramirez351> hahah ok thundergun xD
14:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> to clear my head of THOSE images
14:37 <Kitty Mistake> yeah food really doesn't like me....
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> XD
14:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> Rylee X Gramm
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> XD
14:37 <Kitty Mistake> im convinced
14:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> NO
14:37 <Kitty Mistake> food hates me
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:37 <Devincooper64> seriously these are the NORMAL ones
14:37 <ShotgunHobo> Hilter and some anime character lol
14:37 <Devincooper64> some are far worse 
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> you know you want to, rylee...
14:37 <Thundergun97> was he posting something super weird I didn't have the corage o look
14:37 <Pramirez351> welp, imma go eat some cereal brb :3
14:37 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:37 <Horrorfan1> it's 31 celcius here and I feel melty
14:38 <Kitty Mistake> -steals one of crash's pillows and lies down on the floor-
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> 30*C here
14:38 <Kitty Mistake> ...mew...
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> when will the snow come? ;_;
14:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:38 <CrashingCymbal> You really need to stop stealing my pillows (:P)
14:38 <Thundergun97> when I say so
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> *steals all of kitty's pillows*
14:38 <Kitty Mistake> the snow will never come!!
14:38 <Rylee the Pegasis> Miss me?!
14:38 <Devincooper64> this isnt plausible as a couple at all
14:38 <Devincooper64>
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> gramm missed you, rylee XD
14:38 <Thundergun97> godammit devin
14:38 <Kitty Mistake> Night you fucking jackass give me my goddamn pillows!!! NOW!!!
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> NU!
14:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> (twitch)
14:39 <Nightweaver2112> NEVAH!
14:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Who is the pink girl?
14:39 <Devincooper64> SHREK IS LOVE
14:39 <Devincooper64>
14:39 <Kitty Mistake> .-. 
14:39 <Kitty Mistake> fuck you
14:39 <Thundergun97> thunder diaproves of devins links
14:39 <Nightweaver2112> MAH PILLOWZ!
14:39 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:39 <ShotgunHobo> "My time here is orge” lol
14:39 <Nightweaver2112> *lies on the pillows*
14:39 <Kitty Mistake> -lays down on floor again-
14:39 <Devincooper64> hitler x mami
14:39 <Devincooper64>
14:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> For some reason I wanna look up Yu-Gi-Oh couples nao
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> mah...pillowz...*falls asleep and begins snoring*
14:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> well fuck that
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> zzz...
14:40 <Kitty Mistake> so... im either sick... or my belly has major issues
14:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'll be on Creepypasta Love tumblr
14:40 <Thundergun97> lol im in a computer café I want to look at these pictures but what if somebody sees them
14:40 <ShotgunHobo> Hitlers face is so god damn serious
14:40 <Devincooper64> NOOO I REACHED THE END OF THE BLOG
14:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yes that's actually a thing
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> wait...what, rylee?
14:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Creepypasta Love tumblr
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> XD
14:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Creepypasta ships
14:41 <Devincooper64>
14:41 <Thundergun97> whas that
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> *throws a pillow at rylee*
14:41 <ShotgunHobo> Companion cube and R2D2
14:41 <Devincooper64> we have to start over
14:41 <Devincooper64>
14:41 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
14:41 <Kitty Mistake> -looks around for ibuprofen-
14:41 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
14:41 <ShotgunHobo> The toaster
14:41 <Kitty Mistake> (TT) 
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> *throws pillows at everyone in chat but kitty*
14:41 <Devincooper64> check your night stand or the kitchen counters
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> :P
14:42 <Thundergun97> wtf night is on
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> yerp
14:42 <Kitty Mistake> o.o devin.....
14:42 <Kitty Mistake> were you in my house?
14:42 <Kitty Mistake> D:
14:42 <Kitty Mistake> STALKER!!
14:42 <Thundergun97> were all in your house
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> no, but i was!!
14:42 <Devincooper64> I am illuminati
14:42 <Devincooper64> I see all
14:42 <Devincooper64> also do your hair
14:42 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> im in ur house, takin ure drugz
14:42 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm) how do I do my hair then?
14:43 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:43 <Devincooper64> I dont know, comb it
14:43 <Grammatik> .-.
14:43 <Kitty Mistake> errr wrong
14:43 <Thundergun97> you kinda of let it hang over one side of your face
14:43 <Devincooper64> whateveer the hell girls do with their hair
14:43 <Nightweaver2112> like BEWBS!
14:43 <Kitty Mistake> xD
14:43 <Devincooper64>
14:43 <Rylee the Pegasis>
14:43 <IShallCreepYouOut> okay....
14:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> I SHIP IT
14:43 <Kitty Mistake> oh god...
14:43 <Grammatik> Ufck
14:43 <ShotgunHobo> Devin your killing me
14:43 <Nightweaver2112> you waht it, rylee?
14:43 <Nightweaver2112> *what
14:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> SHIP
14:43 <Kitty Mistake> ow cramps..... fucckkkk
14:43 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
14:43 <Devincooper64> IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD
14:43 <Devincooper64>
14:44 <Thundergun97> devin ure going to hell lol so am I but still
14:44 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my God wat
14:44 <Pramirez351> back :)
14:44 <ShotgunHobo> Lady Gaga and Hitler
14:44 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Pram!
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> again, you what it, rylee?
14:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wb pram!
14:44 <Halaboo123> dont worry kitty i have cramps too
14:44 <Pramirez351> how you doin cymbal?
14:44 <Pramirez351> also hai mitch :P
14:44 <Kitty Mistake> -uses crash as pillow-
14:44 <Kitty Mistake> mew
14:44 <Devincooper64>
14:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> Ship... uh how do I explain shipping?
14:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:44 <Nightweaver2112> *throws a million pillows at kitty*
14:44 <Devincooper64> shipping is an art
14:44 <Thundergun97> crash I belive shes hitting on you
14:44 <Devincooper64> of how to get the most WTF reaction
14:44 <Kitty Mistake> -throws a lamp at night-
14:44 <Kitty Mistake> stop it
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> OUCH!
14:45 <Devincooper64> this is trolling now -_-
14:45 <Devincooper64>
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> whi? (QQ)
14:45 <Rylee the Pegasis> But I ship a lot of CP couples (TT)
14:45 <Kitty Mistake> oh shit... 
14:45 <Kitty Mistake> -runs away-
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> (TT)
14:45 <Devincooper64> my old and new childhood in one pic
14:45 <Kitty Mistake> .....
14:45 <ShotgunHobo> Devin Shrek
14:45 <Devincooper64>
14:45 <Devincooper64> wut
14:45 <Thundergun97> how do u emoticon
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> whi kitteh nu like me? (TT)
14:45 <Kitty Mistake> im shocked I like anyone right now
14:45 <Kitty Mistake> xD
14:45 <ShotgunHobo>
14:45 <Nightweaver2112> lol
14:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:46 <Kitty Mistake> I sort of have no choise but to be a bitch right now
14:46 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <ShotgunHobo> Shrek holy fuck
14:46 <Devincooper64> OH MY GOSH GOSH HOBO
14:46 <Thundergun97> well im not doing my job then
14:46 <Kitty Mistake> and bi polar at that
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> alright, what the fuck is all this shit?
14:46 <ShotgunHobo> Be ggentle
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> strange pics...
14:46 <ShotgunHobo> lol
14:46 <Devincooper64> ill pm the tumblr
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> NU
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> (D:)
14:46 <CrashingCymbal> I think we can stop with these link now...
14:46 <Devincooper64> fine ._.
14:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> Devin, your pictures broke my DA
14:46 <Devincooper64> I hit the end anyways
14:46 <CrashingCymbal> They're escalating slowly!
14:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> FUCK
14:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> Who is da best person here?
14:46 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:46 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <CrashingCymbal> Me.
14:46 <Kitty Mistake> omg I still smell like fabric softener 
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> devin, your pictures broke my EYES!!
14:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> Count me out
14:46 <Thundergun97> at what creepy
14:46 <Kitty Mistake> (TT)
14:46 <Rylee the Pegasis> Cuz I suck
14:47 <Devincooper64> ok last image
14:47 <Devincooper64> and im done
14:47 <Kitty Mistake> crashhh
14:47 <Devincooper64>
14:47 <Devincooper64> enjoy 
14:47 <Nightweaver2112> i am the best person here
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> -_-
14:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I think that it is me, Mitch
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss?
14:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm the very beeeeeest
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Kitty? (:P)
14:47 <Kitty Mistake> how do I not smell like fabric softener??
14:47 <Pramirez351> hai reading! :3
14:47 <Rylee the Pegasis> what...?
14:47 <Nightweaver2112> "i want to be, the very best..."
14:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Prammi!
14:47 <Kitty Mistake> like how do I get the smell off me
14:47 <Pramirez351> hey reading guess what!=
14:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> too bad weaver the very best is me
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Maybe you need  spray yourself with Febreeze!
14:47 <Kitty Mistake> I already washed my hands
14:47 <Pramirez351> ?*
14:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What, Prammi?
14:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> You all are the best ;P
14:47 <Thundergun97> I smell like blood man I need to be more carefull no joke
14:47 <Pramirez351> you know last night right reading?
14:47 <Nightweaver2112> did you not get the reference, reading?
14:47 <Kitty Mistake> and god no, im allergic to that shit
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> Ouch
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Of course I did, Weaver
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> Really? Damn haha
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't, Prammi
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> !logs
14:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:48 <Devincooper64> ok last image, i saved the best for last
14:48 <Devincooper64> 5eve
14:48 <Devincooper64>
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> No
14:48 <Pramirez351> i could just tell you reading xD
14:48 <Kitty Mistake> and I think fabric softener... I cant stop sneezing
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> Uh -_-
14:48 -!- Devincooper64 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
14:48 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
14:48 <Nightweaver2112> "i want to be, the very best, like no one ever waaas..."
14:48 <Thundergun97> thank you
14:48 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> When I say no more, don't post two more
14:48 <Devincooper64> k ,_,
14:48 <Kitty Mistake> to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause!
14:48 <ShotgunHobo> I shall have nightmares
14:48 <Rylee the Pegasis> Meh
14:48 <Pramirez351> i was made a temporary mod reading xD
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha, oh wow!
14:48 <Rylee the Pegasis> My childhood has been ruined anyway
14:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome!
14:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> How did you short reign as Moderator go?
14:49 <Devincooper64> who needs a childhood when you have swag
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> i cant remember the rest of the theme song...(TT)
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> (TT)
14:49 <Thundergun97> I know I brought this up yesterday but you ever notice that oak and ashes mom are alone alot
14:49 <Rylee the Pegasis> The day I discovered Yaoi is the day that my childhood was ruined
14:49 <Devincooper64> I will travel across the land
14:49 <Kitty Mistake> I will travel across the land....
14:49 <Pramirez351> it was awesome reading :P got to kick someone and i got to control 414 a bit xD
14:49 <Devincooper64> searching far and wide
14:49 <Kitty Mistake> searching far and wide
14:49 <Devincooper64> these pokemon to understand
14:49 <CrashingCymbal> The power that's inside!
14:49 <Thundergun97> whats yaoi
14:49 <Devincooper64> the power thats inside side side side
14:49 <CrashingCymbal> POKEMON!
14:49 <Devincooper64> PIKAAAA
14:49 <Rylee the Pegasis> NO
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> ah, i rememer now
14:49 <Devincooper64> *dubstep breakdown*
14:49 <Pramirez351> all in all, it was a good reading :P
14:49 <Kitty Mistake> its each pokemon to understand!
14:49 <Rylee the Pegasis> You dun wanna know
14:49 <Kitty Mistake> get it the fuck right!!
14:49 <Pramirez351> also thundergun yaoi is yaoi
14:49 <Grammatik> homosexual male porn in anime form, thunder
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> "GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!"
14:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> I love it anyways though
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Prammi!
14:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> (twitch)
14:50 <Pramirez351> yup grammatik is right xD
14:50 <Thundergun97> ok not talking to rylee
14:50 <Pramirez351> thanks reading, you are awesome
14:50 <Devincooper64> there was this girl in jr high who was obsessed with yaoi
14:50 <Devincooper64> and worte a book
14:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> (foreveralone)
14:50 <Kitty Mistake> -takes one of pram's hoodies-
14:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ieva, stop.
14:50 <Kitty Mistake> mew 
14:50 <Devincooper64> and she kind kinda liked me
14:50 <Kitty Mistake> :3
14:50 <Devincooper64> and wanted me to read it
14:50 <IShallCreepYouOut> just... just stop.
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> What is the biggest Wiki there is?
14:50 <Devincooper64> and everyone in the library the moment she said that
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> I hear this is second!
14:50 <Devincooper64> just yelled "NO
14:50 <CrashingCymbal> So what is first?
14:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> *hides in corner and cries*
14:50 <Devincooper64> i never read it
14:50 <Nightweaver2112> O.O doctor who is in pokemon platinum!?
14:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Runscape, I think, Cymbal
14:50 <Devincooper64> probably a good thing
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> Okai
14:51 <Pramirez351> nou kitty (qq) give it back
14:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> (foreveralone)
14:51 <Kitty Mistake> but....but (TT)
14:51 <Nightweaver2112> *hugs rylee*
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> Who wants to read my newest pasta? (I apologise in advance for spam)
14:51 <Devincooper64> ugh the new red hot chili peppers album sucked
14:51 <Thundergun97> am I the only one here who doenent watch anime
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, Devin, yes it did!
14:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> thank yew Weaver
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> I don't, Thunder.
14:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> :3
14:51 <IShallCreepYouOut> same
14:51 <Devincooper64> I think brendons death song and meet me at the corner were the only songs I enjoyed
14:51 <Pramirez351> i dont watch anime as well thundergun....not too much
14:52 <Pramirez351> i would be considered a poser
14:52 <Kitty Mistake> Crash, im sorry we can no longer be friends......same with you pram....
14:52 <Devincooper64> but really without their old guitar player they suck
14:52 <Thundergun97> i like rhcp older songs
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> a guy that looks like the 10th doctor was in pokemon platinum...
14:52 <Pramirez351> awww nou kitty (qq)
14:52 <CrashingCymbal> y
14:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> Well i kinda watch
14:52 <Kitty Mistake> How can you not watch anime?!?!?!
14:52 <Devincooper64> I think stadium arcadium was best album
14:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> animr
14:52 <Thundergun97> whas he the one with the scarf
14:52 <CrashingCymbal> i dunno lol
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> i dont watch anime, because pokemon does not count
14:52 <Devincooper64> pokemon does not count?
14:52 <Devincooper64> wut?
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> it was on TV, it no longer counts
14:53 <Thundergun97> i liked it when i was little same as naruto but i out grew it
14:53 <Devincooper64> so nothing on toonami counts as anime anymore?
14:53 <Kitty Mistake> lots of anime is on tv
14:53 <Devincooper64> soul eater?
14:53 <Devincooper64> one Piece?
14:53 <Devincooper64> cow boy bebop
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> if an anime goes mainstream, it no longer counts as anime in my eyes
14:53 <Kitty Mistake> it counts damn it
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> NU!]
14:53 <Thundergun97> hipsters the lot of you
14:53 <Devincooper64> pokemon was always minstream idiot
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> ...
14:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> EET KOUNT
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> shaddap
14:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> NOU
14:53 <Thundergun97> nightweavers a hipster
14:54 <Devincooper64> anything thats an anime is basically automatically mainstream
14:54 <Devincooper64> maybe not here
14:54 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
14:54 <Devincooper64> but elsewhere
14:54 <Nightweaver2112> i iz no hipster!
14:54 <Kitty Mistake> -goes back to stealing pram's hoodie-
14:54 <Thundergun97> now if you ecuse i need to watch a zombie movie that was released in cuba
14:54 <Pramirez351> (D:) nou kitty i like my orange hoodie!
14:54 <Devincooper64>
14:54 <Nightweaver2112> spain is currently in a zombie apocalypse
14:54 <Kitty Mistake> -puts it on- but I is cold :(
14:55 <Thundergun97> im a bit of a horror hipster
14:55 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
14:55 <ShotgunHobo> Welp I’m bored
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> WB Shotgun
14:55 <Devincooper64>
14:55 <ShotgunHobo> See ya guys later
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> I'm gonna go, bye everyone!
14:55 <Thundergun97> see y ll
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> Back in a little while.
14:55 <Devincooper64> see ya 
14:55 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
14:55 <Kitty Mistake> bye <3
14:56 <Devincooper64> remember
14:56 <Devincooper64> shrek is love
14:56 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
14:56 <Nightweaver2112> did you know that there is entire towns in spain that have nobody living in them?
14:56 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
14:56 <Pramirez351> ok i guess i could allow you to borrow it kitty xD
14:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
14:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hey dino
14:56 <Dinorauria 2>
14:56 <Dinorauria 2> Hi creep
14:56 <Thundergun97> can i haz hoodie
14:56 <Kitty Mistake> yyay ^^ -spins around-
14:56 <Pramirez351> nou thundergun xD
14:57 <Pramirez351> only kitty, she gives me huggles xD
14:57 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:57 <Kitty Mistake> :P
14:57 <Devincooper64> so is kitty like, an anime cat girl?
14:57 <Thundergun97> fu pram btw youre not a realy hispanic
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> *hugs pram*
14:57 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
14:57 <Pramirez351> nou weaver xD
14:57 <Pramirez351> i mean whatever
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> WB rylee
14:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> thanks
14:57 <Pramirez351> but i like huggles better :P
14:57 <Pramirez351> also wb rylee xD
14:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> Rylee!
14:57 <Dinorauria 2> My internet crashed for a while.
14:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
14:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
14:57 <Nightweaver2112> *glomps pram and rylee
14:58 <Pramirez351> hahaha nice weaver xD
14:58 <Dinorauria 2> You really quamped that, weaver.
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> cos i can
14:58 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm laughing so hard at this picture I found
14:58 <Dinorauria 2> What picture?
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> what picture?
14:58 <Thundergun97> wtf is weaver talking about
14:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> This is a no glomping pool, please get out of the pool if you want to glomp.
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> ninja'd
14:58 <Kitty Mistake> brb
14:58 <Thundergun97> whats glomp
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> *glomps creep*
14:58 <BRVR> I have to reset my computer.
14:58 <Rylee the Pegasis> If Crash will let me post the link
14:58 <Pramirez351> aslo yeah im hispanic xD what you talkin about? xD
14:58 <IShallCreepYouOut> NO GLOMPING!
14:59 <Dinorauria 2> YES GLOMPING
14:59 <Thundergun97> youre itillian 
14:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm Italian
14:59 <Thundergun97> Italian 
14:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> oh no glomping
14:59 <Nightweaver2112> *glomps reading*
14:59 <Nightweaver2112> :P
14:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
14:59 <Ednoahjones> hetalian,
14:59 <Nightweaver2112> U GOT GLOMPED!
14:59 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
14:59 <Thundergun97> time to bust the n=ban hammer
14:59 <Devincooper64> well imma lay some borderlands, I have to kill 15 bonerfarts
14:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Scorch
14:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi scorch
14:59 <Scorch933> hey guys, what the fuck exactly is a "Justifiable Homicide"?
14:59 <Scorch933> hey guys.
14:59 <Thundergun97> love that mission
15:00 <Nightweaver2112> killing in self defence
15:00 <Dinorauria 2> (annihilate)
15:00 <Scorch933> No, night, that's called killing in self defense.
15:00 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <BRVR> I did not watch kony 2012.
15:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> Timmy bby
15:00 <Nightweaver2112> it is another word for it
15:00 <Scorch933> I'm saying I'm reading an article on Detroit
15:00 <Grammatik> OH MY GOD
15:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi diamondz.
15:00 <Nightweaver2112> they are the same thing
15:00 <Thundergun97> some guy rushes you with a knife u can legaly bust a cap in his ass
15:00 <Grammatik>
15:00 <Diamondzarebright> Masky bby 
15:00 <Thundergun97> hi gramm
15:00 <Devincooper64> "You know what, screw it, im just going to called them bonerfarts, just go kill a few or something, I dont care anymore." 
15:00 <Devincooper64> best line ever
15:00 <Pramirez351> diamondz! hai
15:00 <Thundergun97> it is devin
15:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat happened to your avatar Tim, bby?
15:00 <Diamondzarebright> hai 
15:00 <Dinorauria 2> Grammatik, why?
15:01 <Diamondzarebright> I changed it 
15:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> oh
15:01 <Scorch933> Hmmm.
15:01 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
15:01 <Thundergun97> every time he opens his mouth i can feel my brain cells commiting suicide one by one is also great
15:01 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ieva, no.
15:01 <Diamondzarebright> I'm still Tim tho
15:01 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
15:01 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> Okay :3
15:01 <Scorch933> Also, the UK has laws that justify certain crimes if they were "provoked".
15:02 <Diamondzarebright> yeh
15:02 <Scorch933> That I found really interesting.
15:02 <Thundergun97> did u get the tiny tina dlc devin
15:02 <Nightweaver2112> i know we do, scorch
15:02 <Dinorauria 2>
15:02 <Nightweaver2112> most of them are complete bullshit
15:02 <Dinorauria 2> Brace yourselves
15:02 <Scorch933> Night: I'm sure they are, lol.
15:02 <Thundergun97> is arson cool
15:02 <Scorch933> no, if you're going to burn somebody
15:02 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <Scorch933> do it personally...
15:02 <Scorch933> with a flamethrower...or gas and a match..
15:02 <Nightweaver2112> aerosol
15:03 <Dinorauria 2> Or a bucket of lava.
15:03 <Scorch933> ooh, yeah!
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> that has a better effect
15:03 <Scorch933> Aerosol/lighter combo.
15:03 <Thundergun97> hairspray and lighter
15:03 <Scorch933> brb
15:03 <Dinorauria 2> Oil and a burning hoop
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> nuke and lighter
15:03 <Dinorauria 2> No nukes
15:03 <Dinorauria 2> Those are illegal.
15:03 <Thundergun97> water gun filled with gasoline and a lit match taped to the nozzle
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> says who :P
15:03 <Dinorauria 2> Says soviet Russia.
15:03 <Nightweaver2112> i have many nukes
15:04 <Thundergun97> bags of flaming dog crap
15:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
15:04 <Nightweaver2112> all i need to arm them is a curry
15:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
15:04 <Nightweaver2112> (:P)
15:04 <Thundergun97> gram u gone or are you just creeping
15:05 <Nightweaver2112> gramm is stalking us
15:05 <Dinorauria 2>
15:05 <BRVR> *Takes out a flamethrower*
15:05 <Thundergun97> grams real name is Michel myers
15:05 <BRVR> *Throws flamethrower away*
15:05 <Nightweaver2112> flamethrowers are illegal in wars
15:05 <Dinorauria 2> Says who?
15:05 <Thundergun97> plus they stupid
15:05 <Scorch933> I am back, lol.
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> says the geneva convention
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> (:P)
15:06 <Thundergun97> sitzerland says suck it
15:06 <Grammatik> wow
15:06 <Grammatik> .-.
15:06 <Grammatik> i was stalking you guys
15:06 <Scorch933> Night: That doesn't stop people from using em'....
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> we know, gramm
15:07 <Grammatik> And no, not even close to my name
15:07 <Nightweaver2112> yeah...
15:07 <Kitty Mistake> -tackles scorch-
15:07 <Kitty Mistake> mewww^^^
15:07 <Kitty Mistake> ^^ *
15:07 <Dinorauria 2> -3- thunder, you liaed.
15:07 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
15:07 <LizardMaster178> Hi guys. :)
15:07 <Kitty Mistake> mew?
15:07 <Thundergun97> no i just didn't tell the truth
15:07 <LizardMaster178> Just came here to announce
15:07 <Scorch933> I always thought the Geneva convention was bullshit...considering the Somali's didn't adhere to it, the Afghani don't adhere to it, Panama didn't adhere to it etc...
15:07 <Scorch933> Hey Kitty.
15:07 <Nightweaver2112> my brother says that my little pony is banned by the geneva convention as a tool of torture XD
15:07 <LizardMaster178> Unfortunately, I've cancer.
15:07 <Scorch933> Night: i'd buy that.
15:07 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
15:07 <Scorch933> I totally believe that.
15:07 <Thundergun97> what
15:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What?!
15:08 <Dinorauria 2> I'd believe that.
15:08 <Nightweaver2112> seriously, lizard?
15:08 <Pramirez351> oh sorry to hear that lizard
15:08 <LizardMaster178> Yes.
15:08 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles reading-
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What type of cancer, Lizard?
15:08 <LizardMaster178> Hip cancer or whatever it's called
15:08 <Dinorauria 2> Canceraids.
15:08 <Thundergun97> sorry man maybe youll get better
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh God...
15:08 <Scorch933> damn, man.
15:08 <Thundergun97> what stage
15:08 <LizardMaster178> Today I did my left hip
15:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I hope you soon start treatment!
15:08 <LizardMaster178> no wait, my right hip
15:08 <Kitty Mistake> :( I sowweys liz!
15:08 <LizardMaster178> Or something
15:08 <LizardMaster178> Thanks :(
15:08 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles liz-
15:08 <Nightweaver2112> you can get it replaced before it spreads, right?
15:08 <Thundergun97> what stage are you
15:08 <LizardMaster178> *Hugs* xD
15:08 <Kitty Mistake> you are going to be ok!!!
15:08 <LizardMaster178> I think so Night
15:09 <LizardMaster178> But it will take ages
15:09 <Kitty Mistake> you can do this!
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> that's what i'd do in your situation
15:09 <Kitty Mistake> :3
15:09 <LizardMaster178> My doctors say I only have a few months to live... ;(
15:09 <Pramirez351> well good luck lizard
15:09 <Scorch933> ...
15:09 <Pramirez351> awww
15:09 <Pramirez351> im sorry to hear that man
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> jesus...
15:09 <LizardMaster178> Apparently I've had it since January, but I didn't know
15:09 <Scorch933> fuck...
15:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh no...
15:09 <LizardMaster178> Late September is due for my death
15:09 <Dinorauria 2> Oh dear.
15:09 <Thundergun97> sorry to hear that spend your time well
15:09 <LizardMaster178> I'm okay about it
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Thanks
15:10 <Scorch933> and by well, we mean not on this chatroom! Go spend time with family and real friends!
15:10 <LizardMaster178> I was hoping to be here for Pokemon X and Y
15:10 <LizardMaster178> But it's not gonna happen
15:10 <LizardMaster178> I am, Scorch
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Just telling you all
15:10 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
15:10 <Dinorauria 2> You will be remembered.
15:10 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Thanks
15:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Who knows, Lizard, maybe you'll last longer than people thinks...
15:10 <LizardMaster178> I'll be back on Saturday
15:10 <Pramirez351> yeah go spend a lot of time and yeah you know we will miss you lizard
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Tomorrow I've an operation
15:10 <LizardMaster178> So
15:10 <LizardMaster178> See ya guys :)
15:10 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Thinking of you!
15:10 <Dinorauria 2> Best of luck.
15:10 <Thundergun97> they said my grama was going to die but she maid it
15:10 <LizardMaster178> Byeee
15:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Lizard
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I hope it all goes okay
15:11 <LizardMaster178> thx
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> good luck, dude
15:11 <LizardMaster178> byee *hugs all* xD
15:11 <Scorch933> later mate....
15:11 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
15:11 <Grammatik> gluck
15:11 <Kitty Mistake> by liz!
15:11 <Thundergun97> good luck amn god bless
15:11 <Kitty Mistake> I hope you gets better
15:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Poor Lizard...
15:11 <Kitty Mistake> and fail...
15:11 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
15:11 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
15:11 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
15:11 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
15:11 <BRVR> Possibly R.I.P lizard.
15:11 <MagmaMan4488> The folks at Retsupurae have been reading some overrated pastas reccently
15:11 <Kitty Mistake> I type too slow
15:11 <Scorch933> well, fuck a doodly doo....
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> well...
15:11 <Thundergun97> man that sucks i feel for him/her
15:12 <BRVR> Somehow I am not misspelling what I say even though I am typing at a fast speed.
15:12 <MagmaMan4488> I  hope ya make it out okay, Lizard
15:12 <Thundergun97> shit man remembering bout my gramas
15:12 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
15:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now with this, there are two people I hear in a week that have some form of cancer...
15:13 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> damn, how old is lizard?
15:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Fourteen or so
15:13 <Pramirez351> im sorry to hear that reading :/
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> jesus christ...
15:13 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> hey anja
15:13 <Thundergun97> shit dont know if youguys are religious or not but im going totake a break to pray
15:14 <Nightweaver2112> ok
15:14 <Pramirez351> im going to pray tonight thundergun 
15:14 <Pramirez351> that will be nice
15:14 <BRVR> Can you listen to the entire video?
15:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Chowder Meow Meow - Duration: 05:31 - Uploaded: 2008-10-27 - Rating: 4.760479 - Views: 67,766 -
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> nope
15:15 <Anna Monroe> omg a unicorn
15:15 <Anna Monroe> Noah's beign weird again!
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> where?
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> oh
15:15 <Thundergun97> im back
15:15 <Anna Monroe> *being
15:15 <MagmaMan4488> Hey Reading
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> WB thunder
15:15 <Anna Monroe> hello Thunder
15:15 <Ednoahjones> Elephant cum.
15:15 <Ednoahjones> when they do
15:15 <Ednoahjones> its like a chain gun
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Magma
15:16 <Thundergun97> took a break to pray man
15:16 <Anna Monroe> again Noah?
15:16 <Anna Monroe> really?
15:16 <Ednoahjones> Yes. really.
15:16 <Anna Monroe> you tell me to check CPW and that's what this is for?
15:16 <MagmaMan4488> Were you here when that person was like OMG SMB3 Blood Whistle is so scarreh it scarred me for life
15:16 <Ednoahjones> Yes.
15:16 <MagmaMan4488> ?
15:16 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
15:16 <Kitty Mistake> meww
15:16 <Nightweaver2112> hey brooke
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't think I was here, Magma
15:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Brooke!
15:16 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
15:17 <MagmaMan4488> Well,
15:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Crappy Pasta III: Hear Its Cry - Duration: 01:01:34 - Uploaded: 2013-07-17 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 323 -
15:17 <Thundergun97> blood whistle was ok
15:17 <Scorch933> I'm back, lulz.
15:17 <Scorch933> god, I had a laceration on my thigh and jumped right into saltwater at the beach....
15:17 <Thundergun97> dam
15:17 <Scorch933> it was good for the wound,
15:18 <Scorch933> not for my nerves.
15:18 <Thundergun97> least its disinfected
15:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It must have stung
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> ouch, dude...
15:18 <Scorch933> yeah, lol.
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> alcohol hurts more, trust me...
15:18 <Scorch933> I know that,
15:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Although I think that after a while you stop feeling the sinning, and it feels nice to be in saltwater with a wound.
15:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :I
15:18 <Scorch933> Reading: true.
15:18 <Thundergun97> having youre finger reattached sucks
15:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stinging, not sinning
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> >sinning
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> XD
15:19 <Scorch933> I've also had Alcohol poured on a BB gun wound,
15:19 <Scorch933> one of the idiots I was playing airsoft with had a metal BB in his gun.
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> i had JD on a cut on my hand...
15:19 <MagmaMan4488> I remember playing Oregon Trail 2 and whenever someone got sick or injured, you got many options, many of which are really unhelpful.
15:19 <MagmaMan4488> Got frostbite? Rub snow on it!
15:19 <MagmaMan4488> Got shot? Rub salt on it!
15:19 <MagmaMan4488> Rattlesnake bite? Run a few laps!
15:19 <Kitty Mistake> my dad was so stupid he didn't take me to get stitcheds after I got bit by his boss's dog when I was 3
15:19 <Kitty Mistake> stiches*
15:19 <Thundergun97> ive had part of my finger sown back on
15:19 <MagmaMan4488> I am a bad, bad doctor.
15:19 <Kitty Mistake> stitches****
15:19 <Kitty Mistake> goddamn...
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> magam, snow would actually help for frostbite
15:20 <Scorch933> My brother just had a hole put in his hand by a dog...
15:20 -!- SolarDrills has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <Thundergun97> hi crash
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That actually sounds fun, Magma
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Solar!
15:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Long time no see
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> hello somar
15:20 <Kitty Mistake> :/ my dog bite was in the knee
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> *solar
15:20 <SolarDrills> Oi~
15:20 <SolarDrills> Yee
15:20 <MagmaMan4488> Oh, it was fun, Reading. :3
15:21 <BRVR> I once got a cut in my finger while my mother was making stained glass, I was young at that time.
15:21 <Pramirez351> sat thorugh the whole thing
15:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Chowder Meow Meow - Duration: 05:31 - Uploaded: 2008-10-27 - Rating: 4.760479 - Views: 67,774 -
15:21 <SolarDrills> Nick, you know if there was a recent edit on my story by an anon
15:21 <Pramirez351> take it BRVRR
15:21 <Kitty Mistake> I have a crescent shaped scar now
15:21 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <BRVR> 3-5 years old.
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I deleted it, Solar
15:21 <SolarDrills> No no
15:21 <SolarDrills> It was me
15:21 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> my nephew got a tube of glowstick fluid in his eyes
15:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then I'll put it back
15:21 <SolarDrills> Thank you~
15:21 <Anna Monroe> arf arf
15:21 <Thundergun97> you know what movie i still need to see
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> his eyes now glow blue
15:21 <Grammatik> Whafuck
15:21 <Scorch933> ugh, in Japan, gender roles are reversed.
15:21 <Grammatik> Heading to the party in like 30 minutes
15:22 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Grammatik> Hi Mitch
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> my nephews eyes glow in the have no idea how creepy that is...
15:22 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> any admin on?
15:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Done Solar
15:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm on, Mitch
15:22 <BRVR> It's creepy.
15:22 <Scorch933> Creep: yeah, reading's on,
15:22 <Grammatik> Reading is here
15:22 <Scorch933> and if I ping Cleric
15:22 <Scorch933> maybe he'll come on.
15:22 <Scorch933> just maybe.
15:22 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <Scorch933> 10% chance.
15:22 <Scorch933> well
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> cleric has no pings, i think
15:22 <Scorch933> more like 3% chance.
15:23 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <MagmaMan4488> Scorch, more like 0.0001% chance
15:23 <Thundergun97> -2% chance
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> MOTHAFUCKIN' CLERIC
15:23 <Kitty Mistake> chat froze on me...
15:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> dude, i can not paste right now, but pls read and maybe delete counter strike:alpha team.... much too cliche...
15:23 <MagmaMan4488> *tosses brooke Playdoh*
15:23 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <Scorch933> Magma, Thunder: lol.
15:23 <Thundergun97> hi jeff
15:23 <Halaboo123> jeff
15:23 <Nightweaver2112> i want to drink a glass of 99.98% methanol
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Eats the Playdoh-
15:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Mothafuckin' Playdoh.
15:23 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
15:24 <Nightweaver2112> brooke...
15:24 <Scorch933> Thunder: you mean the odds are against me for the sake of being against me?
15:24 <Nightweaver2112> what the holy fuck...
15:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Agh, I can't seem to find it, Creep
15:24 <Thundergun97> when you see it you will shit bricks
15:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> More like 0.000000000....%
15:24 <BRVR> *Gets attacked by a vending machine*
15:24 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
15:24 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> just search alpha team
15:24 <MagmaMan4488> BRVR! Quick! Order a coke!
15:24 <Thundergun97> yes the universe has a habit of doing that
15:24 <Jeffsson> yo ppl
15:24 <Scorch933> Ugh....
15:25 <Scorch933> people are feeling my hair
15:25 <BRVR> *Climbs into vending machine's coin slot*
15:25 <Scorch933> because it is very spiky and hard.
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Omg, I love when people feel my hair. xDD
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> And my hands.
15:25 <Grammatik> LOL WUT
15:25 <Scorch933> yes, but it hurts my scalp
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They claim they're both soft. x3
15:25 <MagmaMan4488> Scorch, that could mean a lot of things out of context.
15:25 <Jeffsson> lol
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOLOLO
15:25 <Scorch933> because my spikes are bending a-
15:25 <Thundergun97> i like people not touching me
15:25 <Scorch933> Magma: you fuckin sicko.
15:25 <Grammatik> LOL MAGMA
15:25 <Thundergun97> hehe
15:25 <Nightweaver2112> *eats brooke's secret stash of play-doh* eww...
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> GOD WTF. xD
15:25 <MagmaMan4488> ;)
15:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Weaver...
15:26 <Scorch933> /me likes to talk in the third person on chat sometimes.
15:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> The last person that did that...
15:26 <Thundergun97> magma you beat me too it
15:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Isn't living anymore.
15:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> /me likes to do that too.
15:26 <BRVR> *Sleeps on floor*
15:26 <Nightweaver2112> *continues eating* ish dat rite? *noms*
15:26 <Scorch933> Brooke: he's not living because you took his testicles?
15:26 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yup
15:26 <BRVR> /me likes to talk in third person too!
15:26 <Thundergun97> you could still live
15:26 <Scorch933> yeah, no man stays alive without his testicles....
15:26 <Scorch933> except me...
15:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> /me would like to tell BRVR to fuck off but remains quiet and smiles. :D
15:26 <Scorch933> I just have one.
15:26 <Jeffsson> /me is lonely atm
15:27 <Nightweaver2112> /me keeps eating brooke's play-doh
15:27 <Thundergun97> what about unicks
15:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> /me rips off Weaver's testicles.
15:27 <MagmaMan4488> *slices Weaver's stomach, causing playdoh to spill out*
15:27 <BRVR> /me teleports onto a cloud and sleeps
15:27 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
15:27 <Nightweaver2112> /me dies
15:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> How can you sleep on a cloud?
15:27 <Jeffsson> O-O-OVER KILL
15:27 <Scorch933> brb
15:28 <Thundergun97> how would thunder reply to something in 4th person
15:28 <BRVR> Because I defy the laws of physics.
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> damn, i ahve to go, see you all in 15-30 minutes
15:28 <Thundergun97> sse ya man
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> cya
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> 15 seconds
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> 10
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> 5
15:28 <IShallCreepYouOut> bye
15:28 <Thundergun97> bye
15:28 <Nightweaver2112> 1
15:29 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> MY FOOT IS ASLEEP
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and weave
15:29 <Thundergun97> still here
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> you're dead
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> shuddup
15:29 <Thundergun97> his ghost is haunting you he wants his testes back
15:29 <Jeffsson> brooke wake your foot up
15:29 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
15:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I did
15:29 <BRVR> *Continues to sleep on cloud*
15:29 <Jeffsson> pins and needles?
15:30 <Thundergun97> kitty u still alive
15:30 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Thundergun97> why is no one typing
15:31 <Halaboo123> idk sorry
15:31 <Halaboo123> new topic?
15:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm alive
15:31 <Halaboo123> i am too
15:31 <Thundergun97> good you sicko
15:31 <Jeffsson> -_-
15:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat...?
15:31 <Halaboo123> ?
15:31 <Thundergun97> just picking on you
15:31 <BRVR> *Plays golf*
15:31 <Thundergun97> sry
15:31 <Halaboo123> who?
15:31 <Jeffsson> malk
15:31 <Thundergun97> rylee
15:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> It's fine
15:32 <Halaboo123> ohh
15:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> I know I'm pretty sick ;)
15:32 <Jeffsson> rylee
15:32 <Thundergun97> then again who isnt
15:32 <Jeffsson> (srslywtf)
15:32 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat Jeff?
15:32 <Scorch933> Hey, does kissing a guy make me gay?
15:33 <Rylee the Pegasis> No
15:33 <Jeffsson> no
15:33 <Scorch933> what if he kisses me and I just kinda "hold it in"
15:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nope
15:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Still nope
15:33 <Halaboo123> did you have feelings for him?
15:33 <Scorch933> Alright, lol.
15:33 <Thundergun97> was there tounge?sry if joke offends
15:33 <Scorch933> No, only friendly feelings lol.
15:33 <Scorch933> Gun: no tongue...
15:33 <Jeffsson> it all depends on your mental state behind it
15:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
15:33 <Halaboo123> oh then its a connection 
15:33 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Guy kissing guys... That's a turn on for me.
15:33 <BRVR> Thunder, scroll down.
15:33 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not gonna lie LOL
15:33 <Scorch933> My mental state was "Wow, did he just really do that?"
15:33 <Jeffsson> lol
15:33 <Thundergun97> does he have youre number
15:34 <Scorch933> and "He knows I'm not like that, right?"
15:34 <Jeffsson> (facepalm)
15:34 <Thundergun97> does he
15:34 <Scorch933> and then finally it was "Oh what the hell, gotta do everything at least once"
15:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Sounds hot.
15:34 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOLL
15:34 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Scorch933> Yes, Thunder, he's a friend of mine.
15:34 <MagmaMan4488> Scorch, that's what she said.
15:34 <Grammatik> Guys
15:34 <Thundergun97> how drunk
15:34 -!- Animefan128 has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Scorch933> magma: lolololol
15:34 <Grammatik> Talking to reap now
15:34 <Grammatik> anything you wanna say to him?
15:34 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
15:34 <Jeffsson> you are just tirning brooke on
15:34 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
15:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not really.
15:35 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
15:35 <Thundergun97> ima good
15:35 <MagmaMan4488> I never really knew him
15:35 <Jeffsson> -_- it was a joke
15:35 <Grammatik> Anyone?
