Another fucking Monday morning!

I slammed the button on the alarm clock and stood up. Grinding the sleep out of my eyes, I slowly rose to greet the day. I threw on a pair of jeans and my South Park tee shirt, and walked out the door with my backpack in my hand.

"I'm going to school Mom!" I yelled. Yeah right. Like Mom could ever hear me right now. She was sprawled out on the couch, hung over, and still holding a Bud Light in her hand. I sighed and walked out the front door.

I kept walking down the street, not really paying much attention, when I felt I had kicked something. Looking down, I see a book by my foot. I didn't see any words on the front or spine of the book, so naturally I was a bit curious. It was a deep purple color, and as I picked it up, I see on the cover was a sort of silhouette of a black bunny. Huh.

I go to open the book, when I notice there was a sort of strap on it. The strap looked broken, and there was a silver lock on it. Oh crap! This wasn't just any book. It was a diary! I felt a bit embarrassed at that situation. I was so glad none of my friends saw me. What kind of sick perv would I look like, looking at a strange girl's diary and crap. Not wanting to be seen with it, but still curious, I quickly stash the diary into my backpack and hurry on to school.

I walk home from school, an hour late because me and my friends got caught pulling our senior prank on Principal Lewis. He was not too happy about having his file cabinet filled with whipped cream. I walk through the door to see Mom up and awake.

"You're home late," said Mom in a somewhat slurry voice.

"I was in study hall," I lied.

"I don't feel like cooking tonight. What would you like for dinner, pizza or Chinese food?"

"Either one is fine," I answered, a bit relieved. Mom is one of the worst cooks ever. Knowing her, she could probably be able to burn water. "I'm going upstairs to finish the rest of my homework. Call me when dinner gets here."

"Okay then," she answered. "I love you." I slammed my bedroom door rather than answering.

Things have been pretty shaky between me and Mom ever since my Dad died. He was driving home from a business trip when he got crashed into by a drunk driver in a pickup truck. The other driver was speeding, and when they crashed, Dad died almost instantly, the other driver dying on the way to the hospital. Mom couldn't take his death very well. She rarely leaves the house anymore, and she drinks heavily everyday. I hate seeing her destroy herself like this, but there's nothing I'm able to do but watch. The sooner I graduate and move out, the better.

I unzip my backpack and pull out the purple diary. I flip through trying to look for an address so I could return it. You're probably gonna assume it's the usual CreepyPasta shit that happens, "Blah blah blah, portal to the underworld, Satan Satan Satan Satan, and then I die." Rest assured, this is NOT what happens. The first thing I see is the front page. Taped to the front was the owner's picture.

It was a girl, not too much younger than I am, probably about sixteen or seventeen. She was dressed somewhat strange. It was a dress with shades of black and some purple, typical goth colors, but her outfit was all cutesy and doll like, goth lolita I think it's called? She had fair skin, forest green eyes, and dark brown hair, almost black. She had smokey eyeshadow and blood red lipstick, and her hair was sort of in buns, but not quite. They looked like ponytails with buns on top.

I saw under her picture was her name, but for the sake of safety, we'll call her Bunny. The next couple of pages, I see weird chibi doodles, some of them bandaged or wearing the similar outfits to what she wore in her photo.

"Great," I say with a sarcastic smile of disgust. "She's a goth weeb." I return to searching for her address. As I kept turning, I see an article that she written.

"Dear diary,

Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I've been thinking of things. It's been a year since Mom died. I still can't get used to the fact she's gone. I'm beginning my senior year this year, I'm a little nervous. I hope and pray for things to get better, but every year it's just the same. People avoid me because of my appearance. I thought I had a best friend, but it turned out she betrayed me. It seems like I can't trust anyone anymore. I was fairly close with my sister, but now she's getting married and moving out. She won't have time for me anymore. I miss the old days when Sis was in high school and I was in 5th grade, she got a group of her friends together, and they formed a sort of anime cosplay club. The group stopped meeting after she graduated. I was only 8th grade then. And I still love my dad, but I feel all he does now is ignore me. He's always off somewhere at work, so now it's just me to fend for myself. Well, that's it I guess. And Mom, I love you, and I pray you're doing well in heaven.

Love Bunny."

After reading that, I start feeling sorry for Bunny. In a way, we were both experiencing the same emotions, trying to move on after the death of a loved one. I turned a few pages when I found a small poem.

"There's always a sunshine even in spring,

Beautiful music exists, even in silence,

Even in darkness there is light,

Even in death there is life.

