• Just a Guy That Likes Creepypastas

    There are a few stories on this site I wrote a while ago that I really don't want to stay. They definitely aren't my best work and I'd like for one of the admins to take them down. It won't let me link the pages for some reason, so I'll just tell you their names instead. Don't bother reading them, they're pretty bad. Just get rid of them please.

    The Homonym


    The Skeleton Army

    The Runaways

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Good tails doll

    what will i do here

    November 30, 2018 by Good tails doll

    so i have decided to instead narrate stories because my writin stories  just never stop getting deleted because of the high standerds.

    that seems to be the only action i can take here. 

    So if you have a creepypasta you would like to be narrated then link them to me in the comments section.

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  • Parlour

    I'm Back (again)

    November 30, 2018 by Parlour

    What's poppin gucci gang,

    It's Parlour, back from another signature 2-3 month hibernation.  Last time, my excuse was that I got a new job- the job is still going strong, I have yet to be fired (yay!)  However, my reason for returning now is a lot more exciting: I just freed up a lot of time by finishing a screenplay I've been working on.  The screenplay is based off a short story I wrote (not one of the ones on my wiki) and it's been eating up most if not all of my free time.  Now that I'm done, I've got a lot of time to unwind and practice some new writing for people other than myself to enjoy.  

    I've got an idea brewing right now, but I think I'm gonna take a day or two just to flesh it out a bit more.  Won't be too long though! 

    Again, I s…

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  • DrBobSmith

    Once you have worked by yourself to get your story as good as you can, then follow these instructions.

    I suggest camping out there for a while and reading some other people's threads. You will see how other people support with critiques. If you don't like what they say, remember it isn't personal and they are taking time from their writing in the sincere attempt to help you. Thank them for what they give you.

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  • TheRogue12


    November 29, 2018 by TheRogue12

    Back when I first joined this wiki I found a story about a guy finding a tape that involved a creepy little girl hanging herself, she looked a lot like Bloody Mary if I recall correctly. For a change this story was actually really scary, kinda made me realize that the only three pastas that have ever scared me all involve suicide.

    Ages later and I can't remember the name but I really want to find it, does anyone find this story familiar or know the name of said story?

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  • ShadowFlash83

    I was thinking should I keep on writing pastas on paper before actually typing them. I don't know. I'm kinda torn. The Red Man was completely typed, no rough draft, completely typed from mind. So that's why I don't actually use correct grammar or I type too fast. Anyway, tell me if I should.

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  • TheKidOfWikis

    We're good now

    November 24, 2018 by TheKidOfWikis

    We did it, people! Somebody stopped Stockbad from getting the wikis he's after! Yeah? So what do you say? Why don't we just be happy. Just celebrate that he's gone!

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  • NoTimeCreepy

    Changes to my channel

    November 22, 2018 by NoTimeCreepy

    Starting this next month, I'll be adding a new section to my channel. Stories about hauntings, creepy, urban legends, etc will be added. Narrations are my main focal point for my channel and as long as you guys keep writing I'll keep reading them.

    My new stories will come out probably every few weeks or so. (depending on the stories I do and research)


    I have been working my butt off to get my channel out there. If any of you guys have any kind of social networks and are willing to help me advertise my channel is very much appreciated.

    YouTube Schedule

    Narrations are still on schedule for every Tues & Fri unless stated otherwise. Schedule for my new stories will be on Tues and will take the place of a narrated story for that day. If…

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  • ShadowFlash83

    Many don't know what Super Sentai is. Its mainly a Japanese TV show that has been going on for 42 and a half years now. It is sometimes better than Power Rangers. Super Sentai is the source footage for Power Rangers so that's cool right? Well, when it comes to PR purists and SS purists, i'm actually both of them. Sometimes they have advantages and disadvantages with toys and the series. Anyway, thanks for reading this and goodbye.

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  • ShadowFlash83


    November 21, 2018 by ShadowFlash83

    If you'd like, go subscribe to my 2-year old Youtube channel. I produce reaction videos, vlogs, and other "good" stuff. Many don't know that I am a fan of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, in which is also the content I produce as well. You don't have to go sub if you don't want to. Just for people who really want to. Thanks for reading this and goodbye.

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