I can’t go outside anymore. There are demonic beasts everywhere outside my house. I can see them from my window, watching me. I told my wife to be careful out there, and now she’s dead. She died of the illness these monsters carry.

They used to swarm us when we went to our car. She said they were making their home close to where we were walking. I saw the truth. They were attacking us, trying to kill us.

I can see the evil in their faces. Big black masks covering their eyes and their body is a bright, bloody red. Their mouth is an elongated cone; the color of which looks like dried blood. This is, no doubt, from their other victims.

I sit here watching them, and they watch me. They are no doubt waiting for me to run out of food so that I will be forced to go outside. That’s when they will kill me.

I will sooner die of starvation rather than die by their clawed hands. It’s funny, though. I never understood as a child, but now I know why they call them the ‘cardinal’ sins.

Written by ClericofMadness
Content is available under CC BY-SA