00:14 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> ^^
00:15 <ChaoZStrider> Ahhh, still.
00:15 <41488p> Kitty dammit put away the fucking milkshake
00:15 <Rockamorow> Kitty...Wat 
00:15 <TeahThePsycho> Mom made me take German and Welsh 
00:15 <XXSerpentKillerXx> XD Lol Kitty
00:15 <EternalChaos413> american isnt alanguage 541.
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> -licks chao-
00:15 <TeahThePsycho> I SUCK at Welsh
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00:15 <Kyomu13> 'murican
00:15 <ChaoZStrider> *licked* o.o"
00:15 <Andytags> maybe he means american english
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> lol i printed off pictures of guys in bands
00:15 <Rockamorow> MURICA FUCK YEAH
00:15 <ChaoZStrider> Canadian.
00:15 <TeahThePsycho> Euro
00:15 <Doctor 52> Canada sucks
00:15 <Kyomu13> I like UK english more than american engish.
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> therefore there will be a lot of hot guys on my wall... in my bedroom
00:15 <Factionnaire> Papua New Guinea
00:15 <41488p> Eterhal
00:15 <41488p> *Eternal
00:15 <Factionnaire> >ETERHAL
00:15 <ChaoZStrider> At least we have a working government~
00:15 <Rockamorow> Canadians are wierd! -Ed
00:15 <541744> American Word: Mom = English word Mum
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> cuz im sexily cutting out the pics in my brad....
00:15 <41488p> American may not be a language
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00:15 <EternalChaos413> kitty
00:15 <Kitty Mistake> yeah
00:15 <Factionnaire> Ethereal
00:16 <MaytheIrkenPower> Hai
00:16 <Factionnaire> [:
00:16 <41488p> BUT FREEDOM IS
00:16 <EternalChaos413> fap to them
00:16 <41488p> >:D
00:16 <Kitty Mistake> ...ew
00:16 <Rockamorow> Fast chat
00:16 <Andytags> Especially in Michigan 
00:16 <TeahThePsycho> I say mum I hate saying mom 
00:16 <41488p> mum
00:16 <TeahThePsycho> Too murican
00:16 <Rockamorow> Girls don't fap...or do they? (captcha)
00:16 <TeahThePsycho> No rock.
00:16 <MaytheIrkenPower> Uhhhh......
00:16 <Factionnaire> chrysanthemum 
00:16 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ My country of is quite nice.
00:16 <Andytags> they do rock 
00:16 <Kyomu13> I like mum way more
00:16 <Rockamorow> Eternal said it
00:16 <MaytheIrkenPower> this is awkward
00:16 <EternalChaos413> anyone else go to the mumford and sons concert?
00:16 <TeahThePsycho> Well one of my girl friends does 
00:16 <Andytags> and if someone tells you they don't you say bullshit
00:16 <EternalChaos413> gentlemen of the road?
00:16 <Rockamorow> I think it's more like...rub :3
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> ...
00:17 <Andytags> depends rock 
00:17 <XXSerpentKillerXx> Rub a dub dub?
00:17 <Doctor 52> Silly barbarians, Rome is for Romans!
00:17 <Andytags> but enough sex talk
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> yeah
00:17 <Kyomu13> Ruba dub in da tub
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> please
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> stahp
00:17 <TeahThePsycho> It's quite weird...
00:17 <Rockamorow> Nu
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> stahp it
00:17 <EternalChaos413> girlsturbating in bath
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00:17 <Kyomu13> May pls
00:17 <EternalChaos413> oh yes
00:17 <41488p> rub that hot meat
00:17 <41488p> :E
00:17 <Factionnaire> Nu metal
00:17 <Andytags> ENJOY UR BAN THEN
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00:17 <541744> In Austria, theres a city called "Fucking"
00:17 <Doctor 52> "Enough of this gay banter" -John Cleese
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> stop it
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00:17 <Rockamorow> IT'S GABEN!!
00:17 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
00:17 <ChaoZStrider> Please calm the sex talk.
00:17 <MaytheIrkenPower> please
00:17 <Pramirez351> yeah please stop da sex talk
00:18 <Princess Gingy> Lag
00:18 <TeahThePsycho> I know it's pronounced fooking not fucking
00:18 <Pramirez351> also hello chaoz :3
00:18 <MaytheIrkenPower> calm it down guys
00:18 <41488p> I'm off to Fucking then :D
00:18 <MaytheIrkenPower> lol
00:18 <ChaoZStrider> Aloha, Prammy my deer boi
00:18 <Princess Gingy> Hi ChaoZ
00:18 <41488p> can't they have named it Fuching or something similar?
00:18 <41488p> like
00:18 <ChaoZStrider> Hey, Ging.
00:18 <41488p> imean
00:18 <Doctor 52> Pram, NoOne told me to fondel you
00:18 <TeahThePsycho> Also there's bitchfield,England
00:18 <MaytheIrkenPower> wut
00:18 <41488p> what about Cunt Meadows?
00:18 <Pramirez351> nou
00:18 <MaytheIrkenPower> really
00:18 <41488p> pretty place.
00:18 <Winters1001> Quick subject change in 3,2,1... Jeff the Killer could possibly be viewed as a good guy. Yes or No?
00:18 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> Hey
00:18 <Pramirez351> thats brooky's job
00:18 <MaytheIrkenPower> yes
00:18 <ChaoZStrider> no.
00:18 <Princess Gingy> SO BORED
00:18 <XXSerpentKillerXx> Possibly
00:18 <Princess Gingy> ops
00:18 <541744> Intercourse,USA
00:18 <Factionnaire> Tell us about it
00:18 <Doctor 52> /me fondels pram
00:18 <Princess Gingy> oops
00:19 <EternalChaos413> wasnt gabe  underage?
00:19 <Kyomu13> I like sociopaths but I don;t know if Jeff could be a GOOD guy
00:19 <Princess Gingy> forgot Caplocks was on
00:19 <41488p> *fondle 
00:19 <Winters1001> Yup.
00:19 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
00:19 <41488p> not fondel
00:19 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> Username666
00:19 <EternalChaos413> wut
00:19 <Kyomu13> Perhaps chaotic neutral.
00:19 <Wolfenmaus> I'm comfortable with the Grandmatriarchs, now.
00:19 <TeahThePsycho> Underage is bAck
00:19 <41488p> Wolfen
00:19 <MaytheIrkenPower> if thought about the right way jeff is a good guy, but he's pretty bad to
00:19 <41488p> has Cookie Clicker claimed your soul too
00:19 <Winters1001> That is why we asked you to ban him so many times.
00:19 <541744> Gabe, you need to leave
00:19 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> A creepy pasta
00:19 <Wolfenmaus> Yes.
00:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Doctor, I will stab you in the throat.
00:19 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> Why
00:19 <Doctor 52> Why?
00:19 <Winters1001> He's breaking the ruler.
00:19 <ChaoZStrider> o.o who is underage?
00:19 <MaytheIrkenPower> ...
00:19 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> How
00:19 <541744> you are 7
00:19 <EternalChaos413> gabe is
00:19 <Doctor 52> Creepay pastu
00:19 <Wolfenmaus> I just entered, and I can tell Gabe is underage.
00:20 <Wolfenmaus> Based on his name alone.
00:20 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> Still don't care
00:20 <TeahThePsycho> Little lion man
00:20 <ChaoZStrider> Oh, Gabe?
00:20 <MaytheIrkenPower> i have no say in this
00:20 <Winters1001> He is under age. We've discussed this before ontwo occasions.
00:20 <Wolfenmaus> BAN TIME
00:20 <Winters1001> on two not ontwo
00:20 <Wolfenmaus> Chao, do the honors.
00:20 <Gabe856 lover of slender man> i was kidding I'm 20
00:20 <EternalChaos413> gabe is underage
00:20 <Doctor 52> ban (hammer) 
00:20 -!- Gabe856 lover of slender man was banned from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider for 31536000000 seconds.
00:20 <Wolfenmaus> DOESN'T MATTER NOW
00:20 <Kyomu13> I just noticed brooke's pic is noodle
00:20 -!- Gabe856 lover of slender man has left Special:Chat.
00:20 <TeahThePsycho> God, give the kid a chance
00:20 <EternalChaos413> B&
00:20 <TeahThePsycho> Or man
00:20 <541744> you need to be 13 or older
00:20 <Winters1001> The Banhammer has spoken!
00:20 <XXSerpentKillerXx> OMG I like how it says Dead instead of away XD
00:20 <41488p> plot twist: Gabe is actually 20
00:20 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Doctor 52> Against the ruuuuules
00:20 <ChaoZStrider> Ban Pillow.
00:20 <MaytheIrkenPower> i am!
00:20 <ChaoZStrider> Get it right.
00:20 <MaytheIrkenPower> ok
00:20 <MaytheIrkenPower> gees
00:20 <Kyomu13> Oh snap the ban train is a movin'
00:21 <Doctor 52> You broke the rules!
00:21 <EternalChaos413> inb4 gabe socks
00:21 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
00:21 <Pramirez351> you sstill got that chaoz? xD
00:21 <Doctor 52> You broke em!
00:21 <ChaoZStrider> I use a ban pillow.
00:21 <41488p> all aboard the ban train!
00:21 <41488p> kick kick kick kick
00:21 <Winters1001> chugga chugga chugga ban ban!
00:21 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
00:21 <Princess Gingy> run fo 
00:21 <ChaoZStrider> Of course I do, Prammy
00:21 <41488p> run bitch ruunn
00:21 <Kyomu13> Chugga choo beotch
00:21 <Princess Gingy> this tablet
00:21 <541744> block him now
00:21 <Princess Gingy> sucks
00:21 <Wolfenmaus> Boy, the Ban Train is smokin, and we got a WHOLE LOTTA COAL!
00:21 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <Mrtdark1> Hi
00:21 <MaytheIrkenPower> my cat is crazy catnip crazy
00:21 <Kyomu13> Screw coal, STEAM POWAH
00:21 <TeahThePsycho> how about a blue dancing man eh (jelly)
00:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <41488p> hi Dark
00:22 <EternalChaos413> choo choo
00:22 <Mrtdark1> I finished
00:22 <Doctor 52> Chugga chugga chugga chugga chuu chuuuuu
00:22 <Princess Gingy> ChaoZ is good mod, Ive been here long enough to know that
00:22 <Mrtdark1> my pasta
00:22 <Kyomu13> Hey Rylee
00:22 <41488p> screw steam, we'll kick the train to Butthurtland!
00:22 <XXSerpentKillerXx> Hey Rylee :D
00:22 <Mrtdark1>
00:22 <41488p> KICK KICK
00:22 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ thanks, Ging.
00:22 <Princess Gingy> Hi Rylee
00:22 -!- Rockamorow has left Special:Chat.
00:22 <Rylee the Pegasis> hai guys! :D
00:22 <Winters1001> No. Not chu cuh. It's Ban ban!
00:22 <Princess Gingy> No prob
00:22 <MaytheIrkenPower> hi
00:22 <541744> anyone locked him
00:22 <Mrtdark1> who wants to read my story
00:22 <Pramirez351> hai rylee :3
00:22 <MaytheIrkenPower> its been forever since ive been on here
00:22 <TeahThePsycho> Who wants to hear a story
00:22 <Princess Gingy> Gingy4mod lol jk
00:23 <541744> ends 00:20, February 3, 3013, lol
00:23 <MaytheIrkenPower> how long, six months
00:23 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
00:23 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I wanna hear a story. 
00:23 <Kyomu13> Once there was an ugly barnacle...
00:23 <MaytheIrkenPower> oh that one
00:23 <Wolfenmaus> Oral Surgury.
00:23 <Princess Gingy> he was so ugly
00:23 <Winters1001> There was a kid. Then there was a killer. The end.
00:23 <Wolfenmaus> Surgery*
00:23 <Wolfenmaus> Say it out loud.
00:23 <EternalChaos413> inb4 gabe obv socks
00:23 <Wolfenmaus> Oral. Surgery.
00:23 <TeahThePsycho> Pregnant sophomore nearly goes into labor sitting right next to me
00:23 <Wolfenmaus> It sounds wrong.
00:23 <MaytheIrkenPower> that everybody died. the end
00:23 <541744> he was so ugly that eve
00:23 <Winters1001> wow.
00:24 <Kyomu13> Hur dur surgureh
00:24 <Princess Gingy> I make bad mod
00:24 <ChaoZStrider> brb.
00:24 <MaytheIrkenPower> bai
00:24 -!- MaytheIrkenPower has left Special:Chat.
00:24 <Winters1001> I like the Russian Sleep experiment. What about you guys?
00:24 <Princess Gingy> thats why I vowed not to apply for it
00:24 <Winters1001> That is is pretty good.
00:24 <TeahThePsycho> Everyone does
00:24 <Kyomu13> I like russian sleep experiment but the very end is like wut?
00:24 <TeahThePsycho> I want to be a mod
00:24 <TeahThePsycho> I doubt I will be trusted though
00:25 <41488p> why does everyone want to be a mod?
00:25 <41488p> I mean
00:25 <Kyomu13> You didn't have to do the whole, we are the shadows junk.
00:25 <41488p> we're down to one VCROC
00:25 <Princess Gingy> I dont
00:25 <Princess Gingy> Hmm
00:25 <41488p> oh
00:25 <41488p> OH
00:25 <41488p> CYMBAL IS VCROC NOW
00:25 <41488p> YAY 
00:25 <Princess Gingy> maybe I sould apply for VCROC
00:25 <41488p> yus
00:25 <41488p> that is what we truly need
00:26 -!- EternalChaos413 has left Special:Chat.
00:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -Table flips-
00:26 <Princess Gingy> They edit stories, right?
00:26 <ChaoZStrider> Yes, Ging.
00:26 <Factionnaire> There was once in this World a rather Grumpyman, who went with Discontent and some Frown about his daily Errands. But one day his Unhappydemeanor was from that Time on stifled, as some Franzoesichpolizeiente made him feel once more happy. Is the Grumpyman, though, happy?
00:26 <541744> *eats popping candy*
00:26 <ChaoZStrider> Atleast, I believe.
00:26 <Wolfenmaus> /me gives Brooke horse tranquilizers.
00:26 <Wolfenmaus> Kill the ponies.
00:26 <Wolfenmaus> Kill them slowly.
00:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> If I don't calm down I'm going to end up hurting something.
00:27 <Factionnaire> There's a story up there
00:27 <ChaoZStrider> Hurt the ponies.
00:27 <Princess Skuntank> Hey what's that site where you put in lyrics and it gives you a random rhyme. 
00:27 <Factionnaire> Brooke
00:27 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
00:27 <Kyomu13> Brooke, breathe.
00:27 <Kyomu13> in and out brah
00:27 <JackofallSuits> Fucking hackers
00:27 <Factionnaire> There's a site like that Sarah??
00:27 <TeahThePsycho> I gots to go people
00:27 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (D:)
00:27 <Factionnaire> If so, that's disgusting
00:27 <Kyomu13> Good day teah
00:27 <Princess Skuntank> Ya like this.
00:28 <Princess Gingy> I guess I could apply for VCROC, opions?
00:28 <Factionnaire> That's just terrible
00:28 <Princess Skuntank> "We're up all night to the sun, we're up all night for good fun." "We're up all night to KENTUCKY."
00:28 <Princess Gingy> Bye Teah
00:28 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
00:28 <TeahThePsycho> Bye
00:28 <Princess Gingy> Hi Jusyin
00:28 <Kyomu13> Get Lucky is wayyy too catchy
00:28 <Natalia Arlovskya> kentucky fried kentucky
00:28 <Wolfenmaus> My friend says that Gensokyo is secretly Kentucky.
00:28 <Princess Gingy> *Justin
00:28 <Prince(ss) Platinum>
00:28 <Wolfenmaus> /me makes a Touhou reference.
00:28 <Wolfenmaus> [[No one gets it.]]
00:28 <Factionnaire> But you are Alabama, Wolfenmaus
00:29 <Princess Gingy> lol Maria
00:29 <Winters1001> Prince(ss), answer pm please.
00:29 <Kyomu13> Maria you make me huehue
00:29 <Princess Gingy> So would I make a good VCROC?
00:29 <Winters1001> What does /x/ mean?
00:29 <Factionnaire> Paranormal
00:29 -!- Slender lover 56 has joined Special:Chat
00:29 <Factionnaire> A 4chan board
00:29 <Kyomu13> /x/ is the paranormal section of 4chan
00:30 <Factionnaire> Devoted to the spooky things
00:30 <Princess Gingy> Hi Slendee
00:30 <Princess Gingy> *Slender
00:30 <Slender lover 56> I'm 20 years old
00:30 <41488p> VCROC are basically 
00:30 <41488p> holy shit are you seriously back Gabe
00:30 <41488p> wow
00:30 <Kyomu13> Can someone explain what a VCROC is?
00:30 <41488p> ahem
00:30 <Factionnaire> I'm 49
00:30 <41488p> VCROC
00:30 <41488p> uh
00:30 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
00:30 <41488p> okay I think it'll be easier to link a page
00:30 <41488p>
00:30 <Factionnaire> Totally plausible, right
00:31 <41488p> you get extra rights and a bunch of shit and you edit a lot
00:31 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
00:31 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
00:31 -!- Slender lover 56 has left Special:Chat.
00:31 <Kyomu13> Ohhhh
00:31 <Wolfenmaus> The VCROC are the wiki version of SHITBALLS.
00:31 <Factionnaire> LOLOLOL
00:31 -!- Slender lover 56 has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <Wolfenmaus> And SHITBALLS are the chat version of VCROC.
00:31 <Factionnaire> It's vulgar thus humor
00:31 <Slender lover 56> Ban 41488p:
00:31 <Kyomu13> If I wasn't working on getting a job and regulating my sleep schedule I'd want to do that.
00:31 <41488p> wow ban me
00:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <Slender lover 56> Ban
00:31 <41488p> wow good job
00:31 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <41488p> clap clap for you mate
00:31 <Wolfenmaus> Wait.
00:31 <Wolfenmaus> Holy shit.
00:32 <Wolfenmaus> A sock.
00:32 <41488p> tell me, what rules have I broken?
00:32 <41488p> yes Wolfen
00:32 <41488p> it's Gabe
00:32 <541744> of gabe!
00:32 <Wolfenmaus> Gabe, go away.
00:32 -!- Slender lover 56 has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <41488p> DEBATE WITH ME M8
00:32 <Wolfenmaus> We don't want you here.
00:32 <Princess Gingy> Shit only got like 35 mainspace edits, no VCROC for me
00:32 <41488p> I'll cut yer sorry wank wit my cheesy cunt in half m8
00:32 <Ch33zburgrLuvr> Hey everyone
00:32 <541744> block him
00:32 <41488p> Ginger actually I'm sort of exaggerating the situation XD
00:32 <Kyomu13> Hey Ch3
00:33 <41488p> but yeah, we could always use more VCROC
00:33 <Wolfenmaus> I swear on me mum i'll fookin' gut ya, ya fuka.
00:33 <Princess Gingy> only 2 spots open
00:33 <41488p> yay I won an argument on the internet
00:33 <41488p> but jesus, ban me
00:33 <Kyomu13> I'll fookin shank ya mate
00:33 <Wolfenmaus> Okay, 414.
00:33 <Factionnaire> Do you feel accomplished, 41488p?
00:33 <Wolfenmaus> /me bans 414.
00:33 <41488p> wat did u jest say 2 me m8
00:33 -!- FlakyPorcupine has left Special:Chat.
00:33 <541744> block slender lover
00:33 <Factionnaire> u wot
00:33 <41488p> YEA BANED
00:33 <41488p> I feel like I've won something special, Faction
00:33 <Princess Gingy> Fight me irl bro
00:33 -!- Sloshedtrain has left Special:Chat.
00:33 <41488p> something true and dear to our hearts
00:33 <41488p> something that's called
00:33 <41488p> THE INTERNET
00:33 <41488p> I"VE WON IT, DAD!
00:33 <41488p> :DD
00:33 <ChaoZStrider> Lol, 414 hasn't done anything ban worthy from what I see.
00:33 <Factionnaire> That is good. 
00:33 <Factionnaire> You have achieved
00:33 <Factionnaire> TRUE GLORY
00:34 <Factionnaire> It has been ATTAINED
00:34 <41488p> yes true internet is avaliable to me
00:34 <Princess Gingy> fight meh 414
00:34 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:34 <41488p> I will use it for porn
00:34 <Princess Gingy> irl bro
00:34 <Kyomu13> Gingy you best fight meh too
00:34 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has left Special:Chat.
00:34 <Princess Gingy> bro u lift?
00:34 <Kyomu13> I lift so hard
00:34 <41488p> u srs m8 i'm gonna fukin cunt and shit cheese on your balls m8 u have no idea wat ur messin wit you sorry fat ass piece of donkey crud
00:34 <Factionnaire> by our own 41488p, who is now Internet Landlord of Heroism and Veracity of Heroism
00:34 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <41488p> ^
00:34 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <Factionnaire> V
00:34 <Princess Gingy> orly
00:35 -!- The Last Paladin has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <Kyomu13> I lift so much liek u dnt evn kno
00:35 <The Last Paladin> i can't find my virginity 
00:35 <The Last Paladin> i think i lost i
00:35 <The Last Paladin> t
00:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <The Last Paladin> *it
00:35 <541744> block Slender lover
00:35 <Kyomu13> I got mine right in my pocket
00:35 <41488p> let me find it for you Paladin
00:35 <The Last Paladin> wat
00:35 <Princess Gingy> i lift a bus bro
00:35 <Wolfenmaus> In Spain, "Donkey Cheese" is an insult.
00:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:35 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <41488p> *removes condoms*
00:35 <41488p> *steals gf*
00:35 <41488p> *steals mom  because u nvr now*
00:35 <Kyomu13> I lift u while u life the bus broski
00:35 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <41488p> okay I found it again
00:35 <The Last Paladin> UOENO @steals mom
00:36 <Princess Gingy> fight meh pram
00:36 <The Last Paladin> gingy
00:36 <41488p> finders fucker loosers fappers
00:36 <The Last Paladin> can i fight you
00:36 <Princess Gingy> yes
00:36 <41488p> 1 on 0 m8
00:36 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Andytags> u wana fite 
00:36 <41488p> 1 on fukin 0
00:36 <Andytags> ill fuckin rek u
00:36 <The Last Paladin> lets go gingy
00:36 <Princess Gingy> gtg
00:36 <The Last Paladin> wait
00:36 <41488p> bring it on m8
00:36 <The Last Paladin> NO
00:36 <Princess Gingy> bye
00:36 <541744> is anypone gonna respond!
00:36 <The Last Paladin> we're about to fight
00:36 <41488p> im gon own ur fat cunt m8
00:36 <Kyomu13> Peace ging
00:36 <Winters1001>
00:36 <The Last Paladin> bye gingy
00:36 <The Last Paladin> plz think about me now and then
00:36 <41488p> im kikin ur sry fat nutshell macademia chicken Uranus ass
00:36 <Winters1001> New pasta of mine. Please check it out.
00:36 <The Last Paladin> cuz i'm coming home again
00:36 <41488p> u wanker
00:36 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
00:37 <The Last Paladin> ya wanker!
00:37 <Doctor 52> ur a wanker
00:37 <41488p> go wank to ur stepstepstepbrother-mum m8
00:37 <Kyomu13> You are all wankers
00:37 <The Last Paladin> brb
00:37 <Winters1001> What does /x/ mean?
00:37 <41488p> my brain is dying cell by cell after each sentence of that I type (;()
00:37 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:37 <Winters1001> I used to know but forgot.
00:38 <Wolfenmaus> I am wolfen.
00:38 <41488p> it's where nice children go to and don't come back, Winters
00:38 <Wolfenmaus> taker of anal virginities.
00:38 <41488p> it's where nice children become not nice
00:38 <Doctor 52> Government is kill
00:38 <41488p> all hail the Wolfenbible!
00:38 <41488p> the Wolfenbible is our answer to everything!
00:38 <Winters1001> That explain why I'm the oldest now.
00:38 <41488p> the 1 to our 41!
00:38 <Doctor 52> I am justice
00:38 <Doctor 52> I am the night
00:38 <41488p> Doctor are you the night
00:38 <41488p> okay you're the night
00:38 <Doctor 52> I am batman!
00:38 <Winters1001> I am Jeff the Killer.
00:38 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
00:38 <Winters1001> Staby staby staby stab.
00:39 -!- Shadowwarrior454 has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <Kyomu13> I am Ryk
00:39 <Shadowwarrior454> hwy pipou
00:39 <ChaoZStrider> I am me.
00:39 <Shadowwarrior454> hey*
00:39 <41488p> I am kawaiii~~~
00:39 <Doctor 52> Jeff the killer was a good pasta the first month after it came out
00:39 <41488p> :3
00:39 <Winters1001> Bane: "I was born into the darkness Batman. You simply adopted it!"
00:39 <Kyomu13> Hey shadow
00:39 -!- Shadowwarrior454 has left Special:Chat.
00:39 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <ChaoZStrider> HEY
00:39 -!- XXTheKidXx has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <ChaoZStrider> No one was born into me.
00:39 <ChaoZStrider> Fuck that shit.
00:40 <Wolfenmaus> I birthed you, Chao.
00:40 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:40 <Winters1001> I want to get a hold of who did Jeff the Killer, and get his permission to rewrite it.
00:40 <Wolfenmaus> Out of my thigh.
00:40 <Kyomu13> Who did write Jeff anyway?
00:40 <ChaoZStrider> o.o Wolfen, I am darkness itself.
00:40 <XXTheKidXx> Awesome idea, Winters1001.
00:40 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
00:40 <Doctor 52> Wolfen! I am batman! Vanquisher of evil! You shall be defeated! 
00:40 <Factionnaire> 414, all those tildes must add weight to the truth of your statement that you are kawaii
00:40 <Winters1001> Actualy...
00:40 <ChaoZStrider> No one knows who wrote Jeff. At least I don't.
00:41 -!- Christiana the Killer has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <XXTheKidXx> Jeff wrote Jeff.
00:41 <41488p> kawaiii~~~
00:41 <Winters1001> That was on I could do one here I suppose. This is just a wikia.
00:41 <Kyomu13> Now that would be a doozy
00:41 <XXTheKidXx> He wrote his own story.
00:41 <Winters1001> Change a few names and the like.
00:41 <41488p> my protection lies in the tildes ~~~ :3
00:41 <Kyomu13> Imagine that
00:41 <ChaoZStrider> Sorry, Winters, that would be a spin off.
00:41 <Factionnaire> Sesseur seems to be the one who created the character, while some random user here wrote the story
00:41 <Factionnaire> At least I think that's the case
00:41 <ChaoZStrider> We don't allow spin offs.
00:41 <Factionnaire> And doubleplusgood, Comrade 414
00:41 <Winters1001> Anyone oppose to me redoing Jeff the Killer?
00:42 <41488p> I think that Jeff the Killer was posted, not written on CPW
00:42 <XXTheKidXx> I kind of do.
00:42 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
00:42 <Doctor 52> Is there a mod I could speak to
00:42 <XXTheKidXx> Maybe an AU would be better.
00:42 <ChaoZStrider> Winters, redoing Jeff The Killer on here is a spin off so you have to post it on the spin pasta wiki
00:42 <41488p> if it's GOOD, Winters, I have no opposition
00:42 <ChaoZStrider> Right here, Doctor.
00:42 <41488p> and what Chaoz said
00:42 <41488p> yes
00:42 <ChaoZStrider> PM me your problems.
00:42 <Factionnaire> Doubleplusgood?
00:42 <541744>
00:42 <Wolfenmaus> Sesseur made Jeff.
00:42 <Wolfenmaus> 4chan made the storyt.
00:42 <XXTheKidXx> Duncan!
00:42 <Kyomu13> I gotta run guys
00:42 <Kyomu13> see you all later
00:42 <41488p> Singlefuckplease, Leader Faction
00:42 <XXTheKidXx> Bye.
00:42 <Winters1001> How is it a spinoff? If anything it's a revised edition.
00:42 <41488p> I must Hurryquickfast to the nearby Chimneyhorriblehtingy
00:42 <XXTheKidXx> Come up with your own, Winters.
00:43 <XXTheKidXx> Or write an AU.
00:43 <41488p> please, Lordjesuschristamenamenamen-Doublequick
00:43 <Factionnaire> Thoughtcrime is onfrownedbadly
00:43 <ChaoZStrider> Any version of JTK that isn't written by the original author is a spin off.
00:43 <Winters1001> I have done my own.
00:43 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
00:43 <Factionnaire> Cease the duckspeak
00:43 -!- Rockamorow has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <XXTheKidXx> Do another one.
00:43 <Winters1001> Link here;
00:43 -!- Kyomu13 has left Special:Chat.
00:43 <41488p> well Sexualintercoursevulgar you too
00:43 <XXTheKidXx> lol
00:43 <41488p> I'm the only Femaledogthing here, you Stripperonapolething
00:43 <ChaoZStrider> Doctor 52, I am a moderator. Please PM me your problem.
00:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
00:44 <XXTheKidXx> Everyone say your favorite creepypasta!
00:44 <41488p> homework
00:44 <41488p> lel
00:44 <Factionnaire> Don't behave like a derrierevoid
00:44 <Rockamorow> Cheerlie's Garden
00:44 <41488p> that is my favorite Creepypasta
00:44 <Winters1001> It had to be brought back, the mods didn't read it and figured it was unfinished.
00:44 <41488p> gets me everytime
00:44 <ChaoZStrider> [[Psychosis]]
00:44 <XXTheKidXx> I like smile dog.
00:44 <Rockamorow> It isn't a pasta but fuck it
00:44 <541744>  this needs a responce
00:44 <XXTheKidXx> Yeah it is...
00:44 <Rockamorow> When you write "response" right...
00:44 <Rockamorow> KIDDING!
00:44 <Winters1001> I like the Russian Sleep Experiment and MK Ultra equally.
00:44 <Prince(ss) Platinum>
00:44 <Prince(ss) Platinum> fak
00:45 <Rockamorow> PRINCESS!
00:45 <41488p> wha
00:45 <Prince(ss) Platinum> I made a thing
00:45 <41488p> Shining pls
00:45 <41488p> cmon Shining
00:45 <XXTheKidXx> Haha nice try.
00:45 <Prince(ss) Platinum> in C++
00:45 <Rockamorow> Good think I can clear my window :)
00:45 <ChaoZStrider> [[User:Slender Lover 56]]
00:45 <ChaoZStrider> Also, you need to post something like this in the forums, not as a pasta.
00:45 <Factionnaire> 541744, if you had to post that, it would have been better as a blog post, not a page of its own.
00:45 <41488p> ^
00:45 <Factionnaire> Oh
00:45 <Factionnaire> Bad timing
00:45 <Factionnaire> Lool
00:45 <ChaoZStrider> [[User: Slender lover 56]]
00:46 <XXTheKidXx> "lool"?
00:46 <Prince(ss) Platinum> Cept the issue is 
00:46 <Prince(ss) Platinum> someone ripped it off
00:46 <Factionnaire> Laughing ostentatiously out loud
00:46 <Prince(ss) Platinum> bitches
00:46 <XXTheKidXx> haha all right then.
00:46 <Rockamorow> Laughing Onions Out Loud
00:46 <541744> My english  isn't very well
00:46 <Rockamorow> Ok that sucked
00:46 <Factionnaire> Yes Rock
00:46 <Factionnaire> Well no
00:46 <Factionnaire> Not that it sucked
00:46 <Factionnaire> I liked it
00:46 <Rockamorow> Yaay :3
00:46 <Factionnaire> You know why?
00:47 <Factionnaire> Because I'm a Soviet Onion
00:47 <Rockamorow> Why?
00:47 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <Factionnaire> *falls out of window*
00:47 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has left Special:Chat.
00:47 <XXTheKidXx> laughing ominously out loud... O.O
00:47 <Rockamorow> Cool
00:47 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Factionnaire> 'Tis more spooky that way, hmm, The Kid?
00:47 <Rockamorow> Pants-On-Head RETARDED...Man I love Zero Punctuation
00:47 <XXTheKidXx> Hell yeah.
00:47 <ChaoZStrider> please don't use the word Retard.
00:48 <ChaoZStrider> ^^
00:48 <Factionnaire> And I do suppose "lel" will become laughing eerily loud
00:48 <Rockamorow> I can't use it for nothing?
00:48 <Rockamorow> Not even for a quote?
00:48 <Doctor 52> Rock, do you change your profile pic every minute?
00:48 <Winters1001> SI get kicked and he gets warned. WTF Staff?
00:48 <ChaoZStrider> who got kicked and warned?
00:48 <Rockamorow> When I'm feeling like...yes
00:48 <XXTheKidXx> Winters, don't.
00:49 <XXTheKidXx> ChaoZ, I like your picture.
00:49 <ChaoZStrider> Slender lover? I banned him.
00:49 <Rockamorow> But, now I'm proudly to say, that I'm not a furry anymore
00:49 <Factionnaire> Pram hello [:
00:49 <Winters1001> I get kickd for the r word on th first time and whoever just said it gets warned.
00:49 <ChaoZStrider> Thanks, The Kid.
00:49 <Doctor 52> Pramalamadingdong
00:49 <XXTheKidXx> Any anime, I'm in.
00:49 <Rockamorow> I don't like anime
00:49 <Factionnaire> even chibitalia
00:49 <Winters1001> I feel like odds are stacked sevely against m,e for somereason.
00:49 <XXTheKidXx> O.O
00:49 <Factionnaire> ?
00:49 <ChaoZStrider> I don't kick for using that word, Winters.
00:49 <Rockamorow> I find it kinda dumb...
00:49 <The Last Paladin> now this is not a recording saying that he did it
00:49 <Rockamorow> (No offense)
00:49 <The Last Paladin> but ever since that day
00:50 <Rockamorow> Hey Franklin!
00:50 -!- Rockamorow was kicked from Special:Chat by Pramirez351
00:50 -!- Rockamorow has left Special:Chat.
00:50 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <Pramirez351> dam
00:50 <XXTheKidXx> ...
00:50 <Pramirez351> i was supposed to ban
00:50 <Factionnaire> aw dayum
00:50 <The Last Paladin> THAT WAS BACK WHEN I WAS NINE
00:50 -!- Rockamorow has joined Special:Chat
00:50 <ChaoZStrider> It is a rule that's consequence is up to the moderator who does it.
00:50 <XXTheKidXx> I need to get a Death the Kid picture.
00:50 <541744> I don't know why people hate me just because my english not very well :(
00:50 <Doctor 52> Ron Fucking Pearlman
00:50 <Rockamorow> Did I seriously got kicked for not liking anime?
00:50 <Pramirez351> no
00:50 <XXTheKidXx> To match my name.
00:50 <Factionnaire> It's their prerogative
00:50 <Factionnaire> And lol Rock
00:50 <XXTheKidXx> Haha, yes.
00:50 <ChaoZStrider> So no need to sweat, Winters. All is well.
00:51 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <Doctor 52> Adam fucking west
00:51 <Pramirez351> you got kicked for saying retarded offensively rock
00:51 <ChaoZStrider> Pram, saying retarded offensively isn't a right away ban.
00:51 <XXTheKidXx> 5417, Duncan!
00:51 <Pramirez351> i know chaoz
00:51 <Rockamorow> I didn't mean to be offensive, that's just a ZP quote
00:51 <XXTheKidXx> gtg
00:51 <Doctor 52> You can say it like "I have a retarded brother" though, if he really is retarded
00:51 -!- XXTheKidXx has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <ChaoZStrider> Unless it was changed on me again.
00:52 -!- FantasyFanatic19 has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <Pramirez351> but im pretty sure that its a ban if he has past offences in the same chat chaoz
00:52 -!- The Last Paladin has left Special:Chat.
00:52 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has joined Special:Chat
00:52 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <Factionnaire> Or something like "The fumes from the extinguisher retarded the spread of the flames"
00:52 <ChaoZStrider> How long has it been since his last offence?
00:52 <Factionnaire> Right?
00:52 <Doctor 52> Well, ima go. Bye guise, bye pram.
00:52 <JackofallSuits> Happy Mask
00:52 <Pramirez351> bye doctor
00:52 <JackofallSuits> Ohshii
00:52 <Doctor 52> Bai
00:52 <Pramirez351> i mean like, he has been doing stupid stuff for a while chaoz
00:52 <Doctor 52> 3
00:52 <541744> do people hate me just because I english not good?
00:52 <Doctor 52> 2
00:52 <TheMaskSalesMan> You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
00:52 <Doctor 52> 1
00:52 -!- Doctor 52 has left Special:Chat.
00:53 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
00:53 <Factionnaire> But then, it's unlikely that one would use that in a conversation on here
00:53 <TheMaskSalesMan> You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> I have not heard it used like that before, Facttionnaire.
00:53 <TeahThePsycho> But he left right when I came
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> Mask Salesman, don't spam.
00:53 <TheMaskSalesMan> I wont.
00:53 <TheMaskSalesMan> but, You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
00:53 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
00:53 <Factionnaire> He shouldn't have done that, huh
00:53 <JackofallSuits> Hey Chao
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> and has he, Pram? has he been banned for it before?
00:53 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> Hey, Jack~
00:53 <JackofallSuits> Can I run an avi by you?
00:53 -!- TheMaskSalesMan was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
00:53 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has left Special:Chat.
00:53 <The Koromo> hi
00:53 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> an Avi? Avatar?
00:53 <ChaoZStrider> Sure.
00:53 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has joined Special:Chat
00:53 <The Koromo> Hi all
00:53 <Factionnaire> Hi
00:54 <TheMaskSalesMan> i wont spam anymore
00:54 -!- Disasterology has joined Special:Chat
00:54 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <LosKings> Haaai
00:54 <ChaoZStrider> Saying the same thing repeatedly is spam ^^
00:54 <Pramirez351> again i meant if he has been doing stupid stuff for a while right now, i would ban him for that
00:54 <Factionnaire> Who's that in your new avatar?
00:54 <Pramirez351> @chaoz
00:54 <LosKings> Naw
00:54 <Andytags> and roleplaying is against the rules too
00:54 <The Koromo> Trent Reznor
00:54 <LosKings> Pram
00:54 <LosKings> You wouldn't
00:54 <Pramirez351> hello justin
00:54 <LosKings> You a nice guy
00:54 <Pramirez351> nop
00:54 <LosKings> So you would be kicking the shit out of him
00:54 <ChaoZStrider> In mine?
00:54 <Pramirez351> im a douche when i need to
00:54 <TeahThePsycho> ...
00:55 <TheMaskSalesMan> Hey how do you make a creepypasta? I want to make one about me.
00:55 <TeahThePsycho> Pram, your fair from a douche
00:55 <Factionnaire> Alas
00:55 <541744> if you like prank calls you will die laughing to the one we just did its called the stolen identity its on my channel if you click my name i owe you 10 bucks if you don't laugh your ass off
00:55 <LosKings> 541
00:55 <ChaoZStrider> Yea, you can ban him for that.
00:55 <Rockamorow> Wall of text+ Spam
00:55 <LosKings> Are you 414's cousin??
00:55 <ChaoZStrider> @Pram
00:55 <541744> jks
00:55 <41488p> wha
00:55 -!- FantasyFanatic19 has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <41488p> but I don't have any cousins
00:55 -!- TTRoseLalonde has joined Special:Chat
00:55 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
00:55 <LosKings> Shut up Kyle Wong
00:56 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <TeahThePsycho> I have a billion cousins
00:56 <LosKings> (D:)
00:56 <41488p> at least, not any that I've absorbed permanently into my bosom
00:56 <TheMaskSalesMan> You shouldn't have done that...
00:56 <41488p> HEHEH
00:56 <LosKings> I have 24 cousins..
00:56 <LosKings> And one more on the way
00:56 <LosKings> (:P)
00:56 <TheMaskSalesMan> good for you.
00:56 <Factionnaire> 414 is being lascivious
00:56 <TheMaskSalesMan> but...
00:56 <TheMaskSalesMan> You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
00:56 <LosKings> Oh my god
00:56 -!- TheMaskSalesMan was kicked from Special:Chat by ChaoZStrider
00:56 <LosKings> Dont
00:56 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has left Special:Chat.
00:56 <LosKings> yeah
00:56 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has joined Special:Chat
00:56 <Factionnaire> Lool
00:56 <TeahThePsycho> i dont get, who's getting banned
00:56 <TheMaskSalesMan> what did i do to get kicked?
00:56 <Factionnaire> This is mildly amusing
00:57 <TTRoseLalonde> Do I sense CP Roleplaying?  A.K.A. something against the rules.
00:57 <LosKings> You can't RP a character
00:57 <TheMaskSalesMan> I aint.
00:57 <ChaoZStrider> for saying it again, after being told to stop and you can't rp a character.
00:57 <TeahThePsycho> RP was lame but funny
00:57 <TheMaskSalesMan> Its just a username :P
00:57 <TeahThePsycho> At times
00:57 <LosKings> 'you've met your terrible fate"
00:57 <LosKings> really?
00:57 <541744> anyone wanna see a prank call I made
00:57 <Pramirez351> marketsalesman, just read [[Chat Rules]] 
00:57 <Factionnaire> *WITH A
00:57 <TheMaskSalesMan> and... i like using his phrases.
00:57 <Factionnaire> GET IT RIGHT MANNN
00:58 <Rockamorow> But, don't write it please...
00:58 <LosKings> TheMaskSalesMan*
00:58 <LosKings> @Pram
00:58 <Factionnaire> Not "your," duuuude
00:58 <TeahThePsycho> And what him get it wrong man
00:58 <TheMaskSalesMan> i aint rp. its just a username.
00:58 <LosKings> Or
00:58 <TeahThePsycho> *watch
00:58 <LosKings> was that supposed ot be an insult
00:58 <LosKings> (ic|)
00:58 <LosKings> oops
00:58 <Rockamorow> (icu)*
00:58 <Factionnaire> To whom do you ask this, LosKings?
00:59 <LosKings> ty
00:59 <Rockamorow> np
00:59 <LosKings> Fac, I'm asking Prammie
00:59 <The Koromo> i should probably go kill hookers in GTA 5.
00:59 <The Koromo> bbl
00:59 <LosKings> ^
00:59 <Factionnaire> Ooh okey, jost wandering
00:59 <Rockamorow> LOL
00:59 <LosKings> Always arousing
00:59 <Rockamorow> I'm preety sure GTA V will be GOTY
00:59 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
00:59 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
00:59 <Pramirez351> wut justin?
01:00 <LosKings> When you said his name
01:00 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
01:00 <LosKings> You said marketsalesman
01:00 <TTRoseLalonde> A Thousand Years of Pain - really just anal foreplay.
01:00 <Andytags> wow som ppl have no common courtesy 
01:00 <LosKings> Either that was an insult or you go it wrong.
01:00 -!- DeadWabbit15 has left Special:Chat.
01:00 -!- Creeper198 has joined Special:Chat
01:01 <TheMaskSalesMan> lol
01:01 <Factionnaire> Video games are so mainstream, I'm going to go knit an eccentric vest whilst listening to New Zealand jazz fusion
01:01 <Rockamorow> wat
01:01 <Creeper198> wat up ppl
01:01 <Pramirez351> no, i was just too lazy to spell it out justin
01:01 <Rockamorow> wat iz up
01:01 -!- TheMaskSalesMan has left Special:Chat.
01:01 <Factionnaire> The Battering Pram hath struck!!
01:02 <Creeper198> hey rylee
01:02 <Creeper198> danget he afk
01:02 <Creeper198> brn
01:02 <Rockamorow> Rylee doesn't talk alot...he's becoming the new Cupcaked08
01:02 <Creeper198> I mean brb
01:02 <Rockamorow>  Cupcakes*
01:02 <Factionnaire> I think Rylee is female
01:02 <Factionnaire> Might be mistaken, though
01:02 <LosKings> she is...
01:03 <Rockamorow> How do you know?
01:03 <LosKings> Tinychat
01:03 <Creeper198> hes I mean she is a girl
01:03 <Andytags> i need a new phone damnit
01:03 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <Factionnaire> Tinychat
01:03 <Rockamorow> Ok...
01:03 <541744> sweeeeeet! glad you came. think you could show someone else or post it on your facebook or twitter
01:04 <Creeper198> wave like u just don't care
01:04 <LosKings> well Andy tho u ned tooo tke englush clases
01:04 <Creeper198> brb
01:04 -!- Disasterology has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Andytags> Fuck off, nerd.
01:04 <LosKings> Hahaha, did you guys get it?
01:04 <LosKings> No?
01:04 -!- Creeper198 has left Special:Chat.
01:04 <Factionnaire> Some chat users meet up randomly on tinychat from time to time, right?
01:04 <Factionnaire> And is that your go-to insult Andy
01:04 <Andytags> Yeah.
01:04 <Factionnaire> (boo2)
01:05 -!- The thing in the Dark has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <The thing in the Dark> ........
01:05 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
01:05 <Rockamorow> (zoidberg)
01:05 <Factionnaire> The dots... they... FRIGHTEN... me
01:05 <Rockamorow> FAK
01:05 <Rockamorow> (zoid)
01:05 <Factionnaire> (didsomeonesayspidermanthread)
01:05 <Andytags> (booboo)
01:05 <Andytags> fuck
01:05 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has joined Special:Chat
01:05 <Shrubskill Nurse>
01:06 <Andytags> n
01:06 <Andytags>  o
01:06 -!- Punchwolf980 has joined Special:Chat
01:06 <Shrubskill Nurse>
01:06 <The thing in the Dark> I whant to be frightreing i am darkness
01:06 <Rockamorow> Spam
01:06 <Punchwolf980> lorem ipsum
01:06 -!- XXSerpentKillerXx has left Special:Chat.
01:06 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:06 <Punchwolf980> Aaaaaand then the chat died
01:06 <Punchwolf980> Hey neve
01:06 <Andytags> geodude
01:06 <Pramirez351> everything ok?
01:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey~
01:06 <Pramirez351> also hello Lee
01:07 <Andytags> someones bein a real nerd pram
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey~
01:07 <Punchwolf980> What's up NSWM?
01:07 <Andytags>
01:07 <Rockamorow> All I know is that I'm a procastinator...
01:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nuthin
01:07 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Punchwolf980> Well that's fucking inspiring
01:08 -!- Shrubskill Nurse has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <Winters1001> Hello all. I'm back.
01:08 <Punchwolf980> Wb winters
01:08 <Pramirez351> wb winters
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am inspiring
01:08 -!- TTRoseLalonde has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
01:08 <Rockamorow> (derpy) 
01:08 <Punchwolf980> Just like a rock is inspiring Neve :D
01:09 <Rockamorow> Rock?
01:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> My life is  boring man
01:09 <Punchwolf980> (didsomeonesayspidermanthread)
01:09 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
01:09 -!- Ch33zburgrLuvr has left Special:Chat.
01:09 <Punchwolf980> I'm sorry Neve D:
01:09 <Punchwolf980> So is mine right now, hence why CP chat was born
01:10 <Punchwolf980> So...Neve...what you should do is...light a building on fire
01:10 <Punchwolf980> Video tape it burning down
01:10 <LosKings> I just realized
01:10 <Punchwolf980> And post that pitch to youtube
01:10 <Punchwolf980> Step 4 ????
01:10 <LosKings> Basketball is going to start
01:10 <Punchwolf980> Step 5 Profit.
01:10 <LosKings> and Halloween
01:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> School, work, and  food are my main priorities. And lol
01:10 <Rockamorow> Step 6 THIS IS OLD
01:10 <LosKings> Which means fireworks!
01:10 <Punchwolf980> I know rock, but I'm bored
01:10 <Punchwolf980> If you feel you're more entertaining
01:10 <Punchwolf980> feel free to take the stand
01:11 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
01:11 <The thing in the Dark> does anybody want to be the darkness with me
01:11 <Rockamorow> I'm bored and sleepy...
01:11 <Rockamorow> I wanted to Biblet02 to be here
01:11 <Punchwolf980> @Los, Holloween is dead to me.
01:11 <Rockamorow> Or Metafawker
01:11 <Punchwolf980> Halloween*
01:11 <Punchwolf980> And I wanted to win the lottery today Rock ._.
01:11 <Punchwolf980> Looks like we're in the same boat
01:12 <Rockamorow> Yeah...Let's fish :3
01:12 <Winters1001> Hey, The Thing in the Dark, check PM.
01:12 <Punchwolf980> Can't rock D: Imma vegetarian
01:12 <Rockamorow> Ok...
01:12 <Punchwolf980> I thought we were in this boat because we drifted out to sea D:
01:12 -!- Peknak has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <Winters1001> I'm a Secondhand vegetarian. Cows eat grass, and I eat cows.
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Peknak
01:13 <Peknak> anyone know of some good pastas that arent so well known?
01:13 <Rockamorow> Not my fault, book the boat seller with the keyboard
01:13 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Not really
01:13 <Peknak> ok. i feel like i keep seeing the same general stuff a lot
01:13 <Punchwolf980> Why did the boat seller have a keyboard? D:
01:13 -!- Peknak has left Special:Chat.
01:14 <Punchwolf980> Sorry Peknak
01:14 -!- Irishninja0 has left Special:Chat.
01:14 <Rockamorow> Book him with YOUR keyboard :p
01:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I need to read more pastas these days
01:15 -!- ForgottenSoul13 has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- ForgottenSoul13 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <Factionnaire> Neve, hellohello
01:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Fact
01:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ~
01:15 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <Punchwolf980> How am I supposed to hit the boat seller with a book with my keyboard Rock?
01:15 <Rockamorow> I rally dunno what to write in Spinpasta Wiki...another Breath spin-off or more The Nicotine Crew episodes...
01:16 <Punchwolf980> ╚╔╩├┼
01:16 <Rockamorow> Book also means hit
01:16 <Rockamorow> To me atleast
01:16 <Punchwolf980> Both rock
01:16 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
01:16 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <Punchwolf980> Oh, I've not heard that idiom
01:16 <Rockamorow> I got booked by a book once
01:16 <Punchwolf980> A past professor of mine was almost booked by a book once ._.
01:17 <Punchwolf980> But he asked for it
01:17 <Rockamorow> LOL how?
01:17 <Punchwolf980> Litterally
01:17 <Punchwolf980> It was french class and he was demonstrating the verb throw, and he asked a member of the class to throw their book at him
01:17 <Punchwolf980> So that class member complied
01:17 <Rockamorow> Hey, check out the Spinpasta Wiki anytime, there's some cool stuff there :)
01:17 <Rockamorow> Also LOL
01:18 <Rockamorow> What happened to the class member?
01:18 <Punchwolf980> Nothing bad, everyone laughed their ass off including the teacher
01:18 <Punchwolf980> Mind you, this teacher supposedly killed 4 lions with his bare hands
01:18 <Rockamorow> XD, cool teacher
01:19 <Andytags> using proper grammar makes you look srs 
01:19 <Punchwolf980> As he grew up in Africa ._.
01:19 <Punchwolf980> It does Andy, it does.
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He tried to off himself with a book? Now if only it were my old geometry teacher...
01:19 <Punchwolf980> Wait...what Neve? O-o
01:19 <Punchwolf980> How did...oh wait
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Imean
01:19 <Punchwolf980> I see what you did their
01:19 <Punchwolf980> there*
01:19 <Punchwolf980> Fuuuuu
01:19 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Ic)
01:19 <Punchwolf980> fufufufufu
01:20 -!- Wolfenmaus has joined Special:Chat
01:20 <Wolfenmaus>
01:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Duration: 00:18 - Uploaded: 2013-10-02 - Rating: 4.980723 - Views: 10,070 -
01:20 <Wolfenmaus> New pokemon movie looks brutal.
01:20 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
01:20 <Punchwolf980> dafuq was that wolfen
01:20 -!- AliceHorror has joined Special:Chat
01:20 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <Rockamorow> Wat juz happen?
01:21 <AliceHorror> Wat?
01:21 -!- Obaseller has joined Special:Chat
01:21 -!- Within x Insanity has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <Punchwolf980> everyone pick a letter
01:21 <AliceHorror> B
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen, Charizard is now a dragon/fire type
01:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Hcg)
01:21 <Punchwolf980> O-o
01:21 <Within x Insanity> Hello...
01:21 <Rockamorow> Is that fucking pokemon? REALLY?!
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Within
01:22 <The thing in the Dark> SUCK IT BOSTON
01:22 <Punchwolf980> What is this Og noles Thing?
01:22 <AliceHorror> Wat da fafuq is happenin?
01:22 <Winters1001> There was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant who became a teacher at a college. To test him he was assigned ALL the delinquents  they could fit into a class. He had injured his back the week before and had to wear a back brace which fit under his shirt. On the first day he strolled easily into the room and opened the window. The students went wild. Then the wind blew and flicked his tie to the side. he held it in place, grabbed a stapler, and stapled it to his chest. The year went very smoothly and there were no problems.
01:22 -!- AliceHorror has left Special:Chat.
01:22 <Punchwolf980> < fafuq
01:22 <Winters1001> Sorry for wall of text.
01:22 <Pramirez351> mind warning before putting a wall?
01:22 -!- AliceHorror has joined Special:Chat
01:22 <Rockamorow> ^
01:22 <Punchwolf980> Good job reposting an old meme Winters :D
01:22 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
01:22 <Rockamorow> That works
01:22 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> that wall of pingas
01:22 -!- Doctor 52 has joined Special:Chat
01:23 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Doc
01:23 <Wolfenmaus> Staff Sergeant Max D. Fightmaster 
01:23 <Punchwolf980> 414, how long til you get kicked this time? :D
01:23 <41488p> let's see!
01:23 <Winters1001> Is that the one?
01:23 <Rockamorow> What was the saddest thing you ever read in your entire life?
01:23 <Doctor 52> You bastards made me come back
01:23 <Rockamorow> Mine's My Little Dashie
01:23 -!- Within x Insanity has left Special:Chat.
01:23 <Winters1001> Max D. Fightmaster?
01:23 <Wolfenmaus> He's a real person.
01:23 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:23 <Wolfenmaus> With an awesome name.
01:23 <Winters1001> Mine was you saying My Little Dashie was sad.
01:24 <Winters1001> That's cool.
01:24 <Punchwolf980> I really don't know lol
01:24 <Doctor 52> Mine is that the sun will make the world uninhabitable in less than 1,000,000.
01:24 <The thing in the Dark> What is noles!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!  THE ARE THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVA
01:24 <Rockamorow> If you understand about MLP, it is
01:24 <Doctor 52> years
01:24 <Punchwolf980> my forte
01:24 <The thing in the Dark> ^fuck u
01:24 <Factionnaire> I feel ya, brotha
01:24 <Punchwolf980> Fuck you too thing
01:24 <Pramirez351> mind calmin down the stretching the thing in the dark?
01:24 <Factionnaire> AW SHET
01:24 <Wolfenmaus> I hate Football.
01:25 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:25 <Punchwolf980> ^
01:25 <Doctor 52> Dark, the best football tam is the patriots
01:25 <Rockamorow> I hate any sport...
01:25 <Punchwolf980> ^
01:25 <AliceHorror> I enjoy playing it.
01:25 <The thing in the Dark> srry when i get into foot ball i get intinsev
01:25 <The thing in the Dark> srry
01:25 <Factionnaire> Neve is backackackack
01:25 <Punchwolf980> wb Neve
01:25 <Doctor 52> Dark, American football?
01:25 <AliceHorror> In video games, also real
01:25 <Rockamorow> If Video-Games are sports...that's an exception
01:25 <Punchwolf980> dafuq happened?
01:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But swim team master race
01:25 <The thing in the Dark> yes american
01:25 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thanks guys
01:25 <Doctor 52> Then the pats
01:25 <Punchwolf980> Futbol is not being discussed lawl
01:25 <Doctor 52> Patriots are the bes
01:26 <Doctor 52> *best
01:26 <Punchwolf980> They're the cow!
01:26 <Winters1001> I haven't watched a sports event since I watched b-v in the Olympics opening march!
01:26 <Doctor 52> You guys just hate sports cause your fat
01:26 <Wolfenmaus> No
01:26 <Punchwolf980> I'm not fat O-o
01:26 <The thing in the Dark> im talking about college
01:26 <Doctor 52> *you're
01:26 <Punchwolf980> I surf and play paintball
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I like that team the Ravens
01:26 <Doctor 52> The say college
01:26 <Wolfenmaus> I like lacrosse and boxing.
01:26 <Doctor 52> The ravens?
01:26 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
01:26 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cuz I like ravens
01:26 <Wolfenmaus> I just hate football.
01:26 <Rockamorow> >*you're
01:26 <541744> That's why you use incognito mode! Or else this shit happens kids!
01:26 <AliceHorror> Soccer
01:27 <Punchwolf980> Exactly, I dislike football 
01:27 <Winters1001> Actually, I'm severely underweight by about 60-70 pounds.
01:27 <Rockamorow> Grammar Nazi detected!
01:27 <Doctor 52> You like Ray Lewis?
01:27 <Punchwolf980> What do you mean 341744?
01:27 <The thing in the Dark> G2g srry bout my anger bye
01:27 <Doctor 52> Lacrosse is one of the best sports there is though
01:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have no earthly idea about american sports and that is all I know
01:27 <541744> nvm
01:27 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
01:27 <Winters1001> I'm not fat. I just don't sports. I'll hike, jog, climb.Anyhting but sports. 
01:27 <Punchwolf980> Opinion doctor...Opinion
01:28 <Punchwolf980> HEADCOUNT.  brb
01:28 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Winters do you run?
01:28 <The thing in the Dark> bye
01:28 -!- The thing in the Dark has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <AliceHorror> tBye!~
01:28 <Rockamorow> I hate how people don't respect opinions anymore...
01:28 <541744> omg poor kid, i feel awful
01:28 <Rockamorow> That's one of the reasons I hate humanity
01:28 <Doctor 52> Baseball: Sucks, Hockey: Good, Golf: Meh, Lax: Amazing, Football: Good, Soccer: I hate soccer
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> You have an opinion that isn't mine?
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> BLASPHEMY!
01:29 <Rockamorow> ^
01:29 <Rockamorow> Humans in a nutshell
01:29 <Doctor 52> Blasphemer! 
01:29 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Opinions are like dead strippers
01:29 -!- Jeff The Killers Son Josh has joined Special:Chat
01:29 <541744> That was cruel man ...
01:29 <Doctor 52> You're only making it worse!
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> Oh, don't go being a...
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> oh, what do you call them...
01:29 <AliceHorror> No faith in humanity restored
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> Erm...
01:29 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> does enybuddy belive jeff the killer 
01:29 <Doctor 52> Banana?
01:29 <Wolfenmaus> Right on the tip of my tongue...
01:30 -!- Rockamorow has left Special:Chat.
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No you RP 
01:30 -!- Wilson64 has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <AliceHorror> Bitch?
01:30 <Wolfenmaus> No, no.
01:30 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> Im jeffs son 
01:30 <Doctor 52> Jeff the killer is fake
01:30 <AliceHorror> Douche?
01:30 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> jk im not
01:30 <Wolfenmaus> Ah.
01:30 <Wolfenmaus> I remember.
01:30 <Winters1001> I'm Jeff's Proxie.
01:30 <Factionnaire> REALLY DOCTOR
01:30 <Wolfenmaus> Misanthropisy.
01:30 <Winters1001> John.
01:30 <Wolfenmaus> Misanthropist*
01:30 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> but jeff is not fake
01:30 <Factionnaire> I thought he was going to come get me tonight
01:30 <Doctor 52> He is
01:30 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Sure kid
01:30 <541744> I feel bad for him........ :(
01:30 <Factionnaire> 'Tis a relief
01:30 <AliceHorror> WHi didn't I think of thaat!
01:31 <Wolfenmaus> Dude, we know the guy who created Jeff.
01:31 <Doctor 52> wat
01:31 <Wolfenmaus> Stop being a dumbass.
01:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
01:31 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> no hes not I belive in him ur all just dumb 
01:31 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Wolfenmaus> Kid, learn how to logic.
01:31 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Josh the internet is not for you
01:31 <Doctor 52> Wolf, Neve and I are the only logical people in here.
01:31 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> jk wow u guys are relly serius about that lol calm down
01:31 <AliceHorror> He could be real, but it would be in a diffrent universe
01:31 <Factionnaire> Who's a dumbass now?! Are you instigating a punching session?!?!
01:31 -!- Wilson64 has left Special:Chat.
01:31 <Factionnaire> SIRIUS
01:32 <Factionnaire> Sirius Blac
01:32 <Factionnaire> *Black
01:32 <Doctor 52> Ur cerial?
01:32 <Factionnaire> Heretic I am
01:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> LEVIOSAAA
01:32 <541744> does anyone wanna see a prank call I made?
01:32 <AliceHorror> Harry Potter Reference!
01:32 <Factionnaire> YUS!
01:32 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> why u so serious about that question jez calm down 
01:32 <Doctor 52> Heretic! Blasphemer!
01:32 <AliceHorror> Batman Reference
01:32 <ChaoZStrider> o.o
01:32 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> rszxtdyfcgvbhouyituszxk
01:32 <Factionnaire> /me high-fives AliceHorror quite potterly
01:32 <541744>
01:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: McDonalds Semen Coke - Prank call - (How to get a free meal) - Duration: 08:14 - Uploaded: 2012-06-07 - Rating: 4.907593 - Views: 1,394,477 -
01:32 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> ow
01:32 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:32 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> You dont believe in penis
01:33 <Doctor 52> Oh i get it
01:33 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> IM GOD 
01:33 <Doctor 52> Heritic
01:33 <Factionnaire> Well now
01:33 <Factionnaire> Bye all
01:33 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has left Special:Chat.
01:33 <Doctor 52> From batman inc.
01:33 <AliceHorror> Bye!~
01:33 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> jk god isent real 
01:33 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bye Fact
01:33 -!- Factionnaire has left Special:Chat.
01:33 -!- TheWaht has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Wolfenmaus> Here's a thought.
01:33 <AliceHorror> *Highfives Fact* 
01:33 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
01:33 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <Wolfenmaus> If Jeff's skin turned black instead of white...
01:33 <Doctor 52> lol
01:33 <541744> or you can see a funnier one
01:33 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Apple store - Prank call - Mac Vs PC - Duration: 06:27 - Uploaded: 2012-06-21 - Rating: 4.814941 - Views: 1,050,875 -
01:33 <Wolfenmaus> Would he have been considered racist?
01:34 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> hahaha lol
01:34 <TheWaht> ^
01:34 <Doctor 52> He would be black faced
01:34 <AliceHorror> Most likely.
01:34 <TheWaht> ^
01:34 <Wolfenmaus> Like, something along the lines of:
01:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And on that day Josh started to be known as "Newfriend"
01:34 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wolfen lol
01:34 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
01:34 <Doctor 52> Jeff the n****
01:34 <Wolfenmaus> "Oh, the kid turnes black, and suddenly he's a killa? Das wacist!"
01:34 <AliceHorror> I have to go, bye!
01:35 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> newfriend?
01:35 -!- AliceHorror has left Special:Chat.
01:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> If I were JtK. I would be best racial steriotype
01:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
01:35 <Doctor 52> ladies, chillax
01:35 -!- Princess Monogatari has joined Special:Chat
01:35 <Punchwolf980> And I'm back
01:35 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wb Punch
01:35 <Doctor 52> oh
01:35 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> no ur not 
01:35 <Doctor 52> ...
01:36 <Princess Monogatari>
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> >words
01:36 <Punchwolf980> Thank you Neve
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> >words
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> Just
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> OK
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >WORDS
01:36 <ChaoZStrider> Time for my halloween picture~
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> But guys
01:36 <Punchwolf980> WORDS
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> Guys
01:36 <Punchwolf980> girsl
01:36 <Punchwolf980> Girls*
01:36 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yes
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> How do I make fancy emblems and shit on ACVD?
01:36 <Doctor 52> Tear down the wall!
01:36 <Jeff The Killers Son Josh> WOOOOOOOOOOW
01:36 <Wolfenmaus> Wait
01:36 -!- Jeff The Killers Son Josh has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <Punchwolf980> THE WALL!
01:36 <Wolfenmaus> MONO IS A GIRL?!
01:36 <ChaoZStrider> ACVD?
01:36 <Princess Monogatari> Like this?
01:36 <Wolfenmaus> .0.
01:36 <Punchwolf980> Acid?!
01:36 <Esoteric Entity> Who's Mono?
01:37 <Princess Monogatari> What is mono*
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> Alright, done.
01:37 <Punchwolf980> Mono is a person.
01:37 <Doctor 52> Anus is feminine
01:37 <Wolfenmaus> Wait, Princess.
01:37 <Punchwolf980> Well sorta
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> refreshing~
01:37 <Princess Monogatari> Mono is a disease
01:37 -!- Biblet02 has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <Wolfenmaus> Did you used to be Monogatari-6TR?
01:37 <Biblet02> Sorry about erlier....
01:37 <Biblet02> :c
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> Hai
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mono is a disease
01:37 <Punchwolf980> WE MEAN YOU PRINCESS
01:37 <Doctor 52> Mono is pretty princess.
01:37 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Ninja
01:37 <Biblet02> Why did i even get banned?
01:37 <Punchwolf980> Wait...Princess Mono is a disease!
01:37 <ChaoZStrider> ^-^ I have my halloween
01:37 <TheWaht> &
01:38 <Princess Monogatari> Check ban log
01:38 <Esoteric Entity> Why were you banned?
01:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Chaoz lol
01:38 <Punchwolf980> WE MUST RUN FROM HER/HIM/IT
01:38 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Nice
01:38 <541744> Weird Fact: You need to know how to use Windows to get a job at Apple
01:38 <Doctor 52> Nibble my giblets
01:38 <ChaoZStrider> Biblet, how long ago were you banned?
01:38 <Biblet02> This morning
01:38 <TheWaht> Wow..?
01:38 <Doctor 52> Wiggle my niblets
01:38 <Biblet02> I Was saying i thought something was NSFW
01:38 <Princess Monogatari> Should I change my avi too?
01:38 <Biblet02> And reading banned me....
01:38 <Biblet02> It was some weird burger thing....
01:38 <ChaoZStrider> Also, no, my picture isn't of something related to JTK
01:38 <Doctor 52> Too much royalty in this chat
01:38 <TheWaht> Yah
01:39 <Princess Monogatari> How do I beat a wallet warrior?
01:39 <Punchwolf980> That's funny 541744
01:39 <Biblet02> Even the guy who posted it when i said something about the body parts on the sides said "Thats the meat"
01:39 <Biblet02> And he would not stop linking it
01:39 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
01:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> He posted a NSFW site and was banned by Nick
01:39 <Biblet02> Who is nick?
01:39 <Pramirez351> biblet, you were banned for like a second
01:39 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But unbanned
01:39 <Biblet02> OH
01:39 <ChaoZStrider> It is Komura Kiwi from Deadman Wonderland.
01:39 <Biblet02> x3
01:39 <Punchwolf980> Accidents happen biblet
01:39 <Princess Monogatari> I'm a pretty-pretty princess, but, I CAN'T BEAT A WALLET WARRIOR.
01:39 <Biblet02> I Thought i got banned for like 3 days
01:39 <Punchwolf980> Because you're a disease Princess
01:39 <Biblet02> x3
01:40 <Princess Monogatari> I should infect them.
01:40 <541744> I kick is like a 1 second ban
01:40 -!- TheWaht has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <Punchwolf980> You still die Princess 
01:40 <541744> *A
01:40 <Punchwolf980> Eventually you will run out of hosts
01:40 <Doctor 52> Princess this, Princess that... why so many princesses? Why no Princes or Kings or Queens?
01:40 <ChaoZStrider> Komura Kiwi=creepiest mother fucker in that series.
01:40 <Punchwolf980> Because fuck that Doctor
01:40 <Punchwolf980> Actually idk
01:41 <Punchwolf980> There just isn't
01:41 -!- Biblet02 has left Special:Chat.
01:41 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:41 <Doctor 52> #Toomuchroyalty 
01:41 <Punchwolf980> Make an account called KingQueenPrince
01:41 <Punchwolf980> Problem solved
01:41 <Punchwolf980> In under 30 minutes
01:41 <Punchwolf980> or your money back
01:41 <Doctor 52> I'm the only doctor on this chat
01:41 <Punchwolf980> Sorry no cods
01:42 <Punchwolf980> I know Doctor, and I was talking to you
01:42 <Punchwolf980> Or to myself
01:42 <Wolfenmaus> This reminds me of the time I fapped in a car.
01:42 <Punchwolf980> Whichever is more accurate
01:42 <Wolfenmaus> In public.
01:42 -!- Princess Monogatari has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <Punchwolf980> Good for you Wolfen
01:42 <Wolfenmaus> I was a stupid teenager.
01:42 <Doctor 52> if there is any other ones kill them
01:42 <JackofallSuits> So
01:42 <Punchwolf980> /me smacks wolfen with trout
01:42 <JackofallSuits> Would anyone like to see the greatest video ever?
01:42 <Punchwolf980> > is any other ones
01:42 <Doctor 52> /me shoots himself.
01:42 <Punchwolf980> No jack
01:43 <JackofallSuits> Goodie, here you go!
01:43 <JackofallSuits>
01:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: MMD Newcomer Solid Snake - Duration: 03:08 - Uploaded: 2011-12-29 - Rating: 4.946768 - Views: 16,411 -
01:43 <Punchwolf980> YAY! :D  wait...I mean NOOO! D:<
01:43 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <Doctor 52> Jack iz a dweeb
01:43 <541744>
01:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: McDonalds - Poo in my Burger - Prank call - Duration: 07:50 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.860811 - Views: 1,648,942 -
01:43 <JackofallSuits> Well thanks
01:43 -!- Biblet02 has joined Special:Chat
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Jack is a Gawd
01:44 <Doctor 52> I beg ye pardon? 
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Look at my avatar
01:44 <Doctor 52> Neve 
01:44 <Doctor 52> oh god
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And orgasm
01:44 <Biblet02> lee
01:44 <Biblet02> whuy?
01:44 -!- Biblet02 has left Special:Chat.
01:44 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> CUZ HALLOWEEN
01:44 -!- Princess Monogatari has joined Special:Chat
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> < look at this sexy fucker.
01:45 <Princess Monogatari> But guys
01:45 <JackofallSuits> Hey Mono
01:45 <Princess Monogatari> How do I make ACVD art
01:45 <JackofallSuits> You missed the greatest video ever
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Momo
01:45 <Princess Monogatari> Gahl
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >momo
01:45 <Punchwolf980> I know what I'm fapping to now tonight Neve (Ic)
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Huehue)
01:45 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hue
01:45 <Punchwolf980> (hue)
01:46 -!- Princess Monogatari has left Special:Chat.
01:46 <Punchwolf980> (Huehue)
01:46 <Punchwolf980> So one day I was walking down the street
01:46 <Punchwolf980> And I saw a 15 foot tall blind giant fixing a rooftop
01:46 <Punchwolf980> whilst simultaneously urinating on a group of sheep attempting to cure AIDS
01:46 <Punchwolf980> Twas quite the sight
01:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Derp)
01:47 -!- Kenpachi312 has joined Special:Chat
01:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Ken
01:47 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
01:47 <Punchwolf980> Why is the chat so dead that I had to type that??
01:47 <Winters1001>!
01:47 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Idk mang
01:47 <Punchwolf980> I'm not mang
01:48 -!- Milk Steak has joined Special:Chat
01:48 <Punchwolf980> Do not call me mang
01:48 <Punchwolf980> cholo
01:48 <Winters1001> Brand new pasta. Check it out and tell me what you think please.
01:48 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
01:48 <Punchwolf980> (Ic)
01:48 <Milk Steak> welp
01:48 <Doctor 52> Back in the good old days when hotel owners would send a hooker to your room
01:48 <Punchwolf980> I hate that word so much
01:48 <Punchwolf980> ...
01:48 <Milk Steak> welp?
01:48 <JackofallSuits> orgasgminal charwactor donut steel
01:48 <Punchwolf980> Yes welp
01:48 <Milk Steak> whats wrong with that
01:48 <Milk Steak> ?
01:48 <Milk Steak> i love tht word
01:49 <Doctor 52> Bai guys
01:49 <Punchwolf980> And I remember the good ol days differently, I remember their being a hooker waiting for you
01:49 <Wolfenmaus> It's 'whelp'.
01:49 <Wolfenmaus> It means peon.
01:49 <Milk Steak> thats not how i use
01:49 <JackofallSuits> No, it's whip
01:49 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <Doctor 52> bye
01:49 <JackofallSuits> And you're about to get it
01:49 <Doctor 52> BYE
01:49 <Punchwolf980> And I hate welp because it's not funny
01:49 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
01:49 <Punchwolf980> It's just stupid
01:49 <Punchwolf980> And I don't need more of a reason
01:49 <Doctor 52> bye!!!
01:49 <Milk Steak> i use welp in a different way
01:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> <Jack prepare thy anal canal
01:49 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HERE I COME
01:49 <JackofallSuits> gooby no
01:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *CUM
01:50 <Doctor 52> GOOD BYE
01:50 <JackofallSuits> gooby pls
01:50 <Punchwolf980> What teh fuck is this shit
01:50 <Milk Steak> i combined "well" and "yep"
01:50 <Doctor 52> !!!!!
01:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gooby tiem
01:50 <Milk Steak> thus making "welp"
01:50 <Doctor 52> Bye
01:50 <Punchwolf980> IT"S STUPID MILK
01:50 <Doctor 52> Bye
01:50 <Doctor 52> Bai
01:50 <Punchwolf980> /me kicks Milk Steak
01:50 <Milk Steak> maybe ur stupid
01:50 <JackofallSuits> Milk
01:50 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bye Doc
01:50 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
01:50 <JackofallSuits> How coincidental 
01:50 <Punchwolf980> That's statistically improbable Milk
01:50 <JackofallSuits> I happen to be looking at an image of milk
01:50 -!- Kenpachi312 has left Special:Chat.
01:50 <JackofallSuits> Very... nice milk
01:51 -!- Doctor 52 has left Special:Chat.
01:51 <Milk Steak> statistically i dont give a damn
01:51 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <Milk Steak> ur a dumbface
01:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Mulk > milk
01:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Malk > Mulk
01:51 <Punchwolf980> But my mum doesn't hev any melk in her pellow case
01:51 <Punchwolf980> I'm not a dumb face Milk >_> but I do disagree with the word welp
01:51 <JackofallSuits> Oh it's milk in "pillows" alright 
01:51 <Punchwolf980> Hev Melk Pellow
01:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wen mi mum mke hte melk
01:51 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
01:51 <Milk Steak> im gonna still use it
01:52 <Winters1001> Anyone here wanting to read an amateur creepypasta and then point out each and every flaw you find to me?
01:52 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
01:52 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
01:52 <Milk Steak> its my word dammit
01:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Naw
01:52 <Winters1001> If so link is here;!
01:52 <JackofallSuits> Nah mang you came to the wrong chat
01:52 <JackofallSuits> We don't read pasta
01:52 <JackofallSuits> We look at porn
01:52 <Milk Steak> we eat pasta
01:52 <JackofallSuits> Imeanwhat
01:52 <Milk Steak> and that
01:52 <Winters1001> You can say anything you like to make it better. I need any suggestion you have.
01:52 <Punchwolf980> It's not your word at all Milk, it's Tumblr's if I remember
01:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We critique porn
01:52 <Punchwolf980> Or reddit's
01:53 <Punchwolf980> Deja fucking vu
01:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> If you have any...
01:53 <Punchwolf980> Have we had this fucking conversation before?
01:53 <JackofallSuits> Critique porn
01:53 <Milk Steak> ive never heard/seen someone else use that word
01:53 <541744> ahahahha
01:53 <JackofallSuits> I just imagined Angry Porn Watching Nerd
01:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I use it alot
01:53 <JackofallSuits> Ohgodwhy
01:53 <Punchwolf980> I have, all over the internet Milk O_o what rock have you been living under
01:53 <Milk Steak> this one
01:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Welp
01:53 <541744> I just watched my prank call
01:53 <541744> XD
01:53 <Punchwolf980>
01:53 <541744> it was funny
01:53 <JackofallSuits> "What the monkey fuck is this?!"
01:53 <Punchwolf980> Actually Milk, it appears it's from Dumb and Dumber
01:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> It is? Holy shit love that movie
01:54 <Milk Steak> dammit Jim Carrey!!!
01:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol 
01:54 <Milk Steak> Welp, I guess I can't use that word anymore...
01:54 <Milk Steak> :P
01:54 <JackofallSuits> "Who's a good birdie?"
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Poor blind kid
01:54 <JackofallSuits> Screw that, poor bird
01:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
01:54 <541744> Video Games or Board Games?
01:54 <Punchwolf980> Good.  
01:55 <Punchwolf980> Video Games 54
01:55 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
01:55 <Milk Steak> neither
01:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Board games
01:55 <Punchwolf980> FUCK YOU NEVE, VIDEO GAMES
01:55 <JackofallSuits> I don't play board games
01:55 <JackofallSuits> I play bored games
01:55 <Punchwolf980> /me tackles neve
01:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> But SORRY master race
01:55 <Milk Steak> ladies please...
01:55 <Milk Steak> continue
01:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And monopoly
01:56 <Punchwolf980> Hey...just because I call video games Mein Fuhur does NOT mean they're the master race
01:56 <Milk Steak> Furhur*
01:56 <Milk Steak> i think
01:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I still play Shoots and Ladders (derp)
01:56 <Milk Steak> snakes and ladders
01:56 <Punchwolf980> Both wrong it's Fuhrer*
01:57 <Milk Steak> ah i see
01:57 <541744> No in windows you get a blue screen of death, OSX you get a black kernel panic and in Linux a penguin called Pingu rips up each system file individualy
01:57 <Milk Steak> what are you talking about?
01:57 <Punchwolf980> That's awesome
01:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> *Führer
01:57 <Winters1001> You need the fancy u in fuhrer.
01:57 <Punchwolf980> I dont' get BSODS though xD I haven't since Windows 95
01:57 <Punchwolf980> Actually you do Winters, it's technically a different spelling
01:57 <Punchwolf980> Read that wrong Winters XD
01:58 <Punchwolf980> I inserted a "don't" mentally
01:58 <Punchwolf980> And now
01:58 <Punchwolf980> I'm talking to myself
01:58 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
01:58 <Milk Steak> yes, yes you are
01:58 <Punchwolf980> SPEAK YOU SILENT FUCKS D:<
01:58 <Milk Steak> no
01:58 <Milk Steak> i dont wanna
01:58 <ClericofMadness> no
01:58 -!- Natalia Arlovskya has left Special:Chat.
01:58 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
01:58 <Punchwolf980> YAY Cleric! :D
01:58 <Milk Steak> Cleric
01:58 <Milk Steak> i just wanted to say
01:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Cleric gtfo
01:58 <Milk Steak> i think
01:59 <541744> I like u but u try to be cool by swearing i mean i cant stop cracking up but ur langauge is not amazingly holy lol jokes
01:59 <Punchwolf980> Milk is in love with you
01:59 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <Milk Steak> .....fuck i dont know where i was going with this
01:59 -!- Brokenkenya has joined Special:Chat
01:59 <Punchwolf980> 54...who are you talking to?
01:59 <Brokenkenya> GUYS/GIRLS!
01:59 <Punchwolf980> No Broken
01:59 <Brokenkenya> I made a song
01:59 <Milk Steak> okay....
02:00 <Punchwolf980> I said no! D:< *throws TV*
02:00 <JackofallSuits> Well excuuuse me princess
02:00 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <541744> CPChatLogger
02:00 <Brokenkenya>
02:00 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Demonstration - Duration: 05:50 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 4 -
02:00 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:00 <Milk Steak> five goddamn minutes?!
02:00 <Punchwolf980> 54...who were you talking to?!
02:00 <541744> That's who imma talkin to
02:00 <Brokenkenya> no video
02:00 <541744> CPCHATLogger
02:00 <Punchwolf980> didn't block that?
02:00 <Brokenkenya> so you could just listen to it
02:00 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That is a bot
02:00 <Milk Steak> what is this?
02:00 <Punchwolf980> You listen to the bot?! XD
02:01 -!- Cam.sevigne has joined Special:Chat
02:01 <Milk Steak> weird cahnting
02:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Cam
02:01 <Milk Steak> chanting*
02:01 <Brokenkenya> isnt it beautiful?
02:01 <Milk Steak> creepy whispering
02:01 <Milk Steak> was that you whos whispering
02:01 <Punchwolf980> It would be beautiful if I were on Shrooms.
02:01 <Milk Steak> ?
02:01 <541744> Thanks for the advice! I actually regretted commenting this almost as soon as I posted it. I'll do the best I can to remove the comment then.
02:01 <Cam.sevigne> hey :D added my first pasta :)
02:01 <Brokenkenya> yup
02:01 <Punchwolf980> Right's awkward xD
02:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gud4u
02:01 <Brokenkenya> all from things lying around my room
02:01 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> (Y)
02:01 <Milk Steak> it feels like ur breathing down my neck
02:01 <Punchwolf980> *slow clap* good job Cam
02:02 <Cam.sevigne> *takes a bow*
02:02 <Punchwolf980> Cleric, you say one word then disappear.
02:02 -!- Castiels Nipples has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <Milk Steak> hi Nips
02:02 <Castiels Nipples> hi, you.
02:02 <Brokenkenya> hey nipplez
02:02 <Punchwolf980> Nipples are here!
02:02 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Cast
02:02 -!- Katherine.valdivieso.777 has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <JackofallSuits> Cover yourself!
02:02 <Castiels Nipples> Neve. Punch. Broken < 3
02:02 <Milk Steak> so the song was....not really a song
02:02 <JackofallSuits> That's indecent! 
02:03 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <JackofallSuits> Heyo nips
02:03 <Milk Steak> but it was good
02:03 <41488p>
02:03 <Castiels Nipples> hi you.
02:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Katherine
02:03 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> Hai I'm new
02:03 <41488p> hi me
02:03 <41488p> hi
02:03 <Brokenkenya> it was rewally me just experimenting with different sounds
02:03 <Punchwolf980> dafuq 41
02:03 <41488p> hi 777
02:03 <Brokenkenya> but ty
02:03 <41488p> hi
02:03 <Castiels Nipples> *licks new person*
02:03 <Punchwolf980> Hey 41
02:03 <JackofallSuits> Want to see an amazing video?
02:03 <41488p> hi
02:03 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 414 lol
02:03 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> Aye
02:03 <41488p> hi
02:03 <JackofallSuits>
02:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: MMD Newcomer Solid Snake - Duration: 03:08 - Uploaded: 2011-12-29 - Rating: 4.946768 - Views: 16,412 -
02:03 <Punchwolf980> sonofabitch
02:03 <Milk Steak> i would use for a scene in a movie where a guy has a really bad drug hallucination
02:03 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> xD EW siliva
02:03 <JackofallSuits> Greatest thing ever
02:03 <41488p> cumgargling slut
02:04 <Castiels Nipples> :D
02:04 -!- Cam.sevigne has left Special:Chat.
02:04 <Brokenkenya> Totally
02:04 <41488p> by the way that isn't my quote
02:04 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> My avatar is small .o.
02:04 <541744> weird the 28th of janurary 2026 is my birthday
02:04 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I gargle pootis
02:04 <41488p> because I'm a cumgargling slut :((((
02:04 <Punchwolf980> Dafuq 54
02:04 <Punchwolf980> Why is that weird?
02:04 <41488p> is 54 high?
02:04 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> Does anyone know how to take gum off a tv? .o.
02:04 -!- Yoko Littner has joined Special:Chat
02:04 <Castiels Nipples> Gah muthafucking thread
02:05 <Punchwolf980> I don't know 41.  What confuses me more 41, is why he isn't directly below you
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am pumping meth into him
02:05 <Brokenkenya> pick it off with a brown pickle
02:05 -!- Yoko Littner has left Special:Chat.
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yoko herro
02:05 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> Ive tried that .o.
02:05 <Punchwolf980> For some reason, He's between Wolfen and Yoko alphebetically
02:05 <Punchwolf980> Which makes no sense
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> ^
02:05 <Milk Steak> maybe he is a ghost
02:05 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> PIC g2g to sleep night my muffin .o. Nice knowing you all.
02:05 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has left Special:Chat.
02:05 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> CUZ ALPHABET
02:05 <Milk Steak> dun dun dunnnn
02:05 <541744> I was born on the 28th Jan 2026
02:05 <Punchwolf980> tuzw5xyz
02:06 <Katherine.valdivieso.777> *bye
02:06 <ChaoZStrider> reading and moderating don't go hand in hand.
02:06 <JackofallSuits> How can no one marvel at Snake
02:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> bye Kath
02:06 <Punchwolf980> No you weren't 51 O-o
02:06 <Punchwolf980> Like this Jack <
02:06 <JackofallSuits> You baster
02:06 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> <ChaoZ look at this sexy shit
02:06 <JackofallSuits> Bastard*
02:06 <Punchwolf980> Look at all that not marveling
02:06 <Milk Steak> brb gotta use da terlet
02:06 <Punchwolf980> TERLET
02:06 -!- Katherine.valdivieso.777 has left Special:Chat.
02:07 <41488p> TERLET
02:07 <JackofallSuits> Snake is Solid for you
02:07 <Punchwolf980> Ninjad
02:07 <JackofallSuits> Don't ignore him
02:07 <Punchwolf980> Oh god jack no
02:07 <41488p> TERLERT
02:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Punch I believe
02:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Its gooby tiem
02:07 <41488p> Snake: SOLID copy
02:07 <Punchwolf980> Gooby tiem?
02:07 <41488p> no terlet tem
02:07 <41488p> teim
02:07 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gooby tiem
02:07 <541744> My Penis fell off
02:07 <Punchwolf980> da fuq is that
02:07 <Punchwolf980> Jesus 54 D:
02:08 <Punchwolf980> Did you put it back on at least?
02:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> < look at this face and guess
02:08 <Punchwolf980> Detachable penis!!!!
02:08 <Punchwolf980> I don't want rape Neve, I think maybe Nipples does though
02:08 <Castiels Nipples> O_O
02:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I have a detachable
02:08 <Castiels Nipples> Nonono
02:08 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
02:08 <Punchwolf980> yesyesyes
02:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Vagina
02:08 <Castiels Nipples> I'm good
02:08 <Milk Steak> IM BECK
02:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> CAST
02:08 <Punchwolf980> Not good enough yet Nipples
02:08 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> GOOBY TIEM
02:08 <Castiels Nipples> NOT INTERESTED
02:08 <Castiels Nipples> NO
02:08 <Punchwolf980> Nipples isn't good until Neve is good
02:09 <Punchwolf980> And maybe a bit longer
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> ;~;
02:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> DOLAN PLZ
02:09 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> Nooo!
02:09 <Punchwolf980> Why am I dolan?!
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> Jack HALP
02:09 <Milk Steak> can i be gooby?
02:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme>  JACK
02:09 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> GOOBY TIEM
02:09 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
02:09 <Punchwolf980> Nipples, just say CandleJack to esc-
02:09 <41488p> gooby 
02:09 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <41488p> its teim 4 diner
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> O_O
02:09 -!- FlakyPorcupine has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> Punch
02:09 -!- FlakyPorcupine has left Special:Chat.
02:09 <41488p> "fuk u im gobi"
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> Oh no!
02:09 -!- FlakyPorcupine has joined Special:Chat
02:09 <Milk Steak> he dead
02:09 <Castiels Nipples> You said Candlejack!
02:09 <41488p> no ogobee
02:10 <41488p> wen i say diner
02:10 <41488p> i rele
02:10 <Castiels Nipples> Oh fuck...
02:10 <Eyeless Jack> Yea Cas?
02:10 <41488p> meen
02:10 <41488p> sumtim else
02:10 <Milk Steak> saying Candlejack will get you ki
02:10 <Eyeless Jack> why?
02:10 <41488p> wats wrong wit candlejeck hes fake i tell u hes fuki
02:10 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Candle Coc-
02:10 <Milk Steak> lol i tricked you!
