• TheRogue12

    Wait a Second...

    November 17, 2018 by TheRogue12

    I can stay!!! Well, sort of, but in general I get to stay :')

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  • TheRogue12

    I QUIT!

    November 16, 2018 by TheRogue12

    I didn't want to have to do this, but... I'm leaving for my own good, family stuff. I might come on sometimes but in general I'm probably not going to come here much, I'll still be on other wikis though. I wish it didn't have to come to this, but here I am writing this now. I'm sorry.


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  • Underscorre

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know about a new front page feature I've been working on recently with the admins.

    When we first started the Writer's Showcase, it was intended as somewhere for authors to bring attention to those works of theirs which had "slipped through the cracks", and were greeted to the site with little fanfare. Anyone can post their stories to the showcase, and we hoped it would be a popular destination for readers looking for new content, but unfortunately it's become somewhat stagnant. We had originally intended to automatically display threads on the front page, and I've finally gotten round to writing a script to do this.

    So, there is now a new section on the front page featuring your stories (you may need to c…

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  • Ripadrak


    November 15, 2018 by Ripadrak

    Hello to anyone reading this blog; how happy it makes me to know that someone is even looking at me and my writing at all.

    I am creating this blog in order to ask anyone reading this to write any improvements to my writing that they can think of; so that I may better myself as a creative writer.

    I thank you for your time.

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  • RenanAssuno

    Introduction (Or not)

    November 13, 2018 by RenanAssuno

    I'm not new here, but I thought I needed an introduction. My name is Renan. I enjoy writing, playing the piano, and reading creepypastas. I don't write many creepypastas, but I'm still thinking of writing one. I also like RPGs (mostly Zelda and Undertale). My favorite Creepypasta is Slender Man. I like your Myths. (I also like coffee :3)

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  • Beast4proxy


    November 12, 2018 by Beast4proxy

    hi guys i'm new here.

    i'm working on my own creepypasta character she's called beast.

    but i'm not gonna tell more about her.

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  • Almondassistant

    An intro!

    November 10, 2018 by Almondassistant

    Hey spooky bitches, it's ya boi Kev!

    About me as a person:

    • Name: Evelyn "Kevyn" Goodchild
    • Sex: Female
    • Age: 14
    • Grade: 9
    • Eye color: Blue
    • Zodiac: Astrological sign of Leo, Chinese year of the Monkey
    • Location: PA, USA
    • Favorite music genres: EDM, Progressive House, Melodic Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep, Chillhop, Lo-Fi, J-pop, Breakbeat, Electro-Swing, Gorillaz (They're their own genre honestly)
    • Favorite Games: DBH, Animal Crossing series, Pokemon, Roblox, TES series, Fallout, FNAF, Spore, SCP, Undertale/Deltarune, Homestuck
    • Favorite Shows: Aggretsuko, Santa Clarita Diet, Good Behavior, Hetalia, Voltron, Invader Zim, The Walking Dead, Z-Nation, Kakegurui
    • Interests and Talents: Song-mixing/producing, Drawing, singing, playing guitar, figure skating, building/taking apart/des…
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  • NoTimeCreepy


    November 9, 2018 by NoTimeCreepy

    Hello everyone:

    My channel is growing with over 20 videos as of today and counting. I just have to work on getting my name out there to get more subscribers.

    Thanksgiving is coming up fast and I need a few authors to write some form of horror or creepy Thanksgiving stories. I want at least 2 stories to 3 max. If you are interested in doing this let me know so that I can put it into my schedule.

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  • ShadowFlash83

    Hey amigos! I am almost finished with a pasta with a generic name called "The Death Valley Drive." Here is a little part of the synopsis. It's about a guy that goes on a hellish journey when he finds a hidden road in the backroads of Eastern California, in which the road is only able to be seen at night. It is seven roads long, and beware, it reaches from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK! Just kidding, it's not that good in my opinion, mabye it's because its a rough draft. But anyway. I wonder what you'll think when I post it on Writer's Workshop. Have a great day!

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  • ShadowFlash83

    1 Year Later.....

    November 9, 2018 by ShadowFlash83

    After one and a half years to be exact, I am finally back on the Wiki. I am now 14 years old and writing this at 7:39 AM, November 9, 2018. I might start to write more pastas and upload them to the Writer's Workshop as suggested, because apparently my stories The Singing Man and The Siege had too many cliches in my opinion, now that I look back at it now. If anyone is seeing this, I am letting you know that I am going to make another pasta sometime in the future, or by the end of 2018. If anybody is seeing this, yes I am still alive, so don't fear. More pastas are coming. Thanks for reading this and see you next time.

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