15:35 <Grammatik> No?
15:35 <Grammatik> k
15:35 <Grammatik> .-.
15:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Tell him
15:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That he just lost the game.
15:36 <Grammatik> LOL
15:36 <Pramirez351> hahaha aww grammatik xD
15:36 <Thundergun97> well if you were just experimenting scorch than whatever youre intos cool
15:36 <Thundergun97> lol
15:36 <Scorch933> Held a kiss for five seconds,
15:36 <Grammatik> Well he left this place permanently
15:36 <Grammatik> .-.
15:36 <Animefan128> well then
15:36 <Scorch933> and then I kissed some random girl in the group
15:36 <Halaboo123> nice 
15:36 <Scorch933> who held it for five seconds, strangely enough without slapping me.
15:36 <MagmaMan4488> What's the story with Reaper again?
15:36 <Scorch933> that's what surprised me the most.
15:36 <Grammatik> Cym? Anyone?
15:36 <Grammatik> Nope.
15:37 <Grammatik> He ragequit
15:37 <Thundergun97> everyones dead
15:37 <Halaboo123> am i?
15:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Nice, Scorch
15:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
15:37 <BRVR> Thunder, scroll down.
15:37 <MagmaMan4488> I'm just relieved he didn't kill himself like we feared he would at one point.
15:37 <Thundergun97> im good br
15:37 <Grammatik> He nearly did
15:37 <Grammatik> I cried
15:37 <Scorch933> lol.
15:38 <BRVR> Okay. Have a cookie. (Cookie)
15:38 <Thundergun97> thank you
15:38 <BRVR> No problem! ^_^
15:38 <Thundergun97> whait a second those aren't chocolate chips...those are raisins
15:38 <Animefan128> lol cookies solve everything
15:39 <Scorch933> Hey guys, wann hear something totally NSFW but really funny?
15:39 <Halaboo123> ew raisins 
15:39 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
15:39 <Scorch933> I lost my virginity *before* my Dad.
15:39 <Thundergun97> lol
15:39 <Grammatik> LOL
15:39 <Halaboo123> lollolol
15:39 <Thundergun97> lol lol lulz
15:39 <Diamondzarebright> I still have mine
15:39 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
15:39 <Scorch933> Diamond: do you want that fixed?
15:39 <Grammatik> I don't know if I do
15:39 <Diamondzarebright> sadly 
15:39 <Animefan128> I have mine
15:39 <Scorch933> Gramma: you don't. :D
15:39 <Grammatik> I don't.
15:39 <Grammatik> ;D
15:39 <Diamondzarebright> nothing 
15:39 <Scorch933> I made sure of it. :D
15:40 <Grammatik> LOL
15:40 <Pramirez351> nou diamondz having virginity is awesome
15:40 <Thundergun97> i have mine cause i dont give a fuck
15:40 <Jeffsson> -comes back in-
15:40 <Grammatik> I was drunk
15:40 <Scorch933> jeff: want to lose your virginity?
15:40 <Scorch933> :D
15:40 <Grammatik> I don't remember
15:40 <Grammatik> .-.
15:40 <Pramirez351> save yourself for that special someone :3
15:40 <Animefan128> or maybe France took it without me knowing 
15:40 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
15:40 <Diamondzarebright> ugh... Jeff.. 
15:40 <Thundergun97> scorch was it youre friend
15:40 <Kitty Mistake> uhm scorch.....
15:40 <Scorch933> Pram: well, my special someone was a psychotic chick, so....
15:40 <Scorch933> yeah jess?
15:40 <Kitty Mistake> what did I just read about jeff and his virginity o.o
15:40 <Halaboo123> lol scorch
15:40 <Thundergun97> pysco hose beasts unite
15:41 <Scorch933> lolololol
15:41 <Jeffsson> O_O
15:41 <Halaboo123> lmao
15:41 <Scorch933> a sick perverted joke, that's what you read,
15:41 <Kitty Mistake> I chose the wrong time to pay attention...
15:41 <Scorch933> about offering jeff a loss of his virginity....
15:41 <Thundergun97> a tasteful perverted joke
15:41 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
15:41 <Scorch933> to a guy.
15:41 <Diamondzarebright> I'm a girl
15:41 <Scorch933> mwah ha ha
15:41 <Jeffsson> -kicks scorch like a soccer ball- SHUT THE FUCK UP
15:41 <Pramirez351> id still wait scorch. or just not stick with her. i plan to save meself until im married, no matter how much i regret it
15:41 <Kitty Mistake> jeff calm the fuck down
15:41 <Thundergun97> and scorch making out with a dude
15:42 <Kitty Mistake> ewww
15:42 <Thundergun97> also i agree with that pram
15:42 <Kitty Mistake> no don't need that picture in my head
15:42 <Diamondzarebright> we're a little confused here
15:42 <Kitty Mistake> goddamn it....
15:42 <Scorch933> Pram: That was a LONG time ago.
15:42 <Scorch933> I told you guys about it
15:42 <Animefan128> hmm...
15:42 <Jeffsson> -_-
15:42 <Scorch933> psycho chick, had me tied to a chair, jumper cables, car battery?
15:42 <Scorch933> electrocution?
15:42 <Thundergun97> me gusta
15:42 <Kitty Mistake> o.o
15:42 <Scorch933> ring a bell?
15:42 <Pramirez351> welp, i am going to go take a showa of POWA guys :3 brb in a while
15:42 <Scorch933> anyone?
15:42 <Jeffsson> (megusta)
15:42 -!- Couragethecowardlydog has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Thundergun97> yes
15:43 <Kitty Mistake> uhhmmmm 
15:43 <Halaboo123> O.o wow  
15:43 <Scorch933> I know I told at least *somebody* in this room.
15:43 <Halaboo123> courage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15:43 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
15:43 <Pramirez351> also no scorch i guess i wasnt here when you told people
15:43 <Diamondzarebright> I'm just saying I never had my first kiss yet
15:43 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
15:43 -!- Couragethecowardlydog has left Special:Chat.
15:43 <Pramirez351> neither have i diamondz! xD
15:43 <Kitty Mistake> -hides in scorch's halo hoodie-
15:43 <MagmaMan4488> Say hi to Muriel and Eustace for me
15:43 <Jeffsson> i havent had my first kiss yet
15:43 <Scorch933> Pram: My first GF was a bit of a sadist....
15:43 <Halaboo123> really jeff 
15:43 <Jeffsson> or lost my virginity
15:43 <Scorch933> if not a dominatrix...
15:43 <Halaboo123> ?
15:43 <Scorch933> so let's leave it at that.
15:43 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
15:43 <Thundergun97> why are u in his hoodie when weve been talking bout his stuff
15:43 <Animefan128> never had my first kiss yet either
15:43 <Kitty Mistake> ive kissed and spooned....
15:43 <Kitty Mistake> that's about it
15:43 <Pramirez351> welp, after the whole "electricution" thing schorch, xD i kinda figured it out
15:43 <Jeffsson> irl i have no one
15:43 <Kitty Mistake> xD
15:43 <Thundergun97> ive forked
15:44 <Diamondzarebright> I'm still upset about it cause I'm 17 
15:44 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
15:44 <Diamondzarebright> and a girl 
15:44 <Thundergun97> hey vegeta been awhile
15:44 <Scorch933> and we did it before,
15:44 <Vegeta565> Hello everyone
15:44 <Jeffsson> im forever alone irl
15:44 <Pramirez351> "I'm still upset about it cause I'm 17" the diamondzarebright and Pramirez351 story
15:44 <Pramirez351> also hai vegeta
15:44 -!- Animefan128 has left Special:Chat.
15:44 <Pramirez351> thanks for the support
15:44 <Halaboo123> hey vegeta
15:44 <Grammatik> LOL
15:44 <Kitty Mistake> jeff, don't complain, you aren't the only one
15:44 <Thundergun97> im celebite wana know why
15:44 <Vegeta565> welcome Pram and Hi Hala
15:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A celewhat?
15:45 <Scorch933> There was, however, some girl with serious mental issues....
15:45 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) 
15:45 <Scorch933> who tried to make a move on me....
15:45 <Kitty Mistake> -tackle hugs reading- MEW!
15:45 <Thundergun97> cause i dont give a fuck
15:45 <Jeffsson> im about to slap a bitche
15:45  * WhyAmIReadingThis grouphuggles  and Kitty.
15:45 <Pramirez351> well again, guys il brb xD gotta take a showa of POWA :3
15:45 <Pramirez351> bai for a bit
15:45 <Jeffsson> reading you better run
15:45 <Scorch933> and when I refused (She's a bit too young for that at 14... and I don't take advantage of people like that)
15:45 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
15:45 <Kitty Mistake> mew
15:45 <Thundergun97> go on
15:45 <Scorch933> she tried to assault me with a baseball bat.
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'll run when I see A MENACE
15:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Is anyone here A MENACE?
15:45 <Jeffsson> -slaps reading-
15:45 <MagmaMan4488> /me thinks Reading doesn't know how graytext works
15:45 <Halaboo123> damn scorch
15:46 <Diamondzarebright> from south west central?
15:46 <Kitty Mistake> wut..
15:46 <Scorch933> /me is a menace.
15:46 <Vegeta565> i'm sad big time
15:46 <Kitty Mistake> how do you do the grey text?
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> /me wishes Magma wouldn't say obvious stuff
15:46 <Thundergun97> does a cannibal count
15:46 <Scorch933> I had stop the bat and get her to calm down, lol. 
15:46 <Kitty Mistake> Iz so confuzzled
15:46 <Jeffsson> / me kthulu
15:46 <MagmaMan4488> /me threatens to start licking Reading again
15:46 <Scorch933> we're "friends" now...she's a bit better.
15:46 <Jeffsson> /me kthulu
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eeeh...eeeh...
15:46 <Halaboo123> thats good
15:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh look, AFK button
15:46 <Scorch933> but she's still got some mental....issues.
15:46 <Scorch933> Reading: lulz!
15:46 <Halaboo123> keep her happy
15:47 <Jeffsson> lol reading he went afk
15:47 <Thundergun97> invite her to wiki lul
15:47 <Scorch933> No stay on, and lose your sanity even....
15:47 <Diamondzarebright> Scorch when you turn into a Noah 
15:47 <Scorch933> goddamn it, man.
15:47 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <Scorch933> Oh god, Diamond, Never.
15:47 <Vegeta565> hi Captain
15:47 <Scorch933> just no.
15:47 <Scorch933> Hey Ginger!
15:47 <Diamondzarebright> your acting like him 
15:47 <Scorch933> how so?
15:47 <Halaboo123> hey ginger
15:47 <Kitty Mistake> so uhm..... how do you get rid of cramps?
15:47 <Kitty Mistake> o.o
15:47 <Diamondzarebright> with these whatever your saying 
15:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Vegeta and Scorch
15:47 <Halaboo123> pain killers
15:47 <Kitty Mistake> :D
15:47 <Diamondzarebright> you can't kitty 
15:47 <Kitty Mistake> crashh
15:48 <Thundergun97> stretch and drink a lot of water kitty
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> goddamn....
15:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Halaboo
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hello everyone! :)
15:48 <Diamondzarebright> you either deal with them
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> -tackles crash-
15:48 <Vegeta565> Hi Cymbal
15:48 <Diamondzarebright> or stab yourself in the stomach 
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> *oomph*
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> Ouch...
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> il do that second thing xD
15:48 <Thundergun97> no rp
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> mew :3
15:48 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Cumbal
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> thunder shadup
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> No Minimodding, thunder.
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Ginger!
15:48 <Thundergun97> im watching you
15:48 <Scorch933> So wait,
15:48 <Kitty Mistake> I iz allowed to
15:48 <MagmaMan4488> Alligator lizards in the air
15:49 <Scorch933> saying no "rp" is minimodding? dafuq?
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> Yep
15:49 <Scorch933> Hey Tim!
15:49 <Scorch933> tim. lol.
15:49 <Thundergun97> tim
15:49 <Scorch933> Oh the jokes that I shall makez.
15:49 <Kitty Mistake> mewz
15:49 <Kitty Mistake> lalal
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> Because RP, unless it's a pasta moster, is left to the moderators decision. Small RP like that is okay, in my eyes.
15:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cymbal has a point
15:49 <Kitty Mistake> ibuprofen suckss
15:50 <Thundergun97> i was making a joke free country
15:50 <Scorch933> There are some who call me....Tim.
15:50 <Kitty Mistake> I mean wut
15:50 <Kitty Mistake> :D
15:50 <Scorch933> That's for you, cym.
15:50 <Thundergun97> she can do as she plzz
15:50 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Reading
15:50 <Diamondzarebright> .-.
15:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Ginger
15:50 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles everyone-
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Haha Monty Python!
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Correct?
15:50 <Scorch933> yep.
15:50 <MagmaMan4488> Wb Reading
15:50 <Scorch933> :D (y)
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss.
15:50 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
15:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you Magma
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> I do like Monty Python
15:50 <Thundergun97> tis but a flesh wound
15:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Brooke!
15:50 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> It's on TV quite a bit
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Noah, hey Brooke!
15:51 <Grammatik> Guys
15:51 <Jeffsson> CYMY
15:51 <Thundergun97> hai everyone
15:51 <Thundergun97> yes gramm
15:51 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
15:51 <Kitty Mistake> im so bored
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> Jeffy
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> Hai hai
15:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Brooke and Gramm
15:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Noah
15:51 <MagmaMan4488> /me gives Brooke a 25-gallon drum of play-doh
15:51 <Grammatik> Reap thinks y'all don't care about him, he said felt unneeded and left.
15:51 <Grammatik> he*
15:51 <Thundergun97> whos reap
15:52 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
15:52 <Grammatik> The dude who left yesterday
15:52 <MagmaMan4488> If we didn't care, then why were we all up in arms when we thought he would kill himself?
15:52 <Grammatik> Exactly
15:52 <Grammatik> Lemme show it to him.
15:52 <Vegeta565> i dk what to do any more
15:52 <Thundergun97> ??must not of been heere
15:52 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> We all care about Reaper :(
15:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb Brooke
15:52 <Thundergun97> so vegeta has fanmail
15:52 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
15:53 <Scorch933> Reaper, get back on here so I can kiss you like a Frenchman. :D
15:53 <Scorch933> with tongue.
15:53 <Vegeta565> yeah but its not because of that
15:53 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
15:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> o.o
15:53 <Scorch933> Imeanwut?
15:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I come back to this
15:53 <Anna Monroe> hey guys
15:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> God damn.
15:53 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
15:53 <MagmaMan4488> *licks Brooke*
15:53 <Vegeta565> hi Anja
15:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Licks Mag-
15:53 <Anna Monroe>
15:53 <Thundergun97> i thought you were into brook
15:53 <MagmaMan4488> ohbby
15:53 <Thundergun97> into this brook
15:53 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I am
15:53 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello anna
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I had a dream I had light purple hair
15:54 <CrashingCymbal> MagmaMan hai
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I now want light purple hair.
15:54 <Jeffsson> -sits alone-
15:54 <Thundergun97> i can imagine you making a me gusta face in real life
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> When dafuq did Pram leave?
15:54 <Thundergun97> while back
15:54 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <Scorch933> I have dark purple hair.
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ..
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> WELL I WANT LIGHT PURPLE HAIR
15:54 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> >:C
15:54 <Scorch933> lol.
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> I wanted Bleach Blonde hair when I was 15 haha
15:55 <Scorch933> :C looks like cthulhu.
15:55 <Grammatik> LOL
15:55 <Thundergun97> i had an afro last year
15:55 <Grammatik> I want white hair
15:55 <Scorch933> :C=<{
15:55 <Thundergun97> it was the shit
15:55 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i have ginger hair
15:55 <MagmaMan4488> *hands Brooke a wig made of light purple playdoh*
15:55 <Anna Monroe> I'm dying my hair pink today
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> :{D
15:55 <Vegeta565> bye guys i need to clear my head
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> Moustache man
15:55 <Thundergun97> see ya man
15:55 <Scorch933> Anna: lol.
15:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Wears it- WOO!
15:55 <Anna Monroe> anyone want to voice chat with me on skype? I'm wanting to do a creepypasta group chat 
15:55 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> oooooomg
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I need to talk to somebody
15:56 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye vegeta
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> yussss
15:56 <Scorch933> Hmmm, I'll have to find my mic.
15:56 <Thundergun97> in soviet Russia pasta writes you
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Sir, I mustache you a question.
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> What's your Skype anna?
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Well, you bearder make it quick.
15:56 <Anna Monroe> I'm juno.3002 if you'r e interested
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
15:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Thundergun97> sorry no skype
15:56 <Thundergun97> hi rylee
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> *inb4 somebody stabs me*
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Rylee!
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Stabs Simba-
15:56 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
15:56 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That pun was terrible.
15:57 <Thundergun97> its not punny
15:57 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Rylee
15:57 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so hungry
15:58 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> Hey, I called "inb4" 
15:58 <Thundergun97> that akward moment when no ones typing
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> So you can't do that me, motherfucker!
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> I was typing!
15:58 <Anna Monroe> got one request
15:58 <Anna Monroe> that's it
15:58 <Scorch933> brooke, I'm callings you.
15:58 -!- JackCreepsyouout has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> The awkward moment when you are wrong (:P)
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jack.
15:58 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Jack
15:58 <Thundergun97> so never
15:58 <Anna Monroe> HELLO HUMAN!
15:58 <JackCreepsyouout> hello
15:58 <CrashingCymbal> Oh BOOM!
15:58 <Halaboo123> ih jack
15:58 <Halaboo123> hi*
15:59 <Scorch933> Brooke, Are you there?
15:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DUDE
15:59 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> that awkward moment when your hungry
15:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> READ WHAT I PUT
15:59 <Thundergun97> im always right except when im wrong
15:59 <Anna Monroe> Brooke? have you sent me a contact request yet?
15:59 <Thundergun97> gramm say something
16:00 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> someone get me food please
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck
16:00 <Thundergun97> ginger needs food badly
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> I cleared my window lol
16:00 <Grammatik> what do you want you dickbag with the IQ of a dickshoe
16:00 <Grammatik> imean
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> This looks really weird
16:00 <Grammatik> hi
16:00 <MagmaMan4488> *hands ginger a stick of dynamite*
16:00 <Thundergun97> thank you mosquito bites
16:00 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> thanks
16:00 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *nom*
16:00 <Anna Monroe>
16:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Story Of The Year - Until The Day I Die (Official Music Video) - Duration: 03:51 - Uploaded: 2009-10-27 - Rating: 4.956374 - Views: 7,002,079 -
16:00 <Kitty Mistake> is it just me or are dentists scary as fuck?
16:01 <JackCreepsyouout> Well darn 
16:01 <Thundergun97> i like going to the dentist
16:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
16:01 -!- JackCreepsyouout has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <Horrorfan1>'s you
16:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
16:01 <Anna Monroe> it's just you
16:01 <Kitty Mistake> myine had to move to cali so i have a new one...
16:01 <Anna Monroe> my dentist gives me recipes when I go see him
16:01 <MagmaMan4488> Jack, you were supposed to use that to mug someone for food, not eat is.
16:01 <MagmaMan4488> *it
16:01 <Kitty Mistake> that ive never met
16:02 <Thundergun97> have u ever read dr giggles
16:02 <MagmaMan4488> And for some reason I said Jack when I meant Ginger
16:02 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <Kitty Mistake> dentists scare the shit out of my..
16:02 <Thundergun97> this dentist gets high on laughing gas before working on kids teeth
16:02 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <Kitty Mistake> o.o
16:02 <Thundergun97> so no pressure
16:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello BRVR
16:02 <BRVR> Hi.
16:02 <Kitty Mistake> I don't wanna go to the dentist now....
16:03 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
16:03 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> oh
16:03 <Kitty Mistake> nope 
16:03 <Kitty Mistake> not going
16:03 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> it tasted good any way
16:03 <Thundergun97> then the dentist will come to you.bwahaha
16:03 <MagmaMan4488> BRVR, for a second I thought you were Sarah because of the flareon avatar
16:03 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <MagmaMan4488> Wait... Are you sarah?
16:03 <BRVR> I used instructions for a batch file that killed explorer.exe
16:03 <BRVR> And no.
16:03 -!- Dead Master7 has joined Special:Chat
16:04 <Scorch933> lololol
16:04 <Dead Master7> hi 
16:04 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Dead
16:04 <Thundergun97> hello
16:04 <BRVR> Have you noticed that I never swear?
16:04 <Thundergun97> yes
16:04 <Thundergun97> swear right now
16:04 <Dead Master7> lol
16:04 <BRVR> No.
16:04 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> brb
16:04 <Thundergun97> yes
16:04 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <BRVR> No.
16:05 <Thundergun97> yes
16:05 <Dead Master7> he doesnt swear because hes a idk
16:05 <Thundergun97> i dont know?
16:05 <Grammatik> FUCKDICKSHITCUNT.
16:05 <Dead Master7> yeah
16:05 <Grammatik> Hai
16:05 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:05 <Thundergun97> dam touretts
16:05 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:05 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Iput.
16:05 <CrashingCymbal> *Input.
16:06 <Dead Master7> hey input
16:06 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I wish to buy a gumby costume, to wear around in public.
16:06 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> That is all\
16:06 <Dead Master7> gumby?
16:06 <Thundergun97> to the internet
16:06 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Dead Master7> wb magmaman
16:06 <Thundergun97> wb magma
16:06 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <Thundergun97> some one has to make fun of schorch
16:06 <BRVR> I opened explorer.exe!
16:07 <BRVR> I was playing Worms: Armageddon so I had to make a batch file that closed explorer.exe.
16:07 <MagmaMan4488> Why, BRVR?
16:07 <BRVR> Because the colors are messed up with explorer.exe opn.
16:07 <BRVR> *open
16:07 <Dead Master7> k
16:08 <Thundergun97> scorch you still ther type fuck for yes shit for no
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is because your operative system is too advanced for the software
16:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> READ
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I had the same problem with Worms World Party
16:08 <Dead Master7> like a boss
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes, Brooke?
16:08 <BRVR> I just had to close explorer.exe.
16:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> HI
16:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi!
16:08 <BRVR> By making a batch file.
16:09 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
16:09 <Thundergun97> who here watches walking dead
16:09 <Dead Master7> hi
16:09 <BRVR> Not me.
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, gotta fill out a from.
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> *form
16:09 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <Dead Master7> ok
16:10 <BRVR>
16:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Battle against a weird musician - Duration: 00:51 - Uploaded: 2009-07-04 - Rating: 4.714286 - Views: 1,063 -
16:10 <Dead Master7> i wonder where bale is?
16:11 <Jeffsson> allahwhoackbar
16:11 <Dead Master7> uhh yes
16:11 <BRVR> I am learn~
16:11 <BRVR> 8!
16:11 <BRVR> !*
16:11 <BRVR> *!
16:11 <BRVR> I hate you, ~ key!
16:11 <MagmaMan4488>
16:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue [Official Music Video] - Duration: 03:41 - Uploaded: 2011-07-15 - Rating: 4.975694 - Views: 11,645,166 -
16:12 <Dead Master7> good song so far
16:12 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
16:12 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
16:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> back
16:13 -!- Dead Master7 has left Special:Chat.
16:13 -!- Dead Master7 has joined Special:Chat
16:13 <Dead Master7> wb
16:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb Dead
16:14 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:14 <Dead Master7> idk what happened
16:14 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
16:14 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <Dead Master7> i clicked something and crossover somehow changed to this
16:15 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
16:15 <Kitty Mistake> mew
16:15 <BRVR> Who wants to watch me play Worms: Armageddon?
16:15 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <Dead Master7> aww a kitty
16:15 <MagmaMan4488> *pets Kitty*
16:15 <Kitty Mistake> yupp...
16:15 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
16:16 <BRVR>
16:16 <MagmaMan4488> *scratches behind Kitty's ears*
16:16 <Kitty Mistake> mew
16:16 <Dead Master7> i wanna pet too
16:16 <Kitty Mistake> :3
16:17 <Dead Master7> *pets kitty*
16:17 <Kitty Mistake> mewww
16:17 <Dead Master7> lol
16:17 <Kitty Mistake> :p
16:17 <Kitty Mistake> yeh i seriously act like this
16:17 <Kitty Mistake> with the whole mew business 
16:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Kitty
16:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> do you have Skype?
16:18 <Kitty Mistake> yus but not on this computer since its my mom's
16:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> AWDANGIT
16:19 <Kitty Mistake> im trying to convince her to let me put it on here
16:19 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
16:19 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
16:19 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back! 
16:19 <MagmaMan4488> Hey Ryan
16:19 <Dead Master7> wb
16:19 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Ditto!
16:19 <WalkingDitto> Yo
16:20 <CrashingCymbal> Sup hommie
16:20 <MagmaMan4488> Have you got skype?
16:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Mag
16:20 <WalkingDitto> I dooo
16:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Do you have Skype?
16:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> We have a group call going on
16:20 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, you're already in my contacts
16:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I know
16:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Who are you again//?
16:20 <MagmaMan4488> My initials are AC/
16:21 <MagmaMan4488> (I used my real name)
16:21 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
16:21 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> back
16:21 <Dead Master7> wb
16:22 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> thanks
16:22 <Dead Master7> np
16:22 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
16:22 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
16:22 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:22 <Scorch933> Okay guys, I am packing up my computer now, lol
16:22 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:22 <Scorch933> and I will be gone for two weeks.
16:22 <Scorch933> I might be able to talk to you guys the 28th....
16:22 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> noo scorch!
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> GO AHEAD
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LEAVE
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (QQ)
16:23 <Scorch933> but I will not be back until the 3rd or fourth.
16:23 <Dead Master7> booo
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I don't even care. (QQ)
16:23 <Dead Master7> brookes sad now
16:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> okay (:()
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (T_T)
16:23 -!- Lovethedesu has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello love
16:23 <Dead Master7> hi desu
16:23 <Scorch933> lol, why are you sad, brooke?
16:23 <Thundergun97> i just turned on my blender and skrillex sued
16:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No reason. (QQ)
16:23 <Dead Master7> she'll miss u
16:24 <WalkingDitto> desudesudesu
16:24 <Scorch933> Thunder: NIIICE!
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey desu
16:24 <Scorch933> Only I can appreciate that.
16:24 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
16:24 <Thundergun97> what up love
16:24 <Dead Master7> hey night
16:24 <Lovethedesu> Hello Ginger, and Dead, also Why!
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> hey
16:24 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> WEAVE hi
16:24 <Thundergun97> why cant skrillex fish
16:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Oh my God
16:24 <Dead Master7> u can call me Yomi
16:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That joke..
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> hey ginger
16:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Weaver
16:24 <Lovethedesu> Nothing much Thunder. 
16:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOLOL
16:24 <Nightweaver2112> thanks reading
16:24 <Thundergun97> he always drops the bass
16:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Skrillex isn't allowed to fish because he drops the bass. D:
16:25 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> lol broke
16:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Why..
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Diamondz
16:25 <Nightweaver2112> I played bangarang on a studio program yesterday...
16:25 <Diamondzarebright> hai 
16:25 <Dead Master7> hi diamondz
16:25 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
16:25 <Diamondzarebright> hai 
16:25 <Dead Master7> lol nice night
16:25 <Thundergun97> has anyone seen him vs mozart
16:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Diamond
16:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yeah
16:25 <Jeffsson> pm me for a pony
16:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Mozart won.
16:25 <MagmaMan4488> Yeah
16:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> agreed
16:26 <Thundergun97> yes now for bach vs mozart
16:26 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
16:26 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> So Reading...
16:26 <Thundergun97> behtoven my bad
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> How about that story eh ;D
16:26 <SomePersonHere> Hello everyone
16:26 <Thundergun97> hi
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Person!
16:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw, I haven't read it yet, Cymbal :(
16:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Person
16:26 -!- Yin&Yang96 has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <CrashingCymbal> Would you like to read it now, if you're not busy?
16:27 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello person and yin
16:27 <Dead Master7> hi somepersonhere
16:27 <Yin&Yang96> Aye
16:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm afraid I'm still busy :(
16:27 <Thundergun97> howd you come up with the moths btw crash
16:27 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, there is a case of missing playdoh in my stash. Is this your doing?
16:27 <SomePersonHere> I feel so welcomed (C:)
16:27 <CrashingCymbal> Ehhh...
16:27 <CrashingCymbal> Welll...
16:27 <CrashingCymbal> Oh yeah
16:27 <Thundergun97> acid
16:27 <Yin&Yang96> refle
16:27 <Yin&Yang96> *reflex
16:27 <CrashingCymbal> All my friends are frightened shitless of them
16:27 <SomePersonHere> Can you throw me a link?
16:28 <Thundergun97> all great writers use drugs
16:28 <CrashingCymbal> And I appear to be the only one to like them.
16:28 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Glass
16:28 <Dead Master7> hi glass
16:28 <CrashingCymbal> So I decided to turn them into the heroes (:P)
16:28 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Glass!
16:28 <Lovethedesu> I really need to beat Wolfenstein 3D. Because.. Reasons? 
16:28 <GlassAdventurer> Hey
16:28 <Thundergun97> new wolfenstein coming out love
16:28 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:28 <Yin&Yang96> Looks great
16:28 <MagmaMan4488> How far are you, Desu?
16:28 <GlassAdventurer> Meh, the last one wasn't that good
16:28 <Dead Master7> wolfenstein?
16:29 <GlassAdventurer> The one for the 360
16:29 <Thundergun97> yeah that was developed by raven not id
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> oh god...the terminator just walked in...XD
16:29 <Lovethedesu> On mission 3, I've beat it before. 
16:29 <Dead Master7> huh
16:29 <GlassAdventurer> "I'll be back" XD
16:29 <GlassAdventurer> Jk
16:29 <GlassAdventurer> Or am I?
16:29 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
16:29 <Lovethedesu> I just want the thrill of beating it again for old time's sake. 
16:29 <Yin&Yang96> yup
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> my stepdad just walked in wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses
16:29 <GlassAdventurer> Lol
16:30 <Thundergun97> what did Arnold shwartseneger say to his maid
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> I was thinking of making a Video Game pasta for my next story.
16:30 <Kitty Mistake> gtg bye everyone!
16:30 <GlassAdventurer> Bye!
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Kitty!
16:30 <Nightweaver2112> cya kitty
16:30 <Yin&Yang96> Goobye
16:30 <Lovethedesu> Bye Kitty.
16:30 <Thundergun97> see y kitty
16:30 <GlassAdventurer> I have never written a gaming pasta
16:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye kitty
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> Neither have I
16:30 <Dead Master7> same
16:30 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Yin&Yang96> I have read one so guud
16:30 <Thundergun97> what did Arnold say to his maid
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> I've written a Nazi pasta.
16:30 <Thundergun97> ill be back
16:30 <Yin&Yang96> *not so gud
16:30 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:30 <Yin&Yang96> I no likie
16:30 <Dead Master7> i wrote a jeff one but i think it sucked
16:30 <GlassAdventurer> Hey, Brooke!
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> WB brooke
16:31 <CrashingCymbal> But not a gaming one haha, I personally find that odd.
16:31 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Brooke!
16:31 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, I am missing a large quantity of playdoh
16:31 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb brooke
16:31 <MagmaMan4488> Is this your doing?
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> I ate ir, magma
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> *it
16:31 <Thundergun97> write one bout zombie mode from black ops
16:31 <GlassAdventurer> I havn't been on the chat for a long time other than last night :P
16:31 <Dead Master7> lol
16:31 <MagmaMan4488> Nevermind.
16:31 <SomePersonHere> Magma
16:31 <Yin&Yang96> er mah god
16:31 <SomePersonHere> Dont work
16:31 <SomePersonHere> worry*
16:31 <Dead Master7> i havent been on the chat either for a while
16:31 <SomePersonHere> I stole it
16:31 <GlassAdventurer> Even then my internet crashed and I had to fix it
16:31 <MagmaMan4488> Brooke, will you assist me in beating Weaver and Person's asses?
16:32 <Lovethedesu> And by the way, Thundergun, I gotta be honest with you, I have not kept up with the new Wolfensteins. 
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> you wouldn't beat me...
16:32 <SomePersonHere> Madafaka, you aint beating my ass!
16:32 <SomePersonHere> I have a fucking giant gladiator!
16:32 <GlassAdventurer> I'm listening to Ace Attorney 
16:32 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> potatoes?
16:32 <MagmaMan4488> The most recent one I've played is Return To Castle Wolfenstein.
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> nah, brooke wubs me too much
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> XD
16:32 <Thundergun97> nightweaver challenge accepted
16:32 <Lovethedesu> *gives Magma large amounts of Play-Doh* No fighting. 
16:32 <MagmaMan4488> Thx Desu
16:32 <Yin&Yang96> I can count to potatoes ginger
16:32 <GlassAdventurer> Can I haz play-doh?
16:32 <Thundergun97> thuder burns playdoh
16:32 <Dead Master7> lol
16:33 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> potato play doh!
16:33 <GlassAdventurer> Ah, well
16:33 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
16:33 <GlassAdventurer> I'm too old for play-doh
16:33 <Lovethedesu> *Gives everyone in chat large quantities of Play-Doh* Play nicely. 
16:33 <MagmaMan4488> By the way Desu, have you ever heard of the Wolfenstein 3d mods done by W.S.J?
16:33 <Thundergun97> magma i burn youre play doh
16:33 <GlassAdventurer> (alone)
16:33 <Lovethedesu> No, I don't think I have. 
16:33 <Dead Master7> /me gives magma the playdoh i got from desu
16:33 <Yin&Yang96> I eatz it=
16:33 <Yin&Yang96> mah interwebs noe
16:34 -!- Yin&Yang96 has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hai
16:34 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *eats play doh*
16:34 -!- Yin&Yang96 has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> /me makes a play-doh fort with walls, towers and a play-doh moat with psharks
16:34 <MagmaMan4488> Castle Totenkopf, Project Eisenritter, Operation Heimzahlung, and Coming Of The Storm.
16:34 <MagmaMan4488> All excellent
16:34 <Lovethedesu> Sounds fun. I'll look them up. 
16:34 <Thundergun97> who wants to hear a joke?
16:34 <GlassAdventurer> I throw my Play-Doh in the trash because I got bored with it
16:34 -!- Halaboo123 has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Yin&Yang96> I do
16:34 <Thundergun97> Kristen stuarts acting career
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> /me eats Weaver's fort
16:35 -!- Halaboo123 has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <Yin&Yang96> ^
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> Weaver had a fort?
16:35 <Dead Master7> a playdoh fort
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> >has
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> Weavs why didn't you inform me of this.
16:35 <Thundergun97> thunder eats brook
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> still have it
16:35 <GlassAdventurer> I thought it said foot XD
16:35 <Thundergun97> cause cannible
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I ate it though...
16:35 <Dead Master7> its made of playdoh
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> /me joins Weaver's fort.
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Burps-
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> Yeee
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No more fort
16:35 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> :D
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> fuq u
16:35 <GlassAdventurer> No gurls allowed
16:35 <Yin&Yang96> Damnit fun to play with not to eat
16:36 <Lovethedesu> *Mindlessly builds B.J. from Wolfenstein Out of Play-Doh*
16:36 -!- Halaboo123 has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <Thundergun97> ocean gives you playdoh
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> *opens brooke's stomach and rebuilds the fort
16:36 <GlassAdventurer> Lulz
16:36 <Thundergun97> youre welcome weaver
16:36 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ow..
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> I have a moat with psharks
16:36 <GlassAdventurer> No one takes play-doh out of my stomach (alone)
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> so be careful
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> or the psharks will wat you
16:36 <MagmaMan4488> *builds a replica of Brooke out of playdoh*
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> *eat
16:36 <SomePersonHere> god damn it
16:37 <Lovethedesu> Do you really want anyone to, Glass?
16:37 <SomePersonHere> those pricks are making me go outside again
16:37 <Thundergun97> im posiden mother fucker
16:37 <Dead Master7> lol
16:37 <GlassAdventurer> Lolno
16:37 <Yin&Yang96> *Gets up to get coffee*
16:37 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -pops out of the playdoh replica- How did I get in there? Idunno. (huehue)
16:37 <GlassAdventurer> (herp)
16:37 <SomePersonHere> Well, see ya guys even later
16:37 <GlassAdventurer> Bye
16:37 <SomePersonHere> (okay)
16:37 <Thundergun97> i used paydoh to make a playdoh tube
16:37 <Thundergun97> see ya some
16:38 <SomePersonHere> See ya everyone, I be going to play dumb games and stuff
16:38 <Lovethedesu> Oh, because I could've arranged that. *Puts away sketchy cell phone with "Contacts"*
16:38 <MagmaMan4488> >paydoh
16:38 <GlassAdventurer> I haz a cool picture
16:38 <SomePersonHere> pay for da doh!
16:38 <Yin&Yang96> Fuck my computer I spilled it
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> I once got a load of different play-doh and made a play-doh jungle island on an empty table
16:38 <GlassAdventurer> So I pay money...for money?
16:38 <Thundergun97> yes
16:38 <GlassAdventurer> I see
16:38 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <Lovethedesu> Very clever. 
16:38 <GlassAdventurer> *gets out shotgun*
16:38 <Thundergun97> that is capitalism at its finest
16:38 <Dead Master7> wtf
16:39 <Yin&Yang96> *Runs*
16:39 <GlassAdventurer> Someone's just gonna need to pay for me
16:39 <MagmaMan4488> Glass, you'll have to pay to get your ammo back first.
16:39 <GlassAdventurer> Fak
16:39 <Thundergun97> i teleport out of here
16:39 <GlassAdventurer> *pulls out knife*
16:39 <Yin&Yang96> *runs more*
16:39 <Thundergun97> youre knife is out of ammo
16:39 <GlassAdventurer> FUUUUUUU
16:39 <GlassAdventurer> *bites*
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> Lost Episodes is my favorite SlimeBeast story
16:40 <Dead Master7> how can a knife have ammo
16:40 <Thundergun97> you have scurvy
16:40 <GlassAdventurer> Fak
16:40 <GlassAdventurer> *kicks*
16:40 <Thundergun97> ure a parapalegic 
16:40 <Yin&Yang96> Ballistic knife maybe Master
16:40 <GlassAdventurer> Wait
16:40 <Dead Master7> ur making zero sense thunder
16:40 <GlassAdventurer> *uses telekinetic powers*
16:41 <Thundergun97> nah im making -8%
16:41 <Thundergun97> sense
16:41 <Yin&Yang96> _-_
16:41 <Dead Master7> have u ever made sense?
16:41 <GlassAdventurer> Probably not
16:41 <Thundergun97> im autistic so no
16:41 <GlassAdventurer> I have never met this person
16:41 <Dead Master7> case closed
16:41 <GlassAdventurer> OBJECTION!
16:41 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:41 <Thundergun97> overuled
16:41 <Nightweaver2112> what kind, thunder?
16:41 <Dead Master7> on what ground!
16:41 <GlassAdventurer> Do you have proof?
16:42 <Yin&Yang96> Its like that part from the boondocks
16:42 <Dead Master7> yes thunder is a noob
16:42 <Yin&Yang96> Fuck your court nigga
16:42 <Dead Master7> or senseless or something
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> You are nothing without proof, Phoenix!
16:42 <Dead Master7> oh hell naa
16:42 <Nightweaver2112> do you have aspergers, thunder?
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> *laughs*
16:42 <Thundergun97> yes weaver i do
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> ...
16:42 <Nightweaver2112> cool, me too
16:42 <Yin&Yang96> Lady liberty's got baws
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> L
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> Ol
16:42 <Dead Master7> lol
16:42 <GlassAdventurer> The boondocks
16:43 <GlassAdventurer> "Fuck yo court, nyigguh"
16:43 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
16:43 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
16:43 <Thundergun97> i mainly use it as a excuse to say weird ass shit though weaver
16:43 <Yin&Yang96> MR.MARSH!
16:43 <Nightweaver2112> lol
16:43 <Yin&Yang96> *FK YOUR COURT*
16:43 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
16:43 <GlassAdventurer> "Whas real good"
16:43 <Yin&Yang96> oh yeah XD
16:44 <Yin&Yang96> Whats good nigga!
16:44 <Nightweaver2112> I use it as an excuse for the fact that I don't understand the emotions of others and genuinely cant tell when I am annoying people
16:44 <Thundergun97> ive kinda gotten a grasp on it
16:44 <GlassAdventurer> I just use my personality type for that
16:44 <Yin&Yang96> same
16:44 <GlassAdventurer> INTP don't really understand emotion
16:44 <Nightweaver2112> I haven't XD
16:44 <Dead Master7> lol
16:44 <Nightweaver2112> and probably never will
16:44 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
16:44 <GlassAdventurer> They just tend to be smart
16:45 <GlassAdventurer> and point out lies and truths
16:45 <Yin&Yang96> I have a very short attention asan
16:45 <Thundergun97> meh well you have............things going for you
16:45 <Yin&Yang96> *span
16:45 <Jeffsson> -insert hillbilly laugh-
16:45 <Nightweaver2112> things?
