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"Open the gates!" Yelled a Nazi officer.

From afar, you could see a group of men in blue striped pajamas, the rained bounced of their bald heads and their broad shoulders. One man stood out from all the others, his name is Kapusta as you could see from the nametag on his shirt. As he stomped through the runny mud, he went to a tall building made out of bricks. The windows on the building were barred and a fence topped with barbwire surrounded the perimeter except for a gate. As the Nazi officer named Rico escorted the P.O.W Kapusta to a small cell, you could hear the screams of other prisoners. 

The inside of the brick building had a thick stench of moss, and the air was thick like fog. Pushing the prisoner of war to his cell then he stopped and said, "Why do you kill innocent people?"

I didn't answer the prisoner, knowing that he was an enemy. Bringing him to a small cell that has nothing but a twin sized bed. He halted just before he entered, I yelled at him grabbed the back of his thick neck and pushed him in. Walking away, I continued down the long, dark corridor. Getting to a room numbered 134, I stopped and knocked on the iron door. A man a bit shorter than me but very skinny with a black buzz cut and a lab coat answered the door. He greeted me and I so to him.

As I walked into the white tiled room, there were three men lying in surgical beds. I asked the doctor that was shaking and asking why these men where in here. He replied back in an awkward tone, "I'm preparing them for surgery." I asked about the surgery and the doctor said it didn't concern me and pointed me to a small brown chair in the corner.

I waited in the room for about three minutes and a team of doctors came in. Without giving the patients anesthesia, they were cutting their legs open, blood spraying everywhere and screams piercing my ears. The doctors seemed to be rushing taking out organs from the men and placing them in small freezer like containers. I could hear there screams yelling, "kill me please for all that is holy kill me!"

I could feel the vomit coming up my throat like a horde of wild horses. I quickly ran out of the room, rushing to my corridors to the east wing of the complex. Getting to my room, I was throwing up in a trashcan near my desk. I couldn't sleep that night thinking of those men crying to death, the blood flowing from their mouth and eyes. I realized what they were doing was getting organs for transplants. All night I was wide awake looking out my window wondering what else this facility would hold for me.

The next day I was still pondering the thought of those men and I knew after that long night, I had to get out and back to Berlin. Passing the cells on the west wing of the complex, a man stopped me and gave me a clip board of men signed up for blood transplant. The horrors I thought of what they do to those men. What a small world the man on the top of the list was the P.O.W Kapusta.

He was the one that i would escape with. Opening his cell making sure nobody saw me when I stepped in. He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes then looked back at the ground. I told him that i was sorry for what happen to the other but if he didn't escape with me now the same would happen to him. I grabbed his hand, taking him along with me.

We got outside and it was still raining which was good it could work to are advantage. As me and Kapusta ran alongside the building toward the east wing, there were two guards talking about their home life. I knew those two. They were very happy men with family back in Berlin but I knew for my sanity and my new friend. Walking toward the officers that didn't notice me. Like a flash of lightning, I quickly grabbed the chin of the one officer and the back of his head and snapped his neck.

The other one paralyzed in fear, I kicked him in the knee breaking it then broke his neck. Giving the okay signal to the friend to move up, we ran to the gate but stopped before the guard post. I sneaked up to the window like a mouse sneaking past a cat. I stared through the window and I saw the fat sleeping guard with his face buried in a newspaper.

At that moment I and Kapusta take off and we ran like two boys in a field playing. I was so worried that I kept running not noticing what devastating noise I heard. It was the sound of a gun going off. I noticed the sound was of a bolt action rifle. Turning around I realized that Kapusta was on his knees, blood running down his chest. I ran toward him and I flipped him on his back.

He was crying, telling me that he loved that he got this opportunity. He opened his hand showing me a three leaf clover with a little blood on it. He reached out with his last breath putting it in my hands. I put my hands over his eyes closing them. Running away into the woods I would never forget the man that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

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