02:10 <Punchwolf980> Damnit milk!
02:10 <Milk Steak> i waz nvr ded!
02:10 <Eyeless Jack> Ugh..
02:10 <Castiels Nipples> xD
02:10 <Punchwolf980> /me kills milk
02:10 <Punchwolf980> DOn't
02:10 <Milk Steak> im a trickzter
02:11 <Punchwolf980> Negate
02:11 <Punchwolf980> The premise!
02:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Candle Cawks
02:11 <41488p> Candle Candles
02:11 <Milk Steak> Candle Blawks
02:11 <Milk Steak> Hawks
02:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Hi, I'm Candlejack, I see you were talking about me so I'ma hit enter for you. With love, Candlejack.
02:11 -!- GolgothaTerror has joined Special:Chat
02:11 <Milk Steak> Stawlks
02:11 <Milk Steak> Mawks
02:11 <Castiels Nipples> Brooke <3
02:11 <Castiels Nipples> JAKEY
02:11 <Milk Steak> hi Brooke
02:11 <41488p> Brooke how did you say Candlejack without getting cut o
02:11 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Lol Brooke
02:11 <Castiels Nipples> *tackles*
02:11 <Milk Steak> :3
02:11 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ohai xD
02:11 <Punchwolf980> Oh god the end has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:11 <GolgothaTerror> Hi *Is tackled* 
02:12 <Punchwolf980> Gaiz...gaiz...what if...this chat is a hole that we dig with out comments (derp)
02:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Gol hai~
02:12 <Punchwolf980> our*
02:12 <Milk Steak> sudup
02:12 <Milk Steak> u dumb
02:12 <Eyeless Jack> CAS
02:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> We dig into da earth's core
02:12 <Punchwolf980> The world ends NEve
02:12 -!- Wolfenmaus has left Special:Chat.
02:12 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> And die
02:12 <Punchwolf980> Because of CP chat
02:12 <Castiels Nipples> Jake, did you see the mutie I made>
02:12 <Castiels Nipples> What, Jack?
02:13 <Eyeless Jack> Hai.
02:13 <Castiels Nipples> Hi
02:13 <Punchwolf980> Computer Algebra System
02:13 <Punchwolf980> CAS
02:13 <Eyeless Jack> Sup?
02:13 <GolgothaTerror> Oh, yeah I did Cas.
02:13 <GolgothaTerror> It's cool. 
02:13 <Castiels Nipples> I'm making a Bec Noir, Jack
02:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Negative Elephant Viral Ebola
02:14 <Eyeless Jack> Nice
02:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> NEVE
02:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> yes
02:14 <Punchwolf980> Negative Elephant?
02:14 <Castiels Nipples> Ebola. My favorite.
02:14 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Yeee
02:14 <Eyeless Jack> sounds fun, I saw your kitteh on your wall, it was nice
02:14 <Winters1001>
02:14 <Castiels Nipples> I researched that virus for a long time. Thanks, Jack.
02:14 <Milk Steak> yes it does
02:14 <Milk Steak> it always hurts
02:14 <Eyeless Jack> Np
02:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bye everyone
02:15 <Eyeless Jack> BAI
02:15 <Milk Steak> bye Neve
02:15 <Milk Steak> :3
02:15 <Castiels Nipples> byeneve
02:15 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> :^D
02:15 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:15 <Winters1001> Kind of a new maskie thread. Please check it out. I think it's okay, but I want YOUR opinions.
02:15 <41488p> Milk isn't that what people say in a mass orgy?
02:15 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
02:15 -!- JackofallSuits has left Special:Chat.
02:15 <Milk Steak> ....yes....
02:16 <Milk Steak> ;)
02:16 <41488p> yay I'm right
02:16 <41488p> now I know how not to be awkward at parties
02:16 <Castiels Nipples> o swete wite merlk
02:16 <41488p> I'll just randomly shout out "EVERYBODY HURTS" and start making out with the nearest person
02:16 <41488p> soon
02:16 <41488p> I will have ultimate power!
02:16 <ChaoZStrider> o.p because one eye has to be melting/crying blood
02:16 <41488p> muahahah!
02:16 <ChaoZStrider> Just because.
02:16 <Milk Steak> what are u talking about Chaoz
02:16 <Milk Steak> ?
02:17 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips all the tables in the room and sits down in the middle, aappreciating his work
02:17 <ChaoZStrider> the o.p face
02:17 <Eyeless Jack> apprecating*
02:17 -!- EatDaBaby has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <EatDaBaby> Ayo guys
02:17 <EatDaBaby> What's up?
02:17 <Eyeless Jack> BABY
02:17 <Milk Steak> the ceiling
02:17 <EatDaBaby> Hey
02:17 <EatDaBaby> sorry
02:17 <Eyeless Jack> Sup brah?
02:17 <EatDaBaby> did i miss anything?
02:17 <Milk Steak> yes
02:17 <Milk Steak> you missed everything
02:17 <Punchwolf980> I'm back
02:17 <Milk Steak> dammit Baby?
02:17 <Punchwolf980> DAMNIT MILK
02:17 <Milk Steak> !*
02:17 <Eyeless Jack> I flipped all the tables in the room
02:17 <ChaoZStrider> You missed me wanting to make everyone have one melted eye so that this o.p would be a face.
02:17 <Milk Steak> wot did i do?
02:18 <Punchwolf980> /me throws tables at Jack
02:18 <EatDaBaby> cool
02:18 <EatDaBaby> I have to study for the SAT
02:18 <EatDaBaby> so I just wanted to come on and say hi
02:18 <ChaoZStrider> I have to melt people's eyes.
02:18 <ChaoZStrider> PRAMMY
02:18 <Milk Steak> oooo
02:18 <Punchwolf980> Shit Chaoz, that's heavy
02:18 <EatDaBaby> /me melt's chaoz's eyes 
02:18 <Punchwolf980> /me throws tables at everyone
02:18 -!- EatDaBaby has left Special:Chat.
02:18 <Punchwolf980> >green text
02:18 <Punchwolf980> hahahahah Maria never got it working xD
02:18 <ChaoZStrider> /me already melted his own eye
02:18 <Eyeless Jack> /me dodges gracefully back and forth, laughing menically
02:19 <541744> I almost pee d myself.
02:19 <Pramirez351> what happened chaoz? xD
02:19 <Punchwolf980> /me uses blue shell on Jack
02:19 <Punchwolf980> BITCH
02:19 <Castiels Nipples> <---Noah's a pretty pony.
02:19 <Winters1001> LOLSKELETONS, you here?
02:19 <ChaoZStrider> I want to melt one eye of everyone in the world so o.p would be a face.
02:19 <ChaoZStrider> Help me?
02:19 <Eyeless Jack> /me uses a shield
02:19 <Eyeless Jack> and a forcefield
02:19 <Punchwolf980> /me penetrates shield
02:19 <Eyeless Jack> BOOM
02:19 <Milk Steak> so....who's Noah?
02:19 <ChaoZStrider> Lel, penetration
02:19 <Punchwolf980> /me uses god mode and impulse 101
02:19 <Castiels Nipples> A guy
02:19 <541744> That rwj bit killed me :)
02:20 <Castiels Nipples> I am friends with :33
02:20 <Castiels Nipples> And so is
02:20 <Castiels Nipples> Half the chat.
02:20 <Pramirez351> no thanks chaoz
02:20 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
02:20 <Pramirez351> hahaha xD
02:20 <Punchwolf980> I don't know this Noah
02:20 <ChaoZStrider> D: why the fuck not
02:20 <Punchwolf980> Nor do I wish to
02:20 <Eyeless Jack> /me draws a Flaming Greatblade "Time to finish this"
02:20 <Punchwolf980> JUST LIKE NEVE
02:20 <Punchwolf980> /me GET OVER HERE
02:20 <Castiels Nipples> Pram, you liek?
02:20 <541744> /me Peepee pants hahaha:):););):):);)
02:20 <Castiels Nipples> I make you pony now.
02:20 <Punchwolf980> wb neve
02:20 <Punchwolf980> neve
02:20 <Punchwolf980> hello
02:20 <Eyeless Jack> /me puts up arm to deflect
02:20 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Wait is this window still up?
02:21 <Milk Steak> you want this cake?
02:21 <Punchwolf980> /Me finishes eating dinner
02:21 <Eyeless Jack> FAIL
02:21 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Holy fuck those pings scare me
02:21 <Punchwolf980> /me finishes eating dinner
02:21 <Eyeless Jack> (troll)
02:21 <Eyeless Jack> damnitt
02:21 <Punchwolf980> (derp)
02:21 <ChaoZStrider> calm the rp guys
02:21 -!- Darkshadow751 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Pramirez351> because i dont wanna be bad chaoz x3
02:21 <Punchwolf980> Very well Chaoz
02:21 <541744> /me blocks hail with his sword
02:21 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <Eyeless Jack> Yessir
02:21 <Punchwolf980> /me calms the rp
02:21 <Milk Steak> there he goes
02:21 <Punchwolf980> On the road again
02:21 <ChaoZStrider> D: but melting eyes is fun
02:22 <Pramirez351> is it?
02:22 <541744> Wow ,he is actually funnier than ray
02:22 <Milk Steak> dammir chaoz
02:22 <Punchwolf980> Chaoz, it's not very nice
02:22 <Pramirez351> ive never tried it x3
02:22 <Punchwolf980> Nor very neighborly
02:22 <Punchwolf980> Like me...throwing rocks through your window each night
02:22 <Milk Steak> you already do that
02:22 <Punchwolf980> WIth little notes telling you to have a great day
02:22 <Milk Steak> every fucking day
02:22 <Punchwolf980> And a piece of candy
02:23 <Punchwolf980> And a couple dead animals
02:23 <41488p> also a condom in case of sudden Stockholm Syndrome
02:23 <541744> Wow. That was Really Racist .
02:23 <41488p> "I ha-LOVE YOU"
02:23 <ChaoZStrider> but then o.p would be an awesome face.
02:23 <Eyeless Jack> im lost..
02:23 <41488p> Stockholm Syndrome is actually called Stockholm Syndrome
02:23 <Punchwolf980> Yes well if you wanna go through with it Chaoz, you're going to have to deal with me
02:23 <41488p>
02:23 <ChaoZStrider> Also, don't leave dead things, I, the darkness, don't want dead things.
02:23 <Punchwolf980> throwing rocks with notes telling you to have a nice die tied to dead animals and candy forever
02:24 <Eyeless Jack> gtg guize, PEACE
02:24 <Punchwolf980> Ciao
02:24 <Punchwolf980> day*
02:24 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
02:24 -!- Darkshadow751 has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <Punchwolf980> You silent BASTARDS
02:25 <Castiels Nipples> <--- Jack Noir head
02:25 <Milk Steak> so......who's Jack Noir?
02:25 <541744> how you know a sweaty ball taste like
02:26 <Castiels Nipples> He's a Homestuck Character
02:26 <Winters1001> If anyone has contact with LOLSKELETONS tell him to check his talk page please. also,look for something from Winnters1001. thank you. t
02:26 <Castiels Nipples>
02:26 <Pramirez351> HOLY SHIT GUYS
02:26 <Pramirez351> so im in cali
02:26 <Castiels Nipples> What Pramith?
02:26 <Castiels Nipples> Mhmm
02:26 <Pramirez351> and i need to go to college
02:26 <Pramirez351> and so, like, im about to graduate
02:26 <Pramirez351> but i fucked up majorly in a class
02:27 <Pramirez351> turns out i have a D for ONE semester in english
02:27 <Castiels Nipples> Check about credit recov.
02:27 <Pramirez351> that still didnt bring me down in class rank, so i am in the top 15% of my grad class
02:27 <ChaoZStrider> Cast, why does that thing have a random spade on it?
02:27 <Castiels Nipples> ?
02:28 <Pramirez351> that means that the universities i will be applying to will almost automatically accept me ^_^
02:28 <Castiels Nipples> Random spade?
02:28 <541744> *stabs CP*
02:28 <Pramirez351> i was so freken afraid i wouldnt get to do this!
02:28 <Castiels Nipples> Oh on BeNoir
02:28 <Castiels Nipples> *bec
02:28 <ChaoZStrider> Yea
02:28 <Milk Steak> Welp, I guess I'll be going...
02:28 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
02:29 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> my hand is sticky.
02:29 <Castiels Nipples> Character design.
02:29 <Castiels Nipples> He's evil
02:29 <Milk Steak> bye peoples
02:29 <Milk Steak> :3
02:29 <Castiels Nipples> :33 Bye Milk
02:29 -!- Milk Steak has left Special:Chat.
02:30 <ChaoZStrider> Oh, yea, I should work more on my lore shouldn't I.
02:30 <ChaoZStrider> So I can go through with my idea.
02:30 <Castiels Nipples> For what, Chao?
02:31 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
02:31 <LosKings> Hai
02:31 <ChaoZStrider> Research and Character development for a story/possible rp.
02:32 <Castiels Nipples> hey, you
02:32 <Castiels Nipples> Cool, Chao
02:32 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ More like a contest kinda thing.
02:32 <Castiels Nipples> That's awesome!
02:32 <ChaoZStrider> I am going to be doing it on here soon so I can have it done for halloween.
02:33 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <ChaoZStrider> and for halloween, I am going to be doing a reading at my school of some creepypastas, possibly.
02:33 <Castiels Nipples> Awesome! :D
02:33 -!- Satan soul 115 has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <Castiels Nipples> That's creative. (facepalm) Hi, Soul.
02:34 <Castiels Nipples> I have a question for you.
02:34 <Satan soul 115> hi 
02:34 <Castiels Nipples> WHY does everyone include Satan or 666 in their names?
02:34 <Satan soul 115> ask away
02:34 <Satan soul 115> um now that i dont know\
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> Can I ask a more advanced version of his question?
02:35 <Satan soul 115> kk
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> Why did you include Satan in your name?
02:35 <ChaoZStrider> like, your reasoning behind the matter.
02:35 <Castiels Nipples> x33 Yeah that.
02:35 <Satan soul 115> um 
02:36 <Castiels Nipples> ?
02:36 <Satan soul 115> i took the name of some of my favotire manga characters
02:36 <Castiels Nipples> Which are...?
02:36 <Satan soul 115> and my fave black opps gun number
02:37 <Satan soul 115> fariy tail
02:37 <Castiels Nipples> Ah
02:37 <Satan soul 115> blue exorsict
02:37 -!- Satan soul 115 has left Special:Chat.
02:37 <Castiels Nipples> I love Blue Exorcist.
02:37 <Castiels Nipples> Oh
02:37 <Castiels Nipples> Ok
02:37 <Castiels Nipples> :'(
02:38 <Castiels Nipples> >everyone is (rip)<
02:38 <Pramirez351> yes
02:38 <Pramirez351> dey (ded)
02:39 <Pramirez351> how you doin castiels?
02:39 <Castiels Nipples> I'm doing awesome
02:39 <Pramirez351> is there such a thing as doing awesome?
02:39 <Castiels Nipples> Yes.
02:39 <Castiels Nipples> Because I'm doing it.
02:40 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <Castiels Nipples> And I dunno. My fiancee is the embodiment of awesome ;)
02:40 -!- Unicornz101 has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <ChaoZStrider> Working on the blog post now.
02:40 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
02:41 <Castiels Nipples> Living people!
02:41 <UwU> hello
02:41 <UwU> hello indeed
02:41 <Castiels Nipples> SKELLY! *tackles*
02:41 <Unicornz101> Hello
02:41 <Castiels Nipples> x33
02:41 <Castiels Nipples> Unicorn I've never met you before?
02:42 <Unicornz101> i've had an account  for a while
02:42 <Castiels Nipples> Hmm
02:42 <Castiels Nipples> I'll lick you anyway. *liiick*
02:42 -!- Calclor has joined Special:Chat
02:42 <Unicornz101> Thanks?
02:43 <Castiels Nipples> :33
02:43 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Unicornz101> you have two mouths?
02:43 -!- Calclor has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Castiels Nipples> My lusus does :33
02:43 <Unicornz101> Okaaaay....
02:43 <Castiels Nipples> At least, the lusus I am claiming at the moment x33
02:44 <Castiels Nipples> Ahaha it's a homestuck thing. it's cool if you don't get it.
02:44 <Castiels Nipples> How's it going?
02:45 <Unicornz101> Pretty good. I finally finished two (really old) games I got a while ago, so I'm just reading stuff about them
02:45 <Castiels Nipples> Cool!
02:45 <Castiels Nipples> I'm sewing :33
02:46 <Unicornz101> What are you sewing?
02:46 <Castiels Nipples> A plushie
02:46 <Castiels Nipples> I made a kitty one last night for my cousin's birthday. So now I'm making me one x33
02:46 <Unicornz101> Cool, I made a doll for a cousin a while ago
02:46 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
02:46 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
02:46 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
02:47 <Unicornz101> it was a rag doll
02:47 <ChaoZStrider>
02:47 <ChaoZStrider> Hopefully that was straight forward enough...
02:47 <GolgothaTerror> Oh cool, a character design thingy. 
02:48 <Castiels Nipples> Unicorn
02:48 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <Unicornz101> Sounds cool
02:48 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ please fill it out
02:48 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
02:48 -!- Cam.sevigne has joined Special:Chat
02:48 -!- Prince Blood Moon has joined Special:Chat
02:48 <Prince Blood Moon> Hii!
02:49 <Unicornz101> Hi
02:49 <Castiels Nipples> Hmm.I would sell it, but Hussie would throw a hissy fit :/
02:49 <Cam.sevigne> so.. whats the difference between and creepypastawiki?
02:49 <BRVR>
02:50 <Prince Blood Moon> I'm not sunburned 
02:50 <Unicornz101> I probably live quite a while away from you anyway, Postage would  be a killer
02:50 <Castiels Nipples> I couldn't do it if you lived next door. :33
02:51 <Castiels Nipples> I would love to sell them. I could make some money off them. But I legally can't.
02:51 <Unicornz101> Lol. @Cam.sevigne, this ones better
02:51 <Castiels Nipples> Where do you live? (country-wise. I'm not a creeper x33)
02:52 <Unicornz101> New Zealand 
02:52 <Unicornz101> you?
02:52 <Castiels Nipples> US
02:52 <Prince Blood Moon> Me America 
02:52 <Prince Blood Moon> USA
02:52 <BRVR>
02:52 <Castiels Nipples> It wouldn't be much, the postage, it's fairly small and very light
02:53 <Prince Blood Moon> You can't scare me
02:53 <Unicornz101> For me to send anything to you, it would be huge
02:53 <ChaoZStrider> anyone respond to the blog post as of yet?
02:53 <Prince Blood Moon> I'm not scared because I has a (cookie)
02:53 <Prince Blood Moon> hue hue
02:53 <GolgothaTerror> Working on it, Z.
02:54 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
02:54 <Prince Blood Moon> ChaoZ 
02:54 <Prince Blood Moon> dat avatar
02:54 <Prince Blood Moon> it funny
02:54 <Castiels Nipples> I'm debating on it, Chao
02:54 <ChaoZStrider> thank you, Prince
02:54 <Prince Blood Moon> No probs
02:54 <Unicornz101> I'm thinking
02:54 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ Do it, Cast, it could end up in the story.
02:55 <Castiels Nipples> Hmm
02:55 <Castiels Nipples> Okay
02:55 <Castiels Nipples> gimme another link?
02:55 <ChaoZStrider> Sure
02:55 <ChaoZStrider>
02:55 <Prince Blood Moon> Who is the winner?
02:56 <ChaoZStrider> No one yet, Prince.
02:56 <Prince Blood Moon> Me,you,he, she?
02:56 <Prince Blood Moon> Anyone?
02:56 <Prince Blood Moon> I know someone is a winner
02:56 <ChaoZStrider> Whose ever character I find the most interesting I guess.
02:56 <Prince Blood Moon> What do they win?
02:56 <ChaoZStrider> I have yet to choose a winner yet since I just created the blog post today.
02:57 <Prince Blood Moon> Brb
02:57 -!- Unicornz101 has left Special:Chat.
02:57 -!- Unicornz101 has joined Special:Chat
02:57 <ChaoZStrider> There character will be in the story that is based off of what I wrote, or if I turn it into the rp, their character will be in the lore and be revered among the other students.
02:57 -!- Prince Blood Moon has left Special:Chat.
02:58 <Unicornz101> I might enter, I'm just gonna read the other parts of it
02:58 <Unicornz101> it being the story
02:58 <ChaoZStrider> o.o other parts?
02:58 <ChaoZStrider> I haven't written other parts to the story yet.
02:58 <ChaoZStrider> This is just a basis.
02:59 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hello
02:59 <Unicornz101> Oh, I thought that since It said  "book of shadows 7" it was a multi part story
02:59 <Unicornz101> Hello^^
03:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> Picture my profile pic waking you up at 2 AM.
03:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> For more details
03:00 <Afterlife and Redshade> PM me
03:01 <ChaoZStrider> Nono, Book of Shadows is just way I call my blog.
03:01 <ChaoZStrider> what I call*
03:01 <ChaoZStrider> how the fuck did that become way?
03:01 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
03:01 -!- Prince Blood Moon has joined Special:Chat
03:01 <Afterlife and Redshade> Hai
03:02 <Princess Gingy> Hello
03:02 <Prince Blood Moon> Kill1mess he's GONE!
03:02 <Prince Blood Moon> For Eveah!
03:02 <Princess Gingy> Its sad but true
03:02 <Prince Blood Moon> nuuu!
03:02 <Castiels Nipples> There, Chao
03:02 <ChaoZStrider> I have him on Skype so me and Killionaire still talk daily.
03:02 -!- Cam.sevigne has left Special:Chat.
03:02 <Prince Blood Moon> Most of the old users are gone
03:03 <Prince Blood Moon> where are they?
03:03 <Prince Blood Moon> Did they leave?
03:03 <Afterlife and Redshade> I'm oldish
03:03 <Princess Gingy> probably
03:03 <Afterlife and Redshade> :3
03:03 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ Thank you, Cast. I am going to post my own character design for other to see.
03:03 <Prince Blood Moon> 3:
03:04 <Princess Gingy> I still consider my self new new
03:04 <GolgothaTerror> I'm kinda old.
03:04 <GolgothaTerror> A year and some months now.
03:04 <Prince Blood Moon> I is a sad kitty
03:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> Some months
03:04 <Afterlife and Redshade> :P
03:04 <GolgothaTerror> Lol.
03:04 <Castiels Nipples> I'm two months :33
03:04 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
03:04 <Princess Gingy> 5 months
03:04 <Princess Gingy> Hi 541744
03:04 <GolgothaTerror> I just began using different accounts during that time. xP
03:04 <Prince Blood Moon> I've been here a while with this new account
03:04 <Prince Blood Moon> my old one is inactive
03:05 <Prince Blood Moon> Cause I don't use it
03:05 <541744> Toast!
03:05 <Princess Gingy> I want to apply for VCROC, but dont have 700 mainpage edits
03:06 <541744> what is NSFW
03:06 <Punchwolf980> Not Safe For Work
03:06 <541744> okay
03:06 <ChaoZStrider> I have been here for just over a year.
03:06 <Punchwolf980> And like that I'm back agaign
03:06 <Punchwolf980> again*
03:06 -!- Prince Blood Moon has left Special:Chat.
03:06 <Princess Gingy> brb editting a pasta
03:07 <541744> *editing
03:07 <Punchwolf980> Huehuehuahuea
03:08 <Punchwolf980> *attempts to jump through computer monitor*
03:08 -!- GolgothaTerror has left Special:Chat.
03:08 -!- GolgothaTerror has joined Special:Chat
03:08 <GolgothaTerror> Brb.
03:08 <Punchwolf980> Goddamnit...why does the chat die every time I start back into it..
03:08 <Punchwolf980> It's like I suck all the conversation out of the chat >_>
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> I'm not being talkative anyway
03:09 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
03:09 <541744>
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> I'm sewing still x33
03:09 <Punchwolf980> You sew?
03:09 <Punchwolf980> that there is a useful skill
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> mhmm
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> I make things.
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> I like to make things.
03:09 -!- TheRAKEiam has joined Special:Chat
03:09 <Punchwolf980> I can make computer's and computer parts :D
03:09 <Punchwolf980> But I can't sew
03:09 <Castiels Nipples> I'm trying to get into building computers.
03:10 <Castiels Nipples> I need a better machine
03:10 <541744> This video does not exist. 
03:10 <541744> Sorry about that. 
03:10 <Punchwolf980> It's pretty easy, just expensive
03:10 <541744> wtf
03:10 <Punchwolf980> idk 54
03:10 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <Castiels Nipples> Punch:
03:10 <Castiels Nipples> ::::)
03:10 <541744> mustive been delete
03:11 <Punchwolf980> Very nice!  Great craftsmanship 
03:11 <Castiels Nipples> It's a birthday present
03:11 -!- Prince Blood Moon has joined Special:Chat
03:11 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <Punchwolf980> For whom?
03:11 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
03:11 <Castiels Nipples> My little cousin
03:12 <Castiels Nipples> She has almost everything a seven year old could ask for
03:12 -!- Prince Blood Moon has left Special:Chat.
03:12 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
03:12 <Castiels Nipples> So I made her something no one else has.
03:12 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
03:12 <Punchwolf980> That's awesome
03:12 <541744> that reminds me of Gabe
03:12 <TheRAKEiam> hi
03:12 <Punchwolf980> Hi "rake"
03:13 <Castiels Nipples> And thanks, punch. It's my favorite.
03:13 <Punchwolf980> Yer welcome
03:13 <TheRAKEiam> hey sup just joined the sitr
03:13 <41488p> did you make her a traumatizing memory of blood, murder and sex, Lauren?
03:13 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
03:13 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
03:13 <Unicornz101>  Tried, it didn't work very well
03:13 <Punchwolf980> I can tell lol
03:13 <Castiels Nipples> Oh yes, kyle
03:13 <541744> 7 year old reminds me of
03:13 <ChaoZStrider> o.o"
03:13 <Punchwolf980> Wb Chaoz
03:13 <Punchwolf980> Cleric is not dead anymore? O-o
03:14 <ChaoZStrider> Thanks. I posted my own character design on my contest thingy.
03:14 <Punchwolf980> Yer welcome, and what contest thingy?
03:14 <ChaoZStrider>
03:14 <ChaoZStrider> this contest thingy.
03:15 <Punchwolf980> Sorry for the caps
03:15 <Punchwolf980> I get excited 
03:15 -!- TheRAKEiam has left Special:Chat.
03:15 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ It is all good, please do make a submission.
03:16 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
03:16 <Unicornz101> Bye everyone.
03:17 -!- Unicornz101 has left Special:Chat.
03:17 <Castiels Nipples> cleric. i call upon you, landdwveller.
03:17 <Princess Gingy> My internet is a piece of shit right now
03:17 <Princess Gingy> Bye Unicorn
03:18 -!- Hot Jamally has joined Special:Chat
03:18 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
03:18 <Princess Gingy> Hi Jamally
03:18 <Hot Jamally> I think I shat myself today. 
03:18 <Hot Jamally> My friend sent me this essay
03:18 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
03:18 <Hot Jamally> it was so fucking funny
03:18 <Hot Jamally>
03:18 <41488p> "see after class"
03:19 <41488p> "So what went through your mind while you were writing this"
03:19 <41488p> "GAAAYY"
03:19 <Castiels Nipples> Kyle!
03:19 <Castiels Nipples> (facepalm)
03:20 <ChaoZStrider> 414...
03:20 <41488p> am I allowed to say it if it isn't directed towards anyone?
03:20 <Castiels Nipples> No. :(
03:20 <ChaoZStrider> I have no idea.
03:21 <ChaoZStrider> I don't believe so.
03:21 -!- James Usher has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <James Usher> Hey folks, first time on the chat. How's it goin?
03:21 <41488p> okay
03:21 <Castiels Nipples> From what every other mod says, context doesn't matter. The word its self is a no no
03:21 <Castiels Nipples> James, u ish new?
03:21 <Castiels Nipples> *liiick*
03:21 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
03:21 <Princess Gingy> Hi Skelly
03:21 <41488p> also, Fatal... this man calls himself an English teacher? Psh
03:22 <41488p> pssssh
03:22 <James Usher> Did I just get licked? o.o Yup, new as spring grass.
03:22 <ChaoZStrider> James. [[Chat Rules]] read this
03:22 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh Chao!
03:22 <ChaoZStrider> Ello, Skellingtons
03:22 <Pramirez351> nuh its the context castiels
03:23 <Castiels Nipples> You didn't let me bestow the [[Chat Rules]] scroll.
03:23 -!- Hot Jamally has left Special:Chat.
03:23 <Castiels Nipples> I thought it was the word as a whole, Pram
03:23 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
03:24 <Princess Gingy> Im so bored
03:24 <Pramirez351> nuh it depends
03:24 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:24 <Castiels Nipples> ANDY! *glomps*
03:24 <Pramirez351> i mean if i said that i was gay, well, yeah, im homosexual.
03:24 <Andytags> halo
03:24 <Princess Gingy> Pram is good mod
03:24 <Princess Gingy> Hi Andy
03:24 <Andytags> with another l
03:24 <James Usher> Just read, for a sec I thought I had already broke a rule. xD
03:25 <Pramirez351> but like, if people are over using it on purpose to tick off other people or in an offensive context, thats a no no
03:25 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
03:25 <Princess Gingy> Hi Brexter
03:25 <Andytags> well i best be hittin' the ol' dusty trail
03:25 <Castiels Nipples> ahh. ok
03:25 <41488p> Andy is that
03:25 <41488p> is that a fucking metaphor
03:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:25 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:25 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:26 <41488p> you better not go all metaphor on my
03:26 <41488p> *me
03:26 <TheBrexter> "We shall make an idol of our fear and that idol we will call God." ~The Seventh Seal (1957)
03:26 -!- Wilson64 has joined Special:Chat
03:26 <Wilson64> i'm glad u cam
03:26 <Punchwolf980> @Chaoz, I submitted a character! :D
03:26 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
03:26 <ChaoZStrider> okay
03:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
03:26 <TheBrexter> oh hai everyone just basking inmy own pretentiou tastes again
03:26 <TheBrexter> in my* pretentious*
03:26 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
03:27 <Princess Gingy> vampire moshpit
03:27 <TheBrexter> 541744?
03:27 <TheBrexter> Hai
03:27 <Punchwolf980> Now I'll try to brb, but it's likely I'll be busy cleaning and shiz 
03:27 <541744> did CP Just Talk?
03:27 -!- Wilson64 has left Special:Chat.
03:27 <541744> Hello Brex
03:27 <LOLSKELETONS> yea
03:27 <LOLSKELETONS> !updatelogs
03:27 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ Nice one Punch.
03:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 91 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
03:27 <541744> shes a bot
03:27 <Princess Gingy> her name is Jessie
03:27 <TheBrexter> Bots dont have gender... i think
03:28 <541744> shes not supposed to stop
03:28 <Princess Gingy> Jessie is Jessie
03:28 <541744> talk*
03:28 <Princess Gingy> well this one does
03:28 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ for those who this may interest:
03:28 <GolgothaTerror> Back.
03:28 <ChaoZStrider> Jesse can talk because she has a command which allows her to talk.
03:28 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
03:28 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:28 <ChaoZStrider> !status
03:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have been running for 42919 total seconds, and I have reconnected 0 times. It has been 42918 seconds since my last reconnect.
03:28 <541744> Mr T or Geoff the Killer
03:28 <Austinpro123> wop
03:29 <TheBrexter> "Death came to see me this morning. We played chess togethor." 
03:29 <541744> anyone?
03:29 <ChaoZStrider> besides 414's joke characters, Punch's character is the oldest.
03:30 <TheBrexter> Mr T. pities the fools thats all i know bout mr t
03:30 <41488p> ye
03:30 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
03:30 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
03:31 <541744> Geoff the Killer vs Jack the Ripper
03:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Jack the Ripper vs Jeff the Killer - Epic Rap Battle Parodies - Duration: 02:13 - Uploaded: 2013-04-04 - Rating: 4.440922 - Views: 77,089 -
03:31 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
03:31 <TheBrexter> I love silent movies :3 anyone else?
03:32 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
03:32 <41488p> silent movies are awesome
03:32 <TheBrexter> YEY  im not alone c:
03:32 <Afterlife and Redshade> Silent movies are silent
03:32 <41488p> because without the addition of audio, you're forced to rely soley on acting and cinematography 
03:32 <Andytags> silent porn movies
03:32 <Pramirez351> !test
03:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Pramirez351: Hai!
03:32 <41488p> I guess that sometimes they leave you...
03:32 <41488p> (cool)
03:32 <41488p> SPEECHLESS
03:32 <Pramirez351> hai jesse :3
03:33 <TheBrexter> Also I like how silent movies were more surreal. :3
03:33 <TheBrexter> And artsy
03:33 <Afterlife and Redshade> :3
03:33 <41488p> Andy pls
03:33 <TheBrexter> and pretentious
03:33 <Afterlife and Redshade> Yes
03:34 <541744> anyone like the Rap Battle?
03:35 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
03:35 <TheBrexter> Rap Battles are for insecure rappers who feel the only way to climb up the social ladder is by stepping on others.
03:35 <The Koromo> Hi
03:36 <LOLSKELETONS> Hai Coffee
03:36 <The Koromo> I got a day off tomorrow 
03:36 <TheBrexter> unless your talking about fan rap battles about products and the media and not actual rap  battles
03:36 <541744> this rap battle
03:36 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Jack the Ripper vs Jeff the Killer - Epic Rap Battle Parodies - Duration: 02:13 - Uploaded: 2013-04-04 - Rating: 4.440922 - Views: 77,113 -
03:36 -!- James Usher has left Special:Chat.
03:37 <541744> hey Jesse
03:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
03:38 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Lil Jon: Get Low (lyrics) - Duration: 03:12 - Uploaded: 2008-01-31 - Rating: 4.791440 - Views: 15,552,013 -
03:38 <41488p> what about
03:38 <TheBrexter> Lil JON
03:38 <41488p> what about fap battles
03:38 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> TWERKIN' SONG.
03:39 <TheBrexter> Stop yelling at me Lil Jon (TT)
03:39 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
03:39 <TheBrexter> c:
03:40 <TheBrexter> ...
03:40 <541744> Slendytubbies
03:40 <541744> ^
03:40 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm sleepy
03:41 <TheBrexter> *gives lol a pillow*
03:41 <TheBrexter> :3
03:42 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
03:42 <TheBrexter> bye 41 :3
03:42 <LOLSKELETONS> chat is dead
03:43 <Pramirez351> nou skelly
03:43 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:43 <Pramirez351> only you iz ded
03:43 <TheBrexter> Prami i wub u
03:44 <Pramirez351> hahaha thanks (cigar) i try
03:44 <Princess Gingy> Chao
03:44 <ChaoZStrider> Moo?
03:44 <Princess Gingy> I commented on your blog
03:44 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FUCK, DIS MUSIC IS TOO LOUD BUT I GIVE NO FUCKS. 
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> inb4 i go deaf
03:45 <ChaoZStrider> ^^ Okay~ Thank you~
03:45 <541744> [[Special:Fourm]]
03:45 <Princess Gingy> Brooke doesnt give a fuck
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yup.
03:45 <541744> [[Screamer Link]]
03:45 <Princess Gingy> #fuckdapolice
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> dat bass, man
03:45 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> it's all about da bass
03:46 -!- CrwnThy.Xavria has joined Special:Chat
03:46 <Princess Skuntank> just so you ladies are aware 
03:46 <Pramirez351> hello crwn
03:46 <Princess Gingy> well im tired
03:46 <CrwnThy.Xavria> Hey.
03:46 <541744> dafuq This page needs content. You can help by adding a sentence or a photo!
03:46 <Princess Gingy> and sleep
03:46 <Pramirez351> oki bye captian x3
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FUCK YOU CAPTAIN. 
03:46 <Princess Gingy> so goodbye everyone
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> i mean
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ily
03:46 <Pramirez351> also crwn, you should like, talk to 414, he thinks he knows you
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ..
03:46 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
03:46 <CrwnThy.Xavria> Knows me how?
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> don't stab me, capt.
03:46 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> pls
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> i can't control myself right now
03:47 <Princess Gingy> I wont
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> k
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> good
03:47 <Princess Gingy> to tired to
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> damn
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> are you going to hurt me later then?
03:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> i deserve it.
03:47 <Princess Gingy> no
03:47 <Pramirez351> like, he may have you in his science class crwn
03:47 <CrwnThy.Xavria> I've talked to him about it before though xD
03:47 <Pramirez351> oh yush bby brooke, youve been a bad girl (wink)
03:47 <CrwnThy.Xavria> I don't live where he lives
03:48 <Pramirez351> oh ok crwn i didnt think you had
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> pram
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> nou
03:48 <Princess Gingy> fuck it
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
03:48 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Give Me Everything (Tonight) - Pitbull ft. Neyo, Nayer & Afrojack w/ lyrics on screen & download HD - Duration: 04:07 - Uploaded: 2011-04-21 - Rating: 4.845586 - Views: 36,391,527 -
03:48 <CrwnThy.Xavria> Anyway, I'll be in PMs.
03:48 <Princess Gingy> Im staying on a bit longet
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Have not listened to this in a while.
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
03:48 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Well, then.
03:48 <Pramirez351> brb guys
03:48 <Princess Gingy> *longer
03:48 <Pramirez351> wub you all
03:49 <TheBrexter> Brooke. What is your bsession with that one song?
03:49 <Pramirez351> specially brooky do x3
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> yes
03:49 <TheBrexter> obsession*
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> AH FUCK MY EARS HURT NOW. 
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> (D:)
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Wait, what song? 
03:49 <TheBrexter> Thats how i feel after listening to pitbull also!
03:49 <ChaoZStrider> For those who haven't seen it before:
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Grab somebody sexy tel- fuck it
03:49 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> lyrics suck
03:50 <TheBrexter> *grabs brooke*
03:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NO.
03:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NOU.
03:50 <TheBrexter> *shakes brooke8
03:50 <Princess Skuntank> Now that I think about this I want it.
03:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL.
03:50 <Princess Gingy> So I may have an unhealthy boarderline stalker obsession with I Fight Dragons
03:50 -!- Princess Skuntank has left Special:Chat.
03:50 <TheBrexter> Why cant you have a stalker obsession with me?
03:50 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'M ONLY GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART, BREX.
03:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Break Your Heart:Taio Cruz Lyrics - Duration: 03:34 - Uploaded: 2009-08-26 - Rating: 4.926355 - Views: 4,624,310 -
03:51 <GolgothaTerror> Oh, I downloaded their "Kaboom" album a few days ago, Gingy. 
03:51 <Princess Gingy> I own all their songs/demos
03:51 <TheBrexter> Actually no pls dun stalk me
03:51 <TheBrexter> >_>
03:51 <Princess Gingy> Lucky
03:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -stalks brex-
03:51 <Princess Gingy> I payed for it
03:51 <TheBrexter> I just thought of mah FAMILEZE
03:51 <TheBrexter> All 5 of them
03:51 <ChaoZStrider> Borderlands is awesome...
03:51 <TheBrexter> (D:)
03:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm only gonna break break your brea-
03:51 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> dat stutter lyric
03:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> -table flips-
03:52 <Princess Gingy> Im only gonna break your legs
03:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> HAHAHA.
03:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> no.
03:52 <Princess Gingy> FINE
03:52 <TheBrexter> *plays Feel Good Inc. your bad pop music dissipates and decays to ashes*
03:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> FEEL GOOD INC.
03:52 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OH GOD GORILLAZ EXISTS
03:52 <TheBrexter> Ikr.
03:52 <Princess Gingy> NIEN NIEN NIEN
03:53 <GolgothaTerror> Isn't your Avi Noodle? xD
03:53 <TheBrexter> My avi should be my noodle ;)
03:53 <TheBrexter> waitwut
03:54 <TheBrexter> wut am i saying
03:54 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
03:54 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
03:54 <41488p> guys
03:54 <TheBrexter> I feel like Christopher Walken sobering up
03:54 <41488p> Tom Clancy died
03:54 <41488p> yesterday
03:54 <TheBrexter> 41!
03:54 <TheBrexter> aww :3
03:54 <41488p> Brax
03:54 <TheBrexter> ... whos tom clancy?
03:55 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
03:55 <TheBrexter> ...
03:55 <TheBrexter> i feel like i should know this
03:55 <Princess Gingy>
03:55 <Andytags> he's an author you fucker
03:56 <TheBrexter> :( sorry
03:56 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
03:56 <Princess Gingy> Wb Brooke
03:57 <Princess Gingy> now I leave
03:57 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
03:57 <Princess Gingy> bye everyone
03:57 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
03:57 <GolgothaTerror> Be back later!
03:57 -!- GolgothaTerror has left Special:Chat.
03:58 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
03:58 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <TheBrexter> I dun really read much books :3
03:58 <TheBrexter> Unless theyre by Clive Barker.
03:58 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> story of my life.
03:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Kesha - We R Who We R Lyrics On Screen HD WITH DOWNLOAD LINK - Duration: 03:25 - Uploaded: 2011-01-28 - Rating: 4.810276 - Views: 3,801,697 -
03:59 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> "got jesus on my necklace" UH, SO DO I.
03:59 -!- Punchwolf980 has left Special:Chat.
03:59 <TheBrexter> Brooke. Kesha supporting christianity...
03:59 <TheBrexter> Think about it...
03:59 <TheBrexter> You may now hysterically burst into laughter.
04:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I'm not even religious, I don't even care. LOL.
04:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> we are who we are
04:00 <TheBrexter> no rlly?
04:00 <TheBrexter> Wut other insights does she have? It is what it is?
04:00 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> lol she stoopid
04:01 -!- BreatheMe has joined Special:Chat
04:01 <BreatheMe> love money partyyy
04:02 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
04:02 <TheBrexter> ._.
04:02 -!- ShawnHowellsCP has joined Special:Chat
04:02 <BreatheMe> hi lol
04:02 <TheBrexter> SHAWNY
04:02 <TheBrexter> *glomps*
04:02 <ShawnHowellsCP> HI
04:02 <ChaoZStrider> Only Kesha song I'll listen to:
04:02 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ke$ha - Cannibal - Duration: 03:15 - Uploaded: 2010-11-08 - Rating: 4.789213 - Views: 7,997,348 -
04:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ew kesha
04:02 <ChaoZStrider> I like it nightcore'd though.
04:02 <ShawnHowellsCP> Hello :3
04:02 -!- ShawnHowellsCP has left Special:Chat.
04:02 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I ONLY LIKE THE BEAT, OKAY?
04:02 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull On The Floor Lyrics On Screen HD - Duration: 03:50 - Uploaded: 2011-02-06 - Rating: 4.869612 - Views: 24,518,965 -
04:02 -!- ShawnHowellsCP has joined Special:Chat
04:03 <ChaoZStrider> this version
04:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Nightcore--Cannibal - Duration: 02:51 - Uploaded: 2011-10-09 - Rating: 4.910450 - Views: 1,974,895 -
04:03 <ChaoZStrider> Sounds so much better
04:03 <ChaoZStrider> like an actual girl.
04:03 <Pramirez351> back
04:03 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> you sound like a girl
04:03 <ChaoZStrider> not...whatever the fuck Kesha claims to be.
04:03 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Deicide-Empowered by Blasphemy - Duration: 03:16 - Uploaded: 2011-02-05 - Rating: 4.835617 - Views: 18,036 -
04:03 <TheBrexter> ... >_> I liked Crazy People by Kesha.
04:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> SO DO IO
04:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I
04:04 <ShawnHowellsCP> I hate pop :/
04:04 <ShawnHowellsCP> And dubstep
04:04 <ShawnHowellsCP> And techno
04:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> 'cause I am a crazy kid
04:04 <TheBrexter> I love all music. c:
04:04 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
04:04 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ke$ha - Crazy Kids (AUDIO + LYRICS) New Song 2012 - Duration: 03:57 - Uploaded: 2012-11-30 - Rating: 4.769157 - Views: 5,812,021 -
04:04 <TheBrexter> Except for bad music.
04:04 <TheBrexter> c:
04:05 <ShawnHowellsCP> c:
04:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OH GOD
04:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I AM A CRAZY KID
04:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> NO
04:05 <TheBrexter> My sis likes Miley Cyrus.
04:05 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> not cool
04:05 <TheBrexter> ._. she also listens to pussified country religious songs capitalizing on christian beliefs.
04:06 <ShawnHowellsCP> XD
04:06 <ChaoZStrider> I like everything except country, pop, rap, RnB, and things of that sort.
04:06 <ShawnHowellsCP> There are some pretty good christian bands actualy :/
04:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> like skillet
04:06 <ShawnHowellsCP> Like Red,and impending doom.
04:06 <ShawnHowellsCP> And skillet
04:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> red jumpsuit apparatus 
04:06 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> i think they're christain
04:06 <ChaoZStrider> Abandon All Ships is another good Christian Band.
04:06 <ShawnHowellsCP> But impending doom is christian black metal.Surprisingly good
04:06 <TheBrexter> All American Rejects > Green Day > Nickleback > Creed
04:07 <ChaoZStrider> Everything>Nickleback
04:07 <41488p>
04:07 <TheBrexter> Creed is so much worse.
04:07 -!- Shazachar has joined Special:Chat
04:07 <ChaoZStrider> I actually like some Creed.
04:07 <TheBrexter> You think Nickleback is worse than creed?
04:07 <TheBrexter> xD
04:07 <ChaoZStrider> Not much, but some.
04:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> we are we are we are
04:07 <Shazachar> Hi
04:07 <ChaoZStrider> thanks to my grandmother.
04:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> there's a better song with a better use of we are
04:07 <TheBrexter> I laugh at your opinion!
04:07 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> .-.
04:07 <Shazachar> HIIII
04:07 <41488p> Shit>Bad Shit>Extremely Bad Shit>Worst Shit> Worser Shit> Holy fucking shit this is bad> Lil Wayne
04:08 <ChaoZStrider> You know a good band? Avenged Sevenfold.
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> WE ARE WE ARE, THE YOUTH OF A NATION. :D
04:08 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: P.O.D - Youth Of A Nation Lyrics - Duration: 04:20 - Uploaded: 2008-06-08 - Rating: 4.942095 - Views: 4,528,610 -
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Avenged Sevenfold is nice
04:08 -!- Shazachar has left Special:Chat.
04:08 <ShawnHowellsCP> Fuck A7x
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> this song reminds me of zombies, don't ask why.
04:08 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:08 <ChaoZStrider> can you hate Avenged Sevenfold?
04:08 <ShawnHowellsCP> They are literaly only famous because of CoD wanna be's
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> fuck
04:08 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> fuck fuck
04:08 <ShawnHowellsCP> They literaly have some of the worst lyrics i ever heared.
04:09 <ShawnHowellsCP> >heared
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I love A7x
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> uhhh
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They have meaningful lyrics.
04:09 <ChaoZStrider> Have you heard Justin Beiber than?
04:09 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:09 <ShawnHowellsCP> I hate literaly 100% of pop
04:09 <ChaoZStrider> Not that she is music but still.
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ^
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LOL
04:09 <TheBrexter> Avenged Sevenfold... yeah... I think theyre alright.. I guess...
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> listen to dis
04:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: P.O.D - Youth Of A Nation Lyrics - Duration: 04:20 - Uploaded: 2008-06-08 - Rating: 4.942095 - Views: 4,528,610 -
04:09 <ChaoZStrider>
04:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive - Duration: 06:45 - Uploaded: 2010-08-14 - Rating: 4.948441 - Views: 2,399,445 -
04:09 <ChaoZStrider> Listen to that.
04:09 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> OH GOD I LOVE THAT SONG CHAO
04:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> D:
04:10 <ChaoZStrider> Who doesn't love this song?
04:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but
04:10 <TheBrexter> Avenged Sevenfold... yeah... I think theyre ok ... for a very specific audience
04:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> but but.. youth of a nation is playing..
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> "You've been lied to just to rape you of your site,
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> and now they have the nerve to tell you how to feel (feel)
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> So sedated as they medicate your brain
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> and while you slowly go insane the tell ya:
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> Given with the best intentions help you with your complications!"
04:10 <ChaoZStrider> You know an amazing band?
04:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I can't switch songs, yo.
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> Worst lyrics
04:10 <ShawnHowellsCP> I could find
04:10 -!- JefftheKiller13 has joined Special:Chat
04:10 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Shawn, that's ONE song.
04:10 <TheBrexter> Its rape you up your side... i think
04:11 <41488p>
04:11 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Avenged Sevenfold - Not Ready to Die - Duration: 07:06 - Uploaded: 2011-05-03 - Rating: 4.933372 - Views: 4,747,141 -
04:11 <41488p> holy fuck
04:11 <41488p> this
04:11 <41488p> this is my like 2nd Avenged 7x song
04:11 <41488p> and
04:11 <41488p> woow
04:11 <JefftheKiller13> Hello
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> "I'll try!" she said as he walked away,
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> "try not to lose you."
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> Two vibrant hearts could change.
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> Nothing tears the being more than deception, 
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> unmasked fear.
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> "I'll be here waiting" tested and secure."
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> And another
04:11 <ShawnHowellsCP> Makes no sense
04:11 <ChaoZStrider> Dude, listen to Buried Alive, After Life, Welcome to the Family, and the better A7X songs.
04:12 <ShawnHowellsCP> Plus, i just think they are slow for me :/ personal opinion
04:12 <TheBrexter> I used to really like A7X. Until I realized that theyre hard rock image is far too inoffensive (with exceptions of that one love song about necrophilia) and really all their songs sound the same and they dont seem to be about anything...
04:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Listen to Danger Line, it'll hit you in the feels.
04:12 -!- JefftheKiller13 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <BrookeBattlesAgainst>
04:12 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Avenged Sevenfold-Danger Line Lyrics - Duration: 05:29 - Uploaded: 2010-08-26 - Rating: 4.968813 - Views: 578,417 -
04:12 <ShawnHowellsCP> Carach Agren-what have you done little hector
04:12 <ShawnHowellsCP> The only song to hit me in the feels
04:13 <TheBrexter> They either do soft rock country sad shit or hard rock with lots of guitar solos high energy but little thought put into anything else.
04:13 <ChaoZStrider> Schism by Tool seems to be about someone bumping the table while the band was making a puzzle yet I fucking love it.
04:13 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> This song has made me cry before.
04:13 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rise Against - Make It Stop (September's Children) - Lyrics(on-screen) - Duration: 03:56 - Uploaded: 2011-03-16 - Rating: 4.954288 - Views: 1,788,941 -
04:13 <ShawnHowellsCP> Ugh...rise against
04:13 <ChaoZStrider> That song made Kill believe I was the god of music xD
04:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Seriously?
04:14 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:14 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <ChaoZStrider> Read the lyrics in the description and tell me they aren't making a puzzle.
04:14 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Schism by Tool w/ lyrics - Duration: 06:49 - Uploaded: 2008-12-30 - Rating: 4.940410 - Views: 1,265,119 -
04:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> you hate rise against?
04:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> DONE, SO DONE.
04:14 <TheBrexter> Rise Against sucks dude.
04:14 <TheBrexter> Theyre pandering bullshit to rebellious teenagers.
04:14 <ShawnHowellsCP> Rise against just seems lke a band emo kids listion too.Not saying they are terrible, but i know three people who like them.All scene.Fuck scene kids.
04:14 <TheBrexter> Theyre name is the most pandering one ive ever heard
04:14 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Shawn, shut the fuck up.
04:15 <TheBrexter> Yeah tons of conformists are going to listen to "Rise Against"
04:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's fucking rude, okay?
04:15 <ShawnHowellsCP> BvB,rise against, bring me the horizon,SWS,BOTDF.
04:15 <ShawnHowellsCP> They all suck
04:15 <ChaoZStrider> I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away, Mildewed and smouldering. 
04:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Yeah, but you didn't have to make the comment on scene kids.
04:15 -!- BreatheMe has left Special:Chat.
04:15 <TheBrexter> Its not being rude Rise Against sucks and if you have a problem with my opinion well then you can go punch a duckling.
04:15 <ShawnHowellsCP> Emos, i feel bad for and can understand.Scene are stupid wanna be's who choose to live like that
04:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ...
04:15 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> That's rude, man.
04:16 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ Now now people, let's keep it civil.
04:16 <ShawnHowellsCP> But truthful
04:16 <TheBrexter> Go punch a duckling.
04:16 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> One shouldn't be grouped into a stereotype for the bands they listen to.
04:16 <ChaoZStrider> Also, listen to Tool.
04:16 <TheBrexter> The band IS a stereotype
04:16 <ShawnHowellsCP> Im not saying everyone who likes them is scene, but everyone who is scene likes them.
04:16 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:16 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not technically
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Rise Against isn't a scene band.
04:17 <ShawnHowellsCP> ^bull
04:17 <ChaoZStrider> You know what song everyone likes because childhood? Song 2 by Blur.
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> ..
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They're not.
04:17 <TheBrexter> the band panders to rebellious teenagers without any of the intrigue or shock of artists like Marilyn Manson or others who are similar.
04:17 <ShawnHowellsCP> BvB,rise against, bring me the horizon,SWS,BOTDF.All one group of scene bands
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No.
04:17 <41488p> oh yes Chao
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I admit all the other bands are, but not Rise Against.
04:17 <ChaoZStrider> ...the fuck is BvB?
04:17 <41488p> *Chaoz
04:17 <41488p> oh myyy
04:17 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Black Veil Brides
04:18 <ChaoZStrider> Yes, Four One Four?
04:18 <TheBrexter> What about My Chemical Romance?
04:18 <ChaoZStrider> Ahhh, I don't like them.
04:18 <ShawnHowellsCP> Black veil brides are TERRIBLE
04:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Rise Against if anything is emo.
04:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I love MCR. (QQ)
04:18 <41488p> oh yess
04:18 <TheBrexter> oki oki
04:18 <ChaoZStrider> MCR is...meh
04:18 <TheBrexter> I like Black Parade
04:18 <41488p> I personally prefer Coldplay for rock music
04:18 <ShawnHowellsCP> MCR is ok, i have no problems with them, just dont like them
04:18 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> YOLO.
04:18 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rise against - Worth dying for (lyrics) - Duration: 03:21 - Uploaded: 2010-04-20 - Rating: 4.967915 - Views: 199,295 -
04:18 <41488p> also Ratatat, Explosions in the Sky, Daft Punk, Mogwai
04:18 <41488p> The Script
04:18 <41488p> The Fray
04:18 <41488p> shitload of bands
04:18 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
04:19 <41488p> I just like music that's good
04:19 <41488p> and sounds good
04:19 <41488p> it can be any genre
04:19 <LosKings> sup
04:19 <ChaoZStrider> If I need to bring on the dubstep, I can do such.
04:19 <TheBrexter> I miss when rock songs were about things i.e. Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Take me from this world, save me, what if we all die young?
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I love Pink Floyd..
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and the Beatles..
04:19 <TheBrexter> Nowadays its just WE''RE EDGY BECAUSE WE'RE SHOUTING
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> and.. Fucking rolling Stones.
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> No.
04:19 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> just no
04:19 <ShawnHowellsCP> 100% correct
04:20 <ChaoZStrider> o.o" who the fuck have you been listening to, Brex?
04:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> One Direction.
04:20 <41488p> Blood on the Dance Floor?
04:20 <41488p> lel
04:20 <41488p> Justin Bieber 
04:20 <TheBrexter> Modern rock music its generic 
04:20 <ShawnHowellsCP> They try to be metal (BvB,rise against, bring me the horizon,SWS,BOTDF), but are actualy overgrown scene kids with a passion for attention.
04:20 <TheBrexter> its all really generic rebellious poppy shit
04:20 <41488p> but yea
04:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Foo Fighters - Everlong - Duration: 04:00 - Uploaded: 2007-12-06 - Rating: 4.894947 - Views: 6,591,905 -
04:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Rise Against.. They aren't fucking scene
04:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Not even fucking close.
04:20 <ChaoZStrider> Y'all mother fuckers need Talos.
04:20 <ChaoZStrider> Mkay?
04:20 <41488p> ^
04:21 <ShawnHowellsCP> They are exactly like bring me the horizon
04:21 <ShawnHowellsCP> OH
04:21 <ShawnHowellsCP> And one more
04:21 <ShawnHowellsCP> Falling in reverse
04:21 <ChaoZStrider> You know what. Y'all mother fuckers need Andraste. 
04:21 <ChaoZStrider> Dragon Age, mother fucker.
04:21 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:21 -!- Obaseller has left Special:Chat.
04:21 <ChaoZStrider> Bring on the dread wolf, bitch.
04:21 <41488p> fuck that you need a watermelon in a watermelon
04:21 -!- Budderman966 has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <ShawnHowellsCP> And motionless in wight sucks
04:21 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Rise Against is their own thing
04:21 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> They're anti government
04:21 -!- Obaseller has joined Special:Chat
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Scene kids are too stupid to understand that
04:22 <TheBrexter> Of course they are
04:22 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Carach Angren "The Sighting is a Portent of Doom" OFFICIAL VIDEO 2011 - Duration: 04:22 - Uploaded: 2011-06-21 - Rating: 4.923625 - Views: 206,199 -
04:22 <TheBrexter> Its like rock code you need to be rebellious nowadays.
04:22 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Obaseller has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
04:22 <ChaoZStrider>
04:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Disturbed - Land of Confusion - HQ - Lyrics - Duration: 04:51 - Uploaded: 2012-08-12 - Rating: 4.976261 - Views: 49,925 -
04:22 <ShawnHowellsCP> So over grown scene kids complaining about a government that in no way could have anything done without a negetive result so they stay as is
04:22 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:22 <ShawnHowellsCP> Seems like the rest to me
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I rage.
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Fuck you.
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I hate you.
04:22 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
04:22 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I hope you die.
04:22 <ChaoZStrider> lel
04:23 <ShawnHowellsCP> Love you too :3
04:23 <Pramirez351> calm down there brooky
04:23 <ChaoZStrider> Brooke, calm yo tits.
04:23 -!- Budderman966 has left Special:Chat.
04:23 <Pramirez351> also shawn, she clearly doesnt like that
04:23 <Pramirez351> so please cut it out
04:23 <ShawnHowellsCP> Im not the only one talking about it, but fine
04:23 <ChaoZStrider> No. *tits rage out, cutting down hospitals*
04:23 <ShawnHowellsCP> >cutting down hospitals
04:23 <ShawnHowellsCP> What XD
04:23 <ChaoZStrider> Don't worry about it
04:24 <ChaoZStrider> I was talking about melting people's eyeballs earlier.
04:24 <ShawnHowellsCP> Thats metal as fuck
04:24 <Pramirez351> yup i member that xD
04:24 <ShawnHowellsCP> Kittens are metal as fuck
04:24 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> YOU KNOW WHAT THIS CHAT NEEDSS?
04:24 <ShawnHowellsCP> >lets not go there
04:24 <TheBrexter> Of course theyre anti government theyre pandering to overdramatic attention seeking teens who say the world sucks but aren't informed enough to tell you why and discuss actual problems this world is facing.
04:24 <TheBrexter> and im done
04:24 <ShawnHowellsCP> Brexter we stoped XD
04:24 <TheBrexter> srry cpw KEPT FREEZING
04:24 <41488p> did you know that in the Mahayana this devil dude had vaginas planted all over him as a punishment for banging a girl
04:24 <41488p> like
04:24 <ChaoZStrider> Odd shit like that from me is too be expected now.
04:24 <41488p> literally
04:25 <41488p> the Mahayana's all like "and his body was covered with the female organ"
04:25 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ghost B.C - Year Zero (Lyric Video - HD) - Duration: 05:36 - Uploaded: 2013-03-27 - Rating: 4.890019 - Views: 235,195 -
04:25 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> THIS.
04:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss (Clean Version) - Duration: 04:24 - Uploaded: 2009-11-30 - Rating: 4.884841 - Views: 7,597,408 -
04:25 <ShawnHowellsCP> Bloodhound gang?Who are they?
04:25 <TheBrexter> Gotye.
04:25 <Pramirez351> dat uhn tiss xD
04:25 <Pramirez351> bye brex if you leavin
04:25 <TheBrexter> Anyone here enjoy Gotye?
04:25 <TheBrexter> HES A SINGER
04:25 <TheBrexter> ughh
04:25 <ChaoZStrider> fuck you both. Listen to this: 
04:25 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rob Zombie - Call of the Zombie + Superbeast - Duration: 04:11 - Uploaded: 2008-10-25 - Rating: 4.954904 - Views: 432,583 -
04:26 <ShawnHowellsCP> Rob zombie :D
04:26 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> I enjoy Rob Zombie somewhat. 
04:26 <ShawnHowellsCP> Dragula :p
04:26 <TheBrexter> *feels so bad feels so numb*
04:26 <ChaoZStrider> It is Superbeast.
04:26 <TheBrexter> :3
04:26 <ShawnHowellsCP> I know, but i love dragula
04:26 <ChaoZStrider> As do I.
04:26 <ShawnHowellsCP> Any Ghost fans in here?
04:26 -!- Afterlife and Redshade has left Special:Chat.
04:26 <ChaoZStrider> I learned of Rob Zombie from Twisted Metal 4.
04:26 <ChaoZStrider> for the PS1.
04:26 <ShawnHowellsCP> I watched the devils rejects
04:27 <ChaoZStrider> Ohhh the childhood feels of being a little wind-up car blowing other cars to fucking bits.
04:27 <TheBrexter> Dragula goes up there with Feel Good Inc and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal as one of the greatest music videos ever.
04:27 <TheBrexter> imo
04:27 <ShawnHowellsCP> I love some og his movies
04:27 <ChaoZStrider> Twisted Metal 4=a glimpse inside my mind
04:27 <ShawnHowellsCP> But seriously, anyone here like ghost?
04:27 <LosKings> I think I'm going to get sick
04:27 <TheBrexter> I cant stop talking about Feel Good Inc
04:28 <TheBrexter> uhhh...
04:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> All you need is mah uhn tiss
04:28 <TheBrexter> Vanilla Ice...
04:28 -!- Brokenkenya has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <TheBrexter> lets talk bout him
04:28 <ShawnHowellsCP> Fucking
04:28 <ShawnHowellsCP> Ghost
04:28 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> who?
04:28 <ChaoZStrider>
04:28 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Twisted Metal 4 ( PS1) Gameplay - Duration: 10:16 - Uploaded: 2012-05-16 - Rating: 4.625000 - Views: 11,168 -
04:28 <ShawnHowellsCP> Does anyone like them
04:28 <ChaoZStrider> My childhood in a nutshell.
04:28 <ShawnHowellsCP> here
04:29 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:29 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Ghost B.C - Year Zero (Lyric Video - HD) - Duration: 05:36 - Uploaded: 2013-03-27 - Rating: 4.890019 - Views: 235,195 -
04:29 <ShawnHowellsCP> ghost
04:29 <TheBrexter> Ghost huh?
04:29 <TheBrexter> Never heard of em
04:29 <ChaoZStrider> I think my uncle is home...not quite sure.
04:29 <TheBrexter> but I have heard of the Seething Fuck Patties.
04:29 <ShawnHowellsCP> Ghost is really only famous in the metal genre, but they use normal vocals
04:30 <TheBrexter> Dragonforce.
04:30 -!- TTRoseLalonde has joined Special:Chat
04:30 <ShawnHowellsCP> Dreagonforce isnt even that fast :/
04:30 -!- TTRoseLalonde has left Special:Chat.
04:30 <TheBrexter> It seems fast 2 me
04:30 <ShawnHowellsCP> All there songs are basicly the same
04:30 <TheBrexter> IDC
04:30 <ShawnHowellsCP> You want fucking fast?
04:30 <TheBrexter> YES
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Berzerker - Paradox - Duration: 02:08 - Uploaded: 2011-03-15 - Rating: 4.870968 - Views: 9,217 -
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP> Skip 30 seconds in
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP> FAST
04:31 <TheBrexter> k
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP>
04:31 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Berzerker - Eye for an eye (animosity) - Duration: 02:18 - Uploaded: 2007-04-10 - Rating: 4.680000 - Views: 193,818 -
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP> Skip 30 seconds in that one
04:31 <ShawnHowellsCP> EVEN FASTER
04:32 <TheBrexter> it sounds slower and stupid :3
04:32 <TheBrexter> *BELCH*
04:32 <ShawnHowellsCP> You didnt even click it did you XD
04:32 <TheBrexter> Theres ur lyrics
04:32 <TheBrexter> yes I did
04:32 <TheBrexter> c:
04:32 <ShawnHowellsCP> Eye for an eye is the worlds fastest metal song.It holds the record
04:32 <TheBrexter> oki ill look at that one
04:33 <TheBrexter> oh its about chrisitanity...
04:33 <TheBrexter> I guess
04:33 <TheBrexter> and now its really loud incpmprehensible beatless noise
04:33 <ShawnHowellsCP> The lyrics are about how we cant change who we are, because someone will take advantage of us and then when we get revenge, we will cripple who we really are...
04:33 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
04:33 -!- ForgottenSoul13 has left Special:Chat.
04:33 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:33 <TheBrexter> Theres a difference between fast and energy.
04:33 <Esoteric Entity> A very slim one, Brex.
04:34 <LOLSKELETONS> Hi Hoodie
04:34 <ShawnHowellsCP> They are fastest to the point you can slice fingers by playing it
04:34 <Esoteric Entity> Hi, Skell.
04:34 <ShawnHowellsCP> He wears heavy gloves to play
04:34 <ChaoZStrider> shit
04:34 -!- CarcinoGenticist has joined Special:Chat
04:34 <TheBrexter> Well its great they added a great message BECAUSE I CANT HEAR ANY OF IT
04:34 <CarcinoGenticist> I cum
04:34 <CarcinoGenticist> Come*
04:35 <ShawnHowellsCP> I understand every single lyric perfectly :D
04:35 <TheBrexter> This is my problem with scream metal (D:)
04:35 <ShawnHowellsCP> You just dont have metal eyes
04:35 <ShawnHowellsCP> Eye for an eye uses growls more than scremo,well 50/50
04:35 <ShawnHowellsCP> If you knjow the lyrics you can understand it.If not....
04:35 <ShawnHowellsCP> hfughuiafiuaghofrhuowouh
04:35 <TheBrexter> Tell me... why did that needed to be screamed
04:35 <TheBrexter> not just screamed
04:36 <TheBrexter> like demon voiced
04:36 <TheBrexter> it doesn't add anything
04:36 <TheBrexter> everyone does it
04:36 <TheBrexter> its not new
04:36 <LOLSKELETONS> or cookie monster voiced
04:36 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
04:36 <TheBrexter> exactly
04:36 <ShawnHowellsCP> Because they even wear masks to resemble the demons in sde people
04:36 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
04:36 <TheBrexter> Yeah never seen that before
04:36 <ShawnHowellsCP> Its because its the genre they sing in
04:36 <ShawnHowellsCP> They did it first in 1991.Then gwar.Then mushroom head.THEN slipknot
04:36 <TheBrexter> Also demons wouldn't be this angry theyd be more conniving and evil not just yelling like htyere on meth.
04:37 <Esoteric Entity> Who are we talking about?
04:37 <TheBrexter> We're talking about scream.
04:37 <TheBrexter> screamo
04:37 <Esoteric Entity> Slipknot ripped off of Mushroomhead, who ripped off of GWAR, who ripped off of KISS.
04:37 <LosKings> Eww
04:37 <LosKings> Screamo
04:37 <ShawnHowellsCP> kiss dosent wear masks.
04:38 <ShawnHowellsCP> Thats paint
04:38 <ShawnHowellsCP> GWAR ripped of the berzerker from 1991
04:38 <ChaoZStrider> Lolwut
04:38 <ShawnHowellsCP> Kiss is out of the picture
04:38 <TheBrexter> You wanna do screamo? fine more power to you but please try and do something different then hitting the same beat 1000 times a minute and screaming
04:38 <ShawnHowellsCP> Then 3dicemen from the 80's or whatever
04:38 <TheBrexter> like a banshee meth head
04:38 <ShawnHowellsCP> Its beat is actualy very complex
04:38 <TheBrexter> XD
04:38 <ChaoZStrider> LosKings, what is your favorite genre of music?
04:38 <TheBrexter> no no it is not
04:39 <TheBrexter> Its static white noise
04:39 <LosKings> Rap. TBH, the only song I like out of screamo is pshycosocial
04:39 <ShawnHowellsCP> eye for an eye requires so many diferent notes hit in such short time, he has to wear heavy gloves or he will literaly remove chunks of his fingers :/
04:39 <TheBrexter> any effort put in is unsalvageable to the human ear
04:39 <LosKings> But still
04:39 <ChaoZStrider> and this is the longest I think I have seen chat hold a conversation about one topic without someone raging hard enough to get banned for 2 weeks.
04:39 <ShawnHowellsCP> Brex, you just dont have the ear for it.
04:40 <TheBrexter> I don't have an ear for it...
04:40 <TheBrexter> k.
04:40 <ShawnHowellsCP> Because we are being reasonable to eachother :]
04:40 <ChaoZStrider> Los, I am sorry to say this, but you are a rare thing here.
04:40 <ChaoZStrider> At least, for the people I talk to.
04:40 <LosKings> who?
04:40 <ChaoZStrider> Most like dubstep, electronica, rock, metal and such.
04:40 <ShawnHowellsCP> I perfer growls>scremo, but in thrash metal or black, i can like scremo.Not in stupid emo or scene bands :/
04:41 <LosKings> I'm a rare thing?
04:41 <ChaoZStrider> Not many people like rap here, for the people I talk to anyway.
04:41 <LosKings> Oh ic ic
04:41 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
04:41 <LosKings> Well, I actually grew up listening to rock, metal, heavy metal, and some screamo
04:41 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
04:41 <Lei Omaki> ?
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> My ratings
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> Dubstep=shit
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> Pop=shit
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> techno=Shit
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> Rap=Just dont like it
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> rock=Ok i guess
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> Im just a metal head 
04:41 <41488p> what music DO you listen to, Shawn?
04:41 <TheBrexter> Shawn. k.
04:41 <ShawnHowellsCP> k den
04:42 <ChaoZStrider> Dubstep/Electronica=Good, like most of it.
04:42 <LosKings> When I turned 11, I just started to listen to rap, pop, R&B, and Indie
04:42 <ChaoZStrider> Pop=shit
04:42 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
04:42 <ChaoZStrider> Techno=good.
04:42 <ChaoZStrider> Rap=not bad but not good either.
04:42 <ChaoZStrider> Rock=good.
04:42 <41488p> bop bop bop EVERYBODY GET UP
04:42 <41488p> WOO
04:42 <41488p> yea yea yea
04:42 <TheBrexter> All Genres = Good when done RIGHT
04:42 <41488p> if you can't heear
04:42 <ShawnHowellsCP> Its just noise to me :/ 
04:42 <ShawnHowellsCP> Most who like dubstep cant understand thrash metal and vise versa.I just hate the fact of no meaning to a song
04:42 <41488p> what I'm tryina say
04:42 <41488p> if you can't reaad
04:42 <41488p> on the same page
04:43 <41488p> maybe I'm going deaf
04:43 <ShawnHowellsCP> Brexter, you are right
04:43 <ChaoZStrider> Screamo=good.
04:43 <ChaoZStrider> Metal=good.
04:43 <41488p> maybe I'm going blind
04:43 <LosKings> Tbh, I'm picky about my rap songs
04:43 <41488p> maybe I'm out of my
04:43 <41488p> miiind
04:43 <ShawnHowellsCP> Scremo, in most cases is metal
04:43 <41488p> same Popo
04:43 <ChaoZStrider> I like a song based of the beat and message
04:43 <41488p> I prefer Eminem and Macklemoer
04:43 <LosKings> If it's horrible
04:43 <41488p> *more
04:43 <41488p> Lil Wayne? Nawwww.
04:43 <LosKings> Then it's a nono
04:43 <ShawnHowellsCP> The bzerzerker is not a scremo band, just uses it sometimes
04:43 <41488p> ^
04:43 <41488p> shoot ninja'd
04:43 <41488p> okay gonna go poo poo
04:43 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
04:43 <LosKings> Man
04:43 <ChaoZStrider> If the song has no actual lyrics, but sounds good, I will listen to it
04:44 <LosKings> Demons by Imagine Dragons is so good
04:44 <ShawnHowellsCP> But i perfer Growls>clean vocals>scremo
04:44 <TheBrexter> Screamo is just grading I wanna listen to other kinds of metal but all these stupid channels play is someone yelling to minimalist beat that never changed to a guitar being played fast for the sake of being fast
04:44 <ShawnHowellsCP> The berzerker is fast to get your heart racing, and in affect like the song
04:44 <LosKings> So guys
04:44 <ShawnHowellsCP> And meaning
04:44 <ChaoZStrider> Sometimes it is just the artists that make a song sound bad. I heard some covers of pop songs by metal artists and it sounded good.
04:44 <LosKings> What song describes you the most?
04:44 <ShawnHowellsCP> I g2g
04:44 <TheBrexter> me?
04:44 <LosKings> All of u
04:44 <TheBrexter> Sound of Silence
04:44 <CarcinoGenticist> Shit
04:45 -!- ShawnHowellsCP has left Special:Chat.
04:45 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
04:45 <TheBrexter> Hi Lei
04:45 <Esoteric Entity> Hai, Lei.
04:45 <Lei Omaki> hi :3
04:45 <LosKings> For me, it's Demons.
04:46 <TheBrexter> That's a good song,
04:46 <TheBrexter> I like Imagine Dragons :3
04:46 -!- CarcinoGenticist has left Special:Chat.
04:47 <LosKings> They need to start playing that on the radio
04:47 <LosKings> Tired of Radioactive
04:47 <TheBrexter> "Techno is shit and simplistic"
04:47 <TheBrexter> Listen to Better Faster Stronger by Kanye West.
04:47 <TheBrexter> And yes I hate Kanye as much as u do
04:48 <LosKings> I like Kanye..
04:48 <LosKings> Sometimes...
04:48 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:48 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:48 <Esoteric Entity> Imagine Dragons is awesome.
04:48 <ChaoZStrider> Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk. The better version of that song, imho.
04:48 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
04:49 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
04:49 <LosKings> MGMT, Opposite of children
04:49 <TheBrexter> derp
04:49 <LosKings> The OG version on Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang?
04:49 <TheBrexter> oki...
04:50 <TheBrexter> my computers being fucking horrible
04:50 <TheBrexter> GODDAMIT
04:50 <TheBrexter> oki
04:50 <TheBrexter> Kanye ruined Yeezus.
04:51 <TheBrexter> The beats were awesome it was darker and added more simplistic raw sounds. Only problem is it was made by Kanye.
04:52 <LosKings> Blood On The Leaves is good
04:52 <TheBrexter> So in songs like Black Skinhead where he is supposed to be talking about stereotypes of African American male aggression he ends up bragging about how much sex he gets
04:53 <TheBrexter> Thank you Kanye for not trying at all.
04:53 <LosKings> But...
04:53 <LosKings> He got Kardashian preggo
04:53 <TheBrexter> And yes I like the name North.
04:54 <TheBrexter> I think its cute.
04:54 <TheBrexter> >_>
04:54 <LosKings> People say JayZ named his daughter Blue Ivy
04:54 <LosKings> because the devil had a daughter named similiar to that
04:54 <LosKings> I don't believe that
04:55 <TheBrexter> I wanna name my son Lucipher.
04:55 <TheBrexter> Lol no.
04:55 <LosKings> Wait
04:55 <LosKings> So Legion is a group of powerful demons?
04:55 <ChaoZStrider> "Tread carefully, mother fucker. Your stupidity is about to exceed the limits of my medication" lel
04:56 <TheBrexter> No the Legion is the Empire based in the province of Cyrodiil in the middle of Nirn.
04:56 <Esoteric Entity> The Devil never had offspring.
04:57 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
04:57 <TheBrexter> Kanye West's best song: Heartless
04:57 <TheBrexter> Why? It combines the beats with lyrics THAT ACTUALLY TELL A STORY
04:57 <LosKings> Exactly Eso
04:57 <TheBrexter> God I wanna punch Kanye in his face and then listen to his only 3 good songs.
04:57 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
04:57 <TheBrexter> IM VERY SLEEPY
04:58 <TheBrexter> ...
04:58 <LosKings> Good Morning, Goldigger, Stronger, are my favorite songs from him
04:59 <LosKings> Oh, and Power and Amazing
04:59 <ChaoZStrider> The party is not over until you smile for the mugshot.
04:59 <TheBrexter> *mug gets shot* o-o
04:59 <TheBrexter> that's enough drinks for today
04:59 <ChaoZStrider> my response: "time to melt some eyeballs with a fondue kit, mother fucker"
05:00 <LosKings> Hey
05:00 <LosKings> Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar is really good
05:00 <LosKings> I just realized it has a good message in it
05:00 <Lei Omaki> go to sleep Brex
05:00 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
05:00 -!- LosKings has joined Special:Chat
05:00 <BRVR> I got a trophy.
05:01 <BRVR> Of a trophy.
05:01 <ChaoZStrider> ....xD I have found little me.
05:01 <BRVR> My mind is blown.
05:01 -!- LosKings has left Special:Chat.
05:02 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:02 <BRVR> And there's a calming piano version of the SSBB theme playing in the background.
05:03 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <TheBrexter> Top 5 Worst Rappers Ever:
05:03 <TheBrexter> #5: 2 Chainz
05:03 <TheBrexter> #4: Soulja Boy
05:03 <TheBrexter> #3: Wokka Flokka Flame
05:03 <TheBrexter> #2: Gucci Mane
05:03 <TheBrexter> #1: Vanilla Ice
05:03 <TheBrexter> imo
05:03 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <Lei Omaki> ?
05:03 <TheBrexter> idk
05:03 <TheBrexter> dun ask y
05:03 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:03 <BRVR> Not the piano version, but... Related to it.
05:03 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Theme to Super Smash Brothers Brawl on Piano - Difficult - Duration: 02:00 - Uploaded: 2009-12-06 - Rating: 4.977486 - Views: 26,789 -
05:03 <303G> how do i make a pasta?
05:03 <ChaoZStrider> (I am working a morning shit at a cafe. We are serving breakfast. A little boy enters the cafe with his mother). Me: "So, What will it be?"//Child: "I WISH TO DEVOUR THE UNBORN." (There is a sudden silence and everyone turns to see. The mother looks very embarrassed) Mother:"..Eggs...he would like some eggs"
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> Little ChaoZStrider right there.
05:04 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> he makes me so proud.
05:04 <303G> hey assholes how do i make a pasta
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> morning shift*
05:04 <TheBrexter> awww c:
05:04 <TheBrexter> *hugs chao*
05:04 <TheBrexter> *doesn't let go*
05:04 <Esoteric Entity> You're insulting us because...?
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> xD best. typo. ever.
05:04 <ChaoZStrider> *hugged* :3
05:04 <TheBrexter> c:
05:04 <303G> hey FUCKTARDS how do i make a pasta on here
05:04 <41488p> 303
05:05 <BRVR> ...Friendliest. Person. Ever.
05:05 <TheBrexter> thanks c:
05:05 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
05:05 <41488p> go to the front page
05:05 <41488p> there is a box where you type in text in the middle
05:05 <ChaoZStrider> Yes, if you would like help from us, it would be wise to be nice.
05:05 <Esoteric Entity> How about stop insulting other users, yes?
05:05 <41488p> enter the title of your pasta
05:05 <41488p> and then click "create"
05:05 <TheBrexter> 41. I will keep you forever IN THIS BOX
05:05 <41488p> NO
05:05 <TheBrexter> Yes c:
05:05 <ChaoZStrider> I agree with Hoodward.
05:05 <303G> ok ok im sorry hi im 303G im new here i would like to make a pasta
05:05 <41488p> over here 303
05:05 <TheBrexter> You can never escape my love or FROM THIS BOX
05:05 <41488p> 303 I just gave you
05:06 <41488p> like
05:06 <41488p> 10 lines of clear instructions
05:06 <41488p> even when you were swearing at me
05:06 <41488p> kk
05:06 <303G> thank you
05:06 <Pramirez351> hey guys, well, im pretty sleepy so um, ill see you all later
05:06 <TheBrexter> kk + k = kkk U RAKKKIST
05:06 <Pramirez351> wub you all (h)
05:06 <TheBrexter> I wub u too
05:06 <Pramirez351> bai now x3
05:06 <TheBrexter> prami bby
05:06 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
05:06 <TheBrexter> bie
05:06 <41488p> no probs
05:06 <41488p> wub you too Pram
05:06 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
05:06 <ChaoZStrider> Night, Pram.
05:07 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
05:07 <303G> ok so how does one use the site of pasta's like rules N stuff?
05:07 <TheBrexter> My love-box is inescapable 41.
05:07 <ChaoZStrider> 303, read this: 
05:07 <303G> ok
05:07 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
05:07 <TheBrexter> 411
05:07 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
05:07 <TheBrexter> (TT)
05:08 <TheBrexter> I creeped him out.
05:08 <ChaoZStrider> oh, and these:
05:08 <ChaoZStrider> All of those.
05:08 <TheBrexter> Its all MY FAULT
05:08 <TheBrexter> (QQ)
05:08 <BRVR> I will sit next to my trophy trophy.
05:08 <TheBrexter> *blames myself for 9/11 also*
05:08 <TheBrexter> WHY (TT)
05:09 <303G> ok im back sorry for starting on the wrong foot had a rough day
05:09 <TheBrexter> *blames myself for WW2*
05:09 <BRVR> My leg hurts.
05:09 <TheBrexter> *massages brvr's leg* :3
05:09 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ I hope those two pages can clear things up for you, and please, don't insult people while asking for help. It doesn't work well.
05:09 <303G> yea they helped
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> The two pages I posted should show you everything you need to know.
05:10 <BRVR> That is creepy and I just got a mite trophy.
05:10 <TheBrexter> Except for how to escape my hugs.
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> Mind you, the site rules is a lot of rules.
05:10 <303G> sorry though for bring a dick
05:10 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
05:10 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> It is fine, we get worse here.
05:10 <303G> serious
05:10 <TheBrexter> 41!
05:10 <ChaoZStrider> Yea.
05:10 <TheBrexter> Ur baxiez
05:10 <TheBrexter> *glomps*
05:10 <303G> hey your a nice guy/girl
05:10 <41488p> *becomes a dildo*
05:10 <BRVR> (This is a red mite)
05:10 <541744> baxiez? wuts dat
05:10 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
05:10 <TheBrexter> *hugs dildo*
05:10 <TheBrexter> :3
05:11 <ChaoZStrider> Thank you, 303.
05:11 <TheBrexter> *sticks it in my pocket* >_>
05:11 <303G> will be my pasta friend?
05:11 <ChaoZStrider> ^~^ I am more courteous than I am nice but compliments are always nice.
05:11 <541744> sorry if english not well
05:11 <303G> ok
05:11 <BRVR> /me walks down an up escalator for 3 days
05:11 <TheBrexter> Chaoz. ur bootiful.
05:12 <ChaoZStrider> ^-^ I am a moderator, 303. I am everyone's friend. Except the friend of socks. They can die.
05:12 <541744> I am from Phillepines'\
05:12 <ChaoZStrider> Thank you, Brex~
05:12 <TheBrexter> yw c:
05:12 <541744> we also had sock today
05:12 <303G> what is a moderater
05:12 <BRVR> Forget it.
05:12 <BRVR> /me jumps past escalator
05:12 <BRVR> /me jumps past escalator
05:12 <TheBrexter> What is mod?
05:12 <TheBrexter> Mod pls dun hurt me--
05:12 <TheBrexter> WHAT IS MOD
05:12 <541744> a person in charge of chat
05:13 <303G> how does one become a mod?
05:13 <303G> from exprience?
05:13 <303G> from respect?
05:13 <BRVR> A person who moderates an Internet message board or chat room, brex.
05:13 <541744> a admin makes u one
05:13 <TheBrexter> From lots of Russian sex tapes that's how.
05:13 <TheBrexter> That's how you become a mod.
05:14 <541744> no talk sex
05:14 <TheBrexter> *mentions sex exists*
05:14 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <TheBrexter> ._.
05:14 <TheBrexter> LEI
05:14 <TheBrexter> :D
05:14 <303G> can i get the link to that pasta meker one more time chaos?
05:14 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:14 <541744> NO TALK SEX!!!!
05:14 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:15 <541744> @Brex
05:15 <TheBrexter> Im too sexy for my shirt mm to sesy
05:15 <TheBrexter> sexy
05:15 <ChaoZStrider> Sure ^^
05:15 <BRVR> Should I continue my quest to get a lot of trophies in SSBB?
05:15 <303G> rhanx
05:15 <ClericofMadness> it is be sexy times for chate nows yes maybe
05:15 <303G> thanx
05:15 <ChaoZStrider>
05:15 <Lei Omaki> yes Brex?
05:15 <ChaoZStrider> Oh shit, our lord has arrived.
05:15 <BRVR>
05:15 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Skyrim Theme Song Misheard Lyrics 2 - Duration: 03:49 - Uploaded: 2012-09-09 - Rating: 4.860317 - Views: 23,036 -
05:15 <541744> I hate Link dead in SSBB
05:15 <Lei Omaki> oh hi Your Imperial Condescension Cleric 
05:16 <ChaoZStrider> Everyone, get on one knee.
05:16 <ClericofMadness> Water you all up to
05:16 <TheBrexter> Lei I just wanted you to know *holds u by the shoulders takes a deep breath* YOU'RE MY NUMBER ONE...
05:16 <ClericofMadness> UpdatesUpdatesUpdates
05:16 <541744> I hate Skyrim!
05:16 <TheBrexter> 54. 
05:16 <TheBrexter> Say that again
05:16 <BRVR> /me eats a klondike bar
05:16 <Lei Omaki> reading the updates Cleric
05:17 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:17 <Lei Omaki> and what brex?
05:17 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:17 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:17 <541744> I Hate Skyrim!
05:17 <TheBrexter> The art of eating a Klondike bar is to eat it before it melts but wait for it to cool down enough that u enjoy eating it
05:17 <TheBrexter> FUS RO DAH
05:17 <TheBrexter> *decapitates 54*
05:17 <TheBrexter> *turns werewolf*
05:17 <TheBrexter> *eats his flesh*
05:18 <TheBrexter> *capture his soul in soul gem*
05:18 <TheBrexter> *enchants sword with gem*
05:18 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:18 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:18 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:18 <303G> ok WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
05:18 <ChaoZStrider> ...
05:18 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:18 <ChaoZStrider> that was roleplay, minor roleplay, but roleplay.
05:19 <TheBrexter> I rp all zeh time
05:19 <303G> no no no the email i just 
05:19 <TheBrexter> *awaits ban*
05:19 <541744> are you srs decapitating me just  because me hate skyrim?
05:19 <TheBrexter> c:
05:19 <TheBrexter> yes
05:19 <ChaoZStrider> Brex, please stop roleplaying
05:19 <Grammatik> He-- WHAT THE CUNTLICKING FUCK
05:19 <TheBrexter> and devouring ur flesh and stealing your soul
05:19 <TheBrexter> oki sorry
05:19 <ChaoZStrider> Oh, then i have no idea.
05:19 <ChaoZStrider> What's up, Gram?
05:19 <541744> thank you chaoZ
05:19 <Grammatik> That rp
05:19 <303G> ok so none of you sent that horric email just now?
05:20 <ChaoZStrider> Nope.
05:20 <TheBrexter> wut horrific email
05:20 <ClericofMadness>
05:20 <Lei Omaki> ?
05:20 <ChaoZStrider> Yea, Gram. It happens a bit.
05:20 <TheBrexter> did it hav e picture of me
05:20 <ClericofMadness> New round.
05:20 <Lei Omaki> what email?
05:20 <303G> i just got an emial say I C U IN THE CHAT
05:20 -!- CrwnThy.Xavria has left Special:Chat.
05:20 <Esoteric Entity> Whoa.