16:45 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <Dead Master7> hey brvr
16:45 <GlassAdventurer> I would make a good defense attorney 
16:45 <Thundergun97> i dont know stfu
16:45 <GlassAdventurer> or procecuting
16:46 <Thundergun97> prosecute this
16:46 <Yin&Yang96> Lol Im watching boondocks rite now
16:46 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back everyone
16:46 <GlassAdventurer> I never lost a case on Attorney Online
16:46 <GlassAdventurer> Wb
16:46 <CrashingCymbal> Ty ty
16:46 <Thundergun97> hey cymbal
16:46 <Nightweaver2112> hey cym
16:46 <Yin&Yang96> nigga fk your shoes, shirt, shorts, hair XD
16:46 -!- Yin&Yang96 was kicked from Special:Chat by CPwikiCHATlogger
16:46 -!- Yin&Yang96 has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Thunder! Hey Weavs!
16:46 -!- Yin&Yang96 has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <GlassAdventurer> brb
16:46 <CrashingCymbal> Jesse y u do dis.
16:46 <Yin&Yang96> Whoops my bad
16:46 <Nightweaver2112> the bot hates you, yin XD
16:47 <Dead Master7> lol
16:47 <Yin&Yang96> ;,(
16:47 <CrashingCymbal> It's okay Yin.
16:47 <Thundergun97> that's a win fir technology
16:47 <CrashingCymbal> Context motherfucker (:P)
16:47 <Jeffsson> shh
16:47 <Nightweaver2112> eventually, all mods will be replaced by bots
16:47 <Yin&Yang96> You no like boondocks Bot?
16:47 <Dead Master7> they will?
16:47 <Nightweaver2112> cym, your job is in danger
16:47 <Jeffsson> IMMA BOUT TO SLAP A BITCH
16:47 <Thundergun97> is the bot becoming self aware
16:47 <Dead Master7> what why?
16:47 <GlassAdventurer> Back
16:47 <Dead Master7> wb
16:48 <Thundergun97> well weve been hacked by BEN
16:48 <Yin&Yang96> I am scared
16:48 <GlassAdventurer> Why?
16:48 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> she used to kick you for saying Nigeria XD
16:48 <GlassAdventurer> Hey Pram
16:48 <CrashingCymbal> D:
16:48 <Thundergun97> wasup pram
16:48 <Pramirez351> hai glass :P
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> does she still do that?
16:48 <Pramirez351> hai thundergun
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> nigeria
16:48 <Yin&Yang96> That bots gonna kill meh
16:48 <Pramirez351> also hai weaver
16:48 <CrashingCymbal> THEY TERK ERR JERBS
16:48 <Nightweaver2112> hey pram
16:48 <Dead Master7> hey pram
16:48 <GlassAdventurer> Bot, I command you to not kill Yin
16:48 <Thundergun97> telling you BEN is not a pasta
16:48 <Pramirez351> hai dead master
16:48 <Dead Master7> u can call me Yomi
16:48 <GlassAdventurer> Less scared now?
16:49 <Pramirez351> well yomi hai :)
16:49 <Yin&Yang96> Its like the bots like "I do what I wat"
16:49 <Nightweaver2112> when the bot takes over, cym, you will be out of the job, along with reading
16:49 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <Dead Master7> lol
16:49 <Dead Master7> wb frequent
16:49 <CrashingCymbal> Yin, next time you quote something with a racial or homophobic slur in it, please do use quotation marks (:P)
16:49 <Jeffsson> ay badda  badda
16:49 <Yin&Yang96> Ok
16:49 <CrashingCymbal> It could confuse the poor ol mods like me <3
16:49 <Yin&Yang96> Oh ok
16:49 <Dead Master7> oh god not the hey badda badda badda thing
16:49 <CrashingCymbal> Darn
16:49 <Thundergun97> well that's what cymbal gets for disliking my crappy pasta
16:49 <GlassAdventurer> I'm listening to this song loop
16:50 <Nightweaver2112> "cym your days are numbered"-jesse
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> It's been HOURS!
16:50 <Yin&Yang96> Giggity ;D
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> "Jesse"
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> Goo
16:50 <Jeffsson> -_- i know who im slappin now
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> ...
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> Lulz?
16:50 <Thundergun97> thunder
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> "Your mother smells"
16:50 <Yin&Yang96> *Runs*
16:50 <Jeffsson> giggity giggity gi gi ty
16:50 <Nightweaver2112> THE BOT IS SKYNET (D:)
16:50 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> Lol'
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Wolfen!
16:50 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
16:50 <Wolfenmaus> Iam the dhehe
16:50 <Wolfenmaus> imean
16:50 <Wolfenmaus> hi.
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> My wifi connection is named skynet
16:50 <Nightweaver2112> hey wolfen
16:50 <GlassAdventurer> To scare people off
16:50 <Yin&Yang96> *Realizes Jeffssons comment, gtfo,s*
16:51 <Nightweaver2112> my wifi is named after the connections from that doctor who episode
16:51 <Jeffsson> -slaps yin fake-
16:51 <Yin&Yang96> I don't wanna get smacked!
16:51 <Thundergun97> you should appoint a troll as administrator 
16:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Nightweaver2112> to make people shit themselves
16:51 <Yin&Yang96> Ow~
16:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <CrashingCymbal> A troll admin would be most unpleasant
16:51 <Wolfenmaus> The Wolfenbible is going well.
16:51 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <Thundergun97> my wifi is called rape cave
16:51 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <CrashingCymbal> WB Gramm!
16:51 <Thundergun97> ....
16:51 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my
16:51 <Jeffsson> i need to become mod
16:51 <Dead Master7> wb
16:51 <Grammatik> Danke
16:51 <GlassAdventurer> Troll admin: You alls sack kay?
16:52 <Yin&Yang96> Me: Hey everybody!
16:52 <GlassAdventurer> I personally don't wanna be a mod, too much work
16:52 <Pramirez351> so what we talkin about?
16:52 <CrashingCymbal> Meh, it's not that bad.
16:52 <Thundergun97> whatever we want
16:52 <Jeffsson> !seen princess platinum
16:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen princess platinum since I have been here!
16:52 <Jeffsson> aww
16:52 <CrashingCymbal> You feel good about yourself!
16:52 <Pramirez351> also being mod is fun xD its like being a normal user, but if someone is being a dumbass, you just kick them
16:52 <CrashingCymbal> !seen DemPugs
16:52 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen DemPugs since I have been here!
16:52 <Yin&Yang96> Troll admin: "Nigga you gay" *kicked, banned, exiled the whole 9 yards*
16:52 <Jeffsson> pugs is gone cym
16:53 <Dead Master7> plz stop saying that word
16:53 <Yin&Yang96> Ok 
16:53 <Yin&Yang96> my bad
16:53 <Thundergun97> you guys should change kicking to exiled
16:53 <Dead Master7> its good
16:53 <CrashingCymbal> You mean he's Inactive or he's Banned?
16:53 <Nightweaver2112> left
16:53 <Grammatik> What the fuck is so appealing about the n word
16:53 <Nightweaver2112> forever
16:53 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:53 <Wolfenmaus> [8:6] At the end of forty days Phantom opened the window of the swaggy-ass yacht that he had made
16:53 <Wolfenmaus> [8:7] and sent out the raven; and it went to and fro until the beer were dried up from the shit.
16:53 <Wolfenmaus> [8:8] Then he sent out the dove from him, to see if the beer had subsided from the face of the shit;
16:53 <Jeffsson> no i mean he said he was leaving
16:53 <Pramirez351> nuh he is inactive cymbal, but i saw him yesterday 
16:53 <GlassAdventurer> I've fake left for about half a year
16:53 <Pramirez351> also wolfen, you STILL with that? xD
16:53 -!- Yin&Yang96 was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
16:53 -!- Yin&Yang96 has left Special:Chat.
16:53 <Dead Master7> scary
16:54 <GlassAdventurer> What's Yin do?
16:54 <Nightweaver2112> cym...?
16:54 <Wolfenmaus> Sarah challenged me to rewrite the whole bible.
16:54 <CrashingCymbal> Look above.
16:54 <Wolfenmaus> And I accepted.
16:54 <Jeffsson> scroll up
16:54 <Pramirez351> augh good luck with that wolfen xD
16:54 <Thundergun97> all is see is wolfens crack bible
16:54 <GlassAdventurer> Oh I added more to my profile picture, I should update that, brb
16:55 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
16:55 <CrashingCymbal> He used it in the wrong context THAT time.
16:55 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <Wolfenmaus> [1:1] In the beginning when Cleric created the heavens and the shit by accident,
16:55 <Wolfenmaus> [1:2] the shit was a formless void and emo covered the face of the deep, while a wind from Cleric's anus swept over the face of the beer.
16:55 <Wolfenmaus> [1:3] Then Cleric said, "Let there be motherfucking light"; and there was light.
16:55 <Dead Master7> hi jabe
16:55 <Jeffsson> ping me if maria ever shows up
16:55 <Thundergun97> cymbal how do we know youre not BEN
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> what the holy fuck, wolfen...
16:55 <Wolfenmaus> The Wolfenbible, Weaver.
16:56 <Wolfenmaus> I'm currently rewritig Genesis.
16:56 <Wolfenmaus> rewriting*
16:56 <Nightweaver2112> what have you been smoking?
16:56 <CrashingCymbal> You're gonna have to take my word for it :D
16:56 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
16:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
16:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <CrashingCymbal> WB Glass.
16:56 <GlassAdventurer> Now it looks exactly like the real picture
16:56 <Thundergun97> seems legit
16:56 <Wolfenmaus> I've been smoking pony intestines.
16:56 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat? .-.
16:56 <Nightweaver2112> lol
16:56 <Dead Master7> ?
16:56 <Thundergun97> in the begening there was transvestites
16:56 <Rylee the Pegasis> I reenter and I see that
16:56 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <Rylee the Pegasis> WAT
16:56 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <Wolfenmaus> Delicious Pony Intestines.
16:56 <Nightweaver2112> I don't think rylee is happy about that, wolfen
16:56 <Rylee the Pegasis> I'm confused
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> XD
16:57 <Wolfenmaus> My shits are not given.
16:57 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
16:57 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Transvestites and pony intestines? 
16:57 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat the fuck?!
16:57 <Dead Master7> hey chris
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> yup
16:57 -!- GlassAdventurer has joined Special:Chat
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Chris
16:57 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi there
16:57 <Grammatik> it rhymes
16:57 <Thundergun97> instead of adam and eve talk about chuck Norris and Charlie sheen
16:57 <Diamondzarebright> *yawn*
16:57 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi :3
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> rylee, wolfen smokes pony bowels 
16:57 <GlassAdventurer> Connection fail
16:57 <Rylee the Pegasis> Timmy bby
16:57 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
16:57 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
16:57 <Diamondzarebright> Masky bby 
16:57 <Nightweaver2112>
16:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Nightcore II: FF & RF - Duration: 06:45 - Uploaded: 2008-05-12 - Rating: 4.913396 - Views: 164,989 -
16:57 <Mrchrisrocks23> I got bb on dvd :D
16:58 <Wolfenmaus> [4:2] Next she bore his brother Ryan. Now Ryan was a keeper of dildos, and Caleb a tiller of the shit.
16:58 <Wolfenmaus> [4:3] In the course of time Caleb brought to the MASTER an offering of the fruit of the shit,
16:58 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Grammatik> LOL
16:58 <GlassAdventurer> I almost hate this song noq
16:58 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb
16:58 <Mrchrisrocks23> Black Butler Bitches :3
16:58 <Dead Master7> and ed is back
16:58 <Grammatik> .-.
16:58 <Ednoahjones> of course,
16:58 -!- BeakyBuzzard has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Ednoahjones> i always come back
16:58 <GlassAdventurer> Lol
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> wolfen, whatever you are smoking, I would advise you to stop...
16:58 <Thundergun97> dude stop i cant stop laughing wolfen
16:58 <Dead Master7> idk if i should say yay or go noo
16:59 <GlassAdventurer> Smoking, I'm not that bad. I DO COCAINE!
16:59 <Ednoahjones> iml
16:59 <Diamondzarebright> *stomach growls*
16:59 <Dead Master7> which is worse?
16:59 <Ednoahjones> im*li
16:59 <Ednoahjones> ok
16:59 <Grammatik> holy dildos
16:59 <Ednoahjones> now not so big on firefox
16:59 <Rylee the Pegasis> *shoves cheesecake in Tim's mouth*
16:59 -!- Thundergun97 has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <Dead Master7> lol
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> CHEEZCAEK!
16:59 <Diamondzarebright> *noms* 
16:59 <Ednoahjones> firefox has a delay on enter.
16:59 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
16:59 -!- Lovethedesu has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <Ednoahjones> this is bullshit.
16:59 <Nightweaver2112> my internet is worst
16:59 <GlassAdventurer> So does my chrome
16:59 <Ednoahjones> my chrome doesn't have it.
17:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> This isn't my internet
17:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> Tis my Aunt's
17:00 <Dead Master7> its like all web browsers suck
17:00 <Ednoahjones> ^
17:00 -!- Thundergun97 has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <GlassAdventurer> I'm not on my internet either
17:00 <Ednoahjones> they do
17:00 <Ednoahjones> they all do
17:00 <Dead Master7> wb thunder
17:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> I don't have internet
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> are you stealing internet rylee!? (D:)
17:00 <GlassAdventurer> I'm on my grandfathers
17:00 <Thundergun97> sorry guys gota go
17:00 <GlassAdventurer> Bye!
17:00 <Ednoahjones> chrome won't play javascript
17:00 <Rylee the Pegasis> bai Thunder
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> cya thunder
17:00 <Ednoahjones> for some odd reason
17:00 <Wolfenmaus> [4:7] If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is lurking at the door; its desire is for you, but you must masturbate it."
17:00 <GlassAdventurer> Mine plays java...
17:00 <Diamondzarebright> mine's aight 
17:00 -!- CrazyFerret has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <Diamondzarebright> mine is CNS 
17:00 <Grammatik> WOLF
17:00 <Grammatik> LOL
17:00 -!- Thundergun97 has left Special:Chat.
17:00 <Wolfenmaus> GRAM
17:01 <GlassAdventurer> Who?
17:01 <Wolfenmaus> This is the best line of mine, so far.
17:01 <Wolfenmaus> [4:11] And now you are cursed from the shit, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's cum from your hand.
17:01 <GlassAdventurer> (inside joke alert) w00f
17:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> Timmy bby
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> hmm...I think I might attempt to lockpick my window...
17:01 <Diamondzarebright> Masky bby 
17:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> Did you like the cheesecake?
17:01 <GlassAdventurer> Nah
17:01 <Diamondzarebright> yes bby 
17:02 <GlassAdventurer> What is wrong with me?
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> who thinks I should lockpick my window?
17:02 <GlassAdventurer> I had to lockpick my room several times
17:02 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
17:02 <GlassAdventurer> and my car doors
17:02 <GlassAdventurer> Not mine
17:02 <GlassAdventurer> My moms
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> I have a hairclip, so why the hell not, is what im thinking
17:02 <Diamondzarebright> I keep reading that as Mega Man... .-.
17:02 <Rylee the Pegasis>
17:02 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Slender Man dances for his 20 dollars - Duration: 04:33 - Uploaded: 2011-08-17 - Rating: 4.900752 - Views: 1,362,883 -
17:02 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Weñcome back Magma
17:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> (twitch)
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> oh god...rylee...
17:03 <Diamondzarebright> n
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> WHY!?
17:03 <MagmaMan4488> I can see how one would make that mistake.
17:03 <Diamondzarebright> Windigo 
17:03 -!- Michelle Michelle has joined Special:Chat
17:03 <MagmaMan4488> Thanks, Reading
17:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> I have no idea (herp)
17:03 <Wolfenmaus> [6:12] And Cleric saw that the shit was corrupt; for all saggy tits had corrupted its ways upon the shit.
17:03 <Michelle Michelle> hellooooo
17:03 <Dead Master7> my god slenderman is burning the dance floor with his moves
17:03 <Diamondzarebright> hey Masky guess what 
17:03 <GlassAdventurer> I didn't like Windigo, it was stupid in my opinion
17:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yus Timmy?
17:03 <Michelle Michelle> HeLLo
17:03 <Wolfenmaus> Read, guess who you are in my Bible.
17:03 <Diamondzarebright> slendy is twerking for his 20$ 
17:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Noah?
17:03 <Wolfenmaus> No.
17:03 <Wolfenmaus> Phantom is Noah.
17:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> YAY
17:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> Imeanwut
17:04 <Diamondzarebright> xD 
17:04 <Michelle Michelle> WhY ArE YoU IgNoRiNg aT mE?
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmmm...
17:04 <GlassAdventurer> "Follow everything the characters are doing for the whole day and compress it into two hours"~Windigo
17:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
17:04 <Wolfenmaus> I give you this hint.
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Maybe because you type like that, Michelle
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> can I be in your bible, wolfen? can I be satan?
17:04 <Michelle Michelle> no
17:04 <Wolfenmaus> He is an Archangel.
17:04 <Michelle Michelle> Is because you ignore me
17:04 <Diamondzarebright> *blinks*
17:04 <Michelle Michelle> bliatsss ¬¬
17:04 <GlassAdventurer> *sinks*
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> can I be satan, wolfen?
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...I don't know the english names of the archangels, Wolfen
17:04 <GlassAdventurer> Quick sand!
17:04 <Wolfenmaus> Gabriel.
17:04 <Michelle Michelle> pos D:<
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So it was the same.
17:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, hello Michelle
17:05 <Wolfenmaus> And Weaver, you are already a character.
17:05 <Michelle Michelle> hi ¬-¬
17:05 <Dead Master7> bartholomew wasnt that another archangel?
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> who?
17:05 <Wolfenmaus> You are Joseph.
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> :D
17:05 <MagmaMan4488> Who am I?
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Archangel Gabriel is cool
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> where am I mentioned!?
17:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I approve it
17:05 <Wolfenmaus> Haven't Decided, yet.
17:05 <Grammatik> Can I be a  thing
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> i wanna see
17:05 <GlassAdventurer> I am Satan, deal with it
17:05 <Dead Master7> okey u can be satan
17:05 -!- Michelle Michelle has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <Wolfenmaus> Linkstar is Satan.
17:05 <Grammatik> Possibly a stoner or something.
17:05 <Grammatik> .-.
17:05 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat's going on?!
17:05 <Diamondzarebright> stones?
17:05 <Nightweaver2112> wolfen, lemme see my part!
17:05 <Grammatik> Or a dildo factory worker.
17:05 <GlassAdventurer> I am that one hobo that throws rocks at people
17:05 <Diamondzarebright> Masky 
17:05 <Rylee the Pegasis> I turn my back for two seconds! 
17:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> WAT
17:06 <Diamondzarebright> I heard stones 
17:06 <MagmaMan4488> I am the leader of the leper colony
17:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> (twitch)
17:06 <GlassAdventurer> Throw teh rocks at peoples
17:06 <CrashingCymbal> Sup.
17:06 <Diamondzarebright> no one will stone you Masky 
17:06 <Wolfenmaus> [50:1] Then Weaver threw himself on his father's face and wept over him and raped him.
17:06 <Wolfenmaus> [50:2] Weaver commanded the physicians in his service to masturbate his father. So the physicians masturbated Magma;
17:06 <GlassAdventurer> Throwy throwy!
17:06 <Diamondzarebright> I'm watchin 
17:06 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh wow
17:06 <Nightweaver2112> what the holy fuck...
17:06 <MagmaMan4488> Waitwut?
17:06 <GlassAdventurer> Pr0nz?
17:06 <Grammatik> LOL
17:07 <Grammatik> Add me in pl0x
17:07 <Nightweaver2112> i...don't even know...
17:07 <GlassAdventurer> and then I throw rocks at them
17:07 <Wolfenmaus> Gram, you are Nebuchadnezzar. 
17:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Who?
17:07 <Grammatik> Can I see
17:07 <Wolfenmaus> King of Babylon.
17:07 <Grammatik> ;-;
17:07 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
17:07 <Wolfenmaus> I haven't written that bit yet.
17:07 <Rylee the Pegasis> Oh yeah
17:07 <Grammatik> Oh
17:07 <Rylee the Pegasis> That guy (twitch)
17:08 <Diamondzarebright> *sniffs* 
17:08 <GlassAdventurer> Can I be teh whore of Babylon?
17:08 <Anna Monroe> my neck hurts!
17:08 <Rylee the Pegasis> Who am I?
17:08 <Wolfenmaus> Silly Glass.
17:08 <Wolfenmaus> That part goes to Sarah.
17:08 <Anna Monroe> the hell is going on?
17:08 <Grammatik> Just as I was listening to that one song... "Fuck Babylon."
17:08 <GlassAdventurer> Damn
17:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Here he is called something like...Nabucodonosor
17:08 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat's wrong Tim?
17:08 <Diamondzarebright> everything 
17:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not NebuwhateverWolfensaid
17:08 <Diamondzarebright> *sniffs Masky's jacket* 
17:08 <Grammatik> "Nebukadnezar"
17:08 <Grammatik> in Turkish, according to Google
17:08 <Rylee the Pegasis> O.o
17:08 <Diamondzarebright> How long have you been wearing that 
17:09 <CrashingCymbal> Yay!
17:09 <Rylee the Pegasis> (huehue)
17:09 <CrashingCymbal> I hit my screen and now it works again! :D
17:09 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs* 
17:09 <Rylee the Pegasis> Yay Crash!
17:09 <Grammatik> "Nebukadnesar"
17:09 <Grammatik> in Norge
17:09 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
17:09 <Grammatik> k
17:09 <Jeffsson> AHH IM BORED
17:09 <GlassAdventurer> GlassAdventurer as himself, deal with it
17:09 <Rylee the Pegasis> brb I have to go attend to Rainbow Sparkle Butt (twitch)
17:09 <Diamondzarebright> Its smells like cheesecake Masky bby 
17:10 <MagmaMan4488> I still never found out what I was
17:10 <Pramirez351> if anyone needs me, ping me k? xD
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> attend to what, rylee!?
17:10 <Anna Monroe> question, what am I to all of  you?
17:10 <Anna Monroe> PRAMMEH!
17:10 <Diamondzarebright> is he crying Masky?
17:10 <Anna Monroe> *huggles*
17:10 <Rylee the Pegasis> It's a personal joke
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> a friend, anja
17:10 <Anna Monroe> done with RP
17:10 <Pramirez351> you are a friend anna :P
17:10 <Rylee the Pegasis> yus
17:10 <Diamondzarebright> awh 
17:10 <Anna Monroe> I feel special...
17:10 <Wolfenmaus> [50:3] they spent forty days in doing this, for that is the time required for masturbation. And the Canadians wept for him seventy days.
17:10 <Wolfenmaus> [50:4] When the days of weeping for him were past, Weaver addressed the household of Pimp, "If now I have found favor with you, please speak to Pimp as follows:'
17:10 <Pramirez351> yey :3
17:10 <Diamondzarebright> I wanna poke him 
17:10 <Anna Monroe> poke who?
17:10 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
17:10 <Dead Master7> ?
17:10 <Rylee the Pegasis> Fine
17:11 <Dead Master7> wb frequent
17:11 <Diamondzarebright> Rainbow Sparkle Butt
17:11 <Nightweaver2112> I AHVE A HOUSEHOLD OF PIPM!?
17:11 <Nightweaver2112> *PIMP
17:11 <Nightweaver2112> HAVE
17:11 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <Jeffsson> -_-
17:11 <Diamondzarebright> *pokes Rainbow Sparkle Butt* 
17:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Weaver is ecstatic to have a household of pimp
17:11 <Pramirez351> so yeah xD ping me if you need meh :P
17:11 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <Wolfenmaus> [50:5] My father made me swear an oath; he said, 'I am about to fap. In the tomb that I hewed out for myself in the shit of Canada, there you shall bury me.' Now therefore let me go up, so that I may bury my father; then I will return."
17:11 <Wolfenmaus> [50:6] Pimp answered, "Go up, and bury your father, as he made you swear to do."
17:11 <Nightweaver2112> lol...rainbow sparkle butt...sounds like nyan cat
17:11 -!- SolarDrills has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <Jeffsson> RAGE QUIT -walks out and slams the door-
17:11 <Rylee the Pegasis> You dun wanna know
17:12 <Nightweaver2112> whi?
17:12 <Diamondzarebright> Rainbow Sparkle Butt is Masky's baby with Jeff
17:12 <Jeffsson> wtf
17:12 <Rylee the Pegasis> Shadapp (twitch)
17:12 <Diamondzarebright> *claps his hands* 
17:12 <Jeffsson> wtf
17:12 <Diamondzarebright> I irritated Masky
17:12 <Diamondzarebright> yey 
17:12 <Rylee the Pegasis> *throws both of them into PM*
17:12 <Diamondzarebright> xD
17:12 <Wolfenmaus> 43:1] Now the famine was severe in the shit.
17:12 <Wolfenmaus> [43:2] And when they had eaten up the grain that they had brought from Chuck E Cheese, their father said to them, "Go again, buy us a little more food. "
17:12 <Nightweaver2112> you throw WHO into PMs?
17:13 -!- Solana71321 has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <Ednoahjones> your mommy
17:13 <Ednoahjones> and daddy
17:13 <Ednoahjones> so you can have
17:13 <Dead Master7> ?
17:13 <Ednoahjones> a brother
17:13 <Nightweaver2112>
17:13 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:13 -!- Frostmoonstorm has joined Special:Chat
17:13 -!- Frostmoonstorm has left Special:Chat.
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> please don't talk about my dad
17:13 <Rylee the Pegasis> Rainbow Sparkle Butt and Tim
17:13 <Ednoahjones> oh
17:13 <Ednoahjones> ok
17:13 <Ednoahjones> sorry
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> its ok
17:13 <Pramirez351> hai solana!
17:14 <Solana71321> hey
17:14 <Wolfenmaus> [43:8] Then Ed said to his father Stig, "Send the boy with me, and let us be on our way, so that we may live and not fap - you and we and also our little ones.
17:14 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <Jeffsson> wtf
17:14 <GlassAdventurer> What?
17:14 <Ednoahjones> what.
17:14 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <Wolfenmaus> Wolfenbible, Bitches.
17:14 <GlassAdventurer> You need to put this on a websitre
17:14 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:15 -!- Ty Rezac has joined Special:Chat
17:15 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
17:15 <GlassAdventurer> It's entertaining
17:15 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <GlassAdventurer> Now
17:15 <Wolfenmaus> I'm planning to put it as a blog post.
17:15 <GlassAdventurer> I have got to go, bye!
17:15 <Wolfenmaus> Or on Trollpasta.
17:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> By e Adventure
17:15 <GlassAdventurer> If you do, link it to me
17:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Put it on Trolpasta, Wolfen
17:15 -!- GlassAdventurer has left Special:Chat.
17:15 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Glass!
17:15 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Moths]]
17:16 -!- Ty Rezac has left Special:Chat.
17:16 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:16 <Wolfenmaus> [42:30] "The man, the lord of the shit, spoke harshly to us, and charged us with spying on the shit.
17:16 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:17 <Jeffsson> how come i can never do a gpm right
17:17 <Wolfenmaus> Okay, time toput it on Trollpasta, then.
17:17 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
17:17 <CrashingCymbal> WB Veg
17:17 <Vegeta565> Hello everyone
17:17 <Vegeta565> thanks
17:17 <Dead Master7> hey
17:18 <Jeffsson> yo dead
17:18 <Jeffsson> im bored
17:18 <Dead Master7> lol knew someone would call me dead
17:18 <Dead Master7> u guys can call me Yomi
17:18 <Jeffsson> okie
17:19 -!- Lily2479 has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <Vegeta565> ok Yomi
17:19 <Lily2479> I am sad :(
17:19 <Jeffsson> why lily
17:19 <Dead Master7> why?
17:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why Lily?
17:19 <Vegeta565> why?
17:19 <Lily2479> A robloxian kept on making fun of me
17:19 <Jeffsson> aww
17:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't pay attention to him
17:19 <Vegeta565> that Sucks eggs
17:19 -!- CrazyFerret has left Special:Chat.
17:19 <Jeffsson> forget them
17:20 <Vegeta565> yeah Jeff is right
17:20 <Dead Master7> yeah
17:20 <Wolfenmaus> BEHOLD
17:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:20 <Wolfenmaus> GENEMAUS
17:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Wolfenmaus>,_Book_1:_Genemaus
17:20 <Lily2479> I forgot what there names where
17:20 <Lily2479> *their
17:20 <Anna Monroe> you guys are insane, AKA why I love you all.
17:20 <Jeffsson> -_-
17:21 <Nightweaver2112> i have always been insane
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
17:21 <Dead Master7> idk if i know u anna?
17:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
17:21 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
17:21 <Dead Master7> really dont im just waititng for brianna
17:21 <Jeffsson> whoz?
17:21 <Anna Monroe> it's fine dear
17:21 <Dead Master7> sigh batmanbalelover
17:21 <Jeffsson> ohhhhh bale
17:21 <Vegeta565> i cleared my head and i'm fine i think
17:21 <Anna Monroe> I just meant it as  a reason why I come here so often
17:22 <Pramirez351> augh well i guess this is going to be...interesting diamondz
17:22 <Wolfenmaus> Ramirez.
17:22 <Wolfenmaus>,_Book_1:_Genemaus
17:22 <Anna Monroe> um... she's not on the best terms with me >.>
17:22 <Dead Master7> k
17:22 <Jeffsson> me and bale are friends
17:22 <Pramirez351> oh sorry to hear that anna :/
17:23 <CrashingCymbal> I need to have dinner. Goodbye!
17:23 <Jeffsson> bye cymy
17:23 <Pramirez351> but she is in great terms with me :3
17:23 <Pramirez351> also bye cymbal
17:23 <Vegeta565> bye cyn
17:23 <Vegeta565> *cym
17:23 <Jeffsson> im a dumbass
17:23 <Dead Master7> jeff, bales my friend too
17:24 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
17:24 <Wolfenmaus> The very last line in Genemaus:
17:24 <Wolfenmaus> 50:26] And Weaver died, being one hundred ten years old; he was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Chuck E Cheese. 
17:24 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
17:24 <Anna Monroe> PRAMMEH? message me
17:24 <Ednoahjones> we go chugga chee?
17:24 -!- Solana71321 has left Special:Chat.
17:25 -!- Solana71321 has joined Special:Chat
17:25 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
17:25 <Dead Master7> it died
17:25 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
17:25 <Vegeta565> Oww!
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> WAIT...I DIE!?
17:25 <Temmington> Hiya.
17:25 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:25 <Vegeta565> hi
17:25 <Nightweaver2112> hey serah
17:25 <Temmington> Wolfen.
17:25 <Temmington> who am i in then
17:25 <Temmington> this*
17:25 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <Anna Monroe> the whore...
17:26 <Jeffsson> you are sarah
17:26 <Dead Master7> ?
17:26 <Jeffsson> anna wtf
17:26 <Anna Monroe> well it's what I heard
17:26 <Nightweaver2112> you are the whore of Babylon, serah
17:26 <Anna Monroe> ^ see
17:26 <Nightweaver2112> i would imagine so, anyway
17:26 <Jeffsson> (srslywtf)
17:26 <Wolfenmaus> Which, in turn, makes Sarah my wife in the Wolfenbible.
17:27 <Temmington> OH FUCK NO.
17:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <Temmington> nope
17:27 <Temmington> i quit 
17:27 <Ednoahjones> hey wolfen
17:27 <Wolfenmaus> Since I am Jesus.
17:27 <Ednoahjones> how many pages am i in?
17:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Waifu
17:27 <Wolfenmaus> You're in two Chapters.
17:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Vegeta565> bye guy's need to record a Sims 3 part one
17:27 <Temmington> >making yourself Jesus 
17:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
17:27 -!- Lily2479 has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Anna Monroe> what am I?
17:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Wolfenmaus> Well, it IS the Wolfenbible.
17:27 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Am I in it?
17:27 <Anna Monroe> am I just some lonely being?
17:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> (QQ)
17:27 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Nightweaver2112> so i am your farther, wolfen?
17:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> Shit three PMs at once
17:28 <Anna Monroe> *father
17:28 <Wolfenmaus> No, Weaver.
17:28 <Dead Master7> ?
17:28 <Nightweaver2112> congratulations, rylee, people love you XD
17:28 <Wolfenmaus> Cleric is my father.
17:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
17:28 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
17:28 <Anna Monroe> oh shit
17:28 <Jeffsson> (seriouslywhatthefuck)
17:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> People don't wuv me (TT)
17:28 <Anna Monroe> me quv you Rylee!
17:28 <Jeffsson> ahem lazy admins
17:28 <Dead Master7> i do even though i dont know u
17:28 <Jeffsson> (h)
17:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> :D
17:29 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:29 <Dead Master7> yay ur happy
17:29 <Pramirez351> hai sarah
17:29 <Wolfenmaus> Haven't decided on the 12 Apostles.
17:29 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
17:29 <Wolfenmaus> Ramirez is one.
17:29 <Nightweaver2112> 12 prostitutes?
17:29 <Wolfenmaus> As is Rylee.
17:29 <Pramirez351> hey sarah, entity got to kick me last isntead of you :P
17:29 <Jeffsson> ok im pissed
17:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> :D thanks
17:29 <Dead Master7> why jeff?
17:29 <Jeffsson> nothing.....
17:30 <Nightweaver2112> rylee can be judas
17:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I love all teh childrens
17:30 <Dead Master7> ok
17:30 <Temmington> !kick Pramirez351 
17:30 <Wolfenmaus> Rs is Judas.
17:30 <Temmington> Shit. 
17:30 <Rylee the Pegasis> (ALL!)
17:30 <Pramirez351> nou sarah
17:30 <Jeffsson> im just pissed from being offended
17:30 <Temmington> !kick Pramirez351
17:30 -!- Pramirez351 was kicked from Special:Chat by CPwikiCHATlogger
17:30 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm Judas?
17:30 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Anna Monroe> what?
17:30 <Dead Master7> ah okey then jeff
17:30 <Wolfenmaus> Yes.
17:30 <Temmington> WHO KICKED LAST NOW.
17:30 <Anna Monroe> what the hell?
17:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
17:30 <Temmington> BITCH.
17:30 <Temmington> xD
17:30 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Dead Master7> wb ed
17:30 <Anna Monroe> why you kick him?
17:30 <Jeffsson> i get offended by even certain jokes
17:30 <Temmington> It was a joke. 
17:30 <Temmington> Sheesh. 
17:30 <Pramirez351> it was jesse sarah :3
17:30 <Wolfenmaus> And Linkstar is Lucifer/Beelzebub/Satan
17:30 <Temmington> still coutns
17:31 <Temmington> Wolfen. 
17:31 <Pramirez351> and yes, it was a joke
17:31 <Diamondzarebright> I wuv you Masky 
17:31 <Temmington> I think you should not make yourself Jesus... 
17:31 <Temmington> I mean. 
17:31 <Temmington> That's just... no.
17:31 <Temmington> You don't DO THAT.
17:31 <Wolfenmaus> I am your savior, Sarah.
17:31 <Nightweaver2112> I SHALL BE JESUS
17:31 <Wolfenmaus> Don't deny it.
17:31 <Temmington> >atheist 
17:31 <Temmington> ok
17:31 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wuv you too Tim
17:31 <Wolfenmaus> And I'm Panthiest.
17:31 <Diamondzarebright> *pats his head* 
17:31 <Wolfenmaus> So whatvs.
17:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Omfg so unfair Sarah kicking peepol gunfight
17:31 <Dead Master7> wait what?
17:32 <Temmington> oh em jizzle guise 
17:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ghjhk
17:32 <Nightweaver2112> damn...we have a ENGLAND...
17:32 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
17:32 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
17:32 <Nightweaver2112> HOW!?
17:32 <Pramirez351> hey reading
17:32 <Temmington> there was a j and a k in that 
17:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Prammi
17:32 <Temmington> so you were kidding 
17:32 <Temmington> i accept your apology 
17:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back traveler
17:33 <Pramirez351> reading, reading, ok so find me on the user list of cha
17:33 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:33 <Pramirez351> chat*
17:33 <Nightweaver2112> HOW CAN ENGLAND HAVE A HEATWAVE!?
17:33 <Temmington> uh-huh 
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay
17:33 <Diamondzarebright> Masky, how is RSB 
17:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Heatwave on the East coast
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Found you!
17:33 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That was fast
17:33 <Rylee the Pegasis> He's good
17:33 <Wolfenmaus> Did you know that, mythologically, Jesus and Thor are the same?
17:33 <Pramirez351> ok now kick me reading
17:33 <Diamondzarebright> c: 
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now do you want a ban?
17:33 <Pramirez351> take that sarah!
17:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I can do that too!
17:33 <Temmington> By the way Pram, your application deciding date thingy will be decided soon. 
17:33 <Pramirez351> nou thanks reading xD
17:33 -!- ILoveChey has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
17:33 <Temmington> ok enough joke kicks 
17:33 <Rylee the Pegasis> (loool)
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 was kicked from Special:Chat by Temmington
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:33 <Temmington> after that one
17:33 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <Temmington> :3
17:34 <Temmington> Okay seriously let's stop. 
17:34 <Temmington> :P
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> unless you can ban for 2 seconds, reading...
17:34 <Pramirez351> nou (D:)
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Trolololo
17:34 <Temmington> Night, ye. 
17:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I can!
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:34 <Temmington> Ban and then immediately undo it.
17:34 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> sure
17:34 <Temmington> But let's not joke kick/ban anymore.
17:34 <Temmington>  Might cause some drama maybe, idk.
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> aww...
17:34 <Temmington> I got a lot of strange looks is all I'm saying.
17:34 <Wolfenmaus> Michael: Fur. Gabriel: Read. Raphael: Evra. Uriel: Bill9929.
17:34 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> if im asking for it, then how> XD
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> meh
17:34 <Nightweaver2112> ok
17:35 <Diamondzarebright> :o 
17:35 <Temmington> Like hell I'm being your wife. 
17:35 <Jeffsson> (O_O) --]
17:35 <Pramirez351> you are being my wife sarah? (srslywtf)
17:35 <Anna Monroe> arf arf
17:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen I am betraying you
17:35 <Temmington> hell no.
17:35 <Pramirez351> im cool with that (cigar)
17:35 <Temmington> -slap-
17:35 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
17:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
17:35 <Jeffsson> RAWR
17:35 <Temmington> SO.
17:35 <Pramirez351> thank you mistress sarah *bows and kisses sarah's feet*
17:35 <MagmaMan4488> You're lucky all you got was a slap.
17:35 <MagmaMan4488> Have you seen what she does to me?
17:35 <Temmington> Oh yeah. 
17:36 <Temmington> /me pulls out the bat
17:36 <Anna Monroe> /me slaps Prammeh several times until he's all red
17:36 <Pramirez351> oh yush bby :3
17:36 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
17:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hit me~
17:36 <Pramirez351> i meant sarah
17:36 <Nightweaver2112> /me pulls out the wombat
17:36 <Anna Monroe> WAIT! HE LIKES THIS!
17:36 <Pramirez351> nou anna xD
17:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
17:36 <Anna Monroe> <---- just wants to slap people
17:36 <Pramirez351> i want sarah's bat :3
17:36 <Wolfenmaus> * Wolfen pulls out the spork
17:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also less caps, Jeffson
17:36 <Pramirez351> bye reading
17:36 <Wolfenmaus> FUCK
17:36 <Temmington> /me gets the bat covered in spikes and hits your testicles 
17:36 <Wolfenmaus> HOW DOES ONE DO THAT
17:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Read
17:36 <Anna Monroe> ouch
17:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> /me
17:36 <Jeffsson> yessir
17:36 <Pramirez351> ... (TT) oh yes sarah, o yush
17:36 <Nightweaver2112> serah, you are a little violent, aren't you?
17:36 <Wolfenmaus> /me pulls out the spork
17:37 <MagmaMan4488> /me steals the spork
17:37 <Anna Monroe> sarah's been violent since she was born
17:37 <Wolfenmaus> (annihilate)
17:37 <Temmington> ye
17:37 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
17:37 <Wolfenmaus> MOTHERFUCKER
17:37 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
17:37 <Temmington> probably because Y CHROMOSOMES FUCKED UP
17:37 <Temmington> BUT YOU KNOW
17:37 <Wolfenmaus> I STILL HAVE ANIHILACIJA.
17:37 <Anna Monroe> PRAMMEH? WOULD YOU MARRY ME? ((the question is irrelevant but who gives a rats ass))
17:37 <Nightweaver2112> y chromasomes?
17:37 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
17:37 <Pramirez351> ...maybe anna xD
17:37 <Temmington> do you not know that
17:37 <Jeffsson> everyone remember sarah is a 24/7 cranky lesbian so unless you are a girl keep ten feen away from herat all times
17:37 <Temmington> thats like 5th grade biology 
17:37 <Nightweaver2112> know what?
17:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Creepy 
17:37 <Temmington> HEY IM NOT CRANKY 
17:37 <Rylee the Pegasis> :D
17:37 <Temmington> IM SASSY
17:37 <Pramirez351> ill marry you anna on the 30th of february :)
17:37 <Wolfenmaus> Lesbians are hot.
