23:36 <Creepypastalover1212> Exactly.
23:36 <Devincooper64> shit, we get pretty deep here
23:36 <Creepypastalover1212> Oh yeah
23:36 <Devincooper64> we should make a creepy pastaa advice/philosophy book
23:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Take me for example, I'm constantly getting judged by arrow-minded idiots
23:36 <CrashingCymbal> I'm so deep right now I'm melting in Magma
23:36 <Devincooper64> it would sell like hot cakes
23:36 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <CrashingCymbal> Ow.
23:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yet those who get to know me all end up liking their decision
23:36 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Fapple
23:36 <Fappleberry> So. Fucking. Uncomfortable.
23:36 <Fappleberry> Yo.
23:36 <Creepypastalover1212> Fapple
23:37 <Fappleberry> Hi.
23:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don't judge others unless they judge me
23:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don't need to, it's pointless
23:37 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, need to pee and go to bed.
23:37 <CrashingCymbal> AT THE SAME TIME
23:37 <Fappleberry> Pee IN the bed!
23:37 <CrashingCymbal> Not rly though
23:37 <Creepypastalover1212> Best advice from fapple
23:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sleep while peeing!
23:37 <Vegeta565> Thank you guys  you know what  you guys are right i'l be right back
23:37 -!- RaewyckCrysis has left Special:Chat.
23:37 <Creepypastalover1212> Okay :)
23:37 <Devincooper64> where you going?
23:37 -!- Danatblair has left Special:Chat.
23:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay Vegeta
23:38 <Devincooper64> well damn guys, who wants to do an advice business with me?
23:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:38 <Devincooper64> we are great at this.
23:38 <Vegeta565> i'm going to one preson that beat me up every day
23:38 <Creepypastalover1212> ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:38 <Devincooper64> and do what?
23:38 <Vegeta565> something
23:39 <Devincooper64> please specify
23:39 <Devincooper64> dont do anything stupid
23:39 <Devincooper64> that will turn you into a monster.
23:39 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:39 <Devincooper64> like, dont kill him or anything.
23:39 <Devincooper64> or her.
23:39 <Devincooper64> or it.
23:39 <Creepypastalover1212> Rock a by baby,
23:39 <Creepypastalover1212> On the tree top,
23:39 <Creepypastalover1212> When the wind blows,
23:39 <Creepypastalover1212> The bass will drop
23:39 <Vegeta565> i'm not that mean 
23:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Spam...
23:39 -!- Creepypastalover1212 was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
23:39 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has left Special:Chat.
23:39 <Devincooper64> what the f***
23:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And Vegeta, want some last minute advice?
23:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:40 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has joined Special:Chat
23:40 <CrashingCymbal> Oh wow
23:40 <Vegeta565> sure
23:40 <Fappleberry> One day, I'm gonna go to someone that bullied me as a kid, give them a biiiiig long kiss, then grab their ass and whisper in their ear "I just gave you aids."
23:40 <Fappleberry> THis will only work if I acquire aids and have a cut in my mouth in the future.
23:40 <CrashingCymbal> I just got back
23:40 <Creepypastalover1212> Thanks, @WhyAmIReadingThis
23:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:40 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
23:41 <Vegeta565> brb
23:41 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
23:41 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
23:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Violence is never the answer, if you give into it, it will only worsen the situation. If you can settle situations with words, with kindness and honour, it will make you stronger and a better person
23:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Harmo
23:41 <Harmonex> Violence is sometimes an answer.
23:41 <Vegeta565> ok thanks Zack
23:41 <Vegeta565> bye
23:41 <Devincooper64> Whoever is beating on you, dont stoop to their level, be five levels above, hell, try to make sense with the enemy, befriend the enemy, sleep with the enemy
23:41 <Fappleberry> Giving someone aids > Violence
23:41 <Devincooper64> ok. you dont need to do that.
23:41 <Harmonex> I should say, sometimes THE answer.
23:41 <Creepypastalover1212> I agree with fapple
23:41 <Devincooper64> brb
23:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:41 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
23:42 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Maria?
23:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Princess Platinum?
23:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:42 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <Devincooper64> oh no everyone left
23:43 <Fappleberry> : D
23:43 <Devincooper64> violence isnt the answer
23:43 <Devincooper64> Fear is the answer
23:43 <CrashingCymbal> :D
23:43 <Creepypastalover1212> Are they getting kicked out or...........
23:43 <Creepypastalover1212> :D
23:43 <Devincooper64> when we fight wars all we do is try to inflict more fear on the enemy
23:43 <CrashingCymbal> No, just leaving
23:43 <Devincooper64> no theyre just
23:43 <Devincooper64> what he said
23:43 <Devincooper64> or she
23:43 <Devincooper64> or it
23:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> They leave by their own accord, pastalover
23:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sorry, connection problem
23:44 -!- Moria Fox has joined Special:Chat
23:44 <Devincooper64> you of course have to buy a creepypasta gold membership to leave at your own accord
23:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Moria
23:44 <Devincooper64> all payments are sent to my pay pal
23:44 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
23:44 <Creepypastalover1212> Oh.
23:44 <Vegeta565> Back 
23:44 <Devincooper64> 10 dollars for a year.
23:44 <Devincooper64> so what did you do vegeta?
23:44 <Vegeta565> what do you think i did
23:45 <Devincooper64> killed him/her/it
23:45 <Fappleberry> Oops
23:45 <Fappleberry> I bet he had a dance off with him/her!
23:45 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has left Special:Chat.
23:45 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has joined Special:Chat
23:45 <Devincooper64> no he invited him/her/and or it to dinner
23:45 <Devincooper64> and then they will have a romantic meal and get married
23:45 <Creepypastalover1212> oh
23:45 <Fappleberry> otp
23:45 <Creepypastalover1212> ooohh
23:45 <Vegeta565> haha no Devin and your right Fapple
23:45 <Fappleberry> otpppp
23:45 <Devincooper64> damn :/
23:46 <Vegeta565> and geuss who won
23:46 <Devincooper64> me.
23:46 <Devincooper64> brb
23:46 <Creepypastalover1212> Me, obviously.
23:46 <Jeffsson> maybe
23:46 <Vegeta565> me i won the dance battle 
23:46 <Creepypastalover1212> DAMMIT!
23:46 <Vegeta565> haha 
23:47 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has joined Special:Chat
23:47 <Vegeta565> I feel a lot better now its like darkness just got pushed away
23:47 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has left Special:Chat.
23:47 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has joined Special:Chat
23:48 <Creepypastalover1212> Awesome! :D
23:48 <GreenYoshi2013> hello
23:48 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has left Special:Chat.
23:48 <Vegeta565> hello Yoshi
23:48 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has joined Special:Chat
23:48 <Pramirez351> lag?
23:48 <GreenYoshi2013> Finalclaw, Where are you D: Get out of AFK :(
23:48 <Devincooper64> wait, did you really have a dance battle, or is that a metaphor for something?
23:49 <Harmonex> I have to say, I really like DDR.
23:49 <Creepypastalover1212> We'll just go with dance battle.
23:49 <Harmonex> The song gets old, but the game never does.
23:49 <Vegeta565> really had a dance battle
23:49 -!- Sparkarez has joined Special:Chat
23:49 <Devincooper64> sounds badass
23:49 -!- Moria Fox has left Special:Chat.
23:49 <GreenYoshi2013> I like the just dance series. I wish you could make custom songs and dances for those games though
23:49 <Devincooper64> well arent we just nice little people with advice help
23:49 <Devincooper64> green yoshi
23:49 <Devincooper64> you can do that with step mania
23:49 <CrashingCymbal> Read -
23:49 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
23:50 <Vegeta565> yeah and what made me win is my break dancing
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Anja
23:50 <Devincooper64> then use a ddr mat + an hdmi cord
23:50 <GreenYoshi2013> O_O I can? Sweet...
23:50 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
23:50 <Devincooper64> step mania is a pc game
23:50 <Devincooper64> but you can transfer it to certain games
23:50 <Harmonex> Step Mania is awesome, but my steel mat wouldn't connect to it.  I had too many coords to adapt the PS2 to USB.
23:50 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
23:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye people
23:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Deleted, Cymbal
23:50 <Devincooper64> and it works with mats,
23:50 <Sparkarez> Hello everyone. I just got done retaking my stupid ass writing test.
23:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Reading
23:50 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
23:50 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
23:50 <Harmonex> The signal wasn't strong enough to get through.
23:50 <GreenYoshi2013> Ill do some research to see if I can run it under Wine on Ubuntu 13.04 (That's my primary OS)
23:50 <CrashingCymbal> How did it go, Spark?
23:51 <Harmonex> StepMania is open source.  I wouldn't be surprised if they have a *nix version.
23:51 <Sparkarez> The story I wrote so so weird and stupid.
23:51 -!- Moria Fox has joined Special:Chat
23:51 <Sparkarez> was*
23:51 <Anna Monroe> Privet Crash, Devin, others
23:51 <Devincooper64> does anyone else need advice, me, creepypasta girl, why am i are really good at it
23:51 <Harmonex> Frets On Fire is another good open source series.  Custom GH tracks.
23:51 <Devincooper64> what about me?
23:51 <GreenYoshi2013> Oh yeah, the website says Windows, Mac, and Linux! Cool
23:51 <Devincooper64> frets on fire crashes on my pc all the time
23:52 <Devincooper64> so I have never played it actually
23:52 <Harmonex> I had no trouble with it on my 4-year-old laptop.
23:52 <Creepypastalover1212> What's the difference between horny and hungry?
23:52 <Harmonex> ...
23:52 <Harmonex> ...
23:52 <Creepypastalover1212> Where you put the cucumber
23:52 <Devincooper64> horny can lead to babies
23:52 <Creepypastalover1212> HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
23:52 <Devincooper64> hungry does not
23:52 <Sparkarez> First I wrote a story about a ghost dog with an eyepatch, then I wrote a story about an old lady that loses her pet newt.
23:52 <Devincooper64> oh.
23:52 <Devincooper64> haha
23:52 <GreenYoshi2013> Wait a minute... Holy crap, Ive played this game before... I just didnt have a dance pad at the time D:
23:52 -!- An Author has joined Special:Chat
23:52 <Devincooper64> you can also use a key pad
23:52 <Devincooper64> but yeah usb dance mats work with it
23:52 <Harmonex> I actually made a song for StepMania once.  I could have made the steps better, though...
23:53 <Devincooper64> you should get the MLP season 1 pack ._.
23:53 <GreenYoshi2013> But then it wouldnt be as fun >:D
23:53 <Devincooper64> jk
23:53 <GreenYoshi2013> with a keypad
23:53 <Devincooper64> or not
23:53 <Devincooper64> depends if you are into them I guess
23:53 <Creepypastalover1212> I remember DDR! I loved to play that game. I could never play on expert, though.
23:53 <An Author> Can you kill a man with a USB dance pad
23:53 <Harmonex> There's a program called Dancing Monkeys that will get the sync on a song up for you, and even create some demo steps to get you started.
23:53 <Vegeta565> Brb someone is knocking on my door
23:53 <Devincooper64> thats cool
23:54 -!- An Author has left Special:Chat.
23:54 <Devincooper64> oh the illuminati dogs have arrived vegeta
23:54 <Devincooper64> >:D
23:54 <Sparkarez> I bet they won't even accept my half assed essays. Theyll tell me "take this shit back"
23:54 -!- FantasyPhantom has joined Special:Chat
23:54 <Devincooper64> then make them full assed
23:54 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Fanta sea
23:54 <Devincooper64> give it all you got
23:54 <FantasyPhantom> Ellur.
23:54 <Devincooper64> if you acknowledged they are half assed that is reason enough to fic them
23:54 <Devincooper64> fix*
23:54 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <Vegeta565> brb
23:55 <Creepypastalover1212> Is this real life
23:55 <Creepypastalover1212> Is this just a fantasy
23:55 <Creepypastalover1212> Caught in landslide,
23:55 <Creepypastalover1212> No escape from reality
23:55 <Anna Monroe> Gaine!
23:55 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> hh
23:55 <Anna Monroe> *hugs the supposed 13 year old*
23:55 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
23:55 <Sparkarez> Who's supposed 13?
23:55 <GreenYoshi2013> Can anyone recommend a dance pad for StepMania? The recommened one on the website costs way to much on Amazon
23:56 <Jeffsson> herp derp
23:56 <Harmonex> Ah, they are very very pricey.
23:56 <Harmonex> If you want a metal mat, expect over $100.
23:56 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> eBay? Craigslist?
23:56 <Anna Monroe> ^ him
23:56 <Harmonex> If you want a $20 mat, expect it to slide around.
23:56 -!- Astral longshadow has joined Special:Chat
23:56 <Harmonex> There's a cheap solution, though.
23:56 -!- Astral longshadow has left Special:Chat.
23:56 <Creepypastalover1212> Welcome Astral
23:56 <Devincooper64> green yoshi
23:56 <GreenYoshi2013> I was thinking foam because I read that metal pads can break easier
23:56 <Devincooper64> do you own a USB dance mat?
23:56 <GreenYoshi2013> no devincooper64
23:57 <Harmonex> We used a velcro substance to stick it to the floor.  Duct tape should work, too.  You can then use cheap mats on high-difficulty songs without it sliding.
23:57 <Devincooper64> ah
23:57 <Anna Monroe> a lot of  people are in their teens Sparkarez
23:57 <Devincooper64> this chat is filled with teens
23:57 <Devincooper64> a pedo's paradise 
23:57 <Harmonex> I had the money for a metal mat, and don't regret it.  I want to get one that is designed for USB, though.
23:57 <Creepypastalover1212> I thought they went after like children
23:57 <Harmonex> Or maybe the USB port on my laptop isn't strong enough to get through all the adapters.
23:57 -!- Moria Fox has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <Harmonex> I could try on my brother's laptop.
23:57 <Jeffsson> maria
23:57 <Harmonex> Er, desktop.
23:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Spurdo sparde
23:58 <Harmonex> I will admit that I'm actually 25.
23:58 <Jeffsson> ping maria ping
23:58 <Devincooper64> im 14
23:58 <Devincooper64> almost 15
23:58 <Harmonex> The children in this chat give "cp" a whole other meaning...
23:58 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> omg
23:58 <GreenYoshi2013> okay i found a 16 dollar used pad on amazon with insanely good reviews, and if it slides ill silly putty it to the floor
23:58 <Anna Monroe> same diff 1212
23:58 <Devincooper64> LOL
23:58 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I just noticed that up there
23:58 <Devincooper64> then buy it 
23:58 <Devincooper64> :D
23:59 <Anna Monroe> hey Creepypastalover1212? do you have a name that's easier to go by?
23:59 <Harmonex> It WILL wear out after a while.
23:59 <GreenYoshi2013> i will soon, just gotta earn the money... i admit im 14
23:59 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> "Get along or face punishment in Uncle Lolskeletons' giggle basement"
23:59 <Harmonex> ^CPlover
23:59 <Anna Monroe> yes, it's funny
23:59 <Creepypastalover1212> You can just call me CPL, Anna
23:59 <Anna Monroe> actually, that's a lot of people's names...
23:59 <Creepypastalover1212> Really? 
23:59 <Anna Monroe> so no something else. 
23:59 <Anna Monroe> yeah
23:59 <Creepypastalover1212> Just call me Macy.
23:59 <Devincooper64> Macy's
00:00 <Anna Monroe> I'm Anja, Macy
00:00 <Devincooper64> shop more for less
00:00 <Devincooper64> Im devin
00:00 <Devincooper64> I knew you wouldnt figure that out
00:00 <Devincooper64> so I helped 
00:00 <Harmonex> I have a rule when joining a community.  No two-word names, and no numbers.
00:00 <Creepypastalover1212> Hello Anja
00:00 <Anna Monroe> shop more and expect less quality?
00:00 <Devincooper64> And no jeff fan boy/girl names
00:00 <Jeffsson> (:()
00:00 <Jeffsson> lol fail
00:00 <Devincooper64> its a monkey
00:00 -!- Chelseagrin989 has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Devincooper64> you can just make a normal frown face
00:00 <Harmonex> I'm considering buying a second mat to play the doubles-mode on Supernova.
00:01 -!- Chelseagrin989 has left Special:Chat.
00:01 <Devincooper64> no need for  the ( )
00:01 <Jeffsson> yo chels
00:01 <Devincooper64> wow jeff
00:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Huh
00:01 <Devincooper64> congrats on scaring her/him away
00:01 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <Jeffsson> lol
00:01 <Anna Monroe> @( --__-- )@ <----- monkey
00:01 <Jeffsson> thanks
00:01 -!- Bugsmourn has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <Vegeta565> Back
00:01 <Devincooper64> I was thinking vegeta was dead for a minute there...
00:01 <Bugsmourn> Hey guys
00:01 <Devincooper64> hey bugs
00:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> hh
00:02 <Devincooper64> I think we need as rule in the CP wiki 
00:02 <Anna Monroe> DEVIN! Can you be my buddy?
00:02 <Devincooper64> "Buga is a dick, ignore her"
00:02 <Devincooper64> sure anna.
00:02 <Anna Monroe> haha
00:02 <Devincooper64> after you sign this contract
00:02 <Anna Monroe> yay! more buddies!
00:02 <Bugsmourn> So you know how if you go to a catagory 
00:02 <Andytags> hey bug is amazing so stop talking shit ok
00:02 <Bugsmourn> And theirs like random ones at top
00:02 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:02 <Bugsmourn> Why are they their 
00:02 <Devincooper64> those are the most popular
00:02 <Devincooper64> I believe
00:02 <Anna Monroe> I was only laughing cause I thought idiocracy was funny
00:02 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> When people include Vocaloids in an utaite chorus
00:03 -!- GreySiberia has joined Special:Chat
00:03 <Bugsmourn> Mine is one of them omg yes
00:03 <Bugsmourn> <3
00:03 <Devincooper64> link?
00:03 <Anna Monroe> Privet Hidden
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> What?
00:03 <Bugsmourn> mines ant farm
00:03 <Devincooper64> we need some vocaloid dubstep
00:03 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Why do they make them so quiet compared to everyone else?
00:03 <Anna Monroe> Privet = hello
00:03 <Anna Monroe> it's russian
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
00:03 <Jeffsson> maria is dead
00:03 <Creepypastalover1212> Hello Hidden.
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> Hello.
00:03 <Devincooper64> probably helps the songs balance gaine
00:03 <Creepypastalover1212> What happened to you>
00:03 <Vegeta565> DARN IT NOT AGAIN!
00:03 <Devincooper64> music theory is important
00:03 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Have you seen me the last time I listened to dubstep?
00:03 <Anna Monroe> /me kisses Hidden cause she's MY property
00:03 <Anna Monroe> done
00:03 <Anna Monroe> with
00:03 <Harmonex> Dubstep makes my eyes twitch.
00:03 <HiddenSpirit> I'm nobody's property, man.
00:04 -!- GreySiberia has left Special:Chat.
00:04 <Anna Monroe> the Role-Play
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Harmonex.
00:04 <Creepypastalover1212> You were gone for quite a long time, Hidden.
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> Indeed I was.
00:04 <Anna Monroe> b-but? 
00:04 <Harmonex> He was just hidden.
00:04 <Anna Monroe> /me dies
00:04 <Creepypastalover1212> Haha
00:04 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
00:04 <Anna Monroe> *she
00:04 <Harmonex> He was here the whole time.
00:04 <Devincooper64> Vocaloid Dubstep guys
00:04 <Devincooper64> we need to fund that
00:04 <Anna Monroe> again *she
00:04 <Devincooper64> actually i will make it
00:04 <HiddenSpirit> He didn't know. 
00:04 <Devincooper64> when I become a produce
00:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I beheaded my self and impaled my head on a stick 
00:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Moose
00:04 <Devincooper64> by the name of VaxXi
00:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> When I listened to dubstep
00:04 <Harmonex> Yeah, it's not a typo.  It's a legitimate lack of information.
00:04 <Anna Monroe> well I know
00:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> VaxXi-P
00:05 <Jimmy Pilkens> why does my profile have me set as inactive?
00:05 <Anna Monroe> I'm just telling you for further knowledge
00:05 <Creepypastalover1212> I'm                                        creating another account because my username is gay
00:05 <Devincooper64> does VaxXi sound like a good dubstep producer name?
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> You can change your username.
00:05 <Devincooper64> creepypasta lover
00:05 <Devincooper64> you can change your name
00:05 -!- Creepypastalover1212 was kicked from Special:Chat by MooseJuice
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> Also, use of the word in a derogatory manner is prohibited.
00:05 -!- Creepypastalover1212 has left Special:Chat.
00:05 <HiddenSpirit> 2late2apologize
00:05 <Andytags> baaad word
00:05 <Vegeta565> really  thats cool
00:05 <Devincooper64> can we use it in an example?
00:05 <Anna Monroe> that's a reason
00:05 <MooseJuice> It's too laaate~
00:05 <Devincooper64> Hey
00:05 <Harmonex> It's no use!
00:05 <Anna Monroe> explain when she comes back, if she does
00:05 <Devincooper64> its too laaate
00:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm slow... I just realised what the top said xD
00:06 <Devincooper64> who was it that vandalized the CP wiki homepage?
00:06 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> On Niconico, adding P at the end of your name or -P is considered rude and inappropriate if you actually aren't a producer
00:06 <Devincooper64> ive forgotten
00:06 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I didn't
00:07 <Anna Monroe> I got banned for calling Noah "gay" I'm sorry, for that still.
00:07 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What happened?
00:07 <Vegeta565> sorry i'm not talking going to do push up maybe 400 push up 
00:07 <Bugsmourn> Diddly
00:07 <Harmonex> I don't see how it's hard to -not- use slurs.
00:07 <Anna Monroe> diddly sounds like dildo
00:07 <Bugsmourn> Dude dont even
00:07 -!- Cindythejackal has joined Special:Chat
00:07 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What if he was really happy when you said it?
00:07 <Andytags> dank
00:07 -!- Cindythejackal has left Special:Chat.
00:07 -!- Cindythejackal has joined Special:Chat
00:07 -!- An Author has joined Special:Chat
00:07 <Devincooper64> So when I become EDM produce VaxXi my first EP will be called the "music to kill to EP" to parody those albums from the 60's 70's and 80's
00:07 <An Author> how about that jesus
00:08 <Devincooper64> it will have 5 songs :D
00:08 <Harmonex> Like, when I want to insult someone's intelligence.  Instead of calling them stupid, I'll point out exactly where their inadequacies are.
00:08 <Harmonex> It's clear, concise, logical, and will help them become a better person.
00:08 <Bugsmourn> giggity 
00:08 <Devincooper64> Nightlight, our language, shout, music to kill to, and in the end
00:08 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> NO U
00:08 <Devincooper64> (:D)
00:08 <Bugsmourn> then who was fone
00:08 <Andytags> I'm taking courses on game design and we get to play TF2 on LAN
00:08 <Andytags> I became the blue scout and changed my name to "GOTTA GO FAST"
00:08 -!- An Author has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Vegeta565> :D
00:09 <Bugsmourn> then who was scout
00:09 <Harmonex> I think courses on game design are a waste, honestly.
00:09 <Devincooper64> Gotta go fast, gotta go faster faster
00:09 <Devincooper64> that was the worst theme song ever
00:09 <Bugsmourn> then who was fast
00:09 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Oh yeah
00:09 <Cindythejackal> a bad song for a bad show
00:09 <Devincooper64> the Japanese theme song was much better 
00:09 <Cindythejackal> a perfect match
00:09 <Harmonex> You should be focusing more on a single aspect, and building from there.  Either programming, graphic design, or musical composition.  Among other things.
00:09 <Vegeta565> Gotta get stronger
00:09 <Devincooper64> S-O-N-I-C GO!
00:09 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Bugsmourn> then who was sonic
00:09 <Jeffsson> im bored
00:09 <Cindythejackal> gotts go fats
00:09 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Anna Monroe> Hidden? I'm sorry for kissing you... and I'm sorry if you don't like me right now. can I be a puppy?
00:09 <Bugsmourn> u cray cray
00:10 <Devincooper64> Imagine, a bullet hell shooter built off your music
00:10 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> They also made Miku really quiet and Kaito really loud in the Bad Apple Vocaloid chorus
00:10 <Jeffsson> wtf
00:10 <Cindythejackal> can we talk about 4kids
00:10 <Devincooper64> gaine, might just be poor editing
00:10 <Cindythejackal> and its shitty dubs
00:10 <MooseJuice> Blood pressure is mostly caused by being fat, right?
00:10 <Devincooper64> ah 4kids
00:10 <Devincooper64> a bunch of shit
00:10 <Harmonex> 4kids is still a thing?
00:10 <Devincooper64> the only thing they ever did right was winx club
00:10 <Harmonex> I don't know, I don't watch TV anymore.
00:10 <MooseJuice> And also lazy?
00:10 <Jeffsson> well my chance is dead and gone
00:10 <Harmonex> TPB has been good to me.
00:10 <Devincooper64> which is one of my guilty pleasures so dont judghe 
00:10 <Vegeta565> got go be stronger need to be stronger i have to be stronger 
00:10 <Bugsmourn> then who was guilty
00:11 <Anna Monroe> 4kids needs a horn to the ass
00:11 <Bugsmourn> and fone
00:11 <Harmonex> Speaking of TPB, I created and uploaded my first torrent the other day.  I'm a full-fledged pirate now.
00:11 <Devincooper64> *claps*
00:11 <Bugsmourn> then who was pirate
00:11 <Devincooper64> I should seed more when i pirate
00:11 <Anna Monroe> i's fine Devin, shockingly it's mine too... >.>
00:11 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back
00:11 <Devincooper64> the nick voices just dont do justice
00:11 <Deathgirl12> hai anna  ^_^
00:11 <Harmonex> I went to eBay for a 19-year-old video game that I couldn't find in .iso form anywhere.
00:11 <Devincooper64> the 4kids ones fit perfectly 
00:11 <Devincooper64> what game harmonex?
00:11 <Harmonex> Figured out how to get it working on Windows 7 using 4 kinds of emulation.
00:11 <Devincooper64> what game?
00:11 <Anna Monroe> Hey Alice
00:11 <Harmonex> Prince Interactive.  It's a Myst-like.
00:12 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Do whatcha want 'cause a pirate is free
00:12 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You are a pirate!
00:12 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yar-har fiddle-dee-dee
00:12 <Anna Monroe> prince  interactive?
00:12 <Bugsmourn> is it an accomplishment if I got a popular story in an unpopular category 
00:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Death
00:12 <CrashingCymbal> I'm going to go to sleep, good night everyone!
00:12 <Anna Monroe> NO! NOT THAT SONG!
00:12 <Harmonex> Search Wikipedia or TPB and you'll see it.
00:12 <Anna Monroe> Bye cymbal
00:12 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Night Cymoni
00:12 <Devincooper64> well shit harmonex
00:12 <Devincooper64>
00:12 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Anja and Josh
00:12 <Devincooper64> I found the download
00:12 <Harmonex> ......
00:12 <Devincooper64> just have to make an account
00:12 <Harmonex> Seriously?
00:12 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
00:12 <Devincooper64> yeah.
00:12 <Harmonex> Yar.
00:12 <Vegeta565> 100,101,102,103 oh i'm using dragon to type 
00:12 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> It's Leviosaaughh.
00:12 <Bugsmourn> Money makin
00:12 <Harmonex> You just searched "Prince Interactive ISO" didn't you?
00:12 <Bugsmourn> gangplank
00:13 <Devincooper64> yes.
00:13 <Jeffsson> (foreveralone)
00:13 <Anna Monroe> OH! that... okay now I know what you're talking about so yeah
00:13 <Devincooper64> its not hard.
00:13 <Harmonex> That is embarrassing.
00:13 <Anna Monroe> Jeff? PM me?
00:13 <Devincooper64> yes you are :p
00:13 <Jeffsson> if you want
00:13 <Harmonex> I searched "Prince Interactive Download"...
00:13 <Devincooper64> oh look I found a torrent too
00:13 <Devincooper64> and a download
00:13 <Harmonex> Stahp.
00:13 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Define "Prince Interactive"
00:13 <Devincooper64>
00:13 <Vegeta565> 150 push ups
00:13 <Devincooper64> found it under prince interactive download
00:13 <Harmonex> Well I got it on TPB first.
00:14 <Jeffsson> marmar
00:14 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Could you torrent a Vocaloid?
00:14 <Devincooper64> I did.
00:14 <Devincooper64> so yes.
00:14 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> For real?
00:14 <Devincooper64> I torrented miku, because shes sexy
00:14 <Harmonex> Okay, well I wasn't the first to put it online.  But I did rip it myself.
00:14 <Devincooper64> no jk
00:14 <Devincooper64> I tried to do something
00:14 <Harmonex> So there's something...
00:14 <MooseJuice> "Baked White Potato
00:14 <MooseJuice> Potatoes"
00:14 <Devincooper64> you can torrent anything
00:14 <Devincooper64> like snuff porn
00:14 <Devincooper64> if youre into that
00:15 <Devincooper64> and if you are
00:15 <Harmonex> After some 20 years of rampant Internet piracy, odds are nothing old hasn't been uploaded yet.
00:15 <Devincooper64> you have issues
00:15 <MooseJuice> What the hell is a potato potato.
00:15 <Jeffsson> maria ping ping
00:15 <Harmonex> Alec Baldwin did that joke on SNL.
00:15 <Vegeta565> OWW! 
00:15 <Harmonex> I highly recommend finding the skit.
00:15 <Devincooper64> what I said?
00:15 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> The time when liking Miku will be considered pedophilic will come sooner or later
00:15 <Harmonex> Potato potato.  Tomato tomato.
00:15 <Devincooper64> wait how old is she?
00:15 <Harmonex> It's a hilarious sketch.
00:15 <Bugsmourn> guys
00:16 <Jeffsson> estimate miku is 16
00:16 <MooseJuice> Does dark chocolate taste like blood?
00:16 <Devincooper64> well time to delete some files off my computer...
00:16 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> She is.
00:16 <Devincooper64> well time to delete some photo albums from my computer, brb
00:16 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Delete System32
00:16 <Vegeta565> i think i ripped a muscle in my arm
00:16 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
00:17 <Devincooper64> k done
00:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I found a picture a Siamese potato
00:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> of a*
00:17 <Devincooper64> you just pulled it from a lack of exercise vegeta 
00:17 -!- TheJaasziZTBoy has joined Special:Chat
00:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And I also found a Siamese jellybean earlyier
00:17 <Devincooper64> just give it a few days and do smalled things with your arm
00:17 <Devincooper64> and then build up gradually 
00:17 <Finalclaw> tere
00:17 -!- TheJaasziZTBoy has left Special:Chat.
00:18 <Finalclaw> I should stay ere now for a loner period tan a min
00:18 <Finalclaw> stupid h not working
00:18 <Vegeta565> no i'm doing 400 push ups thats it
00:18 <Devincooper64> is the H broken
00:18 <Devincooper64> oh
00:18 <Devincooper64> 400.
00:18 <Vegeta565> yes
00:18 <Devincooper64> I cant even do 20.
00:18 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Kon'nichiwa, Final-kun
00:18 <Devincooper64> im not even fat though
00:18 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
00:18 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I can't even do two
00:18 <Finalclaw> I cant even d-MOOSEJUICE
00:18 <Vegeta565> i need to be stronger
00:19 <Harmonex> I'm not fond of apostrophes in romanization of Japanese, to be honest.
00:19 <MooseJuice> Ssh. This is a library.
00:19 <Devincooper64> no one has still guessed my secret ping phrase
00:19 <Devincooper64> remember the prize is bio shock infinite 
00:19 <Finalclaw> Hey moose
00:19 <MooseJuice> hoi
00:19 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I am such an idiot.... 
00:19 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I re-played my music while my laptop was muted.
00:19 <Harmonex> Oh, that makes me wonder.  Does the chat support Asian characters?  こんばんわ。
00:19 <Devincooper64> brb
00:19 -!- DeformedNinja has joined Special:Chat
00:19 <Harmonex> Ah-ha, awesome.
00:19 <Finalclaw> You became a admin since when?
00:19 <DeformedNinja> chaoz around?
00:19 <Finalclaw> warnin, my h is not workin rigt
00:19 <Vegeta565> OWW! GOD DANG IT! sorry caps
00:19 <Finalclaw> and my g sometimes fail too
00:20 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
00:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:20 -!- DeformedNinja has left Special:Chat.
00:20 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Finalclaw> Good news, Im going to be more active ere
00:20 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> ファックお皆
00:20 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> fakku o mina
00:20 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Nothing personal
00:21 <Vegeta565> 160 push ups i'm going to 400 i can do it
00:21 <Harmonex> Wrong o.
00:21 <Finalclaw> Sir, or chinese who hacked sirs account, what are you doing with the chinese letters?
00:21 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Japanese*
00:21 <Finalclaw> No one here knows chinese
00:21 <Harmonex> を is what you were after.
00:21 <Finalclaw> Sorry
00:21 <Finalclaw> Japanese person wo stole sirs account
00:22 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Because Chinese doesn't have those first four characters
00:22 <Andytags> Rage Against the Machine 
00:22 <Andytags> Good album
00:22 <Finalclaw> Lol
00:22 <ChaoZStrider> Dammit
00:22 <ChaoZStrider> DeformedNinja left before I returned
00:22 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> end
00:22 <Finalclaw> Hey cHaoZ
00:22 <Devincooper64> back
00:23 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Bypassing Jesse's Youtube info function.
00:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
00:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:23 <Finalclaw> mmm, I`m thinking of making a small creepypasta
00:23 <Finalclaw> Gimme an idea
00:23 <Jeffsson> yo mama
00:23 <Harmonex> An idea should come from...
00:23 <Harmonex> OH!
00:23 <Harmonex> I think I just came up with a theme.
00:23 <Harmonex> Mine now.
00:23 <Bugsmourn>
00:23 <Bugsmourn> woops
00:23 <Bugsmourn> wrong link
00:23 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Your horrible skits.
00:23 <Vegeta565>  169 i'm going to 400 push ups thats it not listen to my body
00:24 -!- Bugsmourn has left Special:Chat.
00:24 <Finalclaw> Come on sir, you fell for it
00:24 <Devincooper64> back
00:24 <Vegeta565> wb Devin
00:24 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Doesn't mean it isn't horrible.
00:24 <Finalclaw> You fell in te skit, so either you went full retard, or it isnt that bad
00:24 <Devincooper64> thats a no no word.
00:24 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I"M OFFENDED
00:24 <Finalclaw> Oh...
00:24 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> SARAH
00:24 -!- Slenderjeff12 has joined Special:Chat
00:24 <ChaoZStrider> Don't say retard
00:24 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
00:25 <Finalclaw> K
00:25 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Whaaaaa
00:25 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
00:25 <Harmonex> Tropic Thunder was a hilariously bad movie.
00:25 <Devincooper64> jaded by green day sounds like in the end by green day
00:25 <Finalclaw> What about mentally challenged?
00:25 <Vegeta565> hello NeveR
00:25 <Devincooper64> do not suggest it as an insult
00:25 <Devincooper64> its not nice
00:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Virginia
00:25 <Finalclaw> XD
00:25 <Devincooper64> and is degrading to some.
00:25 <Finalclaw> Im just jokin
00:25 <Slenderjeff12> the nharwhal bacons at midniht
00:25 <Devincooper64> I killed your mom
00:25 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Death the Kid
00:25 <Slenderjeff12> yea
00:25 <Devincooper64> but its ok because it was a joke
00:25 <Devincooper64> right?
00:25 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No
00:25 <Vegeta565> not funny NeveR
00:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Are you in SAYIAN?
00:25 <Slenderjeff12> yes
00:25 <Devincooper64> Yes.
00:25 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Because I was offended.
00:26 <Harmonex> Anyone can be offended by anything.
00:26 <ChaoZStrider> don't mock anything a person can't control.
00:26 -!- BarbedwireRose has joined Special:Chat
00:26 <Devincooper64> dos was without a doubt the worst green day album of all time
00:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bella :D
00:26 <Finalclaw> Well, ere starts an ethics discussion about offended...
00:26 <BarbedwireRose> Josh lol
00:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oney cartoons are funny Vegeta
00:26 <Harmonex> I -love- ethics discussions.
00:26 -!- Whoisthat has left Special:Chat.
00:26 -!- Whoisthat has joined Special:Chat
00:26 <Darkstride>
00:26 <Darkstride> Holy shit, I know I'm wrong, but why won't this asshat realize that he is too?
00:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
00:26 <Finalclaw> ....
00:26 <Vegeta565> 180 push ups i'm almost there
00:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WATCH THEM
00:26 <BarbedwireRose> Alright. You're up extremely late lol
00:27 <Harmonex> Though if you want a good article about being offended, Encyclopaedia Dramatica has a good one.
00:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yeesh
00:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Why does a warning sound all the more threatening with a period?
00:27 <Slenderjeff12> who has seen dragon ballz p other than neve
00:27 <Harmonex> Covers all the bases.
00:27 <Finalclaw> K then, wyAmIReadinThis you here?
00:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Me
00:27 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
00:27 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No, (why) isn't here
00:27 <Slenderjeff12> i love that vid xD
00:27 <Devincooper64> sounds like a lot of immature arguing to me dark
00:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Vegeta will never defeat the true super sand
00:27 <Finalclaw> Hmmm
00:28 <Finalclaw> ChaoZ, you here?
00:28 <Devincooper64> FREEZY POP
00:28 <ChaoZStrider> I am indeed.
00:28 <Darkstride> >immature 
00:28 <Darkstride> k
00:28 <Devincooper64> well I have no idea what the topic you people are fighting over is
00:28 <Finalclaw> So technically you are the highest staff autority here
00:28 <Devincooper64> so...
00:28 <Devincooper64> anyways gotta eat
00:28 <Vegeta565> be quite i'm almost up to 400 push ups i'm up to 200 i will be stronger 
00:28 <Finalclaw> that is not AFK
00:28 <Devincooper64> adios
00:28 <ChaoZStrider> Quite
00:28 <Devincooper64> be back I guess
00:28 -!- Whoisthat has left Special:Chat.
00:28 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
00:29 <Darkstride> Vegeta, what is Firefox's power level?
00:29 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Did Final change his avi yet?
00:29 <ChaoZStrider> Vegeta, I don't think you can be doing push ups and typing at the same time, unless you are typing with your nose.
00:29 <Vegeta565> it's over 9,000!
00:29 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
00:29 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
00:29 <Vegeta565> i'm using Dragon
00:29 <Darkstride> k
00:29 <Finalclaw> Or with his mind
00:30 <Harmonex> Aaaaaaand this chat no longer appeals to me.
00:30 <Harmonex> Took a lot longer this time.
00:30 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
00:30 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Did Final change his avi yet?
00:30 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> hh
00:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Zalgo
00:30 <Mr.Zalgopasta>
00:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) - Duration: 04:15 - Uploaded: 2012-11-12 - Rating: 4.964846 - Views: 3,105,091 -
00:30 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I <3 MrSuicideSheep ^_^
00:30 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Hey :D
00:30 <BarbedwireRose> Well I just wanted to pop in and say hi :) Later guys
00:30 <Finalclaw> My avi?
00:30 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> avatar
00:30 <ChaoZStrider> the picture you use.
00:31 <Vegeta565> guys if you here ripping sound for your arm you stop right?
00:31 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And lol I learned how to bypass Jesse's YT info function
00:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Stahp
00:31 <ChaoZStrider> Gaines, that is nothing new
00:31 <ChaoZStrider> people have been doing it for a while.
00:31 <ChaoZStrider> and yes, Vegeta, you stop.
00:31 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Stahp
00:31 -!- BarbedwireRose has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <Vegeta565> oww my arm hurts now
00:32 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Stahp 
00:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Unghhh, ugh.
00:32 <Harmonex> I prefer raw cardio, to be honest.
00:32 <Slenderjeff12> prepare yourself kara-kakaka-Cabbage?
00:32 <Harmonex> Though I like being lean.
00:32 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <Finalclaw> Hmmm
00:33 <Vegeta565> i'm not going to stop until i reach 400 push ups
00:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:33 <Finalclaw> Did te wiki get a theme song?
00:33 <Darkstride> nu
00:33 <Finalclaw> Hey Zalgo
00:34 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
00:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kakka carrot cake
00:34 <Finalclaw> You didnt send me my story yet....
00:34 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Sorry. My internet burped
00:34 <Finalclaw> And did Cleric update thiswiki?
00:34 <GreenYoshi2013> Finalclaw :D
00:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Green yoshi  click dis
00:35 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <GreenYoshi2013> ... Im not sure I want to...
00:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You've just activated...
00:35 <Finalclaw> Hey Zalgo, did Cleric update this wiki with a new sound?
00:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My trap card
00:35 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
00:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <ChaoZStrider> No, Final.
00:36 <Vegeta565> 250 push ups half way there
00:36 <Harmonex> I thought you were going for 400.
00:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> With a new sound?
00:36 <Finalclaw> Weird, the sound is coming from the ome page of the wiki
00:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> eh?
00:36 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Vegeta565> yea i am 
00:36 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Lurkmoar
00:36 <Harmonex> 250 is not half, then.
00:36 <Finalclaw> its like a eerie song, it adds up for the creepypasta wiki
00:36 <Vegeta565> am almost there what ever
00:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> what page is this?
00:37 <UwU> [arrives with giant shiba inu] hello friends
00:37 <Finalclaw> but I really want to disable it......
00:37 <Finalclaw> its in the home page....
00:37 <ChaoZStrider> Look at the picture.
00:37 <ChaoZStrider> Look at Cleric dancing.
00:37 <ChaoZStrider> in all his glory
00:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
00:37 <MooseJuice> How do I use telekinesis? 
00:37 <Vegeta565> arms feel like there on fire
00:38 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I'm not getting any music O.o
00:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> With mayonnaise Moose
00:38 <MooseJuice> hawt
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lots of it
00:38 <Finalclaw> Come on man, its clearly from te wiki
00:38 <Mr.Zalgopasta> You do realize that that's Forscythe, right?
00:38 -!- Sparkarez has left Special:Chat.
00:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:38 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Have a PI of around 8 or 9
00:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> PI?
00:39 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <Finalclaw> Its getting creepier
00:39 <Darkstride> I like the new header at the top of the chat.
00:39 <Finalclaw> Damn it the wiki page froze...
00:39 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Psionic index
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
00:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Giggle basement
00:39 <Vegeta565> 300 almost there 100 left
00:40 <Finalclaw> The sound is still there....
00:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh ok Gainsworth
00:40 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:40 <Vegeta565> my arms feel like there bleeding
00:40 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Finalclaw> Could it be?
00:40 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Final get out the giggle basement
00:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (D:)
00:41 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
00:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi BRVR
00:41 <Vegeta565> come on i can do this 314 push up almost there my god
00:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <Harmonex> All I can think of is "Why?"
00:42 <Vegeta565> Why what?
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why not?
00:42 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Final wb
00:42 <Finalclaw> Back
00:43 <Finalclaw> This time I skipped the home pae
00:43 <Vegeta565> wb dudw
00:43 <Finalclaw> no creepy themes this time
00:43 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:43 <Finalclaw> k wtf...
00:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Creepy themes?
00:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot m8
00:43 <Finalclaw> That creepy new theme just restarted...
00:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:44 <Finalclaw> Oh great, its now in the chat page...
00:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Final wat r u doin
00:44 <Darkstride> u wot m8
00:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Final
00:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Stahp
00:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Stahp
00:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Ninja'd
00:44 <Harmonex> Just mute the browser.
00:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:44 <Vegeta565> almost there 340 my gosh 
00:44 <Finalclaw> K....
00:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Do an extra 20
00:45 <Finalclaw> Now I cant friging year my youtube songs...
00:45 <Vegeta565> you got it i'll do it
00:45 <Vegeta565> 420 push ups here i come
00:45 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Finalclaw> let me close youtube, its causing too much lag...
00:45 <GreenYoshi2013> Its true... He really is Super Sand Lesbian.
00:46 <Finalclaw> Oh great...., my pc went wonky....
00:46 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Harmonex> Reformat it.
00:47 <Vegeta565> 360 push ups 
00:47 <BRVR> I can do exactly 0 push ups.
00:47 <Finalclaw> Takes too lon....
00:47 <UwU> Same.
00:47 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <UwU> Wait maybe I can do like
00:47 <UwU> one.
00:47 <Finalclaw> But the sound is now just too weird...
00:47 <Harmonex> That's terrible advice; I just really like reformatting computers.
00:47 -!- Slenderjeff12 has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I eat babies
00:47 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You stop talking to yourself, Final-kun....
00:47 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Like Fapple does?
00:47 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Vegeta565> no breaks need to be strong 
00:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:48 <Finalclaw> I just want that sound to stop
00:48 <Devincooper64> hey little kid, did you wake up late one day?
00:48 <Devincooper64> youre not young
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Devin
00:48 <Devincooper64> but your still dumb
00:48 <Devincooper64> youre an x kid and you never even got started again
00:48 <Finalclaw> Please make it stop.....
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin the Hipster
00:48 <Devincooper64> then delete your ping phrases
00:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Troll pasta monster
00:49 <Devincooper64> up in that small window by the creepypasta wiki tab
00:49 <Vegeta565> 400 need to do 20 more
00:49 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You stop talking to yourself, Final-kun.
00:49 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> how do pinkeye treatment
00:49 <Devincooper64> rip eyes out
00:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin imma make a troll pasta about you
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin the Hipster
00:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <Devincooper64> Lol
00:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:50 <Devincooper64> id pay money to read that
00:50 <ChaoZStrider> how much money?
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:50 <Devincooper64> tree fiddy
00:50 <Devincooper64> brb
00:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> K
00:50 <GreenYoshi2013> Ill buy that story for 0.01 cents!
00:51 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
00:51 -!- FantasyPhantom has left Special:Chat.
00:51 -!- Cybersoul has joined Special:Chat
00:51 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
00:51 -!- FantasyPhantom has joined Special:Chat
00:51 <Vegeta565> 415 push my arms are going to rip off
00:51 <Cybersoul> one down
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'd be 0.01 cents richer
00:51 <Devincooper64> vegeta
00:51 <Devincooper64> dont over do it
00:51 <Devincooper64> that will fack everything up
00:51 <Devincooper64> excersize is good
00:51 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
00:51 <Devincooper64> over doing it is bad
00:51 <Cybersoul> who`s next.....
00:51 <Devincooper64> and is more un healthy then going to mcdonalds andbuying 5 big macs
00:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm next
00:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
00:52 <GreenYoshi2013> Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power levels?
00:52 <GreenYoshi2013> ITS OVER 9000!!!
00:52 -!- FantasyPhantom has left Special:Chat.
00:52 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
00:52 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <Devincooper64> 100 sit ups and curl ups a day is good
00:52 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <Devincooper64> do both every day
00:52 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
00:52 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <Devincooper64> and you will lose weight
00:52 <Devincooper64> and you dont have to do it all at once
00:52 <Devincooper64> just through out the day
00:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No it's 9001 nappa. Learn to read a fucking scouter
00:52 <Vegeta565> 420 push ups done
00:52 <Harmonex> I prefer bicycle crunches.
00:53 <Cybersoul> just one msg from behond.....
00:53 <Devincooper64> 420 blaze it
00:53 <Harmonex> Within a week of doing a very short regiment, a relatively average person could have a visible six-pack.
00:53 <Vegeta565> my arms are shaking
00:53 <Devincooper64> his palms are sweaty
00:53 <Devincooper64> knees weak
00:53 <Devincooper64> army are heavy
00:53 <Devincooper64> theres vomit on his sweater already
00:53 <Devincooper64> mcdonalds spaghetti 
00:53 <Harmonex> Great music is like candy.  You just have to throw out the rappers.
00:53 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
00:53 <Devincooper64> rap is good.
00:53 <Finalclaw> Please make it stop..... PLEASE
00:54 <Devincooper64> well underground rap
00:54 <Devincooper64> FINAL
00:54 <Devincooper64> DELETE YOUR PING PRHASES 
00:54 <GreenYoshi2013> ... Bicycle crunches? What... the... fuck is that?
00:54 <UwU> wait a second does mcdonald's even serve spaghetti
00:54 <Devincooper64> GOSH DANG IT
00:54 <Devincooper64> some do
00:54 <Devincooper64> in other countries
00:54 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
00:54 -!- GreenYoshi2013 has left Special:Chat.
00:54 <Cybersoul> Who`s next....
00:54 <ChaoZStrider> Rap=bad, underground or not.
00:54 <Jeffsson> im bored
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin the Hipster
00:54 <Devincooper64> Braille?
00:54 -!- SuckMyPianist has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <UwU> A clash of opinions
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chaoz
00:54 <Finalclaw> (fin)
00:54 <ChaoZStrider> Yea?
00:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rap is good
00:55 -!- Cybersoul has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <Devincooper64> Rap is like a mountain in winter
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It depends on the artists
00:55 <Finalclaw> Wtf....cyber should have arealdy left....
00:55 <Harmonex> The opinions are clashing.  This can only be solved with a rap battle.
00:55 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <Devincooper64> black on the bottom, white on the top
00:55 <UwU> Some rap is okay
00:55 <Devincooper64> and that was not meant to be taken racist
00:55 <Devincooper64> ...
00:55 <Devincooper64> I meant to say because eminem and stuff
00:55 <Devincooper64> and macklemore
00:55 <Devincooper64> and braille
00:55 <Devincooper64> k.
00:55 <Vegeta565> this can't be healthy my arm is ripped like the skin ripped and bleeding brb going to patch that up 
00:55 <Harmonex> I wouldn't say Eminem is at the top.
00:55 <Finalclaw> You know what is a good song
00:55 -!- SuckMyPianist has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Devin I'm a snowflake and I'm offended
00:55 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <UwU> I agree with Harmo
00:56 <Devincooper64> VEGETA
00:56 <ChaoZStrider> Rap is like yesterdays breakfast. Shit today.
00:56 <Devincooper64> DO NOT OVER DO IT
00:56 <UwU> Sure he's good but naw
00:56 <Vegeta565> sorry
00:56 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
00:56 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
00:56 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
00:56 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
00:56 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
00:56 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <Devincooper64> only stick with 100 push ups and sit ups a day
00:56 <Devincooper64> over doing it is unhealthy 
00:56 <Harmonex> Sit ups aren't an ideal exercise.
00:57 <Finalclaw>
00:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy - Duration: 03:04 - Uploaded: 2007-01-05 - Rating: 4.937603 - Views: 38,584,609 -
00:57 <Devincooper64> my aunt does that
00:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Has anyone registered under the username "mootchan"?
00:57 <Devincooper64> and shes hella rip
00:57 <Harmonex> They don't work enough muscles for the effort that you are putting into them.
00:57 <Vegeta565> back
00:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No Gainsworth
00:57 <Devincooper64> vegeta, 100 sit ups, push ups, and other stuff
00:57 <Devincooper64> and dont do it all at once
00:57 <Devincooper64> just do it through out the day
00:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> moot is cancer
00:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What about "funymouth"
00:57 <Harmonex> That's a moot point, to be honest.
00:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> funny*
00:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cancer is 4chan
00:58 <Jeffsson> maria
00:58 <UwU> That actually sounds  like a good idea
00:58 <Finalclaw> That crazy song...
00:58 <Devincooper64> 4chan aint that bad
00:58 <Finalclaw> thats is something I call music
00:58 <Devincooper64> better than 9gag at least
00:58 <Finalclaw> Hidden
00:58 <Finalclaw> what time did you joing...
00:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 4chan is a shit pool
00:58 <ChaoZStrider> Devin, everything is better then 9gag
00:58 <Vegeta565> but when my brother was my age he was able to do more
00:58 <Devincooper64> snuff porn chao?
00:58 <Devincooper64> vegeta, just dont over do it
00:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 9gag is a waste dump
00:58 <Devincooper64> because your arm is bleeding
00:59 <Devincooper64> you need to take a while off now
00:59 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Even ero guro is better than 9gag
00:59 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Boo
00:59 <Devincooper64> 4-5 days.
00:59 <Devincooper64> and then do small amount of excersize 
00:59 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
00:59 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
00:59 <Finalclaw> come on guys, why are you talking about 9gag, or 4chan, they died, the end
00:59 <Devincooper64> theyre both very well alive.
00:59 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> IS THIS WHER U FIND THE M00T LOLI
01:00 <Finalclaw> I mean they suck
01:00 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> /i/ is dying
01:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Reddit is slowly becoming cancer
01:00 <Devincooper64> /i?
01:00 <Finalclaw> not even worth the time to talk about it
01:00 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Malignant cancer
01:00 <Finalclaw> and reddit is fine
01:00 <Harmonex> I'm with Final.
01:00 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> The oekaki board
01:00 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <Harmonex> It's pointless.  We know.
01:00 <Vegeta565> i don't care about a small injury like this i'll be doing 100 push ups tommorow 
01:00 <Devincooper64> dont.
01:00 <Finalclaw> you just have to navegate thru it right
01:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Reddit is meh
01:00 <Devincooper64> are you not listening.
01:00 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:01 <Vegeta565> fine i'll take break
01:01 <Devincooper64> 4-5 days
01:01 <Devincooper64> you tore a muscle 
01:01 <Devincooper64> and youre bleeding
01:01 <Devincooper64> that is not healthy 
01:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> WT Snacks and Moot is like half the internet, right there
01:01 <Devincooper64> porn and moot*
01:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> How does bleeding ping
01:01 -!- Suprememessage has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Zone is the Slenderman of the internet
01:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi memesage
01:02 <Devincooper64> hey message 
01:03 <Finalclaw> zone?
01:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What happens on Zone-tan's website stays on Zone-tan's website
01:03 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What the hell
01:03 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
01:03 <ChaoZStrider> Leave Zone-Tan out of this.
01:03 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <Finalclaw> ZONETAN
01:03 <Finalclaw> oh...
01:03 <Vegeta565> brb need to stitch my arm myself 
01:03 <Devincooper64> mind my french
01:03 <Devincooper64> but who is zone chan?
01:04 <Finalclaw> Hey, does anyone like post grunge bands
01:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Gasp)
01:04 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> YOU DON'T KNOW DEVIN?!
01:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Zone-tan is the Slendy of the internet
01:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Finalclaw> old zonetan....
01:04 <Devincooper64> thank you all for the uselessness 
01:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You aren't a true hipster
01:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> moot-chan
01:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Post Grunge?
01:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eww
01:05 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> She watches you fap
01:05 <Vegeta565> there i'm back and i stitched my arm so i'll be fine
01:05 <Vegeta565> Wb Zack
01:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Going bed now, night
01:05 <Devincooper64> stiches?
01:05 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:06 <Devincooper64> shouldnt you like see a doctor
01:06 <Vegeta565> night Zack 
01:06 <Vegeta565> No i'm fine
01:06 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:06 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
01:06 <Suprememessage> Forces
01:07 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> This one
01:07 -!- TrueWarrior18 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi warrior
01:07 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Andy
01:08 -!- Suprememessage has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chat y u die?! (Yuno)
01:08 -!- TrueWarrior18 has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <Finalclaw> ....
01:09 <Finalclaw> anyone like post grunge bands
01:09 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
01:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi scorch
01:09 <Scorch933> Sigh. If only I could make a fuckin week and a half go by faster. Hey Neve.
01:09 <Vegeta565> no i'm calling the police my next door neighbors screaming
01:09 <Devincooper64> post grunge
01:09 <Devincooper64> dont know any bands from it
01:09 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:09 <Scorch933> Post Grunge...
01:09 <Scorch933> yeah.
01:09 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
01:09 <Scorch933> Puddle of Mudd, Staind, Creed, Bush,
01:10 <Devincooper64> oh ok
01:10 <Scorch933> Don't know if you'd count Smashing Pumpkins but meh.
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Puddle of mudd is post grunge?
01:10 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:10 <Vegeta565> my arm hurts like Hell!
01:10 <Scorch933> Post Grunge is all the bands spawned by AIC in the 90s, and they appeared in the late 90s-early 00s.
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Then I guess I do like post grunge
01:10 <Scorch933> Nickelback is one of them.
01:11 <Finalclaw> it has ard rock instrumental
01:11 <Devincooper64> nickleback sucks
01:11 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Maria. c:
01:11 <Scorch933> Although, IMHO, nickelback only has one or two good songs. :/
01:11 <Devincooper64> im lagging a lot so ill be back in a while
01:11 <Finalclaw> but the lyrics are more progressive rock
01:11 <Devincooper64> bai
01:11 <Finalclaw> here is an example
01:11 <Vegeta565> bai
01:11 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Dev
01:11 <Vegeta565> brb
01:11 <UwU> no not nickelback maybe the hate for them is exaggerated but they're still not a good band imo
01:11 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Creed.
01:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:11 <Finalclaw>
01:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cold - God's Song - Duration: 03:15 - Uploaded: 2011-10-06 - Rating: 4.913979 - Views: 13,765 -
01:11 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Omg. So much talent wasted on that band
01:12 <Scorch933> What?
01:12 <Scorch933> Creed is awesome, dammit.
01:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Creed would be a great band without Stapp
01:12 <Scorch933> really?
01:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Alter Bridge is what Creed should have been
01:12 <Scorch933> Meh.
01:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Kennedy >>>>> Stapp
01:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> imo
01:12 <Scorch933> I think it was Stapp who gave Creed its edge.
01:12 <Scorch933> but to each his own.
01:13 <Finalclaw> there is an example of a good post grunge song
01:13 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Eh. They've only written a few songs where Stapps voice worked well.
01:13 <Princess Platinum> I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about
01:13 <Mr.Zalgopasta> What If and Ode are a couple of those
01:13 <Scorch933> no need to be rude,
01:13 -!- UnknownProdigy has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <Scorch933> maybe you could *figure it out* by paying attention.
01:13 -!- UnknownProdigy has left Special:Chat.
01:13 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <Princess Platinum> im trying
01:13 <Scorch933> but that's just a suggestion. :/
01:13 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Wow...
01:13 <Princess Platinum> i think it is misic?
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *Still is waiting for new Gorillaz album*
01:13 -!- Moria Fox has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <Princess Platinum> music?
01:14 <Finalclaw> yep
01:14 <Scorch933> Yes.
01:14 <Finalclaw> Post Grunge kind of music
01:14 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
01:14 <Finalclaw> ere is an example of it
01:14 <Finalclaw>
01:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cold - God's Song - Duration: 03:15 - Uploaded: 2011-10-06 - Rating: 4.913979 - Views: 13,765 -
01:14 <Princess Platinum> and these are bands then?
01:14 <Jeffsson> hey mar mar
01:14 <Scorch933> More specifically, crap spawned by Alice in Chains.
01:14 <Scorch933> :D
01:14 <Finalclaw> I really dont want to repeat this link a third time
01:14 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Cold is such a great bannnddd
01:14 <Finalclaw> hey scorch, before you say its bad
01:14 <Finalclaw> hear it
01:14 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
01:14 <Scorch933> good, Final, because a third time might getcha banned, lol.
01:14 <Finalclaw> Cold is actually pretty ogod
01:14 <Scorch933> I didn't say it's bad.
01:15 <Mr.Zalgopasta> first song I ever heard by them
01:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cold - Stupid Girl - Duration: 03:34 - Uploaded: 2009-10-07 - Rating: 4.924828 - Views: 5,145,544 -
01:15 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
01:15 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Although I didn't really dig Superfiction
01:15 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
01:15 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kurt Ka-Bang
01:15 <Devincooper64> ok back
01:15 <Scorch933> Anyways, they're alright, just not my favorite you know.
01:15 <Scorch933> No, Neve.
01:15 <Scorch933> It's Kurt Nobrain.
01:15 <Finalclaw> doesnt have to be a faorite
01:15 <Scorch933> his brains were splattered all over the...
01:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lulz
01:16 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Internets
01:16 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
01:16 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
01:16 <Vegeta565> I'm back
01:16 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I still blame Courtney Love for that.
01:16 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <Devincooper64> Fun Fact: 1 Year before kurt committed suicide DOOM came out, one of the levels were called "nirvana" the first gun you encounter in the game was a shot gun 
01:16 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Bitch fucking stole his soul
01:16 <Scorch933> I got no respect for the guy who had a crazy chick for a wife, and made millions of...quite literally, the same music over and over,
01:16 <Devincooper64> It was courtney that killed him
01:17 <Vegeta565> Gosh MY ARM HURTS LIKE HELL!
01:17 <Scorch933> Devin: DooM came out in 1993.
01:17 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Courtney killed him IMO
01:17 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:17 <Mr.Zalgopasta> All of pop music, when really analyzed, is the same thing over and over again.
01:17 <Devincooper64> kurt died 1994.
01:17 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <Mr.Zalgopasta> At it's basic level, it's all I IV V chord progressions 
01:17 <Mr.Zalgopasta> (as a generalization)
01:18 <Princess Platinum> this true
01:18 <Scorch933> Oh. Sorry, I read what you said earlier wrong.
01:18 <Princess Platinum> that is why bands dont play pop music
01:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Miley wat r u doin
01:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Miley
01:18 <Scorch933>
01:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles) - Duration: 05:31 - Uploaded: 2009-12-10 - Rating: 4.972578 - Views: 27,895,760 -
01:18 <Scorch933> This is fucking awesome.
01:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Stahp Miley Cyrus
01:18 <Vegeta565> 19 people in chat
01:19 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat r u doin Miley Cyrus
01:19 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
01:19 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
01:19 <Devincooper64> I love that video schorch 
01:19 <Scorch933> it's just four chords, lol.
01:19 <Scorch933> I love it too man.
01:19 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Pop music as an umbrella term. As far as music theory goes, rock is pop. pop is pop. rap is pop.
01:19 <Finalclaw> tere
01:19 <Mr.Zalgopasta> etc. etc.
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Crystal
01:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi final
01:20 <Harmonex> A large portion of the popular music today is written by the same person.
01:20 <Finalclaw> anyone knows a ood indie rock
01:20 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
01:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi harm
01:20 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
01:20 <Harmonex> Evening.
01:20 <Finalclaw> I think imagine dragons is a good one...
01:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I hate pop
01:20 <Devincooper64> Pop music is illuminatic shit.
01:20 <Vegeta565> do any one like HollyWoodUnDead
01:20 <Finalclaw> Im talkin about indie rock
01:20 <Devincooper64> imagine dragons is good
01:20 <Devincooper64> cage the elephant is good
01:20 <Devincooper64> franz is good
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cage the Elephant is awesome
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Silversun Pickups is good
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> really good
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Josh Joplin
01:21 <Harmonex> I like the Scissor Sisters.  I downloaded one of their albums, and never regretted it.
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The Weakerthans
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The Antlers
01:21 -!- Crentela has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <Mr.Zalgopasta> dude. I could keep going. You want me to? :P
01:21 <Devincooper64> Fun Fact: Scissor Sisters band name is exactly what you think it is.
01:21 <HiddenSpirit> Hai, Aidan. c:
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Citizen Cope is really great
01:22 <Vegeta565> I'm sweating bullets 
01:22 <Harmonex> Considering that there's only one female in the band...
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Crenela
01:22 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Hai Heedunnn :3
01:22 <Finalclaw> what about this version of radioactive pentatonix and lindsey stirling did
01:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [Official Video] Radioactive - Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling (Imagine Dragons cover) - Duration: 04:22 - Uploaded: 2013-03-12 - Rating: 4.972432 - Views: 2,158,076 -
01:22 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Holy shit. I haven't listened to Citizen Cope in foreverrrrr.
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Listen to eet
01:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I thank Samuel Jackson for introducing me to them XD
01:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol
01:23 <Devincooper64> eet as in the song by that one girl
01:23 <Devincooper64> or a band?
01:23 <Vegeta565> brb going to get a bottle of Vodka
01:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> What?
01:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> @Devin
01:23 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
01:24 <Finalclaw> its radioactive, but a group of 5 people and a violinist(really good) made a cover about it
01:24 <Devincooper64> I was directing the question at never 
01:24 <Finalclaw> oooopsie...
01:24 <Vegeta565> i'm back
01:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No
01:24 -!- Cindythejackal has left Special:Chat.
01:24 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I love the Pentatonix doing all the different eras
01:24 <Devincooper64> I hate Lindsey stirlring  
01:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Eet=it
01:24 <Mr.Zalgopasta> ah
01:24 <HiddenSpirit> Me too, Aidan.
01:24 <HiddenSpirit> They're really good.
01:24 <Finalclaw> pentatonix are a relaly ood group
01:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sorry auto correct
01:24 <Finalclaw> I like how they ussually not use an instrument
01:25 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I actually know Pentatonix because of the most ghetto dude in my school XD
01:25 <HiddenSpirit> It's a capella. 
01:25 <HiddenSpirit> Wow. XD
01:25 <Finalclaw> just their voices
01:25 <Princess Platinum> its called achapella 
01:25 -!- Cbot72 has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah. Like Hidden said, that's a capella. It's its own genre, dude.
01:25 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser
01:25 <Finalclaw> tanks
01:26 <Finalclaw> thanks
01:26 <Cbot72> Whats goin on?
01:26 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> stuff
01:26 -!- Bushcraft Medic has joined Special:Chat
01:26 <Finalclaw> but when they mixed pentatonix with lindseys violin
01:26 <Devincooper64> Fun Fact: the amount of time bored workers playing google pacman during its life as the google logo cost the economy over 120 million dollars 
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Cbot
01:26 <Finalclaw> it just wowed me
01:26 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Bush.
01:26 <HiddenSpirit> Oh yeah, Final.
01:26 <Vegeta565> wow your smart Devin
01:26 <HiddenSpirit> Wasn't that the Radioactive cover?
01:26 <Finalclaw> yep
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi bush
01:26 <Finalclaw> listening to them right now
01:27 <Bushcraft Medic> Hello.
01:27 <Cbot72> hello neve.
01:27 <Devincooper64> hey bushy
01:27 <Devincooper64> and cbot
01:27 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
01:27 <Cbot72> hI
01:27 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, ChaoZ.
01:27 <Bushcraft Medic> I am so annoyed, how hard is it to find a doorman course near me...
01:27 <Scorch933> I take the time to watch that video every month at least.
01:27 <Vegeta565> Hell ChaoZ
01:27 <Scorch933> it makes me laugh every time.
01:27 <Vegeta565> *hello sorry
01:27 <Andytags> how hard is it being a doorman
01:27 <Scorch933> Hey Chao.
01:27 <Andytags> open door
01:27 <ChaoZStrider> Hey
01:27 <Scorch933> Andy: much easier than being a doormat.
01:27 <Andytags> i just saved you some srs money medic
01:27 <Scorch933> that hurts.
01:28 <Cbot72> what's a dorman?
01:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Scrubs had the best music.
01:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Camera One by Josh Joplin Group - Duration: 04:31 - Uploaded: 2008-07-10 - Rating: 4.923288 - Views: 84,207 -
01:28 <Bushcraft Medic> Ehhh...
01:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> RIP
01:28 <Andytags> a door jockey
01:28 <Bushcraft Medic> It's a modern word for 'Bouncer'. 
01:28 <Scorch933> Yeah.
01:28 <Vegeta565> sorry i'm already getting intoxicated god
01:28 <Scorch933> Except most doormen I've met were skinny.
01:28 <Scorch933> anyways, I need a dew.
01:28 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <Cbot72> dude, pendulum is the best!
01:28 <Scorch933> So this was interesting guys
01:28 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No.
01:28 <Bushcraft Medic> I'm trying to find a place near me that does the course.
01:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Ladies and gentlemen...
01:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> ... fasten your seatbelts
01:28 <Bushcraft Medic> No luck, there all miles away.
01:28 <Bushcraft Medic> Oh shit.
01:29 <Crentela> ...
01:29 <Bushcraft Medic> Are we going to ludicrous speed? 
01:29 <Cbot72> i need clay to build an ocarina
01:29 <Harmonex> Speaking of "getting a place", there's a chance I'll be moving out soon.
01:29 <Scorch933> I put a buck in a vending machine, selected mtn dew, and nothing came out, so I pressed the button rapidly, and I got four.
01:29 <Cbot72> to?
01:29 <Mr.Zalgopasta> What's the matter Colonel Sanders? CHICKEN????
01:29 <Scorch933> Prepare ship*
01:29 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I think you'd be considered a nerd if you want to make a ocarina
01:29 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And play to one
01:29 <Scorch933> Erm, Prepare ship! For Ludicrous speed!
01:29 <Cbot72> schorch,u r lucky
01:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Franz Fitzgerald- Take Me Out
01:29 <Vegeta565> well i need to go see you guys later
01:29 <Scorch933> Ferdinand, you dipshit.
01:29 <Scorch933> :D
01:30 <Harmonex> I was about to say, but I had food in my hands.
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> FUCK
01:30 <Scorch933> anyways, SLOW this thing down!
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (D:)
01:30 <Scorch933> DAn
01:30 <Scorch933> damn*
01:30 <Scorch933> Stop This thing!
01:30 <Cbot72> i once got 2 gumballs by puting in a dime and waiting
01:30 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
01:30 <Harmonex> Don't stop me now.
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Damn you autocorrect
01:30 <Scorch933> we can't stop, it's too dangerous, we have to slow down!
01:30 <Harmonex> We're gonna have a good time.
01:30 <Scorch933> Bullshit!
01:30 <Scorch933> Stop this thing, stoop!
01:30 <Finalclaw> it shall be faster...
01:30 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> /insert rude gesture here
01:31 <Scorch933> inserted. <^>
01:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I love how he says "Bullshit". I die every time.
01:31 <Cbot72> <_>
01:31 <Scorch933> How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?
01:31 <Scorch933> Sir!
01:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I knew it! I'm surrournded by assholes!
01:31 <Scorch933> I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes.
01:31 <Scorch933> Dammit!
01:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> HA! Ninja'd!
01:31 <Scorch933> Keep Firing, Assholes!
01:31 <Cbot72> >__<   >__<
01:32 <BRVR> The problemm of being a girrafe during wourld war 2 is  nechkots.
01:32 <Scorch933> Major Asshole, and his friend? Gunner's mate, first class, Philip Asshole.
01:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 寢 "ne" = "go to sleep"
01:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> (jeff)
01:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What
01:32 <Scorch933> no more emotes, Gaines.
01:32 <BRVR> *problem, world, neckshots, giraffe
01:32 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:32 <Cbot72> (O)O)
01:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Someone overused them?
01:32 <Harmonex> How did Hitler tie his shoes?
01:32 <Harmonex> He tied them in little Nazis. (phonetic pun)
01:32 <Scorch933> I have no clue.
01:32 <Jeffsson> die potato
01:32 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
01:33 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
01:33 -!- Crentela has left Special:Chat.
01:33 <Cbot72> NOO!
01:33 <Scorch933> Harmonex: The grammar Nazi impression: "If Jew don't spell correctly, Jew will die!"
01:33 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Cbot72> Stop it!
01:33 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I did Nazi see that coming.
01:33 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Little known fact: Hitler liked Juice a lot.
01:33 <Harmonex> Apparently, due to the shape of the vocal chords and mouth frame, it's impossible to say the words "eye laws dug aim" in succession.
01:33 <Mr.Zalgopasta> (another phoenetic pun)
01:33 <Scorch933> bow chicka bow wow.
01:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> But....
01:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I just did it @Harmonex..
01:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I just did
01:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Sssshhhh
01:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You don't say?
01:34 <Scorch933> we had a lady helping kids with crafts, and she was working with a hole puncher. So
01:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Juice (ic)
01:34 <Rylee the Pegasis> xD
01:34 <Harmonex> Okay, those that were able to do it did not get the joke.
01:34 <Scorch933> Every once in awhile she'd say "okay kids, I'm going to poke your holes"
01:34 <Creepypastabook> Is the universe circuitous or infinite? 
01:34 <Scorch933> And I would yell "bow chicka bow wow"
01:34 <Cbot72> GOOD.   >:(
01:34 <Harmonex> The universe is not infinite.
01:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah. The joke went straight over my head O.o
01:34 <Rylee the Pegasis> ^
01:35 <Scorch933> harmonex: and you or any dipshit would know this for certain how?
01:35 <Cbot72> funnymouth
01:35 <Harmonex> Curved space is a testable reality.
01:35 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity
01:35 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I'm not sure about the universe.
01:35 <HiddenSpirit> Einstein. 
01:35 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Ding ding
01:35 <Creepypastabook> What I was about to say
01:35 <Scorch933> Still a thesis.
01:35 <Rylee the Pegasis> no 
01:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> Two things are infinite: 
01:36 -!- Thunder27Cloud has joined Special:Chat
01:36 <Scorch933> your cum,
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hitler was certainly an evil little moustache prick,but antichrist no.
01:36 <Scorch933> and your ass.
01:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> Human stupidity and the amount of Zubats in a cave
01:36 <Creepypastabook> xD
01:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I feel like knowing whether or not the universe is infinite is something we really don't want to know. Kinda like trying to divide by zero
01:36 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Hidden's, to be specific, Scorch
01:36 <Rylee the Pegasis> XD
01:36 -!- Thunder27Cloud has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <Scorch933> No, everyone knows Barack Obama is the ultimate Antichrist.
01:36 -!- Thunder27Cloud has joined Special:Chat
01:36 <Scorch933> Gaines: (Y)
01:36 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Obama 2016
01:36 <Scorch933> Or wait
01:36 <HiddenSpirit> What, Sir?
01:36 <Harmonex> "Dividing by zero" isn't some mythical impossibility.  It just has no definition.
01:36 <Scorch933> is it Obama, or Prince William?
01:36 <Creepypastabook> I am talking to someone who is trying to insist that the universe is circuitous.
01:37 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> William 2013
01:37 -!- Thunder27Cloud has left Special:Chat.
01:37 -!- Thunder27Cloud has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <Cbot72> Tesla was a fraud! Columbus committed genicide! who we prais are just bad; bad people!
01:37 <Jimmy Pilkens> fixed my av
01:37 -!- TarrynLancaster has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <TarrynLancaster> Hi
01:37 <Cbot72> hi
01:37 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I'm just trying to make a comparison @Harmonex.
01:37 <Scorch933> Cbot: guess what, you're just figuring that out?
01:37 -!- Thunder27Cloud has left Special:Chat.
01:37 -!- Thunder27Cloud has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <BRVR> Bacon 2013-9999
01:37 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Okay. Here's a better one: "Like trying to get a real value for the square root of a negative".
01:37 -!- Thunder27Cloud has left Special:Chat.
01:37 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
01:37 <BRVR> And millions of years after 9999.
01:38 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <Scorch933> I like you, but I wouldn't trust you with subatomic particles.
01:38 <Cbot72> Tesla was a fraud! Columbus committed genicide! who we prais are just bad; bad people! we might as well worship jack the ripper of jeff the killer on the slenderman!
01:38 <Scorch933> :D
01:38 <Harmonex> You just gave contradictory terms, Zalgo.
01:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tulsa wasn't afraud. 
01:38 <Scorch933> Cbot: I worship Cthulhu.
01:38 <Scorch933> Why pick the lesser evil?
01:38 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I was thinking that the first time obima was elected, that he was elected 'cause he was black
01:38 <Mr.Zalgopasta> That's the point.
01:38 <Cbot72> good point.
01:38 <Scorch933> Gaines: possibly.
01:38 <Mr.Zalgopasta> It's impossible.
01:38 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <Scorch933> anyways, brb.
01:38 <Slender666> Hello 
01:39 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
01:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Maria
01:39 <Harmonex> You said "don't want to know".
01:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> and the second?
01:39 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
01:39 <HiddenSpirit> But why does that make it something we don't want to know?
01:39 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai Noah
01:39 <Creepypastabook> Why worship false entities like Jeff the Killer and Slenderman? At least Jack the Ripper was real
01:39 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Goddamn it, sir. You see what I'm trying to say D:
01:39 <Ednoahjones> hai
01:39 <Harmonex> If it is a logical impossibility, knowledge of it doesn't exist.
01:39 <Slender666> w8 what
01:39 <Mr.Zalgopasta> See above.
01:39 <Harmonex> The analogy falls.
01:39 <Slender666> jack the ripper real?
01:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> Jeff the Killer is real. Jeffery Dahmer I think his name was.
01:40 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <Creepypastabook> Jeffery Dahmer and Jeff the Killer even close?
01:40 <Cbot72> but still, tesla only helped inent the electic chair, so even he commited genicide in a sence
01:40 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Jeff the Killer never tried to create zombie sex slaves out of his victims.
01:40 <Mr.Zalgopasta> So no...
01:40 <Slender666> Jeff the killer is base on Jeffery Dahmer
01:40 <Rylee the Pegasis> not the point
01:40 <Creepypastabook> Cbot that is indirect genocide
01:40 <Slender666> I chat with Cbot
01:40 <Scorch933> jack the ripper was real
01:40 <Scorch933> BUT
01:41 <Creepypastabook> Slender666 did you not know Jack The Ripper was real?
01:41 <Scorch933> he was never Identified.
01:41 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <Slender666> Nope
01:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Jeffrey Dahmer can be refered to as Jeff the Killer
01:41 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Maria
01:41 <Creepypastabook> Not really
01:41 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What about Hhidaka
01:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Edison was a low down dirty cheat that couldn't handle Tesla was the better better inventor
01:41 <Slender666> So...
01:41 <Harmonex> I saw an interesting documentary on Discovery that gave a pretty plausible identity for Jack the Ripper.
01:41 <Creepypastabook> That is like refering to Ed Gein as Leatherface
01:41 <HiddenSpirit> What'd it say?
01:41 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I think I watched, like, ten minutes of that.
01:41 <Harmonex> Forensics are quite difficult to do this far after the fact.
01:41 <Scorch933> Pasta: more like Buffalo Bill.
01:42 <Slender666> Jigsaw is real maybe
01:42 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <Creepypastabook> Jigsaw is from a movie.
01:42 <Creepypastabook> :P
01:42 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
01:42 <Harmonex> But, basically, there was a man in an insane asylum that fit the profile.
01:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <Cbot72> yum, yogert with mini woppers, mmmmmmm
01:42 <Slender666> Have anyone read "Man killed by saw-style explosive neck device"?
01:42 <Bushcraft Medic> In the Victorian era? 
01:42 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Was that the one where they said he probably moved to America?
01:42 <Harmonex> I believe so, yes.
01:42 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah. That's the part I saw.
01:43 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What about Hiroaki (Hiroshi) Hidaka?
01:43 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Or Ted Bundy?
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Everyone in a Victorian era 'mad house' would have fit the profile in the eyes of the investigators. 
01:43 <Mr.Zalgopasta> What about 'em?
01:43 <Creepypastabook> Slender it can be someone who was inspired by it but it can not be the character
01:43 <Slender666> No one anwser me
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Ok.
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Nobody answer this guy ^
01:43 <Slender666> ok
01:43 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
01:43 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Good point @Bush
01:43 <Harmonex> At the end, they had an expert use software to reverse the age of an image of the old man.
01:43 <Cbot72> tribe twelve
01:43 <Slender666> :(
01:43 <Harmonex> Naturally, this isn't conclusive.
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Why are we chasing up on this guy
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> *?
01:43 <Bushcraft Medic> Jack the Ripper got away with it.
01:44 <Creepypastabook> Human curiosity. 
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jeffrey Dahmer was the Armin Weiss of America, no?
01:44 <Mr.Zalgopasta> It happened, what, about 100 plus years ago? There's no real conclusion to be made
01:44 <Harmonex> Assuming the man in the documentary was the guy, he ended up dying in an asylum.
01:44 <Bushcraft Medic> He's the must successful murderer ever. 
01:44 <Harmonex> Otherwise, yes.  Got away with it.
01:44 <Bushcraft Medic> Got famous, and got away.
01:44 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
01:44 <Creepypastabook> Anyone know about the Zodiac? 
01:44 <Scorch933> and he is probably dead now.
01:44 <Cbot72> have any of you heard of the boston stangeler
01:44 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Was Weiss the dude who cannibalized the other man in Gernamy?
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic> Now, there are some more modern killers out there.
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic> Heh.
01:45 <Harmonex> Which Zodiac?
01:45 <Scorch933> Cbot: yeah,
01:45 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I know about the Zodiac killer.
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm from Germany so
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic> I wanted to go to a Homestuck convention dressed as the Zodiac Killer. 
01:45 <Mr.Zalgopasta> San Francisco bay area killer @Harmonex.
01:45 <Creepypastabook> The Zodiac Killer. 
01:45 -!- TarrynLancaster has left Special:Chat.
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea he was zalgo
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic> Would that have been bad taste?
01:45 <Mr.Zalgopasta> We still don't know his real identity though we have been able to decipher a couple of his letters.
01:45 <Cbot72> bye
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic> Here, check this out.
01:45 <Bushcraft Medic>
01:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 10 Serial Killers Still At Large - Duration: 03:14 - Uploaded: 2013-05-31 - Rating: 4.895372 - Views: 525,970 -
01:45 <Mr.Zalgopasta> @Lee, the Weiss murder was consentual
01:45 <Creepypastabook> He is probably dead by now
01:46 <Mr.Zalgopasta> We probably could have had him, though.
01:46 <Scorch933> Gary Ridgway has the highest American count.
01:46 <Creepypastabook> The Zodiac was assumed to be in his 30s or 40s at the time of the killings I believe 
01:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh ok Jeffrey Dahmer was.... not so persuasive
01:46 <HiddenSpirit> Oh, The Zodiac killer?
01:47 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Two cops saw someone that was probably him, however they didn't do anything because they were going on a description of a black man.
01:47 <HiddenSpirit> That case is rather creepy.
01:47 <Creepypastabook> John Wayne Gacy
01:47 <Creepypastabook> was messed up.
01:47 <Scorch933> Gacy was a bit more....pervasive.
01:47 <Mr.Zalgopasta> This was the 60s and 70s
01:47 <Creepypastabook> That is the only case that has creeped me out
01:47 <Scorch933> Bundy too.
01:47 <Mr.Zalgopasta> BTK
01:47 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Fish
01:47 <Bushcraft Medic> Hey, do I hear an ice cream van?
01:47 <Bushcraft Medic> ...
01:48 <HiddenSpirit> John Wayne Gacy?
01:48 <Creepypastabook> Bundy would pretend to be injured and when they would help him get into his car he would through them in.
01:48 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The Dennis Rader case is so fuckedu p
01:48 <Bushcraft Medic> You know who is really terrifying? 
01:48 <Creepypastabook> Me :D 
01:48 <Bushcraft Medic> Charles Bronson.
01:48 <Bushcraft Medic> The prisoner. 
01:48 <Creepypastabook> Aw. :(
01:48 <Scorch933> Luis Garavito.
01:48 <HiddenSpirit> Slow down.
01:48 <HiddenSpirit> I'm looking these people up. lol
01:49 <Harmonex> "The Prisoner" was a wonderful series.  Those of you into creepy stories should give it a look.
01:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Isn't Bronson british?
01:49 <Bushcraft Medic>
01:49 <Bushcraft Medic> Yes.
01:49 <Creepypastabook> Didn't Richard Ramirez die this year?
01:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah I know of him.
01:49 <Harmonex> It's not, in and of itself, a creepy story.
01:49 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks, Harmon.
01:49 <Scorch933> Columbia has the three most prolific serial killers in the world.
01:49 <Bushcraft Medic> And my dad got sent a letter from him
01:49 <HiddenSpirit> I have so many tabs open.
01:49 <HiddenSpirit> Really, Bush?
01:49 <Bushcraft Medic> Saying how sorry he was to hear that my dad was put away.
01:49 <Bushcraft Medic> (Sent to prison).
01:49 <HiddenSpirit> Ah.
01:50 <HiddenSpirit> I haven't heard of a lot of these people
01:50 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Fucking laptop touchpad shortcuts
01:50 <Creepypastabook> Would you consider Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold serial killers? 
01:50 <Scorch933> No.
01:50 <Scorch933> You would consider them Rampage killers, or Mass Murderers.
01:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I don't
01:50 <Scorch933> Or just "shooters".
01:51 <Creepypastabook> Okay because I never thought of them as serial killers
01:51 <HiddenSpirit> Serial killers target a select kind of people.
01:51 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Ronald DeFeo. Name Ring a bell?
01:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What they didwas unorganized
01:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <Scorch933> Zalgo: Amityville, right?
01:51 <Mr.Zalgopasta> YEP! :D
01:51 <Bushcraft Medic> This is what this Bronson guy looks like...
01:51 <Bushcraft Medic>
01:51 -!- Bloodybrigade has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <Creepypastabook> Originally they were going to bomb to school and shoot people running out
01:51 <Scorch933> book: Serial killers also target people at different times.
01:51 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Following Bundy's execution, in an unusual twist, his remains were cremated at the request of his family and spread over the mountains in Washington State, where the bodies of several of his victims had been discovered.
01:52 <HiddenSpirit> Wow.
01:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Amityville Horror Story
01:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Just "Horror" lol
01:52 <Bloodybrigade> Oh my god I love that pasta,
01:52 <Scorch933> Ronald DeFeo allegedly murdered his family,
01:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> You just mixed "Amityville Horror" with "American Horror Story" 
01:53 <Scorch933> and the "whoever their names were" moved in, and the murder serves as the basis for the "haunting".
01:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh lol
01:53 <Scorch933> The...
01:53 <Cbot72> 24601
01:53 <Scorch933> Lutz's!
01:53 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The family that reported the hauntings were the Lutz's
01:53 <Creepypastabook> BTK killer did not looks like a killer
01:53 <Mr.Zalgopasta> fuck.
01:53 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I just got ninja'd
01:53 <Scorch933> that's right, it was the Lutz family.
01:53 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Define "GaiaOnline"
01:53 <Scorch933> Uh
01:54 <Scorch933> Gaines: it's an LGBT MMORPG?
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> WHAT
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> GIMMIE
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> I mean.
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> That sounds nice.
01:54 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
01:54 <Creepypastabook> xD
01:54 <Scorch933> I found out that Gaelic is not what the LGBT uses to communicate.
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> What would a gay RPG play like?
01:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Son of Sam is just... strange
01:54 <Scorch933> I now feelz so stupid.
01:54 <Bushcraft Medic> LOL
01:55 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Redemption if you name the author of the Horror
01:55 <Scorch933> oh....
01:55 <Bloodybrigade> -Sits in corner alone-
01:55 <Bloodybrigade> sigh.
01:55 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Hi Brigade.
01:55 -!- Jeff the killer fan 101 has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <Bloodybrigade> :D
01:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi bloody
01:55 <Jeff the killer fan 101> sup
01:55 <Scorch933> uh....
01:55 <Bushcraft Medic> Aaaaah fuck
01:56 <Bushcraft Medic>
01:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 10 Disappointing Facts About Pop Music - Duration: 01:54 - Uploaded: 2012-08-02 - Rating: 4.441714 - Views: 791,089 -
01:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lag
01:56 <Creepypastabook> SO MANY JEEF TAI KEDDIR FANS
01:56 <Scorch933> Zalgo: his last name was Anson, but that's all.
01:56 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:56 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Ding ding ding. 
01:56 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah. His first name is kinda... uninteresting.
01:56 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Jay
01:56 -!- Jeff the killer fan 101 has left Special:Chat.
01:56 <Scorch933> It's been awhile, but I've got a set encyclopedia that chronicles Paranormal events pre-1980s.
01:56 <Scorch933> there are some books missing,
01:57 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Sweet.
01:57 <Scorch933> but my great grandmother is the one who gave it to me and I'm very appreciative, kept me, still keeps me up all night for five years.
01:57 <Creepypastabook> The Red Ripper
01:57 <Bushcraft Medic> Jedd du killur
01:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:57 <Bushcraft Medic> Sorry, I just wanted to type that.
01:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
01:58 <Creepypastabook> Anyone know The Red RippeR?
01:58 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
01:58 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Bushcraft Medic> Neeeyyyop
01:58 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Andrie?
01:58 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Andrei(?) How do you spell it???
01:58 -!- Mythbuster626 has joined Special:Chat
01:58 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
01:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Myth
01:58 <Bushcraft Medic> Hey!
01:58 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I knew him as the Rostov Ripper
01:58 <Mythbuster626> hello all
01:58 <Creepypastabook> My name is not all but thanks. :D
01:59 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <Mythbuster626> ahh  i knew some1 whould say that
01:59 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
01:59 <BRVR> Obscure WHAT?
01:59 <Scorch933> The Long Island Killer, he's still at large.
01:59 <Scorch933> Hey guys!
01:59 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Green River Killer
02:00 <Mythbuster626> scorch are you the long island killer
02:00 <Scorch933> If I become a prolific serial killer, think somebody'll write an article about me?
02:00 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
02:00 <Creepypastabook> /me does not think so
02:00 <Scorch933> darn.
02:00 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
02:00 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
02:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You'd serve a life sentence and we'd never see you again.
02:01 <Mr.Zalgopasta> internet burped again...
02:01 <Mythbuster626> well no one has done so about me so no
02:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And we would forget you.
02:01 <Scorch933> I would sure love to have a Wikipedia article, lulz.
02:01 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Dr. Oliver Thredson >>>> All serial killers :3
02:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Therefore no pasta.
02:01 <Scorch933> Who gives a shit about CNN coverage, they're bullshit anyway.
02:01 <Mythbuster626> what i love pasta
02:01 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
02:01 <Bushcraft Medic> I am going to become a killer...
