• Fairly7Local

    I've been working on an interactive story which I'm planning to be fairly lengthy with a lot of routes, bit like a text video game. Been using subpages hosted on my own user page to allow navigation for it, and I wanted to see what you guys thought of the work in progress so far, as well as any ideas about whether I could actually transfer this into an actual story page on the wiki, with its own subpages. Admin advice for the technical issues associated with this would be appreciated here. I tried not to add in too many emotions or opinions in description if it seems a bit bland, as the idea is that you form your own.

    The story is directly accessible from my user page, and I've pasted it here as well. Enjoy your trip and tell me what you th…

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  • Gomez Capulet

    I've been AWOL from here for awhile due mostly to work taking up too much of my time and the fact I can be a bit of a mess. I hope to be posting stories more regularly very soon. I hope everyone I've interacted with here in the past is doign well as we start off 2019.

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  • Banningk1979

    To all the wonderful folks here who continue to support my journey as a writer!

    The great news is that I just published an anthology of my short horror stories over on Amazon! You can check that out here Gris Gris and Juju by K. Banning Kellum.

    The bitter-sweet side is that I have to remove those stories contained in the book from the Wiki, which is sad because those stories wouldn't be anything without the great people here who've helped grow and promote me as an artist. So to all wonderful folks, and you know who you are, you have my sincerest thanks for all you'e done for me over the years since I showed up here with a story in my head in need of a place to post it! 

    Warmest regards! 


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  • AnonymousMothman

    Should I?

    December 30, 2018 by AnonymousMothman

    I'm debatig on adding a certain character to a new story. Now, the Moth has this character and he is kinda the side character but can also use his powers to attack the spoopy kidnnapper. He can deflect him at will but I feel like he is a Gary Sue/ Overpowered character. Should I remove him or keep him/ just change the powers? I will add more details if you need :)

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  • Abigail's Corner


    December 21, 2018 by Abigail's Corner

    My school musical was the funnest musical I was ever in! I miss it so much and I can't believe that closing night was only a few days ago :(     

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  • Stickman, The Legendary Hero

    Hey, y'all. Stickman here. Been around this wiki a while, love the creepypastas, yada. Been my favorite past time listening to HoodoHoodlumsRevenge read these stories, Tats TopVideos count these down, so on and so forth. The first pasta I actually read was Happy Appy, like officially. I've been writing a series of my own for a while called Stickman's Amazing Adventures. And now... I think it's time I contribute something as a gift of my own to y'all. Something suited to more... sci-fi-y. Warframe. So... I hope you all will accept me, and will love my Warframe Creepypasta known as Garuda's Lament. Now, this does not mean i'm probably not gonna stop after Garuda's Lament, but... we'll see. NOTE: Garuda's Lament is NOT meant to be haunted gamin…

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  • Silversiskin

    My First Blog Post

    December 18, 2018 by Silversiskin

    Currently working on my first creepypasta story. I'm very new to this and I can't wait to share my creations :D

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  • TheRogue12

    Oh Yeah!

    December 18, 2018 by TheRogue12

    Thanks to editing comments way too much I finally did it! I'm listening to My Demons too so that makes me feel even more victorious! Yay!!!

    Also, I managed to get just over 5,000 edits on another wiki in the same day! Bonus points!!!

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  • Andamark


    December 16, 2018 by Andamark

    Hello everyone, I am Andamark.

    I look foward to posting my own original creepypastas and stories. I have many of ideas in mind... Don't miss out. I will also post my art on here, as well as provide links to my videos from my YouTube channel.

    YouTube channel -

    Sincerely, Andamark

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  • ShadowFlash83

    Really, why is The Slender Man so overrated? With all the weird fanart of him and shit. Like man, can anyone explain to me why is he so overrated? We even got a movie made of him, but apparently everyone hates it. I haven't seen it yet but some one at least tell me the synopsis.

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