17:37 <Dead Master7> lol
17:38 <Temmington> nope nope going somewhere else 
17:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lies
17:38 <Nightweaver2112> no, i don't know, serah
17:38 <Jeffsson> perv -_-
17:38 <Pramirez351> yes they are wolfen :P imeanwut?
17:38 <MagmaMan4488> *is 9 feet away from Sarah*
17:38 <Anna Monroe> why then? your birthday?
17:38 <Wolfenmaus> I wish to see this lesbian named sarah.
17:38 <Wolfenmaus> Doing acrobatics.
17:38 <Temmington> no
17:38 <Anna Monroe> /me huggles Sarah
17:38 <Wolfenmaus> On a giant waffle iron.
17:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
17:38 <Pramirez351> nou anna xD because it doesnt exist xD
17:38 <Jeffsson> PERVERTS GO TO...OH YEAH HELL
17:38 <Temmington> Also you haven't seen me? .-.
17:38 <Temmington> I linked my picture in chat before. Eh.
17:38 <Jeffsson> sarah only a select few of us know what you look like
17:38 <MagmaMan4488> Never saw it.
17:38 <Nightweaver2112> seen you? nope
17:39 <Jeffsson> i am one
17:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Say it aloud perv and proud
17:39 <Temmington> It's not really a select few. 
17:39 <Nightweaver2112> most here have seen me, i think
17:39 <MagmaMan4488>
17:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Non mi dispiace, non me ne pento - by Christian Ice & Friends - Duration: 01:29 - Uploaded: 2011-10-05 - Rating: 4.888526 - Views: 341,097 -
17:39 <Wolfenmaus> All I know is, I'm running low on fap material.
17:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:39 <Wolfenmaus> WOLFENJESUS NEEDS TO FAP.
17:39 <Nightweaver2112> i think wolfen has seen me, haven't you?
17:39 <MagmaMan4488> Anyone I've been on either TC or Skype with has seen me.
17:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> ^
17:39 <Jeffsson> (SRSLYWTF)
17:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Imeanwut
17:40 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Jeffsson> chels
17:40 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Chelsea
17:40 <Chelseagrin989> mhm.
17:40 <Nightweaver2112> let me think...who here has seen me...
17:40 <Chelseagrin989> hello/
17:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shaggy was a mechanic (ogw)
17:40 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
17:40 <Pramirez351> "WOLFENJESUS NEEDS TO FAP" ...not the only one man xD *raises hand* ...imeanwut?
17:40 <Anna Monroe> You're mean Prammeh
17:40 <Wolfenmaus> Rs
17:40 <Wolfenmaus> His name
17:40 <MagmaMan4488>
17:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Christian Ice - Atheists Kill People (Jon Lajoie Remix) - Duration: 03:31 - Uploaded: 2011-04-12 - Rating: 4.897594 - Views: 207,852 -
17:40 <Wolfenmaus> is motherfucking
17:40 <Pramirez351> im sorry anna xD
17:40 <Jeffsson> girls on this side -points to the left-, guys on this side with the sharks-points to the shark tank-
17:40 <Wolfenmaus> NORVILLE
17:40 <Nightweaver2112> wolfen, rylee, pram, cym, anja and a few others who are not here have seen me
17:40 <Dead Master7> lol
17:41 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
17:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Norville? Dafaq
17:41 <Pramirez351> i havent seen you weaver (TT)
17:41 <Pramirez351> also hai captian
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> you have
17:41 <Jeffsson> -dives into the shark tank-
17:41 <Anna Monroe> I have  seen him, he's a cute little boy
17:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> wat
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> in tinychat
17:41 <Wolfenmaus> Norville is Shaggy's first name, Rs.
17:41 <Wolfenmaus> His CANON name.
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> cute little bot?
17:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi ginger
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> *biy
17:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> I was pinged XD
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> *boy
17:41 <MagmaMan4488> /me steals (annihilate) 
17:41 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Pram and neve
17:41 <Anna Monroe> Wolfen, could you please stop being so annoying?
17:41 <Nightweaver2112> anja, im the same age as you!
17:41 <Anna Monroe> oh shut up
17:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen wat is dis?! Norville? 
17:41 <Jeffsson> fuck you (all)
17:41 <MagmaMan4488> >Wolfen
17:41 <MagmaMan4488> >Stop being so annoying
17:42 <Nightweaver2112> AND I HAVE A BEARD, GODDAMNIT!
17:42 <Jeffsson> (all!_
17:42 <Dead Master7> what i do?
17:42 <Jeffsson> (all!)
17:42 <Jeffsson> FINALLY
17:42 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
17:42 <Nightweaver2112> many have seen me, but few have heard my voice...
17:42 <Dead Master7> idk what i did
17:42 <Nightweaver2112> for...reasons
17:42 <Wolfenmaus> You called Jesus annoying, Ana.,
17:42 <Wolfenmaus> Anna*
17:42 <Wolfenmaus> I forgive you.
17:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> Reasons (twitch)
17:42 -!- Noodles1278 has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Noodles
17:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
17:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Norville Rogers...
17:42 <Nightweaver2112> i have a speech problem i am really insecure about
17:43 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello noodles
17:43 <Wolfenmaus> Fred Jones.
17:43 <Noodles1278> Heyooo
17:43 <Temmington> woah now
17:43 <Temmington> woah
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> wolfen, you have heard my voice, right?
17:43 <Temmington> woooooooah
17:43 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Scooby Cornilious Doo
17:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> I think I heard your voice Weaver
17:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> I think
17:43 <Temmington> this is getting out of... um... can someone think of a christian pun 
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> maybe
17:43 <Noodles1278> Whatsup?
17:43 <Temmington> i cant
17:43 <Temmington> um...
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> in tinychat, rylee, probab;y
17:43 <Temmington> ...fuck it
17:43 <MagmaMan4488> I think it's safe to write this life off now. *pokes sarah*
17:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> yeah
17:44 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am Lucifer
17:44 <Wolfenmaus> Daphne Blake
17:44 -!- Princesa Sweet Harmony has joined Special:Chat
17:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> I can vaguely see it
17:44 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> Hello 
17:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Killer and Sweet
17:44 <Anna Monroe> forgive  me? your the one self proclaming shit that's half real. @wolfen
17:44 <Ednoahjones> i've seen the holy Post!
17:44 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Velma Dinkley
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Harmony
17:44 <Ednoahjones> on the forums
17:44 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Sweet
17:44 <Pramirez351> Princesa Sweet Harmony PM
17:44 <Noodles1278> Ello new people
17:44 <Wolfenmaus> Scoobert Doo.
17:44 <Rylee the Pegasis> Nice avatar Sweet
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> i have a speech problem i am insecure about, so i rarely come on voice chat
17:44 <Noodles1278> I'm part of the group now
17:44 <Noodles1278> Cause you're newer then me
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat group?
17:44 <Anna Monroe> I'm not new...
17:44 <Wolfenmaus> I am one with the Reindeer.
17:44 <Dead Master7> im not either
17:45 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> hold on
17:45 <Jeffsson> i meant what i said
17:45 <Noodles1278> You are if i say so!
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> u r a beeg n00b, anja (derp)
17:45 <Anna Monroe> more like one with the rat's shit
17:45 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Scooby doo was best show hands down
17:45 <Anna Monroe> NO I'M NOT!
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:45 <Noodles1278> YES YOU ARE
17:45 <Ednoahjones> anja has been here longer than i have.
17:45 <Anna Monroe> It's still a show...
17:45 -!- Princesa Sweet Harmony has left Special:Chat.
17:45 <Wolfenmaus> You don't get the reference.
17:45 <Temmington> Noodle. 
17:45 <Wolfenmaus> Here.
17:45 <Dead Master7> lol
17:45 <Jeffsson> pm me if you fucking need me
17:45 <Temmington> >calling other people noob
17:45 <Temmington> >0 edits
17:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> anyway, how am i a "cute little boy", anja?
17:45 <Ednoahjones> ^^
17:45 <Wolfenmaus> Wielcome to Esteban Winsmore
17:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am part of Swag Squad dafuq you talkin' about?
17:45 <Wolfenmaus>
17:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Esteban Winsmore's Big Furry Adventure (Second Life) - Duration: 05:21 - Uploaded: 2013-03-20 - Rating: 4.930894 - Views: 147,736 -
17:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Swag)
17:45 <Anna Monroe> cause I can call you that since I don't know you and you have less maturity than I
17:46 <Noodles1278> I didn't call anyone a noob
17:46 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:46 <Ednoahjones> SWAG = Secretly we are Grubs
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> anja, how old are you?
17:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> Conker's Bad Fur Day
17:46 <Ednoahjones> she 14
17:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brick Squad
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> thought so
17:46 <Ednoahjones> same age as me
17:46 <Ednoahjones> c:
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> and me
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> i am 14 too
17:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> 15
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> honestly, anja, you look older
17:46 <Dead Master7> 18
17:46 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and a half
17:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 16
17:46 <Noodles1278> I'm 16!
17:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yey
17:47 <Noodles1278> Whoo
17:47 <Noodles1278> 16 year olds UNITE
17:47 <Wolfenmaus> Sarah.
17:47 <Wolfenmaus> SARAH
17:47 <Temmington> WHAT
17:47 <Wolfenmaus> *licks*
17:47 <Temmington> can you not do that
17:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i will be 16 in octobur
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:47 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
17:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sexy
17:47 <Ednoahjones> its too late sarah,
17:47 <Dead Master7> ive been 18 since march 15
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> i will be 15 on the 3rd of november
17:47 <Ednoahjones> wolfen is in too deep
17:47 <Ednoahjones> to deep to pull out,
17:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:47 <Ednoahjones> your gonna have to take a plan B
17:48 <Noodles1278> Whoa
17:48 -!- Princesa Sweet Harmony has joined Special:Chat
17:48 <Noodles1278> Whoa whoa whoa
17:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Umm...
17:48 <Temmington> *pulls out kicking snowboots* Is this plan B...?
17:48 <Wolfenmaus>
17:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Esteban Winsmore's Big Brony Adventure (Second Life Trolling) - Duration: 08:53 - Uploaded: 2013-03-25 - Rating: 4.917117 - Views: 105,923 -
17:48 <Ednoahjones> ....
17:48 <Ednoahjones> no
17:48 <Ednoahjones> a plan B
17:48 <Ednoahjones> oh
17:48 <Ednoahjones> you were kidding
17:48 <Noodles1278> What's plan B?
17:48 <Ednoahjones> ok
17:48 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> anybody knows Skrillex?
17:48 <Ednoahjones> Plan B is an anti birth pill
17:48 <Temmington> yeah
17:48 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
17:48 <Ednoahjones> i think
17:48 <Temmington> i was joking 
17:48 <Ednoahjones> its something
17:48 <Wolfenmaus> Plan B is hoping she has a Diaphragm.
17:48 <Temmington> sheeshus 
17:48 <Wolfenmaus> If not, Plan C.
17:48 <Ednoahjones> for anti pregnancy
17:49 <Ednoahjones> if they're not on birth control
17:49 <Noodles1278> Plan B should be to blow everything up and have a snakc afterwards
17:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> /me throws Plan B capsules in everyone's face
17:49 <Jeffsson> rawr
17:49 <Temmington> i cant get pregnant 
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> for me, plan B is a nuke
17:49 <Dead Master7> id rather be able to have childen
17:49 <Wolfenmaus> We'll see about that.
17:49 <Ednoahjones> you are talking
17:49 <Temmington> Wolfen. 
17:49 <Temmington> No.
17:49 <MagmaMan4488> When I tried what Wolfen just did, I got a spiked bat to the testicles. How did he get away with it?
17:49 <Ednoahjones> about the jesus baby sarah
17:49 <Noodles1278> I'd rather have a uke then have children
17:49 <Noodles1278> *nuke
17:49 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> im going with no plan, gonna wing it
17:49 <Ednoahjones> jesus can impregnate the shit out of you
17:49 <Temmington> Magma.
17:49 <Rylee the Pegasis> I was about to say, a "uke"?
17:49 <Temmington> because you link jared milton 
17:49 <Temmington> thats why
17:49 <Nightweaver2112> plan B should always be a nuke
17:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So your horrid cesspool of a child isn't born
17:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> Why would you want that?
17:50 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
17:50 <Temmington> I just don't want kids. 
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> screw a nuke, i would rarther have a thermonuclear device
17:50 <Temmington> And even if I did I still can't pregnant. 
17:50 <MagmaMan4488> You smashed my balls BEFORE I linked Jared Milton, Sarah.
17:50 <Temmington> WELL YOU LINK OTHER SHIT TOO.
17:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> why not, serah?
17:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> All of you are unfit parents
17:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:50 <Temmington> >transgender 
17:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jk
17:50 <Noodles1278> Balls and nukes ladies and gentleman, balls and nukes
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> ah, ok
17:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> 0.0
17:50 <Temmington> i think that sums that up
17:51 <Nightweaver2112> alright then.
17:51 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
17:51 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
17:51 <Noodles1278> I think we're done for today
17:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Nought
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah killed da moods
17:51 <Ednoahjones> Homestuck
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jk
17:51 <Temmington> GOOD
17:51 <Noughtshayde> hi
17:51 <Jeffsson> HALELUYA
17:51 <Nightweaver2112> anyway, nukes are always fun. but a thermonuclear device is better...
17:51 <Ednoahjones> Homestuck is life
17:51 <Rylee the Pegasis> Finally I got a pony as my avatar again
17:51 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i never read homestuck
17:52 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> who likes Resident Evil? (c:)
17:52 <Ednoahjones> homestuck is that feeling you get in the morning, after you date rape the head cheerleader,
17:52 <Noughtshayde> me
17:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i do
17:52 <MagmaMan4488> Hmm... Time for an experiment
17:52 <Noodles1278> YEAH RESIDENT EVIL
17:52 <Noodles1278> AND CAPSLOCK 
17:52 <MagmaMan4488> *puts on a Jared Milton mask and pokes Sarah*
17:52 <Ednoahjones> Leon S kennedy is a bad motherfucker,
17:52 <Nightweaver2112> a thermonuclear device is the most powerful weapon humanity has at it's disposal, right?
17:52 <Noodles1278> Yeah he is
17:52 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
17:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> potatoes!
17:52 <Temmington> /me puts you into a small metal box 
17:52 <Noodles1278> But i refuse to play RE6
17:52 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
17:52 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
17:52 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <Temmington> Suffocate in there ok.
17:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello INPUT
17:52 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> Resident vil 4 <3
17:52 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb Gramm
17:52 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> *Evil
17:52 <Grammatik> danke
17:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> INPUT
17:53 <Noodles1278> 4 was da best
17:53 <Nightweaver2112> who did you just put in a box, serah?
17:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Why I could be so bored is an honest mystery to me
17:53 -!- ILoveChey has left Special:Chat.
17:53 -!- ILoveChey has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <Noughtshayde> damn chat is being gay again
17:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm so bored it's painful
17:53 <MagmaMan4488> *opens lid and steps out of the box*
17:53 <Temmington> magma 
17:53 <Noughtshayde> darn it
17:53 <Temmington> !kick Noughtshayde
17:53 -!- Noughtshayde was kicked from Special:Chat by CPwikiCHATlogger
17:53 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
17:53 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Not kick
17:53 <Nightweaver2112> tou should have slowly heates the box, seah
17:53 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <Nightweaver2112> *heates
17:53 <Nightweaver2112> *heated
17:53 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Is that the same rule as the roleplay one?
17:53 <Noughtshayde> um
17:53 <Temmington> Already did that. 
17:53 <Noughtshayde> what?
17:53 <Temmington> Nought, don't use gay insultingly. 
17:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Don't use gay as a derogetory term
17:54 <Noughtshayde> oh....
17:54 <MagmaMan4488> Next time you lock someone in a box, try locking it if you want them to suffocate.
17:54 <Noodles1278> Roleplaying?
17:54 <MagmaMan4488> *walks off*
17:54 <Noodles1278> What?
17:54 <Temmington> I did lock it. 
17:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Why are we roleplaying?
17:54 <Temmington> That was obvious enough to not say it in chat dumbass. :3
17:54 <Nightweaver2112> hey, how many people here know my actual name?
17:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> *takes a nice shit on the carpet*
17:54 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I contributed
17:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:54 <MagmaMan4488> Then explain why I'm not in the box
17:55 <Ednoahjones> I'm a juggalo.
17:55 <Nightweaver2112> lol, nobody knows me XD
17:55 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> <3
17:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah [Official Music Video] - Duration: 03:42 - Uploaded: 2012-02-16 - Rating: 4.805243 - Views: 138,717,131 -
17:55 <Dead Master7> ok
17:55 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
17:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I knwo you night
17:55 <Noughtshayde> *stands and stares awkwardly as everyone else roleplays*
17:55 <Ednoahjones> and i know that magnets are not miracles.
17:55 <Nightweaver2112> BANGARANG!
17:55 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
17:55 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
17:55 <Temmington> Because the lack of air is causing you to hallucinate. 
17:55 <Temmington> Duh.
17:55 <Ednoahjones> i am a walkin' contradiction.
17:55 <Wolfenmaus> Bitcharang.
17:55 <Diamondzarebright> sorreh guise I was cleaning
17:55 <Dead Master7> mew
17:55 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> What is your avatar from?
17:55 -!- Noodles1278 has left Special:Chat.
17:55 <Nightweaver2112> meh, for anyone who cares, my name is Daniel
17:55 <Diamondzarebright> ?
17:55 <Ednoahjones> Welcome back my Juggalette friend,
17:55 <Ednoahjones> @ rebecca
17:55 <Diamondzarebright> Puyo Pop Fever 
17:56 <Temmington> I HAVE A FRIEND NAMED DANIEL. 
17:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Oshire Bones
17:56 <Noughtshayde> for anyone who cares, my name is conner.
17:56 <Diamondzarebright> No Yu 
17:56 <Wolfenmaus> Scooby Fucking Doo
17:56 <Temmington> We've been friends since kindergarten man.
17:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:56 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:56 <Temmington> MAAAAAN.
17:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Taste the rainbow. Hump the rainbow.
17:56 <Pramirez351> hey brooke PM
17:56 <Temmington> we go way back. 
17:56 <Nightweaver2112> really?
17:56 <Nightweaver2112> cool
17:56 <Temmington> long before i was trans or anything mang.
17:56 <Temmington> well, realized
17:56 <Diamondzarebright> xD
17:56 <Nightweaver2112> how old are you, serah?
17:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But it's face seems like something Zach or Oney would do
17:56 <Dead Master7> its kinda obvious its fred
17:56 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I need the source wolfen
17:56 <MagmaMan4488> /me suffocates
17:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah seems 15
17:57 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Dead Master7> magmas dieing
17:57 <Temmington> yo momma 
17:57 <Dead Master7> wb
17:57 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But she's 14 I think?
17:57 <Grammatik> /me humps Magma's corpse
17:57 <Grammatik> ;D
17:57 <MagmaMan4488> Sarah is actually closer to 13 or 14
17:57 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> Who likes this song?
17:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Skrillex - Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) - Duration: 04:34 - Uploaded: 2011-06-20 - Rating: 4.857157 - Views: 59,182,795 -
17:57 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I think I know her age
17:57 <Ednoahjones> shes 13
17:57 <Nightweaver2112> i prefer SMANS, harmony
17:57 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Tis what I thought
17:57 <Ednoahjones> shes said it at one point
17:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> idk man
17:57 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And her sign is leo
17:57 -!- Dead Master7 has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- Dead Master7 has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Noughtshayde> I have a brony song stuck in  my head.
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> i am older than you, sarah. therefor i am superior :3
17:58 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Meaning she was either late july or early august
17:58 <Grammatik> I'm 14, fuck you all
17:58 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Or is that cancer?
17:58 <Temmington> Night.
17:58 <Temmington> toobad
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> XD
17:58 <Temmington> Input, no that's Leo. 
17:58 <Ednoahjones> i'm a taurus
17:58 <Ednoahjones> like tavros
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU!
17:58 <Ednoahjones> ]:D
17:58 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Cancer is late june to early july
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> *evil laugh*
17:58 <Dead Master7> im 18, and a pisces
17:58 <Ednoahjones> }:D*
17:58 <Noughtshayde>  Any of you ever hear the song, "lullaby for a princess"?
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am a Libra
17:58 <Grammatik> I'm capricorn, dickbags.
17:58 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And then I come in at Gemini
17:58 <Noughtshayde> That song is stuck in my head at the moment.
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yey
17:58 <Dead Master7> pisces is cool
17:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> im scorpio
17:59 <Noughtshayde> Aries for the win.
17:59 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:59 <Nightweaver2112> i was born in november
17:59 <Grammatik> Y'all suck
17:59 <Dead Master7> pisces for the win
17:59 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Which is late may to early june
17:59 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> Alguien habla español? (c:)
17:59 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> But I think you all get it
17:59 -!- TheEpicDude121 has joined Special:Chat
17:59 <Dead Master7> what i do gramma?
17:59 <TheEpicDude121> hi
17:59 <Nightweaver2112> I WANNA EAT A BISCUIT!
17:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Dude
17:59 <Grammatik> You don't suck
17:59 <Noughtshayde> I AM a biscuit
17:59 <Grammatik> pisces doesn't suck
17:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am the walrus
17:59 <Dead Master7> yay
17:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kookoocachoo
17:59 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> Nadie? (DErp)
18:00 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Neve is the eggman and the walrus
18:00 <Princesa Sweet Harmony> ok, adios (c:)
18:00 <Temmington> Also Woody from Toy Story. 
18:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
18:00 <Temmington> He has a last name.
18:00 <Temmington> Woody Pride. 
18:00 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
18:00 <Temmington> ...That does not sound right. 
18:00 <Grammatik> Woody.
18:00 <Grammatik> That name is uncomfortably sexual.
18:00 -!- Princesa Sweet Harmony has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <Nightweaver2112> my last name is better
18:00 <Dead Master7> yeah
18:00 <Dead Master7> uncomfortable
18:00 <Grammatik> My last name is shitty
18:00 <MagmaMan4488> /me respawns behind Gram
18:01 <Grammatik> FUCK
18:01 <Nightweaver2112> mine is amazing, wanna hear it?
18:01 <Dead Master7> urs cant be as bad as taylor
18:01 <Grammatik> pls don't fuck me
18:01 <MagmaMan4488> /me whacks Gram with a loaf of stale french bread
18:01 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Your last name is shitty?
18:01 <Grammatik> ;-;
18:01 <Grammatik> Yeah
18:01 <Temmington> Also Snuffleupagus has a first name. Aloysius. 
18:01 <Nightweaver2112> my last name is Higgins...
18:01 <Nightweaver2112> best name ever...
18:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aleast it's not Woody Dicks
18:01 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And you first name is what Ms. Shitty?
18:01 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi
18:01 <Grammatik> Gram Shitty.
18:01 <Grammatik> ;D
18:01 <MagmaMan4488> /me whacks Gram with a tire iron
18:01 <Nightweaver2112> hello hello
18:01 <Grammatik> FUCK YOU
18:01 <TheEpicDude121> hi
18:01 <Grammatik> ;-;
18:02 <HelloImFluttershy> what
18:02 <MagmaMan4488> Why do you not fall down?
18:02 <Grammatik> I'm just the rainbow dude what is your problem
18:02 <Grammatik> ;-;
18:02 <MagmaMan4488> You humped my corpse.
18:02 <Dead Master7> gramma, magmas just being an idiot
18:02 <HelloImFluttershy> Im a Pegusus
18:02 <Grammatik> I can see
18:02 <Grammatik> .-.
18:02 <Dead Master7> mew
18:03 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <Dead Master7> wb brooke
18:03 <MagmaMan4488> What did you say, Punk?
18:03 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:03 <Dead Master7> me?
18:03 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
18:03 <HelloImFluttershy> me?
18:03 <Jeffsson> rawr
18:03 <HelloImFluttershy> what did i do
18:03 <Nightweaver2112> he means dead
18:03 <MagmaMan4488> I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.
18:03 <HelloImFluttershy> oh
18:03 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thems fiten words
18:03 <Dead Master7> Yomi
18:04 <Nightweaver2112> not you, fluttershy
18:04 <MagmaMan4488> I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth."
18:04 <Temmington> Fun fact. 
18:04 <CrashingCymbal> Hello everyone.
18:04 <Temmington> That guy in Operation you operate on?
18:04 <Dead Master7> hey cymbal
18:04 <Temmington> He has a name. 
18:04 <Nightweaver2112> hey cym
18:04 <Temmington> Cavity Sam. 
18:04 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
18:04 <CrashingCymbal> Awesome.
18:04 <Dead Master7> wb Ed
18:04 <Jeffsson> CYMT
18:04 <Nightweaver2112> where are you finding this stuff, serah!?
18:04 <Grammatik> >CYMT
18:05 <CrashingCymbal> I'm still getting ping'd
18:05 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
18:05 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <MagmaMan4488> Get it, Gram?
18:05 <Dead Master7> i just said Mew
18:05 <Kitty Mistake> Brooke I has Skype!!
18:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> CYMT?
18:05 <Dead Master7> thats all
18:05 <Nightweaver2112> i found out today that the doctor was in pokemon platinum...
18:05 <CrashingCymbal> Cymtesizer 
18:05 <Kitty Mistake> dead, mew is my thing
18:05 <HelloImFluttershy> Im sorta umm confused
18:05 <Dead Master7> hey Kitty
18:05 <Temmington>
18:05 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 44 Fictional Character Names Revealed! - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.19) - Duration: 07:16 - Uploaded: 2013-07-17 - Rating: 4.950170 - Views: 2,965 -
18:05 <Kitty Mistake> -.-
18:05 <CrashingCymbal> *Cymthesizer
18:05 -!- TheEpicDude121 has left Special:Chat.
18:05 <Temmington> shit thats a long link oh well
18:05 <MagmaMan4488> [quote] gramma, magmas just being an idiot [/quote]
18:05 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
18:06 <Jeffsson> MEOW
18:06 <Dead Master7> sigh sorry kitty
18:06 <Nightweaver2112> bbs code does not work here
18:06 <MagmaMan4488> You said more than just mew, Dead.
18:06 <Grammatik> >Uses BBCODE
18:06 <Grammatik> >Chat
18:06 <Grammatik> >magma logic
18:06 <Grammatik> >mfw
18:06 <Dead Master7> magma jeez cool down
18:06 <Nightweaver2112> [color=red]see?
18:06 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, getting kiwi's
18:06 <Dead Master7> do u forgive me kitty?
18:07 <Nightweaver2112> "all those things you said you don't like, were helping me get high as a kite..."
18:07 <MagmaMan4488> Shut up Gram I'll use BBCODE if I want to
18:07 <Grammatik> I didn't say you could not
18:07 <Grammatik> Pfft
18:07 <Dead Master7> jeez
18:07 <Nightweaver2112>
18:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Example - 'Midnight Run' (Official Video) - Duration: 04:04 - Uploaded: 2011-10-21 - Rating: 4.931375 - Views: 7,475,630 -
18:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <MagmaMan4488> /me gets tire iron ready
18:07 <Nightweaver2112> damn, forgot it was my playlist...
18:07 <Nightweaver2112> ah well
18:08 <Grammatik> Hi Muscle
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Moo
18:08 <CrashingCymbal> Oink
18:08 <Nightweaver2112> chat be dead
18:08 <Dead Master7> yeah
18:08 <Grammatik> NEIN*
18:08 <Nightweaver2112> why is my dog trying to eat my feet?
18:09 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And I took german class too
18:09 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I am ashamed
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HEIL ähnliche Beiträge
18:09 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I can never show my fucking face in chat again
18:09 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Good bye forever
18:09 <Grammatik> fick dich
18:09 <Grammatik> ;D
18:09 <Dead Master7> what why?
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
18:09 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dich means thick
18:09 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:09 <Grammatik> no
18:09 <Grammatik> Dick means thick, fat
18:10 <Grammatik> Dich is "you"
18:10 <Grammatik> ._.
18:10 <CrashingCymbal> Is it true "Ich Liebe Dich" means "I Love You" in German?
18:10 <Grammatik> Yeaj
18:10 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
18:10 <Grammatik> Yeah*
18:10 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm off my game
18:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
18:10 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I need to go back to sleep
18:10 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
18:10 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
18:10 <Dead Master7> wb ed
18:10 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> And never fucking wake up ;~;
18:11 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
18:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> INPUT you're pinging the hell out ofme
18:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> D:
18:11 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I never did learn what the real word for dick is in german
18:11 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <MagmaMan4488> Input, at least you haven't been burnt and suffocated in a metal box and had your balls smashed with a spiked bat
18:11 <Nightweaver2112> who here has heard of example?
18:11 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hidden!
18:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Rylee!
18:12 <Nightweaver2112> WB rylee
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi hiddun
18:12 <MagmaMan4488> No, that's what happens when you poke sara h (spaced to avoid ping)
18:12 <Kitty Mistake> does crash haves Skype?
18:12 <Kitty Mistake> jw
18:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Das ist sehr dick.
18:12 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Rylee
18:12 <Nightweaver2112> i haz skype
18:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <CrashingCymbal> I do, but I don't use it often.
18:12 <Kitty Mistake> ok :3
18:12 <Nightweaver2112> i haz le skypez
18:12 <Grammatik> this is very thick???
18:12 <Grammatik> wat u sayin
18:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You had sex with a German?
18:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> I'm talk aboot ya dick bby ;)
18:12 <Grammatik> Dats wat she said
18:13 <Grammatik> bby
18:13 <Grammatik> ;D
18:13 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
18:13 <Nightweaver2112> anyone want my skypez? (TT)
18:13 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Go back to sleep
18:13 <Kitty Mistake> mew....
18:13 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dummy dork
18:13 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Jesus never you peice of poop
18:13 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> *piece
18:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "I DID A GERMAN"
18:13 <Guy with a mask> ...
18:13 <Grammatik> LOL
18:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Trolololo
18:13 <Nightweaver2112> aww...nobody wants my Skype...(QQ)
18:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:13 <Nightweaver2112> (QQ)
18:13 <Grammatik> German women are hot tho
18:13 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> If I was implying I had sex with a german I would say I HAD SEX WIT A GERMAN
18:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Dummy dork
18:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Never ur dum
18:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
18:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> never is a losr
18:14 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
18:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> an a dum
18:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Huehue)
18:14 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> never smels like brown
18:14 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Brooke!
18:14 <Grammatik> shit?
18:14 <Nightweaver2112> "if we don't kill ourselves, we'll be the leaders of a messed up generatiooon..."
18:15 <CrashingCymbal> ... are the worst lyrics I've ever heard in my life.
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> INPUT is a big doody head
18:15 <Grammatik> LOL CYM
18:15 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
18:15 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <Nightweaver2112> HOW DARE YOU, CYM!
18:15 <MooseJuice> Aw skee skee skee skee.
18:15 <Nightweaver2112> YOU DARE INSULT EXAMPLE!?
18:15 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not an example fan, sorry!
18:15 <HiddenSpirit> Those suck pretty hard.
18:15 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Moose!
18:15 <Grammatik> HID
18:15 <Grammatik> HAI
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Loool
18:15 <Nightweaver2112> /me gloveslaps cym
18:15 <HiddenSpirit> Hi
18:15 <HiddenSpirit> Hi
18:15 <Nightweaver2112> I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!
18:15 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
18:15 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Nightweaver how do you do that?
18:16 <Nightweaver2112> /me
18:16 <CrashingCymbal> /me is really not arsed
18:16 <MagmaMan4488> The only bit of Example I've heard was his guest verse on Game Over.
18:16 <Nightweaver2112> (QQ)
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yugioh!
18:16 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> /me takes a nice, juicy shit on the carpet ONCE MORE
18:16 <CrashingCymbal> Omia
18:16 <Grammatik> /me fucks the entire chat
18:16 <Nightweaver2112> magma, listen to either stay awake, or midnight run
18:16 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Nightweaver2112> they are great
18:16 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
18:16 <CrashingCymbal> /me wears a buttplug to prevent being buttfucked by Gramm
18:17 <Grammatik> LOL
18:17 <Nightweaver2112> XD
18:17 <Grammatik> I'm AIDS free
18:17 <Grammatik> dun worry
18:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gram oh bby
18:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> /me hands a Bad Dragon didlo to Gram
18:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Have fun bubby
18:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Yah know what
18:17 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
18:17 <Grammatik> /me jams the dildo up INPUT's rectum
18:17 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Woah bro
18:17 <CrashingCymbal> Well then go ahead...
18:18 <MagmaMan4488> /me whacks Gram with a battery powered dildo I stole from Wolfen
18:18 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
18:18 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <Grammatik> LOL
18:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Mask
18:18 <Guy with a mask> Thx
18:18 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> /me retrieves Dildo from his anus
18:18 <Nightweaver2112> life is just sat on here listening to nightcore
18:18 <Kitty Mistake> I love nightcore :D
18:19 <Grammatik> I'm just sitting here drinking cough syrup and staring at chat yelling "fuck"
18:19 <Grammatik> my life is great
18:19 -!- Noodles1278 has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <Nightweaver2112> i have a playlist full of it, kitty
18:19 <Nightweaver2112>
18:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Nightcore II: FF & RF - Duration: 06:45 - Uploaded: 2008-05-12 - Rating: 4.913396 - Views: 164,989 -
18:19 <Guy with a mask> I'm just here watching spongebob..
18:19 <Guy with a mask> again and again
18:19 <Noodles1278> Eyoo
18:19 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <Guy with a mask> my life is interesting...
18:20 <Kitty Mistake> cools
18:20 <Nightweaver2112> i know
18:20 <Noodles1278> Spongebob is the shit man
18:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Accidents happen now and a again
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My life is Swag
18:20 <Guy with a mask> Again and again
18:20 <Nightweaver2112> kitty, have you heard "angel with a shotgun"?
18:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Poop dicks
18:20 <Guy with a mask> Angel with a stotgun: Hmm?
18:20 <Nightweaver2112> yep
18:20 <Noodles1278> Poop.....dicks
18:20 <Nightweaver2112> it is a good nightcore song
18:20 <Noodles1278> Wow
18:20 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Poop dicks
18:21 <Noodles1278> Nice man
18:21 <Grammatik> Dickbutt
18:21 <Guy with a mask> Poop+dicks=????
18:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> If your anal partner needs to take a shit and does so during anal intercourse
18:21 <Noodles1278> Bonerfart
18:21 <Guy with a mask> I can't imagine that...
18:21 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> You get a poop dick
18:21 <CrashingCymbal> (srslywtf)
18:21 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
18:21 <Grammatik> LOL
18:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Taking a shit from your dick
18:22 <Noodles1278> Soak i tin
18:22 <Grammatik> I don't even have a dick but I can imagine it
18:22 <Noodles1278> Soak in the thought of a poopy dick
18:22 <Nightweaver2112> "The Dick That Took A Shit"
18:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Taking a shit from the dick would suck
18:22 <Noodles1278> Let it flow through you
18:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Hurt like a bitch
18:22 <Nightweaver2112> there is a troll pasta called that
18:22 <Noodles1278> Unless it's diarhea
18:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes Weaver
18:22 <Noodles1278> It'd just flow trough
18:22 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Not oops
18:23 <Guy with a mask> Slenderman: *Nofacepalm*
18:23 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> It was intentional
18:23 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
18:23 <Noodles1278> Welcome jabez
18:23 <Noodles1278> I hoop you like poopdicks
18:23 <Noodles1278> *hope
18:23 <Jabeznewman4000> no
18:23 <Guy with a mask> Welcome Jesus..
18:23 <Guy with a mask> I hope you like
18:23 <Guy with a mask> Ehh
18:23 <Guy with a mask> Nevermind
18:23 <Noodles1278> Cause there's alot of it
18:23 <Finalclaw> bavk
18:23 <Finalclaw> because back is too mainstream
18:24 <Guy with a mask> *Watching spongebob again and again*
18:24 <Guy with a mask> Same episode..
18:24 <Finalclaw> forever...
18:24 <Finalclaw> XD
18:24 <Finalclaw> Hey Hidden
18:24 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
18:24 <Noodles1278> Squidward shoots himself everytime
18:24 <Guy with a mask> BORING!
18:24 <Guy with a mask> Come on more action!
18:24 <Guy with a mask> Ehh
18:24 <Guy with a mask> *Burns TV*
18:25 <Finalclaw> Its spongebob...
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Slender dick for all dem slender man fangirls they want the D
18:25 <Guy with a mask> Jeff: Go to sleep spongebob
18:25 <Finalclaw> *me puts out fire and steals tv*
18:25 <Nightweaver2112> O.O
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Slenderman likes to give them anal
18:25 <Nightweaver2112> /me backs away slowly
18:26 <Guy with a mask> Slenderman with fangirls*
18:26 <Guy with a mask> Slenderman:*silent*
18:26 <Grammatik> /me fucks off
18:26 <Noodles1278> That soggy slenderdick
18:26 <Guy with a mask> Fangirls: Well..
18:26 <CrashingCymbal> Can we cut out the anal talk now?
18:26 <CrashingCymbal> Please? 
18:26 <Noodles1278> No
18:26 <Guy with a mask> -_-
18:26 <Noodles1278> People need to KNOW
18:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Slender dicks 4 everyone!
18:26 <Grammatik> Seriously
18:26 <Grammatik> Drop it
18:26 <Finalclaw> seriously...
18:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Okey
18:26 <Guy with a mask> Seriously...
18:27 <Noodles1278> Seriously...
18:27 <Noodles1278> You guys
18:27 <Grammatik> "Anal this anal that ZOMG SO FUNNY!!!1!"
18:27 <Grammatik> It's immature.
18:27 <Noodles1278> Stop saying dick
18:27 <Noodles1278> It's not funny
18:27 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
18:27 <Ednoahjones> Dick tracy.
18:27 <Grammatik> Dick is a name, actually.
18:27 <Guy with a mask> Nanananananana
18:27 <Noodles1278> Hehe
18:27 <Guy with a mask> Dickman!
18:27 <Grammatik> ._.
18:27 <CrashingCymbal> Okay, agreed no more anal, dick or poopdick for 10 minutes, okay?
18:27 <Finalclaw> NO BATMAN
18:27 <Finalclaw> NANANANAN BATMAN
18:28 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
18:28 <Finalclaw> always batman..
18:28 <Guy with a mask> -_-
18:28 <Finalclaw> XD
18:28 <Noodles1278> Okay 10 minutes
18:28 <Guy with a mask> NANANANANANA!
18:28 <Noodles1278> But can we still say cock?
18:28 <Finalclaw> batman
18:28 <Guy with a mask> Batman!
18:28 <Noodles1278> And butt?
18:28 <MagmaMan4488> Dickman is actually a character on a show called The Nutshack.
18:28 <Grammatik> GUYS
18:28 <Finalclaw> Ninja'ed!
18:28 <CrashingCymbal> For Christ's sake no!
18:28 <Grammatik> Drop the sex talk
18:28 <Grammatik> please
18:28 <Guy with a mask> Dickman most powerful character ever...
18:28 <Guy with a mask> okay
18:28 <Guy with a mask> seriously
18:28 <Grammatik> it's annoying
18:28 <Guy with a mask> I'm going to stop
18:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sensitive pussy head bitches (ogw)
18:28 <Noodles1278> Okay no sex
18:28 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you!
18:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jk
18:29 <Guy with a mask> No sex WTF?
18:29 <Guy with a mask> *Facepalm*
18:29 <Noodles1278> Yeah no sex
18:29 <Guy with a mask> ...okay
18:29 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
18:29 <Noughtshayde> Sex is a sensitive subject.
18:29 <Finalclaw> Hey, anyone plays LoL in here?
18:29 <Finalclaw> NOUGHT
18:29 <Noodles1278> I know i forgot a word...But i'm gonna stick to my statement damnit!
18:29 <Guy with a mask> LoL: LOL?
18:29 <Noughtshayde> Especially because I am asexual.
18:29 <Finalclaw> League of Legends LoL
18:30 <Noughtshayde> I don't like LoL.
18:30 <Guy with a mask> League of loser...!
18:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope 
18:30 <Noughtshayde> The controls are wierd
18:30 <Guy with a mask> I like lol from now on..
18:30 <Finalclaw> Thats why I modified them to be easy to use
18:30 <Finalclaw> I only use really the mouse and 5 buttons
18:30 <Grammatik> LoL is nice
18:30 <Guy with a mask> Like a boss
18:30 <Guy with a mask> Modified...
18:30 <Noughtshayde> And there are tryhards on there.
18:30 <Noodles1278> Didn't play it
18:30 <Finalclaw> and I get Triple Kill with Riven
18:30 <Finalclaw> Hey Nought
18:30 <Noodles1278> I don't like the whole top down thing
18:31 <Noughtshayde> Yes, final?
18:31 <Finalclaw> Its an easy game once you get used to it
18:31 <Finalclaw> its like this chat
18:31 <Noughtshayde> I know it is easy, but I just don't like the experience.
18:31 <Guy with a mask> Forever alone:*nods*
18:31 <Finalclaw> there are ***holes, jokers, tryhards, and then there are players
18:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <Finalclaw> Ya just have to find your group in it
18:31 <Noodles1278> Oooooh
18:31 <Noughtshayde> Yes, and every person I have played so far has been anything BUT a player
18:32 <Guy with a mask> -_(\ )
18:32 <Noodles1278> Can we label people now?