02:01 <Bloodybrigade> Fox is too.
02:02 <Bushcraft Medic> I'm going to get a pillowcase. 
02:02 <Mythbuster626> im allready one
02:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Does anyone know Ottis Toole?
02:02 <Bushcraft Medic> Shaped like a huge penis.
02:02 <Scorch933> Zalgo: oh god,
02:02 <Scorch933> you watch AHS?
02:02 <Bushcraft Medic> And I am going to fill it full of pennies. 
02:02 <Creepypastabook> Yeah neve
02:02 <Mr.Zalgopasta> YESSSSS :D
02:02 <Bushcraft Medic> I will be...
02:02 <Scorch933> I stopped watching it after the Gimp Suit.
02:02 -!- Mythbuster626 has left Special:Chat.
02:02 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello guys
02:02 <Mr.Zalgopasta> XD No, dude. You have to watch ittttttt
02:02 <Mr.Zalgopasta> It's so~ good~
02:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi ginger
02:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lag
02:02 <Scorch933> no thanks, I'm a horror fan, not a skinemax fan.
02:02 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello neve
02:03 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
02:03 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <Bushcraft Medic> The Dick of a Thousand Lincoln's!
02:03 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> wat
02:03 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Darkstride and Deathgirl
02:03 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The risque side of American Horror Story isn't even a plot element.
02:03 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:03 <Darkstride> SIR
02:03 <Darkstride> Hai.
02:03 <Mr.Zalgopasta> It's just there to keep the little brats from watching it XD
02:03 <Bushcraft Medic> Why would you STOP watching something with a rubberman in it?
02:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:04 <Finalclaw> tere
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> Zalgo, you seem to be into the rubberman a bit much...
02:04 <Finalclaw> back
02:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Again, what
02:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:04 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb finalclaw
02:04 <Scorch933> Bush: because BDSM gives me nightmares.
02:04 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Not really. I just hate when kids ruin my mature horror.
02:04 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> Oh..
02:04 <BRVR> Genius!
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> AHeheh
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> Aehehehe
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> AHAHAHAA
02:04 <Scorch933> Can I explain why?
02:04 <Bushcraft Medic> MUAHAAHAAAA
02:05 <Bushcraft Medic> Sure :3
02:05 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> challenge accepted
02:05 <Scorch933> My first ex once had me strapped to a metal chair...
02:05 <Scorch933> with a car battery
02:05 <Scorch933> and jumper cables.
02:05 <Scorch933> you guess what happened.
02:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> GAHHH
02:05 <Bushcraft Medic> Well fuck I feel awful. 
02:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> No. BAD!
02:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You died.
02:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> *cringes*
02:05 <HiddenSpirit> ...
02:05 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
02:05 <HiddenSpirit> I come back to this.
02:05 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Hidden. Run.
02:05 <Bushcraft Medic> Where did he shock you?
02:05 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Zipped
02:05 <Creepypastabook> "I had a strange dream last night. In my dream I was browsing /x/. I was reading a thread that was discussing something known as the Unsettling Train Phenomenon. The phenomenon was where a toy train moving about it's tracks slowly began more erratic and unpredictable movements, and the viewer would become increasingly unsettled and begin to freak out. Someone posted a .gif of an "Unsettling Train". I viewed it and it was a toy train moving erratically. I immediately became overwhelmed with fear and woke from my dream with my heart pounding." - /x/
02:05 <Zippedkiki> hey hey 
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kinky~
02:05 <Scorch933> Bush: Yeah, you're funny. She.
02:05 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> This is why /d/ is better
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imeanwat
02:05 <BRVR> *Straps scorch to a metal chair with a car battery and jumper cables*
02:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No walls
02:06 <BRVR> I'm erliving you!
02:06 <BRVR> *reliving
02:06 <Scorch933> She used a gag too.
02:06 <BRVR> *Zap*
02:06 <Bushcraft Medic> Did you report her to the police? 
02:06 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:06 <Creepypastabook> brb
02:06 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> hh
02:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
02:06 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Whoa. That sounds awesome at Book
02:06 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb irish
02:06 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:06 <Scorch933> No, but she got some psychiatric assistance.
02:06 <Bushcraft Medic> Did she mark you?
02:06 <Mr.Zalgopasta> *googles unsettling train phenomenon*
02:06 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:06 <Bushcraft Medic> Like, scars and such?
02:06 <Scorch933> yeah, she did a bit of that too.
02:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:07 <Scorch933> we're on alright terms now.
02:07 <Bushcraft Medic> Why?
02:07 <BRVR> Whoa...
02:07 <Scorch933> but she had it done to her by one of her friends.
02:07 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and you've been reported to the cyberpolice
02:07 <Bushcraft Medic> How?
02:07 <Bushcraft Medic> What?
02:07 <Scorch933> she's that person who got me involved and knowledgeable in all the shit I know now.
02:07 <BRVR> Am... Am I dreaming?
02:07 <Bushcraft Medic> Oh.
02:08 <Bushcraft Medic> Such as?
02:08 <Scorch933> Roleplay, BDSM, Pegging...
02:08 <Scorch933> some other shit that Temmington would appreciate.
02:08 <BRVR> Seriously, I don't know if I'm dreaming or not!
02:08 <Scorch933> ern *only* temmington could appreciate.
02:08 <Darkstride> "only"
02:08 <Darkstride> k
02:08 <Scorch933> gender reversal.
02:08 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
02:08 <Scorch933> O_O
02:08 <Creepypastabook> For those interested 
02:08 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:08 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:08 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <HiddenSpirit> What's wrong, BRVR?
02:09 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Scorch, please refer to Rule 63 A and B
02:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Mr.Zalgopasta> On it right now @Book.
02:09 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb Rylee
02:09 <Mr.Zalgopasta> This thread kicks ass!
02:09 <Scorch933> 63?
02:09 <Bushcraft Medic> Don't worry Scorch...
02:09 <Bushcraft Medic> I am a furry, nothing can faze me.
02:09 <Scorch933> lulz.
02:09 <Bushcraft Medic> I'm like, the lowest of the low.
02:09 <Rylee the Pegasis> thanks
02:10 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> im a ginger i win
02:10 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> no prob
02:10 <Bushcraft Medic> LARP's bully me.
02:10 <Scorch933> Yeah, well we're on alright terms now. she's not having an easy time currently, though.
02:10 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Weaki
02:10 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Weak*
02:10 <Bushcraft Medic> DnD players steal my lunch money.
02:10 <BRVR> Am I awake? I have no diea.
02:10 <BRVR> *idea
02:10 <Scorch933> Bush: that's sad.
02:10 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Live action roleplayers bully you?
02:10 <Bushcraft Medic> I'm joking man.
02:10 <BRVR> I don't have any diarrhea either.
02:10 -!- Bloodybrigade has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <Bushcraft Medic> It's a joke.
02:10 <Scorch933> BRVR: You have no diarrhea?
02:10 <BRVR> Nope.
02:10 <BRVR> Fortunately.
02:10 <Scorch933> :D
02:10 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> dat good
02:10 <Scorch933> nope you do, or nope you don't?
02:11 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Rule 63: For any given male character, there is a female version of it.
02:11 <BRVR> I don't have diarrhea.
02:11 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 63A*
02:11 <Bushcraft Medic> I have never had sunflower seeds thrown at me while someone has yelled "FIREBALL".
02:11 <Scorch933> AGH!
02:11 <Creepypastabook> Rule 34 and 35
02:11 <Scorch933> Gaines: You sicko!
02:11 <Scorch933> GAH
02:11 <Creepypastabook> Also rule 1 and 2
02:11 <BRVR> Is 63B reversal of the 63A rule?
02:11 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i is bored
02:12 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and tired
02:12 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> oh well
02:12 <Scorch933> I would show you guys some pictures, but thankfully...those all...disappeared.
02:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I remember a total NOPE thread where OP posted a picture of Masky looking in the window at him.
02:12 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 63B is: for any given female character, there is a male version of it
02:12 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Scared the shit outta me.
02:12 <Bushcraft Medic> Lol.
02:12 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i like turtles
02:12 <Bushcraft Medic> Can I see?
02:12 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
02:12 <Creepypastabook> Anyone ever use
02:12 <Bushcraft Medic> And was it a gif?
02:13 <Creepypastabook> That game is creepy
02:13 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Rule 1: You do not talk about /b/
02:13 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Rule 2: You DO NOT talk about /b/
02:13 <Creepypastabook> STOP TALKING SIR
02:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Unknown
02:13 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Damn
02:13 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> fine
02:13 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i will
02:13 <Finalclaw> lol
02:13 <Finalclaw> lol
02:13 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
02:13 <Creepypastabook> Not your Sir Captian
02:13 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
02:13 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> oh oclkay
02:13 <Finalclaw> damn it doule post...
02:13 <Creepypastabook> doublepost
02:13 <Creepypastabook> doublepost
02:14 <Unknownwatcher> hello everyone
02:14 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
02:14 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> triple post?
02:14 <BRVR> Why are there doubleposts?
02:14 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> jjust call me scott
02:14 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You press up after you type and enter
02:14 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You press up after you type and enter
02:15 <Scorch933> how do you kill a circus? aim straight for the juggler.
02:15 <Scorch933> :D
02:15 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Then press enter again
02:15 <Scorch933> I can do that
02:15 <Scorch933> I can do that
02:15 <Scorch933> :D
02:15 <BRVR> An aquatic industrial nudist.
02:15 <BRVR> An aquatic industrial nudist.
02:15 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Sir Captian Ginger Face>  i got tablet so i cant D:
02:15 <Scorch933> lol.
02:15 <Scorch933> poor Ginger.
02:15 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:15 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:15 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> These are the last, I swear
02:15 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> wb Mr.Zalgopasta
02:15 <Creepypastabook> /me does not approve
02:15 <Creepypastabook> /me does not approve
02:16 <Scorch933> But then again, why am I showing sympathy for a ginger?
02:16 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <Mr.Zalgopasta> wty ^_^
02:16 <Scorch933> :D
02:16 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Lei.
02:16 <Scorch933> hey lei.
02:16 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Lei
02:16 <Creepypastabook> "Ghosts don't exist. When you die, your soul either goes to Heaven, or is cast into the everlasting flame. There's no third option" Wat.
02:16 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
02:16 <Creepypastabook> I wanted to haunt people
02:16 <Creepypastabook> /me is sad. :(
02:17 <TheGreatMobo> >tfw you will never haunt people
02:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >everlasting flame
02:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> This isn't Dark Souls
02:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Stahp
02:17 <Creepypastabook> xD
02:17 <Creepypastabook> I was quoting an anon from /x/.
02:17 <Unknownwatcher> anyone watch the tribetwelve videos here?
02:17 <BRVR> >Union nipple
02:17 <BRVR> The nipple of the union!
02:17 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No
02:17 <Unknownwatcher> ok
02:18 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
02:18 <Unknownwatcher> its about slenderman
02:18 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Mobo
02:18 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> brb
02:18 <BRVR> An undiscovered neon stereotype.
02:18 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
02:18 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
02:18 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
02:18 <TheGreatMobo> >not being on superior board
02:18 <TheGreatMobo> >2013
02:18 <Unknownwatcher>
02:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: DEUS EX MACHINA - Duration: 04:26 - Uploaded: 2013-06-05 - Rating: 4.940161 - Views: 32,358 -
02:19 <Unknownwatcher> lol
02:19 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Bypass bot using TinyURL
02:19 <Unknownwatcher> i posted same thing
02:19 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <Lei Omaki> oh hi Gingah xD
02:19 <Creepypastabook> "JFK is still alive" WAT? I thought his brains splattered on his hot wife.
02:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> back
02:20 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> NSFW4
02:20 <BRVR> "Tangerine liberty! Tangerine liberty!!" said the purple lime.
02:20 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
02:20 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Sarah. 
02:20 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello sarah
02:20 <Unknownwatcher>           this has slenderman in it with tribetwelve
02:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Order - Duration: 17:40 - Uploaded: 2012-09-29 - Rating: 4.838683 - Views: 71,541 -
02:21 <Temmington> Heya.
02:21 <Unknownwatcher> omg
02:21 <BRVR> Fun fact: I am a robot that learns frmo what you say.
02:21 <Unknownwatcher> did it again
02:21 <Temmington> /me pings Bushcraft Medic
02:21 <Bushcraft Medic> Oi
02:21 <BRVR> Someone reset me.
02:21 <Temmington> Sup bitch.
02:21 <Bushcraft Medic> Nuthin whore.
02:21 <Bushcraft Medic> U?
02:22 <Temmington> Same, slut.
02:22 <Unknownwatcher> click on those links guys
02:22 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I didn't know there was Ban Sniper Rifle
02:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:22 <BRVR> *Resets self*
02:22 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Just a Ban Hammer
02:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <Temmington> I have a ban plunger. 
02:22 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> BRVR, you're.... HAL?
02:22 <BRVR> BRVR you're... HAL?
02:22 <Bushcraft Medic> I thought you'd have a ban whip or something?
02:23 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Ban Sniper Rifle
02:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> i have a... pickachu
02:23 <BRVR> Barley bucking balls.
02:23 <Scorch933> I'm afraid I can't do that.
02:23 <Zippedkiki> hey strider 
02:23 <Scorch933> Will I dream dave?
02:23 <Lei Omaki> maybe
02:23 <Scorch933> Dave? *dave*...
02:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I'm peacin' out.
02:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Cheers
02:23 <Scorch933> later mate!
02:23 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer
02:23 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye Zalgo
02:23 <Temmington> Ziggles!
02:24 <Temmington> No!
02:24 <Temmington> I just got here!
02:24 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Temmington> ;~;
02:24 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Temmington> My Ziggles fix is unsatisfied. 
02:24 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
02:24 <HiddenSpirit> Bye, Aidan. ^_^
02:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> poop, forgot to save my FF
02:25 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Ban Hammer is stronger than Mjolnir
02:25 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
02:25 <BRVR> Butt = Brilliant Ungrateful Trojan Titanic.
02:25 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> oh well start from tje beginning again
02:26 -!- Shadow00015 has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What Urban Dictionary says  on ban hammer- 1. A symbol of violence and imaginary power over others, used by peniley-challenged jerks, at websites, to make themselves feel better about being so inadequate, and unliked by anybody
02:26 <Shadow00015> Hi
02:26 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello Shadow
02:26 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 2. A symbol used by bossy creeps at websites, to try and make you "fear their power" you're supposed to imagine they have...but really they have no power..or friends..because they are just assholes.
02:26 <Shadow00015> ello capn'
02:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 3 - A picture that should be thrust as far up the offending admin or mods nazi ass as possible, except they'd probably like it.
02:27 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> #3 (huehue)
02:27 <BRVR> Hey, Roman is my cousin's name!
02:27 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> lolz
02:28 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
02:28 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
02:28 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> so tired  .-.
02:28 <BRVR> HAL stands for Havoc Avenue Loop.
02:28 <Shadow00015> im not  :P
02:29 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> well i gtg
02:29 <BRVR> Boat reward verbal request.
02:29 <BRVR> That completely explains me.
02:29 <Shadow00015> what?
02:29 <BRVR> Blistered rubber vomiting resource. That IS what I am.
02:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye guys
02:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> and galls
02:30 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> aanand wwwwwirdos
02:30 <Shadow00015> okaay
02:30 <BRVR> *Vomits on ginger*
02:30 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:31 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
02:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> So, you're radioactive rubber or something?
02:31 <Shadow00015> *trys not to laugh and fails*
02:31 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
02:31 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
02:31 -!- Rabidbluefairy has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <Rabidbluefairy> Hullo
02:32 <BRVR> Pancakes.
02:32 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Shadow00015> waffles and poptarts
02:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >Encyclopedia Dramatica
02:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >A website that takes several aspects of the internet, old memes, journals, forums, and just the culture in general, and insults them in the most vulgar and harrassing ways
02:32 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> You don't say?
02:32 <Darkstride> ^
02:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Zippedkiki> does anyone know if ChaoZStrider is active in the chat? or is he just there?
02:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Shadow00015> i dunno i only got here a few mins ago
02:34 <Temmington> He is active. 
02:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >Uncyclopedia
02:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >Better than Encyclopedia Dramatica because it's more thought-out and doesn't rely on Tubgirl for "humor"/shock value.
02:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:34 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >basically wikipedia in a state of anarchy. no complaints here.
02:34 <Zippedkiki> ok thanks
02:34 <BRVR> Gaines, check PM.
02:34 <Shadow00015> hey does anyone actually think jeff is scary
02:35 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
02:35 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> No
02:35 <BRVR> Yes.
02:35 <Shadow00015> what about justin beiber
02:35 <BRVR> It is so extremely scary that I died of fear first time I heard of it.
02:35 <BRVR> Literally.
02:35 <Shadow00015> is HE scary
02:36 <Rabidbluefairy> Does any one recognize this term?
02:36 <BRVR> No.
02:36 <Rabidbluefairy> Two feminine statues stand guard over the door and will only heed the word of a true moon tree child... one who is pure of both body and spirit
02:36 <Shadow00015> (i mean JB)
02:36 <BRVR> Plus, extreme sarcasm about the jeff.
02:36 <Shadow00015> he's not scary
02:36 <Rabidbluefairy>
02:37 <Shadow00015> sure
02:37 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> “In soviet Russia, YOU eat Grues!”
02:37 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> ~ Russian reversal
02:37 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> “In soviet Russia, Grue still eat YOU!”
02:37 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> ~ Rusian Reality
02:37 <ChaoZStrider> lel
02:37 <Shadow00015> dafuq
02:37 <Zippedkiki> Strider
02:37 <Zippedkiki> check you PM
02:37 <Shadow00015> hello
02:38 -!- Superskubisscared has joined Special:Chat
02:38 -!- Rabidbluefairy has left Special:Chat.
02:39 -!- Rabidbluefairy has joined Special:Chat
02:39 <Superskubisscared> back
02:39 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
02:39 -!- Rabidbluefairy has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Hola compadres
02:39 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Grues CAN be killed with these things --
02:39 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> The Anti-comma, although it will not only destroy the grue, but asplode the hell out of anything within 5 miles, thus not being very useful
02:40 <Darkstride> Jk.
02:40 <Superskubisscared> caps
02:40 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Darkstride> Minimods.
02:40 <Shadow00015> what the krap is a grue
02:40 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:41 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
02:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:41 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:41 <XxEyeless-JackxX> -shudders- Gruuuuuues
02:41 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:41 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
02:42 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:42 -!- Jimmy Pilkens has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <Superskubisscared> how do you do hacks?
02:42 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <ChaoZStrider> Brb, fewd
02:43 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Chathacks or hacking (LIEK AN ANON LOL FTW 420)?
02:43 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
02:43 -!- Scorch933 has joined Special:Chat
02:43 <Superskubisscared> 420 blaze it
02:43 <Scorch933> tired...depressed....exhausted....bored.
02:44 <Superskubisscared> wanna get high?
02:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Bruce Lee>Chuck Norris
02:44 <Scorch933> I almost miss Temmington's constant bitchin about how I hate her and all her friends.
02:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:44 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>
02:44 <Scorch933> at least that'd give me something to...
02:44 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Look!
02:44 <Scorch933> speak of the devil and he will come.
02:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <Superskubisscared> i miss fun people
02:45 <Temmington> u wot m8
02:45 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
02:45 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> In the sky!
02:45 <XxEyeless-JackxX> Grues are domos
02:45 <Scorch933> God, that saying bears true.
02:45 <Shadow00015> yes
02:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:45 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
02:45 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:46 <Temmington> Hi Wolfen. 
02:46 <Wolfenmaus> Sarah.
02:46 <Temmington> And HIddun.
02:46 <HiddenSpirit> Hi. ^_^
02:46 <Wolfenmaus> Why are you a poop?
02:46 <Scorch933> speaking of God, thanks for nothing, God! You must have a bitchin sense of humor!
02:46 <Temmington> .-. 
02:46 <Wolfenmaus> Also, just discovered this guy
02:46 <Superskubisscared> hey temmington and hidden are back
02:46 -!- Cbot72 has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <Superskubisscared> im unbanned
02:46 <Shadow00015> who
02:46 <Wolfenmaus>
02:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: KINGDOM HEARTS - SIMPLE AND CLEAN (Metal Cover) - Duration: 04:54 - Uploaded: 2013-03-05 - Rating: 4.934842 - Views: 71,330 -
02:46 <Superskubisscared> oh rylee was here?
02:47 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> If there are Grues
02:47 <Scorch933> oh lol.
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> Guy named Pellek.
02:47 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> What are Bleens?
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> He's pretty good.
02:47 -!- XxEyeless-JackxX has left Special:Chat.
02:47 <Superskubisscared> i like slimebeast
02:47 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> I liked Utada Hikaru better
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> I like slime, toom.
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> In my holes.
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> imean
02:47 <Wolfenmaus> wat
02:47 <Superskubisscared> ...
02:47 <Superskubisscared> awk
02:48 <Shadow00015> yes
02:48 <Scorch933> well, goodnight. Cyaz.
02:49 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Absolute-worst-case scenario - The Grues decide that you make a better sex toy than a meal. Imagine that for the rest of your life!
02:49 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:49 <Shadow00015> :O
02:49 -!- Scorch933 has left Special:Chat.
02:49 <Shadow00015> i am scarred
02:49 <Shadow00015> for the rest of my life
02:50 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
02:50 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:50 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <Shadow00015> and thats a long time
02:50 <Superskubisscared> okay its midnight love you all
02:50 <Superskubisscared> good night
02:50 <Shadow00015> its only 10 where i am
02:50 <Superskubisscared> tell me you love me and give me a hug and kiss
02:50 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
02:50 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:50 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 11:00PM
02:51 <ChaoZStrider> It is almost 11 here
02:51 <Shadow00015> sure whatev
02:51 <Superskubisscared> my clocks are off then 
02:51 <Superskubisscared> but im tired af
02:51 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
02:51 <Shadow00015> PEACE OUT!!!
02:51 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
02:51 -!- Shadow00015 has left Special:Chat.
02:52 -!- Superskubisscared has left Special:Chat.
02:53 <BRVR> Should I trust it?
02:53 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer>!
02:53 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Define, "AAAAAAAAAA!"
02:54 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> >Zork
02:54 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
02:54 <BRVR> The AAAA screen of AAAAA.
02:54 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yes, you should.
02:55 <BRVR> Do I open zork1?
02:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <BRVR> Do I?
02:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yes
02:57 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And "data"
02:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:57 <Wolfenmaus> Zork is a fun series.
02:57 <Wolfenmaus> If you're in 1982.
02:57 <BRVR> I downloaded it from myabandonedware, should it be trusted?
02:57 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
02:57 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
02:57 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Dream.
02:57 <Dream Hacked> The animation is done :D
02:57 <Dream Hacked> Hai
02:57 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
02:58 <Dream Hacked>
02:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Trance Animation/Music Video - Cinema 4D - Duration: 03:21 - Uploaded: 2013-07-09 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 3 -
02:58 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
02:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:58 <Bushcraft Medic> Dreamy~
02:58 <Dream Hacked> Medic ;-;
02:58 <Dream Hacked> where u been
02:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
02:58 <Bushcraft Medic> I've been busy.
02:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Dream Hacked> It's okay :)
02:59 <Bushcraft Medic> But I'm slowly getting back on to this.
02:59 <BRVR> Ahh! Not an eurg!
02:59 <Dream Hacked> I have as well
02:59 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has left Special:Chat.
02:59 <Bushcraft Medic> I've missed you!
02:59 <Dream Hacked> Click mah animation :D
02:59 <Dream Hacked> We've missed you :)
02:59 <Bushcraft Medic> D'awww.
02:59 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
02:59 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
03:00 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:00 <HiddenSpirit> Dream!
03:00 <HiddenSpirit> You're done with you.
03:00 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:00 <Bushcraft Medic> I was expecting a "No we didn't gtfo".
03:00 <HiddenSpirit> ;_;
03:00 <Dream Hacked> Wat
03:00 <Dream Hacked> I'm not a smart ass.
03:01 -!- Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer has joined Special:Chat
03:01 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:01 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
03:01 <HiddenSpirit> That's really good, Dream.
03:01 <HiddenSpirit> Good job.
03:01 <Bushcraft Medic> I like this animation.
03:01 <BRVR> DO I open zorg1?
03:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> 3chan died from a sever case of syphilis.
03:01 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yes
03:02 <Bushcraft Medic> What.
03:02 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> severe*
03:02 <Dream Hacked> Thanks :) It's mainly for the song. The blob thing interacts with the music. Please leave a like on the video if you're logged in ^_^ It helps me.
03:03 <BRVR> Are you sure?
03:03 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
03:03 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
03:03 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
03:03 <Temmington> brb 
03:04 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> And moot said: Lo, this is 4chan, Bringer of Pain
03:04 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <BRVR> Are you sure, gaines?
03:04 -!- Sparkarez has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <Andytags> well looks like im staying up until 12 
03:04 <Sparkarez> What even is this?...
03:04 <Andytags> badass yo
03:05 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:05 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> lol
03:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Yes
03:05 <Andytags> spark, it's every dream of yours come true.
03:05 <Sir Gainesworth the Demon Slayer> Shrek your privileges, kid.
03:06 <Sparkarez> Shrek is dreck.
03:36 <Oderyus> are you gonna ban me for that
03:36 <Temmington> That's offensive.
03:36 <Oderyus> sorry
03:37 <Oderyus> Is anyone even awake
03:38 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:38 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
03:38 <Oderyus> you are all dead to me
03:38 <Oderyus> *sniff*
03:38 <Oderyus> *sob*
03:39 <Oderyus> Goodbye cruel world (not literally)
03:39 <Temmington> Do. Not. Joke. About. Suicide. 
03:39 <Oderyus> ok
03:39 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <Oderyus> im just being a drama quee
03:39 <Oderyus> *queen
03:39 <Oderyus> I did not offend anyone
03:39 <Fullmoon67> Hi again 
03:39 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <Temmington> Hi Full.
03:40 <Oderyus> Finally someone to talk to!
03:40 <BRVR> I kicked the you.
03:40 <Fullmoon67> C:
03:40 <Fullmoon67> me
03:40 <Oderyus> who is the you
03:40 <BRVR> The me.
03:40 <Fullmoon67> i am me
03:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:40 <Fullmoon67> which is is you
03:40 <Oderyus> I dont get it
03:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <Fullmoon67> im you (:S)
03:41 <Fullmoon67> Dead chat?
03:41 <Oderyus> Did you guys know that Jeff The Killers picture is of a girl
03:42 <Fullmoon67>  LOLZ
03:42 <Oderyus> That is why I call him Jeff The Tranny
03:42 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
03:42 <Oderyus> The Granny Tranny
03:42 <Fullmoon67> Jeff?
03:42 <Oderyus> Disgusting
03:42 <Oderyus> yes Jeff
03:42 <Fullmoon67> is not real
03:43 <Oderyus> I know
03:43 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
03:43 <Fullmoon67> and how do you know
03:43 <Oderyus> I saw the real photo
03:43 <Oderyus> quote on quote
03:43 <Fullmoon67> Oh (facepalm)
03:43 <Oderyus> Its of a girl
03:44 <Oderyus> That is why I call him Jeff the Tranny
03:44 <Fullmoon67> what a twist 
03:44 <Oderyus> Jeff the Potato might also be a tranny
03:44 <Fullmoon67> xD
03:44 <Oderyus> go to potato
03:44 <Oderyus> we serve fries
03:44 <Fullmoon67> why is everyone so quiet 
03:44 <Oderyus> I dont know
03:45 <Oderyus> it is like they are dead
03:45 <Oderyus> Its only you and me now
03:45 <Fullmoon67> i love cookiess
03:45 <Fullmoon67> yep
03:45 <Oderyus> and a quiet Temmington
03:45 <Oderyus> I love cake
03:45 <Fullmoon67> A shy Temmington (fluttershy)
03:45 <Oderyus> We can reach a compromise
03:45 <Oderyus> Jaffa cakes
03:46 <Oderyus> Half cake, half cookie
03:46 <Fullmoon67> hmm
03:46 <Oderyus> its a mutant of flavour
03:46 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got the most unusual e-mail on June 23.
03:46 <Oderyus> Ong
03:46 <Oderyus> *Omg
03:46 <Fullmoon67> HE SPEAKS 
03:46 <Oderyus> Someone finally talked
03:46 <Oderyus> for years I have not read a post
03:46 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
03:46 <Oderyus> By that I mean minutes
03:47 <Fullmoon67> XD
03:47 <Masked Hero Z> Be back later.
03:47 <Fullmoon67> Noo
03:47 <Oderyus> You were never here
03:47 <Oderyus> You never spoke
03:47 <Masked Hero Z> I know right. lol
03:47 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am going to get this story on here, WORD FOR WORD, about Stephen Fitzgerald Benjamin Kennedy.
03:47 <Fullmoon67> (insert sad music)
03:47 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
03:47 <Oderyus> wah wah waaaah
03:47 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
03:47 <Fullmoon67> (QQ)
03:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
03:48 <ChaoZStrider> The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.
03:48 <Fullmoon67> everyone is leaving 
03:48 <Fullmoon67> im all 3
03:48 <Oderyus>
03:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Best song for saying goodbye - "For good" from Wicked by Napat (Reaf) - Duration: 04:29 - Uploaded: 2013-05-03 - Rating: 4.640919 - Views: 484,406 -
03:48 <Fullmoon67> (foreveralone)
03:49 <Oderyus> At least we got eachother *hugs*
03:49 <Oderyus> *sob*
03:49 <Fullmoon67> (T_T)
03:49 <Oderyus> :(
03:49 <Oderyus> :)
03:49 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
03:49 <Oderyus> we got eachother though
03:50 <Oderyus> <3
03:50 <Oderyus> jk
03:50 <Fullmoon67> This is why i hate Sundays
03:50 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
03:50 <Oderyus> LAWLZ
03:50 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
03:50 <Oderyus> its a sunday
03:50 <Fullmoon67> yes
03:50 <Fullmoon67> wait
03:50 <Oderyus> after it turned summer I have not kept track of time
03:50 <Oderyus> Ive been too busy doing nothing
03:51 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
03:51 <Fullmoon67> Aww nah its monday (facepalm)
03:51 <Freddy krueger> Hello
03:51 <Fullmoon67> Yuss
03:51 <Oderyus> ...
03:51 <Oderyus> it is true
03:51 <Oderyus> ..
03:51 <Freddy krueger> .........
03:51 <Fullmoon67> someone else 
03:51 <Oderyus> someone has finally spoken
03:51 <Fullmoon67> spam
03:51 <Freddy krueger> Haha is freddy 
03:51 <Oderyus> lonelyness has not succummbed us
03:52 <Freddy krueger> What you say >
03:52 <Fullmoon67> freddy from scooby doo
03:52 <Oderyus> *loneliness
03:52 <Freddy krueger> Are you crazy ?
03:52 <Oderyus> I like Shaggy
03:52 <Oderyus> not Fred
03:52 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
03:52 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:52 <Oderyus> Fred looks kind of a rear end pirate
03:52 <Fullmoon67> have not seen it in 2 years 
03:52 <Freddy krueger> Freddy is a slasher from nightmare in elm street
03:52 <Temmington> I want some ice cream. 
03:52 <Oderyus> A drea
03:52 <Temmington> Or a popsicle. 
03:52 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:52 <Oderyus> Doh
03:52 <Fullmoon67> Temmington STFU
03:53 <Fullmoon67> JK
03:53 <Oderyus> *A dream slicer
03:53 <Temmington> -slaps-
03:53 <Freddy krueger> I want some dreams
03:53 <Temmington> -slaps you too-
03:53 <Fullmoon67> xD
03:53 <MooseJuice> Storm overhead, beeches!
03:53 <Freddy krueger> *Scares sarah*
03:53 <MooseJuice> Get in deh cellar!
03:53 <ChaoZStrider> Moo cow
03:53 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:53 <Freddy krueger> You don't like my hat 
03:54 <Fullmoon67> no one likes fedoras 
03:54 <Temmington> Nobody likes roleplaying either.
03:54 <ChaoZStrider> I like my fedora.
03:54 <ChaoZStrider> My. Fedora.
03:54 <MooseJuice> Early birthday gift from me to you:
03:54 <Fullmoon67> eheh
03:54 <Oderyus> have this dream
03:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea with Justin Bieber! - Duration: 03:31 - Uploaded: 2012-09-14 - Rating: 4.807259 - Views: 5,380,764 -
03:54 <Oderyus> hehehehehehehehe
03:54 <Fullmoon67> sowwy
03:54 <Oderyus> Im evil
03:55 <Wolfenmaus> Speaking of birthday.
03:55 -!- SaikaXIII has joined Special:Chat
03:55 <Wolfenmaus> Today marks 6 months for me as a DeviantART user.
03:55 <Oderyus> I love this present
03:55 <Freddy krueger> Well you roleplayed before
03:55 <Fullmoon67> mine is in 9 days
03:55 <Oderyus> Ill give you one
03:55 <Temmington> Not as a horror monster. 
03:55 <Freddy krueger> -slaps->
03:55 <Temmington> Which is not allowed. 
03:55 <Freddy krueger> Oh okay
03:56 <Fullmoon67> so i can be mah pony (QQ)
03:56 <Freddy krueger> Freddy is a human not a monster get your info's correct
03:56 <Fullmoon67> he is not well known 
03:56 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:56 <Temmington> who the fuck cares
03:56 <Oderyus>
03:56 <Temmington> Use Tinyurl. 
03:56 <Oderyus> here you go
03:56 <Fullmoon67> (ok)
03:56 <Oderyus> your present
03:57 <Freddy krueger> Your past
03:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:57 <Oderyus> I hope you like it
03:57 <Oderyus> It came from my heart
03:57 <Freddy krueger> I hope you hate it
03:57 <Fullmoon67> worst give eva 
03:57 <Fullmoon67> gift
03:57 <Oderyus> trolololo
03:57 <MooseJuice> Your torture will begin soon enough:
03:58 <MooseJuice> Secret Santa sucks when it's you guys I got to freaking shop for.
03:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <Fullmoon67> MAH EYES!!!
03:58 <Freddy krueger> Who cares 
03:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
03:58 <Freddy krueger> I cares about your heads
03:59 <Freddy krueger> For not getting chopped off 
03:59 <Fullmoon67> *care
03:59 <Oderyus> Here is your torture!
03:59 <Oderyus>,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg&fp=1025bdbebf64e6a&biw=1280&bih=672&facrc=_&imgdii=_&
03:59 <Oderyus> i dont know how to use tiny url
03:59 <BRVR> The me isn't agreeing with me.
03:59 <Freddy krueger> (Spam) 
03:59 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
03:59 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
03:59 <Fullmoon67>  get your grammer right
03:59 <Oderyus> its grammar
03:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
03:59 -!- Oderyus was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
03:59 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
03:59 <Freddy krueger> Fail
03:59 <MooseJuice> Oderyus, go to
03:59 -!- Oderyus has joined Special:Chat
04:00 <Oderyus> Why was I kicked
04:00 <Freddy krueger> Spam
04:00 <Oderyus> oh
04:00 <Fullmoon67> F***
04:00 <Freddy krueger> you 
04:00 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
04:00 <Fullmoon67> (QQ)
04:01 <Freddy krueger> Why so sad ?
04:01 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
04:01 <Oderyus> But how does Temmington send so much stuff, but he does not get kicked
04:01 <Freddy krueger> She
04:01 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:01 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
04:01 <Oderyus> whoops sorry
04:01 <Fullmoon67> i bit my tongue 
04:01 <Oderyus> I did not know
04:01 <Esoteric Entity> Lag is gone.
04:01 <Freddy krueger> Your mistakes is too many mister
04:01 <Slender666> OMG! Pewdiepie hit 10 mil subs!
04:01 <Esoteric Entity> Yus.
04:01 <Esoteric Entity> He did?
04:01 <Esoteric Entity> Oh wow.
04:01 <Fullmoon67> idc
04:01 <Oderyus> My mistakes
04:01 <Freddy krueger> Who cares
04:01 <Slender666> I'm care
04:01 <Oderyus> Im working on a Portuguese computer
04:02 <Oderyus> so
04:02 <Freddy krueger> I'm bro and i don't care
04:02 <Freddy krueger> See
04:02 <Fullmoon67> I Do Care
04:02 <Wolfenmaus> I've recently learned the magic of Yogscast.
04:02 <Slender666> I'm still care
04:02 <Slender666> duh
04:02 <Oderyus> recently
04:02 <Freddy krueger> I do'nt
04:02 <Oderyus> are you serious
04:02 <Freddy krueger> Why so series ?
04:02 <Slender666> Still care...
04:02 <Fullmoon67> yes
04:02 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
04:02 <Oderyus> because Im Batman!
04:02 <Freddy krueger> Grammar nazi calm down i mean that
04:02 <Slender666> 4ever care
04:02 <Wolfenmaus> I'm Manbat.
04:03 <Fullmoon67> im not a bro
04:03 <Esoteric Entity> brb
04:03 <HiddenSpirit> What the hell is White Boy Seventh Street?
04:03 <Oderyus> become one
04:03 <Oderyus> join us
04:03 <Fullmoon67> nah
04:03 <Oderyus> forever
04:03 <Freddy krueger> Mull foon 
04:03 <Oderyus> and ever
04:03 <Slender666> I'm not deadpool
04:03 <Slender666> I'm pooldead
04:03 <Slender666> lol
04:03 <Fullmoon67> he is overated
04:03 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:03 <Oderyus> why does and ever sound like endeavor
04:03 <Freddy krueger> Slender you are a crappy patty
04:03 <Oderyus> plus Im Woman Wonder
04:03 <Fullmoon67> who is mullfoon
04:04 <Slender666> 10.002.486 SUBS!
04:04 <Freddy krueger> Good
04:04 <Oderyus> gooby plz
04:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:04 <Fullmoon67> i got 50 subs
04:04 <Freddy krueger> I got 20
04:04 <Oderyus> I got 3 subs
04:04 <Slender666> wut do you mean gooby
04:04 <Fullmoon67> 55 to be exact
04:04 <Oderyus> wah wah wah
04:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
04:04 <Slender666> I got 12 subs
04:04 <Freddy krueger> haw haw haw
04:04 <Oderyus> Im a failure
04:04 <BRVR> 1 subject.
04:04 <MooseJuice> Well, this is a tragic title for an episode:
04:04 <Oderyus> in youtube
04:04 <Freddy krueger> Do you think pewdiepie is a loser ?
04:04 <Slender666> nope
04:05 <Fullmoon67>
04:05 <BRVR> I am a failuerer failure than you are.
04:05 <Freddy krueger> Well he is a pews
04:05 <Slender666> Second most subs in the world!
04:06 <Oderyus> next is Machinima right
04:06 <Oderyus> curse them!
04:06 <Slender666> why
04:06 <MooseJuice> Are you kidding me
04:06 <Slender666> Next is Nigahiga
04:06 <Freddy krueger> What is your favourite scary movie
04:06 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <HiddenSpirit> That's just wrong, Moose.
04:06 -!- Slendermanismymaster has joined Special:Chat
04:06 <Oderyus> they are a complex of people earning subs, he is only a guy and I hate nigahiga
04:06 <Slender666> Hai Slender
04:07 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:07 <Oderyus> Why Moose
04:07 <Slendermanismymaster> Ohai
04:07 <MooseJuice> He's a slave to the music!
04:07 <Fullmoon67> Hi Alice 
04:07 <Slender666> I hate nigahiga too(no offense)
04:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:07 <Slendermanismymaster> Hes okay
04:07 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
04:07 <Oderyus> you said it
04:07 <Oderyus> he is annoying
04:07 <Slender666> Slender
04:07 <Slendermanismymaster> Myess?
04:07 <Oderyus> he is a squid that hates butter!
04:08 <Slender666> motorboarding! brbrbrbrbrb...
04:08 <Freddy krueger> I see people dead
04:08 <Oderyus> gooby plz
04:08 <Oderyus> r u srs
04:08 <Fullmoon67> i kill squids in mincraft
04:08 <Slender666> The hell is gooby
04:08 <Fullmoon67> minecraft
04:08 <Freddy krueger> Derpy goofy
04:08 <Oderyus> i hb naw grmr knleje
04:09 <Slendermanismymaster> D:
04:09 <Freddy krueger> Goofy goober
04:09 <Oderyus> i r stoohpeed
04:09 <Slender666> lol
04:09 <Slendermanismymaster> Myeeeeehhhh
04:09 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
04:09 <BRVR> Steve, why won't you walk the dinosaur!
04:09 <Oderyus> sry Ai mnet stooh peed
04:09 <Freddy krueger> Crappy patty is delious 
04:09 <Slender666> Did you said "I are stupid" Od
04:09 <Freddy krueger> Did you say 'Chocolate' ?
04:10 <Wolfenmaus> HEy
04:10 <Oderyus> is it zork
04:10 <Wolfenmaus> You know that He-Man Meme?
04:10 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
04:10 <Oderyus> cause I got eaten by a gure
04:10 <Oderyus> *grue
04:10 <Wolfenmaus> The Hey-yeayyeayeayeyaa thing?
04:10 <Slendermanismymaster> CHOCOLAAAAATTTEEE
04:10 <Wolfenmaus> This is the song that meme's based off of.
04:10 <Wolfenmaus>
04:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 4 Non Blondes - What's Up - Duration: 04:59 - Uploaded: 2011-02-23 - Rating: 4.922175 - Views: 15,464,092 -
04:10 <BRVR> Yes, ti is zork.
04:10 <BRVR> *It
04:10 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:10 <Slender666> alsdccsfwd
04:10 <Slender666> I'm crazy cus pewds!
04:10 <Wolfenmaus> It's not bad, actually.
04:10 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:10 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
04:10 <Oderyus> I R ginuz
04:10 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
04:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> Trollin' eevee.
04:11 <Jabeznewman4000> Y'ALL MY BITCHES
04:11 <Slender666> alsdccsfwd
04:11 <Slender666> I'm crazy cus pewds!
04:11 <Freddy krueger> Sheman
04:11 <Oderyus> Yes you are a trolling eevee
04:11 <Jabeznewman4000> srry for caps
04:11 <Slendermanismymaster> PEEEEWWWDDDDDSSS
04:11 <Oderyus> eevees suck
04:11 <Slender666> Omg
04:11 <Oderyus> they are only normal
04:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> But I'm level 100!
04:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
04:11 <ChaoZStrider> calm the cpas and spam.
04:11 <Slender666> Someone almost kick
04:11 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Chaoz.
04:11 <ChaoZStrider> Sup, Hidden
04:11 <Oderyus> then you have to do some stupid things to make the awesome evolutions
04:11 <Afterlife and Redshade> *cries in corner*
04:11 <HiddenSpirit> Just reading. You?
04:11 <Slender666> Yo Chaoz
04:12 <Oderyus> Lunareon for example
04:12 <BRVR> Everybody walk the dinosaur! I first learned about this at disney, believe it or not.
04:12 <Slender666> nope
04:12 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <Oderyus> I have never heard it
04:12 <Slendermanismymaster> Who wants to private chat?
04:12 <ChaoZStrider> gaming
04:12 <Slender666> Me
04:12 <Oderyus> I do
04:12 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <Fullmoon67> nah
04:12 <Slendermanismymaster> aaaahhh
04:12 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> *cries in corner still*
04:12 <BRVR> Why am I storing baker chocolate in my teeth?
04:12 <BRVR> *cheek
04:13 <Slendermanismymaster> I pick slender
04:13 <Slender666> *singing*I am Slender,I Want Privite,the hell is going on with me?
04:13 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
04:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> *fart*
04:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> O_O
04:13 <Slender666> lol
04:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> *sniff sniff*
04:13 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Eevees don't fart.
04:13 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
04:13 <Slender666> Double dible Slend
04:13 <Oderyus> you found my speed! I mean my speed training tools
04:13 <Slender666> lol
04:13 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <Slender666> lel
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> lol
04:14 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
04:14 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
04:14 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <Darkstride> WELL SHIET.
04:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Edward Snowden: 'The US government will say I aided our enemies' part 2 - Duration: 07:07 - Uploaded: 2013-07-08 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 25 -
04:14 <Oderyus> Eevees suck
04:14 <Oderyus> big time
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> *drinks teh training stuffs*
04:14 <BRVR> *Takes out an air freshener*
04:14 <Oderyus> they are tools
04:14 <Oderyus> not drinks
04:14 <Slendermanismymaster> How do I private message?
04:14 <Slender666> Jigsaw mean Pigsaw
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> Not really
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> DX
04:14 <Oderyus> you will die now!
04:14 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <Slender666> lol
04:14 <Slender666> Nơp
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm level 9999999 now.
04:14 <Slender666> i mean Nope
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> I kill in one blow.
04:14 <Oderyus> Pigsy was awesome
04:14 <Oderyus> in manhunt
04:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
04:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:3
04:15 <BRVR> Why am I eating unsweetened chocolate?
04:15 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> *hears another fart*
04:15 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <BRVR> Wait... I think I need to puke now...
04:15 <Oderyus> placebo effect BRVR
04:15 <BRVR> Nevermind.
04:15 <Oderyus> you feel like it is sweet when it is not
04:16 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> *gives BRVR chocolate*
04:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:D
04:16 <BRVR> Well that leaved a strange taste in my mouth making me think I have to puke.
04:16 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:16 <Oderyus> Ai shuld bcawm a saiendeest
04:16 <Slender666> I'm PM with Slenderismymaster
04:16 -!- Kate Seaeagle has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> And I'm also higher level than all of chu
04:16 <Oderyus> pika
04:17 <BRVR> Oh, I just had to burp/
04:17 <BRVR> .
04:17 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well...
04:17 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:17 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <Oderyus> shocking attack
04:17 <Oderyus> you prlz heal now!
04:17 <Oderyus> pwnd
04:17 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
04:17 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <Oderyus> chucknorri used shockwave
04:18 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <Oderyus> prlz again!
04:18 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <BRVR> The bakers chocolate made my left eye twitch.
04:18 <Oderyus> so good or so bad
04:18 <Slender666> Bye guys i;m out
04:18 <Oderyus> or both
04:18 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
04:18 <Oderyus> bye bye bye
04:18 <Oderyus> NSYNC
04:18 <Esoteric Entity> My favorite band, lel.
04:18 <Slender666> Bye guys i'm out
04:19 <Esoteric Entity> Bye.
04:19 <BRVR> It made me think I had to puke, I just had to burp.
04:19 <Slendermanismymaster> Bye
04:19 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
04:19 <Oderyus> Yes like those shits that you think that they are humongus but they are little pebbles
04:19 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:19 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
04:20 <Slendermanismymaster> Who wants to be a proxy?
04:20 <Oderyus> they make me sweat like a pig in a blanket (litteral pig in a blanket)
04:20 -!- Noughtshayde has joined Special:Chat
04:20 <Oderyus> what is a proxy
04:20 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:20 <Oderyus> im new
04:20 <Andytags> omg rly
04:20 <Oderyus> and mew
04:20 <Slendermanismymaster> A helper
04:20 <Oderyus> im a pokemon
04:20 <BRVR> I got a carbonated drink and it made me burp again.
04:20 <Noughtshayde> let's see if the damn chat works for me NOW
04:20 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
04:20 <Oderyus> I want to be one
04:20 <Noughtshayde> alright, good.
04:20 <Slendermanismymaster> yay
04:21 <Oderyus> but not mewtwo coz it sucks, it has not transform!
04:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:21 <BRVR> Mew can learn eveyr moe.
04:21 <BRVR> *every move
04:21 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:21 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <Slendermanismymaster> ;(
04:21 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <Slendermanismymaster> Me sad
04:21 <XXTailsLoverXx> hello
04:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
04:22 <Noughtshayde> Oh yeah, well Magikarp can splash you with water in a slightly unpleasant manner! HA!
04:22 <XXTailsLoverXx> like you mum
04:22 <Oderyus> in level 100 it turns into a kingkarp
04:22 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
04:22 <Slendermanismymaster> Nobody loves me.
04:22 <Afterlife and Redshade>
04:22 <Afterlife and Redshade> Angry. Angryon.
04:23 <Oderyus> and I got pokerus on that stupid pokemon
04:23 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
04:23 <Slendermanismymaster> Nobody loves me.
04:23 <BRVR> *Falls into some water*
04:23 <Oderyus> abandon loneliness
04:23 <Oderyus> lol
04:24 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
04:24 <Oderyus> do you guys know what pokerus is
04:24 <Oderyus> do you
04:24 <BRVR> Yes.
04:24 <Noughtshayde> It has something to do with something that I currently have no interest in.
04:24 <Slendermanismymaster> Should I kill myself?
04:24 <BRVR> It is a disease that pokemon get.
04:25 -!- Shahahahan has joined Special:Chat
04:25 <Shahahahan> hey guys
04:25 <Oderyus> and they get double the exp
04:25 <Shahahahan> anyone like that story dogscape?
04:25 <Slendermanismymaster> Hi
04:25 <Oderyus> but why did I get it on a magikarp
04:25 <Oderyus> I wish we could eat magikarps
04:25 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
04:25 <Oderyus> they would be tasty
04:26 <BRVR> *Eats a roasted magikarp* huh?
04:26 <BRVR> *Huh?
04:26 <Shahahahan> i just did a huge illustration for that story dogscape...  would like to know what you creepypastaers think
04:26 <Noughtshayde> dogscape was really disturbing
04:26 <Oderyus> you. did. not. share
04:26 <Shahahahan> can you link images here?
04:26 <Oderyus> yes
04:26 <Oderyus> but use tiny url
04:26 <Noughtshayde> because the simple fact that EVERYTHING is dog exxcept the polar ice caps) is just wierd.
04:26 <BRVR> *Gives a roasted magikarp to odery*
04:27 <Oderyus> yay
04:27 <Oderyus> nom
04:27 <Slendermanismymaster> Spread the word.
04:27 <BRVR> Here you go, odory.
04:27 <Oderyus> its awesome with zinc and lemonade
04:27 <Shahahahan> let me know Noughtyshayde if i did the creepy, justice.  and ok
04:27 -!- Slendermanismymaster has left Special:Chat.
04:27 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <Oderyus> Thanks for making me delete my browser history
04:28 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <Shahahahan> what?  why?
04:28 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
04:28 <Oderyus> you sent a pic of a vajayjay
04:28 <Oderyus> lol
04:28 <Shahahahan> nuh uh
04:28 <Oderyus> uh huh
04:29 <Shahahahan> it's
04:29 <Wolfenmaus> Slenderstroke
04:29 <Shahahahan> a dogscape
04:29 <Oderyus> huh
04:29 <ChaoZStrider> No, it is not
04:29 <ChaoZStrider> I looked at it.
04:29 <Oderyus> its not
04:29 <Shahahahan> why?
04:29 <Oderyus> its a vagina
04:29 <Shahahahan> i propose, that you, sir are a vagina
04:29 <Oderyus> you demented freak
04:29 <ChaoZStrider> It is not a vagina, you are just an idiot.
04:29 <Shahahahan> oh COME on, this is creepy pasta
04:29 <Oderyus> I only glanced at it
04:29 <ChaoZStrider> Now, shush, Oderyus.
04:30 <Oderyus> are you banning me
04:30 <Shahahahan> who is the idiot?
04:30 <ChaoZStrider> No, just telling you to shush.
04:30 <Princess Platinum> wit
04:30 <Oderyus> phew
04:30 <BRVR> *Eats an orange air freshener*
04:30 <ChaoZStrider> my neck hair is longer then the hair on my head...
04:31 <Shahahahan> *than
04:31 <ChaoZStrider> same shit.
04:31 <Shahahahan> no
04:31 <Oderyus> weird
04:31 <Oderyus> neck hair...
04:31 <Shahahahan> than is for comparison
04:31 <ChaoZStrider> Yes, I know the difference, I just don't care enough to make the change one something is typed.
04:31 <ChaoZStrider> because honestly, this is chat.
04:31 <Oderyus> Anyone wanna read my pasta
04:32 <Shahahahan> is that the slang?
04:32 <ChaoZStrider> My grammar is still better then most of the people who come wandering in here confused as hell.
04:32 <Oderyus> slang is slang for shortened language
04:32 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
04:32 <Shahahahan> well would it then be safe to assume you did not like my pasta?
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> How do you spell that word when you are charged with illegal drugs?
04:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> I forgot it...
04:32 <Oderyus> The more you know
04:33 <Shahahahan> convicted?
04:33 <ChaoZStrider> I have not read your pasta.
04:33 <Oderyus> mine
04:33 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
04:33 <Irishninja0> Strider
04:33 <Oderyus> (question mark)
04:33 <Irishninja0> I have a brilliant idea for a pasta
04:33 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <Shahahahan> my pasta was overcooked?
04:33 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <Oderyus> speak away
04:33 <ChaoZStrider> What is it, Irish?
04:33 <Irishninja0> I came up with it while I was on vacation
04:33 <Irishninja0> you see
04:33 <Irishninja0> it came to me at our hotel
04:33 -!- Shahahahan has left Special:Chat.
04:33 <Irishninja0> I was in the elevator
04:34 <Irishninja0> and I had recently been reading the da vinci code
04:34 <Oderyus> that reminds me of Teh day of all teh bl00d
04:34 <Irishninja0> the main character is claustrophobic
04:34 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
04:34 <Irishninja0> and thats when it came to me
04:35 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
04:35 -!- TrueWarrior18 has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <HeWhoDiedHere> Guys. What is that word?
04:35 <HeWhoDiedHere> The cops say, "You are charged with possession of drug --------"
04:35 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
04:35 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <HeWhoDiedHere> Starts with a "P".
04:35 <BRVR> Bacon.
04:35 <Afterlife and Redshade> Drug Bacon
04:35 <Fullmoon67> Hi
04:35 <BRVR> Pobacon.
04:35 <HeWhoDiedHere> Real funny, guys...
04:35 <Afterlife and Redshade> Pobacon.
04:36 <Oderyus> bacon is the meaning of life
04:36 <Afterlife and Redshade> Best word ever.
04:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> STFU...
04:36 <BRVR> Bacon is 42.
04:36 <BRVR> Bacon is the best word ever.
04:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> Get serious, idiots...
04:36 <Oderyus> the answer of all questions
04:36 <BRVR> Bacon.
04:36 <BRVR> Bacon!
04:36 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
04:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> Chao?
04:36 <BRVR> 2 + 2 is bacon.
04:36 <ChaoZStrider> idk, He.
04:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> Do you know the word I am looking for?
04:36 <Fullmoon67> (bacon)
04:36 <Fullmoon67> here
04:36 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am with idiots...
04:36 <Oderyus> pi is not 3.141 its bacon
04:37 <BRVR> 5923 ÷ 0 is bacon.
04:37 <HeWhoDiedHere> Please don't make me call you guys the "R" word...
04:37 <ChaoZStrider> I do not.
04:37 <BRVR> The R word!
04:37 <Noughtshayde> raise your imaginary hand if any of you like genitalia.
04:37 <BRVR> Not that!
04:37 <Oderyus> 0 divided by bacon is bacon
04:37 <Fullmoon67> my name has R in it (derp)
04:37 <Oderyus> Rodney I guess
04:38 <Fullmoon67> no
04:38 <Oderyus> Russman
04:38 <Fullmoon67> no
04:38 <Oderyus> Riley
04:38 <Fullmoon67> no
04:38 <Oderyus> Rhonda
04:38 <Fullmoon67>  Nope
04:38 <BRVR> Rick.
04:38 <Oderyus> Rob
04:38 <Fullmoon67> No
04:38 <ChaoZStrider> Robo
04:38 <Fullmoon67> Nope
04:38 <Oderyus> Robin
04:39 <BRVR> Rebazoflinegaopa?
04:39 <Oderyus> Rowan
04:39 <Fullmoon67> Finnaly
04:39 <Fullmoon67> Rowan pm me
04:39 <BRVR> Your name is rebazoflinegaopa?
04:39 <Fullmoon67> Btw its Raymond 
04:39 <Oderyus> darn it
04:39 <BRVR> Odor, check PM.
04:40 <Oderyus>
04:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: You and Your Johnson - Duration: 00:30 - Uploaded: 2010-07-04 - Rating: 4.950895 - Views: 1,146,037 -
04:40 <Oderyus> its an add
04:40 <Oderyus> *ad
04:40 <BRVR> Odor.
04:40 <Oderyus> a funny one
04:40 <Oderyus> its Oderyus!
04:41 <Oderyus> and I replied
04:41 <BRVR> *Gives some tomato juice and an air freshener*
04:41 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
04:41 <Creepypastabook> Got my 100th edit finally. Which is sad since I joined in September of last year
04:41 <Temmington> >joined in April of last year 
04:41 <Temmington> >has 1,000 edits
04:41 <Temmington> get on my level
04:42 <BRVR> I have over 1.
04:42 <Temmington> (Totaling my now disabled name change accounts.)
04:42 <Creepypastabook> I plan on editing a lot more but eh. I got 20 today
04:42 -!- Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1 has joined Special:Chat
04:42 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> hey guys can you watch my livestream>
04:42 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> *?
04:42 <Creepypastabook> /me says no
04:43 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> /me says okay
04:43 <ChaoZStrider> I have no level. I joined in April last year and have over 150edits
04:43 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> hey BRVR
04:43 <BRVR> Hi.
04:43 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <Creepypastabook> What is your guys' favorite type of pastas?
04:43 <Noughtshayde> anyone play dark souls?
04:44 <ChaoZStrider> no.
04:45 <Kate Seaeagle> i like lasagna
04:45 <Noughtshayde> if any of you guys like to punish yourselves in gaming, you should play dark souls.
04:46 <ChaoZStrider> Well, I played it, I don't play it.
04:46 <ChaoZStrider> got bored.
04:46 <Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1> incase you wanna watch it
04:46 <Noughtshayde> I see.
04:47 <Noughtshayde> You should try super meat boy, then. That game makes the classic mario look like disneyland.
04:47 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
04:48 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
04:48 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> played it.
04:49 <ChaoZStrider> Beat it.
04:49 <Noughtshayde> all of it?
04:49 -!- Marshall Lee The Vampire King Of Aaa1 has left Special:Chat.
04:49 <Noughtshayde> including A+ on all the dark worlds and retro worlds?
04:49 <Noughtshayde> and all the bandages?
04:50 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
04:50 <ChaoZStrider> A+ and Bandages? No.
04:50 <ChaoZStrider> I beat the story.
04:50 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
04:50 <Noughtshayde> ah, ok.
04:50 <Noughtshayde> I am attempting to go for completion, but it's pretty intense.
04:51 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Harm.
04:51 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
04:52 <Noughtshayde> binding of isaac was also pretty difficult. it also was underrated, and a lot of people were mad that they had to buy it for five dollars originally, apparently.
04:52 <Noughtshayde> hello, new chatters, all.
04:52 <BRVR> I got TBOI: WOTL for free.
04:52 <Harmonex> Hello.
04:52 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:53 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
04:53 <Wolfenmaus> So, have you seen that Professional Sketch of an Animated Ryan?
04:53 <Noughtshayde> i know what TBOI stands for, but what is WOTL?
04:54 <BRVR> Wrath Of THe Lamb.
04:54 <BRVR> *the
04:54 <Noughtshayde> oh, another game that the same company made that was unerrated...gish. that game is great. and also pretty damn difficult.
04:54 <BRVR> **The
04:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> hi
04:54 <Noughtshayde> is it some kind of limited edition, or is it a sequal?
04:55 <BRVR> Wrath of the lamb is an expansion pack.
04:55 <Noughtshayde> then i shall torrent that shortly.
04:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> Give the eevee a hug.
04:55 -!- Hannahyalea has joined Special:Chat
04:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> Or get killed in your sleep.
04:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:3
04:55 <Noughtshayde> I like pineapples.
04:56 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
04:56 <Dream Hacked> I had a dream I was a cop
04:56 <Dream Hacked> a few minutes ago
04:56 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <BRVR> I have a crazy imagination;/.
04:57 <Temmington> nobody likes cops
04:57 <Temmington> -slaps-
04:57 <Harmonex> I had one of those dreams where I thought I was lucid but wasn't really.
04:57 <BRVR> My brain usually always picks the deepest part for dreams... >_>
04:57 <Temmington> Maria 
04:57 <Harmonex> I even dreamed that, because I was dreaming, I had basically become god-like when compared to my antagonist.
04:57 <Temmington> Princess Paltinum. 
04:57 <Temmington> Platinum* 
04:57 <Temmington> Shit.
04:58 <Noughtshayde> I have a sadistic imagination.
04:58 -!- Kate Seaeagle has left Special:Chat.
04:58 <Darkstride>
04:58 <Noughtshayde> I laughed while reading "Lolita Sex Toys."
04:58 <Darkstride> (srslywtf) ^
04:58 <Temmington> am i the only one who still eats applesauce
04:59 <BRVR> Nope.
04:59 <Darkstride> No.
04:59 <Harmonex> It makes me gag.
04:59 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
04:59 <Darkstride> PINEAPPLE SAUCE
04:59 <Darkstride> (loool)
04:59 <Noughtshayde> I mean, come on, you can't help but laugh at this line: "or, you could just hang them up as house decorations." I mean, that is just ridiculous.
04:59 <BRVR> Lemon sauce.
04:59 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
04:59 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
04:59 <Noughtshayde> Human Centipede is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen.
05:00 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:00 <Darkstride> Would you like to know what's weird.
05:00 <BRVR> What?
05:00 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
05:00 <Noughtshayde> Justin Bieber being straight?
05:00 <Darkstride> Somebody, on Omegle, gave me an exact description of what they would do to somebody if they were going to murder them, and it was very much like Lolita Sex Toys.
05:00 <Darkstride> And it was before the pasta was even posted.
05:00 <Noughtshayde> Who was this person? I want to meet them.
05:00 <Darkstride> (derp)
05:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:3
05:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:D
05:01 <Fatal Disease> Hai
05:01 <Temmington> >implying he hasn't a girlfriend 
05:01 <Temmington> >implying having a girlfriend makes you gay 
05:01 <Temmington> >implying you're original 
05:01 <Temmington> Seriously, I fucking hate JB but.
05:01 <Darkstride> ^
05:01 <Noughtshayde> And, one we have met, I want to become friends with them.
05:01 <Temmington> You're so unoriginal and idiotic with your insults. 
05:01 <Noughtshayde> No, JB is a girl.
05:01 <Darkstride> Per Sarah
05:01 <HiddenSpirit> Ladies. 
05:01 <Darkstride> ^
05:01 <Temmington> You just proved my point again.
05:01 <HiddenSpirit> Calm down.
05:01 <Harmonex> If you really want to insult him, describe the problems with his music in great detail.
05:01 <Noughtshayde> That is why I said he is gay.
05:01 <Temmington> Congratulations. 
05:01 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
05:02 <Noughtshayde> Seriously, calm down. I have a dark sense of humor.
05:02 <Noughtshayde> I meant no insult to his fans.
05:02 -!- CreepypastaGamer12345 has left Special:Chat.
05:02 <Darkstride> >i said he was gay because he is a girl
05:02 <Temmington> No, you have an unoriginal, bland, generic, and terrible sense of humor. 
05:02 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
05:02 <Temmington> There's a difference. 
05:02 <ChaoZStrider> ^
05:02 <Darkstride> ^
05:02 <Noughtshayde> If it makes you feel any better, I can insult someone I like.
05:02 <TheGreatMobo> >using the ">" wrong
05:02 <TheGreatMobo> >2013
05:02 <Temmington> Now if you excuse me, I'm going to be right back.
05:02 <Harmonex> It's the same tired insults over and over again.
05:02 <Darkstride> >using >
05:02 <Harmonex> I remember hearing them at my college almost two years ago.
05:02 <Noughtshayde> Temmington, it was a joke. Please calm yourself.
05:03 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
05:03 <ChaoZStrider> You want a dark sense of humor? I laugh at the Saw movies because watching people bleed and scream in pain is funny to me.
05:03 <Esoteric Entity> That's all?
05:03 <Harmonex> I laugh because the plot is so laughably bad.
05:03 <Esoteric Entity> Pssht.
05:03 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <Darkstride> "lolita sex toys is funny"
05:03 <Noughtshayde> I used a tired joke, there is no need to rub that in my face and insult me with that. Otherwise you are just dropping down to my level.
05:03 <Darkstride> Noughty.
05:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Calm The Fuck Down - Duration: 00:06 - Uploaded: 2011-08-23 - Rating: 4.967480 - Views: 26,935 -
05:04 <Temmington> There's a difference between making a point and just making stupid jokes.
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> ^
05:04 <HiddenSpirit> The repetition he uses in his songs is obnoxious.
05:04 <Harmonex> Most songs use repetitive lyrics and a repetitive instrumental.
05:04 <Dream Hacked> I was a sporting goods store earlier
05:04 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
05:04 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:04 <HiddenSpirit> Daft Punk uses repetition, too, but with him, it's just redundant and annoying.
05:04 <Esoteric Entity> It
05:04 <HiddenSpirit> I know, but not fucking "baby baby baby oh"
05:04 <Esoteric Entity> *It's called a chorus. XD
05:04 <Dream Hacked> and I ran into my friend.
05:04 <Noughtshayde> Ok then, temmington, if you want logic, you got logic.
05:04 <HiddenSpirit> What the hell is that
05:04 <Darkstride> That's not the point, Harmonex (derp)
05:04 <HiddenSpirit> Baby baby baby no
05:04 <Dream Hacked> He bought a high tech bow
05:04 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:05 <HiddenSpirit> What the fuck is that
05:05 <Darkstride> "you want logic, you got logic"
05:05 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
05:05 <Darkstride> k
05:05 <Dream Hacked> I WAS (JELLY)
05:05 <Harmonex> Annie are you okay?  Are you okay, Annie?  Annie are you okay?  Are you okay, Annie?
05:05 <Noughtshayde> JB's songs are practically a huge list of cliches that rhyme. Even one of his titles is an overuse idiom. "Never say never".
05:05 <Harmonex> I know there's more, but I usually hurt by the time it gets that far.
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> DREAM
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> HISSUN
05:05 <HiddenSpirit> I just hate it
05:05 <HiddenSpirit> Hi
05:05 <Dream Hacked> Anybody want their name encased in cool letters and made into an animation?
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> This is going to BLOW YOU AWAY
05:05 <Wolfenmaus> What I just made
05:05 <Dream Hacked> Oshi
05:05 <HiddenSpirit> Did you just called me "hissun"
05:05 <HiddenSpirit> lol
05:05 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:05 <Darkstride> NOUGHTY
05:06 <Darkstride>
05:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: DO YOU EVEN LIFT!? - Duration: 02:38 - Uploaded: 2013-01-09 - Rating: 4.760000 - Views: 3,013 -
05:06 <Wolfenmaus> Okay, Ryan
05:06 <Wolfenmaus> Got a guy to do a Cartoon drawing of him
05:06 <Noughtshayde> His music is basically generic pop tunes, and his voice really irritates me, because it honestly reminds me of a valley girl's voice.
05:06 <Wolfenmaus> And I saw it
05:06 <HeWhoDiedHere> I get constant insanity thoughts of rape and malice. Whenever my nightmares come, they are actually dreams, since I lived with them since my birth. Whenever you say that I am not insane, I am. I get constant threats from Darkness. The only thing keeping me from killing myself right now is Dreamcaster/my shadow.
05:06 <Wolfenmaus> And I had to do...
05:06 <Wolfenmaus> THIS!
05:06 <Wolfenmaus>
05:06 <Darkstride> He. My reaction to that:
05:06 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
05:06 <HiddenSpirit> my  head hurts
05:06 <Dream Hacked> *hugs hidn*
05:06 <HiddenSpirit> WTF Wolfen
05:06 <Temmington> /me huggles Hiddun
05:07 -!- Devincooper64 has joined Special:Chat
05:07 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> SARAH
05:07 <Devincooper64> I CANT FIND MY IPOD D:
05:07 <Dream Hacked> ew
05:07 <HiddenSpirit> Woah
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> Did you see that.
05:07 <Devincooper64> I AM FREAKING OUT (D:)
05:07 <HiddenSpirit> Wolfen
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> DEVIn
05:07 <HiddenSpirit> Can you draw me
05:07 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:07 <Dream Hacked> Like a french girl.
05:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> The roaches in the attic, the spiders that reside in my corners.
05:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> The things I see, the things I feel.
05:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> What are they?
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> I didn't draw Ryan there.
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> DEVIN AND SARAH
05:07 <Wolfenmaus> PREPARE YOUR BOWELS
05:07 <Noughtshayde> Oh, and normally, i would respect JB for his hard work and success and how great a role model he is, but he just destroyed that with his recent attitude and work, him all acting gangster, like he owns the world because he can drive and was famous at some point. Yup, that's an attitude we can all learn from, kiddos.
05:07 <Wolfenmaus>
05:07 <Devincooper64> What?
05:07 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
05:08 <Temmington> I know you didn't.
05:08 <Darkstride> /me tells Noughtyshayde to fucking calm down.
05:08 <HeWhoDiedHere> Darkstride, aren't you going to say your reaction?
05:08 <Temmington> I follow Ryan on Tumblr. 
05:08 <Darkstride> My reaction was me leaving.
05:08 <HiddenSpirit> if i was your boyfriend
05:08 <Darkstride> (derp)
05:08 <Devincooper64> Where is my ipod (D:)
05:08 <HiddenSpirit> i'd never let you go
05:08 <HiddenSpirit> *if i were
05:08 <HiddenSpirit> Bitch
05:08 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:08 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:08 <Fappleberry> Up my ass, Devin.
05:08 <Fappleberry> Come get it.
05:08 <Fappleberry> /me seductive wink.
05:08 <Noughtshayde> I am perfectly calm, sir, just giving my reason for why I do not like JB, since Temmington got angry with me for making a joke and wanted logic.
05:09 <Darkstride> No you aren't.
05:09 <Devincooper64> well youre alll useless
05:09 -!- Hannahyalea has left Special:Chat.
05:09 <ChaoZStrider> Anyone play Battle of the Immortals.
05:09 <Darkstride> YOU'RE SPEAKING IN TONGUES!
05:09 <Temmington> I wasn't agree at you making the joke.
05:09 <Darkstride> (derp)
05:09 <Devincooper64> especially you fappleberry
05:09 <Harmonex> "Making a joke" != "parroting a joke".
05:09 <Fappleberry> Ouch, my feels.
05:09 <Temmington> I'm angry that you're so unoriginal and bland with your jokes. 
05:09 <Darkstride> I have ChaoZ
05:09 <Temmington> Like, for fuck's sake come up with something original to insult him with.
05:09 <Darkstride> NOT 
05:09 <ChaoZStrider> Dammit
05:09 <Darkstride> Jk. I have no clue what it is.
05:09 <Dream Hacked> CreepehMCPoopers
05:09 <ChaoZStrider> because I am playing it right now.
05:10 <Darkstride> What is it?
05:10 -!- Devincooper64 has left Special:Chat.
05:10 <Noughtshayde> Actually, my insult was pretty original. I said he was a lesbian.
05:10 <HiddenSpirit> Didn't Justin Bieber essentially insult Anne Frank?
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> a game, similar yet better to diablo.
05:10 <Harmonex> I remember when it was popular for everyone to shout out "Twilight is terrible!" and then someone fully dissected the series in the most artistic insult I have yet to see.
05:10 <Wolfenmaus> !seen WalkingDitto
05:10 <Fullmoon67> Nought
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> He did, Hiddun
05:10 <Temmington> That's not original.
05:10 <Temmington> At all.
05:10 <Darkstride> !updatelawgs
05:10 <Noughtshayde> Because he had a girlfriend at one point.
05:10 <Darkstride> k
05:10 <Temmington> That's been said so many fucking times. 
05:10 <Darkstride> Awesome, Chao
05:10 <Noughtshayde> I never heard anybody say that around me, so for all I know and care, it was pretty original.
05:10 <HiddenSpirit> Fucking narcissistic douchebag.
05:11 <Temmington> Twilight as in Twilight Sparkle or the saga?
05:11 <Darkstride> imatraisomeding
05:11 <Temmington> Because both suck. 
05:11 <Darkstride> !updatelogs
05:11 <Noughtshayde> All I heard were generic gay insults, not that he was a lesbian.
05:11 <Darkstride> k
05:11 <HiddenSpirit> True, Sarah.
05:11 <Fappleberry> Why are we talking about BJ?
05:11 <Temmington> I hear both. 
05:11 <Temmington> A LOT. 
05:11 <Fappleberry> .. Dear god, JB. I mean.
05:11 <Temmington> You're not original.
05:11 <Temmington> At all.
05:11 <Temmington> So stop saying you are. 
05:11 <Harmonex> He's been called a girl since the get-go.
05:11 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
05:11 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
05:11 <HiddenSpirit> Calling him a girl is an insult to all women on the planet.
05:11 <Wolfenmaus> (burn)
05:11 <Harmonex> I've seen worse women.
05:11 <Wolfenmaus> DAMMIT WE LOST THAT ONE
05:11 <ChaoZStrider> Check the comments section of youtube, Nought. Almost every JB joke ever is seen on there.
05:12 <Harmonex> You can be worse than an arrogant lack-luster singer.  Believe me.
05:12 <HiddenSpirit> Justin Bieber is most evidently one of the most narcissistic bigots I have ever seen.
05:12 <Noughtshayde> Well, for all I knew, that was original, so thank you for rubbing that in my face. Any further blunt, cold, faux-advice you would like to give?
05:12 <Noughtshayde> Or all we all done for tonight>
05:12 <HiddenSpirit> All he writes is, "Truly inspiring. Anne Frank was a great girl. Hopefully she would've been a belieber."
05:12 <Harmonex> Is that all he writes?
05:12 <HiddenSpirit> Yeah.
05:12 <Temmington> Here's some advice, don't get all bitchy when your proven wrong. 
05:13 <Noughtshayde> Here's some advice:
05:13 <Noughtshayde> You are not Jesus the Second, so stop oozing superiority.
05:13 <Temmington> As to you. 
05:13 <HiddenSpirit> Things are getting rowdy up in here.
05:13 <ChaoZStrider> Here is some advice, don't argue with a moderator.
05:13 <HiddenSpirit> Hey, Chaoz.
05:14 <ChaoZStrider> never goes well when you piss off and harass a moderator.
05:14 <Noughtshayde> Well, kind of hard not to when she continues to act as such.
05:14 <ChaoZStrider> Yush, Hidden?
05:14 <Noughtshayde> respect is earned not given.
05:14 <Darkstride> Here's some advice: Jesus is not relative to the Creepypasta chat. There's no point in bringing him up.
05:14 <Harmonex> And you aren't acting the same way?
05:14 <HiddenSpirit> Nothing. Just saying hi.
05:14 <TheGreatMobo> I argued with admins all the time
05:14 <TheGreatMobo> I regret nothing
05:14 <Temmington> Because stating an opinion about how you're unoriginal is "acting unmoral". 
05:14 <Temmington> .-.
05:14 <Harmonex> "I made this joke.  It's very similar to every joke that has come before.  Mine is so special.  Stop saying otherwise."
05:14 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <Harmonex> Paraphrased.
05:15 <ChaoZStrider> Sarah has been respectable thus far.
05:15 <Noughtshayde> Scroll up and type with a straight face that your comments did not sound confrontational in the least.
05:15 <HiddenSpirit> She was merely stating her opinion about your overused comment.
05:15 <Harmonex> Critiquing always sounds confrontational.
05:15 <ChaoZStrider> as it needs too.
05:15 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Dream Hacked> I respect no one from this argument. How about you guys stop rolling around in each others shit and stop arguing.
05:15 <Noughtshayde> Yes, but that was not constructive at all.
05:15 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:16 <Dream Hacked> Please ^_^
05:16 <HiddenSpirit> I'd like to be.
05:16 <HiddenSpirit> everything you want.
05:16 -!- MEMJ0123 has joined Special:Chat
05:16 <TheGreatMobo> >rolling in shit
05:16 <TheGreatMobo> but thats my fetish
05:16 <Fappleberry> i cn b wut evr u wnt bb
05:16 <Temmington> then be a ditto 
05:16 <TheGreatMobo> jkjkjkjk
05:16 <MEMJ0123> Did you pay the piled piper?
05:16 <HiddenSpirit> Does Edward Cullen melt upon contact with sunlight?
05:16 <HiddenSpirit> *exposure to
05:16 <HiddenSpirit> better term.
05:16 <Noughtshayde> You know what, I will bring this out in the open. I am partly in the wrong, because part of my anger is displaced due to Sarah abusing her power several times and spamming and then somehow remaining a mod.
05:17 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
05:17 <Temmington> .-.
05:17 <TheGreatMobo> okay
05:17 <Noughtshayde> There. It's in the open. Now I am done. Time to be neutral.
05:17 <TheGreatMobo> hello ditto
05:17 <Dream Hacked> Either way you choose to express your dissatisfaction with any user, you will take it to PM's. ^_^
05:17 <Noughtshayde> That is in the past, this argument is over.
05:17 <ChaoZStrider> Sarah justifies her reasons.
05:18 <TheGreatMobo> that doesnt mean I can justify a reason that I killed the president
05:18 <TheGreatMobo> not that I would in case big brother is listening
05:18 <Harmonex> It doesn't mean you can't, either.
05:18 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:18 <Harmonex> Because I can think of several legal and moral reasons to kill a president.
05:18 <Fappleberry> Yes it does. Just say that he stole your sandwich. Fuckin' presidents stealing my sandwiches. And then I get locked up for it! God damn.
05:18 <MEMJ0123> When I was just a filly.
05:19 <MEMJ0123> I wasn't
05:19 <MEMJ0123> because I am a human.
05:19 <TheGreatMobo> >tfw
05:20 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:20 <Darkstride> >that feel when no gf or bf
05:20 <TheGreatMobo> >mfw not using abbreviations
05:20 <TheGreatMobo> lurk moar
05:20 <Darkstride> nu
05:20 <Darkstride> ew, reddit
05:20 <TheGreatMobo> :c
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> what does reddit have to do with this?
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> and ik that feel dark
05:21 <Darkstride> No Clue. (loool)
05:21 -!- DasFactionnaire has joined Special:Chat
05:21 <Darkstride> I know that feel because I've never had one. (alone)
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> just generally stating that reddit is bad
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> (good)
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> aw
05:21 <TheGreatMobo> you get the idea
05:21 <Temmington> I have a girlfriend and stuffs. 
05:21 <Temmington> ye.
05:21 <Harmonex> Cliché.
05:22 <Darkstride> I HATE YOU SARAH
05:22 <Darkstride> (derp)
05:22 <HiddenSpirit> What is so bad about Reddit.
05:22 <Temmington> (y) 
05:22 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:22 <Temmington> Pretty much everyone does nowadays. 
05:22 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
05:22 <Darkstride> Nu .-.
05:22 <Darkstride> Hi Grammatik.
05:22 <DasFactionnaire> Hello all
05:22 <TheGreatMobo> the fact that its not 4chan, hidden
05:22 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Lies.
05:22 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:22 <Harmonex> Anything that is a community will have people from outside that community complaining about it.
05:22 <Darkstride> I hate Reddit because my Arch Rival friend uses it.
05:22 <Grammatik> Hi. 
05:22 <Dream Hacked> I don't have a girlfriend
05:22 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
05:23 <DasFactionnaire> And there's nothing wrong with that Darkstride, I too have been unattached from day one
05:23 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <HiddenSpirit> At least there's intellectual conversations on Reddit.
05:23 <HiddenSpirit> I rarely see any on 4Chan.
05:23 <TheGreatMobo> touche
05:23 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <Harmonex> They exist.  Sturgeon's Law.
05:23 <MEMJ0123> I have a boyfriend. 
05:23 <TheGreatMobo> have you been to /g/ before, though?
05:23 <HiddenSpirit> Sometimes I lurk on the r/philosophy subreddit.
05:23 <Grammatik> There are many,; Hidden. 
05:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <Harmonex> 4chan just has many more users to sift through.
05:23 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:23 <HiddenSpirit> No, Great.
05:23 <TheGreatMobo> go there
05:23 <TheGreatMobo> everyone is uber smart
05:23 <Darkstride> Flanders: "That diddly feelerino.
05:23 <TheGreatMobo> or /sci/
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> Damnit, I made a typo and accidentally type /h/.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> Damnit.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> Lol
05:24 <TheGreatMobo> (huehue)
05:24 <Grammatik> /b/ does not speak for all of 4chan
05:24 <Harmonex> If all you did was browse the random board, you get what you deserve.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> I wasn't talking about /b/.
05:24 <Temmington> what does h stand for 
05:24 <Temmington> horny
05:24 <TheGreatMobo> hentai
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> Hentai.
05:24 <Temmington> Oh.
05:24 <Grammatik> Hentai
05:24 <TheGreatMobo> so yes
05:24 <Temmington> Close enough. 
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> I didn't browse only the random board.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> I would not base my statement off of one experience.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> I'm not that stupid.
05:24 <Darkstride> I browse all boards.
05:24 <Darkstride> Besides the gore board.
05:24 <HiddenSpirit> 4Chan's temporarily offline?
05:25 <DasFactionnaire> But if you really want to get deep and thoroughly analyze the teachings of every pivotal figure from Plato to Lao Tzu to Hemingway, one should look no further than... 9gag
05:25 <TheGreatMobo> apparently
05:25 <TheGreatMobo> the direct links to boards work
05:25 <HiddenSpirit> Sentry.
05:25 <HiddenSpirit> Hi.
05:25 <TheGreatMobo>
05:25 <TheGreatMobo> theres g
05:25 <Harmonex> Das has an amazing sense of humor.
05:25 <HiddenSpirit> Thanks.
05:25 <Grammatik> This chat reminds me of/b/ without or maybe with the porn.
05:25 <DasFactionnaire> Hello Concealed, good to see you
05:25 <HiddenSpirit> You too. ^_^
05:25 <DasFactionnaire> And thanks Harmonex, that is nice to hear, or read 
05:25 <Harmonex> I hear what I read.
05:25 <HiddenSpirit> Sometimes I go on here.
05:26 <HiddenSpirit> Haters gonna hate
05:26 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
05:26 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
05:26 <Noughtshayde> Anyone here play NetHack?
05:26 <Harmonex> The aural components of my brain flare up all the same when I read text.
05:26 <HiddenSpirit> my head hurts
05:26 <Darkstride> HOLY
05:26 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:26 <Toto Sakigami> Minecraft 
05:26 <Noughtshayde> Hello, Fatal.
05:26 <Toto Sakigami> Fever
05:27 <DasFactionnaire> DUDE, CONCEALED, I just realized something that I should have picked up on way earlier but am now psyched to have discovered!
05:27 <Harmonex> A little bit of caffeine can help headaches.  Or water.  Dehydration is a common cause of headaches.
05:27 <DasFactionnaire> Your profile pic is Hei! (squee)
05:27 <Fatal Disease> Hai
05:27 <HiddenSpirit> Indeed. 
05:27 <HiddenSpirit> OKAY, I HAVEN'T REALLY..
05:27 <HiddenSpirit> watched the anime.
05:27 <DasFactionnaire> Me gusta DTB
05:27 <HiddenSpirit> But he looked cool. XD
05:27 <Toto Sakigami> minecraft 
05:27 <HiddenSpirit> I like the mysterious essence of his character
05:28 <Jeffsson> (megusta)
05:28 <Noughtshayde> Who here has watched an anime called Desert Punk?
05:28 <DasFactionnaire> Ohh... haha, yeah he's a very enigmatic Contractor, that one
05:28 <Grammatik> Not me
05:28 <Jeffsson> no just no
05:28 <Toto Sakigami> Who here watches MLP
05:28 <Noughtshayde> ME
05:28 <HiddenSpirit> Don't contractors have some sort of powers or something
05:28 <DasFactionnaire> Any relation to steam punk or cyber punk?
05:28 <Darkstride> Toto: Why?
05:28 <Fatal Disease> I do
05:28 <DasFactionnaire> Yes they do Concealed
05:28 -!- Icarus88 has joined Special:Chat
05:28 <Toto Sakigami> Why what,fatal
05:29 <HiddenSpirit> Ah
05:29 <Noughtshayde> What are your guys' opinion on Alicorn Twilight?
05:29 <Darkstride> Darkstride*
05:29 <Fatal Disease> What
05:29 <Darkstride> Why are you asking?
05:29 <Icarus88> herro
05:29 <Darkstride> Hai Icarus.
05:29 <TheGreatMobo> have you seen disneymaster's reaction
05:29 <TheGreatMobo> lel
05:29 <Fatal Disease> Okay, toto I watch mlp
05:29 <Icarus88> I started playing D&D again
05:29 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:29 <Icarus88> so most of my writings been going there. Hence why Ive been away
05:29 <Noughtshayde> I am starting to get into Pathfinder.
05:29 <Temmington> I just collect dice.
05:29 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Masked.
05:29 <Toto Sakigami> I just started watching MLP
05:30 <Masked Hero Z> Hello.
05:30 <Fatal Disease> Hey Toto, can you Hold the Line for Rosanna in Africa?
05:30 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:30 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:30 <Toto Sakigami> what?
05:30 <Noughtshayde> Hello, new chatter who I have not seen as of yet.
05:30 <Icarus88> Im the DM :D Having them do a fun tropical themed adventure. Complete with jungles, ancient ruins, and pirates :D
05:30 <Fatal Disease> Song puns, tons of them (huehue)
05:30 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
05:30 <Darkstride> Noughtshayde, I am a brony, but, 
05:30 <Darkstride> >calls JB a girl, gay, and lesbian, says "ME" to when somebody Asks Who Watches MLP. (derp) No offense. (derp)
05:30 <DasFactionnaire> Esoteric, to thee I say hi
05:31 <Esoteric Entity> Salutations.
05:31 <Fatal Disease> Look up the band Toto, Toto, 
05:31 <Noughtshayde> I accidentally had caps lock on.
05:31 <DasFactionnaire> Africa?
05:31 <Darkstride> oic
05:31 <Fatal Disease> Look up Hold the Line, Africa, and Rosanna
05:31 <Noughtshayde> what I meant to say was "me."
05:31 <Grammatik> Hi.
05:31 <Harmonex> I don't see how liking ponies has anything to do with sexuality or gender.
05:31 <DasFactionnaire> Noughtshayde, are you The Grifter?
05:31 <Noughtshayde> Yes!
05:31 <Darkstride> Neither do I, Harmonex.
05:31 <Noughtshayde> Someone got it!
05:31 <Toto Sakigami> wtf
05:31 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:32 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:32 <Fatal Disease> Great songs
05:32 <Fatal Disease> I believe they were no. 1 on the charts
05:33 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
05:33 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
05:33 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
05:33 <Toto Sakigami> 5 Ds
05:33 <Noughtshayde> Hey, you know what I noticed about Alicorn Twilight?
05:33 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
05:33 <DasFactionnaire> Yeah, I recognize that picture, when I first got into creepypasta early last year, did a lot of research into The Grifter ('cause i knew da real video was out dere somewhere!!) and saw it in several places 
05:33 <BRVR> .).
05:33 <Noughtshayde> Yeah, I saw the original.
05:33 <BRVR> *-.-
05:33 <Toto Sakigami>  spam dugckugckugcuglcjlvlihlihcihlchjlv
05:33 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
05:33 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:33 <Fatal Disease> No
05:33 <Darkstride> -_-
05:33 <HiddenSpirit> Hi, Andy.
05:34 <Fatal Disease> We don't liek spam
05:34 -!- Toto Sakigami was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
05:34 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
05:34 <Andytags> hi hid
05:34 <Noughtshayde> I didn't die, though, because my pasta monster, The Nameless, chased the Grifter killer off.
05:34 <Darkstride> ANDY
05:34 <Darkstride> Hai.
05:34 <Fatal Disease> Specially DE mudzz n admens
05:34 <BRVR> Sorry for mass refreshing, I gotta get rid of the PM's.
05:34 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
05:34 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
05:34 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
05:34 <Harmonex> When I hear "pasta monster" I can only think of our Lord and Savior the FSM.
05:34 <BRVR> Done.
05:34 <Darkstride> I got a poker chip when I went on vacation to Las Vegas. (derp)
05:35 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
05:35 <Temmington> I think I have 338 dice now.
05:35 <Temmington> (Random fact)
05:35 <DasFactionnaire> Now, I read somewhere that the first guy who posted about The Grifter and posted "screenshots of the video" really used frames from this obscure Eastern European black comedy/horror film
05:35 <Harmonex> They have casino cruises where I live, though I had no desire to keep the chips.
05:35 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
05:35 <DasFactionnaire> Quite lulzy if you ask me
05:35 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
05:35 <Darkstride> I love gambling.
05:35 <Temmington> Speaking of which.
05:35 <Temmington> Trivia time.
05:35 <Noughtshayde> I just realized that if Twilight is now a princess, that means she is immortal, like Celestia. If that is the case, then how the hell will the Elements of Harmony work later on in life? I mean, it's sad, cuz her friends are mortal.
05:36 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:36 <Temmington> And uh-oh! Mess Tut bit lime core! 
05:36 <TheGreatMobo>
05:36 <Harmonex> The Elements worked fine before her friends came along.
05:36 <Temmington> It's time for a... FLICKERPISS NOSECUM.
05:36 <Harmonex> They just responded to someone else.
05:36 <Temmington> Gibberish time.
