Oh! How beautiful it looked! The glossy red on top of a pale white! The purplish brown sprayed upon the red. Some may call it insane or terrifying, but I call it art! Art! Art!

How could anyone not see the beauty these colors make combined upon a white canvas? Obviously I can't keep all my art in my home. That would be ridiculous. I couldn't possibly have enough room for every piece I create. No. I put it in the houses of my comrades. Those that understand my insatiable hunger for this style of art!

It’s simply intoxicating, invigorating, erotic! And my art is unique! Not only has it never before, at least to my knowledge, been used as an art form, but it stimulates three senses! You can see it of course. It wouldn't be art if it didn’t give you some sort of visual. You can smell it! Oh! How you can smell the disgustingly sweet aroma of success on your part. And you can hear it. Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! You can hear it, slide down the wall. Hear the colors mixing.

And it was during my first creation that it all became clear. I could never go back. Would never go back.

The human body makes such amazing works of art.  

Written by supersatan25