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The door

It was midnight. I had awoken to a parched feeling. I rose out of my bed and walked to the end of the hall. I was about to head downstairs into the kitchen when I suddenly heard a thud, followed by a whispering noise coming from behind me.

The whispering seemed to be coming from the guest room across from my bedroom. Suddenly it stopped and I decided it was just my mind playing tricks on me, like it often does. I headed down the creeky wooden steps and opened the kitchen door, it was dark in there. Not that it usually wasn't dark at midnight, but this was a weird darkness... surreal. I flicked the light switch, but the light just wouldn't turn on, so I walked into the darkness frantically searching for the cupboard handle.

My hand finally gripped on to the handle and I pulled it open, I then grabbed a glass. At that moment I heard another large thud coming from upstairs. It startled me and I dropped my glass. I was scared by then, I rushed back to my room and hid beneath the covers. No matter how much I tried I couldn't get back to sleep, perhaps it was my thirst or maybe the thought of leaving the glass scattered on the floor like that? No, I knew it was my fear of that noise! Out of nowhere I heard that whispering again, this time sounding as if it was coming from right outside my bedroom door. I started to hyperventilate, I was never good in these sorts of situations. I guess that's the reason I never really got into watching horror movies, the whispering noise began to grow louder. I finally worked up the nerve and screamed: "SHUT UP!"

The house grew silent, along with my breathing. I gathered my thoughts and uncovered myself, I felt as if I were in a daze as I headed towards the door. I opened it very slightly and took a good look into the hall, it was empty and quiet. I took a step outside of my room and took a better look around, that's when I heard that thud again, it was coming from the guest room. I inhaled and exhaled a gust of air as I swung the door to the guest room open, and then I was met with a great horror. There was a man hung from the ceiling fan, swaying and occasionally hitting the wall. I backed out of the room and ran downstairs, I tried to open my front door when I suddenly heard the whispering noise again, this time it was clear:

"I tried to tell you not to enter the guest room..."

By: Dazarbalt

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