05:36 <HiddenSpirit> Harmonex is a brony?
05:36 <Harmonex> You Don't Know Jack?  Nice.
05:36 <Noughtshayde> Not really.
05:36 <Temmington> YOU KNOW THE GAME!
05:36 <Temmington> Finally. 
05:36 <Temmington> Someone who knows. 
05:36 <Harmonex> I have three of them.
05:36 <Temmington> Sweet. 
05:36 <Noughtshayde> Celestia could not harnass the full power of the elements because the bond between her sister and her was broken.
05:36 <Toto Sakigami> I'm a brony , rainbow dash forever
05:36 <Temmington> Have you played the recent ones?
05:37 <Darkstride> Ew
05:37 <Darkstride> The Game
05:37 <Harmonex> "Uh oh!  Left nut-kick I'm sore!" (Next up it's time fore...)
05:37 <Harmonex> for*
05:37 <Temmington> But yeah here's one. 
05:37 <Darkstride> DAMN IT JORDAN.
05:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: @Mariah - TWITTER CREEPYPASTA - Duration: 02:05 - Uploaded: 2013-07-09 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 17 -
05:37 <Harmonex> No.  Just the original three.  And I watched the short-lived game show.
05:37 <Noughtshayde> So she had to have someone else wield them.
05:37 <Temmington> Sex sparks, huh? Hot. 
05:37 <Toto Sakigami> friendship is sexy
05:37 <Toto Sakigami> mlp
05:37 <Temmington> I found it! 
05:37 <Noughtshayde> No, friendship is witchcraft. Yes, I watch that.
05:37 <Noughtshayde> DESU for the win.
05:37 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:37 <Temmington> I found it... and I better start digging. 
05:37 <Harmonex> No category?  They always had a category.
05:38 <Temmington> I can't remember the category for this one in particular. 
05:38 <Toto Sakigami> I <3 bronies 
05:38 <Creepypastabook> Is this the real life?
05:38 <Creepypastabook> Is this just fantasy?
05:38 <Creepypastabook> Caught in a landslide,
05:38 <Creepypastabook> No escape from reality.
05:38 <Noughtshayde> You know what else has categories?
05:38 <Noughtshayde> File cabinets.
05:38 <Temmington> I found it, and I better start digging...
05:38 <Toto Sakigami> and Russians 
05:38 <Temmington> Arrrr.
05:38 <Temmington> Time's almost up. 
05:38 <TheGreatMobo> Open your eyes~
05:38 <Darkstride> Is this real life.
05:38 <Darkstride> Is this just FANTA SEA
05:38 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
05:38 <Temmington> Pantasy* 
05:38 <TheGreatMobo> repost
05:38 <Toto Sakigami> land Ukrainians 
05:38 <Creepypastabook> A sea of Fanta 
05:38 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <Temmington> I was looking for "X marks the spot".
05:38 <Toto Sakigami> and Canada 
05:38 <Andytags>
05:38 <Temmington> Nyeh.
05:38 <Noughtshayde> I prefer Sam's Choice.
05:39 <Harmonex> ...
05:39 <Darkstride> Yar har fiddle dee dee.
05:39 <Noughtshayde> Because I am cheap.
05:39 <TheGreatMobo> xFade was original poster he is the supreme overlord
05:39 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:39 <Temmington> Do you have any questions, Harmonex?
05:39 <Noughtshayde> Who here watches Nostalgia Critic>
05:39 <Harmonex> "Poor Phil.  Head in locker."
05:39 <Toto Sakigami> Rp
05:39 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <Harmonex> And no, I don't remember the category.
05:40 <Harmonex> Something food related.
05:40 <Harmonex> Kind of.
05:40 <Temmington> Hmmm.
05:40 <Noughtshayde> Can you guess what this quote is from?
05:40 <DasFactionnaire> I do, Grifter/Noughtshayde
05:40 <Darkstride> Scariest myth I think: Bloody Mary. Even though she's fake, it just scares me if I were to do it myself.
05:40 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <Noughtshayde> Awesome.
05:40 <Harmonex> xkcd played with the Bloody Mary thing.
05:40 <Toto Sakigami> I love Jack the Ripper 
05:40 <Harmonex> Double mirrors, infinite reflections.
05:41 <Creepypastabook> Jack the Ripper was not a myth
05:41 <Noughtshayde> What is your favorite he's done, Das?
05:41 <TheGreatMobo> this chat is getting 2edgy5me this late
05:41 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
05:41 <Harmonex> Jack the Ripper has a myth around him.
05:41 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
05:41 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
05:41 <Noughtshayde> Of course he wasn't, Quagmire was Jack the Ripper.
05:41 <Creepypastabook> But Jack the Ripper himself was real
05:41 <Fatal Disease> Harmonex
05:41 <DasFactionnaire> Definitely The Cat in the Hat. What about yours?
05:41 <Fatal Disease> Jack the Stripper
05:41 <TheGreatMobo> r34 of jack the ripper
05:42 <Noughtshayde> My favorite would be either Thomas the Tank Engine, or Timothy Green.
05:42 <Creepypastabook> Midnight man. :P I can just imagine getting high and walking around my house in the darkness for 3 hours
05:42 <Noughtshayde> The Pagemaster was my first I have seen from him.
05:42 <Oderyus> Hey anyone willing to read my pasta
05:42 <Andytags>
05:42 <Andytags> like if u get it ok
05:42 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:42 <Darkstride> Oh god Andy
05:42 <Darkstride> I get it
05:43 <DasFactionnaire> I've been meaning to watch the Thomas the Tank Engine one; have you seen the Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue? Either that one, or the Big-Lipped Alligator Moment collab with Nostalgia Chick, was the first NC I saw
05:43 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:43 <Oderyus> Is anyone going to read it
05:43 <Fatal Disease> Made in 1970, Jack the Stripper is an instrumental song by Black Sabbath, followed by Faries Wear Boots
05:43 <Fatal Disease> @Oderyus Imma guy
05:43 <Harmonex> Of, the answer to the above was "Orville Redenbacher".
05:43 <Harmonex> Oh*
05:43 <Oderyus>
05:43 <Noughtshayde> I saw cartoon all-stars.
05:43 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
05:43 <Oderyus> here it is
05:44 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <Noughtshayde> My favorite for a while was troll in central park.
05:44 <Harmonex> Thomas the Tank there's a memory.  I loved George Carlin even as a child.
05:44 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
05:44 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:44 <Temmington> mmmm
05:44 <Temmington> noodles 
05:44 <Oderyus> yeah
05:44 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <Noughtshayde> We were actually talking about a review that makes fun of the Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Harmonex.
05:44 <Oderyus> with tons of butter
05:44 <Harmonex> I know.
05:44 <Finalclaw> hi again
05:44 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <Noughtshayde> Oh, ok.
05:44 <Oderyus> Hello
05:45 <Noughtshayde> hi
05:45 <Harmonex> But that doesn't interest me in the slightest.
05:45 <Oderyus> Read my pasta please
05:45 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
05:45 <Finalclaw> sure
05:45 <Creepypastabook> /me says no
05:45 <Oderyus>
05:45 -!- MEMJ0123 has left Special:Chat.
05:45 <Finalclaw> let me fix any errors if I see one okay(question mark)
05:45 <Noughtshayde> I already read Oderyus' pasta.
05:45  * Oderyus says its Finalclaws decision
05:45 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
05:45 <Oderyus> ok
05:46 <Creepypastabook> I find all the pastas I read through random page. So if I ever find yours then I will. 
05:46 <Harmonex> I hit pastas hard when I start editing them.
05:46 <Noughtshayde> It was pretty good, just needed a revision.
05:46 <Oderyus> you dont have a question mark too huh
05:46 <Oderyus> Thanks
05:46 <Noughtshayde> Creepypastabook, have you read mine? It got nominated for pasta of th month.
05:46 <Creepypastabook> What is it called? :P Maybe I have
05:46 <Oderyus> Ive read yours quite good actually
05:46 <Noughtshayde> The Taking
05:46 <Noughtshayde> Thanks,
05:46 <Temmington> hurry the fuck up and microwave pasta
05:47 <Oderyus> I wish mine got nominated
05:47 <Harmonex> So if you click on that page, You're here for The Taking.
05:47 <Creepypastabook> Does not ring a bell unfortunately. 
05:47 <Noughtshayde> Oh, so you are microwaving pasta, don't you mean...CREEPYPASTA? zing!
05:47 <Oderyus> Will you vote it
05:47 <Harmonex> Shouldn't have capitalized that, but whatever...
05:47 <Creepypastabook> Can you nominate your own pasta? I uploaded one to Troll Pasta wikia I think is good
05:47 <Noughtshayde> I will nominate your pasta, oderyus, right as soon as you revise it.
05:48 <Harmonex> The creepy pasta pun has been done.  It's in the recipes category.
05:48 <Oderyus> ok
05:48 <Noughtshayde> And no, you cannot nominate your own.
05:48 <Oderyus> What were the main problems in it
05:48 <Noughtshayde> however, you can vote for your own
05:48 <Oderyus> I nominated yours
05:48 <Oderyus> it was awesome, a bit long
05:48 <Noughtshayde> the main problems with it were really simple fixes
05:48 <Creepypastabook> I have uploaded I think 4 pastas today
05:49 <Oderyus> you mean punctuation, spelling and grammar
05:49 <Masked Hero Z> Night folks. 
05:49 <Oderyus> night
05:49 <HiddenSpirit> Night.
05:49 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
05:49 <Harmonex> I'm quite fond of the Oxford comma.
05:49 <Oderyus> ;
05:49 <Creepypastabook> I hit random page and got The Taking. o-O
05:49 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
05:49 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
05:50 <Noughtshayde> 1. length. it was too short for what you were trying to get across. try explaining things in more detail, make it more subtle, seed the pasta with clues then wait till just the right moment before you whip out the scare.
05:50 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
05:50 <Oderyus> hit it more, maybe youll find mine
05:50 <Finalclaw> oderyus, that was cool
05:50 <Noughtshayde> 2. grammar and punctuation.
05:50 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
05:50 <Oderyus> ok
05:50 <Creepypastabook> I am reading yours Oderyus
05:50 <Oderyus> grammar was good
05:50 <Finalclaw> grammar IS good
05:50 <Oderyus> some small mistakes Ill admit it
05:50 <Finalclaw> didn`t see any problems with it
05:51 <Creepypastabook> I like it Oderyus! It is really good
05:51 <Oderyus> 5 years studying English and I got the Lower Cambrigde Certificate with an A
05:51 <Finalclaw> actually, one or two extremely small mistakes
05:51 <Harmonex> Most common error I see in grammar is mixing tenses.
05:51 <Oderyus> Thanks a lot
05:51 <Noughtshayde> 3. Find alternative ways to describe things. use different words to spice up your pasta, try changing up the sentence structures a bit, general small revisions.
05:51 <Finalclaw> barely noticeable
05:51 <Oderyus> ok
05:51 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
05:51 <Finalclaw> nought is rigt on that one
05:51 <Noughtshayde> those are pretty much guidelines for anyone writing pasta
05:51 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
05:52 <CasualArsonist> Aye lads!
05:52 <Oderyus> Im greek so there bound to be some mistakes
05:52 <HiddenSpirit> Aye.
05:52 <Darkstride> CASUAL!
05:52 <Darkstride> Hi.
05:52 <Oderyus> Aye matey
05:52 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has joined Special:Chat
05:52 <CasualArsonist> Vhy hello! Do I know you from else-where?
05:52 <Harmonex> I would suggest finding a copy-editor.
05:52 <Noughtshayde> that is all right, just do a few going-overs
05:52 <Noughtshayde> I can edit your stuff if you wish.
05:52 <Harmonex> I actually did that for a Hispanic friend that wrote a fanfic.
05:52 <Finalclaw> don`t make walls of text, and make your text a little complicated, but not enough to shy away a reader
05:52 <Darkstride> Nope.
05:52 <DasFactionnaire> Oderyus, I'll probably give Blinding Light a read, if not now sometime soon. Would you like to read one of my OCs?
05:52 <Harmonex> What I produced from it was barely recognizable as the original.
05:52 <Finalclaw> I SHOULD make an creepypasta...
05:52 <Oderyus> Will you nominate it Finalclaw
05:52 <CasualArsonist> Didn't really think so.
05:52 <Oderyus> Ill read yours sure
05:53 <Harmonex> original idea*
05:53 <Finalclaw> Nominate for what exactly...
05:53 <TheGreatMobo>
05:53 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I have an Idea...
05:53 <Creepypastabook> I just upload things I find on /x/, Norse folklore, and american folklore
05:53 <Temmington> mmmmm
05:53 <Temmington> noodles
05:53 <Oderyus> PoTM
05:53 <Finalclaw> creepypasta of the month(question mark)
05:53 <Oderyus> yes
05:53 <Darkstride> Ramen Noodle Soup, only worth 20cents. College brain food. (megusta)
05:53 <Freddy krueger> What do you think is the creepiest pasta >
05:53 <CasualArsonist> I have a small question, just so I can get an opinion from some people up here that also frequent this website
05:53 <DasFactionnaire> Creepypastabook, you like Norse legends?
05:54 <Creepypastabook> Yepp
05:54 <Finalclaw> frankly, while your story was good, it didn`t give me the chills as the creepypasta of the months
05:54 <ChaoZStrider> ask away, Casual.
05:54 <Creepypastabook> Ask casual
05:54 <Oderyus> I like Lokis and Thors arguments all the time
05:54 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Oderyus> Aww too bad
05:54 <Finalclaw> sorry...
05:54 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> So many Ideas flow through..
05:54 <CasualArsonist> Basically, what's with some of these troll pastas. you know the ones that aren't really ones and just sort of are okay then they make some bad joke at the end.
05:54 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Oderyus> what would make it creepier
05:54 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has joined Special:Chat
05:54 <Noughtshayde> The pasta that actually managed to give me nightmares was Smile.jpg.
05:54 <Finalclaw> hmm
05:55 <Finalclaw> smile.jpg was a great one..
05:55 <DasFactionnaire> And Oderyus, would you prefer a surreal story, a slightly unconventional ghost story, or a trollish story?
05:55 <ChaoZStrider> trollpastas used to be allowed here, now they are not.
05:55 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
05:55 <Finalclaw> k Oderyus...
05:55 <DasFactionnaire> Why is that Nought?
05:55 <Finalclaw> suspense
05:55 <Oderyus> all 3
05:55 <CasualArsonist> Okay. I haven't read one in a bit but still. It's kind of crazy
05:55 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> It'll be fun to play...
05:55 <Noughtshayde> The psychology made smile.jpg work for me.
05:55 <CasualArsonist> What's the last pasta you guys read?
05:55 <Finalclaw> thats what you need to make a great story, building up suspense...
05:55 <Harmonex> ↑
05:55 <Oderyus> Ok Ill do thay
05:56 <Noughtshayde> smile.jpg is real, but only if your brain is convinced it is.
05:56 <Finalclaw> Hmmm
05:56 <Oderyus> that
05:56 <Creepypastabook> Extinction Theory. Casual 
05:56 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
05:56 <ChaoZStrider> [[NoEnd House]]...again
05:56 <CasualArsonist> Was it any good?
05:56 <Oderyus> I read smile.jpg it was stupid
05:56 <Creepypastabook> Yeah
05:56 <Finalclaw> I should make a creepypasta...
05:56 <Noughtshayde> noend house was one of my favorites for a while.
05:56 <Oderyus> nothing scary
05:56 <Creepypastabook> One of my favorites
05:56 <DasFactionnaire> Oh my... well I'll start with
05:56 <Finalclaw> sorry for the caps...
05:56 <DasFactionnaire> Thank you for showing interest Oderyus, I appreciate it
05:56 <Noughtshayde> see, that is because you were not convinced.
05:56 <Creepypastabook> Not really scary but i is good to think about
05:56 <CasualArsonist> Go 'head Finalclaw
05:56 <CasualArsonist> Hell send it to me sometimes mate.
05:56 <Oderyus> we can make a  collaboration on it
05:57 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I could die now... But be happy I played.... One... Last game......
05:57 <Creepypastabook> Who wrote The Taking?
05:57 <CasualArsonist> <-
05:57 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
05:57 <Noughtshayde> I did.
05:57 <Oderyus> what do you say Finalclaw
05:57 <Creepypastabook> I like it.
05:57 <Noughtshayde> Thanks.
05:57 <Finalclaw> idk, last collab I did never got finished...
05:57 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> :)
05:57 <DasFactionnaire> And Smile.jpg was alright, a little too chain lettery and while it was surreal (I like that stuff), it was a little silly, overall quite original though and good pasta
05:57 <Finalclaw> If hidden is here, he would remember The Thing...
05:58 <Oderyus> you got an idea on a creepypasta
05:58 <DasFactionnaire> Thats just my opinion though
05:58 <Finalclaw> Oderyus, I`m a freaking creepypasta fastball
05:58 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
05:58 <Oderyus> I got one
05:58 <Noughtshayde> the reason smile.jpg scared me was because I already have had encounters with the paranormal, believe it or not.
05:58 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I liek FunnyMouth the best O)_(O
05:58 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Wait whut?
05:58 <DasFactionnaire> Funnymouth is a good story
05:58 <CasualArsonist> Do you guys have any preferred music when creepy pasta reading?
05:58 <Oderyus> I had too I believe you
05:58 <Finalclaw> Tell it
05:58 <Noughtshayde> My old house was haunted.
05:58 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Dat icon XD
05:59 <Noughtshayde> By a poltergeist.
05:59 <Creepypastabook> I listen to metal and sad classical @Casual
05:59 <Finalclaw> Lol, I freaking saw my whole day played out in a dream
05:59 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> GHOSTS HAPPILY FOLLOW ME!! :D
05:59 <CasualArsonist> I actually have a play list for it here you go guys:
05:59 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: American McGee's Alice music Time to Die - Duration: 04:03 - Uploaded: 2009-05-13 - Rating: 4.981651 - Views: 37,207 -
05:59 <Finalclaw> everything, the exact, same....
05:59 <Harmonex> Going to bed.
05:59 <Finalclaw> as the dream
05:59 <ChaoZStrider> Lavender Town, music box version @ Casual
05:59 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I'm highly psychotic :D
05:59 <Oderyus> Its a story about an alcholic detective in the 50s that is put up to the gruesome crimes and in every perpatrator his sanity changes
05:59 <CasualArsonist> Yeah I use a lot of American McGee's music when I'm reading pastas
05:59 <Noughtshayde> The poltergeist that was in my old house was not your usual poltergeist, though. He only showed himself directly to me, and indirectly to my brother.
05:59 <DasFactionnaire> Arson, I don't really, but there are some songs I randomly associate with certain creepypasta (i.e. the bridge of Blackened by Metallica for the Russian Sleep Experiment, random but true haha)
06:00 <CasualArsonist> But not just taht
06:00 <Finalclaw> hmmm
06:00 <Creepypastabook> What is your favorite type of pastas?
06:00 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I won't eat until I'm skinny enough to be considered dead!
06:00 <Noughtshayde> Mental Illness pastas.
06:00 <Oderyus> Mine are the ones that cause paranoia
06:00 <Finalclaw> interesting....
06:00 <Noughtshayde> As well as really sadistic ones.
06:00 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <CasualArsonist> Usually original content type that are particularly about childhood.
06:00 <Finalclaw> my kind of pasta are the ones that make me rethink reality
06:00 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
06:00 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
06:00 <ChaoZStrider> I don't have a favorite type.
06:00 <DasFactionnaire> Finalclaw, so like Psychosis and An Egg?
06:00 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> LIKE MEEE!!! I am a Mental Ilness pasta and I don't even have my story up!!!
06:01 <Oderyus> Ashs coma was the saddest one
06:01 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
06:01 <Creepypastabook> I like Theory pastas. Not the TV show theorys. Things like Extintion Theory, An Egg.
06:01 <CasualArsonist> I like the theory it slef
06:01 <Finalclaw> Those two are out in my top 50
06:01 <Oderyus> What do you say Finalclaw
06:01 <CasualArsonist> *self
06:01 <ChaoZStrider> Psychosis being my favorite pasta of all time.
06:01 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
06:01 <Noughtshayde> The best pasta I have ever read is "The Strangest Security Tape I have Ever Seen".
06:01 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
06:01 <Finalclaw> Hmmm Oderyus....
06:01 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Can you snap your own neck..?
06:01 <Noughtshayde> psychosis is second.
06:01 <Finalclaw> I would have to think about it..
06:01 <Oderyus> It was too long and boring for me
06:01 <Noughtshayde> Hey, let's play a game.
06:02 <Finalclaw> sure..
06:02 <Dream Hacked> Don't cry over spilled lava :3
06:02 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Yes!
06:02 <Fatal Disease> Deadly, yes. It's called being stupid
06:02 <Finalclaw> A CHAT COLLAB
06:02 <Finalclaw> someone starts a story
06:02 <Oderyus> Deadly, your conscience blocks you from doing that
06:02 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I wanna play a Game!
06:02 <Creepypastabook> The best I have read is An Egg, Extinction Theory, Gateway of the Mind, or The Alternate Universe: Collapse.
06:02 <Finalclaw> cant break the rules on how long it is...
06:02 <Noughtshayde> Lol, no joke, that was how The Taking was written.
06:02 <Oderyus> like chocking yourself
06:02 <Finalclaw> so max 3 lines...
06:02 <Finalclaw> from every person
06:02 <Finalclaw> who wants to do it...
06:02 <Noughtshayde> who starts?
06:02 <Oderyus> I do
06:03 <Noughtshayde> ok
06:03 <Finalclaw> k
06:03 <Creepypastabook> I guess I will
06:03 <Finalclaw> Oderyus, first creepy second
06:03 <Finalclaw> People, dont break the story
06:03 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Is everyone joining in????
06:03 <Fatal Disease> The game? Max 3
06:03 <Noughtshayde> yush
06:03 <ChaoZStrider> no.
06:03 <Creepypastabook> I don't wanna go second
06:03 <Finalclaw> creepy, oderyus said first
06:03 <Creepypastabook> I wanna go like towards to end so I know what is going on
06:03 <Noughtshayde> I want to go third.
06:03 <CasualArsonist> When is a croquet mallet like a billy club>
06:03 <Fatal Disease> Fuck it's been long since I played that game
06:03 <Darkstride> Chao, Chrome or Firefox?
06:03 <Finalclaw> k, np
06:03 <CasualArsonist> I'll tell you
06:03 <CasualArsonist> When ever you want it to be
06:03 <ChaoZStrider> firefox.
06:03 <Darkstride> YES!
06:03 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I wanna be fifth...
06:04 <Creepypastabook> I wanna be second from the last
06:04 <Finalclaw> k, getting a multiple pm on whos joining
06:04 <Darkstride> I'm 7th.
06:04 <CasualArsonist> Sure I'll join in
06:04 <Noughtshayde> Trollpasta or legit creepypasta?
06:04 <CasualArsonist> Place me where ever you want I guess.
06:04 <Finalclaw> who wants to join says blahs
06:04 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> NONO WAIT!!! I'm tenth!
06:04 <CasualArsonist> blah
06:04 <Finalclaw> legit creepypasta
06:04 <Noughtshayde> blahs
06:04 <CasualArsonist> blahs
06:04 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *hides in her shadow*
06:04 <Creepypastabook> blahs 
06:04 <Oderyus> Max, a dire friend of mine, been together since the police academy, who knew he would take it upon his life.. End himself like this. Well, the insaity got to him, like every murderer, crook, theif, con-artist he faced.
06:05 <Finalclaw> oderyus, im setting up a multi people pm
06:05 <Oderyus> and locked away, to rot
06:05 <Noughtshayde> wait, are we pming, or doing it here?
06:05 <Finalclaw> pming
06:05 <Noughtshayde> oh ok
06:05 <Finalclaw> Im setting it up
06:05 <Creepypastabook> Set this baby up
06:05 <CasualArsonist> I lads
06:05 <CasualArsonist> *aye lads lol
06:05 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Ok ok wait.... I'm confused.... WHEN DO WE START??!!
06:05 <Oderyus> We are gonna make a great PoTM
06:05 <Finalclaw> damn...
06:05 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
06:06 <Oderyus> pm me already
06:06 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
06:06 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
06:06 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *lurks in more shadows of people*
06:06 <DasFactionnaire> oh hot dayum
06:06 <Finalclaw> got it
06:06 <Creepypastabook> :D
06:06 <Finalclaw> everyone who wants to join say blahs
06:06 <Creepypastabook> blahs
06:06 <Fatal Disease> Was Mark Wahlberg the first Max Payne in the movie
06:06 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> BLAHS.
06:06 <Oderyus> blahs
06:06 <Noughtshayde> blah
06:06 <Temmington> Does an avatar show up for me?
06:06 <Temmington> 
06:06 <Oderyus> yes he was
06:06 <Noughtshayde> *blahs
06:06 <Darkstride> Yes Sarah.
06:06 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
06:06 <DasFactionnaire> Mark Wahlberg is that Bostonian 
06:07 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *lurks in deeper shadows*
06:07 <Oderyus> idk
06:07 <Temmington> (Also yes my username is Rainbows and Unicorn Farts. Don't be hatin' bro.)
06:07 <Oderyus> isnt that the same thing
06:07 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
06:07 <Temmington> no
06:07 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> XD What the actual f**k??
06:07 <Noughtshayde> so is that pm set up yet?
06:07 <Finalclaw> I need everyone...
06:07 <Darkstride> Deadly.
06:07 <Finalclaw> s name
06:07 <Darkstride> You don't need to bleep on cuss words.
06:07 <Oderyus> Hey guys are we gonna do this tomorrow too
06:08 <Creepypastabook>  
06:08 <Creepypastabook>  
06:08 <Finalclaw> idk....
06:08 <Oderyus> we should
06:08 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Just in case
06:08 <Creepypastabook> You need my name?
06:08 <Creepypastabook>  
06:08 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *shrugs*
06:08 <Creepypastabook>  
06:08 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
06:08 <Oderyus> lets make this stroy the greatest creepypasta
06:08 <Noughtshayde> silly, rainbows are CAT farts. specifically ones that say "nyan nyan"  in a melodic 8-bit fashion.
06:08 <Fatal Disease> Isn't unicorn farts, rainbows?
06:08 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
06:09 <Temmington> no
06:09 <Finalclaw> DAMN IT CHAT LAG
06:09 <Oderyus> Maybe CrashingCymbal will join in
06:09 <Finalclaw> fixed
06:09 <Creepypastabook> Isn't that isn't supposed to be aren't?
06:09 <Finalclaw> temm, wat is no
06:09 <Noughtshayde> no, rainbows are unicorn blood.
06:09 <Oderyus> I know him
06:09 <CasualArsonist> Was is los?
06:09 <Oderyus> was
06:09 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
06:09 <Temmington> Unicorns fart sparkles.
06:09 <Oderyus> ich habe dich nicht verstanden
06:09 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
06:09 <Temmington> Get it right.
06:10 -!- Icarus88 has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <Noughtshayde> yes, they do. rainbows are their blood.
06:10 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Pie, anyone? Who needs colour? Who is the beautiful person here? Can he still see? Why can't this one remember anything? Can someone name these Pastas?
06:10 <CasualArsonist> NITCHS DA
06:10 <Oderyus> Im the beautiful person here
06:10 <Finalclaw> Damn it, its messing up
06:10 <DasFactionnaire> Sprechen sie Deutsch, Oderyus?
06:10 <Creepypastabook> Comeoen
06:10 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> WRONG!!! Jeff is!
06:10 <Creepypastabook> Getitworking
06:11 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
06:11 <CasualArsonist> Mmm, this pie is delicious, Mrs. Basingstoke
06:11 <Oderyus> Ja ich sperche, ein bisschen Deutsch
06:11 <Finalclaw> setting up a irc channel
06:11 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
06:11 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> 1) WEEGEE or MaRIo?
06:11 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I'd choose MaRIo.
06:11 <Oderyus> Ich habe seit Drei Jarhen Deutsch lerne
06:12 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
06:12 <Oderyus> WEGEE
06:12 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> NUU!!!!!!!!!!!
06:12 <CasualArsonist> Ein.. zwei... drei... wher...
06:12 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
06:12 <41488p> ACHTUNG
06:12 <41488p> GERBERWERFEER
06:12 <CasualArsonist> Fess...
06:12 <41488p> HEIL HITLER
06:12 <Creepypastabook> I the popular story "The Headless Horseman" is he A. German B. Dutch or C. British
06:12 <41488p> NYET!
06:12 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> 2) Slender or Jeff? Whom is more beautiful?
06:12 <Finalclaw>
06:12 <Finalclaw> go to that
06:12 <Noughtshayde> hey, creepypastabook, would you answer a question?
06:12 <Oderyus> Slender has an inner beauty
06:13 <Creepypastabook> What?
06:13 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> The answer is still Jeff but okkaaaayyy
06:13 <Finalclaw> then write /join creepystory565
06:13 <DasFactionnaire> Ich auch, aber ich bin nicht gewandt
06:13 <Finalclaw> if you want to do the collab
06:13 <Noughtshayde> i said, would you answer a question.
06:13 <41488p> all this German
06:13 <CasualArsonist> Use the same nickname?
06:13 <41488p> I would answer a question
06:13 <Finalclaw> since multiple pm is not workin riht now
06:13 <Finalclaw> same nickname pls
06:14 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> 3) BRVR or LONLINESS? Whose cuter?
06:14 <Finalclaw> warn me here if someone is using your nick in the cat
06:14 <Finalclaw> the creepypasta chat
06:14 <Creepypastabook> I am in
06:14 <CasualArsonist> Ready
06:14 <Oderyus> im not
06:14 <Finalclaw> you can join in the chat casual
06:14 <Noughtshayde> hey, creepypastabook, will you answer a question?
06:14 <Finalclaw> and oderyus
06:14 <41488p> wtf is going on
06:15 <Creepypastabook> Sure
06:15 <Noughtshayde> thanks.
06:15 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has joined Special:Chat
06:15 <Finalclaw>
06:15 <Noughtshayde> that helped a lot.
06:15 <Creepypastabook> No problem maing
06:15 <CasualArsonist> Am I not in already?
06:15 <INPUT USERNAME HERE> Why did I even join the chat?
06:15 <Creepypastabook> No casual
06:15 <Finalclaw> then write /join creepystory565 to join our collab story, pls use same nick as in here
06:15 <Finalclaw> no casual
06:15 <Noughtshayde> i am not in yet, darn it
06:15 <Finalclaw> youre no there
06:16 -!- INPUT USERNAME HERE has left Special:Chat.
06:16 <DasFactionnaire> Goodbye everyone, have fun with your game
06:16 <Noughtshayde> /join creepystory565
06:16 <Noughtshayde> ?
06:16 <Oderyus> in
06:16 <Finalclaw> in the webchat
06:16 <Finalclaw>
06:16 <Creepypastabook> No your are not Oderyus
06:16 <ChaoZStrider> please. don't advertise here.
06:16 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> 4) Who cares less? Out of everyone... Funny, Smile, Jeff, LeGrins, Penny (a nickname for Pencil Neck), Slender, ect, ect,...
06:16 <Finalclaw> Im not frigging advertising
06:17 <Finalclaw> Im using that webchat to do a ame since I cant seem to make the multipm work
06:17 <Darkstride> That moment when somebody thinks Slender is Slenderman's name.
06:17 <Darkstride> -_-
06:17 -!- DasFactionnaire has left Special:Chat.
06:17 <CasualArsonist> Okay it says I'm in a chat room with you
06:17 <Finalclaw> Lol
06:17 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Nicknames.... Short for their real names. 
06:17 <Finalclaw> naught is there
06:18 <Finalclaw> casual, write a msg to see if tat fixes it
06:18 <Noughtshayde> how do i type there
06:18 <Oderyus> Im in guys
06:18 <Finalclaw> flick on the bar below
06:18 <41488p> ...
06:18 <Finalclaw> and type
06:18 <Creepypastabook> No Oderyus
06:18 <CasualArsonist> I've written a few messages already
06:18 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> That's why I have PENNY and LEGRINS instead of PENCIL NECK and LEGRINNY.
06:19 <Finalclaw> Casual...
06:19 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Le Meh...
06:19 <Finalclaw> Did you use a nick at all
06:19 <CasualArsonist> Yes I did
06:20 <CasualArsonist> Do we type it in like it's a command then? /join creepystory565
06:20 <CasualArsonist> Like taht in the website
06:20 <Finalclaw> yea....
06:20 <Darkstride> No. Go to the *join chat* thing, and type that in the text box.
06:20 <Finalclaw> type tat in the website...
06:20 <Darkstride> Then click join.
06:20 <Creepypastabook> Type in the chatbar /join creepystory565
06:20 <Oderyus> Are you guys gonna enter any sec
06:20 <Finalclaw> exactly
06:20 <Finalclaw> oderyus
06:21 <Creepypastabook> Oderyus we are already in 
06:21 <Oderyus> Im in btw
06:21 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *hides in Shadows, searching for that one Pokemon* Come out come out wherever you are...
06:21 <Finalclaw> type in your bar chat /join creepystory565
06:21 <Creepypastabook> Oderyus type in the chatbar /join creepystory565
06:21 <Oderyus> im in
06:21 <Noughtshayde> I must have a word.
06:21 <Finalclaw> if youre actually in youre onna see me in tere
06:21 <CasualArsonist> Wunderbaaarrrr <3 I think I got a little.. eh heh..
06:21 <Noughtshayde> Testicles.
06:21 <Noughtshayde> That is all.
06:21 <Finalclaw> so type in te cat /join creepystory565
06:22 -!- Fatal Disease has joined Special:Chat
06:22 <Creepypastabook> Oderyus type /join creepystory565 in the chatbar. :P 
06:22 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has left Special:Chat.
06:22 <Fatal Disease> Bai guize gotta go
06:22 <CasualArsonist> see ya fatal
06:22 <Dream Hacked> /poop 
06:22 <TrueWarrior18> /join creepystory565
06:23 -!- Fatal Disease has left Special:Chat.
06:23 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has joined Special:Chat
06:23 <TrueWarrior18> /join creepystory565
06:23 <TrueWarrior18> i did it, but it didn't work
06:24 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
06:24 -!- TrueWarrior18 has left Special:Chat.
06:26 <Dream Hacked> o.O
06:26 <Darkstride> wat
06:27 <Darkstride> Dream, I keep forgetting that you are a mod. (derp)
06:27 <Dream Hacked> I am top mod.
06:27 <Darkstride> k
06:27 <Darkstride> Jk.
06:27 <Dream Hacked> Actually I'm the longest living mod here.
06:28 <Dream Hacked> I could have been admin ages ago.
06:28 <41488p> do you want to be an admin, Dream?
06:28 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
06:28 <Dream Hacked> No
06:28 <CasualArsonist> Hm....
06:28 <Darkstride> FOUR ONE FOUR
06:28 <Darkstride> Hai.
06:28 <Dream Hacked> I have all of the power I need.
06:28 <41488p> that's good to know.
06:28 <41488p> DARKSTRIDE
06:28 <41488p> hai
06:28 <Darkstride> (derp)
06:28 <41488p> I don't get the big deal about more power, tbh
06:29 <Dream Hacked> Same. I don't need rank to state authority. It's about power in influence and just doing what's best for the users and website as a whole.
06:29 <Dream Hacked> You don't even need to be mod for that.
06:30 <Darkstride> Respect Dream's Authoritay.
06:31 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> O)_(O
06:31 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Cannot even...
06:31 -!- Dream Hacked has left Special:Chat.
06:31 -!- Dragorune has joined Special:Chat
06:31 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *hides in darker shadows*
06:32 <Dragorune> Hello, has anyone happened to see any, you know... D jokes lying around?
06:32 <41488p> the D?
06:32 <41488p> do you want it?
06:32 <Dragorune> Yes,
06:32 <Darkstride> ^
06:32 <Darkstride> FUCK
06:32 <41488p> we have a 2-for-1 special promotion
06:32 <Dragorune> Jk
06:32 <41488p> it even comes in a box
06:32 <Darkstride> Jick in the Box.
06:32 <41488p> wanna come into this dark and private room to see it?
06:32 <Dragorune> Okay that will be 15$ and a hooker
06:32 <Darkstride> My bad, Jack in the box.
06:32 <41488p> *Jizz in the box
06:33 <41488p> you don't need a hooker
06:33 <41488p> *licks lips*
06:33 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
06:33 <Dragorune> Don't make me wack you with the D
06:33 <Darkstride> Digimon.
06:33 <Darkstride> (loool)
06:33 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Laughing Jack want strippers *shrugs*
06:33 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Who knows why?
06:33 <Dragorune> Lul the D, No no no, not Penis, VITAMIN D STOOOPID
06:34 <41488p> whoever said it was penis?!
06:34 <Toto Sakigami> I'll put jizz in the box
06:34 <Dragorune> Lul
06:34 <41488p> cums with it, Tot.
06:34 <41488p> *Toto
06:35 <Toto Sakigami> ill eat the jizz
06:35 <Dragorune> Okay so cum in a box. Please, feed it to children...
06:35 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
06:35 <Darkstride> >41488p
06:35 <Darkstride> >88p
06:35 <Darkstride> >p
06:35 <41488p> (414)
06:35 <41488p> yay we got rid of them
06:36 <41488p> it's very child-friendly, Drago.
06:36 <Darkstride> (darkstride)
06:36 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
06:36 <Darkstride> I STILL DON'T HAVE ONE.
06:36 <Darkstride> k
06:36 <Toto Sakigami> so 41488 can I eat you
06:36 <Toto Sakigami> r jizz
06:36 <ChaoZStrider> keep the sex talk out of chat.
06:36 <Toto Sakigami> okay
06:37 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Walking Ditto!!!! You, were awesome bro... Keep walking...
06:37 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> NEWPE
06:38 <41488p> wasn't the sex talk rule thrown out from the chat rules?
06:38 <Dragorune> (dragorune)
06:38 <Dragorune> Nope, The D wasn't
06:38 <Darkstride> Put de lime in de coconut and drienk eet all up
06:38 <ChaoZStrider> If it was, I was not informed
06:38 <Dragorune> So does any girl want some vitamin "D"
06:38 <Darkstride> --Alan Wake.
06:38 <Toto Sakigami> lol
06:39 <Dragorune> Okay enough Sex talk...
06:39 <ChaoZStrider> but none the less, please leave it out of chat.
06:39 <Dragorune> Move on to floating bananas
06:39 <Toto Sakigami> Why
06:39 <Dragorune> Why....WHY?
06:39 <Toto Sakigami> floating
06:39 <41488p> because there are children
06:39 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
06:39 <41488p> we need to protect those children
06:39 <41488p> society isn't ready for them
06:39 <41488p> and neither is my DICK IN A BOX
06:39 <Dragorune> Yes, children are using this chat...
06:39 <Toto Sakigami> From the real world
06:39 <41488p> OHAAHAHA GORTCHA
06:40 <41488p> ok I'll stop
06:40 <Toto Sakigami> wtf
06:40 <41488p> hi Shrubs :D
06:40 <41488p> my poop smells like blood
06:40 <41488p> maybe I'm a woman
06:40 <41488p> and I just don't know it
06:40 <Toto Sakigami> yay
06:40 <41488p> or maybe I'm just bleeding from my anus.
06:40 <41488p> hm.
06:40 <41488p> never hurts to be optimistic. 
06:40 <Shrubskill Nurse> Back.
06:40 <Dragorune> Okay, 4188p just private messaged me and said " Banana " please, mods perma ban him
06:40 <Shrubskill Nurse> Sorry, I'm roleplaying so I may not say much.
06:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> Thanks.
06:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> How is everyone tonight?
06:41 <Dragorune> Very D-ish
06:41 <Shrubskill Nurse> D-ish...?
06:41 <Dragorune> Dayish...
06:41 <Dragorune> The night, feels like the day.
06:42 <Shrubskill Nurse> Oh.
06:42 <Shrubskill Nurse> I see.
06:42 <Shrubskill Nurse> Same here. I much rather prefer it over daytime.
06:42 <Dragorune> sorry...
06:42 <Shrubskill Nurse> Did I not say I was in a roleplay?
06:43 <Temmington> Oh, hai shrubbie. 
06:43 <Dragorune> Nervous break down
06:43 <Shrubskill Nurse> My apologies.
06:43 <Shrubskill Nurse> It's okay, Drago.
06:43 <41488p> Drago
06:43 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hi Sarah.
06:43 <Dragorune> No, its my fault
06:43 <Dragorune> Yes
06:43 <41488p> Drago y
06:43 <Dragorune> YES?!
06:43 <Temmington> What's up? (Besides the roleplay.)
06:43 <41488p> y Drago y
06:43 <Dragorune> For what?
06:43 <41488p> DRAGO I KNOW THE TRUTH
06:43 <Shrubskill Nurse> Oh don't worry, I get nipped at quite often nowadays, Drago my friend.
06:43 <Dragorune> The truth will set u free
06:43 <Darkstride> Poleray.
06:43 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'm good, Sarah, thanks.
06:43 <41488p> the truth has set me free
06:43 <41488p> it's too late
06:43 <41488p> to apologize 
06:43 <Dragorune> Lul what am I saying
06:43 <41488p> it's too laaaate
06:44 <Temmington> Alright.
06:44 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
06:44 <41488p> hi Sereh
06:44 <Temmington> I'm going to be doing something else, so be back later (maybe).
06:44 <Dragorune> Temmington release the a-bomb on the chat
06:44 <41488p> why is Shining jerking off in the background
06:44 <41488p> we all know she's secretly watching us
06:44 <Dragorune> OH GOD
06:44 <41488p> do girls jerk off
06:44 <Darkstride> Sarah, you turn into a different pokemon when you're Temmingotn. Have a snickers.
06:44 <41488p> is jerk off unisex
06:45 <41488p> all of these questiosn
06:45 <41488p> *questions
06:45 <Shrubskill Nurse> ...
06:45 <41488p> ah, Decartes will be proud
06:45 <41488p> or Freud
06:45 <Dragorune> -sure..
06:45 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
06:45 <41488p> :/
06:45 <Shrubskill Nurse> 414, I am female.
06:45 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
06:45 <Shrubskill Nurse> And I must admit.
06:45 <41488p> yep I knew that Shrubs
06:45 <Shrubskill Nurse> Females can masturbate as well.
06:45 <41488p> but what I was asking
06:45 <Dragorune> -Sticks a stick into a stick which sticks onto the stick-
06:45 <41488p> was that if 'jerking off' can refer both to male and female or is it just male-specific?
06:46 <Shrubskill Nurse> They don't "jack off", but I do rub on something that starts with a C. It's more "rubbing off".
06:46 <41488p> ah.
06:46 <41488p> AH
06:46 <41488p> AHHH
06:46 <41488p> TMI
06:46 <Dragorune> So what do the stick a stick down the stick ?
06:46 <Temmington> Shrub. 
06:46 <41488p> TMI TMI TMI
06:46 <41488p> AHAHHHHH
06:46 <Temmington> That can mean two things.
06:46 <Temmington> :P
06:46 <41488p> OH GOD
06:46 <Toto Sakigami> Or fingering
06:46 <41488p> BRB 
06:46 <Dragorune> So you rub a can? Wow no life..
06:47 <Temmington> Will you be active on Skype after you leave CPW, Shrubbie?
06:47 <Temmington> (Not leave as in forever but as in the time being.)
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> Of course.
06:47 <Dragorune> No
06:47 <Dragorune> NO
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> ...
06:47 <Temmington> Kay, just wondering. 
06:47 <Dragorune> I SAID NO!
06:47 <Dragorune> NOOOO!
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> I. Said.
06:47 <Temmington> But yeah that can mean two things so... yeah. 
06:47 <Temmington> .-.
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> /me slams her hand down
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> Of course.
06:47 <Shrubskill Nurse> Calm it.
06:48  * Dragorune Doctor slams his spatula dow
06:48 <Dragorune> No
06:48 <Shrubskill Nurse> And yes, I will be on Skype, probably until 4 in the morning again... but I'd be with my Fiance.
06:48 -!- NothingExists has joined Special:Chat
06:48 <Temmington> Would you still respond to my messages though?
06:48 <Shrubskill Nurse> oh i dont exist
06:48 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
06:48 <NothingExists> Nothing exists.
06:48 <Dragorune> Fiance....
06:48 <Dragorune> (sad)
06:48 <Toto Sakigami> why so glum
06:49 <Dragorune> I am so lonely... (sad)
06:49 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
06:49 <Dragorune> <=3
06:49 <41488p> fiance?
06:49 <Dragorune> jk
06:49 <Temmington> Yes.
06:49 <41488p> omg Shrub's getting married
06:49 <Shrubskill Nurse> I have a Fiance.
06:49 <41488p> congrats Shrub
06:49 <41488p> congrats
06:49 <41488p> *slow clap*
06:49 <Dragorune> HAPPY 20000000th ANNIVERSARY!
06:49 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hellie the Charty, on the Wiki. 
06:49 <41488p> Hellninjaas?
06:49 <41488p> Hell?
06:49 <Temmington> He doesn't come on here that much. 
06:49 <Shrubskill Nurse> Yes.
06:49 <41488p> or whatever his name was?
06:50 <41488p> oh nice
06:50 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hellninjas, the one who retired along with me.
06:50 <Dragorune> I stick my stick into a big black stick the stick the goes down the stick and comes out of a-
06:50 <Shrubskill Nurse> But thank you.
06:50 <Temmington> I sorta have a girlfriend, but it's an open relatoinship. 
06:50 <41488p> ah.
06:50 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
06:50 <Temmington> relationship* 
06:50 -!- Dragorune was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
06:50 -!- Dragorune has left Special:Chat.
06:50 <41488p> aren't you a girl yourself, Sarah?
06:50 <Shrubskill Nurse> Thank you.
06:50 <ChaoZStrider> Seriously, he was asked to stop the sex talk.
06:50 <Temmington> Plus she manipulated and lied to my friend. .-.
06:50 -!- Dragorune has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <41488p> yeah
06:51 <Temmington> Sooooo, yeah that's probably not going to continue. 
06:51 <Temmington> Also, yes 414.
06:51 <41488p> well I'm in an on-off relationship with someone very close
06:51 <41488p> and it's not incest
06:51 <Dragorune> Ohhh. Nice one Chaoz -high fives-
06:51 <41488p> we go out sometimes
06:51 -!- NothingExists has left Special:Chat.
06:51 <41488p> but sometimes she doesn't answer my calls
06:51 <Shrubskill Nurse> ...
06:51 <41488p> we are very close, though
06:51 <Shrubskill Nurse> oh
06:51 <41488p> so very close
06:51 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
06:51 <41488p> inseperable 
06:51 <Dragorune> So...
06:51 <41488p> oh, Hand.
06:51 <Dragorune> Boredom...
06:51 <Temmington> .-. 
06:51 <Shrubskill Nurse> Drago.
06:51 <41488p> THE INTERWEBZ
06:51 <Temmington> Of course a fapping joke. 
06:52 <Temmington> Why am I not surprised. 
06:52 <ChaoZStrider> I am not in a relationship, and I don't plan on ever being in one again, due to my being asexual.
06:52 <Dragorune> Yes?
06:52 <Shrubskill Nurse> I recommend a Tumblr.
06:52 <41488p> it must be nice to be asexual
06:52 <41488p> I mean
06:52 <Shrubskill Nurse> With that, rarely does boredom exist.
06:52 <41488p> when I fall in love I get really depressed
06:52 <Shrubskill Nurse> I also got many friends from it.
06:52 <41488p> and I'm like "shit"
06:52 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has joined Special:Chat
06:52 <41488p> because she's always out of my league
06:52 <Dragorune> I'm in a relation ship... To a 2 year old cookie. Is that nice?
06:52 <41488p> always
06:52 <Toto Sakigami> Asexual ?
06:52 <Temmington> Tumblr is awesome, Shrubbie. 
06:52 <Dragorune> Oh god.
06:52 <41488p> well that was too deep even for me
06:52 <ChaoZStrider> asexual. I have no sexual urges.
06:52 <Temmington> And I only check my dash. 
06:52 <41488p> D:
06:53 <41488p> to counter that I will confess that I have just masturbated.
06:53 <41488p> and you may kick me if you wish.
06:53 <ChaoZStrider> "The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did."
06:53 <41488p> because that was minor sex talk
06:53 <Dragorune> A guy who watches us sleep." How fascinating... 
06:53 <41488p> who's that from, Chaoz?
06:53 <That guy who watches you sleep> .....
06:53 <41488p> the quote
06:53 <ChaoZStrider> No idea.
06:53 <That guy who watches you sleep> .....
06:53 <41488p> hi Sleep
06:53 <41488p> dun spem
06:53 <Shrubskill Nurse> No no.
06:53 <That guy who watches you sleep> hello
06:53 <41488p> hi
06:53 <That guy who watches you sleep> hello
06:53 <Shrubskill Nurse> You have too good a username to be a spammer.
06:53 <41488p> damn it's almost midnight
06:54 <Shrubskill Nurse> IT /IS/ MIDNIGHT HERE
06:54 <41488p> I've seen Sleep before
06:54 <41488p> WELL FUCK
06:54 <Shrubskill Nurse> It's 2:54.
06:54 <Dragorune> It's morning
06:54 <Temmington> It's about almost two here, Shrubbie. 
06:54 <ChaoZStrider> I have the same time as Shrub.
06:54 <Toto Sakigami> 3:54 here
06:54 <Shrubskill Nurse> Or timezones, perhaps?
06:54 <Dragorune> Idiots. It is 98:12 in the morning
06:54 <41488p> shit hell no it's always 414:88 here.
06:54 <41488p> but yeah finally moved to the states
06:54 <Temmington> .-. 
06:54 <Temmington> Kay.
06:54 <41488p> IT'S TOO LATE< SARAH
06:54 <Shrubskill Nurse> And PM, I must add, 414.
06:55 <Temmington> Should have probably stayed in your original country, to be honest. 
06:55 <41488p> ok Shrub
06:55 <Temmington> Here is... 
06:55 <Dragorune> I live on pluto, where do you live?
06:55 <Temmington> Well, it's here. 
06:55 <Shrubskill Nurse> Unsane's ass
06:55 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
06:55 <Temmington> My girlfriend's pants.
06:55 <Dragorune> Oh thats nice
06:55 <41488p> pants
06:55 <Shrubskill Nurse> I somehow made the chat entirely silent by mentioning his ass
06:55 <Dragorune> Yes...
06:55 <Temmington> Just kidding, my hand doesn't wear pants. 
06:55 <Temmington> But in all seriousness me and my gf aren't that sexual. .-. 
06:55 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
06:55 <ChaoZStrider> Sorry, I was looking at my own ass.
06:55 <Dragorune> Okay my hand wears shorts
06:55 <Temmington> (Believe it or not.)
06:56 <41488p> sorry I was pooping out of my own ass
06:56 <41488p> plop plish
06:56 <Shrubskill Nurse> u can wear gloves temm
06:56 <41488p> phrrrp
06:56 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> 41488... MY COCK-- wait wait wait... *MY COCK IS THE ULTIMATE CLOCK* The Cratch was invented! :D
06:56 <Temmington> no
06:56 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
06:56 <41488p> *satisfying sigh*
06:56 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *Jeff Dunham*
06:56 <Temmington> None of that 414.
06:56 <41488p> kk
06:56 <Shrubskill Nurse> No.
06:56 <41488p> Shrub you said something about PM?
06:56 <41488p> bye Hooded
06:57 <Shrubskill Nurse> 2:56 Shrubskill Nurse i said PM as in the p at the end of your name doofus 
06:57 <Dragorune> So, I heard you like the                      Table
06:57 <Temmington> You goofball. 
06:57 <41488p> :(
06:57 <41488p> :'(
06:57 <Shrubskill Nurse> Yes! I want it. It's about $24 bucks and it's got free shipping.
06:57 <Toto Sakigami> I
06:57 <41488p> :'''(
06:57 <41488p> sorrow fills my heart
06:57 <Temmington> Anyone else want to vote on this?
06:57 <Temmington> 
06:57 <Toto Sakigami> heard you lick the table
06:58 <Shrubskill Nurse> lik da dick
06:58 -!- CrazyFerret has joined Special:Chat
06:58 <Temmington> is that a dick innuendo 
06:58 <Shrubskill Nurse> SHIT
06:58 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <That guy who watches you sleep> I also watch tables sleep..... 
06:58 <Toto Sakigami> W
06:58 <Dragorune> Yes I want it* Think about that one
06:58 <Temmington> You summoned Ferret with the mentioning of sucking dicks.
06:58 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
06:58 <CrazyFerret> I was called?
06:58 <Shrubskill Nurse> IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO PUT IN A C
06:58 <Temmington> Exactly. 
06:58 <Dragorune> A c.
06:58 <Temmington> its okay shrubbie shhhh
06:58 <CrazyFerret> Speak of the perverted and I shall appear 
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> /me cries and sobs and hugs onto Sarah and falls asleep in her lap
06:59 <Temmington> Awwww.
06:59 <Temmington> /me strokes your fur 
06:59 <Dragorune> What is the correct definition of cunt, other than my friends calling me one?
06:59 <Temmington> little shrubbie
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> purr
06:59 <41488p> BANG BANG
06:59 <Temmington> wait you can purr
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> yes
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> dude
06:59 <Temmington> oh
06:59 <Temmington> I DIDNT KNOW
06:59 <41488p> SHCK-SHCCK BANG
06:59 <CrazyFerret> A female version of dude
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> call me on skype
06:59 <CrazyFerret> Ise it often
06:59 <CrazyFerret> use
06:59 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <41488p> FORE! MOTHERFUCKER
06:59 <Temmington> Call on Skype?
06:59 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <Temmington> Eh, sure. 
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> no NO
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> i meant
06:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> if you call me on skype some time
07:00 <Jabeznewman4000> the worst thing happened to me
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> i wasnt able to type it all out im eating cheetohs
07:00 -!- Your average joe has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <Jabeznewman4000> today
07:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> Can I NOT make an original story?!
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> if you call on skype i'll purr 
07:00 <Your average joe> hello
07:00 <CrazyFerret> What?
07:00 <Dragorune> ~ OsamaBinLaden01 has joined the chat ~
07:00 <Temmington> wait 
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> i can purr yes
07:00 <Temmington> where did i put my ipod
07:00 <41488p> we shouldn't trust our wiki to a bunch of robots
07:00 <41488p> or else it'll become I, BannedUser.
07:00 <41488p> instead of I, Robot.
07:00 <41488p> see
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> Charty literally shouts "AWW" if i type it
07:00 <ChaoZStrider> don't spam
07:00 <41488p> see im so smert
07:00 <41488p> ogm
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> i mean say it
07:00 <Jabeznewman4000> ok i got a new atv and my cuz was like hey here this old field and im like ok so me and him go to the field which was about a 1/4 of a mile and so where riding and out of no where the gan warden's son come to the field then we found out that we got caught and we had to replant the seeds that were there and it was a 15 acre with nothing but our bare hands and a hoe for 4 days thats my most suckyest part of my lie
07:00 <Shrubskill Nurse> woah shit
07:00 <41488p> what the fu-
07:00 <41488p> BOOOM
07:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Will I NEVER EVER be able to publish my story?!
07:01 <41488p> what's your story about, HWDG?
07:01 <Toto Sakigami> *shoots OsamaBinLaden01* I am the best
07:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> I can take criticism...
07:01 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:01 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:01 <Temmington> yeah i cant find my ipod
07:01 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> *dies*
07:01 <That guy who watches you sleep> 'MERICA
07:01 <Temmington> ;-;
07:01 <41488p> fuck Apple
07:01 <41488p> fuck you STeve
07:01 <Shrubskill Nurse> No.
07:01 <41488p> you made a fool out of me earlier in the day
07:01 <Shrubskill Nurse> Don't you dare.
07:01 <Dragorune> Uncle Ben's final words: With great power, comes great responsibility
07:01 <41488p> fuck you Steve
07:01 <41488p> Steve you can't win
07:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> BUT I WILL NOT TOLERATE...
07:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> I can never tolerate fucking spam fighting systems...
07:01 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Steve will haunt you
07:01 <41488p> Gates' gonna hunt you
07:01 <Temmington> wait
07:01 <Temmington> wow 
07:01 -!- Jabeznewman4000 has left Special:Chat.
07:01 <41488p> and Gates' gonna give you cancah
07:01 <Temmington> it was under a blanket
07:01 <41488p> oh wait
07:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> I want to fucking publish my story!
07:02 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> Steve Aikins
07:02 <41488p> you died of it?
07:02 <41488p> EHEAHNHR
07:02 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> :D
07:02 <41488p> hehr
07:02 <41488p> heh.
07:02 <Dragorune> Well fuck DVRs, I have a VCR.
07:02 <41488p> I wanna make a video game story
07:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> IT IS MY STORY!
07:02 <41488p> I mean pasta
07:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> I MADE IT ORIGINAL!
07:02 <ChaoZStrider> Calm the caps
07:02 <41488p> WHAT IS IT ABOUT
07:02 <Temmington> Is this about the blacklisted subject thing
07:02 <Toto Sakigami> meep
07:02 <Shrubskill Nurse> is anyone even listening to HeWhoDied
07:02 <Toto Sakigami> meap
07:02 <41488p> meow
07:02 <41488p> me- BANG!
07:02 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> BEN DROWNED. I dunno anymore....
07:02 <41488p> SHCKSCK
07:02 <Toto Sakigami> hoooowwl
07:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am sick and tired of the Story Spam Fighting System.
07:02 <Temmington> What triggered the spam filter. 
07:02 <41488p> cat-huntin' lisence!
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> "Content"
07:03 <41488p> was it The Azure Nightmare?
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> No.
07:03 <41488p> because that was deleted
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's a different title.
07:03 <Dragorune> Calm the caps-> So you wanna dance? (41488p) (warning)
07:03 <41488p> why did you request for Azure to be deleted
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> I wanted "The Azure Nightmare" deleted, 414.
07:03 <41488p> why
07:03 <41488p> ?
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> To make a more original story.
07:03 <Temmington> Shrubbie. 
07:03 <41488p> ...
07:03 <Shrubskill Nurse> Yes.
07:03 <Temmington> You want to do it now or later?
07:03 <41488p> it was fucking nominated or PoTM!
07:03 <41488p> *For
07:03 <Shrubskill Nurse> No, don't call now silly.
07:03 <41488p> hi Silly
07:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well...
07:04 <Temmington> Figured. 
07:04 <Temmington> It's like two in the morning. 
07:04 <Toto Sakigami> owftka
07:04 <Shrubskill Nurse> zxdfcvcvcd
07:04 <Shrubskill Nurse> Woops
07:04 <Temmington> Also I'm going to need you to do a favor in Skype, which you probably already know what I'm thinking of.
07:04 <Shrubskill Nurse> Im sorry
07:04 <Dragorune> -Calls Shrubskill- The 80's called, they want their nurse back.
07:04 <Temmington> >.>
07:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> Can anyone help me find out what's keeping me from putting the story in?
07:04 <Temmington> It's okay, Shrubbie.
07:04 <41488p> WHAT STORY, HWDH?!
07:04 <Temmington> What is it titled 
07:04 <Shrubskill Nurse> i dont fuckin get it
07:04 <Dragorune> No one does
07:04 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:05 <Shrubskill Nurse> then why did you type it
07:05 <That guy who watches you sleep> And you never will....
07:05 <Temmington> get what shrub
07:05 <Dragorune> I have no idea
07:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> The Azure Man. (I know it's sort of related to The Azure Nighmare)
07:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> I cannot get it posted....
07:05 <Temmington> Did you add the full stop?
07:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> You talking to me, Temm?
07:05 <Temmington> Yes?
07:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> If so, I didn't mean to.
07:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> *The Azure Man
07:06 <Dragorune> The Azure Man? -Chuckles- Stop being so silly, and a stereotype, it's Azure Woman....
07:06 <Toto Sakigami> mlp
07:06 <HeWhoDiedHere> I should call it Azure People.
07:06 <Shrubskill Nurse> before i leave
07:06 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
07:06 <Shrubskill Nurse> i just wanted to say
07:06 <Shrubskill Nurse> ...
07:06 <Temmington> cock?
07:06 <Toto Sakigami> Fu
07:06 <Shrubskill Nurse> LESBIAN DICK
07:06 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
07:06 <Dragorune> Cunt?
07:06 <Temmington> what about my dick
07:06 <Dragorune> gaudhjfhgakfa
07:06 <Dragorune> Wow
07:06 <Temmington> oh
07:07 <Dragorune> My dick just went Shrubskill
07:07 <Dragorune> Jk
07:07 -!- Smiley00 has joined Special:Chat
07:07 <Dragorune> It's so quiet...
07:07 <CrazyFerret> Lesbian dick?
07:07 <Dragorune> LOL
07:07 <CrazyFerret> Must be futa
07:07 -!- Dragorune was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
07:07 -!- Dragorune has left Special:Chat.
07:08 -!- Dragorune has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <Darkstride> Wait what
07:08 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <Natalia Arlovskya> hi everyone
07:08 <Dragorune> Aww come one what was that Chaoz?
07:08 <ChaoZStrider> quit the sex talk, all of you.
07:08 <Temmington> cheeeeeasl 
07:08 <Darkstride> oic
07:08 <Dragorune> Sooorrryyyy.
07:08 <CrazyFerret> Well chat just became alot more boring
07:08 <CrazyFerret> lol
07:08 <Natalia Arlovskya> sarah~~
07:08 <Temmington> pm gurl
07:09 <Natalia Arlovskya> k bby
07:09 <Dragorune> Lets roleplay.
07:09 <Toto Sakigami> Lets rp
07:09 <Natalia Arlovskya> lets not
07:09 <Dragorune> Okay so we wake up trapped in an underground cave
07:09 <Toto Sakigami> *Kisses Hatalia*
07:09 <ChaoZStrider> How about no
07:09 <Toto Sakigami> *Natalia
07:09 <HeWhoDiedHere> I hope Platinum is on...
07:09 <That guy who watches you sleep> Anyone got anything else to say? 
07:09 <Dragorune> Stop being a jeffery :3
07:09 <Toto Sakigami> m
07:09 <Toto Sakigami> meap
07:09 <HeWhoDiedHere> 'cuz I need Platinum's help...
07:10 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has left Special:Chat.
07:10 <HeWhoDiedHere> I really want this story to be published...
07:10 <CrazyFerret> Im listening to music and looking at stuff on 4chan
07:10 <DeadlyCuppyQuakes> I'd perfer we NOT rp, I just lurk in shadows :3
07:10 <Dragorune> 4chan...
07:10 <Dragorune> O god...
07:10 <Natalia Arlovskya> im eating chips and drinking grape pop
07:10 <Smiley00> Hello to all!!!
07:10 <CrazyFerret> 4chan is boss
07:11 <Dragorune> Odin, Please help me at these times
07:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am going to go INSANE if someone don't help me...
07:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's because of Content.
07:11 <Dragorune> Anyone else here Norse?
07:11 <Smiley00> Hello!!!
07:11 <Toto Sakigami> celtic
07:11 <Dragorune> Awww....
07:12 <Dragorune> No one here is Norse...
07:12 <Toto Sakigami> ce
07:12 <Toto Sakigami> celtics rule
07:12 <Dragorune> Well then I better go to to find some babes
07:12 <Smiley00> Anybody here a flomtriffy??????
07:12 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am about to grab my gun...
07:12 <HeWhoDiedHere> And shoot...
07:12 <HeWhoDiedHere> My...
07:12 <Dragorune> Shoot your...
07:12 <CrazyFerret> florntriffy?
07:13 <Toto Sakigami> especially are booze
07:13 <Smiley00> Yes, from the Creepypasta!!!
07:13 <CrazyFerret> Im Mustelid 
07:13 <Dragorune> Here is the new headline for our chat guys: Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
07:13 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
07:13 <Smiley00> GIGGLE BASEMENT
07:13 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has joined Special:Chat
07:13 <That guy who watches you sleep> I say get along
07:13 <Dragorune> Lol
07:13 <Dragorune> That made me giggle
07:14 <Smiley00> Will there be tickles and funsies in the giggle basement???
07:14 <Dragorune> Nope
07:14 <Dragorune> Only Punishment
07:14 <Smiley00> I want to be tickled :/
07:14 <CrazyFerret> Hail Satan?
07:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mindless Self Indulgence - Hail Satan! - Duration: 01:58 - Uploaded: 2009-03-30 - Rating: 4.813333 - Views: 28,667 -
07:14 <Dragorune> Then go to that dark alley]
07:14 <That guy who watches you sleep> Or go to sleep
07:14 <Dragorune> Hey!
07:14 <Dragorune> Mr. Jeff the killer
07:15 <HeWhoDiedHere> Anyone wanna help me figure out what's wrong with my story?
07:15 <HeWhoDiedHere> Chao?
07:15 <Dragorune> Sure
07:15 <Dragorune> I will
07:15 <HeWhoDiedHere> Damnit.
07:15 <HeWhoDiedHere> He's away...
07:15 <Dragorune> What's it called
07:15 <Dragorune> ?
07:15 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's not published yet because of some damn thing...
07:15 <Dragorune> Okay then Private message it to me
07:15 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
07:16 <CrazyFerret> So anyone heard any good music?
07:17 <ChaoZStrider> you'll have to talk to Maria, I can't touch the abuse filter.
07:17 <Toto Sakigami> Yes
07:17 <Smiley00> Turkey molar y'all!!!
07:17 <HeWhoDiedHere> Who's Maria, Chao?
07:17 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
07:17 -!- Jackieleninja has joined Special:Chat
07:17 -!- Jackieleninja has left Special:Chat.
07:18 <HeWhoDiedHere> Chao?
07:18 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
07:18 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
07:18 <Darkstride> Princess Platinum is Maria.
07:18 <HeWhoDiedHere> ...
07:18 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
07:18 <HeWhoDiedHere> Shoulda seen that coming...
07:19 <Darkstride> What?
07:19 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
07:19 <HeWhoDiedHere> Why isn't she even on, then?
07:19 <HeWhoDiedHere> She looks like she is on chat, but isn't responding!
07:19 <HeWhoDiedHere> Is she AFK?
07:19 <Princess Platinum> im busy... >_>
07:19 <Darkstride> ^
07:19 <Darkstride> (derp)
07:19 <HeWhoDiedHere> Maria, I need help!
07:19 <ChaoZStrider> people have other things to do
07:20 <Princess Platinum> with?
07:20 <Smiley00> Chao!! My old pal!!!!
07:20 <CrazyFerret> What do you guys think about solipsism?
07:20 <CrazyFerret> I think its all in my head
07:20 -!- Jackieleninja has joined Special:Chat
07:20 <Jackieleninja> Hi.
07:20 <HeWhoDiedHere> A story I want to publish, but it's not publishing because of the filtering...
07:20 <ChaoZStrider> o.o who be you, Smiley?
07:20 <Princess Platinum> what is it about?
07:20 <Darkstride> Crazy.
07:20 <Smiley00> Chao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:20 <Darkstride> What is Solipsism?
07:21 <Smiley00> :D
07:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> Sorry to disturb you about it, though.
07:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> But it's about the beginning and the present of Stephen Kennedy and his daughter.
07:21 <Jackieleninja> I don't know any of you. :D
07:21 <ChaoZStrider> Smiley, calm the exclamation points.
07:21 <Smiley00> :D :D
07:21 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
07:21 <Princess Platinum> resident evil?
07:21 <That guy who watches you sleep> :D
07:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> It tells how he became the man he is by telling me via e-mail.
07:21 <CrazyFerret> It was a joke. Solipsism is a philosophy where everything exists only in my mind 
07:21 <ChaoZStrider> also, PM me how you know me please x.x as I am confused.
07:21 <CrazyFerret> Like only my mind exists 
07:22 <ChaoZStrider> I am ashamed, Maria. Resident Evil has Leon Kennedy
07:22 <ChaoZStrider> not Stephen Kennedy
07:22 <HeWhoDiedHere> ^
07:22 <Dragorune> Princess Platnium can you please teleport this chat room to Giggle basement?
07:22 <Jackieleninja> ~(o-o~) (~o-o)~ ~(o-o)~
07:22 <Darkstride> Oh Chao, I have the funniest video for you.
07:22 <That guy who watches you sleep> oUo
07:22 <CrazyFerret> I think solipsism is interesting 
07:22 <Darkstride> Be warned of the loud sound at the end.
07:22 <Darkstride> It hurt my ears .-.
07:23 <Jackieleninja> Hi, that guy who watches you sleep. Get out of my room, you creep. ^o^
07:23 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has left Special:Chat.
07:23 <CrazyFerret> Guess im the only one ;p
07:23 <Dragorune> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
07:23 <Darkstride> Crazy.
07:23 <Darkstride> You don't exist, I exist. (derp)
07:24 <CrazyFerret> Then only your mind exists 
07:24 <Jackieleninja> Well. I think that guy who watches me sleep was the guy who just passed by my house.
07:24 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has joined Special:Chat
07:24 <Jackieleninja> I'm disturbed.
07:24 <Darkstride> Exactly.
07:24 <That guy who watches you sleep> :}
07:24 <HeWhoDiedHere> A better chat header would be:
07:24 <HeWhoDiedHere> "Better get along or Princess Platinum will FALCON KICK you!"
07:24 <Dragorune> Me too. Especially since my T.V. turned off by it self. BRB
07:25 <Princess Platinum> the name changes everyday
07:25 <Darkstride> Oh, we should have an Exactly emote of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory saying "exactly
07:25 <Jackieleninja> Dexter is cool.
07:25 <CrazyFerret> lol
07:25 <Jackieleninja> B)
07:25 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hey Platinum.
07:25 <HeWhoDiedHere> Wanna help me figure out what's wrong?
07:25 -!- Oderyus has left Special:Chat.
07:26 <Dragorune> Okay back, my T.V. doesn't work, it seems to be on static..
07:26 <Jeffsson> (herp)
07:26 <CrazyFerret> Only I exist ;p
07:26 <Darkstride> ^lies
07:26 <Princess Platinum> i know what is wrong
07:26 <Dragorune> What
07:26 <Princess Platinum> something in your story tripped it
07:26 <CrazyFerret> Is it? If only you exist then there is only one "I" 
07:26 <Princess Platinum> i just dont know what
07:26 <Dragorune> Story?
07:26 <Dragorune> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
07:26 <That guy who watches you sleep> (O - O) 
07:26 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hmm...
07:26 <HeWhoDiedHere> I guess the Ghost Woman might've. Gotta check.
07:26 <Jackieleninja> Forgotten by Avril Lavigne is a good song.
07:27 <CrazyFerret> Get out
07:27 <Creepypastabook> Been collaping on a pasta
07:27 <CrazyFerret> lol
07:27 <Dragorune> Baby by Justin Beiber is gud song tu
07:27 <Creepypastabook> o-o
07:27 -!- Jackieleninja has left Special:Chat.
07:27 -!- Jackieleninja has joined Special:Chat
07:27 <Dragorune> Lul Jk
07:27 <Jackieleninja> t(o-ot)
07:27 <CrazyFerret>
07:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: ARI GOLD - GET THE FUCK OUT - Duration: 00:03 - Uploaded: 2009-06-08 - Rating: 4.927107 - Views: 232,496 -
07:28 <Creepypastabook> f(o-of))
07:28 <Princess Platinum> here are the words 
07:28 -!- Your average joe has left Special:Chat.
07:28 <Princess Platinum> (pokemon|gameboy|n64|xbox|playstation|slendy|slenderman|sonic|zelda|megaman|mario|fallout 3|minecraft)
07:28 <Jackieleninja> (fo-o)f
07:28 <Jackieleninja> Rawr.
07:28 <Dragorune> Once, in a cold foggy night
07:28 <Dragorune> There was a man
07:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> Welp, that's not the only thing...
07:28 <Creepypastabook> p-p
07:28 <HeWhoDiedHere> Is it because it may be too long?
07:28 <Dragorune> This man was travelling towards this abandoned village
07:29 <Princess Platinum> no
07:29 <Dragorune> He was poor, tired, and hungry.
07:29 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well, it's long as fuck.
07:29 <CrazyFerret> how dare you guys talk about creepypastas
07:29 <Princess Platinum> you tripped the content filter
07:29 <Dragorune> He hoped to start a new life at the village, but he was wrong...
07:29 <Dragorune>  The man
07:29 <HeWhoDiedHere> Could it be the immortality thing I did for the story?
07:29 <Dragorune> Finally arrived at the village
07:30 <Princess Platinum> it has to contain one of thos words
07:30 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
07:30 <Dragorune>  The buildings were half destroyed, or very small
07:30 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
07:30 <Dragorune> Only one house in the village was good enough
07:30 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
07:30 <Dragorune> So the man opened the door to the house
07:30 <HeWhoDiedHere> ...
07:30 <HeWhoDiedHere> THE SNES PRESENT!
07:30 <HeWhoDiedHere> I really hate the dude for adding that...
07:30 <Dragorune> And as he opened it... 
07:31 <Dragorune> A cold breeze went out
07:31 <CrazyFerret> @ Pastas
07:31 <That guy who watches you sleep> (@-@)-
07:31 <Dragorune> The man saw a faucet
07:31 <HeWhoDiedHere> YES!
07:31 <Dragorune> Hoping to find water, he turned the knop
07:31 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's published.
07:31 <HeWhoDiedHere> But not finished yet...
07:32 <Dragorune> There was nothing but dust that poured out
07:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> I gotta re-add his part about the demon.
07:32 <HeWhoDiedHere> Or not...
07:32 <Finalclaw> lol
07:32 <Finalclaw> Tere
07:32 <Dragorune> The man was depressed
07:32 <Dragorune> he was tired
07:32 <Dragorune> Lonely]
07:32 <Finalclaw> I just started a creepypasta collab
07:32 <Dragorune> I large bang was heard up stairs
07:32 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
07:32 <Finalclaw> And Im pretty satisfied with the current results
07:33 <Finalclaw> no stories here pls....
07:33 <Dragorune> The man jumped and stared up at the dark stair way
07:33 <Finalclaw> DRAGORUNE
07:33 <Dragorune> What?
07:33 <Finalclaw> no creepypasta or stories in the main chat
07:33 <Dragorune> It was boring in here, so I tried to spice it up
07:34 <Finalclaw> its really late for a lot of people, so it might be a better idea to o to sleep right now
07:34 <That guy who watches you sleep> Yes
07:34 <Dragorune> NO
07:34 <Dragorune> Don't go to sleep
07:34 <That guy who watches you sleep> :(
07:34 <Zyranne> It's really early for me
07:34 <Zyranne> for me anyway xD
07:34 <Dragorune> That guy who watches you sleep... He\ll come
07:35 <That guy who watches you sleep> No.....
07:35 <Dragorune> Yes...
07:35 <Finalclaw> lol
07:35 <Finalclaw> almost 5 in the mornin for me
07:35 <That guy who watches you sleep> :}
07:35 <Dragorune> 3:35 for me
07:35 <Zyranne> 8:35 AM for me
07:35 <Dragorune> Zyranne you mean 3:35?
07:35 <Finalclaw> WELL THEN zyranne, tats really up to be up dont ya tink
07:36 <Zyranne> nope
07:36 <Dragorune> Okay
07:36 <Dragorune> Anyways...
07:36 <Dragorune> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
07:36 <Zyranne> I have to go to work soon though :(
07:36 <Finalclaw> no stories, Im watcin...
07:36 <Dragorune> Okay
07:36 <Dragorune> So Once there was a banana (BANNED)
07:37 <That guy who watches you sleep> ~(o - o)~ 
07:37 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
07:38 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
07:39 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
07:39 <Dragorune> Guys, talk about stuff
07:39 -!- CrazyFerret has left Special:Chat.
07:39 <Finalclaw> blablity blas
07:39 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Zyranne> wow chat is really dead
07:40 -!- DeadlyCuppyQuakes has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <That guy who watches you sleep> Police are at my neighbor's house. I wonder why?
07:40 <Jackieleninja> Blood. Blood everywhere.
07:41 <That guy who watches you sleep> Annndddd he's gone
07:41 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hey guys...
07:41 <HeWhoDiedHere> In a 3...
07:42 <Zyranne> Hello
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> A 2...
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> And a 1...
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> Here it is...
07:42 <Finalclaw> WABOOM
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere>
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> This is the story I wrote from the REAL STEPHEN KENNEDY!
07:42 <Dragorune> back
07:42 <Finalclaw> see ya guys
07:42 <Dragorune> woah
07:42 <Smiley00>
07:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Turkey molar - Duration: 00:30 - Uploaded: 2012-11-13 - Rating: 2.142857 - Views: 306 -
07:42 <Dragorune> dafuq
07:42 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
07:42 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got his e-mail if you want to contact him.
07:43 <HeWhoDiedHere> His e-mail is...
07:43 <HeWhoDiedHere>
07:43 <HeWhoDiedHere> You can literally ask him what he does (like I did).
07:43 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
07:43 <Princess Platinum> so you set up an email for your story
07:43 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <HeWhoDiedHere> No.
07:43 <Princess Platinum> not cliche at all
07:44 <HeWhoDiedHere> This was already an e-mail.
07:44 <HeWhoDiedHere> I didn't set it up.
07:44 <Princess Platinum> google says it was created a few minutes ago
07:44 <HeWhoDiedHere> Huh?
07:44 <HeWhoDiedHere> Daw shit...
07:45 <HeWhoDiedHere> That man...
07:45 <Princess Platinum> you can check account ages via query 
07:45 <Zyranne> ....I'mma just quietly leave.....
07:45 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
07:45 <Dragorune> LUL google deez days
07:45 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
07:45 <HeWhoDiedHere> ...That man TROLLED ME!!!
07:45 <HeWhoDiedHere> Of all the people...
07:45 <HeWhoDiedHere> All the COOL people I meet...
07:45 <HeWhoDiedHere> He's the one who trolls me.
07:45 <Dragorune> ahem losers *cough*
07:46 <HeWhoDiedHere> I'm gonna get that motherfucker.
07:46 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's revenge time now.
07:46 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has left Special:Chat.
07:46 <Dragorune> LOL throw a banana at him
07:46 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has joined Special:Chat
07:46 <HeWhoDiedHere> Nope.
07:46 <HeWhoDiedHere> I am going to plan this out...
07:47 <HeWhoDiedHere> If the man doesn't know what I planned...
07:47 <HeWhoDiedHere> Then he is an easy target.
07:47 <Necrai> mfw
07:47 <Necrai>
07:47 <Necrai> agh
07:47 <Necrai> fuck
07:47 <Necrai> sorry
07:47 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hmm...
07:47 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:47 <Necrai> 414!
07:47 <Necrai> c:
07:47 <41488p> NECRAI
07:47 <HeWhoDiedHere> *Checks for the other account of his*
07:47 <41488p> PLS
07:47 <Necrai> OAKY
07:47 <41488p>
07:47 <Necrai> I HAVE IT
07:48 <41488p> OMGWAIT
07:48 <41488p> WAT
07:48 <Necrai> <3
07:48 <HeWhoDiedHere> Guys.
07:48 <41488p> ok bai
07:48 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:48 <Necrai> agh shit i don't have it on this computer
07:48 <Necrai> let me redownlaod
07:48 <Necrai> wait 414 wats ur steam
07:48 <Necrai> UGH
07:48 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has left Special:Chat.
07:48 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
07:49 <Creepypastabook> Will you get in trouble if you archive your Talk page?
07:49 <Princess Platinum> no
07:49 <HeWhoDiedHere> AHA!
07:49 <Creepypastabook> Thanks! 
07:50 <HeWhoDiedHere> Platinum.
07:50 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
07:50 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
07:50 <Princess Platinum> ?
07:51 -!- Jackieleninja has left Special:Chat.
07:51 <Dragorune> LOL throw a banana at him
07:51 -!- Jackieleninja has joined Special:Chat
07:52 -!- Jackieleninja has left Special:Chat.
07:52 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
07:52 <Dragorune> It's weasel stomping day tomorrow...
07:53 <HeWhoDiedHere> So, Platinum, I found out about the dudes ORIGINAL account.
07:53 <Princess Platinum> how?
07:53 <HeWhoDiedHere> I tracked this guy before.
07:53 <HeWhoDiedHere> And the fact that I was e-mailed by him before.
07:53 <Dragorune> Good, now murder him.
07:54 <Princess Platinum> If you mirder someone
07:54 <Princess Platinum> you will get caught
07:54 <Dragorune> Mirder?
07:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> It was:
07:54 <HeWhoDiedHere>
07:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> ...Really? He couldn't have chose a better e-mail?
07:54 <Dragorune> LOL you said mirder
07:54 <CasualArsonist> Oh
07:55 <HeWhoDiedHere> I seriously question this guy's sense of e-mails...
07:55 <HeWhoDiedHere> Then again...
07:55 <CasualArsonist> I didn't notice I left t)(is open
07:55 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got even STRANGER e-mails...
07:55 <Dragorune> Read them to us please
07:55 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
07:55 <Dragorune> All of them
07:56 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has joined Special:Chat
07:56 <Dragorune> He
07:56 <Necrai> how can you be a casual arsonist.
07:56 <Dragorune>  3:55 HeWhoDiedHere
07:56 <HeWhoDiedHere> One from SmasherLink...
07:56 <HeWhoDiedHere> One from
07:56 <HeWhoDiedHere> Another from THE FUCK, REQUIEM?! What the fuck?! Couldn't tell me in real life?)
07:56 <Dragorune> Requiem? whats that?
07:56 <HeWhoDiedHere> LOL, I will read one.
07:57 <Dragorune> Please
07:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> The one Requiem (aka my friend) thought it was SOOOOO important to send me via e-mail.
07:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> Ahem...
07:57 <Dragorune> Well, then, go on
07:58 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has left Special:Chat.
07:58 <Dragorune> Hellooo?
07:58 <Dragorune> Tell me the anonymous E-mails HeWhoDiedHere
07:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> "Dude, I gotta tell ya. This movie series will be huge. I wonder if we can pull it off. This will be one large thing.
07:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> Just don't tell anyone I am stealing their characters."
07:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> Won't you wait.
07:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> It takes me time to find these things...
07:59 <Dragorune> Okay, sorry
07:59 <Dragorune> Wow
07:59 <Dragorune> Do you know whats he talking about
07:59 <Dragorune> ?
07:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> Sorta...
07:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> He is making an ARG movie series.
07:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> And apparently he stole our friends' character concepts.
08:00 <Dragorune> Wow
08:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's not the craziest thing he did.
08:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> He put two ghost peppers in his mouth and ate them.
08:00 <Dragorune> GHOST PEPPERS
08:00 <Dragorune> Are you shitting me?
08:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> Started to peel skin off the top of his mouth.
08:00 <Dragorune> Damn
08:00 <Dragorune> Ewwww
08:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> It was gross.
08:01 <Dragorune> Ghost Peppers do that?
08:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well, those and Ice Pops.
08:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> If you eat too much ice pops...
08:01 <Dragorune> True
08:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> I had to get skin outta my mouth just recently.
08:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Like a snake.
08:01 <Dragorune>
08:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Black Man VS 3  GHOST PEPPERS!  @siggas - Duration: 05:18 - Uploaded: 2012-04-12 - Rating: 4.950591 - Views: 1,253,137 -
08:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> I'm gonna do 10.
08:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> Hope I don't die.
08:02 <Dragorune> WOAAAAHHH
08:02 <Dragorune> You will die.
08:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> Drag.
08:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> Are you watching adult swim?!
08:03 <Darkstride> Yes.
08:03 <Darkstride> Why?
08:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> Not you, Dark...
08:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> I meant Drago.
08:03 <Darkstride> You didn't specify who. How was I supposed to know? (derp)
08:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> But holy shit, the girl is sexy!
08:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> Dafuq did I say?
08:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> Guys?
08:05 <Darkstride> syug.
08:05 <Dragorune> Yes
08:05 <Dragorune> I am watching adult swim
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Dafuq am I watching?!
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Drago.
08:05 <Darkstride> You are watching your diary.
08:05 <Darkstride> (Derp)
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Did you see the girl?
08:05 <Dragorune> How did you...
08:05 <Dragorune> Yes
08:05 <Dragorune> Lol
08:05 <Dragorune> Oh yeah
08:05 <Dragorune> xD
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> What the fuck...
08:05 <Dragorune> She was sexy
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> LOL, I know.
08:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> What IS THIS SHOW?!
08:06 <HeWhoDiedHere>
08:06 <HeWhoDiedHere> By the way, read this if you are bored...
08:06 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's great.
08:06 <Dragorune> -Masturbates 30000 times-
08:07 <Dragorune>
08:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 10 GHOST PEPPER IN 10 MINUTES WORLDS HOTTEST & TOUGHEST PEPPER CHALLENGE - Duration: 08:09 - Uploaded: 2012-01-22 - Rating: 4.688367 - Views: 114,082 -
08:07 -!- Fappleberry has joined Special:Chat
08:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Space Ghost Coast to Coast...
08:07 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has joined Special:Chat
08:07 -!- Fappleberry has left Special:Chat.
08:08 <Dragorune> 10 ghost peppers....
08:09 <Dragorune> That guy bled
08:09 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well...
08:09 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got a Steel Trap for a body.
08:09 <HeWhoDiedHere> I will surely take 15 Ghost Peppers with ease.
08:10 <Darkstride> Have this.
08:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Misfits Theme E4 - Duration: 03:07 - Uploaded: 2009-12-03 - Rating: 4.951105 - Views: 338,650 -
08:10 <HeWhoDiedHere> I took Volcano sauce + 20 Habeneros + BBQ Sauce + Horse Radish + Hot Sauce in one shot.
08:10 <HeWhoDiedHere> Full bottles and full peppers.
08:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> I felt like Mewtwo.
08:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> Actually, I felt like Charizard...
08:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> Well gotta go...
08:12 <Dragorune> Hey HeWhoDied check this out
08:12 <Dragorune> file:///C:/Users/Ahmed.Owner-PC/Downloads/watch.htm
08:12 <Dragorune> Hold on
08:12 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
08:12 <Dragorune>
08:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: EATING 21 WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPERS  ( SCREAMING EAGLES CHALLENGE  ) - Duration: 14:46 - Uploaded: 2012-04-29 - Rating: 4.757009 - Views: 93,602 -
08:12 <Darkstride> I have a question.
08:13 <Dragorune> Yes?
08:13 <Dragorune> What is your question
08:13 <Dragorune> ?
08:13 <Darkstride> Are you allowed to delete *Anything* on your Talk Page?
08:13 <Dragorune> Yes, of course
08:13 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
08:13 <Darkstride> orlly
08:13 <Darkstride> Hi Slender.
08:13 <Slender666> Hi
08:14 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
08:14 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
08:14 <Dragorune> Brb gotta watch this guy eat 150 warheads on youtube
08:14 <Princess Platinum> dark
08:14 <Princess Platinum> no
08:14 <Princess Platinum> you arent
08:15 <Slender666> Hey Princess Plantium do you know how many MAIN edit I has now?
08:15 <Darkstride> Wait what
08:15 <Darkstride> shit
08:15 <Darkstride> Drago
08:15 <Darkstride> Why do you do this to me. (derp)
08:15 <Slender666> 3? I guess
08:15 <Princess Platinum> [[Special:Editcount/Slender666]]
08:17 -!- Smiley00 has left Special:Chat.
08:17 <Slender666> OMG! 10 Main Edits
08:18 <Slender666> Is this real life?
08:18 <Slender666> Is this real 10 Main edits?
08:18 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has left Special:Chat.
08:21 <Dragorune>
08:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: 150 Warheads Challenge - Completed (WARNING: Blood and Pain Ahead) | Furious Pete - Duration: 15:27 - Uploaded: 2012-11-14 - Rating: 4.917490 - Views: 1,378,279 -
08:22 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
08:23 -!- Dragorune has left Special:Chat.
08:23 -!- Dragorune has joined Special:Chat
08:24 -!- Dragorune has left Special:Chat.
08:25 <Slender666> I don't know what is Main edits but i will try to reach 25 main edits then i will be chat moderator!
08:25 <Necrai> "Krieg's quote, "Now. GO TO SLEEP!" is a reference to a popular internet meme Jeff the Killer, who says the same thing before killing his victims."
08:25 <Necrai> omg
08:25 <Necrai> never heard krieg say dat
08:26 <ChaoZStrider> I have
08:26 <Slender666> I know
08:26 <ChaoZStrider> my buddies Krieg said it and I flipped tits.
08:26 <Slender666> So you can be chat mods
08:27 <Jeffsson> strider you are getting very sleepy
08:27 <Slender666> nope
08:27 <Necrai> ohai chaoz
08:27 <ChaoZStrider> Mariaaaa
08:28 <Princess Platinum> wut
08:28 <Necrai> Krieg looks like such a badass omfg.
08:28 <ChaoZStrider> watch chat for me?
08:28 <Princess Platinum> ill try, im a bit proccupied >_>
08:28 <Necrai> i will cx
08:29 <ChaoZStrider> i am about to pass out
08:29 <Necrai> gonna sleep? o:
08:29 <ChaoZStrider> Yea
08:29 <Necrai> Night.~
08:29 <ChaoZStrider> Same to you
08:31 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
08:32 <Jeffsson> lol i called it
08:34 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
08:34 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
08:36 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
08:37 <Creepypastabook> As a guy who is tripping on acid anything
08:37 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has left Special:Chat.