18:32 <Finalclaw> No noodles, I was just using an simile
18:32 <Noodles1278> Oh okay
18:32 <Noughtshayde> Also, has anyone read the (facepalm) called blood whistle yet?
18:32 <Finalclaw> Ouch Nought, well, if you really don't like it, I won't push it anymore...
18:32 <Finalclaw> Blood Whistle
18:33 <Finalclaw> Not bad
18:33 <Noodles1278> No didn't read it
18:33 <Noodles1278> Is it good?
18:33 <Noughtshayde> nope
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> It's currently winning the PoTM polls but I haven't read it.
18:33 <Finalclaw> Its pretty goo
18:33 <Guy with a mask> (facepalm) same
18:33 -!- HelloImFluttershy has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Finalclaw> just not good enough against the other pastas
18:33 <HelloImFluttershy> Hi everyone..
18:33 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> I think [[The Stitch Twins]] should win, personally!
18:33 <Guy with a mask> Hello
18:33 <Noodles1278> I read the short Wake Up this morning
18:33 <Noughtshayde> Carbon copy of sonic.exe but with mario.
18:33 <Noodles1278> Very cool
18:33 <Finalclaw> Idk nought
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Flutter
18:33 <Finalclaw> it was pretty well written
18:34 <Devincooper64> Sonic.exe that one pasta that only pewdiepie fans find scary
18:34 <Finalclaw> even if it used an overused theme
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> Really, Nought?
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> Argh
18:34 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> That makes me angry
18:34 <Finalclaw> calm down cymbal, CALM DWOEFALKJFEAW
18:34 <Devincooper64> NOU
18:34 -!- Guy with a mask has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <Noughtshayde> complete with too many mentions of blood, generic phrases like "my friend gave me a scary hack", etc. I could go on, but I don't want to be too much of an asshole about it.
18:34 <Devincooper64> what story we talking bout?
18:35 <Noughtshayde> Blood Whistle
18:35 <CrashingCymbal> [[Blood Whistle]]
18:35 <Devincooper64> link
18:35 <Grammatik> It sucked
18:35 <Guy with a mask> Hmm
18:35 <Finalclaw> I liked it
18:35 <Grammatik> TL;DR: Cliche bullshit
18:35 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Finalclaw> And there are only 3 gamecreepypasta that I liked
18:35 <Noodles1278> I really like : Abandoned by Disney
18:35 <Finalclaw> Ben
18:35 -!- HelloImFluttershy has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Finalclaw> Blood
18:36 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
18:36 <Grammatik> Lolita Sex Toys was the shit
18:36 <Noodles1278> Apart from the whole mickey mouse taking his head off thing
18:36 <Finalclaw> and if I am in a nostalgic mood Sonic
18:36 <Devincooper64> ugh I dont want to read blood whistle
18:36 <Devincooper64> ._.
18:36 <Grammatik> Dev
18:36 <Noughtshayde> There are only 3 game creepypastas I like.
18:36 <CrashingCymbal> Do many of you here actually use "TL;DR" as an excuse not to read something?
18:36 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
18:36 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Maria!
18:36 <Noughtshayde> BEN, of course
18:36 <Devincooper64> no its not that
18:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Maria
18:36 <Devincooper64> I dont want to read it right now
18:36 <Devincooper64> ill read it later
18:36 <Noughtshayde> Easter Egg on Mt. Silver
18:36 <Grammatik> TL;DR: Blahblah scary hacks blood blahblah cliche gamepasta
18:36 <Grammatik> @Dev
18:37 <Devincooper64> im not in a reading mood
18:37 <Devincooper64> ill finish it later.
18:37 <Devincooper64> ill just put the pasta in the fridge for later
18:37 <Devincooper64> brb
18:37 <Noughtshayde> Actually, that's pretty much it.
18:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hiper reelistik bluud
18:37 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> I like that pasta actually
18:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Omigersh
18:37 <Noughtshayde> oh, and don't forget the fact that the author killed himself. Who would have guessed?
18:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
18:38 -!- Noodles1278 has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <Finalclaw> Nought
18:38 <Finalclaw> The plot wasnt the best....
18:38 <Finalclaw> But the way the author used the words
18:38 -!- Guy with a mask has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <Finalclaw> Thats why I liked it
18:38 <Finalclaw> He just tried to put you in the guys mindset
18:38 <Grammatik> It was shitty.
18:38 <Grammatik> The language does not change it
18:38 <CrashingCymbal> That's the same writer of Tales of the Laughing Stock.
18:38 <Devincooper64> the author killed himself
18:39 <Devincooper64> and the pasta is on here
18:39 <Devincooper64> wut
18:39 <Noughtshayde> well, I thought the way the author used the words was decent. But it didn't fit the author's tone.
18:39 <Noughtshayde> the author is a college student.
18:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Furbearingbrick is active again (huh)
18:39 <Noughtshayde> college students to not say "the game was the bane of my existence."
18:39 <Devincooper64>
18:39 <CrashingCymbal> Nought, can I PM you?
18:39 <Noughtshayde> sure
18:39 <Devincooper64> oh gosh
18:39 <CrashingCymbal> Cool.
18:39 <Finalclaw> Cymbal
18:39 <CrashingCymbal> Yep?
18:39 <Finalclaw> Be calm in the argument
18:40 <Noughtshayde> wait he wants to pm me to argue with me?
18:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like that all these dormant admins are being more active
18:40 <Finalclaw> Or not
18:40 <Devincooper64>
18:40 <Finalclaw> He could be saying that he wants to show you a secret or something
18:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ping
18:41 <Finalclaw> Hey, I have an starting idea for my next pasta, wann hear it?
18:41 <Devincooper64>
18:41 <Devincooper64> ^ this
18:42 <Devincooper64> sure final
18:42 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:42 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <Devincooper64> lemme just get some paper to steal this
18:42 <Devincooper64> i meanwut
18:42 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Make it a ritual pasta
18:42 <Finalclaw> A damned souls slow transformation into a demon...
18:42 <Finalclaw> Meaning
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Haven't seen a good one in a while
18:43 <Finalclaw> A soul that went to hell, being slice and diced until there is no humanity left
18:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dayum
18:43 <Finalclaw> just a twisted and evil version of a human
18:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
18:43 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
18:43 <Noughtshayde> I have got to go guys. I am off to get food stamps!
18:43 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
18:43 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
18:43 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
18:43 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Finalclaw> Or like Lucifer said
18:43 <Noughtshayde> Cya guys!
18:43 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:44 <Wolfenmaus> GUYS
18:44 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
18:44 <Wolfenmaus> GUYS
18:44 <Wolfenmaus> Remember the NES Godzilla Pasta?
18:44 <Finalclaw> The true human
18:44 <Finalclaw> What about that pasta...
18:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:44 <Devincooper64>
18:44 <Wolfenmaus> CHECK THIS SHIT
18:44 <Wolfenmaus>
18:44 <Devincooper64> moose juice
18:44 <MooseJuice> hu
18:44 <Finalclaw> Hi moose
18:45 <MooseJuice> huhu
18:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Devincooper64> moosejuice
18:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:45 <Devincooper64> youre in this  pasta
18:45 <Devincooper64>
18:45 <MooseJuice> yuh
18:45 <Wolfenmaus> Moose
18:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Wolfenmaus> did you read it
18:45 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
18:46 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
18:46 <Finalclaw> I read that link of yours
18:46 <Finalclaw> weird...
18:46 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:46 <Wolfenmaus> Red is going to be in a Fighting game.
18:46 <MooseJuice> yus
18:46 <Wolfenmaus> Along with Solomon.
18:46 <Wolfenmaus> I
18:46 <Wolfenmaus> Am
18:46 <Wolfenmaus> HYPE
18:47 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:47 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
18:47 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello ryle
18:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <MagmaMan4488> Any admins who are repulsed by walls of text?
18:48 <Devincooper64> all of them.
18:48 <MagmaMan4488> Any here?
18:48 <Finalclaw> Every admin that follows the rules are repulsed by walls of text
18:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:48 <Wolfenmaus> The amount of hype that I am feeling cannot be described by our puny languages.
18:48 -!- BeakyBuzzard has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <Finalclaw> Magma, dont think about it
18:48 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
18:48 <Finalclaw> I can summon an admin with an word
18:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hey 414!
18:48 <CrashingCymbal> WB Lee.
18:48 <MagmaMan4488>
18:48 <41488p> hay Cymbal
18:48 <Devincooper64> WOAH
18:48 <Wolfenmaus> 414\Rs
18:48 <Devincooper64> HE JUST DID IT
18:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanx
18:49 <41488p> omg Wolfen
18:49 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <CrashingCymbal> Erroe 414
18:49 <Nightweaver2112> cya everyone
18:49 <Wolfenmaus> 414
18:49 <CrashingCymbal> fuq
18:49 <Wolfenmaus> Check
18:49 <Wolfenmaus> THIS SHIT
18:49 <Wolfenmaus>
18:49 <41488p> wat
18:49 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
18:49 <Devincooper64> I dont get it wolf
18:49 <Devincooper64> :/
18:49 <41488p> >414/Rs
18:49 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <41488p> dafuq
18:49 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:49 <Wolfenmaus> Devin, you didn't read the NES Godzilla Creepypasta?!
18:49 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <Devincooper64> no
18:49 <Wolfenmaus> The FUCK, dude!?
18:49 <Devincooper64> and i never will
18:49 <CrashingCymbal> Devin, drop what you're doing, and read it NOW/
18:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 414 we are one
18:50 <Devincooper64> fine
18:50 <Devincooper64> .-.
18:50 <Devincooper64> link please
18:50 <Devincooper64> im too lazy to get itmyself
18:50 <CrashingCymbal> [[NES Godzilla Creepypasta]]
18:50 <Wolfenmaus> NO
18:50 <CrashingCymbal> It is so interesting!
18:50 <Wolfenmaus>
18:50 <Devincooper64> ahur
18:50 <Wolfenmaus> READ THE ORIGINAL
18:50 <Devincooper64> shit
18:50 <Finalclaw> lol
18:50 <Devincooper64> I dont have the time for that
18:50 <Finalclaw> Magma just slinked away the second he saw cymbal here
18:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We are more powerful with our powers combined 414!
18:50 <Wolfenmaus> DO IT,FUCKER
18:51 <Finalclaw> NO (no)]
18:51 <MagmaMan4488> i was checking my skype
18:51 <CrashingCymbal> The original?
18:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <Devincooper64> shit
18:51 <MagmaMan4488> Anyways, Walls of text:
18:51 <CrashingCymbal> Lol is it not the same?
18:51 <Devincooper64> i cant read that
18:51 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <Devincooper64> im going back to my pasta
18:51 <Finalclaw> I entered the link
18:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wall o text
18:52 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
18:52 <Finalclaw> The walls of text just completely Noped me
18:52 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:52 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
18:52 <Finalclaw> No one likes readings wall o texts
18:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> KEEL dat pasta
18:52 <Finalclaw> It turns away many readers
18:52 <Devincooper64> EDIT dat pasta
18:52 <Finalclaw> just with one look...
18:52 <Devincooper64> i mean
18:52 <Devincooper64> contribute points
18:52 <Devincooper64> yay
18:52 <Finalclaw> Magma, if that is your pasta
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imma cum back and edit it
18:53 <MagmaMan4488> I'm not VCROC, I don't think I can edit that
18:53 <Finalclaw> Never
18:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
18:53 <Finalclaw> Dont make any excessive edits
18:53 <MagmaMan4488> No way, Final. I actually bother to format my stuff.
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But...
18:53 <Finalclaw> just separate them walls
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was
18:53 <Devincooper64> where do you go for vcroc?
18:53 <MagmaMan4488> Observe: [[Dragon Bowl]]
18:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Duh
18:53 <Devincooper64> I still dont know what that is
18:53 <41488p> you can seperate the paragraphs, Magma
18:54 <MagmaMan4488> 414, aren't you VCROC?
18:54 <Finalclaw> That is really well formatte
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was going to separate paragraphs....
18:54 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
18:54 <Finalclaw> and its not big enough to be considered a wall of text
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I know da rulez
18:54 <41488p> yep
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bich
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jk
18:54 <MagmaMan4488> Exactly, Final.
18:54 <Finalclaw> Lol never
18:54 <41488p> well there ARE no paragraphs... 
18:54 <Devincooper64>
18:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
18:54 <41488p> I mean
18:55 <41488p> in the other pasta
18:55 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
18:55 <Finalclaw> Hey magma, I didnt knew if it was your pasta or now
18:55 <Finalclaw> I just thought it was yours because you linked it
18:55 <MagmaMan4488> Dragon Bowl is mine, Swordquest Hell isn't.
18:55 <CrashingCymbal> Ilermernerty
18:55 <Finalclaw> Its a well made pasta magma, dragon bowl, but sorry, not my type...
18:56 -!- TheMechWarrior has joined Special:Chat
18:56 -!- TheMechWarrior has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- TheMechWarrior has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Warrior!
18:56 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <Finalclaw> Cymbal
18:56 <TheMechWarrior> Aye'.
18:56 <MagmaMan4488> Different strokes for different folks
18:56 <Finalclaw> What did you talk about with Nought?
18:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <Finalclaw> Unless its really personal
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, I asked them to read my new pasta!
18:56 <MagmaMan4488> The response was mixed on Dragon Bowl. Cymbal gave it 4.3/10, but 414 gave it 8/10
18:56 <Finalclaw> give the link
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> They seemed like they had a good critique 
18:57 <Finalclaw> I want to read it
18:57 <Finalclaw> And did you read my pasta arealdy cymbal?
18:57 <TheMechWarrior> Aye'
18:57 <TheMechWarrior> Cymbal
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> What's it called?
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss?
18:57 <Finalclaw> I Met the Devil
18:57 <TheMechWarrior> What's your new pasta?
18:57 <TheMechWarrior> I'm gonna read it
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> This - [[The Moths]]
18:57 <Devincooper64> i got pinged for that final
18:57 <Devincooper64> why
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> Cool, lemme know what you think!
18:57 <Devincooper64> oh
18:57 <Devincooper64> because dev is in devil
18:57 <MagmaMan4488> Because Dev
18:58 <Devincooper64> thats bullshit.
18:58 <Finalclaw> Lol devin
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> [[I Met the Devil]]
18:58 <Finalclaw> That pasta cymbal
18:58 <Devincooper64> COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT
18:58 <Finalclaw> That one
18:58 <Finalclaw> Did you read it w
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly said it was very good, so I have high hopes! :D
18:58 <Finalclaw> w=?
18:58 <TheMechWarrior> I'm planning to write my pasta idea.
18:58 <Finalclaw> Yeah, he was the one that saw the start of it, the unfinished part
18:58 <TheMechWarrior> I thought of it a couple of years ago.
18:58 <Finalclaw> he didnt like it, but when I finally finished the story, he said it was pretty good
18:59 <Finalclaw> So I think I did pretty well for skelly to like it...
18:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WTF
18:59 <TheMechWarrior> Deleted
18:59 <TheMechWarrior> Ha, ha.
18:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What is dis
18:59 <Devincooper64> im making a new pasta
18:59 <TheMechWarrior> Same
18:59 <TheMechWarrior> I like typing.
18:59 <Temmington> Hi.
18:59 <Devincooper64>
18:59 -!- ILoveChey has left Special:Chat.
18:59 <Devincooper64> there it is
19:00 <MagmaMan4488> *shows Sarah a photograph of Ryan Bane*
19:00 <Temmington> Go back in your box.
19:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah spam thread
19:00 <TheMechWarrior> Ha, Devin.
19:00 -!- ILoveChey has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <MagmaMan4488> I'm magma's ghost. Magma died in the box
19:00 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dear God...
19:00 <MagmaMan4488> And now I'm here to haunt you.
19:00 <TheMechWarrior> Believe me, Devin, I've seen that before.
19:01 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
19:01 <Devincooper64> seen what?
19:01 <TheMechWarrior> The thing you linked.
19:01 <Temmington> Removed it. 
19:01 <Devincooper64> which one?
19:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
19:01 <TheMechWarrior> The police county.
19:01 -!- ~Cabin~ has joined Special:Chat
19:01 <Devincooper64> theres multiple of em
19:01 <TheMechWarrior> Yep.
19:01 <Temmington> Also you do realize that anon editing can be beneficial... right?
19:01 <TheMechWarrior> Hm?
19:02 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:02 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <TheMechWarrior> Oh well, time to write my pasta...
19:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Exactly why I'm neutral on Anon editing
19:03 <MagmaMan4488> /me 's ghost haunts Sarah
19:03 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
19:03 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
19:03 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <NoOneWillSee> Greetings.
19:03 <TheMechWarrior> Greetings.
19:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai NoOne
19:03 <NoOneWillSee> :u
19:03 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
19:03 -!- ~Cabin~ has left Special:Chat.
19:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Herro
19:03 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone wanna read my latest work? It was kinda half-assed, but...
19:03 <NoOneWillSee>
19:03 <NoOneWillSee> LALWwut
19:03 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <NoOneWillSee> Read and die.
19:04 <MagmaMan4488>
19:04 <NoOneWillSee> Dude, wtf?
19:04 <NoOneWillSee> XD
19:04 <NoOneWillSee> Anyways.
19:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
19:04 <NoOneWillSee> Arg, damn loading.
19:05 <NoOneWillSee> Kinda lonely today...
19:05 <Finalclaw> HOLY GO
19:05 <NoOneWillSee> :T
19:05 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
19:05 <Finalclaw> Cymbal, I just read part 1, and I am really impressed with your style of writing
19:05 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks, Final!
19:05 <NoOneWillSee> ( -____-) Yeah, good job.
19:05 <NoOneWillSee> *ILL KILL YOU.
19:06 <ShotgunHobo> Well I’m back
19:06 <NoOneWillSee> WB!
19:06 <Finalclaw> Its also a great mystery
19:06 <TheMechWarrior> @Mag, funny pasta.
19:06 <Finalclaw> are the moths good or bad
19:06 <MagmaMan4488> thx
19:06 <Finalclaw> who is the evil voice
19:06 <Finalclaw> what is that realm
19:06 <ShotgunHobo> Hello there everyone
19:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Keep reading to find out!
19:06 <NoOneWillSee> Oh, so you'll read Magma's but not mine?! I thought you loved meh!
19:06 <Finalclaw> :D
19:06 <NoOneWillSee> ;~;
19:06 <Finalclaw> See, I was reading his story before you were here
19:06 <Finalclaw> and now I am really caught in it
19:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <NoOneWillSee> *sob* You lie to me Ricardo!
19:07 <Finalclaw> Just wanted to check what happened in betweeen......
19:07 <NoOneWillSee> Just kidding.
19:07 <Finalclaw> wwwwow
19:07 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
19:07 <Finalclaw> Just had a DeJavu moment...
19:07 <NoOneWillSee> I want to make a novella out of CPW chat logs.
19:07 <NoOneWillSee> Also,^
19:07 <Finalclaw> Like, I did this before.....
19:07 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> WB Sarah!
19:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <NoOneWillSee> Yus, its because you died and respawnes.
19:08 <Temmington> Ya know what I don't get. 
19:08 <Finalclaw> God that creeped me out....
19:08 <NoOneWillSee> *respawned
19:08 <Temmington> Why people can't YouTube record chat. 
19:08 <Temmington> I mean, the bot records chat anyways. 
19:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <Temmington> There is literally NO difference. 
19:08 <Finalclaw> idk temm
19:08 <NoOneWillSee> Because nobody wants to pause every two seconds to see a comment that lasted ike, a millisecond?
19:08 <Finalclaw> maybe there is some kind of terms and conditions that disables google from recording it
19:08 <Finalclaw> or idfk...
19:08 <TheMechWarrior> Uh...
19:09 <TheMechWarrior> I use fraps...
19:09 <MagmaMan4488> Yeah, I remember back when I first joined I got busted for recording a segment of the chat and uploading it
19:09 <NoOneWillSee> Shit, gtg brb.
19:09 -!- TheMechWarrior has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <NoOneWillSee> Back.
19:09 <NoOneWillSee> Ahem, fucking little brothers..
19:09 <Finalclaw> I am gonna finish cymbals story
19:09 <Finalclaw> brb
19:09 <NoOneWillSee> >:T
19:10 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone hjere have siblings?
19:10 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
19:10 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
19:10 -!- SomePersonHere has joined Special:Chat
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> I have a sister
19:11 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
19:11 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Person
19:11 <Temmington> Yeah, I have a sister. 
19:11 <SomePersonHere> Hai Crashio, hey everyone
19:11 <Temmington> She recently had a baby, so good for her. I guess.
19:11 <Temmington>  I don't like babies though. 
19:11 <SomePersonHere> I have a sister
19:11 <Temmington> inb4 how could you hate babies you were a baby
19:11 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
19:11 <ShotgunHobo> I have a sister. She’s kinda bitchy
19:11 <NoOneWillSee> I'm really starting to hate everyone.
19:11 <CrashingCymbal> Mine is 21, and is home Friday from Eurotrippin'
19:11 <ShotgunHobo> Wait nope really bitchy
19:11 <SomePersonHere> Though shes much older than me and is away in Ireland
19:11 <MooseJuice> Everyone has the same sister!
19:11 <CrashingCymbal> Eve?
19:11 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry I left before you guyas answered, my bro snitched on me.
19:11 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <NoOneWillSee> Little nark...
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> No wait, that's more of a cousin actually.
19:12 <ShotgunHobo> Means were all realated
19:12 <ShotgunHobo> moosejuice
19:12 <Grammatik> I have a cousin.
19:12 <Grammatik> .-.
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> I have....
19:12 <NoOneWillSee> I have like 10+ cousins.
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> 10 cousins, I think?
19:12 <MooseJuice> dun dun duuun
19:12 <SomePersonHere> I have a pretty pickhead cousin
19:12 <ShotgunHobo> Everyone has cousins
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> Which is really not a lot.
19:12 <SomePersonHere> Not everyone
19:12 <NoOneWillSee> Yes.
19:12 <Grammatik> I have like 4 or 5
19:12 <Grammatik> .-.
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> Considering my mother had 7 siblings.
19:12 <NoOneWillSee> Especially for my Mexiacn side of the fam.
19:12 <CrashingCymbal> And my father had 5
19:13 <NoOneWillSee> Oh, actiually youre right.
19:13 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <ShotgunHobo> The mexican side has more then I know about
19:13 <Dead Master7> brianan
19:13 <SomePersonHere> I have like 4 cousins
19:13 <HiddenSpirit> Have 4 or 5 penises?
19:13 <NoOneWillSee> I'm batman.
19:13 <Grammatik> I do
19:13 <Grammatik> @Hid
19:13 <Dead Master7> yay
19:13 <Grammatik> I have 6 dicks.
19:13 <NoOneWillSee> I only have one, and that is solely used for peeing.
19:13 <BatmanBaleLover> (jelly)
19:13 <Grammatik> or was that tits
19:13 <CrashingCymbal> Gramm will you do the helicopter for me sometime?
19:13 <Grammatik> Sure.
19:13 <Grammatik> ;D
19:13 <CrashingCymbal> Oh bby ;D
19:13 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <Grammatik> lol wat
19:13 <NoOneWillSee> Are you a cow, Gramm?
19:14 <Grammatik> Nope
19:14 <SomePersonHere> 1 From my moms part of her like family, and like 3 from my dads part of the family
19:14 <NoOneWillSee> Some form of mammalian creature...?
19:14 <NoOneWillSee> :O
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> Gramm is an Antelope you insensitive bastard ):<
19:14 <Grammatik> LOL
19:14 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
19:14 <NoOneWillSee> Antelopes are graceful, jumping to conclusions much??
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> Actually, that reminds me of a gorgeously fucked up pasta: [[Milkers]]
19:14 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
19:14 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
19:14 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Grammatik> Imma read
19:14 <NoOneWillSee>  (  >____>)
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> BRB
19:15 <Temmington> Random question.
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> Yus?
19:15 <Temmington> But what font do you guys have chat in?
19:15 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> Regular...?
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> IDK.
19:15 <Temmington> And for fuck's sake don't put it at Comic Sans. 
19:15 <Temmington> >:c
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> The same as everyones.
19:15 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah mine is untouched
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
19:15 <Temmington> One, you mean before you have chat hacks?
19:15 <ShotgunHobo> Standerd font
19:15 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <Temmington> So Arial. Alright. 
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> Chat hacks...
19:15 <SomePersonHere> I have Comic Sans
19:15 <NoOneWillSee> IDNK what you speak of.
19:15 <Grammatik> Palatino Linotype in darkred w/ darkred surround and black chat bg
19:15 <CrashingCymbal> What is Comic Sans?
19:16 <SomePersonHere> I pretty much love Comic Sans
19:16 <Temmington> I have Georgia. 
19:16 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
19:16 <NoOneWillSee> Comic is like, squiggly writing.
19:16 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
19:16 <Temmington> An extremely shitty and unprofessional font, Cumball.
19:16 <NoOneWillSee> Its curvy, my bad
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> I see I see.
19:16 <NoOneWillSee> Comic is funny for Party posters.
19:16 <SomePersonHere> Meh, I like it
19:16 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
19:16 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
19:16 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
19:16 <NoOneWillSee> WB Never.
19:16 <SomePersonHere> Hello NeveR
19:16 <Temmington> I mean I don't even like it ironically. 
19:16 <Finalclaw> Cymbal
19:16 <Grammatik> THe Georgia font makes chat look like it ate a dick
19:16 <Finalclaw> Great pasta man
19:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi everyone
19:16 <Grammatik> .-.
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> I wish there was a Wingdings font :(
19:16 <Grammatik> ^
19:16 <NoOneWillSee> Ate a dick*
19:16 <CrashingCymbal> Thanks Final
19:17 <NoOneWillSee> (>____>)
19:17 <SomePersonHere> Oh god
19:17 <SomePersonHere> Wingdings font..
19:17 <Finalclaw> Vcroc, what is that?
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> I'm glad you liked it :)
19:17 <SomePersonHere> I love how its symbols
19:17 <ShotgunHobo> Muscle guy finally left
19:17 <NoOneWillSee> Everyone, put on your wingdings font and have a blast!!!
19:17 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
19:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> Can you put on Wingdings?
19:17 <SomePersonHere> wing"dings"
19:17 <ShotgunHobo> Nev
19:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (D:)
19:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> (D:)
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> Yea
19:17 <ShotgunHobo> Heller
19:17 <Finalclaw> I like nervana
19:17 <Grammatik> I think the font "Chiller" fits the whole "Creepypasta" thing.
19:17 <CrashingCymbal> Lol i copi u
19:17 <NoOneWillSee> (motherofgod) All the derps.
19:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Heller ther
19:17 <ShotgunHobo> Nirvana spell it right man
19:18 <Finalclaw> Sorry  VERdana
19:18 <SomePersonHere> Gtg
19:18 <Finalclaw> I confused myself for a sec
19:18 <Temmington> They can only put in web-safe fonts. 
19:18 <SomePersonHere> See yas later
19:18 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Temmington> I think the only one we don't have is Impact. 
19:18 <NoOneWillSee> Define 'web-safe'.
19:18 <SomePersonHere> I'll be on more tomorrow since I got grounded
19:18 <NoOneWillSee> Wai wait wiat
19:18 <Temmington> And Helvetica but it looks extremely similar to Arial. 
19:18 <Grammatik> Awww.
19:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb muscular
19:18 <NoOneWillSee> Who the hell was Muscle guy???
19:18 <Grammatik> Sph
19:18 <Grammatik> See ya
19:18 -!- SomePersonHere has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <Temmington> Muscle is a user.
19:18 <ShotgunHobo> Grounded for what person?
19:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Gram
19:19 <NoOneWillSee> Yeh, but....
19:19 <Grammatik> We'll miss you SPH.
19:19 <NoOneWillSee> Nevermind.
19:19 <Grammatik> LOL I'M NOT LEAVIN'
19:19 <ShotgunHobo> See you later person
19:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Muscular is a lurker
19:19 <Grammatik> .-.
19:19 <Grammatik> I never leave
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> Bye SPH 
19:19 <NoOneWillSee> Hey, so Havitt left, yeah?
19:19 <Temmington> Yeah!
19:19 <Grammatik> Been here for 700+ minutes
19:19 <Temmington> She never leaves!
19:19 <Finalclaw> omg so weird...
19:19 <CrashingCymbal> Gramm is like the chat fungus.
19:19 <Temmington> Except for when she leaves!
19:19 <ShotgunHobo> Person did your mom catch you?
19:19 <Finalclaw> yellow chat...
19:19 <Grammatik> LOL
19:19 <Grammatik> I am the chat fungus.
19:19 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Whatever happened to Havetty?
19:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pink chat!
19:19 <NoOneWillSee> LOL< chat fungus...
19:19 <Grammatik> NoOne
19:20 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
19:20 <CrashingCymbal> Change your name to that
19:20 <NoOneWillSee> Yes?
19:20 <Grammatik> I think
19:20 <Temmington> She can't get a name change assdick. 
19:20 <ShotgunHobo> Chat fungus ends up being an STD
19:20 <NoOneWillSee> *STI
19:20 <NoOneWillSee> Get yo facts straight
19:20 <ShotgunHobo> STD
19:20 <Grammatik> He was a sock of The Bitter Cold
19:20 <Grammatik> I think
19:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am chat virus
19:20 <Temmington> Yeah they're called STI's now. 
19:20 <NoOneWillSee> STD's don't exist anymore
19:20 <ShotgunHobo> Too bad I’ll call by what their really called
19:20 <NoOneWillSee> Yes, but that was unproved about Hav, Gramm.
19:20 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <Grammatik> CPwikiFUNGUS it is.
19:20 <Finalclaw> There
19:21 <Finalclaw> Gray chat
19:21 <Grammatik> imean
19:21 <NoOneWillSee> Whatever, I always knew Bitter couldn't resist being an Grammar-asszi
19:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Green chat ._.
19:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <ShotgunHobo> Oh fuck changed chat too yellow
19:21 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
19:21 <NoOneWillSee> *eyes bleed
19:21 <Grammatik> Bitter was a dickbag with an IQ of a dickshoe
19:21 <NoOneWillSee> ^
19:21 <Finalclaw> There
19:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Whoa thar
19:22 <Finalclaw> a eyetwisting white with yellow
19:22 <Grammatik> I remember trolling him.
19:22 <NoOneWillSee> He basically said I have the writing skill of a ten year old.
19:22 <Finalclaw> too eyetwisting...
19:22 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
19:22 <Temmington> The proper term is still sexually transmitted infection, not sexually transmitted disease. 
19:22 <Temmington> Oh, we're not on this topic anymore. 
19:22 <Finalclaw> God I felt like I was going blind...
19:22 <Temmington> Okay. 
19:22 <Temmington> Eh, Bitter was... eh. 
19:22 <Grammatik> I made like 10 holocaust jokes and got him angry
19:22 <Finalclaw> Hey Cymbal
19:22 <Grammatik> And then
19:22 <NoOneWillSee> Which is funny, because he'd rather spend his time on a CP site writing stories about why Christians were bad guys.
19:22 <MagmaMan4488> *continues haunting Sarah*
19:22 <Finalclaw> Did you check my pasta?
19:22 <NoOneWillSee> LOL Gram...
19:22 <CrashingCymbal> Yep?
19:22 <Grammatik> "Jew mad, Bitter?"
19:22 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah I did!
19:22 <ShotgunHobo> lol
19:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay Sarah information~
19:23 <Temmington> FUCK LIES 
19:23 <Grammatik> And then it literally fucked himup
19:23 <Temmington> XD
19:23 <Finalclaw> Well?
19:23 <Grammatik> FUCK ME
19:23 <CrashingCymbal> I thought it was decent.
19:23 <Temmington> oh god i am an asshole for laughing at that
19:23 <CrashingCymbal> I gave it a 5.6
19:23 <Temmington> if i wasn't an atheist id definitely know that i was going to hell
19:23 <NoOneWillSee> Nevermind, Bitter wasn't another You-Know-Who incident, and were all together. :D
19:23 <NoOneWillSee> YAy.
19:23 <Temmington> This chat family sucks!
19:23 <Finalclaw> thing that would be best to improve on?
19:23 <NoOneWillSee> D:
19:23 <NoOneWillSee> But sister...
19:24 <Temmington> It's too dysfunctional. 
19:24 <Temmington> And incest-y. 
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> I'm the uncle.
19:24 <Grammatik> I'm the obsessive rapist brother
19:24 <Temmington> Every new user is caused by incest. 
19:24 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
19:24 <ShotgunHobo> Well this family is fucked up
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> Not THAT uncle, but...
19:24 <CrashingCymbal> Waaaay too many commas, not enough full stops, for starters
19:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Am I the creepy uncle?
19:24 <Temmington> If this is a family. 
19:24 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
19:24 <MagmaMan4488> *haunts Sarah for repeatedly killing me*
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> Never you are the aunt.
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> Hi Brooke!
19:24 <ShotgunHobo> Nev your the creepy ass uncle
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> Awww
19:24 -!- ImMurderCupcake has joined Special:Chat
19:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Omylawd
19:24 <NoOneWillSee> Who am I?
19:24 <CrashingCymbal> Also, I didn't particularly like the plot depth.
19:24 <ImMurderCupcake> uhm hi
19:24 <CrashingCymbal> BUT 
19:25 <NoOneWillSee> Crashing, which story?
19:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi cupcake
19:25 <CrashingCymbal> You had good writing, which I liked.
19:25 <ShotgunHobo> Your the cousin we all hate
19:25 <NoOneWillSee> ;~;
19:25 <NoOneWillSee> I knew it.
19:25 <CrashingCymbal> This one, NoOne - [[I Met the Devil]]
19:25 <ShotgunHobo> It’s true
19:25 <NoOneWillSee> OOhhh.
19:25 <ImMurderCupcake> im lookin for some stories i can read on youtube. can i do that here?
19:25 <Devincooper64> im still here?
19:25 <ShotgunHobo> Read moths
19:25 <Grammatik> nope devin
19:25 <Devincooper64> good bye
19:25 <Devincooper64> my bad
19:25 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
19:25 <CrashingCymbal> :')
19:25 <NoOneWillSee> Most of the YOUTUBE stories are game-related pasta.
19:25 <Finalclaw> So I have to change some paragraphs and lay easy on the commas
19:25 <ImMurderCupcake> sorry if i sound like a noob i jus ask before i do
19:26 <NoOneWillSee> No prob, Cupcake.
19:26 <ShotgunHobo> What if there was a porno creepypasta Gramm?
19:26 <Grammatik> THere is
19:26 <CrashingCymbal> There is
19:26 <Finalclaw> I just need one more person to read it to see if anything else would be hated by...
19:26 <MagmaMan4488> Shotgun, there is
19:26 <ImMurderCupcake> brb
19:26 <NoOneWillSee> (.    >_>)
19:26 <Finalclaw> You know cymbal
19:26 <ShotgunHobo> Is there really
19:26 -!- ImMurderCupcake has left Special:Chat.
19:26 <NoOneWillSee> Id play it.
19:26 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
19:26 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
19:26 <CrashingCymbal> Yep?
19:26 <ShotgunHobo> I need a link to it
19:26 <Grammatik>
19:26 <Finalclaw> I am thinkin of using that version of religion for my next creepypastas..
19:26 <Grammatik> NSFW
19:26 <MooseJuice> There is; It's called Normal Porn for Normal People.
19:26 <CrashingCymbal> [[Normal Porn for Normal People]]
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> HA!
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> OMYGAWD.
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> It exists.
19:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:27 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:27 <MooseJuice> Now it doesn't.
19:27 <CrashingCymbal> Explain!
19:27 <MooseJuice> poof
19:27 <ShotgunHobo> Oh joy time to be mind fucked
19:27 <Grammatik> Hobo
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> R34 CP.
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> All the porn.
19:27 <ShotgunHobo> Yes Gramm
19:27 <Grammatik> The killer porno is hilarious
19:27 <NoOneWillSee> Whats the worst R34 anyone can tyhink up, go!
19:27 <ShotgunHobo> It’s a must read to me then
19:28 -!- Samuelst has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <ShotgunHobo> Rougrats the little kids
19:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:28 <Grammatik> R34 of R34.
19:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> Nope, doesn't count
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> R34 clearly states you cant R34 r34
19:28 <Temmington> Can I go with a personal experience? 
19:28 <ShotgunHobo> Rougrats don’t count
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> Sure!
19:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:28 <ShotgunHobo> ?
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> And yes, not rugrats.
19:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> NEVER RUGRATS
19:28 <Temmington> Well this guy linked me an image. 
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> Oh god.
19:28 <Temmington> And it was a grown up version of Spike. 
19:28 <NoOneWillSee> I can see it already...
19:28 <ShotgunHobo> Baby looney toons
19:28 <HiddenSpirit> Wat.
19:29 <Temmington> But as a hermaphrodite. 
19:29 <MooseJuice> And that image grew up to be president of the united states.
19:29 <NoOneWillSee> Hiddun>>> O_T
19:29 <Temmington> And Twilight Sparkle was Spike's dick. 
19:29 <Finalclaw> gtg for a min
19:29 <Temmington> LITERALLY.
19:29 <NoOneWillSee> Jesus.
19:29 <HiddenSpirit> NoOne. T_O
19:29 <Temmington> AS A DICK.
19:29 <Temmington> AND PUT IT ON SPIKE.
19:29 <ShotgunHobo> Hah!
19:29 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
19:29 <MooseJuice> Oh, that one!
19:29 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:29 <MooseJuice> That's my desktop.
19:29 <NoOneWillSee> Of course Moose is familiar with that one.
19:29 <Temmington> Sweet.
19:29 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
19:29 <Grammatik> Dora the explorer hentai
19:29 <MooseJuice> PHONE CALL.
19:29 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:30 <NoOneWillSee> Hmmm, R34 Cpt. Planet.
19:30 <ShotgunHobo> Gramm look up tubgirl
19:30 <NoOneWillSee> (motherofgod)
19:30 <Grammatik> seen it hobo
19:30 <NoOneWillSee> O_o
19:30 <ShotgunHobo> Does it make you go lol
19:30 <NoOneWillSee> Wait, tubgirl...?
19:30 <Temmington> My cat likes me more than my mom for some reason. 
19:30 <Grammatik> it does
19:30 <NoOneWillSee> BRB...
19:30 <Grammatik> NoOne
19:30 <Grammatik> NO
19:30 <Temmington> Even though my mom feeds her and takes care of her litterbox. 
19:30 <Grammatik> PLEASE
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> JESUS FUCKING-
19:31 <Temmington> And I pick her up sometimes and she hates being picked up. 
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> *throws comp to the floor
19:31 <ShotgunHobo> Theres one wheres there BDSM and the girl go’s retarded during it
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> JESUS.
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> Gramm, next time warn me if its not R34...
19:31 <ShotgunHobo> She sounds like a dying animal
19:31 <Grammatik> I did not even mention it
19:31 <Grammatik> hobo did
19:31 <ShotgunHobo> I did
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> Hobo....!!!
19:31 <NoOneWillSee> O_T
19:32 <CrashingCymbal> Wait...
19:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:32 <NoOneWillSee> Eye stare of death
19:32 <CrashingCymbal> Warn you if it's NOT R34? 
19:32 <ShotgunHobo> Well you looked it up didn’t you
19:32 <NoOneWillSee> Warn me if its not GOOD R34.
19:32 <CrashingCymbal> Ahh!
19:32 <NoOneWillSee> Just saying. Don't judge meh.
19:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:32 <Temmington> There's good R34?
19:32 <ShotgunHobo> Maybe I will maybe I won’t 
19:32 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:32 <NoOneWillSee> TDI R34, for example.
19:32 <ShotgunHobo> There is always a good R34
19:32 <Temmington> Oh god. 
19:32 <Temmington> Total Drama Island?
19:32 <NoOneWillSee> TDI actually makes sense.
19:32 <Temmington> That TDI?
19:33 <NoOneWillSee> Total drama island.
19:33 <Temmington> Ah, alright. 
19:33 <NoOneWillSee> Yep
19:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:33 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:33 <NoOneWillSee> I live how everyone o R34 blasts Julius Zimmerman for not drawing anatomy right, even though theyre the pervs...
19:33 <NoOneWillSee> Shit.
19:34 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:34 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:34 <NoOneWillSee> ...The silence is deafening.
19:34 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:34 <CrashingCymbal> !seen FriendlyJim
19:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen FriendlyJim since I have been here!
19:34 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
19:34 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
19:34 <CrashingCymbal> Well fuck you then.
19:34 <NoOneWillSee> (  >_>)
19:34 <NoOneWillSee> WTF
19:35 <NoOneWillSee> CPW never talks.
19:35 <CrashingCymbal> Well she does now!
19:35 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading!
19:35 <NoOneWillSee> I thought 'she' was a he.
19:35 <ShotgunHobo> !seen Burrito
19:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen Burrito since I have been here!
19:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:35 <CrashingCymbal> So did I Will
19:35 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal!
19:35 <CrashingCymbal> But nope
19:35 <ShotgunHobo> Yes
19:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <NoOneWillSee> !see NoOneWillSee
19:35 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
19:35 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
19:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Guys, I hope you don't overuse the "seen" feature again
19:35 <NoOneWillSee> Fuck!