05:20 <541744> /me's mad
05:20 <TheBrexter> cool story broseph
05:20 <TheBrexter> c:
05:20 <Esoteric Entity> That totally isn't fake.
05:20 <541744> /me is mad
05:20 <Grammatik> Oh god another funnymouth rper
05:21 <ChaoZStrider> Lol, Hoodward. 
05:21 <541744> FALCON POWER!
05:21 <TheBrexter> /me is not mad
05:21 <303G> well im going to investage this
05:21 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:21 <ChaoZStrider> and I believe Gram my be correct.
05:21 <541744> KAMEH
05:21 <541744> KAAMEH
05:21 <TheBrexter> Hame ha?
05:21 <541744> KAAAMEH
05:21 <TheBrexter> ._.
05:21 <541744> HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA\
05:21 <Grammatik> stop being constipated
05:21 <TheBrexter> No its Kami Hami Ha
05:21 <TheBrexter> KNOW UR DBZ
05:21 <Lei Omaki> *3 episodes later*
05:21 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:21 <Grammatik> thanks already
05:22 <TheBrexter> yw already
05:22 <303G> hey chaos that link you sent me didn't work
05:22 <541744> *kills Brex with a Kahmehkahmehha blast
05:22 <303G> is there a diff one?
05:22 <TheBrexter> ._. *godmods*
05:22 <541744> there is one only 303G
05:22 <ChaoZStrider> there is one on the main page in a white box that says: how to write a creepy pasta.
05:22 <ChaoZStrider> ^^
05:23 <303G> ok
05:23 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <541744> It's a fake story that makes people shcok
05:23 <Grammatik> That guy and that RP... and people ask me why I don't like it when new people come in.
05:23 <ChaoZStrider> If plastic is derived from fossil fuels and fossil fuels come from dead dinosaurs. Are plastic dinosaurs made from real dead dinosaurs?
05:23 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:23 <TheBrexter> Grammy bby do u like me?
05:23 <TheBrexter> :3
05:23 <541744> /me prepares heat vision
05:24 <TheBrexter> *godmods*
05:24 <541744> HEAT VISION READY!
05:24 <Esoteric Entity> Stop the RP mmkay?
05:24 <Grammatik> Brex what
05:24 <541744> *blasts Brex
05:24 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:24 <ChaoZStrider> Dude(s). Answer the question, please.
05:24 <TheBrexter> wut question
05:24 <541744> ^
05:24 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:24 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:25 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:25 <541744> superrrr
05:25 <541744> callllee
05:25 <541744> fraja
05:25 <303G> ok i found it but being a noob again is there one for actully writing it?
05:25 <541744> listik
05:25 <TheBrexter> uhhh have fun with that
05:25 <541744> expe
05:25 <541744> alla
05:25 <TheBrexter> im going to be over here hugging chaoz
05:26 <541744> doshuss
05:26 <TheBrexter> *hugs chaoz*
05:26 <Lei Omaki> h9nk
05:26 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:26 <541744> *flames go through Brex's body*
05:26 <ChaoZStrider> The style guide..
05:26 <541744> K.O.!
05:27 <Lei Omaki> style guide?
05:27 <TheBrexter> I don't even know wut ur rping anymore. You're doing like dbz+mortal kombat+gibberish
05:28 <Lei Omaki> he's mixing diff. characters
05:28 <541744> It was doing dbz+supercalifrajalistickexpealadocious
05:28 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
05:28 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
05:28 <Grammatik> Fuck that word
05:28 <541744> which is a Mary Poppins song
05:28 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:28 <TheBrexter> The sound of that was something quite atrocious.
05:28 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:29 <LOLSKELETONS> gtg
05:29 <541744>
05:29 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lyrics- Mary Poppins - Duration: 02:00 - Uploaded: 2011-04-12 - Rating: 4.721312 - Views: 111,780 -
05:29 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
05:29 <TheBrexter> bye skelly
05:29 <TheBrexter> <3
05:29 <Lei Omaki> so hungry but i don't know what to eat
05:29 <TheBrexter> *cooks lei a steak*
05:29 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
05:30 -!- GolgothaTerror has joined Special:Chat
05:30 <Grammatik> I'm starving but I don't want to eat.
05:30 <Lei Omaki> mmm steak
05:30 <TheBrexter> *cooks another for grammy
05:30 <Lei Omaki> hi Jake :3
05:30 <GolgothaTerror> Hi :>
05:30 <303G> ok so i readon how to write the pasta now i wants to write it
05:30 <TheBrexter> *makes some bacon on the side*
05:30 <TheBrexter> Bacon + Steak
05:30 <TheBrexter> = Heaven
05:30 <Grammatik> I'm not feeling like eating anything,  Brex.
05:30 <TheBrexter> fine
05:31 <TheBrexter> *eats grams meal*
05:31 <TheBrexter> numnumnum
05:31 <541744> @303G, you write a scary story= Creepypasta
05:31 <ClericofMadness> Round two posted on the facebooks, feel free to share/comment
05:31 <ClericofMadness> Write many scary stories = Horror Writer
05:31 <303G> ya i know how do i put one on the site
05:31 <TheBrexter> who wants to touch my chin hairs?
05:31 <Lei Omaki> links Cleric please :3
05:32 <ClericofMadness>
05:32 <303G> is dat da link?
05:32 <Lei Omaki> thanks Cleric
05:32 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
05:33 <TheBrexter> no one wants to touch my chin hairs? :(
05:33 <303G> no but i would love to write a pasta
05:33 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
05:33 <Lei Omaki> *noms on bacon and steak*
05:34 <TheBrexter> *rubs my chin against gramm*
05:34 <541744> @303G Just write a scary story
05:34 <Lei Omaki> Jeff, won
05:34 <Lei Omaki> no surprise there
05:34 <303G> 54 where doe?
05:34 <541744> thats a Creepypasta
05:34 <303G> were
05:34 <303G> at
05:34 <303G> though
05:34 <ClericofMadness> I also can has a toomblur and a tweetur
05:35 <541744> click "Contribute"
05:35 <303G> ok
05:35 <303G> then\
05:35 <ClericofMadness> You can write it in any word processor and then post it on here
05:35 <541744> Click "Add a Page"
05:35 <303G> ok
05:35 <TheBrexter> Cleric. If it weren't for you're wikia I wouldn't have met the love of my life.
05:35 <ClericofMadness> who
05:35 <ClericofMadness> what
05:35 <TheBrexter> NightsCrystals
05:35 <541744> Create the Title
05:35 <ClericofMadness> wat'
05:35 <303G> ok
05:35 <GolgothaTerror> Is it me?
05:35 <GolgothaTerror> Please say it'...Oh. 
05:35 <TheBrexter> we been goin out for 5 months
05:35 <541744> click "blank" page
05:35 <Grammatik> G4u
05:35 <303G> ok
05:36 <ClericofMadness> tfw no qt3.14 horror mistress 3d wiafu
05:36 <541744> click create pagew
05:36 <303G> ok
05:36 <541744> *page
05:36 <541744> then you write it
05:36 <303G> ok
05:36 <541744> got it?
05:36 <303G> yesh thank you my nigga
05:36 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
05:36 <541744> I'm not black
05:36 <ClericofMadness> -sigh-
05:36 <Grammatik> Oooh.
05:37 <ClericofMadness> 4channies
05:37 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:37 <Esoteric Entity> 303.
05:37 <Esoteric Entity> Don't say that.
05:37 <Esoteric Entity> thanks.
05:38 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:38 <541744> okay, I'm Gonna go make a pasta
05:38 <Grammatik> He left. 
05:38 <TheBrexter> White People Code #562:
05:38 <TheBrexter> We cannot understand why black people call other black people the n word. We must not try to comprehend it nor judge the black community for using it. 
05:38 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:38 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
05:38 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <Esoteric Entity> sleep well guys
05:39 <Grammatik> Lol.
05:39 <Grammatik> Goodnight. 
05:39 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:39 <TheBrexter> gnite eso <3
05:39 <TheBrexter> I wub u
05:39 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <Grammatik> It's 8:39 am. Lol.
05:39 <TheBrexter> Its 1:39 am Lol.
05:39 <TheBrexter> :D
05:40 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <GolgothaTerror> 10:39 PM.
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> I am heading to bed as well. Have to be up in 5 hours.
05:40 <TheBrexter> cya Chaoz
05:40 <ChaoZStrider> Night.
05:40 <TheBrexter> gnite
05:40 <GolgothaTerror> Night, Z.
05:40 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
05:40 <Grammatik>  7 hour difference.  You from the states?
05:40 <Lei Omaki> g'night Z
05:40 <Grammatik> Good night,  Z.
05:40 <TheBrexter> Im from Pennsylvania
05:40 <Grammatik> I see.
05:41 <TheBrexter> Grammatik... Illmatic?
05:42 <Grammatik> Wha.
05:42 <TheBrexter> you know the rap album by Nas
05:42 <Grammatik> Oh.
05:42 <TheBrexter> Kitammarg
05:42 <TheBrexter> ur name baquards.
05:42 <Grammatik> Sounds Nordic
05:42 <TheBrexter> indeed
05:42 <Grammatik> .-.
05:43 <TheBrexter> wut
05:43 <TheBrexter> did I say sumthin wronf
05:43 <Grammatik> Nah.
05:43 -!- Tryhardcarrot has joined Special:Chat
05:44 -!- DiamondJackal has joined Special:Chat
05:44 <DiamondJackal> Hai guise
05:44 <TheBrexter> Hi diamond
05:44 <DiamondJackal> Im at school, on the school pc
05:44 <DiamondJackal> cuz yolo
05:44 <Lei Omaki> yo
05:44 <DiamondJackal> :D
05:44 <Grammatik> Read  that as "Tycholarfero" and fell off the chair.
05:44 <TheBrexter> im gonna go to bed
05:44 <Tryhardcarrot> Eminem album coming November 5th,2013
05:44 <TheBrexter> by everyone
05:44 <GolgothaTerror> Night, Brex.
05:45 <TheBrexter> nite
05:45 <Grammatik> Good night,  Brex.
05:45 <DiamondJackal> good nite brex
05:45 <DiamondJackal> dont let the bed bugs bite
05:45 <Tryhardcarrot> nite
05:45 <Tryhardcarrot> night
05:45 <DiamondJackal> :3
05:45 <Lei Omaki> good night brex
05:45 -!- TheBrexter has left Special:Chat.
05:45 -!- Tryhardcarrot has left Special:Chat.
05:46 <DiamondJackal> guise
05:46 <DiamondJackal> any new pastas?
05:46 <Lei Omaki> i haven't read any pastas for the past few weeks
05:46 <Grammatik> I haven't read any for like a month. 
05:46 <GolgothaTerror> ^
05:47 <DiamondJackal> same here
05:47 <Lei Omaki> most of the new pastas i found were shitty
05:47 <DiamondJackal> yeah
05:47 <Lei Omaki> so i didn't bother to read them
05:47 <DiamondJackal> well, i havent written one for 2 weeks maybe
05:48 <DiamondJackal> need to write
05:48 <DiamondJackal> refresh my brain again
05:48 <DiamondJackal> with horror
05:48 <Grammatik> I haven't bothered to write any at all
05:48 <GolgothaTerror> I've only written one pasta in a span of a year.
05:48 -!- Sunbeamz has joined Special:Chat
05:49 -!- Sunbeamz has left Special:Chat.
05:49 <Grammatik> .-.
05:50 <DiamondJackal> well, cya
05:50 <DiamondJackal> my time ended
05:50 <DiamondJackal> for pc
05:50 <DiamondJackal> goddamnit
05:50 <DiamondJackal> :D
05:50 <DiamondJackal> cya guise
05:50 <Lei Omaki> bye
05:50 -!- DiamondJackal has left Special:Chat.
05:51 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
05:51 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:51 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
05:52 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
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05:52 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
05:52 -!- TheShadyNerd has joined Special:Chat
05:52 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:52 <Finneow> Heyyy.
05:53 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <Finneow> Heyyy?
05:54 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
05:54 <Finneow> Dedz chetz
05:56 -!- 541744 has joined Special:Chat
05:56 <541744> This, probably isn't scary but I tried my best
05:56 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
05:56 <Austinpro123> hey
05:57 <541744> hello
05:57 <541744> do you wanna read my pasta
05:57 <Austinpro123> im ok maybe later
05:57 <541744> this is it anyway
05:58 <Austinpro123> ok
05:58 <541744> anyone else care do read it?
05:59 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
05:59 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
05:59 <541744> *to
05:59 -!- 541744 has left Special:Chat.
06:00 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
06:00 <TheShadyNerd> That was a troll pasta, guys. Don't read it. Or do, it won't kill you at all.
06:00 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
06:01 <TheShadyNerd> My eyes burn now.
06:01 <Austinpro123> y
06:02 <TheShadyNerd> It was just...bad. Intentionally bad, which made it worse.
06:05 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
06:05 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
06:06 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
06:06 -!- TheShadyNerd has left Special:Chat.
06:06 -!- Austinpro123 has joined Special:Chat
06:07 -!- CreepyInvestigator has joined Special:Chat
06:07 -!- Austinpro123 has left Special:Chat.
06:07 <CreepyInvestigator> Good mornin everyone
06:10 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
06:10 <303G> i just my pasta
06:11 <303G> made@
06:12 <303G> its called childs mirror
06:12 <303G> if it goes though 
06:13 <Finneow> (facepalm)
06:13 <303G> fucking thing wont publish
06:13 <Finneow> It has published...
06:13 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:13 <Finneow> Unfortunately 
06:14 <303G> it has been?
06:14 <Finneow> Hai lei
06:14 <Lei Omaki> hi
06:14 <Lei Omaki> :3
06:14 <Finneow> :3
06:14 <303G> did you read it?
06:15 <Lei Omaki> _(:3_| <)_
06:15 <303G> what?
06:16 <303G> t-_-t
06:16 <Lei Omaki> nofin 38)
06:16 <303G> go read my pasta
06:17 <Lei Omaki> link
06:17 <Lei Omaki> pls
06:17 <303G> ok hold on
06:18 <303G>'s_Mirror there
06:18 <Finneow> (tw: Horrible grammar, wallotext, needs editing)
06:18 <Lei Omaki> it can't be that bad right?
06:18 -!- Theslendyman has joined Special:Chat
06:18 <Lei Omaki> oh
06:18 <Lei Omaki> it's bad
06:19 <Finneow> Toldyaso
06:19 <Lei Omaki> i can fix it somehow
06:20 -!- Theslendyman has left Special:Chat.
06:20 -!- Theslendyman has joined Special:Chat
06:20 <Finneow> Its in needs editing, Im Pretty sure needs editing is for vcroc and systop
06:20 <Lei Omaki> really?
06:20 <Finneow> Thats what Tim Told me
06:21 <Lei Omaki> i could fix some misspelled some words
06:21 <Lei Omaki> but i don't know
06:21 <Lei Omaki> with all this vcroc and systop
06:21 <GolgothaTerror> I think you need the creator's permission, no? 
06:21 <Finneow> No.
06:21 <303G> how can i fix it?
06:22 <303G> or someone else?
06:22 <303G> or waht
06:22 <Finneow> Anyone can edit a pasta  unless it is needs editing, Then only Vcroc Systop and MABY rollback can
06:22 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:22 -!- Theslendyman has left Special:Chat.
06:22 <303G> so how can i fix it?
06:22 -!- FlakyPorcupine has left Special:Chat.
06:23 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:23 <Finneow> I dont think you can now its needs editing. Give me a sec to check.
06:24 <Finneow> Ah, Lei, I think someone may have vandalised your page
06:24 <303G> but overall how waz da story i just kinda fucked with it as i went
06:24 <Lei Omaki> what?
06:24 <Lei Omaki> really?
06:24 <Finneow>
06:24 <303G> really what?
06:24 <Finneow> Let me fix it
06:24 <303G> ok!!
06:25 <303G> yehs
06:25 <303G> plz
06:25 <Lei Omaki> i don't see it\
06:25 <Finneow> Oh shit that was fast
06:25 <Finneow> Someone already undid it
06:25 <303G> undid what?
06:26 <Finneow> Damnit sloshed let the new guy have a turn!
06:26 <Lei Omaki> what was in my profile Finn?
06:26 <303G> am i the new guy?
06:26 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:26 <Finneow> It was:
06:26 <Finneow> "GIVE MEH YOUR BABIES"
06:26 <Finneow> And that was it
06:27 <Finneow> Weird huh?
06:27 <303G> mt story?
06:27 <303G> my
06:28 <303G> damn i suck at this site
06:28 -!- GolgothaTerror has left Special:Chat.
06:28 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:28 <Lei Omaki> weird indeed
06:28 <Lei Omaki> i'm still editing your pasta 30
06:29 <303G> thanx man i appreciate it 
06:30 -!- GolgothaTerror has joined Special:Chat
06:32 <303G> my niggas of the chat one day i wanna be a famous writer
06:32 <Finneow> WOAH WOAH WOAH
06:32 <Finneow> YOU CANT SAY THAT HERE
06:32 <303G> what?
06:32 <Finneow> N Word
06:32 <303G> oh oh  my bad
06:33 <GolgothaTerror>
06:33 <303G> but legit i though here would be a good place to start writing
06:33 <Lei Omaki> [[Chat Rules]]
06:34 <Finneow> ^
06:35 <303G> it oh read it?
06:35 <Finneow> !logs
06:35 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
06:35 <Finneow> Ty jesse
06:36 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
06:36 <GolgothaTerror> Well, I'm gonna crash out now.
06:36 <GolgothaTerror> Night, guys.
06:36 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
06:37 <Lei Omaki> night
06:37 -!- GolgothaTerror has left Special:Chat.
06:37 <303G> night
06:37 <303G> hey guys i have a question bout this wiki
06:37 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:37 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:37 <Lei Omaki> wth
06:38 <303G> do girl everlog on?
06:38 <303G> or is it all dudes?
06:38 <Lei Omaki> ?
06:38 <303G> jw
06:38 <Finneow> (facepalm)
06:38 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:38 <Finneow> Anyway, Gotta go guys. Baii
06:39 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
06:39 <303G> bai
06:39 <303G> but like serious is it all guy?
06:39 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
06:42 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:43 <Lei Omaki> not all people here are all guys
06:43 <Lei Omaki> there are some girls too
06:43 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
06:44 <Mrtdark1> e-e
06:44 <Mrtdark1> hello
06:45 <Lei Omaki> hello
06:46 <Mrtdark1> i have a dream
06:47 <Lei Omaki> and?
06:47 <Mrtdark1> that dream is that all men are equal
06:47 <Mrtdark1> ..but some men are more equal than others
06:48 <Lei Omaki> (facepalm)
06:48 <Mrtdark1> what
06:49 <Lei Omaki> nothing
06:49 <Mrtdark1> i am referencing something
06:49 <Lei Omaki> i know, I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.
06:50 <Mrtdark1> yes and
06:51 <Lei Omaki> ?
06:51 <Mrtdark1> animal farm
06:52 <Lei Omaki> meh
06:52 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:52 <Mrtdark1> the quotes are "i have a dream" and all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
06:52 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:53 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:54 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:54 <Mrtdark1> hi
06:54 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Mrtdark1> hi
06:55 <Mrtdark1> were talking about books
06:55 <Zyranne> Heyo
06:55 <Lei Omaki> hi
06:55 <Mrtdark1> non scary books
06:55 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:55 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
06:55 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:55 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Zyranne> Heyo Lei
06:56 <Mrtdark1> ehehehe
06:56 <Mrtdark1> i had an idea
06:56 <Mrtdark1> so like a big clock
06:56 <Mrtdark1> but its filled with toys
06:57 <Mrtdark1> and every hour you get one
06:57 <Lei Omaki> hi Zy :3
06:58 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <Mrtdark1> hi
06:58 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:59 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
06:59 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <Zyranne> big cock
06:59 <Zyranne> huehuehuehue
06:59 <Lei Omaki> no not you too Zy
07:00 <Zyranne> If only Gramm was here too xD
07:01 <Lei Omaki> Gramm was here, few minutes or an hour ago
07:01 <Zyranne> Fack
07:01 <Zyranne> I missed her
07:01 <Zyranne> anyway
07:01 <Zyranne> guys, I gotta go
07:01 <Zyranne> school 'n shit
07:01 <Mrtdark1> bye
07:01 <Zyranne> Bai!
07:01 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
07:01 <Lei Omaki> bye Zy
07:02 <Mrtdark1> so
07:02 <Mrtdark1> back to business?
07:02 <Lei Omaki> no
07:03 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:03 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:04 -!- TheShadyNerd has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <Mrtdark1> hi
07:04 <TheShadyNerd> Hey, I haven't been on in forever. How does the new article listing system work?
07:05 <Lei Omaki> hi Shady
07:05 <Mrtdark1> it updates automatically
07:06 <TheShadyNerd> Woah, just checked that. That's pretty neat.
07:06 <Mrtdark1> so wanna hear an idea of mine
07:06 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:07 <TheShadyNerd> Sure.
07:07 <Mrtdark1> so its a monster called the jitterbiug
07:07 <Mrtdark1> he phases out of reality.
07:07 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:08 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:11 -!- TheShadyNerd has left Special:Chat.
07:12 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:12 -!- TheShadyNerd has joined Special:Chat
07:12 -!- TheShadyNerd has left Special:Chat.
07:13 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:17 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:17 <Mrtdark1> hi
07:18 <Lei Omaki> yo
07:18 <Mrtdark1> whats goin on
07:19 <Lei Omaki> nothing much
07:19 <Mrtdark1> ever heard of dogscape
07:19 <Lei Omaki> nope
07:20 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:21 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:21 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:23 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:24 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
07:25 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:25 <Mrtdark1> its a crpeepypasta
07:25 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:26 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:28 -!- Theninthworld has joined Special:Chat
07:28 <Mrtdark1> hi
07:28 <Theninthworld> Hello.
07:30 -!- Theninthworld has left Special:Chat.
07:32 -!- Theninthworld has joined Special:Chat
07:32 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:33 -!- Theninthworld has left Special:Chat.
07:34 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:34 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
07:35 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
07:35 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
07:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
07:36 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has joined Special:Chat
07:36 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has left Special:Chat.
07:38 -!- Theninthworld has joined Special:Chat
07:38 -!- Theninthworld has left Special:Chat.
07:47 -!- Theninthworld has joined Special:Chat
07:47 -!- Theninthworld has left Special:Chat.
07:48 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <41488p> [[Dogscape]]
07:48 <41488p> more creepy than scary
07:48 <41488p> oooh crikey look a dead chat
07:48 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
07:56 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
07:56 <41488p> wow
07:56 <41488p> wow lol hi this 
07:56 <41488p> this is epic
07:56 <41488p> this is another time to post my life story
07:56 <41488p> so, well okay
07:56 <41488p> I've lived in Singapore most of my life
07:56 <41488p> and most people don't know where it is
07:56 <41488p> one dude said it was in Thailand
07:57 <41488p> I mean, come on
07:57 <41488p> anyway, born and raised there
07:57 <41488p> I got no problems or regrets about it
07:57 <41488p> I guess I wouldn't have come out differently if I was, say, raised in China
07:57 <41488p> or the States
07:57 <41488p> personally, however, I find the States to be a great place
07:57 <41488p> yeah you got guns and drugs and adult material
07:59 <41488p> but that's what you get when you mix humans together
07:59 <41488p> humans are a bad lot when clumped up together
07:59 <41488p> especially in hairy situations
07:59 <41488p> moving on; I moved to the States just two months ago
07:59 <41488p> at the age of 15
07:59 <41488p> now, from certain sources in Singapore
07:59 <41488p> I know that Singaporeans view American education as inferior
07:59 <41488p> well I can cross that out
07:59 <41488p> I can find no difference in my schools
08:00 <41488p> just proves the point that humans are humans whereever and whenever
08:00 <41488p> but, overall
08:00 <41488p> I feel mixed about my departure from someplace that I've been my whole life
08:00 <41488p> like I said before, I find the U.S. to be an awesome place
08:00 <41488p> it's just
08:00 <41488p> well, 
08:00 <41488p> 'Merica.
08:00 <41488p> that's what it is.
08:00 <41488p> and that's what makes it so great.
08:01 <41488p> people aren't stoic here
08:01 <41488p> they don't look on and be afraid of police
08:01 <41488p> it's a large place
08:01 <41488p> and
08:01 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <41488p> and well
08:01 <41488p> it's just awesome
08:01 <41488p> I can't really describe it
08:01 <Lei Omaki> wadduo
08:01 <Lei Omaki> *waddup
08:01 <41488p> sssh I'm writing a moving monologeu about myself
08:01 <41488p> but do I miss Singapore?
08:02 <41488p> even with my love for the States... yes. Yes I do.
08:02 <41488p> friends. House.
08:02 <41488p> I wish I could've done more in my time there
08:02 <41488p> but now I've moved onn
08:02 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:02 <41488p> started life anew
08:02 <41488p> and it's time to cast away the past
08:02 <41488p> and build the future with the present.
08:02 <41488p> okay I'm tired bye Lei watch chat and keep it alive
08:02 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:13 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
08:13 <41488p> wow
08:13 <41488p> wow really Lei
08:13 <41488p> wow good job Lei
08:13 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:18 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:19 <Lei Omaki> what?
08:20 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:20 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:21 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:22 -!- Theninthworld has joined Special:Chat
08:22 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
08:22 <41488p> wooooow
08:22 <41488p> clap clap for Lei for keeping the chat going
08:22 <41488p> yaaay
08:22 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
08:23 <Theninthworld> Is it weird that I come here to read bad creepypastas that aren't trollpastas?
08:24 <Theninthworld> The answer is yes.
08:25 -!- Theninthworld has left Special:Chat.
08:27 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:28 <Lei Omaki> did you just have a breakdown>
08:28 <Lei Omaki> *?
08:29 <Lei Omaki> sorry, it seems that this chat window and my connection is having a meltdown
08:30 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
08:30 <Winters1001> Hello all.
08:31 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
08:32 <Lei Omaki> hello
08:32 <Lei Omaki> oh
08:33 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:34 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:39 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <Lei Omaki> welp, everyone
08:40 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:40 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:40 <Lei Omaki> s deas
08:40 <Lei Omaki> *dead
08:41 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:43 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:47 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
08:47 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
08:47 <Lei Omaki> mhm
08:47 <Lei Omaki> dead chat it is
08:48 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
09:02 -!- Cam.sevigne has joined Special:Chat
09:03 -!- Cam.sevigne has left Special:Chat.
09:20 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> Yo
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> You motherfuckers looked lonely
09:20 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Creeped
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> Creeped?
09:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> HEY wazzup
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> Creep
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> CASTIELS
09:20 <CrashingCymbal> CREEPY
09:20 <IShallCreepYouOut> What
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> MRTDARK
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> Wake the fuck up
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> I meant CreepyInvestigator 
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> Not you (:P) 
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> lel
09:21 <CrashingCymbal> How are you feeling today Creep?
09:21 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
09:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> Quite good
09:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> And you?
09:21 <IShallCreepYouOut> DAMMIT
09:22 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:22 <CrashingCymbal> oopz
09:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wow
09:22 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway
09:22 <CrashingCymbal> There was a fucking tornado in Ireland today
09:22 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wow
09:22 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
09:22 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
09:23 <CrashingCymbal> Gotta run, shit.
09:23 <CrashingCymbal> I'll be back in a little while.
09:23 <CrashingCymbal> Bye!
09:23 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
09:23 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
09:23 <DemPugs> Hello.
09:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> ISAAC!
09:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> hi
09:23 <DemPugs> Hey Mitch :)
09:23 <DemPugs> How are you today?
09:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wazzup?
09:23 <IShallCreepYouOut> Good, and you?
09:23 <DemPugs> I'm fine, thanks.
09:23 <DemPugs> Hey, where are you from again?
09:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> Holland
09:24 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wai? :3
09:24 <DemPugs> Oh.
09:24 <DemPugs> Just asking xD
09:24 <DemPugs> I have a rage inducing video
09:24 <DemPugs> From my country, I'm afraid.
09:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> okio
09:25 <DemPugs> It's NSFW and involves dogs.
09:25 <DemPugs> Would you like to see it?
09:25 <IShallCreepYouOut> No thanks, at school :3
09:25 <DemPugs> Ok.
09:25 <DemPugs> It's horrible, though.
09:25 <DemPugs> Anyway
09:26 <DemPugs> Haven't seen your brother around.
09:26 <DemPugs> Where is he?
09:26 <DemPugs> I see him on tumblr
09:26 <DemPugs> OH SHIt
09:26 <DemPugs> GTG
09:26 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
09:26 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
09:27 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
09:27 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
09:30 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:31 <CreepyInvestigator> Hello Gramm. Welcome to the ded chat
09:33 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
09:33 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:34 -!- Night.writer has joined Special:Chat
09:34 <Night.writer> asdf
09:35 -!- HAHABLOOD has joined Special:Chat
09:36 -!- HAHABLOOD has left Special:Chat.
09:36 <Night.writer> How can I finish a pasta? o.O
09:36 <CreepyInvestigator> Welcome to ded chat
09:37 <Night.writer> hey ==
09:37 <Night.writer> help me..
09:37 <Grammatik> This place is really hopeless. 
09:37 <Night.writer> How can I finish a pasta? D:
09:38 <Grammatik> By... writing it?
09:38 -!- Aelita :) has joined Special:Chat
09:38 <Night.writer> No, it is already finished, I meant that.. it says that my pasta is UNFINISHIED
09:38 <Night.writer> *UNFINISHED
09:38 <Grammatik> Oh. No idea.
09:38 <Night.writer> but it's already finished D:
09:38 <Night.writer> asdf
09:38 <Night.writer> wtf
09:38 <Aelita :)> Hello 
09:39 <Grammatik> I suggest talking to an administrator about it. 
09:39 <Grammatik> Hi.
09:39 -!- Aelita :) has left Special:Chat.
09:42 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
09:45 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
09:46 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
09:47 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
09:47 -!- Night.writer has left Special:Chat.
09:47 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
09:53 -!- Rider of the light has joined Special:Chat
09:53 <Rider of the light> hey,are there any creepypasta stories that are based on real events?
10:00 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
10:01 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:01 <Lei Omaki> wtf
10:01 <Princess Gingy> everyone is dead
10:01 <Lei Omaki> i'm not
10:01 <Princess Gingy> Hi Lei
10:01 <Lei Omaki> hi
10:02 <Lei Omaki> :3
10:03 <Princess Gingy> so tired :P
10:03 <Lei Omaki> go to sleep
10:04 <Princess Gingy> but I just woke up
10:05 <Lei Omaki> lel
10:06 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
10:06 <Winters1001> Hello all.
10:06 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:06 <Princess Gingy> Hi Winters
10:07 <Winters1001> You might check out the page Dynamic Dou. It is a new pasta that is told from Jeff the Killer's point of view. 
10:07 <Winters1001>
10:07 <Winters1001> There's a link.
10:07 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:07 <Lei Omaki> brb
10:08 -!- CreepyInvestigator has left Special:Chat.
10:08 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:08 -!- CreepyInvestigator has joined Special:Chat
10:09 <Winters1001> Okay.
10:13 -!- CarcinoGenticist has joined Special:Chat
10:14 <CarcinoGenticist> So
10:14 <CarcinoGenticist> I like
10:14 <CarcinoGenticist> Broke the zip thing on my sweater
10:14 <CarcinoGenticist> or whatever
10:14 <CarcinoGenticist> Aaand my Chathacks are broken
10:15 <CarcinoGenticist> And the chat is dead
10:15 <CarcinoGenticist> Perfect
10:17 <Princess Gingy> (D:) IM ALIVE
10:19 <CarcinoGenticist> fuck
10:19 <CarcinoGenticist> goblin invasion
10:19 <CarcinoGenticist> i am dying and dying
10:20 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
10:20 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <Lei Omaki> ?
10:21 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:22 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
10:23 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:23 <Lei Omaki> wow, this chat is dead
10:24 <Lei Omaki> so dead
10:25 <Princess Gingy> EVERYONE GET THE FUCK ALIVE
10:25 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:25 <Princess Gingy> :3
10:26 <Princess Gingy>
10:27 <CreepyInvestigator> Dynamic Dou creeped me out a bit...
10:27 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:28 <Lei Omaki> fucking lag and connection
10:28 <Mrtdark1> hi
10:28 <Mrtdark1> im back
10:28 <Lei Omaki> ugh hi
10:28 <Mrtdark1> why ugh
10:28 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:28 <Winters1001> Hey, want to see my latest creepypasta? It is a story told from Jeff the Killer's point of view.
10:29 <Mrtdark1> sure
10:29 <Winters1001>
10:29 <Winters1001> Link there.
10:30 <CreepyInvestigator> I just read it Winters
10:30 <CreepyInvestigator> The end creeped me out
10:30 <Winters1001> It isn't extremely creepy, and I tried for a shock ending but didn't think I got it.
10:30 <Mrtdark1> not to good
10:30 <Winters1001> I like the picture.
10:30 <Mrtdark1> belongs on spinpasta wiki
10:31 <Mrtdark1> the pic is good tho
10:31 <Winters1001> It was hard to find one with both, there were only two or three and this was the best I my opinion.
10:32 <Mrtdark1> oh
10:32 <Mrtdark1> why
10:32 <Winters1001> What? 
10:32 <Mrtdark1> why cant it be on s[inpasta
10:32 <Mrtdark1> spinpasta
10:33 <Winters1001> I didn't say it couldn't be did I?
10:33 <Mrtdark1> i knoq
10:33 <CreepyInvestigator> Is your name John, Winters?
10:33 <Mrtdark1> but why post it here
10:34 -!- Serene2Silence has joined Special:Chat
10:34 <Winters1001> I'm not on Spinpasta, and, in my opinion, this one has better people to make edits and suggestions.
10:34 <Serene2Silence> Hi
10:34 <Winters1001> Yeah, John Winters. Why do you ask?
10:34 <Winters1001> Hello Serene.
10:34 <Serene2Silence> Finally got hold of my rotten schedule.
10:35 <Serene2Silence> I've been inactive for months.
10:35 <Serene2Silence> -.-
10:35 -!- BloxyBloxYOLO has joined Special:Chat
10:35 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Hello?
10:35 -!- Milk Steak has joined Special:Chat
10:35 <Winters1001> Hi.
10:35 <Winters1001> Hey guys.
10:35 <BloxyBloxYOLO> I like smile dog for some reason.
10:35 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Also I just uploaded a funny new image.
10:35 <Serene2Silence> I'm going back to my corner. Now/
10:36 <Winters1001> I like Jeff the Killer, but it was poorly done.
10:36 <Winters1001> Bye.
10:36 <BloxyBloxYOLO> I know right?
10:36 -!- Serene2Silence has left Special:Chat.
10:36 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Bye.
10:36 <Winters1001> Jeff is a good character, decent backstory, and bad execution of the idea.
10:36 <BloxyBloxYOLO> I'm laughing at the recent picture I just uploaded.
10:36 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Winters, your right.
10:36 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Be right back.
10:37 <Winters1001> I think it could go MUCH deeper, with listing Jeff as what he could be. The hero of a story.
10:37 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Yep.
10:37 <Winters1001> I might create a Spinpasta account and redo it there.
10:37 <BloxyBloxYOLO> What happens if Jeff The Killer meets the rake? Tea party.
10:37 <Mrtdark1> hi
10:37 <CreepyInvestigator> Because the end creeped me out due to the fact my name is also John
10:37 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Although the tea is blood.
10:38 <Mrtdark1> what about eyelss jack
10:38 <Winters1001> Lol.
10:38 <Mrtdark1> hes cool
10:38 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Jack!
10:38 <Mrtdark1> and kind of funny
10:38 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Jack the eyeless.
10:38 -!- Milk Steak has left Special:Chat.
10:38 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Wait anyone checked out my recent photo upload?
10:38 <Mrtdark1> "dood stole my kidney this happens <font> every week </font>"
10:38 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
10:38 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Rolling on the floor laughing.
10:39 <Winters1001> I heard Jack, and liked the story, but my friend actual loves it. It's one of his top ten.
10:39 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Hmmm. Ok.
10:39 <Winters1001> I didn't read it, I listened to Mr.Creepypasta on youtube.
10:39 <Mrtdark1> well hes more realistic, but he also's really funny
10:39 <Mrtdark1> like rotflol
10:39 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Frown cat made me literally vomit and laugh for about 6 hours. Literally.
10:39 <Winters1001> I must say, I think he's terrible, Mr.Creepypasta.
10:40 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
10:40 <BloxyBloxYOLO> You guys should watch this:
10:40 <BloxyBloxYOLO>
10:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas - Duration: 35:57 - Uploaded: 2013-02-19 - Rating: 4.721335 - Views: 1,834,929 -
10:40 <BloxyBloxYOLO> OI
10:40 <BloxyBloxYOLO> :(
10:40 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Pleas don't kick me for posting in Zalgo text ok?
10:41 <Mrtdark1> i wont
10:41 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
10:41 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
10:41 <BloxyBloxYOLO> O̜̲͔ͅn̩̦̭̝͍̹ć̹̗̞̺e ú̼̗͇͎̥p͕̣̱̱͖͔̟on ͉͉͈̀a̫͎̬̝̰̜̬ ̷̲̲̬̼ͅt̶̯̙̘̜̰í̫̮̘̬ͅm̧̥e̝,͔ ̝̯̭̪̞h͔̣̜̤e̝̹͔͍͔ ̤͔c̳̲̟̬a̝͖̮͟m͕̠̗̦ẹ̴̩̱̼̤̲͕.̥̖͓ ͘ͅZ͉͎̣A̜͕̙̭̲ͅL̞̼̹̰̰G̢O̩͡.͈̹̭̭͖͕͙́
10:41 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Hio.
10:42 <Mrtdark1> the end\
10:42 <Mrtdark1> post 1 sentence creepy pastas
10:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
10:43 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
10:43 <BloxyBloxYOLO> See ya guys.
10:43 <BloxyBloxYOLO> Bye.
10:44 <Mrtdark1> bye
10:44 -!- BloxyBloxYOLO has left Special:Chat.
10:45 <Winters1001> Bye.
10:45 <Winters1001> Op. Too late.,
10:45 <Mrtdark1> hi
10:47 <Winters1001> Hi.
10:47 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
10:47 <Winters1001> so...
10:47 <CrashingCymbal> A hoy hoooyyyyy
10:47 <Mrtdark1> 1 sentence creepypastas
10:47 <Winters1001> Knock.
10:47 <Mrtdark1> The monster roared "DIEEEE"
10:47 <CrashingCymbal> !updatelogs
10:47 <CPwikiCHATlogger> CrashingCymbal: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 108 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 1800 seconds.
10:48 <Winters1001> The last man on earth sat alone in a room, then there was a knock on the door.
10:48 <Winters1001> Legit creepypasta, said to be shortest actual one.
10:48 <Mrtdark1> The shadows spread through the room, hunger in their eyes.
10:49 <Winters1001> He knows warm, and cold better. Many times he has felt the warm crimson seep over hid body, before turning cool.
10:49 <Winters1001> He enjoys this feeling.
10:49 <Mrtdark1> imna make a page
10:49 <Winters1001> About?
10:50 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
10:50 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
10:50 <Mrtdark1> 1 sentecne creepypastas
10:50 <Winters1001> What if you made a collection of them?
10:50 <Winters1001> Like the knock one I said, yours and any other ones contributed.
10:51 -!- Theannoyingkhen has joined Special:Chat
10:51 <Winters1001> Hello.
10:51 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey.
10:52 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey Mrtdark...
10:52 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Khen
10:53 <Theannoyingkhen> Hi
10:53 -!- FounderOfTheWiki has joined Special:Chat
10:53 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey.
10:54 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
10:54 <Grammatik> Hi.
10:54 <FounderOfTheWiki> hi
10:58 <Theannoyingkhen> Now what? :|
10:58 <CrashingCymbal> Gramm, Founder
10:58 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii
10:58 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
11:00 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
11:00 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey what link could I download CS4?
11:01 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
11:01 <Princess Gingy> Tim Tim!
11:01 <Princess Gingy> Hiiaaaa
11:01 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
11:01 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
11:01 <Princess Gingy> Hi everyone
11:03 <Princess Gingy> (dead) chat
11:03 <Theannoyingkhen> Heh, Mrtdark1 didn't know that I come here in this chat.
11:03 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Gingy
11:03 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:03 <Mrtdark1> i launched the page
11:03 <Theannoyingkhen> Hi
11:03 <Mrtdark1> post 1 sentence creepypastas there
11:03 <CrashingCymbal> brb
11:04 <Theannoyingkhen> K.
11:04 <Princess Gingy> I want to apply for VCROC but only have 37 mainspace edits ;~;
11:05 <Princess Gingy> need 663 moar edits
11:05 <Theannoyingkhen> Um CS4? -_-
11:05 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Boop
11:06 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
11:06 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <Princess Gingy> Welps gtg
11:06 <Princess Gingy> need to get ready for school
11:06 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
11:07 <Princess Gingy> Bye everyone
11:07 <Nuncius tenebrarum> I'm already in college in the middle of a lesson -_-
11:07 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Bye gingy
11:07 <Theannoyingkhen> Bye.
11:07 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> Back.
11:08 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:08 <Mrtdark1>
11:08 <CrashingCymbal> Apply for Rollback once you hit 200, Gingy (:P)
11:08 <FounderOfTheWiki> what this wikia is about?
11:08 <Mrtdark1> scary stories
11:09 <FounderOfTheWiki> I C
11:10 <Theannoyingkhen> So scary if Anabelle is behind you...
11:10 <Mrtdark1> theres a table behind me
11:10 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Anabelle is behind me, a girl with that name at least
11:11 <Theannoyingkhen> A chainsaw is behind me...
11:11 <Grammatik> My throat hurts. ;-;
11:11 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Leatherface?
11:11 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:11 <Mrtdark1> wanna help me
11:11 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
11:11 <Theannoyingkhen> No, Anabelle in TC.
11:11 <Mrtdark1> whats tc
11:12 <Eyeless Jack> hey
11:12 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:12 <Theannoyingkhen> The COnjuring...
11:12 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey
11:12 <Theannoyingkhen> Conjuring*
11:12 <Mrtdark1> who has 1 sentence creepypasta
11:12 <Theannoyingkhen> I'm just here for chat.
11:12 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:12 <Theannoyingkhen> And I can't even edit -_-
11:13 <Theannoyingkhen> (dead) caht 'cause of me...
11:14 <Theannoyingkhen> chat*
11:14 <Nuncius tenebrarum> I posted my first creepypasta yesterday, but I saved it to a notepad and it came out in one big wall
11:14 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Hehe :?
11:14 <Theannoyingkhen> Who said Hehe?
11:14 <Eyeless Jack> huehue
11:14 <Eyeless Jack> (huehue)
11:14 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
11:15 <Theannoyingkhen> Anywya, where to download CS4 (except 'cause it didn't work).
11:15 <Theannoyingkhen> Anyway*
11:15 <CrashingCymbal> brb getting snacks and shit
11:15 <Theannoyingkhen> K.
11:16 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
11:16 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Is it against the rules if I re-post the CP that was deleted but seperated and checked over?
11:16 -!- Kylejohnmarica has joined Special:Chat
11:16 <Theannoyingkhen> Idk.
11:17 <Kylejohnmarica> hi guys
11:17 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey
11:17 <Kylejohnmarica> what you talking about?
11:18 <Theannoyingkhen> CS4 -_-
11:18 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Whats CS4?
11:18 <Theannoyingkhen> Photoshop CS4
11:18 <Eyeless Jack> lel
11:18 <Eyeless Jack> Huehue
11:19 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Need an opinion off anyone
11:19 <CreepyInvestigator> Opinion on what?
11:19 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Is it right that when a girl I know stepped in to defend her friend that some dickhead had made cry, that she get threatened with being kicked out?
11:19 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:20 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
11:20 <DemPugs> Hey there  :)
11:20 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Hey pugs
11:20 <DemPugs> What
11:20 <DemPugs> Why is the new window thing back
11:20 <DemPugs> FUCK
11:20 <DemPugs> FUCK
11:20 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:20 <Theannoyingkhen> Who dickhead?
11:20 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:20 <Kylejohnmarica> :)
11:20 <DemPugs> Goddamnit
11:20 <DemPugs> CLERIC
11:20 <CreepyInvestigator> If she defended her friend it's not right that she should get kicked out...
11:20 <DemPugs> WHAT THE FUCK
11:20 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Some twat in my college class who's 'special' but still gets away with everything
11:20 <DemPugs> THE chat opened anohter window
11:20 <DemPugs> PLEASe
11:21 <CreepyInvestigator> Cleric is ded atm plz be bak latur
11:21 <Theannoyingkhen> Fuck can;t even press it -_-
11:21 <Theannoyingkhen> can't*
11:21 <DemPugs> I mean
11:21 <DemPugs> The new tab thing was going so well
11:21 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:21 <CreepyInvestigator> I agree
11:21 <CreepyInvestigator> Easier to hide from teachers =P
11:22 <Theannoyingkhen> Yeah.
11:23 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special:Chat
11:23 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has left Special:Chat.
11:23 <Grammatik> Hi, Lelouch.
11:23 -!- Princess Skuntank has joined Special:Chat
11:23 <Grammatik> Fuck stop leaving
11:23 <Princess Skuntank> Hiya.
11:23 <Grammatik> Hi, Sarah.
11:23 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey.
11:23 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special:Chat
11:24 <Kylejohnmarica> :)
11:24 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Sors, Grammatik.
11:24 <Grammatik> Hi again. 
11:24 <Grammatik> Sorry,  I just keep making people leave. 
11:24 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey.
11:25 -!- Princess Of The Night has joined Special:Chat
11:25 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
11:25 -!- Princess Of The Night has left Special:Chat.
11:25 <Lelouch Di Britannia> Did this user happen to come one chat today?
11:25 -!- Princess Of The Night has joined Special:Chat
11:25 <Lelouch Di Britannia> *on
11:25 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
11:25 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
11:25 <Theannoyingkhen> He said he's blocked on here.
11:25 <Lelouch Di Britannia> ^
11:25 <Mrtdark1>
11:26 <Princess Of The Night> well, i dug my computer out
11:26 <Mrtdark1> post 1 sentence creepypastas
11:26 <Princess Of The Night> and its dusty as hell
11:26 -!- Theannoyingkhen has left Special:Chat.
11:26 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:27 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
11:27 -!- Theannoyingkhen has joined Special:Chat
11:27 <Princess Of The Night> dead chat
11:27 <Theannoyingkhen> Fuck connection...
11:27 <Mrtdark1> im here
11:27 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:27 <DemPugs> Hello.
11:27 <DemPugs> I swear
11:27 <Princess Skuntank> Hi Pugs.
11:27 <Grammatik> Hej Pugs.
11:27 <Mrtdark1> Hi
11:27 <Mrtdark1> guys
11:27 -!- Theannoyingkhen has left Special:Chat.
11:27 <Mrtdark1> wanna writ 1 sentence creepypadtas
11:27 -!- Theannoyingkhen has joined Special:Chat
11:27 <Theannoyingkhen> Hey Mrtdark.
11:27 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:27 <Mrtdark1> you want to
11:27 <Princess Of The Night> greetings, earthling
11:27 <Lelouch Di Britannia> So does anyone know?
11:27 <DemPugs> I just went through this:
11:27 <Theannoyingkhen> To?
11:28 <Mrtdark1> know what
11:28 <DemPugs> And I wish I haden't.
11:28 <Theannoyingkhen> What?
11:28 <DemPugs> Oh god.
11:28 <Theannoyingkhen> Y?
11:28 <Lelouch Di Britannia>
11:28 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:28 <Lelouch Di Britannia> That user.
11:28 <DemPugs> All those videos: I will never forget Poor old ruth.
11:28 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
11:28 <DemPugs> oh god
11:28 <Creepmyroofdog> HELLO
11:28 <Princess Of The Night> nergh! im so bored!
11:28 <Creepmyroofdog> wat
11:29 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:29 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <Theannoyingkhen> Yeah me too.
11:29 -!- Lelouch Di Britannia has left Special:Chat.
11:29 <Princess Of The Night> creep, caps
11:29 -!- ChaoZStrider has joined Special:Chat
11:29 <DemPugs> HE
11:29 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:29 <DemPugs> Just said one word in caps
11:29 <DemPugs> dont minimod
11:29 <ChaoZStrider> ^
11:30 <Grammatik> Oh god my throat
11:30 <Grammatik> ;-;
11:30 <Grammatik> This fucking sickness
11:30 <DemPugs> What's wrong , Gramm?
11:30 <Princess Of The Night> well caps are against the rules, right gram?
11:30 <DemPugs> Just one word!
11:30 <Grammatik> I've got a cold.
11:30 <DemPugs> Are you THAT much of a noob?
11:30 <Princess Of The Night> i have a broken leg, damn school
11:31 <Grammatik> He used only one word as caps, and I'm fairly certain there are moderators here.
11:31 <DemPugs> Lol
11:31 <DemPugs> Hey, get well soon  Gramm :)
11:31 <Grammatik> Thanks.
11:31 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
11:31 <On It11> I'm back doods
11:31 <Theannoyingkhen> Brb.
11:31 <Grammatik> People say my coughing sounds like a girl's
11:31 <DemPugs> Anyone want to get scarred?
11:32 <Princess Of The Night> ehh, the broken leg is getting to my mind!
11:32 <On It11> Dang 
11:32 <On It11> me
11:32 <DemPugs> Are you not a girl?
11:32 <DemPugs> >Ieva
11:32 <DemPugs> i mean
11:32 <Grammatik> Why the fuck am I viewed as female/feminine
11:32 <DemPugs> Your fucking NAME
11:32 <On It11> hu
11:32 <DemPugs> Are you JOKING RIGHT NOW
11:32 <On It11> whos
11:32 <Grammatik> > Nikólaî >> short for Nikólâs
11:32 <Grammatik> Sure I'm joking
11:32 <On It11> my name is Lamonte
11:32 <DemPugs>
11:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Bloop: A Mysterious Sound from the Deep Ocean | NOAA SOSUS - Duration: 03:38 - Uploaded: 2010-04-28 - Rating: 4.865546 - Views: 1,449,599 -
11:33 <DemPugs> OH mai
11:33 <DemPugs> But gramm
11:33 <Grammatik> I've both feminine and masculine names.
11:33 -!- ScorchingShock has joined Special:Chat
11:33 <Princess Of The Night> dem! if you wrote it all in caps you could get banned!
11:33 <DemPugs> your first name is Ieva
11:33 <On It11> Why
11:33 <DemPugs> Shut the FUCK up princess
11:33 <DemPugs> i swear to god
11:33 <Grammatik> HAUEHAUEH
11:33 <On It11> dem u shut the fuck up
11:33 <On It11> brb
11:33 -!- Theannoyingkhen has left Special:Chat.
11:33 <ScorchingShock> OH SHIT
11:34 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
11:34 <Grammatik> My eyeliner got so fucked that I look like scene kids
11:34 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:34 <Princess Of The Night> im making sure you dont get kicked or banned!
11:34 <Grammatik> Help. ;-;
11:34 <DemPugs> Oh fine
11:34 <DemPugs> I'm sorry.
11:34 <DemPugs> Really
11:34 <Creepmyroofdog> heloo bitch
11:34 <DemPugs> shit i feel bad
11:34 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:34 <Grammatik> STOP FUCKING MINIMODDING.  Don't feel bad, Pugs.
11:34 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:34 <Princess Skuntank> which actress do you think is this 
11:34 <DemPugs> OK
11:34 <DemPugs> Thanks, anyway.
11:35 <Grammatik> No idea, Temm
11:35 <Creepmyroofdog> princess skunktank did u banned me
11:35 <Winters1001> Have I missed something?
11:35 <DemPugs> Isn't that Miley Cyrus
11:35 <Princess Of The Night> applejack daniels mofo!
11:35 <CrashingCymbal> A hoy
11:35 <Creepmyroofdog> last sunday or monday
11:35 <Princess Skuntank> Yes- you posted screamers.
11:35 <Grammatik> > did u banned
11:35 <Princess Skuntank> Nope, Dem.
11:35 <DemPugs> DAMN TEMM
11:35 <Grammatik> Loving this grammar
11:35 <Creepmyroofdog> i knew it hahahahahahaha
11:35 <DemPugs> You an admin now?!
11:35 <DemPugs> Nice
11:35 <Princess Skuntank> Ya.
11:35 <Princess Of The Night> gramm, im making sure noone gets banned
11:36 <Winters1001> Okay. I'm redoing Jeff the Killer on Spinpasta wiki right now, so excuse me if I go dead for a bit.
11:36 <DemPugs> Yo, I thought you would call me pugs.
11:36 <Princess Skuntank> I've been admin for about a month now.
11:36 <DemPugs> WHat.
11:36 <Creepmyroofdog> yea
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Has been got a while
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> *for
11:36 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
11:36 <DemPugs> Hey Cym :)
11:36 <Mrtdark1> New pasta
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Pugsy
11:36 <Grammatik> That counts as minimodding tho PotN
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii
11:36 <Mrtdark1> hi
11:36 <Creepmyroofdog> i will be right back I WILL DO AFK.
11:36 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
11:36 <DemPugs> Roofdog
11:36 <Princess Of The Night> its spelled though 
11:36 <DemPugs> you dont have to announce everything
11:36 <CrashingCymbal> Yo'
11:36 <FounderOfTheWiki> haha
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> Anyone else got this problem?
11:37 <Princess Of The Night> and its POTN
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> Actually
11:37 <Princess Of The Night> not PotN
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> It should be PotN
11:37 <DemPugs> Lel
11:37 <DemPugs> Whats PotN?
11:37 <Grammatik> Of and The aren't capitalized in titles.
11:37 <DemPugs> am i being thick
11:37 <Grammatik> HAUEHAUHEAUE
11:37 <CrashingCymbal> Because "of" and "the" are both prepositions and don't get capitals when used in titles
11:37 <Grammatik> ^
11:37 <DemPugs> Pasta of the Nonth?
11:38 <DemPugs> lelwat
11:38 <Grammatik> LOL.
11:38 -!- FounderOfTheWiki has left Special:Chat.
11:38 <Grammatik> Princess of the Night,  Pugs. 
11:38 <DemPugs> oh
11:38 <DemPugs> k
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> But it could be argued, that I should have a space in my name (:P)
11:38 <DemPugs> NO
11:38 <DemPugs> YOu name prefect d k
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> oh
11:38 <CrashingCymbal> k
11:38 <DemPugs> my nem as wel
11:39 <Princess Of The Night> gramms pic is death, mine is deaths daughter..... (faceplam)
11:39 <DemPugs> Hey
11:39 <Grammatik> My old username had no spaces, for I prefer it to be.
11:39 <ChaoZStrider> Mine is of Komura Kiwi.
11:39 <DemPugs> Has anyone read that web comic?
11:39 <Princess Of The Night> god! stupid auto!
11:39 <DemPugs> BongChongDong Ghost?
11:39 <DemPugs> auto
11:39 <ChaoZStrider> Yep.
11:39 <Princess Of The Night> i have
11:39 <DemPugs> You cant use chat on mobiles
11:39 <Grammatik> I'm going to change my icon. To something uglier. Like myself. 
11:39 <Grammatik> You can
11:39 <DemPugs> WHAT
11:39 <DemPugs> BUt
11:39 <DemPugs> HOW
11:40 <Creepmyroofdog> ok
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> I'm not hungry but still my stomach sounds like a dying Walrus what is this
11:40 <Grammatik> I've been on a fucking phone for over a month
11:40 <Princess Skuntank> 
11:40 <Princess Skuntank> fuCK
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> omg temm
11:40 <ChaoZStrider> Maybe your stomach is singing you the song of it's people.
11:40 <DemPugs> ohgod
11:40 <DemPugs> but how ggramm
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> Perhaps, Chao
11:40 <DemPugs> how do you find that chat
11:40 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
11:40 <Grammatik> OMFG TEMM
11:40 <On It11> u
11:40 <Creepmyroofdog> HOW TO BE AN ADMIN!!!! PLS TEACH ME
11:40 <Princess Of The Night> i use my ipad nearly everyday and i use chat
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> !seen Prince(ss) Platinum
11:40 <ChaoZStrider> It would be fun.
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> ;~;
11:40 <DemPugs> How smashing
11:40 <On It11> wheres the admin
11:40 <DemPugs> >>
11:40 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
11:40 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
11:40 <DemPugs> YEAH
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> !seen Prince(ss) Platinum
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Prince(ss) Platinum 9 hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds ago.
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> k
11:41 <DemPugs> !seen CynicalSloth
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen CynicalSloth since I have been here!
11:41 <DemPugs> WHAT
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> ;~;
11:41 <Princess Of The Night> creep! caps! thats over 4!
11:41 <Grammatik> !seen WhiteReaper
11:41 -!- Princess Of The Night was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen WhiteReaper since I have been here!
11:41 -!- Princess Of The Night has left Special:Chat.
11:41 <On It11> im at school right now
11:41 <ChaoZStrider> lel
11:41 <CreepyInvestigator> Someone tell me what lizards full username is
11:41 <Grammatik> FUCK YOU JESSE
11:41 <ChaoZStrider> xD
11:41 <CreepyInvestigator> I forget
11:41 <Grammatik> LizardMaster178
11:41 -!- Princess Of The Night has joined Special:Chat
11:41 <DemPugs> !seen Grammatik
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Grammatik just now.
11:41 <DemPugs> lel
11:41 <Creepmyroofdog> who was a school with bulies
11:41 <CrashingCymbal> Princess please don't minimod
11:41 <Princess Of The Night> what!
11:41 <CreepyInvestigator> !seen LizardMaster178
11:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LizardMaster178 16 hours, 17 minutes and 25 seconds ago.
11:41 <Grammatik> Pugs, you fucking genius. 
11:41 <Princess Skuntank> 
11:41 <DemPugs> see what minimodding gets you
11:41 <CreepyInvestigator> Oh looksies
11:41 <Princess Skuntank> I want to know who thought of this idea.
11:41 <DemPugs> lel
11:41 <DemPugs> i smrt
11:42 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
11:42 <Princess Of The Night> i was making sure he didnt get kicked or whatevs
11:42 <Grammatik> Whitehouse omfg
11:42 <Princess Of The Night> when did you see doctor 52
11:42 <CreepyInvestigator> FUUUUU Accidently closed the web browser!
11:42 <DemPugs> YOu can't do that, PotN
11:42 <ScorchingShock> Guys
11:42 <DemPugs> GEEZ
11:42 <ScorchingShock> Charm is now a Fairy-type move.
11:42 <Princess Skuntank> 
11:42 <Princess Skuntank> well hOT DIGGITY DAMN
11:42 <Grammatik> !seen Doctor 52
11:42 <ChaoZStrider> Minimodding is against the rules.
11:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Doctor 52 9 hours, 51 minutes and 44 seconds ago.
11:42 <Grammatik> There 
11:42 <ChaoZStrider> !seenoff
11:42 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
11:42 <CreepyInvestigator> Fairy types1 C.
11:42 <ScorchingShock> CHAOZ! *glomp*
11:43 <DemPugs> but y doe
11:43 <CreepyInvestigator> c:
11:43 <Princess Of The Night> yeah! hes on!
11:43 <ChaoZStrider> *glomped* hai
11:43 <DemPugs> he was on 9 hours ago
11:43 <DemPugs> so yeah
11:43 <DemPugs> he's on
11:43 <Princess Of The Night> *drools* hes sooo hot
11:43 <Creepmyroofdog> funny video on youtube
11:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: chimpanzee riding on a segway - Duration: 00:41 - Uploaded: 2010-03-06 - Rating: 4.919810 - Views: 2,598,053 -
11:43 -!- ScorchingShock has left Special:Chat.
11:44 <CreepyInvestigator> Glomp is a funneh word
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Holy shit:
11:44 <Princess Of The Night> i said nothing!
11:44 <Creepmyroofdog> right
11:44 <Princess Skuntank> 
11:44 <Princess Skuntank> Oh.
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Really early for the northern lights
11:44 <Grammatik> I would rename my account logic and whenever  people argued,  I'd leave chat resulting in "~Logic has left the chat~"
11:44 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
11:44 <CrashingCymbal> Temm you're turning into MooseJuice
11:45 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
11:45 <Princess Skuntank> No.
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> ye
11:45 <Princess Skuntank> I'm better than Moose.
11:45 <On It11> im in a school with bullies
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> oh
11:45 <Creepmyroofdog> who knnows minecraft
11:45 <Princess Of The Night> i didnt say doctor was hot! i didnt
11:45 <On It11> brb going to class
11:45 <Princess Skuntank> I am Princess Skuntank you little whorebag.
11:45 <ChaoZStrider> I think logic is already has an account here.
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> k
11:45 <Grammatik> Oh, shit.
11:45 <CrashingCymbal> I am not a whorebag you slutcunt
11:45 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
11:45 <Princess Of The Night> ....uhhh
11:45 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
11:46 <CrashingCymbal> Wb Pugsy~~
11:46 <DemPugs> fuq
11:46 <ChaoZStrider> Hey, I want in on this debate you diseased tentaboner
11:46 <DemPugs> tunk cym~~
11:46 <DemPugs> Yo cym
11:46 <DemPugs> that was rood
11:46 <Creepmyroofdog> i did a chat hack 
11:46 <ChaoZStrider> Insulting people in a weird way is fun~
11:46 <DemPugs> NO way, roofdog!
11:46 <CrashingCymbal> kul
11:46 <CreepyInvestigator> Chat hackz? c:
11:46 <DemPugs> Can you tech meh (QQ)
11:46 <Grammatik> G4u dog
11:46 <DemPugs> is it like
11:46 <DemPugs> u pres d buton
11:46 <Creepmyroofdog> no
11:46 <DemPugs> n pres d 2rt btuon
11:46 <CrashingCymbal> I agree, Chao, you lightpole-humping shitsack
11:46 -!- Avenging Angel has joined Special:Chat
11:47 <Princess Of The Night> ......this has gotten weird
11:47 <DemPugs> n u hek cht
11:47 <ChaoZStrider> Options->Enable Chat Hacks->????->Profit
11:47 <DemPugs> rit
11:47 <Creepmyroofdog> gimme 20 dullars
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> Hello Avenging
11:47 <DemPugs> hey you know smile.jpg right
11:47 <CrashingCymbal> Rihanna's new song is so unbelievably shit. 
11:47 <DemPugs> who thinks it's scary?
11:47 <Creepmyroofdog> yea fuck that
11:48 <ChaoZStrider> Why thank you, Crashy, you unalluring tortured eagle penis.
11:48 <DemPugs> Rihanna is so unbelievably shit
11:48 <DemPugs> hey guys
11:48 <DemPugs> may I ask a favour of yall
11:48 <Princess Skuntank> Rhianna has a new song?
11:48 <Princess Skuntank> EW!
11:48 -!- Hoodie2259 has joined Special:Chat
11:48 <Princess Of The Night> she is made of shit
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> My pleasure Chao, you good-for-nothing, shit for brains, horse-fart smeller.
11:48 <ChaoZStrider> shit is so unbelievably shit.
11:48 <Creepmyroofdog> who read silverthehegedog
11:48 <Hoodie2259> hello
11:48 <DemPugs> please dont spoil Breaking Bad for me.
11:48 <Creepmyroofdog> .avi
11:48 <CrashingCymbal> Pugs
11:48 <DemPugs> I'm only on the first episode (QQ)
11:48 <Princess Skuntank> Also.
11:48 <DemPugs> Hey Hoodie
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> Then nvm
11:49 <Princess Skuntank> Billboard will update when I get home from school so that should be cool.
11:49 <Grammatik> Baking Bread
11:49 <ChaoZStrider> xD Nice one, but I can't do more witty banter. School and what not. See you guys after it for the hour I am on.
11:49 <DemPugs> MY faverite characted is the guy who is there
11:49 <DemPugs> Bye CHAIS
11:49 <DemPugs> CHAIZ
11:49 <CrashingCymbal> (Pugs don't read my next line)
11:49 <Grammatik> Faverite
11:49 <DemPugs> NO PLZ
11:49 <ChaoZStrider> Later~
11:49 <DemPugs> CYMM~~
11:49 -!- ChaoZStrider has left Special:Chat.
11:49 <Winters1001> GTG. Have you good day. O)_(O O)_(OO)_(O O0_(O O)_(O O)_(O O)_(O
11:49 <DemPugs> holy
11:49 <DemPugs> no
11:49 -!- Winters1001 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
11:49 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
11:49 <DemPugs> dont kick
11:49 <DemPugs> aww
11:50 <DemPugs> he was having some fun
11:50 <DemPugs> YOU MEENIE
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> But he spammed D:
11:50 <CrashingCymbal> Rihannas new song: (NSFW btw)
11:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Rihanna - Pour It Up (Explicit) - Duration: 03:17 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 4.217412 - Views: 787,806 -
11:51 <Princess Of The Night>  im so bored!!!
11:51 <Creepmyroofdog> tthe funniest try not to laugh
11:51 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Try Not To Laugh or Grin super hard - Duration: 03:01 - Uploaded: 2010-11-27 - Rating: 3.847118 - Views: 288,888 -
11:51 -!- Theannoyingkhen has joined Special:Chat
11:51 <Hoodie2259> yea... he was spamming... and he said he was leaving to... so no harm done...
11:51 <DemPugs> k
11:51 <Theannoyingkhen> Back.
11:51 <DemPugs> Try not to laughs' have become cringe-worthy in recent time
11:51 <DemPugs> s
11:51 <DemPugs> am i right, cym old chap
11:52 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
11:52 <Hoodie2259> ...
11:52 <DemPugs> Cym
11:52 <Princess Skuntank> Gotta go bye.
11:52 <DemPugs> what are your dogs' breeds?
11:52 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
11:52 <CrashingCymbal> Byyyeeeeee Temm
11:52 <DemPugs> Isn't one pomeranian?
11:52 <DemPugs> Bye Temm :)
11:52 <Creepmyroofdog> yea......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
11:52 -!- Creepmyroofdog was kicked from Special:Chat by Princess Skuntank
11:52 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:52 <Hoodie2259> bye princess skuntank
11:52 <CrashingCymbal> Pomeranian/Chihuahua
11:52 <DemPugs> sigh
11:52 <Princess Skuntank> Au revoir.
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> Dammit Nenjed
11:53 <DemPugs> You mean
11:53 <DemPugs> its a mix
11:53 <Princess Of The Night> whats with all the spamming!?
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
11:53 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:53 <DemPugs> Cool.
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> I don't know, Princess (D:)
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> And the other
11:53 <DemPugs> And the other one... spamniel
11:53 <DemPugs> see what i did (ic)
11:53 <CrashingCymbal> Jack Russell/King Charles
11:53 <DemPugs> I KNEW It
11:54 <DemPugs> Godam
11:54 <Nuncius tenebrarum> If any of you see LOLSKELETONS can you please tell him that I've fixed my pasta?
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> She's literally the nicest dog you'll ever meet 
11:54 <DemPugs> Cool
11:54 <DemPugs> Yo cym
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
11:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> !seen LOLSKELETONS
11:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LOLSKELETONS 6 hours, 25 minutes and 9 seconds ago.
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> !seenoff
11:54 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
11:54 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:54 <Theannoyingkhen> !seen
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
11:54 <DemPugs> how did you get all them ghost on you rpage
11:54 <DemPugs> like
11:54 <Princess Of The Night> Crashing! make the spamming stop! please!!
11:54 <DemPugs> i want some stuff there too
11:54 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> Everyone stop spamming.
11:54 <DemPugs> What spam?!
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> There done
11:54 <DemPugs> OH MY FUCK
11:54 <Theannoyingkhen> Um?
11:54 <CrashingCymbal> lelelel
11:55 -!- ColdShowers has joined Special:Chat
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Anyway. Pugs
11:55 <Theannoyingkhen> (huehue)
11:55 <Princess Of The Night> its making my eyes bleed!
11:55 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> I just got the emote from the list and added it using source mode
11:55 <DemPugs> den fuk of
11:55 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> SHOWERS
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaaiiiiii
11:55 <DemPugs> HOW
11:55 <ColdShowers> CYMBAL
11:55 <Theannoyingkhen> k
11:55 <DemPugs> what
11:55 <ColdShowers> Hiiiii 
11:55 <Theannoyingkhen> hai
11:55 <DemPugs> i try 2 unerstan
11:55 <Theannoyingkhen> k
11:55 <CrashingCymbal> Would you like Ghosts on your profile?
11:55 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
11:55 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
11:55 <On It11> anyone in school right now
11:55 <Theannoyingkhen> k
11:55 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
11:55 <DemPugs> Can i have another one
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Rotating Pumpkins?
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> Temm already has that
11:56 <DemPugs> wait
11:56 <CrashingCymbal> What about (jelly)
11:56 <DemPugs> i see
11:56 <DemPugs> plz
11:56 <Princess Of The Night> im not, im off cause i broke my leg
11:56 <On It11> Anyone watch skydoesminecraft or jeromeasf
11:56 <Hoodie2259> me...
11:56 -!- Avenging Angel has left Special:Chat.
11:56 <CreepyInvestigator> I don't watch gaming channels
11:56 <CreepyInvestigator> They be borin
11:56 <Creepmyroofdog> i need to kik u
11:56 <Theannoyingkhen> Me too/
11:56 <Theannoyingkhen> too*
11:56 <DemPugs> cym
11:57 <DemPugs> why dont u put a pug emot
11:57 <Creepmyroofdog> by my multi kik
11:57 <DemPugs> plz
11:57 <Grammatik> Back,  I need food
11:57 <DemPugs> liek
11:57 <Theannoyingkhen> I don't have that channel
11:57 <CreepyInvestigator> I rather play the game than watch anyone else play it
11:57 <DemPugs> put on the page
11:57 <DemPugs>
11:57 <DemPugs> on this pag
11:57 <Creepmyroofdog> ready
11:57 <Princess Of The Night> what is creep talking about!?
11:57 <Creepmyroofdog> set
11:57 <Theannoyingkhen> idk
11:57 <Creepmyroofdog> mulit kik
11:57 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
11:57 <Creepmyroofdog> multi kick
11:58 <DemPugs> omg cym
11:58 <Theannoyingkhen> :L
11:58 <Nuncius tenebrarum> I'm off for lunch, bye guys
11:58 <CreepyInvestigator> (fonz)
11:58 <CreepyInvestigator> c:
11:58 <Creepmyroofdog> bye dude
11:58 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
11:58 <Nuncius tenebrarum> and any girls that may or may not be in here
11:58 <On It11> who is better future or rich homie quan
11:58 <Princess Of The Night> im a girl
11:58 <Creepmyroofdog> coldshowers
11:58 <Theannoyingkhen> (twitch)
11:58 <DemPugs> (zoid) cymmm
11:58 <Creepmyroofdog> is a grl
11:58 <ColdShowers> what
11:58 <ColdShowers> creepymyroodwhatuiergd
11:59 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has left Special:Chat.
11:59 <DemPugs> cymmm pfgfdg (zoid)
11:59 <On It11> whos better future or rich homie quan
11:59 <CreepyInvestigator> (bleurgh)
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Sorry my pings aren't activated
11:59 <Creepmyroofdog> >:0
11:59 <DemPugs> can youdo pag emote
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Pag?
11:59 <DemPugs> youdn that b nice
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Huh
11:59 <DemPugs> yes
11:59 <DemPugs> <-- pag
11:59 <DemPugs> nno
11:59 <DemPugs> FU
11:59 <Theannoyingkhen> .-.
11:59 <Princess Of The Night> im a girl, srlsy 
11:59 <DemPugs> <--pag
11:59 <DemPugs> there
11:59 <Creepmyroofdog> :I
11:59 <On It11> This is bit
11:59 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
11:59 <DemPugs> FAMMIT
12:00 <DemPugs> AH
12:00 <DemPugs> PUG
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> I don't know if I can/ 
12:00 <On It11> chicken nugget budder armor
12:00 <Theannoyingkhen> (vomitrainbows)
12:00 <DemPugs> k den (ok)
12:00 <Hoodie2259> (noslendy)
12:00 <Creepmyroofdog> buddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddder
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> You see, I only did the emotes cause they're small
12:00 -!- Creepmyroofdog was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
12:00 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
12:00 <CreepyInvestigator> Life... (yuno) give me (jetpack)!?
12:00 <DemPugs> lel
12:00 <Princess Of The Night> thank you crashing!
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> Don't blame life, blame science
12:00 <CreepyInvestigator> Well den bai bai
12:00 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
12:00 <DemPugs> can you put (zoid)
12:00 <DemPugs> nice right
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> Creep, last chance. 
12:00 <CrashingCymbal> Stop spamming
12:00 -!- CreepyInvestigator has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, Pugs
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> I'll do dat (kawaii)
12:01 <DemPugs> tunk cym (hcg)
12:01 <DemPugs> (kawaii)
12:01 <Princess Of The Night> crashing?
12:01 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <Hoodie2259> ($$$)
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> [[Emoticons]]
12:01 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
12:01 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
12:01 <On It11> Lol
12:01 <On It11> seananners
12:01 <DemPugs> i no do  i be (son)
12:01 <Creepmyroofdog> are u gunna ban me
12:01 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:01 <On It11> Dem u curse to much
12:01 <Princess Of The Night> crashing!
12:02 <Hoodie2259> i found kirby... (kirby)
12:02 <On It11> trololol
12:02 <Creepmyroofdog> wat
12:02 <CrashingCymbal> Yes, Princess?
12:02 <Creepmyroofdog> dyh
12:02 <Theannoyingkhen> (lol)
12:02 <DemPugs> hey
12:02 <DemPugs> Everyone
12:02 <On It11> sup
12:02 <DemPugs> did the chat open a new window?
12:02 <Hoodie2259> (yshdt) ben and jeff (jtk)
12:02 <On It11> no
12:02 <Creepmyroofdog> oh man i have been baned u know
12:03 <Creepmyroofdog> once
12:03 <DemPugs> when you pressed Join The chat
12:03 <Princess Of The Night> not trying to minimod but can you show creep the rules, if thats ok with you....
12:03 <DemPugs> a new window opened?
12:03 <DemPugs> Or is it just me.
12:03 <DemPugs> .-.
12:03 <Creepmyroofdog> i already read it
12:03 <Creepmyroofdog> yep
12:03 <CrashingCymbal> Done Pugsy
12:03 <Creepmyroofdog> soo
12:03 <On It11> The Jeff the killer story made me lock all thg windows in my house! LOL
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> Oh yeah Creep read these pls: [[Chat Rules]]
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> brb
12:04 <Theannoyingkhen> Anabelle is behind me...
12:04 <Creepmyroofdog> i now know the creator of jeff the killer
12:04 <DemPugs> tunk omg cym
12:04 <DemPugs> tunk
12:04 <Creepmyroofdog> on fanpop
12:04 <Princess Of The Night> thank you crashing]
12:04 -!- Rainbow Burn has joined Special:Chat
12:04 <DemPugs> ohmai
12:04 <Hoodie2259> hi rainbow
12:04 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:04 <DemPugs> tunk cym (hcg)
12:04 <Rainbow Burn> hello
12:04 <DemPugs> Hey brony
12:04 <Creepmyroofdog> yep and the username is.......
12:04 <CrashingCymbal> yur welcome pugs (kawaii)
12:04 <Princess Of The Night> hi rainbow!
12:05 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:05 <On It11> lol 4. Kick no questions asked
12:05 <Hoodie2259> who is nightweaver2112
12:05 <On It11> idk
12:05 <Hoodie2259> (night)
12:05 <Rainbow Burn> why isnt my pings working?
12:05 <Princess Of The Night> thank you so much crashing!
12:06 <On It11> rainbow burn something tells me u watch mlp like my lil sis
12:06 <Creepmyroofdog> just wait
12:06 <CrashingCymbal> brb
12:06 <Princess Of The Night> i watch mlp
12:06 <DemPugs> On it
12:06 <On It11> ceash u must be an admin
12:06 <Rainbow Burn> What is wrong with Bronys?
12:06 <DemPugs> you are the little sis, the way you are speaking.
12:06 <Princess Of The Night> Yeah
12:06 <Rainbow Burn> What did a brony ever do to you?
12:06 <DemPugs> What
12:07 <DemPugs> who said bad bout bronys
12:07 <On It11> nonthing I'm a brony too
12:07 <Princess Of The Night> Yeah!
12:07 <Theannoyingkhen> yeah?
12:07 <Rainbow Burn> Just the way he said "like my little sister"
12:07 <Creepmyroofdog> the creator of jeff the killer is 	shadowishot99
12:07 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:07 <Creepmyroofdog> on fanpop
12:07 <DemPugs> HIs sister watches mlp man
12:07 <DemPugs> It's a kid's cartoon
12:08 <Creepmyroofdog> and creepypasta wiki and creepypasta
12:08 <DemPugs> you IDIOT
12:08 <Rainbow Burn> How am I a idiot?
12:08 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <Princess Of The Night> dem! you hurtz my feelingz
12:08 <On It11> and also since I'm a brony I'm a guy
12:08 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:08 <Theannoyingkhen> hey
12:08 <Creepmyroofdog> again the creator of jeff the killer is	shadowishot99 
12:08 <DemPugs> Who's den
12:08 <Princess Of The Night> im a pegisister 
12:08 <DemPugs> HUH
12:08 <Theannoyingkhen> dem*
12:09 <DemPugs> WHOS DEM
12:09 <Theannoyingkhen> YOU
12:09 <On It11> I know princess
12:09 <Grammatik> I fucking hate ponies. But k.
12:09 <DemPugs> NO I AINT
12:09 <DemPugs> Hay Gram~~
12:09 <Theannoyingkhen> DemPugs- dem
12:09 <On It11> gram 1v1 me
12:09 <Creepmyroofdog> why are u fighting with caps lock
12:09 <Grammatik> Wrecking Ball on the radio. 
12:09 <On It11> i hate that song
12:09 <Grammatik> Same.
12:09 <Creepmyroofdog> same
12:09 <Theannoyingkhen> i hate/love that song
12:09 <Rainbow Burn> never heard it
12:09 <DemPugs> Wrecking
12:09 <Princess Of The Night> i hate it
12:09 <DemPugs> ball
12:10 <ColdShowers> Wrecking ball is a pretty decent song, in my opinion.
12:10 <Theannoyingkhen> i hate the video
12:10 <DemPugs> you mean the one where she gets naked because she's 'sad'
12:10 <DemPugs> the whore
12:10 <Creepmyroofdog> yep
12:10 <Grammatik> Cold, but after seeing the video,  I find it bad.
12:10 <Creepmyroofdog> right
12:10 <On It11> Lol
12:10 <Theannoyingkhen> no she's like crazy on the ball
12:10 <Creepmyroofdog> lololol
12:10 <ColdShowers> I see your point, Gram.. .-.
12:10 <Grammatik> It's just some normal pop song but that vid fucking ruined it
12:11 <On It11> she be dancing crazy
12:11 <Creepmyroofdog> who plays minecraft
12:11 <On It11> me
12:11 <Theannoyingkhen> me
12:11 <DemPugs> miley=attention seeker
12:11 <DemPugs> lol god jok rgiht
12:11 <Grammatik> Linkin Park listed under "Alternative"
12:11 <Creepmyroofdog> come on spit ur world
12:11 <Princess Of The Night> shall i make a pony oc?
12:11 <Grammatik> I can die in peace
12:11 <Theannoyingkhen> world?
12:11 <On It11> my name on minecraft is TrollinHim or is it TollinHim11
12:11 <Theannoyingkhen> i use skinstealer in mc
12:11 <Creepmyroofdog> so MINE IS MCAWSOME
12:11 <DemPugs> Pony oc
12:12 <On It11> i make skins also
12:12 <Creepmyroofdog> me too
12:12 <Grammatik> Is 11 your favorite number?
12:12 <Grammatik> .-.
12:12 <Theannoyingkhen> naah
12:12 <Creepmyroofdog> no
12:12 <On It11> i made a skin called ultrasky
12:12 <Creepmyroofdog> bad
12:12 <DemPugs> My favourite number is 69 (ic)
12:12 <DemPugs> No?
12:12 <DemPugs> Joke got ole?
12:12 <DemPugs> K
12:12 <Creepmyroofdog> must die with BUDER
12:12 <Theannoyingkhen> my fav no. is 9
12:12 <Grammatik> Mine is 32.
12:12 <Grammatik> .-.
12:12 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:12 <Theannoyingkhen> for luck..
12:12 <Theannoyingkhen> .-.
12:12 <Creepmyroofdog> mine is 24
12:12 -!- Rainbow Burn has left Special:Chat.
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> Favourite numbers eh. Mine is 7
12:13 <Theannoyingkhen> and also 50
12:13 <Princess Of The Night> anyone wnat me to make them in pony form?
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> nou
12:13 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:13 <Princess Of The Night> *want
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> pls nou
12:13 -!- FlakyPorcupine has joined Special:Chat
12:13 <Grammatik> fun fact: 24 is Brazilian slang for "homosexual"
12:13 -!- FlakyPorcupine has left Special:Chat.
12:13 <Creepmyroofdog> and also 1969 
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> how
12:13 <ColdShowers> me princess
12:13 <ColdShowers> meee
12:13 -!- FlakyPorcupine has joined Special:Chat
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> just how even
12:13 <DemPugs> FlakyPorcupine
12:13 <Theannoyingkhen> lel
12:13 <ColdShowers> make me in pony form
12:13 <CrashingCymbal> Haaiiiii Flaky
12:13 <FlakyPorcupine> Hello! :3
12:13 <DemPugs> I was suprise to c u on Mr.Cp.
12:13 <Grammatik> I shit you not
12:13 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:13 <Theannoyingkhen> hey flaky
12:13 <DemPugs> Impressed.
12:13 <Princess Of The Night> ok! showers pm
12:13 <ColdShowers> yay
12:14 <Creepmyroofdog> ia m gunna creeep you dog
12:14 <Creepmyroofdog> your daug
12:14 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:14 <DemPugs> wht
12:14 <Theannoyingkhen> (challengeaccepted)
12:14 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:14 <On It11> Holy crap I have 32 downloads and 92 views on my ultra sky skin!
12:14 <FlakyPorcupine> I was surprised too. XD
12:14 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
12:14 <Creepmyroofdog> skydoesminecraft is FUCK awsome
12:14 <DemPugs> accidentaly closed everything
12:14 <On It11> this is the image link Image Link: 
12:14 <Theannoyingkhen> (vomitrainbows)
12:15 <DemPugs> Does anyone have a favourite youtuber?
12:15 <Creepmyroofdog> yep
12:15 <Creepmyroofdog> sky
12:15 <Princess Of The Night> showers!
12:15 <Creepmyroofdog> does
12:15 <Theannoyingkhen> Annoying Orange and nigahiga
12:15 <Creepmyroofdog> minecraft
12:15 <ColdShowers> wat
12:15 <On It11> Me it's skydoesminecraft
12:15 <DemPugs> r u a kid m8
12:15 <FlakyPorcupine> SomeOrdinaryGamers, Criken2 and Cr1tikal.
12:15 <On It11> no
12:15 <Theannoyingkhen> same ao and nigahiga
12:15 <Creepmyroofdog> nope
12:15 <DemPugs>
12:15 <DemPugs> YES
12:15 <On It11> ?
12:15 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
12:15 <DemPugs> Criken.
12:16 <DemPugs> Oh god.
12:16 <DemPugs> And Seananner.
12:16 <DemPugs> not pewdiepie
12:16 <Creepmyroofdog> is that a screamer
12:16 <Theannoyingkhen> i like ao ang nigahiga so much
12:16 <DemPugs> like everyone else
12:16 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:16 <DemPugs> IS THAT A SCREAMER
12:16 <Theannoyingkhen> they're fucking awesome
12:16 <DemPugs> are you FUCKING joking
12:16 <Creepmyroofdog> a screamer
12:16 <FlakyPorcupine> But yeah, Cr1tikal is probably my favorite.
12:16 <DemPugs> ohmaigod
12:16 <DemPugs>
12:16 <Theannoyingkhen> nope ._.
12:16 <DemPugs> it's a YOUTUBE LINK
12:16 <DemPugs> sigh
12:16 <Grammatik> Fave YouTube channel?  Cryaotic is okay, but I don't even watch videos anymore. 
12:16 <Creepmyroofdog> wat is duh page or url\
12:16 -!- Kylejohnmarica has left Special:Chat.
12:16 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:17 <DemPugs> WOw
12:17 <DemPugs> Gram
12:17 <DemPugs> Can you belive this idiot
12:17 <Theannoyingkhen> y
12:17 <Creepmyroofdog> wat
12:17 <FlakyPorcupine> Cry is decent. Not my favorite, but at least he is more calm and such.
12:17 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <Theannoyingkhen> oh al247
12:17 <Creepmyroofdog> are u saying poems i hate poes
12:17 <FlakyPorcupine> Not freaking out like his friend Pewdie all the time.
12:17 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:17 <On It11> sooooo much lag
12:17 <Grammatik> PewDie is screaming and swearing all the time.
12:17 <Creepmyroofdog> pewdiepie
12:17 <On It11>
12:18 -!- Alex The Fox has joined Special:Chat
12:18 <DemPugs> Pewd is SOMETIMES funny
12:18 <Grammatik> It ruins the game for me.
12:18 <Creepmyroofdog> he is a puzzy
12:18 <Creepmyroofdog> pewdiepie
12:18 <Theannoyingkhen> nigahiga
12:18 <DemPugs> definitely not everytime
12:18 <DemPugs> Nigahiga
12:18 <DemPugs> is ok
12:18 <DemPugs> I watch RWJ occasionally
12:18 <Theannoyingkhen> yeah
12:18 <On It11> This is the ultra sky link so plz stop chatting right quick
12:18 <Grammatik> I only use YouTube for music.
12:18 <On It11>
12:18 <FlakyPorcupine> Used to watch Higa when I was younger.
12:18 <DemPugs> I have a playlist with 107 songs.
12:18 <Alex The Fox> zOMG!!11ONEONE u kopid Poodypee!!111 HE OWNZ DA KOPYRIT 2 HAPY WEELS
12:18 <Creepmyroofdog> pewdiepie is a fucking scaredy puzzy
12:18 <Grammatik> I won't stop chatting. 
12:19 <DemPugs> Wanna check it :)
12:19 <DemPugs> bby
12:19 <Theannoyingkhen> k
12:19 <On It11> (yes this is the link)
12:19 <FlakyPorcupine> Higa was my introduction to YouTube.
12:19 <Grammatik> I have a play list with about 500 songs, not on yt tho
12:19 <Creepmyroofdog> oh fuck it is awsome
12:19 <FlakyPorcupine> So he has my eternal gratitude. 
12:19 -!- Cam.sevigne has joined Special:Chat
12:19 <DemPugs>
12:19 <FlakyPorcupine> Wait...
12:19 <CarcinoGenticist> ono
12:19 <DemPugs> One of my favourite U2bers
12:19 <CarcinoGenticist> not the
12:19 <CarcinoGenticist> damn
12:20 <CarcinoGenticist> i hope it isnt
12:20 <CarcinoGenticist> bad word
12:20 <Alex The Fox> AND THEN A 
12:20 <FlakyPorcupine> How did I go so far without mentioning JonTron?
12:20 <DemPugs> Person :)
12:20 <Alex The Fox> SKELETON POPPED OUT
12:20 <Creepmyroofdog> tobucus
12:20 <DemPugs> oh
12:20 <DemPugs> oops
12:20 <DemPugs> Fagott huh
12:20 <Theannoyingkhen> i used to watched lcc 
12:20 <On It11> Anyone here like to prank
12:20 <DemPugs> thats not it doe
12:20 <FlakyPorcupine> JonTron is definetely my favorite.
12:20 <Creepmyroofdog> me
12:20 <On It11> people
12:20 <Grammatik> It's the name of the channel doe
12:20 <FlakyPorcupine> Period.
