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To: Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation.

From:Col. Mathison Defense Intelligence Agency.

Subject: File Request

I'm requesting multiple files be faxed to the Pentagon effective immediately. Attached to this E-mail is a list of case files we are requesting from the Bureau. You will send these to the following agencies: Defense Intelligence Agency, Army INSCOMM, Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and the Marine Corps Intelligence Activities. Immediate compliance with this order is highly requested.


Col. Mathison

To: Col. Mathison Defense Intelligence Agency

From: Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Subject:RE File Request

I have reviewed the requested files and fail to see how any of it is relevant to the Defense Intelligence Agency. A series of civilian disappearances on civilian property is not within the jurisdiction of the: Office of Naval Intelligence, Army INSCOMM, ISR, MCIA, or the DIA. How are these cases of any relevance to the Military Intelligence complex? I will not cancel any ongoing investigations, but if you want to start a territorial pissing match and engage in jurisdiction jumping, I will not hesitate to report you to the Director of Homeland Security.


Director Parker

To:Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation

From: General Robert Oswald Defense Intelligence Agency.

Subject: Ultimatum

I was informed by my immediate subordinate Colonel Mathison that you are not cooperating. I currently have neither the authorization nor the time to explain to you why we need those case files. We're not trying to step on any toes; we're doing this because I don't believe the Bureau knows what it's up against. This shouldn't be up for discussion, and if you do not send those case files to my office, I will report you in violation of Article VII of the Patriot Act in regards to interagency cooperation and intelligence sharing.


General Oswald

P.S. Pull those agents off their investigations. It's for their own good.

To: General Robert Oswald Defense Intelligence Agency

From: Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Subject: RE Ultimatum

I just received angry e-mails from the Director of Homeland Security and Bureau of Justice Assistance. I'll send you the case files after I finish this E-mail. I'm not doing this just because the DHS and BJA are breathing down my neck; two of my agents went missing, disappeared off the face of the earth. The agents I sent to find them went missing as well. I need to know what's going on. Why is the military interested in civilian missing persons cases and a report on a viral Internet image? I need to know. I have a bad feeling that someone out there just killed four of my people.


Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation

To:Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation

From: General Robert Oswald Defense Intelligence Agency

Subject: For your eyes only

I'm going to send you the authorization code. The project is Operation Woodsman. This is for your eyes only. I cannot express this enough. I'm only going to warn you once: you won't like what you find.

Authorization Code: ************


General Oswald

To: Director of Homeland Security

From: Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Resignation

I'm requesting permission to resign from my post as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I can't do this, not after reading the report on Project Woodsman, not to mention the other half-a-dozen case files. The dam's going to break, and when it does, I don't want to be anywhere near it.


Director Parker Federal Bureau of Investigation

To: General Oswald Defense Intelligence Agency

From: The Director of Homeland Security

Subject: Director Parker.

Parker just sent me his resignation. This means he can't be trusted. If word gets out that we've known about the "subjects," we're going to burn. I know you're not going to like it, but the shot has been called and it was made to look like a suicide. I argued that we had other options on the table, but I was overruled. Watch yourself, General; you may be head of the DIA, but you still report to the same people I do, and they don't like it when their subordinates go over their heads. It would be a shame to lose the only other level-headed person on this project.

And one more thing. We found the bodies of the missing federal agents. Entity1 was responsible, matches the pattern. We want to send some of our own people down there, see what they can rustle up.


J. Dawson

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