08:37 <Creepypastabook> ask
08:38 <Jeffsson> are you trippin on acid
08:39 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
08:39 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
08:39 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <FriendlyJim> "Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!"
08:40 <Creepypastabook> no. yes
08:40 <FriendlyJim> I lol'd
08:40 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
08:42 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
08:42 <Jeffsson> yeyeyeyeyeyey ooo yeyeyeyeeyeye ohhoooooooooo nanananana
08:42 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
08:42 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
08:42 <Creepypastabook> hello hidden
08:42 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
08:42 <Jeffsson> lolololololo
08:43 <Creepypastabook> giggle basement?
08:43 <Creepypastabook> WHAT?
08:43 <Creepypastabook> why?
08:43 <Creepypastabook> no
08:44 <Creepypastabook> no
08:44 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
08:44 <Jeffsson> LOLOLOLOLOLO
08:45 <Jeffsson> DEAD CHAT
08:46 -!- LordDeathslayer has joined Special:Chat
08:46 <LordDeathslayer> Hi
08:46 <Jeffsson> hey
08:47 <LordDeathslayer> Im new as a account
08:47 <Princess Platinum> jeffsson is in my giggle basement
08:47 <Jeffsson> gigity
08:47 <LordDeathslayer> ... wut?
08:48 <Jeffsson> lolol
08:49 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
08:49 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
08:49 <LordDeathslayer> Oh, god, im in the weird chatroom again,lol
08:50 <Princess Platinum> -comes back and sits infront of you
08:50 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
08:50 <LordDeathslayer> *sighs* What do you want?
08:50 <Slender666> lol
08:50 <Jeffsson> im singing the trolololo
08:50 <Jeffsson> song
08:50 <LordDeathslayer> Slender666 is such a original name XD
08:51 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
08:51 <Jeffsson> wb hiidden
08:51 <Slender666> the hell is Original?
08:51 <Princess Platinum> that... was meant for jeff (D:)
08:51 <Jeffsson> lololololololol
08:51 <Princess Platinum> shudup you
08:52 <Jeffsson> no
08:52 -!- LordDeathslayer has left Special:Chat.
08:52 <Princess Platinum> dirty things will happen if you refuse
08:52 <Jeffsson> 0_0
08:52 <Princess Platinum> I have dirt and... and dust
08:52 <Jeffsson> lolololol scared him off ,aria
08:53 <Jeffsson> maria*
08:53 <Princess Platinum> gud
08:53 <Princess Platinum> lets go smoke behind that tree
08:53 <Jeffsson> YAYUH
08:53 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
08:56 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
08:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
08:56 <Jeffsson> yo
08:59 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
08:59 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
09:00 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
09:00 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
09:01 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special:Chat
09:01 <Jeffsson> random noises
09:01 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
09:01 <IShallCreepYouOut> Again
09:02 <Jeffsson> hey
09:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> 'sup?
09:02 <Jeffsson> nm
09:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> same
09:03 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
09:03 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
09:04 -!- Maratuee has joined Special:Chat
09:05 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
09:05 <Maratuee> hey :
09:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi mara
09:05 <Maratuee> helloooo. 
09:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> 'sup?
09:05 <Maratuee> nothing much. you?
09:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> Same
09:06 <Jeffsson> derp
09:06 <Maratuee> lame. merp
09:06 <IShallCreepYouOut> herp
09:06 <Maratuee> nerp
09:06 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
09:06 <IShallCreepYouOut> gerp
09:06 <Maratuee> lerp
09:06 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi afterlife!
09:06 <Afterlife and Redshade> perp
09:06 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hi
09:06 <Afterlife and Redshade> berp
09:07 <Maratuee> twerk
09:07 <Jeffsson> herp
09:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> krewt
09:07 <Jeffsson> a derp
09:07 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has left Special:Chat.
09:07 <Maratuee> ferp
09:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> fart
09:07 <Maratuee> no
09:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> yes
09:07 <Maratuee> nonono
09:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> yesyesyesyes
09:08 <IShallCreepYouOut> yay, i am the longest active user that is chatting right now!
09:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> Nooo
09:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> D;
09:08 <Jeffsson> gigity gigity goo
09:08 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am
09:08 <IShallCreepYouOut> Nope, i am from march.
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> No you are from May
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am from April
09:09 <IShallCreepYouOut>
09:09 <IShallCreepYouOut> check my page
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade>  Glitchy
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> It says may here
09:09 <Afterlife and Redshade> I was from April 4
09:09 <IShallCreepYouOut> That bug happened long ago
09:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> XP
09:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> Pikacat
09:10 <IShallCreepYouOut> ?
09:11 <IShallCreepYouOut> dead chat
09:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
09:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm dead
09:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> I don't have an age
09:12 <Afterlife and Redshade> Or location
09:13 <Jeffsson> i read that as or bacon
09:19 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:19 -!- Maratuee has left Special:Chat.
09:19 -!- Maratuee has joined Special:Chat
09:19 -!- Maratuee has left Special:Chat.
09:19 -!- Maratuee has joined Special:Chat
09:19 <Grammatik> Hi
09:20 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
09:20 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:21 <Princess Platinum> goodnight all
09:21 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
09:21 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
09:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> Don't get along.
09:26 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi gramma
09:26 <IShallCreepYouOut> How are you?
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> CREEP.
09:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> Ya?
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> An Angryon has appeared.
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
09:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wow
09:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> I failed there
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> And he wants to kill me.
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
09:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> *kills angryon*
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> You can't kill it
09:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
09:28 <Afterlife and Redshade> Should I run?
09:28 <Afterlife and Redshade> Or fight and die?
09:29 <IShallCreepYouOut> Run!!
09:31 <Afterlife and Redshade> you have selected
09:31 <Afterlife and Redshade> Fight and Die.
09:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> Are you sure?
09:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> YES
09:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> or
09:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> NO?
09:34 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
09:36 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
09:37 <IShallCreepYouOut> NO
09:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> You have selected: "YES",
09:40 <Afterlife and Redshade> Are you reeeeeeeally sure?
09:41 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes or No?
09:41 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes
09:42 <IShallCreepYouOut> Bring it
09:42 -!- George.coshall.7 has joined Special:Chat
09:42 <Afterlife and Redshade> Do you know what you are doing?!
09:42 <Afterlife and Redshade> No or No?
09:43 <George.coshall.7> FFS I registered with my FB account and used the wrong username, god-damn fucking bugs
09:43 <IShallCreepYouOut> No
09:43 <George.coshall.7> so can I change it?
09:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> Yes
09:44 <Afterlife and Redshade> Good luck.
09:44 <George.coshall.7> how do I change my username
09:44 <Afterlife and Redshade> Fight and Die, Yes, Yes, and No.
09:44 <Afterlife and Redshade> Results you wanted?
09:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> I gtg
09:44 <Afterlife and Redshade> NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
09:44 <George.coshall.7> So, how can I change my username
09:44 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
09:45 <Necrai> George, you can't.
09:45 <George.coshall.7> Then I won't login again, I'm not using my RL name
09:45 <Necrai> We've already seen it. xD
09:45 -!- George.coshall.7 has left Special:Chat.
09:45 <Afterlife and Redshade> troloololol
09:46 <Necrai> Also, Afterlife, not that I'm a mod or anything, but you should try and keep caps to a minimum. ^^
09:46 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> I knoe
09:46 <Necrai> Ah, hai Car Crash c:
09:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> O_O
09:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hai Cymb
09:46 <CrashingCymbal> Hello everyone!
09:46 <CrashingCymbal> Hi Afterlife, please don't spam.
09:46 <Afterlife and Redshade> A Wild Angryon appeared!
09:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> XP
09:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am an Angryon
09:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
09:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> I wish
09:47 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
09:47 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
09:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 41 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
09:48 -!- -Zultra- has joined Special:Chat
09:48 <-Zultra-> Ah, now much better, won't be using my RL name now
09:49 <Afterlife and Redshade> Trolol
09:49 <-Zultra-> Would someone like to do the honours of fixing this big block o pasta?
09:50 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
09:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> I can't fix that.
09:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
09:51 <Afterlife and Redshade> I can barely write my own pastas.
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> sORTA FIXED IT i GUESS (:p)
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade>
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> Whoa
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry guize <3
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Read my pasta
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> Shall do.
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> See if it needs fixinf
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> *fixing
09:52 <CrashingCymbal> Is it long or short?
09:52 <Afterlife and Redshade> Rather short
09:53 <CrashingCymbal> Lolol
09:53 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm... well okay I shall fix it :(P)
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> Well
09:53 <CrashingCymbal> Motherfucker
09:53 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> Does it need fixing
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> :P
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> All I need to know
09:53 <CrashingCymbal> I shall fix it if it needs fixing... right after I go to the bathroom.
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> I feel that it ain't creepy.
09:53 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ok
09:54 <-Zultra-> Me and someone else was fixing it at the same time lol
09:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> Maia ha
09:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> LOL
09:54 <-Zultra-> both did the same paragraph structure lol
09:54 <-Zultra-> Who made anyways
09:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> ...
09:54 <Afterlife and Redshade> Not me
09:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> I rated it a 1.4/5
09:55 <-Zultra-> 1 here
09:55 <Afterlife and Redshade> same
09:55 <-Zultra-> wasn't even scary, rather bland and boring
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
09:56 -!- ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!! has joined Special:Chat
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> What do you think of mine?
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade>
09:56 <-Zultra-> Link?
09:56 <-Zultra-> I'll read it now
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ok
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> ...
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> First Warriors Pasta
09:56 <Afterlife and Redshade> *does numa numa dance*
09:57 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> yaaaay admiral ackbar ITS A TRAP yaaay admiral ackbar cereal YOUR TONGUES CANT REPEL FLAVOR OF THAT MAGNITUDE
09:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> O_O
09:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> Caps anyone?
09:58 <-Zultra-> TBH it isn't scary or creepy, so 2.5 
09:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> XP
09:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's just altered
09:58 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's just an altered book.
09:59 <-Zultra-> I can tell, even though I don't know what "Warriors" is lol
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> It's a book series
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> A 50-book long one
09:59 <CrashingCymbal> 3 spelling mistakes, that was it (:P)
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ah
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> Where
09:59 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, again.
09:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> ok
10:00 <-Zultra-> needs to be rewritten or deleted IMHO it's in a horrid condition, poor grammar, font, eww..
10:00 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> ahhh I see what this wiki is now
10:01 <-Zultra-> We need more Pasta's like the Russian Sleep experiment, The Rake, Slenderman quality
10:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yep
10:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> My pasta was kind of....
10:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> In the middle.
10:01 <CrashingCymbal> You seem to know your pastas quite well, Zultra...
10:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> It was well-written, but not creepy.
10:01 <CrashingCymbal> I also love all those stories (:P)
10:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> Was The Cursed Warriors even any good as a story?
10:02 <CrashingCymbal> I didn't read it, just corrected it.
10:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> Ah
10:02 <Afterlife and Redshade> :P
10:02 <-Zultra-> Funnymouth was quite good
10:03 <-Zultra-> Funny face sorry
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> I'll read it for you if you want but the fact that it was too short for my liking is probably going to cloud my judgement a lot... sorry if I sound like a dick.
10:03 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> oh so this is a wiki where u write stories and you review each others stuff
10:03 <CrashingCymbal> Pretty much.
10:04 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> awesome well I'll make sure I write one one time
10:04 <-Zultra-> Scary stories, Twighlight rip-offs aren't welcome!
10:04 <CrashingCymbal> How would you like to read my some of my stuff, Zultra?
10:04 <-Zultra-> Whole not diced
10:04 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> twilight? lol who gives a *bleep* about twilight??
10:04 <CrashingCymbal> You can swear here, Admiral.
10:04 <CrashingCymbal> Just not racism or homophobia (:P)
10:05 <-Zultra-> There's Pastas with baby eating, but don't say anything about homo's lol
10:05 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> i love gays
10:05 <CrashingCymbal> You can use slurs in pastas, just not chat.
10:06 -!- Masked Hero Z has joined Special:Chat
10:06 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> oh trust me racism does not fly with me
10:06 -!- Darkheart135 has joined Special:Chat
10:06 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> its distatseful
10:06 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> *it's distasteful
10:07 <-Zultra-> Can I write a Pasta about a Cursed Talmud? 
10:07 <Darkheart135> Who here likes yaoi or knows what it is
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> Of course (:P) haha
10:07 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> i have a serious question actually
10:07 <CrashingCymbal> Sure, Admiral
10:07 <-Zultra-> I could write a story about my Beard being a serial killer
10:07 <Afterlife and Redshade> okaiokaiokai
10:08 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> what if....if it pertains to the use the N that even permitted/ or is that crossing the line?
10:08 <Darkheart135> I believe it's allowed
10:08 <-Zultra-> I wouldn't mind, Cracker has been used before.
10:08 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not entirely sure, but if you use it context, I personally wouldn't have a problem with it.
10:08 <CrashingCymbal> Like say for instance
10:08 <CrashingCymbal> If you wrote a story
10:09 <CrashingCymbal> And the setting was the deep south in the 1920's
10:09 <CrashingCymbal> Then one of the characters being racist is expected
10:09 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> so you could say "nigger" the freely?
10:09 <CrashingCymbal> In speech yes, but displaying casual racism in a story
10:09 <Darkheart135> Yeah I think it's allowed...I personally wouldn't care. I only care if you talk shot about gays
10:09 <CrashingCymbal> That would be a no no
10:10 <Afterlife and Redshade> ......
10:10 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> alright just wanted clarification that's all.
10:10 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> and is it better not to use contractions? e.g. like "that is" instead of "that's'?
10:11 <CrashingCymbal> Either is fine.
10:11 <Masked Hero Z> That's up to the writer.
10:11 <Darkheart135> You can do whatever you want when it come  to that
10:11 <ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!!> ok thanks for all the advice
10:11 <-Zultra-> BRB
10:11 <Darkheart135> Naomi
10:11 <CrashingCymbal> Bye 
10:11 -!- -Zultra- has left Special:Chat.
10:11 <Masked Hero Z> See ya.
10:11 -!- DovahBelle has joined Special:Chat
10:12 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Belle
10:12 <Darkheart135> Autocorrecttttt I ment baii
10:12 -!- ADMIRALACKBARITSATRAP!! has left Special:Chat.
10:12 -!- DovahBelle has left Special:Chat.
10:12 <Darkheart135> So...
10:13 <Darkheart135> Wow am I alone now
10:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> BAI
10:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hai
10:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> ...
10:13 <Darkheart135> Oh hai
10:13 <Masked Hero Z> Lol.
10:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> I wish
10:13 <Afterlife and Redshade> That I was Lonliness right now.
10:14 <Darkheart135> Why
10:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:3
10:14 -!- Creepypastabook has joined Special:Chat
10:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> Cuz I would have down time
10:14 <Creepypastabook> Hey
10:14 <Darkheart135> John
10:14 <Darkheart135> Hey
10:14 <Afterlife and Redshade> hey
10:14 <Creepypastabook> What has everyone been doing
10:14 <Darkheart135> I mean ohhh freaking auto correct 
10:15 <Darkheart135> Not John...
10:15 <Darkheart135> Ohhh
10:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> But
10:15 <CrashingCymbal> I want to fuck you so hard and long right now.
10:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> O_O
10:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> No.
10:15 <CrashingCymbal> Awh damn! I meant hi!
10:15 <Darkheart135> Oh well that's weird
10:15 <Masked Hero Z> xD
10:15 <Darkheart135> Hehehehe
10:15 <CrashingCymbal> Stupid autocorrect.
10:15 <Darkheart135> Yep seems legit
10:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
10:15 <Afterlife and Redshade> It is
10:15 <CrashingCymbal> Anyways, hello to everyone who joined.
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> It is very legit
10:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> Because I'm behind you, Crashing.
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> D:
10:16 <Creepypastabook> What's up people
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> OH NO
10:16 <Darkheart135> Nothin
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> Just chilling, eating my frosties.
10:16 <Darkheart135> Just the sky
10:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> Level 100 Eevee.
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> You?
10:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:D
10:16 <Darkheart135> What! Level 100?
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> Level 100 Eevee? How did it not evolve?
10:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:3
10:16 <Masked Hero Z> B button. lol
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> You must have treated it like shit haha
10:16 <Darkheart135> The Silverstone I imagine 
10:16 <CrashingCymbal> Ah yes, my bad.
10:16 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
10:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> He's evolving
10:17 <Darkheart135> I mean everstone Chihuahua
10:17 <Creepypastabook> Exploring the silkroad. Looking for some good stuff.
10:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> Into ANGRYON.
10:17 <Creepypastabook> Also tripping balls
10:17 <CrashingCymbal> I have a Pomchi
10:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> *pressed B*
10:17 <Darkheart135> AHHHHH AUTOCORRECT
10:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> Trolololololololll
10:17 <CrashingCymbal> He's the cutest littlw doggie ever
10:17 <CrashingCymbal> *little
10:17 <Darkheart135> (Rainbowdashgif)
10:17 <CrashingCymbal> Try to avoid that excessively, Afterlife (:P)
10:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> What
10:17 <Darkheart135> There I'm happy now
10:18 <Afterlife and Redshade> Trololololololol?
10:18 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
10:18 <Creepypastabook> Is this a good deal? http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/category/41/25
10:18 <Darkheart135> No
10:19 <Creepypastabook> I forgot you have to be using Tor
10:19 <Darkheart135> Solo who here likes anime and or vocaloid
10:19 <Darkheart135> Just me???
10:19 <Masked Hero Z> I do, kinda.
10:20 <Darkheart135> Awesome :P
10:20 <Creepypastabook> PSYCHEDELIC MYSTERY MUSHROOMS Zauberpilze - 1g for 12 bucks. Good deal or no?
10:21 <Masked Hero Z> Hmm...I think there might be some pastas you should check out.
10:21 <Masked Hero Z> If you're into vocaloid @Dark
10:21 <Masked Hero Z> And wait what? lol @Boo
10:21 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
10:21 <Masked Hero Z> Book*
10:21 <Darkheart135> I gotta go to bed soon I have to wake up in three hours
10:21 <Afterlife and Redshade> biae
10:21 <Darkheart135> ....oh well
10:21 <Afterlife and Redshade> …
10:21 <Creepypastabook> OH CRAP
10:21 <Darkheart135> What
10:21 <Creepypastabook> I HAVE TO GET UP IN 2 HOURS 
10:22 <Creepypastabook> SHIt
10:22 <Creepypastabook> Oh well
10:22 <Darkheart135> Lol (loool)
10:22 <Afterlife and Redshade> '-' '_'
10:22 <Creepypastabook> Is it dank or not masked?
10:23 <Masked Hero Z> Dank?
10:23 <Creepypastabook> IS IT DANK OR NOT?
10:23 <Creepypastabook> Yes or no
10:23 <Creepypastabook> Yepp or noo
10:23 <Darkheart135> What?
10:23 <Afterlife and Redshade> Eevee meat, $5.99/lb. Good deal?
10:23 <Creepypastabook> Yes or nada
10:23 <Masked Hero Z> Lol, I don't know if it's good or not.
10:23 <Darkheart135> Never. Eevee is awesome
10:24 <Darkheart135> Don't kill awesomeness
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> Vee,
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> I am an eevee.
10:24 <Creepypastabook> 5mg DOM/STP Tabs x 1 for 5 bucks
10:24 <Creepypastabook> Dank or not
10:24 <Darkheart135> I do
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> But my Umbreon brother wants Eevee meat@
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> *!
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> >:C
10:24 <Afterlife and Redshade> I don't want to evolve
10:24 <Creepypastabook> I am squirtle. Your argument is invalid. 
10:25 <Darkheart135> Tell umbreon that jolteon already bought it 
10:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> XD
10:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> Umbreon! Jolteon already bought it!
10:25 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
10:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> Umbreon: *rages and slashes my throat*
10:25 <HiddenSpirit> SOVIET RUSSIA.
10:25 <Afterlife and Redshade> no.
10:25 <Darkheart135> Only in Russia...
10:25 <CrashingCymbal> Hello
10:26 <HiddenSpirit> Greetings, fellow comrade.
10:26 <Creepypastabook> DOB | 1.5mg | 5 Hits ฿0.1040 Dank or not?
10:26 <Darkheart135> Do you like anime or am I hallucinating
10:26 <Masked Hero Z> Hey, Hid.
10:26 <HiddenSpirit> Greetings.
10:26 <Creepypastabook> Hidden
10:26 <HiddenSpirit> Yes?
10:26 <Creepypastabook> DOB | 1.5mg | 5 Hits for ฿0.1040 Dank or not?
10:26 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hiddem
10:26 <Afterlife and Redshade> *Hidden
10:26 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
10:26 <HiddenSpirit> Yes?
10:26 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> Is 99.99 Pokedollars a good deal for an eevee?
10:27 <Darkheart135> Do u like anime
10:27 <Creepypastabook> DOB | 1.5mg | 5 Hits for 7 bucks? Good deal?
10:27 <HiddenSpirit> Greetings, Lyes, my fellow comrade. 
10:27 <Grammatik> Hi.
10:27 <HiddenSpirit> Sure, why not, After.
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> :D
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> *buys*
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> Aw
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> He's level 1.
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> D:
10:27 <HiddenSpirit> I've failed you.
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> But I have 99 rare candies!
10:27 <Darkheart135> Hidden do u enjoy anime and or vocaloids
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> No
10:27 <Creepypastabook> Hidden is 7 bucks for DOB | 1.5mg | 5 Hits a good deal?
10:27 <Afterlife and Redshade> I have unlimited
10:28 <Afterlife and Redshade> *gives Eevee 254 Rare Candies*
10:28 <HiddenSpirit> Some anime, Dark.
10:28 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:28 <Afterlife and Redshade> "D
10:28 <HiddenSpirit> Creepy, sure. Why not.
10:28 <Afterlife and Redshade> * :D
10:28 <Darkheart135> YAY
10:28 <Masked Hero Z> Wb, CC.
10:28 <CrashingCymbal> Oops
10:28 <Creepypastabook> It is 14 after shipping
10:28 <Grammatik> Anime is not my cup of tea.
10:28 <Grammatik> .-.
10:28 <CrashingCymbal> Haha, hello, I didn't realise I had left (:P)
10:28 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
10:28 <Creepypastabook> ALSO, ask a guy who is tripping balls anything
10:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 108 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
10:29 <HiddenSpirit> Wait, we're talking about crack, right?
10:29 <Creepypastabook> LSD
10:29 <Darkheart135> grrrr (flips table) I DO WHAT I WANT BIATCH (rainbowdashgif)
10:29 <Creepypastabook> ERG
10:29 <Creepypastabook> 2 hours and I have to get up
10:30 <Darkheart135> Then go to bed
10:30 <Creepypastabook> No
10:30 <Creepypastabook> cant
10:30 <Darkheart135> Why
10:30 <Creepypastabook> I am having the most amazing trip ever
10:31 <Darkheart135> Ok then stay up
10:31 <Creepypastabook> Someone is selling 500 viagra tablets for 5 bucks
10:31 <Creepypastabook> I don't need it but I wanna buy it
10:31 <Darkheart135> Ok then I was on a good trip last night... was I this crazy???
10:32 <Creepypastabook> I am on 25 tabs
10:32 -!- Darkheart135 has left Special:Chat.
10:32 -!- Darkheart135 has joined Special:Chat
10:33 <Darkheart135> ...hello? :(
10:33 <Creepypastabook> Everyone died
10:33 <Creepypastabook> Its just you and me for forever
10:33 <Darkheart135> O nooooo
10:33 <Masked Hero Z> Lel.
10:33 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not dead.
10:34 <Creepypastabook> Well then
10:34 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
10:34 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
10:34 <Darkheart135> Sooo what should I do if I'm being bullied in school but I don't know how to fight...?
10:34 <Creepypastabook> Learn
10:34 <Darkheart135> Cuz the teachers don't do anything
10:34 <Creepypastabook> I just punched my bully in the face. He left me alone. 
10:35 <Creepypastabook> Even if you do not know how to fight'
10:35 <HiddenSpirit> I'm proud of you, son.
10:35 -!- Sexyturtles has joined Special:Chat
10:35 <Darkheart135> Me? Lol I'm a girl
10:35 <HiddenSpirit> WE GOT SOME SEXY TURTLES.
10:35 <HiddenSpirit> UP IN HERE.
10:35 <Masked Hero Z> xD
10:35 <HiddenSpirit> No, I meant Creepy.
10:35 <Darkheart135> Whoooooo!
10:35 <Sexyturtles> Wut.
10:35 <Darkheart135> Oh ok
10:35 <Creepypastabook> Then he is a dick. 
10:35 <Creepypastabook> Is the bully a boy or a girl
10:36 <Creepypastabook> If it is a boy he is a dick
10:36 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
10:36 <Creepypastabook> If she is a girl then she is a douche
10:36 <Darkheart135> It's everyone except my friends
10:36 <Darkheart135> I handle it ok :)
10:36 <Sexyturtles> I am confused.
10:36 <Creepypastabook> Then aim for the taco and it will be fine
10:36 <Creepypastabook> SEXY
10:36 <Darkheart135> Yes...the taxpayer all answers 
10:36 <Darkheart135> I mean taco 
10:37 <Darkheart135> AUTOCORRECT 
10:37 <Creepypastabook> If I buy 1 gram of mystery mushrooms for 5 bucks is it good?
10:37 <Darkheart135> Federer
10:37 <Creepypastabook> TELL MY SEXY IS IT
10:37 <Creepypastabook> DANK OR NOT
10:37 <Darkheart135> I mean grrrrr
10:37 <Sexyturtles> ._.
10:37 <Creepypastabook> Totally what you meant
10:37 <Darkheart135> Yep
10:37 <Sexyturtles> No.
10:37 <Creepypastabook> 'Keepers Creepers' - Psilocybe Cubensis 3.5g Keepers Creeper.
10:37 <Darkheart135> Yep
10:38 <Creepypastabook> Jeepers Creepers therefore illuminati 
10:38 <Darkheart135> (Fluttershygif)
10:38 <Creepypastabook> Will my doctor be mad if have not slept for 2 days?
10:38 <Darkheart135> Probably
10:39 <Creepypastabook> Will my stepdad?
10:39 <Darkheart135> depends
10:39 <Sexyturtles> What is this..?
10:39 <Creepypastabook> Drugs
10:39 <Creepypastabook> That is what this is
10:39 <Creepypastabook> Dank or not?
10:39 <Darkheart135> A FREAKIN CHATROOM 
10:39 <Sexyturtles> Ooooooh. Epic.
10:39 <Darkheart135> and drugs? 
10:39 <Creepypastabook> Anyone been on the silk road lately? 
10:39 <Creepypastabook> Yes and drugs
10:40 <Sexyturtles> A chatroom? I have noticed that. I'm not blonde.
10:40 <Creepypastabook> Download the Tor browser and go to http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion
10:40 <Darkheart135> Drugs are bad.....(smiles)
10:40 <Creepypastabook> Totally
10:40 <Creepypastabook> DONT DO DRUGS 
10:40 <Sexyturtles> Say no to drugs?
10:40 <Darkheart135> Lol I would...Never....(guilty laugh)
10:41 <Creepypastabook> Say no to drugs unless they are free
10:41 <Darkheart135> Muahahahaaaaa yes
10:42 <Creepypastabook> "1/8oz Penis Envy Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar" WHAT IS THAT
10:42 <Sexyturtles> Penis.
10:42 <Darkheart135> I don't know but...for some reason I want it lol 
10:43 <CrashingCymbal> Book, what is on that link?
10:43 <Creepypastabook> You can not go to it
10:43 <Creepypastabook> It is nothing just and error
10:43 <CrashingCymbal> I know haha
10:43 <CrashingCymbal> What is it meant to be though? (:P)
10:43 <Creepypastabook> A  deep web black market
10:43 <Creepypastabook>  Cannabis 1,913
10:43 <Creepypastabook>   Dissociatives 163
10:43 <Creepypastabook>   Ecstasy 995
10:43 <Creepypastabook>   Opioids 374
10:43 <Creepypastabook>   Other 475
10:44 <Creepypastabook> Which one do I explore first?
10:44 <Sexyturtles> I am a turtle.
10:44 <Grammatik> Dissociatives I say
10:44 <Creepypastabook> You need the Tor browser to go to it
10:44 <Darkheart135> I'm  dolphin... Only pewdiepie fans understand
10:44 <Sexyturtles> O:
10:45 <Darkheart135> What
10:45 <Creepypastabook> Best selling dissociative "1g Indian Ketamine Crystal"
10:46 <Grammatik> If you trust it
10:46 <Creepypastabook>   Cannabis 1,913
10:46 <Creepypastabook>   Ecstasy 995
10:46 <Creepypastabook>   Opioids 374
10:46 <Creepypastabook>   Other 475 
10:46 <Creepypastabook> Next
10:46 <Grammatik> Do it I say
10:46 <Darkheart135> Lol do I spy another pewdiepie fan....turtle?
10:46 <Sexyturtles> MAYBE.
10:46 <Grammatik> Other?
10:46 <Grammatik> What is in there
10:46 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
10:46 <Creepypastabook>  Psychedelics   Stimulants   Prescription
10:47 <Creepypastabook> Which one
10:47 <Grammatik> Psychedelics 
10:47 <Grammatik> Because lsd
10:47 <Darkheart135> Well I'm gonna go run around outside like a retard....baii!!! Remember....yaoi is amazing
10:47 -!- Darkheart135 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
10:47 -!- Darkheart135 has left Special:Chat.
10:48 <Sexyturtles> Ooooh.
10:48 <Grammatik> Heh.
10:48 <Creepypastabook> All of the following is under psychedelics
10:48 <Creepypastabook> 2C Family 211
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     4-AcO-DMT 40
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     4-HO family 19
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     5-MEO-AMT 1
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     5-MeO-DALT 5
10:48 <Creepypastabook> AMT 4
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     Ayahuasca 1
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     Bufotenin 1
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     DMT 99
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     DOx 36
10:48 <Sexyturtles> Hai.. er... people...
10:48 <Creepypastabook>  Ibogain 14
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     LSA 6
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     LSD 159
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     Mescaline 23
10:48 <Creepypastabook>     NBOMe 220
10:48 -!- Masked Hero Z has left Special:Chat.
10:49 <Creepypastabook> Salvia 36
10:49 <Creepypastabook>     Shrooms 230
10:49 <Creepypastabook>     TMA Family 8
10:49 <Creepypastabook> Which one
10:49 <Grammatik> LSD
10:49 <Grammatik> but I don't even know
10:50 <Creepypastabook> 10 hits of POTENT and CLEAN LSD - White label for about 1000 dollars. Terrible, terrible deal
10:50 <Creepypastabook>   Salvia 36
10:50 <Creepypastabook>     Shrooms 230
10:50 <Sexyturtles> I dun understand wut you are talking about.
10:51 <Creepypastabook> drugs
10:51 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
10:51 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
10:52 <Sexyturtles> Well, I know that. But, I like bread, so. Yeh.
10:52 <Creepypastabook> totally man
10:52 <Sexyturtles> Which is not relevant.
10:52 <Creepypastabook> Google Deep websites
10:53 <Sexyturtles> YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVEEE.
10:53 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
10:54 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi..
10:54 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Creep!
10:54 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi cym..
10:54 <CrashingCymbal> What's up?
10:54 <Sexyturtles> One more dot and I shall excoriate you.
10:55 <IShallCreepYouOut> How can i answer that, cym.
10:55 <IShallCreepYouOut> My old depression is getting at me again.
10:55 <Creepypastabook> I tried to go to the "black market" website and it said that the website was taken down for selling underage porn
10:55 <CrashingCymbal> By telling me what you are currently, other than the obvious chatting.
10:55 <Sexyturtles> LOL.
10:56 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
10:56 <CrashingCymbal> I see I see...
10:56 <CrashingCymbal> @Creep
10:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi gram
10:56 <Grammatik> Hi.
10:56 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Grammy
10:56 <Grammatik> This piece of shit won't work
10:56 <Grammatik> fuck
10:56 <Grammatik> Hi
10:57 -!- Creepy-0lav01 has joined Special:Chat
10:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> So, how are you guys?
10:57 -!- Creepy-0lav01 has left Special:Chat.
10:57 -!- Creepy-0lav01 has joined Special:Chat
10:57 <Creepy-0lav01> sup
10:57 <Grammatik> I'm angry and high off paint
10:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi0lav
10:57 <Grammatik> You
10:57 <Creepypastabook> hey
10:57 <Creepy-0lav01> hi
10:57 <CrashingCymbal> Right, this has been nagging at me for the last few minutes, and I will discuss it later with an admin, but I'm doing this a precautionary measure.
10:57 <Creepy-0lav01> i am new
10:57 <IShallCreepYouOut> what, cc?
10:57 <Grammatik> [[Chat Rules]]
10:58 -!- Creepypastabook was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 259200 seconds.
10:58 <Grammatik> @Creepy
10:58 -!- Creepypastabook has left Special:Chat.
10:58 <Creepy-0lav01> and made 1. hunted gaming
10:58 <Grammatik> LOL
10:58 <Grammatik> Wait what
10:58 <Creepy-0lav01> what
10:58 <CrashingCymbal> Posting links to black market sites in chat...
10:58 <Grammatik> Did you read the rules
10:58 <Creepy-0lav01> yes... i think
10:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> hold on one sec
10:59 <Creepy-0lav01> buy
10:59 -!- Creepy-0lav01 has left Special:Chat.
10:59 <Sexyturtles> Rulesss.
10:59 <Sexyturtles> Imtriguing.
10:59 <Sexyturtles> Intriguing*
10:59 <Grammatik> I've been to the black market site
10:59 <Grammatik> It sells fucking drugs
10:59 <Grammatik> He deserved it
11:00 <CrashingCymbal> That's what I was thinking..
11:00 <CrashingCymbal> But technically, there's nothing in the Chat Rules about it (:P)
11:00 <Grammatik> Eh
11:00 <CrashingCymbal> So I shall ask another admin when they get on.
11:00 <Grammatik> That's a loophole
11:00 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, I know...
11:01 <Sexyturtles> I cannot feel my toes.
11:01 <Grammatik> Me neither
11:02 <Sexyturtles> D:
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> I'm gonna have a shower and get changed, back in around 10 minutes.
11:04 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
11:04 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 20 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
11:04 <Sexyturtles> Giggle basement...
11:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> imma get on my pc real quick
11:05 <Sexyturtles> Personal computer. .-.
11:05 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
11:08 <Grammatik> Where the flying fuck is Aron  though
11:11 <Sexyturtles> ;-;
11:12 <Grammatik> .-.
11:12 <Sexyturtles> Wut.
11:23 -!- NotNamable has joined Special:Chat
11:24 <NotNamable> 'lo?
11:24 <Sexyturtles> Wut.
11:24 <NotNamable> Anyone here?
11:24 <NotNamable> Well
11:25 <NotNamable> Except you, turtles
11:25 <Sexyturtles> Well, if you were not such a moron you would see that there are few people here. Purrhaps that counts.
11:26 <NotNamable> Umm
11:26 <NotNamable> I meant on
11:26 <CrashingCymbal> Wow, dead chat?
11:26 <NotNamable> Nope, i'm here
11:26 <Sexyturtles> TURTLES? WHERE!?
11:28 <Sexyturtles> I think I have to leave.
11:28 <Sexyturtles> Farewell.
11:28 -!- MyBeautifulKiller has joined Special:Chat
11:28 -!- Sexyturtles has left Special:Chat.
11:28 -!- The twisted faith has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Killer and Faith
11:29 <The twisted faith> hello
11:29 <NotNamable> Bye Turtles
11:29 <NotNamable> Hi twisted
11:29 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Turtles
11:29 <The twisted faith> hi
11:29 <The twisted faith> so?um
11:29 <MyBeautifulKiller> Omg i'm so new to this....
11:29 <The twisted faith> whats the toppic
11:29 <MyBeautifulKiller> death
11:29 <The twisted faith> ok 
11:29 <The twisted faith> you new here
11:30 <MyBeautifulKiller> i kill everyone
11:30 <The twisted faith> yea right
11:30 <CrashingCymbal> Please read the [[Chat Rules]] and enjoy!
11:30 <MyBeautifulKiller> so right.
11:30 <The twisted faith> hey beutifull
11:30 <The twisted faith> wanna know my name
11:30 <MyBeautifulKiller> yes
11:30 <The twisted faith> mybaeutifullkiller
11:30 <MyBeautifulKiller> tell me.....
11:31 <The twisted faith> its jeff penusula
11:31 <MyBeautifulKiller> OMG YOUR NAME IS JEFF!!!!! :D
11:31 <The twisted faith> yes
11:31 <The twisted faith> really
11:31 <MyBeautifulKiller> i want to be called jeff, but i'm a girl
11:31 <MyBeautifulKiller> :(
11:31 <The twisted faith> youre kidding
11:31 <The twisted faith> right
11:31 <MyBeautifulKiller> nope, not kidding
11:31 <The twisted faith> ?
11:31 <MyBeautifulKiller> i'm a little......weird
11:32 <The twisted faith> yea my name is jeff and you are?
11:32 <MyBeautifulKiller> Dee
11:32 <The twisted faith> dee?
11:32 <MyBeautifulKiller> Well, Dineh, but everyone calls me Dee
11:32 <MyBeautifulKiller> i hate my real name
11:32 <MyBeautifulKiller> :(
11:32 <The twisted faith> no its cool
11:32 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
11:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
11:32 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Josh
11:32 <The twisted faith> i got a friend her name is rene
11:32 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
11:32 <MyBeautifulKiller> wow thanks
11:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
11:32 <The twisted faith> hey jack
11:33 <The twisted faith> zack
11:33 <MyBeautifulKiller> Jeff is definetily an awesome name
11:33 <CrashingCymbal> I'm good, you? (:P)
11:33 <The twisted faith> thanks
11:33 <MyBeautifulKiller> ugh my spelling sucks
11:33 <CrashingCymbal> I'm working on a new pasta.
11:33 <NotNamable> Hi zack
11:33 <MyBeautifulKiller> PASTA
11:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good. I'm still fucking ill :/. How's everyone else?
11:33 <The twisted faith> why baeutifull
11:33 <MyBeautifulKiller> covered in cheese
11:33 <CrashingCymbal> It'll be up in a few weeks haha
11:33 <CrashingCymbal> What's wrong, dude?
11:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nice Cym
11:33 <The twisted faith> um?
11:33 <NotNamable> Eh, i'm kinda fucking bored
11:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And I have a cold / flu
11:33 <CrashingCymbal> I see, I see...
11:33 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
11:34 <CrashingCymbal> I reckon it's a bad cold (:P)
11:34 <Slender666> Hallo guys
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> Its death
11:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Slender
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> >:)
11:34 <The twisted faith> so i was out in 3 day becouse i accidentally knife my hands
11:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> NatNamable, you have no name I take it? If so I'm calling you Nanashi (Japanese for No Name)
11:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Not*
11:34 <The twisted faith> hi
11:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> :P
11:34 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
11:34 <NotNamable> Okay, Zack.
11:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi Slender
11:34 <Slender666> 10 main edits so far!
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> SLENDER
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> MAN
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> oh yeah
11:34 <Slender666> Wut
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> i'm weird
11:34 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:34 <The twisted faith> mybaeutifullkiller are jeffthekillerfan
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> totally
11:35 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> jeff is the most awesome EVER
11:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, my cold is getting in the way of my writing
11:35 <The twisted faith> ok so thats why
11:35 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has joined Special:Chat
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> :D
11:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Gingy!!
11:35 <The twisted faith> you want the name jeff
11:35 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> ello zack
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> Wow, i'm definetily new to this....
11:35 <CrashingCymbal> You are, Killer/
11:35 <CrashingCymbal> *Killer?
11:35 <The twisted faith> but you also need to accept your name its beautifull
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> yessssss
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> Thank you
11:35 <Slender666> Is CP work now Cymbal?
11:35 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:36 <The twisted faith> dont get shy on youre name ok
11:36 <MyBeautifulKiller> i wont
11:36 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry, Slender?
11:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Killer, when did you join?
11:36 <Slender666> Let's try
11:36 <MyBeautifulKiller> today
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> I don't understand the question?
11:36 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> how is everyone today?
11:36 <Slender666> !seen LOLSKELETONS
11:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Read the rules yet?
11:36 <The twisted faith> youre name is beautifull maybe youre beautifull to mybaeutifull killer
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Ohhh that
11:36 <Slender666> Still broke...
11:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> [[Chat Rules]]
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> It's not broken
11:36 <MyBeautifulKiller> *blush* :)
11:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And it's not broke
11:36 <Slender666> not with Video
11:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It got took down
11:36 <Necrai> !seen Slender666
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Cleric removed it
11:36 <NotNamable> updated myself
11:36 <Necrai> o
11:37 <Slender666> ok
11:37 <The twisted faith> thanks
11:37 <MyBeautifulKiller> I joined five minutes ago or something
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, if anyone wants to read something: [[Torn Apart]]
11:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It got removed because everyone wouldn't stop and abused it
11:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I will when I get better Cym :)
11:37 <MyBeautifulKiller> what stuff do people create on thios website anyway?
11:37 <Slender666>
11:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bản thu âm bất thường : SlenderMan ( bản số 2 ) - Duration: 04:08 - Uploaded: 2013-06-28 - Rating: 4.940299 - Views: 2,627 -
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> Cool
11:37 <The twisted faith> mybeautifullkiller you got mybaeutifullkiller
11:37 <Slender666> Watch that
11:37 <NotNamable>
11:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Watsky- IDGAF - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2012-06-23 - Rating: 4.948815 - Views: 2,693,837 -
11:37 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We write CreepyPastas :P
11:37 <The twisted faith> heheeeh
11:37 <MyBeautifulKiller> OMG THATS AWESOME
11:37 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> well i gtg
11:37 <MyBeautifulKiller> so you make them up?
11:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Gingy
11:37 <The twisted faith> i glad that everyone is happy
11:38 <MyBeautifulKiller> or something like that?
11:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> bye zacl
11:38 <NotNamable> Bye SCGF
11:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah, want to read some?
11:38 <Sir Captian Ginger Face> *zack
11:38 <MyBeautifulKiller> yes please!!
11:38 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> [[Psyhcologist]] My favourite
11:38 <The twisted faith> who are you talking to ?
11:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hope I spelt it right
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
11:38 <MyBeautifulKiller> EVERYONE
11:38 <Grammatik> [[Gündschau Effect]]
11:38 <Grammatik> <3
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> [[Psychologist]]
11:38 -!- Sir Captian Ginger Face has left Special:Chat.
11:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nope, spelt it wrong xD
11:38 <The twisted faith> what a story wow
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, that's my pasta that won PoTM (:P)
11:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn my illness, I can even spell a simple word xD
11:39 <MyBeautifulKiller> its not your fault
11:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It is an amazing story
11:39 <The twisted faith> yea right baeutifull
11:39 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> Personally I think I've wrote better haha (:P)
11:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi!
11:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Creep :D
11:39 <MyBeautifulKiller> HI!!!
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> My new story will probably be my personal favorite yet
11:39 <The twisted faith> hi creeptouout
11:39 <NotNamable> Hi Creep
11:39 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Creep
11:39 <NotNamable> Imma be away for a while
11:40 <Necrai> hey nec
11:40 <The twisted faith> i got a big big secret that some creepy pasta members know
11:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> So, waddap?
11:40 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has joined Special:Chat
11:40 <Necrai> wat
11:40 <Jeffthekiller123456789> hi
11:40 <Necrai> get out
11:40 <Grammatik> Ohai Mitch
11:40 <MyBeautifulKiller> HI JEFFY
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Hello
11:40 -!- NotNamable has left Special:Chat.
11:40 <MyBeautifulKiller> :D
11:40 <The twisted faith> hi jeff the killer
11:40 <Jeffthekiller123456789> its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
11:40 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
11:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Necrai
11:40 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has left Special:Chat.
11:40 <MyBeautifulKiller> JEFFY IS A FRIEND OF MINE
11:40 <Grammatik> Danke Cymb
11:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> Jeebus
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Wilkommen
11:41 <Grammatik> c:
11:41 <Necrai> Hai, Zack :3
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> WHY CRASHINGCYMBAL WHY???
11:41 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has joined Special:Chat
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Stretching
11:41 <Jeffthekiller123456789> hi
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> back again?
11:41 <The twisted faith> i got a big secret that only some creepy pasta members know and they wont tell annyone
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Jeff, don't stretch like that please
11:41 <Necrai> Jeff, don't stretch that much lol.
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> haha
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> It's spam
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:41 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okay, why talk about it then, twisted?
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> And spam is bad mmk
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> very bad
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> :(
11:41 <The twisted faith> only i can chosse who i can tell this secret big one
11:41 <Jeffthekiller123456789> yes
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> me
11:41 <MyBeautifulKiller> please
11:41 <Necrai> me c:
11:42 <Jeffthekiller123456789> wuu2 mybeautifulkiller
11:42 <The twisted faith> im chosing one right now :)
11:42 <CrashingCymbal> I think a few of you should read these: [[Chat Rules]]
11:42 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has left Special:Chat.
11:42 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has joined Special:Chat
11:42 <CrashingCymbal> Chat Rules are super cool and hip!
11:42 <IShallCreepYouOut> You can chose to tell me, i know secrets of a lot of people
11:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yes they are
11:42 <The twisted faith> im getting (alone)
11:42 <CrashingCymbal> Listen to Zack!
11:42 <IShallCreepYouOut> But you CAN. You do not have to.
11:42 <MyBeautifulKiller> killing people
11:42 <Jeffthekiller123456789> hi
11:42 <MyBeautifulKiller> hahaha
11:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Everyone listens to me :P
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> :)
11:43 <The twisted faith> stop saying killing beautifull youll get banned
11:43 <Grammatik> You can tell me
11:43 <Grammatik> bc i have no one to gossip so you'll be safe
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> *cries*
11:43 <Slender666> brb
11:43 <Jeffthekiller123456789> im a troll
11:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Gram
11:43 <Necrai> >you'll get banned for saying killing
11:43 <Necrai> KILLING
11:43 <The twisted faith> of sorry beautifull
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> WHY???????
11:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> i don't really kill people
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> Yup?
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> I JUST SAY I DO
11:43 <The twisted faith> it look like i wont tell annyone this big secret
11:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Read up a second
11:43 <Jeffthekiller123456789> cus its funnay
11:43 <MyBeautifulKiller> TELL ME PLEEEEEASE
11:43 <Necrai> caps pls
11:43 <CrashingCymbal> Killer, stop capsing
11:44 <Slender666> calm down
11:44 <Grammatik> I don't either but I will if you don't stop spamming the shit outta chat
11:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> If you can't find it I'll pm it
11:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> You can tell me anything, tqisted.
11:44 <The twisted faith> becouse nobody cares *cries*
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> i can't even caps.....?
11:44 <Jeffthekiller123456789> im on my period ic table
11:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> I care.
11:44 -!- Kyuubi-nine-tails has joined Special:Chat
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Is it the troll thing?
11:44 <Grammatik> I care.
11:44 <Necrai> You can't use over exessive caps, or uneeded.
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> >.<
11:44 <The twisted faith> i have to chose the right one
11:44 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> hai
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> choose me
11:44 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> lol
11:44 <Necrai> Like, with this would be fine.
11:44 <Necrai> AGH FUCK I BROKE MY TOE
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> hi nine tails
11:44 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> lol
11:44 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> hi
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> ok
11:44 <Necrai> but just capsing for the hell of it isn't.
11:44 <The twisted faith> tell my name
11:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah, he kinda admitted to being a troll... Isn't that, you know, bad?
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> j
11:44 <MyBeautifulKiller> e
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Very bad.
11:45 <Necrai> I'm a troll too.
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> f
11:45 <Necrai> Lol.
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> f
11:45 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> what do you think of my username?
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> Killer, don't do that either
11:45 <IShallCreepYouOut> Choose who you want to choose and seems the most logical, twisted.
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> cool
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> awesome!!!
11:45 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> thanks
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> .........................
11:45 <The twisted faith> yea im goint to chose noe
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> lolololololo,lol9olololololololololololoa\
11:45 <Necrai> ._.
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> ololol
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> o
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> lo
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> o
11:45 <Jeffthekiller123456789> o
11:45 <The twisted faith> diamon know and she will never tell
11:45 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 31536000000 seconds.
11:45 <Grammatik> Hue hue spam
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> jeff youre spamming
11:45 -!- Jeffthekiller123456789 has left Special:Chat.
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> naughty boy
11:45 <Kyuubi-nine-tails> brb gonna read some creepypasta
11:45 <The twisted faith> me?
11:45 <IShallCreepYouOut> noe?
11:45 <Grammatik> Danke again, cymb
11:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Killer, have you read the rules?
11:45 <MyBeautifulKiller> no, this guy called jeff
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> Infinite ban, lol
11:46 <MyBeautifulKiller> yes of course i have
11:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm just wondering lol
11:46 <The twisted faith> ok
11:46 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Good :)
11:46 -!- Kyuubi-nine-tails has left Special:Chat.
11:46 <The twisted faith> ok
11:46 <MyBeautifulKiller> i just have a crap attention span
11:46 <MyBeautifulKiller> ahahaha
11:46 <MyBeautifulKiller> im stupid
11:46 <The twisted faith> its seems like im just going to tell it right now in free chat
11:46 <MyBeautifulKiller> please!!
11:46 <Necrai> you shouldn't talk down about yourself.~
11:46 <The twisted faith> im just joking i wont tell
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> even if its true?
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> damm
11:47 <The twisted faith> im just affraid no one belive me
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
11:47 <Necrai> well, no ones truly stupid.
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> i believe anything...
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> Food and tea and yes and stuff
11:47 <Necrai> we are all smart in our own ways, in my opinion
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> trust me
11:47 <Grammatik> That's not b eing stupid
11:47 <The twisted faith> annyone never see me but chat me :)
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> im a complete idiot.......
11:47 <MyBeautifulKiller> no way!!
11:47 <Grammatik> That's being guilible or however hte ffcuk its spelled
11:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> I really think we all sound egoistic right now, while we are all being like ''ME! TELL ME!!''
11:48 <Necrai> Gullible.
11:48 <MyBeautifulKiller> ....................
11:48 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
11:48 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
11:48 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
11:48 <MyBeautifulKiller> gullible
11:48 <MyBeautifulKiller> bleh
11:48 <The twisted faith> yea its stupid mabe ill chose um
11:48 <Grammatik> Don't choose me, lol
11:48 <The twisted faith> ok
11:48 <Grammatik> I can't handle the slightest responsibility
11:48 <Necrai> ^
11:48 <The twisted faith> how about
11:48 <The twisted faith> ?
11:48 <MyBeautifulKiller> me?
11:49 <Necrai> meh?
11:49 <Necrai> c:
11:49 <Necrai> Kidding.
11:49 <MyBeautifulKiller> c:
11:49 <MyBeautifulKiller> pls
11:49 <The twisted faith> its funny becouse if you belive me there is someone saying that i dint exist at all
11:49 <Grammatik> I say choose Mitch
11:49 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
11:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> Thanks, gram.
11:49 <The twisted faith> but
11:49 <Necrai> choose jesse
11:49 <MyBeautifulKiller> i believe EVERYTHING......
11:49 <MyBeautifulKiller> me
11:49 <Grammatik> You're a nice person. You deserve secrets.
11:49 <MyBeautifulKiller> mememe
11:49 <Grammatik> @Creep
11:50 <Necrai> !logs of telling jesse secrets
11:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
11:50 <MyBeautifulKiller> ahahahaha
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> Back
11:50 <Necrai> weba cym
11:50 <Grammatik> wb
11:50 <The twisted faith> ok the new one or old ones
11:50 <The twisted faith> im making this exiting
11:51 <Grammatik> I'm yelling 
11:51 <Grammatik> I want to ripmy lungs out
11:51 -!- Taylor Wiggins has joined Special:Chat
11:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Right screw this! I'm getting back in bed, I'm sick of being ill
11:51 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Taylor
11:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Talk later people
11:51 <The twisted faith> hello tailor
11:51 <CrashingCymbal> See you later, Zack!
11:51 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
11:51 <MyBeautifulKiller> im going to eat.....something
11:51 <Grammatik> Hi Taylor
11:51 <MyBeautifulKiller> brb
11:51 <The twisted faith> bye zack
11:51 <CrashingCymbal> Damn
11:51 <IShallCreepYouOut> Why, gram? @rip my lungs out
11:52 <Grammatik> Oh
11:52 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
11:52 <Grammatik> It fucking burns
11:52 <The twisted faith> maybe i wont tell annyone nowone belive in creepy pasta hehe
11:52 -!- Taylor Wiggins has left Special:Chat.
11:52 <Grammatik> That's why
11:52 <Grammatik> I can't stand this pain
11:52 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
11:52 <IShallCreepYouOut> Which pain?
11:52 <The twisted faith> but beautifull want to know
11:52 <Grammatik> Wb Necrai
11:52 <CrashingCymbal> WB Necky Nec
11:52 <Necrai> fankehs
11:52 <Grammatik> My lungs burn. @Creep
11:52 <Necrai> chat crashed
11:52 <The twisted faith> im just thinking if i could trust here
11:53 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okay, gram.
11:53 <The twisted faith> her
11:53 <Necrai> I'm most likely about to go back to sleep.
11:53 <MyBeautifulKiller> back
11:53 <The twisted faith> hey my bauyifullkiller you on
11:53 <Necrai> bauyiful
11:53 <MyBeautifulKiller> hello The twisted faith
11:53 <The twisted faith> im goint to tell you but i know you go telling everyone
11:54 <The twisted faith> hi
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> No...way, i wont tell a soul
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> you can trust ,e
11:54 <The twisted faith> a soul
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> me
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> anyone
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> wont tell anyone
11:54 <The twisted faith> so
11:54 <MyBeautifulKiller> so...
11:55 <MyBeautifulKiller> .................................................
11:55 <Necrai> .-.
11:55 -!- MyBeautifulKiller was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
11:55 -!- MyBeautifulKiller has left Special:Chat.
11:55 <Necrai> poof.
11:55 <Grammatik> Heh
11:55 -!- MyBeautifulKiller has joined Special:Chat
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit, forgot to warn her
11:55 <Necrai> LOL
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Killer
11:55 <The twisted faith> yea i was goint to tell you
11:55 <MyBeautifulKiller> ok
11:55 <The twisted faith> go to secret chat
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Try not to use so many dots on their own please
11:55 <MyBeautifulKiller> ....ok
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> ^ That's okay
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> But this "............................................"
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> ^ That's not okay.
11:56 <MyBeautifulKiller> oh
11:56 <Necrai> so, no dots on their own, is something like "...............hi......" okay?
11:56 <The twisted faith> 
11:56 <The twisted faith> go to private message
11:56 <Necrai> cym i'm just being a smartass no need to answer that xD
11:57 -!- Spikeyboo has joined Special:Chat
11:57 <Necrai> hai spikey
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> Ya ya
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> Haha Spikeyboo
11:57 <Spikeyboo> hi
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> I like that name (:P)
11:57 <Spikeyboo> thanks
11:57 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome, Spikey!
11:57 <Spikeyboo> thanks
11:58 <Necrai> i need to stop staying up all night
11:58 <IShallCreepYouOut>
11:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Monday Zombie Blues w Gwatsky - Duration: 02:29 - Uploaded: 2012-01-16 - Rating: 4.973653 - Views: 652,471 -
11:58 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has joined Special:Chat
11:58 <Necrai> hey narwhal
11:58 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hiii
11:58 <That Mighty Narwhal> Im a noob
11:58 <CrashingCymbal> Who wants to see my Pomchi?
11:58 <Necrai> wat
11:59 <Spikeyboo> wat
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> And no that's not a weird innuendo for a penis
11:59 <Necrai> LOL
11:59 <Necrai> OMG
11:59 <That Mighty Narwhal> Then what it be
11:59 <Necrai> I CAN'T BREATH
11:59 <Spikeyboo> lol 
11:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> I do, CC
11:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> It is a dog
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> It's a breed of dog
11:59 <Spikeyboo> i feel like being sick
11:59 <Necrai> dammit car crash it hurts to laugh and you are making me laugh so much now xD
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Creep knows his shit!
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> My bad (:P) haha
11:59 <Spikeyboo> lol
11:59 <Necrai> i want to c:
11:59 <CrashingCymbal>
11:59 <IShallCreepYouOut> I have a dog
12:00 <Necrai> its eyes
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> Pomeranian/Chihuahua
12:00 <Necrai> are staring into my soul
12:00 <IShallCreepYouOut> dáww
12:00 <That Mighty Narwhal> Its probably a picture of his dogs penis :/
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> He's an evil little shit, that's why!
12:00 <Necrai> LOL
12:00 <Spikeyboo> bye
12:00 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has left Special:Chat.
12:00 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has joined Special:Chat
12:00 <Necrai> Bye.
12:01 -!- Spikeyboo has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> This is my Jack Russell/King Charles:
12:01 <IShallCreepYouOut> Daww
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> I liek mah doggies
12:01 <Necrai> I miss White Face, car crash ;c
12:01 -!- MyBeautifulKiller has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <That Mighty Narwhal> I love dogs too
12:02 <That Mighty Narwhal> I have 12 boxers o.o
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> I also miss White Face.
12:02 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> But White Face was a cheating whore
12:02 <Fullmoon67> Hi
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> So now I have Multi Face <3
12:02 <That Mighty Narwhal> Who is white face
12:02 <Necrai> hai full
12:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> 12 boxers?
12:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> HOLY SHIT
12:02 <The twisted faith> hi fullmoon
12:02 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
12:02 <Necrai> hai plank
12:02 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hello full moon
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Plank
12:03 <That Mighty Narwhal> and supah plank
12:03 <The twisted faith> im going bye
12:03 <Necrai> bye.
12:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> sorry
12:03 <The twisted faith> bye
12:03 -!- The twisted faith has left Special:Chat.
12:03 <That Mighty Narwhal> bye
12:03 <Grammatik> .-.
12:03 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:03 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> >-<
12:03 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:03 <Grammatik> Hi Jim
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Jim! :D
12:03 <Superplankofdeath> why is the message at the top changed again
12:03 <Necrai> hai jim
12:03 <FriendlyJim> Hello
12:03 <Superplankofdeath> uncle lolskeletons was better
12:04 <That Mighty Narwhal> <(o.o)>
12:04 <Necrai> what about necrai
12:04 <FriendlyJim> I recieved spam from a nazi band, asking me to check their music out.
12:04 -!- Maratuee has left Special:Chat.
12:04 <Necrai> oh
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
12:04 <FriendlyJim> That was a month ago.
12:04 <Necrai> 4spooky8me
12:04 <That Mighty Narwhal> Lol Nazicore
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> Nazicore is a thing? Omai
12:05 <That Mighty Narwhal> No idk really XD
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> I know Christcore is a thing
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> But I've never listened
12:05 <That Mighty Narwhal> Yeah
12:05 <FriendlyJim> Nazim and core, both suck.
12:05 <CrashingCymbal> So I must not judge
12:06 <Necrai> Cym
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> Yup?
12:06 <FriendlyJim> They seem to be power metal.
12:06 <FriendlyJim> Hmm
12:06 <Necrai> the jeffthekiller account added "hi hi hi hi hi hio" to Mybeautifulkillers user page, should I remove it?
12:06 <Grammatik> Nazicore?
12:06 <Grammatik> What the mother of sweet titties
12:07 <CrashingCymbal> The user page, or the talk page?
12:07 <Necrai> User.
12:07 <FriendlyJim> Nazicore sounds even worse than NSBM.
12:07 <Grammatik> ^
12:07 <CrashingCymbal> Maybe its best to leave that to an admin
12:07 <Necrai>
12:07 <Necrai> Mk.
12:07 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hey jim whats NSBM
12:07 <FriendlyJim> NationalSocialistBlackMetal
12:07 <Grammatik> National Socialist Black Metal
12:07 <Grammatik> ^
12:08 <Grammatik> I've never seen an actual NSBM band
12:08 <That Mighty Narwhal> WOW the things people make
12:08 <Grammatik> All posers
12:08 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
12:09 <That Mighty Narwhal> I wonder if necrai solved his problem
12:09 <Grammatik> Why doesn't everyone just listen to ambient techno and shut the fuck up
12:09 <Grammatik> it's relaxing
12:09 <Necrai> Hm?
12:09 <Necrai> is it bad that i find things like thisrelaxing
12:10 <Necrai> hold on let me get lin
12:10 <Necrai> linjk
12:10 <Necrai> done trying.
12:10 <That Mighty Narwhal> Lol
12:10 <Grammatik> Link.
12:10 <Grammatik> .-.
12:10 <Grammatik> lol
12:10 <Necrai>
12:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bring Me the Horizon- Chelsea Smile (lyrics) - Duration: 05:05 - Uploaded: 2011-02-01 - Rating: 4.933745 - Views: 594,754 -
12:10 <Fullmoon67> back
12:10 <Necrai> welcome back
12:10 <Grammatik> wb
12:10 <CrashingCymbal> chest
12:11 <FriendlyJim> Yes, that is wrong.
12:11 <Necrai> lol
12:11 <FriendlyJim> I personally don't like metalcore at all.
12:11 <Grammatik> ^
12:11 <Necrai> this is the kind of music i love and have always listened to and loved.
12:11 <Fullmoon67> what happened when i was gone
12:11 <That Mighty Narwhal> Do any of you play any instruments?
12:11 <FriendlyJim> I listen to metal.
12:11 <Fullmoon67> no
12:11 <Slender666> Anyone know: Carmen Winstead
12:11 <Necrai> I'm learning to play the guitar.
12:12 <Grammatik> I play the piano and the synth
12:12 <Grammatik> .-.
12:12 <Slender666> Anyone know Carmen Winstead?
12:12 <Necrai> No.
12:12 <Fullmoon67> nope
12:12 <Slender666>
12:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Urban Legends - Carmen Winstead - Duration: 07:40 - Uploaded: 2013-06-21 - Rating: 4.989041 - Views: 8,474 -
12:12 <Slender666> And if you know is she real?
12:13 <Slender666> please anwser me I'm little scare
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> She's not real.
12:13 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do you like melodic death metal?
12:13 <Necrai> would you prefer this over bring me the horizon?
12:13 <Necrai>
12:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away LYRICS - Duration: 05:34 - Uploaded: 2010-08-23 - Rating: 4.958111 - Views: 2,718,095 -
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> Ummm...
12:13 <That Mighty Narwhal> We should make a fucking nazicore band
12:13 <Necrai> LEGGO
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> I have only ever heard one Melodic Death Metal band.
12:14 <FriendlyJim> Which band?
12:14 <Superplankofdeath> whats a rollback
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> They were Norwiegian if I remember correctly
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> I can't remember their name
12:14 <FriendlyJim> Well, do you remember what they sounded like?
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> I only remember them because...
12:14 <Necrai> I might go to sleep soon.
12:14 <That Mighty Narwhal> I love hardcore/ Metal but im a punker :/
12:14 <CrashingCymbal> They were playing a metal festival in Portugal
12:14 <Necrai> I'd rather not stay up and fall asleep on chat.
12:15 -!- The twisted faith has joined Special:Chat
12:15 <Superplankofdeath> what time is it where you are necrai
12:15 <Necrai> weba faith
12:15 <The twisted faith> hi
12:15 <Necrai> 8:15 am
12:15 <CrashingCymbal> And they had like really sweet violins and string section, beneath this really kinda gentle, yet loud, metal (:P)
12:15 <CrashingCymbal> It was pretty damn cool.
12:15 <Superplankofdeath> its 1:15 pm here
12:15 <FriendlyJim> I don't like anything with core in it.
12:15 <Grammatik> 3:15 PM here
12:15 <The twisted faith> its night here
12:15 <Grammatik> glitchcore tho
12:15 <Grammatik> I can make exceptions
12:15 <The twisted faith> and its 8:30
12:16 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, I'm more of a rock person than a metal person.
12:16 <FriendlyJim> ^ So is Aron.
12:16 <The twisted faith> i got a vication here in the phil
12:16 <Superplankofdeath> how about we make up a new type of music called plankcore
12:16 <Grammatik> no
12:16 <Superplankofdeath> or pastacore
12:16 <FriendlyJim> Rock is like Metal's big brother.
12:16 <Necrai> i like rock, core, metal, mostly anything besides rock, pop, wubwubstep or country.
12:16 <That Mighty Narwhal> Cym you should listen to Progressive metal its usually instrumental and just really beautifull sounding
12:16 <The twisted faith> whats the toppic
12:16 <Grammatik> core sucks
12:16 <The twisted faith> bye bye duys
12:16 <The twisted faith> friends
12:16 <Slender666> bye
12:16 <Necrai> bye again
12:16 <CrashingCymbal> I like Progressive Rock and Progressive music
12:16 <Slender666> If she real...
12:16 <The twisted faith> seeya all next time
12:17 <Slender666> DX I'm scare
12:17 <The twisted faith> bye
12:17 <Superplankofdeath> i have absolutley no fucking idea what core is
12:17 <CrashingCymbal> So I suppose Progessive Metal would be a good idea (:P)
12:17 -!- The twisted faith has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <Superplankofdeath> i like metal as you might have guessed
12:17 <CrashingCymbal> Would that be bands like Porcupine Tree?
12:17 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do you think you would like Progressive Metal? I have a great song ready.
12:17 <Necrai> Gru - Pulsar
12:17 <FriendlyJim>
12:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness - Duration: 01:00:07 - Uploaded: 2011-01-07 - Rating: 4.927555 - Views: 61,141 -
12:17 <FriendlyJim> One hour.
12:17 <That Mighty Narwhal>
12:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Widek - Enter Through The Sun (feat. Gru) - Duration: 04:18 - Uploaded: 2011-12-12 - Rating: 4.990909 - Views: 30,463 -
12:18 <Slender666> Is creepypasta real?
12:18 <FriendlyJim> The song is one hour long.
12:18 <That Mighty Narwhal> Yes slender
12:18 <FriendlyJim> It's a long song.
12:18 <CrashingCymbal> Haha and there was me thinking it was an album (:P)
12:18 <Slender666> What story real?
12:18 -!- Danilawliet has joined Special:Chat
12:18 <Danilawliet> Heeey ;D
12:18 <Slender666> What story real guys?
12:18 <Fullmoon67> AN HOUR
12:18 <FriendlyJim> It's a song that takes up an entire album. (:D)
12:18 <Necrai>
12:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Seether- Country Song w/ lyrics - Duration: 03:47 - Uploaded: 2011-09-21 - Rating: 4.955140 - Views: 121,219 -
12:18 <Necrai> hey danila
12:18 <CrashingCymbal> Slender, Creepypasta isn't real, you have nothing to be worried about, mmkay?
12:18 <Danilawliet> Hey Necrai
12:19 <Fullmoon67> dang
12:19 <That Mighty Narwhal> They are all pretty real except the ones where people die
12:19 <Necrai> :#
12:19 <Necrai> :3
12:19 <That Mighty Narwhal> *survive
12:19 <FriendlyJim> I fell asleep after 16 mins.
12:19 <CrashingCymbal> All those haunted files and lost episodes and games, not real!
12:19 <Slender666> no one anwser me
12:19 <Slender666> Finally someone
12:19 <Slender666> I know they not real
12:20 <Necrai>  i no they not grammur
12:20 <Slender666> But Sonic.exe real
12:20 <That Mighty Narwhal> Its true slendy they arent real
12:20 <Necrai> i mean wat
12:20 <Necrai> Sonic.exe is by no means real.
12:20 <FriendlyJim> This song is melodic death metal Cymb.
12:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Be'lakor - From Scythe to Sceptre - Duration: 06:59 - Uploaded: 2009-06-22 - Rating: 4.940023 - Views: 96,849 -
12:20 <Slender666> So all story fake
12:20 <Danilawliet> Yes
12:20 <That Mighty Narwhal> But the fun in it is imagining it is
12:20 <FriendlyJim> This too.
12:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Meadows End - The Gloom That Is His World - Duration: 04:31 - Uploaded: 2010-12-21 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 3,276 -
12:20 <Slender666> I'm still scare Carmen
12:20 <Danilawliet> I like the ones that are based on existing urban legends though.
12:21 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, listen to them both.
12:21 <Danilawliet> Makes them feel more real
12:21 <Necrai> Not all stories are fake, some are based on true stories.
12:21 <That Mighty Narwhal> Dude the point of creepypastas are to scare the shit out of you the fun in it is imagining its real :D
12:21 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <FriendlyJim> This one too.
12:21 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASA-NOIR - Traced Through Vengeance - Duration: 03:49 - Uploaded: 2011-05-17 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 1,971 -
12:21 -!- Slender666 has joined Special:Chat
12:21 <That Mighty Narwhal> Be back later guyyyys'
12:21 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <Necrai> Mk.
12:21 <Fullmoon67> Slender is not real right
12:22 <Danilawliet> Slender MAN is not real
12:22 <Fullmoon67> good
12:22 <Necrai> Slendy isn't real.
12:22 <Fullmoon67> he scares me
12:22 <Necrai> All those sightings are either faked or some tall teenagers getting laughs.
12:22 <FriendlyJim> Hello Luna. 
12:22 <Fullmoon67> Hi Jim
12:22 <FriendlyJim> Luna, do you like Heavy Metal?
12:23 <Danilawliet> I still like to pretend he's real
12:23 <Superplankofdeath> i have too go bye
12:24 <Fullmoon67> no not really
12:24 <FriendlyJim> You do this Luna, you do this?
12:24 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
12:24 <FriendlyJim> No, I'm just kidding.
12:24 <Necrai> Alright, guys, I'm going to sleep.~
12:25 <FriendlyJim> G'night.
12:25 <Necrai> I'm already going to sleep until like six.
12:25 <Necrai> No point in staying until I'll sleep until nine and make my girlfriend a lot angrier then she already will be.
12:25 <Necrai> xD
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> This is pretty good, Jim!
12:25 <Danilawliet> lol
12:25 <Danilawliet> Night Necrai
12:25 <FriendlyJim> Which one Cymb?
12:25 <FriendlyJim> Prog or Melo?
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> Green Carnation.
12:25 <FriendlyJim> Ah
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> I'm still trying to find the band I listened to.
12:26 <Necrai> g'night guis
12:26 <FriendlyJim> G'night
12:26 <Necrai> <3
12:26 -!- Necrai has left Special:Chat.
12:26 <FriendlyJim> Did you listen to the melodic death metal?
12:26 <FriendlyJim> Cymb?
12:27 <FriendlyJim> Was the band Eluveitie?
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't, I'm still listening to the Prog stuff haha
12:27 <Fullmoon67> do what
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> Trying to find it now.
12:27 <Fullmoon67> sorry watching a video 
12:28 <CrashingCymbal> Found them!
12:28 <CrashingCymbal> Dimmu Borgir, they were called!
12:28 <CrashingCymbal> I thought they were pretty cool.
12:28 <Fullmoon67> what is
12:29 <FriendlyJim> That is Black Metal Cymb.
12:29 <FriendlyJim> You silly goose.
12:29 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sowwy
12:30 <Fullmoon67> ?
12:30 <Grammatik> Sounds like symphonic though
12:30 <FriendlyJim> Symphonic Black Metal is the Black Metal equivelent of Melodic Death Metal.
12:30 <Fullmoon67> ohh okay
12:30 <Grammatik> That's the one I meant
12:30 <CrashingCymbal> Can you explain to me the difference, Jim?
12:30 <CrashingCymbal> Between Black and Death Metal that is?
12:30 <CrashingCymbal> From what I know
12:30 <FriendlyJim> The main difference is the vocals.
12:30 <CrashingCymbal> Black Metal is Slower
12:31 <Grammatik> Genres are complicated really
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> Vocals... I see.
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, I'm not a big fan of subgenres tbh haha
12:31 <FriendlyJim> Death Metal use growls/grunts/pig squeels Black Metal use shrieks.
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> Ah, okay!
12:32 <FriendlyJim> Watch this video
12:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: grunt tips - Duration: 08:04 - Uploaded: 2009-01-12 - Rating: 4.936508 - Views: 396,197 -
12:32 <FriendlyJim> Listen to his voice.
12:32 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
12:32 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has joined Special:Chat
12:32 <That Mighty Narwhal> IM BACK
12:33 -!- The twisted faith has joined Special:Chat
12:33 <Grammatik> Hi
12:33 <The twisted faith> im back
12:33 <FriendlyJim> Best explenation ever: Death metal voice = orc. Black metal voice = goblin.
12:33 <That Mighty Narwhal> Yes
12:33 <Vegeta565> hello everyone 
12:33 <The twisted faith> how my new pic
12:33 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hi vegeta
12:33 <The twisted faith> im invisible
12:33 <CrashingCymbal> I'm back with Melon
12:34 <Grammatik> YEY
12:34 <Vegeta565> i love your pic twisted 
12:34 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, watch that video.
12:34 <FriendlyJim> He does some explanations.
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Watching it now
12:34 -!- The twisted faith has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <That Mighty Narwhal> Whats your favorite band you guys
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> My favorite band is Blur.
12:34 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <Vegeta565> HollywoodUndead
12:34 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:34 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> I like their pop stuff and I love their weird shit too (:P)
12:34 <Grammatik> Com Truise, Tycho or Mogwai
12:34 <Grammatik> or maybe Green Day
12:35 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Grammatik> ARON
12:35 <Grammatik> HI
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Minty!
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> LIES 
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> Hi
12:35 <Vegeta565> hi child
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> Hai Crash
12:35 <Grammatik> hOW ARE YOU
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> Hai Vegeta
12:35 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Grammatik> sorry caps
12:35 <Child Of Mantra> I am good, i just got up.
12:35 <Grammatik> .-.
12:35 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
12:35 <Grammatik> good morning
12:36 <Child Of Mantra> Its 02:35
12:36 <Child Of Mantra> 2:35*
12:36 <Vegeta565> i woke up at 3:00 Am so i've been up for a long while
12:36 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
12:36 <FriendlyJim> I'm teaching Cymb the difference between Black and Death metal.
12:36 <Grammatik> 3:36 here
12:36 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Jim
12:36 <FriendlyJim> Hello
12:36 <Vegeta565> 8:36 here
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> I'm learning! :D
12:36 <Child Of Mantra> Black = Burzum
12:36 <Child Of Mantra> Death = My Dying fetus
12:37 <Fullmoon67> well im hungrth
12:37 <Fullmoon67> hungry
12:37 -!- HiImStab has joined Special:Chat
12:37 <FriendlyJim> Aren't they just called Dying Fetus?
12:37 <Vegeta565> hello Hilm
12:37 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah, sorry i got mixed up
12:37 <FriendlyJim> Because I love Dying Fetus.
12:37 <HiImStab> hey vegeta. and it's stab :3
12:38 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hilm
12:38 <HiImStab> ey everyone
12:38 <Child Of Mantra> Jim
12:38 <Grammatik> HI
12:38 <Grammatik> .-.
12:38 <HiImStab> hey cym \(o_o)/
12:38 <Child Of Mantra> this made my month
12:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Death Metal Wiggle - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2011-04-03 - Rating: 4.932773 - Views: 22,827 -
12:38 -!- The twisted faith has joined Special:Chat
12:38 <Vegeta565> ok thanks for letting me know
12:38 <HiImStab> ey grammatik :D
12:38 <Vegeta565> wd twisted 
12:38 <Child Of Mantra> Also that song is fucking awesome
12:38 <The twisted faith> hello hows my new pic
12:38 <HiImStab> hi twisted :3
12:38 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, listen to Sororicide. It's a band I found on Metal Storm.
12:38 <Vegeta565> i like your pic twisted
12:39 <Child Of Mantra> My uncle plays in Sororicide
12:39 <Grammatik> LOL Aron
12:39 <Child Of Mantra> I'm proud.
12:39 <Grammatik> That vid
12:39 -!- The twisted faith has left Special:Chat.
12:39 <FriendlyJim> I love Sororicide. \m/
12:39 <FriendlyJim> It's some grade A music.
12:40 <Vegeta565> brb
12:40 <FriendlyJim> Aron, that video was fucking hilarious.
12:40 <Child Of Mantra> I watch that video every day
12:40 <Child Of Mantra> It just lights up my day
12:40 -!- The twisted faith has joined Special:Chat
12:41 <Grammatik> .-.
12:41 <The twisted faith> hello 
12:41 <The twisted faith> internet crash
12:41 <HiImStab> the video!!!! :D im dying of laughter omg stop XDDDDDD
12:41 <Child Of Mantra> ._.-.
12:41 <HiImStab> ey  twisted
12:41 <Child Of Mantra> Steven
12:41 <The twisted faith> hi
12:41 <HiImStab> nice pic btw
12:41 <HiImStab> jeff
12:41 <The twisted faith> thank yo know my name to
12:41 <HiImStab> ur name's jeff?
12:41 <The twisted faith> yes bye bye
12:41 -!- The twisted faith has left Special:Chat.
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> I'm listening to Elephant (:P)
12:42 <HiImStab> :D lol
12:42 <Fullmoon67> Nomnom
12:42 <Child Of Mantra> Crash that was the song
12:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dying Fetus - Schematics - Duration: 04:00 - Uploaded: 2009-05-09 - Rating: 4.890110 - Views: 34,550 -
12:42 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has left Special:Chat.
12:42 <HiImStab> coolio @.@
12:42 <Fullmoon67> (cookie)
12:42 <Child Of Mantra> This is death metal,
12:42 <CrashingCymbal> Okay.
12:42 <Fullmoon67> MAH COOKIE
12:43 <HiImStab> hey mantra, you like dark tranquility?? :)))
12:43 <Fullmoon67> noo
12:43 <Child Of Mantra> I have heard of them
12:43 <Child Of Mantra> But haven't heard them
12:43 -!- ShizukaHei has joined Special:Chat
12:43 <ShizukaHei> Hi.
12:43 <HiImStab> lolowut
12:43 <Fullmoon67> were losing men
12:43 <HiImStab> hey shizuka
12:43 <Fullmoon67> oh hai
12:43 <FriendlyJim> And Cymb, there's a lot of Nazi and racist Black Metal, just don't let that stick. There's Liberal and Communist Black Metal too.
12:43 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
12:43 <HiImStab> in flames then?
12:43 <Child Of Mantra> Prog metal, my third favorite
12:44 <ShizukaHei> What's up, guys? 
12:44 <Child Of Mantra> I own Sounds Of A Playground Fading
12:44 <Grammatik> Is there black metal that does not have politics in it
12:44 <Grammatik> ._.
12:44 <Child Of Mantra> Immortal
12:44 <CrashingCymbal> Liberal Black Metal?
12:44 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
12:44 <Child Of Mantra> They don't give a shit about politics
12:44 <Grammatik> good
12:44 <FriendlyJim> Yes, there are lots of bands who are Satanist.
12:44 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
12:44 <FriendlyJim> Or Antitheist.
12:44 <HiImStab> just listening to this shizuka:
12:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Slenderman: Gay or European? - Duration: 03:26 - Uploaded: 2013-01-04 - Rating: 4.923567 - Views: 35,917 -
12:44 <FriendlyJim> Or Neopagan.
12:44 <Child Of Mantra> this is alright
12:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: DARK TRANQUILLITY - For Broken Words (OFFICIAL ALBUM TRACK) - Duration: 04:34 - Uploaded: 2013-04-15 - Rating: 4.921395 - Views: 222,604 -
12:45 <HiImStab> omg what
12:45 <Child Of Mantra> Christian Black Metal
12:45 <Grammatik> ^
12:45 <Grammatik> Just no
12:45 <Child Of Mantra> Don't forget about that
12:45 <HiImStab> so wassup shizuka :3
12:45 <ShizukaHei> Slenderman's gay? 
12:45 <Grammatik> Religion and/or politics and music don't mix
12:45 <FriendlyJim> I personally prefer Satanist and Pagan Black Metal over Black Metal with politics.
12:45 <ShizukaHei> Oh, nothing HilmStab, you?
12:45 <Grammatik> ^
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> Wintersun is the best band of 2013 in my eyes
12:46 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
12:46 <Grammatik> jim
12:46 <Grammatik> I meant
12:46 <Grammatik> .-.
12:46 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not sure Slenderman has a sexual orientation 
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> I like political music
12:46 <HiImStab> what no that was just a parody, and thanks btw. im cool shizuka
12:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kookoocachoo
12:46 <CrashingCymbal> What do you guys think of Elephant?
12:46 <ShizukaHei> Slender is gay.
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> Like Frank Zappa, sometimes System Of A Down, Black Sabbath, Megadeth.
12:46 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has joined Special:Chat
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> >gay
12:46 <ShizukaHei> He's gotta be gay.
12:46 <FriendlyJim> I like a really cool band called Jarost Marksa.
12:46 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ello peoplez
12:46 <Child Of Mantra> nvm
12:46 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
12:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Say wha....
12:46 <HiImStab> ey okami :3
12:46 <OkamiAmaterasu90> hai
12:47 -!- ShizukaHei was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
12:47 -!- ShizukaHei has left Special:Chat.
12:47 <HiImStab> shizuka lol:DDDD im dyig of laughter stopppp
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> crash, you read it out of subtext
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> Like i did
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> He was not insulting slenderman
12:47 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
12:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rule breakers already
12:47 <CrashingCymbal> Wait lemme see 
12:47 <FriendlyJim> Aron, I tought you didn't like Megadeth.
12:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Geez
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> Are you high?
12:47 <HiImStab> nevermind. she's gone....
12:47 <FriendlyJim> I guess I must have gotten that wrong.
12:47 <Fullmoon67> Neve?
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> Megadeth > Slayer > Anthrax > Metallica
12:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea?
12:47 <HiImStab> metallica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:47 <Child Of Mantra> Megadeth is fucking amazing
12:48 <Fullmoon67> nothing
12:48 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I saw this picture while looking at pictures of mewtwo, It showed the new form of mewtwo, and it said "You hate me? But, you don't even know my name...."
12:48 <HiImStab> and megadeath tho
12:48 <Grammatik> Fuck your exclamation marks
12:48 <Grammatik> .-.
12:48 -!- ShizukaHei was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 0 seconds.
12:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Okey
12:48 <HiImStab> lol :D
12:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hilm, not so many exclamation marks please.
12:48 <OkamiAmaterasu90> First was like "LOL"
12:48 <FriendlyJim> Mainstreamallica
12:48 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Then I was like "lol"
12:48 <HiImStab> okay..... --w-- sorry
12:48 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
12:49 <Vegeta565> Back
12:49 <HiImStab> ey vegeta:D
12:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Once I was a toaster in a past life
12:49 <Child Of Mantra> Time for some good ol' Sabbath
12:49 <Vegeta565> hellostab
12:49 -!- ShizukaHei has joined Special:Chat
12:49 <FriendlyJim> Aron, do you like Doom Metal?
12:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> what's up with that white text on the top screen?! XD
12:49 <ShizukaHei> I was just banned e.e
12:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Vegeta
12:49 <Grammatik> Guys
12:49 <ShizukaHei> What did I do? 
12:49 <FriendlyJim> I mean in general.
12:49 <CrashingCymbal> I apologise, Shiz
12:49 <Vegeta565> hey NeveR
12:49 <OkamiAmaterasu90> we know hei
12:49 <Grammatik> Remember when
12:49 <Grammatik>
12:49 <ShizukaHei> Wait, what'd I do? 
12:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> said the "g" word
12:50 <Vegeta565> so how is everyone today
12:50 <ShizukaHei> But...
12:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I just woke up
12:50 <ShizukaHei> I'm gay.
12:50 <CrashingCymbal> I thought you had used gay in an offensive way, didn't realise you were quoting a video
12:50 <ShizukaHei> I'm allowed to say.
12:50 <ShizukaHei> Oh.
12:50 <ShizukaHei> XD
12:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> and havinga  headache
12:50 <HiImStab> ey shizuka:3
12:50 <ShizukaHei> Hil HilmStab.
12:50 <FriendlyJim> Alex was gay too, he got banned six months.
12:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> just, my head is always heavy when I wake up :/
12:50 <HiImStab> it's stab but nahh :D
12:50 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Dunno why
12:51 <Vegeta565> I got a tatto last night
12:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Everyone is allowed to say gay... as long as it's not in a mocking manner
12:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
12:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ooh
12:51 <ShizukaHei> Oh.
12:51 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I didn't know so, ya
12:51 <HiImStab> vegeta coolio!!!! :D
12:51 <Vegeta565> right on my chest
12:51 <Grammatik> Fuck
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I like kittens
12:52 <Vegeta565> brb
12:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tattoos are painful
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> :3
12:52 <ShizukaHei> I'm tired...
12:52 <HiImStab> waht kind of tattoo?
12:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Like butt pooping
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> everyone like skittens!
12:52 <ShizukaHei> I might go to sleep.
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh
12:52 <Fullmoon67>  i dont has tattoos 
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ot the pokemon
12:52 <HiImStab> shizuka, then take a nap.
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> kitties
12:52 <Grammatik> I want a tattoo
12:52 <Grammatik> .-.
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> everyone likes kitties!
12:52 <Child Of Mantra> I am back
12:52 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
12:52 <FriendlyJim> WB Aron.
12:52 <Fullmoon67> i do ^_^
12:52 <ShizukaHei> Wait, what's that Slender video thing on Youtube? 
12:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb mantra
12:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> of course!
12:53 <ShizukaHei> I don't remember what it was called.
12:53 -!- ShizukaHei has left Special:Chat.
12:53 -!- ShizukaHei has joined Special:Chat
12:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> slender man doucments?
12:53 <Grammatik>  "fuck" and "face"  on my knuckles.
12:53 <Grammatik> And wb aron
12:53 <Child Of Mantra> Lies, what sort of browser is that?
12:53 <Vegeta565> back
12:53 <Child Of Mantra> Thank ye
12:53 <ShizukaHei> I think so. 
12:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Marble Hornets?
12:53 <Grammatik> ONEBrowser for Android
12:53 <ShizukaHei> YES! 
12:53 <FriendlyJim> Aron, do you like Power Metal?
12:53 <Fullmoon67> slender gun mod
12:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> too much of a wimp to watch it
12:53 <ShizukaHei> Marble Hornets. I never finished watching it.
12:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> lolol
12:53 <Child Of Mantra> Power metal is meh
12:53 <ShizukaHei> I'll do that, then I'm taking a nap.
12:53 <Fullmoon67> no meh
12:53 <HiImStab> lolwut.
12:53 <ShizukaHei> I always got distracted by school when I tried to watch it.
12:53 <OkamiAmaterasu90> oh god
12:53 <FriendlyJim> But... Blind Guardian. (QQ) 
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> the pressure
12:54 <Fullmoon67> wait what? (:S)
12:54 <FriendlyJim> And Sabaton.
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> AAH
12:54 <Child Of Mantra> Sabaton is amazing
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> who????
12:54 <Grammatik> ARON
12:54 <Grammatik> YES
12:54 <ShizukaHei> So now I'm going to watch it, go to sleep, dream about it, come back, probably die tonight while attempting to sleep again out of fear of death.
12:54 <Grammatik> Hail Sabaton
12:54 <ShizukaHei> But in the end, it's entirely worth it. 
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> lol
12:54 <HiImStab> shizuka, wut.
12:54 <Fullmoon67> im confused about what we are talking about
12:54 <FriendlyJim> So you like some Power Metal, but not in general?
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> within every slender man video
12:54 <ShizukaHei> I'M talking about Marble Hornets. 
12:54 <Child Of Mantra> brb
12:54 <OkamiAmaterasu90> it's fake
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> I want to get my lip pierced quite badly!
12:54 <ShizukaHei> They're talking about something else.
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> Unfortunately it might look bad in a job interview.
12:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> like, one shows slenderman on an airplane
12:55 <ShizukaHei> Anyways. I'm off. Bye guys, nice meeting you all. 
12:55 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do you like Power Metal?
12:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
12:55 <Fullmoon67> LOVE ME
12:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> bye
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> Bye bye
12:55 <Fullmoon67> I mean WUT
12:55 -!- Harmonex has joined Special:Chat
12:55 <HiImStab> i have piercings on my ear tho
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> I've never listened to it, Jim.
12:55 -!- ShizukaHei has left Special:Chat.
12:55 <OkamiAmaterasu90> why aren't the people screaming?
12:55 <FriendlyJim> -_-
12:55 <HiImStab> ey hamonex
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> Lol, I don't listen to much metal.
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> I already said this (:P)
12:55 <Fullmoon67> anyways
12:55 <FriendlyJim> This
12:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Sabaton - Carolus Rex [Full Album] Swedish Version - Duration: 45:17 - Uploaded: 2012-08-24 - Rating: 4.923967 - Views: 233,590 -
12:55 <FriendlyJim> The intro is fucking epic.
12:56 <FriendlyJim> \m/
12:56 <Grammatik> Attero Dominatus was a good album
12:56 <Grammatik> .-.
12:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> is it so??
12:56 -!- Harmonex has left Special:Chat.
12:56 <FriendlyJim> We're going to Sabaton Open Air next year.
12:56 <OkamiAmaterasu90> cool
12:56 <FriendlyJim> Ooops
12:56 <HiImStab> lol funny:
12:56 <FriendlyJim> I think you'd prefer the English version.
12:57 <HiImStab> if you even know what movie this is.
12:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> I'm just chilling in my house, in the summer, while it's raining
12:57 <Grammatik> I'm going to the Mainsquare festival next year
12:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> very nice
12:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> cool
12:57 <Fullmoon67> Foreverrrr
12:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> what is foreverrrr
12:57 <Child Of Mantra> I am back
12:57 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
12:57 <Fullmoon67> Foreverrrr
12:58 <FriendlyJim> Aron, you should go to Sabaton Open Air next year.
12:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb
12:58 <Grammatik> Wb
12:58 <OkamiAmaterasu90> stop
12:58 <Fullmoon67> k
12:58 <FriendlyJim> It's just a country away.
12:58 <OkamiAmaterasu90> good
12:58 <Child Of Mantra> thanks
12:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
12:58 <Fullmoon67> I did
12:58 <Grammatik> Is it at Sweden
12:58 <Grammatik> .-.
12:58 <Child Of Mantra> I might not have the money
12:58 <FriendlyJim> Yes
12:58 <Grammatik> Can I come over
12:58 <FriendlyJim> In their homee town.
12:58 <Grammatik> pleaaase
12:58 <Grammatik> ;-;
12:58 <FriendlyJim> *home
12:58 <Grammatik> I'm poor
12:58 <Vegeta565> my arms hurt
12:58 <FriendlyJim> It's just a few miles away from my house.
12:59 <Fullmoon67> me too (QQ)
12:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Why people hating on the GEN 6 of Pokémon, when they haven't played the actual game?!
12:59 <HiImStab> why tho.
12:59 <FriendlyJim> I might go with my brother.
12:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey okami
12:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Dunno
12:59 <Fullmoon67> they look cute
12:59 <Grammatik> I lost interest in pokemon back in 6th grade
12:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ok
12:59 <FriendlyJim> My brother's best friend is going this year.
12:59 <Child Of Mantra> I never played pokemon growing up
12:59 <Child Of Mantra> I find it repetativer
12:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> k
12:59 <Child Of Mantra> repetative*
12:59 <FriendlyJim> He get's free entry for carrying chairs and stuff.
12:59 <Grammatik> ^
12:59 <Grammatik> @Aron
12:59 <FriendlyJim> That's a sweet deal.
12:59 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Like, have you seen Xernas?
13:00 <Grammatik> It is repetitive
13:00 <Fullmoon67> ewww i sneezed on my keyboard 
13:00 <Grammatik> What the fuck is an Xerneas though
13:00 <Grammatik> I'm dumb
13:00 <Vegeta565> i got a bad hang over
13:00 <HiImStab> i still play pokemon though. >:D
13:00 <OkamiAmaterasu90> Yeah, but it's the new pokemon that makes it different
13:00 -!- HiImStab has left Special:Chat.
13:00 <FriendlyJim> Tons of great bands where playing this year.
13:00 <OkamiAmaterasu90> from every other game
13:00 <Fullmoon67> im a pokemon master 
13:00 <FriendlyJim> I can't afford going though.
13:01 <FriendlyJim> *were
13:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> so am I full
13:01 <Fullmoon67> ok
13:01 <Vegeta565> never played pokemon
13:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> The sixth gen. Pokemon look a little lame, but that goes for all generations like for example: Muk
13:01 <Fullmoon67> well i retired 
13:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> My last goal is to win a battle angaint my brother
13:01 <Fullmoon67> about a month ago
13:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> *againist
13:01 <OkamiAmaterasu90> no one is my family has beaten him
13:02 <FriendlyJim> I might rob an old lady to get enough cash for the show.
13:02 <OkamiAmaterasu90> .....
13:02 <OkamiAmaterasu90> don't
13:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Muk is a purple pile of goo
13:02 <FriendlyJim> That would be bad huh?
13:02 <FriendlyJim> Okay, I won't.
13:02 <Fullmoon67> im the only one in the family that plays pokemon ;-;
13:02 <Grammatik> Dude
13:03 <Grammatik> Not an old lady but rob kids
13:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jim not teh old grannies
13:03 <CrashingCymbal> That is true, Lee.
13:03 <Fullmoon67> so i cant retire 
13:03 <OkamiAmaterasu90> everyone is like "OMG Pancham is SOO unoringernal!" but why, it's more creative then big pile of goo
13:03 <Fullmoon67> on my pokemon
13:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rob little bitch ass whiney kid
13:03 <Grammatik> ^
13:03 <Fullmoon67> xS
13:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *kids
13:03 <FriendlyJim> I got an airgun yesterday.
13:04 <FriendlyJim> I could use that to rob kids.
13:04 <Fullmoon67> mm juicy ^_^
13:04 <Vegeta565> idk if i should get 1 more tattoo or not
13:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeah! (All!)
13:04 <Fullmoon67> thats one good apple
13:04 <Grammatik> I want a tattoo of this
13:04 <Grammatik>
13:05 <Vegeta565> thats cool Gramm
13:05 <OkamiAmaterasu90>
13:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rob (all!) the children!
13:05 <FriendlyJim> My friend wants that tattoo too.
13:05 <FriendlyJim> It's some cool imagery.
13:05 <OkamiAmaterasu90> jim
13:06 <Grammatik> Right n my wrist
13:06 <Grammatik> on*
13:06 <FriendlyJim> Oka
13:06 <Grammatik> So I don't cut there
13:06 <Grammatik> Because it's fucking precious
13:06 <Vegeta565>,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNFoa8hpJ_Qhs4xN1BxmOLzS9CyWoQ&ust=1373461551747511  this on is the on i want nexted
13:06 <Child Of Mantra> tinyurl
13:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> i'm hungry, so i'm gonna go.......
13:06 <OkamiAmaterasu90> ....
13:06 -!- OkamiAmaterasu90 has left Special:Chat.
13:07 <Vegeta565> the very last one i want
13:07 <FriendlyJim> I found this band that does hilarious parodies of famous songs.
13:07 <CrashingCymbal> Vegeta
13:07 <Vegeta565> yeah
13:07 <CrashingCymbal> Try to use tinyurl from now on
13:07 <Fullmoon67> I NEED FOOD'
13:08 <Vegeta565> ok sorry
13:08 <FriendlyJim> This is the band.
13:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Corpsefucking Art - Beverly Hills corpse - Duration: 02:48 - Uploaded: 2008-12-01 - Rating: 4.829885 - Views: 126,505 -
13:08 <Fullmoon67> anyone want to be food
13:08 <FriendlyJim> That song is good.
13:08 <Fullmoon67> i mean wut 0_0
13:09 <Fullmoon67> 6 days neve'
13:09 <Fullmoon67> with no sleep 
13:10 <Vegeta565> O .o i feel like i'm being watched 
13:10 <Vegeta565>    
13:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U wot.
13:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Why?
13:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Doolan plz
13:10 <FriendlyJim> This song is good too.
13:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Festering Remains - Hatchetfucked (Official) - Duration: 03:13 - Uploaded: 2012-10-25 - Rating: 4.891892 - Views: 1,382 -
13:11 <Vegeta565> i just do and my feelings are right 99.9 of the time
13:11 <Fullmoon67> Meh someone said 1 month with no sleep
13:11 <FriendlyJim> This one too.
13:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cerebral Bore - Entombed In Butchered Bodies - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2010-11-23 - Rating: 4.884393 - Views: 62,165 -
13:11 <Fullmoon67> so im going to stay awake for one month'
13:11 <Vegeta565> brb i'm going to check
13:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wat da fuck did I just read (derp)
13:11 <Fullmoon67> maybe
13:11 <Slender666> bye guys gotta go
13:12 <Fullmoon67> i feel a little tired
13:12 <Grammatik> I want a unicursal hexagram on my other wrist, as a tattoo.
13:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai slender
13:12 <Slender666> bai'
13:12 <Vegeta565> bye
13:12 <Slender666> i won't left just away
13:12 <Grammatik> This is the unicursal hexagram;
13:12 <Grammatik>
13:12 <Slender666> so i be back
13:12 <Slender666> ...maybe
13:12 <CrashingCymbal> I'm making a Mozzarella Egg for myself
13:13 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> Delicious (:P)
13:13 <Vegeta565> i'm back there  was someone there but whatever
13:13 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
13:13 <Vegeta565> Hello Batman
13:13 <BatmanBaleLover> Hello.
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
13:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi batman
13:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 67 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
13:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
13:14 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
13:14 <Child Of Mantra> Lies
13:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dutch Kid Pop Singer - Duration: 03:26 - Uploaded: 2006-05-08 - Rating: 4.088937 - Views: 110,821 -
13:14 <Child Of Mantra> I found a song for you
13:14 <Vegeta565> Hello Pram
13:14 <Fullmoon67> aww forget it
13:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi pram
13:15 <Pramirez351> hai everyone :P
13:15 <Fullmoon67> im going to sleep bye
13:15 <Vegeta565> bye 
13:15 <Pramirez351> so um how come its so empty here?
13:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai
13:15 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
13:15 -!- Thundergun97 has joined Special:Chat
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Pram!
13:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Idk
13:15 <Pramirez351> hai cymbal :D
13:15 <Vegeta565> don't know Pram
13:15 <Pramirez351> ok
13:15 <Pramirez351> you dont need to know me
13:15 <Pramirez351> lets just leave it at that
13:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They were all abducted by aliens
13:16 <Pramirez351> so um how are you Lee and Cymbal
13:16 <Vegeta565> i meant idk why the chats empty 
13:16 <Pramirez351> also thundergun, you new?
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> I am good!
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> How are you?
13:16 <Thundergun97> who were
13:16 <CrashingCymbal> Making Lunch  atm (:P)
13:16 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD im glad cymbal :P
13:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am wealthy
13:16 <Pramirez351> (indeed) Lee :P
13:16 <Pramirez351> yes thundergun?
13:17 -!- Slender666 has left Special:Chat.
13:17 <Vegeta565> i lost my pills this is just great
13:17 <Thundergun97> who were abducted
13:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I gotz a raise Yey
13:17 <CrashingCymbal> It's a lovely beautiful day outside
13:17 <CrashingCymbal> I should really leave the house, but meh.
13:17 <Pramirez351> hahaha its 6:17 am over here :P
13:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Everyone in chat
13:17 <Pramirez351> too early xD
13:17 <CrashingCymbal> Holai fuck
13:17 <Pramirez351> thats how much i love you guys :P
13:17 <Grammatik> .-.
13:17 <Vegeta565> 9:17 AM Over here
13:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gramm are you Gramm
13:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> .-.
13:18 <Pramirez351> gosh freken dam it, cymbal, we are back to the threads for mods! (TT)
13:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yay
13:18 <Vegeta565> I'M LOSING MY MIND AH! sorry anger 
13:18 <Grammatik> I am Gramm
13:18 <Thundergun97> is anyone else not able to vote on pata of the month
13:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea ok
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> I approve!
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> I just made the best lunch ever,
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> Mozzarella Egg bitches
13:19 <Pramirez351> i am so happy because i may actually GET the chance to be a mod, but im angry because i got pretty much screwed over xD
13:19 <Pramirez351> wait what cymbal?
13:19 <Pramirez351> eggs with cheese?
13:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pasta of the year
13:19 <Thundergun97> I made a mushroom omlet with swiss
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> Yep! It's beautiful (:P)
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> Sounds gorgeous, Thunder
13:19 <CrashingCymbal> And I didn't use cooking oil to cook the egg
13:20 <Pramirez351> why not cymbal?
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> I used real Butter like a real man.
13:20 <Thundergun97> challenge accepted
13:20 <Pramirez351> too healthy man
13:20 <Thundergun97> any of you guys have a vortex burger
13:20 <CrashingCymbal> Real butter apparently is better for you than low fat spread
13:20 <Vegeta565> i wish Devin was on
13:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I can't believe it's not butter
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> Because there are less chemicals in it, and it's more natural
13:21 <Pramirez351> isnt margarine like, fake butter? xD
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> Nope.
13:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kinda pram
13:21 <Thundergun97> it is poor mans butter
13:21 <Child Of Mantra> AW, Jim went bye bye
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> Well, I didn't use margarine
13:21 <Pramirez351> oh ok xD
13:21 <Pramirez351> i thought it was :P
13:21 <CrashingCymbal> I just used butter haha
13:21 <Thundergun97> anyone here ever have a vortex burger
13:22 <Vegeta565> no 
13:22 <Pramirez351> you see? this is when i love being on chat. when there isnt 50 people blaring nonsense about whale sperm. no its when we can have a nice conversation :D
13:23 <Vegeta565> i don't eat meat sorry Thunder
13:23 <Pramirez351> so um yeah guys stuff :
13:23 <Pramirez351> :P*
13:23 <Pramirez351> who here likes salads?
13:23 <Thundergun97> its a burger but insead of buns they use grilled cheese
13:23 <Vegeta565> i love salads
13:23 <Pramirez351> that sounds incredibly badass thundergun :P
13:23 <Thundergun97> ure life choices are cool
13:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Whale sperm penis enlargement monsters.
13:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeah
13:24 <Grammatik> What the fuck
13:24 <Pramirez351> hahahaha xD
13:24 <Vegeta565> XD
13:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
13:24 <Pramirez351> "penis enlargement" the NeveRsLeePwitHme story :P
13:24 <Thundergun97> they need to make a play about it
13:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lulz
13:25 <Grammatik> What the fuck did I come back to
13:25 <Pramirez351> guys, i can just imagine cymbal with his breakfast right now. DAM it sounds nice :P
13:25 <Grammatik> Fuck this place
13:25 <CrashingCymbal> IT'S LUNCH
13:25 <CrashingCymbal> GOD GET IT RIGHT!
13:25 <Thundergun97> in soviet Russia place fucks you
13:25 <Pramirez351> nuh we are dicussing how we dont like that type of talk grammatic
13:25 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, I was about to contribute! :D
13:25 <Vegeta565> I'm going to make a nice salad
13:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lunch BITCH I want lunch
13:25 <Pramirez351> im sorry cymbal (QQ) 
13:25 <CrashingCymbal> Apparently, when a whale ejaculates, it weighs over 10 metric tonnes.
13:26 <Pramirez351> i didnt mean it... (TT)
13:26 <CrashingCymbal> I luv u prammeh im sori <3
13:26 <Thundergun97> IM A WHALE!!!!!
13:26 <Pramirez351> oki (kawaii)
13:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm the walrus
13:26 <Vegeta565> but 
13:26 <CrashingCymbal> "And that children, is why the sea is so salty"
13:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kookoocachoo
13:26 <Vegeta565> *bacj
13:26 <Thundergun97> OH GOD
13:26 <Grammatik> >Whale
13:26 <Grammatik> >Sea
13:27 <Vegeta565> i can't spell for hell today
13:27 <Thundergun97> also they use a grease from the whales stomach in purfume
13:27 <Pramirez351> talking about whale sperm, its...considerably NSFW i mean its a dirty joke. thats as NSFW as it gets
13:28 <CrashingCymbal> Omai hahahaha
13:28 <Vegeta565> again i feel like i'm getting watched
13:28 <Pramirez351> yeah my teacher has that poster. its a horrible one
13:29 <Thundergun97> of the topic weve been discussing
13:29 <Pramirez351> it says "carol didnt put on her safety glasses when using chemicals. she doesnt need them now"
13:29 <CrashingCymbal> Don't whales have 8 stomachs?
13:29 <Pramirez351> i was liked (facepalm)
13:29 <Thundergun97> hashtag me gusta
13:29 <Pramirez351> i dont know cymbal, i thought cows had 4
13:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 8 stomachs?
13:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sexy
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> They do, but I read somewhere that whales had 8 stomachs
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> It would make sense
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> Cuase they don't chew their food
13:30 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
13:30 <Pramirez351> nice
13:30 <Thundergun97> whales do have a simialer oran structure to cows
13:30 <CrashingCymbal> Food basically swims into their mouths
13:30 <Thundergun97> cept for giant squid
13:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ambergris is used in perfume
13:31 <Thundergun97> that's what I mentioned earlier
13:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ambergris is whale vomit
13:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> The one thing that would make that lunch perfect was a bottle of Tropicana
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> But I don't have any (:P
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> (:()
13:31 <Thundergun97> no tobacco sauce
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> :(
13:31 <CrashingCymbal> There we go
13:31 -!- Danilawliet has left Special:Chat.
13:31 <Thundergun97> tobasco
13:32 <Vegeta565> well i got i package in my mail box and i don't know if i should open it
13:32 <Thundergun97> neve have u recived a package?
13:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Tobasco < Red Spot
13:32 <Vegeta565> not once so this is weird
13:33 <Thundergun97> that moment when no ones typing
13:33 <CrashingCymbal> I might play some Crash Bandicoot
13:33 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
13:33 <Vegeta565> whatever i'm opening that dumb box
13:34 <CrashingCymbal> Ping me if you need me
13:34 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
13:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> See you guys later!
13:34 <CrashingCymbal> Pram
13:34 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Lee!
13:34 <Vegeta565> bye NeveR
13:34 <Pramirez351> yes?
13:34 <Thundergun97> see ya
13:34 <Pramirez351> bye lee
13:34 <CrashingCymbal> Would you like to read my new pasta and tell me what you think? (:P)
13:35 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
13:35 <Thundergun97> im a bit confused as to why I have no mouth is on here
13:35 <Pramirez351> cymbal im still reading alarm xD
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> And therefore I must scream
13:35 <Pramirez351> that shit is LONG
13:35 <Vegeta565> ok five t-shirts with i'm geussing fangirls names now thats Creepy
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> Very long
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> Wait
13:35 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
13:35 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
13:35 <Thundergun97> you go vegeta
13:35 <CrashingCymbal> How long have you been reading it for??
13:36 <Fullmoon67> back from my catnap
13:36 <Thundergun97> me?
13:36 <Vegeta565> this is very new to me 
13:36 <Pramirez351> sorry i was watcing this... this is the stuff creepypastas are made of
13:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure - Duration: 04:38 - Uploaded: 2013-07-08 - Rating: 4.414724 - Views: 819,534 -
13:36 <Pramirez351> also um ive been reading it ever since you told me about it cymbal
13:36 <Pramirez351> i just havent had too much time to do so
13:36 <CrashingCymbal> I see...
13:36 <CrashingCymbal> What part are you on now?
13:37 <Vegeta565> and theres one fanboy thats all i need i fanboy
13:37 <Thundergun97> its just wasn't it published a long time ago before computers as a short story
13:37 <Pramirez351> i think im in the part where you just had the first dream
13:37 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> I might ask read to divide Alarm into two parts
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
13:37 <CrashingCymbal> You have a long long long way to go hahaha
13:37 <Pramirez351> i know cymbal
13:37 <Pramirez351> i know xD
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> My new one though is less than half the length of it, if you would be interested in reading that?
13:38 <Pramirez351> ...
13:38 <Thundergun97> ive been trying to vote potm one youre stories crash but I cant figure out how
13:38 <Pramirez351> i dont know cymbal
13:38 <Pramirez351> i guess i could give it a try
13:38 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
13:38 <Vegeta565> and there's a note at the bottom of the box
13:39 <CrashingCymbal> I'll give you the link, Thunder
13:39 <Thundergun97> my god burn it
13:39 <Pramirez351> so yeah give me the link cymbal xD
13:39 <CrashingCymbal> [[Torn Apart]]
13:39 <Vegeta565> i'm going to read it first
13:39 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:39 <Vegeta565> hello Jim
13:39 <Thundergun97> vegeta you may have a new pasta
13:39 <Pramirez351> cool story bro
13:39 <Pramirez351> also hai jim
13:39 <FriendlyJim> I want to shot up my school.
13:39 <FriendlyJim> Hello
13:39 <Thundergun97> no the stich one
13:39 <FriendlyJim> *shoot
13:40 <FriendlyJim> I just wanna get a gun and kill everyone.
13:40 <Vegeta565> oh i think i'm going to burn it
13:40 <Thundergun97> what it say
13:40 <Vegeta565> fanboys say i love you and something else
13:41 <Pramirez351> so um why you so mad jim?
13:41 <FriendlyJim> What is it that you want to burn?
13:41 <Vegeta565> i note 
13:41 <FriendlyJim> Because I hate my teachers and every single pupil.
13:41 <CrashingCymbal> Ping me if you need me!
13:41 <Vegeta565> ok
13:42 <FriendlyJim> I know how to use a rifle, it wouldn't really be that hard.
13:42 <Thundergun97> well crap sleep with a Rambo knife nearby
13:42 <FriendlyJim> I'd be the first Swedish school shooter.
13:42 <Vegeta565> yep i think i'm going to buy a katana
13:43 <Thundergun97> u realize one of us could report u right now if we took it seriously right?
13:43 <Vegeta565> i'm kidding 
13:43 <Thundergun97> not you jim
13:43 <Vegeta565> sorry
13:44 <Thundergun97> some kid threatened to shoot everyone at my school nearly got beat to death
13:44 <FriendlyJim> I do realize that, but why would you?
13:44 <Vegeta565> because thats bad like really bad
13:44 <FriendlyJim> I'd just cleanse it, remove the weakest links.
13:44 <Thundergun97> cause ive been thrue that kind of threat before
13:44 <Vegeta565> Dude thats not funny 
13:45 <FriendlyJim> I'm not going to shoot up my school, but I'd like too.
13:45 <Grammatik> ^
13:45 <Vegeta565> Dude that creepy
13:45 <Thundergun97> whos hosting the chat
13:46 <Pramirez351> dam it cymbal! why cant we have a holday THIS nice? (QQ)
13:46 <Thundergun97> seriously man im kinda tempted to call up some cops
13:46 <FriendlyJim> Please don't.
13:46 <Pramirez351> thats dumb thundergun
13:46 <FriendlyJim> I'm not going to be naugthy.
13:47 <FriendlyJim> It just feels good to went.
13:47 <Thundergun97> never make a joke like that again?pram ive been thrue that crap ok I don't think its funny
13:47 <Pramirez351> seriously man, we are teenagers here. yeah there has been some stupid people in the past, but if you are going to blackmail someone thundergun, then do it in PM. tell them you arent comfortable talking about that
13:48 <Pramirez351> i know but its just not professional to do it on main
13:48 <FriendlyJim> It wasn't a joke, I would like to do it. However I want.
13:48 <Thundergun97> sry kinda got carried away kinda close to home uknow
13:49 -!- Necrosanity has joined Special:Chat
13:49 <Necrosanity> 'Lo. ._.
13:49 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
13:49 <Pramirez351> hai emily and necro :P
13:49 <Vegeta565> Hello Emily and Necro
13:49 <Emily4ever> Hi everyone 
13:49 <Vegeta565> i'm going insane 
13:49 <Necrosanity> Hi, Pram. And Vegeta. ._.
13:50 <Thundergun97> what ure note move
13:50 <Emily4ever> sorry having problems 
13:50 <Vegeta565> no thunder can't find my pills
13:50 <Pramirez351> hey emily
13:50 <Pramirez351> do you like bad boys?
13:51 <Pramirez351> i dont mean to brag, but when i eject my USB, i do so without removing it safely (cigar)
13:51 <FriendlyJim> It's just that I have to attend my fucking school 4 more years.
13:51 <Thundergun97> jim I apologize if I overreacted I just don't find that stuff funny in anyway
13:52 <Vegeta565> same here sorry buddy
13:52 <FriendlyJim> I shouldn't have said the things I said either.
13:52 <FriendlyJim> I'm sorry.
13:52 <Vegeta565> its ok buddy
13:52 <Thundergun97> is cool alls forgiven 
13:53 <Emily4ever> wait
13:53 <Emily4ever> brb
13:53 <Vegeta565> its fine i'm going insane i can't find my pills and i'm going insane 
13:53 -!- CreepypastaGamer12345 has joined Special:Chat
13:53 <FriendlyJim> I just get so fucking furious when I think about going back to that fucking place.
13:53 <CrashingCymbal> PM, Thunder.
13:53 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
13:53 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
13:53 <Emily4ever> back
13:53 <FriendlyJim> The education system is getting worse and worse.
13:54 <Vegeta565> yeah same here but i have only 2 years left in school
13:54 <Pramirez351> hello creepypastagamer
13:54 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
13:54 <FriendlyJim> I have 4 years left in school, and I hate everyone there.
13:54 <Vegeta565> i hate it so i kinda cut school almost every day
13:54 <Pramirez351> wb emily :P
13:55 <Pramirez351> hey emily, did you see my bad boy joke?
13:55 <Pramirez351> dam it! *slams face on desk*
13:56 <Vegeta565> same here i've been called names but Devin gave me good advice everyone on the chat last night.
13:56 <FriendlyJim> I hate all the sub-human teachers, the sub-human students, and the totalitarian mindset the Swedish education system imposes on the young.
13:57 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Pramirez351> welp i gtg run now
13:57 <Emily4ever> back
13:57 <Pramirez351> also wb emily xD nice picture :P
13:57 <FriendlyJim> Bye Pram.
13:57 <Thundergun97> I got suspend last school session for busting some kid in the mouth for harassing me dislocated a knuckle
13:57 <Pramirez351> bai jim
13:57 <Vegeta565> bye jim
13:57 <Thundergun97> see ya
13:57 <Emily4ever> thanks pram
13:57 <FriendlyJim> I won't leave.
13:57 <Pramirez351> hey emily, did you see my bad boy joke?
13:57 <FriendlyJim> I'll stay.
13:58 <FriendlyJim> Pram is going to leave.
13:58 <Emily4ever> no
13:58 <Vegeta565> I got suspended for one thing i'll pm you thunder ok
13:58 <Pramirez351> hey emily
13:58 <Pramirez351> do you like bad boys?
13:58 <Pramirez351> i dont mean to brag, but when i eject my USB, i do so without removing it safely (cigar)
13:58 <Child Of Mantra> time for a do wop
13:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Eddie Cochran - The Best Of [Full Album] - Duration: 01:29:11 - Uploaded: 2013-01-11 - Rating: 4.944134 - Views: 45,496 -
13:58 <FriendlyJim> Hello Aron.
13:58 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
13:58 <Emily4ever> XD
13:59 <Thundergun97> so Emily dooo you like bad boys?: / jk
13:59 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD take forever emily xD bai now
13:59 <Emily4ever> not really 
13:59 <Child Of Mantra> Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do
13:59 <Vegeta565> bye pram
13:59 <Pramirez351> thats what they all say emily (cigar) 
13:59 <Pramirez351> and then they meet me
13:59 <Emily4ever> Bye Pram
13:59 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
13:59 <Thundergun97> no shame
13:59 <Child Of Mantra> bai
14:00 <Emily4ever> what was Pram implying 
14:00 <Child Of Mantra> He was joking
14:00 <Grammatik> Back.
14:00 <Emily4ever> ok
14:00 <Child Of Mantra> Welcome back.
14:00 <FriendlyJim> Wb
14:00 <Vegeta565> I have no shame in what i do but if its something really bad yea. Wb Gramm
14:00 <Emily4ever> wb
14:01 <Thundergun97> I was talking bout pram also u should send like a voodoo doll to ure fan boy
14:01 -!- Zippedkiki has joined Special:Chat
14:01 <FriendlyJim> Aron, I thought you'd make modship.
14:01 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
14:01 <Vegeta565> yeah i should
14:01 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:01 <Grammatik> Danke
14:01 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
14:01 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:01 <Child Of Mantra> I think they have to nominate again
14:01 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
14:01 <Child Of Mantra> in a different way
14:02 <Thundergun97> you send me that message?
14:02 <Vegeta565> oh shoot hold on
14:02 <Emily4ever> im tired
14:02 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah they do.
14:02 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Thundergun97> vote for stich crash
14:03 <Emily4ever> hmm i expected more people to come
14:03 <Superplankofdeath> where is the voting
14:03 <Emily4ever> slow chat
14:03 <CrashingCymbal> Who is Stich?
14:04 <Emily4ever> idk
14:04 <Emily4ever> have not been here for a week
14:04 <Thundergun97> stiched sisters I voted for it thought it was the shit
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> Ah [[The Stitch Twins]]
14:05 <Emily4ever> *yawn*
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, that is a wonderful, wonderful pasta.
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> IT NEEDS TO WIN POTM SOMEDAY
14:05 <FriendlyJim>
14:05 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
14:05 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
14:05 <CrashingCymbal> So y'all motherfuckers read it.
14:06 <Emily4ever> oops
14:06 <Thundergun97> don't no why  I say sisters one was a guy but ilike referring to the original twins
14:06 <Emily4ever> i dont feel like it sorry
14:06 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not sure if they were sisters or siblings, I thought they were two sisters haha (:P)
14:06 <Child Of Mantra> Jim
14:06 <Vegeta565> brb someone knocking on the door 
14:07 <Child Of Mantra> what do you think of this?
14:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Primus: Last Salmon Man - Duration: 06:16 - Uploaded: 2011-09-23 - Rating: 4.822222 - Views: 9,272 -
14:07 <Emily4ever> (pizza)
14:07 <Emily4ever> im hungry 
14:07 <Superplankofdeath> brb
14:08 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
14:08 <FriendlyJim> This sounds pretty alternative.
14:08 <Thundergun97> the nerdy one was a guy you said him at one point
14:08 <Vegeta565> holy lord not fun gosh darn
14:08 <Child Of Mantra> Primus sucks
14:08 <Thundergun97> they have too good songs I like cake theyre kinda of indi but cool
14:09 <Emily4ever> Nomnom (cookie) ^_^
14:09 <Thundergun97> i see what you did ther
14:09 <Emily4ever> me?
14:10 <Thundergun97> i said cake and u said nomnom sry thought u were making jokes
14:10 <Vegeta565> i got two more boxes oh god
14:10 <Vegeta565> this is creepy
14:10 <Thundergun97> come on creepy doll
14:10 <FriendlyJim> Aron, link me your favourite QOTSA song.
14:11 <Child Of Mantra> I don't have a favorite
14:11 <Thundergun97> that's what u get for posting address on internet vegeta
14:11 <Emily4ever> nope i just love cookies ^_^
14:11 <Child Of Mantra> this one is close though
14:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Queens of the Stone Age - Auto Pilot - Duration: 04:33 - Uploaded: 2007-05-16 - Rating: 4.955432 - Views: 450,233 -
14:11 <FriendlyJim> Well, link me one of your favourites.
14:11 <FriendlyJim> Ninja'd
14:12 <Thundergun97> doesont queens have dave groll
14:12 <Emily4ever> Thundergun97 are you new here
14:12 <Thundergun97> just strted yesterday
14:12 <Emily4ever> ok
14:12 <Child Of Mantra> Your spelling hurts
14:12 <Vegeta565> A fanfiction with a doll and the other box has a necklace with my birth stone and one more FanFiction  
14:13 <Emily4ever> I need a soda
14:13 <Emily4ever> brb
14:13 <Thundergun97> some times i misspell on purpose
14:13 <Thundergun97> also ttly called the doll vegeta didn't i
14:14 <Vegeta565> yep
14:14 <FriendlyJim> Can't we start native language week? For one full week every one must speak their native language.
14:14 <Child Of Mantra> That would be chaos
14:14 <Thundergun97> its almost as if im the one who sent it MUHAHAMUHA
14:14 <FriendlyJim> Everyone*
14:14 <Vegeta565> O.o
14:14 <Emily4ever> back
14:14 <FriendlyJim> Varför skulle det vara kaos? Det skulle vara kul.
14:14 <Emily4ever> i know french 
14:15 <Thundergun97> AMERICA STEAK EAGLES
14:15 <Emily4ever> a little
14:15 <Emily4ever> ?
14:15 <FriendlyJim> Jag skulle kunna prata så här hela tiden.
14:15 <Emily4ever> ? what
14:15 <FriendlyJim> Ingen skulle förstå någonting.
14:15 <Vegeta565> here we go fanfic one.
14:15 <Thundergun97> i am so out of touch with my Swedish heritage
14:16 <Emily4ever> well bye i need to go
14:16 <Thundergun97> see ya
14:16 <Emily4ever> *hugs everyone*
14:16 <Vegeta565> bye Emily
14:16 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <FriendlyJim> I said something along the lines of. "Why would it be chaos, it would be fun." "Nobody would understand me."
14:16 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
14:17 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
14:17 <FriendlyJim> Quick, everyone say one short sentence in their native tounge.
14:17 <Vegeta565> wow this dude is twisted 
14:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> Uploading my first LP to YouTube!
14:17 <Thundergun97> i only know one line of Spanish------ me gusta
14:17 <Superplankofdeath> phog ma phon
14:17 <Superplankofdeath> if thats spelled right
14:17 <Afterlife and Redshade> Me moosta
14:18 <Afterlife and Redshade> .
14:18 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
14:18 <FriendlyJim> Jag kanske blir bannad för det här. (:D)
14:18 <Thundergun97> what vegeta
14:18 <Thundergun97> you take that back
14:18 <Child Of Mantra> LUTEFISK
14:18 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Vegeta565> this fanfic is groos god damn
14:19 <FriendlyJim> Aron, say something in Icelandic.
14:19 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:19 <Child Of Mantra> Nei, Ryddu ther
14:19 <FriendlyJim> \m/
14:19 <IShallCreepYouOut>
14:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Mother 3 - Final Boss and Full Ending (English, 480p) - Duration: 47:53 - Uploaded: 2012-08-17 - Rating: 4.333334 - Views: 819 -
14:19 <FriendlyJim> What does it mean?
14:19 <Child Of Mantra> No, Fuck you.
14:19 <FriendlyJim> (:D)
14:19 <Thundergun97> lol
14:19 <FriendlyJim> Nej, knulla dig.
14:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
14:19 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <FriendlyJim> Hej
14:20 <Thundergun97> im Swedish by heritage
14:20 <Superplankofdeath> does anybody know what phog ma phon means
14:20 <Superplankofdeath> if thats spelled right
14:20 <FriendlyJim> Can you say "My name is Thunder"?
14:20 <Thundergun97> is it vietnamese
14:20 <Child Of Mantra> Fuck my phone?
14:20 <Superplankofdeath> no
14:20 <FriendlyJim> Jag heter åska.
14:20 <FriendlyJim> Knull
14:21 <Superplankofdeath> irish for fuck is ag fuck
14:21 <Vegeta565> i 15 year old wrote it
14:21 <Thundergun97> jag heter aska KNULL
14:21 <FriendlyJim> Do you know what knull means?
14:21 <Child Of Mantra> sex
14:21 <Thundergun97> bitch?
14:21 <FriendlyJim> Aron, you dirty person.
14:21 <FriendlyJim> And yes, it's sex.
14:21 <Superplankofdeath> a fuck dóibh siúd go léir capaillíní fucking
14:21 <Child Of Mantra> Hippies are dirty
14:21 <Thundergun97> i am thunder sex
14:21 <Thundergun97> god best thing ever typed
14:21 <Vegeta565> OWW!
14:22 <FriendlyJim> Well, it means fuck.
14:22 <FriendlyJim> Fuck and sex.
14:22 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <Thundergun97> thunder fuck i like it
14:22 <FriendlyJim> Mostly fuck.
14:22 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
14:22 <FriendlyJim> Hello Adam!
14:22 <Superplankofdeath> put that in too google translate somebody
14:23 <Thundergun97> is irish called gaelic or irish?
14:23 <Superplankofdeath> both i think
14:23 <Superplankofdeath> mainly irish
14:23 <Vegeta565> i'm part Japimess 
14:23 <FriendlyJim> One of the most common Swedish swearwords is fitta.
14:23 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <FriendlyJim> Guess what fitta means.
14:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Damn this internet
14:23 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai guys
14:23 <Thundergun97> ok that's gotta be bitch watched enough pewdipie
14:23 <FriendlyJim> Hello Adam.
14:24 <Child Of Mantra> Most common norwegian swear words is actually Satan
14:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm only gonna be one for like a few minutes
14:24 <Superplankofdeath> gailge is another word
14:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> *on
14:24 <FriendlyJim> No, fitta means cunt.
14:24 <FriendlyJim> Jävla fitta is also common.
14:24 <FriendlyJim> Or djävla fitta.
14:24 <Child Of Mantra> brb
14:24 <FriendlyJim> Spelling varies.
14:24 <Vegeta565> so sorry i'm cleaning my room
14:24 <Adam Carl Castillo> And hai Jim
14:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> fucking cunt? heh.
14:25 <FriendlyJim> More like devily cunt.
14:25 <Superplankofdeath> did somebody put that into google translate yet
14:25 <Superplankofdeath> this a fuck dóibh siúd go léir capaillíní fucking
14:25 <Thundergun97> aska fitta
14:25 <Superplankofdeath> dont put in the this
14:25 <Vegeta565> back
14:25 <FriendlyJim> Åska
14:25 <FriendlyJim> Å is O+A
14:25 <FriendlyJim> O+Aska
14:25 <Thundergun97> what do umlauts do?
14:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Feels great having Hayley's crested bangs.
14:26 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
14:26 <Horrorfan1> Hey guys
14:26 <Vegeta565> i still can't find my pills and hi
14:26 <FriendlyJim> Well, it's a way of combining letters into one sound.
14:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> I styled my hair with a more male version of Hayley's crested bangs
14:26 <Thundergun97> pills here
14:26 <FriendlyJim> We have the ÅÄÖ
14:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> And hai Horror
14:26 <Thundergun97> ok so do the double dots always go over o
14:27 <Horrorfan1> How you doi9n'?
14:27 <Horrorfan1> Damn
14:27 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hahaha about to go
14:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> Kinda okay, horror.
14:27 <FriendlyJim> Å is A+O, Ä is A+E, Ö is O+E
14:27 -!- Superplankofdeath was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
14:27 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
14:27 <FriendlyJim> We have A too.
14:27 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
14:27 <CrashingCymbal> Also, English only please.
14:27 <Adam Carl Castillo> My mom's gonna use the laptop again
14:27 <Child Of Mantra> Norwegians have ÆÅØ
14:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
14:27 <Vegeta565> Hi Zack
14:27 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi zack
14:28 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <Adam Carl Castillo> brb
14:28 <Child Of Mantra> Icelandics have more, but i shouldn't post it because last time someone got pissy about it
14:28 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi plank
14:28 <Thundergun97> im real interested in Nordic history
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> Plank, you have been warned about bashing people based on what they like. Don't do it again/
14:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Vegeta and Creep
14:28 <FriendlyJim> Yes, but Norway is Swedens weird sister.
14:28 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, i have a friend who is Åse tru
14:28 <Vegeta565> brb going to do a front flip
14:28 <FriendlyJim> Sweden's*
14:28 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
14:28 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
14:28 <Child Of Mantra> What is Iceland then?
14:28 <Superplankofdeath> sorry why was i kicked
14:28 <CrashingCymbal> I just said so.
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> i did not see it
14:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> CrashingCymbal 
14:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Plank, you have been warned about bashing people based on what they like. Don't do it again/
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> oh
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Insulting MLP fans AGAIN.
14:29 <FriendlyJim> Iceland is Norway and Sweden's bad ass incestous baby.
14:29 <Thundergun97> all i know eric the red tricked a bunch of saps into moving to greenland
14:29 <Vegeta565> i'm back
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> i said ponies
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> as in horses
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> i dont like horses
14:29 <CrashingCymbal> Don't bullshit me.
14:29 <Child Of Mantra> Did you know that norwegian vikings sent the craziest sonsabitches to Iceland?
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> no seriously
14:29 <Child Of Mantra> So iceland was sort of an asylum.
14:29 <Superplankofdeath> there always shiting all over the road
14:29 <Thundergun97> wasint ivar the boneless from iceland
14:30 <Superplankofdeath> i hate them
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Really, Mantra?
14:30 <FriendlyJim> Well, Iceland was colonized by a few Swedes too.
14:30 <Child Of Mantra> Actually people spread horse shit on the grasss Plank
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Haha that's a wonderful way to form a country (:P)
14:30 <Child Of Mantra> To freshen it up
14:30 <FriendlyJim> Mostly Norwegians though.
14:30 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
14:30 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
14:30 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, i have a joke
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> I wonder if Denmark did that with Greenland.
14:30 <Thundergun97> wasn't Sweden and Norway like the first Scandinavian country
14:30 <FriendlyJim> Tell your joke.
14:30 <Superplankofdeath> whats the difference between horses and ponies if there is any
14:30 <Child Of Mantra> Do you know why Sweden has the prettiest women?
14:30 <Vegeta565> i might go get one more tattoo right on my neck or the arm
14:30 <CrashingCymbal> Ponies are smaller
14:31 <FriendlyJim> Why?
14:31 <Thundergun97> horses are huge
14:31 <Child Of Mantra> Because they left the ugly ones in their raids
14:31 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
14:31 <FriendlyJim> (:D)
14:31 <Superplankofdeath> why did i say pnies
14:31 <Superplankofdeath> *ponies
14:31 <Superplankofdeath> there horses
14:31 <Child Of Mantra> My granmpy told me that one, along with a shit ton of racist jokes
14:31 <Thundergun97> Icelandic people kidnaped and mated with so many irish women it affected theyre genetic make up
14:31 <FriendlyJim> Did you know that Norway and Finland have both belonged to Sweden until just recently?
14:31 <CrashingCymbal> What?
14:31 <Superplankofdeath> did they
14:31 <CrashingCymbal> Really? haha
14:32 <Superplankofdeath> i was in finland
14:32 <Superplankofdeath> and thats how i found out about iron maiden
14:32 <Child Of Mantra> Norway just got out of the union
14:32 <Thundergun97> alsp leif ericksons  sister was a badass
14:32 <Child Of Mantra> Iron Maiden fucking rocks
14:32 <FriendlyJim> Plank, PM
14:32 <Thundergun97> yes indeed
14:32 <Jeffsson> wahhh i fell asleep
14:32 <Child Of Mantra> The finns are like Ewoks
14:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Time to start writing again, hopefully
14:33 <Vegeta565> my head hurts like hell
14:33 <FriendlyJim> We lost Finland to Russia.
14:33 <FriendlyJim> And Norway left because fuck Sweden.
14:33 <Superplankofdeath> do russia own finland?
14:34 <FriendlyJim> No, they freed themselves.
14:34 <Superplankofdeath> oh
14:34 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
14:34 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, have you heard of Solstice?
14:34 <Vegeta565> Hi Weaver
14:34 <Child Of Mantra>
14:34 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Solstice - Transmogrified - Duration: 03:46 - Uploaded: 2009-02-13 - Rating: 4.956044 - Views: 128,282 -
14:34 <Thundergun97> when leif landed in America a bunch of skrellings aka native americans attacked them they all ran accept leifs sister  who was pregnant ripped of her top beat her chest with a sword tarzan style and bum rushed the indians
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> hey everyone
14:34 <FriendlyJim> Solstice? Like on grass dick day?
14:35 <Thundergun97> ah history suck it columbus
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> hey, does anyone here know if it is possible to run skype of a memory stick?
14:35 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Weavs!
14:35 <Vegeta565> dude these fanfics are gross
14:35 <Nightweaver2112> hey cym
14:36 <Child Of Mantra> They should like find a type of metal and call it Dionium
14:36 <Superplankofdeath> what fanfics
14:36 <Child Of Mantra> Metal element i mean
14:36 <Thundergun97> so jim whatd u think of that story
14:36 <FriendlyJim> They sound pretty Thrashy.
14:36 <FriendlyJim> I don't even know to be honest.
14:37 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
14:37 <Thundergun97> Vikings were sum crazy sons of bitches
14:37 <Vegeta565> Hi BRVB
14:37 <Superplankofdeath> they didnt actually have horns in their helmets did they
14:37 <Thundergun97> nope
14:37 <Superplankofdeath> why do people think that
14:37 <Thundergun97> cause it looks awsome
14:38 <Thundergun97> i think the opera started that with flight of the valkiries
14:38 <Vegeta565> i hate living with my brother
14:38 <FriendlyJim> Did you know that there are lots of Finnish place with a majority of Swedish speakers?
14:38 <FriendlyJim> That's because Sweden owned Finland for so long.
14:38 <Thundergun97> England owned india until 1920
14:39 <CrashingCymbal> Suomi is the weirdest language I have heard/seen.
14:39 <Thundergun97> missisipi made slavery illegal last year
14:39 <CrashingCymbal> India was a very valuable resource to the United Kingdom, Thunder. (:P)
14:39 <Superplankofdeath> tá mé an plank aon málaí.   what does this say
14:39 <Superplankofdeath> no it has nothing to do with ponies
14:39 <CrashingCymbal> English only, also.
14:40 <Superplankofdeath> oh ok
14:40 <Vegeta565> My stupid brother is home
14:40 <Thundergun97> mississispi finaly ratified the amendment that made slavery illegal in the state last year
14:40 <Superplankofdeath> only last year?
14:40 <Nightweaver2112> is is something to do with ponies, plank? (derp)
14:41 <Superplankofdeath> no like i said its not
14:41 <FriendlyJim> Mississippi is a fucking racist shit hole.
14:41 <Superplankofdeath> and that was not that type of ponies
14:41 -!- VaughanTES has joined Special:Chat
14:41 <VaughanTES> ponies
14:41 <Thundergun97> they were the largest producer of cotton
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> it was a joke, plank
14:41 <Superplankofdeath> i know
14:42 <Thundergun97> the south is jacked up
14:42 <Vegeta565> my head hurts so bad
14:42 <Thundergun97> good food though
14:42 <FriendlyJim> I wish Denmark would retake Scania, we don't want that fucking shit no more.
14:43 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
14:43 <Freddy krueger> Hello
14:43 <FriendlyJim> Just a bunch of homophobic racists with fucked up accents.
14:43 <Thundergun97> ha jst watched nightmare on elm street yesterday
14:43 <Vegeta565> I HATE MY BROTHER! sorry i'm really anger
14:43 <VaughanTES> ponidx
14:43 <VaughanTES> ponies
14:44 <Thundergun97> hello freddy im jason
14:44 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:44 <Freddy krueger> No you are not
14:45 <VaughanTES> ponies
14:45 <Vegeta565> Hey my brother's name is Jason
14:45 <VaughanTES> ponies
14:45 <Thundergun97> aren't i?
14:45 <VaughanTES> ponies
14:45 -!- VaughanTES has left Special:Chat.
14:46 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Nightweaver2112> im guessing that guy liked ponies
14:46 <Vegeta565> Wb Jim
14:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
14:46 <FriendlyJim> Hello
14:46 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:46 <Vegeta565> hello
14:47 <Thundergun97> if ure questioning the new found intelligence i could be the remake version pre reanimation
14:47 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
14:47 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> WB Jim and Lee.
14:47 -!- Predomorph has joined Special:Chat
14:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi neve
14:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi predo
14:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey everyone
14:47 <Predomorph> who else loves my photo :P
14:47 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh my fucking god :/
14:47 <Thundergun97> sup neve
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> I've already started working on my next pasta (:P)
14:47 <Thundergun97> whats the concept
14:47 <CrashingCymbal> I can't wait to show y'all (:P) 
14:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh sweet halibut
14:47 <Predomorph> i havnt made one pasta that stays on the site ;_;
14:48 <Predomorph> im quite sad about it :L
14:48 <Superplankofdeath> i want too write a pasta about myself
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> A dismissed surgeon trying to perform unorthodox surgery on unsuspecting victims 
14:48 <Thundergun97> i wana make a pasta don't know were to go though
14:48 <Superplankofdeath> but im too useless at everything
14:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> Fuck, i'm feeling dizzy
14:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Predo dat avatar
14:48 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
14:48 <Predomorph> i know :D
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hipster Jeff.
14:48 <Predomorph> Go to sleep - Grandpa Jeff
14:48 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
14:48 <CrashingCymbal> Or Grandpa
14:49 <CrashingCymbal> That works to
14:49 <Predomorph> XD
14:49 <CrashingCymbal> *too
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> urgh...i am so bored...
14:49 <Predomorph> guys is it possible to add people on this?
14:49 <Superplankofdeath> 
14:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The H-Ear, Hipster Hearing Aid - Duration: 02:20 - Uploaded: 2013-07-08 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 83 -
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> no
14:49 <Thundergun97> i had an idea about an orthodontist whom operates on himself replacing his teeth with shark like dentures
14:49 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
14:49 <Superplankofdeath> you need the hipster hearing aid
14:49 <NoOneWillSee> Quick, need help
14:49 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
14:49 <Thundergun97> what
14:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm trying to write my pasta and some person is liking ALL of my stuff. EVERYTHING I've written or linked down in the past few months >_<
14:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi no one
14:49 <Emily4ever> hey
14:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> This one friend of mine tried strangling(for a joke) me, and eversince i have been dizzy...
14:49 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> So much fucking spam
14:49 <Predomorph> hi emily and Noone
14:49 <Nightweaver2112> hello emily
14:49 <Emily4ever> im back
14:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Emily
14:50 <Nightweaver2112> where have you been?
14:50 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
14:50 <Predomorph> my friend almost killed me in school last year -_-
14:50 <Emily4ever> i've been busy
14:50 <Predomorph> hes a dumbass
14:50 <Superplankofdeath> how
14:50 <Vegeta565> i'm so mad right now i get relax myself
14:50 <Predomorph> choking me
14:50 <Predomorph> >.>
14:50 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
14:50 <Emily4ever> with all the moving
14:50 <Superplankofdeath> oh jesus
14:50 <Thundergun97> crash scroll up a bit and look at my idea
14:50 <NoOneWillSee> Dione.
14:50 <Vegeta565> *i can't
14:50 <Predomorph> i have ideas for great stories if anyone wants them
14:50 <Freddy krueger> Oh why would he do that ?
14:50 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone wanna read my newesty pasta?
14:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You friend sounds kinky Predo
14:50 <Predomorph> i cant really make any of my own
14:50 <Vegeta565> i will
14:51 <NoOneWillSee>
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> Go free!
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> Its a bit long\ish
14:51 <Predomorph> well im ganna go read NoOnes creepypasta
14:51 <Predomorph> Bye
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> Thankyou.
14:51 -!- Predomorph has left Special:Chat.
14:51 <Freddy krueger> It's better be scary
14:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey my name is Geoffrey! :D
14:51 <Superplankofdeath> did you write this noOne
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> >_> Okay, sheesh..
14:51 <CrashingCymbal> I'll read it, NoOne
14:51 <Thundergun97> as long as u mention me ill let u guys use my ideas
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> Yes I did Super.
14:51 <Superplankofdeath> its very good
14:51 <NoOneWillSee> Think so?
14:52 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <NoOneWillSee> I was gonna continue it.
14:52 <Vegeta565> its great
14:52 <CrashingCymbal> That's really good, Thunder!
14:52 <Superplankofdeath> please do
14:52 <NoOneWillSee> But then I was like, ehhhhh...
14:52 <Thundergun97> ill check it out in a sec
14:52 <CrashingCymbal> If you could juice between 3,000 - 5,000 words out of that I would be very impressed (:P)
14:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Noone is your pasta about me? (Kawaii)
14:52 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
14:52 <Diamondzarebright> Of course Jeff is talking to June... 
14:52 <Superplankofdeath> its about himself
14:52 <NoOneWillSee> No, Lee.
14:52 <Vegeta565> I can't get calm my god
14:52 <Superplankofdeath> i think
14:52 <Thundergun97> i actualy right short stories to kill time
14:52 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
14:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Awww (okay)
14:52 <Emily4ever> what
14:53 <NoOneWillSee> Its okay Lee. Maybe if I continuie Eternus Nova you'll be in the sexcond one.
14:53 <NoOneWillSee> *second
14:53 <NoOneWillSee> >_>
14:53 <NoOneWillSee> <_<
14:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
14:53 <Thundergun97> what does he title mean
14:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sexcond
14:53 <NoOneWillSee> New Eternity.
14:53 <Superplankofdeath> PUT ME IN THE SECOND ONE PLEASE!
14:53 <Superplankofdeath> i want too be in a pasta
14:53 <Emily4ever> who is jeff
14:54 <Thundergun97> it shall be called ponies
14:54 <Vegeta565> My head is going nuts with all these memories.
14:54 <NoOneWillSee> I want it to be a collab, so maybe I could get one of the greats to help out weith the continutity
14:54 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
14:54 <Diamondzarebright> NO ONE
14:54 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:54 <NoOneWillSee> Yes?
14:54 <Diamondzarebright> xD
14:54 <Thundergun97> ill be willing to put in some ideas
14:54 <Vegeta565> Hello Gramm
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Whats so funneh?
14:55 <Grammatik> Hi Jim and everyone else
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Hello Grammat.
14:55 <Grammatik> And hi Vegeta
14:55 <Emily4ever> im not talking to no one
14:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi gram
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> >+_>
14:55 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hello gram
14:55 <Diamondzarebright> its just that no one is a term
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Why.
14:55 <Emily4ever> kk
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> Same with me, and I have written a PoTM, so I am very proud :D
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Yeah, I kinda expected the...yesh.
14:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat
14:55 <CrashingCymbal> I'm working on a new one now.
14:55 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Anyone rated my story yet?
14:55 <NoOneWillSee> Or at least opinions?
14:56 <Emily4ever> can i see it
14:56 <NoOneWillSee>
14:56 <Vegeta565> brb someone is knocking on my door again
14:56 <Thundergun97> want to write on so bad have about thirty stories already written have no idea how to post
14:56 <Emily4ever> thanks 
14:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh my fucking god!!
14:56 <NoOneWillSee> Whoa there.
14:56 <NoOneWillSee> Im at work, Zack.
14:56 <NoOneWillSee> Safe for work words
14:56 <IShallCreepYouOut> I am gonna eat and see if my hunger is what's causing my dizzyness, BRB.
14:56 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
14:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Constant spam! It really annoys me
14:56 <Emily4ever> What Zack
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> I can't believe I'm about to say this
14:57 <Thundergun97> what do you do if its not a creepy question
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> What spam?
14:57 <Emily4ever> Where?
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> But...
14:57 <Superplankofdeath> is this ceeb or somebody pretending to be him 
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> My new story is going to be a lot like Funnymouth
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> Its not ceeb
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> Crashing, I are ashamed.
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> For you.
14:57 <Superplankofdeath> is it turtle cake something
14:57 <Diamondzarebright> tis roleplaying account
14:57 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
14:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm trying to write my damn pastas and some idiot is constantly spamming me
14:57 <Emily4ever> rene
14:57 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
14:57 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
14:57 <Vegeta565> Great thats all i need more boxes
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> Banhammah him.
14:57 <Diamondzarebright> wat
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sorry NoOne :(
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> BUT I PROMISE
14:57 <Superplankofdeath> who
14:57 <CrashingCymbal> The end product will be fabulous! :D
14:57 <NoOneWillSee> Its okay, Fanny month was a good pasta.
14:58 <NoOneWillSee> *funny
14:58 <CrashingCymbal> I will make sure of it (:P)
14:58 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <Emily4ever> is rene your real name?
14:58 <CrashingCymbal> WB Weavs
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> frigging internet...
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> same time every day
14:58 <Vegeta565> wb NeveR and Weaver
14:58 <NoOneWillSee> Damn, Predos taking helkluva time reading my pasta...
14:58 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
14:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I got like 70 notifications in like 5 minutes
14:58 <NoOneWillSee> ^
14:58 <NoOneWillSee> WTF
14:58 <Vegeta565> ouch
14:58 <Nightweaver2112> it goes down at the same time every day for the same amount of tiem...
14:58 <Emily4ever> lol
14:58 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <Superplankofdeath> how zack
14:59 <NoOneWillSee> Ban the spam like a ham.
14:59 <Thundergun97> i have a hard time sitting down and writing something long i prefer writing short stories but im actualy trying to write a full lenghth novel
14:59 <NoOneWillSee> brb
14:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> On Quotev
14:59 <Vegeta565> hi jim
14:59 <Emily4ever> *time
14:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The site I write at
14:59 <FriendlyJim> I can't believe my father paid for a torrented copy of The Omen. (facepalm)
14:59 <Diamondzarebright> I has quotev 
14:59 <FriendlyJim> Hello
14:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> This person said 'I only spam the people I care about' I said 'And, it's pissing me off so stop'
14:59 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
14:59 <Thundergun97> good movie
14:59 <Superplankofdeath> thats me zack
14:59 <Superplankofdeath> no im only messing
15:00 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I know exactly who it is
15:00 <Superplankofdeath> who
15:00 <Emily4ever> OH rene did you mean Jeff the killer
15:00 <Vegeta565> i really feel mad but no one got me mad
15:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> One of my mates I've known for ages
15:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> But it's still annoying as hell
15:00 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
15:00 -!- Midnight fallen the demon of destruction has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <Diamondzarebright> I love tormenting myself with dunbass Slender Man vids xD 
15:00 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Yo
15:00 <Emily4ever> Long name 
15:00 <Diamondzarebright> long ass name thar xD 
15:01 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> grr
15:01 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, you still there?
15:01 <Diamondzarebright> ugh 
15:01 <Diamondzarebright> derp 
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah I am here.
15:01 <Emily4ever> (derp)
15:01 <Grammatik> I got logged out
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> I'm writing at the moment (:P)
15:01 <Grammatik> .-.
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> WB Grammy
15:01 <Grammatik> Danke
15:01 <FriendlyJim> Did I teach you the difference between Death and Black Metal?
15:01 <Freddy krueger> Wb gramm
15:01 <Thundergun97> since i cant post anything can i shoot ideas at someone send em some short stories and have them "publish"them cymbal
15:01 <CrashingCymbal> Tes, yes you did.
15:01 <Grammatik> Danke Fred
15:01 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> death is better nuff said
15:02 <FriendlyJim> Do you want to know more sometime?
15:02 <Superplankofdeath> whats the difference jim
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> Why can't you post anything?
15:02 <Superplankofdeath> i have no idea
15:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> +She went back like 5 months of stuff just to spam me
15:02 <FriendlyJim> The most basic difference is the vocals.
15:02 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Bored again
15:02 <Thundergun97> don't know how im za noob
15:02 <CrashingCymbal> I think I will be okay haha, but if you want to tell me about it, I will listen.
15:03 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  yes you are thunder
15:03 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:03 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> Oh okay, well, go to the homepage.
15:03 <Thundergun97> also ave an idea an online mmo but when a certin boss kills players they die in real life
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> And click the "Contribute" box in the top right hand corner
15:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Origin - Endless Cure - Duration: 05:01 - Uploaded: 2010-02-17 - Rating: 3.000000 - Views: 231 -
15:03 <FriendlyJim> Shrieks- Growls/Grunts
15:03 -!- MEMJ0123 has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <Vegeta565> the noob here is me 
15:03 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Maj!
15:04 <FriendlyJim> Listen to them both.
15:04 <Superplankofdeath> would i be considered a noob
15:04 <CrashingCymbal> Yup
15:04 <FriendlyJim> I am a noob.
15:04 <Superplankofdeath> fuck
15:04 <Thundergun97> thanks crash realy appreciate it finaly going to get some stuff out there
15:04 <CrashingCymbal> No, that Yup was directed towards Jim
15:04 <Grammatik> I'm a regular
15:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm going to go, spam has pissed me off so I need to go kill things on games
15:04 <Superplankofdeath> oh
15:04 <CrashingCymbal> Not you Plank! haha
15:04 <Superplankofdeath> am i a noob
15:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Laters
15:05 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> yes you all are
15:05 <CrashingCymbal> No
15:05 <Thundergun97> we all is noob
15:05 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> yes
15:05 <Necrosanity> Asking if you're a noob probably signifies you're a noob. c:
15:05 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, Carach Angren is BM and Origin is DM.
15:05 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> my point exact
15:05 <FriendlyJim> Are you following me so far?
15:05 <Necrosanity> Just a word of caution.
15:05 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
15:05 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  nope
15:05 <BRVR> Am I a noob?
15:05 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Yes
15:05 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <FriendlyJim> Did you notice any vocal differences?
15:05 <CrashingCymbal> No, you're a beaver (:P)
15:06 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> no because I didn't care
15:06 <Superplankofdeath> i did not listen too them
15:06 <Vegeta565> yeah you are not BRVR
15:06 <Thundergun97> we all are noobs except for those who are not
15:06 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, did you?
15:06 <Nightweaver2112> i was never a noob :P
15:06 <Superplankofdeath> i seen pet beavers for sale
15:06 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  because I already know considering I make music
15:06 <FriendlyJim> Listen to them.
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> I'm listening noe
15:06 <CrashingCymbal> *now
15:06 <Thundergun97> my god i want a capibera
15:06 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> a what?
15:07 <Superplankofdeath> a capybara?
15:07 <Thundergun97> imagine a guinipig the size of a dog
15:07 <Superplankofdeath> a pig looking yoke
15:07 <CrashingCymbal> We were all noobs at one stage (:P)
15:07 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> holy shit that's scary
15:07 <FriendlyJim> Shrieks are a higher pitch, and is sung with an open mouth.
15:07 <Superplankofdeath> except cleric
15:07 <FriendlyJim> Well, wide open.
15:07 <Superplankofdeath> how old is this wiki
15:07 <CrashingCymbal> That's true haha
15:07 <Thundergun97> look up a pic
15:07 <CrashingCymbal> Nearly three
15:07 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ....
15:07 <FriendlyJim> Growls are sung with a purted mouth and are a lower pitch.
15:08 <Vegeta565> i can't listen to things high pitched my ears bleed 
15:08 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Hahahaha
15:08 <Thundergun97> growls come from chest
15:08 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> so no nightcore for you
15:08 <CrashingCymbal> And yes, I notice a huge difference in vocals.
15:08 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:08 <Vegeta565> yeah its not funny
15:08 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> to me it it
15:09 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> is hilarious
15:09 <FriendlyJim> You also tilt your head forward a little when you growl, shrieks are usually sung with no tile forward, or even a slight tilt back.
15:09 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
15:09 <FriendlyJim> *tilt
15:09 <CrashingCymbal> Wow, you've really done your research here! haha
15:09 <Vegeta565> your really mean you know that
15:09 <CrashingCymbal> Can you growl or shriek?
15:09 <FriendlyJim> No
15:09 <FriendlyJim> (QQ)
15:09 <Thundergun97> not cool bro
15:09 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Thx for the compliment
15:09 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:09 <Nightweaver2112> /me explodes from boredom
15:10 <Thundergun97> what kind of explosion
15:10 <Superplankofdeath> i really dont like death and black metal
15:10 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> A big one
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> thermonuclear
15:10 <Emily4ever> boredom 
15:10 <CrashingCymbal> /me dances around in your radioactive mush
15:10 <Emily4ever> NUKE
15:10 -!- CreepypastaGamer12345 has left Special:Chat.
15:10 -!- CreepypastaGamer12345 has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> im still alive, you know
15:11 <CrashingCymbal> That makes it even more fun :D
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> /me grabs cym's ankle
15:11 <FriendlyJim> That BM song was Symphonic Black Metal btw, a bit like the band you mentioned earlier.
15:11 <CrashingCymbal> (D:)
15:11 <CrashingCymbal> Awh fuck no
15:11 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Death is best nuff said
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> if i dont kill you, the radiation will
15:11 <Nightweaver2112> :P
15:11 <CrashingCymbal> Nah, I will just turn into a monster lol
15:11 <Thundergun97> hes a sentient pil of toxic  waste
15:11 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  no it won't because I can fly away
15:11 <FriendlyJim> I really don't have a favourite, Black and Death Metal are both great genres of music.
15:12 <Nightweaver2112> emily, your avatar looks stoned XD
15:12 <Thundergun97> i prefer classic metal
15:12 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:12 <Emily4ever> lol
15:12 <Nightweaver2112> and i thought MLP was a family show...
15:12 <Superplankofdeath> i think when your on for two months your not a noob
15:12 <FriendlyJim> I don't like Nu, Glam, Sludge.
15:12 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> lol first meant laugh out loud now it means I have nothing else to say
15:12 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:13 <Emily4ever> xD
15:13 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has joined Special:Chat
15:13 <Thundergun97> ive been on for two days
15:13 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Scram
15:13 <Nightweaver2112> i dont even know how long i have been here
15:13 <Pokemongirl5678> Hello, all!
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> I've been here a year today!
15:14 <Thundergun97> hey
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> I just remembered!
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> Yay! :D
15:14 <Superplankofdeath> i like pokeman
15:14 <FriendlyJim> I've been on for like two months.
15:14 <Pokemongirl5678> So what are we talking about?
15:14 <Thundergun97> happy aniversery i butcherd that word
15:14 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Plot shit
15:14 <FriendlyJim> Congrats Cymb, you have no life. (:P)
15:14 <MEMJ0123> Well.
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> Just having a general conversation!
15:14 <MEMJ0123> I was here?
15:14 <CrashingCymbal> I feel so proud, Jim :D
15:14 <Thundergun97> whatever u wana talk abouts cool
15:15 -!- MEMJ0123 has left Special:Chat.
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> Brb, gonna make a sandwich  
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> cym will be distrought if this site went down for a month
15:15 <Pokemongirl5678> Um...that's, I was on the forums.
15:15 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> *eats your sandwich
15:15 <Thundergun97> yes go on
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> he will be like "how the hell do i waste my evening now!?"
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't made it yet, you can't eat what hasn't been made.
15:15 <CrashingCymbal> And yes Weavs, yes I would.
15:15 <Thundergun97> unless u can
15:15 <Nightweaver2112> PARADOX BITCH
15:16 <FriendlyJim> He'll probably spend a lot more time at the pub.
15:16 <Pokemongirl5678> And..forget it I forgot it...*facepalm* 
15:16 <Vegeta565> my ears are bleeding brb
15:16 <CrashingCymbal> I already spend a lot of time there
15:16 <Thundergun97> pokemon lol
15:16 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Hahahahahaha they really bled
15:16 <Thundergun97> ever been to coopertown
15:16 <CrashingCymbal> Me and my friends actually went to the cinema for a change, last night.
15:16 <Nightweaver2112> :O
15:16 <Nightweaver2112> CYM, YOU WENT OUTSIDE?
15:16 <CrashingCymbal> IKR
15:17 <Horrorfan1> dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuh!
15:17 <Nightweaver2112> dont you know how dangerous it can be out there?
15:17 <Vegeta565> Back a can't hear anything
15:17 <Thundergun97> u didn't ignite into flames?
15:17 <Nightweaver2112> you could have stepped in dog poop and got AIDS!
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> I almost died Weavs...
15:17 <Pokemongirl5678> :D outside movie theater? 
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> I ALMOST DIED
15:17 <Nightweaver2112> NUUUUUU!
15:17 <Thundergun97> What movie
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> DX
15:17 <Vegeta565> i can't hear nothing
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, Now You See Me.
15:17 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Now you dont
15:17 <CrashingCymbal> It got mixed reviews, but I loved it.
15:17 <Nightweaver2112> i wanna go see world war Z
15:18 <FriendlyJim> He watched Brokeback Cymbal.
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> but i dont know if i should
15:18 <Thundergun97> no itll suck
15:18 <Vegeta565> hear i can't HEAR!
15:18 <Pokemongirl5678> I have no idea what's going on....
15:18 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> I just wanna say to everyone here...
15:18 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:18 <Thundergun97> vegeta go to a doctor
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> Brokeback Mountain, is actually a really really good movie.
15:18 <Emily4ever> I changed it HAPPY
15:18 <FriendlyJim> I haven't seen it.
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> can anyone link me to the who was phone story?
15:18 <Vegeta565> Thats what i'm doing see you guys later
15:18 <CrashingCymbal> It is fantastic
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> i liked the stoned pony...
15:18 <Thundergun97> your last one was awsome
15:18 <Nightweaver2112> XD
15:18 <FriendlyJim> You wanna know a fantastic move?
15:18 <Pokemongirl5678> Stoned what? 
15:19 <FriendlyJim> *movie
15:19 <Thundergun97> pony
15:19 <Emily4ever> (twitch)
15:19 <Pokemongirl5678> I'm confused...
15:19 <Thundergun97> sge had i biged eyed pony
15:19 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
15:19 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, I watched an awesome movie last week.
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> im driving emily crazy XD
15:19 <CrashingCymbal> What was it killed?
15:19 <CrashingCymbal> Killed?
15:19 <CrashingCymbal> Called.
15:19 <FriendlyJim> It was called The Help.
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> :O
15:19 <Nightweaver2112> CYM!!
15:19 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ....
15:19 <CrashingCymbal> Haven't heard of it
15:19 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:20 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> who was phone? has been deleted!!
15:20 <Pokemongirl5678> I saw a movie yesterday...
15:20 <CrashingCymbal> WHAT
15:20 <FriendlyJim> It's about black people during the segregation.
15:20 <Emily4ever> HAPPY NOW
15:20 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
15:20 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> I have no fuckin idea what's going on
15:20 <Nightweaver2112>
15:20 <Thundergun97> yes
15:20 <NoOneWillSee> Back.
15:20 <Pokemongirl5678> neither do i
15:20 <Emily4ever> (twitch)
15:20 <NoOneWillSee> I was phone, btw
15:20 <Pokemongirl5678> :p
15:20 <FriendlyJim> It takes place in Mississippi.
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> i liked the other one better, emily :P
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> XD
15:20 <Thundergun97> in the help didn't some eat a shit pie
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> im driving you crazy, right?
15:20 <Emily4ever> I WILL KILL YOU
15:20 <FriendlyJim> Yes, they ate shit pie.
15:20 <NoOneWillSee> So, how'd you like my  pasta? Was it tasty? Or charred..?
15:20 <Nightweaver2112> ok
15:21 <Thundergun97> me gusta
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> i get death threats on a daily basis XD
15:21 <CrashingCymbal>
15:21 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Bueno
15:21 <FriendlyJim> The black maid was like "Eat my shit!".
15:21 <NoOneWillSee> Wow, really?
15:21 <CrashingCymbal> It hasn't been deleted, silly (:P)
15:21 <NoOneWillSee> ...What.
15:21 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, you have to watch it.
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> phew...
15:21 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> idk now shut the hell up about the phone
15:21 <CrashingCymbal> I shall
15:21 <Thundergun97> sry bout that weaver im a little hostile
15:21 <Pokemongirl5678> Can someone link me to the emotes? Cause I'm too bored to search it up.
15:21 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, I forgot to make food, brb
15:21 <FriendlyJim> It's so moving.
15:21 <NoOneWillSee> Wheres Kill? Havnt seen him latelyly.
15:21 <Nightweaver2112> sorry about what?
15:21 <CrashingCymbal> Kill is gone for the summer.
15:22 <Thundergun97> the threats i was trying to make a joke
15:22 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <NoOneWillSee> Awww.
15:22 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <NoOneWillSee> Kill was the first ad I met (foreveralone)
15:22 <Emily4ever> HOW BOUT NOW
15:22 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> NO
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> i didnt see them (:P)
15:22 <Pokemongirl5678> i forgot the first people I met when I joined
15:22 <Emily4ever> .....
15:22 <Nightweaver2112> emily, i prefered the oth*shot*
15:22 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <FriendlyJim> I met Pram first.
15:22 <Emily4ever> (T_T)
15:23 <Thundergun97> neves and Daniel were my first
15:23 <Thundergun97> wow that sounded wrong
15:23 <Nightweaver2112> daniel?
15:23 <FriendlyJim> That hawt Mexican sumbitch.
15:23 <FriendlyJim> imeanwut
15:23 <Nightweaver2112> /me hugs emily
15:23 <Nightweaver2112> aww....
15:23 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has left Special:Chat.
15:23 <Emily4ever> No hugs (twitch)
15:23 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Ugh too disgustingly adorable
15:24 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
15:24 <FriendlyJim> I'm having raggmunkar.
15:24 <Nightweaver2112> ok...
15:24 <Emily4ever> *Slaps weaver*
15:24 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Nightweaver2112> *backs away from emily
15:24 <FriendlyJim> Bye
15:24 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:24 <Pokemongirl5678> man this is slow....
15:24 <Nightweaver2112> ouch
15:24 <Emily4ever> you deserved that
15:25 -!- Trie has joined Special:Chat
15:25 <Nightweaver2112> damn, i have been murdered several times over the past few days...
15:25 <Pokemongirl5678> I think the first person I met here is Furbearingbrick but I'm not sure 
15:25 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Ooh now there's violence me like
15:25 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:25 <Nightweaver2112> ironically, each time it was a brony that killed me...
15:25 <Pokemongirl5678> I can guess why....
15:26 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> *kills you* there you were killed by a demon
15:26 -!- Trie has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <Nightweaver2112> *revives*
15:26 <Pokemongirl5678> Infinite reviving!? What?!
15:26 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> i can do it because I'm not flesh
15:27 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> fuck logic
15:27 <Pokemongirl5678> Well...
15:27 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> scram
15:27 <Pokemongirl5678> Me? D:
15:28 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> No 
15:28 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> i say that when people join
15:28 <Pokemongirl5678> ok, good.
15:28 <Pokemongirl5678> :)
15:28 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:29 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:29 <Nightweaver2112> cheese
15:29 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> I like cheese
15:29 <Superplankofdeath> i like cheese
15:29 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> GIMME THE CHEESE 
15:30 <Pokemongirl5678> Never!!!
15:30 <Superplankofdeath> fuck off its my cheese!
15:30 -!- Jack the Apple has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Thundergun97> cheese mudfuckers
15:30 <Nightweaver2112> /me eats the cheese
15:30 <Horrorfan1>
15:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cave Johnson Lemons - Duration: 00:31 - Uploaded: 2011-04-20 - Rating: 4.971685 - Views: 845,808 -
15:30 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> *steals it with psychokenisis* haha it's mine *swallows it all*
15:30 <Superplankofdeath> i will trade you my cheese for your mudkipz
15:30 <CrashingCymbal> I fucking love cheese
15:31 <Thundergun97> thunder reaches down midnights throat recives cheese
15:31 <CrashingCymbal> Omai
15:31 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has left Special:Chat.
15:31 <Thundergun97> im serious bout my cheese 
15:31 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Haha I don't have a throat it disintegrated
15:31 <Nightweaver2112> ah, i need to go, my time on the library computer is almost up, cya in 15-30 minutes depending on the buses 
15:31 <Nightweaver2112> CYA EVERYONE
15:32 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> im not flesh
15:32 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
15:32 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> bai
15:32 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Weavs
15:32 <Thundergun97> time machine goes back in time destroys first cheese
15:32 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> iflesh bai live in past present and future NO SHIT
15:32 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has joined Special:Chat
15:32 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> scram
15:32 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:33 <Pokemongirl5678> Gtg guys 
15:33 <Pokemongirl5678> bye bye
15:33 <Thundergun97> see ya
15:33 <Superplankofdeath> be
15:33 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Hahahaaha it worked
15:33 -!- Pokemongirl5678 has left Special:Chat.
15:34 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  I said scram and she did XD
15:34 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
15:34 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> scram
15:35 <Thundergun97> so cymbal after youre done with your past wana work on that orthodontist one together 
15:35 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
15:35 -!- Jack the Apple has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> scram
15:35 <Pramirez351> ...
15:36 <Pramirez351> ok no lag...yet
15:36 <Thundergun97> jim what was it you called pram erlier
15:36 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:36 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
15:36 <Child Of Mantra> I've been playing Final Fantasy 1 all day, pls help me
15:36 <Pramirez351> i dont think jim is here xD
15:36 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> scram
15:36 <Jeffsson> im pretty sure IM AN APPLE
15:36 <Child Of Mantra> nofaku
15:36 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:36 <Thundergun97> oh he said to say he thinks your a sexy mexican
15:37 <Pramirez351> hey im...Midnight fallen the demon of destruction what are you doin?
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Back with a cheese toastie!
15:37 <Pramirez351> also thank you thundergun :P i try to be sexy :P
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Well, I would like to, Thunder.
15:37 <Jeffsson> CHEESE TOATIE
15:37 <Thundergun97> you basterd
15:37 <Jeffsson> TOASTIE*
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> But I would prefer to see something you wrote individually first (:P)
15:37 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Myob pram
15:37 <CrashingCymbal> Like, I worked with Chao recently for a collab
15:38 <CrashingCymbal> Because I loved the pasta he did with Kill
15:38 <Pramirez351> what Midnight fallen the demon of destruction?
15:38 <Pramirez351> dude that is awesome cymbal :P
15:38 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> itpram it means mind your own buisness
15:38 <Jeffsson> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
15:38 <Jeffsson> no
15:39 <Pramirez351> Midnight fallen the demon of destruction i was just asking what you were doing. I just thought you were spamming is all
15:39 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ...l
15:39 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> IM PISSED
15:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> Alright
15:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> Not dizzy anymore
15:40 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> You don't creep me out XD
15:40 <Jeffsson> mar mar
15:40 <Pramirez351> Midnight fallen the demon of destruction cool story bro
15:40 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has joined Special:Chat
15:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Narwhal
15:41 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Scram
15:41 <CrashingCymbal> Midnight, stop.
15:41 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ugh fine
15:41 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you :)
15:41 <Jeffsson> NAREHAL
15:42 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> XD
15:42 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> you spelled it wrong XD
15:42 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
15:42 <That Mighty Narwhal>  HELLO FRENDS
15:42 <Thundergun97> ok ill get to work on the lavario experiment
15:42 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> i has no friends
15:42 <That Mighty Narwhal> Ill be your friend
15:42 <CrashingCymbal> Cool!
15:43 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Jeffsson> *checks to make sure*
15:43 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:43 <Jeffsson> (facepalm)
15:43 <Emily4ever> JEFFSSON?
15:43 <Jeffsson> what
15:43 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ....
15:43 <CrashingCymbal> Welcome Emily
15:44 <Emily4ever> Nothing
15:44 <Jeffsson> -_- june tell me
15:44 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
15:44 <CrashingCymbal> WB Jim!
15:44 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, have you ever been banned?
15:44 <FriendlyJim> Hello
15:44 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> No
15:44 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hi
15:44 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, 4 times, twice from chat
15:44 <FriendlyJim> I just ate raggmunk.
15:44 <CrashingCymbal> What is that?
15:45 <Emily4ever> i was surprised you were here
15:45 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Ew
15:45 <That Mighty Narwhal> Another innuendo im asuming
15:45 <FriendlyJim> It's like pancakes with potatoes in it.
15:45 <CrashingCymbal> Oh!
15:45 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ew
15:45 <CrashingCymbal> That sounds nice!
15:45 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  you ruined pancakes for me
15:45 <FriendlyJim> It's very thin slices.
15:45 <Jeffsson> im here all the time
15:45 <That Mighty Narwhal> How thin?
15:45 <Jeffsson> just quiet
15:45 -!- Emolga of Voodoo has joined Special:Chat
15:46 <FriendlyJim> You eat it with bacon and cranberry jam.
15:46 <Emolga of Voodoo> Hey everyone
15:46 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hello emolga
15:46 <FriendlyJim> Really thin.
15:46 <That Mighty Narwhal> Where are you all from?
15:46 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ....
15:46 <Emolga of Voodoo> Herro Narwhal
15:46 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
15:46 <Emolga of Voodoo> I live in Louisiana. 
15:46 <CrashingCymbal> That actually sounds GORGEOUS!
15:46 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> im not telling you where I live
15:46 <FriendlyJim> You also pour the bacon fat into the mixture.
15:46 <That Mighty Narwhal> How healthy
15:46 <FriendlyJim> Just to add more flavor and consistence.
15:46 <CrashingCymbal> Gimme some Raggmunk :3
15:46 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ew
15:47 <That Mighty Narwhal> Yeah make a batch for us jim XD
15:47 <Emolga of Voodoo> Jim that's fattening
15:47 <Jeffsson> it puts the kid in the giggle basemant
15:47 <That Mighty Narwhal> O.o
15:47 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Acie!
15:47 <FriendlyJim> It's like heartattack pancakes.
15:47 <Jeffsson> it puts the kid in the giggle basemant or it gets the gune
15:47 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> I'm not a kid so who you put in there
15:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Cymbalestic
15:47 <That Mighty Narwhal> YUM YUM
15:47 -!- Emolga of Voodoo has left Special:Chat.
15:47 <Pramirez351> hai adam :D
15:47 <Adam Carl Castillo> PRAMZ!!
15:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> hai :3
15:48 <That Mighty Narwhal> Did you draw that pony jeffson?
15:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> So what's happening here everyone?
15:48 <FriendlyJim> This is raggmunk.
15:48 <Jeffsson> no i wish tho
15:48 <Jeffsson> i had a friend draw it
15:48 <That Mighty Narwhal> We are all discusing raggmuk
15:48 -!- HorribleTroll512 has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Adam Carl Castillo> Ah...
15:48 <That Mighty Narwhal> Hi troll
15:48 <CrashingCymbal> I assume it's a breakfast dish?
15:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> Or do you eat it at any time of the day?
15:49 <Pramirez351> HorribleTroll512 ...i dont think i like that name xD
15:49 <HorribleTroll512> I'm officially back!
15:49 <HorribleTroll512> m
15:49 <FriendlyJim> No, only disgusting people eat pancakes for breakfast.
15:49 <FriendlyJim> lol
15:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Troll
15:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Pramz, I don't even know how to react
15:49 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> I'm not disgusting
15:49 <CrashingCymbal> (QQ)
15:49 <Pramirez351> im just afraid xD
15:49 <FriendlyJim> We never eat pancakes for breakfast in Sweden, it's lunch.
15:49 <Jeffsson> if you cry ill kill you 
15:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Well anyways Hi HorribleTroll
15:50 <Pramirez351> yesterday this one dumbass came with a very flamboyant picture and he put up a link to a was aweful (QQ)
15:50 <HorribleTroll512> I think it's been what? 5 months?
15:50 <That Mighty Narwhal> i think established foods for the 4 meals of the day are overrated i mean its all going to the same place
15:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
15:50 <Jeffsson> *throws you into a wall*
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Ah I see.
15:50 <Pramirez351> hai rylee
15:50 <Jeffsson> what did i say
15:50 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  I hate screamers
15:50 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
15:50 <Pramirez351> wait you got banned for five months HorribleTroll512 ?
15:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Who doesn't
15:50 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> ^
15:50 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
15:50 <Jeffsson> i like screamer
15:50 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  well he is a troll
15:51 <HorribleTroll512> So what are we talkin' about?
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> According to his ban log he's never been banned
15:51 <Jeffsson> it gives me somethin to laugh at when a face pops up and im unfazed
15:51 <FriendlyJim> So basically, raggmunk is pancakes with potatoes and bacon fat.
15:51 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Wow
15:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sounds tasy
15:51 <CrashingCymbal> It does
15:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *tastey
15:51 <FriendlyJim> It's tasty as fucking fuck.
15:51 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> ....
15:51 <HorribleTroll512> No, I just forgot aboiut this place. Check my blog.
15:51 <Adam Carl Castillo> Whenever I encounter a screamer, I split my shit for a few seconds and manage pull it back together.
15:51 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> no
15:52 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do you know how to make pancakes?
15:52 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, yes I do!
15:52 <CrashingCymbal> And not with shitty pancake mix
15:52 <FriendlyJim> Shit
15:52 <CrashingCymbal> The real stuff!
15:52 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Yea pancake mix is shit
15:52 <FriendlyJim> I don't know how to say riv in English.
15:52 <Jeffsson> i want alchohal
15:52 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> no
15:52 <CrashingCymbal> What exactly is it?
15:52 <Jeffsson> plz
15:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> All I know how to make is Bacon (alone)
15:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (bacon)
15:53 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> my friend is already high on beer that's enough for me
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> High on beer?
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> What?
15:53 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> yes
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> i know how to make bacon
15:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> > high on beer
15:53 <Jeffsson> pleazze
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> I smoke beer
15:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I shoot beer
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> ^
15:53 <FriendlyJim> This is what you use on potatoes.
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> Hahahahahahaha
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> yall mothaduckas got nothin on me
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> mothafuckas
15:53 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
15:53 <Jeffsson> i laugh beer
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> My hands
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> And that's a Liv?
15:53 <HorribleTroll512> Gtg. Bye. Adios. See you all later!
15:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> High on beer? Wait... dafuq
15:53 <HeWhoDiedHere> Yo yo yo!
15:53 <FriendlyJim> Shred, the word is shred!
15:53 <CrashingCymbal> Hey HeWho
15:53 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> SHRED ´m/
15:53 <Child Of Mantra> \m/
15:54 <Jeffsson> where is mar mar (QQ)
15:54 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction> Ugh
15:54 <CrashingCymbal> Riv, sorry
15:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cymb.
15:54 -!- HorribleTroll512 has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <Midnight fallen the demon of destruction>  you guys know nothing
15:54 <CrashingCymbal> Yep?
15:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> Read this:
15:54 <HeWhoDiedHere>
15:54 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
15:54 <Child Of Mantra> I've been playing Final Fantasy 1 and listening to Primus all day
15:54 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
15:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Princess Platinum has a fucking Giggle Basement too!?
15:54 <HeWhoDiedHere> It's totally different to the Azure Nightmare.
15:54 <FriendlyJim> Yeah, you use this on the potatoes, put it in pancake mix, fry some bacon, pour the bacon fat in the mixture, eat the bacon with the raggmunk and some crancerry jam.
15:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I want one...
15:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (QQ)
15:55 -!- Emily4ever has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, you have to cook that.
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Emily
15:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Emily
15:55 <Emily4ever> Its June
15:55 <Horrorfan1> what I miss?
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> We call it a grater (:P)
15:55 -!- Superdannyz has joined Special:Chat
15:55 -!- Midnight fallen the demon of destruction has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Danny
15:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's July...
15:55 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Danny
15:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wot
15:55 <FriendlyJim> Well fuck you Cymb.
15:55 <FriendlyJim> Lol
15:55 <FriendlyJim> No
15:55 <FriendlyJim> I love you.
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sorry (QQ)
15:56 <Superdannyz> i am new here
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's July, July 10
15:56 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> I luv u 2 bby <3
15:56 <Emily4ever> my name is June silly
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh welcome Danny
15:56 <CrashingCymbal> (<3)
15:56 <FriendlyJim> (h)
15:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh
15:56 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh sorry June
15:56 <Emily4ever> aww
15:56 <FriendlyJim> Make raggmunk.
15:56 <Superdannyz> my name is superdannyz you can called me danny for short
15:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welcome to the wiki Dannyz
15:56 <Superdannyz> thanks for welcome
15:56 <Child Of Mantra> Crash, listen to that sweet little thanf
15:56 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Tippi Toes - Duration: 01:23 - Uploaded: 2007-01-20 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 13,264 -
15:56 <Child Of Mantra> thang
15:56 <Child Of Mantra> *
15:57 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
15:57 <Child Of Mantra> awuh piss
15:57 <FriendlyJim> What the fuck is that Aron?
15:57 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Aron
15:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> I now imagine Stephen Kennedy with a trench coat, short, black hair, and Trainer Red's hat...
15:57 <Child Of Mantra> It's Primus
15:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am little Pootis
15:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> I don't know why...
15:57 <FriendlyJim> That shit blows.
15:57 <Child Of Mantra> you blow
15:57 <Superdannyz> i wishes there more creepypasta about dragon ball z
15:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> No...
15:57 <HeWhoDiedHere> Do not want...
15:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> AT ALL!
15:58 <FriendlyJim> I blow.
15:58 <Child Of Mantra> Cartridges
15:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> DBZ pasta? DBZ isn't scary
15:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> Though it does have blood...
15:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Blood isn't scary
15:58 <HeWhoDiedHere> I know. C:
15:58 <Child Of Mantra> bluud
15:58 <Superdannyz> well it be more awesome is there creepypasta about some of dragon ball z like makes some of characters more evil and scary
15:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> Stephen "Trenchy" Kennedy
15:59 <Thundergun97> i posted a story check out the Lavario experiment
15:59 <Superdannyz> well why there mlp fim creepypasta
15:59 <Jeffsson> (TT)
15:59 <FriendlyJim> Aron, can you link that Death Metal Disney thingy again? I damn near pissed myself.
15:59 <HeWhoDiedHere> BEST NICKNAME EVAR!
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> A funky song with a clutching storyline
15:59 <CrashingCymbal> For a video
15:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Freeza murdered two races and destroyed a planet almost killing more innocents 
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you Minty (<3)
16:00 <Superdannyz> it true
16:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not evil enough?
16:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> That's Lost Episode Material.
16:00 <Superdannyz> well makes the heroes the evil ones
16:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Freeza is a bad mofo
16:00 <Thundergun97> crash just posted a story look up the Lavario experiment
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> Yep
16:00 <HeWhoDiedHere> A lost episode where it shows Freeza killing the people.
16:00 <CrashingCymbal> [[The Lavario Experiment]]
16:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Freeza murdered Vegeta on spot
16:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cymb, you reading the story I linked you?
16:01 <Thundergun97> yes
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my
16:01 <FriendlyJim> Cymb
16:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Death Metal Wiggle - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2011-04-03 - Rating: 4.933054 - Views: 22,827 -
16:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He did kill
16:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ruthlessly
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Aron has beat you to it, Jim (:P)
16:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cymb?
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry to inform you.
16:01 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah I'll read it now, HeWho.
16:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> Thanks C:
16:01 <FriendlyJim> He linked it hours ago.
16:01 <Superdannyz> i seen lot of creepypasta of spongebob
16:01 <FriendlyJim> I was on here, remember?
16:01 <HeWhoDiedHere> ^
16:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ninja'd
16:02 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
16:02 <Superdannyz> i never likes ben drowned
16:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Toto
16:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BEN was meh
16:02 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, I was talking to you when Aron linked it.
16:02 <FriendlyJim> I got that link from him.
16:02 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
16:02 <Superdannyz> cupcakes that creepypasta is very bad for me
16:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got a lot of lag.
