Let me tell you a little bit about myself. First off, I'm very socially awkward to those I don't know. I will go to extreme lengths just to avoid those I find intimidating, yet I'm overly-dependent on the company I feel unconstrained with.

I also have quite a few irrational fears. Bridges is one of them. Especially over highways. Ugh. The thought of the 120 km/h machines speeding 15 feet beneath me; the thought that all that protects me from collapsing to my death below in a dizzy rush of vertigo is a 4 foot tall barrier. It makes my head spin, my mind contort, and swoons my stomach to feathers.

Another one is mirrors.

This is only in certain circumstances though. I can look at myself in a bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth or shaving and feel completely fine. It's only when I'm in my room alone and I'm looking at one from a distance that I feel discomforted.

It happened last night too. I thought I saw something quiver at the edge of my eye and I became absurdly paranoid. So paranoid I actually turned both mirrors around to face the wall. Security surrounded me so sweetly once more. Solitude. I slept soundly.

I woke up the next morning, instantly noticing that something wasn't right. Both mirrors had been tossed on the ground; smashed glass scattered sparsely.

Vision focused, I noted cracks on the walls. Slits of grey dry wall stood out on my mint green room.

My head spun, my mind contorted, and my stomach sank, as I lay in bed just thinking of the quivering from the corner of my eyes that struggled to burst free through the mirror and through the wall.

Written by CrashingCymbal
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