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Jonah has had a strong disbelief in ghosts. He has many friends, but he doesn't like to talk about ghosts. Why? Because his friends overwhelm him with- "Oh my god! I heard my house shake last night! My house is haunted!" Blah blah blah. He has told them countless times that nothing creepy like they have explained has ever existed. His friends gladly accepted the challenge.

They made a deal with Jonah.

"Tomorrow at 9:00pm," his friend Danny explained, "We will meet you at the cemetery. Deal?" Jonah took the deal, knowing that he would still be right.

The next day, Jonah was prepping for the coming night. He was watching horror films and was reading popular stories known as "Creepypastas". By 8:15, he was fully ready.

He was strolling down the sidewalk, towards the cemetery.

"There's no way these guys are dumb enough to believe in ghosts," thought Jonah. As he turned on Stayer Road, he heard something that he wished he could immediately tune out of his head. It was an agonizing scream, as if someone's limb was slowly being ripped off their torso. And what Jonah saw was exactly that.

A man was hit by a bus. He was attached to the bicycle carrier on the front. The bus driver was unable to see him. The man detached, and he was hanging on the bumper. His leg was being ground to a bloody and horrific pulp by the front tire. The man finally let go. He was left on the street to die.

Jonah ran the rest of the way to the graveyard. The sun was nearly almost set. As he entered the cemetery, he saw 5 figures wearing black cloaks. They were his friends, and they were all staring at the ground.

"Guys!" Jonah called out. "I'm here!... hello?"

His friends looked up. Their faces were torn up, bleeding. There were large scars running along their cheekbones, much like football players with black paint under their eyes.

"What the hell happened to you guys?!" yelled Jonah in utter grief. They stood there silently. "Guys?!" They finally responded. Their voices were scratchy.

"We entered the cemetery. And we suffered the consequences. Run."

"Well don't just stand there! Let's get out of here!" screamed Jonah.

"We can't." they said.

"Why not?" said Jonah.

"The demons have latched on to us."

"Nice try guys."

"We are not joking, Jonah. Run. For the sake of your soul. Run. So you can live to tell the tale. Run. So you don't suffer. Run. The consequences are brutal. Run. JUST FREAKING RUN! RUN! RUUUUN!! LISTEN TO US!! RUN!! NOW!!... Oh I see now. The devils have already got you."

Jonah was stunned. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move. The tones in his friends' voices were strictly serious.

"Not budging?" asked one of his friends. "In that case... welcome to the club. Club Consequence."

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