12:20 <Theannoyingkhen> lcc is a fag
12:20 <DemPugs> WOAH
12:20 <Alex The Fox> I LIKE SONIC 06
12:20 <Creepmyroofdog> yeah
12:20 <DemPugs> YOU cant say that!
12:20 <DemPugs> Damn
12:20 <Alex The Fox> yes i can
12:20 <Theannoyingkhen> who?
12:20 <DemPugs> He said the word.
12:20 <On It11> de sto cursing dang
12:21 <Creepmyroofdog> wat
12:21 <Alex The Fox> ilikesonic06
12:21 <Grammatik> CrashingCymbal
12:21 <DemPugs> He said >fag
12:21 <DemPugs> so
12:21 <On It11> dem stop cursing
12:21 <Theannoyingkhen> search it in youtube
12:21 -!- Alex The Fox has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <DemPugs> I aint cursing!
12:21 <DemPugs> GOD
12:21 <Theannoyingkhen> .-.
12:21 <DemPugs> Why dont you SHUT UP
12:21 <Theannoyingkhen> k -_-
12:21 <Grammatik> Fuck you I can fucking curse all I fucking want so fuck off~
12:21 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <Grammatik> c:
12:21 <Creepmyroofdog> i am gunna get out of this fucking chat fight
12:22 <Creepmyroofdog> bye
12:22 <DemPugs> Fucking-a gramm you fuck~~
12:22 <Grammatik> Ye.
12:22 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
12:22 <DemPugs> wait
12:22 <DemPugs> WHo's Jesse?
12:22 <DemPugs> I just enabled my chathacks
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> I'm gonna play territory war
12:22 <Grammatik> My fever is getting worse and I have homework.  Idk which is worse.
12:22 <DemPugs> and it said ignore jesse
12:22 <DemPugs> CYM
12:22 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Ping meh if you need meh
12:22 <DemPugs> CYM
12:22 <Creepmyroofdog> done
12:22 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss?
12:22 <Grammatik> Cym, someone said fag.
12:23 <DemPugs> Theannoyingkhen
12:23 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
12:23 <DemPugs> said fag.
12:23 <DemPugs> BAN
12:23 <DemPugs> lol jk
12:23 <DemPugs> your desicion
12:23 <Creepmyroofdog> ban hem
12:23 <Creepmyroofdog> now
12:23 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
12:23 <Creepmyroofdog> now
12:23 <DemPugs> lcc is a fag
12:23 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:23 <Grammatik> Jesse is CPwikiCHATlogger, you pleb
12:23 <DemPugs> his sentence
12:23 <DemPugs> I be pleb omg (QQ)
12:23 <Creepmyroofdog> oh man ur cursing
12:23 -!- Theannoyingkhen was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
12:23 -!- Theannoyingkhen has left Special:Chat.
12:23 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
12:23 <FlakyPorcupine> I am now ranked #45 on this wiki.
12:23 <DemPugs> Keek?
12:23 <DemPugs> but
12:23 <Creepmyroofdog> yes
12:23 <DemPugs> i tot ban
12:23 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:23 <CrashingCymbal> Also please stop using that word. 
12:24 <CrashingCymbal> No Pugs
12:24 <Grammatik> Bet your testicles I am fucking cursing. 
12:24 <DemPugs> K.
12:24 <CrashingCymbal> It's up to moderator's decision. 
12:24 <Creepmyroofdog> ...
12:24 <DemPugs> K boss.
12:24 <CrashingCymbal> I kick (c:)
12:24 -!- Theannoyingkhen has joined Special:Chat
12:24 <Creepmyroofdog> no
12:24 <CrashingCymbal> Annoying, don't use the word "fag" please.
12:24 <Creepmyroofdog> noooooo
12:24 <Grammatik> Khen, don't say fag.
12:24 <Theannoyingkhen> k
12:24 <DemPugs> The cruelest thing you can do
12:24 <DemPugs> kick 
12:24 <Cam.sevigne> arg.
12:24 <Theannoyingkhen> _-_
12:24 <DemPugs> and when they come back BAN
12:25 <DemPugs> not nice
12:25 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
12:25 <DemPugs> that happened to me b4
12:25 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:25 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
12:25 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> My chat hacks appear to have fucked off
12:25 <Grammatik> I've never gotten a ban.
12:25 <On It11> Im back it lagged for me
12:25 <DemPugs> K
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> Nvm
12:25 <DemPugs> I got ban once
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> Actually
12:25 <DemPugs> for 2 hrs
12:25 <DemPugs> so lel
12:25 <DemPugs> not even a ban
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> Can one person test my pings?
12:25 <Creepmyroofdog> wat is the punishment if khen say "fag" again
12:25 <Theannoyingkhen> it's a user in yt _-_
12:25 <CrashingCymbal> ONE PERSON
12:25 -!- Cam.sevigne has left Special:Chat.
12:25 <DemPugs> CYM
12:25 <On It11> i never got banned
12:25 <DemPugs> Ban.
12:26 <Grammatik> CrashingCymbal
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> A ban, Creepy.
12:26 <CarcinoGenticist> CYMBAL
12:26 <CarcinoGenticist> Does works it
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> Thnx guize
12:26 <Creepmyroofdog> i have banned once
12:26 <On It11> crash r u an admin?
12:26 <Creepmyroofdog> it creep
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> No, 11
12:26 <Grammatik> He's a mod.
12:26 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
12:26 <DemPugs> the song that never fails to cheer me right up.
12:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Upular | Pogo - Duration: 02:34 - Uploaded: 2009-12-25 - Rating: 4.948863 - Views: 8,105,466 -
12:26 <CrashingCymbal> I'm a mod and a VCROC
12:26 <On It11>
12:26 <Creepmyroofdog> hua
12:26 <DemPugs> There's a LOT of new user here, today
12:26 <Creepmyroofdog> huat
12:26 <Eyeless Jack> Damn
12:27 <FlakyPorcupine> I am nothing.
12:27 <On It11> i was here yesterday
12:27 <FlakyPorcupine> :(
12:27 <Eyeless Jack> We no need new users
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> I've got a lot of the same powers as an admin though,.
12:27 <CrashingCymbal> *though.
12:27 <Grammatik> New friends
12:27 <Eyeless Jack> we've got Flaky!!!
12:27 <Grammatik> HAUEHAUHE
12:27 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs flaky
12:27 <On It11> nonononononono eeeeeeeeyeles jack!!!!!
12:27 <DemPugs> I was here yesterday
12:27 <DemPugs> huh
12:27 <DemPugs> So you're a senior user?
12:27 <Creepmyroofdog> dont *runs away from eyeless jak*
12:28 <Eyeless Jack> Don't what?
12:28 <Grammatik> Eyeless,  you seem familiar. 
12:28 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:28 <Creepmyroofdog> ur thing
12:28 <Eyeless Jack> Yea, I'm EyelessJackFan24
12:28 <Grammatik> Oh.
12:28 <Eyeless Jack> I changed my name
12:28 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
12:28 <Grammatik> Das good. I like your change. 
12:28 <Eyeless Jack> You knew you can change your name once right?
12:28 <On It11> O I thought u were the real jack
12:28 <Creepmyroofdog> oh i saw u on the chat du u rerember mer
12:28 <Grammatik> Yeah.
12:28 <Eyeless Jack> uhhh
12:29 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
12:29 <DemPugs> oops
12:29 <Grammatik> I changed mine once.
12:29 <CrashingCymbal> Fuck you Google Chrome you're shit.
12:29 <DemPugs> google chrome is ok
12:29 <CrashingCymbal> Firefox is the way to go
12:29 <Grammatik> I don't use chrome. 
12:29 <On It11> someone start a private chat so all of us can talk but not in public chat
12:29 <DemPugs> wha
12:29 <Grammatik> Chrome mobile can go suck a dick
12:29 <Eyeless Jack> I don't remember you Creep
12:29 <Creepmyroofdog> jack did u remember meh on chat once
12:30 <Eyeless Jack> NINJA'd
12:30 <DemPugs> k
12:30 <Creepmyroofdog> i remember u on the list
12:30 -!- Avenging Angel has joined Special:Chat
12:30 <Eyeless Jack> I get on and don't talk sometimes.
12:30 <Eyeless Jack> oh well. Time for my daily routine
12:30 <On It11> Lol it makes it seem like u r insulting him, but not because that's his name
12:30 <DemPugs> AHHHH
12:30 <DemPugs> AHh
12:30 <DemPugs> ahh
12:30 <DemPugs> u
12:30 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips all the tables in the room gracefully and then quietly sits in the middle of one
12:30 <Creepmyroofdog> yea beacuase u are afk
12:30 <Grammatik> Wha.
12:30 <DemPugs> oh mai
12:31 <DemPugs> OH MAI
12:31 <On It11> Wtf is wrong with u
12:31 <DemPugs>
12:31 <DemPugs> again
12:31 <DemPugs> plz see
12:31 <Princess Of The Night> screw chrome
12:31 <On It11> dem
12:31 <CrashingCymbal> brb need to pee
12:31 <Theannoyingkhen> (vomitrainbows)
12:31 <On It11> lol
12:31 <DemPugs> (2cute4me)
12:31 <Creepmyroofdog> lol
12:32 <Eyeless Jack> (2cute4me)
12:32 <Eyeless Jack> I was waiting for that emote
12:32 <DemPugs> k
12:32 <Theannoyingkhen> and raining shit
12:32 <On It11> im about to ride some creepypastas brb
12:32 <DemPugs> ride
12:32 <Creepmyroofdog> .............
12:32 <DemPugs> you sick fetishist
12:32 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
12:32 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:32 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:33 <Grammatik> Ride
12:33 <DemPugs>
12:33 <DemPugs> AHH
12:33 <Grammatik> wHa
12:33 <Creepmyroofdog> alright fuck it
12:33 <DemPugs> Guise
12:33 <Creepmyroofdog> yep
12:34 <DemPugs> what would a nice name for a male pug be? [serious]
12:34 <Theannoyingkhen> idk. 
12:34 <CrashingCymbal> Mitt Romney
12:34 -!- Hoodie2259 has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <Creepmyroofdog> bye
12:34 <DemPugs> r u srs m7
12:34 <DemPugs> i swear
12:34 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
12:34 <Theannoyingkhen> m7?
12:35 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:35 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> It's m8
12:35 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> Except it's spelt with a 7
12:35 <CrashingCymbal> And dats y itz funneh
12:35 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
12:35 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
12:36 <DemPugs> sigh
12:36 <DemPugs> yus
12:36 <DemPugs> itz funneh
12:36 <DemPugs> you a newb
12:36 <DemPugs> you dont know the inside JOOKS
12:36 <CrashingCymbal> heh
12:36 <DemPugs> is it dedchatz
12:36 <DemPugs> oh is not
12:36 <DemPugs> k
12:36 <Theannoyingkhen> it's not funny to me ._.
12:37 <Eyeless Jack> ?me puts tables back up and sits in a corner. lonely
12:37 <DemPugs> then fuk of m9
12:37 <Eyeless Jack> /me puts tables back up and sits in a corner. lonely
12:37 <DemPugs> k
12:38 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
12:38 <DemPugs> You really are annoying, khen
12:38 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:38 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:38 <FlakyPorcupine> /me hugs Eyeless.
12:39 -!- Creepmyroofdog has joined Special:Chat
12:39 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:39 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:39 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:39 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:39 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:40 <Theannoyingkhen> now it's dead chat...
12:40 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
12:40 <DemPugs> hah...ha
12:40 <Creepmyroofdog> 1711085229307796
12:41 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:41 <Creepmyroofdog> it is a dead chat
12:41 <Theannoyingkhen> dead
12:41 <Theannoyingkhen> chat
12:42 <Creepmyroofdog> helo!?!
12:42 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
12:42 -!- DemPugs has joined Special:Chat
12:42 -!- DemPugs has left Special:Chat.
12:43 -!- Avenging Angel has left Special:Chat.
12:43 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
12:43 <Theannoyingkhen> .____________.
12:43 <Pramirez351> mind not stretching annoyingkhen
12:43 <Pramirez351> !logs
12:43 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
12:43 <CrashingCymbal> Prammeh
12:43 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiiii
12:43 <Creepmyroofdog> .____________________________.
12:43 <CrashingCymbal> Damn
12:43 <Pramirez351> hello cymbal x3
12:44 <Theannoyingkhen> .-.
12:44 <Pramirez351> please dont stretch ccreepmyroof
12:44 -!- Creepmyroofdog was banned from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal for 86400 seconds.
12:44 -!- Creepmyroofdog has left Special:Chat.
12:44 <Pramirez351> wut? (derp)
12:44 <CrashingCymbal> Warned over and over again
12:44 <CrashingCymbal> That was his third time spamming. 
12:45 <Theannoyingkhen> (dead chat) again
12:45 <Theannoyingkhen> (dead) chat*
12:46 <Pramirez351> oki cymbal
12:46 <Pramirez351> so um, how you doin man?
12:47 <Pramirez351> how about you khen?
12:47 <CrashingCymbal> I'm good! How are you?
12:48 <Theannoyingkhen> bored
12:50 <Pramirez351> im donig alright x3
12:50 <Pramirez351> gosh khen, you kinda came during the wrong chat hours
12:50 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
12:50 <Pramirez351> you  gotta get here at...6 hours from now
12:50 <FlakyPorcupine> PINEAPPLES
12:50 <Eyeless Jack> YAY, I gotz a hug!
12:51 <FlakyPorcupine> huehueurwelcum x3
12:51 <Pramirez351> >gets a hug
12:51 <Pramirez351> >from himself
12:51 <Pramirez351> the eyeless jack story x3
12:51 <Pramirez351> nuh jk bro x3 wub ya
12:52 <Pramirez351> also cymbal, what you up to?
12:52 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> I'mjust editing stories and shit (:P)
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> You?
12:52 <The Koromo> Hi
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Koromo 
12:52 <The Koromo> Got a day off today.
12:52 <FlakyPorcupine> Hello!
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> yey
12:52 <Theannoyingkhen> i'm getting super bored
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> Me too (:P)
12:52 <Theannoyingkhen> hey
12:52 <The Koromo> yey? no
12:52 <The Koromo> I feel like utter shit
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> Oh
12:52 <The Koromo> my throat is killing me as we speak
12:52 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs Pram
12:52 <CrashingCymbal> Ah. Sick. 
12:53 <The Koromo> and i have a headache and my lips refuse to undry 
12:53 <CrashingCymbal> Hope you feel better soon dude.
12:53 <The Koromo> Thanks
12:53 <FlakyPorcupine> Crashing looks funny.
12:53 <FlakyPorcupine> :3
12:53 <The Koromo> "I am No"
12:53 <CrashingCymbal> I do
12:53 <The Koromo> wat, Cymbal
12:53 <CrashingCymbal> I am No
12:53 <Theannoyingkhen> :3?
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> You should see me in real life
12:54 <FlakyPorcupine> x3
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> I have TV Screen glasses and I can't grow a beard (c:)
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> lel
12:54 <Theannoyingkhen> (3:
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> hhe
12:54 <CrashingCymbal> fuq
12:54 <The Koromo> I have a 'stache 
12:55 -!- Castiels Nipples has left Special:Chat.
12:55 <The Koromo>
12:55 <CrashingCymbal> You do? I wanna try grow a Heisenberg for Halloween
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> Someone is not happy.
12:56 -!- Castiels Nipples has joined Special:Chat
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> I wonder what happened heh
12:56 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Castiels
12:56 <Theannoyingkhen> meh
12:56 <Castiels Nipples> Hi.
12:56 <Castiels Nipples> O_O
12:56 <Theannoyingkhen> hey
12:56 <Castiels Nipples> I feel asleep with Chat on.
12:56 <Theannoyingkhen> me is not happy
12:57 -!- AmbersStoryTime has joined Special:Chat
12:57 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
12:57 -!- Princess Of The Night has left Special:Chat.
12:57 <AmbersStoryTime> Hello Guys\
12:57 <Castiels Nipples> Gramm. Hi.
12:57 <Castiels Nipples> Good Morning
12:57 <Grammatik> Nips. Hej.
12:57 <Theannoyingkhen> hey
12:57 <Grammatik> It is 3 57 pm
12:58 <Theannoyingkhen> 8:57 pm
12:58 <Theannoyingkhen> 58
12:58 <The Koromo> Gramm
12:58 <AmbersStoryTime> it is 8:58 Am over here
12:58 <The Koromo> I got a day off today
12:58 <Eyeless Jack> CASTIEL
12:58 <Grammatik> Same, because I'm sick.
12:58 <Grammatik> .-.
12:58 <The Koromo> Join the club
12:58 <The Koromo> My throat feels like utter shite
12:58 <AmbersStoryTime> i'm so sorry to here that u two
12:58 <Grammatik> That feeel.
12:58 <Castiels Nipples> Hi Jack
12:59 <Pramirez351> hello grammy
12:59 <Grammatik> feeeel. ;-;
12:59 <Grammatik> Hi, Pram.
12:59 <Pramirez351> also im sorry to hear you are still sick grammy
12:59 <Pramirez351> also hello amber
12:59 <AmbersStoryTime> Hi Pram
12:59 -!- Brandon Pow has joined Special:Chat
12:59 <Grammatik> Plus I look like those scene kids.
12:59 <Pramirez351> haha! beat ya amber (ic)
12:59 <Grammatik> .-.
12:59 <AmbersStoryTime> Darn it
12:59 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
12:59 <The Koromo> I had a scene kid friend
12:59 <The Koromo> Her favorite band was BotDF 
12:59 <The Koromo> I didn't say anything
12:59 <The Koromo> .-.
13:00 <Brandon Pow> Hey! Is anyone here good with coding? I need help with installing the Youtube Player template on another wiki.
13:00 <Grammatik> Because my eyeliner fucked up so bad it's all over my eyes.
13:00 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
13:01 <Grammatik> Fuck this fucking disease. 
13:01 <Grammatik> ;-;
13:01 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Brooke
13:01 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> Ohai
13:01 <AmbersStoryTime> hi Brooke 
13:02 <FlakyPorcupine> Hey Amber.
13:02 <AmbersStoryTime> hi Flaky
13:02 <Theannoyingkhen> :(
13:03 <Theannoyingkhen> ):
13:04 <Theannoyingkhen> ...
13:04 <Castiels Nipples> I've watched lady and the tramp twice a day almost every day this week...
13:04 -!- Brandon Pow has left Special:Chat.
13:04 <Castiels Nipples> I may have a slight problem...
13:04 <Grammatik> Apparently in GTA V,  there are 69 missions. 
13:05 <CrashingCymbal> heh
13:05 <Castiels Nipples> Daddeh. I missed you. *glomps*
13:05 <The Koromo> I'm on like mission 27
13:05 <The Koromo> lol
13:06 <CrashingCymbal> I haven't got it ;~;
13:06 <The Koromo> i just got past the worst mission in the game
13:06 <The Koromo> phew
13:06 <Theannoyingkhen> im only on mission 31
13:06 <Castiels Nipples> Craaash.
13:06 <Grammatik> I don't have GTA V.
13:06 <Grammatik> .-.
13:07 <Castiels Nipples> I don't either.
13:07 <Castiels Nipples> No money to get it ;~;
13:07 <The Koromo> The mission "Hood Safari" was awesome
13:07 <The Koromo> there are like
13:07 <The Koromo> 9 waves of enemies
13:07 <The Koromo> *^*
13:08 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
13:08 <The Koromo> I had to go on the Seashark for like 4 miles before I finally escaped 
13:08 <The Koromo> ._.
13:09 <The Koromo> I ended up in the middle of nowhere and when I finally found a highway, I just stole a car
13:09 <The Koromo> lol
13:09 <Castiels Nipples> Mmmk
13:09 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has joined Special:Chat
13:09 <FlakyPorcupine> GTA bores me.
13:09 <Castiels Nipples> (D:)
13:09 <Castiels Nipples> No wai
13:10 <Castiels Nipples> i killed ze chat...
13:10 <Theannoyingkhen> me too. it bores me.
13:10 <CrashingCymbal> God dammit Castiels
13:11 -!- Ayumi42 has joined Special:Chat
13:11 <Castiels Nipples> I iz murcer. dunt kill me, daddeh ;~;
13:11 <Castiels Nipples> *murder
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> Daddeh
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> Wait wat
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> Oh also, Koromo
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> Thank you for making me Kawaii
13:11 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
13:11 <CrashingCymbal> (kawaii)
13:11 <The Koromo> Of course, Koromo is kawaii
13:12 <Castiels Nipples> Yus daddeh. you dun remember adopting me? ;~; i see where i stand.
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> but i mean dis:
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> Who's me? (:P)
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> I am Kawaii
13:13 <CrashingCymbal> Also Moose is very very kawaii
13:13 <Theannoyingkhen> ?
13:14 <Theannoyingkhen> *-*
13:14 <Castiels Nipples> I have "He's a Tramp" stuck in my head.
13:14 <Castiels Nipples> Help.
13:14 <CrashingCymbal> I have Bound 2 stuck in my head
13:15 -!- ColdShowers has left Special:Chat.
13:15 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has left Special:Chat.
13:15 <Theannoyingkhen> bai .-.
13:15 <FlakyPorcupine> He's Rap Rat, he's the boss.
13:15 -!- Theannoyingkhen has left Special:Chat.
13:15 <CrashingCymbal> heh
13:15 <Castiels Nipples> He's a tramp. But I love him!
13:16 <Castiels Nipples> Breaks a new heart! Everyday!
13:16 <Castiels Nipples> ... I did it again... ;~;
13:16 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
13:17 <Pramirez351> hey well guys, i gtg now, also fallin asleep on my keyboard happens to me frequently enough castiels
13:17 <Pramirez351> bai now guys x3
13:17 <Pramirez351> wub you all (h)
13:17 <FlakyPorcupine> Bai!
13:17 <AmbersStoryTime> bye Pram (<3)
13:17 <Castiels Nipples> baibai pram! *snuggles*
13:17 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> I gotta go everyone
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> But I'll be back soon
13:18 <CrashingCymbal> Buh bye
13:18 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
13:18 -!- CrashingCymbal has left Special:Chat.
13:18 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has joined Special:Chat
13:18 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
13:18 -!- AmbersStoryTime has left Special:Chat.
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> .... everyone left
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> O_O
13:19 <Eyeless Jack> BAC
13:19 <Eyeless Jack> Hey all
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> Guess... I'll have to carry on a conversation with myslef?
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> OH JACK HI
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> It's just us...
13:19 <Eyeless Jack> HAI CAS
13:19 <FlakyPorcupine> :/
13:19 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
13:19 <Castiels Nipples> AND GRAMM
13:19 <Eyeless Jack> HAI FLAKEH
13:20 <Castiels Nipples> HI GRAM
13:20 <FlakyPorcupine> HAI
13:20 <Grammatik>
13:20 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs Flakeh
13:20 <Grammatik> Just.  This.
13:20 <Castiels Nipples> I dun git a hug?
13:20 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Flakyporcupiune? May I ask you something?
13:20 <Castiels Nipples> *sits in corner*
13:20 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs Castiel
13:20 <Castiels Nipples> (:D)
13:20 <Eyeless Jack> No need
13:21 <FlakyPorcupine> Um...sure?
13:21 <FlakyPorcupine> /me hugs back btw.
13:21 <Eyeless Jack> :D
13:21 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
13:22 -!- The Creepypasta Novice has joined Special:Chat
13:22 <Castiels Nipples> Hello, Novice
13:23 <Nuncius tenebrarum> I've seen your comments on my pasta "The Crying Woods" can you point out where the speling mistakes are and things like that? Also feel free to edit it if you want to
13:23 <The Creepypasta Novice> My name is now fixed!
13:23 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:23 <Castiels Nipples> I finally got around to reading this ---> <---And it is GOLD
13:23 <The Creepypasta Novice> Lei!
13:23 <Eyeless Jack> NOVICE
13:23 <Eyeless Jack> You changed your name
13:23 <Castiels Nipples> hello, lei.
13:23 <Lei Omaki> wadddup!
13:23 <Lei Omaki> hi Cas :3
13:23 <The Creepypasta Novice> Yep my mistake is done for!
13:24 <The Creepypasta Novice> I feel.....:D :D :D :D
13:24 <Castiels Nipples> yay, novice.
13:24 <The Creepypasta Novice> XD
13:24 <FlakyPorcupine> I don't have much time right now to do so, and am busy. SOrry. ;~;
13:24 <The Creepypasta Novice> Anyway...on to more important topics
13:25 <Lei Omaki> do you know the Muffin Man?
13:25 <Eyeless Jack> :D
13:25 <Castiels Nipples> Like unicorns that shit puppies?
13:25 <Nuncius tenebrarum> Thats ok, just saying if you want to edit it, go ahead, I can't spot the bad grammar to well because of the autism
13:25 <Eyeless Jack> YES
13:25 <The Creepypasta Novice> The muffin man?
13:25 <The Creepypasta Novice> Who lives on Durey Lane?
13:25 <Castiels Nipples> Or the ones that vomit glitter?
13:25 <The Creepypasta Novice> She's married to the Muffin Man?
13:25 <Castiels Nipples> Or maybe even the ones that piss rainbows
13:26 <Castiels Nipples> >Nice Shrek, Novice<
13:26 <Lei Omaki> the Muffin Man
13:26 <Eyeless Jack> THEMUFFINMAN
13:26 <Lei Omaki> so she's married to the Muffin Man
13:27 <The Creepypasta Novice> Please stay off the grass shine your shoes wipe your......FACE
13:27 -!- Wolfrains has joined Special:Chat
13:27 <Castiels Nipples> Duloc is a perfect PLAAACE!
13:27 <Lei Omaki> xD
13:27 <Wolfrains> O.o
13:27 <Lei Omaki> waddup Wolf
13:27 <Wolfrains> Hiiiru
13:28 <Wolfrains> random ppl
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> hello, person
13:28 <The Creepypasta Novice> Welcome to insanity.....May i take your order?
13:28 <Eyeless Jack> LETS DO DAT AGAIN
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> who are you?
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> i must lick you.
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> *liiick*
13:28 <Wolfrains> .O
13:28 <Wolfrains> O.O*
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> :33
13:28 <Wolfrains> O.o
13:28 <Castiels Nipples> x33
13:29 <Wolfrains> Alright then
13:29 <Wolfrains> >.>
13:29 <Wolfrains> <.<
13:29 <Castiels Nipples> i have welcomed you to the chat
13:29 <Wolfrains> :U
13:29 <FlakyPorcupine> /me licks Wolf too.
13:29 <The Creepypasta Novice> Are you coming to dinner your friends are all here....*taps knife*
13:29 <Wolfrains> O.o
13:29 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:29 <Castiels Nipples> (D:) Flakey that's my thing! (TT)
13:29 <Castiels Nipples> JIM
13:30 <Castiels Nipples> DONT LEAVE
13:30 <FriendlyJim> Hi
13:30 <Eyeless Jack> /me licks Cas
13:30 <Castiels Nipples> I've missed you
13:30 <Castiels Nipples> You twat
13:30 <Castiels Nipples> *is licked*
13:30 <Lei Omaki> hi Jim :3
13:30 <FlakyPorcupine> XD
13:30 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips a table and sits in the corner
13:30 <The Creepypasta Novice> Are you really friendly Jim?
13:30 <FlakyPorcupine> /me unflips table.
13:30 <FriendlyJim> Hello
13:31 <FriendlyJim> I'm friendly as hell.
13:31 <FriendlyJim> <3
13:31 <Castiels Nipples> Where have you been?
13:31 <Wolfrains> I am so losh right now -w-
13:31 <Wolfrains> lost*
13:31 <FriendlyJim> Who?
13:31 <Castiels Nipples> YOU
13:31 <The Creepypasta Novice> *novice punches the flatscreen in the living room.
13:31 <FriendlyJim> I come here like 10 times a day.
13:31 <Castiels Nipples> You come on and then BAM leave.
13:31 <FriendlyJim> Yes
13:31 <FriendlyJim> :P
13:31 <Wolfrains> narwhale
13:31 <Castiels Nipples> I haven't gotten to talk to yoouu
13:31 <FriendlyJim> I know.
13:32 <Castiels Nipples> @Wolf: are secretly unicorns
13:32 <FriendlyJim> I'm watching a video.
13:32 <Castiels Nipples> :/
13:32 <FriendlyJim>
13:32 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Critique of 'The Case For Hierarchy' - Duration: 13:09 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 22 -
13:32 <The Creepypasta Novice> I'm am totally not goofing off in class...
13:32 <FriendlyJim> It's about anarcho-socialism.
13:32 <Wolfrains> -w- how do i submit a creepypasta?!?!...
13:33 <Eyeless Jack> /me replaces the tv and sits down, then turns on an Xbox 360
13:33 <Castiels Nipples> Well. You write a non-shitty, non-jeff the killer pasta, okay? (And by shitty I mean grammar/spelling wise)
13:33 <Wolfrains> o  .   o
13:33 <Wolfrains> go on
13:33 <FriendlyJim> Make it original.
13:34 <Wolfrains> I did -w-
13:34 <Castiels Nipples> ^^ Yes.
13:34 <FriendlyJim> There are hundreds of pastas that are the exact same.
13:34 <Wolfrains> i did i did i did
13:34 <Castiels Nipples> And then, on the main page is a thing
13:34 <The Creepypasta Novice> First go down to the basement and on the upper left corner of the room you will find a key then go to the aboneded yogurt shop and use the key. Ghosts will appera ask for the Strawberry Trout Yogurt..
13:34 <Castiels Nipples> And that thing says Title Of Pasta HEre
13:34 <Castiels Nipples> And next to that is a buttn that says create pasta
13:35 <Lei Omaki> alright, first thing first.. No Pokepasta
13:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:35 <Wolfrains> -w- i'll just look it u later XD
13:35 <Wolfrains> ^.^
13:35 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:35 <Wolfrains> up* lol
13:35 <The Creepypasta Novice> Be a man....
13:35 <Wolfrains> Who?
13:35 <The Creepypasta Novice> be swift as a coursing river
13:35 <Castiels Nipples> With all the force of a great typhoon
13:35 <Wolfrains> IF U ARE TALKING TO ME!?!
13:35 <Wolfrains> I AM NO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:35 <The Creepypasta Novice> with all the strength of a raging fire
13:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:36 <Wolfrains> o             .           o
13:36 <Castiels Nipples> Mysterious as the dark side of the MOOON
13:36 -!- Cakedude222 has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Castiels Nipples> It's mulan, dollface :33
13:36 <Eyeless Jack> WOLFRAINS IS A GURL
13:36 <Wolfrains> o.o
13:36 <Eyeless Jack> DUH
13:36 <Eyeless Jack> /me facepalms
13:36 -!- Gplikespie has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <The Creepypasta Novice> Your unsuited for the rage of pack up go home your through
13:36 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Castiels Nipples> Mister I'll
13:36 <Castiels Nipples> Make a man
13:36 <Castiels Nipples> OUT OF YOU
13:37 <The Creepypasta Novice> Then she is Mulan...DUH!
13:37 <Gplikespie> Oh cool, this wiki has a chat!
13:37 <Eyeless Jack> I LOVE DAT MOVEH
13:37 <Wolfrains> O.o
13:37 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:37 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <The Creepypasta Novice> I detect that you are new here....
13:37 <Eyeless Jack> yes
13:37 <Eyeless Jack> she is
13:37 <Eyeless Jack> WELCOME TO THE WORLD of chaos...
13:37 <Gplikespie> Be a man, must be swift as the raging river.... be a man, all the force of a great typhoon
13:37 <Eyeless Jack> It's a really fun ride
13:37 <Wolfrains> = 3
13:37 <Castiels Nipples> I bestow upon you new users a sacred scroll, known as The Sacred Scroll of [[Chat Rules]]. *bows*
13:38 <Lei Omaki> Please read the [[Chat Rules]] if you hadn't
13:38 <Eyeless Jack> Bye the way, you might go crazy
13:38 <Gplikespie> I skimmed them
13:38 <The Creepypasta Novice> May i take your order?
13:38 <Gplikespie> Generally dont be a prick
13:38 <Castiels Nipples> No, read them.
13:38 <Wolfrains>  O.O so cunfusing
13:38 <Castiels Nipples> Because there are some things you might miss.
13:38 <The Creepypasta Novice> Don't be like Evil Patrick
13:38 -!- Cakedude222 has left Special:Chat.
13:38 -!- Cakedude222 has joined Special:Chat
13:38 <Gplikespie> like what :3
13:38 <Castiels Nipples> Is it cumfusing you, wolf?
13:38 <Wolfrains> o.o
13:38 <Lei Omaki> Cas, no
13:39 <Gplikespie> I just popped over here from the MLP wiki
13:39 <Gplikespie> Dun hate >.>
13:39 <Wolfrains> .__.
13:39 <The Creepypasta Novice> *novice screams and breaks Jack's Xbox
13:39 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:39 <Eyeless Jack> BRONY
13:39 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:39 <Castiels Nipples> This must be a culture shock then xD
13:39 <Gplikespie> HWERE
13:39 <Eyeless Jack> (\
13:39 <Gplikespie> WHERE IS IT
13:39 <Castiels Nipples> SHUDDUP JACK
13:39 <Gplikespie> oh duh.... me x3
13:39 <Wolfrains> :_:
13:39 <Gplikespie> Yup, elements of harmony all the way, foals.
13:39 <Eyeless Jack> /me has to fix his Xbox AGAIN
13:39 <Wolfrains> Alrighty than
13:39 <Castiels Nipples> Wolf.
13:39 <Castiels Nipples> *glomps*
13:40 <The Creepypasta Novice> Harmony? THIS is CHAOS!
13:40 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:40 <Wolfrains> ?yea.......
13:40 <Wolfrains> o.o
13:40 <Wolfrains> O.o
13:40 <Gplikespie> Chaos? No.... this.... IS..... SPARTA!
13:40 <The Creepypasta Novice> *pushes jack down the hill.
13:40 <Castiels Nipples> (sparta)
13:40 <Wolfrains>  O,O
13:40 -!- BabyAteDingo has joined Special:Chat
13:40 <Gplikespie> x3
13:40 <Gplikespie> I had to do it, sorry
13:40 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:40 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:40 <Castiels Nipples> Das kewl
13:40 <The-one123> hello friends
13:40 <Castiels Nipples> Das kewl.
13:40 <The Creepypasta Novice> Dingo! and the one!
13:40 <Wolfrains> 0.0
13:40 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:41 <Eyeless Jack> /me rises up like Master Chief in ERB
13:41 <Castiels Nipples> The One Who Is THe One
13:41 -!- BabyAteDingo has left Special:Chat.
13:41 <Wolfrains> is anyone els here a gurl O^O
13:41 <Eyeless Jack> Not.So.Fast.
13:41 <Lei Omaki> no this is Patrick
13:41 <Eyeless Jack> CAS IS
13:41 -!- Cakedude222 has left Special:Chat.
13:41 <Castiels Nipples> I am female, yes.
13:41 -!- BabyAteDingo has joined Special:Chat
13:41 <Wolfrains> -w- 
13:41 <Eyeless Jack> DINGO
13:41 <Eyeless Jack> HAI
13:41 <Lei Omaki> try to guess my gender xD
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> Lei is...
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> A
13:42 <The Creepypasta Novice> Darn the party just started and i have to go........
13:42 <Wolfrains> male?
13:42 <Lei Omaki> Cas
13:42 <Lei Omaki> shh
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> *uses mind powers*
13:42 <The-one123> LEi is a girl
13:42 <Gplikespie> I usually just announce my brony status and get it over with. I tolerate hate just fine. Usually sarcastic replies and a full scale rip that is all too close to someones actual life, reduced to a few snide comments delivered in a condescending tone, and softened with "I mean well, but you sir, have no harmony/friendship in your life"
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> A starfish.
13:42 <The Creepypasta Novice> I am a male.
13:42 <Gplikespie> I am also a male.
13:42 -!- BabyAteDingo has left Special:Chat.
13:42 <Lei Omaki> GODDAMMIT ONE
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> Gp, warn before wall. :33
13:42 <The Creepypasta Novice> Well bronies are typicaly male so....
13:42 <Gplikespie> Ah, sorry.
13:42 <The-one123> sorry 
13:42 <Castiels Nipples> Small wall, but it fucked up my chat
13:43 <Castiels Nipples> O_o
13:43 <Wolfrains>    brb
13:43 <The Creepypasta Novice> Anyway i have to go.......BYE GUYS!
13:43 <Lei Omaki> it's cool One
13:43 <The-one123> bye novice
13:43 <Castiels Nipples> Why did it fuck up my chat, a little two line thing?
13:43 <Castiels Nipples> Bye novice
13:43 <Castiels Nipples> hold on.
13:43 <Gplikespie> Bro+Pony= Brony. Bro refering to Brother, a term for two males bonded by blood or friendship. Hence, Brony is, by definiiton, male.
13:43 <FlakyPorcupine> I feel different for not liking MLP.
13:43 -!- The Creepypasta Novice has left Special:Chat.
13:43 <The-one123> my 91 edits went back down to 86 , why
13:43 <Wolfrains> -3-
13:43 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:43 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:43 <Lei Omaki> i don't know
13:44 <Eyeless Jack> Bronies are cool
13:44 <Castiels Nipples> Take it up with on of the... admins... fuck.
13:44 <Eyeless Jack> some of them
13:44 <Castiels Nipples> *one
13:44 <The-one123> what
13:44 -!- Rockamorow has joined Special:Chat
13:44 <Gplikespie> Btw, I usually count 75+ words as a wall, sorry. I will keep it in mind here.
13:44 <Rockamorow> Hi guys
13:45 <Eyeless Jack> Most of us Wolf, are a bunch of creepy men who hunch behind their computers and think of more ways to give children nightmares 
13:45 <The-one123> hello rock
13:45 <Gplikespie> lol
13:45 -!- Child Of Mantra has joined Special:Chat
13:45 <FlakyPorcupine> I am almost at 250 article edits.
13:45 <The-one123> hello mantra
13:45 <Rockamorow> I'm not a brony, but I write darkfics :P
13:45 <Child Of Mantra> Hello
13:45 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:45 <The-one123> hello jim
13:45 <FriendlyJim> Hello
13:45 <Rockamorow> In Spinpasta Wiki of course
13:45 <Rockamorow> Hey Earthworm Jim
13:46 <Eyeless Jack> Edit dis one Flaky
13:46 <FriendlyJim> Hai
13:46 <The-one123> brb guys , i needs to do something real quick
13:46 <Lei Omaki> wb jim
13:46 <Wolfrains> o3o
13:46 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
13:47 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <Castiels Nipples> ill brb
13:47 <Castiels Nipples> <3
13:47 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <The-one123> ok im back
13:47 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:47 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:47 <Gplikespie> I just ate two bowls of microwave nuked spaghetii and drank a huge glass of strawberry milk and boy, are my arms tired!
13:47 <Rockamorow> Why does Rider's profile pic reminds me of Far Cry 2?
13:47 <FlakyPorcupine> ...Why?
13:47 <Wolfrains> whalecum bck XD
13:47 <Lei Omaki> :|
13:47 <Rockamorow> lol engrish
13:47 <FlakyPorcupine> I havve to go though, sorry. D:
13:47 <Eyeless Jack> ENGRISH PEEPS
13:48 <FriendlyJim> Enwrich
13:48 <Wolfrains> OwO
13:48 <Eyeless Jack> Whalecum is mah thing
13:48 <Rockamorow> i spik ingrush vry wull
13:48 <Wolfrains> O.o na
13:48 <FriendlyJim> I speek englund
13:48 <Eyeless Jack> )':
13:48 -!- FlakyPorcupine has left Special:Chat.
13:48 -!- Gplikespie has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Wolfrains> o.o ohhh kayyy
13:48 <Rockamorow> fak ungland
13:48 -!- Child Of Mantra has left Special:Chat.
13:48 <Grammatik> Eh zpeekh engleeth.
13:48 <Rockamorow> murica ftw
13:48 <Wolfrains> i stop say it
13:48 <Rockamorow> nu
13:48 <Ayumi42> o: 
13:49 <Wolfrains> o. o
13:49 <Rockamorow> I like British Accent alot anyway...
13:49 <Ayumi42> hi c: 
13:49 <Wolfrains> meh ta
13:49 <Wolfrains> -w-
13:49 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:49 <Grammatik> I have a "fuck my throat hurts" accent. 
13:49 <Rockamorow> A pedo accent?
13:49 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has joined Special:Chat
13:49 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:49 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:49 <Wolfrains> O.o never herd of it
13:49 <Wolfrains> 0w0
13:49 <Grammatik> Hi, Legend. 
13:50 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi everybody
13:50 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
13:50 <TheLegendOfAwesome> And Lei
13:50 <Wolfrains> hiiiru
13:50 <Rockamorow> I have a 90s actor hero accent
13:50 <The-one123> i will be in PM if you need me
13:50 <Rockamorow> Or some shit
13:50 <Wolfrains> someone likes ta cuss
13:50 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
13:50 <Wolfrains> o3o
13:50 <Rockamorow> To cuss?
13:51 <Wolfrains> * ^ * nvm
13:51 <TheLegendOfAwesome> saying shit doesn't really mean you like to cuss
13:51 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
13:51 <Rockamorow> Siht, fuck,motherfucker C:
13:51 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
13:51 <Rockamorow> shit*
13:51 <Eyeless Jack> Damn
13:51 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi Spartan
13:51 <Spartantemp> morning
13:51 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
13:52 <Spartantemp> or good afternoon, to those in different time zones
13:52 <Wolfrains> ohhhh kayy
13:52 <Rockamorow> Morining
13:52 <TheLegendOfAwesome> and chat suddenly died when i came in
13:52 <Grammatik> Almost 5 pm.
13:52 <Rockamorow> fucking keyboard!
13:52 <TheLegendOfAwesome> that might mean something
13:52 <Rockamorow> Morning*
13:52 <Spartantemp> 9:52 Am
13:52 <Rockamorow> 10:52 Am
13:52 <Rockamorow> We have the same minutes!
13:52 <TheLegendOfAwesome> 15:52 Pm
13:53 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
13:53 <TheLegendOfAwesome> AM is too mainstream
13:53 <Rockamorow> That means you live in Brazil?
13:53 <Rockamorow> Awkward silence...
13:53 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi Lei
13:53 <Rockamorow> (wat)
13:53 <Spartantemp> I don't get the big deal about Brazil
13:53 <TheLegendOfAwesome> I told you, chat died when i walked in
13:54 <Wolfrains> OwO
13:54 <Rockamorow> Brazil is just HEUEHUEHEUEH and Brazilian funk
13:54 <Rockamorow> Self experience
13:54 <TheLegendOfAwesome> (huehue) ?
13:54 <Rockamorow> Brazilian funk sucks anyway
13:54 <Grammatik> Brazilian metal. Yespls.
13:54 <Spartantemp> Can't be worse then America
13:54 <TheLegendOfAwesome> lolwut
13:54 <Wolfrains> OnO
13:54 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Brazillian metal?
13:55 <Wolfrains> i live in america
13:55 <Rockamorow> You wanna know how it is?
13:55 <Rockamorow>
13:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: AH LELEK LEK LEK LEK LEK ( OFICIAL HD) - Duration: 03:09 - Uploaded: 2013-02-20 - Rating: 4.297959 - Views: 182,467 -
13:55 <Rockamorow> Seriously...
13:55 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
13:55 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <Spartantemp> I should be grateful for where I am in America
13:55 <Grammatik> And pretty much everyone have the same minutes unless they live in between meridians
13:55 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <Mrtdark1> Hi
13:55 <Mrtdark1> back
13:55 <TheLegendOfAwesome> meridians?
13:56 <Mrtdark1> is wolfenmaus here
13:56 <TheLegendOfAwesome> no
13:56 <Rockamorow> No
13:56 <Mrtdark1> ok.
13:56 <Rockamorow> he ded[
13:56 <Mrtdark1> who wants to write a creepypadta
13:56 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Wolfrains is here
13:56 <Rockamorow> So...who watches Kitty0706?
13:56 <Mrtdark1> just write a 1 sentence one
13:56 <Grammatik>
13:56 -!- Fang18 has joined Special:Chat
13:56 <TheLegendOfAwesome> mrtdark, i'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a creepypasta
13:57 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
13:57 <Fang18> well hey there.
13:57 <Spartantemp> once sentence pasta? challenge accepted
13:57 <Rockamorow> Hi fang
13:57 <Wolfrains> ...
13:57 <Fang18> hey rock
13:57 <TheLegendOfAwesome> that would be like a trolopasta
13:57 <Fang18> you new here.
13:58 <Rockamorow> The only thing good abour Mrt is that he is a Doom fan..
13:58 <Spartantemp> Haunted Brazilian house, (huehue) Boo!
13:58 <Rockamorow> I'm not new
13:58 <Rockamorow> :P
13:58 <Rockamorow> I'm here since 2 months ago
13:58 <TheLegendOfAwesome> o god doom, reminds me of someone
13:58 <Grammatik> > member since Sep 2013 > Not new
13:58 <Fang18> hmm ok. well nvm that i asked, its just that ov never seen you here before. and oh.
13:58 <Rockamorow> Well 1 month...
13:58 <Fang18> iv been here for 2 years.
13:59 <Wolfrains> :I
13:59 <Grammatik> All these 2013borns
13:59 <TheLegendOfAwesome> in one month it's my one year annivercary
13:59 -!- BubblegumButterfly has joined Special:Chat
13:59 <Rockamorow> 2013 is going terrible for me
13:59 <Eyeless Jack> (huehue)
13:59 <Rockamorow> Just like 2012
13:59 <Eyeless Jack> (ghost)
13:59 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i'm not saying i expect cake, i'm just saying i would like it
13:59 <BubblegumButterfly> i made a new account!
13:59 <Eyeless Jack> Why?
13:59 <TheLegendOfAwesome> um
13:59 <Fang18> well i must go good bye.
13:59 <Grammatik> Sock.
13:59 <Rockamorow> Reason?
13:59 <Grammatik> Haueha
13:59 <BubblegumButterfly> its me potn
14:00 <Eyeless Jack> potn?
14:00 <Fang18> nice meeting you some of you guys.
14:00 <Rockamorow> I read somewhere that you can't have 2 accounts POTN
14:00 <Grammatik> Why did you make a new acc dammit
14:00 -!- Fang18 has left Special:Chat.
14:00 <Eyeless Jack> Fang, are you new?
14:00 <Rockamorow> Princess of The Night Jack
14:00 <Rockamorow> He's from 2 years ago
14:00 <TheLegendOfAwesome> you can if you block the other account
14:00 <Eyeless Jack> oh
14:00 <BubblegumButterfly> cause im epic like that, so dont say im new
14:00 <Spartantemp> has cynical sloth been on lately?
14:00 <Rockamorow> Nope
14:00 <TheLegendOfAwesome> don't think so
14:00 <Rockamorow> I didn't see him
14:00 <Grammatik> > Fang18 > member since sep 2013
14:01 <Rockamorow> LIAR!
14:01 <TheLegendOfAwesome> ask jesse if the !seen command is on
14:01 <Grammatik> That's a 2 years
14:01 <Grammatik> sUuure
14:01 <BubblegumButterfly> i needed a new name
14:01 <Eyeless Jack> lies be told
14:01 <Rockamorow> Why?
14:01 <Eyeless Jack> You can change your name
14:01 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has left Special:Chat.
14:01 <Grammatik> You could have just gotten a goddamn name change
14:01 <Rockamorow> Just because there aren't enough Royals in this wiki?
14:01 <Spartantemp> I don't know how to talk to robots (D:)
14:01 <BubblegumButterfly> cause, mine was boring
14:01 <Rockamorow> Beep boop, Does not compute
14:02 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <BubblegumButterfly> how?!
14:02 <Eyeless Jack> BEEP BEEP BOOP
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> he probably diden't know about the name change thing
14:02 <Rockamorow> Talk to the wiki staff...
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi Creep
14:02 <BubblegumButterfly> im a she!
14:02 <Rockamorow> I'll send you a link
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> *she
14:02 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi potatos!
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> rocj it's a bit late
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> *rock
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> considering she already made a new one
14:02 <Rockamorow> I know...
14:02 <Rockamorow> Just to advice her
14:02 <Grammatik> Go fucking disable your other account. 
14:02 <Grammatik> .-.
14:02 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Just changed my name actually
14:03 <Lei Omaki> ?
14:03 <Rockamorow> Next time, use this
14:03 <Eyeless Jack> Just delete this one, and keep the other one so you can keep your stats, then change your name on the other
14:03 <IShallCreepYouOut> Wow, i gtg again
14:03 -!- SOMEGUY123 has joined Special:Chat
14:03 <SOMEGUY123> Sup
14:03 <Wolfrains> yoooo
14:03 <Rockamorow> Sup Mordekai
14:03 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has left Special:Chat.
14:03 <Eyeless Jack> OOOOOOH
14:04 <Grammatik> I should get off the floor. 
14:04 <SOMEGUY123> Itz Mordecizzle
14:04 <BubblegumButterfly> ok ill log out, log in on my old one, then link it
14:04 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:04 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:04 -!- BubblegumButterfly has left Special:Chat.
14:04 <Lei Omaki> waddup
14:04 <Rockamorow> There is a Rio 2 coming up? 
14:04 <SOMEGUY123> So, who's switching accounts?
14:04 <Eyeless Jack> huh?
14:04 <Rockamorow> POTN
14:04 <Eyeless Jack> -.-
14:04 <SOMEGUY123> Oh
14:05 <Eyeless Jack> So, how is everyone?
14:05 <Rockamorow> Good
14:05 -!- Princess Of The Night has joined Special:Chat
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> I'm alright
14:05 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:05 <Rockamorow> NO CLASS TOMORROW!
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi princess
14:05 <Rockamorow> WB POTN
14:05 <SOMEGUY123> k
14:05 <Princess Of The Night> now link it goddamn!
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Lucky bastard
14:05 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> um
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> pardon?
14:05 <Rockamorow>
14:05 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:05 <Eyeless Jack> I don't have class either
14:05 <Rockamorow> Done :)
14:05 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:05 <Princess Of The Night> yes!
14:05 <Little Blood504> Ello
14:05 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi Jim
14:05 <Eyeless Jack> Welcome Little Blood
14:06 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
14:06 <Little Blood504> Thanks EJ
14:06 <Princess Of The Night> gimmi a username
14:06 <TheLegendOfAwesome> thelegendofawesomeness
14:06 <Rockamorow> uum...Topless student?
14:06 <TheLegendOfAwesome> try that name
14:06 <Rockamorow> That works :P
14:06 <Little Blood504> I like your user name POTN
14:06 <Wolfrains> awsomely epic?
14:07 <Eyeless Jack> Welcome to the humble abode of the CP Wiki chat. Please read if you havent yet
14:07 <Little Blood504> Haha
14:07 <Rockamorow> Rocky girl :P?
14:07 <Castiels Nipples> Whazzup
14:07 <Eyeless Jack> Now I must welcome you in my formal way
14:07 <Rockamorow> The things that show up in my head...
14:07 <Little Blood504> bRB
14:07 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:07 <Princess Of The Night> hmm, one thats girly
14:07 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips a table and sits down in the middle of it
14:08 <Eyeless Jack> EyelessJane?
14:08 <Castiels Nipples> VaginaPower <-- that's girly, right?
14:08 <Rockamorow> I dunno, Ms.Crazypegasis?
14:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> um
14:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> lolwut
14:08 <Princess Of The Night> that would work eyeless
14:08 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:08 <Eyeless Jack> :D
14:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> hi lei
14:08 <Rockamorow> I dunno about you so I just wrote random stuff
14:08 <Rockamorow> I fail
14:08 <Castiels Nipples> Lei. *snuggles*
14:09 <Grammatik> Menstruating Vaginas.
14:09 <Wolfrains> iisnugglesyou XDD
14:09 <Castiels Nipples> ^^ Perfect username
14:09 <Rockamorow> Jizzing Pingas
14:09 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:09 <Castiels Nipples> NONO
14:09 <Grammatik> Username of the year.
14:09 <Castiels Nipples> That was for Gramm ;~;
14:09 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:09 <Grammatik> StretchingVaginas
14:09 <Rockamorow> My original username was supposed to be Rickomarow :P
14:09 <Princess Of The Night> submited 
14:09 <Eyeless Jack> YES
14:09 <Eyeless Jack> Welcome
14:09 <Spartantemp> Determined Vaginas
14:09 <Rockamorow> But for no reason I putted Rockamorow
14:09 <Eyeless Jack> brb
14:09 <Castiels Nipples> You said that, Gramm, and I remembered that statue thingy
14:10 <Grammatik> LOL
14:10 <Princess Of The Night> we could be twins
14:10 <Rockamorow> What is better? Rockamorow or Rickomarow?
14:10 <Grammatik> Feminazi69
14:10 <SOMEGUY123> Rockamorow
14:10 <Castiels Nipples> WHO sculpted that? ;~;
14:10 <Grammatik> I di--
14:10 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
14:10 <Grammatik> Lel noe
14:10 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:10 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:10 <Rockamorow> Ok SOMEGUY123
14:10 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
14:10 <Rockamorow> Did that showed up in red text?
14:11 <SOMEGUY123> Um no
14:11 <Rockamorow> Strange...
14:11 <SOMEGUY123> I refreshed because of a lag
14:11 <SOMEGUY123> Lemme go and come back
14:11 -!- SOMEGUY123 has left Special:Chat.
14:11 <Rockamorow> Because when you wrote my name, it showed up in red text :P
14:11 <Grammatik> If I could change my username,  it'd def be "Soccer69"
14:11 -!- SOMEGUY123 has joined Special:Chat
14:11 <SOMEGUY123> Still no...
14:12 <SOMEGUY123> I'll try again
14:12 <Lei Omaki> nah, i don't like changing my name
14:12 -!- SOMEGUY123 has left Special:Chat.
14:12 -!- SOMEGUY123 has joined Special:Chat
14:12 <Grammatik> HostileVagina
14:12 <Castiels Nipples> I tried to change mine
14:12 <Grammatik> YEs
14:12 <SOMEGUY123> Ok, try again
14:12 <Rockamorow> CummingPingas
14:12 <Lei Omaki> no
14:12 <Lei Omaki> no
14:12 <Castiels Nipples> Then I got informed it was necessary
14:12 <Princess Of The Night> uhh, boys
14:12 <Castiels Nipples> So I said fuku
14:13 <Rockamorow> Wat?
14:13 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:13 <Castiels Nipples> "Nipples" is inapro-pro
14:13 <Castiels Nipples> Faku
14:13 <Grammatik> wHa
14:13 <Rockamorow> no faku
14:13 <Grammatik> iS it
14:13 <SOMEGUY123> Niples
14:13 <SOMEGUY123>  ~Dolan
14:13 <Rockamorow> sToP DaT
14:13 <Castiels Nipples> A wikia lady tol me
14:13 <Little Blood504> Im back, sorry if I go in and out, my lap top sucks
14:13 <Rockamorow> Someguy pls
14:13 <Grammatik> I'm not doing it on purpose doe
14:14 <Grammatik> sO nah.
14:14 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has left Special:Chat.
14:14 <SOMEGUY123> I'mo put the whole alphabet on mah ping list
14:14 <Lei Omaki> c9nnecti9n suck s9 6ad right n9w
14:14 <Rockamorow> What ping does anyway?
14:14 <Princess Of The Night> Faku to everyone! no will everyone be normal!
14:14 <Princess Of The Night> *now
14:14 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:14 <Rockamorow> I do not compute what you said
14:14 <Rockamorow> ERROR
14:14 <Castiels Nipples> my fucking connection is great. wvell lei, you wvanna use mine. *wonk*
14:14 <Castiels Nipples> x33
14:15 <SOMEGUY123> Red test EVERYWHERE!
14:15 <SOMEGUY123> *Text
14:15 <Rockamorow> SOMEGUY123
14:15 <Rockamorow> That went red?
14:15 <Princess Of The Night> I am Sweetie Bot
14:15 <Little Blood504> Uh..
14:15 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <SOMEGUY123> Everything went red because i put the whole alphabet on my ping list XD
14:15 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <Rockamorow> LOL
14:15 <Mrtdark1> Janus
14:15 <Mrtdark1> janosh
14:15 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:15 <Rockamorow> That must be annoying
14:15 <Mrtdark1> jaons
14:16 <Mrtdark1> jenos
14:16 <SOMEGUY123> Not that annoying
14:16 <Rockamorow> Spam
14:16 <Mrtdark1> want me to post more burgrr
14:16 <Little Blood504> A
14:16 <Little Blood504> B
14:16 <Little Blood504> C
14:16 <Little Blood504> D
14:16 <Little Blood504> E
14:16 <Little Blood504> F
14:16 <Little Blood504> G
14:16 <Mrtdark1> stOp
14:16 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
14:16 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Mrtdark1> sto
14:16 <Rockamorow> nO
14:16 <Mrtdark1> hi lei
14:16 <Little Blood504> Lolz sorry
14:16 <Rockamorow> BRB
14:16 <SOMEGUY123> Hai Lei
14:16 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:16 <Mrtdark1> (love)
14:16 <Mrtdark1> (happy)
14:17 -!- Rockamorow has left Special:Chat.
14:17 <Mrtdark1> (facepalm)
14:17 <SOMEGUY123> Even the emotes are pinging me!
14:17 <Little Blood504> Ello loves
14:17 <Little Blood504> :P
14:17 <Mrtdark1> p
14:17 <Lei Omaki> madafucking connection!!! *flips table*
14:17 <Mrtdark1> guess what
14:17 <SOMEGUY123> What?
14:17 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
14:17 <Lei Omaki> *flips everything*
14:17 <Little Blood504> Easy Lei! xD
14:17 <Wolfrains> X3
14:17 <Wolfrains> eye
14:17 <Wolfrains> just
14:17 <Wolfrains> notest
14:17 <Wolfrains> tht
14:17 <Wolfrains> no1
14:17 <Wolfrains> has
14:17 <Wolfrains> pictures
14:17 <Wolfrains> of
14:17 <Wolfrains> then
14:17 <Wolfrains> selfs
14:17 <Wolfrains> but
14:17 <Wolfrains> other
14:17 <Wolfrains> radom
14:17 <Wolfrains> things
14:17 <Wolfrains> lol
14:17 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
14:17 <Mrtdark1> i am making an anthology of one sentence creepyppastas
14:18 <Eyeless Jack> POTN
14:18 <Princess Of The Night> The great and powerful Trixie, needs some peanut butter crackers
14:18 <Mrtdark1> go away wold
14:18 <Wolfrains> v.v
14:18 <Mrtdark1> but any one liners
14:18 <Little Blood504> Brb again v~v
14:18 <Mrtdark1> pasta one liner
14:18 <Mrtdark1> s
14:18 <Princess Of The Night> yes eyeless?
14:18 <Lei Omaki> LIKE CAN YOU NOT?
14:18 <Lei Omaki> seriusly
14:18 <Lei Omaki> *seriously
14:18 <Eyeless Jack> POTN, they will shut your account down for a few hours afterchanging your name so beware
14:18 <Mrtdark1> i concur with lei
14:19 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Mrtdark1> why
14:19 <Princess Of The Night> ahh, ok
14:19 <Eyeless Jack> idk
14:19 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Eyeless Jack> They just did
14:19 <Mrtdark1> but guys I need help
14:19 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:19 <Lei Omaki> don't fucking do it again Wolf
14:19 <Little Blood504> Back
14:19 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Wolfrains> -.-
14:19 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:19 <Mrtdark1> i need help
14:19 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:19 <Eyeless Jack> lol lei, go crazy
14:19 <Lei Omaki> if the mods were here, you'll get kicked Wolf
14:19 <Wolfrains> Eye
14:19 <Wolfrains> may
14:19 <Wolfrains> du
14:19 <Wolfrains> wut
14:19 <Wolfrains> i
14:19 <Wolfrains> want
14:19 <SOMEGUY123> Spam!
14:19 <Lei Omaki> SO ONCE AGAIN
14:19 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:19 <Mrtdark1> stop
14:20 <Mrtdark1> Im trying to do something
14:20 <Wolfrains> Why
14:20 <Wolfrains> is
14:20 <Wolfrains> it
14:20 <Wolfrains> anoyying
14:20 <Wolfrains> yall 
14:20 <Lei Omaki> PLEASE READ THE MOTHERFUCKING [[Chat Rules]]
14:20 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Mrtdark1> Does anybody have pasta one liners
14:20 <Mrtdark1> like one sentence scary stories
14:20 <Little Blood504> I'm back 
14:20 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:20 <Eyeless Jack> This has been noted and will be reported to a chat mod as soon as possible
14:20 <Wolfrains> :_:
14:20 <Mrtdark1> guys
14:20 <Mrtdark1> please
14:20 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Mrtdark1> hi gram
14:20 <Mrtdark1> i need help
14:20 <Little Blood504> Uh.....
14:20 <Princess Of The Night> wolf, please stop *starts crying*
14:21 <Wolfrains> O.o
14:21 <Mrtdark1> no yelling
14:21 <Mrtdark1> please no yelling
14:21 <Eyeless Jack> It's okay, *Pets Princess*
14:21 <Little Blood504> Did I come back at the wrong time? o.o
14:21 <SOMEGUY123> I am yelling 50%!
14:21 <Mrtdark1> Yes
14:21 <Mrtdark1> i think you did
14:21 <Grammatik> FUCK ASS
14:21 <Mrtdark1> wanna pm
14:21 <Grammatik> Hi, 504.
14:21 <Little Blood504> Sure..
14:21 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:21 <Lei Omaki> capische Wolf?
14:21 <Wolfrains> br eye mast red tha chat rullz'a
14:21 <Wolfrains> brb*
14:21 <Princess Of The Night> *hugs Jack and cries more*
14:21 <Little Blood504> Ello, Garm
14:22 <Princess Of The Night> make it stop!
14:22 <Grammatik> How are you?
14:22 <Eyeless Jack> /me comforts Princess
14:22 <Little Blood504> I wanna call him Man-Dark xD
14:22 <Eyeless Jack> It's all better now :)
14:22 <SOMEGUY123> Da Rulz are love, Da Rulz are life
14:22 <Little Blood504> From Dexter's labortory x3
14:22 <Little Blood504> Im good Gram, how are you?
14:22 <Mrtdark1> Ys
14:22 <Mrtdark1> i lve mandark
14:22 <Princess Of The Night> Tis a lie, he is still on!
14:22 <SOMEGUY123> Dexter, he used to be my old profile pic
14:22 <Mrtdark1> hes the funniest guy
14:23 <Eyeless Jack> He's reading da rules
14:23 <Little Blood504> I still watch that show sometimes
14:23 <SOMEGUY123> Me too
14:23 <Castiels Nipples> ?? What's wrong?
14:23 <Mrtdark1> i usually watch secret mountain fort awesome
14:23 <Eyeless Jack> Nothing Cas
14:23 <Eyeless Jack> It's all better
14:23 <Lei Omaki> fucking noobs didn't read the rules *flips table*
14:23 <Eyeless Jack> :D
14:23 <Lei Omaki> GOG
14:23 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips another table
14:23 <Mrtdark1> i didn't read the rules
14:23 <Mrtdark1> (jelly)
14:23 <Little Blood504> For some reason I cant look at my PM ._.
14:23 <Grammatik> Nips. Hei.
14:24 <Princess Of The Night> I'm g-guessing hes new
14:24 <Castiels Nipples> hai gram
14:24 <SOMEGUY123> FUCK, he blanked his own talk page
14:24 <Mrtdark1> hai
14:24 <Eyeless Jack> Yea
14:24 <Mrtdark1> thats bad right
14:24 <Grammatik> Mrt has been here for some time. 
14:24 <Mrtdark1> for a few years
14:24 <Mrtdark1> actually
14:24 <Grammatik> I suggest you to read them, I haven't seen you break any of them doe
14:24 <Wolfrains> -.- i red some of it....
14:24 <Mrtdark1> just I took a 2 year hiatus
14:24 <Lei Omaki> *read
14:24 <Eyeless Jack> Wow
14:24 <Castiels Nipples> Took a soak, and the water turned dark purple. It. Was. AWESOME.
14:25 <Mrtdark1> but I'm back
14:25 <SOMEGUY123> That's kinda bad, considering admins tell u not to black your talk page
14:25 <Mrtdark1> but I need one liners
14:25 <Eyeless Jack> NICE
14:25 <Grammatik> >>member since feb 2013
14:25 <Grammatik> >> 2 year hiatus
14:25 <Mrtdark1> like "AND den a skeleton pooped out"
14:25 <Eyeless Jack> brb
14:25 <Little Blood504> I got it..jeez Im such a noob xc
14:25 <Lei Omaki> how did the water turned purple Cas?
14:25 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:25 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
14:25 <Castiels Nipples> My hair dye
14:25 <Grammatik> "There was a man. He didn't exist"
14:25 <Lei Omaki> oh :O
14:25 <Grammatik> Hue.
14:26 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
14:26 <Castiels Nipples> I dyed it again.
14:26 <Princess Of The Night> /me runs and hugs jack
14:26 <Mrtdark1> ok scarier
14:26 <Mrtdark1> but you're on the right track
14:26 <Lei Omaki> oops, i dyed it again xD
14:26 <Little Blood504> *eats a cookie* <.<.....>.>
14:26 <Castiels Nipples> "There was a woman. AND HER VAG HAD TEETH." @mrt
14:26 <Mrtdark1> eew
14:26 <Lei Omaki> oh gog no Cas
14:26 <Wolfrains> 0 ^ 0
14:26 <Mrtdark1> nitc.o
14:26 <Wolfrains> thats wierd
14:26 <Grammatik> OMFG CAS
14:26 <Mrtdark1> not like thatl
14:26 <Little Blood504> Uhhh....AWKWARD......O-O
14:26 <SOMEGUY123> Once I was going to take a shit. But the toilet seat was warm... BUT I LIVE ALONE!!
14:26 <Lei Omaki> you reminded me of a film Cas
14:26 <Mrtdark1> that weir for me
14:26 <Castiels Nipples> What.
14:27 <Mrtdark1> andci linked to porn
14:27 <Castiels Nipples> He wanted scary.
14:27 <Grammatik> Teeth,  right;  lei?
14:27 <Mrtdark1> teeth
14:27 <Spartantemp> "When I die I'll kill you. Son you're talking to yourself!"
14:27 <Grammatik> The movie is called teeth.
14:27 <Mrtdark1> on the lady parts
14:27 <Lei Omaki> yes Gramm
14:27 <Lei Omaki> it was horrible
14:27 <Little Blood504> There really is a movie about that.... ._.
14:27 <Lei Omaki> i have nightmares about it
14:27 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
14:27 <Grammatik> I don't know how I feel about it
14:27 <Castiels Nipples> I think a chick with vaginal teeth is pretty scary. >.>
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> You should use that
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> @mrt
14:28 <Grammatik> ^
14:28 <Little Blood504> I have to go, I'll be back later. Byez
14:28 <Princess Of The Night> i will never understand boys
14:28 <SOMEGUY123> gtg bye
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> Byebye lil blod
14:28 <Grammatik> Imagine if she stretched that shit, Cas
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh fuck
14:28 <Spartantemp> that happened in piranha 3d XD
14:28 <Little Blood504> I know right POTN
14:28 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
14:28 <Grammatik> Stretched it into a grin.
14:28 <SOMEGUY123> Boiz have sweg.avi
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> That would be some fucked up shit
14:28 <Grammatik> Then said cheese and took a pic
14:28 <Castiels Nipples> ^^^
14:28 <Princess Of The Night> boys are weird
14:29 <Lei Omaki> really fucked up man
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> I dun liek boiz either
14:29 <Lei Omaki> really fucked up man
14:29 <Lei Omaki> that's some weird fucked up shit
14:29 <Grammatik> Uploads it to fb and gets tons of likes and shit
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> das y im marrying a wummun
14:29 <Lei Omaki> nooo
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> And then it's like, JOKES ON YOU!
14:29 <Wolfrains> ?
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> IT'S MY VAG
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> xD
14:29 -!- Shadowdemon13775 has joined Special:Chat
14:29 <Grammatik> OMFG
14:29 -!- Shadowdemon13775 has left Special:Chat.
14:29 <Lei Omaki> fucking vaginal teeth all over again T^T
14:29 <SOMEGUY123> Secksism is in teh air.avi
14:29 -!- Shadowdemon13775 has joined Special:Chat
14:29 <Castiels Nipples> Are we mental?
14:30 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Lei Omaki> i think s9
14:30 <Shadowdemon13775> Isn't everybody?
14:30 <Castiels Nipples> hmm... i like it xD
14:30 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Mrtdark1> Hi
14:30 <Princess Of The Night> are we insane?
14:30 <Mrtdark1> any more one liners
14:30 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
14:30 <Castiels Nipples> Shadow, I don't see you discussing vaginal teeth!
14:30 <Mrtdark1> possibly a Jeff one
14:30 <Spartantemp> next period be back my people :D
14:30 <Lei Omaki> *puts everything back in order* i'm d9ne flipping everything
14:30 <Grammatik> That descended into the vagina pretty quickly
14:30 <Mrtdark1> bye
14:30 <Mrtdark1> eew
14:30 <SOMEGUY123> Jeaph teh kilr sux
14:30 <SOMEGUY123>  ~Dolan
14:30 <Castiels Nipples> xD
14:30 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
14:30 <Mrtdark1> Ok
14:31 <Lei Omaki> can we change the t9pic please?
14:31 <Grammatik> Imagine if she ate using her vagina
14:31 <Castiels Nipples> NEVAH
14:31 <Mrtdark1> how about AND DEN DA BLUUD CAME OUTE
14:31 <Castiels Nipples> Dude.
14:31 <Mrtdark1> im trying to lei
14:31 <Castiels Nipples> What if she had no mouth on her face.
14:31 <Grammatik> BLOOD OUTTA THE TEETH VAG.
14:31 <Castiels Nipples> WHAT IF HER FACE WAS HER VAG
14:31 <Mrtdark1> eew
14:31 <Mrtdark1> stop
14:31 <Mrtdark1> eew
14:31 <Mrtdark1> ee
14:31 <Lei Omaki> no stop just stop
14:31 <Grammatik> What if she had a vag as her mouth
14:31 <Mrtdark1> alright
14:31 <Mrtdark1> stop
14:31 <SOMEGUY123> OH GOD
14:31 <Wolfrains> thats gross -.-
14:31 <Castiels Nipples> Okei. I do for you lei
14:32 <Grammatik> And a mouth as vag
14:32 <SOMEGUY123> It's getting annoying
14:32 <Mrtdark1> i know
14:32 <Grammatik> HAUHEUAHE
14:32 <SOMEGUY123> Pls stahp
14:32 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <Mrtdark1> i concur
14:32 <Eyeless Jack> back
14:32 <Mrtdark1> Do you know what concur means
14:32 <Mrtdark1> and any one liner pastas
14:32 <Castiels Nipples> I be a female. i can do as i like. if you get pissed, I scream, "SEXIST PIG!"
14:32 <SOMEGUY123> Yes I do
14:32 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <Castiels Nipples> :33
14:32 <Princess Of The Night> eyeless! *runs and hugs jack*
14:32 <Mrtdark1> Im a boy
14:32 <Castiels Nipples> Weave <3
14:32 <SOMEGUY123> Hai Weavz
14:32 <Mrtdark1> i don't care about girls tho
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> hey
14:33 <Castiels Nipples> Hai
14:33 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:33 <Mrtdark1> Any one liners
14:33 <Wolfrains> gay?
14:33 <Grammatik> Concur means agree. Obv.
14:33 <Mrtdark1> no
14:33 <Lei Omaki> Hi weave
14:33 <Eyeless Jack> Princess *Hugs back*
14:33 <Eyeless Jack> :D
14:33 <Mrtdark1> grammatix right
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> hmm... how long have no mods or admins been on?
14:33 <Mrtdark1> a while
14:33 <Mrtdark1> whole time
14:33 <Eyeless Jack> A long time
14:33 <Castiels Nipples> Quite some time
14:33 <SOMEGUY123> About an hour or more
14:33 <Castiels Nipples> :33
14:33 <Mrtdark1> ive been on for 6 hours
14:33 <Nightweaver2112> bollocks
14:33 -!- Horrorfan1 has joined Special:Chat
14:33 <Mrtdark1>  from ten to nine
14:34 <Eyeless Jack> No bollocks
14:34 <Mrtdark1> Whats bollocks
14:34 <Princess Of The Night> night! wolf was spamming but then we mad him read the rules, but its all better now!
14:34 <SOMEGUY123> Deedint someone spam?
14:34 <Mrtdark1> yeah
14:34 <Mrtdark1> We fixed it
14:34 <SOMEGUY123> Oh yeah
14:34 <Eyeless Jack> And I made Princess Happeh again
14:34 <Wolfrains> I AM A GUR:!!?!
14:34 <Mrtdark1> but back on track
14:34 <Nightweaver2112> well, just a warning, i can only be here for an hour
14:34 <Mrtdark1> pj
14:34 <Mrtdark1> ok
14:34 -!- Horrorfan1 has left Special:Chat.
14:34 <Wolfrains> TT^T^ i am a gurll
14:34 <Mrtdark1> i know
14:34 <Eyeless Jack> Yes, Wolf we know
14:34 <SOMEGUY123> We don't care, Wolf
14:34 <Mrtdark1> your probably a wolf
14:35 <Mrtdark1> baby
14:35 <Mrtdark1> ,an
14:35 <Princess Of The Night> Yeah, Jack made me happy!
14:35 <Mrtdark1> i don't like girls
14:35 <Mrtdark1> he did
14:35 <Castiels Nipples> This is the internet, wolf
14:35 <CarcinoGenticist> Wohoo
14:35 <Mrtdark1> he saved the princess from the werewolf
14:35 <CarcinoGenticist> I reached hardmode
14:35 <Castiels Nipples> I am a four headed tarantula
14:35 <Wolfrains> TT^TT yew ppl e mean
14:35 <Castiels Nipples> In real life
14:35 <SOMEGUY123> NO U
14:35 <Eyeless Jack> Princess is now Eyeless Jane
14:35 <Wolfrains> r*
14:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:35 <Eyeless Jack> :D
14:35 <SOMEGUY123> We aint being no mean
14:35 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <Mrtdark1> what is going on here
14:35 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs Wolfrains
14:35 <SOMEGUY123> And why is i talkin like dis
14:36 <Mrtdark1> i honestly can't tell
14:36 <Wolfrains> ^.^
14:36 <Nightweaver2112> ooh, jesse's back
14:36 <Eyeless Jack> /me whispers in Wolf's ear, "It's okay, just go to sleep"
14:36 <Mrtdark1> /me rips his tounge out and shoves it up grammatik a butt
14:36 <Grammatik> I am a man with phallus as his head.
14:36 <Wolfrains> 0.o
14:36 <Princess Of The Night> wolf, stop acting like a 7 year old
14:36 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
14:36 <SOMEGUY123> ^
14:36 <Mrtdark1> hi
14:36 <Wolfrains> i am not 7
14:36 <Princess Of The Night> thats my job!
14:36 <Mrtdark1> i added you're story spartantemp
14:36 <Mrtdark1> im close to 7
14:37 <Grammatik> /me shoves dick up mrt's ass
14:37 <Grammatik> Fuk off m8
14:37 <Wolfrains> I AM A TEEAGER
14:37 <SOMEGUY123> O...K..
14:37 <Princess Of The Night> im the cute one!
14:37 <Eyeless Jack> /me globberhugs Princess and says, I wub you
14:37 <Wolfrains> teenager****
14:37 <Grammatik> TEEAGER
14:37 <Spartantemp> "It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again."
14:37 <Castiels Nipples> You're a Tea-Ager?
14:37 <SOMEGUY123> Tea Ager
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> tea-ager?
14:37 <Castiels Nipples> You age tea?
14:37 <Mrtdark1> is that a one liner
14:37 <CarcinoGenticist> What the fuck
14:37 <Nightweaver2112> you age tea leaves?
14:37 <Wolfrains> O^O NO
14:37 <Lei Omaki> guys, he's the tea ager!
14:37 <Mrtdark1> Brt
14:37 <Spartantemp> its from a movie mtr
14:37 <Castiels Nipples> xD
14:37 <CarcinoGenticist> Just as I reached hardmode
14:37 <Eyeless Jack> lmao
14:37 <CarcinoGenticist> Destroyer appears
14:37 <Wolfrains> I AM GURAL AND A TEN AGER!!
14:37 <SOMEGUY123> Tea Ager
14:37 <Princess Of The Night> i wub you too
14:38 <Wolfrains> TEENAGER***
14:38 <Grammatik> GURAL
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> oh, did you all know, that tea contains trace amounts of marijuana?
14:38 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
14:38 <Eyeless Jack> YES
14:38 <Grammatik> TEN AGER. he's ten
14:38 <Wolfrains> >::::::::IIIIIIIIII
14:38 <SOMEGUY123> Nope, you are a Tea Ager
14:38 <Princess Of The Night> O.o
14:38 <Lei Omaki> really Weaver?
14:38 <Castiels Nipples> Woah wolf
14:38 <Eyeless Jack> Wolf is a girl guys, stop picking on her
14:38 <Wolfrains> NOO I AM TEEN_ AGER
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> yep
14:38 <Spartantemp> no wonder why i'm happy when i drink tea weave
14:38 <Nightweaver2112> wolf, enough caps
14:38 <Wolfrains> oops srry
14:38 <Castiels Nipples> No, you are WOLFRAINS
14:39 <Eyeless Jack> /me pets Wolf to quiet down
14:39 <Princess Of The Night> *kisses jack like a bawss*
14:39 <SOMEGUY123> NO, I am grammar nazi
14:39 <Wolfrains> o^o
14:39 <Eyeless Jack> /me looks stunned but satisfied
14:39 <Princess Of The Night> im so epic!
14:39 <Grammatik> Nazi*
14:39 <SOMEGUY123> I have to be *Dies of all the non-punctuated sentances
14:39 <Spartantemp> grammar nazi, whats next? spelling socialist?
14:39 <Grammatik> Common mistake. 
14:39 <Grammatik> Spelling socialist oh my god
14:39 <Eyeless Jack> mistake Marxist?
14:40 <SOMEGUY123> I is gromor noshi
14:40 <Princess Of The Night> i wub you 
14:40 <Eyeless Jack> Wub you too
14:40 <Wolfrains> LOve*
14:40 <Spartantemp> Capitalization Castro
14:40 <Eyeless Jack> But I gotta go. Peace out all 
14:40 <Princess Of The Night> its wub!
14:40 <SOMEGUY123> BAI!
14:40 <Eyeless Jack> WUB IS ALLPOWERFULL
14:40 <Wolfrains> naa it love
14:40 <Princess Of The Night> no! T-T
14:40 <Lei Omaki> ugh, love
14:40 <Wolfrains> yeaa yes
14:40 <SOMEGUY123> Itz nut love, irz WUB!
14:41 <SOMEGUY123> *Itz
14:41 <Wolfrains> it is love
14:41 <Eyeless Jack> Bai Princess, I see you when you be Eyeless Jane
14:41 <Eyeless Jack> <3
14:41 <SOMEGUY123> Nu, itz wubberly
14:41 <SOMEGUY123> I wub wub
14:41 <Wolfrains> na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
14:41 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
14:41 <Princess Of The Night> T-T
14:41 <Nightweaver2112> wolf
14:41 <Eyeless Jack> :D Be happy,
14:42 <Nightweaver2112> that counts as stretching 
14:42 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
14:42 <SOMEGUY123> Don't worry, be happy
14:42 <Eyeless Jack> /me hugs Princess and then drifts away into the shadows
14:42 <Princess Of The Night> *starts crying again*
14:42 <Wolfrains> ohh that wat the emat
14:42 <SOMEGUY123> See wat u did there
14:42 <Wolfrains> ment -.-
14:42 <Castiels Nipples> *shoosh paps POTN*
14:42 <SOMEGUY123> U made Princess cry >:(
14:42 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
14:42 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:42 <SOMEGUY123> Y u do dis
14:42 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:42 <Wolfrains> O.o why yew cra 4
14:42 <Princess Of The Night> the spam!
14:43 <SOMEGUY123> Atlease type correctly
14:43 <Princess Of The Night> its too much!
14:43 <Wolfrains> O.o Alrighty than
14:43 <SOMEGUY123> Calm down, Calm down!
14:43 <SOMEGUY123> Ok, ok, spam is over..
14:43 <SOMEGUY123> Relax
14:44 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:44 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
14:44 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:44 <Princess Of The Night> *cries louder*
14:44 <Wolfrains> o.o
14:44 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO
14:44 <Castiels Nipples> Shoosh. Shoosh *paps POTN*
14:44 <The-one123> i was haveing a bad day and this made me laugh
14:44 <SOMEGUY123> Someone calm her down
14:44 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:44 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:44 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:45 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:45 <Wolfrains> ur a ggoood guurlllll ino yew want it i no want it
14:45 <Spartantemp> /me his brain is dying
14:45 <Wolfrains> *sings rest of song -w-
14:45 <Princess Of The Night> *starts to make a puddle*
14:45 <Wolfrains> O.o
14:45 <SOMEGUY123> I don't get what you're saying, Wolf
14:45 -!- Redgazer has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Redgazer> hi
14:46 <Redgazer> guys
14:46 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
14:46 -!- Wolfrains has left Special:Chat.
14:46 <SOMEGUY123> Hai
14:46 <The-one123> hi
14:46 <Redgazer> :)
14:46 <Castiels Nipples> POTN:
14:46 -!- Wolfrains has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Wolfrains> i no like dat sung???
14:46 <Princess Of The Night> *cries all over someguy*
14:46 <SOMEGUY123> AW MAN
14:46 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Redgazer> /me is batman
14:46 <SOMEGUY123> My new t-shirt
14:46 <SOMEGUY123> >:(
14:46 <Wolfrains> oh god. she everwere
14:47 <Castiels Nipples> *shoosh paps princess frantically*
14:47 <SOMEGUY123> She's everywhere, she's nowhere
14:47 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
14:47 <Redgazer> hi lei
14:47 <Princess Of The Night> *cries over casteils*
14:47 <Redgazer> :)
14:47 <Redgazer> Castiels*
14:47 <Castiels Nipples> Shoooosh *paps princess* shooosh.
14:48 <Princess Of The Night> *stops crying*
14:48 <SOMEGUY123> There is only one thing we can do... I dunno what it is...
14:48 <Redgazer> /me is still batman
14:48 <SOMEGUY123> YAY
14:48 <Castiels Nipples> dere, dere. *paps*
14:48 <SOMEGUY123> Baman and piderman
14:48 <Redgazer> :)
14:48 <Princess Of The Night> *starts crying like in cartoons*
14:49 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
14:49 <Mrtdark1> Added my own story
14:49 <SOMEGUY123> Stahp crain
14:49 <SOMEGUY123>  ~Dolan
14:49 <Mrtdark1> jeff the killer
14:49 <Mrtdark1> is here
14:49 <Wolfrains> GOORRRD GURRLLLL INO YA WANT IT in yew want * singz rest of song*
14:49 <Mrtdark1> jeff:hi
14:49 <Castiels Nipples> fuck! shooshooosh *paps*
14:49 <SOMEGUY123> Fucking. CAPS
14:49 <Mrtdark1> jeff:go to sleep
14:50 <Mrtdark1> me:hiya jeff
14:50 <Princess Of The Night> Waaa!
14:50 <SOMEGUY123> Mrt, are you roleplaying?
14:50 <Mrtdark1> jeff:stupid Doritos man
14:50 <Redgazer> (batman)
14:50 <Mrtdark1> i don't know
14:50 <The-one123>
14:50 <The-one123> funny
14:50 <Wolfrains> O^O HUNGERGAMESXXX
14:50 <Castiels Nipples> *paps frantically* shooosh
14:50 <SOMEGUY123> Stop with the caps!
14:50 <Redgazer> !logs
14:50 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:51 -!- Redgazer has left Special:Chat.
14:51 <Spartantemp> never read any of the hunger games books
14:51 <Mrtdark1> Jeff:guys I'm best guy ever
14:51 <Wolfrains> lol that giff
14:51 <Mrtdark1> me:no you're not
14:51 <Wolfrains> gif*
14:51 <Mrtdark1> jeff
14:51 <Castiels Nipples> (facepalm) go awai mrt
14:51 <Mrtdark1> who is
14:51 <Mrtdark1> What I'm not spamming
14:51 <Mrtdark1> is there a private place to do this
14:51 <Castiels Nipples> yes
14:51 <Mrtdark1> where
14:51 -!- Redgazer has joined Special:Chat
14:52 -!- Shadowdemon13775 has left Special:Chat.
14:52 <Castiels Nipples> it's called pm ing someone
14:52 <SOMEGUY123> U can spam on Trollpasta wiki chat freely
14:52 <Redgazer> im sorry
14:52 <Wolfrains> brbrbrbrbrrbrrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb
14:52 <Castiels Nipples> And dat.
14:52 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
14:52 <SOMEGUY123> Ggrrrr
14:52 <Redgazer> wolfrain no
14:52 <Redgazer> thats stretching
14:52 <Nightweaver2112> wolf, last warning about caps/stretching
14:52 <Princess Of The Night> *stops crying*
14:52 <Redgazer> *starts crying*
14:52 <Mrtdark1> Hi
14:53 <Wolfrains> that wasent in caps o.o
14:53 <Mrtdark1> It's not working
14:53 <Castiels Nipples> Nonono Shoosh *paps redgazer*
14:53 <Redgazer> but it was stretching
14:53 <Mrtdark1> Jeff:I'm jeff
14:53 <Nightweaver2112> yes, but it was still stretching, which counts as spam
14:53 <Mrtdark1> me:I'm also not jeff
14:53 <Mrtdark1> jeff:I said I was jeff
14:53 <Wolfrains> v.v i am srry. and i wont happen again......toiday XDD
14:53 <Mrtdark1> me:I know
14:53 <Mrtdark1> jeff:grr
14:54 <Mrtdark1> (running)
14:54 <Lei Omaki> *today
14:54 <Mrtdark1> me:I'm in the closet
14:54 <Mrtdark1> what do I do
14:54 <Nightweaver2112> dark, stop the RP
14:54 <Castiels Nipples> toiday
14:54 <Wolfrains> i am laggi
14:54 <Castiels Nipples> toilet day
14:54 <Mrtdark1> whats rp
14:54 <Wolfrains> NO!
14:54 <Castiels Nipples> You cleanin your commode today?
14:54 <Redgazer> what the fuck is yer topic i dont understand
14:54 <Nightweaver2112> role-playing.
14:54 <Wolfrains> i meant today!
14:54 <Mrtdark1> im playin a tame
14:55 <Mrtdark1> im bored
14:55 <Mrtdark1> i want to be not borted
14:55 <Grammatik> Fuck.
14:55 <Redgazer> well shtop
14:55 <Grammatik> > borted
14:55 <Grammatik> aBorted?
14:55 <Mrtdark1> what can I do
14:55 <Castiels Nipples> No one wants to be borted
14:55 <Wolfrains> today not toilday or whatever i say
14:55 <The-one123> who has the feeling they will make robert patinson/edward play finnik in the next hunger games movie
14:55 <SOMEGUY123> So, you're gonna spam tommorrow?
14:55 <Mrtdark1> a-borted
14:55 <Mrtdark1> is what babies do
14:55 <SOMEGUY123> Aww heell naw
14:55 <Wolfrains> v.v
14:55 <Redgazer> its not what babies do
14:55 <Spartantemp> if there is no cannibalism in the hunger games, then I'm not interested
14:56 <Redgazer> its what they do to babies
14:56 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
14:56 <Redgazer> babies dont abort babies
14:56 -!- Rockamorow has joined Special:Chat
14:56 <Redgazer> hi rock
14:56 <Rockamorow> Hi again
14:56 <Princess Of The Night> i read all 3 books
14:57 <Wolfrains> O.o yew read?
14:57 <Redgazer> /me eats babies
14:57 <Redgazer> what is.... read?