16:02 <Child Of Mantra> I think i linked Crashing that weeks ago
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> ^
16:02 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
16:02 <HeWhoDiedHere> But at least that's one of the two things I agreed with...
16:02 <FriendlyJim> Well fuck this shit then.
16:03 <FriendlyJim> Imma do the wiggle.
16:03 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
16:03 <CrashingCymbal> Jim is about to lose his shit.
16:03 <FriendlyJim> No
16:03 <Superdannyz> i loves see more kirby creepypasta
16:03 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has joined Special:Chat
16:03 <FriendlyJim> Just wiggle.
16:03 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
16:03 <Thundergun97> that's good right
16:03 <CrashingCymbal> Nvm, he's keeping his shit together.
16:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> Albert Wesker...
16:03 <HeWhoDiedHere> That is all.
16:03 <Thundergun97> also anything misspelled in my  story is on purpose
16:03 <Adam Carl Castillo> WESKER!
16:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> WESKER!
16:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> RE is awesome
16:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> I know.
16:04 <Superdannyz> throws pokeball on everyone
16:04 <Thundergun97> it is
16:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dragon Ball had it's moments, but DBZ was just... dark (up until the Cell games)
16:04 <Adam Carl Castillo> I prefer the games than the movies though
16:04 <Thundergun97> same here
16:04 <Superdannyz> well kinda true
16:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> I agree, NeveR.
16:04 -!- Necrosanity has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cell Games were cool.
16:04 <HeWhoDiedHere> (We got a cool ass motherfuckin' character, too)
16:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
16:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
16:04 <Diamondzarebright> super saiyan 4 right?
16:05 <That Mighty Narwhal> IM BACK EVERYONE
16:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cell is amazing.
16:05 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
16:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> I imagine him fighting Chuck Norris.
16:05 <Thundergun97> hi narwhal
16:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WB Narwhal
16:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dat name
16:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Cell vs Chuck Norris!
16:05 <Superdannyz> chuck norris
16:05 <Thundergun97> the winner is clint eastwood
16:05 <HeWhoDiedHere> Epic Battle of History...
16:05 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
16:05 <That Mighty Narwhal> What are we talking about
16:05 <That Mighty Narwhal> wtf
16:05 <Diamondzarebright> I love Clint Eastwood xD
16:06 <That Mighty Narwhal> ^yes
16:06 <HeWhoDiedHere> I got another Epic Battle of History, in fact, a lot.
16:06 <Superdannyz> licks on you
16:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Clint Eastwood wins all
16:06 <Diamondzarebright> he is like the mega western side of Chuck Norris
16:06 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Superdannyz> avgn creepypasta was kinda messup
16:06 <Thundergun97> then in comes bruce lee
16:06 <FriendlyJim> Did you know that a lamp can last for a hundred years?
16:06 <Diamondzarebright> yup and Nicolas Cage 
16:06 <FriendlyJim> Lightbulb*
16:06 <Diamondzarebright> yeah mine never goes out 
16:06 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Hood!
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Link vs Marluxia
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Slender Man vs Zalgo
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Jeff the Killer vs Jason Vorhees
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Leon S. Kennedy vs Ezio Auditore da Firenze
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Meta Knight vs Okami
16:07 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Crashi.
16:07 <Diamondzarebright> I never once had to change my lightbulb 
16:07 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> ...
16:07 <Esoteric Entity> ...what's up with the text on top?
16:07 <Diamondzarebright> pretty amazing 
16:07 <HeWhoDiedHere> Wii Fit Trainer vs Link, LOLZ.
16:07 <Child Of Mantra> Maria added it
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> im bCK
16:07 <CrashingCymbal> I don't see it
16:07 <Esoteric Entity> Why?
16:07 <Child Of Mantra> I prefer it having the rules
16:07 <FriendlyJim> I hate the royal family.
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> OH GOD...
16:07 <Child Of Mantra> I know fucka ll
16:07 <Diamondzarebright> wat text? 
16:07 <Child Of Mantra> fuck all*
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> what has maria done?
16:07 <Esoteric Entity> Me too.
16:07 <Thundergun97> so what did you think about it
16:07 <FriendlyJim> Fucking moneygrabbing bitches.
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Temmingtons giggle basement!
16:07 <Nightweaver2112> ??
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> anyone else see thT
16:08 <Diamondzarebright> It just says Welcome to the Creepypasta Wiki chat. Please read the chat rules
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> *that
16:08 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, the Royal family is just decoration
16:08 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <FriendlyJim> I know, but they recieve tons of tax payer's money.
16:08 <Nightweaver2112> so, am I the only person that sees that?
16:08 <That Mighty Narwhal> Mantra your picture is disturbing
16:08 <Child Of Mantra> I know.
16:08 <Child Of Mantra> Good.
16:08 <Diamondzarebright> sees wat!?
16:08 <Esoteric Entity> Aron...
16:08 <Esoteric Entity> "Crescent Fresh"?
16:08 <FriendlyJim> Weaver. it says Aunt Princess Platinum.
16:08 <Child Of Mantra> Oh yeah
16:08 <Thundergun97> tickle basement wtf
16:08 <Diamondzarebright> I dunno 
16:08 <That Mighty Narwhal> Im with L here i have no idea what the fuck is going on
16:09 <Esoteric Entity> Hahaha. XD
16:09 <Nightweaver2112> "Get along or face punishment in Aunt Temmingtons giggle basement!"
16:09 <Nightweaver2112> it says that at the top of my screen
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> lol 
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> I am de L 
16:09 <FriendlyJim> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!*
16:09 <Thundergun97> wait i see it too
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> I have to go soon.
16:09 <Esoteric Entity> Farewell, Crashi.
16:09 <FriendlyJim> When will you go Cymb?
16:09 <That Mighty Narwhal> OH princess platinum is a mod/ admin
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> wat de fuck you guise seeing Slender Man notes?!
16:09 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <Thundergun97> jim go and check out my pasta the lovario experiment
16:09 <CrashingCymbal> I tried reloading, still cannot see it.
16:09 <FriendlyJim> Sure, lay it on me.
16:09 <Diamondzarebright> she's an admin 
16:10 <HeWhoDiedHere>
16:10 <HeWhoDiedHere> Dafuq?
16:10 <Diamondzarebright> It is Maria 
16:10 <Diamondzarebright> Princess Platinum is Maria 
16:10 <FriendlyJim> I think mods can't see it.
16:10 <Thundergun97> don't know how to do links
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hoodward, you wanna read my new story?
16:10 <Esoteric Entity> Hmm...
16:10 <Esoteric Entity> link me, Crashi?
16:10 <Superdannyz> why does slenderman got shipped with rainbow dash as grouple
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> 3,000 words (:P0
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Eso
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> Fuq
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
16:10 <Esoteric Entity> Hai, Adam.
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> [[Torn Apart]]
16:10 <Esoteric Entity> TL;DR Crashi.
16:10 <Nightweaver2112> READING!
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Ready!
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh Pramz left (:()
16:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Weaver
16:10 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Reading. :3
16:10 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Thizzy :D
16:10 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Nick
16:10 <Nightweaver2112> look at the top of the chat
16:10 <CrashingCymbal> mmkay
16:10 <That Mighty Narwhal> Do any of you speak spanish?\
16:11 <Esoteric Entity> I'm kidding, Crashi. XD
16:11 <HeWhoDiedHere>
16:11 <HeWhoDiedHere> AHAHAHA!
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> Haha okay (:P) haha
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal, Mantra, Eso!
16:11 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, what would you say if I told you I was Mohamad reincarnated?
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> Mah bad.
16:11 <Diamondzarebright> Hola xD
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I do, Narwhal
16:11 <Diamondzarebright> Como estas? 
16:11 <Adam Carl Castillo> Thizzy hai :3
16:11 <Esoteric Entity> However, I'll read it later.
16:11 <Thundergun97> i speak some me gusta
16:11 <That Mighty Narwhal> Estoy bieeen
16:11 <CrashingCymbal> I would say don't say that too often, because Muslims could get very very very offended
16:11 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Acie!
16:11 <FriendlyJim> (:D)
16:11 <Nightweaver2112> you see the text at the top of the screen, or am I going crazy?
16:11 <Esoteric Entity> Uh, guys, sorry, this is an English-speaking chat.
16:11 <Horrorfan1> ohai Why
16:12 <Adam Carl Castillo> What's up?
16:12 <Diamondzarebright> Me gusta el Slender Man xD
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> I have an Egyptian friend in college, actually.
16:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I see it, Weaver!
16:12 <Thundergun97> slender man pleases me wtf
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> And he was talking to me about Islam
16:12 -!- Lolster1 has joined Special:Chat
16:12 <Jeffsson> i demand i scalpel, three restraints, and a victim
16:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It seems less bad than Skeletons' necromancy chamber.
16:12 <Nightweaver2112> what has maria done now, reading?
16:12 <Jeffsson> imeanwhst
16:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Something like that is what it said yesterday.
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> And I was asking about the whole Mohammed thing
16:12 <Nightweaver2112> :O
16:12 <Esoteric Entity> Lolster!
16:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Lolster
16:12 <That Mighty Narwhal> Nightweaver your in the fucking twilight zone ok. we're all figments of time and space k
16:12 <Lolster1> hey.
16:12 <Esoteric Entity> What's up, man?
16:12 <Superdannyz> who likes pokemon games
16:12 <Nightweaver2112> ok then
16:12 <Lolster1> nothin much.
16:12 <FriendlyJim> I think all Abrahamic religions are pretty silly.
16:12 <Thundergun97> i see the basement too
16:12 <CrashingCymbal> Why can't you draw him or call your pets Mohammed and stuff
16:12 <Esoteric Entity> Is religious talk allowed now?
16:13 <Nightweaver2112> then I shouldn't get punished if I set fire to reading, then
16:13 <Jeffsson> no
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> Okay, we'll stop.
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> Well then, please cease. 
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> thanks.
16:13 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:13 <FriendlyJim> We'll behave.
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Finn.
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> Sorry, this sort of things gets ugly quick.
16:13 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Finn
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> *thing.
16:13 <Finneow> hEY GUYS
16:13 <That Mighty Narwhal> Dont start the religious banter plz
16:13 <CrashingCymbal> Very ugly, very quick.
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> Indeed.
16:13 <Finneow> Sorry, caps
16:13 <Horrorfan1> gtg
16:13 <Horrorfan1> bye all
16:13 <Thundergun97> uglier than christen stewart
16:13 <That Mighty Narwhal> BAI
16:13 <Esoteric Entity> Bai, Horror.
16:14 <FriendlyJim> Can we still talk about Asatro?
16:14 <CrashingCymbal> Bye Horror
16:14 <Finneow> wuts goin on?
16:14 <Esoteric Entity> About what?
16:14 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
16:14 <Adam Carl Castillo> cAPTAIN cAPS we meet again
16:14 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <That Mighty Narwhal> Idk finneow idk
16:14 <FriendlyJim> Because Tor is fucking amazing.
16:14 <Child Of Mantra> My friend is Åsetru
16:14 <That Mighty Narwhal> what the hell is asetru
16:14 <FriendlyJim> Me and my friends like to have sermons and hail the Asar.
16:15 <Esoteric Entity> What is that?
16:15 <Thundergun97> jim cant send link don't know how jst open window and go to it
16:15 <FriendlyJim> What is the full name?
16:15 <Thundergun97> Lovario experiment
16:15 <FriendlyJim> [[Lovario Experiment]]
16:15 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> [[Lovario Experiment]]
16:15 <FriendlyJim> There
16:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> ninja'd
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, Read, I need to PM you for a second.
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sure, PM me
16:16 <CrashingCymbal> If that's okay.
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere> After searching through and through hentai and murder things for Wii Fit Trainer...
16:16 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere> I finally found what I was looking for...
16:16 <FriendlyJim> [[Lovario experiment]]
16:16 <Thundergun97> isn't hentai cartoon porn
16:16 <Nightweaver2112> mmm...I have fudge...
16:16 <That Mighty Narwhal> Lets read this shiz
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere> Which was this:
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere>
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere> This is HILARIOUS!
16:16 <Esoteric Entity> Damn it, I'm gonna be busy.
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> More or less, Thunder
16:16 <FriendlyJim> It doesn't work.
16:16 <HeWhoDiedHere> Guys, this will happen to you if you are Link.
16:16 <FriendlyJim> I need an adult. (D:)
16:17 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:17 <That Mighty Narwhal> Jim the thing dont work
16:17 <That Mighty Narwhal> AND LOL
16:17 <HeWhoDiedHere> Then again...
16:17 <HeWhoDiedHere> Link is the most paired up Nintendo Character.
16:17 <Thundergun97> go to search in the wiki and type it in
16:17 <That Mighty Narwhal> at that emoticon
16:17 <HeWhoDiedHere> He has more girls than Leon S. Kennedy does.
16:17 <CrashingCymbal> !logs
16:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:17 <Superdannyz> i be all awesome and kicks people asses as link with my master blade
16:17 <Thundergun97> i like mario
16:18 <FriendlyJim> Sorry Thunder, nothing.
16:18 <Superdannyz> who likes twilight sparkle from mlp fim
16:18 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
16:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I do.
16:18 <FriendlyJim> Anyone plays Killing Floor?
16:18 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Superdannyz> awesome
16:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yesterday I watched the first episode of the Dangan Ronpa anime.
16:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is certainly something interesting.
16:18 <Thundergun97> look at recent wiki acttivity
16:18 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <FriendlyJim> I like MLP #Clopper4lyef
16:18 <CrashingCymbal> Linked you there, Nick my boy.
16:18 <Finneow> bACK
16:19 <Finneow> Caps again, soz
16:19 <FriendlyJim> No, I'm just joking.
16:19 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:19 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:19 <FriendlyJim> I hate MLP.
16:19 <Finneow> BRB again...
16:19 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <Finneow> oh no, wait
16:19 <Finneow> yes
16:19 <Finneow> it works
16:19 <Finneow> i think
16:20 <That Mighty Narwhal> Love and tolerate
16:20 <Finneow> yes, it works
16:20 <Nightweaver2112> gah...why do I have Zelda music stuck in my head...?
16:20 <Thundergun97> is it the song of healing
16:20 <Nightweaver2112> no
16:20 <Superdannyz> dragon ball z and my little pony friendship is magic is awesome crossover ideas
16:20 <That Mighty Narwhal> Song of storms?
16:20 <Finneow> I always have it stuck in my head, its a side affect of ocarina of time
16:21 <Nightweaver2112> it is the...battle music? I guess so
16:21 <FriendlyJim> I found the best quote ever in a cartoon. "Hello Gay Tom. . . I mean Tom." "Why on earth would you think I'm gay?" "Because I've had sex with you."
16:21 <Finneow> i gots song of storms
16:21 <FriendlyJim> Please don't ban me.
16:21 <HeWhoDiedHere>
16:21 <HeWhoDiedHere> TOO MANY Creepypasta/SSB4 fans...
16:21 <Thundergun97> cause i have it stuck in my head in reverse
16:21 <FriendlyJim> That can hardly be offensive.
16:21 <Finneow> (baan)
16:21 <Finneow> (ban)
16:22 <Nightweaver2112> well, I cant find what I have stuck in my head
16:22 <CrashingCymbal> It's just a quote
16:22 <Child Of Mantra> ^
16:22 <CrashingCymbal> That doesn't constitute a ban (:P)
16:22 <Finneow> Its jsut a joke, cumball
16:22 <Child Of Mantra> And pluss
16:22 <Finneow> 8just
16:22 <Finneow> *just
16:22 <Child Of Mantra> Aren't bans supposed to be decided by the mod?
16:22 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:22 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep!
16:22 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss.
16:22 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:22 <Finneow> yeah, its a joke.
16:22 <Child Of Mantra> Instead of the whole chat going "umg goiz ba des goy
16:22 <Finneow> (facepalm)
16:23 <Superdannyz> why not nostalgia crtic have creepypasta like avgn have
16:23 <Finneow> has anyone else seen the GTA5 gameplay trailer yet?
16:23 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:23 <Thundergun97> did you find it jom
16:23 <Nightweaver2112> nope
16:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> me
16:23 <Finneow> it looks beast
16:23 -!- Bloodybrigade has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi BB
16:23 <Finneow> i wanna know more about the new gta online thing
16:23 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Brigade
16:24 <Bloodybrigade> Hellol
16:24 <Bloodybrigade> Hello.*
16:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> WOW
16:24 <BRVR>
16:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> 26 NEW THINGS ON TUMBLR
16:24 <HeWhoDiedHere> Bye.
16:24 <Thundergun97> adam did you make it to my story
16:24 <Finneow> WOW
16:24 <Finneow> I dont care
16:24 -!- HeWhoDiedHere has left Special:Chat.
16:24 <Thundergun97> oh hes off
16:24 <Bloodybrigade> Oh god, Hentai furies ._. 
16:25 <Thundergun97> me gusta
16:25 <Child Of Mantra> Bilbo Shaggins is a great username
16:25 <Finneow> Hentai furry clock?
16:25 <Nightweaver2112> hentai furries?
16:25 <Finneow> spelling mistake or even weirder fettish?
16:25 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Bloodybrigade> It's another weird hentai thing. 
16:25 <Thundergun97> furries like vulture women
16:25 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hi Toto
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> I don't like the look of saints row 4
16:26 <That Mighty Narwhal> See you later guys
16:26 <Toto Sakigami> Ilike wolf women and I'm a furrie
16:26 <Bloodybrigade> It's another dildo and boobie game. 
16:26 <Finneow> I kinda like it weaver
16:26 <That Mighty Narwhal> BYEEEEE BYEEEEEEE
16:26 <Bloodybrigade> No serious gang wars or interesting storylines. 
16:26 <Nightweaver2112> they have taken it too far now
16:26 <Finneow> Its like GTA on acid
16:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Narwhal
16:27 -!- That Mighty Narwhal has left Special:Chat.
16:27 <FriendlyJim> I didn't like SR3.
16:27 <Thundergun97> hi jim
16:27 <Child Of Mantra> Ah, hentai/furry porn talk again, Goodbye
16:27 <FriendlyJim> Hello
16:27 <Toto Sakigami> i <3 SR3
16:27 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
16:27 <Bloodybrigade> Same here.
16:27 <Superdannyz> who likes mlp fim
16:27 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I do.
16:27 <Bloodybrigade> @ Jim*
16:27 <Superdannyz> awesome
16:27 <Thundergun97>  jim wb
16:27 <Superdannyz> i been insult by haters of mlp fim
16:27 <FriendlyJim> I've watched you talk.
16:27 <FriendlyJim> I never left.
16:27 <Finneow> everyone always says they dont like new SR games cus they take out the gangster. srsly i think its alot better without the gangster
16:27 <Toto Sakigami> I  watch Mlp
16:27 <Thundergun97> nice
16:27 <Nightweaver2112> reading, are you a brony?
16:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nah
16:28 <FriendlyJim> Are you a furry?
16:28 <Superdannyz> i am brony
16:28 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nope
16:28 <Toto Sakigami> i am
16:28 <Nightweaver2112> I am, jim
16:28 <Finneow> alot funnier anyway
16:28 <Thundergun97> im wearing a panda suit right now
16:28 <BRVR> Metallic Madness' Bad Future is arguing with the main them.
16:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Metallic Madness Bad Future (JPN/PAL) - Sonic the Hedgehog CD Music Extended - Duration: 30:00 - Uploaded: 2013-01-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 9,006 -
16:28 <BRVR> *theme
16:28 <FriendlyJim> I think furries are the most misrepresented people on the internet.
16:28 <Superdannyz> also i been hating on brony fandom for gross porn about mlp fim
16:28 <Finneow> although, gta 5 looks like the best game of 2013
16:28 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
16:28 <Nightweaver2112> yep, correct jim
16:29 <Bloodybrigade> Four words Fin. 
16:29 <Superdannyz> i hates most furries keep on with sexual craps
16:29 <Bloodybrigade> The Last Of Us
16:29 <Finneow> Shit, forgot
16:29 <Toto Sakigami> Im a furrie
16:29 <Bloodybrigade> (:P)
16:29 <FriendlyJim> It has nothing to do with porn or costumes or shitting in a litter box.
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> danny, I dont
16:29 <Finneow> Ok ok, best open world game?
16:29 <Thundergun97> don't wich iss weirder the people in suits or the porn
16:29 <Adam Carl Castillo> The Last Of Us seems an awesome game
16:29 <Bloodybrigade> But GTA5 looks awesome.
16:29 <Nightweaver2112> i like the art, the comics and the general concept
16:29 <Finneow> I carnt wait for it
16:30 <BRVR> >Carnt
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> Back
16:30 <Thundergun97> i like animial people when thwy aren't doing it
16:30 <Finneow> the charecters do stuff while your not playing with them
16:30 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Finneow> Wb Cum ballz
16:30 <BRVR> >Carnt
16:30 <BRVR> >Beatles
16:30 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, I wanna taste Irish beer some time.
16:30 <Thundergun97> crash wb
16:30 <Finneow> Like get wanted levels
16:30 <IShallCreepYouOut> I loved Max Payne 3, i hope the engine is the same.
16:30 <FriendlyJim> Could you recommend something?
16:30 <BRVR> >Misuse of > by BRVR
16:30 -!- Lex wa Kaiho has joined Special:Chat
16:30 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
16:31 <Lex wa Kaiho> Yello :D
16:31 <Finneow> Also, GTA5 has CJ back Niko back Push Bikes back diving
16:31 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:31 <Finneow> nd shit loads more
16:31 <FriendlyJim> Is it just me or is giggle basement a codeword for vagina?
16:31 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <Finneow> fucking best game
16:31 <Thundergun97> who said it was a code word
16:31 <Bloodybrigade> I wish Tommy would be in it though, as like an old gangster. Lol
16:31 <CrashingCymbal> I mostly drink ScandanavianMy screen is fucked brb
16:31 <Superdannyz> i loves pokemon
16:32 <Finneow> diddent tommy die somehow?
16:32 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
16:32 <FriendlyJim> In that case it would be "Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums vagina!"
16:32 <BRVR> Metallic Madness is like an evil alternate future of the sonic CD main theme.
16:32 <Bloodybrigade> I'm not sure, It has been forever since I played Vice City.
16:32 <Finneow> same
16:32 <BRVR> *Bad future of metalllic madness
16:32 <BRVR> *Metallic
16:33 <FriendlyJim> *Metalllllic
16:33 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
16:33 <Finneow> I want more gameplay for gta5 to be released, and a trailer for GTA online
16:33 <Finneow> Herro herro
16:33 <Bloodybrigade> Agreed. 
16:33 <Thundergun97> they have fourwheelers now
16:34 <CrashingCymbal> Okay it's better now.
16:34 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, as I was saying
16:34 <FriendlyJim> I jizz when I think about Fable anniversary.
16:34 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <CrashingCymbal> I don't drink Irish beer, I drink Scandanavian and European beer haha
16:34 <FriendlyJim> I love the first two games.
16:34 <FriendlyJim> Haha
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> I drink Irish liquors 
16:35 -!- OkatuKitteh has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <Bloodybrigade> I jizz about seeing black sabbath live. 20 more days. 
16:35 <FriendlyJim> Ireland is in Europe though.
16:35 <Bloodybrigade> 20
16:35 <Bloodybrigade> days
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> I mean central Europe (:P)
16:35 <FriendlyJim> (:P)
16:35 <FriendlyJim> (indeed)
16:35 <Thundergun97> im a bit confused i posted my pasta but the only way i can get to it is thrue the discussion i started about it
16:35 <FriendlyJim> Danish beer is good.
16:35 <FriendlyJim> And Swedish.
16:35 <CrashingCymbal> Carlsberg is good.
16:36 <FriendlyJim> American beer is shit.
16:36 <FriendlyJim> It's piss.
16:36 <Finneow> May have been taken down?
16:36 <BRVR> It's actually probably just water.
16:36 <CrashingCymbal> I also like Heineken, Peroni, the original Budweiser
16:36 <Thundergun97> just posted it
16:36 <Finneow> oh.
16:36 <Finneow> i dunno then
16:36 <CrashingCymbal> And I love Polish and Czezh beer as well.
16:36 <Adam Carl Castillo> What are you guys talkin' about?
16:36 <Finneow> I like austrailian beer guies
16:36 <BRVR> It's probably just water.
16:36 <Bloodybrigade> Beer and video games.
16:36 -!- Minelord1231 has joined Special:Chat
16:37 <Finneow> Fosters' 3.2% larger
16:37 <Thundergun97> MURICA
16:37 <FriendlyJim> I like Riesling wines.
16:37 <Superdannyz> hi brvr you are from creepypasta pokemon dead channel
16:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> Beer eh? Brandy? or Gin? Rum perhaps?
16:37 <Minelord1231> i saw slender man have you
16:37 <BRVR> I don't drink anything.
16:37 <BRVR> Nor am I old enough to.
16:37 <Superdannyz> hi brvr you are from creepypasta pokemon dead channel
16:37 <Adam Carl Castillo> Or some of the cocktails like Martini?
16:37 <FriendlyJim> I never drink, I just taste.
16:37 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, I was watching movies with him the other day.
16:37 <Finneow> Slunderman is a myth
16:37 <BRVR> I know.
16:37 -!- OkatuKitteh has left Special:Chat.
16:37 <Thundergun97> ABSINTHE IS THE CRAP
16:37 <BRVR> I will never drink or smoke.
16:37 <Minelord1231> there were sightings of him
16:37 <Bloodybrigade> Amen
16:38 <Superdannyz> hugs brvr you are my cutie pokemon
16:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> I only taste, but I don't drink. Well damn, I'm not even of legal age of drinking'
16:38 <CrashingCymbal> Most of which are false 
16:38 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <Finneow> But, if you bring him up, he is a shit roomate. never pays rent. always keeps thhe $20 for himself
16:38 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
16:38 -!- Minelord1231 has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <FriendlyJim> Thank Satan I'll be able to drink legally when I turn 18.
16:38 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:38 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:38 <Thundergun97> i adctualy went to a park at night dressed as him once slender that is
16:38 <Finneow> Satan is my sex slave.
16:38 <Finneow> :)
16:38 <Adam Carl Castillo> Maragritas, my sister says they taste great
16:38 <BRVR> I will never be able to drink legally.
16:39 <BRVR> Ever.
16:39 <FriendlyJim> What is the drinking age in Ireland Cymb?
16:39 <Finneow> Wai beaver?
16:39 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> 18
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> But I started when I was 15
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> No
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> 14
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
16:39 <FriendlyJim> It's like 21 in 'Murika.
16:39 <Bloodybrigade> Damn, lol
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
16:39 <BRVR> Because I will make it illegal for myself to drink.
16:39 <FriendlyJim> I like beer.
16:39 <Bloodybrigade> Yeah. 21
16:39 <Finneow> *gasp* Badman cumball
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> Me too!
16:39 <CrashingCymbal> I'm sori
16:39 <FriendlyJim> I've never gotten drunk though.
16:39 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <FriendlyJim> My parents would thrash me.
16:39 <BRVR> If I ever drink, I will turn myself in.
16:40 <BRVR> I will never smoke.
16:40 <Jeffsson> everyoone is at risk
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> I had 10 pints the other night
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> I got very silly.
16:40 <BRVR> Why is everyone at risk?
16:40 <FriendlyJim> I have never, nor will I ever smoke.
16:40 <Thundergun97> ive had a bottle everyonce in awhile
16:40 <Finneow> Srs though, idk wat the age for drinkin is in england, but i been doin it for ages
16:40 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <Bloodybrigade> My mom has a Heineken every once in a while, that's it though. 
16:40 <Finneow> Hey night
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> It's also 18, I'm pretty sure.
16:40 <Finneow> k
16:40 <Nightweaver2112> i am never going to start drinking
16:40 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do you smoke?
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> It's 16 in Germany, lucky fuckers (:)
16:40 <Nightshade of Darkness> Hey
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> shit
16:40 <CrashingCymbal> (:P)
16:41 <Thundergun97> that i wont do
16:41 <CrashingCymbal> I do not, Jim.
16:41 <Finneow> Yes or no?
16:41 <Finneow> Good
16:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> It's 17 or 18 here in the Philippines
16:41 <FriendlyJim> I'll never try it.
16:41 <Jeffsson> (:() <------monkey
16:41 <Superdannyz> i am 15 years old
16:41 <FriendlyJim> I like beer and wine though.
16:41 <CrashingCymbal> I smoke marijuana sometimes, but I don't smoke cigarettes.
16:41 <Finneow> I would crie if u smike
16:41 <Adam Carl Castillo> I'm 15 as well
16:41 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
16:41 <FriendlyJim> Marijuana should be legal.
16:41 <Bloodybrigade> Specially cause you can get hooked badly. 
16:41 <Thundergun97> my grandmas died of cancer so im anti ciggeret
16:41 <Superdannyz> hi creepypastafriend
16:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Frienderman!
16:41 <CrashingCymbal> I agree, Jim.
16:41 <Superdannyz> i loves mrcreepypasta
16:42 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <FriendlyJim> It would greatly benefit the consumers and the state, win win.
16:42 <Thundergun97> sup pram
16:42 <CrashingCymbal> But the problem is, that it can cause a lot of mental conditions
16:42 <CrashingCymbal> Schizophrenia being the most concerning.
16:42 <FriendlyJim> Well, it can cure a lot of conditions too.
16:42 <CrashingCymbal> Ah, Medical marijuana
16:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Prammi
16:42 <Pramirez351> hai
16:42 <Finneow> Yeah, it says in the bible if you lie down with a man you shall be stoned, therefor if there leagalizing gay marrige weed should be alowed too, so you can get stoned.
16:42 <Thundergun97> i condone medical use
16:42 <Pramirez351> hai reading and thunder and adam
16:42 <Jeffsson> WEED
16:43 <Finneow> See my joke there
16:43 <Pramirez351> hey adam PM
16:43 <FriendlyJim> And the majority of studies suggest that it can help against schizophrenia.
16:43 <FriendlyJim> And some forms of cancer.
16:43 <Jeffsson> fin no
16:43 <CrashingCymbal> Also, extreme paranoia
16:43 <FriendlyJim> And glaukoma.
16:43 <Finneow> Fuk u to dolan
16:43 <Finneow> y u do dis
16:43 <FriendlyJim> And blood preassure.
16:43 <CrashingCymbal> And Glaucoma 
16:43 <FriendlyJim> And diabetes.
16:43 <Jeffsson> cym thats not weed
16:44 <Adam Carl Castillo> Weba Pramz (:D)
16:44 <Thundergun97> all i know is it kills undevlepod brain cells is the only thing that's bad about it
16:44 <Jeffsson> thats cocaine
16:44 <Pramirez351> hey reading PM too :p
16:44 <Bloodybrigade> Specially testicular. One of my friends dads smoked medicinal marijuana and ate a bunch during chemo. helping his immune
16:44 <CrashingCymbal> No, weed causes paranoia as well. 
16:44 <Finneow> and death, its official. weed cures death
16:44 <Jeffsson> oh well
16:45 <Finneow> If. you excuse me. i must go take a shit
16:45 <Finneow> brb
16:45 <CrashingCymbal> I might go back to my Imscared avatar
16:45 <CrashingCymbal> (crash)
16:45 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit :(
16:45 <Nightshade of Darkness> I'll be in pm
16:45 <FriendlyJim> The biggest reason that weed should be legalized is so that the consumers could have better, and cheaper products.
16:45 <Thundergun97> pram jst posted a pasta go to discussions howd i do and take the link to the lovario project
16:46 <Pramirez351> ok
16:46 <FriendlyJim> And weed is less addictive than coffee.
16:46 <Thundergun97> and 900000percent better as log as people don't do crack im cool
16:47 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
16:47 <FriendlyJim> I think people should be able to do crack.
16:47 <FriendlyJim> And all other narcotics.
16:47 <Thundergun97> nope
16:47 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Thundergun97> dont want no crack babys
16:47 <FriendlyJim> Most people who die from narcotics die because it's illegal.
16:48 <Jeffsson> weed is not a performance enhancer
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I doubt the laws are what kill people.
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm sure it is the drug itself.
16:48 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Lee
16:48 <Thundergun97> hey lee
16:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi everyone
16:48 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Lee!
16:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Herro
16:48 <Thundergun97> just read your cupcackes article i agree
16:49 <IShallCreepYouOut> if you look at it on the short term, it is the law. If tyou look at it on the long term, it is the drug.
16:49 <FriendlyJim> People die because they get bad products, no one gets blind from booze because it's a legal and regulated product.
16:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who me?
16:49 <CrashingCymbal> Okay -
16:49 <Thundergun97> yes u
16:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> oh yeah I guess
16:49 <FriendlyJim>
16:49 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Why Drug Prohibition is a Bad Idea - Duration: 10:00 - Uploaded: 2013-06-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 299 -
16:50 <Thundergun97> its not the bad produict itsthe bad users
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> So you're saying Heroin isn't bad?
16:50 <Thundergun97> yes it is
16:50 <FriendlyJim> I think that people who drink alcohol are bad, they deserve to go blind.
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> ^
16:50 <CrashingCymbal> (okay)
16:50 <Jeffsson> trlololo song 10 hours
16:50 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
16:50 -!- Piers Nivans creepypasta11 has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Heroin is good... if used correctly
16:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> as a medical tool
16:51 <Thundergun97> didn't you just have that big discussion about how great guiness is
16:51 <FriendlyJim> That is the logic of someone who thinks that cocaine and heroin should be kept illegal.
16:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> also ANY drug is good for you if used medicinaly
16:52 <FriendlyJim> What if someone doesn't like beer, but likes heroin, does that mean that they deserve to die?
16:52 -!- Griffin Lohner has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
16:52 <Thundergun97> except sniffin gasoline
16:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> They need help
16:52 <Griffin Lohner> hey guys! I'm Back!
16:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Griffin
16:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi again Lohner
16:52 <Jeffsson> i look like im high when im low
16:53 <Jeffsson> i look normal whaen im high
16:53 -!- Griffin Lohner has left Special:Chat.
16:53 <CrashingCymbal> I'm having a nice dinner 
16:53 <CrashingCymbal> Dad sure does make em good haha
16:53 <Thundergun97> du look high when youre normal
16:53 <FriendlyJim> There have been numerous cases of people living long productive lives even though they use heroin or cocaine. It doesn't have to be any different than alcohol.
16:53 -!- Griffin Lohner has joined Special:Chat
16:53 <Griffin Lohner> Hello derpy goku.
16:54 <Jeffsson> yes i look high right now
16:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I had an interesting conversation with a vegan today...
16:54 <Jeffsson> im normal
16:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He said eating other animals is sick...
16:54 -!- Griffin Lohner has left Special:Chat.
16:54 <Thundergun97> i think that's called withdraw
16:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Explain what Lions do?
16:54 <Jeffsson> no its normal
16:55 <Piers Nivans creepypasta11> i don't know what to say and so bored
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> urgh...i am so bored
16:55 <FriendlyJim> People who are wealthy are the only ones who can afford good products that won't harm them as much, in a system where narcotics are illegal the middle class recieve bad product that can be deadly.
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> damn, ninja'd
16:55 <Jeffsson> its because i had parents that both did drugs
16:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jim
16:55 <FriendlyJim> Lee (:P)
16:55 <Thundergun97> thunder
16:55 <Jeffsson> im not having withdrawl
16:55 <FriendlyJim> Let's have a ping war.
16:55 <FriendlyJim> Lee
16:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> heroin is bad used incorrectly either way
16:56 <Piers Nivans creepypasta11> what
16:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So is any drug
16:56 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> caffine included
16:56 <Thundergun97> i dont condone drug use but weed is ok
16:57 <FriendlyJim> I read a fantastic article about a wealthy New York lawyer who used heroin for the majority of his life.
16:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He wot
16:57 <Jeffsson> i dont do drugs i never have
16:57 <Piers Nivans creepypasta11> me too
16:57 <Thundergun97> same here
16:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He wasn't arrested?
16:57 <FriendlyJim> It doesn't have to affect your ability to work, and neither does alcohol have too.
16:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Smooth dude
16:57 <Thundergun97> only drug i need is life    and porn
16:57 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
16:58 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Finneow> I got back from the shit seat
16:58 <Finneow> AKA the toilet
16:58 <BRVR> I will never do drugs.
16:58 <Finneow> ...
16:58 <Pramirez351> exactamundo thunder xD
16:58 -!- Thundergun97 has left Special:Chat.
16:58 <Pramirez351> nuh jk :P
16:58 <Finneow> Still on about drugs?
16:58 <FriendlyJim> This video clears up a lot of things about cartels.
16:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Why Drug Prohibition is a Bad Idea - Duration: 10:00 - Uploaded: 2013-06-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 300 -
16:58 <Jeffsson> no
16:58 <FriendlyJim> Of course we are.
16:58 <Finneow> Subject change?
16:58 <Finneow> pls
16:59 <FriendlyJim> Sure
16:59 <FriendlyJim> What about politics?
16:59 <Finneow> pls cht ch8ng thu sbject
16:59 <Finneow> k
16:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Drug prohibition IS bad. People are gonna defy every rule no matter what might as well let THEM see the effects
16:59 <Finneow> I fukien hate republicans
16:59 <FriendlyJim> ^
16:59 <FriendlyJim> ^^
16:59 <Finneow> ninjad
16:59 -!- Piers Nivans creepypasta11 has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <Jeffsson> ping me if maria shows up
17:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> okey
17:00 <FriendlyJim> I agree with both of you, that ^ served it's purpouse.
17:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> okey
17:00 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
17:00 <Finneow> Neve, u seen the GTA 5 gameplay trailer?
17:00 <Diamondzarebright> Jeff are you with Maria now?!
17:00 <Diamondzarebright> :C
17:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> How bout Egypt
17:00 <FriendlyJim> Who is getting the Fable Anniversary?
17:00 <FriendlyJim> *Raises hand*
17:01 <FriendlyJim> *Looks around*
17:01 -!- Piers Nivans creepypasta11 has joined Special:Chat
17:01 -!- Cookie4 has joined Special:Chat
17:01 <FriendlyJim> *Puts hand down*
17:01 <Finneow> Im saving up for gta 5 man
17:01 <Finneow> Im poor
17:01 <Finneow> i needs the monney
17:01 <Finneow> I gots no monney
17:01 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Noam Chomsky - On Social Cleansing, the 'war on drugs', Marijuana and prohibition - Duration: 10:39 - Uploaded: 2011-12-16 - Rating: 4.932203 - Views: 15,210 -
17:01 <FriendlyJim>
17:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> GTA 5 is in Hollywood right? (in game)
17:01 <Finneow> pls giv me muny thro paypal
17:01 -!- Cookie4 has left Special:Chat.
17:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
17:01 <Finneow> based around it neve
17:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh ok
17:02 <Finneow> it looks fukin epic
17:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
17:03 <Finneow> Imagen, if Gta5 run off battlefeild 4' 
17:03 <Finneow> s engien
17:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hmmm
17:03 <Finneow> Destructable buildings everywhere
17:04 <Finneow> (allthethings) Destroy, ALL THE BUILDINGS!
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> isn't the battlefield engine GeoMod?
17:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yes
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> same as red faction guerilla
17:04 <Finneow> i thought it was frostbite 
17:04 <FriendlyJim>
17:04 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fable Anniversary - E3 2013 Stage Demo - Duration: 10:18 - Uploaded: 2013-06-13 - Rating: 4.798780 - Views: 69,813 -
17:04 <Nightweaver2112> im sure it is geomod
17:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> no it's Geomod.
17:04 <Finneow> might be, might not
17:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I wished games used it more often
17:05 <Finneow> Bf4 might me, I know for a fact bf3 is frostbite
17:05 <Finneow> It says when starting up the game
17:05 <FriendlyJim> It's Frostbite.
17:05 <Finneow> ^
17:06 <FriendlyJim>
17:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> Where do I view my ban and kick logs?
17:06 <Finneow> Um
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There aren't any kick logs
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also, chat bans, right?
17:06 <Finneow> Aint it !logs ?
17:06 <Finneow> !logs
17:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
17:06 <Adam Carl Castillo> No like my records of how many times I've been kicked and banned
17:06 <Finneow> Oh
17:06 <Finneow> i dunno
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
17:06 <Finneow> Start a record
17:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No kicks records anywhere
17:06 -!- Superdannyz has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Finneow> record it on your page
17:07 <Finneow> change it when u get kicked
17:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> 02:03, April 14, 2013 Kill1mes (talk | contribs) changed ban settings for Adam Carl Castillo (talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 week, ends 02:03, April 21, 2013 (Repeated violations of this, forget I changed anything)
17:07 <Adam Carl Castillo> Does that mean I have only 3 bans?
17:07 <Finneow> I has got one i think
17:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, two.
17:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> XBox 1 is a joke now thanks to what happened at E3 
17:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No matter how they've tried to come around
17:08 -!- Nightshade of Darkness has left Special:Chat.
17:08 <Finneow> Xbox is alredy a joke
17:08 <Finneow> Playstation nerd here
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> hooray, i have only ever had 1 ban!
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh only 2
17:08 <Adam Carl Castillo> YES!!
17:08 <Nightweaver2112> I've had less than reading (:D)
17:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I can honestly say I still will keep my XBox 360
17:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> FOREVER
17:09 <Finneow> Have you heard about the new online mode for GTA5?
17:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No
17:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> As far as I know, I have never been banned.
17:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So, do you have -1, Weaver?
17:09 <Nightweaver2112> yes you have, reading]
17:09 <Finneow> Apparently it can have up to 100+ people one one server
17:09 <Finneow> not server, game
17:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Nightshade
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> 12:09, May 21, 2013 Shining-Armor (Talk | contribs | block) banned WhyAmIReadingThis (Talk | contribs | block) from chat with an expiry time of 2 hours, ends 14:09, May 21, 2013 (Gu Awaii)
17:10 <Finneow> It lookes jepic
17:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He unbanned me instantly.
17:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So it is no ban.
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> still counts XD
17:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gu Awaii Read
17:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 5eva
17:10 <Finneow> 3cool5me
17:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> jklol
17:10 <CrashingCymbal> I have to go people
17:10 -!- Emily4ever has left Special:Chat.
17:10 <Finneow> NUUU!
17:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bai Crash
17:10 <Nightweaver2112> cya cym
17:11 <Finneow> Stay forever
17:11 <FriendlyJim> Xbox Live: Enjoy new movies. Playstation Network: Hacked by anonymos.
17:11 <CrashingCymbal> I'll be back on later tonight.
17:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
17:11 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, you do this?
17:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Crashi plz
17:11 <FriendlyJim> Bye Cymb
17:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jem plz
17:12 <FriendlyJim> You know what? I'm goint to start calling you Tim.
17:12 <FriendlyJim> Time
17:12 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
17:12 <FriendlyJim> *tim
17:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> this
17:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES (NSFW) - Duration: 02:31 - Uploaded: 2013-07-08 - Rating: 4.897953 - Views: 44,476 -
17:12 -!- Silvercat54 has joined Special:Chat
17:12 <FriendlyJim> God, already fucked it up.
17:12 <Silvercat54> Hello
17:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Silvercat
17:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi Silver
17:12 <Nightweaver2112> oh reeeading....
17:12 <Silvercat54> hello
17:12 <Nightweaver2112>
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes?
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> 2 bans :3
17:13 -!- MrDark has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> Lol
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Both were unbanned instantly.
17:13 <Finneow> Xbox live: U wanna go online LOLOLOL £50 PLS Playstation network: You wanna go online? k go ahed, free. Oh Also, it says on your account its your birthdy. have a tenner
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So they don't count.
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Test3
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> so you have been banned more than me
17:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi Dark!
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> they do count
17:13 <Finneow> Hey drkk
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> since they were logged :3
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A ban only counts when at least half of its time has been done.
17:13 <MrDark> HAI ALL TEH PEEPZ
17:13 <MrDark> Wazzup?
17:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If it didn't happen, then it doesn't count.
17:13 <Nightweaver2112> and who made that rule up?
17:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Otherwise, several users would be permanantly banned by now.
17:14 <Silvercat54> i just got out of being banned and i made a pasta called Killing Micheal
17:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You know, by joke bans and requests and all that.
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> you just made it up to cover your own ass XD
17:14 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is fairness, Weaver.
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> still counts
17:14 <Nightweaver2112> cos i say so
17:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> If you had four bans, unbanned instantly, and if what you say counted, and you got a 2 hour ban, technically you would get a long ban, then.
17:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But it would be very unfair.
17:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So that is how it works.
17:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> I think I have 3 bans
17:15 <Nightweaver2112> well...well...
17:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Two, Acie.
17:15 <Nightweaver2112> YOU'RE A MEANIE
17:15 <Finneow> PSN: The last of us and uncharted and little big planet and so on Xbox: lol i dont even know other than halo, and who gives a crap about halo
17:15 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <Adam Carl Castillo> Oh! OMG 2 bans!! *relieved sigh*
17:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme>
17:15 <Fullmoon67> Finally 
17:16 <Adam Carl Castillo> I thought I was banned multiple times already
17:16 -!- Dream Hacked has joined Special:Chat
17:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Dream
17:16 <Nightweaver2112> hello moon, dream
17:16 <Finneow> Proof nintendo holds the throne of games
17:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> PC: All teh flash games
17:16 <Finneow> Hey peeps who joined
17:16 <Fullmoon67> Hi weaver
17:16 <Dream Hacked> Hai
17:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> Proof PC actually holds all the cards
17:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Dream
17:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nintendo: Mario and Pokemon. Period.
17:16 -!- Silvercat54 has left Special:Chat.
17:16 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai Dream
17:17 <Finneow> Android: Um... does angry birs count
17:17 <MrDark> Don't forget Zelda, Metroid, etc.
17:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeah
17:17 <Finneow> IOS: refer to android 
17:17 <BRVR> I felt sick yesterday.
17:17 -!- Minelord1231 has joined Special:Chat
17:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Android: Internet FTW!
17:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nintendo: Making your childhood since 1995
17:18 <Minelord1231> every one read this go to this link
17:18 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
17:18 <Nightweaver2112> subbeh, u a big meenie
17:18 <Minelord1231>
17:18 <Finneow> Nintendo raised your ass better than your parent ever cpuld
17:18 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
17:18 -!- Thundergun97 has joined Special:Chat
17:18 <Finneow> *could
17:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stories don't go in your user pages, Minelord
17:18 <Minelord1231> i dont know how to post pastas
17:18 <BRVR> I ate baker's chocolate and it made me feel sick.
17:18 -!- Lolster1 has left Special:Chat.
17:18 -!- Minelord1231 has left Special:Chat.
17:19 <BRVR> I just had to burp.
17:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wot was dat Minelord?
17:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> Minelord, thaAAAND he leaves.
17:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> m8 r u drunk?
17:19 <Finneow> Steam: TF2? FREE! PORTAL? FREE! ALL DA GAMES? 99% OFF ALL THE TIEM!
17:19 <Thundergun97> hey all
17:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> he left lol
17:19 <Child Of Mantra> Finmn
17:19 <Child Of Mantra> Portal is free?
17:19 <FriendlyJim> Hello
17:19 <Finneow> I think so
17:20 -!- Thundergun97 has left Special:Chat.
17:20 -!- Thundergun97 has joined Special:Chat
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> waat
17:20 <FriendlyJim> Damn, I never knew there were mods for Fable.
17:20 <Finneow> I may be high but, i think
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> There are mods for fable?
17:20 <FriendlyJim> Apparently so.
17:20 <Finneow> There are mods for this chat
17:20 <Finneow> ?
17:20 <Thundergun97> sweet mother of god
17:20 <Finneow> no way!!
17:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Portal is free? :U
17:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yay
17:20 <Child Of Mantra> Portal is not free
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> I just checked
17:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> ^
17:21 <Finneow> I thought it was
17:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:21 <Finneow> Im high.
17:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aww >:U
17:21 <FriendlyJim> Minty, have you played Fable?
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> I fucking love FAble
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> I still own it for the PC
17:21 <Nightweaver2112> hello rylee
17:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai
17:21 <BRVR> My brain!!
17:21 <FriendlyJim> Did you mod it?
17:21 <Thundergun97> wander what platinum does in this giggle dungeon
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> Nope
17:21 <Child Of Mantra> I rarely mod games
17:21 <Finneow> Rockstar: DELAY ALL THE GAMES (allthethings)
17:21 <FriendlyJim> I'm getting the Fable Anniversary.
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The usual, Thunder
17:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Torture.
17:22 <MrDark> Hai Rylee.
17:22 <FriendlyJim> I loved playing Fable when I was younger.
17:22 <Child Of Mantra> fable anniversary?
17:22 <Diamondzarebright> meh 
17:22 <FriendlyJim> I have the second and third too.
17:22 <Diamondzarebright> I dunno why I did that 
17:22 <Finneow> Bethesda: Its called the elder scrolls brah, not enough? Have some fallout!
17:22 <Child Of Mantra> I played the third
17:22 <BRVR> I think part of my brain just exploded one cell by one!
17:22 <Child Of Mantra> It was a bit boring but playable
17:22 <FriendlyJim> Haven't you seen the Fable Anniversary?
17:22 <Child Of Mantra> Nope
17:22 <Nightweaver2112> fable 2 was the best in my opinion
17:23 <FriendlyJim>
17:23 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fable Anniversary - E3 2013 Stage Demo - Duration: 10:18 - Uploaded: 2013-06-13 - Rating: 4.798780 - Views: 69,813 -
17:23 <Child Of Mantra> Fable 2 was awesome
17:23 <BRVR> Every word, one cell exploding!
17:23 <FriendlyJim> I loved the first and second.
17:23 <Finneow> EA: DLC!
17:23 <FriendlyJim> The third one was good, but I couldn't replay it.
17:23 <Child Of Mantra> Fuck, i don't want a tablet
17:23 <FriendlyJim> It has no replay value at all.
17:23 <Finneow> THQ: R.I.P
17:23 <Child Of Mantra> Don't need it
17:23 <BRVR> That was just stupid!
17:23 <BRVR> I don't have a phone.
17:24 <FriendlyJim> You don't need a tablet, it's just a bonus.
17:24 <FriendlyJim> It's a 360 exclusive.
17:24 <Child Of Mantra> Now i see
17:24 <Child Of Mantra> Shiet, i don't have a TV
17:24 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:24 <FriendlyJim> Damn
17:24 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:24 <BRVR> I don't know the benefits of having a phone.
17:25 <FriendlyJim> [[Who Was Phone?]]
17:25 <Finneow> Activision: New CODS all the fuckin time
17:25 <Child Of Mantra> I only have a S3 so i can have my music on it
17:25 <Child Of Mantra> And i use it to record some studio stuff
17:25 <BRVR> What is the benefits of having a phone.
17:25 <Pramirez351> ohg gosh guys....
17:25 <FriendlyJim> Do you have a computer?
17:25 <Pramirez351> oh *
17:25 <FriendlyJim> Wait
17:25 <Child Of Mantra> No, i do not have a computer.
17:25 <Finneow> WHO WAS BOOTY
17:25 <FriendlyJim> I'm a fucking idiot.
17:25 <BRVR> Seriously, what is the benefit.
17:25 <Adam Carl Castillo> About fucking time!
17:25 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <Child Of Mantra> You can use it to call the police and fire department
17:26 <BRVR> >Me
17:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I read "I'm a fucking idol", Jim
17:26 <Finneow> Who needs a phone when you have.... No social life *fuck yeh*
17:26 <FriendlyJim> Asking someone on a website if they have a computer. (derp)
17:26 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <BRVR> >Need to call police/fire department
17:26 <Child Of Mantra> Damn, now i want to play Fable.
17:26 <Child Of Mantra> And i'm at my hut
17:26 <Nightweaver2112> i want to apply for chatmod, but i don't like my chances of actually getting it...
17:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, it could be through a mobile, Jim!
17:26 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Darkstride!
17:26 <Child Of Mantra> >le mey mey arrows
17:26 <Darkstride> G.A.B.E.N.
17:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: G.A.B.E.N. - Duration: 01:10 - Uploaded: 2011-05-01 - Rating: 4.882468 - Views: 375,848 -
17:26 <Finneow> You carn apply can you/
17:26 <Darkstride> WHY!
17:26 <Darkstride> Hai.
17:26 <IShallCreepYouOut> Pram, you could make a good chatmod!
17:26 <Finneow> Hey darkey
17:27 <FriendlyJim> Minty, they said that they might make a PC version.
17:27 <Finneow> Wat about me?
17:27 <FriendlyJim> And DLC.
17:27 <Pramirez351> i try :) 
17:27 <Darkstride> FINN
17:27 <Darkstride> Hai.
17:27 <BRVR> Nope; No benefit.
17:27 <Finneow> DARK
17:27 <Child Of Mantra> That would be awesome
17:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme>
17:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Puppies Go Into Attack Mode - Duration: 00:22 - Uploaded: 2011-12-15 - Rating: 4.816520 - Views: 5,073,599 -
17:27 <Finneow> HAi
17:27 <MrDark> WHAT
17:27 <MrDark> Oh, other Dark...
17:27 <BRVR> I will have no need for a phone.
17:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Look at dem puppies
17:27 <Child Of Mantra> I might buy the whole Arma 2 collection
17:27 <FriendlyJim> A lot of the people on the team want to add more quests.
17:27 <Child Of Mantra> I saw it cheap at the store
17:27 <Child Of Mantra> 100 kroner
17:27 <BRVR> None.
17:28 <Finneow> I saw a puppy try nd eat a kitten once
17:28 <FriendlyJim> That's 200 Swedish kronor.
17:28 <Pramirez351> i dont wanna die xD
17:28 <Finneow> Fucking cutist massecar ever
17:28 <BRVR> No use for a phone at all.
17:28 <Child Of Mantra> Oh lawd
17:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gabe Newell Gets Trolled :D - Duration: 01:08 - Uploaded: 2010-07-24 - Rating: 4.679330 - Views: 398,128 -
17:28 <FriendlyJim> Norway is rich.
17:28 <Child Of Mantra> Norway is rich as hell
17:28 -!- Lex wa Kaiho has left Special:Chat.
17:28 <Child Of Mantra> So much oil
17:28 <BRVR> None.
17:28 <IShallCreepYouOut> Shit
17:28 <BRVR> None at all. Bacon.
17:29 <Finneow> Shitting on a biscuit
17:29 -!- Griffin Lohner has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <FriendlyJim> The places where Norway found oil was gifted to Norway by Denmark.
17:29 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
17:29 <BRVR> *500 more messages explaining no use of a phone later*
17:29 <Nightweaver2112> i swear...soon my dad wont have to wait for his heart to kill him...XD
17:29 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <FriendlyJim> It's also going to be less buggy and laggy.
17:29 <Griffin Lohner> ...
17:30 -!- Silvercat54 has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Silvercat54> hello again
17:30 <Darkstride> That moment when you're on Skype and somebody asks you to find out why they are "Hated" on a wiki.
17:30 <Nightweaver2112> did I just kill the chat?
17:30 <Darkstride> >hated
17:30 <Darkstride> >banned
17:30 <FriendlyJim> The most requested additions was a PC addition and the ability to play as a female.
17:31 <FriendlyJim> *edition
17:31 <Child Of Mantra> Nick
17:31 <FriendlyJim> I want to play as a big bitch with boobs.
17:31 <Child Of Mantra>
17:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Black Magic Woman by Santana - Duration: 03:23 - Uploaded: 2009-06-20 - Rating: 4.910632 - Views: 8,200,946 -
17:31 <Silvercat54> ello ello ello waz all this then
17:31 <FriendlyJim>
17:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Lucifer's Legion - The Art of Black Magick - Duration: 06:18 - Uploaded: 2009-08-01 - Rating: 3.631579 - Views: 43,694 -
17:32 <Finneow>
17:32 <FriendlyJim> The titles are similar.
17:32 <FriendlyJim> iwusfon
17:33 <FriendlyJim> [[Ermagherd, grey text]]
17:33 <FriendlyJim> [[Ermagherd, more grey text]]
17:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> [[NeveR has Big Ballz]]
17:34 <FriendlyJim> Dragon Ballz
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (huehue)
17:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> More like "Lee never has big balls"
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u
17:34 <BRVR> /me eats bacon
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >:U
17:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Too bad Lee!
17:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> O)_(O
17:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Peace!
17:34 <FriendlyJim> In their tounge he is NeveR, DRAGONBALLZ!
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (lulz)
17:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (loool)
17:34 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <Nightweaver2112> reading, i hate that emote
17:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> too hot D: am dieing
17:35 <MrDark> 0)_(0 Peace out, duuude!
17:35 <FriendlyJim> Hello Chris
17:35 <Child Of Mantra> wtf is that emote?
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Understandable
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A hippie girl, Mantra
17:35 <Nightweaver2112> i hate the fact that it is on my talk page even more
17:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi jim
17:35 <Child Of Mantra> I like that emote.
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It replaces the funnymouth face.
17:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi everyone
17:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (O)_(O)
17:35 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is a counter measure to roleplayers
17:35 <Nightweaver2112> and i ahte the fact that i can never delete it off my talk page even more than that
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You can, Weaver.
17:35 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I authorize you.
17:35 <FriendlyJim> Bluud
17:35 <Nightweaver2112> HOORAY!!
17:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O)_(O
17:35 <Child Of Mantra> O)_(O
17:35 <Child Of Mantra> Heeh
17:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> I don't think am working
17:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
17:36 <Nightweaver2112> but then my page would not make sense
17:36 <Nightweaver2112> so...
17:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So far it has worked amazingly, Mantra!
17:36 <Nightweaver2112> nah
17:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Two roleplayers got caught in the trap
17:36 <FriendlyJim> O)_(O
17:36 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
17:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi jeffy :3
17:36 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It's a trap
17:36 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
17:36 <Jeffsson> yo chris
17:36 <Finneow> its a tarp
17:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> its so hotdx 
17:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> DX
17:36 <Silvercat54> dont you just hate when u work hard to make page gets deleted :\
17:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm afraid you've just activated...
17:37 <FriendlyJim> Aron, I haz guud song 4 u.
17:37 <BRVR> Silly sirtaptap
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Super SOPA Bros - Duration: 04:15 - Uploaded: 2012-01-20 - Rating: 4.885714 - Views: 4,915 -
17:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My trap crad
17:37 <BRVR> !
17:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *card
17:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> Its so HOTTTT DX
17:37 <Child Of Mantra> One of the songs that i'm gonna play on the street
17:37 <Mrchrisrocks23> v3v am dieing
17:37 <FriendlyJim>
17:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Korpiklaani - Kipumylly - Duration: 06:55 - Uploaded: 2009-01-30 - Rating: 4.959079 - Views: 62,784 -
17:37 <FriendlyJim> \m/
17:38 <Mrchrisrocks23> Is it just me or is anyone else hot?
17:38 <FriendlyJim> Aron, do you listen to KVLT music? (derp)
17:38 <Silvercat54> can someone edit my pasta killing micheal
17:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm VERY hot
17:38 <Child Of Mantra> Nope
17:38 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
17:38 <Silvercat54> :troll:
17:38 <Child Of Mantra> fuck kvlt
17:38 <FriendlyJim>
17:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Open a window, Lee
17:38 <Finneow>
17:38 <FriendlyJim> I hate KVLT
17:38 <Silvercat54> troll
17:38 <Child Of Mantra> we r so edgy
17:38 <FriendlyJim> Read that dictionary.
17:39 <Child Of Mantra> sating burn churcz
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> A young lady sacrificed her soul to satin to earn powers.
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Needless to say, it didn't go well.
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yay for bad pasta stories posted weeks ago.
17:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Satin<
17:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ok
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep, satin!
17:39 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Over and over, it was typoed as "satin"
17:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It was laughable
17:39 <FriendlyJim> Hail Satin! (derp)
17:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ikr?
17:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I read it...
17:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> just (facepalm)
17:40 <FriendlyJim> Aron, did you like Solstice?
17:40 <FriendlyJim> The band?
17:40 <Child Of Mantra> I have a small story of what happened in my town
17:40 <FriendlyJim> That you linked me?
17:40 <Child Of Mantra> yes
17:40 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Silvercat54> how u make those faces
17:40 <FriendlyJim> I loved it.
17:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Say it, Mantra!
17:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Eso
17:40 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
17:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Like dis (derp)
17:40 <FriendlyJim> You never know if someone links music they like or dislike.
17:41 <Child Of Mantra> When i was walking to the store with a girl friend of mine we saw this old freaky lady bowin in front of this baby in a small baby cradle thingie
17:41 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
17:41 <Child Of Mantra> She was saying all sorts of scary shit that we didn't understand
17:41 <Child Of Mantra> Then we decided to get the hell out
17:41 <Silvercat54> NeveRsLeePwitHme how do i do those mem's
17:41 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
17:41 <Child Of Mantra> And that explains how my town is
17:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Was it my Grandma?!
17:41 <Child Of Mantra> OMGYE
17:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dammit granny!
17:42 -!- BatmanBaleLover has joined Special:Chat
17:42 -!- Silvercat54 has left Special:Chat.
17:42 <FriendlyJim> Aron, give this a try.
17:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Angelcorpse - Burning in Hell (Possessed Cover) - Duration: 02:29 - Uploaded: 2012-03-21 - Rating: 4.500000 - Views: 314 -
17:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> @ Silver ( derp )
17:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> no spaces
17:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wot
17:42 <FriendlyJim> The vocals are slightly distorted.
17:42 -!- Douger123 has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <Douger123> Hey
17:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> dat bitch
17:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Douger
17:43 <Child Of Mantra> I love this
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> oh, great and powerful reading, does thee have a cure for boredom?
17:43 <FriendlyJim> Have you heard Angelcorpse before?
17:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I don't, Weaver
17:43 <Douger123> Im back
17:43 <Child Of Mantra> Yeah
17:43 <Douger123> From germany
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> ah shit
17:43 <Child Of Mantra> We have a CD by them in the store
17:43 <FriendlyJim> It's one of my favourite bands.
17:43 <Child Of Mantra> But my boss forbids me to play it in the store
17:43 <Nightweaver2112> i thought you were great and powerful...
17:43 <FriendlyJim> \m/
17:43 <MrDark> I have a cure for boredom!
17:43 <Child Of Mantra> fog da polis
17:44 <MrDark> 0)_(0 duuude!
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Deutchland!
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> i ahte you, subject
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> *hate
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> How was it Douger?
17:44 <Douger123> Awesome...
17:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (:D)
17:44 <MrDark> I hate you more.
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> good
17:44 <Nightweaver2112> i told mr dark to eviscerate you
17:44 <FriendlyJim> This is good too.
17:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle (Full Album HQ) - Duration: 01:11:18 - Uploaded: 2013-02-13 - Rating: 4.967742 - Views: 18,506 -
17:45 <Child Of Mantra> BRVR
17:45 <Child Of Mantra>
17:45 <MrDark> But I am Mr. Dark, dumbass.
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> the mr dark on facebook
17:45 <Nightweaver2112> goddamnit
17:45 -!- Nightwhisper190 has joined Special:Chat
17:45 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
17:45 <Nightwhisper190> ...
17:45 <Nightwhisper190> -sigh- 
17:45 <BRVR> Why are you posting that link after my name, mantra?
17:45 <Nightwhisper190> hello eberybody.. 
17:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Night
17:46 <Nightwhisper190> * everybody
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> hi neve (derp)
17:46 <Child Of Mantra> Because you were talking about phones
17:46 <Nightwhisper190> Stupid auto correct -.-
17:46 <BRVR> Oh.
17:46 <Nightwhisper190> how is everyone? 
17:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (ogw)
17:46 <Nightweaver2112> mantra, you are not still thinking of watching that pony movie, are you?#]
17:46 <Child Of Mantra> I forgot about it
17:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm wonderful Night.
17:47 <Nightweaver2112> neve, do you value your life?
17:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And you?
17:47 <FriendlyJim> My brother is sitting next to me, so I can't listen to Death or Black Metal.
17:47 <BRVR> I wll never get a phone.
17:47 <Child Of Mantra> Neve, Clapton is king.
17:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
17:47 <FriendlyJim> I'll just play some Power or Folk.
17:48 <FriendlyJim> He fucking loves Power Metal.
17:48 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
17:48 <FriendlyJim> \m/
17:48 <BRVR> I would rather be forced to drink from the toilet than buy a phone.
17:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi 414
17:48 <Nightweaver2112> #yoloswag
17:48 <Child Of Mantra> Tell your brother that he is awesome
17:48 <41488p> I'm shitting in a toilet right now
17:48 -!- BatmanBaleLover has left Special:Chat.
17:48 <41488p> hey NeveR
17:48 <FriendlyJim> I told him.
17:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Weaver is why we can't have candy (ogw)
17:49 <FriendlyJim> We're going to Sabaton Open Air next year.
17:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> jk
17:49 <FriendlyJim> Sabaton is his favourite band.
17:49 <41488p> >candy
17:49 <41488p> (ic)
17:49 <Child Of Mantra> I'm going to see Sigur Ros in november
17:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Made my application
17:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Three applications in...two days,.
17:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Adam
17:49 <FriendlyJim> It's like 70% of the music he listens too.
17:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> You guys mind reading it?
17:49 <Adam Carl Castillo> Yes NeveR?
17:49 <41488p> damn
17:49 <Pramirez351> hai 414 xD
17:50 <Pramirez351> whats up man?
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> maybe 4, reading
17:50 <41488p> all these applications
17:50 <41488p> hey Pram
17:50 <41488p> nothing much
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> Hai 414
17:50 <41488p> but I finally moved to the states
17:50 <41488p> PORN HERE I CUM
17:50 <Child Of Mantra> i think i won't apply.
17:50 <FriendlyJim> His Carolus Rex shirt is one of his most priced possessions.
17:50 <41488p> hai Adam
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> im still tempted to apply
17:50 <41488p> I'll never apply
17:50 <41488p> you hear me
17:50 <41488p> NEVAR
17:50 <41488p> (twitch)
17:50 <Pramirez351> 0_0 414 are you coming to visit?
17:50 <Nightweaver2112> i will
17:50 <Adam Carl Castillo> I finally applied
17:50 <41488p> I'mma bring all the bitches 
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who would want to be an Admin or Mod?
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Dealing with all these bitch ass whin- 
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imean rule challenged users. (kawaii)
17:51 <FriendlyJim> I'm listening to the Sabaton cover of Twilight of the Thundergod by Amon Amarth.
17:51 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
17:51 <Child Of Mantra> It's just that there are rarely mods in the morning
17:51 <FriendlyJim> \m/
17:51 <41488p> bitch ass whinin' users
17:51 <41488p> DIS GENERATION
17:51 <Child Of Mantra> and most mods are american
17:51 <41488p> D:
17:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:51 <41488p> YOLO
17:51 <41488p> yeah
17:51 <41488p> we need more 
17:51 <41488p> racial diversity
17:51 <MrDark> I'm Irish, Mantra.
17:51 <Child Of Mantra> so we need less american mods and more european and such
17:51 <41488p> like Obama
17:52 <FriendlyJim> There has to be more European mods.
17:52 <MrDark> So is Cymballsack.
17:52 <Pramirez351> alright 414 you bring da bitches xD
17:52 <Child Of Mantra> "most"
17:52 <41488p> but you're an AMERICAN!
17:52 <41488p> will do, Pram
17:52 <41488p> 'cause bitches love bitches.
17:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Want about asian mods?
17:52 <FriendlyJim> Or else I will be mad.
17:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> u racist
17:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> jk
17:52 <Child Of Mantra> nofaku
17:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
17:53 <FriendlyJim> Asians can just move here.
17:53 <41488p> gosh guys
17:53 -!- Piers Nivans creepypasta11 has left Special:Chat.
17:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> I should calm down for a moment
17:53 <41488p> we don't need racial diversity
17:53 <41488p> we need to like
17:53 <FriendlyJim> I'd welcome them with open arms.
17:53 <41488p> have more SEXUAL diversity
17:53 <41488p> like
17:53 <41488p> uh
17:53 <41488p> dunno
17:53 <41488p> but SEX
17:53 <41488p> SEX IS EVERYTHING
17:53 <41488p> all must embrace sex
17:53 <41488p> if it wasn't for sex
17:53 <Child Of Mantra> 414 hasn't changed a bit
17:53 <41488p> I wouldn't be here
17:53 <41488p> you wouldn't be here
17:53 <Child Of Mantra> that is true
17:53 <41488p> don't you understand!?
17:53 <41488p> we NEED sex!
17:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> I gtg now guys
17:53 <MrDark> But I'm asexual.
17:53 <Adam Carl Castillo> bye
17:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Damn, 414, I honestly thought the month ban would...make you kinda chance :I
17:53 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <FriendlyJim> Bye Adamantine.
17:53 <Pramirez351> im afraid you will get banned again 414 xD
17:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Acie
17:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *change
17:54 <41488p> heheheh
17:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But looks like it was way too optimist from me.
17:54 <Adam Carl Castillo> Bai Jimmeh and Thizzy
17:54 <41488p> I'm...
17:54 -!- Adam Carl Castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <FriendlyJim> I'll miss you. . .
17:54 <41488p> wait, both Chaoz and Subject are asexual?
17:54 <41488p> bai Adam
17:54 <41488p> Reading you are way too much of an optimist
17:54 <Child Of Mantra> Reading is the nicest guy on chat
17:55 <41488p> if you were a German Jew back in the late 1930's you'd forget about Hitler's regime and just go about your daily business
17:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I suppose I would, yes.
17:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also thank you, Mantra
17:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> (kawaii)
17:55 <41488p> (propane)
17:55 <Child Of Mantra> (desu)
17:55 <Child Of Mantra> buals
17:55 <41488p> they got rid of user emotes
17:55 <41488p> (cleric)
17:55 <41488p> apart from Cleric's.
17:55 <41488p> hm.
17:55 <41488p> let me go stage a revolution
17:55 <41488p> brb
17:55 <Child Of Mantra> Mod emotes are still there
17:55 <FriendlyJim> Apart from mods and admins.
17:55 <Child Of Mantra> ninja'd
17:56 <41488p> ok b
17:56 <FriendlyJim> Ninja'd
17:56 <41488p> wait
17:56 <Darkstride> (rafa)
17:56 <Darkstride> Fawk.
17:56 <41488p> (subject)
17:56 <Griffin Lohner> how do you get emotes?
17:56 <41488p> (reading)
17:56 <FriendlyJim> (jesse)
17:56 <41488p> ...
17:56 <41488p> ayfkm
17:56 <41488p> the whole point of that was to get rid of mod and admin user emotes
17:56 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <41488p> wasn't it?
17:56 <FriendlyJim> Why doesn't Jesse have an emote? Damn racism.
17:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> By being a Moderator and Admin, Lohner
17:56 <41488p> gosh don't make me embarass myself
17:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
17:56 <41488p> dammit!
17:56 <41488p> hey!
17:56 <Griffin Lohner> oh.
17:56 <41488p> defend me on this!
17:56 <41488p> I AM A FELLOW USER
17:56 <Darkstride> k i wieil\
17:56 <FriendlyJim> I think Jesse should have an emote.
17:56 <Nightwhisper190> asdffdd * flips table* WTF
17:56 <41488p> and I will ban your ass with my invisible star if you don't
17:56 <Nightwhisper190>  oh its just my cat XD
17:56 <Darkstride> okey guers u haev 2 culm duwn
17:56 <Child Of Mantra> Emotes are pointless imo
17:57 <Pramirez351> mantra, i thought I was a nice person as well (QQ)
17:57 <41488p> praise Lord Jesus amen amen amen
17:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bach
17:57 <41488p> *sings from Bible*
17:57 <41488p> laaah
17:57 <FriendlyJim> Give Jesse an emote.
17:57 <Child Of Mantra> NO, U R SATIN 
17:57 <Child Of Mantra> jk, you are a good guy.
17:57 <41488p> I AM NOT A CLOTH, ARON
17:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How is everyone today?
17:57 <41488p> I AM A USER
17:57 <41488p> HNG
17:57 <Grammatik> Back
17:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Caps, 414
17:57 <Nightwhisper190> so am i 
17:57 <41488p> wb Gram
17:57 <41488p> k Reading
17:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Gramm!
17:57 <Child Of Mantra> Nick, i was also capsing
17:57 <Child Of Mantra> Yell at me too
17:57 <Grammatik> Danke 414
17:57 <Grammatik> Danke reading
17:57 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <FriendlyJim> I will not rest until Jesse gets an emote, or I get kicked for spamming.
17:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Four words, Mantra
17:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You didn't do two separate lines.
17:57 <Child Of Mantra> That rule is back?
17:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Well, three
17:58 <41488p> ...
17:58 <Vegeta565> Hello everyone
17:58 <Nightweaver2112> that is five, reading
17:58 <41488p> wait caps rule is back?
17:58 <41488p> wh-
17:58 <Grammatik> Wait
17:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nah, but I think it is kinda excessive to reprimend for...three or four caps words.
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Reading it feels weird seeing you called nick
17:58 <41488p> dammit Shining link the fucking rules page at the top of chat
17:58 <Child Of Mantra> People should let us know when rules are updated
17:58 <Grammatik> We got rid of the caps rule before
17:58 <Grammatik> ?
17:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But line after line of caps or more than eight words (in my standards) warrant a warning from me.-
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nick...
17:58 <41488p> or by Praise Lord Jesus I will smash your cuntlicking motherassfucking bitchslapping head off
17:58 <41488p> amen
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
17:58 <Griffin Lohner> Damn.
17:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
17:58 <Grammatik> Lol
17:58 <Child Of Mantra> Praise the lawd!
17:58 <41488p> ...I'll never swear like Unsane
17:58 <41488p> D:
17:59 <FriendlyJim> Praise Satin
17:59 <Grammatik> You won't
17:59 <Child Of Mantra> Shut up you mucus fucking skull maggot
17:59 <41488p> also how can a head be bitch-slapping?
17:59 <Nightwhisper190> ._.
17:59 <Nightwhisper190> what the fuck did i walk inon ._.
17:59 <Nightwhisper190>  * in on 
17:59 <41488p> you walked in on me
17:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Satin is a fabric
17:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> so Satin = God of fabrics?
17:59 <41488p> *throws clothes off*
17:59 <41488p> baby.
17:59 <FriendlyJim> I thought you said faggot, I could almost smell the ban.
17:59 <Griffin Lohner> Watching Mr.Creepypasta. Chillz.
17:59 <Vegeta565> well the doctor said i'm deaf
17:59 <Nightwhisper190> ._.
17:59 <41488p> AWW YEAA
17:59 <Grammatik> Oh baby
17:59 <FriendlyJim> Please don't ban me.
18:00 <Nightwhisper190> er.. i'mma be reading CPs..
18:00 <Griffin Lohner> BAN HIM! BAN HIM!
18:00 <41488p> ^
18:00 -!- Nightwhisper190 has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <41488p> BAN THE WITCH!
18:00 <Child Of Mantra> Go read your Cheeze Pizza's
18:00 <Grammatik> Nuuu
18:00 <FriendlyJim> I don't think saying that counts for a ban.
18:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am a witch
18:00 <41488p> nope
18:00 <FriendlyJim> I used it in no negative way.
18:00 <41488p> if you use it in a derogatory manner, like
18:00 <41488p> *uses it in offensive manner*
18:00 <Grammatik> Go read your child p--- creepypasta
18:00 <41488p> then you'll get banned
18:00 <FriendlyJim> I'll just shut the fuck up.
18:00 <41488p> child poetry, Gram?
18:00 <Grammatik> Yeah
18:01 <41488p> and also if he did do that he'd be looking at it, not reading
18:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Child poop?
18:01 <Child Of Mantra> Crocodile Pastry
18:01 <41488p> because you can't really
18:01 <41488p> like
18:01 <41488p> look at pictures
18:01 <41488p> ;)
18:01 <Griffin Lohner> Child porn. that's what it is. count the dashes.
18:01 <Grammatik> Cunt poop
18:01 <41488p> gosh, Griffin!
18:01 <Vegeta565> i hate that i'm deaf
18:01 <Grammatik> BAN HIM
18:01 <41488p> I'm deaf
18:01 <Grammatik> Jk
18:01 <41488p> IN MY DREAMS
18:01 <41488p> *laughs maniacally*
18:01 <Griffin Lohner> That's what grammatik was suggesting.
18:02 <41488p> ban everyone
18:02 <Grammatik> No
18:02 <41488p> go on a banocide
18:02 <Grammatik> Child poop,  you sick fuck
18:02 <Griffin Lohner> oh.
18:02 <Griffin Lohner> lol
18:02 <Grammatik> ; D
18:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Knock knock
18:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who is it?~
18:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> THE DOOR
18:02 <FriendlyJim> :O
18:02 <Griffin Lohner> it looked like it, and you were being rude, sooooo....
18:02 <41488p> knock knock 
18:02 <41488p> who is it
18:02 <41488p> karma police
18:02 <41488p> RAADIOOOHEAAD
18:02 <Grammatik> ^
18:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Child poop makes me horney
18:03 <Griffin Lohner> ...
18:03 <41488p> is it bad that I'm laughing at my own joke
18:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nope
18:03 <Grammatik> No 414 I'm laughing at it too
18:03 -!- Douger123 has left Special:Chat.
18:03 -!- Douger123 has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm not laughing at it... I'm LOLing
18:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lulz
18:04 <FriendlyJim> (spam)
18:04 <Vegeta565> XD  put now i know how deaf people feel
18:04 <FriendlyJim> I was spamming with spam.
18:04 <Child Of Mantra> Knock Knock
18:04 <Child Of Mantra> Who's there?
18:04 <Child Of Mantra> police mam your son has been killed by a hit and run driver, the driver was an alcohol.
18:04 <FriendlyJim> Damn alcohol.
18:04 <FriendlyJim> Killing children.
18:05 <41488p> damn children
18:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He was an achohol?!
18:05 <41488p> killing alcohol
18:05 <Vegeta565> yeah i know right jim
18:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> DAMMIT
18:05 <Child Of Mantra> He was an alcohol
18:05 <FriendlyJim> Damn alcohol
18:05 <Grammatik> Knock knock
18:05 <41488p> he was a good Vodka
18:05 <Grammatik> Who's there
18:05 <Child Of Mantra> urmum
18:05 <41488p> sometimes he'd behave like a Johnny Walker
18:05 <41488p> and other times like a Tequiila
18:05 <Grammatik> Yo mama
18:05 <41488p> but he was a good Vodka
18:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> OHHH
18:05 <41488p> even though deep down he as a Margherita. 
18:05 <41488p> *as
18:05 <41488p> FUCK
18:05 <41488p> *was
18:06 <Grammatik> Lol
18:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> admins and mods need to wakey wakey
18:06 <FriendlyJim> I looked in my friend's new folder inside a new folder. (ogw)
18:06 <Vegeta565> at least i can read lips
18:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm awake
18:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> oh
18:06 -!- SomeOrdinarySmells has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Some
18:07 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Umm guys I have a question....
18:07 <FriendlyJim> It contained, you guessed it, porn.
18:07 <Vegeta565> what Some
18:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ask it.
18:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol nice name Some
18:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> We'll try to answer!
18:07 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I walked into my room yesterday to pet my cat and I herad a loud "SSSHHHHHHHH!" noise.
18:07 -!- Nightwhisper190 has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <41488p> ...
18:07 <Child Of Mantra> i found one of the most disturbing pictures ever
18:07 <Dream Hacked> Do I have to be here for this?
18:07 <41488p> I think you do
18:07 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <41488p> we have a 420 situation
18:08 <Nightwhisper190> whats going on?
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> YES DREAM PLZ
18:08 <FriendlyJim> Aron, I want to see this image you speak of?
18:08 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <FriendlyJim> Fuck
18:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> sorry cap lock
18:08 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I heard a loud "SShhhhh" noise in my bedroom
18:08 <Finalclaw> Hello there
18:08 <Vegeta565> have you heard that noise before Some
18:08 <Nightweaver2112> cya everyone
18:08 <Child Of Mantra> PM me
18:08 <FriendlyJim> It was supposed to be a ! not ?
18:08 <SomeOrdinarySmells> No I haven't
18:08 <Dinorauria 2> Later weaver
18:08 <Child Of Mantra> it's horrible
18:08 -!- GTAguy234 has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <Grammatik> Pm me the image Aron
18:08 <Vegeta565> bye night
18:08 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
18:08 <Child Of Mantra> no u pm me
18:08 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I've never heard that noise before
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> SomeOrdinary it was me (okay) I'm sorry
18:09 <Finalclaw> Hi
18:09 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I don't believe in paranormal stuff.. But that was pretty scary
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I was fapping and...
18:09 <Vegeta565> well call someone  thats bad ok call any one
18:09 <Nightwhisper190> Hello
18:09 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> oh
18:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Typical, Neve fapping xD
18:09 <Vegeta565> it might be the pipes
18:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> or your cat
18:10 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I know this sounds pretty cliche, but the sound came from my closet
18:10 <41488p> it was ur mum m8
18:10 <FriendlyJim> Was it a fapping hobo?
18:10 <Grammatik> Could be the closet
18:10 <Nightwhisper190> ._.
18:10 <SomeOrdinarySmells> And my cat heard it aswell
18:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading, I miss the days when you used to be at the bottom of the list for me xD
18:10 <Nightwhisper190> are you suggesting jeff
18:10 <SomeOrdinarySmells> His ears perked 
18:10 <Nightwhisper190> Because its fake
18:10 <Dream Hacked> No sexual conversations please.
18:10 <Bloodybrigade> ^
18:10 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, it still happens 90% of the time, Zack
18:10 -!- GTAguy234 has left Special:Chat.
18:11 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Jeff.... Really?
18:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah but not all the time lol
18:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Close your mouth when you sleep SomeOrdinarySmells or you know...
18:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Like now, there's two people underneath you for me
18:11 <Vegeta565> ok this happened to me before when i could hear
18:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Of course, with me here it would make three for everyone else lol
18:11 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
18:11 <SomeOrdinarySmells> At first I thought it was my sister pranking me...
18:12 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Nightwhisper190>  well did you open the closet? 
18:12 <FriendlyJim> But she was really just giving birth.
18:12 -!- Diamondzarebright has joined Special:Chat
18:12 <Vegeta565> well teel you parents
18:12 <SomeOrdinarySmells> But she was downstairs
18:12 <Vegeta565> ok then ask your mom or dad
18:12 <FriendlyJim> Giving birth.
18:12 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Already did
18:13 <SomeOrdinarySmells> They said it was the hosue settling...
18:13 <SomeOrdinarySmells> *House
18:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then it was the house settling.
18:13 -!- Bloodybrigade has left Special:Chat.
18:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> NO sexual talk?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS
18:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mystery solved!
18:13 <41488p> you
18:13 <Vegeta565> ok  thats good yeah thats what my bro said 
18:13 <41488p> you have a sister?!
18:13 <SomeOrdinarySmells> But I know what that sounds like
18:13 <41488p> *drools*
18:13 <FriendlyJim> But it was a dog humping your clothes.
18:13 <41488p> unnnh
18:13 <Grammatik> > no sex talk
18:13 <SomeOrdinarySmells> I don't have a dog
18:13 <SomeOrdinarySmells> :/
18:13 <Grammatik> > yesterday's analfest
18:13 -!- CreepyEmo has joined Special:Chat
18:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> WHAT!
18:13 <FriendlyJim> It was 'a' dog.
18:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
18:14 <CreepyEmo> heyy
18:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I better check the logs and give punishment, then.
18:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Emo
18:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Depending of how grave it was.
18:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> !logs
18:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:14 <Vegeta565> hello Creepyemo
18:14 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
18:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Eso
18:14 <Grammatik> Hi Eso
18:14 <Esoteric Entity> Hey.
18:14 <CreepyEmo> oh the guy with dragonball pic !! hi 
18:14 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, guys.
18:14 <Grammatik> Also read
18:14 <CreepyEmo> :D
18:14 <Dream Hacked> Oh look, mods :)
18:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Hoodie
18:14 <Esoteric Entity> Hi.
18:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi~ :V
18:14 <CreepyEmo> hahaha
18:15 <41488p> anal-
18:15 <41488p> analfest?
18:15 <41488p> hi Hooded
18:15 <Rylee the Pegasis> Um... VRCROC? Admin?
18:15 <Esoteric Entity> Hi.
18:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Analfest? OBBY
18:15 <Vegeta565> :( I went Deaf. :(  (crying)
18:15 <CreepyEmo> what ru talking about ?
18:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Removed, Rylee
18:15 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye peopel
18:15 <Dream Hacked> No sexual talk ^_^
18:16 <Rylee the Pegasis> bai
18:16 <Vegeta565> bye
18:16 <Pramirez351> bai reading
18:16 <Child Of Mantra> Sexual talk sort of happens every day
18:16 <Esoteric Entity> Bye, Reading.
18:16 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
18:16 <Dream Hacked> Then I'll raise the standard.
18:16 <Griffin Lohner> 8==D
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> > looks at logs
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> > Faps
18:16 <Esoteric Entity> Griffin, no.
18:16 -!- Griffin Lohner was kicked from Special:Chat by Dream Hacked
18:16 -!- Griffin Lohner has left Special:Chat.
18:16 <FriendlyJim>
18:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wot
18:16 <Grammatik> Just ctrl plus f and search anal
18:16 <41488p> ohno
18:17 <Dream Hacked> Don't test me.
18:17 <Grammatik> That's everyone
18:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi!
18:17 <Dream Hacked> Hai ^_^
18:17 <Vegeta565> hi
18:17 <41488p> I can't, Dream
18:17 <FriendlyJim> !logs
18:17 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:17 <41488p> you're not a bot
18:17 <41488p> :/
18:17 -!- Griffin Lohner has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <Griffin Lohner> I'm Back. Sorry.
18:17 <Dream Hacked> Testing does not only apply to a bot.
18:17 <Esoteric Entity> It''s okay, Griffin.
18:18 <Griffin Lohner> Ok. He said not to, so you know.
18:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Can I test your Big... shocking... intellect?
18:18 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Monsters aren't real....
18:18 <Griffin Lohner> bow chicka bow wow
18:18 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm a monster >:U rawr
18:19 <SomeOrdinarySmells> The sound was probably just apipe
18:19 <41488p> NeveR why
18:19 <Vegeta565> XD
18:19 <41488p> oh god
18:19 <SomeOrdinarySmells> * a pipe
18:19 <41488p> >big
18:19 <41488p> >shocking
18:19 <41488p> oh my god
18:19 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <Vegeta565> Hi Freddy
18:19 <41488p> hi Freddy
18:19 <Esoteric Entity> Hey Freddy.
18:19 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Vegeta - table
18:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cause I find him very smart
18:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> duh
18:19 <Freddy krueger> Hello vegata ,414,esoteric
18:19 <BRVR> *Gets zapped by an electric ence*
18:19 <BRVR> *fence
18:19 <Darkstride> k
18:19 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <FriendlyJim> Analfest starts at 21:38
18:19 <Freddy krueger> o
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeah
18:20 -!- DasFactionnaire has joined Special:Chat
18:20 <Freddy krueger> K
18:20 <41488p> who was in it?
18:20 <SomeOrdinarySmells> How do you have anal in chat?
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Das
18:20 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Cybersexxes
18:20 <41488p> virtual anal
18:20 <FriendlyJim> Oderyus started it.
18:20 <CreepyEmo> hey is there anyone of u who's arabic ? :\
18:20 <DasFactionnaire> Hello Neve and everyone
18:20 <Freddy krueger> xD
18:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wot iz dis
18:20 <Dream Hacked> :)
18:20 <Freddy krueger> Dream
18:20 <Child Of Mantra> I'm going to leave before this becomes a sex chat again
18:20 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
18:20 -!- Maspa has joined Special:Chat
18:20 <41488p> Arabic?
18:20 <Esoteric Entity> Hey Das.
18:20 <41488p> why, Emo?
18:20 <CreepyEmo> yes!
18:20 <Griffin Lohner> Imma screw with creepybot/cleverbot
18:20 <Freddy krueger> What is about arabic language ?
18:20 <CreepyEmo> bcz i am !
18:21 <DasFactionnaire> Esoteric! Yo
18:21 <Esoteric Entity> I may have to leave soon too.
18:21 <Esoteric Entity> Yo.
18:21 <41488p> oh cool
18:21 <41488p> yo
18:21 <FriendlyJim> Should we start anal fest 2.0?
18:21 <41488p> yo yo ma
18:21 <DasFactionnaire> I enjoyed Moon Face
18:21 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Scrappy Sclam
18:21 <Grammatik> LOL JIM
18:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nou
18:21 <Esoteric Entity> Oh, I'm glad. ^_^
18:21 <Dream Hacked> Jim, stop.
18:21 <41488p> onnoez
18:21 <FriendlyJim> Okay
18:21 <Freddy krueger> Get along or face punishment in Uncle Lolskeletons giggle basement! ....WTF ? 
18:21 <FriendlyJim> I'll just leave before I say more stupid shit.
18:21 <CreepyEmo> tmow is ramadan if anyone of u know what that is..
18:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gooby plz
18:21 <DasFactionnaire> Why was I just reminded of the 1999 creepypasta?
18:21 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
18:21 <41488p> >giggle basement
18:21 -!- SomeOrdinarySmells was kicked from Special:Chat by Esoteric Entity
18:21 -!- SomeOrdinarySmells has left Special:Chat.
