When I was 16-17, being a male in my country, I had to join the army for at least a year. I was stationed in a base out in the countryside next to a deserted barn. Part of what we had to do was take turns and fill posts at the corners of the base 24/7, usually at two hour intervals each.

On the specific occasion I was on duty at 12:00 to 2:00, at a post which was at least a mile off from the barracks, It was pitch dark all around, except for a small street lamp above me.

I was creeped out because of different noises and numerous stories that had been going around but I will tell you what I saw that day. The post, as I said was at the corner of the base, which was surrounded by a chain-link fence, which makes a 'clank' sound if you tap it. I was standing at the post, quite bored as usual, and I heard that noise twice.

I turned around and saw nothing as it was pitch dark and I just dismissed it as the air blowing things onto the fence. I heard it a few more times then, so I started getting suspicious and was directing my attention to where it was coming from – still pitch black. I again dismissed it, but then I heard systematic clanks, this time louder, and it sounded as if someone was dragging something along the side of the fence. So I got the flashlight available at the post and lit the area where the sound was coming from.

At first I saw this figure of a short person, presumably wearing black clothes, as it was hard to make out any other colour, just walking across the side of the fence and dragging a stick on it, making a clanking noise. The person had a black headscarf on, and turned around and looked at me, just expressionless; it looked like an eighty year old granny.

For a moment I was speechless, I asked, "What the hell are you doing there?" – no answer. She then stopped moving and turned her body towards me and stood straight in front of me and looked at me. Bear in mind she was behind the fence at that time.

So I said again answer my question. I then took my ammo stock out of my back pocket just in case something more sinister was about to happen. I turned my flashlight away from her to do this, and shone it back – she was gone.

Credited to Alexthem 

I've heard similar stories from some other people at the same post as the one I was that day. Maybe it's just some mental delusional woman, or something else, I honestly don't know.