14:57 <Rockamorow> YOU EAT BABIES! -Jonh Martson
14:57 <Redgazer> :)
14:58 <Redgazer> /me is fucking batman
14:58 -!- Wolfrains has left Special:Chat.
14:58 <Castiels Nipples> Can I film it, gazer?
14:58 <Spartantemp> I feel like watching a movie today, maybe a horror
14:58 -!- Wolfrains has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <Wolfrains> i only readmanga.anime english sub and creepypasta -w
14:58 <Rockamorow> Why ponies are always related in famous videos?!
14:58 <Redgazer> not that kind of fucking
14:58 <Redgazer> ...
14:58 <The-one123>
14:58 <Castiels Nipples> :33
14:59 <Redgazer> :33
14:59 <Castiels Nipples> nou. das mai thing
14:59 <Lei Omaki> Peeta is a bread
14:59 <Redgazer> 33:
14:59 <Castiels Nipples> x33
14:59 <Wolfrains> OwO
14:59 <Redgazer> `_`
14:59 <Princess Of The Night> Peeta is hawt
14:59 <Wolfrains> :_:
14:59 <Castiels Nipples> ;;;;)
14:59 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
14:59 <Wolfrains> zayn <3
14:59 <SOMEGUY123> Well, fuck
14:59 <Spartantemp> (facepalm)
15:00 <Redgazer> no no zayn
15:00 <Redgazer> no 1d
15:00 <Lei Omaki> peeta is a freaking bread
15:00 <Wolfrains> Zayn <3
15:00 <Redgazer> iz bullshit
15:00 <Princess Of The Night> He is mine!!!
15:00 <Castiels Nipples> Ewww one direction ;~;
15:00 <Redgazer> ikr
15:00 <Wolfrains> i like zayn nmope love
15:00 <Wolfrains> nope*
15:00 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <Redgazer> next topic pleeeeaaazzeee
15:00 <Castiels Nipples> Wanna talk about music? Let's talk about MUSIC
15:00 <Castiels Nipples> GNR
15:01 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <Spartantemp> I have game of thrones the complete first season, and I haven't even touched it ._.
15:01 <Castiels Nipples> Metallica
15:01 <Wolfrains> TTT^TTT mf why why do yew hate them whhyyy
15:01 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:01 <Rockamorow> Rage Against The Machine
15:01 <Redgazer> they're just
15:01 <Princess Of The Night> wolf, are you sure your a teenager?
15:01 <Princess Of The Night> cause your spellings worse than a 3 year olds
15:01 <Redgazer> yuck
15:01 <Redgazer> ahahahaha
15:01 <Grammatik> You're*
15:01 <Wolfrains> yes i am teenager
15:01 <Rockamorow> Grammar Nazi detected
15:01 <SOMEGUY123> One direction has copied/ruined good songs THAT'S WHY
15:01 <Princess Of The Night> i think shes a tea-ager
15:01 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
15:01 <Lei Omaki> no he's a tea ager
15:02 <Wolfrains> NA NA
15:02 <Redgazer> spelng s fr mdrfkeurssss
15:02 <Rockamorow> He types too fast, that's the reason
15:02 <Spartantemp> @lei HA
15:02 <SOMEGUY123> Tea Ager
15:02 <Lei Omaki> Wolf is a tea ager
15:02 <SOMEGUY123> XD
15:02 <Wolfrains> i am teenager
15:02 <Grammatik> I think she's a ten ager.
15:02 <SOMEGUY123> Nu, ur a Tea-Ager
15:02 <Redgazer> im 17
15:02 <Redgazer> :)
15:02 <Princess Of The Night> wolf, your a tea-ager, deal with it
15:02 <SOMEGUY123> I'm 17 too
15:02 <Spartantemp> 17
15:03 <Redgazer> me browwwiiiii
15:03 <Wolfrains> TT^TT am 13
15:03 <Princess Of The Night> im 15
15:03 <SOMEGUY123> LEL
15:03 <Rockamorow> Enough with the ages!
15:03 <SOMEGUY123> Then you're younger that us
15:03 <SOMEGUY123> Ok
15:03 <Wolfrains> im 13 suuh i teen ager oki
15:03 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <The-one123> FUNNY
15:03 <Princess Of The Night> Lel, tea-ager
15:03 <Spartantemp> But, I'm a lot older when it comes to maturity
15:03 <SOMEGUY123> Tea-Ager
15:03 <Wolfrains> noo
15:03 <SOMEGUY123> XD
15:03 <Mrtdark1> Hi
15:03 <Mrtdark1> im back
15:04 <Mrtdark1>  and
15:04 <Mrtdark1> any one liners.
15:04 <Redgazer> no
15:04 <Mrtdark1> One sentence creepypatdas
15:04 <Lei Omaki> ugh
15:04 <Lei Omaki> *I'm 13 so.. i'm a teenager
15:04 <Wolfrains> any one els laggi??
15:04 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:04 <SOMEGUY123> *Else Laggy
15:04 <Redgazer> else*
15:04 <SOMEGUY123> Spell right!
15:04 <Wolfrains> nope
15:04 <Wolfrains> els
15:04 <Princess Of The Night> we are so epic, except for the tea-ager
15:04 <Redgazer> anyone is one word
15:05 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <Redgazer> :3
15:05 <Wolfrains> TT^TTT
15:05 <Grammatik> Wolf, I'm afraid I don't speak that dialect of bullshit.
15:05 <SOMEGUY123> What the hell is "els"?!?
15:05 <Rockamorow> He types too fast! Are you all grammar nazis?
15:05 <Grammatik> Nazis*
15:05 -!- Wolfrains has left Special:Chat.
15:05 -!- Wolfrains has joined Special:Chat
15:05 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
15:05 <SOMEGUY123> Yes, yes we are
15:05 <Wolfrains> its els
15:05 <Redgazer> els is a unicorn bear bunny in the world of leprechauns
15:05 <Grammatik> I also type really fast.
15:05 <SOMEGUY123> Mwahaha
15:06 <Dinorauria 2> iARIBA!
15:06 <Wolfrains> ??whaa
15:06 <Spartantemp> who is the leader of the grammar Nazis?
15:06 <Rockamorow> HITLAH
15:06 <Dinorauria 2> Grammar Hitler
15:06 <Grammatik> The thing is, this is a wiki dedicated to literature,  we should be more strict regarding grammar. 
15:06 <SOMEGUY123> Wolf, excuse me but, i don't speak the language of annoyingness
15:06 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:06 <SOMEGUY123> ^^
15:06 <Redgazer> nah i do
15:06 <Wolfrains> O.O i am suuh laggi
15:06 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
15:06 <Redgazer> bwacuchi bantumi
15:07 <Grammatik> I don't know that dialect of bullshitese, do repeat;  if you will.
15:07 <Redgazer> so*
15:07 <Redgazer> laggy*
15:07 <Princess Of The Night> we all epic, not wolf, she tea-ager
15:07 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
15:07 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:07 <Wolfrains> i am suuuh laggi -.-
15:07 <Redgazer> a she
15:07 <Rockamorow> Yay, I'm epic
15:07 <Redgazer> so*
15:07 <Redgazer> laggy*
15:07 <SOMEGUY123> Gazer! You speak her language! Comunicate!
15:08 <Wolfrains> O^O no
15:08 <Lei Omaki> *communicate 
15:08 <Spartantemp> What I don't understand is that I have to write a college essay, regardless of me not going to college
15:08 <Redgazer> gashwattbadumi?
15:08 <Redgazer> i am bilingual 
15:08 <Rockamorow> This is bullying you kknow...
15:08 <Rockamorow> know*
15:08 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
15:08 <Mrtdark1> Hi
15:08 <Lei Omaki> *know
15:08 <Redgazer> bot really
15:08 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO, i'll stop
15:08 <Mrtdark1> any more pasta one liners
15:08 <Redgazer> not*
15:08 <Redgazer> HAHAHA
15:08 <Mrtdark1> pleasE
15:09 <Castiels Nipples> back.
15:09 <Princess Of The Night> please Gazer, please! *crys again*
15:09 <Rockamorow> KEEP CRYING BABY!
15:09 <Wolfrains> O^O there is nothing wrong with me okay i am just alggi  and spell a lil differ oki
15:09 <Rockamorow> -Heavy
15:09 <Redgazer> /ME IS STILL BATMAN
15:09 <Rockamorow> Fail
15:09 <Redgazer> oh god that caps
15:09 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
15:09 <Wolfrains> a lil laggi*
15:09 <Redgazer> :)
15:09 <The-one123> ok i has to go my friends
15:09 <The-one123> bye bye 
15:09 <The-one123> be back later
15:09 <Redgazer> /me is still batman
15:09 <Lei Omaki> *laggin
15:09 <Redgazer> thats better
15:09 <Lei Omaki> *lagging
15:10 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:10 <Lei Omaki> *okay
15:10 <Redgazer> fail
15:10 <The-one123> *steals red's batman mask and runs off*
15:10 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
15:10 <Princess Of The Night> ill try speaking
15:10 <Wolfrains> i like lggi ^.^
15:10 <Princess Of The Night> gibbiguda
15:10 <Redgazer> /me i am the night
15:10 <Wolfrains> laggi*
15:10 <SOMEGUY123> *laggi, LAGGI what the hell is that suppossed to mean goddamnit!?! Someone help me out
15:10 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has joined Special:Chat
15:10 <Spartantemp> <-- not going to college, still has to write an essay -_-
15:10 <Nightweaver2112> hey maria
15:10 <SOMEGUY123> Hai Maria!
15:10 <Lei Omaki> hi Maria
15:10 <Princess Of The Night> u ish lggi?
15:10 <Redgazer> hi you
15:10 <Wolfrains> laggi is laggy ^.^
15:10 <Redgazer> who is this maria...?
15:11 <Rockamorow> You know how to easily win a bet? Bet your friends to balance two cups with acid on their fingers, then pick up the note...
15:11 <Rockamorow> And run...
15:11 <Rockamorow> ????
15:11 <Rockamorow> PROFIT
15:11 <Princess Of The Night> well, i tried
15:11 <Redgazer> can somone pls tell me who maria is
15:11 <Rockamorow> Princess Platinum Redgazer
15:11 <Redgazer> oh god
15:11 <Lei Omaki> Maria = Prince(ss) Platinum
15:11 <Redgazer> oh ok
15:12 <Redgazer> i misspelled a while ago
15:12 <Princess Of The Night> *cries again* rock called me a baby!
15:12 <Redgazer> k baby
15:12 <Rockamorow> Winning!
15:12 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:12 <Castiels Nipples> It was a typo princess. he meant you a babe.
15:12 <Castiels Nipples> >.>
15:12 <Rockamorow> Because that's how I roll...
15:13 <Redgazer> nooo
15:13 <Castiels Nipples> xD
15:13 <Redgazer> why lei
15:13 <Rockamorow> baby*
15:13 <Princess Of The Night> now gazer called me a baby!
15:13 <Redgazer> Batman*
15:13 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:13 <Redgazer> i meant batman
15:13 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
15:13 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:13 <Wolfrains> XD u  no bby
15:13 <Redgazer> I just misspelled
15:13 <Spartantemp> hi jim, and bye jim
15:14 <Spartantemp> ...
15:14 <Princess Of The Night> waa! now i really am leaving!
15:14 <Redgazer> nooo
15:14 <Redgazer> baby
15:14 <Redgazer> i mean batman\
15:14 <Redgazer> dont leave
15:14 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:14 <SOMEGUY123> Baman nd Piderman
15:14 <Spartantemp> well, now I have to go, time to get some tea
15:14 <SOMEGUY123> Don't leave!
15:14 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <Redgazer> i no laik piderman
15:15 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
15:15 <Princess Of The Night> LEL, you should have seen you're faces
15:15 <Lei Omaki> *your
15:15 <Redgazer> i was all like
15:15 <Redgazer> ....
15:15 <SOMEGUY123> Gazer, Spoderman talks like that, Piderman talks like dis
15:15 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:15 <Redgazer> k...
15:16 <FriendlyJim>
15:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Bloodbath - Eaten - Duration: 04:21 - Uploaded: 2007-10-29 - Rating: 4.831499 - Views: 1,378,561 -
15:16 <Redgazer> but i dun know how to talk like dis
15:16 <SOMEGUY123> !logs
15:16 <CPwikiCHATlogger> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
15:16 <Wolfrains> Eye whale cum bck other time.. MUHAHAHAMUA.baii!bai!
15:16 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
15:16 <Wolfrains> Eye masst lev >:3
15:16 <SOMEGUY123> Enough with the fucking caps and the shitty grammar!
15:17 <Wolfrains> mass* >;3
15:17 <Redgazer> shoo tea-ager
15:17 <SOMEGUY123> Bai Tea-Ager
15:17 <Lei Omaki> *I must leave
15:17 -!- Wolfrains has left Special:Chat.
15:17 <Lei Omaki> god, can't you do it right?
15:18 <Redgazer> call the firemen cuz someone just got burned
15:18 <SOMEGUY123> Seriously Wolf, Typw with proper grammar!
15:18 <Redgazer> no not realy
15:18 <SOMEGUY123> *Type
15:18 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:18 <Lei Omaki> *really
15:18 <Redgazer> fail bro
15:18 <Lei Omaki> you failed also bro
15:18 <Redgazer> Hahaha*
15:19 <Redgazer> also failed*
15:19 <Redgazer> or an alternate would be Failed as well*
15:19 <Lei Omaki> god, wolf is giving me a headache
15:19 <SOMEGUY123> ^
15:19 <Redgazer> an*
15:19 <SOMEGUY123> Me too
15:19 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has left Special:Chat.
15:19 <SOMEGUY123> No
15:20 <SOMEGUY123> It's "a"
15:20 <Redgazer> wait
15:20 <Redgazer> no
15:20 <Redgazer> i must be too sleepy
15:20 <SOMEGUY123> It's "A" Lol u fail
15:20 <SOMEGUY123> XD
15:20 <Redgazer> :3
15:20 <Redgazer> nowans perpect mman
15:21 <Grammatik> It's a, unless the h is silent in the world,  like "an hour"
15:21 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <Rockamorow> Good job guys, you're making this wiki infamous :3
15:21 <Redgazer> I'm sorry :'(
15:21 <SOMEGUY123> Nu we're not
15:21 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
15:21 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
15:21 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Tyranical Tyranis> dork
15:22 -!- Redgazer has left Special:Chat.
15:22 <SOMEGUY123> NO U
15:22 <Rockamorow> Derka Derka
15:22 -!- Redgazer has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Redgazer> lag
15:22 <Redgazer> no*
15:22 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Grammatik> > corrects no into no
15:22 <Grammatik> Man, you're fucking genius
15:22 <Little Blood504> Im annoyed...
15:22 <Redgazer> like a boss
15:22 <Redgazer> :)
15:22 <Little Blood504> v.v
15:23 <Lei Omaki> brb
15:23 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
15:23 <Redgazer> no
15:23 -!- HERROZAEL has joined Special:Chat
15:23 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
15:23 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
15:23 <Redgazer> princess why so quiet?
15:23 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Redgazer> *cries*
15:24 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
15:24 <SOMEGUY123> Good ol' For a Creepypasta
15:24 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
15:24 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
15:25 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
15:25 <Redgazer> why so quiet
15:25 <Little Blood504> bfwebfwlbuliwubifvivebw;ibe;bvuibewuib
15:25 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
15:25 <Redgazer> dude
15:25 <Nightweaver2112> dont spam.
15:25 <Redgazer> no
15:25 -!- Dinorauria 2 has joined Special:Chat
15:25 <Little Blood504> I wont, I'm jut angry..sorry
15:25 <Dinorauria 2> what will you choose?
15:25 <Little Blood504> *just
15:26 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:26 <SOMEGUY123> [[LOL I Fucking Pranked You XD|The Man in The Closet]] <-- I made my 1st pasta, pls rate
15:26 <Redgazer> atleast you started a convo
15:26 <Rockamorow> please*
15:26 <Rockamorow> Payback's a bitch
15:26 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:26 <Grammatik> We all are bitches here
15:26 <SOMEGUY123> Did you click it?
15:26 -!- The Stitched One has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Redgazer> which one?
15:27 <SOMEGUY123> My link
15:27 -!- Flame19 has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Redgazer> which link
15:27 <Grammatik> Someguy, you shouldn't have capitalized the "The"
15:27 <Little Blood504> Bitches Get Stitches End Up In Ditches While We Get The Riches
15:27 <Dinorauria 2> n00bs these days.
15:27 <Little Blood504> xD
15:27 -!- ScorchingShock has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <ScorchingShock> GUYS
15:27 <SOMEGUY123> What "The"?
15:27 <ScorchingShock> MegaCharizard X <3
15:27 <Grammatik> OH GOD NO NOT BOTDF
15:28 <Dinorauria 2> Botdf?
15:28 <Redgazer> i dun like pokemon
15:28 <Little Blood504> Yup x#
15:28 <Grammatik> > The Man in The Closet
15:28 <Little Blood504> *x3
15:28 <SOMEGUY123> Oh
15:28 <ScorchingShock> Oh hey where did the chat options go?
15:28 <Grammatik> The second the shouldn't be capitalized
15:28 <Little Blood504> I like BOTDF got a problem?
15:28 <ScorchingShock> Also redgazer you lost all of my respect for you
15:28 <Rockamorow> Jesus, I just noticed Little Blood is female...I could've sworn she was male :P
15:28 <Rockamorow> I fail
15:28 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO
15:28 <Little Blood504> -_-
15:28 <ScorchingShock> Pokemon is best game
15:28 <SOMEGUY123> I falied
15:28 <Grammatik> I have many problems with all you scene kids
15:29 -!- Dinorauria 2 has left Special:Chat.
15:29 <Little Blood504> Im not scene thank you.
15:29 <Grammatik> I'm*
15:29 <Little Blood504> And WOW Rockamorow...Would you like a side of EPIC with that FAIL -_-
15:29 <Nightweaver2112> welp, got to go now
15:29 <Grammatik> Not to mention that you forgot a comma there.
15:29 <Rockamorow> Someone's angry :P
15:29 <Nightweaver2112> i shall leave you all with maria
15:29 <Redgazer> i like the game but i hate the show
15:29 <Nightweaver2112> cyaz
15:29 <Redgazer> bye night
15:29 <SOMEGUY123> [[LOL I FUCKING PRANKED YOU|Click This Link Please]]
15:30 <Redgazer> naw
15:30 <Rockamorow> No thanks
15:30 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Redgazer> prank
15:30 -!- ScorchingShock has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Little Blood504> Yeah I can't spell so what?
15:30 <Grammatik> Forgot another comma there.
15:30 <Grammatik> Lol.
15:30 <Little Blood504> -_-
15:30 -!- Flame19 has left Special:Chat.
15:30 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Redgazer> any good topics please
15:30 <Finneow> hey hey hey
15:30 <Little Blood504> Leave my spelling alone.
15:30 <SOMEGUY123> Popo Challizzle Loshizzle
15:30 <Rockamorow> Do all women get angry by mistaking them for man?
15:30 <Finneow> Stay outta my shed
15:31 <Little Blood504> YES!
15:31 <Redgazer> men*
15:31 <Grammatik> Technically it isn't your spelling,  it's your punctuation. 
15:31 <SOMEGUY123> I think she wants us to go in her shed
15:31 <SOMEGUY123> MOV.MOV
15:31 <Redgazer> ,*
15:31 <The Stitched One> hey
15:31 <Little Blood504> Grammatik, let it go.
15:31 <Rockamorow> exe.exe
15:31 <Finneow> *I think she said were always welcome in her shed
15:31 <Finneow> @SG
15:31 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO
15:31 <SOMEGUY123> I Faled
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO
15:32 <Redgazer> ,*
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> I falied again
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> OH NO
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> Not again
15:32 <Finneow> you failed at failing
15:32 <Rockamorow> ROLFLOLXD
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> FUUU
15:32 <Rockamorow> U fail...LEAVE
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> NO U
15:32 <Redgazer> fail ROFL
15:32 <Redgazer> @ROCK
15:32 <Rockamorow> NO U
15:32 <The Stitched One> HEYYY
15:32 <Redgazer> HI
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> NO U
15:32 <Rockamorow> NO U
15:32 <Little Blood504> Hey Stitch
15:32 <Tyranical Tyranis>
15:32 <SOMEGUY123> NU U
15:32 <Rockamorow> NO U
15:33 <Rockamorow> LOL U FAILED AGAIN
15:33 <The Stitched One> im noticed yay. whats up?
15:33 <Finneow> I am a mature Person, Why am i sat watching Sponebob?
15:33 <SOMEGUY123> I won because i said so
15:33 <SOMEGUY123> XD
15:33 <Redgazer> stop it you guys
15:33 <Rockamorow> I won because I also said so
15:33 <Rockamorow> XD
15:33 <Rockamorow> Suck on this
15:33 <SOMEGUY123> We both won
15:33 <SOMEGUY123> FFUUU
15:33 <Redgazer> i win now shut up
15:33 <SOMEGUY123> I-i-ineed to Kill iPhone
15:34 <Finneow> THEN WHO WAS S4?
15:34 <Little Blood504> Jeeeeezzzz xD
15:34 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:34 <Finneow> lol
15:34 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:34 -!- Princess Of The Night has left Special:Chat.
15:34 <SOMEGUY123> Then who crapped in the toilet
15:34 <Rockamorow> Someone say what's written in my profile pic, please?
15:35 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <Finneow> Then who was shit
15:35 <SOMEGUY123> written in my profile pic
15:35 <Redgazer> im batman
15:35 -!- The Stitched One has left Special:Chat.
15:35 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <Rockamorow> It says Pants on Head...
15:35 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
15:35 <Rockamorow> RETARDED
15:36 <Rockamorow> Don't blame me, it's what is written there...
15:36 <Finneow> NONO ALERT
15:36 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
15:36 <Redgazer> i was in my house when i drank water
15:36 <SOMEGUY123> U used retarded against me, I'm telling admin
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Rock, no.
15:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I saw it.
15:36 <Rockamorow> Sorry
15:36 <SOMEGUY123> Y u do this
15:36 <SOMEGUY123> I-i-iPhone
15:36 <Rockamorow> So...what? I need to change the profile pic?
15:36 <Rockamorow> Because of the R word?
15:37 <Finneow> Wow Reading are you summoned by nono's?
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yep
15:37 <SOMEGUY123> OMG
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
15:37 <SOMEGUY123> nono.avi
15:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Change it, Rock
15:37 <Rockamorow> Ok...
15:37 <Redgazer> hahaha
15:37 <Redgazer> reading you scare me
15:37 <Finneow> Ceiling nick has Upgraded to super ban Nick 9001
15:38 <SOMEGUY123> Nick-Ception
15:38 -!- Rockamorow has left Special:Chat.
15:38 <Redgazer> no good topics
15:38 <Redgazer> ...
15:39 <SOMEGUY123> Reading could you do me a favor? [[Dexter's Rude Removal]] <-- Could you look at the latest revision and paste it on a Notepad?
15:39 <Redgazer> can someone say red i wanna see if it works
15:39 <SOMEGUY123> red
15:39 <Redgazer> oh ok
15:39 <Redgazer> thanks
15:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Here, SOMEGUY
15:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis>
15:40 <SOMEGUY123> Thanks
15:40 <SOMEGUY123> Oh Crap. GTG bai
15:40 -!- SOMEGUY123 has left Special:Chat.
15:40 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye SOMEGUY
15:40 <Little Blood504> I forgot about you guys xD
15:42 <Redgazer> im pretty sleepy and im gonna go on a game hunt tomorrow so i guess this is goodbye 
15:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Red
15:42 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
15:42 <Redgazer> baiii
15:42 <Little Blood504> Bye Red
15:42 <Spartantemp> back
15:42 <Little Blood504> Hey Spartan
15:42 <Spartantemp> back....with tea! huzzah
15:42 <Redgazer> hey spartan
15:42 <Redgazer> BOO
15:43 <Redgazer> i scared you
15:43 <Little Blood504> Yes Red, your very scary
15:43 <Spartantemp> I need to get a part time job to pay for my school lunches, 3.50 for iced peach tea is a bit much
15:43 <Redgazer> ok now this is serious im going 
15:44 <Redgazer> catch you later
15:44 <Spartantemp> Also, I started fasting as of today
15:44 <Little Blood504> Brb
15:44 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
15:45 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
15:46 <Finneow> Suddenly, dedchatz
15:46 <Grammatik> Eh.
15:47 <Spartantemp> So...
15:48 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:48 -!- Adamcarl.castillo has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Grammatik> Hi Acie.
15:48 -!- ScorchingShock has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Grammatik> Hi, Lei.
15:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Gramz
15:48 <ScorchingShock> SLURPUFF AND AROMATISSE
15:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Acie, Shock, Leiton
15:48 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <LizardMaster178> Hey guys.
15:48 <Grammatik> Hi, Scorching and Lizard. 
15:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> Thizzy hai
15:48 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:48 <Finneow> Eyyyy People who just joineed
15:48 <ScorchingShock> Swirlix and Spritzee evolution guys!
15:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Finn
15:49 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <ScorchingShock> Swirlix becomes Slurpuff. Spritzee becoems Aromatisse.
15:49 <Adamcarl.castillo> So what's up everyone?
15:49 <Grammatik> (FOnz)
15:49 <ScorchingShock> I LOVE SLURPUFF
15:49 <Lei Omaki> oh hi Acie :3
15:49 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Prof Lei :3
15:49 <LizardMaster178> Guys, know you that my uncle works for a company so they can get review copies of X and Y? He let me play X Version.
15:49 <LizardMaster178> I took a pic of Froakie's final evo
15:49 <Spartantemp> "May I see your ID please." Me: I don't have one :P
15:49 <LizardMaster178> Here
15:49 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
15:49 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <LizardMaster178> Enjoy.
15:49 <ScorchingShock> Yes
15:49 <ScorchingShock> Greninja
15:49 <LizardMaster178> It's Greninja. It's Water/Dark.
15:49 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
15:50 <ScorchingShock> Im chosing Froakie because of Greninja
15:50 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
15:50 <LizardMaster178> Lolz.
15:50 <ScorchingShock> My granny will call him Greninjin lol
15:50 <LizardMaster178> xD
15:50 <ScorchingShock> She calls ninja's ninjins xD
15:50 <LizardMaster178> I only played the beginning of X. My uncle let me see where he was at the middle of the game and only showed me Greninja.
15:50 <ScorchingShock> She calls oxygen  "ottacon"
15:50 <ScorchingShock> Cool!
15:50 <LizardMaster178> Because I didn't want to spoil it myself when I get X myself.
15:50 <ScorchingShock> Lucky.
15:50 <LizardMaster178> Thx
15:50 <Finneow>
15:51 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
15:51 <Grammatik> Lol.
15:51 <Spartantemp> How about the people run the government, you know its called a Democracy for a reason
15:51 <Adamcarl.castillo> I am totally disgusted with how I look in my avatar so imma change it
15:51 <Redgazer> im back
15:52 <Redgazer> not sleepy anymore
15:52 <Grammatik> Acie you look 10/10 compared to me.
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "since my first and went to chat i have been banned for three days, FUCK IT but once i went to chat i have been error wat happened"
15:52 -!- Wolfrains has joined Special:Chat
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Whaaa
15:52 <Redgazer> can i change my name here?
15:52 <Redgazer> ohaiii tea-ager
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Contact Staff, Red
15:52 <Wolfrains> HEHEHE
15:52 <Finneow> What the fuck did i just read tho?
15:52 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You tell me Finn.
15:53 <Grammatik> What the fuck, Reading. 
15:53 <Spartantemp> (derp)
15:53 <Wolfrains> HOW YALL DU AN PPL
15:53 <Grammatik> That reminds me of "iv din bannd from chat"
15:53 <Redgazer> thanks read but im too lazy so maybe next time
15:53 <Finneow> What
15:54 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
15:54 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
15:54 <Finneow> I would try and change my name but staff scare me
15:54 <Finneow> :s
15:54 <Redgazer> exactly
15:54 <Lei Omaki> wtf is Wolf saying?
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> They don't bite, go, talk to Staff!
15:55 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
15:55 <Wolfrains> HAHAH yall neva no
15:55 <Grammatik> They don't bite unless yoy do what Stan did.
15:55 -!- Hot Jamally has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <Grammatik> yOu*
15:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ah, yes, Gramm is right
15:55 <Redgazer> maybe later read
15:55 <Lei Omaki> *you
15:55 <Hot Jamally> Man, Obama's just a dictator
15:55 <Lei Omaki> *you'll
15:55 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <LizardMaster178> Guys, I can also tell you Aerodactyl gets a Mega Evolution. I took a pic:
15:55 <Grammatik> yOu*
15:56 <Lei Omaki> *know
15:56 <On It11> I'm back
15:56 <Redgazer> and might i ask what did stan do
15:56 <Redgazer> ?
15:56 <Lei Omaki> *never
15:56 <On It11> what I miss?
15:56 <Grammatik> Dicktaker*  @ farted
15:56 <Wolfrains> No neva
15:56 <On It11> gram who
15:56 <Wolfrains> me
15:56 <Redgazer> wadidstando
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Lizard
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Stop taking credit for other people's images.
15:56 <WhyAmIReadingThis> This is your only warning.
15:56 <On It11> dang
15:56 <Hot Jamally> woops my bad lolol
15:56 <Wolfrains> :O
15:57 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <LizardMaster178> Reading, I meant my uncle took that pic.
15:57 <On It11> anyone have minecraft?
15:57 <Wolfrains> YES
15:57 <Finneow> Brb still
15:57 -!- Shadowbear101 has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So tell me, when exactly?
15:57 <Wolfrains> ON XboX
15:57 <LizardMaster178> A day ago, Reading. Or two days ago.
15:57 <Grammatik> Lizard, that was on Facebook under 3 different page names.
15:57 <On It11> wolf do u watch skydoesminecraft?
15:57 <Wolfrains> Ner wha?
15:57 <LizardMaster178> Well, they spread, Gram ._.
15:57 <On It11>
15:57 -!- YandereLemonade has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <Redgazer> ohaii matt
15:57 <YandereLemonade> Hey
15:57 <Grammatik> Hi Lemon.
15:57 <Wolfrains> -w- cliack
15:58 <Redgazer> iz me
15:58 <YandereLemonade> Yea
15:58 -!- Shadowbear101 has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Lizard, showing those images around don't do you any favors.
15:58 <LizardMaster178> ...
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Haven't you thought that some people don't want to see them?
15:58 <YandereLemonade> Your profile reminds me of something....
15:58 <Redgazer> /me is fucking batman
15:58 <On It11> lemonade time!
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Some people would like to stay away from this type of images.
15:58 <Grammatik> Per Read.
15:58 <YandereLemonade> Sweet sweet Lemonade
15:58 <LizardMaster178> Then they won't click it, obviously.
15:58 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then why to post them if nobody will click them?
15:58 <YandereLemonade> Wait someone plays minecraft?
15:58 <On It11> I drink lemonade when it's hot
15:58 <LizardMaster178> How do you know no one clicked it?
15:58 <Redgazer> yes very many
15:58 <Wolfrains> me i cliach it
15:58 <LizardMaster178> I could've clicked it and said nothing.
15:58 <Castiels Nipples> hai guys
15:59 <On It11> im batman
15:59 <Wolfrains> click*
15:59 -!- Prodigyofstories has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <YandereLemonade> *click*
15:59 <Redgazer> /me is batman
15:59 <Wolfrains> no im abtman yo!
15:59 <Wolfrains> batman*
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Either way, please refrain from it. Only contact through PM and ask if they're interested. Posting here in the public chat...
15:59 <On It11> *click*
15:59 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ...could cause somebody to be spoilered accidentally.
15:59 <Grammatik> With people shoving spoilers down our throats,  I don't think if I want to play that game. ._.
15:59 <On It11> #im batman
15:59 <Prodigyofstories> Hi.
15:59 <YandereLemonade> SooOooOoooOoooo
15:59 <Wolfrains> ;i
15:59 <Redgazer> ?me is the noght
15:59 <LizardMaster178> Yandere spammed.
15:59 <Redgazer> fail
15:59 <YandereLemonade> I'm YandereLemonade
15:59 <On It11> Lol
15:59 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
15:59 <YandereLemonade> And I like pie
15:59 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <Redgazer> no
15:59 <Grammatik> Same for Gta V, they ruined it with spoilers. 
16:00 <Spartantemp> well, got to go again.
16:00 <On It11> what kind of pie
16:00 <YandereLemonade> Mixed with guts of goldfish
16:00 <Redgazer> matt dont spam
16:00 <Wolfrains> I HATE GTA
16:00 <On It11> whos matt
16:00 <Prodigyofstories> eww.
16:00 <Redgazer> ish bad
16:00 <YandereLemonade> Why do you hate GTA?
16:00 <Redgazer> lemon
16:00 <Spartantemp> bye everyone
16:00 <Prodigyofstories> Im new here,.
16:00 <YandereLemonade> GTA is awesome
16:00 -!- Hot Jamally has left Special:Chat.
16:00 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Welcome, then!
16:00 <Wolfrains> cas dum
16:00 <On It11> red your bane and I'm batman
16:00 <Wolfrains> oops
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> Huh?
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> Did
16:00 <Wolfrains> cuz*
16:00 <Redgazer> /me is batman
16:00 <Grammatik> Because he's not old enough to play it obviously. 
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> Ok
16:00 <Finneow> Nips!
16:00 <Wolfrains> not cas XDD
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> >.>
16:00 <YandereLemonade> I iz Dolam
16:00 <Finneow> NIPLS!
16:00 <YandereLemonade> Dolan
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> FIN
16:00 <Wolfrains> srry
16:00 <Castiels Nipples> <3
16:00 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
16:00 <YandereLemonade> Dolan iz pow3r
16:01 <Prodigyofstories> I made a new story just now,
16:01 <Redgazer> /me stabs on it
16:01 -!- Adamcarl.castillo has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <Lei Omaki> hi Finn :3
16:01 <Castiels Nipples> hi to you too
16:01 <Finneow>
16:01 -!- Adamcarl.castillo has joined Special:Chat
16:01 <Redgazer> hi lei
16:01 <Prodigyofstories> "A thing about my dream"
16:01 <Adamcarl.castillo> back
16:01 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Link it, Prodigy
16:01 <YandereLemonade> *YandereLemonade drops lemonade on redgazer's head
16:02 <Finneow> #upd8
16:02 <Redgazer> /me is not Redgazer he is batman
16:02 <Lei Omaki> wb Acie
16:02 <Adamcarl.castillo> Thanks Prof Lei
16:02 <Grammatik> Wb  Acie.
16:02 <On It11> *im batman red is bane*
16:02 <YandereLemonade> Look at my horse
16:02 <Adamcarl.castillo> Thanks Gramz
16:02 <YandereLemonade> My horse is Deadpool 
16:03 <Redgazer> /m makes on it realise bane is...batman
16:03 <On It11> *horse kicks mean the ground*
16:03 <Redgazer> oh come on
16:03 <Adamcarl.castillo> I really should start talking with other people here and not just fanboy Paramore.
16:03 <On It11> epic fail
16:03 <Redgazer> /me makes on it realise bane is...batman
16:03 <Adamcarl.castillo> I noticed the only thins I do is fanboy Paramore and talk less
16:03 <Wolfrains> O.o
16:03 <Adamcarl.castillo> *thing
16:03 <Prodigyofstories> i think it has to be uploaded, my story i think....I THINK..
16:03 <Redgazer> there
16:03 <On It11> bacon!!!!
16:03 <Redgazer> is brown
16:03 <Finneow>
16:03 <YandereLemonade> ALL hailz ze Bacon
16:04 <Wolfrains> I have a story -w-
16:04 <YandereLemonade> Bacon iz pow3r
16:04 <Grammatik> All I do is annoy people and Skype them at 4 am.
16:04 <On It11> brb going to next period
16:04 <Redgazer> i iz power
16:04 <YandereLemonade> Nu
16:04 <Redgazer> i iz bacon
16:04 <YandereLemonade> L3m0nad3 iz pow3r
16:04 <Wolfrains> o . o
16:04 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <Lei Omaki> Karkat on a child leash? xD
16:04 <Redgazer> no tea-ager
16:04 <Grammatik> So. Many. New. People. 
16:04 <CarcinoGenticist> huh
16:04 <Wolfrains> O^O I AM TEENAGER
16:05 <Grammatik> Ten ager. You're ten.
16:05 <YandereLemonade> Izmeralda is powah
16:05 <Finneow> YEs, KK on a child leash
16:05 <Wolfrains> whatever
16:05 <YandereLemonade> Lemonadez iz god
16:05 <Redgazer> im batman
16:05 <Adamcarl.castillo> nanananana
16:05 <YandereLemonade> I Lemonade
16:05 <Lei Omaki> Karkat looks so adorable xD
16:05 <Grammatik> Nips. You there? 
16:05 <Lei Omaki> hi Acie
16:06 <Redgazer> lei what time is it?
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> ya
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> sorry
16:06 <Grammatik> You're like the only hope left for this chat right now.
16:06 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Prof Lei xD
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> finishing up Bec
16:06 <Lei Omaki> 12:06 AM Red
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> What's wrong?
16:06 <Grammatik> So many n00bs.
16:06 <YandereLemonade> Lei are you Filipino?
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> >.>
16:06 <YandereLemonade> ??
16:06 <Lei Omaki> yeah, why?
16:06 <Castiels Nipples> NEWBS? oh no ;~;
16:06 <Redgazer> oh so we do have the same timline
16:06 <YandereLemonade> I am Filipino
16:06 <Adamcarl.castillo> <--- Wha-- I don-- Ha-- H-how...?
16:06 <YandereLemonade> Also Redgazer
16:06 <Lei Omaki> and?
16:06 <Finneow> 2nooby4me
16:06 <YandereLemonade> ye
16:06 <Grammatik>  7:06 pm
16:06 <YandereLemonade> That's all
16:07 <Finneow>
16:07 <Adamcarl.castillo> @Red maybe that's because you're both from the Philippines?
16:07 <Redgazer> oh God lag
16:07 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Fixed, Acie
16:07 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
16:07 <Adamcarl.castillo> ^
16:07 <YandereLemonade> Lag???
16:07 <Redgazer> yeah i know adam just wanted to be sure
16:07 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Jim'
16:07 <Grammatik> I live so away from you all it is depressing
16:07 <YandereLemonade> I don't have any lag
16:07 <FriendlyJim> Hello Adamant
16:07 <Castiels Nipples> I GIVE YOU: Bec Noir
16:07 <ScorchingShock> Yes
16:07 <ScorchingShock> Slurpuff icon
16:07 <YandereLemonade> Right now I'm watching anime
16:07 <Grammatik> Hei, Jim.
16:08 <FriendlyJim> Hello Gram
16:08 <Adamcarl.castillo> Sons of the pharaohs *faints* 
16:08 <Redgazer> matt im gonna go now i have to go do something
16:08 <Castiels Nipples> He's finished!
16:08 <YandereLemonade> KK'
16:08 <Castiels Nipples> Adding up last touches
16:08 <Lei Omaki> that is so cool Cas :D
16:08 <Castiels Nipples> <3
16:08 <Redgazer> seeya
16:08 <YandereLemonade> Wouldn't wanna be ya
16:08 <Redgazer> NO
16:08 <Wolfrains> HA!
16:08 <Adamcarl.castillo> FINALLY, I am done with my science project!
16:09 <Castiels Nipples> I'm debating on a muzzle, or leaving it flat
16:09 <YandereLemonade> Aww
16:09 <Redgazer> everyone wants to be batman
16:09 <Castiels Nipples> Whatchoo think, Lei
16:09 <YandereLemonade> I want to be the next Lemonade God
16:09 <Finneow> Guys, My sister just walked in and asked me: "Why do you look so stupid"
16:09 <Finneow> The thing is tho, Im dressed as Jake.
16:09 <Finneow> I. Will. Hit. A. Child
16:09 <Lei Omaki> hmm, i think you should leave it flat
16:09 <Castiels Nipples> okei
16:09 -!- Redgazer has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <YandereLemonade> Finneow
16:09 <Prodigyofstories> hey guys if this doesn't scare you nothing will
16:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: if this dosn't make you jump nothing will - Duration: 00:18 - Uploaded: 2008-11-26 - Rating: 4.542190 - Views: 6,889,971 -
16:09 <YandereLemonade> Do it
16:09 <Finneow> I fucking will
16:09 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <FriendlyJim> I hate that guy.
16:09 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
16:10 <Wolfrains> ------
16:10 <YandereLemonade> Don't click the link
16:10 <Lei Omaki> you mean Red?
16:10 <YandereLemonade> T_T
16:10 <FriendlyJim> Yes
16:10 <Prodigyofstories>
16:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: if this dosn't make you jump nothing will - Duration: 00:18 - Uploaded: 2008-11-26 - Rating: 4.542190 - Views: 6,889,971 -
16:10 <FriendlyJim> Because he's an illiterate fucking asshole.
16:10 <Finneow> I put a poster of a smuppet on her wall while she was sleeping one time and she woke up crying (smug)
16:10 <Wolfrains> i wanna clack that link
16:10 <Prodigyofstories> click it, you will be happy
16:10 <YandereLemonade> Stop spamming links
16:10 <Grammatik> That's a screamer.
16:10 <Grammatik> I think.
16:10 <YandereLemonade> Screamers are horrible
16:10 <Prodigyofstories> okay its just a snake pouncing at a camera
16:10 <Finneow> Dont ask me why i have a smuppet poster
16:10 <YandereLemonade> Oh
16:10 <YandereLemonade> Nvm'
16:11 <Adamcarl.castillo> Who jim?
16:11 <FriendlyJim> RedGazer
16:11 <YandereLemonade> Jim is Jim
16:11 <Adamcarl.castillo> Ah
16:11 <YandereLemonade> Redgazer left
16:11 <FriendlyJim> I know, I was saying that I hated him.
16:11 <Wolfrains> its loagin
16:11 <YandereLemonade> Why XD?
16:11 <Wolfrains> oops
16:11 <Wolfrains> loadin*
16:11 <FriendlyJim> Because he's an asshole.
16:11 <YandereLemonade> What did he do?
16:12 <FriendlyJim> Instead of greeting me after I was nice to him from the second I met him, he kept insulting me over nothing.
16:12 <FriendlyJim> Just to piss me off.
16:12 <YandereLemonade> Well that's redgazer for you
16:12 <Prodigyofstories> .
16:12 <YandereLemonade> Redgazer is my classmate
16:12 <Prodigyofstories> .
16:12 <Prodigyofstories> .
16:12 <FriendlyJim> And when I called him out he was acting like nothing happened.
16:12 <YandereLemonade> Hahaha
16:12 <Wolfrains> o . o
16:12 <FriendlyJim> So I dislike him.
16:13 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Prodigy, don't spam
16:13 <YandereLemonade> That's my classmate for you
16:13 <Lei Omaki> Prodigy, stop spamming
16:13 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
16:13 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
16:13 <Prodigyofstories> i was just seeing how it adds to your message if you keep saying stuff like jim did
16:13 <Prodigyofstories> see?
16:13 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
16:13 -!- FriendlyJim has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <FriendlyJim> Fun fact of the day: ice floats instead of sinking because of the way the water crystals align.
16:14 <WhyAmIReadingThis> ?
16:14 <FriendlyJim> So water is actually most dense at the temperature of +4 degrees celsius.
16:14 <Prodigyofstories> did you know under the surface an iceberg is actually bigger than it is? Its like a darn island!
16:14 <Grammatik>
16:15 <Wolfrains> i watched tht vid o.o how isit scary
16:15 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <Prodigyofstories> what the vid i posted?
16:15 <Finneow> Weevur!
16:15 <FriendlyJim> LOL Gram
16:15 <Adamcarl.castillo> Weavz omg hai
16:15 <Wolfrains> yes yes yes yes
16:15 <Grammatik> That was epic.
16:15 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <Nightweaver2112> hey everyone
16:15 <FriendlyJim> Epic burn is epic.
16:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi
16:15 <Lei Omaki> hi Weave and awesome
16:15 <Wolfrains> i say hai like tht 2 -w-
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> You managed to correct your username, asome?
16:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yep
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :O
16:16 -!- SOMEGUY123 has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> after almost a year
16:16 <SOMEGUY123> Wazzup!?!
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Then I suppose I'll have to call you Awesome now
16:16 <FriendlyJim> Why was it Asome to begin with anyways?
16:16 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi SOMEGUY
16:16 <Wolfrains> HAHAHAHAMUHAA
16:16 <Nightweaver2112> legend
16:16 <Prodigyofstories> why is tthose people over there dead!?
16:16 <Grammatik> I still laugh at this
16:16 <Nightweaver2112> y
16:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> me being an idiot
16:16 <Nightweaver2112> y u do dis
16:16 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Someguy
16:16 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <SOMEGUY123> Hai Reading, Adam
16:17 <FriendlyJim> Ah
16:17 <FriendlyJim> Hi Chris
16:17 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi jim
16:17 <TheLegendOfAwesome> nightweaver cuz
16:17 <YandereLemonade> Ok Im back
16:17 <Nightweaver2112> T-T
16:17 <Lei Omaki> *why are those people dead over there
16:17 <YandereLemonade> I had to take out the trash
16:17 <Grammatik> Because they can
16:17 <Mrchrisrocks23> OMG WELL DONE WEAVY :D
16:17 <SOMEGUY123> Because Cleric devoured their souls, that's why
16:17 -!- Xrobotlove has joined Special:Chat
16:17 <TheLegendOfAwesome> because no i'm no longer asome, i'm awesome
16:18 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi grammabamma
16:18 <Lei Omaki> hi Robo
16:18 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:18 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Finneow> Weaver
16:18 <Finneow> I look exactly like jake english
16:18 <Xrobotlove> hey lei
16:18 <FriendlyJim> I find this funny to an amazing degree.
16:18 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi lei-chan
16:18 <Xrobotlove> changed your avatar i see
16:18 <TheLegendOfAwesome> so automaticly i'm at least 1 million times more awesome
16:18 <Grammatik> Same, Jim.
16:18 <FriendlyJim> :D
16:18 <Xrobotlove> I enjoy it.
16:18 <Mrchrisrocks23> Its neary harrowuun
16:19 <TheLegendOfAwesome> oh crap imma need a halloween avatar
16:19 <TheLegendOfAwesome> hold on
16:19 <YandereLemonade> Once upon a time there was a fox and a rabbit. In nature fox and rabbits can't be friends because of their ecological ranks. In fact they can't even be friends after the fact that the rabbit ate the guts and bones of the fox. THE END
16:19 <Mrchrisrocks23> Harroween
16:19 <FriendlyJim> I don't celebrate Halloween.
16:19 <Mrchrisrocks23> Same
16:19 <Wolfrains> D =
16:19 <SOMEGUY123> Me neother
16:19 <SOMEGUY123> *Neither
16:19 <SOMEGUY123> I fail
16:19 <Mrchrisrocks23> yup ^_^
16:19 <FriendlyJim> I should though, I like creepy aesthetics.
16:19 <Lei Omaki> Halloween is just another day for us
16:20 <FriendlyJim> As I'm sure most of you do.
16:20 <Lei Omaki> an ordinary day
16:20 <Xrobotlove> My boyfriend and I are either dressing up as Finn and Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Fionna, or Jake and Lady Rainicorn
16:20 <Wolfrains> :::OOOO:::::
16:20 <FriendlyJim> That's why I'm on here.
16:20 <FriendlyJim> Lol
16:20 <Mrchrisrocks23> Purtaytur
16:20 <YandereLemonade> So a man walks in a bar.....
16:20 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has left Special:Chat.
16:20 <Grammatik> For Halloween I'm like just gonna go as I am
16:20 <Finneow> WAIT YOUR CO- Oh, I thought you meant me then (derp)
16:20 <SOMEGUY123> I think I read something about Bublegum and Finn
16:20 <Mrchrisrocks23> and says hey babe suck my dick
16:20 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :I
16:20 <Grammatik> I look terrible without a costume,  anyway. 
16:20 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
16:20 <Xrobotlove> I haven't one anything for halloween in years
16:20 <SOMEGUY123> You do not wanna know what that was
16:20 <Mrchrisrocks23> :3
16:20 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has joined Special:Chat
16:21 <YandereLemonade> Where is this chat going?!?!?! O_o
16:21 <Xrobotlove> what, some?
16:21 <SOMEGUY123> Do nut ask
16:21 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Zombie pikachu time!
16:21 <Adamcarl.castillo> For halloween I'm dressing up in my orange and yellow pajamas. Y'know why? 'cause I'm just gonna sleep Halloween watching movies under my comforter
16:21 <Eyeless Jack> ROBOT
16:21 <SOMEGUY123> Brings back memories
16:21 <Finneow> A magic adventure
16:21 <Adamcarl.castillo> That's how much I am of a shy person irl
16:21 <Mrchrisrocks23> I love chat :3
16:21 <Superplankofdeath> what was that some? (troll)
16:21 <Xrobotlove> eyeless? :3
16:21 <SOMEGUY123> Bark. Bark. Memories
16:21 <Superplankofdeath> yes ok
16:21 <FriendlyJim> I'm Hungary for Turkey.
16:21 <Wolfrains> Centipede's r naster -.-
16:21 <Mrchrisrocks23> O)_(o pickles
16:21 <Eyeless Jack> I changed my name, It's me EyelessJackFan24!!
16:21 <FriendlyJim> Geddit?
16:21 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Now i'm ready for Halloween
16:21 <Xrobotlove> I thought so! yayy
16:21 <FriendlyJim> Bad pun Jim strikes again.
16:21 <Eyeless Jack> :D
16:21 <Grammatik> Lol, Jim.
16:21 <YandereLemonade> Imagine if Spiders can fly and they are as huge as a grown rooster 
16:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> They do :3
16:22 <Eyeless Jack> /me jumps on Robot and hugs
16:22 <YandereLemonade> O_o
16:22 <Wolfrains> D =
16:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Yandere
16:22 <YandereLemonade> Yes?
16:22 <Prodigyofstories> someone tell a creepy story, im bored.
16:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> it would be the end of humanity
16:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> Jumping spiders and spiders with wings
16:22 <YandereLemonade> Really?
16:22 <Eyeless Jack> Hai Wolf :D
16:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> yup
16:22 <SOMEGUY123> One day in 2007 it ACTUALLY rained spiders
16:22 <Wolfrains> Yooo -w-
16:22 <Mrchrisrocks23> o.o
16:22 <Xrobotlove> An eyeless jack and a love robot, what a strange pair of pals <3
16:22 <Grammatik> Yeah.
16:22 <Superplankofdeath> IT DID? HOW
16:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> flying spider the size of rooster would kill us all
16:22 <YandereLemonade> I though the end of humanity are Nazi Cat's riding bullsharks with torpedo dragons on their back?
16:22 <SOMEGUY123> I dunno
16:22 <Eyeless Jack> <3 always ;)
16:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> nope
16:22 <Grammatik> I think that was in Pakistan,  right? 
16:22 <SOMEGUY123> It did happen though
16:22 <SOMEGUY123> I think
16:22 <Superplankofdeath> a tornado maybe
16:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> also the end of humanity are sharknados
16:23 <Mrchrisrocks23>
16:23 <Grammatik> I remember that.
16:23 <Finneow> NOPE.
16:23 <YandereLemonade> Terrorrism I SAY!!!
16:23 <Xrobotlove> Nah lemonade, i'm pretty sure it has something to do with sharknados
16:23 <Wolfrains> clack
16:23 <Xrobotlove> AHHH legend beat me
16:23 <Finneow> /me suicided
16:23 <Mrchrisrocks23> :3
16:23 <YandereLemonade> Flying Spider
16:23 <YandereLemonade> ???
16:23 <Lei Omaki> Finn noooo
16:23 <SOMEGUY123> <-- We're fucked
16:23 <YandereLemonade> *puts jetpack on*
16:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> robot now you know why i'm awesome
16:23 <Eyeless Jack> /me flips over a table and sits in the middle, cradiling his knees
16:23 <YandereLemonade> NopeNopeNope Combo!!!
16:23 <Wolfrains> O.O
16:23 <YandereLemonade> Guys
16:23 <FriendlyJim>
16:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> so screwed
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Let's do an imagining gay
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Game
16:24 <Lei Omaki> (jetpack)
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Goddamnit
16:24 <Mrchrisrocks23> why did you copy my link someguy?
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Game*
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Imagining Game
16:24 <Grammatik> Oh god Jim
16:24 <Xrobotlove> Oh wait doesn't it say its fake at the end...
16:24 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
16:24 <TheLegendOfAwesome> oh thank lord
16:24 <SOMEGUY123> Because I can
16:24 <YandereLemonade> Imagine if spiders are Dogs and Cats are Elephants
16:24 <Xrobotlove> the  flying spider link i mean
16:24 <TheLegendOfAwesome> he aren't screwed
16:24 <Mrchrisrocks23> HAH GOT YA'S ALL
16:24 <SOMEGUY123> Loljk, I looked it up
16:24 <TheLegendOfAwesome> *we
16:24 <Mrchrisrocks23> no I freaking looked it up (rage)
16:25 <Eyeless Jack> Didn't get me, cuz I didn't read it
16:25 <Grammatik> That's in 2013, Jim.
16:25 <YandereLemonade> Now Imagine eating a pizza with spider web shedding and piss
16:25 <SOMEGUY123> Ok (ok)
16:25 <Xrobotlove> "There is a special place in hell reserved for the creator of the first FAKE photo.  Scientists DID NOT discover a flying spider.  There are currently no spiders with wings that we are aware of.  "
16:25 <FriendlyJim> Is it?
16:25 <FriendlyJim> Hmmm
16:25 <Xrobotlove> sounds like a cover up O.O
16:25 <Mrchrisrocks23> okay?
16:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> the end of humanity is also if SOPA passes
16:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> but that would be one in an million
16:25 <YandereLemonade> Wait
16:25 <Grammatik> That happened a while ago in Pakistan. 
16:25 <YandereLemonade> SOPA is still alive?
16:25 <YandereLemonade> Goddamn
16:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yep
16:25 <YandereLemonade> What the fu-
16:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> but it's being hit with a shovel again
16:25 <SOMEGUY123> Spiderman wil kil teh spoders bicus... YOLO
16:25 <Superplankofdeath> SOPA will not happen
16:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> ^
16:25 <YandereLemonade> ^^^
16:26 -!- Ayumi42 has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <Mrchrisrocks23> /me digs nope trench
16:26 <FriendlyJim> I love that Twitter once had a trend called #CreepingSharia
16:26 <TheLegendOfAwesome> one in a 7 billion
16:26 <Lei Omaki> *punches SG for saying "YOLO"*
16:26 <Mrchrisrocks23> there is a sea spider :3
16:26 <Eyeless Jack> Mistake Marxist, Grammar Nazi, Spelling Socialist, and Capitalization Castro
16:26 <Superplankofdeath> google wikipedia and every big website is against it
16:26 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <YandereLemonade> If SOPA gets accepted I'm gonna kill people for a living
16:26 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <Superplankofdeath> SOPA is bullshit
16:26 <TheLegendOfAwesome> never heard of spelling socialist
16:26 <TheLegendOfAwesome> who's that?
16:26 <Finneow> #yolo
16:26 <Superplankofdeath> why do they even want a bill like that?
16:26 <YandereLemonade> And I am gonna punch them in the face.................................IN THE FACE
16:26 <Mrchrisrocks23> giant sea spider
16:26 <Eyeless Jack> SOPA?
16:27 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Stop online piracy act
16:27 <TheLegendOfAwesome> it sounds good, but it isn't
16:27 <SOMEGUY123> If SOPA gets accepted... XD yeah right, that will never happen... EVER
16:27 <Grammatik> It's some bullshit
16:27 <YandereLemonade> Guys
16:27 <Wolfrains>
16:27 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: A Huge Centipede Fighting A Snake - Duration: 07:25 - Uploaded: 2008-08-13 - Rating: 3.987253 - Views: 32,045,192 -
16:27 <FriendlyJim> People were posting stuff like "So many jeeps & Landrovers on the roads now, London looks like a suburb of Dubai. #creepingsharia."
16:27 <Eyeless Jack> lol
16:27 <YandereLemonade> The American government is watching us right now
16:27 <Wolfrains> O.o
16:27 <YandereLemonade> Say hello to NSA
16:27 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
16:27 <SOMEGUY123> LOL
16:28 <YandereLemonade> Hey there buddy....
16:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> Hi nsa I hope you like watching me fap :3
16:28 <SOMEGUY123> I'm NOT American
16:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i dun care if we're being watched just don't let fucking SOPA get passed
16:28 <SOMEGUY123> XD
16:28 <Castiels Nipples> NSA? There's No Such Agency ;)
16:28 <Eyeless Jack> The American government is shut down lol
16:28 <FriendlyJim> I'm Swedish.
16:28 <Superplankofdeath> could they watch people in ireland?
16:28 <Eyeless Jack> CAS
16:28 <YandereLemonade> YOU HEAR THAT OBAMA!!!
16:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> I'm american
16:28 <Lei Omaki> hi Cas! wb xD
16:28 <Castiels Nipples> Hi, Jack
16:28 <YandereLemonade> I'm asian
16:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> and besides am scottish/british
16:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> not i live in the netherlands
16:28 <YandereLemonade> Hahaha
16:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> *but
16:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> /irish
16:28 <SOMEGUY123> Europe is better, MURIKA is stoopid
16:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> so suck it obama
16:28 <Castiels Nipples> Lei! *snuggles*
16:28 <YandereLemonade> Wing Wing Terrephone suckas
16:28 <Superplankofdeath> no american will watch me
16:28 <Eyeless Jack> HEY
16:28 <Superplankofdeath> UP EUROPE
16:28 <Finneow> I dont believe Barack obama exists. 
16:28 -!- UnknownProdigy has joined Special:Chat
16:28 <YandereLemonade> EY!
16:28 <Mrchrisrocks23> /me tackle hugs lei
16:29 <UnknownProdigy> a wild prodigy appears
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> Nou
16:29 <Eyeless Jack> ~~~SUBJECT CHANGE~~~
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> Lei is MINE
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> My dik-dik
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> MINE
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i know finne
16:29 <Wolfrains> Eye whale c yall later bai bai bai bai bai bai bai bai Bai!
16:29 <Mrchrisrocks23> he;s mind bitch
16:29 <FriendlyJim> "Alcohol is not available at my children's primary school #creepingsharia"
16:29 <FriendlyJim> Lel
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> lol
16:29 <YandereLemonade> -Subect Change- What if Obama was a robot?
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> YOU DON"T EVEN
16:29 -!- UnknownProdigy has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <Lei Omaki> *he's
16:29 <Lei Omaki> *mine
16:29 <SOMEGUY123> Wolf, I don NOT understand what you are saying
16:29 <Mrchrisrocks23> :3
16:29 <Eyeless Jack> Lets stop talking bad about america please
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yandere, what if he isn't
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> imean
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> You don't even know what gender Lei is
16:29 <YandereLemonade> WHAT IF BIN LADIN IS CHARLIE SHEEN?!?!
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> finne
16:29 -!- Wolfrains has left Special:Chat.
16:29 <Finneow> yeh
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> So storke my dik-dik
16:29 <TheLegendOfAwesome> it's mine in about a month
16:29 <Castiels Nipples> *stroke
16:29 <Finneow> (kawaii)
16:30 <SOMEGUY123> Charlle SHEEEN is Obama!
16:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> wanna fucking start castiels?? huh? 1v1 me irl bitch ಠ_ಠ
16:30 <Superplankofdeath> WHAT IF I AM ACTUALLY CEEB?
16:30 <YandereLemonade> Oh God it's getting late
16:30 <Eyeless Jack> NO CEEB
16:30 <Nightweaver2112> oh shit, im the only mod here?!
16:30 <Eyeless Jack> NOOOOO
16:30 <TheLegendOfAwesome> so you better make me a goddamn cake
16:30 <FriendlyJim> "The weather in Britain is always Sunni or Shi'ite. #CreepingSharia"
16:30 <Finneow> My aim is to get 500 edits before my anniversary 
16:30 <Finneow> Im on 478 right now
16:30 <Castiels Nipples> Really wanna go there? Lei, who you love mkore?
16:30 <Castiels Nipples> *more
16:30 <Eyeless Jack> WHAT IF, WE WERE STUPID?
16:30 <SOMEGUY123> ^
16:30 <Lei Omaki> uh...
16:30 <YandereLemonade> What if Satan was A FUCKING GOLFISH
16:30 <TheLegendOfAwesome> eyeless, we are
16:30 <Castiels Nipples> :33
16:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> HAH you cant spells
16:30 <SOMEGUY123> What if... YOLO
16:30 <Castiels Nipples> *spell
16:30 <Eyeless Jack> I know
16:30 <Mrchrisrocks23> *wink wink*
16:30 <YandereLemonade> He'll be alike 
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> what if i ask you all to stop the caps?
16:31 <Castiels Nipples> At least I can correct myself *wonkwonk*
16:31 <Finneow> /me unzips fake suit to reveal that i am patrick star.
16:31 <TheLegendOfAwesome> omg
16:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> (captcha)
16:31 <YandereLemonade> "Die "3 second memory* Die 
16:31 <FriendlyJim> My friend's Hal and Al made a business together and called it "Halal" #creepingsharia
16:31 <FriendlyJim> Lel
16:31 <Lei Omaki> why am i in this choosing situation?
16:31 <Eyeless Jack> /me unzips skin suit to reveal EVILLPATRIXXX
16:31 <YandereLemonade> WHY ARE WE EVEN ALIVE?!
16:31 <SOMEGUY123> What if... We are dead
16:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> *steps closer to lei*
16:31 <Castiels Nipples> Because you are my Lei
16:31 <TheLegendOfAwesome> lei, because logic
16:31 <Xrobotlove> Has anyone gotten the abuse filter bypass thing? I want it, just so I can edit the "spinoffs" that are already on the site and need to be edited
16:31 <YandereLemonade> WHY ARE WE EVEN CHATTING?
16:31 <TheLegendOfAwesome> and karma
16:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> 9gasp)
16:31 <Castiels Nipples> But HE says your his
16:31 <Mrchrisrocks23> (gasp)
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> yan
16:31 <SOMEGUY123> I have AbuseFilterBypass
16:31 <Eyeless Jack> I have Robot
16:31 <Nightweaver2112> enough caps
16:31 <Superplankofdeath> WHAT IF I DONT STOP THE CAPS
16:31 <Superplankofdeath> jfk
16:31 <YandereLemonade> Ok enough caps
16:32 <Xrobotlove> How'dja get it?
16:32 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yandere becuase fuck our social lifes
16:32 <Castiels Nipples> YAN YOU WENT TO FAR
16:32 <Finneow> /me makes a tp where evilpatrix diees
16:32 <Castiels Nipples> *too
16:32 <Eyeless Jack> Idk
16:32 <Castiels Nipples> Go away
16:32 <TheLegendOfAwesome> that's why we chat here
16:32 <YandereLemonade> lol
16:32 <Prodigyofstories> i can speak in my computer's binary.
16:32 <SOMEGUY123> What if plank will get banned for not stopping the caps!
16:32 <Castiels Nipples> Go. AWAY.
16:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> what if lei ls cheating on us castiels?
16:32 <Finneow> SG, I has rollback, ure move
16:32 <Lei Omaki> what if you'll get kicked by that statement Plank?
16:32 <Eyeless Jack> /me makes one to where he can never die and it can't be cancelled
16:32 <Mrchrisrocks23>
16:32 <Prodigyofstories> 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001
16:32 <YandereLemonade> To tell you the true meaning of life
16:32 <Nightweaver2112> dont post binary
16:32 <SOMEGUY123> SPAM
16:32 -!- HERROZAEL has left Special:Chat.
16:32 <Lei Omaki> what? no! that's absurd
16:32 <Castiels Nipples> kankri. wvho do you like better?
16:32 -!- FriendlyJim has left Special:Chat.
16:32 <Mrchrisrocks23> ಠ_ಠ explain yourself
16:32 <Superplankofdeath> what if i said jfk?
16:32 <Prodigyofstories> that means hello!
16:33 <Nightweaver2112> binary is against the rules
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> but den who was phonr
16:33 <Finneow> What if i was Jake English?
16:33 <Castiels Nipples> I would love you. ^^
16:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> what if red is yellow?
16:33 <Castiels Nipples> More
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> what if.....
16:33 <SOMEGUY123> Finn, I'm an admin on a wiki inside of the Creepypasta wiki network (Not this wiki)
16:33 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
16:33 <SOMEGUY123> UR move
16:33 <Nightweaver2112> i am phone
16:33 <Lei Omaki> i didn't even like chris
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> no bags
16:33 <Eyeless Jack> /me unzips Patrixx suit to reveal Eyeless again
16:33 -!- BubblegumButterfly has joined Special:Chat
16:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> I would loe you more than more
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> dun dun dun
16:33 <Castiels Nipples> :33
16:33 <Prodigyofstories> whats bad about binary
16:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> (gasp)
16:33 <Finneow> /me is Jake
16:33 <Mrchrisrocks23> (QQ)
16:33 <TheLegendOfAwesome> it's spammy
16:33 <Castiels Nipples> it's spam, prodigy
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> it is too long prodigy
16:33 <Finneow> /me gets 69 womens
16:33 <Xrobotlove> Now it says you need to ask a bureaucrat, not a sysop for the abuse filter bypass
16:33 <Superplankofdeath> and lags the chat
16:33 <TheLegendOfAwesome> hi bubblegum
16:33 <Nightweaver2112> its against the rules
16:33 <Prodigyofstories> oh
16:34 <Eyeless Jack> Ahh, I had it
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> thats whats bad.
16:34 <Eyeless Jack> Brb
16:34 <BubblegumButterfly> guys im using this account cause they are changing my name
16:34 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <SOMEGUY123> <-- i use dis
16:34 <Xrobotlove> I don't even know who else is a bureaucrat besides Maria
16:34 <Lei Omaki> why the fuck would i be in a relationship with someone i have neutral feelings with?
16:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> I saw the anne.jpg at school today :3
16:34 <Nightweaver2112> moose is
16:34 <Prodigyofstories> binary is demons and debuls 
16:34 <Mrtdark1> Hi
16:34 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Superplankofdeath> sloshed and cleric are bcrats
16:34 <SOMEGUY123> Cleric is a bureaucrat
16:34 <Mrtdark1> i might have cancer
16:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> I fucking hated it
16:34 <Castiels Nipples> you lovwe me, kankri. you knowv you do.
16:34 <Finneow> Wait, Do people with extra rights automaticly get abusebypass?
16:34 <Mrtdark1> i don't know tho
16:34 <YandereLemonade> The true meaning of life is death itself. We all play a vital role in society but what composes our minds? Souls, souls are the body's inner core for emotional reactions. So in that statement, it can also approve the idea that everyone is one person. You are a girl, you are a boy, you are an american, you are an african, You Are Obama. 
16:34 <Xrobotlove> moose, sloshed, cleric, and plat?
16:34 <Mrchrisrocks23> you slut :3
16:34 <SOMEGUY123> Finn, no
16:34 <Lei Omaki> so screw you i'll choose Cas over chris
16:35 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
16:35 <Castiels Nipples> :33
16:35 <Finneow> But whyyyy
16:35 <BubblegumButterfly> i shall now be known as Eyeless Jane!
16:35 <Lei Omaki> at least i can tolerate Cas than Chris
16:35 <SOMEGUY123> Because, Maria said so
16:35 <Castiels Nipples> (heart)
16:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> I'd slap you cas, but I'm alergic to slut and whore :3
16:35 <YandereLemonade> Eyeless Jane? Sounds foolish
16:35 <Castiels Nipples> Thank you, chris :D
16:35 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
16:35 <YandereLemonade> (gasp)
16:35 <Superplankofdeath> umm moosejuice is not bcrat is he?
16:35 <Lei Omaki> *allergic
16:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> ;3 your welcome
16:35 <Lei Omaki> *you're
16:35 <Nightweaver2112> afk, try not to burn this place down
16:35 <YandereLemonade> (okay) sigh
16:35 <SOMEGUY123> Finn, wanna go on Trollpasta chat and spam there? Its in to rules to spam if u want
16:35 <Xrobotlove> Idk, someone said he is
16:35 <Mrchrisrocks23> ಠ_ಠ two faced sihit
16:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> shit*
16:36 <BubblegumButterfly> guys!!!
16:36 <Finneow> inamin
16:36 <YandereLemonade> Yes?
16:36 <Castiels Nipples> Night, temp mod someone? it'll go to shit if you go
16:36 <BubblegumButterfly> im POTN
16:36 <Mrchrisrocks23> yes bubblebum?
16:36 <YandereLemonade> (what)
16:36 <Lei Omaki> only Maria can do that Cas
16:36 <YandereLemonade> What?
16:36 <Finneow> (jake)
16:36 <Lei Omaki> or any admin
16:36 <Nightweaver2112> >is not admin
16:36 <Castiels Nipples> Hmph
16:36 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
16:36 <Xrobotlove> I'm pot'n too
16:36 <Castiels Nipples> Right
16:36 <YandereLemonade> (jack)
16:36 <Castiels Nipples> Ok den
16:36 <YandereLemonade> (is)
16:36 -!- Mrchrisrocks23 has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <YandereLemonade> (you)
16:36 <Prodigyofstories> (gasp) ???? whats that whit thing?
16:36 <Finneow> Only systop and stuff can do that shizzle
16:36 <Superplankofdeath> does anybody have screen caps of F.U.C.K Y.O.U
16:36 <YandereLemonade> Shizzle snizzle drizzle spazzizle
16:37 <BubblegumButterfly> My names only changing so im on my new account
16:37 <Prodigyofstories> white and purple?
16:37 <Superplankofdeath> remember the troll guy?
16:37 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
16:37 <Eyeless Jack> back
16:37 <SOMEGUY123> Yo' Finn Finn, yo' commin'?
16:37 <YandereLemonade> Russian Troll guy?
16:37 <YandereLemonade> ???
16:37 <Finneow> I am coming
16:37 <Castiels Nipples> Why did he call me a slut, I wonder
16:37 <Eyeless Jack> POTN How you be?
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> troll?
16:37 <Superplankofdeath> yes fun cum
16:37 <Superplankofdeath> CUM
16:37 <Nightweaver2112> when?
16:37 <Superplankofdeath> FIN
16:37 <BubblegumButterfly> Eyeless, my name changing!
16:37 <Superplankofdeath> a long time ago weaver
16:37 <Lei Omaki> i don't know Cas
16:37 <Xrobotlove> its because of your glorious nipples, you get stereotyped
16:37 <BubblegumButterfly> Yay!
16:38 <Superplankofdeath> it was very funny
16:38 <YandereLemonade> TIME TO LEAVE THIS CHAT, SKATOOSH! (Remember Lemonades will kill you on your sleep)
16:38 <Castiels Nipples> Hm. I spose you're right, robot
16:38 <Xrobotlove> peace lemonz
16:38 <Superplankofdeath> he came in too chat and said '' hello my fellow faggots
16:38 <Eyeless Jack> YAY
16:38 <Lei Omaki> who plank?
16:38 -!- YandereLemonade has left Special:Chat.
16:38 <Superplankofdeath> '' i love big juicy dicks they taste so good''
16:38 <BubblegumButterfly> *kisses jack*
16:38 <Nightweaver2112> when was this?
16:38 -!- EatDaBaby has joined Special:Chat
16:38 <EatDaBaby> Hey
16:39 <Superplankofdeath> F.U.C.K Y.O.U aid those
16:39 <EatDaBaby> ummm
16:39 <EatDaBaby> super
16:39 <EatDaBaby> that's a pretty umm strange msg
16:39 <Eyeless Jack> /me NOMNOMNOM kisses back
16:39 <EatDaBaby> I never knew you liked that kinda thing
16:39 <Xrobotlove> I think that's it, everyone secretly thinks about your nipples, so they subconsciously stereotype you as a slut. it's sad, i know
16:39 <Superplankofdeath> and it was a couple of months ago i think
16:39 <EatDaBaby> (pokerface)
16:39 <Castiels Nipples> (heart) I knew there was a reason I liked you, robot
16:39 <EatDaBaby> .........
16:39 <BubblegumButterfly> wanna pm jack?
16:39 <EatDaBaby> I'm pretty confused
16:39 -!- YandereLemonade has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <EatDaBaby> is this a confessional booth?
16:39 <YandereLemonade> And Im back
16:39 <Castiels Nipples> all finished and stitched down <3
16:39 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Apperently Tom Clacy died 2 days ago
16:40 <EatDaBaby> Apparently, i already told you guys about that
16:40 <Eyeless Jack> Shore
16:40 <EatDaBaby> but, back to the subject
16:40 <EatDaBaby> plank
16:40 <TheLegendOfAwesome> apperently, i wasn't there
16:40 <YandereLemonade> Hey what is this thing? (BOOM)
16:40 <Lei Omaki> that is so cool Cas :3
16:40 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <EatDaBaby> Why were you talking about juicy dick?
16:40 <YandereLemonade> What
16:40 <YandereLemonade> Da
16:40 <YandereLemonade> Pak
16:40 <TheLegendOfAwesome> ^
16:40 <YandereLemonade> Juicy what?!
16:40 <Xrobotlove> Why WEREN'T you talking about juicy dick?
16:40 <Lei Omaki> oh god no
16:40 <EatDaBaby> He did say something about that
16:40 <EatDaBaby> I don't know why
16:40 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
16:41 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
16:41 <Eyeless Jack> ^^
16:41 <YandereLemonade> O_o
16:41 <Prodigyofstories> hi
16:41 <EatDaBaby> Because I'm not homo
16:41 <Eyeless Jack> :D
16:41 <YandereLemonade> How did this chat enter this route?
16:41 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yandere, logic
16:41 <Lei Omaki> why are we even talking about juicy dicks?
16:41 <TheLegendOfAwesome> that's how
16:41 <Nightweaver2112> idk, but lets stop
16:41 <EatDaBaby> When plank said '' i love big juicy dicks they taste so good''
16:41 <Xrobotlove> You don't have to have a specific sexual orientation to talk about juicy dicks, baby
16:41 <Eyeless Jack> Why arent we?
16:41 <YandereLemonade> Why not Tender Juicy
16:42 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i still think it sucks that Tom Clacy died
16:42 <YandereLemonade> I love that Hotdog brand
16:42 <Nightweaver2112> like, now.
16:42 <EatDaBaby> idk
16:42 <Castiels Nipples> I really wanna try Gamzee now.
16:42 <EatDaBaby> I think I'll show myself out
16:42 <Castiels Nipples> But
16:42 <YandereLemonade> Tom Clay what now?
16:42 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Tom Clacy
16:42 <EatDaBaby> but before that
16:42 <TheLegendOfAwesome> a wrighter
16:42 <Finneow> YES DO A GAMZEE NIPS
16:42 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
16:42 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
16:42 <EatDaBaby> /me licks castiels
16:42 <TheLegendOfAwesome> and made awesome games
16:42 <EatDaBaby> (bomb)
16:42 <Lei Omaki> but what Cas? and it pinged me Finn and Cas
16:42 <Castiels Nipples> I don't wanna fuck him up. Because he's made from suede
16:42 <YandereLemonade> Ok
16:42 -!- EatDaBaby has left Special:Chat.
16:42 -!- Superplankofdeath has joined Special:Chat
16:42 <TheLegendOfAwesome> like ghost recon, splinter cell, the new game the division, etc
16:43 <YandereLemonade> Guys did you know Gullible rhymes with rainbow. 
16:43 <TheLegendOfAwesome> he was only 66 years old
16:43 <Xrobotlove> Make a paper pattern first, if you don't already do that cas
16:43 <Castiels Nipples> I do. x33
16:43 <Eyeless Jack> NOMNOM
16:43 <YandereLemonade> Gullible also rhymes with silver, killer and Cock
16:43 <Xrobotlove> Aw good, well with a paper pattern, pins, etc as long as you're careful I'm sure you'll make a wonderfull Gamzee ^_^
16:44 -!- SOMEGUY123 has left Special:Chat.
16:44 <YandereLemonade> Goodnight friends
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> I'm gonna have to save my money up to get the suede, and felt and all that good shit
16:44 <Lei Omaki> cock? you mean chicken?
16:44 <Lei Omaki> bye Lemon
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> Aborted Hitler Cock
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> Thanks, robot :33
16:44 -!- YandereLemonade has left Special:Chat.
16:44 <Xrobotlove> bye bye lemons
16:44 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
16:44 <303G> hey guys
16:44 <Superplankofdeath> yay i was in that picture you posted castiel
16:44 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:44 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:44 <Superplankofdeath> i am happy now
16:44 <Finneow> Cas, You should sell them :)
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> Huh?
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> I can't fin
16:44 <Finneow> y
16:44 <Xrobotlove> I love crafts, sewing is fun
16:44 <Castiels Nipples> Hussie.
16:44 <Lei Omaki> aborted Hitler Chicken?
16:45 <Finneow> aww
16:45 <Castiels Nipples> I sell them, I'd have to charge out the ass, and part of my money would have to go to him
16:45 <Eyeless Jack> DAYUM GIUZE
16:45 <Castiels Nipples> No thanks
16:45 <Lei Omaki> WHAT JACK?
16:45 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
16:45 <Xrobotlove> The kitten I have with a mustache is named Biddy, so we call her Bitler and say "HEIL BITLER!"
16:45 <Lei Omaki> ?
16:45 <Adamcarl.castillo> brb getting something to eat
16:45 <BubblegumButterfly> who said chicken?!
16:45 <Lei Omaki> lel Robo xD
16:46 -!- Finneow has joined Special:Chat
16:46 <TheLegendOfAwesome> um
16:46 <TheLegendOfAwesome> lolwut
16:46 <Castiels Nipples> haha robo
16:46 <303G> hey can i ask you guys a question?
16:46 <TheLegendOfAwesome> sure
16:46 <Castiels Nipples> sure dude
16:46 <BubblegumButterfly> my chicken!
16:46 <Lei Omaki> ask away
16:46 <Finneow> Nips, I would so buy a  gamzee
16:46 -!- Nightweaver2112 has left Special:Chat.
16:46 <303G> so this girl i like she likes me too cause we always flurt but how should i pop the quetsion?
16:47 <Lei Omaki> *flirt
16:47 -!- Nightweaver2112 has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <Lei Omaki> *question
16:47 <Castiels Nipples> I would risk a fine and shit if I sold them without hussie's permission :/ Sorry, Finn
16:47 <Prodigyofstories> how long does it take for a story to be uploaded on the site after being created
16:47 <BubblegumButterfly> moar chicken!!!
16:47 <Castiels Nipples> Instantly, Prodigy
16:47 <TheLegendOfAwesome> 303 don't ask me, i'm forever alone
16:47 <Castiels Nipples> Well, 303
16:47 <Prodigyofstories> cant find mine,
16:47 -!- Coronado uchiha rd has joined Special:Chat
16:47 <303G> yesh nippples?
16:47 <Castiels Nipples> I was awkward asking my girl :/
16:47 <303G> oh
16:47 <Finneow> Kidnap her.
16:47 <Finneow> jk, Do it smooth, Engage in a normal convosation and then slip the question in
16:47 <Finneow> :)
16:47 <Castiels Nipples> Just get up your balls
16:48 <Coronado uchiha rd> Hi/
16:48 <Castiels Nipples> And ask her
16:48 <Lei Omaki> hi coro
16:48 <Castiels Nipples> Like Finn said
16:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> back
16:48 <303G> ok i shall tonight at 6:00
16:48 <Lei Omaki> wb Acie :3
16:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> I swear... microwave minutes are longer than regular minutes
16:48 <Coronado uchiha rd> good morning and afternoon
16:48 <Xrobotlove> BRB
16:48 <Adamcarl.castillo> thanks prof lei
16:48 <Castiels Nipples> Just don't do like I did.
16:49 -!- Superplankofdeath has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <303G> one more thing how do i tell her this is my fandome?
16:49 <Coronado uchiha rd> Hi Lei
16:49 <Castiels Nipples> No reason to?
16:49 <TheLegendOfAwesome> creepypastas?
16:49 <303G> yesh
16:49 <Castiels Nipples> x33
16:49 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
16:49 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <TheLegendOfAwesome> seems a bit normal
16:49 <BubblegumButterfly> who the fuck said chicken?!
16:49 <Lei Omaki> Acie can i ask you a question?
16:49 <Castiels Nipples> YOU FUCK CHICKES.
16:49 <303G> well its like 50
16:49 <Castiels Nipples> *CHICKENS
16:49 <TheLegendOfAwesome> don't know why she should be shocked or wierd
16:49 <Lei Omaki> it was me who said the magic word chicken
16:49 <TheLegendOfAwesome> it's just spooky stories
16:49 <303G> because this is my life on here 
16:50 <303G> reading and writing them
16:50 <303G> i live for this
16:50 <BubblegumButterfly> gimmi yo chicken lei!
16:50 <Lei Omaki> why Bubble?
16:50 <Finneow> If your going on a movie date with a girl/boy/whatever. Bring a bag of hershey's kisses. Then pop the question, If she looks at you like "omg" Just pull out the hershys and hand one to her.
16:50 <Finneow> "DATING ADVICE WITH FINNEOW :)" 
16:50 <Castiels Nipples> She wants to choke your chicken, Lei
16:50 <Adamcarl.castillo> Sure Prof Lei, ask me
16:50 <Lei Omaki> but i don't have a chicken
16:50 -!- ButherShy has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <ButherShy> Meow :)
16:50 <Lei Omaki> don't you have class Acie?
16:50 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh Finn. That's actually.... I wish I had done that >.>
16:51 <Lei Omaki> and hi Buther
16:51 <Adamcarl.castillo> I have class at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
16:51 <Castiels Nipples> Instead of, "are you saying what i think you're saying?"
16:51 <Adamcarl.castillo> I'm short session
16:51 <Castiels Nipples> And that going back and forth for like two hours
16:51 <Adamcarl.castillo> 3 hours
16:51 <BubblegumButterfly> my cutiemark is chicken!! chicken....
16:51 <303G> ok well what else is ging on?
16:51 <ButherShy> Haizzz! :) I ate like... 14 Lollipops today!!! So frekenz hyper right now!!
16:51 <ButherShy> MEOwwww
16:51 <Lei Omaki> oh :O
16:51 <Castiels Nipples> Did the same thing when she asked me to marry her. (facepalm)
16:52 <Lei Omaki> *pets Buther*
16:52 <BubblegumButterfly> i ate a whole pizza
16:52 <Finneow> in 2 seconds
16:52 <303G> ok then i gtg
16:52 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
16:52 <Lei Omaki> bye 30
16:52 <Adamcarl.castillo> Seafood tastes awesome
16:52 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <ButherShy> Mew~ :)
16:52 <ButherShy> *prrr
16:52 <Adamcarl.castillo> Mmmm Mussels
16:52 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Hi Gram
16:53 <Grammatik> Hi.
16:53 <BubblegumButterfly> then 20 lollypops
16:53 <Castiels Nipples> I'm hell on heels, say what you will, I done made the devil a deal... *hums*
16:53 <Adamcarl.castillo> HOOMAYGEE Oysters
16:53 <Lei Omaki> ugh, why do i have the feeling that my roommates are going to kill me with sheer cold from the aircon?
16:53 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
16:53 <Castiels Nipples> I liek da cold.
16:53 <TheLegendOfAwesome> oh god
16:53 <TheLegendOfAwesome> feels
16:53 <303G> ok im back 
16:54 <TheLegendOfAwesome> too many feels
16:54 <Castiels Nipples> 303 guess what?
16:54 <303G>
16:54 <303G> go like my page we have funny pics and music videos soon
16:54 <Grammatik> Nah
16:54 <Lei Omaki> i like cold but too much cold will make me cranky 
16:54 <Adamcarl.castillo> lolfail
16:54 <303G> what nipples?
16:54 <TheLegendOfAwesome> feels there, feels here, feels everywhere
16:54 <Grammatik> Use http:// you pleb
16:55 <Castiels Nipples> i wvish you luck in your romantic endeavwors 
16:55 <TheLegendOfAwesome>
16:55 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Cry Reads: World's Best School Psychologist - Duration: 16:24 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 4.982143 - Views: 301 -
16:55 <ButherShy> I like cold.... but only when im running... :) I neederz meh master
16:55 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Dis pasta
16:55 <303G> thank you i wonder am i the youngest here?
16:55 <303G> im 13
16:55 <Grammatik> I'm  15.
16:55 <Castiels Nipples> 17
16:55 <Lei Omaki> i'm 19
16:55 <Eyeless Jack> So, whats going on?
16:55 <TheLegendOfAwesome> 14
16:55 <Castiels Nipples> faku lei ;~;
16:55 <Eyeless Jack> im 16
16:55 <Adamcarl.castillo> 15 almost 16
16:55 <Nightweaver2112> 14.
16:56 <Lei Omaki> why Cas?
16:56 <Lei Omaki> ?
16:56 <Castiels Nipples> u older den me
16:56 <Castiels Nipples> ;~;
16:56 <Nightweaver2112> 14 and 11 months exactly...
16:56 <303G> one more thing?
16:56 <ButherShy> 16 anda1/2 
16:56 <Nightweaver2112> now
16:56 <Lei Omaki> physically older but mentally younger Cas *wink*
16:56 <Eyeless Jack> just kidding, 21
16:56 <ButherShy> :p
16:56 <Castiels Nipples> *wonk*
16:56 <ButherShy> MAtser!!! :D
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> one month exactly until my birthday
16:57 <Finneow> *honk*
16:57 <Lei Omaki> *pets Buther lightly*
16:57 <Grammatik> Happy early birthday. 
16:57 <303G> being the newb am i auto hated like on cod or what?
16:57 <ButherShy> *prrrrr* :))
16:57 <Finneow> Weaver, Its my 1 year anniversary in 10 days 
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> yay! XD
16:57 -!- MooseJuice has joined Special:Chat
16:57 <Lei Omaki> no 30
16:57 <TheLegendOfAwesome> no 303
16:57 <Lei Omaki> hi Moose :3
16:57 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <TheLegendOfAwesome> unless you're an asshat
16:57 <MooseJuice> TF2 servers are down.
16:57 <MooseJuice> Why. why.
16:57 <BubblegumButterfly> Moose?!
16:57 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Ohai moose
16:57 <Nightweaver2112> it was my 6 month anniversary here early september
16:58 <Grammatik> Unless you be a little jizzrag, I'm fine with you.
16:58 <TheLegendOfAwesome> long time no see
16:58 <MooseJuice> And now I go to college.
16:58 <303G> so is any one here in a gang? 
16:58 <MooseJuice> *no point in my arrival haha.
16:58 <Lei Omaki> ugh, college life ;~;
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> gu awai, moose :P
16:58 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <BubblegumButterfly> I. Hate. Mooses, they are evil creatures 
16:58 <Zyranne> Heyo
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> hey zu
16:58 <Adamcarl.castillo> "Hey Mom, I'm going to my room and play video games." "Okay Son" "I lied, I WAS GONNA STUDY!!" <--- Said no child ever
16:58 <Nightweaver2112> zy
16:58 <Grammatik> Hej Zy
16:58 <Zyranne> WILLOW
16:58 <Finneow> Hai Zy
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> she looked up at the sign 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> 'beware of the bear' 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> but this was a toy shop ?.... 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> suddenly the lights went out 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> a pair of red glowing eyes 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> was staring at her from the other side of the room 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> a thillish shriek was heard there were more eyes there were about ten pairs all stairing straight at _________ 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> she stepped back and tripped on a music box the lid flew open and the music started to play 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> "theres no hiding from me we see you now so dont run we will find you and then......."?! 
16:58 <Prodigyofstories> the lights flicked back on to reveal a giant .....................
16:58 <Zyranne> HEY!
16:58 -!- MooseJuice has left Special:Chat.
