You wake up with a strange feeling in the night to a totally dark room. It seems the power went out while you were asleep, and you can hardly see past your face. You close your eyes to go back to sleep as your mind pieces together the image of a vague figure in the dark. You choose not to make sure.

You hear creaks in the floor inching towards your bed, footsteps. Slowly, you feel the presence, lean in until it hovers just above your head. You can feel its breath on your face, smelling of smoke and copper, and burning like acid on your skin. It whispers in your ear.

“Keep your eyes closed and stay still. It wants you to see.”

You notice the soft tapping of metal on wood from the other side of the room as the presence above you moves away from your face. A moment passes before you hear the sound of running shortly followed by the sounds of cracking bone, burning metal, and shattering glass. You feel something wet sweep across your legs as it lands beside you. It smells like a mixture of iron and sulfur. There is a fight, one that ends all too quickly.

The second voice, cold and metallic, came from the opposite side of the bed. You can feel its weight sink into the bed, causing you to slide ever so slowly towards it. Every word, it speaks sends shivers down your spine as you feel a paralyzing chill course through your body. Its voice betraying a grin on its face as it speaks in a musical lilt.

“It's lying. Run while you still can.”