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Have you ever been alone at night in your cold house?

Turning on the heat won't do you any good.

Chills run down your spine as you see your own breath rush out of your throat.

The computer is a LED temptress, begging you to browse, browse, browse!

You fail at attempting to refuse. You find yourself on the computer.



Browsing at useless nothings.

Everything you come across becomes interesting due to your unintelligent, sleepless mind.

You wrap yourself in a blanket.

Grab a cup of coffee.

Hoping to gain warmth.

Despite every single attempt, heat refuses to enter your body.

Suddenly, your computer goes black.

A haunting tune-down sound accompanies it.

The bags under your eyes become thin as your eyes widen.

Whispers haunt the house.

It sounds like winds of the Arctic.

But...Words are being formed.

Haunting words in the "wind".

Your body feels cold as a breeze runs past it.

You look around. All of the windows are shut.

No source of wind can possibly affect you.



Chills down your spine.

Did you feel the cold rush down the length of your back?


My fingers are cold.

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