Bon Bon
​“The letter was found the next I tell you! The next fucking day! You can’t tell me that’s too old for this case!” I covered my ears. Daddy was yelling at his lawyer friend again. I don’t know what letter he was talking about, but I wanted to help.

Daddy says if I help, then he’ll take me out to get ice cream! So for a couple days, when I get home from the bus, I’ll check the mail. If there was letters in there, then I would take each of them to my daddy, and have him look at them. After about two days, he said I had found it.

​I want my mommy. I want her even more then I want ice cream. Daddy says, “Mommy’s not coming back.”

“Okay...” His face gets a little sadder when hears that. I still want my ice cream. I think I’ll get peppermint flavored.

​Daddy was yelling again, but all I did was ask for ice cream. I wanna know when I get my ice cream. Now I want it superman flavored. I ran up to my room and shut the door, like I saw Mommy do. I didn’t see what happened next, because Dad told me to clean my room, and that if I didn’t, he wouldn’t give me my allowance.

​I’m in my room, I’ve been in here for a while. I’m just laying on the floor, by my teddy bear. Daddy still isn’t coming. I can hear him shouting at his lawyer friend again, about the letter I found.

I’m scared. I hear him saying, “Fine! I’ll read the letter!” Then his voice became quieter and softer. I even started falling asleep. I was awoken by a sharp BANG!

​I got off the floor, ran downstairs; and saw my Daddy, on the ground. He had a little hole in his head.

Mommy was standing over him.

"Mommy!" I ran over and hugged her, but then a question arose in my mind. "Mommy, what did you do to Daddy?"

She got down on her knees.

"I just collected his life insurance."

Written by CrazyWords
Content is available under CC BY-SA


Bon Bon ~ By CrazyWords ~ Sir Ayme

Bon Bon ~ By CrazyWords ~ Sir Ayme