I twisted, and turned as I was forced to get up, my covers all wrinkly as Aubrey kept jerking me, right and left. “Come on, get up. Aunt Dulcie is off to buy some things.” 

“I don’t want to get out of bed, I’m super tired today.” I scowled at Aubrey, parting my frizzed blonde hair, hissing as I spoke. “I’m getting Annabelle to come, if you’re not. She’s more fun than you.”

I seriously shook my head in disgust. Annabelle was so quiet, sissy and shy. Kind of like me, but I wasn’t going to let Aubrey kick me down so hard. “Whatever, she’s no fun. I’m more fun than her, and I demand I’ll come with you.” I lied, as Aubrey cunningly grinned.

She tagged my sleeve hard, as she jabbed me over to Annabelle’s room, knocking fiercely. “Annabelle, Aunt Dulcie is at the marketplace let’s go on out in the lake.” She spat as Annabelle slyly opened her door, obviously with a complaint ready to say. “I don’t like the lake. All of the water is cold there.”

“Stop being such a sissy like you always are, and come on. Melissa is coming.”

Annabelle peeked out further, as she stared at me with that ‘you’re really going with this?!’ face. Annabelle and I were really close, she’s the oldest, she used to be my best friend. I’m the youngest, and Aubrey is the second oldest.

Ever since Aunt Dulcie made Annabelle, Aubrey and I go on the same trip she did at this lake, Aubrey would always tease Annabelle when she had the chance. Of course, since Aubrey was my sister I kind of went along. Aubrey calls Annabelle too wimpy to tell. Because she never does.

“I guess I’ll come.”

“Good.” Aubrey shot one of her smirk grins to both of us. “This will be the best prank ever, and we’ll never get caught,”

“Whatever Aubrey.” I reply irritated, wanting to smack that ugly smirk off her face so badly. My forehead started to burn up, it usually does that whenever I’m upset. Because, I had a birthmark there when I was born. It looks like a star, or some oval.. 

We both went off outside, strapping and tying our shoes.

Aubrey led us to ‘Mae’s Ride’, grandpa’s canoe. We’re never allowed to ride that canoe; however we’re not even a loud to ride a canoe without an adult.

Aubrey shuffled Annabelle into the canoe picking up a paddle almost ready to get off shore. “Are you coming or not, because you better pick up the pace.” She scowled at me, sort of how I did to her earlier.

“’Course I am coming, I’m no sissy.” I shot back at her going into the canoe.

Annabelle squeezed her arms around her knees while we began to ride, she was scared of the water because she fell in a spring at this place in China, last summer break.

It really did some weird things to her, made her all spiteful sometimes or sissy like she is usually now. Sometimes even insanely crazy.

Aubrey stroked the lake's waves as she used the paddle, making us go to the middle of the lake were all of those sharp rocks were, a ton of old junk, and some minnows. Those are types of fish, usually tasty snacks if you like to fish and eat fish.

“I brought a long something, maybe we could take a dip.”

“’take a dip’?! Are you trying to make me so terrified that I’ll stop breathing?” Annabelle spoke. “Maybe,” Aubrey joked, well I’m not sure if she did or not. But I never imagined Aubrey as some sort of murderer.

Annabelle finally spread out her legs, as she clutched a locket she held dear. I’m assuming there’s a special picture in it because when we had to share rooms, she looked inside of it and smiles calmly every night.

“You’re still carrying that stupid locket?”

“It’s not stupid.”

“It looks stupid,” Aubrey continued anyways.

“Stop teasing Annabelle, you know she’s sensitive Aubrey.” I told her, trying to defend Annabelle for the first time this summer. I guess I just wanted Aubrey to like me, because we hardly got along. She was always more pretty, popular than me.

On the other hand, Annabelle was prettier than me. I assume she has a boyfriend already. I can sort of see why.

“Sensitive, sensitive,” Aubrey said slowly and shallow, like the lake. “Hey, want to play a game, Annabelle and Mellissa?”

“Sure I guess,”

“Okay.” We answered. As Annabelle lowered her locket, obviously about to listen, the most bizarre thing happened.

Aubrey grabbed the locket threatening to throw it overboard. “What?! No, that’s… Very funny, please give it back..”