19:35 <Princess Platinum> HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK
19:35 <CrashingCymbal> How are you, Read? Hey 414!
19:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Maria, 414, Sarah
19:35 <NoOneWillSee> I just wanted to see it...;~;
19:36 <41488p> each chat message costs 1000 bytes
19:36 <NoOneWillSee> What is this...?
19:36 <41488p> which means
19:36 <41488p> I might not be using chat must
19:36 <41488p> *much
19:36 <Princess Platinum> !seen dat ass
19:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen dat ass since I have been here!
19:36 <ShotgunHobo> Calm down princess
19:36 <NoOneWillSee> XD
19:36 <Temmington> !seen yo momma 
19:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen yo momma  since I have been here!
19:36 <Princess Platinum> !seen off
19:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen off since I have been here!
19:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
19:36 <41488p> so I better leave 
19:36 <41488p> byeee
19:36 <Temmington> HA.
19:36 <Princess Platinum> !seenoff
19:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
19:36 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
19:36 <Temmington> GOT ONE IN.
19:36 <NoOneWillSee> !seen a penis. DO it!!
19:36 <Princess Platinum> HA BITCHES
19:36 <NoOneWillSee> Please...?
19:36 <Princess Platinum> no
19:36 <ShotgunHobo> I already got one down princess
19:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is exactly why it is off most time, WillSee
19:37 <NoOneWillSee> True.
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Because people used it to say ridiculous things like that
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is annoyibng
19:37 <NoOneWillSee> But Ive never seen it, y'know?
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *annoying
19:37 <MooseJuice> I hope y'all were planning on NOT being flabbergasted today:
19:37 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
19:37 <NoOneWillSee> WTF Moose.
19:37 <ShotgunHobo> Moose that was scary
19:37 <NoOneWillSee> Usually you make me laugh, but today...
19:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh no, an art base with Jeff!
19:37 <MooseJuice> The role of Jeff the Killer is played by that guy from Brutal Legend.
19:37 <NoOneWillSee> Moose is 1/3 funny, 1/3 sad, and 1/3 horrible.
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> Jack Black?
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> ^
19:38 <MooseJuice> I will destroy your wedding.
19:38 <MooseJuice> Yeah, Jack Black's character.
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> Ah.
19:38 -!- AngryGodzillaPie has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <MooseJuice> Eddie Rigs.
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> Never played Bruta;.
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> *Brutal
19:38 <AngryGodzillaPie> Hai
19:38 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So Furbearingbrick is active again(huh)
19:38 <NoOneWillSee> Hello Godzilla.
19:39 <NoOneWillSee> Fur has been active, no?
19:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Godzilla
19:39 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
19:39 <NoOneWillSee> Damn, I gotta take a monster shit.
19:39 <NoOneWillSee> brb
19:39 <41488p> aaaand 1000 bytes is like, NOTHING
19:39 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
19:39 <41488p> so I will be on chat.
19:39 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:39 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Wolfen
19:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Wolfen
19:39 <Wolfenmaus> WHO SAID FUR
19:39 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:39 <41488p> but seriously
19:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I did
19:39 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
19:39 <41488p> I don't know who's using up the gigabytes
19:39 <Wolfenmaus> WHAT ABOUT HER
19:39 <41488p> I mean
19:40 <AngryGodzillaPie> Wolfenmaus, your name seems familiar :/
19:40 <41488p> even porn uses like
19:40 <ShotgunHobo> Well this pasta is wierd
19:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> She is active again
19:40 <41488p> 100 bytes or so
19:40 <ShotgunHobo> Wlfen how goes the bible
19:40 <Wolfenmaus> And yours seems Kaiju Combat-y
19:40 <Wolfenmaus> BEHOLD, SHOTGUN
19:40 <Wolfenmaus>,_Book_1:_Genemaus
19:40 <MooseJuice> Descending from the heavens:
19:41 <HiddenSpirit> Surrounded by flames?
19:41 <ClericofMadness> Boo
19:41 <HiddenSpirit> You sure he didn't ascend from the pits of Hell.
19:41 <Wolfenmaus> The headband goes over his Eyeballs.
19:41 <Wolfenmaus> That must hurt.
19:41 <ClericofMadness>
19:41 <HiddenSpirit> Lel
19:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Cleric
19:41 <NoOneWillSee> Ahhhh, best shit ever.
19:41 <MooseJuice> Heaven was on fire.
19:41 <NoOneWillSee> Shit, Im still on??
19:41 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is said to be only one eyeball, Wolfen
19:41 <AngryGodzillaPie> Kaiju Combat-y? Ah, I knew I knew you from somewhere. Colossal Kaiju Combat forums?
19:41 <HiddenSpirit> Oh. That's unfortunate. 
19:42 <MooseJuice> Those clouds are flammable. 
19:42 <41488p> oh lord, Wolfen
19:42 <Wolfenmaus> BINGO!
19:42 <41488p> 209 thousand bytes D:
19:42 <Wolfenmaus> Well, it IS Genesis.
19:42 <41488p> and it's not me using the internet up
19:42 <41488p> so far I've only used 3 megabytes
19:42 <41488p> yesterday night I used 52 megabytes
19:43 <41488p> I could use the internet like I did yesterday for 20 days before using up a gig
19:43 <41488p> I mean, fuck
19:43 <NoOneWillSee> And Cleric  said, 'I will smight thine eye, thou lily-livered troll.'
19:43 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
19:43 <NoOneWillSee> And NoOne cried, because he couldn't see anymore.
19:43 <Wolfenmaus> [1:3] Then Cleric said, "Let there be motherfucking light"; and there was light.
19:43 <NoOneWillSee> Thus, NoONeWillSee
19:43 <AngryGodzillaPie> I thought of this place when RED and Solomon were announced for CKC
19:43 <AngryGodzillaPie> Well, Shadow of RED, but still
19:43 <NoOneWillSee> Does that make Reading Jesus?
19:44 <NoOneWillSee> O_o
19:44 <Wolfenmaus> I'm so Hyped about that!
19:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahaha
19:44 <Wolfenmaus> And NoOne, Read is Gabriel.
19:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, I'm Archangel Gabriel
19:44 <NoOneWillSee> Hm.
19:44 -!- Samuelst has left Special:Chat.
19:44 <NoOneWillSee> That make smore sense.
19:44 <41488p> aaaand every time I log onto Facebook it uses up a fucking megabyte
19:44 <41488p> ...fuck.
19:44 <NoOneWillSee> 414, don't fret.
19:44 <41488p> D:
19:44 <41488p> and now all my chathacks are gone
19:44 <NoOneWillSee> Oh darn.
19:44 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
19:45 <41488p> for some weird reason
19:45 <41488p> but it's ok
19:45 <41488p> I got them back
19:45 <NoOneWillSee> I gotta get my Prozac in a bit, but ill be back.
19:45 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
19:45 <41488p> each chat line uses up 1000 bytes
19:45 <NoOneWillSee> Stupid farmacy, making me walk....
19:45 <41488p> *pharmacy
19:45 <NoOneWillSee> Thanks.
19:45 <AngryGodzillaPie> I'm thinking RED would make a good opponent for say, Godzilla
19:45 <NoOneWillSee> GOt lazy.
19:45 <MooseJuice> twoiloigh sporkloe
19:45 <AngryGodzillaPie> Anyway, asides CKC
19:45 -!- Samuelst has joined Special:Chat
19:45 <Wolfenmaus> RED vs everyone.
19:45 <NoOneWillSee> Moose cut it out.
19:45 <Wolfenmaus> At once.
19:45 <41488p> well, I'm not using up the internet
19:45 <AngryGodzillaPie> How have you all been?
19:45 <41488p> ...I think it's my dad
19:45 <Wolfenmaus> Also, Read:
19:45 <Wolfenmaus> In Abrahamic religion (which encompasses Christianity, Judaism and Islam), Gabriel is a high-ranking messenger angel. His/her name means "Master who is of God" and is known to be the left hand of God and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, in contrast to Michael who is the right hand of God. 
19:46 <NoOneWillSee> I could be better.
19:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh my!
19:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That is awesome
19:46 <41488p> >right hand of GOd
19:46 <41488p> (ic)
19:46 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
19:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :I
19:46 <41488p> ohohoh right hand
19:46 <41488p> oohohoh
19:46 <Pramirez351> hai skelly!
19:46 <NoOneWillSee> I see.
19:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn it, 414, when will you grow up?
19:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Skeletons
19:46 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Skelly!
19:46 <NoOneWillSee> Skeletons, you are my god.
19:46 <NoOneWillSee> Just kidding, I have no god.
19:46 <Wolfenmaus> And Skelly is Raphael.
19:47 <Wolfenmaus> "Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, Raphael is one of the four Seraphim, the highest rank. His name means "One that heals." He is said to be the guardian of the Tree of Life, opposite the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden."
19:47 <NoOneWillSee> Just kidding I have a God, but we don't talk much
19:47 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
19:47 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:47 <41488p> where'd Wolfen get all his religious info?
19:47 <Wolfenmaus> Research.
19:47 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Maria and Dev.
19:47 <NoOneWillSee> Bible study?
19:47 <NoOneWillSee> Oh
19:47 <Devincooper64> what if there was no light?
19:47 <41488p> btw it't take a thousand lines of chat to fill up one, ONE megabyte
19:47 <Wolfenmaus> Also, the Shin Megami Tensei Wiki.
19:47 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:47 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:47 -!- LikeARollingStone has joined Special:Chat
19:47 <Wolfenmaus> (derp)
19:47 <NoOneWillSee> Only that wiki....
19:47 <41488p> it'd take ten thousand to fill up ten megabytes
19:47 <Wolfenmaus>
19:47 <NoOneWillSee> Dammit Wolfen!
19:47 <41488p> one hundered thousand to fill up a hundred 
19:48 <41488p> you guys would have to type five million lines of text
19:48 <NoOneWillSee> 414 is having an OCD panic attack.
19:48 <41488p> to fill up my bandwith
19:48 <Wolfenmaus> Well, not ONLY that wiki.
19:48 <41488p> five million
19:48 <LikeARollingStone> Hey everyone
19:48 <41488p> hi Stone
19:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey
19:48 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Rolling.
19:48 <Devincooper64> I dont think our service provider does bandwith costs
19:48 <Grammatik> Hi.
19:48 <LikeARollingStone> How are y'all doing ?
19:48 <Devincooper64> just by month costs
19:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Rolling.
19:48 <41488p> anyways I'mma have to confront my dad about SECRET PORN
19:48 <Devincooper64> so I can go at it
19:48 <Wolfenmaus> And Fur is Michael.
19:48 <41488p> hai Gram
19:48 <41488p> bai
19:48 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
19:48 <ShotgunHobo> The only good creepypasta bible
19:48 <NoOneWillSee> Did you know 11,111,111,111 x 11,111,111,111 =
19:48 <Grammatik> bai 414
19:48 <Grammatik> you penisdick
19:48 <Devincooper64> inb4 kick
19:49 <Grammatik> oh well
19:49 <Grammatik> he left.
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> 123,456,789,123,456,789,123,456,789
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> DAMN.
19:49 <Grammatik> ._.
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> A numerical palindrome
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> NoOne
19:49 <Wolfenmaus> "In Christianity, he is viewed as the field commander of the Army of God and led it in the war against Satan and the fallen angels. "
19:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn it, 414 has really gotten worse after his ban.
19:49 <MooseJuice> Possible NSFW, but I'm not convinced:
19:49 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> Yes?
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> WTF MOOSE.
19:49 <CrashingCymbal> Try not to to spam so many letters pls 
19:49 <Devincooper64> 414 banned/
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> STAAHHH
19:49 <HiddenSpirit> Just wrong, Moose.
19:49 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:49 <Grammatik> LOL MOOSE
19:49 <Devincooper64> moose
19:49 <NoOneWillSee> I wasn't spamming, I was typing a problem.
19:50 <Grammatik> I'm dying
19:50 <Devincooper64> where you get dat?
19:50 <ShotgunHobo> Moose thats not NSFW
19:50 <Grammatik> tumbler
19:50 <Grammatik> .-.
19:50 <Devincooper64> well no duh
19:50 <Devincooper64> but where.
19:50 <Devincooper64> what tumblr
19:50 <MooseJuice> deviantART
19:50 <ShotgunHobo> Mooses thats g rated
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> NSFW, does it have to be extreme to get the NSFW rating?
19:50 <LikeARollingStone>
19:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: "Minecraft OGG Files" - Duration: 04:29 - Uploaded: 2012-10-25 - Rating: 4.878604 - Views: 56,100 -
19:50 <Devincooper64> in todays society thats like
19:50 <Devincooper64> pg
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> ^
19:50 <Grammatik> ^
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> v
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> All the agrees.
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> FUCK
19:50 <Andytags> no
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> Holy shit.
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> TAHT WORKED OUT SO WELL
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> Hiddun...
19:50 <Grammatik> PG = pregnant girl?
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> lel
19:50 <HiddenSpirit> Yes?
19:50 <Devincooper64> lol hidden
19:50 <NoOneWillSee> T_T
19:51 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <Devincooper64> that worke dperfecevtly 
19:51 <ShotgunHobo> Sorry gramm had to do it
19:51 <NoOneWillSee> I hate you.
19:51 <HiddenSpirit> T_O
19:51 <Devincooper64> perfectley 
19:51 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:51 <Andytags> can u not
19:51 <Devincooper64> perfec-f888 it
19:51 <NoOneWillSee> No.
19:51 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
19:51 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
19:51 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <NoOneWillSee> Nup.
19:51 <CrashingCymbal> Holy motherfucking motherfucker of all that is motherfuck:
19:51 <ShotgunHobo> Oh lord here comes the bitching
19:51 <NoOneWillSee> That baty.
19:51 <Grammatik> HOLY FUCKASS
19:51 <NoOneWillSee> I'm Btaman.
19:51 <CrashingCymbal> The size of it!
19:51 <Devincooper64> NOPENOPENOPENOPE
19:51 <Andytags> fuck off shotgunhobo 
19:51 <Wolfenmaus> They're cute!
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> I'll have a tall glass of nope.
19:52 <Andytags> like really 
19:52 <MooseJuice> Flying fox!
19:52 <CrashingCymbal> It's called a "Winged Fox!
19:52 <MooseJuice> Suck it, Tails!
19:52 <HiddenSpirit> They're cute until you get fucking rabies.
19:52 <Grammatik> ^
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> ^
19:52 <HiddenSpirit> And no one survives rabies.
19:52 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck I missed the 2 button
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> NoOne survives*
19:52 <HiddenSpirit> Huehuehue
19:52 <MooseJuice> They have one at Animal Kingdom.
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> True.
19:52 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
19:52 <MooseJuice> It was as big as an ass.
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> I actually have survived, btw.
19:52 <NoOneWillSee> WHOA.
19:52 <Devincooper64> whut
19:53 <HiddenSpirit> WOAH MAN.
19:53 <HiddenSpirit> WE CAN ALL BE FRIENDS.
19:53 <Andytags> caps you fucker 
19:53 <NoOneWillSee> Lets be chill.
19:53 <NoOneWillSee> Gois.
19:53 <Grammatik> LETS ALL FUCK
19:53 <Andytags> how about he fucks off 
19:53 <Devincooper64> ^
19:53 <NoOneWillSee> (D:) MY ASS!
19:53 <Grammatik> .-.
19:53 <Devincooper64> no
19:53 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
19:53 <HiddenSpirit> v
19:53 <Devincooper64> damn you andy
19:53 <ShotgunHobo> Andy you induce a pure hatred in me
19:53 <Devincooper64> you ninja
19:53 <HiddenSpirit> v
19:53 <Grammatik> lol
19:53 <Devincooper64> cats
19:53 <HiddenSpirit> ^
19:53 <NoOneWillSee> Shotgun, I want you to hu8g andy right now. Cmon, Just do it.
19:53 <Devincooper64> titty sprinkles
19:53 <NoOneWillSee> Andy, just take it.
19:53 <Andytags> good
19:53 <Andytags> let the butthurt flow through you 
19:54 <Grammatik> anal
19:54 <Grammatik> fuck
19:54 <Grammatik> good timing tho
19:54 <Pramirez351> hai septo
19:54 <ShotgunHobo> I’m not hugging that fat whore he’ll try to eat me
19:54 <NoOneWillSee> Well, I can honestly say my ass is waay more awesome than any of yours.
19:54 <Septogram7> Pram!
19:54 <Devincooper64> i wish i had an ass
19:54 <NoOneWillSee> Just sayin.
19:54 <Devincooper64> it got removed
19:54 <Andytags> oh my god you shitter 
19:54 <Devincooper64> after thet incident
19:54 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Septo.
19:54 <Andytags> can you just fucking leave 
19:54 <Septogram7> hi Spirit
19:54 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
19:54 <Grammatik> And the NO LIFE award of the year goes to...
19:54 <Grammatik>
19:54 <41488p> people
19:54 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry to hear that Devin...
19:54 <ShotgunHobo> Gramm the whore is being annoying
19:54 <Septogram7> hi 414
19:54 <NoOneWillSee> WOW.
19:54 <Andytags> all i said was "can u not" and then you fucking go off you shitter 
19:54 <41488p> hai Septo
19:55 <Devincooper64> lol gramma
19:55 <Devincooper64> what game is that>
19:55 <41488p> oh god, Gram
19:55 <41488p> D:
19:55 <Grammatik> Saints row 3 on steam
19:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Septo.
19:55 <Grammatik> .-.
19:55 <Andytags> so shut the fuck up already 
19:55 <Devincooper64> i wouldnt blamne you then
19:55 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, chill, we don't need another Temm-Brooke incident.
19:55 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:55 <Grammatik> Add my other steam guys
19:55 <Devincooper64> i have about that much time clocked into borderlands 2
19:55 <Devincooper64> after 3 days
19:55 <ShotgunHobo> Andy you slutface shadup
19:55 <41488p> ok
19:55 <41488p> the good news is
19:55 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
19:55 <41488p> I can safely play....
19:55 <41488p> drum roll please.
19:55 <Grammatik> "fuckass dickshit sixtynine"
19:55 <Andytags> cymbal pls 
19:55 <41488p> PLANETSIDE 2
19:55 <41488p> OOHOHOHO
19:55 <Wolfenmaus> Behold
19:55 <41488p> YEAS YEAS YEAS
19:55 <NoOneWillSee> *BRASH
19:55 <Septogram7> Shotgun I don't know who you are talking about, and they may well be annoying, but DO NOT call anyone a whore!
19:55 <Wolfenmaus> Leokappa's Wikia page
19:56 <Wolfenmaus>
19:56 <Andytags> can you tell shit fucker to stop already cymbal 
19:56 <Devincooper64> EMINƎM (NO SOUND + MUSIC)
19:56 -!- Samuelst has left Special:Chat.
19:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, enough
19:56 <Devincooper64> add me on steam
19:56 <Andytags> this*
19:56 <Grammatik> I'm not even annoying.
19:56 <Devincooper64> with that name
19:56 <Grammatik> kk
19:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Next to continue this will get out.
19:56 <NoOneWillSee> THANK you...
19:56 <CrashingCymbal> I think we all need to cool the tits, people.
19:56 <41488p> ^
19:56 <Andytags> tyty
19:56 <Grammatik> ^
19:56 <Devincooper64> my tits are cool as ice
19:56 <Grammatik> fuck
19:56 <41488p> ^
19:56 <41488p> ^
19:56 <NoOneWillSee> I'm tired of al the hate
19:56 <Devincooper64> HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS - Idiots.
19:56 <Septogram7> love not hate
19:56 <41488p> hooooly
19:56 <CrashingCymbal> Yuss, listen to Sept
19:56 <41488p> waht hte fuck
19:57 <Andytags> yeah guys why don't we all just get together meditate and play the sitar
19:57 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> My ass is cool enough to cool Magma
19:57 <Septogram7> thankyou Crash
19:57 <41488p> PlanetSide 2 needs a 7 gig update
19:57 <ShotgunHobo> Welp cym got anymore
19:57 <41488p> guys listen
19:57 <41488p> SEVEN.
19:57 <41488p> GIGABYTES.
19:57 <Devincooper64> tf2 is 15 gigs
19:57 <41488p> WELL FUCK YOU TOO SONY
19:57 <Devincooper64> so?
19:57 <MagmaMan4488> Wat?
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> Got anymore wat
19:57 <Wolfenmaus> SEVEN
19:57 <Wolfenmaus> ASSES
19:57 <Devincooper64> and 800 mb updates
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> I will sit on you Magma!
19:57 <Devincooper64> every damn week
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
19:57 <Septogram7> 7 is my lucky number
19:57 <41488p> I only have like 100 mb left in quota
19:57 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Lee!
19:57 <41488p> right now it's overboard already actually
19:57 <ShotgunHobo> got anymore creepypastas for me
19:57 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <Septogram7> hiya Never
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> Oh right
19:57 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
19:57 <CrashingCymbal> [[Alarm]]
19:57 <MagmaMan4488> *burns NoOne's ass*
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> Lee, come to watch me sit on Magama!
19:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi everyone
19:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey again Lee
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> ARG!
19:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi BRVR
19:57 <NoOneWillSee> JK.
19:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
19:58 <NoOneWillSee> I can sit on everyone in here with one seat.
19:58 <Septogram7> brb guys
19:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:58 <NoOneWillSee> (depr)
19:58 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
19:58 <Grammatik> depr.
19:58 <Grammatik> .-.
19:58 <NoOneWillSee> LOL
19:58 <Grammatik> Depression?
19:58 <Grammatik> .-.
19:58 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Depr<
19:58 <NoOneWillSee> Dirp-de-shirp.
19:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
19:58 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <CrashingCymbal> Derp
19:58 <CrashingCymbal> Awh fuck
19:59 <ShotgunHobo> Derping around
19:59 <Andytags> nah
19:59 <NoOneWillSee> OKay, everyone cool their tits, Princess is here
19:59 <CrashingCymbal> The one time I wanna spell something wrong and I spell it right
19:59 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
19:59 <MooseJuice> Uh oh.
19:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria gou awai
19:59 <NoOneWillSee> XD Crash, you old so-and-so.
19:59 <MooseJuice> Look who I just found:
19:59 <NoOneWillSee> XD
19:59 <Grammatik> LOL
19:59 <Andytags> oh why
19:59 <Andytags> stop 
19:59 <Andytags> no
19:59 <Grammatik> Saw it before
19:59 <NoOneWillSee> First thing that popped up on URL was 'no'
19:59 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wtf
19:59 <41488p> woah
19:59 <ShotgunHobo> I still remember that fanfiction fur wrote
19:59 <MooseJuice> That's Brick's art.
20:00 <Grammatik> That blog is awesome.
20:00 <41488p> did someone reblog Fur's art
20:00 <41488p> oooh
20:00 <LikeARollingStone> Bored. Anyone have any suggestions for good creepypastas ?
20:00 <Grammatik> No
20:00 <41488p> she's been posting hentai lately
20:00 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
20:00 -!- Solana71321 has left Special:Chat.
20:00 <ShotgunHobo> Fur has gone insane
20:00 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <41488p> Stone
20:00 <Grammatik> They tagged it as #bad art
20:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Fur is the classiest Admin
20:00 <NoOneWillSee> Fur is meh, just saying, he'd be better as a penciler first.
20:00 <Grammatik> .-.
20:00 <41488p> [[Ted the Caver]]
20:00 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
20:00 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
20:00 <41488p> >he
20:00 <41488p> >HE
20:00 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
20:00 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
20:00 <41488p> (facepalm)
20:00 <CrashingCymbal> I know not much of this Fur human.
20:00 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:00 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
20:00 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <41488p> FurBearingBrick
20:00 <41488p> awesome admin
20:00 <ShotgunHobo> Reading read her fanfic’s you will have nightmares
20:00 <NoOneWillSee> He is a general term, I throw it around lightly.
20:00 <Grammatik> Hobo
20:00 <Grammatik> FUCK NO
20:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Friend
20:00 <41488p> although some users don't think so
20:01 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <CasualArsonist> Oh hello
20:01 <41488p> ohai Arson
20:01 <Devincooper64> add me on steam: MONKEY D. F****** LUFFY (MUSIC)
20:01 <NoOneWillSee> *Oh, cello!
20:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So... wat is dat pic
20:01 <41488p> that is me
20:01 <ShotgunHobo> Her obsession with Jeff is unautural
20:01 <41488p> on drugs
20:01 <Grammatik> LOL
20:01 <LOLSKELETONS> 414
20:01 <LOLSKELETONS> haii
20:01 <41488p> SKelel
20:01 <41488p> lelelele
20:01 <41488p> lei
20:01 <41488p> hai
20:01 <LOLSKELETONS> Reading pm
20:01 <41488p> wait
20:01 <NoOneWillSee> I need to draw my own jeff version...I'll post it as soon as I get ink.
20:01 <41488p> are you reading your pm's?
20:01 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:01 <41488p> or did you PM Reading?
20:02 <CasualArsonist> Okay mate
20:02 <NoOneWillSee> Which is hard, because Jeff is pretty bland.
20:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jtk is a bad pasta
20:02 <41488p> HOLYSHITWTFBBQ
20:02 <Grammatik>
20:02 <Grammatik> <3
20:02 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
20:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> THE END
20:02 <41488p> ...Gram.
20:02 <NoOneWillSee> Gramm, the ppl you meet...
20:02 <Devincooper64> lol
20:02 <ShotgunHobo> Gramm 
20:02 <Grammatik> Guys
20:02 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:02 <Grammatik> That's my steam
20:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> IT DEFIES SCIENCE
20:02 <LikeARollingStone> @Never, finally someone who agress
20:02 <ShotgunHobo> It’s a masterpiece
20:02 <Devincooper64> thats his/her  steam name
20:02 <41488p> also my porn only takes up like 500,000 bytes!
20:02 <LikeARollingStone> *agrees
20:02 <Grammatik> her.
20:02 <Grammatik> ;D
20:02 <41488p> so I can safely fap to Carly Foulkes!
20:02 <CasualArsonist> TMI
20:02 <41488p> ...did I just give you guys fap material
20:02 <41488p> no
20:02 <41488p> don't search her up
20:02 <41488p> no
20:03 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Devincooper64> searching
20:03 <ShotgunHobo> Well I need to actually make a steam avvount soo yeahs
20:03 <41488p> let's see how much it is to download No More Room in Hell...
20:03 <ShotgunHobo> Damn free account
20:03 <41488p> hopefully it's only like 100 mb
20:03 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
20:03 <CrashingCymbal> Ping me if you need me.
20:03 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Devincooper64> Carly Foulkes's face scares me
20:03 <41488p> kk Cymbal bby
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tim
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
20:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <41488p> that's why I told you not to search her up
20:03 <41488p> grgrg
20:04 <NoOneWillSee> This is my gif of the week, guys.
20:04 <NoOneWillSee>
20:04 <CasualArsonist> Wait..
20:04 <Devincooper64> not after the war
20:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O my lawd
20:04 <CasualArsonist> Isn't Carly Foulkes that T-Mobile girl?
20:04 <NoOneWillSee> LALW.
20:04 <41488p> ...fuck you too.
20:04 <41488p> FUCK!
20:04 <NoOneWillSee> The look on the dogs face...
20:04 -!- DewsRandom has joined Special:Chat
20:04 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
20:04 <CasualArsonist> Like.. in the commer5cials and junk?
20:04 <Jeffsson> Dead Master7
20:04 <Devincooper64> lol
20:04 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
20:05 <LikeARollingStone> @Arson, you are correct
20:05 <Devincooper64> download spongebob slendy pants
20:05 <Devincooper64> or slendytubbies
20:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Dew
20:05 <NoOneWillSee> Slendypants sucked ass.
20:05 <Dead Master7> eyah?
20:05 <DewsRandom> whats up
20:05 <ShotgunHobo> Dog of war
20:05 <CasualArsonist> Right thanks Rolling
20:05 <41488p> 27 megabytes so far
20:05 <Dead Master7> do u need something jeff?
20:05 <CasualArsonist> Thought so...
20:05 <41488p> I'd have to use up 980 more for a full gigabyte
20:05 <NoOneWillSee> 412, you have OCD?
20:05 <41488p> no
20:05 <Grammatik> >412
20:05 <LikeARollingStone> @Arson No problem
20:05 <NoOneWillSee> *414
20:05 <41488p> I have shitihavenointernet-D.
20:05 <Grammatik> 420*
20:05 <NoOneWillSee> lol
20:05 <Jeffsson> i was just making sure that you are aware of bale being here
20:05 <NoOneWillSee> 9000<
20:05 <41488p> hay bale
20:05 -!- MagmaMan4488 has left Special:Chat.
20:05 <41488p> whooosh
20:05 <CasualArsonist> Holla Holla
20:06 <41488p> they see me rollin'
20:06 <CasualArsonist> Get Dolla
20:06 <NoOneWillSee> I'm pretty fucked up today, you'll have to excuse me.
20:06 -!- DewsRandom has left Special:Chat.
20:06 <41488p> they runnin'
20:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 420 Blaze It
20:06 <Dead Master7> lol i know bales here
20:06 <NoOneWillSee> Baman.
20:06 <CasualArsonist> What's up NoOneWillSee?
20:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 360 no scope bitch
20:06 <ShotgunHobo> I know some people here
20:06 <NoOneWillSee> Whats up?
20:06 <41488p> so uh
20:06 <NoOneWillSee> gtg
20:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Trick shots all day everyday
20:06 <41488p> could anyone recommend some games
20:06 <CasualArsonist> Like, why art thou fucked up?
20:06 <CasualArsonist> Oh okay. :P
20:06 <41488p> ok nvm
20:06 <ShotgunHobo> Cause there are thou perverts
20:06 <Devincooper64> lol <(SAVE ME BUTTERFLY) ;-; <(hell hah bitch imma fly)
20:06 <MooseJuice> I choked:
20:06 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <MooseJuice> It's everything I ever dreamed of.
20:07 <41488p> Moose you remind me of Devin
20:07 <ShotgunHobo> Congusion
20:07 <Devincooper64> what am i doing with my life ._.
20:07 <41488p> in a weird way
20:07 <Devincooper64> is that good or bad?
20:07 <41488p> posting XXX FURRY PORN photos, Devin
20:07 <CasualArsonist> See you guys
20:07 <Devincooper64> I never have done that
20:07 <CasualArsonist> DAMNIT 414
20:07 <ShotgunHobo> Moose reminds me of Norm from Cheers
20:07 <Devincooper64> never ever
20:07 <41488p> or whatever you call those abominations from yesterday
20:07 <CasualArsonist> DON'T DO IT!!!
20:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Moose dafuq
20:07 <41488p> HAI ARSON
20:07 <CasualArsonist> See ya mates
20:07 <41488p> I"M GOOGLING
20:07 <Devincooper64> cracked shippings?
20:07 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <ShotgunHobo> Bye arson
20:07 <Devincooper64> there trolling basically
20:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin you pinging bich
20:07 <41488p> OH MY FUCKING GOOD
20:07 <41488p> *GOD
20:07 <Devincooper64> doing ships that can work
20:08 <41488p> WHY DID I SERACH THAT UP
20:08 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <41488p> OH MY GOD
20:08 <NoOneWillSee> Back.
20:08 <Devincooper64> cant*I
20:08 <Devincooper64> what did you look up?
20:08 <41488p> don't follow in my footsteps
20:08 <41488p> PLEASE
20:08 <ShotgunHobo> Search what!
20:08 <ShotgunHobo> I want ot
20:08 <41488p> I MUST PROTECT YOU
20:08 <Devincooper64> search what?
20:08 <ShotgunHobo> To
20:08 <NoOneWillSee> Not sure if I wan to know what was googled...
20:08 <41488p> I can't tell you
20:08 <MooseJuice> In related news, Jeff the Killer tries on lipstick
20:08 <NoOneWillSee> >_>
20:08 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:08 <Devincooper64> do it *word blacklisted*
20:08 <ShotgunHobo> Tell me in pm
20:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahahahahaha
20:08 <NoOneWillSee> Ugggh, Im sick of Digital art.
20:08 <Devincooper64> tell me in pm
20:08 <41488p> if you guys want to
20:08 <41488p> scroll up
20:08 <ShotgunHobo> Tell me in pm
20:09 <41488p> no
20:09 <NoOneWillSee> I recently finished my last Pasta, Death of Love*
20:09 <41488p> I must protect you
20:09 <Devincooper64> yes
20:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Moose... (Ogw)
20:09 <NoOneWillSee> I havnt updated it yet, though.
20:09 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
20:09 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <Devincooper64> posting XXX FURRY PORN photos, Devin
20:09 <Devincooper64> is it that 4414
20:09 <ShotgunHobo> Oh god
20:09 <NoOneWillSee> Furry isn't soo bad...but the XXX? Yeah.
20:09 <Devincooper64> thats what he searched
20:09 <Devincooper64> confirmed.
20:09 <41488p> wait a second
20:09 <ShotgunHobo> Not the furries 
20:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I came
20:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Back home
20:09 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <41488p> did I seriously have NMRiH 
20:09 <Devincooper64> confession time: i am strangely attracted to the pokemon gardevoir 
20:09 <NoOneWillSee> Lee...
20:09 <41488p> omfg
20:10 <Devincooper64> #ont judge
20:10 <41488p> brb extracting
20:10 <Devincooper64> dont*
20:10 <NoOneWillSee> NERMHER*
20:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lokhgg
20:10 <ShotgunHobo> Devin we all are
20:10 <Devincooper64> 414
20:10 <LikeARollingStone> Meh, MLP hentai is worse
20:10 <Devincooper64> what is your steam name
20:10 <Devincooper64> give it to me
20:10 <Devincooper64> noa
20:10 <ShotgunHobo> Me?
20:10 <NoOneWillSee> (motherofgod)
20:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am Devin
20:10 <ShotgunHobo> ok
20:10 <41488p> mydicklookslikeyourmom902
20:10 <41488p> lol jk
20:10 <NoOneWillSee> Rolling, are yo trying to kill me.
20:10 -!- TotallyNotGabeNewell has joined Special:Chat
20:10 <Grammatik> .-.
20:10 <ShotgunHobo> Nev your spartacus
20:10 <Devincooper64> yo gabe
20:10 <Grammatik> it's probably 41488p
20:10 <41488p> nope
20:10 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> Eyyy
20:10 <41488p> i mean
20:11 <AngryGodzillaPie> brb
20:11 <41488p> yeah, that's my username
20:11 <41488p> my account name is inthehouse902 
20:11 <ShotgunHobo> 41 looked up furrys
20:11 <41488p> that was before my 414 days
20:11 <41488p> Shotgun 
20:11 <NoOneWillSee> Nooo, 414's actual name is 10010101011.
20:11 <41488p> did your brain cells die
20:11 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
20:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
20:11 <41488p> NOWS EVERYONE DEEP DOWN IS JUST 1010101010
20:11 <ShotgunHobo> Good thing I didn't
20:11 <Devincooper64> your the guy with pickachu?
20:11 <ShotgunHobo> My dick is 1010101
20:11 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
20:11 <NoOneWillSee> Fit=rst time anyones' called me NOWS since I first came here...
20:11 <NoOneWillSee> ;~;
20:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi sarah
20:11 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back.
20:12 <NoOneWillSee> WB
20:12 <CrashingCymbal> Sup
20:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Crash
20:12 <ShotgunHobo> Cym we has missed you
20:12 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> I am Not Gaben
20:12 <CrashingCymbal> Yey
20:12 -!- Doomminime has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <NoOneWillSee> My PSN is Jaben, lalw.
20:12 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Doom
20:12 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> Lawl
20:12 <NoOneWillSee> *Jaben4ever
20:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi anti gaben
20:12 -!- LikeARollingStone has left Special:Chat.
20:12 <NoOneWillSee> Well, close enough
20:12 <Doomminime> Hey has anyone talked to willowflower in a bit
20:12 -!- MagmaMan4488 has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <NoOneWillSee> Willow hasn't even been here.
20:12 <ShotgunHobo> Cym guess what
20:12 <41488p> hi there Sarah
20:12 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> to stop a gaben take controll and press the gaben
20:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
20:12 <Wolfenmaus> LavaDude8844
20:12 <Diamondzarebright> Inuyasha
20:13 <NoOneWillSee> Press my button. Please.
20:13 <MagmaMan4488> Where is that LavaDude? He owes me 20 bucks
20:13 <41488p> APPLAUSE, IF YOU WILL
20:13 <Devincooper64> WHY DOES THIS EXIST
20:13 <Devincooper64>
20:13 <ShotgunHobo> Cym 414 looked up furry porn
20:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
20:13 <NoOneWillSee> FUCK L:AG
20:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Worst theory
20:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why Devin?!
20:13 <NoOneWillSee> Reading, you sunofa...
20:13 <Doomminime> Has anyone wrote a creepypasta about Homestuck
20:13 <Devincooper64> should I or should I not look up furry porn....
20:13 <NoOneWillSee> Gonna read that.
20:13 <MagmaMan4488> Mose theories suck, that must be pretty bad
20:13 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> There will be no half life 3 -Gaben
20:13 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <41488p> deep down, I wonder what the facial expressions on your faces' are
20:14 <CrashingCymbal> Yu did wat now
20:14 <NoOneWillSee> Ehhj, tehh lag
20:14 <41488p> are they of fear
20:14 <41488p> of sorrow
20:14 <41488p> of joy
20:14 -!- Doomminime has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <41488p> or just "lolyeah"
20:14 <NoOneWillSee> Of the stars
20:14 <Devincooper64> pac man is a sequel to pong theiry wa shalarious
20:14 -!- James South has joined Special:Chat
20:14 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
20:14 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <CrashingCymbal> Hey South
20:14 <James South> hullo
20:14 <41488p> 30% to NMRiH glory!
20:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> just lolyeah
20:14 <41488p> hai James
20:14 <Grammatik> Guys I drew myself
20:14 <Grammatik> .-.
20:14 -!- LikeARollingStone has joined Special:Chat
20:14 <41488p> omfg wat
20:14 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> Oh ok
20:14 <Grammatik> well penis
20:15 <NoOneWillSee> WORS. THEORY. EVar.
20:15 <Wolfenmaus> SHITBALLS, assemble!
20:15 <41488p> why did you do that Gram
20:15 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> GABEN GABEN GABEN
20:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Penis is my ping (D:)
20:15 <NoOneWillSee> Squidward, assemble!<
20:15 <TotallyNotGabeNewell> gaBEN
20:15 <41488p> NeveR....
20:15 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
20:15 -!- TotallyNotGabeNewell was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
20:15 -!- TotallyNotGabeNewell has left Special:Chat.
20:15 <Devincooper64> this chat is going down the shitter
20:15 <NoOneWillSee> My ping involves Peanub Bubber.
20:15 <NoOneWillSee> :3
20:15 <41488p> wait isn't NeveR's username a blatant statement of asexuality? 
20:15 <NoOneWillSee> No?
20:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
20:16 <NoOneWillSee> Sleeping doesn't HAVE to involve sex.
20:16 <41488p> *may be seen as 
20:16 <MagmaMan4488> yes it does
20:16 <NoOneWillSee> As in, hey Big brother, can I sleep with you?
20:16 <NoOneWillSee> I had tehh nightmare
20:16 <41488p> that brings back memories doesn't it
20:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O bby
20:16 <41488p> fond, fond memories 
20:16 <Wolfenmaus> Superficiallly Haughty Invincible and Terrible Bosses of Atomic Lowlife Leaping Stabbing.
20:16 <41488p> with your big brother
20:16 <Wolfenmaus> Shitballs.
20:16 <NoOneWillSee> Whoa.
20:16 <NoOneWillSee> I AM the big bro, sista.
20:16 <41488p> Oo
20:16 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Grammatik> it does not say "Neverhavehotangrysexwithme"
20:16 <Devincooper64> GUYS ADD ME ON STEAM
20:17 <ShotgunHobo> I am the biggest of bros
20:17 <NoOneWillSee> Wolfen, wtf...
20:17 <Ednoahjones> i have returned.
20:17 <NoOneWillSee> Gramm, good point.
20:17 <Ednoahjones> King of the monsters 2 is pretty fun,
20:17 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
20:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL gram
20:17 <Wolfenmaus> SHITBALLS is the Chat version of VCROC, NoOne.
20:17 <Ednoahjones> =:D
20:17 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
20:17 <NoOneWillSee> No, I know,
20:17 <NoOneWillSee> WB Septo.
20:17 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
20:17 <41488p> my table smells
20:17 <41488p> of wood
20:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Sept
20:17 <BatmanBaleLover> wb
20:17 <41488p> and new table
20:17 <41488p> and shit and piss
20:17 <NoOneWillSee> This chats really hot today!
20:17 <ShotgunHobo> Not
20:17 <41488p> and your mom's sister's cousin's nephew's dog's sister
20:18 <Ednoahjones> i love how everyone else is swearing and making dirty jokes.
20:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I make this wiki sexy as hell
20:18 <Ednoahjones> and i'm just being polite
20:18 <NoOneWillSee> YOu know who else like sshitballs???
20:18 <Ednoahjones> and pleasent
20:18 <NoOneWillSee> MY MOM!
20:18 <ShotgunHobo> Yes you do nev
20:18 <41488p> *Googles shitballs*
20:18 <NoOneWillSee> O_T
20:18 <41488p> it wasn't traumitizing!
