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A little 60cm tall bright pink haired girl with the unusual big cat ears on her head, I created her years ago when I was little. She wasn't named Blossom back then but her name was Lilly with two L's in. I created her after I created my very first character called Solar, back then Solar was originally created as an 9 year old girl in my head every time I listen to any type of music, I imagine Solar fighting all the bad guys in space then playing a victory song with her old team friends.

I did create Solar a little bro named Leo to this day is still here on 3DS letterbox and their oldest sister named Lilly. But to be honest Lilly was tall and she had cat ears on top of her head and a tail, which shows she was a neko, with blue eyes. But she had blond her just like Solar's little bro and her parents. Solar was the only one with brown hair in that family, but in the story i created in my head that their parents died in a volcano.

Lilly looked after Solar and Leo as she brought them up under her care in the floating base in space, Leo grew up but he was a hardcore gamer and he was mostly on his games other than fighting. Solar was learning how to play her guitar, studying stars and galaxies, but she was learning how to fight. Lilly was by the time at 17 when Solar was 9 years old, she still stayed with Solar and Leo while Solar made new friends over time as it built up her team into quite a band. Lilly watched from the corner all the time, she helps Solar along the way through her fights, fighting along her side when needed. Lilly always was there for Solar and Leo no matter what, but over the years til 2008.

I was 12 years old nearly 13 years old in early October I decided to write a fan-made story about it with obviously the sonic characters, Xoalin Showdown characters and Pokémon characters. I mingled my characters i created into it which I put in a few new ones but, I forgot all about Lilly. Which it didn't come to my mind that I forgotten about her to put in this story, I was just having fun writing a story.

While I was writing my story up to page 38 I can remember having strange dreams at first seeing Lilly. She was sad and crying her eyes out, she was on her knees with her hands over her face. I was confused, even though my dreams are all random and I see all my favorite characters normally. But I never saw my own characters in my dreams before so I just thought must be another random dream again. I walked up to Lilly as i put my hand out to her because I felt really upset to see her cry but in real life I feel upset when I see my friends cry or sad I do anything to cheer them up.

Lilly still cried and cried then I lowered my head since my size I only needed to lower my head to her head level at that point. I asked her "Why are you crying? Is there something wrong? Your little sister and bro are happy and safe" She shook her head at this as I notice there was a hole in her chest where her was but there was blood pouring out. I was creeped out by this as she still cried, but it was hard to say something else to her.

I do have Autism but that isn't my excuse to why it was hard to say something out to her, it was just because i was really shy. So after I think like 8 minutes I asked her "Can you remove your hands from your face? I'm worried, please let me help you" as i asked her that she stopped crying. She moved her hands from her face as she lifted her head up to stare me right in the eyes. But I saw was her eyes was gone and her mouth was pitch black with no teeth. Then the flicker of Will-O-Wisp like flames flashed in her eyes to show that her eyes gone red. Blood was pouring out in drips out of her mouth, and there was tear trial marks down where her tears should roll down was blood. 

Lilly said to me, "Why? why did you forget me from your adventures in your stories? I can't see my family and friends because of you."

I just froze there and said, "You are not real, your just a character I created."

Lilly's face was still the same in her emotion, sad but not crying now. She screamed at one point which made me wake up and well i ran to my parents bedroom and I fell asleep with them in bed. Back then I was silly to sleep in my parents bed at that age, even when I had a nightmare. In the morning I gone back to school as normal, which I forgot about that dream and I just continued writing the story out. Still I haven't put Lilly in there since my memory was fuzzy and I just forgot her still. 

Few days later when the week already past on and that dream came back up, this time Lilly was angry at me which scared me which I finally swore but I didn't cry. She said "If I'm just your imagination in your head right? How comes I'm popping up in your dreams? I know you long forgot me but I'm still here" I was surprised to hear her say those things. But I thought to myself just another random dream, I just said, "You're not real"

I don't know why but I just got angry at this. Lilly just stared at me there, I hate to stare people in the eye since my lazy eye and i feel anxious when I do. I just stared at the ground which was grey and it was cold like on a normal cold morning of spring. She just stood there still starring at me, I looked a little at her as I just said, "I'm sorry, I put you back in another story. I will stop writing out this one and the one you will be in will be cool you will see. But.." I gone quiet because I do want to put Lilly back in with the others but different and new as another character.

Lilly just looked at me, "Can I make you different? Happy and cheerful?" then at that moment I saw her smile but it was scary. I looked down at the ground then I looked back to her as she changed, I saw the actual Blossom I created today. She was smiling at me all normal and happy, she said in a really little kind voice of a 4 year old girl "Hel...lo...Moo... Than....kyou... But.... I'm not... Lilly..." I looked to her at this just confused but i was happy she was there, I felt safe with her but I felt as if I knew her. She smiled softly "I'm... You...From all... your memo...ries.. with your... family..." I just stared at her at this and I just giggled "Don't be silly your not me, and what happened to Lilly?" 

Blossom still smiling as she stepped slowly to the side, I saw Lilly face down on the ground, there was no blood but she was very grey. Blossom just smiled all innocent but I saw her fringe like in anime when they shroud your eyes in a pitch black shadow, she was still smiling and I saw Blossom petals fall to the floor as if it was the first day of spring. I looked to her but her eyes was back showing again "Please.... Don't... Forget me..." but her voice was Lilly's once more. Til I woke up when I just ran back to my parents bed again and fell asleep with them. 

I thought the next day when I sat down playing Habbo Hotel with my friends on it, do every director or creator or author who make cartoons forgot one of their characters to put in a story or cartoon to have adventures? Did their characters spoke to them in a dream too?

Then I just thought as I said, "Brb" to my friends, that wasn't real but it gave me the inspiration to draw Blossom, role play as Blossom, animate Blossom which still today I do. Even though I changed Blossom's old look to the one in that dream I had, but I felt uneasy as I wrote this out. I swore I saw Lilly, in the corner waving at me but her face the same in my dream with that distorted smile. That's when I realized, you can never forget your first characters...

Untitled drawing by klgoth-d5t4vxn

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