Author's note: This is my first pasta, not really scary, but my first attempt.

My best friend had just died, and in his will, he left his house for me. His parents died and he inherited it from them. I hadn't checked my e-mail in a few days though, and I had a letter from him.

help me I can't hear there is a horrible noise oh god there is a bright light help oh god please help

I just thought it might have been a joke, although he just died. I decided to go to his old house, just to check it out because I was living in a cheap apartment, I thoand ught about moving there.

When I opened the door it looked normal. There was a television, couch, photos, the normal stuff. His computer was gone though. There was something white, a little note. It read: "Hello Jeff, welcome to my game. I have locked the doors to prevent you from escaping. Try to get out alive! -S"

I tried to get out of the house but ,sure enough, the doors were locked. What the fuck? This is creepy. I began to panic. I walked upstairs, and I noticed some shattered glass. There was some bloodstains, and I realized that they said he was stabbed to death by a bugler. The glass must have done that part. I then heard a loud rumbling noise, and I looked up to find that the ceiling was falling on me! I tried to run as it fell. "What an unstable piece of shit this house was." I thought to myself. To my surprise, another note was on the floor, and it read: "That was close mate! The next time it is fatal! -S"

I said fuck it, I tried to jump out the window, but some strong force repelled me back into the house before I could even blink. Like before, I saw another note. It scolded me for jumping. There was something evil in this house, I knew it. I walked back down stairs, and I saw something startling. It was a dead person hanging by a noose, but, then it just faded away... I soon realized that I was dealing with some ghosts.

I shivered and proceeded to piss my pants. The person hanging was dressed in old time clothes, possibly from the 1800s. I heard that ghosts cannot go through salt, so I sprinkled some salt around me. All of a sudden, my phone started to vibrate, I checked it and it read: "You're next". Thinking I was gonna die, I went down to the basement. It was a horrible mistake... I saw tortured, dead people, and some little kids were playing with the corpses. The kids had red demonic eyes, and when I ran, they followed! I ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife. I swung frantically at them, they then turned into dust. "What the hell?" I muttered to myself

I went back and everything was gone. I found a skeleton, and it looked very old. I still had the salt, so I poured it on the corpse, and burned it. It turned blue and green. I then heard the deafening tone, the light shined through the basement door, and blood started to pour from the basement ceiling. It then collapsed and a ton of dead people fell out. I tried to run out, but the doors where still locked! I made a circle of salt, and then I poured some salt out the window, and jumped. I ran from that fucking possessed house, and burned it to the fucking ground. I found one more note. It read: "Congrats. You escaped. Thanks for putting me to rest, you bastard-S". I ran for my apartment, and kept the story to myself, until now. I decided to share it with you guys. I never had another paranormal experience in my life.

I realized after all that, S was my friend, Steve. That never occurred to me. Let him rest in peace.