You have probably heard of the Southern Television 'Vrillon' Incident that occurred on the 26th of November 1977. You may have also heard of the WTTW and WGN 'Max Headroom' Incident that occured almost a decade later. Both of these television hijacks are famous and were widely reported all over the world.

There was a television hijack that occurred on the 1st of December 2007 at 1:12 am that you may not have heard about however. This hijack only affected people who were watching via local transmitters located in the North East region of Yorkshire. I was one of those viewers who witnessed the hijack live.

Suffering from insomnia, I decided to watch a repeat of Man to Man with Dean Learner on Channel 4. The first sign of trouble began five minutes into the first half of the program when the picture quality suddenly went black and white for a couple of seconds for no reason. Then the hijack completely overrode the program and began showing random and increasingly creepy images. A woman can also be heard saying some random numbers, similar to a numbers station of some kind. Then, almost 40 seconds after it began, the hijack ended and it cut back to Man to Man with Dean Learner.

I was wondering if I was dreaming this whole incident, considering that I had insomnia but as it turned out, it did happen, although unlike the Vrillon and Max Headroom incidents, this incident was not as widely reported. It was big news where I live however.

I did not record the hijack, but thankfully, somebody recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube.

As for the hijacker? Well I assume that to this day, they are still at large.

Channel 4 TV Hijack Leeds02:06

Channel 4 TV Hijack Leeds