Candles, imagine, a lone flame in an otherwise pitch black room. The only spot of light, reaching out into the darkness.

Imagine, times before electricity. When a candle was all the light, when days become darker, guiding you through corridors and down stairs, a lone candle.

Perhaps this is why many of the finest works of horror and terror were conceived back then, before light could be made from a flick of a switch.

Maybe something then was different to now, a terror in the dark, now gone and banished to the light of a bulb. Imagine again, that same candle, in the centre of that same dark room, the darkness - a terror only shielded by a small flame of a candle.

Darkness is a scary thing, unable to see anything, left helpless by sight and forced to use other senses. The only thing keeping that blinding thick veil of darkness is a candle.

And now imagine, that one day, that candle would go out.