16:58 <Zyranne> Hi Finny
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> THE WALL
16:59 <Finneow> WALLO TEXTICALS
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> IT HURTS
16:59 -!- Prodigyofstories was kicked from Special:Chat by Nightweaver2112
16:59 -!- Prodigyofstories has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Lé wall of the text
16:59 <Lei Omaki> hi Zy :3
16:59 <Grammatik> WALL OF VAGINAL TEETH
16:59 <BubblegumButterfly> the wall of le chat
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> No
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> Dat was for gramm
16:59 <Zyranne> Hi Lei
16:59 <Lei Omaki> GRAMM, STOP
16:59 <Castiels Nipples> Zyrbby
16:59 <Lei Omaki> sweet jegus
16:59 <Zyranne> Heyyyyy Cas
16:59 <Adamcarl.castillo> "You little shit, it's 10 pm and you still aren't playing video games!" <----- said no mom ever
17:00 <303G> so what kind of music do you guys listen too?
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> mobile internet, how i hate thee
17:00 <Zyranne> EDM mostly, 30 
17:00 <Adamcarl.castillo> Hai Zyranne :3
17:00 <Zyranne> Hi Adam!
17:00 <Castiels Nipples> Rock, metal, country... das purty much it, 303
17:00 <BubblegumButterfly> Vocaloids
17:00 <Adamcarl.castillo> Obviously, Paramore is my jam
17:00 <ButherShy> ..... My violin concrert last night was awesome.. :P
17:00 -!- Rider of the light has left Special:Chat.
17:00 <Lei Omaki> i listened to all genres of music
17:00 <Nightweaver2112> im listening to feel good inc right now
17:00 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has left Special:Chat.
17:00 <Adamcarl.castillo> Rock music is awesome
17:00 <Grammatik> I'm into Punk, specifically Anarcho punk. I also enjoy metal and a wide range of electronic music. 
17:01 <BubblegumButterfly> My favorite is Hatsune Miku 
17:01 <303G> sorry for all the question i just wanna get to kno u all better
17:01 <Adamcarl.castillo> I listen to Paramore, paramore, and paramore... endlessly
17:01 <Grammatik> Hatsune Miku? Is that like, a singer. I've heard of her before.  
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> alright, this phone  is dying, so im gonna have to go
17:01 <Finneow> /me drinks 74 gallons of pure alcohol
17:01 <Adamcarl.castillo> bai weavz
17:01 <Finneow> /me is not even tipsy
17:01 <Nightweaver2112> cya ppl
17:02 <Finneow> I can handle my drink.
17:02 <ButherShy>  I like scremo, heavy metal, death metal, pop, and other stuff..... I play violin though..... MY conducter is a total perv..... Brrrr.......
17:02 <303G> cya
17:02 <Lei Omaki> bye
17:02 <Castiels Nipples> bai
17:02 <ButherShy> byez 
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> zy, you can stop chat from burning down
17:02 <Nightweaver2112> bai
17:02 <Zyranne> Will do!
17:02 <Grammatik> If it burns down
17:02 <Zyranne> bai Willow
17:02 <Finneow> /me burns down the chat
17:02 <Finneow> YOU CANT STOP IT ZY
17:02 <Zyranne> DAMN YOU FINN
17:03 <303G> is this chat always so alive?
17:03 <BubblegumButterfly> our conductor is a insane murderer 
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> or burn it yourself, i dont minf
17:03 <Lei Omaki> *tries to put out the fire*
17:03 <Nightweaver2112> *mind
17:03 <Zyranne> Now I'll have my mod rights taken away
17:03 <Zyranne> ;-;
17:03 <Finneow> /me gets zys mod powers
17:03 <Finneow> Cus fuck you karma
17:03 <Zyranne> Yey!
17:03 <Grammatik> /me smears shit on Finn
17:04 <Zyranne> *Reading swings into chat and takes it away again*
17:04 <303G> whatwhat is this
17:04 <Finneow> /me bans gram 5eva
17:04 <ButherShy> :P t-that's wonderful.... my conducter is a pedo.... he stroked my butt on my way to my seat and I "accidentaly" punched him in the stomach as hard as I could...
17:04 <303G> ha
17:04 <Grammatik> /me throws shit at finn
17:04 <Finneow> /me bans shit 5eva
17:04 -!- G Gamer has joined Special:Chat
17:04 <BubblegumButterfly> my one sniffs my hair
17:04 <Grammatik> I read hair as shit
17:04 <G Gamer> LAWL
17:04 <Grammatik> it got so awkward from there
17:04 <Adamcarl.castillo> "I like Bieber, 1D, and Rebecca Black... Lil Wayne is awesome" <--- whoever has this opinion has the worst case of every disease, and if this is ever a disease I'm sure it's got letters and they make pills for it
17:04 <Zyranne> That reminds me of myboss at the place I used to word ar
17:05 <Zyranne> @Buther
17:05 <Zyranne> *t
17:05 <Finneow> BURN THEM ACIE
17:05 <BubblegumButterfly> and grabs my boobs
17:05 <Zyranne> *at
17:05 <Finneow> BUN DEM
17:05 <G Gamer> lies
17:05 <Castiels Nipples> Kill dem
17:05 <Adamcarl.castillo> KILL THEM WITH FIREEE
17:05 <Castiels Nipples> KEEL DWM
17:05 <G Gamer> BEFORE THEY inherit my money
17:05 <Castiels Nipples> *DEM
17:05 <Lei Omaki> kill them all with the fiery flames of hell
17:05 <ButherShy> ..... Wear peperspray hairspray... Mwahahahahahahahaha and next time that creeper touches me, im going to let Echo out and she doesn't stop until blood touches the floor.... >_<
17:06 <G Gamer> speaking of killing my girlfriend went to the hospital with a broken rip and a busted skull
17:06 <G Gamer> shes ok now
17:06 <Lei Omaki> let not one of then escape
17:06 <G Gamer> rib*
17:06 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <Lei Omaki> oh dear, i hope she'll recover soon G
17:06 <Grammatik> Brb
17:06 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Zyranne> Buther
17:06 <G Gamer> its what she gets for touching my bacon
17:06 <Zyranne> tell someone about it
17:06 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <Lei Omaki> wtf G
17:07 <G Gamer> MY BACON >:U
17:07 <Zyranne> File his ass for sexual harassment 
17:07 -!- BubblegumButterfly has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <On It11> Zy what's going on
17:07 <Lei Omaki> ANSWER HER 30
17:07 <ButherShy> im sorry.... yes Zy? and I tried but he denys it ..... and im not rich enough to sue anyone
17:07 -!- BubblegumButterfly has joined Special:Chat
17:07 -!- BubblegumButterfly has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Zyranne> I see
17:07 <G Gamer> denies*
17:07 <Adamcarl.castillo> Speaking of girlfriend, my ex cried over my shoulder this afternoon after she found out her new boyfriend doesn't love her
17:07 <Finneow> TALK TO HER, And end it with a cat face :33
17:07 -!- BubblegumButterfly has joined Special:Chat
17:07 <G Gamer> not denys
17:07 <Zyranne> try to somehow record what he says
17:07 <On It11> zy what's going on?
17:07 -!- ButherShy has left Special:Chat.
17:08 <G Gamer> FUCK HER
17:08 <Adamcarl.castillo> ...
17:08 <Zyranne> 30, please calm the caps
17:08 <Zyranne> Buther has a perv conductor, 30
17:08 <G Gamer> sorry
17:08 <Finneow> Say to her "Take a Wild guess ;)"
17:08 <Zyranne> *On
17:08 <303G> ok ok
17:08 <Zyranne> (facepalm)
17:08 <On It11> 30 come down
17:08 <Zyranne> and please can we calm the caps?
17:08 <G Gamer> caps caps caps
17:08 <On It11> yep
17:08 <303G> ok ok i said it
17:08 <G Gamer> dammit caps, calm your tits
17:08 <Zyranne> cool
17:08 <On It11> lol
17:09 <BubblegumButterfly> when was jack last on??
17:09 <G Gamer> when he was of
17:09 <G Gamer> off
17:09 <G Gamer> if you know what i mean
17:09 <On It11> bubble u watch mlp?
17:09 <Zyranne> I misread that as 'jack off'
17:09 <BubblegumButterfly> yes
17:09 <303G> she replied with a with "me????" now what
17:09 <G Gamer> LAWL
17:09 <Adamcarl.castillo> A friend asked me, "What do you get when you let your heart win?" I answered him, Oreos, pizza, anda stereo with my RIOT! albums
17:09 <G Gamer> call her a bitch
17:09 <G Gamer> seriosuly
17:09 <On It11> what gender r u bubble (not trying to date u)
17:10 <G Gamer> lier
17:10 <Finneow> "How did you guess? :33" @303G
17:10 <BubblegumButterfly> girl
17:10 -!- ButherShy has joined Special:Chat
17:10 <On It11> k
17:10 <G Gamer> ^ lier
17:10 <303G> ok ok
17:10 <On It11> brb
17:10 <G Gamer> lies everywhere
17:10 <Castiels Nipples> Yes. Use my double mouth kitty.
17:10 <Castiels Nipples> It gets the gurls
17:10 <Adamcarl.castillo> so I gtg now guys
17:10 <Adamcarl.castillo> bye
17:10 <Castiels Nipples> by ac
17:10 <ButherShy> sorry.... my friend was being a butt..... now what were u saying Zy?
17:10 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
17:10 <Lei Omaki> bye Acie
17:10 <Adamcarl.castillo> Bai
17:10 <ButherShy> bai
17:10 <G Gamer> girls are boys, boys are boys, and little children are FBI agents
17:10 <Adamcarl.castillo> you guys keep rockin'
17:10 <303G> ok she said she always knew now what??/???
17:11 <Zyranne> I was saying how you should record what he says, Buther
17:11 <Zyranne> using a phone or something
17:11 -!- Adamcarl.castillo has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <G Gamer> alright step 1. dont ask people on the internet for answers for a problem
17:11 <BubblegumButterfly> kiss de girl!
17:11 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
17:11 -!- TheHolyOne has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <G Gamer> step 2. grow a brain and a pair to know what to say
17:12 -!- TheHolyOne has left Special:Chat.
17:12 <ButherShy> hrrmmmmm sounds like ap plan to me stanley.... My legs hurt.... really bad.... <^_^>
17:12 <G Gamer> step 3. fuck life because you fucked up on what you were going to say.
17:12 <Castiels Nipples> Anyway, just keep going. Use your brain man. Every girl is different.
17:12 <303G> ok
17:12 <BubblegumButterfly> step 4. kiss de girl
17:12 <Lei Omaki> use yer brain dude and man u[
17:12 <G Gamer> step 5. ignore dat mutha fucka
17:12 <Lei Omaki> *up
17:13 <Zyranne> step 6. Worship Satan
17:13 <Castiels Nipples>
17:13 <BubblegumButterfly> step 7. man the fuck up!
17:13 <ButherShy> _-_ uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
17:13 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <G Gamer> step 7. realize those WERE the droids and get force choked to death.
17:13 <On It11> Step 8. Kick some ass
17:13 <G Gamer> step 9. fuck your TV
17:13 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
17:14 <On It11> 10. Get a gun
17:14 <BubblegumButterfly> step 10. get some ass
17:14 <G Gamer> dont be why, really get down and dirty
17:14 <303G> ok well i told her how i felt
17:14 <G Gamer> shy*
17:14 <ButherShy> I feel bored...... S0meBerdy message me so I can talk without feeling superdyduper awkward...
17:14 <On It11> minee 11
17:14 <On It11> hi shy
17:14 <Castiels Nipples> 11: go hang out with moon moon because you fucked up.
17:14 <G Gamer> step 11. tell that bitch "im actually the FBI and you're under arrest"
17:14 <ButherShy> heeelooo On It 
17:15 <ScorchingShock> Back from lunch
17:15 <BubblegumButterfly> 12. go fuck the sun
17:15 <On It11> 13. Ask your mom if she's proud of u
17:15 <Castiels Nipples> 13: get yo dick burnt off
17:15 <G Gamer> step 14. fuck the sun some more!
17:15 <On It11> 15. You have cancer
17:15 <Castiels Nipples> 16: cuz you fucked the sun
17:15 <G Gamer> step 17. you found the cure too cancer.
17:15 <On It11> 18. Fuck a sheep
17:15 <Castiels Nipples> 19: Get sheep aids
17:15 <G Gamer> step 20: why is this still going
17:16 <Lei Omaki> step 21: i dunno
17:16 <BubblegumButterfly> 22. fuck luna
17:16 <303G> well she doesn't like me.................................................
17:16 <Zyranne> step 22. Ceiling Nick is always watching 
17:16 <G Gamer> step 23; SHOULD WE STOP!!
17:16 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh damn man
17:16 <Castiels Nipples> Tough luck :/
17:16 <BubblegumButterfly> 24. fuck pinkie
17:16 <On It11> 25.Fuck a chat member 
17:16 <Zyranne> 26. Have a chat orgy
17:17 <Castiels Nipples> there's other pussies at the pound,
17:17 <Finneow> Step 24. fap for ceiling nick
17:17 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
17:17 <G Gamer> step 25: realize cloppers are disgusting
17:17 <BubblegumButterfly> 27. fuck everyone
17:17 <On It11> 28. Fuck rainbow dash
17:17 <Castiels Nipples> 29: be completely lost
17:17 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:17 <G Gamer> step 30: im going to kill you all
17:17 <Tyranical Tyranis> Oh shit what the fuck is this fad/
17:17 <Tyranical Tyranis> .*
17:17 <On It11> 31. Your not a virgin
17:17 <Castiels Nipples> 31: and KI'll fuck the corpses
17:17 <Castiels Nipples> *I'll
17:17 <303G> now she doesn't wanna talk she just responds with t-
17:17 <Tyranical Tyranis> 32. You're*
17:18 <On It11> lol
17:18 <BubblegumButterfly> 32. try to fuck trxie
17:18 <Tyranical Tyranis> no
17:18 <Castiels Nipples> 303, sorry man :/
17:18 <Lei Omaki> *Trixie
17:18 <On It11> i hate trixie
17:18 <Castiels Nipples> You cant win them all
17:18 <G Gamer> step 33: realize your and you're are very different.
17:18 <Finneow> /me goes to an AOL Chatroom
17:18 <Finneow> /me regrets it
17:18 <On It11> 35. Watch mlp with bubble
17:18 <G Gamer> there an AOL chatroom?
17:18 <Castiels Nipples> 34: Realize nothing matters if the lights are off
17:18 <G Gamer> there's*
17:19 <Finneow> Im in the past :33
17:19 <303G> well i at least have my pastas 
17:19 <G Gamer> 35: i hate you all
17:19 <Lei Omaki> what's an AOL?
17:19 <ButherShy> -////-' okay I need to talk to someone so im not going through turning 50 shades of red...
17:19 <Tyranical Tyranis> /me hrep
17:19 <Castiels Nipples> Like I said, 303. There are plenty of pussies at the pound.
17:19 <On It11> screw u g
17:19 <G Gamer> you're too young to know what AOL is
17:19 <On It11> just playing dude
17:19 <Finneow> Whats a... Chatroom...?
17:19 <Finneow> jk
17:19 <Castiels Nipples> 50 Shades of Red: When BDSM Goes Wrong
17:20 <BubblegumButterfly> whats AOL?
17:20 <G Gamer> FUCK aol
17:20 <On It11> 38. Skip some steps
17:20 <Finneow> 50 Shades of Red: A Karkat x Kankri Fanfiction
17:20 <On It11> you don't know what aol is?
17:20 <Castiels Nipples> No.
17:20 <G Gamer> 39: fuck your bed because you have no real relationship.
17:20 <Castiels Nipples> Cronkri!
17:20 <CarcinoGenticist> no
17:20 <ButherShy> >//////////< ST0p with the dirty references!!! I canrt help that im a masochist!!! Meeeep
17:20 <On It11> 41. Fuck all characters on mlp
17:20 <Finneow> Vantacest
17:20 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
17:20 <Tyranical Tyranis> uh
17:20 <BubblegumButterfly> 67. skip loads
17:21 <Lei Omaki> did someone said some triggering words?
17:21 <On It11> 68. Question bubble
17:21 <Castiels Nipples> But... CRONKRI (TT)
17:21 <CarcinoGenticist> Yes Lei
17:21 <Finneow> That may be me :)
17:21 <G Gamer> 42: bronies i hate
17:21 <Finneow> KarKri
17:21 <Xrobotlove> I had to go so far back to read all of these "steps" as I was afk and had no idea what you guys were talking about.... reading it all didn't actually help.
17:21 <Castiels Nipples> CRONKRI
17:21 <On It11> 43. Troll rainbow dash
17:21 <ButherShy> >////////////< why... why?????????? 
17:21 <Finneow> JOHNKAT
17:21 <Lei Omaki> oh god, shipping wars *absconds*
17:21 <BubblegumButterfly> 69. screw applebloom
17:21 <Castiels Nipples> ^^ I SHIP IT
17:21 <Xrobotlove> You guys and your silly antics
17:21 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <G Gamer> C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!
17:22 <On It11> 70. Kill trixie
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> Both of those, actually. BubblexApplejack.
17:22 <G Gamer> we're done bro
17:22 <Finneow> What if
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> Applebloom
17:22 <ButherShy> "triggering words" needs a definition if you wouldn't mind Lei........ >///////////////////<
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> wtf
17:22 <BubblegumButterfly> wut?
17:22 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:22 <G Gamer> lets make a story, ill start it off and someone continues it.
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> ill trigger you, kankri.
17:22 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <G Gamer> there was once a little midget
17:22 <On It11> wtf
17:22 <Finneow> What if...
17:22 <Finneow> Mlp Characters Shipped with homestuck characters
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> Who fucked a dog
17:22 <Zyranne> Who ate shit and died
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> No
17:22 <BubblegumButterfly> 71. get her preggers
17:22 <303G> hey...thanx for being there when i asked for help i'll see you guys soon
17:22 <Castiels Nipples> Finn
17:23 <Castiels Nipples> No
17:23 <Xrobotlove> That dog's name was Margaret
17:23 <Castiels Nipples> np 303
17:23 <G Gamer> because zye was a dick
17:23 <Finneow> /me causes a sitstorm
17:23 <G Gamer> dont end it
17:23 <Zyranne> huehuehuehue
17:23 <G Gamer> >:(
17:23 <On It11> 72. Run away from the pregnant lady with the gun
17:23 <G Gamer> nu
17:23 <Zyranne> ;D
17:23 <On It11> :(
17:23 <Lei Omaki> *clears throat* triggering words such as sex, words that makes people uncomfortable, etc. blah blah blah yada yada
17:23 <Castiels Nipples> Pregnant ladies with guns are dangerous
17:23 <ScorchingShock> Hey
17:23 <G Gamer> *flips table* I SAID NUU
17:23 <ScorchingShock> Im back from lunch guys.
17:23 <Lei Omaki> there Buther
17:23 <BubblegumButterfly> 72. make sure bigmac dosnt know
17:23 <Castiels Nipples> Like me shipping Cronkri until the day I die.
17:24 <ScorchingShock> Did anyone see Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja?
17:24 <Castiels Nipples> hai scorch
17:24 <ButherShy> >////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////< o-o-okay........... 
17:24 <ScorchingShock> They've been confirmed real.
17:24 <Finneow> CELESTIA X KANAYA
17:24 <Finneow> *3 weeks later on tumblr there shipping KanEstia*
17:24 <Finneow> What have i done
17:24 <Coronado uchiha rd> lol
17:24 <Castiels Nipples> Buther stahp
17:24 <ScorchingShock> OH GOD
17:24 <ScorchingShock> Spam
17:24 <On It11> how old is anyone here anyway cursing and stuff
17:24 <Castiels Nipples> O_O
17:24 <G Gamer> hey
17:24 <ScorchingShock> Im 14.
17:24 <Finneow> NU
17:24 <Castiels Nipples> No age asking
17:24 <ButherShy> thank you Lei.... for defining it I mean..............
17:24 <Zyranne> Buther try not to stretch like that, please
17:24 <Finneow> NU
17:24 <G Gamer> no age telling
17:24 <Finneow> NO ASK AGE
17:24 <G Gamer> that is bad
17:24 <BubblegumButterfly> O.o
17:24 <Lei Omaki> and by triggering, you mean what cronus?
17:24 <ScorchingShock> No minimodding (troll)
17:24 <Castiels Nipples> You can tell your age
17:24 <ScorchingShock> .-.
17:24 <G Gamer> fuck you
17:24 <ButherShy> okay... sorry
17:24 <Zyranne> Thanks
17:24 <ScorchingShock> WOAH HEY WOAH
17:24 <BubblegumButterfly> 15 mofo
17:25 <On It11> g who u fucking
17:25 <Castiels Nipples> i think you knowv vwhat i mean, kankri. *wonk*
17:25 <Zyranne> 17, bitches
17:25 <G Gamer> ill do whatever the fuck i want
17:25 <Castiels Nipples> 17! w00t
17:25 <ScorchingShock> Me, OnIt.
17:25 <On It11> g your not a g
17:25 <303G> ?_{}l.,kop,m mk
17:25 -!- BubblegumButterfly has left Special:Chat.
17:25 <ButherShy> im super nervous so I wasn't trying to make all those slashes... 
17:25 <Lei Omaki> i'm sorry but i don't know what you mean cro
17:25 <G Gamer> ill bash ye fookin ead in, i sware it on me mum!
17:25 <ButherShy> it just happened
17:25 <ScorchingShock> Did anyone see Diggersby, Bunnelby's evo?
17:25 <Zyranne> 30, no spam
17:25 <Zyranne> please
17:25 <Castiels Nipples> ill showv you.
17:25 <On It11> ill throw u in a trash can g
17:25 <Lei Omaki> ?
17:25 <Finneow> Kankri X WV is the weirdest ship i have seen in a while 
17:25 <Coronado uchiha rd> good bye take care of the brides and grooms wiki o/ xD
17:25 <G Gamer> wow, g you are not g.
17:25 <Castiels Nipples> People ship that?
17:26 <Castiels Nipples> O_o
17:26 <On It11> yep
17:26 <On It11> so
17:26 <Castiels Nipples> Das weird.
17:26 <Lei Omaki> who's wv?
17:26 <G Gamer> G is my initials for my last name dumb shit
17:26 <On It11> Your ma
17:26 <Finneow> Wandering Vagabond
17:26 <Lei Omaki> oh
17:26 <G Gamer> quiet down hooker bag
17:26 <Lei Omaki> that's a crack shi[
17:26 <ButherShy> I hate turning red.... my friends think im doing something that im not...
17:26 <Lei Omaki> *ship
17:26 <G Gamer> like going SSj
17:26 <G Gamer> /
17:26 <On It11> thats not what your ma said G
17:27 <ButherShy> all my friends are dirty minded... All of them
17:27 <Finneow> /me ships PB&J
17:27 <Finneow> /me gets killed by tumblr
17:27 <G Gamer> really On? cause last time i checked, i most certainly said that to yours.
17:27 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
17:27 <Lei Omaki> guys guys, enougj
17:27 <On It11> 1v1 me G
17:27 <Lei Omaki> *enough
17:27 <Eyeless Jane> my new name!
17:27 <G Gamer> tell that bitch to come pick up your baby brother.
17:27 <Eyeless Jane> yay!!
17:27 <Castiels Nipples> das qt, finn.
17:28 <On It11> fight me g you ass hole
17:28 <Castiels Nipples> Tumblr will eat you alive over any ship xD
17:28 <Grammatik> .-.
17:28 <G Gamer> speaking of assholes, tell your dad why he didn't pull out on time.
17:28 <Lei Omaki> zy...
17:28 <Grammatik> OHOHOHO
17:28 <Grammatik> Zyranne.
17:28 <Lei Omaki> there's a fight here zy
17:28 <Zyranne> yep?
17:28 <Zyranne> where?
17:28 <Zyranne> Guys can you stop?
17:28 <ButherShy> gtg luv u guys.. :)
17:29 <On It11> i knew you were gay G I saw u fucking a hobo man
17:29 <Grammatik> People are arguing about their mothers and fathers
17:29 <G Gamer> as i was saying, she twerked and i said mahahaha turnt up
17:29 <Castiels Nipples> *whispers* cronkri *hides in hole*
17:29 <ScorchingShock> OH GOD
17:29 <ScorchingShock> DUAL TYPE ATTACKS GUYS
17:29 <On It11> i need to come dwn
17:29 <Finneow> Gram X Noah
17:29 <On It11> down
17:29 <ScorchingShock> *heartattack*
17:29 <Finneow> OTP
17:29 <G Gamer> On just shut up, you can't win.
17:29 -!- ButherShy has left Special:Chat.
17:29 <Grammatik> FIN FUCK OFF
17:29 <Finneow> :0
17:29 <Finneow> :)
17:29 <On It11> He'll no 
17:29 <Castiels Nipples> fin x noah x nips OTP
17:29 -!- G Gamer was kicked from Special:Chat by Zyranne
17:29 <On It11> hell no
17:29 -!- G Gamer has left Special:Chat.
17:30 <On It11> dang
17:30 <ScorchingShock> Hell no what?
17:30 <Finneow> Noah X Gram Kismeses 5eva
17:30 <On It11> idk
17:30 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:30 <Grammatik> FINN NO
17:30 <ScorchingShock> To the Dual-type Pokemon moves.
17:30 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Castiels Nipples> Actually Gram. That's accurate xD
17:30 <On It11> i need to come down I'm acting like an ass
17:30 <Grammatik> Finm I'm taken please fuck off for fucks sake
17:30 <ScorchingShock> Flying Press is a Flying/Fighting type move! *heartattack*
17:30 <ScorchingShock> THIS IS A BIG FUCKING STEP
17:30 <ScorchingShock> Why are you guys not making a huge deal over this
17:30 <Grammatik> Finn*
17:30 -!- G Gamer has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Finneow> Kismeses is where yer hate sum1
17:30 <Finneow> so  dont hate noah
17:31 <Zyranne> G, I told you to stop
17:31 <G Gamer> ducks, ducks everywhere
17:31 <Castiels Nipples> A kismesis is someone you HATE with every ounce of hate you have.
17:31 <Grammatik> I don't hate  him. I'm neutral. 
17:31 <On It11> G I'm sorry for callin you an ass and stuff
17:31 <ScorchingShock> Back to heartattack mode
17:31 <Castiels Nipples> xD
17:31 <G Gamer> hey zye, the best way to end it, IS TO NOT bring it up again.
17:31 <G Gamer> okay?
17:31 <Finneow> >dont hate him
17:31 <Finneow> >calls im a ***noodle at every chance
17:31 <On It11> finn who
17:31 <Tyranical Tyranis> G, I don't think you call the shots here...
17:31 <Zyranne> I was just informing as to why you were kicked
17:31 <Grammatik> I do it as a joke
17:31 <Finneow> *him
17:32 <Castiels Nipples> x33
17:32 <Zyranne> *you
17:32 <G Gamer> i know why i was.
17:32 <On It11> yo who
17:32 <Finneow> gotta go guys
17:32 <Castiels Nipples> Noah is my pretty poni. dunt h8 on him
17:32 <Castiels Nipples> byebye finny
17:32 <Lei Omaki> bye finny
17:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> Sky here is orange. Bad omen
17:32 <Finneow> If frozen joines, Give her a cookie from me :33
17:32 <Xrobotlove> Okay so changing the subject, remember when I said I have a kitten with a hitler mustache named Biddy, whom I call little Bitler?
17:32 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
17:32 <Xrobotlove>  Well, here she is, in action (being a nazi leader)
17:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> Hah.
17:32 <Castiels Nipples> awrh
17:32 <Tyranical Tyranis> I'm gonna go play Dark Souls
17:33 <On It11> zy how do u kick?
17:33 <Xrobotlove> She's the cutest little fuhrer ever ^_^
17:33 <Lei Omaki> robo xD
17:33 <Eyeless Jane> nergh! i need Jack
17:33 <Zyranne> Only mods and admins can kick, On
17:33 <ScorchingShock> What do you need me for?
17:33 <On It11> so u r an admin?
17:33 <G Gamer> im out
17:33 <Castiels Nipples> mod
17:33 <Zyranne> I'm a  mod
17:33 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
17:33 <On It11> o
17:33 <ScorchingShock> ZYRANNE
17:33 <Eyeless Jane> i meen Eyeless Jack
17:33 <ScorchingShock> DUAL TYPE MOVES CONFIRMED
17:33 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
17:33 <Zyranne> Nice :D
17:33 <On It11> i just played slenderman
17:33 <G Gamer> bye asserbotscials, thoust hast now hasen thouest dinner
17:33 <Grammatik> The sky  here is rainbow.
17:34 <ScorchingShock> The first official Dual-type move is the Flying/Fighting move Flying Press
17:34 -!- G Gamer has left Special:Chat.
17:34 <ScorchingShock> Im in heart attack mode
17:34 <On It11> g who?
17:34 <ScorchingShock> THIS IS A HUGE GODDAMN STEP
17:34 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
17:34 <Castiels Nipples> purty. too many buildings, though
17:34 <Grammatik> Lel
17:34 <Castiels Nipples> this be my sky. hold on i get picture
17:35 <On It11> pic of waht
17:35 <On It11> what
17:35 <Xrobotlove> the sky
17:35 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <Xrobotlove> which is also always my answer to "what's up?"
17:35 <On It11> i can go out side and look at it
17:35 <Grammatik> What I posted was the sky here at 6 am.
17:35 <ScorchingShock> LEIIIII
17:35 <On It11> when someone asks me "what's up" I say gas prices
17:36 <Xrobotlove> The sky near me gets pretty cool due to pollution and such :p
17:36 <Zyranne> Must...avoid...sexual joke
17:36 <Xrobotlove> I say "the skyyyy" in a daydreamy little kid voice
17:36 -!- Salve Regina has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <On It11> Zy lol
17:36 <Grammatik> I say "my dick"
17:36 <Zyranne> ^
17:36 <On It11> trololol
17:36 -!- Bombob5050 has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <Lei Omaki> goddammit gramm
17:36 <Zyranne> I was thinking it, Gramm xD
17:36 <Eyeless Jane> *cries* jack!
17:36 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <On It11> gram lol
17:36 <Eyeless Jane> tada!
17:37 <Grammatik> Jack who? Jack Off?
17:37 <Eyeless Jack> Jane 
17:37 <Eyeless Jack> !!
17:37 <Eyeless Jane> jack! see!
17:37 <Eyeless Jack> I see!!! I love it
17:37 <Zyranne> Jane.. (twitch)
17:37 <Eyeless Jane> pm again? ;)
17:37 <Lei Omaki> *shoosh paps Zy*
17:38 <Eyeless Jack> Shore
17:38 <Grammatik> This is like 3rd grade prom in which kids throw spaghetti at each other. 
17:38 <Zyranne> ^
17:38 <Grammatik> I read prom as porn, too.
17:38 <Zyranne> I misread that as porn
17:38 <ScorchingShock> lol
17:38 <Xrobotlove> I read that as porn
17:38 <Zyranne> NINJA'D
17:38 <Grammatik> HA.
17:38 <303G> Hello we are the aravda Colorado police department we had received a call for a suicide of a young 13 year old boy Max martin Baker it was reported he died around the time of 11:22 and 11:25 we understand he was in this chat room at the of death do any of you know the reason of he's death was there any bulling occurring     
17:38 <On It11> I'm recording this chat and putting it on youtube (for some reason) 
17:38 <Xrobotlove> apparently everyone did haha
17:38 <ScorchingShock> oh shit
17:38 <ScorchingShock> wall o text
17:39 <Zyranne> Let me know when you upload the video, On
17:39 -!- 303G was kicked from Special:Chat by Zyranne
17:39 <On It11> porn
17:39 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
17:39 <Zyranne> I've warned him before about walls
17:39 <Xrobotlove> Yeah what was 303 just doing?
17:39 <On It11> what did 30 do
17:39 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
17:39 <Zyranne> wall of text, On
17:39 <Grammatik> Add "Gramm is a cunt" to the desc when you upload. 
17:39 <Xrobotlove> Was that supposed to be a creepypasta or a troll bait?
17:39 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
17:39 <On It11> Ooook
17:40 -!- BRVR has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <On It11> bacon!!!!!
17:40 <Xrobotlove> hey brvr
17:40 <Zyranne> No idea, Robot
17:40 <On It11> how long do u get kicked
17:41 <Zyranne> you can come back straight after being kicked 
17:41 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
17:41 <Lei Omaki> honk
17:41 <Xrobotlove> kick<ban
17:41 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
17:41 <Bombob5050> Lol honk....
17:41 <On It11> Do u do like /ban then name?
17:41 <Zyranne> I use the user bar. I click on a user and click ban
17:42 <On It11> How do I me a mod?
17:42 <On It11> to ban peope
17:42 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
17:42 <On It11> 30! What p
17:42 <Castiels Nipples> apps are closed, on it
17:42 <ScorchingShock> Yea
17:43 <Castiels Nipples> <-- My sky
17:43 <Lei Omaki> no one can ever be a mod
17:43 <On It11> what r u guys on for this website I'm on iPad 
17:43 -!- Ayumi42 has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <Eyeless Jack> YEA
17:43 <Xrobotlove> oooo that's beautiful, nips
17:43 <ScorchingShock> I've been a mod before
17:43 <Eyeless Jack> LAPTOP BRAH
17:43 <Castiels Nipples> <-- Over the horses
17:43 <Castiels Nipples> Laptop
17:43 <Zyranne> Laptop
17:43 <Lei Omaki> laptop
17:44 <ScorchingShock> School desktop. :/
17:44 <On It11> r labtops taking over the world?
17:44 <Xrobotlove> macbook, laptop
17:44 <ScorchingShock> And at home, desktop.
17:44 <Castiels Nipples> I love were I live, robo
17:44 -!- Ayumi42 has left Special:Chat.
17:44 <Castiels Nipples> It's so pretty here
17:44 <Xrobotlove> its beautiful seriously
17:44 <Zyranne> my area's a shithole
17:44 <Castiels Nipples> I don't like living on a main road, though. I live right n a highway
17:44 <On It11> im on school internet 
17:44 <Xrobotlove> yeeeah, i live in philly, so.... haha
17:45 <Castiels Nipples> I live in Louisiana
17:45 <On It11> I live in Georgia 
17:45 <Castiels Nipples> In one of the most misrepresented parishes xD
17:45 <Xrobotlove> It's beautiful in it's own old, dirty city way though
17:45 <Zyranne> I live in Bershire, England 
17:45 <Zyranne> *Berkshire
17:45 <ScorchingShock> Florida here
17:45 <On It11> guys and gas I don't think we should just tell where we live they could rob us
17:46 <Lei Omaki> I live in the Phillipines
17:46 <Castiels Nipples> Someone does or says something remotely "redneck" Automatically, "What are you? From Livingston Parish?"
17:46 <On It11> i mean gals
17:46 <Castiels Nipples> (facepalm)
17:46 <Eyeless Jane> i live in Ye Olde London
17:46 <Zyranne> it's not like I'm going.. yeah... I live at 45 cock road, shitville
17:46 <ScorchingShock> I find being called a redneck an insult.
17:46 <Zyranne> come abduct me and shit
17:46 <Xrobotlove> I'm from San Diego but live in Philly.
17:46 <303G> Hello once more we do not appreciate the kicking this is a real investigation if you refuse to cooperate we will track email address  and contact the police department in your area so do any of you know about the death of the of Max Martin Baker that of which occurred between the time of 11:22 and 11:25   
17:46 <ScorchingShock> I feel like they're calling me stupid.
17:46 <On It11> Wall stuff
17:46 <Lei Omaki> wall
17:46 <Lei Omaki> again
17:46 -!- 303G was kicked from Special:Chat by Zyranne
17:46 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
17:46 <Castiels Nipples> Dat wal
17:46 <ScorchingShock> Wall. .-.
17:46 <On It11> holginthe wall
17:47 <Castiels Nipples> *wall
17:47 <Xrobotlove> who the fuck is max martin baker
17:47 <Zyranne> if he does it again it's a ban
17:47 <ScorchingShock> No idea Robot.
17:47 <Xrobotlove> is he trying to pretend he's a cop and he died?
17:47 <On It11> hole in the wall 3,2,1
17:47 <ScorchingShock> Probably some fake person. .-.
17:47 <On It11> who shock
17:47 <Xrobotlove> like he's trollpasta-ing
17:47 <Xrobotlove> I think that's worse than a wall
17:47 -!- Spartantemp has joined Special:Chat
17:48 <On It11> problem?
17:48 <Lei Omaki> we're gonna wreck that wall of text like a wrecking ball
17:48 <On It11> i troll people on minecraft
17:48 <Castiels Nipples> I came in like a WRECKIIING BALL!
17:48 <On It11> for a skin
17:49 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <On It11> are there any hackers here?
17:49 <Lei Omaki> nope
17:49 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
17:49 <Zyranne> That 20 person was saying how we were responsible for someone's death
17:49 <Zyranne> *30
17:49 <Zyranne> I think he's trolling us
17:49 <Zyranne> and 30, firstly
17:49 <Zyranne> no walls of text
17:50 <On It11> Awwwww he stole my troll
17:50 <Zyranne> and secondly, what you are typing can be considered spam
17:50 <Xrobotlove> Yeah, isn't pretending to be in trouble/ pretending to be a creepypasta entity etc against the rules anyway?
17:50 <Lei Omaki> again 30, READ THE FUCKING [[Chat Rules]]
17:50 <On It11> zy me to 30
17:50 <Castiels Nipples> When Miley Cyrus licks a sledgehammer while naked, it's "art". When I do it, I get kicked out of Lowe's. Shit ain't fair. ;~;
17:50 <On It11> lol
17:51 <Lei Omaki> i wonder why she licks the sledgehammer
17:51 <Castiels Nipples> I dunno. I am preoccupied by the injustice of it. ;~;
17:51 <On It11> Zy I thin yo should just ban 30 because I can tell he's about to do a wall text again
17:51 <Eyeless Jane> *licks knife and giggles*
17:51 <Xrobotlove> Yeah he's clearly typing right now
17:51 <Lei Omaki> too many people have been triggered by Miley Cyrus
17:52 <Zyranne> One more chance, One
17:52 <Bombob5050> Awww lucky.... School won;t let me have my knives...
17:52 <Castiels Nipples> I demand to be allowed to lick sledgehammers whilst naked at Lowe's!
17:52 <On It11> I help 
17:52 <Xrobotlove> I wonder what the next offense shall be, hmm
17:52 <Xrobotlove> and then maybe an array of socks
17:52 <Castiels Nipples> ^^
17:52 <ScorchingShock> 30 stop making up a death. It's not something to do.
17:52 <Zyranne> I think he's roleplaying
17:52 <Castiels Nipples> I am expecting a sock from him, too.
17:52 <On It11> ?
17:52 <ScorchingShock> Walls of text make it worse.
17:52 <Castiels Nipples> If he get's banned
17:52 <Xrobotlove> oh yeah that's the word I was looking for, zy
17:52 <Lei Omaki> *gives Cas a sledgehammer* here you go Cas, go crazy
17:53 <Bombob5050> So... How's everyone doing?
17:53 <On It11> whos cas?
17:53 <Castiels Nipples> Yey!
17:53 <On It11> good bomb
17:53 <Bombob5050> That's good
17:53 <Castiels Nipples> Moi
17:53 <Xrobotlove> Always thought that sounded like a japanese fish
17:53 <Spartantemp> sledgehammer for 30$ not bad
17:53 <Xrobotlove> Or hawaiian maybe
17:53 <Lei Omaki> Castiels Nipples On It11
17:53 <Zyranne> that's a Koi, Robot xD
17:54 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <On It11> i bet 30 is typing something long
17:54 <Lei Omaki> koi fish
17:54 <Little Blood504> Ello peoples
17:54 <Bombob5050> Hi
17:54 <Zyranne> Hi
17:54 <Lei Omaki> hi blood
17:54 <On It11> littlle blood what's going on dude
17:54 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <Castiels Nipples> I know what you are thinking, On It.
17:54 <On It11> it me remember 
17:54 <Xrobotlove> No I know koi, but moi pronounced in french just sounds like the name of a fish to me
17:54 <Little Blood504> Bored as hell in class
17:54 <On It11> me too
17:54 <Lei Omaki> oh Robo xD
17:54 <Castiels Nipples> "I love Nipples. She's the sexiest Nipple I've ever met"
17:54 <Xrobotlove> The moi fish, its sounds hawaiian...
17:55 <Xrobotlove> haha I'm weird, sorry
17:55 <Castiels Nipples> And you would be correct.
17:55 <Castiels Nipples> Those caps, tho
17:55 <Eyeless Jane> me and jake are now an item 
17:55 <Eyeless Jane> *jack
17:55 <Lei Omaki> no one gives a crap
17:55 <Little Blood504> Aw cute :3
17:55 <Castiels Nipples> I'll ask him >.>
17:55 <Little Blood504> Lol
17:55 <Spartantemp> why did the maker of the keyboard make caps lock? It has no purpose what so ever
17:56 <Castiels Nipples> I have his facebook.
17:56 <On It11> I didn't blood remember u didn't tell me
17:56 <On It11> yo left the cha that day
17:56 <Eyeless Jane> hes doing a test right now
17:56 <Xrobotlove> I had jack on the hook, if anyone has seen that episode of how i met your mother. You're probably on his hook now.
17:56 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
17:56 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
17:56 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
17:56 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
17:56 <Little Blood504> Well I'm telling you now lol. I'm a girl lol
17:56 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
17:56 <Castiels Nipples> I am of the female persuasion, as well.
17:56 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <Eyeless Jane> im a girl
17:57 <On It11> im a boy 
17:57 <Xrobotlove> I remember that by remembering Cas is like Cassie, a girl's name
17:57 <Zyranne> I'm both
17:57 <303G> ok the moderator has told me role is only to an extint 
17:57 <Castiels Nipples> x33
17:57 <Little Blood504> That's awsome Zyranne
17:57 <Xrobotlove> and Zy is a girll cuz she has Anne in her name
17:57 <On It11> Zyvand So you a shemale?
17:57 <Zyranne> Yeah, my real name is Anna Robot
17:57 <On It11> ?
17:57 <Zyranne> Not really, On
17:57 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <Xrobotlove> My little ways of remembering people's genders lulz
17:58 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Zyranne> but I have been called Anne as a nickname before x3
17:58 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <The-one123> hello frineds
17:58 <Brett.janovich> Hey:)
17:58 <Zyranne> Heyo One
17:58 <Xrobotlove> hey onesie
17:58 <Zyranne> Hi Brett
17:58 <Lei Omaki> people thought i'm a guy until i tell them that i'm a girl xD
17:58 <On It11> Sup brett
17:58 <Xrobotlove> with footies
17:58 <Little Blood504> Ello One
17:58 <Bombob5050> Hi 
17:58 <Zyranne> Same Lei
17:58 <The-one123> hello
17:58 <Brett.janovich> i was gonna say my name lol
17:58 <Castiels Nipples> Same, LEi.
17:58 <Castiels Nipples> Most assume I'm a guy xD
17:59 <Brett.janovich> i logged in using fb lol
17:59 <On It11> dance party!!!!!
17:59 <Xrobotlove> Lei, i thought you were a girl, then thought you were a guy, then realized you were a girl again XP
17:59 <On It11> XD
17:59 <Brett.janovich> i hope girls dont hit on me :(
17:59 <Xrobotlove> /me dances like its 1999
17:59 <On It11> i fee u dude
17:59 <Castiels Nipples> I only hit on lei, Brett.
18:00 <Castiels Nipples> *punches lei*
18:00 <Brett.janovich> im gay 
18:00 <Brett.janovich> im proud of it
18:00 <Castiels Nipples> dun care
18:00 <Bombob5050> Question. Is there a resriction on how gorey, and twisted pasta can be?
18:00 <Castiels Nipples> Not too much gore.
18:00 <Bombob5050> Pastas*
18:00 <On It11> im straight so
18:00 <Bombob5050> Ok
18:00 <Little Blood504> Gay people are awesome, I have a gay brother.
18:00 <Xrobotlove> not if you put NSFW, I think
18:00 <Lei Omaki> why did you do that Cas? ;~;
18:00 <Zyranne> I have a gay friend
18:00 <Brett.janovich> but whay i hate is straight guys that keep saying dont hit on me and they thik i dont knlow it when i do
18:00 <Little Blood504> VERY VERY TWISTED AND GOREY
18:00 <Castiels Nipples> To show my love
18:01 <Xrobotlove> The NSFW pages are my favorite
18:01 <Bombob5050> I have stories that made my friend vomit 5 times and had nightmares for 4 months ^^
18:01 <Lei Omaki> b-but, it hurts ;~;
18:01 <On It11> my friend is gay but he knows not to touch me low
18:01 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh. I'll make it beter ;)
18:01 <Brett.janovich> im watching the ben drowned story on youtube lol
18:01 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
18:01 <Brett.janovich> its so weird
18:01 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <Xrobotlove> I never watched the videos, I never got around to it
18:01 <Castiels Nipples> I'm pansexual. Since we are divulging sexual orientation >.>
18:01 <Zyranne> Gay people are such cuties
18:01 <Little Blood504> I agree Zy
18:01 <Brett.janovich> awwe
18:01 <Zyranne> c:
18:02 <Brett.janovich> u thbink im a cutie
18:02 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:02 <On It11> i agree too
18:02 <Zyranne> yus
18:02 <Xrobotlove> I used to think I was asexual until I met my current boyfriend
18:02 <Brett.janovich> awwwe yay
18:02 <Little Blood504> Yesh
18:02 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:02 <Brett.janovich> -smiles-
18:02 <On It11> :)
18:02 <Little Blood504> Haha :)
18:02 <Zyranne> I'm straight, but I have at times questioned myself being bi
18:02 <Bombob5050> Im like Bi/Pan or whatever... I only care about personality stuff and all that... Since we saying that stuff.
18:02 <Castiels Nipples> And I am engaged to the most amzing girl in the world. <3
18:02 <Brett.janovich> -gives u all d*ck shaped rainbow lollipops for a joke-
18:02 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
18:02 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:02 <Little Blood504> Omfg...XDDD
18:02 <Link Is Awesome> Hey.
18:02 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:02 <Lei Omaki> you don't have to punch me to show your love Cas
18:03 <Bombob5050> Hi
18:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <On It11> i let my pants hang low in the hood that how shit goes
18:03 <Zyranne> /me licks DAT lolly
18:03 <Castiels Nipples> Yes. I do,
18:03 <Brett.janovich> hey link
18:03 <Link Is Awesome> Does anyone here have SSBB?
18:03 <Zyranne> I do
18:03 <Little Blood504> Zy enjoys that loli xD
18:03 <On It11> ssbb?
18:03 <Link Is Awesome> Super smash brawl.
18:03 <Zyranne> Oh yus
18:03 <Castiels Nipples> Sagging pants in prison means you're receptive >.>
18:03 <Zyranne> HEY SKEELY
18:03 -!- EatDaBaby has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <Little Blood504> Wtf is that?
18:03 <EatDaBaby> Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo
18:03 <Xrobotlove> Same Shit Bifferent Bae
18:03 <On It11> ooo I do
18:03 <Link Is Awesome> Anyone wanna play with me?
18:03 <Link Is Awesome> i'm bored.
18:03 <Little Blood504> Oh
18:03 <EatDaBaby> I want to play a game
18:03 <On It11> i would
18:03 <Bombob5050> Hi LOLSKELETONS
18:03 <EatDaBaby> (saw)
18:03 -!- EatDaBaby has left Special:Chat.
18:04 <Link Is Awesome> I hope you don't me asking, but do you have a friend code?
18:04 <Link Is Awesome> I'm SO bored.
18:04 <On It11> wha you mean lik
18:04 <Little Blood504> Girl Code Guy Code Friend Code
18:04 <Xrobotlove> I hope you didn't think I was replying to you, blood
18:04 <Brett.janovich> i have facebook gmail skype hotmail myspace meetme yahoo youtube 
18:04 <Link Is Awesome> Well, what wii dop u have?
18:04 <Link Is Awesome> *do
18:04 <Xrobotlove> What about Keek and Kik?!?!
18:04 <Brett.janovich> i also got kik a
18:04 <Little Blood504> Oh no, I didnt even see you messege XRL xD
18:04 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:04 <Little Blood504> i HAVE A KIK!
18:04 <Xrobotlove> oh, okay you're okay then.
18:05 <Brett.janovich> i could kik u lol
18:05 <Lei Omaki> hi Skelly
18:05 <Little Blood504> What's your name??
18:05 <Little Blood504> on Kik
18:05 <On It11> i have a skype,ovoo,Facebook,yahoo,gmail, and youtube
18:05 <Brett.janovich> allenjanovich
18:05 <Xrobotlove> My kik and instagram are the same username as on here
18:05 <Castiels Nipples> I have a skype and a fb
18:05 <Link Is Awesome> Anyone? SSB? Doesn't matter if u don't.
18:05 <Brett.janovich> can add uguys :)
18:05 <Xrobotlove> although I just got the iphone 5 and havent downloaded either yet since I haven't used either in months
18:05 <Brett.janovich> u guys are like friends to me
18:05 <Lei Omaki> i has FB and Tumblr
18:05 <Brett.janovich>  have tumblr 
18:05 <Castiels Nipples> Oh, I has a tumblr, too
18:06 <Little Blood504> I just kiked you bret xD
18:06 <Brett.janovich> but i forgot it
18:06 <On It11> my name on sky is kool_kid1234
18:06 <Brett.janovich> my tumblr i believe is sidneyprescottfan16
18:06 <Xrobotlove> I think I have a tumblr with like naked pictures on it somewhere haha I didn't make it
18:06 -!- Coronado uchiha rd has left Special:Chat.
18:06 <Brett.janovich> or sidneyprescottforever idk i cant remember it
18:06 <Castiels Nipples> My tumblr is... castielsflamingnipples, i i recall
18:06 <Little Blood504> Im Shygirl504
18:06 <The-one123> i am in PM if anybody wants me
18:06 <Brett.janovich> i love u guys :)
18:07 <Brett.janovich> thanx for being so nice to me
18:07 <Lei Omaki> mine is gamzeelovesfaygoandyou xD
18:07 <Little Blood504> You never PMed me back One
18:07 <On It11> i havea tumblr is kool_kid1234
18:07 <Grammatik> My tumblr is Antischismatic.
18:07 <Little Blood504> No probs Brett :3
18:07 <Bombob5050> Lei
18:07 <Lei Omaki> what?
18:07 <Xrobotlove> fuckkkk i have so much shit to do today and I haven't done any of it. You guys are my favorite form of procrastination :p
18:07 <LOLSKELETONS> !test
18:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> LOLSKELETONS: Hai!
18:07 <Bombob5050> I love faygo... The store near my house sells it :)
18:07 <Little Blood504> Brett I kiked you lolz
18:07 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:07 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has joined Special:Chat
18:07 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <Link Is Awesome> I am as
18:08 <CarcinoGenticist> Facebook and Chat are my procrastinations
18:08 <Castiels Nipples> I get on my tumblr to pictures of TOm Hiddleston. *swoon*
18:08 <Grammatik> My Skype is the anal monsters with . In between each word.
18:08 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <Bombob5050> Hi LOLSKELETONS! How are you?
18:08 <LOLSKELETONS> Lei did you see that someone vandalized your userpage last night
18:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> aw hell nauw
18:08 <Link Is Awesome> SSB is all I'm doing...
18:08 <Link Is Awesome> D:
18:08 <Xrobotlove> aww i think jesse liked that, skelly
18:08 <Little Blood504> PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
18:08 <Brett.janovich> hey link im brett
18:08 <LOLSKELETONS> Hi, Bom
18:08 <Lei Omaki> yes, Finn told me Skelly
18:08 <Link Is Awesome> Hey Brett.
18:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> there can only be one link
18:08 <Xrobotlove> ooo what they do?
18:08 <Brett.janovich> yes brett janovich is my actual name
18:08 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:08 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:08 <Lei Omaki> i don't know that guy Skelly
18:08 <Link Is Awesome> one Link.
18:08 <Little Blood504> Little Blood here :)
18:08 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
18:08 <TheLegendOfAwesome> even though i'm a zombie pikachu at the moment
18:09 <TheLegendOfAwesome> There can only be one
18:09 <Little Blood504> Still, I LOVE Pikachu :)
18:09 <Eyeless Jack> Back
18:09 <Little Blood504> Hey Jackie :D
18:09 <Eyeless Jack> Yo
18:09 <Link Is Awesome> Link is the Hyrule hero and he isn't an elf, he's a hylian. :I Everyone thinks he's an elf.
18:09 <Castiels Nipples> Hey JAck
18:09 <TheLegendOfAwesome> /me chops links head off
18:09 <Link Is Awesome> *Lol*
18:09 <Eyeless Jack> Hey Cas
18:09 <Castiels Nipples> So. You and Jane huh? *wonkwonk* *nudgenudge*
18:09 <Bombob5050> I nervous to post any of my stories Dx What if people don't like them o.o
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> They will.
18:10 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> They'll like them.
18:10 <TheLegendOfAwesome> depends
18:10 <On It11> I'm back I laged out
18:10 <Brett.janovich> janovich is luthuanian and polish im also irish english and sottish and french
18:10 <Lei Omaki> why'd you ask Skelly?
18:10 <Eyeless Jack> *Happy sigh* Yep, go together like pease and carrots
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> I'm soooo boredah!
18:10 <Eyeless Jack> peas
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> :/
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> Pff...
18:10 <Little Blood504> IM BOOOOORRRREEEEDDD _-_
18:10 <Brett.janovich> i dont like jane the killers story 
18:10 <Link Is Awesome> (indeed)
18:11 <On It11> This is boring
18:11 <Link Is Awesome> I'm boooorrreeeedd...
18:11 <TheLegendOfAwesome> link, soon
18:11 <Bombob5050> I would play with you Link or something, but I am at school :(
18:11 <Little Blood504> Laughing Jack is my favorite
18:11 <Eyeless Jane> well hi brett!
18:11 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Soon
18:11 <On It11> im about to go on
18:11 <Link Is Awesome> Soon?
18:11 <Little Blood504> Im demented sorry ;P
18:11 <Xrobotlove> Yeah, I guess you don't need me anymore jack (QQ)
18:11 <Eyeless Jack> JANE
18:11 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:11 <TheLegendOfAwesome> meh, not really in to jane
18:11 <Grammatik> It would be better if it was Eyeless Jill
18:11 <TheLegendOfAwesome> and the creator is.....
18:11 <Eyeless Jack> You have a boyfriend (QQ)
18:11 <Brett.janovich> Jane do ik u
18:11 -!- EatDaBaby has joined Special:Chat
18:11 <Eyeless Jane> no...
18:11 <Brett.janovich> ok
18:11 <Bombob5050> I'm psychotic.... I was literally diagnosed as insane last year...
18:11 <Link Is Awesome> Not really into any of those. BEN Is my idle.
18:11 <EatDaBaby> /me licks jane
18:11 <TheLegendOfAwesome> well to be honest, a bit of an ass
18:12 <On It11> ?
18:12 <Brett.janovich> i hate jane the killer shes a bitchy killer 
18:12 <Eyeless Jane> i did but i dumped him
18:12 <Little Blood504> I AGREE WITH BRETT!
18:12 <Little Blood504> XDDDD
18:12 <Link Is Awesome> BEN.
18:12 <Xrobotlove> I know, but you've always been first on my hook jack, right on the back burner (QQ)
18:12 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:12 <Little Blood504> BEN!
18:12 <Link Is Awesome> BEN is best.
18:12 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:12 <EatDaBaby> /me licks jane
18:12 <Little Blood504> Jeffrey The Killer xD
18:12 <On It11> i agree blood
18:12 <Brett.janovich> ben is based on benjman burke 
18:12 <TheLegendOfAwesome> BEN is okay
18:12 <EatDaBaby> /me in her eye socket
18:12 <Bombob5050> BEN x Jeff o.o
18:12 <Eyeless Jack> BACK OFF HOE
18:12 <Eyeless Jack> SHES MINE
18:12 <EatDaBaby> but...
18:12 <TheLegendOfAwesome> untill errebody and there brother made a spin-off
18:12 <EatDaBaby> but...
18:12 <On It11> Got to go teacher raging
18:12 <Link Is Awesome> *Throws up at the word BEN X Jeff.*
18:12 <EatDaBaby> I checked her out at the library
18:12 <TheLegendOfAwesome> oh god
18:12 <Little Blood504> I have All around the mulberry bush as my ring tone
18:12 <Brett.janovich> Link thats sad
18:13 <Link Is Awesome> Not literally.
18:13 <EatDaBaby> I had my library card and everything
18:13 <Eyeless Jane> lets just stay in pm...
18:13 <TheLegendOfAwesome> /me throws up
18:13 <EatDaBaby> Wait
18:13 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:13 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:13 <EatDaBaby> my ringtone is rainbow bunchie
18:13 <Brett.janovich> im gay btw 
18:13 -!- SOMEGUY123 has joined Special:Chat
18:13 <SOMEGUY123> Yo'
18:13 <Brett.janovich> so me x jaeff
18:13 <Link Is Awesome> Oh.
18:13 <Bombob5050> Sally x BEN? or BEN x Jeff?
18:13 <TheLegendOfAwesome> good for you brett
18:13 <Brett.janovich> jeff*
18:13 <Eyeless Jane> sally x ben
18:13 <EatDaBaby> What about tingle x link?
18:13 <Bombob5050> Brett
18:13 <TheLegendOfAwesome> no
18:13 <Little Blood504> All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought it twas all in fun...
18:13 <EatDaBaby> but maybe
18:13 <TheLegendOfAwesome> nopenopenopedynope
18:13 <Brett.janovich> wat bob
18:13 <EatDaBaby> just maybe
18:13 <Lei Omaki> who's sally?
18:13 <Brett.janovich> bomb*
18:13 <Link Is Awesome> Link X BEN... BINK. xD
18:13 <Little Blood504> POP GOES THE WEASEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:13 <Grammatik> I don't leave people unless they leave me. I get too dependent on them and never let go. I get emotionally fucked and play LoL at 5 am while eating belgian chocolate Häagen Dazs in my room half naked when they leave me.
18:13 <EatDaBaby> jane x baby x jack x sally x everybody
18:13 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Sally.exe
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> Wait...
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> Ew.
18:14 <EatDaBaby> (megusta)
18:14 <SOMEGUY123> Jeff x Everyone!!!
18:14 <Bombob5050> I'm Bi, if I saw Jeff... I would hug him tight and tell him I love that beuatiful bastard 
18:14 <Eyeless Jack> lol
18:14 <TheLegendOfAwesome> ^^^ nope
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> Herobrine X Steve...awkward.
18:14 <Little Blood504> GO,TO,SLEEP.
18:14 <EatDaBaby> I can beat that one
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> No.
18:14 <EatDaBaby> obama x romney
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:14 <SOMEGUY123> Jeff discovers Rule 34
18:14 <Brett.janovich> bombbot id do the same thing
18:14 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:14 <Bombob5050> Herobirne x Notch
18:14 <Little Blood504> You Shouldn't Have Done That..
18:14 <Lei Omaki> alright guys, settle down with the ships
18:14 <Link Is Awesome> Shuddup. xD
18:14 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:14 <EatDaBaby> wait
18:14 <Grammatik> Gramm x Gramm otp
18:14 <EatDaBaby> just wait
18:14 <EatDaBaby> one more
18:14 <Little Blood504> Brb 
18:15 <EatDaBaby> naruto x sasuke
18:15 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> NO
18:15 <EatDaBaby> Just for funsies
18:15 <Brett.janovich> Hoodie X Masky
18:15 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
18:15 <Link Is Awesome> I should have done that. I'm cwever.
18:15 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:15 <Bombob5050> Gtg guys, see you all later!
18:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> None of that
18:15 <Tyranical Tyranis> Gramm you know that's poop
18:15 <Brett.janovich> bye
18:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> shame on you!
18:15 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <Spartantemp> as do I, later
18:15 <Grammatik> Tyr no
18:15 <EatDaBaby> moredecai x rigby
18:15 <EatDaBaby> maybe?
18:15 <Grammatik> Pls
18:15 <SOMEGUY123> NU
18:15 <Tyranical Tyranis> Gramm x Ty otp
18:15 <Brett.janovich> Jeff x Eyeless Jack
18:15 <Grammatik> NO
18:15 <EatDaBaby> lilo x stich
18:15 <Grammatik> NONONO
18:15 <Eyeless Jane> just remember guys, Hakuna Matata
18:15 <Tyranical Tyranis> ye
18:15 <SOMEGUY123> Da mordecizzle won't accept that
18:15 <Eyeless Jack> @Brett: Hoodie X Maskie X Jack
18:15 <Brett.janovich> Jeff x Slenderman
18:15 <EatDaBaby> spongebob x patrick
18:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> why are we thinking of inmaginary people having sex with other imaginary people
18:15 -!- Bombob5050 has left Special:Chat.
18:15 -!- Spartantemp has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <Eyeless Jack> Already done Brett
18:15 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
18:15 <EatDaBaby> Rule 34
18:15 <TheLegendOfAwesome> WHY
18:16 <EatDaBaby> never doubt it
18:16 <Grammatik> Tyr y must you hurt me so
18:16 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
18:16 <Link Is Awesome> Wait...stop shipping. 
18:16 <EatDaBaby> wait
18:16 <EatDaBaby> i got it
18:16 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:16 <Tyranical Tyranis> cuz it fun
18:16 <EatDaBaby> the best one yet
18:16 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i dun care about rule 34
18:16 <Grammatik> nUuuu
18:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Fuck rule 34
18:16 <EatDaBaby> miley cyrus x construction equipment
18:16 <Brett.janovich> wats rule 34
18:16 <EatDaBaby> google it
18:16 <303G> how do i make my profile picture?
18:16 <EatDaBaby> google image it
18:16 <EatDaBaby> without safesearch on
18:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> "if something exists, there's porn of it"
18:16 <Link Is Awesome> One more... Link...X Ganadolf.
18:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> that's rule 34
18:16 <EatDaBaby> mlp
18:16 <EatDaBaby> wait
18:16 <TheLegendOfAwesome> no execptions
18:16 <EatDaBaby> i got another one
18:16 <Link Is Awesome> e_0
18:17 <EatDaBaby> pikachu x ash
18:17 <SOMEGUY123> Does that mean that... THERE is porn of us!?!?!
18:17 <TheLegendOfAwesome> NO
18:17 <Link Is Awesome> Ew...
18:17 <TheLegendOfAwesome> yes
18:17 <SOMEGUY123> LOL
18:17 <Castiels Nipples> the actual fuck. I need to slap fin.
18:17 <SOMEGUY123> As we talk porn is being made
18:17 <303G> gross there pasta porn?
18:17 <EatDaBaby> you should totally look it up someguy
18:17 <TheLegendOfAwesome> probably
18:17 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <Eyeless Jane> Ben X Sally
18:17 <Lei Omaki> wb Skelly
18:17 <SOMEGUY123> Hai Skelly
18:17 <EatDaBaby> skeleton x someguy
18:17 <Link Is Awesome> There are these things called lemons...I strongly advise you don't google that.
18:17 <Brett.janovich> You shouldnt have done that..
18:17 <303G> gross internaet today is gross
18:17 <EatDaBaby> WILL SASSO
18:17 <SOMEGUY123> WTF EatDa
18:18 <Link Is Awesome> Will. xD
18:18 -!- CrashingCymbal has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <EatDaBaby> brb
18:18 <SOMEGUY123> HAI CYM!
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> A hoy hoy
18:18 <Brett.janovich> You have met a terrible fate havent you?
18:18 <Grammatik> CUM HI
18:18 -!- EatDaBaby has left Special:Chat.
18:18 <Link Is Awesome> Lemons?? Blargh!
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaaiiiiiii
18:18 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i'm gonna go cry in a courner now
18:18 <SOMEGUY123> Cumball!
18:18 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
18:18 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <Castiels Nipples> CRASHEH
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> I have most certainly not met a terrible fate thank you
18:18 <TheLegendOfAwesome> /me goes to the emo courner
18:18 <Grammatik> ^
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaaiiiiii SG, Gramm, Castiels
18:18 <303G> why are you all so gross
18:18 <Grammatik> FUCK
18:18 <Xrobotlove> oh cymba hiii
18:18 <Link Is Awesome> /me Slowly back away from the computer.
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaaiiiiiii Robot
18:18 <Zyranne> CRASHING
18:18 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
18:18 <Eyeless Jack> SO MANEH MESSAGES
18:18 <Grammatik> Groß = tall
18:18 <CrashingCymbal> Uh oh I;m stretching ue
18:19 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii Zyri
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> :D
18:19 <TheLegendOfAwesome> gram you can go to the emo courner with me too
18:19 <Grammatik> I'm 5' 8"
18:19 <The-one123> ok im back
18:19 <Zyranne> Heyo :D
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> !seen LOLSKELETONS
18:19 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> fuq
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
18:19 <Tyranical Tyranis> le
18:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
18:19 <Zyranne> He's here now, Crashing xD
18:19 <303G> *flips off other chat users for being so gross
18:19 <Link Is Awesome> Link is my hero. xD Not really. Actually, yes...
18:19 <Grammatik> I'm not that Groß.
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> !seen LOLSKELETONS
18:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw LOLSKELETONS 1 minute and 57 seconds ago.
18:19 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> oh
18:19 <SOMEGUY123> LOL
18:19 <Link Is Awesome> ??
18:19 <Xrobotlove> what's !seen
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> Shiet
18:19 <SOMEGUY123> Skelly PMd me
18:19 <Xrobotlove> !seen
18:19 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen  since I have been here!
18:19 <Xrobotlove> ohhh
18:19 <On It11> I have returned 
18:19 <CrashingCymbal> Jesse is blind
18:19 <Xrobotlove> i remember that one
18:19 <Brett.janovich> welcome back
18:19 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:19 <On It11> what I missed
18:19 <303G> hey on
18:19 <Link Is Awesome> Um...
18:19 <Brett.janovich> nothjing
18:19 <On It11> sup 30
18:19 <Link Is Awesome> Nothing.
18:19 <On It11> k
18:20 <Xrobotlove> you have to type someones name, right?
18:20 <Castiels Nipples> !seen HiImStab
18:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen HiImStab since I have been here!
18:20 <Castiels Nipples> ;~;
18:20 <TheLegendOfAwesome> !seen Wolfenmaus
18:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Wolfenmaus 16 hours, 7 minutes and 21 seconds ago.
18:20 <TheLegendOfAwesome> thank u
18:20 <Link Is Awesome> ;A;
18:20 <Brett.janovich> hes here
18:20 <303G> im bored as hell
18:20 <On It11> blood still here?
18:20 <The-one123> !seen Dogs 49
18:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Dogs 49 1 minute and 16 seconds ago.
18:20 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
18:20 <Brett.janovich> theyre coming for you 
18:20 -!- The-one123 has joined Special:Chat
18:20 <Xrobotlove> !seen yourmom
18:20 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen yourmom since I have been here!
18:20 <Link Is Awesome> *Is sitting watching my character standing still on SSB.
18:20 <TheLegendOfAwesome> robot
18:20 <Brett.janovich> u cant run u cant hide u cant escape ur fate
18:20 <TheLegendOfAwesome> really?
18:20 <Link Is Awesome> Bored. As. Hell.
18:20 <Lei Omaki> okay, who enabled the seen command
18:21 <TheLegendOfAwesome> just.... really
18:21 <On It11> fate from what?
18:21 <303G> link is right lets do something produtive
18:21 <Brett.janovich> death
18:21 <Xrobotlove> i had to (urgh)
18:21 <Link Is Awesome> Anyone for a game of SSB?
18:21 <Brett.janovich> from slenderman
18:21 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:21 <303G> what ssb
18:21 <TheLegendOfAwesome> super smash bros
18:21 <Link Is Awesome> Super Smash bros.
18:21 <Link Is Awesome> lol.
18:21 <303G> i am
18:21 <Link Is Awesome> :D
18:21 <TheLegendOfAwesome> ninja
18:21 <CarcinoGenticist> gotta go sleep
18:21 <CarcinoGenticist> laters
18:21 <Link Is Awesome> PM Me 30.
18:21 <Castiels Nipples> what the actual fuck ;~;
18:21 <On It11> i survived death I run from death and fight my fear straight on that's my moto
18:21 <CrashingCymbal> Skelly I PMd you (:])
18:21 <303G> ok
18:21 <Xrobotlove> bye karkat
18:21 <The-one123> random glomp time *glomps Zy* 
18:22 <Zyranne> *Hugs One* Heyo!
18:22 -!- CarcinoGenticist has left Special:Chat.
18:22 <CrashingCymbal> !seenoff
18:22 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
18:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i dun run from death
18:22 <The-one123> Hello CC
18:22 <Zyranne> Crashing x Skelly OTP
18:22 <Lei Omaki> bye Karkat
18:22 <Lei Omaki> hi Cym dahling
18:22 <CrashingCymbal> Yes Zyri
18:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> i kick him in the knee
18:22 <Castiels Nipples> bye kark
18:22 <Brett.janovich> zyranne
18:22 <On It11> Zy 
18:22 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:22 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Theone
18:22 <Zyranne> BEST PAIRING 
18:22 <CrashingCymbal> Leiton mah dahling how ah you toda
18:22 <The-one123> how is everyone this fine day
18:22 <CrashingCymbal> *today
18:22 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
18:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hey
18:22 <TheLegendOfAwesome> zy dun start it again
18:22 <The-one123> hello zack
18:23 <On It11> I'm a Christian what about u guys
18:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> the horrifying combinations
18:23 <Castiels Nipples> ZACK! *tackles*
18:23 <Xrobotlove> oh hello thar zack
18:23 <Castiels Nipples> I'm pagan, On It
18:23 <CrashingCymbal> I don't really have a religion.
18:23 <Zyranne> I'm Agnostic
18:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> pagan?
18:23 <CrashingCymbal> So to speak
18:23 <Castiels Nipples> /yes.
18:23 <On It11> ok 
18:23 <Lei Omaki> i'm doing fine Cym dahling how ah ya todahy?
18:23 <Xrobotlove> I'm into quantum theism
18:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey everyone, sorry I won't be on much until Saturday / Sunday
18:23 <The-one123> isnt religon talk not aloud
18:23 <CrashingCymbal> I just don't give a fuck tbh hahaha
18:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> only if it gets out of hand
18:23 <Lei Omaki> HI ZACK!!! *glomps*
18:23 <Brett.janovich> hi soldier im brett
18:23 <Castiels Nipples> It is usually allowed until it gets out of hand.
18:23 <The-one123> im jewish
18:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Lei! *glomps*
18:23 <Xrobotlove> which it usually does :p
18:23 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Christain
18:23 <On It11> *runnig from the rake* help!!!!
18:24 <Castiels Nipples> Zack ;~; you no said hi to me?
18:24 <The-one123> my name is christian but im jewish , i dont like my name
18:24 <Castiels Nipples> *sobs*
18:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi Casty :3
18:24 <Lei Omaki> ZACK!!! how are you? *hugs tightly*
18:24 <TheLegendOfAwesome> nothing wrong with the name christain
18:24 <TheLegendOfAwesome> aside from it also being a religion
18:25 <The-one123> Christian , not Christain
18:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm okay, I've just been able to get online
18:25 <TheLegendOfAwesome> close enough
18:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Internet is down at my house until Saturday / Sunday
18:25 <Castiels Nipples> My best friend/brother's name is Christian Isaiah.
18:25 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
18:25 <On It11> I don't see non thing wrong in the middle of the night
18:25 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I come online, check Quotev and so much damn drama :(
18:25 <Grammatik> Eh shit
18:25 <On It11> zack that is right
18:26 <Grammatik> Don't yiu like have h+ orn3g or 4g or some shit
18:26 <Grammatik> Or*
18:26 <On It11> nipples we need to finish those rules from earlier 
18:26 <Grammatik> fUcking n key
18:26 <Castiels Nipples> no
18:26 <Castiels Nipples> das old news
18:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Who you talking to Grammy?
18:26 <Grammatik> You
18:26 <Tyranical Tyranis> burn
18:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh, no I don't
18:27 <Brett.janovich> theirs a slenderman film
18:27 <Grammatik> Don't you have 3g or some shit. Oh.
18:27 <Grammatik> Wow
18:27 <The-one123> who is going to get pokemon X or Y
18:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yeah on my phone but I need credit for that and that takes money
18:27 <The-one123> im getting pokemon Y
18:28 <Grammatik> I have wasted over 1000 dollars for H+.
18:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> I'm getting X
18:28 <Grammatik> Fucking internet takes too much money.
18:28 <On It11> Minecraft pixcilmon
18:28 <TheLegendOfAwesome> Mega mewtwo and charizard X look badass
18:28 <The-one123> i like mega lucario
18:28 <The-one123> and absol
18:29 <Eyeless Jack> I must bid adeiu. Bai all
18:29 <The-one123> bye jack
18:29 <Xrobotlove> bye jack <3
18:29 <Tyranical Tyranis> /afk
18:29 <Grammatik> Read that as ashol. Asshole, I thought. 
18:29 <Tyranical Tyranis> fak
18:29 <Grammatik> LOL
18:29 <Castiels Nipples> u trying to do this, tyr?
18:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye
18:29 <Eyeless Jack> Bai Robot
18:29 <Eyeless Jack> <3
18:29 -!- TheLegendOfAwesome has left Special:Chat.
18:29 <Link Is Awesome> SSM anyone?
18:30 <Link Is Awesome> SSB
18:30 <Link Is Awesome> Sorry.
18:30 <On It11> i have a picachu,mewto,hunter,and a piplup
18:30 <The-one123> SSB is awesome
18:30 <On It11> I know right
18:30 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
18:30 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
18:30 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
18:30 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
18:30 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
18:30 <Link Is Awesome> Anyone wanna play with me?
18:30 <Link Is Awesome> Anyone at all?
18:30 <The-one123> MetaKnight for the win
18:30 <On It11> look at it
18:30 <303G> so hows everyones day
18:30 -!- ScorchingShock has left Special:Chat.
18:30 <Xrobotlove> It hasn't seemed like it, link
18:30 <Brett.janovich> good
18:30 <Link Is Awesome> Link FTW.
18:31 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:31 <On It11> Great
18:31 <The-one123> Lucario is also FTW
18:31 <303G>  nice
18:31 <Castiels Nipples> pretty poni
18:31 <303G> no
18:31 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:31 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
18:31 <Link Is Awesome> *Sigh* I am so...bored. I think ive said that too many times already.
18:32 <Castiels Nipples> yush
18:32 <Castiels Nipples> Pretty poni
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> ponehs.
18:32 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <On It11> Why this chat is dying
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> Yesh.
18:32 <On It11> i mean wow
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> Yep.
18:32 <Brett.janovich> i love rainbow dash from my little pony
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> Wow.
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> D:
18:32 <Xrobotlove> I love louis C.K.'s bit on how ponies are actually total dicks
18:32 <SOMEGUY123> Because, chat is love
18:32 <The-one123> i dont like MLP
18:32 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
18:32 <Link Is Awesome> Looove.
18:32 <CrashingCymbal> Love is chat
18:33 <Link Is Awesome> Chat is love.
18:33 <Link Is Awesome> and randomness.
18:33 <On It11> i hate rainbow dash
18:33 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Link Is Awesome> I do not like MLP. 
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> I fucking love Thursdays
18:33 <Link Is Awesome> Me too bro.
18:33 <Xrobotlove> robot is love, loverobot robotlove
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> No college. Fuck yeah.
18:33 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:33 <Brett.janovich> i love bratz and strawberry shortcake and some of barbie and care bears
18:33 <Castiels Nipples> I prefer fridays
18:33 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Little
18:33 <Little Blood504> Elloz I have returned
18:33 <SOMEGUY123> I fucking hate mondays
18:33 <Little Blood504> Hey Zack
18:33 <Link Is Awesome> Me too.
18:33 <Brett.janovich> and i love horror films
18:33 <Castiels Nipples> I want to devour the unborn
18:33 <CrashingCymbal> I got to go out and buy my Heisenberg Halloween Costume today :D
18:33 <Little Blood504> Me to!
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> *goes to rustle up some eggs*
18:34 <Link Is Awesome> What you all dressing as?
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> /me breaks Castiels eggs
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> Daughter.
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> Not allowed to do halloween ;~;
18:34 <Little Blood504> I love horror movies, it's like all I watch
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> We are vegans
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> No daddeh
18:34 <Lei Omaki> oh no, Cas is rustling the eggs' jimmies! D:
18:34 <Brett.janovich> im going as jeff the killer for halloween
18:34 <Link Is Awesome> Can you guess mine?
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> No eggs
18:34 <Little Blood504> Damn it brb!
18:34 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:34 <The-one123> if i can afford it i will buy a Madara costume
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> mai eggz
18:34 <CrashingCymbal> Now rustle up some celery for breakfast pls
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> ;~; okei
18:34 <Eyeless Jane> hey brett, your going to love me!
18:34 <Xrobotlove> My boyfriend and I are dressing up as Adventure Time characters, either Finn and Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Fiona, Finn and Marceline, or Jake and Lady Rainicorn
18:34 <Castiels Nipples> *rustles up celery wif peanut buttah*
18:34 <Link Is Awesome> I'm going as Link. Lol. xD
18:35 <Link Is Awesome> Poop, too maqny Links...
18:35 <CrashingCymbal> Finn is best AT pimp
18:35 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Link Is Awesome> *many
18:35 <The-one123> what about Finn and Flame princess
18:35 <Link Is Awesome> Adventure time...come on gather your friends...
18:35 <CrashingCymbal> Yo. Attention everyone
18:35 <Brett.janovich> jane why would i love u
18:35 <Xrobotlove> I don't think I can become orange or flame-y :(
18:35 <Brett.janovich> jane srry to tell u this but im gay
18:35 -!- Furbearingbrick has joined Special:Chat
18:36 <Castiels Nipples> I'm not allowed to do halloween. I have to do my Samhain ritual in secret, too.
18:36 <Xrobotlove> *grab
18:36 <SOMEGUY123> HAI FUR
18:36 <CrashingCymbal> I wanna encourage a few people to take up Rollback duties and start becoming VCROCs
18:36 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:36 <Xrobotlove> the theme song always plays in my head when people refer to finneow as finn, which is always
18:36 <CrashingCymbal> We could seriously do with a few more of those seeing as it's only me and 414 atm.
18:36 <Link Is Awesome> *Yawn*
18:36 <On It11> I lagged again
18:36 <Xrobotlove> I wish I could but I haven't been here long enough :(
18:36 <Tyranical Tyranis> Oh look its Fur
18:37 <Tyranical Tyranis> Hi Fur
18:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I hate having no internet at home :(
18:37 <SOMEGUY123> Skelly was here earlier
18:37 <The-one123> hey , Fur is on , i didnt notice
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Fur
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> Indeed he was
18:37 <Furbearingbrick> I'm thinking about starting a new Advice Animal thingy: Creepypasta Fandumb thingy
18:37 <SOMEGUY123> Said some pretty interesting stuff in PM
18:37 <The-one123> Hello Fur
18:37 <Link Is Awesome> *Sigh* *Tosses on sofa* I wanna plaaay...argh.
18:37 <Link Is Awesome> D:
18:37 <Link Is Awesome> Wa.
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> He did?
18:37 <SOMEGUY123> Yep
18:37 <On It11> What happened
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> I just Pmd him there thanking him for all his help and support.
18:37 <CrashingCymbal> If it wasn't for Him and Reading I would not be the user I am today.
18:38 <SOMEGUY123> Wanna see the message Cym
18:38 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
18:38 <SOMEGUY123> K
18:38 <Tyranical Tyranis>
18:38 <CrashingCymbal> PM it to me
18:38 <Brett.janovich> cumbya my lord cumbya
18:38 <Furbearingbrick> I've seen some pretty stupid crap in the fandom, usually from MH fans.
18:38 <On It11> mh?
18:38 <SOMEGUY123> Cym, PM
18:38 <Furbearingbrick> Marble Hornets
18:38 <On It11> o
18:38 <On It11> zy y u dead
18:39 <Zyranne> NOU
18:39 <Zyranne> Oh hai Fur
18:39 <Furbearingbrick> And then there are the people who think they own Slenderman. Sigh.
18:39 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has left Special:Chat.
18:39 <CrashingCymbal> I goddit SG
18:39 <Brett.janovich> Ranne:L)
18:39 <Xrobotlove> How do you become dead btw, I've never bothered to ask anyone or figure it out
18:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hi zy
18:39 <Castiels Nipples> go afk
18:39 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Zy* :3
18:39 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
18:39 <Zyranne> Heyo Zack
18:39 <Xrobotlove> like with a / ?
18:39 <On It11> Blood your back!
18:39 <Little Blood504> Everyones calling me fat. Haha x#
18:39 <Brett.janovich> wb blood
18:39 <Little Blood504> x3
18:39 <Little Blood504> Thanks Brett
18:39 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:39 <On It11> hi fat
18:40 <Brett.janovich> yw
18:40 <Little Blood504> Thanks It11
18:40 <On It11> im confused (as always)
18:40 -!- Furbearingbrick has left Special:Chat.
18:40 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:40 <Little Blood504> *On It11
18:40 <The-one123> *randomly hugs Fur* you are so awesome
18:40 <Little Blood504> ITS NATIONAL HUG DAY TODAY!
18:40 <On It11> just call me phil that's my online name for now on
18:41 <CrashingCymbal> It is?
18:41 <Eyeless Jane> *hugs everyone*
18:41 <Little Blood504> Alright Phil
18:41 <CrashingCymbal> holai shit
18:41 <Little Blood504> Yes it is
18:41 <Little Blood504> *Hugs Jane*
18:41 <On It11> *hug random perso* happy NHD
18:41 <Brett.janovich> <<< listen to this lol
18:41 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: (Creepypasta Mix) Eminem Vs. Marilyn Manson - Go To Sleep Vs. Sweet Dreams - Duration: 04:56 - Uploaded: 2013-01-24 - Rating: 4.933884 - Views: 9,648 -
18:41 <Link Is Awesome> *Throws wii controller across the room.* Argh!
18:41 <Little Blood504> You alright Link? xD
18:41 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:41 <Link Is Awesome> Yes...
18:41 <SOMEGUY123> Old shame skelly, old shame :(
18:42 <Xrobotlove> Alrighty I gotta go, I have so much shit to do today and haven't done any of it *le sigh*
18:42 <Link Is Awesome> Everything is going SWELL.
18:42 <The-one123> link be getting his ass kicked in SSB
18:42 <On It11> *hug link* turn that frown upside down
18:42 <Xrobotlove> bye bye everyone
18:42 <SOMEGUY123> I thought i was posting this in Cym's PM
18:42 <SOMEGUY123> FUCK
18:42 <Xrobotlove> <3
18:42 <CrashingCymbal> lel
18:42 <SOMEGUY123> XD
18:42 <CrashingCymbal> SG u stoopid
18:42 <Little Blood504> What's wrong Link?
18:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye Robot
18:42 <SOMEGUY123> NO U
18:42 -!- Xrobotlove has left Special:Chat.
18:42 <CrashingCymbal> brb cunties
18:42 <Little Blood504> *hugs everyone* Love you guys! Haha
18:42 <Link Is Awesome> *Sigh* *Picks up controller and plays SSB on single player again.*
18:42 <The-one123> link is getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter
18:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Okay Cym
18:43 <On It11> .
18:43 <On It11> ?
18:43 -!- Chaossy has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Eyeless Jane> jack is so hawt..
18:43 <Chaossy> I'  baack!
18:43 -!- Shadowfox.miller has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Chaossy> I'm*
18:43 <CrashingCymbal> im beck 
18:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Chaossy
18:43 <CrashingCymbal> heh
18:43 <On It11> I don't know what to say fat love u too or ok?
18:43 <Link Is Awesome> Uhhhrrgghh...
18:43 <Chaossy> Hey Zeck.
18:43 <On It11> ok
18:43 <Shadowfox.miller> Hi 
18:43 <Chaossy> ...DAMNING CRASHING!
18:43 <CrashingCymbal> Guys Dilemma
18:43 <CrashingCymbal> Should I liste to.
18:43 <Shadowfox.miller> hello 
18:43 <CrashingCymbal> fuck i fucked that up
18:43 <Chaossy> Hey fox.
18:43 <Link Is Awesome> God...dangit! *Throws controller again*
18:43 <On It11> Peanuts
18:43 <Castiels Nipples> i want
18:44 <Castiels Nipples> Chikin
18:44 <Shadowfox.miller> wat wth 
18:44 <CrashingCymbal> Should I listen to...
18:44 <Chaossy> Hey Castiels.
18:44 <CrashingCymbal> Kanye West or Radiohead
18:44 <Eyeless Jane> like, so hawt...
18:44 <Castiels Nipples> hey chao
18:44 <On It11> #link is rage quiting
18:44 <Link Is Awesome> 0__0
18:44 <Link Is Awesome> yes.
18:44 <Little Blood504> Eaasssyyy Jane xD
18:44 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
18:44 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
18:44 <Chaossy> My eyes hurt
18:44 <Link Is Awesome> My brain hurts...
18:44 <Castiels Nipples> my ass hurts.
18:44 <On It11> im confused again
18:44 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:45 <The-one123> is your brain not comprehending how much link sucks in SSB
18:45 <Shadowfox.miller> Anyone wanna talk w me 
18:45 <Little Blood504> XD
18:45 <Chaossy> Who wants to watch completely random that involves anime?
18:45 <Link Is Awesome> *Link gets his butt kicked again.*
18:45 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Little Blood504> I'll talk with you Shadow
18:45 <Shadowfox.miller> nyan 
18:45 <Link Is Awesome> God...argh.
18:45 <Brett.janovich> hgey shadow
18:45 <Brett.janovich> :)
18:45 <Link Is Awesome> I quit. T_T
18:45 <Shadowfox.miller> yay thx little blood504 
18:45 <The-one123> if you want to win play as a charicter that is actualy GOOD at fighting 
18:45 <Chaossy> I'll set up a group pm for it.
18:45 <Link Is Awesome> Link IS good!
18:45 <The-one123> not in SSB
18:46 <Shadowfox.miller> lol link hehe 
18:46 <Link Is Awesome> I'm just a crap player.
18:46 -!- SkyeRaid has joined Special:Chat
18:46 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah sorry about that Castiels :|
18:46 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:46 <Shadowfox.miller> ok 
18:46 <Shadowfox.miller> um hello 
18:46 <Little Blood504> So whats up Shadow?
18:46 <Link Is Awesome> G-g-g-T_T
18:46 <SkyeRaid> Sup xD
18:46 <Shadowfox.miller> not much u 
18:46 <The-one123> i am a Amazing player and link is the only charicter i have lost to a jiggleypuff with
18:46 <Link Is Awesome> XD
18:46 <Chaossy>
18:46 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: (Mostly Mattroks101's) Best of AMV Hell Tennis 2 - Duration: 16:30 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 88 -
18:46 <Chaossy> :)
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> Link is the best character.
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> But...
18:47 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> that's my opinion.
18:47 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <Little Blood504> Bored in class
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> um sure link is cool
18:47 <SkyeRaid> Gram is on >.> 
18:47 <Chaossy> After watching this a third time, I will trip balls :P
18:47 <On It11> I keep lagging out!
18:47 <The-one123> no Lucario and Metaknight are the best
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> Pff...
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> awwcool aww sucky 
18:47 <Brett.janovich> yay
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> wat funny 
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> :( Link failed me...AGAIN.
18:47 <Brett.janovich> she left
18:47 <SkyeRaid> Lucas bish
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> huh
18:47 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <Brett.janovich> jane left thank god
18:47 <SkyeRaid> amd ph
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> wth 
18:47 <Brett.janovich> oh goid
18:47 <On It11> alex what's up
18:47 <Brett.janovich> shes here
18:47 <Shadowfox.miller> who is 
18:47 <SkyeRaid> That's mean and me?o.o
18:47 <Link Is Awesome> Jane.
18:48 <Little Blood504> You dont like Jane Brett?
18:48 <Chaossy> Jaannneeee si here.
