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Author's note: The following pasta is the first thing I've written in a long time. I don't expect it to be scary, because it's just somethingI was experimenting with. Hope you enjoy.

Here I sit, in front of this damned computer once more. The day is done and the night is young, all is still yet the silence is deafening. I drown it out with my favorite tracks of industrial electronica, but it can not soothe the deep chill that crawls up my spine. Night’s claws are slowly dragging themselves against my tender flesh, savoring the moment before it strikes me dead.

Something else lurks within the charcoal dark, a beast unseen by mortal eyes. Nameless, faceless, voiceless, it watches us work throughout the night, curious as to why we kill ourselves during the time of slumber. Why do we slave away under the Moon’s magistrates?

Because, we fear what we may see in the eery blackness if we dare stare into it for too long. We wish not condemn ourselves to a fate worse than any death - the pathetic submission to our demented and sometimes irrational fears. So, we stay awake in the night, paling further with every additional moon. The creature breathes heavy against our numb necks, staring at our bizarre hands type, type, typing away at the nearly invisible keyboard. It observes and points, asking unanswered questions about what we search, watch, read, and write.

Can we ever see this beast and finally reply? Nay, we can not. The beast is skittish, and swipes its jagged claws at whatever may frighten it. Any and all would die no sooner than they spoke even a syllable to the creature. So our minds, in their subconscious omniscience, force us to reject the poor being and keep themselves alive. That poor creature of the night, I wish you could communicate with me directly, but I hope these words will suffice.

Thou art not alone. Thou hath company in these cruel times of the night. There are creatures much like yourself all across this globe. They lie within all of us that remain throughout the late nights, wishing to speak to their mutual strangers. You are my own, personal fear. There are countless like you, but you are mine and mine alone. So, allow me to embrace you and fall into those inky depths that I am afraid of so much.

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