18:22 <41488p> but seriously
18:22 <41488p> guys
18:22 <Freddy krueger> Ramadan for muslims yes
18:22 <Grammatik> Emo,  today is Ramadan for turkey
18:22 <41488p> we have to replace Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
18:22 <CreepyEmo> yes
18:22 <41488p> with rules
18:22 <41488p> actual rules
18:22 <CreepyEmo> :D
18:22 -!- SomeOrdinarySmells has joined Special:Chat
18:22 -!- Eevee Lover123 has joined Special:Chat
18:22 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
18:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ramadan is a fasting tradition Emo
18:22 <41488p> RULES DO YOU HEAR ME
18:22 <Esoteric Entity> Don't do that, Ordinary.
18:22 <Grammatik> I live in turkey
18:22 <Grammatik> C:
18:22 <CreepyEmo> i know im muslim
18:22 <Vegeta565> hello Eevee 
18:22 <SomeOrdinarySmells> It was from a song...
18:22 <41488p> turkey
18:22 <41488p> omg Turkey
18:22 <Eevee Lover123> WAZZUP
18:22 <SomeOrdinarySmells> :(
18:22 <Freddy krueger> I live in lebanon
18:22 <41488p> it has 
18:22 <41488p> like
18:22 <Esoteric Entity> Don't do that.
18:22 <41488p> so good food
18:22 <Eevee Lover123> ah like turkeys :3
18:22 <CreepyEmo> hello u from turkey :3
18:22 <SomeOrdinarySmells> It's from Come to Daddy by Aphex Twinn
18:22 <DasFactionnaire> Papua New Guinea here
18:23 <CreepyEmo> lebanon :D
18:23 <Freddy krueger> Creepyemo : I'm lebanese
18:23 <Esoteric Entity> Okay, but don't do that.
18:23 <CreepyEmo> hii
18:23 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Emo.
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> IM NOT 
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> :D
18:23 <CreepyEmo> another arabic person cool
18:23 <CreepyEmo> hii
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> HEWO o/
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> (wave)
18:23 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Sorry
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> (L)
18:23 <CreepyEmo> esoteric hii
18:23 <Eevee Lover123> NUUUUUUUUUUUU
18:24 <Esoteric Entity> Evee, stop.
18:24 <Eevee Lover123> ._. kk
18:24 <Esoteric Entity> Thanks.
18:24 <SomeOrdinarySmells> Can someone kick me in the butt...
18:24 <Eevee Lover123> and dats not ma name BTW 
18:24 <Dream Hacked> /clere
18:24 <Eevee Lover123> *kik*
18:24 <Dream Hacked> /klear
18:24 <BRVR> Note: Do not open a door.
18:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So... how bout eating dem babies?
18:24 <Eevee Lover123> brb
18:24 <Eevee Lover123> JUMATA
18:24 <BRVR> It's more dangerous than eating a aby.
18:24 <BRVR> *baby
18:24 <DasFactionnaire> Eevee, let's not use slurs here mmkay
18:24 <CreepyEmo> im going to open a door ;)
18:25 -!- SomeOrdinarySmells has left Special:Chat.
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> what slur?
18:25 -!- Eevee Lover123 has left Special:Chat.
18:25 <41488p> Jumata?
18:25 <DasFactionnaire> A typo made it look like a slur was posted, highly dubt it was intentional 
18:25 <DasFactionnaire> *doubt
18:25 <41488p> Jumata's a name
18:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Das r u goin' cray cray?
18:26 <41488p>
18:26 <DasFactionnaire> Aw yea, like a crayfish, brotha
18:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> o shit
18:26 <CreepyEmo> im going to write a pasta :3, about my friend...she wants to eat boys !! 
18:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *eat boys 
18:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> giggity
18:27 <CreepyEmo> dont judge mee
18:27 <DasFactionnaire> Yep, swimming around in the pond of crayziness
18:27 <41488p> ...
18:27 <CreepyEmo> ><
18:27 <CreepyEmo> en is not my first language !
18:27 <DasFactionnaire> (Typo intended to incur Lord Pun)
18:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Koookoocachoo
18:28 <CreepyEmo> k.k bye
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> ..
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> ..
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> what ..
18:28 -!- CreepyEmo has left Special:Chat.
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> did.. i ..
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> just see..
18:28 <41488p> koo koo ca chhoo koo koo koo ca choo
18:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bai Emo
18:28 <41488p> i am the walrus
18:28 <41488p> you are the awalrus
18:28 <41488p> i em 2 penis
18:28 <41488p> kkch
18:28 <41488p> un
18:28 <Nightwhisper190> ..
18:29 <DasFactionnaire> o gais i jus thought of new creppypasta idea!!!1 u kno how u can put a word in parenthisees 2 mak emoticon?? 
18:29 <41488p> omg ya
18:29 <41488p> wat abut it
18:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings.
18:29 <DasFactionnaire> yea u got it soo ill go on! well teh creppypasta wiki emoticon system haz hidedn secretz O.O
18:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (derp)
18:29 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <Freddy krueger> What the f***
18:29 -!- BarbedwireRose has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <Finalclaw> ey uys
18:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi
18:30 <BRVR> What is the secret?
18:30 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
18:30 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
18:30 <41488p> omg seceta
18:30 <Freddy krueger> 30 days of devil free
18:30 <Freddy krueger> No paranormal events i think
18:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> In string theory, the different types of observed elementary particles arise from the different quantum states of these strings. In addition to the types of particles postulated by the standard model of particle physics, string theory naturally incorporates gravity, and is therefore a candidate for a theory of everything, a self-contained mathematical model that describes all fundamental forces and forms of matter.
18:30 <MrDark> WALL
18:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> KNOWLEDGE WALL
18:31 <DasFactionnaire> thers a rly long frase which noone cept maby a few users kno, and when u put it in parentheesis a rly spooky emoticon of a ded eel caressing a bowl of french union soup appearz nd u die if u post it cuz the eel getz whoever posts it!!!1 
18:31 -!- BarbedwireRose has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <Esoteric Entity> ...walls, please.
18:31 <DasFactionnaire> dats the emoticon secret
18:31 <Nightwhisper190> walls? what? 
18:31 <Nightwhisper190> o-o
18:31 <DasFactionnaire> 2spooky4u huh
18:31 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
18:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> that was a mouth full and sorry
18:32 <IShallCreepYouOut> Sorry
18:32 <IShallCreepYouOut> My browser fucked up
18:32 <DasFactionnaire> 414 nd BRVR did u read aboot teh secret??/
18:32 <Freddy krueger> Walls can hide your demon
18:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> NOU
18:32 <41488p> fuq u
18:32 <Fullmoon67> what 
18:32 <Freddy krueger> Neverland
18:32 -!- Maspa has left Special:Chat.
18:32 <41488p> so can tampons, Freddy
18:32 <41488p> so can tampons
18:32 <Freddy krueger> Lol
18:32 <Freddy krueger> xD
18:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My Neverlands
18:33 <DasFactionnaire> Mr. Khrushchev, bring down this wall! And off to never Neverland, Freddy?
18:33 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Nightwhisper190> ._.
18:33 <Dinorauria 2>
18:33 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <Freddy krueger> I hear whispers in my head they talk to me 
18:33 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <DasFactionnaire> Anyway...
18:33 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Freddy krueger> Way any
18:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Babies are excellent with salsa
18:34 <Freddy krueger> Salsa dance
18:34 <Freddy krueger> ?
18:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> in a blender
18:34 <Freddy krueger> Bender man 
18:34 <41488p> with secks
18:34 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> with kittens
18:34 <Dream Hacked> No.
18:34 <Nightwhisper190> ._.
18:34 <Nightwhisper190> my brother 
18:34 <Nightwhisper190> just ate
18:34 <DasFactionnaire> nobahdy believ me bout creppypasta wiki emoticon secret do u?? well u try to guess wat secret phrase is nd put in parentheesis an then u tell me secret n eel r fake 
18:34 <Freddy krueger> Wes craven
18:34 <Nightwhisper190> cat food 
18:35 <Esoteric Entity> I gotta go. see you guys later.
18:35 <Freddy krueger> Okay
18:35 <DasFactionnaire> Goodbye Esoteric
18:35 <Nightwhisper190> bye
18:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bai Eso (heart)
18:35 <Freddy krueger> Who is better stephen king or ellan poe ?
18:35 -!- Thundergun97 has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ellan Poe
18:35 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Freddy krueger> Stephen king is a horror writer too
18:35 <DasFactionnaire> Ellen Poe? Would their counterpart be Edgar Degeneres?
18:35 <Dinorauria 2> He is?
18:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
18:36 <Freddy krueger> Yup he wrote IT the space clown
18:36 <DasFactionnaire> Lol the space clown
18:36 <DasFactionnaire> We all float down here
18:36 <Freddy krueger> Do you think IT the movie needs a remake ?
18:37 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fuck the free world
18:37 <Freddy krueger> Free hugs
18:37 <Ifarted666> What has the free world every fucked for you?
18:37 <Freddy krueger> I farted999
18:37 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gorillaz - Crashing Down (B-Sides trailer) - Duration: 00:31 - Uploaded: 2010-10-24 - Rating: 4.866667 - Views: 27,342 -
18:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I want to
18:38 <DasFactionnaire> Um. What's the question Ifarted?
18:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gorrilaz (<3)
18:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *Gorillaz
18:38 <Dinorauria 2> (huh)
18:38 <IShallCreepYouOut>
18:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gorillaz - Spitting Out The Demons (HD) - Duration: 05:10 - Uploaded: 2010-01-17 - Rating: 4.921125 - Views: 1,030,827 -
18:39 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <Dinorauria 2>
18:39 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: LEFT4LOL:SURVIVE THIS! - Duration: 08:20 - Uploaded: 2010-10-06 - Rating: 4.836616 - Views: 3,009,777 -
18:39 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
18:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> I am getting to my old favorites again
18:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Creep listen to Dracula
18:39 <DasFactionnaire> "What has the free world every fucked for you?"
18:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> by Gorillaz
18:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> I know that one
18:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
18:39 <DasFactionnaire> GUYS that must be the secret phrase!
18:39 <IShallCreepYouOut> ''And some iof us will never sleep again''
18:40 <IShallCreepYouOut> of*
18:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
18:40 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
18:40 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
18:40 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
18:40 <Freddy krueger> Who thinks smile dog is freakt
18:41 <Freddy krueger> Freaky
18:41 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
18:41 <Freddy krueger> Toto ?
18:41 <DasFactionnaire> Picture's mildly unsettling, story is ok
18:41 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
18:41 <DasFactionnaire> What did you think of it Freddy?
18:42 <Vegeta565> I miss hearing music
18:42 <Freddy krueger> The husky dog picture is creepy
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ellen DeGeneres clitoris
18:42 <Freddy krueger> Spread the word
18:42 <Finalclaw> damn....
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Spread the butter
18:42 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <IShallCreepYouOut> i like this for some reason
18:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Gorillaz - Bill Murray (HD) - Duration: 03:58 - Uploaded: 2010-01-16 - Rating: 4.860729 - Views: 402,077 -
18:42 <Finalclaw> theyre not here...
18:42 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <DasFactionnaire> Yeah that's the one I find mildly unsettling, the red one is just kind of silly
18:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Who isn't?
18:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> wot
18:43 <Freddy krueger> Who knows the movie 'Exorcist'?
18:43 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Vegeta565> I do
18:43 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi mantra!
18:43 <Freddy krueger> Don't hear the original beta them
18:43 <Child Of Mantra> Hello.
18:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Mantra
18:43 <Child Of Mantra> Thanks.
18:43 <Freddy krueger> WB mantra 
19:44 <Pramirez351> ok ill call you bella then BarbedwireRose xD
19:44 <Zyranne> 6
19:44 <Toto Sakigami> Who wants to rp
19:44 <Dream Hacked> Rhianna is stupid
19:44 <Pramirez351> if you preffert that :P
19:44 <BarbedwireRose> haha! That's fine Pram
19:44 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has joined Special:Chat
19:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Rhianna is smexy
19:44 <Pramirez351> also yes dream Rhianna IS stupid :P
19:45 <Grammatik> Rihanna is stupid, true
19:45 <SCP-Sean> agreed
19:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Just gonna stand there
19:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But very "slow"
19:45 <YouSleepyYet?> And watch me burn
19:45 <Pramirez351> not as much as nickki manaj do
19:45 <Toto Sakigami> agreed
19:45 <Zyranne> ^6
19:45 <Creepypasta john1234> What's up everybody!
19:45 <Pramirez351> hai john
19:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Sup
19:45 <Zyranne> Fuck this shift key 
19:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nikki Minaj is ugly and stupid
19:45 <Pramirez351> hahaha poor zyranne xD
19:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Agreed.
19:45 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi John
19:45 <Pramirez351> wb rylee xD
19:45 <Zyranne> Agreed Lee
19:45 <SCP-Sean> 90% pop singers suck
19:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Rylee
19:46 <Creepypasta john1234>
19:46 <Grammatik> Nicki minaj more like menage à trois
19:46 <YouSleepyYet?> And so
19:46 <SCP-Sean> dont play it,.
19:46 <YouSleepyYet?> If you dont like those artists
19:46 <Pramirez351> what the heck is that john
19:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> John what is that
19:46 <YouSleepyYet?> Which artists do you guys like
19:46 <Zyranne> One that's a different matter
19:46 <Creepypasta john1234> MARIO
19:46 <Zyranne> don't even get me started
19:46 <Creepypasta john1234> the game
19:46 <SCP-Sean> one erection.
19:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Eh, You dont really post files on here.
19:47 <YouSleepyYet?> No bueno.
19:47 <Zyranne> mediocrity 
19:47 <Grammatik> Woahwhatthefcuk John
19:47 <Pramirez351> i love one direction
19:47 <Pramirez351> jk
19:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It says it's a file
19:47 <Pramirez351> ahahaha xD
19:47 <YouSleepyYet?> I love One Direction..
19:47 <YouSleepyYet?> I have posters..
19:47 <Pramirez351> it is mario...but i dont know if its like a hack or something
19:47 <Grammatik> No erection
19:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I don't open files
19:47 <Creepypasta john1234> Yeah play it on supermarioworld
19:47 <Zyranne> That's cool, that's your opinion, and I'm cool with that :)
19:47 <SCP-Sean> its a creepy game
19:47 <Zyranne> Just not my taste
19:47 <Zyranne> personally 
19:47 <Creepypasta john1234> SCP Sean know's!
19:48 <Creepypasta john1234> ask him
19:48 <Dream Hacked>
19:48 <Grammatik> We all like different shit
19:48 <Pramirez351> nice dream xD
19:48 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sexy fishies
19:48 <Grammatik> I respect it all
19:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:48 <Pramirez351> nuh but in all seriousness, i LOVE dubstep (cool)
19:48 <Dream Hacked> lol
19:48 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:48 <SCP-Sean> i LOVE iron maiden
19:49 <Zyranne> YES PRAM!
19:49 <Zyranne> :D
19:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "This film got me wet" (loool)
19:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> i c wat they did thar
19:49 <Pramirez351> hahaha thank you zyranne xD
19:49 <Grammatik> I mother fucking love Green Day. 
19:50 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:50 <Pramirez351> hey dream this is for you, although it may be NSFW because of the cussing
19:50 <SCP-Sean> i prefer rock than any
19:50 <Zyranne> I'm listening to good ol' Mt Eden right now
19:50 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:50 -!- BarbedwireRose has left Special:Chat.
19:50 <Grammatik> "Get that dick outta your ear"
19:51 <Grammatik> I laughed. 
19:51 <SCP-Sean> carp...carp...carp...
19:51 <Zyranne> I never really got into rock or metal
19:51 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
19:51 -!- Dervall has joined Special:Chat
19:51 <Creepypasta john1234> baow waaow wub wub wub wub wub wub wub baow waaow bubawaow bawao bawao
19:51 <Dervall> Hi guys!
19:51 <Grammatik> Gandhi's tits. Wtf
19:51 <Zyranne> Your average Skrillex song xD
19:51 <Creepypasta john1234> Hi Dervall
19:52 <Dervall> Hi John :)
19:52 <Pramirez351> hai dervall!
19:52 <Dervall> Hi Prammi!
19:52 <Pramirez351> how you doin?
19:52 <Dervall> I'm doing great, how are you doing?
19:52 -!- Douger123 has left Special:Chat.
19:53 <Pramirez351> haahaha im doin alright :P
19:53 -!- Thekillersknife has joined Special:Chat
19:53 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey Zyranne Get up Get down my dj gonna break it down shhhhhhhuptomis baow waow wub wub wub wub wub waow Cinema
19:53 <Dervall> .-.
19:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:53 <Pramirez351> i am just watching vids xD but sadly im a bit hungry is all :P
19:53 <SCP-Sean> magicarp is better than everyone.
19:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Magi-FUCKING-carp
19:53 <Pramirez351> also cinema is ok :P
19:53 <Dervall> You should consider eating something if you're hungry :3
19:53 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
19:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi killersknife
19:53 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD but i just brushed my teeth dervall xD
19:54 <Grammatik> I'm embarrassed.  I keep remembering that one thing. 
19:54 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:54 <Thekillersknife> yeah im just bored so i came back
19:54 <Dervall> So what, you can brush them again :3
19:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> mmkay
19:54 <Grammatik> Hi Derv by the way
19:54 <Dervall> WHat thing, Gramm?
19:54 <Dervall> And hi :)
19:54 <Grammatik> And hi knife
19:54 <Pramirez351> ahhaha xD but the food will taste bad dervall xD
19:54 <Creepypasta john1234> yeah sshhhhhhhoptimus baow waow bub bub wub wub bub wub waaow bawow waow do do do do ba woaoso woaoao cinema
19:54 <Dervall> Drink a cup of water :P
19:54 <Dervall> It's not that hard ;)
19:54 <Grammatik> It's something really embarrassing. I rather not tell. 
19:54 <Pramirez351> have you ever had orange juice after brushing your teeth? its horrible :P
19:54 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
19:54 <Pramirez351> also dream
19:55 <Pramirez351> i choose you!
19:55 <Grammatik> In my defense I was high
19:55 <Dervall> Aha....
19:55 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:55 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD so what you up to dervall?
19:56 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Dervall> Nothing really, reading The Hobbit, which was put in my hands by my bf, because he thought I should read it
19:56 <Thekillersknife> brb i gotta go on youtube quick
19:56 <Dream Hacked> /me shadow ball
19:56 <Zyranne> No good
19:56 <Creepypasta john1234>
19:56 <Pramirez351> also um, imma leave this here. i would appreciate everyone's opinion
19:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Zyranne> he's up to no good xD
19:56 <YouSleepyYet?> *Sleepy Roar of time
19:56 <Pramirez351> yeah dervall, you should read it. the lord of the rings is great xD
19:56 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol the day someone dodges that will be the day 
19:57 <Pramirez351> nice john :P
19:57 <Thekillersknife> im back
19:57 <Creepypasta john1234> Thanks
19:57 <Dervall> Yeah, I'm busy reading it in english :3
19:57 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
19:57 <SCP-Sean> the reason why niggers like KFC so mutch.
19:57 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The KFC Collection - Duration: 01:56 - Uploaded: 2009-12-23 - Rating: 4.741606 - Views: 910,480 -
19:57 <Grammatik> That n wod.
19:57 <Pramirez351> wb killersknife
19:58 <Grammatik> Word*
19:58 <Creepypasta john1234> Sean is racsicst!
19:58 -!- Javer80 has joined Special:Chat
19:58 <Dervall> You are racist
19:58 <Grammatik> I'm racist
19:58 <Grammatik> Shhh
19:59 <Thekillersknife> does anyone else read hommestuck besides me 
19:59 <Thekillersknife> *homestuck
19:59 <SCP-Sean> SO I SCPwikiCHATlogger!
19:59 <Dervall> Nope
19:59 <Javer80> Hommestuck? Is that a comic about getting trapped by Frenchmen?
19:59 <SCP-Sean> ITS A JOKE!
19:59 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
19:59 <Javer80> Homestuck, yes.
19:59 <Pramirez351> wb death
19:59 <Dervall> Hi Death
19:59 <Creepypasta john1234> Yeah well dont say it again
19:59 <SCP-Sean> I cant beleive we posted the same link...#
19:59 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
19:59 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
19:59 <Zyranne> Guys...this is gonna sound retarded, but how do you do the 'support' thing in a thread?
19:59 <YouSleepyYet?> Yo Javer
20:00 <Javer80> Howdy.
20:00 <YouSleepyYet?> Support?
20:00 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey sean
20:00 <Zyranne> like '+support'
20:00 <YouSleepyYet?> Grab a faeria charm 2 sight warda a vision ward and 2 health or mana pots 
20:00 <YouSleepyYet?> Faerie*
20:00 <Zyranne> Hai Javer1
20:00 <YouSleepyYet?> Then go and ward at 3 minutes
20:00 <YouSleepyYet?> If theyre pushing ward the tri
20:00 <Zyranne> *!
20:00 <Grammatik> Dude
20:00 <Zyranne> this damn shift key
20:00 <Grammatik> The chatlogger is a bot
20:01 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey sean
20:01 <Pramirez351> jesse is my cutie :3
20:01 <Grammatik> And it posts yt info
20:01 <Javer80> Hmm. I don't remember.
20:01 <SCP-Sean> nah, im not, because i read the URL
20:02 <Grammatik> .-.
20:02 <Creepypasta john1234> Ha ha well u still mad and a race hater!
20:02 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
20:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
20:02 <Zyranne> Hi Creep
20:02 <Dervall> CREEP!!
20:02 <Pramirez351> wb IShallCreepYouOut
20:02 <Thekillersknife> sup creep
20:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> Pram, cqll me Mitch or Creep, please.
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Fun fact: It's proven that you think you are 10% more atractive than you are
20:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> NM killer
20:03 <Pramirez351> ok xD
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Faq u science
20:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> And DERV!!?
20:03 <Grammatik> MITCH
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
20:03 <Grammatik> HI
20:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> ya?
20:03 <YouSleepyYet?> Well
20:03 <Dervall> YES, I'm here too :3
20:03 <SCP-Sean> Im not mad, im calm, and i support blacks and whites, but blacks even are racist to themselves
20:03 <Pramirez351> so if im extremely sexy, then in reality im just average sexy? guess so :P
20:03 <YouSleepyYet?> I think I am gorgeous so does that make me beautiful?
20:03 <YouSleepyYet?> Fine with me.
20:03 <Javer80> What was the comment at issue, Sean?
20:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm not racist (QQ)
20:03 <Javer80> I missed it.
20:03 <Creepypasta john1234> im gonna creep you out what! im gonna creep you out what! 
20:04 <Grammatik> Javer
20:04 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:04 <Creepypasta john1234> my parody of im gonna knock you out
20:04 <Grammatik> He said the n word
20:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> Gram, is it leva with an I or L?
20:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sean I'm hurt (TT)
20:04 <Grammatik> With i
20:04 <Javer80> "Nigga" or "nigger"?
20:04 <YouSleepyYet?> O.O
20:04 <Javer80> And in what context?
20:04 <IShallCreepYouOut> Okay
20:04 <YouSleepyYet?> Where's my kick at
20:04 <YouSleepyYet?> !Kick
20:04 <YouSleepyYet?> (annihilate)
20:04 <Zyranne> I must be an ugly fucker then, Lee
20:04 <Zyranne> xD
20:04 <Javer80> Oh, hush. It's a mention, not a use.
20:04 <Dervall> The chatlog doesn't like you :P
20:05 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:05 <Dream Hacked> Let's leave race out of the chat.
20:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Javer didn't use it
20:05 <Grammatik> Full name is Ieva Lynn Nikolai Dahl.  Facebook the shit out of me
20:05 <Creepypasta john1234> Javer! DONT  SPEAK BY USE OF THE N WORD!
20:05 <YouSleepyYet?> Luckily for you they nerfed my ban hammer
20:05 <Javer80> Zip it, greenhorn.
20:05 -!- Spellcaster36579 has joined Special:Chat
20:05 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
20:05 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hloy shit that is an awesome name, Ieva
20:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So we are all not any race?
20:05 <Dervall> srry
20:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> SHIT
20:05 <Zyranne> ^^^
20:05 <Grammatik> It's a long name
20:05 <Grammatik> Dude
20:05 <Spellcaster36579> hi
20:05 <Freddy krueger> I'm gonna write a creepypasta based on stephen king's novels
20:05 <Javer80> Can't get two tenths of a straight answer out of you sycophants.
20:05 <Grammatik> Link to my fb is on my user page
20:05 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
20:06 <Javer80> Christ.
20:06 <IShallCreepYouOut> Derv, calm yo teets
20:06 <Dervall> Hi Spell
20:06 <YouSleepyYet?> Well Jav
20:06 <Javer80> @Freddy: Beg pardon? Which ones?
20:06 <YouSleepyYet?> What was the question.
20:06 <Zyranne> Hi Fred
20:06 <Freddy krueger>  IT
20:06 <Javer80> And uh - what would be the point behind that?
20:06 <Dervall> Hahahah lolz
20:06 <Javer80> Okay. That-- I'm not sure if we allow fanfiction.
20:06 <Spellcaster36579> i like jane the killer
20:06 <Javer80> IT was plenty creepy on its own.
20:06 <Dervall> I added you, I have no idea why :P
20:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Javer I missed u (<3)
20:06 <Zyranne> (twitch)
20:06 <Zyranne> Jane...
20:06 <Dervall> So don't ask :3
20:06 <Grammatik> .-.
20:06 <Javer80> missed u 2 bb~
20:06 <YouSleepyYet?> Jane is eh.
20:06 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey freddy do you live on elm street i need to borrow some sugar im next door!
20:06 <Zyranne> I dislike her
20:06 <YouSleepyYet?> Its alright...
20:07 <SCP-Sean> PS, everyone thinks jane is jeff's GF, they hate each other..
20:07 <Creepypasta john1234> i think
20:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
20:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
20:07 <Dervall> You can't dislike me :(
20:07 <Freddy krueger> pennywise the clown That gonna eat your soul
20:07 <Creepypasta john1234> DERP YOU DONT THINK SEAN
20:07 <Spellcaster36579> well yeah theres some spots that could get improved but over all
20:07 -!- Dervall has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <Zyranne> Well, I have no soul
20:07 -!- Dervall has joined Special:Chat
20:07 <Javer80> What kind of plot did you have in mind, Fred?
20:07 <Zyranne> so goodluck with that xD
20:07 <Grammatik> Added you Derv
20:07 <SCP-Sean> I am not offended.
20:07 <Noughtshayde> I is back.
20:07 <YouSleepyYet?> Ah... Even if its minor, I like talking about Pastas.
20:07 <Dervall> Oh no, my connection is tripping
20:07 <Creepypasta john1234> So freddy do you live on elm street?
20:07 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <Freddy krueger> I have wild cats in my brain
20:08 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <Pramirez351> poor dervall :/
20:08 <Javer80> ok. so that's a non-starter.
20:08 <Javer80> forget it.
20:08 <Javer80> man, i started a story last week and went to finish it today
20:08 <Grammatik> Tripping like ieva on MDMA
20:08 <Javer80> and realized it's total crap
20:08 <Javer80> that ever happen to you?
20:08 <IShallCreepYouOut> Imma talk to NotNamable, wait one sec. (he helps run two of my tumblr blogs)
20:08 -!- Jsp1212 has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yep
20:08 <Jsp1212> hey guys
20:08 <Noughtshayde> Yeah.
20:08 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:08 <SCP-Sean> do you guys like vocaloids
20:08 <Javer80> bah
20:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Jsp
20:08 <Zyranne> I do
20:09 <Spellcaster36579> ah i liked her
20:09 <YouSleepyYet?> Hmm..
20:09 <Jsp1212> if you want to chek out my creepypasta just search for A Creepy Private Message.........
20:09 <Noughtshayde> I actually had a good idear, but then I got writer's block because I didn't know how to write the rest without sounding cliche.
20:09 <Javer80> Uh. They are an okay phenom I guess. I think as an attempt to mimic human singing voices, they're resounding failures, but they've sure kicked off in other ways.
20:09 <YouSleepyYet?> ANd what was it
20:09 <Javer80> @Nought: yar, that happens
20:09 <YouSleepyYet?> I'll help out if I can
20:09 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <Spellcaster36579> hi death
20:09 <Pramirez351> wb death
20:09 <Jsp1212> CYA
20:09 <IShallCreepYouOut> And i am still proud of The Taking, nought.
20:09 <Javer80> you might try penning it out anyway and then revising as necessary, if the story idea itself is worthwhile~
20:10 <YouSleepyYet?> Gotta love Writers Block.
20:10 <Noughtshayde> I think I know how to end it now, but the only problem is that I do not think I care too much about it anymore.
20:10 <Noughtshayde> And so am I.
20:10 -!- Jsp1212 has left Special:Chat.
20:10 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <Noughtshayde> Speaking of which, I actually got invited to do another chat collaboration with like 4-5 other people
20:10 <Grammatik> .-.
20:10 <Spellcaster36579> hey death can i tell you something?
20:10 <Pramirez351> what the hell?
20:11 <IShallCreepYouOut> WOW
20:11 <YouSleepyYet?> What of it Pram?
20:11 <Pramirez351> that was sooo bad (unsee)
20:11 <YouSleepyYet?> Pobably based off of this
20:11 <Pramirez351> nop
20:11 <YouSleepyYet?>
20:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: A Creepy Private Message... - Duration: 19:11 - Uploaded: 2013-07-09 - Rating: 4.917293 - Views: 14,493 -
20:11 <Spellcaster36579> oh i like peasis
20:11 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:11 <Noughtshayde> We are in the middle of writing it, and it is about a cop who gets put on a serial murder case and goes insane.
20:11 <YouSleepyYet?> Thats what its based of I think
20:11 <Pramirez351> hahaha i thought you meant on chat xD
20:11 <Pramirez351> also wb rylee :P
20:11 <Zyranne> I'mma read that crappypasta
20:11 <Grammatik> OMG
20:12 <Zyranne> brb
20:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> What?
20:12 <Noughtshayde> I am beta tester of Elder Scrolls Online, bitches.
20:12 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Grammatik> Lucky
20:12 <Thekillersknife> i gotta go vist mrcreepypasta on youtube i havent seen a creepypasta in 3 weeks brb
20:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> I could have been, but chose not to, nought.
20:12 <Pramirez351> hello herrozael :P
20:12 <Noughtshayde> I just have to wait for the certain date.
20:12 <YouSleepyYet?> Uh...
20:12 <Grammatik> I am beta tester of my ass
20:12 <YouSleepyYet?> That pasta
20:12 <Noughtshayde> IShallCreep, why did you not choose to?
20:12 <YouSleepyYet?> Nought, Youre WHAT?
20:12 <IShallCreepYouOut> I dunno
20:13 <YouSleepyYet?> I'm beyond jealous...
20:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> Might ask if im still registered and if i am if they can keep it that way
20:13 <BRVR> I am eating bread.
20:13 <Noughtshayde> Yup, I just have to wait till the date.
20:13 <Javer80>
20:13 <HERROZAEL> Hello Pram
20:13 <Noughtshayde> I hope they don't charge too much to play the game.
20:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> I have neen betatester of a few games
20:13 <Dream Hacked> I'm a game creator
20:13 <IShallCreepYouOut> been*
20:13 <Grammatik> Inb4 free2play
20:13 <Dream Hacked> I OWN BETA TESTERS
20:14 <Spellcaster36579> dream wht tip of games?
20:14 <Dream Hacked> I'm lying so hard
20:14 <Dream Hacked> I actually make animations
20:14 <BRVR> I am not a beta tester.
20:14 <Noughtshayde> I also was a beta tester of a new creepypasta wiki-type site made by mrcreepypasta, but I cannot say what it is called here because it is against the rules.
20:14 <Spellcaster36579> its not nice to lie dream
20:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> Crysis 3 pre-beta, APB reloaded limited beta, the list goes on.
20:15 <BRVR> Have you ever tried bread with olive oil and zatar?
20:15 <Noughtshayde> You know what an underrated game series is?
20:15 -!- Dervall has left Special:Chat.
20:15 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:15 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <Noughtshayde> Jak and Daxter.
20:15 <Javer80> zatar?
20:15 -!- Spellcaster36579 has left Special:Chat.
20:15 <BRVR> Zatar is a maraccan spice.
20:15 <Javer80> oil and balsamic vinegar, yes, but i believe i'm a stranger to zatar
20:15 <Javer80> ah
20:15 <Thekillersknife> im back
20:15 <Grammatik> Apb sucked imo
20:15 <Noughtshayde> Everybody talks about Ratchet and Clank, but nobody ever mentions Jak.
20:15 <Javer80> you're listening to the wrong people
20:15 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:15 <Creepypasta john1234> Freddy will DIE 
20:15 <BRVR> Actually, it's zaatar.
20:16 <Ednoahjones>
20:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> I loved crysis 3, when it was in its first beta phases.
20:16 <YouSleepyYet?>
20:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: A Creepy Private Message... - Duration: 19:11 - Uploaded: 2013-07-09 - Rating: 4.913696 - Views: 14,493 -
20:16 <Noughtshayde> The Jak series is actually second on my top five list of games.
20:16 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <Ednoahjones> i'm bat-back too,
20:16 <YouSleepyYet?> Thats what the pasta is based off of
20:16 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:16 <BRVR> But it can also be zatar.
20:16 <Javer80> matter of fact, most times somebody claims that "everybody talks about X, but nobody talks about Y", they're suffering from a reduced perspective
20:16 <IShallCreepYouOut> And yes APB sucks
20:16 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Noughtshayde> What are your guys' top five lists for video games?
20:16 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> Not typing that out
20:17 <Thekillersknife> ugh my head f***ing hurts
20:17 <IShallCreepYouOut> I am on a friggin phone, comeon.
20:17 <Grammatik> I'm on a phone too
20:17 <Grammatik> But
20:17 <Noughtshayde> Actually, what I said is true, but only because Ratchet and clank came out with more games than Jak and Daxter, at a later time period.
20:17 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:17 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
20:18 <Noughtshayde> So more people had more exposure to Ratchet and Clank.
20:18 <Pramirez351> wb mantra :P
20:18 <BRVR> Zatar might make you smarter, but I don't know.
20:18 <IShallCreepYouOut> Imma check my tumblr
20:18 <Noughtshayde> If only the Jak series somehow would continue...
20:18 <Child Of Mantra> Thanks
20:18 <BRVR> I am eating zatar, olive oil and bread at the moment.
20:18 <Thekillersknife> ugh i'll be right back
20:19 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
20:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> back
20:19 <Grammatik> 1. Brainpipe 2. Super Hexagon 3. Last of Us 4. EDGE and 5. Garrys Mod
20:19 <Grammatik> Wb mitch
20:19 <Noughtshayde> My top list:
20:19 <IShallCreepYouOut> Last of us is kinda overrated
20:19 <Noughtshayde> 1. Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask
20:20 <Child Of Mantra> Garry's mod is fucking awesome
20:20 <Thekillersknife> uh ok im back
20:20 <Noughtshayde> 2. The Jack and Daxter series.
20:20 <Grammatik> Last of us just for the real sex lines instead of fake
20:20 <Javer80> pick one, you noncommitter
20:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bach
20:20 <Javer80> ONE
20:20 <Noughtshayde> 3.Dark Souls
20:20 <Grammatik> Aron
20:20 <Javer80> *shakes fist*
20:20 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
20:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> BACH IS MY LINE
20:20 <Grammatik> Can we play multi player one day
20:20 <Javer80> otherwise it's not a real top five, it's a -- top 8, or some ludicrous shit like that.
20:20 <Child Of Mantra> Sure we can
20:20 <Noughtshayde> 4. Borderlands 2
20:21 <Noughtshayde> 5. NetHack
20:21 <Javer80> do not ignore my pedantic buttrage.
20:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> 1. LOZ:MM
20:21 -!- Emolga of Voodoo has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Noughtshayde> Fine, Jak 2.
20:21 <Emolga of Voodoo> Hey everyone
20:21 <Javer80> Thank you.
20:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> 2: saints row 2
20:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> hi emolga
20:21 <Emolga of Voodoo> I just finished chapter one of my creepypasta I wrote.
20:21 <Thekillersknife> i wanna hit my slef with a frigen hammer
20:21 <Javer80> How about that?
20:21 <Emolga of Voodoo> Here it is
20:21 <Grammatik> I'll get Tyran or maybe even Reaper to play.
20:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> gu4u
20:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> 3. Mother 3
20:21 <Noughtshayde> Jak 2 I thought was well-paced and was overall better than jak 3.
20:22 <Javer80> Why did you put it in a blog, though?
20:22 <Javer80> that's kind of
20:22 <Javer80> wrong.
20:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
20:22 <Javer80> |:  Solly, Charlie.
20:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> 4. pokemon green
20:22 -!- SCP-Sean has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *Pokemon yellow
20:22 <Javer80> Make sure to save it on your computer, because they'll want you to repost it as an article.
20:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> 5. GTA: San Andreas.
20:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> Nou, green.
20:22 <Emolga of Voodoo> Its saved.
20:23 <Noughtshayde> for a bit, i was torn between battlefront 2 and borderlands 2
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nu Yellow
20:23 <Javer80> "JTK is an idiotic story poisoned even more by this fandom."
20:23 <Javer80> oh SHIT, son
20:23 <Javer80> them's fighting words
20:23 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Javer Hell YES
20:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> But srsly, Mother 3
20:23 <Noughtshayde> I liked it, but I had problems with the lapses of logic.
20:23 <Javer80> never's got the balls of a tiger
20:23 <Grammatik> I'll be back when I get bored again
20:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> indeed
20:24 <Noughtshayde> You have to suspend belief or what not to truly enjoy JTK
20:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:24 <Noughtshayde> because we all know bleach does not burn someone's face white.
20:24 -!- Emolga of Voodoo has left Special:Chat.
20:24 <Grammatik> I love you guys.  Peace out motherfuckers. 
20:24 <Noughtshayde> and that bleach is not flammable.
20:24 <Noughtshayde> see you, grammatik.
20:24 <Javer80> Later, Gram.
20:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> bye
20:24 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:24 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You have to not know the human anatomy to enjoy JTK
20:25 <Child Of Mantra> piss uut
20:25 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> or science
20:25 -!- Javer80 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> or just be a sucker
20:25 <Noughtshayde> Yeah. It's kind of like the comics.
20:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yep
20:25 <Thekillersknife> alright im going
20:26 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
20:26 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <Noughtshayde> Just believable enough so that if you stop thinking rationally for a moment it makes sense.
20:26 -!- DoctorWhooves1 has joined Special:Chat
20:26 -!- Thekillersknife has left Special:Chat.
20:26 <Noughtshayde> Hello pony version of a popular cult TV character.
20:26 -!- Diamondzarebright has left Special:Chat.
20:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Whooves
20:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Tails
20:28 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
20:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:28 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:28 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:28 <Kitty Mistake> hey
20:28 <Pramirez351> hai kitty
20:28 <Noughtshayde> I have a question...does your tardis have a horse-sized door?
20:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> WAT THE HELL
20:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> The words at the top...
20:29 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> Get along or face punishment in Aunt Princess Platinums giggle basement!
20:29 <Kitty Mistake> it said skelly's before
20:29 <Noughtshayde> Is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?
20:29 <Rylee the Pegasis> Wb Gram
20:29 <Noughtshayde> That giggle basement?
20:29 <Grammatik> Danke
20:29 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:30 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <Kitty Mistake> I'm sorry but I love Jaime's voice :D
20:30 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Jaime Preciado - Anatome Lyrics - Duration: 04:41 - Uploaded: 2012-10-16 - Rating: 4.994237 - Views: 24,340 -
20:30 <Creepypasta john1234> HELL AWAITS FOR ALL OF YOU That's my way of saying peace skeet and love to all bye every body!
20:30 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Kitty Mistake> hi john :3
20:30 <Noughtshayde> Penis.
20:31 <Creepypasta john1234> Seamen
20:31 <Creepypasta john1234> i mean bye
20:31 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <Creepypasta john1234> !
20:31 <Noughtshayde> No, you sicko, I was mentioning my pet penguin, Penis. Penis the Penguin.
20:31 <Kitty Mistake> ...... no hi back? ok.... I feel loved
20:31 <Kitty Mistake> (TT)
20:31 <Creepypasta john1234> hi kitty cat
20:31 <Noughtshayde> I'll say hi to you!
20:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> back
20:31 <Noughtshayde> Hi!
20:32 <Kitty Mistake> :D Hi!
20:32 <Noughtshayde> Now shut your face and eat this cookie. (cookie)
20:32 <Creepypasta john1234> i have a dog called seamen you wierdo
20:32 <Noughtshayde> With your nose.
20:32 <Kitty Mistake> o.o
20:32 <Noughtshayde> I thought you were mentioning those dirty sailors, I dunno what YOU'RE talking about.
20:33 <Noughtshayde> God, you are a pervert.
20:33 <Kitty Mistake> but.... my nose hurts when I do that! D:
20:33 <Noughtshayde> Then absorb it like a lichen.
20:33 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
20:33 <Kitty Mistake> or -noms on cookie like a normal person-
20:33 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
20:33 <Noughtshayde> Actually, technically, I can't see what you are doing, so yes, you can eat it normally.
20:34 <Kitty Mistake> xD
20:34 <Noughtshayde> You know what would be scary?
20:34 -!- SaikaXIII has joined Special:Chat
20:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> chocolate
20:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Saika
20:34 <Noughtshayde> Trying to eat food in Soviet Russia.
20:34 <Noughtshayde> That would be scary.
20:35 -!- Fullmoon67 has joined Special:Chat
20:35 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has left Special:Chat.
20:35 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Kitty Mistake> o.o that is scarry...
20:35 <Kitty Mistake> scary*
20:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <Noughtshayde> Wierd, every single time i get on here, Moria Fox is away. She never responds to anyone. Is she like a bot or something?
20:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <SaikaXIII> hi neve
20:36 <YouSleepyYet?> Hey guys
20:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <Noughtshayde> Hey, Moria, if you don't respond to this comment, you are a robot. And we will discriminate you for being as such from now on. *waits for reply*
20:37 <Creepypasta john1234> here's seamen my pet dog,r:0,s:100,i:4&iact=rc&page=5&tbnh=176&tbnw=209&ndsp=22&tx=148&ty=81
20:37 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
20:37 <YouSleepyYet?> For the Mario pasta thing, Can anyone find the user 69help69me69?
20:37 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
20:37 <YouSleepyYet?> nololing
20:37 -!- Tigertonic123 has joined Special:Chat
20:37 <Pramirez351> hai coffee
20:37 <Noughtshayde> By the way, Ben might be real.
20:37 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> If you'd think I was mad right now, you'd think wrong.
20:37 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I
20:37 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> am
20:37 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> FUCKING
20:37 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> LIVID
20:37 <Child Of Mantra> tinyurl
20:37 <YouSleepyYet?> What went down Raid?
20:38 <Kitty Mistake> coffee.... calm...
20:38 <Tigertonic123> you people
20:38 <Child Of Mantra> All you need is love, babararara
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> you people
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Bcuzimblk
20:38 <Kitty Mistake> what about us people?
20:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I happened to had the bad luck of stumbling across a fucking mind break doujin featuring Koromo 
20:38 <BRVR> Hi, tiger.
20:38 <Creepypasta john1234>
20:38 <Tigertonic123> hello!
20:38 <Creepypasta john1234> my dog seamen
20:38 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> and now I want to smash every fucking thing apart
20:38 <Kitty Mistake> Tonic......
20:38 <Tigertonic123> wha
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Well
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Oh...
20:38 <Fullmoon67> what
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> Uh,,,
20:38 <Fullmoon67> who
20:38 <Noughtshayde> You know what makes me want to smash things?
20:38 <YouSleepyYet?> God...
20:39 <YouSleepyYet?> Sorry Raider
20:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
20:39 <Noughtshayde> Dying from lag in Dark Souls.
20:39 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:39 <YouSleepyYet?> Thats pretty bad.
20:39 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
20:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <BRVR> Some people make me want to smash a crate.
20:39 <BRVR> ...With my head.
20:39 <Tigertonic123> well then
20:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I am in a red eyed vein popping rage right now 
20:39 <Noughtshayde> Some people make me want to smash a head with my crate.
20:39 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Uggh
20:39 <Fullmoon67> WHAT IS GOING ON here
20:39 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Kitty Mistake> FINALY someone knows how I feel
20:39 <Creepypasta john1234> 69Help69please69 was on a few dayz ago
20:39 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Fullmoon67> WAT\
20:39 <Tigertonic123> are you implying something to me kitty milkshake
20:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Everything okay Kitty?
20:40 <Fullmoon67> I GOT THAT MESSAGE 
20:40 <Kitty Mistake> Oh yeah everything is fine xD
20:40 <Jeffsson> derp
20:40 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
20:40 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
20:40 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <Jeffsson> derp
20:40 <Noughtshayde> Does anyone else think The Human Centipede 2 was hilarious?
20:40 <Tigertonic123> no
20:40 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <Bug2buga> hey hoes
20:40 <Fullmoon67> though i deleted it (derp)
20:40 <Kitty Mistake> I'm just a very angry person all the time xD so I constantly want to break shit
20:40 <Bug2buga> bet you motherfuckers missed me
20:40 <Tigertonic123> hello
20:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <Jeffsson> herp derp
20:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <Noughtshayde> Oh,  ok. I should probably get some help then.
20:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh right
20:40 <Kitty Mistake> Not really bug
20:40 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Fair enough
20:40 <Tigertonic123> no I missed bug so much
20:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Bug
20:41 <Tigertonic123> I cried every night
20:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Nat
20:41 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey kitty  check youself befo you break yoself
20:41 <Kitty Mistake> -shrugs-
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> John
20:41 <Noughtshayde> I liek pineapples.
20:41 <Natalia Arlovskya> hiya
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> Link me to his or her Yt page
20:41 <Kitty Mistake> what john?
20:41 <Creepypasta john1234> k
20:41 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <Jeffsson> ok then
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> In PM
20:41 <Kitty Mistake> im so confused
20:41 <Kitty Mistake> .....
20:41 <Noughtshayde> Your FACE is confused.
20:41 <Tigertonic123> are you serious
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> o.o
20:41 <Jeffsson> hello kitty
20:41 <Tigertonic123> the cup song is on the radio
20:41 <Kitty Mistake> shay, stop
20:41 <Tigertonic123> and I can't turn it off
20:41 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> Ahhhhhhhhhhh
20:41 <YouSleepyYet?> xD
20:41 <Noughtshayde> -.-
20:41 <Child Of Mantra> A red solo cup
20:42 <YouSleepyYet?> The jokes.
20:42 <Child Of Mantra> Tiger, throw it out the window.
20:42 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <YouSleepyYet?> Why didnt i think of that
20:42 <YouSleepyYet?> +1 for Jeff
20:42 <Noughtshayde> You know what sounds fun?
20:42 <Jeffsson> lol
20:42 <Tigertonic123> good suggestion
20:42 <Child Of Mantra> I have done that twice
20:42 <Fullmoon67> 1+ for me
20:42 -!- Thatlostone has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> -1 for me
20:42 <Tigertonic123> do you guys know imagine dragons
20:42 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi That
20:43 <Child Of Mantra> 999+ for me
20:43 <Pramirez351> hai sarah
20:43 <Tigertonic123> sarsahh
20:43 <Temmington> Heyyo.
20:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Sarah
20:43 <Kitty Mistake> (facepalm)
20:43 <Tigertonic123> sarah*
20:43 <Kitty Mistake> imagine dragons....
20:43 <Thatlostone> Hi there
20:43 <Bug2buga> IMAGINE DRAGONS
20:43 <Bug2buga> IS OOD
20:43 <Bug2buga> *GOOD
20:43 <Noughtshayde> What would be your pet if all creatures existed.
20:43 <Kitty Mistake> I want to shoot them
20:43 <Bug2buga> sorry for the caps
20:43 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey sleepy i link it if you type 666 in the search bar and refresh it 10 times
20:43 <Tigertonic123> bug what is your favorite
20:43 <Bug2buga> kittty wow
20:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BUG
20:43 <Bug2buga> u perp
20:43 <Kitty Mistake> their songs annoy me
20:43 <Creepypasta john1234> on youtube
20:43 <Tigertonic123> you're dead to me
20:43 <YouSleepyYet?> Lol
20:43 <Bug2buga> whats a perp
20:43 <Bug2buga> whatever
20:43 <Bug2buga> i called u a perp
20:43 <Bug2buga> PERP
20:43 -!- Thatlostone has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <YouSleepyYet?> John, Thats scary as fuck dont make me do that
20:43 <YouSleepyYet?> I watched the video
20:43 <Kitty Mistake> -shrug- their songs are overplayed on the radio
20:43 -!- Marioracer1 has joined Special:Chat
20:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Well, I just needed to express the rage I felt at that moment here.
20:43 <Tigertonic123> those songs suck
20:43 <Creepypasta john1234> is it true?
20:43 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> Thank god it wasn't canon.
20:43 <Jeffsson> kitty did i make you mad...again
20:43 <Tigertonic123> listen to their other ones!
20:44 <Kitty Mistake> im sick of it, it annoys me, so I don't like them
20:44 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
20:44 <Noughtshayde> What song?
20:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Marioracer
20:44 <Marioracer1> ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY
20:44 <Kitty Mistake> I heard their other ones
20:44 <Tigertonic123> the obverplayed radio songs are bad
20:44 <Marioracer1> And hi
20:44 <Bug2buga> how does imagine dragons annoy you
20:44 <Bug2buga> literally every band "annoys you:"
20:44 <Kitty Mistake> no
20:44 <Tigertonic123> their full album right hea bby
20:44 <Temmington> >I want to shoot them
20:44 <Temmington> wow thats being a dick 
20:44 <Bug2buga> you must be annoyed too easily
20:44 <Tigertonic123>
20:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Imagine Dragons- Night Visions (Deluxe) - Duration: 01:09:21 - Uploaded: 2013-04-04 - Rating: 4.978078 - Views: 2,146,711 -
20:44 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
20:44 <Bug2buga> "ohh skillet annoys mee"
20:44 <Pramirez351> hey coffee PM 
20:44 <Bug2buga> "ooh imagine dragons annoys me"
20:44 <Temmington> Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you should FUCKING KILL THEM.
20:44 <Jeffsson> i liek skillet
20:44 <IShallCreepYouOut> MMF the betas
20:44 <Bug2buga> hey temm
20:44 <Noughtshayde> Every band annoys me except maybe ponyphonic and shinedown.
20:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah
20:44 <Tigertonic123> true that sarah
20:44 <Bug2buga> nice sableye pic
20:44 <Marioracer1> Does this annoy you?
20:44 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Metronomy - Black Eye/Burnt Thumb - Duration: 04:44 - Uploaded: 2008-12-12 - Rating: 4.929567 - Views: 275,832 -
20:44 <Kitty Mistake> sws, bvb, ptv, etf, fir, bfmv, adtr, mayday parade
20:44 <Bug2buga> one of my favourites
20:44 <Temmington> ye 
20:44 <Temmington> thanks 
20:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> that seems appropit
20:45 <Kitty Mistake> and a bunch of others dont
20:45 <Bug2buga> lol
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yesh
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> No
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Tried it
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> BUG
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> <3 <3 <3 <3
20:45 <IShallCreepYouOut> Final fantasy XIV biatches!
20:45 <Child Of Mantra> Ohai Bug
20:45 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <Dream Hacked> So says livid?
20:45 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <Tigertonic123> dream
20:45 <Dream Hacked> mother.
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Mom
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> :P
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Yep
20:45 <Dream Hacked> lol
20:45 <Child Of Mantra> Final Fantasy 2 Bitchez
20:45 <Kitty Mistake> the super over played ones annoy me to death
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Desudesudesudesu
20:45 <Tigertonic123> b-baka~
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Check it out
20:45 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: A Creepy Private Message... - Duration: 19:11 - Uploaded: 2013-07-09 - Rating: 4.911111 - Views: 17,031 -
20:45 <Marioracer1> Tane is love
20:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am desu
20:45 <Kitty Mistake> so basically every pop song
20:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Im telling you, Kinda creepy
20:45 <IShallCreepYouOut> My beta testing days for FFXIV start tomorrow!
20:45 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey sleepy can you link the channel?
20:45 <Tigertonic123> b-baba, senpai~
20:45 <Tigertonic123> sht
20:46 <Tigertonic123> wait no I messed up
20:46 <Kitty Mistake> .-.
20:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lucky you Mitch
20:46 <Tigertonic123> stop looking at me
20:46 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
20:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lucky bastard
20:46 <IShallCreepYouOut> *barks at kitty*
20:46 <Marioracer1> TANE IS LOVE
20:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Metronomy - Black Eye/Burnt Thumb - Duration: 04:44 - Uploaded: 2008-12-12 - Rating: 4.929567 - Views: 275,832 -
20:46 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
20:46 <Kitty Mistake> mew
20:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >Baba senpai
20:46 <Child Of Mantra> aww
20:46 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> k gurl
20:46 <YouSleepyYet?> Username 666's channel?
20:46 <Jeffsson> meow
20:46 <Tigertonic123> sto
20:46 <Creepypasta john1234> Yeah
20:47 <Temmington> brb
20:47 <YouSleepyYet?> It doesnt exist.
20:47 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
20:47 <IShallCreepYouOut> *sweetly arfs at kitty*
20:47 <YouSleepyYet?> There are fake ones though
20:47 <Creepypasta john1234> WTF
20:47 <YouSleepyYet?> Like
20:47 <YouSleepyYet?>
20:47 <Kitty Mistake> ...mew...
20:47 -!- Septogram7 has joined Special:Chat
20:47 <Tigertonic123> and hes an idiot
20:47 <Darkstride> [[Bring all of the boys to the yard.| My Milkshakes]]
20:47 <Darkstride> (loool)
20:48 <Bug2buga> oboy
20:48 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
20:48 <Pramirez351> hai septo 
20:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> *falls over from exhaustion* arf...
20:48 <Septogram7> hi Pram
20:48 <YouSleepyYet?> I mean
20:48 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Sept and Prammie
20:48 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi sept
20:48 <Pramirez351> hai zack
20:48 <Jeffsson> ping me if im needed
20:48 <YouSleepyYet?> The user 
20:48 <Septogram7> hiya Zack
20:48 <YouSleepyYet?> Was removed
20:48 <Temmington> You know what would be terrifying. 
20:48 <YouSleepyYet?> A while back
20:48 <Bug2buga>
20:48 <Temmington> If screamers existed in real life. 
20:48 <Tigertonic123> oh man
20:48 <Septogram7> What's a screamer?
20:48 <Dream Hacked> Please don't spam
20:49 <Jeffsson> screamers do exist 
20:49 <Jeffsson> me
20:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Septo! (,3)
20:49 <Tigertonic123> a screamer is when a face pops out
20:49 <Temmington> Like you're minding your own business and some guy pops out at you and screams at the top of your lungs. 
20:49 <Septogram7> Hey Never
20:49 <Jeffsson> i like scaring ppl
20:49 <Temmington> And yeah, please don't spam.
20:49 <Creepypasta john1234> MY MOM WILL SCREAM AT YOUR SOUL
20:49 <Darkstride> ^no
20:49 <Pramirez351> if you could please put your opinion guys, i would appreciate it
20:49 <Bug2buga> hey did you guys see my picture
20:49 <Bug2buga> it was a dog makin its own food
20:49 <Tigertonic123> hey chill with the caps
20:49 <Bug2buga> spectacular
20:49 <Kitty Mistake> cool bug...
20:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Pram imma support
20:49 <Child Of Mantra> Sarah, that exists
20:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
20:49 <Child Of Mantra> Go visit an asylum
20:49 <Pramirez351> ok thanks lee :P
20:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yea
20:50 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
20:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Done Prammie
20:50 <Creepypasta john1234>
20:50 <Septogram7> oh like the youtube vids with scary faces that come out of nowhere.  I understand thank you.
20:50 <Creepypasta john1234>
20:50 <Pramirez351> zack you are awesome :P
20:50 <Bug2buga> hey
20:50 <Pramirez351> also septo, PM :P
20:50 -!- Raiderfan626 has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Bug2buga> popwe
20:50 <Bug2buga> poopwe
20:50 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Naturally :P
20:50 <Bug2buga> shit
20:50 <Bug2buga> poopers
20:50 <Bug2buga> THATS IT
20:50 <Jeffsson> the beautiful ppl
20:50 <Raiderfan626> Anyone know any good creepypastas?
20:50 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey pramirez
20:50 <Dream Hacked> Please stop spamming
20:50 <Jeffsson> it matters by the size of your steeple
20:50 <Creepypasta john1234> Your mom is a good one
20:51 <Bug2buga> i know a good creepypasta
20:51 <Bug2buga> it's called
20:51 <Bug2buga> once upon a dick
20:51 <Raiderfan626> My mom?
20:51 <Creepypasta john1234> lol
20:51 <Raiderfan626> how original
20:51 <Dream Hacked> Username 666 video messes with my phobia
20:51 <Bug2buga> well
20:51 <Creepypasta john1234> yeah
20:51 <Bug2buga> i couldve gone with the lame
20:51 <Bug2buga> "YOUR MOM"
20:51 <Creepypasta john1234> your mom
20:51 <Bug2buga> joke
20:51 <Creepypasta john1234> so creepy
20:51 <Raiderfan626> damn you should be a world famous author 
20:51 <Tigertonic123> remember when we used to talk about fetishes
20:51 <Bug2buga> but im too original for that damn bullshit
20:51 <Bug2buga> B)
20:51 <Pramirez351> what aobut it john?
20:51 <Raiderfan626> I've never heard a mom joke before
20:51 <Jeffsson> how would you rate marilyn manson
20:51 <Creepypasta john1234> thks i had help from stephen king
20:51 <Raiderfan626> i feel all tingly inside
20:51 <Child Of Mantra> Dream, you have like that hole phobia
20:52 <Dream Hacked> Yes
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> SHush Mantra
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> ;l
20:52 <Raiderfan626> Someone give that guy a fuckin medal for being original
20:52 <Child Of Mantra> What was it's name?
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> :l*
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> Trypophobia
20:52 <Creepypasta john1234> check out the channle pramierz
20:52 <Child Of Mantra> Thanks.
20:52 <Tigertonic123> oh that
20:52 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Dream Hacked> Sleepy why
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> Why not
20:52 <Tigertonic123> like with the little maggot holes and such?
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> let him get it
20:52 <Jeffsson> can i say the fear of long words
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> Dude....
20:52 <Temmington> Posted my opinion. 
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> Stop///
20:52 <Dream Hacked> THis is why.
20:52 <Temmington> On both Adam's and Pram's application. 
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> I'm going back to YT
20:52 <YouSleepyYet?> ...
20:52 <Creepypasta john1234> ...
20:52 <Creepypasta john1234> ...
20:52 <Pramirez351> oh ok john
20:52 <Creepypasta john1234> ...
20:52 <Tigertonic123> moderator application?
20:52 <Pramirez351> and thanks sarah
20:53 -!- Creepypasta john1234 was kicked from Special:Chat by Temmington
20:53 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Temmington> Already warned for spam.
20:53 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has joined Special:Chat
20:53 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Jeffsson> hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of big word
20:53 <Jeffsson> words*
20:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> i know Jeff, strange that isn't it
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> John 
20:53 -!- Noughtshayde has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Creepypasta john1234> Hey Temmington bye smell my ass 
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> say what
20:53 <Jeffsson> the person who made it clearly didnt have the fear
20:54 <Raiderfan626> John is most likely 10 years old
20:54 <Temmington> You got kicked for spamming. There's no need to be rude. 
20:54 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has left Special:Chat.
20:54 <Raiderfan626> no one older than 15 would act so childish
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah I think that was an insult?
20:54 <Tigertonic123> rudeness is equal to meanie pie ness
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
20:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's like the word lisp, it has an s in it which people with a lisp struggle to pronounce
20:54 <Jeffsson> they made a song for the word
20:54 <Temmington> Meh, I'm used to people insulting me by now. 
20:54 <Kitty Mistake> mew!! ^^
20:54 <Jeffsson>
20:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Long Word Song (Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia) - Duration: 02:31 - Uploaded: 2011-10-28 - Rating: 4.842303 - Views: 709,473 -
20:54 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Also Dyslexia, Dyslexics barely spell it correctly
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol i see
20:54 <Child Of Mantra> yeah, you butt.
20:54 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has joined Special:Chat
20:54 <Temmington> Have you seen some of the stuff people leave on my archives? 
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeah
20:55 -!- Darkstride has left Special:Chat.
20:55 <Tigertonic123> yeah
20:55 <Raiderfan626> Lol a bunch of MOM jokes I assume temmington?
20:55 <Tigertonic123> who keeps meowing
20:55 <Temmington> People are much better than that. 
20:55 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
20:55 <Temmington> Lol.
20:55 <Creepypasta john1234> ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. temmington's mom is a fat bitch
20:55 <Raiderfan626> ha
20:55 <Temmington> ...Most are. 
20:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ban time I believe
20:55 <Jeffsson> (BAN)
20:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Raiderfan I assume you like Tomb Raider
20:56 -!- Creepypasta john1234 was banned from Special:Chat by Temmington for 604800 seconds.
20:56 -!- Creepypasta john1234 has left Special:Chat.
20:56 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> as do I
20:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> About time in my opinion
20:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey BRVR
20:56 <Dream Hacked> What an idiot
20:56 <Temmington> Is 1 week too much?
20:56 <Temmington> ...Nah. 
20:56 <Dream Hacked> No
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Naw
20:56 <Raiderfan626> Lol well I havent played a Laura Croft game in a while but im actually a fan of the Oakland Raiders
20:56 <Raiderfan626> the football team
20:56 <Raiderfan626> yes i know we suck no need to mention that lol
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Oh I see
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> lol
20:56 <Bug2buga> GUYS IT'S BACK
20:56 <Bug2buga>
20:56 <Bug2buga> loooool
20:56 <Kitty Mistake> omg I love this song
20:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BUG WTF
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> and bug, must you use caps?
20:57 <Bug2buga> yea
20:57 <Temmington> "You did horrible at being a mod. Just do us all a favor, and learn some maturity." Funny thing was this was from Ken.
20:57 <Bug2buga> i must
20:57 <Child Of Mantra> Holy mother of ducklings engraved on tutankamon's tomb
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> -.- well dont
20:57 <Child Of Mantra> What the fuckw as that?
20:57 <Bug2buga> U DONT OWN ME
20:57 <Temmington> And if anyone remembers Ken... yeah let's just say he's not the definition of maturity. 
20:57 <Bug2buga> pwnd
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> they fuck my eye sight 
20:57 <Bug2buga> B)
20:57 <Child Of Mantra> Ken?
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> and my glasses don't fucking work anymore
20:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don;t know if I met Ken
20:57 <Raiderfan626> So does anyone know any good creepypastas to read?
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> so
20:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You did<
20:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *You have done<
20:58 <Bug2buga> my glasses dont work at fuckin anymore
20:58 <Tigertonic123> oh man ken
20:58 <Bug2buga> ;D
20:58 <Raiderfan626> I've read most popular ones
20:58 <Tigertonic123> he used to be a good guy
20:58 <YouSleepyYet?> Username 66 is a good one
20:58 <YouSleepyYet?> 666*
20:58 <Tigertonic123> I remember talking to him
20:58 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <Raiderfan626> such as BEN Jeff Abandoned by Disney
20:58 <Kitty Mistake> I would appreciate it if you stopped with the caps
20:58 <Fullmoon67>  im not away
20:58 -!- YouSleepyYet? has joined Special:Chat
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Raider
20:58 <Bug2buga> CAPS CAPS CAPSPSP
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> [[Psychologist]]
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> [[]]
20:58 <Raiderfan626> Yes Zack?
20:58 <Kitty Mistake> >.>
20:58 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> That's a good one
20:58 <Bug2buga> yea kitty
20:58 <Kitty Mistake> bug Stop damn it
20:58 <Bug2buga> im talkin to you
20:58 <Jeffsson> lol its a real account
20:58 <Bug2buga> shitter
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> heres another
20:59 <Jeffsson> but it was terminated
20:59 <Temmington> Gaaaah.
20:59 -!- Marioracer1 has left Special:Chat.
20:59 <Jeffsson>
20:59 <Kitty Mistake> ......
20:59 <Kitty Mistake> Real mature bitch
20:59 <Temmington> Sloshed needs to move his sig to a {{User:Example/sig}} page. 
20:59 <Bug2buga> LOL BITCH
20:59 <Bug2buga> lhahhahah'
20:59 <Tigertonic123> I called you kitty milkshake by accident
20:59 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sarah
20:59 <Jeffsson> kitty
20:59 <Bug2buga> i love this chat
20:59 <Kitty Mistake> milkshakes are good
20:59 <Bug2buga> bcuz everyones an asshole
20:59 <Raiderfan626> who plays Minecraft?
20:59 <Raiderfan626> anyone?
20:59 <Bug2buga> including me
20:59 <Kitty Mistake> so... I don't really care?
20:59 <Tigertonic123> hey bug remember ken
20:59 <Bug2buga> its a nice time to get out your inner "fcuk you"
20:59 <Fullmoon67> me
20:59 <Bug2buga> fuck
21:00 <Raiderfan626> you play modded MC?
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I plays teh mine crafts
21:00 <Fullmoon67> fuck who
21:00 <Raiderfan626> like Feed the Beast?
21:00 <Fullmoon67> no
21:00 <Raiderfan626> awe
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have tekkit
21:00 <Tigertonic123> wh
21:00 <Jeffsson> the record timing for saying hippopotamontrousisquippadaliaphodia is two second
21:00 <Raiderfan626> Feed the Beast>Tekkit
21:00 <Kitty Mistake> I think bug is too young to do any type of fucking
21:00 <Raiderfan626> has more stuffs
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> whateva
21:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :D
21:00 <Tigertonic123> jeffsson thanks for all of the facts about this phobia
21:00 <Raiderfan626> It has everything tekkit has but more
21:00 <Raiderfan626> lol
21:00 <YouSleepyYet?> Raider
21:01 <Raiderfan626> Sleepy
21:01 <YouSleepyYet?> Whats Feed the Beast Im a noob.
21:01 <Jeffsson> lol you are welcome
21:01 <Jeffsson> i like the fact of fear so i study them for no reason
21:01 <Raiderfan626> Feed the Beast is basically minecraft with a shit ton of mods added
21:01 <Raiderfan626> its similar to tekkit
21:01 <YouSleepyYet?> Ahh
21:01 <Bug2buga> ohh i had ftb
21:01 <Bug2buga> but it got deleted
21:01 <YouSleepyYet?> Okay
21:01 <Bug2buga> damn hard drive
21:01 <Raiderfan626> I love my Asus
21:01 <Kitty Mistake> ftb?
21:01 <Bug2buga> lately ive been makin so many fireworks on minecraft
21:01 <Raiderfan626> yes FTB is feed the beast
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> oh
21:02 <Bug2buga> lol im a pro fireworker
21:02 <Fullmoon67> FEED THE BEST
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> never heard of it
21:02 <Bug2buga> it's a minecraft mod kitty
21:02 <Bug2buga> u probably dont play mincraft tho
21:02 <Bug2buga> mine
21:02 <Raiderfan626> i have 12 GB ram a quad core AMD FX processor and an AMD RAEDEON 7420 i thik
21:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> "Everyone on chat is an asshole" RIGHT IN THE LOVE
21:02 <Raiderfan626> think
21:02 <Bug2buga> ur not a nerd
21:02 <Bug2buga> actually u are
21:02 <Bug2buga> everyones a nerd
21:02 <Bug2buga> cept for me
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> I do play minecraft
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> just not very much
21:02 <Bug2buga> k
21:02 <Raiderfan626> Google feed the beast lol
21:02 <Jeffsson> im bored
21:02 <Temmington> How long to chat mod applications stay open?
21:03 <Bug2buga> what if when you google ftb
21:03 <Temmington> do*
21:03 <Bug2buga> it's like
21:03 <Raiderfan626> Thaumcraft 3 is hard
21:03 <Bug2buga> a bear eating some shit
21:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ask Maria
21:03 <Raiderfan626> at least for me it is
21:03 <Kitty Mistake> .-.
21:03 <Raiderfan626> to many research items to many recipies to remember
21:03 <Raiderfan626> recipes 
21:03 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <CasualArsonist> Aye lads
21:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi arsonist
21:03 <Raiderfan626> How goes it Arson?
21:04 <CasualArsonist> Okay. Bored but okay
21:04 <Raiderfan626> Fuck all this talk of minecraft made me wanna play
21:04 <Bug2buga> i will play mc later or somethin
21:04 <Raiderfan626> T.T and i was 3 months sober of mc lol
21:04 <Kitty Mistake> where did my lighter go...... o.o fuck...
21:04 <Kitty Mistake> .-.
21:04 <Raiderfan626> Kitty you better share that herb
21:04 <Kitty Mistake> I cant find it
21:05 <CasualArsonist> A hope you guys know I love you all and you should clean under your beds, it's filthy down there
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> ii don't use it for smoking....
21:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> MCP Marathon~ (that I missed)
21:05 <Jeffsson> lol i has it
21:05 <Raiderfan626> the hell you use it for then lol
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> jeff....
21:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok Arsonist (kawaii)
21:05 <Raiderfan626> O.o
21:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> luv u 2
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> I like playing with lighters and I light candles a lot
21:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (,3)
21:05 <Raiderfan626> uhm Im not sleeping in my room tonight arson
21:05 <Raiderfan626> so HA
21:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (<3)
21:05 <Raiderfan626> I win
21:05 <Raiderfan626> :D
21:05 <Jeffsson> i use lighters for fire and stuff that goes boom
21:06 <CasualArsonist> That's okay <3 I'll just sleep there then
21:06 <Jeffsson> im a pyromaniac
21:06 <Raiderfan626> Shit,,,
21:06 <Tigertonic123> I have an irrational fear of fire
21:06 <Jeffsson> lol
21:06 <Raiderfan626> I love things that go boom
21:06 <CasualArsonist> pyrophobia ?
21:06 <Raiderfan626> M-80s 
21:06 <Raiderfan626> firecrackers
21:06 <CasualArsonist> I love...
21:06 <Kitty Mistake> I love fire.... I got too close to a bonfire once ^^;
21:06 <Raiderfan626> cherry bombs
21:06 <CasualArsonist> Chubby ladies.
21:06 <Jeffsson> i set myself on fire once just for shits and giggles
21:06 <Raiderfan626> pussy
21:06 <Raiderfan626> lol
21:06 <Tigertonic123> it just makes me so scared and nervous
21:07 <Dream Hacked> None of that
21:07 <Raiderfan626> scared of fire?
21:07 <Tigertonic123> I apologize
21:07 <Kitty Mistake> my shoe caught fire and yeah.... I was pissed
21:07 <Raiderfan626> yea
21:07 <Raiderfan626> im afraid of it too kinda
21:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty, check Pm a second please :3
21:07 <Jeffsson> one time my bro pushed me into a bonfire once
21:07 <Raiderfan626> mainly just cuz i dont wanna be burned
21:07 <Jeffsson> -_-
21:07 <Raiderfan626> ouch
21:07 <CasualArsonist> MERASMUS THE WIZARD
21:07 <Raiderfan626> i burned my arm with my iron
21:07 <Raiderfan626> 2 weeks ago
21:07 <Raiderfan626> left a mark
21:07 <Jeffsson> i chased him around not caring that i was on fire
21:07 <Kitty Mistake> I did that with my ribbon hair curler
21:08 <Raiderfan626> ouchie
21:08 <CasualArsonist> Lol why would you want curly hair?
21:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> None of that fucking cursing okay?! Like Dream said. Sheesh there are like FUCKING children here
21:08 <Raiderfan626> So...
21:08 <Kitty Mistake> and I had it to like 300-400 degrees......
21:08 <Jeffsson> i had 2nd degree burns -_-
21:08 <Raiderfan626> who smokes teh weed
21:08 <Raiderfan626> besides me
21:08 <CasualArsonist> I have it naturally and I tell you barrel curls just popping up isn't so great
21:08 <CasualArsonist> I got high once, wasn't really worth it for me but that's because I have bad lungs
21:08 <Kitty Mistake> DUDE I want to try weed soo bad but my mom would kill me
21:08 <Jeffsson> so i shot him with a pellet/air rifle in the temple
21:08 <Raiderfan626> lol how would she know?
21:08 <Dream Hacked> Well that's dumb
21:08 <Raiderfan626> do it at a friends house
21:08 -!- Superdannyz has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <Tigertonic123> she has a good reason
21:09 <Tigertonic123> its ILLEGAL
21:09 <Superdannyz> hi
21:09 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
21:09 <Jeffsson> it was fun all in all
21:09 <Dream Hacked> There are rules that I agree with and ones that I don't.
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> true... but i'd probably feel guilty then blab
21:09 <Raiderfan626> lol the fact that weed is illegal and alcohol isnt makes me laugh
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> im not risking it
21:09 <Raiderfan626> histerically 
21:09 <CasualArsonist> I'm for the legalization of it but just like alcohol dependency I don't recomend it
21:09 <CasualArsonist> *recommend 
21:09 <Raiderfan626> Weed isn't addictive
21:09 <Temmington> Heyya Shrubbie. 
21:09 <Dream Hacked> Kitty, if you feel that you should not do it, then don't.
21:09 <Jeffsson> dont give ANYONE in my family an m-80
21:09 <Superdannyz> who knows brady bruch creepypasta here
21:09 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello all.
21:09 <Tigertonic123> dude the mark I got from my fire burn never went away\
21:09 <CasualArsonist> Not as much as alcohol true
21:10 <Raiderfan626> there's studies that prove that it's not addictive
21:10 <Tigertonic123> its all across my stomach and chest
21:10 <YouSleepyYet?> I just read a good pasta
21:10 <Kitty Mistake> but im sick of being lil miss "play by the rules
21:10 <Temmington> You CAN become addicted to weed it's just harder to. 
21:10 <Kitty Mistake> "
21:10 <YouSleepyYet?> Finally
21:10 <Dream Hacked> Eventually weed can become addicting.
21:10 <Temmington> ^
21:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Drugs are good used correctly.
21:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You are abusing them.
21:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That is not cool
21:10 <Tigertonic123> ^
21:10 <Jeffsson> "fire in the hole"
21:10 <Tigertonic123> god damnit
21:10 <Raiderfan626> the reason they say it's addictive is because of all the teenagers in drug programs for marijuana use
21:10 <YouSleepyYet?>
21:10 <Raiderfan626> BUT
21:10 <Superdannyz> i agreed
21:10 <YouSleepyYet?> Read it
21:10 <YouSleepyYet?> It's worth it
21:10 <Kitty Mistake> it takes forever to become addicted to weed though
21:10 <Raiderfan626> when they get arrested for pot the judge gives them an ultimatum 
21:10 <Shrubskill Nurse> So, how is everyone?
21:10 <Shrubskill Nurse> And what's the subject here? Drugs?
21:10 <Raiderfan626> Jail or Rehab
21:10 <Raiderfan626> which would you rather choose?
21:10 <Temmington> You do know there's an article version here, right?
21:10 <Jeffsson> no actually you can become addicted with only one joint
21:10 <CasualArsonist> For one thing, no one (not even Bob marley) smoked or ever will smoke the same amount of weed as people do tobacco cigarettes  
21:11 <Temmington> And it has been Pasta of the Month.
21:11 <Dream Hacked> How about neither and just not do it :p
21:11 <Superdannyz> i wishes to see sailormoon creepypasta
21:11 <Temmington> [[Normal Porn for Normal People]] 
21:11 <Superdannyz> more of them
21:11 <Raiderfan626> Well the most obvious choice is rehab
21:11 <Raiderfan626> no teen wants jail
21:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I never really got the appeal to drugs anyway.
21:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> you get high.
21:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> so?
21:11 <Raiderfan626> thats where they get the statistic that it's addictive
21:11 <Raiderfan626> and bullshit after one joint?
21:11 <Jeffsson> i never did drugs
21:11 <Raiderfan626> llololololololol
21:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> no
21:11 <Superdannyz> i agreed with you it annoying with drugs
21:11 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
21:11 <Tigertonic123> whatever happened to walkingditto
21:11 <Temmington> He's still around. 
21:11 <CasualArsonist> Lol my drug?
21:11 <CasualArsonist> Music
21:11 <Raiderfan626> You never did illegal drugs Jefferson
21:12 <Raiderfan626> but im sure you've taken medicine
21:12 <Raiderfan626> like tylenol advil robotussin
21:12 <Raiderfan626> all drugs
21:12 <Raiderfan626> just legal
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> ^
21:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I really can't see why smoking is fun. I found it smelling like a dead mule.
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> that's what I don't get
21:12 <Superdannyz> it true
21:12 <Superdannyz> smoking to me is not good
21:12 <Raiderfan626> Weed has never killed anyone in recorded medical history
21:12 <Temmington> People always say I smell like smoke (both of my parents smoke so) and they think that I'M the one smoking. 
21:13 <Temmington> >.>
21:13 <CasualArsonist> Actually
21:13 <Raiderfan626> but tobbacco and alcohol has
21:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Coffee and tea or drugs technicaly
21:13 <Kitty Mistake> all of these over the counter drugs are legal
21:13 <Raiderfan626> yes they are because of caffine
21:13 -!- Derpy Dosh has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Dream Hacked> There is a difference >_> Use you knowledge. Those medicines were crafted to make you feel better. 
21:13 <Kitty Mistake> yet you can still get addicted
21:13 <Temmington> Zack, this is why I drink soda. 
21:13 <Jeffsson>
21:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dane Cook Car Alarm - Duration: 03:40 - Uploaded: 2008-02-19 - Rating: 4.944146 - Views: 231,812 -
21:13 <Temmington> :P
21:13 <CasualArsonist> About 300 people from 1990- 2010 which is a lot less then say alcohol or tobacco
21:13 <Kitty Mistake> It makes no fucking sence
21:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> i prefer my Dr pepper or something xD
21:13 <Temmington> Even though Coca-Cola used to have traces of cocaine in it... 
21:13 <CasualArsonist> Well, weed related deaths
21:13 <Kitty Mistake> sense*
21:13 <CasualArsonist> XD
21:13 <Temmington> i.e. why it's called coke
21:13 <Derpy Dosh> srsly BRVR u have that fockin wore from pokemon
21:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Drugs are wonderful for medicinal purposes even recreation
21:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not to be used incorrectly
21:13 <Raiderfan626> Weed makes you feel better too....
21:13 -!- Septogram7 has left Special:Chat.
21:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> or in surplus
21:14 <Raiderfan626> Weed doesn't make you feel bad lol
21:14 <Temmington> Eh, depends on who's using it. 
21:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
21:14 <Temmington> Different for everyone. 
21:14 <Tigertonic123> what about heroin
21:14 <Superdannyz> gohan and videl are good grouple
21:14 <Raiderfan626> why do you think that in the 1920s and such AMERICA ACTUALLY SOLD IT AS MEDICINE!
21:14 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Temmington> Don't do heroin. 
21:14 <Temmington> Just.
21:14 <Dream Hacked> Jesus. 
21:14 <Temmington> No heroin. 
21:14 <Dream Hacked> Do your RESEARCH
21:14 <Raiderfan626> it wasn't until the big pharma BOOM that it became illegal
21:14 <Dream Hacked> Many people die from marijuana use – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 10,000,000 annual U.S. deaths, including more than 134,400 in Colorado, are attributed to marijuana use alone (i.e. this figure does not include accidental deaths).
21:14 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'd never do drugs except:
21:14 <Dream Hacked>
21:15 <CasualArsonist> Am I the only one here who prefers to give oral then to receive? I mean not all the time but a lot of the time.. man.. I like making my partner feel good.
21:15 <Temmington> Actually never listen to my advice. 
21:15 -!- CasualArsonist was kicked from Special:Chat by Dream Hacked
21:15 <Raiderfan626> lmfao that is a bullshit report and you know it Dream
21:15 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
21:15 <Shrubskill Nurse> What the fuck.
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> holllyyy shit....
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Coffee
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Tea
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Alcohol
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Passive smoking (Which I don't want)
21:15 <Derpy Dosh> BRVR is fappin to his profile pic right now taht's why hes not speakin
21:15 <Shrubskill Nurse> We're talking about drugs, not sex.
21:15 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
21:15 <Dream Hacked> Then again, I'm not stupid.
21:15 <CasualArsonist> Had that coming sorry XD
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> -hides in corner- thunder.... not good....
21:15 <Superdannyz> i remember funny dragon ball z pardoies
21:15 <CasualArsonist> I'm just.. um... off right now XD
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> I just fell off the couch from it
21:15 <Tigertonic123> okay stop
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> o.o
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty :( *Hugs8
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> **
21:15 <Derpy Dosh> why the fock u fockin bellends talkin bout drugs
21:15 <CasualArsonist> But that was remarkably easy to get back on this thing.
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> xD im fine
21:15 <Raiderfan626> no one has been recorded in medical history dying from weed use itself
21:16 <Kitty Mistake> it just scared me
21:16 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
21:16 <Derpy Dosh> you wanna end up lik a filthly hobo in the street
21:16 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
21:16 <Dream Hacked> I bet you don't know the components of marajuana. What they do, where they are found. Anything. Only that it "makes you feel good"
21:16 <CasualArsonist> It's like I WASN'T EVEN KICKED
21:16 <Derpy Dosh> den stop talkin bout drugs mate
21:16 <Tigertonic123> hey guys drop it
21:16 <Superdannyz> it true
21:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Heroine is used to numb patient's brains in surgery
21:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cocaine is also used for USEFUL THINGS
21:16 <Kitty Mistake> you know how when you scare a cat how it totally flips out for a second then its fine? yeah that just happened
21:16 <Derpy Dosh> ^ faggot
21:16 <CasualArsonist> Cocaine is a hell of a drug don't touch that mate
21:16 -!- Derpy Dosh was banned from Special:Chat by Dream Hacked for 7200 seconds.
21:16 -!- Derpy Dosh has left Special:Chat.
21:16 <Superdannyz> kamemanekamemaneHA!!!!
21:16 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Drugs are useful
21:17 <Dream Hacked> 2 hours. ^_^ Watch your language
21:17 <Shrubskill Nurse> Narcotics can be used for multiple things. 
21:17 <Shrubskill Nurse> It's the way that they are used and how frequently that can cause a problem.
21:17 -!- Tomokun has joined Special:Chat
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No matter how you chop it 
21:17 <Shrubskill Nurse> Some people don't understand that.
21:17 <Tomokun> Hoi c:
21:17 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> pun intended
21:17 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> About time if you ask me, the guy couldn't type properly and was being an ass in my opinion
21:17 <Tigertonic123> hello
21:17 <Raiderfan626> THC is the only thing found in marijuana
21:17 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Tomo
21:17 <Jeffsson> tomo-kun
21:17 <Dream Hacked> Did you look that up?
21:17 <Raiderfan626> do NOT believe anything the Lame stream media tells you..
21:18 <Raiderfan626> lol no i didn't my phone rang
21:18 <CasualArsonist> Lol Main stream doesn't tell me anything
21:18 <CasualArsonist> I don't watch the tele
21:18 <Shrubskill Nurse> I know this. 
21:18 <Tomokun> It's Crwn btw
21:18 <Tomokun> but
21:18 <Dream Hacked> THCs anti-cancer properties while not realizing that doesn't even come near to touching the various carcinogens released when you burn it. So yeah, it's better than smoking cigarettes, but it's still stupid. 
21:18 <Tomokun> Hi c:
21:18 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <Temmington> Let's just agree that drugs... exist. 
21:18 <Temmington> WE CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT.
21:18 <CasualArsonist> I CAN'T
21:18 <Temmington> Unless you're a solipsist...
21:18 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <Temmington> Then um...
21:18 <Temmington> ...Shit.
21:18 <Mr.Zalgopasta>
21:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: David Lang — This Was Written by Hand - Duration: 10:14 - Uploaded: 2011-11-16 - Rating: 4.949580 - Views: 19,609 -
21:19 <Temmington>  Hey Ziggles. 
21:19 <Shrubskill Nurse> "Wherever the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal, doctors tend to recommend it to treat chronic diseases and conditions." These include cancer, AIDS, ADHD, and many other problems.
21:19 <Raiderfan626> It's not stupid lol
21:19 <CasualArsonist> I AM DAVID BOWIE'
21:19 <Dream Hacked> Secondly, it affects short term memory. This is why potheads are very forgetful, and can't always maintain a conversation...or even recall a phone number they JUST looked up. 
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Marujuanna is like baby piss when used to ease a patient's pain
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Trace amounts of heroine do the trick better
21:19 <CasualArsonist> Okay?
21:19 <Raiderfan626> it doesn't harm you
21:19 <Raiderfan626> I smoke weed and my memory is just fine
21:19 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
21:19 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <Kitty Mistake> can we get on a different topic?
21:19 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I have no clue what just happened.
21:19 <CasualArsonist> I second Kitty
21:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Marajuanna is better off for recreational use
21:19 <Raiderfan626> i can maintain a convo just fine
21:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Actually the memory isn't always a problem with it
21:19 <Temmington> Ziggles. 
21:19 <Temmington> Everything. 
21:19 <Kitty Mistake> im sick of it...
21:19 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
21:19 <Shrubskill Nurse> idk were just talkin about dope bro
21:19 <Temmington> But yeah let's just all agree.
21:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Those who don't do weed have memories problems like me
21:19 <Temmington> That drugs exist. 
21:19 <Tigertonic123> just drop it guys
21:19 <Temmington> okay.
21:20 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Everything. Everything happened in a span of 20 seconds??? Hmmmmmm??
21:20 <Temmington> theend.
21:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> But it can affect it
21:20 -!- Tomokun has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <CasualArsonist> Frig where my nachos at?
21:20 <Kitty Mistake> o,o nachos
21:20 <Raiderfan626> weed cant kill you lol it doesn;t kill braincells whatso ever
21:20 <Kitty Mistake> nachos!!
21:20 <Raiderfan626> bacon nachos
21:20 <Kitty Mistake> damn it im hungry now and I already ate
21:20 <Raiderfan626> BACON NACHOS
21:20 <CasualArsonist> Lol then when's your mother's birthday?
21:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> See we try to have a educated conversation and no one listens but then complains when stupid conversations arise
21:20 <Raiderfan626> My mothers birthday?
21:21 <Raiderfan626> wow lol
21:21 <CasualArsonist> DO you remember our mom's birthday
21:21 <CasualArsonist> ?
21:21 <Raiderfan626> you're gonna have to try a lot harder than that 
21:21 <Kitty Mistake> I know my mommy's birfday
21:21 <Raiderfan626> As do I
21:21 <Temmington> I remember because it's three days after mine. 
21:21 <CasualArsonist> Lol I was just making a memory.. jest I dunno
21:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> BTW no one was arguing
21:21 <Temmington> She literally carried me home on her birthday for the first time. 
21:21 <Kitty Mistake> her's is August 1st :3 she's lucky....
21:21 <Temmington> like.
21:21 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'd rather an interesting debate than just going onto nonsense.
21:21 <Temmington> yeah. 
21:21 <Temmington> ^^
21:22 <Kitty Mistake> she gets nice weather every year .-.
21:22 <Raiderfan626> My moms is 3-19
21:22 <Dream Hacked> No facts, no debate :/
21:22 <Dream Hacked> Just rambling.
21:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *sigh*
21:22 <Mr.Zalgopasta> What are people talking about??
21:22 <Kitty Mistake> so I? nope! I get sleet, rain, snow......
21:22 <CasualArsonist> I agree we need to sober up a bit
21:22 <Raiderfan626> You didn't show me facts lol
21:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> back to dumbass Neve
21:22 <Shrubskill Nurse> So, Dream, you're against drugs? As am I.
21:22 -!- Superdannyz has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <Dream Hacked> Raider, I suggest we drop this conversation.
21:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We're talking about how awesome Sarah is :P
21:22 <CasualArsonist> Lol you're mom is also a lower Blood. I'm Pisces= Highest blood
21:22 <Temmington> Hurray! 
21:23 <Shrubskill Nurse> I'll drop it as well then.
21:23 <Temmington> I'm awesome! 
21:23 <Kitty Mistake> im sagitarius
21:23 <Raiderfan626> Are you against pharmecutical drugs as well Shrubskill?
21:23 <Kitty Mistake> idk what that is
21:23 <Raiderfan626> cuz if you're against drugs you must be against those too
21:23 <Dream Hacked> Drop it. ^_^
21:23 <Shrubskill Nurse> What.
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yes you are Sarah :3
21:23 -!- Blazegoldenblood has joined Special:Chat
21:23 <Temmington> I'm not saying my stance. 
21:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Wow. Talk about a logical fallacy.
21:23 <Shrubskill Nurse> ^
21:23 <Dream Hacked> I now
21:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Nice one, there, Raider.
21:23 <Dream Hacked> know*
21:23 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Now drop it.
21:23 <Shrubskill Nurse> Those have nothing in common. Let's forget about it.
21:23 <CasualArsonist> Pl----ease just stop t)(is madness.
21:23 -!- Blazegoldenblood has left Special:Chat.
21:23 <Temmington> Yes, please drop the subject. 
