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    February 6, 2019 by EtherBot

    The last story I uploaded to this wiki was called The Not Empty Dark. It's a series of repeating phrases with little apparant relation. As the story goes on, new phrases get introduced into the mix, and then eventually the story stops. It doesn't end, or conclude. It just stops, it's over. It's the only story I've ever uploaded to the WW only to submit as a finished story before even getting a single comment on my thread. Because when I finished writing it, I felt supremely confident in it. It was, to me, perfect. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. There was nothing I could do to it that would make it 'better' in my eyes.

    Hey there. A while back I wrote a pretty rambly post trying to poke at something I couldn't quite reach. I kept stre…

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  • HumboldtLycanthrope

    Howdy everybody!

    It's been a while, nice to see some new faces around here! Also nice to see some of my old friends, too. 

    If you don't know me, well, hello, I'm Humboldt Lycanthrope, joker, funster, constant reader, horror fanatic, blood-thirty werewolf, creepypasta old timer and award-winning novelist and short story writer! How do you do? What you been up to? Know any good jokes?

    Anyway, I've been doing this book and horror blog over on old Instagram. Follow me for some great pics and my thoughts on the hottest new books and horror. Humboldt Lycanthrope's bad ass, cool as shit IG account.

    Check you guys later. Leave a comment on how the hell you are doing!

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  • NeoTonbery

    Why I'm here.

    February 1, 2019 by NeoTonbery

    I found this wiki one night well looking for creepy pasta to read. During that time of my life I was a nocturnal teen. Well I guess I'm still a teen. But all the stuff I have gone through to get me to this point made me grow up fast. home hiring down to depression that led me almost to death by my own hands,.this wiki is what get though the war lonely nights.

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  • WhenTheBeatDropsButYouAreNotDropping

    I don’t know if someone has already asked this, but what is your favorite creepypasta? No BEN Drowned, Jeff the Killer (or any rip off of it), Sonic.exe, MARIO, Bloodwhistle, The Rake, or any other very well known story.

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  • Mmpratt99 deviantart

    My sister first saw Event Horizon when it came out in 1997, and it completely scared the living crap out of her. At the time I thought the haunted house in space premise was rather cheesy and kind of stupid and I had way better things to do with my time (like accumulate piles of cool books and knickknacks from various yard sales and flea markets). Then years later, after reading about people raving how disturbing and awesome this movie is, I decided to watch it for myself on Netflix...late at night...while everyone else was asleep. Not only did it truly scared me and made me afraid to walk to the bathroom late at night, I had really bad nightmares about being sucked into my closet right into that engine room with that monstrous spherical d…

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  • Darkened Galaxy

    Anyone Else?

    January 29, 2019 by Darkened Galaxy

    Hi! I am Darkened Galaxy, and I am new here so please don't judge. I just wanted to ask if anyone had a similar experience as me, because its kind of creeping me out and I wanted to know how to handle it. So three days ago I was walking home and it felt like someone was watching me, but I looked around and no one was their, so I ignored it. But ever since that day I have like weird dreams. I don't know how to explain it, but basically I'm in a dark room and theirs like this shadow dude and he just sits their and watches me. So yeah if anyone has had a similar experience please let me know.

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  • L0CKED334

    A man takes a new position as a night watchman for a museum. His duties require him to monitor the lower level, which appears to be for storage. As the night progresses he begins hearing noises coming from the corridors that make him believe someone is with him down there. He attempts to get advice from his supervisor but like most stories like this, the noises go away once the supervisor arrives. Finally, our main character decides to take it upon himself to identify the source of the sounds and comes face-to-face with something otherworldly. Most of the story is predictable and I think we have all seen stories similar to this one at some point. Night watchmen seem to be popular targets of the strange and unexplainable. In Extremis is no …

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  • Zortra


    January 27, 2019 by Zortra

    My story got deleted. I just wanted it up so that people could understand the sequel when it comes out, and I guess it didn't meet the requirements, which is okay! I was a terrible writer back then and it was a few years since I last wrote it, and I know that you can't exactly rewrite a story if it's already published (it's on my wattpad), maybe I could? I probably should actually. Yeah, I will! Maybe then I can meet the requirements!

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  • Zortra


    January 27, 2019 by Zortra

    Um- hi! I'm a socially awkward dork who's in high school and I like to draw, write, act, sing, watch TV, read, and play video games! I'm extremely dorky and nerdy and I'm into science! So that's a thing, please if you have any constructive criticism please give me some! Unless it's on Chainsaw Lilly, I made that three years ago and I've improved greatly since then, so I hope you understand and thanks for reading!

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  • Just a Guy That Likes Creepypastas

    I'm pretty sure it's just this site's way of liking forum posts and blog posts, but I could be wrong. No-one ever seems to use it, strangely.

    Is there more to it then I think?

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