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One night, I was alone in my new house that my family had bought recently for an unusually low price. Since we were on a very low budget, we took it anyways. One night, I was alone in the house since I wasn't feeling social. At about 7:30 P.M., the phone rang.

It was very odd, because when it rang, it wasn't the default. It was different. It sounded like "Fur Elise", which was one of my friend's presets, so I ran over to the base of the phone. Here's where things got strange:

When I ran over to the phone, I saw a very unfamiliar name. "Caitlin." I had never known a Caitlin, and I found the way they spelled it very odd. And again, it was like I had already put the name in the phone's memory. Usually, it would say something like "PENNSLYVANIA" or maybe even "[Enter last name here] CAITLIN". But it just remained "Caitlin."

So, out of curiosity, I answered it. As I put the phone to my ear, all I heard was a shrill static. I screamed, not quite sure why I did that, but I turned down the volume on the phone. I put it back to my ear, and I swear, it said: "GET OUUUUT."

The U in out was very overexaggerated, as if this Caitlin was howling. The static was strong, so I wasn't exactly sure what I heard, so I put my ear back to the phone. The static was a low buzz now. Answering back, very clearly, I said "What?" The static slowly built up, but instead of hearing a voice, the phone shut off and I could hear the disconnected signal noise. I shook it off, but me being a "very social person", I knew someone that could help me.

Immediately, I had thought it was a ghost. I'm one of those people who are very superstitious, so I get paranoid easily. One morning while on a sight, I met a woman in a ghost team. So, I called her, and asked her to come over. She gladly agreed, but said it may take a night for them to get over.

Gladly, I slept in peace that night.

But in the morning, I woke with a ringing in my ears. No, it wasn't like that, it was like the phone ringing. Normally. I dragged myself out my comfortable bed, and reached for the phone. I saw who it was. It was Caitlin. I was afraid to answer, but also curious, because the previous time she had a different ringer. Before it sounded like Fur Elise, but now, it was just the normal ringing. I answered, with a groggy "Hello...?"

Static. I can't believe I forgot about the static. Instantly, I was awake, pulling the phone from my ear. I sighed, picking it up again after turning the volume down. I could hear the voice again, but it was slightly clearer, and I could understand it now.

"You have three days, but then you have to LEAVE."

At first, it sounded somewhat nice, or lazy, but when the "Leave" came, it was like a banshee screaming. I put the phone down; remembering that I had forgot to press "End." When I went to, it ended itself. What? Okay, a little odd.

Then it rang again. I was ready to throw it across the room, but it was my friend, who was a ghost hunter. I answered happily.

"Hey. You coming over soon?" I said.

"Yeah, we'll be there in a sec. Kevin's car broke down so we had to take Eric's," She replied in a laidback voice.

"Can you hurry? Things are getting odd for me.”

"Yeah, we-" Static again.

I threw the phone across the room, screaming at it. I forget what I was saying, because I got very lightheaded since I stood up so quickly. The lights then flickered, but I could still see, since it was morning. I saw a shadow in my doorway, and I ran over to the door. I pounded on it, and opened it quickly. I didn't see anything, but I wanted out of that house as fast as I could.

I ran downstairs. On the last few stairs, something tripped me. I flew down, hitting my head off the floor. I heard a crack, and knew my nose was broken. I also could tell I chipped a tooth, because I tasted blood too. I ignored the searing pain, and opened my door quickly. I sat on my porch until my friend came.

She saw me, with my chipped tooth and bloody nose, and immediately went inside. I followed her, feeling safer with others. I grabbed the phone and handed it to her, just in case Caitlin called again.

She turned all the lights off, and used a thermo camera to see if anything was there. What we saw was amazing.

Everything around us was a warm red color, and everywhere else? It was cold. The worst part, everything that wasn't within a foot of us was 66.6 degrees. My friend turned to me, obviously scared. "You need to get out of here, and fast," She said. But as she turned, I stopped her. There was something I didn't understand.

"Why is everything that's not close to us cold?" I asked. I made them wonder as much as I did myself. So, they all sat on the couch, and we listened. There was static, very, very familiar static. But instead of one voice, it was many, many voices. Including Caitlin's, which I easily pieced out. It said, "See? I've brought friends," Or at least, that's what I thought it said. The static increased and the voices were very garbled. I picked up the phone, and went over "Caitlin".

And I called.

At first, it was silence, not even the ringer, but then the static rose. I put it on speaker. I asked her, "Why are they staying away from us?"

Slowly, the static lowered its volume, and out came Caitlin's voice, very clear.

"I told you, you had three days. You still have two."

Her voice sounded very young, but not like ten or eleven. It was more like seventeen, and it made me wonder. So, I asked another question.

"Why are you here, haunting this place?"

That's all I can remember. I haven't heard or seen from my ghost hunter friends in months, and I've been stuck in the hospital for all that time.

Do not answer Caitlin. And if you do, do not talk to her. If you do, get out.

Get out.


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