Even though you're gone,

I know you're always with me.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Love Bunny"

I read this and a few other poems by her. I felt bad for judging her so harshly before. I take a look at her photo from before. Her facial expression was one of sadness, and her head was looking out, as if she was trying to look for someone,maybe her mother. The more I read about her, the more I wanted to meet this poor girl. I just wanted to embrace her and tell her everything was gonna be alright. I wanted to be her friend, maybe, maybe more.

I notice one last page of updates before the rest of the pages run blank. The letters looked runny, as if her tears had dropped onto her writing.

"Dear diary,

I don't want to go back to that school anymore. I've had it with the monsters that go there. At the end of the school day, I was doing nothing but minding my business. Well this girl who was always mean to me, began tugging at my hair. I politely told her to stop, and then she proceeded to beat me up. She was bigger than me, so she slammed into the locker repediatly. Calling me mean names, such as, "Satanist," "goth slut," and other unspeakable things. A teacher I knew called Dad, but other than that, nothing was done to punish those girls. Dad had me rushed to the hospital. I was treated for minor injuries, but I'm pretty sure I also had a small concussion as well. This school was nothing but a living hell, and I don't wish to go back anytime soon. I have to quit writing so I'll be able to get some rest. I'm sorry.

Love Bunny."

This entire entry made me angry. Why the fuck hasn't the school done anything to punish these psychopaths? They beat up an innocent girl for Christ sakes! It's bad enough to hear this shit on the news, but it's even worse to hear it written out firsthand. After flipping through a bunch of blank pages, I finally saw her address printed on the back cover. It's not too far to walk to, I thought looking at it. Just then Mom called me down for dinner. After we got done eating meat lovers pizza with 7-Up, boneless buffalo wings, and cheesy bread, I grabbed Bunny's diary and set off to look for her address.

I arrived about ten minutes later to her house. It was a nice small white house. For some reason, probably because of how she dressed, I expected her house to be darker, maybe bigger. I rang the doorbell.

The door was answered by a woman, looking about thirty. She had the same fair skin and dark brown hair as Bunny, but her eyes were blue. I hear the Spongebob theme playing in the background, young laughter indicating other children lived here.

"Hello young man," answered the woman. "What is it? What do you want?" I told her my name and the reason I came here.

"I found something of Bunny, and I want to return it to her," I said politely. "Is she home?" The woman's face suddenly became worried and confused.

"How? That's impossible."

"What? Is this the wrong address?"

"No! No it's not like that. But it can't be. Bunny was my younger sister."


"She went missing several years ago."

"Wait what?! But I found her diary today."

"How!? She never even kept a diary! Look, I don't know who you are, and what you mean by this, but if this is some kind of sick joke, then get out of here." The woman was in tears at this point. "You have no idea what it was like to know you'll never see the person you love ever again. I lost my entire family. My mother died in a plane crash, my sister disappeared without a trace, and three years after, my father died of a heart attack. I don't appreciate you coming here and claiming you have something that belonged to Bunny when it's obviously nothing but a fake. Just leave. Don't come here anymore!" and with that, she slammed the door in my face.

I walked solemnly back home. Before I went inside, I sat reading her last thing she wrote. I couldn't help but feel bad for Bunny's sister. I remember Bunny mentioning about how she even felt ignored by her sister after she got married. Maybe she's regretting not being able to help her, and now that she's gone it was too late.

But after re-reading her last entry over and over, I see something strange. The page was dated at the top, but it was dated to this year. No, it was dated from this week. How can this be? Turning a page, I saw one last entry, dated to today.

"Dear diary,

It's starting to seem like my luck is turning around. I have met a really nice guy today. He listens to me, and is nice to me unlike everyone else at this school. I'd really like to get to know him better."

As I keep reading she mentions the name of the guy. My blood runs cold as I read it. It was my name! I wanted to turn away and throw the book on the ground, but I couldn't. It was as if my eyes were only meant to read this paragraph.

"I hope he doesn't mind that I invite him over to visit me. I'd love to talk to him. Who knows, maybe we can be friends. Or maybe even more.

Love Bunny"

I turn and see a new picture taped to the bottom of the page. It was the same sad picture of Bunny before, but it was moving. Her expression slowly turned from one of sadness to a sly seductive smile. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

The next day, a female 8th grade student was walking home from school, when a Family Guy spiral notebook on the ground caught her eye. Curious, she picked it up to see who it belonged to. On the inside, she found a picture of a boy, who looked like he was in high school. He had blue eyes, messy spiky blonde hair, and was wearing jeans and a South Park tee shirt. Under the picture was his name and a note he had handwritten. It read the following notice.


This message could save your life. Don't read a strange diary you see on the ground. Especially if it's a purple one with a black bunny on the cover. If you see one, WALK AWAY! Leave it be. Let it rot in the rain. But unless you know the owner, don't pick it up, don't take it with you, and DON'T READ IT!"