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The Story Edit

Everyone knew about the large brick building between Skeet's Drug Store and the Paragon Movie Theater. I mean, it was once the hotspot for all illegal drug smuggling that occurred in the city. It didn't seem to pose much of a threat from the outside. However, looks are deceiving. Very deceiving.

Everyday I walk past the building, I take a few seconds to imagine what happened inside. Most of the town just thought it was an abandoned building, but shifty actions cause some of the residents to turn a blind eye. You would hear stories everyday of people gone missing. Drugs being stolen from under their noses. Screams could be heard, as well as gunshots.

Unfortunately, and this is only through speculation, one of the drug lords, "Carlos Hayumana" ran a prostitution ring in the basement, once the females were used for sexual favors, they would quickly be killed off to bring in the next batch. What they did with the bodies, no one knows, but it can be assumed they have a stockpile of them somewhere in that building.

One day, the inside of the building caught on fire from one of the cigarettes Carlos was smoking. Either this was planned, or he only thought of himself, but he ran right out of the building, not mentioning it to anyone. There was a party upstairs, and Carlos took some time to smoke in the building, which was not a good idea, as most of the furniture in there was broken down pieces of wood. Carlos fled the scene, leaving the party guests stranded upstairs, a fire raging from below.

Firetrucks, police cars, emergency personnel, all of them rushed to the scene and attempted to put out the fire. After about 20 minutes of fighting with the flames and making their way upstairs, they approached the floor where the party guests were.

It was a terrible site. The smell of rotting/burning flesh lingered in the air, corpses littered the area, ashes and smoke clogged the room, making breathing difficult.

A little girl (who, after a few tests, was found to be Carlos Hayumana's daughter) stood in the corner, smiling and laughing. It was a miracle that she wasn't killed, trapped in the room like she was. She then proceeded to take out a piece of chalk, drew a circle around herself, and began chanting "Corpses of the dead arise, give these people some surprise!".

A black magic surrounded the room. It poured directly into the corpses. The corpses began to shake and rattle, and soon enough, they were up. Their red eyes reflected off the emergency personnel's suits. They attempted to shoot the corpses to no avail. With the light in the building fading, they shut the door as fast as possible, and reloaded their guns.

They carefully reopened the door, only to find that the room was completely empty. Not a single trace was left of the girl, or the corpses. Everyone couldn't believe what has happened. Was it Necromancy? How did she survive the fire? The corpses are gone forever?

Over the course of a few months, construction workers appeared working near the site. After careful consideration, they decided to just knock down the building. The sky around the building turned red, and a little girl's voice echoed throughout the area "I don't think you should do that." The workers fled the scene, the only thing they left behind was a board marked in red felt-tip marker, "CONDEMNED".


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