“Not until you stop acting like a sissy,” I knew Aubrey wasn’t going to hand it back, she was going to throw it in the lake or wait Annabelle out until Aunt Dulcie came back from the marketplace.

“I will. Now give that back, before I turn this canoe around.”

“Good.” She sounded so sarcastic, until something else bizarre happened. “Oops,” Tossing it into the lake, Annabelle stared with a blank, pale face. I did too, but I didn’t look as shocked and hurt.

Annabelle threw herself almost out of the canoe to the point when it’d tip over and fall, shoving us all into the waves of the lake.

I took action before Aubrey did, and Aubrey hardly reacted as I grabbed Annabelle’s ankles as she held herself over the canoe trying not to fall into the water. “Help…” She whimpered as I held as hard as I could. Trying to pull her up, the waves rose up harder.

Annabelle got up safely, until a wave jerked into the canoe as I was about to get up.

The canoe tipped over and so did I. As the cold, shivering water hit my face, I fell in.

Gasping for air, I tried to shriek but of course no sound came through my lips because it was underwater.

The water-like breeze hit my face with a strong force, flowing through my hair as it floated everywhere.

When I saw Melissa fall in, I started trembling and screamed covering my face as I began sobbing.

I screamed out her name a couple of times and I attempted to throw myself out into the water and swim her out. “Hold this rope around my waist,” I tried to scream at Aubrey upset, as the tears rolled down my cheeks. She looked at me like I was insane, because I never swam ever since I fell into the spring.

I didn’t wait for her to react or grab the rope; I dove in and swam around searching desperately for Melissa. I tried to yell out her name through the water, but it simply came out with a few bubbles of air. I continued to swim until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Aubrey pulled me up, as I threw my head above the water. Shivering, shaking, in fear I grabbed my arms and tried to under to search for more until Aubrey grabbed my shoulder.

“She’ll make it, she’ll come up herself, and she’s the best swimmer on the swim team.” She sounded so sure, and her voice was calming and terrified as I was too.

I wanted to force myself in, as I didn’t care what she said. Aubrey grabbed me again and began to tell me another thing on her mind. “You can’t go back in, look at yourself, you’re shivering.”

“Melissa is too, and she needs us!” I attempted to scream but only sobbing words came out of my mouth as the waves gently washed on my neck as I was still in the water.

“She’ll make it, Annabelle we just need to hope. We can’t do anything but hope.” Afraid to say she was right. Melissa went too deep by now, but I hoped, that she was okay; she swam somewhere to shore where we hadn’t noticed, she made it out alive.

With all of my strength and last breaths of air I tried to swim to the surface. I went too far deep; I could only see the sun on the water and the canoe’s shadow. This has to be a dream, it must be.

I hoped they came looking for me, or I woke up, but as I tried to reach out, I felt Annabelle’s locket slowly float over my chest.

It was shaped as a heart, appeared old and a little but rusted now.

I began to close my eyes, as I clutched the heart locket against my neck. I knew it didn’t belong to me, but, whatever was in the locket I appreciated.

Then I shut my eyes completely.

There's no way I'm drowning..

Moments, days, weeks, months, years pasted.

Poor Melissa, she sat at the bottom of the lake where the pointy rocks were. She’s probably a pile of bones now, and it’s entirely my fault.

We never told anyone, Aunt Dulcie asked us where Melissa went. We fibbed, but Annabelle was too terrified to speak, so I guess I spoke for her. We never returned, not even in her favor..

I hope she had a proper funeral, good memories, sad memories, flowers, her family and at least one person crying. I hope she was found and properly buried too.

Maybe God goofed up, why did Melissa have to die? Her intentions were good, I'll try to be good, why didn't I die? I'm a big liar, and a rude sister. 

I love her, I love Annabelle, I love Aunt Dulcie.. I just wish, I was nicer to her. Okay; I didn't die. The question is --- I lived, okay. Now what do I do with my life? 

This was the story of how Melissa had died. I’m sure that this never happened, so don’t worry if it’s true or not. This is how the bones appeared at the bottom of the lake. I hope you like my first sudmitted creepypasta to this wiki. I didn't try to make it too frightening, since I'm not so good at those type of creepypastas. This is one of those that are just intended to make you a bit chilly.