I stand tall and proud, without a hint of regret.
I slither around every corner everywhere you go.
I am the hunter always close by waiting for the right time to strike.
I am the force that shoves your heart up your throat when your tension rises.
I am the puppeteer of your hallucination.
Your nightmares are my creations.
Your life is my game.
And your faith, is my toy.
Your weakest moments are my times of strength.
You challenge me for the hunger of excitement

The confidence in your logic is my sense of humor.
The creatures you fear below the waters, and the beasts lurking in the darkest depths of the earth are my many forms all made for you.
I tighten the knots in your chest when your breath quickens and raise the tears in your eyes to boil
I trigger all thoughts you choose to prevent
My claws are the shivers running down your spine.
I force the screams from your lips and laugh as your struggle to choke it down.
All must look through my eyes for the chance of dignity.
No dark desire, being, nor power is made stronger without me.
You created me, you chose what things in the world I would make your worst.
Your sorrow is my health.
I know you more then anyone else, no. After what you think
Your mind is the forest I explore, the files I study.
I am the sharp tip of realization stabbing in your core.
The endless taunting whispering in your ear.
I strangle your very soul in my burning grip.
I am the walls that cage you from reality.
The energy vampire always feeding silently in the back of your mind.
The emptiness you feel is the after shock of my wrath.
Your childish predictions of the unknown is my entertainment.

I am all that you fear
I am Fear
And I am always closer than you think.