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I woke up with a start, my heart pounding. I was sure I heard it again. I heard the noise again.

I didn’t dare get out of bed. Who knows what the cause is? Most likely a raccoon, but still, I wasn’t taking chances.

I felt around for my flashlight, and switched it on. I looked around the room, and everything seemed normal.

I turned it off, and put my head back on the pillow. As soon as I was in the state of half-sleep, I heard a sharp clang of metal hitting metal.

I screamed, and jumped out of bed to turn the light on. I would never let my parents leave me alone in the house again.

The light, for some reason, refused to switch it. I sighed in exasperation, and timidly opened the door. The light from the kitchen reached me, and I ventured out.

There were no more noises.

I turned on the kettle, and made a cup of tea to settle my nerves. This was getting altogether crazy.

Then, in the dead silence, there was the sound I had been hearing. I’d been hearing it ever since my parents went on a business trip, a week ago, always after midnight. I was always alone in the house, with all the windows and doors locked.

Click. Click. Click.

There was someone on my computer. Someone using the mouse.


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