20:18 <41488p> :D
20:18 <Grammatik> .-.
20:18 <NoOneWillSee> (Sparta) I said, MYY MOM!
20:18 <ShotgunHobo> Google resualt scat porn
20:18 <NoOneWillSee> (derp)
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> R34 tubgirl.
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> WELP.
20:19 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> Im done
20:19 <41488p> FUCK!
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I can't believe you actually Google that, people
20:19 -!- The moons shadow has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria
20:19 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
20:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> > looks at Jeff fanfics
20:19 <Grammatik> AHAHAH
20:19 <41488p> FUCK GODDAMMIT
20:19 <41488p> ERGH
20:19 <ShotgunHobo> Watch the tubgirl video
20:19 <41488p> WHO FAPS TO THAT SHIT
20:19 <The moons shadow> hello
20:19 <Wolfenmaus> The liquid erupting from Tubgirl's rectum is actually Orange Juice.
20:19 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >(ogw)
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> Shotgun, stahp.
20:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Less caps, 414
20:19 <41488p> no pun intended
20:19 <Wolfenmaus> Little known fact.
20:19 <ShotgunHobo> It’s funny
20:19 <41488p> no pun intended at all
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> OH GOD. I THIN K I SAW THA ONCE.
20:19 <Ednoahjones> totally not.
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> GOD.
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> I just remembered, a long time ago....
20:19 <41488p> don't see it again!
20:19 -!- TipOfINSANITY has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <NoOneWillSee> *fflashback
20:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi tip
20:20 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
20:20 <NoOneWillSee> BRB guys, my Prozac awaits.
20:20 <ShotgunHobo> When there was no internet
20:20 <41488p> do you want to know a secret
20:20 <41488p> woo oh oh
20:20 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
20:20 -!- The moons shadow has left Special:Chat.
20:20 <41488p> do you promise not to tell
20:20 <TipOfINSANITY> hey ive never used this sit Can someone show me were i accutly post my creepypasta?
20:20 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
20:20 <41488p> woo oh oh
20:20 <41488p> woahh come a little closer
20:20 <41488p> woo oh oh
20:20 <NoOneWillSee> Hey tip.
20:20 <41488p> hai Tip
20:20 <NoOneWillSee> Read the rules?
20:20 <Septogram7> my computer is f*cked up
20:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welcome to the wiki Tip!
20:20 <TipOfINSANITY> hey can someone send to sumbition page?
20:20 <Wolfenmaus> 50:11] When the Canaanite inhabitants of the shit saw the mourning on the threshing floor of Atad, they said, "This is a grievous mourning on the part of the Canadians."
20:21 <ShotgunHobo> Welcome to the Wki
20:21 <CrashingCymbal> Right, well I'm gonna log off for a good while.
20:21 <Grammatik> Wilkommen
20:21 <41488p>
20:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Beatles - Do You Want To Know A Secret? - Duration: 01:59 - Uploaded: 2010-06-03 - Rating: 4.946763 - Views: 1,156,782 -
20:21 -!- The moons shadow has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Septogram7> bye Crash
20:21 <Grammatik> See ya Cym
20:21 <CrashingCymbal> I'll be back in chat in about three days (:P)
20:21 <NoOneWillSee> To the right, anyone with a star on their profile is an admin.
20:21 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
20:21 <41488p> Cymbal wtf
20:21 <41488p> where'd that come out from
20:21 <ShotgunHobo> Bye cym
20:21 <CrashingCymbal> Goodbye all!
20:21 <ShotgunHobo> Bye have a good time
20:21 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The Moon's shadow are you a lurker?
20:21 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
20:21 <NoOneWillSee> Bye guys, I'll see you tomorrow too.
20:21 <The moons shadow> no
20:22 <TipOfINSANITY> :) i dont wanna spam so ill only ask one more time were do i post my creepypasta im having a hard time finding it :D
20:22 <Septogram7> whats a lurker?
20:22 <Wolfenmaus> [50:2] Weaver commanded the physicians in his service to masturbate his father. So the physicians masturbated Magma;
20:22 <Wolfenmaus> [50:3] they spent forty days in doing this, for that is the time required for masturbation. And the Canadians wept for him seventy days.
20:22 <ShotgunHobo> They like to watch the chat 
20:22 <Wolfenmaus> SKELLY
20:22 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <Wolfenmaus> U DID
20:22 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <41488p> I DID TOO
20:22 <The moons shadow> no im not if anything i just made this account
20:22 <Wolfenmaus> ABOUT TO
20:22 <TipOfINSANITY> :(
20:22 <Septogram7> I have bibles, even though I'm not christian
20:22 <41488p> I have bibles
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Someone help TipofINSANITY
20:23 <Septogram7> Its good to know about all religions
20:23 <41488p> they just don't exist
20:23 <41488p> it is, Septo
20:23 <Wolfenmaus> YES
20:23 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <ShotgunHobo> GTG for like 30 mins
20:23 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <NoOneWillSee> FUCK SOMEONE HELP ME!
20:23 <Wolfenmaus> YOURE RAPHAEL, SKELLY
20:23 -!- Animemaster23 has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Septogram7> Anyone ever read the entire bible?
20:23 <NoOneWillSee> I NEED EYEBLEACH
20:23 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <The moons shadow> why?
20:23 <NoOneWillSee> MY EYES!
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi moon
20:23 <AsianLink> I'M REALLY SORRY
20:23 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <NoOneWillSee> Encyclopdia drama...
20:23 <NoOneWillSee> fuck...
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Asian
20:24 <AsianLink> I'M SORRY
20:24 <Septogram7> what Drama?
20:24 <LOLSKELETONS> Did you see the Offended page?
20:24 <TipOfINSANITY> maby just a link or somthing...... ?
20:24 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry for what Asian?
20:24 <LOLSKELETONS> Or Kittens?
20:24 <41488p> THE GIANT MOTH IS GONE
20:24 <The moons shadow> i wonder why i make accounts to things likw this
20:24 <41488p> I feel god
20:24 <AsianLink> LOLSkeleton
20:24 <41488p> *good
20:24 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
20:24 <Wolfenmaus> UPDATED DA LIST
20:24 <LizardMaster178> Hiya :3
20:24 <Animemaster23> PIE
20:24 <41488p> hiya there Lizard
20:24 <LizardMaster178> hi
20:24 <TipOfINSANITY> ok is there a place i can go to get help?
20:24 <Septogram7> hey Lizard
20:24 <AsianLink> Remember a few weeks ago when I made a troll pasta?
20:24 <NoOneWillSee> You must make tehh sacrifice of two virgins to the god LOL.
20:24 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
20:24 <The moons shadow> hello
20:24 <Animemaster23> i want pizza!!!
20:24 <Animemaster23> and fries
20:24 <LizardMaster178> hi
20:24 <Animemaster23> and milk
20:25 <NoOneWillSee> +milk
20:25 <Septogram7> Hi Anna
20:25 <NoOneWillSee> Ughhh, need eye bleach...
20:25 <BatmanBaleLover> hello Anna.
20:25 <41488p> omfg the Beatles are even better than I imagined them to be
20:25 <41488p> I mean
20:25 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
20:25 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <41488p> my parents have Please Please Me
20:25 <Animemaster23> crep
20:25 <Wolfenmaus> So
20:25 <41488p> and I listened to that in the car
20:25 <BatmanBaleLover> pm @Septo
20:25 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <41488p> for like
20:25 <Wolfenmaus> I just found this
20:25 <Animemaster23> creed*
20:25 <41488p> bazillion years
20:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Click contribute and add a page @TipofINSANITY
20:25 <Wolfenmaus>
20:25 <Wolfenmaus> The fuck
20:25 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <41488p> and just yesterday I was in the front seat
20:25 <41488p> and I just saw teh beeuty
20:25 <Septogram7> Can someone who knows how help TipofINSANITY
20:25 <LOLSKELETONS> (cur | prev)  18:50, May 19, 2013‎ DubstepCrash  (Talk | contribs | block)‎ . . (530 bytes) (+530)‎ . .  (Created page with "THIS IS ABOUT WOLFENMAUS WOLFENMAUS WAS CRYING ABOUT LOSING HIS BANDZ WHEN HE LOGGD ONTO THE EVIL CREEPYPASTA HAT AND HE SAW HE WASNT A MOD. EVERYONE LAUGGED AND HE CRYED....")
20:25 <LizardMaster178> gtg byeee
20:25 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
20:25 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> on the mainsite
20:26 <Septogram7> bye
20:26 <LOLSKELETONS> Who is this Dubstep Crash person
20:26 <41488p> Tip what do you need help with?
20:26 <AsianLink> I didn't know troll pasta wasn't allowed.
20:26 -!- The moons shadow has left Special:Chat.
20:26 -!- Animemaster23 has left Special:Chat.
20:26 -!- Red12 has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <Wolfenmaus> I don't know
20:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> AsianLink are you capitalist?
20:26 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <TipOfINSANITY> i would like to sumbit a creepypasta i think is good.... in my opion but i dont know were to post it to share it with others :( i have it on my website but id like to post it here
20:26 <41488p> what do you think
20:26 <41488p> he's an Asian Link
20:26 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <41488p> oh k
20:26 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <41488p> all you need to do
20:26 <Red12> ok...
20:27 <Septogram7> Never are you a csapitolist?
20:27 <LOLSKELETONS> @AsianLink [[project:Site Rules]]
20:27 <Septogram7> capitolist
20:27 <Wolfenmaus> I'm a human.
20:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Icu) nope
20:27 <41488p> is click the 'contribute' button at the top of the main wiki page
20:27 <41488p> so you just gotta go to the wiki
20:27 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
20:27 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <41488p> the front page
20:27 <41488p> ok let me shot you
20:27 <Septogram7> What are you Never?
20:27 <41488p> *show
20:27 -!- Red12 has left Special:Chat.
20:27 <TipOfINSANITY> thanks i try that
20:27 <LOLSKELETONS> >ok let me shot you
20:27 <41488p>
20:27 <41488p> you see the contribute button at the right?
20:27 <41488p> click that
20:27 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <CrashingCymbal> One more thing. 
20:27 <CrashingCymbal>
20:27 <Septogram7> wb Crash
20:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I no capitalist. I'm more for liberal
20:27 <41488p> THIS IS A ROBERY
20:27 <CrashingCymbal> Okay bye now!
20:28 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <Septogram7> ok bye crash
20:28 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
20:28 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <Septogram7> me too Never
20:28 <Wolfenmaus> 414
20:28 <Wolfenmaus> THAT GUN
20:28 <Wolfenmaus> IS A BANANA
20:28 <LOLSKELETONS> crashing
20:28 <41488p> GET DOWN ON THE GROUND
20:28 <AsianLink> What if I'm anarchist?
20:28 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <LOLSKELETONS> you meant
20:28 <LOLSKELETONS> [[User_blog:CrashingCymbal/Temporarily_leaving.]]
20:28 <41488p> it's a gun if I think it's a gun
20:28 <Septogram7> I an aggressive progressive!
20:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> my view on governments is flawed like superman returns plot
20:28 <41488p> omg Cymbal forgot a period
20:28 <41488p> bang bang
20:28 <AsianLink> Burn
20:28 <Wolfenmaus> Cymbals on his perios.
20:29 <Wolfenmaus> period*
20:29 <41488p> give me your money, women, and Hershey's Ice Cream.
20:29 <Jabeznewman4000> so
20:29 <HiddenSpirit> Someone's mad, Skele.
20:29 <Septogram7> Good analogy Never
20:29 <Grammatik> Your period is late?
20:29 <Grammatik> wat
20:29 <Wolfenmaus> /me dives into a pool of chocolate pudding
20:29 <LOLSKELETONS> ikr'
20:29 <Grammatik> .-.
20:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
20:29 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
20:29 <TipOfINSANITY> this is very confuzing >.<
20:29 <AngryGodzillaPie> /me derps
20:29 <MagmaMan4488> Wolfen, that's not pudding
20:29 <Wolfenmaus> WELCOME TO THE CHAT TIP
20:29 <Septogram7> I did jello wrestling once, never pudding though
20:29 <TipOfINSANITY> do i add a page to submit my pasta?
20:30 <Wolfenmaus> I once had a bath in chocolate Fondue.
20:30 -!- ImMurderCupcake has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Wolfenmaus> It was the greatest experience I ever had.
20:30 <Septogram7> @Wolfen that sounds super fun!
20:30 <Wolfenmaus> It was.
20:30 <Wolfenmaus> SOOO relaxing.
20:30 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm confused on why super man returns was considered better than man of steel
20:30 <Septogram7> My little brother and I always used to wish we could swim in mashed potatos
20:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WTF
20:31 <41488p> DO YOU SEE THAT
20:31 <41488p> DO YOU FUCKING SEE HTAT
20:31 <41488p> OMFG
20:31 <41488p> :DDD
20:31 <41488p> (:D)
20:31 <Wolfenmaus> And afterwards, my skin was as soft as 414's Mintzy asshole.
20:31 <41488p> I use Olay.
20:31 <Septogram7> har har
20:31 <Grammatik> 414
20:31 <41488p> Gram
20:31 <Grammatik> pls add me on steam
20:31 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
20:31 <41488p> kkkk
20:31 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
20:31 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <Grammatik> or i'll fuk ur butt
20:31 <Septogram7> I gtg be back soon
20:31 <Wolfenmaus> What if I WANT to be buttfucked?!
20:31 <Wolfenmaus> HUH?!
20:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> okey
20:32 <41488p> uhhh
20:32 <41488p> how do you add friends?
20:32 <41488p> oh wait
20:32 <41488p> never mind
20:32 <Grammatik> "dickshoe cuntbag fucknugget" is my name
20:32 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
20:32 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <ImMurderCupcake> does anyone know who wrote ''The Memory Book'' on here??
20:32 <Wolfenmaus> I just noticed.
20:32 <Wolfenmaus> My icon goes with everything I say.
20:32 <TipOfINSANITY> I give up but if you want take a second and visit my site i post my creepy pasta there the one i was trying to post was called shed
20:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Check the edit history Cupcake
20:32 <TipOfINSANITY>
20:33 <Andytags>
20:33 <41488p> Gram
20:33 <41488p> friend invite sent
20:33 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
20:33 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
20:33 <Grammatik> kkkk
20:33 <41488p> Andy y
20:33 <Wolfenmaus>
20:33 <Wolfenmaus> Slenderman Movie
20:34 <Andytags>
20:34 <Andytags> I watched this once
20:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Andy wot iz dis
20:34 <Andytags> I watched it 
20:34 <Ednoahjones> Andy.
20:34 <ImMurderCupcake> thanks neverlee
20:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dun do eet again
20:34 <Ednoahjones> what the glub
20:34 <Ednoahjones> is
20:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Np
20:34 <Andytags> It was pretty beautiful, to say the least. 
20:34 <Ednoahjones> that movie?
20:34 <Wolfenmaus> The
20:34 <Wolfenmaus> The,,,
20:34 -!- Yoh asakura18 has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Wolfenmaus> THE FUCL
20:35 <Wolfenmaus> AJNFA
20:35 <Ednoahjones> that looks like something john would watch.
20:35 <Yoh asakura18> hey people
20:35 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yoh...
20:35 <Yoh asakura18> hey neve
20:35 <Ednoahjones> i saw this movie
20:35 <Ednoahjones>
20:35 <Ednoahjones> relativly recently in fact
20:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Shaman king hell yes
20:35 <Andytags> me too
20:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
20:36 <Ednoahjones> it was shit.
20:36 <Yoh asakura18> so neve you new
20:36 <Ednoahjones> but funny
20:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
20:36 <Yoh asakura18> ok cool
20:36 <Andytags> ednoah
20:36 <Andytags>
20:36 <Andytags> i watched it to see that
20:36 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Joined in spring remember?
20:36 <Ednoahjones> Me too
20:36 <Ednoahjones> oh my god
20:36 <Yoh asakura18> oh yeah
20:36 <Ednoahjones> andy
20:36 <TipOfINSANITY> please read this and tell me what you think be very harsh :D
20:37 <Ednoahjones> me too
20:37 <TipOfINSANITY>
20:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Okey
20:37 <TipOfINSANITY> thank you
20:37 <Yoh asakura18> hey has jeffthekillerfan been on here lately
20:37 <Andytags> i should buy a wah pedal
20:38 <Wolfenmaus> [[Jeff the Bitch-monkey]]
20:38 <Andytags> not that i've seen yoh
20:38 -!- DarkStar8 has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <Yoh asakura18> oh ok
20:38 -!- DarkStar8 has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <Yoh asakura18> oh well thats sucks
20:38 <Wolfenmaus> Andy
20:38 <Wolfenmaus> This Yoh
20:38 <Wolfenmaus> Can I stick it in it
20:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's ok Tip
20:39 <Andytags> wwat
20:39 <TipOfINSANITY> You see were i could improve?
20:39 -!- Yoh asakura18 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Ednoahjones> i miss 1990's Miramax movies...
20:39 <Ednoahjones>
20:40 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
20:40 -!- James South has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <Wolfenmaus> /me impregnates the female population of Tokyo
20:40 <TipOfINSANITY> never you read fast
20:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Some spelling errors Tip
20:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I do indeed 
20:40 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <Wolfenmaus> /me impregnates Rs
20:41 -!- ILoveChey has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O my
20:41 <TipOfINSANITY> My grammer suck besides the grammer *witch i will improve* was it good
20:41 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
20:41 <NoOneWillSee> SON OF A BITCH
20:41 <41488p> /me aborts Wolfen's baby
20:41 <41488p> uhehueheu
20:41 <NoOneWillSee> Fucking spin-off rule is telling me I cant post nmy pasta!!!
20:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> /me uses plan B
20:41 <NoOneWillSee> FUCK.
20:42 -!- James South has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <NoOneWillSee> /me destroys own left hand.
20:42 -!- Animefan128 has joined Special:Chat
20:42 -!- James South has left Special:Chat.
20:42 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <Grammatik> /me sticks dick in chat, spins it around
20:43 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
20:43 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
20:43 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
20:43 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <NoOneWillSee> Any help?!
20:44 <Ednoahjones> i want
20:44 <Ednoahjones> to see
20:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HOLY SHITTO Skelly!
20:44 <Ednoahjones> this film
20:44 <Ednoahjones>
20:44 <NoOneWillSee> Ugh, nevermind. Ill figure it out myself.
20:44 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
20:44 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I saw him pm oh gawd that shit is hilarious!
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *your
20:45 <LOLSKELETONS> oh this
20:45 <Animefan128> antone here on Qutoev?
20:45 <Princess Platinum> as if i didnt have enough issues ipad google chrome updated
20:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <Animefan128> Quotev*
20:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes skelleh!
20:45 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:45 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
20:45 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <HiddenSpirit> THEY'RE HERE.
20:45 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <Temmington> I'm playing Doodle God.
20:46 <Temmington>  I just made Sex as my 69th element. (huehue)
20:46 <HiddenSpirit> An aborted monkey fetus? XD
20:46 <HiddenSpirit> LOL.
20:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
20:46 <Wolfenmaus>
20:46 <TipOfINSANITY> oh my my grammar  is pretty bad good point Rs
20:46 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
20:46 <Ednoahjones> wolfen
20:46 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
20:46 <Wolfenmaus> bug
20:47 <Ednoahjones> i be watching your hotass
20:47 <Wolfenmaus> k
20:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Its ok Tip just use spell checking
20:47 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:47 <Wolfenmaus> Spell Fucking*
20:47 -!- Animefan128 has left Special:Chat.
20:47 <Princess Platinum> well fuk
20:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen yea
20:48 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:48 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
20:48 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:49 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
20:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
20:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Skelly who wrote that?
20:49 <LOLSKELETONS> dis guy
20:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That butthurt is strong
20:49 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
20:50 <Wolfenmaus> "The Butthurt is strong in this one."
20:50 <LOLSKELETONS> Star Wars reference FTW
20:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
20:51 <LOLSKELETONS> At first I thought he was kidding
20:51 <LOLSKELETONS> seems kinda trollish
20:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh god lol
20:51 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:52 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Most likely a trolling whiney user
20:52 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Wolfenmaus> Skelly
20:52 <Wolfenmaus> Make that a real Category.
20:52 <LOLSKELETONS> Wolfen
20:52 <LOLSKELETONS> nou
20:52 <Wolfenmaus> i cant
20:52 <Wolfenmaus> but u can
20:52 <LOLSKELETONS> sadfsfd
20:52 <Grammatik> LOL
20:52 <Grammatik> do it
20:52 <Wolfenmaus> DONT SASS ME WOMAN
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aborted monkey fetus< I lost my fucking shit xD
20:52 <Princess Platinum> fuck you wolfen
20:53 <Wolfenmaus> yus pls
20:53 <HiddenSpirit> LOL.
20:53 <LOLSKELETONS> Besides, two of the three pastas he submitted are still up
20:53 <Wolfenmaus>
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I saw them
20:53 <LOLSKELETONS> it's not like having one deleted is the end of the world
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They suck anyway
20:54 <LOLSKELETONS> shall I show you the one I deleted
20:54 -!- TipOfINSANITY has left Special:Chat.
20:54 <LOLSKELETONS> Teddy Bear's Picnic
20:54 <Princess Platinum> Like your birth giver hue hue
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Do it skelleh
20:54 <HiddenSpirit> Does anyone here have a photographic memory
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Plz
20:54 <Grammatik> THere's a place in Norway with the name Hell
20:54 <HiddenSpirit> no one, no one
20:54 <Grammatik> I have pornographic memory.
20:54 <Diamondzarebright> ....
20:55 <Grammatik> .-.
20:55 <HiddenSpirit> LOL
20:55 <Grammatik> <3
20:55 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
20:55 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <Grammatik> .-.
20:55 <Diamondzarebright> why do you always use that face 
20:55 <LOLSKELETONS> here is teh story
20:55 <HiddenSpirit> ._. What face?
20:55 <Diamondzarebright> .-.
20:55 <HiddenSpirit> I don't know what you're talking about. ._.
20:55 <Grammatik> It's an addiction. .-.
20:55 <LOLSKELETONS> never
20:55 <HiddenSpirit> .-. What face?
20:55 <Grammatik> .-.
20:55 <LOLSKELETONS> did you get that
20:56 <HiddenSpirit> .-. Wat.
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thank you Skelly
20:56 <Diamondzarebright> my god 
20:56 <Diamondzarebright> nvm 
20:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:56 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Grammatik> Pornographic memory...
20:56 <Grammatik> I need my glasses.
20:56 <Diamondzarebright> o.o
20:56 <Grammatik> .-.
20:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp) dafuq did I just read?
20:57 -!- Dead Master7 has left Special:Chat.
20:57 <Grammatik> many things
20:57 <LOLSKELETONS> it's just... not good
20:57 <LOLSKELETONS> at all
20:57 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
20:57 -!- Dead Master7 has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
20:58 <LOLSKELETONS> Zack hai
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Zack
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Skelly and Neve, how are you?
20:58 <LOLSKELETONS> Pretty good
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good :)
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Great
20:58 <LOLSKELETONS> I got a pretty severe case of butthurt today
20:58 <Grammatik> Hi Zack
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Gram :). how are you?
20:58 <Grammatik> Niec. You?
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How, Skelly?
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And good Neve
20:58 <LOLSKELETONS> I'll pm it to you,
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm find thanks
20:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And okay then
20:59 <Wolfenmaus> Skelly
20:59 <Wolfenmaus> Added a pic
20:59 <LOLSKELETONS> to wat
20:59 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
20:59 <Wolfenmaus>,_Book_1:_Genemaus
21:00 <LOLSKELETONS> awsum
21:00 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
21:00 <LightFlower>
21:00 <LightFlower> omgomgomg
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi miss light
21:00 <LightFlower> hi
21:00 <LightFlower> that gif
21:00 <LightFlower> is the greatest gif
21:00 <LightFlower> of all time
21:00 <LightFlower> and its not ringo
21:00 <LightFlower> it's george
21:00 <LightFlower> but holy shit my ovaries blew up omg
21:00 <MagmaMan4488> Skelly, what would happen if one were to lick your ribs?
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It is George
21:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Light
21:01 <LOLSKELETONS> they would die
21:01 <LOLSKELETONS> instantly
21:01 <Diamondzarebright> Light, have you rejected Ringo!?
21:01 <LightFlower> nooo
21:01 <LightFlower> I still love ringo
21:01 <LightFlower> so
21:01 <LightFlower> damn
21:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Light it gave you orgasms?!
21:01 <LightFlower> much
21:01 <MagmaMan4488> *licks Skelly's ribs*
21:01 <LightFlower> OVARIES BOOM NEVE
21:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dayum
21:01 <MagmaMan4488> *dies instantly*
21:01 <LightFlower> OVARIES
21:01 <LightFlower> BOOM
21:01 <LightFlower> mkay bye bishes
21:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (D:)
21:01 <Wolfenmaus> "There is no misery. No sorrow. Only pain, anger, and hate. Hate that transcends your puny imaginations and understandings. Hate that cannot be felt, but lived. You do not know this hate.
21:01 <Wolfenmaus> You do not wish to know it"
21:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai light
21:02 <Grammatik> Bai lite
21:02 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chat y u die
21:03 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <Wolfenmaus> (rip)
21:03 <41488p> ^
21:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dammit chat!
21:03 <Wolfenmaus> Little known fact, that's SKELLY's grave.
21:04 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
21:04 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
21:04 -!- LightFlower has joined Special:Chat
21:04 <LightFlower> ABORT
21:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb light
21:04 <LightFlower> ABORT MISSION
21:04 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <LOLSKELETONS> I live in a tomb c:
21:05 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
21:05 -!- LightFlower has left Special:Chat.
21:05 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <Princess Platinum> eww
21:05 <Princess Platinum> WAIT
21:06 <Princess Platinum> SPIDERS EAT BEETLES (D:)
21:06 <Jabeznewman4000> and other stuff
21:06 <MagmaMan4488> Princess, may I please have twenty dollars?
21:06 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
21:06 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
21:07 <Princess Platinum> only if you work in my whore house
21:07 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:07 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:07 <MagmaMan4488> Damn.
21:07 <MagmaMan4488> /me considers that possibility
21:08 <Princess Platinum> you dont get to pick who sleeps with you
21:08 <Diamondzarebright> ....
21:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria can I torch the country side for Mother Russia?
21:08 <Princess Platinum> yes
21:08 <Deathgirl12> um what  O-O
21:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay 
21:09 <Princess Platinum> and magma they will be bears! bears i say!!
21:09 <MagmaMan4488> If you hadn't done that thing with the lightbulbs, I'd still be considering this.
21:09 <Diamondzarebright> hm
21:09 <MagmaMan4488> But nope
21:09 <Princess Platinum> they like it rough magma
21:09 <Princess Platinum> just say yiss
21:10 <MagmaMan4488> Go step on a lego.
21:10 <Diamondzarebright> kay then 
21:10 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <Princess Platinum> no magma
21:10 <Grammatik> I'm leaving
21:10 <Grammatik> Fuck this place
21:10 <Grammatik> for now
21:10 <Grammatik> See you guys
21:10 <HiddenSpirit> What?
21:10 <HiddenSpirit> BBY NO.
21:10 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
21:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> /me terrorizes the world with his polar bear army and leaves nothing but fire in his purges
21:10 <Grammatik> I've been here for 750+ minutes
21:10 <Grammatik> That's well over 10 hours.
21:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Gram
21:11 <Grammatik> .-.
21:11 <Grammatik> Bai
21:11 <Grammatik> lolno
21:11 <Grammatik> I cannot leave
21:11 -!- LikeARollingStone has left Special:Chat.
21:11 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
21:11 <Grammatik> It's unpossible.
21:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay~
21:11 <Diamondzarebright> She left when you were explaining you ass
21:11 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
21:11 <MagmaMan4488> *strategically places a lego where Mario will step on it*
21:11 -!- LikeARollingStone has joined Special:Chat
21:11 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has joined Special:Chat
21:11 <Princess Platinum> /me scoots her feet across the floor-
21:11 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
21:11 <Grammatik> I'm not talking to her though, ass
21:12 <MagmaMan4488> >Mario
21:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Notsafe
21:12 <Diamondzarebright> I see how it is 
21:12 <Grammatik> .-.
21:12 <Jeffsson> /me sits in the corner
21:12 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Remeber
21:12 -!- LikeARollingStone has left Special:Chat.
21:12 <Princess Platinum> /me sits by jeffsson
21:12 <Diamondzarebright> *throws up*
21:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Remember what?
21:12 -!- ImMurderCupcake has left Special:Chat.
21:12 <Grammatik> /me runs towards Jeffson yelling "SPYDALOO!"
21:12 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Unread
21:13 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Never again
21:13 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has left Special:Chat.
21:13 <Jeffsson> grammy
21:13 <Princess Platinum> /me bans grammatik
21:13 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Remember my dick
21:13 <MagmaMan4488> /me puts a lego under Gramm's foot
21:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And pingz
21:13 <Grammatik> /me dies
21:13 <Diamondzarebright> *cries* 
21:13 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> It lurks
21:13 <Jeffsson> (ban)
21:13 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
21:13 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> It prowls
21:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I lurk
21:13 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> It takes
21:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I prowl
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Remeber
21:14 <Jeffsson> (ANIHALATE)
21:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, I stopped listening xD
21:14 <Princess Platinum> is my jeff
21:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I take booty
21:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Well... Reading xD
21:14 <Princess Platinum> /me squeezes jeff
21:14 <Diamondzarebright> *cries more* 
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Unread
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> The passage
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> never again
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> leave it
21:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The passage of Swag
21:14 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Unread
21:14 <Diamondzarebright> The pain hurts
21:14 <Diamondzarebright> too much 
21:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Unread SWAG
21:15 <Diamondzarebright> I can't deal with this 
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Diamonds, what's up?
21:15 <Diamondzarebright> You don't want to know
21:15 <Grammatik> FUck this shit
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> deep under the lake
21:15 <Grammatik> GOd.
21:15 <Grammatik> .-.
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> It dwells
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I asked, I do want to know 3
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> :3 *
21:15 <MagmaMan4488> Secretly
21:15 <MagmaMan4488> We
21:15 <MagmaMan4488> Are
21:15 <MagmaMan4488> Grammatik
21:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I dwell
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> In the night
21:15 <Grammatik> LOL
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> it comes
21:15 <Diamondzarebright> I'm not telling you anything 
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> and it lurks
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> and it prowls
21:15 <Diamondzarebright> I hate love
21:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It cums
21:15 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> and it takes
21:15 <Princess Platinum> jeff y u no acknowledge my squeeze
21:16 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> it takes
21:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And it takes booty
21:16 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> and it takes
21:16 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> and it takes
21:16 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> back to the lake where it lies in deception
21:16 <Grammatik> .-.
21:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I do also
21:16 <Grammatik> LOL
21:17 <MagmaMan4488> JEFF, acknowledge the squeeze so Maria is distracted long enough for me to escape
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Leave the passage unread
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> The ninth gate
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> will open
21:17 <Diamondzarebright> *runs away* 
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> And it will arise
21:17 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> From the bottom of the lake
21:17 <Grammatik> Secretly we are Grammatik.
21:17 <Grammatik> <3
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Notsafe stop pinging me (D:)
21:17 <LOLSKELETONS> Never
21:17 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <Grammatik> NeveR
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Never again
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u
21:17 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Never again
21:17 <LOLSKELETONS> lel
21:17 <Grammatik> Never
21:17 <Grammatik> lol
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u ALL
21:17 <Jeffsson> /me just got head butted in the nuts by his baby bro
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> hide
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Hide
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Hide
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Hide
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Dhie
21:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> No
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Die
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> DIE
21:18 <Grammatik> Dhie.
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Die
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Die
21:18 <Grammatik> LOLD
21:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I am dead
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Die
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> LOL
21:18 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption was kicked from Special:Chat by LOLSKELETONS
21:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Read the name
21:18 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has left Special:Chat.
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
21:18 -!- Santikun2 has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <Grammatik> Dhie'd
21:18 <MagmaMan4488> /me leaves a stick of dynamite next to LOLSKELETONS
21:18 <Grammatik> /me dhies
21:18 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Oh hai
21:18 <LOLSKELETONS> plz don't spam
21:18 <Grammatik> I dhied
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> will do
21:18 <Grammatik> you happy?
21:18 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> xD
21:18 <Grammatik> .-.
21:18 <Santikun2> Hi :d
21:18 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
21:18 <HiddenSpirit> SO MANY GIRLS IN THIS CLUB
21:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hidden!
21:18 <HiddenSpirit> WHERE DO I BEGIN
21:18 <HiddenSpirit> OHWWOAH
21:18 <HiddenSpirit> Hey.
21:19 <Grammatik> OH BBY
21:19 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> ey gurl
21:19 <HiddenSpirit> I'M 'BOUT TO GO IN.
21:19 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> i have no life
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O BBY
21:19 <Santikun2> Guys, don't wanna spam, but I made a creepypasta about a game *has download too* and if you're interested just tell me :)
21:19 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <HiddenSpirit> THANKS SKELE
21:19 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> i could be on skype chatting with ppl. But no
21:19 <Grammatik> I've not moved for like 11 hours.
21:19 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Im fucking on creepypasta
21:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sant, what is it called?
21:19 <Grammatik> My leg is fucked
21:19 <AsianLink> Is it okay if I edited and tried to fix a story that's going to be deleted?
21:20 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> IT TAKES
21:20 <Grammatik> A DICK
21:20 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> IN THE BUTT
21:20 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:20 <Grammatik> TO GET AIDS
21:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Brooke
21:20 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> FROM A MANWHORE
21:20 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs*
21:20 <HiddenSpirit> GMOZ
21:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O bby
21:20 <Grammatik> <3
21:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Manly Whores
21:20 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption>  xP
21:20 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <Grammatik> That's me
21:21 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) 
21:21 <Grammatik> but I'm not a whore
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> i wanna write a story
21:21 <Grammatik> or manly
21:21 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> but ive nothing to write about
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> wait
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> nvm
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> imma make a page later
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Ill try
21:21 <Grammatik> OR GET DICK IN MOUTH
21:21 <Grammatik> sorry caps.
21:21 <Grammatik> .-.
21:21 <LOLSKELETONS> all of the hotspots in the recent activity have five editors
21:21 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> Its ok
21:21 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> dick was in big lettering so i got excited
21:21 <LOLSKELETONS> no rly
21:21 <Grammatik> LOL
21:22 -!- DarkSlayer 3 has joined Special:Chat
21:22 <DarkSlayer 3> Hi
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> 5 editors
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> Article Listing/D
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> 5 editors
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> I Met the Devil
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> 5 editors
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> Article Listing/M
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> 5 editors
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> Talk:Blood Whistle
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> 5 editors
21:22 <LOLSKELETONS> Article Listing/S
21:22 <DarkSlayer 3> Hi,
21:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption> I made a shitty one
21:22 <Grammatik> ZMGO
21:22 <Diamondzarebright> This chat
21:22 <Grammatik> ...
21:22 <Grammatik> I screwed up royally.
21:22 <Diamondzarebright> is dying
21:22 <Andytags> can u not
21:22 <Grammatik> nu
21:22 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
21:22 <Grammatik> fak u
21:22 <Notsafeforhumanconsumption>
21:22 <Diamondzarebright> no 
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Skelly how is having 5 editors considered hot spots? BrbBrb
21:23 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
21:23 <LOLSKELETONS> five editors in the last three days
21:23 <DarkSlayer 3> I said Hi dammit!
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
21:23 <Princess Platinum>
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sept! :D
21:23 <Diamondzarebright> nobody cares here
21:23 <DarkSlayer 3> Screw this.
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Dark
21:23 <Septogram7> hi Zack hows the hand?
21:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Skeletons
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Better thanks
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sorry lagging
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He Reading
21:23 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey zack
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And I care Diamond
21:24 <Diamondzarebright> Well 
21:24 -!- Notsafeforhumanconsumption has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <Septogram7> I care too
21:24 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <Diamondzarebright> I'm a  little rejected today 
21:24 <DarkSlayer 3> Hi. DBZ PP guy.
21:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Who by?
21:24 <Diamondzarebright> but I don't want to explain 
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sorry DarkSlayer my chat is lagging
21:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:24 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:24 -!- DarkSlayer 3 has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> diamond, it might help to get it ouw
21:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> out*
21:24 <Septogram7> well i'm here for you Diamondz if you want
21:24 <SarinaValentine562> Hello everyone
21:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Ry and Sarina
21:25 <Diamondzarebright> I was sad when I left the chat earlier
21:25 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
21:25 <Septogram7> why sad
21:25 <Diamondzarebright> because of the love
21:25 <Septogram7> ?
21:25 <SarinaValentine562> Hi Zack
21:25 <Septogram7> what love?
21:25 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
21:25 <Diamondzarebright> I hate to see love or any emotions in main 
21:25 <Grammatik> .-.
21:25 <Grammatik> the fuck is your problem
21:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> All this love makes me excrete bodily fluids
21:26 <Grammatik> LOL
21:26 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
21:26 <Septogram7> well we are a community, we should care for oneanother.
21:26 <Grammatik> neve is fapping as we speak
21:26 <Grammatik> now that's taking care
21:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maybe...
21:26 -!- James South has joined Special:Chat
21:26 <Grammatik> .-.
21:26 <Diamondzarebright> is it possible
21:26 <Diamondzarebright> to love an admin
21:26 <SarinaValentine562> Hmm wow I see lot emotion in here so everyone can't avoid them it every where
21:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure!
21:26 <Septogram7> sure
21:26 <Diamondzarebright> but
21:26 <Grammatik> sexually?
21:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> brb
21:26 <Grammatik> depends.
21:26 <Diamondzarebright> yeah 
21:27 <Septogram7> they're people too
21:27 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
21:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I love Skelly
21:27 <Grammatik> yeah
21:27 <Diamondzarebright> what gram said
21:27 -!- Gilbals has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <Septogram7> I care for you all
21:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not sexual though
21:27 <Andytags> yo
21:27 <Princess Platinum> Whats wrong with admins (tt)
21:27 <Septogram7> never sexual
21:27 <Grammatik> you can go and pm them "OMG HAEV MA BABIEZ PLZ!!!1" if you can risk being banned.
21:27 <Diamondzarebright> you 
21:27 <Andytags> everything
21:27 <Grammatik> ^
21:27 <Andytags> oh
21:27 <Andytags> i was kid
21:27 <Grammatik> inb4BANana'd
21:27 <Andytags> but ok
21:27 <Grammatik> I'm kidding too
21:28 <Diamondzarebright> (twitch) 
21:28 <SarinaValentine562> Everyone can not avoid their emtion 
21:28 <Grammatik> .-.
21:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Grammatik> I love everyone.
21:28 <Grammatik> Not really,
21:28 <Gilbals> Hello all, I's new here.
21:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <Grammatik> fuck 414, for example.
21:28 <Grammatik> lolno
21:28 <Septogram7> well said Sarina
21:28 <Princess Platinum> >No sex with users
21:28 -!- Santikun2 has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <Princess Platinum> im out
21:28 <Grammatik> Wb Gilbals.
21:28 <Grammatik> >wb
21:28 <Grammatik> I'm a bit high sorry
21:28 <Septogram7> welcome Gilbals
21:28 <Diamondzarebright> Please
21:28 <Grammatik> Meant welcome
21:28 <Grammatik> ;-
21:28 <Andytags>
21:28 <Grammatik> ;-;*
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline
21:29 <Gilbals> lol, s'all good.
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Most recent fit thrown by an user
21:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
21:29 <Diamondzarebright> Maria your the one whose dating Jeff
21:29 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I saw it Read
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
21:29 <SarinaValentine562> Lol did someone said sexually language
21:29 <Princess Platinum> ...
21:29 <Diamondzarebright> when he sort of had feelings for me
21:29 <Diamondzarebright> before
21:29 <Princess Platinum> -backs away slowly-
21:29 <Andytags> lol
21:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria!
21:29 <Diamondzarebright> I'm sure he's told you that
21:30 <Andytags> pls dont kik
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Don't run Maria!
21:30 <SarinaValentine562> 0//-\\0
21:30 <Septogram7> Wow Reading that was some rant!
21:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> we all love slander man
21:30 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:30 <Diamondzarebright> So not to rain on your Jeff parade
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aborted monkey fetus lololo
21:30 <James South> look apon me and weep, for i have cheese mortals!!!
21:30 <SarinaValentine562> Slenderman fucken amazing
21:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh... That topic thing, I read that before
21:30 <Grammatik> I fucked my page up.
21:30 <Grammatik>
21:31 <HiddenSpirit> Aborted monkey fetus?
21:31 <HiddenSpirit> That's Skele.
21:31 <Diamondzarebright> I worship and believe in Slender Man's existence... ... 
21:31 <Diamondzarebright> not sure why 
21:31 <HiddenSpirit> Inb4 ping and b&
21:31 <Princess Platinum> i have a feelingi did something wrong here...
21:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <Grammatik> LOL
21:31 <Diamondzarebright> hmm 
21:31 <Septogram7> I think Slenderman would be nice if you were nice back
21:31 <Diamondzarebright> yeh 
21:31 <Diamondzarebright> dat slendy bastard 
21:31 <Septogram7> He seicems a trag figure to me
21:31 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <Septogram7> sorry keyboard messup
21:32 <Diamondzarebright> I wanna swing on his tentacles 
21:32 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <HiddenSpirit> OH NO.
21:32 <HiddenSpirit> SOMEONE HIDE ME.
21:32 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Gilbals> So, I have a small request...I'm new here and don't really know the etiquette of things...If I link my pasta will someone read it? It's my first attempt.
21:32 <HiddenSpirit> I'M LAUGHING SO HARD.
21:32 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
21:32 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <AsianLink> What's NSFW?
21:32 <Grammatik> HID
21:32 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure Gil, there will always be at least one user willing to read it
21:32 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <HiddenSpirit> Yes.
21:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> As long as you ask first, of course.
21:32 <Gilbals>
21:32 <Grammatik> Hide.
21:32 <Grammatik> .-.
21:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline
21:32 <Septogram7> *hides spirit behind the drapes*
21:32 <AsianLink> Oh, that's good?
21:33 <Diamondzarebright> isn't that Shadow Lurker?
21:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why don't you have a seat
21:33 <AsianLink> I read uninvited guest.
21:33 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <AsianLink> It's really good!
21:33 <Princess Platinum> Diamond wut i do 2 u
21:33 <Gilbals> Danke!
21:33 <Diamondzarebright> well 
21:33 <Diamondzarebright> first 
21:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Finalclaw
21:33 <AsianLink> De nada
21:33 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff never told me  he had feelings for you 
21:33 <Septogram7> Hi Claw
21:33 <Princess Platinum> my fault how?
21:33 <Diamondzarebright> until I asked him about it 
21:34 <SarinaValentine562> No slenderman would rape anyone with fear if he wasn't a killer before
21:34 <Diamondzarebright> it just hurts me 
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Daimondz I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline why don't you have a seat right now?
21:34 <Diamondzarebright> because 
21:34 <Princess Platinum> i didnt know >_>
21:34 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
21:34 -!- Macandcreepy1 has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <Diamondzarebright> he knew me first kind of... 
21:34 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <Finalclaw> Hey
21:34 <Macandcreepy1> hi
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
21:34 <Gilbals> Chris...why don't ya take a seat.
21:34 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
21:34 <Diamondzarebright> and eh... I was... sort of helping him out 
21:34 <Septogram7> Hi Claw and Mac
21:34 <Jeffsson> RAWR MOTHER FUCKERS
21:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No thank you
21:34 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:34 <Gilbals> Nnn-just take a seat.
21:34 <Macandcreepy1> im having a problem
21:35 -!- AsianLink has joined Special:Chat
21:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Is it me?
21:35 <Septogram7> what's the problem?
21:35 <Princess Platinum> rawr?
21:35 <Gilbals> *queues the bush cop*
21:35 <Princess Platinum> why not neigh?
21:35 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:35 <Jeffsson> lol
21:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh SHI-
21:35 <Macandcreepy1> and my friend said you guys are the master of voodo and shit like that
21:35 <Diamondzarebright> *glares* 
21:35 <SarinaValentine562> Slenderman kill people not keep them as pet that all I am saying
21:35 -!- AsianLink has left Special:Chat.
21:35 <Septogram7> @Mac and?
21:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We are masters of voodoo
21:35 <Macandcreepy1> im using his account 
21:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Then get off
21:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Septogram7> he meant this
21:36 <Gilbals> As a subpar game once said...Who do ya voodoo *****
21:36 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not cool
21:36 <Macandcreepy1> he said i could use it to find info
21:36 <Diamondzarebright> Sure 
21:36 <Diamondzarebright> now they run off together 
21:36 <Grammatik> >info
21:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Don't use your friend's stuff
21:37 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:37 <Grammatik> Depends what it's on
21:37 <Septogram7> @Mac so what do you want spells? Magicks?
21:37 <Gilbals> I know some Thaumaturgy.
21:37 <Macandcreepy1> no i want to know about smile.jpeg
21:37 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:37 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:37 <Septogram7> then read it
21:37 <Diamondzarebright> well before I burst into tears
21:37 <Macandcreepy1> what is it
21:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, little busy then people
21:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm back
21:38 <Septogram7> Smiledog is a made up story Mac
21:38 <Princess Platinum> test
21:38 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:38 <Macandcreepy1> really
21:38 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:38 <Septogram7> yeah
21:38 <Grammatik> yeah
21:38 <Macandcreepy1> its fake 
21:38 <Diamondzarebright> they areall made up 
21:38 <Grammatik> YEAH
21:38 <Septogram7> yup
21:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's a creepypasta monster about a haunted photo
21:38 <Grammatik> of a dog
21:38 <Jeffsson> A+
21:38 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff... 
21:38 <SarinaValentine562> Smiley 
21:38 <Princess Platinum> yey
21:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And yes it is indeed fake
21:39 <Jeffsson> what rene
21:39 <SarinaValentine562> :/
21:39 <Diamondzarebright> No stories on here are real 
21:39 <Macandcreepy1> thank god i thought it was real
21:39 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
21:39 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <Septogram7> well put Diamondz
21:39 <SarinaValentine562> You se the pocture
21:39 <Gilbals> Welp...Sleep calls to me. I'm a night owl so I'll see you peoples in the AM
21:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria I understand you have an obscene about of Clopfics....
21:39 <Macandcreepy1> yes iv seen the pic
21:39 <Diamondzarebright> *sighs* in my condition I'm surprised I said that 
21:39 <SarinaValentine562> damn it typo
21:39 <Septogram7> bye Gilbals
21:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Prammie!!
21:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:40 <Princess Platinum> get over it chris
21:40 <Jeffsson> maria
21:40 <Septogram7> Hi Pram
21:40 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:40 <Jeffsson> get you flank in da pm
21:40 -!- Gilbals has left Special:Chat.
21:40 <Finalclaw> omg guys
21:40 <Diamondzarebright> yeah go on run off together 
21:40 <Pramirez351> thats not 100 percent true diamondz
21:40 <Finalclaw> I was playing Final Fantasy 6
21:40 <Diamondzarebright> pretend I'm not here 
21:40 <Macandcreepy1> have you guys seen the real pictrue
21:40 <Pramirez351> hai zack
21:40 <Finalclaw> And I just noticed that they made a typo
21:40 <Diamondzarebright> While I cry 
21:40 <Pramirez351> hai septo :p
21:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria I wouldn't be concerned if you didn't use them to lure children...
21:41 <Finalclaw> The Snes version calls Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy THREE
21:41 <Septogram7> @Mac yes, it was a picture someone took of their dog for fun
21:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Diamonds, I hope everything works out for you :( *Hugs*
21:41 <Princess Platinum> WHAT
21:41 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <SarinaValentine562> Who wish go see the smiley pic jusy for vote who would look at the pic
21:41 <Diamondzarebright> It won't sadly 
21:41 <Princess Platinum> I do not
21:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria I'm afraid you're under arrest
21:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wat's wrong?
21:41 <Finalclaw> Final Fantasy Logic Broken...
21:41 <Diamondzarebright> thank god 
21:41 <Macandcreepy1> um guys...
21:41 <SarinaValentine562> Lol 
21:41 <Princess Platinum> nope
21:42 <Diamondzarebright> You took my Jeff 
21:42 <SarinaValentine562> 0-0
21:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm sorry maria but you're surrounded
21:42 <Princess Platinum> my jeff
21:42 <Macandcreepy1> i hear something in my attic
21:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So
21:42 <Rylee the Pegasis> Rene, what's wrong?
21:42 <Princess Platinum> and yull nevar get meh
21:42 <Diamondzarebright> You heard me 
21:42 <SarinaValentine562> Run jef run 
21:42 <Septogram7> @Rylee from what I can glean there is some type of conflict between Diamondz and Princess
21:42 <Macandcreepy1> it where i trashed the cpu that had the pictrue on it
21:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria don't run!
21:43 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:43 <Macandcreepy1> it broke so i got a new one 
21:43 <Princess Platinum> no you will run
21:43 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
21:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
21:43 <Jeffsson> stop maria
21:43 <Septogram7> Stop Fighting!
21:43 <Princess Platinum> why jeff
21:43 <LOLSKELETONS> fite
21:43 <Rylee the Pegasis> Stop
21:43 <Princess Platinum> they gun get meh
21:43 -!- Macandcreepy1 has left Special:Chat.
21:43 <Princess Platinum> im innocent ;-;
21:43 <Diamondzarebright> mhm
21:43 <Jeffsson> lol
21:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No u ain't
21:43 <Diamondzarebright> shut up Jeff 
21:44 <Jeffsson> veerrrryy innocent
21:44 <Septogram7> Never don't encourage!
21:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes?
21:44 <LOLSKELETONS> are you chris hanson
21:44 <Princess Platinum> where is the proof chris
21:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes I am
21:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The proof is....
21:44 <Diamondzarebright> I dated Jeff before you 
21:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I had it a second ago
21:44 <LOLSKELETONS> are you here with the party van
21:44 <Princess Platinum> exactly chris
21:44 <Jeffsson> /me gives up and sits in the corner
21:44 <Septogram7> Can't we all just get along?!
21:45 <Grammatik> nope
21:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Darn!
21:45 <Finalclaw> I am gonna play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe FOUR, see ya for some time..
21:45 <Pramirez351> hai skelly!
21:45 <LOLSKELETONS> hai pram
21:45 <Pramirez351> hey skelly, i was a temp. mod yesterday :3 it was awesome xd
21:45 <Pramirez351> xD*
21:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Septo I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline why don't you have a seat in here
21:45 <Finalclaw> Pram, what do you mean temp mod?
21:45 <Septogram7> sure
21:45 <Princess Platinum> im free whoo hoo
21:45 <Pramirez351> temporary final claw
21:46 <Diamondzarebright> (T_T) 
21:46 <Jeffsson> no you arent
21:46 <Finalclaw> I mean how pram
21:46 <Princess Platinum> why not
21:46 <Finalclaw> did a admin give you temporary chat mod rights?
21:46 <Pramirez351> so um, if there isnt any mods on, and an admin has to leave, then he leaves a temporary mod
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep
21:46 <Grammatik> yeah
21:46 <Finalclaw> oh
21:46 <Finalclaw> cool
21:46 <Finalclaw> Now
21:46 <Jeffsson> cuz i am here
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I suppose that it'll be to the most reliable user around.
21:46 <Septogram7> Final, can you link your pasta again?
21:46 <Pramirez351> maria did so because she trusts me :3 i feel speshul 
21:46 <Finalclaw> sure septo
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Besides making sure that user won't leave shortly, of course
21:46 <Grammatik> totally not me, then
21:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I want to ask why you have sexual pictures of flowers pollinating septo
21:46 <Grammatik> @ the first
21:47 <Grammatik> thingy
21:47 <Finalclaw>
21:47 <Finalclaw> Weirdly, the word mod pings me
21:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mod
21:47 <Princess Platinum> whoo hoo @jeff
21:47 <Finalclaw> DAMN IT NEVER
21:47 <Finalclaw> XD
21:47 <Princess Platinum> do i get a cookie
21:47 <Grammatik> mod
21:47 <Septogram7> Never I don't, and you cannot ask me those type of questions. it ois quite innapropriate considering my age and the ages of other users
21:47 <Jeffsson> (cookie)
21:47 <Princess Platinum> yiss
21:47 <Finalclaw> Well, cyber also pings me...
21:48 <Finalclaw> I give you TWO cookies plat
21:48 <Finalclaw> (cookie)(cookie)
21:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Flowers are inappropriate?
21:48 <Finalclaw> (flower)
21:48 <Grammatik> What did he ask, lol?
21:48 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm 16
21:48 <Finalclaw> damn it..
21:48 <Princess Platinum> no
21:48 <Princess Platinum> i only want one
21:48 <Diamondzarebright> Why does this hurt so much 
21:48 <Princess Platinum> and i already have it
21:48 <Grammatik> OH GOD
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Sarina
21:48 <Pramirez351> what are you doin diamondz? xD
21:48 <Grammatik> I saw it.
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What hurts, Diamond?
21:49 <Princess Platinum> what hurts?
21:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'll stop I guess
21:49 <Diamondzarebright> You know what Maria
21:49 <Septogram7> sorry Nev
21:49 <Diamondzarebright> you can have Jeff 
21:49 <Princess Platinum> uh...
21:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Since my evidence is non existent
21:49 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:49 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Np septo
21:49 <Diamondzarebright> not like he's touched me before 
21:49 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:49 <SarinaValentine562> Thanx you for welcoming back 
21:49 <Grammatik> wtf
21:49 <Diamondzarebright> in PM 
21:50 <Diamondzarebright> but you know
21:50 <Princess Platinum> >has no fucking idea whats happening
21:50 <SarinaValentine562> No clue
21:50 -!- Mr.JawaCofee has joined Special:Chat
21:50 <Princess Platinum> test
21:50 <Jeffsson> A+
21:50 <Mr.JawaCofee> F-
21:50 <Septogram7> I think I do know what is happening and I don't know either of you well . . . .
21:50 <SarinaValentine562> C
21:50 <Diamondzarebright> stop dating 
21:50 <Finalclaw> SKA HYMM GOLDED
21:50 <Princess Platinum> damn im a good student
21:50 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My dog is hungry... again
21:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:51 <Diamondzarebright> its not right 
21:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
21:51 <Finalclaw> septo
21:51 <Mr.JawaCofee> Chris Hansen!
21:51 <Finalclaw> why did you need my pastas link?
21:51 -!- Macandcreepy1 has joined Special:Chat
21:51 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:51 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
21:51 <Septogram7> I wanted to check it out again
21:51 <Princess Platinum> >_> stop dating
21:51 <Princess Platinum> wut
21:51 <Macandcreepy1> Spread the word
21:51 <Finalclaw> Oh, k
21:51 -!- Dead Master7 has left Special:Chat.
21:52 <Diamondzarebright> stop dating Jeff
21:52 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <Jeffsson> rene stop it
21:52 <Septogram7> Ok this is getting ridiculous! 
21:52 <Macandcreepy1> if you don't i will find you
21:52 <Princess Platinum> and now my pm is filled with cookies... and i cant open it because my ipad will crash
21:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What is?
21:52 <Grammatik> Stop the RP
21:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, really busy
21:52 <Diamondzarebright> We aren't Rping
21:53 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <Jeffsson> DAMN IT
21:53 -!- Multithelord has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <Septogram7> This catfighting!
21:53 <Grammatik> Pretending to date Jeff.
21:53 <Grammatik> Sure.
21:53 <Jeffsson> just immediately clear it
21:53 <Grammatik> Not RP at all.
21:53 <Princess Platinum> um..
21:53 <Princess Platinum> .haha
21:53 <Jeffsson> that always works'
21:53 <Princess Platinum> the thing is
21:53 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:53 <Grammatik> Refresh.
21:53 -!- Multithelord has left Special:Chat.
21:53 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <Princess Platinum> it isnt rp...
21:54 <Grammatik> What is it?
21:54 <Grammatik> I don't quite know the right word for it.
21:54 <Grammatik> .-.
21:54 <Pramirez351> hey diamondz PM
21:54 <Princess Platinum> Real?
21:54 <Princess Platinum> drama
21:54 <Septogram7> I'm out this is just ridiculous! isn't this what mod and admins are for?
21:54 <Princess Platinum> etc
21:54 <SarinaValentine562> I saw something
21:54 <Grammatik> Oh.
21:54 <Macandcreepy1> do you guys like pie
21:54 <Grammatik> Nope
21:54 <Macandcreepy1> yur gay
21:55 <Princess Platinum> im just trying to ignore her, i dun wanna kick her either
21:55 <Grammatik> Ahahah.
21:55 <Pramirez351> bye mac
21:55 <SarinaValentine562> i do 
21:55 <Septogram7> No Hate speech!\
21:55 -!- Macandcreepy1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Platinum
21:55 -!- Macandcreepy1 has left Special:Chat.
21:55 -!- Macandcreepy1 was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 86400 seconds.
21:55 <Grammatik> oh wow.
21:55 <Grammatik> that was... easy.
21:55 <Grammatik> .-.
21:55 <Septogram7> How can Reading get banned?
21:55 <Mr.JawaCofee> how long this time?
21:55 <Grammatik> Wait...
21:55 <Septogram7> oh nvr mind
21:55 <Pramirez351> diamondz, PM again girl
21:55 <Grammatik> Wasn't the dude using his friend's account?
21:55 <Pramirez351> hahaha nice septo xD
21:55 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:56 <Grammatik> Imagine his friend's face when he sees the ban.
21:56 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <Septogram7> yeah oops
21:56 <Mr.JawaCofee> how long is macandcreepy banned now?
21:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> One day
21:56 <Finalclaw> oh god
21:56 <SarinaValentine562> thanx u for the welcome back for -whyamIreadingthis-
21:56 <Mr.JawaCofee> eh, thats not bad
21:56 <Finalclaw> everytime someone pings me my game lags for a second
21:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It will be that dude's fault, Gramm
21:56 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <Grammatik> I know.
21:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You're welcome Sarina
21:57 <Finalclaw> its like ultra hardcore scgmd4
21:57 <SarinaValentine562> :)
21:57 <Grammatik> Users take all responsibility of accounts.
21:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now I suppose that sooner or later I'll receive a message from that user
21:57 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
21:57 <Jeffsson> and this is the story all about my life got turned upside down
21:57 <Septogram7> Well people should keep their personal dramz in pm
21:57 <Grammatik> ^
21:57 <Princess Platinum> i didnt bring it to main
21:57 <Princess Platinum> and i refuse to participate
21:58 <Mr.JawaCofee> people should keep personal drama in private TALKING, face to face
21:58 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
21:58 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
21:58 <Septogram7> well said Jawa
21:58 <Grammatik> Well said.
21:58 <Grammatik> .-.
21:58 <Devincooper64> got back from a totally legit bike ride
21:58 <Pramirez351> hai devin
21:58 <Grammatik> wow wb
21:58 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
21:58 <Mr.JawaCofee> seems legit.
21:58 <Devincooper64> didnt even use the handle bars
21:58 <Devincooper64> I just went handlebarless the entire time like
21:58 <Finalclaw> OMFG that was hard
21:58 <Devincooper64> "like a boss"
21:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Trying to write, brb people
21:59 <Mr.JawaCofee> i killed my boss
21:59 -!- James South has left Special:Chat.
21:59 <Devincooper64> congrats
21:59 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:00 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey, i edited a spell error in a pasta, and i forgot to click "minor edit". am i in deep shit?
22:00 -!- DarkStar8 has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <Devincooper64> because im in too deep
22:00 <Devincooper64> and im trying to keep
22:00 <Devincooper64> all the blood in my head
22:00 <Devincooper64> instead of going under
22:00 <Grammatik> .-.
22:00 <Devincooper64> again.
22:00 <Diamondzarebright> wat 
22:00 -!- James South has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <Devincooper64> sum 41
22:00 <Devincooper64> in too deep
22:01 <Devincooper64> or if you want a porno
22:01 <Devincooper64> into depp
22:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:01 <Mr.JawaCofee> Cheaper by the dozen - Sum 41 "In To Deep"?
22:01 <Septogram7> @Darkstar Did you choose that name bc of the Grateful Dead cover band of the same name?
22:01 <Septogram7> wb Rylee
22:01 <Rylee the Pegasis> thanks
22:01 <MagmaMan4488> /me sneaks up and whacks Devin with a loaf of stale french bread
22:01 -!- James South has left Special:Chat.
22:02 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Mr.JawaCofee takes out Leatherface's chainsaw and rips through MagmaMan4488's guts]]
22:02 <Septogram7> @Rylee I always welcome sanity and measured thinking
22:02 <Finalclaw> k guys...
22:02 <Devincooper64> /me dies
22:02 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
22:02 <Septogram7> wb Sarina
22:02 <Finalclaw> /me uses fenix down on devin
22:02 <Devincooper64> /me is still dead, stop it bitch
22:03 <Finalclaw> /me uses zombify on devin
22:03 <Finalclaw> MuiAHAHAH
22:03 <Mr.JawaCofee> how do i do the roleplay thing with the *?
22:03 <SarinaValentine562> Thanx for the welcome back
22:03 <Septogram7> anytime
22:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Use /me Jawa
22:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But don't overuse it, people
22:03 -!- Imafraidof.... has joined Special:Chat
22:03 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:03 <Mr.JawaCofee> Why i have a ?!
22:03 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <Imafraidof....> hey
22:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Remember that only minor roleplay is okay
22:03 <Imafraidof....> is slender real??
22:03 <Imafraidof....> please
22:03 <Septogram7> no
22:03 <Imafraidof....> i am afraid
22:03 <Mr.JawaCofee> why i have a question 
22:03 <Devincooper64> /me sits in an empty apartment, tied to a chair, blood runs down his side. How did i get here, he asks.
22:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, it isn't real
22:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ask it, Jawa
22:03 <SarinaValentine562> I trust some people within some role play chat
22:04 <Septogram7> Slenderman is not real
22:04 <Imafraidof....> but i've read all the stories
22:04 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:04 <Septogram7> thearey  fake
22:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> That doesn't make it real
22:04 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:04 <Mr.JawaCofee> i edited a pasta with a spelling error, and i forgot to click minor edit. am i in trouble?
22:04 <Imafraidof....> and im afraid of the blue screen of death in the game slender
22:04 -!- DarkStar8 has left Special:Chat.
22:04 <Devincooper64> ban 5eva
22:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No Jawa, that is okay
22:04 <Mr.JawaCofee> oh, thanks why.
22:04 <SarinaValentine562> It be okay people
22:04 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
22:05 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
22:05 <Septogram7> Sarina I haven't seen you around. Are you new?
22:05 <Mr.JawaCofee> Im afraid of MooseJuice
22:05 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
22:05 <Imafraidof....> has anyone saw slender??
22:05 <Mr.JawaCofee> ^ fail
22:05 <Devincooper64> there is so much stupid in that sentence 
22:05 <Imafraidof....> dude
22:05 <Septogram7> That would be impossible bc he IS NOT REAL!
22:05 <Imafraidof....> i saw him
22:05 <Imafraidof....> in the woods
22:05 <Imafraidof....> he stood there
22:05 <Septogram7> than take your meds
22:05 <SarinaValentine562> Yep I very quite new rare girl within in here
22:05 <Devincooper64> ugh, its those 8 year olds I always joke about
22:05 -!- DarkStar8 has joined Special:Chat
22:05 <Mr.JawaCofee> (faceplam) Slenderman is fucking FAKE, creator said so
22:05 <Devincooper64> the ones who call slendy slender
22:05 <Devincooper64> and say they see him
22:06 <Devincooper64> ---
22:06 <Devincooper64> -_-
22:06 <Septogram7> Well I like you Sarina, you are chill
22:06 <Imafraidof....> dude i swear
22:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It was a tree, Imafraid
22:06 <Devincooper64> dude I swear im not drunk
22:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is embarrasing to think a tree was Slenderman
22:06 <Devincooper64> seriously
22:06 <Grammatik> Oh fuck, newbs
22:06 <Imafraidof....> i have a fucking photo!
22:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Of a tree?
22:06 -!- Imafraidof.... has left Special:Chat.
22:06 <SarinaValentine562> Well my name is calm 
22:06 <Devincooper64> pics or it didnt freaking happen
22:06 <Septogram7> we were all newbs once . .. .
22:06 <Devincooper64> hehe
22:06 <Devincooper64> loser.
22:07 -!- DarkStar8 has left Special:Chat.
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But most of us didn't come claiming to have seen Slenderman, Septo
22:07 <Devincooper64> gosh, I really hope i wasnt THAT annoying when I first joined.
22:07 <Mr.JawaCofee> he joined today
22:07 <Devincooper64> is there any logs I can see if so?
22:07 <Septogram7> true
22:07 <Septogram7> He is probably young
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Possibly
22:07 <Devincooper64> seems like hes 9 
22:07 <Mr.JawaCofee> listen, why don't we go in back and shag?
22:07 <SarinaValentine562> Wow I didn't know many people can be rude some time
22:08 <Devincooper64> humanity strives for rudeness
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The thing is that most of us are fed up with people claiming to have seen pasta monsters, Sarina
22:08 <Devincooper64> it helps them cope with their own issues
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I guess that we can't avoid being rude at those people
22:08 <Septogram7> When I first got into creepypatsa I went through a period where I wouldn't walk my dog at night
22:08 <Grammatik> Bro
22:08 <Grammatik> I'm rude 24/7
22:08 <Septogram7> Then I realized I was being silly
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, now we all went in that, Septo
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I myself felt uneasy at night
22:08 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Devincooper64> when I first got into creepypasta I would run like hel whenever I went outside at night
22:08 <Mr.JawaCofee> when i read my first pasta, i was afraid of my Majora's Mask cartridge
22:08 <Devincooper64> thinking that something bad was going to happen
22:08 <Devincooper64> ._.
22:08 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:08 <SarinaValentine562> Well I saw the gromreaper an other thing that I shouldn't say
22:09 <Grammatik> I already was hallucinating
22:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What is the gromreaper?
22:09 <Devincooper64> I saw the pram in the woods
22:09 <Devincooper64> that was scary
22:09 <SarinaValentine562> I mean to say grim reaper
22:09 <Grammatik> so it just got worse for me
22:09 <Mr.JawaCofee> hey look, an old spam page on the pasta! [[Meatspin]]!
22:09 <Mr.JawaCofee> to bad it was deleted
22:09 <Septogram7> There is enough to be afraid of in this world without fake monsters
22:09 <Mr.JawaCofee> lolno
22:09 <Grammatik> 08:40, April 24, 2013 LOLSKELETONS (talk | contribs) deleted page Meatspin (lolno)
22:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yeah, that is true
22:09 <Grammatik> >lolno
22:09 <Septogram7> I think sometimes creepypasta can be a distraction from life's real terrors
22:10 <Septogram7> an escape if you will
22:10 <Devincooper64> life as we know it is a lie
22:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If they go as far as pretending to have seen them, then yes...
22:10 <Devincooper64> everything we are fed in the media are lies
22:10 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:10 <Devincooper64> our ends are near
22:10 <Devincooper64> and we dont know it
22:10 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:10 <Septogram7> I know it
22:10 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Fuck]] Spam page
22:11 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Mr.JawaCofee> can an admin delete this?
22:11 <SarinaValentine562> I should be see many weird thing in my life so I wonder why do I continue see more worst thing than death it self
22:11 <Grammatik> [[penis]]
22:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It doesn't exist, Jawa
22:11 <Grammatik> this existed
22:11 <Mr.JawaCofee> oh, okay then
22:11 <Septogram7> Within most of our lifetimes global warming will cause 10s of millions of overland refugees on every continent fleeing drought in the equatorial zones and water at the shores
22:11 <SarinaValentine562> Gram are u a pervo
22:11 <Grammatik> no
22:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:12 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:12 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[Pussy]] lolno
22:12 <Grammatik> people have been talking about genitals for the past 12 hours and you're calling me a perv.
22:12 <Grammatik>  logic
22:12 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:13 <Finalclaw> logic has never entered this chat
22:13 <Grammatik> ahahahah
22:13 <Grammatik> when it did, she left
22:13 <Grammatik> .-.
22:13 <Septogram7> it does now and again
22:13 <Septogram7> logic that is
22:13 <Finalclaw> no, like, the user logic has never entered this chat
22:13 <Finalclaw> XD
22:13 <Septogram7> ah
22:14 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:14 <Septogram7> wb Sarina
22:14 <Grammatik> [[User:Logic]]
22:14 <Grammatik> yeah
22:14 <SarinaValentine562> Shut up I was just reloading okay
22:14 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[asdf]] >Horrible Troll Pasta
22:15 <Septogram7> Devin?
22:15 <Devincooper64> yo
22:15 <Grammatik> I just said you left. Calm your tits.
22:15 <Grammatik> ._.
22:15 <Septogram7> @Devin what do you think of my Climate Change prediction?
22:15 <SarinaValentine562> Don't say those word at the end
22:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> i made a bong out of PVC pipe today
22:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> tits?
22:16 <Grammatik> those words at the end
22:16 <Grammatik> ;D
22:16 <Devincooper64> my theory is that the government since dya one has been making false flags to ban guns, then they will send us off to fema camps and kill us
22:16 <Grammatik> .-.
22:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> can i say titties?
22:16 <Septogram7> Oh Alex Jones theories?
22:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> or jugs?
22:16 <Mr.JawaCofee> or bags of fun?
22:16 <SarinaValentine562> "Turn red an turn away facepalm"oh my forget it
22:17 <Grammatik> tiiiiitties.
22:17 <Mr.JawaCofee> k
22:17 <Grammatik> k
22:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:17 <Septogram7> stop with the tit talk my mom has breast cancer
22:17 <SarinaValentine562> "Still red so very sentive to chatting words"
22:17 <Mr.JawaCofee> cant tell if serious or lye
22:18 <Septogram7> Its true, she has only 3 radiation treatments left
22:18 <Mr.JawaCofee> /me loves fun bags with nipples
22:18 <Devincooper64> I present to you all
22:18 <Devincooper64> this idea
22:18 <Grammatik> Hope she gets well.
22:18 <Grammatik> .-.
22:18 <Devincooper64> hitley themed valentines
22:18 <Devincooper64> hitler
22:18 <Septogram7> Thanks Gramm
22:18 <Devincooper64> like "be mein"
22:18 <Grammatik> I've seen them
22:18 <Mr.JawaCofee> no, Suicide Bomber Valentines
22:18 <Devincooper64> you have/
22:18 <Devincooper64> damn.
22:18 <Septogram7> oh Devin that is wrong
22:18 <SarinaValentine562> "Face turn red" stop saying tit okay
22:19 <Mr.JawaCofee> "IS your dad a suicide bomber, cause girl you da bomb!"
22:19 <Mr.JawaCofee> tit
22:19 <Grammatik> tatas.
22:19 <Grammatik> tetas.
22:19 <Grammatik> tats.
22:19 <Devincooper64> well im leaving until ou all die down
22:19 <Grammatik> I'll never die.
22:19 <Grammatik> .-.
22:19 <Septogram7> If it makes Sarina uncomfortable what you are doing is tantamount to harassing her
22:20 <Septogram7> g night Devin
22:20 <Devincooper64> wut
22:20 <Mr.JawaCofee> no, its just unwanted talk, unless its targeted to her, or thats what i know
22:20 <Devincooper64> its like 4:920 here
22:20 <SarinaValentine562> "Still red an fainted"
22:20 <Devincooper64> 4:20
22:20 <Devincooper64> blaze it
22:20 <Grammatik> LOL
22:20 <Mr.JawaCofee> the next person to type has aids
22:20 <Finalclaw> pinged
22:20 <Mr.JawaCofee> Very clever, chat
22:20 <Septogram7> 420 huh?
22:20 <Devincooper64> mr jawa
22:20 <Devincooper64> go away
22:20 <Devincooper64> you annoy me
22:20 <Grammatik> gu awai
22:20 <Grammatik> ; v;
22:21 <Mr.JawaCofee> no
22:21 <Grammatik> i was joking lol
22:21 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
22:21 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:21 <Mr.JawaCofee> Co
22:21 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:21 <Mr.JawaCofee> CoD. cod. cod is a fish
22:21 <Devincooper64> pablo honey has a lot of good songs
22:21 <Septogram7> I am out like a lake trout
22:21 <Devincooper64> I never realized 
22:21 <Devincooper64> stop whispering, how do you, blow out
22:21 <Devincooper64> to name a few
22:21 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
22:21 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
22:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:22 <Finalclaw> XD
22:22 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:22 <Finalclaw> stupid slow internet..
22:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <Mr.JawaCofee> justin bieber has a lot of good songs
22:22 <Finalclaw> oh crap
22:22 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <Grammatik> like nothing
22:22 <Mr.JawaCofee> ___, ___, ___
22:22 <Finalclaw> Princess Platinum
22:22 <Mr.JawaCofee> to name a few
22:22 <Devincooper64> good justin bieber song?
22:23 <Grammatik> She's deaf.
22:23 <Grammatik> For now.
22:23 <Devincooper64> hmmmm
22:23 <Finalclaw> bad...
22:23 <Devincooper64> u smile
22:23 <Finalclaw> Lolskeletons
22:23 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
22:23 <Mr.JawaCofee> i LOVE going to JB concerts!!!!!!
22:23 <Diamondzarebright> o.o 
22:23 <Finalclaw> Damn...
22:23 <Diamondzarebright> JB... 
22:23 <Grammatik> .-.
22:23 <Devincooper64> youre doing it wrong final claw
22:23 <Mr.JawaCofee> my favorite part is the when i take a piss and drink beer in the bathroom before i watch them
22:23 <Devincooper64> mor elike this
22:23 <Devincooper64> SKELLY
22:23 <Finalclaw> WhyAmIReadingThis
22:23 <Diamondzarebright> is that in the dictionary?
22:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes?
22:24 <Finalclaw> Phew
22:24 <Finalclaw> We need an active staff person...
22:24 <Grammatik> .-.
22:24 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:24 <Mr.JawaCofee> sarina why u keep leaving
22:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If I'm needed, just ping me!
22:24 <Finalclaw> everyone else is away...
22:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:24 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Jawa, sometimes they don't even notice they leave and join
22:25 <Finalclaw> reading
22:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Asking other people about it isn't good idea
22:25 <Mr.JawaCofee> oh, k
22:25 <Finalclaw> I am going afk too
22:25 <Grammatik> for example
22:25 <SarinaValentine562> My page is so mess up
22:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay!
22:25 <Finalclaw> but we nee an staff person...
22:25 <Grammatik> when I put my laptop in lock mode it closes chat
22:25 <Grammatik> like why the hell
22:25 <Grammatik> .-.
22:25 <Finalclaw> lol gramm
22:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading, good news
22:25 <SarinaValentine562> -.-
22:25 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Tell them Zack!
22:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I think I'm getting over my Writers Block finally xD
22:26 <Devincooper64> lolnope
22:26 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Devincooper64> /me shoves zack back into block
22:26 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and i was lyk bbby bbyyy byyy noooo
22:26 -!- Frequenttraveler has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn you Devi!
22:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Devin* xD
22:26 <Devincooper64> you know what we need more of?
22:26 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
22:26 -!- Frequenttraveler has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <Mr.JawaCofee> /me has died due to JB ear bleed syndrome
22:26 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:26 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <Devincooper64> shrek x shadow
22:26 <Grammatik> no
22:26 <Grammatik> .-.
22:26 <Devincooper64> yes.
22:26 <Grammatik> nuuu
22:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Devincooper64> yees
22:26 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
22:27 <Grammatik> .-.
22:27 <Grammatik> nope
22:27 <Devincooper64> ._.
22:27 <Devincooper64> yup
22:27 <Grammatik> eh k
22:27 <Devincooper64> yay
22:27 <Diamondzarebright> just go (why) 
22:27 <Devincooper64> IMMA PLAY SOME GAMES
22:27 <Devincooper64> bai
22:27 <Grammatik> I must go piss
22:27 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
22:27 <Grammatik> brb
22:27 <Grammatik> bai dev
22:28 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
22:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> I walked one day, and I felt weird. Poop was in my stomache, but I couldn't tell if it was poopy...
22:28 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[poop]] what in the world?
22:28 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
22:28 <Diamondzarebright> ugh Poop? 
22:29 <Diamondzarebright> Haven't heard that word in awhile
22:29 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <SarinaValentine562> So much lag 
22:29 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
22:30 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
22:30 <Mr.JawaCofee>  dicksexy dick 
22:30 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[dicks]]
22:30 <Grammatik> back.
22:30 <Grammatik> .-.
22:30 <Finalclaw> back
22:30 <Finalclaw> lol
22:30 <Grammatik> [[assdick penisfuck]]
22:30 -!- SarinaValentine562 has left Special:Chat.
22:30 <Finalclaw> lol
22:30 <Grammatik> not really
22:31 <Finalclaw> K, so...
22:31 <Finalclaw> All the staff is away...
22:31 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
22:31 <Grammatik> It's just us two.
22:31 <Grammatik> And Neve
22:31 <Grammatik> Hi there
22:31 <Finalclaw> OH GOD
22:31 <Finalclaw> NO
22:31 <Grammatik> Us three
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm not away
22:31 <Grammatik> NO NOT LIKE THAT
22:31 <Grammatik> Us four
22:31 <Finalclaw> Oh goody reading
22:31 <Finalclaw> phew
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Staff GTFO
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Guys, wall of text
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> i loved yume nikki it was a fun game i had never played for 18 years the i began to play i was a dark tinted room 
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> madotsuki said: where are you?. what i thought then she walked through her door and then i heard screams 
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> the sounded very loudly and it horrified me then an image a mangled uboa appeared and the screaming stopped 
22:31 <WhyAmIReadingThis> i sobbed for 2 minutes then it closed i never played yume nikki again!
22:32 <Finalclaw> Its really weird when the place is unmitorrned..
22:32 <Grammatik> Saw it lol
22:32 <Grammatik> The funny thing is
22:32 <Mr.JawaCofee> [[cockslaps]]
22:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Now it is my turn to sob for two minutes
22:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Just for reading that
22:32 <Finalclaw> lol
22:32 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has left Special:Chat.
22:32 <Grammatik> Yume Nikki didn't exist for 18 years
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> reading that hurt my intelligence
22:32 <Grammatik> like wow
22:32 -!- MuscularGuy228LOVESFEMALEBODYBUILDERS has joined Special:Chat
22:32 <Grammatik> My IQ dropped to dickshoe
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Seriously how does one hurt another's intelligence
22:33 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <Finalclaw> I just avert my eyes from primitive words...
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Dino
22:33 <Dinorauria 2> While the cats are away, the mouse will play.
22:33 <Dinorauria 2> Hi lee.
22:33 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Dino
22:34 <Dinorauria 2> Hello Reading
22:34 <Grammatik> hi dino
22:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> Guys Wall of text: I got a game from an old guy at a garage sale for free. it was nostalgic. there was hyper realistic blood on the charicter. he had no eyes. he said a catchphrase. i kept playing. a skeleton pooped out. i left it alone. i lost it
22:34 <Grammatik> .-.
22:34 <Dinorauria 2> And Grammatik
22:34 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
22:34 <Grammatik> >charicter
22:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> HAIL GRAMMER!
22:34 <Grammatik> brb sobbing for 2 minutes
22:34 <Mr.JawaCofee> Grammer Nazi!
22:34 <Finalclaw> Thats the usual gamepasta jawa
22:34 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <Grammatik> GRAMMAR*
22:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jawa that pasta gave my eyes diarrhea
22:34 <Grammatik> ^
22:34 <Finalclaw> even the grammar is the same way
22:34 <Dinorauria 2> Lol
22:35 <Grammatik> .-.
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was literally crying shit
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LOL
22:35 <Grammatik> Taking a piss after 12 something hours feels great
22:35 <Grammatik> try it
22:35 <Mr.JawaCofee>  
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot
22:35 <Finalclaw> WALL O' TEXT: I was happy and my life was good, then some beast came, I got curious and died, and am typing this from my grave, the end
22:35 -!- Someone dB has joined Special:Chat
22:35 <Grammatik> Spaec bar
22:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi dB
22:36 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:36 <Someone dB> hi
22:36 -!- SarinaValentine562 has joined Special:Chat
22:36 <Grammatik> Hi Someone
22:36 <Someone dB> hello
22:36 <Finalclaw> wtf jawa
22:36 <Grammatik> How're you?
22:36 <Finalclaw> your text thing was empty..
22:36 <Finalclaw>  
22:36 <Someone dB> i am fine
22:36 <Finalclaw> oh yeah..ç.
22:36 <Grammatik> >ç
22:36 <SarinaValentine562> So much progress words
22:36 <Grammatik> Lol'd
22:36 <Dinorauria 2> That awkward moment when you need to use the bathroom. Brb guys.
22:36 <Someone dB> i am confused
22:36 <Grammatik> Final
22:37 <Grammatik> Where you from
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> > confused
22:37 <Finalclaw> Brazil
22:37 <SarinaValentine562> I know right
22:37 <Grammatik> Dat ç.
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Budy u don't even know
22:37 <Finalclaw> XD
22:37 -!- Someone dB has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <Grammatik> I have it on my keyboard.
22:37 <Grammatik> xD
22:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
22:37 <Grammatik> Bai
22:37 -!- Realm of Freya has joined Special:Chat
22:37 <Finalclaw> Holy od
22:37 <Realm of Freya> srs guise
22:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai read
22:38 <Realm of Freya> Why so many bronies?
22:38 <Finalclaw> I almost died right there
22:38 <SarinaValentine562> Bye
22:38 <Finalclaw> I searched for my pasta, and for two seconds it was empty!
22:38 <Realm of Freya> And who the fuck is LOLSKELETONS?
22:38 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Grammatik> Your mom
22:38 <Finalclaw> the admin
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Wait, I'm staying for a while
22:38 <Finalclaw> a admin
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> An Admin
22:38 <SarinaValentine562> Hehe lol
22:38 <Grammatik> lolol
22:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm Chris Hansen not a brony
22:38 <Finalclaw> NINJA'Ed
22:38 <Grammatik> im