21:23 <Kitty Mistake> cange topic....?
21:23 <Raiderfan626> o.o nothing in common they both have side effects lol
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Kitty wanna have a conversation on politics?
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> of course not
21:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> so...
21:24 <Kitty Mistake> ewie
21:24 <Temmington> Drop it, Raider. 
21:24 <Kitty Mistake> no gross
21:24 <Dream Hacked> The game of argument need have no fallacy. 
21:24 <Tigertonic123> wtf feferi
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> DERP
21:24 <Kitty Mistake> politics remind me of history...
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HUE bewbs
21:24 <Kitty Mistake> I hate history xD I berrily passed it
21:24 <Tigertonic123> so how about that airplane food
21:24 <CasualArsonist> Y----es? W)(at do you want?
21:24 <Kitty Mistake> barely*
21:24 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
21:24 -!- SaikaXIII has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <Tigertonic123> please love me fef
21:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Irish
21:24 <Tigertonic123> vv
21:24 <Tigertonic123> alright tou know wat
21:24 <Irishninja0> hi zack
21:24 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> berrily huehue u dun know english
21:24 <Tigertonic123> im so done
21:24 <CasualArsonist> Sorry, I can't do t)(at.
21:24 <Tigertonic123> no I nevr said anything
21:24 -!- Blazegoldenblood has joined Special:Chat
21:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Blaze
21:25 <Blazegoldenblood> Ello
21:25 <Temmington> Kill used to have that profile picture...
21:25 <CasualArsonist> W)(ale, it musta just been in my h---ead.
21:25 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Why the parentheses? 
21:25 <Kitty Mistake> owww random heart burn
21:25 <Tigertonic123> hehe
21:25 <Temmington> /me shrugs 
21:25 <Temmington> Dunno.
21:25 <Blazegoldenblood> i actually just joined creepypasta :3
21:25 <Temmington> Welcome. 
21:25 <Tigertonic123> /me assures you that it's nothing
21:26 <Shrubskill Nurse>  huh
21:26 <Shrubskill Nurse> Oh.
21:26 <Raiderfan626> Fuck if the Lakers let go of MWP they will be doomed
21:26 <Temmington> This chat rarely talks about Creepypasta, just thought I should mention that. 
21:26 <CasualArsonist> )(i?
21:26 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
21:26 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
21:26 <CasualArsonist> )(i?
21:26 <Blazegoldenblood> XD Figures
21:26 <Raiderfan626> We already lost Dwight Coward and Earl Clarck..
21:26 <Raiderfan626> Clark*
21:26 -!- Blazegoldenblood has left Special:Chat.
21:26 <Temmington> Gah I think I still have a cold. 
21:26 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Howard*
21:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We talk about idiotic shit
21:26 <Mr.Zalgopasta> or was that an insult?
21:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Same Sarah
21:26 <Raiderfan626> Insult
21:26 <Mr.Zalgopasta> ah. Right.
21:27 <Temmington> COLD BUDDIES. 
21:27 <Raiderfan626> that stupid mother fucker isn't ready for the bright lights
21:27 <Mr.Zalgopasta> You could stand to lose Gasol, too.
21:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yay! *Hugs Sarah*
21:27 <Raiderfan626> He isn't ready to shine
21:27 <CasualArsonist> W)(al---e, t)(at's kinda a mean way to put that
21:27 <Temmington> Oh shit is this about sports?
21:27 <Tigertonic123> thii2 ii2 2tupiid, fef
21:27 <Temmington> Welp. 
21:27 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yes.
21:27 <Temmington> -runs to PM land-
21:27 <Raiderfan626> no we're not kobe already made it clear to the GM he wants Gasol to stay
21:27 <Temmington> I know jack shit about sports. 
21:27 <Temmington> Nor do I want to. 
21:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Same here Sarah lol
21:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^^
21:27 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I don't know why. Gasol isn't even that good.
21:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Want to Pm until they stop? xD
21:27 <Temmington> Sure. 
21:27 <Temmington> :P
21:28 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Dude flops half the time.
21:28 <Raiderfan626> He has his moments
21:28 <Raiderfan626> we couldn't have had that back to back with out him a few years ago
21:28 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <CasualArsonist> No sol-fef for you, budde)(.
21:28 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Raiderfan626> Wanna know the biggest flopper?
21:28 <Raiderfan626> LBJ
21:28 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The entire Celtics v Lakers finals was one huge flop fest
21:28 <Temmington> Hi Weirdo. ^-^ 
21:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi coffee
21:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> I just need to talk with Zalgo and Sarah
21:28 <Coffee Shop Corporate Raider> hi
21:29 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I say Fisher was a bigger flopper @Raider
21:29 <Raiderfan626> I need to change i have work in 30 mins
21:29 <CasualArsonist> )(i Coffe.
21:29 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:29 <Mr.Zalgopasta> 'sup Weirdo
21:29 <CasualArsonist> *Coff---eee
21:29 <Temmington> What about, Cheese?
21:29 <Raiderfan626> No 
21:29 <Raiderfan626> HELL NO lol
21:29 <Raiderfan626> James is the biggest flopper in the league
21:29 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <CasualArsonist> C)(---eese?
21:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> So...
21:30 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
21:30 <CasualArsonist> So?
21:30 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I never watched games with James. Cavs, Heat, any of 'em
21:30 <Tigertonic123> im thinking of cosplaying vriska
21:31 <Raiderfan626> lol you should
21:31 <Temmington> Welcome back, Shrubbie.
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Anyone wanna talk about the political climate in Egypt?
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Or is that too intellegent for chat?
21:31 <CasualArsonist> Glub. I'm actually a dud-e so t)(is is sort of weird. I mean I don't r-eally mind RPing as Feferi.
21:31 <Raiderfan626> then you will see just how phony LeBitch is
21:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Far too intelligent for chat.
21:31 <Raiderfan626> LeFlop 
21:31 <Raiderfan626> LePhony
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ok
21:31 <Raiderfan626> lol
21:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> brb
21:31 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Garnet >>>> LBJ
21:31 -!- SaikaXIII has joined Special:Chat
21:31 <CasualArsonist> But I cosplay as Jake English and Masc. F-ef.
21:31 <Raiderfan626> I love Garnet
21:32 <Shrubskill Nurse>
21:32 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Tigertonic123> masc. fef?
21:32 <Raiderfan626> only reason i like the celtics a teeny bit is because MyPlayer got chosen by the Celtics in NBA2K 13 lmao
21:32 <CasualArsonist> G-end-er B-end
21:32 -!- Tigertonic123 has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Garnet's mah boi along with Pierce and Rondo
21:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:33 <CasualArsonist> B-ecause S)(-e is my patron troll.
21:33 <Raiderfan626> To bad Garnet and Pierce are in Brooklyn now
21:33 <Raiderfan626> :(
21:33 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Why did that ping me @Arson?
21:33 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <CasualArsonist> I'm sorry? W)(at? Mr.Zal?
21:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> The only thing that Boston has going for it this year, so far, are the Sox and the Bruins, who had a real good year
21:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> That last sentence pinged me, lol. Idk why
21:34 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <CasualArsonist> I r-eally couldn't tell you sorry.
21:34 <CasualArsonist> Glub
21:34 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:34 <Mr.Zalgopasta> :P
21:34 <Shrubskill Nurse>
21:34 <Shrubskill Nurse> me from last night
21:34 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
21:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal!
21:35 <CrashingCymbal> Sup guys!
21:35 <Shrubskill Nurse> Yo Cymb.
21:35 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
21:35 <CrashingCymbal> I saw something very weird on my walk home tonight.
21:35 <CasualArsonist> )(ello cymbal! Glub
21:35 <YouSleepyYet?>
21:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV - Duration: 05:03 - Uploaded: 2007-02-19 - Rating: 4.706388 - Views: 13,232,941 -
21:35 <YouSleepyYet?> o:
21:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hello Jim
21:35 <CrashingCymbal> d:
21:35 <CrashingCymbal> Fuckity
21:35 <Temmington> Shrubbie. 
21:35 <FriendlyJim> Hello
21:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Arsonist, please don't use Feferi's quirk, please.
21:35 <CrashingCymbal> D:
21:35 <Temmington> You and the cat are so cute. x3
21:35 <Shrubskill Nurse> Thanks <3
21:35 <CasualArsonist> W)(y not?
21:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Eh, it is...not correct for a chat. Kinda an eyesore
21:35 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, have you heard Dethklok? They're softer than pillows, but I like 'em.
21:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Please peasantify for us!
21:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Lol I've seen that video.
21:36 <CrashingCymbal> I saw MLP graffiti in an alleyway on my way home.
21:36 <CasualArsonist> :T
21:36 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Temmington> Really, Cumball?
21:36 <Temmington> What did it say? xD
21:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Leave it to the fucking Ging to be like "yeah let's go chill with Satan"
21:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Mobo
21:36 <FriendlyJim> Sorry, I meant to call you Tim.
21:36 <Shrubskill Nurse> CUMBALL
21:36 <TheGreatMobo> Hello
21:36 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah, it was a silver pony on a black wall.
21:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Cumball?
21:36 <Mr.Zalgopasta> O.o
21:36 <CrashingCymbal> I can say this hoever
21:36 <Temmington> Did it have derpy eyes?
21:36 <CrashingCymbal> *however
21:36 <Shrubskill Nurse> IM LAUGH GIN AT THE SPEEDE OF FAST
21:36 <Temmington> And a yellow mane?
21:36 <CasualArsonist> W)(ale, t)(at's scary.
21:36 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, why don't you like me. (QQ)
21:36 <FriendlyJim> ?
21:37 <Temmington> Well Shrubbie. 
21:37 <CasualArsonist> *w)(al-e duh sorry glub
21:37 <CrashingCymbal> It was mutated, ugly and if any monicule of friendship existed in it, it was most certainly not magic
21:37 <Temmington> Hiddun once called Cumball (then Cymbal) Cumbal on accident. 
21:37 <Pramirez351> hai reading :D
21:37 <Pramirez351> hai cymbal
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Pramjmi!
21:37 <Pramirez351> :D
21:37 <Temmington> And thus Cumball was born~
21:37 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry Jim
21:37 <Pramirez351> pramjmi reading? xD
21:37 <CrashingCymbal> I'll check them out.
21:37 <FriendlyJim> Hello world
21:37 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Typo, prammi :(
21:37 <FriendlyJim> It's not a real band.
21:38 <CrashingCymbal> The message is coming up for me.
21:38 <FriendlyJim> They're made up.
21:38 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD nice reading :P
21:38 <FriendlyJim> It's a cartoon.
21:38 <FriendlyJim>
21:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dethklok - "The Dethalbum" (Full Album) - Duration: 52:31 - Uploaded: 2012-09-05 - Rating: 4.957935 - Views: 102,774 -
21:38 <CrashingCymbal> Ah
21:38 <CasualArsonist> I'm gonna go glub
21:38 <CasualArsonist> S-e-e you guys. <3 :3
21:38 <CrashingCymbal> What's glubbing?
21:38 <FriendlyJim> <3 Bye
21:38 <CrashingCymbal> It sounds like really painful swimming
21:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Again, don't do that please. You know, the quirk thing
21:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Even if you don't do it like it normally is :(
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> "MOM LOOK, I'M GLUBBING"
21:39 <BRVR> i can barely read the tet.
21:39 <CasualArsonist> I'm off-end-ed
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> "Don't do that, Jimmy"
21:39 <BRVR> *text
21:39 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
21:39 <Dream Hacked> Sleepy
21:39 <FriendlyJim> Dem pingas
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> Sleephead
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> *Sleepyhead
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> God damn typos
21:39 <FriendlyJim> Sleepycock
21:39 <CrashingCymbal> Any y'all motherfuckas wanna read my story?
21:40 <CrashingCymbal> I promise it's not shit.
21:40 <FriendlyJim> I read it.
21:40 <Temmington> [[Grandma Says]] Read this one I uploaded.
21:40 <CrashingCymbal> What did you think of it?
21:40 <Temmington> (Not my work though.)
21:40 <CrashingCymbal> Ye ye
21:40 <CrashingCymbal> SlimeyBeasty
21:40 <FriendlyJim> I think it was a little short.
21:40 <Dream Hacked> It's 99 degrees here in texas
21:40 <FriendlyJim> It was well worth the read though.
21:40 <CrashingCymbal> Cool
21:41 <CrashingCymbal> Reading it now, Saruh.
21:41 <CrashingCymbal> :3
21:41 <Dream Hacked> I have Kung-Fu class soon :)
21:41 <Temmington> Thanks.
21:41 -!- TimelessPeople has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <FriendlyJim> Tim, I'm going to start calling you Tim.
21:41 -!- Raiderfan626 has left Special:Chat.
21:41 <TimelessPeople>
21:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES (NSFW) - Duration: 02:31 - Uploaded: 2013-07-08 - Rating: 4.894417 - Views: 51,159 -
21:41 -!- TimelessPeople has left Special:Chat.
21:41 <FriendlyJim> 'Tim' has a nice ring to it.
21:42 -!- ThatJutzeGuy has joined Special:Chat
21:42 <ThatJutzeGuy> Hey there you guys
21:42 <CrashingCymbal> It Rhymes with Jim!
21:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey
21:42 <CrashingCymbal> That's your Crash fact for the day.
21:42 <ThatJutzeGuy> I just got into creepy pasta? Any suggestions?
21:42 <Jeffsson> im bored
21:42 <ThatJutzeGuy> I'm especially into gaming.
21:42 -!- Vegeta565 has joined Special:Chat
21:42 <CrashingCymbal> Jutze, check out the Suggested Reading.
21:43 <FriendlyJim> I'm just kidding, it's an awful name. Have you considered changing it?
21:43 <ThatJutzeGuy> Thank you
21:43 <FriendlyJim> Lol
21:43 -!- ThatJutzeGuy has left Special:Chat.
21:43 <Vegeta565> Hello
21:43 <CrashingCymbal> I personally recommend the [[NES Godzilla Creepypasta]]
21:43 <FriendlyJim> I'm usually put off by gaming pastas.
21:43 -!- Devils assistant 12 has joined Special:Chat
21:44 -!- Vegeta565 has left Special:Chat.
21:44 <FriendlyJim> Especially when it's 699999990000099 words long.
21:44 <Devils assistant 12> Sup
21:44 <FriendlyJim> That's not the exact number.
21:45 <FriendlyJim> But you get the picture.
21:45 <YouSleepyYet?> 6 and 9 are multiples of 3 Half life 3 confirmed
21:45 -!- Toto Sakigami has joined Special:Chat
21:45 <Dream Hacked> Sleepy
21:45 <FriendlyJim> Really?
21:45 <FriendlyJim> Damn
21:45 <Dream Hacked> /me bashes Sleepy
21:45 <YouSleepyYet?> Meheheh
21:45 <FriendlyJim> Half Life 2 is 75% off on Steam.
21:45 <CrashingCymbal> Meh
21:46 <FriendlyJim> Why meh?
21:46 <CrashingCymbal> That pasta wasn't brilliant (:P)
21:46 <CrashingCymbal> IMO
21:46 <FriendlyJim> What pasta?
21:46 <Toto Sakigami> You people are crazy
21:46 <CrashingCymbal> [[Grandma Says]]
21:46 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah we crazy
21:47 <Pramirez351> thanks toto we try :P
21:47 <CrashingCymbal> ^
21:47 -!- Coffee Shop Corporate Raider has left Special:Chat.
21:47 <CrashingCymbal> Yeh
21:47 <FriendlyJim> At least the grammar is good.
21:47 <Pramirez351> dude cymbal is super cray cray xD
21:47 <FriendlyJim> And spelling.
21:47 <FriendlyJim> That's not a minus,
21:47 <CrashingCymbal> Of course! Hahaha
21:47 <FriendlyJim> .*
21:47 <CrashingCymbal> i hv de bst gramur
21:47 <Temmington> lern hao 2 cspel 
21:48 <FriendlyJim> Seriosly, Tim goes nuts and does sooo much coke.
21:48 <Temmington> dumasss
21:48 -!- Skoobydew has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <FriendlyJim> Than he eats babies dipped in urine.
21:48 <Skoobydew> IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK
21:48 <FriendlyJim> That guy is crazy.
21:48 <Skoobydew> I have been banned for 6 months god damn I am back
21:48 <Skoobydew> *has party*
21:48 <FriendlyJim> Don't go near him, Tim has rabies.
21:49 <Skoobydew> Do you remember me guys?
21:49 <FriendlyJim> And dieabetus.
21:49 <Skoobydew> from December
21:49 <FriendlyJim> Why did they ban you?
21:49 <Temmington> No.
21:49 <Skoobydew> i honestly cant remember
21:49 <Temmington> Tag filter: 
21:49 <Temmington>     05:00, December 31, 2012 Sadofreedomist (talk | contribs) blocked Skoobydew (talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 6 months (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked, cannot edit own talk page) (Using/Creating Multiple Accounts/Ban Evasion/Sockpuppet Acc't) 
21:49 <Child Of Mantra> i forgot that i was on here
21:49 -!- Fullmoon67 has left Special:Chat.
21:49 <Skoobydew> but what was my original ban for
21:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sarah, there is an interesting administrative case I would like to gather opinions on.
21:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Would you like to give yours?
21:49 <Skoobydew> besides the sock
21:50 <Temmington> Sure.
21:50 <Child Of Mantra> Who was sadofreedomist again?
21:50 <FriendlyJim> Aron, that happens to the best of us.
21:50 <Temmington> Article Listing. 
21:50 <FriendlyJim> And the worst. *Looks at Tim*
21:50 <Skoobydew> Temmington, what was i banned for before the sock?
21:50 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
21:50 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry what
21:50 <Child Of Mantra> heeh
21:50 -!- Rowan Odom has joined Special:Chat
21:50 <CrashingCymbal> Is this Majin?
21:50 <CrashingCymbal> @Reading
21:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nope.
21:51 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, I'm crazy!
21:51 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Sadofreedomist is Obliteration, Mantra
21:51 <CrashingCymbal> Who is it, Reading?
21:51 <FriendlyJim> Cymb downs entire cans of gasoline.
21:51 <Skoobydew> Wellp
21:51 <Skoobydew> I'm here...
21:51 <CrashingCymbal> And then lights it.
21:51 <FriendlyJim> Than he eats lava.
21:51 <Skoobydew> ...damn
21:51 <CrashingCymbal> Oh my
21:51 <Skoobydew> what do I do now
21:51 <Skoobydew> ILL TROLL JK
21:51 <FriendlyJim> (fy)
21:52 <Child Of Mantra> Ah, i read Sarah's message wrong.
21:52 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <Skoobydew> who's sarah?
21:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> =_=
21:52 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Zalgo
21:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Who dares ping me?
21:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> hai Mantra ^_^
21:52 <FriendlyJim> Then he shits on the walls.
21:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Zalgo?
21:52 <Child Of Mantra> =_= < Kanye
21:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Ci
21:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Would you mind if I PM you?
21:52 <Skoobydew> lol Zalgo
21:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Go for it.
21:52 <FriendlyJim> And smeares it in.
21:52 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
21:52 <CrashingCymbal> Who is it Ready! Tell me! :D
21:52 <FriendlyJim> Cymb is one crazy betch.
21:52 -!- Skoobydew has left Special:Chat.
21:52 <CrashingCymbal> *welps*
21:53 <CrashingCymbal> Of course >:D
21:53 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
21:53 -!- XxxHerpxxX has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <Bug2buga> HAAY BITCHESS
21:53 -!- Freddy krueger has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <Freddy krueger> Hello 
21:53 <XxxHerpxxX> YO HOMIEZ
21:53 <Bug2buga> hi
21:53 <That guy who watches you sleep> Hello
21:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The one you had told me about, Cymbal
21:53 <Freddy krueger> The thing behind you
21:53 <XxxHerpxxX> I need some minecraft help
21:53 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <CrashingCymbal> Ohhh...
21:54 <CrashingCymbal> When you said  "Administrative case"
21:54 <XxxHerpxxX> PM me somebody who can help me with minecraft
21:54 <Freddy krueger> I think i'm good at hauntings pastas
21:54 <CrashingCymbal> I thought someone was being made an admin
21:54 <CrashingCymbal> My bad.
21:54 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, PM
21:54 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
21:54 <Temmington> Who would we even choose to be made admin?
21:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Nah, it is TOP SECRET administrative stuff
21:54 <Freddy krueger> Should i move to clowns ?
21:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ;)
21:54 <Child Of Mantra> Tup Secrit
21:54 <BRVR>
21:54 <Temmington> (Even though I'm a mod and I know what it is).
21:54 <Temmington> -cough-
21:54 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <XxxHerpxxX> *sees BRVR's picture* *stabs eyes out*
21:55 <Bug2buga>
21:55 <CrashingCymbal> Devincooper64 is being made an admin...
21:55 -!- Freddy krueger has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He3 is?
21:55 <Temmington> what no
21:55 <CrashingCymbal> Of course (:P)
21:55 <BRVR> What's so bad about it, herp?
21:55 <CrashingCymbal> Hahahahaha
21:55 -!- Toto Sakigami has left Special:Chat.
21:56 -!- YouSleepyYet? has left Special:Chat.
21:56 <Child Of Mantra> Is Devin gonna be made an admin?
21:56 <XxxHerpxxX> 'twas a joke, BRVR
21:56 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
21:56 -!- TheGreatMobo has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <CrashingCymbal> Yes Mantra
21:56 <CrashingCymbal> Yes he is.
21:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You a year or so, right?
21:56 <CrashingCymbal> No
21:56 -!- That guy who watches you sleep has left Special:Chat.
21:56 <CrashingCymbal> I mean RIGHT NOW
21:56 <Temmington> I don't see him as being an admin at all. 
21:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Woah, in what wiki will he be Admin?
21:57 -!- TheOneAndOnlyMonster has joined Special:Chat
21:57 <CrashingCymbal> The Devincooper64 wiki
21:57 <CrashingCymbal> Actually
21:57 <BRVR> Based off of... Except it is red, I fogot the colo.
21:57 <BRVR> *color
21:57 <Temmington> >making a wiki about yourself 
21:57 -!- TheGreatMobo has left Special:Chat.
21:57 <CrashingCymbal> Superplankofdeath made a wiki about himself.
21:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hmmmm...that seems familiar, BRVR
21:57 <CrashingCymbal> There are 4 pages on it.
21:57 <Temmington> WELL.
21:57 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> How does that even work?
21:57 <Temmington> NYEH.
21:57 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has joined Special:Chat
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Arlovksya
21:58 <CrashingCymbal> It tells the story of how he murdered Ceeb.
21:58 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> Who would read an autobiography wiki?
21:58 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Nat
21:58 <Natalia Arlovskya> i feel fantastic~~ hey hey hey~
21:58 <FriendlyJim> I just thought about something weird.
21:58 <Child Of Mantra> Why make wiikis about themselves?
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome Arlovskya!
21:58 <CrashingCymbal> I don't know.
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Tell us why you're so happy!
21:58 <Temmington> CHEASL NO.
21:58 <Temmington> NO NO NO.
21:58 <Temmington> FUCK.
21:58 <Natalia Arlovskya> LOL SARAH
21:58 <FriendlyJim> I could be a 50 year old man.
21:58 <Temmington> that video 
21:58 <Temmington> I WATCHED THE ENTIRE THING.
21:58 <BRVR> PS: Reading, it is from the binding of isaac.
21:58 <FriendlyJim> Just here for the lolz.
21:58 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
21:58 <CrashingCymbal> WB Arsonist
21:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah, that explains it!
21:58 <Natalia Arlovskya> you feel fantastic, hey hey hey
21:58 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> I could be a 70 year old talking dog with a proboscis used forsucking the innards out of unsuspecting youngsters.
21:59 <CrashingCymbal> I'm in the mood to eat lots of toast and watch family guy.
21:59 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
21:59 <CasualArsonist> )(i? T)(anks! Is that guy still h-ere?
21:59 <Temmington> im not even kidding you but i could have sworn i saw a guy watching through the window on that video 
21:59 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> you never know
21:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And again, Arsonist?
21:59 <CrashingCymbal> ^
21:59 <FriendlyJim> Actually, I've never cammed or Skyped with any one of you.
21:59 <CasualArsonist> Oh fine
21:59 <CasualArsonist> I was kinda hoping you weren't here
21:59 <CasualArsonist> :/
21:59 <Jeffsson> derp
21:59 <FriendlyJim> I could be a pervert for all you know.
21:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The other Moderators and Admins will enforce it, I'm sure of it.
21:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> At least most.
21:59 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> That's nice jim
21:59 <CrashingCymbal> So yeah, cut the crap.
22:00 <Temmington> are you talking about me
22:00 <Temmington> punk
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> bitch
22:00 <Child Of Mantra> funky punk
22:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> punky funk
22:00 <FriendlyJim> It's 12 AM now!
22:00 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> yay?
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> Funky monks
22:00 <CasualArsonist> I really don't see how you're enforcing much now XD but okey
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> 11 AM noa
22:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Thank you for stopping!
22:00 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> um 6 pm
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> ^
22:00 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:00 <CasualArsonist> Bah
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Maria
22:00 <FriendlyJim> Happy 10th of july all!
22:00 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> 9th for me:(
22:00 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
22:01 <Princess Platinum> Whoo jeffsson
22:01 <FriendlyJim> *parties*
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> Oh actually!
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> It's my one year anniversary today!
22:01 <Child Of Mantra> Hai Maria
22:01 <CasualArsonist> Yup still 9th for me son
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> :D
22:01 <Jeffsson> herp derp maria
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> Happy birthday to me
22:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria!
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> Lol
22:01 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> We're living in the PAST!
22:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome Cymbal!
22:01 <FriendlyJim> I don't even know when Sweden's national day thingy is.
22:01 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> or you're living in the future...
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> My account is one years old <3
22:01 <BRVR> Update.
22:01 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
22:01 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
22:01 <CrashingCymbal> And got it's first tooth
22:01 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> aww
22:01 <Child Of Mantra> I wish i didn't have to make a new account
22:02 <FriendlyJim> Tim, that's cute.
22:02 <CrashingCymbal> Ireland's is March 17th
22:02 <Child Of Mantra> BRVR what game is that?
22:02 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
22:02 <CasualArsonist> Did anyone remember?
22:02 <Child Of Mantra> I have been looking and looking everywhere
22:02 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
22:02 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> Remember what?
22:02 <Natalia Arlovskya> sarah no come back
22:02 <FriendlyJim> Mostly racists celebrate our day thingy.
22:02 <BRVR> I made it in The Powder Toy, it was a reference to a binding of isaac item based off of a combination that is dangerous.
22:02 <CasualArsonist> The fifth of november :3
22:03 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <Temmington> Test. 
22:03 <CrashingCymbal> icles
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> OMG 
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> I forgot
22:03 <FriendlyJim> Is there any Swede who knows the date?
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> we always do a bonfire 
22:03 <CasualArsonist> 'twas gun powder night
22:03 <CrashingCymbal> Jim, it's September 25th
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> yup
22:03 -!- DoctorWhooves1 has left Special:Chat.
22:03 <FriendlyJim> I'm too lazy to google it.
22:03 <BRVR> TBOI item.
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> wow jim
22:03 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> wow
22:03 <CasualArsonist> Toast time for dis here Alternian Royal
22:03 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
22:04 <FriendlyJim> No, it's in the Summer.
22:04 <CrashingCymbal> [[Torn Apart]] - I promise it's not shit.
22:04 <Child Of Mantra> BRVR Do you play The Binging Of Isaac
22:04 <FriendlyJim> June I think.
22:04 <BRVR> Sometimes, I didn't pay for it.
22:04 <FriendlyJim> I might as well google it.
22:04 <BRVR> June is the month I was born on.
22:04 <Child Of Mantra> I love it
22:04 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> Okay so has anyone read the fault in our stars?
22:04 <CrashingCymbal> I was born on October 31st
22:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Cym :3
22:04 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Josh!
22:04 <Child Of Mantra> My birthday is 17 of may, Norwegians national day
22:04 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> How are you?
22:04 <FriendlyJim> It was the sixth of june.
22:05 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> because 
22:05 <Child Of Mantra> 17th*
22:05 <CrashingCymbal> I am fantastic!
22:05 <Child Of Mantra> noshodafogop
22:05 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> the blinding of isaac = the fault in our stars
22:05 <CrashingCymbal> uwotm8
22:05 <Child Of Mantra> uwotm7+1
22:05 <FriendlyJim> Norway has a good reason to celebrate at least.
22:05 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> no one?
22:05 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> fine then
22:05 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, we have a royal penguin
22:05 <CrashingCymbal> u r 1 cheki cnt m7
22:05 <TheOneAndOnlyMonster> I am departing on the backs of my loving seahorses. farewell
22:05 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> wow Cym xD
22:06 <CrashingCymbal> 6.4/10 would bang.
22:06 <FriendlyJim> Tim, that gave me cancer.
22:06 <Child Of Mantra> not kidding
22:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: King penguin receives Norwegian knighthood - Duration: 01:02 - Uploaded: 2008-08-16 - Rating: 4.856209 - Views: 111,559 -
22:06 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
22:06 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
22:06 -!- TheOneAndOnlyMonster has left Special:Chat.
22:06 <FriendlyJim> Tim, your spelling has effectively given cancer to another human being.
22:07 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
22:07 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Wb Pram!
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello Ed!
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry
22:07 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Jim!
22:07 <Pramirez351> ythankyou (kawaii)
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Reading!
22:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Pram and Noah
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello world!
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Cymbal!
22:07 <Child Of Mantra> Hello Aron!
22:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading?
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello trees!
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> NO
22:07 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> READ
22:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh hey! :D
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zack!
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> YOU HAVE TO SAY TO SOMEONE ELSE
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello birds!
22:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> how are you?
22:07 <CrashingCymbal> And then they say hi to someone else :3
22:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello dead hooker on the carpet!
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bah
22:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zipped!
22:07 <Pramirez351> ummm
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> Don't break the chain! pls
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> Thnk u
22:08 <Pramirez351> dam i wish 414 was here
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> <3
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm good, Zack!
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> 414 is annoying me a lot lately
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> He has annoyed me as well.
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> I don't know what it is
22:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> good
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I thought he would...matured it a little after his month ban.
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> Before the ban, he was good
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> *have matured
22:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He got banned?
22:08 <Child Of Mantra> 414, annoying? 
22:08 <Pramirez351> hey bug, PM
22:08 <Child Of Mantra> You guys must be high
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> Afterwards, he just got... annoying
22:08 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD yeah reading :P
22:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Is that sarcasm, Mantra?
22:08 <CrashingCymbal> Worse, even.
22:09 <Child Of Mantra> no, it's 414
22:09 <CrashingCymbal> /me likes Mantra's sarcasm
22:09 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah!
22:09 <Pramirez351> nuh but he is...i think maybe more innocent type of sexuality. not really bad intentions in it
22:09 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
22:09 <Child Of Mantra> the clock is 10 over midnight and i'm watching this
22:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: WALRUS EXERCISES WITH TRAINER - Duration: 01:30 - Uploaded: 2010-10-08 - Rating: 4.925875 - Views: 466,888 -
22:09 <Pramirez351> Bug2buga bro, brah, braski, PM
22:10 <BRVR> I just ate some chicken.
22:10 <FriendlyJim> Tim, PM
22:10 <Mr.Zalgopasta>
22:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Paul Banks - "Arise, Awake" - Duration: 04:18 - Uploaded: 2012-10-15 - Rating: 4.969524 - Views: 68,636 -
22:10 <CrashingCymbal> MADONNA IS 55
22:10 <CrashingCymbal> HER BOYFRIEND IS 22
22:10 <CrashingCymbal> WHAT
22:10 <Child Of Mantra> WHO THE FUCK IS MADONNA?
22:10 <Pramirez351> i need someone to help me with a question but its...a bit innapropriate!
22:10 <FriendlyJim> Timothy?
22:11 <CrashingCymbal> Your mother!
22:11 -!- Devils assistant 12 has left Special:Chat.
22:11 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
22:11 -!- Bug2buga has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Madonna without makeup is fucking terrifying 
22:11 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss, Jim?
22:11 <Child Of Mantra> i can help
22:11 <FriendlyJim> PM
22:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ask me Pram
22:11 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, sorray
22:11 <Bug2buga> look at the cool kids yo
22:11 <Bug2buga> me and ednoah
22:11 <Bug2buga> bcuz hes dave
22:11 <Child Of Mantra> She looks like meth
22:11 <Child Of Mantra>
22:11 <Bug2buga> and im just cool
22:11 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
22:11 <Pramirez351> zack PM
22:11 <Child Of Mantra> pram ask me
22:12 <Child Of Mantra> because i am special
22:12 -!- Bug2buga has left Special:Chat.
22:12 <Pramirez351> ok mantra xD wait up
22:12 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
22:13 <Pramirez351> mantra PM
22:13 <FriendlyJim> Tim, PM
22:13 <CrashingCymbal> What's up with the new text at the top anyway?
22:13 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah
22:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> BAck to the old avatar, eh?
22:13 <Pramirez351> yey! cymbal's old pic is back!
22:14 <CrashingCymbal> Why not
22:14 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway, why this? haha
22:14 <Child Of Mantra> i missed it
22:14 <CrashingCymbal> I missed it too <3
22:14 <CrashingCymbal> You all flipped your shit
22:14 -!- CreepypastaGamer12345 has left Special:Chat.
22:14 <CrashingCymbal> "It's different, therefore we don't like it"
22:15 <CrashingCymbal> BIGOTRY I SAY.
22:15 <CrashingCymbal> I ate too many Jelly Babies
22:15 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <Child Of Mantra> Crash
22:15 <Child Of Mantra> You know not to eat too many babies
22:15 <Pramirez351> reading and cymbal (and anyone else) go and tell me your opinion please xD
22:15 <Child Of Mantra> We talked about that
22:16 <CrashingCymbal> I cannot contain myself :(
22:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym!
22:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yay!
22:16 <CrashingCymbal> I thought we were keeping the nominatoins
22:16 <CrashingCymbal> Just using the old voting methods
22:16 <Pramirez351> nop (thank God!)
22:16 <CrashingCymbal> Oh okay!
22:16 <Pramirez351> we using the old then yeah
22:16 <Pramirez351> we are using apps cymbal. period xD
22:16 -!- CasualArsonist has joined Special:Chat
22:17 <Princess Platinum> we are doing apps until i finish making a poll
22:17 <CasualArsonist> Hi!
22:17 <CrashingCymbal> I think this thread is more important...
22:17 <CrashingCymbal>
22:17 <CasualArsonist> What are we talking about?
22:17 <Pramirez351> nou cymbal
22:17 <Pramirez351> also what do you mean ben?
22:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome back Arsonist
22:18 <FriendlyJim> We were talking about eating babies.
22:18 <FriendlyJim> Tim ate too many.
22:18 <Pramirez351> dont screw me over like last time (QQ) i put a lot of work onto either application 
22:18 <CasualArsonist> That's swell
22:19 <CasualArsonist> I was supposed to write something for some blokes earlier
22:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Reading, do you know how to make Categories?
22:19 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
22:19 <CasualArsonist> But I was asleep.
22:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Categories:WHATEVER
22:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then Create, Zack
22:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I think.
22:19 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, have you seen the Fable Annivesary
22:19 <FriendlyJim> ?
22:19 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The Categories thing goes in the URL, by the way
22:19 <FriendlyJim> *anniversary
22:20 <CrashingCymbal> I have not.
22:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Also Maria?
22:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Got time for a PM?
22:20 <Princess Platinum> yes
22:20 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm confused when trying to make them xD
22:20 <FriendlyJim>
22:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Fable Anniversary - E3 2013 Stage Demo - Duration: 10:18 - Uploaded: 2013-06-13 - Rating: 4.799087 - Views: 70,357 -
22:20 <Child Of Mantra> Nick is PMing every admin
22:20 <CasualArsonist> Why would nick do that?
22:20 <Child Of Mantra> Because he might be god
22:20 <CasualArsonist> Lol sorry no
22:20 <CasualArsonist> XD
22:21 <FriendlyJim> Becaise he doesn't like us normal folks.
22:21 <Child Of Mantra> Lol sorry ye
22:21 <FriendlyJim> *Because
22:21 <CasualArsonist> Anyone listen to genesis here?
22:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Aw, Jim, I like all of you!
22:21 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Specially Mantra, bby
22:21 <CrashingCymbal> Is it strictly Support or Oppose, or can you do Neutral as well?
22:21 <FriendlyJim> Really? (kawaii)
22:21 <FriendlyJim> (h)
22:21 <CasualArsonist> (h)
22:22 <CasualArsonist> Lol cool
22:22 <FriendlyJim> What is this poll about?
22:22 <CrashingCymbal> Pram's chat mod application
22:22 <Child Of Mantra> Genesis is awesome
22:22 <CasualArsonist> Favorite album?
22:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> both Pram and Adhiem have one
22:22 <FriendlyJim> I would support if I wasn't normal folk.
22:22 <Child Of Mantra> Haven't really gotten into them, but what i have heard is good
22:22 <Child Of Mantra> I sometimes listen to it at work
22:22 <Pramirez351> what about it cymbal?
22:23 <FriendlyJim> Normal folks get no votes.
22:23 <CasualArsonist> I like Selling England by the pound or Nursery Cryme best
22:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> brb
22:23 <Pramirez351> no cymbal, xD you can be neutral :P
22:23 <CrashingCymbal> Are the apps strictly S or O or can you do  as well?
22:23 <Child Of Mantra> I should buy Selling England soon
22:23 <CrashingCymbal> Ah okay
22:23 <Pramirez351> again you can be neutral cymbal xD i appreciate any type of opinion
22:23 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, do S.
22:23 <CasualArsonist> BRB lads
22:23 -!- CasualArsonist has left Special:Chat.
22:23 <Child Of Mantra> I like Yes, Rush, King Crimson, Opeth and such prog artists
22:23 <FriendlyJim> I'll hug you.
22:24 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
22:24 -!- T0xicpanda has joined Special:Chat
22:24 <FriendlyJim> Hello people.
22:24 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD nice jim :P
22:24 -!- T0xicpanda has left Special:Chat.
22:25 <Pramirez351> ah cymbal, you use {{}} to put the neutral or other votes man xD
22:25 <Princess Platinum> I added my GNU template counter to your applications
22:25 <CrashingCymbal> I spelled Neutral
22:25 <CrashingCymbal> Wrong
22:25 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit
22:25 <Mr.Zalgopasta> boo
22:25 <Pramirez351> no but you need to use {{}} instead of []
22:25 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Child Of Mantra> John is confused
22:26 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
22:26 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, i don't know where they are either so just copy them
22:26 <Pramirez351> also ben, that really freken screws over apps, specially because some people dont know about the {{}} thing but whateer
22:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hoopla
22:26 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <Pramirez351> also good job cymbal xD
22:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Lee, Deathgirl
22:26 <Princess Platinum> I go through and correct it pram
22:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi read
22:26 <Princess Platinum> and it no longer counts quoted votes
22:26 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Awesome!
22:27 <Pramirez351> thank you ben xD
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi maria
22:27 <Child Of Mantra> awesome
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi pram
22:27 <Pramirez351> hai lee :P
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi mantra
22:27 <Child Of Mantra> No
22:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
22:27 <Pramirez351> wb zack
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
22:27 <Child Of Mantra> No
22:27 <Princess Platinum> but it doesnt count neutral because those dont really matter
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Accept my hi
22:27 <Child Of Mantra> NO
22:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And my love
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> EMBRACE IT
22:28 <Child Of Mantra> Don't tell me what to do
22:28 <Child Of Mantra> #Anarchist
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> U Bich
22:28 -!- Devin Dassier has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> #Anarchism
22:28 -!- Bobbie413 has joined Special:Chat
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Devin
22:28 <Bobbie413> hi
22:28 <Bobbie413> im back
22:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hi Bobbie
22:28 <Child Of Mantra> Hi
22:29 <Bobbie413> im back
22:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> WB
22:29 <Pramirez351> welp brb
22:29 <Child Of Mantra> sarah, i can't find your dumblr
22:29 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:29 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <Bobbie413> tumblr <3
22:30 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I really got into Dangan Ronpa! Now I see why so many people like it.
22:30 <Bobbie413> i was banned for no reson
22:30 <FriendlyJim> Why do people always associate Anarchism with chaos?
22:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You were banned for drama
22:30 <FriendlyJim> Just a thought.
22:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jim ikr?
22:30 <Bobbie413> what drama
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We don't want chaos
22:31 <CrashingCymbal> For constantly claiming that everyone here hates you
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bobbie^
22:31 <Devin Dassier> I hate it when people make creepypastas with terms like"Hyper realistic."
22:31 <Bobbie413> well everyone bannds me 
22:31 <FriendlyJim> Anarchism is simply the lack of central, totalitarian government.
22:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Crashing your avatar it has changed back
22:31 <CrashingCymbal> I apologised for that already and I want to get to chat with with you!
22:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Okay, let's make it clear: Nobody here hates you.
22:32 <Child Of Mantra> I'm gonna make my own pony because why the fuck not?
22:32 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, yes it is, Lee
22:32 <Princess Platinum> actually
22:32 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hahaha, do it Mantra!
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yea
22:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Nobody hates who?
22:32 <Princess Platinum> Have a pony
22:32 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
22:32 <Princess Platinum> here name is maria (qq)
22:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> @Jim Exactly
22:32 <Bobbie413> alot of people hate me
22:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey farted
22:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I don;t bobbie
22:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> You haven't done anything to be hated for
22:33 <Ifarted666> Hello.
22:33 <Ifarted666> Brb eating these red beans and rice my dad got the other day
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I luv u Bobbeh
22:33 <Bobbie413> mabey not you but some people 
22:33 <Pramirez351> back :D
22:33 <Bobbie413> i luv yuh too
22:33 -!- Devin Dassier has left Special:Chat.
22:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It might seem that way but I doubt they do
22:33 <CrashingCymbal> Bobby, you're really not helping yourself by saying all that
22:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Pram
22:33 <FriendlyJim> Bobbie, I don't think anyone here hates you.
22:33 <CrashingCymbal> ^
22:33 <Pramirez351> ythankyou Lee (kawaii)
22:33 <Princess Platinum> -cough-
22:33 <CrashingCymbal> Nobody does
22:33 -!- Firestorm The Alpha Female has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <FriendlyJim> I just hate drama.
22:33 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Firestorm
22:34 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Final
22:34 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> hayo :3
22:34 <Finalclaw> Hey
22:34 <FriendlyJim> Well, drama that is uncalled for.
22:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Trust me Bobbie, you're well liked her
22:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Maria can I go to your giggle basement
22:34 -!- NightsCrystal has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> here*
22:34 <Princess Platinum> no
22:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Kawaii)
22:34 <Princess Platinum> tomorrow it is temms giggle basement 
22:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Alpha, Final and Crystal
22:34 <Bobbie413> why dose everyone banned me for no resone
22:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Aww... (okay)
22:34 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
22:34 <FriendlyJim> I have only watched Dragon Ball Z once.
22:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jim I'm going through it again
22:35 -!- NightsCrystal has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Let's forget it ever happened, Bobbie, please.
22:35 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This can't end good.
22:35 <Princess Platinum> Because you won't shut the hell up about how everyone hates you.
22:35 <Princess Platinum> end.
22:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> bobbie, t's in the past. Everyone here will get along with you, let the past be the past
22:35 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> ._. Should I watch faces of death .-.
22:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My dbz collection Jim. Let me show you it
22:35 <FriendlyJim> Bobbie, here, have a cookie (cookie).
22:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> *hugs Bobbie*
22:36 <FriendlyJim> It had raisins in it!
22:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :v haz a (burger)
22:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Lucky!
22:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm hungry
22:36 <CrashingCymbal> With some jalapeneos (jim)
22:36 <Pramirez351> so um what we talkin about?
22:37 <FriendlyJim> I actually enjoy raisin cookies more than chocolate chip ones. (:/)
22:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jalapeneos!
22:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
22:37 <Child Of Mantra> i just finished up my ponii
22:37 <CrashingCymbal> Awh crap I forgot we got rid of normal emotes
22:37 <FriendlyJim> I love raisins.
22:37 <Bobbie413> well im  know as the little goth teen of 2013 and im bullyed and no one at school likes me so why here @princess platmum 
22:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym, they're not hot... try Fire chillis :P
22:37 <FriendlyJim> Well, it will always be gone.
22:37 <Bobbie413> thanks for the cookie @jim
22:37 -!- Darkstride has joined Special:Chat
22:37 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Dark.
22:37 <FriendlyJim> You're welcome. (:D)
22:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Dark! :D
22:37 <Princess Platinum> >My current fuck count: 0
22:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Darkstride
22:37 <FriendlyJim> I miss the chili emote.
22:38 <Child Of Mantra> is the pony me
22:38 <Darkstride> Hi Why. How are you?
22:38 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
22:38 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Child Of Mantra> It looks just like me
22:38 <Darkstride> ZACK!
22:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Goth is not as hard core as it used to be<
22:38 <FriendlyJim> It will never return.
22:38 <Darkstride> Hai.
22:38 <Bobbie413> -hugs back- @zack
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm great, Darkstride!
22:38 <Child Of Mantra> except i'm not a ponii
22:38 <Pramirez351> im glad da (stig) is back xD i missed him :P
22:38 -!- WalkingDitto has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Darkstride> Awesomeness, Why.
22:38 <Ifarted666> Goth is like emo, but manly and not whiny bullshit
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, that is almost amusing, Mantra!
22:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Ditto
22:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Ryan
22:38 <Child Of Mantra> I missed him too
22:38 <WalkingDitto> Yoo
22:38 <Child Of Mantra> Ryan look
22:38 <Pramirez351> also hai darkstride xD and ditto :P
22:39 <FriendlyJim> At least a lot of goths listen to metal.
22:39 <Darkstride> PRAM
22:39 <Darkstride> Hai.
22:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Evra is not remembered by me. For I'm but a noob
22:39 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
22:39 <FriendlyJim> Not that core shit.
22:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
22:39 <Bobbie413> @princess p   THANK YOu
22:39 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD what you up to darkstride? xD
22:39 <Child Of Mantra> It's 00:38 and i'm making a ponified version of me, i don't even fancy the show i'm jsut bored
22:39 <Darkstride> I'm paying attention to the George Zimmerman thing
22:39 <Darkstride> etc
22:39 <Child Of Mantra> A lot of Goth's that i know of love Melodeath
22:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Stride I am also
22:40 <Pramirez351> george zimmerman...why does he sound familiar?
22:40 <Darkstride> What side are you on, Neve.
22:40 <Child Of Mantra> Zimmerman?
22:40 <Bobbie413> @lee why do yuh luv meh
22:40 <FriendlyJim> I know a lot of goths who listen to gothic metal, go figure.
22:40 <Child Of Mantra> Sounds familiar
22:40 <Ifarted666> I'm half Mexican and half black. This is sorta a win/win for me
22:40 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
22:40 <Princess Platinum> if a song, band, or genre has the word death in its title I dont like it
22:40 <Darkstride> Pram: He's the guy who shot Trayvon Martin last year.
22:40 <Mr.Zalgopasta> He shot Treyvon Martin
22:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Zy!
22:40 <Pramirez351> hai zyranne :D
22:40 <Mr.Zalgopasta> fuck. ninja'd
22:40 <Darkstride> lololol
22:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zyr!
22:40 <Ifarted666> But I'm personally rooting for Zimmerman. 
22:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I don't think it's ok to make it a race issue
22:40 <Zyranne> Hello Zack and Pram
22:40 <Zyranne> and Reading xD
22:40 <Bobbie413> Lee
22:40 <Pramirez351> also i dont know whom Traybon Martin is...not that i remember xD
22:40 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes?
22:41 <Pramirez351> im better with faces darkstride xD
22:41 <Darkstride> (loool)
22:41 <Bobbie413> why do yuh luv meh
22:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wat is it Bob
22:41 <Pramirez351> OH actually, i do remember the last name
22:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> O
22:41 <Zyranne> Hai Bob
22:41 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:41 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <Zyranne> are you new?
22:41 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuz ur bob
22:41 <Pramirez351> the Zimmerman's notes.
22:41 <Bobbie413> thx
22:41 <FriendlyJim> No, he's been banned.
22:41 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> (loool)
22:42 <Zyranne> oh, my apologizes
22:42 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> :D I gots it! >3<
22:42 -!- Jeffsson has left Special:Chat.
22:42 -!- Bobbie413 has left Special:Chat.
22:42 <Pramirez351> so how you doin zyranne?
22:42 <Zyranne> Not bad thanks, better than earlier anyway
22:42 <Zyranne> and you?
22:42 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD thats...better to hear xD im doin alright. any dubstep songs you would recommend?
22:43 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <Zyranne> Yes! many
22:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'm on treyvons side
22:43 <FriendlyJim> Wubstep
22:43 <Child Of Mantra> Masked Hero is Vile?
22:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
22:43 <Ednoahjones> Kaka karrotkake!
22:43 <Ednoahjones> you lied!
22:43 <Zyranne> anything by Seven Lions or Mt Eden xD
22:43 <Child Of Mantra> How come no one told me this?!
22:43 <Ednoahjones> you are not true super pooper scooper
22:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I lied?
22:43 <Ednoahjones> i am real super sand
22:43 <Ifarted666> you am no real super sand
22:43 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am real super sand lesbian
22:43 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> guys... ;-;
22:44 <FriendlyJim> Lee, do you like rap?
22:44 <Zyranne> Yes Firestorm?
22:44 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:44 -!- Princess Platinum has joined Special:Chat
22:44 <FriendlyJim> Wait, that sounded racist.
22:44 <Zyranne> ^
22:44 <Ednoahjones> when i'm through with you you'll have to pee sitting down kaka krabby patty
22:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Some Jim
22:44 <Ednoahjones> like a GIRL
22:44 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> ;-; I'm watching faces of may dead people XS
22:44 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:44 <Pramirez351> zyrrane PM :P
22:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
22:45 <Rylee the Pegasis> Hai
22:45 <Pramirez351> wb ryleee
22:45 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> It's just a bunch of clips of people dying...for 2 hours .-.
22:45 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
22:45 <CrashingCymbal> Zyri, would you like to read my new pasta?
22:45 <FriendlyJim> I am never again going to ask a minority if they like rap. That's offensive.
22:46 <FriendlyJim> I don't mean to offend.
22:46 <Child Of Mantra> I'm going to bed
22:46 <Ifarted666> I'm black and that's not offensive to me.
22:46 <Ifarted666> I listen to some rap.
22:46 <Firestorm The Alpha Female> o-o -throws up-
22:46 <Child Of Mantra> Jim, they are just dim dims that get offended easily, rap is just rap
22:46 <FriendlyJim> I guess so.
22:46 <Darkstride> I listen to all types of music except Gothic, Death Metal, and Pop.
22:46 <Child Of Mantra> goodnight
22:47 <FriendlyJim> G'night
22:47 <Child Of Mantra> dethpop
22:47 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
22:47 <Ifarted666> I can't stand Pop music. 
22:47 <Darkstride> ^
22:47 <FriendlyJim> ^^
22:47 <CrashingCymbal> ^^^
22:47 <Ifarted666> Metalstep
22:47 <Ifarted666> Dubcore
22:47 <CrashingCymbal> G'night Jim
22:47 <FriendlyJim> I'm not going to sleep.
22:47 <CrashingCymbal> Reggae Metal
22:47 <CrashingCymbal> Actually
22:47 <FriendlyJim> Aron is.
22:47 <Ifarted666> MetalDeathstep
22:47 <CrashingCymbal> That might exist
22:47 -!- Temmington has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <Ifarted666> Jazz metal
22:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I like a wide variety of music genres!
22:48 <FriendlyJim> There is no such thing as reggae metal.
22:48 <Ifarted666> Wow, jazz metal is a real genre. Go figure.
22:48 <CrashingCymbal> I mostly like Garage Rock and Indie Rock
22:48 <Darkstride> Oh, and I don't like Jazz.
22:48 <Darkstride> (derp)
22:48 <CrashingCymbal> And funky and groovy music
22:49 <FriendlyJim> Jazz Metal is not a real genre.
22:49 <Darkstride> I like 70s music. :3
22:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> << or y'know your kid's possessed.
22:49 <CrashingCymbal> I'm a 90's guy
22:49 <FriendlyJim> It's what some people call Prog I think.
22:49 <Rylee the Pegasis> I like 80s
22:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Oh, hey. We're talking about music??? :D
22:49 <FriendlyJim> Yus
22:49 -!- XxxHerpxxX has left Special:Chat.
22:49 <FriendlyJim> !seen DemPugs
22:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> :D
22:49 <CrashingCymbal> Intriuge us on your interests, Zalgo bby.
22:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> YAY
22:49 <Mr.Zalgopasta> hm?
22:49 <FriendlyJim> Tim, why doesn't that work?
22:50 <FriendlyJim> !seen DemPugs
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> Cleric removed it
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> People abusing it
22:50 <FriendlyJim> -_-
22:50 <Mr.Zalgopasta> abusing what?
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> The !seen command
22:50 <Mr.Zalgopasta> oh the emotes?
22:50 <Ifarted666> I can dream, Jim. ;_;
22:50 <Mr.Zalgopasta> nevermind
22:50 <Mr.Zalgopasta> got it.
22:50 <FriendlyJim> I want to know when Pugs was last on.
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> Yup
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't seen him for a while
22:50 <FriendlyJim> Now tell me Jesse, you fat fuck.
22:50 -!- Jeffsson has joined Special:Chat
22:50 <CrashingCymbal> But yeah, I don't think he returned much after his ban.
22:50 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
22:50 <Ifarted666> You big buttery bitch.
22:51 <FriendlyJim> Jesse, you prosie.
22:51 <CrashingCymbal> Brb
22:51 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Awww Sarah left, I just noticed
22:52 <FriendlyJim> I think that soda ruined my Del key.
22:52 <FriendlyJim> I am clumsy.
22:52 <Darkstride> Mr Zalgo
22:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Ci
22:52 <Darkstride> “I want to peel all your skin off.” (srslywtf)
22:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> SERIOUSLY THOUGH!
22:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I find the advice fucking hilarious!
22:52 <FriendlyJim> Why is Teensie on so rarely?
22:52 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Yeah, you could say that... or get an exorcist.
22:53 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Anja!
22:53 <FriendlyJim> And why does people think that metalcore is metal? It's obviously core.
22:53 <FriendlyJim> Do*
22:53 <FriendlyJim> Or is it does?
22:53 <FriendlyJim> Hmm
22:54 <Ifarted666> Why do people think Deathcore is good? You get shit like this
22:54 <Ifarted666>
22:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Design The Skyline - "Surrounded by Silence" Victory Records (HQ) - Duration: 04:17 - Uploaded: 2011-03-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1,589,813 -
22:54 -!- Firestorm The Alpha Female has left Special:Chat.
22:54 <CrashingCymbal> My bedroom is surprisingly nicely cold.7
22:54 <FriendlyJim> All core is shit in my opinion.
22:54 <Anna Monroe> hey guys
22:54 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
22:54 <FriendlyJim> This is my grading though.
22:54 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Anja and Final.
22:55 <Pramirez351> cymbal you lucky xD
22:55 <Anna Monroe> Can I come to your bedroom Cym? my house is over 90 some degrees
22:55 <CrashingCymbal> Holy fuck.
22:55 <FriendlyJim> Fuck it.
22:55 -!- WalkingDitto has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <Ednoahjones> my house is under 73 degrees,
22:55 <Finalclaw> Holy god, people are ranking up here pretty fast
22:55 <Ednoahjones> its too fucking cold
22:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <CrashingCymbal> It was 29 degrees in Ireland today
22:55 <Finalclaw> lol, tats nothing
22:55 <Finalclaw> My winter is below 30
22:55 <CrashingCymbal> That's hot for Ireland
22:55 <Mr.Zalgopasta>
22:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: I Am Your Grandma - Duration: 01:03 - Uploaded: 2011-05-09 - Rating: 4.713223 - Views: 2,356,148 -
22:55 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Thanks, Reddit
22:56 <CrashingCymbal> Very very hot for Ireland
22:56 <Jeffsson> shh
22:56 <FriendlyJim> Cymb, they're using Farenheit you silly goose.
22:56 <Finalclaw> Hey zalgo
22:56 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Whats good.
22:56 <CrashingCymbal> 29 Degrees celcius
22:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <Finalclaw> Low, my winter is under 5 celsius
22:56 <Finalclaw> if Im lucky its around 10
22:56 <FriendlyJim> Why do people celebrate St Patrick? He was an asshole.
22:56 <Finalclaw> and summer skyrockets to 35, if Im unlucky 40s
22:57 <CrashingCymbal> Ireland's summer is around 17/18 celcius and our winter is 7/8 celcius
22:57 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <Ifarted666> St. Patrick couldn't see his forehead.
22:57 <CrashingCymbal> He brought Christianity to Ireland.
22:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Shrub
22:57 <Shrubskill Nurse> Hello.
22:57 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
22:57 <Anna Monroe> /me licks Read
22:57 -!- Irishninja0 has joined Special:Chat
22:58 <Shrubskill Nurse> For your information I'm fond of St. Patrick's day because my fiance is named Patrick...
22:58 -!- ScentOfLemons has joined Special:Chat
22:58 <Finalclaw> ey, was creepypastabook here
22:58 -!- Finalclaw has left Special:Chat.
22:58 <ScentOfLemons> Okay guys, I need some help. I just published my creepypasta and it won't let me upload an image to it.
22:58 <Pramirez351> "Why did the butt cross the road? Because it had a plug in it.” what the heck are you reading Mr.Zalgopasta?
22:58 -!- Finalclaw has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Darkstride> Pram I saw that too
22:59 <Darkstride> I died laughing
22:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Anja!
22:59 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD thank you darkstride xD
22:59 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Thank Vsauce ^_^
22:59 <Anna Monroe> Hey Read *waves*
22:59 <BRVR> I had an Ihop breakfast idea and someone stole it.
22:59 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
22:59 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Shrubskill Nurse> dick butt dick butt dick butt
22:59 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <Finalclaw> Lol, you guys want to see our unfinished collab pasta?
22:59 -!- Cbot72 has joined Special:Chat
22:59 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <Cbot72> hi!
23:00 <Princess Platinum> here is my OC
23:00 <Ednoahjones> i am real super sand
23:00 <Ednoahjones> true super pooper scooper
23:00 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
23:00 <FriendlyJim> Exactly Tim, that's a bad man right there.
23:00 <Ifarted666> Reminds me of those Sonic recolorings where people say they're OC.
23:00 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:00 <Ednoahjones> and watch my adventures with gogo and kristen stewert, as we fight vege and frisbee
23:01 <Ednoahjones> on saturdays
23:01 <Ednoahjones> after uno piss
23:01 <Shrubskill Nurse> VIRGINIA
23:01 <Finalclaw> Hey uys, you guys want to see our unfinished pasta that me and some buddy of mine did(question mark)
23:01 <FriendlyJim> Ruining 
23:01 <FriendlyJim> Fuck
23:01 <Finalclaw> *buddies
23:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> brb people
23:01 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <Cbot72> 1122234444445555566666677889999900000---===/*-
23:02 -!- Cbot72 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
23:02 -!- Cbot72 has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <FriendlyJim> I maay have to leave soon.
23:02 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <FriendlyJim> *may
23:02 <Finalclaw> DAMN.....
23:02 <ScentOfLemons>
23:02 <Pramirez351> hey darkstride, did you see "diieee!" ?
23:02 <FriendlyJim> It's 01:02 and my father is being unreasonable.
23:02 <Finalclaw> here it is if you want to read
23:02 <Darkstride> YES
23:02 <Darkstride> (loool)
23:02 <FriendlyJim> Tim, are you still an iceberg?
23:02 <Anna Monroe> someone want to be my cuddle buddy? 
23:02 <Pramirez351> exactamundo darkstride xD
23:02 <Finalclaw>
23:03 <Finalclaw> its not an official wiki pasta since its unfinished
23:03 <Pramirez351> i dont know...maybe anna :P maybe i can be your cuddle buddy xD
23:03 <Darkstride> You have a few grammar errors, Final
23:03 <Finalclaw> in the chat or in the story
23:03 <FriendlyJim> Quite a lot in fact.
23:03 <Princess Platinum> Anna X Weaver OTP
23:03 <Darkstride> "Already" in the second line, and "Crimson" in the 3rd line
23:04 <Darkstride> And a couple of others
23:04 <Pramirez351> oh oh, ben i want Jesse x Pram :3
23:04 <Finalclaw> oh, its the unfinished form
23:04 <Finalclaw> unrevised
23:04 <CrashingCymbal> I think so.
23:04 <Finalclaw> barely halfway finished
23:04 <Princess Platinum> No it is Jesse X Nicki OTP
23:04 <Anna Monroe> NO! NO MORE WEAVER!
23:04 <FriendlyJim> Iceberg Timothy.
23:04 <Anna Monroe> sorry, but no...
23:04 -!- TrueWarrior18 has joined Special:Chat
23:04 <Anna Monroe> no more...
23:04 <FriendlyJim> I wished Aron would have become a mod.
23:05 <FriendlyJim> He lives in my timezone.
23:05 -!- JasonHellraiser12 has joined Special:Chat
23:05 -!- MatthewDoomer has joined Special:Chat
23:05 <Darkstride> What TZ do you live in?
23:05 <FriendlyJim> He's often on when no mods are.
23:05 <MatthewDoomer> I'm matthewdoomer
23:05 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
23:05 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Matthew
23:05 <CrashingCymbal> And hello Jason
23:05 <FriendlyJim> Tim, what did you decide about Pram?
23:06 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
23:06 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
23:06 <Pramirez351> nou reading
23:06 <Pramirez351> oh ok xD
23:06 <Pramirez351> wb reading
23:06 <Finalclaw> Do you guys like the unfinished copy?
23:06 <Anna Monroe> Ready...
23:06 <Pramirez351> i thought you had left us (TT)
23:06 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
23:06 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
23:07 -!- TrueWarrior18 has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <Pramirez351> wb zyranne xD
23:07 -!- Princess Platinum has left Special:Chat.
23:07 <ScentOfLemons> Guys, it's not letting me add a picture to my pasta
23:07 <Pramirez351> also hai moose :D
23:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello, I'm here to talk about the holy son and father.
23:07 <Ifarted666> You mean Odin and Thor?
23:07 <FriendlyJim> Tor and Oden.
23:07 <MooseJuice> I think the picture function is on lockdown, Lemons.
23:07 <FriendlyJim> Ninja'd
23:08 <Ifarted666> *Viking'd
23:08 <FriendlyJim> O:
23:08 <FriendlyJim> Tor and Oden is Swedish by the way.
23:09 <FriendlyJim> Jag kan prata Svenska.
23:09 <Finalclaw> MOOSE
23:09 <Finalclaw> Hey...
23:09 <FriendlyJim> Tim, do you want to learn some Swedish?
23:09 -!- ScentOfLemons has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <Mr.Zalgopasta> Everyone get the tinfoil!!!!
23:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: They Live Reptilian Shapeshifters CNN News Reporters Caught in the Realm of Deception - Duration: 16:16 - Uploaded: 2012-12-29 - Rating: 3.247117 - Views: 176,160 -
23:10 <Pramirez351> hey ifarted, could you pretty please edit your support? like put the word support in between {{}} those
23:10 <FriendlyJim> What support?
23:10 <FriendlyJim> What are we supporting?
23:10 <Ifarted666> So that's how you do it.
23:10 <Ifarted666> Alright.
23:10 <Mr.Zalgopasta> I'm peacin' out for not
23:10 <Mr.Zalgopasta> now*
23:11 <FriendlyJim> {{Oppose}}
23:11 -!- Mr.Zalgopasta has left Special:Chat.
23:11 <Pramirez351> nou jim (TT)
23:11 <Pramirez351> nuh jk xD
23:11 <Pramirez351> nuh we talkin about my app jim
23:11 <FriendlyJim> I mean, what are we supporting?
23:11 <FriendlyJim> Ah
23:11 <FriendlyJim> Where?
23:11 <Pramirez351> well ifarted is
23:11 -!- Solana71321 has joined Special:Chat
23:11 <Pramirez351>
23:12 <Solana71321> um...hello....
23:12 <Pramirez351> hello solana
23:12 <Pramirez351> you new?
23:12 <Ifarted666> Done.
23:12 <Pramirez351> THANK you ifarted :3
23:12 <Solana71321> um yes 
23:12 <FriendlyJim> Well, I replied.
23:12 <Pramirez351> well, welcome to our humble wiki solana :D
23:12 <Pramirez351> (it feels good to say that again xD)
23:13 <FriendlyJim> Pram, watch my reply.
23:13 <Solana71321> thnk u lol
23:13 <FriendlyJim> It's fun.
23:13 <Pramirez351> ok jim
23:13 <Finalclaw> a chat with cool stuff, but ussually bullcrap XD
23:13 <Pramirez351> so what is your favorite pasta solana?
23:13 <Ifarted666> What nice reason, Friendly.
23:13 <Solana71321> ....thats a hard idk i like all of them
23:13 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD exactamundo
23:14 <Finalclaw> pramirez
23:14 <Pramirez351> (thank you for not asking if i was refering to the food xD)
23:14 <Finalclaw> did you get nominated?
23:14 <Pramirez351> yes finalclaw?
23:14 <Anna Monroe> /me kisses Pram's cheek cause I can
23:14 <FriendlyJim> I'm always friendly.
23:14 <Pramirez351> you dont need to get nominated finalclaw
23:14 <Finalclaw> ._.
23:14 <FriendlyJim> Brb
23:14 <Pramirez351> also thanks jim :D
23:14 <FriendlyJim> Don't mention it.
23:14 -!- Mythbuster626 has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <Finalclaw> TEMMI, ugh
23:14 <FriendlyJim> (:P)
23:14 <Mythbuster626> hi
23:15 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
23:15 <Finalclaw> well, my turn to try to become a chat mod
23:15 <Pramirez351> also thank you anna xD
23:15 <Solana71321> hi
23:15 <Finalclaw> been here a year arealdy
23:15 <Pramirez351> and solana, what type of music do you listen to?
23:15 <Pramirez351> also i havent seen you on too much finalclaw
23:15 <Pramirez351> unless you had a different acount that you changed from
23:15 <Finalclaw> lol, I went off for like 5 months
23:15 <Solana71321> o well mostly everythin i guess hbu?
23:15 -!- TrueWarrior18 has joined Special:Chat
23:15 <Darkstride> I like how this guy on Youtube thinks that everybody is going to agree with him if he puts the words "Deal with it" after everything he says. (facepalm)
23:15 <Finalclaw> being extremely active again
23:16 <Pramirez351> hahaha i love dubstep solana, you listen to any?
23:16 <Pramirez351> hahaha nice darkstride xD
23:16 <Solana71321> yup 
23:16 <Solana71321> how old r u
23:16 <MooseJuice> Guys, I just saw this on a Game Grumps video (WARNING big post) :
23:16 <Pramirez351> also finalclaw, yeah being off, might not help but you know, whatever
23:16 <Pramirez351> oki moose xD
23:16 <MooseJuice> Wait
23:16 <Ifarted666> Man, Omara looks just like Bill Nye.
23:16 <Ifarted666>
23:16 -!- Sexyturtles has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <MooseJuice> "These are my demands, Arin:"
23:16 <Pramirez351> solana, how old are YOU? (ill tell you if you tell me)
23:17 <Solana71321> im 17 
23:17 <MooseJuice> "- Bring back Jon
23:17 <MooseJuice> - Change "I'm not so grump" to "I'm somewhat grump"
23:17 <MooseJuice> - Fire Danny and Ross"
23:17 <MooseJuice> "If you do not meet these conditions by midnight tonight, then me and the thousands of supporters that I have will unsubscribe. You think that I'm fucking joking, but I'm not."
23:17 <Pramirez351> wow xD im 17 as well solana :P
23:17 <Sexyturtles> That is
23:17 <Solana71321> o really
23:17 <Sexyturtles> Stupid.
23:17 <MooseJuice> The stupidity is stunning.
23:17 <Mythbuster626> im 16
23:17 <Solana71321> ^~^
23:18 <Finalclaw> Moosejuice
23:18 <Finalclaw> hey
23:18 -!- TrueWarrior18 has left Special:Chat.
23:18 <MooseJuice> How can you hold someone hostage with viewer count?
23:18 <MooseJuice> hoi
23:18 <Finalclaw> I was here 1 month later than moose
23:18 -!- Mythbuster626 has left Special:Chat.
23:18 <Sexyturtles> Meow meow meow.
23:18 <Finalclaw> He knows how active I can be when Im here
23:18 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
23:18 <Anna Monroe> back
23:19 <Pramirez351> wb anna :P
23:19 <Pramirez351> so yeah solana xD you do any sports?
23:19 -!- CreepyPastaFriend has left Special:Chat.
23:19 <Finalclaw> MooseJuice, you there
23:19 <MooseJuice> God, I don't CARE about the royal baby.
23:19 <MooseJuice> yus
23:19 <Anna Monroe> thanks Pram Dearie
23:19 <Anna Monroe> Hey Moose
23:19 <Sexyturtles> Why are there so many people? :c
23:19 <Finalclaw> Lol, remember when I got here
23:19 <MooseJuice> yus
23:19 <Finalclaw> You were trying to become a chat mod
23:19 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:19 <Solana71321> yes i did tennis this past year football
23:19 <MooseJuice> yusss
23:20 <Finalclaw> Good Job on getting in the staff
23:20 <Ifarted666> Why AREN'T there more people is what you should be asking.
23:20 <MooseJuice> thanks
23:20 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:20 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:20 <Finalclaw> Do you think I have a chance on becoming a chat mod?
23:20 <MooseJuice> 23 is our mean.
23:20 <Pramirez351> dude solana xD what a beast xD i have only done cross country and track :P
23:20 <MooseJuice> maybe
23:20 -!- Rowan Odom has left Special:Chat.
23:20 <Sexyturtles> /).(\
23:20 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:20 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:20 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <Finalclaw> I mean, I freaking knows the rules back to front(so I dont break the rules in my skits)
23:21 <Solana71321> i cant do track :c i wanted to but i couldnt
23:21 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
23:21 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <Pramirez351> wb jim
23:21 <FriendlyJim> I've decided to edit my reply.
23:21 <FriendlyJim> It's a bit inapropriate.
23:21 <Pramirez351> why couldnt you do it solana?
23:21 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:21 <Finalclaw> Moose, by any chance you remember that thing I did with the Cybersoul account
23:21 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <Solana71321> my knee 
23:21 <Finalclaw> it has a arrow in it
23:21 <MooseJuice> no
23:21 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:21 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <Sexyturtles> LOL.
23:21 <MooseJuice> Which is to say, I don't know.
23:22 <Pramirez351> oh dam im sorry to hear that solana :/
23:22 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Pramirez351> its fun but you didnt miss much xD
23:22 <Finalclaw> I`ll try for it
23:22 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Ifarted666> I know that feel. I can't play baseball because of my knee, too.
23:22 <Solana71321> its k i had fun in the other sports ive done
23:22 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:22 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:22 -!- Temmington has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Solana71321> o i wanted to try out in my skool but they said i couldnt bc im a gurl 
23:23 <Temmington> Hey.
23:23 <Pramirez351> sarah!
23:23 -!- Blazegoldenblood has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <FriendlyJim> My new reply is good.
23:23 <Ifarted666> Helo.
23:23 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:23 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <Pramirez351> what does maked hero Z mean when he said "Updated main post, withdrawing application." on his app girl?
23:23 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:23 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <Blazegoldenblood> Does anyone know how to delete a story you just made?
23:23 <Pramirez351> is he like, not wanting to be a mod anymore?
23:23 <FriendlyJim> Hello Blaze, I don't belive we've met. I'm Jim.
23:24 <Sexyturtles> I am a turtle. And a hexagon.
23:24 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:24 <Pramirez351> um you tell an admin blazegoldenblood
23:24 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:24 <Blazegoldenblood> I'm a PENIS
23:24 <Blazegoldenblood> :3
23:24 <Solana71321> o.O
23:24 <FriendlyJim> That's rude.
23:24 <FriendlyJim> :3
23:24 <Temmington> Probably he's withdrawing it. 
23:24 <FriendlyJim> I'm a cunt.
23:24 -!- Sexyturtles has left Special:Chat.
23:24 <FriendlyJim> :3
23:24 <Solana71321> ....?!
23:24 <Temmington> Which sucks because he's the only one who applied that actually should earn modship.
23:24 <Blazegoldenblood> I'm ur breasts
23:24 <Blazegoldenblood> :3
23:24 <Ifarted666> I'm a grill lol xd
23:24 <Ifarted666> :3
23:24 -!- Sexyturtles has joined Special:Chat
23:24 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:24 <Solana71321> xD
23:24 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <Ifarted666> I think Pram should earn modship. 
23:25 <Pramirez351> awww thanks ifarted :3
23:25 <Temmington> I don't think he should. 
23:25 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:25 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <FriendlyJim> I definetely think Pram is fit for the job.
23:25 <Ifarted666> I think he should.
23:25 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <Ifarted666> I think he's fit for the job.
23:25 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:25 <Pramirez351> welp i appreciate all of you guy's opinions
23:25 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:25 <FriendlyJim> Definitely*
23:25 <Sexyturtles> PENIS.
23:26 <Wolfenmaus> PINGLEDANG
23:26 <Pramirez351> hai wolfen xD
23:26 <FriendlyJim> Tacos
23:26 <Temmington> I mean I don't see anything to suggest modship. 
23:26 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:26 <Temmington> I see some signs of mini-modding that's about it...
23:26 <Temmington>  And even then, that's technically BREAKING the rules. 
23:26 <Wolfenmaus> I flewin on a Goshdangodon.
23:26 <Anna Monroe> /me kisses Sarah cause she's a sexxy person
23:26 <Anna Monroe> done with RP
23:26 <Temmington> wut 
23:27 <Anna Monroe> hehe
23:27 <Temmington> I have a girlfriend tho. 
23:27 <Andytags> can u not
23:27 <Temmington> (D:)
23:27 <Anna Monroe> eh... never said that I wanted you, just saying you'resexxy
23:27 <Pramirez351> i dont TRY to min mod sarah. if anything i try to help users by telling them that they should be careful or they could get kicked
23:27 <Sexyturtles> Wtf.
23:27 -!- Ifarted666 has left Special:Chat.
23:27 <FriendlyJim> What can one do if not minimod?
23:27 <Anna Monroe> I don't minimod, because I just sit there and hold a  grudge... :D
23:27 <Temmington> Yes but you do it when mods are on and when they are already taking care of said situation. 
23:28 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <FriendlyJim> There aren't a whole lot of more ways to improve chat.
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> I don't minimod.
23:28 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> I murder.
23:28 <Anna Monroe> (:D)
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> I protect the PEOPLE when the people can't.
23:28 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:28 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has left Special:Chat.
23:28 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> The one they look up to when no one else is there.
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> I AM
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> THE LAW
23:28 <Temmington> no
23:28 <FriendlyJim> I guess you could like some awesome music but that's about it.
23:28 <Wolfenmaus> *passes out*
23:28 <FriendlyJim> *link
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:29 <Blazegoldenblood> BEWBZ
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Temmington> YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE ANYMORE -slaps-
23:29 <FriendlyJim> I fucked that up, didn't I?
23:29 <Temmington> imeanwut
23:29 -!- Ednoahjones has joined Special:Chat
23:29 -!- XXTailsLoverXx has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <FriendlyJim> Hello Noah.
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Blazegoldenblood> I LIKE TALKING IN CAPS
23:29 <FriendlyJim> I want to minimod now.
23:29 <Wolfenmaus> I am the Law.
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:29 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Wolfenmaus> And so is my penis.
23:29 <Pramirez351> wolfen is the user we want, but dont deserve? xD
23:29 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <Mrchrisrocks23> (ogw)
23:30 <Wolfenmaus> Indeed.
23:30 <Sexyturtles> Shut the fuck up with your caps.
23:30 <Blazegoldenblood> =D
23:30 -!- Solana71321 has left Special:Chat.
23:30 -!- Ednoahjones has left Special:Chat.
23:30 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:30 <FriendlyJim> Come on, how is that not (spam)?
23:30 <Temmington> No need to  be rude. 
23:30 -!- Blazegoldenblood has left Special:Chat.
23:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi everyone *waves*
23:30 <Sexyturtles> Wow.... 
23:30 <Pramirez351> so solana what you up to?
23:30 <FriendlyJim> Hi Chris
23:30 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
23:30 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:30 <Temmington> Ya know what.
23:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> H i J i M
23:30 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:31 <Anna Monroe> >< Prammy? 
23:31 <FriendlyJim> Pram, did you read my revised reply?
23:31 <Unknownwatcher> hi
23:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> aww ;-; jeff is away
23:31 <Temmington> I think mods/admins should affect the mod votes a LITTLE more than normal users as they have more experience. 
23:31 <Pramirez351> hahaha yes i did jim 
23:31 <Pramirez351> thank you
23:31 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:31 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:31 <Pramirez351> also anna, i PMed you xD
23:31 <FriendlyJim> Well some admins are terrible, one even gave animal porn to minors.
23:31 <Temmington> And that there should have some mod/admin discussions over who should get it but keep in mind the user's opinions. 
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:32 -!- Blazegoldenblood has joined Special:Chat
23:32 -!- Blazegoldenblood has left Special:Chat.
23:32 <Temmington> Well some users are terrible, one even spammed the chat and got banned! Therefore let's just ignore all regular users at all costs!
23:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> (4ever)
23:32 <Temmington> ...See how invalid and imbecilic that point was?
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:32 <FriendlyJim> I have never given animal porn to a child at least.
23:32 -!- Solana71321 has joined Special:Chat
23:32 <Sexyturtles> I murdered someone ;-;
23:32 <Pramirez351> wb solana
23:32 <Temmington> Also he's not even a fucking admin anymore.
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:32 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:32 <Temmington> Hell, you weren't even there when he WAS an admin.
23:33 <Solana71321> o um..thnkx...
23:33 <Pramirez351> also um, i think its better if you just drop it jim :/
23:33 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
23:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:33 <Temmington> You joined this fucking year. 
23:33 <FriendlyJim> I'm offended.
23:33 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:33 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:33 <Solana71321>
23:33 <Finalclaw> Hi
23:33 <FriendlyJim> No, I'm sorry.
23:33 <Solana71321> hello
23:33 <Pramirez351> wb= welcome back solana xD
23:33 <Solana71321> o lol thnkx
23:33 <Finalclaw> TEMM, even YOU have to follow the rules man
23:33 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:33 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:33 <Temmington> I am following the rules. 
23:33 <Pramirez351> brb lag
23:34 <Temmington> Give me an example of how I break them?
23:34 <Sexyturtles> You are so illiterate, it hurts.
23:34 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:34 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:34 <Solana71321> wow...this is so complicated....@_@
23:34 <Pramirez351> i know solana but its fun after a while :D
23:34 <Pramirez351> brb
23:34 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
23:34 <Finalclaw> come on man, you are technically offending someone
23:34 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:34 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:34 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
23:34 <FriendlyJim> Well I offended her too.
23:34 <Solana71321> lol i guess...hopefully ur rite XD
23:35 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:35 -!- Unknownwatcher has joined Special:Chat
23:35 <Finalclaw> THen she as the riht to warn, then kick you
23:35 <Finalclaw> BUT not offend you too
23:35 <FriendlyJim> And I'm sorry Sarah.
23:35 <Pramirez351> trust me solana, i have been here for almost five months, without missing a day coming to chat. its ADDICTIVE (TWITCH)
23:35 <Finalclaw> ANYWAY
23:35 -!- Unknownwatcher has left Special:Chat.
23:35 <Temmington> If you get offended by an opinion that doesn't mean I am breaking the rules.
23:35 <Anna Monroe> <------ never missed a day since joining
23:35 <Finalclaw> Here is my application to becoming a chat mod....
23:35 <Temmington> It means you have a thin skin. .-.
23:35 <Solana71321> Lol hope i do too then
23:35 <Finalclaw>
23:35 <FriendlyJim> Let's move on to nicer subject.
23:35 <FriendlyJim> *subjects
23:36 <FriendlyJim> So, how about them weathers?
23:36 <Solana71321> o hello miss anna..
23:36 <Solana71321> hot humaid almost 1000 degrees where i live
23:36 <Finalclaw> We do not tolerate users harassing other(s) in main chat or in private.
23:36 <Anna Monroe> hey Solana
23:36 <Solana71321> r u..
23:37 <Anna Monroe> bored
23:37 <Solana71321> lol same here
23:37 -!- Necrai has joined Special:Chat
23:37 <Finalclaw> I dont have the right to warn you or to minimod
23:37 <Anna Monroe> BTW my picture is me
23:37 <Anna Monroe> NECRAI!
23:37 <Necrai> hi.
23:37 <Solana71321> o ^~^
23:37 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD um solana you ever watch college humor?
23:37 <Anna Monroe> *glomp huggles the sexxy necrai*
23:37 <Finalclaw> But you should techincally be the poster girl of riht
23:37 <Pramirez351> also necrai how are you? xD
23:37 <Finalclaw> *right
23:37 <Necrai> good, and you pram?
23:37 <Temmington> So why are you mini-modding me?
23:37 <Anna Monroe> College humor... xD
23:37 <Solana71321> omgosh yes i love them :D
23:37 <Temmington> When I'm not even breaking the rules. -_-
23:37 <Pramirez351> im doin alright necrai xD
23:37 <Necrai> yey.
23:38 <Temmington> Opinion does not equal breaking the rules. 
23:38 <Necrai> ohai saruh
23:38 <Finalclaw> Temmi, offending is techincally harrasin
23:38 <Pramirez351> dang it solana xD thats like half my funny repertuire xD
23:38 <Temmington> No...?
23:38 <Pramirez351> funny bideos xD
23:38 <Pramirez351> videos*
23:38 <Solana71321> how so? n ik
23:38 <Anna Monroe> (:))
23:38 -!- Sexyturtles has left Special:Chat.
23:38 <FriendlyJim> Well some people are offended by stupid things.
23:38 <Temmington> Offending is a difficult subject to judge therefore it's not against the rules unless it's slurs. 
23:38 <Pramirez351> dam it! grammar! why do you fail me! (D:)
23:38 <Temmington> Learn the rules before you mini-mod. 
23:38 <Necrai> someone could get offended by any, that is no means harrasment.
23:38 <Solana71321> lmfao xD
23:38 <Necrai> anything*
23:38 <Necrai> by no means*
23:38 <Solana71321> really
23:39 <Necrai> grammur = not necrais day
23:39 <Finalclaw> Hey, never claimed myself as a mod
23:39 <Temmington> No, but you're acting like it.
23:39 <Pramirez351> hahaha exactamundo necrai xD
23:39 <Finalclaw> never also said I would do it
23:39 <Necrai> yes but you are mini modding.
23:39 <Finalclaw> Im just warning you taht its against the rules
23:39 <BRVR> I had an idea for breakfast.
23:39 <Pramirez351> so um you still logging out people necrai? xD
23:39 <CrashingCymbal> Which is minimodding, so stop
23:39 <Necrai> [[Special:UserLogout|no]]
23:39 <Solana71321> .-.
23:39 <BRVR> I had a breakfast idea! :D
23:39 -!- AnimeCokki has joined Special:Chat
23:39 <Finalclaw> K Cymbal....
23:39 <BRVR> Want to hear it?
23:39 <Temmington> You're the only one breaking the rules here.
23:39 <Solana71321> i do
23:39 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you.
23:40 <BRVR> Okay.
23:40 -!- AnimeCokki has left Special:Chat.
23:40 <Necrai> White Face!
23:40 <Pramirez351> no i will not click that necrai!
23:40 <BRVR> It is pancake-related.
23:40 <Finalclaw> I am not allowed to reply to youre chats now temmi
23:40 <Pramirez351> i refuse to fall for your lies and tricks necrai! 
23:40 <Solana71321> ooooooooohhhhhhh...pancakes...
23:40 <Necrai> [[Special:UserLogout|pls]]
23:40 <Anna Monroe> is it a screamer?
23:40 <Pramirez351> hey solana xD careful girl :P
23:40 <Pramirez351> dont wanna get yourself kicked xD
23:40 <Finalclaw> Its a creepypasta anna
23:40 <Darkstride> [[culm dewrn| Necrai, pls culm dern.]]
23:40 <Solana71321> srry....
23:40 <Finalclaw> so probably not a screamer
23:40 <Anna Monroe> not happening
23:41 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
23:41 <Pramirez351> gosh necrai i was ABOUT to click it as well xD
23:41 <CrashingCymbal> Hey Chris
23:41 <Pramirez351> hai cymbal :P wb
23:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> Have I done something wrong?
23:41 <Anna Monroe> not clicking it because I'm TOO careful
23:41 <BRVR> I might sell my idea at a bed and breakfast.
23:41 <CrashingCymbal> You have not.
23:41 <BRVR> It might be in alaska.
23:41 <Solana71321>  kewl 
23:41 <Pramirez351> also solana, how about freddie wong?
23:41 <Pramirez351> you know about him?
23:41 <CrashingCymbal> Pancakes for breakfast sounds good tomorrow
23:41 <Finalclaw> gt for a min
23:41 <Mrchrisrocks23> Well everytime I went on here I got ignored
23:41 <Solana71321> i have....
23:42 <CrashingCymbal> I said hello to you thank you very much.
23:42 <Anna Monroe> /me hits head on desk several times
23:42 <BRVR> We might make a bed and breakfast when me and my parents go to alaska.
23:42 <Anna Monroe> merp
23:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <Temmington> Anyways, Cumball.
23:42 <Finalclaw> oh, and do you guys think of my application(question mark)
23:42 <CrashingCymbal> Yup?
23:42 <Mrchrisrocks23> no I meant other times crashing
23:42 <Temmington> Have you seen my idea?
23:42 <CrashingCymbal> Lay it on me
23:42 <Temmington> Finalclaw, you just became active again yesterday. 
23:42 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <MatthewDoomer> i gotta shit
23:42 -!- JasonHellraiser12 has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <CrashingCymbal> Great to know, Doomer!
23:42 <Pramirez351> post it again finalclaw, so that people can atually notice you posted something
23:43 <BRVR> Not sure who in alaska would want to go to a bed and breakfast, but my parents might mak on.
23:43 <BRVR> *Make one
23:43 -!- Derpy the muffin eater has joined Special:Chat
23:43 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
23:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
23:43 <Temmington> I think mods/admins should affect the mod votes a LITTLE more than normal users as they have more experience. But regular users should still have a say too. 
23:43 <Mrchrisrocks23> has anyone been trolled by the anne.jpg?
23:43 <BRVR> I feel AND sound like a kid saying this...
23:43 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:43 <Darkstride> Welcome back Zavk.
23:43 <BRVR> You know what?
23:43 <Pramirez351> wb zack
23:43 <Darkstride> Zack*
23:43 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yay Sarah is back :3
23:43 <BRVR> We are all kids inside.
23:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> And thanks :3
23:43 <Solana71321> yup
23:43 <Temmington> Someone posted it yesterday, Chris.
23:43 <Mrchrisrocks23> anne.jpg anyone?
23:43 -!- Derpy the muffin eater has left Special:Chat.
23:43 -!- Derpy the muffin eater has joined Special:Chat
23:43 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
23:43 <Mrchrisrocks23> What is it ?
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> No.
23:43 <Anna Monroe> NO!
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> pe.
23:43 <Temmington> A screamer. 
23:43 <Derpy the muffin eater> Eh,hi guys...Anyone has any good creepypasta?...
23:43 <BRVR> I think I had a good ida.
23:43 <BRVR> *Idea
23:44 <Anna Monroe> A very scary screamer
23:44 <Mrchrisrocks23> What happens?
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> I just posted mine today.
23:44 <CrashingCymbal> Hmmm...
23:44 -!- Ifarted666 has joined Special:Chat
23:44 <Finalclaw>
23:44 <FriendlyJim> Read [[Don't Pet the Dog]]
23:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Derpy
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> Why?
23:44 <Anna Monroe> it's bad for epileptic people I tell you
23:44 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not so sure
23:44 <Necrai> Jeffies face with a ear splitting sound and flashing lights.
23:44 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> [[Psychologist]]
23:44 <Necrai> That's what happens.
23:44 <MatthewDoomer> Lemon flavored cock!
23:44 <Derpy the muffin eater> aw thats cute
23:44 <Mrchrisrocks23> Someone posted it on memecenter
23:44 <Finalclaw> Its been 2 months last I became active
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> Ima post some new poetry today.
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> If no one minds...
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> Its kinda scary?
23:44 <Finalclaw> but Im gonna try to stay active 3 months straiht
23:44 <Solana71321> really?
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> ^
23:44 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:44 <Derpy the muffin eater> ...Well if its scary im ok i think....
23:44 <MatthewDoomer> i really have to shit
23:45 <Finalclaw> with small weekly lapses if scool ets really hard
23:45 -!- Derpy the muffin eater has left Special:Chat.
23:45 <NoOneWillSee> Right.
23:45 <Darkstride> OH GOD, Anne.jpg. I literally cried after that screamer ;_;
23:45 <NoOneWillSee> Damn, this lagg