For my birthday, I got a small packet of salvia. So, being the stoner that I am, I took it to my friend's house for a quiet, high birthday party. In the middle of our Mario party session, when we were all down from the first bowl of the evening, I took out the packet of salvia.

Problem was, no one else wanted any. And, being the shithead I am, I loaded up the entire packet and proceeded to smoke it by myself. It wasn’t very hard, in fact, it was only two large puffs.

In retrospect, I really should have stopped after the first.

With the first hit, my spine turned to ice water. I thought this was a pretty cool effect, since it was a hot June night and there was no air conditioning. So, giggling like a slightly drunk smurf, I took the second hit, and held it a little longer than the first.

With the second hit, the world became wrong. Paralyzed, I slumped to my side on the couch as hard, sharp geometric lines defined everything in the room.

Even the people. Everyone and everything was connected by thousands of perfectly straight lines at terrifying angles. It was like reality was made from a spider’s web.

Something was moving behind them, occasionally darkening one my friends, who were beginning to freak out at my drooling, horror-stricken face.

Twenty minutes later, I stopped being a drooling vegetable and was actually able to move about. I no longer had ice water for a spine.

I never stopped seeing the web. But it’s not a web, is it? No, it’s cracks. The creature is behind the cracks.

They’re getting bigger every day.

Credited to Dev Jones