18:48 <Zyranne> huehuehue
18:48 <Shadowfox.miller> jane huh
18:48 <SOMEGUY123> One day I was in my tip-top seckyness, then spongebob didn't like my secksyness, then I invaded bikiny bottom with my secksyness
18:48 <SOMEGUY123> ^2spooky4me
18:48 <Chaossy> >si
18:48 <Chaossy> lul
18:48 <On It11> alex it's me
18:48 <Link Is Awesome> Um...
18:48 <SkyeRaid> Zy!:D amd ,e who
18:48 <Link Is Awesome> ...??
18:48 <SkyeRaid> and me*
18:48 <Zyranne> Heyo Skye
18:48 <On It11> from yesterday
18:48 <Shadowfox.miller> umuh hum 
18:48 <SkyeRaid> Oh oh xD Hi
18:48 <Link Is Awesome> Heya! *Swipes sword and falls off edge...again.*
18:48 <Shadowfox.miller> nyan 
18:48 <Little Blood504> Brb
18:48 <SkyeRaid> Pfft >.>
18:48 <Shadowfox.miller> ok 
18:48 <Chaossy> I love link's voice acting 
18:48 <On It11> im bored
18:48 <Link Is Awesome> T_T
18:48 <Chaossy> /trolling
18:48 <Link Is Awesome> me too.
18:48 <Chaossy> (trollface)
18:49 <Shadowfox.miller> I'm confused
18:49 <Chaossy> (troll)
18:49 <Chaossy> ....wat.
18:49 <Shadowfox.miller> This is tricky 
18:49 <SkyeRaid> Dark link is better xD
18:49 <Link Is Awesome> I think Link is TRYING to get his butt kicked.
18:49 <Shadowfox.miller> huh u mean Ben 
18:49 <Chaossy> Zyranne, what is the emote for trollface? :P
18:49 <Link Is Awesome> T_T
18:49 <On It11> *trolloing Chaossy*
18:49 <Link Is Awesome> BEN?
18:49 <Shadowfox.miller> wat 
18:49 <SkyeRaid> No, dark link.
18:49 <Link Is Awesome> nonono...
18:49 <Brett.janovich> jane i wont love u
18:49 <The-one123> yah if i was link i would want to die to
18:49 <SkyeRaid> Ben is someone else.
18:49 <Zyranne> we don't have a trollface emote
18:49 <Shadowfox.miller> yea Ben he's like links evil half 
18:49 <Link Is Awesome> Exactly.
18:49 <Chaossy> damn it lol
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:50 <Shadowfox.miller> lol yea 
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> Right, I'm going to try one more time...
18:50 <The-one123> BEN was a ghost of a boy haunting a zelda game 
18:50 <The-one123> not link
18:50 <Eyeless Jane> ehh. i just did the username666, ahh i uhh
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> Link had better win...
18:50 <SOMEGUY123> !test
18:50 -!- Little Blood504 has left Special:Chat.
18:50 <Chaossy> Jane, that exists?
18:50 <Brett.janovich> hmmm,
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> (mario) (luigi)
18:50 <Chaossy> I thought it was a myth...
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> lol.
18:50 <Eyeless Jane> ahh
18:50 <Shadowfox.miller> Wat 
18:50 <Brett.janovich> (mario)
18:50 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:50 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:51 <Chaossy> Is it? I'm confused right now.
18:51 -!- Salve Regina has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <Brett.janovich> (slenderman)
18:51 <Shadowfox.miller> me to
18:51 -!- SkyeRaid has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <Eyeless Jane> it is...
18:51 <Brett.janovich> (slender)
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> There needs to be an emote for Link.
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> (pacman)
18:51 <On It11> Bacon
18:51 <Brett.janovich> (ben)
18:51 <Chaossy> Alright. If I don't respond in 10 minutes, I'm dead.
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> Ben.
18:51 <Eyeless Jane> it went all, bleh
18:51 <Brett.janovich> (jeff)
18:51 <Brett.janovich> (smile)
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> OMG...
18:51 <On It11> no not jeff brett
18:51 <Shadowfox.miller> Yea I now but he looks like link
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> I won! :3
18:51 <Link Is Awesome> Yes!!
18:51 <On It11> lol
18:51 <Shadowfox.miller> cool
18:52 <The-one123> ok guys i gtg 
18:52 <Brett.janovich> (jeff) (jeff) (jeff)
18:52 -!- Winters1001 has joined Special:Chat
18:52 <Chaossy> how many times do I have to refresh?
18:52 <Link Is Awesome> nuuuu...
18:52 <The-one123> bye bye all , see you tommarow
18:52 <Winters1001> Hello everyone.
18:52 <Chaossy> hey Winters.
18:52 <Link Is Awesome> Bye bye.
18:52 <Link Is Awesome> D:
18:52 -!- The-one123 has left Special:Chat.
18:52 <On It11> GOVTO SLEEP
18:52 <Winters1001> See ya 123.
18:52 <Link Is Awesome> Gov?
18:52 <On It11> GO TO SLEEP
18:52 <Link Is Awesome> No. :3
18:52 <Shadowfox.miller> um 
18:52 <Winters1001> You say it wrong.
18:52 <SOMEGUY123> GTG bye
18:52 <ClericofMadness> Ladies
18:52 <On It11> government 
18:52 <Eyeless Jane> Mom!
18:52 <ClericofMadness> The book arrived to me
18:52 <Chaossy> Hai Cleric.
18:52 <Chaossy> What book?
18:52 <SOMEGUY123> CLERIC!
18:52 <Winters1001> It's; Go. To. Sleep.
18:52 <Brett.janovich> (ben) (jeff) (ben) (jeff)
18:52 <On It11> nooooooooooooo
18:52 <Brett.janovich> lol
18:52 <Shadowfox.miller> up .....
18:53 <On It11> brett stop trollin
18:53 <Brett.janovich> ok
18:53 <Brett.janovich> srry
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> Link kicks butt.
18:53 <Winters1001> You have to have the spacing.
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> lol.
18:53 <Chaossy> Jane, how many times do I have to refresh?
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> Me never swears.
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:53 <SOMEGUY123> GTG bye
18:53 <Brett.janovich> bishu
18:53 -!- SOMEGUY123 has left Special:Chat.
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> Bye...
18:53 <Chaossy> bey gui
18:53 <On It11> GTA5
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> Cooldecai.
18:53 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:53 -!- Shadowfox.miller has left Special:Chat.
18:54 <Brett.janovich> RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION
18:54 <Castiels Nipples> I never fucking swear. Swearing is fucking terrible. And those damned shiteaters that only say fucking? Fucking horrible, man.
18:54 <Chaossy> ^
18:54 <Eyeless Jane> Mommy! its too scary!
18:54 <Zyranne> Ifucking know right
18:54 <Link Is Awesome> The thing that really narks me off is that people sometimes say Link is an elf...He's a freaking HYLIAN.
18:54 <On It11> Minecraft x-box edition
18:54 <Brett.janovich> Hi jane
18:54 <Link Is Awesome> T_T
18:54 <Link Is Awesome> Urgh...
18:54 <On It11> i thought link was an elf till now so yeah
18:55 <Link Is Awesome> Lol.
18:55 <Link Is Awesome> I know everything about him...
18:55 <Link Is Awesome> xD
18:55 <ClericofMadness> But yeah
18:55 <On It11> whats link age
18:55 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
18:55 <ClericofMadness> I have the proof of the book
18:55 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
18:55 <Castiels Nipples> CLERIC
18:55 <Castiels Nipples> *bows*
18:55 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
18:55 <Link Is Awesome> Link is 15.
18:56 <Brett.janovich> brb
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> Ha ha ha.
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii Cleric
18:56 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <On It11> Does link have a girlfriend
18:56 <Zyranne> Cleric
18:56 <ClericofMadness> Sup ho
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> Yes.
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Wb ZZ Top
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> Maybe...
18:56 <Zyranne> that book you posted on facebook
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> Cleric I ain't nobody's ho
18:56 <ClericofMadness> Yeash?
18:56 <On It11> umm is link gay. Yes
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> No.
18:56 <Zyranne> I WANT ET
18:56 -!- On It11 was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
18:56 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <ClericofMadness> Good.
18:56 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <Zyranne> Thanks Crashy
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> nou 
18:56 <CrashingCymbal> bad
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> I'm now sad.
18:56 <Link Is Awesome> :(
18:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks Cym
18:57 -!- On It11 has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Link Is Awesome> lol.
18:57 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> Anytime
18:57 <On It11> Lol I got kicked
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii Andy
18:57 <Chaossy> I'm bored 
18:57 <Zyranne> ANDEH
18:57 <Castiels Nipples> ANDY! *glomps*
18:57 <CrashingCymbal> Yeah do't say "gay" offensively please.
18:57 <ClericofMadness> ANDY IS A MEANIE
18:57 <Chaossy> Time to an abridged series of Doctor Who.
18:57 <Link Is Awesome> Link is know whjat.
18:57 -!- Andytags has left Special:Chat.
18:57 -!- Andytags has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Link Is Awesome> *what
18:57 <Chaossy> Time to make an abridged series of Doctor Who*
18:57 <Link Is Awesome> T_T
18:57 <Eyeless Jane> ahh, never let me do that thing again!
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> brb
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> Gotta fix my keyboard
18:58 <Link Is Awesome> Epic chaos!
18:58 <On It11> at first I was like What!!! But then I just started laughing 
18:58 <Chaossy> lol Jane.
18:58 <Link Is Awesome> :D
18:58 <Chaossy> thx Linky poo.
18:58 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:58 <Zyranne> Cleric, you manage the cp wiki facebook page, don't you?
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> Okay back.
18:58 <Link Is Awesome> OMG...I won again!
18:58 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
18:58 <On It11> being kicked isn't as bad as u guys said it was
18:58 <Link Is Awesome> It is...
18:58 <CrashingCymbal> Oh, I should tell you all about my latest idea.
18:59 <Zyranne> a kick gets the point across
18:59 <Zyranne> and the first step towards a ban
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> I was once kicked for saying butter instaid of budder. :/
18:59 <CrashingCymbal> You know the way November is a month to raise awareness for men's cancer?
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> *instead
18:59 <ClericofMadness> Movember
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> Lol jk.
18:59 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> I wasn't really. I love everyone here. 
18:59 <CrashingCymbal> Well, seeing as I can't grow a mustache.
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> :3
18:59 <Zyranne> I thought Movember was to do with mustaches :l
18:59 <Brett.janovich> back
18:59 <On It11> Ban. How many others have them. Ban one that we rage on. Let's get banned, banned. Remix
18:59 <Link Is Awesome> Wait...
19:00 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <Link Is Awesome> No...
19:00 <CrashingCymbal> I decided that for Halloween, I'm gonna dress up as Heisenberg. 
19:00 <Chaossy> hai Lei.
19:00 <Link Is Awesome> Thanks.
19:00 <CrashingCymbal> Try raise some money for it. 
19:00 <Link Is Awesome> I'm dressing up as Link...
19:00 <Zyranne> I'm dressing as BEN for halloween
19:00 <Grammatik> Baking Bread doe
19:00 <Link Is Awesome> Obviously. <------
19:00 <CrashingCymbal> To shave my head and all that with my own money
19:00 <Link Is Awesome> My username says it all.
19:00 <CrashingCymbal> And use the money donated to give to cancer research
19:00 <Zyranne> Originally I was gonna go as Smile Dog
19:00 <Zyranne> but it'd be too difficult
19:00 <On It11> I'm going as jeff the killer for Halloween 
19:00 <Chaossy> I'm going to roam the streets of Portland and take selfies of me and people dressed up.
19:00 <Brett.janovich> lol
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> lol
19:01 <Zyranne> lol
19:01 <CrashingCymbal> And remain bald for the month of November, after dressing up as Heisenberg for halloween.
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> How will u go as BEN though?
19:01 <Brett.janovich> i wanted to be death
19:01 <Grammatik> I'm going as myself . I look scary the way I am. 
19:01 <CrashingCymbal> How does it sound? Good? Bad?
19:01 <Brett.janovich> but i dont anymore
19:01 <Zyranne> Order a Link costume
19:01 <Brett.janovich> i choose  jeff
19:01 <Brett.janovich> :)
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> Surely you'd need black eyes like me...
19:01 <Chaossy> Death as in, Final Destination death?
19:01 <On It11> I'm going as jeff the killer for Halloween 
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:01 <Zyranne> and make my eyes look like it's bleeding 
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> :3
19:01 <Zyranne> maybe splatter some red paint on myself
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> Okai then.
19:01 <Eyeless Jane> im gunna do smiledog!
19:01 <Chaossy> ^
19:01 <Link Is Awesome> :D
19:02 <Link Is Awesome> Halloween rocks. Even if I'm older now. xD
19:02 <On It11> its a scream suit that has stuff that looks like blood
19:02 <Zyranne> I'm 17...and I'm doing halloween this year xD
19:02 <Zyranne> Only because my friends are
19:02 <On It11> XD
19:02 <Eyeless Jane> im gunna dress up us cupcake pinkie for haloween
19:02 <Grammatik> Eyeshadow makes me look scary. And feminine. 
19:02 <ClericofMadness> Aww how adorable
19:02 <Link Is Awesome> I'm...I keep my age secret for safety reasons, you know.
19:02 <Zyranne> Eyeshadow mades you look badass
19:02 <Link Is Awesome> I'm too much of a wuss.
19:02 -!- Little Blood504 has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <Zyranne> *makes
19:02 <ClericofMadness> GUYLINER
19:02 <On It11> Im going to be dr.Phil lol
19:02 -!- Sarracen has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:03 -!- Sarracen has left Special:Chat.
19:03 <Little Blood504> Alllllooooo
19:03 <Link Is Awesome> Allo there.
19:03 <Chaossy> I don't feel like doing Halloween, unless I can cross dress as a Japanese schoolgirl.
19:03 <Zyranne> tfw someone thinks you look like a witch
19:03 <Grammatik> No, I look fucking ugly with eyeshadow. 
19:03 -!- Sarracen has joined Special:Chat
19:03 -!- BRVR has left Special:Chat.
19:03 <Zyranne> ;-;
19:03 <Link Is Awesome> Lol gram.
19:03 <Link Is Awesome> You look Stunning.
19:03 -!- Hotstat has joined Special:Chat
19:03 <Eyeless Jane> and im going to kill everyone! *smiles sideways*
19:03 <Zyranne> ^
19:03 <Zyranne> FUCK
19:03 <Hotstat> swasup
19:03 <Brett.janovich> wat
19:03 <Link Is Awesome> OMG...
19:03 <Little Blood504> Well thats nice to now Jane
19:03 <Chaossy> lol Zyranne.
19:03 -!- Winters1001 has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <Chaossy> Hi Hot,
19:04 <Hotstat> hows everyones day
19:04 <Chaossy> Good, and not good.
19:04 <Little Blood504> Bored
19:04 <On It11> I'm about to get on the bus
19:04 <Hotstat> ah I need help
19:04 <Eyeless Jane> hemehehe, want some cupcakes?
19:04 <Link Is Awesome> Bored.
19:04 <ClericofMadness> Zy needs to join my harem
19:04 <Brett.janovich> *stabs jane in the face with a machete then chops her head off*
19:04 <Castiels Nipples> Mom is bringing me ca ndy
19:04 <Link Is Awesome> I wanna play with someone on SSB wii.
19:04 <Chaossy> with what, Hot?
19:04 <Castiels Nipples> yey!
19:04 <Link Is Awesome> T_T
19:04 <Brett.janovich> not if i kill u first jane
19:04 <CrashingCymbal> OKAY
19:04 <Little Blood504> Jeeeeez Brett xD
19:04 <Brett.janovich> lol
19:04 <CrashingCymbal> FINALLY FIXED MY "N" BUTTON
19:04 <CrashingCymbal> Yiss
19:05 <Little Blood504> *eats a cupcake* Nom nom nom nom
19:05 <Chaossy> dat caps.
19:05 <Andytags> cas
19:05 <Andytags> thank you for being considerate 
19:05 <Grammatik>  tfw someone thinks you look like a bitch
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> N
19:05 <Andytags> also you can say candy 
19:05 <ClericofMadness> /\/o you did not
19:05 <Hotstat> i need to know how to make a good creepypasta one that will be known by a lot of people
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> Heh 
19:05 <Andytags> it just annoys me when people ping me repeatedly on purpose
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> Um...I got nothing.
19:05 <CrashingCymbal> Cleric u clvur
19:05 <Chaossy> Make one with lots of sex, the end. 
19:05 <Castiels Nipples> You're welcome. I dodn't want to ping you though :/
19:05 <Chaossy> loljk.
19:05 <ClericofMadness> Andy
19:05 <Castiels Nipples> Okay
19:05 <ClericofMadness> :3
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> What even IS pinging?
19:05 <Andytags> i love you cleric
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> e_0
19:05 <ClericofMadness> <3<
19:05 -!- On It11 has left Special:Chat.
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> Ping.
19:05 <ClericofMadness> Pong.
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> :T
19:05 <Chaossy> My ping phrases: 
19:05 <Chaossy> Chaossy
19:05 <Chaossy> YhaossC
19:05 <Chaossy> ShadyVox
19:05 <Chaossy> lol
19:05 <Link Is Awesome> lol.
19:06 -!- Hotstat has left Special:Chat.
19:06 <Castiels Nipples> Wonk
19:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Pong was a good game
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Ding Dong the witch is dead
19:06 <Link Is Awesome> Caps
19:06 <ClericofMadness> I need to go play AC today.  Gets my candy
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Blood please don't do that too frequently
19:06 <Link Is Awesome> Oh no...
19:06 <Link Is Awesome> No blood, why?
19:06 <Little Blood504> I wont, I'm just bored
19:06 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:06 <Little Blood504> IM SORRY!
19:06 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
19:06 <Eyeless Jane> oh, looks like a ran out, oh well, you came just in time! that is now my fav line ever
19:06 <Chaossy> hey vina.
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii CFV
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> fuq
19:06 <Castiels Nipples> I have many pings
19:06 <Cfvtreyvina> hi
19:06 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
19:06 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> !seen CynicalSloth
19:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I have not seen CynicalSloth since I have been here!
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> :(
19:07 <Link Is Awesome> What is the seen command?
19:07 <Chaossy> how are you, vina?
19:07 <CrashingCymbal> !seenoff
19:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
19:07 -!- ScorchingShock has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <ScorchingShock> GUYS
19:07 <Eyeless Jane> when was jack last on!
19:07 <Chaossy> Hey Scorching.
19:07 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
19:07 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
19:07 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <ScorchingShock>
19:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Shocky
19:07 <Chaossy> wut
19:07 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Liz
19:07 <ScorchingShock> Look and be amazed
19:07 <LizardMaster178> Hey! 
19:07 <Little Blood504> Hey Scorching
19:07 <Link Is Awesome> Hey Zack.
19:07 <ScorchingShock> It's Aerodactylite is what triggers mega evolution
19:07 <ScorchingShock> Image of Aerodactylite
19:07 <LizardMaster178> I FOUND PROOF! You know Greninja - Frogadier's evo? I FOUND A VID OF IT EVOLVING!!! :DDD
19:07 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: [ Pokémon X-Y ] Et Croaporal évolue en ... ? - Duration: 00:44 - Uploaded: 2013-10-03 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 15 -
19:07 <Chaossy> I don't want to be spoiled, please Static Shot.
19:07 <ScorchingShock> It's super awesome
19:07 <Cfvtreyvina> i like you're screan name link is awsome XD
19:08 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:08 <Chaossy> Shock*
19:08 <Eyeless Jane> zack, csn you find out when Eyeless Jack was last on?
19:08 <Link Is Awesome> Thank you!
19:08 <Chaossy> >shot
19:08 <Chaossy> lel
19:08 <Little Blood504> Suicide Squidward was darker then I thought... o.o
19:08 -!- A. Nightfire has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I could but I'd need to know the exact username
19:08 <Link Is Awesome> Sorry for the caps, it makes it more dramatic.
19:08 <Chaossy> Hey fiah.
19:08 <CrashingCymbal> Cleric
19:08 <Little Blood504> Hi Nightfire
19:08 <Grammatik> I'm like probably the only one who isn't getting their pants on fire and screaming like a 7 year old getting their dick stuck in a pencil sharpener about pokemon x and y spoilers?
19:08 -!- Hotstat has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <Chaossy> >fooping
19:08 <Chaossy> lel
19:08 <Grammatik> .*
19:08 <A. Nightfire> Hi
19:08 <Eyeless Jane> its Eyeless Jack
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> I found something on Cracked that could be quite suited to the Wikia's Facebook page
19:09 <Little Blood504> Uhh..Gram...?
19:09 <Castiels Nipples> i gots ta go bai bai
19:09 <Hotstat> get outta here eyeless jane
19:09 <Link Is Awesome> :3
19:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Just that? Because I know one which has numbers
19:09 -!- Castiels Nipples has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <Hotstat> link IS AWESOME
19:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Always it's just one word thing
19:09 <Chaossy> bai Castiel.
19:09 <Eyeless Jane> just that
19:09 <Link Is Awesome> Linkeh. :3
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> Nightfire!
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii
19:09 <Link Is Awesome> Link IS awesome.
19:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cym is seen still on?
19:09 <A. Nightfire> :)
19:09 <Cfvtreyvina> lol.
19:09 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <Hotstat> EPIC WIN
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> Just saw you there (:))
19:09 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
19:09 <Hotstat> 'CAPS
19:09 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
19:09 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
19:10 <Link Is Awesome> I keep laggin'.
19:10 <Chaossy> This can get hectic.
19:10 <Grammatik> What, Little Blood?
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> !seenoff
19:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
19:10 <Andytags> timbal
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> Shit
19:10 <Little Blood504> My odd..
19:10 <Hotstat> fdg
19:10 <Hotstat> dgdf
19:10 <Hotstat> gdf
19:10 <Hotstat> g
19:10 <Andytags> can i post a really long link pls
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii Andy
19:10 <Hotstat> s
19:10 <Chaossy> why, blood?
19:10 <Chaossy> and wat Hot.
19:10 -!- Hotstat was kicked from Special:Chat by CrashingCymbal
19:10 -!- Hotstat has left Special:Chat.
19:10 <Andytags> not too long
19:10 <Andytags> like 2 lines
19:10 <Chaossy> >Wat hot
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> Andy use Tinyurl pls
19:10 <Chaossy> lol.
19:10 -!- Hotstat has joined Special:Chat
19:10 <Little Blood504> They are just very weird girls...
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> !seenon
19:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now ON
19:10 <Andytags> thats 2 much work
19:10 <Hotstat> I was kicked
19:10 <Chaossy> how weird?
19:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> !Seen Eyeless Jack
19:10 <CrashingCymbal> andy pls
19:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> I last saw Eyeless Jack 40 minutes and 0 second ago.
19:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> !seenoff
19:10 <CPwikiCHATlogger> The !seen command is now OFF
19:10 <Cfvtreyvina> :D i talked to BEN on cleverbot
19:10 <Grammatik> No shit sherlock
19:10 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> 40 minutes ago Jane
19:10 <Little Blood504> Me to!
19:10 <Link Is Awesome> me too Cfv.
19:10 <Andytags> spooky as fuck 
19:11 <Link Is Awesome> It was...weird.
19:11 <Little Blood504> It scared the shit outta my friend x3
19:11 <Cfvtreyvina> lol. XD he dont like me
19:11 <Grammatik> Omfg Andy
19:11 -!- Hotstat has left Special:Chat.
19:11 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
19:11 <Link Is Awesome> It said 'You shouldn't have done that...' and my computer shut down.
19:11 <Chaossy> What am I looking at andy/
19:11 <Link Is Awesome> 0_0
19:11 <Little Blood504> He said I was Soulless xD
19:11 <Andytags> a spooky ass google maps picture
19:11 <Chaossy> WAT the fack.
19:11 <Cfvtreyvina> XDD
19:11 <ScorchingShock> Did anyone see MegaAerodactyl?
19:11 <Link Is Awesome> I ran out of the room.
19:11 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:11 <ScorchingShock>
19:11 <ScorchingShock>
19:11 <Andytags> !seen MegaAerodactly
19:11 <Andytags> lol
19:11 <ScorchingShock> lol
19:12 <ScorchingShock> Look at them guys
19:12 <Andytags> spelled it wrong damnit
19:12 <Link Is Awesome> I then grabbed my BEN plushy and threw it out of tha windah.
19:12 <Grammatik> No, mainly because I don't give a shit about pokemon x and y.
19:12 -!- Dogs 49 has joined Special:Chat
19:12 <ScorchingShock> OH GOD GRAMM
19:12 <Cfvtreyvina> he messed with my moouse cureser
19:12 <Link Is Awesome> It then got it back.
19:12 <Andytags> gram i will stab you
19:12 <ScorchingShock> You lost all my respect for you
19:12 <Link Is Awesome> Nuu...
19:12 <ScorchingShock> Andy you gained it all
19:12 <Chaossy> Does anyone know where Ninja Warrior (Sauske) is filmed?
19:12 <Little Blood504> I have a Slenderman and Jeff plush doll xD
19:12 <Grammatik> I really don't give a shit about it.
19:12 -!- Dogs 49 has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <Grammatik> Eh.
19:12 <ScorchingShock> Oh god.
19:12 <Chaossy> lol Blood
19:12 <Cfvtreyvina> i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
19:12 <ScorchingShock> Time to go. Computer class is over.
19:12 <Little Blood504> ITS SO CUTE
19:12 <ScorchingShock> Bye guys! See ya around 5!
19:12 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
19:12 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <Little Blood504> Bye Scorch
19:13 -!- ScorchingShock has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
19:13 <Cfvtreyvina> :/
19:13 <Chaossy> nothing to do here.
19:13 <Chaossy> And it's 3pm.
19:13 <Little Blood504> 2:13 HERE
19:13 <Link Is Awesome> It's 20:13 here.
19:13 <Lei Omaki> ugh, ribbed stitch is hard
19:13 <CrashingCymbal> Same, Linky
19:13 <Link Is Awesome> :3
19:13 <Cfvtreyvina> its 3:13 pm here
19:13 <Grammatik> Nothing to do here either. 
19:14 <Link Is Awesome> Linky lewl.
19:14 <Grammatik> It's 10 14 pm here doe
19:14 <Chaossy> same, vins.
19:14 <Link Is Awesome> Slinky Linky binky poo.
19:14 <Chaossy> vina*
19:14 <Link Is Awesome> :3
19:14 <Andytags> it's pi here
19:14 <Grammatik> Wow
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> ^^
19:14 <Cfvtreyvina> ^^
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> heh
19:14 -!- FlakyPorcupine has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Little Blood504> Lol Likn
19:14 <Little Blood504> *Link
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiiii Flaky
19:14 -!- IShallCreepYouOut has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <Grammatik> You so smart
19:14 <Chaossy> Hey Flaky.
19:14 <FlakyPorcupine> Hello!
19:14 <Chaossy> Hai Creep.
19:14 <CrashingCymbal> I might go on an edit frenzy
19:14 -!- BarbedwireRose has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <IShallCreepYouOut> Hi
19:14 <Link Is Awesome> Fffff...*Throws controller across the room again cause jiggly puff pwned Link.*
19:14 <Andytags> that's what they teach ya in school
19:15 <CrashingCymbal> Haaaiiiii Rose
19:15 <Cfvtreyvina> dose anyone have a imvu?
19:15 <Chaossy> Hey Rose Tyler.
19:15 <BarbedwireRose> Hey Cym
19:15 <Link Is Awesome> That darn Jiggly poop.
19:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> Pugs get back on here
19:15 <Link Is Awesome> D:
19:15 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
19:15 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <Cfvtreyvina> i love super smash bros
19:15 <Link Is Awesome> Me too!
19:15 <IShallCreepYouOut> Damnit
19:15 <Link Is Awesome> Wanna play?
19:15 <Little Blood504> I have a fat black cat named Loui
19:15 <Cfvtreyvina> i wish lol
19:16 <Link Is Awesome> xD
19:16 <Link Is Awesome> Why not?
19:16 <Cfvtreyvina> XD'
19:16 <Link Is Awesome> Lost the disk?
19:16 <Link Is Awesome> Lol.
19:16 <Cfvtreyvina> i dont know were you are o.o
19:16 <Little Blood504> I feel lost..o-o
19:16 <Link Is Awesome> PM me Cfv.
19:16 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
19:16 -!- Lei Omaki has left Special:Chat.
19:16 -!- Lei Omaki has joined Special:Chat
19:17 <Link Is Awesome> Uh...where did everyone go?
19:17 <Little Blood504> Im alone
19:17 <Link Is Awesome> Hello?
19:17 <Little Blood504> Nevermind
19:17 <Little Blood504> Link it's you and me xD
19:17 <Chaossy> and me.
19:18 <Little Blood504> Oh goodie!
19:18 <Chaossy> yea lol
19:18 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Chaossy> Hai Cupcakes.
19:18 <Little Blood504> CUPCAKES!
19:18 <Little Blood504> I like cupcakes..I like eating cupcakes..
20:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Sawah!
20:19 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
20:19 <Princess Skuntank> Maria changed her name more than me!
20:19 -!- EternalChaos413 has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <Princess Skuntank> So ha!
20:19 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <Princess Skuntank> Can't make fun of me.
20:19 <Finneow> But maria's cooool!
20:19 <EternalChaos413> hnnfff
20:19 -!- Mrtdark1 has joined Special:Chat
20:19 <EternalChaos413> oh white stuff~
20:20 <EternalChaos413> I MEAN-
20:20 <EternalChaos413> WRONG CHAT
20:20 <Mrtdark1> hi
20:20 <EternalChaos413> SHHOSHSHSHH
20:20 <Zyranne> ohai Sarah
20:20 <Mrtdark1> gram is a white stuff spewing, trash talkng triceratops
20:20 <Mrtdark1> zyranna
20:20 <Princess Skuntank> Hey Zy.
20:20 <Finneow> OMG ETERNAL
20:20 <Mrtdark1> wanna be a zolta
20:20 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:20 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:20 <Mrtdark1> (finger puppet)
20:20 <Finneow> What chat are you even on?
20:20 <Eyeless Jane> watching charlie bit my finger like a boss
20:20 <Mrtdark1> creepypasta wiki chat
20:20 <Grammatik> Mrt  is a horny shitrag
20:20 <EternalChaos413> im on
20:20 <EternalChaos413> uh
20:20 <Mrtdark1> no im a crab
20:20 <Finneow> Mlp?
20:20 <Cfvtreyvina> XD white stuff?
20:20 <Castiels Nipples> I agree wif gramm
20:20 <EternalChaos413> no other chat as of just now
20:21 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
20:21 <Anna Monroe> Gramm, he only learns from the best... AKA you
20:21 <Finneow> Mlp.
20:21 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
20:21 <Mrtdark1> your a water spitting a saurus
20:21 <EternalChaos413> i didnt just exit out of the other chat if thats what you mean
20:21 <Castiels Nipples> A what?
20:21 <Eyeless Jane> i give up with  my internet
20:21 <Grammatik> Anna, you suck at trying to make people feel bad.
20:21 <Mrtdark1> hes a dinosaur that spits water, im a crab.
20:21 <Mrtdark1> and you catsei
20:21 <Anna Monroe> who said I was trying to make you feel bad?
20:21 <Mrtdark1> whos jane
20:21 <Eyeless Jane> drama
20:22 <Grammatik> My dick, anna
20:22 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:22 <Mrtdark1> she can be a zolta
20:22 <Mrtdark1> lego
20:22 <Mrtdark1> or kaiju
20:22 <Eyeless Jane> lolwut
20:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Skelly"
20:22 <Mrtdark1> hi lolskeletons
20:22 -!- Link Is Awesome has joined Special:Chat
20:22 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> !*
20:22 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:22 <Zyranne> Heyo Skelly
20:22 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:22 <Eyeless Jack> Jane is Princess of The Night
20:22 <Anna Monroe> OH NO! IT'S THE CYTOSKELLETON!
20:22 <Mrtdark1> i dont have that
20:22 <Zyranne> seriously?
20:22 <Finneow> Ohai skelly
20:22 <Mrtdark1> you can be a other crab
20:22 <Eyeless Jane> yeah bitches!
20:22 <Zyranne> that's socking, isn;t it?
20:22 <Mrtdark1> alright
20:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Was it a sock or just namechanged?
20:23 -!- Link Is Awesome has left Special:Chat.
20:23 <Eyeless Jane> namechange
20:23 <LOLSKELETONS> It's called renameuser
20:23 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
20:23 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Eyeless Jack> Yea
20:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Fair enough :3
20:23 <Eyeless Jack> We taught her today
20:23 <LOLSKELETONS> [[Special:Log/rename]]
20:23 <Finneow> God you dont know anything oh my god muum your so usless
20:24 <Finneow> ~Every teenager ever
20:24 <Eyeless Jane> yeah, and jack is now my boyfriend
20:24 <Mrtdark1> your figure is hidden jane
20:24 <Mrtdark1> finn
20:24 <Mrtdark1> wanna be a xolta
20:24 <Finneow> wat
20:24 <Mrtdark1> i have 5 or 6
20:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Fair enough Jane
20:24 <Grammatik> Mrt
20:24 <Mrtdark1> what
20:24 <Eyeless Jack> Zack
20:24 <Grammatik> wAnna be a vagina
20:24 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Yes?
20:24 <Mrtdark1> im a crab
20:24 <Mrtdark1> your a weenis
20:24 <Mrtdark1> literally
20:24 <Finneow> :333
20:24 <Mrtdark1> you spit white glop
20:25 <Eyeless Jack> They should have a Tournament for admins/mods like the ones they have for pasta characters
20:25 -!- EternalChaos413 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 <Grammatik> In your mouth
20:25 <Eyeless Jane> charlie bit me!
20:25 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Take that up with Cleric or Maria lol
20:25 <Mrtdark1> no my guy dosent have one
20:25 <Mrtdark1> he has electro powers
20:26 <Mrtdark1> your a dinosaur that spits white stuff
20:26 <Finneow> They have image of the month and pasta of the month, WHY NOT USER OF THE MONTH?
20:26 <Eyeless Jack> What's Maria's name now?
20:26 <Castiels Nipples> I second this
20:26 <Eyeless Jack> same still?
20:26 <Grammatik> I'm going to spit white stuff all over you then
20:26 <Finneow> Prince(ss) platinum
20:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> ^
20:26 <Zyranne> we should make a thread about user of the month
20:26 <LOLSKELETONS> Prince(ss) Platinum*
20:26 <Eyeless Jane> Jack! Charlie bit me! and it really hurt!
20:27 <LOLSKELETONS> The p is capitalized
20:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh yeah! Naughty Finny!
20:27 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has joined Special:Chat
20:27 <Eyeless Jack> Ouuucch
20:27 <Finneow> Im sarry dunt beat me
20:27 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Here I am now, entertain me.
20:27 <Castiels Nipples> Naughty FinnyWinnyVagPants.
20:27 <Eyeless Jack> Charlie shall be punished *Eyeless Jack Style!!!*
20:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Vamp
20:28 <Finneow> That Nickname is so good
20:28 -!- Chaossy has left Special:Chat.
20:28 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
20:28 <Grammatik> Vag pants.
20:28 <Eyeless Jack> I COPYRIGHT the admin/mod wars
20:28 <Finneow> NippyWippyAssShirt
20:28 <Grammatik> VAG TEETH.
20:28 <Castiels Nipples> I copyright FinnyWinnyVagPants.
20:28 <Finneow> (kawaii)
20:28 -!- Chaossy has joined Special:Chat
20:28 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:28 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I copyright me
20:28 <Castiels Nipples> Aweh Finny das so kawaii
20:29 <Eyeless Jane> fun fact 34. a sharks brain looks like a vag
20:29 <Eyeless Jack> lol
20:29 <Eyeless Jack> I KNEW THAT
20:29 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
20:29 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:29 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Wall and not capped
20:29 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Cuppy!
20:29 <Finneow> Haiii Cuppy
20:29 <Castiels Nipples> Fun Fact 3: In proportin to bidy size, a barnacle has the largest penis.
20:29 <LOLSKELETONS> Eyeless Jack and Eyeless Jane
20:29 <Eyeless Jack> Yes?
20:29 <Castiels Nipples> *body
20:29 <LOLSKELETONS> I smell a whole bunch of potential roleplay
20:29 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> I just found a new pasta that ignores a LOT of punctuation rules.
20:29 <Zyranne> ^^
20:30 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Finneow> yehno
20:30 <Eyeless Jane> ....hi
20:30 <Eyeless Jack> We've gotten it taken care of Skeletons
20:30 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> They won't rp here... I hope
20:30 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <Zyranne> Where has Lee been lately?
20:30 <Eyeless Jack> It was taken care of before her name became Eyeless Jane
20:30 <Eyeless Jane> the cat, lol, the french toast
20:30 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Finneow> THey will get Phucked up if they do
20:30 <Eyeless Jack> Woah
20:30 <Eyeless Jane> the house.....
20:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Zy
20:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Neve can't come on much soon
20:31 <LOLSKELETONS> We need to make a page that explains how to properly edit/format pages on this wiki
20:31 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> He's going back home
20:31 <Finneow> @zy, Neve got kidnapped by mexican banditos
20:31 <Eyeless Jane> burned (i think i handled that well)
20:31 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:31 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <Grammatik> Read that as Mexican dildos
20:31 <Finneow> Oh god
20:32 <Castiels Nipples> Thought I was the only one
20:32 <Finneow> OH GOD
20:32 <Zyranne> noooooo!
20:32 <Eyeless Jack> Me too Gram
20:32 <Zyranne> LOL GRAMM
20:32 <LOLSKELETONS> The help pages don't help as much as they could for us. They're for more traditional wikis.
20:32 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <Zyranne> Zack, how come?
20:32 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> No idea
20:32 -!- Ref123 has joined Special:Chat
20:32 <Grammatik> Mexican dildos doe
20:33 -!- Ref123 has left Special:Chat.
20:33 <Finneow>
20:33 <Finneow> WALLS, MY. ONLY. WEAKNESS.
20:33 <LOLSKELETONS> and of course no one cares
20:33 <Eyeless Jack> Cas, why you fight over me with Jane?
20:33 <Finneow> /me dies of walls
20:33 <Castiels Nipples> becuz u mine
20:33 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Finneow that pasta is terribly written.
20:33 <LOLSKELETONS> I deleted that 
20:33 <Finneow> I know
20:33 <LOLSKELETONS> *redeletes it*
20:34 <Finneow> Still der brah
20:34 <Finneow> oh, noep.
20:34 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
20:34 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> ...And it's gone.
20:34 <Finneow> Why is tim nevur on chat anymore
20:34 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:34 <Eyeless Jane> oh shit, im on my period! to the bathroom! brb
20:35 <Finneow> He dont like us anymore :(
20:35 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks for that info...
20:35 <Anna Monroe> no dearie, you're just never here when he is
20:35 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm never really on chat anymore
20:35 <Finneow> (ok)
20:35 -!- Thesupernoob has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Brett.janovich> hows everyone
20:35 <Tyranical Tyranis> ded
20:35 <Anna Monroe> deadly as usual
20:35 <Thesupernoob> hi
20:35 <Eyeless Jack> Really Cas?
20:35 <LOLSKELETONS> Usually I'm just a shadow in the background when I'm here
20:35 <Castiels Nipples> yus
20:35 <Castiels Nipples> u mien
20:35 <Anna Monroe> Skelly, can we be friends?
20:35 <Thesupernoob> was up dawgs
20:35 <LOLSKELETONS> I don't really care that much about chat
20:36 <Eyeless Jack> Oh Nien you didn't
20:36 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Bullshit Skeletons you're here all the time.
20:36 <LOLSKELETONS> it's the least important aspect of the wiki
20:36 <Finneow> I like that WHO WAS PHONE is in suggested reading.
20:36 <Thesupernoob> Anna we can be friends
20:36 <Eyeless Jane> false alarm, just needed to pee
20:36 <Tyranical Tyranis> Skeletons speaks his mind ;~;
20:36 <Eyeless Jack> GAHA
20:36 <Anna Monroe> that's nice...
20:36 <Thesupernoob> mhm 
20:36 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:36 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <Thesupernoob> dats how i do t
20:37 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Who likes the Floyd?
20:37 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: (23) THE WALL: Pink Floyd - Waiting For The Worms - Duration: 03:59 - Uploaded: 2008-07-30 - Rating: 4.970009 - Views: 390,584 -
20:37 <LOLSKELETONS> I don't actively join in the discussions when I'm on, though
20:37 <Thesupernoob> gangztapanda10 what what!!!!
20:37 <Finneow> MORE WALLS
20:37 <Thesupernoob> wallllls
20:37 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
20:37 <Thesupernoob> who likes mrcreepypasta
20:37 <Finneow> /me is weakened by walls 
20:37 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
20:37 <Thesupernoob> lol
20:37 <Finneow> Walls are my weakness
20:37 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> I like to eavesdrop on the chat's conversations.
20:38 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Like a fly on the Wall.
20:38 <Thesupernoob> lol me too especially the black ones
20:38 -!- The Bitter Cold has joined Special:Chat
20:38 <Thesupernoob> the black walls
20:38 <LOLSKELETONS> Hi Bitter
20:38 <The Bitter Cold> Hey
20:38 <Finneow> Hey Hávi
20:38 <Thesupernoob> hi was up man
20:38 <Eyeless Jane> Cas! Jack is mine!
20:38 <Grammatik> Hi, Bitter.
20:38 <Castiels Nipples> JACK!
20:38 <Thesupernoob> wow bronys are stupid idiots waiting to be kicked in the 
20:38 <Thesupernoob> face
20:39 <Castiels Nipples> Dude. why the brony hate?
20:39 <Eyeless Jane> mine!!
20:39 <LOLSKELETONS> *incoming shitstorm*
20:39 <Castiels Nipples> MINE
20:39 <Finneow> wow thanks dickhead
20:39 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:39 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:39 <Castiels Nipples> I'm not starting nothing. I'm curious.
20:39 <Eyeless Jack> Um... I think I'll stay out of it..
20:39 <Finneow> :|
20:39 <Thesupernoob> castiels are you a brony!!!
20:39 <Castiels Nipples> No.
20:39 <Finneow> i am brony
20:39 <Castiels Nipples> But there's nothing wrong with them
20:39 <Finneow> phuck you
20:39 <Eyeless Jane> we just snogged each others faces off!
20:39 <Thesupernoob> oh well then im srry
20:39 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <The Bitter Cold> Come on, Supernoob.
20:40 <Castiels Nipples> Jack...
20:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Again Jane, thanks for the info lol
20:40 <Thesupernoob> im sorry 
20:40 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <The Bitter Cold> Don't apologize. Come up with better insults.
20:40 <Thesupernoob> ok
20:40 <Eyeless Jane> your welcome zack
20:40 <Eyeless Jack> Yes?
20:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It was sarcasm :P
20:40 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:40 <Grammatik> I both hate bronies and people who hate people for being bronies.
20:40 <Thesupernoob> bronys are ok.....
20:40 <Eyeless Jane> i knew that.....
20:40 <The Bitter Cold> Ergo, Gram hates himself.
20:40 <Castiels Nipples> Jane.... *gets in a listening position and props head on hands* tell me more about you and jack's non-existent sex life.
20:41 <Thesupernoob> im not a fan of mlp
20:41 <Finneow> I hate you too gram (kawaii)
20:41 <Castiels Nipples> *listens intently*
20:41 <Thesupernoob> lol you failed
20:41 <Tyranical Tyranis> You hate yourself then, Grammzy
20:41 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
20:41 <Grammatik> I know,  Trip
20:41 <Eyeless Jack> Oh god...
20:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Non-existent xD
20:41 <Eyeless Jane> but, it is real!
20:41 <Thesupernoob> -
20:41 <Grammatik> Omfg cas
20:41 <Thesupernoob> -_______________________________-
20:41 <Eyeless Jack>
20:41 <Grammatik> It's not fucking real.
20:41 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Noob, no stretching
20:41 <The Bitter Cold> That's not really funny, Jack.
20:42 <Thesupernoob> lol hahahhahahhahhahaha oh wait waht
20:42 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <Eyeless Jane> my jack!
20:42 <Princess Skuntank> Do not stretch. 
20:42 <Eyeless Jack> (huehue)
20:42 <Princess Skuntank> Final warning.
20:42 <Thesupernoob> ?
20:42 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Thanks Sawah
20:42 <Castiels Nipples> Yeah. Okay. Then tell me more about your totally-real-and-not-fake-at-all romance with Jack. *listens intently*
20:42 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
20:42 <Mrtdark1> hi
20:42 <Mrtdark1> guys
20:42 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Hello
20:42 <The Bitter Cold> Want to know "You tapped that ass, didn't you?" in German?
20:42 <Thesupernoob> /hi
20:42 <Mrtdark1> figures are
20:42 <The Bitter Cold> Du hast die Braut genagelt, oder?
20:42 <The Koromo> Hi
20:42 <Mrtdark1> gram is red dino
20:42 <The Bitter Cold> German ruins everything
20:43 <Mrtdark1> brett is ganq
20:43 <Mrtdark1> im tesla
20:43 <Grammatik> Mrt is penis
20:43 <Thesupernoob> was up noobs :D
20:43 <Mrtdark1> jane is G-Crab
20:43 <Mrtdark1> NO U PENIS
20:43 <Eyeless Jack> Theres a worse picCold
20:43 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> Is Skeletons still here?
20:43 <Thesupernoob> stfu
20:43 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:43 <The Koromo> i want to punt someone 
20:43 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:43 <Mrtdark1> youre actuslly a penis guy
20:43 <Eyeless Jane> we just snog and stuff
20:43 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
20:43 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
20:43 <Mrtdark1> thats why i chose him
20:43 <LOLSKELETONS> I'm here
20:43 <Thesupernoob> koromo stfu
20:43 <The Koromo> *punts Skelly*
20:43 <The Koromo> no u 
20:43 <Mrtdark1> wanna do it to lolske
20:44 <Thesupernoob> lol stfu
20:44 <Grammatik> Cunt punt.
20:44 <The Koromo> crie sum moar
20:44 <Brett.janovich> hi koromo
20:44 <The Koromo> hi
20:44 <Grammatik> Loel.
20:44 <Mrtdark1> what does that even mean
20:44 <Thesupernoob> if ya wanna do it just go and do it of wikia
20:44 <LOLSKELETONS> lol as in me, or just "lol"
20:44 <Eyeless Jack>
20:44 <Mrtdark1> ok
20:44 <Brett.janovich> im brett
20:44 <Castiels Nipples> ah. Okay. So you two toally-real-life snog each other.
20:44 <Mrtdark1> so lol what figure do you want
20:44 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> I've decided to have a permanent profile picture.
20:44 <Mrtdark1> i know youre bret brett
20:44 <Thesupernoob>
20:44 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
20:45 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
20:45 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> lol Eyeless Jack
20:45 <Thesupernoob> type dat for yotube vids word
20:45 <Eyeless Jack> :D
20:45 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <Thesupernoob> ?
20:45 -!- Grammatik has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <Thesupernoob> why youz smilin
20:45 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:45 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:45 <Castiels Nipples> :33
20:45 <Thesupernoob> d:
20:45 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> My picture is a still image from the music video for MCR's "Vampires Will Never Hurt You".
20:46 <Mrtdark1> jack
20:46 <Thesupernoob> :p
20:46 <VampiresWillNeverHurtYou> And it's staying that now.
20:46 <Mrtdark1> oh
20:46 <Mrtdark1> this is gonna be weird
20:46 <Thesupernoob> lolo
20:46 <Mrtdark1> gram a weiner
20:46 <Eyeless Jack> Yes Mrt?
20:46 <Mrtdark1> im a blue crab
20:46 <Thesupernoob> stfu
20:46 <Mrtdark1> bretts a cyclops
20:46 <Thesupernoob> who likes mlp 
20:46 <Thesupernoob> im not a fan
20:46 <Mrtdark1> i kind og do
20:46 <Eyeless Jane> jack lets just stay in PM
20:46 <The Koromo> It's okay
20:46 <Castiels Nipples> Nu Jack
20:46 <Thesupernoob> ?
20:46 <The Koromo> I used to be a casual brony
20:46 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
20:46 <Castiels Nipples> Dunt leave me
20:46 <The Koromo> Now I don't like it that much
20:47 <Thesupernoob> ..,
20:47 <The Koromo> hi Brooke
20:47 -!- Princess Skuntank has left Special:Chat.
20:47 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> fuck everything and everyone
20:47 <The Bitter Cold> The Koromo? 
20:47 <Castiels Nipples> Brooke?
20:47 <Eyeless Jack> huh
20:47 <The Bitter Cold> Only one person likes that character.
20:47 <Castiels Nipples> What's wrong?
20:47 <Thesupernoob> who are the characters of mlp
20:47 <The Bitter Cold> Why, Coffee?
20:47 <The Bitter Cold> Why did you change your name to that?
20:47 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:47 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:47 <Thesupernoob> ?
20:47 <The Koromo> >only one person likes that character
20:47 <The Koromo> tell that to the other 8,000,000 fans in japan 
20:47 <Eyeless Jack> I'm so confused
20:47 <The Koromo> Because I felt like it
20:47 <The Koromo> :>
20:47 <The Bitter Cold> Only one Creepypasta user*
20:47 <Thesupernoob> :D lol
20:48 <Mrtdark1> i like pinkie pie
20:48 <Thesupernoob> :D :D :D
20:48 <The Koromo> yeah, sounds right
20:48 <Grammatik> I don't like animu
20:48 <The Koromo> It's obvious that it's me anyways lol
20:48 <Thesupernoob> pinkie pie whos that
20:48 <Castiels Nipples> i dun kno u gowai
20:48 <Eyeless Jane> teamo jack
20:48 <Thesupernoob> some stupid hobo
20:48 <Eyeless Jack> Huh?
20:48 <Thesupernoob> is pinkie pie a hobo
20:48 <Eyeless Jane> ...wut
20:48 <Thesupernoob> is he
20:49 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
20:49 <Eyeless Jane> jack lets just stay in pm, please
20:49 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <Thesupernoob> i've seen him from spongebob
20:49 <Eyeless Jack> k
20:49 <Mrtdark1> no shes a girl
20:49 <Thesupernoob> pinkie pies in spongebob right
20:49 <Mrtdark1> no
20:49 <Mrtdark1> thats my namesake
20:49 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
20:49 <Thesupernoob> lol im joking
20:49 <Mrtdark1> shes in mlp
20:49 <Thesupernoob> /pinkie pies in mlp
20:49 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:49 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Thesupernoob> /so is rainbow dash twilight sparkle and rarity spike and applejack
20:50 <Grammatik> /this is annoying
20:50 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Castiels Nipples> /is this a thing now?
20:50 <Thesupernoob> i know why because your here
20:50 <The Koromo> \better
20:50 <Eyeless Jack> It's kind of annoying
20:51 <Mrtdark1> gram
20:51 <Thesupernoob> who is yo face 
20:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> >Thesupernoob
20:51 <Mrtdark1> what do you want to be in the comic
20:51 <Grammatik> |fuck all of you
20:51 <Thesupernoob> yesssssss
20:51 <Grammatik> NEVE
20:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I'M DONE
20:51 <Mrtdark1> your a dinosaur
20:51 <Grammatik> hAiii
20:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> GRAMM~
20:51 <Castiels Nipples> NEVE *glomps*
20:51 <Thesupernoob> see ya noobzzzzz
20:51 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> HI~
20:51 -!- Chaossy has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <Mrtdark1> neve
20:52 <Mrtdark1> wanna be in my comic
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Herro~
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Naw
20:52 <Mrtdark1> ok
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> No thanks
20:52 <Mrtdark1> wanna cameo
20:52 <Mrtdark1> just a little one
20:52 <Eyeless Jack> ERMEHGERD
20:52 <Mrtdark1> what
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Meh ok
20:52 <The Koromo> this is all a dream
20:52 <The Koromo> none of you are real
20:52 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:52 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Koromo youre a dream
20:53 <The Koromo> guys
20:53 <The Koromo> I wrote a book
20:53 <Eyeless Jane> so, not..real?
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Its real
20:53 <The Koromo> it's called "Neve Goes to the Meth Lab"
20:53 -!- Esoteric Entity has joined Special:Chat
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> 2real4me
20:53 <The Koromo> get it on Amazon before the sale is out
20:53 <Thesupernoob> bye and heres a message shut your bloody mouth
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> KOROMO YES
20:53 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> supernoob bye~
20:54 -!- Thesupernoob has left Special:Chat.
20:54 -!- Esoteric Entity has left Special:Chat.
20:54 <Eyeless Jack> GAH
20:54 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Hey Eso
20:54 <Grammatik> Hi, Eso.
20:54 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
20:54 <Castiels Nipples> Well.
20:55 <Mrtdark1> hi 
20:55 <Mrtdark1> gram
20:55 <Kitty Mistake> i want to punch my english teacher in the face
20:55 <Mrtdark1> will you be good or bad
20:55 <Mrtdark1> kitty
20:55 <Mrtdark1> wanna join us
20:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Thesupernoob was painful to even look at
20:55 <Kitty Mistake> join you? for what?
20:55 <The Koromo> I'd punch my math teacher in the face
20:55 <Mrtdark1> for a comic
20:55 <Eyeless Jane> i wanna punch everyone at my school in the face
20:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Seriously? Supernoob?
20:55 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
20:55 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <Mrtdark1> of the webs
20:55 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Back
20:55 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> What is he, 12?
20:56 <Castiels Nipples> Maybe
20:56 <Kitty Mistake> my teacher made me look like an idiot infront of everyone
20:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitteh!
20:56 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> *glomps*
20:56 <Kitty Mistake> hi josh -falls over-
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> That is why I dont interact with my teachers
20:56 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Bunch of dick noodles
20:56 -!- Chaossy has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <Castiels Nipples> I'm homeschooled. I get to avoid interaction :33
20:57 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
20:57 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has joined Special:Chat
20:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Chaossy and Cuppy
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> cas, you suck
20:57 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Gat
20:57 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Hai Zack
20:57 <Mrtdark1> hi
20:57 <Chaossy> hey Zack.
20:57 <Mrtdark1> gat
20:57 <Castiels Nipples> Yes, I do, Kitty. (huehue)
20:57 <Mrtdark1> wanna be in my comic
20:57 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Hai Mrt
20:57 <Mrtdark1> pls
20:57 <Kitty Mistake> ... (wink)
20:57 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has left Special:Chat.
20:57 <Mrtdark1> we need more people
20:57 <Castiels Nipples> I wanna be in yo comic
20:57 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> As soon as I get my diploma
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> I am out
20:58 <Mrtdark1> ok
20:58 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has joined Special:Chat
20:58 <Mrtdark1> who do you want to be castile
20:58 <Tyranical Tyranis> Creepypasta theme song right here
20:58 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Spooky Scary Skeletons  - ANDREW GOLD - Duration: 02:10 - Uploaded: 2012-09-01 - Rating: 4.845805 - Views: 322,065 -
20:58 <The Koromo> STOP POSTING
20:58 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Wait what?
20:58 <Castiels Nipples> i dun care
20:58 <The Koromo> im trying to scroll up >:(
20:58 <NeveRsLeePwitHme> Brb
20:58 -!- NeveRsLeePwitHme has left Special:Chat.
20:58 <Castiels Nipples> G4, we gots a hurricane a comin
20:58 <Mrtdark1> ive got monsters bigfoot a whale and legos
20:58 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> FUCK YES!
20:58 <Castiels Nipples> I wanna be a monster! RAWR
20:58 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I'm sorry about the caps
20:58 <Mrtdark1> alright
20:58 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> But hurricanes down here mean no school
20:58 <Castiels Nipples> It's name is "Karen"
20:58 <Kitty Mistake> i need to stop eating...
20:58 <Castiels Nipples> I know
20:59 <Castiels Nipples> Hurricane means I don't have to do school
20:59 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> So what's the hurricane's strength right now
20:59 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> TD, TS, or Category
20:59 <Mrtdark1> GUDIO and MICHAEL JACKSON are availiable
20:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Confused
20:59 <Castiels Nipples> I can't recall, g4
20:59 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> About what, Zack?
20:59 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The convo xD
20:59 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Hm.
20:59 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Let me check.
21:00 <Castiels Nipples> Still a TS
21:00 <Eyeless Jane> cas, jack is mine
21:00 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:00 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has left Special:Chat.
21:00 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:00 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
21:00 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has joined Special:Chat
21:00 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
21:00 -!- Mirmaid has joined Special:Chat
21:00 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> The hurricane is going to it New Orleans
21:00 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> hit*
21:00 <Castiels Nipples> A couple of RPs doesn't mean you are in a relationship, love.
21:00 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Mir
21:00 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> About barely
21:00 <Mirmaid> hello there.
21:00 <Castiels Nipples> Not according to the news earlier
21:00 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> But by tomorrow evening it will be a Category 1 storm
21:01 <Mrtdark1> hi
21:01 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> It currently is a TS
21:01 <The Koromo> my snide fuck sense is tingling
21:01 <Mrtdark1> what is it zack
21:01 <Kitty Mistake> cas.... are you british?
21:01 -!- Nuncius tenebrarum has left Special:Chat.
21:01 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I was saying hi to someone
21:01 <Castiels Nipples> No?
21:01 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Cas is from Louisiana.
21:01 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Same as me.
21:01 <Castiels Nipples> I'm from La.
21:01 <Kitty Mistake> oh... nevermind.....
21:01 <The Koromo> Why would he be British
21:01 <Kitty Mistake> idk
21:01 <Castiels Nipples> Why?
21:01 <Castiels Nipples> haha
21:01 <The Koromo> k
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> ...just shush
21:02 <The Koromo> *pokes jess
21:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What do you mean by that Koro?
21:02 <Kitty Mistake> you said love and it threw me for a loop
21:02 <The Koromo> my snide fuck sense is tingling, zack?
21:02 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Best CP song right here
21:02 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY>
21:02 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Buried Easter Egg song "Always Running" - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Malukah - Duration: 06:00 - Uploaded: 2013-07-02 - Rating: 4.898251 - Views: 1,023,750 -
21:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:02 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh right. It just... I'm not sure if I should be offensive by the British thing or not lol
21:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Joel might be offended
21:03 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> He's from the UK
21:03 <Kitty Mistake> .......
21:03 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Joel is the Sloth
21:03 <The Koromo> Joel Osteen?
21:03 <Kitty Mistake> foreget i said anything
21:03 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
21:03 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I'm British to
21:03 <The Koromo> jess dont beat yourself up
21:03 <The Koromo> It's ok :3
21:03 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Near Wales, Scotland, or near London?
21:03 <Kitty Mistake> i am part british...
21:03 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <Mrtdark1> you can be the whaile zack
21:04 <Kitty Mistake> as far as heritage goes
21:04 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> My heritage is Irish and Scottish.
21:04 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
21:04 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
21:04 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> my heritages... british, german, greek, danish, and russian
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> thats all i know of
21:05 <Eyeless Jane> Scottish and English
21:05 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> o_o.
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> /me realizes she is a huge mutt
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> v.v
21:05 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I think Jack found his mate
21:05 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:05 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Cause this is funny.
21:05 <Kitty Mistake> wait... jack...?
21:05 <Castiels Nipples> Scottish, Dutch, Irish, French, Cherokee, and Africn
21:05 -!- Chaossy has left Special:Chat.
21:05 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Look at the people on
21:05 <Castiels Nipples> *african
21:05 <Eyeless Jack> Whar?
21:05 -!- Chaossy has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <Eyeless Jack> What?
21:05 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Eyeless Jack and Eyeless Jane
21:05 -!- LOLSKELETONS has joined Special:Chat
21:06 <Eyeless Jack> Oh, dude, thats been done
21:06 <Kitty Mistake> ..-huggles jack-
21:06 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> You know what's creepy?
21:06 <Kitty Mistake> ...hai...
21:06 -!- Chaossy has left Special:Chat.
21:06 -!- Grammatik has left Special:Chat.
21:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Skelly!
21:06 <Eyeless Jack> hai..
21:06 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> You know those audio tracks that play on TV sitcoms?
21:06 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> ...Again!
21:06 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> They were recorded in the 1950s. So you're techinically hearing dead people laugh.
21:07 <Castiels Nipples> COOL
21:07 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Learn something new every day.
21:07 <Eyeless Jack> I'm confused
21:07 <Kitty Mistake> mew
21:07 <Mrtdark1> hi
21:07 <Mrtdark1> im not entirely consuos
21:08 <Mrtdark1> bvn                                                                
21:08 <Eyeless Jane> jack mine!
21:08 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Oh...
21:08 <Kitty Mistake> jane....
21:08 <Eyeless Jack> wut peeps?
21:08 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Jack I think she has a crush on you
21:08 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Kitty, apparently they're dating
21:08 <Eyeless Jack> Soo....
21:08 <Kitty Mistake> ....(facepalm)
21:08 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Fail.
21:09 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> (facepalm)
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> shut up!
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> my fucking god
21:09 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I get told that every day.
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> i know i made a fucking mistake
21:09 <Eyeless Jack> What?
21:09 <Finneow> WHO IS DATING?
21:09 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> It's ok, kitty
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> hence my fucking username god fucking damn it >.>
21:09 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jack and jane
21:09 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I wasn't trying to be mean
21:09 -!- Mrtdark1 has left Special:Chat.
21:09 <Eyeless Jack> What are you talking about Kitty?
21:09 <Finneow> Brace yourself, Ships are coming
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> grrrr (facepalm)
21:09 <Kitty Mistake> scroll up -.-
21:10 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I'm never switch my name to Eyeless Gator.
21:10 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> It would be fucked up.
21:10 <Eyeless Jack> So?
21:10 <Eyeless Jack> lol
21:10 <Eyeless Jane> dont go like Jack and Jane sitting in a fucking tree
21:10 <Kitty Mistake> .....i give up
21:10 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:10 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Not gonna say it.
21:10 <Eyeless Jack> Kitty, what are you talking about?
21:10 <Kitty Mistake> NEVER FUCKING MIND
21:10 <The Koromo> Did you guys hear about that woman who basically made up her own GTA mission and tried to infiltrate the whitehouse?
21:10 <Eyeless Jack> Tell me
21:11 <The Koromo> Leave Kitty alone
21:11 <The Koromo> seriously
21:11 <The Koromo> she has said "stop" countless times
21:11 <The Koromo> so stop
21:11 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Did you hear Capitol Hill was on lockdown
21:11 <Eyeless Jack> Koromo, nows not the time
21:11 <The Koromo> nows not the time?
21:11 <The Koromo> wtf?
21:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jack, Kitty doesn't want to say, leave her alone
21:11 <The Koromo> ^
21:11 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's bothering her
21:11 <Kitty Mistake> -face-desks-
21:12 <The Koromo> It's never "NOT THE TIME" to stop bothering someone 
21:12 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Ok calm down
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> he could just have scrolled up 
21:12 <Eyeless Jack> Obviously, and I think it's about me
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> but nope
21:12 <Eyeless Jane> lets just stay in the safety of PM
21:12 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> LOL.
21:12 <The Koromo> So.
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> and jack... 
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> it wasnt about you
21:12 <The Koromo> Anyone want a civil music discussion with me?
21:12 <Eyeless Jack> Okay
21:12 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Next person to play CoL is dead.
21:12 <Kitty Mistake> you would know if it was about you
21:13 <Eyeless Jack> Okay, just making sure
21:13 <Eyeless Jane> jack, please
21:13 <The Koromo> CoL = Cult of Luna?
21:13 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> No.
21:13 <The Koromo> Good band
21:13 <The Koromo> oh
21:13 -!- Dublinjd has joined Special:Chat
21:13 <Dublinjd> Hey guys
21:13 <The Koromo> hi
21:13 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I told my friend someone might be dating another in the chat
21:13 <Eyeless Jack> Yes Jane?
21:13 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Jane, you don't have to stay in pm you know. As long as you break no rules here
21:13 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> So he runs to my bedroom, gets  my phone, goes to YouTube, and starts playing Circle of Life
21:13 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> And I turn it off after 30 seconds.
21:14 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Now I'm mad.
21:14 <Finneow> its the circle of liiiiifffee
21:14 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I have my phone right next to me while he's screaming at me from across the house.
21:14 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> It's fucking funny.
21:14 <Finneow> brb
21:14 <Eyeless Jane> but, its so warm and fuzzy
21:15 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has left Special:Chat.
21:15 <Eyeless Jane> and safe!
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> It's safe here
21:15 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> As long as you don't break rules
21:15 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has joined Special:Chat
21:15 <Eyeless Jane> Tis a lie!
21:15 <Kitty Mistake> brb phone
21:15 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:15 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:16 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Fuck off man! Sorry about that my friend is trying to make me link CoL and take over my iPad
21:16 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I wouldn't lie like that, it's pointless
21:16 -!- Tyranical Tyranis has left Special:Chat.
21:16 -!- The Bitter Cold has left Special:Chat.
21:16 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> This why I listen to dubstep remixes of the song.
21:16 -!- LOLSKELETONS has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Where's my air horn?
21:17 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Next time he comes over and says "CoL" I'm blaring it right in his face.
21:18 <Finneow> CIRCLE OF LIIFE
21:18 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> /me blows air horn
21:18 <Finneow> DArn
21:18 -!- Princess Skuntank has joined Special:Chat
21:18 <Princess Skuntank> Fetishes.
21:18 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Sawah
21:18 <Finneow> Fetishes?
21:18 <Princess Skuntank> Hell ya.
21:18 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I like the feel of rusy.
21:18 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> rust*
21:19 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Against my salad fingers.
21:19 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:19 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:19 -!- Hot Jamally has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <Finneow> I have a fetish for staying alive
21:19 -!- King Starscream has joined Special:Chat
21:19 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <King Starscream> Hey guys
21:19 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Finn, don't fucking say it.
21:19 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey King, Brookeh and Hot
21:19 <Finneow> Hey People who just joined
21:20 <Finneow> ...Circle
21:20 <Finneow> Of...
21:20 <Finneow> LIFE MOTHAFUCKA
21:20 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> FUCK!
21:20 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> LION KING, BISH
21:20 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> /me beats head on desk
21:20 <Finneow>
21:21 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I get tortured by that because of reading creepypastas.
21:21 -!- VampiresWillNeverHurtYou has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> One of which was nominated for October's pasta of the month.
21:21 <Kitty Mistake> mmm pudding
21:21 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Finn, why do you do that to me?
21:21 <Finneow> Because i am evil
21:22 <Finneow> To the bone
21:22 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Now I feel embarassed because that's my fucking favorite movie.
21:22 -!- Zyranne has joined Special:Chat
21:22 <Finneow> ZY
21:22 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> But can I be blamed?
21:22 <Zyranne> Heyyyyyo
21:22 <Zyranne> Hi Finn
21:22 <Zyranne> Ugh, fucking pajama day tomorrow....fuck that
21:22 <Finneow>
21:22 <Finneow> lookatdis itssofunny
21:23 <Zyranne> I might be the only one going in normal clothes .__.
21:23 <Finneow> I sleep nude, CAN I COME?
21:23 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Oh wow.
21:23 <Zyranne> YEAAAH!
21:23 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Well I was first in line for that.
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Zy!
21:23 <Hot Jamally> are you hitting on me?
21:23 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> Until Finn fucked it up for me.
21:23 <Finneow> Make it 42 TIMES BETTER
21:23 -!- ScorchingShock has joined Special:Chat
21:23 <Zyranne> Hey Zack
21:23 <Finneow> Hey Jack
21:23 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Shocky
21:24 <ScorchingShock> Yo Bitches@
21:24 <G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY> I always get the feeling we are on a podcast every day on the chat
21:24 <ScorchingShock> Anyone see the starters of X and Y's final evolutions?
21:24 <Castiels Nipples> Why, g4?
21:24 <King Starscream> Hi scorch
21:24 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <Finneow> I am the only person who still calls scorch jack
21:24 -!- G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <King Starscream> No, because it's not official yet.
21:24 -!- Hot Jamally has left Special:Chat.
21:24 <King Starscream> I'm trying to avoid leaks
21:25 <ScorchingShock> lol Finn
21:25 <Kitty Mistake> ....mew..
21:25 <ScorchingShock> You're right
21:25 <Zyranne> What was Scorch's original nickname?
21:25 <Dublinjd> Guys, I finally figured it
21:25 <ScorchingShock> King it actually IS official
21:25 <Dublinjd> HAN SHOT FIRST
21:25 <ScorchingShock> JackFrost, Zyranne. Didn't Reading tell you?
21:25 <Finneow>
21:25 <Finneow> 2 spooky
21:25 <Eyeless Jane> stamp on the ground, jump jump jump jump
21:25 <King Starscream> The games were released early in Canada and Italy despite Nintendo saying Oct 12
21:25 <ScorchingShock> Also  Starscream
21:25 <Kitty Mistake> stomp**
21:25 <ScorchingShock> GOD DAMN YOU CANADA AND ITALY
21:25 <King Starscream> Exactly
21:26 <ScorchingShock> How dare you get X and Y earlier than the rest of us *raises middle finger*
21:26 <ScorchingShock> ;-; Why must nintendo do this shit
21:26 <King Starscream> Nintendo didn't do it
21:26 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
21:26 <ScorchingShock> Also did anyone see Greninja?
21:26 <ScorchingShock> Delphox? Chesnaught?
21:26 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Deathy!
21:26 <King Starscream> Retailers did it despite the street date being Oct 12
21:26 <Kitty Mistake> i realllyy need to stop eating...
21:26 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Rylee!
21:27 <King Starscream> Hey Rylee
21:27 <Finneow> Rylee!
21:27 <ScorchingShock> Wait what
21:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> hey
21:27 <Kitty Mistake> grr
21:27 <ScorchingShock> Is it possible to do in the United States?
21:27 <Rylee the Pegasis> I think I'm getting sick...
21:27 <ScorchingShock> With Gamestop?
21:27 <Princess Skuntank>
21:27 <Princess Skuntank> Warning: weird.
21:27 -!- A. Nightfire has left Special:Chat.
21:27 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:27 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <ScorchingShock> I really hope so. I don't care if I have to pay 20 or so extra dollars.
21:27 <ScorchingShock> I WANT X AND Y EARLY ;-;
21:27 <King Starscream> Nintendo's official date was October 12 WORLD WIDE.  Canada and Italy basically said "fuck it, it's in our store room, it's going on the shelves"
21:27 <ScorchingShock> Wait hold on a fucking second.
21:28 <ScorchingShock> My dad is paying the rest of i.
21:28 <Rylee the Pegasis> Pokemon X and Y?
21:28 <ScorchingShock> *it
21:28 <King Starscream> It's actually a breach of contract to release something before the offical date
21:28 <Finneow> WTF IS THIS SARAH
21:28 <ScorchingShock> WHAT IF THEY GIVE IT TO HIM
21:28 <ScorchingShock> Sarah?
21:28 <ScorchingShock> Did you change your name again?
21:28 <ScorchingShock> Finn
21:28 <ScorchingShock> Are you on LSD or something?
21:28 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <King Starscream> Again?
21:29 <Kitty Mistake> /me is debating if she wants to change her name
21:29 <Princess Skuntank> Ya.
21:29 <Princess Skuntank> I'm here.
21:29 <Finneow> I ran out of LSD
21:29 <Finneow> Im snorting dry wall
21:29 <Kitty Mistake> -smacks finn-
21:29 <ClericofMadness> Flarp.
21:29 <King Starscream> Cleric!
21:29 <ClericofMadness> I talkeded to shini <3
21:29 <King Starscream> You are alive!
21:29 <ScorchingShock> Cleric you crazy mofo
21:29 <Kitty Mistake> CLERIC!
21:30 <King Starscream> So how'd it go?
21:30 <ScorchingShock> DId you see the X and Y news?
21:30 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> That pinged me then Boss xD
21:30 <ClericofMadness> which
21:30 <ScorchingShock> Also BRB gonna change my clothes
21:30 <King Starscream> /me nudges Cleric and waggles eyebrows
21:30 <ScorchingShock> All the shit on Serebii and Pokebeach.
21:30 <Kitty Mistake> ......-walks up to cleric and hugs cleric-.... hi...
21:30 <ScorchingShock> Starter final evos and stuff like that.
21:30 <ClericofMadness> Final evos were leaked days ago lol
21:31 <King Starscream> Yeah, but I'm avoiding leaks
21:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:31 <King Starscream> Also some of it was fake anyway
21:31 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
21:31 <Finneow> drugs tho
21:31 <Princess Skuntank> Actually. 
21:31 <Finneow> brb
21:31 <ScorchingShock> Yea
21:31 <Princess Skuntank> No final evos have been confirmed. 
21:31 <ScorchingShock> Im choosing Greninja
21:31 <Princess Skuntank> None.
21:31 <Princess Skuntank> (For starters.)
21:31 <Kitty Mistake> or ignore my hug.....
21:31 <ScorchingShock> Yea they have Sarah
21:31 <Princess Skuntank> Honestly I'd assume they're fake.
21:31 <King Starscream> They have in Canada and Italy
21:31 <Kitty Mistake> thats cool too...
21:31 <ScorchingShock> They ARE REAL SARAH
21:32 <ScorchingShock> They've confirmed it.
21:32 -!- Dublinjd has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <King Starscream> The games were released early in Canada and Italy
21:32 <ScorchingShock> Italy and Canada got their games early.
21:32 <King Starscream> Ninja'd :P
21:32 <ScorchingShock> I want them to release it early in USA! D:
21:32 <ScorchingShock> DAMMIT GAMESTOP
21:32 <Princess Skuntank> Until I see it on Serebii- which I don't. 
21:32 <King Starscream> I don't.  I still need my shiny Giratina
21:32 <ScorchingShock> GIMME THE FUCKING GOODS
21:32 <Kitty Mistake> anndd its corner time...
21:32 <Princess Skuntank> Or Bulbapedia- which I don't.
21:32 <Kitty Mistake> -sits in corner-
21:32 <Princess Skuntank> I don't source anything as reliable. 
21:32 <ScorchingShock> It's on Pokebeach.
21:32 <Princess Skuntank> Also Greninja better not be real because that thing looks fucking dumb.
21:33 <King Starscream> Pokebeach posts fake stuff all the time though
21:33 <ScorchingShock> Loads of people have confirmed it.
21:33 <Princess Skuntank> Pokebeach? Nope- not on there either.
21:33 <ScorchingShock> It's fucking badass Princess.
21:33 <ScorchingShock> Yea it is Sarah. Check the forums.
21:33 <Eyeless Jack> Cleric
21:33 <ScorchingShock> Sorry for long ass link
21:33 <Princess Skuntank> Yes because forums are so accurate. 
21:33 <Princess Skuntank> Yes.
21:33 <King Starscream> Forums are unreliable
21:33 -!- The Koromo has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <ScorchingShock> Actually it's pretty reliable.
21:33 <The Koromo>
21:33 <Princess Skuntank> No...
21:33 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <ScorchingShock> I frequent it and I have my own means of checking for fakeness/realness.
21:34 <King Starscream> Such as?
21:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hursh!
21:34 <ScorchingShock> Look at prior screenshots.
21:34 <Finneow> In X&Y You get mega evolutions by giving your pokemon Crack Cocain.
21:34 <Finneow> THE MORE YOU KNOW
21:34 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:34 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:34 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
21:34 <ScorchingShock> Font, appearence, battle animations, everything.
21:34 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey hobo
21:34 <ScorchingShock> Colors and stuff.
21:34 <ShotgunHobo> HOBO MAGIC!!!
21:34 <Kitty Mistake> someone give me a damn hug already...
21:34 <Finneow> Hey Hobo
21:34 <ScorchingShock> Placement of things.
21:34 <King Starscream> You obviously don't understand "Photoshop", dude
21:34 <The Koromo> *hugs jess
21:34 <ShotgunHobo> Hello dere guys
21:34 <Kitty Mistake> -huggles-
21:34 <Brett.janovich> hmm
21:34 <King Starscream> Once something official is out, it gets real easy to fake
21:34 <ScorchingShock> You don't understand my means.
21:35 <Kitty Mistake> brett... are you new?
21:35 <ScorchingShock> I take careful time to detect photoshop.
21:35 <King Starscream> Mega Aerodactyl.
21:35 <King Starscream> Can you tell from some of the pixels?
21:35 <ShotgunHobo> I dink brett is new
21:35 <Princess Skuntank> These all look really dumb...
21:35 -!- Milk Steak has joined Special:Chat
21:35 <King Starscream> And seeing lots of shops in your time?
21:35 <Princess Skuntank> I doubt these are rela.
21:35 <Princess Skuntank> real*
21:35 <Kitty Mistake> -tackles steak-
21:35 <ShotgunHobo> Milk Steak
21:35 <Milk Steak> hai
21:36 <Milk Steak> nice to see you too Kitty
21:36 <ScorchingShock> MegaAerodactyl is indeed real, Starscream. The pixels are in the right places. The item screen for Aerodactylite is also legit. Fonts and placement of the items are indeed real.
21:36 <King Starscream> Sorry, don't take this personally, please, it's just the someone who is REALLY good at Photoshop can make something that is nearly undetectable.
21:36 <Kitty Mistake> what? no hug?
21:36 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Milk Steak> sure
21:36 <Kitty Mistake> what is wrong with you?!
21:36 <Finneow> HEy Reading
21:36 <King Starscream> And I know Mega Aerodactyl is real.  It looks awesome :3
21:36 <Kitty Mistake> omg
21:36 <ShotgunHobo> Reading
21:36 <Kitty Mistake> -tackles reading-
21:36 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:36 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Milk Steak> hi reading 
21:36 <King Starscream> Hey Read
21:36 <Milk Steak> :3
21:36 <ScorchingShock> I know Starscream. :)
21:36 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has left Special:Chat.
21:36 -!- WhyAmIReadingThis has joined Special:Chat
21:36 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
21:36 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Ready!! :D
21:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> test
21:36 <ScorchingShock> But stuff doesn't get past me easily.
21:36 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zack
21:37 <Castiels Nipples> Read
21:37 <Castiels Nipples> Hello
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Castiel
21:37 <Zyranne> Cleric, I have PM'd you about something
21:37 <Eyeless Jack> Hey Reading
21:37 <ScorchingShock> Hey Reading!
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Eyeless, Shock
21:37 <Zyranne> READING
21:37 <ScorchingShock> Did you hear? Dual-type moves are confirmed!
21:37 <Zyranne> HEY!
21:37 <Eyeless Jack> Cleric
21:37 <Kitty Mistake> ok so yet another person fucking ignoring me
21:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I might have to go soon and I won't be back on until Saturday or Sunday
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Zyr
21:37 <Kitty Mistake> thanks -.-
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Whaaaat? That is new
21:37 <Eyeless Jack> I have to talk to you
21:37 <Kitty Mistake> i feel sooo loved
21:37 <ShotgunHobo> Zy
21:37 <King Starscream> Ok, bye Zack :(
21:37 <ShotgunHobo> hller
21:37 <WhyAmIReadingThis> How is it exactly, and what is your source?
21:37 <Zyranne> Hi Hobo!
21:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I said soon lol
21:37 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> We do love you Kitty
21:37 <ScorchingShock> My source is a screenshot. Taken from Italy.
21:37 <ScorchingShock> Italy and Canada got the games early.
21:38 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:38 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:38 <Kitty Mistake> .....
21:38 <Milk Steak> guys...
21:38 <ShotgunHobo> Wait what are you guys argueing about
21:38 <King Starscream> Dude
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> Yep just a screenshot. 
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> So reliable. 
21:38 <King Starscream> Beards are confirmed in X and Y
21:38 <Kitty Mistake> -hides under bed in the corner-
21:38 <Milk Steak> i think i just found the most terrifying thing ever
21:38 <ScorchingShock> Actually.
21:38 <ShotgunHobo> Let me see that screencap
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> Not Pokemon or Nintendo or anything.
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> Just.
21:38 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> *Glomps Kitty*
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> A screenshot. 
21:38 <ScorchingShock> Hold on guys.
21:38 <Kitty Mistake> grr
21:38 <ScorchingShock> HOLD THE FUCK ON
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> Yep reliability oh man.
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> OH MAN!
21:38 <Princess Skuntank> So reliable! 
21:38 <Milk Steak> is anyone interested?
21:38 <King Starscream> XD @ Skuntank
21:38 <ShotgunHobo> I am
21:38 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
21:38 <ScorchingShock> Sarah. Please. For a moment can you just shut the fuck up and let me talk.
21:38 <Milk Steak> k
21:38 <Milk Steak> here ya go
21:39 <Milk Steak>
21:39 <ScorchingShock> Please.
21:39 <ShotgunHobo> Show me the sexy magic
21:39 <ScorchingShock> Hold on.
21:39 <Finneow> Damn I never realised how much of a DICK critic is
21:39 <King Starscream> What the hell am I looking at, Milk
21:39 <ShotgunHobo> Milk steak
21:39 <Milk Steak> ikr
21:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What did he do, Finn?
21:39 <ShotgunHobo> You made me have to shit
21:39 <ScorchingShock> It's Hawlucha's new Flying Press move too.
21:39 <ScorchingShock> Flying/Fighting simaltaneously.
21:39 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:39 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <Finneow> Causing shit over facebook and whatever
21:39 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Ugh
21:39 <Milk Steak> it inspires terror doesnt it?
21:39 <ShotgunHobo> You have scared my bowels
21:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> What is he saying Finny?
21:40 <King Starscream> Well, I'm not accepting anything until I have the game in hand
21:40 <Finneow> Yno, Usual shit causing stuff
21:40 <ScorchingShock> Here's the screenshot. Someone uploaded it on 4chan for some reason but that's not the source it's from.
21:40 <King Starscream> I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I don't trust "leaks" or "insider knowledge"
21:40 <ScorchingShock> You don't accept Slurpuff, Starscream?
21:40 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Oh right
21:41 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <King Starscream> Slurpuff was announced on the Pokemon twitter today
21:41 <ScorchingShock> I love Slurpuff so much
21:41 <King Starscream> So yes I do
21:41 <Princess Skuntank> Pokemon Twitter announcements like stuff are real.
21:41 <ScorchingShock> Slurpuff <3
21:41 <King Starscream> And I can tell :P
21:41 <Princess Skuntank> But not stuff like Greninja. 
21:41 <ShotgunHobo> slurpuff?
21:41 <ScorchingShock> Slurpuff x Jack
21:41 <Princess Skuntank> Especially since... well, it just... looks fake.
21:41 <King Starscream> His ava
21:41 <Princess Skuntank> And really fucking stupid.
21:41 <ScorchingShock> It's actually really good.
21:41 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <ScorchingShock> Like really.
21:41 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The final evolutions of the starters are more or less confirmed.
21:41 <King Starscream> And Chesnaught doesn't even follow the design theory of either of its previous forms
21:42 <ScorchingShock> It's based off this one kind of Chestnut, Starscream.
21:42 <Eyeless Jane> jump!
21:42 <ScorchingShock> This white spiky one.
21:42 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has joined Special:Chat
21:42 <King Starscream> Ok, sure, BUT
21:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> The starters are based on a knight/mage/ninja archtype
21:42 <Hurshbr> )h)
21:42 <Hurshbr> (h)
21:42 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
21:42 <Finneow> Haaaiii Maria 
21:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Chespin's final evolution fits
21:42 <ScorchingShock> Hey Maria.
21:42 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Maria
21:42 <ScorchingShock> Yes it does Reading.
21:42 <King Starscream> It barely looks like Chespin OR Quilladin
21:43 -!- MDNAfan2013 has joined Special:Chat
21:43 <Hurshbr> Zack, PMs
21:43 <Princess Skuntank> ...Ya no.
21:43 <Prince(ss) Platinum> Who keeps uploading this skunktank hif
21:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Hey Maria
21:43 <MDNAfan2013> Hey guys.
21:43 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> I replied Hursh
21:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So does Remoraid and Octillery, Starscream
21:43 <King Starscream> Hey Maria
21:43 <Princess Skuntank> Maria it's for my fuckin sig.
21:43 <Hurshbr> Reloading...
21:43 <Princess Skuntank> Stop fuckin removing it.
21:43 <ScorchingShock> ^ @Reading
21:43 <Prince(ss) Platinum> Put it somewhere
21:43 <King Starscream> True, but again.
21:43 <Prince(ss) Platinum> so it doesn't end up in unused photos
21:43 <King Starscream> I'll believe it when it's either announced or I get the game in my hands.
21:43 <ShotgunHobo> Toast
21:43 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:43 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:43 <ScorchingShock> I understand you skepticism, Starscream.
21:44 <ScorchingShock> Don't worry though. In 9 days you will see.
21:44 <Milk Steak> Toast
21:44 <King Starscream> Ok then, Cool. :3
21:44 <Finneow> Just put it on your talkpage or somthin
21:44 <MDNAfan2013> (luigi)
21:44 <ScorchingShock> Also I have a video of Frogadier evolving into Greninja.
21:44 -!- The Koromo has left Special:Chat.
21:44 <King Starscream> I CAN confirm that Metroplex is frigging AWESOME
21:44 <ScorchingShock> It's straight from a 3DS screen.
21:44 <Hurshbr> I give a your face. *shoves a toast in Finn's face*
21:44 <Princess Skuntank> It still looks really fucking dumb though.
21:44 <Princess Skuntank> So.
21:44 <ScorchingShock> Video camera. 3DS.
21:44 <Finneow> Mnn Toast
21:44 <Eyeless Jane> goddamn pokemon
21:44 <Princess Skuntank> Honestly I might just ditch the starters if these are real.
21:45 <ScorchingShock>
21:45 <ScorchingShock> Wow Sarah
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> There is also an image of Greninja in that thing that needs to smile and tilt the head and a handful of other stuff
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Heh, you're the first person I see with this attitude, Sarah
21:45 <ScorchingShock> You're being pretty over-judgemental on them. :/
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> I'm surprised
21:45 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
21:45 <King Starscream> If they are, I don't have a problem with any of them, I just want official confirmation.
21:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Damn it Ready!!
21:45 <ScorchingShock> I've seen MANY of people like this, Reading.
21:45 <Milk Steak> hi Teah!
21:45 <ScorchingShock> I love Greninja. Such a brilliant design.
21:45 -!- MDNAfan2013 has left Special:Chat.
21:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> The RP in surprised pings me xD
21:45 <TeahThePsycho> Ello
21:45 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Teah! :D
21:45 <ScorchingShock> Follows the theme of the frog raised in a bubble nest.
21:45 <WhyAmIReadingThis> By "this attitude" I mean people who don't want a single starter from this generation
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Most I have seen want at least one.
21:46 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:46 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:46 <TeahThePsycho> Ello Zack and milk
21:46 <King Starscream> Mega Mewtwo X looks frigging AWESOME and I'm glad I'm getting X
21:46 <Princess Skuntank> Well I'm sorry but these final evos just look.
21:46 <Princess Skuntank> Terrible. 
21:46 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Which is something I had never seen in the past generations
21:46 <Princess Skuntank> I'll probably keep one but.
21:46 <Princess Skuntank> Not evolve it.
21:46 <King Starscream> I was the same with Oshawott
21:46 <Hurshbr> I miss my bf
21:46 -!- MDNAfan2013 has joined Special:Chat
21:46 <Prince(ss) Platinum> I stopped playing pokemon after emerald
21:46 <King Starscream> Didn't want to evolve it because of Samurott
21:46 <TeahThePsycho> I don't miss mine
21:46 <ClericofMadness> I hope my fire starter is Fire/PSy
21:46 <ClericofMadness> :3
21:46 <ScorchingShock> Grant's gym is the second gym.
21:46 <Prince(ss) Platinum> everything beyond that point seems really... bleh
21:47 <Princess Skuntank> It looks like it- Cleric.
21:47 <ClericofMadness> Aaaaaah spoilers
21:47 <ClericofMadness> KILL IT WITH FIIIIIIIIIIRE
21:47 <ScorchingShock> Grants gym is the second gym. Rock-type gym. You use rock walls to get around it/.
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Shock
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Shush
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Spoilers
21:47 <King Starscream> I originally stopped at Crystal, came back with HeartGold, and I'm REALLY looking forward to X and Y since they genuinely look like they'll renovate the franchise for the better
21:47 <King Starscream> Read, that was official
21:47 <ScorchingShock> HO SHIT
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes
21:47 <ScorchingShock> MEGAGENGAR
21:47 <TeahThePsycho> brb
21:47 <ScorchingShock>
21:47 -!- 303G has joined Special:Chat
21:47 <WhyAmIReadingThis> But I had kept myself away from the gym types announcements, damn it.
21:47 <ScorchingShock> Look at this shit!
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> From all places, I got spoiled here.
21:48 <ScorchingShock> Sorry Reading! D:
21:48 <303G> finn finn i has good news
21:48 <King Starscream> Sorry bro
21:48 <Prince(ss) Platinum> Cleric
21:48 <ScorchingShock> Im really sorry. ;-;
21:48 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:48 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <ScorchingShock> Put me in the corner of shame.
21:48 <Finneow> Yes?
21:48 <ScorchingShock> For a day.
21:48 <ScorchingShock> If you wish.
21:48 <King Starscream> Let's just cool it for a bit
21:48 <ShotgunHobo> So much meaga evolutions
21:48 <303G> remember that girl
21:48 <ClericofMadness> SPOILERS ;(
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No, it is okay
21:48 <Prince(ss) Platinum> it takes three minutes to process your page
21:48 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Just don't mention more, thanks
21:48 <Finneow> Yes
21:48 <ScorchingShock> Alright.
21:48 <ScorchingShock> But can I post MegaGengar?
21:48 <ScorchingShock> It looks AMAZING
21:48 <ScorchingShock>
21:49 <303G> she showed up at my house saying she would love to dat eme
21:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Why does it have a jawbreaker on its forehead?
21:49 <King Starscream> I've seen several "Mega Gengar" "screenshots"
21:49 <King Starscream> All of them different
21:49 <ScorchingShock> It's a 3rd eye.
21:49 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh?
21:49 <ScorchingShock> Yep.
21:49 <King Starscream> The Anja Chakra
21:49 <ScorchingShock> The Anja Chakra? That's what a 3rd eye is called?
21:50 <TeahThePsycho> Third eye blind
21:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So a poisonous ghost suddenly earns indian culture points or something like that
21:50 <King Starscream> XD Read
21:50 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Kinda unexpected, if true.
21:50 <ScorchingShock> Yea.
21:50 <303G> so it was a good day
21:50 <Finneow> Shit i just realised there are 2 princess hierarchies 
21:50 <King Starscream> Actually it's part of Buddhist culture too
21:50 <ScorchingShock> It's like opening it's ghostly powers, sorta.
21:50 <King Starscream> Buddhism started in India, after all
21:50 <TeahThePsycho> Well who wants to hear a story
21:50 <ScorchingShock> Buddist culture ties with Japan.
21:50 <303G> i wanna hear
21:50 <King Starscream> And China
21:50 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:50 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:50 <ScorchingShock> As most of Japan is buddhist.
21:50 <ScorchingShock> Yes, and China.
21:51 <TeahThePsycho> I was called a prostitute by a teacher
21:51 <303G> ok
21:51 <303G> and
21:51 <TeahThePsycho> So
21:51 <King Starscream> Buddhism started in India and traveled East.
21:51 <303G> yes i wnna hear ut
21:51 <ScorchingShock> Oh guys. Look at this!
21:51 <Zyranne> that's unprofessional, Teah 
21:51 <Milk Steak> my math teacher called a student a child molester
21:51 <King Starscream> :|
21:52 <TeahThePsycho> I wanted to tell somebody buy our school board never believes us
21:52 <TeahThePsycho> *but
21:52 <303G> tell me
21:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Right guys I must be gone until Saturday / Sunday :(
21:52 <Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye> Bye beee
21:52 <ScorchingShock> OH MY GOD
21:52 <ScorchingShock> This is so CUTE! <3
21:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Bye Zack
21:53 <Milk Steak> bye Zack :3
21:53 <303G> i wanna hear teahs story
21:53 <ScorchingShock> Its called Goomy apparently.
21:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> See you when you come back
21:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> It is supposedly a Dragon type, Shock.
21:53 <TeahThePsycho> 303G that was the story lol
21:53 <Princess Skuntank> Okay now that I'd want to be real.
21:53 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:53 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <TeahThePsycho> Not amusing but true
21:53 -!- Arielyolo has joined Special:Chat
21:53 <303G> oh it was stupid
21:53 <Milk Steak> ur stupid
21:53 <Milk Steak> BURN
21:53 <TeahThePsycho> So are you love
21:53 <Arielyolo> hello....
21:53 <303G> no offense
21:54 -!- TeresaDinae has joined Special:Chat
21:54 <Hurshbr> Teah, why did they?
21:54 <ShotgunHobo> Hobo Magic
21:54 <303G> just sayin
21:54 -!- Zack -The Undead Soldier- Skye has left Special:Chat.
21:54 <Arielyolo> :I
21:54 <TeresaDinae> Jeff in Japense bonage
21:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Dinae
21:54 <TeahThePsycho> I was wearing a skirt that went down to my feet and I usually wear lipstick
21:54 <TeresaDinae> :)
21:54 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
21:54 <TeahThePsycho> But I didn't look like one
21:54 <303G> what the fuck is wrong with lipstick?
21:54 <King Starscream> Hey Brooke
21:54 <Milk Steak> hi Brooke
21:54 <Milk Steak> :3
21:55 -!- Arielyolo has left Special:Chat.
21:55 <BrookeBattlesAgainst> hi
21:55 <Hurshbr> I'm wearing a masquerade mask
21:55 <ScorchingShock> Also
21:55 <TeahThePsycho> Exactly
21:55 <ScorchingShock> That Goomy Pokemon.
21:55 <ScorchingShock> It's a Dragon-type.
21:55 <TeresaDinae> cool story I made
21:55 <King Starscream> I can't find anything about it being called Goomy yet
21:55 <303G> teah your teahcer sounds like the hoe
21:55 <ScorchingShock> IT'S SO FUCKING CUTE!!!!
21:55 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:55 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <TeresaDinae> hot
21:56 <TeahThePsycho> Naw,she's to ugly to be one
21:56 <Finneow>
21:56 <Finneow> This page that i just found tho :|
21:56 <ScorchingShock> That crooked smile! *hnnngh*
21:56 <TeresaDinae> chocolaty
21:56 <TeresaDinae> MILK
21:56 <Milk Steak> ...
21:56 <303G> so teah do you read any pastas on this site?
21:56 <TeahThePsycho> Yesh
21:56 <303G> finally
21:56 <Finneow> helo would you like some hot cholaty milk
21:56 <303G> someone does
21:57 <TeresaDinae> hey teah read this one!
21:57 <303G> ok!!
21:57 <TeresaDinae> its the first good one I've made
21:57 <ScorchingShock> OH SHIT GUYS
21:57 <ScorchingShock> MegaAbomasnow!
21:57 <ShotgunHobo> Sweet mother of fuck
21:57 <TeahThePsycho> I write but I.can't post
21:57 <King Starscream> There's a space after Mega
21:57 <MDNAfan2013> Can anyone suggest some good pastas for me? I've read most of the famous ones (Slendy, Jeff etc.)
21:57 <Hurshbr> I'm too ugly to be a ho
21:57 <ScorchingShock> Really?
21:57 <TeahThePsycho> They're on fic press and my website
21:58 <Hurshbr> [[dating game]]
21:58 <ScorchingShock> I always put the mega and the name of the pokemon together.
21:58 <ScorchingShock> Oh well.
21:58 <TeresaDinae> they switched away with dead
21:58 <TeahThePsycho> No.hursh lol I'm sure you look fine
21:58 <King Starscream> Good grief, is there really going to be a different item for each Mega form?
21:58 -!- MDNAfan2013 has left Special:Chat.
21:58 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <Hurshbr> I'm pudgy. Are there pudgy hos?
21:58 <ScorchingShock> Yep
21:58 -!- MDNAfan2013 has joined Special:Chat
21:58 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
21:58 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
21:58 <Hurshbr> oh
21:58 <King Starscream> :\ that's a lot of -nites to keep track of
21:58 <Hurshbr> Well, still not a ho.
21:58 <TeahThePsycho> I'm a bit pudgy to
21:58 <TeresaDinae> /me feels lonely
21:58 <King Starscream> I hope it doesn't take up the regular held item slot
21:59 <ShotgunHobo> /me thinks TeresaDinae should feel lonely
21:59 <TeresaDinae> pm if you wanna rp nsfw
21:59 <Kitty Mistake> im bored
21:59 <Hurshbr> Wearing makeup makes me look worse, but I like makeup
21:59 <Kitty Mistake> someone do something
21:59 <Milk Steak> me too
21:59 <TeahThePsycho> Me to lol 
22:00 <King Starscream> So will Mega Dragonite have Dragonitenite?
22:00 <ScorchingShock> It does, Starscream.
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> entertain me
22:00 <ScorchingShock> But it has infinite use.
22:00 <MDNAfan2013> What happened to
22:00 <TeahThePsycho> I wear heavy eyeliner and some lipstick  
22:00 <Milk Steak> im not ur goddamn toy Kitty!
22:00 <TeresaDinae> *turns into a baby*
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> -licks steak-
22:00 <ShotgunHobo> I wanna be a toy
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> sure you are
22:00 <Milk Steak> fine
22:00 <ScorchingShock> Starscream
22:00 <TeresaDinae> *crawls on the floor*
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> (wink)
22:00 <ScorchingShock> Mega Stones take up a slot in the held item thing.
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> -looks at dina-
22:00 <TeahThePsycho> Why is everyone ded
22:00 <ScorchingShock> But has infinite use so it's a better hold item.
22:00 <Kitty Mistake> what... the... fuck
22:01 <King Starscream> Meh
22:01 <MDNAfan2013> sp (luigi) ghetti
22:01 <TeahThePsycho> MEEEEHHH
22:01 <King Starscream> Yeah, but so does Shell Bell
22:01 <TeresaDinae> *sucks thumb*
22:01 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:01 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:01 <TeahThePsycho> elephant shell
22:01 <King Starscream> I was kinda hoping that I'd be able to use regular held items too, but oh well
22:01 <TeahThePsycho> Lisztomania 
22:01 <Hurshbr> I will teach all ye bored
22:01 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:01 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <ShotgunHobo> You know what I hate
22:02 <TeahThePsycho> Yourself
22:02 <TeresaDinae> what is "xenophobia"?
22:02 <TeahThePsycho> Jk jkjkjk
22:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <King Starscream> What is that, Hobo?
22:02 <ShotgunHobo> When theres ads on pornsites Telling you to cheat on your wife
22:02 <Milk Steak> xenophobia is fear of ALIENS
22:02 <King Starscream> Yeah I fucking hate that
22:02 <TeahThePsycho> Yes hobo me to 
22:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:02 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <ShotgunHobo> It’s advertising you to be a fucking bastard
22:03 <TeresaDinae> anyone wanna rp bonage or something
22:03 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:03 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <ShotgunHobo> We can do dinner?
22:03 <MDNAfan2013> Teresa is a creep.
22:03 <TeresaDinae> I know.
22:03 <TeahThePsycho> We tried debating legalization of.prostitution today and the girls were saying yes, boys said no and he brought up those types of ads   
22:03 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:03 -!- Hurshbr has left Special:Chat.
22:03 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
22:03 <Hurshbr> I'm weird
22:03 <ShotgunHobo> I say stay true to your partner
22:03 <Hurshbr> yus
22:04 <TeahThePsycho> Ye
22:04 <TeresaDinae> no one wants to rp bondage?
22:04 <MDNAfan2013> Ugh, I'd stay true to my partner if I actually had one.
22:04 <ShotgunHobo> We can RP dinner
22:04 <King Starscream> No, Dinae
22:04 <303G> anyone else sit and think so fucking deep for no reason
22:04 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
22:04 <MDNAfan2013> Yes.
22:04 <TeahThePsycho> I thought rp was against the "rules"
22:04 <Castiels Nipples> Computer is dying
22:04 <Castiels Nipples> gotta go
22:04 <Milk Steak> i do
22:04 <TeresaDinae> PM me if you wanna rp dinner.
22:04 -!- Mirmaid has left Special:Chat.
22:04 -!- Castiels Nipples has left Special:Chat.
22:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Public roleplay, Teah
22:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> And if it excessive.
22:04 <Milk Steak> rp dinner?
22:05 <King Starscream> RP is against the rules in main chat, but not PM
22:05 <Milk Steak> srsly?!?
22:05 <King Starscream> CAS!
22:05 <TeahThePsycho> Oh
22:05 <Hurshbr> I want to RP dinner
22:05 <Hurshbr> I am hungry
22:05 <ShotgunHobo> We can together
22:05 <303G> i just think about dying N shit its crazy
22:05 <ShotgunHobo> We can do a group dinner
22:05 <King Starscream> Cas?
22:05 <ShotgunHobo> on tinychat or somethin
22:05 -!- Finneow has left Special:Chat.
22:05 <TeahThePsycho> Or, or we could 
22:05 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
22:05 <ShotgunHobo> some one make a room
22:05 <MDNAfan2013> This is legit the only chatroom without creeps.
22:06 <Hurshbr> kk
22:06 <Hurshbr> Who all wants to join?
22:06 <Milk Steak> wait
22:06 <King Starscream> IRONY!
22:06 -!- Eyeless Jane has joined Special:Chat
22:06 <ShotgunHobo> @MDNA Sad cause it’s on a creepy website
22:06 <TeahThePsycho> COINCI�ENCE
22:06 <ShotgunHobo> for creepy things
22:06 <TeahThePsycho> cause it's so easy to get banned on here 
22:07 <Hurshbr> Teresa, hiii
22:07 <Hurshbr> I love creepy stuff if it's not movies
22:07 <303G> then i'll think about killing people
22:07 <303G> like legit
22:07 <TeahThePsycho> It's impossible to scare me
22:07 <303G> im fuckin wierd
22:07 <MDNAfan2013> The new Amnesia game is well dissapointing.
22:07 <Eyeless Jack> Ohhhh
22:08 -!- Cupcakes8 has joined Special:Chat
22:08 <ShotgunHobo> It’s easy to scare me
22:08 <King Starscream> Cuppy!
22:08 <303G> then i'll sit there and plan the killing like a maniac
22:08 <Cupcakes8> Gaiz. Hai.
22:08 <ShotgunHobo> I squel like a little bitch if I get really scared
22:08 <King Starscream> :3
22:08 <TeahThePsycho> The only thing that scares me is my face 
22:08 <MDNAfan2013> lel
22:08 <Eyeless Jack> hai
22:08 -!- 41488p has joined Special:Chat
22:08 -!- 41488p has left Special:Chat.
22:09 <Milk Steak> 414!
22:09 -!- Lily2479 has joined Special:Chat
22:09 <Milk Steak> oh wait
22:09 <Lily2479> Freezy-pop.
22:09 <303G> oh yes teah i bet you be all pretty
22:09 <TeahThePsycho> Lol ^
22:09 <303G> what?
22:09 <Princess Skuntank> I'm not pretty. 
22:09 <Princess Skuntank> I'm kawaii.
22:09 <Milk Steak> am i pwetty?
22:09 <Milk Steak> :3
22:09 <ShotgunHobo> 414 the quickest of dem all
22:09 <Hurshbr> I hate being cute
22:09 <Lily2479> Well,i'm pretty.
22:10 <Hurshbr> I want to be pretty. Instead I'm 'so adorable'. (>:/)
22:10 <ShotgunHobo> I hate being sexah
22:10 <TeahThePsycho> I hate being cute and when girl a try to be adorable
22:10 <303G> im fat a'f
22:10 <ShotgunHobo> I wants to be a potato
22:10 <Eyeless Jack> I gotta go
22:10 <Zyranne> I know the feel, Hursh
22:10 <Eyeless Jack> Bai
22:10 -!- Castiels Nipples has joined Special:Chat
22:10 <King Starscream> Cas?
22:10 <Castiels Nipples> yes
22:10 <King Starscream> Yay!
22:10 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
22:10 <King Starscream> Hai :3
22:11 <TeahThePsycho> I just act however if I am ugly ok if not ok 
22:11 <MDNAfan2013> Has anyone heard Britney Spears' new song yet?
22:11 <Castiels Nipples> hi
22:11 <ShotgunHobo> No one cares about britney
22:11 <303G> then anyway i'll start thinking i can just kill someone in a hallway
22:11 -!- Lily2479 has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <303G> for no reason
22:11 <Castiels Nipples> No one cares about Spears now that she isn't insane anymore
22:11 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <MDNAfan2013> LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE loljk
22:12 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
22:12 <King Starscream> XD
22:12 <303G> then once i kill them i can just kill other people
22:12 <303G> for fun
22:12 <Castiels Nipples> Chris? Chris Crocker, is that you?
22:12 <Hurshbr> Miranda Lambert!
22:12 <TeahThePsycho> Poo music.meh
22:12 -!- HiddenSpirit has joined Special:Chat
22:12 <303G> since i mould go to jail
22:12 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hey Spirit
22:12 <HiddenSpirit> Hi.
22:12 <MDNAfan2013> HI
22:12 <Castiels Nipples> Hey hidden. wazzup
22:12 <ShotgunHobo> Spirits
22:12 <TeahThePsycho> Why brag about being a killer man
22:12 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
22:12 <TeahThePsycho> Not cool
22:12 <Milk Steak> hi soirit
22:12 <King Starscream> Brittney Spears was a fad.  She will ever be a fad, which has long sine passed.
22:12 <King Starscream> since*
22:12 <HiddenSpirit> Nothing much.
22:13 -!- 303G has left Special:Chat.
22:13 <HiddenSpirit> Hello to all else.
22:13 <TeahThePsycho> Ello
22:13 <Castiels Nipples> I don't know. I still love her old stuff :0
22:13 <Castiels Nipples> :)
22:13 <MDNAfan2013> In The Zone slays.
22:13 <King Starscream> I guess if you do, then that's something
22:13 <Castiels Nipples> x33
22:13 <TeahThePsycho> People I have come to a conclusion
22:14 <Milk Steak> what is it?
22:14 <King Starscream> Yes, Teah?
22:14 <Eyeless Jane> well, that was an interesting rp....*poker face*
22:14 -!- Jamesthekiller has joined Special:Chat
22:14 <Zyranne> I misread that as 'rape face'
22:14 <Castiels Nipples> Oh my god (facepalm)
22:14 <TeahThePsycho> awkward blue dancing man is the realest person I know (jelly)
22:14 <King Starscream> Zy, you've been on the internet too long
22:14 <MDNAfan2013> Dances like me.
22:14 <Milk Steak> dammit Teah
22:14 <Zyranne> I think you're right
22:14 <King Starscream> You mean Jelly Jiggler?  Yeah, he knows what's up
22:14 <Eyeless Jane> too intresting
22:14 <Milk Steak> i thought you were gonna be all deep and stuff
22:14 -!- HiddenSpirit has left Special:Chat.
22:14 <MDNAfan2013> (slender)
22:15 <TeahThePsycho> Lol
22:15 -!- Jamesthekiller has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <Eyeless Jane> *drools*
22:15 <Hurshbr> I (h) (slender)
22:15 <TeahThePsycho> I can say something deep you might not care about
22:15 <ShotgunHobo> Were you rping with that person Teresa
22:15 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
22:15 -!- TeresaDinae has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <King Starscream> Hi Nows
22:15 <NoOneWillSee> Hey guys
22:15 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <Milk Steak> nows
22:15 <TeahThePsycho> Hey nows
22:15 <Milk Steak> i wuv u
22:15 <Milk Steak> :3
22:15 <Castiels Nipples> NOWS. Hai *glomp*
22:15 <NoOneWillSee> And NOWS loves you, Steak
22:16 <Milk Steak> yay
22:16 <NoOneWillSee> /me reverse tackles CRash
22:16 <King Starscream> Argh this backup x_x
22:16 <King Starscream> MS SQL, y u no work faster?
22:16 <Eyeless Jane> snoging, heavy snoging, topless Jack
22:16 <NoOneWillSee> *Snogging
22:16 <Hurshbr> I've never snogged or even kissed.
22:16 <NoOneWillSee> I had a brilliant pasta idea
22:16 <ShotgunHobo> snoggle all over me
22:16 <NoOneWillSee> Lets see, and certain suers are in it
22:17 <TeahThePsycho> I kissed a lot I regret it
22:17 <Eyeless Jane> so hot.....
22:17 <ShotgunHobo> very hot
22:17 <Hurshbr> What's hot?
22:17 <Andytags> yeah topless jack is the hottest thing out there
22:17 <NoOneWillSee> Crash, Neve, Andy, Nipps, Gramm, Read, and certain others are in my newest creation/
22:17 <Andytags> i love you jack <3
22:17 <Milk Steak> ....hi andy
22:17 <King Starscream> What is it about the Internet that brings out so many paraphilias?
22:17 <Andytags> hi milk steak
22:17 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Creation, eh?
22:17 <Castiels Nipples> really? Awesome!
22:17 <ShotgunHobo> What about fucking me
22:17 <NoOneWillSee> Yes.
22:17 <TeahThePsycho> White stripes dude
22:17 <TeahThePsycho> Yeah he's hot
22:17 <Andytags> yeah
22:17 <Andytags> Jack White*
22:17 <ShotgunHobo> I’m the sexiest of them all
22:17 <Hurshbr> I am (4ever)
22:17 <Milk Steak> Jack White ftw
22:17 <Andytags> how could you forget his name
22:17 <NoOneWillSee> Actually, I think Punch Zy and certain others are in it too
22:18 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> Also Read, you die in it.
22:18 <ShotgunHobo> wat abouts mes
22:18 <Hurshbr> In what?
22:18 <Zyranne> hmm?
22:18 <Hurshbr> I'm confused!
22:18 <ShotgunHobo> about me's
22:18 <TeahThePsycho> I love him
22:18 <Andytags> how do you forget jack white 
22:18 <WhyAmIReadingThis> :(
22:18 <Zyranne> in what?
22:18 <Milk Steak> i didnt
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> Its a pasta Im working on called 'GOODBYE'
22:18 <ShotgunHobo> Hobo sad
22:18 <King Starscream> It used to be "I kinda like feet", and now it's like "I love to pretend I'm turning into Sonic the Hedgehog, except that he's also a sofa"
22:18 <Andytags> i'm wearing a white stripes shirt 
22:18 <Zyranne> Seriously? :D
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> Yes.
22:18 <Milk Steak> am i n the pasta?
22:18 <TeahThePsycho> I don't worship the man like you Andy
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> Spoiler: Everyone dies.
22:18 <Zyranne> What happens in this pasta?
22:18 -!- Cupcakes8 has left Special:Chat.
22:18 <Milk Steak> nvm
22:18 <Hurshbr> Oh!
22:18 <Andytags> yeah you just think of him as a sex object 
22:18 <Milk Steak> i dont want to be in it
22:18 <Andytags> i think of him as a god
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> I'm not saying anything.
22:18 <Hurshbr> Noone, put me in it plz!
22:18 <ShotgunHobo> They have unprotected sex and die
22:18 <NoOneWillSee> Milk, I'll fit you in too.
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> And Hush.
22:19 <Milk Steak> noooo
22:19 <Zyranne> is it a creepypasta or a trollpasta>
22:19 -!- Cfvtreyvina has joined Special:Chat
22:19 <Milk Steak> i dont wanna die
22:19 <Hurshbr> YUS
22:19 -!- AliceHorror has joined Special:Chat
22:19 <Milk Steak> noooooo
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> No, its a legit pasta.
22:19 <TeahThePsycho> No, I love his solos and work with the stripes
22:19 <Hurshbr> What role do I play?
22:19 <Eyeless Jane> so sexy.....*still drooling*
22:19 <Zyranne> fuck yeah!
22:19 <Milk Steak> oh is ee
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> Yourself.
22:19 <Milk Steak> see*
22:19 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
22:19 <Hurshbr> kk
22:19 <Zyranne> I'mma be a cp character (kawaii)
22:19 <ShotgunHobo> Let me Joins!
22:19 <Castiels Nipples> I can't wait to read it
22:19 <Hurshbr> What do I do?
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> You chat like normal.
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> Auggh, fuck.
22:19 <AliceHorror> Wut?
22:19 <Hurshbr> kk
22:19 <ShotgunHobo> He no let me joins
22:19 -!- Cfvtreyvina has left Special:Chat.
22:19 <Zyranne> I really can't wait to read this
22:19 <Andytags> Jack White is good in the Dead Weather
22:19 <Castiels Nipples> I'mma be a CP character . Yay.
22:19 <NoOneWillSee> So I can stay here and play twenty questions, or do you guys want me to work on it right right now?
22:19 <Zyranne> are any of the mods/admins in it?
22:20 -!- AliceHorror has left Special:Chat.
22:20 -!- ALo03NY has joined Special:Chat
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> Scroll up, Zy/
22:20 <Zyranne> work on it :D
22:20 <Hurshbr> NoOne, begin
22:20 <Hurshbr> Whilst i PM you
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> Alrighty, I will take my leave
22:20 <Hurshbr> NOpes
22:20 <Hurshbr> Stay here
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> It'll be a while though
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
22:20 <Hurshbr> STAY
22:20 <Castiels Nipples> byebye then NOWS
22:20 <TeahThePsycho> I spy whilst, are you English hursh
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> My fingers will bleed
22:20 <Hurshbr> (D8)
22:20 <King Starscream> Bye Nows
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> Bye guys
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> To the ditors!!
22:20 <Hurshbr> I'm american
22:20 <MDNAfan2013> (jeff)
22:20 <NoOneWillSee> *editors
22:20 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
22:20 <Zyranne> All the best users!
22:20 <ShotgunHobo> sad face
22:20 <Hurshbr> Teah, I am USAin
22:21 <TeahThePsycho> Ohhhh
22:21 <Hurshbr> Teah, are you weird?
22:21 <MDNAfan2013> Bye
22:21 -!- ALo03NY has left Special:Chat.
22:21 <TeahThePsycho> Not many in the states use whilst
22:21 -!- MDNAfan2013 has left Special:Chat.
22:21 <TeahThePsycho> Yeah I'm weirdo
22:21 <Castiels Nipples> i do when
22:21 -!- JackofallSuits has joined Special:Chat
22:21 <Hurshbr> I use shall
22:21 <Hurshbr> And thee
22:21 <Castiels Nipples> *the situation is appropriate.
22:21 <King Starscream> Whilst is one of those words I think is better used in specific circumstances, not just all the time
22:21 <TeahThePsycho> I use mum, whilst and hence
22:22 <King Starscream> I like ergo
22:22 <Castiels Nipples> I use thee, thy, thou, hence, whilst... but mostly in my poetry
22:22 <Hurshbr> I write poetry like that
22:22 <Castiels Nipples> I use ergo alot in my normal dialogue
22:22 <Milk Steak> art thou shmexy?
22:22 <JackofallSuits> So hows your mum then mate
22:22 <Eyeless Jane> sorry, what?
22:22 <King Starscream> Nay :(
22:22 <Milk Steak> Nay?
22:22 <TeahThePsycho> Lol I love when people say mate 
22:22 <ShotgunHobo> I need Haloween avatar
22:22 <Milk Steak> u wot m8?
22:22 -!- BlairTheReaper has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <King Starscream> I amst naught smexy, tis sorrow.
22:22 <ShotgunHobo> Someone link me a funny good one
22:22 <Milk Steak> u havin a giigle?
22:23 <JackofallSuits> No
22:23 <BlairTheReaper> hello?
22:23 <JackofallSuits> 'Aving a shit
22:23 <Milk Steak> hi
22:23 <Hurshbr> Teah, PMs
22:23 <JackofallSuits> And a giggle
22:23 <BlairTheReaper> how is everyone?
22:23 <Milk Steak> gewd
22:23 <King Starscream> Metroplex
22:23 <BlairTheReaper> that's good.
22:23 <Milk Steak> what about metroplex?
22:23 <King Starscream> Generations Metroplex :3
22:24 <JackofallSuits> Metroid Plex
22:24 <JackofallSuits> Sounds like new game
22:24 <King Starscream>
22:24 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
22:24 -!- Eyeless Jack has joined Special:Chat
22:24 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
22:25 <King Starscream> It is gonna take forever to put all those decals on (D:)
22:25 <Eyeless Jack> Back for a min
22:25 <Eyeless Jack> (D:%)
22:25 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
22:25 <TeahThePsycho> I'll be alright if I could just see you come up for air come up for air 
22:25 <JackofallSuits> (huehue)
22:25 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
22:25 <NoOneWillSee> Guys
22:25 <King Starscream> wb Nows
22:25 <Hurshbr> yes?
22:25 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
22:25 <NoOneWillSee> How do I spell Neve's name
22:25 <NoOneWillSee> ?
22:25 <Milk Steak> Neve
22:25 <NoOneWillSee> No, his whole user
22:25 <JackofallSuits> "Come up for air" indeed
22:25 -!- Ozuzanna has joined Special:Chat
22:26 <King Starscream> NeveRsleePwitHmE
22:26 <NoOneWillSee> Thank you Star
22:26 <King Starscream> I think, first N might be small
22:26 <NoOneWillSee> I am leaving again
22:26 <Ozuzanna>
22:26 <CPwikiCHATlogger> [YOUTUBE] Title: Make People Anger - Throw Computer - Duration: 00:14 - Uploaded: 2008-06-11 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 4,274 -
22:26 -!- NoOneWillSee has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <Castiels Nipples> No, it's N
22:26 <Ozuzanna> this is why you dont throw paper aeroplanes in the office
22:26 <Hurshbr> bye
22:26 <King Starscream> Ok, cool
22:26 -!- ScorchingShock has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <TeahThePsycho> Why stalk Neve he's a cool black jew 
22:26 <BlairTheReaper> brb
22:26 -!- BlairTheReaper has left Special:Chat.
22:26 <Milk Steak> he's a black jew?
22:26 <ShotgunHobo> Ok I found a interesting new avatar for me
22:27 <ShotgunHobo>
22:27 <King Starscream> Wow, the server's moving fast all of a sudden
22:27 <Milk Steak> i know he's black...
22:27 <JackofallSuits> Yo mang
22:27 -!- Castiels Nipples has left Special:Chat.
22:27 <ShotgunHobo> Look at its
22:27 <JackofallSuits> Why you gotta call him a blew
22:27 <JackofallSuits> We don't discriminate 
22:27 <King Starscream> :| @ Hobo
22:27 <Milk Steak> i wasnt
22:27 <TeahThePsycho> He is he holds pride to it
22:27 <JackofallSuits> Not you
22:27 <TeahThePsycho> Ohhhh
22:27 <ShotgunHobo> What Should I find something different
22:27 <King Starscream> Why are there so many stupid-ass sex joke costumes?
22:27 -!- BlairTheReaper has joined Special:Chat
22:27 <ShotgunHobo> I don’t know
22:27 <JackofallSuits> What
22:27 <Eyeless Jack> *Giggity*
22:28 <ShotgunHobo> But I want a funny Halloween avatar
22:28 <King Starscream> I'm just gonna go as Link for Halloween
22:28 <BlairTheReaper> i'm back( sorry if no one cares ;-;)
22:28 <Hurshbr> Giggity
22:28 <King Starscream> Or maybe Beetlejuice
22:28 <JackofallSuits> I know the perfect Halloween costume
22:28 <JackofallSuits> I'll shave
22:28 <King Starscream> No one will recognize you, Jack
22:29 -!- NoOneWillSee has joined Special:Chat
22:29 <JackofallSuits> No point in dressing up for Halloween
22:29 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, If Im here, Im just referncing names
22:29 <NoOneWillSee> Just ping me if you wanna actual talk
22:29 -!- Eyeless Jack has left Special:Chat.
22:29 <Ozuzanna> hi princess platinum
22:29 <Ozuzanna> how r u
22:29 <ShotgunHobo> I needs avatar
22:29 <Ozuzanna> king starscream isnt beatlejuice that star thats gonna blow up or something
22:29 <JackofallSuits> Wouldn't be able to make a costume anyway
22:30 <ShotgunHobo> I’m going as a German soldier for halloween
22:30 <King Starscream> Betelgeuse?  I dunno, but Beetlejuice as a movie and cartoon from the 80's/90's
22:30 <ShotgunHobo> Don’t worry WWI geman soldier
22:30 <JackofallSuits> So you're just going to get drunk then
22:30 <Hurshbr> I'm gonna be a zombie-fighting cheerleader. And not a sexy one!
22:31 <King Starscream> So NOT Lollipop Chainsaw
22:31 <Hurshbr> nope
22:31 <King Starscream> GOOD.
22:31 <JackofallSuits> I would go as Solid Snake
22:31 <Hurshbr> Just regular cheerleader with a chainsaw
22:31 <JackofallSuits> Not sure how I would keep a boner the whole time though
22:31 <BlairTheReaper> that;s cute
22:31 -!- 7thtmnt has joined Special:Chat
22:31 <Hurshbr> Jack, pills
22:31 <King Starscream> OK, time to finish up for me.  I'll catch you guys later
22:32 <7thtmnt> No Stay!
22:32 <Milk Steak> bye Star
22:32 <JackofallSuits> Lost joke is lost
22:32 <Hurshbr> Blair, NOT cute! I am tired of being cute.
22:32 <7thtmnt> I don't know you but stay!
22:32 <JackofallSuits> What
22:32 <Zyranne> I just go away from chat for two minutes, and I come back to "Not sure how I would keep a boner the whole time though"
22:32 <JackofallSuits> How could you say something like that
22:32 -!- Ozuzanna has left Special:Chat.
22:32 <BlairTheReaper> oh sorry! D:
22:32 <Zyranne> xD
22:32 <JackofallSuits> Zyy
22:32 <JackofallSuits> Haii
22:32 <Hurshbr> np
22:32 <Hurshbr> jk
22:32 <Hurshbr> lol
22:32 <Zyranne> Heyo Jack!
22:32 <JackofallSuits> That was the "Solid Snake" joke
22:32 <King Starscream> Bye everyone
22:32 <BlairTheReaper> lol, 
22:32 <Hurshbr> lol
22:33 <Zyranne> Cleric PM
22:33 <Eyeless Jane> nergh! im bored
22:33 -!- King Starscream has left Special:Chat.
22:33 -!- Prince(ss) Platinum has left Special:Chat.
22:33 <Zyranne> Sorry about being bothersome :(
22:33 <BlairTheReaper> I just thought what you said was interesting
22:33 <JackofallSuits> How could anyone get tired of cute
22:33 <BlairTheReaper> exactly
22:33 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <JackofallSuits> I am befuddled 
22:33 <7thtmnt> Who wants to sing?
22:33 <JackofallSuits> Alright
22:33 <BlairTheReaper> huh?
22:33 <JackofallSuits> I'll be Simon 
22:33 -!- DeadWabbit15 has joined Special:Chat
22:33 <Milk Steak> if only a beast like me can make people happy...
22:34 <JackofallSuits> That was horrible
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> Hai
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> JACK
22:34 <Milk Steak> oh...
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> ._.
22:34 <BlairTheReaper> why do you say that
22:34 <Hurshbr> Milk, what kind of happy?
22:34 <JackofallSuits> Jack
22:34 <JackofallSuits> Wabbit
22:34 <JackofallSuits> Jack Wabbit
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> Smash time?
22:34 <7thtmnt> (batman)
22:34 <JackofallSuits> Hell yeah
22:34 <Milk Steak> Happy happy -wink-
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> SUPER
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> SMAAAASH
22:34 <Hurshbr> (;))
22:34 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
22:34 <JackofallSuits> Wabbit
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> BROTHERRRRS
22:34 <7thtmnt> 1
22:34 <7thtmnt> 12
22:34 <7thtmnt> 123
22:34 -!- I am Sqeakz has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <7thtmnt> 12
22:34 <7thtmnt> 1
22:34 <JackofallSuits> You know exactly what to say to turn on my Wii
22:34 <JackofallSuits> (huehue)
22:34 <DeadWabbit15> POP THAT SHIT IN
22:35 <DeadWabbit15> ^
22:35 <JackofallSuits> Woah
22:35 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <BlairTheReaper> lol
22:35 <7thtmnt> Animal Crossing in my soup
22:35 <DeadWabbit15> All the motivation I need
22:35 <Hurshbr> (;))
22:35 -!- I am Sqeakz has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <JackofallSuits> Hasty, aren't we
22:35 <7thtmnt> Insulting my neighbors and calling them poop
22:35 <JackofallSuits> Don't skip the foreplay 
22:35 <DeadWabbit15> Thats.....
22:35 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
22:35 <DeadWabbit15> A legit parody
22:35 <Hurshbr> I'm not hasty
22:35 <Hurshbr> I'm awesome
22:35 <BlairTheReaper> ohhh
22:35 <NoOneWillSee> Lel, getting to the part with Zyranne
22:35 <DeadWabbit15> Good job 7
22:35 <TeahThePsycho> So any one like use energized swag for transportation
22:35 <Zyranne> Yey!
22:35 <7thtmnt> Tyrone
22:35 <Hurshbr> (:D) Wink wink
22:36 <NoOneWillSee> AFK nouw
22:36 <DeadWabbit15> OK
22:36 <7thtmnt> Anybody want a yoohoo?
22:36 <JackofallSuits> Hey Wabbit
22:36 -!- Eyeless Jane has left Special:Chat.
22:36 <Hurshbr> Right, NoOne. What happens in PM stays in PM.
22:36 <DeadWabbit15> I PM'd you
22:36 <DeadWabbit15> Let's use PM
22:36 <DeadWabbit15> ok?
22:36 <Hurshbr> What's a yoohoo?
22:36 <7thtmnt> Chocolate milk
22:36 <BlairTheReaper> Pm? ( what'ts that?)
22:36 <Milk Steak> in a box
22:37 <Hurshbr> Privater mEssage
22:37 <BlairTheReaper> oh
22:37 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <Hurshbr> Im gonna say that now. What happens in PM stays in PM
22:37 <7thtmnt> Everyone's favorite tv show?
22:37 <Milk Steak> Arthut
22:37 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <BlairTheReaper> Ohh i get it
22:38 <Milk Steak> Arthur*
22:38 <BlairTheReaper> umm, dead files >.<
22:38 <7thtmnt> Avatar the last airbender
22:38 -!- Hot Jamally has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Milk Steak> everyday when youre walking down the street...
22:38 <JackofallSuits> Favorite show
22:38 <JackofallSuits> In what category?
22:38 <Hurshbr> Gravity Falls
22:38 <Milk Steak> everybody that you meet....
22:38 <Milk Steak> has a wonderful point of veiw
22:38 <Hurshbr> me to
22:38 <TeahThePsycho> Fuck love fame
22:38 <Milk Steak> and i say hey
22:38 <Milk Steak> HEY
22:39 <Hot Jamally> Take me down to the WiiU city
22:39 <Hot Jamally> Where we have no games
22:39 <Hot Jamally> And the hardware's shitty!
22:39 <Hurshbr> What happens in PM stays, for example
22:39 <Milk Steak> what a wonderful kind of thing
22:39 <JackofallSuits> I thought it was day
22:39 <BlairTheReaper> lol
22:39 <Milk Steak> where you can learn to work and play
22:39 <JackofallSuits> My childhood was a lie
22:39 <Hurshbr> (h) 
22:39 <Milk Steak> and get along with each other
22:39 <JackofallSuits> Damn you Milk
22:39 <JackofallSuits> You ruined it
22:39 <Milk Steak> fuck you im just singing
22:40 <JackofallSuits> You killed my childhood 
22:40 <BlairTheReaper> told your ass
22:40 <Milk Steak> what have you done?
22:40 <Milk Steak> Exactly
22:40 <Milk Steak> Nothing
22:40 <Andytags> jamal
22:40 <ShotgunHobo> As I’m looking for a halloween avatar
22:40 <TeahThePsycho> Milk
22:40 <BlairTheReaper> what do you guys wanna be for halloween?
22:40 <JackofallSuits> Get something cute
22:40 <Milk Steak> yes?
22:41 <TeahThePsycho> Idk 
22:41 <NoOneWillSee> Im gonna be The Punsiher
22:41 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
22:41 <Hurshbr> Im a zombie fighting cheerleader, my famiyl is zombies
22:41 <Milk Steak> k Teah
22:41 <Milk Steak> anything else?
22:41 <NoOneWillSee> Oops, sorry guys, just studying your chat styles
22:41 <BlairTheReaper> huh? 
22:41 <Hot Jamally> yes
22:41 <Hurshbr> NoOne, it's ok
22:41 <Milk Steak> how would you describe my chat style
22:41 <Hurshbr> Can we PM?
22:41 <Milk Steak> ?
22:41 <Zyranne> NoOne just look through the logs for mine
22:41 <NoOneWillSee> BTW, GOODBYE was already taken as a pasta title.
22:41 <Hurshbr> yeah
22:41 <BlairTheReaper> I wanna be something scary or cute
22:41 <Milk Steak> how about HELLP
22:41 <NoOneWillSee> So Im renaming it What Now
22:41 <Milk Steak> HELLO*
22:41 <Hot Jamally> He says "Son, can you play on the PS3?
22:41 <Hot Jamally> I'm not really sure how it goes.
22:42 <Hot Jamally> But it's fun and it's cheap
22:42 <Hot Jamally> And I knew it complete
22:42 <Hot Jamally> If there's a game for one of those"
22:42 <NoOneWillSee> Gtg and brb
22:42 <Zyranne> since I haven't been exactly active today
22:42 <Hurshbr> Noone, please list those of us that are in it
22:42 <TeahThePsycho> Lol Ellora
22:42 <TeahThePsycho> My new hello 
22:43 <Milk Steak> Elloz
22:43 <Hot Jamally> OPEN THE DOOR
22:43 <Hot Jamally> GET ON THE FLOOR
22:43 <Hot Jamally> NO GAMES FOR THE PS4
22:43 <TeahThePsycho> Can somebody speak
22:43 <Milk Steak> no
22:43 <Milk Steak> i wont
22:43 <BlairTheReaper> :o
22:43 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Caps, Jamal
22:43 <Milk Steak> oh shit
22:43 <Hot Jamally> my bad
22:43 -!- Anna Monroe has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <TeahThePsycho> /me zips mouth
22:43 <Milk Steak> oh look its Anna
22:43 <Hurshbr> I feel sad now. IDKW
22:43 <BlairTheReaper> AWH D:
22:44 -!- Anna Monroe has left Special:Chat.
22:44 <Hurshbr> But crap happens, as well as piss and periods
22:44 -!- Autumoasis has joined Special:Chat
22:44 <Hurshbr> I wish it was my period
22:44 <Autumoasis> Hullo
22:44 <Hot Jamally> i wish i was preggo
22:44 <Hot Jamally> even though I'm black
22:44 <BlairTheReaper> i dont
22:44 <Hot Jamally> i mean male
22:44 <Hot Jamally> fuck, the Man's been gettinng to me
22:44 <Hurshbr> lol
22:44 <TeahThePsycho> Lol hursh
22:45 -!- MDNAfan2013 has joined Special:Chat
22:45 <BlairTheReaper> lmao!
22:45 <MDNAfan2013> I'm back.
22:45 <Hurshbr> I want someone to talk to, which is absurd right now
22:45 <BlairTheReaper> talk to me?
22:45 <Hurshbr> And teah, I am serious
22:45 <Hurshbr> kk, blari
22:45 <Hurshbr> Stupid slow PC
22:45 <Princess Skuntank> ...It's official. 
22:46 <Princess Skuntank> The Fox is now in the top 10 on Billboard. 
22:46 <Milk Steak> Il Duce
22:46 <Princess Skuntank> ...I don't know what to say to that honestly.
22:46 <Milk Steak> The Duke
22:46 <Princess Skuntank> At least the number one song is something I really like. 
22:46 <Autumoasis> brb
22:46 -!- Autumoasis has left Special:Chat.
22:46 <Milk Steak> Boondock Saints anyone?
22:46 -!- MDNAfan2013 has left Special:Chat.
22:47 <TeahThePsycho> Mutemath singer sounds like Bruno mars  
22:47 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
22:47 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <Hurshbr> brb
22:48 -!- Hurshbr has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <BlairTheReaper> ok
22:48 -!- Murasaki Usagi has joined Special:Chat
22:48 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
22:48 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <BlairTheReaper> favorite creepypasta?
22:48 <Milk Steak> gotta use da restroom
22:48 <Milk Steak> brb
22:49 <TeahThePsycho> That's great it starts with an earthquake
22:49 <BlairTheReaper> thank you for sharing. lol
22:49 <Murasaki Usagi> I like By the Razor, by the pin
22:49 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
22:49 <TeahThePsycho> It's the end of the world as we know it
22:49 <TeahThePsycho> And I feel fine
22:49 <Princess Gingy> Back
22:50 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
22:50 <BlairTheReaper> hi
22:50 <Murasaki Usagi> I'm sure all the disturbed people feel the same
22:50 <TeahThePsycho> About what
22:50 <Princess Gingy> Hello Blair
22:50 <BlairTheReaper> what's up
22:50 <Murasaki Usagi> The world ending
22:50 <Hot Jamally> Disturbed the band? Or being disturbed?
22:50 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
22:50 <Hurshbr> hello. I am back for your e-souls
22:50 <Princess Gingy> Tired you?
22:50 -!- DeadWabbit15 has left Special:Chat.
22:50 <BlairTheReaper> same!
22:50 <TeahThePsycho> Well, I was singing the REM song
22:51 <Princess Gingy> Hi Hurshbr
22:51 -!- DeadWabbit15 has joined Special:Chat
22:51 <Princess Gingy> ZYRANNE
22:51 <DeadWabbit15> I look so beautiful.
22:51 <Milk Steak> IM BECK
22:51 <Princess Gingy> Hi
22:51 <Hurshbr> Can I tell a funny story without too many interrupptions?
22:51 <Zyranne> Heyo Ginger!
22:51 <Princess Gingy> Hello Wabbit
22:51 <BlairTheReaper> yeah!
22:52 <DeadWabbit15> Hello Gingu
22:52 -!- 7thtmnt has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <Hurshbr> Well, my brothers were calling my RP character gingerass. I had a mental image of a butt with luxurious red hair. (:D)
22:52 <Princess Gingy> Im working on a story to posg here
22:52 <BlairTheReaper> xD
22:52 <ShotgunHobo> Toasters
22:52 <Princess Gingy> Lol
22:52 -!- 7thtmnt has joined Special:Chat
22:52 <NoOneWillSee> Reading
22:53 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
22:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes?
22:53 <Princess Gingy> Sir Captian Ginger Face is a noob!
22:53 <Hurshbr> Gingerass!
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> If you were about to die in real life on chat,
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> And you had only a few seconds
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> What would you say?
22:53 <TeahThePsycho> It's sad on my table of contents all you see is that I've been banned four times 
22:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> "Damn it"
22:53 -!- ShotgunHobo has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> Huehue, a little more4 than that
22:53 -!- Kitty Mistake has joined Special:Chat
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> Likke heart felt shit?
22:53 <Hurshbr> I would say, please help
22:53 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Kitty
22:53 <Milk Steak> Hi Kitty!
22:53 <Princess Gingy> Hi Kitty
22:53 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Not much beyond "Well, see you when I haunt this chat"
22:53 <Kitty Mistake> -tackles reading and uses him as a pillow-
22:54 <Hurshbr> Or, guys get out of here
22:54 <NoOneWillSee> Alright then.
22:54 <Hurshbr> run
22:54 <Kitty Mistake> hi guys
22:54 <NoOneWillSee> Going back in
22:54 <DeadWabbit15> There we go
22:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> So now I'm a pillow!
22:54 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
22:54 <Milk Steak> Yep
22:54 <Milk Steak> pretty much
22:54 <Kitty Mistake> be honnored goddamn it
22:54 <Murasaki Usagi> :p
22:54 <TeahThePsycho> ALLLLL-righty then
22:54 <DeadWabbit15> Hi Read
22:54 <Princess Skuntank> Nick, what the fuck are you smoking.
22:54 <Milk Steak> Ace Ventura
22:54 <Princess Skuntank> You're a Gliscor.
22:54 <Kitty Mistake> honored* 
22:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Wabbit
22:54 <Milk Steak> like a glove
22:54 <Princess Gingy> Ceilling Nick sees everything
22:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Mushrooms, Sarah
22:54 <BlairTheReaper> asdfghjkl
22:54 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Apparently they weren't made to be smoked
22:55 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Oh well.
22:55 <Hurshbr> Blair?
22:55 <BlairTheReaper> yes?
22:55 -!- Hot Jamally has left Special:Chat.
22:55 <Princess Gingy> My real name is
22:55 <Princess Gingy> Scott McAnus Greene
22:56 <TeahThePsycho> How I was how I tried always sixteen through the night
22:56 -!- Markjokestar has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <TeahThePsycho> Wait, McAnus
22:56 <TeahThePsycho> ??
22:56 <Princess Gingy> Hi Mark
22:56 <Hurshbr> I was almost named Chase. My mom interfered. (;()
22:56 <Markjokestar> lalala
22:56 <BlairTheReaper> oh :/ I'm sorry 
22:56 <TeahThePsycho> I was almost Italia. Mum settled for Tyra
22:56 <Hurshbr> np
22:56 <Hurshbr> Instead I was named for my dad
22:57 <BlairTheReaper> what's your name?
22:57 <Milk Steak> i was named Moussa
22:57 <Princess Gingy> I was going to be Bob, but it changed to Scott
22:57 <Princess Skuntank> 
22:57 <Princess Skuntank> 2spooky4u!
22:57 <BlairTheReaper> I was going to be named Bella.
22:57 <Hurshbr> Can't share my name, sorry
22:57 -!- Autumoasis has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <NoOneWillSee> How do you spell Nipps full user?
22:57 <Autumoasis> back
22:58 <TeahThePsycho> nope I have reasons to believe I'm the spookiest
22:58 <BlairTheReaper> oh, that's understandable
22:58 -!- Princess Gingy has left Special:Chat.
22:58 <Hurshbr> I'm messed up
22:58 <Hurshbr> Blair, PMs
22:58 -!- Princess Gingy has joined Special:Chat
22:58 <NoOneWillSee> Gah, thanks for nothing guys!
22:58 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
22:58 <Hurshbr> oh!
22:58 <Princess Skuntank> Autu!
22:58 <Markjokestar> yo anyone know any scary things to search up on the site? I just made an account
22:58 <Hurshbr> Castiels Nipples I think
22:58 <NoOneWillSee> Aw thanks
22:58 <Hurshbr> [[Dating Game]], Mark
22:59 <Markjokestar> okay thx
22:59 -!- Alex the fag has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Alex the fag> ;_;
22:59 <Hurshbr> what?
22:59 <Alex the fag> idek man ._.
22:59 <Markjokestar> lol
22:59 <TeahThePsycho> Saying your name will get someone banned Alex
22:59 <Princess Gingy> Swag meter: 0% swag
23:00 <BlairTheReaper> huh?
23:00 <Princess Gingy> ;~;
23:00 <Alex the fag> well i'm sorry i use that name for everything .______.
23:00 <TeahThePsycho> But damn, now I've seen some names on cp but yours is the best dude
23:00 <Hurshbr> Teah, PMs?
23:00 <Milk Steak> hey guys guess what, im an oddly flavored arm!
23:00 -!- 7thtmnt has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <Alex the fag> wut?
23:01 <Hurshbr> lol
23:01 <Hurshbr> I want to eat you now
23:01 -!- 7thtmnt has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
23:01 <Hurshbr> here, milk
23:01 <Alex the fag> I like bubblesssss :3
23:01 <Hurshbr> Here boy
23:01 <Milk Steak> yiss?
23:01 <Alex the fag> Does anyone like bands?
23:01 <TeahThePsycho> Me
23:01 <Princess Gingy> Im a stain on the fabric of life
23:01 <TeahThePsycho> To death
23:02 <BlairTheReaper> what kind of bamds
23:02 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:02 <Alex the fag> Idek man .-. like rock
23:02 <Princess Gingy> I Fight Dragons is my favorite band
23:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> woah
23:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> wtf
23:02 <Princess Gingy> Hi Ryled
23:02 <TeahThePsycho> I love indie and alt bands 
23:02 <Hurshbr> I love Kamelot, as most people know
23:02 <Princess Gingy> *Rylee
23:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> Um...
23:02 <Rylee the Pegasis> Alex's name?
23:02 <Alex the fag> .____________________. BANDS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1
23:02 <Alex the fag> oh and thanks ;_; 
23:03 <JackofallSuits> Oh wow
23:03 <Markjokestar> alex you look depressing
23:03 <Alex the fag> i use it for everything, kik,  instagram, and other social stuff
23:03 <Princess Gingy> Jack!
23:03 -!- ShotgunHobo has left Special:Chat.
23:03 <JackofallSuits> Haii Gingy
23:03 <BlairTheReaper> tides of man >.< 
23:03 <Alex the fag> well jeez thanks?
23:03 <Rylee the Pegasis> it's um...
23:03 <TeahThePsycho> Rylee I said the same thing
23:03 <Alex the fag> weird? awkward? gay? yeah i know,
23:03 <Markjokestar> (。◕‿◕。)
23:03 <Markjokestar> surprised and smiling
23:03 <Markjokestar> 	
23:03 <Markjokestar> (。◕‿‿◕。)
23:03 <Markjokestar> have some smiles bro
23:03 <Milk Steak> lelzerz
23:03 <JackofallSuits> Kawaiii
23:03 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't, Mark
23:04 <Markjokestar> rofl
23:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> Isn't it like... against the rules?
23:04 -!- Kitty Mistake has left Special:Chat.
23:04 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Yes.
23:04 <Alex the fag> idek man ._.
23:04 <Markjokestar> what is?
23:04 <JackofallSuits> Saddening 
23:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> Alex's name
23:04 <Princess Gingy> That word is not tolerated here, never seen it in a name before though...
23:04 <TeahThePsycho> Alex the lags name
23:04 <Markjokestar> o lol
23:04 -!- Alex the fag was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 31536000000 seconds.
23:04 <Alex the fag> f. a. g.
23:04 -!- Alex the fag has left Special:Chat.
23:04 <Markjokestar> i didnt bother with the rules when i signed up
23:04 <Hurshbr> wow
23:04 <JackofallSuits> Bad move
23:04 <Rylee the Pegasis> you may want to Mark
23:05 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Don't be surprised if you get banned, Mark.
23:05 <Princess Gingy> ^
23:05 <Rylee the Pegasis> ^
23:05 <Markjokestar> it's not like I'm going to say swear words or make fun of people
23:05 <Milk Steak> ^^
23:05 <JackofallSuits> You should never join a site without properly reading the rules and such
23:05 <BlairTheReaper> my baby sister is playing some salon game. and she cuts off all the chicks hair and she starts laughing for like 15 mins, becuase the girls hair looks like french fries XD
23:05 -!- Murasaki Usagi has left Special:Chat.
23:05 <Markjokestar> i'm just doing this to read some scary stuff
23:05 <JackofallSuits> Why the fuck would you not swear?
23:05 <JackofallSuits> Like shit
23:05 <Markjokestar> lmao
23:05 <JackofallSuits> You better not
23:05 <JackofallSuits> Watch the fucking language 
23:05 <NoOneWillSee> Shotgun hobo
23:06 <Markjokestar> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
23:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> Fuck you Jack
23:06 <JackofallSuits> There are fucking children fucking here
23:06 <Milk Steak> JACK! Where the FUCK did you learn that language?!
23:06 <BlairTheReaper> fucking no
23:06 <Markjokestar> rofl
23:06 -!- Markjokestar was kicked from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis
23:06 -!- Markjokestar has left Special:Chat.
23:06 <Princess Gingy> Oh Reading, im writing a new story
23:06 <Autumoasis> You know, you don't need an account to read CP here. 
23:06 <JackofallSuits> wai so mean Rylee
23:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> Swearing is not fuckign allowed here
23:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Cool, Gingy!
23:06 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What will it be about?
23:06 <JackofallSuits> Yeah
23:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> that's why I'm mean
23:06 <JackofallSuits> Fuckign
23:06 <Princess Gingy> SCP
23:06 <JackofallSuits> They suck
23:06 <Rylee the Pegasis> fuk
23:06 <NoOneWillSee> WHOA
23:06 <TeahThePsycho> U DED
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> SCPs are awesome, but not allowed
23:07 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
23:07 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> 2bad
23:07 <BlairTheReaper> SCPs?
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> Yes.
23:07 <Milk Steak> secure contain protect
23:07 <Princess Gingy> Well then
23:07 <Milk Steak> thats what it means
23:07 <BlairTheReaper> (sorry I'm new here)
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> They are the ones that actually started this wikia
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> Starting with SCP-173
23:07 <JackofallSuits> Secret Cum Parties?
23:07 <Princess Gingy> I will take the SCP part out then
23:07 <BlairTheReaper> oh
23:07 <BlairTheReaper> xD
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> Look up SCP Foundation wikia
23:07 -!- Rin okumura18 has joined Special:Chat
23:07 <Milk Steak> "they" like its some covert CIA corporation
23:07 <BlairTheReaper> alright
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> You will waste so many hours on there
23:07 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
23:07 <Autumoasis> I never fucking swear.
23:08 <NoOneWillSee> Fuck dat shit mang
23:08 <Princess Gingy> Hi Rin
23:08 <JackofallSuits> Why I never
23:08 <BlairTheReaper> SURE YOU FUCKING DONT
23:08 <Rin okumura18> hey
23:08 <BlairTheReaper> jk c:
23:08 <NoOneWillSee> Brb gtg guys still working
23:08 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Rin
23:08 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:08 <JackofallSuits> Such fucking rude language
23:08 <Autumoasis> I'm such a fucking good girl.
23:08 <Rin okumura18> hey reading and princess 
23:08 <BlairTheReaper> im fucking sorry
23:08 <Princess Gingy> Im obviously a guy
23:09 <Milk Steak> ....really?
23:09 <Princess Gingy> (derp)
23:09 <JackofallSuits> Obviously
23:09 <Rin okumura18> wait what?
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> what??
23:09 <Rin okumura18> your a guy but you have a girl username
23:09 <Princess Gingy> SCGF in the blood
23:09 <JackofallSuits> It's as obvious as my name not being Jack
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> ^
23:09 <TeahThePsycho> you fucking fucked up fuckers stop saying fuck
23:09 <Milk Steak> ORLY?!?!
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> fuck
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> (;
23:09 <Princess Gingy> Sir Captian Ginger Face
23:09 <TeahThePsycho> Hehehe
23:09 <Milk Steak> i like winking
23:09 <Milk Steak> ;)
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> (;
23:09 -!- Rin okumura18 has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:09 <Milk Steak> ;)
23:10 <JackofallSuits> Wink me baby
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> i never blink
23:10 <Milk Steak>
23:10 <Autumoasis> Twerk baby twerk.
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:10 <Milk Steak> impressive
23:10 <Princess Gingy> my wounderfull acting skills
23:10 <JackofallSuits> I can't stop blinking 
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:10 <Milk Steak> NEIN
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> o.o
23:10 <BlairTheReaper> ja
23:10 <JackofallSuits> Apparently it's not normal to blink every other second
23:11 <Hurshbr> (;)) Goes out to one of you. But which one?
23:11 <Hurshbr> jk
23:11 <Princess Gingy> See how good I can act
23:11 <Hurshbr> I wink habitually
23:11 <7thtmnt> Milk I am jewish
23:11 -!- DeadWabbit15 has left Special:Chat.
23:11 <Milk Steak> ...okay
23:11 <Milk Steak> so?
23:11 <BlairTheReaper> ?
23:11 <JackofallSuits> I'd like some of the milk
23:11 <JackofallSuits> But I'd rather not have the tea
23:12 <Milk Steak> hah!
23:12 <7thtmnt> Sorry I thought this was spanish class nevermind
23:12 <Princess Gingy> Melk
23:12 <BlairTheReaper> huhh?
23:12 <JackofallSuits> I seriously doubt you got that
23:12 <Milk Steak> yiss>
23:12 <Milk Steak> ?*
23:12 <TeahThePsycho> What's wrong with having teah
23:12 <Princess Gingy> I was just sayin Melk
23:12 <JackofallSuits> Just stay away from the tea
23:12 <TeahThePsycho> TEAH PARTY
23:12 <Milk Steak> how about milk and tea
23:12 <BlairTheReaper> why?
23:13 <Milk Steak> powers united!!!
23:13 <JackofallSuits> It isn't tea
23:13 <TeahThePsycho> Yesh
23:13 <Autumoasis> RRHHGG (D:)
23:13 <Zyranne> NoOne how is the pasta going?
23:13 <Princess Gingy> My beautiful face
23:13 <Milk Steak> thats nice
23:14 <Hurshbr> Are we linking ourselves again?
23:14 <Autumoasis> I've been inveted to a costume party on Halloween. (:))
23:14 <TeahThePsycho> XD
23:14 <JackofallSuits> ...I've never been to a costume party
23:14 <BlairTheReaper> coolc:
23:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <BlairTheReaper> same
23:14 <Princess Gingy> 0 invites to anything
23:14 <Autumoasis> invited*
23:14 <JackofallSuits> ...Much less a regular one
23:14 <Autumoasis> I just realized that.
23:14 <Princess Gingy> (alone)
23:14 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Hurshbr> Never gone to a party alone
23:14 -!- Deathgirl12 has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Autumoasis> My Dad has been invited too.
23:14 <JackofallSuits> It's ok Gingy
23:15 <JackofallSuits> I only ever got invited to one thing before
23:15 <TeahThePsycho> I get invited cause of reasons I can't say
23:15 <Autumoasis> Gingy you can come to my party. 
23:15 <JackofallSuits> A dance
23:15 <Princess Gingy> /me takes Zyranne's ban hammer
23:15 <Princess Gingy> ITS MINE
23:15 <JackofallSuits> ...I got stood up
23:15 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
23:15 <BlairTheReaper> oh..
23:15 <Princess Gingy> muhahahaha
23:16 <Zyranne> that ping made me shit my pants
23:16 <Hurshbr> /me dances with Jack
23:16 <Zyranne> Also, GIVE THAT BACK
23:16 <Autumoasis> LOL
23:16 <TeahThePsycho> Ping
23:16 <Princess Gingy> NO
23:16 <Princess Gingy> (QQ) ITS MINE
23:16 -!- Zyranne has left Special:Chat.
23:16 <TeahThePsycho> That emotes hilarious
23:17 <Hurshbr> So is (D8)
23:17 <Hurshbr> Looks like me
23:17 <JackofallSuits> Zy noo
23:17 <Princess Gingy> Shit...
23:17 <TeahThePsycho> My face is my avatar look AWAY
23:17 <Autumoasis> (D8) is soo bootiful.
23:17 <Milk Steak> i wuv it
23:18 <Hurshbr> In that case, she doesn't look like me
23:18 <Hurshbr> lol
23:18 <Princess Gingy> Zyranne is getting da Poelice
23:18 <JackofallSuits> So she's not getting the lube then...?
23:18 <Princess Gingy> She gonna kill me
23:19 <Autumoasis> Zyra is going to get an army.
23:19 <Princess Gingy> FUCK IM STUPID
23:19 <Hurshbr> What's the lube?
23:19 <Hurshbr> Oh, wait
23:19 <Hurshbr> I think I know
23:19 <JackofallSuits> Orly
23:19 <Princess Gingy> /me changes name gender hair and underwear
23:20 <Princess Gingy> Gotta hide
23:20 <NoOneWillSee> VIOLA!
23:20 <NoOneWillSee> I... am done.
23:20 <JackofallSuits> No get your own
23:20 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, I am done with the aforementioned pasta idea I had
23:21 <NoOneWillSee> ...
23:21 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <NoOneWillSee> Wow, dead chat
23:21 <Princess Gingy> Someone hand me the Stempacks, heart containers, energy tanks, and 1ups, im going to need them
23:21 <BlairTheReaper> huh
23:21 <Princess Gingy> Wb Rylee
23:21 <Rylee the Pegasis> LIVE! *shocks chat with electricity* 
23:21 <Hurshbr> Link please, NoOne
23:21 <Milk Steak> NOWS post link pl0x
23:21 -!- Hurshbr has left Special:Chat.
23:21 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
23:21 <NoOneWillSee> Dadada DA!!
23:21 <NoOneWillSee>
23:22 <NoOneWillSee> Tell me what you think
23:22 <JackofallSuits> Is it time for PM then?
23:22 <Princess Gingy> Jack gets my refrences
23:22 -!- Hurshbr has left Special:Chat.
23:22 -!- Brett.janovich has left Special:Chat.
23:22 -!- Brett.janovich has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <JackofallSuits> The only one I didn't get was stempacks
23:22 <JackofallSuits> Dafuq be that
23:22 <Autumoasis> I wanna be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween.
23:22 <Princess Gingy> Fallout 3
23:22 <TeahThePsycho> STEAM PUNK 
23:22 <JackofallSuits> Oh, meh
23:22 <NoOneWillSee> Im gonna be a blackhole.
23:22 <7thtmnt>
23:23 <NoOneWillSee> What
23:23 <Autumoasis> Don't judge me.
23:23 <JackofallSuits> There are so many things I wish I could dress up as
23:23 <BlairTheReaper> me too
23:23 <JackofallSuits> Sadly I'd rather not crossdress
23:23 <NoOneWillSee> I havn't written in a while, so Im not sure how this pasta came out
23:23 <NoOneWillSee> *cookes
23:23 <NoOneWillSee> *Cooked
23:23 <NoOneWillSee> (D:)
23:23 <Princess Gingy> Im making a duck tape suit
23:24 <BlairTheReaper> fun
23:24 <Autumoasis> BRRAHH (srslywtf)
23:24 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
23:24 <NoOneWillSee> Where everyone be at?
23:24 <NoOneWillSee> WB Hush
23:24 <BlairTheReaper> how do you get those faces
23:24 <NoOneWillSee> Magic
23:24 <BlairTheReaper> c
23:24 <BlairTheReaper> :c
23:24 <NoOneWillSee> (wat)
23:24 <Princess Gingy> (fonz)
23:24 <Hurshbr> I don't say m8
23:24 <Milk Steak> NOWS
23:24 <BlairTheReaper> D:
23:24 <Hurshbr> jk
23:24 <NoOneWillSee> Yes?
23:25 <Milk Steak> why u so depressing
23:25 <Hurshbr> But you DID spell my name wrong
23:25 <7thtmnt> Why you leave gingy?
23:25 <Milk Steak> that story....
23:25 -!- Gabethegagtser has joined Special:Chat
23:25 -!- Gabethegagtser has left Special:Chat.
23:25 <NoOneWillSee> Shit, I can go edit it real wuick
23:25 <NoOneWillSee> Whadday think though?
23:25 <Princess Gingy> No one there
23:25 <Milk Steak> im sad
23:25 <Milk Steak> u made me sad
23:25 <Hurshbr> I'm not done yer
23:25 <Hurshbr> *yet
23:25 <Milk Steak> :(
23:25 <7thtmnt> oh yeah that explains it
23:25 <Hurshbr> Teah?
23:25 <NoOneWillSee> Sorry Milk
23:25 <Milk Steak> its fine
23:26 <NoOneWillSee> Its hard to keep track of alot of users (QQ)
23:26 <Hurshbr> No prob
23:26 <Hurshbr> I wish I was more creepy, though
23:26 <7thtmnt> Who is the moderator here?
23:26 <Hurshbr> I wallow in situations like that
23:26 <NoOneWillSee> Everyone witha  star in their name
23:26 <NoOneWillSee> Thats sad, Hush
23:26 <Hurshbr> When creepy shit goes down, I hype up
23:26 <Hurshbr> sorry
23:27 <Princess Gingy> Bloody blood
23:27 <7thtmnt> CP I have a question
23:27 <Hurshbr> I'd assume it was a prank
23:27 <Hurshbr> CP is a bot
23:27 <7thtmnt> oh
23:27 <7thtmnt> fd
23:27 <7thtmnt> w
23:27 <7thtmnt> h
23:27 <7thtmnt> d
23:27 <7thtmnt> h
23:27 <7thtmnt> e
23:27 <7thtmnt> h
23:27 <7thtmnt> e
23:27 <7thtmnt> he
23:27 <7thtmnt> h
23:27 <7thtmnt> w
23:27 <NoOneWillSee> OK, cut that shit out
23:27 <7thtmnt> w
23:27 <7thtmnt> w
23:27 <NoOneWillSee> ...
23:27 <NoOneWillSee> GTFO.
23:27 <Hurshbr> Anyone here a temporary mod?
23:28 -!- UwU has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> HEY!
23:28 <7thtmnt> g
23:28 <7thtmnt> g
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> ITS UWU!
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> Wassup?
23:28 -!- 7thtmnt was banned from Special:Chat by WhyAmIReadingThis for 259200 seconds.
23:28 <Hurshbr> 7th, PMs
23:28 -!- 7thtmnt has left Special:Chat.
23:28 <Princess Gingy> Hi UwU
23:28 <Hurshbr> oops
23:28 <Hurshbr> phewf
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> Jesus H Balls
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> Fucking noob.
23:28 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Reading, did you get my link? (:3)
23:28 <Hurshbr> What do spammers even want?
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> NOTHING
23:29 <WhyAmIReadingThis> What link?
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> (ayfkm)
23:29 <NoOneWillSee>
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> This one
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> Newest work
23:29 <Hurshbr> DAng. You didn't mention my death. lol
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> Everyone eventually dies, Hush
23:29 <NoOneWillSee> That was the gist
23:29 <Hurshbr> I know
23:29 -!- UwU has left Special:Chat.
23:29 <Hurshbr> lol
23:30 <Autumoasis> back from the dead
23:30 <Hurshbr> I thought of making a chat pasta, but I need some assistance
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> (huehue) EVERYONE.
23:30 <Hurshbr> I know it's not your time, but byebye
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> Chat pastas are hardest, especially good ones
23:30 <Princess Gingy> Food calls
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> Bye Gingy
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> Gingy, is that you?
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> As in, Cpt. Gingy?
23:30 -!- Rockamorow has joined Special:Chat
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Rocko
23:30 <NoOneWillSee> *Rocka
23:30 <Rockamorow> Hi :P
23:31 <Hurshbr> how many people here have at one point done a RPing like thing with me?
23:31 <Rockamorow> Rocka is weird...
23:31 <Hurshbr> That's the subject I have
23:31 <Rockamorow> Just call me Rock or Rocky...
23:31 <NoOneWillSee> You mean like with you as a character?
23:31 <Hurshbr> No
23:31 <Rockamorow> You can also call me Miles too :P
23:31 <NoOneWillSee> Ok doke
23:31 <Hurshbr> I mean this torture RPing thing
23:31 <NoOneWillSee> Ok...
23:31 <NoOneWillSee> I am not sure.
23:32 <Hurshbr> Hm.
23:32 <Rockamorow> Metafawker does it...
23:32 <Rockamorow> ALOT
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> MEta?
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Does
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> This
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Why.
23:32 <Hurshbr> Yeah, me and meta did once
23:32 <Hurshbr> It was cool
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Wait, what do you mean?
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Like a pasta?
23:32 <Rockamorow> I find it preety stupid...I don't like RP'ing
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> OH
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Shit
23:32 <NoOneWillSee> Nevermind
23:32 <Hurshbr> It's not really RPing
23:32 <Hurshbr> it's /meign
23:32 <Hurshbr> *meing
23:33 <NoOneWillSee> Ehh
23:33 <NoOneWillSee> I do that alot.
23:33 <NoOneWillSee> /me sits and chortles at own selfishness
23:33 <Rockamorow> Well, in Spinpasta Wiki, I RP'ed sometimes with Biblet02
23:33 -!- I am Sqeakz has joined Special:Chat
23:33 <NoOneWillSee> Dat name XD
23:33 -!- Aluca-Maszo has joined Special:Chat
23:33 <Rockamorow> We pretended that we were in a darkfick or something :P
23:33 <Hurshbr> lol
23:34 <BlairTheReaper> (:
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Burblerbambuglr
23:34 <Hurshbr> We do a chainup-and-torture routine. I don't understand the attraction, though I made it up
23:34 <Hurshbr> lol
23:34 -!- Castiels Nipples has joined Special:Chat
23:34 <BlairTheReaper> ?
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Emmm...
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Nipps.
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> WB
23:34 <Castiels Nipples> Hey NOWS
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Nipps, you're in my pasta briefly. Wanna read?
23:34 <Hurshbr> wb
23:34 -!- I am Sqeakz has left Special:Chat.
23:34 -!- I am Sqeakz has joined Special:Chat
23:34 <Castiels Nipples> Sure :33
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Spoiler alert: You die.
23:34 <NoOneWillSee>
23:34 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Hi Castiel
23:34 <Castiels Nipples> I die?
23:34 <Rockamorow> We always die
23:34 <Castiels Nipples> AWESOME
23:34 <NoOneWillSee> Yep
23:34 <Castiels Nipples> Hi reading
23:35 <Rockamorow> No Happy Endings...
23:35 <Aluca-Maszo> Surprise methodical
23:35 <NoOneWillSee> Everyone dies! (allthethings)
23:35 <BlairTheReaper> :9
23:35 <BlairTheReaper> :(
23:35 <I am Sqeakz> Guys, I think somebodies watching me outside my window:(
23:35 <BlairTheReaper> wwhat?
23:35 <NoOneWillSee> Call the cops then.
23:35 <Hurshbr> I have a windowman
23:35 <Autumoasis> Someone would be lucky if they watched me through the window.
23:35 <Rockamorow> It's probaly a crackhead hobo
23:35 <NoOneWillSee> Mm yeahuh
23:35 <I am Sqeakz> hes got scars near his lips a bright eyes:(
23:35 <NoOneWillSee> Dat ass
23:35 <I am Sqeakz> the cops never showed up
23:35 <BlairTheReaper> whats that suppose to mean
23:35 <NoOneWillSee> Like Jeff the Killer?
23:35 <Autumoasis> Thanks, I know I am bootiful.
23:36 <I am Sqeakz> whos that?
23:36 <Rockamorow> Or Herobrine
23:36 <NoOneWillSee> Lemme stop ya right there.
23:36 <BlairTheReaper> herobrine for sure
23:36 <Rockamorow> YOU DON'T KNOW JEFF?!
23:36 <NoOneWillSee> ^
23:36 <I am Sqeakz> whos Jeff?
23:36 -!- Deathgirl12 has joined Special:Chat
23:36 <Hurshbr> If anyone watched me through a window with a camera, I'd be SO blackmailed
23:36 <Autumoasis> OMG you cannot be a CP fan if you don't know who Jeff the Killer is.
23:36 <Rockamorow> *icy stare*
23:36 <BlairTheReaper> hudhpfijludhliahd
23:36 <Aluca-Maszo> WTF MAN?!?
23:36 <NoOneWillSee> ...You HAVE to be trolling.
23:36 <BlairTheReaper> WHAT THE HELL DUDE
23:36 <NoOneWillSee> Guys, false alarm, just a troll.
23:36 <I am Sqeakz> he has a knife! What do I do:(
23:36 <NoOneWillSee> Yep, hes trolling.
23:36 <Aluca-Maszo> SERIOUSLY???!!!
23:37 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:37 <Autumoasis> Sqeakz, your lying, no offense. 
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> I can smell the troll over this one.
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Clair.
23:37 <Castiels Nipples> Oh my god. xD When you said briefly you meant brief xD
23:37 <Castiels Nipples> But it's good
23:37 <BlairTheReaper> just a bit
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> Yep
23:37 <Castiels Nipples> :33
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> Thanks Nipps
23:37 <Autumoasis> But your act is cute Sqeakz.
23:37 <Rockamorow> does my new profile pic looks like? I had to change it because the older one had the R word...
23:37 <ClericofMadness> Where did all the threads and shit go from the forums
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> Its looks green
23:37 <BlairTheReaper> ^
23:37 <NoOneWillSee> They went to die in your tickle basement
23:37 -!- I am Sqeakz has left Special:Chat.
23:37 <Castiels Nipples> Cleric. *bows*
23:38 <Aluca-Maszo> 11011000111011010001
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> (srslywtf)
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> Eww binary
23:38 <Autumoasis> Numbers (D:)
23:38 <Rockamorow> It's a combination of Matrix and furry...Furries ruined everything (facepalm)
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> OKEY.
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> (:T)
23:38 <Autumoasis> HOLD ON THERE
23:38 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:38 <Autumoasis> Furries do not ruin everything.
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> (ic) NoOne is feeling sexy tonight.
23:38 <Autumoasis> You've got us wrong.
23:38 <Rockamorow> I was a furry BTW
23:38 <NoOneWillSee> Awwm squeaks left.
23:38 <WhyAmIReadingThis> No caps or binary, Aluca, please.
23:38 <Rockamorow> Back in 2012...but I left :P
23:38 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:38 <Princess Skuntank> Furries are sexy if you want them to be.
23:38 <Aluca-Maszo> Sorry
23:39 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Sarah
23:39 <Rockamorow> But I still like anthros...
23:39 <JackofallSuits> Yesh Sarah
23:39 <NoOneWillSee> You also die early in my latest work.
23:39 <Autumoasis> My point exactly Sarwah.
23:39 <NoOneWillSee> >Sawah
23:39 -!- Rylee the Pegasis has left Special:Chat.
23:39 <Milk Steak> im beck and i got fruit panch
23:39 <NoOneWillSee> Fucking random ppl PMng me.
23:39 <NoOneWillSee> >_>
23:39 <Rockamorow> /me PMs Noone
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> @Brett.janovich
23:40 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
23:40 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> You fucking
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> <3
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> Steak, Rock, gtfo
23:40 <Milk Steak> :3
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> I don't know why i did that
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> But.
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> Because love
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> <3
23:40 <Rockamorow> I love you too :3
23:40 -!- Rextrex has joined Special:Chat
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> I love everyone <3
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> Hello Retrex
23:40 <Aluca-Maszo> You Shouldn't have done that Rylee
23:40 <Rextrex> Hi
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> (ben)
23:40 <Castiels Nipples> Today. For no reason
23:40 <NoOneWillSee> Imeanwut
23:40 <Milk Steak> i love you too Nipples
23:40 <Aluca-Maszo> Hi:3
23:40 <BlairTheReaper> omg I almost got stabbed! DX
23:40 <Milk Steak> i never thought i'd say that
23:41 <Milk Steak> ever in my life
23:41 <Rockamorow> Yeah right ;P
23:41 <Autumoasis>
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> I love NIPPLES.
23:41 <Castiels Nipples> Nipples love you too, nows
23:41 <Rextrex> Uh ew.
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> Autumn, yes.
23:41 <Rockamorow> Who here watches Zero Punctuation?
23:41 <Autumoasis> Well played.
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> Nope.
23:41 <Aluca-Maszo> And that's enough internet for today.
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> I always punctuate.
23:41 <Rextrex> naah.
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> (ic)
23:41 <Castiels Nipples> There is no such thing as too much internet
23:41 <NoOneWillSee> (huehue)
23:41 <Castiels Nipples> :D
23:41 <BlairTheReaper> true
23:42 <Aluca-Maszo> Really Nipples?
23:42 <ClericofMadness> New highlighted forum post.
23:42 <NoOneWillSee> Andy
23:42 -!- Lyceum514 has joined Special:Chat
23:42 -!- TheBrexter has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <Castiels Nipples> Really
23:42 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has joined Special:Chat
23:42 <Andytags> what u want
23:42 <Rextrex> true that.
23:42 <NoOneWillSee> I love you.
23:42 <Andytags> <3
23:42 <Castiels Nipples> Cleric. <3
23:42 <Autumoasis> Hiya Brex
23:42 <ClericofMadness> Getting really tired of people being banned for 3 months
23:42 <Milk Steak> hi Brooke
23:42 <Milk Steak> :3
23:42 <NoOneWillSee> (allthethings)
23:42 -!- Hurshbr has left Special:Chat.
23:42 <Castiels Nipples> Thank you, Cleric
23:42 <NoOneWillSee> Hey Brooke
23:42 <ClericofMadness> Andy, the assnozzle he is... :P
23:42 <Lyceum514> 'Sup.
23:42 <BlairTheReaper> sup
23:42 <Andytags> I love you cleric
23:42 <ClericofMadness> :3
23:42 <NoOneWillSee> Why dont you override it, Cleric?
23:42 <Andytags> we have the same first name
23:42 <Milk Steak> Cleric
23:42 <Milk Steak> i just wanted to say
23:42 <Milk Steak> ....fuck i forgot
23:42 <TheBrexter> Hello my fellow Americans. I have good news.
23:42 <TheBrexter> Wrecking Ball is no longer #1 it has lowered to #3.
23:42 <TheBrexter> This needs a parade.
23:42 <Rockamorow> How to easily win a bet, with Rockamorow!
23:43 <Andytags> how do i know your name is andrew
23:43 <Andytags> I forgot
23:43 <Aluca-Maszo> Guys, does anyone know a good doctor?
23:43 <Autumoasis> Brex, party time.
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> Ima doctor,
23:43 <Rockamorow> Doctor Who
23:43 <BlairTheReaper> dr..
23:43 <Castiels Nipples> I'm a doctor
23:43 <TheBrexter> Don't worry Im a Medic.
23:43 <Autumoasis> we can get drunk 
23:43 <Castiels Nipples> They call me
23:43 <BlairTheReaper> dr.pepper
23:43 <Milk Steak> im Doctah Sex
23:43 <Castiels Nipples> Doctor Love
23:43 <Andytags> brex inb4 the #1 song is equally as shitty 
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> Dont worry, Im a doctor...
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> ..of love...
23:43 <Autumoasis> Pfft, I have a microwave.
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> Mmm bby
23:43 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:43 <Rextrex> i don't have a job!
23:43 <JackofallSuits> Man
23:43 <Rockamorow> I have a sandvich
23:43 <BlairTheReaper> same
23:43 <Lyceum514> >step 1, go to hospitial
23:43 <NoOneWillSee> Brooke (yuno) speeketh
23:43 <Lyceum514> >step 2, ???
23:43 <Lyceum514> step 3, profit
23:43 <Aluca-Maszo> Please, I need someone to stitch me up
23:44 <JackofallSuits> I missed out on something that'll likely never happen ever again
23:44 <Lyceum514> Call a fucking ambulance then.
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> OWch, my neck
23:44 <Rockamorow> Call 911 or something
23:44 <TheBrexter> No. Lorde is only 16. Miley is 19. 
23:44 <TheBrexter> Lorde writes her own songs.
23:44 <TheBrexter> A 16 year old's first album has a single that hit #1.
23:44 <ClericofMadness> I AM A CLERIC
23:44 <ClericofMadness> ...of madness
23:44 <BlairTheReaper> >step 2 you end up dying because the wait is so god damn long
23:44 <Aluca-Maszo> Some asshole took my kidney
23:44 <JackofallSuits> Will Smith was in the neighborhood 
23:44 <WhyAmIReadingThis> Replied, Cleric.
23:44 <ClericofMadness> I'm the kind of cleric that cuts your arm off and then heals it back, just for fun
23:44 <TheBrexter> *eats aluca's kdney*
23:44 <JackofallSuits> Chillin and relaxin all cool
23:44 <Rockamorow> I think the doctors from GTA are the best doctors...Fell off a building? Don't worry! CALL 911
23:44 <JackofallSuits> And shooting some B-ball outside of the school
23:44 <BlairTheReaper> lol
23:44 <NoOneWillSee> >Claire
23:44 <Rockamorow> And you'll be fine in a second
23:44 -!- TeahThePsycho has left Special:Chat.
23:45 <TheBrexter> Ewww... Sports...
23:45 <TheBrexter> :C
23:45 <NoOneWillSee> I like to ik da bluud
23:45 <Rockamorow> Video Games became sports? I think I read that somewhere...
23:45 -!- BrookeBattlesAgainst has left Special:Chat.
23:45 <Rextrex> I came from the looney bin, as I like to call it, but you may call it an asylum, I think?
23:45 <JackofallSuits> I'm still amazed that Will Smith was actually here though
23:45 <BlairTheReaper> oh
23:45 <Autumoasis> Umm..
23:45 <NoOneWillSee> Pinged by WIll.
23:45 <JackofallSuits> And I missed it
23:45 <NoOneWillSee> *Will
23:46 <NoOneWillSee> My pings are pings withing pings, so I get pings by being pinged.
23:46 <Rextrex> hehehehe
23:46 <NoOneWillSee> Yo dawg, I herd u leik pings
23:46 <Aluca-Maszo> Why have you not called some--*phone rings* Hello?
23:46 -!- Hurshbr has joined Special:Chat
23:46 <TheBrexter> Rextrex I am brex, king of sex 
23:46 <TheBrexter> Now I shall FedEx you a T-Rex 
23:46 <TheBrexter> Now go play your Vectrex 
23:46 <Hurshbr> lol
23:46 <Aluca-Maszo> Other Line- HEHEHE Hello
23:46 <TheBrexter> rhymes
23:46 <TheBrexter> :d
23:46 <TheBrexter> :D
23:46 -!- Twipledawt has joined Special:Chat
23:46 <Aluca-Maszo> Go to sleep
23:47 <Milk Steak> hi Twip!
23:47 <Milk Steak> :3
23:47 <TheBrexter> *falls asleep on aluca*
23:47 <Hurshbr> I need help. Any of you want to "help" me?
23:47 <Twipledawt> hi :) 
23:47 <Rextrex> i get pinged by having pings inside of other pings that get pinged to ping.
23:47 <ClericofMadness> woll smoth is a ho
23:47 <NoOneWillSee>
23:47 <NoOneWillSee> (huehue)
23:47 <BlairTheReaper> sure
23:47 <Lyceum514> Anybody have some Paint Tool Sai brushes?
23:47 <BlairTheReaper> no
23:47 <ClericofMadness> >chive
23:47 <Hurshbr> Who's smoth
23:47 <Rextrex> WHERE IS MY T REX!!!??!?
23:47 <TheBrexter> im smooth besides my growing goatee. :3
23:47 <Rockamorow> In Jurassic Park
23:48 <NoOneWillSee> Sometimes, I look atv this chat and this is the only thought I have.
23:48 <NoOneWillSee>
23:48 <TheBrexter> xD
23:48 -!- Marcelodoss05 has joined Special:Chat
23:48 -!- Twipledawt has left Special:Chat.
23:48 <Hurshbr> lol
23:48 <Rockamorow> What's atv again?
23:48 <Aluca-Maszo> My nephew found some candy and won't tell me how he got it.
23:48 <Rextrex> How do I get there?
23:48 <TheBrexter> @All Newbies:
23:48 <TheBrexter> Welcome to our Hallowed Halls of Horror.
23:48 <Hurshbr> I don't have my period
23:48 <Hurshbr> WHY
23:48 <Aluca-Maszo> The worst part is
23:48 <BlairTheReaper> ??
23:48 -!- TeahThePsycho has joined Special:Chat
23:49 <Milk Steak> hi Teah!
23:49 <Milk Steak> :3
23:49 <Rockamorow> Chocolate Helicopters :P
23:49 <TheBrexter> o_o did u have your comma?
23:49 <Aluca-Maszo>  He WON'T SHARE!
23:49 <TeahThePsycho>  Ello once more
23:49 <Rockamorow> Who was in comma?
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> {[Chat Rules]]
23:49 <Milk Steak> once less
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> [[Chat Rules]]
23:49 <Aluca-Maszo> Hi Yeah
23:49 <NoOneWillSee> lel
23:49 <Hurshbr> "Help"
23:49 <Hurshbr> lol
23:49 <Castiels Nipples> Cleric. *snuggles* thank you <3
23:49 <Aluca-Maszo> *Teah
23:49 -!- Rextrex has left Special:Chat.
23:49 <TeahThePsycho> Yeah looks like my name
23:49 <TheBrexter> *snuggles nipples snuggling cleric*
23:49 <TheBrexter> <3